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Anacoco High School Anacoco, LA Vol. XXIX CHIEFCongratulations to the yearbook staff and sponsors for such an outstanding yearbook and also congratulations to the entire student body and school community for helping make all these activities possible. We trust these are memories which you will always cherish and remember as being some of the best times of your life. Our prayer for you as you go through school and life is: May God bless and keep each of you. Sincerely, AThe events you have recorded in this yearbook are an indication of your pride in your school, your accomplishments, and in each other. Everyday events pictured here will become treasured moments as the years pass. I hope that you will look back on the past year as a milestone in your education ... a year in which you flourished emotionally and educationally. You have my best wishes for a challenging and rewarding future. C. Creighton Oweni, SUPERINTENDENT Vernon Parish Schools Byron E. Farris WARD II BOARD MEMBER 3ANNUAL STAFF The 1979 yearbook staff worked dili- gently to publish a noteworthy book. Record ad sales, our first sports calen- dar, and group picture sales permitted the staff to add extra features. We have added several pages to the 1979 yearbook, including 8 color pages. Many changes have been made and we feel you will enjoy them. I want to thank each staff member for working cooperatively, and would espe- cially like to thank Mr. Burns and Mrs. Fondren, our advisors, for their patience and guidance throughout the year. We have enjoyed this opportunity of service. awoe AsasmrEDfTOR. BJQN Q MANAGE5 CugO Afc Qoiku, QOPUOMOR£ da WWB Z DoutiPiMp, JUNtO SfV MEMBER,6Back to front row: ROCCO — Doug Patterson, ZACK — Dwight Laurence, TOD — Jeff McRae, PUDGY — Randy Jeane, COUNT — Bob Moltrum, KENYON — Randy Smith, CUSTIS — Royce Brown, BARNARD — Kenny Smart, BITSY — Jeannine Laughlin, ANNABELLE — Margaret Martin, GERT — Janie Phillips, MRS. WOODRUFF — Diane Mitchell, JEN NIFER — Yvette Coburn, LARAE — Diedra Farris, CHARITY — Pam Martin, GRETCHEN — Denise George, M. K. — Rhonda Martin, MARGE — Lori Stansbury, PERC — Kanalous Belsha, NARRATOR — Colette Coburn, ANDREA — Glo- ria Eldridge, OLGA — Darlene Davis, M. RENE — Pam Horton, Not shown: FLIPPY — Dana Lonadier. 7Biendcb xw£tt fCanabuS Bekka Randy Bennett CJiOA Bh kiueM RoyC Biown ieg Bu k Colette? Coburn Yuette Cobcuuv Dadene Daols Qkella Douden QfotUi BkUidge fyidi d Rifocktk 8Died fcwus ieg Fcwtfs D uteGwtgb Dcuuuj Gotdotty Pan l-fortoto fCeu v f-futct L featuly Je M, CltfStMMfrJOMS PJaxCy fCacf Jmmhwa LaugltlUv DwigldUtu ti  r tz • • • . IDoH Lmadie UotAQOAeb faudto Pat fiMvdfc Pliottdfr UivitUi JettMc M JUn UutclitMb Dtom UttcheM Bob UoQbtut Doug PattmoK JOMiePMpS Patn PQuttUnto Janes Ross 12fCetuuj Cm ctA Qtwtiv Randy QmuiU UHlCtoM buAy fCetuiy ObdcMond Le Qfo Cotnecuif Diane Mitchell attended NSU, Fort Polk campus, where she received excellent grades. (no photo) Kelvin Curtis Sukie Gordon Ljuzttz do(juxn (l4 kst jCouiiLana ozzitry EitCvaP 2nd cJ annsx- LLfi 14dotztte do uxn T44ii -HouLiLana zitLua! Quzzn 1517Shelly Averitt Darla Bolton Cheryl Burns David Cook Karen Cuiry Sonny Davis Gary Dowden Leslie Dowden Steven Dowden Donald Gordon Carolyn Hilton Lois Jeane Sandra Jeane Chardel Josey Chris Josey Paul Keele 18Elizabeth McKee Peggy Meeks Sheila Miers Amy Morphew Dianne Nash Sammy O'Dell David Phillips James Prewitt Kay oka Prewitt Sherry Roberts Phillip Simmons Pam Smart Lynn Smith Jerry Summitt Lisa Turner Ben West 19JUNIOR OFFICERS Meeks IDENT Lisa Turner VICE PRESIDENT Shelly Aventi SECRETARY TREASURER VARIETY FAVORITES Leslie Dowden Lisa Turner MOST ATHLETIC Steve Dowden Chardel Josey WITTIEST Craig Kell Sheila Miers (not shown) FRIENDLIEST Donald Gordon Sandra Jeane BEST ALL AROUND 2021Bobby Benson Reba Beverly Rita Bolton Mike Borders Doug Brooks Wanda Buchanan Wayne Caudle Brenda Dowden Pam Dowden Bonnie Eldridge Danny Fletcher Suzanne Gaskin Paul Goins Kenny Gregg Patrick Hilton DeVayne Hollis David Horton Ray Horton Donna Hunter Quin Hunter David Jackson Kelvin Jeane Paula Johnson Michael Josey 22Michael Kell Donna Kelly Luther Kerby Jeff Krebsbach Wesley Lack Jeff Laughlin Marcus Leonard Gaitha Love Darlene Mclnnis Barbara Mills Sissy Morphew Kelli Moss Gary O’Dell Janet Paige David Phillips Kim Pollock Suzanne Richardson Frank Thomas Denise Thompson Pam Tilley Calvin Turner Wanda Walker Nora Watkins Lela Watts (no photo) Alfred Lapointe Della Caron Mary Bailey Teresa Roberts 23SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Pam Tilley PRESIDENT Calvin Turner VICE PRESIDENT Gaitha Love SECRETARY- TREASURER VARIETY FAVORITES Bobby Benson Donna Kelly WITTIEST Wanda Walker David Phillips MOST ATHLETIC David Phillips Gaitha Love BEST ALL AROUND Gaitha Love DeVayne Hollis FRIENDLIEST 24 Beth Blakeway Lisa Briggs Marcella Caron Lynn Chabot Donna Chelf Jackie Chelf Frank Cook Anthony Corley Patsy Cuiry Mark Davis Lynn Dowden Carla Erickson John Farmer Jeffrey Farris Doug Goins Robert Guy Pamela Hagerty David Haymon Throy Hollis Frank Hyatt Debbie Jett Jerry Josey Sara Kerby Todd Krebsbach 26Ricky Langton Nonie Lasswell Robert Laughlin Lannette Love Becky Martin James Matney Gene Mayo Don Mclnnis Danna McRae Patrick Merchant Jerry Mitchell Wendy Morrison David Plummer Kevin Prewitt Sheila Ross Alida Self Kate Shafer Kathy Sims Ronnie Slaughter Jana Smart Mark Sterling Steven Summitt Lee Sumney Belinda Terrell Bruce Tomlin Rene Vann Susan Vining John Watkins Rene Welch (no photo) Annie Bryant Donnie Mills Stephanie StokesVARIETY FAVORITES Doug Goins Connie Belsha MOST ATHLETIC Jeff Farris Patsy Cuiry WITTIEST Patrick Merchant Alida Self FRIENDLIEST Kevin Prewitt Lanette Love BEST ALL AROUND FRESHMAN OFFICERS Steven Summitt PRESIDENT Throy Hollis VICE PRESIDENT Beth Blakeway SECRETARY TREASURER 28Freida Owen Secretary’s Aide Elsie Chance Teacher’s Aide Betty Summit! — School Pianist and Piano Teacher A. Z. Corley Lillie Jackson BUS DRIVERS Elbert Miller Gail Jackson ASSISTANT HEAD Judy Dowden Katherine J( Peggy Josey Back row: Glen Martin, Harlis Cryer, Oscar Frisby, Alger Martin, Luther Marze. Front row: Harold Mitchell, Billy Williams, Lee Raymond Jackson, Alvin Strick- land, Webster Wilson. 29HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Gerald Gordon Science Joseph Piro Jr. Sponsor Social Studies — 4 H Sponsor 30Billy John Burns Librarian Freshman Sponsor Yearbook Sponsor Civics Don Stokes Guidance Counselor P.E. Joy Fondren Business Education FBLA Sponsor Yearbook Sponsor Mickey Goins P.E. Boys Coach Civics Iva Lois West Home Economics FHA Sponsor English Billy Culbreath Girls Coach Soph. Sponsor Linda Daniels Music Jr. Sponsor 31COMMEMORATION The Yearbook staff and the senior class dedi- cate the 1979 CHIEF to the loving memory we have of Greg Farris. Greg’s life touched every- one and his positive influence will always be with us . . . The Annual Staff, Faculty, and other School employees wish to dedicate this volume of the Chief to Mr. Billy John Burns in appreciation and recognition of the 25 years of service he has given in Anacoco High School as a teacher, coach, librarian, and sponsor of the annual staff.33BEAUTIES BEAUX 34 se T G «rv3 vr ' S, ,ort°T -■V xfivaa saunvaaSENIORS Alton Fisher Brenda Averitt JUNIORS Steve Dowden Peggy Meeks MOST POPULAR FRESHMEN Belinda Terrell Kevin Prewitt SOPHOMORES Pam Dowden Calvin TurnerA.H.S. VARIETY FAVORITES MOST ATHLETIC Pam Plummer Jim Merchant r. BEST ALL AROUND Sheila Dowden Mike Faircloth FRIENDLIEST Denise George DeVayne Hollis WITTIEST Steve Dowden Margaret Martin 37STUDENT SERVICE RECOGNITION Jim Merchant — SHOP Brenda Averin — LIBRARY Colene Coburn — BUSINESS Dianne Nash — OFFICE PRACTICE Amy Morphew — MUSIC Nonie Lasswell — HOME ECONOMICS Peggy Meeks — ENGLISH Throy Hollis SCIENCE 381978-79 Brenda Averitt — HEAD STUDENT LIBRARIAN — FOUR YEARS SERVICE Denise George — THREE YEARS Sheila Miers, Darla Bolton, Suzanne Gaskin and Cheryl Burns — ONE YEAR SERV Dianne Nash, Diane Mitchell and David Phillips — TWO YEARS SERVICE SERVICE ICE 39F.H.A. Left to right: Yvette Coburn — PRESIDENT Colette Coburn — VICE PRESIDENT Sheila Dowden — SECRETARY Pam Plummer — TREASURER Donna Kelly — PARLIAMENTARIAN Pam Dowden — SONG LEADER Pam Tilley — REPORTER 40I A 0 F F I C E R S Back row: Mike Faircoth — PRESIDENT, Jett McRae — REPORTER. Front row: Jim Merchant — VICE PRESIDENT, Jeannine Laughlin — SECRETARY, Pam Horton — TREASURER, Darlene Davis — PARLIAMENTARIAN, Charlie Smith — SERGEANT AT ARMS, (not shown). 41STUDENT COUNCIL Margaret Martin PRESIDENT Brenda Averitt VICE-PRESIDENT Calvin Turner SECRETARY TREASURER Diane Mitchell PARLIAMENTARIAN Don Stokes SPONSOR The purpose of the STU- DENT COUNCIL is to keep open lines of communication between students and admin- istration, to present to the administration suggestions and grievances of the student body, and promote the gen- eral welfare of the school. i j I II Left to right: Sheila Ross. Fresh., Darlene Bean, Fresh., Brenda Dowden, Soph., Donna Kelly, Soph., Shelly Averitt. Jr., Lisa Turner, Jr., Pam Plummer, Sr., Denise George, Sr. 42SENIOR 4-H Kneeling: Jim Merchant — PRESIDENT. Standing left to right: Yvette Coburn —VICE-PRESIDENT, Lisa Turner — SECRETARY, Colette Coburn — TREASURER, Jeff McRae — REPORTER. L E J A U D N E I R 0 S R H I P Front row: Colette Coburn, Calvin Turner, Yvette Coburn attended JR. LEADERSHIP and SHORT- COURSE. Back row: Ben West and Alton Fisher attended SHORTCOURSE. S H 0 R 4 T C H 0 U R S E 43LITERARY RALLY Jeff Krebsbach — CIVICS — 1st. Darla Bolton — AM HISTORY Becky Martin — TYPING I. Colette Coburn — STENOGRAPHY — 2nd. Denise George — GEOGRAPHY — 4th, Brenda Averitt — 3rd, Pam Tilley — SPELLING — 2nd, Pam Martin — CLERI — GOVERNMENT — Ut, CAL PRACTICE — 4th. Diane Mitchell — ENG IV — 3rd, (5th state) Peggy Meeks — ENG III, Suzanne Gaskin — ENG. II. Jana Smart — HOME EC. I — 2nd. Sheila Miers — HOME EC III, Pam Dowden — HOME EC II —4th Amy Morphew — CHEMISTRY — 2nd, Bruce Tomlin — GEN. SCIENCE — 2nd (1st state) Mike Borders — BIOLOGY, Pam Smart — GEOMETRY. Frank Thomas — ALGEBRA I.FBLA DISTRICT CONFERENCE WINNERS Yvette Coburn was selected as DISTRICT Peggy Meeks — Typing II, Excellent; Becky Martin — Typing I, Very Good; Pam Smart — IV MISS FBLA. Bus Math, Excellent; Donna Kelly, Steven Summit!, and Karen Cuiry — Current Events, Excellent; Pam Martin — Office Practice; Very Good; Brenda Aventi — Accounting I; Excel- lent. The Parliamentary Team composed of Lisa Turner, Colette Coburn, Jefl McRae, Margaret Martin, and Yvette Coburn, earned an excellent rating. Colette also earned an excellent rating in Steno I and Jeff earned an excellent reatmg in Mr FBLA. Pam Tilley and Darlene Mclnms earned a superior rat mg in the poster contest. Pam also earned an excellent in Spelling. Diane earned a superior in Data Processing and Speech. 45F.B.L.A OFFICERS Colette Coburn — PRES. Yvette Coburn — V. PRES. Margaret Martin — SEC. Jeff McRae — REPORTER SCRAPBOOK COMMITTEE Brenda Averitt Lisa Turner FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE Diane Mitchell Peggy Meeks Pam Tilley FBLA CLUB 46INDIAN TALK STAFF Cheryl Burns and Dianne Nash Karen Cuiry, Lela Watts, and Elizabeth McKee Peggy Meeks and Lisa Turner Pam Martin and Pam Tilley 47A.H.S. RODEO QUEEN Shanna Jones Sherry Massey Barbara Mills Contestant Contestant Contestant 48A.H.S. HOMECOMING Julie Blackwell — Freshman Maid; Pam Tilley — Sophomore Maid; Lisa Turner — Junior Maid; Pam Plummer — Queen; Sheila Miers — Junior Maid; Sissy Morphew — Sophomore Maid; Lisa Briggs — Freshman Maid. Not shown; Sheila Dowden — Senior Maid. HOMECOMING DANCE The 1979 Queen, Pam Plummer, was crowned by the reigning queen, Angela Meeks. George Elliot and Carla Haymon participated in the ceremonies by carry- ing the crown and bouquet. The second annual Homecoming was held on December 9th in the school gym. The student body and graduates enjoyed the program which featured a varsity basketball game with Proven- cal. The homecoming court and the queen were presented at half-time. 49A.H.S. SWEETHEART PAGEANT USA TURNER 2nd Runner Up YVETTE COBURN 1st Runner Up PAM TILLEY QUEEN MARGARET MARTIN 3rd Runner Up PAM SMART Miss Congeniality The fifth annual Sweetheart Pageant was held February 15, 1979 in the Anacoco School. Pam Tilley was crowned QUEEN by Colette Coburn, last year’s queen. Yvette Coburn was chosen first runner-up, Lisa Turner was chosen second runner-up, and Margaret Martin was chosen third runner- up. Pam Smart was selected Miss Congen- iality by the contestants. 50Left to right: MELVA MONGOLIPS — Mark Sterling, GERTRUDE GILDERSLEVE — Jeff McRae, CHARMING CHERIE CHASTITY — Alton Fisher, FANNY FARRIS — Jeffrey Farris, FOXY FRAULINE FERGUSON — Bobby Benson, GLADYS BOBOOB — Alfred Lapointe, DATSUN QUEEN — David Cook. 51JUNIOR SENIOR PROM J U N 0 R P R I N C E S S Cheryl Burns and Phillip Simmons were chosen Princess and Prince by the Senior Class. 52s E N 0 R Q U E E N JUNIOR SENIOR PROM S E N I 0 R K I N G Denise George and Dwight Laurence were chosen Queen and King by the Junior Class. The music was furnished by the Outlaws 53FUNKY FAVORITES TOP SONGS 1. Three Times A Lady 2. Grease 3. Boogie Oogie Oogie 4. Sometimes When We Touch 5. Shadow Dancing 6. Night Fever 7. Dreams 8. Last Dance 9. Colour My World 10. You Light Up My Life FAVORITE GROUPS 1. Bee Gee’s 2. Andy Gibb 3. Fleetwood Mac 4. Commodores 5. Steve Miller Band 6. Electric Light Orchestra 7. Heart 8. Olivia Newton-John 9. Foreigner 10. Linda Ronstadt 1. Bun Reynolds 2. John Travolta 3 Henry Winkler 4. Olivia Newton-John 5. Farrah Fawcett 6. Roben Redford 7. Chevy Chase 8. Sally Fields 9. Warren Beatty 10. Richard Dreyfuss 5455ATHLETIC AWARDS BANQUET LIONS CLUB AWARD. Left to right: Jim Merchant — OUTSTANDING BOY BASKETBALL PLAYER. Mark Klein — Lions Club Representative, Pam Plummer — OUTSTANDING GIRL BASKETBALL PLAYER BASEBALL AWARDS: Ben West — BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER. Calvin Turner — BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER. BASKETBALL AWARDS: Royce Brown — BEST OFFENSIVE AND FREE THROW AWARD, Mike Faircloth — BEST DEFENSE, David Phillips — BEST REBOUNDER AND MOST OUTSTANDING TRACK MAN, Kenny Strickland — PRACTICE AWARD. 56ATHLETIC AWARDS BANQUET Sheila Dowden — Three Years Pam Plummer — One Year Colette Coburn — Two Years All District 10 B Awards Royce Brown — One Year Jim Merchant — One Year David Phillips — One Year BASKETBALL AWARDS: Sheila Dowden — BEST OFFENSIVE AND FREE THROW AWARD. SOFTBALL: BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER. Wanda Walker — BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER — BAS KETBALL. Colette Coburn — BEST REBOUNDER. BASKETBALL Yvette Coburn — PRACTICE AWARD BASKETBALL. Pam Plummer — LIONS CLUB AWARD Not shown: Lisa Turner — BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER — SOFTBALL. CHEERLEADER AWARDS: Pam Tilley Janet Paige Jeannme Laughlm Janie Phillips Gaitha Love Denise Thompson 57A.H.S. INDIAN SQUAWS Front row Beth Blakeway. Connie Belsha. Brenda Dowden, Middle row: Pam Plummer, Sheila Dowden, Pam Smart, Barbie Mills, Pam Dowden, Jeanmne laughlm — Manager. Back row: Coach Culbreath, Colette Coburn, Wanda Walker, Margaret Martin, Lisa Turner, Donna Kelly, Yvette Coburn, Pam Marlin — Manager. 34 43 64 23 47 36 61 26 50 46 DISTRICT GAMES A.H.S. Rosepine Pitkin E. Beauregard Pickering Rosepine Pitkin E. Beauregard Pickering 58A.H.S. INDIAN BRAVES Front row: Calvin Turner, Lynn Dowden, Steven Summitt, John Farmer, Jeff Laughlm. Middle row: Mike Faircloth, Jeff McRae, Gary Dow den. Kenny Strickland. Doug Goins, Pam Martin — Manaaer. Back row: Coach Goins, Leslie Dowden. David Phillips, Royce Brown, Jeff Krebsbach, Jim Merchant, Kevin Prewitt, Reba Beverly — Manager. ?§ DISTRICT GAMES A.H.S. Roseptne kl jk E. Beauregard Pickering isp' : • Pifkfff E E: Beauregard Pickering 62 70 REGIONAL kVC«c PLAY 596061Back row: Sheila Dowden, Pam Plummer, Lisa Turner, Barbie Mills, Alida Self, Kathy Sims. Middle row: Brenda Averitt, Nome Lasswell, Carla Erickson, Lannette Love, Reba Beverly, Lisa Briggs, Beth Blakeway. Front row: Coach Culbreath, Pam Tilley — Statistician. Back row: Dwight Laurence, Jerry Summitt, David Horton, Jerry Mitchell, Coach Goins. Middle row: David Haymon, Don me Mills, Kim Pollock, Gary Dowden, Doug Brooks. Front row: Jeff Farris, Ben West, Calvin Turner, Steve Dowden, Sonny Davis. s B S 63This year AHS has the best cheerleaders ever! They received 2 excellent, 2 superior, and 1 outstanding at summer camp, and were also chosen Superstar Squad . They also received the Sportsmanship Award for the best sportsman like attitude in the parish. They get very tired, hoarse, and sore, but they enjoy every minute. 64The Pep Squad, sponsored by Mrs. Linda Daniels, was an inspiration to the home teams and fans alike. Each mem- ber demonstrated loyalty and good sportsmanship during the games. 63A.H.S. TRACK TEAM Mr. Laughlm Leslie Dowden Dwight Laurence Kenny Strickland Sonny Davis Leslie Comeaux Coach Goins REGIONALS Leslie Dowden — 880 relay, 440 yd. dash, mile relay. Dwight Laurence — shot put. Kenny Strickland — 440, 880, mile relays. Leslie Comeaux — 440 880 relays. Jeff Krebsbach Donnie Mills Lynn Dowden Bobby Benson David Phillips Kevin Prewitt Doug Goins REGIONALS Lynn Dowden — 440 relay low hurdle. Bobby Benson — high hurdles. David Phillips — 440, 880 mile relays, 100 yd. dash. Doug Goins — mile relay 440 yd. dash. James Matney Calvin Turner Kelvin Jeane Jeff Laughlin Wesley Lack John Farmer Luther Kerby Jerry Mitchell (MANAGER) 6667E L E M E N T A R Y Charles Arrambide Larry Gaskin Notha Creighton Grade 7-8 Science Grade 7-8 Grade 7-8 English Mathematics 4 H Sponsor F A C U L T Y L. C. Williams Grade 7 8 Social Studies Gatha Merchant Grade 6 Billy Merchant Grade 6 Clarine Martin Grade 5 Judith Willis Grade 5 4 H Sponsor Myra Calhoun Grade 4 68Barbara Piro Ruby Greening Shirley Orange Adonna Elliott Grade 4 Grade 3 Grade 3 Grade 2 Dianne Stokes Glenda Coburn Karen Roberts Linda Brown Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 Kindergarten Gloria Worsham Judith Rockwood Mary Eady Janice Watts Kindergarten Speech Therapist Reading Lab Learning Center 69EIGHTH GRADE Mr. Arrambide Gene Clark Michelle Contant James Edmisslon Connie Ellis Sheila Jinks Kenneth Kelly Melinda Koonce Dana Mitchell Don Moltrum Sandy Morrison Linda Pamplin Laurie Phillips Douglas Plummer Bryan Sellers Joseph Tomlin Joey Williams Greg Bianchi Stacey Billings Lisa Blakeway Sherrie Bush Mike Calhoun 70EIGHTH GRADE Mr. Gaskin Rene Caudle James Cox Dale Curtis Tony Eldridge Robert Josey Cynthia Laughlin Jerry Lewis Tammy Lucas Annette Mayo Keith Miers James Mills Jim Moreland Paul Roberts Teresa Ross Ben Shafer Angela Shores Janell Sills Robert Sills Liza Simmons Virginia Slaughter 71GIRLS JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front row: Lisa Goins, Renee Mclnnis, Sandy Morrison, Sherri Dowden, Angie Shores, Sandy Blakeway, Lori Marlin. Back row: Coach Cub breath, Lisa Blakeway, Connie Ellis, Dana Mitchell, Sheila Jinks, Liza Simmons, Michelle Contant, Coach Arrambide. 72BOYS JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom row: Pat Dowden, Ed Reese, Joey Harris, Tommy Tilley, Scotty Goins, Donnie Martin. Middle row: Keith Kelly, Dickey Marze, Eric Beverly, Charles Dowden, John Jett, Pete Dowden, Eddie Taylor. Third row: Coach Arrambide, Keith Miers, J. B Tomlin, Ricky Reese, James Cox, Kenneth Kelly, James Edmission, Mike Calhoun. 73SEVENTH GRADE Mrs. Creighton Peter Cuiry Dot Dockery Tommy Dowden Melissa Eldridge Alan Evans Rita Faircloth Priscilla Frost Diane George Scotty Goins Kim Hamilton Trace Hollis Wade Jeane John Jett Betty Josey Keith Kelly Alicia Lack Alesia Mclnnis Ray Morrison Ginger Parks Tawania Pollock Ricky Reese Eddie Taylor Tommy Tilley Billy Weekley (no photo) Tracy Stanly 74SEVENTH GRADE Mr. Williams Marilyn Baker Eric Beverly Ruth Buchanan Charles Dowden Pete Dowden Dillard Fair Mark Faircloth Lisa Goins Eddie Grammar Joey Harris Alan Jeane Belinda Leach Johnathan Lewis Donny Martin Stanley Martin Jeffrey Marze Rene Mclnnis Brooke McRae Deana O’Dell Jay Roberts Jeffrey Ross Del Shores Jamie Sims Stacy Stanly Alan Sumney Regina Terrell Rodney Thaxton Lisa Welch 75SIXTH GRADE Mr. Merchant Sandy Blakeway Lowell Brown Donna Burns James Chelf Edwin Curtis Cheryl Dixon Curtis Dougherty Patrick Dowden Paula Gaskin Donna Griffin Bobby Hilton Sabrina Hilton Nathan Johnson Jennifer Kerby Kenny Koonce Lori Martin Dickey Marze Angela Myers Shannon O’Dell Rena Rashal Edwin Reese Sharon Smith Bryan Stephens Pamela Williamson Steven Addison Soma Allison Jeffery Bean 76SIXTH GRADE Mrs. Merchant Steven Billings Cheryl Brooks Darren Byrd Susan Caron Debbie Chabot Monette Chance Han Clark Walter Dixon Jon Dodson Sherri Dowden Martha Hanna Keith Harris Angela Horton Allen Johnson Michael LaCaze Lesa Lewis John Lucas Theresa McKee C. H. Scarinzi Grace Sellers Janice Sills Laura Sumney Timothy Taylor Chad Wilson (no photo) Brent Roberts 77SIXTH GRADE FAVORITES 78FIFTH GRADE Mrs. Marlin Alan Dowden Barbara Dowden Sarah Dowden Michael Doyle Tracy Doyle Carlton Faircloth Kari Greer Richard Haymon Daphne Jeane Darlene Johnson Rhonda Laughlin Deane Lenahan Alice Mclnnis Janell Mclnnis Rhonda Marze Michelle Mixon Monique Nash Tammy Plummer Brenda Pruitt Amy Roberts 80Kevin Beverly Shannon Billings Valarie Chance Johnny Cook Kaleta Cooley FIFTH GRADE Mrs. Willis Marla Dixon Karyn Dockery Debra Doyle Sheila Eubanks Penny Kelly Kevin Krebsbach Mary Liles Mary Lucas Kenneth McQueen Robbey Moore Steven Moss Joan Parks Robert Partridge Kelly Richardson Norma Ross Jon Sellers Allan Slaydon Shannon Sterling Milton Vining Pam Willis 81FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Calhoun Joseph Contant Shawnda Cooley Carmen Evans Cheryl Grosiak Jimmy Haymon Rhonda Hill Ernest Hilton Dewayne Liles Roger Martinez Dewayne Mattox John Mills Tammie Morrison Michael Ogletree Pamela Partridge Tracy Reese Michael Sellers Barbara Schrum Terry Warren Stacey Williams Patricia Williamson 82Nancy Adams Stephanie Allain Stephen Allain Elizabeth Bean Teresa Blackwell Jennifer Sills Carlton Smith Amy Wedgeworth FOURTH GRADE Mrs. Piro Meri Clark Debra Eady Kenneth Goins Wendy Hagye Richard Hale Gregory Haymon Shebia Isgitt Tammy Lenahan Renee Martin Angela Mclnnis Greta Miers Lisa Myers Charles Nash Mark Pamplin Wayne Partridge Charles Perkins 834th GRADE FAVORITES Lett to right Mark Pamplm. Greta Miers. Shawnda Cooley. Tracy Reese3rd GRADE FAVORITES Left to right: Raymond Haymon, Rhonda Addison, David Roberts, Kim Monk. 85THIRD GRADE Mrs. Orange Robert Dixon Richard Dougherty Christine Doyle Michael Faircloth Sean Farrell Peggy Grammar Oma Griffey Raymond Heaton Daryl Jeane Tommy Jinks Howard Laughlm Michael Laughlin Michele Lee Lynn Martin Ginger May Kim Monk KimOgletree David Roberts Jessica Sellers Jason Shields Brian Smith Kim Sterling Olivia Strickland Redrick Vann Alex Clark Gary Clark Bernice Vincent Chris Welch Patrick Welch (no photo) Linda Adams 86Rhonda Addison Wanda Corley Barbara Cozby THIRD GRADE Miss Greening Patricia Cronin Forrest Dean Charles Ellis Donna Evans Cindy Faircloth Tony Faircloth Joseph Hannum Raymond Haymon Joseph Hurst Joey Jeane Janet Jemello Sheila Johnson Pam Laughlin Johnny Martinez Milton McKee Michele Moltrum Rory Pollock Stephanie Rashal Angela Roberts Tina Roberts Paul Ross Pamela Schrum Ronnie Smith Sonja Taylor Gaylon Toney Tammy Vincent Dana Warren James Weekley 87SECOND GRADE Mrs. Elliott Alan Dougherty Deanna Doyle Priscilla Doyle Shawna Eubanks Tish Evans Barbara Gaskin Dina George Margaret Hale Shannon Hawley Carolyn Jackson Shaunda Jackson Paula Jeane Daniel Jinks Jeffery Knippers David Mattox Beth McQueen Joey Nash Paula Pruitt Alan Sills Pam Strickland Mike Sutton April Warner Jerry Warren Kimberly Watson Teresa Withers Rosemarie Allain Stacey Bolton Darlene Buckley Stevie Burns Cody Cooley James Corley Carla Dixon 88SECOND GRADE Mrs. Stokes Rhonda Bean Susan Belsha Elizabeth Brown Kerry Byrd Pamela Caron Dewayne Dixon Amy Dowden Donna Doyle Timothy Fletcher Vanessa Foldvik Larron Goins Carol Grosiak Scott Hamilton Robin Harris Chad Haymon Tamara Jackson Troy Johnson Melissa Lee Brenda Martinez Patricia Martinez Dana McKee Jason Morrison Richard Partridge Shaunda Sandell Chanda Smith Stacy Warner Benny Willis Tanya Wilson 89FAVORITES Top to bottom: SECOND GRADE — Jason Morrison and Tanya Wilson, FIRST GRADE — Angela Williams and John Hanna, KINDERGAR TEN — George Elliot and Crystal Moore. 90FAVORITES Top to bottom: SECOND GRADE — David Mattox and Dina George, FIRST GRADE — Melissa Fondren and Marvin Smith, KINDERGAR TEN — Michael Goins and Carla Haymon. 91FIRST GRADE Mrs Coburn Jude Allam Bruce Antonowicz Sandra Austin Gregory Blackwell Brady Dowden Timothy Faircloth Melissa Fondren Raymond Grosiak Robert Hammond Jennifer Haymon Stephen Hyatt Nancy Jeane Sherrie Jeane Tonya Jernigan Paul Jett Tonia Kelsey Charles Marze Shane Miller Vu Myers Amanda Perkins Troy Pollock Shelley Sandell Jeanme Self Marvin Smith Lynn Verzwyvelt Ronnie Vincent Buddy Watson Kenneth Wedgeworth 92FIRST GRADE Mrs. Roberts Stephanie Brown James Buchanan Harry Corley Sheila Eady Aimee Edgar Erica Fights Ivan Foldvik Thomas Gaskin Dawn Hale Katrina Hancock John Hanna Tessie Heaton Glenda Hill Jodi Jeffery Chad Koonce Cathy Liles Alison Martin Richard Martinez Chris Ogletree Joseph Owen David Phillips Mike Roberts Roseanna Slaydon Michael Smith Michelle Sutton Angelia Williams Stephanie Willis Gary Winfree 93 KINDERGARTEN Miss Brown Angela Dougherty Cindy Doyle Darlene Doyle Michael Goins Carla Haymon Shannon Jackson Tanya Jernigan Joseph Jinks Heather Lee Heather Martin Joel Owen Kimberly Prichard Karen Rascoe Wanda Rascoe Kristie Remsmg Ronnie Schaffer Michael Smith Michael Strickland Michael Verzwyvelt Carla Zettle 94KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Worsham Bryan Dowden Wanda Doyle George Elliott Lori Hillman Shawna Holton Elouise Hurst Billie Jackson Lee Jeane Jason Johnson Dawn Laughlin Gregory Laughlin Crystal Moore Kimberly Moreland Lamce Phillips Sammy Phillips Harold Schrum Pamela Thompson Carrie Timmons Nicole Vermillion Nigel Willis (no photo) Chad Hamilton 95Paul Jett and Melissa Fondren WEST LOUISIANA FORESTRY FESTIVAL JUNIOR KING AND QUEEN CONTESTANTS 97Jr. 4-H Officers: Peter Cuiry — PRESIDENT. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, Kenneth Kelly — V. PRESIDENT. Lisa Blakeway — SECRETARY Priscilla Frost — TREASURER, Brad Bennett — PARLIAMENTARIAN, Ricky Reese — REPORTER, Scoffy Goins — SONG LEADER, Rit, Faircloth — PROGRAM CHAIRMAN, Eddie Taylor — EX. COMM, (not shown).ROSS CONTINENTAL MOTOR LODGE y Highway 171 South P.O. Bok 1447 Leesville, La. 'HOSPITALITY AT ITS SOUTHERN BEST" ROSS APAPTMF NTS 6 Channel TV and Telephone in Each Room Pool Banquet Facilities 70 Palatial Guest Rooms Bridal Suite Meeting Rooms Cocktail Lounge vention Facilities Available Wall to Wall Carpets Room Service Baby Sitters Available Delicious Foods — Served in Hotel Manner Phone: 239 2612 or 238 9467 DELOYROSS, PRESIDENT RICKY ROSS, VICE-PRESIDENT LEESVILLE LUMBER COMPANY, LTD Wm. (Bill) Williams General Manager Leesville, La. Phones (318) 239-3031 — 238-1387 Anthony Williams Manufacturing of Lumber Since 1909 PLfii | D. L. Connell Production Manager Karl Williams Asst. Gen. Manager £. ■ Nathaniel (Mickey) Williams D. C. Nance Manager “ 1 P. W. Huron Timber Logging Supt. • — • Hr . HAROLD’S ONE STOP Texaco Gas and Oil Souvenirs Rt. 1, Box 154 Anacoco, La. 71403 Phone: 286 5522 Propane Gas Bottles Filled Tackle Bait Groceries Bank Americard Master Charge Accepted 1 mile east of Toledo Dam Harold Smart, OwnerSPORTSMAN'S STEAK HOUSE Lounge Hwy. 171 South Leesville, La. Phone: 239 4949 riHardware Fertilizer FORD STEWART MEN'S CLOTHING Heart O' Leesville South Third ®j ® y Jr -y ▼ Leesville, La. Lx. Phone:239-6613 ■MH BUSY DEE Owners: Mr. Mrs. Donald DowdenTHAXTON'S LANDING Permanent Residence Trailer Space Tents and Trailer Hook-Ups Concrete Boat Launching Sites Complete Line of Ceramic Supplies and Gifts Year Round Camping Pleasures Boats for Rent Live Bait Picnic Supplies Located on Lake Vernon Anacoco, La. Phone:238-1898CULOTTA-MCKEE HARDWARE Jfni; AND THE PAINT SHOPPE Mgr-v ■ 800 South Third St. ?Spv • Phone: 23 3456 or 239-3457 SaM. Also Located In Hornbeck as«p " 5 „ , ..." ■■■,. JERRY MITCHELL, SR. wnplimeirts of: SON Judy Davidson •■-MKib, and Karen Hooks Compliments of: II Types of Electric ! Wo Anacoco, La. 239-4047Lee Hills Phone:239 671 I BIG STAR STORE THE FOX TROT Ladies Ready toWear Lay Aways Welcome Hrs. 10:00 6:00 P.M. 704 West Texas St. Leesville, La. GALLERY OF HOMES REAL ESTATE Charlie McCain, Realtor 306 E. Courthouse Leesville, La. Phone: 238 9006 PEARSON'S GIBSON PHARMACY Prescription Headquarters Dwight Brumfield — Pharmacist Hwy. 171 North Leesville, La. Phone: 239 4521 SHAWSON GAS MOTOR CO., INC. Propane Gas and Appliances P.O. Box 1529 Leesville, La. Phone:239 2719 Compliments of NICHOLS DISCOUNT In the Heart of Leesville 603 3rd St. Phone:239 3848 108 STARLIGHT GRILL Oriental American Food Takeout Service Open 24 Hours Leesville, La. Phone: 238-9540 9 Compliments of GBI COURTS 171 S. 5th Leesville, La. Phone:239 3671 is» - r J THE STYLE CENTER In the Berrytown Shopping Center and on 3rd Street Leesville, Lo. Phone:239 3949 Compliments of DOWDEN'S SELF SERVICE AND GARAGE Rt. 6 Box 301 Leesville, La. Phone:239 2241 t;WEST GIBSON Berrytown Shopping Center Hwy. 171 North Leesville, La. Phone: 239 9006 BODEL'S OFFICE SUPPLY Complete Line of Office Supplies 300 East Court House Leesville, La. Phone:239 6036 JAMES RED WHITE SUPER O'BANION TEXACO OIL MARKET CO. "Courteous Service' Open Mon.-Sat. 903 N. 5th Leesville, La. Murphy O'Banion, Dist. Rt. 2 Box 57 Leesville, La. Phone: 239-3454LAURENCE JEWELRY Wedding Rings Watches Remounts Repairs 402 S. 3rd Leesville, La. Phone:239-4941 CAFE PUERTO RICO Spanish Fpod Julia Lopez — Owner BEALLS DEPARTMENT STORE William Landry, Manager Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, La. Phone: 238-0907 PRINTING PLUS of Leesville, La. Across From Vernon Parish Library 306 East Courthouse Leesville, La. Phone:239 3068 FORD CLEANERS Phone:239 2068 and DIANE'S SUPER CUT ALEXANDRIA BUSINESS MACHINES Machines Supplies Miller, Sales Representative P.O.Box 1964 Alexandria, La., 71 Jt mm'FRANK A. HOWARD "Your Sheriff" Vernon Parish Phone:238 1311 Compliments of ARCHIE LEE MARTIN Asst. Chief Deputy Vernon Parish Phone:238-131 I FARRIS GRO. Hunting, Fishing, Picnic Supplies Hwy. 111 West Anacoco, La. DAISY A DAY Flower and Gift Shoppe Creative Wedding Designs Fresh-Dried Silk Flowers Plants Leesville, La. Phone:238 9692 PRASSEL LUMBER CO. Complete Line of Building Materials 1600 Terminal Rd. Leesville, La. Phone: 239-4546 WORD INS. AGENCY, INC. FRANK A. WORD DEWEY E. SNOWDEN Leesville, La. Phone: 239-2604B E INSULATION CONTRACTORS Something New in insulation Free Estimates in L—Sville f" Leesville, La. J Phone: 239-6296 Chester Hyde Clerk of Court Courthouse Bldg. Dr. H. P. Thomas — OPTOMETRIST 318 S. 3rd Leesville, La. Phone: 239-2020 Y ' MELTON MITCHELL Front End Loader Dozer Work Rt. I Bo 299 Anacoco, La. Phone: 239-6465 W Compliments of Dr. J. O. McCrery OPTOMETRIST Compliments of Ruth and Kenneth Dixon Compliments of Ray FrisbyKOURY'S USED CARS 1300 S. 6th SI 1 Le s tHe, La. h T. B. PORTER’S WESTERN STORE P.O. Box 248 Leesville, La. Phone: 239-2232 CORIELL SPEARS Bookkeeping Accounting Funderburk Bldg. P.O. Box I 382 Leesville, La. Phone: 239 4671 GERRY'S HAIRSTYLING CENTER We Are Exclusive But Not -i . EXPENSIVE! For Appointment Call: 239 6688 Leesville, La. CHANCE’S SKELLY SERVICE STATION Hwy. 171, North P.O. Box 52 Leesville, La. Phone:239 2236 IMPERIAL HARDWARE Deep Wells Well Pumps P.O. Box 563 Leesville, La. Phone:239 3869 ALEXANDER'S AUTO SALVAGE Gene Alexander, Owner P.O. Box 554 Lake Vernon Road Leesville, La. Phone: 239 4515 WOODY'S KWIK STOP Groceries Bait Picnic Supplies Lake Vernon Road Leesville, La. 114 POLLARD'S BAKERY Birthdays Weddings Hwy. 171 N. Leesville, La. Phone: 239 2484 i Concre ESVILLE CONCRETE CO. %» Concrete Sand .CRE M i vel Ml al Road Saci Cement GravelAnchor Bolts P.O.Box 153(1 Plant on Terminal Leesville, La Phone:239 2579 ■ 4 I CUT AND CURL BEAUTY SALON 704 West Texas LeesVille, La. Thone:239 6719 a PHOENIX DRUG STORE urteous Dependable Service 101 N. 3rd Leesville, La. A Phone:239-3421 VERNON ABSTRACT COMPANY 310 1, STEVEN'S MOBILE HOMES Hwy. 171 S. Leesville, La. Owner, Julien Stevens Phone:239-0101 TREASURE HOUSE IMPORTS New and Used Merchandise MEXICAN IMPORTS Hwy. 171 and 1211 P.O. Box 53 New Llano, La. Phone:239-2500 COUNTRY STORE AlexandrifrHwy. Leesville, La. Phone:238-1901 Compliments of: SARTER MOTOR CO. 310 East Courthouse P.O. Box 36 Leesville, La. Colt Chrysler Phone: 239 2092 MORRIS TIRE SERVICE V Tires and Tapes I 71 South Leesville, La. Phone: 239-434 Dodge Trucks Hwy. 171 South Leesville, La. Phone:238-1394 WESTERN AUTO Southgate Plaia Hwy. 171 S. Leesville, La. Phone: 239 4992 Dodge Plymouth 115— « , M|C - Compliments of: RUSSELL'S GIFT SHOP and MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO Wedding Planning Service •monsi Courtesy Demonstrations Leesville, La. Phone: 239-3668 NAPA Auto Parts Service, Inc. Hwy. 171 S. Leesville, La. w t . Phone:239-3491 BEN FRANKLIN We Bring Variety to Life Hwy. 171 N. Leesville, La. BUDDY'S BUILDING MATERIALS 1510 W. TexasRd. Leesville, La. Phone: 239-6511 Phone:239 6549 BILL'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE FISHERMEN’S CENTER MARINE Chrysler and Johnson Motors Furniture Appliances Floor Covering Rt. 6 Box 238 W. Texas Hwy. Leesville, La. William C. Perdue, Jr., Manager Hwy. 171 Leesville, La. Phone:239 3939 Phone: 239-6246 LEESVILLE DRUG CO. Your Druggist Since I 239 3474 LEESVILLE JEWELERS Leesville's Oldest Jewelers 302 E. Courthouse St. Leesville, La. Phone: 239-7792ROSIE'S CAFE AND TEXACO ; TOLEDO BE Nothing Is Fin r Than Food at Rosie's Diner Hwy. 171 Anacoco, La. lalfway Between Shreveport and Lake Charles J. W. STEWART DISTRIBUTOR OF GULF OIL Leesville, La. im GARAGE Specializing in VW's John Frost, Owner Anacoco, La. LUNEAU'S MOBILE HOMES Rt. 5, Box 28 Leestille, La. Phone:239 4575 171 N. Leesville, L . . yL Phone: 239 iOO fer SKELLY HILL SERVICE STA. Melvin 'Bull " Lowing — Owner Wayne H. Davis — Mgr. Horn beck, La. Phone: 565 4442 HAYS I 3(XfSouth Fifth St. Leesville, La. Phone: 239-3380 ADDISOrj'S COUNTRY STORE Hwy. Ill Anacoco, La. FARM EQUIPMENT CO., INC. N. 3rd St. Leesville, La. Phone: 239-0325 QUALITY AUTO BROKERS VJk 9 tiSfction Is a Must With Us Serving Since 1967 Edwin Gonzalez, Owner Leesville, La.' yrl j V - 1 4 , - - V» •ffione: 239-269? PENNEY’S GLASS WORKS Glass for All Purposes Hwy. 171 S. Leesville, La. Phone: 238 9471 MONTGOMERY WARD "The Friendly Peoples Store" 507 N. 5th Leesville, La. Phone:238-0311 KELLY, WEBER, COMPANY, INC Wholesale Gro. — Food — Fertilizers Leesville, La. Phone: 239 3481 Phone: 238 1358 KATHLEEN’S BEAUTY SHOP Box 44 fcbco. r » 4. Phone: 239 6613 ADOLPH’S ! -ptkgJZIS. . to Phone: 239-954$ " 118 Compliments of W. H. Dowden Jr. Busdriver 206 Watson Rd. Leesville, La. Phone:238-9301 TEX'S TRUE VALUE HOME CENTER 1200 S. 5th St. Hwy. 171 S. Leesville, La. Phone:239-6515 AMERICAN MOVING AND STORAGE P.O. Box 499 Leesville. La. Phone: 239-9555 FOODS Latin Foods S. of Ft. Polk 171 le: 239 0030 flT: BILLY'S FLOWER SHOP 1010 S. 9th St. Leesville, La. Phone:239 3307 S M PRODUCE Wholesalers of Fresh Fruits Vegetables Leesville, La. Phone:239 3314 JONES' AUTO PARTS Welding Radiator Repair Hornbeclc, La. Phone: 565 4475 BUD JETER AUTO PARTS Hwy. 171 N. Leesville, La. MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY AND REAL ESTATE 102 S 3rd St. P.O. Box 1311 - ibesville, La. Phone: 239-3885 or 239 2563 Compliments of CHRISTIAN MISSION 119 Phone: 238 9068hi v:W The Church with a Heart in the heart of Anacoco ■ •• 'jwL le of Services 3:00 P.M. Wednesday: Choir 6:30 P.M. Wednesday: G.A 7-3 !m. « Prayer Meeting r” . •: tmjy y v,'...; r ,r:n The membership of First Baptist Church, Anacoco, extends a warm an come to the student body of AHS. We are proud to support Anacoco High to serve God through serving you. Please visit our church regularly and worship vThe Anacoco Parent-Teacher Association did its u ng Anacoco High School. The stu I usifei fine job in supporting Anacoco High School. The studen body and faculty of AHS wish to extend our thanks to ea member who worked tirelessly on the many projects, pro- grams, and fund raising drives conducted by the PTA. The Chief Staff appreciates the yearbook ad. Checking Accounts MERCHANTS FARMERS BANK TRUST CO. 'Friends of Evetffloml' Mid-City Branch 120 S. 3rd Saving Bonds Bran n Office S. 5th j Phone: 39 6504 North City Branch Hwy. I ; Main Offii 501 ■ PAi il Loans. NICHE IN ANTIQUES Furniture Restoration Clock Repair Owners: Dannie and Marilyn George Hwy. 171 Anacoco, La. Phone:238 0635r

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