Amos Alonzo Stagg Senior High School - Archon Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1962

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Amos Alonzo Stagg Senior High School - Archon Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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$5. .5. 15rd... ,.., Volume V 1962 Published by the Yearbook Design Class Amos Alonzo Sfagg Senior High Schooi Stockton, California For those who regard high school as a dull routine, the 1962 Archon presents the many faces of Stagg. From Delta King to baseball player; songleader to sports fan; band membertoteacher; homecoming queen to swimmer; or GAA member to party-goer. . .This is Stagg, a place oflearning and a place of living where each individual con- tributes to the growth ofspirit and honored tradi- tions. This is a school which thrives on each memh ber's honors and achievements, and in turn, teaches them the leadership responsibility, and depehdability requiredt'orthe leaders ottomorrow. aw i "W9 , ; whiny gfga, twigwwnMWy 3'5 li9 Mg fan L msthv 394: M 91?? , n, ; S b 5 i ng $ovng em i Vtvatb cai $' .1 $ e,ax $,mt' . yv5' : air' 0543!3 wda$ "a$ 1 .aw wg ' g. vuwnvgwum 7Dny V .$ t pt v x$Q, V bt v x? .xvauvw.a L-;V ala :u x x an .. p Ai h wmd'" r! :W ; ' ' Qt 9 ..w , f amvk L v :., Q . Wm: t F Lx,koa$; : at k$ Qd gg . 06$.,.t53 .$53$! ' ;:$ ' g! . 4x 1;, $$y ,y H 3! ua.ua51?:7e?i w . . nmsrmm Mr. Charms H. Hosietter, Mrs, Ennis C. Woodruff, Mr. Raymond, Mrs Elaine Brandstud, and Mr. Donald R. Stewart, aw: . 3: in am 3;; t? a? 4 .m a $23 I? Mg .p. m gistw'f , Va 9 6 1-3 a 'b a; King? 4 . v Mr. Nolan D Pul1Iom Superintendent of Schools Ernest E. WeHenbrock Principal Mr, Welienbrock at his desk. Mrs. Barbara Scism Dean of Girls Q a. f2. 9 a a .x 599? 3, ?o'hnaal?'P f. R'ffaa'at a J" a; a I: 9.3 a. 1 t s -.x l. x- 1; 9 :34: Mr. George Tharp Dean of Boys Miss Boalt, Mrs Douglas, and Mrs. Peck Attendance Secremries Mrs. Wornke Nurse Mrs. Gold Bookkeeper Vice pninu'paQA Mn Howard Evans Assistant Principal Mr. Howard Johnson Director of Guidance Secretaries: Miss Tussono, Mrs. Gust, Miss Sarris and Mrs. Cclkins, with The Monday Morning "Hello" "The Friday afternoon GOOD43YEH Business Departmenl Miss Eberhard, Mrss Booth, Mr, Wong, Mr. Stevenson, Mr, Torcia, Mrss Crowder, Mrs. Blim. Mrs. Stahl and Mrs Setness Homemaking teachers Foreign Language Deachersz SiHing: Miss Collins, Miss Motto, Miss Selno, Miss Reynosu, Mrs. Peal, 5 Standing: Mrs Stewart Mrs, Caudeyre, Mr. Volkov, Mrs. Eley, Social Studies Department: Mr, Bloch, Mr. Carle, Mr. Curtis,Mrs, Baker, Mr. Darling, Mr. Olson and ML McComb. Sining: ML McCorfhy, Mn Tremoin, Miss Boer, Mr. Burr, and Miss Collins. m. 12?; g 3' g." - agar. Micamh English Department: Miss Devlin, Miss Bursch, Miss Saw, Miss Green, Mrs. West. Miss Mellgren, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Minion, and Mrs Recksiek. SiHing: Mr. Volkov, Mr. Lockheed, Mrl McKowen, Mr. Rifchey, and Mr, Kothe. Sfugg's answer 10 Yhe Kingston Trio are music teachers: Mr. Urbani,Mr.McCarthy and Mr. Cunha. WRNHW nu? ,, . x 15 v '5 y 3' , mu The new ?ecchem This year are the foHowing; Mvs Hey, Miss: Klotzboch, Mrs Plow, Mrs. Block, Miss Stanford, Mrs. Pearl. Standing: Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Volkov, Mr, Kothe, Mr. Crowe, Mn Nexcmder, Mr. Proulx, Mr. Hartley. ?he or! ?eadvers disproying Weir wares ore MI. Cicncy and Mrs Comer. 3.' 13" 93? Y ' e. i J ,36 ...M. $.45???qu f V333"?! Boys' P. E. Teachers: Girls' P. E. leachers 00 the rescue Mrs.SmiH1,Mrs.Solomon,Mrs.Sheridan,Mrs.Frye, and Mrs. Voltmer. Sitting in the lifeguard's chair is Mrs. Gerin. . W a: g; M u- . 3 M w W, Mn Proulx and Mr: Rodgers. Sining: Mr. Gordet, Mr. Stugnoro, Mr. COM, and Mr. Steek Selence Department Mr. Spnfford, Mrs Kerr, My. MCLOugNin,Miss Hoerl, Mr, Sallody, Miss Stanford Mr. RuncHe, Mrs. Greenwood, Mr. Darhng, and Mr. Meyer M. . .. 5 f: Maih Depur'menh Mr. TeSeHe, Mr5 WOW, Miss Keniston, and Mrs. Peterson. Standing: Mr.F. Smith, Mr. Martin, Mrs. F Johnson and Mrs. AIbro, Driver Training leathers: Mr. Prince, Mr. Benton, and Mr. Steak Planning the wall around our porkinglotore Shop Teachers, Mr. Crowe, Mr. Alexander, Mr. DeBord and ML Pres9on, '3'? .11329 x33", y, u ,, t i; : "9 ,4 n a a; :45 BI; a 3 :r x $.3991 m .Htiq', nu 1, mag; WEM rm , Mung: $ 4 , L Cappie and his crew: Cenier - Cappie, Row Two: Gordon Thompson, Don Morkwell, Mathew Mariano, John Eicher, Row Three: Floencio Domingo, Chas. Goodwin, Norman Jensen, David Ramos. Row Four: Dolief Mahul, Tony Freitos, James Whinoker No? Pidured: Mr, Loren Frudes, Cooks galore: Around the fabIe-Ernelia AHison, Corrie Moe Harris, Mcisil Fehsen, Iris Wormick, Connie Anguelo, Ramona KapA ulanis, Lillian Weinberg, Edi1h Schenone, Irene Schonzenbach, Andy Worfield, Mabel Mole, Ida Lawrence,HuzelMooney,Minerva Gorine, Mary Antone, Helen Lokey, Levo McCunn. Standing: ElsKe Hops, cafete'ria' manager, Virginia Snyder, Lois Riley. SmdartBody 20 Secretary Beverly Schaupp Treasurer Nancy Heiser President Donovan Cook Mammy mlw umiiinkw it ?'w x $$ a; as: Mm: QK amy- , Commissioner of Publicny Georgia Takeuchi Commissioner d Sofevy Sharon PoHer Red Cross Commissioner Corolee Van Buskirk .5, 1 $1099 Line Editor Linda Wheeler RaHy Commissioner Lyoll Allred Student Archon Editor Chris HuH CommissionerofActiviHes Sheila Jackson Vice President Marilyn Moore Advisor Mr. Evans 21 22 We've got Yhe pep! AH together now, 1-273 ft Q ?;EQi $sz Don'?1usts9ur1dthere.. .STOMPl .,...n.,v:vw':waaxww grl'vu'fanOEuQ-WiEAX7531 ', m we L ut- ;: M .' trio ' .u E: Hrur i- k.9? 78M v E a c .mI a um; 2. 1H? t L 1-1;" a Mr- 31;: Aw I N.Hak Wk H rkfuwuas-v'w-sw .wv , 1a;. my? Amww Sandie Allen, Barbara Osborn, Carolyn Peterson, Andrea TurmeH, and Lyune Wxsdum yaw; wmaww avenue ,umaw 4": 24 E . 'i . i Standing: Jonna Bingham, Sandy'Chaan, Barbara Feinshein, Chorlsa Thompson, Lynne Temme, Joanne Perra, and Head Maioretfe Carol POOL Practice makes perfect? A most accomplished maioretwe. 'u . '- W . ; Julie Dozier, Linda Walker, EveHe Coolures, Donna stilart, Car Koren Toohey, Bob Henderson : olyn McIntosh 25 hm '"h Mam: V - ' A ' Swim OQaMO' President Vice President Jim Conn Mary Price Cabinet Bev Mann Donna Vial , t a9 , utiWME 'gaimw i Secretary Treasurer Gloria Ferraro Susan Woodruff Cabinet Bob Purse Cabinet Bonnie Hkks Cabinev Debbie Weber 27 um Lug; Linda Abbot Ann Adams Sandro Adams ,, .HM. H NH -:4xecxn3 a Sue Aldridge Sondra Joan Allen Mary Allison Lyoll AHred w 3t 1 vi 3 1n hugg, g. V 2dir'91 xiii awknlh". -9391" Where are my conmd lenses? 28 Hum a1 3:333: 33a f..wwa M Jerry Allred Georgia Anders WI . "WW "'5'" Mgeuyeu Sondra Auwinger Bill Ayers Cathy Balk Dick Bancroft , kW' 06 c ,awgazai r Wiuv'ug Mrs. Scism odds To her clippie coHedion, Jim Bogley Roberta Baines Jun Borcus Kathy Berth Hut, v wax;5;x Dole Bartles Jack Beck .ny :,t nL Rugene Bentz Rex Beufhe Jim BIbVEr Janet Bisogno Virginia Bismne deh Mock ?$;;1w,g$' L ur:5-' 4 l .1 .gkpeta ifIH..ww. - "Hm; Sharon Bones .r-v" Wu 613' 4. GaFI Gosnell AN unwrap" - 3-1 vb. .a? . .195 1 Q Mike Brome Richard BroRhers Bob Brouwer Kathy Brown LuRue Brown Richard Brown . w v- km ya11ggal,;x ,. . u Gary Burgin Mike Burnett Shirley Busalclcchi Wayne Cullen Joy Campbell Diane Carlson Some Seniors weren't so eager to graduate. t x xx Km. . ,mmx W hope yum mnhze Wm M ?Ookuslwo momhs to grow Waste 'Mn-v L, w u . z, ' aucixttri 5 H31 331':wa Munnwnia. egasmnmw; , ,ggnqw. -, ; 4V. Mmmxrw 5'1: Jim Castle Donne Cuvigliu Po? Coywood Kari Coche BOb Chaffin Sandro Chuffin Eric Chapo Don Charles V a Hey, Roy, can't you read? Carlo Clemenson Arlynne Cohen Edward Colucicco Bill Cole Stuniey Comer Irene Condn Jim Conn Robert Connelly Pam Conrad Floyd Cook -A Lani Cook Jock Cope Teno Coppinger Charles Costello Kathy Costillo Jim CoHIe John Covert A? Ricky Cox Coy Elvis Ralph Criddle Pom Critchfieid Vera Cullins ; Linda DolPorto Bet 1hey wrme it in grape iuice! Dick Dause Bob Davis HMHHH M's Anne Davis Mike Davis k LoreHo DovoH Judhh Dawson nun" mu! emu nu r.itaei;;wwsia;y::: , n .7..M..uya camcomvjoi xckearxasx 1: Steven DeArrellago Pete DeBono Diane Delucchi Janet DeMuHei Diana Demers Mary Dennis David Dent Barbara Derrick 7t.amwmaqwg a M; y ;; uanuvwxgwxmgx w . gun??? Dave Donahue Sandra Donohoe Mary Donnelly Cheryl Dou'hi? Carol Dowling Jeff Dozier ' , rmwegfrn' ?.gaunnu , JQwHasa "guru" k03$561 : 1? $4 Ar $ . , ls$ gkvdblh Mn -4 y M Jayne Doughty Margore? Drake ; y, , 4,"..w3.. v ?lch-rx ; sif- - aniunnsy ?kannp , u-hmwgum .. 1HW4. yki "V ? hi Howard Draper Charles Eastman Gail Ewing Mike Evans , ,$;::t4:;t1iaim.l Bf'xwv'FJAxi. . Rosemary Emick Ezbon Jen 7 ungiom-Vwanw h. wyx; NW? ? V'NH Florence Duchordt Louis Equindu Lloyd Farmer 5 i , N'fhnjw ,. , ,3,"- a- , wan :LKss 3' ax 5-: :2 , aa 51-1? L a m. A ,. aunfino: vmmm inwwr A3125: Cecifheikms Shown FeHs PMFeH'ori Gloria Ferraro Tom Field Linda FmpeHl g 'I , 359333i;$:, amuxm;n ., wvo $9;ij wx murgy n Ah u -.. a Na Hermann FnWeHd' Robena Forbes GUN Formati Mike Forgev Limciu Fox Undo Frankhn Helen Frye Kemzem Fmgmw ' WiIl I ever make if to lunch?" ,mmk Irene Garcia Dewey George ,;.;ga; ? HJWvWL ai1! '? m MI .Wi. t 3, is r r!- a a $$ a... e, 53 .... , 'l-wiwtgg Elono Gillis Lorefto Giorgi Wuuwggwr v-m ?Il'lftvi. $$g;;;;n A 1", Jim Goolsby Jan Goodman Allen Goldman David Gonzales Dicmu Gordon Mike Gordon Richard Gouveicl Maurice Goulart .. Mu! C a" Minna? Richard Grimes Hwan' yaw tr F Bob Grimsley Sharon Gruwell Diana Guyon Tom Hale How much? 1; .me?; ;; Wayne HomiHon 641$ng Sfitl?$il; . 3;!!! 1334-5?! Lorry HOHWOV Jennifer Harman Mike Harris Stephen Had David Hatchard Darlene Huuser Hazel Haley Pe'er HeH , m a nwgg g: u, adii Nancy Heiser avaHWPW' :93ng . Robert Henderson Ernie Henson Dawn Hesse Lewis Hobbs Bonnie Hicks Dun HiH Ted HiH Larnewyaqm:3awgi;:ggj Munnn uin;;;;;;;$:aw txixggrf . , , , $7 H g a w-x aiununnnnam ?QP 3831.334; Lorry Holsle Marvin Hopson vxixtrai dss m'A a; Men: ., 13L. M Jim Hor10n June! House Komie Huckaby Judy June Hudelson Jim Hughes Mike Hughes Chris HUH Bob Humphrey; Linda Hum o :::. .;.. ,auwn Mar 3$ yaw 4 EveWn James MorgareTJong a; , aay$$3 4'3411r-iru Fwy, buddy, that's my eye you got. Karen Jorosz Doug Jensen TVHHJ' Wanda ,eHex, Dole Johanvnber 9116a; .r r. Some students can'1 bear to face life after finals. John Johnson Harry Jorgensen Donna Jones Gary Jones Susan Kaye Bill Kafka Connie Kommerer JOCk Keller 2 ; 1::;;'icqwiig;ga; 1 $7 ifma-Hhe. npgnurg 7h!!- 5,4,"...qu- Mnamv I- Clifford Kenst Jeff Kenyon Mary Lou Kertchem I Lonnie King Pam Kim: Don Kieldsen a1; va-"fo' gxwatyvv'" , r Myat'v'b a k, . awaywa . . wanitxi L w 7 Of 1 aa 8 a a a o a w . ..pvgg.;t$iaw Mn WW Li. v: 19 ebk i: pun; flair um ginamJMi- cwuwuam- VHmuw n; PeVe Kleinert David Kloose Dave Knickerbocker a w. - . r u- Wu. W-w , Myrrh. w... M tm'Wsn tuna. MM . a JQWHA'haiz ., 't 3,1. x y H L b4. b in v an :m Richard Kondizub Marie Kormen a: n2 qu: 'iianeag,k 1; 'ka:o Ted Lommerson Diane Lumpmon Yvonne Lane Gmy LOHQ , Carol Langston Gail Larson Gary Larson Sugmme Lnuxseu .,, swag u "hunts: e. . 335; M33! Lillian Lehman Bob Leonard nMy boomerang won't come back!H "Your boomerang won't come back?" Pete LucheHo Anthony Luke Joy Lyman Terry McNally .stu W; MW a uggx Mn . James Malone gun . Bev Mann Clmries Manning Jock Manzer Ron Moriani David Marple JoAnn Martin win. H1933, rlwe8, ,$ w k e wmw doywa . ' BiH Moybeck Gerald Matsumofo Edwin Mmfice John Mche I McCcmy Roy Muzzunti Mmilyn MCAUGHY Mary H en Barbara Mayfmd xaw: v..ban ..v.,:.. ;...,.,, 2 Ted Mecum on't I take your car +exnag . pohevi; weHJwW m4; Arlene Merrinew Out to lunch?" Jim McGinley Sheila Migliori Demon Miller Lynn Milford Brad Milne 32.12332 'Hwiy! "That's why!!" Richard Minnick Carol Ann Mitchell :thuuip Aw Curde Monte Darlene Monmy Kcnherine Mooney EornesV Moore Marilyn Moore Nancy Morris Pete Mouriski Calvin Mulhollund "'".'2;:;HH" . fguaa3t$3QCgi:;f , - r, tussw; 311qu v vxza Whov the Seniors won'? do To get in free! David Musio -Mwn. 67:43:90.!44! Q3333" amm e z Gail Nogol Ross Nogle David Nokade Fred Nave Karen Nelson Pam Nelson Steve Nelson Don Neri mquaS-"W 4"" 3? th4 uawv "V Martvw'i w o cu Nancy Ober Joe O'deH Dione Ohm Donuid O'Kuro George O'Neal Barbara Osborn Ken Oshimu Jeanette Pohner - , wwuhp jmiruw fxffggfahgsw "an? r. 7 m M f fly; Mary Ann Poimer Richard Palmer ""Pawq""'wem;$ d. "Awwizf! ?9cy; W nfjhm ,H' w aSagf'Wn, : x x rmxw a m7 "HIMW wgfxwtggggg 60 words a minuie. . and no typeerer! Mike Paper Bene Paul David Pedersen ',-tar- 15' .3 55 Sharon Poufey Richard Pedersen Wang: $ rm: : 9t, wwaner'c-wu44-gs+ JV: .61 awadl-Mh'rvaxo y a ; ,- - v Vic Peirsol w;w:,m;;u g nytoekh; 9; dung? . i! Vera Peirsol mar "reggguxu; f ; L gightwk :, L 1-h5v'9 v Jaw ?Wxtxarn ngrnnvnux s hhiwuun xrin. Bruno Perozzo AllenPemrson CorolynPeferson Rowan Peterson Moril n Pierce Norreen Pi to Gordon Pizzi Y 4 rw,au;;.icu;h;;u , , a ?:rtz'kiftg'gflffs '9 1" g task m Don Prater Mary Price Charles Purvicmce Donna RuHo Mel Rano Robert Ram: Marcia Reddington Robert Reed Jack Reyndds aqwaggzxg'yn ?HWMH ham. M .; Kent RiddeH Dove Riddles Rondd Riggi , 1.xnhvkbk5r i7kgf . , Pat Ringclusen Jeunme Rink Rondd Robertson Sharon Ross? Linda Routen Lemon! Royev avandj '3 ' $ :?9:' Tom Robertson Larry Rogers Shirley Rogers Gloria Rojas Roy Rose Smn Rosen David Rosemhal Shor'ene R055 What gym glass is this? 64 Douglas Samuels Billye Scarce Richard Sanchez Gregory Schoofsma i 3 : "Over 1he levee and through the weeds. . Al Schenome Dick Schmidt Jerry Schmidt Lorry Schmid? LOW Schneider Sandy Schroeder Linda SCOH Sylvia Scot? CharlesSelf ,.,,,thei;;nuy ., :ifupwniy, 5 o I am no nmax .namt ' T m Smith Jim Scares Clyde Smith Mike vafh 0 I1 8 l Richmd L99 SPFUm Shirley Smbler Larry Stagnoro Jo nny oa PrisciHio Smnowuy Jock Stephensen Mary Stiles Gary Stone Jeanne Stone Joon Stout Curl Stroud 'E' a an u-V? The Senior Class gets larger every year. "This is your copm'm speaking." Bill Snyder John Suter Bob SuHon Everett Swain Jock Swain Beverly Swan Dave Swanson Ken Swanson uvmn-m. H u' Trena Swecker us amn'f ,3; ' " 5E9 H, Report Cards! Whmwillmymothersoy? Vince Tasscmo Ron Taylor Ellen Terry Howard Tessier Lorry Test Darlene Tes'o Ills Teuseher Bob Thomas xrvwmwwxrigg,3 yan1h "W- r325 , Xlammm - nxiym,' ,4 4-way; 3:1" lathvm mwwvvc Timothy Tomlin Koren Toohey Ronald Toy Spencer Tracy Shirley Trotter Jackie Tucker Andrea TunneH Pm TurkaHe "Unwrap; Judy Turner Joan Uyesugi Mary Twife HvM vmounuu, un Virwbr-w u Vosbinder Donna Viol Brenda John Vochcnzer LeRoy Vote .wugfoH-FJJ V ' 3; WW ' a Hwiigtifmia uuwm$n - Hy-ngwgyegajgg litiijmthu-a ' xtaQaua ' mt Who says this is o 470 school? Mike Walters Dave Weaver Richard Walters MEChnel Webb "This is one way to beat the heat 1" Terry Ward Koren Weber Mary Ann Weber John Weborg UI think we made a wrong turn somewhere,' Walter Wegner Loren Weiwrenner Jerry Weis Deeddwenz Cal Welch Jeannie Welch Wendy Wemuss ArnoWetter CherylWhaley x: Duke VVernson ,m. mm mm ,,.w::::;;$aaxm vxgilQ$3x . 8vkx; m a1 vxx' Lynne Wisdom Dennis Witherwax Lynda Womble Craig Wong Gory Wong Lucille Wong Dennis Wood Susan Woodruff "i Wan. David York Renee Young '33inth 9 3, 1L $ 61w 1 Jim Zeiszbr Gene Thuyer 77 .. v .: w ; ,x k if . in; 3.: 1;. ..:$...:r; 4 .ng .igianE? 5 xx. . , . g1 x. .4 9:61.31: 3.5.3555. , g n; a; Aath' V , mas ix. 5 h m?d: xz a . J? $3 V . 34 v.5 ; , $8? .14 t ;a . aw , a ax a x. a 3 . n 43.. , a . .yx v. 4?, w? w 3:. 9 5 I , T y m: .nmh Lvavb o ; y e .; o a Lrwuft 9 KKK v. a . 12wa Ht; .3 4 J5 .. a, J. a k 911. , 2.2:". 3 V 43a. 3; .5 adj .5. .64.. . x5 ,M, W K, Junion CQaM 055m President Vice President Danny Wong Valarie BUeHner Cabinet Paula Xantopoulos Cabinet Nancy Brock 1 Treasurer Chris Siegerl Secretary Phyllis Munson Cabinet Phyllis Rafferty Cabinet Harriette Roberts Cabinet Irene N$mmo 7Q Dione Abernaihy Jim Abrams RUUI AQUirre Phil Ahoff BObbie Aiers Rida Akridge Glanda Albrecht Linda Ahoto Bill Allen Ronnie Allen COStO Aquinegaririo Donna Afchison Brooke Afhertoh Martin A1her1on Dove Atkinson Robert Aungst Todd Auten Cam'vn Avila Joe Ayala Tom Ayers Joe AlviHar ROY Amerine 30b Anderson Steve Anderson Lauren Appel Put Babu Shirley Babu Jim Bochle v v , Wmhheha WW. Joann Baer Georgie Baigi Jim Baird Judy Baker Richard Baker Ronald Baker Carol Balsley Mary EHen Bamias Judi Bord Jeffery Burke?! MOW JO Barnes BHIBarneH Carol Bornen Renoye Barosso Diane Barrett Loren Bartholomew Dennis Beard Martha Beardslee Judith Becker Sharon Beckwith LYOI Beeskau h, Andrew Bel! Bob Bell Gwen Bell John Bell JoAnn Bell Suro Bennen Shirley BenneH e; mahQiP x Chrmine Berekoff Evelyn Bergstrom Ronno Berkman Jane Bic:SOHi Pom Bierce Joanna Binghgm Cam Bisugno Michele Bisbikis Barbara BishOp Puma Bishop Ricky Black Robert Boccoli Teron Boley Al Bol09mm Judy Bond Barbara Baoker Dorothy BOOkey Corinne Boomer Kennefh Borg RiChard Bortness Ed BOHom Janet BOUFns Penny Bowles Vicki Bowles John Bradbury Cards Brundsmd Don Bravo NOnCy Brock LYIe BrOCkneY Cheryl BrOUgh'On CarolYn Brown Lana Brown Margie Brown Frank BUCheanYer Steve Buckholz Valerie BUeMern Celia EUrger Undo BU'QeSS Catherine Burke Kmhy BUrke Sarah BU'nen David Bumhcm Dove BUHer Mike Bane Marilyn Con RobeH CouegOs John CommGck Stephanie Conoga Chris Carlson x ;: :;:. Jo Ann Coparro I if Greg Carmine . Phyllis Cary i Nancy Cuscnave Jimmy COSCiGrO Mary Co'len Tony Calo'e wwk;;;f;; Nancy Cecil Judy CeHi Dick Ceresa Edward Choffee Lorraine Chan Martha Chandler Curoi Chapman Pal Chose Jane! Cheney Winifred Chow John Chu David Clair Greg Clark Michael Oark Jav Cober Barry Cohen Claudia Coil Bob Cole Larry Coleman Bob Collier Charles Collier John Commack Bob Condit Sue Conn Bill Cooley R$Ck Cooper Ed Cornell Barbara Corren .mzv . .Mw HIMV Arlene Coris Sandra Covello Verlend Coy DarreH Craig Rebecca Crawford Charles Creson Judy Croce "u", v-A ,wa Maw." : gal , - A a ,, gfwnwfy Jane? Crothers ; H Christine Cunningham George Cunningham Sue Curtis Suzanne Curlonis Dennis Cutter Linda Cuslidge my?" Douglas Duhl Tina Dalonzo Linda Doseler Pete DaVuHe Bren? Davies Bob Davis Eddie DeCundiu JoAnn DeCiero Phyllis DeHarf Ernie Delucchi Delilah Deluchi Harold Dennis Chester DiDonoto John Dillon Diane Geverts Poul Gioudrono HM : ., Don Gilbeou : ; Virginia Gilberi f 9: Put Gilliam , w Terroleo Gilkey H Kofhleen Gillis 1, amp $ em $Eluv Jim Giottonini Judi Girsh Charlotte GoeHnger Jim Goetien Jerri Goetz Phillip Gonzales Bill Goodwin Tom Goodwin Chery! Gorley Pete Gormsen Howard Goss Judie 60H Ray Gowdy Bob Grant Tom Groves Linda Gray Skipper Gray Terry Gray Wendy Groves LcIDosku Griffin Carmen Grimm Mn; :- v QR, Ron Green Tom Green Dennis Grehurs Bernard Greening Koren Gnegory John Groom Gail Hagio Ronald Holey Gurney HaH Judy Hombrick Donna Homer Laura Hansen Barry Hanson Bill Hurgetf Jim Harlan ?'xei; g .3 Neal Harlan ; :k Nulhunu Harris ! 94 Richard Harrison Leslie Hartford Pamela Hermig Linda Hawkins awe, l. ' George Hays Leland Heckert Ann Hensley Richard Herrera Wanda Herr'mgton Jon Hertzog Carole Heston Ken Hzcks P01 Hilderbfond Anna Hiiburn LindO Hill Virginia Hm Sandro Hobbs Pat HongOI1 Gary Hoffman John Hoffman Koren Holemun Gerald Homolka Rey Hope Jack Hopkins E. F, Hope Chuck HOr'on MOW Howell George Hudson GordOn Hudson Frances trWin Lemar bhikowa Paulene IVes Sidney Ivey Jim JuckSOn Maryann JOckson Stephen Jackson Dan JOCobSen Carole JomeiSOn May Jung Koren Jon'Zen Louise Jordine Larry JOhonnu Corolene John50n Renae JohnSOn Sally Johnson Tommy Johnson Marla Johnstone Bob JOHes JOCQUeIYn JOnes Jim JOnes Carolynne JUHkEr JoAnn Kafka Beverly KQHSOn James Ku'berg Jeanne Kowudg Koren Kaeler Randie Keller Gory Kelley Priscilla Kelley carolyn Kelly Dennis Kelsey Martha Kenitzer MCIUIraen Ketchie Mom" KNgOre Terry Kilpmrick Jim Kmard David King Kay King Ronnie King Rosalyn King Vickie KimbreH Marlin Kleinerv Barb Kleppinger Don Knickrehm ., AH xwuwr Judy KnoH Pom Kroeck Joseph Kronberg Judy Krueger Judy Kreger Richard Kruger Nancy Krupp V; drvmhk an. Thomas Lomosfer Bob Lambert Lynn Lumber! Amvel LaneNa Linda Lawrence JeoneHe Lear Bill Leathers a .;;:;:$$e Bermce Lee ' ' ; Gzlen Lee V Russel! Lee Bobby Leicht Renee Lemerond Robert Leonordi John Lepape Q .r Henry Leplsto : Carl LeHciu : James Unnermun . Gary Lokey Mary Long Gene Longoricl Yvonne Lovedoy Tony Lucheitu Carri Luchini Kathi Luchini Coroiyn Lyman Cheryl Lynch Donne Mobry Manna Mabry Noel Mochondo Richard Mock Eiizubeth Mackey Bob Mocomber Diane Maddox Gloria Mogono Gary Malloy . .ww..WM'1"Hii.awa . 3 1 .rwuuka alums kit w Joyce Mondras Sue Mann Deonna Mar Morvi Mcrciogini Mike Martin Dione Martin Diane Moan Slunley MaHice Sondra Mayer Richard Mayes Linda Mays Josephine Mozzomi David Mozzera Gloria McAnaIly Erie McCan Robert McCanMess Robert McClary Cralg MCCtellond Nbert McCook Gui! McCown John McCcoy Sandra McDaniel John McGrulh Ron McLendon Patricia McMahon William McMichae! Laurel Mechcm Carmen Mendez Wanda Mew KenfMiHer Roberm MiHs Richard Milne DennisMissimer Marilyn Mitchell Tresio Mitchell Melinda Mixer Judy Moheng Relinu MonoHi Charlene Moore Winifred Moore Carol Morales Sandy Moreno Larry Morenzoni Charles Moreing Donna Morgan Kathy Morgan Gerald Morisch Anita Morris Katherine Morris Nancy Morris Kathy Morrison Melodye Morrison Sandra MoWe Poulcmna Mulkins Wayne Muller RobertMuIlins Gloria Murphy Tina Myers DennisNagai Jim Nash a in; 1 Enau vnw a i omwiiiiwl J CherylMunnerlyn F 4; Phyllis Munson W x - . v EHIs Murphy m4 1' A4: "9 n 4V9 44- I$k oil a .. u m. ve-nggg ' 3V . Norm NOSon Carol Nathan Dennis Naylor Dale Nehzm Vickie Nesbm Linda NessIEr David NeUman Linda Neumeister Michae1 Newscym Bernice NiCkots Carla NieVera lrlene Nimmo Pol NOIOnd Po? Nordwick Ed NOHhuP Karen NOWak F'Ovd Odie John Ohman Judy Ohmun Raymond Okubo Tony OIiVeria Curol Olney Judy O'Morg Gloria Omega Mary OSbOrne Marsha OSfrem He'en Ono Jackee Owen Roberto Owen Gory Pudmu Darlene POhIUnd Roberm Palmer Cheryl Pmker Milly Parke, Tom POrker Ed Parlier Karen Paulson Mary Lucille pane Ronnei Penix Paulo Parking Bill Peters Ellen Peters ,4 Duane Peterson Delia Phipps Rickey Phipps Bob Picord DenmS Pippa Michael P?Ppi BOW Pilsker pyruvf ; '5 an , V: Frank Pollim Ke' POHer Eric Potter SharOn Poher Vado POWeII Rodger Prater Jon Prom Larry Suckerson Tim Sage Frances SOIVem Cathy SOmUelson Yolanda Sanches Sandra Sanders Jon Sanford Sharon SOHHeHO Linda Sappenfzeld Janet SGSMW Maxine SOWYey Sue Schenkenberg Danna Schilling Robert schmidg John SchUler Barb Schurr Ron Scthr'Z Curl Schweinmer KQHW Sccm Lany Scon Arthur Seegers Bob Segurini Stun sews" Steve Seigem Tim SigUrdson April Sellers Carol Se'mer Leon Serufim a 7 w? 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Bonnie McKnight Treasurer Chris Seymour Karen Singleton Cabinet Gregory Fong Secretary Karen Bates Cabinet Mary Gonzales 95 Louis Acevedo Kenny Acremant jean Adams Joyce Adams Carolyn Aguileru Terry Ah Tye Barbara Allen Carol Allen David AHen Ken Aldridge Larry Aliets Doro Allred Barbara Anderson Cheri Anderson Kathy Anderson David Andreotti Fran Andrews Paul Andris Lynef1e Anioizbehere Peter Armonino Kathy Armstrong Aw,+ qum Yolanda Arquiio Georgette Arvanhis Kathy Aulwurm Soyonna Auwinger David Ayers Kathie Ayers Helmut Bailey HM . a o Thorborn Baird Jim Baker John Baker Martha Baker Jesse Baroias Lorene Borbegelata Dove Barnes Gary Burnett Bob Borlell Darlene Basset? Koren BOVes Karen Buudikofer 1; Cheri Bauer 3?: Susan Save 9 Cal Bear Robert Beck Ronald Beck Bonnie Beckler John Becknell Shurfeen Beckwilh Trischia Bedgdler Chris BedweH Vern Begley Jim Beilby Perry Beiike Janet Bell Michael Benedict Bruce Benge . tlhlx. .9 9w Peie Bennolloc Bob Bentz Florence Berg Barbara Berry Cole BerQram Robert Best Poul Biunnuci Diana Bingham Brad Bird Barbara Biork Barbara Blair Sondra Blair Kenneth Blake Barbara Blicken John Blinn Randy Blim Barry Bloom Sandra Blyvh Lorry Bow Carlo Boer Judi Boggiano Barry John Frank Bono Jeff Borg Brod Borge Vernon Borst George Bosco Ko1hleen Boston Garry Boswell Suzanne Bothwell David Bovey Pat Bowe Dennis Bowers Calvin Bowser Carol Boyle Charlene Bruckbill Ann Bradshaw Nancy Brand Bev Brannon Mike Bredy Barbara Bregcmte Carol Brehm Richard Brock Bill Brodbeck Michael Brown Marilyn Brown Robert BroWn Nancy Brownfield Lori Buchanan Bill Buck Charles BueHner Bryce Bollard Judee Bullurd Darlene BuHs John Burnett Alan Burrofufo ct my Gloria Chifwood David Christian Niles Christopherson Janice Clark Jennie Clark Sion Clark Pamela Costello H Amy uwv en su .N; agznv an nan Va.uMd' Tim Costello Bob Couch Larry Cruin Donna Croggs Cathy Cromer Nada Cudnoy Virginia Curtis ant 9.99;; .menicn Bonnie Cushge Stun Cusumano Sally Chisholm Sherre Chiturus Joan Combs Porn Cook EveHe Coolures Susan Corkery Pot CorneH Patricio Corren Louis Corlez Dione Corvey Dave Co1es Christina Cave :4. n iknn w . x Jean Cuusey Barbara Chamberlain Vicki Chan Diana Chandler Ronald Chondon Duane Chlldress Alana Chinn kraESf; , 'W:::.. gimndfi?! Julia Chino Ann Cumpodonico Robert Comuso Jackie Caress Julie Corlisle Cherie Carlos Chriane Carrillo nu gnaw Renae Cusagronde V ' ' . 43 V . V , , V Charley Casner ' V . . HM . - Carolyn Castillo . . ' Morgare? Cuswell Phil Burnside Bernadine Butcher Susie Cocciuiore David Code Lewis Cody Rick Cdderu Joe Calhoun John Culver? Meriellen Camicia Gerald Campbell Betsy Clay Gerald Clayton David Clement Pom Coats Sharon Coffee Michael Coffey Douglas Cohen nan w $ $ t g m - F??- :2 . 8-; M a :3; w. : E: 2: Karen Cdberg : g :: Julia Coldren 'F 4:: y? Dun Colen ; :f Michael Coley , 1 Vito D'Albom AHen Dahl Jim Dd Porto Hazel DolzieH BIN Darby Tim Darcy Lorry LJavenpoIY Andrea Davrdson Richard Dawes Janice Davis Judith Dawns Wayne Uclvls Anne bebekky Sharon Qelouey mil helouy Bob DeMoIco Dennis De VM Laurence de Vries Gorry DeWoH Gwen Dickson Virginm Dienich Linda DiHman Kathy DiMercurio Murilynn Donn 'iEiirii ..e 9 .Hz, wine: Cheri DobeH Smith Dobson Robert Dockery Jim Doian John Domench Pm Doren Cord Douthit vermin mum? ,iuHe Dozier LeHcmi Dcennan Lyn DuBois Page DUBOYS Deborah Duke Loxano Duncan Maureen Dulmigon Sharon Dunston Bob Dutton Leland Dowden Pmricio Ebsen Rondold Edmondson Eddie Edwards William Edwards Amn'nfnmi i. J Juanifo Eisenbeis 1 Ray Elliott 5 Fred Ellis Mike Ellis Sue Enos Linda Epstein KGRMeen Erickson Lou Ann Erwin Gordon Esley Peggy Estes Beverly Evonson Yvonne Evinger Jim Forr Gerald Fuusnough : -2 ;, zwav'w Gayle Fellin Kathleen Fernandes Judy Ferguson Jim Fields Leslie Fields Linda Fitzgerald Lynn Flick amnwm. ;.-44 w Mu, BeHy Hocchini Larry Fluty Mary Fluty John Pong Gregory Pong Mary Ford ; Mun John Forenti z Haven't; e .umunMng "MM t.y'en Huh JRFHF 3 k 25x tame Mmannn John Fornociari Pot Forster Ann Fox Dionne Frodes John Fronkenheimer Marie Franks Lorry French wuk-agi Ron Fry Richard Furgison Grace Furtudo Jeannie Gainer Roy GorabHo Andrew Garcia Monika Gories manna M. , - Kan V5? Carolynn Garibddi Nancy Gay Beveriy Genfry David George Ken Gerlitz Marie Gionninni Claudia Gibbons w prawn: am a u. w ww Gina Gifberf Vicki Gilkey Doug Gill Richard Gilligan June Giovanni Lynda Gloss Sandy Glenn :3;'H4;wa;;;: Tom Gliebe Gory Glynn Myron Gold Sue Goldman Danny Coleman Mary Gonzales Sharon Gooch +$Ea .r e;.$ Gail Gorrell Dana Grau Barbara Gray Dionne Gray Richard Gray Sue Gray Bud Greer Bill Gregory Gene Griffin Pom Griffin Lorry Grifmh Peter Grimsley Maureen Oregon Paul Groomes Richard OrUeHer Jim Guerrero Francine Guiliono Karen Gust Susan HockeH Carol Hadrick Sondee Hagen Kathy Hugicos Dole Hall Paulo Halhgan Brenda Homilion Alana Hammond Mary Hammond Marilyn Honclen Jacquelyn Honde1 Linda Hardy Barbara Hargls Jean Hargrove Greg Hora Max Hero Kathleen Harper S1even Harris Tonya Harris Winsome Harris Janis Harrison Roy Harrison Lorris Her? 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Gaduy WM": 'WQ. v Mike Heinz Barbara Heiser Janet Hench Tamra Henderson Elaine Henrich David Henson Shoroll Hepperle Marsha Hogk Patricia Hobbs Douglas Honan Jim Hogue Mary Holeman Sharon Holland Wanda HoHowell Jeanette Hope Jan Hepkms Jeanne Horlock Roger Hughes Wendy HUH Lester Hum Linda Hu'chings Diana Husell Steve Mayo Burbora Hen Martha Jamieson Cheryl Jenkins Dennis Johnson Linda JohnsOn Lorry JOhnS'On John Jones Suzanne Jones Stephony Joyner Don Konyon Flo Kurehs Vm Korraker Patricia Keg KO'hy Kenst Judy Kiefer Fred Kiernan Kerry Kilgore Patrick KiHeen MOW Lee WGH new avh .wmxnhg Judy Klein Leonard Knight Patricia Knowles Bob Koch Elizabeth Koehn Keith KOmUre HOward Kosier Norman Krofff Sherry Kritzer Kathy Kubota Mike Loch Andy L090marsino Michike Lakai Ed London 91 H 431'ni3alvm' mum, , NV 'Wnawinx- a 3;! ,1. n m 4L u 3! 233 i;m1w-svar.v anhqmyuuwjd hf; raww ; 35;: Mason Lone Becky Long ElizabeHw Lung Linda Long Mary Lunge Stephen LaRose Carol Larsen 3 E Steve Loverone 3: : Ken Lchley 1 a Linda Layton 2 : Carol Lear : : Dorothy Lechman 4 $7 Kimun Lee 1: at Larry Lee ; 5; Mary Lee Roy Lee Mary Leos Margore? Lepisto Richard Lesch Stephanie Levinger Sheryl Levite ugay-gyxwu-H. Nancy Levitt Chriane Lewis Koren Lewis Lorry Liebes Kent LHlie Darlene Under Sandro Lloyd Judy Loades Cynthia Lockmiller Jim Lombard Jay Longucre Wayne Lovelody Sheila Lowe Leonard Lowell itititl whiixmym; 3m . igygf Ray Lucas . Susan Luyandyk JoAnn Lyman Chadwick Wockay heme Mockey Ava Madden Nu? Muffei 133mm ; i333 5? Karen Mm 1M John McHamis Patricio Malone Russd Mopes Cloudlu Mm Maury Marengo Leslie Merino J Robert Mmkel Kmhy Marquis Iris Marshall Dennis Martin Fred Marvin; Gory Marlin Dorothy Martinez Donny Mathias Gory MO'USkg MorilW Maynard Steve Mayo Janice Mays Sondra MLJZZUO'Cl Terry McBride Arihur McBUrneH Marie McCchn Kathy MCCUth Charlene McCauley Ralph MQCODk Patsy McCormick Ken MCCOVSHn Harrie, MCCOY Janice MCCroCkEr Linda McDevm Dennis Mclnnre CoroWn Mclm05h Poul McKinley Bonnie McKnigh. sz A! um Jr1 1:3; y, 3,: Maimei McMichoel Bill MCMuHin James MU'Phy Sheila MCNobb Ron McPherSOn Richard MCTeer David Mecum Tom Meehan John Meineke Regina Mendez Mary Alice MerCGHe Peter MeYer Sheldon MeYer Tom MignOri Rober' MiHs Anne Miller Bill Miller Barbara Minioci Keiko Moheiuki WOYne Mon Reben Mondon Gory Monmnelli Donny Mon'Gnez Marsha Moody Carl Moore Ronnie Moz1eY Davie MOUIe Judy MOSer Donny MON,iSon Julie Merris Donny Morris BobbY MOI,riS Terry Mergun Thomas MOOre Susan Moore Dione Murdock Fay MUrdOck Ed Murphy Reymoun Murphy Mary MUSto Roger MulhOHOnd Greg MUHGHY Dwagh1 Myer Gil MYer5 Jeunnene Nudom ShmeY Nakode Fred Nukgmur0 Kmhy Nash Mike Ne;50n Ronald Nelson Vicior Newell Shawn Newen Mike Newman Koren NewSVom Cheryl Neonn RiChurd Niemonn xw aha 32.:3Q ;K R: John NilmeYer Francine Nocofo Donna Norm" Ronnie Nunez Carole Oberl Sally 0.3mm ScoH O'Brien Colleen O'Bryon Pm Odell David OkimUrQ Shoryn OhVer Ton; Oliver Denise Olmos Angie OrOzco Cary OshidOri Jean Paddock Bill Pudulo Rocky Pagel James Paige Elaine Palmer Pam Palmer Ronno Paper Rober' Palmer Melody Papim Joe Parker WYnne PUrseH John Parker Pamela Parker Dorothy Pgrvin Janis P0510re Glenda POHSrSon Eddie Pam Barbara Puuls Mike Povlovich Randy Pane Ronald Pedercim Joel Penbenhy Deon PeHero Pm Peregoy Linda Perry Jeannie PeterSOn Terry pe'erson Theresa PeterSen Mike peme Mike PeZzi NormOn Pher Vito Pereiru Jeri Pepe Jim Phaps n, 1mm 4+ 9 :21': Glenn Pierson Janice PierUCCi Lorry Pinmgn Mitzi Plagemgn Marie Prchser Carol Preeo Elaine Presto hp gek$awn y '36 Laura Pries' Steve price Steve Pollard Susan Pope Janet POWeH Judy POWeII Roben POWeIl Jon Ruffehy ROY Roho Mollie Sue Rainy Mario Romil Virginia Ramirez Michael Rand Anne Randolph Jim RuneY Kenne'h Range Diana Ramien Tera Rather. David Reed Lorry Reberg Jone Reed Sandra Reed JOY R9958 RCY R9939 Frank Reid Doloris Reinde. Leslie Renner EH9" Remz Lonnie Remndi RebecCa Rhea Linda Rice David Rich Dennis Rich JOyCe Rich Ala" RiChards w. s: HEM. mx x Nora RiddeH Duane Rigge Patrick RHey Cymhia Ringhousen Dennis Rink Elsie Rink Glenn Rippey $$K-ta ,,a., x mkw, Joe Risso Jean Roberm Allen Robinson Linda Robinson Ray Robinson Eieonor Rodriguez Felix Rodriguez umq f; 1:: Virginia Rodriguez :1. :3; Sylvia Roek ?V Hi Stan Rogers ' T3 John Rojas .r, Jackie Rose Geraldine Ross Pom Rossmcmn 3., Stanley Rotert Judy Rowen Kenneth Rubinger Lee Rude Pot Rudelbach Roger Ruegsegger Susan Rumsey ' mm a MW v, Bernadine Rusting Mary Rutherford Elizabeth Ryckman Jcm Rychmcm Don Rydel Gory Rykowski Coral Sabin DoHene Suco Terry Sage Americo Salvem Charlotte Sanborn Adolph Sanchez Rosemary Sanchez Gene Sanguinehi s:::;;w H Thomosine Sontaroso Ruth Supotc Jamie Satson PhyHis Souve Chris Savage Dennis Soxfon Nancy Schuffrath dupe: vl- ;kw yy mm run. numb. 296w. a: Rena SchloHer SoHy Schmich Terri Schneider Nick Schon Anna Marie Schroeder James Sell Andrea Senderov Don Severson Christine Sevmour R6cky Shaeffer Mechuel Shaffer Barney Sharp Ben Shedd Wayne Shellcross Leena Shevely Bonnie Shor? Linda ShumWOY Sally Sievers Yvonne Silva Richard Simbalenko Dwight Simmons Karen Singleton Gary Smalley Bill Smnh Connie Smi1h Jerry Smith John Smith Kathleen Smith Mike Smith Mike Smith Randell Smhh Richard Smith Russell SmHh Tony Smith Virginia Smith Virginia Snell Koren Snipes Dennis Soloequi Jerry Somers Claus Summer Donna Soracco Elmer Sorenson Nancy Sorin Linda Soto Donald Spears Terry Spears Richard Spencer Sandro Spray Warren Spurgeon Viki Stulnaker Mike Sicmco Charlott Stanley Marlene Stearns Armor Steele Paulo Steiner Sherry Sielzer Ken Stephens Theodore Stephens Jock Stewu rt John Siewari Lynn S1ockwell Robert Stoner Koren Storer Jeanine Storey John Storey Ronald Storm Robert Stover Robert Slricler Ann Stroud Jim Slurdivant Ron Sump Bob Sunon LUFFY Swain Cheryl Swanson PEQQY Swecker Julie Sweet Robert Sweefen Max SWegle Steven Swenson Marianne SweN Ron Swimiey Carole Tuckel Frances Taddei Russell Takei Marilyn Tokeuchi Rosalie Tarpley Ronald Toshiian Ernest Tovello Pu! Terry Roger Test Joanne Thuyer Kent Thomas Robert Thomas Mike ThompSOn John Thornton Richard Thorpe Thomas Thorpe Pom Thorsen Bruce Toy Elizabeth Tinney Wilheim Tolkmn Donna Tower Susan Towns Bonnie Trave1 Ron Travnick Diana Trees Susan Twin Candy Turkene Leonard Turnbeough 5,; Siunley Turnbeuugh '! Jon Twilegor Frank Ulrich Sandy Unger Nancy Unruh Mike VolinoH R0" Van Assen Iim Van Buren Danny Vundemurk Bill Van Dyke n; mu m Hulk 3. x ' M. 1: hwu v 3:" AW n. "-o ;k?'ol: , u? n, uh. M Roy Vorni :1 John Voter i1 Lynne Vergge i; Ruth Verhaege u Koren Vielhoum ;: Gory ViHegcs :' John Vineyard ;: ' W' :5 2gb??? 9'? '-9 ? 7? Ginger Voger Sharon Volkeris n .5 . us ii . 4': Deanne Vrisimo E: . Tamara Wade ", V; Gory Wagner 3; 9.: Jame Wagner ?kgw Adine Wakefield ii .6 ' Harold Walker m Michie Waibridge 7:; Clyde Wqurop 2: Larry Walker 3" Linda Walker 1:, Virgil Walker 3 Wolfe Wall Luna Wallace Judy Wullin 2; 99V 1;? .e M, Carole Walters :1: ; Delloru Walter a : Pom Waller :1 Bill Warner - Bill Weaver Bill Weaver Kathie Weber Mary Webster Barbara Weed Jennifer Weeihee Jeff Wienstein Dale Weis namiv,:i yvdagamvcw-r Charles Wissler Sandy Winmn Linda Wilson Jackie Wilson Don Wifson Beth Wilson Bernard Wilson Randy Willson Sandy Williams Marsha Williams Julie Williams Gary WiHioms FronkWillioms Sharon Wilkinson . waaua 'H mamaenwu mg mama: BonnieWilkinson SIeveWicks JonetWhite Milton Whaley Mike Wemyes BeHy Wells V 1w V JV. SOHYWeHenbrock : , : 23:: m k. imabugrmv wingam -w hr 3 a 4?;A 33:35:33, nmwu Gory Wolf Joyce Wolfe Murcia Wollesfen Sharron Womock Mark Woodbury Daniel Woods John Woods Kenneth Woods Fred Woodward RoberV WocHey Grace Wright Judy Wrigh? Leebnd Wright William Wright Bonito Wu Mike Yurmon Virginia Yburru Melissa Yellcmd Roy Yoneshige Kathy York Pamela York Jeff Young Pamela Young WiHium Young Donna Ystilort Janice YUHch GeorgeHc Zwinge Hey bud, are you sure you're 0' the right fable?" 112 an HTurn left, three paces 10 the north, then righ1 ." "Next time 1hey have a Buskeiboll Bounce, let's bring our own balk" "Next on my homework list. , " CampuAAdiviiim ?MM mg Even girls admire Mr. Siogg's many 'rophies. ys be held Memories of great athletic feats will aiwo by Mr. and Mrs. Stogg The Stoggs keep informed on school events by past yearbooks and school newspapers. m ow h 5m 9 9m me SH 5,0 rLV Mm n.r e e hh Mo ke em mo ns ils YU .0 mg 08 Hm H6 brogg Hfomily" poses for its annual pidure. We Archon S'GH blds knewell UHTH next ycm, Irophies throughout the house reHed the We of a wow 1 17 derful man 01th 01Mete, arrives for Sheila Jackson, head of Victory events. Some refined school lovehes lead a Cheer for Downey V BOOM-CHWCKA-BOOM Queen hopefuls and escor1s sing Alma Mater Barbara Osborn escorted by R::k CoroWn PeYerson escorted by Fritz Andrea TunneH escorled by Jerry Smalley Grimdey Juencke HQ 120 : mm MM, w w ?cngLHy-igk Hash, ,l' 5 4' ?"rhfhtf'whif. "What parade? Welre headed for the C And if you don'? . . "I've pushed for 0 mile, H's your mm now.' r r ' A 41 v 5 A A A f"' TOW about walking the line. .. . tr Haaa- L :- MuvlnIaWHM 5? yaw !" . 31.; Minimum?! aggwanhuiut wahw M HCome on, Boys; core to take a ride in our first place buggy." av Brod Milne shows his prizertoking car. .53 122 The NiHi Gong selling protective advertising for the Archon. .an ,;w4 . HWHHHMMI uvmninwmu um. Eiiitrea..- - "Look, kid, no one told me it was a formal CHOW." WOW! Rem Mve Stagg atHeVes ;;m n 1:" W A grand women? for 0 happy Andrea Smgg's band shines brightly. Queen's court smHes hoppHy during coronation tr r , v 1 n . ., - ,, kitwfraw . , , .nrm-iwirsmv Row One: Jackie Yucker, Curolee Von Buskirk, Kathy Lindemon, Lynne Wisdom, SuzeHe Anderson, Marilyn Moore, Sandy Allen. RowTwo: Sandy Auwinger, Arlynne Cohen, Charlsu Thompson, Barbara Osborn, Ellen Terry, Kathy Anderson, Chris Hull. Row Three: Keiko Yusuda, Jeannie Rink, Mary Price, Carolyn Peterson, Andrea Tunnel, Kathy Barth. 125 Chris Hull 85V Mann Key Club A Capella Q Barbe; Osborn Carolyn Peterson Photographers Spanish Club 126 Andrea Tunnell Wheel Club le I27 A new Nodition for Stogg 7 Slogan Day We're off to roof for 51099! ' 128 Gama Large charge! mg R 94! HWa-wm $ in 2 Snug as a bug In a rug! Hall forever Brown and Gold .. All aboard! . ?'?ng l M ,':' '?vAV.! F " x I I ! $ i uzA. v;..a.,'h'a awswmg. 3m "4 , w. an t . My , My bubble seems to be siuck! Stugq's swingin' cheerlekud . '45; . w 4, . . 'twtf'fiif' . $3 A .U ! h . . 3.3 a 5g-fgrbfmx. ircmn awsm's ,3 . . . ,HF "HMMH Nu . .u .vgni mu '3. van A354: c? Qt ' a Sisfers? ..ond then X was cuifrom the Globetrotters, . . Hum hate missing dogs for these assemblies! 00900009099! i3! Junim Serum Couples smiled Wrough the enchanted Paris night. .. It was a night full of precious HHIe moments... And enioyed refreshments in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower 132 Intense concentration ..... .Looking for someone, Carl? S'ogg students and 1he Stockton Slop. "Hey, Penny, where shuH we go today." HAnoYher twist and Lwlll be dead." "And she 10M us SHE'took lessons." q;uuix-uunummwm -,1,.Hc t Vlwmuxhenuayum x..;; umxnuguww V. H Linwztwmnw . , a L Hi, mom, why didn't you teH me you were coming home so eurty? Prospective formers learn part of their trade. Isn't that a Great Spangled Fritillory Butterfly? Don't you think this is carrying home economics too tor. I35 Nofhonu amd Bob struggle with 8 pound bowling ball. Mary keeps an eye on Randy's money. I36 Giddy-up, HIHe doggie Try running out of gas This time, Mike. Gary and Shielo are ioining 'm the Christmas Spirit Lemon? and CicTIicI out for a night of fun. Guess who doesn'! have any money? "Hey Clifvc - wanna dance?" HWe'll have these moments '0 remembelz" Kids swing as Spades rock out. The artistically indined strolled through SYogg's version loe Louvre. Prom Goier is camerarcougw pinning a corsage on his date. Those photographers are always sneaking up on me! And they must be talking about 'he sneaky photographers! "w 35.,192;' " 4-" cf 5' 41 mag: mar? av domwwg' p. Guess who dian study last night, And then Mere are those who study all the time. Good swimmers rote special 1utoring. 'ur n...-U.. ,9? ' I am..." w izu, Japan. A big smile for America as Micki and Keiko arrive in San Francisco. mun- A welcoming party for Micki and Kexko, uHended by Sfogg's proud students. Sfogg shows off its Shimizu citizens in the :LM.;$$?; Vicfory Parade. a puma . 3 q. .. ,, H L ifuntnig a . . W 1, skin 3 " .. -.. WV"; 141 , . a w n a. .9 K ,a K n wQ ' a $Q N n3 v an; $13? 33 :N? C Tell him off, LyaIH Give me a bite tool They're darlingirwho are They supposed to be 142 h .8 ,' QM a: w W A victim of ?he 3:00 rush. Who's The run who stalked his car? And H's all mine hand the finance Compony'sJ. Remember 1he day H snowed h: liHIeW 3kw$35$Qfakwfo ; H h mu. ., .E, .hrnievq The fast getaway! ML Stagnoro accepting dedication of Sfogg Tournur menf, 'Three lwo-fimers! You've gotta be a football hero. .. Where am I? Ouguigdinu m; - , mm gm 2499!... V mm. . N . , Row One: Tom Fay, Mike Forster, Danny Wong, Jerry Juencke, Richard Equinou, Don WiHis, Ray Yourchek. Row Two: Bruce Carmichael, Stuarf Jonn, Mike Bionucci, Kenny Porter, Stun Cusomano, Bruce McConliss, Bob Anderson, Carl Bisungo, Poul Bionucci. Row Three: Gory Wick, Roger Mulholland, Darrell Smith, Melvin RuHo, Larry ScoH, Larry French, Dick Cereso, Andrew Stephens, Calvin Mulhoilund, John Mamce. Row Four: Doug Szyper, Jim Hor1on,Ronnie Burns, Jock Keller, Donovan Cook, Jim Ferguson, John Solo, John Rider, Steve Sharp. Wheel's sfaang offense. 150 Row One: Anne Davis, Chorlso Thompson, Charla Fly, Dmne Worr, Po? Coywood, Iriene Nimmo Row Tow: Andrea Tunnell, Jone! Goodman, Mary Lou Kertchum, LynneWisdom, Donna Viol, Marilyn Pierce, Rowan Peterson, Marfho Chandler Row Three: Marci Ponkey, Chris HUH, Marilyn Moore, Put Honek, Wendy Wemyss, Cheryl Ramos, Donna Morgan, Linda Wheeler. Row Four: TochMe, Dave Dent, John Schwer, John Covert, Mike Bowen, Bud Miller. Typical group cooperation for Mr. Cre1e Row One: Hermann Folkendi, Sharon Potter, Elizabeth Muckey, Wanda Meu, Kathy Blanchard, Ronald Robertson Row Two: Howard Draper, FredFeilzes, Carotyn Kelly, Milly Parker, David AIIen,Char1es Moreing. Row One: John Solo, Phiilis Munson, Jim Horton, Cathy Somue$son, Mike Smith, Row Two: Don DeVol, Cheryl Broughton, Jan De Moffei, KorenJarosz, Gary Larson, George Dohrmcnn, Noreen Pitto, Mary Ellen McCariy, Cathy Bulk, Sandro Auwinger. Row Three: Mike Robbins, Shirley BenneH, Mike Walters, Dianna Zulim, Joann Martin, Darlene Testo, Gloria Shipp, Dione Ohm. Row Four: Stun Comer, Mike WiHioms, Ernie Giacchero, LeeAnn Peterson, Andrea Du Brutz, Caro! Rawlins, Cheryle DothH, Donna MCKiner, Darlene Mooney. Row Five: Sandro Donahue, Shirley Stobler, Richard Pederson, Judy Corkins, Koren Toohey, Wanda Jelley, Loren Dal Por?er, Rose Magdalene, Row Six: Pam Conrudt, MuryAnn Chituras, Linda Dal Porto, Sharon Pauley, Kent Riddell, Jerry AHred, Danny Prater, Fred Siift, Frank Mello, Carl Mom, Mike Nicholls. Row One: Keiko Mochizuki, John Schuler, Mickiko Sakai. Row Two: Ruth Verhoege, Jeanette Palmer, JonefWhiHoker, Sue Aldridge, Marilyn Pierce. Row Three: Cherw Newton, Georgia Anders, Bonnie Beck'er, Joan Whittaker. 1 Q- '1 L ,w a m'3tV3r, s 152 Row One: Arlynne Cohen, Bob Furse, La Rue Brown, Donna R0110, Row Two: Mike Roffe, Barry Hanson, Claudio Fouiz,Jon Samples, MuxineSawyer, Sharon Bones, Marcy Massie, Sue Mann. Tow Three: Bobbie Derick, Jimmie Raley, S1eveTurner,Sue Donnelly, Helen Frye, Beveriy Dobbs, Gory Larson. Row One: Arlynne Cohen, BobFUrse, La Rue Brown, Donna ROHEL Row Two: Sharon Bones, Helen Frye, Jon Samples, Marlene Mossotti, Poi Knowlcnd, Susy Wood, Peggy Fth, Becky Crawford, Claudia Foufz, Lynda Glass, Bev Evanson, S. Hglland, Doug GilL Row Three: Put Newman, Jeannie Gunderson, Milly Perkins, Po! Terry, Dorothy Parvin, Jo Ann Lyman, Mike Boymon, Peter Froehlick Row Four: Sue Mann, Sue DonneHy, Bernadine Butcher, Sue Tilden, Mary Holemun, V, Begley, Karen $Ing1ei ton, Leonard Lowell, Gretchen Wille, Lori Meyer Row Five: Barry Hansen, Michael Rolfe, Jimmie Raley, Gary Larson, Russell Lee, Stephen Turner, Lee Rude, Benn Shedd, Joyce Adams, Bobbie Derrick. 153 , . L V . - V aw'hf, an; 1 Row One: Jocm Stout, Charla FIy,JeanRink, Janet de MoheL Row Two: Karen Nekon, Jon Samples, LoRue Brown, Laurel Mecham, Suzefie Anderson, Lucretia Dobler, LouiseJordine, Kathleen McCarthy, Linda Udell, Muriel White. Row Three: ShuronFeHsJudy Goskin, Claudio Mor, Carol Von Buskirk, Mary Jo Buines, Sue Tilden, Mary Gonzales, LeeAnnPetersen. Row Four: Lewis Hobbs, Shirley Rogers, Undo Neumeister, Mary- ann Jackson, Lonnie King, Barbara Hehon, Bob Rama, Ronmd Robertson, d . av g, 2H?? W gurus! L unanwv .aananuwhv fm-o h k k d Wanna; . imatzmmv Row One: Mike Fellon, John BeH Kiyo Akuba, Judy DGWS. Row Two: Nancy Brock, Bonnie Hicks, Linda Abbott, Joy CampbeH, Linda AHen, Nancy Leurs, Ellen Terry, Nancy Heiser. Row Three: Arden Stevens, Ed Parlier, Nora Riddell, Mary Lee Train, DianeMoan, Jane? Crothers, Elizabeth Tinney, John Chu. Row Four: Stephen Turner, Jon Hertzog, Andrew Bell, Doug Jensen, Harold Turner, Carolee Van Buskirk, Kathy Harper, Chris Sieger1. Row Five: Ernie White, Tom Shaw, Sweve Maya, Ed Cornell, Gerald Mutsumoto, Jock Learned, David George, Jomes Kotberg, Bill Cooley. a' 1... 3.; gen. .,z, , , .$nlv ,frgyaiqi.m a 33'eaw. A up w; . 3, t; Row One: AdeneWokefield, DeannaMar, SueMann, Sandy Spray. Row Two: Andrea DU Brutz, Suzette Anderson, Carole Heston, Kathy Barth, Jeannie Gainer, Barbara Fitzsimmons, Catherine Burke, Janet R White, Row Three: Kathy Aulworm, Pu? Hobbs; Sandro Mayer, Anna Hilburn, Nancy Brownfieid Row Four: Marilyn Maynard, Anna Marie Schroeder, Diana Binghom. Row One: Margaret Lepism, Suzanne Lourson, Barbara Anderson,Jeonnie Wilson Row Two: Janice Davis, Andrea Dee Brutz, Jeanet1e Lear, Marilyn Honchen, Janice Mays, Jerlene Goetz. Row Three: Mary Webster, Darlene Saco, Marilyn Tukeuchi, Joyce Rich, Pat Gilliam, Carol Swen- son, Diana Binghom. 155 Naiinnal Fommio League Row One: Diana Word, Beverly Schaupp,JockieTucker, Greg Schoufsmu. Row Two: Christina Yumooko, Wendy Weaver, Nancy Brock, Nancy Ober, Mary Long, Dione Carlson, Pm Erwin, Andrea Du Brufz, Chris HiH. Row Three: Donna Ramsey, Karen Nelson, Sharon Poiter, Judifh Davis, KofhleenMcCorfhy, ChurloHe Sanborn, Row Four: Fred Nakumura, Ronokd Roi berfson, Tony Smith, David Gonzales, Calvin Welch, Arden Stevens, Jim Conn, Vic Peirsol, Mike Clark, Kufhleen Harper. Row Five: Steve Stays, Ron Von Assen, Eddie Cornell, Jon Samples, Marsha Williams, Joan Stout. 156 Row One: Po? PorroH, Chris Siegert. Row Two: Moan Kilgore, Leland Ruswig, Florence Duchordf, Sharon Rossi, Marci Pankey M0551, June! Susbw, Claudio Foutz, Pat Erwin, Kathy Schouer, Row Ihree: Don Knickv rehm, DarreH Smith, Donny Wong, David Muzzerc, Tom McMichuel, Nancy Lewis. Row Four: Richard Wildernuth, Jock Learned, Ron Rigge, Ezbon Jen, Lester Ishikaua, Kip Roebken, Ed CorneH, D. Vezearrcl, Irv Romer, Martin Atherton. Row Five: M Peterson, Janet DeMattel, Dewey George, Barry Schleicher, Jon Prufo, Jon Herfzog, Roy Amerine, James KutbergA Row Six: John Stuart, Karon Hohemon, Waiter WaHin, David Loo, Jon BeH, Miles Clark, Greg Ourk, Carl Gorlow, Jeff Hansen, Mebe Felfon. 9'! th .1 Hair V 3s Q. 1 of Q, i , $$$ $ . ' ' a M630" Row One: Skip Dyke, Put Noland, Janet Cheney, Georgia Tokeuchi, Kiyo Akubo, Catherine Burke, Phyllis Rafferty, Barbara Heisinger, Shelly WcHis, Glinefto Watts, Glenda Albucho. Row Two: Jim Sloneker, Cherw Ramos, Linda AbboH, Bonnie Hicks, Melinda Mixer, Joan Fredrickson, Linda UdeH, Sharon Potter, Carole Heston, Donna Homer, Duke Wilkinson. Row Three: Gary Maple, Paula B$shop, Sidney Suey, Mary Lee Train, Melodye Morrison, Janet Cro?hers, Sue Mann, Celia Burger, Billie Robbins, Row Four: Jim GgioHonini, Robert Leonordi, Ron Enos, Stephen 157 Nelson, Lynn Temme, Gwen Bell, Kafhy SCOH, Dione Martin, Charles Evans, Dennis Missimer, Stan Thursmn. Row Row One: Roberto Baines, Cathy Somuelson,Linda Stone, Sharon Winter, Mike Biunucd, Gory Turner, Sandro Allen, Janet Thornton, Pal Nordwickl Barbara Heisinger, Lynda Wombfe, Corrine Boomes, Pat Terry, Wendy HUH, JoAnn Belt. Row Two: Sue Mann, Claudia Foutz, Suzette Anderson, Karen Weber, Becky Lange, Charis ny, Sandra AuV winger, Andrea Tunnell,Barboru Grey, CorolPool,VirginTo Smiley, Sue Tilden, Jone Tinsley, Linda Doseler, Carolyn Lyman, Mary Lou Kerfcnem, Row Three: Jeanne Gunderson, Janet Sasluw, Elaine Heinze, Joan wm, Lynne Temme, Paulo Xunfhopolous, Karen Storer, Cheryl Newton, MaryJo Barnes, Harriet Roberts, Sydney Chute, Sherry Bobell, Carol Hes'on, Anne Davis. Row Four: Jan Goodman, Cathy Rossi, Phyllis Munson, Terri Schneider, John Ggroom, M ike Pippi, Dennis W itherwox, Barbara Berryl SusanTowns, Susan Koy Row Five: Kathie Huckaby, Gloria Murphy, Chris Hull, Renee Young, Kathy Castillo, Carolyn Peterson, Arlynne Cohen, Don Kieldson, Claudio Coil, Row Six: Doug Somuels, Jeff Dozier, Tom Fay, Pefe DeBono, Ccurl Gorlow, Jeff Kenyonl Richard Niemcmn, John Stuart, Chulene Moore, Jim Sloneker, Celia Burger 0W Row One: Karen Nelson, ChrisSeigert, Lee Rude II, Louis Cor1ez, David Riddles, Row Two: Martin Kilgore, Richard Baker, Ronald Dun, Stephen Turner, Lauga Marlin, Cheryl Ramos, Nancy Lewis, Linda Udell, Bob Bartell. Row Three: Jim Van Buren, Allen Dahl, Jerry Wilhite, Don Bravo, Ernie White, Joseph Kronberg. .W...V '.,..... in Q xf Row One: Sharon Bones. Sandy Donahue. Row Two: Winifred Moore, Carolyn Brown, Lauine Pesos, Judy Krueger, Laurel Mecham, Terrie Gilkey, Dione Ohm. Row Three: Kathy R0551, Mary Tuite, Evern James, Kathy Morrison, Rum Black, Winifred Chow. Row Four: Cheryl Goriey, Dione Gevesfs, SkeHy Wallis, Joanne Speck, Frances Ccskey. Row Five: Sandy Moreno, Gloria Magana, Irene Con- dit, Lorraine Chan, Lonnie King. Row One: Barbara Osborn, Kathi Rossi, Sandro Allen, Paula Xunthopoulos, Carolyn Peterson, Janet Thornton, Andrea Tunnell, Sandy Allen, Lynne Wisdom. Row Two: Sharon Winter, Joanne Belt, Arlynne Cohen, Mary Lou Kertchem, Sandro Auwinger, Kathy Kipp, Barbara Feinsiein, CarolWootTen, Chorleso Thompson, Judy Ohman. Row Three: Barbara Kleppinger, Penny Bowles, Cheryl Newton, Koren Singleton, Bonnie McKnight, Koren Storer, Sayonnu Auwinger, Virginia Smiley. Row Four: Barbara Alien, Julie Dozier, Virginia Curtis, Carole Tuckel, Linda Epsiein, Pm Bowe,Mur1inJudy, Linda Hardy. Row Five: EveHe Coolures, Joyce Adams, Vodc Powell, Nancy Morris, Barbara Chamberlain, BeMy Flocchini, Sully Eddy, Sylvia Rock. Row Six: Berno- '59 dine Buvcher, Roxana Duncan, Jean Roberts, Claudeibbons, Marcia Wollesen, Barbara Sfen, Pm Knowles, Sue Titden, Lynda Wombkz. I60 Row One: Pot Nordwich, Pa? Erwin, Ronna Paper, Phyflis Rafferty, Lucretia Dobker, Karen Weber, Charla Fly, Judy Davis, Carol Wooten, Melissa Vellond. Row Two: Diana Delucchi, Janis Posfore, Lind a Epstein, Phillis Munson, Put Parrot, Randell Smith, Diana Trees, Soyonnc AUwinger, Wendy Hull, Curoll Huston, Sharon Sonnelch Row Three: Lou Ann Erwin, Kathy Lindemon, Janet Whittaker, Susan Moore, Chris Sey- mour, Pol Bowe, Hariefte Roberis. Row Four: Judy Krueger,Jeon Roberts, Karen Colberg, Shirley Buba. Row V: Wendy Weaver, Jean Whittaker, Bonnie McKnight, Sue Towns, Paula Xon Page Du Bois, Kathy Harper, Suzanne Curlanis. Row One: Chris Siegeri, Koren Nelson, Jan Eokes, JeffDozier, Gloria Ferraro, Gretchen Wille, Claudia Foutz. Row Two: Alone Chinn, Linda Abbott, Barbara Osborn, Marlene MusoHi, Sharon nnell, Dione Carlson, Barbara Feinstein. Row Three: Kiyo Akaba, Georgia Takeuchi, Carolee Van Buskirk, Donna Viol, Beverly Mann, Susan Woodruff, Carol Shaffer, Juli Dozier, Chris Hull. Row Four: Ed Cornell,Jock Cope, Ronald Robertson, Bob Henderson, Dove Dent, Jackie Tucker, Greg Schaufsma, Stuarf Jenn, Gerald Mufsumofo Row Five: DerrHl Bodley, Kip Roebken, Bill Mcybeck Jim Zuver, Darrell Smith, Danny Wong, Kaihy Anderson, Olon Goldman, Jock Hopkins Row Six: David Rosenihcll, David Loo, JeH Bob Vosburg, Lesrer Tshikowu, R0551, Mary Lou Kerfchem, Sandro Auwinger, LunneWisdom, Andrea Tu Kenyon, Jim Bibler, Bruce Carmichael, Peter DeBono, DCIVI Craig Wong, Tom Shaw. dMozzera, Kay King, Hopoulos, Mammal mmiwmsg "M, I .il Mr, ,; H, 5; F, a v .a 4. u $554M Row One: Bene Poul, Put Cuywood, Gloria Ferrero, Nancy Heiser, George Boscoe, Cheryl Ramos Row Two: Mike Bowen, Virginia Cur1is, Kenneth Woods, Lynn Milford, Nancy Ober, Carol Olney. Row Three: Bonnie MCKnigh1,John S. Woods, Susan Woodruff, lrlene Nimmo, Dona Gram Red 06054 Row One: Doug Dahl, Coihy Barth, Roberto Markel, Carolee Von Buskirk, Hal Turner, Jim Nash, Row Two: Lynn Sfockwell, Theresa Lositer, June Sturm, Phyllis De Hari, Priscilla Kelley, Chrisiina Yamooku.Merilyn Takeuchi, Judy Buggiano, Diana Binghom, Ann Fox. RowThree: Sharon Bones, Sully Wellenbrock, Bonnie McKnight, Carole Heston, Shirley Benneit, Connie Kommerer, Janet Bisugno, Cheryl Broughton. Row Four: Tom Shaw, Becky Lang, Dione Corvey, Alon Goldman, Kachy Anderson, Brenda Vusbinder, Jim Hoque, Don Bravo, Paul Groomes Row Five: Bruce Bullard, Curl Moore, Jack Hopkins, Jerry Willhite, Edward Martin, Leland Reiswig, David Loo. I61 162 X; ' Q03 EE9$ 1WVn 5 at thiiwma. zyw V'twitulr Row One: Terry Schneide, Mario Sszer, Richard Minnick, Jr , Anne Debelsky, Row Two: Judy Ferguson, P0? OdeH, Sue Jones, Susie Luyendyk, Carolyn Kelly,Wundu HoHowell. Smith, Fred Kiernon, Danny Mcnhies. Row Three: Barnard W iison, Arnold Fitzgerald, Sage Terry, Richard Row One: Mary Lou Kertchen, Danna Schling, Pu? TurkaHe, Bob Furse, Steve Turner. Row Two: Roger MulhoHand, Andrea TUnneH, Suzette Anderson, Cloria Ferrero, Diane Carlson, Pu? Erwin. Row Three: Herman Fox, Bill Goodwin, Cherw Ramos, Laura Price, Janet Whittaker, LindaHill,MorilynMifcheH. Row Four: Barbara Helton, Susan Donnelly, Martha Chondier, Dorothy Porvin, Judy Krueger. Row Five: Bob CoHier, Lorraine Miner, Kay King, Bill Gregory, Pawn Xontiopoums, Louise Jordine, Joan WhiHaker, S1eveHOya. Row Six: Barry Williams, David Loo, Jim Moione, Leon Semfm, Tod Auten, Andy Bell, Randy BHm. , "v Hul'zu . Row One: Karen Erickson, Koren Jontzen, Barbara Chomberiuin, Andrea Senderov, Horrie' McCoy, Carol Meme, Linda Wheeler, Mary Price, Carol Swenson, Diana Delucchi. Row Two: Given Bill, Liz Monkey, Mary Long, Anne Fox, Koren Sforer, Donna Homer, Luan Boley, Diane Mostin, Carol Ohxey, Po? Gilliam Row Three: MHZi Plclgemon, Pot Terry, RundeH Smith, Ann Bradshaw, Sandy Winton, Valerie Beaner, Mary Gonzales, Ezbon Jen, Nancy Oober Row Four: Barbara Heiser, Mickie Wallbridge, Mary Jo Barnes, Lorraine Chan, Shoroll Hepperle, Mary Ford, Lynn StockweH,Jon SamplesPeVer FroeHdLMoriWn Whittaker, Wendy Weaver. Row Five: Bonnie Wilkeuson, Jon Sanford, Judy Becker, Kathy HOYpeI, EH27 abelh Tinney, Shirley Trotter, Lynn Du Bois, Windy Hull, Jean Roberts, Jcm Thormon, Nancy Heisev, 164 Row One: Craig Wong, Ko1hy Lindeman, Georgia Tukeuchi, Jim Nash, Ellen Terry. Row Two; Christina Vamaoku, Linda Udell, Sharon PoHer, Kathleen McCarthy, Karen Lewis, Molly Metcolfe, Nancy Lewis, Merilyn Takeuchi, Jeannie Gainer, Row Three: Nancy Broch, Ron Van Assen, GeorgeBascue, Nancy Morris, Pm Coywood, Annette Furmun, Carla Boer, Bonnie Hicks, Joy Comp- bell. Row Four: Dunc Grcu, Carl Samuelson, Fred Nokomura, David George, Kunim Lee, Tony Zohn, Lewis Hobbs, Donny Gole man, Mike Clark. x f. 1i. twiw ,3 ' 5k i??? , $gw ,:;3 -, 3:3,! 33?, k$$$gkf.. Row One: Sharon Rossi, Lynne Wisdom, Barbara Feinsfein, Gretchen Wine, Debbie Weber, Kiyo Akubo, Diane Worr, Marie Prohser, Margurei Jung, Bonnie Beckler, Sue Jones Row Two: Melinda Mixer, Joan Fredericksen, Sandy Moyb, Kathy Scott, Charlotte Sanbom, Corolee ch Buskirk, Judy Davis. Row Three: Roberto Polmer,Mory Osborn, Sully O'Brien, Theresa Petersen, Mary Lee Train, Pat Turkcme, Nancy Brand, Peggy Estes, JuneR Ceofhers. Row Four: Judy Lindoll, Susan Woodruff, Diana Bingham, Julio Coldren, Susan Pope, Carolyn Thorpe. Row Five: Larry Davenport, Tom Migliori, Joan Combs, Marilyn Doun, Cheryl Newton, Jean Roberts, Janice Pierucci 165 166 Row One: Bev Mann, Kathy Anderson, Bob Purse, Jauvonch Florence. Row Two: Diana Word, Jan Somphes, LQRUe Brown, Judy Martin, Roberto Boines, Carolyn Peterson, Karen Toohey, VIrginiaSmHey. Row Three: Florence Duchordh Stan Thurston, Richard Minnick, Donna Jones, Barbara Heisinger, Elaine Heinze, SueTilden, Cathy Barth. Row Four: Doun Hesse, Bob Link, Lewis Hobbs, Mike Bowen, Carol KeHy, Jon Eakes, Rosie Garbiso, Jeannie Welch. Row Five: Poi Porvin, Sharon Pouley, Harry Jorgensen, Steven Dealargc, Kathie Huckoby, Jeannie Wilson. ?3 ' -AveA.w;..,,, .,., , 1.:94- Row One: Mike Reimon, Jone Biosom, Loreen Barthoiomew, Gloria Orleya, June Siurm, Catherine Burke, Judy Celli, Pal Noland, Janet Cheney, Phyllis Rafferty, Claudia Fouiz, Frpnces Salvem, Linda Reynoss. Row Two: Bill MCMIChOel, Ronald Dun, Roy Amerine, Barbara Kleppinger, Linda Stone, Melinda Mixer, Muriel White, Sherry Farr, Shelly Wallis, Spooner Given, Winifred Chow. Row Three: Sondra Reed,Dic1ne Giverts, Skip Dyke, Gail McCown, Linda Daseler, Laurel Mechum, Prisciila Kelly, Jackie Jones, Shirley Roper, Laura Price, Renaye Bmusso Row Four: Croce Judy, Ramuge Joan, Barbara Eiheridge, PauleHelves, Vicky Zaragoza, Suzanne Curionis, Judy Bond, Corrine Boomer, Richard Baker, Don Knickrehm, Lee Ann Peterson, Irene Nimmo, Janet SaleIw Row Five: Karon Holemcln, Maryanne Jackson, Anne Henesley, Pam Koreck,ChorleneMoore,Mike Gabrion, Jim Sloneker, Harold Turner, Gory Yocum, S?ephen Jackson, Ron Enos, Jeanette Lear, Mike Felion, Bruce Willmette, Rick Cooper, Bob Condit, Linda Richardson Row One: Sondra HuHen, Paula Hulligon, Donna Sorucco, Jon Hopkins, Janet Hench, Mary Webster, Linda Walker, Jean Adams, ETizabeth Ryckmon, Chrmine Lewis, Betty Flocchim, Row Tow: Jeonnene Nudoth, Adine Wakefield, Jackie Wilson, Sayonno Auwinger, Mariellen Comma, Cheri Bour, Yvonne SHVQ, Terry Lusifer, Cheryl Swanson, Jeanne Former, Becky Lang, Barbara Blickensmff, Donna Norton, Marie Franks. Row Three: Paul Bianucci, Pot Bowe, Karen Singleton, Mary Leos, Mari Covagnaro, Nancy Sorin, Ronnu Paper, Kathleen Fernandes, Sharon Vol? kerts, Carolyn Aguilero, Barbara Hen, Koren Newslrom, Julio Como, Linda Hardy, Tonya Harris, Bernadine Butcher, Marcia WoHesen, Row Four: Ernest TaveHo, Vernon Begley, Betty Flocchim, Christina Lewis, Elizabeth Ryckman, Bonito Woo, Jean Adams, Jonna Bingham, Linda Walker, Mary Webmer, June! Hench, Jan Hopkins, Donna Sorocco, Paulo Halligon, Sandro HaHen, Chris CorriHo Row V: Gienn Rippy, John Frunkenheimer, Lou Ann Erwin, Pom Cook, Vicki Chan. I67 21-9," H 3" 5? 3:54.33! an 1:: a 1. $113 $ tr Row One: Darrell Bodley, Susanne Laursenl Maria Spitzer, Chris Siegerf, Zeke Ailert. Row Tow: Leland Reiswig, John Chu, Karen Weber, Lucretia Dobler, Sandro Auwinger, BTU May- beck, Barbara Feinsfein. Row Three: Julio Culdren, Mary Lee, Judy Sfoner, Elaine Henrich, Monika Caries, Barbara Gray, Erich Spitzer, JoAnne Win, Row Four: Norman Ober, Sue Goldman, Diane Corvey, Kathie Weber, JockieTucker, Lynn Temme, Loraine Miner, Charlotte Goeringer, Dione BurreN. Row Five: Jon Hertzog, Dave Cotes, Greg Schoofsmo, Marilyn Doan, Gary Barnett, Chris Sommer, Hermann'FolkendI. Row Six: Martin Atherton,Kip Roebken, Kenneth Hicks, Steve Wicks, Darrell Smith, Danny Wong, Bud Green, Bill Edwards, Lorry French, Daniel Ramseyl Chris Seymour, Darlene Houser. a ?Ming 13:1? ' x n? Row One:' Virginia Gilbert, Dennis CuHer, Larry Griffith, Steve Swanson, Robbie Robinson, Mary Lee Train, Judy Mosely, Kathy DiMercurio, Gil Myers. Row Two: John S. Woods, unidenfifid, Scott O'Brien, unidentified, Peter Meyer, unidentified, Jeannie Gainer, Russell Tokei, John Domench, Richard Wildermulh RowThree: UnidentiHed, Joan Stout, Maryann Stolz, Gard Ruhl, Kenneth Woods, Wanda Mew, Lauren Appel, John Blinn, Harold kaer, Jeff Hansen. Row Four: David Allen, Dennis Tooeran, Mary Osborne, Nora RiddeH, Bill Delony, Richard Lesch, Gory Villeyas, Ron Baker. Row Five: Stephen Nelson, Randy Willson, Milton Wholey, Laurence de Vries, Ken Stephens, John Baker, James Kutberg, Sheldon Meyer, BHI Wright, Harold Frederick, Larry Abiets, Chades Wissler, C- S- F- Sophmvwm Row 1: Kathleen Harper, Jean Paddock David Rich, Stun Cusumcmo, Nona Chinn, Sue Jones, Meiody Papini, Randell Smith, Ann Bradshaw, JudHh Davis, Susie LUyendyk, Pat Terry, Carlo Boer, Shirley, Nakudo, Virginia Yborru. Row Two: Marsha Wilhoms, Barbara Heiser, Page Du Bois, MHzi Placeman, Barbara Miniad, Marie Prohser, Roma Ppuer, Iris Marsholk, Karen Newsh'om, BeNy Flocchini, Tonya Hams, Shoryn Oliver, Koren Storer, Irene Mucky, Connie Smith, Barbara Helton, Row Three: Mmy Meir colfe, Kofhleen McCarthy, Marilyn Doom, Susan Downs, Terr$ Schneider, Wendy HUH, Lyn DuBois, Janice Ciark, Pulr'wcia Hobk, Diane Bingham, SoHy O'Brien, Barbara Hen, Bonnie Beckler. Row Four: Nora RiddeH, Jean Roberts, Merilyn Takeuchi, Ju1ie Cur Hsle, Sheila McNabb, Wanda HoHowell, Joan Combs, Meyer, Row Five; Fred Nokomuro, Dona Gruu, John Blinn, le Somuek son, David Bovey, Clyde Wuldrop, Sheldon Meyer, Roger Mulholland, Jim McConn, Donny Coleman, Bob PoweH, Rmhmd Lssdu Fong Greg, Andrew Bell, Jim D01Porfo, Susan Pope, Peggie Estes, Koren Colberg, Adme Wakefield x70 Row One: David Mozzero, Donny Wong, Darrel SmHh, Chris Siegert, Ed CorneH, Leon Serofin, John Chu, Valerie Buettner, Jim Nash. Row Two: Robert Leonardi, ShMey Rogers, HarrIeY Roberts, Nancy Brock, Frances Solvem, ShiHey Euro, Wanda Meew. Mefodye Morrison. Row Three: Bob Brown, James Kofberg, CurHs Roebken, Jon Herizog, Laura Price, Cheryl Ramos, Dianne Mostin, Carol Olney, Mary Train. Row Four: Ron Enro, Kay King, Stephen Turner, Paw Xanttopoulas, Dunno Schilling, Mary Osborne. Row Five: Chris Carlson, Mike Gabrion, Mort'm Atherton, Jeff Hansen, Arden SYevens, John BeH. C- S- F- Senimu Row One: Jackie Tocker, Mary Price, Dave Deni, Kovhy Anderson, 61min Ferraro, Row Two: Judy HOH, Christeno chooka, LUV CreHa Dobler. Row Three: Ncmcy Lewis, Diana DSMCCHI, Ellen Terry, Barbara Feinsie'm, Jcm Eakes, Lynne Wisdom, Undo Abbott, Margaret Jung, Undo Wheeler, Kiyo Akobo. Row Four: Jcm Samples, Bob Purse, Pennelloppe Wimpy, Joy Campbell, Pat TurkaHe, Debbie Webber, Kathy Lindemon, Cordee Von Buskirk. Row Five: Gary Matkin, Joan Smut Nancy Heiser, Loraine Miner, Pot Ccywood, Nancy Ober, SusunWoodFUff. Row Six: David Rosenthal, Harvey Hammon, Jeff Doxier, Germd Mofsumoto, Alon Gddmon, Lewis Hobbs. Row Seven: Mike Swigerl, Donavon Cook, PhH Ferrari. 171 Row One: Susan Woodruff, DuveDent,GlorToFerrero, Mary Price. Row Two: Jackie TucV ker, Kathy Anderson, Joan Stout Barbara Feinsfien, Joy Campbell, Jauvonoh Florence, Judy Lindall, Chrisfina Yumooku, LucreficDobler, RowThree: Linda Wheeler, Debbie Wei ber, Diana Delucchi, Sharon Fells, Kiyo Akabo, Lynne Wisdom, Greg Schoofsmo, Gary Matkin, Welchv RowFour:MikeSwiger1,JeffDozier, Gerald Matsumoio, Bob Furse, SOPHOMORES Susanne Laursen, Nancy Ober, Bob Bell, Lewis Hobbs, John Timothy. AND JUNIORS Row One: GeorgeWever, ChrisSiegerf, Nancy Brock, Mary Long, Mary Jo Barnes, Laura Price, Cheryl Ramos, Fran SulveMi, Adini Wakefield, Suzanne Jones, Bonnie Beckler, Shirley Roper Row Two: Wayne Muller, Barry Wiiliams, Karen Storer, Susie Luyendyh, Barbara Hen, Betty Flocchini, Nancy Bronk, Marie Pruhser. Row Three: Ed Correll, Jim Konerg, Marsha Wiliiams, Carol Olney, Diane Mosfin,Melodye Morrison.RandellSmi1h,HurrieHRoberts,John Chu, Danny Wong, Stan Cusumano, RusseH Tckei. Row Four: Don Knickerhm, Darrell Smith, Murilynn Doan, Terri Schneider, Page DuBoIs, Ann Bradshaw, Helen ONO, Voferie BueHner, Sandy Winton, Judy Davis, Mary Lee KJuH. Row Five: Toni Oliver, Kip Roebken, Julie Carlisle, Bonnie McKnight, John Bell, Sephen Turner, Steve Itoyo, Dana '72 Grou, John Blimm, Bob PowelI,TunyaHurris. Row Six: Jon Herizog, Sieve Wicks, Norman Ober, Meyu Sheldon, Jim Dal Porto, Richard Lesch, Dove Barnes, Fred Nokumum, Seve Swenson, Leon Serafin, Morin Atherton, Mike Felton Key Club discusses cobr of garbage cans. Oh, you must be kidding, - , I73 Where's1he key. . Club? - n 1: 9g, ' v M$kr a$9931 ",4: 1,49 1944 .45 :Aingsagaal 1.1!:Vd 1. uSure, Phil, you were merely going to shine if." k ivaQJ 4iti awry . m "Oh, why did I ever volunteer Yo be the Round Table sponsor?" cake for everyone! ..... 0nd byiheHme they got to fhe snow, They were too full to ski! simian nnnv, mat? .105! ml um ugs v15 , s? ' Where is ?he kitchen sink? "Us ski"? UJus' think, Ni Orsi aha me!H "I wish everyone used Enden" HI PI Club members study for math test. v c. Future Tutors pick om rings. "Donme blood, is she kidding?" Yearbook Club worships President Yuk, Yuk, I76 Lemming 180 "Where is my eyeklsh curler?" rightfellos? What is this? Music or Math. And there are Some who can draw ungLes wiihtheir eyes Closed. "'5 finally done after only 600 hrs of work. Howwusl?oknow1ho13x-lfy m..7I 2,7: 182 "Dear Abbie ..... " There always has 10 be one oddiboll in ihe class. Gary Turner and Rick Brown demonstrate crime and punishmem in Mr, McComb's Social Problems classv , ,. . - , nufhflgg; Q'wL :- van, w; $ : H,?IH d '33: 1w: m1 V I: , - H w w Happy Officers of the'FDA, Future Dollmakers of AmericcQ "Slep righ? Up Buy your current event arHcIes at 5 cents a piece." Teachers 080 gel punishment for sleeping in doss. They ccH him "Worksheets" for shod. "Maybe if we ask her some questions she'H postpone 'he 1951." Science "Oh, how I love Un-born pigs!" Poor Piggyl Please! Don't talk with your mouth full! 184 Conservation of Space vs length 01: seniors' legs. Goodvbye cruel world. 185 186 B u1Germcn is my first level aw n55 awwaifinw? F Mum 4 I: don 49:33: h ' 4! unnm at l vt I1 :- A t murmur mgggammimw Countdown;10,9,8,7,6,. . Let's have a par9y, yea, yea, yea. For a teacher, one sei of eyes is ius'r enough, aamgiii' 3W 31hr Mani M" w tun: emwvm wl-Filta, a L4,,yghw V r 2 MY.W$,,W,L?EEE 5': care n-nx. uuaasn Hunannm,wuir' We won't come down until the mouse goes it$ '"uiltl :80 m :i f'! out. Oh I wish schooldoysdidn'thoveto inierrupt my weekends. .g Bfa Mn. . VA3 Senior boys always use their time to THEIR best ad- vantage! IBB Making an extra-lorge pencil? "Heh, Heh, Heh Now, who's our next victim?" "Now, who's going k0 race i1?" Our bridge won't have any hump's in it 189 Babes in Toyland. Come out, come outwhoever you are adwhnn One for me and one for Jackie. Quick! She isn't looking. 190 Better Than the average bear, A new class in space 'echnology? 1 guw'elll ' Muhu rr-M en? mugYMi e, , 434th 1?,111 Spring fever in the middle of December? 191 Prayers won" help when mye's an apple And they wondered why1hey got Provision- around. ols? " ...... 37772u71rrv0anLASTOF 192 FineAnh Fine Am 196 a m- V k CLARINET SECTlON Row One: David LOO, Curtis Roebkin, David George, Carl SchweinHzer, Lorry Holste, Billie Robbins, Nancy Lewis, Rondle Keller. Row Two: Meriiyn Tukeuchi, Molly Mefcolfe, Sally Wellenbrock, Judy Ohman, Jean Rich, Ann Smith, Martha Lee, LucretiaDobbler. Row Three: Louise Jardine, Dione Martin, Dione Abernathy, Carol Heston, Roberto Baimes, Melinda Mixer, Chorlo'fe Stanley, Bill Rich. Band PERCUSSION SECTION Row One: Dick Schmidt, Bill Moybeck. Row Two: Cali vin Bear, Marty Gulindo, Andrew Bell. TROMBONE 0nd BARITONE SECTIONS Row One: Gary Mutkin, Jim Zuver, Max Simoncie. Row Two: GeorgeHuys, GuryWiHioms, FrancisDorf, Doug Sumuels, Robert Boyles, Stan Thurston. Horn and Saxophone Sedions Row One: Bonnie Wilkinson, Peter Meyer, Jim Dal Porto, Bill Darby, Jack Hopkins. Row Two: Clyde Smith, Charles Felton, Irving Romer. Cornet Seclion Row One: Mark EcHes,J1m Bibler, David Rich, Don Robinson, Dan Siders. Row Two: Duke Wilkinson, Bruce Curmichcek Jim Linnerman, Arden Stevens, John Bell. Oboe, Bassoon, and Fluie Sections Row One: Bonnie Hicks, Beth Wilson, Marsha Williams, Barbara Heiser. Row Two: Ku'Meen Huckaby, Nancy Heiser, David Riddles, Jeannie Gainer. Bass Sedion Row One: David Barnes, Dennis Soloegui, Lesterlshikawu, Gerald Homulku. Row Two: Calvin Welch,David Knickerr bocker. I98 Row One: June Siurm, EveHe, Coowres, Gail Rossi, Po? McMahon, Carol Domhif, Vicki Bowles, Julie Morris, Pris- cilla Kelley, Leona Shively, Germdine Ross, Heieno Slmer, Jackie Rose, May Jung. Row Two: Donna Moybry, Dome Parker, Glni Dozzuni, Jo Ann Capurro,SaHyJohnson,V1rginia Rodriquez, April Sellers, Barbara McDoaMd, Virginia Ramirez, Jone Tinsley, Roberta Forbes, Linda Rice Kofhy Krcmzley, Ila Teuscher, Mr. McCarthy, Sponsor. Row Three: Nancy Schaffruth, Linda Robinson, Cord Hadrick, Mary Ford, Sandi Allen, Susan Pope, Judy Hoffman, Kathy Smi'h, Kotheieen Erickson, Fcly Murdock, Linda Shumway, Janice Yullch, Sandy Unger, Mary Hammond, Janet PoweH. Row Four: Brenda Humeon, Gloria Chilwood, Janice Elliott, Lora Allred, Lorris HON, Donna Soraco, Renee Lemerond, Carol Chapman, Ruth Bhack. Row One: Cherrie Roeser, Bonnie BecMer, Alana Chirm, Koren Nelson, Suzanne Jones, Mary Train, JUNO Coldren, Jeannie Wekh, Mary Jung, Georgia Takeuchi, Kiyo Akuba. Row Two: Kathleen McCarthy, SaHy Chisholm, Nancy Heiser, Diana Binghom, Barbara Heiser, ElaineHenrich, Linda UdeH, Bonnie Wilkenson, Susan Kaye, Kmhleen Huck- uby, Melody Papini, Keiko Yos Uds, PamebYork. Row Three: Mr. Cunhu, Marie Franks, Virginia Dietrich, Betsy Cioy, Vicki Chan, Mary Osborn, Jean Paddock, Linda Neumeisier, Coral Bclsley, Mary Jo Barnes, Anne Debeisky, Sharon Potter, Danna SchiHing, Debra Walters, Richard Gray. Row Four: Jim Katberg, Todd Aufen, Page DuBois, Judy Becker, Sandro Trezise, Dave Riddles, Dione BurreH, Marsha Williams, Bob Comuso, Jack Hopkins, Jon Hopkins, Kip Roebken, David L00. ' '9A'3m , , u, Row One: Peggie Estes, Martha Jomieson, Sandy Hauser, Curolynne Junker, Lorraine Miner, Melodye Morrison, Diana Delucchi, Marilyn Whittaker. Row Two: Carlo Nieveru, Sharoll Ann Hepperle, Randell Smith, Wynn Por- sell, Valerie Hehn, Evelyn Bergstrom, Joan Smut, Jacquelyn Handel, Barbara Groy x x W28: . 3' 4 bf Row One: Stan Rogers, Richard Sprun', Ed Purlier, Row Two: Ron? old Dun, Mike Tremain, John Wilkinson. Row Three: Leo Smallie, Ronald Holey, Bill Wright, Joe Parker. Row Four: Ted Pomo, David Kloose, SVephen HON, Steve Anderson, Bill Bowline. qu. thWQ' w nu4, Row One: Koren Lewis, Sharon FeIlS,KOH'1y Nash. Row Two: Virginia Smiley, Deana Demers, Nancy Martin. Row Three: Pu? GiHiom, Betty Klein, Jouvonah Florence, Julie Corlisle, Sporgo Georgene, Ru'h Sopoto. Row Four: Muriel White, Barbara Gray, Beverly Gentry, Nancy Morris, Jeanne Welch, Janet Bisogno. 199 a $30 AL aw Mghwu .w ' ,tumw, '9 war , .nun J -. . Fiddlers Three and Jester; Put Terry, Loyd Rowden, Jim Becky Crawford poriruys the flower girl in "Oid King 200 Raley, Mike Rolfe. Cole" All Ohe King's Men Ben Shedd, Mike Smith, Lee Rude, MiHon WhMey Old King Cole and his Queen Barry Hanson and Gretchen Wille .gi . y'; v: Pretty Maids a'WaiIing Susan Donnelly, Claudio Foutz, Beverly Dobbs, Valwrey Korroker, Marlene MusoHi, Caroi Fisher, Pat Nokmd. 201 Catherine Sloper Mrs. Pennyman Marian Almond Arthur Townsend MOFHS Townsend Mrs. Monfgomery Helen Frye Bob Furse Beverley Dobbs LaRue Brown Susan Mann Carol Fisher John Meinike Larry Holsfe Marlene Masoffi Lee Rude, Danny Cohen, Ben Shedd, Jan The Greaf Sebasfians, first full production of the Drama Deparfmenr, starred Bob Furse and The play is sef in Prague, If is a comedy about a Jeanette Harbin. Czechoslovakia in 1948. mind-reacling acf involved with intrigue behind the Iron Curtain. Mrs, Howard LoRue HI ........................ Sue DonneHy Carrie ................................... Bobbie Derrick Sibil .............. . ......................... Paf Noland Maude, Evvo, and Grace Lewis, . Claudia Foufz, Jeanette Harbin, Arlynne Cohen Nelson. ,. ................................ Gary Larson Moway ...................................... Doug Gill Chmf ,,,,,,, . ............................ Peter Frolich Virgil .................................... Larry Holsfe Dirty Joe ............ . ...................... Mike Rolfe Sfinker ................... Poison Eddie ............................. Barry Hansen Mrs. SheHenbach ........................ Gretchen Wille Policemen ..................... Russell Lee, Jimmy Raley Mrs. McThing ................ Janet DeMattei, Maxine Sawyer Mim' ................................. Donna Ram: , .1 ' 5 v - r, 11;; swig: .11:" aw:;gyywt;r John Schuler ngres "101 a bright smHe, haircut, and ?ie are the bestwoy To mate! 0 Sports page deadline. Smff scholars David Gonzohes and Gary Mu'kin apply the finer points of iournalistic technique by Using odidionary and thesaurus to find a synonym for the word said. They found onems'clfed. Copy reader Debbie Weber applies Cl delicu'e shear 10 the dull, worniouf, corny, Uninteresling, cheerless portions of Diane Warr's humor column. 2:. Sports writerCulvinWelchgeistheh'lowdown" on The Prescott Sullivan fan club hge? the press card, gungh h a v i a l Pragh nig.::;nr lily e. titaaa, 204 2:3; The Cigarillo C stands for swinging coolcmsin ?he person of Slugg Line reporters Mike Bowen and John Covert 'mVerviewing advenising monugerRowan Peterson about the White Owl account. gLinSqu, Cleaning up the Stagg Line are Wendy Wemyss, Marilyn Moore, and Pat Coywood. 205 . .but Mr. Bloch, we ARE working!" cry Andrea TunneH, Lynn Wisdom, and ToHie Thompson MarHyn Pierce discovers Charm Fly hiding in flve dosefmcowd she be dodging work? WV A . . , , ; I 19 , giugfgg eww g, . QM$3?PQt m k.,v II -- ..numm.n,nsiopm 'Come io'm the fun, Mr. Bioch; deadline is SHH two days 200 away!" 1nvi?e Anne Davis, DonnaViaLMarylou KeHchem, and Jane! Goodman Landhlocked swimming ace? Dove Dent tuiso sports editort triestoget in the mood for laying out the toot- bcll section. 'v 'Q c 4e 9 . t 3:; hast .535?an g. r. 39W: u 1 :1- . hf?.iman an r 5! , t HQ? Stuff photographers Rick Smaltey, Bud Milt, er, and Tom Hate confer with odvisor Mr. Bloch about equipment for their growing or? gonization. Famous Iostwords: "There's no reosonwhy the yearbook cannot be successfully complel ted with one hour of work per doyt" Mord Mossei and Chris Hull know otherwise! Debafz State Speech Tournament Qualifiers; Karen Nelson, Greg Sch- aufsma, Judy Davis, David Gonzales, Wendy Weaver. . W, . . H. W" . eafod! Cd' , v The Debate squad is known for its enthusiasm, iniiioi tive, and keenness. "I bet you're bluffingi" 212 Bill Got? Head Coach Janu- 1.x, Wm::$;n$:?mi:f i ' 11w. fur; ' t 73-923 ER ta gr , 3 dgw M ii ,. RM ? 1-4; M V Wit labia? ??g! ,3; W "39 4k: v M 3.? 'f .175 5 2 a, $9.1 7 "wgf V 3 Row One: Mike Evans, Ken Porter, Mike Bianucci, Darrell Smith, Carl Bisagno, Donny Wong, Don Willis, Larry Scott, Bruce Carmichael, Dick Ceresu, Roy Savulu, John Vochotzer, Pete Sanchez, Roger Mulholland, Jerry LongV Row Tow: Jim Harlan, John Stevens, Bob Collier, Greg Carnine, Doug Szyper, Rich Equinou, Dennis Kelsey, Roy Yourcheck, Ron Burns, Mel GAME SCORES Piffsburg 13 Sacramento 7 Hiram Johnson 14 Modesto I9 Turlock 12 Downey 14 Franklin 32 Edison '2 Lodi 7 Bob Garrett Assistant Line Couch Sfagg 25 Sragg 33 Sfagg 33 Sfagg 19 Sfagg 26 Sfagg 33 Stagg I3 Sfagg A5 Stagg 19 Reno, Calvin Welch, Ken Borg, Mike Thompson, Don Knickrem, Sieve Anderson, Lou Dyke, Joe Rokozewski, Row Three; Dick Harmon, David Kloose, Don Kieldsen, Terry McNally, Mike Rooney, Ken TiHotson, Don Cook, Jim Ferguson, Tom Sutton, John Becknell, Barry Pi'sker, Steve Sharp, John Ohmcn, Jerry Juencke, Mike Forrester, Jack Keller C.C.C. Standings Franklin Stagg Downey Turlock Edison Modesto Lodi Bob Steel Line Coach Bud Proulx Defense Coach g 1. a Jk 'l' kl 339 a k o .9 4W 3,, 1V$$e b in ctWaxo Don Cook John Vochmzer Don hLiHIe Fella" Willis Mike Thompson Ray Savalu 1 1y ,tp Q1 a:atfns a :5; g a? r MN" W . own 1; an yyurmtavutw 2'? eQxc-g a gifwikuru Q.,mr6freg;y . , 1? m 4. , Coaches Steel, GOH, Bisagno, Proulx, and Garre1L kt'fvn.ww,wke. xxx 03.. $ . e, , . , Managers Harvey Girsh, SVephen Hart, Don Bravo, and Erwin Longer. Calvin Welch Steve Sharp Ken Tillotson Dennis Kelsey , ,r a c A x 1; ' , ,1 n3 inf: " 1 9 gm w 3;:4 Dick Ceresc A time for rest. "Tiny" Tom SuNon Jerry "Yank" Juencke Roger MUIhOHCmd Szyper Doug "Spider lf's time to wake up. 4. Look GIRLS, .. Ron Burns Jack KeHer , .,..2 f. e . x , , ,..rtma;r . 3 ; 4 .2; .3 4,3,: .523 Mike "Curly" Forresier Bob Collier 3 F .. k' 2. l . g 3 V3, n gt; 3 5 Pete Sanchez Carl Bisogno Steve Anderson A strong fourfhiquo start another drive. Joe Rokoszewski ; V DorreH Smith Harmon is finally pulled down by Downey HJCHSI'S after a long gain Carmichael grabs a fumble in We Lodi game. Jim Harlan Terry MchIIy 222 4m: M . gngcFGn John Stevens ; 2 n0 , 2:41:69! uwv Cook 9085 for a touchdown in the Downey game J: m m; Juencke and Burns relax after 'rhe first half ofthe Pittsburg game, Jun mwmv ? .Hw azK : 4 m , win" bswfklw??? 5' 3 fckaue4wi4M-2W 2 2 ; Ray HTeddy Bear" Vourcheck The scoreboard tells the sfory2 Row One: Frank Volrich, Jim Bimki, Dave Barnes, Mike Brady, Dwight Simms, CaWin Bowser, Mike Heinze, Rich SolveHi, Leon Casello, Jeff Wemsiein, Keith Komuri, Gary DeWOIf. Second Row: Terry Spears, Ray Goribeto, Clyde derop, John BHinn, Schoffer, BiH SmHh, Bob Koch, John Veneyard, Bob SUMOn, Gary WiHIums, Shin Cusomanc, Eddie Murphy, Larry PHman. Row Three: Mr. Gordem, Woody Woodward, Tom Migitoril Paul Bianucci, Cary Kilgore, Bill Padulu, Warren Spurgeon, Dennis Martin, Bruce Toy, R?chordNeuman,Oouse Sommers, Ken STEVOens, Dcm Morrison, Larry Johnson, John Casonclve, Fred Martin, Ken Range, Jim Bovi, Duke Snyder, John Nulmeyer, Mn SoHady, Mr. Rogers. Line: Tom MigHiori, Ron Spurgeon, Cary Kilgore, John Nulmeyer, Lou MenYeggi, Larry Johnson, Jim Bobi. Backfield: WoodyWoodword, Sum Cusmcmo, Terry Spears, Bruce Toy. . U My "L a :Law .; '7":'!34 13';6.?; L ' a vulavu Line: Dennis Martin, Ken Stevens, Frank Volrich, Don Morrison, Ken Range. Backfield: Poul Bionucci, BiH Padula, John Cosancve, Larry Pitmon, unknown, Fred Morfim Eddie Murphy. Row One; Manager Jerry AHred, Gory Mawska, Mike Robbins, Peter DeBono, Bruce Carmichael, Don Willis, Doug Szyper, Couch Bud Proulx. Row Two: Terry Ward, Tom Fay, Dick Palmer, Jim Ferguson, Don Cook, Mike Swigert, Andy Stevens. ; :3 t f Couch Bud Proulx Team Captain, Terry Ward Sragg Sragg Stagg Sfagg Sfogg Sfagg Sfugg Sragg Sfagg Sfagg Stagg Sfagg Bruce, Don, Jim, Terry, and Mike folkitover with Coach Proulx C.C.C. Scores Won 6 Downey Edison Turlock Franklin Modesto Lodi Downey Edison Turlock Franklin Modesto Lodi Losil 6 Fergie grabs a rebound, 225 Don Willis Basketball is the sport of ortists. Gary Muiusko Doug Szyper We can't go on meeting like this Mike Robbins Now, about mm second querier. . Jim Ferguson Carmichael up for Mo. e efforts of Ward and Pi'lsburg makes Two despite 1h PMmer. W .4: , Cook and Carmichael block Cl layup, 229 B BaAkehbaBQ '00-Conbmw Champiom Row One: Couch Slognoro, Mike Muriin, RogerMulholland, George Biogi, Bobby Leigh'r, BIH Weeks, Gary Edwards, Ernie White. RowTwo: MikeWemyss,Kori Oshidmi, Lclrry Morenzoni, Deon Panero, SVeve Mayo. Row Three: John Culvert, Bob Andersen, Adolf Sanchez, Fred Mar?in,BobLamber1,Ron Edmundson. C.C.C. Scores Sfogg 52 Downey 37 Stagg 42 Edison 35 Sfagg 38 Turlock 24 Sfagg 52 Franklin 9 Sragg 53 Nidesfi 3i Sfagg 49 Lodi 43 Sragg 54 Downey 37 Sfagg 41 Edison 34 Siagg 37 Turlock 46 Stogg 49 Franklin 37 Sfagg 62 Modesfo 41 Sfugg 44 Lodi 46 Won 10 Losll 2 230 F05! boH handHng was part of the B's succe55 But it's got To come down sometime Varsify-Row One: Rick Brown, Dinnis LaDoux, Randy Thorns, John Levy, Chris Siegeri, Gory Long, Dove Deni,Wc1ne Muel- ler, Irving Romer Row Two: Lorry Test, DickSchmid1,Terry McNally, Ron Burns, Terry Hornibrook, Bob Humphreys, Jerry Jeunche, Dove Swanson, John Croslin , Dennis Beard. CoVCapmins Bob Humphreys and Terry Hornibrook 232 1! y 3 2 aim gm Terry Hornibrook, Rick Brown, Bob Humphreys, Terry McNally, and Dennis LaDoux, .x ..a MM . ,.k 9. B-TaumRow One: John McCoy, Jim Abmhms, Mike Gobrian, Art Sandman, Paul Bianucci, Max Horo, Bill Van Dyke, Robert Stanley, Bruce McCandless, Bruce Bullord. Row Two: Bill Best, Skip Gray, Roger Tes1, Lesier lshikawu, Clyde Woldrop, Er- nie Tavella, Robert Mills, DickLesch,John Schuler, Gary Kelley. Row Three: Ken Stevens, Bernard Greening, Jerry Wilhite, Dave Barns, Joey Risso, Bill Ugurkovich, Bill McMichael, Joel Penbur'hy, Ken Hicks, Speed Stephens. 233 Heyl Wait a minuie fellas, I'm supposed to be in lane six, 234 Couch Smel and Manager Duke Wilkinson with varsi1y team. Fast relay starts make a fast reloy 235 1 Divers: Bruce McCandless, Art Sandman,Jim Abrams, Chris Siegert, Bruce BuIA lord, Roger Test. Jim Abrams oru,. MM; 1- a n E Chris Siegen Bruce McCandless 237 Wr'acmigm rim $ 331?2! n: nutmeg353';:4;;;i:m;;$wk r133: $1:th ntmgg kg 699: a 1 ?i?$m $33; 3W 33$ 3'3 g ' X 5; Row One: Jim Fields, Jessie Boroios, BernordWiIson, John Meneke, Don Knickrem, Gary Maple, Jim Nichols, Gary Patterson, John Wiikenson, Ken Porter, Ed Murphy, Mathis, Don Nelson John Dominch, Brad 8 :rd, Bill Woodward, John Becknell, Torn Sutton, Glenn Pierson. Row 7wo: Jeff Weinstein, Jun Eukes, Mike Bianucci, Gerald Fousnough, Bob Leonardi, Adolph Sanchez, Kent Thomas, Dave Evans, Raymond Lee, Spencer Tracy, Ed Collichico, BiH Goodwin, Skip Dyke, Eric Choppa, Row Three: John Vochotzer, Mike Evans, Jim Melrose, LeRoy Vote, George Weaver, Ron Enos,- Ken Range, Dick Kondzielo, Bob Gram, Terry Stevens, Dennis Solcgi, Jim Harlan, Lorry Flutey, Jack Hopkins, Conrad Ensley,JockKel1er,Steve Sharp, Coach Richardson. Row Four: Duke Snyder, Gory Montinelli, Mike Evans, Jim GioNonini, Tom Moore, Dennis Soxton, DickBmthers,Mike Neuman, Paul Groomes, BiH Sperry, Ted Lammersen, John Roicls, Bob Collier. CouLhes Ken Rogers and Mike Suloday 238 : a:vw 2 $$ :1: n? Conference Champion "B" Track Team 239 240 Cross-Counfry-Row One: Gory Maple, Bob Grant, Jon Eakes, Robert Leonordi, Spencer Tracy, Chuck BueNner, Les Vomocil. Row Two: Brook Atherfon, Jim Melrose, Leroy Vote, Ron Enos, George Weaver, Gary Patterson kk John Meineke, Fred Woodward, Jim Harlan, Ken Range, Gary Maple, Jim Nichols, Ron Enos, Bob Leonordi, Bob Sutton, Jim Elrose, Jim Giottoninni, Skip Dyke, Bill Goodwin, Sperry 3' 5333 .- Mam: y kg; :2. aw'w" Nu m: 455534: , Q kg. . . . 7 . Glenn Pierson, George Weaver, Don Groom, Ron Terry Sfevens, Ron Nelson, Lee, John Dominch, Motthis, Thomas, Denis Sologgi, Adolph Sanchez, Brad Bird 2M Shotputters: Don Willis, Ed Cola'cicco, Ed Murphy, John ' Becknell, Steve Sharp, and Mike Rooneyflexmuscleswhile High-iumpers: Jack Hopkins, Adolph Sanchez, Jan Eakes, Mike Biunucci stands on toes. Jim Harlan, and Ted Lommersen con'empluteon evenhigh- er bar. ' . 5mm" . . 4 .Mur w us W4! : W .1; e ggnag w a????gfg? 5 8' Bob Grant, Skip Dyke, Spencer Tracy, Gary PuHerson, and John Wilkenson. Kneeling: Gary Patterson. John Wilkenson, Jim Nichols, Ed Murphey, Dick Kondzielo, Dove Evans, and Don Knickrem. S'unding: Spencer Tracy, Jock Keller, Bill Sperry, Jan Eakes, and Jon Vochofzer 243 Raw One: Mgr. PetePeterson,JockBeck,Ted Hill, Curl Kozale, Larry ScoN, Rich Equinoa, Bruce CarmichoeL Row Two: Mgr. Larry Siognaro, Leffel Kyner, Tom Fay, Carl Bisogno,Doug quper, Jim Kinord, Ken Borg, Rich Salveni. Row Three: Couch GordeO, Fred snfv, Don Cook, Terry Word, Leland Heckert J. V. - Row One: John Nilmyer, Ron Fry, Roger Mulholland, George Giagi, Bob Allison, Gene Longorio, Gory DeWolf, Row Two: John Cusomaves, Pele Gormson, Gory ViHegos, John Vineyard, Mike Thompson, Max Swegai, Mike Heinz. 244 A swing and a hit at H19 Tu Hock game, Outfielders, Ken Borg, Larry ScoH, Fred SHH, Jim Konord, Leffel Kyner, Rich Equinou. 245 r e" w, as f cfuie?xiinzeiuidvgi .. L . v .9 t H s t 4 a ' Hhefgrjgut 1F . kit M ,. ii: $9, . 3:53; i 3 k, sti: Pitchers- -Tom Fay, Terry Word, and Don Cook. 4km . , . ; , 246 V Catcher? iFred Stiff and Rich Solveni. Second Bose -Juck Beck and Doug Szyper bf, $314 , - 247 Third Buse- vTed Hill and Carl Bisagno 248 Row One: Jeff Dozier, Gary Matkin, Fred Kiernam Row Two: Gerald Matsumoto, Dean Penero, Larry Gamble, Stun Thurston, Couch Prince. Fred Kiernan and Gerald Matsumoto Jeff Dozier Lorry Gamble Deon Penero Stan Thurston :...o , . ..... ;';::: Dennis Naylor Gary Burgin Gary Ma'boy Allen Duh! Don Charles Jim PoweH Tom Parker Ron Schwurz Doug Cohen Bob Gordon Dale Barfles 251 252 Seniors- -Row One: Carolyn Peterson, Lyell Allred, Linda ScoH, Bev Mann, Bonnie Hicks, Linda Aboott, Pot ParroH, Shirely Rodgers, Carol Dowling, Mary Price, Donna Vial, SusonWoodruff, Barbara Osborn, Row Two: Jennifer Harman, Lynn Hol- den, Kathy Lindeman, Chris Hull, Dione Gorden, Jovonnuh Florence, Lynda Womble, Virginia Smiley, Joan Rich Lorraine Pecos, Linda Wheeler, Joy CumpbelL Row Three: Kiyo Akabe, Georgia Tokeuchi, Ellen Terry, Joan Uyesugi, Jackie Tucker, Kmhy Anderson, Gloria Ferrero, Koren Nelson, Sue Tilden, Diedo Weilz, Judy Turner, JoAnn Romano, Debbie Weber. .41 w 5; . a3 '. 3; ,2 iivwga , 9,67" . e Juniors- -Row One: Sherry Farr, Winifred Moore, Cathy Morrison, Barbara Kleppinger, Suzanne Corlanis, Sandy Moyle, Sue Conn, Judy Doron, GwenBeH, SueWhHe, Cathy Samuelson, Rosalyn King. Row Two: Kathy Scott, Dunno Schilling, Lona Brown, Mel undo Mixer, Barbara Etheredge, Kathy Morgan, lrlene Nimmo, Maxine Sawyer, Harriette Rober15,JuckieJones, Jane1 Saslow, JoAnn Belt, Judy Ohman, Paula Xantopoulos Row Three: Donna Ramsey, Georgene Sporgo, Carol Shaffer, Shirley Babe, Frances SalveHi, LuurelMechom, Maryann Juckson,Kuren Holemun, Dione Warr, Pot Noland, Janet Cheney, Ouudia Foutz, Sharon Winter, Sharon Sannellu, Karen Keller, JoAnn Boer. 4M, .11, ,r mm: E g ta 1345! y Sophomores- -Row One: Melody Pupini, Barbara Weed, Renae Coscgrcnde, Fay Murdock, Mary Holemon, Mary Ruther- ford, Marilyn Donn, Betsy Clay, Marilyn Tokeuchi, Linda Fitzgerald. Row Two: Cheryl Newton, Janis Pastore, Mary Musto, Julie Corlisle, Linda Dillmun, Sandy Glenn, Becky Lang, Terri Schneider, Undo Wilson, Sharon Oliver, Ann Sfroud, Virgin? io Snell, Sundee Hagen. RowThree: Karen Colberg, Koren Bates, Judy Klein, Barbara Gray, Jean Paddock, Diane Bingham, Doro1hy Pcrvin, Jeannie Gainer, Alana Chinn, Nancy Brand,Junet White, RandeH Smith, Ann Bradshaw, Marsha Wiliiams, Wendy Hull. Row Four: Murcia Wollesen, Jean Roberts, Lou Ann Erwin, Sandy Winton, Connie Smith, Susan Towns, Page duBois, Sheila McNabb, Susan Moore, Caro! Allen, Joan Combs, Jone Reed, Pot Odell, Peggy Estes, Ann Debelsky, Susan Pope, Pam Cook, Theresa Petersen. Officers- -Row One: Shirley Babe, Joon Uyesugi, Kathy Lindeman, Mary Price, Donna Viol, Jennifer Harmon. Row Two: LouAnn Erwin, lrlene Nimmo, Ku'hy Anderson, Horrsene RoV berls, Ellen Terry, Carol Bulsley, Ann Davis 253 254 ' .. aw -M-.. - , ,7! , m-m-.-...Ag. wwWw VolleyBoll- -Row One: Peggy Estes, Fay Murdock, Becky Lung, Paula Xantopolis, Cathy Morrison, Gwen Bell, Carol Allen. RawTwo: Nancy Brand, Melinda Mixer, Kiyo Akube, Alana Chinn, Pct ParroH, Gloria Ferraro, Ellen Terry, Rosalind King. RowThree: June Reed, Joan Cqmbs, Sue Tilden, Lynda Womble, Kari en Holemon, Linda Abbott, Bonnie Hicks, LuciieWong, Georgia Tokeuchi, Donna Vial, Joan Uyesugi. Baskelbull- -Row One: Lona Brown, Virginia Smiley, Me- linda Mixer, Becky Lang, Bonnie Hicks, Diane Warr, Diana Gordon, Marilyn Takeuchi, Cathy Samuelson Row Two: Carol Allen, Ann Debelsky, Judy Klein, Mary Music, LU- cille Wong, Mary Holemon, Fay Murdock, Linda Abbe", Put Parrotf, Alana Chinn, Georgia Takeuchi, Ellen Terry, Karen Holemun, Shirley Rodgers, Linda Fitzgerald. Swimming- -Row One: Gwen Bell, Sandy Glenn, Becky Long, Kiyo Akobo, Sue White, Jennifer Harmon. Row Two: Donna Viol, Carol Dowling, Kathy Scott, SusanTilden,Joon Combs, Susan Towns, Linda Abbott, Barbara Gray, Koren Colberg. Mr, Steel leads Miss Griffin off for another day of. . Teaching proper life savingriechniques? 5 cold obuin everybody! I1' 5 5 2 Adwdiaing 23x w $$$ng W Jerry Allred, Gary Larsen and Mr, Wong, class adviser, plan ads for Archon. Jim Horton and Mike Smith, hard m work as usual. Diane Ohm, Don DeVd and Carol Fisher puzzle over adveri rising. amv'm 3r 1. Kent Riddell, Diane Zulim and Shirley Stapler inspectwork In class Mike Walters explains an ad to Ken? Miller, Sven Corner and Fred Stiff. "Now how does this look?" Cheryl Douthit and Wanda Jelley work on a page. 261 Conmamcahomiom CQMA 01,1962 from HARRY A. MARTIN .artin QM,$M HARRY A. MARTIN 445 North American Street Dial HOward 4-4644 STOCKTON, CALIF. SERVICE EXPERIENCE UNDERSTANDING BILL'S SHELL SERVICE 24 HOUI SERVICE x GAS - on. - LUBE - BATTERIES k; - 9 1501 M. Wilson Way HOward 2-9497 Jack Hanna Music .c. 1 39k5niv4? Hl-FI STEREO TV I 5:36 Pacific Aw 262 Bluwo a McKeegan 1.. j. J John Schuler, BiH Muybeck, and Ann Davis look over Cloming for young men of distincfion in the University Shop a? Bravo 8 MCKeegun, 44 N. San Joaquin. When Thespicln member Gary Lor- son wants his emblem cleaned righf, he knows tho? A71 Cleaners, I603 Pacific Avenue, is the bes? place to fake IL Mctually AAI conclean any? thing '9 263 Carl Heckele Frank Corplno 0n Loch Sam Carolyn Peterson and Fritz Grimsley enioy the Oriental ufmosphere and good food of On Lock Sam. 'V' VI: I, I.Wayz m QM 751g Complimen+s STATE FARM INSURANCE LEON H. EAKES Disiricf Manager Jonno Binghcm and Karen Toohey try on new spring dolhes from among Qhe many 01 Troglicl's, 920 North Yosemite. ' 1443 N. ELDORADO HO 4-4838 "Flowers for All Occasions" 265 W 3. e a h 'l' t; v . ting? .. . . . .3 1. :4; For a delicious ?reut, H's the Ginger Boy Drive-In on Pacific 8! r A tgl! ll 0 r Avenue. The Ginger Boy features fresh, tasty doinufs, 2:9me Inn- 211 EAMNE Mike Smith rmes the u'tenHon of Playboy Magazine's PluyA mate of the month on his visit 10 Bergs Clo1hiers,18 S. Calif 266 forniu. Bergs carries qualify clothes for men and boys. STOCKTON BOWL complete facilities for your bowling pleasure AMF AUTOMATlC PIN SPOTTERS FREE LESSONS BY QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS Restaurant - CocktoiILounge 205 N. Hunier HO 2-7778 FMnk'A mm Dam Sharon Sunnello shows friends a good time u! Frank's Pizza Parlor, 1421 Harding Way. Frank's delicious pizza will 1emp1 any hungry high-schooler. ALDRIDGE BROS. PACIFIC 87MAPLE STOCKTON, CALIF. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS HOUSE OF EJ. MURPHY A HIGH NOTE IN FOOD Cocktail Bor- - -H03-9185 Dining Room- - -HO 4-4445 1064 Waterloo Road - M QWMUSIC co. REEDRDS FHDNDERAPHE - 1NSTRUMENTS 45 5, SAN quAnuw HO 4-9275 NEE FHEITAE STUCKYDN. CALIFDRNIA y Whoever you are Whatever you do namm won AUVNORHV or m Lou con wwmv av wutwvaw: 3.545? MWEM ther and son and friend- -Mike Reiman GndCliH Severson discuss with Bud Reimon the relative merits of cameras in stock m Reimon's Camera Shop, 526 E. Main S1. THE TIME SHOP is the place for watch repair and also the ; A place to buy "RYIOE 3 ' ' m: a I anions 511005 43 S. California Street HO 4-3513 SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 2349 Pacific Ave. Nice people. . .Nice market, .Goodfood. .Plenty of parking. . .Gaines, Iocated convenienHy throughout Stockton. 1021x013 nnucs MISSION PHARMACY FREE DELIVERY prescriptions FIRST AID SUPPLIES HO 4-7729 1901 Country Club 270 Barbara Feinstein browses fhrough The lovely merchandiseof Smhh's Jewelers, 366 Lincoln Cenrer. Klll IILUNCMDMNERIIIIIIMEXICAH FOOD! Mdmvaldg'e +J- MA YFAIR SHOPPING CENTER GR 7 73714 6105 N. EL DORADO Order; To Go STOCKTON, CALIR Fall servlcu. Falr seulement of claims. Friendly people who are on your bide. You can't buy better protection. 01' broader coverage. 01- greater peace of mind. And you Isave money, too! Lower rams because Farmers Insures careful drivers. Farmers Auto Insurance OF HIS INGELES FARMERS f.'":::::n; W AUTO I LIFE I FIRE I TRUCK FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP District Office 1112 NORTH EL DORADO, STOCKTON HO 4-4893 Glenn M. Christie - Disirici Mgr. Hmong HARDWARE STEFFA MURPHY STOCKTON 7. CALIFORNIA mem CENTER GRANITE 7-2627 R00 PRO th 00C DISTRIBUTORS asu F, PIrCAm n BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS the don wheelers custom photographers 2007 pacific ove., stockton Smart boys buy flowers for those special dates at the Avenue Ftower Shop, 2365 Pacific Avenue. Here, Bob Furse and Jon Samples admire one of the many florot arrangements to be W- p- FWaCo- Plonntng a pointing protect? Setect your point at WP, Putter 0 CO., 2230 Paci- fic Avenue. Elaine Turner onthke Davtsget some excellent free advice along with their suppliesv WEST LAND BOWL STOCKTON'S ??Largesi Bowl Home ofoogg High League Certified AJBC and NCBPA Establishment Year Round League and Tournament Play Morning and Afternoon Housewife Leagues Nursery Open Daily Bowling Instructors Avoilobee CompIete PrOeShop for Balls, Bags and Shoes GOOD LUCK GRADUATES OF JUNE '62 Visit our coffee shop offer your groduofion dance e36 Fully Aqumaiic AMF Lanes 8900 West Lone Stockton HO 673317 m: q;;;;$gagfql , e 33'3" '33:: $19 h... . N u. in'h'lf 3 5 -$ Nikki Noble and Sandie AHen model two of the many new bathing suiTS available 01 The Brown House. Located 011700 Pacific Avenue, the Brown House features the fines? in fashion apparel. Jeanne Stone, PhH Ferrari, Carole Manna and Richard Marine order a delicious dinner a? theSteakHouse, 1771WilsonWay. Always cl good place to go for fine food. 273 3.5m .W , a Hi 3 ' 3- F ; . . ,9 - 4 Phone HOward 4-0909 Evenings HOward 4-1684 BUETTNER'S house of Howers where the fines? in flowers is always so reasonable. ArfBueHner 514W. Flora Stockton, Calif. The Knobby Shop 2019 Pacific Avenue, carries acomphe'e sebdion of dovhes for spring and summer. Kathy Kipp and Andrea TunneH model some of the fine sports wear a! Knobbyv R.W. HUBBARD COMPANY, INC. Mechanical Coniraclors 826 N. Union HO 4-9429 WESTINGHOUSE Air Conditioning Heaiing Plumbing Refrigeration Sh eef Metal Complimenis oi: DUNLAPS Hardware and Appliance Co. Telephone HO 5-5707 231 North California Sireel Sfocldon, Calilornia Susan Brown and Donna McKinley enioy an affer-school snack o? Lyon's Fountain,1917 Coumry Club BWd. Bob Henderson and Rick Smalleychoose a vest from among Vhe wide seledion of casucH clothes found a! John FONS, 2337 Pacific Avenue. Mord Massei makes a purchase of HS. Kress, 409 E. Main, as Charla Fly and Charlsu Thompson look on. Kress' carries a full stock of miscelF oneous items and schom supplies, Education comes in ollshopesundforms, as shown to Bonnie Fovim: and Don Der Vol. Be in comfort OH year round and of any time with ChrysbrrAh'Vemp Hem'mg 0nd AirrCondmoning from flve Tom A. DeVol CO., 805 EHurdinchy. CQUHOOVBQWO 275 Ghmmmpwmm bungenim 611915 "Hl-FASHION" POSES. . . .USING DRAPED FORMAL EFFECTS Photograph By Patrician Studio x INSIST THAT PATRICIAN STUDIO MAKE YOUR GRADUATION PORTRAITS Phone HOward 6-7971 Night HOward 4-3354 Personalized Service BOB CLARK - v $ We Telegraph World Wide 445 Norm California St, A? Fremont WM u ?-3 . . ?b 'bwir 29;: mum,k nu $ Ely SERVICE "Hams? Service-Honu! Pricesu TRANSISTUR RADIUS ' AMPLIFIERS well inclothesselectedfromtherford Shop, 1718 Pacific Ave- TAPE RECERDERS ' RECORD EHANGERS me. TWD LDCATIDNS 149 E.ALPINEAVE. HCI 5-1250 225 E. HARDING WAY HD 4 545U Compliments of J.F-Donn9dAonaSon4 STOCKTON BARGAIN SPOT STOCKTON BARGAIN SPOT Everyihing for ihe Family Main 8 El Dorodo HO 5-5954 Stockton, California Bruce Cormkhael and Terry Ward browse through J. F. Donaldson 8 Sons, 240 N. Hunter. Stugg High boyswill huvecln interest in 1he many vurieVies of tires and other equipment sold at J, F. Donaldson 8 Sons, Ragdh MuAio Stone x gunvk. wt: ,, ., vn-QV ,V r , - gum? ' ya 4 w a I Ix n! $61k 3355 55E? k Renaye Young and Irene Condit modd two of H19 new spring David Loo 0nd Kip Roebken 100k m Cl Clarinet at Rogeth Music ensembhes o? Kuflen 8 Marengo,1ocmed at 500 E. Main Street SYore, 30 West Harding Way. Rogeth feofuresiine musical in, and 21 I I Pacific Avenue. K. 8Jkaeofures O variety of sfsth strumems and a complete selcfion of music. Clothes for every occasion. Todd Auten and his date d'meaHhe Pump Room, 222 N. Sutter. The Pump Room, one of Stockton's finest restaurants, is The perfed place for 0H those important evenings. 278 Maple adds the Youch of charm To your home. For the finest sebdion of meme furniture and accessories visifM. Corren 8 Sonsf'The Friemdly Furniture Store," 01136 S. San Joaquin, 1.17 KING MGM Randy French and Don Couch are learning a Trade at Centro- Mart, 2850 N. CaHfornia, and WM onays be ready To Wait on you th Cl smHe. DIAL HDWARD 5-5515 3 o 6 nrrm: EUUIFMENT . suPPLAEs - EDDKE aan EAST wzazn AVENUE STDEKTDN, CALIFORNIA New Fashions from Campus Lane, 3232 Pacific Avenue, are worn here by Mary Lou Kerfchem,CthyBolkand RiLyn Cohen, Campus Lune also carries Lcmz dresses for OH occasions Foster's Freeze, a piece for good food and relaxation uher school, is located at 1612 Pacific Avenue. Keep Foster's Old-Fashioned Freeze 'm mind for lhose hot summer days ahead. muhmrunt . 11.,th - i5." Altpixllacp u ml kquiylu mni a J. Ausezma inprw STOCK MUFFLERS o TAILPIPES o DUAL MUFFLERS Howard 3-1505 222 N. Wilson Way GERALD LESHER STOCKTON. CALIF Randy Thorns and Ronnie Burns seem to enioy sprucing up 0 moda in Ernie Reed's Men's Wear 0? 2105 Pacific Avenue, Ernie Reed carries ON the styles which are popuhjr with the wellidressed boy on campus. Johnny Solo watches whileSharon Rossi tries on one of H79 beautiful walches OT Glick's Jewelers, 207 East Weber gifts. Shop at Glick's for fine iewehy and 281 leEmL Zone Jocmed on 1he U,O.P. Campus. ,feotures all kinds of fountain treats. Tom Hale and Ronnu Paper enioy asnockof the End Zone The End Zone, 0 good place for friends to meet rug: FICK'UP AND Dauvzpv SAMG RICHFIELD SERVICE CLUB EIDLJLEVARD 2130 COUNTRY EALIFDRNwA STDEKTDN, anNz HE! 5-8025 GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUAT- ING CLASS OF 1962. . . Compliments of W. F. BUETTNER HJM. Fride 282 CHARLSA THOMPSON Dance Seualio BALLEI' - TOE . EATON . srAGETECHmouE HOWARD 3-4676 2075 FRINcEroN AVE. STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA TELEFNUNE HDWARD 4 2417 ?dt'a music sales AUTHORIZED CDNN INSTRUMENT DEALER 1137 E. HARDING WAY avnnnuu 5. CALII'DIVAIA W THAT BIG A IS FOR ACTION PAUL'S FLYING A SERVICE 1440 E, HARDING HO 3-6665 Crete Studios, Archon Commercim photographer, speciones 'm year book and poriroit assignmems at4127 North El Dorado. HO 677751. EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC MOVIES . 5311395 V.M. AND WEBCOR Free Customer Parklng CALL TAPE RECORDERS GREETING mos H0 2-2148 ATRACKSIEREOIAPES PICTURE FRAMING BUSHNELL BINOCULARS 223 E. WEBER AVE. Across tram Cour! House V FILMS XH v IN MM L175 .y. FARMS oz. 3-4"; i PHONE Ho, 6-5513 GENERAL MANAGER 443 WEST FREMONT ST. G E o . L E n G E R smcmon ,concono $wa STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA ch 3 33:? 35:33:; a5? Aldnghaplm AWN W'ngdd $217::1 22,445; W Wm WM m x 02122225 646246 QPW 24f42wgfm 22545721 7M M N 4V Jaw? vam ff XWW a , WW2V 2945440 2y222;Z 7 16464 pf, A ,12 f A, , Jew: in My? Md by 3W? M; :M WW AutngnuphA Judy Dixon Beverly Dobbs Sue Donnelly Judy Doron Francis Dorf Ginger Drois Ronald Dun Michele Dunlap Skip Dyke Jerry Eosley Fern Eheler Robert Eley Janice Elliott Mark Eckles Chris Eckmcm Gary Edwards Phil Engelmon Ron Enos David Ensley Charles Equinoo Richard Equinoo Koren Erickson Pot Erwin BiH Estrada krtvn i1er-07 Barbara Etheredge Dave Evans Larry Farley Sherry Farr Robert FoughV Dwayne Fausnough Fred Fellzer Dennis FeHIn Charles FeHon Aerr Ferrer Jin Fich Ronald FHpi Jeffery Fisher Barbara Fitzsimmons Denise Hynn James Forrester Claudia FOUTZ Bonnie Fovince Joan Fredrickson Peter Froehlich Jone! Frifsche Peggy Fruetf AnneNe Furmun Mike Gobrian Craig Gollego Eleanor Gurobim Arthur Gorbiso Ron Garibaldi Gory Gaspar John Gersbochel Wilham Gemry Steve Gouger H'twmlwf Manure; Laura Price Walter Purvianc Helen Rochfolski PhyHis Rafferty Jimmie Roley Joan Ramoge Cheryl Ramos Dan Ramsey Donna Ramsey Pa? Range Dove Rankin Carol Raans Delphine Reed Jame Reese Mike Reimon Leland Reiswig Sharon Reiswig Louise Rendell Margo Repehi Garry Repku Dennis Reule Linda Reyneso BHI Rich Jean Rich Lynda Richardson Lynnellcl Richelieu Patricio Riley Jim Rifch Bill Robbins Billie Robbins Hariette Roberts Jennifer Roberts Curtis Roebken Cherrie Roeser Alien Rogers Richard Rogers Gloria Roios Joe Rokoszewski Michad Rolfe Irving Romer Ted Romo Mike Rooney Shirley Roper Lorry Rosenquist Danie Ross Lodell Ross Kathy Rossi. Robert Rossi Vieland Rossmann Robert Rousey Loyd Rowden Jerry Ruff Gerd RUM Karen Rusccl Dennis Rush Charmaine Russ

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