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.hgggr 15:55 . J u,, i bk., .. 'V Y., 0-all av 1' 5 15293 'L -WG' -'f?5z's'-, M45 "vw: ..,.-1 HE n 1? ,..x - .-J W., K 1 -wil EQQDQ'-Q . sl EL 1114? T3-15? iff? vLs5.1fa:j4fvef-T-'fi' w -,QLQE -fsul sf Vjfi?wa " If ' i 71 . 5'A:'j.i3iE1: 1 ,L r:- 'F A4 , 1. ,L z .fi .xx-Lgf , 15 f . -QL , -4 'rg jg .115 ,E V . .. -.., k, uri I . - 5 : 1 1 X Q mf", J, 4 ,,- - ,E-1 3 , Wg? 'Ni ' A , ff .bf ' X -fy-.MQ M - it Q 1 , . , A 1 fy - . QW: F I R J , ,N ,gl vs R H V V. . N ,I -f3f,.:j X .' p,- 1 i . I X - kfrgxl hz. :,. x f , 'Q' L. 5 1 1 W, ' M .1 , LJ. x,' - x , Q. 1 W. . x 4 v my 1, H 'K A -' .,. , ' 4, -11 ,143 A 55 .3 A ,V y. , Y jf , -r M , , ,. r. -I ' x . ,J K, ' if . 4 .xr 'X k -' 2 , 1. L, -. ,V . . in . Y .X 'L , 1 ' . - f' Q-' W. He, .L Iii,-M-12' if P px 1 ,V ,Q V, X 9 , L K Q . A f '34 nj.: 0 ,g ' ff H ' 1 Q 44, ,y x K - X Q 2 ' K ' r , , .. A 'L ff? Q: Q :Samir ,,,xa::g4iH1XQn-.f- KP'--cz .Ralf - f I :n1mnf-,Q-'mf' r- .1- THE VIKING A BGGK GE REMEMBRANGE EGR THE GRADUATES GE AMUNDSEN HIGH CHICAGG V JUNE 1935 STAFF J ACQUELINE J ARMAN E di tor-in-C hief FERN SCHROEDER Assistant Editor GLENN SCHMIDT Business Manager Literature VIRGINIA FOSTER FRANK NEWCOM ANGELA STEILEN Art HERTA KRACHER CHARLES BASTOW MARJORIE STROI-IM Business HELEN WHARTON CHARLES SCHWENNESEN HARRY GAVEY WILLIAM ATHANS SPCNSORS ALICE C. BAUM ...,.I Literary CHARLES A. BILL II., Business BLANCHE S. BRADWAY .... Arr I A 1 2 1 ,f Vw ,X t N4 XJ! ol 1, wx '14-J x ttifgg AVP f f mf' i iff' yLA!1,l 0 Aft", We have compiled a classbook containing pictures and articles that will help us recall events and experi- ences that occurred while we were seniors. We present "The Viking" knowing that as we turn these pages in other days we shall have happy recollections of our pleasant years at Amundsen. CHANTEYS Amundsen Loyalty Song To Amundsen we pledge Our loyalty and love We sing thy praise and banners raise All other schools above All hail to thee, thrice hail! Our courage never fail Victorious hearts shall e'er prevail For Amundsen. Yuh, rah, rah, Amundsen! Yuh, rah, rah, Amundsen! To Amundsen, we raise our song And to thy colors throng. Alma Mater Raise we now our song of praise To our school and happy days, Amundsen, dear Amundsen, Thus we honor thee! New laurels for thy crown so fair We've Won by deeds and those who do and dare Amundsen, dear Amundsen, Thus we honor thee! Lesson books soon lose their lure, But our friendships e'er endure, Amundsen, dear Amundsen. Love and praise to thee! New hopes and dreams shall e'er abound Where comradeship and loyalty are found Amundsen, dear Amundsen, Love and praise to thee! PI LOTE A .5 1 A 31: -E: 4 H . ia M A ,Q , A m 4: S! 8 Q , K , 1? -Y . From the Captains Bridge The June class of 1935 is to be congratulated on the splendid leadership that has been developed. The sponsors in charge of the graduating divisions are great believers in making the students responsible for all business in connection with the process of graduating. Of course leaders can't lead unless all others are willing to follow and do so with enthusiasm. The whole class has shown a splendid esprit de corps and has backed the leaders chosen by it very well. l consider the training that you have derived from your work as members of the thirteen committees that have been functioning so efliciently as first-class training in citizenship. Some of the reports that have been submitted to me by committees have been exceedingly well done, and they will serve as models for the future committees appointed by graduating classes. We have had many compliments upon the splendid order, attention and cooperation that the whole class was giving the president and other members of the class who appeared upon the platform to make their announcements and reports. l want you to know that the principal and the office force appreciates that splendid spirit. l feel that this class book represents the type of year book that should be sponsored by all high schools in these depression times. lt is something that all can afford to buy. as it has been produced at a very reasonable cost. l hope that all of you will keep it as long as you live in order to help you recall in later years the fine friendships that you have enjoyed during your last high school years. l wish all of you success and happiness for the future. In sincere appreciation of their helpful guidance and untiring efforts that made our last year at Amundsen a pleasant one We dedicate this book to our 4A sponsors f . fn -s li Xl i J As sponsors we realize the problems and achieve- ments of each member of this graduating class. If you rise to the occasion as intelligently and enthusi- astically in the future as you have clone in school, we prophesy a successful and happy career. Albert H. Goodrich 1 H. Avichouser C. A. Bill A. C. Baum E. Garriott O. Harrington lVl.Philbr1ck THE FACULTY JOHN W. BELL .,.... ALBERT H. GOODRICH. HARRY FULLER L...L. ARTHUR PETRIE ,..4 JEAN EVERS L..,,,4 MARIE K. BOWEN 4... FLORENCE O'BRIEN . . English Helen E. Duff, Chairman Katherine E. Arndt Alice C. Baum Dorothy Dundee Helen G. Flynn Laura E. Holly Alma C. LeDoux Ruth Meierdierks Evelyn Ownbey Margaret Quinn Marion Philbrick Lucille B. Royse Esther Barney Erna Bridgam Theresa Cohen Frank Crosby Pearl Crouch A Irma Dahlquist Ora Harrington Frances Hanlon Marjorie Kempster Language SCIIEUCQ Florence Eckfeldt, Chairman Grace S. Davis Mary Kelso Edna H. Kron Carl E. Hankwitz Louis Weinberg H. Avichouser Hobert Carmichael Belle Engelstein Clarmyra Hayes Grace McCrone Arthur Petrfe Social Science Alice H, Smith Charles A. Bill, Chairman Gertrude Axelson Wilson K. Boetticher Edith Garriott Howard W. Potts Elizabeth Shanely Doris S. Dillon Thomas Nolan Household Arts Lucy Malloy, Chairman Getrude Owens Frank Slepicka Art Music Marguerite Norcott, Chairman Frank L. Buchtel, Marie Grissard Emily Waggoner Blanche Bradway Helen King Physical Education Edward C. Delaporte, Chairman Carl Stockdale Helen E. McDonald, Chairman Mildred Heindl . . Principal , . ...,,,.. Assistant Principal . , . . .Administrative Assistant . . . .Administrative Assistant Librarian C lerk Clerk Commercial Wilma Carlson, Chairman Albert H. Glamore Anna M. O'Neill X M 9 Helen K. Ind, Chairman Mathematics Richard T. Huddy, Chairman William E. Smythe Technical Harry Fuller, Chairman Chairman SH I PMAT6 -M- 1. 4, X Wm ,. e 5. - w 'fd f, . L 'B . ,, it Mc! vi T. 'm ,Q Q, li., H, T , ' K ,,, ' ' I 1 . , C , , v A-' ,psig-P x Ann ff' rx I I I ,ff 519, -,Gaz 'xhqijxigwscfa 'f CLASS OPFICERYWQ FRED WILLSON ROBERT MCALLISTER President Vice-President ALEXANDER TOPP Sergeant-at-Arms SHIRLEY THOMPSON DOROTHY HEDSTROM Secretary Treasurer W f PRESENTING Fred Willson, Class President The following word-picture of our president is for the benefit of the two for could it be four?j students at Amundsen who don't know him. His most outstanding feature is his extremely red hair Cwhich reliable witnesses say, has been wavy for exactly one-and-a-half years, though Fred vows it was always that way except that he plastered itl : along with the red hair Fred has bluish- green eves, Weighs 156, and is five feet, nine inches in height. And there you have the boy we remember as the one who so good-naturedly entertained us by playing the piano in the assembly hall practically every other period during the first week of the semester. And how he does pound those ivories!! It's his hobby, favorite pastime, and chosen vocation Cwants to be an orchestra leader-another Eddie Duchinj. Incidentally, Fred's pet peeve is being asked to play songs he doesn't know, so we advise you to play safe and request "Lazy Rhapsody", which is his favorite. Also an outstanding Amundsen athlete, Fred is a two-letter man in foot- ball. though his favorite sport is tennis Cmiddle name is Ellsworth-Vines???J. Quite a career as an actor has Fred left behind him: he played in "Merton of the Movies", "Big Hearted Herbert", and the two French dramas. Among his other achievements is a very high scholastic record--on the Ace List ever since hc's been in school, and wearer of a goldxhonor society pin. At a recent Civic Assembly Fred represented .Amundsen as the student best fitted to receive a gold Achievement Medal, which was awarded on the basis of scholarship, character, and civic leadership. And that is the story of Fred Willson, who will step from the portals of Amundsen to those of Northwestern University, where we all-sincerely hope he will have as successful a career as hefhad in high school. Robert McAllister, Vice-President And now presenting Willson'5 right-hand man for is it "yes-man?"J, Bob McAll?ster, our genial vice-president. His pet peeve is being congratu- lated-maybe he's sorry he was elected. But we aren't, and hand-shaking and offering congrats are the best ways we have of showing it. Bob made a good vice-president, for he and his superior officer have many things in common: he is a member of the Honor Society, stage manager of the French play, and a member of the Dramatic Club: his favorite sport is tennis Ctablej: and he's an accomplished pianist Cyou should hear him play chop- sticks, the classic he plays bestj. Bob says his favorite pastime is slouching down in nice, soft easy chairs. But seriously, our vice-president is a highly-esteemed Amundsenite, espe- cially in the "Log" office, where he performs the hard and thankless job of copy editor. Last year Bob was a sports reporter-looks like the field of journalism has another young aspirant. In the near future the Northwestern School of Journalism will receive Bob and prepare him for a newspaper career. Shirley Thompson, Secretary The outstanding star of the girls' gym department is Shirley Thompson. There were a number of competitors, of course, but this little blonde, "Shirl", with her live feet, three and one-half inches, is such a "Didrikson" at all sports that it is hard to believe anyone can beat her. Two semesters ago, Shirley was elected president of the G. A. A., of which she is still president. She was the first girl at Amundsen to receive a school letter. She's a whizz .at basketball and swimming, and knows more about baseball than most girls could ever dream of. And as for dancing, which is her favorite pastime-Shirley is an expert, and can keep pace with the most active instructors. -Besides being good at sports, our class secretary writes a bit of humor here and there. When she came from sevelt. she put in her application to write for the "Log", and did it efficient two semesters. Next September this little leader is going to attend Moser Business Col- lege. After that she probably will be some lucnkyibusiness man's secretary. I-Iere's hopin', Shirl. . Dorothy Hedstrom, Treasurer - A real credit to the teaching of our bookkeeping department is Dorothy Hedstrom, our class treasurer, a model of efficiency. - She excels. in many ways: scholastically, athletically, and. of course, mathematically, Her treasurer's books, the system which she devised herself, are such masterpieces that sl'ie"has been requested to leave them with the school to establish a precedent for future treasurers. ' Dorothy is one of the most active and best-liked members of the G. A. A., chairman of the Award Committee, and was among the first twenty girls to receive a G. A. A. letter. Dot attended Senn before coming to Amundsen, and since her arrival here has been on the Ace List constantly and has earned a silver honor pin. In the senior rating, Dorothy stands among thefiirst thirty-two, with an average above 90. Her favorite subject is shorthand, through which she hopes to find employment this summer, for she is as yet undecided about attending college next fall. She does know, however, tha she is going to study nursing and her ambition is to become another Florenc If!Nightingale. Alexander Topp, Sergeant-at-Arms Picture a husky brute, six feet in height, 182 pounds in weight, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a pugnacious jaw, and what do you have? None other than Alexander Topp, our sergeant-at-arms. CWe'd better not make any disparaging remarks, or he'll demonstrate his ability as a "bouncer".j Topp was one of the most substantial pillars of our football team, and has received two letters as a reward for his labors. He excels in all sorts of games and declares that his favorite pastime is playing pinochle, while his favor- ite form of petrifying the neighbors is tearing around in a little green Ford. Alexander has participated in both the Student Council and Student Forum, and for his favorite subject, professes a preference for English with Miss Ownbey. The study of law at De Paul University sounds attractive to him and that's probably what he'l1 be doing next fall. Jean Foley. Graduation Bernadine Bayston, Chairman Russell Kinney, Ass't Glen Burkman Lucy Ennes Edna Maas Richard Osterlind Marjorie Strohm Gift Donald Burkhardt, Chairman Elsie Bing, Ass't Rita Dewyer Gertrude Mattaway Fred Meier Genevieve Paluch Paul Skjellet Ring and Pin Virginia Foster, Chairman Marjorie Vance, Ass't Edward Crowley James Farrow Jeari Foley Edna Friestadt Charles Schwennesen Advertising Jack Thomas, Chairman Esther Gitlin, Ass't Williams Athens Robert Carruthers Kathleen Mohr Eugenia Pilafas Warren Vandervoort Cap and Gown June Demblom, Chairman ' James Ryan, Ass't Robert Burk Eileen Jacobs Jean McConnell Erin Neyens Virginia Rose Blanche Sandburg Elsie Schulz Phyllis Silvertrust William Stevenson Fred Teske George Wagner COMMITTEES C0""9eD"y Biography Jacquelin Jarman, Chairman Fern Schroeder, Ass't Roy Burman ' Richard Houston Grace Kaiser Theda Lambos Lawrence Magneson Frank Newcom Robert Schwartz Angela Steilen f' Katherine Timmons Helen Wharton Evelyn Vollert Prom Arthur Gilster, Chairman Harriette Morgan, Ass't Edith Butters Dorothy Hayes Betty Hummel Muriel Kaiser Lillian Knable Peter Manos John Olson Robert Pellican Lorraine Rennert Jack Shorb Nick Theopolus Social Donald Summers, Chairman Helen Andrey, Ass't Marie Bin jfqwl, ,C . f' f Virginia Engstrom Robert Garvey Emily Kelly Bruce Lieth Dorothy Naumann Elaine Taylor Warren Whittiger Robert Wiiken Sherwin Wolf Gertrude Wright S if! Joan Alexander, Chairman June Carlisle, Ass't Bernard Cohen ' William Hoff William Joncick Alfreda Kittel Robert Spoonamore Breakfast Margaret Bassett, Chairman Gordon Shipman, Ass't Doris Grimm Ruth Johnson Mildred Lenc Elsie Schoenfeld Dean Shenk Picture Robert Monahan. Chairman Grace Oeller, Ass't Kent Beckman Helen Hyndman Marion Keller Andrea McCauley Glen Schmidt Printing James Marsh, Chairman Sven Forsberg, Ass't Stuart Anderson Darlene Barrett Lucille Lauf Thomas McMahon Norman Torp Division Tteasurers Dorothy Hedstrom, Chairman June Demblon A-2 Chrissoula Monolias A-3 Elizabeth Candiota A-4 Marjorie Strohm A-5 Helen Andrey A-6 Theda Lambos Art and Poster Herta Kracher, Chairman Chrissoula Monolias, Ass't William lmmer JOAN ALEXANDER VIRGINIA BARTIIDLDT Life Saving, Rifle Club, Honor Society. , rn. N , x lp f ELSIE AND MARGARET BASSETT 631 Spanish Club, Student Counci I' Ollicc Girl, I . .,Rif1e Club. 2,9 SUC1 I nirman Bre 5, Commi g. STUART ANDERSON JUNE BAYREL Dramatics, Music. Glcc Club, G. A. A., Letter ,. ,V Girl. v 4' H EN DR E D A T ntram l ports, Office 'rl. G. A. ., ard, Mixed , , , Cho , H n ociety, Office - ' h ' Graduating ' T 0 C Editor of Log, Off Dr s. f ff 'A 1 LU VIRGINIA BIQKJPIKESII al G rd - - Mixed, irus, Q e,GVrl, G. X IAEA., Y -IQ-SI. ' M .. ' ' Q . y DARLENE BARRETT ALICE BENNETT Hall Guard. Honor Society. G. A. A. DAVE BARRY VIRGINIA BERGGREN Intramural Sport 'wspapcr Staff, Ace-l.istf ' 1.12 I' ,gT444g,,.,Z'Fl.i ' ' ' lu-'nog I i KV HERMAN BERK Honor Socict .' l fx ay? ,i1.V,. ELSIE M.B1NG G. A. A., lntramurul Sports Band, Glcc Club. XXJSKK hx xx Xl' X XX wud if NXLLK-D X ' , . ,. . Y. N xvgi Q3 BERNICF BLooM G. A. A., Student Q9 ,, , xv LJIJY xl! HAR 379 BLQUNT - J U, 452-nbatt, B seball yu-sd I-lcc triciaryfofktagw lntramunl Kr BS-WS. LII If H L1 BRIG s and. rchcstra. Student Coun cil, Ha1rGuard. ' 1 -. TN, I . ,ft l 4 1. , , ' WILLIA UCHOLZ X V" T703 rcr of Hi-Y Club Hall j-I fGllh Cl. f x Z ROBERT BURK Hall Guard V- f NJ AMW ELIZABETH 'HAPELLI2 J E IDEMBLON Ace' 's, uar ' ' - Log Staff, Service Girl. Intra- 6 l. W mural Sports. Dramatics, Vice- bv Ag' President of G. A. A., Treasurer C W of Letter Girls'. Chairman of Cap and Gown Committee. EvELYN CHRISTOPHERSON RITA DEWYER G. A. A. G. Hyip: 1 sw A . ,I ' 1 ?RNARD OHE MARGARET EDEL. Dram s, ish Club, lnf G. A, A, Mr aff' Ace- tra l po Ace. LX ,Mfr r' ' 159113 twf' MARGARET COMBES GERARD ELLIS Spanish Club, G. A. A. Ace-List. nhf Q an-.Lf O 1,4 . I RUTH CURRAN VIRGIN R f G. A. Dramntics, Honor UCS, ib,-ay Y 'A' S0Cl0lY- A . nor et . ,HQ MQW-f :dv K, 1 RoBERgwW,RUY5g,.gf LUCY ENNES al, Baiketball, Letter- Dramatics. Intramural Sports. -, . - ' opmtta, Cx. A. A., Honor so- ' Afy, Ciffv- . ' ,- ,"-'. "MJ-5 ' ', , 1 fffyll l'A' ' f , .! ARC!-IIE CRAWFORQ JIM FARROW . l Track Team. Chorus. Rifle I Team. I. .1 C byaiw ,Iwfw MILDRIQD FINLIEY G. A. A., Oflice Girls. Glee Club. Intramural Sports. JIQAN Form' I.og St.1ff,OfUce Girl. G. A. A.. Honor Society, I.etter Girl. .X I Z I ' AAA! --X1 ,N .I I 'Y SWISN FoRsBERt3. I3mII.III. 4 ' F VIRGINIA EOATIIQ I, ' R' and Ittee, . A., I-Io r ociety, A io Brand- HI5NRII2T'I'X HI r A ports. I 1 EDNA I 'I'IaIJ'I' I.o STJIT. Service Girl. Presi- - of Deans Round Table, nor Society. 3 Rm' FRI'rz ' Athletics, l Iuar . GRAQIE FUERST Intramural Sportsf f MW I tin . I 'I ural Sp rts. at s . 9 Lf X ' t.f Y ' JY ' GI1aI5 I FJ N. X31 GUS GIANOPOLIS Ping Pong. JUNE GIFLOW C. A. A.. Intr.Imur.Il Sports, Service Girl, Ace-I.iSt. I. I . I Mllill ,T Ilvk.'J'7v M I JT' I W UR GILSTIQQ i--fri! J' I k Spdrts. Jlog XSIAII, T tc , oys' Glee lIIlI.l Ace- Chairman PrtX?xC-fiiiit. tee. . JU ,, ll DOROT AR . Ak JD A of Bttsltetf . l Team.. J .ffl 'W 4 6' . - ' t 1g5' WM' D IS GRIMM Captain Basketball Champs. G. A. A., Mixed Chorus. VIRGINIA A O. A. . fe Girl, Ace List Ono cietyr I 17 7 , I A XlR6lN'lA'l'lAR,,lDgN'QgJ - 'if C W' Grpxffrn lzrramura Sports. 1 f : f DOROTHYH TUNG JZ! vi BETTYWJANE HAYDEN , tp. A. A.. A20-List. p .4 If 1 DOROTHY HAYES G. A. A., Life Saving, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee. DOROTIIY HEDSTROM Student Forum, G. A. A., Let- ter Girls' Club, Intramural Sports, 4A Class Treasurer. Honor Society. f ELEA OR'HESrIvrEs ' amu ,Sports Swimming. CV MARY HORBACK Swimming Team, Life Saving, Ace-List. fQAE,2fmmQ1 K STANLEY HORN Band, Ace-List. 4 -.,,,. RICHARD HOUSTON Il Sports. 'I' . BETTY HQRIMI- A O. AKAI Inqyfum sports. ,f bu -. DOROTHY HUNT 654.ff'wMff4f HELEN HYNDMAN G. A. A., Letter Girl, Library Staff. XFN 'illl wgf EILEEN JACOBS Intramural Sports. G. A. Dramatics. Honor Society. MILDREO JACOBS G. A. A.. Intramural Sports. WILliRliD JAEGER JA EL JA b 'C . ., Editor of Cla Bo . onor Society. Sal toria MARION R. JOHNSON Orchestra. G. A. A.. Intramural Sports. J ivfb ii 'XV Il f HJO p ON G.A.1A.f lee Club. l. A ISER 1' Glylub. VA. N ,M I 'f . 4 r J I ' n 4 4 1 is DONALD KALLIN Baseball Manager. Hall Guard. Student Council. Honor Society. . In MIEION MQW' Glee Club. Life Sbqrng. G. A. A., Intramural Sports. RUSSELL KINNEY asketball. Letterman. Mixed xv horus. Intfamural Sports. -, . vgpqk '-psf.. 'vw' A xf N f 4,-W ., Q..-f " K1 z I fm WXWSZMI LILLIAN KNABL G. A. A., Life Saving. Intraf mural Sports. ff ' .! -U -f' Y, f , v IRENE KOELLER Art Club, Athletics. Intramural Sports. G. A. A. My' i jk ' if JJ' P4 1 'PJ EOROE KOKALENIS ing!! V ' . 'c' . d. Swimming Musixl IM uxr OL fgfgw ARNOLD KOOPMAN Football, Honor Roll. EDWARQOZAJD I HERTA KRACHER Art Club, Newspaper, Staff, Honor Socit , torian. f I , 1- f' . 2 , VELIIBUR KRUSE Hall Guard. ' I f rf "s.f' THEDA M. LAMBOS Student Forum, G. A. A., Cilee Club, Intramural Sports. Honor Society, Ace-List. - l G. . A. er ' Girl, Honor Socie OLGA LASCHEWSKI G. A. A. GERMAINE LAULETTA G. A, A., Life Saving Gee Club. I, . f P' ,p .-'ff l L, 4 . , 1 - -6' "" fr, I .1 HELEN E. LEVQY Intramural Sports. MILDRED I.,En5I31.f' Hall Gtaid, Office A.. Athletics: ' ' Hr I BERNIC f'L1sKA G. ANA.. Intramu - f fprzi, 157, K ,, 'x 1 ,f lk l W ,.,, A-,.. SONNA Lou LOHMILLER Diving Team Swimming Team. JF - JEAN A. MACCONNELL Student Council, G A A G ee Club,, Honor Society J- 'x..'4If" 'v . J, .' ff-' LAWRENCE MAGNUSON Basketball, Intramural Sports Coach of Ping Pong Team Honor Roll. . X A 'N ff vb sf 'YK' 'Co -s""'r u I I PETER MANOS Football, Baseball, Chorus. l EDWARD MAR W , A, AMES ' E s ' A a . Baseball, Intramural .Spo Qs. Ca ' of Pin Pong ' ' r' ting mitte Q ffwlb JD . It N 4 '- Life saving, eff: b. .' . LAURA MAssA Hall Guard. G. A.- A., Intra- mural'Sports. ' I . f , C rf ' ,fo f- J 211: J' r : r t J X 2 J GER - ATAWAY Stu ent Council. Library Staff, . Service Girl. . ww-""zf" f ' 4- 4- r r ff ll A ' L, f,,fJ.,-MJF 50562131 RoBERT MCALLISTER Dramatics, Student Council, Log Staff, lntramural Sports. Hall Guard. Vice-President of Senior Class, Ace-l,ist. Honor Society, Copy liditor of Log. ANDREA MCCAULEY Cu. A. A., Spanish Club. Deans Council. Newspaper Representa- tives, Acc' ELEANOR MCGOXVAN Swimming, G. A. A., lntra- mural Sports. Tom MCMAHON Basketball. , N "3.,l.-41,3 N C, Bw- Q, Wg, Af ,fxrLQ.chz N., -' 4:44-JZ! FRED MEYER A Basketball, Dramatics, l.ettcr- I man. EDWIN A. MOECRS J f 1 'AJ 1 mf ,A X RODERT MfmAHzQif, Football Manager. rff c , X Baseball, t, 1 CHRISSOU o O-I s . A.. 'mmi Team, l mur o s, ter Girl. X39 . Q KA'l'lll-l2lEN lVlOHR Glcc Club, G. A. A. 5,4 ,Lal . , -17 4 ff' " , f .ff ,f f . ,f ,li ,WJ .I ,L ,, . ' ' HARRll2'l"l'lE E. MQRQAN ' Ass't lfditor of Log, Ass't lfdi lor of Annual., Srcrc tary of Letter C1irl's Club, Sec rctnry of G, A. A. Ro IR" E G12 Moviiiz nor Society. 2 DOROTHY D. NAUAIANN Social Chairman, Cx. A, A., Glu Club, l.cttcr Club. ' w JOSEPIIINIZ NELSON G. A. A.. lntmmurnl Sports. Honor Hull. in I .399 .ll 1 , H at .pq fl FRJANK Niiwcoixi I wJ !.j"Swimming. Clismisi-y lN"fll"1 K ' ant. Honor Socitty. l l ERIN NIZYIENS , G. A. A. ff 9 ,- GIENIEVIEVE 0'DONNELI.l , G.f.,.A..A4 ji ,,' , i KQV IM. 1 If l "A ' 5 J :RACE . LER G. . A.. T p' t on og taff. will R 5555 Eu.is11N O'HA E GQ A. A.. Atb!ctics.4Acc-List. 9 K! H . .. . .1 , .J 1 D I l I I JJ JOHN N. G1.soN I ' Dramatics. lnufrnuml Sports, As9'r Edid and Cartoonist of thclog. .1 f LUCILLE OLSON Glcc Club. RICHARD Os'1'is1t1.iND Intramural Sports. . J' X .L.x,',,thq5L l H.. ...I 14,2 'I It CINE PALUCH N Glcc Club. C. A. A., Intramural Sports. ROBERT L. PELLICAN Track Team. Dramatics, Acc- List. Broadcast. RAYMOISIQ P. PERKINS j I lhtramfural Slgorts. Ping Pong. - Swimming. onorf Society.- EDYTHE PETERSON CLA. HOV .A Cib. A ?!S Qee I nuj I flf .- 5' A fl .If , . I I 1 i X MARGARET PETERSON . G. A. A.. Library Staff. Lift . Saving. Sganish Club. Af ' , I . ,:"VY'1' iff! , I", I EUGENIA PILAF ramati ,, . A.. O ce Girl, ce-L's. orl ' air Essay Co st i n r I S WESLEY G. POLLOCK Intramural Spdrts. Honor Roll. JANE PRICE Intramural Sports. Life Saving, G. A. A.. Glcc Club. Lcttcr Girl. I G. A.. Intramural Sports. G lub, yZ . RENNERT ROBERT JAMES REUSCIIE Honor Roll. A Q I VIRGINI Dramatics. G. A. A.. Omcc Girl. Broadcast. Honor Society. MAX' 0 ELIZABETH V. ROWLANDS Intramural' Swimming. Ace-List. e J Z ' I pf" J I U l v'j. Q I' MABEL ROWLEY O. A. A. 'TI JAWS . I LOUIS tp yy! O . . .. Chor l Club, Intra- mu Sports. I Guard. If? JAMES RYAN Intramural S p O r t S, Student Council, Band. ff Ji ' L BLANCHE E. SANDBERG Intramural Sports. G. A, A., Letter Girl. KATHRY M. ScHE1B G. A. A., Library Staff, Intra- mural Sports, Hall Guard, Honor Society. PAUL J. SCHERGEN CHARLOTTE SCHLOEZER G. A. A., Hall Guard. Ace-List. DOROTHY SCHMEKEL ' NlixedVChoru Operelta. ,A .lff.1'w'f ' ipirrlg, r Q45 LEN W. SCHMIDT l Cheer Leader. Band, Dramatics. Log Staff, Business Manager Class Book. Hall Guard. Honor Society. MARG. SCHNEIDENBACH G. A. A., Tap Dancing. ,LL ELSIE SCHOENFELD G. A. A., Girls' Glee. Q A CG f . -f ' X, M UNJLC . ACK SHORB Hall Gua . I FERN SCHROEDER Log Staff, emistry Assistant, t dent um, G. A. A., Stud- nt ncil, Honor Society, s' ditor of Class Book. IQARION . S 1 .J I . A., ntramural Sp rtsf onor Society. dp MARGARETSHUNESON Ace-List, G. A. A., Intramural - I M, M7055 ' Sports. CHARLES SCHWENNESEN Student Council, Honor So- ciety. FRED SEAHOLM Gun Club, Hall Guard. ff 4- -a W GORDON SHIPMAN Dramatics, Boys' Glee. ADALINE SIE' ERTH J Swi mi Team. Intramural Spor . B and 2A President, Dea ound Table. JEANETTI3 C. SPIKE G. A. A.. Mixed Chorus. Life Saving. LORRAINE IVI. SMALL Intramural Sports. PAUL ARTHUR SKJELLET 1' 4, 4144. K, fyfl' .A , f ' , , f V, I ' f PHYLL s , ILVERTRU ' Stude Council, G, A Of- fice G' l. nor Society. 55 f.i 1 .Ky Kgr jj QQfFc,:'S' JIQANETTE SORLQNSEN Art Club. Honor Society. f ROBERT SPOONAMORE College Day Committee. . -A frtrwf ANGELA G. STEILEN Honor Society, G. A. A.. Cof Editor of the Log, Dramatics. Student Forum. Chairman Bi- ography Committee. Intramural Sports. NORMAN L. STEPHENSEN Atw- MARJORII2 H. STROHM G. A. A.. Ace-List. ELSIE M. STROMBOM G. A. A.. Intramural Sports. ROBERT A. STUPP Football. Dramatics, Music. Jaffa! DONALD SUMMERS Intramural Sports. Band. Chor- us. Sotial Chairman. r W, WWW BETTY SWANSON G. A. A., Swimming Team. Girls' Glee, Student Forum. I.etter Girl. LILA MAY SWEENEY Honor Society. fbfwjf 'W'L"'J"'wj I ELAINE TAYLOR I.ife Saving. Chorus, Art Club, G. A. A.. Oflice Girl, Honor Roll. ' J Ib MM 1 MARY THEOPHELUS Glee Club. NICK THEOPHELOS Football. Track, Baseball, Bas- ketball. Greek Club. Glee Club. Letterman. L r,., , Q .J ..L',c-f- ' I x ' ,a .' 'Nl , ,j,4'x 4-l ry . Iivbki .jk I N. JAMES THOMAS Baseball. Lettermgn. " f I . , L ' . 1' ', I' 4-LM-"I, I SHIRLEY THOMPSON Letter Girl. Intramural Sports. Library Stall. Vice-President and President of G. A. A.. Ace- List. Secretary. Log Staff. KATHERINE TIMMONS G. A. A.. Glee Club. Office Girl. Honor Society. ,J My ff bra? .Q I, ALEXANDER TOPP Football. Student Council. Stud- ent Forum, Sgt.-at-Arms of Se- nior Class. Letterman. JOHN TRAPF IW R ' ID l Sp MARJORIE VANCE Glee Club, Social Chairman of QGSAEA. 0-Mia Gvwofmfa J. 1. WARREN VAISIDERVOORT 'f,,4.. Intramural Sports, yljiuard. lfbg Staff. :HL I . Q pd. EVELYN VOLLERT I ' G. A. A.. Library Staff. Hall X Guargv.-Secretary of French CIEORCE WAGNER Captain of Footb Team 4454 HELEN WHARTON Rifle Club. ocicIyf. ciwffrl WARREN WHITTIOER Hall Guard, Honor Society. v ROBERT WIIKEN Football. Baseball. Letterman. I 1 f - . .L-f-,ff P' ILQVVIL I '-' , Lp 47fl'L., f SHERWIN WOLF wa MW HELEN WILDIS Ci. A. A., Girls' Civic Council Club. FRED WILLSON French Plays. Dramatics, Foot- ball. Glee Club. Opcrctta, Sc- nior President. Secretary of Student Council. Honor Society. BERNICE WISE Mixed Chorus. Basketball. Bas all. , -,,' .1 -M., m,.f"-'L,.'- - GERTRUDE , IGHLI' G. A. .. Ibr taff, Life Savin mg.,-Nic' ty. l It , yy vc - . JJ' DJTJAK WL I I H v x x W X tx 'xl1. Q.,Q""f4 im fl I 'CHARLES BASTOW MARIE M. GORGEN ELFRIEDE KITTEL LEAH POWELL R KENT E. BECKMAN WALTER HANSON ANN KLUCH MARJORIE SCHEURINQ HAZEL BERCSTROM HOWARD HEIDERMAN ELAINE KRAMER MARGARETA SCHROEDIB MARIE B. BIEHL MARIE HERTER DORIS KREUSER ELSIE SCHULZ MARGARET CARLSON WILLIAM B. HOEE KATHERINE P. L LY ROBERT SCHWA ' ANNA CARLSON RODNEY S. HOPPE LUCILLE LAUE -A DEAN SHENK ARTHUR E. CARLSON JOHN C. HUNTER RICHARD A. LAVIN AXEL SWANSON rv WILLIAM IMMER BRUCE LEITH FRED CARL TESKE gf DWARD CROWLEY EDWARD JENNETTE EDNA A. MAAS ANTHONY TIPITINO LOISE FELDNER WILLIAM JONCICK N T0Rp - XX. JOSEPH. LA ERTY MURIEL L. KAISER MARCE MANDL AMES VL HA DR AS S X9BfTEQ N EMIL Y FLORENCE MEYERS XX? ,SD ngfffffw f W WMS ' X v ,, 1 X . . V . h ' , 1 ,, H , ' ' , , 21 H ' 0 A ..-. ,V , V ,, . r - , MAN fuvfkf 1. 1 x "2 E ,,, , P 2, 'Q f, I il 'Q -: 4, ki XI at f ,. 4 51 Q, Q. ff, J BON VOYAGE Class Will While leafing through these pages some time You'll note this fragmentary will in rime, Read it later, your memories revive: 'Tis the will of the Class of Thirty-live. Introduction: Scarce have we time our wishes to tell As we leave the school we love so well. A few more days, then we are through, So these choice thoughts we leave with you. The Administrators: Mr. Bell, Mr. Goodrich, Mr. Fuller, too, We are most grateful for all you do. Students you enrolled, interests you guided, Ambitions you fostered, activities provided. The 4A Sponsors: The graduating class as your monument stands? Since we are through--off your weary hands- Freshmen you'll have to guide once more, Problems you will share, and pleasures galore. The Teachers: Alibis, answers so clever you'll weep, Bulletins and detailed records to keep: Papers to mark, units to plan, Homework to check, thick notebooks to scan. The Students: Lockers crammed full, clocks that do go, Longed-for assembies, parties "to throw", Textbooks to study, authors to quote: Excuses Cdon't givej that parents ne'er wrote. The Coming Graduates: Themes, and reports, enough majors, what more? Elections, then committees till four, Plans to form, decisions to make, Standards to set for Amundsen's sake. The Building: Autographed desks, and paper-strewn floors, Luncheon-time rushes, welcoming doors, Corridors echoing footsteps and laughter, Memories of graduates recalled hereafter. Conclusion: The will is finished. You inherit our treasures- Some of them troubles, most of them pleasures. Our school days are over, they pass in review: But don't envy us for we envy you. HUNURSOCWTY IUIXY 3 XYiIIx-nl. ScI1mimIt, XIv,XIIi-lar. Iiurmzm, Xvxxc-1111. Xluyrr. IIc'l'Ii. ROW' 4 I'iUIIrr, Kl:u'I1L'x', Iiusn-tl XKIv:n'tfn1. Iixxualrulxl. Iizlrrctt. SIIIIIIVNHII, 'I ixulll-ms. Iizny xtuu. I-'uh-5. IUIXY .I xlzlrnlzm, Kl'a'uw1', Rusm NIzu'l'mnu-II. I'iI:lf:u, 5L'In'ucrI:'1. SVIN-iIu. XI:-yvrw. RUXY Q I,:lmIrux, Sum-llfmm, Rmxlzmlls. I.:ult1. ,XIQ-Xzmnlm-1 Stvilm-11. Silxm-llrlut. I':n'IIsIc. ICUNY I Strulxm. Ih-x'LL2l'cll. 'I'Immps-nl, IIwINtl'mn, I:u'uI1s, XI-ugzux, IVIMIM' IITERARY UNI I XYIIINUII, ScImlirIl. Hlwm, llilxlcl, 1I:ux:'5. ,I1'nl1vtte. I'c-Ilifmv. IUNY Ih'mI1I4n1, Alxumnn. XIILXI Ixxtvv. Nun'-vllx. Ilzuyftuun. Ifuxls-1. ICUXY Q I!-N, Iilg-11'-num. X':u1uI:'l'x'rvr1vl, ,I:u':vIw. Uwllvl. RHXX I II,x5m-X, KIHIIQQIII. Iilvusvl, I".-IQ. Stwilvn. f . LL? I , , . I 4 ' . tA I if A.. X 'n'g dk. Ll-V -4 LETTER MEN ROVV 3-Schmidt, Wiiken, Topp, Immer, Wagner, Meyer, Gilster, Ryan. ROVV 2-Torp, Kallin, Kinney, Burkhardt, Marsh. Thomas Wolf. Carruthers. ROW 1-Theophelos, Blount, Olson, llflonahan, Willson, McMahon, Tipitino. Honor Society The members of the Honor society are students who have realized that acquiring factual material is a basic part of school life and have worked accord- ingly. They have consequently been outstanding in scholarship during their four years in high school. To be eligible for membership in this distinguished group these people have been on the ace-list for two semesters and have earned the required number of points per semester from then on. The reward for their work is a pin emblematic of their standing in the Society. A bronze pin symbolizes two semesters' membership, a silver pin four semesters', and a gold pin six or more semesters. Frank Newcom. Literary Groups The literary group is composed of seniors who have taken an active part in Journalistic work or Dramatics. The Journalists are those who have been members of the "Log" staff. Most all have been on the paper for several semesters, starting as "cub" reporters and advancing to positions of responsibility. The Drama department is a volunteer group of students who have par- ticipated in various plays. The French plays "The Dumb Wife", and "Boul- ingrin", had several seniors in their casts. Another production, the one act play "Neighbors" was a humorous skit in which seniors played the leads. The highlight of the semester was the senior drama, "Big Hearted Herbert". Robert B. McAllister. Letter Men The boys who have won major letters in football, basketball, baseball, swimming, or track during their two years at Amundsen are "Letter Men." They have participated in one of the above sports and, for playing in a certain number of games or scoring a stipulated number of points in meets, the Athletic Department of the school has honored them with a major Realizing that everyone who engages in athletics does not receive such a reward, these boys deem it a special recognition to wear this letter on their gray sweaters. Art Gilster. r N1 Ji 1 Ax 5 QX 717 Xl, ADIVIINISTRATIVI2 AIDS ROW' J Iiukzllvlniw, Hucklmlz, Sh-plwlleuu, Ilurmzm, Hilstvr. 'l'u1up. ScI1xx'4-xxllvwvl. Schmivli. RUXY . III-Isi:n'vs. Ilvll1IrInn, XIu1luIi1Is,3e.Iaymlcll, Rust, Krzuller. Ruhivl. RUXY 2- -fXYiS4', Hay stun. NI:xL'l'nu1mII I um., m I.llll ul II ngnn X ullut ROW l I 111 tult II 'wilfl . "1 . JY' . ' ' . ' f ' . img. l'iI:If11s, SiIvn'!'tx'llsI, i'1u'IisIc, Ifulvy, Hynrim MUSIC ROW' .I XYIIINIH. SIIIIIIIIPIY. S, .Xy'1I:V4w1l. Ilwxru, IUIXY I Illvwm, Iliuu. Sx'I1lm'IiI-I. IIJQNYIIH. XYINL' NNY I IC. Anlrluuxmx, lluimm. Sa'I1+u-..I I+f. ,gr it LETTER GIRLS ROW 3-Kittel, Ohlson 14131, Naumann, Swanson, Flodin C4BJ, Hedstrom, Demblon, Hyndman. ROVV 2- Heindel, Bayrel, Foley, Monolias,YI'hompson, Morgan, DeVVitt, Price, Miss MacDonald. ROW 1-Andrey, Finely, Carlisle, Grandquist MBE, Carlson. Administrative Aids The administrative aids are the oflice and library assistants, hall guards, and Student Council members. The oH'lce girls help with the filing, answer the telephone, give admits to students and give required information. The library assistants shelve and check out the books, take care of the card catalog, help with the reference work, and distribute and collect attendance slips. The hall guards are stationed at various places in the halls. It is their duty to keep the halls clean, clear, and quiet during classes, and allow no one to touch the lockers. The Student Council members, chosen from each division, meet to discuss school problems, give advice in the proper management, and assist in the clerical work necessary in organizing classes at the beginning and end of each semester. Elizabeth Chapelle. s Music Organizations During the past year Mr. Forest Buchtel directed the Crchestra, the Band, the Girls' Glee Club, and a novelty orchestra. Our own community has heard line programs in the Assemblies, the Open-house, and specially prepared pro- grams for evening performances. The school songs and the Clean-up Campaign song were written by members of the Glee Club. The Band took first prize in Class C in the National Band Contest. The Mixed Chorus sponsored by Mrs. Grissard presented a Christmas program and an operetta, the Desert Song. They also had an important part in the Variety Show. Sherwin Wolf. Letter Girls g This semester Amundsen produced the first of the Letter Ciirls. Four semesters of passing grades are necessary, a doctor's and dentist's certilicate, points for intramural games such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, and other miscellaneous points obtained by hiking, tap dancing, swimming, and indi- vidual activities. It is necessary to accumulate one thousand of these points to obtain a letter, which makes a person eligible for the Letter Girls' Club. June Carlisle. A Senior's Reasons for Coming to School fSuch a theme to write about! Well if I expect to pass I guess I'd better hand in some work. English IA, of all the subjects to have to take over. Look at those kids out on the campus.j Most of the pupils come to school because they honestly wish to improve their minds under the tutelage of the splendid teachers which the Board of Education provides for us. lThat's a laugh. J.A. came to school today because she wanted to sell those tickets for the church bazaar. She'll have to sell them before the school starts passing out tickets for another beneHt.j This great American institution, the privileges of which we may enjoy. is where we receive our preparation for the future struggles with the outside world. Klf I were to actually list the true reasons for coming to school they would probably read thusly: D.B. comes to keep peace at home . . . J.F. comes to keep the T.O. away from the door . . . J.T. comes to complete the gum portrait on the civics room ceiling . . . F.T. attends school to transfer the shine from the' ollice bench to the trousers of his blue serge suit . . . B.G. just loves playing with the dial phones 'cause "he ain't got none" at home . . . M.V. is still trying to find a reason, good or bad . . . B.B. comes to hand in homework five minutes before it's due . . . D.B. comes to keep Pop posted on political conditions . . . M.S. comes to carry teacher's books from one class to another . . . P. f"C"j M. comes to give the gal's something to live for . . . N.S. to display his vocal talents in virile laughter . . . F.W. just to show off his cute little hammer.j ln view of this fact students should drink deeply of the fountain of knowl- edge of which our faculty so graciously expounds. KH-mm, spouting again? Which reminds me, A.G. comes to play with the drinking fountain, which also does a little spontaneous spouting.j Our school years is the period when our characters are moulded and our true ideals are formed: so students realizing this take advantge of all opportunities which are offered them by the public schools' system. Students preparing for their life's work can sign up in classes that will train them in the business for which they are best suited. KI-'or running a school store like the one where B.C. spends his time.J These classes have been planned for the student's best interests. The students appreciate this fact and are grate- ful for these chances and show their gratitude by willing cooperation and active interest. KG. W. has an active interest in personal chats with teacher after class.j Of course, there is always a small percentage of students that do not realize the benefits offered them, but the majority are serious in their endeavor to accomplish worth while things while at school. lWell, my theme's done: it is sure a good thing that teacher is no Eugene O'Neill or I'm afraid I wouIdn't pass English this time either.j TI-IE VIKING LOG 97 -9- if GRADUATES REGRET Seniors Choose Class Officers After campaigning for several weeks the seniors elected officers on February 20. Fred Willson was elec- ted president: Bob McAllis- ter. vice-president: Shirley Thompson, secretary: Dor- othy Hedstrom. treasurer: and Alexander Topp, ser- geant-at-arms. All these students were chosen for their ability to lead. speak and accomplish. Prom Gala Event of Semester The Prom, the colossal social event in the senior's life, was just that. It was a grand climax to the four years of toil, note-signing, ditching. and dancing. We met at the Evanston Country Club on June 7 to the rhythm of instruments, the swish of skirts, and to the sound of footsteps seek- ing secluded spots in the vicinity. We noticed "Punjab" Meyer and secretary Thomp- son making the most of their time. as were "Big- hearted "Olson and "Torch" Hewitt. "Pocahontas" Bur- man finally emerged from his hermitage and brought Daisy to the dance. Nelson McKnight and his band furnished the allegros. the fortes. the sharps, and flats for the occasion. Did you see "2l's" Willson and his gal, and McAllister and "Salutatorian" Jarman' ac- quitting themselves nobly in their terpsichorean efforts? We are grateful to the Prom Committee for their fine work. P.T.A. Entertains at Breakfast The Class Breakfast, the annual get-together directed by the P.-T. A. was held in the cafeteria. Afterwards the seniors adjourned to the Girls' gym to dance. The Breakfast marked the last social activity of the seniors. Comedy Proves Huge Success "Big Hearted Herbert" was produced on May 17. John Olson and Edward Jennette sharing the honors for the leading role of nar- row-minded Herbert Kal- ness. Glenn Schmidt showed his talent in the part of Andrew Goodrich, a young man in love with Herbert's daughter Alice, played by Jacqueline Jarman and An- gela Steilen. Herbert stren- uously objected to their marriage and only through the cleverness of Mrs. Kal- ness, portrayed by Berna- dene Bayston and Virginia Rose. was matrimony ar- ranged. Others that assisted in making the play a success were: Fred Willson and Henry Dillon, the son who wants to go to college against his father's wishes: Irving Johnson as Robert Kalness: June Demblon and Lucille Hewitt as Amy Lawrence: Bob McAllister as Jim Lawrence: Virginia Engstrom as Mrs. Good- rich: Robert Pellican as Mr. Goodrich: and Miss Phil- brick, the teacher who di- rected the students. New Assistant Principal Comes Mr. Albert Goodrich came from Marshall High School to take over the duties of assistant principal. Mr. Goodrich has effici- ently organized classes and made our system of records concise and uniform. Last Semester in Amundsen February l marked the beginning of the end for the graduating seniors. Their four years were rapidly drawing to a close and they planned to enjoy fun and work to the utmost. They looked forward to the end of high school days-each with his own memories and plans for the future. LEAVING To the strains of the Pro- cessional the Class of 1935 marched to their places in Lane Auditorium. Herta Kracher and Jacqueline Jar- man as valedictorian and salutatorian honored Amundsen b y presenting speeches worthy of our class and school. Don Burk- hardt presented the class gift. Mr. Bell distributed diplomas to the graduates as they passed across the stage in their caps and gowns. Good Turnout for Fair Tours The students were privi- leged to attend "A Century of Progress" with their ,teachers at a special ad- mission charge of 5 cents on October 18. Students visited the outstanding ex- hibits of the Fair, the Ex- position serving as the day's classroom for many. Special tours were ar- ranged for those interested in Mathematics, Science and Literature. After the tours the groups dashed to the Streets of Paris, the Italian Village and the Globe Theatre. Although Jupe Pluvius favored us with a bit of rain, we made the most of the visit, the last for many of us. Vikings Lose League Lead What a game! I mean, of course. the one with Lake View. We lost. but the thrill of seeing our boys on the DePaul field lighting their best for Amundsen made up for the disappoint- ment. The cheering shook the stands and was heard a mile away as the ball shifted from one team to the other. The game ended with a score of 6-O in favor of Lake View. ROOT STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1935 VIKING Special Rates to Amundsen Students and Their Families 185 NORTH WABASH AVENUE CORNER LAKE STREET STATE O1 1 3 SUITE 3 1 O '12 X my F .1 :F Y 1 i L 1 , S Mi' H 41 f - sr' ONLY AUTOPOINT GIVES YOU THIS DATENTED MECHANISM THAT ALWAYS WORKS Make Your Writing Easy With the Only Pencil With the Wobble-Proof' GR IP-TIP ANY stationer will tell you why mechanical pencil users stick to AUTOPOINT and Realite pencils! Tl1ey're the only pencils with the unique "Grip-Tip" that holds leads in place. This Grip-Tip keeps leads from sliding out. They can't twist. They can't wobble. 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Clark St. 1565 Sherman Ave., Evanston DeVry -l-all4ie Units ln the leading Universities and l-ligh Schools ol America including Amundsen l'-ligh School HERMAN A. DE VRY, Inc. 1111 CENTER STREET CHICAGO MURPHY DRESS SUIT COMPANY 159 NORTH STATE STREET CAPS AND GOWNS TO HIGH SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES Dlffbxrborn 9735 PATRONS Dr. Wm. F. Kangas 2001 Montrose Ave. ' Dentist Lincoln Sq. Carb. 25 lgn. Co. 4947 N. Western Ave., Sun, 2228 Specialized Service Lin-West Service Station 4945 N. Western Ave. Greasing-Tires Damen-Poster Garage 5125 N. Damen Ave. Edgewater 1334 Arlin Garage, Ed. Peltz 4926-32 Lincoln Ave. Batteries, Storage, Washing A. Pritzche's Bakery 2458 Montrose Ave. Quality Bakery Goods C. B. Hedstrom 5202 N. Clark sr. Shoes Bach's Grill Damen 8 Foster Service and Quality Aubrey's School Store 3. 2500 Montrose Ave. Fountain Lunch Whitacre 4700 N. Damen Ave. School and Model Airplane Supplies Badger '65 Eakin 4703 N. Western Ave. Stationery and Oflice Supplies New Deal Grocery 2602 Lawrence Ave. Edgewater 7310 Mortensen Brothers 4703 N. Damen Ave., Longbeach 4948 Meats 8 Poultry Stodden's Pharmacy Poster fd' Lincoln Ravenswood 3502 Emil P. Rauschert 4800 N. Damen Ave. Prescription Druggist Stone Auto Sales, Inc. 4940 N. Western Ave.-Rav. 0774 We Buy, Sell or Trade Lincoln Sq. Motors 4938-40 N. Western Ave.-Rav. 7722 Repairs Y5 Storage Damen-Ainslie Garage 4927-35 N. Damen Ave. Washing, Greasing, Storage, Repairing Paul's Auto Service 5518 N. Western Ave. General Repairing Signe Carlson 1701 Foster Ave. Bakery H. Ohrwall 5202 N. Damen Ave. Shoe Craft id Repair Service Patsy's Cottage 4869 Lincoln Ave. Refreshments PATRONS Bernard Becker-Drugs 4960 N. Damen Ave. Longbeach 9566 Porter's Food Shop 55 Bakery 5252 N. Damen Ave. Longbeach 6964 G. 'ES K. Grocery, Inc. 1905 Foster Ave. Longbeach 6323 Fil1y's Quality Foods 4806 N. Damen Ave. Longbeach 0682 Sam's Barber Shop 4802 N. Western Ave. Second Floor John Belair 5204 N. Damen Ave. Da-Fo Barber Shop Vogue Jewelers 4753 N. Western Ave. Jewelry and Watch Repairing A. Fisher '55 Son 1952 Lawrence Ave. Hardware S. Swanson, Florist 2314 Lawrence Ave. Store and Conservatory Olson's Pharmacy 2435 Peterson Ave. Prescription Specialist Larry's Food Shop 5222 N. Damen Ave. With Compliments Argyle Food Shop 4945 N. Damen Ave. Longbeach 4040 The Juvenilia 4801 Lincoln Ave. Children's Department Store Jim's Barber Shop 4635 N. Damen Ave. 4 Doors South of the "L" George Tullo 5221 N. Clark St. Barber Shop Amon Smith 5224 N. Damen Ave. Ladies' and Men's Haircutting Bobzien Brothers 4825 N. Damen Ave. Jewelers Rubber Stamps 4914 Lincoln Ave. Longbeach 2165 Lincoln Sq. Recreation Co. Arthur W. Peterson. Agent 4874 Lincoln Ave. 2146 Berwyn Ave., Ravenswood 2880 Ravenswood 0200 Penn Life Insurance Co. Joseph Bergdahl 5218 N. Damen Ave. De Lo: Tailor Shop Ex-E11 Millinery At Popular Prices of 31.88 and 31.25 4613 Lincoln Ave., Mrs. Candioto F. Kaiser, Coal fd Ice 3615 N. Artesian Ave. Wellington 5836 M. Schwartz 4827 N. Damen Ave. Furrier PATRONS M. Goertz 4857 N. Western Ave. Stationery 3 Dennison's Goods Compliments of Parent-Teachers' Association Amundsen High School Bier's Gyro Lamp Shop 5244 N. Clark St. Chicago's Exclusive Lamp Store Kiesel Brothers 4870 Lincoln Ave. Meats B Groceries Blue Store 2600 Montrose Ave. Fresh Fruits id Vegetables Stephen's Quality Market 1907 Foster Ave. Longbeach 4722 Kagen's Pharmacy 5301 N. Damen Ave. Ravenswood 8269 Mayfield Ladies Apparel 4726 Lincoln Ave. Sunnyside 6326 Pershing Smart Shop 4820 N. Western Ave. Dainty Underthings-Lon. 5658 Honeysuckle Candy Shop 4612 Lincoln Ave. Homemade Ice Cream Y5 Candies Sallman Studio 5142 N. Clark St. Cap B Gown Pictures Mary-Dal Corset Shop Corsets--Lingerie-Hosiery 4603 Lincoln Ave. A Friend Congratulations to Graduates of Amundsen Calo Jewelers iff Optometrists 5405 North Clark sr. North Clark Street's Busiest Jewelers Frank's Barber Shop 5009 N. Western Ave. Expert Haircutting Swedish Bakery 4835 N. Damen Ave. Fresh Cookies Compliments of The Bowling League Amundsen High School Schillers-Lon. 7900 For Flowers 4909 Broadway at Sunnyside Rose's Your New School Store N.W. Corner Foster and Damen Father and Son Shoe Store Sports and Dress Wear 4747 Lincoln Avenue Love Beauty Salon Permanents 1949 Lawrence Ave. Sunnyside 0927 Phillip's School Store 5115 N. Damen Ave. Ravenswood 6091 Diozgmss DESIGNING Ano EFIGRAVITIG Honest effort to create and maintain a standard of comparison unequalled in the art of photo-engraving . . . With Best Wishes to the Graduates FRED KLEIN COMPANY 732-38 VAN BUREN STREET MONroe 6363 Good Printers for Over FU'ty Years. Printers of ffThe Viking" , mx, .umm ' L! 2152044 .2 '17 at ax X. ff, + . A 2 ' XR ij .pk HX: ' 4 4 H? 6393? 3 L. ff 'P 3-f ax ef? QBATGLQIBEYX QQ B 5 - ff? ff' f'

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