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i""'F""" i 'WSW 4l'iWNEWp!nniWfWW as i X m . - 1, 4 f'5v.41Fj Y- ., '1-',ngg,.,4 QW-', '- '- 1' '44, ,,. . 5 A, 4512 Za' Wxffflpmih 4- 1 it 5 . ,, f1f1',a..Qy Mrs! ,MQ5 ,W ,J .j- 3,15 , wi fun 4 -A VK. Yu PM rn JR 'X I frxkfvx n- OAG cj Clk In KJOQMZQ KXXW CN 245 NU E A 2-if'-f' 4 I, Q i E ww vw, 5?r fww 1- fx ,K xx 'M . M, ' ' if Q W . Q x ' x , 'Ulf g 'N Fm' Q- , 6 +1 w ,rw , gjmjlhfqff " av 'ww - rv qv Q5 -Q ,. Wi x M qlwilli' : f, "'-ww-.u P. 9 Q EQ. rsv: ' y My J' uf, 2 J Q 14 1 ' A WW, Q a , ,.., ,.K...,. ...Q-, . ' V V 4 v ""'Q -.. , I L M i P 1 x a Q . x if V yi N F V i. " X 'PQ vfxwia' E X w41LX " VN. - M1 '-X ,A ., ,VM , 4, an '. fl, .M M, 'M-X., AM . I ' 4 -A ,w,w,,,A,, , V , w .A L-N"'im: 3 15" 1 I.- J 1 , i 4V , -, ' ,w V- X 4 K , . gg.-A ,, . 'gf 4 1, 1 i 4 ., V M ,'..m'mX,K'Z ,,.,, K. ll ix: ,L ml, X ,J Q , .'fiQQj'-X. . s. 41. :". , .N .Q xr. , H .1 u.- gn px .'i .,,-5.-... N ,iyh pp gf? l:jr"L'xfj3Lq',-f' -.A ,M .VNV V K .A-iy. Tx yy, 4 , X I - 11 .X x 2 5 W Q1 Z 'ff-H Egg . Q fw -1 V ' l ff" . , x :vi ' UTM in ,Nr 4 , inf' S vi, ' 'p-..., - ' , , X i 2, Q 4' .. ' V 1 .,,, ',. kga., . f 1 Original Building - 1925 The yearbook staff chose growth as the theme for the '85 Chief. Growth is evident as one leafs through the pages of this yearbook. We feel that Anacoco High School has grown in many areas. The school facilities were increased and improved as pictured on these pages. Academic programs, the student body, finances, extra curricular activities, and the number of school employees have increased dramatically. The oldest building on the school campus was the masonry, three story structure, completed in 1925. In 1954, a lunchroom was added to the west end of the building. The opening year for the new gymnasium was 1949. A lobby was added to the gym in 1967. Plans for the school campus were drastically altered in 1962. The second and third floors of the original building were torn down in 1962. The ground floor was converted into an auditorium and music department. The size of the student body grew rapidly beginning in 1962 when the present high school building was opened. Additional classrooms for the elementary school were constructed in 1970 and 1975. Lack of space is still a pressing problem in 1985. A new high school, gym and lunchroom complex are just a few of the additions this year. XXX MXN Gymnasium - 1949 High School - 1962 .Eff 4 ' , ,f f- '- , .R 3 M si E 23 3 H 3 X M72."j3gM - AW., m I 'u . S 9 ff , if fi in-.::.:i. 3 ii 'S 51' - 1 1s,??:'Vftf - fgfivffvvfji f. -fig?-pf . 'Z-3+ W, k,.,, Ja 191 -wk , 'V M V -'rr-1""f' Q 'ww-ri-Y' -?"'- ' 21 if U V A N 3 sg if p i , , ' , : ii f ' Kg: ' , A . -1.,' mxmxx. ,RQ ., " 3735 3 S. ,sf :X :K E" Q- s '. -. . 1-Qffm Y??2'?f?fLiv1faw5msL4g , yi, . A 1, , , ' ff W'l1wW.1w,.- My gi . N' mm iw- f- ., Arg ff f- W 21,1 4' ., N 'M 174 'fff -V W .'.-.1 ,1 N ' www A ma, l ., . V' ifxxwx Vw, ww, Q2 4 F ? 4? ff M, .ag ww I' U 1 Zhu. ' HEALTH 4 I H N l Q success: APP! ES X FRIENDS PEACE 1 vw SEDURITYE "WISDOM if ATTITUDE 7 f DUTOFURDC-R Q S ' TAKE 5TAlRs Y 0 f' , 2? SELF-I fmnmfX fwm'fR 10511717 ll0N?gY 'WW' , ! f ELO ,g 129 gy ! 1 4 1 Dickey Marze Mr. Anacoco High School 2? " xg 9 5 5 5 ' . Monette Chance Miss Anacoco High School F P w i 1 5 i I 1 1 Monette Chance West Louisiana Forestry Festival Queen Contestant 02? fs Grace Sellers Bryan Stephens Laura Sumney Jenny Tarou Timothy Taylor Daisy Vance Brent Wengert Gary Whiteley Jerry Whiteley Pamela Williamson Chad Wilson OF La SENIOR OFFICERS AND FAVORITES FICERS fLeft to Rightjz President-Edwin Reese, Vice President-Grace Sellers, SecretaryfTrea ura Snmney , -V. aw -,S -.X ,,z A A A X! Al -W gm, K X ,e . 1, , I W .I.I , ' ,ggi ' ., 5 , " 1' gi Q f , A 1, I mg., W Y A iz, ,- ww , 2 A . 1 4, V we .- f , ww- FAVORITES fLeft to Rightj: Dana Griffin, Pat Dowden - Wittiestg Cheryl Brooks, Ed Reese - Friendliestg Lori Martin, Dickey Marze - Most Athletic, Jenny Tarou, C. H. Scarinzi - Best All Around This Page Paid For By: CLA UDE "BUDDY" LEACH P. O. Box 117, Leesville, LA 71496 Sl1I'CI'- "UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE99 CAST FACULTY: Sylvia Barrett .... . . . Paul Barringer . . . . . . Beatrice Schacter J. J. McHabe Sadie Finch ...... Charlotte Wolf . . . . . . . Samuel Bester . . . Ella Friendenberg Francis Egan ....... . . . Dr. Maxwell Clarke Ellen ............ StUDENTS: Joe Ferone . . . Alice Blake . . Linda Rosen . . . Harry Kagan . . . . . . Cindy Ross Ricky Mitchell Sabrina Hilton Timothy Taylor . . . . Paula Gaskin .. Rena Rashal Ronnie Barnard . . Donna Burns Mary Adamski . . . Wayne Kay . . . . . Pam Williamson Pat Dowden . . . . Sandy Blakeway . . . Monette Chance EdReese Helen Arbuzzi .... .... A ngela Myers Katherine ....... Charles Aarons . . Carrie Blaine . . , ...... Daisy Lowe . .... Dickey Marze . . . . Delisa Hutson Elizabeth Ellis . . . .... Lori Martin Rusty O'Brien .... Rachell Gordon . Lou Martin ...... Lennie Newmark Jill Norris ...... Edward Williams Carol Blanca .... Jose Rodrigues . . Vivian Paine .... . . . . . Brad Bennett Sherri Dowden . . . Jerry Whiteley Mike Morrison . . ..... Jenny Tarou . . . . . Gary Whiteley . .... Cheryl Brooks . . . Brent Wengert Sonia Allison SPECIAL EFFECTS Spotlight .................. Chad Wilson Stagelights and Curtain .... Randy Howell Sound Effects .......... .... J ohn Horton 'IB Burgundy and Pink FLOWER: orchid Tender Years Yesterday's achievements are but a stepping stone to greater tomorrows. ,u k 'L- 6 f Q ..-5' V' GRADUATION 1985 Jenny Tarou-Valedictorian - JK Lori Martin received the American Legion Dickey Marze also received Cindy Ross-Salutatorian Award, the American Legion Award. AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS Jennifer Tarou - NSU President's Scholar Services Award Cynthia Ross - NSU Centennial Scholarship, National Honor Society Scholarship, P.T.O., Former Graduates Timothy Taylor - NSU Centennial Scholarship, P.T.O., Alumni Scholarship Pam Williamson - NSU Music Scholarship Lori Martin - NSU Athletic Scholarship, American Legion Award Sabrina Hilton - LA High School Rally Scholarship, NSU Freshmen Honor Scholarship Dickey Marze - LA Tech Freshmen Honor Scholarship, P.T.O. Scholarship Cheryl Brooks - Louisiana College fC.O. 8: Rosalee Walker Scholarshipl, P.T.O. Scholarship Ricky Mitchell - Louisiana College fE.D. Schilling Scholarshipj Gary Whiteley - Fort Polk Scholarship Donna Burns - Student Council Scholarship Chad Wilson - Student Council Scholarship Edwin Reese - Louisiana College Athletic Scholarship SENIOR SANDY BLAKEWAY Basketball-5, Softball-4, Track-4, Most Athletic- 1, Best All Around-2, Music-1, FBLA-l, FHA-1, SS Fair-lst District, lst Regional, 4H-4 CHERYL BROOKS NHS-3, Society of Dist. Am. HS Students-l, Lit- erary Rally-lst, Typing: A 8a B Honor Roll-4, Scholarship to LA College, Basketball-4, St. Champs '85, Softball-4, Track -3, FBLA-4, Prom Princess, AHS Friendliest 8L All Around, Rodeo Queen-3, 4H-4, NHS 3, Parlia.g Student Council- l, Basketball-All-District, Softball-All-District, MVP DONNA BURNS Literary Rally - English-3, 5th, 4th, Sth, NHS-3, Assis. Editor-1, Yearbook-3g A 8L B Honor Roll-4, Legis. Page-1, Choir-3, Music Rally-Solo Superi- or-Dist. Excellent-Stateg Student Librarian, T.A.- I 2, GPA-3.78 -ql MONETTE CHANCE Basketball-4, Miss AHS, Forestry Fest. Queen Contestant, PTA Sweetheart Pag. Queen, FBLA- 2, Homecoming Maid-l, 4H-4, Class Beauty-2, Basketball-All-District-2, Class Wittiest-2, Class Most Popular-2, Track-2, Music-1, AHS Most Popular, FHA-l SHERRI DOWDEN Homecoming Queen, Junior-Senior Prom Queen, Basketball-4, B Honor Roll-4, Most Popular-1, Class Beauty-1, Sweetheart Pageant-Finalist, Track-2, Dist. Mile Relay-2nd, Regionals-lst, State-3rd, FBLA-2, 4H-1, Music-2, Music trio, FHA-l PAULA GASKIN Softball-l, Sweetheart Pageant-2, Queen-lg 4H-3, AHS Choir-3, Music Fest.-2, World's Fair, Small Ensemble-Superior, Large Ensemble: Friendliest- l, Beauty-l SABRINA HILTON FBLA-4, Sec., VP, Pres., FBLA Rally Winner- Dist.-4, State-3, Nat'l Part.-23 Literary Rally Win- ner-Dist.-4, State-3g 4H-5, Yearbook-3, Editor-lg Member of Who's Who Amng. Am. HS Students- 2, Newspaper-2, Jr. Class President-1, Student Li- I brarian-3, A 8: B Honor Roll-4, FBLA-lst QStateJ- 2, lst OV District and State: Prom Committee-2, Senior Play, MC for Homecoming '84 LORI MARTIN Basketball-4, Member of St. Cham. team, All- Dist-4, All-State-2, All State MVP-1, Honorable Mention All American, Competing in LHSAA All-Star Game, NHS-3, VP-lg A Sc B Honor Roll- 4, Literary Rally Winner-District-4, State Part.-4, Music-3, Nat'l Fest.-3, 4H-3, Member of Society of Dist. Am. HS Students, Track-3, St.-3, Softball- 3, Regional finalist, Most Athletic-4, Wittiest-2, FBLA-4, Off.-3, District Rally-3 and State-3 ACCOMPLISHME TS I RICKY MITCHELL NHS-2, Literary Rally-l, Yearbook-2, FBLA-3, Most Intellectual-l, Baseball-3, 4H-6, SS Fair-lst Regional, 3rd District, Nat'l Music Festival-2, Stu- dent Librarian-2, Basketball-l, GPA-3.45 CINDY ROSS NHS-2, Sec.fTreas.-lg A Honor Roll, Jr. Class Vice-President, Literary Rally-4, FBLA-3, Histo- rian, Treasurer, Softball-3, Miss Holiday Belle Pageant-1, Sweetheart Pageant-2, Miss Congenial- ityg Basketball, Choir, Social Studies Fair, lst Re- gional, 4H, Dist. Penny Queeng FHA LAURA SUMNEY Literary Rally-lst Dist., 5th Stateg Class Sec.f- Treas.-4, Sweetheart Pag.-4, Miss Congeniality, Semi-Finalist-3, lst Runner-Up, Homecoming Court-2, Yearbook-3, Business Manager, Outst. Jr. in Music, Choir-3, Sec.fTreas., Soprano Section Leaderg Miss Civitan, 1984, FBLA-4, Reporter, Parlia.g Indian Talk-lg Softball-2, Social Studies Fair-lst District, 2nd Regional, Small Ensemble- Superior, Am. Music Festival Nashville-2, Leep Counselor-l, 4H-4, Student Lib. JENNY TAROU Track-4, State-23 Choir-4, Show Choir-2, Nash- ville Choir-2, Vice Pres., Choir-1, Music Rally-2, 4H-3, FHA-l, FBLA-2, NHS-2, Sweetheart Pag- eant-2, Student Council-2, Student Council Sec.-lg Literary Rally-4, lst District-2 TIMOTHY TALOR Track-4, NHS-2, 4H-3, I.A.-5, A 8a B Honor Roll, Literary Rally-l, GPA-3.5 GARY WHITELEY NCOXEM Wives Scholarship-51000, B Honor Roll, NHS-3, Literary Rally-l, 4th District, FBLA-2, Part. in Data Processing and Business Computer Applicationsg Society of Dist. Am. Hs Students, Music-l, Special Music-lg Yearbook-2, Student Librarian-2 PAM WILLIAMSON Music-4, FBLA-2, NHS-2, Yearbook Staff-l, Stu- dent Librarian-l, Literary Rally-4th Dist., Alto Section Leader,AHS Singers-3, GPA-3.5, Society of Dist. Am. HS Students-l .I The yearbook staff is pleased to announce that these senior accomplishments are the first of an annual feature that is being added to the CHIEF. We hope that each year students will continue to work hard to make their accomplishments worth- while. We thank each of you for your support. THE YEARBOOK STAFF OVERALL HIGH SCHOOL FAVORITES W5 MOST ATHLETIC WITTIEST Dickey MHFZC and Lori Martin Dana Griffin and Pat Dowden ug,- Q, ijgnxiai' T ,. . . if. ,.,g,,m .. fame - WY. y .k,,s K - A . l FRIENDLIEST BEST ALL AROUND. .e Cheryl Brooks and Edwin Reese Jenny Tarou and C.H. Scharinzi This Page Paid For By: CARA P. LEGGETT GREAT AMERICAN OPPORTUNITIES, INC. P.O. Box 77, Nashville, TN Phone: 800-251-1542. C060 Q-we ii 5 wXoxaS EMF QMDKZ S GRADE ELEVEN Miss Adcock Mrs. McCauley Kevin Beverly Shannon Billings Patricia Blackwell Tina Brown Clay Cedars Angie Chance Valarie Chance Anthony Christenson Gregory Christenson John Cook Kaleta Cooley Danny Cothran Stacy Dixon Barbara Dowden Ron Dowden Sarah Dowden Michael Doyle Tracy Doyle Sheila Eubanks Carlton Faircloth Christina Fennell Robbie Ferguson Clifton Gohr Richard Haymon Kristi Henderson if X 7-f, . , is if si -'sa X 1? u-Shay, M, friv- v 1 'p,,f,., X q.r.,.,.7, Ti935Ek?595'i-1 ez - HU: J . . MS. -Q---Q 4 ' 1 P' 1 8 Q fum, 1 M Jr Z " if U' sa j ig in 3 i X i ii w, F P i. S X X 0 i K wx QQ Q w S Q i- W--1-wifi lm-,.. S , L, ,. .,.. E if 'tx X Saw- - 5-I . ,V . Q. 5 K 2- . . :- Daphne Jeane Donna Jeane William Jeter Penny Kelly als: if ' wi 4' Q . ,. Q 4 Z ,i if - fi V ik 55 Kelly Klamert Kevin Krebsbach Rhoda Laughlin Rhonda Marze Troy Mayo Alice Mclnnis Janell Mclnnis Mack Mclnnis Robbey Moore Monique Nash Missy O'Toole Joan Parks Brenda Pruitt Kelly Richardson Michelle Rooker Norma Ross Scott Sanders David Self Kathy Self Jonathan Sellers Sherman Smith Tracy Solomon Shannon Sterling Milton Vining Pam Willis JUNIOR OFFICERS AND FAVORITES OFFICERS fLeft to Rightjz President-Valarie Chance, Vice President-Sarah Dowden, Secretary fTrea- surer-Alice Mclnnis M FAVORITES fLeft to Righty: Monique Nash, Stacy Dixon - Wittiest, Alice Mclnnis, Troy Mayo - Friendliest, Valarie Chance, Robbey Moore - Most Athletic, Missy O'Toole, Robbey Moore - Best All Around Y I SUV MQ W SEEKS GRADE TEN Mrs Fisher Mrs Matthews Nancy Adams Stephanie Allain Stephen Allain 410 . . ff -W Mindy Baldwin Ellen Bean W 'W 5 Tracie Belsha A M' if Teresa Blackwell al y , on .T ,, Gene Brasher l' . rl. Valerie Brooks T W William Buckley Laurie Cedars rl Kevin Chaisson 2 Bobby Chance " Pam Chance Sherry Chapman Meri Clark Jimmy Clyde Shawnda Cooley Michelle Dickard Glenn Dickey Alan Dowden Faith Dowden Shane Dyess Carmen Evans Andrew Frisby Carla Frisby Scott Garrett Kenneth Goins Cheryl Grosiak Jerry Harvey Grey Haymon Jimmy Haymon Rhonda Hill 'f ' H W 575 ' f, ,y f ik' J: . 48' 2 sl f -,,' if V 2509, , WJ, f AW . 1 "' f' , 1 5 l Y t' 4 V .C , . f 1, " I ' W V if ,.-, , W mm ,, I ",:l -1 ' ii? 'C V ff I i, 11'- 1 'slfifl -f j me :1fQ:gg1i1f1.51:12: S is Y. X 5 is X 8 Y 9 S s 5 Zi 1,3 . sr, 1 K 'St -K -2-2. sz: an X as , 5 P Ernest Hilton Donald Holman Ronald Holman ts Qs? .W , R , , Q 1 Christy Irwin Shebia Isgitt Tim Jarquin Bambi Jeter Joycelyn J uricek Tammy Lenahan Dewayne Liles Wendy Lonadier Renee Martin Roger Martinez Chuck Marze Angela Mclnnis Greta Miers Tammie Morrison Lisa Myers Charles Nash Sherrie Owens Lori Paddy Jason Parks Dino Parmentier Wayne Partridge Tammy Plummer Tracy Reese Mike Sellers Jennifer Sills David Walker Amy Wedgeworth Kirk Wengert Stacey Williams Patricia Williamso I1 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS AND FAVORITES f EE OFFIC Jennife ERS CLeft to Rightl: President-Greta Miers, Vice President-Carmen Evans, SecretaryfTreasurer- r Sills L-af' FAVORITES fLeft to Rightjz Patricia Williamson, Stephen Allain - Wit- tiest, Greta Miers fnot shownj, Dino Parmentier - Friendliest, Tammy Lenahan, Tracy Reese - Most Athletic, Faith Dowden, Tracy Reese - Best All Around ,'v7f1 " HWQKQ. KKKS wwii GRADE NINE Mr. Jones Mr. Walker Rhonda Addison Bertha Barnard Robert Brennan Sandra Chance Alex Clark Gary Clark Paul Clay Joseph Contant Barbara Cozby Forrest Dean Ricky Dougherty Vicky Evans Cindy Faircloth Mary Jo Ferguson Regina Fite Joe Garrett Peggy Grammar Oma Griffey Kristi Harwood Raymond Haymon Kim Hearn Wade Henderson Robert Hicks Madonna Hinson Susan Hughes Lenny Hutson Daryl Jeane Shonda Jeane Tommy Jinks Sheila Johnson Michael Laughlin Pam Laughlin Virjeana Luke Lynn Martin Dewayne Martinez 1 so y 41" fi ? yuuy Aff Q ik- s ry- 9' ' W r N ,f t nf - .3 .-1.45 Ginger May Anthony McDaniel Milton McKee John Mills Kim Mitchell Kim Monk Michelle Nash Eric Neal Kim Ogletree Christy Peveto Chris Phillips Rory Pollock Stephanie Rashal Sharon Rhodes Angela Roberts David Roberts Tina Roberts Jessica Sellers Jason Shields Marty Simonelli Alan Smith Brian Smith Kim Sterling Libby Strickland Bonita Tarou Sonja Taylor Gaylon Toney Bernice Vincent Dana Warren James Weekley Chris Welch Dana Welch Kenneth Welch Patrick Welch Felicia Whiteley FRESHMEN OFFICERS AND FAVORITES fn . , M, M a OFFICERS CLeft to Rightjz President-Bertha Barnard, Vice President-Rhonda Addison, SecretaryfTrea surer-Sam Chance, Student Council Representative-Shonda Jeane X A J' -JM, . W ' 5 ,A ,Q-N ,M .,,.u r 'J-5 if-, V, , 4. f-mr ,, xr- 545' P 8 F f l , Y , ,, ,gi 4 , 1 .Z ,.4ll'!5i, an ,lvi iwffil . FAVORITES CLeft to Rightj: Bertha Barnard, David Roberts - Best All Around Bertha Barnard, Raymond Haymon - Most Athletic, Susan Hughes, Joe Garrett - Friendliestg Libby Strickland, Alex Clark - Wittiest 2 f, uiflilv'vfimiwycwf ,aw A Q Q f .V 1-1 H " ' H ,S f' wi !,1f.5gff :ff .A . ,f , - N ' ,Q - 'ifff' 4- f 'J ' ,. .w?hf,rFf:v ,ff .. f , A - "af-1: "'Z,,-va f - I W 102 2:1 "-iw . Kg v . , , .1 2. Q W' U NNYQW A x I Mr. Billy E. Crawford, Principal These are exciting and productive times in the history of Anacoco High School. AHS is presently engaged in unparalleled growth. This fact increases the workload of everyone but it fosters a keen sense of accomplishment in serving people, also. I want to thank the yearbook staff and yearbook sponsors for selecting growth as the theme of the ,85 CHIEF. Growth is so positively characteristic of the progress our school has made recently. The cooperation of the entire school staff and school community has been a blessing to me. I shall always be grateful to everyone. Thanks again, Billy E. Crawford Principal The Yearbook Staff welcomes Mr. W.W. Parker, as our Ward II School Board member. Mr. Park- er, served AHS as a teacher, coach, and a princi- pal. He also was supervisor for the Vernon Parish School Board prior to his retirement. We look forward to working with Mr. Parker as everyone here at AHS strives for improvement in our educational program. It is with great pleasure that I commend you upon the publication of an outstanding yearbook such as this. The events you have recorded in this yearbook are an indication of your pride in your school, your accom- plishments, and in each other. The hard work and long hours have have expended are much in evidence as one leafs through this completed project - a treasured book of memories. I hope this past year has been of educa- tional growth and has challenged you to develop to the fullest possible degree. I extend to each of you my very best wish- es for many years of good health and hap- piness. Sincerely, JOHN C. BURNS, SUPERIN- TENDENT VERNON PARISH SCHOOLS Ms. Brown Ms. Pauley Kindergarten Kindergarten Mrs. Martin Mrs. Elliott First Grade Second Grade Mrs. Chance MTS- Pifo Third Grade Fourth Grade Mrs. Coburn First Grade Mrs. Tilley First Grade Mrs. Stokes Mrs. Orange Second Grade Third Grade Mrs. Calhoun Fourth Grade kan Mrs. Martin Fifth Grade Mrs. Willis Mr. Merchant Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Mrs. Merchant MY- MCRHC Sixth Grade Seventh Grade History Mrs. Graham Mr. G21SkiI1 Seventh Grade Eighth Grade English Math Mrs. McRae Mrs. Grade Reading Lab Science . 9 gf 4, -, 6. Ms. Bordelon Mrs. Kasinger Mrs. Perry Ms. Thomas Special Ed. Special Ed. Special Ed. P.E. . Junior High Elementary High School Elementary 5 6 Mr. Billy Crawford Principal Mrs. Fondren Senior Sponsor Business Education Yearbook Sponsor FBLA Advisor Mrs. Matthews Sophomore Sponsor Home Economics FHA Advisor Ms. Adcock Junior Sponsor Science Mr. Vinton Coburn Assistant Principal Mr. Stokes Senior Sponsor Guidance Counselor Mrs. Fisher Sophomore Sponsor English II, III, and IV Mrs. McCauley Junior Sponsor Math Mr. Jones Freshmen Sponsor Music Coach Goins P.E. Boys Basketball Mr. Burns Librarian Yearbook Sponsor Ms. Ford Special Education Mr. Parker Civics English I Coach Ortiz P.E. Girls Basketball Mr. Piro Social Sciences Mr. Laughlin Industrial Arts No Photo: Arthur Walker Freshmen Sponsor SECRETARIES Mary Dowden Patsy Jett Brenda Remsing PIANO TEACHER Dorothy Goins TEACHER'S AIDES Micky Arthur Helen Cozby Jolie Martin JoNell Poston COOKS Loretta Bean Patricia Belsha Jean Blakeway Robbie Lee Bush Gail Jackson Katherine Jeane Jean Martinez Deidre Perry CUSTODIANS A. Z. Corley Buck Goins Lillie Jackson Connie Thomas BUS DRIVERS Front Row: Homer Fondren Dale Kelly Alvin Strickland Lee Jackson Harold Mitchell Back Row: Bobby Jett Ricky Laurence Billy Williams James Martin Thurman Davis Luther Marzc if fifsy . -.. Q ESQ -:,. ., gm 1, , NxLk'N M - .-:. . . - :QI i Q ri, 5- i 'N 'W S. K . GQ? 94 W J x , X 5 X ...- .. .. f .. -,,s5,3sg Ai W X gs yey , - as . QW 3 19 ' s f X X aw Re xx 'WV SNK NNN WY S sw Wfvwvxex ww ,. ww fm? fri' ff712m22 ,,NW,.,.,i ,, ,f n 4 S WEE THEAR T PA GEAN T fLeft to Rightj Sheila Johnson - 3rd Runner-up, Angie Chance - 2nd Runner-up, Paula Gaskin - Queen, Laura Sumney - lst Runner-up, Susan Hughes - Miss Congeniality The Sweetheart Pageant was held February 15, 1985. fleftj Septer Holder - Roger Williams and Crown Bearer - Angie Wise This Page Paid for By: SMITH JEWELERS Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, Louisiana X CONTESTANTS: fLeft to Rightj Sheila Johnson, Laura Sumney, Angie Chance, Car- men Evans, Jenny Tarou, Sherri Dowden, Susan Hughes, Monique Nash CONTESTANTS: CLeft to Rightj Sam Chance, Jennifer Sills, Shannon Sterling, Faith Dowden, Rhonda Addison, Penny Kelly, Greta Miers PRUM ROYALTY PR P I R1 N R N S CE on CE a S r S D ah QW D d e O n w d . e n 2 I. QU K I S E E N h E d G G N W r 1 r H 1 R D C 0 C W S rf- d C . ., C 'A A 'lu This Page Paid For By: GAR Y LA CAZE, BALF OUR REPRESEN TA TI VE C6173 222-3600 25 County SL, Amebqro, MA 02703 NI OR -SENIOR PRO l o""""' THE 1985 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM was held March 30, 1985 at Toro Hills. 66198477 H OMEC OMIN G On November 3, 1984, the Anacoco High School held its annual homecoming. The graduates from 1934, '44, '54, '64, '74, '84, all gathered together in the gym for special recognition. For the Homecoming Queen contest, two girls from each class were chosen to participate. They were adorned in lovely evening gowns and wore purple and gold corsages. The Crown Bearer and Flower Girl were Jack Matthews and Ashley Farris fbelowfb. Sherri Dowden was chosen as 1984 Homecoming Queen tlleftj. 1 Sherri Dowden Grace Sellers Senior Contestant . . Senior COIltCStaI'1I This Page Paid For By: Toro Hills Resort' l Florien, LA 71429 1-800-252-8560 Sarah Dowden Junior Contestant Carmen Evans Sophomore Contestant Sheila Johnson Freshmen Contestant Monique Nash Junior Contestant Greta Miers Sophomore Contestant Tina Roberts Freshmen Contestant HS RODEO QUEE Cheryl Brooks QUEEN CON TES TAN TS Renee Martin, Sophomore Sh St 1' g J ' C dy F l th F h '- W 6 6 F V V -'ffww Www NC wi W W WS -8 National Honor Society OFFICERS: President - Sabrina Hiltong Vice President - Lori Marting SecretaryfTrea- surer - Cindy Rossg Parliamentarian - Cheryl Brooksg Reporter - Ricky Mitchell The Induction Ceremony was held in the auditorium. Twelve new members and five new officers were inducted into this prestigious organization. Those speaking were Mr. Crawford, Miss Adcock, Mrs. McCauley and the newly inducted officer who gave the meaning of the four characteristics of the National Honor Society: scholarship, character, leadership, and service. A reception followed in the Home Economics Room. This Page Paid For By: Kenwin Shop 131 206 S. Third St., Leesville, LA 71496 MEMBERS: fFront Rowj Donna Jeane, Greta Miers, Daphne Jeane, Donna Burns, Rhoda Laughlin, Christa Adcock fAdviserJg CSecond Rowj Sabrina Hilton, Jennifer Sills, Cheryl Grosiak, Bambi Jeter, Sarah Dowden, Alice Mclnnis, Rena Rashal, Shannon Billings, Lisa McCauley fAdviserJg QThird Rowj Cindy Ross, Carla Frisby, Lori Martin, Tammy Lenahan, Pam Williamson, Jenny Tarou, Cheryl Brooks, Wendy Lonadierg CFourth Rowj Gary Whiteley, Chad Wilson, David Massey, Dickey Marze, William Jeter, Ed Reese, Ricky Mitchell, Timothy Taylor, Scott Sanders, Kirk Wengert. NHS AT WORK The National Honor Society has been quite busy this year. First, new members had to be selected and new officers inducted. The selection process is based upon scholarship, leadership, service, character and the student must maintain a 3.25 grade point average. The new members are selected by a Faculty Council consisting of Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Piro, Mrs. Matthews, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Goins. Second, the club traveled to Texas to the 1984 Renaissance Festival where they enjoyed medieval attractions. Third, they were fund raising artists by selling cotton candy and snowcones at home basketball games and ribbons, glasses and pins at school and in the communi- ty. At present, they are planning their annual trip. Everyone appreciates the work that the National Honor Society does, but no one more than the graduating seniors because at the end of each year, two scholarships are presented. FBLA CL UB X -M5 OFFICERS: CStandingJ Reporter-Laura Sumney, Historian-Ricky Mitchell, Concession Chairman-Stephen Allain, Parliamentarian-Tim Jarquin, Project Chairman-Shannon Bill- ings, QSeatedJ President-Sabrina Hilton, Vice-President-Rena Rashal, Secretary-Lori Mar- tin, Treasurer-Cindy Ross This Page Paid For By: PRINTING PLUS BO-DEL OFFICE SUPPLY 239-3068 113 E. Courthouse, Leesville, LA 71496 239-6036 239-0444 CONFERENCE RESULTS Mllwlllslnnqgu SUPERIOR WINNERS AT THE DISTRICT RALLY: Shannon Billings - Office Procedures, Lori Paddy - Typing I, Sabrina Hilton - Typing II and Ms. FBLA, and Stephen Allain - Entrepreneurship flst Overallj EXCELLENT WINNERS AND OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Tim Jarquin - Busi- ness Math, Shannon Sterling - Business Communications, Cindy Ross - Public Speaking, Ricky Mitchell - Mr. FBLA fExcellentj, Extemporaneous Speaking, Cur- rent Events, Gary Whiteley - Data Processing tNot Shownj Lori Martin - Current Events and Economics tExcellentJ F STATE WINNERS: Lori Paddy - Typing I f5thJ, Stephen Allain - Entrepreneur- ship C3rdJ, Sabrina Hilton - Who's Who in FBLA fTop 105, Ms. FBLA f6thJ, Stenography I flstjg Sabrina won a trip to the national contests in Houston, TX where she will compete in the Stenography I contest. This Page Paid For By: LENAHAN GROCER Y 171 South at Lake Vernon Anacoco, LA 71403 FHA CL UB OFFICERS fLeft to Rightj: Pres.- Traci Doyle, Vice Pres.- Barbara Dowden, SecfTres.- Donna Jeane, Reporter- Alice Mclnnis, Parliamentarian- Tracie Belsha, Historian- .Ianell Mclnnis, Song- leaders- Shawnda Cooley, Michele Rooker. TI VI TIES -M . sat .. The Anacoco FHA has had an excellent year by participating in the Forestry Festival Pa- rade, annual initiation dressed as "punk", lst annual FHA Banquet, and Child-care pro- gram. We participated in our Parish Meeting at Pitkin. Fourteen members placed during the meeting. The Parish winners were: Alice Mclnnis, An- gela Mclnnis, Tina Brown, Traci Doyle, Tracie Belsha, Barbara Dowden, Michele Rooker, Shonda Jeane, Sonja Taylor, Shawnda Cooley, Amy Wedgeworth, Mindy Baldwin, Pam Chance, Renee Martin, Dana Welch. The club won 3rd on our Name Tags. We thank Mrs. Matthews for being our FHA sponsor. 61 SOCIAL STUDIES CL UB MEMBERS: fFront Rowj Joe Adamski, Donna Jeane, Janell Mclnnis, Joycelyn Juricek, Daphne Jeane, Lori Paddy, Rhoda Laughlin, QSecond Rowj Joe Piro fAdvisorJ, Jenny Tarou, Cindy Ross, Tammy Lenahan, Penny Kelly, Missy O'Toole, Shebia Isgittg CThird Rowj Lori Martin, Christina Fennell, Valarie Chance, Tracy Soloman, Monique Nash, fFourth Rowj Clay Cedars, Jonathan Sellers, Kevin Krebsbach, William Jeter, David Self, Scott Sanders, Wayne Kay. OFFICERS CLeft to Rightj: Jenny Tarou-President, William J eter-Vice President, Valarie Chance-Secre- tary The Social Studies Club consists of hard- working individuals who participate in the Social Studies Fair at different levels. For the past three years, they have achieved the highest goal obtainable - the Director's Trophy. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS seated: Lori Martin - Presidentg Dickey Marze - Vice Presidentg Jenny Tarou - SecretaryfTrea- surerg Cheryl Brooks - Parliamentarian. Standingg Ronald Barnard - Senior Representativeg Shannon Sterling - Junior Representativeg Tim J arquin - Sophomore Representative and Shonda J eane - Freshmen Representative. I' 'O - Q E QQQ E Q - no The Student Council started by assisting the P.T.O. with the Halloween Carnival. They also sponsored the blood drive. The Student Council and F.B.L.A. jointly sponsored the annual Christmas drive for the under-privileged. Mr. Stokes, Adviser, organized the first annual career day. Experts were invited in to advise the student body on matters of career possibilities. This Page Paid For By: PROMAR INC., "The Fund Raising Source" Billy Benefield, Phone: C3183 352-5284 501 Ralph St., Natchitoches, LA 71457 5 l SENIOR 4-H CL UB A A L Q ... 4. - OFFICERS: fLeft to Rightj Vice President-Ed Reese, Secretary-Greta Miers, Treasurer-Jerry Harvey, Program Committee-Shebia Isgitt and Wendy Lonadier, Parliamentarian-Alan Dowden, CNot Shownj President-Tammy Lenahan, Reporter-Bambi Jeter This Page For By: FLORIEN LUMBER CO., FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 586-3585 Ralph Cook, Owner, Florien, LA 71429 SENIOR 4-H CL UB fLeftJ Melissa Fondren, seventh grader, placed first in the Vernon Parish Egg Cookery Contest which earned for her a trip to the District Contest in Alexan- dria. She competed against many other parish winners and placed second among junior high and high school students. This Page Paid For By: 2 LEON E UBANKS, SHEETMETAL CONTRACTOR P. O. Box 204, Anacoco, LA 71403 238-0992 INDUSTRIAL AR TS CLUB ee A OFFICERS CLeft to Rightjz David Clay-President, Mike Morrison-Vice President, Steven Addison-Seeretaryg Lowell Brown-Treasurer, Edwin Reese-Parliamentarian 1 Mwwmw , V , .e,,,,,,,l o MEMBERS fFront Rowjz Edwin Reese, Monique Nash, Tracey Soloman, Wayne Partridge, Troy Mayo, Steve Billings, David Massieg fSecond Rowj David Clay, Carlton Faircloth, Robert Partridge, Kristy Henderson, Chad Wilson, Jonathan Sellers This Page Paid For By: ALFORD MOTOR COMPANY Hwy. 171 S., Leesville, LA 71496 Phone: 239-3811 g A ORES TR Y SKILLS FORESTRY FESTIVAL SKILLS TEAM: fBack Rowj Shannon Billings, Carmen Evans, Valarie Chance, Brent Roberts, Monette Chance, Wayne Kay, Bambi Jeter, Raymond Haymon, Alan Dowdeng CFront Rowj Tammy Lenahan, Christina Fennell, Sandy Blakeway, Richard Haymon, Jerry Harvey, Ed Reese FORESTRY SKILLS CONTESTANTS AND WINNERS September 25, 1984 CR OSS-CU T SA W BOY f BOY - Edwin Reese and Dickey Marze flst Placej BOY f GIRL - Ed Reese and Sandy Blakeway flst Placej GIRL f GIRL - Monette Chance and Valarie Chance flst Placej BOW SA W BOY - Randy Howell GIRL - Valarie Chance Clst Placej LOG ROLL BOYXBOY - Richard Haymon and Jerry Harvey Clst Placej BOYfGIRL - Randy Howell and Laura Sumney GIRLfGIRL - Monique Nash and Christina Fennell 12nd Placej HA TCHET THROW BOY - Lowell Brown GIRL - Valarie Chance 12nd Placej ROPE CLIMB BOY - Wayne Kay flst Placej GIRL - Rhoda Laughlin flst Placej LOG THROW BOY - Brent Roberts GIRL - Monique Nash This Page Paid For By: BYLES WELDING AND TRACTOR CO. 171 North Manv. Louisiana 71449 STUDENT L BRARIANS Gary Whiteley, Ricky Mitchell, Pam Williamson, Sabrina Hilton, Donna Sherry Chapman Burns, Laura Sumney, Jerry Whiteley, Rena Rashal SOPHOMORE SENIORS .QQ 4 Angela Mclnnis, Valerie Brooks Rhonda Marze, Alice Mclnnis SOPHOMORES JUNIORS MUSIC - 4- ,g ,yy H W if fir, ' Z 5121 'ing 525:12 1 t ,gg OFFICERS QLeft to Rightjz Pat Dowden-President, Robert Carter-Vice President, Laura Sumney-Secretary, Penny Kelly-Treasurer, Greta Miers-Reporter, Howell SOPRAN OS SOPRANOS: fFront Rowj Susan Hughes, Greta Miers, Joycelyn Juricek, Bambi Jeter, Valerie Brooks, Donna Burns, CSecond Rowj Sheila Johnson, Kim Monk, Peggy Grammar, Amy Wedgeworth, Angie Chance, DeL1sa Hutson, Wendy Lonadier, KBack Rowj Barbie Cozby, Laura Sumney, Sandy Blakeway, Paula Gaskin, Patricia Williamson, Kathy Self AL TOS l ALTOS: fFront Rowj Rhoda Laughlin, Sam Chance, Kristi Harwood, Bonita Tarou, Daphne Jeane, Shannon Billings, Shawnda Cooley, Libby Strickland, Jessica Sellers, CSecond Rowj Tammy Morrison, Kim Hearn, Michelle Nash, Cheryl Grosiak, Cindy Ross, Tammy Lenahan, Shebia Isgitt, Mindy Baldwin, Laurie Cedars, Jennifer Sills, fBack Rowj Pam Chance, Lori Martin, Monette Chance, Valarie Chance, Faith Dowden, Pam Williamson, Shannon Sterling, Carmen Evans, Christina Fennell, Jenny Tarou, Penny Kelly TEN ORS TENORS: QFront Rowj Raymond Haymon, Chuck Marze, William Buckley, fSecond Rowj Greg Haymon, Chris Phillips, Dino Parmentier, Clay Cedars, CThird Rowj Ron Dowden, Tracy Reese, Ed Reese, John Horton, Bobby Chance BASSES FRONT ROW: fLeft to Rightj C. H. Scarinzi, Rory Pollock, Larry Meshell, Ricky Mitchell, SECOND ROW: Pat Dowden, Brent Wengert, Randy Howell, Walter Dixon: BACK ROW: Dickey Marze, Kevin Beverly, Robbey Moore, William Jeter, Forrest Dean S C H H 0 if W R FRONT ROW: CLeft to Rightj Pam Chance, Laura Sumney, Meri Clark, Greta Miers, Penny Kelly, SECOND ROW: Scott Sanders, Ron Dowden, Bobby Chance, Raymond Haymon, Chuck Marzeg THIRD ROW: Pam Williamson, Patricia Williamson, Valarie , Chance, Bambi Jeter, Jenny Taroug BACK ROW: Pat Dowden, Forrest Dean, William Jeter, Ricky Mitchell, Tracy Reese LITERAR Y RALLY FRONT ROW: fLeft to Rightj Mary Liles, Home Economics III - 2nd, Shannon Billings, Clerical Practice - 3rd, Shebia Isgitt, World Geography - 2nd, Carla Frisby, Biology I - 2nd, Bambi Jeter, French I - lstg Tammy Lenahan, Biology II - lst, BACK ROW: Robert Hicks, Physical Science -lstg Sabrina Hilton, Stenography I - lst and lst Overall, Mike Handorf, Civics - 2nd, Stephen Allain, General Business - lst, fNot Shownjz Lori Martin, Government - lst and lst Overall, Laura Sumney, Journalism - lst, Ellen Bean, Sociology - 2nd, Kirk Wengert, Algebra II - 2nd, Rhoda Laughlin, General History - 3rd s s ,were N-,..f--L .'-QQQPVA-fl., T 2 'finfefffgg T miie- gggg-2:5 - ,L bf- at If " .2474 ' ?1' ' Xi -.,Q. . E C T' T we 1 35? 7 lllHWfI+:fl:e'EaiiX-5"i"'Wif3"-1'1? 9 so Literary rallies were held on the campuses of McNeese and L.S.U. The Southwest Literary Rally in Lake Charles on- March 16, 1985, was the district level. AHS Competed in Division III - those schools having at least 200 students in high school. AHS contestants were accompanied by Mr. Stokes, Sponsor, and Mr. Crawford, Principal. Those students who qualified at district, competed in the State Literary Rally on April 13, 1985. AHS finished third, behind Welsh and Rosepine. The contest was extremely close with many of our students finishing high. This Page Paid For By: 239-3307 BILLY'S FLOWER SHOP 1010 S. Ninth, Leesville, LA 71496 FRONT ROW: fLeft to Rightj Shawnda Cooley, Home Economics II - 5thg Lori Paddy, Typingwriting I - Sthg Shonda Jeane, Home Economics - 5th, Kristi Har- wood, Algebra I - 5thg Donna Burns, English IV - 5thg Donna J eane, Home Econom- ics IVg Cindy Ross, Geometry - 4thg Alice Mclnnis, English IIIg BACK ROW: Rena Rashal, Free Enterprise, Bonita Tarou, English I - 5thg Wendy Lonadier, English IIQ fNot Shownjz Gary Whiteley, Bookkeeping I - 4th, Scott Sanders, Spelling - 4th, David Self, American History, Jenny Tarou, Chemistry STATE WINNERS: fLeft to Rightj Billy John Burns, Laura Sumney, Journalism - Sthg Steven Allain, General Business - lst, Sabrina Hilton, Stenography I - Zndg Joy Fondren This Page Paid For By: PIGGLY WIGGLY 239-2908 608 W. Texas, Leesville, LA 71446 SOCIAL STUDIES FAIR We had another excellent year for the Social Studies Fair. Mr. Piro and the students worked their best and, as always, it was all worth it. fAboveJ Tina Brown and Missy O'Toole, RE- GIONA: lst Overall - Sociology fLeftJ Tracey Soloman and Monique Nash, RE- GIONAL: lst 84 Runner-up Overall - Political Science fRightJ Valarie Chance and Scott Sand- ers, REGIONAL: lst 84 Runner-Up Overall - Economicsg STATE: lst - Economics Others placing at regionals but. not shown: Kevin Krebsbach, lst - Anthropologyg Shebia Isgitt, 3rd - Geography This Page Paid For By: FRAZAR ABSTRACT COMPANK INC. 239-2772 74 108 S. 3rd Sr., P. o. Box 197, Leesville, LA 71496 O .........,,..., W9 siiwf fm. fn . ,fm Joe Adamski lst Anthropology Janell Mg-Zngczgingggna Jeane REGIONAL fLeftJ Jennifer Sills and Lori Paddy, REGIONALS: lst 8: Overall - Sociologyg This project was judged Overall over the entire So- cial Studies Fairg Lori received a S200 scholarship to McNeese. STATE: 4th - Sociology Pictured at left: fBack Rowj Ke- vin Krebsbach, Shebia Isgitt, Monique Nash, Jennifer Sills, Janell Mclnnis, Donna Jeane, Joe Piro-Adviser, QFront Rowj Joe Adamski, Tina Brown, Missy O'Toole, Tracey Soloman, Lori Paddy, Scott Sanders, Valarie Chance CAREER DAY Career Day was an event spon- sored by the Student Council to enlighten students on the advantages and disadvantages of several professional careers in this area. The students en- joyed talking with the differ- ent professionals so much that it has been made an annual event. Pictured above are: fTopJ Cheryl Carter- Nursing, fLeftJ Archie Martin-Law Enforce- ment, fRightJ Mary Lou Schultz-Secretarial, lBottomJ A. F. Weid-Welding Other professionals were: Lester Keys-Law, Phyllis Watkins-Cosmotology, Charles Goins-Computers, Frank Hyatt-Forestry, Doug Strickland-Offshore, Raymond Chris- tensen-Engineering, Charles Wright-Vo- Tech School FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 601 E. Mechanic Street, Leesville, LA 71496 CIVICS IN ACTIUN Senator Bryan A. Poston and Donna Burns Lori Martin - Girls State Donna Burns was appointed as Page in the Louisiana State Senate by Senator Nunez. Donna was rec- ommended by Senator Poston. She served in both the '84 and ,85 ses- sions at the Legislatureg gaining valuable experience. In working di- rectly with the 39 state senators, Donna saw first-hand how state government works. Pelican Girls State was held on the LSU campus under the sponsorship of the American Legion. Lori par- ticipated in a mock situation by joining a political party, running for office, and generally being an active citizen in the make believe city-state. This gave her an oppor- tunity to experience firsthand, how government in adult life is run. 77 GROWTH IN BUILDINGS It has been a pleasure developing our theme of "growth" for the 1985 Chief. The yearbook staff has graphically shown a portion of the growth AHS has accomplished over the years. The dirt work has been completed for the new school complex as of this writing, May 27, 1985. The new buildings will soon become a reality. AHS is on the grow. This Page Paid For By: SENATOR BRYAN A. POSTON 30th Senatorial District .,,, aw: " Af, N., INDIANS BASKE Standing left to right: Kenneth Goins, Alan Smith, Pat Dowden, Tracy Reese, Kevin Beverly, Ed Reese, Robbey Moore, William Jeter, Dickey Marze, David Massie, Donald Holman, Ron Dowden, Richard Haymon, Coach Mickey Goins. Kneeling left to right: Daryl Jeane - Manager, Raymond Haymon, Chuck Marze, Jerry Harvey, Jimmy Haymon, Chris Phillips - Manager. I Another great year . . . The AHS Indians did another super job this year. Their accomplishments included: C11 First places in the Anacoco, Pickering, and Hornbeck tournaments. They placed second in the Vernon Parish Tournament, C21 District 10-B Champs with a perfect 10-0 record, f3J All District - Dickey Marze, Ed Reese, and Pat Dowden, Q41 Dickey Marze was chosen for the West All-Star team and as Most Valuable Player for District 10-B. ' The Indians compiled a 36-8 season record. This team was ranked very high in the Shreveport Times ranking of the north Louisiana teams. The Indians lost a thriller to East Beauregard in the second round of the state tournament. , Coach Goins was District 10-B Coach of the Year and a member of the West All-Star selection committee. ' This Page Paid For By: KELL Y'S GULF AND GROCERY Hwy. lll West Anacoco, La 71403 286-5285 LADY INDIANS BASKETBALL Left to Right: Rhoda Laughlin, Daphne Jeane, Joycelyn Juricek, Bertha Barnard, Kim Ogletree, Sarah Dowden, Tammy Lenahan, Valarie Chance, Faith Dowden, Coach Vic Ortiz, Monette Chance, Lori Martin, Cindy Faircloth, Sherrie Chapman, Sandy Blakeway, Cheryl Brooks, Angela Roberts, Christy Irwin. A dream that came true . . . The AHS maidens put it together for a fantastic season that most teams have only in their dreams. This incredible year included the following high points: CU 46-1 season record, C21 First place in District 10-B including a perfect 10-0 record, C31 First place tournament wins at Anacoco, Hornbeck, Pickering, Zwolle, Florien and the Vernon Parish meet, C45 State Cham- pionship in the Lake Charles Civic Center where the team defeated Lacassine 54-30 in the final game, C51 The lone loss of the season was to.Washington of Lake Charles. Although the road to state was a team effort, there were some outstanding individual accomplish- ments: flj All District- Lori Martin, Cheryl Brooks, Sandy Blakeway and Monette Chance, C23 District 10-B most valuable player - Lori Martin, C33 Most valuable player in state all tournament - Monette Chance, C41 Lori and Monette were chosen for the West All-Star game, C55 Furthermore, Coach Oritz was chosen as the District 10-B Coach of the Year, State Class "B" Coach of the Year and West and West All-Star Coach. This Page Paid For By: Harold is One Stop Candy Apple Gift Shop Toledo Bend Southgate Plaza, Leesville, LA 286-5522 238-2888 ESM L'-, Q we in . -9 I - s 3:2 wi if 1-215123 gm CROSS C0 UNTR Y From left to right: Kathy Self, Kim Ogletree, and Bertha Barnard. Not Shown: Sherry Chapman l From left to right: Forest Dean, Robert Partridge, Wayne Partridge, and Scott Garrett. Not Shown: Ronald Barnard. TRACK w ww I 'I Ziwli-, pf jaw' , 1-.Qi k d' , . -fl Ni H. - sw-.A T, Y K 'K' . ek ra' lx as FRONT ROW fLeft to Rightj: Mickey Goins - Boys Coach, Brian Smith, Wayne Partridge, Mike LaCaze, Alex Clark, Sherman Smith, BACK ROW: Ronald Barnard, Stephen Allain, David Self, Gene Brasher, Scott Garrett. , :. -WM, L-fr9 k 4 S if yt i FRONT ROW fLeft to Rightjz Vic Ortiz - Girls Coach, Bertha Barnard, Angela Roberts, Tasha Hunter, Robin Harris, Teri Chapman, BACK ROW: Kim Olgetree, Bambi Jeter, Joycelyn Juricek, Sherry Chapman, Valarie Chance, Sandy Blakeway, Jessica Sellers. This Page Paid For By: S :fc W SMALL ENGINE REPAIR SER VICE 239-4053 109 West La. 8L 6th St., Leesville, LA 71496 LADY INDIANS SOFTBALL Front Row: Cindy R Nashg Second Row: Solomang Back Row: Hill, Jeff Laughlin oss, Sandy Blakeway, Cheryl Brooks, Cheryl Grosiak, Monique Lori Martin, Amy Wedgeworth, Shebia Isgitt, Tracie Belsha, Tracy Abby Bordelon Cryer-Coach, Laura Sumney, Ellen Bean, Rhonda The Lady Indians showed vast improvement over last year. They were District 7-Division IV Champions and advanced to the regionals where they were ultimately defeated by Pine Prairie Their season record was a commendable 12-5. Four stellar players were singled out for special recognition: Sherry Chapman and Cheryl Grosiak were named to the all-district team Sandy Blakeway and Lori Martin received honorable mention. , 5 e This Page Paid For By: ROSIE,S Hwy. 171 North, Anacoco LA 71403 "Nothing Finer than Food at Rosiels Diner" INDIANS BASEB LL -QW-551 E Q KNEELING: fLeft to Rightj Alex Clark, Wayne Partridge, Ron Dowden, Robert Partridge, Dino Parmentier, Greg Haymong STANDING: Dickey Marze, Robbey Moore, Ed Reese, Ricky Mitchell, Pat Dowden, David Massie, Han Clark This team enjoyed one of their finest seasons ever. Sporting a recood of 6- 4 and placing third in district, they showed great improvement in their overall playing. The team will miss their six seniors who contributed every effort to their wins. Q82 dw 2 'Cui 0 tm if' This Page Paid For By: JIM WILLIAMS, AGEN71 STATE FARM INSURANCE North, 6th and Nona P.O. Box 1556 Leesville, La. 71496 Phone: Office 239-0468 Residence 238-1976 S 1 I i . W ' 'FEI 3 NC" .mm Y 3 Q i s ATHLEUC ,V i - 7, 3. k x w B saga I X T. . iv 7 : s.. xg : X N. K .fsiivq Q 3 I1 an m ..A , f . 5 eise f M s Q .. ... ' 'f 3 , -M . fi Pat Dowden, Dickey Marze, David Massie J BA QLET ie i 4 . . Q 3 .A. 3 f X5 3 , S . 1 Sherry Chapman and Tammy Lenahan K a..., 2... .. , ,N w X QNX X ., X ' X sw N www S X f S 3 ai. Y X gm Kim Q f .3 Am- A 3 .. gi ' Qi' 57 ' 'S 5 aa f i g aaai. :Hi aab. 3 I Ed Reese and Robby Moore Sandy Blakeway and Cheryl Brooks This Page Paid For By: MMM FURNITURE :fc APPLIANCES Leesville, Louisiana 71496 239-3333 . b.a, q 'Y . f . S? I -if -Q Q ig ,,. 2 5 - .I Lori Martin and Monette Chance Ronald Barnard Ronald Barnard- CTrackJ Most Valuable Player Sandy Blakeway- fSoftballJ Honorable All-District, CFieldJ MVP, QBasketballJ Best Free Throw, Assist Award, All-District Cheryl Brooks - fSoftballJ MVP, fBasketballJ All-District, Coaches Award, Best Defense Monette Chance - CBasketballj Best Offense, All-District, MVP State Tournament Sherry Chapman - fSoftballJ Best Outfield, All-Districtg CTrackJ MVP Han Clark - CBaseballJ All-District Pat Dowden - fBasketballJ Coaches Award, MVP Cheryl Grosiak - fSoftballJ All-District Mike LaCaze - CFieldJ MVP Tammy Lenahan - fBasketballJ Best Defense Lori Martin - fSoftballJ Best Defense, fBasketballJ Best Rebound, All-District, All-State, Honorable Mention USA Today, Lion's Club Award Dickey Marze - CBaseball- Best Offense, Best Defense, All-District, CBasketballJ Best Offense, All-District, All-State, MVP, Lion's Club Award David Massie - fBaseballJ All-District Robbey Moore - fBaseballj Best Outfield, fBasketballj Best Rebound Ed Reese - fBaseballJ Best Outfield, CBasketballJ Best Defense, F.T. Assist, MVP This Page Paid For By: FIRST FEDERAL SA VINGS Lee Hills Rd., Leesville, LA 71496 238-0364 A K' 1: .r ,H I 3 S1 ,:Qf,,.,,, A.-sf. -, 5 , X My GENERAL P.E. f'f a Es 1 "Tough Live, Coach" "Put Mrs. Chapman on Regular" ' JM EIGH TH OFFICERS AND FAVORITES ! OFFICERS: CLeft to Rightj President - Tony Dowden, Vice President - Sharon Wade FAVORITES: fLeft to Rightj Richard Partridge, Robin Harris, Susan Belsha, Pete Dixon GRADE EIGHT Mr. Gaskin Mrs. McRae Lillie Barnard Susan Belsha Jo Ann Blanton Stacey Bolton Roxanne Bordelon Elizabeth Brown Stephen Brown Darlene Buckley Mary Buckley Stevie Burns Kelly Carpenter Teri Chapman Cody Cooley Chester Conner James Corley Wanda Corley Pete Dixon Rosanna Dixon Alan Dougherty Tony Dowden Carl Doyle Chris Doyle Deanna Doyle Stacy Dyess Shawna Eubanks Donna Evans Tish Evans Tim Fletcher Carol Grosiak Margaret Hale Robin Harris Missy Harvey Chad Haymon R. D. Heaton Carol Hicks Darlene Hinton Carolyn Jackson Shaunda Jackson . Y , I 4 2 il KH 4 72 I I ,,,. . , , if ' li 'A Q 51 l A ,,,, - .W -- , , 34 tw ew' 53 AQ' l g,Q tri! 5 1 if aa, ,Qi 7 W f 5 JM fr 2 V,-1 vi? 2 ' f ,S ,Y ,f K W f Q 5 ,5 , ,L , 1 fa M f , J at 5 fi I 'xi A E ,WW ,.,,,,,h,, i ,f,, , fawffr:ffQ,ff,'fc ' fw9f,4n,f,,,f, ,H - V ,f., W ,W ,.,, W r ,e ,I W Wfffl 1 -Q" 4 ,J ff' 'ff,,1f:,.f12aEiM. WW ' aft Q 4 Z 4 Joey Jeane Daniel Jinks Melanie Johnson Monica Kay Shannon Keele Kristy Klamert Jeff Knippers Sherry Lankford Tim Marcus Brenda Martinez Patricia Martinez Kristie Massie Dewayne Mattox David Mattox Adona Mayo James Mclnnis Dana McKee Thomas Meshell Jason Morrison Joey Nash Dirk Ott Richard Partridge Paula Pruitt Ann Rooker Paul Ross Shaunda Sandell Alan Sills Chanda Smith Mike Spillane Pamela Strickland Michael Sutton Kim Tippit Mike Vance Tammy Vincent Sharon Wade Tanya Wilson GRADE SEVEN Mrs. Graham Mr. McRae Jude Allain James Baldwin Gregory Blackwell Stephanie Brown Scott Chaisson x A , ' 6? , Z, H ff' if W a 2 5 J' + aa , S fzgl Q..2.., fl ,., Jamie Clemens Rhonda Cloud Harry Corley Kristi Crawford Missy Curry Daniel Davis Carla Dixon Orbin Dixon Amy Dowden Donnie Dowden Julie Dowden Donna Doyle nz ., I .' - If . if C: zfsffi fm. ., A- in 'yr f zviif ,f lfmwgi , - .f,f wfWwf, - , Wi H ,xi fa:--Qf ,,,, i,g::z, 35... J, ,Nh rr' 7 'lil y ' ' Sf I l ? 1 1, X 9 in 'I f 43 Azffsbzrr ' 123555 , f tr , V ff fm args , 2 X gf: IJ r .1 , Z QQ ia K N X 5 i' z K A 1 1 2 if Q 7 if f X ,f 2 W HW , ' 6 3 7 57" f kwin , . , 9' QQ QQ? W4 6 J M Jrs J if 24 C M 5 5 if l Kevin Dozois My J I Timothy Faircloth 4 , W Y r Michelle Fire 5 if y Melissa Fondren "iii:i J Tony Galliano ' J yy, 5 1 Barbara Gaskin J Q 2 Thomas Gaskin Bobby George Raymond Grosiak Belinda Hayes Robby Hammond Katrina Hancock Jennifer Haymon Tessie Heaton Glenda Hill Tanya Howell Calvin Hutson Stephen Hyatt Tammy Jackson Nancy Jeane Sherrie Jeane Tonya Jernigan Paul Jett Tom Juricek f M 2 f 1 mairwf, tw 1 iyrt .- "gm, .. ' ff , as for ii 2 was if tw it R' . X3 K ,, . , 'J 1 f r W V, :" it if tr,t J if ' ytte is "' , 3 Z. - 2, 1, " Q ,af 53 . ii. J - rg sf 1..-.V Q , 1 42 6 4 , . if ,O f , Q' 4 'Q 'W W f M J .,,, , ,. MZ, ,. M i ' 1' V' l f K ff TQ 5 M! 'Mft' at :uri 4 T ' if L ' w ?ii?f6iif , ' sr, 1 J' ff f 1 I ' , if fiiffsfy 1. . 58 1, , alt? m QQ WW , ja E L . ,V , v e If f ia. f 6 nf . Y Z W Z "l"3'E5':,i:Ql'MfQ:2:,f:'Z ii,-lit :t 1 L 'E'aE,.2?',:E5'rf' 74 f' 7,Z3,: , ,,,,,,,M-f , EAL 1 pg , I , , ,H or 1 -, , A ft ' i l Z' z Q aifgi w 45? f 592 it X f is I A V ' 2"'vv,6' LV':E'w:4":! 1 .Et ag l X a X , , , , yi ,f ng l 2-,f,,:, r, ':+s,JWg4'mvv . 'Eg . My rg 54 ,- I i N WV X A ,, ,, ,. , . 5 5-Ii si ft Paul Keatts Tonia Kelsay Chad Koonce Cathy Liles Tracey Luke Alison Martin James Martinez Richard Martinez Charlie Marze Clint Mayo Kelli Mitchell Darrell Monta Chris Ogletree Amanda Perkins Troy Pollock Michael Roberts Kenneth Ruff Yolanda Self Rosanna Slaydon Marvin Smith Amy Swain Keva Tubbs David Vance J ..I. Walker if MJ? . ,gm-f ' n :Slat ,gin ' Kimberly Watson Q -W Kenneth Wedgewo ' Carol Wengert E9 , f b Sandra Wilder Angela Williams Benny Willis Stacy Wiley Larissa Williams , Lf . Q yyttt f fr 'V if rth Q1 eff 5 ,y sri ' Q i x 3' yi. 1 1 2 f X W4 it 'L 41 Q S t N, f W ., , SEVENTH UFFICERS CQ FAVUR TEE l OFFICERS fLeft to Righty President-Donnie Dowden, Vice Presidnet-J .J . Walker l l F FAVORITES fLeft to Righty Michael Roberts, Kelli Mitchell, Donnie Dowden, Tanya Howell E GH TH GRADE GRADUATIO ff' 8 its 1 1 Sharon Wade Valedictorian Class of 1989 Tony Dowden gave the Presi dent's Address Darlene Heaton Valedictorian . -. f V rr,- 1 " anrra Monica Kay Stacy Bolton Valedictorian Salutatorian J U IOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBAL LEFT TO RIGHT: Chad Haymon, Donnie Dowden, Tommy Marshall, David Vance, Tony Dowden, Mike Vance Pete Dixon, Daniel Davis, David Mattox, Kenneth Wedgeworth, Stephen Hyatt, Cody Cooley, Richard Partridge SEASON'S RECORD 13-5 COACH MICKEY COINS JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Monica Kay, Melanie Johnson, Libby Brown, Missy Harvey, Kristi Massie Larissa Williams Teri Chapman, Vic Ortiz, Robin Harris, Lilly Barnard, Amy Dowden, Carla Dixon, Carolyn Jackson Julie Dowden l SEASON'S RECORD ll-2 COACH VIC ORTIZ JU IOIQ 4-H CL UB .OFFICERS l s fLeft to Righty Cathy Liles, Kelli Carpenter-Program Committee, Kristi Massie-Reporter, Tish Evans-Parliamentarian, Missy Harvey-Treasurer, Tanya Wilson-Secretary, Tony Dowden-Presidentg Melissa Fondren-Vice President , Wi .. 1'7" ' Q TEACHER OF THE YEAR Mrs. Glenda Coburn ' Mrs. Glenda Coburn, a graduate of Anacoco High School, was chosen by the Anacoco High School faculty as Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Coburn competed in the Vernon Parish Teacher of the Year contest. She has taught first grade at AHS for several years. Students and parents love Mrs. Coburn for her friendli- ness and effectiveness while helping students during their for- mulative years. The Yearbook Staff salutes Mrs. Coburn as 1984-85 Teacher of the Year. We wish her the very best. 1 PENNY KING AND QUEEN CON TES TAN TS FIFTH SIXTH, SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW: Kelli Mitchell, Shawna Holton, Ashley Crawford, Brian Brandon, Wanda Jeane, Michael Smith, BACK ROW: Stephen Hyatt, Raymond Grosiak, Murphy Evans, R.D. Heaton, Mona Ross, Kelly Carpenter Not Shown: Shanda Smith, Keva Tubbs, Ricky Fennell, Michael Goins 9 THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE Left to Right: Chad Martin, Jessica Chap- man, J.P. Kay, Mary Dailey, Ricky Mar- tin, Linda Knotts, Luke Allain KINDERGARTEN, FIRST AND SECOND GRADE FRONT ROW: Casey Fontana, Brandy! Williams, Ricky Kuhlmeyer, Mindy Farris, Brad Lipps, Jody Sellersg BACK ROW: Todd Martin, Amy Martin, Tony Jett, Devon Robinson, Casey Martin, , Sharena Lawrence, Jared Chapman, Ashley Jackson The Yearbook Staff notes, with deepest regret, the passing of Mr. A.C. "Trigger" Trapp, our meat center director. Mr. Trapp greeted everyone with a cherry smile, a kind word, and was always courte- ous. Trigger was known by thousands of people as a loyal friend to his country, community and neighbors. Mr. Trapp set an excellent example for students at Ana- coco High School. We miss him. It has been my profound pleasure to spend twelve years as a student and thirty one years as a teacher at AHS. These forty-three years have been filled with a myriad of experiences. The forties were war torn years. The fifties and sixties were interspersed with social upheavals. The seventies included watergate, then came the eighties. The eighties, while plagued with drug problems, seem to contain some promise of a return to social stability. As your librarian, yearbook sponsor, and social studies teacher, I have worked with many different and complex problems. None were insurmountable, most required patience and determination. Throughout the forty-three years, attitude, good or poor, has been the key. I suggest that with a wholesome, determined attitude, one can overcome setbacks, disappointments, and illusions. I exhort each of you to set your goals high, put forth every effort, and climb the mountain to personal fulfillment. The view from the top is beautifull. Billy John Burns Yearbook Sponsor FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE FAVORITES FIFTH GRADE: CLeftJ Michael Smith and Wanda Jeaneg fRightJ Brian Brandon and Ashley Crawford SIXTH GRADE: fLeft ot Rightj Ricky Fennell CNot Shownj, Shawna Holton, Michael Goins, and Kristie Remsing THIRD AND FOUR TH GRADE FAVORITES 1:54 THIRD GRADE CLeft to Rightj: Kelly Frymire, Ricky Martin, Andy Jackson, and Mary Dailey X, ?' -v FOURTH GRADE fLeft to Rightjz Jessica Chapman, Chad Martin, Marty Gil- crease, and Darlene Dowden QS tfllibgge ' Ps FRONT ROW: fLeft to Right5 Marlon Gilcrease, Rachelle Lawrence, Michael Leon- ard and Kendra Jeane SECOND ROW: Jason Harmon, Jennifer Leeper, Jared Chap- man, Casey Martin, and Sharena Lawrence THIRD ROW: Kenny Martin, Todd Martin, Amy Martin Not Shown: Ashley Farris, Jody Sellers CELEBRA TIO The second annual May Day was held on May 2 and 3, 1985. These friendly contests are popular in that students get to compete. Each student competed enthusiastically and May Day was enjoyed by all. LITTLE RED RIDI G HUOD Kristie Remsing - Grandmother Crystal Moore - Red Riding Hood Chad Dowden - Wolf Shawnna Holton - Mother Brian Brandon - Woodcutter ec Front Row: Wanda Jeane, Angelique Martin, Shannon Jeane - Rabbitsg Raymond Dowden - Fox, Dustin Robison - Porcupine, Mona Ross - Bird, Brenda Blackwell, Pam Jackson - Flowers. Middle: Dawn Blackwell - Birdg Gloria Blackwell, Judy Sills - Flowers. Back: Scott Phillips, Christina Mapu, Brenda Knotts, April Authur, Jeff Marcus - Trees. 110 31 Front Row: Michael Goins Little Boy Blue Trey Elliott - Jack Hornerg Richard Moore Georgie Porgieg Lori Hillman Little Bo Peep Kelley Toney - Little Lamb Kimberly Pri chard - Mary, Ashley Crawford Miss Muf fettg Shanna Trapp - Spider Susan Wade Mother Goose, Rusty Billings Humpty Dumptyg Chad Hamilton - Jack Quanah Kay Ji X i J Georgia Thomas Nadine Bousquet Lisa McCauley c Curriculum Growth Curriculum offering and faculty continued to increase this past year. French was added to the elementary school - third grade. This subject is taught by Nadine Bousquet. fTop leftj A physical education teacher for the elementary school was added. Georgia Thomas is the teacher fTop rightj. Computer science was ex- panded to include elementary classes. Also sev- eral new computers were purchased with the expansion of the class. Lisa McCauley is the teacher. CBottom Leftj i 111 GRADE SIX Mr. Merchant April Arthur Milton Belsha Darrell Borders Bryan Dowden John Doyle Trey Elliott Murphy Evans Ricky Fennell David Grantham Amy Haymon Carla Haymon Ray Hinton Steven Holcomb Shawanna Holton Billie Jackson Shannon Jackson Paula Jordan Clay Kemp Mike Lee Heather Martin Wallace McCloud Kim Moreland Mickey Nale Joseph Owen Jeff Paddy Scott Perkins Shawn Raines Michael Strickland Ronnie Vincent Nigel Willis H3 is . 3 Y X K Q EMF 5 K X t. .t, - rf ,,..k 4 Xa Q was .., ai i A va! .. 3 SP X , J S, i ... W. 'PN is ,5jO' i V, i. i 'TS t 35 V p ,. ,grgfq A V X-w zffifk " Tiafgig, X X Q K J k ri if K Q ,Q wk X Kit 2 P, X X J' X ,x at i, L. 1 A 35:1 t r it ,. 4? AL,,. . . tink 5 My .. .t sw 1:1 '2 Ls: 1 I I X X at QS sie Xt X X if tx X X w I is -- Rilfiii-. R Nia is if Q xt f N- 1 1 .....m...-.. Nm, ,MW K, A 255 I Sit will GRADE SIX Mrs. Merchant John Allain Gloria Blackwell Gayla Buckley Patrick Cooley Angela Dougherty Michael Goins Lori Gosnell Dawn Hale Chad Hamilton Lori Hillman Tanya Jernigan Joseph Jinks Ann Kemenyvari Dawn Laughlin Greg Laughlin Patrick Lyons Jeff Marcus Steve Mickel Crystal Moore Scott Phillips Kristie Remsing Mona Ross Shelly Sandell Judy Sills Michelle Sutton Rebecca Trammel Susan Wade Buddy Watson LeAnn Welch Stephanie Willis GRADE FIVE Mrs. Martin Rusty Billings Hope Borst Ashley Bowman Brian Brandon Karen Brinkley Chadburn Chaney Erik Clifton Billy Cloud Ashley Crawford Chad Dowden Vicki Foster Larry Gosnell Walter Hicks Laurie Hilton Lavon Isgitt Dawn Jeane Shannon Jeane Quanah Kay Kristy Kemp Christina Mapu Angelique Martin Gary Massie Richard Moore Joel Owen Dustin Robison Brenda Self John Sellers Kristi Stansbury Kelley Toney Shanna Trapp aa ii W aff? ina gi, l A mar' - rra' " Rv 2 W' fa.-W fl ' ,. 1' 1 , , ' fl. 1' ,E 1 . ,, wqgf If Vi?" A, fi ,W ' - iff ' Aj Nr an 4 if rv'-"Q K xwjp f , L. l Q 1 f,-I'-V?-.. s... ,M GRADE FIVE Mrs. Willis Brenda Blackwell Elliott Boggs Johnny Brister Nathan Brown Wendy Brown James Buchanan Chet Carpenter Stacie Conner Lindsey Erwin Christina Etue Tommy Fite James Gregory John Harris Shawn Hearn Chase Huseby Pam Jackson Tracie Jackson Wanda Jeane Brenda Knotts Daniel Martinez David McGlothlin Kala McRae Glen Richardson Brien Rooker Karen Rascoe Wanda Rascoe Michael Smith Shawna Smith Dianne Walker Tom Pago GRADE FOUR Mrs. Calhoun Douglas Borders April Brown Daniel Carpenter Jessica Chapman Scott Erwin Michael Gahagan Wesley Graham John Grantham Charlotte Hammond Cordelia Harris Taunya Holton Bryan Jackson Darnell Kelsay Chad Martin Sandy May Jack Noble Ryan Opio Jacob Owen Misty Parker Steven Perkins Mary Pridgen Patrick Richardson Waine Ross John Shuff Michelle Simonelli Scott Spillane Tamela Strickland Casey Stokes Quana Welch Rusty Williams Shelton Bayles , Q f 1 O4 X Q MW is 8, ,.. 2 vv- Q A f Egg 7 Q- Q - s i -C he , ' T ' idikisf f rgg- 'Sli-if H , J ' 5 'Ml -" 212+ Y in x as - M if E257 ff- "K ' , iwii E 345- ' s film! 5 5 K Er Ii , sfo S 'lin kwin R J. ,, J. Pixie? Se- o 3 J 'VM' - J 5 D Q ' I I Y ,,,,,,,-,- g: I "li gssfki ks--m?'Hi5l2:f5FE Lf-k lf lfgQ55Q':Q2 . . . . R ' 0 U v 36 A I ,S ui w ,:1 - ...i 'LL f WE? 1-i ii' -J ' mis '-V SETS.f"': . f, Q . -. J ""' my M K N, ' ' and X X slum xg HHN s A si ,, . X, my v nl X Q sf? sdVtWi s N i ,J Q is 'F it gs .4 NX fl 3 . sl X ,- 'EP .xv is N sg, X wiki X gil W 1 geio g . '- Q so U 1 L ,wx - lk ' 'T gi ' Q B W' f J C . Q V,..'-, 3 D . Q lie -' KQV 5 , , -gk NN Q New C kia ws awk 'Q 'S g A ,., J, . , is J ' 5 mm., J ,,:. 4. J, 1 sa Q H 1 S 1 i K X 5 Q sr N 5 M? X X N V C i 1- + Q X il t f S ii if 5 Q, 1 Q bi 31+ his 3' k l J x X K A r 3 v"F71'7Q?f?' .. , V' ' N, 27' ' 7 A , 3 3 , QY'- Sl I ,X , , A vi ' 'W . ,I--X720 V M2 ' all-A. I 5, X lf . .. ls fl my , . X is 1, x 'X J GRADE FOUR Mrs. Piro Luke Allain Becky Bray Danny Brister Randy Brister Darian Chaney Samuel Cooley Darlene Dowden Wanda Doyle Chris Evans Patrick Fitzwater John Flail Marty Gilcrease Carl Hancock Bruce Hennigan Malcolm Holcomb Lisa Hunter Paul Jernigan Shannon Laughlin Adam McKee Jason Martin Craig Mayo Tina Mickel Jody Murray Quinda Myers Greg Parker Tami Parker Beverly Perkins Jessica Pridgen Paul Reibold Tami Smith, GRADE THREE Mrs. Chance Tiffany Anderson Cameron Autrey Paula Dixon Jeannie Doyle Allan Eubanks Janell Farmer Andrea Haymon Robert Haymon Daniel Hillman Chad Hughes Tonya Johnston Paul Jordon Linda Knotts Patrick Lee Rachel Leonard Ricky Martin Mark Martinez Kristi Paddy Kendall Remsing Daniel Richardson Kimberly Riebold Paul Rogers Timothy Ruff Richard Self Billy Wade Lenora Wedgeworth Alvin Welch Angela Williams Ryan Addison LaNae Belsha Laura Belsha I Tony Carpenter Jonathan Castie Laura Cooley Gregory Corley Mary Dailey Susan Elliott Patricia Fite Trudy Harmon Adam Harvey James Hayes Ronnie Heaton Vanessa Heldsta GRADE THREE Mrs. Orange b Gabriel Hernandez Andy Jackson Leslie Jackson Jason Kay Chris Kuhlmeyer Patrick Martin Charles Martinez Christie Parker Phillip Ronaghan Nettie Tubbs Jeffrey Walker Anthony Welch GRADE TWO Mrs. Stokes Jamie Armbruster John Baldwin Darla Borders Jan Borders Steven Boudoin Chris Foster Michael Galliano Natosha Jackson Ann Jackson Darlene Knotts Syde Landry Andy Lee Toby Locke Amy Martin Lawasa Martin Todd Martin Jeffrey Martinez Donny Brinkley Jeremy McGothlin Jamie Morrison Wendy Morrison Erika Parks James Peavy Edgar Pruitt Shannon Raines Lisa Richardson Elizabeth Smith Kevin Steiner Kelly Tubbs Sarah Willis if l .. -QS l f , V' if ' x . Y .',' - ' - -, .. K i'.. if . 3 rrrri J L . K 1 X , I rf- rffasrv' . i " if . A Q K X. , , - . si ' r,ti Q 'Mgr . i ,fi it ,trrrh A .J . ii ' wi V' 3 X1 5 I -I-ff! V1 E .gr , ,- wr . s 1 - 1 K o',- :sail 1-ff 'i-- it ' tg , 14 f .22 2 X 1. .r Er S if i ' f if L2-:.'xsi,2S:f'33ro 1. - " ' 5 '--'f A 'ff N Xt- D X .- X J at . mv - - L ' X 3. HQ 51 . , '- + ' .--. f ' - ' ., ..,..,,.. -stats 'f-- :2f4i?15Es1sL2-iff' ii,, Ki tir .5 fm-ISJWW I X' N v 3 A E A,,,,.,.,,,Q-Y-J 91 il ,Mir ,V K : 'it K .... ,Eli K f p ., :kh . E5 2 N-'Quatre A 1 li' s J if :,::5FV . ' ' xxx M, . X 5 .' f 5 2 f' all E E S s fs if is V W ,, ,. f ff nn-f J , i . ,f ,A,, ' , ,131 ' W iwffl an 4 L in W ir ,- ,QL at 3 r 1 Matt Allain Jade Brooks Angela Burlison Jason Burns K r 1' , K1 356 Z , , xv K 1 fn A I ' 4,1 mr V. J r f M I 3 A it -:-! i , Q ge me ,7 5' fr 1 Win- GRADE TWO Mrs. Elliott Jeremy Cryer Krystal Dougan Brandy Dyess Lori Evans Ashley Farris Renee Foley Erin Graham Angie Haymon Heather Haymon Lincoln Holton William Isgitt Rusty Jeane Toney Jett Randy Jinks Kenny Martin Randy Mattox Craig McGlothlin Donna McLaren Kelley Opio Misty Parker Devon Robison Roger Smart David Smith Trinidy Smith Gary Stomp Jennifer Tilley Todd Walker Shane Welch Julie Williams Dinah Willis GRADE ONE Mrs. Coburn Heather Ballard Brian Beavers Layne Bush Wayne Bush Tina Corley Robert Delp Sean Dowden Sonya Kelsay Patricia Knight Mildred Lankford Sharena Laurence Casey Martin Kimberly Maxwell Daniel Pridgen Randy Raines Jason Randolph Todd Robison Shannon Sargent Melissa Self Kimberly Wilson 'X W-I 1 H " iff: mf ',21 .'::, " Y' f' ' ffsiuix, KL ,WT : E' ,,: :Zyl fIf"f"fQ3,if. at 9 Y ' 2. JW , f 4, 1 f ff . 5 1 me J as ,f i Elan EQ? Jffxzj M g fm: , ',.. ?fLi7feE'1?1' ' If H - ieikil fdeff H5 A J ' sa ir gaf 3 , "' , ff' Qs'-as ., .3 , M 'Qi My 21, , , ::1"..,, 'f K . GRADE ONE Mrs. Martin Dan Cochran Linda Cooley Glen Etue Kelley Farmer Megan Farrell Cheryl Ferguson Tim Hamilton Jason Harmon Joe Johnston Jason Keele Faye Kelsay Brad Lipps Anthony Martin Shannon Mayo Toby McCullough Sonya Mumphrey Michelle Parker Ben Pruitt David Richardson Cayde Seaman Jody Sellers Jeff Smart Elizabeth Spillers Allen Viets GRADE ONE Mrs. Tilley Venus Alfred Jared Chapman Oscar Cloud Bobby Eubanks Jamie Evans Anthony Gibbs Ashley Jackson Jesse Jackson Melissa Jackson James Jeane Jason Jeane Jessica Lam Jennifer Leeper Kate Matthews William Martinez Brad Prichard David Self Heather Santos Nicola Welch Kenneth Williams , ...uv , f lvlll yi , t I lvvgv :A- A if ' PS N' me L S , J 9' it , H 5 A 1? A , ttt,tt J J , 4'2" 4 i J g " , 1 mf: ? J fa 1 'E 1 0 A V J at 4 Q, as A I A , ' al- 296 ggi' I W' VYQW 1 'fr' Y 8' .g 4 , 1 , 4 1 M f , Q lg , P 4 f f sf 4 L PY 0,1 .-nl... ' "" 1 Y, H e ' , as ' f, 'l 3 If ,. -wt , af 1' ., I A f i J J , fi iff 5 ,iffy 754' fav? sl' VV .mil ':: Inf! ,iq J W '- 1 ifwwll'-'.f' . , ,f - f 5 'fr e?fUf42?4ns'i-1 .zill i- raJa 1 fa, j fic A ffgrigff 5 5525 r l 5 ,yey J "' 7 V A , f 1 fy l a 2 Q A wi wma li Z Fx Qi f f 2 all f 5 .Z A Q 6 Q 5? WEST LOUISIANA FORESTRY FESTIVAL Junior King and Queen Contestant Brad Lipps - Ist Runner-Up Jodie Sellers - list Runner-Up KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Pauley Autumn Anderson Jessica Bayles Amanda Borders Brandy Borders Stephanie Boudoin Luke Brooks Lance Chaney Alicia Dixon Jimmy Dixon Jesse Fondren Casey Fontana Eric Frost Justin Heldstab Ryan Hunt Dana Isles Kendra Jeane Lance Jones Michael Leonard Joseph Martinez Sheri Mattox Rodney McGlothin Johnny Miller Amelia Perry Stacie Plummer Crystal Rawles Roy Reibolt Wendell Seaman Avis Welch Teresa Wilder Brandy Williams J ysir QQ," - ,r , ,, .3 1 3 'K ,LAI , ' J- , ,ft - 4 ,. Z "" Ti 'i i 4 ,.., H- -w ' ' ' "" J 5 i ' -gffsifg? -5 K , 5155 152, 1' iff' 43 if I Q ' ' " " V K' V J3m,f.f r L, awww-40 5 if I as M :ff Q 0 Q Alf gym-1 5. , ie, at aa I . qi 4814 ilk' KINDERGARTEN Ms. Brown Melissa Brown Joe Bullard Jason Chandler Fredda Cooley Janet Evans Mindy Farris Levi Garrett Marlon Gilcrease Lee Allen Gordon Brenda Harris Jonathon Hilton Kristie Hilton Ricky Kuhlmeyer Rachelle Laurence Jack Matthews Tracey McDonald Becky Mills Greg Orange John Peavy Tommy Pridgen Paula Ronaghan Sarah Self Christy Williams Roger Williams Angela Wise O37 my Q1 . Os W QJWX Q I? Q7' fy if 3 N3 1' lf Q WWW M 3 fb 2904? wg f Q 925514 P4 3 Mlwffiijffdfw 5 M23 55 FAERIE S COUN TR Y SHEARS y 1 1 LA 71403 SMITH 62 FORD 238 0357 M C d hd 11LA71 Cl 239 2244 SCALP EM INDIANS JF Mm 4 SW Q5 4 M .3493 . R Q 0 S I O 3 Compliments of: H . 1 W A Ph 1 - Op w d.-s r. 8-4 Attorneys at Law L ' I 300 h tH - y 1 Vg 5 . Y - L 496 E P' 'g 'thp h f E . g . Ph 2 - Q AIDWIEIDWFIISIINE 5 1 -3: P mitft . ewefers Angela Gibson Robert Gibson Creative Designers Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, LA 71446 C3185 238-1765 MAX L TT E LOTT OIL CO. - MOBIL PRODUCTS U G HARM 300 Concord State Farm Ins. . 301 N. 5 h S . Leesville, LA 71496 Leesville, L2 71t496 C3185 239-4509 CA TFISH JUNCTION G- C- MURPHY C0- 500 N. 6th St. 101 S. 3rd St. Leesville, LA 71496 BOX 336 1 Leesville, LA 71496 4 . SAMIERUTD1 KAROLYNES . 1400 S. 5th gt. Contemporary Women s Fashion RO. BOX 340 300 S. 6th St. Leesvilie LA 71496 Lessvilles LA 71496 , C3185 238-9582 Q Compliments of: STANLEY C. MASKAS, D.D.S. ' 509 Bon Ami St. 1 DeRidder, LA 70634 E 463-3272 US RECRUITING STATION Leesville LA 71496 Home Phone C3185 537 3389 Office Phone-C3185 238-1180 rx .dai 7 1. : f I' . ' - wi Y fy GEGRGE D BRANDGN D V M Brandon Vetermary CIIHIC 300 North Verone Leesvllle LA 71496 C3185 239 0226 X UN -lf xr? O 1 I O 5 aff .I 3 'F 'I 9 Xq,,'l1'x !-f7 Ixqvgxb: 'v- fi , it A ,g --.24 f A-'n'gl" ,kv-'g X -L ' MW ' 4 3 FORD STEWART MEN'S WEAR Tuxedo Rentals Boy 8: Girl Scouts Distribution 3rd Street, Heart O'Leesville 239-3341 Compliments of DULUXE CLEANERS :fc CB 1101 South 5th St Leesville LA 71496 STAR TRACK ELECTRONICS TV VC R H1 F1 Sales 8a Serv Hwy 171 South Leesville LA 71496 C3181 238 0271 THE SHOE RA CK Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville LA 71496 Shoes for the Family 239 7114 DMM. lg! K VVP FM P O Drawer K Leesvzlle LA 71496 ANACOCO MER CAN TILE Hwy 111 m town Anacoco LA 71403 238 0611 GROCERIES HARDWARE WASHATERIA MOBIL PRODUCTS Owned by Mervm C Averitt L UIS SAN TOS Billy s Barber Shop Berrytown Shopping Center 238 9609 STERLING UTILITY CONSTRUCTION INC PO Box 1878 Leesville LA 71496 SNOWDEN WORD INSURANCE AGENCY INC Frank A Word Dewey E Snowden 333 North 6th St Leesville LA 71496 0029 BEN FRANKLIN Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville LA 71496 , - , 9 fl '39, I 1 1 ' agen 3 I nl N xx Q , - , TOLEDO BEND TROPHIES COUN TR Y STORES 238 0821 Store ifl Alex Hwy 8: Kurthwood .lv Store 42 W Texas at Farrgrounds Boulevard Store 43 Hwy 10 Sandy H111 Screenprrntmg Trophles SP0ftSWe21f Plaques Locally owned 8: operated by Eflgfiwlflg Desksets 6 WRIGHTS Lnisvlui LA STA NLEY STORES INC P O Box 567 Bay Clty Texas 77414 Local Store Berrytown Shoppmg Center Manager Del Shores "Im - - 1 ' I . Open 24 hours ' th , O Topso1l Dozer Work Backhoe Work XXXX34gR Sig! KX S ig Xt X X sw A XX, 356 33123 XXX -X of YQ X X sz' XXX X? W R. MORRISO WX XXX Rt 1 Box 184 Anacoco, LA 71403 Septlc Tanks Phone 239 4053 S XX: Q F111 Dlft Fleld L1nes Plumblng ag Kgs tmiisq X wiv NXXWX Fx L A X2 Ni V Vg Q X W E LXXXQSENX is 5 is A 1 gggxliqssx sf X XXX 31 wg sz lX' . X X Ya? XX I X1 3 X is WW, S-sw my Sv Nga S S as PM XX ,M X X X XXX XXWA XX X XXX, 53 sglw-XM XXUXQ as XM ,-1 1352 wi, XX X Y -XXX?-ees XX-XXX X is Xe - L X X gmskgg S sy s es swiss X XX A so We 3 . X X 1 do 2,55-iii sp? S 5, ssigwix Es' is X XXX 33353 es Q, me f 4 X5 X gk X' 'D 1 5 L ii' Xivgs XX, KX? 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Box 267 Anacoco, LA 71403 Hwy. 171 North 238-1863 Open 5:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 7 days per week GAS - GROCERIES - FEED FOUNTAIN DRINKS - DIP ICE CREAM MAGAZINES, RINSE-N-VAC MACHINES PEARSON DR UGS Berrytown Shoppmg Center Leesvrlle LA 71496 239 4521 Dw1ghtBrumf1eld Pharmaclst THE STYLE CENTER Ladles Ready to Wear Berrytown Shoppmg Center Leesv1lle LA 71496 239 3945 SARTOR MOTOR CO INC Hlghway 171 South Leesvllle LA 71496 238 1394 H B Sartor Presldent Comphments of MORRIS TIRE SER VICE 239 4348 VERNON PARISH SHERIFF S PATS OFFICE P O Box 649 Steak and Ital1an Restaurant Leesvllle LA 71496 Hwy 171 South 2381311 Leesvrlle LA 71496 T E PORTER S WESTERN STORE 318 f239 7605 P o Box 248 Leesvllle LA 71496 CHARLES WILLIAMS Dozer SCTVICC Rt 1 Box 456 Anacoco LA 71403 Phone 239 6353 Dozer Work Housesltes Motor Grader Work Oxydatlfm Ponds Wlnch Tractor O11 Fleld WOI'k Scrappers ., . , , - . T . ' ' 1 , , 9 I In ' 5 , ' 9 H 9 o 7 1 . - 135 M CRAE Insurance Agency, Inc Leesvllle LA 71496 IMPERIAL HARDWARE 103 S 3rd St Leesvrlle LA 71496 LEES VILLE A U TO PAR TS 213 North Th1rd 239 4559 PHOENIX DR UG 101 North 3rd St Leesvllle LA 71496 239 3421 LEES VILLE .IE WELERS 111 S 3rd St Leesvllle LA 71496 C3185 239 2704 FARM EQUIPMENT CO INC N 3rd St Leesvllle LA 71496 239 3121 LEESVILLE CONCRETE COMPANY P O Box 1530 Plant on Termmal Road Berme Cyr Manager EDS MANUFACTURED HOUSING Hwy 171 South Leesvllle LA 71496 Hwy 171 North DeR1dder LA 70634 A UTO CLINIC 1010 West Texas Leesvrlle LA 71496 Leesville,-LA 71496 Leesavmea LA 71496 269 Alex. Hwy. Leesville Louisiana 71496 C3181 238-0287 NOR THSIDE BODY SHOP WILD BILL S MARINA Rt 2 Box 179 Anacoco LA 71403 B111 8a Alma Hyatt C3181 239 6304 Complrments of Roy B Tuck Jr DISITICI Judge 30th Judlclal DISTTICI D1v A Leesvllle LA 71496 S CQ M Food Servrce Inc Rt 2 Box 10 Hwy 171 S Leesvllle LA 71496 537 3588 LEWINGS GROCERY Florren LA 71429 C3181586 7319 AND APPLIANCES Purlna Feed Florlen LA 71429 BEA UREGARD FUNERAL HOMES 601 South Fourth St Leesvllle LA 71496 238 1358 EUGENE W CA VANAUGH Assessor Vernon Parlsh LA PO Box 1535 Leesvllle LA 71496 239 2167 SHAWSON GAS Kc MOTOR CO INC Propane Gas and Apphances PO Box 1529 LCCSV1116 Lou1s1ana 71496 239 2719 C 8: S POOLS N THINGS One pl6CC flberglass and V1ny1 Inground Pools Sales Servrce Chemlcals ACCCSSOTICS Spas Above Ground Pools C3181256 3131 1040 San Antonlo Many LA 71449 C3181 462 5874 107 E 1st St DeR1dder LA C3181 239 0099 104 S Flfth St 1711N Leesvrlle LA 71496 , BILLS ALL GENERAL AND T-V. i . -.7 T' OLD ANACOCO BAPTIST CH UR CH We at Old Anacoco Bapt1st Church cons1der lt a prlvllege to cooperate w1th Anacoco Hlgh School rn servmg our commun1t1es Please accept th1s as an 1nv1tat1on to worsh1p w1th us and an offer to m1n1ster to your needs Rev Homer Fondren Pastor Schedule of Servlces Sunday Early Worshlp 9 00 a m Sunday School 10 OO a m Church Tralnmg 6 OO p m Evemng Worshlp 7 00 p m Cholr PPHCIICC 8 00 p m Wednesday RA G A S WMU Baptlst Young Women Baptlst Men Prayer and Brble Study 7 OO p m Regular Worship 11200 aim: NAPA Auto Parts Serwce Inc 1505 S 5th 239 3491 RED ff: WHITE GROCERY 903 N 5th Leesvrlle LA 71496 239 2032 JONES AUTO PARTS K: EXXON Hwy 171 Hornbeck LA Phone 13181 565 4475 THE GUN SHOP Guns of All types and Brands Repalred Blued Bought Sold Trade 565 4480 ANACOCO GARAGE Anacoco LA 71403 Owner John Frost 239 2060 FAERIE S COUN TR Y SHEARS Rt 1 Box 452 Anacoco LA 71403 238 0357 PA YLESS AUTO PARTS Hwy 171 S 238 9496 FONTENOT CHEVROLET Hw 171 S Leesvllle LA 71496 239 1394 NICHOLS DISCOUNT Lee Hllls Shoppmg Center Leesvllle LA Radiator Reapir - Welding u y. . I 139 Commercial TEDDIE DOWDENS Quahty Homes, Inc Hwy 1211 New Llano LA 71461 Bonded Contractor 239 2738 Tedd1e R Dowden President Liz Curry Sales Representative Mona Lisa Subd1v1s1on BOOGIE BROTHERS RECORDS AND TAPES 1-fix 1408 Hwy 171 South Across From Pitt Grill Leesville LA 71403 239 7985 1079 Discount if Yearbook Residential I ' ' 7 - ,..'if.1g,7T' -' 'f-'xr'-ai..-.-. .. xi 4 3 ! 1' E x YL . 9 is Brought By FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ANACOCO Regular Worsh1p ll 00 a m Evenrng Worshrp 6 00 p m Sunday School 10 00 a m Cholr Practlce 5 O0 p m B YR D MEMORIAL H SPI TAL Q Fi .iw QuahiykKPaf1ent Care General Surgery Laboratory j Radxol gy Labor f Delivery Resp1ratory Therapy gig la i020 Port Arthur Blvd Y Xe CSQQQ, 13183 239 9041 Emergency Room .Physlcal Ilherrapy General Mechcme ICU j CCU Volunteers f Candystrlpers Nuclear Med1c1ne AMI I 1, , ' , x J , ' 1 ., ,Www , I - 1 .... . 1.55 .. K , ' -KI K . ' K' 'I K . ,K , K i ri. K K . . s K, .. gg-Kz.:K K .. K . 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