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- -C- ' - " 0 l.o ' ' i i : { MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE OF THE USS AMPHION AR-13 U. S. S. AMPHION AR-13 During World War II, ships were re- quired to move almost overnight to areas for distant from sites of routine and emer- gency repair facilities. Thus, there arose need for mobile repair units designed to work on virtually all ship types. Tenders, built primarily to operate only with parti- cular ship classes, were not equipped for thisfunction. Therefore, repair ships with general capabilities were constructed. As a repairship, the USS AMPHION (AR-13) has OS its mission emergency and routine repair work on ships of the fleet during periods of technical availability. The AMPHION was authorized for construction 17 June 1943. Her keel was laid 20September 1944atthe Tampa Ship- building Company, Tampa, Florida. ■: Launched 15 May 1945, the AMPHION was commissioned 30 January 1946. She is named for a character in Greek Mythology , the son of Zeus and Antiore and the eldest of Greek musi- cians. A vessel of 14,000 tons, the AMPHION has a complement of nearly 800 Officers and Enlisted men. Her sea-going activities have been necessarily limited, for most of her work is accomplished in port, the ships she is repairing moored to her side. Each quarter, she is required to make an Independent Ship exercise Cruise, in which she competes for Service Force, U. S. Atlantic Fleet efficiency awards. In 1952 and again in 1954, the AMPHION won honors for excellence in Battle Efficiency. The AMPHION is equipped with Flag spaces, and not infrequently has served as auxiliary flagship to Commander, Service Squadron TWO and his Staff, Within the general framework of the AMPHION ' s mission, seven types of services are provided: repair, salvage, alongside, supply, medical, dental and special. Repair shops aboard include: shipfitter shop, carpenter shop, foundry, pipe and copper shop, sheet metal, welding, canvas, watch, optical, typewriter, electrical, print, photo, blueprint, paint, spray and baking, ordnance, fire control, range finder, silvering gyro compass, electrical instrument, elec- tronic, gas mask and OBA, rigging diving and salvage, light and heavy machine shop, hydraulic, refri- geration internal combustion engine, guage and boiler shops. On 8 July 1957the AMPHION hauled in her lines and made ready for a seven months cruise in the Mediterranean to serve as flag ship for Commander Service Force, Sixth Fleet. At approximately 1300 she was sailing through the Hampton Roads heading for the operation area in the Virginia Capes. On the morning of the ninth at approximately 0745 she sent her crew to their battle stations for a test of her gunnery power and proved she could dish out protection if needed. At approximately 1020 she pointed her bow in course for Gilbraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. In the evening of 18 July she had completed her journey across the Atlantic and stopped at Gilbraltar for a couple hours rest while loading and off loading passengers for other destinations, and then continued on toward Cannes, France. ■J. jTifi ' A ' c o M M A N D I N G O F F I C E R Captain John Benjamin Moreland ' •«« r 1 Captain John Benjamin Moreland was born July 15, 191 1 in Haven, Kansas. He was an honor student at Haven High School, and was third in the Class of 1929. In the summer of 1930, he entered the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md., where he was a letter-man in soccer. He was graduated from the Academy in 1934 and commissioned Ensign May 31 of the some year. Shortly thereafter, he reported to the USS MISSISSIPPI {BB-40) for duty. While on the MISSISSIPPI he was promoted to LTJG May 1937. During the early part of 1938, he was a student Naval Aviator at the Naval Air Station in Pensocola, Florida, and was transferred in May, 1938 to the USS BADGER (DD-126) for duty in the Gunnery Department. From December, 1938 until July, 1940 he was Air Officer, First Lieutenant and Gunnery Officer on the USS CHILDS (AVP-13), pnd became Chief Engineer of the USS UPSUR (DD-14 4) in July, 1940. Transferred to the USS BADGER {DD-126) in June 1941 for duty as Executive Officer, he was promoted to Lieutenant July, 1941 - the year of Pearl Harbor. The BADGER was deployed in the North Atlantic. Stationed aboard the USS DYSON (DD-572) in November, 1942 as Executive Officer, he was promoted to LCDR in May 1943, Aboard the DYSON, a ship of the famed Little Beaver Squadron, he saw action in South Pacific waters and in the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay and Cape Saint George, He became Commanding Officer of the USS STANLEY (DD-478) in January, 1944, attaining the rank of Commander month later. While aboard the STANLEY, he was with a fast carrier task force in the conflict for New Guinea with the Seventh Fleet in the Philippines, Mindoro, and Lingayen Operations and participated in the Iwo Jima invasion. Transferred to the USS CHARLES S. SPERRY (DD-679) as Commanding Officer in March, 1945, he served with a carrier task force in the Central Pacificuntil the end of the war. The CHARLES S. SPERRY then was active with the Japanese occupa- tion forces. He was Executive Officer of the Fleet Sonar School, Key West, Florida 1946-1948; Commanding Officer of the Naval Ordnance Facility, Okinawa 1949-1950; Director of Military Personnel Distribution with Staff, Twelfth Naval District, June 1950 - December 1951 , and Executive Officer of the USS QUINCY (CA-71) December 1951-July 1953, He was promoted to Captain July 1, 1953, In June, 1954, Captain Morland became a faculty member of the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Va, He became Commanding Officer of the USS AMPHION (AR-13) January 30, 1957, Captain Morland has been awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for commanding the CHARLES S. SPERRY in assisting the stricken carrier, BUNKER HILL, duringa Kamikaze attack in 1945; the Presidential Unit Citation for participation in the Solomons Campaign; and the Bronze Star Medal with three gold stars. CaptainMorland is entitledtowearthe following Medals: American Defense with A, Atlantic Theater, American Theater, Pacific Theater with eight campaign stars and Occupation, He is married to the former Miss Marietta Diaz Silveira, They have one daughter, Michele Maria, born October 12, 1951. The Morlands live at 7600 Gleneagles Road, Norfolk, Va. £ X E F C F U I T C I E V R E Commander E. H. Huff Commander Emery Harrison Huff was born June 11, 1914 in Kennebunkport, Maine, the son of Mr, and Mrs. Lyman H. Huff. Following graduation from Kennebunkport High School in 1934, he entered the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. , from which he was graduated in 1938 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Commissioned Ensign June 2, 1938, he reported to the carrier USS LEXINGTON for duty, where he remained until trans- ferred to the USS WELLES (DD-257) in January, 1940, He joined the USS ARKANSAS (BB-33) in October, 1940, and was aboard the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor heralded the entry of the United States into V.orld War II. He had been promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in December, 1940. Transferred from the ARKANSAS in August, 1942, he spent the remainder of the war years aboard the USS TARBELL (DD-234) as Executive Officer, on the USS KNAPP (DD-653) as Executive Officer, and in the role of Commanding Officer of the USS SMITH (DD-378). He attained the rank of Lieutenant in April, 1942, while aboard the TARBELL, Lieutenant Com- mander in April, 1943 aboard the KNAPP, and was promoted to Commander on the SMITH in December, 1945. He participated in the attacks on the Kwajalein and Mojuro Atolls during the Marshall Island Operation; raids on Truk, Pa la u, Yap, Ulithi , Woleai, Sato won and Ponape; the Hollandia Operation of Western New Guinea; the capture and occupa- tion of Saipan and Guam; the Battle of the Philippine Sea; the capture and occupation of the Southern Palau Islands; assults on the Philippine Islandsand the Leyte and Luzon Operations. He was in the first naval task force to visit Nagasaki, Japan, fol- lowing the city ' s destruction by the Atomic Bomb. Postwar duties included service at the Naval Communications Department, Washington, D.C.; as Commanding Officer of the USS MOALE (DD-693); as Assistant Chief Inspector of Ships for MSTS LANT in New York City, and as a Logistics As- sistant attached toCINCNELMSTAFF in London, England, Commander Huff became Executive Officer of the USS AMPHION (AR-13) on May 17, 1956. He is entitled to wear the following decorations: American Defense with " A " , European-African-Middle East Medal, Asiatic-Pacific with seven stars, American Theatre , Bronze Star, Philippine Liberation with one star, Japanese Occupation and the National Defense Service Medal. Commander Huff married the former Miss Mary E. Foye, of Dorchester, Mass., in 1945. Mrs. Huff had been a Wave in communications from 1942 until 1945, attaining the rank of Lieutenant. The couple have three children: Donald Edward, born September II, 1946; Janet Lee, born June 21, 1950, and Jonathan Perry, born April 6, 1953. The Huff home is in Kenne- bunkport, Maine. Chaplain E. S. Jones Chaplain Edwin Stoddard Jones was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanio on May 22, 1919, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Jones. His first twelve years of schooling were spent in the State College Public Schools, graduating from State College, Pa. in the class of 1937. In 1941 , he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Pennsylvania State College. Shortly after college graduation. Chaplain Jones entered the military service in the USMCR. He was commissioned on November 1, 1941 and received promotions to First Lieutenant, October 1942 and Captain, April 1943. From October 1942 to October 1945, he served overseas with the First Separate Engineer Battalion on Guadalcanal, Tinian, and Okinawa. During these war years. Chaplain Jones decided to devote his life to the ministry. After separation from active duty, he continued his education toward this objective and received his Bachelor of Divinity from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey in 1949. Chaplain Jones, a Methodist, served as minister in churches in Plainfield and Livingston, New Jersey and Briggsdale, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. However, it was not long before Chaplain Jones felt his greatest coil as a minister to be in the military service. He was appointed as a Chaplain in the U.S. Navy in October 1951. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, Decem- ber 1951 to March 1952; First Marine Division, Korea, March 1952 to November 1952; 2nd MAW, Cherry Point, North Carolina, December 1952 to April 1954; and USNTC, Bainbridge, Maryland, April 1954 to April 1956. He reported aboard tHe USS AMPHION (AR-13) on May 14, 1956. Chaplain Jones was married to the former Miss Jane Oglevee in 1945. They now reside In Norfolk with their two child- ren - Robert, nine years, and Barbara, six years. ' W .?. ' JOLYI THE AMPHION ODYSSEY MAY- JUNE 1957 - One of the oldest and most frequent bits of scuttlebutt on the AMPHION was the possibility of a cruise to the Mediterranean, During these two months rumors reached a fever pitch, and at last the mixed hopes and fears were confirmed. Official word appeared in the Plan of the Day that the AMPHION would be deployed with the Sixth Fleet from July 18 until January 24, 1958. Hearts sank or rose according to the individual but with her customary pluck the AMPHION dug in and reconverted many ship ' s spaces in preparation to house the offices of Service Force Sixth Fleet as its flagship. JULY 8 - The big day for departure arrived with the AMPHION ready to go. The crew was eager but reluctant - eager to see more of the world, but reluctant to leave family and familiar shores. For many there was much ahead that was un- known and unexperienced - new duties, new liberties. The first sense of newness came with the closer living condi- tions due to the reconversion and the boarding of over 100 passengers for transfer to the Med area. At approximately 1400, the " stay-at-home " AMPHION edged away from Pier 5, NOB, Norfolk. The pier was thronged with many dependents shifting vantage points to receive and return the last smile and wave of their rapidly disappearing loved one. At the same time on the ship, those not waving, and later everyone, were discussing or dreaming of the new experiences just ahead. JULY 9 - After firing drills off Cape Hatteros in the morning, the AMPHION set its course for Gibraltar. JULY 10-17 - The ship crossed the Atlantic with a minimum of rough weather, but we discovered that she could " rock and roll " too. Despite a week without sight of land, time never hung heavy on hands. There was work, a battery of shots in Sick Bay, General Quarters and Abandon Ship drills, and the first of many letters to write. 16 JULY 18 - Early in the morning, it was not only good to see land again, but exciting to realize that it was actually Spain on our port and Africa on our starboard. Immediately, the " candid Charlies " set themselves to clicking away and they scarcely stopped the rest of the day - in fact scarcely for the rest of the cruise. Finally, just ahead, we saw the Rock itself - Gibraltar. Around 1200, we pulled within the breakwater and tied up for several hours. Though no liberty was granted, still we got our first flavor of Europe by " sightseeing " from the decks. The day was warm, bright, and cloudless; the city of Gibraltar clinging to the base and side of the steep mountain seemed to welcome us to the Med with its architecture and foliage so new to us. Around 1400, after depositing most of our passengers and receiving much-needed mail, we pulled away from Gib- raltar, accompaniedby a large school of porpoise, and set course for Cannes, France, there to relieve the USS EVER- GLADES (AD-24) and takeThe Staff on Board. wry CITIZENS DECK DEPARTMENT $ CHGUN Knight LT McClurg CHBOSN Sweeny ' «€i f " JL ' y L f k i . " T. C t a ■IHlllll!,,. If.,. ' r L SECOND DIVISION - ■■ xi " Bull Session " kA. i JOL FIRST DIVISION s JULY 20 - At 1620, we anchored in the lovely harbor of Cannes alongside the noisily overjoyed EVERGLADES. We v ere her ticket home. She met us with brass band and banners warning us of months of hard work ahead and taunting us with ideas of Christmas away from home. No time was wasted in moving the Staff aboard with working parties carrying, welding, and securing material into the new office spaces. Work went on into the late evening with our fourth meal of the day at 2200 and taps at 2400. If we had a minute to look, we could hardly believe that it was really the French Riviera gleaming less than a mile away. JULY 21 - Up early as usual, it took the better part of the day to finish the transfer. However in the afternoon we anchored out away from the EVERGLADES. The EVERGLADES greets us with a display of joy! A preview of what will greet our relief, the CADMUS. SHI Was WE ' VE HAD T . yoim: cor it fV£R£COWC OME CANNES JULY 22 - Our first liberty in Cannes and our first in 14 days. JULY 23 - Moved our position to Theoule and anchored there, receiving destroyers alongside for repairs. JULY 24-31 - Days in Cannes, France with Port and Star- board " Cinderella " liberty bring bock many memories, namely: beautiful, sunny, rainless days; bikinis; beaches; swimming; pedal boats; thousands of world- wide tourists; clean, white, sumptuous hotels along the sea; palm trees; steep narrow streets alive with the roar of motor bikes and scooters, and a main street not too different from the one back home; pretty French girls (ooh la la I); sidewalk cafes; and exciting side trips and tours to Nice, Monaco (to see Grace), Monte Carlo and its Casino; Goife Juan; and yes — even Paris! No Soft Seat Here T A N N I N G S E A S O N Rear View AUGUST 1 - Hoisted anchor and left Theoule for Fleet exercises, experiencing for the first time the routine involved in lifting and securing ail theStaff boats and vehicles aboard prior to leaving port. AUGUST 2-7 - This sea period initiated us into the under- way routine with Sixth Fleet, teaching and preparing us for the seven months duty ahead, AUGUST 8 - Arrived in Theoule, anchored, and received destroyers alongside. AUGUST 10- Personnel inspection in the morning by Commander Service Force Sixth Fleet. AUGUST 15 - Swim coll in the chilly waters off Theoule on a beautiful warm afternoon. AUGUST 17 - Visitors ' Day aboard theAMPHION -tour- ists welcome. AUGUST 18- Underway at 1500 for Fleet Exercisesand with anticipation for our next port, Palma, Mallorca. LATEST FASHIONS FROM PARIS! What say? ♦ r, - - String of pearls OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT f 1 ENS Loefsedt LT Holland OR DIVISION LT McBride f c u M f f r " - ! THE TOURISTS! SUPPLY DEPARTMENT CDR Roszel LT Keyser ENS Boywid CHSUPCLK Sonnier CHSUPCLK Norton I ' h VV7 n • . T 4 %, ' •»!»■ MESS COOKS I z M I R Steady As She Goes Mark! i ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT J CHMACH Baker MPA LT Harrington Chief Engineer ELEC Huggan Elec trical Officer E DIVISION W- " Ltii T. PALMA J V j ' Toonerville Trolley " w ' w ' m " The Three Musketeers " The Duke Dines Out " MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 1 Dr. Marinelli Sure Do Look Like " Bugs " " What ' s That Name Again " ? t DENTAL DEPARTMENT Dr. Pfister Dr. Reisenberg Dr. Kane " It Only Hurts For A Little While " Looks Bad ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE NAVY REPAIR DEPARTMENT Top Row Left to Right: CHGUN Knight, CHMACH Cerwonko, CHCARP Howell, CHELEC Roiney . Bottom Row Left to Right: ENS McFarlond, ASS ' T REPAIR OFFICER, CDR Blanchard, REPAIR OFFICER, CHRELE Sprinkle. R-4 DIVISION «. 1 V- " - f: -w» " jsf -.fT ' f »j. ' ■if i ' - nr- f • .v ? ir.v,MM» •♦ ' 51 %. R.3 DIVISION mmsuto , A R B C L I N D E D Ships Air Search Radar Repair Job i ftWI «i.i 1 7 .1 [A » " 4 Look Sir, No Engine Manpower To Burn ' ' . ew RepaU O cer R ' l DIVISION Pencil Pushers HOME Alloot Alltn, Gem Allen, Noibv IS THE SAHOR HOME Invle Son A Kent, -Ji ' -i " ' Otiai liile) H)lilt lll», ROSTER Ackerman, Jerry A., EN2, U5N Wheeling, Wesf Virginia Adkins, Dewey (n), BM3, USN Erwin, Tennessee Agolia, John F., GS3, USN Atlontic City, Atl. Co., N.J. Ahlbeck, Irving (n). III, FTA3, USN Jameston , New Yo rk Aldridge, James D., EM2, USN Concordia, Kansas Allen, Donald E., FN, USNR Germantown, Ohio Allen, Franklin R., FN, USNR Nashville, Tennessee Allen, George E., GM2, USN Logon, Kentucky Bornard, Earl (N), SN, USN Leicester, North Carolina Barry, John M. , ENC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Bates, Donald H., FA, USN Westchester, New York Boumonn, Arthur C, EMCA, USN Norfolk, Virginia Bazemore, William E., MEl, USN Norfolk, Virginia Beam, William L. , FP3, USN Combridge, Ohio Bell, Howard W., SN, USN Wichita, Kansas Bell, Jock K., SN, USN Springfield, Ohio Boutote, Joseph R., FN, USN Aroostook, Maine Bowden, James B., BMC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Bowman, Lois C. Jr., MRFN, USN Norfolk, Virginia Boyd, Abner E., SH2, USN Greenville, N rth Carolina Bradford, Russell E., BM3, USN Norfolk, Virginia Brandt, Raymond R., SN, USN Wiggins, Colorado Brant, Dale M., DN, USN New Cumberland, West Virginia Brown, Richard A., FA, USNR Muncie, Indiana Butler, Ralph (n), SN, USN East Plymouth, Pennsylvonia Colderone, Joseph B. , SN, USNR Bronx, New York Caldwell, James P., SN, USN Newport, Rhode Island Caliono, Anthony (n), FN, USNR Erie, New York Callihon, JomesW., FA, USNR Parkersburg, West Virginia Campbell, EInoe J., MEFN, USN Janesville, Wisconsin Corey, Thomas P., FN, USN Verplanck, New York Carlson, Roland G., SK3, USNR Worcester, Massachusetts Allen, Thomas E., SN, USN Hopkinsville, Kentucky Anderson, Chorles M. , RM3, USN Travlers Rest, South Carolina Anderson, Gory B., IM3, USN Wellington, Ohio Appelt, Joseph P., BM2, USN San Antonio, Texas Archombault, Thomas B., BTl , USN Wolcott, Connecticut Arganti, Mork E., YNSN, USN Kent, Ohio Belyew, Donald G. , FN, USN Dovenport, Florido Benoit, Donald A., MM2, USN Auburn, Massachusetts Bentley, Richard J., SN, USNR Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Benusches, Michael, Jr., MM2, USN Glendale, California Beresford, Robert F., SN, USNR Yonkers, New York Berry, John L, Jr., SN, USN Elmiro, New York Brown, Eugene J. Jr., ETN3, USN Absecon, New Jersey Browne, Clarence (n), FN, USN Poughkeepsie, New York Borwning, James L. , FN, USNR Rumsey McLean, Kentucky Broyles, Nathaniel G., FN, USN Brodley, West Virginio Bruce, Donald A., SN, USN Burlington, West Virginia Bruenn, Edward A., MMFN, USN Meriden, Connecticut Carr, Thomos (n), SA, USN New York Kings, New York Coruth, Vernon D. , FN, USN Alden, Iowa Cose, George A., IM2, USN Norfolk, Virginia Coudill, Eugene (n), CS3, USN New Orleans, La. Coyo, Homer J., PM3, USN Kingsford Dickinson, Michigan Chambers, Joe Jr., CS3, USN Greene Co. , Alabama Arthur, Morris P., MEl, USN Lynchburg, Virginia Athey, Carey J., BM2, USN Front Royal, Virginia Atkinson, J.W., PM3, USN Pratt, Kansas Azzorello, James (N), DCFN, USN Chicago, Illinois Boggett, James A. MR3, USN Orion, Michigan Bailey W.(N), SDl, USN Halifax County , Virginia Baker, Edward B., HSSA, USN llion, New York yBaldree, Gay N., SN, USNR Huntington, Texas Bollard, William T. ENl, USN Dadeville, Alaboma Bonks, Freddie B., FN, USN Filter, Mississippi Barger, Leon R., ME2, USN Champaign, Illinois Barker, Jr. Edwin H. DCWC, USNR Virginia Beach, Virginia Best, Lloyd G. SA , USN Donbury, Connecticut Blehn, John S., BT3, USN Burlington, New Jersey Billadeou, John E., FP2, USN Markham Cook, Illinois Block, Louis J., SA, USN Bristol, Pennsylvania Bloke, Clarence L. MM3, USN Dallas Gaston, North Carolina Bloney, Eugene E., FN, USN Richmond, Virginia Blankenship, Troy V., CSl, USN Norfolk, Virginia Blonsfield, William L. , FA, USN Westbury, New York Blonchette, Roger A., FA, USN D yville, Connecticut Blozino, Robert J., MEW3, USNR Amherst, Ohio Borkowski, Chester T., SN, USNR New Kensington, Pennsylvania Bourdon, JohnC, PNC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Brugger, Kenneth E., MEl, USN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bryont, H. B., TN, USN Gregg, Texas Buckhold, Fred (n) Jr., SN, USN Garfield Heignts, Ohio Buffo, Sam (n), IM2, USN Detroit, Michigan Buffington, Calvin R., CS2, USN South Norfolk, Virginia Burgsteiner, Douglas (n), CS2, USN Boyside, Virginia Burleigh, Lawrence F., OMC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Burkhort, Kenneth G., MR I , USN Barnesville, Ohio Burkett, Charles L. , MM3, USN Smithfield, Ohio Burllngome, Robert D., YNSN, USN Merrillon, Wisconsin Burns, Thomas F., EM3, USN Webster, Massachusetts Burns, William C, FA, USN Passaic, New Jersey Choncey, Fronk L. , MMI , USN Hortford, Alabama Chose, LeRoy W., ICFN, USN Moline, Illinois Chose, Williom F. , FA, USN Patchogue, New York Chostaln, Eugene O. , EMFN, USN Hamilton, Tennessee Cheney, Peter E., FA, USN Georgetown, Massachusetts Chismor, Stephen (n), SHC, USN Annapolis, Morylond Christel, Emil E. E., FN, USN Morris Plains, New Jersey Clark, DovidT., SA, USN Great Cacopon, West Virginio Clark, Gordon F., SA, USN Conneout, Ohio Clark, Harold R., ME3, USN Norfolk, Virginia Cloyton, Ralph A., BM3, USN Norfolk, Virginia Cleveland, George L. , SKG3, USNR Sellersburg, Indiana Coffin, Arnold (n), EM3, USN South Poris, Maine Davis, Donald P., 3A, USNR Racine, Wisconsin Ethridge, James W. , MMI, USN Green Cove Springs, Florida Gillilond, Horry E. , FN, USN Woynesville, North Carolina Colavoipe, Joseph L. , FN, USNR Davidson, George B, Jr., ETSSN, US Bronx, New York Bereo, Ohio Coleman, Teddie (n), ENFN, USN Dawson, James R. , SDI, USN Coleman, Kentucky Collins, Joel G., SA, USNR Clio, Michigan Combs, William F., YN3, USN French Lick, Indiana Coon, James M. , FN, USNR Moville, Iowa Coppa, Salvatore E., FA, USNR Brooklyn, New York Corbett, George E., TN, USN Raleigh County, West Virginia Corcoran, Joseph J., DM2, USN Medford, Massachusetts Cottrill, James I., SN, USNR Columbus, Ohio Cox, Forest (n), CS2, USN Laurel Fork, Virginia Cox, James H. , BT3, USN Westminster, South Carolina Cox, Wade H. , SN, USN Fairfax, Virginia Coy, Eugene (n), SA, USN Des Moines, Iowa Croun, Barry L. , SN, USNR Prince Georges, Maryland Crawford, Robert J., SA, USN Ahoskie, North Corolino Creed, William E. , MMJ, USN Mt. Airy, North Corolina Credeur, Joseph E., SN, USNR Abbeville, La. Croen, Erik F., SN, USNR Kershaw, South Carolina Norfolk, Virginia DeBrosse, Francis P., HMC,USN Charleston, South Carolina Delorenzo, ViteA., SA, USN Kew Gardens, New York Denny, Lorry A., SN, USN Columbia, Ohio Deyman, John B. , SA, USNR Muskegon, Michigan Dietze, Paul Jr., BM2, USN Altoona, Pennsylvania Donnelly, Frank (n), EM3, USN Newark, New Jersey Dostol, James M.,RMSN, USN Morsholl, Michigan Duer, DonR., ETN3, USNR Gainesville, Florida Dunagan, Robert H. , FA, USNR Wayne County, Kentucky Dupes, Lester L. , FA, USN Elizabethtown, Pennsylvonia Durgin, Earl S., MR3, USNR Windsor, Pennsylvania Duvall, Robert A., FN, USN Streator, Illinois Eagen, Carl P., EM3, USN Adair, Missouri Edwards, Allen R. Jr., RM3, USN South Norwalk, Connecticut Eiermon, Paul R. , ME2, USN Tenafly, New Jersey Ellis, Richard A., FA, USN Greenwich, Connecticut Cromuel, March (n), Jr., FN, USN Empie, Joel S., FTA3, USN Tcllohasee, Florida Greenlee, Arizona Crosby, Howord J, Jr., SN, USNR Encornocion, Alfredo E. Jr., TN, Ui New Orleans 22, Louisiana Crosby, Leo F. , BTl, USN Norfolk, Virginia Cummings, Robert L. , FN, USN Houlton, Maine Currie, Bobbie L. , SH2, USN Woke Forest, North Carolina Currier, Bruce A., CM3, USN Cayuga, New York Donlols, Robert F., SKC, USN Newberry, South Carolina Davis, Richord J., FN, USNR Worwick, Rhode Islond Covite, Phillippines Engelbert, Lawrence J., FA, USNR Queens, New York England, Raleigh E. , MEI, USN Portsmouth, Virginia Eno, Richard G. , BM2, USN Galesville, Wisconsin Epiey, James J., MR3, USN Willowick, Ohio Encizo, Carl A., SN, USN Mineolo Nassau, New York Erousquin, Carlos (n), EM3, USN New York, Kings, New York Davies, WilliomE, Jr., MRC, USN Eskra, Richard A., SN, USN Norfolk, Virginia Yonkers, New York Evans, John A, II., BTG3, USNR B altimore, Morylond Failing, Carlton W, F. , DKSN, USN Lehigh, Pennsylvonia Fair, Thomas E., SN, USNR Cook, Illinois Forrell, James T. , ME2, USN Norfolk, Virginia Forris, Bobby J., IC2, USN Rochester, Michigan Fossnacht, Louis H. , SN, USNR Cincinnati, Ohio Feile, David G. , FN, USNR Kiel Manitowoc County Wisconsin Fifield, Alfred B, Jr., FA, USN Romeo, Michigan Fisher, Robert H. , CSCA, USN South Norfolk, Virginia Fitzpatrick , Robert 1, MR3, USNR Jackson, Michigan Folk, Robert R., EM2, USN Findlay, Ohio Forrest, Charles E. , DCCA, USN Keysville, Virginia Freschette, Donald L. , MRFN, USNR Moosup, Connecticut Frederick, John Regis, FN, USN Greensboro, Pennsylvania Freeman, William A., SH2, USN Wakeforest, North Carolina Frost, Dennis A., MLFN, USN Reseda, California Fuller, Loverne H. , MRCA, USN North Tonawanda, New York Funicelli, Potsy A., MR3, USN West New York, New Jersey Fury, Robert (n) Lowrence, L. I., New York Gable, Charles E. , Jr., SKI, USN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Goy, Edward R., MEFN, USN Hobgood, North Corolina Gendek, Bernard (n), DC3, USN Chicago, Illinois George, Glen Roger. MMFN, USN Jeffersonville, Kentucky Gerber, Richard L. , MM3, USN Rockwood, Pennsylvania Glrord, Robert E., FA, USN Putnam, Connecticut Gillespie, Arthur B. , BT3, USN Boxter, West Virginia Gill, Roy J., FN, USN Dunkirk, New York Gilson, Jay T. , RMl, USN Jacksonville, Florida Gilstrop, Russell N. , DC2, USN Joplin, Missouri Glidewell, Loyd G. , OM2, USN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Goodwin, Harry T., EMI, USN Eldorado, Arkonsos Gonzalez, Armando F. , Tampo, Florida Gratis, PoulR., MMFN, USN Windber, Pennsylvonio Groy, Nathan J., BMI, USN Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina Greene, Glen D. , SN, USN Columbia, South Carolina Green, Jomes E. , IMC, USN Woukegon, Illinois Green, Thomas B. , EN3, USN New Ulm, Minnesota Gregory, Arthur S. , EMFN, USN Chicago, Illinois Gregory, Francis B. , Jr., FN, USNR Trumbull Co., Ohio Griek, Robert W. , DC3, USN West Satville, New York Gromofsky, Thomas J., ME2, USN Madison, Ohio Grott, Jerry L. , SN, USN Denver, Colorado Gullickson, Armond W. , MRFN, USN Oriox, Wisconsin Haley, Carroll W. , Jr., SN, USNR Helena, Arkonsos Haley, Clarence A. , SN, USNR Helena, Arkansas Hall, David F., SN, USN Lomont, Illinois Hall, Chorles F. , Jr., FN, USN Island Grove, Florido Hall, Robert L. , SK3, USN Konsas City, Missouri Hollenbeck, Burlin W. , FA, USN Moyfield, New York Hollenbeck, Gary J., MM3, USN Moyfield, New York Hammond, Carl F. , YNC, USN Three Rivers, Michigan Honselmon, Carl E. , FN, USN Georgetown, Ohio Honselmon, Harold R. , EM2, USN Georgetown, Ohio Honson, Wilmot T. , Jr., MEI, USN Norfolk, Virginia r Niloli, Clore- Harbin, Ruthvin C, FN, USNR Grenada, Mississippi Harding, James E. , MMCA, USN Berry, Kentucky Hardy, Eugene (n), FN, USN Franklin, Virginia Hargrove, Willie (n), SH2, USN Henderson, North Carolina Harmon, Dennis C. , FN, USN Medway, Maine Harrell, Charles V., MM3, USN Washington Pork, Tennessee Hildebrondt, Charles A., SN, USNR Canton, Ohio Hill, Lois E., MMCA, USN Pink Hill, North Carolina Hilley, Jerry A., SN, USN Anderson, South Carolina Hooglund, Donald S., CS3, USn West Boyleton, Massachusetts Hobel, George J., Jr., MM2, USn White Plains, New York Hodge, James B. , MRC, USN Struthers, Ohio Irwin, William J., ETNS, USN South Bend, Indiano Jackson, Gregg E. , SN, USNR Laramie, Wyoming Jockson, Terry R. , EMFA, USN Bloomington, Illinois Jacobs, William L. , ENFN, USN Williston, North Dakota James, Clair T. , SN, USN Monheim, Pennsylvania Jonack, Frederick J., MEFN, USN Kirkville, New York Kauff, Wallace H. DTG2, USN Daniels, West Virginia eepin, Robert H. , RMC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Keller, Edward H. , SA, USNR Bethesdo, Maryland Kellison, Fred W. , Jr., FA, USN Richmond, Virginia Kelly, Charles B. , BM3, USN Folly Beach, South Carolina Kelly, William R., ME3, USN New York, New York Hart, John V., IM3, USN Norfolk, Virginia Hoffman, Albert (n) Jr., FN, USN-A Highland, New York Janock, Richard J., FA, USNR Kirkville, New York Kemmer, Jean A. , LI 1 , USN Norfolk, Virginia Hart, Victor G. , ETRSN, USN Perkasie, Pennsylvania Hoffman, Arthur C. , MEFN, USN Chelsea, Massachusetts Jeffries, James R., MEFN, USN Sonton, Michigan Kllion, Charles F. , MRFA, USN Dane, Wisconsin Hatcher, Bernard B. , BTC, USN Osborn, Kentucky Holder, Walter T., CS3, USN Charleston, South Carolina Jenkins, Terry A. , PHG3, USN McCollo, Alabama Kincaid, Hulett B. , Jr., PMFN, USN Wilmington, Delaware Hotton, James R., EM3, USN Bettyville, Kentucky Hollahan, David L, FA, USN Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania Jerrell, Donald G. , GMI, USN Pet ?rsburg, Indiana Kirby, George M. , EM2, USN Martinsville, Virginia Hou, John E. , Jr., MRFN, USN Streotor, Illinois Hollenbeck, Jerry H., MR3, USN Breckenridge, Michigan Jeter, Ira T. , SKI, USN Williamsburg, Virginia Kirchner, Karl (n), FN, USN New York, New York Hawkins, Richard W., MMI, USN Norfolk, Virginio Hayword, Jon H. , DCFN, USN Calias, Maine Heaps, Hugh B. , IC3, USNR Palomyra, Pennsylvania Heath, James O. , ETRSN, USN Decatur, Illinois Hedspeth, Earldon G. , CSC, USN Bayside, Virginia Holley, Roy E. , GM2, USN Matthews, Georgia Holstein, George L. , ENFN, USN Polatha, Florida Hoover, Lloyd A. , DMI, USN Louisburg, Missouri Hoppensperger, Donald J., FA, USN Marinette, Wisconsin Hopkins, Larry W. , PN3, USN Steelville, Missouri Johansen, James E. , ME2, USN Mound City, Illinois Johnson, Albert R. , EN3, USN Gate City, Virginia Johnson, Darryl W. , EN3, USN Thief River Falls, Minnesota Johnson, David J., MR3, USN Glendale, Arizona Johnson, David L. , FN, USN Lisbon, Wisconsin Kirkwood, Howard R., MR3, USNR Roanoke, Virginia Klohne, Chorles P., SN, USN Bethpoge, New York Klebba, Alfred J., MEFN, USN Memphis, Michigan Klessinger, Joseph J., BTFN, USN Monroe, Wisconsin Knight, Johnny A., SK3, USN Kershaw, South Corolino Hedgespeth, Rollin W. , GM3, USN Greensburg, Kentucky Hello, Roy E. , MM3, USN Marquette, Michigan Horvoth, Alex L. , FP2, USN Wheeling, West Virginia Horvath, Frank J., MMI, USN Polmerton, Pennsylvania Johnson, Frank R. , Jr., ICC, USN Monchester, New Hampshire Johnson, Gene C. , MM2, USN Hortlond, Minnesota Knox, Donald W., MR3, USNR Farminton, Conn. Kodad, William (n), SKC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Henderson, John J., SA, USN Boston, Mossochusetts Hosford, Robert I., MEBI, USNR Lansing, Michigan Jones, Alfred G. , ICFA, USN Tyler, Texas Kotz, Philip W., YNSN, USNR Collinsville, Illinois Herman, John J., MM3, USN Norfolk, Virginia Herman, John W. , EM2, USN Pleosontville, New Jersey Hermorf, Edwin (n), BM3, ' USN New Bedford, Massachusetts Hess, Michael C. , SN, USN New Castle, Virginia Hewett, Robert A., RMI, USN Norfolk, Virginia Hicks, Jim T. , DT2, USN Borstow, California Hosier, William A. , Jr. , ML3, USN North Baltimore, Ohio Howard, Powell (n)., SN, USN Milus, Kentucky Hudson, Buel (n), ME3, USN Hardshell, Kentucky Huebner, Douglas K. , PN2, USN Norfolk, Virginia Hughes, Gene E. , FA, USN Murphy, North Carolina Humphrey, Morvin G. , SA, USN Mt. Hope, West Virginia Jordan, Kosmar L. , Jr., MR I, USN Pochuta, Mississippi Joseph, Lawrence S. , BT3, USN Schriever, Louisiana Jowers, Alton G. , ME3, USN Memphis, Tennessee Joyce, Robert E., SN, USN Kittery, Maine Joyce, James D. , ETI, USN Bassett, Virginia Justice, Walter E. , FN, USN Cincinnati, Ohio Kovacic, Frank (n), BM2, USN Trafford, Pennsylvania Kowolski, Joseph A., SN, USN Attica, Michigan Kozoil, Edward A., SN, USNR Poughkeepsie, New York Krebs, Donold E. , FN, USN Coshocton, Ohio Kuklo, Albert O. , SA, USN Bedford County , Pennsylvonio KingI, William K., PMFN, USN Morrisville, Pennsylvania Hickox, Harold R., FTI, USN Cloremore, Oklahoma Higbee, Frank E. , YNSN, USN Eoston, Pennsylvania Higgins, Thomas M. , FA, USNR Annandale, Virginia Innioimo, Anthony F. , FN, USNR Waterbury, Conn. Irving, Raymond S. , MR3, USN Alderwood Manor, Washington Irlanda, Saturnino B. , TN, USN Sampoloc, Manila, Philippines Koine, Kenneth P., FN, USNR Steubenville, Ohio Kanarr, Bernard P., SH2, USN Pittston, Pennsylvania Karbin, John J., ET2, USN Scronton, Pennsylvania Kurtz, Jerome J., SN, USN Scronton, Pennsylvania Kyzar, Mortin A., FPl, USN Bogue Chitto, Mississippi Ladner, Bernard C. , BTFN, USN Pass Christian, Mississippi Lodew, Robert E. , RMSN, USN Portlond, Moine Lompman, Fred G. , FN, USNR Omaha, Nebraska Lompman, Thomas R., FN, USNR Omaha, NebrasWo Landrum, Richard A., SN, USNR Winston-Salem, North Carolina Lang, Robert M. , FN, USN Dubuque, lowo Longford, Gene E. , Jr., MRFA, USN Miami, Florido Langston, WilliomR., FN, USN Anniston, Alabama Lonting, Severo (n), SDC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Lareou, Roland H. , MMI , USN Norfolk, Virginia Lossiter, James T., MM3, USN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lowter, Bobby G. , FN, USNR Greenville, South Carolina Leche, John T. , SDl, USN Portsmouth, Virginia eDonne, Richard D. , RMSN, USN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Lynch, Jomes V., FN, USN Jersey City, New Jersey Lyons, i word F., SN, USN Glenolden, Pennsylvonio MacKenzie, William (n), HM3, USN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MocLachlon, Ronald C, FN, USN Hartford, Conn, Moloney, John E. , SN, USN Brooklyn, New York Manislovich, Marco (n), SN, USN Chicago, lllinios March, Poul T. , DC2, USN Cowan, Tennessee Marchbanks, Colvin W. , FN, USN Greenville, South Carolina Morcum, David C. , ML3, USN Williamson, West Virginia Marrero, Pedro (n), Jr., SN, USN Bronx, New York Mortin, Herbert J., HM2, USN Norfolk, Virginia Martin, Richard L. , FN, USN Colorado Springs, Colorado Mossey, Lawrence A. , MRFA, USN Alexandria, Virginia Mc Kissick, Thomas L. , FPFN, USN Slippery Rock, Pennsylvonio Mc Mullen, John R., ML2, USN Lewiston, Pennsylvania Mc New, James A. , EMFN, USN Chombersburg, Pennsylvonio Mc Nulty, John A. , MEC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Meagher, Howard O. , MEC, USN Fentress, Virginia Meek, Wolter L. , Jr., E M3, USN Mechonicsburg, Pennsylvania Merrill, George A., SA, USN Norwolk, Ohio Messeder, Thomas A, EM2, USN Formington, New York Metzger, William M., BT3, USN Clyo, Georgia Michels, Eugene I., Jr., FN, USN Plymouth, Michigan Miller, Carl H. , SN, USNR Rahwoy, New Jersey Miller, Henry F. , EM3, USN West Branch, New York Miller, James H. , Jr., MLC, USN Bonifoy, Florida Moore, Robert E. , FN, USN Englewood, Colorado Morrell, Walter A. , SN, USN Florence, New Jersey Morris, Lawrence B. , ME2, USN Evonsville, Indiana Morris, Otis L. , FA, USN Big Stone Gap, Virginia Morrison, Roger G. , FN, USN Stonehom, Mossochusetts Morrow, Charles G. , GMl , USN Norfolk, Virginia Morrow, John G. , IMSN, USNR West Chester, Pennsylvania Muller, Gustov J., Jr., FN, USNR Emerson, New Jersey Mullin, Horry (n), Jr., MECA, USN Cloymont, Delaware Munnerlyn, Robert P., QMl , USN Hosston, Louisiana Munson, George W. , HM3, USN Mortell, California Murphy, Hugh M. , HMI, USN West Warick, Rhode Islond Myers, John V. , FTMSN, USN LoRue, Ohio Legg, T homos A. , SN, USNR Gulfport, Mississippi Lehman, William H. , FN, USN Jersey City, New Jersey Lennard, Richard H., SN, USN New York, Queens, New York Matio, Joseph (n), FA, USN Newark, New Jersey Moyholl, DoleR., SN, USN Washburn, Illinois Moyton, Emory A., MEFN, USN West Brownsville, Pennsylvania Miller, Richard D. , MR3, USN Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Million, George E. , FA, USN Hillsboro, Indiana Mills, Robert L. , SN, USN Conway Horry, South Carolina Naanes, Vernon A. , Jr., EMI, USN Poland, Indiana Nosh, NormonR., IM3, USN Louisville, Kentucky Needham, James D. , SN, USN Pampo, Texas Leone, Anthony J., MEFN, USN New York, Queens, New York Mc Affee, Roymond G. , ICFN, USN Kenmore, New York MIlo, VIncenzoB., MR3, USNR Waterbury, Conn, Neil, Stephan (n), DN, USN Columbus, Ohio Lerose, George V., HM3, USN Donbury, Conn. Lewis, Lawrence D., ME3, USN Maiden, New York Lewis, Paul M., FN, USN East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Licciordo, Patrick (n), FN, USN Jomlco, New York Litchfield, Frederick I., FN, USN Hioleoh, Florido Lloyd, Duncan (n), MM3, USN-A North Merrick, New York Loken, Jerauld M., FN, USN Stratford, South Dakota Lowe, Gory E., ME3, USN-A Columbus, Mississippi Lucas, Donald W., ENFN, USN Berrien Springs, Michigon Luckett, Williams., BM3, USN Lebanon, Kentucky Lundin, Eldon J., OM3, USN Poulsbo, Woshington Mc Cone, James E. , FN, USN West Point, Iowa McCarthy, James V., Jr., YN2, US Wakefield, Massachusetts McCorty, Daniel L. , ME2, USN Hawk Point, Missouri Mc Cauley, Richard C, SN, USN Detroit, Michigan Mc Cord, John W. , OMSN, USN St. Joseph, Missouri Mc Croe, William S. , MRFA, USN Concord, Vermont Mc Donald, George E. , FN, USNR Hawk Springs, Wyoming Mc Elderry, Jerry D. , FN, USN Des Moines, lowo Mc Entire, Donald R. , MM3, USN Roother Pordton, North Carolina Mc Ghee, Byrus G. , FP3, USN Wood River, Illinois Mc Intire, Joseph P., FN, USN-A Seymour, Indiana Mingin, Charles J., FPl, USN Norfolk , Virginia Mlnko, Daniel E. , FTASN, USN Chester, Pennsylvonio Mlsuno, Chorles W. , RDI , USN Philadelphio, Pennsylvania MIxon, Leon A., BTCA, USN Norfolk, Virginia Mitchell, Jock N., SN, USN Anderson, South Carolina Mitchell, David A., FA, USNR Lourium, Michigan Moen, James E., SN, USNR Superior, Wisconsin Moffett, Phillip (n), SDl, USN Portsmouth, Virginia Moon, Wallace E., Jr., SN, USN- Coventry, Rhode Island Moore, Carol R. , ME2, USN Lake City, South Corolino Moore, Daniel W, , Jr,, MM2, USN Glouster, New Jersey Nester, Alan W. , MM2, USN Geneva, New York Newdelman, Barry L. , SA, USNR Chicago, Illinois Newman, Joseph E. , SN, USN Wellston, Ohio Echols, Joseph E., MML2, USNR Newport News, Virginia Niessner, Edward L. , FN, USNR Johnston, Pennsylvania Nolan, Vincent W, , DM3, USN-A Budd Lake, New Jersey Nork, Joseph J,, ETSSN, USNR Horrisburg, Pennsylvonio Norton, Harold O. , MMFN, USN Wayne, Michigan O ' Donnell, JohnR., Jr., IMSN, USN Hamden, Conn. Olson, Carl F. , FPCA, USN Norfolk, Virginia O ' Mosters, Conrad L. , RD3, USN Ripon, Colifornio Osborne, Charles F. , BTCA, USN Norfolk, Virginia Osfrowski, Charles A., DC3, USN Hawthorne, N. J. Oxx, George B. , SHCA, USN Norfolk, Virginia Oyer, William A., EM3, USN Poineer, Ohio Page, James J., EMFN, USN-A Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Page, Robert!., ETC, USN Hapeville, Georgia Paine, James F. , ETl, USN Son Diego, California Pomiber, Joseph N. , FN, USN Albany, New York Porter, Allen E. , MEFN, USN Medaryville, Indiana Potier, Curtis A., MRl, USN St. Martinville, Louisiana Powell, Richard H. , SA, USNR North Adams, Massachusetts Powell, Theodore W. , FT2, USN Berkeley, California Preutt, Samuel K. , MR2, USN Richmond, Indiana Price, John W. , MEC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Pontschyschak, Gregory (n), EMPSN, U: Price, MelvinR., SK3, USN Amsterdam, New York Pope, Dorrell D. , EM3, USNR Taylor Ridge, Illinois Parker, James E. , FA, USNR Vicksburg, Mississippi Parsons, Earl W. , BM3, USN Union Town, Kansas Patterson, Jomes W. , SK3, USN Brooklyn, New York Miami, Florida Prince, Gene E. , ME3, USN Alameda, California Propst, Ronald 0. , FA, USN Springfield, Illinois Prude, Jackie D. , FPC, USN Woterford, Conn. Quevedo, Peno J., GM3, USN Cleveland, Ohio Rensink, Russell F. , FN Adams City, Colorado Ribron, Franklin R., SN, USN Brunswick, Georgia Rice, James A., MMC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Rietz, David O. , ETSSN, USN Aberdeen, South Dakota Ritter, Herbert J., MRC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Rizzo, Gioacchino F. , SN, USNR Lynn, Mass. Roberts, James N. , FN, USN Gory, W. Va. Roberts, Paul (n), EN3, USN Shelbyville, Indiana Robertson, Eben J., BTFN, USN Monroe, Wisconsin Robinson, Earl S., Jr., FP1 , USN Westerly, Rhode Island Roby, Jock N., ML3, USN Eureka, California Rock, Horry L. , HN, USN Muscatine, lowo Sauin, Alfred (n), DTC, USN Portsmouth, Virginia Sovine, Henry C. , ETC, USN Altoona, Pennsylvania Saxton, Robert E. , Jr., PNSN, USN Babylon, New York Salyers, Clifford F. , PN1 , USN Zanesville, Ohio Schleppenboch, George R., SK3, USN Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin RA Schneegoss, George F. , ME3, USN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Schnitker, Arnold R., ME3, USN Lewis, Kansas Schofield, John L, FA, USN Cochituote, Middlesex, Massachusetts Schramm, George C. , Jr., BT3, USN Norfolk, Virginia Schubert, Ronald (n), FA, USN Chicago, Illinois Schwartz, Roger A. , MM3, USN Green Boy, Wisconsin Schwartz, Thomas W. , FP3, USN Beloit, Wisconsin Paulik, Anthony J., Jr., SN, USNR Quinn, Malcolm (n), FN, USN Flint , Michigan New York, New York Pennington, Raymond E. , SN, USN-A Quinn, William R., FPFN, USN gray Ridge, Missouri Perez, Albert (n), Jr., MEFN, USN Oovis, California Perkins, Keith L, FN, USN Quaker City, Ohio Peters, William F., Jr., DT3, USN Crestmont, Pennsylvania Wilmington, Delaware Robe, Alvin A., ETCA, USN Pontioc, Illinois Raines, Stonsell M. , MMC, USN Princess Anne, Virginia Ramsey, Alvin C. , MMFN, USN Grand Rapids, Mich. Peterson, Corwin G. , SKGSN, USNR Raymond, Robert H. , SN, USNR RA l enny, Illinois Peterson, Donald H. , FN, USN Sleepy Eye, Minnesota Peterson, Larry C. , MR3, USN-A Malta, Illinois Peterson, Robert (n), FN, USN Motowon, New Jersey Pickord, William J., FA, USN Dovisen, Michigan Pickett, Vistor A. , SN, USNR Kinston, North Carolina Pishnery, Angelo (n), FPCA, USN Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Pittmon, Larry R., MEFN, USN Currie, North Carolina Pittmon, Thomas G. , MEI, USN Portsmouth, Virginia Pittmon, William W., DC3, USN Woltham, Massachusetts Plato, Frank A., ME2, USN Bay Minette, Alabama Muskegon, Michigan Recknagel, Albert (n), MM2, USN Roselle, New Jersey Rector, Benny E. , FN, USN Lexington Fayette, Kentucky Reddin, Ronald P., FA, USN Roanoke, Indiana Reddy, Daniel J., FN Whitestone, Queens, New York Reed, Odis P., CS3, USN Paliski, Arkansas Reed, Rodney K. , MR3, USN Everett Snohomish, Washington Reeves, Roy E. , MR3, USN Enterprise, Ala Register, Richard T. , SKI , USN Durham, North Carolina Rennert, William J., SA, USN Babylon Suffolk, New York Rensink, Robert E. , FN Adorns City, Colorado Rockwell, Jock K., CS1 , USN Donville, 111. Rogers, James H. , BTFN, USN Gary, Indionna Romano, Frank M. , MR3, USN Bethpoge, L.I. New York Ronso, Leon (n), BMl , USN Philodelphio, Pennsylvania Roso, Lowell G. , MMFN, USN Beechhurst, Queens, New York Ross, Edwin T. , Jr., SN, USNR Buies Creek, North Carolina Rugg, Donald E. , SN, USN South Dayton, New York Rumfield, Billy D. , SN, USN Ft. Worth, Texas Runge, William L. , IM2, USN Jackson, Mississippi Runio, Mitchell (n), FA, USN Slayton, Minnesota Rupe, Robert A., FN, USNR RA Sioux City, Iowa Rupert, Frank E., EM2, USN Elmira, New York Ruth, Ernest E., Jr., MM2, USN Norristown, Pennsylvania Rutherford, Robert L. , FN, USN Akron, Ohio Ryan, Gilbert A., MR3, USNR Pormo , Ohio Sabia, John B. , SN, USN Stamford, Connecticut Scotto, Michoel (n), MR2, USN Jackson Hts., New York Scout, Lloyd H. , ETRSN, USN Hoddonfield, New Jersey Seaman, Irwin J., Jr., FN, USN Trenton, New Jersey Searle, Ralph J. R. Jr., MR3, USN Sharon, Pa. Seco, Edword M. , DCl, USN Portsmouth, Virginia Sego, Thomas L. , SN, USN Stonberry Gentry, Missouri Sehl, Robert C. , EMC, USN Newport, R. 1. Senee, John E., MRFN, USN Leominster, Mass Sereno, Eugene L, BMl, USN Norfolk, Virginia Sevitts, Lorry Lynn Morenci, Michigan Shaffer, Louis D. , MR3, USN Jersey Shore, Pa. Shorrock, Stephen L. , FN, USN Marion, Ohio Shepherd, Charles E. , MM3, USN Greeneville, Tennessee Show, Robert E. , MM2, USN San Pablo, California Sheets, Elmer O. , Jr., FA, USN Tekamah, Nebraska Shelin, Warren E., FT3, USN Williomsville, New York ; A Shiver, Theron A., DCCA, USN Norfolk, Virginio SMItner, Glenn O. , DCC, USN Norfolk, Virginia Waddell, Charles H. , MRFA, USN Asheville, North Carolina Wisecup, ColvinC. , OMl , USN Milan, Georgia Singler, Richord E. , SN, USN Chillicothe, Ohio Stoy, William R., Jr., FA, USN Norrisrown, Penna. Woller, WilliomT. , MM3, USN Woverly, Virginia Wittling, Donald H. , EM2, USN Gilman, Illinois Simerson, Gerald E. , EN3, USN Brodheod, Wisconsin Strong, Gordon W. , f P3, USN Gansevoort, New York Warfield, Lawrence M. , DCI, USN Honesdale, Pennsylvania Wolfe, James G. , ICFN, USN Johnstown, Pennsylvania Simmons, Woodrow L. , CSS, USN Pulaski, Virginia Struble, Earl R., ME3, USN West Milford, New Jersey Warner, Burlie R., ME3, USN Gideon, Missouri Wolfe, Walter C, Jr., ET2, USN Cleono, Pennsylvonio Slater, Walter J., Jr., EM2, USN Glenville, West Virginia Stull, Richord H. , PM3, USN Belleville, Michigan Wornick, Donald E. , PHI, USN Findloy, Ohio Wright, Earl T , HM3, USN Roanoke, Virginia Sloan, Lorry L. , FTM3, USN Port Authur, Texas Sullivan, Norvel N. , MEC, USN Middletown, R. I. Wotkins, Lindon, J., FN, USN Marion, West Virginia Wynn, Bobby D. , BTI , USN Nocotec, Florida Smith, Allen L. , EN3, USN Toledo, Ohio Smith, Charles E. , FPFN, USN Tolimodge, Ohio Smith, Cline (n), MM3, USN Young Harris, Georgia Smith, Harold D. , RM3, USN Dickinson Stork, North Dakota Smith, Kenneth W. , MR3, USN Lebonon, Mo. Sulvo, Jomes J., IC3, USN Linden, New Jersey Swortzer, Robert J., SN, USN Montrose Wright, Minnesota Sylvest, Robert E. , EMFN, USN Baton Rouge, La, Symons, Jerome B. , RM2, USN Bethlehem, Pennsylvonio Teohan, Dovid C. , SN, USN Rock Island, Illinois Watson, John H. , PHGAN, USN Nashville, Tennessee Weaver, James E. , SA, USN Owego, New York Weaver, James R. , MLFN, USN Weston, Ohio Webb, Wayne L. , FTA3, USN Celo, North Carolina Webster, Fred W. , DC3, USN Chicago, Illinois Williams, Frank (n), Jr., EM2, USN Clovis, New Mexico Yager, Ted O. , OMSN, USN Verdigre, Nebraska Yeorley, Clarence E. , ICFN, USN Wauriko, Oklahoma Yost, Benjamin F. , EMI, USN Mill Hall, Pennsylvonio Yjung, Dovid F. , SA, USN Gostonlo, North Corolino Smith, Chorles E. , ML2, USN Terre Haute, Ind. Tebbitt, Thomas L. , MM3, U5N-A Minneapolis, Minnesota Welch, Richord M. , MR3, USN Webster, Wisconsin Young, Merrell J., SN, USNR North College Hill, Ohio Smith, William E., MEFN, USN Malcolm, Iowa Smoot, Bobby W. , FP3, USN Louisville, Kentucky Thorp, David C. , HMl , USN Pensocola, Flo, Thomas, Victor H. , Jr., SN, USN Columbus, Ohio Weller, Robert U, ME3, USN Reading, Pennsylvania West, Billy R., BTFN, USN Victoria, Te xas Young, Wayne L. , FN, USN Mountain Grove, Missouri Zolenski, Robert (n), FA, USN Valley Streom, L. I., New York Smoot, George L. , BT3, USN Detroit, Michigan Thompson, Walter L. , IM2, USN Hartford, Conn, West, Earl W. , FPFN, USN Spencer, West Virginia Zeliner, Emerich B. , MEC, USN Falls Chruch, Vo. Snider, Francis E. , MR 3, USN Alamosa, Colorado Thornton, Lorry W. 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Suggestions in the Amphion (AR 13) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Amphion (AR 13) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Amphion (AR 13) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Amphion (AR 13) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Amphion (AR 13) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 39

1958, pg 39

Amphion (AR 13) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 46

1958, pg 46

Amphion (AR 13) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 59

1958, pg 59

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