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4 - " Pic » " Z%t Jo - 0 : V: ¥ « §- » 3 Nr 9 Jl?Jm MamO£u± £jJL r o J% jJL4 Un " ' {? Tla Ml Oka Gwuid Opening Mini Mag Student Life Organizations Sports People Index •- ' ■frs ... Cr ystai n Tradition is past memory, it is little wonder that the " Panther Tradition " has gained it ' s present dimensions. There are many memories of this school and it ' s life — a congenial chat with friends between classes, after school " discussions ' ' with teachers, classes, or extra-curricular activities. The Seniors prepare for next years challenges, senior goals, and responsibilties. The Juniors prepare to be seniors and start inheriting the common " senior worry lines " that come with SATS, ACTS, AP Tests, ASVAKS, or maybe even graduation. The Sophomores (the largest class at Amphi) don ' t have a worry in their heads except maybe what ' s going on Saturday night or what are they going to wear the next day. The Freshman bring their spirit of success, as they formulate plans for three more busy years. These are the experiences of one year that have ad ded to our tradition and have made it meaninful and Amphi is the school that has provided these memories. Andy Newman and Max Sinclair try to beat the opposing team. K r " T H 5b13 A,. : " " ' V . - - • ■Sr raMfJniV ■■ ' ' " | | | | EpSk ' Bob Duggan slowly conquers " the rock, " Mike Lawrence is guiding him. w y ooJf i r «jo5 ft »a £fcded Lift M mphitheater High School i attracts a variety of students ft each expressing their own unique individual style. In sports, academics, and clubs, has always had one student who works hard enough to stand out. " I have always had a positive feeling about Amphi. Opportunities to excel here have been endless. I ' ve always felt challenged to do better and, I ' m glad 1 have met those challenges, ' - said Hans -Erick nelson, reflecting on his past years at school. Amphi is a school that stands alone among many when it comes to displaying school spirit at pep assemblies, school events, and on signs around campus. Qwynne Patzman an Amphi cheerleader said, " Students at Amphi are filled with pride and try to act with as much class as possible. Spirit at Amphi makes going here a lot more fun. Amphi ' s spirit has been a long- standing tradition and will continue for a long time to come. " Amphi High School has 2,526 students attending this year, and like always, a standard of excellence has been achieved. Our new principal, Dan Alberts, came from a small school in Nebraska. He said, " when you ' re new and look from the outside in, it is easy to see the strength in tradition and pride that goes along with Amphi school district. ' ' Obviously, Amphi ' s students and administration have pride in what they do because the relations between students and teachers are based on caring, sharing and always achieving the goal of excellence. ' A? ( ' ? s e i Mimi Childers walks like an Egyptian as followers cool her off. CJ BBHHl lHH HHBHHHI Una Waldo practices her excellent marks- manship with Mr. Waterfall. Jenna Date devours a delectable on Donut Day. Bruce Bamhart hops his way to a down under victory for the seniors. Michael Shimmiok ponders on what today ' s entree is. 0° Awpk RcMei Ftfv King Oat} . M JBartin Luther King Jr. ' s day ilfl was extraordinary this year I at Amphi. Unlike many other schools, Amphi High was required to attend school on January 19th, 1987. Many students felt that this holiday should be spent in workshops or in marches expressing their rights of American citizens and learning about others who have done the same. Another reason that Amphi wanted to protest was newly elected Governor Mecham ' s decision to rescind the Martin Luther King Holiday. Students felt that it was necessary to speak out and therefore began to plan a sit- in, in the little theater. Princiapl Dan Alberts felt it necessary, after meeting with students, to represent what the student body wanted. Therefore the sit-in was expanded to work- shops and a rally to include the whole student body. Planning and organization of the event took hours, instead of months, with the cooperation of the students and the administration. Monday, January 15, 1987, the plan was set into motion, students took part in group discussions with guest speakers and participated in a peace rally. Even though the holiday ' s activities weren ' t entirely planned by the students for the students, most felt it was time well spent. Suzanne Teichart and Joanna Carichner get involved at the rally. m. «•») -• " Jtls ? ■-. • ■, ' if - y M fi- ' ■ ' . - ' ■ ' -. ' rr r nv " S ' ■ " ' ■ ' " HW :-»• ■ ' £? i l 11 ui ll 1 1 ll ' s$ s -, . ft : 0W Walter Belcher gives the I Have A Dream " speech for Martin Luther King Day. The Reverend Martin Luther King Junior. Iti fit em. I A hat s here? On January 1 1 16th, Tucson received two W w inches of snow. Everywhere you looked, cars, lawns, and even roof tops were covered with it! The foothills had more snow than the rest of Tucson. Students arrived at school with best winter attire and every hair in place. By the end of the day everyone looked like they had been through a blizzard. Students got here ready to bomb their friends with snowballs, but once the tardy bell rang, snowball cease and class began. It was torturing to walk into a warm room after being exposed from the freezing weather. Everyone had to be aware of where they walked during passing periods so they wouldn ' t slip and fall as some students found out it was hard trying to open the lockers with frozen fingers. The temperature was unbelievable, and it continued to snow throughout the whole day. Some parts of Tucson even received snow on Saturday. The weekend was very cold and most of the snow had not melted until later on that week. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. Making snowmen and having snowball fights will just have to wait until it ' s here again. Chris Mahan is ready to bomb a fellow friend. F Dean Weasham kneels by his snowman in front of the school. Becky Cluck attempts to catch a snowball thrown by Jennifer Francis. Here Pam Debolt and Tama Royer are battling it out in front of the band room. Mm T Com. . . The overpopulation of Amphi was the main purpose behind the building of the west side of the campus. The buildings were put up in order to have a place to house the whole student body. The structure will be highly advanced and very modern. The estimated time of completion is January of 1889. Just behind the home economics building is another construction. Trades class built a two bedroom house which is to be auctioned off. Congratulations to the construction trades for this innovative fundraiser. riot to be outdone by the changes, Ms. Aimes and her agricultural classes gave the area around the fine arts building a much need facelift. Trees and bushes were planted in an effort to beautify this area. Thanks to all those hard working students and faculty for making Amphi a better place. Ms. Aimes class improves our campus by redo- ing the landscape. Laborers work hard to make the new gym a suc- cess. The construction trades class show their skills by building a two bedroom house. Wayne Clark helps chop up the dirt to make room for some greenery. TV FLO VERSty LAN3ERS SINCE 1911 3706 N.ORACLE ROAD - 7 Block North of Prince Rd. - DISCOUNTS OF 20% (with Student I.D. Card) On Corsages, Boutonnieres Flower Arrangements Special Prices for all Student Activity Groups on Roses, Carnations or other Flowers or Supplies Open Seven Days a Week 888-0828 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 FROM THE HOGIE HOUSE WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS Thrash - Dance - Imports - Metal U r?TN » ° fM? - nm t»m ■■■ jf 1008 E - 6th St » " $P « 1 " ■ rl Lb Tucson, Ariz. 85719 S. ■ 5r ' Records l 602 l 624-6252 5 " iV Owner Operator - JOE E. O T-Shirts - Posters - Zines - Clothing S More Sedbejfc Au My On December 1986, DECA spon- sored a seat belt assembly. The purpose of this assembly was to persuade everyone to buckle up. Many students from Sahuro came to help get the message across that it ' s important to wear your seat belt because it might save your life. If their friends, Roy Lewallg, Shannon Files, Lisa Romo, and David Aldecca, were wearing their seat belts, they might still be alive today. Also the director of Emergency Center, Ms. Lou Casan- oval was there to give us her side on auto accidents. For many stu- dents, the message got across. The results are that they ' re wearing their seat belts now. This assembly was held in the memory of the Cholla students and Amphi ' s Susan Smith. Please re- member to buckle up, it could save your life. I - iHr B k H -.H H i r ■ i S ■ I r- ' J I ' s m Amphi students share the tears of Cholla Student sorrow. Mr. Alberts adds a few words to comfort the moment. Students from Cholla M.S. relate their exper- iences on traffic deaths within their student body. T+ Our Panther. Staunton, poses with KKQ s. J J. Morgan. Mr. Morgan smiles for the camera. J.J. Morgan arrived here in the 93.7 KRQ Van. J.J. Morgan stands around to chat with some of the students. Jammin ' For The Jets On Friday, January 23, J. J. Mor- gan was on the Amphi campus to collect our school spirit postcards. The radio station KRQ, was spon- soring a contest and the high school with the most postcards won a free concert by the Jets. The postcards had to have the follow- ing: KRQ, School Spirit Contest, J. J. Morgan, and last but not least, Amphi. He arrived at 3:00 and stayed talking to some of the stu- dents until 3:30. Each of the class- rooms had a box, and the one who had the most written postcards had a pizza party. This was Amphi ' s own way to motivate the students to write up those postcards. DUKES VIDEO MOVIE ETC. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE AMPHI THEATER CLASS of 1987 Firsts. [fill in the blanks) First School First Prom First Teacher. First Kiss First Football Game First Date ,. First Steady r F st Dissected Frog . % First Car ■itrouf poienti) . 3$f First Bank o First In terstate Bank FFST INTERSTATE BANK OF ARIZONA, NA Member FDIC • Federal Fleserve System Equal Opportunity Employer i i i i ? i i | GOOD FOOD TO GO - 2545 n. CAMPBELL 323-9329 4092 ri. ORACLE 887-9016 ■Cpout Of Aufk HEATH. LEWALLBM DOES THE KAHGROO rOK THE SECOND fEP ASSEMBLY. Tlub Dn mcu Club. . . Their wonderful achievements The effort from the drama club really captured the audience. " Death Trap " is a play about two gay men, one of whom was married. They killed the wife and wrote a play about it. The men then committed suicide and an elderly lady sold the play for millions of dollars. " West Side Story " was the musical of this year. It was a great success. The play was about the troubles of races. A young Caucasion boy and a young Puerto Rican girl fall in love but friends and family get in their way. Just before the two plan on running off together the boy gets murdered. The drama club did an excellent job putting their performances together. The club is self supporting because they raise their own money by having fund raisers, bake sales, and car washes. Congratulations on your sell out crowds and your great success! Lenny McDole and Andy Tyranny on set as they discuss their play. ]y ; rr -Hi i ja- Waiter Belcher and friends help attract attention to " Death Trap " sales. U Drama students practice final parts on stage to pre- pare for " Deathtrap " . • v • AIM ; " :7l Chris Lath em and Lenny McDolc converse a part in Death- trap " . Chris Lathem keeps the set clean. Chris Jones, Walter Belcher, Ron Hawk, Brannon Wiles, and Natt Osterhaut sing the theme song to " West Side Story " . Julie Carlson, Shelby Phelps, Malia McQriff. Melissa Bone, and Tiffany Metz sing during " West Side - ;; r Wbtti N ? f ver the years kids have come and f § gone, but you see, never has one V r year had sucfrsignificant changes as this, 1986-87 year. Mow don ' t get me wrong, I ' m not against change, not when I have so many things to be excited about, like this new administration. So when I heard about Dan Alberts and his new administration, I got all excited, now there ' s a team that Amphi will benefit from. What, the students? Let me tell you, with two thousand five hundred and fifty eight students I ' ve got a potential a mile wide. That ' s exciting! I like that. 1 always try to encourage these students to reach the highest level of knowledge and self-esteem that they can. Even the smallest ideas haven ' t been overlooked, like the Amphi Panther on the north side of my auditorium was repainted, or this new bike rack a real fine setup, a high sec urity deal, unlike the earlier days of my career when the bikes were very susceptible to theft. The other day I felt this tickeling in my doors. What do you know? All of my locks have been re-keyed and boy did it feel good! For awhile there just about anyone could get into my doors and I didn ' t like that one bit! Surprise! Announcing the new addition to Amphi ' s growing campus. Our fine, healthy new science building. Congratulations to all the students who will benefit from this new edition, now, a message to you graduating seniors. I know you are all busy in you new careers and independant lives, but, well, could you maybe come back and visit me, the old school. A new science building was put in the faculty parking lot to accomo- date the overpopulation of Amphi students. Another security advantage here at Amphi is the new bike rack which jf gives added protection from theft. rr Overcrowded classrooms posed an inconvenience to many siL.O ' :r,t- 5 and teachers. A stained Panther gets a facelift thanks to the effort of the Oladiators, a parent sponsored organazation. After many thefts from the Amphi Panther room, the whole school needed to be rekeyed for sercurity reasons. Imba ct " T During the month of many door prizes November, the IMPACT which would be drawn team came up with an three weeks before idea that would Christmas break. " The encourage Amphi purpose of the buttons students to have a is to raise the safe Christmas awareness of drugs vacation. The team, and alchohol before consisting of Claudia the holidays. It will Gary, Joene Ames, Jay raise the profit of Bell, and Robert Pack, IMPACT and the came up with an idea schools campaign of using button that against the use of say, " Don ' t Yield To drugs and alchohol, ' ' Drugs Or Alchohol. " said Robert Pack. Each one of these ' Hopefully, students buttons has a number will think a little bit on it that had a about using drugs and chance for one of the alchohol. ' ' 792-0256 CHUCK WIERSMA 3fi 3029 N. STONE AVE TUCSON, AZ 85705 Sales Service • heating • cooling • refrigeration • solar systems • residential • commercial J " kllC m urns liJH€R€ TH6 flCTHDn IS Pete Tountas General Manager Professional Bowler 1010 West Miracle Mile, Tucson, AZ 85705 Telephone 888-4272 IMPRINTING IMPRESSIONS No £r: COMMERCIAL • PUBLICATIONS • INSTANT PRINTING Quality 4-coIor process. Camera. Typesetting Bindery • Mi TljiTiii in iiiA • SMALL TO LARGE PRESS CONGRATULATIONS operations CLASS OF RUSH SERVICES 292-0660 1870 West Prince Road (East of Interstate 10 on Prinoe) fanyMtakUota Cim 0 ' $7! = neighborhood = = news-— 1 LJjjick 1 1 PRINT-TYPE | Printing - Typesetting - Copying Area Newsletter - Shopping Guide Calendar of Events 3655 N Oracle • 103 • Tucson, AZ 85705 • 887-5061 5066 Congratulations Zo Zhe Class Of 1987 2 SAVE 20% TO 50% EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICES OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE New, Used or Scratch Dent THE SCRATCH PAD 1 6 W. Grant Road Tucson, AZ 85705 (602)622-7822 Amptu, Ptaza Shopping Ced t, (Small Enough To Know You Big Enough To (Serve You Amphi Barber Shop 888-0620 Lucky ' s Supermarket 888-2940 Imperial China Resturant 888-7270 Kitchie ' s Ice Cream Deli 888-1084 Lee Optical 888-1330 Walgreen ' s Drug Store 293-1360 Tropics of Tucson 293-7500 McLellan ' s Department Store 888-1855 The Rib House 293-3950 Old Pueblo Traders 293-0244 Amphi Laundry 888-9814 Box Office Video 888-8711 Salvation Army Store 888-9719 El Polio 888-0124 First Interstate Bank 792-5185 On The Corner Of Ft. Lowell And 1st Ave. DIVISION II PRINTERS 3859 N. Oracle Road Tucson, Arizona 85705 Dedicated to Quality Service Frank Conlln President (602) 888-1081 To The Class Of 1987 HoqiJb Houib We Appreciate Your Business J Dan Dupont. Jo Anna Peck, Shawna Fischer, Noel Engles, Danny Hintin, Annissa Wittway, and David Frank share their spirit at a pep assembly. r : ji WW r, li 1 ; " K Max Sinclair and Heather Reagan show us how they twist and shout. P.odyon Jones shows off his plaids during A- week. Atup ii Spirit. . . and pride are discovered in A-week, 1986. Jf-weeK started on the 13th of XI October with tons of enthusi- ! asm and ended on the 17th at an awesome and exciting Home- coming football game. The week began when students and teachers arrived in plaid and paisleys. There was a donut sale that sure helped the students and faculty for 4th " Best A-week ever! " hour. On Thursday every band was on every kind of t-shirt one can think of. The lunch event was a tug- of-war. Wednesday, twins day, was quite confusing because there were so many doubles. The egg toss was the lunch time event. Thursday was green and white day. Friday was 50 ' s day with the girls wearing poo- dle skirts and the guys with tight jeans and their hair greased back. The very successful pep assembly was an hour and a half long. During this time the homecoming king was announced. The jitterbug contest had a twisted start but finished smoothly for the Seniors who took first place, but the Freshmen sure gave each class a run for its money coming in a close second. The Sen- iors also won the hall decoration and float contest. The pep assem- bly, along with A-week, helped to arouse the crowd for the game that night. m ■» « UNKIN ' S Out; Of 4 ar ' s floats could be summed up in one sentence. A job well done by ail the classes. friday, we arrived at school to see the classes ' efforts on their floats. Some had orginality, some had problems. Taking 3rd place was the sophomores with their theme, Jump into time with the class of 89. " Capturing the 2nd place were the freshmen with their entry titled, " Stand clear 90 ' s here. " Securing top position for this year ' s " A " week were the seniors float titled, " Almost Louis Calderson, Jesus Ro- jel, Susan Makkai, Travis Sproles, Bill Simnons, Ken Elder, Janit Walters, and Dia-?e Perez, all put out a great effort on their float. perfect, nearly heaven, wetBthe class of 87. ' Unfortunately, our junior ctass had difficulty in transporting their float to school and it mysteriously bit the dust. Floats had their opportunity to shine during homecoming half time by parading in front of the students and parents at Amphi. Thank you, to all the students who put their time and energy into this years ' floats. Hopefully, next year we will have full representation on all the class floats. V Rodyon Jones, Sang Yi, Lynette Price, and Joe Bakutis are showing off their float. The nearly perfect float by the Seniors was definately a winning one! The Freshman really showed their stuff with their terrific float. f-wte wuHg 1986-87 he anticipation grew larger and larger as halftime was coming near on the night of October 17, 1986. Attendants had their last moments of nervousness as they approached the convertible corvettes. All eyes were focused on the attendants stepping out Of the cars as their names were being an- nounced. Everything had to be said and done in fifteen minutes. Many cameras were flashing and crowds were cheering as last year ' s home- coming queen, Qina Johns, an- nounced " Courtney Sheafe! " Am- phi students stood up and cheered their loudest as the reigning of the homecoming queen continued. Some students gathered around all of the attendants after the an- o nouncement to congratulate them. The homecoming football game continued against Sabino and Am- phi was lead to another victory of 21-6. • H - mm j n :%s ■ Leslie Abound escorted by Madisor Band members do their thing duii { ®k [ ' ¥ -m n mJL " h 9 i- I.iisl years, l»ome :omin«, ejtieen iiri-j )oi« ,iikI litis yeiirs Krn i Marion V,.m:s. . ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 FBOM THE PARENTS OF G1NA HEDNANDEZ imniiiim GRANDE AVENUE 1962-1986 mi M :0 ,y p« I t I Pom member, Courtney Sheafe, imitates Robert Choate in the football Tony Canez and Frank Canez show the school in a football sk ' t- assembly their skill at cycling. FwedoM Jam The Freedom Jam is a group of young musicians founded by the Young American Show Case. This group, Grant, Gary, Shawn, Rob, and Danny came from Saint Petersburg, Florida. They travel across the United States visiting many schools to perform their show of American Music History. They played two assemblies at school and offered a nighttime show, but the turn out was less than encouraging. Grant, Gary, Shawn, Rob, and Danny make up the group Freedom Jam. The freedom Jam ' s comedian imitates the Lawrence Welk Show. ' y J r Pft Hfc t " -JB ski - Hf PJ8lF - j ' " ' - i ' ' v! H yP H - J ' " w »ffi W II ■™ ' flMMlWi It ' SHlL --,„ Klr iJlli r ' W I ■■Li Jj-l 1 The drummer for Freedom Jam. An embarrased fan finally gets on stage. Tarek Mosses and a cameraman film for Martin Luther King Day. Buffy Smith, on Martin Luther King Day poses for Channel 13 hews. Mary, Jocelyn, James, Carol-Anne, and Ra- Susan Langeheine and Pam Debolt smile with Mr. mona before a concert. Snowman. £murt, £pmg it Highest High Roller • Shauna risher Andy riewman Romeo Juliet • Wendy McLearren Kristian Qose Teachers ' Pets - Shaun Friend Robert Bulger Best Smile Beth Dowdle Trent Paulin Best Musicians - Tiffany Metz Frank Kisher Best Vocalists - Christine Mason Dean Pteashem Shapliest Legs • Courtney Sheafe John Bozzo Most Athletic • Buffy Smith Marion Bates Best Actor Actress Joanna Carichner Se Andy Tafoya Most Likely to Succeed - Melanie Dunn ■ Qordie Busby Biggest Clowns - Mamie Childers Bill Jacoby Biggest Muscles - Vannessa Raubenalt Tim Ammon Most Involved in School - Cindy Burch Qordie Busby Best Dressed • Gwynne Patzman Andy riewman Most Spirited - Beth Dowdle Wally Staunton Most Artistic - Suzy Buchroeder Paul Potts Biggest Air-heads - Courtney Sheafe Rob Adams Best-Loved Teachers - Mrs. Simpson Mr. Simpson Prettiest Eyes - Lori Bagshaw Dan Dupont Preppiest Preggy - Gwynne Patzman Scott Harden Best Sense of Humor - Joanna Peck Scott Harden Most Intelligent - Melanie Dunn Gary Eiger Longest Hair - Tami Gonzales 6f Troy Picarello Sexiest - Cindy Thomas John Bozzo Gwynne Patzman and Andy Mersiowsky were voted prettiest hair in the class of 1987. Voted shortest in the class of 1987 was Lisa Qaudet (pictured here) and Chad Rudasill. Buffy Smith and Paul Tumarkin voted best personality because of their charisma and wit. The votes for best body and best dancers were given to Cindy Thomas and Marion Bates. rr- Bill Jacoby, voted big- gest gossip, misses his partner Tami Krauss. Jeff Hawkins, Jennifer Yahn, Tracy Rankin, Steve Pon- gratz, Alsia nelson, Monica Todd, all look like their having a great time. Many couples spend a special moment together. Chd imi Kerry Kuykendall and Sabrina Amaral search for their souvenier apple ornament. oes dinner, dancing, m 3 and socializing sound IS fun? On December 20, it all happened. The Ball began at 8p.m. and ended at 12p.m. For most couples, the evening began earlier, around 6:30. These couples went to dinner at restaurants such as Bobby Magees, The Arizona Inn, and Westerwood Look. The mood was festive and the decorations were creative at the U of A Ballroom, where the Ball was held. It was a great opportunity for students to get decked up in their best. Every couple had fun searching for their souvenier apple ornament why ' ll Jon Wolfe was there to capture the evening on film. All the students who attended the Ball had a great evening. Lets hope this tradition keeps continuing in the years to come. Congratulations from JON WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY C L I A S S o F 1 9 8 7 TRIFLE The New Fads and Fashions Are styles coming hack? Michelle Bezanson and Andy Vonier show us their latest hairsyles. Baggy pants and black were popular this year as displayed by Lisa Falk and Qwynne Patsman. Bobbs are still a popular haircut, worn here by Becky Cosby and Barbara Fraim. Current Events- — What ' s Happened In The News This Year? Kelly Muzall wears a combination of differ- ent styles. j Peter Vonier, Bob Duggan, and Rachel Work- man wear the return style, denim. Fadi aid Faikoai People express their personalities through what they wear. This year we seem to have different styles, one style is made up of new fashions, very clean-cut, like Esprit, Forenza, Qenerra, and Jag. There is also a definate trend over all for girls hair styles to be longer. Another scene, called " punk " in the past has a definate hold on some students here at Amphi. Their clothes and hair styles tend to be made up of black. Other students just believe being comfortable is the main object of clothes, like Levis, baggy shirts, and tennis shoes. What ' s great about all these styles at Amphi is that these diverse interests are accepted by most people and are no longer a cause for problems like in the past. Cameron Johnson, Missy Cosbey, and Debbie Baker show that longer hair styles and comfortable clothes are " in " . Tommy Fischer, Tyler Baylis, Missy Cosby, Dan Dupont, and Trent Waterfall show the diverse styles that are accepted this year. 1940 The 1940 s were very fash- ionable, with men wearing baggy pants and big jackets, and women wearing bulky sweaters. Amy Lewis is carry- ing these styles of bulky sweaters and fashionable hair that is pulled back from the face. 1950 Stylish clothes and hair in the 50s for women were gen- erally longer skirts and tighter clothes. Here, Lana Moussa shows glasses and a cartigan sweater, that were popular in the 50 ' s. Kevin Byrd, Rachel Workman, Bob Duggan, Nina Colman, Tina Sargeant, Dennis Cole, and Steve Miller smile for the camera and show us their exodic hair and clothes. Courtney Sheafe and Andy Newman pose for a picture in their comfortable, clean-cut clothes. Bill Norris wears his army jacket that still is in style from a few years back. 1960 The 1960s was known for the " hippy " era, peace slogans and symbols, and erodic clothing. Chad Carter shows us his peace pants and his leather jacket, both definately dating back to the 60s. 1970 Polyester, oxford shirts, long hair, and bell bottoms were the rage in the 70s. Au- tumn Talisman shows off her long blonde hair that was once popular in the 70s. Ndtfoud And bed Nm ps. ick Rutan and Jeana Yeager i J traveled 25,012 miles around t the world in an ultralight plane without refueling. They left Edwards Air Force Base in California on December 14, 1986 and returned on December 23, 1986 with only five gallons of fuel to spare. This record- setting effort culminated six years of planning, building and flying. Democrat Thomas P. OTIeill Jr. better known as " Tip " OTIeill retired as Speaker of the House of Representatives after 34 of service. Democrat James Wright from Texas is now the new Speaker of the Mouse. An Aeromexico DC-9 loaded with holiday travelers collided in midair with a light plane on Sunday, August 31, 1986, at 11:55 a.m. over Cerritos California. All 67 people aboard the two planes and at least five people on the ground were killed. This crash was the worst in the Los Angeles Airport history. This year, under the Reagan Administration, new broke about the national Security Council ' s involvement in arms trade with Iran. Frank C. Carlucci, the new chief of the M.S.C. plans to clean up and re- evaluate the N.S.C. An Qen. Richard J. Secord. The N.S.C. implimented the program to provide arms to Iran in return for U.S. hostages and money which was then put in a Swiss bank account and pilfened by the Micaraguan contras. Rep. Evan Mecham was finally voted in to the Gov. Office in November 1986 succeeding Dem. Bruce Babbitt. After having run for the office several times before. The most controversial issue he has faced to date, was the Martin Luther King Holiday. Gov. Babbitt had approved the holiday several months before the election and Mecham rescinded the order calling it illegal. On Wednesday, September 24, 1986, suspect Brian Fredrick Larriva killed himself when police tried to arrest him for two 1985 rapes. This man turned out to be the infamous, " Prime-Time " rapist. 30 attacks, which terrified the Tucson community, were attributed to the rapist. Larriva had a previous criminal record which began when he was 18. Hours of manpower were put in to the investigation which led police to Larriva. The police department put together information on the rapist and a composite investigation has been put in motion to find the source and those involved in the scandal. Some of those named as the vortex of the scandal were ex-chief of M.S.C. John M. Poindexter, Lieut. Col. Oliver L. Nonh head of the political military affairs unit, and Maj. that matched Larriva. Larriva used cocaine before most rapes, one victim was shot in the shoulder, and others were robbed. Finally a call into 88- crime led police directly to Larriva and the fatal incident. me-tim ject kil 00 hurt esays Arizona ' O- Suspect had 1 ™! a jr long history A tt JJJ 5. of c rime cal tt ro I Mi (I juads raid 2 rack houses ' ; are arrested rr« One more AmericanMJdair COlHsiOll OVef C kidnapped in Beirut s self id rru Summii coiiapses over Mar wars tm | Exaggerations cm th Libya, Reaps )plOstoriesar c i a n u d d or: r on Chernobyl 2hr«S - - • Reagan Gorbecnev blame each other BKiSStTT-car plleup kiffs studei. I from Marana, injures 13 Assistant de McFarlane m murder el I repeats Iran £!=£ n Hi testimony I m Jsrzz ss ftad»» • s«aM|YiM , „ J „ — J ana halpad daavoy data , •— - nr ». » m. « «» »ii i ■»• i ——■ u saw ««i »ii»» rum mn - taM « K » " ' -v ' x s ' MM DaCKWarO wr s wm is a b»ow to state s future " KTS T. «- «2 J HL ' ilJLJ J ' — - 51-S: Experimental AIDS K m m ttr mmb r-. ' aw- B (pr c aM " i to rescind King holiday ilap in the face for all ' • " ■s. ' siars .tr ■ o oe orered to thou SltliS im beat odds and Barr lernatorial nomination KGB seizes Bab X-ntK U.S. reporter in Moscow New charges against Danilo 9f Mr JMtn u, Ham •• Danilof f flies to freedom Chayrez ' s nurses at UMC feel the void 61 her death UMC suspends search Shooting motive may have I for heart for Chayrez S, .( ' .mh. ..--a . tm0 skateboard 1 haircut oi .icti ssssa Voyager | s ars g global fli| first of M Prosecution . of Atwood nearly done Hi£ Aaron Reyes follows Sean Mayercec along the face of Eve Tallman glides up the bucket route, thin holds. rhe Amphi Rock Climbers, a new club, works to provide the opportunity for anyone willing to share the experience of rock climbing and mountaineering. Evetree Tallman, the sponsor, has been climbing for many years across the country. The founders of the club are Mike Lawrence, Sean Mayercec, Aaron Reyes, Andy Vonier, and Chad Qilbreth. They established the club to teach beginning members rock climbing and to provide an organization for climbers and mountaineers to meet on a social basis. They have taken trips to Mt. Lemon, Windy Point, Cochise Stronghold, and the Dragoon Mountains. In the future the plan to go out of Arizona to Texas, Colorado, Washington, and California. rhe Hiking Club was very active this year, they went on several hikes ranging from the Sabino Canyon area to the Chiracahua Mountain area. The club was very lucky this year and only got rained out once. The sponsor of the club this year was Mrs. Simpson and the number of members changed throughout the year. Members had the option of buying T-shirts designed and silkscreened by Art Club members. Some of the more popular hikes were to 7 Falls, Kimball Peak, and hikes in the Mt. Lemmon area. f deutg CM Did you have fun watching the " Freedom Jam " perform? Did you have a crazy week wearing green and white, pajamas, and concert tee-shirts? Did you eat a lot of doughnuts during spirit week? Weil, we can thank the 1986-87 Student Suppont student council for all of that. Along with dressing different everyday during spirit week, they had a tug-of-war, and an egg toss. Do you remember your hand cramping up writing all of " KRQ " post cards? The student council also supported the contest for the Jets. Student council has done a great job supporting Amphi this year, and Amphi appreciates this support. Left, Amphi students enjoy doughnuts on Doughnut Day supported by student council spirit week. Above. Becky Cluck and Joseph Frldonberg write for the " Jets " supported by student council. Senior officers: C. Heerden, D. Oordon, Q. Patzmans, C. Sutton, C. Sheafe, B. Wiles, L. Bagshaw, T. Watters. Q. Busby, C. Burch, W. McLearran, K. Land, A. Newman, A. Mer- siowsky, C. McDonald, J. Sowecke. Top row: Maria Domano, Rachel Brennan, Derek Fenstermacher, Donna Lee, Lee Bizik. I Bottom row: Pete Vonier, Becky Cosby, ' Denis Fuentes. Crys Kotzambasis, Louie Calderon. Ok Yi, Lisa Slaughter, Tricia Feldt. Steve Fom- grantz, Kris Wolfer. Kristi Busby, Jolee Herndon, Melanie Hur- ley, Deanna Clark, John Kai, Lynette Price, Leslie Aboud, Andrea Hawk. 1354 W. PRINCE RD. COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY QUEEN - 23 W. PRINCE PHONE 884-8892 HURST HOLLEY OFFENHAUSER CYCIONE B M EELCO MALIORY 2811 N. STONE AVE. DON ' S HOT ROD SHOP FEATURING NAME BRAND HI PERFORMANCE GAS SAVING V.W. DUNE BUGGY EQUIP AREA CODE 602 V.H.T. ISKFNDERIAN MC GARD THRUSH ACCEL RAM HAY ' S IGN. TUCSON, ARIZONA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 FROM AMPHI GRADS AT DONS HOTROD SHOP ,- ftt% cu Front: Czar B. Morris. 1st row: n. Coleman. J. Lain. J. Date, r . Lawrence. M. Bone. S. Seefeldt. 2nd row: J Meyers. M. McGibbon. T Read, P. Lundy, T. Walker. R Johnson, S. Macleod, O McGovern. 3rd row: 5. Rei chant, J. Aggen. J. Klein, T Rankin, B. Shroggins, T. Wil kinson, C. Lockhart. V Back row: C. Lockhart, B. Wiles, A. Gore, P. Tumarkin, C. McDonald, J. Everitte, T. Haussler, M. Dunn, S. Miller, S. Friend, A. Modi, A. Hil- verda. Front row: M. Do- mino, F. Schorzmon, r . Bay, S. Sahn, r . Lawrence, T. Read, H. McQibbon, L. Bit- zek. NdlSjmd Howo Society Delcia Pena buys freshly popped popcorn sold by D.E.C.A. Dan Simonson, Stacy Charter, and Becky Cluck show their spirit by wearing green and white Amphi scarves. P.E.CA D.E.C.A. had one of the biggest turnouts Amphi had ever seen. D.E.C.A., Distributive Clubs of America, had over 200 Amphi members and was the largest chapter in Arizona. The chapter was filled with juniors and seniors interested in the marketing and merchandising classes. The club was very succesful in promoting spirit throughout the school, starting with their great seatbelt " assembly which really taught a lot of students the importance of wearing safety belts. Their fundraising department was especially productive. Popcorn sales were popular and could be purchased every Friday during both lunches. As the winter season drew closer D.E.C.A. started selling green and white scarves to warm students up. Calendars, as well could be bought to count the number of school days left. Congratulations to all the D.E.C.A. members for this very promising year. Steve Stoval discusses the importance of M.D.A. awareness. f " Senior DFXA-Row 1 L to R: M. Clark. J. Caceres. A. Schrage, B. Westmoreland. M. Childers. J. Bar- bone, M. Pyle, S. Berg, J. Leacock. B. Dowdle.. Row 2: T. Monheim, F. Caniz. T. Nelson. M. Recely. J. Huffstetler. B. Patel, B. White, A. Hilverda. Row 3: R. Weadock, C. Qerszewski. D. Scott. J. Kleikamp. K. Howard, S. Bonebright, R. Macklin. C. Jones. R. Dalton, J. Shelton. M. Shade. Row 4: D. Cole. R. Choate, P. Harrison, R. Smith, K. Swanson. C. Cook. Junior DECA: K. Aboud. J. Aggen. D. Baker. D. Bales. M. Baran K. Bay. G. Benzi. B. Blackburn. R. Bonnin. J. Bowie. T. Bradley ft. Brandon. A. Caniz, C. Cardenas. S. Carlton. S. Carries. C. Cashmer. P. Casillas. L. Catrone. W. Chappie. D. Charter. S. Charter R. Cluck. N. Coleman. R. Corona. A. Cox. C. Crutsinger. L. Curtin. J. Date. A. Deemer, R. Delgado, T. Dice. Y. Downing. M. Edwards L. Elletson K. Farmer. D. Flanigan, E. Gajda. P. Gal. A. Garcia. D. Garcia. G. Garten. C. Gass. P. Perez. M. Peto. L. Piersol, C. Powley. M. Quick. R. Reyes. P. Richardson, J. Roach. P. Roberts. J. Robertson. L. Rome- ro. K. Rose, K. Ruckman. S. Ruiz. P. Ruyle. J. Samuetson J. Schwarz. M. Sequin. R. Sexton. P. Slater. E. SlaLter. J. Sobonya R. Sparks. M. St. Dennis. E. Stalker. D. Stimac. A. Swift. P. Taylor. M. Tirrell. L. Tofel. S. Valencia. D Valenzuela A. Vassallo. C. vergara S. Vironet. A. Voelzow. W. Voight. S. Wainwright. E. Warner. M. Weaver. C. Weiss. M. White. S. White. L. Wik. B. Williams D. Wil- liams. G. Williams. L. Wilson. R. Witmer. R. Workman. J Yahn. It Yates. T. Yehling. M. Yunker. L. Gastellum. T. Gee. V. Gelvin. B. Gossman. L. Grady. P. Graves. F. Greth. M. Grissom B. Guerrero. l Guhl. T. Gumett, A. Gustafson. D. Hammonds. G. Haptonstal. J. Hart, D. Martzel, A. harden. C. Henderson, W. Henningsen. R. Her- get. D. Mess. D. Hindmarch S. Holley. M. Holt, K. Hsiao. J. Jackson. K. Johnston. A. Kaegbein. R. Kariolich. K. Kercheval. J. Klein. R. Kuydendall. R. Larriva. S. Lee. T. Lopez. M. Lower). P. Lundv. P. Mahan. E. Makkai, J. Mariscal. J. Martinez. ft. Martinez. H. MoGS - bon. W. Mellum. J. Mclnnis. R. Miller M. Mitchell. J. Morrill. T. Moses. M. Medoma. A. nelson, S. Nelson. E. Niswander. E- Nord- strom, R. Odell. S. Olivieri. T. Parrett. S. Patino. 1st row: R. Smith, S. Bonebright, A. Macklin. 2nd row: A. Hilverde, R. Weadock, B. Dowdle, M. Recely, A. Schrage. Jennifer Yahn presents her sales demonstrado. ' ; for marketing class. £up i SkiiMq Sfouk! f ki Club at Amphi this year C was, for the most part a suc- V cess. The trip to Purgatory over Rodeo vacation was, in my mind, a complete success. Some of the locals in Purgatory told me that it was the best snow they had seen in 13 years. I believe it. Amphi f illed an entire bus for the trip, unlike last year when we had to share a bus with 3 other schools. On the down- side, our Christmas trip was can- celled. All in all, it was a great year for ski club. I hope to see the ski club going strong again next year. Mr. Pack still thinks he can ski. -John Powers Skiers get ready to make the run downhill as the mountain loom in the background. Fly Ti Hi!! Taking the downhill run at Purgatory. I Staying on the ski lift can be boring, so members sit and wait for the ride to end. Skiers are psyched for their turn on the slopes. £luded Office, Wankm r:n Top: Joy Rogers helps the receptionist. Bottom: Tina Whip puts back files in counseling office. Top: Joanna Poga helps the principal secretary out by putting letters away. Bottom: Vanessa Fitts files through the attendance files. F.B1A Front: C. Bushmire, S. Graff, Q. Hernandez, C. Tarango, R. Cundiff, J. DiOregorio, J. Rogers, Mrs. Wunder.Back: T. Davis, K. Mclntyre, T. Whipp, R. Rawlings. COS. front: J. Rogers, C. Bushmire, V. Fitts, R. Cundiff, R. Rawlings, L. Otis. Back: Mrs. Wunder, T. Whipp, T. Holcomb, J. D ' Qreggorio, B. Rineer. Top row: S. Buchroeder. P. Potts, B. Rentfro, B. Jones. C. Bookidis. Bottom row: A. Campbell. L. Jump. A. Johnson. T. Cox, C. Sheafe. M. Bezanson, D. Hughes. AitCU The Art Club, a second year club at Amphi was very successful this year. They planned a spring festival that sold the artists works, consisting of T- shirts, Ukranian eggs, Jewelry, and drawings. The money raised was put in a scholarship fund for Amphi artists. i Z . VufoCU rhis year Amphi students and teachers started the Video Club Sandwich. Grants were given by T.C.C.C., the Gladiators, and the Amphitheater Foundation to provide for video equipments and to cover costs for the production of a six- segment, an half hour show. In May, the result was shown on the cable access channel in Tucson several times. Students learned the roles of producer, reporter, researcher, writer, and audio video technician in each segment of the video. Once again, Amphi students show Tucson their innovative talents. Video Club members: Killie Mclntire, Nancy Kane, Eva Aarris, Steve Mil ler, Laura Shelley, Bob Jacobsen, Becky Cluck, Craig Cowles, Ric Shorrock. Ric Shorrock gets the camera ready for shooting. nancy Kane is surprised by the camera as Eve Aarris, Becky Cluck, and Kellie Mclntyre converse. V Eve Harris explains about the video unit as Bob Jacobsen and Craig Cowles look yoc e .9oU Km CU . " . ' 3 kn«? :lub was kept busy this Octoberfest. In J; Jfv ' ey club was kept busy if year by many events and f activities. Such events involved working with the needy and handicapped. The students involved in Key club are very dedicated. The biggest fund raiser held this year was the January spirit rally with Canyon Del Oro going towards the Cerebral Palsy foundation will provide a little hope for some kids out there. The opportunities of Key club are many. The club provides individual success and fulfillment. Dan Hill looks over the goodies at Ke Club BaKeTsaie. Donna Lee. Tamara Read, Jenni Marshall watch over Key Club bake sale. lfie Gutierrez. Tami Gonzales uses the calibration computer in respiratory therapy. I CA • Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, or VICA, combines V six areas of Amphi ' s activities. VICA consist of Automechanics, HRO-AMs, HRO- PMs, Health Career Core, Wood Shop, and Photography. In addition to their jobs, students in VICA participate in fundraising activities and organize community services like blood drives. VICA also competes in the State Skills Olympics in Phoenix with the opportunity to advance to national compition. The main event at the State Skills Olympics is the automechanics section which is headed by Mr. Edwards. First the contestants must take a written test which they must pass before advancing to the next stage. If they pass the written exam then they must repair an engin as fast as they could without making any mistake. The winner then goes on to the nationals VICA gives students the opportunity to experience and excell in a particular area. Mr. Moore and Duane Fike measure a panel for the new building. Left: M. Olivas and P. Fimbres work together to repair a car engine. Bottom: Richard Wehausen looks on as Mr. Edwards gives a few more pointers. Robb Labule concentrates on hitting the nail and not his hand. Laura Shelly Steve Miller, and Shawn Mern- men prepare negatives for VSCA contest Cawptti Li b Back: Laura Gates - Treasurer, Paige Richardson, Sandra Smith - Secretary, Sharon Seagle, Monica Tirrell, Walter Belcher, Ronda Cumberworth - President, Derek Hedrick, Tim Reed. Front: Sarah VanBuren, Rudy, Mike Moylan, Albert Garcia - Vice President. Gtoup Wittt A MiiitM. §Lukrfii AgaiKiT DhumL Dk j uu] f ADD, Students Against f Drunk Driving, plays a big role in educating the students of Amphitheater High School about the danger of driving while intoxicated. The 7 member organization circulated posters and tied red ribbons on cars as a reminder to remain sober while behind the wheel. With the continuing support of a fine organization like SADD, a major cause of teen death could be stopped. A sobering thought from students against drunk drivers. Ms. Nintze! looks o er her SADD gioup. Secretary Susie Steffens. President Bobbie White, Treasurer Carolyn Steffens. Eric Cronuall. Vice Presiden t Bethany Gold, Kari Mclntyre, Jim Hill. Top row: C. Rhonehouse, L. Zembik. T. Gonzales, S. Bearasley, H. Rudzitis. Bottom row: L. Wharton, R. Annie, B. Smith, Above: Heidi Rudzitus blocks wax in the hys- tology lab. Top row: D. Pries, M. Acuna, B. Stutz. Bottom row: S. Moreno, B. Blackburn, C. Santa Cruz. Below: Lisa Wharton uses the X-ray machine in the radiology lab. ? v; H.R.O. m RO stands for Health 11 Related Occupations. It ' s a f I 2hour class which is held 3 days a week. The students in HRO travel to St. Mary ' s Hospital where they get hands-on experience working with nurses and doctors. This program began with only one class and now has three. This program is a big success with its sponsor Mrs. Portor. If y ou ' re interested or think you ' re interested in the health field, you should think about taking this class. Back row: N. Melin, Mrs. Porter, A. Newman, A. Gill, Q. Hernandez, J. Adamski, L. Piersol, J. Kunze. Front row: S. Wainwright, N. Moten, M. Ford. D. Pena, C. Jarvis, K. Steagall. B. Tatum, T. Durante, A. Peterson. Back row: A. Wright. B. Trejo, W. Davis, P. Perez, S. Vironet, M. Voight-Ostapuk. L. Garcia, K. Larson. Front row: T. Barnett, L. Qastellum, B. Johnson, D. Garcia, P. Smurphat, C. Claunch, S. Steeley, C. Bremerman, J. Jacobsen, Mr. Cuneo. W0WB J ± kating is the trend that hit f our school hard this year. Vj Everywhere you look there is skating in one form or another. For the spectators, it ' s excitement watching guys fly off a ramp into the air and wondering if he will land his trick or break his leg. For the skater, it ' s a challenge and an intense way of having fun! There are four basic types of skating: freestyle, ramp, street, and downhilling. Ramp skating is probably the most popular style for trick skating in the air. A half pipe (a wooden ramp shaped in a " U " with a platform at each end) is the thing ' to catch air. " Freestyle is trick skating in a small flat area such as a parking lot or driveway. Street skating is similar to freestyle except it is done in a larger area and the tricks are off of walls, park benches, parked cars, etc. Downhilling is the style for speed enough said. If skating is in your future, be prepared for exotic hair styles, way-out clothes, and ' Jammin " languages. Skate or die! Jeff Jewett pulling air from a launch ramp. Andy Hetzel with a front foot drop in. Bo Whitehead landing an air. Dan DuPont pulling a lay back air while Andy Hetzel watches. Eric Peabody doing a method air. Low brass: E. Wedley, I . Jorgensen, P. Debolt, M. Hamilton, A. Plucker, T. Potter, T. Royer, L. Jonhson, L. French, L. Tort, T. Cole; T. Morgen, J. Harris, B. Green, J: Croriwalt, C. Williams, T. Fisher, J. Cochran, F. Greth, S. Pones, D. I B: Bartman, E. Ashby. not pictur Adams, D. Neasham Woodwindes and other: A. Autet, F. Kischer, S. Amermen, S. Dawdle, K. Wells, M. Weinberg, S. Thompson, U. Silbershlag, D. Gon- zales, J. Frazier. K. Brandhuber, A. O ' Brien, I. Neighbours, J. Monford, K. Mclntyre, B. Kniffin, n. Hackl, S. Pear- men. Mot pictured: S. Hull Drum line: D. Lucas, J. Kindjer, p. Rudzitis, Jay Stacey, ML Laky, D. Simthrger, T. Frost, G. Frbchlich, T. Brouwn, E. McGraw, L Meza, G. McMillen, T. Lay, X frazier, T.Neasham. Instructor D. Hernivali, Instructor not pictured D. Rodehkirch. Mot pictured: H. Rudzitis, J. Capp,; 5. Montgomery, D. Fike kb Baidk M Hitting the right note f you thought that the 1986-87 Amphi Panther Band were the ' group of students that caused an up roar at the pep assemblys, then you have another thing coming. The band has proved that practice makes perfect. This year the band has received many superior awards by competing at the Flowing Wells High School. Along with best auxiliary, they were awarded with the best music, best marching, and best percussion at the state competion in Phoenix. If you think that ' s impressive, the band had the chance to travel to El Paso, Texas to compete at the Sun Bowl. Then they left for Phoenix, Arizona to compete at the Fiesta Bowl. Amphi was especially proud of our band at the U of A band day when our Panther Band won the Munamaker Award because of overall superior ratings. The band owes Mr. Butler some credit for keeping them organized and bringing recognition to Amphi. Color Guard: S. Steely. T. Walker. M. Craig, B. Boyles, C. Gordon, M. Dines. T. Her- ren, L. Pickett, L. Runcorn, K. Hous- ton, L. Glenn, C. Caddell. B. White, L. Billotte, S. Langehine, M. Mayard. S. Meade, C Marks, L. Grady, M. Lipp- man, D. Srober, B. Spontak, N. Baku- tis, C. Couture, K. Silverman, C Stef- fens, P. Giwin, Mot pictured: M. Olson, A. Kieman, A. Lawrence. Drum Majors: M. Harris, H. Schoreder, E. Cro ' nwall. OvMrn Orchestra this year at Amphi has had a big turnout of talented musicians. Mrs. Stevens is pleased with the fast growth of the orchestra since she started teaching at Amphi three years ago. ' Students who want to be successful must have the desive and skill to play their instruments, ' ' said Mrs. Stevens. A course with talented students and a good teacher reaches the Amphi goal of excellence once again with the help of " practice makes perfect! " 1st row: D. McFall, Mrs. Stevens, S. Qhajari, D. Roddier, T. OTIeill. P. Nelson, 2nd row: P. Fimbres, N. Stanton, S. Jetter, I. neighbors. 3rd row: D. Arriaga, J. Burns, L. Currey, D. Do, C. Lynch, C. Griffith, K. Maestas, T. Barns, R. Luebke. 4th row: K. Childs, A. Filleman, L. Price, L. Deleon, C. McDonald, C. Tramontan. Hot pictured; S. Buchroeder, S. Friend, A. Trujillo, B. Case, J Qunn. N. Stanton plays the cello in unison with the orchestra. A. Filleman, J. Burns, and L. Price practice their violin parts together. This year ' s choir was one of the busier clubs on campus. With seven choir groups: Accompanists, concert choir, intermediate choir, show choir, chamber choir 1, chamber choir 2, and the barber shop singers, They had to practice every day during class, along with four lunch periods a week. Though not all of it was hard work. According to Sharon Seagle " You learn a lot about music, but not only that, you learn how to make long lasting friendships. " The choir had the chance to tour San Francisco for a week and performed at small performances for Western La Paloma. If you went to a choir concert you would have seen how this years hard work and determination has paid off. CONCERT CHOIR: Shelby Phelps, Jennie King, MichelleJHeltan, Andy Macklin, Marion Lowe, Joel Cardella, Shawna Bonebright, John Witter, Stephanie Seefeldt, Martin Duncan, Gretcv- hen Mason. Maggie Reimer, Tom Kiernan, Jennifer Everitt, Sharon Seagle, Walter Belcher, Todd Fitzpa- trick, Andy Macklin, Lenny McDole, Todd Wahcsman, Brian Howard, Tiffany Metz. Suzanne Reed, Stephanie Wenzel, Bethany Gold, Angie Thompson, Malia McOriff, Chantel Bixby, Maria Se Los Santos, Tiffany Larson, Trei Watters, Melissa Hallier. Anne Oore, Melissa Bone, Cyndi Burch, Sarah Van Buren, Julie Carlson, Christine Mason. MISSING: Jennifer Yahn, Dean Neasham, Laurie Larsen. Choral Director, Dr. Fest. ACCOMPANISTS: Tiffany Metz, and Angie Thompson BARBERSHOP SINGERS — Satisfaction Guaranteed Dean Measham, Teri Watters. Brannon Wiles, and Brian Howard. SHOW CHOIR: Martin Duncon, Shawna Bonebright, Todd Wachsman, Christine Mason, Brian Howard, Bethany Gold, Stephanie Seefeldt, Brannon Wiles, Tiffany Larsen, Andy Macklin, Trei Watters, Melissa Bone, Andy McDole, Melissa Hallier, Missing: Jennifer Yahn, Dean Neasham. CHAMBER CHOIR 2: Walter Belcher, Jennifer Everitt, Sharon Seagle, Andy Tafoya, Shelby Phelps, Malia McGriff, Todd Fitzpa- trick, John Witter, Julie Carlson, Jennie Capp, Maria De Los Santos, Sarah Van Buren, Bethany Gold. CHAMBER CHOIR 1: Joel Cardella, Anne Gore, Tiffany Metz, Brian How- ard, Chantel Bixby, Melissa Bone, Tiffany Larsen, Trei Watters, Angie Thompson, Andy Macklin, Christine Mason, Stephanie Seefeldt, Brannon Wiles, Missing: Dean Neasham INTERMEDIATE CHOIR: Carol- Anne Homan, Jocelyn Sanchez, Kim Lopez, Marion Lowe, Tanya Sedrick, Jesse Duncan, James Hill, Brandon Howell, Mark Coil, Sarah Adams, Debbie Winn, Ramona Bouldin, Cathy Steely, Josephine Bedoy, Tjmjarnsen, Troy nea- sham, Mason rielder, Michelle Crow, Laura Chavez, Angela Smith, Charidy Williams, Anne Campbell Missing: Christine Au, John Fiscella J 1 " « fri iBl mw». ■ tt H»Lv 4d U V ill | 1 1 1 ' 1 T 9 H 1 1 ! JK tf V-r- awfa Above, Justin plans for a winning strateg) during chess club. Left, Melissa shows off her bear slippers on pajama da . Below, Monica, Kirsten, and Sonja gossip while eating lunch. Ryan Swift and his two prize winning porkers Shanna Pearman and Angela Qwin exercise their sheep. F.F.A. " FA is an L intracultural f organization to help develop leadership, citizenship, and cooperation. Future Farms of America is made up of enthusiastic students interested in the agricultural areas of plant and animal science, landscaping, and nursery management. Amphi had one chapter of 140 members. Mrs. Aimes and Mr. Bernal were the sponsors. FFA met twice each month and had a spectacular year. To start off, a prefair was held to help teach about the art of showing animals. Community service was also a big part of the year. Doing landscaping for the elderly and holding a canned food drive were just a minor role in the help for the community. FFA helped many students and teachers become more aware of the importance of our land. Amphi has become enriched with the existance of this outstanding organization. Sean DeHart and his cow sledgehammer greet each other Let me out! Let me out! Top: M. Lakey, W. Peck, J. Heartson, M. Overpeck, M. Solen, M. Warwas, R. Swift, S. Hanly. Middle: P. Valencia, F. Celaya, B. Johnson, S. Pearman, A. Euerhart, H. Allen, Z. Price, K. Bugby, B. Wilson, S. Celaya, T. Chacon. Bottom: D. Pena, D. Pena, A. Qwin, T. Street, E. Maltn, K. Pyeatt, H. Craig, B. Chalon. VS.R.O. roods Service, Child Care, Interior Design, Fashion and Fabric were just some of the Interests of the many students that made up H.E.R.O. (Home Economics Related Occupations). The ciub was made up of enthusiastic Juniors and Seniors interested in Home Economics. Most of the Seniors had after school occupations related with their class interests. H.E.R.O. Had a very prominent year. Throughout the school year they sold many items. Furry Amphi Footballs and Ceramic Panthers were the most productive. Of course everyone got a chance to taste and enjoy all their homemade food that was sold at lunch. H.E.R.O. also had many activities. Raising $2,000 with a Bottom Row: Wendy Henningsin, Evan Qajda, An- drea Gustatson. Middle Row: Annie Menesis, Terri Medina, Colleen Graney, Marie Schrage, and San- dra Santillan. Top Row: Helene Heatley, Diana San- ta Cruz, Tonya Barnett, Paula Padilla, Anne Rob- bins, Robin Parker, Shannon Flynn, Jennifer Trump, Cathy Steeley. Bottom Row: John Miller, Marty Waverley, Kenny Bean, Betsy Pirtie, Mike Knoph. Middle Row: Denis Wolf, Cecilia Qranillo, Terri Loeffelholz, Neva Park- er, Karen Musson, Hong Do, Kiki Estes, Courtney Cox. Top Row; Jill Birdman, David Thompson, Eu- genio Celaya, E-Vett MacQregor, Etta Damron, Lori Lorance, Missi Puckett, Barry Robb, Adolfor Me- dina, Presulla Smith, Kim Symons, Mike Rosun- berg. Shelly Patterson, Penel Kwong. spaghetti dinner at the Y.M.C.A., Holding a workshop at amphi for over 200 studen ts and serving over 800 people at an Agricultural Alumnie Breakfast for U of As Homecoming were just some of the great functions that were held. Dr. Qrahm was the sponsor of H.E.R.O which had about 125 members consisting of four classes. Something ' s cooking! Top Row Mrs. Hall. Ostar Puig, Jason FYanzen. Troy Mack, Coirine Seguin. Joel Cardella. Steve Pones, Craig Webster, Toni Sebols, Miss Lopez. Bottom Row Hon Ricker. Barbi Ams, Judy Jan- oski, Trishi Thrash, David Sisneros. Bill O ' Meil. Terri Singleton. Anthony Peterson. Vonda Page Third Row Left: Mark Folb Right Alex Top Row Monica Hernandez, Denetta Mayo. Tami Shytell, Cindy Jarvis, Christie Winters. Ma- omi Lyon, Jennifer Wyatte, Richard Dudley. Ms. Lopes. Second Row Peter Abate. Joe Bello. Va- ledia Lopes, Richard Rodriguez, Chris Ruiz, Bran Riggs, Kathy Seibel, Mike Schafel A close up of HERO ' S hard working hands Terri Singleton K ...v prepares a scrumptious mea! for HERO. VUtgutia k Fo i Lovmi Botetourt high School, Virginia Cheryl Tablett Jack Qarber Bob Laymon Genny Firestone Judy Seibel A. Bonks ach year Domestic Exchange £— picks a state to visit for one £»- week, and this year, Virginia was chosen! Students from Amphi stayed with students from Virginia and then they reversed the roles. Next year, Domestic Exchange is planning to exchange with Florida. To join this ciub, sign up with Domestic Exchange at the beginning of the year and send them $200 to cover travel. This is really a great club to get involved in because it gives many opportunities to travel, meet people, and see new places. Wendy Hale Kellie Jenkins Laurissa Thompson Jennifer Qioss Kathy Armentrout Jennifer Price Katie Crow Amie Lancaster Dave Crotty Amphi Juson Ground Derek Fenstemacher Lane Elletson Jennifer Wyatt Erin Regan Michael Birdman Emily Nichols Gretchen McBrick Alisa Yamanaka Sharon Meyer Joanna Ruga Datir fluchs Lisa Steenson Raul Borquez Sherrill Ncifert Giaci Gutierrez Andy Voiner jumping out of season in the latest jean trend. Fowigu, umm Caib Tree: M. Roddier, Back Row: R. Frye, J. Hall, D. Mienez, A. Lawrence .Front Row: Denmark exchange student, L. Childers. M. Sabel, Mrs. Rich- ardson, O. Yi, P. Fimbres. AttMc TutiUJW Top row: John Kunze, Luke Adams, Brenda Renfro, Carlos Lopey, Jay Bell. Bottom row: Erin Lane, Sean King, Matt Uay ton, Heidi Yahn, Lisa Qastellum. Tum U . . . MM - Bell, the athletic trainer iK M coach, teaches students ™ I basic first aid with the help of graduate assistant Karen Willemin. The students who are athletic trainers take the course to help Amphi ' s athletes. Athletic trainers are not only required to attend class, but also attend many athletic events after school. Every game, whether home or away must have an athletic trainer present. Amphi students, once again proved their dedication not only for academic excellence, but also athletic excellence. Jeff Hawkins obviously thinks that the war bath helps ease the muscular pain. Karen Willemin tapes Freddie Quick s leg for him. Doug Thompson has his leg wrapped b Coach Bell so he can participate in track. Joe Pongratz chats with trainer Luke Adams while his leg is on ice Du ifr GazeM -- rront: Colleen McDonald, Lisa Macafee, Stephanie Kidder, Sarah Carries. Jody Klien, Tonya Rayer, Krista Lynch. Middle: Advisor Tony Gomez. Brian Logenbaugh, Ronnie Parsons, Lance Billingsley, Tom Cooley, Mark Brown, Jeff Hall, Rich Dalton. Top: Mike Pries, Quentin Boyer, Jason Isaak. Front: Jeff Hall, Krista Lynch, Colleen McDonald, Jason Isaac, Rich Dalton, Tanya Rayer. Top: Advisor Tony Gomez, Ronnie Parsons, Sarah Carnes, Mike Pries. Mr. Gomez barely has time to dres: himself with the pressure of Deser Gazette. A busy Rich Dalton proofreads his latest article. Stephanie Kidder uses modern technology to get information. The 1986-87 Desert Gazette staff attempted as its major goal to earn another George H. Gallup award as last year ' s staff did. The staff attended the Journalism Education Association National Conference in Portland, Oregon, as well as state conventions in Flagstaff and Coolidge. Among issues covered during the school year were fire code violations, coping with stress, the homeless, and students coming from broken homes. Quill and Scroll again recognized students in various departments for the Students of the Month program. Monorees were treated to a breakfast from HERO and had their pictures posted in the Senior wing. Students also were eligible for gift certificates from local businesses at the breakfast. Overall, the staff did a superior job with the newspaper. HiS f MATH I 1 • 2 • 1 TUTORING I Marcy E. Tepper, Ph.D. Director Math Anxiety Expert 226 W. Prince • Tucson, Arizona 85705 • 887-3738 TiMb Out Fob £f)otfi . . Doreon Matcher, Rachel firennan, Amonia Thomp- son, and Karen Sahn prepare to take their marks. Middle left - Wrestlers prepare for the next round. Bottom left - Chad Olson watches Ken Olson prepare to catch a foul ball. Bottom right - Players attempt to get a rebound. A { Ir f I l y $ 1 4 • w£r w ■ .- ' »l w -■1 ' " •WRSP Yeaxboolo £bff 87 t A ' th on ' y three returning t l members this year, W V yearbook staff was getting off to a slow start, but with training, hard work, and dedication the staff was in great working order. With new editor Craig Cowles, there was many new changes and ideas. Craig has really done a fine job of getting things organized and taking charge. Thanks to the photographers, great action shots were taken by being in the right times. Although many hours of tedious work, the staff felt it was a great year, and we the staff hope you enjoy our efforts. JHHH W ' «d %k ■■■« Advisor Ric Shorrock helps Becki Rospond choose the right picture for her page layout. Lisa Lu types copy for the page. Stacy Charter uses a photo cropper to fit the next print for her page. Yvette Gastelum using the computer as an advanced yearbook tool. Back row: Head photographer Jeff Hazier, advisor Ric Shorrock Eric Peabody Dan Simon- son, and editor Craig Cowles. Front row: Stacy Charter, Carrie Drake, Laura Shelley Becky Cluck, Michelle Bezanson, Andy Wolfson. Becki Rospcnd Yvette Gastelum. and Lisa Lu. Wkdti Happening At Autpld ? A mphi has had many events that i directly affect the students this year. f I Some change the looks of Amphi while others affect student life. The new Amphi students next year will recognize that this is the Amphi that they had seen before. Seniors will leave Amphi remembering what they had change during their years. Some current events as described below will tell what Amphi is all about. Tucson Police Department brought a drug sniffing canine to show that drug pushers will not always hide drugs and get away with it. Arranged by the office, this was supposed to encourage Amphi students not to try drugs and not to sell them. T.P.D. officers said that they did go around to area schools and give them a demonstration. Seeing the dog in action was also one of the intents of the officers. The dog ' s incredble sense of smell gives police the edge to nab drug pushers and users. You might have noticed an eighteen wheeler in front of the Counselor ' s office this year. The United States Navy ' s " Nuclear Navy " truck arrived to show what the new Navy looks like. Nuclear power is the new source of power in the Navy because it is energy conserving and makes Navy ships run more smoothly. The first aircraft carrier, in fact, to use nuclear power is the " Enterprise " . The Navy is trying to encourage Amphi students to join the new Navy to guarantee a future in a good job with experience with nuclear power. Amphi students also got envolved with making the campus look better. Vo-Ag students, along with Amphi district workers, pitched in by landscaping the front of the school to give Amphi a better look to visitors. The United States navy brought in a mobile display about the nuclear navy " , describing nuclear energy and the navy. They were also trying to influence Amphi students to join the navy. A drug dog brought in by the Tucson Police Department Canine Unit attacks ■ pusher " to give a taste of the dog ' s training in narcotic finding. Tucson Police Department ' s drug dog demonstrating the dog ' s ability to find narcot ics by using his superior sense of smell. -v Construction began for the new cafeteria this year giving Amphi a better look for the future. One of th e changes this year was making Amphi s grounds look better. Amphi Yo-Ag students were charge of the new landscaping along with Amphi district workers. Andy Tafoya, Lenny McDole, and Melissa Bone, are getting ready to sing. Above Intermediate Choir performing in the Christmas Con cert. Right: Brar.non Wiles playes for the Chamber Choir. This year Amphi ' s choir put on a spectacular Christmas concert on December 8th, in the auditorium. The winter Choral Concert consisted of both boys and girls in the Chamber Chior, Intermediate Choir, and Concert Choir. Director Mary Frances Fest, who is also the teacher, put in long hours to prepare them for the Winter Choral Concert which by all measures was a great success. The choir had put on a several concerts at school for faculty and students, along with special apperances at the La Paloma Resort. Anyone who has heard Amphi ' s choir know they put in long hours to acheive the quality sound that is produced. Amphi choral concerts are a fine tradition and with continued support, will continue to be. f am Of Wood uilding Trades, a new A 2 hour block l vocational woodworking class at Amphi started a project. The project was to build a house and finish it by the end of the year. The students started with a single mound of dirt at the beginning of the year and by the end of the year the finished product would be a 2 bdrm, 1 V2 bath house complete with paint, cabinets, and carpeting. The house was auctioned off for about half the price as the customer would normally pay. S. Moore, the Building Trade ' s instructor wanted to give students basic knowledge about the building trade with experience to prepare students for a job in this field. Above: John Mendoza and Mike Holmes continue work on the house. Left: Robb LaBlue hammers the trim along the roof. The house in one of its earlier stages. Dwayne Fike cuts a floor brace with a porter cable. Christine Petito, who plays one of the defense lawyers, cross-examines the plaintiff ' s witness. Tkb £ dedti Cowifr 4mphi students this year had a chance to experience the feeling of being a court lawyer in a pre-made case. Participants from Amphi were divided into two teams. Each team had six students, three lawyers, and three witnesses. Trial proceedings were exactly the same as a real court except for a few rules. Throughout the day, the lawyers and witnesses switched positions playing both roles. The purpose of the trial is to teach the students about trials and trial proceedings. This also was supposed to be a lot of fun. Each team had information on the trial and had to build a case on the information. One month of preparation was all that the teams had to get ready. When the time came to go to court, the preparation time would be put to tests. Both teams were scored by points and not by the verdict. The Amphi " A " team took fourth place while the " B " team took third. The players said that they were excited about the whole trial and cannot wait to go to State. Jason Chimer, acting as another defense lawyer, directly examines the witness on the stand. Jason Climcr directly examines Jennifer ftowie who plays Amphi ' s B " team Team B consists of Eric Jeck, Emily Nichols, Jason Climer, Christine Petito. Jennifer Bowie. and Dcanette Nunez. Christine Petito and Dcanette Nunez listen to the prosecuting team witness as they figure out their next mo e. Winter Homecoming f n Friday Feb. 13, students were I J wondering who was going to V represent Amphi in the Winter Homecoming assembly. During Monday ' s homeroom, students voted for a king and queen plus eight candidates. Candidates chosen were Jason Ground, Qwynne Patzman, Cindy Thomas, Bill Jacoby, Kelli LKand, Kristian Qose, Suzy Simpson, and Don Simpson. Peter Andricopoulos and Christy Satton became the new reigning king and queen. Congratulations to them and the candidates. As in the fall, winter homecoming honors those students participating in spring activities and sports and continues to show the pride and spirit Amphi students have. Queen Christy Sutton and King Peter Andri- copoulos share a moment together. Winter Homecoming candidates L to R: Christy Sutton, Peter Andricopoulos, Gwynne Patzman, Jason Qround, Cind Thomas. Bill Jacob . Kelli Land, Kristian Gose, Suzy and Don Simpson. Congratulations Peter And Christy Hans-Erik nelson, Paul Potts, and Melanie Dunn study for the state competition. Academic Decathalon Coach Mrs. Beaham. Top Row: Mike Corcoran, Hans-Erik nelson Martin Duncan. Bottom Row: Suzy Buch roeder, Ken McLaughlin, Colleen McDonald and Melanie Dunn. Academe DeeaOudbn, rhe Academic Decathalon placed 2nd at Flowing Wells this year. With 36, 158 points out of 50,000 possible points, it led them to the state competition in Tempe. Amphi won the Regional Super Quiz and received 2nd at the regional competition. Many Amphi students won individual a wards at regional and state. The group in- cluded Mike Corcoran, Paul Potts, Melanie Dunn, Suzy Buchroeder, Hans-Erik nelson, Shawn Friend, Ken McLaughlin, Martin Duncan, and Colleen McDonald. Good job to all who participated and coaches Mrs. Ramsay and Mrs. Beaham. Gut Boifi State, De gatei Maria Domino Kim Lawrence Lee Bizik Chris Ratliff Susan Bockrath Adrienne Gutierrez Mike Maylan Doreen Hatcher Donna Lee Lane EHetson Frank Schorzman Rachael Brennan Tamara Reed Joe Pongrantz Anthony Johnson cleans his acetate so he can perfect his project. Scholastic Art Awards Every year in February there is a Scholastic Art and Photography Contest. In the past years, a local contest was held and sponsored by Valley national Bank, with first and second place winners being sent to New York to be judged again on the national level. Money prizes are available on the national level. This year a sponsor was not found, so the art and photography was sent directly to New York by Ric Shorrock and Teresa Cox, the advanced art and photo teachers. Each teacher had a limit of sending eight pieces of art and eight photographs. The competition on the national level is a lot harder and hopefully in the future the local contests will be held again. At lutkafov AvUit Dan DuPont enlarges a skull. Steve Miller is pleased with his Dry Mounting job. 4 Shaun Merriman carefully touches up his photograph Laura Jump puts the finishing touches on her col- lage. Ste e Laguna works with pen and in H tMoiim EtfcJumgb f n February 12, about twenty f J exchange students came to V. Amphi from Mexico. They stayed four days and got to experience several things. During their stay, they visited two of Amphi ' s Spanish classes, sang songs, received valentines, learned cheers from our cheerleaders, and participated in school activities. The students were especially excited when they went to the Art and Desert Museum. This was the fourth year that Amphi has hosted exchange students from Mexico. Mrs. Ore ' Qiron has been put in charge of this event for all four years; she says that every year has been successful and hopes it will continue to be that way in the future. On their last day both the students from Mexico and Amphi were sad to see it end so quickly, they exchanged gifts and said their good-byes hoping to see each other again some day. m C. Maniquez demonstrates her skills at the Piano. Some of the Hermosillo students stopping long enough for a group M. Domino along with C. Maniquez and K. Cheng put on piano recitals photo. during the time in which the students from Mexico were visiting. J. Fulido, who was a translator, shows Mr. Rivero, a teacher from Mexico, around the school. This photo will bring back fond memories for students who were involved with Hermosillo students. C. Cartor, M. Krammes, C. Closson, and C. Gotdredsen checking out the newly established snack bar. I I v ■ V FLB members. Ronda Cundiff and Robin Railings raise money by selling cotton candy. On Of 1987 In Memory Of Mike Noriega Ccuue ance t ») Amphi students gaze curiously at the giant stereo. A K-FOX DJ explains to students about the wor- thy cause. A crowd gathers to hear more about the MDA dance. ■Jr» ,; ' An unfamiliar sight on the Amphitheater campus, a twelve foot high stereo attracts attention. n Tucson, the Muscular Dystrophy Association is getting a fighting chance with the help of a new radio station and local high schools, including Amphi. KFOX 92 FM sponsored a city-wide dance benefiting MDA. Deca lended a helping hand by promoting ticket sales. Mrs. Mewman, head of Amphi ' s chapter of DECA said, " We will dance to raise money for those who can ' t dance because of neuromuscular diseases. The twelve hour dance raised funds through sponsored pledges. Entertainment was provided by members of each high school performing for one hour. Amphitheater students thrilled the masses with a hot band, " Mike Semple. Craig Qass and the entire population of riogalas! " DECA students could be purchased in an Amphitheater " Hit Man booth, raising extra funds for MDA. Other high schools performed skits and hot body contests. KFOX promoted the event by- touring area high schools with a twelve foot high inflatable stereo. The dance went over well and a good time was had b all. Good job in support of a worthy cause. Gene and Ray repair lockers after a weekend break in. WHEN YOUR SHOPPING FOR . . . THE GOOD LIFE YOU ' LL FIND IT AT Hours: Weekdays 10am-9pm Saturday 1 0am-6pm Sunday Noon-5pm On Broadway Xv M£UM between Craycroft Wilmot DIVE INTO OUR FOUNTAIN Come In and Try Our New and Exciting Additions! EVERYTHINGSA WHOLE LOT SWEETER WITH BASKIN BOBBINS SUNRISE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER Sunrise Swan 4736 E Sunrise 2W-063I Friedli Breaks 100 This past year, the 1986-87 varsity football team helped to achieve Coach Friedlis 100th win in the game against Salpointe High School. Vern FriecHi has been coaching football at Amphi for ten years. During this time he had 105 wins, 17 losses, and one tie. Having a positive attitude, Coach Vern Friedli reaches his athletes through praise and support. Since 1961 Coach Friedli has headed football, basketball, and baseball at Sunnyside J.M., Morenci, Case Grande, San Manuel, and finally Amphitheater High School. In 1980 he was named coach of the year in the Arizona Daily Star and also the Tucson Citizen. This year Coach Friedli was inducted in the Arizona State Coaches Hall of Fame. Varsity football player Eddie Pangratz said that " Vem Friedli is a dedicated coach and he loves his players. Vern Friedli s commitment to coaching has paid off for his own success and for his 115 teams. CLASS OF 1987 IN MEMODY OF MIKE NODIEGA -v ReWtiwj Tmdtm A mphi is losing four XI teachers due to ■ retirement. James Cuneo has been teaching here at Amphi for 27 years. Me was the science department chairman. After 24 years of teaching at Amphi, Ray Sewell will be retiring also. He came here from Dayton, Ohio in 1963, and this is the 6th school system in which he has taught. Hal Wayte has been the junior class sponsor for 19 years and chairperson for the social studies department for 26 years. He has taught here for 30 years and felt the need for retirement. As the athletic coordinator for a while at Amphi, Bob Hart will also retire this year. He ' s been teaching here for 31 ' 2 years. Mr. Hart was the head coach for baseball and assistant coach for football. Good luck to all four of you on your retirement! " I ' m really looking forward to retire. ' ' " Thanh you Amphi for all you have done for me and my family. " I don ' t want to retire because I love to teach! " There is a time to sow and a time to reap. It has become the Cuneo s time to reap. I will always be a Panther and Mrs. Cuneo s and my heart will be with those that remain at Amphitheater. " A man who never dares, can never see what he would have won. " - unknown " Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people. ' ' Courtney Sheafe Anthony Johnson " Seeing the sky, knowing that far away it has different meaning, it is I who sit here, staring up - wondering what will come next. ' ' " Remember, wherever you go, there you are, and there you will remain, until you leave. " - Buckaroo Banzoi Laura Shelley Kristy Janssen Peter Andricopoulos " No gain without risk, perhaps no risk without love! " - Stephen King " So it goes. " - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. - Slaughter House Five Joanna Carichner " Life must be lived forward but can only be understood backwards. " " And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world, they ' re immune to your consultations, they ' re quite aware of what they ' re going through. " - David Bowie Paul Potts Michelle Bezanson s eetio A crowd of freshmen show spirit at a pep assembly. Jeff, Crystal, Lana, Chad, Chelsi, Tanya, and Andy model hairstyles from Razzmatazz Patifliw FootbaM. . . Is stepping out on the road to success. For the sixth consecutive year Amphi has won the north Leauge Championship, compiling a 9-1 record. The " Boys in Black " started the season with three straight wins over Cholla, Buena, and Salpionte. They met arch- rival CDO to whom they lost 20- 21. Amphi, after losing a close game, rebounded to remain undefeated over their next six opponents? including a 55-26 rout over division rival Sunnyside. This year the Panthers finished second in total offense with 2,963 yards, an average of 296.3 yards a game. Defensively the Panthers finished number 1, allowing an average of only 163.1 yards per game. Two major contributors to Amphi ' s offensive success were Senior running back Marion Bates and Sophmore running back Michael Bates who ran for 976 and 964 yards respectively. The defense was led by Seniors Tim Annon, Kyle Wamsly, Terry Devine. Three defensive linesman whose Friday ' s just did not seem complete unless they would bang- up, smash, crush, or mutilate another team ' s quarterback. Also this year Coach Vern Friedli had his 100th win happen, this coming with his 11th year as head coach for Amphi. Add all of this up and you get a team that is playoff bound. Mike Dunn blocks for Marion Bates as he looks for room to run up the middle against CDO. Danny Hinton and Marion Bates scramble down field for an offensive play against CDO. Michael Bates runs down field against Sun- nyside OPPONENT US THEM CMOLLA 23 BUENA 49 6 SALPOINT 21 3 C.D.O. 20 21 SANTA RITA 38 17 SABINO 21 6 sunnyside 55 26 tucson 28 14 CATILINA 34 SAHAURO 39 DLitL: w umn an 57 »(P -■ ' - I,- ' •■-?!. • -, - ;. . " M w ucg o«w r«mnm nmrt MM ium U»t twin iWPWr tM» ' -? - .«■ ..i T S? WJ Tffjr •TO mfflRmmztmiii. Top Row: Manager L. Horton, S. Probasco, S. Brean, S. Szakal, R. Martinez. T. Molina, D. Melson, D. Schmidt, M. Dunn, V. Alderson, S. Spencer, T. Devine, C. Burke, M. Bates, J. Fongratz. Middle Row: T. Perez, A. Schultz, N. Beer, D. Frank, J. Hart, J. MartinezrC.Bedwell, P. Andricopoulos, B. Dudley, S. Harden, J.C. Holliday, J. Hawkins, B. Feldman, R. Jochums. Bottom Row: K. Wamsley, A. Clayton, D. Rome, D. Hinton, E. Pongratz, R. Choate, M. Doyle, C. Elliott, R. Dominquez, M. Bates, T. Haynes, D. Cole, B. Bamhart, J. Rodgers, F. Schorz- man, T. Ammon. ' Marion Bates prepares to plow through a wall of 3lue Devils. PoSm P ujoffi After a spectacular regular season, the Panthers set their sights on something bigger, like the title of " AAA Champions, " which Amphi hasn ' t held since 1979. Once again this title has eluded them. The Panthers began postseason play with a game against Phoenix Shadow Mountain, whom they defeated 21-13. This win put Amphi in the second round of play-offs where they met Mountain View. This was a hard fought game. In the fourth quarter the score was tied at 14- 14, but Mountain View scored a touchdown with a little over 4 minutes left on the clock. Amphi attempted to come back but an intercepted pass from David Rome to Michael Bates dashed any hopes for a title game. It was a disappointing end to a great season Michael Bates speeds past the opposition. Sophomore quarterback David Rome pre pares to hand off. Michael Bates puts some moves on six Marion Bates lunges for that extra yard. Shadow Mountain defenders. Joe Pongratz takes a break from the action. Marion Bates drags a Shadow Mountain de- fender. Ji ' Fo Jt Top L to R: M. McCoy, S. Black, C. Andrews, C. Anderson, M. Tylka, J. Qroch, M. RTarin, S. Dorne y M. Sadowsky, E. Tompkins, M. Ruiz, J. Bernal, S. Turner, S. Fischer. 2nd row: M. Dunn, D. Pfund, T. Sproles, J. Frank, J. Manzano, T. Levitan, Q. Mellor, C. Smelser, S. Nagore, P. Koemer, J. Twarog, Q. Qadow, M- Miller, L. Nowell, H. Brydon, 3rd row: J. O ' Meal, B Lancaster, D. Roberts, I. Hawkins, D. ContrerasTu. Betts, T. Leader, M. Smith, J. Kittle, J. Kennedy, C. Bock, E. Howard, K. Luna7 RTTnnce, B. Newell, W. Keller. Bottom row: V. Lockhart, C. Pyeatt, S. Karp, R. Lucero, R. Fetreault, D. Mower, M. Rosenzweig, L. Armendariz, M. Rowley. Fm uum Footbaffl Top L to R: T. Rider. R. Crowinshield, J. Bondy, D. Dunlap, J. Maximo, A. MontgomeryH, H. Brean, S. Swonger, E. Preciado, T. Carroii P. Reed, Q. Gastelum, A. Clark, R. Daniels, R. Ochoa. 2nd row: D. Hubbard, D. Blevins, S. Shaffer, D. Martin, A. Macklin, R. Evans, J. Nichols, M. Smith, Q. Mehroff, A. Jessup, J. Wick, S. Moore, L. Whitman, M. Guerrero, M. Beller, T. Haight. 3rd row: S. Gray, B. Whitehead, C. Castillo, A. Deavult, A. Risch, J. Neighbors, C. Cerny, S. Johnson, R. Nellums, J. Mannlein, B. Pagel. B. Carper, C. Carpenter, C. Quihuis, R. Sidoma, J. Butcher, M. Bedsole. Bottom row: J. Bonebright, T. Cephers, B. Langenheim, R. Larson, T. Gomez, B. Wamke, Z. Ballou, F. Quick, L. Rerez, L. Quan. Pizza Day PHOTOS BY SMAUM MEKKIMAM. Above: Stephine Wainwright, Alisa Yamanka, and Masheka Donnelly take advantage of Freshman pizza sale. Below: John Kai and Kristi Busby take charge and make changes during pizza sale. Above: Qaifld decides what kind of pizza to buy. Below: Melanie Hurley, Deanna Clark, and Sheily Thompson showing team work can be profitable. Botfi £ocm Ken McLaughlin rushes past an opponent attempting to score a goal. Soccer, the full action sport that is becoming more and more popular as the years pass. For soccer you need to be quick and agile, and have plenty of endurance. At the beginning of the season, the varsity soccer team started off slow, but soon they found that they were just as good as any other team. This year on the varsity team there were two freshmen named Adam Maclain and Chung Troung. This years team is physically smaller than last years team, but what they don ' t have in size they make up in knowing what they re doing. Last year their strength was in the backfield. This year it is in the midfield. This year. Coach Wurst described the team as being fast. Varsity soccer team has learned alot about themselves, they learned that they need more disciplined soccer and slow down, The team player that should be recognized is David Parson (center), because of his strength and speed. This years soccer team is experienced both on the field and off the field, so that they can be an even better team next year. Bottom Row Left to Right Dustin Hoffman, Ronnie Parsons, Steve Pongtatz, Coung Troung, Adam Macklin, Alan Elm. Top Row L to R Derek Fenstermacher, Chad Smelser, Jon Wilson, Ken McLaughlin, David Parson, Brannon Wiles, Dan Thompson, Jonny Weist. Amphi 1 Catalina 2 3 Buena 5 Salpointe 6 3 Flowing Wells 2 Forfeit Win Desert View 5 Nogales 1 7 Cholla 1 9 Sunnyside 1 3 Flowing Wells St. Gregory 1 4 CDO 1 Top Row L to R Duane Hubbard, Brett Johnson, Craig Elliott, Shawn Anna, Ma- son Melder, Toby Ford. Bottom Row L to R Arron Lavin, Tony Pierott, Omar Ore- Oirog, Mike Fleishman, Jesse Forrow, John Magoch, Jason Manning. Top Row L to R Lynette Price, Barbara Fraim, Debbie Chiolero, Becky Cros- by, Kristin Johnston, Lisa Jochums. Cindy Gerszewski, Donna Lee, Mary McRae. Bottom Row L to R Diana Sal- damando, Tina Kelly, Jenni Marshall, Cheryl Larkin, Leeann Wilson, Ta- mara Krauss, Margaret Ford, Buffy Smith. Amphi Catalina Amphi Buena Amphi Salpointe Amphi Nogales Amphi Flowing Wells Amphi Desert View Amphi Nogales Amphi Cholla Amphi Sunnyside Amphi Flowing Wells Amphi St. Gregory Amphi CDO Alphabetical Order: Amy Begley, Kristi Busby, Cyndi Caddell, Sheiia Capp, Cindy Couture. Diem Do, Lisa Eyler, Liz Fort, Shannon Graham, Kristen Henry, Marian Johnson, Suzanne Johnson, Leslie Lang, Lucy Limon, Janeal Manning, Melissa Manning, Mar McRae, Shawna Pearmans, Amanda Scott, Debbie Stubblefield, Cara Tramontane Jennifer Zimmer. Gidk £o Mt The girls varsity had an impressive soccer team this year. Their team work and knowledge of the game put them in competition with other teams around the valley. The girls soccer team as well as the boys displayed discipline throughout the season, using any free time to further their skills in soccer. This year, both boys and girls varsity team recruited freshman so as to have as many returning players as possible therefore insuring a future with seasoned players. Coach Sheehan ' s ability to communicate enthusiasm and spirit has created a closeness and strong bond among her players. WteMtq Mania, What do you think of when you hear the word " wrestler? " Do you think of two guys rolling around on a mat? Or do you think of a bunch of gorgeous guys running around in skimpy little outfits? Well, our 1986-87 Amphi panther wrestling team are all of the above. With the coaching of Don Mower (varsity), Jeff Herbts (JV), and Steve Herbts (freshmen), Amphi came in 6th place at the Flowing Wells tournament. Tony Gomez came in 2nd, and Christin Qose won the " most valuable wrestler of the tournament " award along with 1st place. How about them wrestlers!! During an exciting match, Jon Hazlet gets his opponent ready for a pin. Jon Hazlet prepares himself for a winning match. Panther wrestlers warm up before the invitation at Flowing Wells. Chad Rudisill wins a match for the varsity team. Kerry Kuykendall goes for the pin success- fully against a Catalina wrestler. Coach Steve Herpst and Kerry Kuykendall await anxiously for the winning pin. 1st row L to K: R. Choate. D. Sohmidt. 5. Bream, T. Gomez. J. Massey. D. Pfund, J. Hazllet. 2nd row: K. Qose. D. Sapp, K. Kuy- kendall, M. Shade, D. Wales. C. Rudisill, E. Sisou, S. Black. 2pwpy«jfri ] yjw V " 1st row L to R: L. Amendariz, C. Urbina, D. Roberts, D. Hughs, D. Contreras, D. Simon- son, B. Williams. 2nd row: C. Little, T. Dice, J. Ward, M. Rosenzweig, B. Tofel, S. Santian. David Male follows through on his fore- hand shot. Ashley Harden waits for her opponents shot while a Salpointe student serves. I TcmmU This year the girls ' tennis team worked not only on the fundamentals of tennis, but also spirit. Nesse Riendl commented on team spirit and said that " secret pals give the team a sense of unity. ' ' The number one varsity player this year was Shannon Smith. The toughest competition for the girls tennis team was CDO. Practice and team spirit strengthened not only individual performances, but team scores in competition. The boys tennis team practiced daily to improve their performance in competitions. David Hale was the best varsity player this year and Jeff Rogoff was the most improved. Catalina High Schools tennis team was this year ' s most difficult competitor. Individual and team efforts made the difference between losses and victories. Top row: C. Puga, n. Lohman, J. Rogoff, J. Bozzo, F. Qregon. R. Easterday, S. Dile. C. FerreM, C. Engel, J. Cronwell. Bottom row: D. Falk, li. Sanders, C. Koch. J. Isaacman, D. Hale, D. Hallman, T. Perry. Vanessa Kaubenolt gets ready to catch a strike. Jamie Lipman strikes out. top row: Nicole Kredich, Lennette Qastelum, Marisha Cox, Meichelle Lane, middle row: Rebecca Melin, Melissa Sotomayer, Lorraine Dicenzo, Mr. Wamke, Qina Rossina, Julie Hall, bottom row: Ingrid Helling, Sonia Mavarrete, Pam Dyson, Renee Robinson. 3 9 v Ma Softball is a sport that requires athletes to have agility and speed. The Amphi Varsity softball team used these skills and tough daily practices to improve their game. Varsity and Junior Varsity were both successful first time in three years. Two outstanding varsity players were co-captains, Vanessa Raubenolt and Stephanie Ponce. The Freshman team only received two defensive errors for the season with Denise Timberlake as outstanding freshman. Amphi softball parents night along with the head coach from U of A, proved successful for the softball team. The excellent performance of both varsity and Junior Varsity softball teams proves once again that Amphi has the winning spirit. Varsity Top Row: Lia Wik. Brenda Shilling, Trish Cooper. Middle: Michelle Helton , Lennette Qastelum, Vanessa Raubenolt, Sandy Delforge. Jenny Meyers. Bottom: Lisa Slaughter, Trina Marivin, Susanna Durate, Phil Byson. Amphi ' s Opponent ' s Flowing Wells Nov. 24 Salpointe Nov. 26 CDO Dec. 5 Buena Dec. 6 Santa Rita Dec. 9 Catalina Dec. 11 Sunnyside Dec. 12 Sabino Dec. 16 Tuscon Dec. 18 Sahuaro Jan. 6 Salpointe Jan. 9 Buena Jan. 10 CDO Jan. 15 Santa Rita Jan. 15 Catalina Jan. 16 Sunnyside Jan 20 Sabino Jan. 21 Tucson Jan. 27 Sahuaro Jan. 50 5 i Anthony Johnson, Mark Misaghi, Steve Swann, Andy Schultz. Bill Morris, Ken Kissl- ing, Qordy Busgy, Jeff Robinson, Martin Max- well, Dave Mercer, Lee Horton, Dan rielson, Coach Steve Kanner, Mr. Caplin. 12- 2 Flowing Wells 12- 4 Buena 12- 9 Salpointe 12-12 CDO 12-16 Santa Rita 1- 9 Sunnyside 1-13 Sabino 1-16 Tucson High 1-20 Sahuaro 1-23 Buena 1-27 Salpointe 1-30 CDO 2- 3 Santa Rita 2- 6 Catalina 2-10 Sunnyside 2-13 Sabina 2-17 Tucson High 2-20 Sahuaro | Varsity basketball had a slow IX season. The members of the If team worked very hard even though their record doesn ' t show it. This is Mr. Kanners sixth returning year as varsity coach. Many of last years JV and Varsity players returned this year, but the teams opponents were just a little better. Both the JV and the Freshman Basketball squads had a good season, winning most of their games. This was an indication of just how hard they worked all year. The varsity and JV squads will have strong members coming up from the ranks and should give Amphi a winning season next year. Qordy Busby shoots for the basket as Salpointe playersjust stand back and watch. Dave Mercer is determined to keep the ball. Mike Morgan, George Scott, Tom Leader, Joe Bello, Richard Wehausen, Chuck Wrin- kler, Mike Smith, Brian Longenbaugh, Scott Senkarik, Eric Howard, Jay Senkerik. Front row: Chris Anderson, David Werner, Lee Ma- caroy, Mike Rodrigus, Charles Hughes, Aar- on Lopez. Chris Anderson looks for an open player to pass to. Eric Howard waits to see if he made 2 points A. VViliis, A. Kirk, J. Doyle, J. Counce, J Mannlein, S. Dark, C. Quihius, M. Atchison P. Reed, riot pictured: A. Andricopoulos, D Zamora. Coach Scheyli. 138 I Lifb U Tl FaVujJay What happened in golf this year? Well, according to sources, the golf team did pretty well this year. The overall average was more than last year, but without Mark Herder the team tried as hard as they could. Some new players showed up this year adding to the 4 left over from last year. Their skill in golf was greatly appreciated on the team. Many of them did well this year with the old players helping them improve their skill. Mr. DePascal watched as the new players did their best to play golf. Aaron Broad, one of last years players, said that the team should have done better this year. Their undeviating goal was to beat last years best score. Since golf is a sport of etiquette, many of the new players discovered the courtesey envolved. For the first time in a while, a different kind of player showed up. Her name is Briget Meyers. Other players said that she had played well during the year and expect to see her next year. Hopefully, the golf will take state next year and that they will improve their game. To sum it all up, golf did pretty well this year. They definately hope to do better next year when they get new players with a long line of golf history. Aaron Broad takes a practice shot on the range during one of the prac- tices. The, golf 1hm did u)oM Uu (feat, Top (Left to Right): Aaron Broad, Andy Kaegbien, Ryan Qoldseth, J.J. Jewell, Jeff Johnson, Mike, Coach Rip DePascal. Bottom: Briget Meyers, Jason Foster, Rob Odell, Jeff Morrill, Derek Van Dork. Jeff Johnson ' s swing after swing posture demon- strating the required experience to join the team. Wlurk T aBeiT? rhe swim team this year at Amphi was made up of talented students who were devoted to the goal of excellence. An example of their dedication was their numerous hours spent every week at practices before and after school. Junior, Heather Reagan, brought Amphi a first place at divisionals in the butterfly and first place at state. Heather said that all the hard work, team support, and experience in competition helped swimmers to reach personal goals. Coach Dave Kintas, his eighth year at Amphi, was pleased with the team and individual efforts at practice and in competition to make a successful season. Again another team makes Amphi proud of its athletes. Andy Newman takes a flying leap off the starting block during a race. Getting off of the starting block kind of looks like an art. Leslie Lang, Sarah Williams, Dawn Al- len, Jenna Date waiting. Opponent Boys Girls Santa Rita 63-23 38-48 Rinc St. Or. A 138-99-31 A 147-64-53 Tucson 102-61 105-52 Salpointe 99-72 94-77 Sabino CDO A127-95-65 A104-112-69 Cat. Pueblo A128-79-74 Al 23-1 11 -45 Sahuaro 123-48 93-79 Divisionals 2nd 3rd State 12th 12th Peter Iskiyan and Tom Beer anticipate the beginning of the race. Top Row: S. Brough. A. Bailey. T. Brandhuber. T. Lassen. S. Meyer. P Tumarkin. 5. Seltzer. C. Closson C. McDonald. J. Morse. C. Dolan. Second Row: P. Iskiyan. M. Hamilton. W. Inboden, h " . Reagan. J. Amos, M. Geist. A. Newman. E. Sison. J. Wilkinson. C. Ferrel. L. Elletson. Third Row: M. Stemfield. L. Fort. E. Jacobs. M. Sinclair. A. Qustafson. D. Allen. D. Pacheco M. Matty, S. Williams. M. Cox. L. Lang. J. Zimmer. fourth Row: M. Birdman. L. Hershcieb, T. King. J. Jacoby. M. Healley. H. Bays, J. Date, S. Sahn, T. Kurki, R. Bouldin. M. Carlson. K, Penttinen. W. Larson. L. Helm. Fifth Row: B. Tweedy. E. Cohin. E. Regan, J. Wyatt. B. Johnson, B. Sortore, C. Courture. S. Peterson. T. Beer. S. Johnson. T. Feldt. W. Peck. M. Sabal. K. Read V. Raubenolt, J. Clark. Bottom Row: L. Spangier, P. Richardson. E. Beiser. P. Micka, D. Anzalone. E. Anderson. D. Barefield J. Climer. A. Mersiowsky, R. Larsen. M. Ridley, D. Kintas. Oet set Eileen Cohin! Au eiotue, Du iMq ! F recision is the key to diving. IS Minor mistakes can break a I dive in score as well as performance. " Skill, talent, and dedication are all factors that a diver must have " , said coach Bob Tweedy. This year at Amphi many divers showed their dedication in competition. Cory Collision, Jeff Morse, and Troy Wilkinson placed first, second, and third in divisionals and second, seventh, and sixth at state. Anita Bailey broke the record in divisionals and received first place. She also placed sixth at state. Crystal Dolan placed tenth at state. Coach Tweedy was pleased with the teams ' performances this year and is looking forward to next years season. Anita Bailey demonstrates good diving form that is needed in competition. Diving coach Bob Tweedy and swimming coach Dave Kintas. Troy Wilkinson stretches to make little splash. Jeff Morse looks towards the water for a good entry on his back dive. I 142 I Anita Bailey reaches for her back dive. Corey Collosin does a front flip. Bob Tweedy watches Jeff Morse do an inward backdive VokjbaB " s ide Out Amphi Side Out! " If you have ever gone to see one of the volleyball games, you might have heard this chant coming from Amphi ' s bench. If you have not noticed, you were probably too involved with the battle between Amphi and it ' s rivalry. After each game there is so much spirit in the gym it ' s hard not to catch volleyball fever. You walk out of the gym wanting to play volleyball. From the spikes to the serves Amphi volleyball is truly an exciting sport. Divisional Scores: Santa Rita 2-1 Catalina 2-1 Salpointe 0-2 Leauge Record: 9-7 Overall Record: 13-10 Stephanie Kidder returns a serve made by Catalina. From top to bottom: Stephanie Seefeldt, Leeann Wilson, Staci Witt, Margaret Rinkevich, Heather McQibbon, Erin Grill (Mgr.), Michelle Crow, Liz Makkai, Kris Dela Ossa (Mgr.), Corey Morishita, Karen Saunders, Lisa Jochums, Julie Scott, Jennifer Celaya, Kris Larson, Su- zanne Reichart. Back Row:Coach Jody Macivlla, Ja y me Weyhausen, Lisa Slaughter, Sydney Duncan, Shana MacLeod, Amanda Scott. Middle Row: Wendy Bennett, Stephanie Kidder, Danette Mayo, Julie Hall, Melonie Stringer, Jessica Fiello. On Floor: Andrea Wharton, Jennifer Lain, Audrey Wharton. Stacy Witt and Liz Makkai (ailed to make a block made by Sunnyside. Jennifer Celaya spikes a ball while Michelle Crow anticipates her next move. Back Row: Staci Woodrow, Coach Betty Mosher. Standing: Bobbie Crisp, Kim D Albini, Sheila Capp, Andrea Hawk, Missy Manning, Kathy Lemke. Kneeling: Muffy Johnson, Lisa ' Lu, Mikki Harkley, Jodi Oberholtzer, Melissa Reynolds. Sitting: Melanie Hurley, Melissa Sotomayor, Lynette Prie, Deanna Clark. Spike it! Gvtk This years girls varsity basketball was filled with enthusiasm and great teamwork and they were ready to conquer any task. Several returning players like Buffy Smith, Christy Sutton, and Lisa Toben were looking forward to playing against long term rivals C.D.O. and Salpoint. In March the team had to work vigorously to prepare for the S. Bioccoletti tries to block S. Sahns ' shot. Spring Classic Tournament at Pueblo and Cholla. The team ' s goal this year was to make it to the State Tournament which consists of the finest teams in Arizona. 1986-87 was a very exciting year for coach Birdsong, it was her first coaching girls varsity basketball and she also gave birth to a beautiful baby. J. Wehausen looks on while A. Harrison and A. Becker fight for the ball. Freshman. Top Row: C. Engel, B. Patterson, J. Wehausen, B. Schneider. Bottom Row: I. Helling, A. Becker, A. Harrison, A. Autret, P. Murphy, not Pictured: V. Teuis, E. Harrison, C. Bixby. Junior Varsity. Top Row: M. Olson, S. Amerman, S. Nelfert, J. Fiello, Coach Beausoliet. Middle Row: H. Macguire. H. Bays. A. Kiernan, J. Bedoy, M. Jorgensen. Bottom Row: P. Girvin, L. Fort, M. Helton. M tmm m E H. Bays makes an easy shot. M. Helton an d L. Fort in an inter-squad game. Taking shots at team practice. Varsity. Top Row: S. Ponce. C, S. Sahn. Coach Byrdsong, S. Kidder, L. Toben. P. Slater. Middle Row: C. Sutton. S. Elder, C. Gress. Bottom Row: P. Guerrero, T. Cooper, S. 1st row: R. Dix, F. Celaya, A. Rodriguez, N. Truong, J. Ruggill, M. Brown, A. Clark, J. Ramsey, E. Preciado, D. Pacheco, j. Dorney, J. Turlington, J. Robles, H. Doran, K. Shea, G. Eigen, M. Mare, D. Lyle, R. Borquez. 2nd row: M. Norrise, J. Lapizco, R. Haymore, D. Thompson, D. Anderson, T. Uanderkolk, H. Aviles, J. Climer, A. Tofel, B. Tofel, J. Hall, S. Anna, E. Mandel- berg, C. Bubka, D. Roberts, Krizzo, B. Lancaster, M. noon, C. Micka, J. Rogers, J. Hawkins, T. Sultan, J. Tofel, J. Guenther, K. Luna. An Amphi track star clears the bar. Boifi Tiack Tim Sultan throws the discuss for distance. B e the best that you can be " was the main platform for the boys track team. A good attitude and a feeling of accomplishment was an important role for all track members. Having been undefeated and placing 2nd in last year ' s state competition, Amphi ' s track team had a lot to live up to, but Coach Mido was confident that 86-87 would be even better. With 18 returning members and many new recruits, Amphi had its many strong points. Kurt Browning and Joe! Gunther in sprints, Joe Forgratz with hurdles Mike Dunn in the shotput and discus (to name a few.) Over all track had a very promising year. It took a lot of hard work and sweat, but it was all worth while! Goiii Tuck On your mark. Get set. Go! Lynette Price and Ammonie Thompson get a fast start out of the blocks. ours of hard work and I I dedication was how the • girl ' s track team had such a great year. With grueling practice everyday, running drills and intensive training, the team was destined for success. The girls had to be in perfect shape, both mentally and physically. Getting a feeling of ' unity - ' played an important role for all track members. The goal of the team was to win it all. Beating last year ' s 3rd place finishing in the state meet wouldn ' t be easy. Some of the many hopefuls for the year were Karen Sahn and Rachel Brennon in the distance events, Madeline Ramsay in throws, Elizabeth Santillan and Colleen Lancaster in running, and Margaret Rinkevich in the hurdles. The track team had one of its most spectacular years. Although it was a lot of strenous activities, everybody had fun. A shot well put by Madeline Ramsey. Courtney Hayes concentrates as she clears the bar. Madeline lets one fly. 1st row: B. Esslinger, S. McCoy, D. Hatcher, R. Velasco, C. Lynch, M. Nathanson, C. Hayes. 2nd row: L.Dicenzo, L. Hernandez, K. Lawrence, D. Stubblefield, M. Isaak, L. Price, K. Sahn, R. Brennan, M. Rinkevich, J. Fishkind, C. Heerden. 3rd row: E. Jacobs, A. Thompson, C. Paulus, B. Crosby, S. Reichart, M. Ramsey, J. Scott, C. L ancaster, P i. Mickolajak, A. Scott, D. Clark, A. Wharton. Rachel Velasco sprints down for trie victory. Boys varsity psyches themselves for a big race. Henry Aviles pushes ahead to pass the opponent. 1986 VARSITY BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Amphi-23 Sahuaro-35 Amphi-18 Buena-43 Amphi-15 CDO-44 Amphi-20 Santa Rita-44 Amphi-23 Catalina-36 Amphi-24 Sunnyside-33 Amphi-23 Sabino-32 Amphi-15 Tucson-50 OtoU Cowithfj k 1 Cross Country went on with another winning season this year led by Frankie Salia and Rachel Brennan, two of the top runners in the state. With the coaching of Sam McClung and Raul Nido, the team cannot be beat. Rachel Brennan won the girls class AAA southern division II at Pima College. With a winning season comes hard work. The runners run more Debbie Stubblefield and Melissa Isaacs rest after a big race. miles a day than the teachers do driving to school and back home and then to the store. Most of the runners run at home and during their spare time. With all of this running, hard work, and determination, Amphi Cross Country is bound to be number one. Top: Coach S. McClung, Q. Eigen. S. Anna, B. Williams, rv Mouser , C. Ratliff. J. Tofel, D. Hughes. E. Mandelberg, M. Mare, H. Aviles, K. Shea, Coach R. Nidc. Middie- A. Lopez, J. Turliugton, J. LecKie. J. Arnold, L. Whitman, A. Tcfe! J. Ward, F. Celaya, R. Dix. J. Robies. J. Magoch. Bottom: K. Sahn, R. Brennan, f . Bay 5. Cosby, M. Isaacs, C. Landeasler, L. Curan D. Stubblefield, Pi. Michalojeck, L. Santillan. fafa Bakebd rhis season all the players really worked hard and it paid off. The season started off slow but got better as they went along. Mr. Pawley, their coach, really did a good job. Many of last year ' s members came back to play this year which gave the team a good start. The JV and freshman teams are looking promising for the next year. Keep up the good, hard work guys! Top row: Coach Rawley, J. Nagle, J. Massey, L. Limon, R. Qoedel, C. Olsen, K. Olsen, T. Molina, P. Perez, D. Frank. Middle row: A. Voiner, C. Pawley, M. Dowle, L. Fusco, A. Casti, M. Clauser, L. Romero, A. Schultz. Bottom row: R. Wetmer, K. McLaughlin, B. Oovman, J. Romero, T. Olson. Ken Olsen pitches a fast ball. Richard Ooedel dives back safely on pick-off attempt. Jl ' Baiebafl Back: Manager K. Kranz, J. Wiest, C. An- drews, S. Brodgen, S. Spencer, J. Frank, D. Rome, C. Quihius, big guy Dan Hernandez. Front J, RoieL W. Rossma, J. Hoff, L-XaJ- deron, L. Billingsley, Q. Boxsted, M. Kramis. AMPHITHEAT NTHERS w fep , WlMP. 1st row: Coach Warnke, O. Mendavi! T. Lassen, B. Kierzek, 5. Gray, F. Quick, B. Knirfin. D. Downing, J. Bone- bright. 2nd row: R. Swift, D. Parker, B. Sprague, D. Garcia, P. Pingry, B. Mill- er. 3rd row: J. Furrow, J. Bakistis, M. Fleishman, T. Lynch, C. Fowler, R. Daniels, R. Parks, S. Moore. . » nil itmi. rhe winning continues at Amphi with the cheer and Poms. From routines to dance steps to geometric formations, these girls were kept busy throughout the year. Special congratulations to Beth Dowdle and Tiffany Larson on their great job at winning the award at camp. Panther Mimi Childs walks like an egypsion Noel Planting, Debbie Gordon, Tiffany Larson, Cindi Burch, Courtney Sheafe, Cindy Thom- as, Maria Comino, Oina Hernandez, Heather hewbawer, Kelli Land, Jennifer Yahn Top row: W. MaClearran, O. Patzman. Middle row: K. Simmas, B. Guerrero, H. Mansker. B. Baker, (1. Haggett, 5. friend. Bottom row: S. Holley, T. Kankin. I nothing like catching C. Sheafe off guard. £ M. Pearting, J. Yahn, T. Larson, K. Land and H. Newbawer arouse the crowd with their spirit. Top row: E. Serrano, K. Brown. Middle row: K. Brown, M. Walker, T. Graves, S. Amaral, C. Bremerman. Last row: C. Crutsinger, S. Makki, R. Reyens. The active poms do a routine during half time. Amphi Poms doing their version of the wave .. ll Varsity Basketball Cheer: Jennifer F.veritt Shawn Friend Stephanie Olivier Tracy Rankin Judy Schaffner Kim Symons Lynn Tofel Heather Barefield Freshman Cheer: Kristina Settlemire Jolee Flemfon Erin Harrison Michelle Acorn Heather Law Shelley Thomson (frontl Tiffany Larson. Beth Doudle, Cindy Tomas. and Courtney Sheafe strut their stuff on the field during !fe time. £ ! JdMp Up! Abate, Angelo Abraham, Pete Adams, Robert Aguirre, Sunny Agarwal, Seema Ahearn, Stephanie Albert, Bill Aldana, Enrique Allie, Suzanne Alvirez, Yazmin Amos, John Ams, Barbara Anderson, Kirsten Anderson, Larry Andree, Michelle Archer, Ken Aristizadal, Micheal Ayala, Martina Bagshaw, Lori Bailey, Anita Baker, Deborah Banks, Carey Barbone, Julie Barefield, heather Bamhart, Bruce Bates. M a rion Beach, Mary Bean, Kenneth Beardsley, Sean Becker, John Bedwell, Chris Belcher, Walter Bellows, Dustin Benaglio, Lisa Bentley, George Berg, Suzanne Bezanson, Michelle Birdman, Jill Bishop, Kelly Bone. Melissa Throughout my years here at Amphi High I have learned things both academically and socially that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I can hardly remember my freshman year, but I remember feeling younger than tenth, eleventh, and twelfth, graders. My sophmore year was a year for identification, I found that with the friends I choose I could express myself freely. My junior year was pretty laid back, I came only to school to attend school, I did what I wanted with the time after school and on the weekends. Mow that I am a senior 1 hate school and am glad this is my last year of high school. My only regret during high school would to have gotten involved in more clubs to help my applications out for colleges. My advice to a new high school student would be to get involved, find a subject you enjoy and excel in, and have a great time if it is possible. Laura Shelley Seniors Melissa Hallier and J.C. Holliday share a bite together during the banana eating contest during a pep rally. Bonebright, Shawna Bozzo, John Bradstreet, Scott Brady, Kim Brandhuber, Thomas Bravo, Mayda Brean, Cassandra Brooks, Chris Brown, Patricia Buchroeder, Suzy Bui, Hao Bui, Son Hans nelson offers Marion Bates a string of his delicious licorice. Over my four years at Amphi. I have seen some changes take place. This year, for example, we have a whole new administration and the new science buildings. Last year we all saw Mr. Lennan and Miss Rosen leave Amphi. My sophomore year Miss Winters showed up here. My freshman year well, I don ' t remember that year. Who would want to anyway? Also, a couple of special things have happened. Last year David Toma came to Amphi to speak about drug and alchohol abuse. Two years ago Amphi. as one of the top high schools in the country, received the Award of Excellence from the Department of Education. Well, nothing else comes to mind except that years here have been interesting and enjoyable. -Mike Mygrant Bulger, Robert Bulick, natalie Burch, Cyndi Burns, Shawn Busby, Gordon Busche, Molly Bush, Jonathan Bushimre, Lucinda Campbeil Anne Cardelia, Joel Casti. Alex Castillo, Tracy Childers, Mamie Childs, Kathleen Choate, Robert Clark, Michelle Cleary, Lisette Climer, Jason Cohen, Eileen Cole, Dennis Cole, Stephany Conkling, Courtney Cook, Eric Cosbey, Anne Cosbey, Melissa Crews, Lavonia Cumberworth, Ronda Cundiff, Rhonda Curtis, Christine Curtis, Oretchen Dallman, Jenny Daiton, Rich w tf p wmr 1 P i u. J Davis, Jennifer Davis, Tori Devine, Terry Di Gregorio, Jeffrey Diaz, Tina Dile, Sean Dowdle, Beth Doyle, Mark Dreis, Sean Dudley, Richard Duncan, Martin Dunn, Melanie Dunn, Micheal Dupont, Dan Dupuy, Deborah Dye, Regina Eagle Martin Edwards, Shauna Eigen, Gary Encinas, Steve Esslinger, Beth Estes, Kiki Everitt, Jenny Falb, Mark Talk, Lisa Fedell, Todd Feldman, Bret Fike, Duane Fimbres, Paul Fischer, Tommy Fisher, Shauna Fitts, Vanessa Flores, Amy Flores, Pedro Floyd, Jeff Foster, Jason Fox, riancy Fraim, Barbara Franzen, Jason French, Lawrence Friend, Shawn Friese, Tania Froehlich, Gregory Gage, Shana Gajda, Jason Gallon, Sharon Gann, Amy Gaudet, Lisa ' ■zdd Gee, Kristi Gerszewski, Cynthia Childers, Lori Giles, Tanya Giley, Jason Goedel, Rich Gold, Bethany Goldseth, Ryan Gomez, Tony Gonzales. Tami Gordon, Debbie Gore, Anne Gose, Kristian Graff, Sandra Lee Graham, Shannon Granillo, Cecilia Green, Deborah HafFey, Kenneth Haggitt, Heather Hallier, Melissa Halstead, Kathy Harden, Scott Harris, Matthew Harrison, Patrick Harvey, Ruth Haussler, Tanya Hawk, Kon Haynes, Todd Hazlett, John Heberle, Chris Hedrick, Derek Heico, Kristine Clark, Wayne Herbert, Cynthia Mess, Debra Hetzel, Andy Hilverda, Arlette Mines, Brian Minton, Danny Molcomb, Trisha Hotmire, Banissa Howard, Kristine Hubbard, Keith Huffstetler, John Isaak, Jason Jacoby, Bill Jameson, Kim Jarre!!, Debra Jeck, David Jewell, John Jimenez, Freddie Jochums Rick Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Ben Johnson, Cameron Johnson, Chris Johnson, Evan Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Kevin Johnston, Becky Johnstone, Heather Jones, Cristina Jump, Laura Kay, Emily ii t i i -, Kendrick, Adrienne Kierman, Tom Kischer, Frank Kissling, Kenneth Kleikamp, Jeanette Knipp, Shaun Koga, Suzanne Korver, Tiffany Krauss, Tammy Kriss, Lisa Kurki, Teija Knopf, Micahel Lablue, Robb Lachman, Tina Land, Kelli Langdoc, Becky Larkin, Cheryl Latham, Christine Lauren, Aldine Lawrence, Mike Layne, Mike Licavoli, Michelle Lippman, Michael Loeffelholz, Terri Longsdorf Monica Lowe, Marion Lyle William Lynch Debbie 1 During my freshman year, everyone was a fish; this was a fun and laid back year. Everything was new to me and I was more free in the past. Everyone split into their own social groups and did what they thought was best for themselves. That year was fun, but was also a worthless one. Sophomore year came around and I felt a little better about not being a Freshman. That year had to be the worst year of my entire life. Everything from the previous year had caught up to me and could never have been any worse. This was my last year at CDO. My Junior year at Amphi was a new beginning and a diffrent way of life. I made new friends and did much better in my school work. During my Senior year, 1 finally learned that I should have started doing my homework my Freshman year. College is the starting of my future and learning the most I can in high school helps me that much more. -Noel Engels Macklin, Roger Mafemi(Gray), Lavera Mannlein, Ed Mansker, Heather As senior enthusiasm grows, Terry Devine sits this cheer out. Mason, Christine Maxson, Stephen Mayercek, Sean McCoy, Shawna McDonald, Colleen McQraw, Eric McLaughlin, Shawna McLearran, Wendi Medoff, Jennifer Mendoza, Johnny Mersiowsky, Andrew Messer, Dennis Metz, Tiffany Meyer, John Meyer, Sharon Miller, John Miller, Michelle Miller, Stephanie Miller, Steve Milne, Lauren Minnear, Jeffrey Modi, Amy Montheim, Gertrude Montgomery, Sarah Moreno, Sylvia Moya, Alex Musson, Karen Mygrant. Michael Nafarrate, Martin Nagle, James rieasham, Dean Nelson, Hans nelson, Tammy Neubauer, Heather Newman, Amy riewman, Andy Nichols, Emily Noble, Tricia O ' Neal, William OlivieriT StepHahie Olson, Ken Ong, Donna Ortagus, Cindy O ' Shannessy, Kelly Otis, Lisa Pacholski, Trisha Palmer, Kirsten Parker, Neva Parsons, David Patel, Bhavesh Patterson, Michele Patzman, Gwynne Paulin, Trent Peck, Joanna Pemble, hollie Pendergrass, Chong Picarello, Troy Pickart, Robin Pingry, Michelle Pirtle, Elizabeth Pones, Stephen Pongratz, Edmound Pongratz, Kriszy Porter, Rebecca Portis, Corey Potts, Paul Powers, John Price Michelle Pries, Debra Purett, Valerie Pyeatt, Christy Pyle, Melisa Pyle, Michel Ramsey, Madeline Randall, Victoria Raubenolt, Vanessa Rawlings, Robin Recely, Morgan Rentfro, Brenda Rhonehouse, Carrie Rhudy, Rhonda Rieber, Bruce Rineer, Bill Robb, Barry Robison, Scott Rogers, Joy Rogers, Julie Romero, Jimmy Rosenberg, Mike Rudisill, Chad Rudzitis, Heidi Sahn, Karen Samuelson, Christine Santa Cruz, Carmen Santa Cruz, Claudia Sarando, David Saunders, Karen Schaffner, Judith Schafle, Michael Schlimme, Ben Schmidt, David Schocket. Luanne Schottel, Carl Schrage, Lillian Scott, Donna Sebastyn, Sharol Shade, Mark Sheafe. Courtney Shelley, Loralyn Gotfredsen, Charlotte Shimniok, Micha el Singer, Debra Singleton, Terri Sisneros, David Skelton, Lisa Smith, Frank Smith, Janeen Smith, Nicole Smith, Priscilla Smith, Russel Snell, Dan Sobel, Alan Sobin, Isabelle Sowecke, Julie Soza, Anthony Spencer, Monica Staunton, William StetTens, Carolyn When I first came lo Amphi, I was overwhelmed by its size. There were so many students I thought mat I would never qet to know anyone. Another thing about Amphi that was different from my other school was that everything that Amphi was involved in, whether it were clubs, sports or academics, the school excelled. There is such a great deal of pride and loyalty from the students trial it is obvious wtty Amphi does excel in these things. After a while I got to feel comfortable at Amphi, I had friends, I liked most of my teachers, and I became invo l ved in some activities. I felt at home in a place where before I had thought I would never even be able to tolerate (or a long period of time The season being that the students at Amphi have a kind of closeness I mean there s certain cliques but not quite as extreme as I ve commonly seen before. -Michelle Bezanson Upperclass cheerleaders, watch as underclass cheerleaders do their routines. Steenson, Lisa Steffens, Susanna Stein, Kelly Stuts, Rebecca Suddath, Mendv Sutton, Christina Swanson, Kenneth Sykes, Yvette Tafoya, Andrew T aT!lTraTi7 1jtumn Tatom. Sonnie Tern, Deborah Thai, Tung Thornhill, Tabitha Thorpe, Eddie Thrash, Diane(Christy) Tindell, Tara Toben, Lisa Tofel, James Travis, Douglas Truong, Tulue Tumarkin, Paul Valdez, Trina Valadez, Willie Van Camp, Loraine Vasquez, Corrine Voight, Jacqueline Vonier, Andy Wadley, Eric Wales, Tuesday Walters, George Waverly, Martin Weadock, Renee Weissman, Melinda Wenzel, Stephanie West, Brent Westmoreland. William Wharton, Lisa Whipp, Tina White, Shelia White, Stephanie Wiechert, Jim Wiles, Brannon Wilkenson, Troy Williams, Jeannette Wilson, Jennifer Windows, Eric Wittuav, Anissa Woodrr.ansee Diana Wolf, Dennis Woolston. Keri Yahn, Heidi Yetman, Suzannah Young, Virgil Andricopoulos, Peter Armbruster, Carl Canter, Qaret Colvin, Michael Cooper, Sandra Damron, Etta Dines, Marilyn La Faye, Richard Foley, Karen Frank, David Habian, Sean Kirkwood, Edward Larson, Tiffany Lopez, Traisee 1 fift? ■ s Lorance, Lori MacQregor, Evette Madrid, Matthew Mandelberg, Edward Mayo, Doug Magore, Kristen riguyen. Khoa Olson, Chad Roddier. Dominique Sapp, Donald Smith, Lizetta Sperling, Chris Symons, Kim Tinsley, Shandeka Thomas, Cindy Calistro, Tracy White, Roberta Worth, Davis Reno, Steve SENIORS ' 87 Seniors 8 lSr Abbott, Lisa Aboud, Kim Adamski, Janice Aggen, Jill Alcanter, Luis Alderson, Virgil Alfarra, Assem Alvarez, Lionel Amaral, Sabrina A merman, Scott Anzalone, Susan Archibald, Bill Arbogast, Tami Aregullin, Kathleen Aquilina, Frank Azhdri, Karim Bagnell, Tony Bales, Deana Baker, Brittany Baker, Danna Bambrough, Derrek Baran, Marsha Barnes, Kevin Barnett, Tonya Barney, Justin Bay, Kathy Beach, Laura Becker, Jerry Bedwell, Audra Beer, Norman Benson, Taryl Benzi, Gary Berlin, Dina Bizik, Lee Blackburn, Brian Bockrath, Susan Bonnin, Richard Bowie, Jennifer Boyer, Quentin Bracamonte, Lisa Bradley, Jessica Bradley, Tara Brambach, Leroy Brasher, M ellissa Brean, Sam Brennan, Racheal Bret Harte, Geoffrey Broad, Aaron Broccoletti, Karin Brown. Andrew Brown, Kimberly Brown, Paul Brown, Shelly Bruner, Richard Buckner, Mikel Caldwell, Anne Campbell, John Canez, David Capp, Jean Carlson, Julie Carlson, Matthew Carver, Micheal Cashmer. Cindy Casillas. Pete Castner, Erin Catrone, Lisa Caviglia, Lisa Celaya, Frank Chacon, Bill Chappie, Wref Charter, Deana Charter, Stacy Chavez, William Christopher, Micheal Clauser, Matthew Clayton, William Cluck, Becky Coleman. Nina Colter, Resha Conn, Jeffery 186 A h9.aa «w fOff " , Cooley. Thomas Cooper. Patricia Corona. Rachel Cosbey. Becky- Couture. Michelle Cowles. Craig Cox. Albert Cozine, ttancey Cross. Jack Cross. Peter Crowley. David Crutsinqer. Carrie Culwell. Shelly Curtin, Lora Damiro. Frank Damron. Deron Darvial. Deron Date, Jennifer Day. Patrick Deemer, Angelique Deleon. Lourdes Delgado. Rafael Diandrea. Toni Dice. Trent Dix. Randal Do, Hong Dombrowski. Alex Domino, Maria Donze. Renee Downing. Yurikino Drake. Carrie Duggan, Robert Durante, Tina Edgell, Aaron Edwards, Mark Elder, Susan Elletson, Lane Elliott, Craig Engel, Charles Ethridge, Helen Fenderson. Qeorge Figueroa. Tammy Finch, Genae Fitzgerald. Ted Flangan, David Ford, Monica Ford. Margaret Fort. Rachel Fowler. Kim Francis. Jennifer Frazier, Jeff Fridkin. Traci Fries, Brian Frost, Steven Fuentes, Denise Qass, Craig Qagnon, Christie Qajda. Evan Gal Peggy Garcia, Debra Garcia, Martha Garcia. Man Garren, Gregg Gastelum, Yvette Gaui, Pat Gelvin Yickv Gianas, William Gill Armando Gill, Rene Gieeson, Micheal Gomez, Fernando Gonzales. Deanna Gordon, Melissa Gossman, Billy Graap Ke in Grady, Lvnn Graham, Kevin Gray. Pete una Timothy Greanev Colleen Gret ' n. Frank Qrissom, Merrianne Grose. Tony Grueneberg. Wendy Guenther, Joel Guerrero. Betina Guerrero. Pauline Guhl. Elizabeth Gunn, Jean Gurnett, Tyler Gustason, Andrea Gutierrez. Adrienne Hahii, Cathryn Hale. David Halich, Luba Hamilton, Matt Hammonds, Denee Hammonds, Shellie Haptonstal, Gretchen Harden, Ashley Harrington, Sean Harris. Malissa Harris, Ret Hart, Cathleen Hart, Jeffery Hartzel, Debbie Hawkins, Jeffery Hawley. Steve Haetley, Helene Hellon, Brooke Helm, Elizabeth Henderson, Carolinal Henningsen, Wendy Henss, Mark Herget, Ronald Hernandez, George Hernandez, Regina Hess, David Hien, Khuong Hien, Thoi Hill, Dawn Hindmarch, Dania Hofr. Todd Hoffman, Clarence Holly, Suzy Holloway, Jill Holt, Michelle Horn, Frankie Horton, Galen Horton, Lee Howard, Brian Howe, Joseph Hua, Hieu Hua, Trung Hughes, Darin Hull, Shawn Huston, Steve Hymer, Annette Inigo, Edward Jackson, Jennifer Jaconski, David Jacobson, Jennifer Jacobson, Robert Jimenez, Valerie Johnson, Bonnie Johnstone, Laurel Jones Brian Johnson, Curtis Johnson, Garry Johnson, Ro.xanne Johnson, Kristin Kaegbein. Andy Kai, Jason Kariolich, Richard Kay, Gregory Keiley, Tina Kilpatrick, Tina Kinkead. Peter Klein, Jody Winger, Shelly 183 Mia 9 ft Kolzamt,asis. Olga Koury. Omar Krohn. Randy Kus. Bryan Kunze, John Kuykendall. Kerry Laquna. Steven Lain. Jennifer Lancaster, Coleen Landon. Jimmy Larriva. Reqina Larson. Kristine Larson. Randy Lawson, Daniel Layne. April Leckie. Scott Lee. Donna Lee. Stacey Lenox. William Leshikar. Shelly Levengood. Jon Lewis. Amy Lewis. Sheri Leyvas. Carlos Lichtenstein. Reid Liddle. Kellie Lincoln. Kevin Lippman. Mara Liss. Joseph Logue. April Lopez. Carlos Lorenzen. Wendy Love. Mark Lowety. Michael Lu. David Lucas. Dale Ludwig. Denise Lundy, Paula Lyon. Plaomi Lyunch. Krista Macias. Alvina Mack. Tro Macleod Shana Mahan, Christopher Mahan. Pam Maher, Clay Mai. Huong Makkai. Elisabeth Malott. Kelly Manriquez. Christina Manzano. Jose v 1ariscai. Juan Scott Zahn and Tom Cooley between classes Marks. Cindy Marshall, Jennifer Martin. David Martinez, Jeff Martinez, Jose Martinez, Kelly Martinez, Naomi Martinez, Rodrigo Massey. Jeremy Maxwell, Martin May, David McDole, Richard McQibbon, Heather McQraw, Craig McQovern, Gavin Mclnnis, Richard Mclntire, Kellie Mclntire. Kerriee Mclntire, Sheri McLaughlin Kelli McNeil, Tara McRae, Mary Meade, John Medina, Teresa Melin, Nicole Mellum, Bill Mendivio, Martin Meneses, Anne Mercer, Tracy Metz, James Miller, Russel Miller, Scott Misaghi, Mark Mitchell, Melissa Moldenhaver, Chad Monfort, Jason Montgomery, David Morrill, Jefferson Moses, Tarek Moten, Nicole Mouser, Robert Murphey, Peter Muzrall, Tamara Myers, Jennifer Navarrete, Sonia Nedoma, Mike Nelson. Alisa Nelson, Daniel Nichols, Jeff Noon, Marc Nordstrom, Eddie Northcraft, Sheri Nunamaker, Jill Nunez, Danette O ' Brian, Aaron Odell, Robert Olivarria, Luis Olson, Troy Ortiz, Luis Hector Osterhout. Matt Owen, John Owens, Anthony Padilla, Paula Patino, Suzanne Patton, Bill Parker, Channin Parker, Stacie Parker, Terry Pearson, Sarah Pena, Delcia Pena, Denise Penuela, Jorge Peregrina, Clarisa Perez, Paul Perez, Thomas Peterson, Sonja Pererson Victoria Peto, Michelle Pfeifer. Janine Q ' ■? § J J ' ' k ( a te Pick. Lisa Piersoi. Usa Pinena. Alma Plucker. Prank Ponce. Cynthia Pongratz. Joe Potter. Anthony Port,-,. Tim Read. Tamara Reagan. Heather Reed, rioelle Reichart. Suzanne Remas, Monica Revells. Todd Reyes. Aaron Reyens. Regina Rice. Kellie Richardson. Paige Rflug, Alexander Riggs. J. Bran Rinkevich. Margaret Roach. Jenine Robbins. Anne Roberts. Trisha Robertson. Jeff Robison, Eric Roddier. Mireille Rodriquez. Michael Romero. Larry Rose. Kathy Rowe. Jamie Runcorn. Leslie Ruyle. Paul Ryba. Kim Sahn. Stacey Salazar, Raymona Sanchez. Tina Sanchez. Robert Santillan. Elizabeth Santillan. Sandra Shilling. Brenda Schroeder. Heather Schorzman. Frank Schrage. Maria Schuh. Micheal Schultz. Andy Scott. Randy Scully. Jason Seekatz. Russell Seltzer. Scott Serrano. Edith Settle, Chad Sexton. Ron Seagle. Shannon Sequin. Mark Seefieldt, Stepnanie Shoemaker Sean Sibert. Daniel Sieben, Lance Sinclair, Max Sison Erick Slater. Patricia Slatzer. Elisabeth Sloane. Ari Smith. Sandra Smith. Shannon Sabonya John Sortore. John Spangler. Lara Sparks. Rebecca Speer, Kim Koga. Richard Spontak, Dorsey Stalker, Lisa Stanton. Russel Steagall, Kimberly Steefey, Cathy Steeley. Sharon Stems. Stephanie Stimac, Dan Strasburg, Kristyn Swery, Corey Swift, Aaron Taylor, Pamela Thornton, Matthew Tijorewala, Amee Timberlake, Denise Timothy, Gary Tirrell, Monica Thompson, Angela Thompson, Carl Thompson. Dan Thompson, Douglas Todd, John Tofel, Lynn Tracy. Kimberly Trejio, Barbra Trump, Jennifer Troung, Nghi Tunks, Deanna Turungton, John Wachs, Dane Wachsman, Todd Wadlow, Linda Wainwright, Stephanie Walker, Tom Warfield, Matthew Warner, Echo Warrick, Micheal Waters, Andrew Watson, Stevie Weaver, Misti Webb, Vernon Weinberg, Michelle Wehausen, Richard Werner, David West, David Whitaker, Lia White, Meidie White, Sheena Wickham, Chris Weens, Qorden jinsm A Williams, Derek Juniors Gary Benzi, Bob Jacobson, David Warner, and Mike Rodriguez show us an animated version of the Amphi cheer. Wilson. Brian Wilson. Dean Wilson. Jon Wilson, Leeann Witmer. Richard Witter. John Wriqht, Angela Wright, Anqelique Woodard, Tashall Woodmansee. Lori Workman, Rachel Wonder, Chuck Wyatt. Jennifer Wymer, Mike Van Vuren, Sarah Vanpelt, Derek Vassallo, Angelo Vergara, Christine Vironet, Scott Vaight, Warren Vogler. Jeff Vonier. Peter Yahn. Jennifer Yamanaka. Alisa Yates. Karen Yunker. Heidi Zahn. Scott Zimmerman, Jennifer Zozaya. Joe Williams. Benjamin [%BEven though it may have been touch and go at times, ' a collection ofe 1 3you made iVSomh h school days are behind you vmFS— . collection of y] fine memories of people, places -ftm. Put don ' t despair. Take alook at what lies ahead. ISp e) New challei5£es.i And more fun! Sq keep your chiryfp " Your nosetothe grindstone. And go fctthegusbol 3% Lifei5V at l 4i oyouirakeit, ! ' ■ so iake it the best: t ' o And remember, all your friends at Valley BarJdS| wi5h you .11 J 4-X.i N. I £. W« all good thii inyourfatore. Gtadaationf VALLEY NATIONAL BANK Adkins. Heather Ahmad, Rasheen Ahmad. Salma Aicantar, Cesar Alday, Craig Alden. Eneas Aldridae. Jennie Allen, Dawn Allen, Hank Allis, Valerie Amerman, Shannon Alpert. Caren Alton, Claudia Alves, Kyle Anderson, Chris Anderson, Eric Andrews, Chad Andrews, Christopher Anna, Shawn Arevalo, Mark Armendar. Lucio Arvayo, Jesus Ashbum, Tracey Averitt, Kim Aviles, Henry Bacvarov, Chris Baker, Qiah Bakutis, Nancy Barefield, Dean Barney, Celeste Barney, Glenn Barnes, Tania Bartman, William Bates, Michael Batterson, Carmen Bays, Heidi Baxutis, hancy Bedoy, Josefina Bennett, Wendy Bell, Jeffrey Berglind, Greg Bemal, Jeffrey Betts, Derek Blernat, Brenda Billinasley, Lance Billotte, Yvonne Birenbaum, Brian Birdman, Michael Bishop-Vu, Thuy, Hong Black, Sam Black, Shaun Blakeney, Johnny Bock, Christopher Bockstedt, Gino Boise, Ingrid Boone, Dan Borquez, Alfred Boulay, Lisa Bouldin, Ramena Bremer, Charlene Brito, Javier Brogdon, Scott Burde, Sheryl Bullers, Susan Bums, Lance Byrd, Kevin Brown, James Brown, Robert Browne, Kathryn Brydon. Huah Cobb, Kenneth Cacers, Julie Calderon, Luis Cameron, Martin Campbell. Jeanette Campbell, Robert Cook, Tim Carbajal, Rossann Carlson, Nicole Carlson, Ron 194 n t$ g A ,j J j f a % r ! a T7 Carpenter, Kevin Carrillo. Chrisla Carroll. Shawn Carter. Chad Carter. Liz Cason. John Cates. Kimberly Celaya. Jennifer Celaya. Sonia Cilia. Christopher Chavez. Larua Cheng, Karen Cheriel. Ricardo Chiolero. Debra Chorak. Mike Cochran, Andrea Cody, Scott Colbert. Alison Coleman. Annette Collins, Sheila Contreras. David Cooper. Roxanne Copeland. Kriste Controneo. Eli Cornell. Tabitha Cosby. Lesli Cox, Qeorge Cox, Marsha Coyer, Gary Claunch. Cindy Closson. Cory Craig, Heather Craig, Misty Cronwell. Jason Crow. Michelle Daniels, Tracy Daniels. Veronica Dung, Khanh Davis, Warren Davisworth, Micheal Debolt. Pamela Dehart, Kenneth Delaossa, Christine Delforge, Sandra Dominguez. Randy Dillon. Ryan Donnelly, Masheka Domey. Steven Darbek Elliott Dreis, Michelle Duncan. Jesse Dunn, Matt Dunton. Amy Dupuy. Christopher Eggert Alisa Elder. Kenneth Elkins. Christopher EUerd. Michael Elleston. Fenn Elliot Clint Engel Charles Esquevel. Elizabeth Escott. Ethon Estas. Aaron Evans. Leslee Evans. Tricia Everheart. Angela Falk, Daniel Feldrian. ttichoe Feld; Tricia ferns. Scoct Ferrell. Christopher Fiello, Jessica Figueroa, Eugene Figuroa Shannon Fimbras. Peggy Finstad Anton Fischer Steven Fisher Todd Fishkind. Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Todd Flories, Lisa Folev, Michael Fort, " Elizabeth Fort. Rachel Fox, Susan Franklin, Metta Fredrick, Jason Frei, Lori Fridkin, Sean Friedenberg, Joseph Fusco, Mario Qadow, Gary Gastelum, Lennette Geist, Michael Gill, Erin Girvin, John Girvin, Kathleen Girvin, Peggy Gaedel, Tim Goelz, Brian Goins, Crystal Gonzales, Denise Gleason, Tracy Gleeson, Michele Glass, Christian Graham, Kevin Green, Brian Gregory, Frank Gregory, Kathleen Gress, Crystal Groch, Jeremy Guillen, Manuel Gurnetl, Carolyn Gutierrez, Graciele Guthrie, Savannah Guyton, Joby Maggitt, Molly Hahn, Eric Hahn, Moon Hall, Julie Hammock, Angel Honby, Tonya Hannon, Dawn Hanne, Dana Hall. Julie Harding, James Marl3n, Thanh onl Wci Maruell. Heather Hawkins. Ian Melton. Leah Henning. Art Menry, Mellis ' -ij Hernandez. Hernando Herren. Teresa Hibburd. Patrick Hill. Danny Hill. James Hilldreth. Emily Hoaglund. Scott Hobbs. Cary Moff. Jeferson Hoffman. Sean Holder, Stephen Holmes, Daniel Holmes. Malissa Hollingsworth. Pete Homan. Caroiiann Hopper. Joseph Horton. Janet Hoselton. Casey Howard. Eric Howell. Jeffrey Hu. Due Huck. Katherine Huynh. Phung Isaacman, Jared Iskiyan. Peter Jacobs, Elise James. Corey Jameson, Kelly Janisch. Mike Jeck, Eric Jensen. Erin Jesson, Todd Jewett. Jeffrey Jochums. Lisa Johnson. Charm Johnson. Leif Jolani. Pakrooz Jorgenson. Mindy Kane. Jeff Kane. Nancy Kahl, Lisa Karp. Scott Keller, Kara Keller, Wade Kelly, Brian Kennedy , Joseph Kotzambosis, Chrys Kidder. Stephanie Kindler. Jay King, Sean Kitchens, Tracey Kittle, John Koemer, Paul Koga. Peter Konen, Steve Kiajbor. Serena Kleman. Andrea Michael Kranz. Kerry Kratina. Jinni Kriss Lidel Krolik John Krcyzanowski Mike Kud-Kudijaroff Tiffany Kwong, Michelie Lamb, Pat Lancaster William Lane, Erin Lane Meichelle Langeheine. Susan Lansky David Larson. Steven Larson. Wendy Laurence, Amy Lay, Robert 197 Layton, Matthew Leader, Tom Lerman. John Leech, Scott Looper, David Lerew, Vickie Levitin, Todd Lewis, Misty Licavoli, Peter Light, Charles Light, Kimberly Link, Monica Lippman, Jamie Lipscomb, Michael Lockhart, Vince Lohman, nick Logenbaugh, Brian Lopez, Aaron Lopez, Tina Luebke, Roger Luhman, Leigh Luna, Keith Turington, John Lybeck, Steven Macafee, Lisa Maguire, Heather Makkai, Susan Malone, Ronnie Mancini, Nikki Manning, Janeal Manzano, Jorge Marshall, Lori Martin, Megan Martin, Michele Mason, Qretchen McBrayer, Nickie McBride, Qretchen McBride, Jennifer McCormik, Laurie McCoy, Michael McDonald, Todd McCarter, Richard Mcllroy, Lee McQehee, Diana McGregor, Corrina McLain, Cheryl McLaren, Deanna McLaughlin, Pattie Mehrhoff, Gavin Meeks, Stuart Mellor, Gabe Mendoza, Tina Meyers, Bridget Meza, Frances Meza, Irene Micka, Phillip Mick, Carla Mickolajak, Matalie Miller. Matthew Minnear, Jennifer Mitchell, Jessica Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Mike " Ray ' Moates. Molly Moidenhaur, Paul Montenegro, Albert Morales, Amy Moreno. Maria Morgan, Michael Morgan, Tricia Moussa, Lana Mueller, Don Mullady, Suzanne Muliet, Nathan Murphy, Kelly Murphy, Todd Myers, Dan Magore. Shane Mash. Polly Mealy, Monique 198 - ' )- " ( % 3 ft , -: a o i k " a C .i q NeMert, Sherriii Neighbours. Inger nelson, fauletie neweii. Billy Nordstrom, Branden Norrise, Morris Nowell, Lance Oakstor, Oin Ochoa. frank Ochoa. Robbie Olsen. Melanie Olsen, Michelle O ' Meal. Emily O ' Neal. Joseph Ore Giron. Omar Ortloff. Matt Ostapuk. Ben Otera. Mark Pace. Mitziel Padilla. Michael Parker. Fred Parks. Nathan Parsons. Ronnie Paul. Gerald Paulin. Tori Peabody. Eric Pease. John Pearson. Jennifer Pearson. Todd Perez. Diane Penttinen. Kathleen Peterson. Melissa Peters. Mindy Petito. Christene Pfund. Danny Pierce. Victor Planting. Moelle Plucker. Andrew Ponce. Stephanie Pongratz, Stephen Potter. Travis Powers. Paul Price, David Price. Troy Price. Zoe Pries. Michael Prince. Ralph Pruett. Russell Pugga. Christopher Pulido. Josefina Quails. Wendy Quihuls. Charles Quiroz. Trisha Rackliffe. Mary Rankin Kyle Ratliff. Karen Rawlings. Jennifer Recker. Richard Reimer. Margaret Reiner. Jodi Rentschler. Amy Rico. Mellissa Richardson. Steven Rich Steve Rider, Tracy Riehl Danny Riendl Piesa Ripp3 Matt Robens. David Robbins Chris Robins Elisga Robins, Elissa Robinson. Christopher Robles, Joseph Rodriquez Able Rodriguez, Mike Rogers. Jefferv Rogoff. Jeff Rojei. Jesus Rome David 199 Ronley, Mark Ronstadt, Matt Rosaido. Christina Rosenberger, James Rosenzweig, Mike Rover, Tonya Rusnak, Jason Rush, Beverly Ruiz, Kamelia Ruiz, Michael Ruiz, Rene Sabal, Mercedes Saldansky, Matt Salamone, Donald Salasz, Salein Sanchez, Jacolyn Sanchez, Richard Sandefor, Sean Sanders, Nathan Santillan, Sergio Santora, Larry Sarando, Francesca Saver, Julie Schaeffer, Emily Scherb, Kim Schroeder, Steven Schoessow, Debra Scott, Amanda Scott, Julie Scott, George Sedlacek, Troy Sedrick, Eric Sehhat, Mitra Semple, Mike Semkevik, Jay Sesma, Maria Severt, Jennifer Sharrah, Ruth Shade, Marty Shaffer, Dawn Shea, Kevin Shepherd, Lorie Silberschlag, Ursula Silvers, Julie Simmons, Bill Simonson, Dan Sirianni, Mark Slaughter, Lisa Slaney, Randy Smelser, Chad Smith, Brenda Smith, Eric Smith, Michelle Smith, Shane Smith, Stacy Smolic, Linda Smmi, Joshua Sokal, Rod Sporleder, Shari Sproles, Travis Sqmres Jason Stacey, Jay Stallings, Linda Steeber, Jim Stien, Bobby Stepens, Monique Stith. Kalyn Stober, Daniela Stoddard, Stephen Stubbiefield, Debbie Sturgill, Gerald Sultan, Tim Szakal, Steve Taber, Laura Taiano, Lisa Tamsen, Tim Tanner, Shannon Tarkington, Brando Taylor, Andy Taylor, Kevin 200 WftiCrfAAAO f £L Wa A PL ' iA. O n m a n n i Tedesco. Kristie Tellez, Mike Thibodeaux. Rearjan Thomas. Jennifer Thompson. Amonia Thrash. David Timberlake. Denice Todd. Monica Tofel. Andy Tompkins. Eric Torres. Norma Townsend. Tori Tramontano. Cara Tran. Chau Tran. Tuyet Tran. Quan Trujillo. Rebecca Juarez. Leonard Turner. Scott Turlington. John Twarog, Joe Tylka. Mike Tyson. Tony UrUrbina. Carlos Valent. Kayla Valentine. Kurt Vanderkoik. Tim Vaugan. Richard Velasquez. Daniel Versteeg. Holl Voigt-Ostapuk. M Vonah, Debora Wachsman. Todd Wadlow, Jeff Wagner, Stacey Wales. David Walker, Todd Walker, Tracy Walters, Janit Ward, John Warner, Jill Warren, Denice Warren, Hollie Waterloo. Mick tteber, Ben Weldon, Duane Wells. Kitzi Wharton. Andrea Wharton. Audra Wiebe Cind Mark Otaro, Steve Watson, Eric Feabody, and Sean Hoffman enjoying an evening at a home game Wilford, Lora Williams, Adam Willis. Josh Wilson, Grant Witt, Staci Woelfle, Ben Wolfer, Kris Wolfson, Andrew f$ { ) 10. ? Wright, Charles Yacks, Jeff Yacks, John Yarbrough, L. Yi, Ok Zimmer, Jennifer Zimski, Katherine Zokhrouf, Said m 4 ' Ji £ ftfr a f SL Scott, Timothy Firsts. First School First Teacher. First Kiss First Football Game First Date (withoul parents] o in trie blanks) m First Prom First Steady First Dissected Frog First Car First Bank First Interstate Bank FIRST INTERSTATE BANK OF ARIZONA, NA Member F.D.I.C. • Federal Reserve System Equal Opportunity Employer Congratulations Seniors Come see us for lunch. Tucson ' s Best Burger and Fries Be there teen night ' 87 ITS HUGE!! From the Wildcat Crew Abound, Leslie Absher, Thia Acorn, Michelle Acosta, Guadalupe Allen, Molly Allyn, David Andricopoulos, Aris Apfel, Tammy Appleton, Kris Apuzzo, Matthew Arais, Anna Aranda, Jerry Arnold, Jeff Arriage, Danny Ashby, Eric Attwood, Stacy Au, Christina Autret, Amy Ayala, Victor Ayers, Ryan Bakutis, Joseph Ballou, Zak Bartholomew, Karesha Battor, Ben Baylis, Larissa Beach, Heather Becker, Amy Bedsoie, Michael Beer, Thomas Begley. Amy Beiser, Emmet Beller, J. " Mark " Billotte, Leslie Blevinns, Dale Bock, Kimberly Bondy, John Bonebright, Jeffery Bork, Karl Boston, Darrin Bouttirath, Sabaiphone Boyles, Becky Brambach, Brian Brandhuber, Kristin Branson, Nicole Brean, Henry Breslin, Sharlene Brockman, Wesley Brough, Shawn Brown, Karri e Brown, Lisa Buchroeder, Richard Burns, Jennifer Busby, Kristin Butcher, Joel Byrne, Gabriel Caddell, Cynthia Cameron, Kenneth Capp, Sheila Carnes, Carrie Carpenter, Chris Carper, Robert Carrasco, Yessenia Carroll, Todd Carte, Jonathon Carter, Stephanie Carver, Paul Castillo, John Cepkers, Tyrone Cerney, Charles Chandler, Theresa Chase, Betsey Childs. Kris Clark, Allen Clark, Deanna Cochran, Joshua Cole, Andrea Cole, Tera Collins, Mark Colrin, Bridget Cook, Cathaline 204 a ' flJ A ff) ,f ? A a Mf Cooiey, Terri Cooper. Shanna Copeland. Shane Cottrill. Keith Counce. Josh Couture. Cindy Cox, Marhia Craig. Hester Criswell. Brice Crowninshield. Rhett Crzanowski. Frank Culwell. Angela Curry. Laura Dahlby. Joanna D Albini. Kim D Ambrosio, Anthony Dang. Thanh Daniels. Charlotte Daniels. Robert Danks. Liesen Day. Cindie Deavult. Arthur Decenzo. Lorriane Dew. Carey DeLos Santos. Maria Denike. Jill Dewitt. Deneve Do. Diem Do. Hoa Doran. Harold Dowdle. Sara Downing, Demitri Doyle. John Drow. Tina Dunlap. Dewane Dyson, Pamela Eaton, Damon Ebert. Todd EckhofT. Caroline Economidy. Sarah Edge, Dana Edwards, Dena Egan, John Engel, Catherine Ensign, Jennifer Esquirel, Michael E ans, Rob Eyler, Lisa Fernandez. Cind Figueroa Denise Filleman. April Finchum, Martha Finstad, Anders Fiscella. John Fishkind Jennifer Fieishmon, Michael Flores, Derek Ford. Christopher Fouler Chad Francis, pnicole Frank Jonathon Frazier Jason Fredrick. Kathryn Frost. Jacalyn Fry. Robin Furbee. Bill Fumo. Ralph Furrow Jesse Oaiindo Joey Ganzhom Jay Garcia. Ceasar Garcia Da id G3rcia. Luis Garman. Demirus Garrett, Michael Gastelum. Gabriel Gates Laura Gibbar, Jodi Giesecke. Ionia Giles Brian Gillespie, David Gillman, Chad Giuliani, Joel Gleeson, Laura Goldberg, Benjamin Laky, Michael Lambotte, Lori Lang, Leslie Langenheim, Billy Lassen, Tracy Lavin, Aaron Law, Heather Lawson, Leeona Leckie, James Lemke, Kathy Leon, Dalin Lewallen. Heath Limon, Lucy Little, Chris Lobiondo, Amanda Lockhart, Sean Lomonaco, Jenny Lopez, Kimberly Lopes, Patricia Lopez, Roxanna Lowden, Craig Lowry, Karim Lu, Lisa Luebke Athena Lui, John Lujan, Charles Ly, Minn Lynch. Carey Lynch, Tate Lytken, Hailee Macklin, Adam Maestas, Kathleen Magoch, Jon Mai, Hieu Malik, Tom Manning, Jason Manning, Melissa Mannlein, Jeflery Marimello, Rocco Mariscal. Lisandra Martin, Dave Martinez, Andrea Martinez, Monica Mathews, Lynnette Maxfield, Maria 206 fa Lisa Slaughter confers with freshman during frosh elections. flaai nil ?,fl Maximo. Santiago Maynarr). Marcia Mazza. Gene McBride, Tony McClung. Danny McPall, Deanna McGetrick. Gene McGiriff. Malia Mclntire. Brian Mclntyre, ISary McKee. Ronald McLain. Cheryl McLaughin. Todd McMillen. Gary Mead. Melissa Melin. Rebecca Mendivil. Omar Mendivil. Sonia Mendoza. Roxanna Menises. Frank Mikell. Tamara Miller. Brian Miller. Danny Miller. Stacie Mills. Lara Miner. Stephanie Miranda. Evelina Mireles. Regina Mitchell. Aaron Molina. Mike Montano. Joe Montgomery. Andrew Moore. Scott Mouser. Katherine Murphey. Patty Myers. Rusty Mathanson. Missy Nelder. Mase Nelson. Scott Nguyen, Anhtuan Nguyen. Hieu Nguyen. Trong Oberholtzer. Jodi Ochoa. Monica O Connor. Gean-Marie Ortez. Laura Ozuna. Liliana Panchoco. Danny Padilla, Rosa Page. Brent Page, Daniel Pagel Ben Pahona. Edith Pappas. Coy Parker. Darrel Parks Richard Patel. Rajul Patterson, Elizabeth Palus. Cecilia Pearman Shavian Pearson. Alex Peck Windy Peosma. Heather Perez, Lenard Perry. Bambi Perry. Tony Phelps. Shelby Pickett. Leona Pierotti, Tony Pikner Michelle Pineda. Andrea Pingry, Preston Plata. Anna Flauche. D. J. Polfus Jon Price. Acrious Preciado. Edmund Price, Lynette Ramirez Jessica Goodman, Jeff Gordon, Christina Gray, Steve Green, Elizabeth Gregory, Bruce Griffith, Charla Guerrero. Michael Guhl, Jennifer Gunn, Cheryl Gurnett, Carolyn Gutierrez, Maria Gwin, Angela flackl, Maomi Hall, Howard Hallinan, David Hambright, Eric Hamilton, Justin Harbeck, Darren Harlan, David Harkeu, Nichole Harp, Jeremy Harris, Jennifer Harrison, Amy Harrison, Erin Hart, Cathleen Harston, Julieanne Hartez, Sheri Hawk, Andrea Hawk, Andrea Hayes, Courtney Haymore, Richard Heberle, Luke Heiser, Eric Henges, Christine Henry, Kristen Hernandez, Loren Herndon, Jolee Herron, Jerald Herscheb, Leeann Hershberger, Jamie Hinerda, Natalie Hodzic, Donald Howell, Brandon Hobson, Leticia Hopper, Mike Houston, Katherine Hubbard, Duane Hubbard, Mark Hurley, Melanie Huynh, Thien Inboden, Willy Isaak, Melissa Jacobs, Jennifer Jacoby, Jenny Jank, Daniel Jarrell, Marshall Jester, Brent Jessup, Abel Jetter, Susan Johansson, Tricia Johnson, Andy Johnson, Brett Johnson, Erik Johnson, Marian Johnson, Santino Johnson, Suzanne Jones, Aaron Jones, Brian Jones, Kathleen Jones, Rodyon Jordon, Nichole Kai. John Kierzek. Brennan King, Jenny King, Tara Kipnis, Karen Kirk, Aaron Klaiber, Leslie Kniffin Bobby Knight, Kimberly ©G 9 (¥9,9 n :% o v ft " £ ? ( - HI Pin f?n ri ,x i?« Kleikamp. Tina Koch. Christopher Koehler, Paul Koss. Kyan Kramber. Kevin Kredich. Nicole Kredich, Nicole Krumwiede. Marcia Quan. Leon Quick, fred Ramsey. Justin Randall. Celeste Rangel. Gail Rangel. Tricia Rawlings. Jenni Rawlings, Jennifer Read. Kari Read. Paul Reinhard. Chris Reynolds. Melissa Ridley. Megan Riley. Patricia Risch, Aley Rivenbark. Jim Robertson. Amy Robinson. Regina Roehling. Markus Rossini. Qina Rowe. Jennifer Sadlier. Stephanie Salazar. Manny Saldanando. Dianne Sanchez. Sandra Saunders. Jerry Schneider. Beth Schneider. Brian ScofTstall. Stephen Schwarting. Elizebeth Scott, Robin Sedrick. Tanya Severn. Brian Shelton. Bob Smith, Angela Smith. Greg Smith. Mark Smith. Vem Smithiger, Dan Smurphat. Christine Snell. Melissa Solodky. Carrie Sotomayor Melissa Spano, Michelle Speer, Stephen Spence, Catherine Sprague, William Stanton Noel Stem, Danielle Stemfield, Sumedna Stoddard. Stephen Street. Teresa Stringer, Melonie Strosberg, Michelle Strunk, Kyle Swenson. Melanie Tabb Sonia Temple. Casey Tevis. Valerie Thomas, Mike Thompson Shanna Thomson. Shelly Tofel Brad Tomlin Jason Torabi, Shadi Toth. Daniel Townson Wayne Tran. Phuc Tran. Tien Troung Cuong Turton, Randall Underwood. Mark 20S Uibalejo, Crystal Urbon, Joe Valencia. Rick Vanhoorik, Kelly Vchsco, Rachel Villalbo. Cindy Voelzow, Kelly Voss. Heather Vu. Trung Wainwright, Stacey Walker, Maria Walls. Shawn Warwas. Michael Wehausen, Jayme Weir, Crisann Weissman, Laura West, David Wetterschinder, Eian Wheeider, James Whitehead, Bo Wilder, Melinda Williams, Charidy Williams, Kimberly Williams, Sarah Willis. Buffy Willis, Jonathan Willoughby, Julie Winn, Debbie Wisniewski, Wendy Wood, William Woodrow, Staci Ybarra, Manuel Yi, Sang Yunker, Penny Zaha, David Zamora, Danny Qutfredsen, Charlote Matty, Melissa McCann, Sarina Mellum, Catherine Richards, Lynn Robinson, Regina Settlemire, K. Mexican Food 3344 N. Oracle Compliments Of FARMERS INSURANCE ROGE ENGELS-AGENT Serving Northwest Tucson 742-7900 Kelli Land and Christi Sutton introduce Freedom Jam. THROOP FLORIST Salutes The AMPHITHEATER Graduates Of 1987 Way To Go, Amphi! m r THROOP • • florisf 610 W. PRINCE RD. £out Nw CltoMgeA U AdutuUi aliM . rhis year Amphi Students were welcomed by a new principal, Dan Alberts. Mr. Alberts came from a small school in Arlington, Nebraska. He made a few changes at Amphi but his main goals were to preserve the Panther Pride and maintain Amphi ' s Academic Excellence. Mis impressions of the students were very good. He said that the students at Amphi are very mature and unbelievingly sharp. wRSTTates Dr. Mary Jean Munroe, and Mr. Mike Picone. Ann Young, Sue Delapp, Alan Fausher, Annette faldyn. Bob Lacagnina, Beverly Dutz. Mrs. Laurie Hawke and Mr. Raul Piido. The faculty at Amphi is very unique with an unusual mixture of staff. The staff at Amphi is very proud to be part of such a close yet diverse faculty. When there is a job opening at Amphi, there are more applicants interested in working at Amphi then in any other high schools in Tucson. There are more then 20 student teachers, it seems as though every one wants to be a part of the Amphi Staff. It is obvious how much caring and respect the Staff has for the students. This doesn ' t just include teachers, it includes all the staff- from the custodians, to the libraians to the counselors. LoMqtwqb Anil Top row: M. Hitch. R. Trent. 2nd row: B. Warnke. M. McMamara. S. Ashby, L. Wurst. K. Jacome. V. Cobum. E. Smith, Q. Rogers. T. Gomez. J. Vinyl. 3rd row: 5. Reaves. M. Carmen. C. Daly. T. Drakulich. B. Piccone. V. Richardson. K. Qrijalva. not pictured: C. Lockhart, A. Sterret. Top Row: C. White. R. Tetreault, Middle Row: G. Koslowski, D. nelson. K. Kogel. W. Wonder, H. nichols. L. Adams. Bottom Row: M. Reinecke. S. Simpson. MMmatkl SociJ £ ukei L-R Claudia Gary Martiza Korte Shawn Dodson Bill Carhart Doug Scott Patricia Green Cathy King Mary Miller Penny Paddock Don Simpson Corey Morishita L-R Qaeel Beaham Ted Waterfall Hal Wayte Jim Herman Sharpe Marshall Sam Caruso Patsy Harris Rm AiH L-R Bobbie Roth Elda Murrin Ellen Ramsev Eve Harris Eve Tallman k W L-R Rebecca Carlton Man, Francis Fest Jean 5te ens Ric Shorrock Teresa Cox Joan Ebert McMhiq L-R Bette Winter Shirley Leavitt rran Holt Alison riewman Iidu0ic£ AnH L-R Vince Ruhe John Edwards Sheridan Moore Bob Vanburen PluflUud Education, V. Friedli. M. Pauley. S. Sheehan. 5. Kanner. J. Barnes. A. Davenport. B. Sheyli. D. Ferre. B. Wamke. B. Mart McuM umc Gene Strong. Ra Weinzapcl Book m V. Hughes, P. Feller, B. Feller. Gwutckketpm J. George, M. Moore, S. Gilbert. fyetiai Ed Top Row: B. McQraff. N. Forbes. T. Burch. M. Thompson. S. Doley. 5. Villarreal. Bottom Row: J. LaMar. J. Ferrey. J. Mayer. Inset: Barbara Ciccia. Fowign, Latujuagei Top Row: J. Maciulla, R. Nido. M. Woodward. E. Roman. 5. Deusberg. Bottom Row: C. Boyan-Held. V. Richardson. M. Hughes, J. Ore ' -Giron. A. Potter. Cutfbdumi-Dcuf Nigbt CurfodUutt Ed Harmon, Oscar Armenta, Donna Bean. John, Melain, Mary Cooper, Bud Hartman. P tiomd Boand Meat6w Mtheater m IMMM •. ' ■ ' • ' • » •■»» Top row. M. Tetreaut, M. Thompson. B. Johnson. 5. Smith. C. Turin, K. Mason. C. Richey. S. Mides. Bottom row: O. Maynard.D. DeShong, B. Bishop, M. Belloh. Mot pictured: V. Shay.C. Rzonch. L to R: R. Scott. N. Thomas. J. Druke. P. Damiana. V. Houston. HouM bcotuwtici C. Hooper, S. Hall, M. Graham, Linda Lopez. Top row: M. Ramirez, P. Marshal, M. Martinez, D. Antrim, r. Parent, B. Man- ley, Bottom row: V. Goo- dyke, C. Genzer, R. Cur- doza, S. Frazier, G. Brown, C. Larrick, J. Sharkey, L. Evans, M. Barr. £ ClWto Back: R.KIee. D. Mower. R. Larson, J. Sequrson. S. McClung, R. Pack. Front: J. Cuneo, R. Sewell. P. Woods. L. Her- bert. K. Reeder. 5. Byrd- song. ind c A-week 25 Abate, Angelo 87 162 Abate, Peter 83 Abbott, Lisa 88 186 Aboud, Kim 88 186 Abound, Leslie 90 30 204 51 Abraham, Pete 87 162 Acorn, Michelle 90 159, 204 Acosta, Guadalupe 90 204 Adams, Robert 87 162 Adams, Sarah 78 Adamski, Janice 88 186 Agarwal, Seema 87 162 Aggen, Jill 88 186 Aguirre, Sunny 87 162 Aheam, Stephanie 87 162 Ahmad, Rasheen 89 194 Ahmad, Salma 89 194 Albert, Bill 87 162 Alberts, Dan 4, 20, 21 Alcantar, Cesar 89 194 Alcanter, Luis 88 186 Aldana, Enrique 87 162 Alday, Craig 89 194 Alden, Eneas 89 194 Aldridae, Jennie 89 194 Alfarra, Assem 88 186 Allen, Dawn 140 Allen, Hank 89 194 Allen, Holly 90 204 Allie, Suzanne 87 162 Allis, Valerie 89 194 Allyn, David 90 204 Alpert, Caren 89 194 Alton, Claudia 89 194 Alverez, Lionel 88 186 Alves, Kyle 89 194 Alvirez, Yazmin 87 162 Amaneson, Keyy 89 197 Amaral, Sabrina 88 39 186 Amerman. Scott 88 186 Amerman, Shannon 89 194 Amos, John 87 162 Ams, Barbara 87 162 83 Anderson, Chris 89 138 194 Anderson, Eric 89 194 Anderson, Kirsten 87 162 Anderson, Larry 87 162 Anderson, Virgil 88 186 Andree, Michelle 87 162 Andrews, Chad 89 194 Andricopoulos, Aris 90 204 Andricopoulos, Peter 87 184 Anna, Shawn 89 128 194 Annon, Tim 122 Anzalone, Susan 88 186 Apfel, Tammy 90 204 Appleton, Kris 90 204 Apuzzo, Matthew 90 204 Aquilina, Frank 88 1 6 Arais, Anna 90 204 Aranda, Jerry 90 204 Arbogast, Tami 88 186 Archer, Ken 87 162 Archibald, Bill 88 186 Aregullin, Kathleen 88 186 Arevalo, Mark 89 194 Aristizadal, Micheal 87 162 Armbruster, Carl 87 184 Armendaz, Lucio 89 194 Armenta, Oscar 220 Arnold, Jeff 90 25, 204 Arriage, Danny 90204 Arvayo, Jesus 89 194 Ashbum, Tracey 89 194 Ashby, Eric 90 204 Atchison, Madison 30 Atkins, Heather 89 194 Attwood, Stacy 90 204 Au, Christina 90 204 Autret, Amy 90 204 Averitt, Kim 89 194 Aviles, Henry 89 194 Ayala, Martina 87 162 Ayala, Victor 90 204 Ayers, Ryan 90 204 Azhdri, Karim 88 186 B Bacvarov, Chris 89 194 Bagnell, Tony 88 186 Bagshaw, Lori 87 162 Bailey, Anita 87 142 143 162 Baker, Brittany 88 186 ' Baker, Brittney 158 Baker, Danna 88 186 Baker, Debbie 42 Baker, Deb orah 87 163 Baker, Qiah 89 194 Bakutis, Joe 27 Bakutis, Joseph 90 204 Bakutis, nancy 89 194 Bales, Deana 88 186 Ballou, Zak 90 204 Bambrough, Derrek 88 186 Band 30 Banks, Carey 87 163 Baran, Marsha 88 186 Barbone, Julie 87 163 Barefield, Dean 89 194 Barefield, Heather 87 159 163 Barnes, Kevin 88 186 Barnes, Tania 89 75, 194 Bamett, Tonya 88 82, 186 Barney, Celeste 89 194 Barney, Qlenn 89 194 Barney, Justin 88 186 Barnhart, Bruce 87 5 163 Baron, Marsha 30 Bartholomew, Karesha 90 204 Bartman, William 89 194 Bates, Marion 87 17 29 31 19? 124. 125. 163, 165 ' Bates, Michael 89 122, 124 194 Batterson, Carmen 89 194 ' Battor, Ben 90 204 Baxutix, Mancy 89 194 Bay, Kathy 88 63, 186 Baylis, Larissa 90 204 Baylis, Tyler 42 Bays, Heidi 89 194 Beach, Heather 90 204 Beach, Laura 88 186 Beach, Mary 87 163 Beaham, Qaeel 214 Bean, Donna 220 Bean, Kenneth 87 163 Bean, Kenny 82 Beardsley, Sean 87 163 Becker, Amy 90 204 Becker, Jerry 88 186 Becker, John 87 163 Bedoy, Josefina 89 194 Bedoy, Josephine 78 Bedsole, Michael 90 204 Bedwell, Audra 88 186 Bedwell, Chris 87 163 Beer, riorman 88 186 Beer, Thomas 90 204 141 Begley, Amy 90 129 204 Beiser, Emmet 90 204 Belcher, Walter 87 8, 18, 76 78 163 Bell, Jeffrey 89 194 Beller, Mark 90 204 Bello, Joe 83, 138 Bellows, Dustin 87 163 Benaglio, Lisa 87 163 Bennett, Wendy 89 144 194 Benson, Tary 88 186 Bentley. George 87 163 Benzi, Gary 88 186, 192 Berg, Suzanne 87 163 Berglind, Gregg 89 194 Berlin, Dina 88 186 Bemal, Jeffrey 89 194 Betts, Derek 89 194 Bezanson, Michelle 87 41, 163, Billinasley, Lance 89 194 Billingsley, Lance 88 Billotte, Leslie 90 204 Billotte, Yvonne 89 194 Birdman, Jill 87 82, 163 Birdman, Michael 89 194 Birenbaum, Brian 89 194 Bishop Vu, Thuy 89 194 Bishop, Kelly 87 163 Bixby, Chantel 76, 78 Bizik, Lee 88 51. 63, 186 Black, Sam 89 194 Black, Shawn 30, 194 Blackburn, Brian 88 186 Blakeney, Jonny 89 194 Blemat, Brenda 89 194 Blevinns, Dale 90 204 Bock, Christopher 89 194 Bock, Kimberly 90 204 Bockrath, Susan 88 186 Bockstredt, Gino 89 194 Boise, Ingrid 89 194 Bondy, John 90 204 Bone Melissa 87 77. 78. 163 98 Bonebnght, Jeffery 90 204 Bonebright, Shawna 87 76 77 164 Bonnin, Richard 88 186 Boone, Dan 89 194 Bork, Karl 90 204 Borquez, Alfred 89 194 Boston, Damn 90 204 Bouldin, Ramena 89 194 Bouldin, Ramona 78 Bouolay, Lisa 89 194 Bouttirath, Sabaiphone 90 204 Bowie, Jennifer 88 31, 101 186 . Boyer, Quentin 88 88 186 Boyles, Becky 90 204 Bozzo, John 87 28, 164 Bracamonte, Lisa 88 186 Bradley, Jessica 88 186 Bradley, Tara 88 186 Bradstreet, Scott 87 164 Brady, Kim 87 164 Brambach, Leroy 88 186 Bramback, Brian 90 204 Brandhuber, Kristin 90 204 Brandhuber, Thomas 87 164 Branson, Nicole 90 204 Brasher, Melissa 88 186 Bravo, Mayda 87 164 Brean, Cassandra 87 164 Brean, Henry 90 204 Brean, Sam 88 186 Bremer, Charlene 89 194 Brennan, Racheal 88 186 Brennan, Rachel 51 Breslin, Sharlene 90 204 Bret Harte, Geoffrey 88 186 Bnto, Javier 89 194 Broad, Aaron 88 139 186 Broccoletti, Karin 88 186 Brockman, Wesley 90 204 Brogdon, Scott 89 194 Brooks, Chris 87 164 Brough, Shawn 90 204 Brown, Andrew 88 186 Brown, James 89 194 Brown, Karrie 90 204 Brown, Kimberly 88 186 Brown, Lisa 90 204 Brown, Mark 88 Brown, Patricia 87 164 Brown, Paul 88 186 Brown, Robert 89 194 Brown, Shelly 88 186 Browne, Kathryn 89 194 Bruner, Richard 88 186 Brydon, Huah 89 194 Buchroedar, Richard 90 20- Buchroeder, Suzy 87 61 If Buckner, Mike 88 186 ' Bui, Hao 87 164 Bui, Son 87 164 Bulger, Robert 87 165 Buhck, Natalie 87 165 Bullers, Susan 89 194 Burch, Cyndi 87 76, 165 15 Burde, Sheryl 89 194 Bums, Jennifer 90 204 Bums, Lance 89 194 Bums, Shawn 87 165 Busby, Gordon 87 165, 28, 1 j Busby, Kristin 90 204 129 Busche, Holly 87 165 ' Bush, Jonathan 87 165 Bushimre, Lucinda 87 165 Busy, Kristi 51 Butcher, Joel 90 204 Byrd, Kevin 89 43, 194 Byrne, Gabriel 90 204 c Cacers, Julie 89 194 Caddell, Cynthia 90 204, 129 Calderon, Louie 51 Calderon, Luis 89 194 Calderson, Louis 26 Caldwell, Anne 88 63 186 Cameron, Kenneth 90 204 Cameron, Martin 89 63 194 Campbell, Anne 87 78, 165 Campbell, Jeanette 89 194 Campbell, John 88 186 Campbell, Robert 89 194 Canez, David 88 186 Canez, Frank 33 Canez, Tony 33 Canter, Garet 87 184 Capp, Jean 88 186 Capp, Jennie 78 Capp, Sheila 90 129, 145 204 Carbajal, Rossann 89 194 Cardella, Joel 87 76, 78 83 16 Carhart, Bill 214 Carichner, Joanna 8 Carlson, Julie 88 76, 78 186 Carlson, Matthew 88 186 Carlson, nicole 89 63, 194 Carlson, Ron 89 194 Carlton, Rebecca 215 Cames, Carrie 90 204 Cames, Sarah 88 Carpenter, Chris 90 204 Carpenter, Kevin 89 195 Carper, Robert 90 204 Carrasco, Yessenia 90 204 Carrillo, Christa 89 195 Carroll, Shawn 89 195 Carroll, Todd 90 204 Carte, Jonathon 90 204 Carter, Chad 89 43 195 Carter, Liz 89 195 Carter, Stephanie 90 204, 206 Caruso, Sam 214 Carver, Micheal 88 186 Carver, Paul 90 204 Cashmer, Cindy 88 186 Casillas, Pete 88 186 Cason, John 89 195 Casti, Alex 87 165 Castillo, John 90 204 Castillo, Tracy 87 165 Castner, Erin 88 186 Cates, Kemberlly 89 195 Catrone, Lisa 88 186 Caviglia, Lisa 88 186 Ceist, Michael 89 196 Celaya, Eugenio 82 Celaya, Frank 88 186 Celaya, Jennifer 89 144, 145, 195 Celaya, Sonia 89 195 Cepkers, Tyrone 90 204 Cerney, Charles 90 204 Chacon, Bill 88 186 Chandler, Theresa 90 204 Chappie, Wref 88 186 Charter, Deana 88 186, 30 Charter, Stacy 88 54, 93, 186 Chase, Betsey 90 204 Chavez, Laura 89 78, 195 Chavez, William 88 186 Cheng, Karen 89 195 Cheriel, Ricardo 89 195 Childers, Lori 87 169 Childers, Mamie 87 166, 5 Childs, Kathleen 87 166 Childs, Kris 90 204 Childs, Mimi 156 Chiolero, Debbie 129 Chiolero, Debra 89 195 Choate, Robert 87 166 Chorak, Mike 89 195 Christopher, Micheal 88 186 Cilia, Christopher 89 195 Clark, Allen 90 204 Clark, Deanna 90 51, 145, 204 Clark, Michelle 87 166 Clark, Wayne 87 12, 171 Claunch, Cindy 89 195 Clauser, Matthew 88 186 Clayton, William 88 186 Cleary, Lisette 87 166 Climer, Jason 87 101, 166.100 Closson, Corv 89 195 Cluck, Becky " 88 11, 50, 54, 93, 112, 186 Cobb, Kenneth 89 194 Cochran, Andrea 89 195 Cochran, Joshua 90 204 Cody, Scott 89 195 Cohen, Eileen 87 166, 141 Coil, Mark 78 Colbert, Alison 89 195 Cole, Andrea 90 204 Cole, Dennis 87 43, 166 Cole, Stephany 87 166 Cole, Tera 90 204 Coleman, Annette 89 195 Coleman, Micheal 88 186 Collins, Mark 90 204 Collins, Sheila 89 195 Collision, Cory 142, 143 Colman, Nina 43 Colter, Resha 88 186 Colvin, Michael 87 184 Conkling, Courtney 87 166 Conn, Jeffery 88 186 Contreras, David 89 195 Controneo, Eli 89 195 Cook, Cathaline 90 204 Cook, Eric 87 166 Cook, Tim 89 194 Cooley, Terri 90 205 Cooley, Thomas 88 187, 25 Cooper, Mary 220 Cooper, Patricia 88 187 Cooper, Roxanne 89 195 Cooper, Sandra 87 184 Cooper, Shanna 90 205 Cooper, Trish 134 Copeland, Kriste 89 195 Copeland, Shane 90 205 Cornell, Tabitha 89 195 Comwell, Jason 89 195 Corona, Rachel 88 187 Corrin, Bridget 90 204 Cosbey, Anne 87 166 Cosbey, Becky 88 187, 41, 51 Cosbey, Melissa 87 166 Cosbey, Missy 42 Cosby, Leslie 89 195 Cottrill, Keith 90 205 Counce, Josh 90 205 Couture, Cindy 90 129, 205 Couture, Michelle 88 187 Cowles, Craig 88 93, 187 Cox, Albert 88 187 Cox, Courtney 82 Cox, George 89 195 Cox, Marisha 134, 195, 205 Cox, Teresa 215 Coyer, Gary 89 195 Cozine, nancy 88 187 Craig, Heather 89 195 Craig, Hester 90 205 Craig, Misty 89 195 Crews, Lavonia 87 166 Crisp, Bobbie 145 Criswell, Brice 90 205 Crosby, Becky 129 Cross, Jack 88 187 Cross, Peter 88 187 Crow, Michelle 89 78, 144, 145, 195 Crowley, David 88 187 Crowninshield, Rhett 90 205 Crutsinger, Carrie 88 187 Crzanowski, Frank 90 205 Culwell, Angela 90 205 Culwell, Shelly 88 187 Cumberworth, Ronda 87 166 Cundiff, Rhonda 87 166, 109 Curry, Laura 90 205 Curtin, Lora 88 187 Curtis, Christine 87 166 Curtis, Gretchen 87 166 D D ' Albini, Kim 90 145, 205 D ' Ambrosio, Anthony 90 205 Dahlby, Joanna 90 205 Dallman, Jenny 87 166 Dalton, Rich 87 88, 89, 166 Damico, Frank 88 187 Damron, Deron 88 187 Damron, Etta 87 82, 1 84 Dang, Thanh 90 205 Daniels, Charlotte 90 205 Daniels, Robert 90 205 Daniels, Tracy 89 195 Daniels, Veronica 89 195 Danks, Liesen 90 205 Darbek, Elliot 89 195 Darvial, Deron 88 187 Date, Jenna 5, 140 Date, Jennifer 88 187 Davis, Jennifer 87 167 Davis, Tori 87 167 Davis, Warren 89 195 Davisworth, Micheal 89 195 Day, Cindie 90 205 Day, Donut 5 Day, Patrick 88 187 De La Rossa, Christine 89 195 De Los Santos, Maria 76, 78 Deandrea, Toni 88 187 Deavult, Arthur 90 205 Debolt, Pamela 89 195, 11 Decenzo, Lorriane 90 205 Deemer, Angelique 88 187 Dehart, Kenneth 89 195 DeHart, Sean 80 Deia Ossa, Kris 144 Deleon, Lourdes 88 187 Delforge, Sandra 89 195 Delforge, Sandy 134 Delgado, Rafael 88 187 DeLos Santos, Maria 90 205 Denike, Jill 90 205 DePascal, Rip 139 Devine, Terry 87 122, 167, 174 Dew, Carey 90 205 Dewitt, Deneve 90 205 Diaz, Tina 87 167 Dice, Trent 88 187 Dicenzo, Lorraine 134 Dile, Sean 87 167 Dillon, Ryan 89 195 Dines, Marilyn 87 184 Dix, Randal 88 187, 153 Do, Diem 90 129, 205 Do, Hoa 90 205 Do, Hong 88 82, 187 Dodson, Shawn 214 Dolan, Crystal 2, 142 Domano, Maria 51 Dombrowki, Alex 88 187 Dominguez, Randy 89 195 Domino, Maria 38 187, 156 Donnelly, Masheka 89 195 Donze, Renee 88 187 Doran, Harold 90 205 Dorney, Steven 89 195 Dowdle, Beth 87 159, 167 Dowdle, Sara 90 205 Downing, Demitri 90 205 Downing, Yurikino 88 187 Doyle, John 90 205 Doyle, Mark 87 167 Drake, Carrie 88 30, 93, 187 Dreis, Michelle 89 195 Dreis, Sean 87 167 Drow, Tina 90 205 Dudley, Richard 87 83, 167 Duggan, Robert 88 187, 3, 41, 43 Duncan, Jesse 89 78, 195 Duncan, Martin 87 76, 167 Duncan, Sydney 144 Duncon, Martin 77 Dung, Khanh 89 195 Dunlap, Dewane 90 205 Dunn, Matt 89 195 Dunn, Melanie 87 167 Dunn, Micheal 87 167 Dunn, Mike 122 Dunton, Amy 89 195 DuPont, Dan 87 24, 34, 42. 167 Dupuy, Christopher 89 195 Dupuy, Deborah 87 167 Durante, Tina 88 187 Durate, Susanna 134 Dye, Regina 87 167 Dyson, Pam 134 Dyson, Pamela 90 205 Eagle, Martin 87 167 Eaton, Damon 90 205 Ebert, Joan 215 Eckhoff, Caroline 90 205 Economidy, Sarah 90 205 Edge, Dana 90 205 Edgell, Aaron 88 187 Edwards, Dena 90 205 Edwards, Mark 88 187 Edwards, Shauna 87 167 Egan, John 90 205 Eggert, Alisa 89 195 Eigen, Gary 87 167 Elder, Ken 26 Elder, Kenneth 89 195 Elder, Susan 88 187 Elkins, Christopher 89 195 Ellerd, Michael 89 195 Elleston, Penn 89 195 Elletson, Lane 88 187 Elliot, Clint 89 195 Elliott, Craig 88 128, 187 Elm, Alan 128 Encinas, Steve 87 167 Engel, Catherine 90 205 Engel, Charles 89 187, 195 Engles, Noel 24 Ensign, Jennifer 90 205 Escott, Ethon 89 195 Esquevel, Elizabeth 89 195 Esquirel, Michael 90 205 Esslinger. Beth 87 168 Estas. Aaron 89 195 Estes. Klki 87 82, 168 Eth ridge, Helen 88 187 Evans, Rob 90 205 Evans, Trlcia 89 195 Everheart, Angela 89 195 Everitt. Jennifer 76. 78, 159 Everitt. Jenny 37 168 Eyans, Leslee 89 195 Eyler, Lisa 90 129. 205 Falb, Mark 87 168 Falk. Daniel 89 195 Falk. Lisa 87 41, 168 Fedell, Todd 87 168 Feldman. Bret 87 168 Feldman. Nicole 89 195 Feldt, Tricia 89 51. 195. 25 Fenderson. George 88 187 Fenstermacher. Derek 31. 51. 128 Fernandez. Cindy 90 205 Ferns. Scott 89 195 Ferrell. Christopher 89 195 Fest, Mary Francis 215 Fieishmon. Michael 90 205 Fiello. Jessica 89 144. 195 Figueroa. Denise 90 205 Figueroa. Eugene 89 195 Figueroa. Tammy 88 187 Figuroa. Shannon 89 195 Fike, Duane 87 10. 168 Fike, Dwayne 99 Filleman. April 90 205 Fimbras. Peggy 89 195 Fimbres. Paul 87 168 Finch, Genae 88 187 Finchum, Martha 90 205 Finstad, Anders 90 205 Finstad. Anton 89 195 Fiscella, John 90 205 Fischer. Shawna 3. 24 Fischer. Steven 89 195 Fischer. Tommy 87 42. 168 Fisher. Shauna 87 28. 168 Fisher. Todd 89 195 Fishkind. Jennifer 90 196. 205 Fitts. Vanessa 87 168 Fitzgerald, Ted 88 187 Fitzpatrick. Todd 89 76. 78. 196 Flangan. Da id 88 187 Fleishman. Mike 128 Flores, Arm 87 168 Flores. Derek 90 205 Flores. Pedro 87 168 Flories Lisa 89 196 Floyd. Jeff 87 168 Flvnn. Shannon 82 Folb, Mark 83 Folev Karen 87 184 Foley. Michael 89 196 Ford. Christopher 90 205 Ford. Margaret 88 129. 187 Ford, Monica 88 187 Ford, Toby 128 Forrow, Jesse 128 Fort. Elizabeth 89 196 Fort, Liz 129 Fort. Rachel 89 187. 196 Foster. Jason 87 139. 168 Fowler, Chad 90 205 Fowler. Kim 88 187 Fox. Plancv 87 168 Fox. Susan 89 196 Fraim, Barbara 87 41 129. 168 Francis. Jennifer 88 11. 187 Francis. Micole 90 205 Frank. David 87 24 184 Frank. Jonathan 90 205 Franklin Metja 89 196 Franzen, Jason 87 83. 168 Frazier Jason 90 205 frazier, Jeff 88 93. 187 Fredrick, Jason 89 196 Fredrick, Kathryn 90 205 Frei, Lori 89 196 French, Lawrence 87 168 Fridkin, Sean 89 196 Fridkin, Traci 88 187 Friedenberg. Joseph 89 112, 196 Friedli, Vem 122 Friend, Shawn 87 159, 169 Fries, Brian 88 187 Friese, Tania 87 169 Frldonberg, Joseph 50 Froehlich, Gregory 87 169 Frost, Jacalyn 90 205 Frost, Steven 88 187 Fry, Robin 90 205 Fuentes, Denise 88 51, 187, 25 Fundoshi, Rancho 3 Furbee, Bill 90 205 Furrow, Jesse 90 205 Fusco, Mario 89 196 G Qadow, Qary 89 196 Qaedel, Tim 89 196 Gage, Shana 87 169 Gagnon, Christie 88 187 Gajda, Evan 88 82, 187 Gajda, Jason 87 169 Gal, Peggy 88 187 Galindo, Joey 90 205 Gallon, Sharon 87 169 Gann, Amy 87 169 Ganzhom, Jay 90 205 Garcia, Ceasar 90 205 Garcia, David 90 205 Garcia, Debra 88 187 Garcia, Luis 90 205 Garcia, Martha 88 187 Garcia, Mary 88 187 Garman, Demirus 90 205 Garren, Gregg 88 187 Garrett, Michael 90 205 Gary, Claudia 214 Gass, Craig 88 187 Gastelum, Gabriel 90 205 Gasteium, Lennette 89 134, 196 Gastelum, Yvette 88 93, 187 Gates, Laura 90 205 Gaudet, Lisa 87 169 Gaul, Pat 88 187 Gee, Kristi 87 169 Gelvin, Vicky 88 187 Gerszewski, Cindy 129 Gerszewski, Cynthia 87 169 Gianas, William 88 187 Gibbar, Jodi 90 205 Giesecke, Tonia 90 205 Giles, Brian 90 205 Giles. Tanya 87 169 Giiey, Jason 87 169 Gill, Armando 88 187 Gill, Erin 89 196 Gill. Rene ' 88 187 Gillespie. David 90 206 Gillman, Chad 90 206 Girvin. John 89 196 Girvin. Kathleen 89 196 Girvin, Peggy 89 196 Giuliani, Joel 90 206 Glass, Cristian 89 196 Gleason, Tracy 89 196 Gleeson, Laura 90 206 Gleeson. Micheal 88 187 Gleeson, Michele 89 196 Goedel, Rich 87 169 Goelz, Brian 89 196 Goins, Crystal 89 196 Gold, 8ethany 87 76, 77. 78. 169 Goldberg, Benjamin 90 206 Goldseth, Ryan 87 139, 169 Gomez Fernando 88 187 Gomez, Tony 87 169 Gonzales, Deanna 88 187 Gonzales, Denise 89 196 Gonzales, Tami 87 169 Goodman, Jeff 90 208 Gordon, Christina 90 208 Gordon, Debbie 87 156. 169 Gordon, Melissa 88 187 Gore, Anne 87 78, 169 Gose, Kristian 87 112, 170 Gossman, Billy 88 187 Graap, Kevin 88 187 Grady, Lynn 88 187 Graff, Sandra Lee 87 170 Graham, Kevin 89 187, 196 Graham, Shannon 87 129, 170 Granillo, Cecilia 87 82, 170 Gray, Pete 88 187 Gray. Steve 90 208 Gray, Tim 88 187 Greaney, Colleen 88 82, 187 Green, Brian 89 196 Green, Deborah 87 170 Green, Elizabeth 90 208 Green, Patricia 214 Gregorio 87 167 Gregory, Bruce 90 208 Gregory, Frank 89 196 Gregory, Kathleen 89 196 Gress, Crystal 89 196 Greth, Frank 88 188 Griffith, Charla 90 208 Grill, Erin 144 Grissom, Merrianne 88 188 Grose, Tony 88 188 Grouch, Feremy 89 196 Ground, Jason 39 Grueneberg, Wendy 88 188 Guenther, Joel 88 188 Guerrero, Betina 88 188 Guerrero, Michael 90 208 Guhl, Jennifer 90 208 Guillen, Manuel 89 196 Gunn, Cheryl 90 208 Gunn, Jean 88 188 Gumett, Carolyn 90 196, 208 Gumett, Tyler 88 188 Gurrero, Pauline 88 188 Gustason, Andrea 88 188 Gustatson, Andrea 82 Guthrie, Savannah 89 196 Gutierrez, Adrienne 88 63, 188 Gutierrez, Graci 63 Gutierrez, Graciele 89 196 Gutierrez, Maria 90 208 Guyton, Joby 89 196 Gwin, Angela 90 80, 208 Habian, Sean 87 184 Hackl, Maomi 90 208 Haetley. Helene 88 188 Haffey, Kenneth 87 170 Haggitt, Heather 87 170 Haggitt, Molly 89 196 Hahn, Cathryn 88 188 Hahn. Eric 89 196 Hahn, Moon 89 196 Hale, David 88 132, 188 Halich, Luba 88 188 Hall, Howard 90 208 Hall. Jeff 88 Hall. Julie 89 134. 144, 196 Hallier, Melissa 87 76, 77, 164, 170 Hallinan, David 90 208 Halstead, Kathy 87 170 Hambright, Eric 90 208 Hamilton. Justin 90 208 Hamilton. Matt 88 188 Hammock. Angel 89 196 Hammonds, Denee 88 188 Hammonds, Shellie 88 188 Hanne, Dana 89 196 Hannon, Dawn 89 196 Haptonstal, Gretchen 88 188 Harbeck, Darren 90 208 Harden, Ashley 88 132, 188 Harden, Scott 87 170 Harding, James 89 196 Harkeu, Nichole 90 208 Harkley, Mikki 145 Harlan, David 90 208 Harlan, Thanh 89 196 Harmon, Ed 220 Harp, Jeremy 90 208 Harrington, Sean 88 188 Harris, Eve 215 Harris, Jennifer 90 208 Harris, Matthew 87 170 Harris, Melissa 88 188 Harris, Patsy 214 Harris, Ret 88 188 Harrison, Amy 90 208 Harrison, Erin 90 159, 208 Harrison, Patrick 87 170 Harston, Julieanne 90 208 Hart, Cathleen 90 188, 208 Hart, Jeffery 88 188 Hartez, Sheri 90 208 Hartman, Bud 220 Hartzel, Debbie 88 188 Hartzell, Heather 89 197 Harvey, Ruth 87 170 Haussler, Tanya 87 170 Hawk, Andrea 90 51, 145, 208 Hawk, Kon 87 170 Hawke, Laurie 21 Hawkins, Ian 89 197 Hawkins, Jeff 38 Hawkins, Jeffery 88 188 Hawley, Steve 88 188 Hayes, Courtney 90 208 Haymore, Richard 90 208 Haynes, Todd 87 170 Hazlett, John 87 170, 130 Heatley, Helene 82 Heberle, Chris 87 170 Heberle, Luke 90 208 Hedrick, Derek 87 170 Heiser, Eric 90 208 Helco, Kristine 87 170 Helling, Ingrid 134 Hellon, Brooke 88 188 Helm, Elizabeth 88 188 Helton, Leah 89 197 Helton, Michelle 76, 134, A Hernandez, Loren 90 208 Henderson, Carolina 88 30, 188 Henges, Christine 90 208 Henning, Art 89 197 Henningsen, Wendy 88, 188, 82 Henry, Melissa 89, 197 Henss, Mark 88, 188 Herbert, Cynthia 87, 171 Herget, Ronald 88, 188 Herman, Jim 214 Hernandez, George 88 188 Hernandez, Hernando 89 197 Hernandez, Monica 83 Hernandez, Regina 88 188, 156 Hemdon, Jolee 90 51, 208, 159 Herren, Teresa 89 197 Herron, Jerald 90 208 Herscheb, Leeann 90 208 Hershberger, Jamie 90 208 Hess, David 88 188 Hess, Debra 87 171 Hetzel, Andy 87 171 Hibburd, Patrick 89 197 Hien, Khuong 88 188 Hien, Thoi 88 188 Hill, Dan 63 Hill, Danny 89 197 Hill, Dawn 88 188 Hill, James 89 78, 197 Hilldreth, Emily 89 197 Hilverda, Arlette 87 171 Hindmarch, Dania 88 188 Hinerda, Natalie 90 208 Hines, Brian 87 171 Hinton, Danny 87 122, 171, 24 Hoaglund, Scott 89 197 Hobbs, Cary 89 197 Hobson, Leticia 90 208 Hodzic, Donald 90 208 Hoff, Jeferson 89 197 Hoff, Todd 88 188 Hoffman, Clarence 88 188 Hoffman, Dustin 128 Hoffman, Sean 89 197, 201 Holcomb, Trisha 87 171 Holder, Stephen 89 197 Holliday, J.C. 164 Hollingsworth, Pete 89 197 Holloway, Jill 88 188 Holly, Suzy 88 188 Holmes, Daniel 89 197 Holmes, Melissa 89 197 Holmes, Mike 99 Holt, Michelle 88 188 Horn, Frankie 88 188 Homan, Carol Anne 78 Homan, Caroliann 89 197 Homecoming 25, 28 Honby, Tonya 89 196 Hopper, Josesph 89 197 Hopper, Mike 90 208 Horton, Galen 88 188 Horton, Janet 89 197 Horton, Lee 88 136, 188 Hoselton, Casey 89 197 Hotmire, Banissa 87 171 Houston, Katherine 90 208 Howard, Brian 88 17, 76, 77, 78. 188 Howard, Eric 89 138, 197 Howard, Kristine 87 171 Howe, Joseph 88 188 Howell, Brandon 90 78, 208 Howell, Jeffrey 89 197 Hu, Due 89 197 Hua, Hieu 88 188 Hua, Trung 88 188 Hubbard, Duane 90 208 Hubbard, Keith 87 171 Hubbard, Mark 90 208 Hubbard, Suane 128 Huck, Katherine 89 197 Huffstetler, John 87 171 Hughes, Charles 138 Hughes, Darin 88 60, 188 Hull, Shawn 88 188 Hurley, Melanie 90 51, 145, 208 Huston, Steve 88 188 Huynh, Phung 89 197 Huynh, Thien 90 208 Hymer, Annette 88 188 Inboden, Willy 90 208 Inigo, Edward 88 188 Isaacman, Jared 89 197 Isaak, Jason 87 88, 171 Isaak, Melissa 90 208 Iskiyan, Peter 141 Jackson, Jennifer 88 188 Jacobs, Elise 89 197 Jacobs, Jennifer 90 208 Jacobson, Bob 192 Jacobson, Jennifer 88 188 Jacobson, Robert 88 188 Jacoby, Bill 87 101, 171 Jacoby, Jenny 90 208 Jaconski, David 88 188 James, Corey 89 197 Jameson, Kim 87 171 Janisch, Mike 89 197 Jank, Daniel 90 208 Janoske, Judy 83 Jarrell, Debra 87 171 Jarrell, Marshall 90 208 Jarvis, Cindy 83 Jeck, David 87 101, 171 Jeck, Eric 89 101, 197 Jeffrey 87 167 Jensen, Erin 89 197 Jesson, Todd 89 197 Jessup, Able 90 208 Jester, Brent 90 208 Jetter, Susan 90 208 Jewell, J.J. 139 Jewell, John 87 171 Jewett, Jeffrey 89 197 Jimenez, Freddie 87 171 Jimenez, Valerie 88 188 Jochums, Lisa 89 129, 144, 197 Jochums, Rick 87 171 Johansson, Tricia 90 208 Johns, Qina 28, 31 Johnson, Andy 90 208 Johnson, Anthony 87 34, 136, 172 Johnson, Ben 87 172 Johnson, Bonnie 88 188 Johnson, Brett 90 128, 208 Johnson, Cameron 87 42, 172 Johnson, Charm 89 158, 197 Johnson, Chris 87 172 Johnson, Curtis 88 188 Johnson, Erik 90 208 Johnson, Evan 87 172 Johnson, Carry 88 188 Johnson, Jeffrey 87 172, 139 Johnson, Kevin 87 172 Johnson, Kristin 88 188 Johnson, Leif89 197 Johnson, Marian 90 129, 208 Johnson, Muffy 145 Johnson, Roxanne 88 188 Johnson, Santino 90 208 Johnson, Suzanne 90 129, 208 Johnston, Becky 87 172 Johnston, Kirstin 129 Johnstone, Heather 87 172 Johnstone, Laurel 88 188 Jolani, Pakrooz 89 197 Jones, Aaron 90 208 Jones, Brian 90 188, 208 Jones, Cristina 87 172 Jones, Kathleen 90 208 Jones, Rodyon 90 24, 27, 208 Jordon, Michole 90 208 Jorgenson, Mindy 89 197 Juarez, Leonard 89 201 Jump, Laura 87 35, 172 K Kaegbein, Andy 88 188 Kaegbien, Andy 139 Kahl, Lisa 89 197 Kai, Jason 88 188 Kai, John 90 51, 208 Kane, Jeff 89 197 Kane, Nancy 89 197 Kariolich, Richard 88 188 Karp, Scott 89 197 Kay, Emily 87 172 Kay, Gregory 88 188 Keller, Kara 89 197 Keller, Wade 89 197 Kelley, Tina 88 188 Kelly, Brain 89 197 Kelly, Tina 129 Kendrick, Adrienne 87 172 Kennedy, Joshph 89 197 Kiajbor, Serena 89 197 Kidder, Stephanie 88, 89, 144 Kierman, Tom 87 172 Kieman, Tom 76 Kierzek, Brennan 90 208 Kilpatrick, Tina 88 188 Kindler, Jay 89 197 King, Cathy 214 King, Jennie 76 King, Jenny 90 208 King, Sean 89 197 King, Tara 90 208 Kinkead, Peter 88 188 Kintas, Dave 140, 142 Kipnis, Karen 90 208 Kirk, Aaron 90 208 Kirkwood, Edward 87 184 Kischer, Frank 87 172 Kissling, Kenneth 87 172, 136 Kitchens, Tracey 89 197 Kittle, John 89 197 Klaiber, Leslie 90 208 Kleikamp, Jeanette 87 172 Kleikamp, Tina 90 209 Klein, Jody 88 188 Kieman, Andrea 89 197 Klinger, Shelly 88 188 Kniffin, Bobby 90 208 Knight, Kimberly 90 208 Knipp, Shaun 87 172 Knopf, Micahel 87 173, 82 Koch, Christopher 90 209 Koehler, Paul 90 209 Koerner, Paul 89 197 Koga, Peter 89 197 Koga, Richard 88 191 Koga, Suzanne 87 172 Konen, Steve 89 197 Korte, Martiza 214 Korver, Tiffany 87 172 Koss, Ryan 90 209 Kotzambasis, Olga 88 189 Kotzambosis, Chrys 89 197, 51 Koury, Omar 88 189 Kramber, Kevin 90 209 Krammes, Michael 89 197 Kranz, Kerry 89 197 Kratina, Jinni 89 197 Krauss, Tammy 87 173, 129 Kredich, Nicole 90 134, 209 Kriss, Lidel 89 197 Kriss, Lisa 87 173 Krohn, Randy 88 189 Krolik, John 89 197 Krumwiede, Marcia 90 209 Krzyzanowski, Mike 89 197 Kudijaroff, Tiffany 89 197 Kunze, John 88 189 Kurki, Teija 87 173 Kus, Bryan 88 189 Kuykendall, Kerry 88 39, 131, 189 Kwong, Michelle 89 197 Kwong, Penel 82 La Faye, Richard 87 184 LaBlue, Robb 87 99, 173 Lacavoli, Peter 89 198 Lachman, Tina 87 173 Laguna, Steven 88 189, 35 Lain, Jennifer 88 144, 189 Laky, Michael 90 206 Lamb, Pat 89 197 Lambotte, Lori 90 206 Lancaster, Coleen 88 189 Lancaster, William 89 197 Land, Kelli 87 156, 173, 17 Landon, Jimmy 88 189 Lane, Erin 89 197 Lane, Meichelle 89 134, 197 Lang, Leslie 90 129. 140, 206 Langdoc, Becky 87 173 Langeheine, Susan 89 197 Langenheim, Billy 90 206 Lansky, David 89 197 Larkin, Cheryl 87 129, 173 Larriva, Regina 88 189 Larson, Kristine 88 189, 144 Larson, Randy 88 189 Larson, Steven 89 197 Larson, Tiffany 87 76, 156, 159. 184, 77, 78 Larson, Wendy 89 197 Lassen, Tracy 90 206 Latham, Christine 87 173, 19 Lauren, Aldine 87 173 Lavin, Aaron 90 128, 206 Law, Heather 90 159, 206 Lawrence, Amy 89 197 Lawrence, Mike 87 3, 173 Lawson, Daniel 88 189 Lawson, Leeona 90 206 Lay, Robert 89 197 Layne, April 88 189 Layne, Mike 87 173 Layton, Matthew 89 198 Leader, Tom 89 138, 198 Leckie, James 90 206 Leckie, Scott 88 189 Lee, Donna 88 51, 63, 129, 189 Lee, Stacey 88 189 Leech, Scott 89 198 Lemke, Kathy 90 145, 206, 63 Lenox, William 88 189 Leon, Dalin 90 206 Lerew, Vickie 89 198 Lerman, John 89 198 Leshikar, Shelly 88 189 Levengood, Jon 88 189 Levitin, Todd 89 198 Lewallen, Heath 90 17, 206 Lewis, Amy 88 42, 189 Lewis, Misty 89 198 Lewis, Sheri 88 189 Leyvas, Carlos 88 189 Licavoli, Michelle 87 173 Lichtenstein, Reid 88 189 Liddle, Kellie 88 189 Light, Charles 89 198 Light, Kimberley 89 198 Limon, Lucy 90 129, 206 Lincoln, Kevin 88 189 Link, Monica 89 198 Lippman, Jamie 89 198, 134 Lippman, Mara 88 189 Lippman, Michael 87 173 Liss, Joseph 88 189 Little, Chris 90 206 Lobiondo, Amanda 90 206 Lockhart, Sean 90 206 Lockhart, Vince 89 198 Loeffelho lz, Terri 87 82, 173 Logenbaugh, Brain 89 1S8, 88 Logue, April 88 189 Lohman, nick 89 198 Lomonaci, Jenny 90 206 Longenbaugh, Brian 138 Longsdorf, Monic3 87 173, 9 Looper, David 89 198 Lopes, Patricia 90 206 Lopes, Valedia 83 Lopez, Aaron 89 138, 198 Lopez, Carlos 88 189 Lopez, Kim 78 Lopez, Kimberly 90 206 Lopez, Roxanna 90 206 Lopez, Tina 89 198 Lopez, Traisee 87 184 Lopscomb, Michael 89 198 Lorance, Lori 87 82, 184 Lorenzen, Wendy 88 189 Love, Mark 88 189 Lowden, Craig 90 206 Lowe, Marion 87 76. 78, 173 Lowery. Michael 88 189 Lowey, Karim 90 206 Lu. David 88 189 Lu, Lisa 90 92, 93, 145, 206 Lucas. Dale 88 189 Ludwig, Denise 88 189 Luebke, Athena 90 206 Luebke. Roger 89 198 Luhman, Leigh 89 198 Lui, John 90 2iy, Lujan. Charles 90 206 Luna. Keith H ' j 186 l.undy, Paula 88 189 Ly. Minh 90 206 Lybeck, Steven 89 198 Lyle, William 87 173 Lynch. Carey 90 206 Lynch. Debbie 87 173 Lynch. Tate 90 206 Lyon, Naomi 88 83, 189 Lytken, Hailee 90 206 Lyunch. Kristta 88 189. 88 M Macafee. Lisa 89 88. 198 Macaroy. Lee 133 MacQregor. Evette 87 82. 184 Macias. Alvina 88 189 Macivlla, Jody 144 Mack. Troy 88 83. 189 Macklin. Adam 90 128. 206 Macklin, Andy 76. 77. 78 Macklin. Roger 87 174 Macleod, Shana 88 144. 189 Madrid, Matthew 87 184 Maestas. Kathleen 90 206. 75 Mafemi(Gray), Lavera 87 174 Magoch. John 128 Magoch. Jon 90 206 Maguire, Heather 89 198 Mahan, Chris 10 Mahan. Christopher 88 189 Mahan, Pam 88 189 Maher, Clay 88 189 Mai, Hieu 90 206 Mai. Huong 88 189 Makkai. Elisabeth 88 189 Makkai. Susan 89 26. 198. 144. 145 Malain, John 220 Malik. Tom 90 206 Malone. Ronnie 89 198 Malott, Kelly 88 189 Mancini. Nikki 89 198 Mandelberg, Edward 87 184 Manning, Janeal 89 129. 198 Manning, Jason 90 128. 206 Manning, Melissa 90 129. 206. 145 Mannlein. Ed 87 174 Mannlein, Jefferv 90 206 Manriquez Christina 88 189 Mansker. Heather 8 174 Manzano, Jorge 89 198 Manzono, Jose 88 189 Mare. Mike 153 Marimello, Rocco 90 206 Mariscal, Juan 88 189 Mariscal, Lisandra 90 206 Marks. Cindy 88 190 Marshall. Jennifer 88 190. 63. 129 Marshall, Lori 89 198 Marshall, Sharpe 214 Martin, Dave 90 206 Martin, David 88 190 Martin. Megan 89 198 Martin, Michele 89 198 Martinez. Andrea 90 206 Martinez, Jeff 83 190 Martinez, Jose 88 190 Martinez. Kelly 88 190 Martinez, Monica 90 206 Martinez, Naomi 88 190 Martinez, Rodrigo 83 190 Mason. Chriscine 8 76. 7, 78. 174 Mason. Oret chen 89 76. 19S Massey Jererm 83 190 Mathews, Lvnnette 90 206 Maxfield, Mara 90 206 Maxson, Stephen 87 174 Maxwell, Martin 88 136, 190 May, David 88 190 Mayercek, Sean 87 174, 48 Maynard, Marcia 90 207 Mayo, Denetta 83, 144 Mazza, Gene 90 207 Mc Brayer, Nickie 89 198 Mc Bride, Qretchen 89 198 Mc Bride, Jennifer 89 198 Mc Cormik, Laurie 89 198 Mc Coy, Michael 89 198 Mc Donald, Todd 89 198 Mc Oehee, Diana 89 198 Mc Qregor, Corrina 89 198 Mc Laren, Deanna 89 198 Mc Laughlin, Pattie 89 198 Mcarter, Richark 89 198 McBride, Tony 90 207 McClung, Danny 90 207 McCoy, Shawna 87 174 McDole, Andy 77 McDole, Lenny 18, 19, 76, 98 McDole, Richard 88 190 McDonald, Colleen 87 75, 88, 174 McFall, Deanna 90 207 McQetrick, Qene 90 207 McQibbon, Heather 88 144, 190 McQiriff, Malia 90 207 McQovery, Gavin 88 190 McGraw, Eric 87 174 McGraw, Graig 88 190 McGriff, Malia 78, 76 Mcilroy, Lee 89 198 Mclnnis, Richard 88 190 Mclntire, Brian 90 207 Mclntire, Kellie 88 190 Mclntire, Kerrie 88 190 Mclntire, Sheri 88 190 Mclntyre, Kary 90 207 McKee, Ronald 90 207 McLain, Cheryl 90 198, 207 McLaughin, Todd 90 207 McLaughlin, Kelli 88 190 McLaughlin, Ken 128 McLaughlin, Shawna 87 174 McLearran, Wendi 87 174, 158, 29, 112 McMillen, Gary 90 207 Mcrleil, Tara 88 190 McRae, Mary 88 129, 190 Mead, Melissa 90 207 Meade, John 88 190 Medina, Adolfo 82 Medina, Teresa 88 190 Medina, Terri 82 Medoff, Jennifer 87 175 Meeks. Stuart 89 198 Mehrhoff, Gavin 89 198 Melin, Nicole 88 190 Melin, Rebecca 90 134, 207 Mellor, Gabe 89 198 Mellum, Bill 88 190 Melson, Scott 90 207 Mendivill, Martin 88 190 Mendivill, Omar 90 207 Mendivill, Sonia 90 207 Mendoza, John 99 Mendoza, Johnny 87 175 Mendoza, Roxanna 90 207 Mendoza, Tina 89 198 Meneses, Anne 88 190, 82 Menises, Frank 90 207 Mercer, Dave 136, 137 Mercer, Tracy 88 190 Merriam, Shaun 35 Mersiowsky, Andrew 87 175 Messer, Dennis 87 175 Metz, James 88 190 Metz, Tiffany 87 76, 77, 78, 175 Meyer, John 87 175 Meyer, Sharon 87 175 Meyers. Bridget 89 198, 139 Meyers, Jennifer 88 190, 134 Meza, Frances 89 198 Meza, Irene 89 198 Mick, Carla 89 198 Micka, Phillip 89 198 Mickolajak, Natalie 89 198 Mike 139 Mikell, Tamara 90 207 Miller, Brian 90 207 Miller, Danny 90 207 Miller, John 87 82, 175 Miller, Mary 214 Miller, Matthew 89 198 Miller, Michelle 87 175 Miller, Russel 88 190 Miller, Scott 88 190 Miller, Stacie 90 207 Miller, Stephanie 87 175 Miller, Steve 87 34, 43, 175 Mills, Lara 90 207 Milne, Lauren 87 175 Miner, Stephanie 90 207 Minnear, Jeffrey 87 175 Minnear, Jennifer 89 198 Miranda, Evelyna 90 207 Mireles, Regina 90 207 Misaghi, Mark 88 136, 190 Mitchell, Aaron 90 207 Mitchell, Jessica 89 198 Mitchell, Melissa 88 190 Mitchell, Michael 89 198 Miximo, Santiago 90 207 Moates, Molly 89 198 Modi, Amy 87 175 Moidenhaur, Paul 89 198 Moldenhayer, Chad 88 190 Molina, Mike 90 207 Monfort, Jason 88 190 Montano, Joe 90 207 Montenegro, Albert 89 198 Montgomery, Andrew 90 207 Montgomery, David 88 190 Montgomery, Sarah 87 175 Montheim, Gertrude 87 175 Moore, Scott 90 207 Morales, Amie 89 198 Moreno, Maria 89 198 Moreno, Sylvia 87 175 Morgan, Michael 89 198 Morgan, Mike 138 Morgan, Tricia 89 198 Morishita, Corey 144, 214 Morrill, Jefferson 88 190, 139 Morse, Jeff 2, 142, 143 Moses, Tarek 88 190 Mosher, Betty 145 Mouser, Katherine 90 207 Mouser, Robert 88 190 Moussa, Lana 89 42, 198 Moya, Alex 87 175 Mueller, Don 89 198 Mullady, Suzanne 89 198 Mullet, Nathan 89 198 Munroe, Mary Jean 21 Murphey, Patty 90 207 Murphey, Peter 88 190 Murphy, Todd 89 198 Murphyu, Kelly 89 198 Murrin, Elda 215 Musson, Karen 87 82, 175 Muzall, Kelly 41 Muzrall, Tamara 88 190 Myers, Dan 89 198 Myers, Rusty 90 207 Mygrant, Michael 87 175 Nafarrate, Martin 87 176 Nagle, James 87 176 Nagore, Shane 89 198 Hash, Polly 89 198 Nathanson, Missy 90 207 Navarrete. Sonia 88 134, 190 Mealy, Moniquye 89 198 Neasham. Dean 87 77, 176 neasham, Troy 78 riedoma. Mike 88 190 rieifert. Sherrill 89 199 neighbours, Inger 89 199 Nelder, Mase 90 207, 78, 128 nelson, Alisa 88 38, 190 nelson, Daniel 88 190, 136 nelson, Erick 4 nelson, Faulette 89 199 nelson, Hans 87 165, 176 nelson, Tammy 87 176 neubauer, Heather 87 176, 156 newell, Billy 89 199 Mewman, Amy 87 176 Newman, Andy 87 3, 29, 43, 140, 176 nguyen, Anhtuan 90 207 nguyen, Hieu 90 207 nguyen, Trong 90 207 nichols, Emily 87 101, 176 nichols, Jeff 88 190 nido, Raul 21 noble, Tricia 87 176 noon. Marc 88 190 nordstorm, Eddie 88 190 nordstrom, Branden 89 199 norris, Bill 43, 136 norrise, Morris 89 199 northcraft, Sheri 88 190 nowell, Lance 89 199 nunamaker, Jill 88 190 nunez, Danette 88 101, 190 o O Brian, Aaron 88 190 O ' Connor, Gean Marie 90 207 O ' neal, Emily 89 199 O ' neal, Joseph 89 199 O ' Neal, William 87 176, 83 O ' Shannessy, Kelly 87 176 Oakstor, Oin 89 199 Oberholtzer, Jodi 90 145, 207 Ochoa, Frank 89 199 Ochoa, Monica 90 207 Ochoa, Robbie 89 199 Odell, Rob 139 Odell, Robert 88 190 Oisen, Melanie 89 199 Olivarria, Luis 88 190 Olivieri, Stephanie 87 176, 159 Olsenn, Michelle 89 199 Olson, Chad 87 29 Olson, Ken 87 176 Olson, Troy 88 190 Ong, Donna 87 176 Ore ' Giron, Omar 89 199, 128 Ortagus, Cindy 87 176 Ortez, Laura 90 207 Ortiz, Luis 88 190 Ortloff, Matt 89 199 Ostapuk, Ben 89 199 Osterhout, Matt 88 190 Otera, Mark 89 199, 201 Otis, Lisa 87 176 Owen, John 88 190 Owens, Anthony 88 190 Ozuna, Liliana 90 207 P Pace, Mitziel 89 199 Pacholski, Trisha 87 176 Paddock, Penny 214 Padilla, Michael 89 199 Padilla, Paula 88 82, 190 Padilla, Rosa 90 207 Page, Brent 90 207 Page, Daniel 90 207 Page, Vonda 83 Pagel, Ben 90 207 Pahona, Edith 90 207 Paine, Jennifer 158 Palmer, Kirsten 87 176 Palus, Cecilia 90 207 Panchoco, Danny 90 207 Pano, Michelle 90 209 Papas , Coy 90 207 Parker, Channin 88 190 Parker, Fred 89 199 Parker, Karrel 90 207 Parker, neva 87 82, 176 Parker, Robin 82 Parker, Stacie 88 190 Parker, Terry 88 190 Parks, Nathan 89 199 Parks, Richard 90 207 Parsons, David 87 128, 177 Parsons, Ronnie 89 88, 128, 199 Patel, Bhavesh 87 177 Patel, Rajul 90 207 Patino, Suzanne 88 190, 30 Patterson, Elizabeth 90 207 Patterson, Michele 87 177 Patterson, Shelly 82 Patton, Bill 88 190 Patzman, Gwynne 87 4, 177, 3, 41 Paul, Gerald 89 199 Paulin, Tori 89 199 Paulin, Trent 87 177 Peabody, Eric 89 93, 199, 201 Pearman, Shawan 90 207, 80 Pearmans, Shawna 129 Pearson, Alex 90 207 Pearson, Jennifer 89 158, 199 Pearson, Sarah 88 190 Pearson, Todd 89 199 Pease, John 89 199 Peck, Joanna 87 177, 3, 24 Peck, Windy 90 207 Pemble, Hollie 87 177 Pena, Delcia 88 54, 190 Pena, Denise 88 190 Pendergrass, Chong 87 177 Penena, Alma 88 191 Penttinen, Kathleen 89 199 Penuela, Jorge 88 190 Peregrina, Clarisa 88 190 Perez, Diane 89 26, 199 Perez, Lenard 90 207 Perez, Paul 88 190 Perez, Thomas 88 190 Perry, Bambi 90 207 Perry, Tony 90 207 Pessosma, Heather 90 207 Peters, Mindy 89 199 Peterson, Anthony 83 Peterson, Melissa 89 199 Peterson, Sonja 88 190 Peterson, Victoria 88 190 Petito, Christine 89 100, 101, 199 Peto, Michelle 88 190 Pfeifer, Janine 88 190 Pfund, Danny 89 199 Phelps, Shelby 90 76, 78, 207 Piata, Anna 90 207 Picarello, Troy 87 177 Piccone, Mike 21 Pickart, Robin 87 177 Pickett, Leona 90 207 Piek, Lisa 88 191 Pierce, Victor 89 199 Pierotti, Tony 90 207, 128 Piersol, Lisa 88 191 Pikner, Michelle 90 207 Pineda, Andrea 90 207 Pingry, Michelle 87 177 Pingry, Preston 90 207 Pirtie, Betsy 82 Pirtle, Elizabeth 87 177 Planting, Noelle 89 199, 156 Plauche, D.J. 90 207 Plucker, Andrew 89 199 Plucker, Frank 88 191 Polfus, Jon 90 207 Ponce, Cynthia 88 191 Ponce, Stephanie 89 199 Pones, Stephen 87 177 Pones, Steve 83 Pongrantz, Steve 51 Pongratz, Edmound 87 177 Pongratz, Joe 88 125, 191 Pongratz, Kriszy 87 177 Pongratz, Stephen 89 199, 38, 128 Porter, Rebecca 87 177 Portis, Corey 87 177 Portis, Tim 88 191 Potter, Anthony 88 191 Potter, Travis 89 199 Potts, Paul 87 60, 61, 177 Powers, John 87 177 Powers, Paul 89 199 Powley, Chris 88 191 Preciado, Edmund 90 207 Price, Aerious 90 207 Price, Angie 88 191 Price, David 89 199 Price, Lynette 90 27, 51, 129, 150, 207, 145 Price, Michelle 87 177 Price, Troy 89 199 Price, Zoe 89 199 Pries, Debra 87 178 Pries, Michael 89 199, 88 Prince, Ralph 89 199 Pruett, Russell 89 199 Puckett, Missi 82 Pugga, Christopher 89 199 Puig, Ostar 83 Pulido, Josefina 89 199 Purett, Valerie 87 178 Pyeatt, Christy 87 178 Pyle, Melisa 87 178 Pyle, Michel 87 178 CL Quails, Wendy 89 199 Quan, Leon 90 209 Quick, Fred 90 209 Quick, Melissa 88 191 Quihuls, Charles 89 199 Quiroz, Trisha 89 199 D Rackliffe, Mary 89 199 Rahn, Trudy 88 191 Ramalho, Beth 88 191 Ramirez, Jessica 90 207 Ramsey, Ellen 215 Ramsey, Justin 90 209 Ramsey, Madeline 87 150, 178 Randall, Celeste 90 209 Randall, Victoria 87 178 Rangel, Gail 90 209 Rangel, Tricia 90 209 Rankin, Kyle 89 199 Rankin, Tracy 88 38, 159, 191 Ratliff, Chris 88 191 Ratliff, Karen 89 191, 19 9 Raubenolt, Vanessa 87 134, 178 Rawlings, Jennifer 90 199, 209 Rawlings, Robin 87 109, 178 Rayer, Tonya 88 Read, Kari 90 209 Read, Paul 90 209 Read, Tamara 88 63, 191 Reagan, Heather 88 24, 140, 191 Recely, Morgan 87 178 Recker, Richard 89 199 Reed, Noelle 88 191 Reed, Suzanne 76 Reichart, Suzanne 88 144, 191 Reimer, Maggie 76 Reimer, Margaret 89 199 Reindl, Mesa 89 199 Reinhard, Chris 90 209 Remas, Monice 88 191 Reno, Steve 185 Rentfro, Brenda 87 61, 178 Rentschlerr, Amy 89 199 Revells, Todd 88 191 Reyens, Regina 88 191 Reyes, Aaron 88 48, 191 Reynolds, Melissa 90 145, 209 Rflug, Alexander 88 191 Rhonehouse, Carrie 87 178 Rhudy, Rhonda 87 178 Rice, Kellie 88 191 Rich, Steve 89 199 Richardson, Paige 88 191 Richardson, Steven 89 199 Ricker, Hon 83 Rico, Mellissa 89 199 Rider, Tracy 89 199 Ridley, Hegan 90 209 Rieber, Bruce 87 178 Riehl, Danny 89 199 Riggs, Bran 88 83, 191 Riley, Patricia 90 209 Rineer, Bill 87 178 Rinkevich, Margaret 88 144, 191 Rippa, Matt 89 199 Risch, Aley 90 209 Rivenbark, Jim 90 209 Roaaido, Christina 89 200 Roach, Jenine 88 191 Robb, Barry 87 82, 178 Robbins, Anne 88 82, 191 Robbins, Chris 89 199 Roberts, David 89 199 Roberts, Trisha 88 191 Robertson, Amy 90 209 Robertson, Jeff 88 191 Robins, Elisga 89 199 Robinson, Christopher 89 199 Robinson, Jeff 136 Robinson, Regina 90 209 Robison, Eric 88 191 Robison, Scott 87 178 Robles, Joseph 89 199 Robles, Manny 35 Roddier, Mireille 88 191 Rodriguez, Mike 192 Rodriguez, Richard 83 Rodrigus, Mike 138 Rodriquez, Able 89 199 Rodriquez, Michael 88 191 Rodriquez, Mike 89 199 Roehling, Markus 90 209 Rogers, Jeffery 89 199 Rogers, Joy 87 178 Rogers, Julie 87 178 Rogoff, Jeff 89 132, 199 Rojei, Jesus 89 199, 26 Rome, David 89 124, 125, 199 Romero, Jimmy 87 178 Romero, Larry 88 191 Ronley, Mark 89 200 Ronstadt, Matt 89 200 Rosaldo, Tina 158 Rose, Dathy 88 191 Rosenberg, Mike 87 179 Rosenberger, James 89 200 Rosenzweig, Mike 89 200 Rosina, Qina 134 Rospond, Becki 92, 93 Rossini, Qina 90 209 Rosunberg, Mike 82 Roth, Bobbie 215 Rover, Tonya 89 200 Rowe, Jamie 88 191 Rowe, Jennifer 90 209 Royer, Tanya 11 Rries, Mike 89 Rudisill, Chad 87 130, 179 Rudzitis, Heidi 87 179 Ruiz, Chris 83 Ruiz, Kamelia 89 200 Ruiz, Michael 89 200 Ruiz, Rene 89 200 Rurno, Ralph 90 205 Rush, Beverly 89 200 Rusnak, Jason 89 200 Ruyle, Paul 88 191 Ryba, Kim 88 191 Sabal, Mercedes 89 200 Sadansky, Matt 89 200 Sadlier, Stephanie 90 209 Sahn, Karen 87 179 Sahn, Stacey 88 191 Sa lamone, Donald 89 200 Salasz, Salein 89 200 Salazar, Raymona 88 191 Salazer, Manny 90 209 Saldanando, Dianne 90 209, 129 Samuelson, Christine 87 179 Sanchez, Jacolyn 89 200 Sanchez, Jocelyn 78 Sanchez, Richard 89 200 Sanchez, Robert 88 191 Sanchez, Sandra 90 209 Sanchez, Tina 88 191 Sandefor, Sean 89 200 Sanders, riathan 89 200 Santa Cruz, Carmen 87 179 Santa Cruz, Claudia 87 179 Santa Cruz, Diana 82 Santillan, Elizabeth 88 63, 191 Santillan, Sandra 88 82, 191 Santillan, Sergio 89 200 Santora, Larry 89 200 Sarando, David 87 179 Sarando, Francesca 89 200 Sargeant, Tina 43 Saunders, Jerry 90 209 Saunders, Karen 87 144, 179 Saver, Julie 89 200 Schaeffer, Emily 89 200 Schafel, Mike 83 Schaffner, Judith 87 179, 159 Schafle, Michael 87 179 Scherb, Kim 89 200 Schlimme, Ben 87 179 Schmidt, David 87 179 Schneider, Beth 90 209 Schneider, Brian 90 209 Schocket, Luanne 87 179 Schorzman, Frank 88 191 Schottel, Carl 87 179 Schrage, Lillian 87 179 Schrage, Maria 88 191, 82 Schroder, Steven 89 200 Schroeder, Heather 88 191 Schuh, Micheal 88 191 Schultz, Andy 88 136, 191 Schwarting, Elizebeth 90 209 Scoffstall, Stephen 90 209 Scott, Amanda 89 129, 144, 200 Scott, Donna 87 179 Scott, Doug 214 Scott, George 89 138, 200 Scott, Julie 89 144, 200 Scott, Randy 88 191 Scott, Robin 90 209 Scott, Timothy 89 202 Scully, Jason 88 191 Seagie, Mark 88 191 Seagle, Sharon 76, 78 Sebastyn, Sharol 87 179 Sebols, Toni 83 Sedlacek, Troy 89 200 Sedrick, Eric 89 200 Sedrick, Tanya 90 78, 209 Seefiem, Stepnanie 88 191, 76, 77, 78, 144 Seekatz, Russell 88 191 Seguin, Coirine 83 Segurson, Doc 3 Sehhat, Mitra 89 200 Seibel, Kathy 83 Seltzer, Scott 88 191 Semple. Mike 89 200 Senkarik. Scott 138 Senkerik, Jay 138 Senkevik, Jay 89 200 Serrano, Edith 88 191 Sesma, Maria 89 200 Settle, Chad 88 191 Settlemire. Knstina 159 Severn, Brain 90 209 Sexton, Ron 88 191 Shade, Mark 87 179 Shade, Marty 39 200 Shaffer, Dawn 89 200 Sharrah, Ruth 89 200 Shea, Kevin 89 200 Sheafe, Courtney 87, 3. 28, 29, 31. 33, 43, 61, 156, 159. 179 Shelley, Laura 34, 93 Shelley. Loralyn 87 180 Shelton, Bob 90 209 Shelton. Jennifer 87 180 Shepherd, Lorie 89 200 Shilling, Brenda 88 134, 191 Shimniok, Michael 37 180 Shoemaker. Sean 88 191, 5 Shorrock, Ric 92, 93. 215 Shytell, Tami 83 Sibert, Daniel 88 191 Sieben, Lance 88 191 Silberschlage, Ursula 89 200 Silvers, Julie 89 200 Simmons, Bil 89 200. 26 Simonson. Dan 89 54. 93. 200 Simpson, Don 214 Sinclair, Max 88 3. 24. 191 Singer, Debra 87 180 Singleton. Terri 87 83. 180 Sirianni, Mark 89 200 Sisneros. David 87 83. 180 Sison, Erick 88 31, 191 Sithiger, Dan 90 209 Skelton. Lisa 87 180 Slaney, Randy 89 200 Slater, Particia 88 191 Slatzer, Elisabeth 88 191, 30 Slaughter, Lisa 89 30. 51, 134. 144. 200, 206 Sloane, Ari 88 191 Smelser, Chad 89 128. 200 Smith, Angela 90 78. 209 Smith, Brenda 89 200 Smith, Buffv 129 Smith, Eric ' 89 200 Smith, Frank 87 180 Smith, Greg 90 209 Smith, Janeen 87 180 Smith, Mark 90 209 Smith, Michelle 89 200 Smith, Mike 138 Smith, Nicole 87 180 Smith, Priscilla 87 180. 82 Smith, Russel 87 180 Smith, Sandra 88 191 Smith, Shane 89 200 Smith, Shannon 88 132, 191 Smith, Stac 89 200 Smith, Vem " 90 209 Smmi, Joshua 89 200 Smolic, Linda 89 200 Smurphat. Christine 90 209 Snell. Dan 87 180 Snell. Melissa 90 209 Sobel, Alan 87 180 Sobin, Isabelle 87 180 Sobonya, John 88 191 Soccer. Boy s 128 Soccer, Girls 129 Sokal. Rod 89 200 Solodkv, Carrie 90 209 Somers. Jason 89 200 Sortore, John 88 191 Sotoma or Melissa 90 145. 209 134 Sowecke. Julie 87 180 Soza. Anthon 87 180 Spangler. Lara 88 191 Sparks, Rebecca 88 191 Speer, Kim 88 191 Speer, Stephen 90 209 Spence, Catherine 90 209 Spencer, Monica 87 180 Spontak, Bobby 88 192 Sporleder, Shari 89 200 Sporles, Travis 89 200 Sprague, William 90 209 Sproles, Travis 26 Stacey, Jay 89 200 Stalker, Lisa 88 192 Stallings, Linda 89 63, 200 Stanton, Noel 90 209 Stanton, Russel 88 192 Staunton, William 87 180, 15 Steagall, Kimberly 88 192 Steeber, Jim 89 200 Steeley, Cathy 88 82, 192 Steeley, Sharon 88 192 Steely, Cathy 78 Steenson, Lisa 87 181 Steffens, Carolyn 8 7 180 Steffens. Susanna 87 181 Stein, Kelly 87 181 Stepens, Monique 89 200 Stern, Danielle 90 206, 209 Sternfield, Sumedna 90 209 Stems, Stephanie 88 192 Stevens, Jean 215 Stien, Bobby 89 200 Stimac, Dan 88 192 Stinger, Melonie 90 209 Stith, Kalyn 89 200 Stober, Daniela 89 200 Stoddard, Stephen 90 200, 209 Stoval, Steve 54 Strasburg, Kristyn 88 192 Street, Teresa 90 209 Stringer, Melonie 144 Strosberg, Michelle 90 209 Strunk, Kyle 90 209 Stubbiefield, Debbie 89 200, 129, 150 Sturgill, Gerald 89 200 Stuts, Rebecca 87 181 Suddath, Mendy 87 181 Sultan, Tim 89 149, 200 Sutton, Christina 87 181 Swann, Steve 136 Swanson, Kenneth 87 181 Swenson, Melanie 90 209 Swery, Corey 88 192 Swiff, Aaron 88 192 Swift, Ryan 80 Sykes, Yvette 87 181 Symons, Kim 87 82, 159, 185 Szakal, Steve 89 200 Tabb, Sonia 90 209 Taber, Laura 89 200 Tafoya, An drew 87 181, 78, 98 Taiano, Lisa 89 200 Tallman, Autumn 87 181, 43 Tallman, Eve 48, 215 Tamsen, Tim 89 78, 200 Tanner, Shannon 89 200 Tarkington, Brando 89 200 Tatom, Bonnie 87 181 Taylor, Andy 89 200 Taylor, Kevin 89 200 Tedesco, Kristie 89 201 Teichart, Suzanne 8 Tellez, Mike 89 201 Temple, Casey 90 209 Terry, Deborah 87 181 Tevis, Valerie 90 209 Thai, Tung 87 182 Thibodeaux Regan 89 201 Thomas. Cindy 156, 159 Thomas Jennifer 89 201 Thomas, Mike 90 209 Thompson, Amonia 89 201, 150 Thompson, Angela 88 192, 76, 77, 78 Thompson, Dan 88 128, 192 Thompson, David 82 Thompson, Douglas 88 192 Thompson, Shanna 90 209 Thomson, Shelly 90 209, 159 Thornhill, Tabitha 87 182 Thornton, Matthew 88 192 Thorpe, Eddie 87 182 Thrash, David 89 201 Thrash, Diane(Christy) 87 182 Thrash, Trish 83 Tijoriwala, Ameet 88 192 Timberlake, Denise 89 192, 201 Timothy, Gary 88 192 Tindell, Tara 87 182 Tin-ell, Monica 88 192 Toben, Lisa 87 182 Todd, John 88 192 Todd, Monica 89 38, 158, 201 Tofel, Andy 89 201 Tofel, Brad 90 209 Tofel, James 87 182 Tofel, Lynn 88 159, 192 Tomlin, Jasons 90 209 Tompkins, Eric 89 201 Torabi, Shadi 90 209 Torres, norma 89 201 Toth, Daniel 90 209 Townsend, Tori 89 201 Townson, Wyne 90 209 Tracy, Kimberly 88 192 Tramontane Cara 89 129, 201 Tran, Chau 89 201 Tran, Phuc 90 209 Tran, Qusn 89 201 Tran, Tien 90 209 Tran, Tuyet 89 201 Travis, Douglas 87 182 Trejio, Barbra 88 192 Troung, Cuong 90 209, 128 Troung, Nghi 88 192 Trujillo, Rebecca 89 201 Trump, Jennifer 88 82, 192 Truong, Tulue 87 182 Tumarkin, Paul 87 182 Tunks, Deanna 88 192 Turington, Steve 89 198 Turlington, John 89 201 Turner, Scott 89 201 Turton, Randall 90 209 Turungton, John 88 192 Twarg, Joe 89 201 Tweedy, Bob 142, 143 Tylka, Mike 89 201 Tyranny, Andy 18 Tyson, Tony 89 201 Underwood, Mark 90 209 Urbina, Carlos 89 201 Vironet, Scott 88 193 Vogler, Jeff 88 193 Voight, Jacqueline 87 182 Voigt Ostapuk, M. 89 201 Vonah, Debora 89 201 Vonier, Andy 87 41, 48, 85, 182 Vonier, Peter 88 41, 193, 51 w V Vaight, Warren 88 193 Valadez, Willie 87 182 Valdez, Trina 87 182 Valent, Dayla 89 201 Valentine, Kurt 89 201 Van Camp, Loraine 87 182 Van Vuren, Sarah 88 193, 76 Vanderkoik, Tim 89 201 Vanpelt, Derek 88 193, 139 Vasquez. Corrine 87 182 Vassalio, Angelo 88 193 Vaugan, Richard 89 201 Velasquez, Daniel 89 201 Vergara, Christine 88 193 Versteeg, Holly 89 201 Wachs, Dane 88 192 Wachsman, Todd 89 77, 192, 201 Wadley, Eric 87 182 Wadlow, Jef 89 201 Wadlow, Linda 88 192, 4 Wagner, Stacey 89 201 Wahcsman, Todd 76 Wainwright, Stephanie 88 192 Walder, Tracy 89 201 Wales, David 89 201 Wales, Tuesday 87 182 Walker, Todd 89 201 Walker, Tom 88 192 Walters, Janit 89 26, 201 Wamsly, Kyle 122 Warfield, Matthew 88 192 Wark, John 89 201 Warner, David 192 Warner, Echo 88 192 Warner, Jill 89 201 Warren, Denice 89 63, 201 Warren, Hollie 89 201 Warrick, Micheal 88 192 Waterfall, Ted 214 Waterfall, Trent 42 Waterloo, Mick 89 201 Waters, Andrew 88 192 Watson, Stevie 88 192, 201 Watters, George 87 182 Watters, Teri 77, 17, 76, 78 Waverly, Martin 87 182, 82 Wayte, Hal 214 Weadock, Renee 87 183 Weasham, Dean 11 Weaver, Misti 88 192 Webb, Vemon 88 192 Weber, Ben 89 201 Webster, Craig 83 Wehausen, Richard 88 138, 192 Weinberg, Michelle 88 192 Weissman, Melinda 87 183 Weist, Jonny 128 Wells, Kitzi 89 201 Welson, Duane 89 201 Wenzel, Stephanie 87 76, 183 Werner, David 88 138, 192 West. Brent 87 183 West, David 88 192 Westmoreland, William 87 183 Weyhausen, Jayme 144 Wharton, Andrea 89 144, 201 Wharton, Audray 89 201, 144 Wharton, Lisa 87 183 Whipp, Tina 87 183 Whitaker, Lia 88 192 White, Heidi 88 31, 192 White, Roberta 87 185 White, Sheena 88 192 White, Shelia 87 183 White, Stephanie 87 183 Wickham, Chris 88 192 Wiebe, Cindy 89 201 Wiechert, Jim 87 183 Wiens, Gorden 88 192 Wiest, Jon 89 201 Wik, Lia 88 134, 192 Wiles, Brannon 87 17, 77, 78, 98 128, 183 Wilford, Lora 89 158, 202 Wilkenson, Troy 87 183, 142 Williams, Adam 89 202 Williams, Charidy 78 Williams, Derek 88 192 Williams, Jeannette 87 183 Williams, Sarah 140 Willis, Josh 89 202 Wilson, Brian 88 193 Wilson, Dean 88 17, 193 Wilson, Grant 89 202 Wilson, Jennifer 87 183 Wilson, Jon 88 128, 193 Wilson, Leeann 88 129, 144, 193 Windows, Eric 87 183 Winn, Debbie 78 Winters, Christie 83 Witner, Richard 88 193 Witt, Staci 89 144, 202, 145 Witter, John 88 76, 78, 193 Wittway, Anissa 87 28, 183, 24 Woelfle, Ben 89 202 Wolf, Dennis 87 183, 82 Wolfer, Kris 89 51, 202 Wolfson, Andrew 89 202, 93 Wonder, Chuck 88 193 Woodard, Tashall 88 193 Woodmansee, Diana 87 183 Woodmansee, Lori 88 193 Woodrow, Staci 145 Woolston, Keri 87 183 Workman, Rachel 88 41, 43, 193 Worth, Davis 87 185 Wright, Angela 88 193 Wright, Angelique 88 193 Wright, Charles 89 202 Wrinkler, Chuck 138 Wurst, Mr. 94 Wyatt, Jennifer 88 193, 83 Wyatte, Jennifer 83 Wymmer, Mike 88 193 Yacks, Jeff 89 202 Yacks, John 89 202 Yahn, Heidi 87 183 Yahn, Jennifer 88 38, 55, 156, 193 Yamanaka, Alisa 88 193 Yarbrough, L. 89 202 Yates, Karen 88 193 Yetman, Suzannah 87 184 Yi, Ok 89 25, 51, 202 Yi, Sang 27 Young, Virgil 87 184 Yunker, Heidi 88 193 Zahn, Scott 88 25, 193 Zimmer, Jennifer 89 129, 202 Zimmerman, Jennifer 88 193 Zimski, Katherine 89 202 Zokhrouf, Said 89 202 Zozaya, Joe 88 193 s s s Si SI SI St St St Sti Sti Stt Str Stu 1 Stu Stu Sue Sull Sutt Swa Swa Swe Swei Swifl Swift Syke Syrru Szak. Tabb. Taber Tafoy; Taian( Tallm; Tallm£ Tamse Tannei Tarkinc Tatom, Taylor, Taylor, Tedeso Teichar Tellez, i Temple Terry, D Tevis, V Thai, Tu Thibode Thomas Thomas, P-i 5. ? n yn i i: J fS T. )f c T aA ' - k c s 9 ( -W " foru.ya - kit SuXeh! J hc?e ao H ha,:e a ffa( Grcaf Siunnrntr Uccu % € (.jo a ir e. x rc il Grid- le d ;., fceffergto-vj suK.e erds i ««p i -h i[ - K o V. " N X is 1 u I £ $ I J{ • « C c V w . i. I sp ' v Krv life 1 9 h f - IF r T " Tonyo - rtUX q ( rc oJc 1 » a mrncr. ii m ■

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