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Amphitheater High School - Panther Trails Yearbook (Tucson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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ECL, X K silk. 5: 215 5 Cai B Tac ev Ncfsf C G B gk 577' if 507 4117 Maggie FW NV 3Q,fa'kri6f2Z j, P MX fi if XD v iq buf Y N Wi 'HQ W H J A A J W J S 5 If Q V P V V T . PA f 4561-fit - 5 Z? . , L' 1 .. f ' :I L il 4 l,4,..g -lywiQm,,Q.J":..A' A X V, A Y Q. . 2'- QL Qi 3553 X J, ' K V , , ,- , QQ V , -' " ff Vf- I W F ' i , V ' ' Qf A1 .gvz-A I L i - . H q ' ' A :z f f9 'L ? W' l I ,ff " X, 1 - '17 2 hc. .5 - 1, - A gf P ,I RSL X IN -1-113 D C , V 4' fy L xiii! 3 - , N fp f N 1:9 42 5 DSC 5' Rf' x P' 'AJ Y 22 , . ., 3 :is 6, 46, 6 5 kijha' ws 912 , , , Lf 5 x. Q 1 ' ,. ,I ' g ' W if A ! B Q .J r Y, fl ' U A fl' Ta Q. OJ X . 513' 1 J 43 A kj 1 1 Fa A in j . , 3 ' J 'vm X.: ,E .5 is x...f ii., -.. Q-5.1 li. XJ, f V, xj X-JK! .2 V XJ ,P ,J .2 'E bg ff" ff Q.-. ,, fx , 'K - ix Q Y X Q: 4 Q: 1 5 ' xg - XX gy K y ' f ik K Q X '1 ' Y rt ,K N - M 5 Sp 5 P f' . wa , 3, Q. Y xxx 5. If N "' 1 ,. ,f- X A . PY' , T 1 ' . l N A X x 'x N - 1 -XS 'E 9-, Ly 5 In X K, , K4 , jx .x. X X K .Q VJ E! V K Q K "f ZQ . if-N V, ,, V . ' . ' , x f W-' -1- X, ,'X.,, L, . ' . . X X , QQJ ' TJ XJ 'xx . 'IZ jx ' ,1 N5 JL ' X , -. ,N Q N X X .in v E' V f f' , Q 4' ' g e X . ,f .-L . X .. -. H A - : . ,, v.. A 'was Nw s.. Q-:Alf-91 X .A 1 9 'Tx i Q Xxx., x fx. S N . kills K N 'x if x s 4 -, ,. 1 3 ix w ,X yn ii 'if' A L 'X N RX Xxvk X 4' V A "As 'L Q Tqjyffx 'X 'E X' if ' W NE Q A X s,-U i' , X, 1 gem Owl I x fx "1-P .JB V 1 G T 6 -Q.qAgx'S 'V Almvl 3 R X Q X- . is , rl ' PLN M s J :,-- ,J RQ i F x' -in .A 1 E f x xl 6. X A-8 , fra 1 X- , 'QA - J ei' 1' X ff x X K 'I Cf E Q' Q ie. 5, Aixxx b N L " 'I Q ,A QS +f-- X. - , xx 'X' N331-5 xx PQUTHQR TRQILS HIHPHITHEHTGR HIGH SCHGOI. Tucson, QRIZQDQ 1948-19119 '-Q... ,MN ,, DEDlCHTlGll To Mr. B. D. Reazin, social science and study hall teacher at Amphitheater high school for the past five years, we re- spectfully dedicate the 194-1949 Panther Trails because of his interest in the youth of the school and their activities and his unceasing devotion to his profession during his thirty-four years of teaching. HDH1H1IS'l'HH5l'IG11 Mx in... Prmclpol We of the student body of Arnphl theater hlgh school owe a large debt of gratltude to Nlcholas Paynovxch our school prmclpal for the fine serv ICE he has rendered ln h1s two years at the helm of the school Through h1S tlreless efforts Amphl theater has lmproved IH sxze and edu catlonal opportumtles untll lt has now taken 1ts place among the best schools ln the state Supermtendent To Paul E Gultteau Supermtend ent of Amphltheater hlgh school falls the task of mappmg out the curr1cu lum proudlng the textbooks mam ta1n1ng bu1ld1ngs grounds and equlp ment and 1n general domg evervth1ng perta1n1ng to the educatlonal program necessary for the student body at Amphltheater Each task and each challenge Mr Gultteau has met w1th understandmg and eHic1ency Much has been accomphshed ln the tew years of h1s adm1n1strat1on de Splte the lack of finances and equlp ment Vocatlonal sources have been lncreased and the vlsual tralnlng pro gram has been enlarged For the future Mr Gultteau has been mak1ng plans for new bulldlngs new courses more and better equlp ment an 1ncrease m adult educatlon and an adequate recreatlonal program for all students . 7 ' 4 , ' 7. . . - A , . . F . y , - it Y ' . I g . .. . y U v ' . ' 'W 7 f'.S , , ' ' 4 e y . r . . ' V4 .ff.:,,f I , Vw' 1. ' X . 4 ,. K .1 A' . F I' , - , - 4 Business Hlonoger The man who has had all the headaches of handling school. club. and bookstore finances this year has been our capable business man- ager, George B. Brotherton. In addition he has ably filled the post of Dean of Boys. Mr. Brotherton's sincerity. patience, and friendliness have placed him in the highest esteem of every member of the student body. The trials and tribulations of the handling of every penny of club funds alone would be enough to try the patience ot' Job: but Mr. Brotherton has come through it all with the same warm, congenial smile. At left: Nancy Marusa and Mrs. Flo Batson, members of the office staff. After a year of much planning in the interest of the Amphitheater school system, the Board of Education is looking forward toward the activation of many of these plans in the coming season. One ot' the major plans for the coming year is bringing to our school a dean of girls. Also, a new eight-room elementary school is being established on west Wetmore Road. The board is now looking for a site in which to build a new high school. A plan to add nine new teachers to Amphitheater will make our school more etticient, too. Mr. Paul E. Guitteau stated that five ot' them will be placed in the high school department and the others are to be placed in the elementary department. The members of the school board below are, left to right: Mr. Arthur A. Softley, member: Mr. W. R. DuBois. president: and lVlrs. Christina A. Bloom, clerk FHCULTY 'Wh "Q" '12 XIRS VIVIAN BANCROFT L 1 All7U11H Ca Q Hfllllilllilslllp, 'HRS 'MARGARET BROVHIN pa fs :Q XIR RICHARD E BARNES XIR HOW ARD BEA7T EX N B S at State Teanhus College B A at AIIYKJHH State Colleen Platte-xllle WRINLUIINIH Classes 'NIA at U ot Allzona Alggbla Alltlxmntu Clas Ls Engll 1 I rj IR ROBERT BENCEK A S C at 'Nllaml Ul'1lX9lSltX B S t Flagstaif A1 mona Classes General and metal mop D1 IVQIS Tx unmg "7..'D NIR ROBERT COLW ELL MRS LILLIANI COOPER MRS LOITTSE DETOR B Ohm UHIXEIHIIN AB at FICSIIO State XIA at BA at U ol Almona Classes BA at U ol Anmna Classes Classes Smlal Suence Tut U o1Ar17ona Classes Amen English Speech Dxamatu Spamsh mg Pxogxam Gmdannc nan HISIOIX All if 10"- -fi 'NIR ORX II LE W DISHAW NIR GLADDEN ELLIOT XIISS 'XIARGARET ERDNIAN XIRS ADA FUGATE B S at St Laxxxencc UIIIXLI B C S at Wxommg UITIXEISIIN B A at XIIIIUI State Collngm A B at Augustana College sltx 'Xl A at U of Alwona NI C S at Denxu Lmxersltx Classes Vunal Nlusu. NI A at Columbla UITIXQISIIX Classes Gene-xal Nlath Busl Classes BOOKRLYSDIIIE Busmess C1393 Qhulthamj 'rypmg nes Nlath Txammsz I,., if 1' ' ' A Q, I- Z X., I Q I, 1 C , I . I5 3, 4 ' X I 1 ,' I' K 7 v I If I .. 3 'iggk ' I K 0 5 2 ? A '. fl' 'f. !'ss'sZ A . V ' . A .' A AM , if. A 1. . . .' " 1 A " 1, a " . 'Q' " . '. , . . . ' . . . a 5 . . - " Tvs-.': Sl. ' 1 .I ,L S .- I Q32 I A Q . 1' 'R , :ga ,Z 51 'Nm 'Q' . - N NIE X A . A v v . . Q Y , A . W . ,S. at I ' I " ,.. 'Ri T H: .. . I . .i' . :":': . .A . ' . . Ag.: ' . V 6 Qt , 1 VC 6 .XIISS RITAKIAE GAI.I..-XGHER NIR. GEORGE GENVNG AIRS ISABEI- GEIS BA. Villa Maria College BS. at lf. ol Arizona. Cliiartr. BS at L' oi Arizona Classes: Classes, Social Studies. Jour- Coaeh ot Baseball, Basketball iiomt-n.ak:ng nalisin. 1 W NIR. ROBERT IIIATT B.S. at Otterhein College. Classes: Study Hall. Oeeupa tions. Orientation. Guidance Counseling. Home room Co-or dinator. 2' wg. 1 ' , fjrju ,K ' - .fl lv . 735? ' if . 11.3 ' W a f ' .4 I ..., b N 1 ag 1: ' ' J NIR, SAMUEL C. LONIAGLIO BS. at Buttalo 'Veavliers Col lege. Classes: English. is and Physical Education. 'U - Z MRS. LEONA JENSEN 5.5. at L'lIlVCl'SlT.X ot Next Mevieo: NIS. at Colorado State Cateteria Supervisor. ...,..:,., Q- , fm I, . f I 14 W Q ' ,W 1, My Qs 'QT'-41 S 'uh t 1 ,fa K fm I. i' I , 'S .1 , Z MRS. LORRATNE GLEASON B.A. at U, ot Arivona Classt English. ARK f,g,',N MRS. ZELMA LATNER MR. WILLIAM LEBOFF B,A. at University ot' Iowa. B.S. at College ot' City of Ne Classes: English. York. Classes: Mathematics, MISS DIANA LOVETT KIR. GEORGE MILLER NIR. RICHARD Y. MURRAY BS. at U. of Arizona. Classes: B.A. at U. oi Arizona, Classes: A.B. at Dartmouth College Physical Education. American Problems. World Classes: English. Spanish 1-f ff' P' 7 Iii XIR. NIURI. AI. NRC.-XIX. .IR .XIISS EDNA KMGOWN MRS. HARRIETT NICHOLS AIR KENNETH PATTERSON BS, :it I' ot Arizona Classes. BS. at l.vlllXCl'SlI.Y ut Minn. BA at If ot Airzona: NIS. at BS. at Kent State L'nix'ersitx Coarh oi Football. Tran-l-Q and Classes: Art. Cratts. Coinnier- l.lIlX'EI'SlIH' ot Mich. Classes: Classes: Meelianiral Drawing. lfhvsieal Edin-ation cial Art. World History Matheniatius VVOod Shop, Football and Bast ball Assistant Coach ' -mu- Nl MR. BRUCE D. REAZIN A.B. at VVashburn College: M.S. at U.S:C. Classes: American Problems. American History. N. IT' l M vy MRS. HARRIET REDFIELD MRS. EVA L. RICHERSON MR. ED. G. RICHESON B.A. at U. ot' Arizona: M.A. at B.A. at U. oi Arizona. Classes: B.A. in Ed. at Arizona State U: oi Arizona. Classes: Typing Literature. College. Classes: Biology. and Shorthand. Physics. MRS. ELLEN E. RUSSELL B.E. at Superior State College. Librarian. .gmff t in b k 3 ,', - , V , A I MR. HAROLD O. TAYLOR B. S, at Whitewater State Teachers College: MS. at Uni- versity o1'New Mexico. Classesi Chesmistry, Algebra, Trigo- nometry, Solid Geormetry. my 73' .,. 4 0 fi, , f 1 3 Q3 f 1 I 1 ' T YW? X ' 5'."?aln-.Aff MRS. ELSIE M. SULLIVAN MR. ALLAN STERRETT MRS. BELLE C. SUSSHOLZ A.B. at University ot' Rich- A.B. at U. oi Arizona. Classes: BE. at Wilson Teachers Col- mond. Westhampton College. English. lege, Classes: Plane Geometry, Classes: L t e 1' a t u r e , English. Science, Speech: .5 --.auf MRS. BETTY JANE TIPTON MR. HAL C. WAYTE MR. LAWRENCE W. WILSON B.A. at Tempe State College. B.A. at U. ol' Arizona, Classes: B.A. in Music at U. of Arizona. Classes: Physical Eoucation. Social Science. Classes: Jr. and Sr. High Band. MISS CATHERINE WRENCHEY MRS. HAZEL HICKOX MISS INEZ RUSSELL v A.B. at Southwestern College. Secretary Cert. Public Health Nursing at Classes: Literature. Lniversity of Minn.: Advanced P.H,N. at University oi' New Mexico. School Nurse. Jr. and Sr. High String Or- chestra, STUDCDT CCDUDCIL... ED COTTINGHAM FRANK PELLICCI MARC.fxRE'l' ELBERSON HELEN AHLGREN President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer The Student Council has just finished the most active and successful year in its history. Under the leadership of an executive committee composed ot' Ed Cottingham, president: Frank Pellicci, vice-president: Margaret Elberson. secretary: and Helen Ahlgren, treasurer: the group has materially aided the school administration in building Amphitheater to its present high status. The Council got under way on October 4 by putting the rules and iegulations concerning the Panther Fight Flag into the by-laws of our Constitution. The organization then proceed- ed to start an organized cheering section called the Panther Pep Squad, joined the National As- sociation of Student Councils, and participated in two radio broadcasts under the general theme of bettering the relations between the home and the school. Perhaps the most outstanding of the Student Council projects this year was our Teen Can- teen, which was originally to be a meeting place for any of the students who cared to come either to study or to utilize the recreational facilities. There was to be a snack bar, a coke machine, a phonograph, and table games, and it was to be open both in the day and in the evenings. The Tucson Boys' Choir gave a berefit program toward the furthering of this aim: and the Canteen Committee, with the assistance of many other clubs, fulfilled many hopes with the procurement of a coke machine and a snack bar. However, due to the innumerable difficulties and limitations, our present canteen was used only as a meeting place for organized groups. During the second semester the Council continued its busy schedule by helping the P. T. A. with their "Back to School Night". sending the executive committee and Mr. Nicholas Paynovich to the State Convention of Student cr uncils at Flagstaff, suggesting a plan for the mak- ing of school awards. and conducting a successful drive to improve the cleanliness in the cafeteria. It terminated an eventful year by handling 'he Student Council elections and sponsoring a drive for the purchase of CARE packages for schools in Europe, Student Council, left to right. row 1: Jo McFate, I-'rank Pellicei. Helen Alilgrcn, Margaret Elberson, Ed Cottingham. Row 2: B D Reazin, Bob Booth, James Bowen. Mrs. Ada Fugate. Missing from picture are Joan Settlemire and Sidney Kain. lj' Mr GIRLS LE-IHGUG Nlrs V1x1an Banc ott Nlrs Loulf-e Detor FACLLTX SPONSORS Now at the close of 1ts th1rd year the G1rls League at Amph1theate1 has dexeloped mto an 3Ct1V6 SOC181 and servlce orgamzatlon G1rls League membershlp lncludes all hlgh school guls The officers for 1948 49 were pres1dent Jan Rees VICE p1es1dent Calolxn Corley secle tary Pattl McCarron and treasurer Thelma Brooks Mrs Ylxlan Bancloft and Mrs LOUISG Detor were the organ1zat1ons sponsors G1rls League has elght commlttees Wh1Ch lelp to plan and ca11y out the vear s meetmgs and aCtlVltl6S The elected chalrmen for 1948 49 wele adve1t1s1ng and publxcxty Maulyn Sergeant 8Ct1Vlt1eS Jo McFate seruce Joan Tolkan t1ad1t1ons Beverly Shaw soclal June At a conventlon 1n Phoenlx 1n October the theme for the vea1 Hrgh Fllght was chosen Under th1s mam theme were sub themes BHSIC Tlallllng Tual Fllghts and Gettmg Youx Wmgs The monthly meetmgs were planned round one of these themes Included on thc agenda for the year were panels on datmg and talks by promment bus1ness people on voca tronal opportumtles The League wlth the cooperat1on of the county 1ec1eat1on depaltment sponsoled classes fox both boys and glrls 1n ballroom and square dancmg XVlth the hope that through thxs program the students at Amphltheater would atta1n confldence ID thelr dancmg thus mcreasmg soc1ab111ty at school dances Seasonal conventxons were held at Mesa Tempe Phoenlx UHIOH and North Phoemx hlgh schools Amph1theater s representatwes attended all but the Mesa conventlon The G1rls League fund 1a1s1ng act1v1t1es 1ncluded candy concesslons at the basketball games In three years the G1rls League has grovsn vuth the hlgh school and wxth all the glrls cooperatlon has become a progress1ve orgamzatlon JANET REES Presxdent CAROLYN CORLEY Vxce presldent 'W PATTI McCARRON Secretary THELMA BROOKS Treasurer BARBARA BRADY Welcommg JUNE LEWIS Soclal JO McFATE Actlvltles GERRY OWEN Programs NAOMI PRICE Standards MARILYN SERGEANT Pubhcxty BEVERLY SHAW Tradltlons JOAN TOLKAN Servxce tNot PlCtUT6dJ 10 1 . . . . . ' . , . . . . i ' I . - ' , I ' , - . ' y . L. 1 , - ' - - V' v' . . . ' , . , - - - ' y ' ' ' n 1 v. 1 1' ' ! ! ' 1 ' Y Y 1 LBWISQ programs, Geraldme Oweng welcomme, Barbara Brady: and standards, Naomi PFICC. ' ' , - as ,- , ' ' 11 .t ,-U ' sv ' ll A , ' H . 1 1 V X ' I ' I - . Y , . . Q . . . , . , . , -u . . . . . . . . - . AQ Y gr X h.i CLQSSGS Below trighth senior faculty sponsors left to right Mrs Lillian Cooper Mr George 'ti er ltr B D Reazin 'VIrs Louise Detor SGHIGRS LARRY HART EVERETT THURSTON PHYLLIS BARBER CAROL IRVIN President kite pi esident Secretary Treasurer As the seniors pass through the poitals of Amphitheater high for the last time their minds drift back into thc past Fhey iemembei the exciting and ex cntful foui yeais that led up to this final climax The giaduates iecall a gieen bunch of kids trying their hand at putting on a dance the Fresh man Dance and how amazed they xxeie when it was successful So thev again ventured into the social field this time with a picnic at Sabino Canyon This too was a success' It is quite possible that the confidence gained through these early successes is vshat has made this senior class the biggest and best the school has evei seen In their sophomoie year the group was full of school spirit This was caused by the fact that many sophomoie boys weie on the athletic teams and of course the others had to get out and cheer for them Many new gnls clubs were inaugurated this year and the sophomore girls took an active part in all of these 'lhe social tradition was continued with the annual Sophomore Hop the Mexican Hat Dance and many others The year 1948 started with the Junior Dance This set the mood for the most important so cial function of the year the Junior Senior Prom For the first time in the history of the school it was held away from school at the El Rio Country Club The Juniors became prominent by putting on the best assembly of the year The graduates looking back remember the fun they had at the end of the vcai when the class used its left ox ei funds to promote a hayride and picnic at Tucson Mountain Paik The seniors remember the exhiliration they felt as they became the leaders of the student body The first material sign that they had really become seniors came with the arrival of the class rings Then, with these symbols of superiority worn proudly on their fingers, they proceeded to begin their last year. The first senior social function was the Halloween Dance, which proved as suc cessful as all the class's other undertakings. In November everyone was kept busy with the Home coming celebrations. The Hrst semester was concluded with the annual Christmas Party. Ditch Day in April really lived up to everyones expectations and will remain as a cherished memory in the minds of all seniors. In this same category as a cherished memory remains the Junior Senior Prom. In addition to these numerous activities, many new clubs were started this last year and to the seniors fell the job of leading these organizations. Thus, four years of timeg an unfoi gettable, carefree period came to an end. A year which had seen the largest and most. active senior class in Amphi history drive through all obstacles which it faced and emerge quiet and confident on Graduation day, ended leaving the young men and women standing upon the , i -A 1 .li 7 V threshold of new hoiizons 'Q' arf 12 At left senior homeroom presidents left to right Jim Tolkan Gerald Wester Mar vin Gibbons Burt Povters DUANE AASLAND Entered 4. CHARLES ACKERT HIZY Club 43 Letterman Club 2, 3. . HELEN AHLGREN Student Body Treasurer 4: Pan- ther Trails 4: Desert Gazette 4, Student Council 2, 4: G.A.A. 1. 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. Vice-President 3: "A" Club 4: Marching Squad 3: Pep Squad 3: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4: Secretary 4: Girls' League 2, 3, 4: A.H.S. Roundup 4: Homeroom Secretary 3. JERRY ALLEN VIVIAN ANTON Entered 2: Glee Club 3. 4: Girls' League 3. 4: National Honor So- ciety 4: Homeroom Treasurer 4, NORMAN AREND Entered 4: Hi-Y 4: Masque and Sandal Club 4: Speech Club -lg Track 4. BEN ARNTZ Entered 4: Basketball 4. KAY BACON Honor Society 3, 4: Girls' League 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Desert Ga- zette 3, 4: Panther Trains 3: Masque and Sandal: Pep Squad 4. BARBARA BALLARD Entered 3: Girls' League 3, 4. MARTHA BALLARD Entered 3: Y-Teens 3: Desert Gazette 4: Girls' League 3, 4: Panther Trails 4: Masque and Sandal 4. PHYLLIS BARBER Entered 2: Glee 2: Girls' League 2, 3. 4: Honor Society 3, 4: March- ing Squad 3: Girls' State 3: Y- Teens 4: D.A.R. Award 4: Senior Class Secretary 4, BONNIE BATCHELLOR Entered 3: Speech Forum -l' Girls' League -l. JERRY BELL Entered 2: Speech Club 4. GENE BELUCHE Entered 3: Masque and Sandal 3. AVIS BERRIDGE Y-Teens 15 Girls' League 35 Glee Club 2. PATTIE BOWEN Entered 25 Glee 3, 4: Cheerleader 4: Girls' League 3, 45 Mixed Quartet 3. BARBARA BRADY G.A.A. 25 Pep Squad 3. 45 Desert Gazette 35 Girls' League 3: Junior glass Secretary 35 Speech Forum DONALD BRLGGS NORMAN BRIGGS Entered 4. BARBARA BROWN Entered 3: Girls' League 3, 45 Pep Squad 4. CHESTER BROWN Entered 25 Band 25 Speech Forum ROBERT BURTON Band 2, 3, 4: National Honor So- ciety 3, 45 Key Club 45 Football 35 Track 3: Boys' Glee 1. ANDREA E. CAMPBELL Entered 45 Girls' League 45 Pep Squad 4. JOE CARPENTER Letterman Club 2. SHIRLEY CHAPMAN Panther Trails 3, 41 Desert Ga- zette 3,4: G.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 41 March- ing Squad 3: Pep Squad 41 Girls' League 3, 4. PEGGY CLARK Entered 41 Desert Gazette 41 Girls' League 43 Pep Squad 4. MARVIN S. COHEN Band 1, 2. 3. 41 Boys' Glee 3, 41 Boys' Quartet 3, 43 Key Club Pres- ident 4g Hi-Y Secretary 41 Desert Gazette 41 Panther Trails 41 Boys' State 3: Homerooin Vice-President 41 Oratorical Contest 3, 41 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 41 Speech Forum 3, 41 Masque and Sandal 11 Mummers 2, 3, 43 Swing Band 1. 21 Goverhor's Youth Conference 3. PAT COLE G.A.A. 3. 4: Y-Teens -I1 Desert Gavctte 3. 41 Girls' League 3. 41 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. HELEN COLWELL Pep Squad 41 Marching Squad 31 G.A.A. 3, -lg Girls' League 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 3. 41 Desert Gazette 3. CAROLYN CORLEY G.A.A. 1. 2, 4: "A" Club 2. 4: Girls' League 1. 2. 4: Vice-Presi- dent 41 G.A.A. Treasurer 2: Pep Squad 4: Marching Squad 21 Vice- President of "A" Club 41 Sports Leader 4: Honor Society 4, ED COTTINGI-IAM Baseball 3, 41 Student Body Presi- dent 41 Letterman Club 41 Na- tional Honor Society 41 Key Club 41 Representative to Arizona Boys' State 4. CLARA CRISTAFORI Entered 4' Girls' League 4. DORRIS CUNNINGHAM Desesrt Gazette 41 Drivers' Train- ing . BETTY DEEMING Twirling Squad 2. 3: G.A.A. 21 F.H.A. 21 Drivers' Training 31 Jr. Class Treasurer 31 Girls' League 2, 3, 41 Panther Trails 41 Home- room Secretary 41 Speech Forum 41 Treasurer 41 Pep Squad 4, DELORES ANNE DEGREEN Entered 3: Glee Club 3, 41 Girls' League 3, 41 Masque and Sandal Secretary 41 Flag Twirler 4. PATRICIA DEINES Entered 31 Pep Squad 4: G.A.A. 3, 41 Secretary of Homeroom 3, 4: F.H.A. 41 Girls' League 3, 4: Masque and Sandal 41 Desert Ga- zette 41 Panther Trails 4. ELAINE DICKERSON Girls' League 2, 3, 4: Masque and Sandal 2. PAT DICOSOLA Entered 2: Panther Trails 3: Desert Gazette 3: Girls' League 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Masque and Sandal 4. JIM DIXON Entered 31 Band 3, -11 Glee -1. HERBERT DOBBS Entered 23 Glee 3, -lg Honor So- ciety 3, 4. MARIAN DOLAN Entered 23 Marching Unit 33 Girls' League 2, 3, 43 Honor So- ciety 3, 41 Pep Squad -l. MARGARET DOYLE Entered 3: G.A.A. 41 Girls' League 3. 41 Pep Squad, -4. DOUG EICHOLTZ MARGARET ANNE ELBERSON Honor Society 3, 4: Student Body Secretary 4: Y-Teen President 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Masque and Sandal Treasurer 43 Girls' League 2, 3, 43 Homeroom President 3: Homeroom Secretary 43 Pep Squad 4: Marching Squad 33 Jun- ior Council 3. JACK ELLIS Entered 41 Football -1: Speech Forum 4. BARBARA ANN EMERY Entered 11 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Girls' League 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 3, 4g Pep Squad 43 Marching Squad 3. RICHARD FLADMARK Entered 4. BOB FOSBINDER PATSY GAINES Entered 1: Girls' League 4. MARVIN GIBBONS Speech Forum 4: Homeroom President 3, 4. JOHN GLEESON Desert Gazette 4: Panther Trails 4: Football Manager 4: Track Manager 3: Student Council 11 Baseball Manager 4. NED GLIDEWELL Entered 3: Panther Trails 4: Boys' Choir 3: Pep Squad 4. LOWELL GREELY Masque and Sandal Club 3: Speech Forum 4. PHIL GUICCIARDO Football 4: Track 4: Hi-Y 4. PEGGY HAMMOND Entered 3: Girls' League 3, 4. EGBERT HANDY Entered 4. LARRY HART Letterman Club 2, 3, 4: Secretary of Key Club 4: Senior Class Presi- dent: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: President of National Honor Society 4. BETTY HEMMING G.A.A. 3, 4: F.H.A.: Girls' League 2, 3, 4. ROGER HERMAN BARBARA HILDONNEN G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Masque and Sandal gg 3Y-Teens 2. 3: Girls' League , , 4. JACK HOPKINS BOB HUNTER Letterman Club President 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1: Boys' Glee 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1, 2: Homeroom President 1. BARNEY HUSER Entered 3: Letterman Club 4: Baseball 2, 3: Swing Band 4. BILL I-IUTCHISON Letterman Club 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Speech Forum Vice- President 4: Student Council 2, 3: Desert Gazette 3, 4: Panther Trails 3: Vice-President Junior glass: Vice-President Freshman ass. BOB HYMER CAROL IRVIN Senior Class Treasurer: G.A.A. 4: Girls' League 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4. JOE JACKSON Hi-Y 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Football 2: Track 4. JIM JACOBS Entered 2: Masque and Sandal 4. ROBERT JONES Entered 3: Band 3, 4. SID KAIN Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Speech 4: Student Council 4: Letterman Club, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 4: All- State Football 4: All-State Bas- ketball 4. ED KEHOE Band 1: "B" Squad Football 1. LOUISE KELCH Glee Club 2, 3: Panther Trails 3: Desert Gazette 3, PHYLLIS KERNAGHAN Entered 25 Girls' League 2, 3, 45 Drivers' Training 43 Panther Trails 4. JEAN KILBURY Entered 3: F.H.A. 3, Masque and Sandal 4: Girls' League 3, 4. MARGO KUDZMI Masque and Sandal 33 Speech Forum 4: Glee Club 2g Girls' League 3, 4. JUDY KUZMA Girls' League 3, 4: Drivers' Train- ing 3. HOPE LATHAM Masque and Sandal 33 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 Girls' League 2, 3, 4. GEORGE LEFFERTS Entered 3: Football 3, -lg Basket- ball 3, 4: Baseball 3. -4: Letterman Club 4. JACKIE LEVENGOOD Entered 2: Girls' League 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 4. BILLY LEWERS Football 2, 3, 43 Letterman Club 3, 4: Speech Forum 4. JUNE LEWIS G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 41 Glee 2, 3, 45 I-Iomeroom President lg Home- room Representative 1: Y-Teens lg Girls' League 2, 3, 43 "A" Club 4, Honor Society 3, 43 Cheer- leader 23 Masque and Sandal 43 Pep Squad 4. DOUG LINDSLEY Entered 3: Football 3, 4: Baseball 3: Key Club 43 Speech Forum 31 Home room President 4. CAROLYN LINDSTROM Entered 4, Glee Club 4. ROBERT LOWE Boys' Glee 13 Football 2, 3, -lt Basketball 2: Baseball 2. BOB LUNDBOLM Band 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1: Basket- ball lg Football 1: Masque and garsdal 43 School Swing Band 1, WALLY LUNDBOLM Baseball 3: Letterman Club 3. ROSEMARY LUX Girls' League 2, 3, 45 Desert Ga- zette 4: Panther Trails 4, Pep Squad 4. PATRICIA MANN Entered 43 Girls' League 4. DOROTHY MARRS Homeroom Secretary 23 Girls' League 2, 3, 45 Masque and Sandal BOB MATHESON Entered 33 Hi-Y 4: Speech Forum DOROTHRY McCAW Entered 3: Girls' League 3, 4. MARGARET MCKENZIE Entered 3: Girls' League 3, 4. BOB McMILLIN gllie lp Football 3, 4: Baseball JOHN MEIKEL NATALIE MILLER Entered 3: Girls' League 3, 4. ANDY MILLS Entered 23 Masque and Sandal 4 SHERMAN MOLL Entered 4. RAY MORRISON MAXINE MORROW G.A.A. 43 Pep Squad 43 Masque and Sandal 43 Girls' League 2, 3, 4. DEAN NELSON Football 3. 4. TOM NEMESH PHYLLIS NEWMAN Entered 2, Band 2, 3, 4: Desert Gazette 3, 4: Panther Trails 3: Girls' League 2, 3, 4. GERALDINE OWEN Glee Club 13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. President 43 "A" Club Treasurer 43 National Honor So- ciety 4: Girls' League 2. 3, 4: Homeroom Treasurer 1, 4: Home- room Representative 25 "105" Bowling 43 Pep Squad 4, Sports Leader 4. JACK PADDOCK WILLIAM PARKS Glee Club 4. DICK PAYNE FRANK PELLICCI Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, -lg Hi-Y Treasurer 4, Key Club -1, Student Council 4: Panther Trails 4, Desert Gazette 4: Speech For- um 4: Basketball 2. FREDERICK PHIPPS Entered 4. RICHARD PHIPPS Speech Forum 4. MARY POGGENPOHL National Honor Society 43 Girls' League 3, 4. BURT POWERS Football l, 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Letterman Club 2, 3, 43 Key Club 41 Speech Forum 43 Homeroom President 3, 4. NAOMI PRICE Girls' League 3, 4: Pep Squad 4: Masque and Sandal 4: Speech Forum 4. JOHN RAMSEY Hi-Y 4: Basketball 4: Baseball Manager 4: Homeroom Official 4. WILBERT RASMUSSEN LEROY RECKARD Football 3. JANET REES Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club Treasurer 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 "A" Club 3, 41 "A" Club Secretary 43 "105" Bowling Club 3, 43 Girls' League 2, 3, 43 Girls' League Vice- President 35 Girls' League Presi- dent 43 Homeroom Secretary 3: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Speech Forum 35 National Honor Society 3, 4, Pep Squad 4. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club Presi- dent 4g Masque and Sandal 4: Girls' League 3, 4. JACK ROSEBERRY National Honor Society 4, Key Club Treasurer 43 Homecoming Chairman 4, Pep Squad 4: Bausch- Lomb Science Award 4. CARL ROSEVEARE Band 1, 2, 3, 4. LORETTA SEIBOLD G.A.A. 3, 4: Y-Teens 1: Girls' :League 2, 3, 43 Drivers' Training MARILYN SERGEANT Entered 33 Girls' League 3, 43 Publicity Head of Girls' League 43 National Honor Society 43 Desert Gazette 3, 43 Panther Trails 3, 43 Editor of Panther Trails 43 Girls' Glee 3, 4: Girls' Trio 33 Peo Squad 43 Girls' State 33 Mixed Quartet 3, 4. BEVERLY SHAW Entered 33 Y-Teens 33 G.A.A. 3, 43 Girls' League 3, 43 Panther Trails 43 Desert Gazette 43 Masque and Sandal 43 Homeroom Treas- urer 43 Girls' League 43 Pep Squad 4. WINSTON SHUMAKER Masque and Sandal 43 Speech Forum 43 Track 4. CAROL SHURTZ Girls' League 2, 3, 4: Honor So- ciety 3, 43 Marching Squad 3: Pep Squad 4. CHARLES SMITH ROGER SIMMONS football 3. 41 Baseball 3, 43 Hi-Y DAVE SMITH Entered 33 Basketball 3, 43 Masque and Sandal 3, 4. GORDON SMITH I-Ii-Y 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 3, 4. MARJORIE SMITH Entered 43 Girls' League 43 Masque and Sandal 43 Speech Forum 4, BILL SMITH Letterman Club 2, 3, 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 4: Track 23 Desert Gazette 4. JEANETTE SOUTER Desert Gazette 4: Panther Trails 43 Girls' League 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 33 Pep Squad 4. CECILI A SOZA Girls' League. DUANE SPAIN Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Na- tional Honor Society 3. 4: Key Club 4: Football 2. JOAN STEWART Y-Teens l: National Honor So- ciety 3, 4: Girls' League 2, 3, 4: Glee 1: Marching Squad 1: Pep Squad 4. ZENA SULLIVAN G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' League 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Secretary 4: Homeroom Treasurer 2, 3: Pep Squad 4. RITA SWITZER Entered 4: Girls' League. RUTH SWITZER Entered 4: Girls' League. RALPH TAYLOR Entered 3: Glee 3. GORDON THOMPSON Entered 4: Navy Veteran. EVERETT THURSTON Key Club 4: Senior Vice-Presi- dent 4. JIM TOLKAN Entered 3: Football 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Letterman Club 4: Speech For- um 4: President of Homeroom 4: gresident Speech Forum 4: Glee JOAN TOLKAN Entered 3: Glee 4: Y-Teens 4: Girls' League 3, 4: Homecoming Queen 4. BILL VELTOVEN JOE VEN UTI Orchestra: Swing Band 4: Foot- ball: Track: Hi-Y 4: Key Club 4: Masque and Sandal: Speech For- um 4: Sophomore Class President: Junior Class President: Letter- man Club. DON VOGEL Entered 33 Football 43 Basketball PEGGY WALTERS Entered 4g Girls' League. PAUL WALTZ Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2. 31 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Letterman Club 2, 3, 43 I-Ii-Y President 42 Homeroom President 2. GINGER WEBER A National Honor Society 3, 41 Pep Squad 43 Girls' League 3, 41 Y- Teens 3: F.H.A. 3. GERALD WESTER Letterman Club l, 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y 4: Masque and Sandal President 4: Homeroom President 1. 2, 4: Stu- dent Council 1, 2, -lg Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 23 Baseball Manager 2: Track 4. -A 3' SALLY WILLIAMS Entered 4: G.A.A. 45 Pep Squad 4. ANNE YVOLFF Entered 3: Desert Gazette 43 Pan- ther Trails 4g G.A.A. 33 Kilowatt Club 43 Drivers' Training 33 Girls' League 3. 4: Pep Squad 4. JOAN WRIGHT Entered 2g Girls' League 2, 3, -lg Panther Trails 4: Y-Teens 2: G.A.A. 2. 33 Drivers' Training 31 Desert Gazette 4. IRMA HUBER Entered 41 Girls' League -ig Pep Squad 4. JUHICDRS Junior faculty spo sors left to rxght Mr Robert Colvuell 'VIr Harold Taylor Mlss 'VIar garet Erdman Mr Howard fleld Th1S yeal s junlor class has proven to be a hald workmg group and a credlt to Am ph1theater Under the leadershlp of Ke1th Clawson presldent Bob Gastelum VICE pres1dent She1la Sm1th secretary and her twm slster Shlrley treasurer the years strategy was planned The class worked tirelessly 1n 1ts effort to carry 1tS most 1m portant project the Jun1or Semor Prom to a successful concluslon Work on the Prom was begun as early as the first week of school when the group sponsored a magazlne subscrlptlon drlve The drlve was profitable both to the class and the rnagazlne dlstrlbutors A back to school dance 1n the fall and a Juruor dance at rn1d year alded materlally 1n preparlng the class for the Prom The Prom was held at the El R10 Country Club on May 6 The general theme of the annual affalrvsas Stardust Mr Robert Colwell Mr Harold Taylor Mr Howard Beazely and MISS Margaret Erdman class sponsors handled most of the arrangements Next years sen1ors Wlll contrxbute such outstandmg athletes as Frank Gastelum Phll Egleston and Bob Hart to the 49 football squad The class promlses to be very capable of leadlng the student body next year as semors Left to r1ght, row 1 Shella Smlth, Ke1th Clawson, Bob Gastelum Row 2 Carolyn Watkms, Glenn Crlger, Doug Sanders, Ed Lefferts -ram' 26 CALA ., ,AAHAV H I ,,. ., , ,,. . Z5 ,Q V, ,xi i . fr, k . . ' H v , V ' U Beazley. Mrs. Harriet Red- vi r A H V, ' 'zz N ' .af if gg T 1 1 to A- ffl 1 I ' . s i v ' 4 7 7 Y 7 9 1 ' 5 ' . , , ' f If 37 . . , . , . 7 7 Y ' , . . . . 7 ' s , . 3 is fx Q Q A s ur' W.. mv? gzzeww ff, 'xt X Left to right, row 1' Billy Kern. Augusta Klingcnlnier, VVaync King. Don Kinnan. GL-orzzc Klcinleld. Esther Knopf. Dick Laemmel. Betty Lee. Dale Loc. Row 2: Robert Lee. Norma Luc. Ed Lcllcrts. Janice Lcvengood. Virginia Linn-oln. Joyce Lindstrom. Bill Linville. Paul Koch. Margie Lundgfren. Row 3: Ann Lowe. Loren Mann. Dick Morrison. Frmd McAninch. Patti BICCarron. Janive ML-Connell. Patfy McCoy. Nelson Mc!-ienzie. Joan Meadows, Row -tx Dorothy Bleikle. Everett Miller. Dorif Mxnnard. John Mulhorn. Alice Nelhonr Ronald Nelson. Cathcrine Noe. Mary Lou Noren. Don Nuukolls. Row 5: Dorothy Olivet. Marizmric Olson. Leroy Purrussel. Doris Peterson. Gordon Pctewon. Doug Pollt-n. Doris Rl'lSl'lE0I'. Marilyn Rico. Jeannette Rlcra. Row 6: Eleanor Rohrhcck, Rita Romer. Bill Romr,-r. Doug Sands-rf. Homard Saunclurr. LL'l'1lj' Sziwy nr. Put Sn-licllwhiniclt. Lee Srhtllrurt, Kenneth Scofield Row T: Arlt-mg St-cdort. Prisrilla St-nnmg. Mt-lvin Shurtz. Joan Settlcmirt-. B8I'iJ8I'1l Sigournc-y. Frzmkic Slmmonx. Conrziti Slonukt-r. Arlene Smith. Richard Smith. Row 8: Sarah Smith. Sheila Smith. Sliirlc-3' Smith, Vt-rna Loc Smith. Don Stephciifon. Shirley Stuart. Charlottc Sullivan. B1-ttv Taylor. Jeanie Thorne, 28 ,- ww f - - ,? fb , , 4 , I to gh! um 1: LUIS Jo Jada Hug!! Joy WSQIIOXXQKI Ron 2 R11 hald Wasrm Carolxn SGPI-IGIHCDRES 'sf Sophomore acultv sponsors left to rrght Mrs Elsre Sullrvan Mr Ed Rrcheson Mrs Vrvran Bancroft Mrs Lorrarne Gleeson Mrs 7elma Latner Mrs Ada Fugate Thrs years outstandrng sophomore class had as ltS leader James Gould Assrstlng hrm as vrce presrdent secretary and treasurer respectrvely w re Shrrley Malone Helen Colwell and Carol G11 key Carol toolf over the Job of secretary when Helen Colwell dropped Robert Booth was the class representatrxe to the student councrl The sponsors vxere Mrs Vrvran Bancroft Mrs Lorrarne Gleason Mr Ed Rrcheson Mrs Els1e Sullrxan and headed by Mrs Ada Fugate The sophomores 'hrs year were qurte a large class wrth about one hundred and nrnety students One of then outstandrng personalrtres rn the sports field was Fred Schuh He played a very good end pos1t1on rn football forward rn basketball and centerfield rn baseball Outstandrng rn the musrc department was Marrlvn Taylor who was the prano accompanrst to the adxanced Gnls Glee Club She along wrth Marlene Allen and Jane Ralston were the only sopho mores rn the advanced grrls group In the Boys Glee Club the outstandrng soph was bass Ed Tucker On Frrday Aprrl 1 the sophomores put on therr annual Sophomore Hop The theme for the dance was Aprrl Showers The general charrman was Robert Booth wrth B111 Kautenburger Carol Grlkey Janette Wolf Gordon Cheshrre Drck Grrdly and Nancy Jones assrstrng hrm as the heads of varrous cornmrttees Thrs year was the first vear rn Amphltheater for many of the sophomores About eleven to fifteen per cent of the sophomores have been on the honor roll thrs year Let to rrght row l Bob Booth Shrrlu Malone Jrnr Could Carol Grlkey Row 2 Jack Mave Joan Egg man Hazel Ballard Vrrgrn ra Dunham 30 . . . " 'N - - s..-1 . ' f ., V I - ' ' , . , . ' ' . ,H t . . . . . . . ' . . ' 3 . '. ' - , e . . , . ' L ' 1 , ,, . , . , . , . 'r ' V , . . L If i 1 , . e V 1 . , , . . , . - - ' 1 Y . . , ' , . Y 3 Y ' LA 1' , YY ' ' ' ' 7 7 7 7 ' ,. . . ' f , . .v 1 Y . 1 ., 1 I . ' . . ' . v ' 7 7 - A , l - .. First row: Clovis Abbot. Don Albrecht. Burtram Aley. Bob Allen. Doris Allen. Marlene Allen. Joan Ash. Mary Ellen Babb. Alvin Barber. Second row: Bob Bally. Hazel Ballard. Melba Baucliard. Doris Bayless. Jancnne Beard. Connie Beskburger. Joseph Berger. Bob Booth. Patsy Brammer. Third row: Baibara BranCati.ViCt01 Brierly. Roland Briggs Bobby Brihni. Tnelma Brool-is. Bonnie Brown. Charles Euchheit. Lyle Calverl. Betty Cantrell. Fourth row: Polina Carlson. Don Carter. Stewart Case. Hazel Christy. Dirk Clark. Allen Cohen. Nona Cox. Allan Cris- tal. Marv Grace Cruzen. Fifth row. Jack Dalrymple. Ramon Daniel. Nina D'Anna David Davis. Diane Dav15.Ja!nes Desermeaux. Jean Dicker- son. Nelda Dinxviddie. Frances Dolan. Sixth row: Verla Donovan. David Doty. Joan Eggman. Jack Erny. David Foley. Lorne Foss. Robert Fricks. Ellen Gee. Danny Gentile. Seventh row: David Gerhardt. Helen Gibbons. Carol Gill-iey. Ricliard Girdley. Earl Glover, Barbara Godi'ray. Holis God- win. James Gould. Robert Greeley. Eighth ron: Tom Gross. John Gueeiardo. Norma Hale, John Hand. Donovan Hawn. Dean Henry. Dwight Irwin, Larry Jarkson. Nancy Jones 31 Y 3 fl 5. 'S x s. .F 'st xl tj ,- 5. xfx it -I Ninth row' Ray Kanaszewski. William Kautenburger, Thornas Keating. Ethel Koreman, Elaine Lash, Billy Laubner, Alfonso Lamanna, William Lawson. Robert Lebo. Tenth row: Janet I.iska. Barbara Lundbohm, Shirley Malone. John Marusa, Jack Mayes. Pat McDumatt, Bernell Mc- Coy. Ann McCoske-X. Pat Rlessinger. Eleventh row: Sharleen Meyer, Ronnie Miller, Put llogle. Jim LXIah0ney. Jerry Moore, Lou Ann Morgan. Nadine Mor- tensen. Jerry Nehmeir, Teddy Nlcoll. Txx alfth row: Bob North. Eugene O'Nt-ul. Gilbert Ortiz. Sgridra Palmer. Ruth Parks. Dorothy Parris. Paul Payne, Lar- ry' Peel, Blarviii Penton. Thirteenth row: Carol Peterson. Ricliaid Poe. June Ralston. Artl.L1r Ramirez. Jack Ramsey. John Ramsey. Grace Reneh. Willis Riha. Sur- Rive. Fourteenth row: Dorothy Richardson. Judy Ricliairlson. Leis Rtelaardfon. Wendell Rlehins. Roy Ritson, Philipe Rivera, Constant-e Rowley, Rlzirrin Samuelson, Dorothy Schiff. Fitteenth row: Fritz Sehmiw. Fred Schuh. Frederick Sclievxe-ppc. Clydene Settle. Lorna Shultz. Arthur Sjoerdsman, Jean Small. Surah Smelser. Jane Smith. Sixteenth roxx: Doloris Spain. Bob Steinlxiek. Dirk Stein. Diane Strickland. Kola Swaini. Aline Swinehart. Betty Tay- lor. Bonnie Taylor. Nlarily n Taylor. 32 LNK Nt Seventeenth row: Barbara Valentine, Ted Wallers. John Wasilowski, Tommy Watkins. Mary Ella Weaver. Pat Webstex Phillip Weimer, Betty White. Janette Wolf. Bobby Woods. Florance Yager, Frank Zuern A new slant to cookmg Ah, what a busy place. Boys will be boys. W 3-F, ,S ' FRESHIHEID. 4' in fx 'exif if H' N ' Freshman faculty sponsors, left to right: Mr. Richard Barnes. Mr. Robert Hiatt, Mr. Richard Murray, Mrs. Isabel Geis. Mr. Orville Dishaw. The year of 1948 and '49 was a banner year for the freshmen who have completed one year of their high school career. The group began the year by demonstrating the talents and abilities of the class in the freshman assembly. They tried their hand at social affairs with the annual freshman dance. The general theme, t'Rhapsody in Blue", was carried out with blue lights and other similar dec- orations. The class excelled in athletic prowess, too, as freshmen provided the backbone for the "Little Panthers" "B" football squad. Chuck Williams made the most spectacular play of the sea- son he raced 98 yards along the sidelines for a touchdown in a game with the Tucson Indian School. The girls in the class proved they deserved their place in the sun by many times beating jun- ior and senior teams in volleyball, basketball and badminton. The freshman class ofiicers, Danny Peterson, president: Helen Hutchinson, vice-president: Des- mond Miller, secretary: Harry Wagner, treasurer and Jo McFate, student council representative, proved to be efficient in filling their positions and carrying out their duties. If the group continues along the present lines, next year's sophomore class promises to be one of the best Amphi has seen. dents, left to right, row 1: Jack Harris, Caro Albrecht, Ralph McKerracher. Billy Smith Row 2: Helen Hutchinson, vice-president president: Desmond Miller, secretary. Freshman class officers and homeroom presi- 1 Harry Wagner, treasurer: Danny Petersoni Row Ab -gt .X X v x hott. P., Adair. Rl. L., Adams. C.. Albrecht, C. Allison, D., Austhof. E.. Austhof, E., Austhof. E.. Auvil. J.. Bailcy. K., Billings. C.. Bir. G., Blot-her. I... Bolinger, C.. Braden, R., Bradtield, M. Bredberg, E,. Brown, E., Brown, 2, Rmx' 11 Yulrlrlllmlx J. Vmly. S. Culuan. L. f4'll'lll'l'll I Vmllxv-l:lN.I'f Rmx mlmlwx. B1 liullms. l. V. D1 Ruxx' Il: Dullllzmx R.. Enemy I". Eliiilllilll. F1 har. J Run' 1' Cux'm'x.l.. 'l'. Gt'L'Illll. I . Gulclenbe J.. I'I2lI'lZIL'l'. I! Run 5' Haxkell, Nl . Haskell. fi I Hgluglllzl D.. Hme. S. lluelu-f. B. Run fi' Hull. D. Hmvlxlnsun. ll. Ingallf. I'fllTL'iill-C. T Rfm T: Kxwef T Kxwx. l.. Knamae. Fl.. Linvllle. FT D. l'zn'ps-mer, D.. i'a:c-N. D. Cavzxrmznlxmlm. R Cllrzzmuwska. L. Clarke. R. Clnwson l'1ll'lllL1I1Ill. B. Gm. Xl . lII'llXXlllll5llll'ICl N. Clulnlnulmlvl. A. Dava. D. Dvmlv, I. IJQ-vore. D., Dull. C.. Diaz. H. , .-X. Iimem, C. Eppluy. .I . Eytln. Nl Fgmnme. J.. I-':n'me1'. V. Ifelflmnn. NI . Fox. XV. Ill. S. Gmyblll. R . G1 een. l..G111t!e:ul..I. I'IiifI,I1l'I'. R..Ha1lne1'.W. lIagu.K..Ha1'r1s m. J . Ilzxupt. D. lleclrxuli. J. Ileucll-xrmm. D L. Henman. R.. Ilenbun. B.. Hldalglo L' . .Iuckfm1. P. .lulmfmm N.. Jones. D. Keene. K.. Kelly. Nl . Kuzma. J. Kelhurg. J. Krelb. NI. Ku-glmllxl. N.. Krueger. R. KLlEl'l. R I.. Lacy. D. Lebo. L. Ledger. S. Row 2' Llvy. K . I.1SILlI. D.. Lltlle. B. Lopez. D.. Lovelace. R Sxvltzcer. C.. KI3L'GLD'.X'3I1, W.. Nlaye. J.. AIU.-XIIIIEIIIX. J. 3lL'C'on nell. ll. XIVIEHIIICI. D. 35 Row 1' Nlt'Dov.'ell. S. Mt'Fate. J.. 3ICKe:'raclter. R.. 3IcDi2lC5'. E.. Meyer. R.. Miller. D.. Mitchell. L.. Montgomery. B.. Mrouse NI.. Nc-cfm-. B.. Nelson. R. Row 2: Newton. M.. Nordman. M.. Blyberg. J.. Osborn. P.. Paddock. D. Parks. J.. Parry, R.. Petersen. D.. Peterson. D. Pivkcfring. F.. Pierce. D. Rm-.' 3: Rama. R.. Reed. D.. Renes. J.. Richard. L.. Richardson. L.. Riehlman. P.. Risnor. R.. Ritson. S.. Robson. B. J.. Rohr heck. C.. Romans. B Row 4: R'-sas. INI.. Ross. C.. Sabisch. P.. Saunders. J.. Schafer. J. SL-haeHer. Schueller. B.. Schueller. J.. Scott. B.. Sears. L. Sennmg. D. Row 5' Shelton. S., Shi'ewsbui'y. D.. Shurtz. J.. Sietz. M.. Simmons. R.. Small. R.. Smith. B.. Smith. G.. Smith. E.. Sommer Feld S.. Sonic. C. Row 6: Spaiks. J.. Sprint-er. W.. Stafford. M.. Stephens. Stephens. J.. Stevens. D.. Strickland, S.. Sturgeon V.. Taylor. H. Taylor. W.. Terrell. J. Row T: Thotrpson. V.. Thurston. C., Turner. C.. Turner. E. Unrah. J.. Vasquez A.. Wal1e.V.. Wagner. H.. Wagner. J.. Walters P. Watkins. B. Rov. 8' Wavlvlck. Cf. Wliiteltcad. D..W1ll1am.4.C,.W1ll1anis.C.. Wltcher. C, Witt. M.. Wolfi. V.. Wright. S.. Yeager. M Zaniler. B. Zinack. Nl. L. 36 'five M 41. ...W . Eighth grade faculty sponsors. row l. left to right: Mr. W'illiam Eighth grade homeroom presidents. left to right. roxx l Pa I.eBoil', Miss Catherine XVrenchy, Mr. Allan Sterrett. Row 2: Geniec, Carolyn Roseberry, Tom Dirixxiddie. Ron 21.latk Nia Mrs. Betty Tipton. Mr. Hal Wayte. Ronald Hittenberger. EIGHTH GRADE. An eighth grade student is a student with an exciting future. It's his "getting ready year." Getting ready for graduation, getting ready for senior high-life, getting ready for big team com- petition or that hoped for place in Amphi's snappy high school band. No wonder our eighth grade is such an active and busy class. Look what's in store for them. Concrete proof of this preparedness was evidenced by this year's top junior-high class in their assemblies and in their studies, and in their aptness in the afternoon dancing classes held every Wednesday and Friday, and which were sponsored by the Tucson recreation department. The eighth grade will remember 1948-49 socially. too. Gay Christmas parties and end-of- the-year picnics will never be forgotten. The National Honor Assembly held every year for the classes was presented on May 13. This assembly was especially interesting as it showed the progress of the students who are now ready for high school. The graduation exercises were held May 24 at 8:00 p.m. on the Panther Memorial field. Now these students have left their preparation days behind them and are ready to be fullfledged high school students. Albert D.: Brancati. T.: Bronson. D.: Burge. F.: Campbell, C.: Cocklin. D.: Crane. C.: Crisman M.: Davis. J.: Donahugh, l.: Durham S.: Fisher, N.: Foiles. C.: Foster. P.: Hartzler, T.: Ht-mining. M.: Hittenberger. R.: l'ioc-hstotter, NI.: Kerher, S.: MeCarl. T.: Miner, J.: Oldham. C.: Pierce. B.: Russell. L.: Samuelson, L.: St-hat-hter. K.: Seibold. E.: Shelton. B.: Syversui. ii: Terry. V1 Waite. J.: Wolff, B. T' ,hm i Xl' 'Stk 5-'H fi il. ' 37 8-H2 2 X' Q Abrams, H.: Amstutz, D.: Anton. H.: Babcock, N.: Bleich. M.: Bowen, J.: Caciappo, T.: Cooke. G.: Davies, D.: Falk A.: Farmer C.: Fathera, G.: Figzeri, F.: Fries, M.: Greegan, J.: Geniec, P.: Geniec, W.: Hadey, E.: Hardy, R.: Hayden, J.: Irwin, R.: Ketchem, F.: Kralls, L.: Latham, M.: Macholtz, M.: Mason, F.: Morris, D.: Oliver. A.: Ouzts, S.: Owens, D.: Riccio. M.: Pall, S.: Pickrel. A.: Stanley, S.: Snyder. J.: Stough. C.: Sydow, G. Frautenberg, G.: Wright. S. 8-H3 k Yu Q! 9 "B . M . if , 1 1 , 'K .1 1 f Z , 4 is Q X Wi , l 4 'lx . 5 Alegria, L.: Alvarez. M.: Bresnahan, R.: Burgress, K.: Canycz, C.: Claypool. C.: Cruve. P.: Davis. R.: Dinwidclic. T.: Dot J.: Drake. S.: Glover. R.: Godfrey, V.: Goetz, E.: Goodman. J.: Gray. P.: Hodge. D.: Imiiah. NI.: Jansen, E.: Jones. T Kerber, E.: Kohler, D.: Linderstrom. N.: Nelson. J.: Schmitz, W.: Small. J.: Stan1'rii'd, B.: Sullivan. A.: Thurston. J Whitaker, P.: Williams. P.: Wolii. B.: Zeestraten. P. 38 8-H4 Aasland, G.: Bach, A.: Beck, J.: Cook, N.: Criger, W.: Daley, B.: Eisiminger, A.: Faux, E.: Gage, B.: Gastelum, M.: Graham, D.: Honaker, S.: Horner, J.: Hunter, B.: Jacob, J.: Juene, M.: Gebbons, F.: Overstreet, B.: Price, H.: Pringle, S.: Rasmussen, B.: Rogers, B.: Roseberry, C.: Ruck, P.: Salla- Rcafig C.: Egnger, A.: Smith, D.: Stermer, F.: Stewart, M.: Tucker, E.: Webb. R.: Wholen, P.: 1 lams, . 8-H5 V Allison, D.: Bullington, T.: Butler. D.: Elbers, A.: Dennis. A.: Estes, L.: Fiaroni. R.: Graybelt. T.: Grifhth. D.: Huss. J.: D Jhn on J NI 'eskx B M rkl J 'XXCCOX R MCCON T NIcDaniel NI Nliller K Humphreys. L.: Hunts, .: o s . -1. aJ .1 . a e, .: . .: . .: . . . .3 . . .g Osborn. R.: Perrxessel, D.: Roberson, L.: Smith. F.: Smith, K.: Smith. S.: Steineback, W.: Swinehart. I.: Taylor. J.: Wilcos. N.: Menger, L. 39 'lv BS X67 . . ,NJN Seventh grade faculty sponsors, lctt to right' Miss Diana Lovett. Seventh grade homeroom presidents, let't to right, row 1: Dennis Mrs. Harriet Nichols. Miss Rita Gallagher. Xlrs. Eva Richcrson, Price, Elaine Walworth. Howard Ault. Row 2: Stanley Rose, Mrs. Margaret Broun. Not present, Mr. Samuel Lohlaglin Glen Oldham. SEVENTH GRHDE .. This year the seventh grade of Amphitheater has had many interesting activities. Since they are beginning their preparation for high school, they learned quickly the responsibilities, fun and routine of high school life. They have had several parties, such as Christmas parties in each of the home room sections and school picnics at the cnd of the year. These picnics and parties were enjoyed by all who attended and they are looking forward to the gaiety of their next year's activities and gradu- ation in May. The seventh grade has been holding dances in the Teen-Canteen building all during the past year. Square dances were also held quite often which were called by Mr. A. Clawson. The recreation department of Tucson helped to instruct and supervise the afternoon dancing classes which were held on Wednesdays and Fridays. The annual honor assembly which is held each year to award outstanding students took p lace on May 13 in the auditorium. 7-H1 Abbot. J.1 Adams. S.: Aley. S.: Anders. L.: Averill. P.: Bennett. M.: Canez. C.: Case. F.: Clark. E.: Colxvell, O.: De Busk. R.:Fox. W.1 Gilliam, B.: Hawley. E.: Hazel, M.: Hertzog, C.: High. M.: Huyser, J.: Keating, P.: LeClair, R.: Lee, J.: Long. C.: Peacock. L.: Raines. B.: Rivera, F.: Russell, L.: Sabisch. N.: Scarbrough. 1-I.: Stucker, J.: Walworth. E.: Wag- ner. C.: Warner, M.: Wester, A. 40 2-. 7 V 4 X 7 fl 2 'NJ , I , f I Q 1, '52 s rg W -- ,V E il.. Q 1 5 1 3 4 N1 45: ig, r J if Brown: M.: Burge. J.: Caswell. L.: Crowninshield. T.: Fleming. J.: Frederick. P.: Gardi. J.: Garver. B.: Gibbons. C. Hardwick, N: Harris, J.: Harris. S.: Huebner. M.: Keene. C.: Lytle, P.: Mann. L.: Maxwell, L.: Miley, C.: Miner. D. Oldham. G.: Padlield. R.: Parker, J.: Potts. J.: Potts. J.: Rigdon, J.: Switzer, M.: Syverscrud: A.: Tanguay, M.: Urschel. C.: Valencia. T.: Van Zant. E.: Wright, J. 7 -P13 al Q V 1 2 6 19 , N 3 1 5' 6 . at 1 f L Z Q 4 A E S :YM Adair. M.: Ault. H.: Baldridge. B.: Ballinger. D,: Barney. A.: Beck, R,: Brommer. W.: Bradforcl. R.: Crane. A.: Cropcho C.: Davis. R.: Edington, R.: Engmann. R.: Eppley. M.: Giley. G.: Gray. K.: Hessom. P.: Hooley. T,: Johnson, V.: Jones M.: Karns. L.: Leikem. J.: McKenzie. D,: Mitchell. B: Nelson, A.: Knagge. N.: Patterson. R.: Pearson. P.: Quen, M. Ruby. L.: Sarri5 G.: Sheaffer. C.: Smith. J.: Tanner, J.: Tilden. L.: Wolf. M. 7-H11 w-- 5 '.. X. ,. ab- Ambacher. P.: Bauf.-hard. A.: Bell. C.: Brady. C.: Brierly, C.: Brown. C.: Chrzanowski. E.: Clark. M.: Currie. J.: Great- house. B.: Groczyk. R.: Herrington, R.: Howell. P,: Jones. J.: Ketchum. S.. Madden. A.: MeMahn. C.: Molina. R.: Mor- gidge. E.: Mabsman, L.: Peel, J.: Price. D.: Ouen. J.: Renning, F.:Romero. J.: Romo, J. Schubert, G.: Leale. T.: Selby H.: Serio. J.: Smith. B.: Terry. L.: Turnberg. H.: Urschell. C.: Woodrow. C. 41 Row 1: Katy Lou Burgess, Nancy Linderstroni. Roberta Krueger, Marilyn Juene, Eleanor Seibold. lwlavis Bennett, Barbara Majesky. Darlene Miner: Pat Lytle. Row 2: Mary Holaway, Peggy Whitaker, Bonita Bird, Toni Cacioppo, Jo Ann Johnston. June Potts. Jean Potts. Loretta Mann. Row 3: Ann Bach, Mary Jane Crisman. Deloris Allison. Thelma McCoy, Fae Smith, Elouise Bell Alta Singer, Matilda I-Ioehstetter. Row 4: Lois Humphrey, Iris Swinehart, Carole Lynn Bliley. Barbara Vlfolf, Mary Alice Gastclum. Theodosia Hartzler, Margine Clark. JUNIOR HIGH G The junior high school Girls' Athletic Association of 1949, under the direction of Miss Diana Lovett, has been very active in girls' sports during the past year. All junior high students are eligible to participate in these different sports. Every girl who joins the organization must com- pete in the various sports on her own time after school, A total of 400 points must be earned to be able to wear a junior high emblem. This emblem is a small letter with the letters G, A. A. printed on it. Faye Smith received her letter last year when she was in the sev- enth grade and was the only girl to receive her letter when in that grade, Approximately fifteen seventh and eighth graders will re- ceive their letters at the end of this year. One girl who is outstanding in sportsmanship. grade average, ability, leadership and service .HH to the school is voted upon by the teachers to win a written certificate for being a good sport at the end of every year. The first six weeks the junior high girls played volleyball and during the second six weeks they started to play basketball. The rest of the first semester and the second se- mester the girls divided their time between horseshoes, softball, deck tennis and many other sports. At the beginning of the school year the girls in the club nominated and elected offi- cers to serve for the year as heads of the club. The girls who were elected officers were Fae Smith. president: Mavonell Mc- Daniel, vice-president: Thelma McCoy, sec- retary: and Deloris Allison. treasurer. The school year ended very successfully with everyone having a good time and lots of fun competing against other teams. i.e:i'ning the ancient art ot the needle are itlnior high sttiden Seventh and eighth graders learn a Swedish dance in P. E. in home economics class. Roxy 1 Margaret Switzer. Arlene Krueger, Donna Davies. Rovt 2 Pauline Frederick. Marjorie Joyce Abbott. Barbara Garver. Mar '. ' VX ,V f 1, A. I. fx-N Wester. Elaine Walworth. Trigger Croyrninshield. Roberta ,Warner. Elaine Nelson, Nancy Linderstrom. Peggy VVhitakcr. ilyn Jilcne, Mary Fries. Betty Raines. Sylvia Lynn. JUDICDR HIGH GLEE CLUB ond BHDD The junior high glee club, under the direction of Miss Margaret Erdman, present- ed a radio program in April and sang at the eighth grade commencement. The group studies theory, history and appreciation of music. They presented a program before the Parent-Teachers' Assosiiation on Back-to- School Night. in November. They added rous- ing music to seven games throughout the basketball season. They provided snappy marches for the tvvirlers at halftime and once presented their clown band which kept an overflow crowd in gales of laughter. In Jan- uary, a radio program was given by the full band. In early February they offered a junior high assembly. In the spring the band became even more busy. They participated in the Tucson Band Festival in the Tucson High Stadium, the Boy Scout Circus and the Amphi Music Festival, They also provided the mu- sic for the eighth grade graduation cere- monies. Officers of the junior high band are: Robert Small, president: Clovis Abbott, vice- president: Fac Smith, secretary: and Dick Taylor, drum major. Mr, Robert L. Jones, apprentice teacher from the University of Arizona, is assistant conductor at all pl'0- grams. --3.-::52:5f:gE5i'.:j55 If 35 : 3: M gifgaiig? g2if-321321 ifjj vgt1girf::,5f513 -5:35-,T-T:::,:fE:'E:5f, :Ez-'E5.:Z:g-1:7-:Z :1'-37-'ii its-'ii-:lil '-.12 :'?d:'i5:..,-"-:?- My - 431. .1 3 if-ww ...f""",-1-'.-gff,.."5..' .-'L-T- MCAT- -- -wig HTHLE-ITICS 1 4 y 'E' -1.Q.,.. 'WIP The Football team. left to right, row 1: Earl Colwell. Joe Venuti, Jim Tolkan,. Robert Lowe, Ed Let't'ev'ts. Doue Lindslr-v. Gerald Wester. Larry Hart. Bill Hutchison. Sidney Kain. George Lefferts. Row 2: Phil Egleston. Jack Ellis. Bobby Hart. Dick Franz. Frank Pellicci. Roger Simmons. Billy Lewers. Phil Gucciardo. Don Vogel. Row 3: Dean Nelson. Harold Swisher. Fred Schuh. Bob Hunter. Willis Riba, Bill Kautenburger. Conrad Slonaker. Jim Mahoney. Row -lx Coach McCain. Ed Frazier. Frank Gasteluin. Larry Peel. Coach Beazley. FQCDTEHLL... Coach Murl McCain finished his second year at Amphitheater as head football and track couch. McCain's football team ended with a 5-4-1 record this year and his track team showed strength in several positions. George Genung. head basketball and base- ball coach, also finished his second year here at Amphi. Genung's basketball team, in its tirst year of class "A" ball. went all the way to the finals of the state class "A" basketball tournament held in Phoenix. Genung's base- ball team did very well this year for its Erst year of class "A" competition. Howard Beazley. a popular teacher and an excellent football scout. Filled an assist- ant's place when it came time for practice. Mr. Beazley took charge of thc team on Monday and explained the opponents' various defenses and offenses. Mr. Richard Barnes coached the Amphi- theater "B" squad in basketball this year. Although the "B" squad didn't have a very impressive record, Coach Barnes has several promising players for next year's "A" squad. In his second year here at Amphitheater, Mr. Barnes teaches general math and first year algebra. Mr. Kenneth Patterson, in his first year at Amphi. did an excellent job in coaching the Panther "B" squads in football and base- ball. Mr. Patterson is also a wood shop and mechanical drawing teacher. KIURI, fllt-CAIN HOWARD BEAZLEY KEN PATTERSON fl li lla., QP' Above left. Joe Venuti spilled after ai short ,Quin against Superior. Above, Ve- nuti on the loose against Douglas. At left the boys hold Tucson on the 1-yard line. Annual Review on Football Games Ainphi-T-ff Bisbee-13 The Panthers opened their 19-18 grid sea- son by losinu to 21 better than ziverzige Bisbee Punizi eleven 1.3-7. The Panthers showed opening game nervousness by fumbling very treout-ntljv. The Pumzis seored in the first ond third ouzirters while "Sniffer" Tolkan :Qeored Aiiipiiik lone tally with four minutes lt-tt in the tinzil quarter. The Pumtis stopped an great Panther rally on the four-yard line git the elose ol' the gzinie. Bobby llzirt was by for the outstanding offensive player for the Panthers in this twine. PHIL EGLESTOX Riuht Guard .-XRIA COLWELI. Luv llalzbaeli .IA CK ELLIS Fulllfaek Amphi-12-Tueson-21 The Panthers met their eross-eity' rivals. the Tucson Badgers, for the first time on September 24 tit Tueson Senior High School Stadium. The Badgers were the fzivorites amd looked it Lis they took ti eoinniainding l-1-0 lead by intermission. The Panthers ezime buck in the set-ond halt' with Bobby Hurt leading them to two touehdowns while the Bzidgers seored onee. Jzieli Ellis. Amphi tull- bziek. plziyed great fiCl.l'I'1SlX't' and otlensixw- bull for the Panthers. Lett End Qiiiiittrlmt X1 A-6 4-A E FRANK G.-XSTELLNI HO!! HART we Y LARRY HART BOB HUNTER BILL I-IUTCHISON SIDNEY KAIN GEORGE LEFFERTS Quarterback Center Right Guard Right Tackle Left Tackle BILLY LEWERS DOUG LINDSLEY DEAN NELSON FRANK PELLICCI FRED SCHUH Left Guard Fullback Center Right End Left End HAROLD SWISHER JIM TOLKAN Lett Haltbark Lett Haltback Amphi-26-Glendale-T After two Weeks' rest the team traveled to Glendale via Greyhound bus and gained their first victory ol the season over the class "A" Glendale Cardinals. The Cardinals put up a strong defense against the Panthers in the first half and held them to a 7-7 dead- lock at half. In the second half the running of Joe Venuti was too much for the Cardinals and the Panthers ran off to a 26-7 victory. George Lefferts, Amphi tackle, was outstand- ing on defense for the Panthers. Amphi-0-Superior-19 Looking beat from the beginning to end, the McCain men fell before a strong Superior Panther eleven. Amphi's ground attack was bottled up all night by the alert Superior JOE VENUTI Right Halfbauk line backers. This loss gave the Panthers one Victory. three losses in the season's play. This was the first and only time the Panthers were held scoreless by an opponent. Joe Venuti, Amphi right half, again was outstanding for the Panthers on offense. Amphi-40YAjo-20 Playing their second away game of the season the Panthers rolled over the herd- fighting Ajo Red Raiders 40-20. The Pan- thers scored most of their points in the first and fourth quarters. The Red Raiders were behind by seven points 27-20 at the close of the third quarter but a late scoring spree climaxed by "Sniffer" To1kan's seventy- seven-yard touchdown gallop assured the Panthers of victory. DON VOGEL GERALD XR ESTER Right End Left Guaid DICK FRANZ BILL ED LEFFERTS Fullback KAUTENBURGER Tackle Halfback Amphi-34-Nogales-0 The Nogales Apaches played their best game of the season by holding the Panthers to a 34-O victory in the border city October 29. The Panthers' ground machine never could get into high gear as the Apaches put up a strong defense. While holding the Apaches scoreless, the Panthers led by "Sniff cr" Tolkan's long runs, scored touchdowns in the first, second, and third quarters and scored twice in the final quarter. Amphi-59--Tolleson-0 'Traveling to Tolleson the Panthers reached their scoring peak of the season as they walloped the VVolverines 59-0. Led by Doug Lindsley, the McCain men never seemed to do anything wrong as their ground attack was in high gear. This victory gave the Panthers a 4 win, 3 loss record for the season. Amphi-42-Prescott-6 The Panthers brought their victory string to four in a row by beating the Badgers in the "Mile High City", 42-6. The Badgers fought hard but could not stop the Panthers' ace halfback, Joe Venuti, who ran all over the field. The whole Panther forward wall played a good defensive and offensive game. Amphi-26--Douglas-26 Returning to Tucson, after four straight FOOTBALL Amphi 7 Bisbee here Amphi l2 Tucson here Amphi 27 Glendale there Amphi 0 Superior here Amphi 40 Ajo there Amphi 34 Nogales there Arnphi 59 Tolleson there Amphi 42 Prescott there Amphi 26 Douglas here Amphi l9 Mesa here Total 265 Average 26.5 Won 5 Lost 4 Tied 1 LARRY PEEL WILLIS RIBA ROGER SININIOINS Tackle Tackle Halfback away games the Panthers were a determined team as they tied a highly regarded Bull- dog eleven 26-26 at T.H.S. stadiurn. Taking advantage of Panthers' fumbles, the Bulldogs scored 20 of their 26 points in the first half while holding the Panthers to 6. The Mc- Cain men, led by Joe Venuti, Larry Hart, "Sniffer" Tolkan, Earl Colwell and Doug Lindsley, came back strong in the second half and tied the Bulldogs with several minutes left in the last quarter. Amphi-l9-Mesa-31 A heavy Jackrabbit forward wall stopped the vaunted Panther ground attack cold as the Jackrabbits defeated the Panthers 31-19 in Amphi's homecoming game at T.H.S. sta- dium November 25. The heavier Mesa line outcharged the Panther line as Panther passers and runners had little protection from big Mesa tacklers. Fourteen of Amphi's seniors played their last game. They were: Sidney Kain, honorable mention all-state: Joe Venuti, first team all class HAT Gerald Wester, first team, all-stateg Bob Hunter, first team Southern Conference. Other play- ers were Frank Pellicci. Larry Hart, Jim Tolkan, Doug Lindsley, George Lefferts, Bill Hutchison. Bill Lewers, Bob McMillin, Robert Lowe and Phil Gucciardo. Pill carrier Earl Colxxcll elude-s two Bisbee players r n is 1. first game ot' the year. 'Q ff :4,1,,. .1 V. X, . . K Vi A gggfqf , ia . Q f ,f , A Te im lett to right, row 1: Bob Hart. Glenn Criger, Loren Mann, Don Estes, Duane Spain. Row 2: Bob Hunt- er Lairx Hart, Howard Sanders, Fred Schuh. Bill Smith, Row 3:1 Burt Powers, Ben Arntz, Sid Kain. John Ram- BHSHETBHLL. GEORGE GENUNG The Panther basketball quintet started out with a win over Saint David at the small town, then lost to a powerful North Phoenix crew. The Panthers did not look very im- pressive the first part of the season. Often they did not play the kind of ball they were capable of playing. The team hit its lowest ebb on the 1343 RICHARD BARNES Bisbee-Douglas trip. They dropped both games. From that time on they practiced be- hind Closed doors and it was hard and long but it seemed to be the right remedy for the team. They won five of their last six season games and went on to play in the finals against Tucson High School. The Panthers were never rated a threat fc ff fl , f' f 'f' flflfff . S M' I X f ff if SIDNEY KAIN BOB X V M VW' HART LARRY HART Center Forward Guard in the tournament-that is before actual play had started. Our Panthers drew Phoenix Union for their first game. They had previously beaten the Coyotes 46 to 45 in their last game. thus splitting a season record with them. The Coyotes won the first game of the season by a 44 to 39 score. This was the game that either made or broke the Panthers and they came out victor- ious by a 47 to 46 score. Then they met and humbled mighty Mesa. who had twice been the yietor oyer Amphi in seasonal encounters. The final score was 40 to 37. The Panthers had earned the name of "Giant Killers" after these games. Eyery- one wondered if they eould repeat the two previous performances against mighty Tuc- son. The Panthers led Tucson in the first quar- ter by the low score ot' 5 to 3. Then Tueson came to life and moyed ahead of the Pan- thers at the half on the long end of a 14 to 11 score. That lead was neyer overtaken by the battle-worn Panthers. Tucson went on to widen the score and won by twenty-three points over the Panthers by a score of 49 to 26. There were many Hrsts in this tournament for our team. lt was the first time a player made first team on the all-state squad. The talented boy was tall Sid Kain. who filled in the center slot. Bob Hart, flashy left-hand- er. was elected captain of the second team and his brother. Larry. receiyed honorable mention. It was also the first time any Amphi team had gone so far in a tournament. Sylyester Taylor and Sid Kain fight for the ball under the basket during the Tucson High-Amphi fray. Ampitheater Opponent Played Dec. 3 -12 St. David There Der. 4 26 North Phoenix Here Dec, lll -l3 Prescott There Der. 11 39 Phoenix Union There Dec 17 -19 St. Marys Here Dec. 18 22 Mesa There Dec. 22 32 Tucson Here Jan. 8 46 Glendale Here Jan, 15 36 Tucson There Jan. 21 -12 Bisbee Here Jan. 22 51 Douglas Here Feb, 4 32 Bisbee There Feb. 5 26 Douglas There Feb. ll -10 St. Marys There Feb. 12 58 Glendale There Feb. 18 46 Mesa Here Feb. In 54 Yuma Here Feb. 25 64 Prescott Here Feb, 26 46 Phoenix Union Here Opponents' Total-T50 Amphitheater Total-f-804 Per game average-39.0 Per game average'--12.9 During the tournament game with Mesa, Sidney Kain and an unidentified Mesa player fight for the ball. Billy Smith is in the foreground. Some fast action during the championship game between Tucson High and Amphitheater. Players seen in action are, left to right, Burt Powers, Sid Kain, Bob Hart, and Fred Schuh. BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT SCORES Phoenix Union ...46 Amphitheater ....... . . . . .47 SEMI FINAL Mesa ....... . ...,.....,.... , .. M.. Amphitheater ....,,....... .,.,. ...H40 CHAMPIONSHIP Tucson .... .......,.... ...49 Amphitheater .. ..... 26 -Y V x ,Q v-1-,qv Lett to iight, Row 11 Boll Brudlord, manager, Toni Dinwidrlie. Robert Smith, Harry Wagner, Bill Hicks. Don larter and Dave Scnning. Row 2.1 Eugene O'Neal, Bob Booth, Dick Poe, Dick Girdley, George Bir, and VValter Stead. Row 3: Fritz Schmitz, David Foley, Raymond Beck, 1Xlanuel Rosas, Rollin Clarke, and Harold Iflzirtzlcr. The Amphitheater "B" squad finished its 1948-1949 basketball season showing vast im- provcment and good prospects for next year under the first-year tutelage of Coach Rich- ard Barnes. An inexperienced squad was responsible for the "Little Panthers" getting a slow start. They lost 15 straight games and finally overcame their jinx by defeating the Arn- phitheatcr all-stars 55-41 and later taking an easy 38-30 win from the Tucson Indian School for a seasons record of two victories and seventeen losses. The opponents outscored the "B" squad with a 41.7 average While the reserves scored a 29.8 average per game. The outstanding prospects proved to be Dave Senning, freshman forward and Dick Poe, sophomore guard, leading the team throughout the season and showing great promise for the future. Leading scorer for the squad was Dave Senning with a total of 141 points. Those receiving numerals were Dick Poe, Eugene O'Neal, Bob Booth. Dave Senning. and VValter Stead. Sid Kain and an unidentified Phoenix Union player in a toss up. Burt Powers and Fred Schuh await the tip off. Left to right row 1 Jim Tolkan Bob Gastelum, Phil Gucciardo, Frank Gastelum, Jim Sparks Winston Shu maker Dick Casex Gilbert Ortiz and John Gucciardo, manager. Row 2: Bill Hutchison, Joe Venuti Ed Con tieras Bill Kautenburger Bill Pingree Jack Wright. Joe Jackson, Phil Egleston, Dick Girdlex Tom Voorhees Fiitz Qthniitz Jim Buddmgh Hovxaid Sanders, Jack Saunders. manager. Murl McCain started his second year as track coach here at Amphi February 1, 1949. The lack of men for the different events has confined him to schedule meets with "B" schools as well as "A" schools. Coach McCain had two lettermen return- ing to the squad and some who have gained more experience from the squad last year. Venuti and Phil Gucciardo in sprinter's stance await Jack Wri ht shows ood form in executin a g E B western roll as he clears the high jump bar. Joe Venuti led the two returning let- termen. He has had two years of track ex- perience. Both those years he was on the 880-yard relay team, one of the best in the state. In '48 they took the class "B" relay title and a cup with it. Howard Sanders was the only other re- turning letterman. He runs the half mile. Many newcomers were added to the roster. They were Henry Bailey, a sophomore who throws the shot put, Richard Casey trying his luck with the hurdles, Frank Gastelum, a junior who runs the 880 or half mile, Bob Gastelum, a broad jumper. Dick Girdley, another sophomore throwing the shot put, Phil Gucciardo, a senior in his first year w . l out for track made the team as a sprinter, Bob Hart, a junior who pole vaults and runs the 100-yard dash and the 220. Bob plays baseball in his spare time. Bill Kautenburger is a sophomore with one year of experience and promises to be one of the best sprinters at Amphi in the coming years. Jack Wright, a junior on the squad, is a high jumper and runs the 440. Coach McCain expects great things from these boys on next year's squad. Gerald Wester throws the shot put and discus, Norman Arend the shot put, Jim Sparks high jumps, and Bill Hutchison runs the 440. Howard Sanders, Gilbert Ortiz and Joe Jackson striding smoothly in a long distance run. 1 . -..Q TT , Q . ,sas A H A . if 'W fi fam ' ,'-- 1'. -W4 uf ri' , - i, . A - ' an '- J -f ', C W' "A" Team, left to right. row 1: Ed Cottingham, Chuck Ackert, Billy Smith, Burt Powers, Larry Hart. Roger Sim- mons, Barney Huser, Johnny Gleeson. Row 2: Fred Schuh, Glenn Criger, Bob Mcllillin, Dirk Laemmel. Frank Pellicci, Paul Waltz. Row 3: John Ramsey, Coach Genung. Bob Harrison, Gordon Smith, Bob Hunter. George Leflerts, Sid Knin. BHSEBHLL. Left to right, Row lg lNIanuel Rosas. Felipe Rivera. Lynn Clawson, Bob Booth, Bill Scott, Tom Brancati. Harold Tornberg, Dick Colgan. Row 23 Hurry Wagner, Tom Dinwidclie, Ernie Smith, Pm-tor Rim-hhnun, Walter Stcaid. Chuck Wil- liams, and Jerry Nohmer. Row 3: Dave Sccning, Eugene O'Niul. Dick Deciina. Ronnie lilllL'Ilbk'l'gCl', Jack llornor. Dick Poi-. Dick Stern, Stuart Case. Row 4, Couch Patterson, Don Huwn. Chuck Campbell, Don Carpenter, and Muiizigcr Kanye Miller. Row 55 Jim Schziiler, Don Kohler, A., 'Q 6 1.5 1 1, ,.,' '71, . I 41 'V 1- ,,.,',, , gif", l Nfl., f N, - 4 fwfzffi Sophomore coach George Genung took many veterans from last year and organized them into a balanced baseball nine. Coach Genung had many experienced players returning. They were Burt Powers, a hard hitting outfielder, Bob Hart, who was converted from pitching to the outfield because of the recurrence of an elbow injury, Larry Hart. who plays catcher or infield equally well, Ed Cottingham, who plays first base and is a good hitter. Paul Waltz, a de- pendable hitter and shortstop and Frank Pellicci. dependable left fielder. In pitching, thc Panthers were given a severe jolt when Barney Huser. ace Panther flinger, in- jured his shoulder in a P.E. mishap and didn't play again until near the end of the season. Bob Hart. acc southpaw. suffered an elbow injury and didn't pitch until the middle of the season. Genung had to depend on George lefferts. ace fireball artist and Glenn Criger. The lettermen just mentioned are backed by such dependable players as: Roger Simmons. second base: Dick Laemmel. shortstop: Chuck Ackert. second base: Bill Smith. third base: Bob Hunter. third base: Bob Harrison. third base. In the outfield were Bob McMillin and Fred Schuh and a very good catcher in Gorden Smith. So far this season the Panthers have a 3 win 3 loss season. The Panthers beat Superior, St. Marys and Yuma and have lost to Tucson High, Mesa and Yuma. In the opening game against the Superior Pan- thers. the Genung men were behind 4-2 going into 57 if -5 Above. left: Burt Powers takes a mean cut a' the ball. Gordon Smith is behind the plate. At left: An out at third base. Making the putout is Bob Hunter, while Paul Waltz slides. Above: Barney Huser prepares to toss in a pitch. the last half of the seventh inaning. The Panthers loaded the bases which set up Burt Powers, and brought a quick end to the game. Barney Huser gained his first victory of the season. In their next outing the Panthers fell before the Mesa Jackrabbits, 6-3. The Panthers started off with Lefty Bob Hart who was shelled from the mound in the fourth inning after being hit for five runs. The Jackrabbits then got. eleven runs from George Lefferts and Glenn Criger. The team then went to Phoenix where they beat the St. Mary's Knights 8-6 behind the hitting of Bob Hart and Burt Powers. Barney Huser pitched the full game and received credit for the win. Returning home the Panthers bowed to the powerful Tucson High Badgers 13-3. George Lef- ferts pitched good ball except in several spots when Tucson scored 4 runs in the first inning and two other innings when they scored four more runs. The Panthers then were scheduled to play the following Friday and Saturday against the Yuma Criminals but postponed the Friday game and the Panthers and Criminals played a double head- er Saturday. In the first game, which went 2 extra innings. we won 9-8 as Paul Waltz knocked a single be- tween lst and 2nd to score Ed Cottingham from second in the last half of the ninth. George Lef- ferts was credited with the win. In the second game the Criminals scored a 13-6 win as they scored nine of their runs in the first two innings. Glenn Criger pitched the whole game and except for the first two innings pitched very well. Taking into consideration the injuries of pitch- ers Barney Huser and Bob I-Iart the Panthers had a very good season under Coach George Ge- nung. GIRLS, SPGRTS FIRST TEAM NOLLEYBALL left to rlght Ron l Janet Rees Junc, Lewls Gerxv Ovxen AIICQ Nelson Row 2 Doxothy Bennett Joan Fan nlng Sh11ley Chapman Calolyn Colley Challotte Sulllvan FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL left to rlght Row 1 Janet Rees Chax lotte Sulhvan Allene Seedorf Row 2 Joan Fannlng Carolyn Corley June LGVKIS BADMINTON FINALISTS left to xlght Rovx 1 Dolothy Bennett Car olyn Colley Joan Fannlng June Levxls Rovx 2 Shulev Humphxey Helen Ahlgxen Geuy Owen Shu lex Chapman Calol IIXIH V y ' V . , I D ' 7 1 Y - Y . Y ' . y ' 3 I 7 i , . af? 1 , ' 2 ' 1 . 1 If 1. I 5 -f : ,Q X ,Q ., , I I I y . I I I I - . I " I X : ' ! 1 1 gk Q. 37739 - I 5 ' 5 ,f 4 L. ' , V . , M 1 4-f 1 V I- I I I I 7 ' Y - -. ,ffm Irvs I I v 'v I v 1 ,' - ' - , I v . I I . , w , .- I I K v I v 2 , , . . , . v - 4? ' C V" ' W V im" -! -fu. ,F Q " f c g J EQ y AS fz I Many skinned knees and broken fingernails marked a year of fun in the girls' physical ed- ucation classes. These classes were under the di- rection of Mrs. Betty Tipton and Miss Diana Lovett. The school year started with the girls' play- ing volleyball, followed by the exciting and pop- ular basketball. Just as the bruises were healing another tough game, speed ball, got underway. This game is much like football but not quite as rough. Badminton bowed in with the second semester, 1Bel0wD Norma Lee clouts the ball as Doras Dixon stands ready to catch it. while the team in the background looks on with interest. At right, Betty Hemming and an unknown player in a toss-up during a basketball game. Left to right: Margo Kudzmi. Marian Dolan, Carol Irvin and Miss Lovett look on. Carolyn Qoiley and Juliet RL-es Ditch horse- slioes while Joan Fanning, Slirli-3' Humph- rey and Thelma Brooks await their turns. with deck tennis also being played during this time. At the last part of the year, other sports were played such as horseshoe, baseball and table tennis. To promote better health this year, the physical education teachers arranged a movie on health every other week. These movies proved very helpful and interesting. Another part of the program was dancing which included modern dancing. tap dancing, and folk dancing. At the end of the year a dancing program was presented by the physical education classes. HCTIVITIES .-, HQlTlQCCfIllIlG C717 ,f.,,, 5 l . E At left. Jack Roseberry. 1948- 49 chairman, who was largely responsible for the 'success' of this years Homecoming iestivi- ties. The Amphi-Mesa football game at Tucson High was the scene of Amphis annual Home- coming event, Rcigning over thc Homecoming game and dancc was petite Joan Tolkan. Queen Joan was crowned at the half time by football captain. Larry Hart. Attending her were Barbara Brady. senior: Joan Settlemire, jun- ior: Beverly McConnell. sophomore: and Ima Demic, freshman. This Years huge success was attributed to Jack Roseberry. general chairman: Sidney Karin. election ot' out-cn: Marvin Cohen and Marcarct Elbcrson. coronation: Marilyn Ser- geant. invitations: and Anne DeGrccn. dancc. Left to right, row 1: Augusta Klingenmeir, Betty Richardson, Dave Smith, Margaret Eiberson, Gerald Wester. Anne De Green, Naomi Price, Kay Bacon. Row 2: Bob Lundbohm, Joe Venuti, Dorothy Bennett. Pat Deines, Martha Ballard, Mrs. Lillian Cooper, Jean Kilbury, Marvin Cohen, Jim Jacobs. Row 3: Winston Shumaker, Dorothy Marrs Pat DiCosola. Jean Thorne, Marjorie Smith, Frances Jarratt. Nancy Rossey, Rita Romer, Keith Clawson. ITIQSQUG ond SHDDHL... The 1948-1949 Masque and Sandal Club, under direction of Mrs. Lillian Cooper, started the year by electing officers. Gerald Wester was elected the Voice: Anne DeGreen, the Gesture: and Margaret Elberson. the Box Office. After a study of the history of drama the club members took up pantomiming. The single pan- tomiming was won by Bob Lundbohm, Dave Smith, and Joe Venuti. The group pantomime prize was taken by Betty Richardson, Dorothy Marrs, Naomi Price, Charlie Smith, Norman Arend, and Joe Venuti. Next, the group went to work on the presenta- tion of a one-act play entitled, "Money in Witch- craft." They gave this play for a junior-high assembly. The thespians received their traditional mem- bership pins after the performance of 3 one-act plays, "Glam0r", "Star Gazcr", and "First Dress Suit". These plays were given as a "March of Dimes" benefit. A secret initiation was held in January. Iniuti- ates held lighted candles while reciting Jacques' speech to the King from Shakespeaies "As You Like It." Following this formal part of the initia- tion came the more exciting part which is said to be very memorable to those participating. A radio program was presented by the club and later the drama assembly was given. The final activity of the year for the Masque and Sandal Club was a Drama Night. Members oi' the Masque and Sandal caught during a rthearsal of their spring play "Evening Star." Lett to right: Gerald Wester. Dorothy Marrs, Pat Di Cosola, Betty Richardson. Pat Blumtield Norman Arcnd. Margie Smith. Joe Venuti, Martha Ballard. Beverly Shaw. Dave Smith. Winston Shumakcr, GIRLS' QED BUYS' GLEE CLUBS ' Xdxanced Grrls Glee Club lelt to rrght rovx 1 Vrxran Anton Lors Bossermarr Dorrs 'Nlrnnard Buerlx Exerett Ann Lovre Jane Ralston Nlargre Lundgren Prrscella Sennrng Roxx 2 Nlrss Margaret Erdman Shrrlex Albrecht Anne DeGreen Barbara Emerx Leola Amelrng Helen Coluell Eleanor Rohrbech Carolxn Lrndstrom Janet Rees Nlarrlrn Qergeant 'Vlarrlxn Taxlor Accompanrst Row 3 Pattr NIcCarron Pat Bowen Pat DrCosoa Barbara irgour nex Jean Thorne Joxce Lrndstrom Joan Settlemrre June Lexus Btn Glu Llub lett to rrghr rum 1 Jrrk Rarnsu Nlrllard Chrlders Harald Hartzler Drrk Poe xIllllIlFL1dIUlll I rn Xlrlt Brllx Lrubner Rrclrrrd Nkwson Roxx 2 Nlonte Krebs Jrm Drxon Kuth Clan on 'Xlrss 'Xlargarnt Erd rnrn Nlarxrn Cohen Ronnex Henrx Brll Parks Row 3 Robert Dunham Carl Rosrxreare Drrk Hutrhrnson irci r x Darling HL but Dobbs Ed Tucker Vkrth each year Amphltheatcr s xocal musrc dc partment has made great adx ances Thrs rear xr rth an enlarged repertorre the glee clubs have been xerx actrxe and haxe presented a number of rn tercstrng programs They were under the drrectron of Mrss Margaret Erdman musrc rnstructor The grrls glee club was drxrdcd rnto two sec trorrs thrs year The adranced grrls about thrrtx rn number Jorned the boxs to form the mrxed chorr vrhrle the other grrls combrrred xxrth the adxanced group for concert work There were about thrrtx Hxe grrls rn the first rear group xxhrle tvsentx boxs xxerf members of thc bow glee club 64 1 Q 'xxx A ' 'Kr a s ' N XJ v 1 If A 'J . 6 J 4 , , ,- 1 a .or .1 . 4' 2 '. 'z' .. . ' 1. r "1 .' . X 's .. ' 'r '- re' " . rr' 1' r' , ' ,J V .' ,- ' ' , . . . ', . '. v A - 1 . ,. . . Y . ' V .' . ' ' .- . ' V v L V .Y . ', v . . ' . v -. . . . Y . ,, . , ., ' . , .,. ' ' '. ,- . ',- ' , , v ,. . '.. . ' ' V . . , ' ., 1 Y . ,A , ,.. , .BJ r r - HA- '-' r ' 1 , rr . Girls' Glee Club. left to right, row 1: Lois Stocker. Shirley Albrecht, Shirley Shelton, Kay Bacon, Eileen Steph- ens, Jean Small, Constance Rowley, Darlene Me Daniel, Dixie Lee Henderson, Joyce Oakley, Virginia Dunham. Nelda Dinxviddie. Row 2: Miss Margaret Erdman. Patricia Sabisch. Dane Strickland, Marilyn Bradfield, Nancy Brown. Marlene Allen. Augusta Klingenmeier, Donna Pierce. Melba Kelly, Barbara Brancati. Helen Hutchinson, Nela Swaim. Mary Lou Zlinzack. Janie McConnell. accompanist. Row 3: Bonnie DuBois. Pat DiCosola, Ruth Ann Graybill, Lillian Sears, Carol Billings. Elaine Lash, Corolyn Watkins, Barbara Valentine. Beverly McConnell. Jackie Stevens. G E .. CLUB. In October the advanced girls sang for the Smaller vocal groups were selected from the Parent-Teachers' Association and presented a ra- glee Clubs. Keith Clawsony Carl Roscveam, Marvin dio program. All the groups combined to offer a Christmas assembly and radio program during the holiday season. The entire group attended Cohen, and Ed Tucker formed a boys' quartet, While Pat Bowen, Margie Lundgren, and Carolyn and Participated in the Southern Arizona Music Lindstmm f01'm0d 3 2315. trio- A mixed ClU31'10'- Festival, April 23 and April 30, at the University was composed of Beverly Everett, Marilyn Ser- of Al'iZ01'1i1- APVH 28. the Ufmuill Spnng Convert geant, Keith Clawson and Ed Tucker. Nine girls was presented. In recognition of National Music week. the glee club assembly was offered. The groups performed at Baccalaureate services for were selected from the first year glee club to form a triple trio. These smaller groups performed the seniors. on several of the same programs as the full chorus. The glee clubs as they appeared at the Christmas concert. The girls woie white robes with either blue or gold collars while the boys were dressed up. The stage was decorated in blue, silver and white. Left to right, row 1: Frank Gastelum, Evelyn Jenson, Betty Lou Taylor, Walter Schmitz, Barbara Schweiger, Mary Bellinger. Row 2: Barbara Sue Mitchell, Martha Wolf, Velma Johnson, Delores Lopez, Martin Feldman, Millard Childers, Mr. Wilson, Carl Cropcho, Joyce Myberg. STRING ORCHGSTRH... Violins sang, bows raced and cellos cried as the Amphitheater String Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Wilson, fiddled its way to its most successful and active season. On November 15, the group elected oflicers. Frank Gastelum, president, Millard Childers, vice-president, and Barbara Schwieger, secretary were chosen to serve through the year. On this same date, they presented a concert before the Parent-Teach- ers Association as their first performance of the year. Three days later the group pre- sented a high school assembly in collaboration with the Glee Club. They participated in the annual Christmas Assembly by contributing many beautiful yuletide melodies. A selected string orchestra played in the junior assembly on February 11. The young musicians participated in many music festivals. Included in these were the Southern Arizona Music Festival at the University of Arizona, the Tucson Music Festival for Orchestras at Tucson High, and the Amphitheater Music Festival here at this school. Their last performance of the year was at Baccalaureate. Having increased from seven to seventeen members in one year, they expect to add wind instruments to make a concert orchestra next year. 66 ,N W J fm 4 U HTGH SCHCDQL BEND... This year's band. the largest in Amphitheaters history, spent an unusually active season playing snappy marches. light waltzes. hot boogie, and beautiful classics. The sixty-eight piece musical aggregation. under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Wilson. be- gan the year by performing on the schools first assembly program. Then, throughout the foot- ball season. the band was ke Dt busy on the gridiron. Sbecial performances inc u er. ll navy as- sembly program and a carnival concert. The Armistice Day parace an e ro eo parafe werf two other activities in which the band participates each year. A radio program. broadcast from Roskruge junior high school. high-lighted the December schedule. The University of Arizona band invited our organization to send twenty musicians to the Salad Bowl in Phoenix to fill in gaps left by vacationing bandsmen. The Amphitheater group accepted and twenty lucky boys re- ceived an expense-free trip to Phoenix. Contrary to the procedure in former years. the band presented two concerts this spring. The first was an informal light conert which was given on January 18. The second was a formal con- cert featuring such outstand- ing music as the overture to "The Barber of Seville" by Rossini and "XValtz" by Tschae- ikovsky. The band accepted invitations to attend the Southern Arizona School Xiu- sic Festival and the Tucson School Music Festival in late April. The young musicians capped a successful year by performing at the graduation exercises. The band officers are Mil- lard Childers. presidentg Doi' Nuckolls. vice-president: Ann RlcCoskey. secretary: and Dick Hutchison. drum major. Nel- son McKenzie turned in a line job as uniform manager. A gl A ff H' it 4 A V 5 Q ' W jr V 1 t A we 5 f v' .f i tee re t A 1 i ' i ,, ' 0 4 'V i ,, , I 4 1 .91 ' A I l 'Q I W I t l d l l d th d l X - V - ,.n . an .5 VJ? v 'Q 151 l n 'g71.-, . 2-.Mr """ fx- ,,,..,,,,,,hM Nair! Left to right: Joan Settlemire. Joe McFatc. Connie Beckberger, Anne DeGreen. Rear. Bonnie Brown. Foreground: Carol Gilky. Marlene Allen. Dixe Lee Henderson. and Judy Richardson. IHHRCHIDG ond TWIRLIHG SQUHDS Stepping high, the twirling and marching squads of Amphitheater whirled into the i48 season. This Vivacious group could always be depended upon to add color and Varie- ty to all athletic games. Traditionally they accompanied the band in the Armistice Day and Rodeo Parades. The twirling and marching squads were under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Wilson and Miss Margaret Erdman. The twirlers were led by Jo McFate, who has been a mem- ber of the squad for three years. Other members were Joan Settlemire. Dixie Lee Hen- derson. Bonnie Brown. Marlene Allen. Judy Richardson. and Connie Beckenberger. Flag twirlers were Carol Gilkey and Anne DeGreen. Replacing the majorette pins of the past are the new HA" pins with crossed batons for the reward of service. I 9 z' The cheerleaders line up and give a cheer in their typical, zestful style. Left to right they arc Barbara Brac McCarron, Dorothy Bennett, Carolyn Walkins, and Pat Bowen. Cl-IEIERLGHDGRS . . . Five vivacious cheerleaders helped lead our teams on to victory with their spirited songs and cheers. These girls. under the direction of Miss Diana Lovett and the leader- ship of Barbara Brady gave Amphi some outstanding cheering talent. Others on the squad were Pat Bowen, senior, Carolyn Watkins, Patti McCarron, and Dorothy Bennett. Juniors. Uniforms for the five consisted of circular green corduroy skirts and white turtle- neck sweaters with "A's" on them. The outfits were completed by green and white saddle shoes. At all of our home football and basketball games and many of the out-of-town games, the cheerleaders were there to keep the teams' spirit up high. Some of the yells worked up by the girls and which were very popular with the cheering squad were the "Panther Locomotive," "We've Got the Coach." "Shoot 'em in High" and "Two Bits, Four Bits." A vote of thanks and appreciation should go to this hard working and spirited quin- tet and a special note of gratitude to the two graduating seniors. Barbara and Pat. i X914 ly, Patti The cheerleaders lead a school yell, Left to right, they are Dorothy Bennett. Patti Mc- Carron. Barbara Brady. Carolyn Watkins. and Pat Bowen. MARILYN SERGEANT ED LEFFERTS RITA GALLAGHER Editor Assistant Editor Faculty Sponsor Panther Trails PHDTHER TRHILS.. Early in the year, annual editor Marilyn Ser- geant and faculty sponsor, Rita Gallagher mapped out the year's strategy. Section editors and committees were chosen and things got under way. Ed Lefferts, assistant editor, served as the edi- tor's right hand man. He was always present when pictures were taken and he did much tracking down and hard work to get pictures and copy. The admin- istration editor was Pat Deines who did an admir- able job of organizing pictures and data on the fac- ulty. Betty Deeming and her committee put in many hours arranging the seniors and the lower classes' individual pictures. Betty cared for the seniors while her committee members, Dorothy Bennett, Jane Ralston, and Jo McFate were in charge of the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, respectively. Martha Ballard, junior high editor, was in charge of the portion of the annual devoted to the seventh and eighth grades. The athletics section was ef- ficiently handled by Frank Pellicci and his two assistants, Bill Hutchison and Johnny Gleeson who dug up many accounts of games and statistics. Beverly Shaw, activities editor, had the tremen- dous job of overseeing the preparation of the Ac- Desert Gazette tivities section, Hers was the job of receiving the varied copy as it came in and seeing that it was properly written. Marvin Cohen serving as pho- tography editor also worked tirelessly as a rewrite man and copy reader. Marvin and Helen Ahlgren did much to make the annual a better written publication. When speaking of an annual it is easy to forget the very people who make its publication possible, the behind the scenes workers such as the business manager, Helen Ahlgren: advertising manager, Ann Wolff, and the typing editor. Joan Wright. Helen did an amazing job in keeping the accounts straight and understandable, while Ann did an excellent job of selling advertising space. Probably one of the busiest people on the annual staff was Joan Wright and her staff who patiently typed and retyped an endless stream of stories. Overseeing the assistant editors was editor-in- chief, Marilyn Sergeant. Her job was that of laying out the annual, then generally watching the progress and keeping things moving toward the ultimate publication date. Miss Gallagher worked patiently and tirelessly with the entire staff and to her go manv thanks for her guidance and advice. Left to right, row 1: Beverly Shaw, Frank Pellieci, Marilyn Sergeant. Marvin Cohen. Helen Ahlgren. Row 2: Martha Ballard, Ed Lefferts, Anne VVol1', Joan Wright. Miss Rita Gallagher, Pat Deines. Missing irom picture is Betty Deeming. I 11 ,, 1, KAY BACON PHYLLIS NEWMAN BILL HUTCHISON Editor Assistant Editor Sports Editor DGSERT GHZETTE.. Members of the Desert Gazette staff who worked hard this year for the success of our school publi- cation included Kay Bacon, editor: Phyllis New- man, assistant editor: Pat Cole, society editor: Bill Hutchison, sports edtor: business manager, Shirley Chapman: photography editor, Marvin Cohen: advertising manager, Lois Bosserman: Peggy Clark, first semester feature editor: Marilyn Sergeant, first semester advertising manager. Activities in which the Staff took part during the year included a broadcast over a local station on a school broadcast which is sponsored weekly by the school. For the newspapers program, a brief summary was given by the staff members. Also on the year's agenda was the annual dance spon- sored by the journalism classes to help provide funds for the yearbook, PANTHER TRAILS. The growth of the paper has been very marked from year to year. From a mimeographed sheet five years ago, the paper has been enlarged to a full tabloid four-page size this year. Two six- page editions have been printed for special occa- sions. A field trip to the photoengravers was an inter- esting project undertaken by the staff members, A guide was provided to accompany the group and explain the different processes of this business to the journalists. Loft to right, row 1: Phyllis Newman. Kay Bacon. Lois Bossernian, Marvin Cohen, Bill Hutchison, Row 2: Miss Rita Gallagher. Marilyn Sergeant. Shirley Chapman, Pat Cole, Peggy Clark. -I S' :J 6 C 4- .ll--. x FUTURE JOURNALISTS Left to right, row 1: Marvin Cohen, Pat Cole, Kay Bacon, Phyllis Newman, Marilyn Sergeant, Shirley Chapman. Row 2, Jo McFate, Pat Deines. Row 3: Jeanette Souter. Joan VVright. Loretta Scibold, Anne Wolff, Bonnie Brown, Peggy Clark. Row 4: Rosemary Lux, Helen Ahlgren, Dorothy Bennett, Mary Ellen Babb. Miss Rita Gallagher. Row 5: Martha Ballard. Bill Lin- ville, Ed Letlerts, Lois Bosserman, Phyllis Kernaghan. E 4 SWEEITHGHRT BELL Carrying out the valentine theme with red hearts and silhoutted ladies and gentlemen, the journalism class presented the first formal dance of the school year on Friday, February 14 from 9 to 12 P.M. in the high school cafeteria. The dance was appropriately titled the "Sweetheart Ball." Music was furnished by Bob Lundbohm and his "Sizzling Seniors." Acting as hostesses for the dance on the various committees were Phyllis Newman, general chairman: Pat Cole. refrcshinentsz Anne Wolff and Ed Lefferts, decorations: Marvin Cohen, publicity: Bill Hutchison, sweetheart committee: and Pat Deines, tickets. Joanne McFate was elected "Sweetheart of the Ball" by popular vote. During the intermission she was presented with a bouquet of spring flowers hy Bill Hutchison. Guests at the annual journalism dance enjoy the music of the Sizzling Seniors and the valentine atmosphere v Lctt to llghf xox 1 Sldnex Kam Bob Ha1t La1rx Hart Bob Hunter Gerald Wester George Lefferts Frank Pel ll H h B Huser Paul Walt! Coarh 'NIC 11Lr1 Roxx ? Coach Genung Chutx Ackert B111x Levx ers B1 utc 1son arnex Cam Roxx 'E E111 Colxxell Ed Cottmgham Fred Schuh Jxm Tolkan Hovxard Sanders Joe Venutl LETTGRHTEID. S CLUB Earlx 1n the xeax the Lettermen s Club 1n mated thlrteen nexx membels ln ceremo mes at Sablno Canyon Toward the end of the x eax more 1n1t1ates Jomed the club There ale noxx about txxentx fxxe members manx mole than xx hen the group xx as Olg3Tl1Z9d ln 1939 Th1s xear xx as the first tlme Lettermen re celved pms 1n recogmtlon of the1r member shxp The pms are green and wh1te A s Wlth the word club superlmposed on the face of the A The boxs hope the pms wlll became trad1t1ona1 1n the club Officers of the organ1zat1on xx ere presldent Bob Hunter xlce pres1dent Bob Halt secxe tarv Laxrx Hart treasurer Gerald Wester V 1 . ' .' . "- V ' ' , v - . , '. '-I c' '. . ' , , ' I . 7 - N ' - ' 44 vw - . . , 1 ' ' . . v 1. . . Q! . ' Y - " '- ' v . . ' - - v - '3 I tt. S' , P -...A Z. S Left to right, row 1: Barbara Sigourney, Joan Settlemire, Carolyn Watkins, Patti McCarron, Ann Lowe, Lor- etta Seibold, Pat Deines, Jo McFate, Nelda Dinwiddie. Virginia Dunham, Shirley Crane, Jan Rees, Leola Ameling, Carolyn Corley. Row 2: Carol Gilkey, Mary Venuti, Dorothy Richardson. Gerry Owen, Joan Fanning, Zena Sullivan. Carol Ross, Helen Hutchinson, Shirley Malone. Joyce Nyberg, Dorothy Oliver, Charlotte Sullivan. Row 3: Betty Taylor, Mary Lou Noren, Pat Schellschmidt, Lillian Sears, Mary Lou Adair, Dixie Lee Henderson, Arlene Seedorf, Josephine Guitteau, Dorothy Whitehead, Betty Richardson, Pat Cole, Patsy Chastain, Shirley Stewart, Sheila Smith. Row 4: Nola Swaim, Betty Cantrell, Margaret Doyle, Helen Ahlgren, Shirley Humph- rey, Dorothy Bennett, Shirley Chapman, Kathy Haga, Shirley Smith, Janet Kilbury, Cetora Edwards, Ima Demic. GIRLS' HTHLQTIC HSSGCIQTICII .. From a beginning total enrollment of ten girls in 1941, the Girls Athletic Associa- tion at Amphitheater has grown to a membership of seventy-eight athletically inclined girls. Club officers for the year 1948-1949 were Geraldine Owen, presidentg Joan Fanning, vice-presidentg Dorothy Richardson. secretary and Mary Venuti. treasurer. Mrs. Betty Tipton was faculty advisor. The objectives of the organization are to promote a more widespread interest in girls' athletics and to foster a spirit of cooperation and the highest ideals of good sports- manship. Eight sports were offered during the year for after-school activity: volleyball, base- ketball, softball, deck tennis, swimming, hcrseshoes. table tennis and badminton. On April 29 the combined junior high and senior high dance groups presented an assembly depicting the countries of the world and their national dances. Representatives from G.A.A. attended the modern dance symposium at Tempe on February 26g the annual invitational archery and badminton tournament at Tempe held on March 26g and the University of Arizona play day on April 9. They also played Tucson High girls in badminton tournaments and attended Tucson High's annual play day. The girls closed a successful year with an all-day picnic in May at Joan Fanning's ranch. 74 "B" CLUB.. By earning 1,000 points in after-school athletic activities, a G. A. A. member is entitled to her major letter and membership in the HA" Club. Members who earned their letters last year were Betty Richardson, Janet Rees, Carolyn Corley and Geraldine Owen. June Lewis and Helen Ahlgren received their letters this year. The annual club dinner was held on January 23 at Paulos Cafe and the usual secret initiation took place in March. Left to right: Betty Richardson. Carolyn Corley, Gerry Owen, Jan Rees. Row 2: Miss Diana Lovett. Helen Ahlgren, June Lewis, Mrs. Betty Tipton. Officers of the club this year were Betty Richard- son, president, Carolyn Corley, vice-president, Geraldine Owen, secretary: and Janet Rees, treas- urer. Faculty advisors were Mrs. Betty Tipton and Miss Diana Lovett, the girls' physical education teachers. The "A" Club is noted for its service to G. A. A. and to the school. A traditional duty of the club is to decorate the goal posts for football games. 105 BOWLING CLUB The "l05" Club is composed of G. A. A. girls who enjoy bowling and have maintained an average score of 105 for five consecutive games. During the G. A. A. January bowling tourna- ments thirty-five girls participated. Bowling was held on Tuesday afternoons at the Speedway Lanes. Four girls exceeded an average score of l05 points. They were Jan Rees, Lillian Sears, Geraldine Owen and Shirley Humphrey. In the final tournament Jan took first, Lillian second, Geraldine third, Shirley fourth and Jo Guitteau came in fifth. The bowling sport leader was Shirl- ey Humphrey. Faculty advisors were Mrs. Betty Tipton and Miss Diana Lovett. Amphitheaters five highest bowled against Tuc- son High on two Saturday mornings. Alternates were the runners-up. Sheila Smith and Dorothy Bennett. Bowling is becoming a popular sport with Am- phitheater students and it is hoped that in the future a boys' bowling team will be formed. Left to right, row 1: Lillian Sears. Gerry Owen. Shirley Humphrey. Row 2: Mrs. Betty Tipton. Jan Rees. Miss Diana Lovett. M. , NN- .vs lp,-Q Left to right, row 1: Janet Rees, June Lewis. Carol Irvin. Margaret Elberson. Phyllis Barber, Mary Poggen- pohl, Carolyn Corley, Kay Bacon. Row 2: Mrs. Lillian Cooper, Helen Ahlgren, Elaine Anton, Carol Shurtz, Marian Dolan, Vivian Anton, Patsy Chastain, Joan Stewart, Gerry Owen, Marilyn Sergeant, Mrs. Ada Fugate. Row 3: Beverly Everett, Alice Nelson, Ed Cottingham, Don Nuckolls, Mr. George Miller, Norman Zeller, Bob Burton, Arlene Smith. Jane Rose. DHTIGDPIL HCDDCDR SCDCIC-QTY. Officers of the Helen Keeling Chapter of the National Honor Society for the year were Larry Hart, president, Marvin Cohen, vice-president Helen Ahlgren, secretary, Kay Bacon, treasurer, and June Lewis, publicity chairman. Members of the organization must have the four membership qualities of charac- ter, service, scholarship and leadership. The grade average has risen steadily until this year the new members were required to maintain a 1.5 average for two semesters. At a special honor assembly held in March, the following students were initiated into the chapter: Vivian Anton, Carolyn Corley, Ed Cottingham, Geraldine Owen, Mary Poggenpohl, Jack Roseberry, Marilyn Sergeant, Shirley Albrecht, Elaine Anton, Patsy Chastain, Beverly Everett, Mary Gustafson, Ronald Nelson, Donald Nuckolls, Marilyn Rice and Norman Zeller. At this time Lee Schubert transferred to the Amphitheater chapter. Late in the spring the junior members arranged the annual dinner in honor of the graduating seniors. Dr. Glenn Nelson, professor at the University of Arizona, was the guest speaker. This year's faculty committee included Mrs. Lillian Cooper, Mrs. Ada Fugate, Mrs. Lorraine Gleason, Mr. Robert Hiatt, Mr. George Miller and Mr. Ed. Richeson. 76 pf?" .' Way" " WE. " ,Q Q t ii Left to right, row 1: Ed Guitteau, Edgar Bauchard, Robert Burton. Jack Rosebcrry. Howard Sanders, Larry Hart, Donald Estes. Fred Schuh. Row 2: Mr. Nicholas Paynovich, Frederic Schweppc, Loren Mann. Joe Venuti. Don Nuckolls, Bill Kautenburger, Dick Hutchison, Duane Spain. Sid Kain, Allen Cohen, Mr. J. T. Dayton. Row 3: Stuart Case, Donavan Haun. Clovis Abbott. Everett Thurston, Keith Clawson, Ed Cottingham, Burt Powers. Frank Pellicci, Ed Lefferts. HEY CLUB. Key Club is a new boys' service club, organized this year under the sponsorship of the Tucson Kiwanis Club. This group is composed of the leading young men from the sophomore, junior. and senior classes. The club received its charter in February, but had its projects well under way before that date. The main projects of the twenty-nine member organization was a vocational guidance program for the school. The Key Club also delved into the history of this district and presented a compilation of their findings to the school library. Heading the list of social functions was the Mother and Father pot luck dinner held in late spring. A picnic for the boys and their dates was presented as the last social affair of the year. The Kiwanis Club took an active part in assisting the Key Club. Mr. John Dayton attended most of the meetings as Kiwanis sponsor. Mr. Nicholas Paynovich acted as faculty sponsor. Programs of great and varied interest were presented mostly by vis- iting Kiwanians. In March, the Kiwanis Club sent Marvin Cohen. Key Club president. to the international convention in Washington. D. C. In May. the Kiwanis Club invited the Key Club to take charge of one meeting from beginning to end. The program was presented by a few of the more talented mem- bers of the group. The other oiTicers of the organization were Howard Sanders. vice-presidentf Larry Hart. secretary: Edgar Bauchard. corresponding secretary: and Jack Roseberry. treasurer. r-,- ll f 'vi' v .f ,, p K - Wh at Y-TQGDS Row -1. left to right: Ellen Gee. Jo Mclfate, Helen Hutchinson, Margaret Elberson, Virginia Dunham, Nelda Din- widdie, Carol Ross, Judy Richardson. Row 2. lel't to right: Mary Weaver, Nadine Mortenson, Pat Schelleschniidt, Delores Spain. Mrs. Velma Latner. Meredith Yeager, Constance Rowley, Elaine Nash. Valda Revells. Row 3. left to right: Phyllis Barber, Lorraine Haskell, Melva Bauchard, Natalie Haskell. Muriel Haskell, Virginia Lincoln. Donna Pierce. and Delores Lopez. Y-TEEDS HDD HI-Y. With the help of the Y-Teens and the newly organized Hi-Y there have been many successful dances and activities here at Amphi this year. The Y-Teens is a girls' organization sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. This year the girls sponsored the "Soc Hop". 'iHigh Hat Dance". and the "Big Blow-Out" dance with a bal- loon theme. The girls have sponsored many interesting speakers and world-wide trav- elers. Officers of the club are president. Virginia Dunhamg secretary. Nelda Dinwiddie: and treasurer, Carol Ross. Their sponsor is Mrs. Zelma Latner. Hi-Y. boys' club sponsored by the Y.M.C.A., was organized this year. Their sponsor is Mr. George Miller and oilicers are Paul Waltz. president: John Wasilowski. vice- presidentg Marvin Cohen. secretaryg and Frank Pellici. treasurer. The boys held a picnic at Tucson Mountain Park and can also take the credit for bringing to our school various speakers on brotherhood. 78 l-Il-Y-CLUB . Left to right, row 1: Joe Jackson, Ed Lefferts, Dick Hut:hison. Bill Hutchison, Fred Schuh. Bob Hart. Gerald Wester, Earl Colwell, Paul Waltz, Frank Pellicci. Row 2: Mr, George Miller, Frank Gastelum. Dick Girdley. Bob Matheson, Chuck Ackert, Joe Venuti, John Ramsey. Don Estes, Roger Simmons, Keith Clawson, Gordon Peterson. Row 3: Gordon Smith, Don Hawn, Allen Cohen, John Walowski, Conrad Slonaker. Robert Hall, Bob Gastelum, Dick Poe, Jim Tolkan, Dick Fedore, Marvin Cohen. KILGWHTT CLUB. In October of l.948, the Kilowatt Club, Amphi- theater's Radio Club, was formed. Students in- terested in amateur radio and code were soon enrolled. The club learned International Morse Code and prepared for their amateur radio li- censes. The students, under the capable leadership of Mr. Gladden Elliott, were initiated into the studies and interests of the amateur radio operator. Every morning in room 13 one could hear the steady hum Row 1: Charles Buchheit. Johnny Marosa. Stanley Hay, Stanley DeCovick, James Bowen. Row 2: Mr. Elictt. Harold Anton. Edgar Boochard. Gorden Thompson. of the t'key", dah-dit-ing and dit-dah-ing. It was hard Work but interesting and Mr. Elliot is justly proud of them all. The Kilowatt Club president was John Marusag Vice-president, Joe Unruh: secretary, Anne VVolfT: and treasurer, Ima Demic. The aim of the radio club is to help the stu- dent construct and use radio equipment and to establish an amateur radio station for Amphi- theater. V9 44 x xy, 'V N Left to rlght ron 1 'Vieux Gustafson Jane Rose Dornthx Pdrms Eleen Johnson M rxlxn Rua lroll Amellng Melva Bxuchnd Rovx 2 Bwxbna Brancatx Nma DAnna Carol Albxcrht Mu Iszbtl Gus Shxrlew Alblecht Dotothx Sehnii FUTURE HGMEIHHHQRS QP HIUGRICH The Futtne HOYUCH1dk9lS of Ameuca, a natlonal o1gan1zat1on ot gnls mtelested 1n homemaklng was olganlzcd It Amphltheatu ln 1946 by Mrs V1v1 nn Banuoit l'he clubs oificels tot the yeax wue Jane Rose, plesldent Calso VILL plesldent of d1St11Ctl Shnle5 Albrecht VICC presldent Maulyn R106 secletaly Dorothy Schlff tleasurer Elleen Johnson chan' man of 3Ct1Vlt1Cb The club sent Elleen Johnson as 1ts delegate to the Natxonal Convent1on ln July 1948 The D1s tI1Ct conventxon one oi thlee held IH AllLODgl thls yeal was held at An1ph1thc atel The Stnt Con ventlon vxas held lt the Ufl1VClb1lX ot Aufona Apul 21 Z3 Instead of a Nauonal Fonventlon J 1eg1onal one w1ll be held 1n Santa Barbara CHl.1fOlI'1l3 thxs year Amphltheatel s delegate wxll be Shnley Al brecht Below lelt lelt to ugh! Ron 1 Joxte Iwxberg Janette Woll Row 2 Desmond Nllllex SUYHUIIC St 1Ll-ildlld Dorothx Ruhaldson Alne Nelson Rom 3 Jeannette Terrell Sallx Ledger Calolxn Lmdstrom Bettx Jo Robmson Pattx Wal ters Vlrglnla Thompson Al1x1a Vasquez Sharleen Meyer Below r1ght leit to r1ght dolen Colxxell Peggx Ham mond Joan Eggman Dor1s Peterson Rosemarx Lux Jeanette Souter Elame Dmkerson Bettx Rxehardson Natahe Mlller Carolxn Watkms Naonu Prlce Dorothx Marrs 80 Lett to right: Mrs. Carrie Cole, Mrs Lilia Van Zandt. Mrs. Mary Murry Mrs. Leona Jensen. head dietitian. Amphitheater maintenance men. left to right, row 1. Karl Hammett, ele- mentary headi Tony Gucciardo. Harry Brooks. Row 2: Ruddy Hudda, Ben Wheatholt. "Cash" Bavor, high school head: Ivan Chaple, Gilbert Minor. ' -aw 4 1 ffl. 09 WM 1 l Q 4 Hugh Y Klrf Lllllknll Clmpcx' and Szamza :Je-1 mgctlwr at tho C'h1'1s1maf Pauly Snvtlux gmfi .llmzzzv Iimm-wuz xv: txxmf Ami A 211011 tum' um 'md In all at the Sxxq-1-Y!1m-m't Bull XK'.nv mrlx' tv 11 mn- vw ' K'- lmll quam-11 Ummm- and an 11 . 82 ,..faf-f-- is -wi 'Ml 'il N 1 I, Q Q ? sf 'W' Q L f fu , f f 9 I ,ff X, I V 4 Y K 1' Q at Q .... W Munn... K , 'E' E If v,yr V'-'K ,,.. ,. 7 9 ggi ' "' ISF' 9 P if gl -7 K is M 1, J :ss ,,,,-,,-,-,,,,,,,,,-,',,,,,,,,,,,, ,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-.,,,", .Xn annum! requires much planning on the part of the stuii. the engraver. and the printer: hut without our AIJVI-IR'l'ISIiHS this annual would have been impossible. We can best acknowledge our appreciation for their help and eneouraigement with the 19-19 l'AN'l'IIER TRAILS by patrunizing them. ,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .-,,,,,,,,-,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,, F B PACHECO CO K st von en"1 EMERSON C JCHOLER AIA Arcwifcct O . . , . 131, Ea S3 ie .- Sf. .- . , . . 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Se w 'Gr .-...:',':- , f C 9 A, ,L , I . - . MlcACv V' I .4 'I 5" X ' ..' I E . ' - in f.. ,--...--,-,-,-,.e,--,,,-f:::--,,.,::,-::::::.-:::::::.-::::.-::::::::,-:::::::: 1 I :::::::.-: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::: Q::::::.-::::: f"",',',",'',,Q""',,"",',,"""",""""""",,'q AUTREY BROTHERS ENGRAVERS Denver, Colorado f ,-,-,,----,,,,,,,,,,-.-,-,,----,--,,,,,,,,-,---,,,,-----,--,,-,- l l K i. a uf af Q 0 o -,--,,,,-,------,-,-----,--,-----,---,---,,-,-,-,-,---,,-,,---- Unit Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners RUG 81 CARPET CLEANING MOTH-PROOFING Dial 4-0445 300 E. 7th 79 E. B'dw'y SPEEDWAY AT COUNTRY CLUB Sew 'ri' Save with fabrics from SNELLERS DRY GOODS I8 N. Scott Dial 3-0162 Between Congress and Pennington Compliments from YOUR BANKS IN TUCSON VALLEY NATIONAL BAN K SOUTHERN ARIZONA BANK 81 TRUST CO BANK OF DOUGLAS 'lucson I lLdl'lll0' Housc Assoi ldll0ll JMIIIIILII DRUG EU N First Avenue and Ft Lowell Road Tucson Arizona PHARMACIST GEO H JARROLD DIAL 3 9172 PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS SUNDRES SODAS Your Tucson N NEY STUHE 6" AVE Com PIUIIPIL ts T ED LITT DRUG C0 coNGREss AT s'roNs 1 1 0 0 1 i i i 1 1 . 1 . J 9 0 0 1 I 1 N 1 1 . 1 . . 1 1, ' 1 1 ' 0 0 0 N 1 1 1 . . 1 I I U i 0 . 1 1, - 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 N i 1 1 1 1 0 I ' o ll 1 1 . A b 1, 1 a o II o a I1 0 N 0 1 1 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::f:- -----v---- ---v-- ----v- ---v----------- 1 0 0 8 i , I 1 , 0 0 0 1: OF 0 N 0 0 3 . . . I 0 1 0 0 . 1 M 0 0 1 :::::,,,'::4Q4-Q::::::Q: A A ---A- A A A A A A., A - - - A vv-v--v-v--vw Y-I, If A- I I x..,ZOlUE'Zi from 1: :I 1 1 LANGERS I I 51 II limi llvzjsz I I Dial 2-4638 60 N. Stone 4+ 4+ I :I I 26 - - - :::::::::::::::0,,,','40 ALL YOUR FAVORITE RECORDS POPULAR CLASSICAL WESTERN SPANISH on all your favorite brands ore of GRABE RECORD CENTER E. Congress St. Dial 3-0514 .'v- - - - - v.......... 4r::::::::::::::::::::::, - ::::::::::::::::0Q4'::.-.A:::::::::: COMPLIMENTS of the TUCSON ARIZO A MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION jaw Lymmfiamz J BEST WISH ES Y Olffllt Rcdlty I UIIIPHIIN Affblliy 603 E SIXTH STREET , N H ,x ,,,,:, xxx,,,,xxx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,f::,:::,,,:,..,,,::,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,xxx I I U O I I, 7 P J' W 7 S 5: 'D I ' J ' 5: Slllltllfi-Y Olgllt Insuraucv I I 1, I ' I H., 1, . C ' ' I 1, 9 I In II ' ATTENTION' Avold Downtown Trotf1c Congestuon Stop ot Fred s Shoe Repourmg Whnle You Wo1t Servlce Toke Advontoge of Plenty of Porkung Spoce B111 Balbel Shop 3146 N FIRST AVE W Y BLACKERBY :::::::,::::::,::::::::-::: -::- :::- : -: -:- - - -: .... - -::::: - ---- :::- - - - - -::: .... ::: - -::::::,:::-,-:::: .... ::::::::::: 'I 1 I 1 :I 1 'I 1, I '1 1, 'I 1 1, 1, 'I 'I 1 1, :I 1 11 1, I 1 1, 'I : 1 1 1 1, 'I 1 1 1 , 1, 'I 1 'I 1 , . 1, 3' 1 1 I ' 'I I 1, 'I 1 1 1 In 1 'I 1 'I 1 - , 1: I 1, 1' . 1 2 1 'I 1, 1 1, 1 - ' 1 I 1 1- 1 1 I 1 ' . , 1, 'I ' 1 'I 1 I 1 I, 1 1, 1 K ,C 'I 1 'I 1 V 1, 'I 1, 'I . 1, 'I '1 'I ' 1, 1, 1 1, 1, I A 1, 'I 1 I, 'I v 1, :I Q 1 :I 1 A 1, 1 1 I, 'I 1 'I 1 0 ' ' - 1, 'I 1 '1 1 o . ' 1, 'I S 1 'I 1 ' 1, 'I 1, - ' 11 'I a 1, 1, 1, ' 1, ' 1, 1 , s I 1, 5 1, 1, 1, 1, :I 11 :I :I 'I 1, I I 1 :I 1 'I , :I 1: I ' ' 1 1 'I 1: '1 ' I ' 'I 1: 'I 1, '1 'I 1, 'I 1, 1, 'I 1 , .,,,,,---,,,-,,-,,,,,--,,-N,, ,, 1, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 'I 11 I '1 ' g 'I 1 1 'I 1 11 'I 1: 'I 1 11 'I 1, :I 1, 11 :I 1, I 1, '1 I "-""- 1, 1 1 1. I L--l I 1, 1, 1, :I ,I 1 1 1 1: X1 1: 1: ' I 1, 'I 'I ' . 'I 'I 1, 'I N 11 '1 'I 1, 'I T 'I 'I 'I ' 1, 'I 11 'I 'I 1, 1' ' 'I ' 'I 'I 'I 1 1 ,I - :I ,I I ,I r 9 1, I I I I JJ 1, 'I 'I 'I 'I ' 1, :I 1 1, 11 1, I 1 1, 1 . 1, 1 1 1 11 2 11 I - - ll " 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 1, 'I Q 1, '1 1 11 'I I 11 'I 1 1, 'I 1, 'I 1 1, 'I 1, 'I 14 4 1, 'I 1, :I 1, 1 a 1, I 1, 1, 1, L 1 1, 1 1, 'I 1 1, 'I . . 1, 'I 1 1, '1 1, 'I - ' 1 1, ', 1, 'I N 1 1, 'I 1, 'I ' 1 1, 'I 1, 'I 1, 'I - 1, :I 1, 11 1, I 1, I 1 :I 1 1, :I 1: I 1 I I 1 ,,.,,,--,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,---,,, -,- - - - - .... -,:- ,sl - -,, ..v., ,,:: -- ,- - - ,:: ...A - ,,,,,,,,- ss- -,,,,-,,,,- -1 'I 1,- No Tlrne Llmlt' Fluls S1101 Repdlrlnv 3125 N FIRST AVE TUCSON ARIZONA For Good Borber Work Come To See Us Three Chonrs In Operotnon Best Wlshes To The GRADUATES Sprnuse Hellz En Inu: 2332 N Campbell Ave Next to Catalnna Theater Cotohno Cleoners FREE Plok Up gl Dehvery DIAL 5 7292 Qualuty Work at Reasonable Pnces 2943 North Campbell Ave CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 49 Dw1ght Hemz Chevron Dealer 2551 N Campbell Best Wushes For A Successful And Prosperous Future KELLER DRUf C0 2408 N CAMPBELL AVE -::::::::::0:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.- :::::::::::::: ::::0:::'::'0::4-::- THE HOUSE FACTCRY 3055 N. 'lst Ave.- Dial 3-9632 Tucson, Arizona . . . is prepored now to cooperote with you in building the new industry-engineered house which is now toking the building indus- try by storm. This is building by oll the newest short cuts de- veloped by the government in cooperotion with privote reseorch LUMBER CEMENT ROOFING FORSHEY S MARKET SHEATHING AND DIMENSIONS 3203 N Flrst Ave Special Prices on Truck Loads Cabinet and Millwork V NORTH SIDE LUMBER C0 3025 N 151-Aye Tucson An, YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED Dual 5 4021 Tops n Soddle Ho ses Expe enced Gu des E ql sh ond Weste I st ucto s fo R g Beg nne s and Ch Idren Home Builders and Su hers col. BESLEY s PP ARIZONA RIDING ACADEMY ond STABLES Campbell at Prince Road T A No 5 B s Speedway to Campbell ucson 'Ilona Then East R er Road T o Blocks F0095 ll Rd 9 BUILDING MATERIALS Da 5 9521 Pcn cs Steak F y Po hes COMMERCIAL PRINTERS PRINTERS 81 PUBLISHERS PAUL A SMITH ,origami flJIllNlINll5 1630 N FIRST AVENUE I '1 '1 41 :1 1 1, I - 1, '1 I1 '1 . ' . . . I1 '1 '1 . . ,, '1 '1 '1 '1 li . '1 '1 In 1 , 1 . . , . 1 '1 1 I1 'I 1 . , . '1 i r rn i 1, , ng i rn n r r r I ' idin i r i 0 '1 I, Q - 1 1 ,, 0 '1 . li . 1 , . 1, , . U , 1, iv w I li i i . 1, ln l, il - i i , r r ' 1, li 1 1 X I , a o STONE AVENUE MARKET Dial 3-8762 Tucson, Arizona 2853 N. Stone Ave. Alvin E. Henry "WHERE QUALITY LEADS AND COURTESY REIGNS SUPREME" Staple and Fancy Groceries - Eastern Meats C,,s,,, TowNsEND s Coca Cola 81 Bottling Company TOOLS CRAFTS CSM' SALES 81 SERVICE DRINK one ALL KINDS OF MODELS our 2 7426 2751 N Campbell Dual 50112 D I 26731 la Congrotulotnons 8. Best Wlshes LYNN RADIO SERVICE Who Posses the Portols A H RECORDS SANTA RITA HOTEL 2826 N Stone Ave Tucson Aruz NICK HALL Manager BEST WISHES AIVIPHITHEATERI Your growth ond odvoncement In dll fields ot endeovor ore something for which you con feel justly proud Our best wnshes for your contmued success Tucson WAREHOUSE 8. TRANSFER co A pioneer orgonnzotuon geored to meet the needs of o grownng city for oll types of moving ond storoge service IIO EAST SIXTH STREET .,,--- ..,. ,--,,,,.,,-,--,-:::,:,:::::::: ,::::,,::::::::::,:::,,,::::::::::::::, :I I 1 I 'I 'I 'I - I, 'I . I 'I 'I 'I I I - I I 'I I ' Tu 4 I Ariz 'I C . ' ' I VIADE-MAI K 1' ' I - ' I A - ...A....-.....--A..--A A .--A A 557901 - 9949 vvvvvv- - vvvvv- -"'--""- ' ' ' ::::9::::::::::::::::::::::::i::::::::: I 'I 'I 'I . - ,i I, . . 'I 'I 'I I, To Eoch ond Every Student I I I I 'I I of . . S. 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I . 'I l . . , . l 4, ' 'I 'I n ::,:,,,,,-,:,,-.-:::::::::::-::::::::::::: ::::::.-::::::::: '::::::::::::::::::::: I - :: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::: :::o::- ::: ::::::::::::::::.-:::::Q::::::::Q::: ICE CREAM CO. ELITE 430 N Stone Ave Diol 3 7031 4-."',,Q4QQv-0' -,,,,,0, College Shop Now ot Two Locations for Your Shopping Convenience I Downtown University Squore 138 E Pennington 817 N Pork f Olllplllllblllb Your FFICIIIHW Woolworth Store 36 E Congress St Southwestern Wholesale Grocery Company 127 131 Toole Avenue P O Box 5004 Tucson, Arizona Dial 3 7541 Delicious Sunday Dinners 0 Catering To Parties Auzsns MPHITHEATRE RESTAURANT KATI-IARINA ond HENRY ALBERS Known for Good Food 3152 IN First A e Open Every Day IA Ft Lo eIIRdJ 7AMto8PM Tucson Dio 3 O761 r,,Q0-4-.,s,000"0"0""Q40Q4' THE FIRST AVENUE GROCERY Invites Your Inspection of Best Quality and Lo est Prices FRESH MEATS PRODUCE GROCERIES 2904 N First at Laguna Dial 3 8512 ::::::::::,:::::::::::::::,,:::...-::::::::::::----,-,,,,,-,.-,,..---,,,,,-,,,---- 1 O , f. A I 7 V, . . - . I O . - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.-:::::::,::::::: I a l , .1 H . . w Oh I. x . 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