Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ)

 - Class of 1983

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Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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Bottom- Lunch time pals. Janelle Scheeler and Jeft landwehr. in-fr in Alu, , ' fsLilf'?rw.fA 'S Top Left: Kent Loganbill complains "This 'WEQH' machine!" What do they mean, 'only after schooI'?" Right: Steve Waterson wants to know. "Hey, sexy, your pool or mine?" Bottom Left: Kermit swings into the Amphi spirit. Bottom Right: Oscar "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" Bermudez. Now for the plate. TUDE T LIFE Amphi Pride Cam fi pridj n.- I. Taking time to do a little extra. 2. Supporting school events. 3. Respecting others. 4. Becoming involved. 5. Having school spirit. Usage: From keeping our campus spotless, to cheering fans and friendly smiles, Amphi Pride shines through. In high school, students experience very different life- styles, yet together we share Panther Pride and many good times. Throughout the years at Amphi, students will grow, goals will change, and friendships will expand. Each year at Amphi, we are left with many special memories. Together though, Panther spirit and Amphi pride reflect the unity, involvement, and support of every student with- in their school. On the following pages, the pictures of student life show Amphi Pride in many different ways. Mt, , . .,. -,... . . 5?7ii1'k'5l,'l5' '- ifiizswfitt Qu 1155 ii 4: , . 1 "Pfg,,55'f,,5':fs,: '34-4 T fr Q-g, ss., '1:v"2-1,',..f+::v . .- :fvkwm V F- P bn i 3.I::l'!gg', wh- ' L,l,,.' - '--t-5' -l, . '-awe' .. Top- Janet Bauman, smilel You're on Candid Camera. Bottom Left- Steve Abrams 6 Frank Massey pig out during ICC Daze. Right- Amy Arnold, "sigh," another Monday. NL . CTI ITIES NY Hr 1 I-. 19 'R 9 9 1 1122! .-.xi NVQ 0 Ajvyx xl xv . . - S. Wg? S NN Af -. D Q 6 nw C.-do 5 - 0 , Sw A-WEEK Again this year, various activities compiled a week, leading up to the traditional Homecoming. Among these were Twin Day, Granny S Nerd Day, and the traditional 505 day. Also, spirit point contests were held, exceptional floats made, hallways decorated, and the jitterbug performed. Here are some colorful highlights from this memorable week. Top Left: Move over, John and Olivia, here come Sammy Anaya, Randy Rodriguez, Gina Gregory and Jackie Bates. Top Right: Twins Laurie O'Donald and Jamie Wing ready to hit the diamond and play ball. Bottom Left: Are you a nerd of the eighties? Here's our staff: Michelle Plantz Csecretaryl. Suzy Schiltz ftreasurerj, Andy Pongratz fpresidentj, and Sue Molnar fvice presidentj. Bottom Right: Spirited Seniors Jon Voight and Prince Wallace go out for twin day. sf 1 Top left: Pack of panther punkers pause to pose for a picture. Bottom Top right: Ed "Heeks" Heacox and .lay "Toes" Weller - Don't they left: "Who me?" Says Barbara Hoge, caught red handed going for "one remind You of that blind date Yould like to f0"Set7 Bottom flghff more" donut. Carlos Briones once again refuses to take his monthly bath. 1 Lf X 5 5 J S Q' X J 3 , ,lf I, f Q 5, 6 1 Q , l J if A if V w " ' Q ll?Q . ,G , wg 'Q my -,A In f l " -K 1 ln v1 g M if Si VK up Am ff YB gg h L i Q Ni ven N SS 5 Q? in g W ll if Q, ni mi Q1 5 Q Q. A' ' we ,L sm X af -. 3, W , A N Eg ee N ,r i. R i, , . A S e 5 , " e X7 has- Q? . 3, ,F -.75 S , ,1 S g we FS? E gg was in Q: l 5 l lim we 5 'Q Q5 el :Eb i VIVV 1 e "?,.i SENIOR ATTENDANTS: ,Q K if - is Vincent l.aMantia and Gina Gunderson 1 x .Eg Ng, 5? F Q vs wx .im i Lwtk H nz, ew! J IZ' xx if 'f 1 A TW .N ' J l fi 'fn 5 if 5 gg 5 A . . 4 1-Si. jx? 5 in qt., ,L,: .: is , 5 L " " ISL V. E TL 1 : 1 R A Nj : af Q .,,,i sx we l 1 SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS: :,, . . l 3 Eric Dowdle and Kelley Jewell Z. iwqz , Z D . ,IPA 'I S , " e 1uNloR ATTENDANTS: P e- E' "kk" ' ' ' Q Q Michelle Audet and Tad Jewell A Q Y if I CHZANIN me K if . F, j. 11 sa 5.14 ,. x 1 gg lf e Ml 'Q Q ,wwe Q A 'K il if-3-. W' ff . ,wx l X My-M 459 .- dr 35' 5 14:1 ., ,. ,j 4 fl 'QL X ffzfaggg e'f"" Q 6 SENIOR ATTENDANTS' X R n E . M K JZ., naman as if Q--QE i , :Q 2' ' . ' A g 4 A fl- if'-5 Q P 3. 53 'M ' f f .f IN . f Q pw: , . , f X ,' 3 f- 1 . K ,ia i Y XX i I 4 I ' I las 5 'pe 2: N-'53, V' 2. QQ v Q W 5' Hg' 'JJ 5 1 1' 3515+ ad. d - ..zagd.TQ,i fs, f fi Q ' Q. 'VZ ki M W ' ff -f l gk Q ga.: vii, itev J aol Q it I : , 5 WV Q V . J Y , Q ' - 3 Q 'f ig L - f M , F ,gi -- 'I'-, ie 1 WF 'Huff ' ' 'N - -r ge, AM 1 may . if --vi F nqunulf Q V t 4 , S3 ' V. x rf- .... v E 1 Qf i was-f""" 5 sr 5 1 A ,Hx Wig , . YY it x!"N,?, wat! a: , 'fu ' 9141, I mf? 3 -W Q. 5 feiwme. fm.ff" 'W 1 w 'W K ,wk 0' W Q - f x W Q' ,QA kyw 'QV ,Zn xy K, , , , 'sg ff' V St . K if 'N ,ZXQ J "Wiki: , .f 'al i' gi em: fm -S: - V-sf X S X S wi 4 'H wi, PEP ASSEMBLIE . ..f-If I Top Left: Punk Panther Katie Estes and friend, Shelly McCombs. Right: Gina Gunderson can-cans during a cheerleading routine. Bottom Left: Amphi Bobbysockers, from left to right - Liza Norton. Neidra LaSalle, Tricia Zachau, Wendy Edwards, Ann Schooley, and Gina Gunderson, get a kick out of the Homecoming assembly. Right: Freshmen jitterbuggers Ted Friedli and Roxanne Nelson. ix. Q-use Top Left: Mr. Waterfall demonstrates how to load an old style rifle. Right: Jay and Heeks jam with the Scorpions in Airband competition Lower Left: Jeanna Johnstone crams for the winning sophomores. Right: Julie Parrish and Christina Felix play a serious game of "Cat and Mouse". SENIOR SENATORS: Back Row, L to R: Jerry Foley, Jeff Voight, Front Row. L to R: Laurie O'Donald, Laurie Planting SENIOR OFFICERS: Back Row, L to R1 Susan Myers, Secretary: Nicola Muscat Treasurer: Front Row. L to R: Jamie Wing, Vice President: Darlene Norton, President -our ' 244- mwmgwwi wwff SENIORS CWWWWL' JM qw ,dw-,af CZ 656.42 ,iffy I C+ 'N1ZvvvC,f. Cgcnv-QJUTNAQAQA Sl-'UQ NQULVN LQDQCUFKCA iocwwfajoj 'Al A v I Jdvchff' u? CLA ,Q Q W If r' GMD N s r cgwoc! LUQK ty Ex 'W as X .Tam f , E NPQvxc,Lc1.Y' A y X . pr X, :F Q, A 55 If ff , s we -2 'Q WMO fvvojffxyfpsi-90 0 I QQ' 9 ' 5 "'. QQSQJXL AMF. 1 X Fd J , lazy?" - , I I L ' P W KW 2+ , wi A0260 A1 A A x 9 Wow N A' SN WN L Y-. Q, ff 4' M ,w Mig wf gqggwf V fff"'4"U2,xHI'Q? x'f"W X lf0JVSl' 'zx5A,S0,,6,Jb4', X1,sbW Qfygwlfn mx ww Ef,,w5JL'VnPfS YX9 IM 'V 1 1 3 4 1 i 4 1 M-HQ. fe Q, W if L mmf' 'if' 2 'vc 1 Q uf' 31, Am, ., V 'vm ,,f,f gh , J: 'X 1 1 fi 1 IVR , ..A Qi ng .'X . .1 -Q, 'Q Y: gb - Mr K? 1- . s ."W'?'1 'fwf W - - Ku 'QM W fkilllw " 1421. y if .?'2f 1 1 1 A Y2 U A 1 K I L K l I Ii J.. -' asf r ii ! fm! we 'In Y QW. j 2 3525 x, E2 aw wi' . . Wm, ,, jg W, M , ' QM., 'FED , 'Tw' QU ' ,'.fi3a7r: an , J X 15' 5 up Wig? Yr S9 , . 5 'Km 5 W 5 :ga Psi? K gf 4 ' V A .ui M ' QNQER 7 5 1 334 Q 2 .M if "SG wi Q A , Hfw:?5'f? ' N . 1 , X 2, 1,35 E . Silk' f, f,- X32 .gt 1.3 gm., fa, . N f Q 3 J ,. ,i f., , f M ni' fy fx E - ,S H Q A, j '5' ' rl 'Iv ' 5 :J ' 5 ' L ' T if f V L r SHANNON WEELING WITHROW WONG TED JUDY WORTHINGTON WORTHMILLER TRISH DAVID ZACHAU ZELLER HIGHEST HIGH ROLLERS: RAY DILE S WENDY EDWARDS ROMEO AND JULIET: WINN SHELTON 5 MICHELE BAGSHAW CHICANO KING AND QUEEN: ROBERT ALDRETE S DIANE PATINO BIGGEST BROWN NOSERS: BEN ATKINSON 8 SUSAN MYERS BEST BODY: BENNY WITT S GINA GUNDERSON LONGEST HAIR: RICHARD GROSSMAN 8 THUY-LAN BISHOP PRETTIEST HAIR: JAY WELLER E1 ELAINE POWELL BEST SMILE: JEB BURTON 8 MICHELLE HABIAN BIGGEST GOSSIPS: BOB KOLEAS 8 MARGO MEYER BEST MUSICIANS: RONNIE VEGA S RHONDA WEBER BEST VOCALISTS: RICK MAXEY S MICHELE FIORUCCI SHAPLIEST LEGS: KENT CALLAGHAN S CHARISSE SANTHA BIGGEST FLIRTS: BEN ATKINSON S MICHELE FIORUCCI BEST DANCERS: MITCH MILLER S LIZ MAZZA MOST ATHLETIC: KEVIN BOYLE S KELLEE ROLLINS BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS: RICK MAXEY S SUE SHERMAN SOUALID MINDS: KENT CALLAGHAN S JULIE PARRISH BRAINIEST: BEN FEINBERG 8 SHAWN SMITH SEXIEST: MARK STAPLETON 8 GINA GUNDER xl" MARTY MELISSA PARKER SAILORS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: ED HEACOX S SHAWN SMITH SHORTEST: MIKE CARPENTER S MARY OSTAPUK TALLEST: DAVE EVA 8 SUE MOLNAR MOST OBNOXIOUS: JAN PRICE S SUSAN TINNEY BIGGEST PRUDES: JEFF VOIGT S NEIDRA LASALLE BIGGEST MUSCLES: KENT CALLAGHAN 8 PRICE WALLACE BIGGEST PESTS: JEFF LANDWEHR S SUSAN MYERS BEST DRESSED: RAY DILE 5 WENDY EDWARDS BEST PERSONALITY: JAY WELLER E SHAWN SMITH MOST CONCEITED: SHANE MONCADA 8 KELLY RADOKOVICH MOST SPIRITED: JEFF VOIGT E TRACY PALUSZEK MOST ARTISTIC: DAVID GELLMAN S LANAE ELLETSON COWBOY KING AND QUEEN: JERRY FOLEY 8 SHAYNE HERSC- BERGER BIGGEST AIRHEADS: MIKE HICKS S CHRISTY BRIZUELA BIGGEST B.S.ERS: BEN ATKINSON 8 BARBARA HOGE BEST LOVED TEACHERS: MR. TEMPLIN 8 MRS. HARRIS PRETTIEST EYES: DOUG FORD S KAREN ACKER PREPPIEST: JEB BURTON 5 PRICE WALLACE IOR SPOTLIGHT "Sl"-S3 "IN CAsAs ADQBE: WM gmhz 7043 N. ORACLE RD. TUCSON. ARIZONA 85704 CLYDE W HOLLAND 297 2501 Congratulations to the class of 83 from the parents of Clyde Holland O . f Tl-ns PAGE Fon AUTOGRAP s COMPLIMENTS OF J M014 ,H ,ed ,Gemma M3 A It or Al O0 ,X5 Guy Qlwlpf OUVC SZULKQ U5 LOYJHMZJ adbulillj damn! Vow close, iD eewffz Olher, wow' fool! 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L to R1 Lisa Price, Tad Jewell JUNIOR OFFICERS: Back Row, L to R: James Soza, Vice President: Joe Omen. President: Front Row. L to R: Barbara Fedell. Secretary: Katy Estes. Treasurer ,xc , Q 751 rx , ,QL ,C Nxbx 2,,XLK!f ,N f xc? 'r 'fxb W ,fjwfx K . A , A IDRS of X Vs ,N . 5 ,fy V, We XXL, j -N . X 1 V f X , , X , N 1" ' K - ' X 1' . fx , V F, ,55 x X 1 I ,, cf, -N If 'fx 0 . F N X, 1 1 .A 1 I f- , L 2 X ,N 'N . X K L J USN W U , ,X 5 V,,, xfx Q! ,156 SL ffx 5?Kf,if by 1'7 3l' X73 J' ,Q JM C! X w x Q xi 01 kxucs KKXUR' Nw J X XX Lx b N xx 'XL XAL, X VJ! if KX. X Xkif LQNQQ 'QQUQQ 1- :NLG VV V Vixwfg ff? 9 Ogg! YN ,C UN . O2 or Ljkif Xb," XR V N ' ' L' X X I Nkj L k"r"' Q NC L7 CA M ' U 'X NA Vfxx ' X XJ J w fs nv Adm' , Q! H XNL I XV, Dx XV? ff if E" VJ Ux , ,L-M1551 Wg Cm? X342-5 X3 J -X 'JVWJV 4:3 3 - i ,A :Q 14. o Av, ' Q . o 'i 0 6 J me 'vx.. 'Xi H ffl Afwsjif C 'fwfxff "X f'f'2 ABRAHAMS, DAVID ABRAMS. LISA ABRAMS, STEVEN AHEARN, JENNIFER AKINS, CLARENCE ALBRECHT, LINDA ALLEN, LISA AMBROSE, BRIAN AMUNDSON, ROBERT ANAYA. CAROL ANDREWS. PAUL ANGELL. ERIC ARMENTA. MARCUS ARNOLD, MARK ARNOLD, MIKE ARRIAGA, JOHN ARVAYO. LISA ASHLEY. ELIZABETH -.21 - - :M .Qi 12 1 - . . , . QQ si ..f ,U ..,. .. -..-. A M. - .-sf. -z.: ' - ' E LI" ,K Ks A .. . 4vx..i1.jj ... L wg? We 32- 2, X S K .ff . , AA :gg s J? ' . 1 ff i 5 ILII 5 .J I SPX . ' I,,I F fi I L L -,...,,. I fo... gl Si -::::.. Q 9 is ,,,.,....4 ,L W ' .Q ,II'E 7 . 5 1 - . .. ...--- A .Mg is '. ,v 'U , A X? . , . 1 QS... w Y -gs ii ' , , i,.Qg...Z..L.,, S ,.... .X H , -S I-ii . . I JL ,L in 5' I ?ii1"""a ATCHLEY, KEITH AVERILL, TERESA BAGNELL. ADAM BALLESTEROS, DELBERT BALLI. SALLY BARKER, TODD BARRY, SEAN BASHAR. NGHMEH BAUMAN. JANET BENTLEY. TANYA BERRY. CURTIS BETTIS, TROY ALUMNI OVER Amphi shows signs of homecoming spirit. lb. A an eg: I is QQ? x W ,.. . g . X. .M .L -I -, N .pi wi -A 9 as Fr , ix, ,Y W 53 fv 5 . ff ,.' Az' .I-P' S P av S K 'T 62 5 . 1lg,1g vlsnllx -'I' .5532 A qw f-1 rw Q4 .- .., I I I I 5 , j,, Z I Q? 2 5 1 ' . - ay, Barbara Hoge hosts homecoming. .,Qf'Wm??Q5Q??I 'QI - A, ,-,, ? ,.-, if-V, 1 H Jaaa an Q A' WIIYQI' . Q X , if 'A' Ti A145 1 1 ka' I ' I 0 fm. 3' Q5 fu fx 4' I Q .1 R 3 1 I Y I-4 M 'ei ' M Kalki! Q N ,, mg,, v,, ,. aww w f, .fgwa y 2, ,-I " , . lc' Zio HWWFI Zf . 1 ' "6 J Y. rx f, 'iz'fi'? Q' f :A aiin BIERNAT, BRIAN BLACK, KEVIN BOCK. GARY BOGGERO, TONY BONJOUR, TINA BORLICK, DAVID BOROWSKI. ELIZABETH BOYDSTUN. BETH BOYDSTLIN. BRETT BRACAMONTE, LEA BRASHEAR, TODD BRAVO, DESIREE BRAZILL. GARY BRECKENRIDGE, LISA BREMERMAN, MARY BRISTOL, JEFF BROADWATER. RENEE BROWN, BETH BROWN, JACQUELINE BUCHER, SHAWN BURRIS. SCOTT BUSHMIRE. LISA CALDERON, GABRIEL CALEY. JEFF CAMP, PAULA CAMPBELL, MEG CAMUNES, TAWNI CARDELLA. CASEY CARDELLA, JOSEPH CARICHNER, DAVID CARLSON. JENNIFER CARPENTER, DANA DECA HORRIBLES INVADE AMPHI 'SW Ji ,,,,. , I x I '35 All keg? 'I is ii is XS 3? -f .,,::,g W.. 734' 'IQ 5 , , Qi t w 33, NQ5.. .-:-Q55f,15g,w5gg-- - 4,322 3: gs, 515: g -'1 52255 .., .. Nr , ,, Q X1 we r, ,., Y QI . ,,. . , ,X 0 I QL If 2 S . ibm Q S ,K ,R ff I. yu., .gh A 1 k'.: -, , -3 , K . SX ix SI ,. 9 ,. , ..,,:,L . P ,. ,,, V ., 1 ,gig X A ,N . A " mf 5 ,. w S, I ., L V 4 , , A I ,I Q v A 5 I xx! 1 Q ' ,Q ,LL., mmm- 1 '- Y .... . . -- TT " - K , L ,,,ff,,.,k, L. 3, ' K ' 1 .xx Kg li it F E Q . , W .111 ,, ,Q . Q gg , . K I, - W -. J kk ,XL J c , ff . E, - .gm Aiwwil V 5,5 1 f , I X J f L 61 - 5 4 S 3 f I .,,.h Yr L " -sxfesw, ,. .,.. .. .... A ,..., 'IQ It X :.kkk , .5, 5 , .. ,,. I, :.,-: E. ,,,, Qs E g .1 A S"1gf,.?,i I 1, X X? WS ,, M L x . ...., ,. , A ...x .. S , . . kigigiig. 5 ,, si .KB ,XX . Q13 gnu..- If , ' . fw:1'g'seif2f,, ,-., ., A A if ...., , . ,-ss, -..ff:Ss-.:"sl , CARR. LORI CARTER. JAMES CAUDLE, BECKY CENTOURI. ROBERT CERVANTEZ, ANTHONY CERVANTEZ, BALDY CHANEY, SUSAN CHAPPLE, KAREN CHATTERSON, KIM CHILDERS, ROBERT CHILES. JAYME CHRISTENSEN. NICK CLAUSSEN, RUSS CLAYTON, LAURIE COATES, STEVE COLBERT. CYNTHIA COLPITTS, KELLY COOK. TERRY COOPER, BRADLEY COURTNEY, LOUISE COX, GERALD CROSS, DEBBIE CROY, STEVEN CUMMINGS. MARLENE CUNDIFF, JILL CURENTON, NATHEN DAMEWOOD, BRENDA DAUGHERTY, STELLA DAVID, BRIAN DEEMER. ROBERT DEITERING, MICHELE DELEAN, MARIE DELPRINCIPE, GREG DEENBURGER. LANA DERR, DEAN DIAZ, ARLENE DIX. MICHELLE DOMINGUEZ. ERIC DOMINO, BRIAN DONAGHAY, KIM DOUGHERTY, TONY DUNCAN, TERESA DUNCAN, TERRI DUNN. TAMMY DUPONT. SHANNA DUST, KELLY EICHMAN, JOHN ESCUDERO, TERRY ESTES, KATIE EVERILL. GINA FAUST, MARIA FEDELL, BARBARA FEDERICO. RUSSELL FEYTE, JEAN-PAUL FINLEY, TODD FLEISHMAN, DAVID FOX, VERONICA FRANCIS, MARK FREELAND, SHARI FRIEDLI. TIM FRIEDMAN, DIANA FRITZINGER, DONNA FROEHLICH, FELICIA GALVEZ, DAVID GANN, EVA GANZER, LAURA !ARVIN. LAU A GASPARI, MATT GASTELUM, BARBARA GIBSON, SHAWN GLENN, FRANCISCO GODDARD, TROY GIAMMONA, ANGIE GOLDFARB. JILL GOLDSTEIN. CARA GOLSETH, LINDA GOODRICH, JOHNICE GRAHAM, TERRI GRANICA. TONJA GRAY. HENRY GREABER, PAT GREENE, CHERYL GREENWOOD. LI-ANN vflg QI, 1 -' QR.-4 Q 1 M ,I Q, .iw ., gay' I 1? s I' I is 4 3 T " . R 14 Slin g? 'ff' ' f I A f ' H A s E f 1 .f , , fi M VVA A V A J I '1 5 I 19,95 553,51 ii M 5 X -9 I iff 1' W 'fa I HJ X f " 4- 4: f 7'1- Q 1' Q iz 'Liga , I . xfw,yy I xy, 5 I, f I Aff fdf 15 n V 42 I , Iii A 4 Mfr "-L if GRIFFITH. NICOLE GUERRERO, JOSIE GUTIERREZ, CHRIS HADLOCK. SEAN HAGGERTY. TIM HAMMEL, KEVIN HAMMEL, MIKE HARDEN, DAVID HARRIS, LINDA HAYMORE, MYRON HAYNES. DOUG HEDRICK, DONALD HEINDEL, WENDY HELMS, DIANNA HERBST, STEVE HERRERA, REY HERVEY, MATTHEW HESSE. ALAN HICKS, DELLA HILLIARD, DON HIXON, TODD HOWELL, KRISTINE HUGHES, DIANE INGRAM, MICHAEL IOANE. LANETTE JABCZENSKI, RITA JAMESON, MIKE JEWELL, TAD JOHNSON, SONYA JONAS, SAM JOSEPH, PAUL JOVALUSKY, BOB JUHAN, PAUL . .,..,f.. KAISER, LISA KANIOWSKY. , TONY KAYE, ANDREA I f KEEME, ALEX v , N A 'fii RELLEY, JENNIFER I A it , JA, L 'Q ,E KELLY. BETH-ANN A A A A I -ft A f . I , -f:,.f:. ,l,, : - ,.. ., , A' , ,, .., ,,:,,A, f .. ., , .. A1 f jffe L If A . af ' QW ' . iiiiwiviailii' 1 Y at KIRKPAIRICK. DON 3 Y' f' , 1- I A A I 5 I A ' , 1 :gli I f' - AI . ' ag: ' , KROUSE, ROBERT f A wil! Qffgd 'flif 5 ili' ' A ',Js ,gAI IHA- "., 'M ,-si. I , -.M f--EQIIIAAA, AAAA AA A AAA.A ,,,. .AAA I AAAA R ix AY 12+ is A AAAAAA AAAAAA I! LABOUNTY, LINDA ' ' I DDDD A l'D D I liff iD D A In LAKES, KEVIN 1 Q .V LAIvIARcHE,sEcIcY r ' I 53 ' LAMARRE- DEWE DDAA A LANEA SCOTT I I I DD A LANGEHEINE, BRIAN A, ' ' LARSON, LISA 'E ' ' A A LASALLE. STEVE A I I I A L f-2 f I I LEONARD. RAY , DE ' s I Q ,W f 4 II E ' T I fw mf i ii Left to Right: Seniors. Ron Koleas. Ron Anders, Pete Hardtke, Clyde Holland. and Scott Williams. enjoying a day at the beach. LINVILLE. RENEE LOPEZ. FRED LUBIN, KAREN ' LUDLOW, DOUGLASS If ' LUMLEY, MIKE we , My-ff LINAKER, PAUL 'I ,Q 4, A 1' S' QI I M I 'X A PII f QE L , - ' -f-E ,Egfr YL , , ,, LYNCH, MICHAEL V MADDOCK, LAURA g LIAA x 5 Lef, A MAKKAI, MARY A , I MALY, LISA 4iiV MANNLEIN, JOHN f MANSFIELD. STEVE "h lx' .53 T , , I . Q, , M-f M I, K, , ,.. , ,I , Z a ,f Q-I I A 2- "f ' ,, ' M. 1 ff- , , Q' , gig ' 1 ,I W V I 4. i 7: , V , - XT-J 1, Z LHB' , N ' I. g" Q Q- ff 11, , WL gi 51 I4"7 Z iff I I bf. h I , 'w In W ,, ' , ' s ,, ,f Q I I "h' Q f ,. ' "' - if -' ' FIII Q- I I I I , I A V'-L ., , tifjl I I J ? ' "4 I ' , fjffffw Q, , ff'K,,,,-I ?n A ,, I , , ,.,, "" IV ' .,A, I I , ' ,"'h 5 f , . I' 4 ,f if T ff I' ,,,,' . " "' ' " ., ' I if AIA, Q , " . ,.,, ., . -V, ' ' s A .f,,a,g , "+A, A, , . , LfS"'2 'M' I Z 'ax 6 L, w m ' FANS AGREE-AMPHI FOOTBALL IS ELECTRIFYING! 3, , .. X i ,K '11, ,U , img ,. H, I Q, . ff ' ., , man- .5 ' is I H71 , My 1 ,I I e F! A I Y X ll: Q7 f ' X 9 sf! ' 'Q ,,, 1 MANSKER. DAWN MARKSON. WENDY MARMIS. WENDY MARSHALL. ROBIN MARTELL. WENDY MARTIGNETTI, ED MARTIN, CHERYL MARTINEZ, MARIA MASON, CAREY MATTHEWS, CLINT MAYNARD, META MCCABE, LEANNE MCCAULEY. HUGH MCCHESNEY, PAULA MCCLARY, DONNA MCCOMBS, SHELLY MCDONALD, RICK MCGRAW, BRIAN MCLEARRAN, WILL MCMILLAN, ELLEN MEADE, JAY MEDINA, ARTHUR MEEK. JOANN MEILEY. JENNIFER MELEY, PATRICK MELSER. DEBRAJO MIKEL, ELISE MILLER, JADE MILNE, DUANE MINH, CUONG MIRR. RODNEY MOEHRING. BARRY MOLINA, SHELLIE MONEY. TINA MONHEIM, GERHARD MONTGOMERY. JENNY MOORE, ERIC MOORE, PATTY MORENO, LUIS MOREY, DIANA MORSE. MARK MUNOZ. DENISE NAGLE, DARCY NATHAN. JACOB NEHREN, DODY NELSON, CARL NELSON, JOHN NERIO, LINDA i fax Rxff 1 ,. xif 1-. -Wa' '- : F I if .S Wi , 4 , . . I V- .,,,, 'Ir 3 .. 1? T N , ,Q it J A I 5 4 4 3 3? Z NEWMAN, LESLIE NGUYEN. VIET NOONAN, PAUL NORDMAN, MARCIA NORTON. LIZA NUNAMAKER, MARK NUSZ. PEGGY O'BRlEN, TOM OFFICER. ALAN OGLINE, PATRICIA OLSON, DEBBIE OLTON. MARNIE OMEN, JODI OMEN, JOSEPH ORR. DARYLE PAN-KITA, JACQUES PARKS. DON PARRA. RUBEN STEVE WATERSON SHOWS OFF HIS BODY TO STUDENT TRAINERS F 'W F A, v"" F4f5f" lv S f 15 'ffff12f f '. 1 Q: v if A, QQ 'J S 12- 1, 3-V, ,,., f ,, ,,.. In M Q Wf 'W 'M fi, HWS f M f , , , . Vw A' av 5 0 L, ,Z f ' , , 1 S . A , Ai 5' .jTA,f' 55 INN sri A I gf , ff- I Wi ' ' Q3 'sf ' R. I I 'L 1, C, Q, I PEARSON. MIKE PECK, JON PETERS, VINCENT PETERSON. KURT PETRY. ELIZABETH PIERCE, JON POLLARD, CAM POLLOCK. ERIKA PONGRATZ, ANDREW POPPEN, MICHELLE POWERS. ERIC PRICE. LISA PRIOR, CINDY PRUETT. SHANNAN QUEST, DONNY RABE, LANCE RAMIREZ, LAURA RATAJCZAK, SCOTT REED, JEEE REMERS. LAUREL REYES, LAURA ROBBINS, ERIC ROBBINS. RICHARD ROBLES, MELANIE ROSADO. EERNANDO ROSEN, ERNA ROSENBERG, MICHELE ROSENBERG, SCOTT ROYER, BEN RUYLE. MICHELLE RYAN, TODD SADOWSKY, RACHEL SALAS, ZALAZ SANDERS. BARBARA SCHAEFER, MARGARET SCHAFER, JAMES Top Left: Rhonda Weber and Lonnie Vega direct the band's half-time show. Top Right: Amphi Band wreaking havoc on our eardrums. Bottom Left: No comment. Bottom Right: "Now I remember why I joined footbaIl," sighs Tim Friedli. . vi . , , ,Q .' ass.. . ix . I. - , L X Bi H f f ag., .1 my , xx - 3 - I S 5. ' A S f - I f 'L A ' id -"K f. , . .. e.... ,2 -:::, Q - - grew . Q. w g x. I ..,. x I . SH535. :S X T A 'fff -'-' 5iS:i5' f-L J- V 7 'J f i'h i f f L f I A ' A s!J5S5' A QS x., , N. -fbi: A 3 . .- Hifi, -- .49 , I . A h' -Ak if A I I ,fo B N...-W: .2-. ,.:..,f::-N... L.--- fm . ...LQ 5. N - W.. -P w ff, sl . S Q. -fx. ::f . . -... W: B 1 A I X gil, 1 . . qty F5 . 'I LL'1 ii, , .. .. I ,,., ,,. . - . . . . .Q 1 1 Q 05 I f t J :b" ,. 3 EQ 8 M E W . -cz.: E k:':' . . . I .L f iii? fix , . F, V W xx. 5 . Y y Q . ...., ,. ,,,., ... . ..,....,,: ,.- ,A I - 3 f f- ffszggii ., 3 - . .. ff- .is -.-' 1.1:- s gg. Y I X xx S N gg-.,::gg:: . . .w.-73 g g.- 'w:.:.s: ." , f - -w' , " 3 . I W . sf ' f A ., ,S -A ' JE 2? . g A I X , se x., 3 SCHEELER. JANELLE SCHERER, NIK SCHILTZ, BARBARA SCHLAEFER, KENT SCHNUPP, ERIC SCHRADER. PAT CAROLYN KEITH SHORT DEANNA SHULL ERIC SHUMAN, STEVE SIGMAN, JOLENE SILVAGNI, MICHELLE SINGER, KEVIN SIVLEY. AMY SLATER, GLORIA SLAUGHTER, AMANDA SLAUGHTER, DALE SMITH ANNETTE SMITH CHARLIE SMITH, DANIEL SMITH, ED SMITH, GLENN SMITH KIPPIR SMITH LISA SMITH. TINA SORRENTINO. JOHN SOZA, JAMES SPARKS, MICHAEL STARLING, THOMAS STEELEY. STANLEY STEINER. JEFFREY STUBBLEFIELD. BRIAN STURDEVANT. RAE SUSA, MARK SYMONS, DEBBIE TALLMAN, MARSHALL TAYLOR, KATIE TEEL. KATHY TEMPONE, KATHY TESKE. DONNA THOMAS. CORRINE THORN, PEGGIANNE TIRRELL, STEFFANIE TODD, JAY TROTTER. BONNIE TRUJILLO, ANNA URBINA. ROBERT WALKER, CHRISTIE WALKER, KAREN WALKER, KERRY WASLEY. TERI WEIGLE, BRENDA WETHERBEE, CINDY WETTERLAND. GERI WHIPPLE. SANDY WHITEMAN, SANDY WHITING, JENNIFER WIEBENGA. LISA WIEDEN, JILL WIESE. JENNIFER WILLIAMS. RUDY WILSON, LORI WISNER, ROB WOOD. ALAN WOOD, SEAN WORMAN, WESLEY VALENZUELA, JULIE VALADEZ, SAN DY VANDERKOLK. DEBBIE VAN SICKLE. RENE VALLES. ANGIE VASQUEZ, JANNETTE VETRANO, TAMMY VIRONET, TODD VLASTARIS. HELEN YARBOUGH. KIM YI. CHANG , -a,ebg-- i , x. - agggzyfzss , gag: .. ,-.m1:1. iw 5 T? RSB A I E ,EE A L A I' 1 5 , 1? A 1. 4 X 'lf-Z SSBE Mf g? if if? 1' I 'u.""""""""-S. f r ,LW A ha im 'fx ' K , I 1 . H I. .X K V- 1 ,f EAR E , -'-- if' '- , - v- is - THE CLASS OF '85 COMES ALIVE AT THE PEP ASSEMBLY. in A ABSEB SLSJ f W I A ITTTJ .X III BT ,+L S , "' A S. gm YOUNG, ERIC YOUNG, KEVIN YUNKER, ANNE ZOZAYA, DEBBIE ZLICKERNICK. PAUL V ilnnuw M, Mrs. Hipple is retiring from the faculty at the end of this school year. She has been a teacher of arts and crafts here at Amphi for 33 years. Born and raised in Columbia, Penn. in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Katie Hipple graduated from Co- lumbia College and began her teaching career in New York. After retirement, she plans to travel to both the Orient and Europe. A lover of nature, she plans to do some camping and spend a great deal more time than she has in the past, working in her gar- den and enjoying her four cats. One of her most memorable years was the year her classroom building burned down Cat the fault of another party, she insistsj. She commented on how much she enjoyed her years at Amphi because, according to her. "the students and faculty have made the years memorable". xhk v 4 li 'X -i t 'ff JV x sn- Ee-:S e xr' -A! f + 1 f X .X X , A 1 lf! , , 1w!!s'rl NN u I ,ff 4 00 5cop5 ,X I ,f ,., MX O l . f tl lllllx.. . N r 1 ,ff ulll xg ' V 1 S y Q r , 4 ' My fl ' W f , , Ill I S " " W ' V .W ' ' l if 4 ifllf Wig! ! ' f 1 9 I X , ' ., ,Q IW Vg ql, - l Q W , lylf QP 'l I w W ' ,A yi 'Rui t fn Q 23665 6369635 NX' l xxxs if H Jqgie gzla , Ujvvilfi l W, . ' ' l ls KV' ""37" 0 Q' ., -' Y 1 9. , . WWW Ni ua s ' I f' A 2 4 ' l :W V4 l ' f In if gf' fi '? 4 17Qz7,,f- , ' '- - .... , ,:' 1 f ,Qfj , 5"Z'2E52iii 91,4 , :ff ff 171 afyggzg, Xff fide, f If 1 I ,gfgyf r Zijiiljgf ' 53 ,, 1 f ld .f 'I 1 55-'Z Zefff 11:1 'lfjx Q' 1474? ff r f, f, 'ZZW ff iff,-x e Cf, ,,' fsf- f , 'fff fffdy f2f5inf4ffWZ1f'-flhrf' fj,z5'z',f9f'f'f2-' 1" ff. fo- ,yyyff-l?i:5,i:f52'-,., :' ffffff' ""!7'?f Www ff mfr Maw Qrffffazffgffw ffhfefaffffffee X f , ' , ' , .' 1 K fe ,, f 7 ' ' ' f: , 62 "'f ' fffoffffff 45141 ff HRISTMAS TREE WQODSHDP REATE The world's largest poinsettia-filled tree was produced by the 3rd year Cabinet crew and Welding classes. The fin- ished tree held more than 7.000 poinsettias, 20,000 lights, and was 35' high. The classes were also commissioned to build Santa's house and a small booth for selling stockings. The Tucson Mall funded the entire operation and donated Sl800 to the school. We are all proud of the magnificent work that our students accomplished and that everyone could enjoy. 4, , Q' if K . S9 65 Left: Mr. Evans' class assembling the Christmas tree. Above: The finished product. Below: Back Row, L to R: Mr. Evans, D. Clark, C. Cooper. H. Delgado, S. LaSalle, M. Adkins, C. Gutierrez, M. Boyce. B. Rioux, J. Meley, A. Nipper, T. Bettis, M. Rusk. Front Row, L to R. C. Pederson, B. Matz, G. Simbari. C. Moreao, S. Adaya, Jr. Goedel, M. Petrick. C f 2 f ,Q 5 4 ghww 3232 North Stone - Tucson, Arizona 85705 ' Phone 888-1135 Climbing up a mountainside Striving for the top Hopes and aspirations. always present in my mind. Jagged rocks and slippery sand all are overcome. l've reached the top-l've won The feeling of accomplishment Suddenly pushed aside. Now from the top l can see a star not visible before. The future now before me- A longer, steeper climb. Clouds of fear and insecurity l can no longer see the star. This isn't fair-I thought l was done. Pangs of pain and indecision- l want to stay right here. Yet what if that star Holds something better? Barely time for celebration, before the new journey must begin, Reaching for the star, I hear its whisper You've only just begun. ,W Margo Meyer. Wendy Edwards, Charisse Santha. Kim Graeme, Ann Schooley, Dawn Mansker and flag girls get solarized. Fall Punk fashions shown here by Christina Felix, Karin Erickson and Karen Acker. Love those boots Karin! CA RD fl-51 NORWEGIAN CARIBBEAN LINES Americas Favorite Cruise Linew Sh. . I l P5 R 8 W- N 'hear' fi: o o FS ies . 'A' I ' Your Crulse Experts Bon Qxpte Milnrlh Zliiranzl lth f P 3 S -t 00 T so ,Aza57o1-1586 ' 100 N310 A , 502492-4325 ,li in Z - J I? ff. -alll' 15 6 Afa ' 39,5-FT Id Z x I xg 07? ? Zi V I " A ' Sw DUNKIN DONUTS KEITH JACKSON 5346 EAST 22ND STREET OFFICE: 790-5892 3850 NORTH FIRST AVE, 5336 EAST 22ND STREET 3313 SOUTH 6TH AVE. TUCSON, AZ 85711 9 OWNER siigm shin to me rigm for: Jodi omen, Corrine Thomas, Michelle Schrader. '73 - Indo Nagmeh Bashar. Marnie Olton, and Buck Smith. TCC tlcket outlet private postal service extenslve magazine range 6462 N ORACLE ROAD TUCSON AZ 85704 0 297 5949 ' 'V ffas 1' .ff N E 'K , .-nf, Q t f 535 f 0 ,Q '- , nuff- X 1 fm-oe-1 'NL ...Ki FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS: Back Row, L lo R: .loona Tena, Finland: Dirk Rutgeerts, Belgium: Front Row, L to R: Sissel Finstad, Nonavaya Noa Tal. lsraela Elin Finstad, Norway 67 SOPH. SENATORSf Back Row, L to R: Stephanie Chapa, Kelley Jewell, Front Row, L to Rf Paul Potts, Frank Massey SOPH. OFFICERS: Back Row: Anna Cavoulas, Vice President: Front Row, Shari Boynton. Secretary: Sandra Kotzambasis. President, not pictured Treasurer: Carolyn Tefzoni LtoR SOP!-IOMDRES ABRAMS, DANIEL ADAMS. PHILLIP AGNIHOTRI, PAVIKA ALDRICH, KIMBERLY ALPERT, LESLIE AMOS. DANIELLE ANDERSON, ERIN APODACA, LORENCITA ANAYA, ADRIANA ARANDA, LUCINDA ARBOGAST, SHARI ARMENDARIZ, MARIA ARONSON, MARK BACH, ERIC BAKER, MITCH BALLESTEROS, DOREEN BARBOA, SANDY BARKER, SHERYL BARNHART. TODD BARRETT, JEFFERY BARROW, TERESA BARTMAN, THOMAS BAYLES, SARA BEAN, THERESA BEEBE, MICHAEL BENAVIDEZ, DENISE BENNETT, CYNTHIA BENZI, DEANA BERG. BETSY BERLIN, TONY BIERNAT, BLAIN BINDER, PETER BINDER. ROLF BLACK, APRIL BLAKENEY, TRACYE BOCK, LYNN BOLING, KIMBERLY BOMMERSVACH. CHUCK BOOTH, LLOYD BORBOA. VERONICA BORLICK, MATTHEW BOUDREAU, JAMES BOVRE, LISE BOYNTON, SHARON BRAULT. GIZELLE BREWER, CONNIE BROAD, ANDREA BROOKS, CHRISTI BROWN, JEFFREY BUI'HOA, KIM BULLEY, WENDY BURCHETT. ELAINE BURKE, ANNE BURKE, KENNETH BURNS, GENEEN CALLAHAN, ROB CAMPUZAO, ANNA CARR, WILLIAM CARRILLO, TONY CARVER, NITA CASS, BELINDA CAUDILL, ANGELA CAVOULAS. ANNA CHAPA. STEPHANIE CHAVEZ. DINA CLARIDGE, MARIE CLARK, JULIANNA CLIFTON, STEPHEN COE, CLINTON COHN. ROBERT COLTER, SHIRLYNN COPELAND. VICKI CORCORAN, EDWARD CORNEJO, JESUS CORTES, STEPHANIE COTTRELL. ANNETTE COUVRETTE. NORMAN COWAN, PATRICK COX, DEVON COZINE, ANDREW CRAWFORD, CHRISTY CROCETTI, CHRIS CROELL, JACK CROOK. ERIN CUMMINGS, SAMANTHA DANKS. SEAN DANTZLER. KURT DAVIS, CAROLINE DAVIS, EVAN DAVIS, SHERRIE LEE DEBOLT, KIMBERLY DECKER, BUFFON DECKER, DYLAN DECKER, BOB DECOSMO, PATRICK DEEMER, DAVID DELATORRE. RAMON DELGADO, DEBRA DELUCCIO, CATHERINE DICENSO, HOLLY DIFFENDERFER, JOHN DILLHOFF, TINA DIMITRI, CLAUDINE DINGER, RAYMOND DOMINGUEZ. JOHN DONEGAN, MICHELLE DOWDLE, ERIC DOWLING, STEVEN DREDGE. KATHLEEN DUNCAN, CHRISTINA DYE, SCOTT EIGEN. BRANDE ELERS, KARL ELLINGTON, JEFFREY 3, , 'aff VI , 'Z' ' A TE, ' I V- 4 'ig g,s'fff" I fa . , ' www ,f zf H 'fig 'M .ij gim ' A I H X , A 'ff ff, x , . , W 1 A A A , , A I, X - EI , I2 - g ' . . ww - '. "W , " 2, . T21 I S-lm.,-1,ife,-gvfggzmwuk W H V' I ' ,,,, ' , " ix, 'N f 4 - ,. I I 'V I ,wifi M ,J V- I fl J A . In , - if I , , , I 'f M S ff I -5. 2 , A g 3 fy my V 333 ,g , ff N ' 55:2 I q I V 4 5 57? . I l 'JJ' rf-W W--We ffif A i . ,J Q i , H ,,,, 'ka ,Y , - "" X - 1 f f .W V f .. . if -f iflfm 21 " ' ' ' J , 1 6 V 4 , - t 1 ' I 2 , ' ' f lv if ex J. YW' vm,,v,. ,W ., M. . ,e 8 My X ,ew-W M2 L 'Wien ,Sw H ww. , , Wang in 55? 1,-. 15.42-H2511 ,. '- - f ,ww:ww-ffzwf X, gym ,S HW Ar B2 W if 5 ZZ 4 5, .4 v i X42 I 'E , , Ei 7 119 - I M W I f A M ,ima V A ,mv Q f , f , f 1 5 1 M2 'N W -'W "'Sfw f ,, Ju! A - M. M5 Ig I ff uk f , 55,2 0. RK I fag! f 5 7Lz'i,:'L" L , 'WQW I QI LI - A' Y ,bfi I I I I5 ,tain ' iv' .. Mm, . 3??J"i-'I V7 I5?7ii1" ' ' gi ' .z, fw4':L:"z:H-' , ,, ,f,. , I k Av 2 I1 . ,,. ,. ,, ff, U, :given mi-f 551 4 ' W Y . g 2, 1, W , gg gf' Y f- V 3 iii 1 M , Q4 5 ,M we 'V 'Y 2 ' A , 1 f V 4 3 I if 5, flu. M V .if ,422 f - U 6 , ,wf,g,f, f 'f , I grzgzg : V ,,., z 4. - , V - , f V, ,,,. -v, I QW ' ,aj ' '. ' l - A V II I' A XT "f, ' L H ' ,Vin y y' gh , f 2 ,912 'V TIM ? if -:QV If Lf , mf, J , z . an 37-I 951 I-"4 " , mmm ,,,, fzfy 7 . ,,, , I .25 . , , , , .,4z,f'f 45? W ' A e' ,af ff ,K . , ,f ,ff4fz,: Im, I ' 2' , . fygjf I x , f I gg- wiv 1 I , 2 'if :ew fwzfiv ,, , , I IFEEQZ, Z, 1, . m, ,,,, W, QE' 'K , ah 4,1 """"""Y hx , gf, . KKJI D TY '- , 1 4 4 - I I A I T 1 . f.,..........J.... TOP LEFT: NOBODY SNEEZE! RIGHT: ACHOO!! ,,,, Q 2 ga 90 . MJEOR 0913. O I 4 ELWELL. MICHELLE ESTES, LYNETTE EVANS, KAROL EVANS. LOUIS EVES, JAMES EYLER. MICHELLE FARRAR. MEREDITH FELLOWS, LORI FENG. GRACE EIGUEROA. ROBERT FINSTAD, ELIN FLOYD. JOSEPH FRANZEN. LISA ANNE FRENCH, JACK FROST. JODI FUERST, ERIC FULK. GENE FULLER, LORAE FUSCO. DIANE GADDIS, BILL GADOW. GREGG GAGLIANO. JOAN GAMON. ANN GARCIA, LUIS GARCIA, RHONDA GARRETT, JOHN GASHO, DAVID GASTELUM, RICHARD GEE. ANGELA GEHRKE, JIM GERSEWSKI, LINDA GILLETTE, LINDA L. QQ ..5.,x sz-fx ew' F, .QW my A 5 -,.:.. K -1 J X T I . X 2 s TALK ABOUT A SWEET TOOTH 4 A I Em L I fw X 6 55 - ff ff? w-fig..-' -gg,--Q4-A L Y 5. -Q.. K, .J 39' ,,. 1 A 'X A w '34-I N fig . -If zXa.J:s.w..4' F' x 4 k , x ' g -ffm 4 I -:V+ I ififlf- L. A f 1 - .fi - 5.515 ' H M W. ,,,A YZ 'LESS C? A , 0 1 I 4 1 , X A - if-mrs 5 :f 1.1111 -A A -- f-if .1 ,. I GLISCH. KEVIN GITTINS, SION GLOVER, SEAN GOMEZ, BLANCA GOMEZ. EMMA GONZALES. JENNIFER GONZALES, JOHN GONZALES. MARTIN GOODMAN, THERESA GRAFFEO, PAUL GRANICA, SHARRIE GRANILLO. DIANA GRAY. GEORGE GRAY. RANDALL GREEN. CYNTHIA GREVE. GEYR GROVE, KEN GUENTHER, KAREN GUERRERO. MANUEL GUTBUB. STEVE HAMILTON, AMY HAMLET, PAUL HARD, JENNIFER HARDTKE, JAY HARRIS. SUSAN HARDY, TONI HARTER, PATRICIA HATCHER. RON HAUCK, MARC HEACOX, CATHERINE HEACOX. JENNIFER HENDERSON. LAURA HENDLEY, CARMELA HENSS, FRED HERMAN, MIKE HERNANDEZ. DANIEL HERNANDEZ, DAVID HESSE, ERIC HETZEI., BECKY ,I Q ? HEYWOOD, HEIDI HICKLE, TRICIA HIEN, NHAN HIGGASON, SAMANTHA HILL, DON xi Hlll, DONNA I I HILL, RONNIE , HoAGLuND. JENNIFER f HOGAN, PAUL f 2 Q HOLCOMB, IEIzIzI A ' I ' ., HOLGUIN, IzosALEE 5 I I I f ' -T HOLLAND, CLIFTON 1 , .MI , V " - 3 ' V E 'AW' HOPPER, TOM HOSELTON, KURT HOSELTON, BETH HOWE, MIKE HUDDLESTON. JOHN HUNT, HARRY Trashy twosome promote beautiful campus plan. , I IRVIN, MARY JACKSON. MELISSA JACKSON, MICHELLE JACOBI. LINDA JACOBSEN, CRISTEN I I I 21 I I " 243.93 . HUTCHINSON, HEATHER I 3 V , 1, I in' . , ,wg . 4 ml? f ' J ' H I K' ' s Z , I , A, 5? La ' wa V4 .. Y 'fi ,. Z , ' ,L ,,,ff,,',: w w , , ' - ' I ff, ,, .. f ,WW , ,, 'nil wyfs- K- ' , g ,,, 1, . ,,,, W V, ,, 3 C v Q, ff gk, iff -M ,, 2, , zwzw AfA, A'5"1 "'A, Q 1. ' " f4a:,2f' m' I V 1 'E gf -f Z A 22, f ,f H 9 4 f X! if 'ff uv.. W W L33 ' .,.. N gen, Z ' f1:v:QEx123rf' V 'J' f H f H95 fy? I V' 7?'?4,,' , "7'f112f3 EQ f, 'lit 'gf-5t'L.22,f.,:ir::a'1' J' " ,A VP A I I A zbn , ,. , ,M , , I , f 0 I f .3 i,il.Q . ,,,,, - ,,,, 4, MZ W J ' V :TT , I , ,,.x i, " A L, " ,I I . ww !s . V LW .1 2673 ,M I . 'LV S , "" VI -J u , 41' ff " . T229 . A rf 'Z ,.1,,: Patty Tumarkin, Barbara Hoge, Jamie Wing. Kellee Rollins JACOBSEN, GLENN JACOBSEN. RICHARD JACONSKI, JAMES JANETTA, LIZ JECK. RACHAEL JENSEN, KAREN JEWELL, KELLEY JOHNSON. LARS JONSTONE. JEANNA JONES. JEFFREY JUAREZ, PAUL KANTNER. MICHAEL KELLEY, PAMELA KENT. ANDREW KESTLER, EDWARD KING, ANDREA KINKADE, RICHARD KIRK, KATHLYNN KITTLE. THOMAS KNOPF, ALBERT KOERNER. MICHAEL KOTZAMBASIS, SANDRA KRAMMES, TRACEY KUZYK, CHRISTINA LA COUR, LEANNA LAFONTAIN. DANIELE LAMRPECHT, RICHELLE LANCASTER, ANTHONY LANG, LISA LARKIN. TIM LASALLE, JOHN LEADER, BETSY LEANNA, DAN LEFEBVRE, MICHELLE LEO, SHAWN LINCOLN, KENNETH LIZANEC. MARK LOPEZ, PHILLIP LUDWIG, CINDY LUKSO, SCOTT MACGREGOR. RACHAEL MADURO, RICARDO MAESTAS. LAWRENCE MAHEUX, GUY MANCINI, MONIQUE MARSHALL, RAVEN MARSIO, LISA MARTIN. DEBRA MARTIN, JOHN MARTIN, MICHELLE MARTINEZ, KATHY MASSEY, FRANK MATTHEWS, JOEL MAXWELL. BROOKS MAYER, MARY ANN MAYO, APRIL MC CRAREN, PETER MC DONALD. DIANA MC ILLECE, PATRICK MC KITTRICK, ALYSSA MC NABB, CYNTHIA MCOUAIG, ELIZABETH MC QUEEN. GEOFREY MEADE. JODI MEESE, SAMANTHA MEHAN, BIG'N MEHL, LORAINE MENDEZ. GARY MERRELL, HEATHER MEYER, DEBRA MICHEL, KRISSY MIDYETT. ANNETTE MILLER. JENNIFER MILLER. MICHELLE MILLER, TREVIS MILSAP, BOBBY MILNE, COLLEEN MILNE, DENISE MILNE, TRAVIS MOMAN. JACKY JR. MORENO, PATRICIA MORENO. YEVETTE MOSLEY. TRACY MUNTON. DAVID IE D M I A-2 f mx 1 .e xy 1 ff if 9+ .wa ""' ,? MQ LQ , L , " , wg? ,QWKQ H, ' 1 ei Q .fs A 1 2 A gg., Q Y W? QQ 1 .W 8 I 2 E XM 'f A W ,wwja J 1 I ,,,,' I N J L SSI-X 5? f X I It 3' Z!! , W? ' I II,IIw, II, , Q2 .,,,. fmwwfii 5 . Q3 1 f ,i VJ " , 7 .'-' 0 5 I gf ' ff ., ,VL M. 4, , 4 I 'df' I "rf ,, I , H A H M ' ' ff. " f ,Vx ,tg J -I 'Ez 5 f ' ' ,, H H S f ' " I ff WV ff BW' if ff 1 M si- rg, :Ii " . f I l 'Q 12 V, X X, W fi ,J My . h I 5, ., ' 'M . Y -4 - ' -1 X-1 - V X W x at 5, 'Q 'E f ' v 'iw R R -'I Q5 .n A 1 I dwg N, 41, - f 1: I H -.Q 3 91 NATHAN, NATASHA NEAL. LISA NEHREN. ELIZABETH NEILL, SHANNON NELDER. KELVIN NELSON, BETH NEWBOLD, WILLIAM NGUY, MINH NICHOLS, KIMBERLY NIEMEYER. MATT NIPPER, WENDY OEHME, KEITH OLGUIN. DERRICK OTIS, LAURA PACHECO. ELFRIDA PARROTT. STAN PAYNE, SHERIL PERANTHANER. MARCIE PEREZ. MARK PESQUEIRA, ROBERTA PETERSON, JULIE PETERSON, RICHARD PETITO. ANTHONY PETREUST, PETEEY PETTIS. LYLE PHILBRICK, DEIRDRE PINNELL, HOLLY PLANTZ, STEPHANIE PLIMPTON, PAUL POLITO. NICK PONES, FRANK POTTER. MICHELLE - Q ' 'L X I , HQ Y , ALL THOSE ABSENT, SAY "HERE" FOR MR MONTGOMERY' NX 'NXJ T- g AX. I EEIE TE ', K, 2 E- J uv Q., fl 1 Q A POTTS, PAUL PRIMERANO, MONIQUE PROBASCO, BRIAN RADAKOVICH. KIM RAMIREZ, MARLENE RANSOM, PAMELA RAY, BRITT REAMES, ROBIN REID. TAMMY RENTSCHLER. LYNETTE RHONEHOUSE, ERIC RILEY. COLLEEN RIOUX, DARCELLE RIVARD, DOUGLAS ROBB, DEBORAH ROBLES. REBECCA RODRIGUEZ, NATALIE ROGERS, GERI-LYNN ROLLINS, TIMOTHY ROME, LISA ROSALES. CARLOS RUCH, BECKY RUTHERFORD, THOMAS SALDAMANDO, DAVID SANTILLAN, GABRELA SANTILLAN, RODRIGO SAWYER, THOMAS SCHERER, CHRIS SCHILL, WAYNE SCHMERL. ANDREW SCHNEIDAU, GRETCHEN SCHOOLEY. JENNIFER SCHORZMAN, R. SCOTT SCOTT, RICHARD SELLS, DEBBIE SERRANO, LUPITA SHABIE, STEVEN SHADE, CHRIS SHAW, ROBERT SHEEHAN, MICHAEL SHELTON. .IACQUELINE SHEPPERD, TYLER SHINDLER, BUFFI SHIVA, LISA SHOOTS, KEVIN SHOULDERS. LISA SIERRA. IRACEMA SILVAIN, DOMINIC SIRIANNI, PETER STANLEY, COATE SLAVIN, SUZANNE . 41 W , 4, I W .gf C. A 06 Q ' " 1 , Y , , , I Eff? .2 A Q Nw I, SMITH ANDREW SMITH JOANN SMITH KELLY .IO SMITH MARYETTA SMITH, RANDY SMITH, STACEY SMITH SMITH STACEY A. . STACEY L. SOLOFF, LAURIE SOMERHOLTER, KIM SPENCER, RICHARD STALKER, LAURA LOOK OUT BROADWAY, HERE WE COME! ,,,.f, , V , ,M wg, .ML gan' n my . .. , . ,.. ,,v, M Ya? W1 wif? 11,1 f W Wa! 'K 'Lx 4 I. ,Af STANDISH, PAMILA STARK, KRISTY STEELE, CRISTOPHER STEVENSON, TROY STEWART. KYLE STRUCKUS, LANETTE STULER. SABINA STUPP, TODD STURDEVANT. LEA SUDDATH, RON SULLIVAN, DAN SVIEN, JAY SWEENEY, BRANDIE SYVERTSEN, CATHY TAPPER. ROBIN TARBILL. CAROL TATOM, WILL TAYLOR-GAMEZ, CHER TEEL. ERIC TEMPE, LISA TERZONI. CAROLYN THOMPSON, WENDY THOMSON, JOHN THURSTON, KENNETH TIDABACK, JULIE TIFFT . AMY TRACY, BRAD UDOVICH, LYNN UMPHRESS, CHRIS URBINA, MARIA URQUIDES, HECTOR VALENCIA, MARTI VAN CAMP, SHARON VANDER ARK, CARY VANKOEVERING, BRENT VANNOSTRAND, VIRG VERGARA. ALBERT VIGORITO, NANCEY VOELZOW, JAY VOLPE, JIM WADDELL, KENNETH WAMSLEY. KIRK WARD. BETH WEBSTER. KIMBERLY WERNER, ERIK WESSON, ROBERT WHEELER, KIM WHITE. CARL WHITE. SCOTT WILKINSON, MICHAEL WILLIAMS, ANDREA WILLIAMS. LORI WILLIAMS. VENUS WILSON, JAMES WILSON, JENNIFER WILSON, JON WITTWAY, VANESSA WOELFLE, MARIE WOOD, KIM WOODALL. CONNIE WORKMAN, PAMELA WORTMAN. RICHARD WRIGHT, JEFF WYRYBKOWSKI. SHERI YI, OK K. YOUNG, DOUG i A . J 43 NS gi P4 Q Q1 X Y 'N- '7- f': ,.. -.X 5 55 5. Q 3 PMI A TT! 1 N 5 I 2 Q2 4 N X' Q Q2 A T fx Q if :J ' '31 W qi il C5 qw Q X5 ri 1 jf, bi xl X S U T7 22 2 3 X TVB ,D .T kj Q -.JN Q Q Q X f .5 S 3 932 If N ij Jxj v , N2 Q we ,X F W Qx T TT? , S fx N ,V 4 Wild 5 T Y - -i Q Q CTT Q 2- 'gig 5 F D J Q w U ,Q .C 5 lg ,Ji fs I X he we as fe. 4 E Els-Qi ET hits Amphi in the form of T-shirts, dolls and ceramic figurines. The '82-'83 year has seen ET capture the hearts of Amphi students. akx 'u X EJ in nnrnnntn, T t,nti g Liga! 4, AY Q , QAMPHIDAIRYQUEEN D . Q23 w. Pnmce no. Quggg 85 GREAT Fun Ann Fooo! I 297- tx 18252 Q! 0 Gain? n S +6704 IL a veqsxw 'hhhi Busboys sci-G ' oracle at Ina-Casas Adobe Center Ov WE CREAM 3202 N Fmsr AVE RELAXING AMPHI PLAZA ATMOSPHERE 3 ggg 1034 QUIT! W9 ANDWXW DELICIOUS ICE CREAM SUNDAES SHAKES AND MALTS BEAUTIFUL ICE CREAM DESSERTS CONES AND SANDWICHES 6028 N Oracle Road Tucson AZ 85704 Telephone 297 3059 CLOSED MONDAYS Casas AClUlJBS BSPUBI' 5l'lUD F 'LL RARE R SERVICES STYLING MANICURIST 5 North O l 297-0202 T -I BLAKEMAN P p R 8880239 PAPER BEAR Grfts 84 Stationery cards strckers jelly beans ORACLE PLAZA 6336 N Oracle Tucson, AZ 85704 1602j 297 1848 gift wrap 4046 N ORACLE TUCSON ARIZONA 85705 IWOOLCO CENTER INSIDE JEANS JUNCTIONQ PHONE 887 8521 ALL AMERICAN FORMAL WEAR TUXEDO SALES AND RENTALS students all your prom needs! William IVl Fields 888 7000 l602l OPTICIAN OWS? 4020 north oracle tucson arizona 85705 AS NEAR AS YOUR PHONE Casa Blanca Drug PRESCRIPTIONS GIFTS PHOTO DEPT 6020 N ORACLE ROAD TUCSON ARIZONA 85704 BARRY LIND R Ph Owner qeozp 297 2234 571. 01-PJ 'IQQA MEX'22.'E'RfAN Foob f , ,A rj' N 3430... ribbons 1 N. FiYSt Ave. Phone: 8 873 7702 IOa.m.-l .m. C A 5 . E V b if 'Tr'-5.11 99 , ' ' fx 1 Jxll 'Z - 00,3 ? 'LS QQ XA - V, geb L , ' I . I L - E - - ' ' - .. . , F0 . SS! - - G ' . V45 STUDENT LIFE Mm an pw! ...-1-..-v adk rf Top Left: David Hernandez showing us what he does best. Above: Shaun Tinsley, the Tin Man, "flexing". Lower Left: Sue Sherman and Linda Golseth caught in the act. Below: Seniors, seniors. seniors . . . ' 1511 1 i hh W5 Q POWDER PU FF S3 will fm..- May! Above: What happened?! That play was "supposed" to work! Above right: Jackie wonders where the action is happening. Bottom right: "Who turned on the sprinklers?" Kristi wonders. Below: Amphi seniors are rearin' to go stomp on the juniors. yum 19.5 . .ss fm. . X V,. i N ii a ,ss Q at f . mf: ef W, ,f 21 is 5, 4 1 t .. a X X as Q X A - or ' f ,. .f Q .a,i Q fe S- Q Mk W 'N' -gy. B, X W i Nhat ff SENIORS SQUEAK BY THE SOPHQMORES S 0 A -li Upper left: On your mark. get set, go! The seniors are off! Upper right Mary Admundson shows her style in powder puff football. Lower right: Hut one' Hut tw 'S h 's strate Ia s are ood but the don't uite succeed Lower 0- UP Umor? SY P Y S - Y q left: And now for a little half-time entertainment with Jodi Frost FRESHMAN SENATORS: Back Row, L to R: Victoria Barbee, Keith Marroquing Front Row, L to Rf Soren Isaccman, Kelly Gracie FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Back Row: Wendy White. Secretaryg Front Row. L to R: Teresa Juarez, Vice Presidents Roxanne Nelson, Treasurer, Not shown: Dewayne Phoenix, President. F RESI-IME lfx 'fs 1 6 07 A if I Eg W . -I I 'T F ff V . 1 I . t ' uf fi, L! iff", 7 ,f, 4,241 fx A .LJ A Z ujfd Qum. Qi E SSSLXX QXWQVCQW Q S53 XNQSQMQ 'JAQQ 3856 I - ylgq, Mmm KYEAQN5 QQcidx'XmNxe5X X . Ji Q0 X Simi km im .KX A ABASTA, RAY ADAMS, JOHN ALLEN. STEVE ALLERHELIGEN. AMY ALVAREZ. ANTHONY AMBROSE. ROBERT AMS. DEBORAH AMUNDSON, STEVE ANDERSON. KIM ANDERSON, MARK ANDERSON. RAY ANDREWS. STEPHANIE ANDREWS. WESLEY APODACA. NATE ARMENDARIZ. NORMA ARVAYO. IDALIA BACON. STEVE BAILEY. KARI BALDING. BRENDA BARAN. DAWN BARBEE. VICTORIA BARBER, JANE BARNES, JILL BAUER. KATHY BAUMGARDNER. LEE BEAN. DAVID BEISER. STEPHANIE BELEFORT. ANA BELSHAM. ALDINE BENTLEY. ABRA BERRY. PHILLIP BERTSCH. ZOE ANN f eff 'iffisiiiff S If .ff 4 -. " Sh .f V ' W. . 1 E ' '7fff"i4,iw,- ,,. j 'Q ip N Q" 'i ke' 'V IE I I f 4 ' J ., In ' ',,,' 3557 iw ,iQ J A35 W! f ,5C55.i'x 451 " ,z5.:SE?'ff 'f" W-1"',' w-M .,,, , 7 'WF' . ki , 655 f' ' ' LW gwz 5 fume' TH ff A f '- ' V., -E 4. WZ? f 2571 2 v 'I 'f ,. f Y " fi , K , 4 ' + .1 UW ,,,' .. ,, , f Q 2 .gg , 4' ' N , z, ' mi " I I M ,., , II ' If I , L Tffffzfzuc V Vi 'SL '5xfQf'f ,flf ,gigw , as X ggi A P ,E .Q 9' x E . fp +7 5 . if - A ,ff f ...xy 3,2 , 1 , ,gzg 7, ff' ' 5' fr' Y? 'fi . 1 .L f. . . 6 -. if Z? he-v 'I 'K 1. 4- 11 W. II L 139' ,im .. , -1 M M. 12, A V, ww Ay A A . 5, U, ff H5425 ywlm.. :" , 0A.5 AWLAAIAAEA 3 1 3 A v A 'L Q I ,AA A2 Axim Ai BINDER. TANJA BLACK. BRIAN I AAAA f'A sock. LOUIE A ""' BOHM, DAVID soIzIIoA. FRED sosss, PAUL I AA A AVV'AV..!..AV:. AA ,,,A Ai1,,AA A A ii "1Z ' A A H 'fi Q A A l zi A sowiss. SHONNA A 3 'I " A ' f M -w Y .f BOYD' CHAD A '- U 5"-5 SA A I f BOYER- DAVID A If U BRADY, GIzIsIsIoA A fi A K I I A BRANNON' KENNY A X A BRECHLER. DELBERT A I A A I A I v H1255 . J ...ft at ,ffw 'AAAAQAA' : A A A L ' Aff- fyf.AE:-1: A f AA A' ff Am A AAA" 'A Q f X A . Mr ' 1 Q2 I '13 EXW A . 'W ! A ,Y - - ' '32- 4? s X :AAA::" I .sz Y' v A ..-ff-3.9 AA K LAA A - y ? 4 As 4? 4 23 I 5 4 Wye Diana Granillo and little sis, enjoy the game along with Karol Evans - ff A " BRITTAIN, KEITH AAA .. snoww 1- E. "Y - I 'i IA 'I A skoww 1 'I AN-AMAA .- .W m we: A IAA f - A - ALAA A 'w-if: AK BROWN, A BROWN. BROWN. KAREN RHONDA RICHARD SUSAN SUSAN KAY BROWNE. SCOTT BRUNNER, KELLEY BUCHROEDER. ELIZABETH BUFFINGTON. SCOTT BURROLA, RICHARD BUTLER, MARIE 'I CALDWELL. STEVE - A AIVAAAAABA CALEY. JAMES A ii .14 A ... .A.., ,AAAA 2 AAIV A AA cAIzIsII, LISA CARPER, LISA Q .Q s. J 41-A If .Y A 'C AAV5: gl B' cAI1IzIzoN, THERESA g CASEY. PATRICK 5 V it I M .A A""M A V 'A 5 21 :ff ' A I I F CHAPMAN, STACEY CHASTAIN. KIM COBB, DENNIS COBB. THEREASA COCHRAN, KEITH COHEN, RACHEL COLLINS, KENNETH COON, TY CORBETT. LEAH CORNELL. MARGIE CORONA, CHRISTINA CORONA, MARY CORTES, VICTOR COTE. KAROL CRAWFORD. LORI CROSS, TED CROY, ELIZABETH CRUTSINGER. WENDY CULLEN, SEAN CULWELL. TINA DAILEY. JOHN DANLEY, LAURA DAVIS, JEFF DAVIS, TERRI DEAN, KELLY DEEMER, MICHAEL DE FOOR. LORA DELEAN, ROBERT DELFORGE, JULIE DENTON, TAD DERENBURGER. RICK DERRIG, MATTHEW wi7',w -. M' ' H I I ,,,. , ,,,. . , I ,AMW ffe,11,,,:Ww4z1mf M-ww " H f A R X 4? IL. , ff Q" 1 fm , H 1 , ' ,S IQ, . , 4..,, ,, , f Q? 4 . , M4 I . T ,fn A f A ' X I if WJ s " 5 2 't W Q J A Y' T ' -M - ' , ' 'Aja , I Z I J , ' '1wMifv5 ', PJ" J4f935f7j ifiwif V? 16.1, V ' I W w,1 ,::' ww ' f ff ",q2wf,. fmwezf,-I few, fff:3v,,,aH:,, , '- y y , my? 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V: f gm: ww- VM,-., .1 M, ,fy H1- Ng , , 1 Pg 97 X., 1 ,,,,.,,,,, ,, L, , , T W VZ T4 441 S I f 51, f . gg Q 45 f' ,Q ff,. ,,,, , gw Le I v , Y C? I 42, gg 'iiinf X ' 1 , I1 'M , , --fm ,,,, Q 'l ,I Cf ,,,, W, I , If 4' y s ,V X ,,, ' VM V. H V wwf V 1 V' ,J-1' I 'I-52 I ,,., AV ' , f , K 95 14' V5 V " ,. V 132 ', , V 7' ' V, , .,,, :f',: ' Wi'-f V,"zT'Ya?V'?5fYEZ'I, ,f V77 Ef' x VMMH, , f",,,f:5I2f ' 11,911 " 1 I , , ,151 5? DETTLOFF, KRISTIN DEVOY, DANIEL DJAZ. RAUL DIBLASI. CHRIS DOEPHER, JANET DOMINGUEZ, MARIA DOMINO, MARISA DOUGLAS. ANDREW DRAKE, DAVID DURANTE, JOHN DYE, LAUREL DYSON, ANNA EARLE, CRAIG EDWARDS, TINA ELLIOTT, ERIC ELLIOTT, MICHELE ERICKSON, MAUREEN ERICKSON, VICKIE EVES, ELIZABETH FARRIS, BOBBY FEIRSTEIN, STEVE FENDERSON. SUSAN FERNANDEZ. TAMARA FIMBRES, PATRICK FINLEY, TROY FINSTAD, SISSEL FIORUCCI, LISA FISHER, TROY FLUELLEN. BURL FOGLTANCE, DEBRA FORCE, JEANETTE FORCE, PATRICK FORD, CHARLOTTE FOSTER, JO BETH FRANK, ALESIA FRAZER. MICHAEL FRIEDLI, THEODORE FRIEZE, HEATHER FRITZ, KIRSTIN FROST, THERESA GADOW, ANDREA GAMBOA. ABEL GARAY, CHRIS GARCIA. RALPH GARCIA, ROBIN GARDNER, BETTY GAREY. JACK GARREN, SHELLY GASPARI, MONICA GEER, ANITA GENZER, RAYMOND GEORGE, DWALA GIAMONA, MIA GLAESSER, ERIC GOMEZ, JULIANNA GOOD. CRAIG GOSSMAN, KENNETH GRABER, GREG GRACIE, KELLY GRAEME, PAUL GRAMMATICO, RON GRANT, GERALD GRAVENSTEIN, MATE GRAY, DANIEL GREENWOOD, ROBIN GROCH, JASON GUILD, CRAIG W. GUITERREZ, RICKY GWIN. CHERYL HALE, CHARISE HAMACHER, SHELLY HAMILTON, KRISTA HAMMEL. STEPHEN HANNUM. JACK HARBORT, GINA HARRIS, LEWIS HARRISON. CATHY HART. BRAD HAWK, R. HAYES, AMANDA - v aff f on ' -A'A" " . if' - QV:-' .L 72 - X X .. . ' . ,L f 'E ' L . 5 vs- .V b L ., , .- - i . ,.... R - no , ' 'f A I ..,. . f - LW wwe? - 4, + . X .. .. ..,..,, ,,,,. 5 I -pier? S Xie, 5 3 D91 F H4 - I-7 gepi '- ' Q ?w.' me ,,- A , f' Q , X '- , Q 4 i .,,, , W x S A A X ,Q .. D I X Q we :TX .. .. , .ew E QR ig. I, ,M ,,.53Q. -, . MEY- E 5 I 95229 13921255 ' A A if- 'k'1:. :. Sn r EESEC IIGGSSS I S,III 5 C C5 ' - up NK J 5 .s A K fql' Renee Linville just won't let go of her little dance. X. ,..,.. f lo A. puppy long enough to enjoy one To I . ,- "' " , Q " , , ,,,,,. 9 b I - I ' i gy " ' Q ., A, ' 1, ass., ' X 1-Nik : . - H A y A - . --"- , , ' , ,: : fixassf: I :, r .W 5-. X. . s . A f . . ggi, S-qu . -' sz ., ' if 2' Q X ' .- ' :E - YQ I B - " A .,.,. 1 A - . : E -.5 S .L " .5 5: f '- I . ,1:A.. Xi. , NS --f X 2 z 1 ,Q 4 x X .: I .v I :.:'- . Q7 ' x N L --: x 9 i A , A I I A " X , .. , . 31 R N A ,g W 3 " .S - , :3 5.,.. Y mf .5 .X -a s I u- 5 E S X J , - W g Q N' 'gl K . A ,wlriif X . .gf-5-3 I is fi I fi WW Donna Hooker, Helen Colter, Mechelle Hannah, Lynn Fint, Darryle Culpepper, Greg Watkins if ui E S A as .1f:,:,32 - -- fi. - ,,,- sg: , 555, li ff: I .gif ,:.: Q ill ab, f 1 1 " h 5, rrge ' :A ii' -Ka A , b a A J -"' - .,., ,, ig , . ,Q ,- Awww N Lf'sw2:4fiQ-1:5 ,. . -- f-ww-.1m , -q,g,L,,. E I X . M., ..,-5 --fa " 2' V ..., QI. - S ,L S K, L ' 1-is-qw , , M Yj . Ah ,gg J ,f J' Ig oo C' .W 'rg aw z I , f . Y f E53 Qfaf' 6 LE: iv , JOHNSON, ALIDA JOHNS. GINA JOHANNES, STEPHEN JENKINS. JULIE JELSOVAR, DENNIS JARVEN. LINDA JAMES, MICHELLE L. JAMES, MICHAEL JACOBI, SOLANO IPSEN, RUSSELL IHRKE, JAMES HUST. GENA HURLBUT. LORI A. HUTN, VICKI HUNNICUTT, ROB HUBBARD. RAY HOYT, TERRI L. HOPPER, TERI HINTZMAN, MONIOUE HILL, DASHELLE HERZOG, PAUL HERVEY. SUSAN HERSHEBEGER, SHANNE HERSHBERGER, DAWNE HERNANDEZ, HECTOR HENDERSON. PAUL HAYNES, SCOTT HAYES, PAJA JOHNSON, CORINA JOHNSON, TINA JOHNSTON, MARK JOHNSTONE. KRISTIN JONES, CINDIE JONES, LEONARD JORGENSEN, JAYDINE JOSEPHSON. MERRY JUAREZ, TERESA KANYUR, ROB KAPLAN, MAURA KAYHART, DANNY KERWIN, MICHAEL KILPATRICK. TAMMY KINDRED, BRIT KITCHENS, JILL KITTLE, MARJORIE KLEINHANS, DAVID KNIGHT. DONNA KNIGHT. JASON f fgzfziziv Ve fa 7' : ""if35lfIffifi II'-41715 77' J' f' J f ' .mr : Hwy? . Mm, .,.. 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A s V 1 , ,L x X , 5 2' ' ' -Vx I ff V NRE S2 V ff! 2 H ' 2 Ia? ' f ,4'if21J' H ,ikziigiiif w f' ' ,M ' " fsyfi' ' 'V' ' I? ' f'Qi?ZQUfmfIEfT ' 'e f, f , Tviizf, , if '117""g1?- ff , ,,"5I?W ' V ' RWM' , , I 1 5 'Aff-ff:', ' ' ,: I ?fi3l, ' Y ,siwfei ' A" 'I ,um-f,,f v 'W wp ' f ' . . wiffiihwifg ' 'A , . wiv, If 'wgsm 1 . , ' f H ' I IV? 32W ' A- I ' ' - QA 'ef , 4 5 I-5 f M I 7 f 4 , H fm.. I r I X T f 'Wai 'M Q' 'Ia , 1. :Vw A R if 1 I ,si ,Aw Q N lg A A f W W., I ,Q f ffm W ,, , W , gif I Z A ,g., . - C K W X A 2 X E+ I MW W3 i ig Q 1. 1 J . ,, ,hL....Mf -e"'1fff f V , 31' " " ' rg, 1 af I 2 2 'f 1 'W '- , N 1... , , 3 , " i ' V , ,br-F V,-ff...f.-,yi ., , .N ' ': L M24 X - '4 : , . , W f A - M 4 ' W 'P f , , Q , .. ,ff , f V 4 AM? 4 9 " 5 4' fg Af jf Spirited Panthers Marie DeLean CRD, Linda Golseth, CMidJ and Friend, cheering the Amphi football team on to victory! f Q, ' 51,i.,'f:,, , Vfigifv 2" 1 'Y , ,, 3 ,: j I T256 7 Aer GM mv , ff I , f' an ,jf aw VL ' ff, LEMKE, DOUGLAS LEONARD. CHERIE LEUNG, KEITH LEWIS. LARRY LEWIS, SANDIE LIBBY, MARY LIGHT, LISA LILIEN, CORY LOGRECO, ANGELA LONEY. CHRIS LONG, GEORGE LONG. MARK LOOP, LARRY LOPEZ. BOB LOPEZ. ED LOPEZ, MARK LUER, DONAVON LUNDY, BRIAN MALONE, CINDY MANZANO, FERNANDO MARKLEY, JENNIFER MARSHALL. JOHN MARTINEZ, CARLOS MARTINEZ, MARGARET MARTINEZ, TONYA MAYNARD. BRENNEN MEDINA. ANNA MEDINA, MARLENE MEHRHOFF, CARRIE MENDOZA. JOHNNY MENESES, ROBERT METZ, LANCE MEYER, JENNIFER MICCICHE, GINA MILLER, CARMA MILLER, CATHY MILLER, SAMUEL MOALL, DAVID MOLERA, LISZ MONARRES. RAMONA MORALES. SEAN MOREY, LYNETTE MORRIS, SHERI MOSES, MONICA MOSS, VALERIE MOUSSA, SUSAN MULLETT. JIM MUNSON, TOM MCCARTY, MICHAEL MCCAULEY, SUSAN MCILROY. STACEY MCKITTRICK, KEN MCLAUGHIN, RICHARD MCNABB, CHARLES NAVARRETE. SABRINA NAVARO, IRENE NAVARRO, MAXINE NAVARRO, MICHELLE NELSON. ROXANNE NIXON, SHELLY NORRGARD, DEBBIE NORRIS, LYNN NUNEZ. BILL O'BRIEN, TIM ORR. DELTON ORVIS, KEVIN OTT, JASON PAN-KITA. JASON PARIS. JUDY PAYNE. JOANIE PAYNE, JODIE PEACH, JACQUALINE PEAKE, WESLEY PETERSON. ANTHONY PETTY, ROBERT PETTY, STEVE PHILBRICK, STACEY PHILLIPS. MICHELLE PHOENIX, DEWAYNE PIERCE.MIKE PINNELL, ANDREW , 'E .ii n., i, if gg, f f, f f f 9, f f 'mf ,, 42fs,,,., ,, ,A AN:-I H77 ' x' ' 1 fw,i?T:7:Nf'2 . , , , ,,,,,, 5 W , f Tj, 1,5 W f 1 , I gi f Q f ,L K ff 1.1 , W 5 W f wg W X rf if My 5 f ez e as , f 5 , My , ,. . W ., " Z . . Izfaxii M,.K.f, ,W .,,. ,, ,,,v:f-func? A f 1 f ,Q fy 1 "4, , W, , , 1 , .fm ,VFW ,? , ' LW ,W , ag: , I , 1 ' 'II 5:-'iff ' H4 ' 1 If f,,, , V , 6 5' 5 2 755, M iff 1 4 v I f waww 5 V x 471952, ., . 25 , ,- , , WW '15, mf We N , M I Ii, . ,,.,, Ai 2 2 I. : , ,.:L mf V ' ' Q - nL'y A' V I wg, , I H A ,. , 'S ' , ,V , ,, ,,,,,, X, JV , 2 if ' 4, , V ,., X X 7 V, ' by ' 5 e wif T, 19 . 'Q-Q 75 A 7, ' kr ' 5 ff ,,,, I , -Q ' ' f , ,fxfj 1, H J, EEII 7 - f':f'f17z4iilg, w Wwef' f WW gm I ', V'Ti',,577I'LWf'7 ',-, ':',f:zf2,: :32,j,fg,jj' ,,f5?"Vf'wT7 f"' 55 -f - 1 ' 2421 1, fiZ,,fiiVW5fiiLf I ' I I 1? Lk" V'ff,f 'I 'I' , ,,+ , .V . 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AGUSTIN ROTHERMEL, ROBERT ROWE, STEVEN RUBY, PAULA RUDISILL, AMY RUGGIERO, LISA RUHL, TODD RUIZ. ANDRA RUIZ. BOBBY RUIZ, RONNIE RUNGE, KRISTINA RUSSELL, SCOTT SAMORAN, DAVE SANCHEZ, ANA SANDERS, SHARI SHIEBE, NATHAN SCHLIMME, JILL SCHMIDT, SUZANNE is ' S, f Qggsz mf, h- . LES. L,..,. JE k Giiw 11+ Q T 1 f S 'mm ' M57 QW ,NJ ' 1 f' gg. .. f .. - sk . - SVS r I . -. - 5 -, M . 'zsr'::. - . 4:-5 . , ' s XXX. S.: 2 ,.s " A , ,I , S I -,ffm -fqsgwww. - .- 5519, Q: ,SESS was X I X X 9 Q X TIN' S X S N355 K , yf -S? N X X X N ,..fI. E N S5 Ii L , Q mi-.Qi f, S., Lk F -S ,S , - Jiihsfrawaix 5-gig: 1,55 I-1, ' V iff' K -K ' I "h' . jg i .M , K . S , igig, . . . 'vw .- XS -A L,, 4 12, i 1 7 I I ,Hammers . I gi 3355: 1 .. X mx xx Q T 3? Wx? wg! S T. . in ,W if X. - I I 1. i 'Q-' Rf - . . H- Ii - J-. .i . S . K 1 If 'Y S., ........ gy. W- A Q .... , . +L, ,,,,, Tasks If I x-Tm x Q X X, .. iz: ,ffl is - V K . vw... . SQ' I ' , T, .fritil J . '5?E:':'f,:. ii' 5521. I Q V- . -.. , Exe. 4 is . 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ROBERT STEED, JASON STEGALL, CAROL STEPHENSON, KERRY STEWART, HEATHER STIELSTRA, AARON STOCUM, JULIE STREET, RICK STRINGER, MARY STRNATKA, KEVIN STUBBLEFIELD, MARK SULKOWSKI, TODD SULSTON, .IULIE SUMNER, SELINA SUTHERLAND, RON SWEDEEN, KATHY TABER, DONALD TAYLOR, HENK TAYLOR, HOWARD THARPE, JOSEPH THOMASON, BEN UDOVICH. SONDRA URQUIDES, LUIS VALDEZ, PHILLIP VALENZUELA, VANESS VANAMEN, ELIZABETH VANDERKOLK, TERRY VAUGHAN, ROBYN VERDUSCO, MIKE VETRNO, MARIO VOLPE, JON VOSS, MATT WARREN, DARREN WATSON, DAVID WEAVER, CHARLI WEBSTER. JULIE WEHAUSEN. RACHEL WEICH, RISA WEIFFENBACH, DONNA WELCH, HOPE WELLS, CARL WERNER, MIKE WESSON. JEFF WHEELER. BILL WHIPPLE, KATHY WHITE, LANCE WHITE. WENDY Q. . I 'N Alf riff' -nf 5135 2 S' gi , A is -E 3 I . EW, N X ' EE 'D X if Es. I ,sf 5 f-I A , 'N ,...,4 ,Is X- . 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RYAN WITHROW, MICHELE WOELELE, BETTY JO WOJCIK. EDWARD WOMACK. CINDY WOOD. HEATH WRENN. DAVID WURST. MATT YOUNG. AMY SUSAN ZAZUETA. STEVE ZIEGLER. PATRICK ZOZAYA. BRENDA 10 buy sel ACOUSTIC 8: ELECTRIC GCCCSSOIIGS Pd l' TS O :yew and used repairs-oustomizing the good eorthgi Qigff' 'Tu A Totally Fulfllllng Expernence El Mercado Mall 745-6600 74Z"lll I , z' vga, reftouront ond bokerg 'gag' 33 F h RhyGt TomCamp.PaIGh RbH tJ R I d F dl d David Watson ham ph t g ph . -ph, SOUTHWEST 1. SPECIALIST atl' tents,daypacks ' sleepmgbags off- I ourooon boots EQUIPMENT DOOKS i 2537. N CAMPBELL Av:- TUCSON fg' MALL -fe 3344 North Oracle " "' a " ' 39 -.1 M"'Q 1 0 jf I ' I f Q6 '51 Foothills 5 'Q' ' A A 'Z' 6' t pf h y b k L .B o , ' I I I AV Above Left: Sexy powder puff cheerleaders Jay Weller. Sammy Anaya, Ed Heacox, Jeff Voighl. Randy Rodriguez. Above Right: Mount St. Omen. Below Left Amphi's highly acclaimed trainer. Michelle Poppin. Below Right: High noon at Cowboy Corner. 5 . R., ix N . . sy, A f W S .2 ,Q 1 S + X A X . A s QSTO The W WPUD a 'Emi am Be-S15 P Q 0 Y 53' Street 323-6363 S, Cn S U1 P004 frucsom RGSHL-,E BOUTIQUE 55 56' usecf cfolbhes for ales WW 108 fem . 5 W V WHAT'S NEW AT AMPHI ,L 4 2 f This year at Amphi, students have experienced the effects of the arrival of many new campus improve- ments. Due to the increasing popularity of our computer programming classes, new computer equipment is now available for use. In the way of outdoor enjoyment, two new basketball courts have been built on the west side of our tennis courts. During the first semester, the Little Theater underwent vast improvements which added to the smoothness of production of plays presented by the drama departments. Finally, increasing inter- ests in deisel equipment has lead to the creation of our new deisel shop. now located on Amphi's south-east corner. 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Sify Wim helped revive him, a Fire Deglarimefzi izffisial saidl Frafxeia E-iurris, 23, Q? the 2398 black af East M?-bm Lcbwcsvll Read, was :skew :cf Stl NEQEYQS Hmspiiai affix: being SJSFESSIR fziiresffilgs in the .iii me Siilwsziiwli Gs!! ifiixurss, 3669 N, Sllxfwiswvll Read, as shams E5 gym, HES he makes is, mares me fciizulut is mir' nxinds than zhis jfsieasng bay SEBVSS Eels Eifefjl fire Daaas Slim said! Skid Jewell, was was an iles course with ethez HESHIBSEES Q5 the Arnpllsirheatsfr High Swzzfel golf is-ami imznediawly adsaiszifsiered cardispulmmzsa ry refzuesciiaifon 10 Harrie, whose Ream had stopped beating, Swim Said, The halt era' tered :hmugh ihe,ma1z's chest and exited througls his feet, he said. Jevweli, iii ihff 52136 bliiwak mf Nfxrthl Hiiiaim ifizsiiey ROHS11' said he was in me ciublnssusls with his teammates after zl praeztice round when he saw-la man mn- ning islam the llirls hfzsie io get am of the pouring min, Mcfmenis lasfr, he said. he heard a load slag of thunder, than saw' the man lying fm she gmund jus! Clif the grezeng Jifswell said he mailed 'giant fm' cairifsssiiyl' by runmrlg is time EIQQZSE? side with a- xilfwll gmasp Q! g,s3E?'e:'S who braved 5315+ rain fee if may could help. Wflhsxn Z gal mera, he was just Eyissg s2sezss,'l said Jewell, 'Sf gum started f?i1':U?'iCfif2g use im slzezslfl Jewell was still doing CPR when an unidentified man took over, and than Jewell adminis. tered zramlm--to.mouth resuscita- tion until paramedics afrived. It Walsall until Harrie was en route as the hoapital that his heart began beaming again, and it wasrfi umil Jewell went there himself mat he learned the man was still alive, "1 was wheel," he said. H2112 still had no pulse when they took him, and we had wmked on him so Img, l Qiclrfi mink he vls aiivszf' Rip DePasc-al, Amphis golf coach, said: "It was still raining, and there: was still lightning out, but Tac! didrft even think about that ..,. Whafs really fantastic is that he forgot the danger and went out and did what he had to do. "lt was 2 frightening situation 'fm' za 26'-yQar.49lri kick" De?asQ2A mid, WHL? brake almfm and afledg lair rhmzgizz the young man had a2z4Z+dX' l in recalling the imtidfsm last mghz, Jewell 53325218 Wm grlaiafilxi fha: had lafzzmfffi CPR zmmalfzfsabmaliih re' sugfgzfialiavlz in his frzizegg sfacuifza diving happy 5 knew: flflw Q50 iff' lee semi, "mai fzwcrrr zizzfughi I wcmifzi Relive? 2112 me itil TWIRP WEEK The l983 Twirp Week was January 3Ist to February 4th. Twirp Follies, the traditional stage show, officially began the activities on February lst. 2nd period. February 2nd, air bands were showing their style during both lunches. February 3rd, period 3, was spent with the Little Rascals, Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner. Friday. a "few" lucky fellows received flowers with special messages. The end of a great week was the sock-hop after the basketball game against Saguaro. The Junior class traditionally sponsors Twirp Week, and all proceeds go toward the Junior!Senior prom. Y 'F l ev , ,Li-a", . e if-1:23 S "UL E v U C R ' E v Sm? 5. Top right: Jeb Burton. Dave Eva, John Volz. Strut what little stuff they have. Above: Stuart Turner. Amphi's next Schroeder? Right: Dan La- Marche, Greg Schniedau playing "A little of what you might call music." J I in V 2 if in A L- GRGANIZATIDNS U lg .5 N X f " X vw f D ' ff W 7 ZZ ff rw AN The Amphi Band, very active in school affairs, inspires spirit at a variety of events. From the football field to the concert stage, the band sets the scene for an enjoyable time. The band plays for all ages, with an assortment of classical. pop, and disco music. This year, they raised funds by working at Sears in the gift-wrapping department, having car washes, and selling crafts. Participating with other schools all over Arizona, the Amphi Band won "exceIlents" on Band Days at ASU and the U of A. we . 9 at I xv lp' f W Y , 2 L up K -Q AMPHI MARCHING BAND. Top Row, L to R. M. Frazer, M. Maynard, B. Maynard. J. Gehrke, A. Smith, J. Wilkinson, R. Garcia, D. Lynam. B. Tracy, J Powers. S. Settles, R. McGlaughn, Mr. Craig Butler, Drum Majors R. Weber. L. Vega. Fifth Row, L to R: Martin, D. Wrenn, E. Kiscl1er,T. Duncan, T Duncan, J. Cromwell, G. Gadow, J, Johnson, M. Verde, A. Douglass, K. Black, C. Harris, E, Davis, S. Rosenburg, M. Potter. Fourth Row, L to R. J. Bauman S. Harris, T. Johnson. M. Cornell, F. Froelich, C. Roberts. E. Rosen, L, Johnson, F. Pons, T. Messina, M. Gaspari, E. Leon, D. Vandekolk. R. Garcia, E Powers. Third Row, L to R: J. Stokum, B. Zozaya, M. Gaspari, C. Johnson, P. Workman. K. Martinez, S. Brown. T. Grahm, J. Pon, K, Cote. M, Elwell, D Peach. S. Slaven, C. Cote, J. Robles. POMS: Second Row, L to R: D. Mansker, A, Schooley. K. Graham, M. Meyer, C. Walker, C. Santha, W. Edwards, A Smith, L. Norton, T. Zacheau. N. LaSalle, G. Gunderson. PERCUSSION. Front Row, L to R. A. Bland, B. McGraw, N. Becker, B. Langenheina, M. Herson, W McLearran, N. Bailey, T. Bartman, B. Boydstun, S. Nixon. P. Fimbers. FLAGS, LEFT: L. Norris, T. Carreon, J. Colvin, Elaine, E. Anderson, J. Hoagland, A Haney. FLAGS, RIGHT: S. Davis. L. Christi. T. Angell. V. Williams, M. Rosenberg, J. Goodrich. E ,Y 5 H+. iv, .5 ff' .rf 'ml Q , 4' me fl we ga. wiiswa 411403, I Z. N JAZZ BAND. Front Row, L to R: C. Pederson, K. Sawyer. P. Nusz. E. Davis, J. Powers. Top Row, L to R: S. Rosenburg, C. Harris, M. Gaspari, G. Simbari, G. Resley. J. Johnson. K. Black, L. Vega. Below Left: Sax players marching during half-time. Below Right: Twirler Shelly Nixon. Bottom Left: Drummers taking time out. Bottom Right. Drum majors Lonnie Vega and Rhonda Weber. GIRLS CONCERT CHOIR. 82-83 CHOIR HIGHLIGHTS Dec. - "Soundlighters" TV Show Winter Concert Jan. - AIA State Solo and Ensemble Festival Feb. - AMEA Regional Honors Concert Mar. - Amphitheater District Choral Festival Apr. - AMEA All-State Honors Concert Concert Choir Tour Q6-30D May - Spring Concert Top Row, L to R. K. Urias. H. Tunks, A. Slaughter, C. DeLuccio. L. Allen. M. Schrader, S. Sherman, .l. Peterson. Third Row. L. to R: A. Tifft, A. Zapperoli. K. Kirk. L. Price, S. Chappa. S. Dimassis. Second Row, L to R. A. Midyett, A. Valles. L. Gersewski. M. Sailors. Front Row, L to R. T. Bentley, P. Standish. T. Blakeney, L. Norris. L. Golseth, K. Walker, L. Remers. M. Fiorucci. Not Pictured: M. Campbell, M. Cornell, K. Lubin. HORU Qs, . Q . If I I,-11 . I .1 5 .f1A-- ""e"" If MADRIGAL SINGERS: Top Row. L to R. Kathleen Urias. Jay Moman Lisa Allen, Eric Marks, Michelle Schrader. Carl-Martin Nelson. Melissa Sailors. Artie Hargrove. Linda Golseth, Rick Maxey. Suzanne Dimassis. Third Row, L to R. Julie Peterson, Ken Thurston, Tracie Blakeney, Amanda Slaughter. Scott Worrell. Laurel Remers. Second Row, L to R. Tanya Bentley. Shawn Tinsley. Pam Standish. Joel Peterson, Lisa Price, John Martin. Suzanne Sherman. Front Row, L to R. Annette Midyette. Kelvin Nelder, Michelle Fiorucci. Angie Valles. Ray Leonard. Karen Walker. Not Pictured. Karen Lubin. CHORUS: Top Row, L to R: C. Miller, T. Frost. T. Martin, C. Gwin, S. Slatzer. R. Reames, R. Monarrez. Fifth Row. L to R: J. Payne, H. Frieze. M. Hosephson. M. Hannah, H. Hutchinson, L. Allen. C. Jones. Fourth Row. L to R: M. Libby, T. Pongratz, H. Pinnell, S. Philbrick, C. Jacobsen. Z. Bertsch. Third Row, L to R: D. Benzi. S. Davis, L. Price, K. Lamay. M. Domino. M. Cornell. Second Row, L to R: L. Light, J. Rice, M. Stringer. M. Campbell, K. Dean. S. Lauer. Front Row. L to R: G. Micciche. S. McCauley. K. Kelly, T. Murdock. BJ. BOYS CONCERT CHOIR: Top Row. L to R: Richard Spencer, Jay Moman, Eric Marks. Joel Peterson, Art Hargrove, Rick Maxey. Middle Row, L to R: Gregg Gadow. Ken Thurston. Scott Worrell, Carl Nelson, Brennen Maynard, Myron Haymore. Front Row, L to R: Shawn Tinsley, Kelvin Nelder, Derrell Dytko. Ray Leonard, John Martin. Greg Brown. Not Pictured: Mark Money, Greg Maloy, Richard Hill, Mike L'Heureux. Gardner. ,3?if g.fEf g. . :.aa f i? , , .,,::,:: , . H S ' ' C - if: . - . . . . -1.1. . . . . ., - . .,.. :V .1 N, . if A Q ., z f 5. S Q ' Q S Gil S ,Q 1 - " . "1': - f- E .... Q.: I X. K, .h t, , , L A an M ifgeg' . f A .. .e W: r 9 Q 0 In nf, 5: Q 'R K' ' , - -. QQ 1 ' .. ,Q .., . . I . V.. i. K gk . .EX LJRV Krall :X , f X W ,.... i : :S in l":- li v N f . ' ...S K ,N-z.: ks! , is .. , 'f .J gf. ,f.::A -1-:f.:., BA ,A . 1 . , . . gt- if Vk g - . -:: Q W I X X' F x V' t, ,. AMPHI SOUNDLIGHTERS: Top Row, L to R: Rick Maxey, Michelle Fiorucci. Carl Nelson. Amanda Slaughter, Joel Peterson, Sue Sherman. Front Row, L to R: Melissa Sailors, Suzy Dimassis. Art Hargrave, Linda Golseth, Eric Marks. 125 DRAM With the aid of additional facilities, which provided more room for building sets, Amphi's Drama Department pro- duced five plays this year: "Anne of Green Gables," "The Diary of Anne Frank," "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigoldsf' "M'A"S'H." and "You Can't Take it With You." The biggest hits of the year were "M'A"S"H" and "Anne Frank". Directed by Joan Ebert and Brenda Hasman, Drama students raised money for productions, contest entry fees and student trips to theater meets. by selling tickets to the productions. Break a leg! , ,Q fm -f .X , J f f, V f .L Awww DRAMA: Top Row. l to R: Cathy Deluccio, Heather Hutchinson, Karen Walker, Andy Cozine, Amy Arnold Mark Money Julie Colbert Rhonda Sedback Byron Smith. Middle Row, L to R: Cristen Jacobsen, Terri Barrow, Linda Golselh, Richard Spencer, Jim Maynard Artie Hargrove Katie Taylor Front Row L to R: Sam Tracey. Whitney Scott, Jacque Brown. Not Pictured: Eric Robbins. Top Left: Aspiring actresses Whitney Scott, Heather Hutchinson, Cathy Deluccio. and Christen Jacobsen, acting out a scene from "The Diary of Anne Frank". Bottom Left: Karen Walker and Andy Cozine make up before a performance. Above: Heather Hutchinson as Anne Frank, Below: Eric Robbins. Christine Jacobsen and Cathy Del.uccio displaying their acting abilities and talent during an emotional scene. D.E.C.A. DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, gives stu- K dents in Marketing, Merchandising, and Fashion Merchan- dising classes, the opportunity to utilize their skills in pay- ing jobs. This year's members raised funds by sponsoring 'L weekly popcorn sales, a Jog-a-thon, and a Punk dance. y. DECA also sponsored a Halloween party for the mentally .mf handicapped. The majority of DECA's funds go toward its annual state convention. E We --409-lf' EDUCATION 4-iii!" -. Q J S' E Q S- Qu Mh- Q ,,,, l , 6 :wus .- .11 T iii" 'V i982-83 DECA Club: Top Right: DECA Officers. l.C.C. Rep. Jeff Landwher. Treasurer Richard Grossman, President Linda Heidel, Secretary Julie Parish Middle Right: DECA Advisors, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Holt. 'Qs N 5 X Top Left: Maintenance Personnnei, Gene Stong and Dick Murmeister. the Mr. Fix-It men of Amphi. Above: Head Trainer Steve Waterson and student Mark Stapleton move in close for this shot. Bottom Left: Christy Brizuela, as she likes it, surrounded by the male species. Below: Staff members Valerie Shay and Shirley Whitamore cheer from the sidelines. TER-CLUB COUNCIL Inter-Club Council. closely related to Student Council, regulates the activities of Amphi's clubs and tries to avoid con- flicts between clubs sponsoring simul- taneous fund-raisers involving the same product. With the addition of three new clubs this year, ICC has grown considerably with the guidance of Rip Depascal and Pat Lennon. Every two weeks, representatives from each club gather to discuss and resolve im- portant club issues. ICC also decides each club of the month. TOP: ICC Officers, L to R: Carlos Briones, President: Sheri Boynton Secretary Cmdl Colbert Treasurer .loe Omen Vice President ABOVE ICC Members Top Row, L to R: Gina Gregory, Joe Omen. Third Row, L to R Carlos Brlones Heather Hutchinson Ron Suddath Colleen Burns Clndl Colbert Ray Dlle Second Row, L to R: Betsy Berg, Jenny Meyer, Donna Hooker Julie Valenzuela Yvonne Soza Klpper Smith Front Row L to R Jeff Landwehr Sheri Boyntun, Bob Jewett. FDREIG NGUAGE LUB GERMAN CLUB: Top Row, L to R: Dave Gellman, Tom Eckhoff. Peter Schmerl. Winky Ryatt UD. Cunis Berry. Henry Knopfel, Sean Bucher. Front Row. L to R: Andrew Schmerl. Nicole Griffith, Debbie Symons, Betsy Berg, Eric Schocket. Not Pictured: Mike Snaders, Chuck Burton, Loren Dickey. GERMAN CLUB FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB: Top Row. L to R: Kim Nichols. Amy Zapperoli. Lisa Franzen. Beth Brown, Pam Ransom, Tom Kittle. .loan Gagliano. Front Row. L to R: Advisor Dorila A. Marting, Diane Lacinske, Janet Bauman, Dee Helms, Elin Finstad. Sissel Finstad. Not Pictured: Terry Escudero. Steve Mansfield. Joona Tena, Noa Tal, Dirk Rutgeerts. A at FFA FFA is a nation-wide organization based on what is taught in Vocational Agriculture classes. In-class in- struction is combined with special activities to make agriculture more meaningful to students. The club is designed to teach leadership and cooperation. Much hard work, patience and a little bit of luck are the ingredients making up this year's FFA. Advised by Joene Ames and Jose Bernell, more than I00 members com- pleted another successful year. Amphi's livestock team competed in the National Convention. FFA members sold concessions at the Rodeo to raise money for the parent-member banquet, awards and recreations. l s . l 'Q I E I fl , 1 1 , 0 0 ,fu U V! I If 1 I f , f f ! 5-' WI' Left: Sweethearts Rae Sturdevent. Laura Ramirez, Holly DiCenso. Below. FFA: Bottom Row. L to R. S. Jacobi, B. Gardner, B. Bernstein, T, Milne, K. Boling. G. Fulk. K. Dellolt. B. Buchroeder, S. Navarrete, M. Bagshaw. 2nd Row, L to R: J, Paris, D. Hershberger, B. Balding, T. Riley, D. Hill, J. Sigman, L. Jacobi, R. de la Torre. J. Dixon, N. Polito. W. Worman. R. Garcia, P. Cowan. 3rd Row, L to R: E. McConnell. L. Fales, S. Hershberger. P. Ramirez, T. Ray, S. Miller, C. Brewer, B. Ratajczak. J. Payne. J. Payne. R. Robbins. S. Whipple. R. Sturdevant. Top Row. L to R: Mrs. Ames, S. Bain. L. Breckenridge, D. Hilliard B. Ruch, M. Borlick. C. Smith. E. Smith, D. Borlick. R. Federico. J. Polito. H. DiCenso, L. Ramirez. ,--v'R TRAINERS: Top Row. L to R: Mark Adams, Laurel Remers, Philip Lopez, David Hernandez, Steve Grater: Middle Row, L to R: Dana Carpenter, Danielle LaFontaine, Amy Tifft, Doreen Ballesteros. Beth Nelson. Paula McChesney, Head Trainer Steve Waterson: Front Row. L to R: Jayme Chiles. Linda Harris, Michelle Poppen, Lisa Dorlac, Mary Amundson. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES TRAINERS FCA: Top Row, L to R: S. Molnar, T. Jewell, M. Arnold, J. Weller, L. O'Donald. L. Borowski, S. Smith. J. Voigt: 3rd Row, L to R: P. Hartke, J. Omen, J. Eichman. J. Wing, K. Rollins, B. Fedell, C. Colbert, E, Moore, Sponsor S. Waterson: 2nd Row, L to R: S. Boyntun, D. Haynes, O. Seiber, P. Wallace. L. Price, R. Jabczenski. K. Kitchens, M. Stapleton: Front Row, L to R: D. Manskers. S. Shultz, K. Chapple. B. Hetzel, K. Jewell, K. Heacox, C. Dimitri, J. Heacox. JC A CDMPA VICA. Top Row. L to R. B Patterson, K. Upton, S Shuman. M. Turner. R Kelley. G. Given, Mr. Edwards, N. Showen, T Sertich. Front Row, L to R V, Johan, H. Murrell, G Calderon, T. Money. VICA J.C. AND COMPANY. Front Row. L to R: T. Cobb. S. Tirrell, G. Slater. C. Teufel, T. Holcomb, V. Moses. D. Petreust, O. Yi, B. Tafoya. G. Landram, P. Stacer, 7, D. Miline. C. Miline. Top Row, L to R: Landwehr. Eric, L. J denBesten, R. Suddath, D. Lynn, M. Robles. im aww W vw fw: BLACK STLIDE T U I0 ,W, as Q ' -:Mi L M ' e J W, ,nlmmffwfdiaa , , 7,55 7 fjf ef Chicano Culture Club: Top Row, L to R: Margaret Hughes, Jennifer Gonzales. Ana Sanchez. Andy Aranola. Laura Stalker, Maria Urbina, Lisa Arrayo, ldalia Arrayo. Front Row, L to R: Rene Castillo, Christy Crawford. Laurence Moestos, Susie Urbina, Robert Urbina. Mike Verdusco. Not Pictured: Josie Guierro. P Z Black Student Union: Top Row, L to R: Stuart Turner Donna Hooker, Tangi Reed, Cliff Adams, Melissa Styles, Myron Haymore. Front Row, L to R: Dee Coater, Venus Patterson, Lisa Smith. HICA OCULTURE LUB FHIILIIHU FUZTURL fl UH 43' -' ,J-'P' 136 R. HERO FDDDS A D C0-DP HERO Sr Food Service- lst row. l-ra Gina Gunderson, Jacke Bates, Shelly James, Janene Meiley. 2nd row. l-ra Ron Pacheco, Mark Wilinson. Kirk Travis, ' ' M'k Adkins, Chris Synder John Kent, Art Santamaria. NOT PICTURED- Colleen N' k Ca lanear. 3rd row. l-ra Mike Cenderalla, Greg Loomis, Chris Fusci, I e . ' - ,I-r, Kell Ziegler. Diane Shelton, Tracey Franklin, Elaine ic p Burns, Scott Geiling, Jhon Gioe, Steve l.'ltailan, Dan Mcltncy, Jack Sharrah. Senior Hero Ist row y ' ' M B ' ht. Sandy Ethridge Maria Guerrero, Yvonne Farias, Top row, l-r, Connie Kingsley. Yolanda ' ' d k., Powell. 2nd row I-r, Linda Aguilar. Melanie Phillips, ary rig , Schell, William Ellsworth, Lezlie Leister, Paul Renteria, NOT PICTURED, Joe Cardella, Diane Cherry, Gina Gregory. Rochelle Smith. Cliff Van erar Colleen Burns. Lulu Rodriquez. aa, 'M JR. HERO FOODS AND CO-OP ewla -fl! fsY"9'z -'QQ' V39 ,,,oR1,, ' en It 0 q,v.c,c, KH 'QB HERO FOOD SERVlCE: Top Row. L to R: W. Heindel, L. Carr, D. Zozaya, T. Ahern, D. Hicks. Middle Row. L to R. J. Chiles, L. Larson. P. Camp. E. Ashley D.J. Nehren. Front Row, L to R: G. Slater, E. Johnson. B. Caudle, J. Valenzuela. Not Pictured: B. Bright, K. Butler, L. Dill, M. Faust, L. Maxwell, J. Vasquez B. Weigel. JUNIOR HERO: D. Abrahams, C. Akins. S. Balli, T. Brasher. D. Campen, B. Cervantez, R. Deemer, M. Deitering. D. Derr, T. Dunn, P. Dyer. B Fenderson, B. Gastelum, J. Guerrero. M. Haymore, S. Lane, B. Jovalusky. J. Miller, L. Ramirez, L. Reyes. C. Pederson, S. Schaffle. D. Short. S. Urbina. T Vetrano, K. Yarbrough. " 6 ' 3 A is . Q I , .W l f , VIII T - ,ii-il - ij dt- T 1. V - 1 5? L af : gqafzggi f I E! .. ,fllff ' Retail? u'4ZQ.4aFT f lv.. f Wd su COE Amphi's COE, Cooperative Office Education, is dedicated to the basic purpose of promoting communication between students pins and the business community. This year they sponsored a number A of bake sales. candy sales, and a stationery sale to raise money for two scholarships and provide for the annual employer-em- ployee banquet, held in April. I ' FE. I l ' 25. ,J 2 x 5 i" T' X - ' sziii szz 5 Z ll! A sf-92222 Vt f is 'r C 51 jx xx Q S 'X xx y s -j vsifx-X ,QMS A Lsresflefss 'se sg. ,, . Q N , " " '-:"':L:'T Pres. Y. Soza, VP D. Tyler, Sec. S. Martinez, Treas. B. Subers Front Row, L to R: Kim Cross, Dee Ethington, Linda Myrmo, Helen Colter, Sandra Martinez. Back Row. L to R: Kevin Motzkin, Debbie Tyler. Yvonne Soza, Brenda Subers, Cheryl Nelson. Justine Rodriguez. Penny Menze. Mary Ann Benavidez. Mrs. Wunder. itil- 138 SA Future Secretaries of America, an affiliate of the National Secretaries Association. was sponsored this year by Mrs. Wunder. Its main goal was to provide the members with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in various sec- retarial positions. Best of luck in the future! ON LSI 7.50 ., pf' G55 70 ff0a., J Kwai x '40 2 22 J - f 22 ' I ss "f -'wel Qi ff 1 X 5917 , :vi LEFT: FSA Officers, L to R: Kippir Smith, Vice President, Maria Glenn, President, Yvonne Soza, Treasurer. BELOW: FSA. Front Row, L to R: Kippir Smith, Maria Glenn, Yvonne Soza. Second Row, L to R: Beverly Thompson, Sponsor, Dee Ethington, Carolyn Sheaks, Kerry Walker, Samantha Higgason. Caroline Davis, Kevin Motzkin. Top Row, L to R: Wanda Wunder, Sponsor, Brenda Subers, Carol Norris, Linda Gillette, Penny Meuze, Kim Cross, Sandra Martinez, Mary Ann Benavidez. KEY CLUB The Key Club is a community service club sponsored by the Tucson Kiwanias and advised by Mr. Lennan. This year the fifty members worked hard at various fun- draisers. These included sponsoring a toy drive and a dance, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, and helping the March of Dimes Haunted House. Funds were used to help the community and to send some members to a convention at the end of the year. Congratu- lations on a successful year!!! I' ,,, I 'llll 'Ii' l,I Xl l I l lllil " . fa I I l U. P' llllll' ,plllll llllly . y ly, ,ll ll , 1, l ll .sl 'alll gl l xx Z , lf, in ,I 1 ll: ll' f'A I Nu! I BELOW right to left: 4th Temple Robison. Dave Hudson, Beth Hoselton. Grace Feng, Laurie Danley, Margi Kittle, Stephanie Cortez. Elizabeth McQuaig, Linda Jarvin. Stephanie Beiser. Left to right: 3rd Pat Lennan. Caroline Davis, Teresa Goodman. Sondra Udovich, Colleen Burns, Eddie Fleming, Liz Borowski, Angela Caudill, Walt Sample Right to Left: 2nd Becky Hetzel, Brett Bartlett, Rob Callahan, Cindy Harris, Paul Potts, Rudy Williams, Joan Gagliano, Cindy Geesey, Joe Watson Left to Right: Front Jennifer Hard, Jay Moman, Krissy Michel, Beth Nelson, Holly Pinnell, Kari Baily. Aldine Belsham RIGHT: Officers: Katie Estes, Liz Borowski, Cindy Gessey. Jennifer Hard. Beth Nelson, Jay Moman st?- E ilu i 1 . W .. National Honor Society: Top Row, L to R: Sponsor Bill Carhan, Sandy Monhallan, Shane Hershberger, Darlene Norton, Barbara Hoge. Susan Meyers, Liz Mazza. Front Row. L to R: Jeff Voight, Susan Dimassis, Peter Schmerel. KI LUB if' 1, WMA , , I V, , e WW X 'fa 2 x,f'X HO GR SQCIETY Ski Club: Susan Tinney, Jeb Burton. Nicole Grifith, Katie Taylor. Jeff Voight, Sue Molnar, Jamie Wing. Lauri O'DonaId, Jeff Alpert, Jeff Kolker. Ray Dile, Natalie Rodrigious, Leslie Newhan, Eric Moore, Becky Caudle. Wendy Marmis. Tad Jewell, Jay Weller, Dave Harden, Ed Heacox, Barbara Fedell, Otto Seiber, Cindi Colbert, Doug Haynes, Kim Graeme, Sharisse Santha. Wendy Edwards. rramw I V 'Q U I 4-WW ,M , , ,M , gg M- W DE ERT GAZETTE r I ,., wg, WRITING CLUB: L to R: Gerald Rogers, Kelly Duggan, Sandy Monhollen, Libby Petri, Cheryl Lockhart, Clint Coe. Michael Knisely. Jennifer Ahearn. Suzanne Kaplan, Barbara Tafoya, Maggie Schaefer. fEric Bach, Lisa Johnson, Terri Stalker not pictured.j ,za W W ef--a, WRITING CLUB QW DESERT GAZETTE STAFF: Front Row. L to R: Sandra Kotzambasis, Angela Gee. 2nd Row, L to R: Tammi Romero, Jeff Thompson, Barry Moehring, DeVon Cox, Mike Herman, Jay LaSalle, Anthony Petito. Back Row. L to R: Grace Feng, Stephanie Cortes, Brian Domino. Jennifer Gonzales, Michele Dix, Portland LaMax. David Harden, Jacob Nathen. YE RBODK STAFF The I982-83 yearbook staff consisted of I7 people, all but a few have never worked on a yearbook before, so this year was a new learning experience. There are two outstanding features in this yearbook, never before presented at Amphi. Senior pictures are in color, and we have two artists design- ing our "original" art. ln spite of late deadlines, mass confusion and other assort- ed mishaps, we are all proud to present this creation of ours to you' Enioy! Jennifer Frost Editor in Chief Above: John, Angie, Terry, Paula and Steve realize the truth: "And this is only the first weekl?" Right: Robert, Steve, Lisa, Kelly, John and Bobby sort pictures and make layout sheets. Below: Bottom Row, L to R: Steve Wik, Lisa Johnson, Terry Escudero, Jennifer Frost, Bobby Alvarez, Advisor Ric Shorrock. Robert Meyer, Carolyn Huie. Top Row, L to R: Carlos Briones. Wendy Martell, Kelly Duggan, Susan Francis, Angie Valles, John McKie, Michelle Schrader, Kelly Mulkern, Steve Mansfield, Paula McChesney. VARSITY CH EER Top Row. L to R: Lisa Abrams, Shawn Smith. Lanae Elletson. Teri Schubert. Front Row, L to R: Jacque Brown, Shellie Molina, Rachel Long. Shelly McCombs. Panther Katie Estes. VARSITY S0 G LE DER Top Row, L to R: Margo Meyer, Wendy Edwards, Kim Graeme, Annette Smith, Christie Walker, Liza Norton. Front Row, L to R: fHeadj Niedra LaSalle. fCoheadj Charisse Santha. Dawn Mansker. Gina Gunderson. Ann Schooley. V CHEER .. at--NFS .N Back: Kathy Sweeden. Front Row, L to R: Griselda Brady, Jennifer Meyer, Stacey Philbrick. L-e1 K FRGSH HEER Back Row, L to R: Debbie Sells. Jennifer Hard, Stephanie Plantz Middle: Chris Shade. Front Row. L to R: Andrea King. Kim Radakovich, Becky Helzel. VARSITY WRESTLING CHEER 'W'- M-Q Junior Varsity Wrestling Cheer: Left to right- Geneen Burns, Doreen Ballesteros. Erin Crook. not pictured. Lori Williams. fx., f J, .J Varsity Wrestling Cheer: ' Left to right- Kim Wheeler ' V V Debbie Olson, Cheryl V V W Martin. Diane Shelton, Maria Faust. Laurel Remers. Not pictured, ' ' Debbie Johnson. WRE TLI G CHEER ., FRGSH WRE TLI G CHEERS c ,J x ,K NA. f, f N -4 or . f - Q. f f , . nb X- 4 FROSH Wrestling Cheer: L to R: Andreana Anaya, Roxanne Nelson, Liz Vanaman, Sandy Whiting. Bottom Left: Tracy Mosely clearing a path for the night's activities. Bottom Right: Oscar Bermudez running through a row of cheering fans. 2 I TER ATIO AL THE Pl N SOCIETY -i - "' 4,9 wud' uwwvfawaxwm my Wmmf Ufwzxm.. ,,., , 'A' Q may mama? l.T.S. Top left to Right: Amy Arnold, Karen Walker, Katie Taylor, Christen Jacobsen. Cathy Deluccio, Jacque Brown. Bottom Left to Right: Heather Hutchinson, Andy Cozine, Eric Marks, Linda Goldseth. Artie Hargrove. Whittney Scott, Mark Money. Officers: Amy Arnold, Heather Hutchinson, Karen Walker, Katie Taylor. FRCM TLICSO TO EW YORK This year Amphi added something new to their many activi- ties. The "domestic exchange" program. sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Unlike the case of the foreign exchange student who travels abroad for a year, this program exposes teens for a shorter periods of time to experiences within the U.S. that they might not otherwise have a chance to enjoy. This year Amphi is play- ing the guest-and-host roles with twenty students from Long Island. New York. The visit here was scheduled to coincide with Rodeo Week to give the Easterners a feel for the "Wild West." Besides the rodeo and parade, trips to San Xavier Mission, Old Tucson, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Sabino Canyon, the Gaslight Theater and Nogales. there was also a dinner at the Triple C Chuckwagon Ranch and a hayride at Westward Look Resort. The New Yorkers were surprised at the differences in scenery between the two areas and the differences in dress, for example, there aren't any skyscrapers in Tucson, andthere aren't any Levi button- up jeans in N.Y. On April l9th, twnety-two students from Amphi will be leaving for a week long visit to Long Island, N.Y. The students from "Carey" High School will have a chance to show off the place they live with excursions to the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, a broadway performance. and a boat ride around Manhattan. This trip wouIdn't have been possible without Rip DePascal, he chaperoned, and helped organized the whole trip and made it a lot of fun for us and the students from New York. H63 by J If new Q ,jig-W, taa J tti 'sfiafsi ii .lrll P FS: 'f J f j H -I 1? -135. :H ,ev-a :Tk il. , Top Row, L to R: Sandy Markon. Tom Ryer, Eric Dominguez, Robert Noeldechen. Ray Dile, Susan Myers, Cindy Hnis, Judy Werthmuller, Michelle Schrader, Patti Peterson, Rachel Carter, Carlos Briones. Third Row L to R: Ellen Steffens, Karen Schmitt, Christy Brizuela, Suzy Schiltz, Richard Grossman, Diane Shelton. Carmen Sandoval, Stacey Weinstein. Cecelia McGuigan. Second Row, L to R: Larissa Belsky, Karen Bruchhauser, Randy Ruben. Lisa Dorlac, Wayne Berbert. Jennifer English, Carolynne Muller, Nicola Muscat. Front Row. L to R: Elizabeth Gregory, Lanae Elletson. Tricia Zachau, Ed Kessler, Eric Ace Krauss, Janice Herman, Wendy Edwards, Kim Graeme. fl! I aa., ,au gig 5953322 ME 2 ga H 3 QE Q2 yi iii af 22523222 2 0 5350212 gg? 4 2 iagjgigg 5Q2f5ii5Q 1 xl 1 L 4 Q! ,, UQ' v . I I K J, K I if 7 ' 1, , -4 ' , v L 1 y x 'if , ' " if f ' ' -3 ff? fir' , , Y : ad .Aff 1, VI! 1 A ' ' J . ,uv N'-fgf, W QW,Pf WQwwu K Q 1, ' ' Z. J q, ,f,A. 'fi if "L, LA kfrvn jf, K UV V, .,7fuA.L6 'ffm NK '- V' Y. L10 X Mn- 'Q In A,.RCz,J4w I ,ff j,fZj1V:f'f,cf7, I Vu y L41 r f +uNWMagF:2M v?Nf fiL:jAM'f ' : V ,g1 lQ'i",, M-4 'V ,A L 7 A ,-, W -+ , .4 -QQ my --' ."f I 251 'fUff3 , , J 1 ' ,..wa--',,g:!:.'L!5'f-Q., '4 ' M' ' ,A f A f ff . -' Q 4 il - KY- ,bi V ' '61 'f A v 1 X, ' G fl 1 T fix MIS? 4 W 'S ,, 4A , Y N' . L X 2, W If 3 'J V q ,fix l iz. ,pf ' f f f A Y' ' I ,--" .11 KW M by ZQQ61 ' ' - W X 435 11 W WMM M 6 , 2 Q ' V f f f f ' d ' W ' 1 " , s .5 ' ffyyf M C Ng, sf , N fbi .419 , , WRX 1 I? X..- Q s s A K M f A-'QW om K X B ' L D-rf X 4, X A - ,, . - ff JT .xx-K.-J' -,' .'.' .- W ,- -. .- .-,. ,-.. ,L . 1 ,3o2Q3.3. . ,, . 3' A Z . vga, Q-2.-. . ' ff:-1-.'?'. . , -1-:Lin fJ'.'a"'5!1 wi agfta- ' ' 'U x . f'355:3:?:5:233526-5 ff f Frtgfzfrgafffzyf-, 1 -. Ez .+:?3,. ., 22:21 , f ...,,,1j,:,.4 A ...1 ,.... X -v . X ,,- j Y 1 , , VARSITY FGOTBALL Determination, commitment, talent, and pride were the backbone components of this years football team. It was a special team in many respects: gracious in victory, polite in defeat. The players demonstrated their abilities in all areas of play. achieving the impossible, surprising everyone on many occasions. They never gave up, instead they turned around and fought harder when the pressure was the great- est as was demonstrated in the post-season games againist Cholla. Chandler, and in the semi-finals with last years state champs, Trevor Brown. All in all the Panthers had a winning season and proved once again that the Amphi Panthers are a team to be reckoned with next year. The team and the coaches have a lot to be proud of so here is a wish for good luck and continued excellence in the future. Top right: Ben Atkinson watches the offensive team from the sidelines, Left. OOH- AH sock it to them Panthers. Above: Kevin Boyle executing another one of his bullet passes. fs xffikfxxifgillff BSSEYZYVM fix.S55?x3ReX,Q::f5Q535:3V5T?i:5 5fQ2E7l3i-7 Isiiii- . XYSQLQZASSQEL "3'qf'flsf - X. AS I Y' I982 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Front Row, L to R: 84 Mark Arnold TE, 73 Randy Fox T. 4l Jerry Foley DB, 86 Chris Gutierrez DE, 72 Gerhard Monheim, 44 Brian Crowninshield RB, 70 Don Quest G, I3 Paul Linaker QB, 63 Mike Arnold G, 43 Tim Haggerty CB. Second Row, L to R: I0 John Eichman FL, 32 Jacques Pan-Kita RB, 40 Bob Hill RB, 22 Eric Davis RB, 48 Dale Slaughter DB, 60 Tony Martinez T, 54 Chris Garcia OG, 68 Pat Greaber G, 59 Steve Herbst NG, 74 Peter Gelabert G, 57 Louis Evans G, 66 Hector Delgado G, 42 Mike Carpenter FL, 75 Robert Amundson G, 24 Cam Pollard RB. Third Row, L to R: 27 Mark Stapleton DB, 25 Doug Ford RB, 34 Winn Shelton LB, 88 George Whiteman SE, 82 Kent Schlaefer SE, 76 David Gasho T, 92 Jeff Williams E, 9I Phil Greenwood TE, 7 I Kent Burke T, 67 Ben Royer G, 65 Don Parks G, 55 Kent Callaghan C, 45 Ben Atkinson LB, 89 Benny Witt TE. Back Row, L to R: 50 Rick Saul C, I2 Ken Jasey RB, 8I DJ Ioane FL. 56 Daryle Orr C, 6I Oscar Bermudez G, 20 Bernie Wharton RB, 78 Jacob Nathan LB, 77 Jan Price DT, 64 Steve Howie G, 90 Eric Dominguez DE, 79 Jon Hicks DT, 52 Doug Haynes OG, I I Kevin Boyle QB, I4 Otto Sieber DB, 69 Tim Friedli G. 30 Mike Hicks DE. we N PA THERS ROUT SALPOI TE 29 6 l my F' -wa. 15,1 ffllfrj H ff - , Qfiiv f - 'P z - 1- K f' 3 111. lileli N ..FgffT-w w .. V' Top Right: Doug Ford and Kevin Boyle run up against a defensive player. Top Left: Otto Sieber helps sack the quarterback. Above: Kevin Boyle hands off to Eric Davis while Panther offense clears the way. Right: Kevin Boyle, George Whiteman, Doug Ford discuss the ongoing game. X mmf 'PW TU L-.QUIS9 H We U' KY' cl-6 gt' 'WMS lv f 504359 'HMV WAI? Qjelkx wx Vw ybvxk' U K' 36 4-'KKK um Lf mul lm Sufi Lu QW 6 WN 'TU-'Uf' 'U O "dr fb' HUUQ, 'S H 1 Tv U mm A W 0560- At dyt k Mad: W ll A XWW-1 'mf My A, "..fgg,N Ki? Z W NN 'x A I' Z, f 1 . -v nq 'lu iw eg. ge -- as Liv? , st il? Ng Upper Left: Amphi offensive end in action, showing his awesome take-off. Upper Right: George Whiteman and Mr. loane rejoice after a job well done Good work George' Lower Left- Ben Atkinson and Mark Arnold run Q . . .. . 21? X-:-- ' kk.k I K 1 K l ' . ' r ' I ' Q U if , ' onto the field-go get em! Lower Right: Bernie Boo" Wharton flashes by A for extra yardage, as usual. Q25 if 1-Fi" N D ,, it ww ,., , TRE OR BRDW E EEKS QUT HEARTBREAKER use . . Silk 'Y Top Left: Chalk up another six. thanks to Kent Schlaefer. Middle Left: Coach Cox laments as he sees the season come to an abrupt end. Top Right: Jan Price makes one of his many tackles as Mike Hicks looks on. Bottom Right: Jeff Obedin. George Whiteman and others signal 4th quarter. Stick around: the best is yet to come sr ,,.' ,s' x 5 U 1 ll In 1 P U -.",' x" .'.,' .. , . 1.12. I. , ..'..- :... H . .-a"12.' ' :':'f' if- "'f"'5-if.. 1... ..- I, X. -: .-A It Z' A 1. .- .,- .n 1 '.'- ,' "'Z 1' s. l .' f C ." ' ' Vw --QU... ...---L.:: "-"'.:' ----'Aw "f..- ., .,...1. -.., -5. -s ,f . ,, - . . , . s:-.":.1-,: . ." '- .4 - ,lu -.-.,,.,.,f ,nf-I . Z f 1 1 '. f. - .. f .- .- r ' .',-'1- , '. L. -wtf.--,-,-'.-.,-. I . . 3' If gr . -,,. .-.. ,,-.-yu... , ..: , - "Q ,.",'.' '-' .jZ:"Q,f- . 1 , a ,.' ..- ' ' , . - . . '1 I X V5.5 ,.- ,.,.-.".-,",- - , ,f' ., 1 r. f-X.-.-,:g-."-:"- , x .,.1 1' f. Q, 4 -1 ::'-'- '-5 :'..' .:I.-'J H - 'v' . 'Il' W" fl.-. :.:!.J:.w' Q-Elf.-.:. rn ' 'r.' 'r 'Tw -'1""-- s 1 ' v ,f .- s f "'-:,,.-.--,- Y i -I N 1 . ', -, 1' f, K5 ,,.'.',C,'.. 5 A 1' J ,fl 4 1 , K , 'kr' "tan rx ri I t ,' ' , . J f AWESOME AMPHI DEFE Ampm Ampm AmpM AmpM AmpM Ampm AmpM AmpM AmpM Ampm AmpM AmpM 'L -M www-Www, , f .IV FROSH FGOTB LL FROSH TEAM: Front Row, L to R: 25 Tuan Bishop, 64 Steve Amundson, 65 Scott Schubert, 2I Max Grant, 76 Abe Bland, 44 Sean Kimble, 22 Jon Volpe, 23 Junior Colter. 48 Joey Soto. Second Row, L to R: 4I Brit Kindred, 32 Jason Pan-Kita, 83 Fernando Manzano, I4 Lance White, 57 Mike Harmon, 54 Tom Camp. 9 Rob Kanyur. 33 Victor Cortes. 62 Chris Garay, 46 Troy Finley, 3I Shane Rogers. Third Row, L to R: Asst. Coach Ray Tetreault, 27 Mark Long, 78 Craig Good, 86 Mark Anderson, 73 Dave Watson, 74 Ted Friedli, 77 Terry Shields, 79 Chris Post, 5I Delton Orr, 88 Ricky Gutierrez, Head Coach Buc Warnke. Back Row, L to R: 42 Bobby Farris, 72 Pat Ziegler, 67 Scott Haynes, 34 Dave Samarano, Mike Robbins, 84 Ray Anderson, 80 Joe Roseman. 6I Ty Coon, 58 Phillip Berry, 75 DeWayne Phoenix, 50 Chris Reichert. JV TEAM: Front Row, L to R: 82 Brett Bartlett, 72 Chuck Jones, 20 Mike Carr, 78 Scott Shorzman, I4 Phil Adams, 53 Carl White, 79 John Gonzales, 54 Anthony Lancaster, I2 Steve Dowling, 50 Brand Eigen. Middle Row, L to R: Asst, Coach Rick Lucero, Asst. Coach Curt Sather, 64 Trevis Miller, 86 Matt Neimeyer, 67 Chris Crocetti, 80 Jon Wilson. 87 Jack Cromwell, 85 Shaun Leo, 83 Gary Mendez. 52 Roger! Figueroa, Head Coach Jim Nagle. Back Row, L to R: 55 Lyle Gates. 32 Dan LeAnna, I I Gilbert White, 4l Lloyd Booth, 68 John Dominguez, I3 Gary Mendez, 30 Jeff Wright, 45 Todd Barnhart, 25 Scott Dye, 3I Jeff Thompson, 22 Mike Herman, 40 Rudy Williams. GOLF vt' tin Clockwise from left: Jim Caley, Peter Hardtke, Tad Jewell, Paul Noonan, Marshall Tallman, Mark Nunamaker. Chico Glenn, Lee Coate. Rip DePascaI. Jeff Caley. John Gervin. Bottom Left: Jeff Caley lines up for a putt. Bottom Right: Peter Hardtke tees off This year, the golf team had a great season with a I2- 3 record. Among this year's outstanding players in Tucson were Peter Hardtke and Paul Noonan. The golf team is looking forward to another successful season next year. 42, V, :-, 1 , ' 1, , 'nh w, N. .1 ,yy -aa I .1 ,A CRDSS COLI TRY CROSS-COUNTRY: Top Row, L to R. Coach Sam McClung, K. Elers. K. Thurston, C. McNabb. D. Kyger. S. Manzer. J. Cornejo, R. Suddath, S Shuman, T. Ruhl, T. Colletti. R. Jacobsens. D. Decker. Coach Raul Nido. Third Row, L to R: L. Jarvin, M. Meyer, C. Bentacie. R. Abasta, B Millsap. H. McCauley. J. Daily, T. Vanderkolk, M. Wilkinson, J. Rankin. D. Ratliff, W. Hamlet. S. Bristel, E. Fuerst. Second Row. L to R: M Elwell, S. Caldwell. P. Schmerl. G. Bock. D. Fleishman. E. Schocket. C. Caldwell. T. Kindead. T. Eckhoff, J. Smith, R. Wisner. C. Chapman. D Peach. Front Row, L to R: H. Heywood. A. Smith, E. McMillan, B. Berg. A. Settle, S. McCarthy, S. Johnson, R. Campbell, M. Curtin, S Udavich. D. Hughes, C. Edwards. The Amphi boys Cross Country team had a good turnout this season. and turned in a I5-3 record. Chris Caldwell gave the team added hope by placing first at state and kllm ' second at Western Regionals. Rincon gave the Panthers the 1 A most competitive meets. and unfortunately two defeats. and ' i 4 -- X prepared them for their sixth place standing at Divisonals, J 1 f , as well as the North League Championship. Because of the ' 44,18 1 loss of runners Steve Shabie and Chris Caldwell, the Pan- ' xv, ,f. thers were dethroned from the ifl state rating. X V9 The girls completed a perfect I5-0 dual-meet record, placed V Qi O .ls first at the Aztec Invitational. and second at the Doug Con- ' 3 -,Q fe ley lnvitational, divisionals. and state. Mary Curtin led the J fv- team. going undefeated through the entire season, and win- gi M ning at divisionals and state. Other outstanding runners C Q X were Betsy Berg, placing third in state and divisionals: and N A' Heidi Heywood. who placed eighth in divisionals and l4th X as at state. 'A X l XX . Baum, Q , V1-l2A4kmd!JJ'5aL0C1J0cf'fk52nCQQaog,f p fggw? Q51 5JJUZ,0Jl'lUJM .Qogtopgauwdsfmnu 3,1 OM swab OL 3051009 QQJLQQ15 GJUX Q ,!Zf' X .gfwegqhewywmbmdp ' h fm oar 596 0' .QJQllmOJsu1QjGuQM5 'w xm OXQJQ grae 'WP T 6:3 4 ge' I 4 01 ?QH ' LXIYXQJURJS 'i x qx' 01 o H fg o " ' f H ' 0m f", , mW'X Q4 4 S A g my S Owl Q MP Md W 64' W! rw W a 1' ' L9 J W Jw N ' - M Um We + 0 me n W M - Ji f , fi Qu 6 J .. X9 Lu MN ' +0 V 0 mmol ww 4 .wen aww. 'ww I 4 'f ' 4'Q' www 'ev W " ff 5 ,OU SCM! Odooxu GN VWUSQ " 'fin' ww ww? QWJ LEW Cf-WP " 0 W N I . w E 2' ,UQ gg Qapww slew J gmjfam W fl "W awww amd Vcw JAM ein www N" oiiuwiofgvwv QQ Qnwmam Jwwmmgoieqkiwwiitggxb www J wjgm Amimmwigd gm XMQUZMQ ULJLQOKIMYH CQGTGMU X it .3PQOiC:Q.. M Cljfxcggtfqgfumbejikm Sig Umm YW? LQLx7QXlDU!WfaV X . 0 W 1 C lr X X 1 ' x X lu , U-' QQ: 3 Q, ij 1 'I N tl. ' K ' Wir- A' I 'rykf vL.iQf' xr: -V in-,,4,, n J fnfzi 7131? 43900 - WIM TEAM BOYS Swimming: Top Row, L to R: Coach George Dollom, S. Menke, D, Carichner, B. Thomason, P. Berg, D, Eva, K. Sommerhalter, C. Hammel, J. Groch, T. Worthington. Third Row, L to R: Coach Micky Jermin, Coach Bill Hoenig, J. Marshall, C. Berry, M, Hammel. J. Voight, K, Hammel, D. Ludlow, J. Volz, Coach Bob Tweedy, Coach Dave Kintas. Second Row. L to R: D. Harden, P. White, K. Dantzler, S. Hallier, R. McDonald, R, Maxey, S. Wood. E. Glasser, M. Parker. B. Maynard. Front Row, L to R: S. Hammel, P. Force, P. Fimbers, Z. Mesel, T. Cervantez, E. Martignetti, T. Peterson, M. Keroner, R. Kinkade. GIRLS Swimming: Top Row L to R: Coach George Dollom, Coach Micky Termin. C. Dredge. L. Ugovich, C. Geesey, C. Heacox, M. Schrader, P. Kelly. R. Cohen. W. Bulley, Coach Bob Tweedy, Coach Bill Hoenig. Third Row, L to R: Coach Dave Kintas, H. Murrell, T. Lhost. B. Shindler, B. Leaders, M. Moses, S. Beiser. S. Freeland. J. Kramer, T. Kilpatrick. D. Garcia. Second Row, L to R: K. Donaghay, C. Lilian, J. Kitchens, S. Moussa, J. Barnes, L. Greenwood, J. Clark, M. Giamonna, K. Chastain. Front Row, L to R: E. Rosen, P. Thorn, K, Sommerhalter, K. Reynolds, S. Hervey. J. Force, D, Meyer. T. Ahern, S. Morris. M. Olton. VARSITY DLLEYB LL WM, Wistar A C- V ,gpm tiwf ' ' AALL fi? Right: VARSITY Volleyball: Top Row, L to R: Kellee Rollins, Debbie Symons, Maribeth Engelhardt. Terry Ozment. Devon Cox. Front Row, L to R: Jody Moore, Shanng Bain, Isabel Santa Cruz, Stephanie Chappa, Cheryl McClaughton, Leanne Cheever. Top Right: Team setting up for opponenl's return. Above: A successful hit always feels good. ....-' .ads FROSH GLLEYB LL '44 H 6 . JV Team: Front Row, L to R: Michelle Eyler, Karen Jensen, Kristi Stark. Beth Ward, Mandy Hayes, Head Coach Jeannie Zumwalt. Back Row, L to R: Debbie Vanderkolk, Marty Valencia, Tracey Krammers, Becky Robles, Marlene Medina, Nita Carver. FROSH Team, Michele Withrow. Teri Hopper, Samantha Meese, Gena Hust, Lori Price. Back Row, L to R: Donna Knight, Jenny Markley. Robyn Vaughan, Carrie Mehrhoff, Lisa Fiorucci. Qlfyw , A M . Hu ,?yf'7 f", g ilgif-v NIL Zydffff 'F if ,af -ff L ' ff? ' 1 5? Q 5 c, A 5 5 2 7: VA ' 0 50 lf , ' , GQQ ,,,we fg44,fjf6f, ?,gff,g1f,fi,4 - ' . ,,,, N .M 90 " 'K R ' . , :fm , K ' K 1,1 . ,,,.,, F ,, 1- Vfifijfmfi ,"4'4a ,Wx V: f eafiiw' C , . ' , M ' X df! f ,N ZQRI A I l R :Inq 4,-. ' ip' XJ .219 .y L X ? if ' ., 9 ,, ,Q 4 ' n,s'v,o' A .pl ,f f I . 9 -3 gtg., GIRLS A D BUYS SGCCER X s-?4Pf9 WAHM W PM ww- NW "W, Above, Girls Soccer: Top Row, L to R. S. Mcllroy. M. Maynard Whiteman. M. Svoboda. D. Garcia. Third Row. L to R: D. Peach, S. A. Pitan. L. Norris. Second Row. L to R. B. Ward, I. Santa Cruz. Markley, M, Hayes. R. Sadowsky. Front Row, L to R: L. Molera, A. Young, D. Danley, L. Price. 1 1 , Y I.. Q: B- ' ' fi V .l,.L.l.. N, Carver. D, Robertson, T. Bonjour, T. Graham, S. T. Bentley, A. Bentley, S. Beiser, R. Marshall, H. Murrell, F Froehlich, M. Eyler, K. Sommerholter. J. Miller. J. A. Cottrell, A. Settle. M. Kittle, T. Harter, l.. , ..,.., M... Above: Boys Soccer: Top Row, L to R: E. Fuerst. R. Kinkade, H. McCauley, W. Hamlet, M, Nunamaker. K, Singer, P. Sirianni. R, Jacobsen, F. Petitt, A. Smith, T. Hixon, E. Teel, J. Pan-Kita, K. Groves, G. Jacobsen, P. DeCosmo. Second Row, L to R. Coach Mike Sapp, T. Ruhl, G, Mendez. B. Gaddis. M. Money, R. Wortman. C. Nelson, C. Briones, D. Kyger. R. Schmidt, M. Long. A. Pongratz. Coach Raul Nido, Front Row, L to R: R. Madero. J. Tene, F. Manzano, R. Rogoff. H. Murrell, M. DeCosmo, K. Nelder, R. McGlaughlin. N X Matim, Ron Smith, Jon Volpe. and Joey Soto. VARSITY WRE TLI G The Amphi Wrestling team worked very hard this year. Their AAU season lasted from Nov. I to Feb. I4. The devoted team members lifted weights three days a week, and practiced the other two. Coached by Bob Templin, they overcame prob- lems of inexperience and lack of consistency to finish second in the AAA Southern divisionals. Outstanding wrestlers were Jim Pledger. John 4,9 ,Sm Below: VARSITY WRESTLING: Top Row. L to R: Jon Volpe, Louis Evans Dan Deuterlng Jon Hicks Bob Mehan Jim Pledger Steve Herbst Hector Delgado Jim Matison. Front Row, L to R: Dan Sullivan. Troy Goddard, Ronnie Smith Joey Soto Mark Capanear Larry Lewis I twf' , tsf W , ft .-.H 7 WIN DIVISIONALS ON TO STATE FINALS - Q- - s S 'FE gg fi? ' igfiifu f 5 W L. L?- Sff - f- Q ages-Q WN,-M ,4U'fi"h- hshh i . :mf , , ,,i,?.,, VVVJV MA , U f"'-' , ' ,,,, ,,,V s .A Upper Left: A Panther has a Ranger tied up at the moment. Above: .lim Madison squeezes out ofa tight spot. Bottom Left: Jim Pledger gets ready to stock his opponent. Below: Amphi wrestlers take time out for a smile and a picture. Bottom: Pledger has his opponent under control. C ,fx Wx uralnmsmf We-44' M--N .IV FROSH WRE TLER ii" 'Y ' ---- K .v K . ..K . . Y. Q ' .IV Wrestlers: Top Row. L to R: J. Cox, M. Herman, R. Urbina, T. Wolfer. R. Fox, R. Figerora. M. Perez. E. Rhonehouse. D. Streich. Front Row. L to R: L. Booth. M. Frederico, Z. Salas, D. Quest, J. Dominguez. J. Wright. FROSH Wrestlers: Top Row. L to R: S. Rodgers. R. Ruiz. D. Samarano, J. Roseman. M. Robbins, T. Shields. Front Row. L to R. Ed Lopez, V. Valenzuela, S. Buffington, S. Parra. B. Lopez, D. Bean. W' VARSITY BUYS BASKETBALL The i982-83 varsity basketball team, coached by Steve Kanner, had a successful year. Although the team fell short of divisionals by one game, it placed fourth in the league. Too many times the games were a little too tough, but the team always put forth its best effort, exemplified in its 20 point victory over first place Catalina in the middle of the season. Shane Moncada led the city in scoring, and helped the team tremendously. This year, the team will lose five players to graduation. but the excellent JV team will surely pick up the slack. zfotfliif , I. ,ann-.K X 'Ba y x Q.. , . fl . X ... 2, f' " ' Z gf . " Above: Coach Kanner goes over final-minute instructions. Below: VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row L to R Bill Killian Tony Martinez Joe Donovan Kent Schlaefer, Mike Lynch, Shane Moncada, George Whiteman, Coach Steve Kanner Front Row L to R Tony Doughty Oscar Bermudez Clarence Alkens Eric Moore, Mike Taylor, Bernie Wharton. it ,M-1' . iw ' 8 ..,., .,,..., gg :' ,eq 3 i 1 ix, Top Left: Mike Taylor's successful free-throw attempt helps Amphi beat Salpointe. Top Right: A bouncing Mike Lynch reaches for that ultimate jump shot. Above: Shane Moncada Iunges for a jump ball to give Amphi possession. Right: A determined Shane Moncada fights for the rebound. Y J ,sw xx. mx . g Top Left: Though double teamed, George Whiteman shows extra effort for extra points. Bottom Left: Shane Moncada demonstrates high school version of a slam dunk. Above: An elevated Oscar Bermudez, at home in the air. Below: Shane Moncada outstretches his opponent for two points. It must be the green shoes. ,J eh- A ?J's 2912? 'Nw K J, 1 it XS. 7 ,A J 'oxen nr it ' J' HOMECCMING II KING AND QUEEN oscAR BERMuDEz AND MARY AMuNDsoN V 8 FROSH BASKETBALL JV Basketball: Top Row, L to R. E. Werner. T. Berlin, S. Lusko, C. White, P. Adams, B. Vankoevering, R. Rollins. Front Row, L to Rf Coach Dan Lopez, R Peterson, S. Dowling, T. Miller, S. Leo. FROSH Basketball: Top Row, L to R1 Coach Mark Pauley, B. Delean, R. Rothermel, M. Grant, P. Valdez, M. Kerwin C. Wells, C. Sheehan, M. Shiva. Front Row, L to R: L. White, T. Coon, V. Cortes, M. Anderson. S. Rowe, J. Colter, Manager C. Ioane. 3 X. .Xe M I 4- wi Ufifflei QQ X Q20 W fs W Q1 ' X 3 , My pp 6 cf 93 'NWO f""w""' 5 S sw-bw ago Xn .5 B. y, O, S f, Xpgvog 0- O bo! U OJ Jyogiyibjfvxb MU CO Q1 can fa 79 . 'WJ ,gg , bb 6 '06 L- 0 ' UA "Av QI , We 28 Qowwcg of W , Q ff' W " ' ' f ' , o, X095 0500! 'Q ' QL 61: x,4v-7' 6? X5 91 1' , sa' if 'QI f GJ JN, 0 ,4 ,Q , ,, , if-:,,.fQ. YQ' X UND 'D Q ao 'Kc' f mW'WU1r,"IMWi' "' f Q1 39 fog X X0 4096.0 XX GQ' Q7 50 Ao'e1l'!gff, wx OS QPU ww ,px Q01 iffy? ' Q ffkzb 'X . - 41 0 gave? QQ' Qqbozs O " T' ' 1' O? xg! N bw va? W 4 6 g00",a9NX00Q gy . OJ fe W gb of .f QQ , W of? 5309 aff , ' Q59 QF, Wax X3 Zoqffaj at Q N5 xoxv Ld y L ' ' x ffogxgv of UN Om U, 5 gg , GY' xifcfxw X Q50 Qfbx Qwxof 650 5- Vela? Jf',Zt" lxi!:x wo 61 C X V, X JNQx.X,f Q9 WQDZQ' Q QAM .irq 5009 WPWOQDX wa wj?i55g?'9'fN- QQf0Q ffwdl mi Q SVSEQY QD ol 0' -Q QQJL QSSQQ co who Ulf WG K VARSITY J. .ZQDFTBALL 2 'll fg V I nr 'iw fa 9 JV Softball: Top Row, L to R1 Barbara Tafoya, Debbie Norrgard, Robyn Vaughn, Alison Smith, Teri Hopper,Amy Allerheiligen. Kris Rodriguez, Michelle Phillips, Coach Bud Warnke. Front Row, L to R: Susan Shafle. Teri Pongratz. Angela LoGreco, Julie Delgorge. Donna Knight, Teresa Morey. ZA, Q 5 fra, 1' Y? Varsity Softball: Top Row, L to R: Ngoc Tran, Lisa Price. Coach LJ Husk, Rita Jabezenski, Andrea Broad, Kim. Front Row, L to R: Leanne Cheever, Kathy Pahona. Denise Munoz, Geri Wetterland. Barbara Fedell, Lanette loane, Linda Albrecht. Seated: Devon Cox. ARSITY GYMNASTICS This year's I982-83 gymnastics team is off to a terrific start with their first win against Sabino. We have a great team and the girls plan to continue their flawless record which they held last year. At the end of their l98 I -82 season the varsity team ended up with eight wins and zero losses. They competed in the AAA Southern Divisionals at CDO and took first place among the seven teams. That then brought them to the state finals in which they placed third. Coaches Marie Daugherty and Holly Smith are doing a great job coaching this year's team, and they know it is going to be an excellent season! nv Varsity Gymnastics: Top Row, L to R: Anita Benitez, Lisa Bovre. Kelle Knollmiller. Michelle Schrader, Liza Norton. Debbie Symons, Neidra LaSalle. Kneeling, L to R: Carrie Mehroff, Naghmeh Bashar, Joyce Girard, Buffy Sison, Michelle Habian, Jodi Omen, Bottom: Rosanna Dicenso. 2 I 4 VARSITY BASKETB LL -' .7 'ia - 'Q J jf' 21- ,,, L. ,M ,,,. , ee A D - - ,f If.. iff: f I-5-1 iflliiffffgs Af J. f Q f X Experience was the main question in Varsity Baseball Coach Bud Warnke's mind this year. With only three returning starters from last year's I3-I0 team, Warnke will have his hands full. Scott Olson, Kevin Boyle and Joel Anderson are the three returning starters, and they will be the foundation for the I982- 83 team. This year's team has shown much talent in the first part of the season, as they defeated the Defending State Cham- pion Sahuaro Cougars and the Defending Southern Division Champion Santa Rita Eagles. Getting to the state finals will be difficult. but the Panthers have set this as their goal. The yearbook staff wishes the team luck in the fulfillment of that goal. Boys Varsity Baseball Top Row Left to Right: Coach Warnke, S. Olson, V. LaMantia, T. Martinez, G. Whitemen, T, Stupp, T, Kramber, O. Bermudez, B. Alvarez, Assistant coach Bob Zwirko, Middle Row Left to Right: M. Carpenter, D. Slaughter, K. Boyle, F. Lopez, E. Angell, C. Aikins. J. Soza. B. Chevver. Bottom Row Left to Right: C. Pollard, D. Ballesteros, J. Foley. J. Anderson, S. Tinsley. Top picture. A diving Scott Olson. 3 i 1 f L Z + Top Left: Kevin Boyle at bat: Above: Mike Carpenter going for two. Bottom Left: Fred Lopez winding up for a screamer Below: Delbert Ballesteros ready for next victim. FRGSH BASEBALL fi 441-dvi-A' Ss," fe. u, , if K 1 Q , JV Baseball, Top Row: Left to right: Richard Peterson, Scot Dye, Tad Jewell, Frank Massey. Eric Werner, Nathan Orelup, Clint Matthews, Don Hill. George Gray, Harry Hunt, Paul Linaker. Coach "T" Bottom Row: Danny Hernandez, Brian Biernat, Greg Delprincipe, Luis Evans, Joel Matthews. Trevis Miller, Henry Gray, Steve Gutbub. Brian McKenna, Frosh Team: QL-RJ Lewis Harris, Joey Soto. Britt Kindred, Mike Harmon, Scott Larson, Ken Grossman. Back Row CL-RQ Will Tatom, Fred Barboa. Max Grant. Jim Caley, Coach Mark Pawley, Phil Valdez, Steve Rowe, Paul Herzog, Junior Colter. wiffiblinlnuxqpf y A , i .sf ... . ee . . , , fi fl . f ' sy 'xiii 2 ,ff A ,Bi A by L- if i K .K Q 533,-'Q K - Kjmskh L As K, I .L f ,A A . E f ,i ,x ,, fy 3 if . ,, f y i . y . ,,,,9. fu-sus-at O Q, I, ff. 9,- 1 4 -nv-M944 ' Kelly Rollins drives for two, as "Willy" Wong watches and waits for a "webound". Mwfw W: arslly Girls Basketball: Top Row L to R Brenda Kell Kelly Rollmgs Jacque Twarog Leann Chaever Marybeth Englehardt Tuna Bonjour Gma Everell Coach Day Mlddle Row. LtoR Llsa Prlce Weellng Willy Wong From Row LtoR TammlOzment CherylGreene Sue Molnar JV Girls Basketball L lo R K Rodriguez, C. Evans, M Kltlle D Cox C Stark Coach Kanner N Carver S Hervey S Mcllroy C Leonard R Marshall if Q --fe-gy 'q9lmN,hh Q A uw - 3 Above: Amphi girls setting up their defense. Look out for the opponent in the corner. Top right: Tammi extra effort gets passed the opponents block. Below: Willy does a nice shot from the outside. Bottom right: Good hustle from the Amphi girls led to a victory for the team. il 'fiv- 'Sf X L-.-rf' Kill F L :- X BOYS TENN S Varsity Tennis: Top Row. L to R: Gary Mendez, Jeff Kolker. Paul Andrews. Ed Heacox, Jeff Alpert. Ward Hamlett. Front Row: Jay Weller. Manager: Coach Long. ,IV Tennis: Back Row, L to R: Jay Lujan. Dave Harden. Paul Noonan, Andy Douglas. Front Row, L to R: Scott White. Roger Rogoff, Ty Sheppard. GIRLS TENN S Girls Tennis Back Row Left: Lydia Sandoval, Darcy Nagel, Teri Hoper, Wendy Marmis, Rita Jabczenski. Price Walloce, Diana Friedman, Cindi Colbert Kelly Jewell, Andra Ruiz, Sherri Stephens QCoachj First Row Left: Marisa Cardella. Leslie Newman. Soren lsaacman. Isabell Santa Cruz, Not in picture Jamie Wing. Karen Chaps. BOYS VAR ITY TRACK x , P .5 V we - . .. . 4 k k - - 'N' - 'X Q , - , "fix 5- -K .,., . ,,a.,..wcsw N. , .. K ,kwa Q- I B PY' X , A 3. 5 13, wtisgm., A ,pw , A ,r - 2: - ,-vsfewlkilg? X Q -K .,,- - . ies we r N Mxxaiw K . C I W ,. 1. . , s..x.,w.: Q wuiilk-Y ' 'fp if is fs: ,, Q ,Xe VM me Above: Boys Track: Top Row, L to R: Coach Raul Nido, Coach Dick Dann. Cary Edwards. Steve Abrams, Sean Kimble, Bob Hill, Paul White, Paul Zuckernick, Chris Caldwell. Jacques Pan-Kita, Tony Dougherty, Chris Garcia. Kent Callaghan, Phil Adams, Benny Witt, Brent VanKoevering, Mark Morse, Carl Nelson, Scott Schorzman, Coach Sam McClung, Greg DeFoor, Bernie Wharton, Coach Ray Pritchett. Front Row. L to R: Robin Marshall, John Daley, Kurt Peterson, Rob Wisner. Tom Eckhoff, Eric Davis, Gary Bock. Greg Maloy, Eric Dowdle, Lisa Smith, Coach Floyd. Sitting: Ken Jasey. Not Pictured: Darryl Culpepper, Vickie Copeland, Mychelle Elwell, Shane Moncada, Steve Shabie, Left: Chris Caldwell concentrates on form in the mile. Below: Jacques Pan-Kita in the high hurdles. , 4.14, V,-ff, .I J ,TM f A ,W M F , ,, ........,, -A ., ...nw my ,, 2- ' 'V . ' A f 2. 2 .- - H ff . ii ,,.f,,..,f, - C. f.'f, 3 ...,, I L.,,,., V V V: , A , , , rl . V . H ' . G H M ' ' "' A I 3 ' l . gf, . .f ' ' 'fm 5 f zum, ,, ...A M,m..,..A,... ., ' Mu A ,L J Qfgrlffi' ,,,,- 'V M'w'f7e' .., " sr- "' , .,.,,Vfm ,Q , , W., ,W ,,,,,s..,Yf , wx W, -.-,. ,,.gmm,--,..,M:M'9"T,. f wry., ,-14. ,. , ,. ' ,W " ' 'kmwfnz' M l' A ' Cf ' ' " , www: - fm V1 "' C " s .ef-1. .. -. ...1'..?,'? "W I fa " ' f '- '- ' V A . 7"' ' ,V f ' f'-' " ,, 192 After last year's I2-0 record. the divisional championship. and a fourth place finish at state, this year's Track team has high hopes, according to Head Coach Raul Nido. He expects the toughest competition from Cholla and Santa Rita, who have excellent sprinters. Cary Edwards and Bernie Wharton head Amphi's sprinters, while Chris Caldwell and Steve Shabie lead the distance runners. Other strong competitors are: Eric Davis 6 Mark Morse. long jump, Chris Garcia, Greg DeFoor, Tony Dougherty, and Scott Schorzman, shot S discus, Phil Adams, high jump, and Brent VanKoe- veung, Jacques Pan Kita S Eric Dowdle, hurdles. Nido is proud of the exceptional dedication of so many athletes. MW-wang . 5, BUYS . . TRACK Picture of the Boys ,l.V. Track was unavailable at time of publication, so the following is a list of the team members. Robert Amundson, David Bean, Tony Berlin, Ken Burke, Steve Caldwell, Dylan Decker, Fred Henss, Paul Henderson, Glenn Jacobsen, Mike Jameson, Lars Johnson, Tony Kaniowsky, Steve Mansfield, Bob Millsap, Jason PanKita, Tony Petito, Mike Pierce, Tom Gifford, David Ratliff, Joe Rankin, Ben Royer, Kevin Shoots, Jeff Smith, Robbie Staples, Ken Thurston, Terry Vanderkolk, Keith Meroquin, Matt Mazon, Todd Colletti, Mike Wilkinson, Rodrigo Santillan, Bill Newbold, Hugh McCauley, Tom Camp, Dennis Cordier, Scott Buffington, Rudy Williams, Pat Greaber, Stephan Grater, Martin Gonzales. Shane Rodgers. Jesse Valadez, Allen Stevens, Mark Anderson, Tracy Mosley. GIRL TRACK E3 Girls Track: Top Row, L to R: Terri Graham, Sandy Whiteman, LeAnne Cheever, Daylann Robertson, Robin Campbell, Amy Young. Amber Settle, Sondra Udovich. Andrea Broed, Michelle Frank, Rachel Cohen, Debbie Symons, Suds Frost. Middle Row, L to R: Dawn Peach, Denise Garcia, Terry Escudero. Jodi Frost, Ann Cottrel, Julie Clark, Melanie Robles, Betsy Berg, Cory Lilien, Stephanie Andrews. Front Row, L to R: Keri Kelly, Abra Bently, Alisha Frank, Rachel Sadowski, Charlotte Ford, Griselda Brady, Marietta Smith, Donna Hooker. Stephanie Biser, Linda Jarvin. ' 5 X 'fi' va it HE! i 5 , Mnf' W . k Q p ,O l , . p 9 I 0 0 1 ppppann p A si ,,,, "--vv" - MWMW ALW' W"' MW' 'F '77 V if zl' ' L, ,,V. V Track Action: Above: Daylann Robertson and Melanie Robles keep a -fu V 71 A iff" ,V . H ,L a I sit, good pace in the 3200m run. Left: Griselda Brady ready to clear the ,VVE ,Z,A , if k , Z,:, v:'- final low hurdle. Below: Robin Clark approaches the low hurdles. ga ., Q, 3 1 ., -f ' ff' A ii .. V ,VZA I an V V, My 7, ,, . ,, W ' J x 3 1? 'Z S xg 'bww-W W pi p Z Chess Team: The chess team has participated in the Region IV fSouthern Region of the Statej tourna' ments. the Tucson open, in which they took a 6th place finish. Following are people who have lettered in chess: Trevor Bartlett. Steve Wood. Ken Brannon. Russ lspen, Portland Lemay, Ed Kesstler, and Mark Mc Carthy. Outstanding members are Juniors: Bart- lett. Lemay, and Wood. who occasionally provided maturing influence for the freshman and sophomores and could prove champions in the state champion- HESS ff . 6 .U 4 4 W , an f 2 P ' W, f -M M 1 9 is wa st Q f M KP Q f Q 2 if L 1 , ,V ., A ,V ogg, so -0,.,-v 7 my 2, if ,yn 122, fs mm-1,,,p t sgigfrfgsf Fl 11151 Qi 1 QV s v VMK ships the next 3 years. Thus paper may crumble the Ink someday fade But never the memories of friends I have made' Jiffy JZJAQM ,Zo 52054446 ,Umm M9634 ,ca faking QWUQ7 ,250 Q CLSQL' efigevmalecafjfcoaf womnzfafcmg di 51,027 Scmawf wnfc fykdfaed Ado MQW Qgfgwf Zu9ud,4,efJj2wL4?Z0,Qc4fv14W4u!2Q,f!JzLyQ,UfJ9z662f7 AJJVM wwfuwamfdawa mzafquwgwfraawyagwmffbi V45 Jfzadgxjggfl fayluf 5602 e,02,4UfzCZQ!2,cy,0 JZJVQQAAM-W 0'Uc9ff2g6fL Vywnwm QfQQfg!41wLcJz A41edff72qC490f00f79L4V?df Jwfwaduwfwwmdqahwewuwapweawd Jjwfygwabzmwqwmwwdiwnwuw do gfwzwdfffwaagfvdacf jyfgfyggf ,gg ,!?p,Ugj72491z Q61-Hdfivvufa 496ZZWZZ 4294595 ymjwzwfgfeafidfmoiopcddox UUMZLUWYQUQWM bwfzmfff Jiffcffgcgq, Jw Jada Jawa gem Hjmwg Jian jf weld I k ' .4 U - I ,V - ' I . I I 5 V I jim ! ,Wh V Jw 4' X ,fax 9- T' ,WIA . N ,., ,.-,-.,,m,,,,, M, , ,M.,......., .,,,,,,,,-,,,.,,, Amphi Administration: L-R, Assistant Principals' Pat Lennan and Bob Carlson, Principle Jim Gibson. 200 Amphi District Board Members: L-R, Dr. Richard Scott, Patricia Perzan. Virgina Houston, Pres. Nancy Thomas, and Micheal Hart. ,,,,,..u.,- FACULTY X xv! Wm W U V -A' a,,X,n, 3 AUTOGRAPHS 50 YC-a45vxxH TK Jiang , waxy, ,MW7 SEQ fxjf ff Eg T MMS X sVjC ,51kJ ' ,X fa W' Huck Q LN2UU'v"CK Z50iYfxDV'5 Newg ycilsw MSX ycgwf unc! QNLQ?'y43l1J,uj, OQJA '45 0,93 Jvc Q,0UG5ef Oz AS lk? bl-Luafkse QA yew- Q, PWHHQ Nhxmo BDC, gcfwg back +C SCMQOJ MM? vbzmlbl' A!C5KQf3 Civil 0-Q youxsfcilg omg QNX q"QA.0LgX' QDSJIUNX SOQXXSXMJX, aug Clegg gmqjfj fc: Um'-Xe nm 'HU odfyovr .?fwQMeg Qxkxghkvc? G-WA. HAM DME QPQK SUWWUW Clwyd vvwuflus if-'H Q26 yew SGW fzaf-2 fa, V1 I Al: ff Qf-46' 53 is 11 X ' ' -T Uvwi 31011-r 'XCVQ3' Off? Q., fi 3 E Qiggggfgi 53522525 35255533 4 . 5 Qxiigg ggigifjiiigyggggi , Jlfafj f Q13 if iii? QQ 5 X5 C37 N ,uhm Wu gef I7 COUNCELORS - OFFI E STAFF BOB HIATT LINDA STOLTZ A V. Z, ,gra 2-fE 2f,: MWA 5 J 1 X M -A VIV A 1 ,4 ' x Y .F ,-ef X' x x 'w in TONY ZAMORA RON KAPP 4 f V A. ALICE SENG CONNIE PRATT wal -.,- i,. i V ,MZ M ww f wg ggwi' '. 1' I if A A V . ., 3 A :Av 'NZM RUBY MURRAY PAT KURNIK BOB LACAGNINA Available No Photo ,- 1 T- 2 .Q VE J rf ' 3- R - . -V 4, Y -,,. T--:vii J zg' , f W ,,,T, 6T. , ANN YOUNG er BEVERLY DUTZ JUDY JOHNSON 3 ' 3 N M, g JAN GORE PATTI FREEMAN A za, ,,, 'W ' f ., i f CAROLYN TU RRI PAT CRANE , H f " , T T 1 7 J ' J ,H if BEVERLY WOJCIK ISELA DELGADO MARY BELLAH 35 MARILYN JACOBS DOUG SCOTT TOM ROSE ,v" WILLIAM CARHART No Photo Avaulable AL COONS DAN DUTZ JANICE LATHREM MIKE COX DICK DANN SAM MCCLUNG sv W fl :. , ,I S ACIC I b-QQ CIT, K . 3 zx, - I I R I :.: 11 C' CCM A I ' CAC JACK SEGURSON RAY SEWELL ROBERT PACK SCIENC PENNIE wmoocx Don swwsom "i.Q 'MI ,.., C 'A Qi , I ll- .I.,I ,, FS? 'S p - Qi I D Y '-' 9 A U .,,, ' - Y"NiI....I,1-45' iii. MALcouvn mm cumfo Momeomsnv Q' , :vi iz 1 lil: 'P lun E 1, 0 I0 I I 'S X F Al. T H- I BU I SS EDU ""i"" 'W W I 1 n O Y ,. I I 051 52 . tg? 55 ,- :3.j'.j9,ffL,l . ,I . I. w "M '-W ' ,W ,,- " 'O '.f'."' f if 0 'u -'Q-50" . , I 1, ff Q ,g.,x,,.. .E J. f Q 1 . J., +.".f' I . .55 Q :-1'-V,-T , I9 . f' 4.94 Q., -ff, . g, -,144 .13 ' " ' ' . 1 1 -f .1 iw?-1:28 Lf?" -I e " 'iv-P? -'0J'vm -.57 .' W' '11 .--wmv. , I v, I ,,,,.n, 5...-I up .ww-'J . -mqe,f',g -1-1-'f'. '4' X. A3924 I ' IG if iff fizfwa 51 Bef g-iQQZvQ'59 " is ' ,hfq..g0,y1,,- " ,,.f,,,-A,q,,,,.D ' I n I -Jn I .'.'.m'. 'fl'-.'ff'-A '.'- ." -4 '- ,fig My ,"1j'.Q-.":Z , gqfffg fn ', IN r W, , A - geizyfvpgf "'11- " 0 ',- '- ' V. vfVr4::",V- . -4'-f .x '35- hv-1 Y- CATIO FRANCES HOLT ALISON NEWMAN BONNIE JOHNSON MARY REINECKE 7' WANDA WUNDER CALVIN BROWN GAIL KOSLOWSKI BEVERLY THOMPSON MAHALIA TAVARES RAY TETREAULT I DLISTRIAL ART fir' ffm! VINCE RUHE DICK EVANS BOB VANBUREN CURT SATHER Q do JOHN EDWARDS N f' N: XB an .QNX . 0' JOENE AMES f' DY , I sv Xi 500 'ig .ru 4,5 Vx ,-'1 an I , my ,f ,I ' 1 ,' J ' I I I . I 'I III A I TOM TOGLIA 5 4 mfr gd .Q 15 1 .J - ' Y 4 -. gf I "7 I - f 1 5'-I f ' :if Agn Jose BERNAL fb . 'JY I j Q rp X' ' f .fffff-I ' ' Sw A FI RT MARY FEST KATIE HIPPLE Diary of Ann Frank CRAIG BUTLER ' I uthfflefitgf D Ni' Jngxiii 'Q NM : : 0 0 J u . - V A 'll . V v. I ' ' ug. - , . .' 1-'fn 1 : ff.,-I-1-,ey xg ,.g.-,- - :-.-.'.'.:.g.,, 3.-.-.v tx- I u-:':vf-,v.- o 1. .-'-sgfq.-I 1 I 5.3-fa-:.:.gZgfg.j sn.. ty.-v 9 1 w.'.-.-.f.'.-.-.-, -,Q s'c,9,- , l9-.'.',f,- . ,,- T ' ' 's's'.'1'14 1,'.6'f'4Q-34 ". s, .g.:.f.-,- 9' . ,',.g.g.95.,. , 'Q . ' Qx'.':S'.',t R, 1 ,f'.'Z'Iv:a'.',91'-I-fo? s 9 1 J K nk I.,',' '90 s 'N' ' 'a ' 9 RIC SHORROCK BRENDA HASMAN ,o-- 5. f 5 ses?-my fi 5 X Z j Elf. 1 . ..' ,- f 4 1 If I I I I : Im' ax ll' Q , l ip,-as 1 t I ',3 f V' 'Bi I RX ' l3I . A I - 'Lx ' 5 I I II X 1' f' I I. I Karen Walker applies the finishing touches to Andy Cozine before Amphi's drama dept, production of The 9 Q Q v I f FGREIGN LA GUAG , SGCIA RICHARD MURRAY X- LIZ WHITTLE RAUL NIDO DORILA MARTING RIP DEPASCAL ANN LAXSON TUDIE ll .- E MARGARET COOPER HAL WAYTE BOB TEMPLIN I? S, ik Vi' SHARPE MARSHALL JIM HERMAN TED WATERFALL HDME ECDNDMICS LIBR RY BDDKSTDRE 'L:EH7ff'?5i1 . " f vvvv f '--if ,M f K X A E , 'Wir f A JJ? 'LM ,, 1, is, 1 1 L if 4 C 15 2 A40 v f, I 4 1? ll f 152 Q7 VA ff 9 X Wai? NANCY GRAHAM SHIRLEY BREINIG CANDY HOOPER , ,Lf f w M. I an f AA' 'Y Y M I fr rif f' mu, gi, Q, i "5 I 3 w hs' ,,,, , ,, g I wif gn -4 In -, I BARBARA KURTZ vV,k ., , - . I . JOAN PICKART ELDA MURIN BOBBIE ROTH LARRY CONFER 2 c ' Mg vw - 5 I ji MARIE BOYD SHIRLEY WHITTEMORE L to R: Lisa Dorlac, Lisa Price, Jamie Wing. Jeff Voight. and Lori O'DonaId looking at items from Amphi's Culture Day. LIPPORT PRGGRAMS Q25 ff. SUSAN VILLARREAL NANCY FORBES TED EMORY JAN FERRELI. TOM BURCH 4 , A BILL GRAFF LA GU G RT A Lklmiwm , A "1 4 Z 'W K 'L T A Lg "'- ., I 4 L1 W ,fy 3 Z A 'Q . 2 2 Q S L X K'1Rg , ,f dl' X X ga 'Za 'fd W X 'R Ll A ALLAN STERRETT CHERYL LOCKHART GERALD RODGERS MILT WALSER ' JUNE PENNINGTON BRENDA HART MIKE PICCONE LARRY WURST pm X L 1 SX.-SX Q Q 4 VERONICA cosukN JOAN EBERT Q Y N . N MARGRET HUGHES SARA REAVIS KATHY HAMEL RON TRENT MIKE KNISELY MACK HITCH PHYSICAL EDUCATION A NO PHOTO AVAILABLE BOB HART VERN FRIEDLI BOB SCHEYLI LAURIE HAWKE i S STEVE WATERSON NO PHOTO AVAILABLE .IEANNIE ZUMWALT MARK PAULEY DAUN FERRE STEVE KANNER BUD WARNICK 2 . ZN MR, CpHY5,CAL3 ED o--9 ax x W6 :fx . uni'---' Au Nu MARIE DAUGHTERY DAVE KINTAS ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Z1 19 ees im? V I I s I aff ' ff C I . 4 ..l ,. I , I . -fQZf'fIIIII'.a I ' 1 if., - ,I X , w1'I'I'I'.'4o7Q?9' .1 5 , I 1 Q59 '.'l'llf1r1:rlUf 1. ,f - Wi' ' K IN .ggfII'7'.,"-f',l grvazgge, 1 1"""7"r ' Q' I'!'!:- fy fini! I 'iff 'ZW "' 9001303 -.Q 0 I I S" I X 61 I 7, Q 'II 4 I iw ffm' QQ 'I gm, I V. -1441454 "Gin .nl gr-5'-A yi-'Q'-0 ' - ...::::. .. .I.'.',g7.,, .... HEI' L .N .511 'Pi :gil 'J 7. Z-' fo:- lb I :gms 1 qyvni 1 '1'- G iii-.O . . 6' M, 'vlffl I 4-A. ' , . :jug I 'ff ' 'J I-x xl. I " , 5 i ED ROMAN FRED GRIBSCHAW '83 sfmuas nw.: Organ lfnkf Flywxs AMNUUNLEW5 iz ipormqgf Pa a'I'oe. RfuI.Ia,f.or1 Q 'f'f'cc,'IS PIMI' Hfnm :fluo- ll' v g X I l , . I I W I fx I II I f I 1 L L CIIIIII I e f siwfoah HALL W E, - mL WI I M-va QNX ...f if M74 ' :39EHZJff2':.f if , -ww . Q1 S' fs fm?'i'v6w 3 umm A r f I W it -ww , 'Q v . v Student Body Officers, I98283: Top' Christy Brizuela, Lisa Dorlac. Bottom Row- Carlos Briones and Barbara Hague. Not pictured Tracy Paluzeck GOOD-BYE T0 A OTHER YEAR AT AMPHIU A , 5 5 H ' x , f ff 1. 1 A Aa.,,,,,,,,A Q 4 4 1 Ma. ,WA 1. if . V a ML 4 w 4 gf' ""' M 'fA3Li7fYM'ffLfLNI ff "ill, , ff "" 'W' ,.Wg,,,w , W V TDMMQHW My N,,,,y , A,,A , .H , , j 3 n , R 2 J ,iv ,A,,A,, WMA 5 swf A A X I A M , X, fffw ,, f f ,fkzwtlff amwfv W M! ff M, 1 'vi' ' U 'T A V, , WM A, J Wg, 1? , , f 2 , , x f fgff if 4 ,fa Q,-I f, f , I f , 'Af f 2 WAQESV 11 f A A ' , 3:54:51 ni' .E ,f M'-flfiffdilwcfhw 1 ff? L ,J sri f,g .v . fax xx if 'Nw fv Teachers' afternoon lunch program. C INDEX Seniors A ACKER, KAREN 20, 65 ADKINS, MIKE 20, 63, I36 AGUILAR, LINDA 20 AHEARN, PETE 20 ALDRETE, ROBERT 20 ALLISH, TIMOTHY 20 ALMLI, CHRIS 20 ALPERT, JEFF 20, I90, I4I ALVAREZ, ROBERT 20, I43, I84 AMUNDSON, MARY 20, 90, I33 ANAYA, SAMMY 20, I0, 63, I07 ANDERS, RON 20, 54 ANDERSON, BROCK 20 ANDERSON, JOEL 20, I84 ANDRADE, MARIA 20 APODACA, ANNA 20 ARNOLD, KATHLEEN 20 ATKINSON, BEN 2I, I52, I53, I55, I58 AUDET, CHARLOTTE 2I AULETTA. MARGARET 2I AVERY, LEE AZURE, ANN 2I B BAGSHAW, MICHELLE 2I, I32 BAILEY, NEIL 2I, I22 BAIN, SHANNA 2I, I32 BAKER, TONT 2I BARRIM MIKE BATES, JACKIE 2I, I36 BECKER, NORMA 2I, I22 BENAVIDEZ, MARYANN 2I, I38, I39 BENITEZ, ANITA 2I, I80 BERG. PAUL 2I BERMUDEZ, OSCAR 2I, 7, I47, I53, I74. I76, I84 BILLER, ERIC BISHOP-VU, THUY-LA 2I BOONE, EMILY BOOTH, GIDGET 2I BORK, KARI 22 BOVRE, KARIN 22, I80 BOYCE, MICHAEL 22, 63 BOYLE, KEVIN 22, I52, I53, I54, I85, I84 BRIGHT, MARY 22 BRIONES. CARLOS 22, II, I30, I43, I49, I68, 2I4 BRIZUELA, CHRISTY 22, I49, 2I4, I29 BROOKS, KATHLEEN 22 BROWN. DALE 22 BROWN, DIANA 22 BROWN, GREG 22 BROWN, JACOB JR. II9 BRUNDER, DIANE BUCHANAN, MICHAEL BURKE. VANESSA 22 BURNS, COLEEN 22, I30, I40 B BURTON, CHARLES 22 BURTON, JEB 22, I3, II8, I C CALDWELL, CHRIS 22, I62, I93, I92 CALLAGHEN, KENT 23, I53, I92 CAPANEAR, NICK I36 CARLINO. JAMES CARPENTER, MIKE 23, I53, I84 CARPENTER, ROBERT CHAPMAN, CHRIS I62 CHEEVER, LEANNE I66, I8I, 88, I94 CHERRY, DIANE COCHRAN, CINDY 23 COLBERT, JULIE 23, I26 COLE, NATHAN 23 COLLETT. THOMAS COLTER, HELEN 23, 97, I38 COLVIN, JUDY 23, I22 CONNELLY, LISA 23 COOPER, CARL 23, 63 COPLAN, BRYAN CORRAL, MICHAEL COTE, KAREN 23, I68 CRACKEL. LINDA 23 CROSS, KIM 23, I38, I39 CROWNINSHIELD, BRIAN 23, I53 CURTIN, MARY 23, I62 D DAVISON, WARREN DAVIS, ERIC 23, I22, I53, I54 DE FOOR, GREG 24, I93, I92 DEITERING. DANIEL 24, I70 DELGADO, HECTOR 24, 63, I53, I70 DELGADO, LOURDES BENBESTEN, LORIE 24, I34 DE VITA, CHRISTINE DEWITT. BRETT DIAZ, BARBARA 24 DI CENSO, JEROME DINES, MARY KAY 24 DIXON, JANET 24, I32 DONOVAN, PATRICK 24, I74 BUTLER, JOSEPH DORLAC, LISA 24. I3, I33, I49, 209, 2I4 DOUGLAS, BRYAN 24 DUGGAN, KELLY 24. I42, I43 DURGAN. SCOTT 24 E EAGERTON, "BUDDY" EARLEY, JAMES ECHOLS, A C 25 EDWARDS, GARY" 25, I93, I92 EDWARDS, WENDY 25, I6, 64, I22, I49, l9I EGARTON, BUDDY 25 ELLERSON, LANAE 25, 4, I49 ELLINGTON, TINA 25 DYE, KIMBERLY I44 ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM 25 ENGELHARDT, MARI 25 ERICKSON. KARIN 25, 65 ETHLINGTON, DELICIA 25, I38, I39 ETHRIDGE, SANDY 25 EVA, DAVE 25, II8, I65 F FALES, LISA 25, I32 FARIAS, YVONNE 25 FEINBERG, BEN 25 FELIX, CHRISTINA 25, I7 FIERRO. DAVID 26 FIORUCCI, MICHELE 26, I24 FOLEY, JERRY 26, I8, I53, I84 FORD, DOUG 26, I4, I53, I54 FOREMAN, TRUDI FOSTER, DONALD FRANCIS, SUSAN 26, I30, I42, I43, I28 FRANK, MICHELLE I94 FRANKLIN, TRACEY 26 FRARY, JON FREMMING, CINDY 26 FROST, JENNIFER 26, I94 FUSCI, CHRISTOPHER I36 FUSCO, LIZ 26 G GADOW, GORDON GAMBOA, JOSE GAMEZ, DENISE 26 GANZHORN, PAULINE 26 GARAY, KAREN 26 GARCIA, CHRIS 26, I53, I93, I92 GARCIA, DIANE I65 GARRETT, CHRISTINE 26 GASTELUM, SUSAN 26 GEESEY, CINDY I40, I65 GEILING. SCOTT 27 GELABERT, PETER 27, I53 GELLMAN, DAVID 27, I3I GELSINGER, TRACY 27 GILLETTE, LINDA 27, I39 GIOE, JOHN GIOE, MATTHEW GIRARD, JOYCE 27, I80 GIRVIN, JOHN 27. I6I GIVEN, GREGORY I34 GLASGOW, CINDY 27 GLASGOW. MIKE 27 GLECKER, DENA 27 GLENN, MARIA 27, I30 GOLD, MICHELE 27 GRACE, LOWELL GRAEME, KIM 27, 64, I44. I49, I4I GREGORY, GINA 27, IO, I30 GREENWOOD, PHILLIP I53 GREUBEL, ALAN 28 GROCH, JEI-F 28, I65 GROSSMAN, RICHARD 28, I49, I28 GUERRERO, MARIA 28 GUERRY. GILDA 28 GUNDERSON, GINA 28, I2. I6, I22, l36, I44 GUTIERREZ, JOHN 28 H HABIAN, MICHELLE 28, I3, I8O HALL, JONNETT 28 HALLIER, STEPHEN 28 HAMMEL, CHRIS 28, I65 HARDTKE, PETER 28, 54, I33, I6I, I79 HARGROVE, ARTHUR 28. I24, I26, I48 HARPER, BILL HATCH, RANDY 28 HAWK, PAUL HEACOX. ED 28. II, I7, I07, I9O, I4l HEALEY, MELISSA HEIDEL, LINDA 28, I28 HEILIG. LINDA 29 HERNANDEZ, PAUL 29 HERSHBERGER, SHAYNE 29, I4I HERSON, MARC 29, I22 HICKS, EARNESTINE HICKS, JON I53, I7O HICKS, MIKE 29, I53, l55. I57 HOGE, BARBARA II, 49, 77, II9, I4I HOLLAND, CLYDE 29, 54 HOLMES, HARRY HOM, JULIE HORODECKI, HARRY HORTON. LAURA 29 HOWIE, STEPHEN 29, I53, I55 HRNA, RANDY HUBBARD, LISA 29 HUIE, CAROLYN 29, I43 HUMENY, PAUL 29 HUNTER, DEVIN HUSTIN, TIMALEE 29 IHRKE. HARVEY 29 INGMIRE. MICHAEL IOANE, DUANE 29, I53 ISOLA, VINCENT 30 J JACOBS, LYDA 30 JACOBI, RON 30 JASEY, KENNETH 30, I53, I92 JAWORSKI, PETER 30 JAMES, SHELLY 30, I36 JEWETT, BOB 30, I30 JOHNSON, DEBBIE 30 JOHNSON, JAY 30, II9, I22, I23 JOHNSON, LISA 30. I43 JONES, BRIAN JORDAN, ROY v 2I4 K KAPLAN, BRANDEE 30 KAPLAN, SUZANNE 30, I42 KEARNS, KELLIE 30 KELLEY. RICKY 30, I34 KENT, JOHN 30, I36 KILLIAN, BILL 30, I74 KINGSLEY, CONNIE 3I KINKEAD, TIMOTHY 3I, I62 KIRKHAM, AMBER 3I KITCHENS, KRISTINE 3I, I33 KOCH, THOMAS KOEHNEN, PEGGY KOENNEKER, MATILDA 3I KOHN, AMY 3I KOLEAS, BOB 3I KILEAS, RON 3I, 54 KILKER, JEFF 3I, I90 KRAMBER, TROY 3I, I84 KRAMER, JOHN KUHN, MIKE L LACHELT, SUSAN LA MANTIA, VINCENT 3I, I2. I84 LA MARCHE, DANIEL II8 LANDWEHR, JEFF 3I, 6, I30, I34, I28 LARKIN, KEN LA SALLE, NEIDRA 3I, I6, I22, I44, I8O LEE, JOHN 3I LEE, RAY 3I LEISTER, LEZLI 32 LE MIEUX, STEVE 32 LEON, ESTHER 32, I22 LEREW, THOMAS 32 LEUNG, WINNIE 32 LHOST, TERI 32, I65 L'ITALIEN, STEVE LOGANBILL, KENT 32, 7 LONG, MELINDA 32 LONG, RACHEL 32, I44 LONGO. DAVID 32. I79 LOOMIS, JAMES I36 LYNAM. DAVID 32, I22 M MALOY, GRETORY I92 MARINE. GLENDA MARSHALL. MAUREEN 32 MARTIN, PAT MARTINEZ ANTHONY I53. I74, I84 MARTINEZ, ROBERT 32 MARTINEZ, SANDRA 32, I38. I39 MARTINEZ, WILLIE MARTINO, MARIANN 33 MARX, LORI 33 MATISON, JAMES 33 MATRECITO. CHIPPER 33 MAXEY, RICHARD I24, I65 MAXWELL, LYDIA MAYNARD, JAMES 33, I26 MAZZA, "LIZ" 33, I4I MEEK. KARLEEN 33 MEHAN, DEBBIE 33 MEILEY, JANENE 33, I36 MELEY, JAMES 63 MENZE, PENNY I38 MESEL, ZACHARY MESSINA, THERESA I22 MEYER, MARGO 34, 64, I22, I44 MEYER, ROBERT 34, I43 MEYERS, JULIE 34 MILLER, LEI MILLER, MITCH 34 MILLER, SCOTT 34 MILLGAN, KATHY 34 MOLNAR, SUSAN 34, IO. I33, I4I. I88 MONCADA, SHANE 34, I3, I74, I75, I76 MONEY. MARK 34, I26, I68, l48 MONHOLLEN. SANDRA 34, I42, I4I MORENO, MARTIN 34 MORGAN, ROBIN 34 MORTIN, PAT 34 MOSER, LORI 34 MOTICHEK. PAUL MOTZKIN, KEVIN I38, I39 MUCENSKI, THOMAS 35 MUNUZ, RICHARD 35 MURRELL. HUGH I68 MUSCAT, NICOLA 35, I8, I49 MYERS, JULIE MYERS. SUSAN 35, I8, I49. I4I MYERS, PAULA 35 MYLREA, SANDRA 35 MYRMO. LINDA 35, I38 MC CARTHY, SUZANNE 33, I62 MC CLINCY, DANNY MC CONNELL, ELWOOD 33, I32 MC DONAGH, CINDY MC DOWELL. JAMES 33 MC GETRICK, CATHY 33 MC KIE, JOHN 33, I43 MC KNIGHT. TAMIE 33 MC PHERON, BRIAN N NICKERSON, MARK 35 NIPPER, ANDY 35, I63 NORRIS, BECKY 35 NORTON. DARLENE 35. I8, I4I NUNN. MATTHEW 35 NYMEYER, TRACY 35 O O'DONALD, LAURIE 35, I0, I8, I33, 209, I4I O'LEARY, JEANNETTE OLHAUSEN, TROY 35 OLSON, JOANNE 35, IOI OLSON, SCOTT 36, I84 OSTAPUK, MARY 36, I79 OZMENT, TAMMY 36, I88 P PACHECO, RON 36, I36 PADILLA, DAN PAHONA, KATHY 36, I8I PALUSZEK, TRACY 36 PARKER, MARTIN 43, I65 PARRA, LUPITA PARRISH. JULIE 36, I7, I28 PATINO, DIANE 36 PATTERSON, BRIAN 36 PENCZAR, JOHN JOHN 36 PERATHANER, MIKE 36 PEREZ, MARY JANE PETERSON, JOEL 36, I24 PETIT, FRANCIS 36, I68 PETRICK, MARK 63 PHILLIPS, MELANIE 36 PINTOR, BOB PLANTING, LAURIE 36. I8 PLANTZ, MICHELE 37, I0 PLEDGER, JIM 37, I70, I7I. POHL, ANDY POLITO, JIM 37, I32 PON, JEANETTE 37, I22 POWELL, ELAINE POWLEY. BARBARA 37 PRICE. JAN 37, I53, I57 PRY, TORI 37 PUIG, ANA 37 R RADAKOVICH, KELLY 37 RADCLIFFE, ROB 37 RAISCH, GWYNN RAMIREZ, PAUL 37 RAUSEN, GWYN 37 RAY, GRET RAY, RITA RAYBOULD, DON RENTERIA, PAUL RESLEY, GEORGE 37, I23 REVELLS. STACY 37 REYES, JAY 37 REYES, LAURA 37 REYES, MICHAEL 38 REYNOLDS, MIKE 38 RINKEVICH, SARAH 38 RIOUX, BRETT 63 RIVARD, FERNAND ROACH. JOHN ROBERTSON, DAYLANN 38, I68, l95, I94 ROBERTSON, PENNI 38 ROBERTSON, STACEY 38 ROBLES, SUZANNE 38 RODRIGUEZ. JAMES RODRIGUEZ. JUSTINE I38 RODRIGUEZ, MARY 38 RODRIGUEZ, RANDY 38, I0, IO7 ROLLINS, KELLEE 38, 77, I33, I66, I87. I88 ROMERO, SALLY 38 ROSALES, GUS RUGGIRELLO, DINA RUSK, MIKE 38, 63 RUTGEERTS, DIRK 67 RYLE, JEANINE 38 S SAILORS, MELISSA I24 SANCHEZ, GERARDO SANDERS, MICHAEL 38 SANTA CRUZ, EVA 38 SANTAMARIA, ART 39, I36 SANTHA, CHARISSE 39, 64, I22, I44, I4I SAWYER, KIMBERLY 39, I23 SCHELL, YOLANDA 39 SCHILTZ, SUZY 39, I0, I33, I49 SCHMERL, PETER 39, I3I, I62, I4I SCHMIDT, RAYMOND 39, I68 SCHNEIDAU, GREGORY 39. II8 SCHOOLEY, ANN 39, I6, 64, I22, I44 SCHUBERT, TERI 39 SCOTT, CORAL 39 SCOTT, ROBYN 39 SENKERIK, JEFF 39 SERNA, MARIO SERTICH, TODD 39, I34 SHARRAH, JACK SHAUL. LARRY SHELTON, DIANE 39, I46. 9 SHELTON, WINN 39, I53 SHERMAN, SUZANNE 39, 87, I24 SHOEMAKER. DONALD SHUBERT, TERI 40, II9, I44 SIEBER, OTTO 40, I33, I53, I54, I4I SILBA, JAMES SILBA, MARY SIMBARI. GREG 40, 63, I23 SMITH EYDIE SMITH GERALD SMITH ROCHELLE SMITH, RONALD 40, I70, I7I SMITH SHAWN 40, I33, I44 SNYDER. CHRIS 40 SOMERHOLTER, KURT 40, I65, I68 SOTO, JULIE SOUTHWICK, SCOTT SOZA, YVONNE 40, I30, I38, I39 STACER, PAM 40, I34 STAPLETON, MARK 40, I33, I53, I29 STEENBLOCK. MARNI STEPHENSON, STACI 40 SUBERS, BRENDA 40, I38, I39 SUMNER, WILLIAM SUNDBERG, MIKE SVIEN, STEPHEN 40 SVOBODA, MARY 40, I68 SWANSON, THERESA 40 SYSWERDA, DIRK 4I T TAFOYA, BARBARA 4I, I34, I4 TAL, NOA 4I, 67 TAYLOR, MICHAEL I74, I75 TENA, JOONA 4I, I4, 67, I68 TEUFEL, CHRISTINE I34 TINNEY, SUSAN 4I, I4I TIVIS, TRACY 4I TODD. SCOTT TRAFICANTI, TODD 4I TRAVIS, KIRK I36 TROTTER, TAMMI TUMARKIN. PATTI 4I, 77 TURNER, STUART 4I, II8, I35 TWAROG, JACOUELINE I88 TYLER, DEBBIE 4I, I38 U UPTON, KENNY I34 URIAS, KATHLEEN 4I, I24 V VALADEZ. JESSE I93 VALDEZ, BECKY VALLES. PAUL 4I VANCAMP, CHRISTINA 4I VANDER ARK, CLIFF VARNER, PAUL 4I BEGA, LONNIE 4I, 58, III, I23 VELTRE, FANISHA 42 2, I8I VOIGHT, JEFFREY 42, I0, I8, I07, I33, I65, 209, I4I VOLZ, JOHN 42, II8, I65 VUITTONET, TRACI W WALLACE, PRICE 42, I0, I33 WARD, AMY 42 WARD, SUSAN WEBER, RHONDA 42, 58. I22, 7 I23 WELLER, JAY 42. II, I3, I7, I0 , I33, I4I WELLS, MARTHA 42 WERTHMULLER, JUDY WHITE, PAUL 42, I65, I92 WHITE, RONNIE 42 WHITEMAN. GEORGE 42, I53, I54, I56 I74, I76, I84 WHITMORE. MIKE 42 WIK, STEVE 42, II9, I43 WILKINSON, MARK 42, I62 WILLIAMS, JEFF I53 WILLIAMS, SCOTT 42, S4 WING, JAMIE 42, IO, I3, I8, 77, I33, 209, I4I WITHROW, SHANNON 43 WITT, BENNY IS3, I92 WONG, WEE-LING 43, I87, I88 WORTHINGTON, "TED" 43. I6S WORTHMALLER, JUDY 43, I49 Z ZACHAU, TRICIA 43, I6, I22, 9 ZELLER, DAVID 43 ZIEGLER, KELLY Juniors A ABRAHAMS, DAVID 48 ABRAMS, LISA 48, I44 ABRAMS, STEVEN 48, 8, I92 ADAMS, MARK I33 ADLER. JOAN AHEARN, JENNIFER 48, I37, I42 AHERN, TRISHA AIKENS, KENTON AKINS, CLARENCE 48, I74, I84 ALBRECHT, LINDA 48, ISI ALLEN, LISA 48, I24, I2S AMBROSE, BRIAN 48 AMUNDSON, ROBERT 48, I93 ANAYA, CAROL 48 ANDERSON, MAYLENE ANDERSON, SCOTT ANDREWS, PAUL 48. I9O ANGELL, ERIC 48, I84 AREVALO, VERONICA ARMENTA, MARCUS 48 ARNOLD, ARNOLD, ARNOLD. ARRIAGA, ARVAYO AMY 8, I26, I48 MARK 48, IS3, I56 MIKE 48, I33, IS3 JOHN 48 LISA 48, I3S ASHLEY. ELIZABETH 48 ATCHLEY. KEITH 48 AUDET, MICHELLE I2 AVERILL, TERESA 48 B BAGNELL, ADAM 48 BARKER, TODD 48 BALLESTEROS, DEL 48, I8S, ISS BALLI, SALLY 48, I68 BARRY, SEAN 48 BARTLETT, TREVOR I96 BASHAR, NAGHMEH 48, 66. I8O BAUMAN, JANET 48, 8, I22, ISI BENTLEY, TANYA 48, I24, I68 BERNAL, RENE BERRY, CURTIS 48, I3I, I6S BERNSTEIN, BERYL I32 BETTIS, TROY 48, 63 BIERNAT, BRIAN 49, I86 BILLICK, EARL BLACK, KEVIN 49, I22. I23 BLANKENSHIP. TAMMY BOGGERO. TONY 49 BOCK, GARY 49. I62, I92 BONJOUR, TINA 49, I68, I88 BORBOA, SANDY BORLICK, DAVID 49, I32 BOROWSKI, ELIZABETH 49, I33 BOYSTUN, BETH 49, I22 BOYDSTUN, BRETT 49 BRACAMONTE, LEA 49 BRASHEAR, TODD 49 BRAVO, DESIREE 49 BRAZIL, GARY 49 BRECKENRIDGE, LISA 49, I32 BREMERMAN, MARY 49 BRIGHT, BETH BRISTOL, JEFF 49 BROADWATER, RENEE 49 BROWN, DANIEL LEE BROWN, BETH 49, I3I BROWN, JACQUELINE 49, I26, BROWN, JOHN BU-ALI, HUDA BUCHER, SHAWN 49, I3I BURKE, KENNETH IS3 BURRIS, SCOTT 49 BUSHMIRE, LISA 49 C CALDERON. GABRIEL 49, I34 CALEY, JEFF 49, I6I CAMP, PAULA 49 CAMPBELL, MARGARET 49, I2S CAMPSEN. DONNA CAMUNEZ, TAWNI 49 CARDELLA, CASEY 49 CARDELLA, JOSEPH 49 CARICHNER, DAVID 49 CARLSON, JENNIFER 49 CARPENTER, DANA 49. I33 CARR, LORI SI, I37 CARREON, MARGIE CARTER, JAMES SI CLARK, DAVID 63 CAUDLE, BECKY SI, IO, I37, I4I CENTUORI, ROBERT SI CERVANTEZ, TONY SI, I6S CERVANTEZ. BALDY SI CHANEY, SUSAN SI CHAPPLE, KAREN SI, I33 CHATTERSON, KIM SI CHEEVER, JAMES I84 CHILDERS, ROBERT SI CHILES, JAYME SI. I33, I37 CHRISTENSEN, NICK SI 1 I4O 44, I48 CLAUSSEN, RUSS SI CLAYTON, LAURIE SI COATES, STEVE SI COLBERT, CYNTHIA SI, I3O, COLPITTS, KELLY SI, I68 COLVIN, BECKY COOK, TERRY SI COOPER, BRADLEY SI CORCORAN, EDWARD COURTNEY, LOUISE SI COX, GERALD SI, I73 CROSS, DEBBIE SI CROY, STEVEN SI CULPEPPER, DARRYL 97 CUMMINGS, MARLENE SI CUNDIFF, JILL SI CURENTON, NATHAN SI D DALZELL, DAVID DAMEWOOD, BRENDA SI DAMRON, TROY DAUGHERTY, STELLA SI DAVIDSON, ANDREW DAVIS, BRIAN SI DAVIS, EVAN I22. I23 DEEMER, ROBERT SI DEITERING, MICHELE SI DELEAN, MARIE SI, 99 DELPRINCIPE, GREG SI, I86 DERENBURGER, LANA SI DERR, DEAN SI DIAZ, ARLENE SI, IOI DILL, LOLA DIX, MICHELE SI, I42 DOMINO, BRIAN SI, I42 I33, I4I, I9I DOMINGUEZ, ERIC SI, 46, 8, I49, IS3, IS8 DONAGHAY, KIM SI. I6S DOUGHERTY, TONY SI, I74, DUNCAN, TERRI SI, I22 DUNCAN, TERESA SI, I22 DUNN, TAMMY SI DU PONT, SHANNA SI DUST, KELLY SI DYER, PAULA DYKES, KELLY E EDWARDS, CARLOTTA 6I2 EICHMAN, JOHN SI, I33, IS3 ERICKSON, JENNIFER I93, I92 ESCUDERO, THERESA SI, I43, I94 ESTES, KATHERINE SI, I6, 46, I44 ETHERTON, KIMBERLY EVERILL, GINA S2, I88 FARAHMANDNIA, FIRO FAUST, MARIA 52, I46 FEDELL, BARBRA 52, 46, I33, I8I, I4I FEDERICO, RUSSELL 52, I32 FENDERSON, BOBBIE FEYTE, JEAN-PAUL 52 FINLEY, TODD 52 FLEISHMAN, DAVID 52, I62 FLOYD, ROBYN FOX, RANDALL I53, I73 FOX, VERONICA 52 FRANCIS, MARK 52 FREELAND, SHARI 52, I65 FRIEDLI, TIM 52, 58, I53 FRIEDMAN, DIANA 52, I9I FRITZINGER, DONNA 52 FROEHLICH, FELICIA 52, I22, I68 G GALVEZ, DAVID 5I GANN, EVA 52 GANZER, LAURA 52 GARDEA, MARGARET GARRETT, ALAN 52 GARCIA, DENISE I68, I94 GARVIN, LAURA 52 GASPARI, MATT 52, I22, I23 GASTELUM, BARBARA 52 GAVRE, KENNETH GIAMMONA, ANGIE 52 GIBSON, SHAWN 52 GLASGOW, CINDY GLENN, FRANCISCO 52, I6I GODDARD, TROY 52, I7O GOEDEL, JUNIOR 63 GOLDFARB, JILL 52 GOLSETH, LINDA 52, 87, 99, I24, I48 GOLDSTEIN, CARA 52 COODRICH, JOHNICE 52, I22 GRAHAM, TERRI 52, I22, I68, I94 GRANICA, TONJA 52 GRAY, HENRY 52, I86 GREABER, PATRICK 52, I53, I93 GREENE, CHERYL 52, I88 GREENWOOD, LI-AHN 52, I65 GRIFFIN, KELLY GRIFFITH, NICOLE 53, I3I, I4I GUERRERO, JOSIE 53 GUTIERREZ, CHRIS 53, 63, I53 H HAKLOCK, SEAN 53 HAGGERTY, TIM 53, I53 HAMMEL, KEVIN 53, I65 HAMMEL, MICHAEL 53, I65 HANNAH, MICHELLE 97, l25 HARDEN, DAVE 53, 2, I65, I9O, I4I HARRIS, CHRIS I22, I23, I4O HARRIS, LINDA 53, I33 HAYES, JOANN HAYMOE, MYRON 53, I25 HAYNES, DOUG 53, I33, I53, I4I HEDRICK, DONALD 53 HEINDEL, WENDY 53, I37 HELMS, DIANNA 53, I3I HERBST, STEVE 53, I53, I7O HERRERA, REYNALDO 53 HERVEY, MATTHEW 53 HESSE, ALAN 53 HEYER, JAVIER HICKS, DELLA 53, I37 HILL, JUDY HILL, ROBERT I53, I92 HILLIARD, DONALD 53, I32 HIXON, TODD 53, I68 HOLMES, PHILLIP HOUSEMAN, WEATH HOWARD, JODI HOWELL, KRISTINE 53 HUGHES, DIANE 53, I62 INGRAM, MICHAEL 53 IOANE, LANETTE 53, I8I J JAVCZENSKI, RITA 53, I33, ISI, I9I JAMESON, MIKE 53, I93 JESTER, STACEY JEWELL, WILLIAM 53. I2, 46, I33, I6I, I86, I4I JOHNSON, ERIC I37 JOHNSON, SONYA 53, I62 JONAS, SAM 53 JONES, MARIE JONTZ, MARY JOSEPH, PAUL 53 JOVALUSKY, ROBERT JUHAN, PAUL K KANIOWSKY, TONY 54, I93 KAYE, ANDREA 54 KEEME, ALEX 54 KELLEY, JENNIFER 54 KELLEY, BRENNA I88 KELLY, BETH ANN 54 KEPPEL, PAULA 54 KIRPATRICK, DON 54 KISCHER. ERIC I22 KNOEPFLE, HENRY I3I KROUSE, ROBERT 54 KUNZE, BRIAN LABOUNTY, LINDA 54 LA MARCHE, BECKY 54 LAMARRE, DEBBIE 54 LA MAY, PORTLAND I42, I96 LANE, SCOTT 54 LANE, GREG LASALLE, STEVE 54, 63 LA VALLEY, DAVID LEONARD, RAY 54, I24 LEONHARDT, PAM LEUNG, TIMOTHY LINAKER, PAUL 54, I86 LINVILLE, RENEE 54, 96 LOPEZ, FRED 54, I85, I84 LUBIN, KAREN 54 LUDLOW, DOUGLASS 54 LUMLEY, MIKE 54 LYNCH, MICHAEL 54, I74, I75 M MACHADO, DANIEL MADDOCK, LAURA 54 MAKKAI, MARY 54, I68 MANNLEIN, JOHN 54 MANSFIELD, STEVE 54, l3I, I43, I93 MANSKER, DAWN 55, 64, I22, I33 MARKS, ERIC I24, 8 MARKSON, WENDY 55 MARMIS, WENDY 55, I4I, I9I MARSHALL, ROBIN 55, I68, I88, I92 MARTELL, WENDY 55, I43 MARTIGNETTI, ED 55, I65 MARTIN, CHERYL 55. I46 MARTINEZ, MARIA 55, I39 MARTINEZ, RAY MATZ, WILLIAM 63 MASON, CAREY 55 MATTHEWS, CLINT 55, I86 MAYNARD. META 55, I22, I68 MAZON, MATTHEW I93 MEADE, JAY 55 MEDINA, ARTHUR 55 MEEK, JOANN 55 MEILEY, JENNIFER 55 MELEY, PATRICK 55 MENCKE, SCOTT I65 MIKEL, ELISE 55 MILLER, JADE 55 MILLER, STEPHANIE MILNE. DUANE 55, I34 MINH, CUONG 55 MIRR, RODNEY 55 MOEHRING, BARRY 55, I42 MOLINA, SHELLIE 55, I44 MONEY, TINA 55, I34 MONHEIM, GERHARD 55, I53 MONTANO, DEANNA MONTGOMERY, JENNY 55 MOORE, ERIC 56, I33, I74, I4I MORENO, LUIS 56 MOREY, DIANA 56 MORSE, MARK 56, I92 MOTT, CHRIS MULKERN, KELLY I43 MUNOZ, DENISE 56 MC CABE, LEANNE 55 MC CAULEY, HUGH I68, I93 MC CHESNEY, PAULA 55, I33, I43 MC CLARY, DONNA 55 MC COMBS, SHELLY 55, I6, I44 MC CONNELL, CHUCK MC CULLOUGH, KEN MC DONALD, JOHN 55 MC GRAW, BRIAN 55, ID MC GUIRE, SUSAN MC LEARRAN, WILL 55, I22 MC MILLAN, ELLEN 55 N NAGLE, DARCY 56, I9I NATHAN, JACOB 56 NEHREN, DODY 56, I37 NELSON, CARL 56, I24. I92 NELSON, JOHN 56, I68 NEWMAN, LESLIE 56, I4I, I9I NGUY, MINH VAN NGUYEN, VIET 56 NOONAN, PAUL 56, I6I, I90 NORDMAN, MARICA 56 NORTON, LIZA 56, l6, I22, I44, I8O NUNAMAKER, MARK 56, I6I, I68 NUSZ, PEGGY 56, I23 O O'BRIEN, TOM 56 OEHME. KEVIN OFFICER, RICHARD 56 OGLINE, PATRICIA 56 OLSON. DEBBIE 56 OLTON, MARNIE 56, 66, I65 OMEN, JODIE 56, 66. I80 OMEN, JOSEPH 56, 46, IO7, I3O, I3 ORELUP, NATHAN I86 ORR, DARYLE 56 PALMER, RICHARD PAN-KITA, JACQUES 56, 46, I53. I68 I93, I92 PARKS, DON 56, I53 PARRA, RUBEN 56 PATTERSON, WILLIAM I34 PEACH, DAWN I22, l62, I68, I94 PEARSON, MIKE 57 PECK, JON 57 PEDERSEN, CHRIS 63, I23 PETERS, VINCENT 57 PERRY, JOHN PETERSON, JURT 57, I92 PETRY, ELIZABETH 57. I42 PHAM, DIEN PICCIRELLO, MARK PIERCE, JON 57 PINNELL, AMBER POLLARD, CAM 57, I53, I84 POLLOCK, ERIKA 57 PONGRATZ, ANDREW 57, I0 POPPEN, MICHELLE 57, IO7, I33 POWERS, ERIC 57 PRICE, LISA 57, 46, I24, I25, I33, I68, ISI, 209, I88 PROSMAN, MICHAEL PRUETT, SHANNAN 57 PRY, TORI QUEST, DONALD 57. I53. I73 R RABE, LANCE 57 RAMIREZ, LAURA 57, I32 RAMIREZ, LYDIA RATAJCZAK, SCOTT 57, I32 RATH, DIANE REED, JEFF 57 REMERS, LAUREL 57, I24, I33 RENO, HOWARD REYES, LAURA 57 REYES, ROBERT RINKEVICH, SARAH ROBBINS, ERIC 57, IO7 ROBBINS, RICHARD 57, B2 ROBLES, MELANIE 57, I34, I95, I94 ROSADO. FERNANDO 57 ROSEN, ERNA 57, I22 ROSENBERG, MICHELE 57, I22 ROSENBERG. SCOTT 57, I22, I23 ROYER, BEN 57, I53, I93 RUYLE, MICHELLE 57 RYAN, TODD 57 S SADOWSKY, RACHEL 57, I68, I94 SALAS, ZALAZ 57, I73 SANCHEZ, LINDA SANDERS, BARBARA 57 SANTACRUZ, ISABLE I66, I68, I9I SAUL, RICK I53 SCHAFER, JAMES 57 SCHRADERM MICHELLE 59, 66, I24, I43, I49, I65, I8O SCHERER, NIK 59 SCHRODER, GUY SCOTT, WHITNEY 59, I07, I26, I48 SEGERSTROM RON SHALVAY, PAT 59 SHEAKS, CAROLYN 59, I39 SHERWIN, KEITH 59 SHORT, DEANNA 59 SHUMAN, STEVE 59, I33, I62 SILVAGNI, MICHELLE 59 SINGER, KEVIN 59, I68 SIVLEY, AMY 59 SIGMAN, JOLENE 59, I32 SLATER, GLORIA 59, I34, I37 SLAUGHTER, AMANDA 59, I24 SLAUGHTER, DALE 59, I53, I84 SMITH, BYRON I26 SMITH, CHARLIE 59, I32 SMITH, DANIEL 59 SMITH, ED 59, I32 SMITH, GLENN 59 SMITH, LISA 59, I35, I92 SMITH, KIPPIR 59, I30, I39 SMITH, SANDRA I33 SMITH, TINA 59 SOZA, JAMES 59, 46, I84 SPARKS, MICHAEL 59 SPRINGER, MIKE STALEY, TIMOTHY STALKER, TERESA STARLING, THOMAS 59 STEELE, CHAD STEELEY, STAN 59 STEINER, JEFFREY 59 STUBBLEFIELD, BRIAN 59 STURDEVANT, RAE 59, I32 SUSA, MARK 59 SYMONS, DEBBIE 59, ISI, I66, I80 I94 T TALLMAN, MARSHALL 59, l6I TAYLOR, KATIE 59, I26, I48, I4I TEEL, KATHY 59, I68 TEMPHONE, KATHY 59 TESKE, DONNA 59 THOMAS, CORRINE 59, 66 THORN, PEGGI 59, I65 TINSLEY, SHAWN 87, I24, I84 TIRRELL, STEFFANIE 59, I34 TODD, CHRIS TODD, JAY 59 TOWNSEND, DERICK TRAN. EGOC ISI TROTTER, BONNIE 59 TRUJILLO, ANNA 60 TURNER, MARK I34 U URBINA, ROBERT 60, I35 URBINA, SUSANNA I35 V VALDEZ,SANDY 60 VALENCIANO, BERTHA VALENZUELA, JULIE 60, I30, I37 VALLES, ANGIE 60, I24, I43 VANDERKOLK, DEBBIE 60, I22, I67 VAN SICKLE, RENE 60 VASOUEZ, JANNETTE 60 VERGARA, ALBERT VETRANO, TAMMY 60 VIRONET, TODD 60 VLASTARIS, HELEN 60 W CHRISTIE 60, I22, I44 WALKER. WALKER, KAREN 60, I07, I24, I26, I48 WALKER, KERRY 60, I39 WASLEY TERI 60 WEIGLE, BRENDA 60 WETHERBEE, CINDY 60 WETTERLIND, GERI 60, I8I WHIPPLE, SANDY 60, I32 WHITEMAN. SANDY 60, , I68, l94 WHITING, JENNIFER 60 WIEBENGA, LISA 60 WIEDEN, JILL 60 WIESE, JENNIFER 60 WILLIAMS, RUDY 60, I40, I59, I93 WILSON, WILSON, WISNER, WOOD. WOOD, WOOD. LORI 60 TIM ROB 60, I62, I92 ALAN 60 SEAN 60, I65 STEVE I65 WORMAN, WESLEY 60, I32 WORRELL, SCOTT I24 Y YARBROUGH, KIM 60 YI, CHANG 60 YOUNG, ERIC 60 YOUNG. KEVIN 60 YOUNG, RALPH Z ZOZAYA, DEBBIE 60, I67 ZUCKERNICK, PAUL 60, I92 Sophomores A ABRAMS, DANIEL ABSHEAR, DENISE ADAMS, PHILLIP I59, I78, I93, I92 AGNIHOTRI, PAVIKA ALCANTAR, ANITA ALCANTAR, ROSI ALDRICH, KIMBERLY ALPERT, LESLIE AMOS, DANIELLE ANDERSON ERIN I22 ANDRADE, MILDRED APODACA, LORENCITA ARANDA, LUCINDA ARBOGAST, SHARI ARMENDARIZ, MARIA ARONSON, MARK AYERS, REBEKAH BACH, ERIC BAILEY, MICHAEL BAKER. FRANK BALLESTEROS, DOREEN I33, I45 BARBOA, SANDY BARKER, SHERYL BARNHART, TODD I59 BARRETT, JEFFERY BARROW, TERESA I26 BARTLES, SHERYL BARTLETT, BRET I40, I59 BARTMAN, THOMAS i22 BAYLES, SARA BEAN, THERESA BEESE, MICHAEL BELKSMA, GABRIELE BENAVIDEZ, DENISE BENNETT, CYNTHIA BENNETT, DEBORAH BENTACU, CHRIS BENZI, DEANA I25 BERG. BETSY I30, ISI, I62, I94 BERLIN, TONY I78, I93 BIERNAT, BLAINE BINDER, PETER BINDER, ROLF 7I BLACK, APRIL 7I BLAKENEY, TRACIE 7I, I24 BOCK, LYNN 7I BOLING, KIMBERLY 7I, I32 BOMMERSBACH, CHUCK 7I BOOTH, LLOYD 7I, I59, I73 BORBOA, VERONICA 7I BORLICK, MATTHEW 7I, I32 BOUDREAU, JAMES 7I BOVRE, LISE 7I BOYNTON, SHARON 68, 7I, I30, I33 BRAULT, GIZELLE 7l BREWER, CONSTANCE 7I BROAD, ANDREA 7I, I94 BROOKS, CRISTI 7I BROWN, GREGORY BROWN, JEFFREY 7l BROWN, SUSAN KAY I22 BUI HOA, KIM 7I BULLEY, WENDY 7I, I65 BURCHETT, ELAINE 7l BURKE, ANNE 7I BURKE, KENNETH 7I, I93 BURNS, GENEEN 7I, I45 C CALLAHAN, ROBERT 7I, I40 CAMPUZANO, ANNA 7I CAPANEAR, DONALD CARDONA, AURORA CARLSON, LISA CARR, WILLIAM 7I CARRIOLLO, TONY 7I CARVER, NITA 7I, I67, I68, I88 CASS, BELINDA 7I CASTILLO. DANIEL CAUDILL, ANGELA 7I, I40 CAVOULAS, ANNA 68, 7I CHAMBERLAIN, KEN CHAPA, STEPHANIE 68, 7I, I24, l66 CHARLES, MELISSA CHAVEZ, DINA 7I CHILDERS, SCOTT CLARIDGE, MARIE 7I CHILDERS, SCOTT CLARIDGE, MARIE 7I CLARK, JULIANNA 7I, I65, I94 CLIFTON, STEPHEN 7I COATE, STANLEY COE, CLINTON 72, I42 COHN, ROBERT 72 COLLEY. JOHN COLLINS, MARVIN COLTER, SHIRLYNN 72 CONEITA, FRED CONEY, MARIAN COOK, ALLAN COPELAND, VICKI 72 CORNEJO, JESUS 72, I62 CORTES, STEPHANIE 72, I40. I42 COTTRELL, ANNETTE 72, I68, I94 COUVRETTE, NORMAN 72 COWAN, PATRICK 72, I32 COX, DEVON 72, I42, I66, ISI, I88 COZINE, ANDREW 7I, I07, I26, 207 CRAWFORD, CHRISTY 72, I35 CROCETTI. CHRIS 72, I59 CROMWELL. JACK 72, I22, l59 CROOK ERIN 72, I45 CUEN, CINDY CUMMINGS, LELAND CUMMINGS, SAMANTHA 72 CUTTER, CANDICE D DANKS, SEAN 72 DANTZLER, KURT 72, I65 DAVIS. CAROLINE 72, I39, I40 DAVIS, SHERRIE LEE 72, I22, I25 DEBOLT, KIMBERLY 72, I32 DECKER. BUFFON I72 DECKER. DYLAN 72, I62, I93 DECKER. ROBERT 72 DEEMER, DAVID 72 DE HART. MICHELLE DEHNER, ELIZABETH DELATORRE, RAMON 72, I32 DELGADO, DEBRA 72 DELUCCIO, CATHERINE 72, IOI, I24, I26, I48 DEUEL, THOMAS DIAZ, RAUL DIAZ, RUDOLFO DICENSO, HOLLY 72, I32 DIFFENDERFER. JOHN 72 DILLHOFF, TINA 72 DIMITRI, CLAUDINE 72, I33 DINGER, RAYMOND 72 DOMINGUEZ, JOHN 72, I59, I73 DONEGAN, MICHELLE 72 DOWDLE, ERIC 72, I2, I93, I92 DOWLING, STEVEN 72, I59, I78 DREDGE, KATHLEEN 72, I65 DULL, JEFFREY DUNCAN, CHRISTINA 72 DYE, SCOTT 72, I59, I86 E ECKHOFF, THOMAS ISI, I62, I92 EIGEN, BRANDE 72, I59 ELERS, KARL 72 ELLINGOTN, JEFFREY 72 ELLSWORTH, JOSEPH ELWELL. MICHELLE 74, I22, I62 ENGLAND, WILLieERLINGER, DELORES ERRANTE, ROSANNE ESTES, LYNNETTE 74 EVANS, KAROL 74, 93, I88 EVANS, LOUIS 74, I53. I7O EVES, JAMES 74 EYLER, MICHELLE 74, I68 F FARRAR, MEREDITH 74 FELLOWS, LORI 74 FENG, GRACE 74, I4O, I42 FIGUEROA, ROBERT 74, I59, I73 FINSTAD, ELIN 74, I4, 67, ISI FLOYD, JOSEPH 74 FRANKLIN, AUSTIN FRANZEN, LISA ANNE 74, ISI FRENCH, JACK 74 FRICKE, AMY FROST, JODI 74, 89, I94 FUERST, ERIC 74, I62 FULK. GENE 74, I32 FULLER, LORAE 74 FUSCO, DIANE 74 G GADDIS, BILL 74, I68 GADOW, GREGG 74, I22, I25 GAGLIANO, JOAN 74, ISI, I4O GAMON, ANN 74 GARCIA, LUIS 74 GARCIA. RHONDA 74, I22, I32 GARRETT, JOHN 74 GASHO, DAVID 74, I53 CASTELUM. RICHARD 74 GEE, ANGELA 74, 2 GEHRKE, JAMES 74, I22 GERSEWSKI, LINDA 74, I24 GILLETTE, NANCY 74 GITTINS, SION 75 GLISCH, KEVIN 75 GLOVER, SEAN 75 GOMEZ, BLANCA 75 GOMEZ, EMMA 75 GONZALES, JENNIFER 75, I35, I42 GONZALES, JOHN 75, I59 GONZALES, MARTIN 75, I93 GOODMAN, THERESA 75 GRAFFEO, PAUL 75 GRANICA, SHARRIE 75 GRANILLO, DIANA 75, 93 GRANT, MICHAEL GRATER, STEPHEN I33, I93 GRAY. GEORGE 75, I86 GRAY, RANDALL 75 GREEN, CYNTHIA 75 GREVE, GEYR 75 GROVE, KENNETH 75, I68 GUENTHER, KAREN 75 GUERRERO, MANUEL 75 GUTBUB, STEVE 75, I86 H HAMILTON, AMY JO 75 HAMLET, PAUL 75 HANEY, ANGELA I22 HARD, JENNIFER 75, I4O, I45 HARDTKE, JAY 75 HARDY, TONI 75 HARRIS, CINDY HARRIS, SUSAN 75, I22 HARTER, PATRICIA 75, I68 HATCHER, RON 75 HAUCK, MARC 75 HEACOX, CATHERINE 75, I33, I65 HEACOX, JENNIFER 75, I33 HENDERSON, LAURA 75 HENDLEY, CARMELA 75 HENSS, FRED 76, I93 HERMAN, MAURCIE 76 HERNANDEZ. DANIEL 76, I86 HERNANDEZ, DAVID 76, 87, I33 HERSHBERGER, SHANNON HEESE. ERIC 76 HETZEL, REBECCA 76, I33. I4O, 5 HEYWOOD, HEIDI 76, I62 HICKLE, TRICIA 76 HIEN, NHAN 76 HIGGASON, SAMANTHA 76, I39 HILL. DONALD 76, I32, I86 HILL, DONNA 76, I32 HILL, RONNIE 76 HILLMAN, HERSHEL HOAGLUND, JENNIFER 76, I22 HOLCOMB, TERRI 76, I34 HOLLAND, CLIFTON 76 HOOKER. DONNA 97, I38, I34, I94 HOPPER, THOMAS 76 HOSELTON, BERT 76 HOSELTON, BETH 76, I4O HOWE, MIKE 76 HUDDLESTON, JOHN 76 HUGHES, THOMAS HULTOUIST, LINDA HUNT, HARRY 76, I86 HUSSEY, STEVE HUTCHINSON, HEATHER 76, IO7. I26, ISO, I48 IRVIN, MARY 76 J JACKSON, MELISSA 76 JACKSON, MICHELLE 76 JOCOBI, LINDA 76, I32 JACOBSEN, CLENN 77, I68, I93 JACOBSEN, RICHARD 77, I62. I68 JACONSKI, JAMES 77 JECK, RACHAEL 77 JENSEN, KAREN 77, I67 JEWELL. KELLEY 68, 77, I2, IO4, I3 JOHNSON, LARS 77, I22, I93 JOHNSON, TEAL I22 JOHNSTON, JEANNA 77, I7 JONES, CHARLES I59 JONES, JEFFREY 77 JONES, LA DONNA JUAREZ, PAUL 77 K KANTNER, MICHAEL 77 KELLEY, PAMELA 77m I65 KENT, ANDREW 77 KESTLER, EDWARD 77, I96 KHAMVISETH, SOMMAL KING, ANDREA 77, 5 KINKADE, RICHARD 77, I65, I68 KIRK. KATHLYNN 77, I24 KITTLE, THOMAS 77, I3I KNOPF. ALBERT 77 KOERNER, MICHAEL 77 KOTZAMBASIS, SANDRA 68, 2 KRAMMES, TRACEY 77, I67 KAMPEL, LORRAINE KRAUSS, ANTHONY KROH, CHRIS KUZYK, CHRISTINA 77 KYGER, DEL I62, I68 LA COUR, LEANNA 77 OBERDAN, DAVID LAFONTAIN, DANIELE 77, I33 LANCASTER, ANTHONY 77, l59 LANG, LISA 77 LANGDON, TODD LAMPRECHT, RICHELLE LARKIN, TIM 77 LASALLE, JOHN 77, 2 LEADER, BETSY 77, l65 LEANNA, DAN 77, I59 LEE, JAMES LEFEBVRE. MICHELE 77 LEO, SHAWN 77, I59, l78 LINCOLN, KENNETH 77 LIU, BILL LIZANEC, MARK 78 LO GRECO, JAMES LOPEZ, PHILLIP 78. I33 LUDWIG. CYNTHIA 78 LUJAN, JAY 290 LUKSO, SCOTT 78, I78 LUNDBORG, SHERRI M MACGREGOR, RACHAEL 78 MADURO, RICARDO 78, I68 MAESTAS, LAWRENCE 78 MAHEUX, GUY 78 MANCINI, MONIQUE 78 MARSHALL, RAVEN 78 MARSIO LISA 78 MARTIN, DEBRA 78 MARTIN JOHN 78. I24 MARTIN MICHELLE 78. I22 MARTIN. TOM MARTINEZ. KATHY 78, I22 MARTINEZ, RICHARD MASSEY, FRANK 68, 78, 8, I86 MATHER, DEBORAH MATHER, JEFF MATTHS, JOEL 78, I86 MAXWELL, BROOKS 78 MAYER, MARY ANN 78 MAYO. APRIL 78 MEADE, JODI 78 MEHAN, ROBERT 78, I68 MEHL, LORAINE 78 MENDEZ. GARY 78, I59, I68. I90 MEYER, DEBRA 78. I45, I65 MICHEL, KRISSY 78, I40 MIDYETT. ANNETTE 78, I24 MIERZEJWSKI, DEANNA MILLER, JENNIFER 78. I68 MILLER, MICHELLE 78 MILLER, TREVIS 78. I59 MILLSAP, ROBERT 78, I93 MILNE, COLLEEN 78, I34 MILNE, DENISE 78 MILNE, TRAVIS 78, I32 MOMAN. JACKY JR. 78, I24, I25, I40 MORENO, PATRICIA 78 MORENO, YEVETTI: 78 MOSLEY, TRACY 78, I93 MUNTON, DAVID 78 MURRELL, HEATHER I34, I65, I68 McCraren, Peter 78 Mc Donald, Diana 78 Mclllece, Patrick 78 Mc INTOSH, JESSE MCKITTRICK, ALYSSA 78 MC NABB, CYNTHIA 78, I62 MC NABB, ROBERT MCQUAIG, ELIZABETH 78, I40 MC QUEEN, GEOFFREY 78 N NATHAN, NATASHA 80 NEAL, LISA 80 NEHREN, ELIZABETH 80 NEILL. SHANNON 80 NELDER, KELVIN 80, I24, I68 NELSON, ELIZABETH 80, I33, I40 NEWBOLD, WILLIAM 80, I93 NEWTON, REX NICHOLS, KIMBERLY 80, I3l NIEMEYER, MATTHEW 80, I59 NIPPER. WENDY 80 O OEHME, KEITH 80 OTIS, LAURA 80 P PACHECO, ELFRIDA 80 PARROTT, STAN 80 PAYNE, SHERIL 80 PERATHANER. MARCIE 80 PEREZ, MARK 80. I73 PEREZ. RICHARD PESQUEIRA, ROBERT 80 PETERSON, JULIE 80, I24 PETERSON. RICHARD 80, I78, I68 PETITO, ANTHONY 80. I93 PETREUST. DEBORAH I34 PIKE. ALLEN PINNELL, HOLLY 80, I25, I40 PLANTZ, STEPHANIE 80, I45 PLIMPTON, PAUL 80 POLITO, NICK 80, I32 PONES, FRANK 80, I22 POTTS, PAUL 68, 8I. I40 PRECIADO. STEVE PRIMERANO. MONIOUE 8I PROBASCO, BRIAN 8I RADAKOVICH, KIM 8I. I-I5 RANSOM, PAMELA 8I, l3I RAY, BRITT 8I RAY, TIM REAMES, ROBIN 81, I24 RENTSCHLER, LYNETTE 8I REYNOLDS, KELLY I65 RHONEHOUSE, ERIC SI, I73 RILEY, COLEEN 81 RIVARD, DOUGLAS 8I ROBB, DEBORAH 8I ROBLES, RECECCA 8I, I67 RODRIGUEZ, NATALIE 8I, l4l ROGERS, GERI-LYNN 8I ROLLINS, TIMOTHY 8l ROME, LISA 8I ROMERO, MICHELE ROMERO, TAMMI I42 ROSALES. CARLOS SI ROUSH, SHELLEY RUCH, BECKY 8I, I32 RUTHERFORD, THOMAS 8I S SALDAMANDO, DAVID 8I SANTILLAN, GEBRELA 8I SANTILLAN, RODRIGO 8I. I93 SAUBER, JOHN SAWYER. THOMAS 8l SCHAFLE, EDWARD SCHILL. WAYNY 8I SCHMERL, ANDREW 8I, ISI SCHNEIDAU, GRETCHEN 8I SCHOOLEY, JENNIFER 8I SCHORZMAN, SCOTT 8I. I93, SELLS, DEBBIE 82, I45 SERRANO, GUADALUPE 82 SHABIE, STEVEN 82, I93 SHADE, CHRISTINA 82, I45 SHEEHAN. MICHAEL 82 SHEPPERD, TYLER 82 SHEW, MICHAEL SHINDLER, BUFFI 82. I65 SHIVA. LISA 82 SHOOTS, KEVIN 82. I93 SHOULDERS, LISA 82 SIERRA. IRACEMA 82 SILVAIN. DOMINIC 82 SIRIANNI. PETER 82. I68 SISON. BUFFY I80 SKAGGS. ROBIN SLAVIN. SUZANNI: 82. I22 SMITH. ANDREW 82, I22, I68 SMITH, JEFF I62, I93 SMITH, JOANN SMITH. KELLY JO 82 SMITH, MARYETTA 82, I94 SMITH, RANDY 82 SMITH, STACEY 82, I33 SMITH, LYNN SMOLIC, JOHN SOLOH-, LAURIE 82 SOMERHOLTER, KIM 82, I68 SPENCER, RICHARD 82, I25, I26 ST. JOHN, MIKE STALKER, LAURA STANDISH, PAMILA 83, I24 STANLEY, TERESA STARK, KRISTINE 83, I67, I88 STEELE, CHRISTOPHER 83 STEVENSON, TROY 83 STEWART. KYLE 83 STREICH, DAVID I73 STRUCKUS, LANETTE 83 STULER, SABINA 83 STUPP. TODD 83, I84 STURDEVANT, LEA 83 SULLIVAN, DAN 83, I84 SUDDATH, RON 83, I3O, I34, I62 SVIEN, JAY 83 SVENSSON, PAR SWEENEY, BRANDIE 83 SYVERTSEN, CATHY 83 T TABER, DONALD TAPPER, ROBIN 83 TARBILL, CAROL 83 TAYLOR-GOMEZ, CHERI 83 TEEL, ERIC 83, I68 TERZONI, CAROLYN 83 THOMPSON, JEFF I42. I59 THOMPSON, WENDY 83 THOMSON, JOHN 83, I96 THURSTON. KENNETH 83, I24, TIDABACK, JULIE 83 TIFFT, AMY 83, I24, I33 TRACY, SAMANTHA I26 TUNKS, HEATHER I24 U URBINA, MARIA 83, I35 UDOVICH, LYNN 83, I65 UMPHRESS, CHRIS 83 UROUIDES, HECTOR 83 V VALENCIA, MARTI 83, I67 VAN CAMP, SHARON 83 I62, I93 VANKOEVERING, GRENNAN 84, I78, I93, I92 VOELZOW, JAY 84 VANNOSTRAND, VIRG 84 VOLPE, JIM 84 W WADDELL, KENNETH 84 WALKER. CHERYL WAMSLEY, KIRK 84 WARD, BETH 84, I67. I68 WERNER, ERIK 84, I78, I86 WESSON, ROBERT 84 WHARTON, BERNIE I53, I56, I7 I92 WHEELER, KIM 84 WHITE, CARL 84 WHITE. SCOTT 84, I78, I9O WILKINSON. MICHAEL 84, I93 WILLIAMS, ANDREA 84 WILLIAMS, LORI 84 PATTERSON, VENUS WILSON, JAMES 84 WILSON, JON 84, I59 WITTWAY, VANESSA 84 WOELFLE, MARIE 84 WOLFER, TIM I73 WOOD, KIM 84 WOODALL. CONNIE 84 WORTMAN, RICHARD 84. I68 WRIGHT, JEFF 84, I73 WYRYBKOWSKI, SHERI 84 Y YI, OK 84, I34 YOUNG, DOUG 84 YUNKER, ANNE Z ZAHA, ERIC ZAPPEROLI, AMELIA I24, I3I Freshmen A ABASTA, RAYMOND 92 ABATE, PETE ADAMS, JOHN 92 ALLEN, STEPHEN 92 ALLERHEILIGEN, AMY 92, I8I ALVAREZ, ANTHONY 92 AMBROSE, ROBERT 92 AMPARANO, Daniel AMS, DEBORAH 92 AMUNDSON, STEVE 92 ANAYA, ADRIANA I47 ANAYA, RAUL ANDERSON, KIM 92 ANDERSON, MARK 92, I59, I78, I93 ANDERSON, RAY 92, I59 ANDREWS, STEPHANIE 92, I94 ANDREWS, WESLEY 92 ANGELL, TERESA APODOCA, NATE 92 ARMENDARIZ, NORMA 92 ARONSON, MARK ARVAYO, IDALLIA 92, I35 B BACA, PATRICIA BACON, STEVE 92 BAILEY, KARI 92 BALDING, BRENDA 92, I32 BAMFORD, BRYAN BARAN, DAWN 92 BARBEE. VICTORIA 92, 90 BARBER, JANE 92 BERNES, JILL 92, I65 BARON, CHRIS BAUER. KATHY 92 BAUMGARDNER, LEE 92- BEAN, DAVID 92, I73, I93 BEISER, STEPHANIE 92, I65 BELFORT, ANA 92 BELFORT, EDGAR BELSHAM, ALDINE 92, I4O BENTLEY, ABRA 92, I68, I94 BERRY, PHILLIP 92, I59 BERTOLDO, ERNEST BERTSCH, ZOE ANN 92, I25 BINDER, TANJA 93 BISHOP, TUAN I59 BLACK, BRIAN 93 BLAND, ABRAM I22, I59 BOCK, LOUIE 93 BOHM. DAVID 93 BOLLE, AMY BORBOA, FRED 93 BOSSE, PAUL 93 BOTTS, GINA BOWLES. SHONNA 93 BOYD, CHAD 93 BOYER, DAVID 93 BRADY, GRISELDA 93, I45, l95, I94 BRANNON, KENNY 93 BRASHER, TY BRAY, ROSA BRECHLER, DELBERT 93 BRESTEL, SHELBY I62 BRITTAIN, KEITH 93 BROWN. KAREN 93 BROWN, RHONDA 93 BROWN, RICHARD 93 BROWN, SUSAN 93 BROWNE, SCOTT93 BRUNNER, KELLEY 93 BUCHROEDER, ELIZABETH 9 BUFFINTON, SCOTT 93, I73, BURROLA, RICHARD 93 BUTLER, MARIE 93 C CALDWELL, STEVEN 93, I62, CALEY, JAMES 93, IGI, I86 CAMP, TOM IO6, l59, I93 CAMPBELL, CHARLES 3, I32 I93 I93 CAMPBELL, ROBIN I62, I94 CARDELLA, MARISA CARISTI, LISA 93 CARPER. LISA 93 CARREON, THERESA 93 CASEY, PATRICK 93 CHAPMAN, STACEY 93 CHASTAIN, KIM 93, I65 COBB, DENNIS 94 COBB, THEREASA 94, I34 COCHRAN, KEITH 94 COHEN, RACHEL 94, I65, I94 COLLETTI, PATRICK I62, I93 COLLINS, KENNETH 94 COLTER, JUNIOR I59, I78, I86 COON, TY 94, I59, I78 CORBETT, LEAH 94 CORDIER, DENNIS CORNELL, MARGIE 94, I22, I25 CORONA, CHRISTINA 94 CORONA, MARY 94 CORTES, VICTOR 94, I59, I78 COTE, KAROL 94, I22, I68 CRANE, TODD CRAWFORD, LORI 94 CROSS, TED 94 CROY, ELIZABETH 94 CRUTSINGER, RENEE 94 CULLEN. SEAN 94 CULVER, ALICIA CULWELL, TINA 94 D DAILEY, JOHN 94, I62, I92 DANLEY, LAURA 94, I4O, I68 DAVIS, CYNTHIA DAVIS, TERRI 94 DEAN, KELLY 94, I25 DEEMER, MICHAEL 94 DE FOOR, LORA 94 DELEAN, ROBERT 94, I78 DELFORGE, JULIE 94, I67, ISI DELUCA, KELLEY DENIKE, JENNIFER DENTON, TAD 94 DERENBURGER. RICK 94 DERRIG, MATTHEW 94 DETTLOFF, KRISTIN 95 DEVOY, DANIEL 95 DIBLASI, CHRIS 95 DOEPNER, JANET 95 DOLAN, KIM DOMINGUEZ, MARIA 95 DOMINO, MARISA 95, II5 DOUGLAS, ANDREW 95, I22, l9O DRAKE. DAVID 95 DURANTE. JOHN 95 DYE, LAUREL 95 DYSON, ANNA 95 EARLE, CRAIG 95 EDWARDS, TINA 95 ELLIOTT, ERIC 95 ELLIOTT, MICHELE 95 ERICKSON, CNYTHIA ERICKSON, MAUREEN 95 ERICKSON, VICKIE 95 ERRINGER. ANTHONY EVES, ELIZABETH 95 F FARRIS, BOBBY 95, I59 FEIERSTEIN, STEEN 95 FENDERSON, SUSAN 95 FERNANDEZ, TAMARA 95 FIRES, PATRICK 95, I65 FINLEY, TROY 95, I59 FINSTAD, SISSEL 95, I4, 67, I3I FIORUCCI, LISA 95. I67 FISHER, TROY 95 FLUELLEN, BURL 95 FOGLTANCE, DEBRA 95 FORGE, JEANETTE 95. I65 FORGE, PATRICK 95, I65 FORD, CHARLOTTE 95, I94 FOSTER. JO BETH 95 FRANK, ALESIA 95, I94 FRAZER, MICHAEL 95, I94 FRAZER, MICHAEL 95, I22 FRIEDLI, THEODORE 95, I6, IO6 FRIEZE. HEATHER 95, I25 FRITZ, KIRSTIN 95 FROST, THERESA 95, I24 G GADOW, ANDREA 95 GAMBOA, ABEL 95 GARAY, CHRIS 95 GARCIA, RALPH 95 GARCIA, ROBIN 95 CARDNER, BETTY 95, I25, I32 GAREY, DAVID GAREY, JACK 95 GARREN, MICHELLE 95 GASPARI, MONICA 96 GATES, VINCE GELVIN, PATRICK GENZER, RAYMOND 96 GEORGE, DWALA 96 GIAMMONA, MIA 96, I65 GLAESSER, ERIC 96, I65 GLISCH, KEVIN GOMEZ, JULIANNA 96 GOMEZ, VICTOR GOOD, CRAIG 96, I59 GOODMAN, THERESA l4O GOSSMAN, KENNETH 96 GRABER, GRET 96 GRACIE. KELLY 96, 90 GRAEME, PAUL 96 GRAMMATICO, RON 96 GRANILLO, RONALD 96 GRANT. GERALD 96, I78 GRAVENSTEIN. MARTE 96 GRAY, DANIEL 96 GREENWOOD, ROBIN 96 CROCH, JASON 96 GUILD, CRAIG 96 GUTIERREZ, CHRISTI GUTIERREZ, RICKY 96, IO6, I59 GWIN, CHERYL 96, I25 H HALE, CHARISE 96 HALL, CRISTAN HALL, ROSANNA HAMACHER, SHELLY 96 HAMILTON, KRISTA 96 HAMMEL, STEPHEN 96, I65 HANNUM, JACK 96 HARBORT, GINA 96 HARMON, MICHAEL I59 HARRIS, JULIE ANN HARRIS, LEWIS 96, I86 HARRISON, CATHY 96 HART, BRAD 96 HAWK, RENEE 96 HAYES, AMANDA 96 HAYES, SCOTT 97, I59 HENDERSON, PAUL 97, I93 HERNANDEZ, PAUL 97, I93 HERNANDEZ, HECTOR 97 HERSHBERGER, DAWNE 97, I32 HERVEY, SUSAN 97, I65, I88 HERZOG, PAUL 97, I86 HILL, DASHELLE 97, I32 HINTZMAN, MONIQUE 97 HOPPER, TERI 97, I67, ISI, I9I HOSSAMELOIN, SAMARA HOYT, TERRI 97 HUBBARD, RAY 97 HUNNICUTT, ROB 97, IO6 HUNT, VICKI 97 HURLBUT, LORI 97 HUST, GENA 97, I67 IHRKE, JAMES 97 IPSEN, RUSSELL 97, I96 ISAACMAN. SOREN 90, 9I JACOBI, SOLANO 97, I32 JACOBSEN, CRISTEN IO7, I25, D6 I48 JAMES. MICHAEL 97 JAMES, MICHELLE 97 JANETTA, LIZ JARVEN, LINDA 97, 0, I94 JELSOVAR, DENNIS 97 JENKINS, JULIE 97 JOHANNES, STEPHEN 97 JOHNS, GINA 97 JOHNSON, ALIDA 97 JOHNSON, CORINNA 98, ID JOHNSON, DARLEEN JOHNSON, TINA 98 JOHNSTON, MARK 98 JOHNSTONE, KRISTINA 98 JONES, CINDIE 98, I25 JONES, LEONARD 98 JORGENSEN, JAYDINE 98 JOSEPHSON, MERRY 98, I25 JUAREZ, TERESA 98, 90 K KANTNER, MARK KANYUR, ROB 98, I59 KAPLAN, MAURA 98 KAYHART, DANNY 98 KELLEY, KERI I25, I94 KILPATRICK, TAMMY I65 KIMBLE, SEAN I59 KINDRED, BRIT 98, I59, I86 KITCHENS. JILL 98. I65 KITTLE, MAJORIE 98, I4O, I68, I88 KLEINHANS. DAVID 98 KNIGHT. DONNA 98, I67, I8I KNIGHT, JASON 98 KNOLLMILLER, KELLEY 98, I8O KOENNEKER, POLLY KOURY, AIDA 98 KRAMER, JANIE 98, I65 KRAMPEL, IRENE KRISS, LAURA 98 KUNEMAN, CYNTHIA 98 KURZ, JON 98 L LACHMAN, TINA 98 LACINSKI, DIANE 98, ISI LANDRUM, GINA I34 LARSON, SCOTT 98, I86 LASWELL, JOANNA 98 LEAL. PATSY LEEM MEIN 98 LEE, ROBERT 98 LEMKE, DOUGLAS 99 LE MOINE, ERIC LEONARD, CHERIE 99, I88 LEUNG, KEITH 99 LEWIS, CHRISTINE LEWIS, LARRY 99, I7O LEWIS, RENEE SEWIS, SANDIE 99 LHOST, SCOTT LIBBY, MARY 99, I25 LIGHT, LISA 99, I25 LILIEN, CORY 99, I65, I94 LO GRECO, ANGELA 99, I67, I8I LONEY, CHRIS 99 LONG, GEORGE 99 LONG, MARK 99 LOOP, LARRY 99 LOPEZ, BOB 99. I73 LOPEZ, ED 99. I73 LUER, DONAVON 99 LUNDY, BRIAN 99 M MALONE, CINDY 99 MANZANO, FERNANDO 99, I59 MANZER, SEAN MARKELY, JENNIFER 99, I67, I68 MARROQUIN, KEITH 90, I93 MARSHALL, JOHN 99, I65 MARTIN, TRACY I25 MARTINEZ, CARLOS 99 MARTINEZ, MARGARET 99 MARTINEZ. TONYA 99 MARTINO, CHRIS MASTERS, MARK MAYNARD, BRENNEN 99, I22, I2 MEDINA, ANNA 99 MEDINA, MARLENE 99 MEESE, SAMANTHA I67 MEHRHOFF, CARRIE 99, I67, I8O MENDOZA, JOHNNY 99 MENESES, ROBERT 99 METZ, LANCE 99 MYERE, JENNIFER 99, ISO MICCICHE, GINA IOO. I25 MILLER, CARMA Im MILLER, CATHY IOO, I24 MILLER, SAMUEL IQ? MOLERA, LISA IOO, I68 MONARREZ, RAMONA IOO, I24 MOON, DAVID MORALES, SEAN IW MORENO, ANDY MOREY, LYNETTE IOO MORRIS, SHERI IOO, I65 MOSES, MONICA IOO, I65 MOSS, VALERIE IOO, I34 MOUSSA, SUSAN Iw, I65 MULLADY, ANNE MULLETT, JIM IOO MUNSON, TOM IOO MURDOCK. TAMMIE I25 MC CARTY, MICHAEL IOO MC CAULEY, SUSAN IOO, I24 MC GRATH, WILLIAM MC ILROY, STACEY IOO, I68, I88 MCKEAKNEY, TERRI MCKITTRICK, KEN IOO MCLAUGHLIN, KEN MCLAUGHLIN, RICHARD IOO MC NABB, CHARLES IOO MC QUAIG, JOHN NAVARRETE, SABRINA IOO, I32 5, I65 NAVARRO, IRENE Im NAVARRO, MAXINE Im NAVARRO, MICHELLE IOO NELSON, ROXANNE IOO, I6, 90, NILOFF, CHRIS NIXON, SHELLEY IOO, I23 NORRGARD, DEBBIE IN, ISI NORRIS, LYNN IOO, I22, I24, I68 NUNEZ, BILL IOO O O'BRIEN. TIM IOO OLGUIN, DERRICK ORR, DELTON IOO, I59 ORVIS, KEVIN Im OTT, JASON IOO P PAHONA, DOYLE PAN-KITA, JASON IOO, I59, I93 PARIS, JUDY IN, I32 PARKS, DALLIS PARRA, SAMMY I73 PAYNE JOANIE IOO PAYNE JODIE IOO, I25, I32 PEACH, JACQUALINE IOO PEAKE, WESLEY IOO PETERSON, ANTHONY IOO, I65 PETO, MIKE PETTY, ROBERT IOO PETTY, STEVE IOO PHILBRICK, STACEY IOO, I25 PHILLIPS, MICHELLE IOO, I8I PHOENIX, DEWAYNE IOO, I59 PIERCE, MIKE Im PINNELL, ANDREW IOO PITPITAN, AMELIA IO2, I68 PITTS. MATTHEW IO2 PLAIN, WENDY PLANTING, CHRISTY IO2 PLIMPTON, KEVIN IO2 PONGRATZ, TERI IO2, I24, I8I POST, CHRIS IO2, I59 POTTER, MICHELLE ID POWERS, JAMES IO2, ID PRICE, LORI IO2. I67, I68 PUEBLAS, LOLORES PUIG, OSCAR IO2 R RANDOLPH, BRANDY IO2 RANDT, BILL IO2 RANKIN, JOSEPH IO2, I62, I93 RATAJCZAK, BARBARA IO2 RATLIFF, DAVID IO2, I62, I93 REICHERT, CHRIS IO2, I59 RICE, JOY IO2 RIENZO, BRUCE IO2 RIKER, TRAVIS IO2 RILEY, CHRISTINA IO2, I32 RIOUX, DARCELLE ROBERTS, CNYTHIA IO2, I22 ROBERTSON, SCOTT IO2 ROBINS, MIKE IO2. I59, I73 ROBINSON, KENNETH ROBINSON, RONNIE IO2 ROBLES, CESAR ROBLES. GEORGE ROBLES, JULIAN IO2, I22 ROBLES, ROXANNE RODIRGUEZ, KRIS ISI ROGERS, SHANE IO2, I59, I93 ROGOFF, ROGER IO2, I68, I9O ROMODEVIVAR, AGUST IO2 ROSEMAN, JOSEPH IO6, I59, I73 ROTHERMEL. ROBERT IO2, I78 ROWE, STEVEN IO2, I78, I86 RITTWAGEN, DENNIS RUBY, PAULA IO2 RUDISILL, AMY IO2 RUGGIERO, LISA IO2 RUHL, TODD IO2, I68 RUIZ, ANDRA IO2, I9l RUZI, BOBBY IO2 RUIZ, RONNIE IO2, I73 RUNGE, KRISTINA IO2 RUSSELL, SCOTT IO2 S SAMORANO, DAVID IO2, I59, I73 SANCHEZ, ANA IO2, I35 SANDERS, SHARI IO2 SCHEIBE, NATHAN IO2 SCHERER, CHRIS SCHLIMME, JILL IO2 SCHMIDT, SUZANNE IO2 SCHUBERT, SCOTT I59 SCOTT, RICHARD IO3 SEDLACEK, RONDA IO3, I26 SEITSINGER, DENA SERRANO. THELMA SETTLE, AMBER IO3, I68, I94 SETTLES. SHAUNA IO3, I22 SHEEHAN, CHRISTOPHER IOS. I78 SHELTON, DONNIE IO3 SHELTON, JACQUELINE SHEILDS. NANCY IO3 SHIELDS, TERRY l59, I73 SHIVA, MARK IO3 SIMPSON, MELINA SIMS, MAXINE IO3 SINCLAIR, TERRI IO3 SLATZER, SHARI IO3, I24 SMITH, ALISON IO3, I22, I8I SMITH, STACEY SMURPHAT, MARYANN IOS SOTO, JOEY IOS, I59, l7O, I86 SOZA, ANTHONY IO3 ST AMOUR, DIANNE IO3 STANTON, LORINDA I , W, STAPLES, ROBERT IO3, I93 STAR, ROBERT IO3 STEBER, BILL STEED, JASON IO3 STEGALL. CAROL IO3 STEPHENSON, KERRY IO3, I4 STEWART, HEATHER IO3 STIELSTRA, AARON IO3 STOCUM, JULIE IO3 STREET, RICK IO3 STRINGER, MARY IO3, D5 STRNATKA, KEVIN IO3 STUBBLEFIELD, MARK I JULIE IO3 SUMNER, SELINA IO3 SUTHERLAND, RON IO3 SWEDEEN, KATHY IO4, I45 T TATOM, WILL TAYLOR, HENK IO4 TAYLOR, HOWARD IO4 THARPE, JOSEPH IO4 THOMASON, BEN IO4, I65 TOWNSON, DAPHNE U UDOVICH, SONDRA IO4, I62, I94 UMPHRYES, GLEN UROUIDES. LUIS IO4 V VALDEZ, PHILLIP IO4, I78, I86 VALENZUELA, VANESSA IO4 VALENZUELA, VICTOR l73 VANAMAN, ELIZABETH IO4, 7 VANDERKOLK, TERRY IO4, I62, I93 VAUGHAN, ROBYN IO4, I8I VAUGHAN, STEVE VERDUSCO, MIKE IO4, I35 VETRNO, MARIO IO4 VIGORITO, NANCEY VOLPE, JON IO4, , I59, I7I VOSBURG, DAVID VOSS, MATTHEW IO4 W WAHRER, LISA WARREN, DARREN IO4 WATSON, DAVID IO4, IO6, I59 WEAVER, CHARLI IO4 WEBSTER, JULIE IO4 WEBSTER, KIMBERLY WEHAUSEN, RACHEL IO4 WEICH, RISA IO4 WEIFFENBACH, DONNA IO4, I68 WELCH, HOPE IO4 WELLS, CARL IO4, I78 WERNER. MIKE IO4 WESSON, JEFF IO4 WHEELER, BILL IO4 WHIPPLER, KATHY IO4 WHITE, LANCE IO4, I59, I78 WHITE, WENDY IO4, 9O WIEDEN. MATTHEW IO5 WIERSMA, AMY IO5 WILKIE, DAVID IO5 WILKINSON, JOHN IO5, ID, I93 WILLIAMS, WENDY WILSON, JENNIFER WINDOWS, RYAN IO5 WITHROW, MICHELE IO5, I67 WOELFLE, BETTY Jo IO5 WOJCIK, EDWARD IOS WOMACK, CINDY IO5 WOOD, HEATH IOS WORKMAN, PAMELA I22 WRENN, DAVID IOS n WURST, MATT IO5 Y YEHLING, MICHAEL YOUNG, AMY IO5, I68. 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Suggestions in the Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) collection:

Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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