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 1979-1980 PANORAMADEDICATION Because she has so willingly given of herself to the upbuilding of the students, and has contributed every service possible to uphold the spirit of Amory High School; and because her devotion spans far beyond the realms of duty, we the Staff do proudly dedicate the 1980 Panorama to Miss Jeffie Robinson.You are very understanding And we want you to know You will always be remembered No matter where you go. You are an unselfish person Always going beyond the call And in the files of Amory High You will rank among the “Tall.” You are a unique Teacher Your wit is always new So all of us take great Pride In dedicating the Panorama to you. 45Homecoming at AHS is one of the most memorable occasions of the year. It’s a week of red eyes, short tempers, long nights, mental and physical fatigue, and many fun times of which make Homecoming all worthwhile. The Student Council did much to boost school spirit during the week. The week started with Tie Day on Monday. Tuesday was Poster Day, and Wednesday was Hat Day. Thursday was Backward Day, and the week ended with Black and Gold Spirit Day on Friday. Besides these activities, many hours were spent on float building and Homecoming skit practice after school until late at night. Building floats was the biggest class competition with the Juniors taking first place, the Seniors second, and the Sophomores third, The Freshmen were fourth, but gained experience for next year. 61979-80 The Homecoming Skit was one of the highlights of the day. In the skit our one and only quarterback was kidnapped by the Shannon Red Raiders, but was soon rescued by Superman, alias Mr. Herman Riley. The skit was followed by the Pep Rally with Sophomores winning the coveted spirit stick, and the presentation of the Homecoming Queen, Sharon Stevens. The Homecoming court, class floats, club entries, AHS Band, and the cheerleaders were featured in the parade that afternoon. Homecoming week came to an end on Friday night with the coronation of the Queen before the game. However, the night ended on a somewhat disappointing note with the Amory Panthers falling to the Shannon Red Raiders. 78Senior Maid Rosie Latham Senior Maid Janet Shepherd vO Junior Maid Bethany Tubb Homecoming Queen Senior Maid Tammy Williams Sharon Stevens Sophomore Maid Debbie Galloway Freshman Maid Stacy JonesSCHOOL BOARD HERMAN HESTER PRESIDENT DAVID HODO SECRETARY W.G. PRUITT THOMAS GREER 10 not pictured: JOHN ALLENADMINISTRATION DR. HOLACE MORRIS SUPERINTENDENT JAMES BURROW ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT LARRY MARETT PRINCIPAL 11CLASS OFFICERS Seniors President, Nelda Moreland Vice-president, Betty Crump Secretary, Ginger Lindsey Treasurer, Dee Cadden Juniors President, Leslie Morris Vice-president, Dana Brown Secretary, Becky Jackson Treasurer, Eva Walls 12Sophomores President, Greg Wax Vice-president, Dina Faulkner Secretary, Melanie Shields Treasurer, Elly Vance Freshmen President, Bridie Burdine Vice-president, Pebbles East Secretary, Sandra Gosa Treasurer, Van Hurt 13Frankie Allison Student Council President Patti Francis Student Council Vice-President John Wilson Student Council Sponsor The Amory High School Student Council is composed of a president, vice-president and four officers from each class. They work with advisor John Wilson and the school administration in planning activities for the students. This year the Student Council sponsored several special days during the football season to boost the spirit of the students. They also attended a Student Council Workshop held on the Ole Miss campus in November at which time they learned more about projects designed to promote the general welfare of the school. They sponsored a door decoration contest and a Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus contest for the Christmas season. The president, Frankie Allison, was a participant on the WZBR radio program “Amory High School Report” relating activities of the Student Council for the year. The Student Council sponsored a clean-up day and many other activities throughout the year to help improve the school. The Student Council is the link between the students and the admimstraiion.STUDENT COUNCIL Front row, left to right, Anita Wax; Pebble East; Betty Crump; Frankie Allison, president; Patti Francis, vice-president; Leslie Morris; John Wilson, sponsor; Back row, same order, Bridie Burdine; Cynthia Marshall; Susan Holman; Gregg Wax; Van East; Greg Word; David McCullen; Dana Brown; Kat Holman; Dina Faulkner. Not pictured, Nelda Moreland, Leigh Vance1979-1980 ALL SUPERIOR MARCHING BANDSTAGE BAND RIFLES 18DRUM MAJOR PEYTON RAWLS Peyton has been a member of the Amory Panther Band for four years. He has been a member of the Stage Band for four years. In the stage band Peyton plays bass and trombone. He was chosen as a member of both Northeast and Mississippi State Honor Bands where he played baritone. FLAGS 20MR. AND MISS AMORY HIGH SCHOOL AND RUNNERS UP “Big” William Pruitt plans to go to college and major in music. He played freshman basketball, ran track as a freshman, played in the Amory Panther Band for three years, was a member of French Club two years, and was selected class favorite for three years. Bridget Perkins plans to attend Dillard University and major in physical education. She has been a member of the basketball team, cheerleader for three years, class favorite three years, manager of track team, in beauty revue two years, treasurer and vice-president of Library Club, president of Y-Teens, member of the Peptomist, Panorama, DECA, FBLA, and FHA Clubs, and also a member of the Amory Panther Band. Frankie Allison plans to attend Mississippi State University. He has been a member of Amory High School Band and Stage Band, member of Hi-Y, President of FBLA, President of FFA and was selected District Star Farmer, Rotary Boy of the Year, Member of Thespians and selected for role in “The Claw” for which he received best supporting actor, chosen as Boys’ State delegate, member of National Honor Society, member of Panorama, Member of group that represented Amory in Math Science Fair and scored in top 10%, and member of football and baseball teams four years. Sharon Stevens plans to attend Ole Miss and major in business. She has been a member of the Tennis team for two years. French Club two years, FBLA three years and served as secretary, Amory Band four years, Rifle Corps three years, Junior Maid, beauty review four years, Peptomist two years, Panorama two years, and chosen as Homecoming Queen her senior year. 21Mr. AHS — Frankie Allison Miss AHS — Sharon Stevens 23AWARDS ROTARY AWARDS: Anna Kuykendall, Mr. Bill Fowlkes, Phil Jones, Dr. Holace Morris, Frankie Allison, Mike Clay-borne, Diana Caldwell Anna and Phil received Rotary Boy and Girl of the Year. Frankie and Diana received Alton B. Arnett, Jr. Award. Karen Holman was chosen Amory High School Star Student for 1979-80. Karen chose Mrs. Peggy Holmes as her Star Teacher. 24SPORTS AWARDS These four individuals from the basketball teams were recognized for their ability during the Athletic Banquet. They are (left to right) Derrick Thomas. Most Improved; Jeannie Burrow, Captain Award; Donnie Myatt, Captain Award; and Curtis Rainey, Most Valuable. These individuals were recognized for their baseball and tennis ability for the 1980 season at the Athletic Banquet. They are (left to right) Jeannie Burrow. Most valuable in tennis; and Charlie Marsh, Coach’s Award in baseball. Back Row, David McCullen, Most Valuable in tennis; John Dale Renfro, Most Valuable in baseball; and Ramie Ford. Most Valuable in baseball. These four members of the 1980 Amory track team were recognized for their accomplishments during the track season. They are (left to right) Joe Fears, Coach’s Award; Lee Davis, Most Valuable; Harold Walton, Most Improved, and Earl Davis. Most Valuable. 25AWARDS A number of local men’s and women’s clubs and other organizations presented awards and scholarships to Amory High School students. The recipients were, left to right: Greg Word, David Thompson. Kenny Moffett, David Boozer. Curtis Rainey, Regina Harlow, Betty Lewis, Melanie Hammock, and Lori Thornton. Awards for excelling in various academic and extra-curricular fields at Amory High School were given these students. They are, front row, left to right: Rosie Latham, Gloria Davis, Sharon Huskey, Beth Brown, and Jolene Hoots. Second row, same order: Dave Giles, Terry Tucker, Frankie Allison, Philip Remer. Back Row: same order, Rhonda Moon, Becky Jackson, Jill Sanders, Matissa Sizemore, and Donna Raymond. 26AWARDS Many awards are presented to outstanding students during assemblies at the end of the year. Among those receiving scholarships were Van East, Anna Kuykendall, Betty Crump, Frankie Allison, Marcia Pearson, Rhonda Moon, and Daniel Flippo. Also receiving good citizenship awards were: Dee Cadden, Rhonda Moon, Lance Davis, William Pruitt, Betty Lyn Crump, and Bridget Perkins. 2728Deloris Allison, Business and Office Education Mark Bailey, Distributive and cooperative education Margia Bankhead, Special Education Hubert Collins, Industrial electricity Billy Cotten, Chorus and Band Diane Ford. English Jessie Wilson, Vocational Secretary Missie Gary, English Eugenia Hood, Math and Guidance 30James Little, Auto Mechanics Chester McCall, Building Trades Faith McCullen, Science Shirley Moore. Home Economics Wanda Nesbit, Math Mario Ortiz, Spanish and English NOT SHOWN Jack Pennington, Social Studies Herman Riley. Agriculture NOT SHOWN Jeffie Robinson, English Betsy McGlohn. Home Economics Kay Moffett, Business Education Tommy Parish, Social Studies t Louis Rowles, French 31Juanita Smith, Librarian Keith Steele, Drivers’ Education Earl Stevens, Physical Education Lazette Stevens, Physical Education Every Teacher’s Favorite Place Bill Hilliard, Vocational Director Mary McMillian, Vocational Counselor Lamar Rodabough, Counselor 32“VARSITY FOOTBALL” 23 Okolona 8 21 Corinth 21 0 Tupelo 13 13 Shannon 31 7 Aberdeen 22 0 Caldwell 32 20 New Albany 21 21 Fulton 42 14 Pontotoc 0 26 Houston 8 “FAREWELL, PANTHERS” Mike King Greg Word Jimmy SmithJoey Cantrell Tim Adams Lee Davis David Robinson Ray Burks Sam Walls Barry Mathis Dennis Johnson Keith McIntoshAs the old saying goes, Winner’s never lose. This is the case of the Panthers. The score board may have said different at times, but each Panther knew in their hearts and minds that they won every game. Even though the scores were low, the spirits were high. For this we can say to the Panthers, “Congratulations for a job well done, because winner’s never lose!” Lee Davis attempts to throw a pass 36Lee Davis runs for a touchdown Panther runs for yardage Wayne Webb, Kennedy Meaders, and Ramie Ford get a lesson from Coach Steele. Nothing like a cold drink after a hard run 3738FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Coach Thomas and Michael Edgeworth discuss the next play. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Amory 8 Aberdeen 14 Amory20 Caldonia 16 Amory 14 Okolona 14 Amory 6 Hamilton 14 Amory 0 Shannon 6 Amory 8 Houston 14 FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Bridie Burdine Tonya Wilson Tami Turner Melanie Moffett Pebbles East Laura Moreland FRESHMAN FOOTBALL PLAYERS Tim Roberts Billy Barnes Chuck Holley Bobby Shumpert Mike Edgeworth Lee Crump Hob Sanderson Kenny Parker Randy Parker Charles Culpepper Watch out! Here they come!This Year’s football cheerleaders are: Janet Shepherd. Kim Miles, Gwen Morris, Tammy Hitt, Dina Faulkner, Bridget Perkins, Tammy Williams, and Gwenda Ezell The cheerleaders act out a skit during a football pep rally. Tammy Williams and Janet Shepherd are seen leaving class going to tryouts for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Activities of the football cheerleaders included: selling of ribbons, in charge of pep rallies, raising spirit, participating in parades, giving Mr. Marett a headache, but having a great time. 40Basketball cheerleaders are: Debbie Sanders, Brenda Davis, Belinda Brown, Vickie Anderson, Anita Wax, Pansy Shumpert, Patti Francis, and Patti Brown. Cheerleaders in Action! Activities of the basketball cheerleaders included: making signs to raise spirit, making congratulation signs for varsity teams, in charge of pep rallies, making of buttons to raise school spirit, supporting varsity teams throughout the season, doing half time shows for team’s fans, making locker stickers for team members, and attended VCA campt to learn cheeres, pyramids and double stunts. 'Shut your Mouth, Debbie Sanders!1 41“VARSITY” Top Row Left to Right: Melanie Hammock. Verna Dean Amory 27 Hatley 47 Dobbs, Vivian Wilson, Beth Ra-mage, Kathy Cox, Jeannie Burrow Amory Amory 32 49 Hatley Nettleton 60 35 Bottom Row: Pepper Massengill, Regina Harlow, Leah Amory 53 Aberdeen 17 Wheat, Leslie Morris, Ellie Vance, Teresa Amory 38 Pontotoc 57 Lloyd Amory 48 Columbus Lee 36 Amory 37 Nettleton 31 Amory 37 Smith ville 53 Amory 23 Smith ville 41 Amory 44 West Point 36 Amory 41 Fulton 34 Amory 32 Houston 49 Amory 43 New Albany 47 Amory 33 Shannon 42 Amory 43 Corinth 36 Amory 38 New Albany 40 Amory 43 Fulton 42 Amory 49 Columbus Lee 40 Amory 43 Smithville 51 Amory 38 Aberdeen 18 Amory 43 Ripley 51 42Amory 50 Hatley 65 Top Row Left to right: Charlie Marsh. Kennedy Meaders, Amory 73 Smithville 65 Derrick Thomas. Dwayne Howell. Curtis Rainey, Earlie Amory 45 Hatley 65 Garth, David McCullen Bottom Row: Jeffrey Hood, Mike Herron, Donnie Myatt, Amory 49 Nettleton 62 Dennis Latham, Greg Wax. Wayne Webb. Amory 55 Aberdeen 69 Amory 55 Pontotoc 65 Amory 56 Columbus Lee 86 Amory 46 Nettleton 43 Amory 41 Smithville 45 Amory 68 Aberdeen 71 Amory 67 West Point 73 Amory 64 Fulton 63 Amory 72 Houston 66 Amory 54 New Albany 85 Amory 55 Shannon 68 Amory 61 Corinth 58 Amory 45 New Albany 55 Amory 61 Fulton 68 Amory 62 Columbus Lee 69 Amory 69 Smithville 58 Amory 57 Aberdeen 59 Amory 54 Nettleton 50 Amory 54 Booneville 56 43Time for a pep talk Beth goes for two points Leah makes a pass. The basketball cheerleaders add a highlight to half-time Coach Marett looks on in anticipation. 47Kathy Jackson Tammie Turner Linda Pipkin Leigh Vance Jackie Meaders Shirley Beeks Kathy Warren Tina Tribble FRESHMAN GIRLS The freshman basketball team composed of Shirley Beeks, Kathy Warren, Tina Tribble, Jackie Meaders, Bridie Burdine, Shell Walton, Tammie Turner, Carol Kilgore, Linda Pipkin, Kathy Jackson. Mrs. Stevens coached the girls to a winning season with a record of 12 wins and 2 losses. 48 Vance clowning in the dressing room.Front Row: Lee Crump, Bobby Shumpert, Thomas Bailey, Dexter Shumpert. Charles Rainey Back Row: Tim Robertson, Donald Dilworth, Jay Baines, Junior Morgan, Johnny Smith FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Freshman boys tried hard and ended up with a 3-7 season. Their managers were Mark Dorsey and Toby Standford. Coach Pennington did the coaching. 49 Tina make sure it £ets tied right!TENNIS A Team Front: Jill Sanders and Jeannie Burrow Back: A1 Moore, Phil Jones, David McCullen and Coach Wilson Not Pictured: Beth Ramage, Kathy Cox, Peyton Ross New Albany Lost Aberdeen Won West Point Won Houston Won Smithville Won New Albany Lost Smithville Won Okolona Won Pontotoc Won Aberdeen Won The Tennis Team will be looking for a victory over New Albany next year because New Albany kept them from having a 10-0 record. Named as most valuable this year are two returning members: Jeannie Burrow and David McCullen The team has one senior: Phil Jones. 50 Coach WilsonTENNIS B Team Front: Sharon Stevens and Regina Harlow Back: Coach Wilson. Scott Forbus, Jon Alexander, Adam Smith, Jimmy Smithson. Not Pictured: Leah Wheat, Johnny Turner, Melanie Shields New Albany Lost Aberdeen Won West Point Lost Houston Won Smith ville Won Ponotoc Lost Aberdeen Lost Peyton Ross Member of “A Tennis Team The B Team had three seniors. These are: Jon Alexander, Regina Harlow, Sharon Stevens.BASEBALL 1980-81 Top Row: Coach Miley, Lee Davis, Wayne Webb, John Dale Renfro, Mike King, Coach Ingersoll Middle Row: Barry Mathis, Dennis Latham, Derrick Jenkins, Ramie Ford. Jeffrey Hood, Kennedy Meaders, Derrick Thomas Front Row: David Holeman, Larry Barnes, Bobby Love, Frankie Allison, Charlie Marsh, Darrell Riggins, Jay Baines, Chad Ray Amory 10 Saltillo 4 Amory 5 Aberdeen 22 Amory 8 Okolona 2 Amory 7 Nettleton 0 Amory 0 Pontotoc 6 Amory 5 Fulton 8 Amory 1 Pontotoc 10 Amory 3 Okolona 2 Amory 11 Saltillo 0 Amory 13 Houston 0 Amory 6 Nettleton 3 Amory 5 Fulton 2 Amory 0 Corinth 2 iSENIOR TEAM MEMBERS Barry Mathis Mike KingBASEBALL “1979-1980” Third Baseman John Renfro and Shortstop Kennedy Meaders. We lost the game to Pontotoc 6-0. The baseball team got off to a slow start but finished the season with 8-5 record. The coaches award went to Charlie Marsh. Ramie Ford and John Renfro were named most valuable players. John Renfro led the team with homeruns. Barry Mathis makes a spectacular Catch. 54TRACK 1980 TRACK TEAM PHOTO Front Row: Mark Dorsey, Manager; Charlie Marsh. Manager; Kennedy Meaders; Dennis Latham; Derrick Thomas; Dennis Johnson; Richard McFadden, Manager. Back Row: Coach Stevens: Greg Word; Anthony Lackey; Joe Fears; Earl Davis; Lee Davis; Frankie Allison; Henry Pruitt; Harold Walton The track team competed in Jackson in the State Track Meet. Raymond Earl Davis placed third overall in the state. Lee Davis placed second in the 100 yard dash. This year Amory won 6 out of 8 track meets. This was the first time for Amory to win the North Little Ten, District and North Half since 1953. 55 STATE TRACK PARTICIPANTS Front Row: Joe Fears; Derrick Thomas; Greg Word Back Row: Earl Davis: Lee Davis; Harold WaltonTRACK Varsity Boys: Bottom Row: Charlie Marsh, manager: Larry Woods. Frankie Allison. Dexter Small, Greg Word. Anthony Lackey. Mark Dorsey. Manager Second Row: Richard McFadden, Henry Lee Pruitt, Van East, Earl Davis. Derrick Thomas, Joe Fears Third Row: Coach Stevens. Kennedy Meaders, Dennis Latham. Lee Davis. Dennis Johnson, Harold Walton Senior Boys: Bottom Row: Greg Word. Frankie Allison Top Row: Van East, Dennis Johnson AMORY BOYS TRACK RECORD Bulldog Relays Boys First Place North Little Ten Boys First Place Champions Gazette Relays Boys Second Place Dispatch Relays Boys First Place Overall North Boys Fourth Place Journal Relays Boys First Place District Boys First Place Class A Champions 56GIRLS TRACK Varsity Jackie Griffin — softball throw Darlene Marsh — long jump, relays Doris Whitfield — long jump, relays Faye Morgan — dashes, relays Ava Whitfield — relays Freshmen Jackie Meadors — dashes, soft-ball throw Shirley Beeks — mile run Linda Strong — relays Carol Kilgore — relays Shell Walton relays Managers: Bridget Perkins Lora Gilleyen (Top Row) Bridget Perkins; Manager, Jackie Griffin. Coach Thomas, Darlene Marsh. Lora Gillyen; Manager, Doris Whitfield, Faye Morgan, Ava Whitfield 57 Coach Stevens displays trophies won by all track teams in the past ten years.TRACK Earl Davis Shotput; participated in state track meet Lee Davis gets ready to run the 100 yard dash. Charlie Marsh holds the starting blocks. Derrick Thomas — Hurdles; participated in state track meet 58TRACK Dennis Johnson and Harold Walton on the mile Relay Joe Fears and Lee Davis on the 440 Relay Dennis Latham and Derrick Thomas lead the 880 Relay to State. Harold Walton — High JumpSenior Favorites: Greg Word and Sonja Henton; Donna Phillips and Jon Alexander Junior Favorites: Steven Owens and Pansy Shumpert: Dana Brown and Beth Brown favor ite, fa' vour ite (fa ver it), n. 1. A person or thing regarded with peculiar favor; specif., one unduly loved, trusted, or enriched with favors. 2. Sports. The competitor (as a horse in a race) judged most likely to win. adj. Regarded with particular affection or esteem. 60 Freshman Favorites: Stephanie Adams and Hob Sanderson and Bobby Shumpert and Jackie Meaders 61Tim Adams Frankie Allison Jon Alexander Vickie Anderson Jeff Allen Bruce Andress Della Ausbon Jeff Bailey Delores BakerTissy Beasley David Boock David Boozer Tony Brown Rayshell Buchanan Ray Burks Mike Bush Dee Cadden Diana CaldwellJoey Cantrell Lissa Capps Betty Lyn Crump Shelia Chism Peter Conwill Alisa Cockrell Barbara Cowan Jeff Chism Steve CokerLance Davis “ Donna Crump Carolyn Crump Gloria Davis Mike Crump Kim DeWitt Lisa East Van East Rusty EdwardsKathy Evans John Franke Ramie Ford Daniel Flippo Dina Escamilla ate! Don England Mary Fulmer Earlie Garth Francine GriffinJacqueline Griffin Priscilla Griffin Mitzi Hale Regina Harlow Melissa Harmon Melanie Hammock Jenny Harrison Sonja Henton Karen HolemanBuzz Hurt Kathy Isbell James Jernigan Phil Jones Lisa Justice Tammy Keeton Keith Kennedy Angela Kilgore Mike King 70Anna Kuykendall Todd Lawson Mary Lloyd Ginger Lindsey Antionetta Lowe Rosie Latham Vickie Langford Betty Lewis Chad LoganLisa McIntosh Pam May Kenny Moffett Keith McIntosh Barry Mathis Tommy Moffett Rhonda Moon Nelda MorelandRandy Palmer Vela Pargo Kim Pace 73 Barry Parham Melvin Parker Vince PattersonDonna Phillips Eddie Pipkin Melinda Poe 74 Susan Ponder Kathy Pound William Pruitt75 David Robinson Andy Sanders Butch SandersJanet Shepherd Debbie Smith Buddy Smith Jimmy Dale Smith Jeff Shields Eunice Smith Geraldine Spann Sharon Stevens David ThompsonTerry Tucher Johnny Turner James Vance Perry Vance Sam Walls Kaye Wamble David Williams Mavilon Williams Tammy Williams 77Lori Adams Terry Alexander Carolyn Alsup David Baker Elaine Barnes Tim Barnett Gayla Bell Brad Bowling Phillip Brewer Belinda Brown Beth Brown Dana Brown Danny Brown Roger Brown Rosita Brown Kelly Bryan Linda Buchanan Beth Bunch Greg Bur dine Jeannie Burrow Tommy Cadden Barry Calhoun Patty Chaney B.J. Cole Vicky Cowley Kathy Cox Rusty Crump Lyn Cruse Lee Davis Teresa Davis 80itti Francis jnnie French John Ginn Pat Goode Kathy Greer Jerry Hatcher Lloyd Herring Monica Herron Tony Hester Kirk Hill Tammy Hitt Tommy Hodges Steve Holeman Coye Holloway Jeffrey Hood Marty Huffman Anthony Hunter Becky Jackson Dennis Jackson Carolyn Jernigan Steve Johnson Marsha Jones 81Mark Kelso Kim Lantrip Cindy Leech Carla Leslie Suzanne Lewellen Steve Logan Margaret Love David McCullen Lisa Mann Charlie Marsh Darlene Marsh Susan Mason Rusty Miller Deborah Minor Randy Minor Traci Mitchell Jeff Moon A1 Moore Leslie Morris Sharon Nash Robin Nivens Tina Nix Ellen Outlaw Steve Owen Cassie Pace Mary Jo Palmer Rickie Parker Kim Pate Becky Patt Sherry Pipkin 82i ( Tommy Ray Donna Raymond Brenda Reeves John Dale Renfro Joe II Rieves Steve Ritter Anita Ruff Steve Salter Susan Schaefer David Seay Eddie Shaddix Jimmy Shepherd Matissa Sizemore Mike Smith Susan Smith r Gerald Standifer Angie Standford Lori Thompson Lori Thornton Susan Thornton Jan Tolbert Bethany Tubb Harold Walton Ada Mac Ward 83 (Is it quitting time already?)John Wax Wayne Webb Peggy Webster Lean Wheat Cynthia Whitefield Doris Whitefield Barry Wright Barry Woods Marsha Wyers 1. “Give us that smile, Gayla!” 2. “B.J., are you sure you know what your doin’?” 3. Junior Spirit in Action. 4. Eva, Becky, and Dana, looking natural. 84Raymond Anderson Patty Andrews Lisa Armstrong Richard Armstrong Edith Atkins I Sarah Ballard David Banks Larry Barnes Gary Basom Shelby Bennett Jenny Berry Robert Bonner David Boyd Pat Brasfield Patti Brown Jackie Brownlee Tammy Bunch Karen Chew Kathy Chism Deloris Clark Kim Cockrell Hiron Cowan Todd Cowart Dudley Joe Crump Ronnie Crump Tracy Crump Priscilla Curry Albert Dankins Brenda Davis Don Davis 86 -7 - • ., i7'Ji Debra Dial Julia Dobbs Vernadeen Dobbs Mark Dorsey Frank Durrett Lauren English Leah Evans Gwenda Ezell Dina Faulkner Johnny Fears Marilyn Fears Beth Fikes Keith Flurry Laura Leigh Fowlkes Debbie Galloway Laura Garner Tony Ghoston Jackie Gilleylen Lavada Green Charlotte Greenhill Maurice Griffin Teddy Hadaway Virginia Hadaway Donna Hammock Sam Hand Alan Haney Linda Haney Leigh Ann Harlow Randy Harmon David Harris 87Elaine Harris Keith Harris Lisa Harrison Jay Hatcher Steve Hatcher Michael Herron Robin Hester Steve Hitt Loretta Holloway Bradley Hood Renee Hoots Allen Hughes Sheila Hunter Sharon Huskey Derrick Jenkins Pam Johnson Mary Jones Todd Justice Anthony Lackie Robert Langford Dennis Latham Mike Leech Teresa Lloyd Bobby Love Cynthia Marshall James Marsh Pam Martin Brad McCormick Richard McFadden Tim McGalliard 86 ■ 4$ Pepper Massengill Suzanne Maxcy Greg May Ronnie Means Sammy Miller Chris Minich Rebecca Moon Renee Moore Faye Morgan Trellis Morgan Gwen Morris Brenda Morrow Marty Nicholson Karen Oliver Lee Ann Parham Donnie Parker Michelle Parker Judith Pate Lisa Patterson Jack Pearson Lisa Phillips Sharon Pierce Windy Pierce Susan Poe Henry Pruitt Ruby Pursley Michelle Rainey Beth Ramage Herlener Randle Jarvis Reddick 89Phil Reese Debbie Reeves Keith Reeves Jimmy Rieves Darrell Riggins Peyton Ross Debbie Sanders Jill Sanders Anthony Saracco Jeff Shepherd Larry Shields Laura Shields Melanie Shields Patrick Shook Jacqueline Sims Tim Smith Dennis Spratt Janet Stivala Joan Stivala Barbara Sullivan Bill Tate Derrick Thomas Melissa Thompson Elly Vance Bill Wamble Tim Watson Greg Wax Doug Webb Larry Westbrook Teresa Whitakci 90Ava Whitfield Tanya Wilemon Larry Wilkerson Reid Wilkerson Kim Williams Mark Williams Wayne Williams 1. Look at those Sophomore cheerleaders. 2. Working hard! 3. Was it Mm-Mm good, Patti? 1. We’re the class you can’t out do!” Senior Class of “82”!! 2. Caught ’cha Oober” and David 3. Lisa and Lynda ask Diana for advice! 4. Geronimo” Frank Durret and Hiron Cowan! 5. Don't Pam and Sharon look “fired up?” 92Andrea Adams Stephanie Adams Joe Allredge Marsha Anderson Laura Angeloff Veronica Bailey Jay Baines Beth Baker Billy Barnes Paul Barnes Richard Barrentine Margo Basom Shirley Beeks Tammy Bennett Kim Bowen Dennis Braylock Don Brazil Tony Bridges Karen Bryan Bridie Burdine Douglas Carter Steve Chilcoat Annie Childs Joey Clark Lynn Clark Russ Coleman Larry Conoway Craig Cox Mary Ann Cox Lee Crump 94Charley Culpepper Deloris Dilworth Donald Dilworth Jackie Dilworth Bruce Dobbs Irene Dobbs Richard Dodd Ricky Dodd Dee Dee Dorset Pebbles East Michael Edgeworth Randy Edwards Jackie Evans Rhonda Flippo Scott Forbus Nita Funderburk Johnny Gann Johnny Garner Vickie Garner Sammy Garth Patricia Gates Dave Giles Christy Gillentine Nicole Gillentine Vernon Goode Sandra Gosa Roger Goodwin Marilyn Hall Rebecca Hall Mae Hampton %Patricia Hausley Roxie Hightower Leticia Hill David Holeman Chuck Holley Tim Holloway Susan Holman Jolene Hoots Keith Householder Vance Householder Keith Howard Richard Huffman Van Hurt Kenny Isbell Chad Jackson Kathy Jackson Preston James Anthony Jenkins Jonathan Jenkins Tim Johnson Bert Jones Billy Jones Cynthia Jones Staci Jones Pat Jordan Allison Keith David Kendrick Carol Kilgore Brian King Debra Knight %Amy Mathis Mary May Sean Miles Linda Miller Stephanie Mitchell Henry Kyle Jimmy Kyle Mike Langford Frankie Little Suzanne Loden Renee McAfee Shirley McFadden Veronica McIntosh Pam Madden Terry Mann Melanie Moffett Laura Moreland Glenda Morgan Leandrew Morgan Stephen Morris Darren Mullins Mary Nelson Darnell Odom Allison Outlaw Connie Parker rr X Kenny Parker Randy Parker Kathryn Parks Billy Pattillo Patrick Phillips 97Ronnie Pierce Linda Pipkin Leann Pope Beth Pound Zettie Rainy Chad Ray Eddie Reeves Lana Reeves Lisa Reeves Tina Reeves Shawn Roberts Tim Robertson Hob Sanderson Michael Saracco Kirk Sawyer Missy Shepherd Bobby Shumpert Keith Shutt Adam Smith Johnny Smith Karen Smitherman Jimmy Smithson John Spann Mary Spratt Denni Stacy Toby Stanford Peggy Stewart Stephanie Strawbridge Linda Strong Jackie Sykes 98 Leon Sykes Melinda Tackett Lonnie Thomas Jimmy Thompson Tina Tribble Cleveland Tubb Tami Turner Dorothy Vance Leigh Vance Jan Vasser Michelle Vincent Malcom Wall Patrina Walton Lisa Weaver Steve Walls Rita West Tim West Marilyn Westbrook Tanya White Shirley Williams Anthony Wilson Do it! Stacy Toya Wilson Scott Wiygul 99100MOST BEAUTIFULTop 5. Front Row, Left to Right, Lou Ann East, First Alternate: Sharon Stevens. Most Beautiful 1980; Renea Johnson, Most Beautiful 1979; Jill Sanders, Second Alternate. Back Row, Eva Walls. Miss Congeniality; Lee Ann Parham, Third Alternate; Steve Stockton, Master of Ceremonies; Bethany Tubb, Fourth Alternate; Laurie Randle, Entertainer. Top 10 First Row, Left to Right, Elly Vance, Lesli Morris, Bethany Tubb, Sharon Stevens. Second Row, Lee Ann Parham, Laura Moreland, Lisa McIntosh. Third Row, Jeannie Burrow, Lou Ann East, Jill Sanders. 1031 to 14 Group Judging, Left to Right, Kim Pace, Bridget Perkins, Van Hurt, Jackie Griffin, Sharon Stevens, Tammy Bunch, Elly Vance, Mary May. Gwen Morris, Bethany Tubb, Eva Walls, Debbie Galloway. Patti Francis, Lesli Morris. 15 to 27 Group Judging, Left to Right, Jill Sanders, Jeannie Burrow. Lou Ann East, Debbie Sanders, Lee Ann Parham, Leah Wheat, Janet Shepherd, Vickie Anderson, Tissy Beasley, Lisa McIntosh, Gayla Bell, Laura Moreland, Lisa East. 104Leslie relaxes before going on stage. Friends are like precious gems — rare and hard to find. Mrs. Robbie is presented roses from the girls as a token of their appreciation for her hard work.FUTURE FARMERS FFA officers are left to right: Robert Bonner, Jimmy Rieves, Jeff Shepherd, Alan Haney, Bill Wamble, Darrel Riggins This year’s 131 member FFA had an exciting year. They made six picnic tables for Lake Monroe. The FFA entered a tool identification and welding contest and placed second in tool and third in welding. They also entered creed speaking, opening and closing. Tammy Bunch was chosen for this year’s FFA Sweetheart. 106 Tammy Bunch — FFA SweetheartOF AMERICA Tool Identification Team: Dougley Carter, David Holeman, Charley Culpepper, Roger Goodwin Front row: Alan Haney. Jimmy Rieves, Robert Bonner, Bill Wamble Back row: Ronnie Crump, Darrel Riggins, Jeff Shepherd, Mr. Riley Welding Team: Mike Carroll. Kirk Hill and Earl Vance 107 Frankie Allison District Star FarmerNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY National Honor Society Members include: (Row 1) Peggy Webster, Donna Raymond, Beth Brown, Ginger Lindsey, Rhonda Moon, Patti Francis, B.J. Cole. Van East. Frankie Allison. Kenny Moffett (Row 2) Belinda Brown. Matissa Sizemore, Kathy Cox, Carolyn Alsup, Lori Thornton, Sharon Nash, Pam May, Tissy Beasley, Nelda Moreland, Jeannie Burrow. Ginger Lindsey welcomes Beth Brown into the National Honor Society. 108 The National Honor Society presents a skit as part of induction ceremonies.WHO’S WHO AT AMORY HIGH SCHOOL Most Likely to Succeed — Becky Jackson, Linda Haney, Phil Jones, Mary May, Greg Wax Wittiest — Row one — Elly Vance, Betty Lewis, Sandra Gosa Row Two — Brad Bowling, Darrell Rig-gans, Andy Sanders, Dave Giles Most Courteous — Leigh Vance, Big William Pruitt, Earl Vance, Hiron Cowan Best Dressed — Pebbles East, Hob Sanderson, Frank Dur-rett, Kaye Wamble, Jimmy Smith 109DECA DECA Officers are: Kaye Wamble — President Bridget Perkins Vice-president Jenny Harrison — Secretary Barry Mathis — Parliamentarian Donna Phillips — Reporter DECA competed in district competition at Northeast Junior College and winners were: Kaye Wamble, Rusty Edwards, Patti Francis, John Franke and Joey Cantrell. DECA also took part in the Heart Fund Road Block. In state competition, DECA had three winners. Kaye Wamble placed second in Apparel and Accessories, manager owner level. Joey Cantrell placed third in automotive and petroleum. Jenny Harrison placed fourth with the scrapbook earning the DECA Chapter The Rookie Chapter of the Year Award. DECA members enjoy Christmas party at Pizza Inn DECA members prepared fruit baskets to give to residents of Amory Manor as part of their Adopt a Grandparent program. DECA car entered in homecoming parade. DECA members enjoy fall cookout noFBLA officers are: seated; Dee Cadden, Frankie Allison, Sharon Stevens, Van East, and Nelda Moreland. Standing; Mrs. Dee Allison — sponsor. Anita Wax, Diana Caldwell, Marti Wilson. Tammy Williams. Eunice Smith, and Mrs. Kay Moffett — sponsor. FBLA The 152 members participated in the Great American Smokeout and presented needy children with toys, candy and clothes at FBLA Christmas party. Frankie Allison, Phil Jones. Van East, and Phil Reese speak to Century Club. Marsha Wyers and Susan Smith count money collected for March of Dimes. March of Dimes Victory” celebration. Presenting of check to Bob Angle in the amount of $1,036. inPEPTOMIST Members of the Peptomist Staff and sponsor, Mr. Rowles The officers of the Peptomist are: Editor — Robert J. Cole Business Manager — Kat Holman Class and Clubs Editor — Beth Fikes Sports Editor — David McCullen, Regina Harlow Photography Editor — Stephen Salter Special Columns and Reviews — Matissa Sizemore Feature Editors — Brad Bowling, Rusty Crump Layout and Design — Patti Francis Robert J. Cole was selected Representative Mississippi Scholastic Press Association Northern District. 112Peggy Webster and Susan Thornton, Photograhers PANORAMA ' rE Ginger Lindsey, Editor; Rhonda Moon, Editor; (not pictured) Mark Dorsey. Sports EditorHERO Officers of HERO are: Gloria Davis, President; Doris Whitfield, Assistant President; Darlene Marsh, Assistant Secretary; Antionetta Lowe, Treasurer; Rosie Latham, Secretary and sponsor, Mrs. Moore. The HERO club was a very active club this year. At Halloween, club members exchanged candy among members in the club. For Thanksgiving fruit baskets were taken to Amory Manor. The Christmas project consisted of a party given for three needy children. For Valentine’s Day, members exchanged boxes of candy among other members in the club. In February the club also went to the Tupelo Mall to help raise money for the March of Dimes and raised $176.75. 114LIBRARY CLUB Members of Library Club and sponsor, Mrs. Smith. Members are left to right Eva Walls; Bridget Perkins, President; and Anita Wax, Vice-president. The Amory High School Library Club aids the members in developing special abilities, personal skills, and interesting social relationships. It also serves to develop aesthetic appreciation and enhances the pursuit toward excellence. One of the key projects is the Christmas Cheer effort where all members donate a gift to send a package to the patients at Mississippi State Hospital at Whitfield. Club members attended the district meeting at Mississippi State University and the state SLAM meeting at Jackson. The annual tea honoring seniors was held in May. The club also prepared a scrapbook and club history. Officers of the club are: Bridget Perkins — President Anita Wax — Vice-president Brenda Davis — Secretary Jackie Griffin — Treasurer Anita Wax also serves as district secretary. 115SPANISH CLUB Spanish Club members. Officers are: Ginger Lindsey — President. Beth Brown — Vice-President, Tammy Williams — Secretary Treasurer, Lori Thornton — Reporter State Spanish Club President — Donna Raymond The Spanish Club participated in the state Foreign Language Fair and brought home many winners, had an entry in the Homecoming Parade and selected Jeff Bailey and Beth Brown as Spanish King and Queen. State Foreign Language Fair Winners: Pictured left to right — Dina Faulkner, Sharon Huskey, Terri Reeves, Mary May, Jolene Hoots, Belinda Brown, Linda Haney, Pepper Massengill, Deede Dorsett, Lori Thornton, Becky Jackson, Dee Cadden, Mary Jo Palmer, Gerardo De la Pena, Jeff Bade ■ Homecoming Parade entries — Tacos Belinda Brown and Linda HaneyF R E N C H French Foreign Language Fair Winners: Front row left to right — Mr. Rowles. Sponsor, Matissa Sizemore, Lisa McIntosh, Patti Francis, Betty Crump. Elly Vance, Melanie Moffett, Second Row Hiron Cowan, Karen Chew, B.J. Cole, Rhonda Moon, Roxie Hightower, Stephanie Adams, Beth Baker. Greg May, Stephen Morris, Susan Holman, Beth Fikes, and Darrel Mullins C L U B Le Grand Concours Winners: Seated left to right: Dave Giles — first in State and fifth in region: Mr. Rowles, sponsor: Standing: Rebecca Hall — top twenty percent; Stephen Morris — third in State; Darren Mullins — top twenty percent; Van Hurt — top twenty percent. FRENCH C.LUB INTRODUCES THE French Club Officers are: Rhonda Moon — President Kat Holman — Vice President Beth Fikes — Secretary Senior Representative — Betty Crump Junior Representative — B.J. Cole Sophomore Representative — Hiron Cowan Freshman Representative — Dave Giles The French Club participated in the foreign Language Fair and brought home many winners. Their entry in the homecoming parade was entitled “French Fries”. They also had a French sidewalk cafe at which delicious French pastries were served to the delight of all the students. French Club entry in homecoming parade — French Fries 117HI-Y HI-Y Club members and sponsor, Mr. Tommy Parish. Officers of the club are: President, Jon Alexander; Vice-President, Betty Lewis; Secretary, Lissa Capps; Chaplin, Ginger Lindsey Some of the activities of the Hi-Y this year were the following: The members manned water stand at half-way point of Great Railroad Run and served refreshments to the runners at the finish line. The members also held a road block one Saturday in April to collect money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 118Y-TEENS On November 27, Y-Teens made Thanksgiving baskets for two needy families. On December 13 a Christmas party was given at which members exchanged gifts. On February 14 Valentines were taken to Amory Manor Nursing Home. On March 4-7, Y-Teens sponsored Teacher’s Appreciation Day by placing sweets in the teachers’ lounges. On March 29, members attended state meeting in Jackson. Y-Teens officers are: Rosie Latham, President; Sponsor, Margia Bankhead; Vice-President, Cynthia Marshall; Treasurer, Vela Pargo; and Secretary, Anita Wax, not pictured. 1FHA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA F.H.A. Officers President — Brenda Davis Vice President — Sonya Henton Secretary-Treasurer — Edith Atkins Song Leader — Patricia McIntosh Parliamentarian — Cynthia Whitfield Cynthia Whitfield, Brenda Davis, Vela Pargo, Veronica McIntosh and Miss McGlohn attended the Rock-A-Thon in Tupelo. This year the FHA attended an Officer’s Leadership Workshop and the Fall and Spring District meetings. Three delegates attended the State Leadership meeting in Jackson in May. The FHA members participated in the District Rock-A-Thon at the Tupelo Mall for the March of Dimes. 120THESPIANS Officers of the Thespians are: Van East, President Dee Cadden, Vice-President B.J. Cole, Secretary Anita Wax, Treasurer The Thespians were also responsible for a weekly radio show — “High School Report” every Thursday at 3:30 on WKOR. Platform Events: District and State Winners — Patti Francis, Dramatic Interpretation; Peggy Webster, Original Oratory; Kat Holman, Extemporaneous Speaking; Eva Walls, Dramatic Interpretation; Anita Wax, Oral Interpretation; Sponsor, Mrs. Holmes. District Drama Festival; Mississippi State. December 7; The Parade That Might Have Been.” Seated: Patti Francis, Dee Cadden, Matissa Sizemore. Standing: Hiron Cowan, Kat Holman, Diana Caldwell. Spring Production — Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. Seated: Kat Holman, Diana Caldwell, Beth Fikes. Standing: Stephen Morris, Hiron Cowan, Frank Durret, Patti Francis, Jimmy Fisher. 121Amory High School Chorus recorded for television a program to be aired on December 14. On February 21 Band and Chorus presented a concert in the Amory High School auditorium. The Chorus plans to take members to see “Carmen” on May 16. CHORUS Members of Amory High School Chorus Mr. Billy Cotten, director Members perform in concert on February 21 122VICA VICA State Competitors. left to right bottom row: Barry Parham. Steve Logan, Bill Tate. Tommy Moffett, and n“ Loga ' Second Row: Kirk Hill, Buzz Hurt. Buddy Smith. Ray Burks, and Philip Remer. Back Row David Williams, Ray Bowman, Randy Leech, Terry Tucker, and Rusty Miller Club Officers: Keith Kennedy, President Buddy Smith, Vice-President Chad Logan, Secretary Ray Bowman, Treasurer This group of VICA students won first, second, or third at District level. The groups were as follows: opening and closing team, third place; Team composed of Ray Bowman, Rusty Miller, David Williams, Jeff Shields, Bill Tate, and Steve Logan. Club Business Procedure Team, Second place. Team composed of Ray Burks, Buzz Hurt, Dana Brown, Kirk Hill, Randy Leech, Buddy Smith, and Barry Parham. Building Trades, first place, Philip Remer. Electricity first place, Terry Tucker. Prepared Speech third place, Chad Logan. 1231. Frankie Allison, Mr. and Mrs. Mabry Allison, Jr. 2. Dee Cadden, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cadden 3. Diana Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Caldwell 4. Betty Crump, Mrs. J.D. Crump 5. Van East III, Mr. and Mrs. Van East, Jr. 6. Melanie Hammock, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hammock 7. Phil Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Lendon Jones “AHS’ HIGHEST HONOR”GOLDEN PANTHERS 1. Ginger Lindsey, Mrs. Bryce Lindsey 2. Kenny Moffett, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Moffett 3. Rhonda Moon, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moon 4. Nelda Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moreland 5. Bridget Perkins, Rev. and Mrs. D.T. Jackson 6. Sharon Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stevens 7. Tammy Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Williams 125JUNIOR AND 126SENIOR BANQUET The theme chosen for the banquet this year was African Safari. The theme was carried out with the help of Tarzan, Jane, and Monkey from the heart of the jungle. Jeannie Burrow and Leslie Morris added to the entertainment with their version of a pantomine of “Witch Doctor.” Serving girls added to the enjoyment of the meal with their jungle dance. Seniors appreciated the good food, entertainment, and hard work on the part of juniors and Mrs. Griffith. 127128James Kenneth Moffett Tissy Ann Beasley Mabry Franklin Allison 129 Curtis L. Rainey Principal Larry Marett Nelda Ruth Moreland131Do you ever get the feeling he’s not listening, Mrs. Holmes. Sit down Cynthia because everybody sees you. Mr. Marett that will be 500 times! “I will not chew gum.” Have it in before homeroom. 132Smile Gerald, You’re on Candid camera! -r----+- ■ » T- i c : Is it Mr. Andy Sanders and brief case? No! It’s just Nesbit!! 133134Stewart’s Photography 135Southern Duo-Fast James Wall’s Used Cars Feed “We Put Logo on it' Rt. 1 Amory, Ms. Fertilizer Brasfield Horne 6th Ave. North Amory, Mississippi 38821 601-256-9514 UKtiituxe c€omfiany AMORY. MISSISSIPPI 38821 Greenhouse Terry Murrell Nursery 601-282-4367 “We Work For You” Florist Gift Shop Home Mortgage Realty, Inc. General Ins. of All Kinds of Family Home and Business Phones Agents 256-5902 Wallace Scott Phil Roberts 256-2603 Ed Bourland SHOE TOWN Famous Same Brands At Discount Prices Ladies - Men's Dress 6- Casual Footwear Western Wear O Boots Ph. 256-3711 221 No. Main Amory, Ms. 38821 138Cutcliff Drug Co. C D Lumber Co. 'Congratulations Seniors!” Hwy. 278 East Amory, MS “Congratulations Seniors” Bill May 256-5822 LARSON’S McCullen’s GroceryPHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS CLINIC Congratulations to the Seniors of 1980 Compliments of Physicians and Surgeons Clinic GILMORE SHOE STORE FAMILY SHOE AND ACCESSORIES PHONE 256-5802 AMORY, MISSISSIPPI 38821 HOW AD MOON MONROE CO. CHANCERY CLERK CITY AUTO PARTS OF AMORY INC. 203 THIRD AVENUE SOUTH AMORY, MISSISSIPPI 38821 PHONE 601-256-2691 (3Ho ST SHOP SUNFLOWER HOME OF CERTIFIED SPECIALS AND RED CARPET SERVICE iv2f WREN BODY WORKS RT. 1 BOX 1-88-B OKOIONA, MS WALKER MANUFACTURING A TENNECO COMPANY SOUTH MATUBBA STREET ABERDEEN, MISSISSIPPI 39730 601 369-8161 WE SELL FOR LESS WAL-MART DISCOUNT CITY SATISFACTION GUARANTEED BY REFUND OR EXCHANGESTATE FARM INS. CO. HEALTH, FIRE, LIFE AND AUTO OFFICE 256-3626 RESIDENCE 256-5234 Automotive Parts Service Mr. Charles Sanderson Mr. Lendon Jones Hwy. 278 Amory, Ms. 38821 EAST REXALL DRUGS Glendale Shopping Ctr. Amory, MS. 38821 Van P. East, Jr. Reg. Pharmacist ! 256-8441 256-8442 Hallmark Cards Gift Center Compliments of BUDDY’S Department Store Amory, Ms. 38821 Shop At White’s And Save For Your Christmas Toys And Home Needs Congratulations Seniors Helen’s Beauty Shop Congratulations Class of ‘80’ Moon’s Grocery Congratulations Seniors Compliments of WEST GROCERY 144 Compliments of Shield’s Grocery The Fashion Shoppe Craft Compliments The Bud Stem Shop Of 730 S. Blvd. Dr. 256-8455 Anthony’s Men Shop F.T.D. — TeleFlora — Flora Fax Bobby Tartt — Floral Consultant Atlas Truck Body Ronnie Boozer Manufacturing Co. Tax Assessor — Tax Collector Custom Built Monroe County Truck Bodies Mrs. Charlotte B. Williams Wilkerson Appliances Circuit Court Clerk General Electric Monroe County Amory, Ms. 38821 145SECURITY BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C. FOUR LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOUFIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE 110 N. 3rd ST. 256-7176 510 S. BOULEVARD 256-5622Amory Marble Works 310 N. 3rd ST PH. 256-7752 There s a Pool For You cow5 tm cj oh 767O AMOKT p.eSlO£HC-£S R OL-S Best Wishes Seniors Compliments of People’s Drug Co. Aihlcy Wood Hwltn Turner's Carpet 407 Front Street Amor). Miss. 38821 Business: 256-8923 CHARLES TURNER Home: 256-8874 Compliments of Sav-a-minit Hatley Road Amory, MS Q,neenhaw PHARMACY “YOUR PRESCRIPTION CENTER” STEVE GREENHAW, Reg. Ph. HI-WAY 278, EAST AMORY, MISSISSIPPI TEL 256-8483 148 •“ ♦ - 4 , ’ ' w S k V .«. • ♦ , 4 4 , • - 'I • ‘ . « V • f v. -« : i • • •• : ■ v v 1 V 4 + m' ' . -

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