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AHS Presents . . . THE 1985-86 PANORAMA A Day At the Movies” Amory, MS Volume VITABLE OF CONTENTS ACTORS’ GUILD.....................15 SPORTS FLICKS ....................47 OSCARS............................67 SENIOR CAST ......................75 JUNIOR CAST.......................95 SOPHOMORE CAST...................101 FRESHMAN CAST ...................109 DIRECTORS .......................117 A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR..........121 All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts ... William Shakespeare As You Like It Act II, scene viiDEDICATION Bill Miley is a man who plays many roles. He is a husband, a father, an active church member, a teacher, a coach, a hall monitor, an assistant principal, an AIM co-ordinator, and a man who truly cares — about his students, his co-workers, and his fellow man. We proudly dedicate the 1986 PANORAMA to Mr. Bill Miley. 3PANORAMA STAFF 1986 ”... AND ONE MAN IN HIS TIME — First Row: Dan McKinney, Art Mandi Marett, Clubs Editor Robert Pickle, Sports Melanie Fikes, Clubs Stan Patterson, Editor-in-chief Lori Lewellen, Feature Sherri Prestridge, Business Danny Phillips, Soph. Editor Monica Thomas, Jr. Editor 2nd Row: Rachel Dollar, Clubs Amy Haney, Sr. Editor Kelly Sims, Clubs Patrizia Griffin, Sr. Editor Angela Deaton, Feature David Nesbit, Freshman Editor Brock May, Sports Editor A1 Ling, Art Richard Wall, Art Editor Gregg Worthey, Business Manager Dan Griffith, Sports Zoneice Bradford, Senior class Jeanna Spiers, Bussiness 43rd Row: Ellen Patterson, Freshman class Aubrey Boren, Sports Marilyn Massey, Sophomore Editor Keith Wilson, Junior Editor Mike Stewart, Feature Editor Mary Pickle, Freshman class Terri Stewart, Sophomore class Teresa Tapp, Art Not pictured: Geoff Forbus, Freshman Editor 5THE PROPS WERE READY . . . The building was there — doors open, floors shining, restrooms cleaned — in wait; Mr. Marett and Mrs. Grissom had finally scheduled everybody, well, almost everybody, and the cards were typed; boxes of bookcovers rested on that ancient rolling cart waiting for books to fill them; teachers were already mimeographing; and A.J. was pushing his dust mop one more time . ..THE ACTORS WERE IN PLACE and they came in all shapes, sizes, colors — dressed in jeans, khakis, t-shirts, suits, ties, sneakers, boots; with mousse, without mousse; looking like Don Johnson and looking like the girl or guy next door . . . Top left: Bad to the bone? Top right: Delinquent elves can be dangerous. Bottom: Lunch Bunch9AS THE CURTAIN OPENED, Students joined clubs and yelled at games and marched in the band and worked on projects and made friends and talked to teachers and took school trips and acted in plays and went to bowl games and competed in competitions and had triumphs and defeats and fun — and even want to class ... 10THE DIRECTOR SAID . . . Shakespeare was the greatest playright of all time (even if WE can’t always understand him). Typing is a skill you can use all your life (Amen, with a research paper to type). This can easily be solved with an algebraic equation (BUT, I need to go to the library or was that the chemistry lab?). Yes, folks, we ARE making history right now!! (And we are!) Top left: Spies like us! Top right: Yeah, Curt gets around. Bottom left: Poncho and Lefty. 11Right: I wish we all enjoyed lunch this much. LIGHTS . . . Left: Father Guido Ortiz preaches against the evils of drinking and violence.CAMERAACTION! Suitable for framing or hanging? Bottom left: Lee tries to act tough again in front of his buddies ... see the fear in our eyes? Below: Totally trashed and lovin’ it! 14HOMECOMING 1985 The announcement of the Homecoming Court and their escorts helped to cap off a week of exciting activities. Crowned as Homecoming Queen was Lori Lewellen, who was escorted by Brock May. Other senior maids and their escorts were Vettra Standifer, escorted by Arthur Morgan; Traci George, escorted by Ray Clark; Jerri White, escorted by Joseph Earles; and Wendy Walker, escorted by Trip Wiygul. Junior Maid was Carla Householder, who was escorted by Chuck Caldwell. Sophomore maid was Terri Stewart, who was escorted by David Pritchard. Freshman maid was Tracey Brown; she was escorted by Keith Thompson. The coronation took place on the field just prior to kickoff time for the homecoming football game. 1617AHS P-P-PUTTING I'ndet the direction of Mrs. Peggy Holmes and Mrs. Mtsste Gary and v« ivh the participation v t every senior and half of the faculty, the homecoming vkit was one of the most successful and entertaining ever! Playing to an audnorium packed with alumni, parents, and students — every performer had a starttng tote ,,, 18AHS Putting on the Hits was emceed by Brock May, playing Rusty Faucet, and featured such acts as the Celes -tial Choir and the Rev. Dr. Billy Frank Birmingham, Miss Dolly Tubb, the Smokin' in the Boys' Room Group, the Cheerleaders (?)”, Miss Cindy Lauper and Miss Diana Ross with the New Attitudes, interrupted by hilarious commercials — topping off the program was Mr. Riley's annual announcement that the homecoming game would be a home game again this year. . . . ON THE HITS! 1920Left: Band members play for the bonfire — the bonfire wouldn't be the same without the band, and the band wouldn't be the same without Mr. East. Bottom left: Section leaders Bottom right: A typical bandhall scene — did you take your horn home to practice? well 'em . . . 23AHS SWEETHEARTS In the springtime each organization at Amory High School was asked to select a sweetheart. Each group then set to work to chose a young lady representative of that organization. All of the talented young ladies chosen play many roles — each is an active member of the organization she represents, many hold leadership positions in these organizations, some have competed on regional and state level for their organizations, and all are enthusiastic students at Amory High School, willing to become involved in school life to make their high school careers more enjoyable. The PANORAMA is proud to picture each one of these lovely young co-eds. And now, the 1986 AHS SWEETHEARTS . . . HERO SWEETHEART — Samantha Adair PANORAMA SWEETHEART — Mandi Marett FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY SWEETHEART — Gina Earl FRESHMAN BAND SWEETHEART — Lynn Randle 24LIBRARY CLUB SWEETHEART — Donna Wallace V FRENCH CLUB SWEETHEART — Sophie Maigne THESPIAN SWEETHEART — Kerry Cole VARSITY BAND SWEETHEART — Amy Haney FHA SWEETHEART — Angelia Parks Y TEEN SWEETHEART — Angelia WilsonNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SWEETHEART — Jeanna Spiers FBLA SWEETHEART — Melanie Fikes STUDENT COUNCIL SWEETHEART — Lori Lewellen SPANISH CLUB SWEETHEART - Tern SccwartSTUDENT COUNCIL Kneeling: Trey Peeler Mark Johnson Dan Griffith Zundra Dilworth Standing Row 2: Dale Honeycutt Lori Lewellen Caryn Tubb Jeri White Mandi Marett Rachel Dollar Standing Row 3: Mr. John Wilson Monica Thomas Robert Pickle Wendy Walker David Nesbit Terri Stewart Angela Merchant Leading the Student Council this year were the following officers pictured from left to right with their sponsor — Sponsor, John Wilson; Secretary, Rachel Dollar; Vice President, Mandi Marett; and President, Robert Pickle. 27FUTURE BUSINESS Officers of FBLA: Standing left to right — Stan Patterson — Reporter, Mike Stewart — Parliamentarian, Robert Pickle — President, Monica Thomas — Representative, Brock May — Vice-President, Allen Hodo — Treasurer. Seated left to right — Vettra Standifer — Representative, Jeri White — Secretary. Not pictured are sponsors Mrs. Dee Allison and Mrs. Kay Moffett. The purpose of FBLA is to develop competent, agres-sive business leaders from students who have been or who are enrolled in a business education program. FBLA tries to instill in its members responsibility, leadership, character, and to have regularly scheduled beneficial meetings. FBLA was very successful at the State Leadership Conference winning the second place Sweepstakes Award. Individual winners and their categories were A1 Ling and Rachel Dollar, 1st place in graphic arts; Stan Patterson and Lee King, members of the state parliamentary procedures team; Sherri Prestridge, 1st place in business law; Diane Irwin, 1st place in clerk typist 1. All of these students are state winners and attended the National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. in June to represent the state of Mississippi. l 28LEADERS OF AMERICA Left: The Amory High School FBLA chapter won the first place award in March of Dimes Project Help at the state competition due to their efforts during a door to door collection campaign. Shown left are worker coordinators and local March of Dimes chairperson. Standing left to right: Monica Thomas, Rachel Dollar. Mr. Danny Golding, and Melanie Fikes. Left top: The M and M's campaign for Mandi Marett in her bid for state FBLA office. Middle left: David Miller, Mark Johnson, and A1 Ling relax a little after stiff competition at state. Middle right: Sherri Prestridge, Kelly Sims, Lee King, and Keith Wilson confer on chances of winning — calm down Keith!V I c A The purpose of VICA is to develop leadership abilities through participation in educational, vocational, civic, recreational, and social activities. The aims of VICA include creating programs that will motivate members in their training and club activities, expanding leadership training programs, and creating and expanding leadership training conferences on local, state, and national levels. AHS' VICA received First place at district competition in precision Machining and in Opening and Closing Ceremonies. VICA Officers and sponsor pictured left to right: Pay Clark — Secretary; Trip Wiygul — Parliamentarian; Jeffrey Pearson — Club Advisor; Norris French — Reporter; Barry Talley — Vice-President; Jon Walls — President; and Mr. Chester McCall — sponsor. Not pictured is sponsor Mr. Paul McFarling. 30Pictured left to right are Y Teen Officers and sponsor: Mrs. Florence Brown — Sponsor, Regina Marshall — President, Lisa Moore — Asst. Secretary, Monica Thomas — Vice President, and Sheri Wallace — Treasurer. Not pictured is secretary Kesa McMil- lian. Y TEENS Club Activities: Grandparent Adoption Program Christmas Candle-lighting Service Mother-Daughter Tea Purposes of Organization: To promote Christian character To instil leadership and intergroup work To help with relationships and understanding Goals: To promote growth as a person, growth in love and friendship, growth in knowledge and love of God DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA — DECA — Deca Sponsor is Mark Bailey. The group of DECA students competed at district and state and placed in several events that they entered. Deca students are generally placed with a business in town for work experience.French Club Officers seated left to right: Dan McKinney — Junior Representative, Trey Peeler — Vice-President; standing left to right: Louis Rowles — sponsor, Mandi Marett — Secretary, Brock May — President, Greg Worthey — Senior Representative, Blake Greenhaw — Freshman Representative, and Mark Shields — Sophomore Representative. FRENCH CLUB French Club was one of the most active clubs at AHS this year — starting with the Dix Petits Indiens entry in the homecoming parade. Following this was the annual Christmastime covered dish supper held at the Community Center — entertainment provided by Sophie Claus and the Delinquent Elves. The spring brought the Foreign Language Fair at USM and, of course, the annual French Spanish picnic and field events — lots of food — lots of fun — vraiment une annee formidable! 32SOCIETE HONORAIRE DE FRANCAIS The Societe Honorarie de Francais is a national French honor society under the auspices of the American Association of teachers of French. The aim of this organizaiton is to support the study of French language and culture in the high school. Only those students who excel in the language can become members. The SHF held its annual initiation banquet for new members at Our Place restaurant with special guest Sophie Maigne, exchange student from Nerac, France, who spoke on differences in French and American schools and on the success of the exchange program. In the spring the SHF was treated to a French dinner hosted by Bill and Beth May at their home. Members of the SHF for 1985-1986 are Mike Stewart, Brock May, Scott Wilkinson, Gregg Worthey, Keith Flowers, Mandi Marett, Lee King, Melanie Fikes, Kerry Cole, Gina Earl, Ty Sisk, Merri Sanderson, John Thompson, Jim Thornton, Su Chin Garner, and Aubrey Boren. Pictured left to right: Brock May — Vice-President. Scott Wilkinson — Secretary, Mike Stewart SHF. — President, and Mr. Louis Rowles — advisor of 33SPANISH CLUB Spanish Club officers for 1985-1986 were seated left to right: Terri Stewart — Vice-President, Al Ling — Representative, and standing left to right: Mario Ortiz — sponsor advisor, Sam Griffie — Secretary, Stan Patterson — Reporter, and Richard Wall — President. Spanish Club had a busy year beginning with participation in the homecoming activities. They held an all you can eat pizza party at Pizza Inn for Christmas. They joined in the revelry at the annual French Spanish picnic and participated in the Foreign Language Fair at the University of Southern Mississippi during April. In addition they traveled to Oxford to compete on the National Spanish Examination sponsored by the AATSP. 34Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica officers pictured from left: Mr. Mario Ortiz, sponsor; Jeri White, Vice-President; Kelly Sims, President; Patrizia Griffin, treasurer; and Amy Haney, Reporter. Not pictured is Jeanna Spiers, secretary. SOCIEDAD HONORARIA HISPANICA The purpose of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, which a national organization under the direction of the AATSP, is to honor those students who have excelled in the study of Spanish language and culture. Their major function for the school year was the induction of new members at an honors banquet. 35AHS LIBRARY CLUB Library Club Officers are pictured from left to right: Sabrina Randle — Reporter, Glenda Walton — Vice-President, Tracey Dixon — Secretary, Angie Logan - Treasurer, Keith Wilson — President, and Mrs. Thelma Wilson — Sponsor Advisor. The Library Club sponsored a Poetry Exhibit” during Book Week (see picture left). Exhibitors included Melissa Adams, Melinda Mattison, Keith Wilson, Jim Thornton, and Mike Orrell. The club also sent a Christmas box to the State Hospital in Jackson, did public address announcements to promote the use of the library, and sponsored Amnesty Week during National Library Week. In addition several local students serve as officers in the district SLAM (Student Library Assistants). District Officers are Felicia Stewart — Vice-President, Monica Thomas — Secretary, and Angela Wilson — Treasurer. 36FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FHA (Future Homemakers of America) chapters are organi2ed as a classroom extension for homemaking and consumer students for an added emphasis on consumer homemaking, and family life education. The goal of FHA is to help youth assume roles in society through personal growth, family life learning, vocational preparation, and community involvement. This year’s group has participated in a student body project. Sponsor and advisor of FHA is Miss Elizabeth McGlohn. Members of FHA are left to right — Stephanie Simmons, Robert Rucker, Tracey Dixon, Regina Marshall — Treasurer, Trena Smith — Vice President, Angelia Parks — Secretary, and James Simons — President. 37FUTURE FARMERS AMERICA Officers of FFA are left to right Dale Honeycutt, Brian Gillentine, Jason Robinson, and Corey Glenn. Future Farmers of America has been an active group this year. They were successful at district and state and were able to compete at the national competition in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Rickey Hopper, sponsor, has instituted some new agriculture programs and has involved more young people in this organization. In addition to their competition, FFA entered a float in the Amory Christmas parade and held their annual FFA banquet during which several members received special commendation. Pictured right top Karen Todd receiving the National FFA Safety award while attending national convention and right bottom Dale Honeycutt is congratulated for Amory s participation at National also pictured is sponsor Ricky Hopper. 38Pictured above HERO members 1985-1986 including officers Samantha Adair — president, Tabatha Rainey — Secretary, and Mrs. Shirley Moore — sponsor advisor. Also shown are winners in the HERO Proficiency Event held in Jackson on February 17-18: Debra Diggs — 1st Beginning Lockstitch, Lisa Anderson — 1st Beginning Serge, Cameron Wilson — 3rd Beginning Sportswear, and Samantha Adair — 3rd Advanced Sportswear. HERO The purpose of HERO is to prepare students for a job in the world of work and goals set for the club are to work harder in order to be better prepared for any type work in the clothing field. 40AHS CHORUS Members of the AHS Chorus pose for a group picture on the steps of the auditorium. Director of the group is Mrs. Linda Adams. CONCESSIONS What would a day at the movies be without eats — everybody has to have a lunch break, and these folks serve the actors and actresses of AHS. (Top 1 to r) Mrs. Ruth Hilliard. Mrs. Linda Shepherd. Mrs. Mae Ida Davis. (Bottom 1 to r) Mrs. Lola Parks, Mr. AJ. Parks 41Officers of the National Society are pictured above from left to right: Amy Haney — Secretary and Treasurer, Brock May — President, Stan Patterson — Project Chairman, and Kelly Sims — Vice President, National Honor Society attended the convention of regional chapters of the National Honor Society which was held in Oxford, Mississippi, at the University of Mississippi. The group attended sessions on leadership and scholarship while in attendance and were able to attend a dance held by the sponsoring organization. The NHS also held an induction ceremony before the school to induct new members. Sponsor of the National Honor Society is Mr. Lamar Rodabough. 2THESPIANS Thespian Officers and sponsor are pictured left — Sponsor, Mrs. Peggy Fowlkes Holmes; President, Stan Patterson; Secretary, Wendy Walker; Treasurer. Lori Lewellen; and Vice President, Brock May. Thespians tries to promote communications at AHS in all areas, not just theatre, and has for its goal to include as many students as possible in extra-curricular activities concerning speech. This year the Thespians through the Speech 2 class performed. The Clowns Christmas Party,” a Christmas play at the West and East Amory Elementary schools. The spring production was The Hound of the Baskervilles” based on the Sherlock Holmes thriller by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (see pictures which follow). The Thespians, in addition, sent delegates to Youth Congress and the FBLA Public Speaking Competition; and claimed a Voice of Democracy district winner — Stan Patterson. Awards presented in awards ceremonies in the spring were Best Actor: Brock May for his role of Sherlock Holmes; Best Actress: Angela Deaton for her role in The Hound of the Baskervilles ; Best Supporting Actor and Actress were Quinn Wilson and Mandi Marett, respectively. 43AHS THESPIANS PRESENT . . . THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES” Cast members of The Hound of the Baskervilles” gather for a group photo. They are (pictured seated from left to right) Mandi Marett, who played the part of Kathy; Amanda Blake, who played the role of Perkins; Sherri Prestridge playing Mrs. Barrymore; Kerry Cole portraying Laura Lyons; and Angela Deaton, who played the role of Lady Agatha Mortimer; and (standing left to right) Quinn Wilson, who portrayed Mr. Barrymore; Mark Johnson playing Sir Henry; Sam Griffie, who portrayed Jack Stapleton; Mike Stewart playing Watson; and Brock May, who played the role of Sherlock Holmes. 44YOUTH CONGRESS DELEGATES A very capable group of young people represented Amory High School at the 1985 MISSISSIPPI YOUTH CONGRESS held in Jackson, Mississippi, during November. Students participate in writing, presenting, discussing, and accepting or rejecting bills, much like the actual Congress does. Representing AHS were (pictured above seated left to right) Brock May, Robert Pickle, and Stan Patterson and (standing left to right) Monica Thomas, Melanie Fikes, Jeri White, Mandi Marett, Lee King, Kerry Cole, Rachel Dollar, Patrizia Griffin, and advisor Mrs. Peggy F. Holmes who accompanied the group. 46Glenda Walton Daphne Edgeworth, Head Cheerleader PANTHER CHEERLEADERS Laura Pierce Traci George Stephanie Whitfield Donna Hadley HAVE THAT Melanie Fikes AHS SPIRITAssistant Coach —James Lowery 1985 AMORY HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 6 Sept. 13 Sept. 20 Sept. 27 Oct. 4 Oct. 11 Oct. 18 Oct. 25 Nov. 1 Nov. 8 Tupelo................................Here Corinth ...............................Here Saltillo .............................There ICossuth .............................There Pontotoc (HC).........................Here Ripley ...............................There Alcorn Central .......................There Houston...............................Here Shannon...............................There New Albany ...........................Here 50AMORY HIGH was fortunate to have six players named ALL CONFERENCE for 1985. These young men are shown above (left to right) Norris French, Barritt Talley, Jason Robinson, Preston Hadley and left Dale Pruitt and Andy Stevens. 51 MANAGERS: Clockwise Wade Minor, Mike Lowery, and Kelvin Burdine. TRAINERS: Brian Chamblee and John Hathcote.NUMBER NAME 1 Rodney Hogan 2 Curt Tubb 3 Trey Peeler 6 Kenneth Adams 8 Dale Pruitt 9 Billy Spratt 10 Robert Pickle 15 Andy Stevens 18 Jim Williams 20 Scott Cooper 22 Aubrey Boren 25 Calvin French 26 Brad Boyd 27 Troy Allen 28 Douglass Suggs 34 Norris French 38 Frederick Garth 39 Mark Shields 40 Jason Robinson 42 Danny Dobbs 44 J.J. Lowery 45 Mark Clay 50 Bart Sawyer 51 Rodney Griffin 54 Kent Rye 55 Steve Strawbridg 57 Keith Flowers 60 Todd Glenn 61 Chris Reeves 62 Brad Williams 63 Jon Walls 66 Walt Willis 70 Ricky McCall 72 Mark Johnson 75 Jimmy Wiygul 76 Andre Blair 77 Preston Hadley 78 Barritt Talley 80 Scott Sanders 82 Elton Troupe 83 Stacey Andress 84 Mark Griffith 85 Allen Hodo 86 Corey Glenn 88 Randy Renfro 89 Bill Miller 90 John Griffith POSITION GRADE HB-CB 10 LB 12 FS 10 HB 12 HB-LB 11 HB 11 SE-SS 12 QB 10 QB-FS 10 DE 10 HB-CB 10 QB-SE 10 SE 10 SE 10 CB 10 LB-TE 12 NG-TE 11 CB 10 DC 10 FB 12 FB-LB 10 FB 11 DE 12 T 10 NG 12 T 11 G 12 C 10 G 11 NG 11 C 12 C 10 DT 10 T 10 G 11 T 10 DT 11 OT 12 S 10 SE 11 SE-CB 12 DE 12 TE 12 TE 10 P 12 DT 12 LB 12BOWL BOUND With their outstanding season, the AHS Panthers were invited to attend the Mid-South Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee. The North Half Little Ten co-champions donned their suits and ties and boarded the bus for the big game — they were treated to a great time in Memphis by the bowl promoters, played a great game, and returned to Amory to a police escort and crowds of cheering fans. Players all agreed that it was a season that would not be soon forgotten.Far left top: Locker room celebration after another Panther victory. Far left bottom: Coach Stanley gives the guys a pep talk. Near left: The score board tells it all! Below: You can’t make the grade without getting rough.56AMORY PANTHER BASKETBALL Pictured seated left to right: Dwyan Suggs, Darion Woods, Stephen Crump, Stacey Andress, Allen Hodo, Brock May, Robert Pickle, Tony Ausborn. Standing left to right: John Hathcote — manager trainer, Tommy Tapp — driver, Vincent Borwnlee, Jim Williams, Greg Haynes, Calvin French, Frederick Garth, Rodney Hogan, Coach Davie Easley, records keeper — Jami Hathcote, and Brian Chamblee — manager. The Amory Panther Basketball Team had a full season. As always with basketball, the team was on the road a great deal and played sometimes several nights a week. The team succeeded in winning the MONROE COUNTY TOURNAMENT. Senior players on the team were Robert Pickle, Allen Hodo, Brock May, Stacey Andress, Stephen Crump, and Darion Woods.AMORY PANTHERETTE BASKETBALL Coach — Miss Amy Martin Managers — Felicia Stewart Felicia Jones Players — Vicki Brown Angela Wilson Debra Diggs Pershell Burns Pam Spratt Christy Cox Beth Payne Players — Trena Smith Annette French Jacki Loyd Denise Jordan Michelle Buckingham Erica Thomas 60 Records —Jamie HathcoteAMORY FRESHMAN BASKETBALL62AMORY PANTHER BASEBALL Amory Panther Varsity Baseball Team pictured front row from left to right: Thomas Wayne Sanderson, Jim Williams, Butch Thompson, Dan Griffith, Greg Worthey, Randy Palmer — second row from left to right: Mike Smith. Andy Stevens, Walt Willis, Stan Patterson. Robert Pickle, Curt Tubb, and Brian Maxcy — third row from left to right: Chad Williams — manager, Coach Bill Miley, Don Barnes,Jason Robinson. Randy Renfro, and Coach Ricky McShane. Not pictured are player Dwyan Suggs and Bat Boy Brent Miley.AMORY TENNIS ♦ « M » « • • ■ ■ 4 MM— 4 64The AHS Tennis Team had a good season. (Far left top) Lee Durrett belts a ball back at his opponent (Far left bottom) Karen Thompson returns a serve in a practice round (above) John Phillip Roberts shows he can put some force into a serve (below left) Stacy Parham, senior, plays a good match. 65AHS TRACK Track is growing in popularity at AHS and is gaining new members with each spring. Pictured top is John Sullivan involved in his usual pastime — RUNNING. Below left Coach Ed Stanley times Dale Pruitt and Billy Spratt in relay practice. Below right Shot putting is hard work!o s c A RTHE OSCAR” OF AHS THE GOLDEN PANTHER The GOLDEN PANTHER is the most significant award given at Amory High School. Each year roughly ten per cent of the senior class is selected based on outstanding academic achievement, leadership roles, and extra-curricular involvement. A student who excels in only one area may not be selected. Those who have worked and attained this honor can be very proud of their accomplishment. And now, our 1986 Golden Panther recipients pictured with their parents . . . 68 Mike Stewart and Mr. and Mrs Buddy Mac Stewart Robert Pickle and Mrs. Warren PickleAmy Haney and Mr. and Mrs. Oren Haney Kelly Sims and Mrs. Horace Tackett Angela Deaton and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Deaton Jeanna Spiers and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spiers Brock May and Mr. and Mrs. Bill May Sherri Prestridge and Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Prestridge 69One of the most significant awards that any teacher can receive is that of Star Teacher. Shown left are Stan Petterson, Amory High School’s Star Student, and his Star Teacher Mrs. Ruth Griffith. Each year the Mississippi Economic Council designates a Star Student based on scores on the American College Test, and in turn the student chooses the teacher who has most contributed to his educational pursuits. Shown left are a very proud Mr. Bill Miley and Stan Patterson, yearbook editor, who is presenting him with the 1986 PANORAMA dedication.Pictured top: Richard Wall, recipient of the Outstanding Spanish Student Award; Mandi Marett, recipient of the outstanding French Student Award; Su Chin Garner, who received the DAR American History Award; Sherri Prestridge and Kelly Sims, who received the Business Education Award; and Brock May, recipient of the Dee Moore Speech Award. Pictured below: Recipients of the President’s ACADEMIC FITNESS AWARD—Jeanna Spiers, Mike Stewart, Amy Haney, Robert Pickle, Angela Deaton, Brock May, Kelly Sims, Stan Patterson, Sherri Prestridge, and Gregg Worthey.Pictured above are recipients of various citizenship awards. They are Dante Wray and Angelia Parks, who received American Legion Post awards; Brock May, awarded the Cotton Gin Port DAR Good Citizenship Award; Zoniece Bradford, who was awarded a civic club citizenship award; and Robert Pickle, who received an American Legion Post award for good citizenship. Pictured below are ROTARY award winners. Winners of the T.N. Touchstone Award are Brock May and Kelly Sims, and winners of the Arnett Award are Stan Patterson, Robert Pickle, Patrizia Griffin, and Amy Haney.Amory High School was pleased to have some special scholarship winners: pictured top are Jeri White and Robert Pickle, who are being congratulated by a representative of the University of Mississippi on having received the CHANCELLORS LEADERSHIP AWARD; and Robert for having received, in addition, the J.B. ANDERSON SCHOLARSHIP; and pictured left is Mike Stewart, who is being presented with a PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. 73Pictured above are winners of awards in awards presentations at AHS. They include Robert Pickle, recipient of the Mark Brasfield Scholarship Award and of the Charles Longenecker Citizenship Award; Jeanna Spiers, recipient of the Charles Longenecker Citizenship Award; David Jenkins, recipient of the Lee McCowan Award; Caryn Tubb, winner of the Junior Auxiliary Most Improved Junior to Senior” Award; David Miller, winner of the Elizabeth Sisson Memorial Scholarship; Kelly Sims, recipient of the Earl Frye Humanitarian Award; and Stacey Andress, winner of the Olandress Bailey Memorial Award. Pictured below are Teressa Sykes, Sunrise Savings Club Award; Pilot Girls of the Year, Sherri Prestridge and Angela Deaton; Ella Joyce Crawford Scholarship Awards, Patrizia Griffin and Zoneice Bradford; Beta Sigma Phi Award, Christy Grissom and Kim Perry; and other winners Dee Dee Hicks, Traci George, and Jeri White.s E C N A I S O T RZoneice Zovonzell Bradford Charles Mace Clement, Jr. Tammy Ranae Bunch John Raymond Clark, Jr. Marla Gayle Conwill Angela Moore Deaton 76Derrick Bernard Dilworth Joseph Michael Earles II Richard Keith Flowers Danny O'Neal Dobbs Marshall Allen Eubanks. Jr. Norris Bernard French Daniel Joseph Dodd Crystal Renee Ezell Lorie Harlow Gann 77John Robert Griffith Amy Marie Haney Timothy Ray Grubbs Christine Marie Grissom 78 Peggy Charline Hadaway John Callaway HathcoteVan Douglas Hoots Tracy Dale Howard Scot Allen Hurley Lori Lynn Lewellen Charles Jerry Johnson, Jr. David Kenneth Jenkins 79Jacqueline Lavon Loyd Sophie Maigne William Brannock May, Jr. Ynobia Yvette Meaders Walter David Miller Regina Ann Morrow 80 Regina Yvette Marshall William Floyd Miller, Jr. Melissa Honeycutt Ostrowski81Robert Guy Pickle Kent Randle Rye Kathryn Lynn Schaefer Sherri Lynn Prestridge Thomas Wayne Sanderson Katherine Patricia Shook Wayla R. Rollins Bart Preston Sawyer James Lewis Simmons, Jr. 82Kelly Teri Sims Laleta Evette Spearman Josette Smith Jeanna Kathleen Spiers Trena Renee Smith Vettra Leigh Standifcr William Stevenson Michael James Stewart Teressa Jean Sykes 83Barry Lee Talley Curt Anthony Tubb Jimmy Dale Taylor II Wendy Michele Walker Pamela Lynn West Caryn Paige Tubb Terry O'Neal Wallace 84 Jonathan Alan Walls Tina Holloway WestJeri Lynn White Leslie Danielle White Scott Douglas Wilkinson Marilyn Marie Williams Penny Renee Willians Johnny Murl Wiygul III Gregory Dale Worthey Darion Woods, Jr. Dante Maurice Wray 85Pictured (top left) — Coach Lowery, there’s got to be a better way! (top right) Joseph and a couple of his ladies! Smile pretty for the camera, (center left) Way to go, Gregg! (center right) Are you guys sure that's really a Pepsi in that bottle? Su Chin, what are you grinning about? Do you know something we don't? (bottom left) A last minute briefing before Math Science Competition — they all look pretty smart . . . (bottom right) Mrs. Williams confers with Angela and Mike after they have been named National Merit Finalists.OUT-TAKES Top Left: Stan readies to knock one out of the park — steady, Stan; center: Poker anyone? The Armory gang passes away extra time at the Foreign Language Fair at Southern playing what else — le poker; right: Rambo Wilson practices a little firing practice during his period class — that'll wake'em up! Bottom: Stranded — no modern conveniences, like bathrooms; no food; no water; but plenty of time to wait for Mr. Ortiz and Joey and rescue from the side of the interstate; right: Steven Brian Kane, who arrived too late to be classified, but better late than never.Mr. and Miss AHS and runners-up are pictured above from left to right: Robert Pickle, runner-up Mr. AHS; Wendy Walker, runner-up Miss AHS; Miss AHS, Jeri White; and Mr. AHS, Brock May. MR. AND MISS Every year students at AHS are asked to choose two people who best exemplify the qualities needed to be an ideal student. The person should be involved in curricular and extra-curricular activities and should have served the school and his fellow students. It is an honor to be nominated and certainly an honor to be chosen. After nominations have been submitted students vote in a school wide election to choose Mr. and Miss AHS. Chosen to represent the school for 1985-1986 were Jeri White and Brock May. The runners-up were Robert Pickle and Wendy Walker. 88 AHSMR. AHS — Mr. AHS 1986 is Brock May. Brock has been an exemplary student at AHS having achieved a very high class rank while being involved in many extracurricular and leadership activities. Brock has been a member of National Honor Society, where he served as President; French Honor Society, serving as Vice-president; French Club serving as President; Junior Representative, and winning first place in audio-visual competition two years at the state foreign language fair; and Thespians, serving as Vice-President, a member of the International Thespian Society, receiving Best Supporting Actor for his role in play A Man Called Peter, playing the lead role in The Hound of the Baskervilles, and a member of stage crew for the play State Fair.” In addition Brock has been a member of FBLA three years serving as Vice-President and competitor in public speaking competition. He has been a homecoming escort two years, the master of ceremonies for the 1986 homecoming activities, Rotary Boy of the Month, and a member of the Panther Band. Brock has competed at Math and Science competition at Mississippi College and at Science Competition at Itawamba Junior College. He was Sports Editor of the PANORAMA, attended Boys’ State where he was elected Commissioner, was named the 1985 DAR Good Citizen being the first boy at AHS so named, was a delegate to Youth Congress and was named to Who's Who Among American High School Students. Brock was a member of the basketball team three years, lettering two years and a member of the tennis team lettering one year. He has been an active member of the First United Methodist Church where he has been in youth choir, has served on the Youth Adult Council, has helped to operate cameras during church services, and has delivered Meals on Wheels. Next year Brock plans to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Color-addo. If not accepted, he will attend a state university to pursue a career in electrical engineering. MISS AHS Miss AHS 1986 is Jeri White. Jeri has been an outstanding student at Amory High School. Jeri was a member of Library Club where she served as reporter, Spanish Club, and Spanish Honor Society where she has been vice-president for two years. She has been a member of FBLA serving as secretary one year. Jeri was a member of Thespians and a four year representative to the Student Council. She was a member of the Amory Panther Band and lettered three years. She was a Beauty Revue contestant, Rotary Girl of the Month, a delegate to Youth Congress, and a senior homecoming maid. Jeri is an active member of New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church in Nettleton, Mississippi, where she is secretary of Sunday School, president of the youth department, and junior usher. She has attended the National Sunday School and BTU Conventions in Florida and represented her church as a delegate and public speaking contesant at the annual convention held in New Orleans. After high school, Jeri plans to attend the University of Mississippi to major in respiratory therapy — after being graduated from Ole Miss, she plans to pursue a career in that same field. 89Top left: It's a BUG attack! Middle left: Smooth moves, dudes — Middle right: AHS Soul; sing it! Bottom left: Kelly knows she's got spirit, and she loves dem Panthers. Bottom right: Bill, is Tackleberry bothering you?FANTASY ISLAND — JUNIOR SENIOR BANQUET — Bobby Spratt rocked to an Elvis number, hula girls danced, serving girls wearing leis waited tables, and the seniors of 1986 celebrated. The Junior Senior Banquet, Fantasy Island,” provided a great evening of entertainment, a delicious meal, and a last chance for the entire class to be together to celebrate before graduation. Pictured here a group shot; pass it on, T.W.; suits and ties?; smile pretty, and Serve you?”THE ACTORS TAKE . . Rev. Bill Wallace Graduation Address Kelly Sims Robert Pickle Producers Directors Stan Patterson Actors Invocation Mr. Marett presents a certificate of attendance to Sophie Catherine Welcome Maigne, exchange student from Nerac, France. Left: It's all over except for a last hug or two; center left: With the toss of the caps into the air, the ceremony ended — a few tears and many congratulations!’ Center right: the graduates march onto the field — right in step; bottom: speakers and officals chat before the ceremonies begin. . . . THEIR FINAL BOWS! 93SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES: Pictured from left to right — Curt Tubb, DeeDee Hicks, Zoneice Bradford, and Norris French. Senior Class Officers: Pictured left to right — Patrizia Griffin — Secretary, Wendy Walker — President, Lori Lewellen — Representative, Allen Hodo — Treasurer, Jeri White — Representative, Caryn Tubb — Vice President.u c N A I S O T RJUNIORS Junior Class Officers Junior Class Officers pictured from left to right: Daphne Edgeworth — President, Monica Thomas — Student Council Representative, Kerry Cole — Student Council, and Rachel Dollar — Vice President. Melissa Adams Lisa Anderson Billy Angeloff Don Barnes Janice Barnett Velda Becks Vicki Brown Felicia Bryant Michelle Buckingham Salina Burhorn Steve Butler Chuck Caldwell Traci Caldwell Kathy Carter Brian Chamblee Mark Clay Kerry Cole Harvey Coplin Christy Cox Elizabeth Cruber %Jackie Crump Steven Crump Tracey Dixon Rachel Dollar Gina Earl Daphne Edgeworth Jill Edwards David Everett Melanie Fikes Stephanie French Su Chin Garner Frederick Garth Kathy Garth Brian Gillentine Ronald Gilleylen Nancy Grccnhaw Elizabeth Griffin Donna Hadley Preston Hadley Camille Harlow Lois Harlow Mike Harlow Jamie Hathcote Bobby Hausley Stephanie Herring Carla Householder Jeff Howell Jeannie Hughes Teresa Ivy Mylnn Johnson 97Felicia Jones Norene Jones Lee King Al Ling Alan Loden Brian Loden Stan Mann Mandi Marett Janice Marshall Sabrina Marshall Dan McKinney Don Merideth Mandi always enjoys being in the height of fashion — even if it is a little strange! Latrina Moore Mary Morgan Pam Norton Kelly Palmer Shawnda Parish Kim Pate Beth Payne Percy Payne Laura Pierce Dale Pruitt Randy Renfro Chris RievesJunior class favorites: Left to right John Thompson, Nancy Green -haw, Monica Thomas and Ronald Gilleylen were chosen by their classmates as representative of the spirit of their class. Debbie Ritter Jason Robinson Kermit Ruoss Bobby Sandlin Merri Sanderson Stephanie Simmons Ty Sisk Onasis Small Bobby Spratt Felicia Stewart Ricky Stoddard Steve Strawbridge Brenda Strong Monica Thomas John Thompson Elton Troupe Vicki Vassar Andy Wade Richard Wall Glenda WaltonTricia White Stephanie Whitfield Brad Williams Angela Wilson Cameron Wilson Keith Wilson Quinn Wilson Jimmy Wiygul Jamie Word Alysia Wright 100Troy Allen Tony Ausbon Neal Avery Angie Bailey Kirby Betts Victor Betts Kim Bickerstaff Andrea Blair Amanda Blake Johnny Bobo Aubrey Boren Kellie Bowen Amanda Box Brad Boyd Donna Brown Vincent Brownlee Ernest Burdine Roderick Burdine Pershell Burns Bernard Carter SILLY SOPHOMORES Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers are pictured from left to right; Lisa Moore — Secretary, Lowery — treasurer, Zundra Dilworth — Student Council Representative, Mark Johnson — President, Trey Peeler — Vice President. 102Teresa Clark Crissy Cockrell Mike Cooper Scott Cooper Dana Dean Karla Dean Monica Dean Zundra Dilworth Rhoda Dodd Missy Downs Teffany Evans Audrea Ezell Mark Foster Calvin French Steve Gallop Corey Glenn Todd Glenn Christy Greenwood Sam Griffie Jeff Griffin Rodney Griffin Mark Griffin Amy Grubbs Laquana Gunn Allison Hadley Alison Hall Caroline Harmon Barbara Hauslcy Kim Herndon Kelly HerringKenneth Hill Kim Hitt Rodney Hogan Mary Hover Fearlie Hudson Diane Irvin Brian Jernighan Kark Johnson Sandra Johnson Carron Jones Andre Jordan Denise Knowling Anthony Kyle Craig Lesley Debra Little Wendy Lovcrn Trade Lowe James Lowery Ricky McOll Kevin McCormick Sophia McIntosh Kesa McMillian Greg McNeese Marilyn Massey Kim Minor Wade Minor Lisa Moore Anthony Morgan Jackie Morgan Allred Morris 104Eric Morrow Loretta Nabors Missy Nivens Dana Novay Ginger Ostrowski Tony Parish Jennifer Pearson Trey Peeler Danny Phillips Tony Plunkett Ronnie Pounders Robert Powell Problem Jim? David Pritchard Missy Pruitt Ken Randolph Libby Ray Tina Ray Will Reeves David Renfro Amy Ritter John Phillip Roberts Tammy Rock Anthony Rollins Amy Rowland 105Robert Rucker Scott Sanders Mark Shields David Shumaker Shirley Smith Tajuana Smith Billy Spratt Pam Spratt Andy Stevens Terri Stewart Kenny Stoddard Frances Strawbridge Sophomores aren’t dumb — they’re invisible! Traci Sturdivant Dwyan Suggs Jarvis Sykes Cindy Tackett Marvette Talley Teresa Tapp Dickie Taylor Mark Taylor Missy Taylor Patti Taylor Butch Thompson Karen Thompson 106Jim Thornton Sharron Thornton Mike Tubb David Turner Tina Turner Scott Wagner Donna Wallace Amy Wamble Angel Watson Tami West Conail Westmoreland Jennie White Sophia White Linda Whitfield Wayne Wilbanks Jim Williams Tammy Williams Walt Willis Stu Wilson Drew Wilson 107Top: What a way to get a painting job done — or UN-done! Center left: OK, guys, what kind of funny cigarettes are those? They make your — no, my — eyes blurry? Center right — Caroline in her usual pose accompanies several friends in taking apart a float. Bottom: Smile — then fluff up your hair. 108H S M T AFRESHMAN CAST Freshman Class Officers Standing left to right: Lee F.arl — Treasurer, Dan Griffith — Vice President, David Nesbit — Student Council Representative, Angela Tubb — Secretary, Dale Honeycutt — President, and Angela Merchant — Representative to Student Council. Melanie Adams Missy Alexander Angela Armstrong Gate Bailey Phillip Bafford Penny Ballard Rome Barnes Crystal Barrett Marco Black Brian Bowen Samantha Braxton June Brewer Patrick Brown Sterling Brown Traci Brown Tiffany Buckingham Gloria Bunch Kelvin Burdine Stanley Camp Susan Choate 110Jeff Colburn Brad Comer Melissa Cox Becky Cullum Carolyn Davis Ramona L. Davis Marie Dodd Mary Dollar Amy Duke Lee Durrett Darold Dykes Juanita Dykes Lee F.arl Jimmy Eastman Francis Eddie Michael Edwards Lavelle Essex Nancie Everett Kevin Faulkner Billy Fikes Craig Fikes Diane Fleming Emmet Foley Geoff Forbus Debbie Freeman Zandra Freeman Dewayne French Toland Garth Rochelle Gates Mark Gillentine 111Charlotte Glenn Blake Grecnhaw Tommy Greenhill Craig Gregory Dan Griffith Robby Grissom Heather Grubbs Nina Gunn Coley Hadaway Deanna Hammock Hollie Haney I.ori Harlow Katrina Heard Gilda Heard Karen Herndon Dwayne Hightower Karen Hill Kim Hogan Cheryl Holeman Dale Honeycutt Scan Howard Dwayne Hurley Jennifer Hunt Debbie Jenkins George Johnson Stephen Johnston Chuck Jones Venetra Jones Denise Jordan Terriane Kane 112Kim Kennedy Kelby Loden Angie Logan Matt McDaniel Bob McKinney Angie McMannis Chad McMullen Audrey Marshall Ron Marshall Lana Mason Melinda Mattison Brian Maxcy Menage a trois — well sort of anyway. Shane Maxwell Angela Merchant Christi Miles Craig Monoghan Tina Montet David Nesbit John Osborne Randy Palmer Lawson Parks Unseld Parks Ellen Patterson Annissa Pcden 113Mary Pickle Vivian Pinkley Scan Prcstridge Tisa Prestridge Carolyn Randle Lynn Randle Amy Reeves Patti Reeves Ricky Reeves Tommy Roberts Thomas Robertson Abbie Roland Melissa Sanders Phillip Sanderson Todd Sargent Tommy Seay Stacey Shaddick Bernard Smith Darrick Smith Jeff Smith Mark Smith Mike Smith Ron Spence Jeff Saithard Debra Specs Angela Stanford Ginger Stevens Jeff Stevenson Deon Suggs Andy SullivanFRESHMAN FAVORITES Pictured left to right are the Freshman class favorites: Frances Eddie, Angela Tubb, and Dale Honeycutt. John Sullivan Dwight Tate Dexter Thompson Keith Thompson Sean Thompson Karen Todd Tiffany Tribble Angela Tubb David Vann Joey Vallarian Sonia Wallace Lane Wade Sherri Wallace Scott Walters Sheila West Chad White F.rnest Whitfield Terry Whitlock Misty Wiggins Melissa WilbanksJody Wilemon Chris Wiliams David Williams Stephanie Williams Matt Wilson Portia Wilson Denise Woodall Jamie Worrell Bottom: Smile pretty girls! Top left: Bottle Bob and the gang plan French class strategy and top right: A little romance is fine! 116Dr. Holacc Morris Mr. James Burrow Superintendent Asst. Superintendent Dr. Harolyn Reeves Spec. Education Director Amory Municipal School District Board of Trustees H.E. Wamble Jimmy Williams Rev. W.G. Prueitt Sammy Stevens David Hodo, chairperson Mr. Larry Marett Principal Mr. Bill Hilliard Mr. Bill Miley Vocational Director Asst. Pincipal Administrative Secretaries Sue Grissom Jean Schumpert Nell Cox Sue 118Becky Easley, Biology David Easley, Mathematics Lazette Stevens, Physical Education Peggy Holmes, English and Speech Florene Brown, Special Education Linda Adams, Chorus Beth Williams, Guidance Leslie Morris, Special Education John Skinner, Mathematics and Science Danny Golding, Social Studies Kay Moffett, Typing and Accounting Fran Powell, English Bobby Hall, Drivers Education Mark Bailey, Co-Op and Business Lamar Rodabough, Guidance James Little, Automobile Mechanics Ricky Hopper, Agriculture James Lowery, Social StudiesDavid East, Band Shirley Moore, Gainful Home Economics Bill Miley, Geometry Missie Gary, English Mario Ortiz, Spanish and English Amy Martin, Special Education Betsy McGlohn, Home Economics John Thomas, Vocational Tutor Tyrone James, Chemistry Faith McCullen, Biology I and II Ed Stanley, Physical Education Paul McFarling, Metal Trades Dee Allison, IBT and VOT Chester McCall, Building Trades Tommy Parish, Social Studies Louis Rowles, French and English Ruth Griffith, Algebra and Senior Math Jeffie Robinson, English Thelma Wilson, Librarian Diane Ford, EnglishThe Superior And Spirited Amory Panther Band Compliments Of DR. AND MRS. RON MEDLEYWtfSuppwrt iSi sissippi 4.k.i w fk: Greetings From Your CHANCERY CLERKS OFFICE Howard Moon: Staff Hwy 278 West 256-9535 THE MAGIC SCISSORS Family Hair Care And Styling 123AHS Cheers For Our Sonic! .a V» y 300 North Main St. Ph 60r 256-8305 ’ tp P. O. Box 523 O AMORY, MISSISSIPPI 38821 124Member SECURITY BANK OF AMORY « FDIC Servl Home Owned And Operated” Bank Chips — Candy — Peanuts Pastries — Snack Vending ;.s:bbjtc» o NORTHINGTON SNACKS, INC. Earnest Northington President Scott Nash Home (205) 698-9339 (205) 698-8196 Salesman 126MUELLER BRASS CO. MUELLER BRASS Salutes The Outstanding Scholars At Amory High School! Mr. Marett Congratulates Angela Deaton And Mike Stewart National Merit Scholarship Finalists. 127BEBO’S GAME AND GRILL Hwy 25 North 256-3976 Amor} xw Amory, Mississippi Go Panthers” A1 Blankenship FOOD BTONEf Shop BLACK’S OF AMORY Main Street For All Your Clothing Needs! CUTCLIFF DRUG CO. Congratulations Seniors Bill And Beth May 256-5822 HUSDan Comptete Electrical Supp»i«s rTTT .T Lighting Specialties Electric Supply Co. P 0 I0X 106 - 4th AVE NOPTH ■ AMOPY. MS 36121 ■ 2SW476 Compliments Of PUCKETT INDUSTRIES AMORY COTTON OIL CO. AMWOOD PRODUCTS, INC. GILMORE PUCKET LUMBER COMPANY 129AMORY OXFORD WATER VALLEY WEST POINT t x x x x «x x £ •tt x x «Cx x £ ☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ ☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆ THE AMORY ADVERTISER Publishing • Advertising • Printing 113 South Main Street P.O. Box 519 Amory, Mississippi 38821 Phone (601) 256-5647 130PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS CLINIC Congratulations To The Senior Class Of 1985 Compliments Of Physicians And Surgeons Clinic mm FABRE VALVE Division of ITT Grin hell Valve Co., Inc. 1110 Bankhead Ave. Amory, Mississippi 38821 (601) 256-7185 TELEX 538-23 131Wal-Mart Number 118 Highway 278 East Amory, MS 38821 NORTH EAST COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY things go better,, .-With CokeHAIR PATTERNS BOB FORBUS 115 N. Main Amory, MS 256-5332 Auto, Fire, Life And Health 213 S. Main 256-3626 INSURANCK THE BAKERY Cakes for all occasions — graduation anniversaries, birthdays — freshest in town, baked daily 103 N. Main Amory, MS 256-2179 Compliments Of CARNATHAN, MALSKI, AND FORD Attorneys Amory COUNTRY BOY’S HAMBURGERS 317 Main Amory, MS Man, what you talkin’ about good” f VMILV shop 9 t aoa eighth avc. north AMORY. MISSISSIPPI 38021 Congratulations Seniors!!!! Ruth And Allen Brooks Amory Hwy 278 ALPHA I Car Wash And THE GOLDEN LAMB RESTAURANT 133MOKHOS COU WIMMIW »• HU LORETTA’S SNOW-CONE HUT Star Printing Co. Hwy 278 East Amory, Ms 40 Delicious Flavors C«VHC» Compliments Of AMORY POLICE DEPARTMENT Chief-Of-Police Carl E. West Licensed Years Experience Insured Amory Sheet Metal and Roofing, Inc. Lealon Strawbridge P.O. Box 386 Amory, Mississippi 38821 Off.: (601) 256-2800 Res.: (601) 256-7814 or 256-7896 Bonded Roofing • York Heating Air Cond. • Sheet Metal Work Wti. C%axCotti U3. (WiCCiami CJixcuit Couxt C'Cixli monmoc COUNTY P O BOX 043 AMRDCCS MISSISSIPPI 39730 Steaks Seafood Specials iet Park Restaurant c nng Amory, Mississippi Ed Rose Coker - Owners Telephone - 256-8883 Breakfast Buffet Lunch Buff®1 256-5656 256-9721 256-5362 Hondas Boat-Motor Yamahas Amory Marine Sales Hwy. 25 N. Amory Ms. 38821 (2 Locations) Bayliner Boats, Motor-Cruisers Others Honda Yamaha We Service What We Sell SANDER’S GROCERY Highway 25 South Becker, MS 38825 Owners Eddie and Judie Sanders 256-3474 134BUCK WOODS RAYMOND MURPHY Shop Phone 256-7800 Home Phone 256-7839 FIRESTONE MURPHY RADIATOR SERVICE 256-8453 REPAIRS — QUALITY CORES Automobiles — Commercial — Farm Equipment Industrial Radiators — Gas Tanks 3rd 3rd AMORY 309 3rd NORTH AMORY, MS 38821 HARCO SUPER DRUG Amory Plaza Shopping Center The Family Drug Store 4NAPA} BRYAN ROGERS, INC That Saves You Money 256-5668 Amory 256-3781 AMORY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSN. - PEUMWI STEVENS Intersection Mw; 25 i 6 pnone 601 256 8411 A rory 38821 B. J. FORD SALES INC HWY 25 S AMOfU EPPERSON CHEVROLET-OLDS, INC. s CHRYSLER CORPORATION THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS OUsrnobJe 135STEVE SANDERSON CLASS OF 1985-1986 FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS FROM YOUR LOCAL NAVY RECRUITER MS2 RICHARD W. BRISTOW Architecture • Planning • Interior Design P.O. Box 306 Amory, MS 38821 2016 HWY. 45 NORTH COLUMBUS, MS. 39701 (60l)-328-3556 Compliments Of M W BUTANE GAS COMPANY, Hwy 25 S Amory, MS FLOORING CONCEPTS Paul Hawkins, Owner 407 N. Front Street Amory, Mississippi 256-0023 or 256-4972 Carpets, vinyl, wood, ceiling fans, wallcovering, heaters — ALLIED EQUIPMENT OF NORTH MISSISSIPPI, INC. 601-256-7870 INC SATELLITES FOR SOUTHERN HOMES Satellite Exchange Inc. AMORY. MISS 3882 I H y. 278 West PO Box43S Ptione: |60l| 256-5611 STANFORD'S SAV-ON-DRUGS Ashley Brian Executive The Little Drug Store That Offers You Pittsburg 24 Hr. Emergency Paints Prescription Service 1 Hour Film Developing Service Restaurant And Drive-In Specializing In Charcoal Broiled Steaks, Farm Raised Short Orders 136B J CLEANERS Amory 256-2041 When you look your you feel your BEST Alterations Mothproofing Waterproofing Jeans Wedding Gown Preserving Drapes Storage S7 137Ooluoki Zl REAL ESTATE We're Here For You • TM Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated POPE'S REALTY Go Panthers . . . FRED’S PHARMACY Hwy 278 E Amory, Mississippi 256-8484 We appreciate your business at EAST DRUGS Glendale Shopping Center Amory, ms 38821 Quality Sporting Goods Charlie, Billie (r Charity Young Highwoy 6 West Phone 256-9967 Amory Congratulations Seniors Ice Cream Fountain DAIRY KREAM Main Street Amory Sandwiches Short Orders SEARS MERCHANT STORE Hwy 278 East Amory, MS 38821 Telephone 256-3531UILDINGS Division of Rebel Lu mber .an } Component Co., Ific,., . Safes - . Service Wr 601-25 - 982 y 6Qi-256;-969i;; 139KNIGHT’S DRIVE-IN Our Specialty — Steak Sandwich (601) 256-5967 Hwy. 278 West Amory, MS 38821 APPLIANCES CITY APPLIANCES IW.U UIO II«V1CI PHONf bas ra AUOMT MU New Owners James And Brenda Seymore Complete Line Of Magic Chef Gas And Electrical Appliances DOWDLE GAS QiLo„ SHOE Su FAMILY SHOES ACCESSORIES Phone 256-5802 waync Price, manaocr MOMC 001.296-2432 OPTIC TOLL PRC 1.250.2920 AMORY. MISSISSIPPI LINDA’S MINI MART Highway 278 And 25 Amory, MS 38821 140TRI-MART Highways 6 and 25 Amory, Mississippi 256-7905 Congratultions Seniors! pniTcmo’s 744 103rd St re North Amory, MS 38821 Phoo« 256-8813 PATRONS Charlie’s Northeast Mississippi Recovery Hair Designs Easy Finance Jere’s Stitches The Depot J.W. Christian’s Texaco Sack-N-Track Carter Dobbs, Jr. Thanks For Your Support 141Hatley Road 6 AM-10 PM Mon-Sat AmorY 7 AM-10 PM Sun SAV-A-MINIT Your Complete Supermarket Where Service Comes First” Custom Cut USDA Choice Heavy Aged Western Beef Bakery Delicatessen • Complete line of homemade breads baked daily • Custom decorated birthday; special occasion cakes • Fresh pastries, pies, donuts, cupcakes, cookies jib Amoco Self-Serve Gas 256-8592 BUFFET TRAYS • A5SORTCO WCAT$ A CM(tS(S a MOt A COlO IUNCmCS • MO«SOOtUV HS a SAiAOS a vfMTAeitS • RlCO A BAR 6 O C «C €N iflrvc. OIAMONDS ATCHC« OIPTI f. PRIfCO WATCH INSPECTOR V » AMORT. MWIHIIPPI StallR.M.HENDRI GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE AREA CODE SOI PHONE 35 - 5323 P.O BOx l O 3 A JACKSON Miss. 39205 CLASS RINGS - INVITATIONS - DIPLOMAS - YEARBOOKS - CAPS 5. GOWNS Automotive Parts Service H.woy 270 WmI PO. Bom 394 Amory. Miiiiwippi 38821 BECKY’S BEAUTY SHOP 501 S. Blvd. Dr. Amory, MS 256-2716 Alice Ortiz Glenda Reese OUR PLACE BRASFIELD HORNE FURNITURE • Delicious homestyle lunch buffet • Catering and banquets • Special parties 307 N. MAIN AMORY, MISS. Amory (601) 256-7870 256 3988 THE NIBBLE NOOK DICK SANDERSON CONSTRUCTION Hwy. 278 W. Amory, MS general contractor RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL BUILDING SWIMMING POOLS 256-7638 P 0 BOX 306 DICK SANDERSON HIGHWAY 6 N Owner AMORY. MS 38821 143iw' ji J L | fgMj V' jm vL i. ' c1 JrX Pll :k E.E. PICKLE FUNERAL HOME And INSURANCE OFFICE Go Panthers” DR. WILLIAM E. YOE, M.D. Amory, Mississippi DICK SANDERSON CONSTRUCTION Highway 6 North Amory, Mississippi 601-256-7870 ■Fv C-™ ' J LODEN S BODY SHOP Hwy 278 E Amory, Mississippi 38821 Phone 256-2539 Home Of The Frog FRED’S DISCOUNT STORE Amory, Mississippi We appreciate you!!” 256-2373 Compliments Of G And Y Drug StorePEOPLESIDRU3 CO. ORUOQIBTS AND A PHONE 256-3661 a B»TmTSb 1 Compliments Of McCULLEN’S GROCERY Main Street Amory, Mississippi Go Panthers!” EAST REXALL DRUGS Glendale Shopping Center Amory, MS 256-8441 256-8442 Van P. East, Jr. Reg. Pharmacist GREEN’S BLOSSOM SHOPPE E°r Beautiful Florals And Lovely Gifts 256-4144 SANDERSON REDI-MIX, INC. P.O. BOX 393 PH 256-9301 AMORY, MISSISSIPPI 38821 JIMMY SANDERSON JERRY GUNTHARP SALES MANAGER PLANT MANAGER RES. PH. 256-8886 RES. PH. 282-4687 SEARS MERCHANT STORE Owned And Operated By Dorothy Parham Amory Plaza Shopping Center 256-3531 145 The Office Supply Company A division of MISSCO Corporation Post Office Box 986 515 College Street Columbus, Mississippi 39703 601 328-2855CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SENIORS Seated left to right: Patti Shook, Leslie White, Angela Deaton — Standing left to right: Brock May, Bill Miller, Stan Patterson Stic IFirfit United HiettjDtoBt (Eljurrti Amnrn. filtflBiBBippi 38821 146Only one class ring can really fit you. And Campus Supply has it. Your class ring should be as unique and special as you are. And it can be, when it’s from Balfour. Because you choose the style, the stone, the decoration, the engraving—to create a class ring that is yours alone. Your own personal class ring from Balfour. No other can express who you are so exactly. Or help you recall those special times so clearly. St. Balfour. Xo one mmubers in so many ways. Campus Supply Post Office Box 63 Jockson, MS 39205 (601)354-0200 jancimarh ■' Xg. Serving Amory, Aberdeen, And Monroe County m 256-2700 or 256-8092 rSS- «02 Horn Wm S wt M ory Compliments Of Buddy’s Department Store 225-227 NORTH MAIN STREET AMORY, MISSISSIPPI 38821-3487 Compliments Of ANTHONY’S MEN’S SHOP 147Children Of True Temper Employees — TRUE TEMPER CORPORATION A Member Company Of Allegheny Ludlum Industries — Amory Plant — Amory, Mississippi 148Compliments Of McCOY MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Plant 2 And Employees South Blvd. Dr., Amory, MS.THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Of Amory, MS Congratulates Their Seniors And Wishes Them Their Best — 150Walt, Dwyan, and Rodney think Penthouse is No. 1! PENTHOUSE AMORY LTD Puckett Drive Drawer 360 Amory, Mississippi 38821 151QeatWePanther Cheerleaders Love — HOOD’S CLEANERS Main Street, Amory Compliments Of ST. ANDREW’S UNITED METHODIST CHURCH • Guss Shelly — Pastor • Elaine Finley — Program Director • Darlene Stockton — Music You're Always Welcome Here — 153Compliments Of THE CITY OF AMORY Pictured left to right: Eddie Wilkerson, Mac McDivitt, Henry Grady Wright, John Darden, Mayor Thomas Griffith, Lee Miller, and Suzanne Mobley. 154Palmer Machine Works. Inc OLO BOUNC OUSE BOAC WILKERSON APPLIANCE Main Street Amory, Mississippi PICKLES’ DRIVE-INN Sandwiches Chicken And Fish Fountain Treats Complete Salad Bar Hwy 278 West Amory, MS Compliments Of HARDEE’S Amory WEST GROCERY Hatley Road Amory, MS ROCK’S CARPET AND FLOOR COVERING • Carpets • Rugs • Vinyl • Tile 155As the curtain closes on another year at AHS, and each teacher, student, administrator, employee has strutted and fretted his hour upon the stage, it is an excellent time for reflection — It takes many man hours to complete an undertaking as great as our school's yearbook, the PANORAMA. This does not mean that one ''man undertakes the task out of the goodness of his heart alone. It should mean that many put in hours to complete the task. After all, many hands make light the work. As this book appears with its faults and its merits, some will take undeserved credit, and others will take little or no credit even though deserving — an unfortuante situation. However, such is the situation with any project. Our hope is that each subscriber will cherish this record of our school year 1985-1986 — because with the apathy experienced this past year at AHS as far as the yearbbok work was concerned, this could well be the last full-length record for some time. A SNIlSOt

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