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A-Q N Q1-quvnw--vw-- am I "' V I 1 - : . A 2 A I n ' h "' ziiifi: ' W flli -R S52 I s ,fm I Q-5611. ,swf figfifl .ji 'Xl-L.-3.5 ,Q 'WWW' Q 0 Qu Y o ' O Q. OO 0 oo 'JN oo . I , . Q 1 ,,,.y'v-711'-1'H"""""':-7 4-ff" ' Q 'TTT 15521 . MX 47,gf5mgi,rLlq10.5i. E ,155 'Q N ,. f MJ, 1, X' if A 5 I Vx, .. Wm 1-. 9 , 1 1z m 195 , . v '. 1. - 'f f , wx , 'Z Yi Q 'xxx gvflzfj ja 'yy g 4 wif, Jw- 1 .ff sv X- --WY Z-rf, ,.--V 'W Ph' ,- ,.. rw, . , Tuflfz 'yin U 1 1 , I 4Z USS AMPHION CS . A f UL R-13, ' Cruise 4? .4 AMPH 1968 3 . 1 1 X 5 8 916'-. ff Hi rl!-si-5' 1,29 3 in Q5 il' 9 6 5595 QM Qs 1 , -A-f-x., 1 Q 4s I To S KN 1 f xi V, 'MN - V V- 1 L' V X ,li w. F W ' QQ? , V ,Ne- .,,, W. .Hg , . -,,.. '. "r"Jgl4 . A ' ' , an 4, , .. A 1 .gn if M- , A A4301 f fLeft photo, SN Valdez- throwing a heaving line. fAbovej Line handlers. Uieiowi Operating anchor windiess Ui SN A. Greenhalgh KRD SN Jeffers. .AE - . if-can. Vi. ,--, V.. . --, - fi' "' Chronology Norfolk Shipbuilding St Drydock Corp. Feb -- July Change of Command May Puerto Rico .luly Guantanamo Bay, Cuba August Scotland September England October CO,-ef Gfdntftg of AR-I3 by Im J. Jaggers. Cover design by C. Price. Z fCiockwise, from top rightj I. HIGH-LINE EXERCISES, GM3 Ketterman, 2,0PPERATlNG ANCHOR WINDLESS SN J Jeffers, 3. Taking the Diving Boat Aboard, Li, UNDERWAY, QLeft to rightj SN P, Cochran, SN A- ,Green hal gh, SN A. Haasz. 4 COMMANDER SERVICE SQUADRON FOUR J. W. NEWLAND JR.. CAPTAIN. USN X xx Personnel inspection was held at sea by Captain Thompson. In above photo Captain Thompson receives the Joint Service Medal from Commodore J.W. Newland, Jr. LT Finucan, in bottom photo, received the Navy Commendation Medal from Captain Thompson. SH3 W. Slocum, opposite page, was awarded Sailor of the Month by Captain Thompson. This cruise book is a history of several weeks out of the life of a ship and its crew. It is AMPHION at work - and there was plenty of it - and at Uplayu. It does not, HOWGVSV, adequately catch the competency enthusiasm d ' ' ' ' ' cruise. , an accomplishments that have distinguished this crew during the It has been my privilege and pleasure to have been your Commanding Officer during the maj0V portion f th ' ' ' ' o e period depicted in the following pages. Please accept my sincere appreciation fOr your completely outstanding performance. COMMANDING OFFICER B.R. THOMPSON, CAPTAIN. USN U 1, LL ,. 3. --aw t . tac - kes a- radar Con BM3 Bonlfel' ma A t SN Myers, 2. f0PDosite page clockwise from left top, l' Port lookou , . IQUNQ LT W. DUnCan p 1 tte Uxbovep t th helm CL, SN A Greenhalghv fRJ SN Pau e 1 on the bridge, 3. A e ' ' course. , . Norfolk Shipbuilding 8 Drvdwk Corp 741 'L :ff-jf -X5 9 A - kj ess if-V 1 lb ' , 153 ff ,, A Q-ysgxf Y , .fl 3 1 yi ,Q ,W , 5 ii' f 1 I Y dy 6 fx .335 X V Xx'55Q?iv :fix X Q X 3: Q--W .Nu Xa- 4-FX vis- x S xg. cg-s XX flf-fiss g MS ,sffiffiesx-w 2 M iff xx. 5 1 O 5 - Ms g Q- XJt'S'X . A X . Xffibgrsfif. f if 'ir Qffwtm' -S :ax uf X -. i igfxa. -. x "fl7.'Ai?.E' I A 1 51 X '9 x i .vis A - 'fx-Bsf. x .Ty Y ifif x- Us-3 m W ir It jx 1 Y ya ,A L " U i H," 1 '1 : ij ' L 1 7 " ' Ax: 5 I D K 1 l , 1 1 1 1 1 X 'fx 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A Y 1 i ! Change of Olnmand on May 25th Captain B-R- Thompson. USN, relieved Captain w.K. wilson as the new commanding officer of the repair ship USS AMPHION AR-ls. The colorful ce- . E - , 4 Q1 N 'V' , V' Qazlra -4 I W 5 M m f. c xl remony took place in Norfolk. Va. fAbovej Capt W K Wilson speak lng to lnvlted guests QLeftj Inspecting Honor Guard, Ui Capt B R Thompson ICQ Calif W K W'l son, UU Como J W Newland, Ji' Z 1 Staff Front Row From Left To Right: LT E. Zmyewski, LCDR E. Wood, CAPT R. Comet, COM0 J. Newland Jr CDR C. Riegle, LCDR H. Lindstrom, Back Row: CWO4 B. Tripodi, CW04 R. Anderson, LT W. Kingsley, LT R. Miller, ENS W. Emmick. QI ' it W N' I Q w,QfR XS i F ' . I ront Row From Left To Right. YN3 Gqllanger, SA Griffith, SN Johnson YN3 McDowell SD2 Reyes, IJ I ' , , Siggngmith, QMCS giogssogsil griwilfadol Middle ROW: YN2 Franceskl' SB' Annarela, Yucs Morton, CI I d ' O emanj YN' Llewellyn, SKI Schnable, Back Row: YN3 Holm, SMSN e , RD b , ave an 3 Gam le SM3 Stack' YN3 w'SelY' lCFN Abbot, SN Smeltzer RM3 Sims RMSA McPearson SM2 Richard' YN3 Scarce, RM3 Foldeni YN2 Bell, YN2 Romney RMS Bittors TN Flores , Afiving at San Juan and liberty call Q 5 " ' I ,K r A - gg.. Y.hl 1 gif Front Row From Left To Right: SFMFN L. Lawson. SFM2 W. Edwards, SFI F. wilson. SFI K. Conn, SFI B. Cotton, SFC H. Daniels. SFI J. Wainscott, SFI J. Crook, MRI E. Sutton. SFP2 L. Broggi. SFM2 R. Abner, Kneeling: FN R Christian. SFMFN E. Bowser, Back Row: FA P. Seagriff, FN O. Hawkes. SFMFN D. Clarence, SFMFN H. Duvall, FN A. Ciaramitaro. SFMFN A. Smith, SFP3 J. Cokor, FA V. DeBoer, SFM3 A. Jones, SFM3 D. White, FN R. Anderson. SFP3 J. Sweeney. SFM3 E. Smith, FN J. Haddix, FN M. Hudak, SFMFN G. Prehauser, i Front Row From Left To Right' FN H Forbes SFPFN J ' ' v . R ll DCC Payne, SFC Baackv SFP2 F. Fad D r I eps er. SFM3 W. Corbett. FN G. Foster GY, Cd R. Harrison, FN R, M t DC3 J. Culver, FA G. Dugger, FN G Stewart FN w M511 ar Inez' SFMFN J- MCCl0ud. Back Row - - - ,snir , Egert, SFM3 A. Frutiger, SFM3 D. Riley. S N M G'0'f"e'S- DC3 D. Brown. SFPFN M . Castelo De San Cristobal .fBeIowj At the Castle of Saint Christopher, QLD SN T. Conklin KCI 'YN3 Buchholtz and QR, SN Kopenhaver. 1 l Edinburgh Front Row From Left io Rignt: MM2 J. Abrigo, MMI C. Walter, MMI G. Calvert. BRI R. Birch, I BTI C. Danielson, BRC E. Boswell, MLCM A. Cameron, BRI R. Young, BRI D. Travis, MLI J. Dirito, MMI C. Pruitt, Back Row: MM2 T. Isbell, MM3 J. Graves, MM3 V. Maynard, MM2 J. Hall, MM3 W. Goodlander, FA E. Russel, FN T. Nunley, EM3 J. Kusha, ML3 E. Fri z, ML3 L. Thornton, FN 0. Dodd, FN R. Allen MM3 D. Newsom, MM3 J. Johnson, MM3 R. Browning, MMFA R. Robenstein, MM3 J. Henderson, MM3 P. D'amato, MMFA M. Carrel. R"2 Division li. Hop left photop i. 41.3 SN R. Mciieen, icy sxz L. Price, my LISN D. Tice, 2. BM2 CDVZJ L. Wenben at military museum, 3. fAbovej SN R. McMeen examining British firearms. ix - ,nn' ,- f I - 4 r -fr-' 'Y'-annyvs-vvfw -- " Front Row From Left To Right: EN2 S. Hamilton, ENI D. Fouch Jr., MMI G. Wallace, MRI A. Nickel, MRI L. Fanjoy, MMC H. Snyder, MRI A. Neel, MM2 D. Bateman, ENI R. Pratt, EN2 K. Cabe, Back Row: FN S. Ginicola, MRFN C. Bourque, MRFN R. Avery,iMRFN M. Wasserman, MRFN T. Sonsel, MRFA H. Parkhurst, MRFN K. Lehtinen, FN R. Perry, FN J. Hayden, EN3 P.Pasc0e, MRFN T. Edwards, EN3 L. Sudsina, EN3 R. Bradley. Popular ddd U.S.N Navy Visitors THOUSANDS took advan- J ftage of the invitation to 'visit' the ILS. Depot Ship 'Amphlon at Fairlie Jetty -and were lntrlgucd by the modern 'mechanical marvels which they were shown. Evidence. of traditional nav- alcuspit and vpotlshn was seen everywhere, but visitors were assured that the gleaming floors below-decks' had not 323: gmially, polished for , Etelfyone remarked about ul? UUHKWSYA and- considerat- -lw to them, their WW! doing everything to 'Ne Ile, visit interesting. 'HWY Of the Younger visit- 'W' CW? away with souvenirs, QM Wdtillg by the number of :EW 92PS.8een in Falrlle, the , 1, - NW! must haveugained a e a Witt. h'efY,iUt1i0l'l recruits I .59 Nlvymen L- well-man- M54 ,Phd well-behaved ,- midi, 315:13 friends in urgr .ln all, over 4000 visited are f fazggggsv 011 Sunday the total i5'i?M2"" 35 -2 A... 9, ef" ' States Mvymen in Lax? ' g Plan 'Wu' resented. ingress X from Commodore J.-W. New- lands, the flag-ofiicer of, the Service Squadron. He sent it to the municipal chambers to be handed over, by Ensign W. N. Emmick. VA brass plate bore the words: 'fTo the People of Largs in- appreciation of a lgamorahle visit to their fine Y3' The .glaque was made ab- oard U S. Amphlon. , Provost Donald asked En- sign' Emmick- to convey the appreciation of Largs to -Commodore Newlands. Lil!! he said, was delighted to have had the Service Squadron based' near the town and he hoped the officers and men had had an. enjoyable time. Ensign Emmick said all the navymen had. been impressed with the good-will shown to them in 'Largs and ,especially were grateful to .the 'citizens who welcomed the BIVYUWU into their homes. The Grand Canyon, - the Escape- and I' the Nilllllllllr which were moored in -La , Channel, left todayfor , hampton and they will he lowed to-morrow .by . ,x -. lg Amphhn. .' , I . t said fMake'them feelat nuure but this is ridiculous." QAbove photoj LIGHT MACHINE SHOP MR3 H. Peavien QRight row. top to bottomj I. BOILER REPAIR SHOP QLT FN A. Ciaramitaro CRD SFM3 E.R. mmltn. 2- FOUNDRY PM3 E.F. Fritz. 3. PATTERN SHOP PMS B- Mullaney. move? U-7 LISN D. Tice qm Gm Ketferman, Wight vhotoy MMC Tucker, Uop righfp 41.5 I-ISN D. Tice KRD GM3 Ketterman. . A w 1 1 x 1 g 0 O O R-3 Division Front Row From Left To Right: 'EMI J, Bailey, EMI J. Dorrer, BMI F. Bump, ICC D. Murphy, C. Lawyer IC3 D. Rogant ICI F. Ranki 1: ' , , n . IC3 J. Lang, IC3 M. Karcher, FN R. Fairbanks, Back Row IC2 R. Halh ICFN R. Powers, EM3 G. Cook, EM3 R. Anderson,-EMFN W. Pratt, BM3 J. Hartman, SA M Collins, FN W. Sharpe, IC3 T. Ryan, SN S. Stouffer. Front Row From Left To Right: MR3 Laprarie EM2 R G I , . roce, EM2 I, Llnk, EMI F. Norton, EMI C. DeJohn, EMI S. Wynkoop, EM2 W. Tovnwsend, FN G. Austin, FN V. Harvey, EMFN P. Holliday, EMFN H, Vanasse' EM3 p. Mafksi Em3 R. Harris, EMFN D. Shepards On, EM3 J. Machon, EM3 E. Scott, Caswell, EMC W. Haver, LT M EM3 L. Hambrick, Back Row Jones. EM3 P. Lowrev. FN D EM2 F. Miller, FN G. Wilson- EMC Receiving Letters Prom Home r I Front Row From Left To Right: ETI E. Wing, ETI H. Bland, ETI C. Elton, IMC D. Large WOI M Gollnski, RMCS J. D ' RMC ' avns, S B. Clay, IMI C. Burgess, DMI R. Cabezas . OM3 G. Boyd, Middle ROW ETN3 T. LIeweIIyn OM2 D O'Grady OM3 R Capps IM3 J , . , . , . Jaggers, DMSN C. Price, SN R. Arrington, SN R. J ' ames, MR3 H. Dempsey, IM3 K. Mean, DM3 J. Marsh, Back Row: ETN2 D. Rodecap, ETN2 J. Lunsford, ms J. Jones, oMsN D. Eppelsheimer, ETN3 E. vavra, IM2 R. Davis, ETN3 R. sarr, ETN3 D. Conlon, ETR3 S. Roven, ETR2 J. MeChGniCh- R-4 Division EEE! - mon - .vounoq fAbovej Watch and Clock Repair Shop with IMSN K. Mein: QLeftj Electrontic Calabration Lab with flj ETR2 J. Mec- henich QRJ ETN3 R. Sarr. B M -X:..k. ' S h.,-gulf' n 12-5 Division . V Q .q ffmfw': 1 1 u S. Q fl f E 1 A , 1 v 4 " ' ' 1 P I Front Row From Left To Right: PH2 J. Francavillo, LI2 N. Willoughby, GMGI B. Blevins, GMGC E. Tho-oosoo. one w. Traylor, Mncn J. Norwood, SFC qovzy w. Gray, MMI KDVIJ P. Butera, BM2 UJV27 L. moon, PN2 F. Toedt - ' man. Back Row. SN L. Cannata, SN R. McMeen, FN D. Mutchell, GMG3 U- La0eYv FTG3 E. Tucker. Llsn H. Nowakoski, SN T. Conklin, IM3 D. Koppenhaver, FN T. Nugent, GMG3 S. Kei- terman, LISN D. Tice, YN3 G. Buchholtz. 3,-...1---. In admiration for the American people, Francis C. Hamilton of Southampton, England, presented to the USS AMPHION AR-I3 one of his most prized possessions -- a silver cigarette case. While serving with the Scotish 52nd Regiment during World War ll, Dr. Francis C. Hamilton Re- ceived this cigarette case from the men for humanitarian deeds. During the war Dr. Hamilton and his wife received comforting aid from the American servicemen. In graditude for these services rendered to him he presented the silver cigarette case to the Amphion on October I968. The in- scription reads as follows: DEAR SIRS, WITH THE PERMISSION OF YOUR CAPTAIN PLEASE EXCEPT THIS TOKEN FOR YOUR WARDROOM. IN COHRADESHIP PASL FOR APARTICULAR KINDNESS WHICH LINGERS DEEP IN OUR HEARTS. YOURS SINCERELY FRANCIS C. HAMILTON le F.c.P., s. is G. IS-A-I LIC M.S.MID 8 PHARM. L.A.H. DUBLIN LIFE M.P.S. IRELAND ILEFT TO RIGHTI C.W. CALDWELL, LT MC USN, B.R. THOMPSON. CAPT. USN. S. PACKER. CDR. USNR. R.W- FULLILOVE, LT USN. ,.,..,.. 4 i I 5 fi? frogs:- . r ra... r F km X ' 113 4,4 ' in W ti. fCounter clockwisej I. Print shop with LISN Nowakowski. 2. Gunners Mates during gunnery exercise: 3. Photo Lab with fLJ PH2 F. Toedt- man and QRJ PH2 J. Francavillo. ll- Repairing small arms with CLD FTG3 Tucker UU M63 Kett ennan. foposite page, FTG3 Thurston operating MK-I5 Gun Director. I ii Fel? Z' Y. 1 'N , x K N. v-5,4 A ' Q'-A-. . ,ave Ir' N , 1? ,V qi 3 .fo , . wx-X - -,-., f --.. . 9 ! sql Y 1001 fn Q iii... 7 . , xb Q I L - ii- ' ' Q.. Engineering Division Front Row From Left To Right: FN J. Messina, DCFN D. Bobo, FN D., Sarasin, FN P. Dickerson, EN3 Glazner, FA D. Vailiancourt, EN3 D. Nolte, DCFN T. Green, Middle Row: SFM3 M. Pearson, SFP3 R. Martino, EMC J- Buriing, SFC H. Fisher, LTJG J. Burow, LT E. Kennedy, EN3 H. Cheatham, SFP2 J. Matthew EN3 T. Freudiger, Back Row: FA W. Mattews, FA R. Daiman, DCFN H. Parra, DC3 G. Gipprich, SFPFN J. Moiepske, DCFN A. Byxbe, FA B. Whittington, FN W. Adkins, DC2 E. Winters, FN C. Trapp, SFPFN J. Roth, FN L- KHHDP. EN3 M. Parkison. l l Front Row From Left To Right: BTI J. Pennighton, MMI S. Burgess, MMC W. Bumgardner, EMCS R Millner, LT E. Kennedy, MMC A. Tucker, LMI C. Pollard MMI E. Ralston, Back Row: MM3 J. Malleyl G. Hashenbank, SN T. Herceg, FN A. Jenkins, FN W. Crawford, FN L. Searight, FN T. Ratl aff, FN W Bagi, MM2 N. Roberts, FN J. Harris, FN W. Maietta, MNQ A. Miller, FN J. Miller, FN K. Vanderpool, MM2 T. Keel. FN MISSION and HISTORY Of the AMPHION .fx L.f The AMPHION' is a repair ship of 14,000 tons, whose primary mission is to render repair and logistic services to ships of the fleet. Nearly eight hunderd officers and men, possessing a Wide variety of skills, are assigned to fulfill this mission. The AMPHION has specially designed and equipped shops to render all types of repairs to ships ex- cept those requiring drydocking. Our National Security requires a strong sea power that can be deployed anywhere at any time and remain on station for extended periods. Our "customers" are often located far removed from shipyards and where repairs can only be accomplished by repair ships. Because AMPHION is such a ship, she can accompany our fleet and maintain our ships in readiness on all frontiers. The AMPHION is dedicated to this most vital SERVICE TO THE FLEET. The AMPHION was constructed by Tampa Ship- building Company at Tampa, Florida and placed in com- mission on 30 January 1946. Since commissioning, AMPHION has provided repair, and logistic service to the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets. A ffl fC? fx I .P ' 123 fi .f ,- f... kr" ,-I -"wx .g.fz1i:fQ34 . kv. " 'l-z':'F1t'3-'91 f,-M313 w':,fifS .. ,M -f' sfi . W ,I ...ri 9 Q I Pa fCIockwise from top right, I, KLQ DC3 E. Winters, QCD DCFN T. Green, my DCFN J. Bobo, 2, fm MM3 R. Logan, CRD MM2 G. Darby, 3. SFP3 R. Martino, 4. QLD SFM3 M. Pearson, QRJ FN C. Trapp. f0pposite page, clockwise from rightj I. BT3 D. Gard- ner, 2. FN J. Dunbar, 3. BTFN G. Davis, 4. MM3 R. Her ek, 5. QLJ EM3 R. Thweatt, IRQ EMI H. Thomas. N l Q. ! x F 1 E IW 1 1. 1 3 4 L 1 w i S 1 x f , .i. -W -v- X an L Front Row From Left To Right: QM2 T. Laparle, ETI V. Barish, RDC C. Price, LT M. Gordon, LTJG P. Butt, SMI J. Hancock, RMI H. Fox, RNQ W. Elmer, Back Row: SM3 H. Rivers, QMSN W. Robinson, SN T. Powell, RM3 E. Green, CYN3 S. Cole, QMSN E. Jicha, RDSN E. Melgard, ETR3 H. Hendryx, QM3 V. Schumacher, CYN3 G. Cacchio, SN J. Kirk, RDSN A. Jenkins, SMSN T. Holmes, SN M. Sutherland, SN R. Millan. Cperations fObposite page, clockwise from rightj I. QASN E. Jicha ploting course. 2. SM3 H. Rivers on signal bridge. 3. QM2 T. Lapararle Ll. On signal bridge QLT SM3 H, Rivers KR, SMSN T Holmes CHIEF OF STAFF SERVICE SQUADRON FOUR R. E. COMET, CAPTAIN. USN Q f ww , ,W , , , MKII, AMPHION Cruise Book has been prepared for the benefit and enjoy- ment of all hands who constitute the foundation upon which this ship's organization is built. This ship is an integral part of each man and I am proud to have served on this memorable cruise with each of you. From Drydock at Berkley to Piccadilly Circus and back to Norfolk has been a thrilling experience which every AMPHION Sailor can be proud of. EXECUTIVE OFFICER S. PACKER, COMMANDER, USNR Q"I Division Front Row From Left To Right: DPI F. Dubois, SK2 K. Johnson, SKI H. Erfurdt. SKCM A. Gordon, L N. Bugg, SKCS R. Andrews, SKI R. Brown, DSI J. Camm, Back Row: DP2 K. Roush, SN M. Peaks, SN L Braxton, DPSN M. Stephens, DS2 J. Depfer, SN W. Maroon, SK3 V. Caruso, SKSN R. Oatley, SKSN J Jaglowski, SN D. Dwiers. Front Row From Left To Right: SK3 M. Campbell SKSN A Dunn ' DP ' 9 a A. Rose. SK3 W. Christiansen SN R Lorine SK3 V C 3 J SmOO1: LT N Bugg SK3 ' ' ' ' QFUSOI BGCK R : DPSN D. F d, ' . DPSN L. Mooney. DPSN K. Jicha, SK2 L Price SN V Gil bert SN R ow or SN R Myers R S, ' ' - i . Corcoran, SK2 B. Sanford, SKSN . IWWODS. f0DDOSitG page, clockwise, from rightl fll Automatic Data Processing D33 J Camm KZ, 3 I CL, SN L.B t.RSNR.L , ' ' ' UPPY' S frax on L 7 -onne C31 SuDDly, LLB SN R. Myers, QRI SKSN Jagiowski, ful Supply, QLQ SK2 B, an ord, CCD SKSN R. Simmons, CRI SKI R. Brown, f5l Automatic Data Process' DPI Dubois. 'D9i QLQ DPSN Monney, CRI Depar ment Heads R,,F. BAUER, CDR.-U, SC, USN 1 -4 A, F. mm, LCDR., USN M. H. GoRnoN, LT., usw W f . ' K w E. V. KENNEDY, LT., USN H. A. VOETULLT., USN A D. E. BARLOW, CDR., DC, USN C.z W. CALDWELL, LT., MC., USN R. W. FULLILUVE. LT-, CHC, USNR - 2 , , 5 E K 3-2 Division H 3 "' S I 5 I Q 9 iiii 'I ' SQ Front Row From Left To Right: MRFN J. Townlin, FN N. Bumm, CS3 P. Spero, CS2 W. Drake, CSI F. Pizzaro, CSI A. Lewis, MM3 J. Hendley, CS3 H. McDonald, SA T. Sykes, SFPFA C. Smi th, Back Rohn SN H. Finley, SN J. Moody, FA W. Marshall, FA G. Davis, FA I. Betancourt, SN R. Guy, FA J. 'Wegzyn, FN I R. Brown, FA E. Johnson, MMFA R. Lahmann, FA C. Horne, MRFA C. Sleeper, FA J. Hill, FA R. Ehrentraunt. Front Row From Left To Right: SN B. Walker, C33 J, Webb, C33 G. Obermyer, LTJG D. Chenault, C365 R. McCreary, CSI D. Bakef, MM2 R, Gfauvoglv C82 G' Scott, C82 G' Moll, MMFN J. Kraise. Back Row: SN H. Sorensen, MMRA J Young FA S Carter SA T R'em ' ' ' v - I an, MMFN N. Mich I k' SA D. M h SA J. ReDsher, FA J. Mason. MRFAkR. Hinsen. MRFA J. Knapp, SN P, Gallagher, S2 ?.IQiIder, SSFE-ygoster, FA E. H , - , arrls HMFN L Per IDS, MRFA H. Burg, SN Stergoen, EMFN B. Chastain, FN T. Lewis. sOn?site nage, clockwise from rightj Ill CS3 P. Spero, IRQ CSI F, pgzarro, C25 Messcooks line up for ai y medical inspection, Q31 SN R. Guy, ful Crewls Mess Deckls Q53 CG3 p Spero fopposite pagej USS AMPHIONSAR-I3 incdrydock. QPhoto's clockwise from top rightj 1. Spraying cargo ,.boom. 2. SN R. Milan 3. CYN3 S. Cole painting bn O3 level. 4. Deck crew chipingipaint from cargo winch. ' 'iff-." V . L , Front Row From Left To Right: SHI F. Robinson, SHI J. Mayes, SH2 K. Sypult, W02 W. Keith, SH2 A. Coffman, SH2 G. Knox, SH3 W. Slocum, Back Row: SA A. Gugino, FN L. Foley, SA R. Variey, FN A. Pasquale, SA L. Beto, SA C. Kerns, FA 0. Paquet, SN J..Leaman, SA J. Graham, SHB3 L. Blubaugh, J. Harrison. Q-3 Division f0PDOSif6 Page, clockwise from ' ht "9 l I. SHlP's STORE, sus w. Slocum 2 BARBER sHoP qLJ FN L. Foley Cutting hair. KRD SHB3 L. Blubaugh, 3, LAUNDRY ' ' ' R SN J- Leaman. 4. LAUNDRY, FA R. oalman. SH3 ill? l all l La fphotols clockwise from top rightl L. Capt. W.K. Wilson saying farewell. 2. Commodore J.W. New- land, Jr. inspecting Honor Guard 3. Honor Guard. 4. Music by CINCLANT. 40' 5 X V MX- I els 3 is X "1 2 5 K - Q S .fl-5. X V' as 4 . L. f S A ' as f---....,,...---- 1 -W' l Q ' Q - 'io Xxx as V, dbg? an i Front Row From Left To Right: SD3 D. Stone, DKI R. wallen, LTJG L. Cotton, SDI R. Alejandro, SD3 B. Villarroya, Back Row: SN K. Koehler, SN D. Laraway, TN A. Diego, TN D. Sumera, TN C. Quinot, SD3 J. Alfonso. 3-4 Division 0 't ' - . 3 Dlx-ilsgzpigesirliikwnse from Flghty I. OFFICERVS GALLEY, QLD SD3 A. Punongbayan, QRQ SDI R. AU-2JaDd"0v ch, S02 C RQ es 4 213409 SDS A- Punongbayan, cm sm R. Alejandro, 3. wARD Room, TLT S02 N. Jimenez, SD2 N. Jirlxenei 1 . ISBURSING OFFICE, U., SN K. KOehlGl', QR, SN D, Laraway, 5- OFFICERIS GALLEY, I. I 'R I I I I I a I I I I I I .Ig R"I Division Front Row From Left To Right: SFM3 M. Hirsch, SFM2 C. Shouse, SFM2 C. Edwards, SFI H. Hoehl ich DCCS J. Aplin,CW0ll Hutchison, SFI T. Wilson, FN H. Marshall, DC2 L. Hiland, DC2 W. Overstreet, Back Row: SFMFN K. Braaten, DCFN G. Hawley, FN N. Olson, FN R. Vagge, FA A. Ca rl son, FN M. Reardon X-Division Master 1-Lt. Arms I My I Front Row From Left To Right: PN2 G. Patterson, PN2 J. Butcher, YN2 R. Hilton, PCI D. Moorefield PNCM A. WeIIs, LT FuIIiIove, SFC J. Ward, YNI E. Case, YN2 A. Vacca, PC3 S. Nopoi ius, Back Row: PN2 W. MiIIer, SN R. Brammer, SN J. Szostak, SN D. Futato, SN C. Deangelis, PNSN A. Veighe, SN P. Montgo- mery, LT W. Duncan, SN H. Hazzard, FA R. Desio, SN W. Malone, PCSN W. Col Iey, SN G. Steiiw, DC3 R. Specker, SA T. Sykes, SA R. Hayward. Front Row From Left To Right. SFI A I-SWSOH, SFI R. Huff, GMG2 R, Honicku ' Moore. SPCM J- Walsh, EMI W. Wright, Back Row: EM2 H fClockwise from top rightl I. CARPENTER SHOP- QLD PM2 R. Kessler QRD PM3 J. Hartman 2. Making display model of AR-I3 in CARPENTER SHOP. QLQ DC2 W. Overstreet QRJ FN R. vagges. CARPENTER SHOP, 41.5 DC3 D. Brown my FN R. Vagge ll- SHEET MEDAL SHOP. QLD FN G. Foster fRl HH3 J. Henderson 5. PIPE SHOP- TLT FN w. Mills my FN C. Stewart. l I l 1 Front Row From Left To Right: HMI L. Charlton, LTMC C. Caldwell, HMCS H. Petersen, HM2 H. Ray Back Row: HN R. McNett, SN D. Fallon, HN M. Jandrlich, SA P. Cook. Medical l l 3 w I l CODPosite page, clockwise from topl I HM2 H Ray, 2 QLD HN M Jandrl' h McNett, 3. up HN M. Jandrlich, my HN R. Mellen, u,'HN-R, MCNA-tt. 'C ' cc, .SN D' Fanon' W HN R' L A.. f W, f ikwf 7 , sw ., , - ML f i,r,Wy' Ziggy 7,gg.,,w , f MYW' iw IM, Mfmwfn MMV x .7 X f X ,, x ,, Q. ,, W W X , - f .Wg W in - D-WM 'K 'wmv 4 , f ,f . 11. .Q 6Qy:WQ,,Mff X W V " f ' 'X , 1 , I . M, Zxx W f ff ' f , fx wh-.n ' f' , . xX " MM f f -5 gf. QQ K mf, ff f' vC'W N....,,,......L,, f X , X Wm ,Q 1 Dental 1 8 I 1 ii ' i Front Row From Left To Right: DTI R. Trice, LTDC B. Hunter, CDRDC D. Barlow, DT2 Hankins, Back Row: DN D. Micheii, DN T. Eiek, DT2 Micheaison. i T Q . 5 4 .1 1 gi 5 i Ii fi 5 4' i ' 1 i C0PDosit6' Page, clockwise from right, I DT3 S Fekete 2 L ' - - v . DN S. M t h , , . + Eiek, li. QLD LT DC B. Hunter, QRJ FN L, Martin. i i I c ei QRJ DN T Elek, 3 DN T r i , I H . 1. L.-tl? 44 Front Row From Left To Rlght MRFN P Harrls FN R Leventry, MRI G Anthony MRC B Puleo CWOll- J Cranford, MRC A Ragone, MR3 T Slaney MR2 D Dlloreto MRFN V Macchsa MR3 P Harklns Back Row MRFN T Lasch MR3 J Stout, MR3 R Thompson, MR3 R Mcanally SMRFN J McConnell MR3 J Stapko MRFN D Gaeckleln - I . l I 1 I u y n Q u n I 7 u Q 1 7 u 9 I I u 7 I u n u 9 n , n 9 n ' I ' 'f ff ul Q I K . . . Front Row From Left To Right: MR3 G. Burnham, MR3 R. Link, MR3 R. Foster, MRI J. Brown, PMC M Washer MRC E Clark, MR3 H. Peavler, MR3 M. Geisy, MR2 R. McClain, MR3 D. Muscleman, Back Row: I Q ' I MR2 J Sundee MR2 T Mitchell MR2 D. Bell, PM3 R. Kessler, PMFN D. Nyhuus, PMFN R. Koehler, PM3 , , . 9 B. Mullaney, PMFN R. MOOFDOUSG- , ,. ,,.. ,-,.- .,....... I - ,. f f l M ' ' 73'- Front Row From Left To Right: SN R. Holloway, SN K. Kitchen, FN J. Elliott, BMI E. Dearing, LTJG B. Shoffner, LT H. Voeth, BMI J. 0'diear, SA A. Haasz, SA A. Pack, Middle Row: BM3 J. Bonifer, BM3 P. Sweeney, FN E. Ringo, SN M. Fisher, SN K. Smith, SN R. Harley, FA R. Dolan, SN A. Green- halgh, SA R. Patterson, Back Row: SN E. Lundy, SN D. Strange, BM2 R. Carter, BMI L. Martin, SN D Eshelman, SN R. Tubbs, SA R. Blanco, SN J. Jeffers, SN E. Longberry. P' Qt D'v's'.ion Front Row From Left To Right- SN R Huckabee SN E V Id ' ' f - 5 92, SA F. Dame BMI F McGuire LTJG . h ff , , ' , ' ' i 3 So ner LT H Voeth, BMI D. White, SA G, Ke-rns, SN G' Akehurst, SA R. Kratzery Middle ROW: SA. C. Montgomery, SN S. Cohen, BM3 G, Bgyd, SN J. paulettq SA K. Krewson SA J McLain SN J Steffano, SN J. Autovino. SN R. Patane, BM2 J. Jones, Back ROW: Sn D Mun!! SA.L , . stems, SA D. wonson, FA H. owens, SN R. Smith, SA R Damato ' Y' ' Hayes' FA D' Seaond Division I I T .4...4i yvqmdli fClockwise from top rightj I. LIGHT MACHINE SHOP. ILI MR2 R. MCCLAIN QR, MR3 K. Giesy. 2. HEAVY NACHINE SHOP- KL? li ll. Cl SIL. Hill!! MR3 J. Stapko IRI MR3 J. Stout. 3. LIGHT MACHINE SHOP. ILI MR2 D. Bell QR, MR3 R. Link. 4. VALVE REPAIR- CLI FN S. Ginicola ICI Ml G. Wallace CRI MRFN J. MCCONNELL. 5. HEAVY MAcH1NE sHoP. ILI Mas Harkin. Icy MR3 R. Thompson IRI MRI G. Anthony. Y, Uflockwise, from top rightj l, QLeft to right, BM3 Bonifer, EN3 Freudider, BM3 G. Boyd, SN J. Jeffers, 2. BM2 Jones, 3. N43 Bonifer, ll. SN R. Carrell. 17' A ,AA fabove photoj LIGHT MACHINE SHOP MR3 R Foster right row top to bottomj I LIGHT MACHINE SHOP MR3 G Burnham 2 LIGHT MACHINE SHOP MR2 J Sundee Wa, Personnel Inspection And Presentations E r T 4.4 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .I ! W ww 4 4 Nw-wx , wmv iw X ftop photoj EM3 J. Machon 11111010 righty 103 J. Lang 130110111 photoy 11.7 FA wi Smith QRU IC3 J. Lang haw ,, ., Bringing on supplies S 81111110 in Norfolk 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 5 l i 1 1? i Y t 1 i i I I 3 1 Y' . i ii ai i I i I K T i i I I i if ii i I ii i i i i i. li i i i i i i it fLeftj Binocular Calibration with OM2 U 0iGrady. QAbovej Temperature calibration Lab with IMC D. Large. fBeiowj Engraving Shop with IMS Davis. , Underway 1 Uliockwisej Low Pressure Pannei with IM3 J. Jaggers: Typewritter Repair Shop with UQ IMI Burgess and CRD IM3 Davis: Optical Shop with CID OM3 R. Capps and QRJ OM3 G. Boyd: Binocular Cai ibration with OM2 D..A. oierady. . Pleat Training at Guantanamo Bay, Cul: 'a 1 1 1 Y 1 T 1 1 fa, 1 1 1 1 I N 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 l 1 1 1 1 E 1 1 N 1 1 F 1 X High-une Drill af. Cuba i I fm Lx . ! 2 ? 5 Y , 3,11 . '17 x, E H ,3 1 E 'lg X I ' 'e its ,X L ni! -A xx i 1 lg 'I H N ik x ,. 4 N , V: r iw w ,W F , 1, 1 11 ,E QE N 5: I ny 5 k .! ,il i f x ' I 1' V fi ll I 1 w 11 Ili ,Ii Q, gi i F P 4 I xg lx F gf gl H lr W 1 1? i. ri ' 11 gl Us Y N, WL' Pl aglf w 1. 155 I, p I 4, 'li ,1 112 Q4 f , 44.5 San Juan Soar!-fl ing lights of new San Juan, Puerto Rico 77' - ,ww MM2' ',l3"n -4 fs Front Row From Left To Right: SFM3 K. Konkel, MM2 R. Kelley, BTC N. Long, MM2' G. Darby, BT3 D Gardner, FN J. Reeves, Back Row: FN R. Hazlett, BTFN G. Davis, MM3 R. Herek, FN J. Kristek, S. Kober, FN M. Hayden, FA W. Stewart. Front Fow From Left To Right: MM3 J. G'1Ckf2V'C, MM3 R- LOQGV1, BT3 C- Newland, BTI W. Thorn, LT E Kennedy, EMCS R. Millner, BT3 A. Fletcher, BT3 E. Buckner, Back Bow: MM3 D- MCC0llUmv FN L l nsdn, FN L. Howard, BT3 T. Edmunds, BT3 J. Ryder, MMFN d. East, FN D- KH i9l1f, FN M- B0L'9h' FA d Mathews, FN R. Remind, FA s. Blake, FN D. Herr, BTFN J. Beck, BT3 H- P Une- 4 The Capitol building in San Juan if RI ,ii ,ji Front Row From Left To Right EM3 R Thweatt, IC2J Warren, EMC J B ri' g SFC H Fish ,r J Burow LTE Kennedy EMI H Thomas, EMI J Kiiiimade IC3 R ia Back ow ICFN FA J. Stansfieid EM3 W. Chreech EM3 W. Will iams : . . . u In , . e , LTJG . , . , . . , . Wi I I ms, R : R. Butler, ICFN D. Curtis, EMFN B. Boney, EMFN S. Roth, Fa K. EII iot, EM3 J. Morgan, EM3 R. Brown, G-lagqow f ,f WW, f, xy Mm 'F"""" I4 , 5 W I Pairlie on the Perth of Clyde . W 'Q ,X A r?-'Tig 1 Y -W rf VJ, ,ff , yy' 'ml -Juv, 'H 'Q ' AA -9- ' :Qu 'LA " . .fi ' " f "" v 3+ -N. n x X .x. 5. X ' xfxv:-1 - l X' XXX N gv QS Vy' :I ,lL'fMt, K A., Xgxfx V- g 4 QW iAb0Ve Dhotoj Lt. M.H. Gordon. Qopposite page, clockwise from rightj I. On signal bridge SMI J HHHCOCR. 2. Writing down bearings, QNI2 T. Laparie. 3. On signal bridge, SMI J. Hancock. 3. Und erway pennants. 5, - ' .A 2 1 x .fa 1 I '7?:' ' '7f.,- go-4 Wax.. ' . 1 5 'I' I 5- ' - lv Y 1 ,Q 'df' 4 1 ' f 7-I 1, Z f'I lm . V r 1 ' 'Q O , 1 p Nu- r l . - ,n 1 I-I. "1 'I g.- , 'J---1 . - ' I' f ,, .., J. 451, , v f, y :,-, N. , .f,.L, , ff , . 3.35, gpg-5.5 "" fb O gi! .. 'L X, I XA V' , ...J Invited Guests -li -- M, VVI. in-vm Y 9 4 i 9 I I ,S I f - ff 1 ' I I , - Q ...1 Z ' ,J-If . ,, " In J. .,.. ,g 'ul :N w 1 7 ns. nn snQ if f n X. Y Q . K. gi 43 ,ff ' a 'Y .W ,V , . 1 O! f mf LWVM Ffh! fy, .f mg 'W , ' 71 1 'YK f ' f' wi ww ff, rw f - ffm . pf, 1 , , W A f jf '. H mf. f .- ,qw Q 'U 'G I NA' Q , Mvww if 17, I v I 1 A L..A ,,.- .Jin ,' Q, by jf' I X NTL:-, 5 4 -1 ,M .,. -.A..g -,.,AL .yi ',:.f" ' , I 1 Q F ,532 Y , . 'Ar 3 A , 4 'a' ,Q 'U K "1 ' N ,sua-. 'wh V V' L k -f,,.,.- 'nf' .' :' I "'-'ur """ . 3 A 'f -'?..f.'-94 ' ,.-.X f 1 A ,""'+x 'QS guna .--n .- Farewell ,, And s- Well Done QClockwise, from top right.l I.Retirementof IMC Light- foot, 2. Unit Citation was awarded to SFMFN H. Bowser, fBackgroundl and a letter of appreciation was awarded to KRD IMS R. Francis, QCD OM3 D. Rubner, andfLl OM3 D. Bfem 3. Promotion ceremony for fLl SD3 B. Villarroya, QCD SD3 E. Gonzalez and KRD SD3 J. Alfonso, Ll. Farewell to QCD LCDR R. Atwell and QLD LT W. Battagl ia. new 1 Pt! 'Fi ewan- W ,j X 'T A, g, 2 A 5, V f . ax: . f-V7 -- - V N3 9 .ii ,Z Welcome Home mum-n-up-Q... 5'1Q"""-w-- 5' .X . X .X g Qzix-QXSN K A ,X 4-uns! 6 l ,,,. LT Fullilove, CHC suvenvnsoas ... MRCM Norwood soufons Ann - g .... PH2 J. Francavillo V PnoToeRAPHERs ..-- PH2 F. Toedtman HN P. cook 1 oARxRooM Tecu ---- "" SN L' canna a I I I I Rl oRAFTuNc .-- DMSN C. Price sn R. James LuTHoeRAPnERs .... ---- L'2 Wi"0U9hbY LI3 Sullivan Ll3 W. Nowakowski LISN J. Glenn LISN Tice LISA K. Conaway SN J. Autovino How does one make a cruise book? Aside from taking asprins and drinking a lot of coffee it de- pends on the imagination and determination of the one's selected. When word leaked out the Amphion was leaving her lair in Norfolk for the first time in any old salts memory something had to be done to el b t th was decided. c e ra e e memorable occasion. A cruise and year book The two ship's photographers started things moving. Besides taking pictures, the complete or- ganization of the book was their responsibility. The ship's lithographers were called in to do the printing. To help the printers, the drafting office was asked to do the headings, etc. A corpman rounded up names and did some typing. The result is what you have just seen. lt's far from spectacular but it's a book WE did a- bout OUR ship. We're proud of it and sincerely hope you share our enthusiasism. THE STAFF ff 7 H 1 Fi H L ',.4T1 V ' fi 1 my DEPARTM 7 1 GEN CfUiSeAMPH195N:!I7l Am11nm11i111111 1m1ion ' 111"1111Th ph 113111 1111111111111111111111111111111 ,. .mv . 531.1 , Q , 4 , 1 ., ... 'J 1 '-fl. 1 1 'fn 7 A . I 1 -W 5 3 gl U if P I "7 1 '- K 7 , " . 11 ' ,I 11 1, 1 i. 2 11 1 1 . 5 1 1' 7 Y 'wx 1 Q "I, 1 ' ' ' , . 1 - ' 5 I 1 I 4 l . ' 1 1 1 Y 2 ' . H ' : 1 2-'f 5 I ' A 1 1 . X mn, .. K - ,Iii . Fi f 1 1:yf I 1 . 'V f 1 '1 -2 , Y 1. 1 13 ' A41 ,I ,. if I ,. 11 1 12 ,, M is - 1 . LV f 11 . fin 3 11 H.. 11 1 12 -I r , 'i E1 11 Ji 7 .'-1 qi 3,3 W ii fl '1 it 11 11 X 1 11 E1 L- -L..

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