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ENCOUNTERS OF NINETEEN-EIGHTY-ONE PANORAMA Amory High School Crump Boulevard Amory, Mississippi Volume OneDEDICATION Because you are concerned Because you care-Because of your affability year after year. Because you are a leader Always on the job-Giving help to others Whether it be a few or a mob. You have been an inspiration and we thank you for your smile-You have made our burdens lighter By going the “second mile." Because of all these quality traits And we only mentioned a few-All of us at Amory High Dedicate the 1981 Panorama to you. H.M. Riley The yearbook staff is very proud to dedicate the 1981 Panorama to Mrs. Smith. She has enriched the lives of students and faculty alike with her friendly and gracious attitude. She always has a smile for everyone. 3CHALLENGING . . . ENRICHING . . . Many words may be used to describe this year at Amory High School-challenging ... enriching . . . demanding. However, put them together and the experiences that a person has at Amory are, in a word. Encounters. 8 'mtStREWARDING . . . DEMANDING Encounters . .. some happy, others sad ... some successful, others not so successful. The 1981 Panorama has attempted to capture a small part of these encounters.ENCOUNTERS ...CD HOMECOMING COURT Front Row: Roxie Hightower, Sophomore Maid; Anita Wax, Senior Maid; Pansy Shumpert, Senior Maid; Bethany Tubb, HOMECOMING QUEEN 1980-81; Leah Wheat, Senior maid; Gayla Bell, Senior maid; Leight Ann Harlow; Junior maid; Gloria Burdine, Freshman maid. Back Row: Dana Brown, Student Body President; Tim Johnson, Sophomore escort; Charlie Marsh, Senior escort; Bobby Hogan, Senior escort; Mike Smith, Senior escort; David McCullen, Senior escort; Tony Hester, Senior escort; David Boyd, Junior escort; Neal Jernigan, Freshman escort; Jimmy Fisher, Senior president.Homecoming Week is always a busy and exciting time at AHS. On Tuesday the Student Council sponsored Hat Day with Al Moore, Pebbles East, David Harris, and Marty Nicholson winning with their unusual hats. Tuesday's Poster DAy was won by the Junior Class; second was the Sopho-i mores; third, the Seniors; and fourth the Freshmen. Western Day winners on Thursday were Pebbles East, Mr. John Wilson, and Jolene Hoots with Veronica McIntosh and Robert Koylowitz receiving honorable mention. Homecoming Day was Spirit Day and everyone really showed school spirit by dressing in black and gold and yelling throughout the day. A skit was presented by the Speech II Class and the name of the Homecoming Queen, Bethany Tubb, was announced by last year's queen. Sharon Stevens. The seniors won the coveted Spirit Stick at the Pep Rally, for the third year having won it as Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors, and then went on to take first place honors in the parade with their float entry, "Send In the Clowns." The Juniors came in second, the Sophomores third, and the Freshmen fourth. Of course the greatest thrill was winning the football game against Corinth and remaining undefeated in the North Little Ten. 10THE 1980 AMORY MARCHING BAND S. Adams. M. Anderson. K. Bryan, J. Burrow. B. Davis. L. English. D. Faulkner. C. Fuler. D GaHoway. K. Greer. L. Harlow. K Holman. P. Johnson. M. Love, P Martin. P. Mclntosch. L. Morris. A. Outlaw. E. Outlaw. L. Parham, L. Patterson, L. Pope. A. Porter. M Rainey. S. Schaefer, M Shepard. J. Sims. L. Thornton. L. Weaver. K. Williams. L. Armstrong. K. Bryan. B. Bunch. K. Cox. L. Fowlkes. P. Gates. C. Greenhil, R. Hoots. S. Hunter. V. Hurt. S. Huskey. M. May. R. Moon. D. Odom. M. Shields. C. Whitfield. M Wyers, B. Jackson. M. Palmer. M. Sizemore. S. Miller. A. Saraco. J. Wax. K. Cockrell. W. Crump. A. Haney. D. Harris. R Hightower. D. McCullen. R Moore. D Mullins. K Sawyer, J. Allredge. D. Boyd. J. Clark. F. Durrett. R. Edwards. J. Fisher. R. Flippo. T. Hester. M. Huffman. A. Hughes. M. Jones. R. McFadden. B Pattilo. S. Pierce. B. Pound. P. Reese. J. Rieves. J. Rieves. S Roberts. J. Smithson. R Wilkerson. T. Ghoston. D Gies. S. Morris, M. Nicholson, J. Pearson. P. Brown. R. Clark. R. Coleman. J. Fears, T Hodges. H. Kyle. M Langford. R. Langford. J. Mclntosch H Pruitt. R. Rea. M Saraco. T. Stanford. T Watson. L. Wilkerson. M Williams. D. Brown. R Goodwin. S. Gosa. L Haney. J. Sanders. V. Willingham. J Baines. H. Cowan. T. Crump. $. Forbus, V Goode. D. Holeman. S. Holman. B Hood. R. Pierce. P. Ross. S. Salter. B. Stanford. S. Wiygul. C. JacksonRIFLES Marsha Wyers. Van Hurt. Michelle Rainey. Kathy Greer. Jeannie Burrow. Elen Outlaw. Melanie Shields. Lauren English. Beth Pound. Lisa Weaver FLAGS Clockwise from center Kathy Cox. Kelly Bryan. Linda Haney. Beth Bunch. Kat Holman. Sandra Gosa. Roxie Hightower. Mary May. Allison Outlaw. Susan Schaefer. Missy Shepherd. Mary Jo Palmer. Renee Moore. Becky Jackson. Susan Holman. Sharon Huskey. Rhonda Flippo. Lisa Armstrong. Karen Bryan. Matissa Sizemore 13 PERCUSSION Henry Kyle. Patti Brown. Mark Williams, Robert Langford. Ricky Rea. Johnny Fears. Larry Wilkerson. Tim Watson. Roger Clark. Michael Saraco. Mike Langford Hiron has been a member of the marching band three years He was drum major his freshman year. He is also a member of the symphonic band where he plays trombone. He serves on the band council where he is junior representative. DRUM MAJOR HIRON COWAN 14FRESHMAN BAND RIFLES Angela Rieves. Cheryl Cockrell. Mitzi Sanders. Karen Pierce. Cindy Kyle, and Mitzi Hester FLAGS Robyn Forbus. Stephanie Marshall. Jennifer Guess. Racquel Jones. Rosemary Smith. Mona Williams, and Rachel Reich BAND MEMBERS Cindy Kyle. Mitzi Sanders. Angela Rieves. Shellie Wright. DRUM MAJORETTE. Karen Pierce. Cheryl Cockrell. Mitzi Hester. Gloria Burdine. Brenda Davis. Jenice Gates. Bridget Sims. Sarah Williams. Kim Salter. Tracey Cox. Rhonda Colburn. Natalie Tubb, Heidi Holloway. Lisa Garner. Sandy Childers. Lisa Nicholson. Denna Hurley. Rosemary Saraco. Mia Bunch. Jackie Bynum. Karen Bailey. Deborah Terry, Patti Bennett, Susan Webster. Kym Caldwell. Christi Reeves. Lernard Griffin. Scott Cagle. Al Stephens. Tommy Thornton. Larry Flippo. Keith Davis. Mike Flowers. Bryan Wilkinson. Keith Sanders. Kirk HocJo. Robert Smith. Michael McFad-den. Mark Reese. Glen Payne. Malcom Glenn. Phillip Minga. David McCollum, Robyn Forbus. Stephanie Marshall. Jennifer Guess. Racquel Jones. Rosemary Smith. Mona Williams, Rachel Reich, and Mary Prestridge 15STAGE BANDS r Symphonic Concert 16 IGOLDEN PANTHER-A LEGEND Long, long ago when this Tombigbee region still belonged to Mother Nature and her wild creatures that roamed the sloughs and ridges, maintaining their existence by their cunning and prowess in stalking and hunting, on the one hand, and their ability to escape becoming prey of a more formidable hunter on the other, there lived in this immediate area a den or pack of vicious and cunning panthers whose ambition it was to dominate and control all of the game areas, water holes, and salt licks within their range and put under their complete rule all of the other creatures of the forest. They organized themselves and set about to accomplish this purpose, and since they were a strand of creatures that included many individual cats of unusual strength and ability, they were not long in achieving their purpose. However, as is often the case when there are many powerful and talented individuals in such a conspiracy, the prolonged existence of their domination was at times in jeopardy because of the need for one leader for the pack who might be able in some manner to reconcile the driving ambitions of the big cats and unify their powers and talents for the common good. It was in fulfilling this need that the fates seemed to smile on the ambitious project of these creatures, for as their dominion began to spread and the plans and purposes of powerful leaders began on occasion to conflict, there came to the fore one of their number who. though not possessed necessarily with all of the outstanding qualities and strengths of all of the cats, (and indeed no two of the remarkable animals possessed identical abilities or talents in kind) nevertheless, he did seem to be able to come through with the peculiar and particular contribution necessary to reconcile these differences and unify the strengths of the pack into a force that established their domain and placed the entire area securely under their ways. This remarkable panther, though not as large and powerful as some, not as cunning or resourceful as others, did, however, bear a mark that seemed somehow to distinguish and identify him. He possessed a coat of distinctive golden sheen, and his dealings with others was as distinctive as his coloring. Sometimes a smart spat of needle sharp claws cross a snarling nose brought harmonious cooperation out of a mighty hunter that held others at bay while he gorged himself on the kill. Again a session of docile playfulness and soft purring would dispel the mounting tensions that would have led to domestic discord and strife, particularly among the mother cats of kittens. For all that might be said of him, he was a leader. Maybe not in all, nor necessarily in any one area was he outstanding, but when the occasion arose he was available with the contribution, unique and distinctive, that met the need at hand. The era and reign of this remarkable pantherdom has long since receded before the forces of man and his civilization which had cleared the forests, drained the swamps, driven out the game, and tapped and put into use other resources of nature so abundant in this region and more adaptable to man's particular needs. However, the spirit and purpose of this remarkable panther pack still survives in the life and purpose of some of those who now occupy this land whose plans and purposes, potentialities and abilities, are similar in spirit if not in fact. The gold in their school colors is symbolic of the loyalty to what is right and best for all their number, plus the courage and resourcefulness to be effective in helping accomplish that right. It is altogether fitting and proper that the recognitions that we give to respective leaders and outstanding students of our student body today, be such that recognize also these qualities of leadership as exemplified by that golden panther of long ago. We would be in keeping with the spirit of tradition to call this award for meritorious achievement the Golden Panther Award, to be presented at this time each year to the Amory High School Panthers whose contributions and achievements have, through the high school years just past, been distinctively significant in advancing the ideals and purposes for which Amory High School stands and the program that is designed to achieve those ideals.G O L D E N Robert Cole Jr.. Dr. ond Mrs. Robert Cole Belinda Brown. Mrs. Johnny Brown Peggy Webster. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Web- Kathy Cox. Mr and Mrs. Bert Cox Beth Brown. Mr. and Mrs. James Brown ster S 18Carolyn Alsup. Robert Alsup, father and Donna Raymond. Mrs. Eddie Raymond Rufus Alsup. Grandfather Jerry Fisher. Mrs Bill Fisher 19 Jimmy Fisher. Mrs Bill Fisher Becky Jackson. Mr and Mrs. C.H. Jackson Mary Jo Palmer. Mr. and Mrs. Rubel Palmer , i ,. » i M MR. AND MISS AH3-DANA BROWN AND GAYLA BELL 20Every year at AHS the student body elects a senior boy and a senior girl for Mr. and Miss AHS. The candidates are nominated by their fellow students and should portray leadership, friendship, loyalty, and service. Other qualifications are that they must have had a 2.5 grade average and must have been active in 10 organizations since they have been at AHS. The candidates need 3 teachers to sign their nomination forms. Dana Brown and Gayla Bell were elected Mr. and Miss AHS with Jerry Fisher and Lora Gilleylen runners up. Dana is President of the student body, a class favorite, and a member of DECA and VICA. Gayla Bell is a cheerleader, member of Spanish club and Spanish Honor Society, Peptomist, Thespians, and FBLA. 21SCHOLARSHIPS. SPECIAL AWARDS-Front row. Tommy Roy, Amory Garment Scholarship; Rusty Miller. Wayne Outlaw scholarship. Steven Salter, Amory Garment and Glenn scholarships. Dana Brown. Elizabeth Sisson scholarship, and Kirk Hill. Lee McCown scholarship. Back row. Carolyn Alsup and Bo Sizemore Amory Garment scholarships. Beth Brown. Beta Sigma Phi scholarship. Patti Francis. Americon Legion oratorical winner. Eva Walls. Sunrise Club scholarship and Rosita Brown, Masonic Lodge and Heroines of Jericho award. Not pictured. Eddie Shaddix. Phillip Parham scholarship. AMORY HIGH SCHOOL'S GOOD CITIZENS-Named good citizens and receiving awards from various organizations were Harold Walton. Lori Gilleylen. Beth Brown. Teresa Marshall. Belinda Brown. Tommy Ray. and Peggy Webster MOST OUTSTANDING BAND MEMBERS-Rosemary Saraco. most outstanding freshman. Marsha Jones. John Philip Sousa award, most outstanding senior. David Holeman. most outstanding sophomore. Kathy Cox. John Philip Sousa award. Frank Dur-rett. most outstanding junior. SPECIAL AWARDS-Receiving special awards for excelling in various categories were Mike Carroll. DeKalb Agriculture Award (kneeling); Patti Francis. Speech I award. Anita Wax. Library Club award. Kat Holman. American History award. Jimmy Fisher. FBLA. Matissa Sizemore, math and STAR Student, and Doris Whitfield. HERO Not pictured, Beth Brown, Business Education Award and Dana Brown. Electricity award. Also Not pictured. Susan Thornton. Choral Award. 22ROTARY AWARDS-Four outstanding seniors received the annual Rotary awards. Left to right seated, Jimmy Fisher and Carolyn Al-sup, who received the Arnett Awards, and Donna Raymond and Jerry Fisher, recipients of the Touchstone Awards. In background are Jack Francis, program chairman and Dr. Holace Morris, president of the club. SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS-Named winners of academic scholarships were Matissa Sizemore, University of Mississippi; Kathy Cox, Beth Brown, University of Mississippi; Patti Francis, Mississippi Southern; Not pictured, Carolyn Alsup, Itawamba Junior College. DEE MOORE SPEECH AWARD-The first annual Dee Moore Speech Award has been established at Amory High School to pay tribute to Mrs. Moore, the school's first speech teacher. The award was started by Mrs. Peggy Holmes, one of the honoree's former students. Left to right are Mrs. Moore; Eva Walls, who received the first award; and Mrs. Holmes. 23Debbie Sanders-First Alternate Teresa Williams-Second Alternate Gwen Morris-Fourth Alternate Jill Sanders-Third Alternate 24JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The Junior-Senior Banquet was held May 1. Patti Brown, Frank Durrett, Debbie Galloway, Hiron Cowan, Dina Faulkner, David Boyd, Renee Moore, and Gwen Morris performed a medley of the greatest hits from Broadway. Gwenda Ezell performed "New York, New York", "Maybe", and "Tomorrow". LeeAnn Parham came into the spotlight as Dolly. The Juniors worked extra hard decorating and putting together an excellent performance. A special thanks to Billy Cotten for getting the music together. A very special thanks to Mrs. Griffith and the faculty for making it all possible. The show received a standing ovation and several excellent comments from the faculty. The Junior-Senior Banquet was perhaps one of the best, most enjoyed banquets ever. The show was excellent and the serving girls were wonderful! Broadway Nights will remain forever. 26BROADWAY NIGHTS 278 ZSTUDENT COUNCIL Members of the Amory High School Student Council for 1980-81 ore front row. Vernodean Dobbs. Secretory. Dana Brown. President, and Greg Wax. Vice president, second row. Bobby Shumpert. Stephanie Marshall. Patti Brown. Beth Ramage: Laura Leigh Fowlkes. Mary May. and Keith Davis: Back row. Larry Flippo: Roxie Hightower. Jimmy Fisher. John Wilson. Sponsor, Jerry Fisher, and Kathy Cox Student Council members are responsible for the following: Attended Student Council workshop at University of Mississippi; Sponsored Twirp Week the week of Valentine's; Carried out proposal from student body for relocation of senior's lockers. Sponsored Spirit week the week of Homecoming with activities throughout the week. Helped with beauty revue; Instituted principal's list holiday during homeroom; Held student bonfire for football games; Sponsored student body election with speeches by candidates. 30NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of the National Honor Society are Donna Raymond, President. B.J. Cole and Jeanme Burrow. Co-Reporters. Karhy Cox. Secretary, and Beth Brown. Vice president The National Honor Society had a Christmas program for the purpose of inducting 12 new members. The following were induced: Hiron Cowan. Sharon Huskey. Laura Leigh Fowlkes. Becky Jackson, Jill Sanders. Lee Ann Parham Beth Ramage, Suzanne Maxcy, Kat Holman, Greg May, Patti Francis, Dina Faulkner. The club also sponsored the "Most Improved" for each six weeks and sold corsages and boutonnieres for Homecoming. 31p E P T 0 M 1 S T Officers of the Peptomist are as follows Robert J Cole, editor. Assistant editor. Beth Pikes. Managing editor. Kat Holman. Business Staff. Dave Giles. Frank Durrett. Stephen Morris, News editors. Peggy Webster. Gwenda Ezell; Feature editors. Brad Bowling. Rusty Crump. Special columns editor. Suzanne Maxcy. Cynthia Marshall. Sports editors. Tracey Crump. David McCullen. The PEPTOMIST, published once every six weeks, is a continuing record of school activities, information, social news, honors, and photographs. 32Thespians sponsor the following: Radio show every Thursday-"Amory High School Report." Youth Congress; Students from Ole Miss; Platform Events; Children's Play-Christmas and at end of year. Thespian Chapter has as officers this year. Jimmy Fisher. Vice president. Mrs Peggy Holmes. Sponsor; Anita Wax. Secretary. B.J. Cole. President, and Kat Holman. Treasurer.Selected officers of the Armory Hiph School Hi-Y for the 1980-81 school year were David McCuiien, President. Ddna Brown, Vice president; Jeannie Burrow, Secretary; Beth Brown, Chaplain; Tommy Parish, Sponsor. Hi-Y had two projects this year, one in the fall and one in the spring. In October Hi-Y collected $260 at a roadblock for Cystic Fibrosis. This is a disease which impairs the breathing of babies. During the Great Railroad Run on Saturday morning, April 4, Hi-Y distributed refreshments to the runners. Hi-Y also manned a “water-hole" half-way through the race and a coke and fruit stand at the finish line. }4Y T E E N S Selected officers of the Amory High School Y-Teens for the 1980-81 school year were Front row. Anita Wax, Secretary; and Teresa Marshall. Vice president. Back row. Doris Whitfield, reporter. Masheila Garth. Parliamentarian, and Mrs. Margia Bankhead, sponsor Y-Teens attended the Area III Conference in Macon, Mississippi in October. In November, members gave baskets of food to two needy families. In March, Y-Teens sponsored a Teacher-Appreciation Week. Y-Teens are making plans to host the Area III Conference. 35Z "o co Officers AHS Spanish Club-Mario Ortiz, sponsor. Becky Jackson, secretary, Linda Haney, reporter; Beth Ramage, president, and Belinda Brown, vice president. Officers AHS Spanish National Honor Society-Beck y Jackson, Vice-President, Mario Ortiz, sponsor; Beth Brown, president; and Sharon Huskey, Secretary-Treasurer. This year the Spanish Club had two entrees in the Homecoming Parade. The first entree was King Phil Reese and Queen Missy Shepherd. The second was two tacos, Terri Reeves and Linda Haney. The annual cookout and hayride was held at Senor Ortiz's house in late fall. The Spanish Club attended the National Spanish test in Oxford on March 21. and on April 3 they participated in the Foreign Language Fair at Mississippi State University. At the end of the year, they had the annual party and softball game against the French Club, 36Serving as officers of the Amory High School French Club are Front row. Hiron Cowan, vice president, and BJ. Cole, reporter Back row. Matissa Sizemore, secretary. Brad Bowling, president. Kat Holman, president. Beth Baker, reporter, and Louis Rowles. sponsor The group also includes officers of the French Club Honor Society. They are B.J. Cole, serving as secretary. Matissa Sizemore, president, and Kat Holman, vice president The French Club entered Claude le Camion in Homecoming Parade. They also saw DRA-CULA presented at MSU by Black Friars and had Christmas Party at Pizza Inn. F R E N C H Mario Ortiz. Spanish teacher at Amory High School, and Louis Rowles. French teacher, have been named officers of the state foreign language association. Mr. Ortiz is president and Mr Rowles secretary and treasurer. 37SCIENCE CLUB The Amory High School Science Club has as officers this year. Miss Rosalind Wise, sponsor. Sharon Huskey, Secretary, Anita Wax, Vice president. B.J. Cole. President. Patti Francis, Parliamentarian: Jeannie Burrow. Treasurer, and David McCullen, Reporter This year the Science Club is planning on taking a field trip to Mississippi State University to visit the Science Department. This trip is to encourage the students to pursue careers in Science. The members also gave Christmas baskets to the needy. Another project was to visit the sick in the local hospital. A Science Fair is planned in the spring. Members will participate by presenting a project. The Science Club plans to present an award on Awards Day to a student who is planning on a science career. The club also has a bike-a-thon planned to raise money for cystic fibrosis. 38LIBRARY CLUB Serving as officers of the Library Club for 1980-81 are: Anita Wax. President. Cynthia Marshall. Reporter. Brenda Davis. Vice president; Mrs Juanita Smith, sponsor. Rosemary Smith. Treasurer. Charlotte Smith. Secretary. The objectives of the Library club are: 1. To increase interest and participation in school and regional library media services; 2. To develop interesting social relationships; 3. To enhance aesthetic appreciation; 4. To encourage the pursuit toward educational excellence. The club has a special project each year at Christmas-sending a gift box to Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield. 39FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Serving this year as officers of the Amory High School chapter of Future Farmers of America are: Front row, Kirk Sawyer. Secretary; Bill Wamble. President, and Jimmy Rieves. Vice president. Back row. Roger Goodwin, student advisor. Don Brazil. Sentinel; Herman Riley, advisor. David Holeman. Treasurer, and Bobby Shumpert. Reporter. The Future Farmers of America had a banquet (hamburger supper) where sweetheart. Van Hurt, was presented with a gift by President Bill Wamble. State Star Farmer, Frankie Allison, who is a student at Miss. State University, was guest speaker. Dennis Word presented the FFA Creed. Dennis also entered competition at the Federation level in creed speaking. The ARC Welding Team composed of Mike Carroll, John Ginn and Earl Vance placed third at the Federation level in competition. At the end of the year, Mike Carroll was presented the DeKalb Agriculture Award. This award goes to an outstanding senior boy in agriculture and is based on classroom activities as well as home projects. 40FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Named officers of the Amory High School chapter of Future Homemakers of America this year were: Toya Wilson, song leader. Patricia Hausley. Secretary and treasurer. Brenda Davis. President; Teresa Lloyd. Vice president, and Gwen Morris. District song leader. Not pictured is Miss Betsy McGlohn. Advisor Gwen Morris is the Block 1-Subdistrict A song-leader. Our local chapter belongs to the State and National Future Homemakers of America. Our goal is to strengthen family living. 41Q LU o Installed as officers of the Amory High School chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) were front row. Tammi Bunch, reporter. Patti Francis, president, and Suzanne lewellen. secretary Back row, Dana Brown, vice president. John Dale Renfro, reporter, Mark Bailey, advisor, and Marty Huffman, parliamentarian This year the DECA Club was involved in Adopt A Grandparent where members of the club carried packages of fruit to Amory Manor Nursing Home. In addition to Adopt A Grandparent five members of the club placed in district competition and will advance to state competition. The DECA Club also had a heart fund road block in which $840 was collected. The members of the club will have a cookout at the end of school. 42FUTURE BUSINESS Serving as officers of FBLA for the year 198 81 are Jimmy Fisher. President; Carolyn Alsup. Vice President. Becky Jackson. Secretary, Beth Bunch. Reporter; Kathy Cox. Treasurer. Peggy Webster. Parliamentarian. Lee Ann Parham and Suzanne Maxcy. Historians. Anita Wax and Eva Walls. Representatives. The FBLA collected $2,000 for March of Dimes through a door to door campaign and reading Olympics for elementary school children. A Chrstmas party was held in the Vocational Building for children from the Children's Mansion in Tupelo. Each child was presented wrapped gifts from Santa Claus. In February members participated in district competition at Senatobia with 13 out of 18 placing in contests, and these 13 will go on to compete at state level. Winners at district were: Parliamentary Procedure Team composed of Peggy Webster, Van Hurt, Sharon Huskey, Suzanne Maxcy, and Peyton Ross; Miss FBLA, Carolyn Alsup, Public Speaking, Eval Walls; Mr. FBLA, Jimmy Fisher. Business Communications, Jill Sanders; Clerk Typist II, Marsha Wyers; Extemporaneous Speaking, Jan Tolbert; Office Procedures, Lee Ann Parham; Data Processing, Pam Johnson; Accounting I, Beth Brown; Stenographer II, Becky Jackson; Job Description Manual, Vicky Cowley; Poster, Beth Bunch and Belinda Brown. L E A D E R S O F A M E R I C A UTURE USINESS EADERS MERICA 43VICA The following were elected officers of VICA: Dana Brown. President; Kirk Hill. Vice President. Steve Logan. Secretary Mike Carroll Treasurer. Bill Tate, Parliamentarian. Mike Smith. Reporter. Jeff Shepherd. Chaplain. Rusty Miller. Student Advisor The VICA district competition was held in Tupelo March 6, t981 and the following students qualified to go to state VICA contests: Electricity, Dana Brown-Third Place. Job Interview. Roger Brown-Third place. Welding. Earl Vance-Third Place; 44HERO Some members of HERO with sponsor. Shirley Moore, ore pictured learning to sew HERO members have been involved in many activities this year. Beginning the year, a fall meeting was held at I.J.C. Student Center, November 15. Each member brought fruits and canned goods for baskets to carry to Amory Manor Nursing Home for Thanksgiving project. A Christmas party was held where gifts were exchanged. In February Charlie Marsh was selected as sweetheart with exchange of Valentine candy. The spring meeting was held at Northeast Junior College where district officers were elected. HERO officers pictured ore Doris Whitfield. President. Edith Atkins. Assistont secretary. Darlene Marsh. Vice President, sponsor Shirley Moore, HERO Sweetheart, Charlie Marsh Officers not pictured are Verna-dean Dobbs. Secretary and Rosita Brown. Treasurer 45PANO Although this is only her second year as Panorama sponsor. Kay Moffett has done a good job There's been much trouble with Mrs Steward leaving and Mrs Gary taking her place, pictures not developing correctly. Wal-Mart losing film, deadlines due. and trying to keep the index up to date Filling Mrs. Robinson's shoes where the Panorama was concerned has been a job. but Mrs Moffett has done her best A new addition to the Panorama fun has been the yearbook clinic at Long Beach. Ms A full week compacted into going to classes on lay-out and photography, shopping, swimming, boating out to Ship island, and going to the final dance Also the Panorama staff including Susan Thornton. Peggy Webster, co-editors. Tim Barnett. Eddie Shaddix. lay-out personnel. Lee Ann Parham. Suzanne Maxcy. Staff members, and Mrs Moffett, attended a Yearbook seminar at Booneville in October. At the seminar our 1980 yearbook was on display among books from other schools. The Panorama crew received many ideas on how to improve our yearbook at this workshop including a project to sell yearbooks This April event caused quite a stir among the halls of AHS Reserved in this book are memories we will never forget Although a lot of time, money, and hard work has been put into our yearbook, it is well worth it because all these things have helped to make the 1981 Panorama the best ever Photographers: Kim Williams. Eddie Shaddix and Peggy Webster Panorama Editors Peggy Webster and Susan Thornton 46RAMA Eddie Shaddix-Business Manager Mark Dorsey-Sports Editor One of the things we will always remember about our Senior Year is being the eidtors of the 1981 Panorama. Capturing moments of excitement, fun, and pleasure in the Panorama has been an experience which we have thoroughly enjoyed. Long Beach, Booneville, and the many trips to the Advertiser with M M were a lot of fun. Enjoy and share in this book the many fun times we had our senior year. God Bless All of you. Sincerely yours. 'LOohcdtQji Editors Susan Thornton and Tim Barnett-layout Personnel 47CHORUS Members of the chorus group ore. front row. Laura Moreland. Jan Tolbert, Patti Francis. Tami Bunch. Beth Baker, and Suzanne Loden; second row. Rebecca Bonner, Scarlett Welch. Susan Thornton. Melanie Moffett. Pebbles East. Rebecca Hall. Stanley Ostrowski. third row. Michelle Vincent, Kathy Jackson. Jan Gilleylen. Jackie Dilworth. Mary Jones, and Ruby Pursley. fourth row. Pat Jordan. Jolene Hoots. Dedra Dorsett. Stephanie Strawbridge. Karen Smitherman. and Sharon Nash, fifth row. Renee McAfee. Johnny Gann. Bob Pope. Jeff Moon, and Todd Gann "The difference between our singing in the fall and now are worlds apart." This is a quote from the choral director Billy Cotten in March 1981 Although the music was limited because of the lack of male voices, the Christmas, mid-winter, and spring concerts went off well. Susan Thornton was selected to attend Mississippi Honor Choir at Delta State University in February. This year the chorus started an ensemble. Through auditions these people were selected: Susan Thornton, Jolene Hoots, Patti Francis, Pebbles East. Laura Moreland, Cindy Leech. A few chorus members are to attend the production of the Metropolitan Opera's “Manon Lescaut" in May. 4850Football Cheerleaders for 1980-81 are (clockwise) Tami Turner. Dina Faulkner. Kim Miles. Pebbles East. Pansy Shumpert. Gwen Morris. Gayla Bell, and Gwenda Ezell (head). 5152 Basketball Cheerleaders for 1980-81 are (clockwise) Patti Francis. Patti Brown. Belinda Brown, Anita Wax. Lora Gilleylen. Jill Sanders. Brenda Davis, and Melanie Moffett.Freshman Cheerleaders bottom row, Sandi Jo Booth, Denise Latham, Gloria Burdine. top row. Hope Webb, Robyn Forbus, and Brenda Davis. 53ATHLETIC AWARDS AHS PANTHERS RECOGNIZED-These members of the 1980 football team were given special awards for their outstanding athletic ability shown during the season. Front row. Charlie Marsh, head manager; Bobby Shumpert. Specialty Team Award; Raymond Earl Davis. Best Defensive Lineman; and Kennedy Meaders. Best Offensive Back. Back row, Mark Dorsey, trainer; Loyd Herring. Best Offensive Line; Wayne Webb. Coach's Award. Derrick Thomas. Best Defensive Back; Dennis Latham. Most Improved Player; and Lee Davis. Player of the Year BASKETBALL HONORS-Five individuals from the Amory basketball team were honored for their outstanding achievements during the season Front row. Jeannie Burrow and Vernadean Dobbs, winners of the Captain's Awards. Back row. David McCullen, Coach's Award. Darrel Riggins. Most Improved, and Harold Walton. Coach's AwardTRACK MEMBERS RECOGNIZED-Six members of the 1981 Amory track team were given special awards for their achievements during the season. Front row, Bridie Burdine, Most Valuable Player; Mashiela Garth, Coach's Award; and Brenda Davis, Most Improved. Second row, Charlie Marsh, Captain's Award and Raymond Earl Davis, Most Valuable. Back row, Lee Davis, Most Valuable; Harold Walton, High Point Award; and Dexter Small, Most Improved. TENNIS AWARD WINNERS-Win-ning Most Valuable Boy and Girl Player for the 1981 season at AHS were this year's District AA Champs; Jeannie Burrow, Most Valuable; Coach John Wilson; and David McCullen. Most Valuable. BASEBALL MEMBERS CITED-Winning special recognition at Amory High School were Jeffrey Hood, Captain's Award; Larry Barnes, Coach's Award; and Mike Edgeworth, Most Improved. 55Team Rosters Schedule AMORY 2 Bobby Shumpert RB 145 10 8 Norris Hampton TE 174 11 12 Lee Davis RB 184 12 15 Mike Edgeworth QB 176 10 18 Kennedy Meaders QB 168 1 1 24 Darrell Riggins WR 152 11 27 Dennis Latham RB 181 11 28 Larry Woods E 151 12 30 Barry Woods RB 152 12 35 Larry Westbrook RB 141 11 40 Anthony Lackey WR 144 11 42 Mark Kelso RB 187 12 44 Bobby Love RB 154 11 45 Joe Fears WR 143 12 50 Ronnie Crump C 168 11 55 Dennis Jackson T 224 12 57 Kenny Parker C 197 10 61 Jimmy Rieves G 186 11 62 Rickey Parker G 208 12 63 Loyd Herring G 197 12 64 David Sedy G 176 12 65 Jeff Vanderheiden T 199 10 66 Randy Minor G 188 12 71 Al Moore T 211 12 72 Mike Leech T 214 11 75 Raymond Davis T 196 12 76 Henry Lee Pruitt T 217 11 77 Jeff Shepard C 286 11 78 Barry Wright T 238 12 80 Derrick Thomas WR 158 11 82 Lee Crump WR 140 10 85 Dennis Spratt TE 193 12 88 Wayne Webb WR 164 12 89 Eddie Reeves TE 152 11 90 Keith Reeves WR 146 11 Sept. 5-Tupelo at Tupelo Sept. 12-Aberdeen at Amory Sept. 19-Booneville at Amory Sept. 26-New Albany at New Albany Oct. 3-Pontofoc at Amory Oct. 10-Corinth at Amory Oct. 17-Shannon at Shannon Oct. 24-West Point at West Point Oct. 31-Fulton at Amory Nov. 7-Houston at Houston Winning Season Amory Panthers experienced one of the best football seasons in twenty years with a 10-2 record for regular season play. The Panthers ended the season on a winning note with a victory over Lee High (14-8) for the title. The Panthers captured the North Little Ten Championship, Overall Little Ten Championship and District I A A Championship. 56Running Back Lee Davis strains to fall across the goal line in the 20-14 loss against the Tupelo Golden Wave Lee Davis gets caught from behind in the defeat of the Aberdeen Bulldogs 21-17. Running Back Dennis Latham (27) is held back by a Booneville Blue Devil. The Panthers won the non-conference game 20-11. Lee Davis (12) rushed for a total of 137 yards on 33 carries to lead the Panthers to a 21-6 victory over the New Albany Bulldogs59Coaches for the varsity team were Johnny Hardin, Keith Steele, Jack Pennington, and Billy Smith. Managers for the varsity team were Mark Dorsey, Kenny Meaders, Thomas Bailey, and Charlie Marsh AMORY PANTHER 1980 LITTLE TEN NORTH DIVISION CHAMPS OVERALL CHAMPS DISTRICT I Cla ;« a a rnrMAMi Pictured are Manager Mark Dorsey, Coach Jack Pennington, Coach Billy Smith, President of Amory Booster Club Bill Monaghan, and Coach Keith Steele The sign was donated by Sonic Drive-In which depicts the successful season the Panthers had 60Amory High School's freshman football team included Front row. Glenn Flowers. Brian Wilkinson. Terry Wilson. Clyde Whitfield. Gene Pearce, Tommy Griffith. Glenn Smith. Neal Jernighan. John Darden. Travis McIntosh. Phillip Morris. Steve Walton. Darren Miller Second row. Frank Pruitt, Jim Crump. Sammy Adair. Darrell Colburn. David Chaney. Steve Miller. Larry Flippo, Scott Cagle. Larry Coty, Tommy Thornton, Anthony Stewart. Tim Ritter, and Lamont Morrow, manager Back row. Coach John Thomas. Malcolm Glenn. Mike Evans. Derrick Walker. David McIntosh. Scott Reeves, Robert Smith. Kirk Hodo. Lenard Griffin. Glenn Payne. Jeff Bush. Tarlyn Troupe, and Coach Malcolm Bender Amory High School's Seniors included front row. Larry Woods. Joe Fears. Randy Minor. Ricky Parker. Loyd Herring. Al Moore. Back row. Wayne Webb. Lee Davis. Raymond Earl Davis. Barry Woods. Mark Kelso. David Seay. Barry Wright, and Dennis Jackson 61BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Members of the Varsity Basketball team for 1980-81 are: front row. Bobby Shumpert, Jimmy Dale McIntosh. Darrel Riggins. Dennis Latham. Mike Herron. Greg Wax. and Scott Forbus. back row. David McCullen, Derrick Thomas. Hal Walton. Wayne Howell. Tracy Crump, and Kennedy Meaders Managers are Mark Dorsey and Derrick Jenkins and Coach Bill Miley. 1980-8 T Varsity Basketball Schedule 1980-81 Varsity Basketball Sched. Nov. 10 Hatley Lost Jan. 6 Smithville Won Nov. 12-15 Hatley Tournament Won Lost Jan. 9 Aberdeen Won Nov. 18 Aberdeen Lost Jan. 13 Fulton Lost Nov. 21 Nettleton Lost Jan. 16 Houston Lost Nov. 24 Smithville Won Jan. 17 West Point Lost Nov. 25 Pontotoc Lost Jan. 20 Shannon Lost Dec. 1 Nettleton Lost Jan. 24 Corinth Lost Dec. 3-6 Smithville Tourn. Won Lost Jan. 26-30 L.T.C. Lost Dec. 9 Columbus Lee Lost Feb. 3 Fulton Lost Dec. 10-13 Monroe Co. Tourn. Won Lost Feb. 6 Hatley Won Dec. 15 New Albany Lost Feb. 9-14 Dis. Tour. Lost 62GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Members of the Varsity Basketball team for 1980-81 are Jackie Meaders. Leigh Vance. Teresa Whitaker. Tina Tribble. Vivian Wilson. Beth Ramage, Jeannie Burrow. Vernadean Dobbs. Bridie Burdine. and Elly Vance, Managers are: Bethany Tubb. Cynthia Fuller, and Maureen Jessup. Coach Larry Marett and Lazette Stevens. 1980-8'! Varsity Basketball Schedule 1980-81 Varsity Basketball Schedule Nov. 10 Hatley Won Jan. 6 Smithville Won Nov. 12-15 Hatley Tourn. Lost Jan. 9 Aberdeen Won Nov. 18 Aberdeen Won Jan. 13 Fulton Lost Nov. 21 Nettleton Won Jan. 16 Houston Won Nov. 24 Smithville Lost Jan. 17 West Point Won Nov. 25 Pontotoc Lost Jan. 20 Shannon Won Dec. 1 Nettleton Won Jan. 24 Corinth Lost Dec. 3-6 Smithville Tourn. Lost Jan. 26-30 L.T.C. Tourn. Lost Dec. 9 Columbus Lee Won Feb. 3 Fulton Lost Dec. 10-13 Mon. Co. Tourn. Won Lost Feb. 6 Hatley Lost Dec. 15 New Albany Won Feb. 9-14 Dis. Tourn. Won Lost 63"In for two.” Vernadean Dobbs (35) goes up for two points 65 "Driving in." Jeannie Burrow (22) driving in for two points.TENNIS "A" Front row-Jeannie Burrow. Beth Ramage; Kathy Cox. Jill Sanders; Back Row-AI Moore. Peyton Ross. Coach John Wilson. David McCullen; Jimmy Smithson TENNIS "B Front Row-Belinda Brown. Susan Holman; Suzanne Maxcy; Back Row-Hiron Cowan. Adam Smith; Coach Wilson, Jeff Vanderheiden; Frank Durrett, not pictured. Roxie Hightower. TENNIS SCHEDULE March 16 Smithville 5-0 (won) April 1 Pontotoc 3-2 (won) March 17 Westpoint 2-3 (lost) April 9 West Point 3-2 (won) March 23 Houston 5-0 (won) April 10 Shannon 5-0 (won) March 24 Shannon 5-0 (won) April 13 Pontotoc 3-2 (won) March 26 Aberdeen 5-0 (won) April Houston 5-0 (won) March 30 Aberdeen 5-9 (won) April 16 Little Ten Mixed doubles March 31 New Albany 3-2 (won) April 23 District North half winners Mixed doubles 66Al Moore getting ready to serve Jimmy Smithson returning a serve. 3: Jeannie Burrows really gets up in the air over her game The Amory Panther Tennis team produced its best season in a decade with wins and 1 loss. David McCullen and Jeannie Burrow at mixed doubles won the District I AA Championship and qualified to compete in state competition as did Kathy Cox and Beth Ramage at girl's doubles. Unfortunately, neither was able to compete at state due to the probation imposed upon the school in late April. 9 67AHS 1981 BASEBALL TEAM Front row-Mark Dorsey. Manager. Greg Wax. Mike Edgeworth. Larry Barnes. Charlie Marsh. Bobby Love. 8obby Shumpert; John Dale Renfro. Dennis Latham. Bock row. Coach Bill Miley. Lee Crump; Jeffrey Hood; Wayne Webb; Tracy Crump; Derrick Thomas; Kennedy Meaders; Darrell RigginsCharlie Marsh is always ready to meet John Dale Renfro after one of his famous homeruns. "Better watch out boys! Here Comes Wayne!!" BASEBALL SCHEDULE MARCH APRIL 13 Hamilton 16-2. 7-2 (won) 2 Tupelo 13-1 (won) 16 Pontotoc 19-16 (won) 3 Okolona 3-2 (won) 19 Mooreville 2-1 (lost) 6 Fulton 11-9 (lost) 20 Saltillo 19-7 (won) 9 West Point 13-3 (lost) 23 Okolona 7-1 (won) 10 Pontotoc 7-3 (won) 26 Shannon 6-5 (lost) 13 Shannon 8-6 (won) 27 Houston 6-1 (won) 16 Aberdeen 4-3 (lost) 30 Aberdeen 4-0 (won) 17 Saltillo 8-6 (won) 20 Tupelo 7-5 (lost) 23 Fulton 8-6 (won) 27 West Point 12-1 (lost) 69Dennis Latham hits a 3 run homer. The Team after a game. Amory-19 Saltillo-7MHNHMI »• •» l Wayne Webb Rounding Third. Amory beat Aberdeen 4-0 John Renfro Makes a play at 3rd. Coach Miley Gives the Batter the sign. Wanye Webb Stops At 3rd. W '7" v ,'ji, y - •1981 Track Raymond Davis Shotput (51 FT.) Lee Davis runs the 100 yard dash in 9.7 in the first track meet. AHS TRACK SCHEDULE March 28 Journal Relays Tupelo Second April 9 Bulldog Relays Aberdeen Second April 7 Generals Relays Columbus Second April 14 Gazette Relays New Albany Second April 18 North Little Ten Aberdeen First April 21 Overall Little Ten Aberdeen Second April 25 District One New Albany Second New Meet Records Lee Davis-100 yd. dash (9.7 sec.) Joe Fears. Charlie Marsh, Dennis Latham, Lee Davis-880 Relay (1.32) Earl Davis-Shot Put (52.1 ft.) School Records Bobby Shumpert-Pole Vault Earl Davis-Discus (140 ft.) Raymond Anderson, Harold Walton, Charlie Marsh, Keith Howard-Boys Mile Relay (3.29.1) Harold Walton-triple jump (41 ft 11 in) DISTRICT PLACE WINNERS Raymond Davis-first Shotput (51 ft.) Brenda Davis-first in Hurdle 110 meters (17.4 sec.) Bobby Love, Dennis Latham, Harold Walton, Charlie Marsh-first in 440 Relay (45.1) Harold Walton-first in triple jump Dexter Small-second 110 meter hurdles (15.3) Faye Morgan, Alicia Hill, Shell Walton, Brenda Davis-second 400 meter Relay (53.8) Dexter Small-second 110 meter hurdles, low Harold Walton-second Boys long jump (20 ft. 3 in.) Bobby Shumpert-second half mile run (2.11) Raymond Davis-second Discus (140 ft.) Raymond Anderson, Keith Howard, Harold Walton, Charlie Marsh-Mile Relay (3.30) second place Charles Rainey-Triple jump (40%) third place Destry Shumpert-110 meter hurdles (15.5) third place Bobby Shumpert-Pole Vault (12 ft.) third place Harold Walton, Dennis Latham, Charlie Marsh, Keith Howard-880 meter Relay (3.42) third place Brenda Davis-220 meter dash (27.5) third place Alicia Hill, Shell Walton, Rosita Brown, Faye Morgan-Girls mile Relay (4.23.7) third placeFRESHMAN BOYS TRACK Front Row: Phillip Morris. Tarlyne Troupe; Leonard Griffin. Steve Walton. Anthony Stewart. Glen Payne Back Row: Coach Billy Smith; Larry Flippo; Jeff Bush. Franklin Pruitt; John Darden; Sammy Adair. Glen Smith Varsity Girls Team Freshman Girls Track Front Row: Brenda Davis; Shan Walton; Ava Whitfield. Geneva Patterson; Robin Parker. Sarah Williams Back Row; Faye Morgan. Bridie Burdine; Rosita Brown. Lora Gilleyen (MGR)Senior Class Officers: President. Jimmy Fisher. Vice President. Kathy Cox. Secretary. Beth Bunch; Treasurer. Becky Jackson Representatives. Anita Wax. Jerry Fisher Senior Class Favorites Dana Brown. Beth Brown. Pansy Shumpert. Lee Davis 76Lori Ann Adams Carolyn Ivetta Alsup David Lamar Baker, Jr. Brad Bowling Phillip E. Brewer Belinda Leigh Brown Timothy Elliott Barnett Annette BlairDana Paul Brown Daniel E. Brown Elizabeth Diane Brown Kelly Leigh Bryan Linda Ree Buchanan Elizabeth Ann Bunch 79Katherine Elizabeth Cox William Earl Crump Lee Andrew DavisRaymond Earl Davis Gerald Keith Fisher Christopher David Dorsett James Allen Fisher Joe Maurice Fears Lisa Mann Flippo 81 Patricia Ann Francis Connie Eileen French Sheri Lynn GarrettMashiela Garth Lora Ann Gilleylen Jerry Randall Hatcher Loyd Herring Kathy Britt Greer illpiiiSili i V ' ••• I ItlHMHIhl A ••••»•« •• Kv'.w.v. v..' v. v • ' »♦ •• k t »' • %•» : •« y »v i«»v» V .V AV • V wXw.wva'-' • • ♦ • • ♦ • 4 ” Monica Lynn Herron Thomas Floyd Hodges Tony Randle Hester Tammy Walker HittBobby Wayne Hogan Steven Edward Holeman Coye Holloway James Jeffrey Hood Dennis Frank Jackson Morris Andrew Huffman Rebecca Gail Jackson James Anthony Hunter Carolyn Denise Jernighan 83Marsha Jones Lacinda Dawn Leech Vivian Suzanne lewellen Stephen Winston Logan Margaret Delardis Love Charlie Lee Marsh Darlene Marsh 84Mureil Teresa Marshall Randy Scott Minor Susan Ealaine Mason Alan Leslie Moore • ••in . v.v •• • llli| Kimberly Ann Miles Russell Wimberley Miller Jeffrey Alan Moon David Moore McCullen ' '. Deborah Kaye MinorSharon Ear line Nash Ellen Jeanette Outlaw Robin Renee Nivens Steven Owens Lesli Camille Morris Tina Rene Nix A Cassandra A. Pace Mary Jo Palmer Richard L. ParkerDonna Kay Raymond Jarvis Reddick Brenda Anne ReevesJohn Dal© Renfro Arnita Joyce Ruff Joseph William Rleves. II Stephen Phillip Salter Stephen Russell Ritter Susan Marie Schaefer John David Seay. Jr. Edward B. Shaddix James R. ShepherdLori Ann Thornton Susan Alita Thornton Margaret Jan Tolbert 89Bethany Leigh Tubb Earl Vance Eva Patheria Walls 90 Anita Dianne Wax Peggy Jean Webster William Wayne WebbLeah Carole Wheat Cynthia Whitfield Doris Virginia Whitfield Barry Darnell Woods Larry Donell Woods Lyn Rae Cruse Wray Diane Frances Ziehlke Barry Ray Wright Marsha Suzanne Wyers 9192(1) L. Adams (2.) C. Alsup (3.) T. Barnett (4.) G. Bell (5.) A. Blair (6.) B. Bowling (7.) P. Brewer (8.) B. Brown (9.) D. Brown (10.) R. Brown (11.) K. Bryan (12.)L. Buchanan (13.) B. Bunch (14.) D. Burnett (15.) J. Burrow (16.) V. Cowley (17.) K. Cox (18.) R. Crump (19.) L. Davis (20.) C. Dorsett (21.) J. Fisher (22.) L. Flippo (23.) P. francis (24.) M. Garth (25.) S. Garrett (26.) L. Gilleylen (27.) K. Greer (28.) J. Hatcher (29.) T. Hester (30.) T. Hodges. (1.) B. Hogan (2.) S. Holeman (3.) J. Hood (4.) B. Jackson (5.) C. Jernighan (6.) M. Kelso (7.) K. Lantrip (8.) C. Leech (9.) S. Lewellen (10.) S. Logan (11.) M. Love (12.) T. Marshall (13.) S. Mason (14.) D. McCullen (15.) C. Marsh (16.) D. Marsh (17.) R. Miller (18.) D. Minor (19.) R. Minor (20.) A. Moore (21.) L. Morris (22.) S. Nash (23.) E. Outlaw (24.) S. Owens (25.) C. Pace (26.) M.J. Palmer (27.) K. Pate (28.) S. Pierce (29.) S. Pinkerton (30). J. Randle (1.) D. Raymond (2.) T. Ray (3.) B. Reeves (4.) J. Rieves (5.) A. Ruff (6.) S. Salter (7.) S. Schaefer (8.) E. Shaddix (9.) P. Shumpert (10.) M. Sizemore (11.) M. Smith (12.) L. Thompson (13.) J. Tolbert (14.) S. Thornton (15.) B. Tubb (16.) E. Walls (17.) A. Ward (18.) A. Wax (19.) P. Webster (20.) L. Wheat (21.) C. Whitfield (22.) D. Whitfield (23.) L. Wray (24.) M. Wyers (25.) D. ZiehlkeSENIOR ACTIVITIES Adams, Lori-HERO. Alexander, Terry-Football; Basketball; Track. Alsup, Carolyn-FBLA, V.P.; Y-Teens, Asst. Sec.; Panorama; National Honor Soc.; Hi-Y; Chorus; Thespians; Basketball. Baker, David-Football; FBLA; DECA; FFA. Barnett, Tim-Band; FBLA; FFA; Panorama, Asst. Editor; Peptomist; Science Club. Bell, Gayla-Volleyball; Basketball; Track; FHA; Spanish Club; FBLA; Cheerleader; Panorama; Thespians; Peptomist; Spanish Honor Soc. Blair, Annette-Library Club; HERO. Bowling, Brad-Band; Peptomist, Co-Editor; French Club, President. Brewer, Phillip-Football; VICA; FFA; FBLA. Brown, Belinda-Spanish Club, V.P.; Peptomist; FBLA; Panorama; National Honor Soc.; Spanish Honor Soc.; Cheerleader; Hi-Y; Thespians; Chorus; Rotary Girl; Tennis. Brown, Beth-National Honor Soc., V.P.; Spanish Club, Sec. V.P.; Spanish Honor Soc., Sec. Pres.; Hi-Y, Chaplain; Panorama; Peptomist; Thespians; Chorus; FBLA; Class Fav.; Rotary Girl; DAR Good Citizen. Brown, Dana-Band; Track; VICA, V.P.; DECA, V.P.; FBLA; Hi-Y. V.P.; Student Council, Pres.; Class Vice Pres. Brown, Danny-FFA; VICA. Brown, Roger-FFA; VICA. Brown, Rosita-FHA; HERO, Treas.; Library Club, Treas.; FBLA; Track. Brownlee, Vincent-FFA. Bryan, Kelly-Band; Flag; FBLA; DECA; Basketball. Buchanan, Linda-FBLA; Track; Panorama. Bunch, Beth-Band; Flag; FBLA, Reporter; Thespians; Panorama; Hi-Y; Peptomist; Thespian Honor Soc.; Class Sec.; Girls State; Youth Cong. Delegate. Burnett, Dian-Band; Flag; FBLA. Burrow, Jeannie-Basketball; Tennis; FBLA; Band; Rifle, Capt.; Hi-Y, Sec.; Science Club, Treas.; Cheerleader; National Honor Soc., Reporter; Peptomist; Thespians; Girls State; Rotary Girl. Carroll, Mike-FFA. Chaney, Patty-FBLA; DECA; Hi-Y. Cole, Robert J.-Peptomist, Ed.; FBLA; Science Club, Pres.; National Honor Soc., Reporter; Thespians, Pres.; DECA; Band; French Club, Sec. Cowley, Vicky-FBLA. Cox, Kathy-Band; Flag; Stage Band; FBLA, Treas.; National Honor Soc.; Basketball; Tennis; Peptomist; Thespians; Hi-Y; Student Council; Science Club; Class Vice-Pres.; NHC, Sec. Crump, Richard-FFA; Band. Crump, Rusty-National Merit Finalist; Rotary Boy; Baseball; French Club; Peptomist; Baseball Manager. Davis, Lee-FFA; Band; Student Council; Rotary Boy; Football; Track; Baseball; Basketball; All Conference, Football. Davis, Raymond Earl-FFA; Track; Football; Basketball; All Conference in football. Dorsett, Chris-French Club; Spanish Club; Chorus; Band. Fears, Joe-Football; Track; Basketball; Band; FFA. Fisher, Jerry-FBLA; Panorama; Peptomist; Student Council; Thespians; Band. Band, Vice-Pres.; Class Fav.; Rotary Boy; Hi-Y. Fisher, Jimmy-FBLA, Pres.; Panorama; Thespians; Thes. Vice Pres.; Student Council; Class Pres.; Band; Science Club; Rotary Boy; Hi-Y. Flippo, Lisa Mann-Basketball; FBLA; Y-Teens. Francis, Patti-DECA, Pres.; FBLA; French Club; National Honor Soc.; Panorama; Peptomist; Student Council; Class V. Pres.; Thespians; Band; Chorus; Science Club; French National Honor Soc.; Cheerleader; Homecoming Maid; FFA Sweetheart. French, Connie-FHA, Pres.; FBLA; Y-Teens; HERO. Garrett, Sheri-FBLA; Basketball. Garth, Mashiela-Y-Teens; FHA. Gilleylen, Lora-FHA; Y-Teens, Sec.; Library Club; HERO. Ginn, John-Football; FFA.SENIOR ACTIVITIES Greer, Kathy-Band; Rifle; FBLA; DECA; Tennis. Hatcher, Jerry-FFA; VICA. Herring, Loyd-FFA, Football. Herron, Monica-Track; Basketball; Y-Teens; FHA; HERO. Hester, Tony-Band; FFA, Sentinel; Stage Band. Hill, Kirk-FFA; FFA Secretary; VICA, Vice Pres. Hitt, Tammy-Cheerleader; Homecoming Maid; Spanish Club; Hi-Y; DECA; Pepto-mist; Panorama. Hodges, Tommy-Band; Stage Band, FFA; French Club. Hogan, Bobby-FFA; Football. Holeman, Steve-Band; FBLA; Stage Band; Spanish Club. Holloway, Coye-FFA; DECA; Chorus. Hood, Jeffrey-Band; Basketball, Baseball; Class Vice Pres.; Football. Huffman, Marty-DECA; Band; Stage Band; Science Club. Hunter, Anthony-FFA; VICA. Jackson, Becky-Spanish Club, Secretary Treasurer; FBLA, Secretary; Science Club; Band; Flag; Peptomist; Panorama; Thespians; National Honor Society; Spanish Honor Society; Vice Pres., Spanish Hon. Soc.; Rotary Girl; Bus. Ed. Award. Jackson, Dennis-Football; Spanish Club; Track; Science Club. Jernighan, Carolyn-HERO; Manager, Track. Jones, Marsha-Band; FBLA; Stage Band; FFA. Kelso, Mark-Class Pres.; Football; FFA; FBLA; Basketball; rrack; Boy's State. Lantrip, Kim-FBLA. Leech, Cindy-FBLA: Peptomist; Hi-Y; Pilot Girl. Lewellen, Suzanne-Band; DECA; Hi-Y; FBLA; Spanish Club. Logan, Steve-Football; VICA. Love, Margaret-Band; FHA; FFA. McCullen, David-Band; Tennis; Basketball; Rotary Boy; Student Council Rep.; Hi-Y, Pres.; Peptomist, Sports Ed.; Boys' State. Marsh, Charlie-FBLA; Baseball; Manager, Football; Track, Manager; Basketball, Manager; FFA. Marsh, Darlene-HERO; Track; Y-Teens. Marshall, Teresa-Cheerleader; Student Council; Y-Teen, Pres. Vice Pres.; FHA; FFA; Library. Miles, Kirn-Cheerleader; DECA; Spanish Club. Mason, Susan-FFA. Miller, Rusty-Football; VICA; FFA. Minor, Deborah-Y-Teens; FBLA; DECA; Spanish Club. Minor, Randy-Football; Beta Club; FBLA; Science Club. Moon, Jeff-FFA Moore, Al-Football; Peptomist; Basketball; Baseball; Tennis. Morris, Lesli-Student Council; Class Pres.; Spanish Club; Hi-Y; Thespians; FBLA; Peptomist; Panorama; Band; Basketball; Girls' State. Nash, Sharon-French Club; Art; Thespians; National Honor Soc.; Chorus; French Honor Soc. Nivens, Robin-FBLA. Nix, Tina-FBLA; Perfect Attendance. Outlaw, Ellen-DECA; FBLA; Band; Rifle; Rifle Cap.; Stage Band; Basketball; Cheerleader. Owen, Steve-FBLA; Panorama; FFA; Class Fav.; Per. Attendance. Pace, Cassie-FBLA; Chorus. Palmer, Mary Jo-FBLA; Peptomist; Panorama; Thespians; DECA; Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Soc.; Hi-Y; Band; Flag; Basketball; Pilot Girl. Parker, Rickie-Football; Baseball. Pate, Kim-Spanish Club; DECA: Y-Teens. Patt, Becky-FBLA: DECA. Pierce, Sharon-FBLA; Band; Peptomist; Panorama. Pinkerton, Susan-DECA; Band; Stage Band. Pipkin, Sherry-Chorus; DECA; Y-Teens. Randle, Jackie-FBLA; HERO; FHA; Library Club. Ray, Tommy-Spanish Club; FBLA. 96SENIOR ACTIVITIES Raymond, Donna-FBLA; Peptomist; Spanish Club; Thespians; State Span. Pres.; National Honor Soc.; Spanish Honor Soc.; Band. Reddick, Jarvis-Class Pres.; Band; Basketball; Science Club; Track. Renfro, John Dale-FFA; DECA; Football; Baseball; Class Favorite. Rieves, Joe ll-Spanish Club; Band; FBLA; Rotary Boy; Football; Basketball; Peptomist; Stage Band. Ritter, Steve-FFA. Ruff, Anita-Library Club; FHA; HERO; Y-Teens; Basketball. Salter, Stephen-Band; Peptomist; Stage Band; French Club; Boys' State. Schaeffer, Susan-Band; Flag; Panorama; FBLA; Thespians; Spanish Club; Peptomist; Pilot Girl. Seay, David-Rotary Boy; Spanish Club; Football. Shaddix, Eddie-Chorus; Class Reporter; Band; Spanish Club; DECA; FBLA; Panorama. Shaw, Robert-FFA. Shepherd, Jimmy-FFA. Shumpert, Pansy-FBLA; Y-Teens; Peptomist; Library Club; Library Club Sec.; Class Favorite; Cheerleader; FHA; Basketball; Chorus; Youth Congress; Perfect Attendance. Sizemore, Matissa-French Club, Vice Pres. Sec.; Science Club; FBLA; Hi-Y; National Honor Soc.; Thespians; Class Sec.; French Honor Soc.; French Honor Soc. Pres.; Band; Flag; Peptomist; Panorama; French Award. Smith, Mike-DECA; FFA; Band; VICA. Standifer, Gerald-DECA; FFA; FBLA; Panorama. Stanford, Angie-FBLA. Strawbridge, David-FFA. Thompson, Lori-FBLA. Thornton, Lori-Spanish Club, Reporter; Spanish Honor Soc., Reporter; FBLA; Peptomist; Panorama; Y-Teens; Hi-Y; Science Club; Thespians; National Honor Soc.; Band; Chorus; DAR Award. Thornton, Susan-FBLA; Peptomist; Pan- orama; Panorama, Ed.; Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Thespians; Chorus; Choral Award. Tolbert, Jan-Peptomist; Chorus; FBLA. Tubb, Bethany-Basketball, Manager; Band; FBLA; DECA; Homecoming Maid Queen Vance, Calvin-FFA; FBLA. Vance, Earl-FFA; FBLA; Football; Basketball; VICA: Track; Per. Att. Walls, Eva-Y-Teens; Science Club; FBLA; DECA; Band; Thespians; Flag; French; Library. Walton. Carol-FHA; Track; HERO; Y-Teens; Library Club. Walton, Harold-Basketball; Track; FFA. Ward, Ada-FHA; Y-Teens; Peptomist. Wax, Anita-Y-Teens, Pres. Sec.; Library, Sec., V. Pres., Pres.; FBLA; Science, V. Pres.; Thespians, Treas. Sec.; French Club; Cheerleader; Student Council; DECA; Homecoming Maid; Youth Congress. Webb, Wayne-Football; Basketball; Baseball; FBLA; Spanish Club; Panorama. Webster, Peggy-National Honor Soc.; FBLA, St. Parliamentarian; Peptomist; Panorama, Ed.; Thespians; Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Rotary Girl; Youth Congress. Wheat, Leah-Class Officer; Class Favorite; Science Club; FHA; Panorama; DECA; FBLA; Hi-Y; Basketball; Tennis; Spanish Club. Whitfield, Doris-FHA; HERO; DECA; Y-Teens; Track; Per. Attendance. Woods, Barry-Per. Attendance; FFA; Football. Woods, Larry-Football; Track; FFA. Wray, Lyn Cruse-Spanish Club; French Club; Panorama. Wright, Barry-FFA; Football. Wyers, Marsha-Band; Rifle; FBLA; Panorama; French Club. Ziehlke, Diane-DECA; Band; Swim Team.Junior Class Officers: President. Patti Brown. Vice president. Laura Leigh Fowlkes. Secretary. Debbie Galloway. Treasurer, Frank Durrett. Representatives. Beth Ramage. Vernadean Dobbs 98 Junior Class Favorites: David Boyd. Patti Brown. Vernadean Dobbs. Derrick ThomasPatty Andrews Lisa Armstrong Richard Armstrong Sarah Ballard David Banks Elaine Barnes Larry Barnes Jenny Berry Robert Bonner David Boyd Pat Brasfield Patti Brown Jackie Brownlee Tammy Bunch Karen Chew Kathy Chism Kim Cockrell Hiron Cowan Dudley Crump Ronnie Crump Tracey Crump Albert Donkins Julia Dobbs Vernadean Dobbs Frank Durrett Lauren English Gwenda Ezell Johnny Fears Keith Flurry Dina Faulkner 100Beth Fikes Laura Leigh Fowlkes Debbie Galloway Laura Garner Tony Ghoston Dana Goutirez Charlette Greenhil Virginia Hadaway Donna Hammock Norris Hampton Alan Haney Linda Haney Leigh Ann Harlow Randy Harmon David Harris Elaine Harris Lisa Harrison Jay Hatcher Michael Herron Robin Hester Loretta Holloway Kat Holman Bradley Hood Renee Hoots Jacki Horn Allen Hughes Shelia Hunter Sharon Huskey Pam Johnson Jimmy Kyle 101Anthony Lackey Robert Langtord Dennis Latham Michael Leech Bobby Love Richard McFadden Jimmy McIntosh Cynthia Marshall Pamela Martin Pepper Massengill Suzanne Maxcy Greg May Sammy Miller Criss Minich Rebecca Moon Renee Moore Faye Morgan Trellis Morgan Doug Morris Gwen Morris Marty Nicholson Karen Oliver Lee Ann Parham Michelle Parker Judith Pate Lisa Patterson Wendy Pierce Susan Poe Bob Pope Henry Pruitt 102Ruby Pursley Michelle Rainey Beth Ramage Herlener Randle Ricky Rea Phil Reese Debbie Reeves Keith Reeves Jimmy Rieves Darrel Riggins Peyton Ross Debbie Sanders Jill Sanders Anthony Saraco Jeff Shepherd Melanie Shields Jacquelyn Sims Patrick Shook Dexter Small Ken Smith Timmy Smith Dennis Spratt Brad Stanford Joan Stivala Oober Tate Derrick Thomas Ely Vance Bill Wamble Tim Watson Gregg Wax 103John Wax Teresa Whitaker Ava Whitfield Larry Wilkerson Reid Wilkerson "Can you identify the clown in this picture?" "Two of Mr. Bailey's favorites." 104 "Pam, are you sitting by your future sister-in-law?""Is it love for the Railroad that makes you smile like that Debbie and Jerry or ..." "What is that sound I hear? THE SOUND OF MUSIC??'' "Yeah, we bad!" "Which one of these will become your next enemy. P.R.?" 1. Larry Wilkerson 2. Mike Leech 3. Oober 4 Leah Wheat 5. Tim Watson 105Sophomore Class Officers: President. Bridie Burdine (not pictured). Vice president. Roxie Hightower. Secretary. Sandra Gosa; Treasurer. Stephanie Adams. Representatives. Mary May. Bobby Shumpert 106 Sophomore Class Favorites: Patricia Gates, Bobby Shumpert. Mary May. Scott Forbus (not pictured)Michelle Adams Stephanie Adams Jay Baines Beth Baker Paul Barnes Richard Barrentine Margo Basom Shelby Bennett Kim Bowen Dennis Braylock Tony Bridges Karen Bryan Bridie Burdine Dougley Carter Gaye Chaney Joey Clark Roger Clark Russ Coleman Craig Cox Lee Crump Charley Culpepper Donald Dilworth Jackie Dilworth Bruce Dobbs Irene Dobbs Richard Dodd DeDe Dorsett Pebbles East Michael Edgeworth Randy Edwards 108 David Fears Rhonda Flippo Scott Forbus Nita Fundertxirk Johnny Gann Vickie Garner Patricia Gates David Giles Nicole Gillentine Tommy Gillentine Christy Gilleylen Jan Gilleylen Vernon Goode Rodger Goodwin Sandra Gosa Paula Griffin Ya-Ya Griffin Marilyn Hall Rebecca Hall Patricia Hausley Roxie Hightower David Holeman Susan Holman Sam Hand Cecil Hogan Tim Holloway Jolene Hoots Keith Householder Vance Householder Keith Howard 109Richard Huffman Van Hurt Kenny Isbell Chad Jackson Kathy Jackson Preston James Tim Johnson Bert Jones Pat Jordan Alyson Keith David Kendrick Thomas Kennedy Carol Kilgore Brian King Henry Kyle Mike Langford Suzanne Loden Arneal Lowe Mike McFadden Shirley McFadden Veronica McIntosh Terry Mann Mary May Jackie Meaders Kenny Meaders Ronnie Means Melanie Moffett Laura Moreland Glenda Morgan LeAndrew Morgan noStephen Morris Darren Mullins Darnell Odom Mike Odom Allison Outlaw Dwight Pack Kenny Parker Randy Parker Billy Patillo Patrick Phillips Ronnie Pierce Linda Pipkin LeAnn Pope Angie Porter Beth Pound Charles Rainey Zettie Rainey Chad Ray Lisa Reeves Tina Reeves Terri Reeves Johnny Reich Shawn Roberts Tim Robertson Jason Sanders Michael Saraco Kirk Sawyer Missy Shepherd Bobby Shumpert Destry Shumpert 111Keith Shutt Adam Smith Charlotte Smith Johnny Smith Karen Smitherman Jimmy Smithson John Spann Mary Lois Spratt Toby Stanford Peggy Stewart Stephanie Strawbridge Lynda Strong Jackie Sykes Lonnie Thomas Jimmy “Dean" Thompson Tina Tribble Cleveland Tubb Tami Turner Dorothy Vance Leigh Vance Jeff Vanderheiden Michelle Vincent Mai Walls Lisa Weaver Doug Webb i Rita West Tim West Alan Wiggington Shirley Williams Toya Wilson I I 112113 "Watch out Charles! Here comes the Klu Klux Klan."Freshmen Class Officers: President. Larry Flippo; Vice president. Keith Davis; Treasurer. Rachel Reich; Secretary, Karen Pierce; Representative. Stephanie Marshall 114 Freshmen Class Favorites: Dennis Word. Gloria Burdine. Denise Latham. Derrick WalkerSammy Adair Laura Angeloff Shelia Angeloff Rodney Armstrong Karen Bailey Patti Bennett Louise Berry Rebecca Bonner Sandi Booth Barbara Brown Mia Bunch Gloria Burdine Jeff Bush Jackie Bynum Scott Cagle Kym Caldwell David Chaney Sandy Childers Annie Childs Cheryl Cockrell Larry Cody Darrell Colburn Rhonda Colburn Tommy Conaway Tracey Cox David Dabbs Jimmy Dankins Brenda Davis Donna Davis Keith Davis 116Brenda Dobbs Lisa Dodd Ricky Dodd Kim Edwards Mike Evans Sandy Evans Larry Flipo Mike Flowers Scott Flurry Robyn Forbus Lisa Fowlkes Todd Gann Lisa Gamer Sammy Garth Jeneice Gates Malcolm Glenn Lea Ann Goode Lemard Griffin Steven Griffin Jennifer Guess Kathy Haney Judy Hatcher Charles Haynes Mitzi Hester Heidi Holloway Rochelle Harris Kirk Hodo Tracy Householder Denna Hurley Neal Jernigan 117Racquel Jones Robert Kozlowitz Cindy Kyle Ricky Kyle Denise Latham Kathy Levya Anthony Lindsey Annette Lloyd Gary McAfee Renee McAfee David McCollum Dean Mann Stephanie Marshall Amy Mathis Phillip Minga Lisa Monaghan Jeff Moon Scott Nash Lisa Nicholson Stanley Ostrowski Venettra Pack Robbin Parker Kathryn Parks Wiiiam Parks Doug Patterson Geneva Patterson Glen Payne Robert Phillips David Pickle Gene Pierce 118Karen Pierce Mary Prestridge Frank Pruitt Herbert Pursley Mark Reese Carol Reeves Christi Reeves Scott Reeves Rachel Reich Keith Remer Angela Rieves Stephanie Roberts Randy Rogers Hans Ruoss Kim Salter Al Stephens Keith Sanders Mitzi Sanders Hob Sanderson Rosemary Saraco Dave Schroeder Bridget Sims Robert Smith Rosemary Smith Joyce Spruill Wayne Stewart Randie Tartt Deborah Terry Tommy Thornton Tarlyn Troupe 119Gregg Tubb Natalie Tubb Clint Varnon Derrick Walker Lisa Ward Ronnie Ward Randle Waycaster Hope Webb Susan Webster Scarlet Welch Marilyn Westbrook Clenail Westmoreland Barry White Astra Whitfield Clyde Whitfield Mona Williams Sarah Williams Teresa Williams Terry Wilson Dennis Word i Shellie Wright "Did someone say smile?" 120Guess who missed this picture? Working hard for the first ballgame Check out them legs! Is that "Kool and the Gang?" 121Although the students might not realize it. the faculty represent leadership and should be part of those encounters that enrich their lives. Oh no! It's Mr "B ' "What! Me worry?" "Guess what's cookin?" 122Dr Holace Morris. Superintendent Mr. Jim Burrow. Assistant Superintendent 124 Board of Trustees for Amory Municpal Separate School District are Ragan Fikes. Herman Hester. Chairman Rev W G. Prueitt. Thomas Greer. David Hodo. and H E WambleMr Larry Marett. High School Principal Mr Bill Hilliard. Vocational Director Mrs Nell Cox. Bookkeeper and Secretary to Superintendent Mrs Jean Schumpert. Secretary to Assistant Superintendent Mrs Jessie Wilson. Secretary to Vocational Director Mrs Judi Bunch. Secretary to Principal•J f ( Mrs Delorise Allison Vocational Business and Office Education Mr Hubert Collins Industrial Electricity Mr Danny Golding Social Studies Mr James Little Automotive Mechanics Mrs Margia Bankhead Special Education Mr Lee Barnett Science Mrs Diane Ford English Mrs Nyoka Gary English Mr Mark Bailey Distributive and Cooperative Education Mr Billy Cotten Chorla Music and Band Mrs Ruth Griffith Mathematics Mrs Peggy Holmes Mrs Eugenia Hood Speech. English Mathematics. Guidance Mr Chester McCall Building Trades Mrs Faith McCullen Science Miss Betsy McGlohn Home Economics 126Mr Paul Me Far ling Metal Trades 1 M Mr. Eric Measells Mrs Mary McMillan Music Theory and Band Vocational Guidance Mrs Kay Moffett Business Education Mrs Shirley Moore Gainful Home Economics Mr Mario Ortiz Spanish. English Mr Jack Pennington Social Studies Mrs Harolyn Peeves Special Education. Director Mr Herman Piley Agriculture Miss Jeffie Pobinson Mr Louis Powles English French. English Mr Billy Smith Mathematics Mr Bill Miley Mathematics Mr Tommy Parish Social Studies Mr Lamar Podabough Vocational Counselor Mrs Juanita Smith Librarian 127Mr Keith Steele Driver Education Mr Earl Stevens Physical Education Mrs Lazette Stevens Physical Education Miss Rosalind Wise Science Mr. John Thomas Mr John Wilson Mrs Reveland Wheat Vocational Teacher Social Studies English Cafeteria Personnel Mary Ballard. Linda Shepherd. Wanda Grubbs. Nola Baker, and Linda idweli Everyone's Friend, Mae Ida Davis 128E.E. PICKLE FUNERAL HOME AND INSURANCE OFFICE LANN 8c STOCKTON HARDWARE 109 N. Main Street P.O. Box 492 Amory, Mississippi 38821 Your Handy, Helpful Hardware CUTCLIFF DRUG CO. AGCO, FARM SUPPLY AND NURSERY Amory, Mississippi 38821 256-5822 Bill May "Supplying The Finest Farmers With The Finest Farming Supplies David Pickle, Mgr. 6th Ave. N. 256-9514 AMORY STATION REED'S FABRICS Amory, Mississippi 38821 256-7723 Corner Of Fifth Ave. Main North 103rd Street 256-7758 Amory, Mississippi 38821 Compliments Of BUDDY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Amory, Mississippi 38821 PICKLE'S DRIVE-IN Home Of Southern Fried Chicken, Fresh Catfish, Hushpuppies Call Orders-They Will Be Ready Big Cool Dining Room 256-8403 130WILKERSON APPLIANCES General Electric Amory, Mississippi 38821 THE LADES 8c CHILDREN'S SHOP Head Quarters For Dependable Merchandise N. Main Amory THE VILLAGE GREEN Your Year Round Garden Center B 8c B CLEANERS Congratulations Seniors! SHOP AT WHITE'S And Save For Your Christmas Toys And Home Needs R 8c B AUTO PARTS 744 N. 103rd St. Amory, Mississippi Phone: 256-5637 3Z. Family shop Xj, sis 205 EIGHTH AVE. NORTH AMORY. MISSISSIPPI 38821 SAM STEVENS Intersection Hwy. 25 6 Amory, Mississippi 38821 Phone 601-256-8411AUTOMOTIVE PARTS SERVICE Charles Sanderson Lendon Jones Highway 278 Amory, MS 38821 HI-LO AMORY AND NETTLETON Congradulations £ Seniors JIM AND JEANS DRIVE INN Compliments Of Highway 278 East 256-9028 WEST GROCERY THE BUD STEM SHOP Compliments Of 730 S. Blvd. Dr. CARTER DOBBS, JR. 256-8455 ATTORNEY AT LAW F.T.D.-TeleFlora-Florg Fax Bobby Tartt-Floral Consultant GREENHAW PHARMACY Compliments “Your Prescription Center" Of Steve Greenahw. Reg. Ph. Highway 278 E., Amory Phone 256-8483 Mike Malski 132133PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS CLINIC Congratulations To The Senior Class Of 1981 Compliments Of Physicians And Surgeons Clinic amoRy fedeRAl savings AND LOAN ASSOCIATION AMORY, MISS. 38821 "Where You Save Does Make A Difference"STEWART'S PHOTOGRAPHY 135136REECE DAIRY W $$ fetS1 feB1 milk milk 256-2991 Of Amory "Where The Best ... Is Not Expensive"SHOP SUNFLOWER McCULLEN'S GROCERY Home Of Certified Specials And Red Carpet Service You're Gonna Be Surprised Congratulations Seniors CITY AUTO PARTS Of Amory, Inc 203 Third Ave. S. Amory, Mississippi 38821 Ph: 601-256-2691 LINDA'S MINI MART Hwy. 278 25 Amory, Mississippi 38821 RUSSELL DANNER MEN'S MAI R STYLIST AND COLQRINQ ALSO REGULAR BARBER SERVICE Arnold) Barber Shop 116 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 256 3443 AMORY, MISS. 138 ustom Draperies Beospreaos a Roman Shades Venetian Bunds-Wallpaper Commercial ft Residential cMome. Cfi arm £tt£l HATLEY ROAO AMORY MISSISSIPPI Bert ft Syble Thompson Phone Bus 256 7789 RES 256 5610 GANN'S FLOWER GIFT SHOP Flowers by Frances Hatley Rd Amory. Miss 38821 Bus Phone 256-2492 Res Phone 256-2650 GOODYEAR HENRY TIRE SERVICE INC. HWY. 278 W AMORY. MISS 256-3507 TUCKER'S Chicken Fish Hwy 278 E. 256-2026 Dailey Buffet AMORY FLOWER SHOP Nita B. Robinson Congratulations Seniors!! "81" 8 AM-9 PM Mon-Sat 9 AM-8 PM Sun 256-9303 HELEN'S AMOAt PLAZA A fl ■ | i | mf CEMTZP BEAUTY f "A "rf SHOP AW U , The Family ; 1 Boutique Drug Store And Suntan Room That Saves You Money Becker 139EAST REXALL DRUGS Glendale Shopping Ctr. Amory, Mississippi 256-8441 256-8442 Van P East.. Jr. Reg. Pharmacist Hallmark Cards 8t Gift Ctr. QUALITY PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE MACHINES -safe:- STAR PRINTING COMPANY 207 N 3RD ST t AMORY. MISSISSIPPI ROBERT BOOZER Bus. Ph. 256-8424 STANFORD'S For Your Convenience We Have A Steak Dining Room A INSURANCI STATE FARM INSURANCE 213 S. Main Auto, Fire. Life. Health 256-3626 Bob Forbus | YOUR V InutOMtg AGENT J realtor COLE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. COLE REALTY PH: 256-7157 AMORY INSURANCE INC. Amory, Realty, Inc. 312 N. Main-Amory. MS 256-3723 38821 Ashley Wood Heaters TURNER CARPET 407 Front St. Amory, MS 38821 Business: Charles Turner 256-8923 Home: 256-8874HWY 278 WEST 256-9535 AMORY. MS 38821 Depositors Savings = ea uu ’s JMayic Sci or$ = neat Aaie appointment is 214 S. Main St. Amory, MS 38821 COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL - INDUSTRIAL 7y Electric Company 4th Avenue North AMORY, MISSISSIPPI 38821 DONALD FLY BUS PH 601-256-7240 Owner RES. PH 601-963-2554 BUCK WOODS Ti e$tone (GOT TIRE SERVICE CENTER Phone 256-2747 Slack'd x£ tnttny BRYAN ROGERS AUTO PARTS Clothing and Shoes For The Family N. MAIN STREET AMORY, MISS. 38821 203 North Third NAPA 256-3781 AMORY MARBLE WORKS 310 North Third 256-7752 "Congratulations Seniors" From FRANCIS INSURANCE AGENCY 143SECURITY BANK OFAMORY AMORY. MISSISSIPPI 38821 Member F.D.I.C. Four Locations To Serve You 144ABERDEEN COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Washington And Meridian St. Aberdeen, MSMRS. CHARLOTTE B. WILLIAMS CIRCUIT COURT CLERK MONROE COUNTY HOWARD MOON Monroe County Chancery Clerk Aberdeen, Mississippi 39730 Our Desire Is To Serve You BANKS FURNITURE ALSO RADIO SHACK DEALER Amory, Mississippi LODEN BODY SHOP Highway 278 East Amory, Mississippi Phone 256-2539 afs SOUffMMGm 7(ozutS FLORIST AMORY. MIS 278 WEST MORY. MISSISSIPPI 38821 PHONE 256-5008 Thalia Tommy Haukins — POPE'S REALTY 146GILMORE SHOE STORE David Gilmore Little Mr. Amory 1980 Child Life Buster Brown Dingo Boots Sahel Levis Magdesians Life Stride Naturalizers Bass Weejuns SAS "My Daddy Says Come To His Shoe Store For All Your Shoe Needs" 220 N. Main Amory. MS 256-5802pnr VAP Apparel Excellence Since 1923 KfciJ l Ar p o Box 559 INDUSTRIES Amory, Mississippi 38821 In Memory Of Marilyn Fears Prentis Dobbs Thinking Of Getting Married? Shop SHIRLEY'S 148WALKER MANUFACTURING Division Of Tenneco Automotive 704 Highway 25 South Aberdeen, MS 39730 (601) 369-8161 WALKER We Sell For Less WAL-MART Discount City Satisfaction Guaranteed By Refund Or Exchange 149In Loving Memory Of David ChildersCompliments Of PALMER CARPETS 256-5944 206 6th Ave. N. Amory BEASON'S REPAIR SHOP 256-9937 4th Ave. N., Amory TOMMY CROOK SANDERSON REDI-MIX, INC. Income Tax Service 256-9301 P.O. Box 393, Amory, MS Main Street , 4, Ur . Amory More Publications Are Created By The Amory Advertiser Phone AC601 -256-5647 113 S. Main Amory, Mississippi "Mississippi’s Pace Setter Newspaper, Twice A Week" FRISCO INN Congratulations Seniors! SUM C] f MMBUR6IRS Congratulations! 1 Tf SONIC DRIVE-IN .v East Hatley Road | — 151MOUTI 1. AllftOKN. MISS. 9 710 (MWY. 4S. WRIN) iW v jk A The Congratulations Seniors Elizabeth HANEY'S SUPERMARKET ! Jeanette Smith OLD WREN FEATURING • THE SAWMILL -MANOCRAFTED FURNITURE HANDMADE ITEMS AND ACCISSORKS FOR THE HOME Ausbon Supply Company 4TH. AVE NORTH — PHONE 601-256-8476 P. O BOX 205 AMORY, MISSISSIPPI 38821 Compliments Of LARSON'S BIG STAR 2nd Ave. 6th St. 152f(lfl KERR L MCGEE Good Luck Seniors World champions wear Balfour rings... so will the class of 1982. ED COPELAND • NICKY DRAKE • VIRGIL MELOHN JIMMY UNDERWOOD • HENRY FLOWERS GEORGE COPELAND • BEN ALLEN • CLINTON DOBY DOUG KEARNEY Box 83 1900 North West Street Jackson, Mississippi 354-0200 f il Balfour Noel Harmon Photographer 256-5621 153For many of us these Encounters are now history, but the memories of this will continue to live in our hearts-for those who go to new places, as well as those who return to Amory High School, there will always be Encounters A Adair. S. (9) m 61 75 Adams. I. (12) 78. 92 Adams. M (10) 108 Adams. (10) 12. 108. 106 Allredge. J. (10) 12 Alsup. C. (12) 78. 92. 43. 19. 23. 22 Anderson. M. (10) 12 Andrews. P. (11) 100 Angeloff. L. (9) 116 Angeloff. S. (9) 116 Armstrong. L. (11) 12. 13. 100 Armstrong. R. (11) 100 Armstrong. R. (9) 116 Atkins. E. (11) 45 B Baines. J. (10) 12. 108 Bailey. K. (9) 15. 116 Bailey. T. (10) 60 Baker. B. (10) 108. 37. 48 Baker. D. (12) 78 Ballard. S. (11) 100 Banks. D. (11) 100 Barnes. E. (11) 100 Barnes. L. (11) 100. 68. 55 Barnes. P. (10) 108 Barnett. T. (12) 78. 92. 47 Barrentine. R. (10) 108 Basom. G. (11) 2 Basom, M. (10) 108 Bell. G. (12) 8. 11. 51. 78. 92. 20. 21 Bennett. P. (9) 6. 15. 116. 121 Bennett. S. (10) 108 Berry. J. (11) 100 Berry. L. (9) 116 Blair. A. (12) 78. 92 Bonner, R (9) 48. 116 Bonner, R. (11) 100 Booth. S. (9) 53. 116 Bowen, K. (10) 108 Bowling. B. (12) 78. 92. 32. 37 Boyd. D. (11) 12. 8. 11. 100. 105. 98 Brasfield. P (11) 100 Braylock. D. (10) 108 Brazil. D. (10) 40 Brewer. P. (12) 78. 92 Bridges. T. (10) 108 Brown. B (9) 116 Brown. B (12) 11 78. 92. 36. 52. 66. 18. 22 Brown. Beth (12) 5. 11 79. 31 33. 36. 76. 18. 22. 23 Brown. D (12) 6. 9. 8. 12. 79. 92. 30. 33. 42. 44. 76. 20. 2 1 22 Brown. Danny (12) 79 Brown. P. (11) 10. 12. 14. 100. 104. 30. 98 Brown. R. (12) 79 Brown. R. (12) 6. 79. 92. 22 Brownlee. J. (11) 100 Brownlee. V. (12) 79 Bryan. K. (10) 13. 108. 105 Bryan. K. (12) 10. 12. 13. 79. 92 Buchanan. L. (12) 79. 92 Bunch. B. (12) 11 12. 13. 79. 92. 43. 76 Bunch. M (9) 15. 116 Bunch. T-( 11) 100. 42. 48 Burdine. B. (10) 108. 63, 106. 75. 55 Burdine. G. (9) 8. 11. 10. 15. 53. 116. 114 Burnett. D. (12) 80. 92 Burrow. J. (12) 9. 11. 12. 13. 80. 92. 30. 19. 55. 33. 38. 63. 65. 66. 67. 54 Bush. J. (9) 116. 61. 75 Bynum. J. (9) 15. 116 C Cagle. S. (9) 15. 116. 61 CakjweN. K (9) 15. 116. 121 Carroll. M. (12) 80. 44. 22 Carter. D. (10) 108 Chaney. D. (9) 116 Chaney. G. (10) 105 Chaney. P. (12) 80 Chew. K (11) 100 Childs. A. (9) 116 Childers. S. (9) 15. 116 Chism. K (11) 100 Clark. J. (10) 12. 108 Clark. R. (10) 12. 14. 108 Cockrell. C. (9) 15. 116 Cockrell. K. (11) 12. 100. 105 Cody. I (9) 116 Colburn. D. (9) 116. 61 Colburn. R. (9) 116. 15 Cole. R. (12) 80. 32. 31 33. 37. 38. 18 Coleman. R. (10) 12, 108 Conoway. T. (9) 116 Cowan, H. (11) 4. 12, 100. 37, 66 Cowley. V. (12) 80. 92 Cox. C. (10) 108 Cox. K. (12) 11 12. 13. 80. 92. 22. 23. 30. 31. 43. 76. 66. 18 Cox. T. (9) 15. 116 Crump. D. (11) 100 Crump, L. (10) 108. 56. 68 Crump, R. (11) 100, 56 Crump. R. (12) 80. 92. 32 Crump. T. (11) 12. 6. 100. 32. 62. 68 Crump. W. (11) 12 Culpepper. C. (10) 108 D Dabbs. D. (9) 116 Dankins. A. (11) 6. 100 Dankins, J. (9) 116 Davis. B. (9) 15. 62. 116. 53 Davis. B. (11) 6. 10. 12. 56. 39. 41. 52. 73. 75. 65 Davis, D. (9) 116 Davis. K. (9) 15. 30. 116. 114 Davis. L. (12) 80. 92. 56. 57. 61. 68. 76. 72. 64. 65 Davis. R. (12) 8 1 61. 68. 72. 64. 55 Dilworth. Donald (10) 108 DMworth. J. (10) 108. 48 Dobbs, Brenda (9) 117 Dobbs. B. (10) 108 Dobbs. J. (11) 100 Dobbs. I. (10) 108 Dobbs. V. (11) 100. 30. 63. 66. 98. 54 Dodd. L. (9) 117 Dodd. R. (10) 108 Dorsett. C. (12) 81. 92 Dorset! D. (10) 108. 48 Dorsey. M. (11) 60. 47. 56. 62. 68. 54 Durrett. F. (11) 12. 100. 32. 98. 66. 22 E East. L. (10) 108. 48. 51 Edgeworth. M. (10) 11 108. 56. 68. 55 Edwards. K. (9) 117 Edwards. R. (10) 12. 108 English. L. (11) 12. 10. 100. 104 Evans. M. (9) 117. 61 Evans. S. (9) 117 Ezell. G. (11) 100. 32. 51 Faulkner. D. (11) 12. 100. 51 Fears. J. (11) 14. 100. 74 Fears. D (10) 109 Fears. J. (12) 12. 81 56. 61 Fikes. B. (11) 101 32 Fisher. Jerry (12) 11 10, 12. 106. 19. 81. 92. 30. 76. 21. 23 Fisher. Jimmy (12) 8. 81. 92. 30. 33. 43. 76. 19. 23. 22 Flippo. L. (9) 15. 30. 117. 61 114. 75 Flippo. Lisa (12) 81 92 Flippo. R. (10) 12. 13. 109 Flowers. M. (9) 15. 117. 61 Flurry. K. (11) 100 Flurry. S. (9) 117 Forbus. R. (9) 15. 53. 117 Forbus. S. (10) 12. 109. 62. 106 Fowlkes, L. (11) 12, 100, 30. 98 Fowlkes, Lisa (9) 117 French. C. (12) 81 Francis. P. (12) 81 92. 38. 42. 48. 52. 18. 23. 22 Funderburk, N. (10) 109 Fuller. C. (11) 12. 63 G Galloway. D. (11) H 2. 101 105. 98 Gann. J. (10) 109. 48 Gann. T. (9) 48. 117 Garner. L. (11) 101 Garner. L. (9) 15. 117 Garner. V. (10) 109 Garrett. S. (12) 81 72 Garth. M. (12) 82. 92. 35. 73. 55 Garth. S. (9) 117 Gates. J. (9) 15. 117 Gates. P. (10) 12. 109. 106 Ghoston. T. (11) 12. 101 Giles. D. (10) 12. 109. 32 Gillentine. N. (10) 109 Gilleylen. C. (10) 109 Gilleylen. J. (10) 109. 48 Gilleylen. L. (12) 32. 92. 52. 21. 22. 75 Glenn. M. (9) 15. 61 117 Goode. L. (9) 117 Goode. V. (10) 12. 109 Goodwin. R. (10) 12. 109. 40 Gosa. S. (10) 12. 13. 109. 106 Goutirez. D. (11) 101 Greenhill. C. (11) 12. 101 Greer. K. (12) 12, 13. 82. 92 Griffin. L. (9) 15. 61. 117. 76 Griffin. P. (10) 109 Griffin. S. (9) 117 Guess. J. (9) 15, 117 154H Hodaway. V. (11) 101 Hall. M. (10) 109 Hall. R. (10) 109. 48 Hammock. D. (11) 101 Hampton. N. (11) 101. 56 Hand. $. (10) 109 Haney. A. (11) 12. 101 Haney. K. (9) 117 Haney. L. (11)6. 12. 13. 101 3a Harlow. L. (11)8. 11. 12. 101. 104 Harmon. R. (11) 101 Harris. D. (11) 12. 101 Harris. E. (11) 101 Harris. R. (9) 117 Harrison. L (11) 101 Hatcher. J. (11) 101 Hatcher. J. (9) 117 Hatcher. J. (12) 82. 92 Hausley. P. (10) 109. 41 Haynes. C. (9) 117 Herring. L. (12) 56. 82. 61. 54 Herron. M. (11) 101. 62. 64 Herron. M (12) 82 Hester. M. (9) 15. 117 Hester. R. (11) 101 Hester. T. (12) 8. 11. 12. 82. 92 Hightower. R. (10) 4. 8. 11. 12. 13. 109. 30. 106 Hill. K (12) 44. 22 Hitt. T. (12) 82 Hodges. T. (12) 5. 12. 82. 92 Hodo. K. (9) 15. 120. 61. 117 Hogan. B (12) 8. 83. 93 Holeman. D. (10) 12. 109, 40. 22 Holeman. S. (12) 88. 93. 66 Holloway. C. (12) 83 Holloway. H. (9) 15. 120. 117 Holloway. L. (10) 101 Holloway. T. (10) 109 Holman. K. (11) 11. 12. 13. 101. 32. 33. 37. 22 Holman. S. (10) 12. 13. 109 Hood. B. (11) 12. 101 Hood. J. (12) 83. 93. 68. 55 Hoots. J. (10) 109. 48 Hoots, R. (11) 12. 101 Horn. J. (11) 101 Householder. K. (10) 109 Householder. T (9) 117 Householder. V. (10) 109 Howard. K. (10) 109 Howell. D. (11) 62 Huffman. M. (12) 12. 83. 42 Huffman. R. (10) 110 Hughes. A. (11) 12. 101 Hunter. A (12) 83 Hunter. S. (11) 101. 12 Hurley. D. (9) 117 Hurt. V. (10) 12. 13. 110 00 Huskey. S. (11) 3. 12. 13. 101. 36. 38 I •sbell. K. (10) 110 J Jackson. B. (12) 11. 12. 113. 83. 93 36. 43. 76. 19 Jackson. C. (10) 12. 110 Jackson. 0. (12) 56. 83. 61 Jackson. K (10) 110. 48 James. P (10) 110 Jenkins. D. (10) 62 Jermghan. C. (12) 83. 93 Jerroghon. N. (9) 8. 10. 117. 61 Jessup. M (10) 63 Johnson. T. (10) 8. 11. 110 Johnson. P. (11) 12. 101. 104 Jones. B (10) 10. 110 Jones. M. (12) 12. 84. 22 Jones. Mary (11) 48 Jones. R. (9) 15. 118 Jordan. P. (10) 110. 48 K Keith. A (10) 110 Kelso. M (12) 84. 93. 56. 61 Kendrick. D. 110 King. B. (10) 110 Kozlowitz. R (9) 118 Kyle. C. (9) 15. 118 Kyle. H. (10) 12. 14. 110 Kyle. J. (11) 101 Kyle. R (9) 118 L Lackey. A (11) 102. 56 Langford. M (10) 12. 14. 110 Langford. R. (11) 12. 14. 102 Lantrip. K. (12) 93. 84 Latham. D. (9) 57. 114. 118. 54 Latham. Dennis (11) 6. 102. 53. 56. 59. 62. 68. 70 Leech. C. (12) 84. 93 Leech. M (11) 102. 56 Levya. K (9) 118 LeweHen. S. (12) 84. 93. 42 Lindsey. A (9) 118 Lloyd. A (9) 118 Lloyd. T. (10) 41 Loden. S. (10) 110. 48 Logan. S. (12) 84. 93. 44 Love. B (11) 102. 56. 68 Love. M (12) 10. 12. 84. 93 Lowe. A (12) 110 MC McAfee. G (9) 118 McAfee. R. (9) 48. 118 McCollum. D. (9) 15 McFadden. M (10) 15. 110 McFadden, R. (11) 12. 102 McFadden. S. (11) 110 McCullen, D. (12) 5. 8. 12. 118. 85. 93. 54. 32. 33. 38. 62. 64. 66 McIntosh. J. (11) 12. 102. 62 McIntosh. P. (10) 12 McIntosh. V. (10) 110 M Mann. D. (9) 118 Mann. T. (10) 110 Marsh. C. (12) 54. 8. 84. 93. 45. 61. 68. 69 Marsh. D. (12) 84. 93. 45 Marshall. C (11) 102. 32. 39 Marshall. S. (9) 15. 30. 118. 114 Marshall. T. (12) 11. 85. 93. 35. 22 Martin. P. (11) 12. 102 Mason. S. (12) 85. 93 Massengili. P. (11) 102 Mathis. A. (9) 118 Maxcy. S. (11) 102. 32. 43. 66 May. G. (11) 4. 102 May. M (10) 12. 13. 110. 30. 76 Meaders. J. (10) 110. 63 Meaders. K. (11) 59. 56. 62. 64. 68. 54 Meaders. Kenneth (10) 110. 56. 60 Means. R (10) 110 Miles. K. (12) 85. 51 Miller. Darren (9) 61 Miller. R. (12) 85. 93. 44. 22 Miller. S. (11) 12. 102 Minga. P (9) 15. 118 Minich. C. (11) 102 Minor. D (12) 85. 93 Minor. R. (12) 9. 85. 93. 56. 61 Moffett. M (10) 110. 48. 52 Moon. J. (12) 85. 48 Moon. J. (9) 118 Moon. R (11) 12. 102 Moore. A. (12) 56. 9. 85. 93. 61. 66. 67 Moore. R (11) 12. 13. 102 Moreland. L. (10) 110. 48 Morgan. F (11) 102. 74 Morgan. G. (10) 110 Morgan. L. (10) 110 Morgan. T (11) 102 Morris. G (11) 102. 41. 51. 24 Morris. L. (12) 12. 104. 86. 93 Morris. S. (10) 12. 111. 32 Morrow. L. (9) 61 Mullins. D. (10) 12. Ill N Nash. S. (9) 118 Nash. S. (12) 86. 93. 48 Nelson. Mary J. (10) Nicholson. L. (9) 15. 118 Nicholson. M (11) 12. 102 Nivens. R. (12) 86 Nix. T. (12) 86 O Odom. D. (10) 12. Ill Odom. M (10) 111 Oliver. K (11) 102 Ostrowski. S (9) 118. 48 Outlaw. E. (12) 12. 13. 86. 93 Outlaw. A (10) 12. 13. Ill Owen. S. (12) 86. 93 P Pace. C. (12) 86. 93 Pack. D. (10) 111 Pack. V. (9) 118 Palmer. M (12) 11. 12. 13. 86. 93. 19 Parham. L. (11) 2. 12. 102. 104 43 25 Parker. K. (10) 10. 111. 56. 59 Parker. M (11) 102 Parker. R. (10) 111 Parker. R. (12) 86. 56. 61 Parker. R (9) 118. 75 Parks. K. (9) 118 Parks. W (9) 118 Pate. K. (12) 87. 93 Pate. J. (11) 102 Patt. B. (12) 87 Patterson. D. (9) 118 Patterson. G. (9) 118, 75 Patterson. L. (11) 12. 102 Patillo. B (10) 12. 111. no Payne. G. (9) 15. 118. 61 Pearson, J. (11) 12 Phillips. P (10) 111 Phillips. R. (9) 118 Pierce. G. (9) 118. 10. 61 Pierce. K. (9) 15. 119. 114 Pierce. R. (10) 12. Ill 155Pierce. S. (12) 12. 57. 93 Pierce. W. (11) 102 Pinkerton. S. (12) 87. 93 Pipkin. L. (10) 111 Pipkin. S. (12) 87 Poe. S. (11) 102 Pope. B. (11) 102. 48 Pope. L. (10) 9. 12. Ill Porter. A. (10) 12. Ill Pound. B (10) 12. 10. 13. Ill Prestridge. M (9) 15. 119 Pruitt. F. (9) 119. 61. 75 Pruitt. H. (11) 12. 102. 56 Pursley. H. (9) 119 Pursley. R. (11) 103. 48 R Rainey. M (11) 12. 13. 103. 104. 105 Rainey. C. (10) 111 Rainey. Z. (10) 111 Ram age. B (11) 103. 30. 36. 63. 65. 98. 66 Randle. J. (12) 93 Randle. H. (11) 103 Ray. C. (10) 111 Ray. T. (12) 87. 94. 22 Raymond. D (12) 87. 94. 31, 19. 23 Rea. R (11) 12. 14. 103 Reddick. J. (12) 87 Reese. M. (9) 15. 119 Reese, P (11) 12. 103. 105 Reeves. B (12) 87. 94 Reeves. C. (9) 119 Reeves. Christi (9) 15. 119 Reeves. D. (11) 103 Reeves. E. (10) 56 Reeves. K. (11) 103. 56 Reeves. L. (10) 111 Reeves. S. (9) 119. 61 Reeves. T. (10) 6. Ill Reeves. T. (10) 111 Reich. J. (10) 111 Reich. R. (9) 15. 119. 114 Remer. K. (9) 4. 118 Renfro. J. (12) 9. 88. 42. 68. 71 Rieves. A. (9) 15. 119 Rieves. J. (11) 12. 103. 40. 56 Rieves. Joe (12) 12. 88. 94 Riggins. Darrel (11) 103. 56. 54. 62. 68. 64 Ritter. S. (12) 88 Roberts. S. (10) 12. Ill Roberts. Stephanie (9) 119 Robertson. T. (10) 2. Ill Rogers. R (9) 119 Ross. Peyton (11) 12. 103. 105. 66 Ruff. A. (12) 88. 94 Ruoss. H. (9) 4. 119 S Salter. Kim (9) 15. 119 Salther. S. (12) 12. 113. 88. 94. 22 Sanders. Debbie (11) 103. 24 Sanders. J. (10) 12. Ill Sanders. J. (11) 103. 52. 24. 66 Sanders. K. (9) 15. 119 Sanders. M (9) 119. 15 Sanderson. H. (9) 119 Saraco. A. (11) 12. 103 Saroco. M. (10) 12. 14. Ill Saraco. R. (9) 119. 15. 22 Sawyer. K. (10) 12. 111. 40 Schaefer. S. (12) 2. 11. 12. 13. 88. 94 Schroeder. D. (9) 4. 119 Seay. D. (12) 88. 56. 61 Shaddix. E. (12) 88. 94. 47. 22 Shepherd. J. (11) 103. 44. 56 Shepherd. Jimmy (12) 88 Shepherd. M (10) 11. 12. 13. Ill Shields. M (11) 12. 13. 103 Shook. P. (11) 103 Shumpert. B (10) 111. 30. 40. 56. 54. 62. 106. 68. Shumpert. D (10) 111 Shumpert. P (12) 8. 89. 94. 51. 76 Shutt. K. (10) 112 Sims. B. (9) 119. 15 Sims. J. (11) 12. 103 Sizemore. M (12) 12. 13. 89. 94. 37. 19. 23. 22 Small. D. (11) 103. 55 Smith. A. (10) 112. 66 Smith. C. (10) 112. 39 Smith. J. (10) 112 Smith. K (11) 103 Smith. M. (12) 8. 89. 94. 44 Smith. R. (9) 15. 61. 119 Smith. R. (9) 15. 39. 119 Smith. T. (11) 103 Smitherman (10) 48. 112 Smithson. J. (10) 12. 112. 66. 67 Spann. J. (10) 112 Spratt. D. (11) 56. 103 Spratt. L. (10) 112 Spruill. J. (9) 119 Standifer. G. (12) 6. 11. 89 Stanford. A. (12) 89 Stanford. B. (11) 12. 103 Stanford. T. (10) 12. 112 Stephens. A (9) 15. 119. 120 Stewart. A (9) 61. 75 Stewart. P (10) 112 Stewart. W (9) 119 Stivala. J. (11) 103 Strawbndge. D. (12) Strawbndge. S. (10) 48. 112 Strong. L. (10) 112 Sykes. J. (10) 112 T Tally. V. (11) Tartt. R. (9) 119 Tate. O (11) 44. 103. 105 Terry. D (9) 15. 119 Thomas. D. (11) 56. 59. 62. 98. 103. 68. 54 Thomas. L. (10) 112 Thompson. D. (10) 112 Thompson. L. (12) 2. 89. 94 Thorton. L. (12) 11. 12. 89. 18 Thorton. S. (12) 11. 46. 47. 48. 89. 94 Thorton. T. (9) 15. 61. 119 Tolbert. J. (12) 48. 89. 94 Tribble. T. (10)63. 112 Troupe. T. (9) 61. 119. 75 Tubb. B. (12) 4. 8. 63. 90. 94 Tubb. C (10) 112 Tubb. G (9) 120 Tubb. N (9) 15. 119 Turner. T. (10) 11. 51. 112. 112 V Vance. C. (12) 6 Vance. D. (10) 112 Vance. E. (12) 90 Vance. E. (11) 63. 103 Vance. L. (10) 11. 63. 112 Vanderheiden. J. (10) 56. H2. 66 Varnon. C. (9) 119 Vincent. M (10) 48. 112 W 00 Walls. E. (12) 43. 90. 94. 23. 22 Walton. C. (12) 90 Walls. M. (10) 112 « Walton. H. (12) 62. 64. 90. 73. 54. oo Walton. S. (9) 75 74 Walton. S. (10) 75 Wamble. B (11) 40. 103 Ward. A. (12) 90. 94 Ward. L. (9) 120 Ward. R. (9) 120 Walker. D. (9) 61. 114. 120 Watson. T. (11) 2. 10, 12. 14. W3. 105 Wax. A. (12) 8. 11. 33. 35. 36. 3 ?-52. 76. 94. 90 Wax. G. (11) 30. 62, 103. 68. 70 Wax. J. (11) 12. 104 Waycaster. R. (9) 120 Weaver. L. (10) 12. 13. 112 Webb. D. (10) 112 Webb. H. (9) 53. 120 o AO Webb. W (12) 54. 56. 61. 90. 68. 6V. 70. 71 Webster. P. (12) 32. 43. 46. 90. 94. 18 Webster. S. (9) 6. 15. 120. 121 Welch. S. (9) 6. 48. 120 Westbrook. L. (11) 56 Westbrook. M (9) 120 Westmoreland. C. (9) 120 West. T. (10) 112 West. R. (10) 112 Wheat. L. (12) 2. 8. 9. 11. 91. 94. 105 Whitaker. T. (11) 63. 104 White. B (9) 120 Whitfield. A (9) 120 Whitfield. Ava (11) 104. 75 Whitfield. C. (12) 6. 11. 12. 91. 94 Whitfield. C. (9) 61. 120 Whitfield. D. (12) 6. 35. 45. 94. 104. 105. 22 Wiggington. A (10) 112 Wrtkinson. B. (9) 15. 61 Wilkerson. L. (11) 12. 14. 104. 105 Wilkerson. R. (11) 12. 104. 105 Williams. K. (11) 12. 104. 105 Williams. M (11) 10. 12. 14 104 Wiliams. M (9) 15. 120 Wiliams. S. (9) 15. 120. 75 Wiliams. S. (10) 11. 112 Wiliams. T. (9) 10. 120. 24 Wilingham. V. (11) 12 Wilson. T. (9) 61. 120 Wilson. T. (10) 41. 112 Wilson. V (11) 63 Wiygul. S. (10) 13. 113 Woods (12) 56. 61. 91 Woods. L. (12) 6. 56. 61. 89 Word. D. (9) 114. 120 Wray. L. (12) 91. 94 Wright. B (12) 9. 56. 61. 91 Wright. S. (9) 15. 120 Wyers. M (12) 5. 12. 13. 91 94 2 Ziehlke. D. (12) 5. 11. 91. 94

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