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REFLECTIONS This world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it in turn will look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly, kind companion. AMORY HIGH SCHOOL PANORAMA 1977 1978 Editors Heather McCluskey Alida Moore Bennie Smith Susie Bunch Darcy Brown Christina Cruber David Millender Suzanne RossMemories Of HAPPY DA YS!DEDICATION — APPRECIATION MR. LARR Y MARETT MISS SHARON LANGFORD 1. The PANORAMA staff presented Sharon Langford with a gift in appreciation of the example she set for A.H.S. students during these past 12 years. Always on time, always smiling--Thanks, Sharon. 3. Thanks for the patience you have, the interest in each one of us. Thanks, also, for the good example you set for us. 2. In appreciation of all the extra work, effort and concern, we dedicate the 1978 PANORAMA, to Mr. Larry Marett. Thanks for the floor-mopping, counselling, popcorn popping and all the other endless jobs you do. 3IN MEMORIAM T. DOCK BLAIR FRED GRIFFIN FRED HESTER SAMMY SMITH PROFESSOR W.E. POPE AND IN LOVING MEMOR Y OF WAYNE OUTLAW CLASS OF 78OUR BOSSES . . .Larry Marett, Principal Eugenia Hood, Math, Guidance Lizette Stevens, P. E. Coach i'H' ■ lfl Earl Stevens, P.E., Coach Bill Miley, Math, Coach Faith McCullen, Science Ruth Griffith, Math Larry Newman, Math, CoachFACULTY Ethel Little, Home Ec. Louis Rowles, French, JoAnnForbus, English Nancy Garrett, English English Mario Ortiz, English, Spanish Judy Nabors, English, Speech Tommy Parish, Social Studies Tommy Gilreath, Social Studies Danny Golding, Social Studies Faith West, English Jeffie Robinson, English Jerry Lyons, Coach, Social Studies, Driver's ed. John Wilson, Social Studies Jerry Irving, ScienceBob Taylor, band Juanita Smith, Librarian Herman Riley, Agriculture I Betsy McGlohn, home economics Chester McCall, Building Mary McMillan, guidance trades Jessie Wilson, Secretary Dee Allison, IBT, Co-op Susan Wise, Business Donald Fly, Electricity James Little, Auto Mechanics Bill Hilliard, director 8 John Thomas, Math B.B. Jones, B-MetalMr. And Miss AHS Mr. and Miss AHS-next to Golden Panther the highest honor a student at Amory High School can win. The seniors nominate and the entire student body votes. This year's winners were TERESA WRIGHT AND LEE RUSHING. 1. Johnny and Emily were runners-up. 2. Lee-one head among many. 3. Teresa reigned as homecoming queen; driver, Charles Moreland; escort. Dale Fullerton. 4. Lee in the fashion show. Only ONE of his many poses. 5. Lee again-not asleep but passed out giving blood. 6. Lee as we will best remember him. few v r GOLDEN PANTHERS (L to R) Vickie Harlow, Teresa Wright, Julie Holman, MarkTubb, Amy McCullen, Joni Wilson, Teresa Palmer. Their parents are standing behind. Long, long ago when this Tombigbee region still belonged to Mother Nature, there lived in this immediate area, a den of cunning and vicious panthers whose ambition was to dominate and control all the game areas, water holes and salt licks within their range. They organized themselves and set about to accomplish this purpose and were not long in achieving it. The era and reign of this remarkable pantherdom has long since receded . . . however, the spirit and purpose of this remarkable panther pack still survives in the life and purpose of some of the students at AHS. The Golden Panther Awards recognize these qualities as exemplified by that golden panther of long ago. (L to R) Heather McCluskey, Vic Ross, Mark Brasfield, Cledus Bynum, John Burrow, Alida Moore, Carolyn Cole; their parents are standing behind them.Mark Brasfield (Not Pictured) John Burrow Cledus Bynum (Not Pictured) Carolyn Cole Vickie Harlow 14 Julie Holman Heather McCluskeyJoni Wilson Not Pictured: Teresa Wright isCLASS FA VORITES S SANDRA PALMER JOANN DANKINS LORA GILLEYLEN LEE DAVIS DOUG WAX TAMMY BOOTH CLEDUS BYNUM I r ' r LISA GRIFFIN S "BIG" WILLIAM PRUITT BRIDGET PERKINS Not Pictured MARK BRASFIELD TODD STANFORD NANCY DICKERSON JEFF CHISM 16 FRESHMEN JOHN DALE RENFRO TERESA DAVISHOMECOMING — OUR WA Y 1. The court and newly-announced queen in assembly. 2. The same court on the field. 3. Freshman maid and escort-Tammy Williams: John D. Renfro. 4. Sophomore maid Janet Shepherd and escort, Barry Calhoun.HOMECOMING ROYALTY For once it did not "rain on our parade" so the crepe paper did not sag or run. All floats looked great. And, of course, the maids looked beautiful and the escorts handsome. 1. Senior maid, Barbara Dobbs; escort Keith Cook. 2. Senior maid, Lona Lewellen; escort, Brian McCullen. 3. Senior maid, Nancy McIntosh; escort, Tony Lloyd. 4. Junior maid, Suzanne Ross; escort. Chuck Tubb. 5. Queen, Teresa Wright; escort. Dale Fullerton. 6. Senior maid, Teresa Palmer; escort(not pictured), Mike .. Pearson. IOOUR PROGRAM 1. Amy directs practice. 2. Our late, late bunnies, Amy and Heather. 3. Bill interviews Teresa after the program. 4. Our wishing well queen, Joanie. 5. Wendy (Renea) listens to Peter Pan's tales. 6. Cinderella, Jolayne Wilkerson, has her shoe fitted by Prince Charming.THAT NIGHT has finally arrived I 1. Top Ten take a bow. 2. Bob Baines, entertainer, sings "He Ain't Heavy." 3. ALL of us on stage at once. 4. TOP FIVE -- + 2 --Renea, Teresa, Mitzi, Tammy, Brenda, Sharon, Beth. 5. Mitzi, Beth do the can-can-privatley, of course.1978 BEAUTY REVUE uCOLOR MY WORLD” SENIORS 1. SENIORS- L to R- PAM MOON, TERRESA WRIGHT, JONI WILSON, TERESA PALMER, CAROLYN COLE, BARBARA DOBBS, (not pictured): MITZI BAKER.) JUNIORS 2. JUNIORS- BETH FRACIS, SUZANNE ROSS, RENE A JOHNSON, CINDY MOON, LISA GRIFFFIN, BREN CARTER, DARCY BROWN, ALISA LLOYD. r s r«f SOPHOMORES- LISA EAST, TAMMY WILLIAMS, BRIDGET PERKINS, JANET SHEPERD, SHARON STEVENS FRESHMEN- JEANNIE BURROW, EVA WALLS, TAMMY WALKER.WORK . . . WORK . . . WORK . . . WORK The work begins long before the girls practice. The boxes must be inspected, repaired and placed on the stage . . . the run-way (all 200 lbs. of it) maneuvered into the auditorium . . . paint, cover, staple, glue, glitter, put up, tear down, start over.THESPIANS THESPIAN OFFICERS: Suzanne Ross, Vic Ross, Heather McCluskey SPONSORS: Joanne Forbus, Louis Rowles Playcast members (standing) Joannie Wilson, Donnie Baker, Julie Holman; (seated) Vic Ross, Hugh Miller. Play cast (1 to r) Todd Suzanne, David Stokes, Keith Rye, CAST order of appearance Abby Brewster ................. Julie Holman The Rev. Dr. Harper .............. Danny Pugh Teddy Brewster ................. Hugh Miller Officer Brophy ................ Brad Bowling Officer Klein ................. Suzanne Ross Martha Brewster ................ Alida Moore Elaine Harper .................. Joni Wilson Mortimer Brewster .................. Vic Ross Mr. Gibbs ......................... Keith Rye Jonathan Brewster ............. Donnie Baker Dr. Einstein ........................... Todd Stanford Officer O'Hara .................... Keith Rye Lieutenant Rooney ......... Virginia Langford Mr. Witherspoon ............... David Stokes The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the Brewster home in Brooklyn. Time is the 1940's. ACT I: An afternoon in September ACT II: That same night ACT III: Scene I--Later that night Scene II-Early the next morning Todd Stanford named best character actor in Northern District at District Drama Festival at Mississippi State Julie and Alida plan their next murder VERY carefully.Senior Banquet RIVER BOAT STYLE MISSISSIPPI GAMBLERS 4 Melinda and the lights The senior banquet-one of the highlights of the year. Steaks, potatoes, strawberry shortcake- this year served on a Mississippi riverboat. Darcy drew the riverboat and many hands painted it. Our guestsTOPS IN MUSIC . . . BAND A WARDS I 1. Randy Wright and Robbie Miller, winners of the Louie Armstrong Jazz Band Award, Band A. 2. Mark Tubb, Amy McCullen and Mr. Taylor. Amy and Mark won the John Phillip Sousa Band Award. 3. Don Gosa, Most Improved Junior; "Big" William Pruitt, Most Improved Sophomore Award; Butch Sanders, tied with Don for Most Improved Junior; Nat Miller, Most Improved Senior. 4. Most Outstanding: Andy Sanders, sophomore; Ken Reich, junior; David Stokes, freshman. 5. Crafton Laney, winner of the most coveted award, the P-R-I-D-E AWARD. NOT PICTURED: Vince Patterson, Louie Armstrong Jazz Award, stage band B; Kirk Hill, Most Improved freshman.A THLETIC A WARDS Football awards: Lee Rushing, Steve Young, David Randle, John Burrow; (kneeling) Perry Vance, Robert Thornton. (Picture did not develop) BOYS' BASKETBALL AWARDS: Rodney Evans, Anthony Hogan, Craig Brasfield, John Burrow, David Randle. 28 ° 9 a- 6. Tennis: Susie Bunch, Brian McCullen, Teresa Pierce. Girls' basketball: (this one was pretty enough to develop) Teresa Pierce, Sandra Palmer, Teresa Palmer, Cheryl Dankins, Cathy Chism. 4fr 4. Track: Bren Carter, Angela Dethrow, Robert Thornton. 5. Baseball: Steve Young, David Randle, John Burrow.MARK BRASFIELD- T.N. TOUCHSTONE AMY McCULLEN- T.N. TOUCHSTONE AWARD AWARD CAROLYN COLE- ALTON B. ARNETT JOHN BURROW- ALTON B. ARNETT CLEDUS BYNUM- AMERICAN LEGION POST 39 BELINDA CARTER- AMERICAN POST 39 CITIZENSHIP CITIZENSHIP, MOST IMPROVEDAmy McCullen- DAR Citizen Award Pam Randle- Pilot Club Mark Tubb- Beta Sigma Phi Crafton Laney- Wayne Outlaw, Vivian Greene Music AwardsVic Ross - Glenn Manufacturing, Math Awards Lona Lewellan - Lion's Club Award Not pictured: John Scott - Leigh McCowan David Millender - DAR History Award Award Barbara Dobbs - West Amory Civic Improvement Emily Gilleylen - Library Award, W.C. Pope 31 AwardMARTHA DAVIS - SUNRISE CLUB AWARD. f ? C i GRETA POLK - MASONIC -EASTERN STAR INCENTIVE AWARD. JIMMY MORGAN - AMORY TODD STANFORD - TYPING. GARMENT. DENNIS HERNDON - DEKALB AGRICULTURE. VIC ROSS - STAR STUDENT AND TEACHER MARK TUBB AND TERESA PALMER -MARIO ORTIZ ACCOUNTING 32SMALL SERVICE IS TRUE SERVICE WHILE IT LASTS. OF HUMBLEST FRIENDS, BRIGHT CREATURE! SCORN NOT ONE: THE DAISY, BY THE SHADOW THAT IT CASTS, PROTECTS THE LINGERING DEWDROP FROM THE SUN. TO A CHILD WRITTEN IN ' k.HER ALBUM1. OFFICERS: Mark Brasfield, Suzanne Ross, Darcy Brown 2. Crazy Clothes Day-People really made AHS look like a "crazy house." 3. Mark participates. 4. Your Student Council in action! STUDENT COUNCIL The 18-member Student Council, under the direction of Mr. Wilson, was extremely busy this year. Among other things, they helped promote the Blood Drive and '50's day, sponsored TWIRP Week, Hat Day, Cleanup and Beautify Day, and Dorr Decoration Contest at Christmas. During homecoming, the Council sponsored a bonfire, Poster Day, Crazy Clothes Day, and Spirit Day.PANORAMA — “KEEPER OF THE REFLECTIONS" job. This involves walking, walking and smiling, smiling . . . and often going back several times before the client is satisfied or in a buying mood. And, in a few cases, having the merchant be rude and still smile sweetly and say "Thank you." ON the whole, though, our merchants are very gracious and fun to sell to. Several of our businesses have automatically taken ads for twenty or more years. These we saluted a few years ago in a special section in our ads. Additional pictures of the staff are on page 148. 35The Y-Teens with twenty eight members had a good year. They provided a box for a family at Christmas, went Christmas caroling, visited their adopted grandparents at the Amory Manor, and had an end-of-the -year-party. Eight girls and their sponsor, Mrs. Nancy Garett, attended the state convention at Belhaven College in Jackson. Eva Walls was elected president of this district. SNAPS Cafeteria gossip time, huh, girls? Or are you studying for that big quiz in government or civics scheduled for first period? Guess who got caught doing the NO-NO? Don't slip, Miss No Name. That floor is H-A-R-D-D!DO, RA, MI, FA CHORUS The Chorus gave a Christmas dinner concert, gave a program at the Middle School and an assembly program at the high school and a spring concert. They also participated in the District Choral Festival and had several members selected to attend the State Festival in Vicksburg. Pictured here are the members divided by grades.F.F.A. Sponsor: H.M. Riley No. in club: 150 Conventions, contests attended: Tombigbee Federation- Saltillo Tombigbee Federation-Smithville, District-Pontotoc Honors won: 1st in Parliamentary Procedures (Federation), 2nd in Opening and Closing (Federation), 4th in Welding (Federation), 5th in Tractor Driving (Federation), in Parliamentary Procedures (District) Debate Team Louis Rowles and Joanne Forbus-Sponsors, No. in club-5 Conventions, contests attended- Invitational Debate Tournament at MSU. District Debate Meet-Tupelo Honors won: Won right to debate at State Debate Tournament for 1978, Vic Ross named "Superior Debator." 40FHA — HERO FHA OFFICERS 1. Connie French 2. Belinda Carter 3. Lynn Herron 4. Paula Johnson 5. Emily Gilleylen 6. Vela Pargo 7. Doris Whitfield 8. Greta Polk HERO STATE WINNERS Left to Right: JoAnn Dankins, Mary Helen Crump, and Pearlene Dobbs 'l-t ‘Ik HERO CLUB on PARADE Sponsored a Christmas Party for underprivileged children; promoted National Vocational Education Week by sponsoring coffee hour, newspaper and radio coverage; part of the program at the Rotary Club. Honors won placed first in the prepared Speech Event and Dressmaking II Event at the Little Ten Competitive Recognition Events Day for the Occupational Home Economics Students.1. Officers: (1 to r) Rosita Brownlee, Bridget Perkins, Eva Walls, Emily Gilleylen, Doris Brown. 2. Going to convention! 3. Eva, Pansy, fix the punch-and DON'T drink it all. 4. Seniors are honored at the annual tea. 5. Mrs. Smith and Brenda at the tea. 6. Pansy pours while Kathy eats, and the others watch. 7. All of us get to eat-Jackie, Lola, Anita. 8. O-h-h-h, but this tastes good after a long, hot day in the classroom. LIBRARY CLUB ff p p r% q rTTT 1 Z F.B.L.A. — AGAIN MOST OUTSTANDING IN THE STATE . . . 1. Officer installation. 2. Officers-seated: Alida Moore, Mark Brasfield, Joni Wilson; standing: Suzanne Ross, Christina Cruber, Ken Reich, Heather McCluskey, Darcy Brown. 3. Alida presented Mark his award for outstanding club member. 4. FBLA party Name of the club-FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Name of sponsor-Mrs. Dee Allison and Mrs. Kay Moffett Number in club-169 Projects for year -Thanksgiving box to needy family; assisted retail merchants in Amory with Trade Dollar Days at Christmas; sponsored in place of a Mother's March of FBLA'ers March and raised $1,600; Christmas party for 3 little needy children from Amory and purchased a toy, candy and item of clothing for each. Conventions, contests attended-District FBLA Conference at Senatobia in February; attended State Leadership Conference at Ole Miss in April; Heather McCluskey as Miss. Who's Who representative and Melissa Jones as business communications contest representative. Along with sponsors will attend National FBLA Leadership Conference in San Francisco, California, in July. Honors Won--WON OUTSTANDING CHAPTER IN THE STATE IN APRIL FOR FIVE OUT OF SIX YEARSWINNERS ALL COMPETITION IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. ON April 13 and 14, 1978, the state FBLA Leadership Conference was held at Ole Miss. Those from our school who attended and participated in events and placed were as follows: Business Communications--lst place--Melissa Jones, Teresa Wright. Parliamentary Procedures—1st place--Mark Bras field, Amy McCullen, Julie Holman, Heather McCluskey, Suzanne Ross. Best Scrapbook--1st place--Ken Reich and Darcy Brown. ♦Best Annual Activities Report—2nd place ♦Most Original Project--4th lplace Clerk Typist--2nd place--Todd Stanford Office Procedures--4th place--Kathleen Oglesby Job Interview--3rd place--Joni Wilson ♦Public Speaking--3rd place--Betty Crump Talent--(Band)--lst place--Randy Wright, Brent Rainey, Tim Adams, Ken Reich, Melissa Jones, Mark Tubb, Mike PePPearson, David Boozer, Robbie Miller, Tim Rutledge, David Childers, Keith Rye, Danny Pugh, Don Gosa, Mark Harrison. ♦Business Advocacy--lst place. Businessperson of the Year— 2nd place--Paul Hawkins. Mississippi's Who's Who National Representative--Heather McCluskey Outstanding Chapter--1st place (five out of six years) Who's Who--Julie Holman, Heather McCluskey, Gold Seal Chapter Award--Amory Largest Chapter Membership--2nd place AmoryD.E.C.A The Distributive Education Club of America, Amory chapter, had 55 members for the year '77-'78. Their projects consisted of raising $562.96 for the Heart Fund, adopting a grandparent program at the Amory Manor, two fashion shows; for entertainment, they had a skating party at Christmas, a cookout in May. The Club attended the District II meet at IJC and the State at Jackson, where the chapter was named third overall winner for the Chapter of the Year Award. Winners at district and state levels were Fred Bunch, Pam Randle, Christina Cruber, Joni Wilson, Bill Lyle, Terry Edwards, Dale Fullerton, Lynn Jones. Officers: Pam Randle, Jill Elliott, Christina Cruber, Anne Moore, Dale Fullerton. Cindy Moon, sweetheart. Scrapbook workers: Tammy Booth, Dale Fullerton, and Pam Randle, who was the most valuable member.MOHS NOIHSVJ VDHOOLE! SPANSIH CLUB The Spanish Club won first place in the skit contest, and two students (1.) placed in the top twenty percent of those tested. 1. Vic and Lori. 3. The homecoming parade entry. 4. Officers Vic Ross, Teresa Pierce and Sandra Palmer. 5. A-l-1-1 of us went to the Fair.Panther Band The band is full of memories-long hours of practice, pep rallies, the trips (loading and unloading.) the many performances, and the awards. 1ST PLACE Tupelo Fair Parade Okolona Christmas Parade 2ND PLACE Tupelo Christmas Parade SUPERIOR Tupelo Marching Feast Band Auxiliary Units Drum Line Drum Major-Mark Tubb MISSISSIPPI STATE BAND FESTIVAL Concert Sight Reading Marching Student Conductor- Randy Wright Drum Major-Mark Tubb M S U BAND FESTIVAL Concert Student Conductor-Crafton Lansey "A" Stage Band EXCELLENTS MSU Band Festival Sight Reading MSU Stage Band Festival "B" Stage Band 48FRENCH CLUB — A WINNING YEAR 1. Officers: Heather McClusky, Eunice Smith, Van East, Karen Salter, and Darcy Brown 2. B.J. Cole and Bo Sizemore placed in top 15% in state on National French test 3. French Club 4. Contestants in Foreign Language Fair. 5. Priscilla Pruitt was elected as state president of French Club. 6. Christmas PartyV.I.C.A SECOND YEAR PROVES SUCCESSFUL! Kraig Rye, Roy Thornton, Rex Thompson, David Randle, John Inmon SPONSOR: DONALD FLY NUMBER IN CLUB: 32 PROJECTS: VOCATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK CONVENTIONS: CONTESTS: DISTRICT I COMPETITION, NORHTEST JR. COLLEGE BOONEVILLE, MISS.; STATE COMPETITION, HINDS JR. COLLEGE, RAYMOND, MISS. HONORS WON: DISTRICT-lst PLACE, CLUB BUSINESS PROCEDURE; 3rd PLACE, ELECTRICAL TRADES. STATE-1st PLACE, ELECTRICAL TRADES; 2nd PLACE, CLUB BUSINESS PROCEDURE; 1st PLACE WINNER, (JOHN SCOTT) ELECTRICAL TRADES. HE WILL GO TO NATIONAL COMPETITION IN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, THE WEEK OF JUNE 26-30. TOPS IN STATE-First place in the VICA electrical trades state competition went to Amory High School student, John Scott. The Amory High School student, who topped contestants from all over the state, will compete for national VICA honors June 26-30 in Birmingham. His advisor is Donald Fly. 51THE LIFE OF A CHEERLEADER . . . Beth supervises the building of a perfect Cheerleaders participate in the first parade pyramid. The life of a cheerleader starts with the election in May. Cheerleader camp comes in July or August. Then comes practice until routines are perfect. Sign making and painting takes many long hours. Basketball practice doesn't slow them down at all. This group--l977-'78--did an outstandingly good job all year long. They cheered during the games and even after the games. Cheerleaders are fired up before the game.Home Tupelo Aberdeen Okolona New Albany Shannon Corinth Pontotoc Caldwell Fulton .Houston HER FOOT i 1. Look at 'em go! 2. Johnny Burrow warms up before a game. 3. What would we do without our managers? -• 4. Coach Stevens and Coach Lyons give some pointers to "Wolf" and Kenny.“HEROISM IS ENDURANCE FOR ONE MOMENT MORE. ” Cledus Bynum 21 Mark Dyson 39 Robert Thornton 40 Mike Steele 38 Kenny Ramage 48 Kraig Rye 59 Glenn Tyra 61 ss“MORE BRAWN THAN ” Tommy Poe 64 Anthony Riggins 76 David Carter 36 Ronnie Welch 22 Paul Clements 55 Steve Young 62 Lee Rushing 74 Olandress Bailey 35 Lawerence Buchanan 66VARSITY LETTER MEN David Lewis 88 Randy Leech 89 Ramie Ford 3 Duane Gilleylen 65 Donnie Bowen 71 Michael Blair 77 Phil Burks 79 Craig Brasfield 80 Mitch Witcher 72HE GOT THE BETTER OF HIMSELF, AND THAT'S THE BEST KIND OF VICTOR Y ONE CAN WISH FOR. ” Don't let 'em catch you. 00 Barry Mathis 54 Dometric Spratt 75 "I don't like it one BIT!" What a lovely couple. Tell 'em about it, David.PANTHERS HA VE WINNING SEASON Tommy Watson 10 Frankie Allison 11 Buzz Hurt 24 Dennis Johnson 25 Mike King 29 James Vance 32 Jimmy Smith 34 Perry Vance David Robinson 42 Keith Kennedy 44 Terry Herring 45 Chad Logan 50 Bobby Hogan 52 Art Buchanan 56 Ray Burks 58 David Boozer 63 59“ AM AS STRONG AS A BULL MOOSE Sam Walls 69 Anthony Waldon 73 Terry Tucker 82 Ray Boman 86 60FRESHMAN FOOTBALL John Renfro 18 Nelson Riddle 21 Charlie Marsh 35 Lee Davis 36 Steve Hit 39 Mark Kelso 42 Barry Wright 52 Dennis Jackson 55 Steve Logan 58 Brad McCormick 59 Dennis Spratt 70 Loyd Herring 71 James Wesson 74 Jimmy Shepard 75 Jeff Hillard 79 Phillip Brewer 84 61Anthony Hogan Rodney Evans Johnny Burrow Doug Cuthbert Donny Myatt Curtis Rainey Keith Cook 63Dale Funderburg David Randle MGR. Paul Clements Tom Bunch Get that ball, David! Robert Thornton Coach Miley . ilLisa Lantrip Debbie Allen Kay Wamble Ann Randle "Pep Talk" Cheryl, Debbie, Nona Nancy Dickinson Betty Lewis 65PANTHER TRACK TEAM Dometric Spratt Robert Thornton Chuck Tubb Earl Vance 67 On Your Mark — Get Set — Go! ROSITA BROWN LUCY BURLEY BRENDA CARTER ANGELA DETHROW ROSIE LATHAM EUNICE SMITH MICHELLE SMITH DORIS WHITFIELD 68TENNIS Susie Bunch Jeanie Burrow, Coach John Wilson David McCullen Manager, Cathy Chism Brian McCullen Doug Cuthbert The tennis teams had a fairly successful season, playing some extra good matches. Not pictured were Mark Tibb, Melissa Jones, and Mitzi Baker. Greg Jones 69PANTHER BASEBALL PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Johnny Burrow David Randle Steve Young Craig Brasfield David Lee Carter David (Wolfman) Lewis Tommy Thompson Tommy Watson Frankie Allison Peter Conwill Jeff Chism Ramie Ford Mike King Barry Mathis Steve Hitt Jeff Hood 70Coach gives Wolf a talk Teresa, Beth, and Joni 71CELEBRITIES . . 1. Rotary boys and girls- (1 to r, back row) Mark Dyson, Brian McCullen, Cledus Bynum, Vic Ross, Mark Tubb; (front row, 1 to r) Tammy Herring, Peggy Moffett Smith, Heather McCluskey, Teresa Palmer, Amy McCullen, Carolyn Cole, Teresa Wright. 2. Anna Kuykendahl and Nelda Moreland display their plaques for the March of Dimes Marathon. 3. Priscilla Pruitt won a scholarship at the state meeting of the French students and also was elected state president. 4. Girls State delegates- (1 to r)Teresa Wright, Alida Moore, Christina Cruber, Vicki Harlow. Alida was elected president! Alida Moore Girls State governor Alida Moore, a senior at Amory High School, was elected governor of Girls State Monday and sworn in for the honorary statewide office Tuesday by Supreme Court Justice Neville Patterson. Miss Moore defeated Mary Arrington of Prentiss, for the highly regarded top office at the convention. Nearly 350 delegates from across the state attended. Gov. Cliff Finch addressed the delegates on Wednesday morning, highlighting the week of debate, legislative activity and governmental practice. The American Legion Auxiliary sponsors the program, designed to promote participation and understanding of the governmental and political process Alida is the daughter of Or. and Mrs. B 0. Moore of Concord Drive, Amory The Amory Advertiser. Amory. Miss ,GALE ANDERSON KEVIN ATKINS MITZI BAKER PAUL BAKER MARK BRASFIELD 7a JIMMY ARMSTRONG IRIS BROWN WEST BLAIRCLEDUS BYNUM BOYD CARLISLECINDY CARROLL CATHY CHISM CAROLYN COLE 76 BELINDA CARTER JOE CHISM DOROTHY CONOW AY JOAN CHILDERS BRENT COLBURN ¥ ¥ % % % % %MAE LOIS DANKINS BARBARA DOBBS 77BRUCE FILGO 78 DAVID FLIPPO IP! DALE FULLERTON DALE FUNDERBURG DIANE GARNER SHAIR GRIFFIN WENDELL GRIGGS ■ ■ EMILY GILLEYLEN SAMMY GRIFFINPHYLLIS KILGORE SYLVIA KYLECRAFTON LANEY TIM LAWSON NO PHOTO AVAILABLE VIRGINIA LANGFORD SHARON LANGFORD LONA LEWELLEN ANTHONY LLOYD 82 BILL LYLE DAVE MALLORYnancy McIntosh HEATHER McCLUSKEY ROBBIE MILLER LLEN BRENDA McINTOSH NATACIA MILLERMELISSA PARKER BUTCH PALMER TERESA PALMER TERESA PIERCE SYLVESTER PACK SANDRA PALMER BARBRA PEARSON TIM PEARSONDAVID RANDLE PAM RANDLELEE RUSHING JUDY SANDEFER KEITH RYE JOHN SCOTT VIC ROSS MIKE RICHARDSON ANTHONY RIGGANSPAM SPANN MIKE STEELE GARY SMITH KIMBERLY SPRATT REBECCA SULLINS 88 TERRY SMITH DOUG STANFORD TERESA TAYLORGLENN TYRA GINGER VAUGHN ROBERT THORNTON RORY THORTON LISA TIDWELL LISA TUBB MARK TUBB PHILLIP TUCKERCINDY WALKER JOLAYNE WILKERSON RANDY WRIGHT BRENDA WESTBROOK TERESA WHITFIELD MARSHA WILLIAMS JONI WILSON TERESA WRIGHT JERRY WORD 90Jeni Langford, Melissa Jones Emily Gilleylen, Dale Funderburg THE LAST OF THE SENIORS! SENIOR MAGAZINE CHAIRMEN STEVE YOUNG REX THOMPSON Teresa Pierce, Teresa Palmer Cledus Bynum, Carolyn ColeGRADUATION . . . THE END . . . THE BEGINNING . . . Tammy Herring, speaker Cledus Bynum, speaker Heather McCluskey, speaker 92 Jolayne fixes Joh's hat. Go 'waV' Alisal Next year's your time.SENIORS CLASS FLOWER: BLUE CARNATION CLASS COLORS: BLUE AND SILVER PRESIDENT: VIC ROSS VICE-PRESIDENT: JOHN BURROW SECRETARY: CHRISTINA CRUBER TREASURER: DANNY PUGH REPRESENTATIVES ANTHONY LLOYD - BRIAN McCULLEN FAR AWAY THERE IN THE SUNSHINE ARE MY HIGHEST ASPIRATIONS. I MAY NOT REACH THEM, BUT I CAN LOOK UP AND SEE THEIR BEAUTY, BELIEVE IN THEM, AND TRY TO FOLLOW WHERE THEY LEAD.-- LOUISA MAY ALCOTT CLASS SPONSORS: MRS. DEE ALLISON MRS. RAITH McCULLEN MRS. JOANN FORBUS MISS JEFFIE ROBINSON MR. DANNY GOLDINS MR. JERRY LYONS the DEATH group 9396“SITUATED IN THE MOON, KINGDOM OF DREAMS, PROVINCE OF ILLUSION, CAPITAL SOAP-BUBBLE.” Debbie Allen Patricia Anderson Robbie Ausbon Charles Bailey Olandress Bailey Donnie Baker Tammy Booth Donnie Bowen Ronnie Bowen Lucretia Bowman Craig Brasfield Darcy Brown Doris Brown Rosalyn Brownlee Art Buchanan Tom Bunch Phil Burks Beth Burton Mike Buskirk Lola Bynum Melinda Cadden David Childers Pam Childers Beth Clark Paul Clements Bobby Conoway Leroy Conoway Sherry Cross Doug Cuthbert Cheryl Dankins JUNIORS OF 78“HE SAID LITTLE, BUT TO THE PURPOSE. Lisa Davis Ruthie Mae Dobbs Durlene Garth Vince Evans Melanie Ezell Tommy Fisher Beth Francis Ricky Funderburk Patricia Gates Don Gosa Lisa Griffin Steve Hadaway Hal Halloway Randle Halloway Melinda Hammock Sherry Haney Greg Harris Mark Harris Kay Haughton Ray Herndon Terry Herring Shelia Hester Kim Huffman Renea Johnson Lynn Jones Nona Kelso Lynn Langford Linda Lansing Lisa Lantrip Melinda Lantrip 99JUNIORS 1. Officers: (1 to r) Alisa Lloyd, Karen Salter, Melanie Ezell, Darcy Brown. 2. Student council reps: Melinda Cadden, Ruthie Dobbs. 3. David "Wolf Man" Lewis sleeps peacefully. 4. Beth Clark studies as peacefully as Wolf sleeps. 5. Paul and Chuck talk the situation over. 6. Tommy Fisher gives blood. That's better than the vampire getting it, Tommy. 7. Beth and Melanie count the magazine subscriptions.‘7 A WOKE ONE MORNING AND FOUND MYSELF FAMOUS. ” TIM ADAMS JEFF ALLEN FRANKIE ALLISON JON ALEXANDER BRUCE ANDRESS DELLA AUSBON ANTHONY AVERY JEFF BAILY DELORES BAKER DAVID BOOCK DAVID BOOZER RAY BOWMAN TONY BROWN RAYSHELL BUCHANAN GREG BURDINE RAYMOND BURDINE RAY BURKS CARL CADDEN DEE CADDEN DIANA CALDWELL JOEY CANTRELL LISSA CAPPS TAMMY CARTER JEFF CHISM LINDA CHISM SHELIA CHISM ALISA COCKRELL STEVE COKER DOROTHY COLLINS BARBARA COWAN iwBETTY CRUMP CAROL CRUMP DONNA CRUMP MARY HELEN CRUMP MIKE CRUMP TERESA CRUMP GLORIA DAVIS JACKIE DAVIS LANCE DAVIS KIM DEWITT NANCY DICKINSON LISA EAST VAN EAST RUSTY EDWARDS DON ENGLAND PATSY ESTIS KATHY EVANS DANIEL FLIPPO MITZI FLIPPO RAMIE FORD JOHN FRANKIE SHERRY GARNER EARLIE GARTH JACKIE GRIFFIN FRANCINE GRIFFIN JENNY HARRISON SONJA HENTON GAYLE HITT KAREN HOLMAN BUZZ HURT KATHY ISBELL PAULA JOHNSON PHIL JONES LISA JUSTICE TAMMY KEETON KEITH KENNEDY ANGELA KILGORE MIKE KING ANNA KUYKENDALL CATHY LACKEY VICKIE LANGFORD ROSIE LATHAM TODD LAWSON BETTY LEWIS GINGER LINDSEY CHAD LOGAN ANTOINETTE LOWE SHERRIE LOWE LEE LUCAS GREG MARTIN TOMMY MOFFETT RHONDA MOON BRENDA MORGAN NELDA MORELAND DEBRA MORRIS DONNIE MYATT JOHNNY NASH RICKY NELSON KIM PACE RANDY PALMER VELA PARGO BARRY PARHAM DIANNE PARKER MELVIN PARKER VINCE PATTERSON CINDY PEARSON MARCIA PEARSON BRIDGET PERKINS DONNA PHILLIPS EDDIE PIPKINS SUSAN PONDER KATHY POUNDS WILLIAM PRUITT ANN RANDLE PEYTON RAWLS PHILLIP REIMER TAMMY ROBERTS KATHY RUFF ANDY SANDERS JANET SHEPHERD 107FRESHMAN ZtS £ I . 1. OFFICERS- MARK KELSO, DAVID STOKES, BO s SIZEMORE, BECKY JACKSON. 2. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-CATHY COX, TERESA MARSHALL.LORI ADAMS CAROLYN ALSUP RAYMOND ANDERSON DAVID BAKER TIM BARNETTE ANNETTE BLAIR BRAD BOWLING DAVID BRAZIL PHILIP BREWER BELINDA BROWN DANA BROWN DANNY BROWN ROGER BROWN ROSITA BROWN VINCENT BROWNLEE KELLY BRYAN LINDA BUCHANAN BETH BUNCH LUCY BURLEY DIANE BURNETT J.C. BURROUGHS JESSIE BURROUGHS JEANNIE BURROW TOMMY CADDEN CRAIG CAPPS TERRY CAPPS MIKE CARROLL ANDY CHILDERS ANNE CHILDS MELISSA CHISM noBOBBY JOE COLE PETER CONWILL TODD COWART VICKIE COWLEY KATHY COX RUSTY CRUMP LYNN CRUSE LEE DAVIS RAYMON DAVIS SUE DAVIS TERESA DAVIS LINDA DIXON PRENTISS DOBBS MARK DORSEY BONNIE ESTES JOE FEARS JERRY FISHER JIMMY FISHER PATTI FRANCES CONNIE FRENCH DORIS GATES SHEILA GARTH SHERRIE GARRETT LAURA GILLEYLEN WILLIE GILLYLEN JOHN GINN KATHY GREER DAVID GRIFFIN COY HADAWAY JERRY HATCHER inLLOYD HERRING MONICA HERRON TONY HESTER KIRK HILL JEFF HILLARD STEVE HITT TOMMY HODGES STEVE HOLEMAN JEFFREY HOOD MARTY HUFFMAN ANTHONY HUNTER RONNIE IVY BECKY JACKSON DENNIS JACKSON BECKY JAMES CAROLYN JERNINGAN MARSHA JONES MICHAEL JONES MICHAEL JONES TERRY JONES TODD JUSTICE MARK KELSO KIM LANTRIP CARLA LESLIE SUZANNE LEWELLEN BETTY LOCKHART STEVE LOGAN MARGARET LOVE LISA MANN CHARLIE MARSH 112DARLENE MARSH TERESA MARSHALL SUSAN MASON BRAD McCORMICK DAVID McCULLEN SHIRLIE McFADDEN RUSTY MILLER DEBORAH MINOR TRACY MITCHELL JEFF MOON LESLIE MORRIS TIMMY MORRISON TINA NIX ROBIN NIVENS ELLEN OUTLAW STEVEN OWENS CASSIE PACE MARY JO PALMER RICKY PARKER BECKY PAT KIM PACE SHARON PIERCE SHERRY PIPKIN JIMMY PRUITT JACKIE RANDLE JUDY RAY RICKY RAY TOMMY RAY DONNA RAYMOND BRENDA REIVES 113"JOE II" RIEVES JOHN RENFRO ALLEN RICHARDSON NELSON RIDDLE STEVE RITTER ANITA RUFF STEVE SALTER SUSAN SCHAEFFER DAVID SEAY JIMMY SHEPHERD PANSY SHUMPERT BO SIZEMORE MIKE SMITH SUSAN SMITH TOMMY SMITH DENNIS SPRATT GERALD STANDIFER DAVID STOKES DAVID STRAWBRIDGE BETTY SULLINS KENT SUMMERFORD PAM TARTT LAURIE THOMPSON LAURIE THORNTON SUSAN THORNTON JOHN TILLMAN BETHANY TUBB HILDA TURNER EARL VANCE TAMMY WALKER 114EVA WALLS HAROLD WALTON ADA WARD ANETA WAX JOHN WAX WAYNE WEBB PEGGY WEBSTER LARRY WESTBROOK CYNTHIA WHITFIELD DORIS WHITFIELD BARRY WOODS LARRY WOODS BARRY WRIGHT SUSAN WRIGHT MARSHA WYERSJEFF SHIELDS BUDDY SMITH EUNICE SMITH JIMMY SMITH GERALDINE SPANN DEMETRIC SPRATT JANICE SYKES SHARON STEVENS DAVID THOMPSON DAVID TYRA TERRY TUCKER JOHNNY TURNER SAM WALLS KAY WAMBLE BYLINDA WARREN JEFFREY WALTON JOHNNY WESTBROOK DAVID WILLIAMS MAVILON WILLIAMS TAMMY WILLIAMS MARTI WILSON MITCH WITCHER GREG WORD 117119TRIPLE J BAIT SHOP THE GANN’S FLOWER and GIFT SHOP I CLOTH BASKET PAULA’S I N E SALES LODEN’S BODY SHOP REEDS of Tupelo and Columbus Strickland Division of Rebel LumberLARSON’S BIG STAR STAR j 1 7 E B % k £ E Printing Company Ko R A N L E R rtLr V 1 Y TINA’S FUSE’S Beauty Shop Cleaners MURPHEY’S Radiator Service WAL-MART HELEN’S BEAUTY WRIGHT’S JEWELRY ThePRISCILLA S BRIDAL SUITE OWEN'S GROCERY AND MARKET Kut-Rite Barber Shop LUMBER COMPANY Amory’s home owned chain Men's Stylist Compliments of Moon’s GroceryCUTCLIFF REXALL DRUG COMPANY over 48 years of service SOUTH AMORY FLORIST “your extra touch florist” GILLEY LEN’S DAIRY BAR c H A P M E B C S L O T E N E T R O me see L “Best Wishes’ Come see us at Scott Reed Mike Earnest R. W. Reedlll BILL'S V HAMBURGERS SHOE TOWN XA A . Barber ShopWe appreciate the interest the Security Bank takes in all the activites we have at AHS. You can always find the name SECURITY BANK in the ad pages of any program we have. SECURITY BANKBLUE, MANUFAC COMP Amory Division 131BANK OF AMOR Y Member FDIC 132When only the best will do STEWART’S PHOTOGRAPHYNATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE of Mississippi MEDICAL-INDUSTRIAL BRANCH 510 S. Boulevard 256-5622 Complete banking services MAIN OFFICE: 110 N 3rd St. 256-7176 For time and temperature Phone 369-6471RUSS JACKSON AMC JEEP 135DOWDLE GAS Royal Factory Outlet BANKS F u r n i t u r e RADIO SHACK Sanderson Redi-Mix Inc. P.O. Box 393 Amory, Ms. 256-9301 Jim Jean’s Drive Inn Highway 278 East Amory, Ms. 38821 256-9028 Neal’s One Stop Exxon Products Main 2-78 Amory, Ms. 38821 256-9238 Sheed’s Union 76 Highway 278 Amory, Ms. 38821 256-9097 H B S a i t h 8 a e r y s Main Street Wren 256-8617 Highway 2-78Casualire Specialty Shop “For fashion and quality ” Sonic of Amory America's Favorite Drive-In Try Out Onion Rings East Hatley Road-Amory 256-2171 Jon says, ' 'Those Sonic slushes are go-o-odl" Teresa, Cathy, and Lisa are InnHng forward to shopping for their new outfits at Casualaire Carter s Upholstery and Ruth’s M Beauty Shop GreenTRUE TEMPER The Wax Company 130 North Main St. Amory, Ms. 38821 Lann Stockton Hardware Sun Country Tupelo Mall 109 N. Main St. Amory, Ms. Ph. 256-7147 -o ° Congratulations Class of ’78 WAMY-WAFM N. Front St. WHITE'S AUTO STORE ccc “WFIITE’S for all your needs ” STAN’S AUDIO jonnnys Barber Shop Highway 2-78 E. WATERWAY STATION SALVAGE Compliments of Mr. Golding’s government classes BALFOUR Class rings diplomas gowns capso t) 3Francis Realty West Grocery Hatley Road . « 6 oc. Amory, Ms. Fowlkes and Fowlkes Inc. Your friendly Amoco Distributor Gilmore Shoe Store Amory, Ms. Amy and Heather say, "We need some shoes from Gilmore'sl" Front Porch Unique Gifts 201 Front St. Amory, Ms. 256-9201 Save A Minit Hatley Road Open 7 days 6 to 10 Where the best-dressed buy their clothes.■■■■MM mmm • • • V ■.%. ;V .. • , i • V • V » • • V A. . V- ; .. •. • r I ••• £ • : ■ r • . ' V ; : v; • • . • ' • • • . • • ;• • ; c - . . • • •; ' • . • .... . .» •. ■ . : r i. $ ‘ '• . cy- ■ £? ■ ■■■ • ---------■ , :V • •: ■ -- V ' y 'T- • • ■ . -■ ■.v • . , ■ xxx ■ ; - • % A • •. • • . ‘ ir o • • v • • • . .• • t y -r. : K ;; . • • • • • • • ... ; • . •. - • • . . • . :• • V ' ‘ : • . .. ; . .

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