Amsdell Heights Junior High School - Focus Yearbook (Hamburg, NY)

 - Class of 1986

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Amsdell Heights Junior High School - Focus Yearbook (Hamburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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' - 4-f--ff-T5 - -- 4' -V-4'-----if -,,,g,'..,.. -V Y-v.-, ,-A,,,,.,.,i .V x IQMSDELIL. I-lE IG I 9"'5DEl-lef H515 -31,301-'Zvi'-I -I UR2 '1'UH,I:'3 HA V3'53HC??C3! Dll'1SI3EL.L.'S El-jrlE' I BI-IHS Ky' gvgji. jczar-an 'ISDELL HEVSIGGH11 ,gg-Sig Fi'tE'lr-l2IBlF5'l5 ESS g5l3ffl'Cl L4GIfff Q BDELJ.. HE IIB!-ITS ! 4- fe Keg GHAIIGHIMISCHDQCJL l A -1SDEL.L. I--IE Il3 II'gf W '1'f 5-5' 2hl'lSDEl.L. .gg Q. ffl . 1555" I IIEIFIG ' Sl3l-lGC'lCJl.p.g1g I if 4 I SH I AMSDELQ , I if 3 -Q-MS-f J VW 5 I ww .QMS 'f QWI' W ' IB... nu-:sn I . X I-,S I ' s :GH -A-15:1-1-fI.f'I a 'K M 5. f Sf:-1-f' S1 TIQEEEE Y W I 'll I 5252335 3DEL.I...S H 'ii UH-wx f fx Ss: HcJC1L-QSI--f 'lSDEl...L. Qixw ,bf I - 1 I Ml-IIA SGHGGLI Ql"lSDEl-L. EE H ,I -9435.6 H " A -2-MESDEI-L YYY?-XXQ 'J ' HEI BH I SCHDIK ,W-.DEL XNwsl"Y" fff I FII-1SnEl.Lg.I I , ANQQVI 5 .y w H4111-3H , sS!3l+!i Ar-ISDELL. HEI G I . , I - V1 l-lIEl"'l. SGI-elm! lAl'lSDELL. HEIGHT - ' ' , A I-IIBIE-l I SGGHCJDI Al-1SDEl.L.I HEIGHTS , f ,I GH SCHCJC-ll+4 r1SDEl.l. HEIGHTS Jr G BH G H Str'-HCI!-Z1!+qv f SDELLI HEIGHTS Ju ' HIGH: 5CHoDLH'Vwh?liG 3 DEl.l. HEIGHTS Ju 'H IGH 'Sm-.:H4c:n L.iv ,, ,ff Whether awake and alert or dreamy and drowsy, every student has one thing in common: we ally spend almost six hours a day IN CLA SS 5 E 33 Maxi Q4-A sz XXX jf ,- .,. is X 'ik Z6 'A nov! 3 - Q-mi, W ve 1 -K + 4 uf f VA, 1, ,I ,. .. gig? If i':4aa?S ' 2 2532? if 'H ug,f:'f-f K WK 1 Q Q -,X xl 1, . . Q. 5:11 2 Ss, k l-ifl 'if 5 ,QQ is -sag Y-. 2.5 As the school year draws to a close, it gives me great pleasure to extend to the student body congratulations on a job well done. Throughout the school year you have diligently attended classes, participated in numerous extra curricular and co-curricular activities and most important, gained the necessary knowledge to pass on to the next level. The ninth graders will be missed, but it is time to move on to the High School to continue the Education process. To the departing ninth grade l especially want to wish you well and hope for your continued success as you seek to complete you formal education. HTIN IPAL Truly a "school in the middle," Amsdell Heights Junior High is an important time and place in the lives of Frontier students. Strong programs in math, science, and language arts help students "polish off" the basic skills which they developed in elementary school. Exploratory programs in art, music, physical education, health, technical education, home and careers, business, foreign language, guid- ance and extra curricular activities help students learn about themselves, and try out visions of their future lives. A strong faculty and support staff provide support and direction during these critical growth years. We are excited about the growth taking place in our program at Amsdell Junior Highg We are even more excited about the growth of our students. Dr. Shands, Superintendent, Frontier Central School Courage to succeed is within your power. Remember, education is the key to many doors. Mr. Carrigg. T A S515 TAN T PRIN IPAL 4 Coming to school late, leaving early, getting a -pass to class, being re- admitted, borrowing money. finding a lost book or waiting to see Mr. Carrigg we talk to Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Capozzi or Mrs. Alien the . SE CRE TA RIAL STAFF If your locker won't open, if there's paint on the floor, if the risers need to be moved, if there's a mess in the hall or a big pile of snow in front of the door we need Mr. Flowers and the cus DIAL smrr Working hard behind the counters where we get those great salads, I f submarine sandwiches andplates of spaghetti are these friendly people who prepare and serve the mealsg standing tsitg left to right: D. Kramarozyk, M. Bruno, J. Roth. Seated left to right: L. Trost, M. Sage and J. Cote our . CAFE TE A , STAFF We all need someone to tell our problems to, someone to cheer us up, someone to have a good time with, someone to laugh and cry with, someone to plan the weekend with! We all need FR D l I WI'-fl: . 1, "'. ' o,.A. A ,mi A' H ,,:,,, mg 'Y - J '? .prix ,S g X 2 EV S gk Ex is-f 5 f 2i5iJiZff fjllw ,A 16' ,, -R 1 wif' M5272 3NHN MMW,,.ww :W According to our friend, Webster, a teacher is one who applies any manner of imparting information or skill so that students may learn. According to Amsdell studentsg "all they think about is homework", "they won't let you run in the halls", "they are grouches on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday", "some are mean but others are funny and cool"g and "you can't do nothin about them ,.... so you gotta live with TEAC A I ? isis 'YY fr, 1 ip S 1 B S W X REX M X Nxx wx X W5 Q QM 'T ae, YW Q W .+ 3 V2-lf ' ' l mv, , A two way conversation contained within your mind. A penny for your thoughts, a nickel, a dime. Knowing of your problems, hidden deep inside. Simply trying to solve them, we all need time to be ALUN X ,Q l 4 ol X ii A?-. 'bl '--a-....,,, x -5-1 slug. A iw. ,J it v 'nw-vw ,W" wsu: 2253 qu-an - .Mist GUIDAN E if Guidance Department left to right: Miss Campbell, Mr. DiPasquale, Miss Sylvis and Mr. Schoeffield 12 PHYSICAL EDUCA 0 Physical Education Department left to right: Mr. Lewis, Miss Schruefer, Miss Whiteside and Mr. Domzolski NUI? TE 0 OGY Technology Department: Mr. Fuerst, Mr. Jones, Mr. Kowalewski and Mr. Halt, special EdUCEifi0lfT l I if I Department standing left to g v right Miss Elliott Mies Q ' Parsons, Mrs, Huya, Mrsg Gleaso and Mr. Brodnioki. o W' n Seated Mrs. Lewisl Absent, Mr. Guzzino. 1 n ' n ,W , . ' ' o no oi on ,Q-pa I Q A- 2 7f'N-n A ' , A M, , fan as Die , WWW . .. 1 my , gg 4 , 2 5 'K Three, two, one, buzz and the school day is over. Some of us will head for home and some of us will still be N THE G0 z ,f , if-P, '. ,wx .' 54 6 'M Qg gM J all 5 Iii X 43 L. ' nn vs- V V n 99 10 Q i f if lf SX- o' 1 i Y ki., U 'LIFO' I h 1 s 5 ' 1 i . l 41. 'Wi U PXHIIH IUHY X C '?e,- 5 A . W . . g V 1 5' full- 11f'Z'l4"fi'fW' ' 'Ml.f:3,?-g Til if e :V ,gf e ll il W5 if li 1 , F 3' . ,Q v, ,,.ll,l,.l., ,, ,if .15 2 , f . Q. ,J '. , - .""". 1 3 qw QM?-2 1, wi - f A fi 13 i Q.. L ref, fe f , Y , i l . lllwzi w N , 'A A-an V. 1 ' . - ll M l .Ll 1 A- .M -. ww. , ' M . 7 .. Asa- ,,, .- ' gf'i'lL'3lf3!w ,,, ' ' ji I mx li fe . E !J,..,. ,, Q, l Y A A "" ' I X..--.N : ' ,H 0 ' bs E3 x , , 'w"lr" " 'I Si ,2- fl., nz? Lend ff ' ' ,Avy . . - 'l U C ...ff , H ssc X. v , l i NWN' ,-,,m,mi.5..i K , ,h G ,I K-,,-4, ,A I F- A ..,.g 1 1, -i ,Xi . ,- Wm ' t Q, "W rib., , QQ' .Ml im. I ' 1j',l'l'. w -wk. A v K, "N",-x'KCx?M-xl. , Q " " fu lmml, M?-ig 'M 'M' M -' f W- 3. 1 4- ' .Nm BIKE 1 HUM AND Home and3C3reersl Deeartrnenfl Mrs. Q , M s wimowskipangsgmrgr Ramzy. A is t s ' F REIG LANGUAGE Foreign Language Department: Mrs. Dickinson, Mrs. Mc Ananey, Mrs. Levakoff,Mrs4 Giawatz, Miss Deinhart and Mrs. Rice. D Buswsss Business Department: Mr. Markus. s SOCI L S TUDIES Social Studies Department: Standing left to right: Mr. Ryczek, Mr. McAnaney, Mr. Staebell, Mr. Giannicchl, Mr. Acanfora, Mr, Hartman, and Mr. Smeltz. Seated left to right Mr. Vara and Mr. Darvill. Absent Mr. Allen, Mrs. Fowler. Science Department: Standing left to right: Mr. Stafford, Mrs Curry, Ms. Nichols, Mr. Lehman, Mrs. Ward, Mr. Geary, Mrs. ' Kinzie, Mr. Corderman, Mrs. Cole, Mr. Hoak, Mr. Bauza, Mr. Ketchum, Mr, Black. MU IC Music Department: left to right: Mrs. Peters, Ms. Krotje, Miss Stamer, Mr. Zugger. Language Arts Department: left to right: Mrs. McAnaney, Mr. Tutuska, Mr. Fiegan, Ms. Kochan, Mrs. Jewell, Miss Riordan, Miss Gilson, Mrs. Dodd. Absent Miss Bojak, Miss Gabin, Mrs. Witt, Miss Surdi, Mrs. Zak, Mrs. Wolf, Mr. Preljeva. M273 if , A,,w3,,i,.-, sr. f.: .. -W,w,, , W!! .1 s,.f,1,.:,Q,, ,ann A lf'l.UlN UESX iS A SlGN OF A SICK liilitllll f I ' r : "5 I wt ART Art Department: Mrs. Dee. M Sipos Absent: Mrs. Bard and Mrs. ti M1 t W Mathematics Department: teft :to right: Mr. Wiegand, Mr. H MA Sipos, Mr. Steward, Mr. Jaromin, Mr. Witt, Mr. Kuczkowski, A , M Mrs. Kellogg, Mrs. Szewc. Mr. Clark, Mr. Santonocito, Mr. ' 1 Nicomento, Mr. Meyer: Absent Mr. Kankolenskr WE 'LL AL WA YS EMEMB R MOVIES BACK TO THE FUTURE ST. ELMO'S FIRE BEVERLY HILLS COP RAMBO BREAKFAST CLUB PERFORMERS Bruce Springsteen Van Halen Phil Collins Prince Madonna SUNGS 8: PERF ORMERS TAKE ON ME - A-Ha GET INTO THE GROOVE - Madonna - NEVER SURRENDER - Corey Hart GLORY DAYS - Bruce Springsteen SEPERATE LIVES - Phil Collins CLOTHING FADS Punk Hair - Big Belts - Heavy Metal Jean Jackets - Leathers Rhinestones - Pins and Bracelets Shaker Sweaters and Crop Pants New Wave - Big Shirts - Padded Shoulders TV SHOWS Miami Vice Bill Cosby Show Dynasty Cheers Family Ties SA YINGS Hey Dude Get A Life What's Up? Not Much Party Hardy lDo it Upl Have A Good One FRESHMEN FRESHMEN e fi l John Abram Carl Abramo IE V I Charlene Backus Kim Marie Bagley Jeffrey Allen Patricia Appenheimer Joan Arkins Todd Baker David Antonio Nicole Aquino like Tracy Arena Mark Baldelli FRESHMEN l l i Michael Ball Lee Barrett Jessica Barrus Steven Bartus l t. ' Cliff Beaumont Christina Becker Donald Bedard Alexander BGKO Rebecca Belesovski Bryan Bielec Jackie Biellak Jennifer Birach is B TNOVUSS Bishop Carrie Blackowski Sheila Blowers Gretchen Boehm FRESHMEN Frank Bogulski Patrick Booth Linnette Boric Kevin Bowell Adam Bozek Scott Breslin Christian Buchholz Jason Brainard Brandy Bratek Christopher Braun Dean Britton Wilfred Brown Christopher Brylaski Buckley Patricia Sara Bukkosy Tracy Burke FRESHMEN Liberio Butera Cheryl Bykowicz Vicki Cappara Jennifer Carey David Carson Scot Catherwood Jeanne Chilcott Karen Chorazak 3 -is David Chorazak Amy Christiano Anthony Cirincione Keith Clark FRESHMEN X3 . 5 1. Kyle Clark Josette Cocklin Lisa Comstock Catherine Connor ,E , ' 'v N., V - 'PQ X4 fi x f iff -FA James COf1SlBf1lif1O Pamela Corsi Patricia Crandall Cheryl Crawley 1 Kathryn Croad Allison Crosta Robin Curry Ellen Czuprynski DGIWS DHBOH Jamie Daly Tammra Dearmyer Ann Marie Decarlo -ff2'S , fig FRESHMEN Shannon Delaney I Dann DeLaFlosa James Todd DeMario Melanee Dermont Donald Detwiler David Dietrich Debie DlFiglia Laura Dingeldey Jackie Doherty Patrick Donaldson John Doty Christopher Doyle Janine DeMario Louis DeFlavio Brenda Dombrowski Michelle Drewiega FRESHMEN .Beverly Dubel Greg Durrett Terrance Eagan Colleen Eagan -new-if Joseph Eckman Leo Eckman Wendy Edmunds Susan Edwards Mark EHGFS Renee Ellirlg Teresa Erdley Joe Emsi FRESHMEN ' l Kimberly Evanoff Wendy Felser Danielle Ferro Kristen Ferro .li F 1 lerr Karen Fieldsa Maureen Finn Dana Fiorella Eric Fisher P ig- Ffh, e N, .fe Carmen Flores Deborah Foerster Richard Foit William Forringer 5. ik William Frank William Fritz Maria Fuentes FRESHMEN l Lenny Gasiewicz Colleen Gegenfurtner Jeremiah Giron Cindy Gombos 1 Paul Gasiewicz Elliott Gaske James Gassman Todd Gemberling Kimberly Gerace Michael Gilcrist Danny Gizzi Joseph Gleason Joseph Glose Raymond Gomolka Tammy Goodberry ' Tammy Goodier FRESHMEN Michelle Gorman Mark Gray EriC Greene Mark Gregoire Tammy Green Carrie Greene Tina Grekulak Janice Grosse Michael Gutekunst James Hacic Chfisfophef Hall Frank Halvorsen John Haffner Cary Hagedorn Stephen Hanitz Kyle Hanson FRESHMEN Jason Harrington Raymond Hauser Lars Harstad Lynn Hartel Lisa Hatch Marcie HaWkS Timothy Hens Alex Hermann Christopher Hindle Michael Horucy Lisa Hirsch Kathleen Holi Tami Hoopsick Jennifer Hovey Jennifer Huber Jeffrey Hueber FRESHMEN Rachel Hughes Valerie Hughes Jennifer Hutchison Chester Isaacs Lynn Hunter Tammy Isaacs Scott Jackisch me Craig Jackson Erik Hutchison Aaron Iwayczko Carrie Jackson Gerry Jackson FRESHMEN K ,M4-.ww.wMfww-.,,.-A K Jeffrey Jankowski Michelle Jastremski Ann Jemiolo Jacquelyn Johns Jon Jones Steven Jovanovski Julie Kaczor James Kane Marlene KSPUZZ-1 Paul Karpik Marc Kawa liorie Kazmierczak Christine Kelly Daniel Kelly Tracy Kelly FRESHMEN Jocelyn Kester Shannon Klein Suzanne Kij Michael King 1 ig A X Heather Klice Dawn Knisely Gregory Koester Lisa Kogut Susan Kolpack Tina Kowal Gloria Kozub Loretta Krampen Renee Klawon Kenneth Kocialski David Korzkowski Jennifer Krencik FRESHMEN Jason Kuczkowski Jeff KVQSQG Audra Kr0ll John Kruszka David Kuntz Michael Kurucz Ricky KUYUCY Robert Lasko James Lapenna Michael LaRosa Tina Lassick Jodee Laufer FRESHMEN Cindy Lee Jeremy Leo Kristen Lewandowski James Lewis L Nicole Lichata Sue Lipinski Tony Lippacher Kenneth L0n9 Lisa Lowman Stephen Lowman Jeffrey Luczak Scott Lyons 'K Cheryl Mack William Mackey Michael MacTurk John Maloney l 37 FRESHMEN Debbie Marenovic Laura Markiewicz Christine Marrelli Laura Marriott K l ,X Keri Marlin Jennifer Masterman Scott Mastrobattista Cristina Masucci slits k EX ' J - pa J e Robert Maila Erik Matwiikow Jennifer Mavrek William Mazgaj 4 -e R Bonnie McAndrew Timothy McCann David McCarthy Jennifer McConvey FRESHMEN Peter McCormick Timothy McKinney Kevin McMahon Dan McNaughton Stephanie McVitty Paul Mecozzi Lisa Meli Thomas Menton Debra Meyer Sherry Meyer Mark Miller Brad Mohan Donna Mohr Michael Moldoch Robert Molnar Robert Morgan FRESHMEN David Morrison Robert Mullins Jeanette Mutka Linda Mutka J Richard Myers Thomas Nappa Christina Nellist Michael Newman Marie Nice Maria Nicoloif Beth Noeller Michelle Noody Laura Mutka Julie Nash Connie Niedermeier Jason North FRESHMEN David Nowak Mark Nunciato Brian O'ConneII Marin O'ConneII S fe Bernedett O'Connor Kelly O'Dell Cynthia Olejniczak Joseph Orsene Jeffery Paluch ViCki P8fffidQe Heather Paterson Michael Patko FRESHMEN his P Cassandra Paulson Kristen Pawloski K I Carmen Persico Deborah Persico Jennifer Peitis Dawn Phillips Tim Pike Jerry Poplin . ffl, k'w.Mv ir, D A Diane Pearson Lori Pelow hx. " Amy Peterson Dorothy Petrov Frances Pierino Suzanne Pike Dennis Povlak Laura Prendergast FRESHMEN Charles Pristach Anthony Puglisi Kathryn Rath Cindy Rausch , x tl 'L 'A il Amy Reed Kerry Reisch Thomas Rizzo Mark Robinson Keith Purcell Jasen Quinn Joseph Rayburg Ann Marie Redmond William Renowden Nicole Richardson Terry Robinson Kelly Rogers FRESHMEN Lena Fioilins Amy Romaszko James Roorda Linda Root Christian Ross JoAnn Ross Richard Rosso Michael Rost .SQ ,i""""'f- Julie Rowsell Jennifer Royce Greg Rudnicki Flgberi Rush FRESHMEN Jamie Ryan Linda Sattler Michael Scheffler Jon Scholl Carol Salisbury Deborah Sauer Jason Schinzel David Schultz , Carl Sanchez David Sattler Tami Savage Dustin Scheffler Paul Schmidt Tracey Schmidt Kim Schumacher Jeff Schutt FRE SHMEN VET! Michael Scinta Jennifer Seibert Julie Sentz Maribeth Sermak Scott Shaffer Debbie Shannon Vincent Shattuck Tracey Shatzel B W ,Al Sue Ann Shealy Michael Siener Martin Siesto Kevin Simon 'T K Todd Sipos Andrea Skalski Brenda Smith David Smith' FRESHMEN Gary Smith Tricia Snyder Dominic Sorrentino Jeffrey Sorrenrino William Steele James Stetfan Scott Stockton Karen Sturm James Stworzydlak Amy Sucharski Molly Sullivan Carolyn Surdyk a Rebecca Suto Derek Swartz David Szarowicz Dawn Szewczyk FRESHMEN f , -my 1 1' , Q T lyei . Jennifer Szymanski Robin Tabone Georgianna Tasseff Tiffany Tates Tami Taylor Michele Teed Sharon Tirado Michelle Tonnies Daryl Toporek Chris Tripp Cathy Troldl Brian Ulrich wk . gi? f i .ir xi l v e T Nicole Valerio Kim Valois Pamela Vanghel Paul Waddy FRESHMEN 'H 'K-, . Y Q N 1 Erin Wade Michael Wahl Susan Walczak Julie Walsh Linda Wappman Jennifer Wasmund Jennifer Wasnock Rachel Weaver l Joey Weber Kelly Weed J 3 l if Thomas Weise - Rhonda Weiskerger FRESHMEN Sean Weller Theresa Wenk Michelle West sf Tracy Wetherby Lisa Wisiorek Jason Wood Laura Woodworlh Tammy Wrzosek Marcia Westphal Elena Wichlacz Mindie Wohciechowski Ex r 3 . K., 23.1 1 David Wyant FRESHMEN Kathaleen Wycoki Joseph Yelen Kim Zeches Michael Zglinicki Jennifer Ziobro David Zoerb xfnlki ,Cr X 1 ff' if 'gb 5 xxx ev Qi , Q egg 5 se Christopher Young Christopher Young Est? Michele Ziemba Cheryl Zimmer CAMERA SHY Timothy Burgess Deanna Emmerling Mary Kijanka Jay Lopez Ronald Osika In loving memory of Crystal Bradley and Marie Nice Those you met have been given the most special gift you could ever give--yourselves You filled our hearts with a warmth that only few possess Your caring and understanding gave us a true definition of love and friendship We ll always remember the good times that we had together Your memory will remain forever with all of those hearts you touched, for you could never be forgotten We love you' Dawn Kmsely , H 7' , 4 . . . , we WX I V 1 X 'X 2 gfglf ' Y ' . ' ' Q1:,,+"' 321-"N -Q -.V ' V ff J K ' . ' I 'ff' .Q 5 ' - " A . : ixrff 49'-f -1- ' ' 1'SyN"?"1' K ' 4 ' 'I - - 7 . 3 ' ' ' ' ' I--' . Ypqi 92 'K Q " 5- wk st ' - rj 1 A 6 r M: , . X .mtl - 1 : -Q . ' M J -L' I X Tb ' if - f . , -x A ,r - ' ' 7' an '-.' . . il A V , 1 I K I Ai. . WE 'LL AL WA YS EMEMBER LOCKERS Too small for all our stuff They reek from forgotten fruit Pictures of our friends Mirrors, cmbs, etc. Notes stuck in the vents THE CAFE TERIA A break from classes Time to gossip Moochers Mr. Carrigg 81 his STP clipboard Teachers cutting ahead of you in line THE HALL5 Hello Hi Hello Hi Hello Homeroom Time Getting your books dropped for you Mr. Darviil and his yardstick Cruising the halls before homeroom GYM CLASS The never ending mile Locker stench "Push ups" Look at my hair! Co-ed is excellent STUDY HALL5 Boring. Boring. Boring. Catching up on the ZZZZ'S Passing notes Homework is done - tell Ripley Trying to get a pass to get out 'vi-,.,,! x xv vbrfj gh I John Allen John Almasi Marge Altiok Ann Alves Christopher Amadori Michael Amarante Alan Antos Richard Archie Thomas Bacon Frank Balester Thomas Ballard Craig Bannister Timothy Bantie Jason Barone David Barr Michael Barringer Cheryl Basinski Brooke Batterson Bonnie Battleson Jason Battleson Michael Bauer Teri Ann Baxter Gerald Beamish Azra Becirovic 8th GRADE N. 'fw 8th GRADE M 8 X HW 5 Susan Becker Tracey Beckwith Richard Bednarz Evan Beko David Bell Gary Bence David Beres Cynthia Bernhard Amy Best Kimberly Bielec Anthony Blaze Joseph Boerschig Robin Borowski Kevin Bosiacki Joseph Boyer Laurie Bracci Crystal Bradley Dawn Bradley Tim Braymiller Melanie Brown Raymond Brown Thomas Brown Laura Bukkosy Lester Burke Patrick Burke Dennis Burrows Jeremy Bus Sheila Bush Darlene Cackovich Mark Calveric Colleen Carmody Lisa Carter Justin Cary Amy Castillo Rebecca Cebulski Daniel Cecala Stacy Cheriss Kevin Christie Pat Cicarella Christopher Cieslo Scott Cidello Michelle Clifford Krista Clohessy Barbara Cobb Kathleen Cole Kevin Connolly Peter Connolly Shawn Connolly 8th GRADE 8th GRADE Kristopher Convissar Shawn Conway Anthony Coppola Eva Courtney Jennifer Coyne Thomas Croad Nicole Curcio Jonathan Cylka Gregory Czaika Connie Czaplicki Ronald Czaplickl Jacob Czuba Melanie Davidson Paul DeMaria Kathryn DeOca Martin DeOca Denise Desjardins Amy Dibb Jacqueline Dinan Julianne Donaldson Paul Dowdall Steven Drewiega Jeffrey Dycha Michele Dylik Stacy Dziak Steven Eckert Dawn Eggleston Jonathan Ehret Brian Emel John Emmerling Kenneth Engasser Terri Erickson Brandon Evancho Jacey Ferro James Fessel Michael Figiel Scott Filipetti James Finch Melissa Fiorella Ronald Fisher Timothy Foley Auria Fuentes Lory Galczynski Tracie Gallagher Dawn G-alovich Yolanda Gambino John Garra Dennis Gawlak 8th GRADE l l l l . lv 8TH GRADE Tracy Gearhart Patricia Geary Joseph Gill Sean Girard Donald Giordano Colleen Gleason Kelly Gleason James Glose Brenda Gorthy Suzette Goupil Maria Gregg Christine Gretka Christopher Griffin Jeanette Grimmer Kellie Grogan Tara Grohman William Gutkowski Brian Gwitt John Hallman Michelle Haren Robin Hanitz James Hart Michelle Hart Arthur Hartel Robert Hasenoehrl Nicole Hauret Rodd Heaton James Heinemann Daniel Herlehy Charles Hermann Jason Herrington Sherry Hetsko Eric Hlndle Michelle Hooper Nicole Hooper Richard Horne Lisa Horton Douglas Huston Michael Ihlenfeld Dawn lmiola Beth Ismael Lenny lwanenko Nancy James Stephen Jemiolo Allan Jones Eric Jordan Carol Joyce Thomas Jurek 8th GRADE f Wx 1 . . MW, ,,,4,,W.:,,,,, ,A,,WA, 1 4S4f,Ayn:..,,1: 434- , ' ff' s1,l .X ,. if J, Ay. f' , eyy I ssrr 8th GRADE John Kalinski Jason Kane Jeffrey Kane Paul Karelus Linda Kasperek David Kawa Debra Kellogg Kathleen Kelly Patricia Kelly Peggy Kenney Kelly Kingsland Scott Kirkpatrick Laurel Kitchen Joseph Klawon Mark Knihinicki Melinda Koch Michael Kocialski Jennifer Kogut Christopher Kowal James Kramer Karin Kraus Patrick Krause Roxanne Krautsack Rebecca Kremers 61 Thomas Kresconko Steven Krohn Matthew Kromke Amu LaFave Daniel Lake Julie Lang James LaPaglia David Larivey Mary Lau Danny Lawn Dawn Lawrence Shawn Leatherbarrow Daniel Lehmann Patrick Lepsch Joseph Lewis Heather Lindstrom James Loncher Michael Lopez Brenda Ludlow Brent Ludlow Mary Lutz Julie Machelski Brian Mackey Jamie Macri 8th GRADE l 8th GRADE Q Melissa Malicki Tracy Manning Melissa Marks Lynn Martin Doreen Martinez Shelly Mason Dana Matwijkow Michelle May Jason McCabe Loretta McClelland Katherine McConvey Candice McCoy William McCully Dennis McDonald Brian McDonnell Carrie McGee Kathlyn McGreevy Molly McGreevy Michele McKee Dawn McKeown Paul McKinney Brian McLaughlin Jodi McManigIe Brian McNamara Rebecca McPhaiI Robert Mendlewski Jennifer Mendola Michael Mescall Deanna Michalek Todd Michalak Jennifer Miller William Mitchell Thomas Mohan Gary Morris John Morrisey Tara Mouw Craig Mott Melissa Mueller Julie Mruk John Mulkern Julie Muller Carrie Murawa Dawn Murray Amy Myers Peter Neal Cory Neaverth Steven Newmann Daniel Nowak 8th GRADE J ' X 8th GRADE Jacqueline Nowak Eric Nussbickel Kathryn Oaks Tina O'Brlen Amy Obstarczyk Colleen Oczek Michael Odell Jessica Okie Emir Omerhodzic James O'Neill Joseph Opiela Christopher Osika Ronald Pace Michele Padegomis Danae Parent Mark Parise Deanna Partis Christopher Patton Michael Paul Rosanna Pellicano Nicole Pelsey Marie Petrillo Frederick Petry Misty Phelan X 65 Kristie Phillips Scott Phillips Denine Piazza Stephen Pielecha Donna Pienta Wendy Pillar Steven Piotrowski Michael Poorten Deborah Portka Vincent R. Przywara Cheryl Racine Thomas Raczka Theresa Ratka Jesse Rausch Daniel Rechlin Jeffrey Reed Carrie Reeves Kimberly Regis Lisa Reiber Bruce Reid Carl Remery Michael Ring John Ring Terrance Roberts 8TH GRADE 8th GRADE Joy Rohauer Kimberly Rollek Anthony Ross Thomas Rosolowski Heather Rubeck Jennifer Rukavina Karen Rush Laura Russell Scott Russell Christopher Russo Ann Rybarczyk Lynn Rybarczyk Frank Saia Daniel Salerno Karen Salisbury Jean Sanchez Rebecca Sarick David Sass Timothy Sauda Kelly Scanlon Jason Scheffler Andrea Schilano Mary Schiferle Troy Schinzel Kevin Schnepp Tracy Schrecengost Jason Schultz Maria Schumacher Salvatore Sciolino Matthew Scozzaro Gregory Sell Tamara Sell Annemarie Sermak Lisa Shagott Jennifer Sibiga Angela Simino Jeft Simons Jennifer Sitarek Jennifer Skop Melinda Slater Susan Smith Anne Marie Smolkovich f Juliet Soda Marilyn Solinski Chad Soto Joseph Spicola Anthony Spino Amy Sreniewski 68 8th GRADE ,wan 8TH GRADE W W IT' Kim Steinbacher Ftenne Stiefler Karen Stone Terry Strawbrich Stephanie Sturgell Brenda Sullivan Luke Sullivan Susan Sullivan Thomas Sullivan Timothy Sullivan Robert Suttell Tammy Swahlon V Richard Switzer Todd Szakall Lisa Szpara Todd Szyper Satir Tanevski Sharon Tarabula Bonnie Taylor Michael Taylor Steven Terry Timothy Texter Jennifer Tezanos Keith Thurnherr David Tokarczyk Shawn Torsell Stanley Tracz Theresa Ungaro Lisa Utala Donald Vail Marybeth Velasquez Charles Vitello Andrew Wagner Gerard Wagner Cynthia Waleczak Jeff Walker Eric Walsh Shawn Walsh Jacqueline Ward Molly Ward Melissa Warnes Matthew Weaver Erica Weber Gregory Webster Michael Weibel Christopher Weiskerger Robert Weller Karen Wertz 8th GRADE ff' 'f " K f X f 8th GRADE Thomas West Joseph Wetzier Howard Widman Rebecca Wiencek Thomas Wilkins Scott Wilson Scott Wind David Wohlabaugh Donald Woodworth Colleen Wright Suzette Wright Raymond Wylie Shawn Wyman Joseph Yurchak Lisa Zanelottie Kenneth Zeches Brett Zoerb CAMERA SH Y Paul Adamczyk WE 'LL AL WA YS REMEMBER OUR NEW SCHOOL Like a jail Scary at first Great! Except ninth graders a bother More freedom! Just another school OUR NEW TEACHERS Too much homework Most nice and funny too! Team teaching is great Some talk about boring stuff forever Some are mean! OUR NEW SCHEDULE Day goes by fast Better than sitting in one classroom all day Get to know more people! Easier than expected No single file lines! OUR NEW CLASSES Confusing! Great set up Eight periods better than seven Switching every forty minutes keeps you moving Hecticl Rushing all the time OUR NEW FRIENDS Great! Many more friends Meet new kids from other schools Friends! There's too much fighting! Girlfriends! Boyfriends! W- Debbie Abramo Kathleen Allexenberg Jessican Andrasko Jason Andreetf Aaron Antes Vinette Aquino Marc Arena Chad Ashberry Michael Austin Kevin Bacon John Bagley Lynn Baker Aprile Bannister Joseph Barbic Michele Barten Eric James Battleson Kim Marie Beamish Denise Beaumont Jada Becker Timothy Beckwith Anthony Bell Richard Belsenich Keith Benedict Michael Berta John Biddlecom Jan Marie Bielman Michele Blowers Merin Boehm Matthew Bower Steven Bozek Michael Bratek Flobert Brinkworth Nicole Brokob Glynniss Brown Vincent Bruscia Francis Buccella 7TH GRADE 5 7TH GRADE 'krmhmt 1 A Jie sr Andrew Buehler Christina Bukaty Michele Burke Kenneth Burzynski James Butera Melanie Butler Eric Butyneski Tammy Caldwell Kelly Capozzi Christopher Carlson Amy Carmody Karl Carnevale Janice Carter ' Brendan Casey Shannon Cerne Jason Chadwell Anthony Chihanik Kevin Chmura Cara Christiano Jenifer Christiano Melanie Cichocki Shawn Clancy Gregory Cline Domenick Colosimo Kevin Conmy Juliet Constantino Steven Cooper Gregory Courtney Tara Courtney Carl Craig Kenneth Craig Christopher Cramer Roger Crane Terri Craver Thomas Craver Rachael Cronin Chad Cuddihy Jennifer Dabolt ,tephanie Dahlberg Amy Daigler Fiichard Dase Patricia Davis Cindi Dean William Dennis James DeWitt Tracy Dowdall Kevin Drabek Denise Dreyer Thomas Ducato Brian Duggan Wendy Dussa Gail Eagen Paul Eckert Jason Eich William Emhof Frank Emich Francis Emmerling Jonathan Emmick Kathryn Engle Dawn Engler Erin Erker Belinda Evancho Katharine Farrell Julie Farrington Cherly Felser Cynthia Felser Flocheile Fennie Erik Ferro Susan Fiegel Michelle Fllipiak 7TH GRADE xiii? we A , 'LK V Q 'ix fl 1 E k 1 Z 7TH GRADE WEy? sw ff salts sg J if sg is we ,V L g is . 1 .. A K, ix if s Us Q rs Q ia., Q il. , . si Thomas Finn James Fisher Shannon Fitzery Jason Flick ,fames Foerster Joseph Fox Barbara Fritz Keith Fronczak John Fruchtel Stacy Fruth George Fruchtel Ronnie Fuentes Craig Fugua Daryl Gallineau Anna Gambino Lisa Gasbarre Mark Gasiewicz Jenna Gaske Janine Giles Thomas Gleason Eugene Glinski Luci Anne Gott Kristen Gray Sabrina Gray Barbara Gretka Lynn Grogan Renee Gutkowski Sandra Hammond Robert Harmon Brandon Haxton Sharon Heigl Michael Heintz Lisa Henrich Kimberly Herrick Cindy Hesslink Colleen Higgins Michael Hine Martin Hoak Lynn Hodson Rosemary Hodson Jeffrey Holi William Holody Cory Hofschneider Caryn Huflord Holly Hughes Jennifer Hughes Rebecca Hughes Janna Hummel Stacey lddings Scott lvett Scott lwanenko Kimberly Janus David Jaskowski Joseph Jelenovic Amy Jones Marcie Jones Karri Johnson Paul-Jason Judd Philip Juzdowski Caroline Kashino Faith Kassan Brian Kazmierczak Christopher Kehn Elizabeth Keipper Brian Kennedy James Kiimowicz Kevin Knapich Matthew Koch Matthew Kochan Jennifer Koester Andrew Kogut Lynne Kohlmeier 7TH GRADE yiiwii' Mgr -iwwmzq liildnsff' 'lhwumupuw ixg A f X .......,..,...-f--Y f and A X .E ,Q f' ' rr I L KN , . Ki, Q sg .i gi it , . . ' S' 7TH GRADE .se . 2 if' 2 as fs X QQP YRR' t x it va 'i Q55 ww gm t at X , ss Q if ,t J N M X i f s :W 5 iff.. -f ,,..-. ass .Q may si , V .. i if' P U it , i ri S' Q K L 0 :wg ft? 51 txt Egger 'S 4' Wim 4 , gs J' V wtf , P W Q .,,. 'WK t if ' J. ,i - X , t SQ I N NYJ 'Q X5 K wi' if K I Brian Koltuniak Lynn Kompinski Keith Koralewski Lea Kosanovich Thomas Kowal Maureen Krencik Nichol Krencik Lisa Kromer Brian Kromke Pau! Kubala Joshua LaPenna Joseph Larosa James LaSanta David Leaskey Jennifer Litwinski Jeffrey Loft Kelly Loiacano Steven Losel Giulio Macchioni Jennifer Mackey James Madeja David Marco Joseph Marinaccio Heather Marriott Robert Marriott Brian Mastrangeio Joseph Matia Donald Maue Tammy McCabe Kevin McCabe Jay McCann Joseph McClelland Donald McGreevy Robert McKinney Terry McKinney Jennifer McNaughton Sharon Meli David Mendlewski Kenneth Meyer Robert Michaloski Ann Miller Joseph Miller Michelle Minkiewicz Lori Molnar Brian Moore James Moran Maureen Morgan Robert Morrisey Steven Mrozek Tricia Muller Jay Nappo Stephanie Natello Norman Noody William Novara Geralsine Nowak Christopher Nunciato Joy Nunciato Nicole O'Connor Ursula Orsene Jason Palmer Thomas Patterson Daniel Patton Sherri Pelonero Christopher Penn Eric Penn Eric Persons Joelle Pierscinski Robert Piwko Shelly Pochran Doreen Porpora Christopher Porter Dale Porter Keith Povlak Vincent Pupo Colleen Quinn Renal Raczka Matthew Raines April Randles Shawna Ransom James Ratka David Rauscher Michael Reed Kathryn Regan Keith Reger Scot Reichlin Thomas Reiter Tina Ribarich Christopher Robinson Nichole Rogalski Daniel Rosney Julie Rothermel Amanda Royce Lisa Russell Lynette Russo Tina Salemann Stephen Sarick Donald Sauer Kerri Scanlon Robert Schiller Jennifer Schintzius Heidi Scholl Kimberly Schrubb Marc Schultze Melanie Schumacher Carl Schvveikert Phillip Sell Jacquelyn Sentz Jeffrey Shealy Daniel Sheehy Kevin Sheff Jennifer Sibiga Tracy Sloan Ann Smith Jeffrey Smith James Sowinski Mihelle Sperl Jeanne Spino Jill Sreniawski Kathleen Stadler Deanna Stevens Timothy Stegner Margaret Strawbrich Brian Strozewski Matthew Stuart Matthew Suarez Shawn Sullivan Stephen Sweeney Kristen Szalasny Daniel Sczcublewski Richard Szarowicz Melisa Szematowicz Amv Takacs Geoffrey Tasseff Taysha Teed Lisa Telesco Todd Tenhagen Valerie Thomas Mark Tomasula Mary Jo Tonnies Adam Trawinski Cynthia Udagawa Marcos Udagawa Lori Vail Laura Vandenbergh 7TH GRADE .ti ' V 5 f, K xlfgligwtfiil t new gk .I ,,:...,,N . ,..-.. Q, J , ghisgiafizgsfi ltll- , ,le rr f-Ft. 7TH GRADE Daniel Velasquez David Vogl John Vogl Christopher Wagner Kimberly Wall Susan Walterich Christopher Ward Douglas Warthling Timothy Ward Allen Weeks Jennifer Weeks Derek White Thomas Whiteman Traci Wicinski Matthew Williams Sandy Williams Nathan Wilson William Windsor Brett Witkowski Steven Yekich Jonathan Yoviene Paul Zak Rachel Zakowski Melissa Zawisa Karen Zielinski Amy Zimmerman Lori Ziobro Jennifer Zukowski CAMERA SHY SCOTT DONOVAN LYNN DOWNEY LYNN SZALKOWSKI .-13' WE 'LL AL WA YS REMEMBE PRACTICE Drills! Drills! Drills! Tiring Harder than games No fans Long days COACHES Tough Yell a lot Know everything Need patience Never give up LUSING Means harder practices Expect a lecture Try harder Not as good as winning Disappointment WINNING Feels good Makes all-the work worthwhile Congratulte the other team Better than losing Relieved! BUS TRIPS Loud Food Wars Long' Too hot or too cold Three in a seat I IIE' 1 ATIHILETKC ATHLETICS B0 YS CROSS COUN TR Y The Boys Cross-Country team's seventh graders placed first in the Grand island Alden and Amsdell meets and placed second in the Sweet Home meet The team s eighth graders placed second in the Alden meet and placed fourth in the Grand island, Amsdeil and Sweet Home meets The Boys Cross Country team is coached by Mr Domzalski. Standing L to Fl: B. Mitchell, B. McDonnell J Emmick E Jordan J North D Warthling J Yurchak Coach Domzalski. Kneeling L to Ft: A. Weeks M Stuart K Bacon M Bratek F Emmerling K Chmura T Ward GIRLS CROSS- COUN TR Y This year's Girls Varsity Cross- Country Team went undefeated, 14- 0, in the E.C.l.C. meets for the sec- ond year irl a row. They also took first place in the Orchard Park invi- tational and third place at the Cla- rence lhvitational. The team went on to take the Section Vi, Class A title for the second year in a row. At the state meet at Binghampton, New York, they placed fourth and at the prestigious Federation meet on Long island they took tenth place out ofthe thirty-two top teams from all of New York State. Top Row: S. Shealy, D. Marenovic. Bottom Row: J. McConvey, J. Nash, J. Chilcott. Missing: P. Buckley, D. Erigler, H. Marriott, J. Schintzius. GIRLS MODIFIED CRUSS- C OUN TR Y These girls helped the modified cross-country team with a very top runners consistently. l 0 IFIED SWIM TEAM The Modified Swim Team coached by Ms. Wendy Whiteside swims 14 meets during their season. The events consist of 2, 4, or 8 lengths oi the pool in freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, or butterfly. There is also a diving event where each performs 4 dives oi their choice. fl.eft to righti Back row standing: M. Sullivan, T. Baker, M. Kromke, C. Gegenfurtner imgr.l, T. Gemberling, K. Purcell, M, Moldoch, T. Cirincione, J. Wood, J, Brainerd, T. l-lens, L. Sullivan, J. Heuber. Kneeling: J. Hutchison, D. Mendlewski, T. Shatzel, M. Wojciechowski lMgr.l, B. Taylor, T. Gallagher, M. Shiferle qMgr.J, S. Walczak fMgrl sifting: D. wagner, J. Miner uvigini, P. Neal, D. Patron, c. vireiio qivigri. Absent from photo: M. eiicrrst, L. i-ienrrch, AI Jones, C. McCoy. successful season. Both girls were ln picture: Dawn Engler, Cindi Dean ATHLETICS GIRLS SOCCE The 1985 Girls Soccer team finished the season with a 4-1 record. The teams played Sweet l-lame, Am- herst, and Clarence. Captains for the team this year were Linda Wapp- man and Cheryl Bykowicz. First Row: Belinda Evan- Cho, Nicole Hooper. Sag ond Row: Lisali-lenrlch, Janine Dlmario, Tracy Kelly, Debbie Sauer, Linda Wapp- man, Jennifer Coyne. Third Row: Julie Mruk, Dawn Murray, Jessie Andrasko, Tammy Green, Allison Crosta, Terri Robinson, Jennifer Krehcik, Erin Wade, Tammy Vvrzosek. Fourth Row: Suzette Wright, Traci Gallagher, Ju- lie Donaldson, Marla Gregg, Michelle May, Mary Beth Velasquez, Candice Mc- Coy, Gheryi Bykowicz, Amy Carmody. S MODIFIED BASKETBALL This year's modified basketball team, coached by Mr. Lewis, saw fifty boys try out, ot which sixteen made the team. This year's schedule included fourteen games. Amsdell got off to a good start with a 41-26 victory at home against Lakeshore. Front Row lL to Fil: Coach Lewis, A. Antos, B. Evancho, T. Foley, K. Connolly, J. Costantino. Second Row: J. Ratka, T. Roberts, M. Schetfler, J. Ring, S. Connolly, D. Swartz. Third Row: M. Parise, J. Jankowski, E. Hutchinson, M. Wahl, J. Glose, S. Mastrobattista, C. Jackson. Absent from Qioture: Aaron lwayczko. 1 ogg ATHLETICS MODIFIED FOOTBALL The 1985 football team finished the season with tour wins and two losses. The team defeated Maryvale 12-0, West Seneca 22-O, Sweet Home 2-0, and Orchard Park 16-12. They lostto Hamburg 6-O, and Lancaster 14f6. Left to Right- First Bow: M. Scheftler, D. Toporek, J. Quinn, M. Poorten, D. Wohlabaugh, D. Britton, G. Sell, T. Cirincione, M. King, P. Cicarella, D. He-rlehy, M. Kriihihicki, J, Butera, S. Conway, S. Lyons, R. Ballard, D. Smith, D. Sorrentino. Second Flow: M. Horucy, T. Gemberling, J. Eckman, D. Cecala, L. Dilflavio, T. Sipos, D. Swartz, S. Mastrobatista, D. Dietrich, D. Kelly, C. Jackson, J. Palluch, B. Steele, B. Evancho. Third F1ow:iK. Thurnherr, Coach Vara, C. Persico, B. Ludlow, S. Bartus, S. Breslin, C. Doyle, T. Weise, T. Coppola, S. Jovanovski, S. Wind, C. Tripp, C. Abramo, L. Eckman, J. Ring, Coach Geary, Coach Lewis. d e l This year's 1985-86 cheerleaders helped lead the football and basketball players in a great year We oongratu late the squad tor a terrific year. Tog Row: QL to RJ Debby Meyer, Jocelyn Kester, Elliot Gaske, Julie Walsh. Middle Flow Q L to RJ Lorie Kasmlerczak Jackie Biellak, Jen Wasmund, Maureen Finn, Kelly O'Dell. Bottom Row: lL to RJ Brandy Bratek Carol Salusbury Ellen Cyprincski. Coach: Mrs. Scheffler. ...pun-'W' i -M fm it WE 'LL AL WA YS REMEMBER A ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Mrs. Peters! Long hours of practice "Annie"- Molly Sutlivan and "Frank"- Tim Pike The stage crew behind the scenes Good show!! HOOVER BEACH DRIVES December lst disaster struck Amsdell students led by Mr, A helped out Huge pile of warm clothing 7,390 cans of food collected Something to really be proud of BAND PRACTICE Tuning up! Hard, interesting and work Mr. Zugger always has the "right time" Alive with sound "Kids" in "professional" atmosphere LA TIN CL UB Watson l-limestead Mystery Trip Toga Party Saturnalia Fun!!! HUME EC CLUB Baking, Baking, Baking Cookies for senior citizens night Gingerbread houses for Christmas Sew, Sew, Sew Cloth Easter Baskets L 1. 'I ACTWUTHES ACTIVITIES Bow 1: P. Connolly, N. Hooper, D. Lehmann, K. Bosiacki. Q g K. Zeches, P. DeMaria, M. Hart, M. Mueller. Bow 3: E. Beko, J. Gill, B. McLaughlin, K. Phillips. Row 4: F. Petry, T. Ratka, D. McKeown, J. Coyne. Bow 5: J. Kogut, K. Engasser, B. Gwitt, Fi. Cebulski. Row 6: D. Kellogg, Fi. Kremers, S. Goupil, C. McCoy, K. Oaks. T' FR NCH There are 200 students in the French Club this year. Our plans included a Mardi Gras party, a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the French Embassy, and an excursion to an amusement park. Eighth Grade fBottom to top, left to rightl Bow it L. Horton, M. Amaranle, B. McDonnell. Row 2: J. Dinan, S. Dziak, B. Ishmael, K. Kingsland. Bow 3: S. Sullivan, J. Mruk, B. Batterson. Row 4: B. McNamara, J. Skop, K. McConvey. Row 5: P. Karelus, E. Courtney, M. Fiorella. Bow 6: T. Michalak, K. Christy, J. Ferro. Seventh Grade Row 1: L. Henrich, B. Evancho, K. Allexenberg, S. Wil- liams. Fiow 2: J. Gaske, J. Spino, N. O'Connor, B. Noody. Fiow 3: J. McNaughton, N. Krencik, A. Miller. Fiow 4: J. Mackey, P. Eckert, V. Aquino, M. Blowers. Bow 5: J. Schintzius, A. Carmody, M. Minkiewicz, Y. Orsene, L. Russo. Row 6: V. Thomas, Fi. Harmon, K. Meyer. Bow 7: K. Szalasny, A. Bannister. J. Andrasko, J. Fisher. CLU Ninth Grade Row l: J. Yelen, D. Morrison, M. Kawa, T. Menlon. Flow 2: L. Harstad, M. Moldoch, M. LaFlosa, D. Chorazak. BLM Q: J. Flyan, C. Patton, N. Richardson. ,Q 5: K. Zeches, J. Walsh, T. Shatzel. Row 5: D. Phillips, K. Sturm, E. Gaske, T.'A'rena. Flow 6: M. Niooloff, J. Kester, C. Gegenfurtner, K. O'Dell, M. Finn. Row 7: J. Krencik, C. Gombos, D. Meyer. Row 1: M. Kurucz, J. Kuczkowski, D. Smith, B. McAndrew. Row 2: M Baldelli. M. Elfers, C. Pristach, C. Lee. Row 3: R. Curry, P. Corsi, L. Borio, D. Sauer, D. Petrov, J. Orsene. Row 4: T. Kelly, M. Wojcie- chowski. J. Kresge, M. McMahon. Row 5: S. Shealy, L. Prendergast, J Mavrek, F. Halvorsen. Row 6: M. West, S. Blowers, K. Valois, C. Hlndle. Row 1: M. Noody, T. Burke, A. DeCarlo. Flow 2: K. Lewandowski, C. Hall, D. Persico, A. Skalski. BQ-V-l-Ll S Kij, C. Marrelli, K. Evanolf, K. Croad. Row 4: J. Masterman, K. Bagley, T. Wenk, D. Szewczyk. Bgigi L. Wappman, N. Aquino, N. Lichata. Q . ACTIVITIES SPAN H CLUB The purpose of the Spanish Club is to foster greater understanding among the students at Amsdell Heights Jr. High School studying Spanish and to promote knowledge and interest ot the Spanish, language and culture. Officers for the school year 1985-86 are: President, Allison Crostagrvlce-President, Kelly Gleason: Secretary, Diane Pearson: Treasurer, Karen WertzQ , The advisors are Mrs. Levakoff and Mrs. McAnaney. iLett to rightl Top Row: Richard Switzer, Scott Filipetti, Michelle Clifford, Row 2: Colleen Carmody, Jennifer Cezanos, Brenda Gorthy. Row 3: Laurie Bracci, Lynn Martin, David Kowal, Shawn Connolly. Row 4: Amy Costillo, Michelle Dylik, Kim Regis, Jennifer Sitarek. Row 5: Julie Ma- chelski, Julie Muller, Marla Gregg, Tracey Schrecengost, Row 6: Lisa Zanelottl, Karen Wertz, Dawn Murray. Row 7: John Garra, Heather Ru- beck, Mary Beth Velasquez, Dawn lmiola. Row 8: Lisa Szpara, Tim Foley, Emir Omerhodzic, Tony Spino. Bottom Row: Elizabeth Kelpper, Kim Beamish, Tom Ruddar, Julie Constantino. tLett to rightl Bottom row: Janine DeMario, Tammy Taylor, Janice Gross, Cindy Rausch. Row 2: Jeanette Mutka, Jeanne Chilcott, Gloria Kozul. Row 3: Patricia Buckley, Lisa Comstock, Kathy Wycoki, Karen Chorazak, Rebecca Suto. Row 4: Ann Redmen, Tammy Green, Danielle Ferro, Allison Crosta. Row 5: Cheryl Zimmer, Shannon Delaney, Eric Matwijkow, Tammy Wrzosek. Row 6: Chris Masucci, Deanna Emmerling, Carrie Blackowski, Debbie Sauer, Tom Weiss, Tim Pike. tLeft to rlghtj Row 1: Mark Nunciato, Dave Antonio, Bill Masgaj. Row 2: Chris Hall, Maribeth Sermak, Patty Crandall, Tammy Hoopslck. Row 3: Rick Meyers, Jo Ann Ross, Michelle Zlemba. Row 4: Joe Weber, Renee Klawon, Chris Kelley, Valerie Hughes. Row 5: Dave Sattler, Laura Woodworth, Tammy Goodier, Jim Kane. Row 6: Sue Lipinski, Joan Arkins, Mark Miller, Paul Gasiewicz, Tim McCann. Row 7: Frank Bu- gulski, Kyle Clark, Jenny Hovey, Linda Root, Laura Marriott. Row 1 left to right Jennifer Wasmund, Amy Christiano, Tina Lassick, Brandy Bratek. Row 2 Deanna Emmerling, Debbie Sauer, Cheryl Mack, Diane Person, Bill Steele, Joe Gleason, Row 3 Krissy Ferro, Lori Kaz- mierczak, Shannon Delaney, Jaime Costantino, Derek Swartz, Mike Zglinicki, Lisa Kogut. Row 4 Linda Sattler, Sherry Meyer, Heather Klice, Robert Lasko, Teresa Erdley, Bob Molnar, Sue Pike, Lynn Hunter. T35 , LATIN CLU The Latin Club hasta planned schedule of activities for the entire school year. Some of the highlights for it T this year are the Ftoman banquet in October where all students wear togas and eat Fioman style, A A A Saturnalia - our Christmas celebration, the Winter Weekend at the Watson Homestead in January, at volleyball contest with other Latin Clubs in western New York in March, a mystery trip in May, a challenge to other language clubs with a baseball game and weiner roast and, finally in June, a trip to Canada's . Wonderland. Seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students may belong to Latin Club and theotticers are-Q elected from the ninth grade. L L A tLeft to right! Latin Club Officers: Gretchen. Boehm SecretaryQTreasurer.' Lisa Comstock President, Molly Sullivan Vice4President, 'Mre.GIawatz. Advisor, r iLeft to rightt 7th and 9th grades Row li Mau- reen Morgan, Shannon Fitzery, Lynn Grogan, Jill Sreniawoski, Katie Farrell, Corey Hofschneider. Marin Boehm, Jon Yovlene, Joe Jelenoric, Chris Wagner, Matt Stuart. Row 2: Shelly Poehran, Nicole Brokob, Lisa Comstock, Gretchen Boehm, Sue Edwards, Carolyn Surdyk, Jackie Johns, Mike Scheffler, Chris Cramer, Dale Por- ter, Ray Hause. Row 3: Danny Gizzi, Molly Sulli- van, Marin O'Connell, Tim Hens, Aaron lwan- yczko, Erik Hutchison, Todd DeMario 8th grade Row ti SuzetteWright, Michelle May, Danae Parent, Amy Sreniawoski, Allan Jones, Ron Czaplicki, Gerry Bearnish. Jacob Czuba, Heather A ' Lindstrom, Kathy Cole, Row' 2: Mary Schiterle, LauraBuk'kosy, Missy Marks, Karen Stone, Laurel Kitchen, Debbie Portke. Colleen Wright, Erica Weber, Tom Jurek, Colleen Gleason, Bonnie Taylor, Bruce Reid, Jason Schetfler, Andrew Wagnerq Q Q5 Brent Ludlow, Luke Sullivan. Scott Kirkpatrick, Kevin O'ConnelI, Erik Jordan. Absent tor picture: Matt Scozzaro, Peter Neal, Dan Herlehy, Molly MCG-reevy. g T ACTIVITIES MONDAY, WEDNESDAY CHORUS Top Row: V. Aquino, R. Hodson, S. Natello, D. Porpora, K. Loiacano, M. Strawbrich, D. Mendlewski, C. Quinn. Third Row: J. Zukowski, M. Szematowicz, L. Vail, M. Sperl, H. Hughes, M. Hoalk, G. Fruch- tel, T. Kowal. Second Row: A. Takacs, R. Gu- towski, H. Marriott, S. lddings, J. Christiano, K. Wall, M. Burke, S. Sullivan. First Row iBottoml: M. Jones, D. White, D. McGreevy, T. Dowdall, S. Fruth, B. Evancho, S. Cooper. TUESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY CHORUS TOP ROW: K., Beamish, M. Filipiak, B. Fritz, J. Farrington, K. Zielinski, S. Meli, D. Dreyer, D. Abramo, E. Erker. Third Row: L. Hodson, K. Gray, T. Wicinski, K. Szalasny, J. Carter, J. Mc- Naughton, T. Sloan, S. Pelonero, J. McCann, K. Regan. Seocnd Row:C. Hesslink, M. Krencick, J. Bielman, S. Fiegel, V. Pupo, J. Forester, M. Ko- -chan, Mrs. Krotje. First Row: A. Royce, J. Con- stantino, S. Williams, C. Wagner, S. Cerne, C. Christiano. Row 1: Beth Noeller, Mary Lutz, Heather Rubeck, Shawn Walsh, James Fessel, Robin Curry, Theresa Ratka, Melissa Malicki, Susan Smith. Row 2: Karen Kraus, Kelly Kingsland, Tammy Swahlon, Patty Appenheimer, Joseph Yurchak, Michael Kocialski, Wendy Pillar, Marie Petrillo Row 3: Katie McGreevy, Kelly Scanlon, Shelly Mason, Maribeth Sermak, Kim Regis, Eric Jordan, Jennifer Birach, Patty Crandal. Row 4: Christine Nellist, Cindy Bernhard, Jennifer Pettis, Kerri Reich, Heather Klice, Colleen Eagen, Roxanne Krautsack, Ann Marie Smolkavich, Karen Wertz, Lynn Rybarczak. Row 5 ilast rowla Nichole Ourcio, Susan Edwards, Corrie Greene. Sue Kit, Kim Bagley, Donna Mohr, Jennifer Mavrek, Sue Pike, Kelly O'Dell, Kristen Ferro, Rebecca Suto, Tracey Shatzel, Jennifer Mendola. Absent from gicture: Linda Kasperek, Georgianna Tassetf. SEVENTH GRAD CHORU This year's Seventh Grade Chorus activities are the Christmas Concert, Christmas Assembly, Spring Concert, Spring Assembly, and the Elementary Concert Trip. The Seventh Grade Chorus is directed by Mrs. Krotje. El HTH AND N N TH GRAD CHORU The Eighth and Ninth Grade Chorus meets every day and performs two concerts a year, one at Christmas and one in the spring. El HTH AN N N TH GRAD CHORUS Flow 1: Anglea Sirnino, Melinda Koch, Cheryl Fiacine, Chuck Vitello, Peggy Kenney, Richard Horne. Row Ranee Elling, Jessica Barrus, Lisa Comstock, Ken Zeches, Erik Matwijkow. Flow 3: Linda Sattler, Kim Zeches, Janine DeMario, Sue Becker, Jo Ann Boss, Kristen Pawloski, Julie Kaczor, Dennis Povlak, gi Dana Matwijkow, Melissa Fiorella, Lucille Peters idirectorl, Ftow 4 tlast rowl: Karen Chorazak, Tammy Green, Julie Lang, Luke Sullivan, Tim Pike, Bill Fritz, Michelle Clifford, Jennifer Kogut. Absent from gicture: Dawn Kniseley, Thomas Mohan, Cassandra Paulson, Lisa Shagott, Amy Suoharski, Molly Sullivan, Cindy Bernhard. 'vuwvrs GET oun eurv 7 I H The Amsdell Heights Junior High Musical this past year was Irving Berlin's 'iAnnie Get Your Gun." Over one hundred students from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades participated in this western musical which was presented on November 22 and 23, 1985. HLst Beth Noeller, Theresa Ratka, Richard Horne, Dennis Povlak, William Fritz, Shawn Walsh, Shelly Mason, Marty Hoak, Katie Farrell. Se Laurie Bracci, Laura Marriot, Tammy McCabe, Wendy Pillar, Jackie Dinan, Julie Kaczor, Maribeth Sermak, Jay McCann, Lynne Kohlmeier, Corey Horschneider, Kathy Stadler, Michelle Clittord, Jon Ehret. Third Row: Choreogrpher, Julie Tornczak, Carolyn The stage crew for "Annie Get Your Gun" sewed scenery, painted sets, made props, and set up the stage tor all three performances. The crew from lett to right: Mrs. Dee tset directorl, Michelle Jastremski, Jenniter Hutchinson, Dan Herlehy, Michelle Drewiega, Joe Ftayburg, Bonnie Taylor, Carmen Persico, and Bob Bush. Absent: Connie Czaplicki, Chris Young, Lee Barrett, Flay Gomolka, Kathy Croad, Brenda Dornbrowski, Jett Hueber, Jocelyn Kesler, Allison Crosta, Carolyn Surdyk Surdyk, Karen Fields, Traci Wicinski, Melissa Fiorella, Julie Machelski, Merin Bochm, Lynne Baker, Nichole O'Connor, Angela Si- mino, Nancy James, Kelly Kingsland, Melissa Mueller. Melissa Zawisa, Denise Dteyer, L. Peters, director. Fourth Row: Marty Siesto, Kim Bagley, Auria Fuentes, Katie Regan, Donna Mohr, Stacey lddings, Susan Walter- ich, Kristen Gray, Vicki Partridge, Patty Ap- penheimer, Jennifer Kogut, Kim Zuches, Col- leen Oczek, Kathy Cole, Kelly Scanlon, Tim Pike. Absent trom Qicture: Mike lhlenteld, Tony Ross, Kevin Connolly, Molly Sullivan, Billy Holody, Terry Eagen, Mike Gilcrist, Andy Schitano, Kevin Christie, Peter Connolly. Joe Klawon, Frank Halvorsen, Chris Patton, Heather Rubeck, Amy Zimmerman, Colleen Quinn, Linda Matka, Michelle Dylik, Sue Pike. ...Fc - A ' Y ' I ' Y ' yi A I ' Y ' 5 ' Van Denbergh, U. Orsene. Row 2: A. Carmody, S. Walterich, C. Hofschneider, J. Schintzius, A. ACTIVITIES .1uNlo HIGH ORCHESTRA I The Amsdell Heights Junior High Orchestra presented two concertsthis year: one at the Christmas program, and again at the annual , Spring Concert. ln addition to strings, the orchestra is made up ot Woodwinds, brass, and percussion, which are added to produce a full, rich, orchestral sound. Many orchestra members also participated in the Erie County Solo Festival, which is he-ld each January. To participate in thefsolo festival, players must prepare scales and a graded solo to be performed for an adjudicator. Students scoring highly at the festival are chosen to play in the All County Orchestra. First Row: S. Fitzery, J. Rothermel, A. Fuentes, L. Downey, K Scanlon, R. Hanitz. Second Row: M. Hart, N. Hooper, B Taylor, A. Skalski, T. Burke. Third Row: Mr. Reed, S. Hanitz SE VEN TH GRAD BAND G by tor. by an As of Rowi L R A Randles A Miller K Sheff S Clanc N Krencik M Minkiewicz L Kohlmeier L Jones, J. Mackey, E. Keipper, C. Bukaty, N. Rogalski. Row 3: N. Brokob, D. Abramo, L. Henrich, S. Pochran, C. Udagawa, M. Suarez, J. Hummel, F. Kasson. Row 4: T. McCabe, M. Tonnies, T. Caldwell, J. Andrasko, W. Novara, M. Stuart, M. Bratek, C. Carlson, J. Sentz. Row 5: T. Reiter, J. Barbic, M. Arena, K. Stadler, M. Berta. Missing from picture: G. Brown, R. Marriot, C. Dean. El HTH AND N NTH GRAD C0 CERT The Concert Band, directed by Mr. Eugene Zugger, is made up ot one hundred eighth and BA ninth grade students who completed the Seventh Grade Band requirements. They play an annual Christmas Concert, two Chrismas assemblies, a Winter Concert, Band Night in May, and manyperformances at the Frontier Elementary Schools in the spring. 12. ll l - 5??eaQ i51'? ll N' woonwnvns Woodwinds- Flutes, Clarinets, and Oboe Left to Right: Row 1: D. Parent, T. O'Brien, L. Szpara, C. Bykowicz, L. Wappman, G. Boehm, L. Bukkosy, J. A Ferro, B. Kremers, J. Mruk.. Row 2: E. Beko, M. McGreevy, M. Warnes, C. Gleason, A. Castillo, D. r Szewezyk, J. Machelski, K. McConvey, M. May, J. . Skop, A. Wagner. Bow 32, A.,Sucharski, Fl. Steitler, L. Martin, D. McKeown, C. Marrelli, C. Bausch, M. Hawks, L. Prendergast, M. Fiorella, J. Muller, D. Kellogg, J. Masterman, Fl. Weaver. Bow 4: C. Car- mody, J. Tezanos, K. Salisbury, J. Nash, M. O'Con- nell, D. Meyer, E. Gaske, L. Hunter, T. Schrecen- gost, J. Sentz, N. Richardson. Row 5: B. Gorthy, K. Long, M. Jastrzembskig T. Baxter, D. Pearson, K. Weed, K. Lewandowski, M. Noody, B. Cobb, M. Gregg, M. Moldoch. Absent for Qicture: K. Oaks, C. Waleczak, J. Barone. AMSDELL JAZZ ENSEMBLE The Amsdell Jazz Ensemble directed by Mr. Eugene Zugger plays jazz, swing, rock and pop music. This is an extra curricular organizationthat meets after school hours. i T iLett to rightl F-tow 1: K. Long, C. Bykowicz, M. Dylik, A. Beko, L. l-larstad, M. Taylor. Flow 2: J. Wood. J. Ring. T. Cirincione. D. Sattler, T. Sauda. Flow 3: R. Archie, G. Koester, P. Booth, B. McLaughlin, D. Lehmann, R. Mullins, D. Lawn, B. Ludlow, B. O'Connell. t Qllllilq BRASS Brass- Percussion- Saxophone- Bass Clarinet Row 1: QL to RJ F. Petry, M. Scozzaro, C. Salisbury, S. Bukkosy, B. Dubel, B. McDonnell, T. Sauda, C. Young. Bow 2: P. Booth, L. Bracci, E. Wade, M. Dylik, V. Partridge, K. Connolly, B. McLaughlin, M. Taylor, R. Mullins, M. Miller. Row 3: G. Koester, R. Arch', A. Antos, P. Lepsch, D. Sattler, J. Gassman, K. Christie, A. Beko, D. Lehman, K. Simon. Row 4: D. Lawn, S. Neumann, B. Ludlow, J. Wood, T. Clrlnclone, J. Fling, D. Britton, D. Burrows, Fi. Switzer, L. Boot, T. Arena. Missing from picture: D., Wright. , ACTIVITIES 5 TU ENT COUN IL This year's Student Council activities include the dances, the Hatloween Contest, the record setting donation to Goodwill i1O,OOOGarticles otclothingl, Dress-up Day, the Carnation Sale, Christmas Spirit, the Canned Goods Drive tor Hoover Beach and Woodlawn, a memorial donation to honor Marie Nice and I Crystal Bradley, and being a cofsponsor of Class Day. I , S rawrw S yi Q Student Council Officers L to R- Jackie Johns, secretary: Ninth Grade Student Council Members First Row QL-Rl G. Boehm, M. O'Connell, K. Ferro, D. Meyer Second Fiow CL- r Fil M. Wahl, T. Puglisi, P. Corsi, J. Johns, M. Baldelll Seventh Grade Student Council Members First Row QL-Rl S. Clancy, D. Patton, J. Vogl Second Row CL-Rl J. Gaske, K. Capozzi, P. Davis, C. Quinn, B. Keipper, K. Stadler, M. Hoak, T. Ward Third Row J. Adrasko 102 Marin O'Connell, treasurer, Mr. Hartman, advisor: Debbie Meyer, presidentg Amy Obstarczyk, vice president J Eighth Council Members First Ftovv.ftLQF3ll K. Connolly, J. Donaiclson, K. Wertz Second Row ll.-Fil J M. May, L. Kitchen, S. Becker, A. Obstarczyk, S. Sullivan H ALTH 0 ICE r These students help in the office during their study hall time. They run errands, help keep the Q office neat, and are available to help injured students get to their classes. g g Front Row: Theresa Ungaro, Mindy Slater, Amy Castillo, Peggy Kenney, Cheryl Mack. Back Row: i, Susan Edwards, Jeanette Mutka, Nicole Curcio. Missing from picture: Vicki Cappara, Terry Baxter, I David Bell. ATTENDANCE HELPERS r Thesetytwoyverylg T dependable seventhgraders girl e e help Mrs. Alleintevery n Q g T morning, oollectingthefi, T absentee, slips from the w,i'1 T l teachers' homeroom doors t t at the beginning ottirst M period. Q Q T Lejg Margaret Strawbrich. Right: Doreen Porpora. T ACTIVITIES LA ? HOME-Ec CLUB The Home-Ec Club raises moneysthrough the sale of baked goodsand craft items which members makeiatter school: Activities for this yearincluded providing refresh- ments for senior citizen night for the musical. At Christmas time, members made and sold gingerbread houses. A weekend in Toronto or at Darien Lake is planned for early June. Lett to Right: A.,Redrnond, N. Valerio, J. Arkinsl vice-president l, G. Boehm, M. Hawks, C. Greene, D. Shannon fsecretary-tresurer J, L. Comstock, B. Dombrowski i president J, K. Valois, Mrs. Flamzy, advisory Absent from Qicture: T. Wenk, L. Mutka, J.VSzymanski, D. Szewczyk, C. Masucci, S. Edwards. ' 2? SKI CLUB One way to enjoy Buffalo winters is to join ski club. Ask any of the forty-five students who skied at Kissing Bridge this year. The ski club advisor is Mr. Fuerst. 104 i . y Row l: Mr. Wiegand, advisory S. Bozek, A. Buehler, K. Sheff, M. Mueller. Flow 2: K. Cole, JL Ward, M. Lau. Flow 3: C. Oozek, D. McKecwn. L. Martin. L. Bukkosy. Flow4z' P. Kenney, M. Clifford. D. Kellogg. Row 5: J. Emmick, S. Bukkosy, T, Wrzosek. Kneeling lL-Fit: Lynn Hodson, Carolyn Surdyk, Nichole Curcio. Nichole Rogalski, Patty Appenheimer. Standing iL-Ri: Mary Flose, Amy Peterson, Marlbeth Sermak, Annemarie Sermak, Julie Kaczor, Michelle Dylik, Kathy Cole, Denise Desjardins, Wendy Pillar, Tammy Wrzosek, Mr. Schoeftield, advisor. YORK ER CLUB The Amsdell Yorkers meet monthly after school. Members work individually and in groups on projects that help to develop an un- derstanding ot past events in our own surroundings and how they can relate to the present. , There was a Christmas party in December, a pizza party in Febru- ary, the Awards Dinner in April, and there will be a field trip to Darien Lake Amusement Park in June. PER HLPR Students in the peer helper program learn listening, communication, and leadership skills which help them become more helpful to their friends. During the year they have provided tutoring for other students, orientation for new students, and a variety of volunteer projects in our A community, 105 ACTIVITIES AUD 0-vl UAL Asslsmfvrs ' Audio-Visual assistants are responsible for delivering equipment, setting up the equipment in the classroom and assisting the teacher with the machinery. Audio-Visual assis- tants also help with any assemblies that the school has. After two years the students earn a merit certificate. After three years of service, the students receive a pin. Mrs. Young coordinates the activities of the Audio-Visual assistants. Bow 1: T. Spino, A. Sermak, J. Muller, M. Lau, K, DeOca. Row 2: B. Ulrich, R. Meyers, J. Ernst, J. Abram, S. Phillips, M. O'Dell, J. Mutka. C. Oczek, Mrs. Young. g ,' W -V Left to right Row 1 K. Ferro, K. O'Dell, M. O'Connell. A. Crosta. Row 2 J. Demairo, D. Shannon, J. Ross, D. Meyer, J. Kester, J. Krencik, L. Kazmierczak, J. Szymanski, G. Boehm, J. Arkins, C. Eagan, K. Bagley, C. Bykowicz, P. Corsi. Bow 3 D. Szewczyk, S. Bukkosy, E. Gaske, M. Noody, L. Markiewicz, N. Aquino, B. Dubel, K, Bath, K. Lewandowski, T. Shatzel, S. Klein, A. Reed, D. Ferro, D. Mohr, L. Marriot, J. Hueber, J. Wasmund, C. Masucci. A 1 106 a-if PP c1.u This years Pep Club has been reorga- nized into a SchoolService Organiza- tion engagediiin activities such as teacher aids, school spirit and assis- tants at school functions. With a mem- bership of over fifty students Pep Club oo-sponsored the most successful canned goods drive ever, collecting over 7,000 cans for the needy people of Hamburg. LI RAR Y ASSISTANTS Eachsernester, different students are chosen to work in the library as assistants to Ms. Costantino. They sign passes, sign out books, and sheive books. The students earn a merit certificate it they work two years and a library pin it they work for three years. S TUDEN T 5 TURE The student store provides school supplies and reveiw books for the Amsdeil Heights student body. Workers in the store are selected from the ninth grade business classes and are supervised by Mr. Markus. L to R: Sara Bukkosy fmanageri, Tracy Burke fmanageri, John Maloney, Christine Marrelli, Debbie Shannon, Tina Lassick, Jennifer Huber, Timothy Pike, Cheryl Crawley, Kerry Reisch. ROW 1 Colleen Oczek, Ger- aldine Nowak, Kim Schrubb, Brian Duggan. ROW 2 Nicole Richardson, Rich Archie, Tom Mohan, Kathleen Cole, Lisa Russell, Sandy Hammond, Renee Gutkowski. ROW 3 Carol Joyce, Doreen Porpora, Margaret Strawbrich, Vicki Cappara, Joe Opiela, Dawn McKeown, Lynn Martin, Jackie Ward, Vicki Par- tridge, Kristie Phillips, Con- nie Czaplicki. ROW 4 Tammy Goodier, Jason Battleson, Jessica Okie, Colleen Wright, Erik Matwij- kow, Tammy Wrzosek, Matt Raines, Philip Juz- dowski, Teri Baxter, ROW 5 Mike Odell. 107 ACTIVITIES TALO STAFF The Talon Staff writes and pro- duces eight to ten newspapers each school year. Each member of the staff takes part in all facets of news- paper production. Members attend at least one meeting before each issue. They also do work during study halls and lunch periods. QThe goals of the Talon include keeping the students entertained, as well as giving the staff an oppor- tunity to learn journalistic skills. The Talon Staff advisor is Mr. Regan. ' Left to right- Top Flow: Mr. Regan. Second B,Q-VQS. Mcvitty, L. Kogut, C. Czaplicki.1hLj QI-Vi F. Bogulski, J. Koester, B. Kremers. Fourth Flow: G. Boehm, K. Pawloski, B. Bat- terson. Fifth Row: K. Ferro, L. Root. Row: J. Boss,-M, Dylik. Seventh Ftow: K. Bag4 i rr it . i 4 i - r r T r W ley, B. Noeller, M. Boehm. f T T A . i T . . r T 7 T Focus This year's yearbook staff is comprised of eighth and ninth grade students selected by MI'Si.jg'D99 and Mr. Hartman. The staff is responsible tor the selling and distribution of pictures and yearbooks, and, of course, putting together the 1986 edition of the Amsdell yearbook. Many hours of work were spent setting up each page and later checkingieach picture for correct name spelling and position On the page. We certainly hope you enjoy this year's "FOCUS!" 1 if r Standing left to rightzq M. lvlcGreevy, J. Koester, M. O'Connell, Mr. Hartman, M. Siesto, C. Griffin, Mrs. Dee, J. Skop. s 108 Seated left to right: G. Boehm,'L. Wappman, K. Connolly, l..Bukkosy.' Absent from gicture:,S.. Klein. in T L . g T PIWCYIKE NU HBMSNIQ DWOVI josmvs , 1 V, . fl, W YV V .34 , A , f f- ga- ' ., VA .V .V .iz k V V -- ii? " 1 1 , .' V " V 1 ,.f4',. r,. ,,w.-5, 1 .., I-wt V ,qilga M , VV V 1 - , I ' ,. -K f., V.1,, X . 1 ,5 ,A .qv ,f N. i Q ,gps ff. -,fy ,,., ,, .1 f, -' 7 Y 4- V ' ' H-4111-in, fl V ' 2 1 ,1",A'-. xx., M"-V1.1 -. ' - .4-'MV V . - -e -' 1- V'.,m.:g':Q : -V m. 5 V, A ' L, ".,',v,.VV "' V 5'-,V .- '.,r-' J, V ,"V Vf ,jf wg- Qg,'f,-emu 1 , ,, -L Q1 V . .H ,, 1 .V ,V V , , wffdiff 1' 'b .pb 3.4 'w-.a f-ff ffm- -4. - - - 6? Wsf ww, ff 49 ""' ff 'W Q hx ,BM J K W. ' . , , , V V ., ' m " V -to VV 5 - N ' 2 f" '4:.'k-3, ' '- ..if:'5,,f,,5,.g.-gqwfg.gag ie5?mA Wfagihg-rQffgQ '1,, , :25,5V,i,'i+N V , ,1fgfg5gg1fff3Q.EfQ-I V, SFA-V. ' w', 1 . y : ig ffgswg-'ff V ' Ve- ., , V V I -..i,1.- V.:.,QVV3xVg,,,,,k,.1.4,-4: Vg. A VN W, a ., -, .,- -.1-f1v.-,.q.,,....,,.,...--.T,,.-V,.,,,.,,,,, .,,.V.V A -W- --?,.,!d,,.,,-YV.- -- .. --.--1. L, af-1., 1 -. .. f,,. - an A. :f-,.V,-- .5 Q , V, ,V ,vi . F 'z xr' bs? . 217' . rim ' .gm N 5. V, 5 51.- 5.

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