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 1980-1984 A SPACE OF OUR OWN PANORAMA AMORY HIGH SCHOOL CRUMP BOULEVARD AMORY, MISSISSIPPI VOLUME IVDEDICATION Because of your complete dedication Plus on abundance of human love — There's no doubt that this special calling Came directly from above You hove salvaged many srudenrs Thar others somehow failed to reach — And can still truthfully make the statement "I just Love to Teach.” So "Teacher" you are justly called And each day you are fresh and new — Please step forward Mrs Faith McCullen The '83 84 Panorama is dedicated to you. Mrs Faith McCullen is nor only an accomplished classroom teacher, she is also an avid field biologist Her love for nature is typified in these pictures She loves to bird-watch and purs her knowledge of biology to practical use as she studies and dassfies the birds Her interest in her subject brings rhe lesson alive as she reaches her srudenrs to appreciate nature as she does No one who has hod biology under her instruction can say he left empty-handed 3EVERYONE HR5 H15 CAFETERIA 5PACE . . . CLA55RDCm 5PACE . . . 5PACED CUT . . . 4 InrroducnonIntroduction 5mm »• »• HOMECOMING '83 Homecoming coronorion rook ploce or 7 00 p m , Friday, Ocrober 21, 1983 Kerry Cole, fresh mon moid, wos escorred by Chads Caldwell Amber Bracknell, sophomore moid, wos escorred by Boy Clark Shannon Warhen, junior moid, wos escorred by Tommy Wilkerson Five senior maids were Srephome Marshall escorred by Roger Wil-son, Rosemary Smirh escorred by Jimmy Donkins, Mirzi Sanders escorred by Darryl Winsread, Robyn Forbus escorred by Mark Reese Geneva Parrer-son wos selecred homecoming queen and was escorred by David Thompson Winning floor com-peririon was rhe junior class in firsr place; freshman class, second; senior doss, rhird place; and fourrh place wear ro sophomore class12 Homecoming"SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW" Homecoming week or AHS wos o very hecric and exciring week Tuesday wos Tacky Day Fifries' Doy wos Wednesday Thursday wos Punk Rock and Wesrern Day Friday wos black ond gold day and ended wirh rhe Homecoming skir and pep rally The skir, under rhe direcrion of Mrs Holmes ond Mrs Gary was enjoyed by oil, and ir cerramly ser rhe sroge for rhe Panrhers vicro ry over Housron ar rhe Homecoming game Friday nighr. Homecoming 13Heod Honcho Amory High School Dond 1983 1984 The Amory High School Dond was 160 members srrong rhis year We were proud of our new uniforms rhis yeor; rhey gave rhe bond o new loots. They were block and gold, rrimmed in red ond white The ouxilory also hod new uniforms rhis year We hod some preschool bond rehearsals in order ro ger reody for rhe coming football season Ir was real hod We performed or oil of rhe football gomes ond gave concerrs for parents ond friends. The auxiliary units did a superb job rhis year After football season we hod tryouts for Symphonic and Concert bonds The Jozz bond was very fine rhis year also For our fund roising project this year we sold cookies, cheeses, sausages, ond spices We did very well with ir. The bond morched in two Chrisrmos parades, Tupelo ond Amory We also traveled ro rhe Stare Dond Festival ot Hinds Junior College in April The Drum Major for rhis year wos Shellie Wright We hod a fine year overall 14 DondDond 15THE 1980 AMORY PANTHERA.H.S. STAGE BAND Members of AHS sroge bond ore (I ro r) Den Horlow. Ponme Duff. Sreve Durler. Don Moms. Sreve Goltowoy. Done Wode. Mike Sreworr, Krk Hodo. Vnbo Toykx. Mdse Hood. Don Meredirh. Dorryl Wmsreod. Poberr Smirh, Lorry Fkppo, Pichord Longford, Scorr Wisinson, Dnon Glenrme, Orion Wdkmson. ond Andrew Fox. Drecror A.H.S. CHORUS AHS chorus members ore (fronr row. I ro r) Mc ion Porks. Volehe Smirh. Cherry Poy. Virginia Smirh. Angelo Porks. Treno Smirh Meimdo Pock. Angelo Pock. Pheo Gienrne. (bods row) Glendo Wolron. Ukndo Vossor. Mory Jeon Jenkins. Louro Pierce. Korhy Fosrer. Chorine Hodowoy. Dorboro Drown, Pondo Over. Andreo Srorks. Lone Horlow, Veldo Deelss. Coryn Tubb. M sy Todserr. ond Woyta Pc ns Srogebond G Chorus 17MR. AND MISS AHS 16 Mr 6 Miss AHSAAR. AND MISS AHS RUNNERS-UP LARRY FLIPPO AND RACHEL REICH AND DENNIS WORD AND BRIDGET SIMS Eoch yeor or AHS rhe srudenr body selects o senior boy and o senior girl for Mr ond Miss AHS The condidores ore nomnored by rhec felow sru dents ond should portray leadership, friendship, loyolry, ond service Other quakficonons ore rhor they must hove hod o 2 5 grade overoge ond must hove been ocnve in 10 orgoozonons smce they hove been or AHS The condidores need o reocher ro sign rhec nomnorion forms Lorry Flppo ond Roche! Reich were selecred Mr ond Miss AHS with Dennis Word and Dodger Sims os runnersup Lorry Flppo wos ocnve n several dubs ndudng Hi y. Spoosh Club, Srudenr Council. Thespons ond FDLA He porncipored in freshmon foorbol ond freshman rrock, lerrered in varsity foorbol for rhree years, lerrered in freshmon ond varsity bond, re ceived o Foorboll Special Teams Award, ond porno pored n Jazz Dond for rhree yeors He served os junior doss president, senior doss represenrorive ond secretory, ond FDLA vice president He was selecred os o Rotary Boy of rhe Monrh ond Was on Arnerr Award recipient Roche! Re h was on ocnve member of rhe youth choc, ond president of rhe Merhocfer Youth Felowship She was o member of the vorscy bond flog corp for rhree yeors ond of the freshmon flog corp os we She wos o Rorory Grl of rhe Monrh ond received on Arnerr Award She wos treasurer of rhe freshmon doss ond o sophomore represen ronve m rhe Srudenr Counci She wos o member of rhe French Oub ond rhe French Nononol Honor Society ond president of rhe Store French Oub She wos also o member of Hi Y ond FDLA where she wos o member of rhe poriionnenrory procecXxes ream rhor placed second r» yore comperiirion Dennis Word wos o member of FFA for four yeors He was olso o member of rhe French Oub ond the Library Oub for which he served os rrea surer h6 sophomore yeor He was o member of rhe bosebol ream for rhree yeors ond the rrock reom for two yeors He was o Rorory Doy of rhe Monrh He wos on ocnve member of rhe Union Grove Merhodisr Church where he served os fjctor usher ond youth leoder Bridget Sms was o member of rhe Library (Xto. FDLA. Spanish Nononol Honor Society, bond, ond Spoush Club Bndger served os doss rreasoer her junior yeor ond wos selecred os o doss favorite her sophomore ond seoor yeors She olso served os on officer ode for four yeors She wos o member of rhe boskerbofl reom where she was selecred bey offensive player her senior yeorTHE GOLDEN PANTHER AWARD The highest award ar Amory High School is for meritorious achievement, The Golden Panther Award. The Golden Panther Award is nor "given” it is "earned” through a four year long process Determination is based on a 400 point system — with 200 points accorded ro academic excellence and 200 points accorded to activities Each Golden Panther recipient received a plaque and card and in addition will have his name inscribed on the permanent plaque in the trophy case • Rhonda LeAnn Colburn Robyn Elizoberh Forbus Karen Leigh Pierce i Lorry Phillip Hippo Terri Suzonne Codden Sondy Denise Evons 20 Golden PonrherLeo Koy Fowlses Rose Mory Smith Rondo! Glenn Waycosrer Denn Joy Word Golden Panther 21STATE FAIR 72 PtayCast of Characters The Storekeeper.. Local Philosopher Hans Ruoss Melissa Frake Mother Jennifer Guess Abel Frake Father Larry Flippo Margy Frake. .. Daughter Susan Webster Wayne Frake Son David Setzer Harry Ware Dan Morris Eleanor Wayne's Girlfriend Sandi Jo Booth Emily The Girl at the Fair Robyn Forbus Pat Gilbert Newspaper Reporter Kirk Hodo Mrs. Ratlins .. Last Year’s Pickle Champion.. Kathi Levya The Barker — Hoopla Stand Proprietor . Tommy Wilkerson fW'A Dedication We lovingly dedicate this performance to Patsy Lynn Fowlkes and the Merck Foundation for our stage lighting and to our families for their patience, understanding and support. Ploy 23 AH-H-H LOVE! T) m 24 PloyTwentv-first Annual BEAUTY REVUE MAGNOLIA MISSES MOST BEAUTFUL — ROBYN FORBUSPKTLreo tww o-e Meono HomiHor second ore-note Robyn Forous Mos- Qeoun'j. A-ny VVT'T' p 1 - T'TpO Rooe"i ‘rv ol-e-'Ote Trace ,' oie".o- -nrc alternate Bor- -o . - Rose Mary Vor- Wr. V-cv- i. 1 Xv W 1 u X Congeniality. Stephanie Marshal Most Beautify. 1963. Sondy Evans, tojrrn alternate Melana Hamilton Mitzi Sanders Lori Lewellen Jeri White Terri Nelson Kerry Cole Carla Householder Valerie Smith Melissa Honeycutt Robyn Forbus Teresa Williams Sandi Jo Booth Heidi Holloway Kelley Callihan Laura Pierce Marion Parks RoseMary Smith Sandy Evans Patti Shepherd Wendy Walker Tracey Coleman Monica Thomas Vettra Standifer Amy Roberts Janice Marshall Beocry Revue 2730 AWARDS Memorial Award Vinners Among sru denrs winning memorial awards were (I. ro r) Rachel Reich, Longenecker Memorial Scholarship, Spaulding Warhen Memorial Award, Karhy Levya, Elizaberh Sisson Memorial Scholarship, (second row, same order) Larry Flippo, Mark Drasfield Memorial Award; William Parks, Lee McCowan Memorial Scholarship,-(rhird row) Sandy Evans, Maggie Jones Nursing Scholarship, (fourrh row) Roger Wilson. Olondress Dailey Memorial Award, and David Serzer, Longenecker Memorial Award Presidential Award Winners picrured below ore Principal Lorry Marerr (back righr), Lisa Kay Fowlkes, Karen Pierce, Rhonda Colburn, Rachel Reich, and David Serzer These five seniors were rhe firsr recipient of rhe recently established President Reagan Academic Fitness Award.AWARDS Aword Winners from various clubs, in-dusrries, ond clubs were: (fronr I. ro r.) Lisa Kay Fowlkes, Rotary Gub Arnerr Aword, Aurora Club Aword ro Outstanding Member of FBLA and Notional Merit Scholarship Finalist; Bridget Sims, Sunrise Savings Gub Scholarship, (second row, some order) Rachel Reich, Rorory Gub Arnerr Award, Karen Pierce, Longen-ecker Foundation Award; Rondol Way coster, Phillip Porhom Memorial Scholarship, (third row) Mary Presrridge, MOD Health Career Scholarship, Pilot Girl of the Year; Rosemary Smith', Masonic Lodge Award; Norolie Tubb, Beta Sigmo Phi Award; (bods row) Cheryl Cockrell, Eorl Frye Scholarship Award; Dionne Wade, American History Award; Lorry Flippo, ROTC Scholarship, Rotary Club Arnerr Aword, and Longenecker Foundation Award; Kim Salter, Longenecker Foundation Aword, STAR Srudenr ond STAR Teacher: Cl ro r) Dione Ford. STAR Teacher ond Rhonda Colburn, STAR Srudenr Awards 31AWARDS Academic and Class Awards: Winning academic and doss awards were (front I. to r.) Caryn Tubb, Choral Award, Sondi Jo Doorh, Business Education Award, Teresa Williams, Howard and Korherine Bell Essay Contest Winner,- (second row, same order) Louis Dulse, Outstanding French Student, Terri Codden, Business Education Award, (third row) Malcolm Glenn, DeKolb Agriculture Award; David Serzer II, Pepromisr Award, Outstanding Speech Student Award, ond Borary Touchstone Award BAND AWARDS (front) Rosemary Sor-oco ond David McCollum, John Phillip Sousa Award for Most Outstanding Senior Band Members; (back) Richord Longford, Most Outstanding Ju nior; Gina Earl, Most Outstanding Freshman; Scott Wilkinson, Most Outstanding Sophomore. 32 A wordsTOP BAND AWARDS: (front I. to r.) Shellie Wright, Senior Pride Aword, in memory of David Childress, ond Brian Gillenrine, Freshman Pride Aword in memory of Liz Sisson; (bock some order) Terri Codden, Most Improved Auxiliary member. Lorry Flippo, Louis Armstrong Aword for Most Outstanding Jazz Bond member; ond Mirzi Hester, Most Oursronding Auxiliory member MOST IMPROVED BAND MEMBERS (front I. to r.) Deboroh Terry, Most Improved Senior, Dovido Rogers, Most Improved Junior, (bock, some order) Sron Patterson, Most Improved Sophomore; ond Richard Wall, Most Improved Freshman. Awards 33WHEN WE TOOK UP LESS SPACE 34 Seniors8 CAHS SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES Elected favorites of the senior doss or Amory Hfcgh School were Dryon Wilkinson. Dodger Sims. Robyn Forbus ond Denns Word SENIOR OFFICERS AT AHS Geneva Porrerson. Vice-presi-denr. Liso Fowlkes. Treasurer. Srephanie Morsho . Srudenr Council Represenrarive. Lorry Fbppo. Secrerory ond Srudenr Council Represenrarive. Keirh Do vis. President 36 SeniorsShetlo Goye Angetoff Keren Denise Daley Porn Dene Dennett Trovs D Drown Mio Sobme Dunch Seniors 37 Goto Jeon Durdme38 Seniors i MichoeJ Scorr CogJe V Rhonda LeAnn Colburn Trocey Lynn Cox Dovid Woyne Dobbs Jimmy Dole Donkins Drendo Kaye Dobbs Melissa Elen Easier Robm Clarice Englehardr Mike Evans Seniors 39 Sondy Demse Evans Lorry Phdhp Flippo Michoel Glenn Flowers Walter Keith Dovis Drendo God DovisRobyn Elizoberh For bus Liso Koy Fowlkes Alon T Gonn Liso Ann Garner Samuel Lee Gorrh Jeneice Gores Corry Glenn Goney Angie Leigh Gorrerr Malcolm Glenn 40 SeniorsLernord Fernondez Griffm Korhy Lynn Honey Seniors 41 Heidi Lynn Hollowoy Denno More Hurley Lee KozlowirzMary Korhenne Levy a Lisa Suzonne Nicholson Venerrro McSheB Pads Cynrhio Lynn Kyle David Roy McCollum SrorJey Richard Osrrowski 42 Seniors Stephanie Yverre MorshollSeniors 43 Karen Leigh Pierce Melissa Renee Poole Mary Audro Presfridge44 Seniors Emily Son Kimberly Sue Solrer Dens Keirh SendersAAirzi Reneo Sonders Roberr Edwin Shelly Roberr Eorl Srmrh Rosemory Sophia Soroco Desrry Shumperr Rose Mory Srmrh T Dovid Monro Serzer. I Dodger Gsele Sms m P f o - Anrhony Roynord Sreworr Seniors 45Dov«j Gtfron Thompson Norolie Anne Tubb 46 Senors Cynrhio Holmes Srurdtvonr Liso Word ftandol Glenn Woycosrer Deboroh Heleno Terry Thomos Shermon Thornron. Jr Torlyn Leviricus TroupePeorl Dek $ Whirfiekj Dryon Eorle Wisinson Mono Goy Wilboms Seniors 47 Soroh Ann Wilboms Tereso Ann Vdlioms Roger Leen WilsonDorryl Roy Wmsreod Dennis Joy Word Michoel R Oronnon CLASS SPONSORS: Mrs Dee Allison Mrs Rurh Griffirh Mr Donny Golding Mrs Missie Gory Mrs Foirh McCullen CLASS OFFICERS Keirh Dovis — Presidenr Genevo Porrerson — Vice presidenr Lorry Flippo — Secrerory ond Srudenr Council Represenrorive Lisa Fowlkes — Treasurer Srephanie Marshall — Srudenr Council Represenrorive CLASS YELL: We're rhe doss for evermore, rhe Senior Closs of ’84"! COLORS Blue and Silver CLASS FAVORITES Bryan Wilkinson Robyn Forbus Dennis Word Bridger Sims 48 SeniorsA SPACE BACK IN TIME FROM Gene Pierce Melissa Poole Shefte Wrghr Robert Shelly Srephome Morsho Karht Levya Soroh Wiliams Korhryn Porks Angela Rieves Teresa Wilboms Jackie Bynum Natalie Tubb Roger Wilson Tommy Thornton Kim Sdrer Lorry Flippo Robyn Forbus Mirzi Sanders David McCoflum Robyn Forbus and Jennifer Guess Seniors 49Roberr Smith Doug Porrersoo Lisq Nicholson Sreve Griffin Sheho Angeioff Denno Hurley Dennis Word Tortyn Troupe Drendo Dovis Cory Gooey Rosemary Soroco Keith Dovis Cheryl Codsrel Scott Reeves Glen Payne Hope Webb Mike Rowers Chnsri Reeves Sondi Jo Doorh Korhy Honey David Serzer Kim Edwards Jenece Gores Mo Bunch Dodger Sims Suson Websrer Robin Englehordr Lisa Garner Rosemary Smith Koren Doiley 50 SeniorsLouise Derry Pom Dennett Lisa Fowlkes Kym Coldwett Sandy 6 Mdse Evans Darryl Wmsreod Rondel Woycosrer Geneva Parrerson Mark Reese Lenard Griffm Mona Wflioms Rhonda Colburn Rachel Reich Tern Codden Mary Presrridge Sammy Gorrh David Thompson Heidi Holloway Dryon Wilkinson Hans Ruoss Rhonda Oliver Tracy Cox Cindy Srurdivonr Jimmy Donkins Cindy Kyle Scorr Cagle Arlene Thompson Mirzi Hester Debra Terry Karen Pierce Seniors 51GRADUATION '84 Groduonoo 53GRADUATION '84 54 GroduoronEarly in July our 1983 cheerleaders began working on rhe cheers rhey would corry ro comp They also worked on rhe run — Through signs for each football game. Afrer rhe rerurned from camp, rhey practiced rhe chonrs and cheers rhey had learned and worked on pom-pom routines. They attended camp August 2 through 6 While at camp rhey received four superior ribbons and two spirit sticks Their camp schedule wos intensive and challenging There were dosses and workshops ro attend and an evaluation of each squad every nighr Their hard work cerrainly showed during rhe football season as rhey cheered and entertained us in pep rallies and at rhe games 58 CheerleaderAMORY HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS Amory High School Freshmen Cheerleaders Clockwise: Head Corla Householder. Ginger OsirowsW, Stephonie Whitfield. Dophne Edgeworth. Louro Pierce, Donno Koy Hodley 1980 PANTHER, FOOTBALI Foorboll 612 1983 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 1983 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Firy row Gllie Wolron, Jim Wrtkoms. Vncenr Robinson, Andy Srevens. Geg Durdme, Bryon Logon, Frederick Gorrh. Dole Prmrr. Bobby Housley, Allon Eoy, second row Mgr Hollie Dilworrh. Aundro Jordon, Mark Cloy, Sreve Srrowbrtdge, Wade Minor, Andy Hood. Chris Reeves, Bobby Sprorr. Presron Hodley, Bernard Srmh. rhird row Mgr Jim Adorns. Mark WJIoms. Dovid Thornes, Jim Wiygul. Elron Troupe. Al Worren. Billy Sprorr. Jason Robinson, Billy Angelhoff. Lee King, and Cooch ThomasVARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL Members of Vorsity Teom John Dor den. Jimmy Donkins. Joey Nest r Fronk Prmr Leonord Thomos. Drod Avery. Dov J Mclnrosh Trov s Mclnrosh. Srocey Andress. Dock Bow Jerry Westmoretond. Monoger. Robert Pickle. John Griffith. Allen Hodo. Orock Moy, Dorren Woods. Philip Morrs, ond Cooch Dovtd Easley US THEM 47 Tupelo 52 44 Aberdeen 57 67 Okolono 53 48 Aberdeen 58 54 Smirhville 45 60 Tupelo 66 47 Shonnon 54 50 Shonnon 52 60 West Point 56 72 Houston 48 74 Smirhville 30 38 Aberdeen 42 US THEM 41 Horley 51 55 Shonnon 59 61 Nerrleron 69 34 New Albany 53 61 Aberdeen 72 41 Fulton 40 56 Fulton 62 61 Horley 60 36 New Albany 77 56 Fulton 61 64 fXipley 50 31 New Albany 50 64 DosJserboliVARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Members of the varsity g«1s teom Annette French. Km McOung. Homette Ezel. Annette Uoyd. Bridget Sms. Brenda Davis. Artso HI Angela Vance Km Warren. Lon Mom. and Cooch Wheot US THEM US THEM 37 Tupelo 52 37 Aberdeen 47 48 Aberdeen 42 41 Shannon 49 54 Smirhville 52 45 Nerrleron 29 42 Tremonr 61 41 New Albony 64 42 Smirhville 52 44 Fulton 59 60 Tupelo 57 35 Aberdeen 32 38 Shannon 48 30 Fulron 51 51 So Ponroroc 75 23 Harley 66 37 West Poinr 49 39 New Albony 60 52 Houston 75 37 Fulron 46 32 Smirhville 34 61 'SolnUo 46 35 Aberdeen 11 35 'Kossuth 55 ’Dtsrricr Tournament 06 Basketbol OoskerboH 67FRESHMAN BOYS BASKETBALL FRESHMEN DOYS Members ore Bobby Sprorr. Rodney Hogon. Chuck Coldwel. George Brownlee. Dole Prmrr. Percy Porn. Colvin French. Andy Srevens. Al Worren, Jm W Atoms, Ced Gerr . Androe Jordon, Vmce Brownlee. Cooch Hordm. ond Monoger Chod Wilboms US THEM US THEM 40 Smirhville 35 34 Aberdeen 42 55 Homilron 54 43 Wesr Point 45 54 Fulron 59 47 Fulron 33 53 Horley 33 59 Homilron 37 54 Moore ville 42 48 Smirhville 21 41 Gunrown 38 56 Wesr Poinr 32 39 Verono 41 48 Aberdeen 53 43 Horley 35 Plonrersville Tournomenr — Second Ploce 68 BoskerbO'FRESHMAN GIRLS BASKETBALL FRESHMEN GIRLS Members ere Anno Armsrrong, Koy Allred. Mane Mar err. Angela Vison. V ki Drown. Karhy Ganh. Srephonie Whirfield. Angela Cartsle. Angelo Sawyer. Dock row Coach Lorry Morerr. Sobrmo Morshol. Donno Hodey. Edo Whitfield. Cor men Wilson, Loguono Gunn, Sherry McDomete, Fefido Jones. Mgr. ond Lozerre Srevens. Assr Cooch US THEM US THEM 18 Smirhville 20 26 Aberdeen 25 17 Hamilron 27 30 Wesr Poinr 16 27 Fulron 41 28 Fulron 35 22 Harley 38 27 Hamilron 40 33 Moore ville 31 22 Smirhville 30 22 Planrersville 20 26 Wesr Poinr 12 20 Fulron 31 26 Aberdeen 27 20 Harley 37 Planrersville Tournamenr Runner Up Trophy Doskerbo 691984 BASEBALL TEAM Members of the Amory High School boseba ream ore Brad Drosfield, Joel Monrer. Dennis Word. Thomos Woyne Sonderson, Greg Worrhey, Von Hoots ond Manager Don Griffith. Second row — Roy Cloth. Arthur Daley. Robert Pickle; Cur Tubb. Tommy Griffith, Glen Smith; Chuck Clements, Dock row — Cooch Miley, Jason Robinson, Glen Payne. Joey Nestor John Darden. Ston Patterson; Joy Hdliord, ond Coach McShone BASEBALL SCHEDULE BASEBALL SCHEDULE W US THEM Us Them Fulron W 4 3 Aberdeen L 5 15 Fulron L 16 5 Housron L 0 3 OKobno L 0 3 New Albony V 9 0 Tupelo W 6 11 Srorkville L 1 22 Fulron W 11 5 Shannon L 7 10 New Albony L 10 1 Solrillo L 1 4 Shannon V 2 4 Ponroroc L 4 9 Ponroroc L 3 2 Aberdeen L 2 3 Solrillo 3 6 Housron V 12 2 70 BaseballTAKE ME OUT TO THE DALLGAME! Baseball 711984 PANTHER TENNIS TEAM Tennis ream members for 1984 ore (kneeling, I ro r.) Kim Solrer. Shomon Wothen, Srocy Porhom, Poige Durrerr, (sronding, I, ro r.) John Wilson (sponsor), Brock Moy, John Thompson. Dovid McCollum. Dovid Serzer, Paul Shelley, and Noel English The overall record for rhis year was 6-5. The rennis ream olso compered or Lirrle Ten ond Disrricr Conference This year’s lerrermen include Poige Durrerr, Kim Solrer, Srocy Porhom, Shannon War hen, Amy Roberts, Dovid Serzer, Dovid McCollum, Noel English, Poul Shelley, Brock Moy, ond John Thompson. Housron — won — 4-1 Aberdeen — losr — 2-3 New Albony — losr — 2-3 Okolono — won — 4-1 Ponroroc — won — 4-1 Shannon — losr — 1-4 New Albony — losr — 2-3 Ponroroc — won — 3-2 Housron — won — 4-1 Okolono — won — 4-1 Shannon — losr — 14 I Coach John Wilson 72 TennisTENNIS, ANYONE? 'Ler's be coreful our rhere " Gris Singles — Poge Durrerr Tennis 73 ON TO WIMBLEDON! Doys Singles — David Serzer1984 BOYS' TRACK Members of the Amory High School Track Team ore Srocey Andress. David Mdnrosh. Jerry Wesrmorelond. John Darden, Bobby Sprorr, Dtlfy Sprorr, Presron Hadley. Eiron Troupe, Dock row — Mark Cloy. John Griffirh, Leonard Griffm, Frank Prmrr, Frederick Gorrh. Dole Pruirr, Desrry Shumperr. Coach Lowery (Nor Pictured ore Torlyn Troupe and Sreve Wolron 1984 GOLF TEAM Members of the Amory High Golf Team ore Kirk Hodo. David Miller, Allen Hodo. A) Ling. Jimbo Wheor. Cooch Sreele 74 Trock Gbf1984 GIRLS TRACK Members of rhe girls' rrock reom ore Jackie Loyd. Sabrina Marshol, Vicki Drown, Comeron Wilson. Mondi Atorerr. Fe«Cta Jones, and Lisa Anderson BULLDOG RELAYS — ABERDEEN Mondi Marem 2nd place in 2 mile run,- 4rh place in 1 mile run 880 Reloy, 4rh place Team composed of Felicia Bryonr, Jackie Loyd, Felicia Jones, Shay Davis 440 Reloy, 5rh place Team composed of Felicia Bryonr, Shoy Davis, Sobrino Marshall, Jackie Loyd DISTRICT I — CLASS "A" NEW ALBANY Vicki Brown 3rd place — one-half mile run Mondi Marerr: 2nd place — rwo mile run 5rh place — one mile run 880 Relay, 5rh place Composed of Lisa Anderson, Jackie Loyd, Felicia Jones, Sabrina Marshall Mile Reloy, 5rh place Composed of Lisa Anderson, Jackie Loyd, Felicia Jones, Vicki Brown Cameron Wilson: 5rh place — Shorpur NORTH HALF GOODMAN Mondi Marerr: 4rh ploce — rwo mile run, qualified for srare meer or Jockson Moy 5 Vicki Brown 6rh place — one half mile run COMMERCIAL DISPATCH RELAYS COLUMBUS Mondi Marerr: 3rd ploce — rwo mile run 5rh ploce — one mile run Vicki Brown: 2nd ploce — 880 run 880 Reloy, 5rh place Composed of Sobrino Marshall, Jackie Loyd, Trino Smirh, Felicia Bryonr GAZETTE RELAY NEW ALBANY Mondi Marerr- Isr ploce — rwo mile run 2nd ploce — one mile run Vicki Brown 4rh ploce — 880 run 880 Reloy, 5rh place Mile Reloy, 3rd place Composed of Lisa Anderson, Jodsie Loyd, Vicki Brown, Felicia Jones. Track 75Members of rhe 880 Relay Teom Uso Anderson. Fehoo Jones, Sobrmo Mor shall. Jackie Loyd This ream placed 5rh or Dtsrncr I "ClassA" Comperiron or New AJbony Members of rhe Mie Relay Teom Lso Anderson. Jockie Loyd. Fefcco Jones. V ki Drown This reom ploced 5rh or Disrncr I ’‘Class A" Comperiron or New Atxjny ond 3rd pkxe m rhe Gozerre Relay or New Albany A •;: Cameron Vison ploced 5rh in Shorpur or Dtsrncr I Comperirion or New Albany Vicki Drown ploced 6rh in rhe one-half mie run or Noah Hotf Comperiron or Goodman She olso ploced 3rd In one-half rmle run or Dtsrncr I Comperiron or New Albany. 2nd o 880 run or Commercial Dtsporch Relays ri Columbus, ond 4rh ploce m 880 run n Gozerre Relay or New Albany Mondi Mor err ploced 4rh n rwo mile run or Noah Hoff Comperirion or Goodman ond quokfied for srare meer or Jockson She olso ploced 2nd in 2 rmle run ond 4rh in one rrde run or Duldog Relays n Aberdeen. 2nd m rwo mile run ond 5rh in one mie run or Disrncr I Compennon or New Albany, 3rd in rwo mile run ond 5rh in one mile run or Commercial Disporch Relays o Cokjmbus, ond 1st in rwo mile run ond 2nd o one mie run or New Albany in Gozerre Relay 76 TrockCITIZENSHIP AWARDS CITIZENSHP AWARDS Seniors receiving orizenship awards were Hons Ruoss ond Angela Rieves. McCoy Good Citizen Awords. Sondy Evons. American Legion Post 25 Good Cinzen Award. Vnmy Donkns ond Deboroh Terry. Amencon Legion Post 239 Good Gnzen Award, ond Uso Kay Fowlkes. DAR Good Cinzen Award ond Glenn MSU Scholarship (nor pictured) Stephanie Marshall who received rhe Oursrondmg Library Assisronr Award ond rhe Srudenr librory Assist anr of rhe Year i SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Two seniors receiving arhlenc scholarships were 0. ro r) Bndger Sims ond Sreve Wolron DASEDALL AWARDS CoMosr Valuable Player Mosr Improved Coaches Aword Tommy Griffirh Glen Smirh John Darden Joey Nesbir TENNIS AWARD Mosr Valuable Girl Paige Durrerr ATHLETIC AWARDS FOOTBALL AWARDS Offensive Line Defensive Leadership Coaches Award Scholasric Achievemenr Offensive Back Special Teams Kirk Hodo Anrhony Srewarr David Mdnrosh Lorry Flippo Joey Nesbir Frank Pruirr John Darden BOYS BASKETBALL AWARDS Mosr Valuable Player Besr Offensive Besr Defensive Mosr Improved Besr Rebounder Caprain’s Award Dovid Mclnrosh David Mclnrosh Travis Mclnrosh Brad Avery Frank Pruirr Jimmy Donkins CTTi i GIRLS BASKETBALL AWARDS Mosr Valuable Player Besr Defense Husrler Mosr Improved Bridger Sims Brenda Davis Kim McClung Annerre Loyd TENNIS AWARD Mosr Valuable Boy David Serzer BOYS TRACK AWARD High Poinr Tarlyn Troupe GIRLS TRACK AWARDS Mosr Improved Mosr Valuable Player Vicki Brown Mondi Marerr 78 AwordsA SPACE FOP, HONOP Notional Honor Sooery Officers — l«so FowHses. Secretory. Sondy Evons. Advisor — Mr Lomor Rodobough Treosurer. Rhondo Colburn. Vice president. Rochel Reich. President. Mr Rodo bough Nne a Aovxy «gh Schod were nduc.ed ,nro .he Nttfonol hW Wry or o speed cere ny « rhe "ou«d obove ore Lewis. Porn Shepherd. Joey Nesbit. ond Shonnon Worhen Amy Bunch. Morto Peorson. Done Wode. Ariiso • V 80 Notonol Honor SooerySTUDENT COUNCIL c AHS STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS — (I ro r) John Wilson. Joey Nesbif, vice preside™ Amy Ounch. secrerory. ond Gene Pierce. president lr is rhe oim of rhis orgonizorion ro coordinore oil srudenr ocriviries, ro seek ro bring obour o berrer relorionship berween - rhe foculry ond srudenr body, ond ro promore o berrer school spirir Senior represenronves ore Keirh Dovis, Genevo Porrerson. Lorry Flippo, ond Srephonie Morsholl Junior represenronves ore Don Morris. Porn Shepherd, Amy Bunch, ond Pom Hoynes Sophomore represenronves ore Verrro Srondifer, Roberr Pickle. Lori Lewellen. ond Jen Whire Freshmen represenronves ore Daphne Edgeworrh, Melanie Fikes. Laura Pierce, ond Monico Thomas Srudenr Council 81FDLA AHS FDLA OFFICERS: Chosen os officers of ihe FDLA CJub or AHS for 198384 were 0. ro r) Robyn Forbus, Secrerory, bso Fowlkes, Presidenr. ond Lorry Fhppo, Vice Presidenr, (second row. some order) Rose Mary Smirh ond Srephonie Marshall. Represenronves. (bock row. some order) Joey Nesbr. Parliamentarian, Angelo Rieves. Hisronon. Amy Roberrs. Treasurer, ond Mirzi Heyer. Reporrer The thirtieth annuo! Future Dusiness Leoders of America Leadership Conference wos held on April 5 6 or rhe Romodo Inn Coliseum in Jockson Lisa K Fowlkes Amory High School FDLA member, presided over rhe general sessions os srore presidenr The follow mg Amory FDLA members ploced m competition Liso Fowlkes — Isr Miss FDLA. Lorricio Johnson — 1st Ac counting I. Don Morrrs. Lorry F ppo. Hons Ruoss — 2nd m Enrrepreneurship II, Terri Codden 2nd in Clerk Typisr II, Amy Dunch, Rochel Reich. Roberr Pickle. Joey Nesbir, ond Mike Sreworr — 2nd in Porliomenrory Procedures. Sondi Jo Doorh — 3rd m job description monuol. Kelly Sims — 4rh in Clerk Typisr I. Rosemary Soroco — 5rh in Accounting II. Melissa Do vis — 5rh in Dusiness Morh. Dovtd Miller — 5rh m Entrepreneurship I The Amory Chapter pkxed 2nd m rhe sweepyokes award (out sronding choprer m rhe srore). 2nd in Morch of Dimes Project. 3rd n lorgesr chapter membership ond 5th m oursrondmg project Chosen os Who's Who Recipients were Rhondo Colburn. Rosemary Soroco. Robyn For bus. ond Lisa Fowlkes Liso Fowlkes wi represent MS os rhe Who's Who recipient or the Noronol Leadership Conference m Arlonro in July Steven Morris, o former Amory FDLA member wos inducted os o chorrer mem ber mro rhe FDLA Hoi of Fame os o result of having ploced 1st or the Noronol Leadership Conference toy year m poriomenrory procedures bso FowBses ond Lorroo Johnson will represent MS m rher respective oreas of competition or rhe Noronol Leadership Confer ence m Arionro. GA. July 15 Others who attended the yore conference were Kirk Hodo. Mory Preyrdge. Amy Roberts. Shelie Wright, ond Advisor Dee Aftson ond Superintendent. Dr Holoce Morris The Morch of Dimes Chairpersons ore (I to r) Lisa Fowfses. Lorry Flippo, Robyn Forbus, ond Amy Dunch Total amount collected wos S3416 27 82 FDLAFHA FHA officers ore (front, I ro r) Virgmio Smith, secretory, Treno Smith, vice-president, ond Morion Porks, president Also tolling port in FHA oCTivities this yeor ore (bock. I ro r) Terrie Drody, Cletus White, Angelo Vonce ond Lester Griffin AHS members of Hi-Y include (kneeling, I. ro r.) Jim Senders and Keirh Davis, (fronr row, same order) Tommy Parish, sponsor, Robyn Forbus. Sandy Evans, Rochel Reich, Jennifer Guess, Angelo Rieves ond Rondol 'Voycosrer, (bock row) Michael Jocksoa Kirk Hodo, Mike Evons; ond Mike Flowers Hi Y FHA 80THESPIANS Thespians The officers of Thespion rroupe 866 or AHS ore (seared) David Serzer, president (sronding, L. ro R.) Amy Roberrs, vice-presidenr; Don Morris, reporrer; ond Amy Bunch, secrerary Treasurer. This year rhe Thespians presenred rhe ploy “Srore Fair” ond replaced rhe Mississippi flog rhor had been srolen from rhe audi-rorium. Piaured or righr ore Miss Porsy Fowlkes ond Thespion sponsor, Mrs Peggy Holmes. Miss Fowlkes, Mrs. Holmes' sisrer, who is o phormoceuricol represen-rorive of Merck, Sharpe, ond Dohn, mode o donarion for new sroge lighrs ond o conrrol board for rhe audirorium. In February of 1984 her compony morched her donarion. This year's play "Srare Fair" was dedicared ro Miss Fowlkes in grorirude for her generosity. 84 Thesptons« PEPTOMIST M wi»mh»r3 1QHT- - - --------- amory high school Amory High School mtss assocvet 1980 Pepromisi aoff members were (I ro r)Rhonda Colburn, ednor, Sreve Smirh. tayour; Amy Ounch. news ediror, Sron Porrerson, feorures, Amy Roberis. business manager. Dovd Setzer. special columns ediror, Joey Nesbir, sports, Don Morris, sports, ond Louis Rowles, sponsor THE PEPTOMIST Amory High School Amory, Mississippi reorganized 1977 published seven times during school year subscription $2.00 Editor..............................Rhonda Colburn Layout...............................Steve Smith Business Manager...............Amy Roberts News Editor............................Amy Bunch Sports Editors.....Joey Nesbit, Dan Morris Feature Editor........................Stan Patterson Special Columns and Reviews Editor.....................David Setzer Advisor...................Mr. Louis Rowles THE PEPTOMIST Amory High School; Amory, Mississippi reorganized 1977 published once every six weeks subscription 1 year $2.00 media - offset press THE AMORY ADVERTISER Editor...............................David Setzer News Editor............................Amy Bunch Staff Members: Mandi Marett, Randall Waycaster, Vettra Standifer Sports Editor.........................Joey Nesbit Staff Members: Dan Morris. Robert Pickle, David Howell Special Columns Editor .. Rhonda Colburn Staff Member: Mike Stewart Feature Editor.............Stan Patterson Staff Members: Lisa Fowlkes, Rachel Dollar, Jim Sanders, Kathi Levya, Monica Thomas Business Manager...........Amy Roberts Staff Members: Dale Dendy, David Miller Lay-out Editor........................Gene Pierce Advisor................Mr. G. Louis Rowles Pepromisr 85DECA DECA OFFICERS AT A US ARE (seared) Keirh Davis, president; (sranding I. to r.) Kelley Callihan, representative; Geneva Parrerson, vice-presidenr, Angela Rieves, secretary. and Randal Way-casrer, reporter Nor pictured are Heidi Holloway, parliamentarian; and Malcolm Glenn, representative i DECA WINNERS AT AHS ARE (front I ro r) Randal Way caster. second in General Merchandising. Geneva Porrerson. firsr m Restouranr Marketing. Emdy Som, firsr in Finance and Credir, Tommy Wilkerson. second m General Marketing, (bock some order) Cory Gainey, second in Food Marketing, and Al Stephens, first in Petroleum Marketing. Nor pictured is Malcolm Glenn, first ri Petroleum Morkermg AHS hod more first place winners than any other school In the district and AHS hod more overafl winners than any other school 86 DECATHE LIBRARY — EDUCATIONAL A FORCE FOR EXCELLENCE The officers of the librory club for rhe 1983 84 school year ore (front row L to IT) Deborah Terry. Presdeor, loquono Gunn. Reporter. Tereso Sykes. Secrerory. Dovido Rogers. Vice President, (bock row) Monica Thomas, Treasurer and Mrs Juoniro Smith, librarian trvovfT umAur ABBTAsn ornasasim Objectives 1 To increase inreresr in school and regional librory services 2 To develop inreresring social relationships 3. To enhance oesrheric appreciation 4 To encourage rhe pursuit toward educational excellence Projects 1. Annual Christmas Cheer packages to Whitfield 2. Participation in regionol and stare meetings 3. Library tea for graduating seniors in Library Club 4 Scrapbook of dub acriviries Library Club 87PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS? WEDO! French Club Officers for 1983 84 were (fronr. I ro r) Dovid McCoHum. Senior Repres . Don McKinney. Freshman Represenrarive. Dole Dendy. Secrerory, Scorr Wilkinson. Sophomore Repres, Lous Rowles. sponsor; (bock row) Bryan Wilkinson, Vice president and Lous Duke. Junior Repres Nor picrured. Gene Pierce. Presidenr This year rhe French srudenrs or A H S compered norionolly on rhe American Associorion of Teachers of French resr On rhe srare level, rhere were many who did well. In level 01 (9rh grade French 1 srudenrs) Mondi Marerr, Lee King, and Jeonnie Hughes placed in rhe rop 10% in rhe srare In level 1 comperirion (lOrh Through 12rh grade French 1 srudenrs) Mollye Wearherbee placed in rhe rop 10%’ in rhe srare In level 2 (French 2 srudenrs) Mike Srewarr placed in rhe rop 10% in rhe srare Ar rhe Foreign Language Fair, French srudenrs compered on a srare-wide basis wirh orher schools. The 3rd year French doss won Isr place in rhe srare wirh rheir French skir. Amy Bunch and Jay Hilliard won 2nd place in rhe Audio-Visual evenr. Each French class enrered a class projecr for comperirion The French I project, French in America, won Isr place in irs division The French 2 projecr. Famous French People, placed 2nd. The French 3 projecr. La Fonraine’s Fables, won Isr place Individual evenrs wenr well also. Bryan Wilkinson placed 2nd in Advanced Poerry Recitation. In Advanced French Translarion, Rachel Reich placed 2nd in rhe srare, Rondall Waycasrer placed 2nd in 2nd year Translarion. Scorr Wilkinson ploced 2nd in Oral Proficiency 2nd Year Louis Duke ploced 2nd in Reading Proficiency Third Year Amy Roberrs pbced 2nd in Reading Proficiency 2nd Year. David McCollum ploced 2nd in Oral Proficiency 3rd Year Artisa Hill placed 2nd in Advanced Wrirren Proficiency French ond Spanish Clubs worked rogerher ro answer rhe mosr questions ar rhe Quesrbn Booth in which rhey pbced 2nd, running a close race wirh Sr Andrews 68 French ClubSPANISH CLUB Sponish Club Officers for 1983 84 were (1 ro r) Jone Lews, preside™, Porn Shepherd, secrerory rreosurer, Morlo Peorson. vicepresdenr. Rose Mory Srmrh, reporrer. and Morio Ortiz, club sponsor This year rhe Spanish Club compered or rhe Foreign Language Fair or rhe Universiry of Mississippi The results were as follows Nancy Greenhaw, Isr in coolsing, Mollye Wearherbee, 2nd in collecrions, Kelly Sims, Isr in srirchery, Geneva Parrerson, 1st in orr, Marla Pearson, 3rd in posrers; Kim Oliver, 2nd in games; Rhonda Colburn, 2nd in books; Sran Parrerson, Isr in posrers, Gene Pierce, Isr in Poerry Recirorion. Keirh Davis, Isr in Oral Proficiency, Marla Peorson, Isr m Written Proficiency; Porri Shepherd, 2nd in Translation; Amy Haney, 1st in Translation, Rhonda Colburn, Isr in Written Proficiency; Melissa Davis, 3rd in Solo Singing; Diane Wade, 2nd in Extemporaneous Prose Reading Amory High School finished 2nd or rhe Question Booth Spanish Club 89Ernestine Wols — Sponsor Shundro Young Regmo Morshall Venerrra Pack Arliso Hi Voterie Smifh 90 Y reensFRENCH HONOR SOCIETY SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY FRENCH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Leading rhe French Honor Sodery or Amory High School rhis year ore (Lefr ro Righr), Rachel Reich, secrerary, Louis Rowles, sponsor, Liso Fowlkes, president Bryan Wilkinson, rreasurer, and Rhonda Colburn, vice-presidenr New Inducrees for rhe French Norion-ol Honor Sociery were Gregg Wor-rhy, Scorr Wilkinson, Gene Pierce, Keirh Flowers, Mike Sreworr, Amy Bunch, Amy Roberrs. Randal Way-cosrer, Shannon Worhen, and Angela Dearon SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Spanish Norional Honor Sociery officers or Amory High School ore (Fronr Lefr ro Righr), Larricio Johnson, secrerary; Dione Wode, vice-presidenr; Bock same order, Keirh Davis, president and Morio Orriz, sponsor New Inducrees for rhe Spanish Norion-ol Honor Sociery were Zoniece Bradford, Porrizio Griffin. Amy Honey, Geneva Parrerson, Sran Parrerson, Kim Perry, Sherri Presrridge, Kelly Sims, Rose Mary Smirh, Bridger Sims, Jeonno Spiers, Jeri Whire, and Mollye Wearherbee 91FFA Eleered officers of rhe AHS choprer of the Future Formers of America were (fronr, I ro r ) Michael Thornton, vice president. Robert Shely president, ond Jon Wots, secretory, (bock, some order) Herman Riley, sponsor, Srocey Andress, reporter. Glen Payne, treasurer, Jim Coggin. sentinel, ond Sr on Vines, student od visor 92 FFAMr Wiey. rhe wise owl. and his future formers Robert Shelly, president, ond FFA sweetheart Melissa Hold bock. chowhounds' There's plenty for everybody Honeycutt Tool Identification reom members Anthony Hood. Steve Curler. Alan Loden. AHS FFA officers pkxed 4rh out of 12 reams in Opening ond Closing ond Mike Orell pkxed 3rd out of 15 teams compering or rhe Monroe County Vocononol Comperirion FFA 93HERO CLUB Members of the HERO Club include (front, I- to r.) Astro Whitfield. Venetro Pock, ond Jeoeice Gores, (bock) Kathryn Porks, Tujuona Randle, Mrs Shirley Moore (sponsor), liso Word, Bren-do Dovts, Terri Nelson, ond Annie McIntosh HERO Store Comperirion held in Jock-son on April 16, 1984. Isr place in Advanced Serger — Brenda Dovis Isr place in Beginner Dressmaking — Jeneice Gores 3rd place in Advanced Sportswear — Pearl Whitfield HERO officers ore Venerrro Pock, secretory (right) ond Brenda Davis, president, (left) Club sponsor is Mrs Shirley Moore (seated) 94 HEROPANORAMA — REALLY SPACED OUT Trying ro keep oil rhe deodimes mer for the Ponoromo ore co editors Rhonda Colburn (seared-) ond Teresa Wifioms (srondmg left) and soles monoger Geneva Porrerson (srondog. rghr) This yeor rhe Panorama staff and club members worlsed very hord ro produce a quality yeorbook believe ir or nor Through numerous 5rh period work sessions deadlines were barrled ond defeated This year rhe high ads salesperson was Rosemary Saroco and rhe high book salesperson wos Geneva Porrerson Doth salespersons got a free yeor bools On rhe sraff this yeor were Teresa Williams ond Rhonda Colburn, co editors Geneva arrerson, soles manager Kim Salrer layout personnel Mia Bunch and Jennifer Guess, orriy Km Caldwell decorations manager for Beauty Revue and Jeanna Spears and Dan Morns book soles Panorama Club members included Ovary Grissom. Amy Haney Melissa Davis, Angela Dearon Trad George Dee Dee Hicks Tina Holloway Melissa Honeycutt. Lori Lewe en. David Miner. Scott Notions. Srocy Parham. Sherri Presrridge Wayla Roins Ke y Sms. Kathy Schaeffer Parti Shook. Jeanna Speors. Wendy Walker, Angie Calxxjn. Shelia Clark, Trocey Colemon, Dale Dendy. Pam Hodley Melona Hamilron, Arlisa hUI. Will Howard, David Howell Don Morns Marla Pearson. Amy Roberrs Jim Sanders, Vetrro Srondifer Arlene Thompson, Michael Thornton. Denerra Whire. Tommy Wilker son. Karen Bailey Parti Bennetr, Mo Bunch. Jackie Byn .im. Terri Codden. Lisa Fowlkes Angie Gorrett Mchoel Jockson, Lee Kozlowitz. Karhi Levya, Brenr Nations, Karen Pierce Angela Rieves. Keth Sonders Mrzi Sonders David Serzer Rosemary Smith RandoH Waycasrer. Teresa Williams. Shellie Wright. Rosemory Saroco. Geneva Patterson Roberr Pickle Jennifer Guess, Joey Nesbit Elizabeth Crueber Shundro Young, Caryn Tubb Kim BrasMd and Liso Gamer Teresa Williams Geneva Patterson Our hord working sponsor Mrs Koy Moffett Beach on which rhe Josren’s Rev Home for Weary Yearbook Sponsors 6 situated Ponaroma 95WARNING! HIGH VOLTAGE VICA CLUD Amory High School Vocononol Center won severol owords or rhe Dtstnct 2 VICA SMI Qymp cs hekJ on rhe Tupelo Compus of Irowombo Jurxx College A words include Third ploce job mrerview. Dorre Colburn second ptoce opening and closing ceremonies, first place, prepared speech. Srephen D Miller. rh.rd place. eiecrr ol rrodes Jmrny Damans, first ploce. machine shop Wade Pound, and third pkxe. welding. Dorry White Winners ore front row i to r ) Robert Smith. Drod Tore Lorry Cody. Sronley Ostrowslsi. jimmy Donkins, bock row; Doug Potterson. Dorry White. Dorrel Coburn. Dov j Dobbs. Steve Mller. and Wade Pounds Pot Durnetre is the odvisor VICA officers for Amory High School rhis year were Robert Smith. Treasurer, and David Dobbs, reporr er. Drod Tore, parliamentarian, and Darrell Col burn, president, Stanley Osrrowski, vice president, Par Durnetre, sponsor, and Larry Cody, secretory VICA, the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, is o notional organization for students in trade, ndus trial, technical, and health education 96 VICAJUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ore (fronr. I ro r) Amy Dunch. srudenr cound represenronve. Porn Shepherd, vice preside™. Pom Hoynes, srudenr council represen rorive. Metano Horn!-ron. secrerory. (bock, some order) Don Morns. preside™, ond David Mdnrosh, Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS FAVOR ITES ore for 1983-64 0 ro r) Sherfo Clork. Tom my Wflkerson, David Mdnrosh. ond Jone Lewis 98 Junior Officers 6 FovonresHold rhor Tiger1 Sommy Ador Drod Avery Arrhur Doiley Kevin Doxrer Donny Dennerr Koryn Dlock Kim Drosfiekj Dove Drown Mark Duchonon Amy Dunch Morr Dufler Kelley Cofthon Jeff Chombers Jim Coggn Dorr ell Colburn Trocy Colemon John Darden Anrhony Dovis Dole Dendy Konie Dewirr Louis Duke Paige Durrerr Tno Edwards Tonya Edwards Dovid Egger Noel English John Feors Sreve Golowoy Dovid Gorrerr Rhea Gflenrme John GHeylen Juniors WDavid Greenhill Al Griffin Lesrer Griffin Tommy Griffirh Pam Hodley Metona HomilTon Den Harlow Jamie Horcher Pom Haynes Chris Hesrer Mike Hood Aren'r rhey cure5 ViH Howard David Howefl Chorlorre Hughes Mchoel Jockson Gory Jermghan Jerry Jerntghon Neol Jernighan Dichord Longford Jone Lews Kim McOung Drion McGonogl Dovid Mdnrosh Trovs Mdnrosh Shown McPherson Lon Moon Sreve MHIer Joel Monrer Hoi Morgon Don Morris Philip Morns XX) JuniorsJuruors 101Jim Senders Poul Shelly Porri Shepherd Eloynio Shumperr Druce Smoll Glenn Smirh Sreve Smirh Volerie Smirh Virgnio Smirh Priscio Sponn Dororhy Sprorr How Much??? Drod Tore Uso Thomos Eordie Thompson Mark Thor nr on M choel Thornron Goi Tidwell Todney Todd Angelo Vance Ubndo Vossor Done Wode Shannon Worhen Missy Watson Molye Weorherbee Jerry Westmoreland Greg Whiroker Gerus White Donerro White Tommy Wilkerson Dee Wmsreod Shundro Young 102 JuniorsSOPHOMORE OFFICERS AT AHS ore (fronr, I ro r.) Jeri Whire, student council represenronve; Amy Honey, rreosurer, Jeonno Spiers, secrerory, Venro Srondifer. president. Lori Lewellen, srudenr council represenronve. ond (bock) Roberr Pickle, vicepresi-denr SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES ore (fronr. I ro r) Porrizio Griffin. Lori Lewelen. (bock, some order) Sr on Patterson, ond Norris French 04Amsso Adorns Ken Adorns Srocey Andress Veido Deeiss bso Derry Mustcoi Clowns' Melisso Box Amber Drocknefl Zoneice Drodford Terry Drody Tommy Bunch Roy Clork Chuck Clemenr Dee Comer Morlo Conwrfl Sreve Crump Melisso Dovis Angelo Deoron Debro Diggs Dorryl Drfworrh Daniel Dodd Sherry Dodd Ronme Duff Joseph Eorles Woyne Englehordr Morsholl Eubonks Crysrol Ezell Keirh Flowers Korhy Fosrer Annerte French Norris French Corolyn Gores Georgerre Gores Roberr Gores Troo George Sophomores 105Porri2»o Griffin John G’rffirh Chnsri Grissom Tim Grubbs Chortene Hodowoy Vincenr Hole Amy Honey Lone Horlow John Horhcore Dryon Hesrer Dee Ann Hicks Tno ond her flog1 Joy Hillord ABen Hodo Tno Hollowoy Meteso Honeycurr Von Hoots Trocy Howord Scorr Hurley David Jenkins Mary Jenkins Chuck Johnson Sreve Kane Richord Kyle Lon Lewellen Meksso Lirrle Jackie Loyd Regno Morshol Lesfce Morhis Drod Moy Yverre Meoders David Miller 106 SophomoresArrhur Morgon flegoo Morrow Scorr Nonons Terri Nelson Jennifer Porgo Srocy Porhom ftobbo Pori er Angelo Perils Moron Porte Sr on Porrerson A new look1 Jeffery Pearson Jeff Peorson Kim Perry Robert Pickle Sherri Presrndge Tonmrho Pooey Woyto Rollins Thomas Wayne Sonderson Tommy Sondfcn Dombi Sovoge Ddy Sovoge Dorr Sawyer Korhy Schoefer Pom Shook Jomes Simmons Sophomores 107KeMy Sims Andre Smith Johnny Smith Joserte Smith Treno Srmrh Jeonno Spiers Vetrro Srondifer Andreo Storks Wilbom Stevenson Mike Srewort Tereso Sykes Wid ond crozy gofc' Dorry Tolley Jimbo Toy lor Tereso Tribble Freddie Trotter Coryn Tubb Cun Tubb Comilo Voughcn St on Vines Wendy Wolker Terry Wolloce Jon Wols Dwom Wolters Jen White Scott Wrfknson Moriyn Wilboms Penny Wiboms Trip Wiygul Doron Woods Greg Won hey Donte Wroy 106 SophomoresFRESHMAN OFFICERS Chosen os officers of rhe freshmoo class or AHS were (I ro r) Louro Pierce, yudenr counci represenronve. Metonie Fikes, vice president. Gmo Eorl. secretory. Dophne Edgeworth, president. Montco Thomas. student council represenronve. ond Trocy Dixon, rreosurer FRESHMAN FAVORITES or AHS were (I to r) Showndo Porish. Dole Pruitt. Momco Thomas. ond Ty Sisk 110 Officers G Favorites (Freshmen)Jimmy Adorns Koy Allred Liso Anderson BiBy Angeloff Anno Armstrong Don Domes Liso Deom Scorr Oenron Kimberly Dishop Johnny Dobo Vidsi Drown George Drownlee FefidO Dryonr Michelle Duckinghom Kelvin Durdine Sreve Durler Chuds Cokjwefl Trocy Coldwel Angie Cortsle Korhy Correr Dnen Chomblee Mork Cloy Kerry Cole Peggy Copetond Horvey Copkn Chrisry Cox Trocy Cox Ebzoberh Cruder Donne Dobbs Monica Deon Hole Ddworrh Trocy Dixon Dochel Dollar Adrian Downs Missy Downs Dione Dulse Gna Eorl Alon Eosr Dophne Edgeworrh Hold in Freshmen 111 il Edwords Renee Ferguson Metome Rkes Srephome French Su Chin Gorner Frederick Gorrh Korhy Gorrh Dron Gllennne Ronold Glleylen Phillip Gonzoles Nancy Geenhow Krisry Geenwood Ekzoberh Giffin Loguono Gunn Ceceko Guyron Donno Hadley Phifcp Hand Roberr Hood Comie Harlow Mike Harlow Keirh Horvey Jamie Horhcore Bobby Housley Srephonie Herring Joe Holt Andy Hood Anrhony Hood Greg Hood Corlo Householder Jeff HoweH Becky Hughes Jeanne Hughes Michoel Ivy Ger fired up! Tereso Ivy Mylnn Johnson Carron Jones 112 FreshmenFeboo Jones Norene Jones Roger Jones Gwen King Lee King Al Ling Alon Loden Drion Logon Sherry McDaniel Don McKinney Mondi Morerr Jorwce Morshol Sobrno Morshol Don Meredirh Wode Minor Lorreno Moore Mory Morgon Alford Morris Gnger Osrrowski Mork Poce Jon Poge Kefce Polmer Showndo Porish Sundro Porks Kimberly Pore Derh Payne Percy Poyne Tino Powell Louro Pierce Dole Prmrr Sobnna Poodle Chen Roy Jeff Richardson Chris Rieves Debbie Rirrer Jason Robinson Vncenr Robinson Kerrrnr Ruoss Merrt Sonderson Drift Sovoge Freshmen 110Angela Sawyer Stephanie Simmons Ty Sisk Onassis Small Oiy Spron Bobby Sprarr Felicia Sreworr Ricky Sroddord Stephen Srrawbridge Brenda Strong James Thames Monica Thomas John Thompson Sharron Thornton Karen Todd Elton Troupe Vicky Vossar Andy Wode Rjchord Wall Dewoyne Wallace Glenda Walton Jenny White fXonold White Tnoo Whire Eulo M Whitfield Linda Whitfield Stephanie Whitfield Quitting rime1 Morry Whitworth Terma Wiese Brad Williams Angelo Wilson Cameron Wilson Qumn Wilson Jimmy Wiygu! Jamie Word AlysK) Wright 114THEY FILL AN IMPORTANT SPACE . . . Board of Trusrees — Mr VN McKinney. Mr Sam C Srevens. Mr David Hodo, Chairman. Mr Edcfce Wamble. Vice Chairman, Rev W G Pruierr. Secrerory Dr Holoce Morris. Sopermrendenr Mr James Burrow, Assisronr Supehnrendenr 116 AdmmsrrortonMr Lorry Morerr. Prncipol Mr 0,11 Miley. Asst Prmopol Mr Ddl Hifcord. Vocononol Direcror Dr Horolyn beeves. Special Education Direcror Mrs Nell Cox. Bookkeeper ond Secretary ro Soper mtendenr Mrs Jeon Shumpert. Secretory ro Assr Supermren dear Mr Judi Bunch. Secretory ro Principal Mrs Jody Sanders. Secretory ro Vocotionol Director Mrs AMe Dorsert Secretory to Spec Ed Chrector Administration 117Mrs Undo Adorns — Chorus Mrs Dee Allison — Vocaronol Business ond Office Educoron Mr Mark Bailey — Disrnburive ond cooperative Educoron Mr Lee Bornerr — Science Mr Par Burnerre — Inckjsmol Elecrrory AArs Becky EasJey — Morhemoncs Mr David Easley — Morhemoncs Mrs Done Ford — Engksh Mr Andrew Fox — Bond AArs Nyoko Gory — Engish Mr Donny Gokjog — Socol Srudies AArs Rurh Griffith — Morhemorics Coferero Workers — Undo Tidwel. AAoggo Howard, Undo Shepherd. Manager, ond Lota Boker Moe Ido — Sming os usud" Chris — Doing the some' 118 Adrmmsrroron FoculryMr Chester McCol — Dcrfdng Trades Mrs Fairh McCullen — Science Mr PouJ McFaring — Meroi Trodes Ms Dersy McGlohn — Home Economics Mr Oi Mdey — Morhemoncs Mrs Kay Mofferr — Business Educonon Mrs Shirley Moore — Gainful Home Ec Mr Mono Ornz — Spanish Mr Tommy Parish — Social Srudies Mr Herman Riley — Agriculture Mr Lous Rowles — French, English Mrs Juomro Srmrh — Ubranon Mr Keirh Sreek? — Drivers Ed Mrs Lozerre Srevens — Physical Ed Mr Dob Taylor — Dand Mr John Thomas — Remedial Retored Mrs Ernestine Walls Ms Revetond Wheat — Speool Educonon — English Mr Lee Dornerr — Resident Mad Sdenrisr Admimstronon Foculry 119IUSING SPACE TO DONATE Snaps 121FAVORITE SONGS BAe Jeon Crumblm Down Cum on Fee rhe Naze Sharp Dressed Mon Rock of Ages More Power ro Yo Owner of o Lonely Heorr PYT Torol Eclipse of rhe Heorr FAVORITE VIDEOS Thriller Beor Ir FA VORITE ALBUMS TV Dinners Sharp Dressed Mon Thriller — Michoei Jockson Lick .r Up Ffcgh ond Dry — Def Leppard Footm Menrcri Heolrh — Outer Rior Dixieland Delighr Color By Numbers — Culrure Club Yoon of rhe Snoke Ger Lucky — Lover boy Tor a Ecfcpse of rhe Heorr Honk WiHiams Junior Grearesr Hirs Ebmmoror — ZZ Top No Porlsmg on rhe Donee Floor — Midnighr Sr or FAVORITE FOODS Mellencomp — John Cougar Pizzo Chips Sreaks Fries Chicken Corfish FAVORITE ENTERTAINERS Burnroes Michoei Jockson Eddte Murphie favorite restaurants Joon Rivers Robin WAoms Rchord Prior Szzler Donvers David Lerrermon Coprom D's Sronfords Debra Allen Ms Ponchos George Burns Annies FAVORITE HANG-OUTS Farmers Morker Freds Some Wren Swimming Pool (ofrer hours) Pirs Arcades FA VORITE TV SHOWS A-Team Dynosry Knors Lon ng Remngron Sree e FW Srreer Blues Rip Tide Dolos FAVORITE SAYINGS Whor Cho Oer Fer Sure No D gg»e Hey Now ChJOur Yeo Buddy FAVORITE MOVIES Two of o Kmd Sroym' Alive 46 Hours Nighrmores Risky Ousmess Chnsrme Voiey Grl FAVORITE ACTORS Sylvesrer Srolone John Trovolro Tom Seleck Tom Cruse Eddie Murphy Rodney DongerfiekJ FAVORITE ACTRESSES Olivia Newron-John Morlo Gbbs Jennifer Beols Joon Coins Nel Correr Modefcne Kohn Joon RiversMISCELLANEOUS SPACE SPEECH CONTEST WINNERS: Amory High School hod rwo superior rorings or rhe Srore Plorform Evenrs or Mississippi College Amy Roberrs (lefr) and Lisa Fowlkes (righr) borh received Superiors in Original Orarory Amy spoke on "Dress for Success” and Lisa's original five-minure speech was "The Insoniry Plea ” Dorh girls compered wirh srudenrs from all secrions of rhe srore They ore speech srudenrs of Mrs Peggy Holmes (cenrer) Mandi Marerr won All Srare Cross Counrry Award for rrack Picrured or righr ore Mandi and Mr Marerr 124. . . AND ETC. SPACE MATH SCIENCE COMPETE TOPS Pictured above are rhe srudenrs who compered in moth science competition or Mississippi College Front row, Rachel Reich, Amy Bunch, Lisa Fowlkes, Diane Wode; Bock row, Porri Shepherd, Amy Roberts, Tommy Griffith, Joey Nesbir, ond Rhonda Colburn who scored in the top 10 percent in Biology MATH VINNERS Pictured or left ore Lee King, Mondi Morert, ond Su Chin Garner who placed first in the ninth grade Moth Bowl 125'LOST THEIR SPACE" Junor Angie Colhoun and Doby Dorboro Drown "LOOK ALIKE SPACE" Gory ond Jerry Jermghon or Jerry ond Gory Jernighon w 126THERE 15 A DIFFERENCE! stewart's photographySAV-A-MINIT YOUR COMPLETE SUPERMARKET “WHERE SERVICE COMES FIRST” CUSTOM CUT USDA CHOICE HEAVY AGED WESTERN BEEF - BAKERY DELICATESSEN • COMPLETE LINE OF HOMEMADE BREADS BAKED DAILY • CUSTOM DECORATED BIRTHDAY SPECIAL OCCASION CAKES • FRESH PASTRIES, PIES, DONUTS, CUPCAKES, COOKIES BUFFET TRAYS • ASSORTED MEATS CHEESES • HOT COLD LUNCHES HATLEY RD. AMORY AMOCO 6 AM - 10 PM MON. - SAT. SELF SERVE 7 AM - 10 PM SUN. GAS • HORS DOEUVRES • SALADS • VEGETABLES • FRIED BAR-B-Q CHICKEN 1520 AM ZBR Ploys Amory's Hor Hirs! 256-5655 Ads 129[ IB | «I II0« » landmark Seal Estate The Office Supply Company A Ovuo" o' MiSSCO Co oo'V on Joy Murphy, Reolror Jeon Conrrell, Reolror Assoc Derry Young, Reolror Assoc. 602 NOUth Ma.n Street Amoky. MS 3662' OA-riCE OOt‘ 256-2700 Post Ott«e Bo 986 515 College Street Columbus Mississippi 39703 601 328-2855 SANDERSON REDI-MIX, INC. P.0 Dox 393 PH 256-9301 Amory, Mississippi 38821 AMORY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSN. SAM STEVENS Inrersecrion Hwy 25 G 6 Phone 601 256-8411 Amory, Miss 38821 DJ. FORD SALES INC HWY 25 S AMORY EPPERSON CHEVROLET-OLDS, INC. JhhS, m. MERCURY CHRYSLER CORPORATION Oldsmobile The great highway performers 130Congrarulorions, Seniors1 Class Of '84 ■Pizza inn? a CARPETS VINYL WOOD CEILING FANS wallcovering l Co, HEATERS ASHLEY BLACK BART BRIAR ELITE Concepts 407 N Front Street Amory. Mississippi 38821 Phones 256-8923 or 256 4972 PAUL HAWKINS After Hours Phone 256 3924 fiusbon Complete Electrical Supplies. Lighting Specialties Electric Supply Co. P.0. BOX 205 • 4th AVE. NORTH - AMORY, MS. 38821 - 256-8476 Mississippi Grave! Co., Inc. RAYMOND S. STANFORD Prt Jtnt 801-256-8344 102 5tti Ave No Amory. Ms 38821 WK SELL EOT LESS Js WAL-MART Discount City Wal-Mart Number 118 Highway 278 East Amory, MS 38821Senior Porrroirs Dy Noel Harmon 256-5621 132ALPHA I Amory, MS 256-3108 Congratulations, Seniors!NATIONAL DANK COMMERCE 110 N. Third Sr. Amory, MS 36821 256-7176 Medical And Indusrrial Cenrer Highway 278 E Amory, MS 38821 256 5622 134SACK IT TRACK Hwy. 278 East Amory, Mississippi 38821 (601) 256-3072 Congrorulorions Seniors tj Complimenrs Of WEST GROCERYComplimenrs Of McCOY MGF. CO., INC. Plonr 2 And Employees Sourh Dlvd. Drive 136Bank of Amory S Bankof Amory Branch of The FV«»ple Bank TruM Company Ttiprlo PO BOX 150 AMOflV MISSISSIPPI 38821 137FRAMES AND THINGS Foodway Wanr To Wish All 1984 Graduares Much Success. Professional Cusrom Framing Plozo Shopping Cenrer Ourch And Morciodeen Sreele Amory 256-9303 Fulton, AAS We Feorure USDA Choice Beef Garden Fresh Produce CUTCLIFF DRUG CO. Lawn Mowers Chain Saw Garoen Tillers Sales and Service SALES AND SERVICE "Congrorulorions Seniors" • J 6c E ENTER PRISES IIO 5th AVE north AMORY. MS 30821 601-256 7050 Dill And Derh May 256-5822 WELDING Saw Filing Gnlui i REAL ESTATE We’re Here For You • TM Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated POPE'S REALTY N. Main Sr. t AMONDS-W ATCHCS-GIFTS If. FHIiCO WATCH IHAPCCTOH Amory Dob Forbus Auro, Fire, Life G Health 213 South Main Phone: 256-3626 STATE FARM INSURANCE PSITCHmS 744 103rd Street North Amory, MS 38821 Phone 256-8813Family Drug Stores Thai Save You Money SEARS MERCHANT STORE Owned And Operated By Dororhy Parham Amory Plaza Shopping Center 256 0531 OTASCO Joe Drosfield 400 North Main Amory, MS 38821 Compliments Of CARNATHAN AND MALSKI GREEN'S BLOSSOM SHOPPE For Beautiful Florols And Lovely Gfrs Green's Blossom Shoppe 2564144 PEOPLES DRUG CO. VILLAGE PHARMACY Best BX Prices 256-9777 Mac McDivirr Beg, Ph. 139Automotive Parts Service Hiwoy 278 West PO Box 394 Amory, Mississippi 38821 Chortes Sanderson Lendon Jones 2568812 The Amory Advertiser Publishing • Advertising • Printing 113 SOUTH MAIN STREET -P O BOX 519 Phone (601 256 5647 AMORY MISSISSIPPI 38821 David Serzer — Publisher Donnie Porhom — Managing Ediror LINDA'S MINI-MART Highway 278 G 25 Amory, MS 08821 J D MOON General Merchandise Decker, MS Depositors Federal o Membe FSUC 214 S. Moin Sr, Amory 2568489 STANFORD'S RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN fAMIILV SHOP Specializing In Charcoal y t'rt 9J9 205 EIGHTH AVE NORTH Droiled Sreoks, Farm-Raised AMORY. MISSISSIPPI 38821 Corfish And Shorr Orders Complimenrs Of PUCKETT INDUSTRIES Amory Colton Oil Co. Amwood Producrs, Inc. Gilmore-Puckerr Lumber Co 141Reg Crispy TUCKER'S Hor Spicy Crispy We Specialize In Chicken Cafereria Sryle Line Served Daily Mon Sun 11 AM-1 30 PM Mon Sor 4 AM8 PM We Also Have Shorr Orders For Fosrer Service Call Your Order In 256 2026 256-2528 369 4040 142PENTHOUSE AMORY Lrd Puckerr Drive Drawer 360 Amory, MS 38821 143Coke is it! AJtfA COOf Ml rum 354-5323 R. M. HENDRICK ro BOX 1034 GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE Ni JACKSON MSS 3)205 ABERDEEN COCA-COLA COMPANY 101 Eosr Washington Street class rings - invitations - diplomas Aberdeen, MS 39730 144THE NIBBLE NOOK LODEN'S BODY SHOP Hwy 278W AND WRECKER SERVICE Amory, MS Highway 278 Eosr Amory 2567608 256-2539 BUCK WOODS FIRESTONE BLACK’S 256-8453 of Amory M 3rd 3rd rat AMORY VGmwivmvm Main Street Congrorulorlons PICKLE'S DRIVE-IN From Speciolries Corfish — Oysrers — Shrimp SONIC 1 SONIC 1 tfappyLatlng § Chicken Livers — Hushpuppies Chicken — Sandwiches — Shorr Orders f MMBUR6ERS | I! E.E. PICKLE FUNERAL HOME AND INSURANCE OFFICEAMORY GARMENT COMPANY Navy It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.213 2 A YEN Compliments Of ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ AMORY OXFORD WATER VALLEY WEST POINT 147Phone 256 2492 ■Sat rata i ? oa7£ti and gju Our Specialty is Quality BARBARA HOWELL Owner HATLEY ROAO AMORY. MS 38821 PATRONS: My Lirrle Corner Jere's Srirches Evelyn's Deoury Shop Charlie's Dud And Srem 148McCULLENTS GROCERY Congratulations Seniors ROUTE 1. ABERDEEN. MISS 39730 IHWY 45 WREN) The Village Smiths Elizabeth Jeanette Smith (601)236-3996 FEATURING - THE SAWMILL -HANDCRAFTED FURNITURE HANDMADE ITEMS AND ACCESSORIES FOR THE HOME PEOPLES DRUG CO. DRUGGISTS AND , PHARMACISTS lPHDNE 2S6-5661 AMO T MISS. FABRFVALVE Division of ITT Grinnell Valve Co., Inc. 1110 Bankhead Ave. Amory, Mississippi 38821 (601) 256-7185 TELEX 538-23 imifTrfl 149FRANCIS INSURANCE AND REALTY Complete Insurance And Real Esrare Since 1954 m REALTOR 150RAYMOND MURPHY Shop Phone 256-7800 Home Phone 256-7830 MURPHY RADIATOR SERVICE REPAIRS - QUALITY CORES Automobiles - Commercial. - Farm Equipment Industrial Radiators - Gas Tanks 300 3RD north AMORY, MS 3SS2I DILL'S HAMBURGERS We Serve 'Em Only Two Ways Fresh Cooked And Uum So Good! N Moin Sr 256-2085 Qneenhaw PHARMACY “YOUR PRESCRIPTION CENTER” STEVE GREENHAW, Rto. Ph. HI-WAY 278, EAST AMORY, MISSISSIPPI TEL 256-8483 151WILKERSON APPLIANCES GENERAL ELECTRIC Amory, Mississippi Doug George Auto Sales ''Qualify Cars Ar Reasonable Prices" 501 So Main 601-256 7088 Amory, Miss 38821 Home 601-256-7101 Waterway Suzuki SALES, SERVICE, PARTS TRENT ADAIR, OWNER Hwj. 6 North Ph. 601-256-9714 Amory MS 38821 World champions wear Balfour rings... so will the class of 1984. NORTHINSTON SNACKS, INC. Route 3 Box 343 SULLIGENT, ALABAMA 35586 DISTRIBUTOR OF PRODUCTS PEANUTS • CANDIES • SANDWICHES • BAKED GOODS • CHIPS • OTHER FINE SNACKS Ed Copeland • Nicky Drake • Virgil Melohn Jimmy Underwood • Henry Flowers • George Copeland Ben Allen • Doug Kearney Kevin Connor • Creg Williams CAMPUS SUPPLY COMPANY Box 83 Box 17355 Jackson, MS 39205 Memphis, TN 38117 (601) 354-0200 (901) 522-1833 Rings by Balfour 152BUDDY'S DEPARTMENT STORE 225-227 North Mom Sr Amory, Mississippi 38821 Phone 601256-5812 Compliments Of ANTHONY'S MENS SHOP NAPA,- BRYAN-ROGERS, INC. Amory Phone 256-3781 WRIGHTS JEWELERS Amory And Fulton Rings And Things Amory Plaza Shopping Center High School Class Ring Headquarters South c bnozy JCozi6t FRANCES GANN HWY. 278 WEST AMORY. MISSISSIPPI 38821 PHONE 258-5009 An UP SEPTIC TANKS CLE ANEO Calhoun Port-A-John Rental Service Rou»2 Amory, MIm. 38821 CHARLES CALHOUN 2M 7 734 O nar ANYTIME Compliments of dfiaxCottz. S. WiCCiami. dixcuit douxt dCtxk MONROE COUNTY P. O BOX 843 ABERDEEN. MISSISSIPPI 39730 Palmer Machine Works, Inc. OLO ROUNO MOUSE ROAD m AMORT MISSISSIPPI 38821 DUMP TRAILERS ? MONROE CDUNg o 207 North 3rd Street Amory, MS 38821 Star Printing Co. ROBERT BOOZER HWY 278 WEST 256-9535 •r = ea uue ’s Jidapic Cci sors — SAV-ON-DRUGS 1002 South Blvd., Amory, Miss. 38821 PHONE 256-9603 Quality Sporting Goods Charlie, Billie Charity Young Highway 6 Wesr Phone 256-9967 Amory Congrarularions Seniors RED KAP INDUSTRIES 154QiL ilmore SHOE Store FAMILY SHOES ACCESSORIES Phone 256-5802 Glenndole Shopping Cenrer Amory antiques, folk art. Country Oif-ts ano accessories Brasfield Horne Arts n Old I are ■ Jurni nre 9'lom iany 320 NORTH MAIN VINEGAR BEND AMORY. MISSISSIPPI jSrfl ' G. Louis y-A Mary A. Rowles S jtM s Rowles 155I look oheod and see rhe future. Full of possibilities, just waiting for me I wonr to hurry ond start my journey; I'm or rhe door I hove only to insert rhe key Cut looking bock on where I've been, I store owoy rhe memories of rhe special rimes For I shall never return or be rhe some again. I want to linger ond enjoy this rime Liso Fowlkes 156 SNIJSOf

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