Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ)

 - Class of 1984

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Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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S Qi .vp Sq LA Ociwx- ' rg" XS' Q x Q c X Q -3:1 X 09 3 J? Q23 ii Sf fry kg,fwQ S N E XU x . , 2Af+S5Nfg gEQ4, X NS, G X . 'vu ' 1 V 1' Www? Q ik? 01? Xggfswgf W QJVOJV ffy gfqz '-pw CVD U-if 035537 cu who 'dEDXx,i7 ll 3 J,-15 x 91542 1 N S D ,4- Wwe xr X4 x W W gy! Q!-X Q? Q' fb Byifpjififf 5' fgwffffxflv W K' wi W fffyy E17 AS'-fo JK Q X rw? F fx 'LX J,! K 1 ff? f K N Q a WVU ff' R J ff 2 fW ,D yf ,405 JK qi F , kk ff! iQ P60 X! A NK f ,WJ f x,ffY IX X X XV X K ' A x. - -so Q SA 3' Y' if X Q QB " Q if N1 E ' y N Q X2 Y' fi -Q x Q l MS. E 'iv K 0 0 X ' Q A fix s ? 'E' P0 5 QYXNNAR' V' LVL,- X M , 'af ix f Q ' X, f F G- if 1 ' V ' X YN 4 f f -SJ X L ' .CKY fx f X' f ' - . Q igvvf -' If XX - 5 U fl Nr VAN 56 T A , D- N 'J QP 'J' JY yi K1 1 'X A Q fi +5 1 V ,Q ,- , 7 E I f 10, H- .f -' A x 55294 V my Nd .gcmWQWqKJ ' x F ' X ' , 4 . S 1 J , Ty jjiff! ,fx C ' ffx . 1 3 ., m X3 yi! x 1,5 C? 'nv KJ 3 , - X ' x N .Uv AAA? L, If Elko? A ' , f' 5, . Air. 3 QE 51? Q A O: Q if KN- ,K XTTL, Jw ffm f3ww ymq m M2 f 1- ,VE f-M T7Wi4nX? 5 , if By I 1fwwgQ2? faR Lf Q5 yy5Q.?:D' in! A ggxkj 'Y Cf? K, . A rn f X-If fr 'ANA --: 771 O IW xfgxx ,. ..,. M 1 'O Z ' , 1. "V "' fix? I kk 2"fiXN,A ff X ,X I ig E ef f 'lv K R' ' Lf 7 nbias W W ww ?QwQgNoff my V f .. Q 'Ag x ' K ff K fXf w any -I 2 , -x-I , 4 5 -Q . 1 I XXX X X ff ax f QA ffH+ffi 2 OMQ x N . , V ,SP O 'X Xe 41+ K f - , ' A .lA' . A '- if I 16 L K L ,I VV fm QV , ,Q ' ff gg fxxf' , b Gi W 4f f gw Q7 Off My V z, V . , M W ff I X X K ' fy ' xx , KJ ff 'X yi I J Vg -- 'X ' guy H, ,f mf ng' 5 Yi jx f A-' ' L- N 0 Y ,X if K , , N C-X f Q A ,X w n- S81 fx 9 X X v X f 6 Kali X G' wf 0 E 2 A 'x Q 'ffx ,aff ' F7 f' A ! n fy N - - Q I ,,,, .A , D D W , V fu W . ji- A ,J Q 42 CW V . JN, ,fu KS h QJYL ' 'J 7 Q EA' X 'J FY' ff N 'rd QU WN fy - M .., M4 X j PX Q F j XX X ,X XI RL? :Qi Z K V, Q Xvyf 'Q' fix 4 an f-XM "-U X, -W X nf' , ' 's f V X '-i...f' X SK ' Q W ij "mf Y A sg 5 O32 P "ac, ' AGM! A' '59 Mfvfn 74,5 Ove Ld 0 yevxof Q ' ' ' 33493 Cliff 'fffffff 70 we Wy ff 5-5262 C7 Z" 3' ffwwfb M911 fivdcqj fo70fQ 05 Ldgjf 4 C' k-9 GQ! V40T5'j9L4.fQ9LOj+-Ydfgajx ,U.,e,.L ugly VAC gl Sq 59 D!'jv'7'fWdo oe ,4 if Uffwpafz ww 70 we 0 l CM! , Nd CL'O,.'xSE3 6. X -ylurfffvl ZW? ' 2 MV! 567: '7 'i ' 6- il? L -' I+ lfgqy "Eg ZR? 90 V A J x ' ' 4 wwggsjjjmbg Wwfofgfiwj -W W XD O, N , x 1,574 DVEXYZUO W J iv. , W fv My VOA NU ap ,G 5- Am gffj 34+ X NW A5 , PP fly CN ,crm ,Miz Mp-B X' qw VV ,3m,9nCf"cw+ 5 bwmmglrx - .' r05x,C jbx J , 0 , V XG peg I I, muff! Tj 'x 57xWe'f1 L 7159 MQ! I 3 x D My gd Q f.f,4,Q,1 Wigf, fl? K , 0,1 XJ .HJ BD, . Q D A1 X My -My X J LOv'CfJ X nk A K Lfisli Wwwvffy 9 MQPQJ A ' x 5 OL J My V X WUI U faiyf 520 f X, U1 M5 , U' , YV? ffffffwl 1, Wd if NP W U f ,ff W wvb' 0550 QJ NEW jf' iff! W 1' H-if Q W if M ' WV J if M, 5 M ,Jpd ga 3 E33 W? My . W U id 'wr 5" ,f Z . , ff lsewvm ' W! 'fall f.5QH4,w, ' W X, 0 MMO 55,4 -' Q Jf93??ggif':3kk,aLU 7M nw! . P4 MQ? Z QP' V I l 7 WV K' HL! fffwbgd AW' X, f H? W QBWC sX L GSX X' fi 5 Wwxyy 0 QA so XX 65 i2iQ1'Mk My by P 'x Ixxxfffwi know n .K ' '5wA?5x,B K5 work! ' KN QQENWQ 1 X q' - is? 053 fg igvkfoifmygx Q ' MACK'-L56 ww-5. Y 7 EIDE , Q Qw:iiLM.QQah 5 32? 3 fb QQWZPWW I Af' g 5 W EX V X fi JH AMPHITHEATHER HIGH TUCSON, ARIZONA PANTHER TRAILS 1984 SE ron lg! I CLASS OF 1984 5? l 3 - 11" 'dl X I CLASSES PG 9 ACTIVITIES PG 89 WQRLD NEWS PG los CLUBS PG III FACU LTY PG I 9 CONTENTS PG l4I 7 I P 1 N G , D 2 E x 0 fi-" 1 l I Y I f 4 , is ,fm 'WX W a 1 .4 'div fbi- . D . I Txa 'vu fy ' f .. i, . -1-.lx 1, fi '-f,Z'f-.lax N Q , sf' SENIOR SENATORS: TOP L: Barry Moehring. TOP R: Seyma HaIKaIi 4Foreign Exchange Student. BOTTOM L: .lill Goldfarb, BOTTOM M: Cheryl Greene, BOTTOM R: Corrine Thomas, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TOP: Brian Domino Pres. LEFT: Lisa Price V. Pres. RIGHT: Jenny Wiese Sec!Tres. E f 4 2 E 2 2 I BRIAN BIERNAT KV WW t 50' 'f ,Q ,A ,A . 3 2' ' f Q ii! ,.. :fs ...W r I Uv 0 O 0 o 0 'PPM-9"' ,,.,.W,.. aw-' fi, lr- K , LK , 'Mrk' V Q2 f '11:7 'WWW v ,Q 1 4 Q, ,ff u X M f F ' z ? I A ,, v 8 QI' Q- fa w " B 0 r N y I mf im ,ta P ff , m ,nf 'lv' -v W 1' -. f5", -1 in ,qi - 'gs' Jflf V SX - - W, ,,f x Jr. 32 My .2 fy 'QU c . X. l ,m ww' f I 1 1 '- , 'vga HEX K ,,., '-3 Y, 4. , 'Wh mg. A ,. ' x K hx K V W-.1 x Q F . T9 fs- Ly.:-c++.: to M, .vy ,-. . in J I , X Xi,-N.. -SX N- .+- .qi 'Va x ,xy-f. N X WW , ,. -J-yr,-f X T" ' ,Z LQ K- XX- ---.f-- ,xx X M ,M ffl!! E . Hi l' --sf M: W Q81 .- Q 1 X V y. f -mn xg J, ' ,aff FM rw' vsf EF 4 ' li? , ""i"'1, ,U ' ,. if fl' , J. vw ll!! fr . r... X 'fx' 6 j ' 'O qi, , v if ef Q ,Quin .X , an , 'H ' H Y"' , W 'N W f fs 'K' W mf-' y . ' M P' x 7 3 - Q 1 ,ffl . 1- fag .V ' x , 11'-,M A W I 'm fig" -fm , 4..- if 'Q PSP l . I v 'Q mn W! 'UN 4147 '?f5,,,3,, MARGIE HERD REY HERRERA MATT HERVEY JAVIER HEYER 1 I L. DELLA HICKS JON HICKS DONNA HILL ROBERT HILL DON HILLIARD TODD HIXON PHILLIP HOLMES JADE HOWARD 6- - f' 'L-I . --tx ,,..,-. KRIS HOWELL DIANE HUGHES MICHAEL INGRAM LANETTE IOANE f-L1 C Q Ny Xw x ...X W' L, 4 -up :fig :NX-3 ,X X, ,, X. A , r A' 6 1 X X, ffwmigxdgi An wi- 1 'W. 'X15:-25M A ,Q -:mi ,Il 'X 5X 0 X n 1 M" Xx 9 'F w'J"'hF1f- I: .Jag W I ' 1 1- -,H-,fv A -1 1. . f 'Ffa f-ui, XM Qwfwk ww' in Q ' W 'x VIR ' '3 if 'Q' 'many X! 'Win ii. X. , ,- ,- Q wg ffff fm' ii' 1 .,,,. 'V 9 1 f I . if Hn ni , if , X'?lr In ga- ,. A -VA X4JeH5n3':1fvX,,,?m X 1 1' , ' ,"!fg??v1'. 'ff f w nn. ,,.,',,,W I ' F X H 4:3 f ' ' :W- X A x 4 r n ' .maui uv X X v an ,,q'l'V'l'Q'9'O 0.1.0 I I' M I1 X . ,l:'Q'n.f'-.o'vMo.f 'A 6 X'X'-".-,w.'.'.'.'.-.- vp fag . ,... .S , ,i ',l-'MW' 'fu X N: 'X n 14.v,',l"' - ' 1 ,, X 01' w .00 .,, ww- f J is 6 1-19. if + 4-4 'Qs XX, v--M V., , FW, 4 ' , . X x I Ex , , ,-sfxi' v 5 A W I n --a . .. . ff , W if if-f 30 4 Q li M J I n 4 , a JON PECK It .ix X , , V 3 1 ,- . J ' , A LIBBY PETRS MQJSBAX .. 1 ., V , , I' fa- N.. JJ 1 J' ERIKA POLLO-CK K I I 7 L 1 ' mwx jx T v I 6, A I X? N I 1 7 SHANNON PRUETT I 1 JOHN PERRY VINCE PETERS KURT PETERSON JON PIERCE AMBER PINNELL CAM POLLARD H -1- 'W . - '-,, '11 N . 'YA . " PQQQX-r I 'A 1 ", ANDY PONGRATZ MICHELE POPPIN LISA PRICE DON QUEST LAURA RAMIREZ LYDIA RAMIREZ w f I 2 ,Q 'uw gd RW M gl! 'flfv 4 MM 'ffl r t fn' '51 XX ul 9 X Q QQ 'QI 1 4 1 J 'H' 'U X WW" f, I 4 I 4 I fgjb Q' l, , L A 54 'A , K '33 nwl. ? I. lc, In' M yn Xi r 4,3 7 W .. 'sz W 'n vi K, 5 . 'L Hr iw H-15 4- WW 'Inv -...I it , if 2.5 1 Y ir rt M ww, , . A a f W' H . r' ,. H' IF gf' I n WA, "UN wa' ,Q s.. ' 1 Q' uf" ki M-ff! ., KK A 1 mf W ,ZW 'Wm-'www 1 p x .if -N , kk X X, , "lr, ,Wm . 1 J Y L v, vuibx Q ...Aw . N. F 35155. ,T -. , 1 .9r. A'-rar . , X, .'l.v', -ga ,J 'fix K , LORI WILSON ROB WISNER STEVE WOOD WES WORMAN Qi w ' I Z 'jf' ff' " ...ID Av 1 SCOTT WORRELL KIM YARBROUGH CHANG YI ERIC YOUNG X x X KEVIN YOUNG RALPH YOUNG DEBBIE ZOZAYA PAUL ZUCKERNICK .1 sz , if STEVE ABRAMS ROBERT AMUNDSON JOHN ARRIAGA JANET BAUMAN YY- L. A - if ,Sky b , uw 1' an 5' 'law x gi 9 li ff? if 1 Aft f z.,-:ff ff' Tyr . FH ,, I my ' f I My 'X ff-,X N A W. W A3 Z-'W' 'Wm 4' I Fi? . wi' . ff Hip ' ARTER THIS PAGE FOR AUTOGRAPHS COMPLIMENTS OF AHA XWQQQEGSQEWWNAE X! M33 X A Qdsxwwflbvvff WNNAWQW QA 0.6 Lip My W m,w5fQg,M 145 of fy AQWM wwwliuflwp gif ,Rig WU wMy'r PWM by O, YWWAM '3f3iffXLM95AVwi?x 'gy fffgfffwf if www QW Dyk A gvlffl-K 33 X Q2gLCm,VM?Y7jffJx 0 Q A Iv ,E O'5C45ffQeffzf51+ gg Q if 1559555 5? ig r my gfggqyjdiv 5 'U wwf X995 S556 U ,fx W0 7yo2,36 O O Ev X 9 r O75 QQYUSXQKS KD gf 'DQNWA AA ,Q dx rf vJ9O95X?4iQi ogg N? Q 5 A F Floyd H. Gardner Photography 0 7 C6021 297-8289 S NIOR SPOTLIGHT w Q X. 5 , V .IQ MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ERIC MOORE AND JILL GOLDFARB BEST PERSONALITY HENRY GRAY AND LIZA NORTON BEST DRESSED DON PARKS AND EVA GANN BEST MUSICIANS KEVIN BLACK AND JANET BAUMAN i f No 4' ,, ' Photo , I-I Available BIGGEST PESTS JEFF CALEY AND HELEN VLASTARIS ' A W1 ,rf QS? Y' wk -, j A., . ,X , Wig' wil we "8 ,vi av BIGGEST CLOWNS JACQUE PAN-KITA AND KATIE ESTES MOST ATHLETIC BEST SMILES Romeo and Juliet Joe Omen Debbie Lamarre Biggest Brown Nosers Eric Moore Margie Carreon Best Body Delbert Ballesteros Jenny Montgomery Longest Hair Brian Domino Sandy Valdez Prettiest Hair Dave Clark Erica Pollack Biggest Gossips Dave Harden Katie Estes Best Vocalists Carl Nelson Lisa Price Shapllest Legs Jacques Pan Kita Peggy Thorn Biggest Fllrts Cam Pollard Shelly McCombs Best Dancers Shawn Tinsley Corrine Thomas Best Actor!Actress Eric Marks Karen Walker Dlrtiest Minds- Rick Saul, Katie Estes Brainiest: Eric Moore, Jenni Wiese Sexiest: Robert Amundson, Michelle Audet Shortest: Joe Omen, Jodi Omen Tallest: Mike Lynch, Whitney Scott Biggest Muscles: John Eichman, Rachel Sadowsky Most Spirited: Joe Omen, Lisa Price Most Artistic: Paul Berg, Steffanie Tirrell Biggest Air-Heads: Jacque Pan-Kita, Erica Pollack Biggest B.S.ers: Rick Saul, Katie Estes Best Loved Teachers: Mr. Simpson, Mrs. Harris Prettiest Eyes: Doug Haynes, Jacque Brown Preppiest Preppy: Tad Jewell, Leslie Newman Biggest Punks: Dave Harden, Carey Mason CLARENCE AIKENS AND CHERYL GREENE KURT PETERSON AND NICOLE GRIEEITH Highest High Rollers: Dave Harden, Eva Gann iff' '1 K X Q ff .E vyx 9 N. 2 ,,4f'x-is-,.,i, vi. S- fy A 5? I 33 Q X Ygii ,gfffg 'Q wa M - H601 5 aw 't 154, E 5 4? if Q 5 1 Z 'kgmf ., .f""' . Q K K" M 'W f we r i. 1 I I I k HGMECGMING RQYALTY "84" Tad Jewell And Michelle Audet Q 32 JN i,N'5 X Y My Cf .-Q 5 5 52 5310 ff ,O 53' Q QZFSDQS if y -My ' gisfwsjvdgf t Og ' 5422 f EU Oisi Q 61, M 9' 4 fx AN. E' ,Qi ,gy J72l?j AW , my 1 U5 Qimfraafggzif 4375- U J 0 a"'.1Tif:'s3a'Q'T4L.f.'L2 , sfcmes. s.R. Anna QGJQ' . Catjas Vice P? 5 ff? Q38 ' 2395 J' A X1 L 40 JUNIOR SENATORS TOPL GI J b Torn many: s LAplm 1. R 5 p' ABSHEAR. CHRISTINE ADAMS, BRYAN ADAMS. PHILLIP AGNIHOTRI. PAVIKA ALCANTAR, ANITA ALCANTAR, ROSI ALDRICH. KIM ALLEN, ERIC ALPERT, LESLIE AMOS. DANIELLE ANDERSON. ERIN APODACA. LORENCITA ARANDA, LUCINDA ARBOGAST. SHARI ARMENDARIZ, MARIA BAYLES, SARA BENAVIDEZ, DENISE BENTACU. CHRIS BENZI, DEANA BERG, BETSY BERLIN, TONY BIERNAT, BLAINE BINDER. PETER BOUDREAU, JAMES BINDER, ROLF BLACK. APRIL BLAKENEY. TRACIE BOLING. KIM BOMMERSBACH, CHARLES BORLICK, MATTHEW BOWSER, LEAH BOUDREAU, JAMES BOVRE, LISE BOYNTON. SHARON BRAULT, GIZELLA BREWER. CONNIE BROAD. ANDREA BROWN. JEFFREY BROWN. KENNY SSS . B2 5 24 TS? S.,, ' ,,,,,,.. " Q EJ A-.1 ami bd V533 'T gf 1 I ..,..-.r Jeff Bristol and Glenn Jacobson, 2 good reasons why the drinking age should be raised to II , f - x'NQf 2 . L-ff WEL! Frank Sinatra he's not. but Jacque Pan-kita lets us know how to do the Lobster. L ,.,:E 3 . ei-+ :21E rx N S 1 -L eif, -1 I E X S9 lfsiib 'nl' 1 K.-nf" I . X . Q, an E: I -' ww ., .., .V . . 1 f ' x ,Q . I rf.-f rr, , A , .. Q o -3f"'f- " , BORBOA. VERONICA BROWN, SUSAN BROWNING. KARRIE BUI, KIM BULLEY, WENDY BURKE, ANNE BURNS. GENEEN BUSCHE, TREVOR BACH. ERIC BAKER, FRANK BALLESTEROS. DOREEN BANKS. SANDRA BARKER. SHERIL BARNHART, TODD BARRETT. JEFF BARROW, TERESA BARTMAN. TOM CALLAHAN. ROBERT CAPANEAR, DONALD CARILLO, TONY CARVER. NITA CASTILLO. DANIEL CASTILLO. LISA CATAPANO. KYLE CAUDILL. ANGELA CAVOULAS, ANNA CLARIDGE, MARIE CLARK. JULIANNA CLIFTON, STEPHEN COATE, STANLEY COATS, DONNA COE, CLINT COHN, ROBERT COLLINS, BERNADINE COLTER. SHIRLYNN CONEITA, FRED COOK, ALLEN CORBETT, JOSEPH CORBETT, DIANE CORTES, STEPHANIE COTTRELL. ANN COUVRETTE, NORMAN COWAN. PATRICK COX. DEVON COZINE, ANDREW CRAWFORD, CHRISTY CROCETTI. CHRIS CROMWELL. JACK CROOK. ERIN CRLIM, SUSAN CUMMINGS, LELAND CUMMINGS. SAMANTHA D'ONOFRIO. LISA DANKS. SEAN DANTZLER. KURT DAY, DAVID DAY. GAYLE DEBOLT. DECKER. DECKER. DECKER. DEEMER DEHART, KIM BUFFON DYLAN ROBERT DAVID MICHELLE DELGADO, DEBRA DIAZ, RAUL DIAZ, RUDOLFO DIFFENDERFER, JOHN DIMITRI, CLAUDINE DINGER. RAY DOBBIN. GAVIN DOMINGUEZ, JOHN DONEGAN, MICHELLE DOTTS, JEFFREY DOWDLE. ERIC DOWLING, STEVEN DREDGE, CATHLEEN DULL, JEFFREY DUNCAN. CHRISTINA DYE. SCOTT EIGEN, BRANDE ELERS. CARL ELWELL, MICHELLE ENOS. GERTRLIDE ESTES, LYNNETTE EVANS, KAROL EVES, JAMES EYLER, MICHELLE FARMER, JOHN FARMER, TINA FARRAR, MEREDITH FARRIS. ROBERT W 5 ",' 7 xl I 1 . W In U i f Early morning students checking out junior float. I n I inunpnumv HL. an IY5. w . 1' 4 .A K, aff' A FELLOWS, LORI FENG. GRACE FIGUEROS, ROBERT FLOYD, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, AUSTIN FRANZEN, LISA FROST. JODI FUERST, ERIC FULLER. LORAE FULLERTON, DONALD FUSCO, DIANE GADDIS, WILLIAM GADOW. GREGG GAGLIANO. JOAN GAMON. ANN GARCIA, LUIS GARCIA, RHONDA GARRETT, JOHN GASHO. DAVID GASTELUN. RICHARD GEE, ANGELA GERSZEWSKI, LINDA GILLETTE. NANCY GLOVER, SEAN GODBOLD, NICHOLAS GOMEZ, BLANCA GOMES. JOHN GOMES, MIKE GONZALES, JOHN GORE. ELLEN GRAFFEO. PAUL GRANILLO, DIANA GRAY, GEORGE GREEN, CINDY GREVE, GEVR GROVE, JON GUENTHER, KAREN GUERRERO. MANUEL GUTBUB, STEVE HAMLET, PAUL HAMM, RICHARD HANEY, ANGELA Anatomy sun. students share some fun in the HARD. JENNIFER HARDKE, JAY HARMAN, JILL HARRIS. CINDY HARRIS. SUSAN HATCHER. RON HAUCK, MARC HEACOX, CATHY HEACOX, JENNIFER HEATHMAN, DAVID HERNANDEZ. DANIEL HERNANDEZ, DAVID HESSE, ERIC HETZEL, BECKY HIGGASON, SAMANTHA HILL. DON HILL, RICHARD HOAGLUND, JENNIFER HOLCOMB, TERRI HOLLAND, CLIFF HOPPER, TOM HOSELTON, BERT HOSELTON, BETH HOWE. MIKE HLIDDLESTON, JOHNNY HUGHES, THOMAS HUNT. HARRY HUTCHINSON, HEATHER JACKSON, MELISSA JACKSON, MICHELLE JACOBI, LINDA JACOBSON. GLENN JACOBSON. RICHARD JECK. RACHAEL JENSEN, KAREN JEWELL, KELLEY JOHNSON. LARS JOHNSON, TEAL JOHNSON, JEANNA JONES. CHARLES JONES, JEFFERY JUAREZ, PAUL KANTNER, MICHEAL KESSLER. TRACEY KELLEY, PAMULA KENT, ANDY KHAMVISETH, SAMMALY KING, ANDREA KIRK, KATHLYN KITTLE, THOMAS KLOOS, GREG KNOPF. ALBERT KOERNER, MIKE KOTZAMBASIS. SNADRA KRAMMERS, TRACEY KRAMPLES. LORRAINE KRAUSS. TONY KRELIS, MICHEAL KUZYK, CHRISTINA KYGER. DEL LAFONTAIN. DANIELLE LANCASTER, TONY LANG, LISA LANDRUM, KIM LANGEHEINE, BRIAN LARKIN, TIM LASALLE, JOHN LEADER, BETSY LEE, JIM LEIBER, LESLIE LEO, SHAWN LINCOLN. KENNETH LUDWIG, CYTHIA LUKSO, SCOTT MADERE. DANIELLE MADURE, RICARDO MAESTAS. LAWRENCE MAHEUX. GUY MALY, LISA MANCINI. MONIQUE MARE, JEANNETTE MARKHAM, ANTHONY MARSHALL. RAVEN MARSIO, LISA MARTIN, DEBRA MARTIN. JOHN MARTIN, MICHELLE MARTINEZ, KATHERINE MARTINEZ. MARIE MARTINEZ. MARIE MASON, ROSS MASSEY. FRANK MATHER. DEBORAH MATTHEWS, JOEL MATTHEWS, JOSH MAXWELL. BROOKS MAYO, APRIL MCDONALD. DIANA MCILLECE. PATRICK MCKENNA. BRIAN MCKITTRICK, ALYSSA MCNABB, ROBERT MCQUAIG, ELIZABETH MCQUEEN. GEOEEREY MCWHIRTER. RICHARD MEADE, JODIE MEENTS, MARY MEHAN, BOB MEHL, LORI MENDEZ. GARY MENDIVIL, ARACELY MENDIVIL, LETICIA M. MENDOZA. MICHAEL MEYERK, DEBRA MICHEL. KRISTIN MIDYETT. ANNETTE MILLER. JENNIFER MILLER, TREVIS MILLS. CAROL MILLSAP. ROBERT MILNE. TRAVIS MOMAN, JAY MORENO, PATRICIA MOSLEY. TRACY MOTZ. TAMMY MURRELL, HEATHER NEILL. SHANNON NELDER, KELVIN NELSON, ELIZABETH NIEMEYER. MATTHEW NORTHCRAFT, SANDI ODELL, RONALD OEHME, KEITH OTIS. LAURA PALECEK. AMY PARROTT, STAN PATTERSON, VENUS PATZMAN. ANNA PAUL. STEVEN PAYNE, SERI PERATHANER, MARCIE I Y IX xs srx ilig 3 .x -. Y Q 'A X. 1 'Q I I uv up s M ' Qufingp' fsmmsx Il uns- Q -.. ...Q Sz' A If .Wi sf- . .J 54, 195 M 1 -1 'Jas-Q -- 2, ' - Q C sy Y ,X - - ,ff . ,654 , ,X- . '--5-if--+ "Did you say you wanted scrambled eggs?" asks Leah Bowser. 1. A Sis .4- 1 , PEREZ. MARK PESOUERIA. ROBERTA PEDERSON. JULIE PETITO. ANTHONY PINNELL. HOLLY PLANTZ. STEPHANIE PLIMPTON. PAUL POLITO, NICK PONES, FRANK POTTS, PAUL PRECIADO. STEVEN RADAKOVICH, KIM RANSON, PAM RENTFRO, RALPH RENTSCHLER, LYNETTE REYNOLDS. KELLY RILEY. COLLEEN RIVARD, DOUGLAS RHONEHOUSE. ERIC ROBB. DEBORAH RODRIGUEZ, KRIS ROLLINS, TIM ROME, LISA ROMERO. MICHELE ROMERO, TAMMI ROSALES. CARLOS RUCH, BECKY SALDAMANDO, DAVID SANTILLAN. GABRIELA SANTILLAN. RODRIGO SAUBER. JOHN SAUNDER. KAREN SCHAEFER, MARGARET SCHILL, WAYNE SCHOOLY. JENNIFER SCHORZMAN. ROBERT SELLS, DEBBIE SERRANO. LUPIE SHADE, CHRIS SHEEHAN, MICHEAL SHEPPERD. TYLER SHINDLER. BUFEI SHIVA, LISA SHOOTS, KEVIN SILVAIN. DOMINIC SIRIANNI, PETER SISON. BUFFY SLAVIN. SUSAN SMITH. ANDREW SMITH, KELLY SMITH. KYLE SMITH, MARYETTA SMITH. STACEY SMITH. WILLIAM SMITHLINE, ADAM SNIDER, DAVID SOMERHOLTER. KIM SONDOVAL. LYDIA STANDISH. PAM STALKER, LAURA STARK. KRISTINE STEVENS, ALLEN STEVENSON, TROY STEINER. SCOTT STEWART, KYLE ST. JOHN, MIKE STUPP. TODD STURDEVANT. LEA SUDDATH. RON SULLIVAN. DAN SWEENEY. BRANDIE SYVERTSEN, CATHY TABER. DON TARBILL. CAROL TAYLOR-GAMEZ, CHERYL TEEL. ERIC TELLA, CAROL TELESCO, SONIA TEMPE, LISA THOMPSON. WENDY THOMSON, JOHN THURSTON. KENNETH Def-Leppard fans Bob Jovalusky and Susan Schafle dlsplaymg their concert T-shirts ff ,if32"2z'Q2s ,LA If '1 ,ml tu-4,1 J 4 A . 5 ' I x Ni. 1 JJ g- .y J X f .!, II , if 2.3! ...., as 1 Mike Wilkenson and Gary Bock showing us their creations from sno-cones. S W Q C' 'inn-.4 . ' fi -'T'-'el' , ' I ,,.. ..m, Q x TIES! E +4-Hfi Xi T. TIDABACK. JULIE TIFFT, AMY TUNKS. HEATHER UDOVICH. LYNN UMPHERESS. CHRIS URBINA. MARIA URQUIDES. HECTOR VALENCIA, MARTI VAN CAMP, SHARON VAN DER ARK. CURT VAN HOORIK, KIM VAN KOEVERING. BRENT VAN NOSTRAND. VIRGINA VANPHILA, SAKHONE VOELZOW. JAY WAMSLEY, KIRK WARD. BETH WELLS. CARL WERNER, ERIK WHEELER, KIM WHITE, CARL WHITE, SCOTT WILLIAMS, ANDREA WILLIAMS, LORI WILSON. JON WITTWAY. VANESSA WOELFLE. MARIA WOOD, JAMES WOOD, KIM WOODALL. CONNIE WORTMAN, RICHARD WRIGHT. JEFF WYRYBKOWSKI. SHERI-LYN YI, OK YOUNG, DOUG YUNKER, ANNE ZAHA, ERIC ZAPPEROLI, AMELIA f"'X QR A Jay Moman and April Black iitterbug for Junior Class fm CREAM A ' ' -.12"""' ' IKill'lI'fU3,I:H1HWEi355 ' A8 here DELICIOUS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 84 LEADER AUTO SALES THRCCP Fl0Rl5T 2 E PRINCE RD CA Hemi 6lO W PRINCE RD ssv sooo W Si f 54 N SOPHOMORES SENATORS1 TOP L1 Roxanne Nelson, TOP R. Jon Volpe. BOTTOM L: Teresa Juarez BOTTOM R: Christy Planting. li. Sm eww xl M 3 ff o Mfg, Www Wizfiw SOPHOMORES OFFICERS. TOP: Keith Maroquin, Pres. RIGHT: Tori Barbee. V. Pres. LEFT. Terri Pongratz. Sec! Tres. ya ADAMS, DARRYL ALCANTAR. ANITA ALVAREZ, ANTHONY AMBROSE. ROBERT AMS, DEBORAH AMUNDSON, STEVE ANAYA. ADRIANA ANDERSON, RAY ANDREWS, CHARLES ANDREWS. STEPHANIE ANGELL, THERESA APODACA, NATE ARMENDARIZ. NORMA BAILEY, KARI BARAN, DAWN BARBEE, TORI BACON. STEVE BALTAZAR, CHRISTINA BAUMGARDNER, LEE BEISER. STEPHANIE BENTLEY, ABRA BERRY. PHILLIP BERTSCH. ZOE BINDER. TANJA BLACK. BRIAN BLAND. ABRAM BOHM, DAVID BORBOA, FRED BOSSE, PAUL BOTTS. GINA BOWLES, SHONNA BOYD, CHAD BOYER. DAVID 'I CO PMID HLA UNDUPI T, 4, , If ,4 Margie Carreon and Michelle Audel showing their outer plaid -, -'ge ne N ' 'fliimiif ' 4 , 24 1' A ' ff?'f7Mf?M ,, , ,, ,,,,,, 2 1 ,V , I I , A I 1 iifvffi JW' ef .2 fig ,ff 4 ,L , ,El ' n "V B .. A .4 WQSSKXY - W w ff' if 3? 1 L! XE -J' 3 M J ,, E, M Am Aloha- Kerry Stevenson, Cindy Malone, Jennifer Meyer. Annissa Wittway. My- slery Guest, Kelly Jewell. Teresa Juarez. .AQ 2 W N I M , Q , I ,E M , ,JQ - ,, a.., 1 ui ,M J bn A g., Lf'-g. N X f","l L A I za If 5111, BRADY, GRISELDA BRANNON. ERIC BRANNON, KENNETH BRASHER, TY BRAY. ROSA BRECHLER. DELBERT BRECKON, RENEE BRITTAIN. WESLEY BROCCOLETTI, SANDRA BROWN. DENISE BROWN. KAREN BROWN. RICHARD BROWN, RHONDA BROWN. SUSAN BROWNE, SCOTT BUCHROEDER. BETSI BUFFINGTON, SCOTT BURROLA, RICHARD BURSENSKI, JAMIE BUTLER, JOSEPH BUTLER, MARIE CALDWELL, STEVEN CALEY, JAMES CAMP. TOM CAMPBELL, ROBYN CARDELLA. MARISA CARPER. LISA CARREON. THERESA CHAPMAN, STACEY CHASTAIN. KIM CLAY. COLETTE COBB. DENNIS COBB, THEREASA COCHRAN. KEITH COHEN, RACHEL COLLINS. COLTER. KENNETH JUNIOR CORBETT, JOSEPH CORBETT, LEAH CORDIER . DENNIS CORNELL, MARGIE CORONA. CHRISTINA CORONA, MARY CORTES, VICTOR COTE, KAROL CRANE. TODD CRAWFORD. LORI CRUTSINGER. WENDY CULLEN. SEAN CULWELL, TINA DAILEY. JOHN DANLEY. LAURA DAVIS. TERRI DAY, KAREN DEAN, KELLY DECOSMO, PATRICK DEEMER. MICHAEL DEFOOR, LORA DELEAN, ROBERT DELFORGE. JULIE DERENBURGER, RICK DETTLOFF, KRISTIN DEVOY. DANNY DO. LAN DOEPNER. JANET DOLAN, KIM DOMINGUEZ, MARIA DOMINO. MARISA DOUGLAS, ANDREW DRAKE. DAVID DRAKE, WILLIAM EDWARDS, TINA ELLIOTT, ERIC ELLIOTT. MICHELE ERICKSON, RAOUL EVES. ELIZABETH FEIERSTEIN, STEVEN FENDERSON, SUSIE FERNANDEZ. TAMARA FIMBRES. PATRICK FINLEY, TROY FIORUCCI. LISA FISHER, TROY FLUELLEN, BURI FOGLETANCE. DEBBY FORD, CHARLOTTE FOSTER. JOBETH FRANCISCO. YVONNE FRAZER. MICHAEL FRIEDLI. TED FRIEZE. HEATHER FROST, THERESA FUELL, RONALD GADOW, ANDREA GALLAGHER, PAT GALLEGAS, MARIO GAMBOA, ABEL GARAY. CHRIS GARCIA. RALPH GARCIA. ROBIN GAREY, JACK GARREN. MICHELLE GASPARI, MONICA GEHRKE. JAMES GEORGE. DWALA GIFFORD. THOMAS GIAMMONA. MIA GILL, KIRK GILLETTE, JIM GLAESSER, ERIC GLENE. JILL GLISCH, KEVIN GOMEZ, YOLANDA GOODMAN. THERESA GOSSMAN, KENNY GOTHARD, TAMMY GRABER, GREG GRAEME, PAUL GRANT. GERALD GRAY, DANIEL GREENWOOD, TANZA GREGORY. TRACI GROCH, JASON GUILD. CRAIG GUTIERREZ, RICHARD GWIN, CHERYL HALE, CHARISE HAMILTON, KRISTA HAMMEL. STEVEN HANNUM, JACK HARBORT, GINA HARRIS, JULIE HARRIS, LEWIS HARRISON. CATHY HART, BRAD HAWK. RENEE HAYES, AMANDA HAYES, PAJA HAYNES. ANTHONY HAYNES, SCOTT HERMAN, TRACI HERO, TIM HERSHBERGER, DAWNE HERZOG, PAUL HILL. DASHELLE HILL. VICKI HILLMAN. NEATIE HOLGUIN, ROSALEE HOOD. THOMAS HOPPER, TERI HOYT, TERRI HUBBARD, RAYMOND HUNNICUT. ROB HUNT. VICKI HUST, GENA IHRKE, JAMES IPSEN. RUSSELL ISAACMAN, SOREN JACOBI. SOLANO JOCOBSEN. CRISTEN JAMES. MICHAEL JAMES. MICHELLE JANETTA. LIZ JARVEN. LINDA JEMES, DEBBIE JENKINS. JULIE JOHNS, GINA JOHNSON, CORINNA JOHNSON, MATTHEW JOHNSON, TINA JOHNSTON, MARK JOHNSTONE, KRIS JONES. CINDI JORGENSEN, JAYDINE JUAREZ, THERESA JUHAN, STEVE KANTER. MARK KANYUR. ROBERT KAPLAN, MAURA KAYHART, DANNY KERWIN, MIKE KILPATRICK, TAMMY 6134+ fcvwfe QA 71 DOM ff .171 Q6 yOJM,,,Q' 'yQf+' S01-C7060 62'-F A scaly Pat Shalvay smiles for the camera. ,J J'- - 1- , 5 . a . . 'Us ':: JT, izrav ff - ,. sv ?,g , A ' -9 C w -' -P. I -l, Sf . I ... I: 1 1ew . FI5,'II ,. .,. V - s-:GN Q .J J, E. Q , TAI, 'FNS is X C -6- I ' 1 I I ,. 2 . . muff"-E2 if 42 PM px 9 rx M, ,.,L .M :I , , L, 2 'Z El E ' ' w . .,, . . 1 f -va ., gg, . W 'T' 2' A, 4 Cindy Burch and Tiffany Larson are Baby Soft. 2. i?2.L W A lx 1' I x KIMBLE. SEAN 1 KINDRED. ann Kunz, MARGIE KIVEL. MARGARET KNIGHT. DONNA KNIGHT. JASON KNOLLMILLER, KELLEEN KOURY. AIDA KRAMER. JANIE KRAMPEL. IRENE KRISS. LAURA KUNEMAN. CYNTHIA LACHMAN. TINA LAMB. ELIZABETH LASWELL. JOANNA LAUER. STACY LEE, MELVIN LEMKE, DOUGLAS LEONARD. CHERIE LEWIS. LIBBY. LIGHT. LILIEN. LOEW. LARRY MARY LISA CORY MICHAEL LONEY. CHRIS LONG. LONG. LOPEZ. LOPEZ. LOVE. GEORGE MARK BOB MARK SCOTT LUANGRATH, PHOUKHONG MALONE, CINNAMON MANZANO, FERNANDO MARKLEY. JENNY MARMIS. SUSAN MARROQUIN. KEITH MARTIN. CINDY MARTINEZ, CARLOS MASSOGLIN. TERESA MAYNARD. BRENNEN MC CARTHY. MIKE MC CULLY. KATHLEEN MC ILROY, STACEY MCKITTRICK. KEN MCLAUGHLIN, RICHARD MCQUAIG. JOHN MEDINA, ANNA MEESE, SAMANTHA MEHRHOFF. CARRIE MENESES, ROBERT METZ. LANCE MEYER, JENNIFER MEYER. VINCENT MICCICHE. GINA MIGUEL. DARRELL MILLER, CATHY MILLER, JEFFREY MILLER, KEMBERLY MILLS, PATRICK MINJAREZ. ELIZABETH MOLERA, LISA MONARREZ. RAMONA MOON. DAVID MOREY. LYNETTE MORRIS. DWIGHT MOSES, MONICA MOUSSA. SUSAN MULLADY, ANNE MUNSON. TOM NAVARETZE, SABRINA NAVARRO. IRENE NELSON, ROXANNE NICHOLS, MARTHA NICHOLS, SUSAN NIXON, SHELLEY NORRIS, LYNN NORRGARD. DEBBIE NORTON. JODY NUNEZ. BILL ORR. DELTON OTT, JASON PAHONA. DAYLE :Q ifA 5' . . I In . N . Q X fr. .. A PANEPINTO, MARK PAN-KITA, JASON PARIS, JUDY PAUL, DAVID PAYNE. JOANIE PEACH. JAOUALINE PENCZAR. MARYANN PETERSON. ANTHONY PETO. MICHAEL PATRICK, MARLENE PETTY. ROBERT PHILLIPS, MICHELLE PHOENIX, DEWAYNE PINNELL, ANDREW PITPITAN. AMELIA PITTS. MATTHEW PIERCE. MICHAEL PLANTING. CHRISTY PLIMPTON. KEVIN PONGRATZ, TERI POWERS. JAMES PRICE, LORELEI PUIG, OSCAR RANDOLPH, BRANDY RANKLIN. JOE RATAJCZAK, BARBARA RATLIFF, DAVID REILLY, STACY RICE, JANELLE RIENZO. BRUCE RILEY, CHRISTINA ROBERTS. CYNTHIA ROBERTSON. SCOTT ROGERS, SHANE ROMO DE VIVAR. AUSTIN ROPER, STEPHANIE ROWE, STEVEN RUBY, PAULA RUCKER. KATHRYN RUDISILL, AMY RUGGIERO. LISA RUHL. TODD RUIZ, ANDRA RUIZ. BOBBY RUNGE, KRISTA RUSSELL, SCOTT RYALS, KRIS SANDERS. SHARI SCHEIBE. RONALD SCHLIMME. JILL SCHUBERT. SCOTT SCOTT. RICHARD SEITSINGER, DENA SERRANO, THELMA SETTLE, TANYA SETTLES. SHAUNA SHADE. MITCH SHEEHAN. CHRIS SHELTON, JACQUELINE SHERER, CHRIS ix SHIELDS. NANCY SHIVA, MARK SINCLAIR. TERRI SLATZER. SHARI SMITH, ALISON SMITH. STACEY SMURPHAT. MARYANN SNELL, ROBERT SOBONYA, SARAH SOTO. JOEY SOZA, ANTHONY STANTON, LORINDA STAR, ROBERT ST. AMOUR. DIANNE STAPLES. ROBERT STEED, JASON STEGALL, JEANINE STEPHENS. P.J. STEPHENSON, KERRY STERRETT. HANK STEWART, HEATHER STUBBLEFIELD, MARK 7' 1 ,W .. . , I':vk 'fu 'C assigning! 7yI A 123.5911 'ef Q. ffm, , ,wwf W, "V AA H I f IN 4 aff ,. iff' at 3 16 id . , ii 32 Cheerleaders kicking high for Panther Power. I , . , Qu ' 62:31 STIELSTRA, AARON STREET, RICK STOCUM. JULIE STOKES, DAWN STOTTLEMYER. HOLLY SULKOWSKI. TODD SULSTON. JULINE SUTHERLAND. RONALD SWANSON, THEODORE SWEDEEN, KATHY SYMPSON, GLORIA TATOM. WILL TAYLOR, HOWARD TAYLOR. JAMES THOMASON, BENJAMIN TINDALL, TARA TURNAGE. JAMES UDOVICH. SONDRA UMYSBRYES. GLEN VALDEZ. PHILLIP VALENZUELA, VANESSA VALENZUELA. VICTOR VANDERKOLK, TERRY VIGORITO, NANCEY VOGELSBERG, SCOTT VOLPE. JON VOSS. MATTHEW WADE. KIM WATSON. DAVID WEBSTER, JULIE SEBSTER, KIM SEHAUSEN, RACHEL WEICH, RISA WELCH. HOPE WELLS. MARK WESSON, JEFFREY WHEELER. BILL WHITE, LANCE WHITE, WENDY Q 65 WIDRIG, LORRAINE WILKENSON, JOHN WIERSMA. AMY P a I WILLIAMS. JIM WILLIS. KEVIN WILSON, JENNIFER WINDOWS, RYAN I WITHROW, MICHELE WOELFLE. BETTY WOOD, HEATH WOODTLI. PATRICIA WORKMAN. PAM WRENN. DAVID WURST, MATTHEW YOUNG. AMY ZAMUDIO, GABRIELA ZOZAYA, BRENDA LEWIS, CRISTINE NUNEZ. BILL RONEZ. TAMMY SEDLACEK, RONDA 1- S. V ,A , a ,I I f A , van A .1 N 4 'W .LN vp: ,i vvqx. le Q 'R Y, , TQ' vi ' Sit., Asc W- ,Io ,qi 7'x 'SgE.f 1 A . .gr . 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EELco FEATURING RAM MALLORY NAME BRAND HAY 3 IGN HI PERFORMANCE GAS sAvuNe v w a ouNE auaev EQUIP 2811 N sToNE AVE TUCSON Amzoml alla WFS' D AMPHI DAIRY QUEEN 23 W Prince Road ur ron usrf 'DA ,000 ,OR nm ll 'D'Q:i'.'IY- ' . - Q5,Q.o.d,cfw,k5-u Gm GgfL Qin. W-aiu, W k,..u-o.,-'f- - Nfv'-f?C'i"2gQF:1.nf4' AUTOGRAPHS JW W OA MTJLWZS, 55.PQ,yvx Q-rio.. 4? Q9 ' Q UL' ' SKQAQ- D , Cffg .1 WU 6h Afafnfwayi Qaviijfvwj 0Ouu,yQAffw J2JQ,Qf7 QJQCV Wk 5,52-E-JA' , QQ? WD !c fwLa J WCC 1.2 gnome .ff 67Vf"2xfQf7fK2 QL-F OL 76193 70606 JjUD 60057 Lffw ffnmffyf Ljwapbvf Q 5400! VKX? QHOQ awk UW , 563 TW mf wo Q ,j4i,qf5 KJ 'V I K B BQ ki Egg if f XX ? 2? MQ 5164 x7 ' ke N X 1 Af Us AWWQQZM WW xr OBj59Xm'LU,f,47" My ' XX ii- X5 A WWW f X .JO jg, 96 3 I O04 3: Q 'IX X ij ff- Qs, 3 2 fn DQ ' my fvlkf Q55 S ,,. '4A- XA. ' r H 9393 Qgx AQ Q u ,C K ':" Q? HN X Q -XM ' QUSQCXXCCD Nxfjlgfgfw UE? DX f , y, K' xg? ss X ,AQ Q 'S' 9 'X Q0 ,SS-' XV . 'X gxvxx fri: orflcsks X N IOP. 1115: sxzyled A 'QQ QD W XX :gb QXXY 70 F-RESHMEN SENATORS TOP R. Lon Bagsha TOP L: Anissa Wit y nonom R. Tiff y L , sonom L Sh B xi ABATE, ANGELO ABRAHAM, PETER ABRAHAMS. LESLIE ABRAMS, CATHY ABRAUGH. MICHAEL ADAMS. LUKE ADAMS, MARK ADAMS. ROBERT AHEARN, STEPHANIE ALBERT, BILL ALCONTAR. ALBERTO ALDRETE, DEANNA AMMON. TIMOTHY AMOS, JOHN AMS. BARBARA ANDREE, MICHELLE ARROYAS, SHAUN ARTHUR. GILL AYALA. MARTINA BACA, WILLIAM BAGSHAW. LORI BAKHTAR, BAHAR BANKS, CAREY BARBONE. JULIE BAREFIELD. HEATHER BARNETT. TISHA BARNHART, BRUCE BASTRON, JILL BATES. MARION BAUER. JACOUELINE BAYLES. TYLER BEACH, MARY BECKER. JOHN BELCHER, WALTER BENAGLIO, LISA BERG, SUZANNE BIRDMAN, JILLIAN BONDY, LORRI BONEBRIGHT, SHAWN BORBOA, SCOTT BOYER. MICHELLE BOZZO. JOHN BRADSTREET, SCOTT . V!! '4?fe,q, ,M , PM dl I T ,kt sv fy Eric "The Panther" Marks adds alot of spirit to the crowd. " kim: 4 W If an -f ' , , 1 wif 'L lv! f M in -4 W 4 f -'9 I L 5 K' TL 77 J H162 25' I5 41 ,, ' I A 'Xi I 4 7 ',,':: u , ' 'HF- , V 5 I, SL f!,1g,?1fL! - I , , A, Q I , , mf, N fa ,M M ' Yr ,, 91 4 U ' 4 5 Qtfffiiiit' a I li.. Av... lg Q.-szg , Nw- ii I A , X I W X I , .,X.. , ,, S ,. uv 1' fr: S .- A R. 2 1 i 1 ,,-:-- -fr , 1 M k'-L - -' - ':'- A .. ii - ' -A A H . , X Q ' in - ' - " T 4 J A .. ,.:a if R A , I ' - I , ,F I 'Q :jg I a A f.. ,fx J.: in E - ' 'K sf - fir: L ,- , L ' Fk ff If . Kev XQ ---. 1 ,MQ , 'SQ 2 , fs QA " X If i .fi Ci W, f 7 y 5 I W LX 4 5 ' s ' 4-V' MGS. , Q :Lg zz., -A . A Il , sw Q5 A .. E S . 3 ,su ,L .Le ' Aw- I . , 3 ..i.. .-1:6 S J ' Wfffg :AX " GTS? 'L if . 4 fi , Q A - f E 1- ,. f X, ,. 1 I I N 2 'fa ' 6 Q 345 . ,I 3i":I ' - .Tam fla g' ' filir- -' is . I , yr -Xi? ' ' . Nc Q E I .J 'wi , i ve ,,,, ,sw K, r if V .R i LF L T sf .M -1 Wu Those Sophomores sure do have big mouths! BREAN, CASSANDRA BREMARMAN. VERONICA BROWN, LORA BROWN, PATRICIA BUCHANAN, JAMES BUCHROADER, SUZY BURCH. CYNTHIA BURNS. JERRY BUSBY, JAMES BUSCHE, HOLLY BUSHMIRE, LUCINDA BUTLER, DIANNE CACERES, JACKIE CAMPBELL. ANNE CAMPBELL. STEPHEN CANEZ, FRANK CARICHNER, JOANNA CARPENTAR, SCOTT CARVINTEZ, TINA CARVER, MALISSA CASE, BRIAN CASTELLANOS. EDWARD CASTI, ALEX CASTILLO, TRACY CAVALLUCCI. RAMON CELAYA, EUGENION CEVALLOS, JOHN CHACON, TERRY CHASTAIN, DANA CHILDS. KATHLEEN CHILDERS, LORI CHILDRES, MAMIE CHOATE. ROBERT CHRISTENSEN, JANELLE CLARK, WAYNE CLIMER, JASON CLOSKY, STEPHANIE COLE. DENNIS COLE. STEPHANY COOK. ERIC COOKSEY. SHAWN CORCORAN. MICHAEL CORRAL. DEBBIE CORRIGAN, BRIAN COSS. MARY COX. COURTNEY CREWS, LAVONIA CRONWALL. ERIC CUEN. LISA CUNNINGHAM, LEE CURTIS. GRETCHEN DALTON. RICHARD DAMRON, ETTA DAUER, DOUG DAVIS. JENNIFER DAVIS, TORI DAVISWORTH. ERNEST DETTLEOFF, SHELLY DEVINE. TERRY DI GREGORIO, JEFFREY DIAZ, TINA DILE, SEAN DIMAGGIO. BLAIR DINES, MARILYN DOBIE, STEVE D'ONOFRIO. DIANE DOUGLAS, AMANDA DOWDLE, BETH DUNCAN. MARTIN DUNN. MELANIE DUPONT, DAN DURAN, KAREN DUPUY, DEBBIE DYE. REGINA EDWARDS, HEATHER EIGEN. GARY ENCINAS, STEVE ERICKSON. MARY ERICKSON, MAUREEN ESPINOSA. NATHAN ESSLINGER, BETH ESTES, KIKI EVANS. SHANE EVERITT. JENNY FEDELL, TODD FELDMAN, BRET FERGUSON. HOWARD FIMBRES, PAUL FISHER, SHAUNA FISCHER, TOMMY FITTS. VANESSA FLORES, AMY FLOYD, JEFF FOSTER, JASON FOX. NANCY FRAIM, BARBARA FRANCIS. SANDRA FRANK. DAVID FRANZEN. JASON FRENCH, LAWRENCE FRIEDHEIM, ANDREA FRIEND. SHAWN FRIESE, TANYA FROEHLICH, GREGORY FUELL. ROBERTS FULLER. JACK I 1 A N 4 T . ,, -W ff 9, , 24 . 1 X. I , ,,., ' 35 I f Iv Q 1:7 . , , ' ' f " . , V ' , M5 .ff X, if -P . .fry hw A fl, X, ,,- ' A1 . 'E f , Z.. . fl: I? T' . QZTTI' IQ.. 1 Q f f nd? r GL If a, ,, M M A X I 'J ' 'M 1 1 .gh , Y ,"' , Q ,W f' if 4 aelli ggi Jil' ' I iii , ,Fx "W, X I '35, ,, f. wiv f-4 ,...... 11, f 1 AF 7 A ,MW -pf ,. . A Fi.. QE ' W 15 'Y 53 F M, s - r- "Of X A . ,,. . X. , N i it I R . A A -H i f X, Q 1 X-... lj liki YZ, - " ' NS - ., ,. J.. N -,- I 3 5 'ES' L x ' ..,' S bk - 1 :- Q Lori Bagshaw and Eddie Pongratz twist and twirl for the Freshman in the Jitterbug contest. x Y s GAGE, MATT GALLON, SHARON GANZORN, RALPH GARCIA, MANNY GARRISON, MACHAEL GAUDET. LISA GEE. KRISTI GEE, TOMMY GILLEY. JASON GITTINS, CATHERINE GLASER, SHERYL GLAVOCICH, ANTHONY GODSWORTHY. JULIA GOEDEL. RICHARD GOLSETH, RYAN GOMEZ, TONY GONG. HEATHER GONZALES, MARK GONZALEZ, TAMI GORDON, DEBBIE GORE. ANNE GOSE. KRISTIAN GRAHAM. SHANNON GRAHAM, CHERYL GRAHAM. GARY GRANILLO. CECILIA GREEN, DEBRA GREGER, MARTHA GRIENSENBROCK. MARCO GRIFFITH, HARLAN GROSSMAN. EVAN GROUND, JASON GUERRERO. IRMA GUTENUNST. BRADY HABIAN, SEAN HALLIER, MELISSA HARDEN, SCOTT HARRIS. APRIL HARRIS. MATTHEW HARRISON, PARTICK HARVEY. RUTH JAUSSLER, TANYA HAWK, KON HAYNES, TODD HAZLETT. JOHN HENDRICK. DEREK HENDRYX. PAUL HENRY, HEIDI HERBST. BRUK HERFURTH. DAWN HESS, DEBBIE HETZEL. ANDY HEYER, PATTY HIGGINBOTHAM. MIA HILL, VICKI HILVERDA, ARLETTE HINES. BRIAN HINTON. DANNY HOBBS. CHARLES HOLCOMB, PATRICIA HOLMES, MICHAEL HOWARD, KRISTINE HUFFSTETLER. JOHN HUGHES. MATTHEW HUNTER. SUZANNE HUSSEY, SHAROL ISAAK. JASON JACKSON, RAELENE JAMESON, KIMBERLY JANSSEN, KRISTIN JARRELL, DEBRA JECK, DAVID JELLISON. KATHY JEWELL. JOHN JIMENEZ, FREDDIE JOCHUMS. RICK JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON, CAMERON JOHNSON. EVAN JOHNSTON, BECKY JOHNSTONE, HEATHER ,- xv A 'N A Ns? 1' Q x X gg fl? 3 xy . 'K . F' X - f AEAE, 'IAEA AAAS I I . ' Q- .4 ,, J. Q Q Q. i , 'T I -YE.: '... D ' ' K ' 'SX I -. 1 :Ju X ., . ' " . 'J St x K R - .. -Tv ' 'R 'N ' f Q. 1' I , Y S I ' 3 N Y x .Q x Q A QQ f I xx ,,. ,L I X I ' I an UH' ff fx I Sophomores show their "Panther" Spirit at pep assembly. V L L A A X I IE? A U X X 5.1 5: My 34, , W M A I 'C 2 ,YW '5 ,I me V 4 n I ...- , f Cf E ' ' H5 , .. Qi 'Q I I ' I, f 'wi 'I 5 A 6 an had ff'mqa,: ,ff , We I .1 zz, , 8 f A 4 I? W ' , I.'IN"'I E 1QoAg'Qszg3 53253.50 I-1,5 -:N 1 M ab 1 X fa, , 4, n ,,f:, I f gk? ' fi YU A group of Amphi students "Checking Out" the Freshman Float 35 , Q 2-4 'M X gf- +,-4, , Q, .iw f . f ,,, L, 4.5 i Q. .. f fir veg zif' , Q 5 ,M ' f' t ? I I A If V, .W . , .1 . , , ' , f X 82371-V' 1 y ..,, .gn 'ua .vn- 'Q LLL f 5, eff 7 If , VJ A I K, ei it 12 JONES. CHRISTOPHER JONES, CRISTINA JORGENSEN. JOLYN KALIMTGIS, EVANGELLOS KANE. ROSE KAY. EMMY KELLEY. BRENDA KENDRICK, ADRIENNE KIRKWOOD, EDWARD KISCHER, FRANK KISSLING, KENNETH KLEIKAMP, JEANETTE KNOEPFLE. MARK KNOWLTON. TINA KORVER. TIFFANY KRAUSE. MELAINE KRAUSS, TAMMY KRISS. LISA LABLUE. ROBBY LAFAYE, RICHIE LANCASTER, CINDY LANKFORD. WENDY LARKIN. CHERYL LARKIN, TINA LARSEN, TIFFANY LATHAN. CHRISTINE LAYNE, MIKE LEASE. SHANNON LEWIS, BARBARA LINDSEY, KELLY LITTLE. DEREK LOEFFELHOLZ, TERRI LOSS. MARY LYLE, WILLIAM LYLES. PATRICIA LYNCH, DEBBIE MACGREGOR. YVETTE MACKLIN, ROGER MADDEN, LINDA MADRID. MATTHEW MALONE. DEREK MANDELBERG. EDWARD MANEVAL, SHANE MANNLIEN, ED MANSKER. HEATHER MARE. MIKE MARTINEZ. BARBRA MASON. CHRISTINE MAZON, PATRICK MAYO. DOUG MCCOY, SHAWNA MC DONALD. COLLEEN MC GRAW. ERIC MC GRAUGH, JOHN MC MCILLECE, MATTHEW MC KINNEY, ALICE MC LAUGHLIN, KEN MC LAUGHLIN, SHAWNA MC LEARRAN. WENDI MC PHERON, WENDY MEADE. STACEY MEDINA. ADOLFO MEDOFF. JENNIFER MEHLE. WILLY MEJIA. STEVE MELINDA, WEISSMAN ir I I an I VVL Q ,ff v ,E I 'F TNI im I if aziw MI - ,i K ..:k i Q 18 I I Q U-.5 XL-. I - f I , i ' Q 4, f fx ik. 5? M I L 5, I , I -pw I . QQSQ -v ff -1 ,. h ip, gfsaa ' -4 , . s X ES X m X S We G ! :::'J, 6 R SX ' I A I Q MIS I Q ...X .3 wif. wx . X N Q S, ,... rg., A X w 1 5 I w L X, I ,. fb .H- f' ' T X Nik .P X ' 7.103 I A Qs I N I . I 1, 5. of .n 'X f' f A xi. 'iw ljixz W' MENDOZA, WILLIAM MERSIOWSKY, ANDY MESSER. DENNIS MEYER, JOHN MEYER, SHARON MIGUEL, LEONARD MIKLES. DAN MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER , ANDREA . JOHN MICHELLE , STEPHANIE . STEPHEN MILLS. DAN MICHELL, DANNY MODI. AMY MOLINA. TOM MONHEIN, GERTRUDE MORENO. SYLVIA MORENO, VINCENT MORRIS. SARAH MUNDELL. BOBBY MURRAY, KELLY MUSSON. KAREN MYGRANT, MIKE NAEARRATE, MARTIN NAGLE. JIM NEASHAM. DEAN NELLUMS. JEOFFERY NELSON, HANS NEUBAUER, HEATHER NEWMAN, ANDY NEWSOME. BETH NGUYEN, NGOC NISWANDER, CHRIS NORIEGA. MICHAEL OLSEN, KEN OLSEN, RICHARD ONG. DONNA OPPENHEIM, DAVID ORR, DARLA OTTIS. LISA PACHECO, SANDY PADILLA, DIANA PALMER. KRISTEN PARKER. LAURIE PARKER, NAVA PARSONS, DAVID PATOL, BHAVESH PATZMAN, GWYNNE PAULN. TRENT PEARSON, ADAM PECK. JONNA PEPE. ANNA PEPER, SHANE PETERS. ROBBIE PETERSON. STEVE PETERSON. VICKIE PETRY. DAVID PFEIL, GRETCHEN PICKART, ROBIN PIERCE. PAUL PINGRY, MICHELLE PLATT. JOEL PONGRATZ, EDMUND PORTER, REBCCA PORTIS, COREY POTTER, SARA POTTS, PAUL POWERS, JOHN PRIES, DEBRA PRUETT. VALERIE PTAK, RACHAEL PYEAT, CHRISTY PYLE, MELISA PYLE. MICHELLE OUANIMPTEWA. DOYLE RANDALL, VICTORIA RAUBENALT. VANESSA RECELY, MORGAN RENTERD. BRENDA REVELLS, TODD RHONEHOUSE, CARRIE RITCHOTTE. KELLY ROBB. BARRY ROBINSON. RONNIE ROBISON. ARLY ROBISON. SCOTT ROBLES. MANNY RODRIGUEZ. MIGUEL ROGERS, JOY ROGERS. JULIE ROMERO, JIMMY ROMERO. RENE ROSEN, ALISA ROSENBERG, MARK ROSENBERG, MIKE RUDISILL. CHAD RUDZITIS. HEIDI RUIZ, REGGIE RUSHLOW, TESHA RUSSO, KRIS SAGER. JUSTIN SAMUEL, CHRIS SANCHEZ-ALDANA. ENRIOUE SANTA CRUZ. CARMEN SANTA CRUZ, CLAUDIA I Wok f Q-. P. E 5 , CRX? . Z I ff, ,I n Q 0 ' . -x',- -i.....x x'S....,f , . - L -" 1 'L X 3 E 'V L ,N I x A I J . v S Q :,.,. N a ,.., x x 3 . Q Q S' ' il . Q A s A QQ 'ef I Q . J jxui X , A ' 9 1 . ' X It if' ff!25lwI ,'3"7--3 , 'I .Ii ,If A . xr 4' K A" H.. I. N , I Ii 'F' ' I' w I 1 A Q !f"34 , mSh f j - II 1 WX 1 1 fr! s I ,, . ,Q I K, y Rf' D' I, 5 N s e ff Karen Walker and Eric showing us how NOT to break the egg I r iff 5 Q I I if Q -.-a , 3 ,P . 'Z I ..-'fly' J'- '- I I -, sq .k'-- X , fa Iq1'wff,f s E w R Q. I 'l 5 2 AI ' lx 'a y 1 M im. .iffy fsz, suri y a r I QR? , H ' .sa -' hirr f If . riff' during A-week. V Wm " LQ ' - 9 E xr J 4.4 Q K iv, ,QR SANTEN, MARY SCHAFLE. MICHAEL SCHLIMME, BEN SCHMIDT. DAVID SCHNIEDAV. GRETCHEN SCHOCLOET, LUANNE SYMPSON. GLORIA SYMONS, KIM SCHOTTEL, CARL SCHRAGE. LILLIAN SCOTT. DONNA SEDRHOLM, SCOTT SEGERSTROM. RICK SHADE, MARK SHEAFE, COURTNEY SHELLEY, LORALYN SHELTON, JIM SHELTON, JENNIFER SHIMNIOK, MIKE SINGER. DEBBIE SINGLETON. TERRI SLAIGHT. CHERIE SMITH. ANGELD SMITH, JACK SMITH. JANEEN SMITH, KEITH SMITH, LIZETTA SMITH, NICKI SMITH. RUSTY SIMTH, SHANNAN SOBEL. ALAN SOBIN. ISABELLE SOZA. FRED SPENCER, MONICA STALKER. BUTCH STALLINGS, KIM STEBER. MIKE STEENSON. LISA STEFFENS, CAROLYNE STEFFENS, SUSANNA STERRETT, HANK STEVENS. JAMES STEVENS, JULIA STOCKE. TRACY SUCKEY, JOE SUDDATH. MENDY SUTTON, CHRISTY SWANN, STEVE SWANSON. KENNEY SYKES, YVETTE TAFOYA. ANDY TATOM, BONNIE TEAL, DANNY TEUTEL. MIKE THOMAS, SHERRI THORNHILL, TABITA THRASH, CHRISTY TINSLEY. SHANDECA TOFEL. JIM TREJO, MARGARET TRUIJILLO, AMY TUMARKIN. PAUL TUY, THOEUNG VALADEZ, WILLIE VALDEZ. BOBBIE VALENCIA. STEVEN VANCAMP, LORAINE VANDYKE. SANDY VARELA. HECTOR VASQUEZ. CORRINE VERA. MARIA VOIGHT. JACKIE VU NGOC. THUY WADDEY, ERIC WALES, TUESDAY WALLEN. KIM Q-Z Amphi Band tools their horns and beats their drums for the Pep Assembly. A 1 I I., L A1 1, , , Anja X 1 ' r ee J' 1 Vail , I I e' A- lf r p I LKB.. we X , , K Z, f l A I ., A I af" Xl y 9 mm! , ki ...JL W I J , ,fm A m f I asviismw 3 f I f ff' X 'fy ., .I I , Y gf? W' Q , , ' gy -fi h.. 'ZA fi' 'A ', 1 Z .J ' is G4 Ag LVVAAJ I il i5V,, , gp ., ' f ff' I MIT! ,gm , e Q' fa 41 ,W J H H v . M.. ,iv W ff A fi if IFJ ff XL' 3+ ' T ,. .-f xx, ,, 'e ' If --,v.1 Mid' "ff ' f ji ' ITIL' ' ffm Tw , fm Til ' 4 I 5 f W f' -J KW K IN 'I I ' 4 E A T, I "T A I 2,-. 55:5 - . . w' -,.,' 3 , M 'iz-'E-""-M-3-'M 5? .1 if I 5 WAMSLEY. KYLE WATTERS. TREI WEATHERBY. DANDI WEAVER. CHARLI WEST. BRENT WESTMORELAND. BILL WHARTON, LISA WHITE, ANNA WHITE. BOBBIE WHITE. SHEILA WIECHERT. JIM WILES. BRANNON WILLHOITE. BRENDA WILLIAMS. COURTNEY WILLIAMS, JEANNETTE WILKINSON. TROY WINDOWS. ERIC WILSON- KENNETH WILSON. ROBERT WITTWAY, ANISSA WOOLSTON, KERI WOLF. DENNIS WOODMANSEE. DIANA WOODMANSEE. JAMIE YARBROUGH. JULIE AYALA, MARTINA BAER. .IACOUELINE BONDY, LORRI BRADY. KIMBERELY BURNS. SHAWN BUSCHE. HOLLY CASTILLO. TRACY .2 fff A walk through Freshman Hall during A-Week. in A s xx 'New 'QM BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER DOWNTOWN ER RESTAURANT I W CONGRESS OPEN 7 to 7 an 0625 G g . BIMSCO HARDWARE 26l9 N Stone Ave WHERE WE HELP YOU DO IT YOURSELF 623 548I UNIQUE S HANDMADE GIFTS DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE PHONE 742 3800 6074 N ORACLE CONGRESS GRILL LOCATED AT I00 E Congress SERVES YOU THE FINEST FOOD IN TOWN AMERICAN MEXICAN ETC CALL IN ADVANCE VLASTARIS FAMILY 533 752' MANAGERS I O sh O 0560 C3 '29 Kiki S Tom - eo, eos IN CASA BLANCA PLAZA This years foreign exchange student, Seyma Halkall was a I6 year old senior from Turkey. She chose the United States because she wanted to improve her English and she enjoyed Amphi because it was a "regular American school." Seyma took a full schedule of senior classes like: Algebra 2, physical science, tennis, student government. American Literature, and American Government. Seyma was involved with many of Amphi's clubs like: student council, culture club. D.E.C.A.. and the ski club. Seyma's future plans include going back to Turkey to finish her last year of school. then going on to a university to study economics or administration. V 09 - vw 996' ' yd? Q? T H E C90 0L'496?'9 v H,n?H,L ff 'fb WALL ff aw Q, QP' wow UQ- ,fa 5. PQQM Dmblo I Love CHERYL., -ro Boyf, Ll WERYOU-Dom, Bear buns Fc17. W , , , I HEY N61 CQHBOIZ '-DVEGEQA UPG' I LOVE 5 R DIANE- THANKS To nmp, C519 ,y-fQmy,WusNr:Y me SEI Nu me t . Bear r-'ere-ND COTE SM wma me ' A I-NE-RE we Euemg K, pp 'E Qflvcnmw O2 Ywffb mug :rem come 51,01 ? , 4.3. 254293.49363 Tkm-ms 'Dao A7651 I LOVE You PWM T'P,Ac,i 62500231 " C7 wf' 8820? "M V. 4,0 foam. wwf Y. L-If ff' eovgvbqffx' 'WAX wg 2012333 LOOM 1 5 0955535 QW' Inns u s - i255?3?,5f s5s'g:.O:f6rf'2.S.3. ff TSZRFY filo 'Q 11-,mPuN, Snmez, ffgfxfffjl E 9' .2400 Poecuef. Q1 :wb eh - . E - qwfft mu' '-W' v as You 4-ow 643. ,MK 83-8'-I wgesvwes 'N TEUUTY. K- 'au' ,AW .SHORZOCK2 ve, W2 Gffsy uwzo .F-H-UKFTYY aw. Q?-W s.-4f'9'9f5ff 85"C"4 A R c o A w A Y' DONKEIPM-LES 9, 22 4WQ44f"'f5f 1,9-Siocwpwm, 1 ' ' -'.o Lv 0 U ' s . H I I Awesome Foecfsane' sow NADDLES- C-DOUG. . -n-mmksl 1 VBSHQHIQAQR 1 :2563 BERYONS who t K1-,uggsmmf L Asa? -527+ FZOSALHSHL KEN E' LBEZAQ 'fi '9f,'Q'1ib SPARMS E- m A ALWAY5 N szsm N Q CttlR?H6,Bg:3'a,?fouifv LJ I , Viex FRIENDSAIWAYS J' Q J KW 1 ar 69 'O TQNY rnnmab s F 75, JE: 14445 sas mu-mule .moi 4 40 Dm-, ma-, - ' , 5 Bea'bTI-FEBS Vpy 57m EVERYONE! . , ' EXPO Go Du,4g4!q,Hcnvz. I Kpppni-Trlnplks I-l 9 , ,519 , li l QQ Q A-WEEK N X Ax A Y XL X i L 1 fer' 'A f V QW, -J v V 0 4 a. fx J Left: Marshmellow mouth Tim Friedli. "What's that you say?" Above: Senior Hall. A-Week decorations. Below: Corrine Thomas and Jacque Pan-Kita displaying their jitter bug talent. Below: Jello tug-a-war contest. Katie Taylor showing her disgust Page 9I Above left: Freshman. Jimmy Cavoulas flopping his flippers. Above right: Look behind you Pat! Below left: California Day . . . Robert Amundson and Jeff showing us their California styles. Below right: Seniors. "Ronald Reagan" and friend? . sr-cv 5M5.,.,.... 3 Q - Ts... . , ,lgtsw-gs, 545 KA KN y k f K 5 W if 'i 1? N-L"""' - -Q sw-4'1bZ"' 'V' bil gf . H ' ' . ...QW mi C,-,L V QT 'isis S.. -L . tt,51,h Q W-'fy-' M,--x. f- , 'tg ' ' M rq.,'-yfwv -gf-Y, D W- K 'fir .A ' g,. A R3 ., y My 3,1 K. X r V yggeg. G., V if '.a4-Y?-QM., . ' ffz?,g:.J- p P A , , ,fm -, 4-. ,. I1 x 1, . e nt, 1-exif ' rf 1 'f 4. .' A K -- ..fkTf.1E4if A 5 xii 77'-fiflfb . 'S 1 Y 5 . ,-12s!5 "ki '. 5' N' " -' -A i .Q wwf' ' . ' ' tif' : -.Q -. ' ' V - - -A - , -. . . 2 -' . .-ef' ,"' ' " Y g X A K . ,af N ' ,, . 0, 1? 1 ' A , .r-:,:-r, , if V 25 is A "" 5 W 1' f Qfw ff' N! g wwffm, W f ff "gf Sf ff 2,' 9... . Q ,11 if mf , X OUTSTA DI G STUDENTS "All American Band" and were also in the Macy's day parade for Band. UPPER RIGHT: L-R Susan Harris, Tom Bartman, and Susan Brown won awards for an essay contest. LOWER LEFT: Ron Suddath: wins ten dollars for his parrot portrait shown in the "Arizona Scholastic Art Show for Photography". LOWER RIGHT: P.K. wins a blue ribbon for his special talent in drawing also for the "Arizona Scholastic Art Show . for Photography" and then his picture continued on to Phoenix for the state award. UPPER LEFT: Kevin Black and Janet Bauman were both nominated for McDonaId's Oy ow. wp! NW W5 x ,. X W BMS' Qyfyfiijfffpjlrfp M Aw Qww W WH 5 ' w 1 iff amp' M WjiWWm W , g M N5 fy gf gf? ,vip ff fm? 6 E ea, A ' X . i- m ff b iii M Q-553341, BC, as N USS? I Clausen. CLASSIC CAR CLUB 69' Charger. Mark Turner. 66' Chevelle. Joey Floyd, 32' Ford Coupe, John Paul. 66' Buick GS, Bill Drake, 37 Chevy. GOOD LUCK ST. ANDREW'S GAQDEN FLQWEQ RLY ' CTJHQD 4' TQ THE BV I CLASS OF f '84 ANN AND DICK YOUNG BJXSJLL PLAYERS PWWESCWME! 12.1542 F f ' . 3. S is k X fx F 'PJ . . s - ' ff? f ,,,. S K so ' ' o ssyss c 1 xl -:ii 'X 3 7 . K ' , ' ar A f y ".. 5 ff- s s 5? L a avril ' 5 i a V ,J as X 9 , . YL INN . 2 ff N. Qi 5 , z xx 2 1 ,' 1 ., A X Q f F ' . , V. - .f K 2' E .: ' .as k . 5 bfi E i 5 . . kk PM EQ X , ,:....s.s in 1. F V Tx ' x or .9 fi wx' - 1 S, . ' ' x tyxi t 4 sir I V if - Xi U Y Y. j xt? , 3 2. 'ix X ig 1 .-091-M",, , X Nr 1' ' 1 L Nr Q x 2 , , t fi IDE LQCKER VIEWS THEM EX sf X K 'ls . as X PY is fill L,-5 --.....,, '--.-..,,. '---...,,, Hee are some of Amphi's "stylish" lockers. Can you guess Who's locker is Who's? Their occupants are: Susan Brown. Paula McChesney, Mia Giammona, Paula Ruby. Patty Todd. and Wendy Martell. Good Luck!!!llI!! -Q ,KX .wth ff. PEP ASSEMBLIE ,i"' in.. -a,,., Above left: Alan Stevens and Trevis Miller get pinned by Jacque Brown for a job well done. Above: Poms take center stage at pep assembly. Below: OOH! AHH! Sock it to us Juniors. Bottom left: Katie Taylor, Lisa Price. and Troy Goddard judge yell contest. Bottom right: Shane Roge Jason Pan-Kita and Victor Cortez make spectacles of themselves for the sophomore class. I'S. Qin' PA THER PRIDE TOP LEFT: Jenni Wiese. Corrine Thomas, and Cindy Colbert show their Senior class spirit. TOP: Mr. Munch, Scott Robertson, and Brannon Wiles chow down at Eegees during lunch. TOP RIGHT: The Amphi High School Band SUPERIOR!!! MIDDLE: The Amphi Football Team at prayer - a touch of panther class! BOTTOM LEFT: Randy Fox pulling for Amphi. BOTTOM RIGHT: Clarence Akins getting a few kicking pointers from Greg Maloy. . J f K .v is , Q :W - 14's-.W i J X sv V N 5 N N-.S v 7 1-va , 1 'S' 1'i 16 'lf wx' X r 'Q' V536 1' K .. , . .1 1 J' . I . 'A 7 W-,.....,, .5 ,-,gi . Q M -QQ we ge ,SM M H N 1 if S KK K K K Ik. '... . . W l.Y' fp f nf- S 'i k ,X W if Xf N 'F x ,NX Yxwfgggu, A SR, if +A. XY,-.. s , . SENIGRS-EVEN MORE I S4 ls is Qxxb Q - -. ,-1 lg' e ' as X Q ii X' 5 in x Hixlsipl xii A s E as lm 1 Q f a "Q.f'X Above: Delbert, Don, Don. and Steve munch down more in '84. Top right: Aloha! Lisa, Julie, Barbara. and Michelle get crazy for Hawaii Fling. l984. Right: Dave's getting in the spirit, more or less, and less, and less. Below: Cam, Dale. Bob, and Clarence thrill us with an eye-opening speech. Bottom right: Surrounded by girls. an astonished Barry sighs, "Why me???" S Q 6 4 K up . 9 if , , , , 1 , NIIDIQ You expect me. a SENIOR. to do what?" questions Keith Atchley. wdy Seniors - at least they have the right cheer! 's the matter Steve? Having trouble keeping hands off the girls? r Katie. Michelle, Lisa, Barbara. and Dave realize the truth - seniors do have more ke. Mike, Wendy. Michelle and friends pose for a panther picture. LOSE, Wag Q 6,3 Afivvbf Q Q10 f, XX d X"6jO'Q?iQJ 5051 OV Qdivfiwo QNQQ, s 03 5046 C33 GWQ5 +R .wGOQ vg0 LJ 111-." QZWW wwf fjy. JZMMZWZWWZJQWWZZZWWQC 'WWW H0 D , -5' AS f I 2 if 4 Reagan ra , Q -.15 1 , , to sg.: 1 ah H538 I0 US.-lcd forcvs mvaulv ffQ,,"i Eli, im Belrut blast D011 Organs 5 I Q . ' 0 ----- Mmm,-m dec Sovnets' oooo H A o' o M w xv- s 'us-no-U-Q fi- ' ' X08 -w Pwwsca: aw may-r Mun N811 , L .., I I s N II S1 Mivhifbk ,. as itll raw: rn S39 pd Q , Swine- max :hr :www WW HQ 3- " :I 1802 -by., wf ow nam Q .R ggwyg gg .. W .W W. .l...... o 2 azen a ac ami New Einar guemf xg ' I, o f W- as as emu-smut n-qmmauf y , ggi I - - U i., ik 18115. his ily? X' iii Q I .ik wmkumia LUIS spain my an :Qian wnmg 4 kink a I s ' E TM, - S 2000 """"' LL'L' ' " nunrdxhv ulcprmn n 1 "J 'M o f , ,E"""""...""'f-an r..l".'2Z""' .,..a""1Y.Q.I?1',,A..'I5iZ.2i'I'f Q "" ' N Q v p,gmgg,5,".g,ggQ,1,Q0w' and hs and yfwnwy Mi hmm! n I fx if ' .D nnnnsrtlricuahlalx 'B' 'N' 0' W' "WU hu" Sul o 'Q H--favuuuruun-num 'WHGN ff" "M 'GMM' " U I lf' K 1 l I l"' Q to s 1 egmy o E I The Deiicit: Out of Control? 2Robba's C' so 5-fwiB1S36 in gw minion 44 ai ua 1 'S 1 Q .2 jsxvdminhisril . E .ns 0 li U 'S est Stoness of '33 richest contract Wo w,,,,o o,oo , V' 1 WW ww . 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PAC end mmnmnealsmamwc arms , Ufselllelli eagmeenm-wewwl axes: .sz :a,.z-M, asaim :mee We W we M- mfswimazzuzammen fglgtsviixfgaguvgflgutgeummne M he added nm H me my or 3? mas and mmm cumin mlemm w mkwnzfzfd' Riino Parkway I 'und county were to ignore PAG, it l ,me Mmm d. l Stxruaaidth 3? FBI sezze' s local th 5 M' 'M """' W" nh' smfazfysf OU 3 CUFUPUUGT sgnogv?f,asfAs?sf1T' nrnnzzaun Q l ' Wzmersaa-dxheageaunlzedhu ' A N, M 9, R ww, anaanwm Underclassmen ha xnxx tummy buff, ,mm ihyamducwdxhelrirwesuguuon. ' in , 5 Wimwmmm of semors face bouts ggi gun, , .,,., --, 'He wwf- ' a ' when many high school I2 a are stricken with an old. L 3. A D Ho to buckle up Bab PW- -vuv :aura--mu ' 4 1. ...m....... ' ""' """"'4HH-N ,M g.,T5?Z2',i2," ":q"m"'f ?'rincipal's M7 Tu 'W U7 7 0 M fmtwmwwwn home bums Target . Drunk. '5 v 4 3 3733331 iiffl 6 up H136 ZZ!! HIV! in bg' are fgwtfmdii Gvcteases m Hifi flilillttl IE mfnngg TheAztmula1r.....qgqm-,K tmaniniuly-listens r , A fire started by a malfunction- ing furmce routed the family of Amphitheazer High School pr-incl. pal Robert Carlson from sleep eacly this morning and caused a' iamphi suspends Q fu .-.-.-L.-.Ang No one would argue that drunks hawflo business driving on our streets and ? , ways, endangering the lives of othlfzfff Thavs why the recently announced R fi?-fmf program -- Report Every Drunk Driver immediately -- deserves the enthusiasm' support of all Tucsonians. The program is a joint venture of lm-44 r-... ...-.t.......,..MA..o nnnnn-nn lo Q nl':nlv"vv.u. ed, A 51, ,, i v ,MQ , . ze waz tm: nom! that will 1 A wt me mamlmda by Much 'Y .rw 311125512 all me ftthetil .X sensors. . no on , M at l HW WM of Sfwftwwl' i Y . it ffm Arazfma wwwllet- by al- Iowa! za Wijifli WUIIN of 4 000 Anzonans r W 9 tl towns and wines. ouf ll 0 sir? EQGWQE and news -- and g evacuated 111 face ffawwer bl of massive floods, DD 21140 jgwgfgmmll Flood losses fanta Cruz submerges . Marana S2.000in damage to tted by an amon fir may exeee W. -80431 ba 0112 2 ' , locals fa members. Sm,af:.f':, 1.5 , l ot,..2'..1i.t............ - to Capt. Duane Slut , ' " t l 'a,al ' Q of l r ire Department. . Q ' f ' took 15 firemen abo N X rson-caused. No o l' N326 wOfficiils nowfestimate that Ari- l ' rson blaze tted rla's osses ' 4 r :sa SI.5iluniilion 00068 may wp ulvionglfttiixxnlgdxtlllg . l ' sedslnce then ar-2 Plfvate insurance: industry egg. for rl 4 r ln 0 ectlofl the llj "in-guypyf iossesn me , V K I I K 7 7 I In , . .,.,. no 2 M as mil. su , t ring feverg ,- , - - - P f- Y hk I sen1or1t1s , ,YM 9 6 , 09' , e Y S www- 'ww 6 Ill shooting r N l 'F Phelps Corp. officials say 4 7 A they have liked almost all the posi- A 0 5 tions available at its Arizcma opera. gl' tions, and luvepem termxnnzlow, . . , M. Barry Moehnng A t " "' ""' Weather amilies will get Cha1-flSearing 107 breaks record 6 . Q , I if you thought it was extremely Cnemxcal People he ff mf ywmfot we M A hlgh ofl07seta recordfnttnedate. ' Af ' f e and not smce 1950 has Tucson been that hot at any time during Septems bor, A September day here has never been hotter But the hohday weekend will tum cloudy today. Pzennzltervi have a N percent Chance of being doused by cson schools among 10 l ate selected for honor ck Jmmxnr'Hngh School ' flgj late afternoon thunderwhowers, in- xlheater and Catalina ' 9 weaning to a 40 percent chance by mis have been recon-at .ln 15 lf? .-wanna 'imma mm: winds mav But relief is on the way. he laid. explaining that temperatures should dmpnwrelnafzwdayswhmmast southwesterly winds blow act-on the valley. Tucson wanna the only pan ot Arizona that baked yesterday. Gila Bend had a high or 115, it was 112 in Phoenix and Casa Grande, and H3211 Yuma and Buckeye. The lowest lughs f0f the day were comparatzvely livable temperatures. of M m Wxlliams and 86 ln Flazsta!! w P Adzona Certified Electronics RRY C. HAR 2629 N. FIRST AVENUE Officej 523-2432 TUCSON ARIZONA 85719 Hours: s-so-5-00 Free Delivery Gold Bond Stamps JARROLD DRUG CO . . . 7. PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN COSMETICS Tucson Arizona 857I9 Phone 888-0520 APACHE TIRES S AUTO SERVICE PATRICK S. McGLONE 4365 N. ORACLE RD 602-888-8444 TUCSON AZ 85705 Glastlques 8 Things Purchases S Satisfaction Guaranteed Art Glass Fme Prints Olls Furmture Collectibles 337 E Grant 3408 E Grant 623 7776 326 6502 Tucson Arnzona fzllff qfiarnsxlxxxsx., , ,,... v- V' asia-2 ' ' IMPERIAL ' CHINA RFSTAURANI' Q 'f SPECIAL BUFFET STYLE CHINESE CUISINE . :mum moo mo munuuu roou A LUNCH A nlllill - COCKTAIL! MON-TH RS 11-10 SAT 12: 0 SUN 5-, 3204N ' - B88 7270 T B57I9 DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY GUNS TPORTING GOODS INDIAN JEWELRY E il Jswems r HK, N anoxsns 60 E. GRESS TUCSON ARIZONA 85701 TUCSON S OLDEST AND LARGEST LICENSED PAWNBROKER IN BUSINESS OVER 60 YEARS 624-7114 BOB FIELDS 622-4452 TUCSON ARIZONA SPORT SCENE YOUR LOCAL SPORTING GOODS STORE FOR ALL SEASONS IN 'SHOES 'BASEBALL 'FOOTBALL 'BASKETBALL 'SOCCER 'SWIMMING 'TENNIS 'JOGGING 'TEAM SALES TUCSON MALL upper level near Mervyn's 888-6328 E 1 .-f'0 'jg' S X I ' 'r Lg r- JU O C 'T' is .nl I X I I I :tl FW' P A , , T ,' " ' R M I H H .L P S I E E I C 'N 1. f I C N is 5,1 M R ' U . ' 1 I E I E ' Y. C S A F J E Rls E I ' 'EQ N o IS .gi Chlllru Unlu 10 Special lam 155 S U .EP FRI 11 10' J 1 no ' 11 9' Furs! Ave a dF Lowell Pho ucso A J il xx A l T I I I .I ' I ' ' . XI I I N Isl Aw or Lowell Road ' adn . 1 O O I . c 0 ' 0 ' o , N4 JN QJCPGQP jxfol if gb Q U' VX . XF -ol' 2? oo XX ,fp if XX X 0 L 'D wgw J Aynfx T Pg Rh: J chfye Jn vu c Cb V V JM ff -1 MUJSHJO 'HK RJ K X90 ' -Ji 1+ . Ku 1 EQQIAQ Ayefrkxw QWOUQVXKMLM3 UM. V4 OUAJQXW WOMQ rpm Uyk EDMQJGJ Q MQ 1 Y W0 MH- xv E qhfgomaxfzicjvi L00 Q! QOQUAAJ W I ggw 0 Rb K , J BAD This year the band performed very well, it performed at three of the main universities in Arizona, which includ- ed: NAU, U of A, and ASU. The Band received two excellent ratings, and three superior ratings. Some of the band members participated in Regional and All-State band which was in Flagstaff this year. Not everybody could participate in this event, which is really dissapoint- ing because everybody in the band has very good musi- cal experience. We'd like to congratulate the band on an excellent year. Above. Sax, drums, and Rock n' Roll. Below: Amphi Marching Band. M. 'M Adams, S. Bach, T. Bartman, J. Bauman, J. Becker. K. Black, A. Bland, P. Brown Brown. C. Burch, Karol Cote, J. Cromwell, E. Cromwell, E. Davis, S. Dobie, A. Douglas, M. Elwell, S. Encinos, P. Fimbres. P. Fimbres. M. Frazer. L. French Froelich. G. Froelich, R. Garcia, R. Garcia. M. Gaspari, J. Gehrke, M. Gresenbrock, G. Gutierrez, C, Harris. M. Harris, S, Harris, C. Johnson. L. Johnson Johnson, E. Kischer, F. Kisher, B. Langeheine. M. Levy, B. Maynard, M. Maynard, B. McGraw. E. McGraw, M. Mclllice, R. McLaughlin. W. Mclearran, Mclearran, S. Meiia, B. Mundell. D. Neasham, D. Oadukkam, D. Peach, R. Pickart, F. Pones, S. Pones, B. Porter, J, Powers. D. Pries, V. Randell, M. Recely, Roberts, J. Robles, M. Robles, E. Rosen. H. Rudzitis. S. Settles, S. Slavin, J. Stevens, B. Tracy, D. Vanderkolk, E. Wadley, B. Wheerler. J. Wilkinson. Wilkinson, T. Woodtli, K. Woolston. P. Workman. D. Wienn, B. Zozaya. Flags. E. Anderson, A. Burke, T, Carreon, B. Dowdle. K. Guenther, J. Hoaglund. Rosen. T. Larsen, J, Colvin. Twirlers: S. Berg, A. Douglas, A. Haney, S. Nixon, K. Wallen. I . .- k..fjl Top Left Back Row: B. McGraw. T. Bartman, J. Hardtke. P. Fimbres, 2nd Row. M. Griesenbrock, E. Kischer. S. Mejia. M. Gaspari. 3rd Row: K. Black, Chris Harris, J. Cromwell. L. French. M. Adams, M. Maynard, Front Row: E. Davis. F. Froehlic, F. Pones. P. Nusz. T. Wilkinson. Above: Brian McGraw. X Y Z Xylophone or Me? Middle Right. "WATCH THE FINGERS.", Middle Left: Getting ready for the big night. Below: Amphi's woodwind section lines up in formation. 217 , 35 i'f"f',"Tff'3f ' v , we LJ I :EA .ns HORLI ,M l Kneeling: Meg Campbell. Stephanie Chappa, Annette Midyette, Lance Metz, Kathy Kirk, Kelvin Nelder. Lisa Price, Tanya Bentley. and Mr. Greg Gadow. ln th second row we have: Mary Libby, Margie Cornell. Marisa Domino, Laurel Remers, John Martin, Lynn Norris, Tracy Blakeney. Linda Golseth, Brenne Maynard. And now for the third row: Tim Friedli, Michael Jameson, Heather Tunks, Ken Thurston, Linda Gerszewski, Andy Pongratz, Heather I- Amy Tifft. Carl Nelson, Julie Peterson. The fourth row is as follows: Amanda Slaughter. Scott Worrell. Teri Pongratz, and the magician himself, Ray Last. but not least, the fifth row: Amy Zapperoli, Jay Moman, Andy Cozine. Unfortunately. Eric Marks could not be pictured. A Back Row: Kenneth Thurston, Laurel Carl Nelson. Heather Tunks, Scott Meg Campbell, Ray Leonard. Sitting: Slaughter. Tim Friedli. Lisa Price, and Golseth. Back: Laurel Remers. Front: Domino. 2 I1 ' ruessf-ma W' ,..-.1-a--.1 Back row. Christine Mason, Doug Mayo. April Mayo. Mike Rosenberg, Michael Kantner. We have a couple of people standing, and they are, Theresa Frost. Scott Barber, Melissa Hallier, Steve Petersen. Shawna Bonebright. Martin Duncan, Tori Davis. Tony Peterson, Neatie Hillman. and Ramona Monarrez. Sitting: Marisa Domino, Laurel Remers fhello againj, Wes Andrews. Kathleen Childs, Greg Gadow, Francisco Lopez, Michael Abraugh. John Huffstetler. Our friends kneeling on the ground are: Ed Kestler, Gina Micciche, Joanna Peck. Cindie Jones. Joy Rice. Shari Slatzer. Dee Colter. Tesha Rushlow. and Kimberly Fillerup. Unfortunately we also have a couple of our friends missing in this picture, and they are, Trei Watters. Dean Neasham, Veronica Bremmerman, Joel Cardella, Wendy Lankford, and Naesue Martin. Top to the very bottom: Tim Friedli. Carl Nelson. Scott Worrel, Ken Thurston. Ray Leonard. and Laurel Remers. CHAMBER CHOIR Bottom Row: Tanya Bentley, Ray Leonard, Annette Midyett, Scott Worrell. Lisa Price. Heather Tunks. Mike Jameson. Top row: Tim Friedli, Linda Golseth. Jay Moman, Amanda Slaughter. L Ken Thurston, Laurel Remers, Andy Cozine, x 2 ' Amy Zapperolli, Kathy Kirk. Carl Nelson. Meg Campbell. . f, ., , , ..-KVM - -xyfdff 115 l fy 1' fLif4f,f4," ,. V gi 3,5 , 1 ,af K X, ' 'ff -'f ., -.rf ll X ' df! ,fyff '1 ff , - f fxyfj T" 4 ' .1 ' X ' Q 1 f' ,f " "-"Af . ' ' lg 4, -- ' Jaffe' -1 J if 'ff Rf," ,f 'A T f A ff . , , . 1 'Q ,- ., " V f,1x,,f .fy ' . f , P K V Qfyfu Al 1 , .Z J f . . f J N f Mum, if 1 1, , ,W , ., , L ff- i,.,f-f- s ,sf . "iQf7,f.fLff 4 1. if if ,6 ,N 1 Amphi's drama programs are vastly increasing through-out the years. Amphi now has 3 beginning drama classes, I intermediate class and play productions class for the advanced students. These classes are taught by Mrs. Hasman and Mrs. Ebert. The drama department has presented four major shows: Go Ask Al- ice. You Can't Take It With You, A Showcase Qwhere each actor or actress presents a one act play of their choicej, Cage Birds with the theme "freedom", and last but not least their last production yet to be announced. Mrs. Ebert states, "Lots of good talent this year and hoping more soon in the future." Go get em drama! Ground: L-R: J. Pan-Kita, T. Friese. L. Remers , L. Norris, 2nd Row: C. Syvertson, H. Haseman. T. Blackeney, S. Smith, A. Pepe. L. Steenson, T. Herman, 3rd Row. K. Collins. G. Rudner. K. Jansen, K. Merriman. C. Jones, 4th Row: P. Ziegler, A. Steilstra, P. Berg. H. Hutchinson, L. Golseth, L. Bowser. W. Krutzinger, R. Spencer. 116 Pb 4 it ef i Yr N9 A if Q, f , il Above: Terri Barrow and Christine Jacobson. as her friends, spike Al- ice's drink. Alice was portrayed by Linda Golseth. Left: Earl Billick, as one of AIice's new friends punches her younger brother as little sister looks on. Right: AIice's best friend warns her about her new friends. Below: Alice has a flashback dur- ing a traumatic scene of the play. .Q JW : gee ' qw ,A f lx W .W ,M .M i, lyk., , , fy! M Y 1 fp ff , . I +. .sw M M, , e ass it X up -pr V- V . Nr iv. fx I TER ATIO LTHE PIAN SCCIETY Front row: E. Panteluk. L Bowser. Middle row. R. Cohen. S. Cummings, C. Jacobsen. H. Hutchinson. K. Walker. H. Tunks. E. Billick. Back row. T. Barrow. Byron Smith, W. Crutsinger, C. Roberts. T. Stalker. R. Leonard. I TER-CLUB COUNCIL L-R K. Taylor. K. Smith. L Bagshaw. A. Wittway. G Espinoza. T. Barbie, T Bayles. B. Nelson, A Valles. J. Goodrich. C Harris, R. Ray, B. Tafoya J. Gagliano, C. Banks. Mr Lennan. W. McLearran. P Kelley, G. Busby. C Jacobsen. R. Garcia. J Cromwell, A. Wood, L Price. B. Domino, R Suddath ,-fy, XM' ,. .. E PRE IDE TIAL A new program has come to Amphi. It is the Presi- dential Classroom. Although this program has been running throughout the country for years, this was a first time for Amphi. Three seniors, Jill Goldfarb, David Harden, and Paula McChesney represented Amphi in Washington D.C. this year. They travelled to the Capitol City for one week of intense seminars, lectures, tours, and visits. Some of the highlights of the trip included meeting one of Arizona's Senators, visiting the Smithsonian Institute, going to the Ken- nedy Center, and attending seminars given by the tops of executive, legislative, and iudicial branches, plus business and labor groups. The students are given plenty of opportunity to ask questions con- cerning all subjects. Being such an educational op- portunity for anyone interested in how our govern- ment works, Presidential Classroom should contin- ue as a tradition for Amphi. by Andrew Schmerl, Class of '85 A PAG 'SC The first semester of my junior year took place on "The Hill." Going to school and work in Washing- ton D.C. as a United States House of Representative Page was no ordinary semester by any means. One great thrill of this experience was watching the House proceedings. Each day, the Speaker of the House, Thomas P. O'NeiIl Qalso known as Tipsyj, sauntered into the chamber to open the days ses- sion. But, Pages aren't the only people to see the House in action. Anyone can observe the session while seated in the House gallery with a tour group. One day, I recognized Phil Donahue and Lt. Robert Goodman seated in the gallery, but I doubt they recognized me. My only regret, which will inevitably disappear, is walking through the Capitol and on to the House Floor became routine, like riding the bus to school. CLASSRDOM HALFD P G 119 , YEARBOOK This year's "Panther Trials" yearbook club consisted of six- teen students, of whom five were previous members from last year. Many of our fund raising activities were: Selling bricks for the wall in the yearbook. selling pictures for l.C.C. Daze, and selling Pepsi and Team for the Veterans Day Parade. The yearbook takes many months of hard work: one of the hardest jobs we had to perform was putting all of the underclassmen pictures in alphabetical order, under the right class. and most importantly spelling the name correctly, fbut we were entitled to a few mistakesj!!! Anyways thanks to Wendy Martell four yearbook Editor in Chiefj we somehow pulled through the year. If this had not have been a great year at Amphi: this yearbook wouldn't have been as great as it is. and we not only thank Mr. Shorrock our Advisor, but also the entire staff, and you the students of Amphitheater High School for making this year a good one!! -Angie Valles Kelly Mulkern. and Angie Valles show a Colgate Smile. Bottom: Right to Left Front Row: Amber Pinnell. Michelle Ruyle, Helen Vlastaris, Wendy Martell, Angie Valles Middle: Mike Sparks. Michele Dix, Mia Giammona. Amy Wiersma, Paula McChesny. Back Row: Pat Shalvay, Jacob Brown, Ann Yunker, Jeff Dolls, and Ric Shorrock. "Yearbook staff bums in the sum." 4?- 3 Bottom Left: Michele and Ann sell coke to customer. Bottom Right: Organ, Grinder CMikeJ and Monkey CPatQ make some Music. top left: Wendy shows Michelle how far to type the captions. Top Right: Carpooling taken to the limit. Center: Helen, Mia. Kelly. Angie. Wendy, and Michele work hard to make deadline. iff? fain M7 W if ' gf 121 5-ur FOREIG LA GLIAGE LUB Top L-R: T. Starling, L. Price. J. Gagliano, T. Kittle. L. Renlchler, P. Ransom. J. Petterson. R. Cohen. E. Hagberg. A. Gomez, C. Nelson. P. Cortez Middle L-R: M. Farrar. A. Modi. L. Toben. B. Aangenendl. P. Mendes, P. Villemos. Bottom: S. Halkali, V. Herman. f' WL Q HICANO CULTURE U we IHS! Q? W' 31 59" Kit I HRO MRSA! Q V Ruy e ..... 4 I, l is D.E.C. . DECA. Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a co- curricular club for Juniors and Seniors who are enrolled in Marketing or Merchandising classes. Students in DECA are placed in jobs where they are paid the going rate and earn credit towards graduation at the same time. Among DECA's fundraising activities is a weekly popcorn sale which helps send students to the annual state convention. .4 ,f 'f , ' ' "" wry NMA C . A , I 'Q " W., Front Row L R C Green, J. Arriaga. M. Carreon, J. Weiden, J. Miller. L. Sanchez, K. Bui. 2nd Row L-R: C. Thomas. Mrs. Holt. B. Ambrose, D. Dalzell. T. Vnronet T Kessler S. Cummins, D. Granillo, S. Higgason. 3rd Row L-R: Mrs. Johnson, Miss Newman, A. Burke, G. Rudner. L. Mehl. Y. Moreno. K. Hamel. 4th Row L R J Cromwell. R. Callahan. R. Jacobsen, A. Kent, D. Silvain. L. Courtney, J. Doedell. i. SCHOLASTIC BOWL Q. M-Ame .sc TOP: Ore'Giron, Pack. and Sterrett judging the answers of the contestants. ABOVE: Rachael, Eric. Del, and Amber figuring out the answer while time ticks away. BELOW: Mrs. Moore's winning team listens for the correct answer. The winner of the second annual Scholastic Bowl was the team coached by Mrs. Moore. The competition consisted of eight outstanding teams formed by the students and their coaches. In order to prepare themselves for the competi- tion, students did various things like working out practice questions and holding practice competitions between teams. The Scholastic Bowl was first suggested last year by the county Superintendent. This year the main coordinator of the Scholastic Bowl was Mrs. Dutz. View ABOVE: Mr. Trent, the M.C., giving the next question. BELOW: Hand ready on the button. Rachael. Eric, and Del concentrate on the question. SIR SSB ...., . .Q . 3 fs E - e . 2. 2 C.O.E FSA left to right: Mrs. Thompson. Kelly Smith, Michelle Martin. Nancy Gillette, Tina Smith "treasurer", Kippir Smith "president", Pam Kelly "vice president". Geri Wetterlind "secretary", Barbara Gastelum, Renee Broadwater. Mrs. Wunder. .S.A. SASHIO ' Fill RIC Left to right: Ralph Young. Lisa Arvayo, Carolyn Sheaks. Angie Valles. Dianna Helms. Kerry Walker. Annette Smith, Tina Smith. Michelle Hannah, Claudia Morgan. Carrie Iglesias, Kippir Smith ' "president", Beth Brown. Carmen Sandavol. Shanna DuPont. Arlene Diaz "treasurer", Lydia Ramirez, Geri Wetterling l 1. "secretary". Mrs. Wunder. i 1 ' I Q I . 9' ASTRO QMY , ,Q 0 0 - . 77 fm J fm We I 1770! vfwil Q ei'l,1fss I ful VJ Q IVV!! TDCMGL T W ,J Z , - . f. , J , A ad l fl 6 64 fa fljfrlq 01062 l9fI Cl? .frlfl ln lb sfo, jool L This year a newly formed club, the Astronomy Club, has been presented to Amphi. Don Simpson. the Advisor, and his nine new members compose the club. The President is Leslie Alpert and the Vice President is Tom Starling. Who being new himself says. "This year has started out really well for my first year." The club has raised money by selling bagels. The members have gone on a field trip to the Flandrau Planetarium. located at the University of Arizona. to learn new things. Although they have not dis- covered any new planets, the club is still very inter- ested in the universe surrounding us. 0 nj .Img M5 Qinljbjjflo L0 Top: R. Callahan. Tom Starling, H. Cummings. Mr. Simpson Bottom: L. Alpert. J. Gagliano. R. HERO FQCDS A C0-GP www my If l 'F 9 , Top row: Becky Candle. Rob Jovalusky, Michelle Deitering. Evan Davis. Tammy Dunn, Ron Moreno, Tammy Vetrano. Front row: Sally Balli, Rob Deemer. Barbara Tafoya. Susie Urbina. Josie Gararo. Senior H.E.R.O. Back row: Eric Johnson. Donna Hill, Anne-Marie Ohmer, Dan Smith. Lori Carr, Lisa Larson, Wendy Hefty, Maria Faust, Mike Taylor. Middle row: Beth Ashley, Kathy Butler. Bert Valenzuela, Jade Howard. Michele Rosenberg, D.J. Nehren, Front Row: Jayme Chiles, Veronica Arvelos, Julie Valenzuela, Upper right hand corner: Sponsor. Dr. Graham. 1 I E 7 JR. HERO C0-GP 3 Q !E5i'i,?N Front Row L-R: M. Kantner. K. Wheeler, Ind Row L-R: D. Benavidez, L, Stalker, M. Urbina, M. Coats. W. Nipper. L. Sturdevant, C. Aranda, 3rd Row L-R: C Jones. G. Day, B. Rusch, M, Woelfe. D. Martin. M. O'Brien, G. Brock. Mrs. Breing. E X i 'UQ' ...' ..,. .. Front Row L-R. K. Martinez, L. Fellows. D. Robb, 2nd Row L-R: D. Colter, T. Dillhoff, L. Long. D. Coats, T. Johnson, L. Krample, M. Perathaner. D. Hill, R. Dehart. 3rd Row L-R: I. Sierra, D. Benzi, 4th Row L-R: C. Tella. O. Yi, S. Paya. J. Meade, K. Van Horrik, R. Mason. V, Dejohn. Future Farmers of America is a non-profit organization set up to teach today's young about agriculture in America. The FFA doesn't only teach about cows, hay and tractors. but it also teaches about forestry, conservation. surveying and other agricultural related occupations. The FFA pro- gram here at Amphi is one of the best programs in the state. Russ Federico. the president of our chapter. has done much to improve the organizational set up of our program. this year. This year the agriculture classes and the FFA chapter have done much for the community. They've held educa- tional petting zoo's at local elementary schools. They have also gone on can collections for charity organizations. We are proud of what the FFA has done for our community. They deserve a well earned thanks. Skip Brazil and Bogus: "True love at last". Bottom Row QLeft to Righty J. Leacock, B. Bernstein, T, Chacon, C. Pyeatl, D. Hershberger, T. Milne, N. Polito. J. Dotts. K. Boling. Second Row: S. Jacobi. T Ray. K. Ohmer. M. Peranther, T. Riley. D. Gordon. L. Jacobi. D. Kitterman, B. Johnston. B. Woelfer, P. Potts, J. Paris. T. Cobb, Third Row. T. Glavocich, L Ramirez, C. Brewer. D. Drake. W. Worman. K. Chamberlain. R. De La Torre, C. Payne. M. Pearson, P. Cowan. A. Wood. Forth Row: M. Borlick. R. Federico. T Ruhl. S. Brazil, M. Stubblefield. C. Smith. B. Ruch. K. Soble, C. Saylor. T. Larkin. 4. MQ? . FCA , ,,,,,, 3 . Bottom Left to Right: A. Rudisill, S. Tirrell, Yoli Gomez, Back Left to Right: K. Wadem M. Panepinto. Advisor-Ann Young, K. Mulkern. R. Davis. JC A D CGMPA Y Bottom L-R: K. Jewell. E. Pongratz. B. Hetzel. J. Jewell. T. Pongratz, D. Mansker, S. Beiser, Middle L-R. M. Elliot. J. Ortloff, B. Wiles, K. Estes. S. Jakubic. J. Meyer. A. Pongratz. J. Heacox, J. Eichman, Top L-R: Trainer Steve Waterson. R. Jabczenski. D. Orr. T. Jackubeik , T. Jewell. J. Caley. D. Haynes, D. Orr. KEY Key Club is a service organization for high school students. It is sponsored by the Tucson Kiwanis Club. Key Club has done many activities such as volunteer work at St. Luke's Home for elderly women, ringing bells for the Salvation Army and various other things. They have held many fund raisers such as sponsoring a dance, selling candy, and their annual Thanksgiving Turkey Give-away. The funds were used to help the community. Even though there were very few mem- bers, everyone worked hard and had a very successful year! 25' -I CLUB S KEY CLUB OFFICERS: Left to right: Cindy Harris secretary Rob Callaghan treasurer Krissy Michel-President. Front Row: Krissy Michel. Beth Nelson, Kim Fillerup, Christy Planting, Elizabeth Lamb. SECOND ROW: Lisa Molera Mia Glammona Laura Danley Margie Kittle, Stephanie Turrell, Melinda Weisman, Melanie Dunn. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Beiser. Dawn Hershberger Kim Chastain Cindy Harris Scott Schorzman Walt Sample. Rudolfo Diaz, Pat Lennan, Jeff McQueen. C7 L5-"iKK KI cLu B . . H ,N NS K.. ,.......-..,-....... ,....... , . . ,.,-.,... ., Front Row L-R: W, White. J. Chiles. M. Poppen. Back Row L-R: A. Tifft, S. Linaker, G. Greve, P. Lopez, L. Harris, D. Hernandez. Not Pictured. M. Adams. C. Malone. M. Martinez, B. Nelson. THLETIC TRAINER H0 OR SOCIETY sm ,, . Isl Row QL-RJ: R Gastelum, R. McNabb M. Armenta. D Mather. M. Harnmel. G Calderon. T. Glover, P Plimpton. D. Streich Ind Row fl.-Ry L Cummings. S. Shuman Mr. Edwards. M Turner. B. Dane. J Ackley. J. French. R. Figueroa. E. Teel. P. Binder. . . .C.A. Last Row: L-R J. Gore fAdvisor. D. Symons. K Echart. K. Black. S. Mansfield. D. Nagle. P. McChesney. J. Goldfarb, J. Wiese. Linda H. K. Schlaefer. Middle Row L-R: J. Bauman. A. Trujillo. J. Ahearn. C. Colbert. B. Moore. Sitting L-R. R. Sadowsky. K. Colpilts. D. Harden fVice- Presidentj DESERT GAZETTE The monthly newspaper publication. The Desert Gazette, staffed by the advanced journalism class, strove to meet many goals, in the l983-84. Among these goals were, to stimulate thought while posing student opinions. provide an open fo- rum, for comment, enlighten through the news that sought the truth, entertain and inform with decisive features, supply the latest stats and facts on Amphi's superior athletic programs, and finally, provide all angles to many indepth topics. Overall, the Desert Gazette Staff aimed their efforts toward the George H. Gallup award, given to the nation's top 35 high school newspapers. Editor-in-chief, Jeff Caley. and his staff of six section editors were proud to have a staff of writers that excelled in many ways. Advisor, Jim Herman kept the staff on its toes, endlessly quoting, journalistic ethics and policies. Of his staff he says, "Caring, concerned, involved journalists is what the journalism department looks for." Front row: Suzie Schmidt. Jim Herman, Lupita Chavez, Beth Eves, Jeff Caley, .lay LaSalle, Jason Groch. Back row: Anne Yunker, Michael Sparks. Cliff Holland. Mandy Hayes, Lisa Molera, Anthony Pelito. Barry Moehring. Front row. I-r: Shelly McCombs. Jaque Brown- Co Captain, Dana Carpenter, Becky Hetzel. ' l Andrea Kung. Back row. r: Shellie Molina-Captain Jeannette Mare. Chris Shade, Debbie Sells, Stephanie Plantz VARSITY SO GLEADER Front row. I-r: Kristina Runge. Tina Edwards. Paula Keppel-Co captain. Liza Norton-Captain. Back row. I-ra Venus Patterson, Peggy Nusz. Carey Mason, Laura Garvin. Kim Donaghay. Robyn Floyd. Katie Taylor Front row, I-r: Gina Johns. Griselda Brady. Back row I-ra Kathy Swedeen. Kirstin Fritz. Susie Brown. V CHEER FROSH HEER Front row, I-ra Cindy Bushmire, Deddie Gordon. Back row, I-ra Wendy lankford. Michelle Andree Not pictured- Karrie Banks Courtney Cox. Our new art teacher. Mrs. Cox contributed a few pieces of art work to the yearbook staff. It is our privilege to show some of these excellent works, by: Tom Ruikka and Tesha. WRE TLI G CHEERS 455,-43,73-Fi' Wwfiilmfw f ' ' .J I' 4 ' 1: J. f.., Q - .. :- wf - . .un ,, AA,,,,A., ..,,,,,, , -- VARSITY WRESTLING CHEER: Back Row-Lori Williams, Doreen Ballesteros, Kris Johnstone: Front Row: Johnice Goodrich. Jeanna Johnstone. Lisa Ruggiero. Adriana Anaya, Shelley Garren. Tuesday Wales. Lori Wilson. Diana Granillo. Cheryl Martin. Ms. KET E. .. , T. L. ,T 3 K Q s...5WtQ-3 X sc.. - 5 ii Qi ..,l 1 ..a-1 . K. cg .sf .X A Sig s.-X.-.2 .- s. -. X-..- 1 T . .N XY 2 Z W s Q X is 'S Q WN me N YS 1' 3 ,, .A W, X -we ABOVE LEFT: Kris Johnstone takes a break between matches. ABOVE RIGHT: Lori Williams and Kris discuss a cheer for Amphi's victory. Heather Murrell . '-,at V, My V I + PM-i"f2'+,,'ay M Q V nw ' , f. Y , ,gZ4a 4 x --0' 'I .. . . 14 Y 47V, 1 e , Y . 4 , I I fp,, , Q My N f , . Nw VR Diane Hughes and BUSY BHS- o A If 1. Y 4 v I . l, VARSITY What comes to mind when one thinks of Amphi's football team? CLASS. lt's the kind seen in several ways: the team's attitude when winning or losing, the cheering fans backing their team, and everyone else who comes in contact with them. The team held on to their CLASS even when they went through hard times and low morale and when the five players were suspended from the team. They stuck together and never gave up. Overcoming a tough beginning, the team rallied and beat Buena 22-2I for the first win of the season. Showing tough determina- tion, the final overall record for the year was 8-3, with a league record of 5- I . The team was the North League Champions. Another winning season brought the overall record of Amphi's football team in the past 8 years to 78 wins, I4 losses, and I tie. FOOTBALL ms: - --WN, 5. V MLA, .R w'S.a0U WA' 7 eau... N 1 - My ,gs st... , is ss e I ,ef . Q gms-.,, K. A y . . ggmxl - :S 'rgg-Nw-A A .,.. Img. - We mfjgvv 'U' S. . - ..- .a....,,, f 'gs ,.. , fs Nkts I'-L -St X . X Qxxxi TOP: Bob Hill cuts left through the line as Jon Volpe takes out a potential tackler. ABOVE: Amphi team breaks through and on to the field for victory. RIGHT: Dale Slaughter acknowledges Amphi's touchdown. ORTH LEAGUE C AMP - f . ,fy , .. L ma. .N Au. - l l Front row: J. Soza, A. Stevens, J. Eichman, D. Ballesleros. R. Parra, C. Crocetti, P. Greaber. J. Volpe, D. Leana SECOND ROW: B. Hill. T, Barnhart, M. Shade, J. Wright, S. Dye. R, Fox, M. Borlick. J. Dominguez, D. Slaughter, THIRD ROW: E. Dominguez, D. Parks, K. Schlafer, B. Royer. P. Adams C. White, J. Kittle. K. Burke, R. Herrera, J. Nathan FORTH ROW: R. Figueroa, Z. Salaz, B. Gaddis, S. Herbst, J. Wilson, D. Orr, M. Arnold, B. Eigen T. Miller, C. Alkens, T. Haggerty BACK ROW: C. Pollard. M. Arnold. C. Gutierrez, A. Lancaster, T. Jewell, S. Schorzman, J. Gonzales, D. Quest, D. Haynes, S. Dowling, B. Wharton X49 4 ' ff,,?'4ZfI, fftky' ff, T- 'YM :Til 5- 14 ,, f- C li' 1' ,G .OT - .fl . A X .Qt , ., I f .T T- T it f.4'Q"' , l i st ,Qi 9 l x as my ,we fl' .ew 1 - - -X 'llfllllffs' 1: - ' ' in X1 - f lil: M I. N ,MW 2 , F W .X , t y X T 1 Q ,, 9 V xx , V. ' '.-g l, l ,tl ,Q fa ' 4 .ir 4 1 thnx ,K-lx JIMTQJ - ws AS lx , l-"fl l , f a . if ffl SV- 'LZ' JAN' 'll-x vi, ' Xl 45. fgpm . 9 1 Q ' egg? In Si J.. 2' 'n Y xr 5 , '1 ' f M 15 ,I 5N': ' fm X W. X 1 M. my V' l X -z hxnxyfbhf b , 15 M WX 'fag 'nfs 22?zXb1faf"i' QNX! -O' Q Q ix . 1 Y ,fi f um , -fr . M "' hwwmh i Q ww ig: SQ? " gk yytaxkx WN' . Q96 1 B ix:f5,f"53 H f wZ3,s:,f kwa- X ,z DEFE I EACTIO X 'Q ABOVE: Tad Jewell prevents an end around sweep. ABOVE RIGHT: Good solid defensive action by one of the big boys on our team. BELOW: Alan Stevens executes the perfect tackle. CRUNCH went the offensive players. BELOW RIGHT: Bob Hill and friend prevent extra yardage by Buenas running back. go 16 oagok 1 f t K A - II, -Q lv- -'...-.9 in 46 ,.v ,if V' w ff 1 iww a 4 ,, W ,I L V W ',ba-En. Q 21 M- fz JV FROSH FOOTB LL i983-84 UNDEFEATED J.V. TEAM: Top, left to right- K. Gill, D. Miquel. R. Kanyur. D. Phoenix, R. Anderson, D. Watson, P. Berry, T. Gifford, P Valdez, S, Haynes: MIDDLE- L. White, S. Kimble, S. Schubert. A. Pinnell. J. Crider, T. Friedli, M. Johnson, R. Guiterrez, D. Orr, A. Bland BOTTOM. M. Panepinto. J. Soto, J. Colter, F. Manzano, Coach Sather, Coach Tetrault, Coach Mower. B. Kindred. V. Cortes, T. Bishop, M Grant. FROSH FOOTBALL: Bottom row- R. Lalfaye. A. Hetzel, B. Barnhart. R. Romero. Coach Brewington, Coach Warnke. Coach Larson. W. Mendoza C. Hobbs, K. Leviten, D. Mitchell. IND ROW- T. Devine, J. Miller, D. Schmidt, D. Oppenheim. C. Portis, G. Busby, J. Platt, A. Medina. J. Bozzo M. Bates, J. Fuller. C. Medina: SRD ROW- M. Nafarrate, J. Nagle. T. Ammon. R. Choate. D. Cole, D. Little. R. Adams. K. Wamsley. A. Robison T. Haynes. R. Cavallucci, N. Espinoza: TOP ROW- D. Frank. T. Molina, R. Jochums. T. Glavocich, C, Williams, P. Pierce. S. Harden, E. Kalingtis M. Gage, T, Gomez. M. Layne. ai' LOVE EPI 7A PH One night I had a dream That seemed quite befitting of my life. i was a chipmunk scampering thru the woods, ln and among the trees and flowers, Enjoying life. As l chewed on a juicy leaf of cloven An intruding darkness prevailed over my space. I ran and ran, trying to evade it, But it persisted wings outstretched Eyes filled with the anticipation of blood. I headed for my home in a nearby tree. But off to the left was my friend's tree. lt was closen but did I dare intrude? I stopped to consider the options. I looked behind me and saw him Gliding closer, flexing his talons. Was that a laugh I heard Or just the wind Rustling in the trees? FUTURE l'm closing the door on the past. Look at someone and what do you see? A rock, dirty and shapeless, Hidden and smothered by the dirt of a ruthless world it's ugly you say, just like all the rest. So you turn and walk away. A little more dirt has just been added But suppose, just suppose You observed the rock a little closer. For it is unique in it's own way. With a little patience and tender care You can clean the dirt away. It begins to sparkle - Just a little at first. But as you continue, It shines with a brilliance beyond words. Perhaps now you have discovered That there is a diamond within us all. POEMS I'm trying to sort out the good, the bad the happy the sad. Trying to preserve the golden memories of childhood. Trying to leave behind the past hurts and fears Where does one end and the other begin? This is where my task begins. Has the crowd changed and left me behind? or I them? Why do I feel like I'm standing still standing alone, everyone else is moving so fast. I see many faces, some glad some scared some confused faces of people who don't know themselves. Do I know myself? NO! How do I go about it? put the past behind and look to the futureg optimistically. Why are my eyes wet? ls it what I have lost, or what I have gained? I see new faces, smiling and happy, l hear laughter and feel cold winds. But not just yet. What stands between me and the happiness I can see, can feel can hean and yet cannot hold in my hand though it belongs to me? ls it my old friendffoe, the past? I think it is so l work harder at my task and struggle to close the door . . . - J.l?.P. Your icy steel hands Clutch at my heart Soueezing out the love You so eagerly seek. Oh yes, there is pleasure in loving. But can lt possibly be worth All the pain and suffering You've put me through? Any sensible person Would see the uselessness Of striving to regain What we've lost, But perhaps I am the sensible one. For I see it not as being lost, But simply buried among the debris Of my selfish emotions. Perhaps when I've cleared it away I'lI be able to see you as you are And offer to you my unconditional love. Expecting nothing in return. -K M. POWDER PU FF 84 .-4. . ,vm I--bfi 1 ' g K .- ' K ' K K . 5 gs, -'Xy,j,,',,a.t-uigtlt .1 " ggi -N. ,,.,,,.-Q - . .au --sf'V5" ' F F . -X . E ii T X 'sw , A ' ' .. .- " 3 -:fm f--if - 5 K h .1 Q . 150 Wx: TOP LEFT: Senior!Soph Powderpuff, left to right, Back Row: Coach Tim Friedli, Coach Eric Dominguez, Gina Everill, Tina Jakuvich, Rita Jabenski, Delton Orr, Coach Donny Quest, Coach Jon Volpe, Middle Row: Wendy White, Laura Maddock. Tori Barbie. Susan Hervey, Brenda Kelley. Stacy Chapman, Donna Knight, Ann Kelly, Julie Sulslen: Front Row: Sharon Jakuvich, Griselda Brady, Johnice Ortloff. Denise Munoz, Merica Cardella, Kathy Swedeen, Amy Allerheilisen: Front Row: Cheryl Greene, and Katie Estes. Leftt Cheryl Greene moves pass defender Cathy Heacox. Above. Marisa Cardella makes an end sweep with no problems. E IORITY OVER RULE ABOVE: Kathy Heacox, Gina Everill, and Donna Knight fight for the ball. RIGHT: Stephanie Chappa reaches high for a pass caught by opposing team member. BOTTOM LEFT: Gina Johns and Mia M "" X 'X , 1 , A , 'I ff f f f kv M ' -f Q I V , Giammona take a stand with the 4th down, MIDDLE RIGHT: Cheryl Greene gets ready to head off 'I Devon Cox. BOTTOM RIGHT: Girls powderpuff showing their stuff - battle or sport? .s.,Aw"""'4s's Y g.dSiZM,., tw is 3, 2'- 'ffffif N Q.. 'L I , ' I 2 42" 'ff I 1 GOLF This season the golf team was highlighted by a I2-2 record and their 2nd place position in divisionals. The outstanding players for this year were: Seniors- Fran- cisco Glenn and Jeff Caley: Junior- Lee Coate, and Sophomore- Mark Merder. Mr. DePascaI stated, "The team was disappointed because they finished Ilth out of I6 teams in the state: we had hoped to have done much better." l L l "' , lt- Y. 1, ,v r A A J..-afff' left to right- Paul Noonan. Marshall Tallman, Jeff Caley, Lee Coate Mark Nunamaker Trevor Busche Rusty Rollins Steve Gutbub KNEELING Ton Barbie ' I h NOT PICTURED: Rick Saul. J.J. Jewell, Mark Herder, Chico Glenn ABOVE Rip DePasca coac l CROSS COU TRY Top row: Jacques Pan-Kita. Steve Mansfield, David Ratliff. Ron Segerstrom, Eric Shockett, Tom Eckoff, David Fleishman, Rob Wisner, .Ieff Smith, Ward Hamlet: Coach Paul Nido. SECOND ROW: Mike Mare', Ray Abasta, Radrigo Santian, Ken Thurston. Steve Miller, Todd Colletti, Joe Renken, Eric Dowdle, John Dailey, Doyle Quanimptewa. BOTTOM ROW: Carmon Santa Cruz. Abra Bentley. Ann Gore, Melanie Robles, Betsy Berg, Zoe Ann Berg, Audrey Broad, Ellen Gore, Amber Settle, Linda Jarvin, Diane Hughes. 1: pf T 5, W or ge Maya , 3, O 5 A 5 , ,, ,ff , ,W , A l v T yals B If ' C T, ,,,,,, .. 3232? ,,,,, usd, -f This year's cross country team didn't stand all that well in the league, but they demonstrated true Amphi Sports- manship. Mr. Nido said that at the beginning of the season, the runners ran individually, but throughout the course of the season they bonded together, and ran together in training and also in the meets. David Fleish- man was an asset to Amphi's Cross Country team as well as Tom Ebcoff and Robert Weisner. Fleishman placed 8th in divisionals and 50th overall in state. The girls that attended state were seniors, Diane Hughes, Melanie Ro- bles. and Carlotta Edwards: juniors: Betsy Berg, Ellen Gore and Andrea Broada and sophomore Amber Settle. The team had set a goal to finish in the top five but were just shy of their mark by placing 6th. SWIMMI G A D DIVIN Q -x 2 ,am , ,rf-Q 3, ., - 'E . wgalt ""'x'n-..., Above: Betsy Leader takes a big breath for the winning stroke. Above right: Amphi's swimmers warming up before a meet. and of course the win! The l983-84 Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving teams experienced the finest seasons in the school's history. Both teams finished their dual meet season with perfect II-0 records and captured both the boys and girls team cham- pionships on the Southern Division. lt was the first title for the girls while the boys added their fourth consecutive championship. The boys team finished second in the State Championships behind powerhouse Brophy Prep of Phoe- nix. while the girls placed fourth. Both placings were the highest in the teams brief five-year history. Co-captains Scott Menke and Kevin Hammel, along with Ed Martignetti. led the boys team throughout the year. Mencke earned All- American consideration honors in the l00 yd. freestyle race all year long. Hammel placed first in the Southern Division in the diving and was a finalist at the State cha- pionships. Marnie Olton and Cathy Heacox were the co- captains of the girls' team who finished with their first unbeaten season ever. Heacox was a state finalist in the 200 yd. freestyle and she was teamed up with Mary Jontz. Trish Ahern. and Debbie Lynch to form the fastest 400 yd. freestyle relay in the school's history. Q . S37 t .. hi-'la Amphi Divers: K. Kramer. Coach B. T.. xgi 1 X xl A an w.1Hf0"""'9Y"" Hammel. B. Schlimme. M. Schrader, C. McDonald, J. Tweedy, M. Koerner, J. Schlimme, B. Milsap. 5 1 f' x Q. . I lvl 5 X , , nnpffqt , dial-Z if 7s -I . EA -' xr H ,V 55555235 a . ' N - rr, M. X - 4 .,-qtusflh-PFI5, I vp S,--212-':1'a1:2:11sS?11WEfeD i s. dag U 44- is Q. "J of 3-.'if,E:u:LIg'2:.1kJ5'u'.-Lu :fy 33' S L, --3:2gg:,lg.1:3,:..:,g':33gue - 7 :vt i:'A1f:115:- I JB if . f n ,xx iff" --ipin , fs "ft:--"':iT r -'s' ' , K s 5 ,.- 7 -f f' M- La! ' ,,-C 2 E-sl? BOYS SWIMMING L-R TOP ROW: L. Crawford, B. Schlimme, R. McDonald, S, Mencke, J. Wilkinson. J. Ames, B. Thomason, P. Berg. D. Harden. D. Decker. K. Dantzler, J. Climer, Coach Bob Tweedy. L-R IND ROW: Coach Karrie Bradie. C. Jones. A. Mersiowsky, J. Giley. P. Henderson, S. Hammel, B. Mundell, R. Olson, R. Decker, E. Davisworth. L-R BOTTOM ROW: N. Godbold. B. Corrigan, M. Pierce. H. McCauley, G. Jacobsen, A. Newman. GIRLS SWIMMING: Top Row, K. Bradie, Coach Dave Kinlas. C. Planlins, L. Crawford, M. Olton, S. Moussa, C. Lilien. P. Thorn, K. Dredge, K. Reynolds, Coach Bob Tweedy. L-R IND ROW. S. Potler. S. Meyer, J. Carichner, S. Biser. B. Shindler, V. Raubenett, K. Brown, J. Kramer. S. Telesco, T. Ahern, L-R SRD ROW. H. Murrell, J. Schlimme. D. Meyer, J. Clark, K. Somerholter. H. Vlastaris, E. Kay. H. Barefield. C. Latham. BOTTOM ROW: C. McDonald. S. Banner, M. Hallier, B. Tatom. A. Campbell. B, Leader. A L. W I J ., .ty .,, I . ,..V .,, . I ' 1 'Ln 'V I . Corey Morshita. The team's only returning players were Izzy Santa Cruz- team captain. and Debbie Symons- most valuable player. After watching one game a referee stated that Amphi's volleyball team was one of the most skilled and potential teams The team however held a league record of l-5 due to their lack of experience and team coherence. The J.V. team coached by Jodie Moore, and the Freshman team was coached by Mrs. Proll. a new teacher here at Amphi. The teams have worked hard and learned much throughout the season. VAR ITY OLLEYB LL Varsity Volleyball: Coach-Donna Knight. Katie Eckhart. Tina Jakubcik. Nita Carver. Christie Stark. Becky Robles, Debbie Vanderkolk, Cory. Isabel SantaCruz. Jennifer Markley. Debbie Symons, Anna Cavoulas. and Mandy Hays. FROSH OLLEYBALL JV Volleyball: Coach-Jody Moore. Ann Rosa, Michele Withrow. Karen Jenson. Samantha Meese, Terry Hooper. Kim Miller. Lisa Fiorucci. Coach-Richard Marlene Medina. Jeanna Botz. Laurie Price. Michele Elliot. Mary Libby. Mart Valensia. Carrie Mehrhoff. Frosh Volleyball: Coach- Katie Groll, LouAnn Schocket, Shellie Pingry. Shawna. Melissa Carver. Shelly Detlofl, Karen Saunders. Mary Beach. Mindy Suddath. Heather Barefield, Sylvia Moreno Tina Knowlton, Kim Symons, Rosa Saucedo. BOY'S SGCCER Amphi's fantastic boy's and girls Varsity soc- cer teams had great seasons. When the boys ended their season they were 6-4. The girls team did exceptionally well. They were I0-0 and they ended their season by defeating Buena in the tournament. S . A001 V-1. .QA nv 'I I A T' " ' K. I , T . 'Q C l ff Xl 'Q' I BOYS SOCCER: Top: Del Kyger. Mark Nunamaker, Gary Mendez, Mark Long. .lay Hardtke. Rusty Wortman. Geoff McQueen, Matt Wurst, Richard Jacobsen. Middle: Fernando Manzano, Bill Gaddis, Coach Mark. Joe Omen. Coach Fox. Ricardo Maduro. Todd Haynes Bottom: David Saldemando. Kenny McLoughlin. Ray Hubbard. Kelvin Nelder, Pat De Cosmo, Hugh McCauley. Aw at X ,Q .. I ' .X T- wx., Varsity player Rachael Sadowski moves into action, Picture 2: Lisa Molera and Kim Sommerhurt advance toward the opponent to intercept the ball, . ,M ,,,, ff,f.,,,.Wf,,,,,,, W t ,tN,a,,,,w-f-yk,.....H-wmfw -My ' ,W W A 'K , N A' , 1 ..,",4M1.t fy' Q ,wt 1 'WW' A , I , V, 4,,,,,g,f,,.tL -Y Ag M ,,,, M, W--A-:MW K ' f ' A W ' " A aa. ' nw V,,, X ' ttii L , , y Row I: Becky Johnstone, Amelia Pitpitan. Rachel Sadowsky, Raven Marshall, Row 21 Jill Schlimme, Stephanie Beiser, Lisa Molera. Cindy Gerszewski, Michelle Eyler, Laura Shelley, Stephanie Miller, Luanne Schocket, Row 3: Nita Carver. Margie Kittle, Abra Bentley, Stacey Mcllroy, Isabel Santa Cruz. Charlotte Ford, Jenny Markley, Carmen SantaCruz, Cheryl Tarkin, Donna Scott. Row 4: Susan Moussa, Amy Young, Shannon Graham. Kim Somerholter. Mandy Hayes. Stephanie Cole. Jenny Miller. Row 5: Lydia Sandoval, Melissa Carver. Michelle Phillips, Anna White. Tina Boniour, Shawn Friend. Row 6: Coach: Jeannie Zumwalt, Teri Singleton, Felicia Froehlich. Carmen Sandoval. Mary Makkai, Beth Ward, Denise Garcia. Buffy Smith, Coach: Sheridan Moore. wa, VARSITY WRE TLI 0 Bottom left. Amphi wrestlers win againl Bottom right: Strategic moves are essential in a good wrestling match. 'ii Top L-R: Coach Templina R. Fox. J. Wright, B. Mehan, D. Gasho. D. Quest. Steve Herbst. T. Wolfer. J. Volpe. Bottom I.-R. S. Rafael, G. Kristian. M. Panepinto. T. Goddard M. Shade, J. Domingez. R Urbina. J. Soto. V. Cortez X O ,.. .N J . , .ww-: sw MS '- . I . . ,ff -f l L ' ' W. .iffy -- Ullww Top Left: Troy Goddard sizing up his opponent before the match. Top Right. Randy Fox looks mean. ls he always this way? Above: Jon Volpe tries to pin his opponent. Right: A tense moment during a wrestling match. Bottom Left: Help! Screams a desperate wrestler. Bottom Right: Head to head combat between two wrestlers. QT fs-Z.. TOP LEFT: Who are these masked men above right: John Volpe goes for the kill. Middle left: Big. had John pins yet another opponent. Middle right: Kristian Gose making the moves Bottom: Steve Herbst. fighting over a girl? Bottom Right: Can Steve wiggle his way out of this one? .f" 25' """"--... I Top L-R: R. Figerora, R. Snell, M. Pitts. A. Bland, J. McQuaid, L. Lewis. Bottom L-R. E. Lopez. M. Perez. J. Romero, D. Streich. WRE TLI 0 , , L ..... FROSH WRE TLI G Top L-R: T. Fedell. F. Sosa B. Herbst, D. Mayo, D. Oppenheim . D. Schmidt. D. Hedrick. J. Ground, M. Shade. Bottom L-R: D. Jeck. K. Levitan, B. Valdez D. Sapp. R. Wilson. S. Habian. J. Whitmore, C. Rudisill. not pictured D. Mill. 163 VARSITY BASKETB LL i983-84 Varsity Basketball team, coached by Steve Kan- ner, had a slow start. The team wasn't able to play consistently this season. Placing 6th in the Christmas tournament and beating Sunnyside twice were some highlights of the season. The team had good athletes and depth, but due to the loss of last year's senior starters, they were inexperienced. The JV coach, Dan Lopez, and Freshman coach, Mark Pauley, were im- pressed with their teams and look forward to more suc- cessful years. , . s, f 'QD QD fi 2 .1 Six gg Standing. left to right: S. Leo, T. Berlin, P. Adams. C. White. D. Kurtz, S. Lukso B Vankoevenng M Lynch K Schlaefer J Gonzales E Werner B Wharton Kneeling, left to right: E. Moore. C. Kanner, C. Akins. Above: Tony Berlin. taking offensive action for a win against Sunnyside, Top Right: Phil Adams puts one up for another 2 points for Amphi. Below: Eric Moore makes a pass to a teammate. Bottom Right: Eric Werner shoots again. Dos mas! Opposite page: Tony hits the mark again. nous wiwvq YISIRR N815 FLKLQR NUI. NMS ,PM 1 5 N -, il 3 f xy VE I' " Iii -.,t':9m-s.,,,N n.."'K1'.,. 1 Q--auf' 1 3 A . X, Tia, Top Left: Phil Adams and Eric Werner- Panthers on the rebound, ready guys, get that balll Above: Grab that ball Eric. from those Rangers! Bottom left: John scores another point for Amphi. Below Bool Successfully dodges the opponent. ,,,,,,,L , fe, ... ,, M. A. W . ,, it .-,,,...-.wa--':M' W" . 'M xx.. ilu-'Q Above Left: The Rangers couIdn't keep the wild animals tame in this park! Above Rights Phil Adams getting set for the rebound. Below Left: Eric Werner passing the ball away from the Rangers. Below Right: You have to reach high to achieve your goals!!! - zzii 5 1 3 X -NSN- X'f is nz: AF 'WNY ABOVE LEFT Lynn Palmer a lltlle backwards on foolhllls bus ABOVE RIGHT Three hungry lunlors munching down on one of Amphl s dellcrous meals coughl LOWR LEFT Ann Tracey bizarre as always In the Tucson Mall LOWER RIGHT! Coach Frledll and hrs too tall sons Tum and Ted V R ITY SCFTB LL This year's l983-84 Varsity Softball team consisted of I2 players. For the first part of the season the team was coached by Don Simpson then the team was taken over by Don Day. According to Day, "the team responded well to having a new coach and made an honest effort to pull together and play as a team." Outstanding players of the team were: Linda Albrecht. batting .366 and Rita Jab- cyenski. batting 343. Denise Munoz. Gina Everill, Cheryl Greene and Lisa Prise played well on defense. fs f PHE VARSITY SOFTBALL: Front row: Etta Smith. Janice Ortloff. Linda Albrecht. Stephanie Chappa, Cheryl Greene Lisa Price. Back row: Devon Cox, Brennen Kelley. Tina Jakubcik. Coach Simpson. Rita Jabczenski, Gina Everill, Denise Munoz. f, , wwmM,MM,1w,fwmWwfM,awmwww+m f 'Q ii , f , :iff L ' ,, . , ' I L 4 if f , I ,, A 1ff51g3:f'mf ,,,i- vffff ,: ,, V f I , ,"f "2f": , Q. ,ww ,fn 'Jig 'f' I may A , ,, if iw F, Lk,,, , f "f-- 5 , -- , V ,, H "" L L P' ' f 1 ' , VVVV , ,,,,, L :QM V,,,'L, g V, 'EM ,, my , H ,,,,, V ,M Q 72,50 , 'M W rg OPPOSITE PAGE: Linda Albrecht warning "you come any closer and you're gonna get it?" TOP LEFT: Rita Jabczenski gives a practice swing before the game. TOP RIGHT, The catcher Tina Jakubcik. signal's for another pitch. . . FROSH SOFTBALL .l.V. SOFTBALL: Back row: Teri Pongratz, Amy Allerheiligen, Julie Delforge. Coach Warnke, Kerry Stephenson, Kris Rodriguez, Cynthia Roberts. Front row: Dolly Arvayo, Chris Samuelson, Suzy Maronis. Alison Smith Debbie Norgard, Sabrina Navarrete. Angel Morey. VARSITY GYMNASTICS The l982-83 gymnastics team tied for Ist in divisionals and captured a 4th place in state. Lise Bovre was the outstand- ing gymnast at divisionals, winning the Barry Hendricks Award. With six seniors graduating in l983, this year's team is young. The goal of the team has always been the same- to hit the best routines at the right time. The coaches are Marie Daugherty and Holly Smith. A new coach, Brian Gavre is a great asset to the team adding new technique and skill which helps to bring the best out of each gymnast. K. Symons. A. McKinney. Knolten. L. Bovre. K. Knoellmiller. L. Norton, L. Maddock. K. Dredge, C. Mehrhoff. Debbie Symons. Liza Norton, and Laura Maddoclt showing their style. TOP LEFT: Karrie Mehrhoff glides through her bar routine. TOP RIGHT: lisa Bovre does a superior handstand on the uneven bars. BOTTOM LEFT: Lisa takes time out to relax on the balance beam. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kim Symons, just kipping around. 4 V R ITY BASEB LL P , , Q ., :' V g,ff7 , O ,-- is Q 1 QR "' - The I984 Varsity Baseball team was anchored by eleven seniors. Playoff hopes were high right from the start of the season. Along with the strong seniors were many juniors who moved up from last year's J.V. team. They worked hard, improved daily, and had good attitudes in tough games. TOP ROW. S. Dye. S. Dowling. A. Lalncaster. C. Matthews. D. Kurtz. T. Jewell. R. Odell. F. Massey. G. Gray. MIDDLE ROW: F. Borboa. D. Slaughter. C. Akins Coach Bud Warnke. P. linaker. E. Angell. B. Cheever. BOTTOM ROW: J. Goedel. K. Gossman. C. Pollard. H. Gray. B. Biernat. S. Tinsley. .A 3 'Maw SPN JV FROSH BASEB LL Top- Ty Brasher, Jeff Crider, Mike Gomez. Mike Loew, Harry Hunt, Goal Matthews, Jim Caley, Coach Hernandez. Middle- Max Grant. Rob Kanyur, Phil Valdez, Seqn Cullen, Mitch Shade, Paul Herzog, Bottom- Steve Rowe, Lewis Harris, Fernando Manzano, Danny Hernandez, Mark Penepinto, Will Tatom. A51 Back G Busby K Gossman M Rosenber C Pawle T Molina R Golseth D Frank Middle. S. Probasco, B. Hines, D. Hinton, W. Mehle. K. Goedel. M. : . , . , . g, . y. . , . . . . Gonzales, Front: J. Nagle. J. Romero. K. McCIaughIin, A. Casti, M. Noriega. S. Borboa. top left: Grace Feng works for a weekend pass. top right: 3 Amphi gems humming around the mall. bottom left: The Woelfle sisters just want to have fun. bottom right: Helen. Bob. Katie. and Michelle enjoying what Sabino has to offer. A Af f f if . SSN J 'X' if Q if 1 177 VARSITY GIRL BASKETBALL The I983 Girls Basketball team had 8 seniors, 5 of whom started. They had an excellent season with I9 wins and 8 losses, a school record. They were second in the division and third in state. This year the team had only three returning seniors: Cheryl Greene, Brenna Kelley, and Tina Bonjour, who were the lead- ers of the nine players. They were one of the tallest teams in town. They had a strong defense and were very competitive. ..-f"""" ' ini?" i-.uni Me- . -3-as ,ff 3 K Cheryl Greene driving the lane. BACK ROW L-R: K. Miller, S. Mcllroy, B. Kell, C. Stark, K. Browning. Coach Day, N. Carver. H. Pinnell. J. Harmen, S. Hervey, D. Cox, FRONT ROW L-R: C. Evans, C. Greene, J. Brown. Susan "Boobs" Hervey asks. "do I catch it or not?" Skilled Amphi player goes for a lay-up. Back row: C. Scheate. M. Carver. C. Cox, C. Banks. Front. C. Pictured: B. Ams. V. Filts. B. Herfurth. Sulton, L. Toben. V. Raubenholt, S. Marmis, C. Leonard. T. Pongratz, D. Orr. M. Boyer. Not BOYS TENN Boys Tennisz L-R - backrow, M. Todorovic. A. Douglas. T. Hopper. S. Dile, S. Bucher. T. Sheppard. J. Bozzo. E. Furest. Front row. L-R- G. Eigen. Z. Krauss. H. Wood. P. Tamarken. R. Rogoff, D. Jeck. Action shot Below left- One of Amphis awesome freshman with a high Iob. Below right- Roger Rogoff with a smashing forehand. GIRL TENN S Girls Tennis. Top row L-R - A. Ruiz. D. Friedman, M, Hayes, l. Santacruz, R. Jabczenski. T. Hopper. M. Pile. N. Fox. coach S. Stevens. Back row L-R- P Agnihotri. G. Patmen. M. Cardella. S. Isaacman, A. Patzmen, L. Sandova. K. Jewell. Action shots: Below left- Rita Jabczenski, comes back with a great return Below Right- Lydia Sandoval tip-toes to the tennis ball. Last year's boys Varsity track team earned the title of Southern Division Team Champions and ranked l0th in the state. This year " aaaa Coach Nido hopes that the team will finish in the top 3 in the . . . . . . . f 'PsN5?wQv'si'Ssssiss.S5ssf state and wm the Southern Dlvlslon Relays. This year Amphl has "-a "i's?5'f3'f-Siasiwwl the best coaching staff in the state of Ariona. The staff includes: Mr. Nido. Mr. Klee, Mr. McClung, and Mr. Putchett. According to Nido. this year's strongest players will be: Bernie Wharton. Tom Camp, Marion Bates, and David Watson for sprints: Tony Dou- gherty, Scott Shorman, Carl Nelson, and Mark Mose for weights: and Phil Adams, Mark Mose, and Tony Berlin for jumps. Coach Nido believes Buena. Cholla and Sunnyside will be the toughest competition. I., Ab up 9551. Front rowx S. Rogers. B. Millsap. H. McCauley, E. Dowdle, S. Buffington, M. Bates. M. Mare', J. Dailey. 2nd row: A. Petito, J. Pan-Kita, R. Wisner, G. Gray. P. Zuckernick. J. Smith. T. Daugherty. A. Stevens. D. Watson. Last Row: Coach Bob Klee. S. Abrams, Sean. D. Fleishman. S. Schorzman, M. Morse. C. Nelson. P. Adams. B. Vankoevering. T. Berlin, G. McQueen, J. Pan-Kita. M. Hauck. K. Kissling, Coach Nido. C. Ray Pritchett. -sm' ABOVE: Brent Vankoevering and Jacques Pan-Kita showing good style for the hurdle competition. TOP RIGHT: Tony Berlin giving extra effort for extra inches. BOTTOM LEFT: Phil Adams pushes for those few inches that put him above the rest. Another record broken? BOTTOM RIGHT: Jason misses his goal- "Do I get points for a unique landing?" Ng I GIRL TRACK L. Price, M. Smith. Y. Sykes. D. Jansen, K. Somerholter. P. Thorn. R. Sadowsky. T. Krauss. 8. Smith. Row 2: M. Davis, S. McCoy, B. Valenciano. J. Clark, M. Hallier. S. Chappa. L. Shelley. G. Brady. C. Burch. L. Schocket. D. Colter. C. Santa Cruz, R. Nelson. Row 3: R. Cohen. R. Campbell. Amber Settle. T. Graham. L. Crews. J. Frost. C. Ford. D. Garcia. J. Markley. M. Robles. A. Broad. S. Udovich. D. Symons. Standing. T. Singleton fmanagerj. P. Ruby, B. White. S. Graham. T. Jakubcik, A. Gore. M. Makkai. S. Jakubcik. S. Beiser. L. Jarven. E. Gore, A. Bentley. J. Shelton. D. Corral fmanagery, S. Andrews. Not Pictured. B. Berg. R. Marshall. D. Hughes. S. Johson. M. Olton, S. Bayles, C. Roberts. E C. , 53 'S 3 .l.V. TRACK -M .::.gg1,::k x,,, gzmxzazzrzzrmzrwkfsmwsnwww X Wfffwfw W mxwwwfiiwx QsQws'fQswww.m-x,wmMw,w X X Mx 1, W Wa--:::21:1:::p::,m1Mw-ww X P kkll Jw .M ,,,xx ,, . ..,..... ., ...,, ,, , X WMM.. -- . gr: ww 7 Z -u E 5 X Y' X an L C -a so P 0 X -4 fn P Z fhnfnl Q S n,WQALm, ,-:.d,,,..,,..-Q gQ-m..- if W M . K X 5 fisiiiggg N HESS TE TOP ROW: Ms. Korte, J. Thomson, M. McCarthy, T. Tobias, BOTTOM ROW: J. Daily, E. Cester, T. Bartlett ,...- WK 8'l p X X fYH'A1's LAm.ML6US., E ERYBODY' The weekdays always drag on, but with the weekends to look forward to, the days seem a little easier. During the week Amphi students are loaded with homework. Compiling to the lists of things to do on the weekdays are part time jobs which many students have acquired. On this page we take a quick glance of our not-so-hard-working stu- dents. At Amphi we work to live, and we're all working for the weekends. P.S. I don't know Barry. it looks a little small! E11 in . if Y. ' E f 5 - 7 J ix . 'gm 'F so F so " K gg is WORKI G FOR THE WEEKE !!! IN MEMORY. , . .IIM WILLIAMS CLA ss OF 1985 IN MEMORY. . . BARBARA SCHIL TZ OF l984 if X x X 12 CS SQ un QQ an ull QQ .l QQ 1-""'J Amphi District Board: L-R: Dr. Richard Scott. Patricia Perzan. Virginia Houston. Pres. Nancy Thomas. Michael Hart. Above: Principal,Dr. Jim Gibson. Middle: Dr. Bob Carlson. Far right: Dr. Mary Jeane Munroe. Bottom: Pat Lennan. wr, 'ww 'Q w l Q K 1 5 E 1 S 3 E 2 2 y x 1 W . I :X 1 ? I 51' , , K 1 1 ! l I r 1 R I I N 4 v 4 P 4 v A LEFT TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: J. Gore, S. Delap, A. Young. LEFT TO RIGHT. BACK ROW: R. Lacagnina. B. Dutz. B. Hiatt. LEFT TO RIGHT. FRONT ROW: P. Paddock, D. Simpson. M. Miller LEFT TO RIGHT: MIDDLE: J. Lathrem. T. Rose. K. Groll, M. Korte, LEFT TO RIGHT: REAR: M. Montgomery. D. Scott. B. Carhart. R. Larson. MATH BUI SS UNION 5 In QF G LEFT TO RIGHT SEATED1 M. Reinecke, S. Simpson. B. Thompson. G. Koslowski. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT. H. Nichols, R. Telreault, M. Tavares. C. Brown. W. Wunder. T. Foster. 1 V .fm we - TQWJMMMVZJJL WWW? C WR CD06 COPD ANGUAGE ART LEFT TO RIGHT. J. OreGiron, M. Hughes. C. Daly, R. Murray. L. Whittle. E. Roman. R. Nido. Inset. S. Duisberg. 194 FOREIG LA GUA I THIIUIESI ifilifl' BOTTOM L-R. M. Piccone. R. Trent. M. Hitch. C. Lockhart. G. Rodgers. L. Wurst. TOP L-R. C. Daly. M. Walser, A. Julien, K. Hamel. A. Sterrett, B. Hart, C. Cooke. M. Knisely. Not pictured. V. Coburn. S. Reavis. N PHYSICAL EDUCATID Leftfrighl: V. Freidli, B. Hart. D. Ferre, M. Daugherty. B. Scheyli. J. Zumwall, M. Pawley. L. Hawke, S. Kanner, B. Warnke. D. Kinlas, Not shown- S. Walterson -iw' SCIENC Left-right: J. Segurson, S. McClung. R. Klee, R Sewell, R. Larson. D. Dann, D. Mower, J. Cuneo, R. Pack, J, Porter FI E RT TOP ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Ruhe, J. Edwards. J. Bernal. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Toglia, C. Sather, S. Moore. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Butler, R. Shorrock, loan Ebert. B. Hasman. M. Fest, T. Cox. I DLISTRI L RT Back row: S. Marshall, J Herman. H. Wayte. T Waterfall. Front row: B Moore, G. Beaham. P Harris, Seated: B. Templin Not Pictured. A. Laxon DISTRIBLITI E ED D D A 0 C I I SOCIAL STUDIE .wf""'X .I G DECA: F. Holt. B. Johnson, A. Newman JAG: T. Zamora HGME ECONOMICS M,-f Left lo Right: L. Mullican. N. Forbes. T. Burch, S. Villarreal, Jan Ferrell. Not pictured: Bill Graff. LIPPORT left lo Right: C. Hooper, N. Graham, B Kurtz, S. Breining. Parent Volunteer-Leah Finkenbine CUSTDDIANSXM I TEN ENC Ground: Jack George. Robert Ruesga. Ron Zuidema. Maintenance: Gene Stong, Ray Weinzapfel. Custodians Oscar Armenta, Miquel Flores. Chris Sage, Robert Bedard, William Jewel. Shirley Morrow, Greg Toles. Robert Wheeler. RETIRI G TEACHER W. . BOB HIATT CALVIN BROWN MARIE BOYD RETIRING TEACHERS in '84- The six retiring teachers will leave Amphitheater. but their spirit will remain. Their combined teaching experience of I86 years will not be replaced easily. Their service and dedication will be greatly missed. The teachers have some wonderful memories of their years here at Amphitheater. Mr. Sterrett recalls the years during World War ll when classes were held in Quonset huts at Prince Elementary. Many staff and faculty members throughout the district are proud to have had Mr. Sterrett as their English teacher. Calvin Brown is plannig to try some new hobbies and travel. He recommends that new teachers concentrate on getting to know and enjoy their students. Marie Boyd, Librarian at Amphitheater High School for over I7 years. gives the following advice to the parents of today's teenagers: "Students have much more freedom today: but it is up to them to use this freedom constructively." Mr. Richard Murray. who has taught Spanish to Amphi students for over 35 years, hopes to do some traveling and writing. Buena Suerte! Robert Hiatt will be traveling and sailing as much as possible. "Compared to the Amphi of the 40's and 5O's, today's curriculum is much more comprehensive." He believes that education opportunities have improved in quality and quantity with each decade. Mr. Malcolm Montgomery has served as a teacher of Math at Amphitheater High School for the past 23 years. Known by his friends as "Monty" he plans to help his son operate a farmfranch in the Northwest. Although officially retiring December 23, I983. Bob Hiatt. Cal Brown. Malcolm Montgomery and Allan Sterrett will remain full time through May of l984. Richard Murray will teach two classes during the second semester and a part time teacher will be hired for Murray's other classes. ALLAN STERRETT RICHARD MURRAY MALCOLM MONTGOMERY firm if Qu. wg! FI E RT ABOVE: Art students Todd Colletti and Donavon Luer designed a new panther head for our mascot, BELOW: Drama students Lynn Norris, Lisa Steenson, and Chris Jones. rummaging through the costume department. KEPT BU Y mem? gulf' ABOVE: Photography students, Terri Graham and Laura Maddox testing out newly acquired photo equipment. BELOW: Jazz band members practice in the auditorium until their new room is completed. . .. MPHI I --"""'v-I ,-gnu!! TOP LEFT: Anita Lohr, Pima County Superintendent of Schools, presented the to the decathlon winners. ABOVE: Dr. Gibson and Tad Jewell received the MIDDLE LEFT: Pima County Academic Decathlon Winners - Jennifer Ahearn. Martin, Tom Eckhoff, David Fleishman. Rick McDonald. Teresa Stalker, Darcy N: Anna Trujillo, Coach Jan Gore. BOTTOM LEFT: Amphi High School Scholastic I Winners - Ken McLaughlin. Luanne Schocket. Thomas Bartman. Susan K. Bn Janet Bauman, and Jennifer Ahearn. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Gibson displayed symbol of Panther Pride. i - , fx ,. . PEOPLE PLACES THI G TOP: Hero I, visiting Toglia's electronics class, gives R.2.D.2. some compatition. MIDDLE: Nicole Griffith, Keith Atchley. Jeff Bristol, Robert Ammunson, and Russel doing the hula at the Hawaiian pool party. BOTTOM1 Roxanne Nelson selling flowers for the sophomore class to friends. R ? X K, 5 S. THANKS Thefbe, Qfe, LTR, e,ll:,me,7TI,6 of Ye,Q1'bOOK producuon, Qnd Lhasa, QTQ, Lhe, Pe,OPlc,, Qnd LTTOSQ, weft, Lhe, dQYs of our l1ve,s RTC bhorrock The, mood modsrQlor Qnd Qll Qround Qdvlsor Angle, VQlle,s The, ehe,e,r1ng squQd for Lhe, mood mode,rQl,or I love, MW M1che,lle, 5chrQde,r A womQn with Q COITIPIQX Qtlnude, fs 11, erue, 7 I love, 'JSL He,le,n VlQsl,Qr1s All Qround he,lpe,r, You womQn You T'QulQ F'TcLhe,sne,Y The, fore,runne,r Qnd ne,xl, BQrbQrQ WQlle,rs Ksllv F'lulke,rn Our Qdvsruslng mQnQge,r who gon snuck vmh 1nde,x M10 G1QmmonQ, Amv W1e,rsmQ The, bdbv bundle,s of Lhe, bunch who wlll hQve, me e,Q5Y ne,xL YUQP, buf, mQde, up for 11, bl' worklng some,l,1me,s Ke,Y corruplor LO Lhc, Eduor T love, LWT' fluff Sous Moon WQlk Qdvlsor Qnd our e,xQmple, LO bs LO CTQ55 on Lime, M1chQe,l e5pQrks A mQn who ne,e,ds Q rule,r nusr Q bu oul, of focus TOL 5hQlve,Y The, phol,o sdnor, he, dld more, LQTKIYIQ rhe,n worklng, bul se,sme,d LO Qui, rhlngs done, 'Jl15T ln mme, 3QCOb Brown An Qrusl, who hQd Q hQrd Qcl, no follow, bul, d1d hls be,sl, As T953 84 Eduor ln Lh1e,f, I would llke, LO z,hQnk rhe, sl,Qff for hQng1ng ln 1n Lhe,re,, for Pumng up vmh Qll z,he, une,xpe,cl,e,d Qnd Qll Lhe, confuslon, Qnd spe,c1Ql z,hQnks no Thll De,r1nQ our re,pre,se,nz,Quve,, Qnd FlOYd bQbY GQrdne,r for hls he,lp no lhe, 5e,n1ors Ths CTQ55 of T954 ITVe,5 f O T' Q, V e, Tm 61nce,re,lv Yours, Ednor TH E,h1e,f, We-,ndv Morrell T' 5 Our Ednor who hQs survlvsd T5 ve,Qrs vmh no QTQY mQue,r, 1s sull bdffllng mc,dTCQI sc1e,nce, We,ndY T'Tor1,e,ll, You're, K1ndQ sPe,c1Ql ThQnks GQl Love, YQ, Anne,, I'11che,lle,, Qnd Nlgk, Anne, Vunke,r- T'hologrQphe,r Qge,nr orQnge,, rhe, soul re,c1p1e,nl of "Dough Hoqdn QWQf'd, Qnd 7 wriiif , X X .55 .i ,. Q 2 -'ff N sm X 2- ,.:?ragsSg:. SN . WLXLE' 1 ifffj-QQ v N55 -bsiiiizs' .51 ' my L.,L,,... an K 5 l f 55, E Q WWWWWWW, NAV, M K7 'r Wav' 1 ,ww S ix viii Q1 'avi 1 ,X X345 gf J, Q.- i -W W V1 1.5 mms' wg , . wg--1. --1 R Nif- mviw if Q , - Y .,A. X SX A . . ff ez sf Q1 is 5. - SQYN 2,-y wb.. .. .iiiiiiiw :xr L K ' f Aa' MW, X 2 N X . N, ggy -A ,,.,-yf Z I iff QV: af 3 3, ,mi TOP LEFT: Margle Carreon Sec. TOP RIGHT: Cindy Colbert Tres. BOTTOM LEFT: Barbara Fedell Vice Pres. BOT- TOM RIGHT Tad Jewell President 2 . 4, ,L 2 f i I I I II . I I I I fl il II I I I if I? Il I I I I I I I I I I I I Y I I I N , I I I I I I SENIOR CLASS ABRAMS, LISA I0 ABRAMS, STEVE 3I, I0l. l82 ACKLEY, JOEL I0, I34 ACKLEY, SCOTT I0 ADAMS, MARK AHEARN, JENNIFER I0, I34, 202 AHERN, PATRICIA I55 AIKENS, KENTON AKINS, CLARENCE 35, I45, I47, I64. I74 ALBRECHT, LINDA I0, I7I, I70 AMBROSE, BRIAN I34 AMUNDSON, ROBERT JR. 3I, 36. 90, 203 ANAYA. CAROL I0 ANDERSON, BRIAN ANDERSON, SCOTT ANDREWS, PAUL I0 ANGELL, ERIC I0, I75, I74 AREVALO, VERONICA I0, I2S ARMENTA, MARCUS I0, I34 ARNOLD, MARK I0 ARNOLD, MIKE I0 ARRIAGA, JOHN 3I, I24 ARVAYO, LISA I26 ASHLEY. ELIZABETH I0, I28 ATCHLEY, KEITH I0, 64, IOI, 203 AUDET, MICHELLE I0, 36, 56 AVERILL, TERESA BAGNELL, ADAM BAILER, MARK BALLESTEROS. DELBERT I00, I45 BALLI, SALLY I0, I28 BARANGO, DOMINICA BARKER. TODD II BARNETT, ROBERT BARRY, SEAN II BARTLETT, TREVOR IS6 BAUMAN, JANET 3I, 34, 92, II2, I34. 202 BEJARANO, LETICIA BELLOT, JORGE BENTLEY, TANYA 32, I I4, I I5 BERG, PAUL Il6, l55 BERNSTEIN, BERYL II, I30 BERRY, CURTIS II, I75, I74 BIERNAT, BRIAN BILLICK, EARL II7, IIS BLACK, KEVIN II, 34, 92, II2, II3, I32 BOCK. GARY 5I BOGGERO. TONY BONJOUR. TINA II, I59 BOOTH, LEWIS BOROWSKI, ELIZABETH BOWMAN, HEIDI 32 BOYDSTUN, BETH I I BOYDSTUN, BRETTI I BRACAMONTE, LEA II BRASHEAR, TODD I I BRAVO, DESIREE II BRAZIL, GARY II, I30 BRECKENRIDGE, LISA II BREMERMAN, MARY II BRIGHT, BETH BRISTOL. JEFF 32, 42, 67, 90 BROADWATER, RENEE II, I26 BROGDON, KEITH BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN. BROWN, BROWN, BRUNER, BRYDON, BUCHER, BETH I2, I26 DANIEL JACQUE 6, I2, I36, I7S JOHN I2 KENNY MAUREEN JACOB JR. I2, I30 DIANE TY I2 SHAWN I2, ISO BURKE, KEN I2 BURRIS, SCOTT I2 BURROLA, TED BURTON, ROSEMARY BUSHMIRE, LISA I2 BUTLER, KATHY l2S CALDERON, GABRIEL I2, I34 CALEY, JEFF I2, 34, 4S, I3I, I35 I52, I55 CAMPBELL, MARGARET I2, II4, II5 CAMPSEN, DONNA I2 CAMUNEZ, TAWNI I2 CARICHNER, DAVID CARLSON, JENNIFER I2 CARPENTER, DANA I2, I36 CARR, LORI I3, I28 CARREON, MARGIE 6, I3, 56, I24. 206 CAUDLE, REBECCA I3, I2S CERVANTEZ, ANTHONY I3 CERVANTEZ, BALDAMAR CHAPPLE, KAREN CHARLES, JAMES CHATTERSON, KIM CHEEVER, BARRY I74 CHILDERS, ROBERT I3 CHILES, JAYME I3, I2S, I33 CHRISTENSEN, NICK I3, I23 CLARK, DAVID 32 CLAUSSEN, RUSS I3 CLAYTON, MARY I3 CLIFTON, MATT COATES, STEVE COLBERT, CYNTHIA I3, 97, I I0, I34, 204 COLPITTS, KELLY 32, I34 COLVIN, BECKY COMPTON, PAUL COOK, TERRY I3 CORCORAN, EDDIE I3 v COSS, GILBERT COURTNEY, LOUISE I3, I24 COX, GERALD 32 CROSS, DEBBIE I3 CROY, STEVE 32 CULPEPPER, DARRYL CUMMINGS, MARLENE DALZELL, DAVID I3, I24 DAMEWOOD, BRENDA I4 DAVIDSON, ANDREW DAVIS, BRIAN I4 DAVIS, EVAN I4. II2, II3, I2S DEEMER, ROBERT I2S DEITERING, MICHELLE I4, I2S DELEAN, MARIE I4 DERENBURGER, LANA I4 DERR. DEAN I4 DIAZ, ARLENE I26 DILL, LOLA DIZ, MICHELE I4, I20 DODSON, EDWARD I4 DOMINGUEZ, ERIC I4, I44, I47, I50 COMINO, BRIAN S, 36, IIS DONAGHAY, KIM I4, I36 DOUGHERTY, TONY 32, IS2 DUNCAN, TERESA 32 DUNCAN, TERRI 32 DUNN, TAMMY I4, I2S DUPONT, SHANNA 32, I26 DUST, KELLY I4 DYER, PAULA DYKES, KELLY ECKHARDT, KATHERINE I4, I34, I56 EDWARDS, CARLOTTA EICHMAN, JOHN I4, I3I ERICKSON, JENNIFER ESCUDERO. TERRY ESTES, KATHERINE I5, 34, I3I, I50 EVERILL, GINA I5, I50, I5I, I70 FAUST, MARIA I5, I2S FEDELL, BARBARA I5, 206 FEDERICO, MARK I5 FEDERICO, RUSSELL I5, I30 FENDERSON, BOBBIE I5 FEYTE, JEAN-PAUL I5 FINLEY, TODD I5 FITTS, LYNN FLEISHMAN. DAVID I52, IS2, 202 FLOYD. ROBINS I5, I36 FOX, RANDY I60, I57 FOX, VERONICA I5 FRANCIS, MARK I5 FREELAND, SHARI I5 FRIEDLI, TIM 7, I5, 90, II4, I I5, I50, I69 FRIEDMAN, DIANA I5, ISI FRITZINGER, DONNA I6 FROEHLICH, FELICIA I6, II2, II3, I5S GALVEZ, DAVID GANN, EVA 6, I6, 34 GAN, ZER, LAURA I6 GARCIA, DENISE I59, I84 GARDNER, ELIZABETH GARVIN, LAURA-JEAN 7, l6, I36 GASPARI, MATT I6, II2, II3 GASTELUM,BARBARA 32, I26 GAVRE, KENNETH GIAMMONA, ANGELA I6 GIBSON, SHAWN I6 GIOE, MATTHEW I6 GLENN, FRANCISCO I52 GODDARD. TROY I6, 96, I5I, I60 GOEDEL, JUNIOR I76 GOLDFARB, JILL 8, I6, 34, I34, II9 GOLDSTEIN, CARA I7 GOLSETH, LINDA I6, II4, II5, II6, I I7 GOODRICH, JOHNICE I6, II8. I39 GRAHAM, TERRI I6, I23, I84, 2Ol GRAY, HENRY I6, 34, 36, I74 GREABER, PATRICK I6 GREENE, CHERYL 8, I7, 35. IIO, I23, ISI, I50, I70, I78 GREENWOOD. LI-AHN I7 GREENWOOD. PHIL GRIFFIN, KELLY I7 IGRIFFITH. NICOLE I7, 35, 203 IGUERRERO, JOSIE GUTIERREZ, CHRIS IHAGGERTY, TIMMY I7, I74 IHALKALI, SEYMA 86 IHAMILTON, AMY IHAMMEL, KEVIN I7, I24, I54 IHAMMEL, MICHAEL I7, I34 IHANNAH, MICHELLE I26 IHARDEN. JAMES DAVID I7, I00, I34. II9, I55 IHARRIS, CHRISTOPHER I7, II2, II3. I I8 IHARRIS, LINDA 17. I34. 133, 145 1HAYEs. JOANN 1HAvNEs. DOUG 17, I3I IHAYWARD, JULIE I7 1-1EDR1cK, DON 17, 78 11E1NDEL. WENDY I7 1-1EL1v1s, DTANNA 17, I26 1HERBsT, STEVE I00, I48, Teo, I62 IHERRERA, REY I8 IHERVEY, MATT I8 IHESSE, ALAN IHEYER, JAVIER I8 HICKS. DELLA I8 141cRs, JON I8 I-IILL. DONNA 18. 128 1-11LL, ROBERT 18, loo. 142, 145. 148, 147 I-IILLIARD, DONALD I8 I-IIXON, TODD I8, HOLMES, PHILLIP I8 HOROLDECKIE, BUTCH 7 HOUSEMAN, HEATH HOWARD, JODI I8 HOWELL. KRISTINE I8 HUGHES, DIANE I8, I40 IGLESIAS, CARRIE I26 INGRAM, MICHAEL I8 IOANE, LANETTE I8 IRWIN, ERIC JABCZENSKI, RITA I9. I3I, I50, I70, I7I, ISI JAKUBCIK, TINA I3I, I50, I56. I7I, I70, l84 JAKUBCIK, SHARON I3I, I50, I84 JAMESON, MICHAEL I9, II4, II5 JEWELL, TAD I9, 38, I3I. I46, I74, 202, 206 JOHNSON, ERIC I28 JOHNSON, SONYA JONAS, SAM JONES, MARIE JONTZ, MARY I9 JOVALUSKY, ROBERT I9, 50, I28 JUDGE, TRICIA I9 JUHAN, PAUL I9 KAISER, LISA I9 KANIOWSKY, ANTHONY I9 KAYE, ANDREA I9 KAYHART, DOUG I9 KEEME. ALEX I9 KELLEY, BRENNA I50, I70 KELLY, ANN I9, I50 KEPPEL. PAULA I9, I36 KHAMPHAVANH. MALATHONG KHAMPHAVANH, THONGSAY KINGSLEY, CONNIE KISCHER. ERIC I9, II2. II3 KITTERMAN, DAWN 20, I30 KITTLE, JOSEPH KNOEFFLE, HENRY 20 KROLIK, KELLY 20 KROUSE, ROBERT KUNZE, BRIAN 20 KURTZ. DAVE I64 KUZYK, ROBBIE LABOUNTY, LINDA LAKES, KEVIN 20 LAMARCHE, BECKY 20 LAMARRE, DEBRA 20 LANE, SCOTT 20 LARSON, LISA I28 LASALLE, STEVEN LAVALLEY, DAVID LEONARD, RAY II4, II5, II8 LEONHARDT, PAM 20 LEUNG, TIMOTHY 20 LINAKER, PAUL 20 LINVILLE, RENEE 20 LOPEZ, FRED 7 LUBIN, KAREN 20 LUMLEY, MIKE 20 LYNCH, MITCHAEL 20. I64 MACHADO, DANIEL MADDOCK, LAURA 20, I50, I72. 20I MAKKAI, MARY 2I, I59, I84 MALOY, GREG MALY, LISA MANNLEIN, JOHN 2l MANSFIELD, STEVE 2I. I34. I52 MANSKER, DAWN 2I, I3I MARKS, ERIC 2I, 72. II4 MARMIS, WENDY 2I MARSHALL, ROBIN 2I MARTELL, WENDY 2I, 64, I20, I2I MARTIGNETTI, ED 2I MARTIN, CHERYL 2I, I39 MARTINEZ, ANDREW MARTINEZ, MARIE MASON, CAREY 2I, I36 MATTHEWS, CLINT 2I, I74 MATZ, BILL MAYNARD, META 2I, II2, II3 MCCAULEY, HUGH I55, I58, I82 MCCHESNEY, PAULA 2I, I20, I34, I I9 MCCLARY, DONNA 2I MCCOMBS, SHELLY 2I, I36 MCCULLOUGH. KEN MCDONALD, JOHN 22, I55 MCGRAW, BRIAN 22, II2, I I3 MCGUIRE, SUSAN MCCLEARRAN. WILL I I2 MCMILLAN, LOIS MEADE, BRUCE 22 MEADE, JAY 22 MEDINA. ART 22 MEEK, JOANN 22 MEILEY, JENNIFER 22 MELEY, PATRICK MENCKE, SCOTT 22, I55 MENDOZA, DAVID MENDOZA, MANUEL MIKEL, ELISE 22 MILLER, DAVID 22 MILLER, JADE 22, I24 MILNE, DUANE 22 MINH. CUONG MIRR, RODNEY 22 MOEHRING, BARRY 8, 22, 48, I00, I35, I55 MOLINA, SHELLIE 22, 36. 62. 80, I36 MONEY, TINA 22 MONHEIM, GERHARD 23 MONTANO, DEANNA 23 MONTGOMERY, JENNY 23 MOORE, ERIC 23. 34. I64, I65 MORAIDA, MARTIN 23 MORENO, LUIS MORENO, RONNIE I28 MOREY, DIANA 23 MORGAN, CLAUDIA I26 MORRIS, SHEILA MORSE, MARK 23, I82 MOTT, CHRIS MULKERN, KELLY 23, 64, I20. I2I, I3I, I48 MUNOZ, DENISE 23, I50, I78 MURCHEK, DEBBIE NAGLE, DARCY 23, I34, 202 NATHAN, JACOB 23 NEHREN, DODY I28 NELSON, CARL II4, II5, I22, I82 NELSON, JOHN NEWMAN, LESLIE 23 NGUYEN, KHOA NOONAN, PAUL 23. I52 NORDMAN, MARCIA 23 NORTON, ELIZABETH 23, 34, 37. I36, I72 NUNAMAKER, MARK 24, I58 NUSZ, PEGGY 24, II3. I36 O'BRIEN, MICHELLE O'CONNOR, HEATHER 24 OEHME, KEVIN OFFICER, ALLAN 24 OHMER, ANNE-MARIE I28 OHMER, KEVIN I3I OLSON, CHRISTOPHER I55 OLSON, DEBBIE 24 OLTON, MARNIE I55 OMEN, JODIE 24 OMEN, JOE 24, I58 ORELUP. NATHAN 24 ORR, DARYLE 24, l3I ORTLOFF, JANICE 24, I3I, I56, I70 OTTMER, ANNE 24 PALMER, KAREN 24 PALMER. RICHARD PAN-KITA, JACQUES 7. 24, 34, 43, 90, II6, I52, I82, I83 PANTELUK, ENA I I8 PARKS, DON 34, I06 PARRA, RUBEN 24 PATTERSON, BRIAN PEACH, DAWN 24. I I2 PEARSON, MIKE 24, I30 PECK, JON 25 PEDERSEN, CHRIS PERRY, JOHN 25 PETERS, VINCE 25 PETERSON, KURT 25, 35 PETRY, ELIZABETH 25 PICCIRELLO, MARK PIERCE, JON 25 PINNELL, AMBER 25, I20 POLLARD, CAM 25, I00. I74 POLLOCK, ERIKA 6, 25 PONGRATZ. ANDREW 25, I I4, I3I POPPEN, MICHELLE 25, I33 POWERS, ERIC PRICE, LISA 8, 25, 36, 96. II4, II5, II8, I20, I70, I84 PRUETT, SHANNAN 25 QUEST, DONALD 25, I50, I60 RABE, LANCE RABIN, JAMES RAMIREZ, LAURA 25, I30 RAMIREZ, LYDIA 25, I26 RATAJCZAK, SCOTT 26 REED, MARK 26 REED, TANGILA REMERS, LAUREL 26, I I4, I I5. I I6 RENO, HOWARD 26 REYES. ROBERT RIVARD, FERNAND ROBBINS, ERIC ROBBINS, RICHARD ROBLES, MELANIE 26, II2, I52, I84 ROMERO, CHRIS ROSADO, FERNANDO ROSALES. GUS ROSEN, ERNA 26, II2 ROSENBERG, MICHELE 26, I28 ROSENBERG, SCOTT ROYER, BEN 26, I23 RUYLE, MICHELLE 7, 26, I20, I23 RYAN, TODD SADOWSKY, RACHEL 26, I34, I59, I82 SALAS, ZALAZ I47 SANCHEZ, LINDA I24 SANDERS, BARBARA 26 SANDOVAL, CARMEN 26, I26, I59 SANTA CRUZ, ISABEL 26, l56, I59, I8I SCHAEFER, MARGARET SCHAFER, JAMES 26 SCHAFLE. SUSAN 26, 50 SCHEELER, JANELLE 26 SCHERER, NIK SCHILTZ, BARBARA 7. 27 SCHLAEFER, KENT 27. I34, I64 SCHNUPP, ERIC 27 SCHOCKET, ERIC 27, I52 SCHRADER, MICHELLE 27, 64. I2I. I54 SCHRODER, GUY 27 SCOTT, WHITNEY SEGERSTROM. RON 27, I92 SHALVAY, PAT 27, 60, 64, I20 SHEAKS, CAROLYN 27, I26 I SHEREK, NIK 27 SHERWIN, KEITH 27 SHORT, DEANNA 27 SHULL, ERIC 27 SHUMAN, STEVEN 27, I34 SIGMAN, JOLENE 27 SIMMONS, SHELLIE 28 SINGER, KEVIN 28 SIRAGUSA, JOHN SIVLEY, AMY 28 SLATER, GLORIA SLAUGHTER, AMANDA 28, I I4, I I5 SLAUGHTER, DALE 28, I00, I42, I44, I47 SMITH, BARRY SMITH, BYRON I I8 SMITH, CHARLIE 28, I3O SMITH, DAN 28. I28 SMITH, ED 28 SMITH, GLENN SMITH, KIPPIR 28, I I8, I26 SMITH, LISA SMITH, SANDRA 28 SMITH, TINA 28, I26 SOZAAJAMES 28 SPARKS, MICHAEL 28, I20, I35, I55 STALEY, TIM 28 STALKER, TERESA II8, 202 STARLING, THOMAS I22, I27 STEELEY, STAN 28 STEINER, JEFFREY STUBBLEFIELD, BRIAN 28 STRUDEVANT, RAE SUSAN, MARK SYMONS, DEBBIE 29, I34, I36, I72, I84 TAFOYA, BARBARA 29, II8, I28 TALLMAN, MARSHALL 29, I52 TAYLOR, DAVID 29 TAYLOR, KATIE 29, 90, 96, II8, I36 TAYLOR, MITCHAEL I28 TEEL, KATHY 28 TEMPONE. KATHY 29 TESKE, DONNA I9 THOMAS, CORRINE 8, 29. 90, I24 THORN, PEGGI I55, I84 TINSLEY, SHAWN I74 TIRRELL, STEFFANIE 29, I3I, I32 TODD, CHRIS 29 TODD, JAY 29 TODD, PLESHETTE 7, 29 TOWNSEND. DERICK 29 TRAN, NGOC 23 TRAVIS, KIRK TROTTER, BONNIE 29 TRUJILLO, ANNA 29, I34, 202 TURNER, THOMAS 29, I34 TURNER, TY UNTERBRINK, JANICE URBINA, ROBERT I60 URBINA, SUSIE I28 VALADEZ, SANDY VALENCIANO, BERTHA I84 VALENQUELA, JULIE 30. I28 VALLES. ANGIE 30, II8, I20, I2I. I26 VAN ORSDOL, TAVI VAN SICKLE, RENE 47 VANDER ARK, DLIFF VANDER ARK. CURT VANDERKOLK. DEBBIE 30, II2, I56 VANORSDOL, OCTAVIA 30 VARELA. GRACIE I23 VELTRE, FANISHA 30 VETRANO. TAMMY 30, I28 VIRONET, TODD I24 VLASTARIS, HELEN 34, I20, I2I I55, I77 WADHWA, PUNEET WALKER, CHRISTIE 7, 30, I23 WALKER, KAREN 30, SI, II8 WALKER, KERRY I26 WASLEY, TER! 30 WEIGEL, BRENDA WETHERBEE. CINDY 30 WETTERLIND, GERI 30, l26 WHITEMAN, SANDRA 30 WIEBENGA, LISA 30 WIEDEN, JILL 30, I24 WIESE, JENNI 8, 30, 97, I34 WILLIAMS, JEFF WILLIAMS, RUDY 30 WILSON, LORI 3I, I39 WISNER. ROB 3I, I30, I52 WOOD, ALAN WOOD, SEAN WOOD. STEVE 3I WORMAN, WESLEY 3I, I30 WORRELL, SCOTT 3I, II4, I I5 YARBROUGH, KIM YEH. JOANNE YEUNG, SUSANA YI, CHANG 3I YOUNG, ERIC 3I YOUNG. KEVIN 3I YOUNG, RALPH 3I, I26 ZOZAYA, DEBBIE 3I ZUKERNICK. PAUL 3I, I82 JUNIOR CLASS ABRAMS, DANIEL ABSHEAR CHRISTINE 42 ADAMS. BRYAN 42 ADAMS, PHILLIP 42, I64, I65. I67, IS2, I83 AGNIHOTRI, PAVIKA 42, ISI ALCANTAR, ANITA 42, S6 ALCANTAR, ROSI 42 ALDRICH, KIM 42 ALLEN, ERIC 42 ALPERT, LESLIE 42, I27 AMOS, DANIELLE 42 ANDERSON, ERIN 42, I I2 APODACA. LORENCITA 42 ARANDA LUCINDA 42 ABBOGAST, SHARI 42 ARMENDARIZ, MARLA 42 BACH, ERIC 43 BAKER, FRANK 43 BALLESTEROS, DOREEN 43, I39 BANKS, SANDRA 43 BARKER. SHERYL 43 BARNHART, TODD 43 BARRETT, JEFF 43 BARROW, TERESA 43, I I7, I IS BARTMAN, THOMAS 43, 92, I I2, I I3, 202 BAYLES, SARA 42 BEEBE, MIKE BENAVIDEZ, DENISE 42, I29 BENNETT, CYNTHIA CHAPA, STEPHANIE II4, ISI, I70, I84 CHARLES, MELISSA CHAVEZ, DINA CHAVEZ, LUPITA I55 CLARIDGE, MARIE 43 CLARK, JULIANNA 43, I55, I84 CLIFTON. STEPHEN 43 COATE, STANLEY 43, I52 COATE, DONNA 43, I29 COE, CLINT 43 COHN, ROBERT 43, I22 COLE, MARCIA COLLINS, MARVIN 43 BENTACU, CHRIS 42 BENZI, DEANA 42. I29 BERG, BETSY 42, I40. I52 BERLIN, TONY 42, I64, I65, I82, I83 BIERNAT, BLAINE 42 BINDER, PETER 42, I34 BINDER, ROLF 42 BLACK, APRIL 40, 42, 52 BLAKENEY, TRACIE 42, I I4, I I6 BLUTE, MARTIN BOCK, LYNN BOLAND, LYDIA BOLING, KIM 42 BOMMERSBACH, CHARLES 42 BORLICK, MATTHEW BOUDREAU, JAMES 42 BOVRE, LISE 42. I72 BOWSER. LEAH 42, 49, I I6, BOYNTON, SHARON 42 BRAULT, GIZELLA 42 BREWER, CONNIE 42, I30 BROAD. ANDREA 42, I84 BROWN, GREGORY BROWN, JEFFREV 42 BROWN, SUSAN 43, 92, I I2, 202 COLTER, SHIRLYNN 43, I I5 CONEITA, FRED 43 CONEY, MARIAN COOK, ALLEN 43 CORBET, DIANE CORTES, STEPHANIE 43 COTTRELL, ANNETTE 43 COUVRETTE, NORMAN 43 COWAN, PATRICK 43 COX, CHERYL 44, ISI, I70, I78 COZINE, ANDREW 44, I I4, I I5 CRAWFORD. CHRISTY 44 CROCETTI, CHRIS 44 CROMWELL, JACK 44, I I2, I I3, I I8 I24 CROOK, ERIN 44 CRUM, SUSAN 44 CUMMINGS, HAROLD I27 CUMMINGS, LELAND 44, I34 CUMMINGS, SAMANTHA 44, I I8. I24 D'ONOFRIA, LISA DANKS, SEAN 44 DANTZLER, KURT 44, I55 DAY, DAVID 44 DAY, GAYLE 44, I29 BROWNING, KARRIE 43, I78 BUI, KIM 43, I24 BULLEY, WENDY 43 BURKE, ANNE 43, I I2, I24 BURNS, GENEEN 43 BUSCHE, TREVOR 43 CALLAHAN, ROBERT 43, I24, I27, I32 CAMP, CHRISTINA CAPANEAR, DONALD 43 CARLSON, LISA CARLTON, TRACEY CARRILLO, TONY 43 CARVER, NITA 43, I56. I59, I78 CASTILLO, DANIEL 43 CASTILLO, LISA 43 CATAPANO. DYLE 43 CAUDILL, ANGELA 43 CAVOULAS, ANNA 40, 43, I56 CHAMBERLAIN, KENNETH I30 DEBOLT, KIM 44 DECKER, BUFFON 44 DECKER, DYLAN 44, I55 DECKER, DEEMER DEHART, ROBERT 44, I55 DAVID 44 MICHELLE 44, I29 DEJOHN, VINCENT I29 DELATORRE, RAMON I30 DELGADO, DEBRA 44 DIAZ, RAUL 44 DIAZ, RUDOLFO 44, I32 DICENSO, LAURA DIFFENDERFER. JOHN 44 DILLHOFF, TINA I29 DIMITRI, CLAUDINE 44 DINGER. RAY 44 DOBBIN, GAVIN 44 DOMINGUEZ. JOHN 44, I60 DONEGAN, MICHELLE 44 DOTTS. JEFFREY 44. I20. I2I. I30 DOWDLE, ERIC 44, I52, I82 DOWLING, STEVEN 44, I44, I45 DREDGE, KATHLEEN 44, I55, I72 DULL, JEFFREY 44 DUNCAN, CHRISTINA 44 DYE, SCOTT 44, I44, I47 ECKHOFF, THOMAS I52, 202 ECKHOFF. TOBIAS I4 EIGEN, BRANDE 44 ELERS. KARL 44 ELWELL, MICHELLE 44, I I2 ENOS, GERTRUDE 44 ERRANTE, ROSANNE ESTES, LYNNETTE 44 ESTRELLA, EDGAR ESTRELLA, EDWARD EVANS, KAROL 44, I7S EVES, JAMES 44 EYLER, MICHELLE 44, I59 FALB, LEIGH FARMER, JOHN 44 FARMER, TINA 44 FARRAR, MEREDITH 44 FARRIS, ROBERT 44 FELLOWS, LORI 45, I29 FENG, GRACE 45 FIGUEROA, ROBERT 45, I34, I63 FISHER, TYSON FLOYD, JOSEPH 45 FORSHEY, DAVID FRANKLIN, AUSTIN 45 FRANZEN, LISA 45 FRENCH, JACK 45, I34 FROST, JODI 45, IS4 FUERST, ERIC 45, ISO FULK, GENE 45 FULLER, LORAE 45 FULLERTON, DONALD 45 FUSCO, DIANE 45 GADDIS, WILLIAM 45, I5S GADOW, GREGG 45, I I4, I I5 GAGLIANO, JOAN 45, IIS, I22, I GAMON, ANN 45 GARCIA, LUIS 45 GARCIA, RHONDA 45 GARRETT, JOHN 45 GASHO, DAVID 45, I60 GASTELUM, RICHARD 45, I34 GEE, ANGELA 45 GEHRKE, JAMES 45, 58, I I2 GERSZEWSKI, LINDA 45, I I4 GILLETTE, NANCY 45, I26 GITTINS, SION OVER.TIMOTHY 45, I34 GODBOLD, NICHOLAS 45 GOMEZ, BLANCA 45 GONZALES, JENNIFER 45 GONZALES, JOHN 45, I64 GORE. ELLEN 45 GRAFFEO. PAUL 45 GRANILLO, DIANA 45, I24, I39 GRATER, STEPHEN GRAY, GEORGE 45, 92 GREEN, CINDY 45, I24 GREVE, GEVR 45, I33 GROVE, JON 6, 45 GUENTHER, KAREN 45, I I2 GUERRERO, MANUEL 45 GUTBUB, STEVE 45 HAMLET, PAUL 45, I52 HAMM, RICHARD 45 HANEY, ANGELA 45, I I2 HARD, JENNIFER 46 HARDKE, JAY 46, I I3, I5S HARMAN, JILL 46, I7S HARRIS, CINDY 46, I32 HARRIS, SUSAN 46, 92, I I2 HATCHER, RON 46 HAUCK, MARC 46, IS2 HEACOX, CATHY 46, I5I, I50 HEACOX, JENNIFER 46, I3I HEATHMAN, DAVID 46 HENDERSON, LAURA HENDRICKS, TOM HENSS, FRED HERNANDEX, DANIEL 46, I33 HERNANDEX, DAVID 46 HESSE, ERIC 46 HETZELL, BECKY 46, ISI, I36 HIEN, NHAN HIGGASON. SAMANTHA 46, I24 HILL, DONALD 46, I29 HILL, RICHARD 46 HILLMAN, HERSCHEL HOAGLUND, JENNIFER 46, I I2 HODGES. WILLIAM HOLMCOMB, TERRI 46 HOLLAND, CLIFTON 46, I55 HOPPER, TOM 46, ISO HOSELTON, BERT 46 HOSELTON, BETH 46 HOWE, MIKE 46 HUDDLESTON, JOHNNY HUGHES, THOMAS 46 HUNT, HARRY 46 HUSSEY, STEVE HUTCHINSON, HEATHER 46, I I4, I I6, I IS JACKSON, MELISSA 46 JACKSON, MICHELLE 46 JACOBI, LINDA I30 JACOBSEN, GLENN 40, 42, 46, I55 JACOBSEN, RICHARD 46. I24, I5S JECK, RACHAEL 40, 46, I IO, I I6 JENSEN, KAREN 46, I57 JEWELL, KELLEY 37, 40, 46. 57, I3I. ISI JOHNSON, LARS 46, I I2 JOHNSON, TEAL 46, I29 JOHNSTONE, JEANNA 46, I39 JONES, CHARLES 46, I I6, I55 JONES, JEFFREY 46 JUAREZ, PAUL 46 KANTNER, MICHAEL 46, II5, I29 KESSLER, TRACEY 46 KELLEY, PAMELA 46, IIS, I26 KENT, ANDY 46 KESTLER, EDWARD II5 KHAMVISETH, SAMMALY 46 KING, ANDREA 46, I36 KIRK, KATHLYN 46, I I4, I I5 KITTLE, THOMAS 46, I22 KLOSS, GREG 46 KNOPF, ALBERT 46 KOERNER, MIKE 46, I54 KOTZAMBASIS, SANDRA 40, 46 KRAMMERS, TRACEY 46 KRAMPLE, LORRAINE 46, I29 KRAUSS, TONY 46 KREUS, MICHAEL 46 KUZYK, CHRISTINA 46 KYGER, DEL I5S LAFONTAIN, DANIELLE 46 LAMPBRECHT, RICHELLE LANCASTER, ANTHONY 46 LANDRUM, KIMBERLY 47 LANG, LISA 46 LANGEHEINE, BRIAN 47, I I2 LARKIN, TIM 47, I30 LASALLE. JOHN 47. I35, I55 LEADER, BETSY 47, I54, I55 LEE, JAME-S 47 LEIBER, LESLIE 47 LEOf SHAWN 47, I64 LINCOLN, KENNETH 47 LINDENFELD, CAREY LIZANEC, MARK LOPEZ, PHILIP I33 LUDWIG, CYNTHIA 47 LUJAN, JAY LUKSO, SCOTT 47. I64 MADERE, DANIELLE 47 MADURO, RICARDO 47, I5S MAESTAS, LAWRENCE 47 MAHEUX, GUY 47 MANCINI, MONIQUE 47 MARE, JEANNETTE 47, I36 MARKHAM, ANTHONY 47 MARSHALL, RAVEN 47, I59 MARSIO. LISA 47 MARTIN, DEBRA 47, I29 MARTIN, JOHN 47, I I4 MARTIN, MICHELLE 47, I26 MARTINEZ, KATHERINE 47, I29 MARTINEZ, MARIE 47 MARTINEZ, RICHARD 47 MASON, ROSS 47, I29 MASSEY, FRANK 47 MATHER, DEBORAH 47, I34 MATTHEWS, JOEL 47, I76 MATTHEWS, JOSH 47 MAXWELL. BROOKS 47 MAYO, APRIL 47, I I5 MCDONALD, DIANA 47 MCILLECE, PATRICK 47 MCKENNA, BRIAN 47 MCKITTRICK, ALYSSA 47 MCNABB, ROBERT 47 MCQUAIG, ELIZABETH 48 MCQUEEN, GEOFFREY 48. I32. I58, I82 MCWHIRTER, RICHARD 48 MEADE, JODI 48, I29 MEENTS, MARY 48 MEHAN, BOB 48, I60 MEHL, LORI 48, I24 MENDEZ, GARY 48, I58 MENDIVIL, ARACELY 48 MENDIVIL, LETICIA 48 MENDOZA, MICHAEL 48 MEYER, DEBRA 48. I55 MICHEL, KRISTIN 48, I32 MIDYETT, ANNETTE 48, I I4, II5 MILLER, JENNIFER 48, I59 MILLER, TREVIS 48, 96 MILLS, CAROL 48 MILLSAP, ROBERT I54, I82 MILNE, TRAVIS 48, I30 MOMAN, JACKY 40, 48, 52, I I4, I I5 MORENO, PATRICIA 48 MORENO, YEVETTE I24 MOSLEY. TRACY 48 MOTZ, TAMMY 48 MUNTON, DAVE MURRELL, HEATHER 48, I40, I55 NATHAN, NATASHA NEILL, SHANNON 48 NELDER, KELVIN 48, I I4, I58 NELSON, ELIZABETH 48, I I8, I32, I45 NEWBOLD, WILLIAM NGUYEN, TUYET NIEMEYER, MATTHEW 48 NIPPER, WENDY I29 NORTHCRAFT, CANDI 48 O'CONNOR, MOIRA ODELL. RONALD 48 OEHME. KEITH 48 OTERO, DAVID OTIS, LAURA 48 PALAFOX, ANNA PALECEK, AMY 48 BARROTT, STAN 48 PATTERSON, VENUS 48 PATZMAN, ANNA 48, I8I PAUL STEVEN 48 PAYNE. RON PAYNE SHERI 48, I30 PERATHANER, MARCIE 48, I29, I30 PEREZ, MARK 49 PEREZ, RICHARD PESQUEIRA, ROBERTA 49 PETERSON, JULIE 49, I I4, I22 PETITO, ANTHONY 49, I35, I55, PIKE, ALLEN PINNELL, HOLLY 49, I78 PLANTZ. STEPHANIE 49, I36 PLIMPTON, PAUL 49, I34 PRECIADO, STEVEN 49 PROBASCO, BRIAN QUACH, MY-HUONG RADAKOVICH. KIM 49 RANSOM, PAM 49, I22 RAY, BRITT RAY, TIM II8, I30 RENTFRO, RALPH 49 RENTSCHLER, LYNETTE 49, I22 REYNOLDS, KELLY 49. I55 RHONEHOUSE, ERIC 49 RILEY, COLLEEN 49 RIVARD, DOUGLAS 49 ROBB, DEBORAH 49, I29 ROBERTS, CHRISTINA ROBERTSON, CHRISTINA ROBLES, BECKY I56 RODRIGUEZ, NATALIE ROGERT, GERILYNN ROGERS, LONNIE ROLLINS. TIMOTHY 49 ROME, LISA 49 ROBERO, MICHELE 49, 92 ROMERO, TAMMI 49 ROSALES, CARLOS 49 ROUSH, MICHELLE RUCH, BECKY 49, I29, I30 RUDNER. GLENN II6, I24 RUIKKA, THOMAS SALAZAR, RAFAEL SALDAMANDO, DAVID 49, I58 SANDOVAL, LYDIA 50, I59, I8I SANTILLAN, GABRIELA SANTILLAN, LONICA SANTILLAN, RODRIGO 49 SAUBER, JOHN 49 SCHAFLE, EDWARD SCHILL, WAYNE 49 SCHNEIDAU, GRETCHEN 8I SCHOOLEY, JENNIFER 49 SCHORZMAN, ROBERT 49, I32. SELLS, DEBBIE 49, I36 SERRANO, GUADALUPE SHADE, CHRIS 49, I36 SHEEHAN, MICHAEL 49 SHEPPERD. TYLER 49, I80 SHEW, MICHAEL SHINDLER, BUFF 49, I55 SHIVA, LISA 49 SHOOTS, KEVIN 50 SILVAIN, DOMINIC 50, I24 I82 SIRIANNI, PETER 37, 50, 99 SISON, BUFFY 50, I59 SKAGGS, ROBIN SLAVIN, SUZANNE 50, I I2 SMITH SMITH ANDREW 50 JEFF I52, I82 SMITH KELLY 50, I26, I69 SMITH, KYLE 50 SMITH MARYETTA 50, I70 SMITH RAY SMITH STACEY 50, II6 SMITH WILLIAM 50 SMITHLINE, ADAM 50, 92 SMOLIC, JOHN SNIDER, DAVID 50 SOLOFF, LAURIE SOMERHOLTER, KIM 50, I55 I84 SPENCER, RICHARD II6 ST. JOHN, MIKE 50 STALKER, LAURA 50, I29 STANDISH, PAMILA 50 STARK, KRISTINE 50, I56, I78 STEINER, SCOTT 50 STEPHENS, MICHAEL STERRETT, HENRY 64, 8I STEVENS. ALLEN 50. 96, I46, I82 STEVENSON, TROY 50 STEWART, KYLE 50 STREICH DAVID I34, I63 STUPP. TODD 50 STURDEVANT, LEA 7, 50, I29 SUDDATH, RON 50, 92, I I8 SULLIVAN, DAN 50, 63 SWEENEY, BRANDIE 50 SYVERTSEN, CATHY 50, I I6 TABER, DONALD 50 TARBILL, CAROL 50 TAYLOR-CAMEZ, CHERYL 50 TEEL, ERIC 50, I34 TEELA, CAROL 50, I29 TELESCO, SONIA 50, I55 TEMPE, LISA 50 THOMPSON, WENDY 50 THOMSON, JOHN 50 THURSTON, KENNETH 50, II4, II5, I52 TIDABACK, JULIE 5I TIFFT, amy 5I, II4, I33 TUNKS, HEATHER 5I, II4, II5, II8 UDOVICH. LYNN 5I UMPHRESS, CHRIS 5I URBINA, MARIA 5I. I29 URQUIDES, HECTOR 5I VALENCIA, MARTI 5I, I57 VAN CAMP, SHARON 5I VAN HOORIK, KIMBERLY 5I, I29 VAN KOEVERING, BRENT 5I, I64, I82, I83 VAN NOSTRAND, VIRGINIA 5I VANDER ARK, CURT 5I VANPHILA, SAKHONE 5I VOELZOW, JAY 5I VOLPE, JIM WADDELL, KENNETH WALKER, KIM WAMSLEY, KIRK 5I WARD, BETH 5I, I59 WEBER, GENE WERNER. ERIK 5I, I64, I65, I66, I67 WESSON, ROBERT WHARTON, BERNIE I64 WHEELER, KIM 5I, I29 WHITE, CARL 5I, I64 WHITE, SCOTT 5l WILKINSON, MICHAEL 5I WILLIAMS, ANDREA 5I WILLIAMS, LORI 5I, I39 WILSON, JAMES WILSON, JOHN 5I WITTWAY. VANESSA 5I WOELFLE, MARIE 5I, I29 WOLFER, TIM I6O WOOD, JAMES 5I, I I8 WOOD. KIM 5I WOODALL, CONNIE 5I WORTMAN. RICHARD 5I, I58 WRIGHT, JEFF 5I, I6O WYRYBROWSKI, SHERI-LYNN 5I YI. OK 5I, I29 YOUNG, DOUG 5I YUNKER, ANNE 5I, I2O. I35, I55, I69 ZAHA, ERIK 5I ZAPPEROLI, AMELIA 5I, II4, II5 ZONGE, LONNIE SOPHOMORE CLASS ABASTA, RAY I52 ADAMS, DARRYL 56 ADAMS, JOHN AHUMADA, DAVID AL-DAHHAN, HUSSAIN ALLERHEILIGEN, AMY I5O, I7I ALVAREZ, ANTHONY 56 AMBROSE, ROBERT 56 AMS, DEBORAH 56 AMUNDSON, STEVE 56 ANAYA, ADRIANA 56, I39 ANAYA, RAUL ANDERSON, RAYMOND 56, I48 ANDREWS, CHARLES 56, I I5 ANDREWS, STEPHANIE 56, I84 ANGELL, TERESA 56 APODACA, NATE 56 ARMENDARIZ, NORMA 56 ARVAYO, IDALIA I7I BACON. BAILEY, BARAN. BARBEE. I52 BARBER BARNES, STEVE 56 KARI 56 DAWN 56 VICTORIA 54, 56, II8, I5O, JANE JILL CHAPMAN, STACEY 57, I5O CHASTAIN, KIM 57, I32 CLAY, COLETTE 57 COBB, DENNIS 57 COBB, THERESA 57, I3O COCHRAN, KEITH 57 COHEN, RACHEL 57, II8, I22, I84 BAUMGARDNER, LEE 56 BEISER, STEPHANIE 56, I3I, I32, I59, I55, I84 BELSHAM, ALDINE BENTLEY, ABRA 56, I52, I59. I84 BERRY, PHILLIP 56, I48 BERTSCH, ZOE 56 BINDER, TANJA 56 BISHOP, TUAN BLACK, BRIAN 56 BLAND, ABRAM 56. II2, I63 BOCK, LOUIE BOHM, DAVID 56 BOLLE, AMY BORBOA, FRED 56 BOSSE, PAUL 56 BOTTS, GINA 56 BOWLES, SHONNA 56 BOYD, CHAD 56 BOYER, DAVID 56 BRADY, DAVID BRADY, GRISELDA 57, I37, I5O, I84 BRANDON, ERIC 57 BRANNON, KENNETH 57 BRASHER, TY 57, I76 BRAY, ROSA 57 BRECHLER, DELBERT 57 BRECKON, RENEE 57 BRESTEL, SHALBY BRITTAIN, WESLEY 57 BROCCOLETTI, SANDRA 57 COLLETTI, TODD COLLINS, BERNADINE COLLINS, KENNETH 57, II6 COLTER, JUNIOR 57, I68 CORBETT JOSEPH 43, 57 CORBETT LEAH 57 CORDIER, DENNIS 57 CORNELL MARGIE 57, II4 CORONA CORONA, CHRISTINA 57 MARY 57 CORTES, VICTOR 58, 96. I6O COTE, KAROL 58, II2 COULTER, DEBORAH CRANE, TODD 58 CRAWFORD, LORI 58, I55 CRIDER, JEFFREY I76 CRINAGE, MICHAEL CROSS, TED CRUTSINGER, WENDY 58, II6 II8 CULLEN, SEAN 58, I76 CULWELL, TINA 58 DAILEY, JOHN 58, I52, I82, I86 DANLEY, LAURA 58, I32 DAVIS, KEVIN DAVIS. TERRY 58 DAY, KAREN 58 DESCOSMO, PATRICK 58, I58 DEAN, KELLY 58 DEEMER, MICHAEL 58 DEFOOR, LORA 58 DELEAN, ROBERT 58 BROWN, DENISE 57 BROWN, JULIE BROWN, RHONDA 57 BROWN. RICHARD 57 BROWN, SUSAN 57, I37 DELFORGE, JULIE 58, I7I DELUCA, KELLY DERENBURGER, RICK 58 DERRIG, MATTHEW DETTLOFF, KRISTIN 58 BROWNE, SCOTT 57 BRUNNER, KELLEY BUCHROEDER, ELIZABETH 57 BUFFINGTON, SCOTT 57, I82 BUI, HAO BURROLA, RICHARD 57 BRUZENSKI, JAMIE 57 BUTLER, JOSEPH 57 BUTLER, MARIE 57 CALDWELL, STEVE 57 CALEY, JAMES 57, I76 CAMP, TOM 57 CAMPBELL, CHARLES CAMPBELL, ROBIN 57, I84 CARDELLA, MARISA 57, I8I CARPER, LISA 57 CARREON, THERESA 57, I I2 DEVOY, DANNY 58 DO, LAN 58 DOEPNER, JANET 58 DOLAN, KIM 58 DOMINGUEZ, MARIA 58 DOMINO, MARISA 58, II4, II5 DOUGLASS, JERALD 58, I I2 ISO DRAKE, DAVID 58, I3O DRAKE, WILLIAM 58 DURANTE. JOHN DYE, LAURIE DYSON, ANNA EARLE, CRAIG EDWARDS, TINA 58 EHLINGER, KELLEY ELLIOTT. ERIC 58 ELLIOTT, MICHELE 58, I3I, I5 ERICKSON, MAUREEN 73 ERICKSON, RAOUL 58 ERRINGER, ANTHONY EVES. ELIZABETH 58, I35, I55 FIERSTEIN, STEVEN 58 FELDSTEIN, BLAINE FENDERSON, SUSAN 58 FERNANDEZ, TAMARA 58 FILLERUP, KIMBERLY II5. I32 FIMBRES, PATRICK 58, II2, II3 FINLEY. TROY 58 FIORUCCI, LISA 58, I57 FISHER, TROY 58 FLUELLEN. BURL 58 FOGLTANCE, DEBBY 58 FORD, CHARLOTTE 58, I59, I84 FOSTER, JOBETH 58 FRANCISCO, YVONNE 58 FRAZER, MICHAEL 58. I I2 FRIEDLI, TED 58, I69 FRIEZE, HEATHER 58 FRITZ, P "KIRSTEN" I37 FROST, THERESA 58, II5 FRY, ANNE FUELL, RONALD 58 GADOW, ANDREA 58 GALLAHER, JOHN 58 GALLEGOS, MARIO 58 GALLOWAY, KEVIN GAMBOA, ABEL 58 GARAY. CHRIS 58 GARCIA, RALPH 58, II2 GARCIA, ROBIN 58, II2, II9 GAREY, JACK 58 GARREN, MICHELLE 58, I39 GASPARI, MONICA 58 GEHRKE, KRISTINE GEORGE, DWALA 58 GIAMMONA, MIA 59, 64, I20, I I32. ISI GIFFORD, THOMAS 58, I48 GILL, KIRK 59. I48 GILLETTE, JIM 59 GLAESSER. ERIC 59 GLENER, JILL 59 GLISCHE, KEVIN 59 GOMEZ, JULIANNA I22 GOMEZ, VICTOR GOMEZ, YOLANDA 59, ISI GOODMAN, THERESA 59 GOSSMAN, KENNY 59 GOTHARD, TAMMY 59 GRABER. GREG 59 GRAEME, PAUL 59 GRAMMATICO, RON GRANT, GERALD 59 GRAVES, NORMAN GRAY, DANIEL 59, I68 GREENWOOD, ROBIN 59 GREGORY, TRACI 59 GROCH, JASON 59, I35, I55 GUILD, CRAIG 59 GUTIERREZ, RICHARD 59 GWIN, CHERYL 59 HALE, CHARISE 59 HAMILTON, KRISTA 59 HAMMEL, STEPHEN 59, I55 HANNUM, JACK 59 HARBORT, GINA 59 HARPER, RICHARD 59 HARRIS, JULIE 59, I76 HARRIS, LEWIS 59 HARRISON, CATHY 59 HART, BRAD 59 HAWK, RENEE 59 HAYES, AMANDA 59, I55. I56. I59, I8I HAYES, PAJA 59, I35 HAYNES, ANTHONY 59 HAYNES, SCOTT 60 HEALY, JULIA HENDERSON, PAUL I55 HERDER, MARK HERMAN, TRACY 60, I I6 HERO, TIM 60 HERSHBERGER, DAWNE 60, I30, I32 HERVEY, SUSAN l50, I78, I79 HERZOG, PAUL 60, I76 HILL, DASHELLE 60 HILL. VICKIE 60 HILLMAN, NEATIE I I5 HOLGUIN, ROSALEE 60 HOOD, THOMAS 60 HOPPER, TERI 60, I57, I8l HOYT, TERRI 60 HUBBARD, RAYMOND 60, I58 HUNNICUTT, ROB 60 HUNT, VICKI 60 HUST, GENA 60 IHRKE, JAMES 60 IPSEN, RUSSELL 60 ISAACMAN, SOREN 6, 60, I8I JACKS. SUSAN JACOBI, SOLANO 60, I30 JACOBSEN. CRISTEN I I7, I I8 JAMES, MICHAEL 60 JAMES, MICHELLE 60 JANETTA, LIZ 60 JARVEN, LINDA 60, I84 JENKINS, JULIE 60 JOHNS. GINA 60, I37, I5I JOHNSON, CORINNA 60, I I2 JOHNSON, MATTHEW 60 JOHNSON, TINA 60, I I2 JOHNSTON, MARK 60 JOHNSTONE, KRISTINA 60, I39. I59 JONES. CINDIE 60, I I5 JORGENSEN, JAYDINE 60 JUAREZ. THERESA 54, 57, 60 JUHAN, STEVEN 60 KANE, BRIAN KANTNER, MARK 60 KANYUR, ROBERT 60, I48, I76 KAPLAN, MAURA 60 KAYHART, DANNY 60 KERWIN, MIKE 60, I68 KILPATRICK, TAMMY 60 KIMBLE, SEAN 6I KINDRED, BRIT 6I KITCHENS, JILL KITTLE, MARJORIE 6I, I32, I59 KNIGHT, DONNA 60, I50, I5I, I56 KNIGHT, JASON 6I KNOLLMILLER, KELLEEN 6I, I72 KOURY, AIDA 6I KRAMER, JANIE 6I, I54, I55 KRAMPEL, IRENE 6l KREUS, TIM KRISS. LAURA 6I KUNEMAN. CYNTHIA 6l KWONG, RENEE KWONG, SANDRA LACHMAN, TINA 6I LAMB, ELIZABETH 6I, I32 LASWELL, JOHANNA 6I LAUER, STACY 6I LEAL, PATSY LEE, MELVIN 6I LEMKE, DOUGLAS 6I LEMOINE, ERIC LEONARD, CHERIE 6I, I79 LEREW, JOHN LEUNG, KEITH LEVINE, HARRY LEVY, MITCHELL II2 LEWIS, CHRISTINE 65 LEWIS, LARRY 6I, l63 LHOST, SCOTT LIBBY, MARY 6I, I59 LIGHT, LISA 6I LILIEN, CORY 6I, I55 LOCKERMAN, JOSEPH LOEW, MICHAEL 6I, I76 LONEY, CHRIS 6I, I58 LONG, GEORGE 6I LONG, MARK 6l, I58 LOPEZ, EDWARD I63 LOPEZ, FRANCISCO 6I, I I5 LOPEZ, MARK 6I LOVE, SCOTT 6I LUANGRATH, PHOUKHONG 6I, 92 LUER, DONAVON 20I LUNDY, BRIAN MALONE, CINNAMIN 57. 6I MANZANO, FERNANDO 6I, I59, I76 MANZER, SEAN MARINELLI. GUISEPPINA MARKLEY, JENNIFER 6I, I56, I59. I84 MARMIS, SUSAN 6I, I79 MARROQUIN, KEITH 54, 6I MARSHALL, JOHN MARTIN, CINDY 6I MARTIN, TRACY MARTINEZ, CARLOS 6I MARTINEZ, MARGARET MARTINO, CHRISTOPHER MASSOGLIA, TERESA 6I MAYNARD, BRENNEN 6I, I I2, I I4 MCCARTHY, MIKE 6I, I88 MCCAULEY, SUSAN MCCULLY. KATHLEEN 6I MCILROY. STACEY 6I, I59, I78 MCKITTRICK, KEN 62 MCLAUGHLIN, RICHARD 62, I I2, 202 MCNABB, CHARLES I34 MCQUAIG, JOHN 62, I63 MEDINA, ANNA 62 MEDINA, MARLENE I57 MEESE, SAMANTHA 62, I57 MEHRHOFF, CARRIE 62, I57, I72 MENDOZA, JOHNNY MENESES, ROBERT 62 METZ, BRIAN 62 MEYER, JENNIFER 57, 62, I3I MICCICHE. GINA 62 MIGUEL, DARRELL 62, I I5 MILLER, CATHY 62, I48 MILLER, JEFFERY 62 MILLER, KIMBERLY 62, I78 MILLS, J. PATRICK 62 MINJAREZ. ELIZABETH 62 MOLERA, LISA 48, 62, I35, I32, I55 I59 MONARREZ, RAMONA 62, I I5 MOON, DAVID 62 MORALES, SEAN MOREY. LYNETTE 62, I7I MORRIS. DWIGHT 62 MORITZ. DANIEL MOSES, MONICA 62 MOUSSA, SUSAN 62, I55, I59 MULLADY, ANNE 62 MULLETT, JIMMY MUNSON, TOM 62 NAVARRETE, SABRINA 62, I7I NAVARRO, EVELYN NAVARRO, IRENE 62 NELSON. ROXANNE 54, 62. I84. 203 NICHOLS, MARTHA 62 NICHOLS, SUSAN 62 NILES, JENINE NILOFF, CHRIS NIXON, SHELLEY 62, I I2 NORRGARD, DEBBIE 62, I7I NORRIS, LYNN 62. I I4, I I6, 2OI NORTON, JODY NUNEZ, BILL 62, 65 OLIVIERI, ADRIANA ORR, DELTON 62, I3I, I5O, I79 OTT, JASON 62 PAMONA, DOYLE 62 PALMER, ANASTASIA PAN-KITA, JASON 63, 96, I82, I83 PANEPINTO. MARK 63. I3I. I60. I76 PARIS, JUDY 63, I3O PARKS, DALLIS PAUL, DAVID 63 PAYNE, JOANIE 63 PAYNE, JODIE PEACH, JACQUALINE 63 PEAKE, WESLEY PENCZAR, MARY ANN 63 PERRY, GLENDA PETERSON, ANTHONY 63, I I5 PETO, MICHAEL 63 PETRICK, MARLENE 63 PETTY, STEVE 63 PHILLIPS, MICHELLE 63, I59 PHOENIX, DEWAYNE 63, I48 PEIRCE, MICHAEL 63, I55 PINNELL, ANDREW 63 PITPITAN, AMELIA 63, I59 PITTS, MATTHEW 63, I63 PLAIN, WENDY PLANTING. CHRISTY 37, 54, 63, I32, I55 PLIMPTON, KEVIN 63 PONGRATZ, TERI 54, 63. I IO. I I4, I3I, I7I, I79 POWERS, JAMES 63 PRICE, LORELEI 63, I57 PUIG, OSCAR 63 RANDOLPH, BRANDY 63 RANDT, BILL RANKIN, JOE 63, I52 RATAJCZAK, BARBARA 63 RATLIFF, DAVID 63, I52 REDGATE, CANDACE REICHERT, CHRIS REILLY, STACY 63 RICE, JOY 63, I I5 RIENZO, BRUCE 63 RILEY, CHRISTINA 63, I3O ROBERTS, CYNTHIA 63, I I2, I IS, I7I ROBERTSON, SCOTT 63 ROBINS, MIKE ROBINSON, RONNIE ROBLES, CEASAR ROBLES, JULIAN I I2 ROBLES, ROXANNE RODRIGUEZ, KRIS I7I ROGERS, SHANE 63, 96, I82 ROGOFF, ROGER I80 ROMO DE VIVAR, AUGUSTIN 63 RONEZ, TAMMY 65 ROPER, STEPHANIE 63 ROWE, STEVE 63, I76 RUBY, PAULA 63, I84 RUCKER, KATHRYN 63 RUDISILL, AMY 63. I3I RURRIERO, LISA 63. I39 RUHL, TODD 63, I30 RUIZ, ANDRA 63, I8I RIUZ, BOBBY 63 RUIZ, RONNIE RUNGE, KRISTINA 63 RUSSELL, SCOTT 63 RYALS, KRIS 63 RYBERG. WILLIAM SALAS, EMIR SAMORANO, DAVID SANCHEZ, ANA SANDERS, SHERI 64 SAYLER. CAROL SCHEIBE, RONALD 64 SCHELLIN, SHAWN SCHERER, CHRIS SCHLIMME, JILL 64, I54. I59. I55 SCHMIDT, SUZANNE I35, I55 SCHUBERT, SCOTT 64 SCOTT, RICHARD 64 SEDLACEDK, DENA 64 SERRANO. THELMA 64 SETTLE, TANYA 64, I84 SETTLES, SHAUNA 64, I I2 SHEEHAN, CHRISTOPHER 64 SHELTON, DONNIE SHELTON, JACQUELINE 64 SHIELDS, NANCY I64 SHERER, CHRIS I84 SHIVA, MARK 64 SHULL, CATHY SINCLAIR, TERRI 64 SINKS, RICHARD SITTIG, LAURA SLATZER, SHARI 64, I I5 SMITH, ALISON 64, I7I SMITH, STACEY 64 SMURPHAT, MARYANN 64 SNALL, ROBERT 64, I63 SOBONYA, SARAH 64 SOTO. JOEY 64, I60 SOUZA, MICHELLE SOZA ANTHONY 64 SPELLMEYER, SHERRY ST. AMOR, DIANNE 64 STANTON. LORINDA 64 STAPLES, ROBERT 64 STAR, ROBERT 64 STEBER, WILLIAM STEED, JASON 64 STEGALL, CAROL 64 STEPHENS, PHILIP 64 STEPHENSON, KERRY 57. 64, I2I STEWART, HEATHER 64 STIELSTRA, AARON 65, I I6 STOCUM, JULIE 65 STOKES, DAWN 65 STOTTLEMEYER, HOLLY 65 STREET, RICK 65 STRNATKA, KEVIN STUBBLEFIELD, MARK 64, I30 STYLES, MELISSA SULKOWSKI, TODD 65 SULSTON, JULINE 65, I50 SUMMERS, CHANDI SUMNER, SELINA SUTERLAND, RONALD 65 SWANSON, THEODORE 65 SWEDEEN, KATHY 65, I37 TAPIA, JORGE TATOM, WILL 65, I7 TAYLOR, HOWARD 65 TAYLOR, JAMES 65 THARPE, JOE THOMASON, BENJAMIN 65, I55 TIZNADO, LEO TOWNSON, DAPHNE TRACY, BRAD II2 TURNAGE, JAMES 65 UDOVICH, SONDRA 65, l85 UMPHRYES, GLEN 65 URQVIDES, LUIS VALDEZ, PHILLIP 65. I48, I76 VALENZUELA, VANESSA 65 VALENZUELA, VICTOR 65 VAN AMAN, ELIZABETH VANDERKOLK, TERRY 65 VELASCO, ROBERT VERDUSCO, MIKE I23 VIGORITO, NANCEY 65 VOGELSBERG, SCOTT 65 VOLPE, JON 54, 65, IIO, I42, I45, I50, I57, I60, I62 VOSS, MATTHEW 65 VU, NGOC THUY WADE, KIM 65, I3I WATSON, DAVID 65, I48, I82 WEAVER, CHARLI WEBSTER, JULIE 65 WEBSTER, KIMBERLY 65 WEHAUSEN, RACHEL 65 WEICH. RISA 65 WELCH, HOPE 65 WELLS, CYNTHIA WELLS, CARL WELLS, MARK 65 WERNER, MICHAEL WESSON, JEFFREY 65 WHEELER, BILL 65, I I2 WHITE, LANCE 37, I68 WHITE, LAVONNE WHITE, WENDY 65, I33, I50 WIDRIG, LORRAINE 65 WIEDEN, MATTHEW WIERSMA, AMY 65, I20 WILKIE, DAVID WILKINSON, JOHN 65, I I2, I I3, I55 WILLIAMS, JIM 66 WILLIS, KEVIN 65 WILSON, JENNIFER 65 WINDOWS, RYAN 65 WITHROW, MICHELE 65, I57 WOELFLE, BETTY 65, I70 WOOD, HEATH 65, I80 WOODTLI, PATRICIA 65, I I2 WORKMAN, PAMELA 65, I I2 WRENN, DAVID 65 WURST, MATTHEW 65, I5S YEHLING, MICHAEL YOUNG, AMY-SUSAN 65, I59 YOUNG, MICHELLE ZAMUDIO, GABRIELA 65 ZIEGLER, PATRICK I I6 ZOZAYA, BRENDA 65, I I2 FRESHMEN CLASS ABATE, ANGELO 72 ABRAGAM, PETER 72 ABRAHAMS, LESLIE 72 ABRAMS, CATHY 72 ABRAUGH, MICHAIL 72, II5 ADAMS, LUKE 72 ADAMS, MARK 72, I2, II3 ADAMS, ROBERT 72, I48 AHEARN, STEPHANIE 72 ALBERT, BILL 72 ALCANTAR, ALBERTO 72 ALEJO, MARIA ALLISON, GARY ALDRETE, DEANNA 72 AMMON, TIMOTHY 72, I48 AMOS, JOHN 72, I55 AMS, BARBARA 72 ANDERSON, SCOTT ANDREE, MICHELLE 72, I37 ARCHER, GARY ARCHER, KEN ARMENDARIZ, HUGHO ARROYOS, SHAUN 72 ARTHUR, GILL AYALA, MARTINA 72, 83 BACA, WILLIAM 72 BACH, STEPHEN I I2 BAGNELL, BOBBY BAGSHAW, LORI 70, 72, 75, II7 BAILEY, PATRICK BAKHTAR, BAHAR 72 BANKS, CAREY 72, II8, I79 BARBER, SCOTT I I5 BARBONE, JULIE 72 BAREFIELS, HEATHER 72, I57 BARNETT, TISHA 72 BARNHART, BRUCE 72. I48 BASTRON, JILL 72 BATES, MARION 72, I82 BAUER, JACQUELINE 72, 83 BAYLES, TYLER 70, 72, II8 BEACH, MARY 72, I57 BECKER, JOHN, 72, I I2 BELCHER, WALTER 72 BENAGLIO, LISA 72 BENTACU, EDWARD BERG. SUZANNE 72. II2 BESSON, KATHY BIRDMAN, JILLIAN 72 BONDY, LORRI 72, 83 BONEBRIGHT, SHAWNA 72, I I5 BORBOA, SCOTT 72, I76 BOYER, MICHELLE 72, I74 BOYKIN, ARLENE BOZZO, JOHN 72, I80 BRADLEY, TARA BRADSTREET. SCOTT 72 BRADY, KIMBERLY 83, 5I55 BRAHM, PETER BRAVO, KARIS BREAN, CASSANDRA 73 BREHAUT, JEAN BREMERMAN, VERONICA 73 BRIGHT, BRANDI BROOKS, CHRIS BROWN, LORA 73 BROWN, PATRICIA 73 BROWN, ROBYN BUCHANAN, JAMES 73 BUCHROEDER, SUZY 73 BUI, SON BURCH, CYNTHIA 6I, 73, II2, I83 BURNS, SHAWN 70, 73, 83 BUSBY, JAMES 70, 73, II8, I48, I68 I76 BUSCHE, HOLLY 73, 83 BUSHMIRE, LUCINDA 73, I37 BUTLER, DIANA 73 CACERES, JACQUELINE 73 CAMPBELL, ANNE 73, I55 CAMPBELL, STEPHEN 73 CANEZ, FRANK 73 CARDELLA, JOEL CARICHNER, JOANNA 73, I55 CARPENTER, SCOTT 73 CARVER, MALISSA 73, I57, I59, I79 CARVINTEZ, TINA 73 CASE, BRIAN 73 CASTI, ALEX 73, I76 CASTILLO, TRACY 73, 83 CATRONE, SHAYNE CAVALLUCCI, RAYMOND 73, I48 CAVOULAS, JIMMY 90 CEBALLOS, JOHN 73 CELAYA, EUGENIO 73 CERVANTEZ, DOREEN CERVANTEZ, TINA CHACON, TERRY 73. I3O CHASTAIN, DANA 73 CHEEVER, JASON CHILDERS, LORI 73 CHILDERS, MAMIE 73 CHILDS, KATHLEEN 73, II5 CHOATE, ROBERT 73. I48 CHRISTENSEN, JANETTE 73 CLARK, WAYNE 73 CHIMER, JASON 73, I55 CLOSKY, STEPHANIE 73 COHEN, EILEEN COLE, DENNIS 73, I48 COLE, STEPHANY 73 COOK, ERIC 73 COOK, RUTH COOKSEY, SHAWN 73 COPEMAN. AMY CORCORAN, MICHAEL 73 CORRAL, DEBBIE 73, I84 CORRIGAN, BRIAN 74, I55 COSS, MARY 74, I23 COTA, WENDY COX, COURTNEY 74, I79 CREWS, LAVONIA 74, I84 CRONWALL, ERIC 74, II2 CUEN, LAURA 74 CUEN, LISA 74 CUNNINGHAM, LEE 74 CURTIS, GRETCHEN 74 DALTON. RICHARD 74 DAMRON, ETTA 74 DAUER, DOUG 74 DAVIS, JENNIFER 74 DAVIS, TORI 74, I I5 DAVISWORTH. ERNEST 74, I55 DETTLOFF, SHELLEY 74, I57 DEVINE, TERRY 74, I48 DI GREGORIO, JEFFREY 74 DIAZ, TINA 74 DILE. SEAN 74, I8O SIMAGGIO, BLAIR 74 DINES, MARILYN 74 DOBIE, STEVE 74, I I2 DOUGLAS. AMANDA 74, I I2 DOWDLE, BETH 74, II2 DUNCAN, MARTIN 74, II5 DUNN, MELANIE 74, I32 DUPONT, DAN 74, 84 DUPUY, DEBBIE 74 DURAN, KAREN 74 DYE, REGINA 74 DYER, JERI EDWARDS, HEATHER 74 EHNAT. SLOANE EIGEN, GARY 74, I80 ENCINAS, STEVE 74, I I2 ERICKSON, MARY 74 ESPINOSA, NATHAN 74, II8. I48 ESSLINGER, BETH 74 ESTES, KIKI 74 EVANS, DAVID 74 EVERITT, JENNY 74 FALB. MARK FEDELL, TODD 74, I63 FELDMAN, BRET 74 FERGUSON, HOWARD 74 FIMBRES. PAUL 74, I I2 FISCHER, TOMMY 74 FISHER, SHAUNA 74 FITCH, MELISSA FITTS, BANESSA 74 FLORES, AMY 74 FLOYD, JEFF 74 FORD. DIANE FOSTER, JASON 74 FOX, NANCY 74, ISI FRAIM, BARBARA 74 FRANCIS, SANDRA 74 FRANK, DAVID 74, I48, I76 FRANZEN, JASON 74 FRENCH. LAWRENCE 74, I I2, I I3 FRIEDHEIM, ANDREA 74 FREIEND, SHAWN 74, I59 FRIESE, TANIA 74, I I6 FROEHLICH, GREGORY 74, I I2 FUELL, ROBERT 74 FULLER, JACK 74 GAGE, MATT 74, I48 GALLON, SHARON 75 GANZHORN, RALPH 75 GARCIA, MANUEL 75, I23 GARRISON, MICHAEL 75 GAUDET, LISA 75 GEE, KRISTI 75 GEE, TOMMY 75 GERSZEWSKI, CYNTHIA I59 GILEY, JASON 75, I55 GITTINS, CATHERINE 75 GLASER, SHERYL 75 GLAVOCICH, ANTHONY 75, I48 GODSWORTHY, JULIA 75 GOEDEL. RICHARD I68 GOSSETH, RYAN 75, I76 GOMEZ, TONY 75. I48 GONG, HEATHER 75 GONZALES, MARK 75 GONZALES, RICHARD GONZALES, TAMI 75 GORDON, DEBBIE 75, I30, I37 GORE, ANNE 75, I52, I84 GOSE, KRISTIAN 75 GRAFFEO, LYNN-ANN GRAHAM, CHERYL 75 GRAHAM, GARY 75 GRAHAM, SHANNON 75, I59. I84 GRANILLO, CECILIA 75 GRAVES, JERRY GRAY, LAVERA GREEN, DEBORAH 75 GREGER. MARTHA 75 GRIESENBROCK, MARCO 75, I I2 I I3 GRIFFITH, HARLAN 75 GRIMM, HENRY GROSSMAN, EVAN 75 GROUND, JASON 75, I63 GUERRERO, IRMA 75 GUTEKUNST, BRADY 76 HABIAN, SEAN 76 HALE, DAVID HALLIER, MELISSA 76, II5, I5 HAMILTON, MARVIN HARDEN. SCOTT 76, I48 GARRIS, APRIL 76 HARRIS, MATTHEW 76, II2 HARRISON, PATRICK 76 HARVEY, RUTH 76 HAUSSLER. TANYA 76 HAWK, KON 76 HAYMORE, TERRY HAYNES, TODD 76, I48, I58 HAZLETT, JOHN 76 HEDRICK, DEREK 76 HENDRIX, PAUL 76 HENRY, HEIDI 76 HERBST, BRUK 76, I63 HERFURTH, BRENDA 76 HESS, DEBBIE 76 HETZEL, ANDY 76, I48 HEYER. PATTY 76 HIGGINBOTHAM, MIA 76 HILL, CHRISTINA HILL, VICTORIA 76 HILVERDA, ARLETTE 76 HINES, BRIAN 76, I76 HINTON, DANNY 76, I68. I76 HOBBS, CHARLES 76 HOLCOMB. PATRICIAL 76 HOLMES, MICHAEL 76 HOWARD, KRISTINE 76 HUFFSTETLER, JOHN 76, I I5 HUGHES, MATTHEW 76 HUNTER, SUZANNE 76 HUSSLY, SHAROL 76 ISAAK, JASON 76 JACKSON, RAELENE 76 JACOBS, KEVIN JACOBY, BILL JAHNSEN, KRISTIN 76, I84 JARRELL. DEBRA JECK, DAVID 76, I63, I8O JELLISON, KATHY 76 JEMES, DEBBIE 60 JEWELL, JOHN 76 JIMENEZ, FREDDIE 76 JOCHUMS, RICK 76, I48, I68 JOHNSON, CAMERON 76 JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER 76 JOHNSON, EVAN 76 JOHNSON, MARRY 76 .JOHNSTON, BECKY 76 JOHNSTONE, HEATHER 76 JONES, CHRISTOPHER 77, 20I JONES, CRISTINA 77 JORGENSEN, JOSYN 77 KALIMTGIS, EVANGELLOS 77, I48 KANE. ROSE 77 KAY, EMMY 77, I55 KELLEY, BRENDA 77 KENDRICK, ADRIENNE 77 KHAMPHAVANH. SAMAY KIRKWOOD. EDWARD 77 KISCHER, FRANK 77. I I2 KISSLING, KENNETH 77. I68, I82 KIVEL. MARGARET 6I KEIKAMP, JEANETTE 77 KNOEPFLE, MARK 77 KNOFF. MIKE KNOPF, MICAHEL I68 KNOWLTON, TINA 77, I57, I72 KORVER, TIFFANY 77 KRAUS, ZACHARY I80 KRAUSE, MELANIE 77 KRAUSS, TAMMY 77 KRISS, LISA 77 LABLUE, ROBBY 77 LAFAYE, RICHIE 77, I48 LANCASTER, CINDY 77 LANDRAUM. GINA LANKFORD. WENDY 77, I37 LARKIN, CHERYL 77 LARKIN, TINA 77 LARSEN, TIFFANY 6I, 70. 77, II2 LATHAM, CHRISTINE 77, I55 LAYNE, MIKE 77, I48 LEACOCK, JENNIFER I30 LEASE, SHANNON 77 LEVITAN, KAARLO I48, I63 LEWIS, BARBARA 77 LINDSEY, KELLY 77 LITTLE, DEREK 77, I48 LOEFFELHOLZ. TERRI 77 LOSS, MARY 77 LOWE, MARION LUU. MINH LYLE, WILLIAM 78 LYLES, PATRICIA 78 LYNCH, DEBBIE 78 MACKLIN, ROGER 78 MADDEN, LINDA 78 MADRID, MATTHEW 78 MALONE, DEREK 78 MALOY, RICKIE MANDELBERH, EDWARD 78 MANEVAL, SHANE 78 MANNIEIN, ED 78 MANSKER, HEATHER 78 MARE, MIKE 78, I52, I82 MARSHALL, BETH MARTINEZ, BARBARA 78, I23 MARTINEZ, SERGIO MASON, CHRISTINE 78, I I5 MAYO, DOUG 78, II5, I63 MAZON, PATRICK 78 MCCOY, SHAWNA 78, I84 MCDONALD, COLLEEN 78, l54, I55 MCGRAUGH, JOHN 78 MCGRAW, ERIC 78, II2 MCILLECE, MATHEW 78. I I2 MCKENNEY, ALICE 78, I72 MCLAUGHLIN, KEN 78, I58, I76 MCLAUGHLIN, SHAWNA 78 OLSEN, RICHARD 79 OLSON, KEN 79 ONG, DONNA 79 OPPENHEIM, DAVID 79, I48, I63 ORR, DARLA 79, I3I OTIS. LISA 79 PACHECO, SANDY 79, I23 PADILLA. DIANA 79 PALMER, KRISTEN 79 PARKER, LAURIE 79 PARKER, NEVA 79 PARSONS, DAVID 79 PATEL, BHAVESH 79 MCLEARRAN, WENDI 70, 78, II8 MCPHERSON, WENDY 78 MEADE, STACEY 78 MEDINA, ADOLFO 78 MEDINA, CARLOS 78 MEDOFF, JENNIFER 78 MEHIE, WILLY 78, I68 MEJIA, STEVE 78, I I2, I I3 MENDOZA, WILLIAM 79, I48 MERSIOWSKY, ANDREW 79, I55 MESSER. DENNIS 79 MEYER, JOHN 79 MEYER, SHARON 79, I55 MIGUEL. LEONARD 79 MIKLES, MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER DAN 79 ANDREA 79 JOHN 79, I48 MICHELLE 79 STEPHANIE 79, I59 STEPHEN 79, I52 MILLS, DAN 79 MILNE, LAUREN PATZMAN, GWYNNE 79, I8 PAULIN, TRENT 79 PEARSON, ADAM 79 PECK. JOANNA 79, II5 PEPE, ANNA 79, II6 PEPER. SHANE 79 PETERS, ROBBIE 79 PETERSON. STEVE 79, I I5 PETERSON. VICKIE 79 PETRY, DAVID 79 PFEIL, GRETCHEN 79 PHAM, KIM-UYEN PECARELLO, TROY PICKART, ROBIN 79, I I2 PIERCE, PAUL 79, I48 PINGRY, MICHELLE 79, I57 PLATT, JOEL 79, I48 PONES, STEPHEN II2 PONGRATZ, EDMUND 75, 80 I3I PORTER, REBECCA 80, I I2 PORTIS, COREY 80, I48 POTTER, SARA 80, I55 MITCHELL, DANNY 79, I48 MODI, AMY 79 MOLINA, TOM 79, I48, I76 MONHEIM, GERTRUDE 79 MORENO, SYLVIA 79, I57 MORRIS, SARAH 79 MOTZKIN, DAVID MULLADY, SETH MUNDELL, BOBBY 79, II2, I55 MURRAY, KELLY 79 MUSSON, KAREN 79 MYGRANT, MIKE 79 NAFARRATE, MARTIN 79, I48 NAGLE, JAMES 79, I48, I76 NAHHAS, LUKE NEASHAM, DEAN 79, I I2 NELLUMS, GEOFFERY 79 NELSON, HANS 79 NEUBAUER, HEATHER 79 NEWMAN, ANDY 37, 79, I55 NEWSOME. BETH 79 NGUYEN, KHOA 79 NISWANDER. CHRIS 79 NORIEGA, MICHAEL 79, I76 OLIVE, JEFFREY POTTS, PAUL 80, I30 POWERS, JOHN 80, I I2 PRICE, PAT PRICHARD, DAVID PRIES, DEBRA 80. I I2 PROBASCO, SCOTT I76 PRUETT, VALERIE 80 PTAK, RACHAEL 80 PYEATT, CHRISTY 80, I30 PYLE. MELISA 80 PYLE, MICHEL 80 QUANIMPTEWA, DOYLE 80, I52 RANDALL, VICTORIA 80, I I2 RASMUSSEN, TRACY 80, I55 RAUBENOLT, VANESSA 80, I79 RECELY, MORGAN 80, I I2 RENTFRO, BRENDA 80 REVELLS, TODD 80 REYES. RIGO RHONEHOUSE, CARRIE 80 RILEY, KRIS RICHOTTE, KELLY 80 ROBB, BARRY 80 ROBINSON, EDWARD 80 ROBISON, ARYL 80, I48 ROBISON, SCOTT 80 ROBLES, MANNY 80 RODRIGUEZ, ELIZABETH RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL 80 ROBERS, JOY 80 ROBERS, JULIE 80 ROMERO, JIMMY 80, I76 ROMERO, RENE 80, I48 ROSEN, ALISA 80, I I2 ROSENBERG, MARK 80 ROSENBERG, MIKE 80, II5, I76 RUDISILL, CHAD 80, I63 RUDZITIS, HEIDI 80, II2 RUIZ, REGGIE 80 RUSHLOW, TESHABO II5 RUSSO, KRIS 80 SAGER, JUSTIN 80 SAMUELSON, CHRISTINE 80, I7I SANCHEZ-ALSAN, ENRIQUE 80 SANTA CRUZ, CARMEN 80, I52, I59, I84 SANTA CRUZ, GLAUDIA 80 SANTEN, MARY SI SAPP, DONALD I63 SAUNDERS. KAREN 49, I57 SCHAFLE, MICHAEL 8I SCHLIMME. BEN 8I, I54, I55 SCHMIDT, DAVID 8I, I48, I63 SCHOCKET, LUANNE 8I, I57, I59, I84, 202 SCHOTTEL, CARL 8I SCHRAGE, LILLIAN 8I SCOTT, DONNA 8I, I59 SEDERHOLM, SCOTT SI SEGERSTROM, RICK 8I SHADE, MARK 8I, I63 SHEAFE, COURTNEY 8I SHELLEY, LORALYN 8I, I59, I84 SHELTON, JAMES 8I SHELTON, JENNIFER 8I SHIMNIOK, MICHAEL SI SHOULDERS, DIANE 74 SIKOWSKI, ANNETTE SINGER, DEBRA 8I SINGLETON, TERRI SI, I59, I84 SLAIGHT, CHERIE 8I SQUIBB, ANGIE STALKER, HAROLD 8I STALLINGS, KIMBERLY 8I STEBER, MIKE 8I STEENSON. LISA 8I, II6, 20I STEFFENS, CAROLYN SI STEFFENS, SUSANNA 8I STEVENS, JAMES 8I, I I2 STEVENS, JULIA 8I STOCKE, TRACY 82 SUCKLEY, JOE 82 SUDDATH, MENDY 82, I57 SUTTON, CHRISTINA 82. I79 SVENDSEN, SCOTT SWANN, STEVE 82 SWANSON, KENNETH 82, I68 SYKES, YEVETTE 82, I84 SYMONS, KIM 8I, I57, I72 SYMPSON, GLORIA 65, 8I TAFOYA, ANDREW 82 TATOM, BONNIE 32, ISS TEAL. DANNY 82 TEUFEL, MIKE 82 THAI, NGUYEN 82 THAI, TUNG 82 THOMAS, SHERRI 82 THORNHILL, TABITHA 82 THORPE. EDDIE 82 THRASH. DIANE 82 TINDELL, TARA 65, 82 TINSLEY, SHANDEKA 82 TOBEN, LISA I79 WATTERS, GEORGE 83, I68 WEAVER, CHARLIE 83 WIER, MIKE WEISSMAN. MELINDA 78, I32 WELLS, MARK WEST, BRENT 83 WESTMORELAND, WILLIAM 83 WHARTON, LISA 83 WHITE, ANNA 83. I59 WHITE, ROBERTA 83, I84 WHITE, SHEILA 83 WHITE, STEPHANIE WHITMORE, JOEY I63 WIECHERT, JIM 83 WILES. BRANNON 83, I3I WILKINSON, TROY 83, I I2 WILLHOITE, BRENDA 83 WILLIAMS, COURTNEY 83, I48 WILLIAMS, JEANNETTE 83 WILSON, JOEL WILSON, ROBERY 83, I63 WINDOWS, ERIC 83 WITTWAY, ANISSA 37, 57, 70, 83 I I8 WOLF, DENNIS 83 WOODMANSEE, DIANA 83 WOODMANSEE, JAMIE 83 WOOLSTON, KERI 83, I I2 YARBROUGH, JULIE 83 YEHLING. TAMI YOUNG, JOCELYN ZEMBIK, LORI TOFEL. JAMES 82 TREJO, MARGARET 82 TRIEU, TAN TRIMBLE, THERESA TRUJILLO. AMY 82 TRUONG, TULUE fb - X 1sosLE. JOHN T I " T TUMARKIN, PAUL sz, uso at Tuv. THA 7 ruv. THOEUNG sz VALADEZ. WILLIE sz , , VALDEZ, ROBERT sz, IE3'-tt-D Lv VALENCIA, STEVE 8 I SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH. SMITH SMITH SOBEL, SOBIN, ANGELA 8I JACK 8I FRANK JANEED 8I KEITH 8I LIZETTA 8I NICOLE 8I RUSSELL 8I SHANNAN 8I SUSAN ALAN 8I ISABELLE 8I SOZA, FRED 8I, I63 SPENCER, MONICA 8I VAN CAMP, LORRAINE 8 ' - E ' VAN DYKE, SANDY sz m C5 ' VARELA HECTOR sz I fw .Xfh I VELASCO: GABRIEL VERA MARIA 82 VASQUEIZ CORRINE 82 Y volGI4T, JACOUELINE I V VONIER, ANDY VUNGOC,THUY sz 5 " xz 1 rw X WADLEY ERIC 82 II2 WALES, TUESDAYIS2, L39 Y J 1 WALLEN, KIMBERLY 82, I I7 WAMSLEY, KYLE ss. u4s - A ' ' AX, WANDERLEY. ROMERO I I Y SX' WASKOM, JOHN 29 if QWHyi9iiM63j0 Q MMWQU Yi WUZNW A Vi' F mf ' ' nh EW fygww fb w if is W M if WD Gfsw M EM? cw w,3lM1jfwf Ofgtgfjff w5V 6? LV M V Q., 3595599 wygQiQSi95Q9'QQ L Q 9siSQV55i?fQfQyYQ KQ3gWJ Q 0 X 1 VON 6 , Ski +Q5w VQQK , XX5M wwf 2 ' X W QM W L ggg3iVJw?ibLV Yglg LQNVC+if5pwE585 fb QWQQQV w QQQQQ WS xx K XQQU' PS, - QWQO yi ' " 3 U5 N U92qNdd ,oi2E73bg' ' ssfQggQi5 Q NW W Q50 .. 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Suggestions in the Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) collection:

Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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