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THE CHIEF 1976 Anacoco High School Anacoco, Louisiana Volume XXVIDedication Byron Elton Farris was born and reared in Anacoco, Louisiana. He attended Anacoco High School until graduation. "Bo” participated in several high school activities includ- ing varsity basketball. Byron entered the U.S. Army in 1944 and served as a member of the 100 Infantry Divi- sion in Europe. He chose the military as a career and faithfully served his country until his retirement in 1966. Mr. Farris returned to Anacoco and was elected as a member of the Vernon Parish School Board, Ward II, in 1970. Since that time, Mr. Farris has expended much time and energy in assisting the schools of Vernon Parish. The Annual Staff, Sponsors, Anacoco High School and Anacoco Community dedicate the 1976 CHIEF to Mr. Farris in appreciation for everything he has done for Anacoco High School. 5Mr. Cunis Bradshaw Spring Semester It is a pleasure to have this opponunity to com- mend you on the fine work you have put fonh to pro- duce this outstanding yearbook. The many events you have recorded here serve as a review of your activities during this past year. In a very shon time this same record of events will become beautiful treasures you have stored in a book of memories. May this school year have provided you with nec- essary skills to become a better citizen of tomorrow but, most of all, may it have instilled in you a great love, for this, your Alma Mater. My very best wishes to each of you for many years of good health and happiness. C. Creighton Owen, Superintendent Vernon Parish Schools Fall Semester My congratulations to the yearbook staff and spon- sors for the efforts they have made in making this publication so informative. You, the students for whom this work is intended, will find its value increases with each passing year! It is a priceless record for your parents and will become the same for you in the next decade. I commend you on your accomplishments and may these experiences bring both satisfaction and honor to you in the years ahead. Sincerely, Cunis Bradshaw Superintendent Retiree Mr. C. Creighton Owen 6The Vernon Parish School Board ANACOCO HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING, 1925-1962 Yesterday's progress is tomorrow's history8 Mr. Venton R. Coburn PrincipalMISS MARY ROBERTS B. ME.. North- western State University Reading Lab MRS. BARBARA CAMPBELL B. A., Lady Cliff College Reading Lab MRS. JANICE WATTS B.A.. M.A., Plus 30, Louisiana Tech University Learning Center MISS LINDA BROWN B.S., North- western State University Kindergarten MRS. JOYCE CURETON, B.S., Mississippi Valley State Kindergarten MRS. JUANITA LEBLEU, B.A., Northwestern State University Grade 1 MRS. GLENDA COBURN, B.A., Northwestern State University Grade 1 MISS JACQUELINE POUSSON, B.A., Northwestern State University Grade 2 10MRS. HARRIETT WEBER. B.S., Western Kentucky University Grade 2 MISS RUBY GREENING. B.A.. Southern Univeristy Grade 3 MISS SHIRLEY CROWELL, B.A., Southern University Grade 3 MRS. MYRA CALHOUN B.A., North- Western State University Grade 4 MRS. LOUISE ROSS B.A., Louisiana College Grade 4 MRS. CLARINE MARTIN. B.A., Northwestern State University Grade 5 Jr. 4-H Sponsor MR. PHILLIP STOKES. B. A., Louisiana State University Grade 6 Jr. 4-H Sponsor MRS. GATH A MERCHANT. B.A., Northwestern State University Grade 6 Jr. 4-H Sponsor nMRS. NOTHA SUE CREIGHTON. B.A., Northwestern State University Grade 7 Jr. 4-H Sponsor MR. L. C. WILLIAMS B.A., Northwestern State University, M.S., Plus 30, Stephen F. Austin University Grade 7 Jr. 4-H Sponsor MRS. JUDY WILLIS B.S., Northwestern State University Jr. 4-H Sponsor Grade 8 MR. LARRY GASKIN B.A., Northwestern State University Grade 8 Jr. 4-H Sponsor MR. RAY HAMMOND B. A., Social Sciences, M. A., Geography, Northwestern State University Social Studies Junior Sponsor Sr. 4-H Sponsor MRS. BESS BROOKS B.S., McNeese State University Mathematics Freshman Sponsor MRS. PAULDA STRJMEL, B.A., Lamar State University of Technology English Senior Sponsor MR. KEITH DIXON B.M.E., North- western State University Music Sr. 4-H Sponsor English 12MR. GERALD GORDON B.A., North- western State University Science Sophomore Sponsor MRS. CHRISTINE DYER. B.S., Texas Tech University Physical Education Biology. Sophomore Sponsor. Sr. 4-H Sponsor Girls' Coach MR. RANDY YELLOTT B.S., McNeese State University Health. Physical Education, Math., Freshman Sponsor Boys’ Coach MR. DORMAN DAVIS B.S., North- western State University Industrial Arts I.A. Sponsor Sr. 4-H Sponsor MRS. IVA LOIS WEST B.S., Northwestern State University Home Economics, English, Sr. 4-H Sponsor, Junior Sponsor MRS. JOY FONDREN B.S., M.S., Plus 30. Northwestern State University Business and Office Education FBLA Sponsor, Yearbook and Paper Staff Sponsor Senior Sponsor MR. BILLY JOHN BURNS, B.A., M.A., Plus 30, North- western State University Librarian Geography Yearbook Sponsor MR. WILLIS FARRIS B.A., M.A. Plus 30, Ed. S. McNeese State University Counselor Assistant PrincipalThose Who Maintain AHS Keeping things in the right order, paying bills, keeping account of school records, and just plain old paper work is a job that has been in the very capable hands of MRS. PATSY JETT AHS Lunch Bunch Preparing lunch for the students at Anacoco High is a tremendous under- taking. However the lunch program is in very capable hands. Irma Erwin, Peggy Josey, Ima Josey, Jean Blake- way: FOOD SERVICE MANAGER, Judy Dowden and Charlene Dowden 14Custodians Edward Doyle, Lillie Jackson and Elbert Miller Teacher’s Aide Elsie Chance Title I Reading Summer Graduates - 1974-75 Senior Class - Ann Campbell, Thresa Bolton. Michael Horton, Denay Franklin, Kae Bus Drivers Webster Wilson Harlis Cryer Billy Williams Harold Mitchell Mildred Martin Lee Raymond Jackson Leamon Martin Luther Marze Alger Martin 15Record Ad Sales Allow New Looks Work on the yearbook began in September for those people who are on the CHIEF staff. The most ads ever sold provided for the enlarging and new looks in the yearbook. With many tedious hours spent drawing layouts, taking pictures, and writing and typing copy the book began to take place. Motivated by their advi- sors, the 1976 CHIEF staff finally finished their task. Upper Right: Katherine Dixon Editor, Student Photographer Below: Anita Roberts Assistant Editor Right: Waine Moore Business Manager 16Annual Staff Left: Janell McCullough - ACTIVITIES STAFF MEMBERS Lower Left: Karen Faircloth Larry Watts Regina Martin Below: Pam Bush Cheryl Faircloth Sponsors: Mr. Burns, Mrs. Fondren 17Together We Can Alter the World With the end of another year comes the end of experiences we will never forget . . . exciting ballgames . . . final exams . . . applications for college . . . and graduation, the highlight of the whole year, the event we looked forward to with joy in anticipating our freedom - yet sadness in leaving friends and memories behind us. Kathering Dixon - VICE PRESIDENT Anita Roberts - SECRETARY Brent Cosio - PRESIDENT J » W vji LLU ZONE AHEAD BEST-ALL-AROUND - Danny Thompson and Brenda Patterson, FRIENDLIEST - Brian Wright and Renate Meeks, MOST ATHLETIC - Mike Dowden, WITTIEST - Katherine Dixon and Danny Strickland. 1920 Vance Alleman Keith Barnes Brent Cosio Rick Cozby Katherine Dixon David Dowden Judie Dowden Mike Dowden Steven Dowden Thomas Garvin Donald Haymon Harold Jackson Tommy James Tina Jemello Hensel Darcel JoseyDeliah Josey Perry Della Laughlin Tim Leonard Debbie Martin Janell McCullough 21Barbara McManus Randy McNeely Renate Meeks Billy Mills Waine Moore Ross Brenda Patterson 72 Tammy Phillips Rogers Linda Pruitt Anita RobertsGail Scarber Wendell Sanders Danny Strickland Danny Thompson Tina Vining Charles Wilson Brian Wright John David Dixon James Walker Not Shown SUMMER GRADUATES Wanda Dowden Taylor Evans James Eubanks 23 m Juniors Eagerly Plan for Big Junior-Senior Prom Coaxing parents to buy raffle tickets . . . somebody's got to make the cake . . . who will volunteer to clean up after the dance . . . why isn't anyone dancing . . . buy some delicious brownies - 1 made ’em . . . maybe next year will be easier . . . ? Gina Kell - PRESIDENT Cheryl Faircloth - VICE PRESIDENT Sandra Cryer - SECRETARY MOST ATHLETIC - Ricky Brooks and Mary Massey, WITTIEST - Charla Ross and Lee Jackson, BEST-ALL- AROUND - Diane Cryer and Joe Gordon, FRIENDLIEST - Mike Hunter and Sherry Farris. 25Diane Cryer Sandra Cryer Beverly Dowden Cindy Erwin Cheryl Faircloth Sherry Farris Joe Gordon Kelly Heben Michael Hunter Lee Jackson Clifford James Timmy Jeane Jamie Jett Gina Kell Betty Lewing Phyllis Lewis Norma Locke Alice McKee Bruce Manin Caner Manin Penny Manin Ricky Brooks Pam Bush Mary Campbell Mark Cleveland PHOTO Not Avoilobl 26Pam Parent Charla Ross Bryan Self Gwen Smart Fredia Smith Jim Summit! Daid Watkins Dewayne Watkins April Williams Gus Williams 27Mighty Class of ’78 — We Hope Trying to understand their difficult projects . . . proofs in Geometry . . . dissections in Biology . . . themes in English - they all add to a Sophomore’s difficulties. All in all, they were able to have mainly a carefree year, which would provide many happy memories. Looking ahead, graduation will soon be more that a dream for the tenth-graders. Three more years and they will be out of high school for- ever! !! Karen Faircloth - VICE PRESIDENT John Smith - PRESIDENT Sherry Zorosak - SECRETARY-TREASURER MOST ATHLETIC - Raetta Martin and Sam Craft, WITTIEST - Glenda Josey and Preston Josey, BEST-ALL- AROUND - Debbie Watkins and Bert Jett, FRIENDLIEST - Sherry Moss and Leland Harris. 2930 Mitchell Blackwell Dan Cochran Randell Corley Sam Craft Donny Davis Terry Dowden Deborah Faircloth Karen Faircloth James Garvin Thomas Harralson Leland Harris Billy Paul Hillman Bobby Horton Kenneth Horton Kayla Isgitt Terry James Bert Jett Linda Johnson Bonita Josey Glenda Josey Linda Josey Preston Josey Tamara Kerby MOTO NOT AVAILABLE Dinah Laughlin Paul Laughlin Bruce Martin James Martin Raetta Martin Regina Martin Mike Marze Debra Massey Terry Mattox Steve McCartney Angela Meeks Richard Mills Sherry Moss James McElveen Lynn Oikle Connie Payne Steven Roberts Timothy Self Karen Shavers John Smith Tina Stansbury Dennis Thompson D'Wayne Thompson Debbie Watkins Larry Watts Scherry Zorosak 31Hey, We Finally Made It!!! Hours of trying to arrange class schedules . . . searching for classes minutes after the last bell has rung . . . violating traditions without even knowing they existed . . . driv- ing teachers crazy with their ridiculous ques- tions • . . That's Freshmen, but they are apparently enjoying their new social status. Alton Fisher - PRESIDENT Jerri Farris - SECRETARY Jim Merchant - VICE PRESIDENT MOST ATHLETIC - Royce Brown and Shelia Dowden, BEST-ALL-AROUND - Shelia Dowden and Jim Merchant, FRIENDLIEST - Janie Phillips and Alton Fisher, WITTIEST - Becky Brooks and Greg Farris. 33Brenda Averitt Kanalous Belsha Randell Bennett Debra Borders Roger Borders Paul Brinkley Becky Brooks Royce Brown Wilma Buchanan Greg Bush Timothy Byrd Colette Coburn Yvette Coburn Darlene Davis Shelia Dowden Gloria Eldridge Donald Elliot Michael Faircloth Greg Farris Jerri Farris Alton Fisher Diedra Franklin Danny Gordon Rocky Gordon Dewayne Harris Pam Horton Kevin Hunter Randy Jeane 34Tony Jemello leanine Laughlin Margaret Martin Pamela Martin Rhonda Martin Nancy McCullough Jeff McRae Jim Merchant Dianne Mitchell Bob Moltrum Sammy O'Dell Melissa Pardee David Patterson Douglas Patterson Debra Phillips Janie Phillips Lloyd Phillips Pam Plummer Ginger Prentice Connie Pruitt Terry Pruitt James Ross Gary Scarber Kenneth Smart Charles Smith Lori Stansbury 35 Kenneth StricklandAHS Rodeo Queen Raetta Martin 37Janell McCullough West Louisiana Forestry Festival Queen 38Tina Jemello West Louisiana Forestry Festival Miss Congeniality 39 Rick Cozby Mr. Anacoco High SchoolJanell McCullough Miss Anacoco High School42(jBeouttes and mi kin mows (■ii cf] enda y(mltt M 'TwLien cAftifrael 7ai etotii 43AHS Variety Winners Each year the high school student body at AHS holds a variety election. Two repre- sentatives in the four categories are selected from each class. Those class representatives then go to overall high school competition. This year's winners are: MOST ATHLETIC Mike Dowden Mary Massey BEST ALL-AROUND Shelia Dowden Joe Gordon WITTIESTHigh School Favorites FRESHMEN Jim Merchant Jerri Farris SOPHOMORES Regina Martin Leland Harris JUNIORS David Watkins Sandra Cryer SENIORS Wendell Sanders Janell McCullough 45High School Chorus Much work goes into the preparation of a song before the AHS chorus "does it’s own thing" when the song is performed in front of a captive audi- ence. A song is practiced many times before the polished touch is acquired to meet Mr. Dixon’s approval. Only then does the hard work seem worthwhile. 46Special Music Chosen by audition at the beginning of the school year, Special Music students, have rehearsed primarily after school for con- certs, festivals, and rallies held throughout the school year. Quartets, trios, and solos are all to be practiced many times before they are ready for festival. Many hours of hard work and the memory of the success last a lifetime. Beverly Dowden, Diedra Franklin, David Watkins, Tina Jemello, Janell McCullough, Pam Bush, David Dow- den, Katherine Dixon, Charles Wilson, Michael Hunter, Tony Jemello, Keith Dixon - DIRECTOR. 47FBLA Club UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA Renate Meeks VICE PRESIDENT Ricky Brooks PRESIDENT Katherine Dixon REPORTER Anita Roberts HISTORIAN Diane Cryer SECRETARY-TREASURER Pam Bush (not shown) PARLIAMENTARIAN 48FBLA Rally Contestants These students participated in FBLA District Rally. The Club received a second place over-all trophy. Those receiving a superior rating will go to state competition in New Orleans. CURRENT EVENTS - Sherry Fanis, Brenda Patterson. Sam Craft, Excellent; DATA PROCESSING - Gina Kell. Excellent; JR. CLERICAL TYPIST - Charles Wilson, Excellent; SR. CLERICAL TYPIST - Katherine Dixon, Superior (1st); PUBLIC SPEAKING - Scherry Zorosak, Excellent; PUBLIC SPEAKING ALTERNATE - David Dowden; MISS FBLA - Anita Roberts, Superior (2nd); MR. FBLA - Ricky Brooks, Excellent; (not shown) CLERICAL PRACTICE - Diane Cryer, Excel- lent: JUNIOR ACCOUNTING - Renate Meeks, Superior (3rd). 49Donald Haymon PRESIDENT Janell McCullough VICE PRESIDENT Gina Kell SECRETARY Sherry Farris TREASURER Jerry Farris REPORTER Senior 4-H Club 50Industrial Arts Club Harold Jackson PRESIDENT Billy Mills (noi shown) ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT Donald Haymon ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT Regina Martin TREASURER Kayla Isgitt CHAPTER SWEETHEART AND HISTORIAN John Smith PARLIAMENTARIAN Phyllis Lewis SECRETARY Gus Williams SERGEANT-AT-ARMS 51Future Homemakers Of America Karen Faircloth SECRETARY Mary Massey PRESIDENT Raetta Martin VICE PRESIDENT Dinah Laughlin INITIATOR Jerry Farris SONG LEADER Charla Ross INITIATOR 52IA Sweetheart and FHA Beau Sherry Moss Gus Williams Student Librarians Katherine Dixon Janell McCullough Waine Moore Anita Roberts Sandra Cryer Cheryl Faircloth Pam Bush Michael Hunter Mary Massey Penny Martin Bruce Martin Larry Watts 53Student Council •s Mr. Cobum - Sponsor. Alton Fisher, Becky Brooks, Brent Cosio - President, Janell McCullough - Vice-Presi- dent, Ricky Brooks, Gina Kell, John Smith, Regina Martin - Secretary. 54Literary Rally Cheryl Faircloih - Sociology, Regina Martin - Civics, Sherry Farris - American History, Mark Cleveland - World History, Steve McCartney - Biology, Gina Kell - Chemistry, Greg Farris - Gen- eral Science, Alice McKee - English 111, Katherine Dixon - English IV, Karen Faircloth - English II, Colette Cobum - English I, Charles Wilson - Typing I, Raetta Martin - Home Ec. II, Brenda Averitt - World Geography, Becky Brooks - Algebra I, Ricky Brooks - Advanced Math, David Dow- den - Geometry, Dan Cochran - Algebra II. Not Shown: Yvette Cobum - Home Ec. I, Renate Meeks - Bookkeeping, Brenda Patterson - Office Practice, Anita Roberts - Spelling. 55The Indian Talk Many People spend much time writing, typ- ing and proofreading the articles before the student body reads them. Included in the INDIAN TALK are the happenings and the lat- est developments in all of our activities at AHS. The newspaper is under the guidance of Mrs. Fondren. Katherine Dixon - Senior Advisor Gail Scarber - Editor V I i 56 Reporters And Staff Gwen Smart Norma Locke Diane Cryer Brenda Patterson Sandra CryerAHS INDIAN BRAVES - Randy Yellott, COACH, Donald Haymon, Charles Wilson, Jim Merchant, Kenny Strickland, Michael Faircloth, James Ross, John Smith, Sam Craft, Terry James - MANAGER, Ricky Brooks, Billy Mills. Royce Brown. Dan Cochran, Mike Dowden, Terry Dwden, Jim Summitt, Danny Strickland, Alton Fisher - MANAGER.Fast Moving and Precision Thrilling victories and depressing defeats climaxed a year of excitement. Showing AHS pride, every athlete at AHS strived for the ultimate goal of victory. OPPONENT Evans 51 East Beauregard 47 Pickering 58 Pitkin 82 Simpson 56 Rosepine 68 Evans 45 East Beauregard 55 Pickering 60 Pitkin 59 Simpson 71 Rosepine 68Work, Work, and More Work Looking at athletics as a way of becoming men- tally in shape as well as physically, the girls' team learned of competition and how to deal with it. These girls gave up many hours of their leisure time in order to practice and prepare for the tough competition received from each and every team. AHS INDIAN SQUAWS - Pam Plummer, Cheryl Faircloth, Karen Faircloth, Della Laughlin, Rhonda Martin, Sherry Moss, Jerry Farris - MANAGER, Dinah Laughlin, Tamara Kerby, Sheila Dowden, Raetta Martin, Mary Massey, Becky Brooks, Margaret Martin, Yvette Coburn, Colette Coburn, Christine Dyer - COACH.No. 1 Group The cheerleaders were the best fans the ball team had. They attended every game to support and cheer the team on to victory. They never gave up their support and were pulling the hardest for the Indians, both in victory and defeat. Their time spent in practicing, making posters, and encouraging more school spirit have to class the cheerleaders as the No. 1 GROUP. SHERRY FARRIS, REGINA MARTIN. TAMMY PHIL- LIPS - head cheerleader, SCHERRY ZOROSAK, JANIE PHIL- LIPS, AND DIEDRA FRANKLIN. 62Seniors of ’76 Keith Bames Brent Cosio Katherine Dixon David Dowden Judie Dowden Mike Dowden Donald Haymon Tina Hensel Tommy James Darcel Josey Deliah Josey Della Laughlin Tim Leonard Debbie Martin Janell McCullough Billy Mills Waine Moore I ' Renate Meeks Brenda Patterson kt Randy McNeely Vv Tammy Phillips Anita Roberts V Wendell Sanders Charles Wilson Brian WrightEighth Grade Keith Allison ■ Mr. Gaskin Steven Dowden John Foshee Dana Horn Walter James Lois Jeane Chris Josey Paul Keele Craig Kell Peggy Meeks Donny Mills Dianne Nash James Prewitt Sherry Roberts Robert Ross Scharlotte Ross James Scarber Thomas Smart Jerry Summitt Lisa Turner Sidney Williams 6566 Mis. Willis Scotty Blackwell Darla Bolton Mitchell Brooks Vanita Brummett Cheryl Burns Gary Dowden Donald Gordon Robert Horton Ginger Jackson Sandra Jeane Chardel Josey Dow Gene Leonard Randy Marze Sherry Massey Elizabeth McKee Frank O'Toole David Phillips Kayoka Prewitt Pam Smart Lynn SmithSeventh Grade Mrs. Creighton Floyd Foshee Peggy Garvin Suzanne Gaskin Kenneth Gregg DeVayne Hollis Ray Horton Quindolyn Hunter Cindy Jones Michael Kell Luther Kerby Wesley Lack Marcus Leonard Gary O'Dell David Phillips Teresa Roberts Bobby Smith Terry Smith Timmie Thompson Calvin Turner Lela Watts 6768 Mr. Williams Pamela Dixon James Doty Bonnie Eldridge Paul Goins James Haymon David Horton Donna Hunter David Jackson Kelvin Jeane Michael Josey Donna Jo Kelly Lisa Knotts Jeff Laughlin Darlene Mclnnis Barbara Mills Kelli Moss Janet Paige Kim Pollock Brenda Scarber Joyce Smart Frank Thomas Tommy Thompson Wanda Walker Carla Westfall Seventh Grade Bobby Benson -17 Rita Bolton Douglas Brooks Mark ChelfSixth Grade Darlene Bean Beth Blakeway Julie Blackwell Jackie Chelf Tim Collins Mark Davis Mrs. Merchant Carla Erickson Jeffery Farris Robert Guy Pam Hagerty Throy Hollis Debbie Jett Sara Kerby Ricky Langton Robert Laughlin Don Mclnnis Twila McKee Patrick Merchant Jerry Mitchell Wendy Morrison Dianne Morgan Lana Oikle Kevin Prewitt Earl Reines Teresa Ross Jana Smart Stephanie Stokes Steven Summitt Susan Vining John Williams 6970 I Sixth Grade Mr. Stokes Anthony Corley Lynn Dowden John Farmer Kenneth Foshee Douglas Goins David Haymon Chris Jett Jerry Josey Marsha Knotts Nonie Laswell Robin Mclnnis Becky Martin Billy Miller Karen Pardee David Plummer Bobby Pruitt Shelia Ross Lois Sealey Alida Self Veronica Self Mark Sterling Kerri Strimel Thomas Sumney Rene WelchFifth Grade Anthony Addison Gregory Bianchi Lisa Blakeway Todd Blackwell Eva Buchanan Rhonda Buckley Mrs. Martin Sherrie Bush Shelia Byrd Lydia Cabrera Michael Calhoun Gene Clark James Cox David Dickard James Edmission Tony Eldridge Shelia Jinks Robert Josey Kenneth Kelly Cynthia Laughlin Jerry Lewis Kevin McRae Allan Mills Dana Mitchell Don Moltrum Jimmy Moreland Sandy Morrison Laura Phillips Martha Phillips Timothy Phillips Douglas Plummer Douglas Prewitt Paul Roberts Denny Scarber Bryan Sellers Joey Williams 7172 Mrs. Calhoun Karen Doty Melissa Eldridge Priscilla Frost Lisa Goins Alicia Lack Renee Mclnnis Danice Phillips Lisa Welch Willie Cabrera James Chelf Charles Dowden Alan Evans Edward Grammar Trace Hollis Wade Jeane John Jett Keith Kelly Brooke McRae Donnie Martin Jeffrey Marze Ray Morrison Larry Oikle Alan Sumney Many ThompsonFourth Grade Mis. Ross Patrick Collins Curtis Daugherty Becky Deavers Thomas Dowden Sherman Erwin Rita Faircloth Scotty Goins Joseph Harris Allen Jeane Rhonda Jeane Betty Josey Michael Knotts Johnathan Lewis Stanley Martin Aleisha Mclnnis Sonia Morgan Deanna O'Dell Michael O'Toole Ginger Parks Lorrie Payne Tawania Pollock Jeffery Ross James Sealy Eddie Taylor 7374 Miss Crowell Jeffrey Bean Bradley Bennett Sandra Blakeway Donna Burns Hans Clark Barbara Dowden Michael Doyle Karen Haymon Sabrina Hilton Johnneice Jackson Jennifer Kerby Theresa McKee Stephen Meade Robert Miller Angela Myers Rena Rashal Bryan Stephens Laura Sumney Carlene Westfall Chad WilsonDonald Baker Cheryl Brooks Lowell Brown Third Grade Angela Horton Johnetta Jackson Allen Johnson Nathan Johnson Lesa Lewis Lori Martin Dickey Marze Shannon O'Dell Charles Oikle Brent Roberts Alan Saxon C. H. Scarinzi Grace Sellers Timothy Taylor Tracy Welliver Pamela Williamson Miss Greening Cheryl Dixon Sherri Dowden Paula Gaskin Donna Griffin 7576 Miss Pousson Nelta Erwin Carlton Faircloth Richard Haymon Daphne Jeane Rhonda Jeane Penny Kelly Rhoda Laughlin Mary Liles Rhonda Marze Janell Mclnnis Robbey Moore Steven Moss Monique Nash Chuck Perkins Tammy Plummer Scott Sanders Johnathan Sellers Sherman Smith Tabatha Smith Shannon Sterling Second Grade Kevin Beverly Marla Dixon Stacy Sarah Debra Dixon Dowden Doyle PHOTO ' Not AvoilobJ Mis. Weber Tracy Doyle Sheila Eubanks Jimmie Gregory Gregory Haymon Jeffery Horton Donna Jeane Burnadine Lenahan Alice Mclnnis Michelle Mixon Charlotte Moreland Michelle O'Toole Joan Parks Robert Partridge Brenda Pruitt Norma Ross Kathleen Self Alan Slaydon Milton Vining Stacy Williams Tammy White 7778 Mrs. Coburn Robert Dixon Jimmy Haymon Steven Horton Kenneth Hunter Shebia Isgitt Carmen Jeane Bret Jones Howard Laughlin Angela Mclnnis David McNease DeWayne Mattox John Mills Tammy Morrison Lisa Myers Michael Ogletree Paul Pardee Wayne Partridge Gary Tullis Tammy Vincient Patricia Williamson First Grade Rhonda Blackwell William Buckley Meri Clark Carolyn Austin Tracie BelshaFirst Grade Cynthia Abbott Belinda Bailey Ellen Bean Amanda Bozarth Ron Buckley Michael Cabrera Shawnda Cooley Michelle Dickard Richard Dougherty Kenneth Goins Richard Hale Rhonda Hill Joseph Jeane Shelia Johnson Tammy Lenahan Dewayne Liles Renee Martin Roger Martinez Shanna Mclnnis Milton McKee Charles Nash Pamela Partridge Michael Sellers Melissa Stebbins Gaylon Tony Amy Wedgeworth 79Ms. Brown Wanda Corley Barbara Cozby Cynthia Faircloth Daryl Jeane Janet Jemello Tommy Jinks Ray Kem Lynn Martin Ginger May Brian Meade Joey Nash Kimberly Ogletree Rory Pollock Paul Ross Billy Reece Jessica Sellers Kimberly Sterling Sonja Taylor Bernice Vincent Patrick Welch Kindergarten Renee Buckley Tammy Bums Alex Clark soMrs. Cureton Priscilla Doyle Donna Evans Barbara Gaskin Peggy Grammar Raymond Haymon Shonda Jeane Michael Laughlin Dewayne Martinez James Martinez Kimberly Monk Michele Moltrum Nancy Phillips Stephanie Rashal Tina Roberts Glenda Smith Olivia Strickland Christian Welch Christi White Norris Whitford Jason Welliver 81Elementary Favorites EIGHTH GRADE Donald Gordon Sherrill Addison Shelly Averitt Steven Dowden SEVENTH GRADE Wesley Lack Brenda Dowden Douglas Brooks Janet Paige THIRD GRADE Jennifer Kerby Chad Wilson Cheryl Brooks Dicky Marze FOURTH GRADE Lorrie Payne Scotty Goins Alisha Lack Trace Hollis 82SIXTH GRADE Chris Jett Rebecca Martin Patrick Merchant Debbie Jett FIFTH GRADE Robert Josey Lisa Blakeway KINDERGARTEN Tina Roberts Raymond Haymon Cynthia Faircloth Alex Clark FIRST GRADE Rhonda Blackwell Bret Jones Tammy Lenahan Roger Martinez SECOND GRADF Burnadine Lenahan James Brooks Rhoda Laughlin Steven Moss 8384 HOWARD LAUGHLIN and RHONDA BLACKWELL Contestants WEST LOUISIANA FORESTRY FESTIVAL JUNIOR KING AND QUEEN Rhonda was named Festival QueenGAYLON TONEY and SHANNA McINNIS Contestants WEST LOUISIANA FORESTRY FESTIVAL JUNIOR KING AND QUEEN 85JUNIOR 4-H CLUB David Phillips PRESIDENT Frank Thomas VICE PRESIDENT Lois Jeane SECRETARY Shelly Averitt TREASURER Dana Horn EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Donna Jo Kelly REPORTER COMMITTEE MEMBERS CERTIFICATE WINNERS 86Learning Center Pictured above are some educational materials used in the Learning Center to help instruct students in academic skills.Reading Lab Barbara Campbell - Grades 1-3 Mary Roberts and Elsie Chance - Grades 4-6 88FOUR STAR ADVERTISERS ★ ★ ★ ★ Guidance Services at Anacoco School The INVENTORY SERVICE which is the collec- tion of data that recognizes the uniqueness of the individual. The INFORMATION SERVICE provides occupa- tional, educational and personal social informa- tion. The COUNSELING SERVICE is a process in which the pupil is approached on an individual basis by means of the interview and other techni- ques. The PLACEMENT SERVICE assists pupils in such post-school activities as selection of an appropri- ate occupation, educational institution, and pan- time employment. Through the FOLLOW-UP SERVICE the counse- lor learns of former students' problems, successes, and failures, and most imponant - their sugges- tions for improvement. Willis Fanis, Counselor Student Counselors A Wise Choice ANACOCO PTA PTA Carnival Winners Tommy Thompson Dana Horn Chad Wilson Rhonda Blackwell Keith Barnes 89ROSS CONTINENTAL MOTOR LODGE Every Facility for Your Comfort and Gracious Living "In the Heart of Sportsman's Paradise" Dining Room - Coffee Shop 7 Channel TV - Lounge Meeting Rooms - Convention Facilities Fishing - Golf 15 Minutes to Fort Polk and Hodges Gardens Free Reservations U.S. Highway 171 Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-2613 MERCHANTS AND FARMERS BANK AND TRUST CO. "Friends of Everybody" Your All New "Full Service Bank" Check and Savings Accounts Christmas Savings Night Depository Bank by Mail Loans Mid-City Branch 120 South Third Main Office 501 South Fifth Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6504 » 90THREE STAR ADVERTISERS If It's Good Food You Want Visit SMAK-A-SNAK Specializing in Catfish and Chicken Dinners "Your Business Appreciated" Self-Service Gasoline Anacoco, Louisiana THE VERNON BANK Three Locations to Serve 100 South Third 208 East Texas Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana DOWDEN'S SELF SERVICE GARAGE Live Bait Highway 171 North Leesville, Louisiana 91MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY Specializing in Superior Service 110 South Third Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-2895 or 238-0361 BEAUREGARD FUNERAL HOME Dedicated to Serving the People of Vernon Parish Affiliated With Fireside Commercial Life Insurance Company 601 South Fouth Leesville, Louisiana Phone 238-1358 Compliments of ANACOCO MERCANTILE ANACOCO SKATELAND Anacoco, Louisiana Phone 238-0611 92BIG STAR We Welcome Food Stamp Shoppers We Give Quality Stamps Lee Hills Road Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6711 SMITH'S JEWELRY Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, Louisiana Phone 238-1765 PERK'S WESTERN STORE Complete Line of Western Wear Boots - Saddles - Tack Owners, MIKE and SHELIA PERKINS 1622 Southgate Plaza Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6955 93Compliments of WORD INSURANCE AGENCY FRANK A. WORD - DEWEY E. SNOWDEN Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-2604 BEALL'S DEPARTMENT STORE "Offering Today's Total Look of Coordinated Fashion for the Entire Family." Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, Louisiana Phone 238-0907 JAMES RED WHITE SUPERMARKET "The Grocery Folks of Leesville" 913 North Fifth Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-2032 94HAROLD'S ONE STOP Groceries Texaco Service Station Complete Fishing Accessories Located at Toledo Bend TWO STAR ADVERTISERS ¥ THE STYLE CENTER With Two Locations to Serve You 118 South Third Phone 239-3949 Berrytown Shopping Center Phone 239-3945 Leesville, Louisiana Come to MASTER CHEF For Good Food, Fast Service and a Clean Place Lee Hills Road Leesville, Louisiana Phone 238-1032 95LAMBERT OIL CO. Mobile Products 300 Concord Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3625 S M PRODUCE Wholesalers of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3314 MclNNIS GROCERY GULF SERVICE STATION Highway 171 North - Hawthorne Leesville, Louisiana Compliments of JOHN O. CRAFT GRECORY'S LANDING Lake Vernon’s Fisherman’s Paradise Permanent and Ovemite Trailer Parking Cabins, Motors, Boats Anacoco, Louisiana Phone 239-6165 96 WALTER'S SHEET METAL INC. Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning Texas Highway Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-4579 or 239-2371 Better Groceries at MIERS BROTHERS Meats - Dry Goods Hardware - Feed Fertilizer Anacoco, Louisiana Phone 239-9685 Compliments of FARMER BROWN Highway 171 North Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-4845 STANLEY'S SUPER ”D” Salutes the Graduating Class of ”1976” Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, Louisiana THE "Y" GROCERY AND TEXACO STATION Ice - Picnic Supplies Highway 171 North Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6009 mohoa tucmiL ANACGCO JR KIH0 97RUSSELL'S GIFT SHOP MERLE NORMAN Cosmetic Studio Bridal Headquarters Complimentary Make-up Lessons 204 East Lee Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3668 AMERICAN MOVING STORAGE "Transporting Household Goods Everywhere" 1300 Third Street Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-9555 "Best Wishes to the Students and Faculty of Anacoco High School." CLAUDE (BUDDY) LEACH Your State Representative "The House of a Million Items” TEX’S TRUE-VALUE HOME CENTER 1200 Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6515 MORRIS REAL ESTATE Sales - Rentals Vernon Bank Building Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3885 or 239-2895 98BROWN'S FURNITURE CO. Leesville’s Leading Furniture Store 804 West Texas Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3413 McRAE-COOPER INSURANCE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-2704 ADOLPH'S FOOD MARKET Open 7 Days a Week Fine Foods and Beverages New Llano, Louisiana Phone 239-9549 SHELIA'S BEAUTY SALON PERK'S WESTERN STORE Shelia Perkins, Owner Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-1153 Compliments of WAYNE HAYMON, Contractor Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3356 99ROSHONG GULF SERVICE Fifth and Maggie Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-9151 LEESVILLE FLORIST Weddings - Corsages Cut Flowers - Funerals 400 South Third Leesville, Louisiana Phone 238-1392 or 239-3005 AUTO PARTS SERVICE 1505 South Fifth Leesville, Louisiana ONE STAR ADVERTISERS HOLT'S LITTLE GIANT FOOD CENTER 704 West Texas Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3966 VERNON ABSTRACT CO., INC. Complete Abstract and Records to All Lands in Vernon Parish 310 East Counhouse Street Leesville, Louisiana Compliments of LUCILLE G. CAVANAUGH "Tax Assessor" - Vernon Parish SARTOR MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler Dealer Leesville, Louisiana VINES HOME FURNISHINGS Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-4611 LEESVILLE CONCRETE CO., INC. Plant Terminal Road Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-4501 100NICHOLS DISCOUNT Lee Hills Shopping Center Leesville, Louisiana Compliments of K. K. DUHON SMOKY HOLLOW Specializing in Toledo Burgers Highway 392 Anacoco, Louisiana Compliments of J. W. STEWART Your Gulf Distributor Leesville, Louisiana PENNY'S GLASSWORKS Glass and Mirrors for All Purposes Leesville, Louisiana Phone 238-9471 GOIN’S GULF Picnic Supplies - Welding Highwa 111 West TOLEDO BEAUTY AND CABINET SHOP Billy and Octivee Bush Hwy. Ill West Good Hope Road Anacoco, Louisiana Phone 286-5230 PLEASURE POINTS 3W Miles North of the Dam OLD SOUTH ANTIQUES Refinish and Resell Anacoco, Louisiana LEE HILLS MOBIL STATION 1410 West Texas Highway Specializing in Steam Cleaning and Tune-up Leesville, Louisiana 101102 FISHERMAN CENTER Chrysler, Johnson Outboard Texas Hwy., Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3939 WEST-GIBSON Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-9006 or 239-9055 POLLARD'S BAKERY Birthdays - Weddings Highway 171 North Leesville, Louisiana EL TACO Bar-B-Q and Mexican Food Highway 171 North Leesville, Louisiana ANACOCO GARAGE Specializing in VW Repair John R. Frost, Owner Anacoco, Louisiana WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Pat Darden, Owner 1628 Southgate Plaza Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-4992 Compliments of GBI COURTS Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3671 BILLY'S FLOWER SHOP "Assurance of Beautiful Flowers" Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3307 Compliments of CHESTER HYDE,"Clerk of Court" RAYBURN'S SKELLY Anacoco, Louisianat Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD 507 North Fifth Leesville, Louisiana CULOTTA McKEE Hardware and Appliances "For Hard to Find Items." Leesville, Louisiana Also: Hornbeck Mercantile in Hornbeck, Louisiana Compliments of KENNITH DIXON Deputy Sheriff LEESVILLE DRUG COMPANY 203 South Third Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3474 171 SEAFOOD STEAK HOUSE Open 24 hours a day. Serving Fresh Catfish Phone 238-9801 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of AHS from STEVE HAYMON GERRY’S BEAUTY SHOP 503 North First Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6688 HERNANDEZ FARM SUPPLY 109 East Lula Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-9034 BURGER BAR Texas Street Leesville, Louisiana ROGERS AUTO PARTS MARINE Highway 171 Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6538 103MORGAN LINDSEY'S 101 South Third Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3501 LEESVILLE KWIK PIK GROCERY "Hop in your car and shop as you are." Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-4947 LEESVILLE JEWELER'S Courthouse Street Leesville, Louisiana Compliments of DR. H. P. THOMAS S W ELECTRIC Heating and Cooling - Sales and Service Leesville, Louisiana SAM FERTITTA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE P. O. Box 340 Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-2626 □ FARM EQUIPMENT CO.. INC. Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3121 FORD STEWART - MEN'S CLOTHING 107 South Third Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3341 KATHLEEN’S BEAUTY SHOP Anacoco, Louisiana Phone 239-6613 VAN'S TRUCK STOP Highway 171 South Leesville, Louisiana 104BAKER'S GROCERY Groceries - Bait - Ice Holly Grove Road Anacoco, Louisiana CAIN MOTOR COMPANY. INC. 200 E. Lee Street Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3435 or 239-2424 PHOENIX DRUG STORE Courteous Dependable Service Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3421 BO-DEL OFFICE SUPPLIES 300 East Courthouse Leesville, Louisiana PORTER'S WESTERN SPORTING GOODS P. O, Box 248 Leesville, Louisiana BEN FRANKLIN OF LEESVILLE, INC. Berrytown Shopping Center Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-6540 SCOGIN'S AUTO SERVICE Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3666 E M SPORTS CENTER Highway 171 North Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-2608 IMPERIAL HARDWARE STORE P. O. Box 563 Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-3869 MMM FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Highway 171 North Leesville, Louisiana Phone 239-333 105Autographs4

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