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THE 1954 BIG STACK “Pudlit tecC t6e tenia dota otf 4koc uu0z Sc ael 4K6lC64uCa., "T Coh uuiTo this old building that holds so many and dear memories we dedicate this annual. We are the last class to graduate from this half-century old structure, which will be torn down to make place for a new edifice. To this faithful and-sometimes whimsical-structure we bid fond fare- well. }“Soasut £ First row: H. L. Walker, Clyde Eccleston, John Russell, Horace Dwyer. Second t Ben Bollinger, Kenneth Horsfall, and E erett Logan. Se netcvuf P Herb Swanson Carolyn Stavanja Karen Goodman 4 E. J. Nordgaard Superintendent To the Graduating Class of 1954: Access to the common comforts and luxuries of life may, in early adolescence, seem to be an adequate ideal. Having attained this, how- ever, you will realize that it is merely a necessary condition of living, not life itself. There still remains the question of the mean- ing and purpose of life, and to help each of you find a satisfactory answer to it is one great task of education. It is only such an education that can help you toward happiness; that can make you capable of freedom. As you leave our high school it is our earnest hope and trust,that, during these years, you have made real progress toward this fulfill- ment, that you will face the future with confi- dence and with high and noble aspirations. Sincerely yours, E. J. Nordgaard Our 1953-54 school term has brought us new challenges. Our people have shown faith in us by voting bonds that the physical facilities of our schools may be vastly improved. Our hope is that we, as employees of the school, can justify this added expenditure of funds by giving better service to the community. May this school term bring to each of you the joy and prosperity which come from work well done and the peace and happiness which come from a life well lived; and throughout next year-and all the years which lie ahead - Good luck to all! M. F. O' Leary 5 M. F. O'Leary Principal6Potent ard ter T y ping - Bookkee ping SateCCe Girls' Physical Ed. "ity. £. ‘rtycuttfien. Band '20. 0rtyodp46i4 V Chemistry Vv '%1 SCean i ')v4Ut6avic6 79f)uHc vi "ityiyA. “PrcKCcfrai O cce tynl James Gardner Ona Holo 0p'ie 6 KCUt itinn r " ' i ? | | ■« 1 I »rm In four years, you will be the mighty seniors of our class of "58." Dur- ing the next four years, you will make friends, grow up into mature adults, and probably have some of the most enjoyable times of your whole life. How you spend this time, and what you are when you leave, is entirely up to you. You get out of high school, like all else in life, only what you put into it. Of course, good times, popularity, etc., are some of the main aspects of high school life, but your character, friendliness, and ability will take you where you want to go in this school. Good luck, frosh!'prcaAsftett First row: J.Calhoun, W.Sneberger, D. Trbovich, R. Maxwell, D. Hetherington, J. Martelli, J. Krumm, D. Harris, D. Tan- berg, R. Weaver, S. B audette, I. Olsen, J. Posten. Second row: P. Dunne, D. Shanklin, E. Sager, C. Post, S. Marsillo, R. Thomas, J.Stone, C.Flemming, Eric Bond, B. Mitchell. Third row: G. Harris, H.Glynn, D.Hart, R. Beauseliel, L. Havens, K. Cadieux, K.Clawson, B. Eddington, G.Chandler, H. Whimple. Fourth row: W. Thompson, B. Hurley, B. Gerry, P. Zier, R. Miller, C.Rice, J. Webster, L. MacDonald, P. Sullivan, J. Ford, D. Peterson. Fifth row: J. Smith, Leon Walters, R. San- ford, E.Sokolich, W.Foster, A.Sorum, L.Tucker, B.Ward, G. Davenport, P. Moriarity, E. Laurence. Sixth row: W. Bryan, K. Keele, E. Davis, D. Snow, B. Walters. Seventh row: T. House, D. Rolman, J. Kahn, J. Terkla, and B. Jones. First row . J.Forsman, J.Kenfield, P. McAndrews, E. Thomas, N. Coverdale, D. Ulstad, D. Scanlon, S. Spraycar, K. Kelly, E. Bucholz, D.Schmidt, M.Sylvester, L.Stohr, A. McCrosky, R. Lucich. Second row: O. Kellegher, M. Shafford, B. Jack- son, M.Rodgers, J. Moore, E. Oland, B. Blaskovich, M. Siminich, T. Seymour, S. Wise. Third row . M. Chambers, J. Mar- inkovich, V.Jess, D. Anderson, R. Chor, S. Pinkerman, T. Bartley, B. Rohlf, C. Peterson, S. Skoyen, A. Olsen, B. Jacobs, P. Mostad, L. Holo, D. Huffman, D. Duffy. Fourth row: S. Sanne, E. Kent, S. Hausauer, J. Jorgenson, M. Reed, L. Lester, L. Perkins, G. Harmon, J. Johnson, E. Talbott, R. Hendricson, M. VanKirk, S. Verlanic, H. Bonner, S. Antonich, K. Ferkin, D. Todorovich, C. Walters, J. Campbell, O. Olsen, M. Ohman, L. Smollack, V. Johnson, B. Thompson, M. Clark, L. Hardings Fifth row: A. Ekstrom, S. Pearson, G. Goodman, C. McCabe, B. Matelich, F. Winslow, B. Gerhart, P. Vanisko, L. Ford. Sixth row: A. Lucier, F.Sestrich, L.Laurence, C. Hildreth, J. Verlanic, A. Rosenborough, B. Maxwell, S. Bell, J. Emer B. Erickson, V. Harding, M. Kemper.  First row: Elizabeth Kent, Virginia Amaya, Jeanette Shipman, Barbara Piper, Carolyn Thomas, Lila Randolph, Rose Marie Sestrich, Mary Ann Mertzig, Carol Grey, Jean Davis, Margie Jensen, Nancy Monahan. Second row . Sherri Iverson, Jane Cain, LaVonne Smith, Patty Cutler, Donna Funston, Roseanne Terkla, Joan Parritt, Phyllis Spangler, Annie Orrino, Suzie Flansberg. Third rrw: Carol Fitzgerald, Doris Burgess, Amelia Orrino, Willene Sager, Marilyn Anderson, Elaine Berness, Mable Spracklin, Marian Williams, Marilyn Davis. Fourth row: Norma Nicely, Nina Johnson, Mary Ritchell, Mary Ann Sta- vanja, Betty Youngblom, Arlene Blue, Ann Jean Troyer, Judy Goheen, Elaine West.FIRST ROW: Clifford Johnson, Ron Monroe, Clayton Walker, Bob Browning, Ben Lujan, Leo Jense, Joe Pickett, Billy El- lingson, Pat Kellegher, Tim Ryan, LaVern Glassley, Dan Bartley. SECOND ROW: Ed Strommen, Jim Flynn, Bing Cover - dale, Charles Uhl, Ben Bollinger, Terry Finnegan, Roger Cousineau, Jim Sigler, Fred Wagner, Larry Ford, Kermit Ulstad, Bill Proust. THIRD ROW: Jim McGinnis, Bob Corkish, Don Kelly, Leonard Kriskovich, Brad Templeman, Larry Hauk.Bob Vucich, Terry Madden, Duane Vibert, Bob Brockman. FOURTH ROW: Mike Sullivan, Loran Hester, Ed Siminich, Norris Anderson, Floyd Sather, Gary Jorgenson, Ralph Fisher, Bill Bakkeby, Kenneth Weeks, and Jim Bubash. First row: Kathleen McGinnis, Sharon Wien, Diane Hinman, Lois Smith, Carol Maxwell, Maribeth Larson, Willete Gard- ner, Tine Otto, Sher 11 Eccleston, Bertha McGrath, Delores Smith. Second row: Irene McArdle, Jean Patterson, Arlene Leistiko, Carmina Gianfrancisco, Marietta Morse, Carol Taylor. Noreen O'Leary, Ellen Forwood.Third row: Laurie Mc- Phail, Renon Jorgensen, Elena McNally, Irene Beal, Beverly Tescher, Shirley HencTerson, Norine Sugrue, Marvelee Miller. Murnell Mickkelson. Last row: Shirley Richards, DoloresRitthamer, Jerrilee Collette, Rose Marie Johnson, MarjorieCasey.Next we presentthe class of '55. The interestand enthusiasm has waned a little from their sophomore year, but the big annual event, the junior prom, arouses the lagging interest and re-kindles the spark that flamed so brightly a year ago. To you, our successors, the class of '54 doffs its mantle and wishes good luck to the mighty seniors of next year.First row: Don Guindon, Ed Kallas, Butch McCumber, Charles Schutty, Jack Saltenberger, Rich Levengood, Ron Krisko- vich, Arthur Elison, Bob Martin. Second row: Milo Manning, Jim McGeever, Jack Spaun, Larry Campbell, Gene Cutler. Ed Walsh, Fred Peterson, Joe McCarvel. Third row: Lloyd Peterson. Bruce Kosena, Ron Eccleston, Jim Donovan, Bob Laslovich, Rich Mengon, Gary Johnson, Ben Garrity. Fourth row: Fred Mesenko, Harold Forsman, Bill Connolly, Wilbur Workman, Bob Chandler, George Rawls, Ronnie Hansen, and Terry Clark. First row: Dorothy Kemp, Shirles Norbury, Billy Ann Parks, Dorothy Verlanic, Mary Lou Fink, Arlene Huber, Jo Ann Phillip, Marilyn Gates, Gladys Jorgenson, Charlene Sanders, Ruby Krizan, Ada Holo, Roberta Swanson, Thelma Nelson. Second row: Connie Bailey, Peggy Wigert, Lynn Hursh, Marlene Nielsen, Leilani Collette, Mary Ina Jesscn, Delores Kovacick, Pearl Westin, Shirley Bucholz, Clare Burgess, Ruth Ann Dwyer, lone Johnson. Third row: Darlene Prosenick, Donna Buethe, Luann Johnson, Ruth Jackson, Jean Given. Judi Jacobson, Marlene Swanson. Fourth row: Jean Bubash, Pat Beals, Ruth Anderson, Velva York, Roberta McPhail, Margurite Sapp, Verginia Gilbault, Paula Gardner, Acelia Hancock, Lucy Massett, Margie Payn. 2M' ' V Dick Harris, Leon Chi dix, Ray Wallace, Jerry Holmlund, Ronnie Grachan, Jack Torney, Jim Kunkel, Ray Peterson, Fred McAuliffe, Howie Thompson. Second row: John Spehar, Larry Ford, Howard Rosenleaf, Terry Keyes, Carl Nyman, Curtis, Bates, Melvin Jones, Bob Walters, Jim McAndrews. Third row: Don Allen, Leslie Richards, George Rawls, Gerald Patter- son, Ed Vega. Fourth row: Bob King, Lavern Mattern. Duane Colwell, Don Sparks, Robert Colwell, Arden Ekstrom, Jack Hatlestead. U-SOUR CLASS... Last, but not least, we present the mighty seniors of '54. Their class deeds have now become history, but they face the greatest job-life-with confidence and courage, secure in the knowledge that perseverance will pay dividends. Good luck on your journey, class of '54, and we all join the chorus off| "So long. It's been good to know you!(?Cei44 O iceva. . . . Secne Wf ‘PxeAicCent Alfred Puccinelli C. B. McNeil 'l ice-'P'ieaitUHt Ellen Strommen D .s4. . s4cvtvut Ellen Strommen 24kyU far J JfarX ( jUloJjl 1 " I RANDALL ROGERS JAMES McNALLY MERLE RANDOLPH ROBERT NELSON BILL FRANCISCO DAVID TEMPLEMAN fhhr UJAMES HERNANft - a ou-. A 4 j£ kJaj % J NNJIAVEN «- 7 cP n x±3 j% x- - u Z U OsZ +2 - Qp L (j cx a BILLIE PAT WARD RUTH ROBINSON S v im 4cK Ax0 Q cc tt ELLE S.TROMMEN y ' -' BC«VINPST1iART PHYLLIS OLSON GENE VUCKOVICH S ,isnS tc a C4A coo . i rt » iv - ■ «- L, 4 {ju2r -- CHARLES GUSTAFSON ROBERT IVIE7 y , V 1ANICE BURGESS n j ' - GARRY BRAY CAROL CORKISH rf u c fcci 1 RAM- 1 K AJL na tolrl l 'PouJL ' J ji J n , V u j %2FTL a+ ? L ’ . S5B NICHOL$ Z£ ------DOROTHY BRENTON CAROL MORTON yU r ,Kl rj, y. v j nriTu wm tpb : RUTH WOLTERS ED HAMEL DICK HEPPLER AL PUCCINELLI JACK JONES JOE MONACO MARY GREY • DON GILBERT fdNY ORRINO WAYNE KOESTERMAN RUTH McPHAILI gum BILL HENDERSON — r CLARK CARMICHAEL A 1 $v -4Not all seasons are succes sful from a winning standpoint; for every win ner there must be a loser. If you lose like good sports, you have had successful season. Although at times the difficulties seem to be over powering, the fight was never given up. Such a team was this .... 37(2o e6i up Sta . . . A1 Murray John Cheek Mike Papich 'poot xM Record Missoula 27 Havre Anaconda 7 Anaconda Great Falls 33 Livingston Anaconda 0 Anaconda Bozeman 20 Anaconda Central Anaconda 6 Anaconda Public 13 14 13 14 6 38 27 6 Joe Pickett Bob Corkish Bing Coverdale 38 Jim Converse'?ood u First row: Joe Pickett, Tony Orrino, Fred Peterson, Bruce Lovell. Barry Hansen, Dick Wiant, Gene Vukovich, Bruce Kosena, Bill Lawton, Dave Templeman, Ray Peterson, Second row: Wilbur Workman, Don Gilbert, Ron Kriskovich, Leonard Kriskovich, Harvey McCumber, Charles Schutty. Jim Kunkel, Bill Menahan, Larry Campbell, Jack Spaun, Jim Bubash, Paul Sullivan, Third row: Bob Corkish, Art Sorum. Dave Whaley, Don Allen, Jim McGeever, Joe McCarvel, Ed Walsh, Brad Templeman, Sam Gianfrancisco, Loren Hester, Bob Nichols, Ben Bollinger, Pat Kelligher, and Bing Coverdale.Bill Lawton Bob Nichols Harvey McCumber Don Gilbert Dick WiantEd Walsh Brad Templeman CK' = i ;. or- .. -a» - V Ci Ben Bollinger Joe McCarvel Art Sorum Pat KelligherJim Kunkel Fred Peterson Ray Peterson Don Allen Jim McGeever Ralph Fisher Tony Orrino Paul Sullivan 42 First row; Bill Francisco, Bob Laslovich, Paul Sullivan, A1 Puccinelli, Dick Wiant, Jim Donovan, Ray Peterson. Second row: Harvey McCumber, Bob Nichols, Fred Peterson, Coach John Cheek, Bob King, and Bruce Kosena.Jim McGee ver, vice-president; Virginia Guilbault, secretary; James Kunkel, presi- dent. From Alpha activities to Omega might be the term used to describe the various lents participate in. From formals to Sadie Hawkins... three act plays...from intermural to inter scholas- form the pattern of high school life, which in turn American citizen. In the followiri .pages we hope s'i section of fH fc-school days---th , happiest days of « . y» First row: Noreen Opie, Luella Hoge, Ruth Gustafson, Lois Trent, Midge Ful A mor, second row: Jo Ann Phillip, Pearl Westin, Charlene Sanders, Punky Guil bault, Carol Corkish. Pat Kelligher, vice-president; Beverly Tescher, sec- retary; and Loren Hester, president. 48King William Menahan and Queen Carol Corkish First row -- Marietta Morse, Barbara Piper, Lois Trent, Noreen Opie, Shirley Eastmark, Jo Ann Phillip. Roberta Mitchell, Ruth Gollick. Second row--Brad Templemen, Beverly Tescher. Irene Beal, Lynn Hursh, Thelma Nelson, Shirley Bucholz, Ray Peterson. Third row -- Loren Hester, Bob Nichols, Don Gilbert, Tom Doohan, Robert Martin, and Larry Ford.Seated: Joan Tonkin, Delores Ohman, Laurie Coverdale, Ruth Gustafson, Jo Ann Phillip, Carmina Gianfrancisco, Ruth Robinson, Noreen Opie, Carol Corkish, Noreen O'Leary, Sheryl Eccleston, Charlene Sanders, Ruby Krizan, Tine Otto, Irene McArdle, Carol Taylor, Ellen Forwood, Carol Grey, Shirley Henderson, Murnell Mikkelson, Patty Cutler, Jean Patterson, Mary Richell,Anne Jean Troy- er, Carolyn Thomas, Jean Ann Davis, Marvalee Miller, Roseanne Terkla. Stand- ing: Bill Menahan, Ray Peterson, Jim McNally, Bob Krumm, Butch McCumber, Jack Torney, Bob Nichols, Jim Kunkel.Dave Norton, Clifford Johnson, Fred Mc- Auliffe, and Joe Pickett. First row: Terry Clark, Jack Saltenberger, Jack Spaun, Bob King, A1 Puccinelli. Second row: Robert Thorson, Ed Stuart, Bob McNally, Ed Kallas. Third row: Arthur Ellison, and Leon Chiddix. 51 s4. 4. Kneeling: Lois Trent, pres.. Luella Hoge, vice-pres., Delores Ohman, sec., Virginia Guilbault, treas. First row: Dianne Hinvnan, Maribeth Urson, Jeanne Lalonde, Carol Corkish, Noreen Opie, Ruth Gustafson. Midge Fulmor, Roberta Swanson. Ada Holo. Delores Kovacich, Marietta Morse. Second row: Ruth Ann Dwyer, Marilyn Gates. Joanne Phillip, Lois Smith Noreen O Leary, Carol Maxwell, Arlene Huber, Ruthie Robinson, Mable Spracklin. Carolyn Thomas. Third row: Peari Westin, Judi Jacobson, Shirley Bucholz, Sheryl Eccleston, Lelani Collette. Joann Havens, Marilyn Davis, Willette Gardner Fourth row: Marlene Swanson,Charlene Sanders. Jean Given. Joan Hard, Ruth Jackson. Mary Ritchell. Gudy Goheen. Irene First row: Carol Corkish, Lois Trent, Dorothy Brenton, Kay Campbell, Mary Alice Vincent, Delores Ohman, Laurie Coverdale, Ruth Wolters, Billie Ward, Ruth McPhail. Second row; Joan Tonkin, Noreen Opie, Ruth Gustafson, Jack Spaun, Joe Monaco, Robert Thorson, Ronnie Williams, A1 Puccinelli. Third row: Bob McNally, Fred McAulliffe, Midge Fulmor, Wilbur Workman, Bob King, Ted Stuart, and David Norton. Vfa t iett b First row: Carol Corkish, Dolly Ohman, Noreen Opie, Ruth Gustafson, and Midge Fulmor. Back tow: Joan Hard, Ruth Robinson, and Lois Trent. 53 First row: Roberta Mitchell, Ed Kallas, Rose Ann Terkla, Patsy McAndrews, Nancy Coverdale, Margie Reed, Judy Bartley, Jane Cron. Second row: Ronnie Weaver, Mary Rochelle. Ona Lee Kelligher, Jerrilee Collette, Kathleen Mc- Ginnis, Sharon Higinbotham, Beverly Maxwell, Ricky Thomas. Third row: Mary Ann Mertzig, Jimmy Sigler. Dick Maxwell, Ed Stuart, Arnold Hageman, Nina Johnson, and Roger Jones. 54First row: Ed Hamper, Bernice Jackson, Ed Emmett, Ruth Jackson, Aleta McArdle, Carolyn Thomas, Beverly Maxwell, Alva Thomas, Alice McCrosky, E. E. Hamper, director. Second row: Larry Tucker, Billy Sneberger, Jeanette Shipman, Judy Goheen, Ellen Strommen, Lois Hareland, Luella Hoge.Ruth Gollick, Marjorie Payn. Third row: Jimmy Opie, Bob 55• Kneeling: Clidy Ann Walters, Sharon Wise, Viola Jess, Betty Rolfe, Lynn Johnson. Joyce Kenfield, Dixie Wise, Gladys Jorgenson, Sharon Spraycar,Ava Lee Rooney, Mary Lynn Shafford, Barbara Blaskovich, Patsy Vanisko, Mary Kemper, Helen Bonner. Standing: Charlene Antonich, Marilyn Holo, Betty Thompson, Rosalee Lucich, Claire Burgess, Carol Fitzgerald, Margurite Sapp, Marge Siminich, Marilyn Davis, Joan Amaya, Ellen Oland, Margaret Ann Sylvester.jfmt row: Carol Morton, Noreen Sugrue, Carol Grey, Mary Grey, Marlene Swanson, Judi Jacobson, Shirley Bucholz, Bar- barikBresnahan, Lynn Curley, Mary Ina Jessen, Elizabeth Kerns, Billie Ward, Elena McNally, Elsie Monaco, Ruby Krizan, Charlene Sanders. Second row: Donna Funston, Mernell Mikkelson, Anne Orrino, Luella Hoge, Laurie Coverdale, Darlene cleston, Shirley Mattson, Betty Youngbloom, Marie Kelly, Paula Gardner, Jo Ann Phillip. Karleen Doherty. Third row: fciis Burgess, Irene Beal, Renon Jorgenson, Janice Burgess, Delores Ohman. Shirley Eastmark, Jean Bubash, Dianne Walker, Irejje McArdle, Phyllis Spangler, Amillo Orrino, Donna Buethe, Dorothy Verlanic, Delores Smith, Marlene Mehring. Fourth row: Darlene Prosenick. Lynne Hursh, Connie Bailey, Leilani Collette, Rose Marie Murphy. Fifth row: Carl Ny- man, Charles Uhl, Robert Thorson, David Norton, Ed Stuart, Dick Heppler, Joe Monaco, John Spchar. Sixth row: Fred Mc- Auliffe, Leon Chiddix, Charles Youngbloom, Howard Thompson. Seventh row: Bob McNally, and Thomas Madden, in- structor. (?6ee iCeade%6 yjy.t' j j'i f y . jV j'av u i yy Wa Tyyy i, ■ ir, I. 'iy fw l ftf o • •, .' Judi Jacobson, Pearl Westin, Sirley Bucholz, cheer queen; Jo Ann Phillip, Jean ?iven. rA-' 0tc4e6foa Velva York, Doris Ward, Kemp. Ray Johnson, Ruth Jackson, Thelma Nelson, DorothyA. First row: Kathleen McGinis, Marilyn Gates, Darlene Eccleston, Dorothy Wolfe, Lavonne Smith, Mary Ina Jessen, Barbara Piper. Second row: Dorothy Ander- son, Ruth Ann Dwyer, Connie Bailey, Delores Kovacich, Pearl Westin, Loretta Frazer, Ada Holo, Jerrilee Collette. Third row: Beth Kent, Mary Ann Stavanja, Miss Vernetti, Pat Beals, Miss Burke, and Rose Marie Johnson.(ffocv Sta — 'pvutf Se te4te% Velma Evans, Punky Guilbault, lone Johnson, Marlene Nielsen, Tom Doohan, Joe Monaco, Lynn Curley, and standing Bob McNally. 2.u zntet First row: Joe Monaco; Jo Ann Phillip, accompanist; Robert Thor- son. Second row; Dick Heppler; David Norton.“Key (?lct First row: Harvey McCumber, Bill Menahan, Larry Campbell, Fred Peterson, Ronnie Kriskovich, Ed Walsh, Pat Kelligher. Second row: Jack Jones, Ray Peterson, Ronnie Eccleston, Joe Monaco, Loren Hester. Third row: A1 Puc- cinelli, Jack Saltenberger, Jack Spaun, Ed Stuart, and Fred Mesenko. ‘Sotvlttup (?Ccd First row: Dolly Ohman, Ruth Gustafson, Carol Corkish, Ruth Robinson, Noreen Opie, Lois Trent, Marjorie Fulmor, Shirley Bucholz. Second row: Marilyn Gates, Shirley Hilgers, Leilani Collette, Marlene Swanson. Charlene Sanders, Ada Holo, Roberta Swanson, Mary Alice Vincent. Third row: Leon Chiddix, Terry Keys, Mable Spracklin, Arlene Blue, Mary Ann Mertzig, Joan Tonkin, George Hutchins. Fourth row: Jim Hernan, Gary Jorgensen, Ed Stuart, Joe Monaco, Sam Terkla, and Mel Jones. 62 Ellen Strommen, Carol Corkish, Marietta Morse, Rich Mengon, Robert Thorson, Doris Burgess, Bing Coverdale, Barry Hansen, Irene Beal, and Elaine West. 2.cuCC CUtcC S totC Front row: Virginia Guilbault, Lynn Curley, Velma Evans, Marlene Nielsen. Rear row: Tom Doohan, Dolly Ohman.Joe Monaco, lone Johnson, and Bob Mc- Nally.tuente' State Stella Radonich, Lois Trent, and Ellen Strom men. Bill Lawton, Ronnie Kunkel, Jack Jones, Don Kosena, and Robert Thorson. Not pictured -- Bob Nichols. 64‘Pyntuttid Kneeling- Tine Otto. Dianne Hinman. Willette Gardner. Maribeth Larson. Maryelee Miller. Standing: Marlene Swanson. Margie Simonidi, Velma Evans. Lois Smith. Irene McArdle. Acelia Hancock. Margunete Sapp, and Evelyn Bucholz. ofifrer Ste -Second Seated: Darlene Eccleston, Arlene Huber, Peggy Wigert. Shirlee Norbury, Velma Evans, Standing: Mary Lou Fink, Virginia Guilbault-editor, Roberta McPhail, Luann Johnson, Frances Meyers, Marlene Nielsen, and Marguriete Sapp. l o£tec? 4M First row: Judi Jacobson, Jean Given, Roberta Swanson, Shirley Bucholz, Char- lene Sanders. Second row: Ada Holo, Delores Kovacich, Ruth Jackson, Marlene Swanson, Pearl Westin, Jo Ann Phillip, and Marilyn Gates. SojtfcM First row: Marjorie Fulmor, Lois Trent, Ruth Gustafson, Carol Corkish, Noreen Opie, Second row: Ruth Robinson, Luella Hoge, Shirley Eastmark, and Delores Ohman.ANACONDA HIGH SCHOOL ( 1 JJt .1 J ' lyy w CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Best wishes for success in your chosen career DEVINE STUDIO COMPLIMENTS AND GOOD WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF 1954 WASHOE AMUSEMENT COMPANY WASHOE THEATRE CENTER THEATRENEVIN’S BATTERY SERVICE Repair Work All Kinds 1 All THOMPSON’S • NOW Features Gamers Candies 'J thr, m y Z 1 Congratulations Seniors From MARIE’S READY TO WEAR ROACH SMITH Ask for Canterbury Chocolates 1' ijr Compliments fi . '4 A Seniors STAR CLEXNERS For lovely, long lasting remembrance buy your flowers at S r CHRISTr S u Congratulations BOLLINGER INSURANCE Finest Groceries Class of has ’54 HOTTI moved across the street HERBOLICH GROCERY GROCERY to 114 West Park AND DAIRY DELITE John Herbolich, Proprietor Phone Number Is Still 259 Lots of Luck Best IFisAes HOYAL’S JEWELRY SMELTER CITY from Congratulations to the SHOE SHOP ANACONDA’S BARBERS Graduating Class Members of Best Wishes ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEER LODGE The Barbers' Union Sporting Goods CREAMERYThe demand for well trained office help is more than we can supply. Good office jobs are going begging for the lack of prop- erly trained personnel. These positions offer good starting salaries with opportunity for advancement. Come in, write, or phone regarding the type of training and work in which you are interested. Prepare yourself now for a job with a future. COURSES IN STENOGRAPH AND COLLEGE PREPARATION APPROVED FOR KOREAN VETERANS TRAINING Air Conditioning Anoconda, Montana 124 E. Commercia Phone 146 Newly Remodeled For Greater Service Cone JJ lotions class ol S3 V Benevolent and P V i orafes of Elks Protective siv v i T Best fishes 5)1 f„ The Bogles H y iv K V) Orville’s for fine food Orville’s Complete Food Center S3Vy r f 1 ANACONDA BREWING CO. V, | Congratulations P. J. McGreevy Insurance Realty Keig’s Quality Merchandise al Moderate Prices DALY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF ANACONDA OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES Best Wishes Lila Bock Blanche Beaudette Rita Borzick Calvin Crowe Audrey Gann Leslie Heinz Joseph Kelly Bonnie Krumm Lowry Kunkel Eugene Kunkel Colleen McCarthy John McGinley James McMahon Clarabeth McNelis Jean Martel I i Delores Martin Judy Morley Henry Murphy Margaret Palakovich Patricia Pond Robert Prigge Nick Sestrich Louise Sletton Dorothy Smollack Ruth Spelman Clarence Waters Marcotte Electric Congratulations from the LEDO BAR Congratulations from the Parkway Saving Center and Jim McLeanrmnegan Company Distinctive Funeral Service A. A. Longfellow T. D. Savage Biattner’s Plumbing and Heating Ar 323 E. Com’l Af Phone 28 Wishes, y $ V The Best of Everything To The v ) J Class of'54 l) i) a) yy xyjf u Main Street Grocery and Market 1 Main Phone 436 Mary Milkovich Compliments Montana Shoe Repair ,, 0' John Jurcicfv 7 v v 7 iTm. J ViwW ANACONDA COPPER MINING CO. F v J , 0 Best Wishes From ' ) ' Tucker’s Clothing ; J y Tasty vSnocks Y Dixie Bar B-fi ,c 45 1:' Shaw RefrigeraKon yourXro Je Dealer - iA r For All Your Record Needs „ ' Stop At RIC WEBB’S MELODY LANE V Jr iT A r Y tc u Y j(J X 1) iJ r y Vv fcr Anaconda Drug Store f V v a w U L. Kargdcin Prop. y yf Comer Pdrk and Mail» f' Phohe 3fj 77 (V '-ft jr - 7 Congratulates thfO lass 0) ’54 O' ' Kelly’s Counter for Fine Meats PLEASE Patronize the Merchants Who Have Helped To Make This Annual Possible Compliments of Northwest Gun and Tackle Company Jim Davis Sam Terkla ft Bob McNally Si? Stac£ Delores Ohman Thomas Doohan Shirley EastmarkBest Wishes from ELLISON’S Super- Creamed Ice Cream Frigi da ire Products at McConnell Electric For future success drink Mt. Haggin Milk Best Wishes from Purity Dairy Compliments of Marko Hotti Grocery John Herbouch Prop. Matt J. Kelly Peckover Co. Insure your home and auto with Lindblad Compliments of Kenne Foods Coal Insurance Best Wishes of Dr. A. C. Jacobson Your music store wishes you lots of luck wishes the seniors the best of everything Pearsons Music Center Eighth Street Grocery Best Wishes from THE GOLLICK’S Homemade Breads and Cakes Best Wishes Art’s Super Save Tasty snacks still served at the Whistle Stop Congratulations seniors from the Bluebird Book and Gift Shop Always Stop at Th ARTIC For That After The Show Snack..M The best drug values in town CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '54 COMPLIMENTS OF r tf =TY THRIFTY CUT-RATE DRUG PUkBSTS F V- O’LEARY FEED Pat O’Lear — , ) BOLLINGER INSURANCE 121 W. Park fl-fLUJ » if , if ( l 4 | j Jr i J ngrotul Jtions from Ale VA A Cohgrot litrons from Alex Verlon.c your ta.lor Anode Cleaners ANACONDA LAUNDRY - CLEANERS jjA ' ft Sanitone Process fVh ne 26 ,Vl05Oak BEST WISHES CLASS OF '54 PACIFIC ANACONDA RAILWAY Distinctive fi KENDRICK’S :'SV -[X A LOTS OF LUCK SENIORS from L. E. MARKET SULLIVAN PAINT SHOP Fuller Paints — they last BEST WISHES FROM TUCHSCHERER DRUG your prescription storeCompliments Class of ’54 Copper Meats and Groceries Congratulations Consumer Credit Best of Wishes to the Class of ’54 ANACONDA TIN SHOP Best Wishes HANSEN’S Children Shop Compliments of Ravon Cleaners Congratulations Seniors From MAHANS Your General Electric Dealer and TV Headquarters for Anaconda Best W ishes from Coldwater Shoe Store Best Wishes INSURANCE R. A. Kelly Co. Best Wishes from ROBERTS’ JEWELRY Your Gift Headquarters Budweiser and Highlander Beers Get Good Groceries At Joe Matelich Distributor 107 Main Street COMPLIMENTS OF DUVAL-WALLACE IVANKOVICH GROCERY 311 East CommercialAnaconda High School Mill Smeltermen’s Union No. 117 INDEPENDENCEf 'i 4 i , i

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