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PANORAMA — 1976-1977 I Shall Not Pass This Way Again I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creatures, let me do It now. Let me not defer or neglect It, for I shall not pass this way again. Author unknown TABLE OF CONTENTS a ... Any Good ... That I Can Do ... THE BUILDER THE BUILDER A BUILDER BUILDED A TEMPLE, HE WROUGHT IT WITH GRACE AND SKILL: PILLARS AND GROINS AND ARCHES ALL FASHIONED TO WORK HIS WILL. MEN SAID, AS THEY SAW ITS BEAUTY, IT SHALL NEVER KNOW DECAY: GREAT IS THY SKILL, 0 BUILDER! THY FAME SHALL ENDURE FOR AYE. A TEACHER BUILDED A TEMPLE WITH LOVING AND INFINITE CARE, PLANNING EACH ARCH WITH PATIENCE, LAYING EACH STONE WITH PRAYER. NONE PRAISED HIS UNCEASING EFFORTS, NONE KNEW OF HIS WONDROUS PLAN, FOR THE TEMPLE THE TEACHER BUILDED WAS UNSEEN BY THE EYES OF MAN. GONE IS THE BUILDER'S TEMPLE, CRUMPLED INTO THE DUST: LOW LIES EACH STATELY PILLER, FOOD FOR CONSUMING RUST. BUT THE TEMPLE THE TEACHER BUILDED WILL LAST WHILE THE AGES ROLL, FOR THE BEAUTIFUL UNSEEN TEMPLE WAS A CHILD'S IMMORTAL SOUL.Mr. And Miss A.H.S. baseball (his favorite) to pose. 2. Joey-again-this time in his football sweater. 3. Lisa looks pretty as usual. 4. Larry and Thresa study. 5. Lisa and Joey wait for that streak. 6. Clowns, yet! Joey needs a pair of new shoes, maybe? 7. Larry looks caught. 8. Thresa and her mother. 1977 Mr and Miss AHS are Joey Brasfield and Lisa Sanderson. Runners-up were Thresa Taylor and Larry Word. 1. Joey takes time out from Mr., Miss AHS — Formal And Informal ... Students chosen to run for Mr. and Miss AHS are always involved in many activities, have strong personalities and characters, and get along well with their fellow students. 1. Larry and Thresa admire one of the magnolias from the tree by the office. 2. Thresa knows the value of using a pretty flower to enhance a beautiful face. 4. Larry tries Thresa's trick, but to no avail. 3. Joey, what ARE you doing? 5. Lisa in a parade before a ballgame. 6. Joey and Papa Joe's gang.Homecoming (S n (D di 1. Senior maid, Pam Ford. 2. Senior maid. Alpha Beeks. 3. Junior maid, Teresa Palmer; escort, Mark Brasfield. a r ij c ... Queen — Sharon Guthrie 6. Sophomore maid, Cindy Moon; escort, Mike Pearson. 7. Senior maid, Jean Lee Whitfield Lewis. 8. Freshman maid, Lisa Justice.THE HOMECOMING PROGRAM 1. Christina, Barbara and Dale battle the CLAWS. 2. The famous Ponce de Panther looks for the fountain of youth (Polizzi, no less!). 3. Serving girls have fun, too. 4. Yes, we even had the Fig Newtons-Greg and Billy. 5. Members of the Meow Choir, Joni and Julia. 6. Alida is wagging the tailor shouldn't I say switching the tail-as director of the Meow Choir. 7. The incomparable Julie as Joy with the EVERYTHING bag. (y ) i gsmciAL 3 JWM SRttM lAwmcn choir L lltt i 'Anth:rs COUNT VMWFL 5 mr b wtmr narwttit1. Oh, those last minute touches! Vicki and Teresa repair the damage done to the floor of the junior float, 2. This is the finished product. You done good, girls. 3. The sophomores wait patiently to pull up in line. Todd Stanford seems to be giving directions. 4. The freshman float was unusually good this year. 5. The seniors prepared Warrior Soup.Homecoming Queen: ’76-’77 1. Queen Sharon Guthrie, escort Steve Thompson and her court: Bo Miller, Barry Jones, Gayle Hitt, Mike Pearson, Cindy Moon, Edgar Whitfield, Alpha Beeks, Drussell Bailey, Jean Lee Whitfield, Sara McFarling, Bob Baines, Pam Ford, Tim Alexander, Teresa Palmer, Mark Brasfield, Robert Blair. 2. Sharon poses with Bo, president of student body and Robert Blair, president of the senior class while escort Steve watches. 9AHS BEAUTY REVUE The Beauty Revue- an event looked forward to each year-hours and hours of moving, pulling heavy wooden boxes,,-nall!ng, hitting fingers with hammers- splinters In hands- paint all over everybody, everything- Where're my keys? WHO HAS MY KEYS? At last eight o'clock arrives- girls look beautiful, the stage band sounds wonderful, all the judges show up, Sam gets here- and Miss Robbie Is still In her right mind. The CURTAIN GOES UP! 15AHS’s Most Beautiful1 2 3 4 1. Top 5 beauties— Tammy Williams Sharon Stevens, Mitzi Sizemore, Marilyn McCluskey, Lisa East. 2. Girls relieve tension backstage as The Group performs. 3. Lisa takes her walk. 4. Our beauticians who so kindly volunteer their services-Betty Jo, Willistin, and, Janice from the Moderne Beauty Salon.I Seniors Of ’77 Class Motto I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Black and Yellow Class Sponsors Mr. Oanny Golding Mr. Jerry Lyons Mrs. Faith McCullen Mrs. Dee Allison Miss Cindy Sears Mr. Sank Owen Miss Jeffie Robinson Class Officers President. . . Robert Blair Vice- President. . . Jim Kirkpatrick Treasurer . . . Joey Brasfield Secretary . . . Cathy Smith Class Favorites Betsy Clements Jay Hester Terry McIntosh Thresa Taylor1. Tim Adams 2. Tony Adams 3. Tim Alexander 4. Shirry Allen 5. Kelvin Andress 6. Steve Bailey 7. Drussell Bailey 1. Bob Baines 2. Dewayne Basham 3. Jancie Bateman 4. Alpha Beeks 5. Armenia Blair 6. Robert Blair 7. Debbie Blaylock COME, SEELING NIGHT, SCARF UP THE TENDER EYE OF PITITUL DAY. 1. Joey Brasffeld 2. Melody Brewer 3. Chipper Brown 4. Mike Brasfleld 5. Teresa Brown 6. Rochelle Brownlee 7. Charlyne Buchanan QUOTE LIFE'S BUT A WALKING SHADOW1. Roger Carroll 2. Ricky Chaney 3. Van Childers 4. Betsy Clements 5. Lois Cowan 6. Jerry Cox 7. Steve Cox YOND CASSIUS HAS A LEAN AND HUNGRY LOOD. 1. Pam Ford 2. Diane Flippo 3. Joyce French 4. Ricky Ford 5. Cindy Garner 6. Keith Fowlkes 7. Barrett Francis1. Billie Gray 2. Tommy Greer 3. Florence Griffin 4. Sharon Guthrie 5. Brinda Gilleylen 6. Clarence Hale 7. Edsel Hampton - I • : « HE THINKS TOO MUCH, SUCH MEN ARE DANGEROUS. L 1. Darlene Hoots 2. Glenda Jackson McCrory 3. Doug Jones 4. Cathy Keeton 5. Shelaine Kimble 6. Dale Kimbrough 7. Jim Kirkpatrick THE GOOD IS OFT INTERRED WITH THEIR BONES. maul ■ LIU1. Kathy Kyle 2. Mike Lantrip 3. Robin Lee 4. Kim Leech 5. Marsha Leech 6. Jerry Lewis 7. Marilyn McCluskey A FRIEND SHOULD BEAR HIS FRIEND'S INFIRMITIES-----M II rl BOO UU 1. Sara McFarling 2. Ricky McNeese 3. Maurice McIntosh 4. Carol McIntosh 5. Lee Roy McIntosh 6. Bo Miller 7. Buddy Minga IF WE DO MEET AGAIN, WE'LL SMILE INDEED. DU □□□ □a1. Darlene Minor 2. JeffMoffett 3. Randy Moreland 4. Melissa Morgan 5. Clara Myatt 6. Rusty Murphree 7. Keith Myatt I FOUND NO MAN BUT HE WAS TRUE TO ME. no feJUU bo■ UNI KILIM ■HUB 1. Cindy Oliver 2. Jim Parchman 3. Zoe Newman 4. Ron Nivens 5. Gerald Pargo 6. Bonnie Parker 7. Gary Pickle I LOVE THE NAME OF HONOR MORE THAN I FEAR DEATH •'1. Dorothy Pruitt 2. Ken Polizzi 3. Penny Raper 4. Lynn Patterson 5. Byron Riddle 6. Hal Rieves 7. Teresa RussellLX 1. Eddie Sanders 2. Eddie Sanderson 3. Julia Sanders 4. Lisa Sanderson 5. Ricky Sanderson 6. Jessica Sibley 7. Kenny Simmons LOWLINESS IS YOUNG AMBITION'S LADDER . . . ii 1. Barbara Smith 2. Dennis Smith 3. Mitzi Sizemore 4. Randy Sneed 5. Cathy Smith 6. Dee Dee Smith 7. Daren Smith . . HE WILL NEVER FOLLOW ANYTHING THAT OTHER MEN BEGIN. mum ■□HI1. Cathy Spann 2. Angela Stravvbridge 3. Sammy Smith A. Mary Thompson 5. Stan Thorn 6. Steve Thompson1. Norris Thomas 2. Helen Tubbs 3. Christone Robinson 4. Thedrick Tisdale 5. Teddy Thompson 6. Alice Vasser 7. Jean Lee Whitfield QUOTE WE ARE STANDING IN THE DAWN OF A GREAT DAY THEY DID NOT KNOW. ♦QUOTE YOU ARE THE FUTURE, THE GREAT SUNRISE RED. 35j 2 3 4 Ml] QUOTE WIDE IS THE WORLD, AND WIDE ITS OPEN SEAS. .. Greg Allen 2. Terry riclntosh 3. Suzanne ‘ Smith 4. Edgar Vhitfield 5. Thresa ’aylor 6. Tim Alexander seems to be njoying the ballgame. Vas that the time we on over Olive iranch, Tim?GOLDEN PANTHERS 1. Golden Panthers and their parents: Pam Ford, Mitzi Sizemore, Bob Baines, Betsy Clements, Jessica Sibley, Marilyn McCluskey. The spirit and purpose of the remarkable Golden Panther pack still survives in the life and purpose of some of the ones who now occupy this land . . . The gold in the school colors is symbolic of the loyalty to what is right and best for all their number, plus the courage and resourcefulness ... It is altogether fitting . . . that we give recognition to . . . outstanding students . . . (for) those qualities . . . exemplified by that GOLDEN PANTHER of long ago . . . 2. Sara McFarling, Cathy Smith, Marsha Leech, Robert Blair, Karen Smith, Darlene Hoots, Thresa Taylor.AHS’s Highest Award ... GOLDEN PANTHERS 1. Pam Ford 2. Cathy Smith 3. Marsha Leech 4. Mitzi Sizemore 5. Betsy Clements 6. Thresa Taylor 7. Sara McFarlingNot Pictured BOB BAINES 1. Karen Smith 2. Jessica Sibley 3. Marilyn McCluskey 4. Darlene Hoots 5. Bob Baines 6. Robert Blair 7. Sara, Cathy, and Marsha wait their turn for pictures.Featuring: The Seniors 1. Len Crump likes to crawl around on the ice. 2. Tony Adams was the winner of this stereo system during the magazine sales. 3. Stan Thorne works hard on his senior exams. 4. Helen checks out her robe and cap to be sure everything is there. 5. Senior exams again-this crew really are concentrating on passing. 6. Bo is telling Julia something pleasing, or she would not be showing her dimples. 7. Juria Dobbs is proud of her certificate of attendance.Awards given Amory High students for achievement V ■? BY BONNIE PARHAM Outstanding members of the Amory High School student body were honored Tuesday morning at the academic and sports awards program in the auditorium Principal Ijrry Marctt was in charge of the annual program which pays tribute to the students who excelled in various fields. Mrs. Kay Colburn of the Amory Pilot Club named Pam Ford Pilot Club Girl of the Year and presented her with an award to begin the morning's activities The Century Club's Lee Mc-Cown memorial scholarship was presented by Mrs Phil Roberts to Julia Wright. This award, given in honor of a former AHS student, is based on grades and potentials in the technical field Coy Glenn, owner of McCoy Mfg Co and a long-time sup porter of the Amory High School, was present to award scholarships and to name the good citizens of the year. Mr Glenn announced that Jim Kirkpatrick had been selected to receive the scholarship to Mississippi Stale University, and that Cathy Smith and Robert Blair were the good citizens from the senior class. James Young of Amory Post 239. The American Legion, announced that Orine Davis and Gerald Purgo had been selected by the post for the citizenship awards. He also named Rudolph Burdine winner of the W F Pope award, given by the West Amory Civic Club Mr Pope, who is now retired, was the long time principal of the West Amory School. Recognized as the good citizenship girl for Amory High School by the Cotton Gin Port Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution was Betsy Clements Her award was given by Mrs. A. H. Ritter. Mrs Ritter also named Mark Brasfield as winner of the DAR award for excellence in American history Carter Dobbs, a member of the Rotary Club, was present to recognize Joey Brasfield and Sara McFarling as Rotary Boy and Girl of the Year and recipient of the T. N Touchstone awards The awards were given earlier this month at the annual Rotary banquet l ois Cowan, who also received an award at the banquet, was recognized as winner of the Alton B Arnett memorial award. Mrs Juanita Smith of the Sunrise Savings Club named Donald Herron as winner of a good citizen award from this club Representing Amory Garment Co. at the awards program was Mrs Judy Petty Mrs Petty named Susan Flippo and Mitzi Sizemore as winners of the scholarships awarded annually to children of employees who qualify. The Wednesday Musicale, represented by Miss Virginia Darracott, selected Keith Fowlkes to receive the annual Vivian Green Thomas Memorial Award Mrs Gay Jones named Bar bara Smith as winner of the Beta Sigma Phi scholarship Recognized as the most im proved student by the Junior Auxiliary was Jim Parchman. Mrs Judy Schaefer, president of the club, presented the award which is given in memory ut former Amory High School student Philip Parham Mrs W D. Barnes of the American Legion Auxiliary named Teresa Wnght, Alida Moore. Vickie Harlow and Christina Cruber as delegates to Girls' State. Named Boys' State delegates were Lee Rushing. Kenny Ramage. and David Randle. The Boys' State program is sponsored by Amory Post 25 of the American Legion Mrs. Juanita Smith. Amory High School librarian, announced the selection of Dorothy Pruitt as Library Assistant of the Year. An award has been given for the past two years by the Bishop family in memory of former teacher X L Gray Conwill The award was made this year by John Wilson, chairman of the social studies department, to Jessica Sibley Jessica was also recognized as the school's Star Student and paid tribute to Ernest Cadden Jr as Star Teacher Other awards were presen ted as follows Math. Darlene Hoots, homemaker award. Karen Smith. DeKalb agriculture award. Roger Carroll, chorus. Dale Funderburk. FBLA. Tommy Greer. DECA's outstanding student. Barbara Jane Smith; student council. Bo Miller, president, Mark Brasfield, vice president. Robert Blair, Jim Kirkpatrick. Robin Lee. Ricky Sanderson. Vic Ross. John Burrow. Lorva Lewcllen. Anthony Lloyd, Suzanne Ross. Darcy Brown, Alisa Lloyd. Priscilla Pruitt. Nelda Moreland. Jon Alcxan der, Buzz Hurt and Eunice Smith; Thespians. Betsy Clements and Bo Miller, outstanding Thespians. Mark Brasfield and Suzanne Ross, best actor and actress, and Frankie Allison, best suppor ting actor; French Club. Missy Merideth and Darcy Brown, state winners, and Priscilla Pruitt, state vice president ticipated in sports this year Cheerleader! recognized in eluded Lisa Sanderson. Sharon Guthrie. Teresa Wright. Cindy Moon. Beth Francis. Tammy Booth. Jean Lee Whitfield, and Alpha Beeks Coach Jerry Lyons recognized as All Conference in football for the season Joey Brasfield, Leroy McIntosh. David Randle, and Lee Rushing, and honorable men tion. Steve Young and Johnny Burrow Awards were presen ted earlier this year at a banquet Lettering in football were Bob Baines. Byron Riddle. Johnny Burrow. Terry McIntosh. Teddie Thompson. David Randle. Edsel Hampton. David Lee Carter. Mike Steele. Mark Dyson. Robert Thornton, Len THESPIAN AWARDS AT AHS--Recogmzed Tuesday morning at the awards program at Amory High School were these members of the Thespian troupe. Left to right. Bo Miller and Betsy Clements, who shared honors as out standing Thespians; Frankie Allison, best supporting actor; Suzanne Ross, best actress; and Mark Rrasfield. best actor. -Photo bv Bonnie Parham ARDS studei ---------------------- Tuesday morning at the Recognition Day at Amory High School. Lett to right, Rudolph Burdine, W. F. Pope award; Orine Davis, Legion Post good citizenship award; Gerald Pargo, Legion good citizenship ind Donald Herron. Sunshine Savings award. AHS GIRLS STATE DELEGATES-Selected Girls State delegates from Amory High School this year were, left to right, Teresa Wright, Alida Moore, Christina Cruber, and Vicki Harlow.SCHOLARSHIPS, SPECIAL AWARDS-Students receiving scholarships and special awards Tuesday morning at the Recognition Program at Amory High School were: Front row, left to right, Julia Wright, Barbara Smith, Pam Ford, Mitzi Sizemore, Cathy Smith, Sara McFarling, Jessica Sibley, Diane Flippo. Second row, same order, Karen Smith, Keith Fowlkes, Joey Brasfield, Robert Blair, Jim Kirkpatrick, and Darlene Hoots. -Photo by Bonnie Parham OUTSTANDING AT AHS-Mark Brasfield (left) was named winner of the DAR American history award, and Roger Carroll, the DeKalb agriculture award, at the annual awards program Tuesday at Amory High School. TOUCHSTONE AWARD WINNERS-Superintendent Holace Morris (loft) presented the annual Touchstone awards Thursday night to Sara Me-Farling and Joey Brasfield. Names ef this year's Rotary Boy and Girl of the year will be Inscribed on the memorial plaque they are holding in photo. Sara and Joey will join the ran :s of other outstanding graduates of Amory High School who have previously been named Rotary Boys and Girls of the Year. •Photo by Bonnie ParhamCLASS OFFICERS John Burrow, Teresa Whitfield, Vic Ross CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Ruth Griffith Mr. John Wilson Mrs. Susan Wise Mr. Rolan Barnes Mr. Tommy Parish CLASS FAVORITES David Randle Teresa Wright Rodney Evans Barbara Dobbs «3The More We Study, The More Wanda Aldridge Gale Anderson Jimmy Armstrong Teresa Armstrong Mitzi Baker Mark Brasfield Iris Brown Lawrence Buchanan Fred Bunch John Burrow Ruby Burrough Cledus Bynum Cameron Caldwell Cindy Carroll Boyd Carlisle Belinda Carter Joan Childers Cathy Chism Joe Chism Brent Colburn Carolyn Cole Dorothy Conaway Wayne Cox Patty Creely Christina Cruber Jo Ann Dank ins Mae Lois Dankins Freddie Mae Delaney Barbara Dobbs Pearlene DobbsWe Discover Our Ignorance Randy Due Mark Dyson Jill Elliott Allan Epperson Bruce Filgo Eddie Finley David Flippo Diane Foster Billie French Dale Fullerton Dale Funderburg Emily Gilleylen Mary Gilleylen Shair Griffin Wendell Griggs Pam Harlow Vicki Harlow Dennis Herndon Tammy Herring Cindy Holley Danny Holloway Julie Holman Mike Huffman Jim Huffman John Inmon Melissa Jones Mike Keller Sylvia Kyle Crafton Laney Sharon LangfordThe Road To Heaven Lies As Near Virginia Langford Tim Lawson Lona Lewellen Tony Lloyd Keven Loden Bill Lyle Heather McCluskey Amy McCullen Brian McCullen Brenda McIntosh Nancy McIntosh Willie Floyd Meaders Nat Miller Robbie Miller Lisa Moffett Peggy Moffett Pam Moon Alida Moore Anne Moore Gail Moore Jimmie Morgan Randle Nix Becky Owens Sandra Palmer Teresa Palmer Melissa Parker Barbara Pearson Tim Pearson Theresa Pierce Tony Pinkerton 46By Water As By Land Tommy Poe Greta Polk Danny Pugh David Randle Pam Randle Mike Richardson Anthony Riggins Oral Robinson Vic Ross Lee Rushing Kraig Rye John Scott Gary Smith Doug Stanford Judy Sandifer Mike Steele Charles Strawbridge Rebecca Sullins Rex Thompson Robert Thornton Rory Thornton Lisa Tidwell Glen Tyra Mark Tubb Philip Tucker Pam Turner Ginger Vaughn Cindy Walker Regina Walker“Imagination Is The Air Of The Mind 1. Jolayne Wllkerson 2. Marsha Williams 3. Teresa Whitfield 4. Jonl Wilson 5. Jerry Word 6. Randy Wright 7. Steve Young 8. Flag girls march down Main Street proudly carrying their flags: Rebecca Lockhart, Jessica Sibley, jiolayne Wllkerson, Debbie Blaylock, Julie Holman. No, Julie, we're not forming a vanilla wafer today. 9. The junior class was nobly represented by Teresa Palmer and Mark Brasfield. In the background are Sandra and Chuck Caldwell. 10. Mrs. Griffith is wearing her black and gold. 11. Vicki Harlow and Teresa Pierce put the finishing touches on the float. 12. Guess who?Sophomores Of '77 CLASS OFFICERS Priscilla Pruitt Alisa Lloyd Darcy Brown Suzanne Ross CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Judy Nabors Mr. Louis Rowles Mr. Mario Ortiz Mrs. Kay Moffett CLASS FAVORITES Lisa Lantrlp Tommy Fisher Lisa Griffin Duane Gilleylen Their Only Labor Was To Kill Time m Debbie Allen Patty Anderson Robbie Ausbon Charles Bailey Orlandress Bailey Donnie Baker Paul Baker Teresa Barrett Sharon Bateman Danny Baughn Danny Bennet Mike Blair Tammy Booth Donnie Bowen Ronnie Bowen Craig Brasfield Darcy Brown Doris Brown Rosanlind Brownlee Art Buchanan Phil Burks Beth Burton Mike Busklrk Lola Bynum Melinda Cadden Brenda Carter David Lee Carter David Childers Pam Childers Beth Clark 51 Worldlings Reveling In the Fields Paul Clements Bobby Conaway Leroy Conaway Sherry Cross Mary Helen Crump Doug Cuthburt Cheryl Danklns Lisa Davis Ruthie Dobbs Kathy Evans Lytel Evans Stanley Evans Melanie Ezell Tommy Fisher Beth Francis Ricky Funderburk Darlene Garth Sammy Griffin Don Gosa Lisa Griffin Susan Guthrie Steve Hadaway Melinda Hammock Sherry Haney Greg Harris Mark Harrison Ray Herndon Terry Herring Shelia Hester Robert Hill 52Of Strenuous Idleness Gayle Hitt Hal Holloway Randall Holloway Andy Hood Kim Huffman Renea Johnson Paula Johnson Lynn Jones Nona Kelso Darnell Knight Roger Kyle Cathy Lackey Lynn Lankford Lynda Lansing Lisa Lantrip Melinda Lantrip Terry Ledbetter Randy Leech Janice Lloyd Alisa Lloyd Rebecca Lockhart Mavis Lowe Sheree Lowe Ida Jean McFadden Candy McIntosh Sheree McNeese Horace Meaders Missy Meredith David Millender Hugh Miller 53“I Am A Part Of All I Have Met Pauline Miller Alicia Mitchell Cindy Moon Mark Moon Brenda Morgan Cindy Morgan Lisa Myatt Johnny Nash Sammy Nerren Randy Nicholson Kathleen Oglesby Eddie Pace Diane Parker Becky Pearson Cathy Pearson Mike Pearson Terry Pinkerton Eddie Pipkins Bill Pope Priscilla Pruitt Danny Raines Brent Rainey Ken Reich Suzanne Ross Barbara Roye Timmy Rutledge Karen Salter Butch Sanders Sonya Sanders Charles Sisson“Instinct Is Untaught Ability Benny Smith Janet Smith Ronnie Smith Curtis Spann Todd Stanford Phyllis Street Nina Taylor Bill Thomas Celia Thompson Tommy Thompson Chuck Tubb Warren Tubb Paula Turman Jackie Turnage Tracy Vasser Jimmy Wallace Gayle Walls Tommy Watson Doug Wax Stephanie Weaver Ronnie Welch Johnny Word Laurie Word Marilyn Wright Dexter Young Paula, Kimberly, and Billie are glad it's Friday!1 Freshmen Of 'll CLASS OFFICERS Tammy Williams Nelda Moreland Jon Alexander CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Herman Riley Mrs. Ethel Little Mr. Tommy Gilreath Mrs. Eldora Raspberry Mr. Jerry Irving CLASS FAVORITES (Big) William Pruitt, Bridget Perkins Bruce Calhoun, Betty Lewis irr A Snow Year, A Rich Year Jon Alexander Jeff Allen Frankie Allison Vickie Anderson Bruce Andress Della Ausbon Jeff Bailey Delores Baker David Boock Tony Brown David Boozer Peggy Bowen Rachelle Buchanan Greg Burdlne Raymond Burdlne Ray Burks Carl Cadden Dee Cadden Diane Caldwell Barry Calhoun Joey Cantrell Lisa Capps Daryle Carter Tammy Carter Mary Childs Jeff Chism Linda Chism Shelia Chism Alysia Cockrell Steve Coker 59 Busy As A One-Armed Man With The Nettle-Rash Curtis Colburn Donna Colburn Dorothy Collins Peter Conwill Barbara Cowan Todd Cowart Betty Crump Carolyn Crump Donna Crump Teresa Crump Gloria Davis Jackie Davis Lance Davis Thomas Dawson Frankie Delanie Nancy Dickinson Denise Dobbs Lisa East Van East Rusty Edwards Kathy Ellis Don England Patsy Estes Daniel Flippo Mitzi Flippo Ramie Ford John Franke Mary Ann Fulmer Sherri Garner Earlie Garth 60Pasting On Wallpaper .. Jack I in Griffith Brenda Hadaway Mitzi Hale Mary Jo Hall Melanie Hammock Reginia Harlow Melissa Harmon Jenny Harrison Volissa Haynes Karen Holman Bobby Hogan Ella Mae Hudson Buzz Hurt Kathy Isabel James Jernigan Dennis Johnson Phil Jones Leon Jordan Lisa Justice Tammy Keeton Angela Kilgore Mike King Alice Kyle Todd Lawson Betty Lewis Ginger Lindsey Chad Logan Antoinetta Lowe Lee Lucus Barry Mathis er 61“When All Candles Bee Out Darlene McAfee Keith McIntosh Mary McIntosh Mary Dean Minor Donnie Myatt Kenny Moffett Tommy Moffett Rhonda Moon Nelda Moreland Debra Morris Ricky Nelson Kim Pace Randy Palmer Della Pargo Barry Parham Melvin Parker Vince Patterson Cindy Pearson Marcia Pearson Bridget Perkins Donna Phillips Susan Ponder Kathy Pound William Pruitt Ann Randle Peyton Rawls Phillip Remer Tammy Roberts Andy Sanders Janet Shepherd 62All Cats Be Gray .. Jeff Shields Buddy Smith Debbie Smith Eunice Smith Jeffie Smith Jimmy Dale Smith Geraldine Spann Willie Spratt Sharon Stevens Pam Tartt David Thompson Terry Tucker Johnny Turner David Tyra Jeffry Walden Sam Walls Anthony Walton Kay Wamble David Williams Tammy Williams Bylinda Warren Marty Wilson Mitch Witcher Gregg Word Carol Walton Freshman cheerleader tryouts-Nelda Moreland, Tammy Williams, Kaye Wamble, Betty Lewis, Della Ausbon, Antionetta Lowe, Lisa East, Bridget Perkins; Seated-Melanie Hammack, Sharon Stevens, Vicki Anderson, Janet Shepherd, Eunice Smith.Faculty 1. The science and math departments decided to pose together. Mr. Newman, coach, assistant principal, and math teacher; Mrs. Griffith, math; Mr. Mi ley. math, coach; Mrs. Hood, math and guidance; Mrs. McCullen, science; Mr. Irving, science; and Mr. Barnes, science. 2. English and foreign language teachers seem to have the same problems. Miss Sears, English; Miss Schumpert, English; Miss Robinson, English; Mrs. Nabors, English, speech; Mr. Rowles, French, English; Mr. Ortiz, Spanish, English; Mrs. Raspberry, English; Mrs. Smith, librarian. 3. Mr. Sank Owen, English, had to retire January 1 because of ill health. 4. Coach Lyons heard about the coaches' meeting, so he joined their group to get his picture made again. Coach Stevens, p.e. and coach, and his wife, Mrs. Lizette, don't seem to mind Coach Lyons' hogging the camera. 5. Coach Thomas wanted his picture made by himself. 641. The home ec and vo-tech crew: First Row: Mr. McCall, Mrs. Little, Mr. Riley; Back Row: Miss McGlohn, Mr. Fly, Mr. Hilliard, Mr. Beeson. 2. Mrs. MacMillian, vo- counsellor, also checks on absentees every morning. 3. The stag crew-a little bit of everything-Coach Lyons, Mr. Golding, Mr. Gilreath, Mr. Cadden, Mr. Parish. Officially, this is the social sciences department, plus the music dept. But where's Mr. Wilson? 4. Mrs. Wilson keeps everyone straight in the vo-tech building. 5. Business teachers- Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Moffett. 6. The prettiest face in the office, and the photographer couldn' get her to turn around and smile. 65The Big Bosses. . . And Some Candids . . 1. Mr. Morris, our number one boss-man, looks happy with all of us, doesn't he? 2. Mr. Burrow, our number two man, leaves the building for graduation ceremony with Mr. Riley and Danny Golding just behind him. 3. Mr. Newman checks for discrepancies in absentees. Those long steps get you there faster, don't they? 4. Mr. Wilson, Miss Barton, Miss Robbie, Miss Gunn, Miss Moore and Mrs. Nabors say good-bye at the end of the student teachers' nine weeks. 5. The ladies in the number one and number two offices- Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Schumpert. 6. Yes, Mr. Wilson, those are legs in L'AIgs. 7. Miss Robbie checks out Tim's Valentine present. 8. Even dignified teachers get frisky in the spring - and at the close of school. Mr. Golding promised time-about to Coach Lyons.John Three VERY Essential People . . 1. Every institution and organization has its backbone- and these three people, Joyn Parks, Mae Ida Davis, and Mr. Larry Marett are AHS's. Their jobs take stamina, courage, patience-and a LOT of it- energy and time. STAR STUDENT Jessica Sibley is AHS's Star student this year and chose Mr. Sonny Cadden, band director, as her Star teacher. °7Lounging . . . Some Inside Glimpses 68 1 2 3 4 5 The teachers' lounge has always fascinated the students. What goes on in there? Do all of the teachers gather in and plot against all the innocent students? Here is evidence-no plotting, just real-off-the-record comments and discussion of classes taught or being taken for graduate study, cooling off time in hot weather, coffee drinking. Dr. Pepper time or Tab time, depending on the beverage that is available. 1. Miss Sears likes apples. 2. Mr. Barnes and Mr. Ortiz listen to the rest of the fifth period clique. 3. Mrs. McCullen, Miss Schumpert and Mrs. Hood find someone's entrance amusing. 4. NOT IN THE LOUNGE Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Mac confer on an important paper. 5. Student teachers Susan Gunn and Barbara Barton listen to some sage advice from the experienced teachers.Athletics 1. Girls' basketball awards: Jean Lewis, Sara McFarling, Sandra Palmer, Teresa Pierce, Cathy Chism. 2. Boys' basketball: Craig Brasfield, Joey Brasfield, Rodney Evans, John Burrow, David Randle. 3. Baseball: Joey Brasfield, Lee Roy McIntosh, Mike Brasfield, Bob Baines. 4. Tennis and track: Rodney Evans, track; Ken Polizzi, tennis; Robert Thornton, track. FOOTBALL AWARDS ARE ON PAGE 92. FOOTBALL Football season begins with drills, drills, and more drills under the hot August sun. Many spend the first few days clinging to that good ole fence losing Mom's good breakfast—or lunch. Finally the first game is here—and the excitement begins. We win some, we lose some. By the time November rolls around, football is old hat, and basketball is in.1. Senior members pose for the photographer: Byron Riddle (Reclining); 1st Row: Dennis Smith, Terry McIntosh, Lee Roy McIntosh, Steve Dickinson, Teddy Thompson, Van Childers; 2nd Row: Gerald Pargo, Edsel Hampton, Jim Parchman, Jay Fooshee, Hal Rieves, Eddie Sanders; 3rd Row: Ricky Ford, Joey Brasfield, Len Crump, Allen Evans, Bob Baines. 2. David Lee runs for pay-dirt. 3. Who is who? 4. Aberdeen--Amory fight it out.1. Senior linemen: First Row, Hal Rieves, Jay Fooshee, Byron Riddle, Lee Roy McIntosh; Second Row, Gerald Pargo, Allen Evans, Len Crump, Steve Dickinson, Jim Parchman. 2. Sophomore backs: First Row, Ronnie Welch, Terry Herring, Perry Vance, Tommy Watson; Second, David Lewis, David Carter, Craig Brasfield, Orlandress Bailey, 3. Junior linemen: First Row, John Inmon, Lawrence Buchanan, Steve Young; Second, Glen Tyra, Lee Rushing, Craig Rye, Anthony Riggins. 731. Team's request. 2. Lynn Patterson, Sara McFarllng. 3. Sandra Palmer, Cathy Chism. 4. Teresa Pierce, Teresa Palmer. 5. Jean Lee Whitfield, Brenda Carter, 6. Cheryl Danklns, Barbara Dobbs. 7. Debbie Allen, Melinda Lantrlp. Basketball, Anyone?1. Nona Kelso and Susie Bunch. 2. Managers (Kneeling) Mitzi Baker, (Standing) Teresa Wright, Lona Iewellen. 3. Touchdown Amory! 4. Basketball girls are very versatile-here they are practicing for the banquet. 5. Cathy Chism works out at the baseball game by climbing the bleachers. 6. Teresa looks down-at-the mouth after the last baseball game. 7. Through the fence. 8. A sad ending.1. Ricky Sanderson, Len Crump, John Blafr, Craig Brasfleld. 2. Ricky Funderburg, Doug Cuthbert, Joey Brasfleld, John Burrow. 3. Keith Cook, Robert Thornton, Kevin Andress, Ronnie Evans. 4. David Randle, Anthony Hogan, Lee Rushing. 5. Coach Bill Mlley gives A time-out briefing. 6. David Randle drives for two as Joey goes in for rebound.1. Amory players, Terry and Rodney, grab the ball as Joey rushes in. 2. Managers, Paul Clements and Tom Bunch. 3. Len Crump jumps high as David watches closely. 4. Team picture. 2 3 1 4 77Baseball L. Renea packs for the trip home. . The baseball line-up--the team jicture. Sophomore members: David Lee barter, Craig Brasfield, Renea Johnson, 3eth Francis. $. Junior members: David Randle, Terry Smith, John Burrow, Steve Young. 5. Coach Newman shows Johnny how to bat. 6. Freshman members: David Boock, Ramey Ford, Barry Mathis.Brasfield leads Panthers to District I championship Sophomore catcher Craig Brasfield smashed a three run homer over the left field fence in the bottom of the eighth inning here Friday afternoon as Amory defeatechdefending champs West Point 8-5 to claim the District One Class AA championship. In the same afternoon, Amory was upset by Shannon in the finals of the North Division Little Ten Conference Tournament at New Albany. Shannon produced three runs in the third inning on their way to a 5-2 win over the Panthers. The District One Class AA championship gave the Panthers their first title in at least 30 years and enabled them to advance to the opening rounds of North State baseball competition against Olive Branch here at Panther Field on Monday. The two teams will play a three game series. Amory, trailing most of the contest, came back to knot the score in the seventh inning with a two run rallv on four hits. Advance to North State Amory played five games this week, making it to the finals of the North Division Little Ten Conference Tournament and claiming the District One Class AA championship Named by the coaches of the Little Ten Conference to the All-Conference Team from Amory were pitcher Joey Brasfield, first baseman LeRoy McIntosh and catcher Craig Brasfield. 1. Baseball seniors Joey Brasfield, Mike Brasfield, Lee Roy McIntosh, Teddie Thompson, Bob Baines. 2. Joey IS safe. 3. Managers-very capable and hardworking. 79The tennis team represented AHS well this year. Members were (pic 4): Seated, Teresa Pierce, Mitzi Baker, Heather McCluskey, Sara McFarling, Joni Wilson, Teresa Palmer, Priscilla Pruitt, Suzy Bunch; Standing, Vic Ross, Ricky Sanderson, Tim Alexander, Eddie Sanderson, Jim Huffman, Robert Blair, Ken Polizzi, Sandra Palmer, Teresa Wright, Coach Lyons, (pictures 1, 2, 6, 7, 8) identify the varsity teams.Weight-lifters — Unofficial Sport At AHS.Cheerleaders lead a very busy life - there are signs to make, cheers and routines to learn, locker decorations EVERY Thursday, pep rallies to plan and practice for. These girls did an excellent job this year: Teresa Wright, Tammy Booth, Cindy Moon, Lisa Sanderson (head cheerleader), Sharon Guthrie, Beth Francis, Jean Lee Whitfield, Alpha Beeks. 2. Freshman cheerleaders are hard workers, too. Betty Lewis, Tammy Williams, Lisa East, Janet Shepherd, Bridget Perkins, Antoinetta Lowe, 3. Varsity cheerleaders in a parade. 4. Oh, those hot Friday afternoons in that LOUD gym!CLUBS ANDVICA is a new club, organized this year. Members are enrolled in industrial electricity, B-metal shop, auto mechanics, and building trades. 1. State winners, Jim Parchman and Dennis Smith. 2. Officers for '76-'77: Seated, David Randle, Van Childers, Rusty Murphree; Standing, Jeff Moffett, Mike Owen, Randy Harlow. 3. The WHOLE group! 4. I told you I made Mr. Fly's picture-also Mr. Little's and Mr. McCall's. But I didn't get Mr. Fly's tie in, did I? 84National Honor Society 1. Clara Myatt 2. Marilyn McCluskey 3. The senior members are working hard on the induction service: Standing, Karen Smith, Darlene Hoots; Seated, Janice Bateman, Marilyn McCluskey, Jessica Sibley, Clara Myatt. 4. Jessica Sibley 5. Janice Bateman 851. Vicki Harlow 2. Julie Holman 3. Amy McCullen 4. Darlene Hoots 5. Tammy Herring 6. Peggy Moffett 7. John Burrow 8. Teresa Palmer 9. Alida Moore 10. Vic Ross 11. Karen Smith 861 2 3 4 b 6 7 1. Heather McCluskey 2. Carolyn Cole 3. Mitzi Sizemore 4. Diane Flippo Photo not available 5. Mark Brasfield 6. Teresa Wright 7. The National Honor Society sponsors the most improved student and homeroom awards each six weeks. Mrs. Little's homeroom won the last six weeks. NHS Sponsors Most Improved 87AHS MARCHING BAND: PRIDE 1. AHS Marching band—The PRIDE of AHS. 2. Amy McCullen, Carolyn Cole and Mr. Cadden talk over the news that Amy and Carolyn are in the Lions All- State Band. 3. Tommy Greer, drum major.Stage Band “B” — “A” 1. Stage band B plays for the Beauty Revue. 2. Stage band A stops playing to pose for us. 3. Louie Armstrong Jazz band awards went to Stan Thorne and Peyton Rawls. 891. Most improved band members. 2. Rifle girls--Suzanne, Carolyn, Teresa, Missy, Belinda, Joni, Stephanie. 3. Band sold tickets on a new Pinto to raise money for Enid. m 4. Flag girls. 5. Greg and Billy took over the shopping center and sold tickets. 6. Randy, is that sucker essential to sleep? Wllihh'r. 1. Mr. Greer goes high on the ladder to tape the streamers. 2. All the band mothers work hard to achieve a beautiful atmosphere for the night. 3. The drum section practices separately from the rest of the band under the direction of Mr. Taylor. 4. Extra practice pays off, too. Brenda Carter Bo Miller, Tommy Greer, Lisa Lloyd and Jim Kirkpatrick proudly display the trophy for the Tupelo parade. 5. The tag end of the drum section. 6. No,Bo isn't laughing at Randy across the page, but someone pulled a funny. This crew wore their Oklahoma shirts to school just so they could get their pictures made: Bo, Sara, Amy and Robbie.More Awards Band Awards 1. The highest award given in band-the JOHN PHILIP SOUSA AWARD- Jessica Sibley and Kenny Simmons. 2. SPIRIT AWARD - Randy Wright, Barbara Smith. 3. Most outstanding junior, sophomore, freshman. 4. Football awards-Steve Young, Teddy Thompson, Byron Riddle, John Burrow; Second Row, David Randle, Joey Brasfield, Lee Roy McIntosh, Steve Dickinson. 5. Welding Award (second in state contest) Kenny Ramage, Len Crump, Bill Lyle.The student council promotes school spirit, participation in all activities, and good citizenship. Made up of class officers and elected representatives, the council meets on Mondays. 1. Bo Miller, student body president, presides at Homecoming, a student council project. 2. Bo accepts an American flag for the flag pole. 3. Student council members pose for the camera. Mr. Wilson is the leader of the group. 4. The student council car for the homecoming parade.The Library Club The Library Club assists in keeping the library neat and in order. Many of its members serve as assistants to Mrs. Smith, who sponsors the club. . . 1. These girls • serve as officers of the club. 2. It was cold the day we took this group picture, remember? 3. Mrs. Smith gives some last minute instructions to the girls preparing for the annual tea for the senior members of the club. 4. U-M-M-M-M! doesn't that look good?FBLA 1. The FBLA installs this year's officers in a ceremony in assembly. 2. Tommy Greer, president, presides at the installation of the other officers. 3. The Halloween project was to visit the county home with gifts for the elderly. Kathy Wamble, Pam Ford and Melody Brewer visit with some of the elderly. 4. Joni enjoys the picnic. 5. Debbie Blaylock and Sharon Iangford swing their way to happiness. 6. Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Moffett, sponsors, WERE enjoying their ice cream.  FBLA is probably the largest and most active club at AHS. It has been the number one club or the most outstanding one, in Mississippi three years in a row. 1. The FBLA band entered the talent contest in Oxford and FBLA AHS’s Most Active Club n a chance to go to the national convention. Seated, First Row: Mark bb, Kenny Simmons; Second Row, Tim Adams, Danny Peugh, ipper Brown, Robbie Miller, Mark Harrison; Standing, Tommy Greer, ndy Wright, Billy Haskell, Bob Baines. The officers: Seated, Pam Ford, Heather McCluskey, Cathy Smith, lody Brewer; Standing, Tommy Greer, Marilyn McCluskey, Tim xander. Those who went to national conference were Marilyn, Janice, ather, Jessica, Tommy, and Suzanne. Those who went to state conference and participated in some section competition. The state contest culminates many long, hard weeks of work. Here members are shown working on campaign posters for state officer ididates; Amory FBLA had two state officers this last year: Tommy ?er and Marilyn McCluskey.1. DECA officers: Seated, Barrett Francis, Chipper Brown; Standing, Steve Thompson, Sharon Guthrie, Barbara Smith, Ricky McNeese. 2. State winners: Seated, Marilyn McCluskey, Barbara Smith, Marsha Leech, Kathy Wamble; Standing, Mrs. King, Ricky McNeese, Chipper Brown, Barrett Francis, Mrs. Wise. 97FFA 1. The FFA is one of AHS's largest clubs. The members have home projects, participate in contests, state, district and regional. 1. The officers are Larry Herndon, Ronnie Bowen, David Childers, Donnie Bowen, Phil Burks, Tony Lloyd. 2. These three brought home trophies from state contests.1. Mr. 0. practices so he can beat the French man, Mr. Rowles. 2. The members of the Spanish club plus one. Can you spot the French person who thinks SHE is Spanish? 3. Club officers-Teresa Pierce, Sandra Palmer, Barrett Francis, Robert Blair. 4. Our sponsor and family-where's Alice? 5. The Spanish contribution to the Homecoming Parade-Mr. 0's car when he was in high school? 102Y-Teens — Hi-Y 1. The only two Y-Teens who showed up for the officers' picture: Teresa Palmer and Sara McFarling. 2. The cystic fibrosis drive people: Seated, Robert Blair, Greg Allen, Tony Lloyd, Lona Lewellen, Joni Wilson, Penny Raper; Standing, Lytel Evans, Chipper Brown, Mike Owen, Mark Tubb, Billy Haskell, Jerry Word, Ricky McNeese, Mr. Parish. 3. Penny and Sharon collect from a nice-looking young man. 4. Jessica and Lona look appealing at the donators. This page sponsored by the PROM PARENTS OF ’77.1. Emily Gillieylen puts make-up on Dale as Barbara looks on. 2. Mr. Owen and the Boys State delegates talk over a little strategy. 3. THE END OF SCHOOL!. 4. Faithful baseball players indicate out standing at one time in the season. 5. BEAUTY REVUE WORKERS pose after a job well-done. 104Fun For All: The Gong Show 1. The most popular assembly program was the Gong Show, sponsored by the student council-Vic Ross, Tony Lloyd, Robin Lee, Jim Kirkpatrick, Donnie Baker, producers. 2. The GONGERS-Lyons, Nabors, Golding. 3. Our French street singer, Mr. Rowl. 4. The Dancing Dollies-names unknown. 5. Mr. Fly's contribution to the musical world. 105STARS Life 1. The home ec girls show off their semester's work in sewing. 2. Lynn cleans out her locker for the last time. 3. Mrs. Nabors Wild West Show. 4. IT'S THE END OF SCHOOL! 5. Kathy Faulkner -on ice, no less. 6. Mr. M-I-L-E-Y! Has the machine gotcha? 7. Number 7 pulls out. 8. Mr. Beason and Roger check it out. 9. Joni and Momma.Odds 'n Ends 1. Tim Adams, editor of the PANORAMA, and Miss Robbie live it up at the prom. If they are both talking, and both mouths are certainly open, reckon who is listening? 2. Remember that day at New Albany? We lost to Olive Branch. Jill's and Vicki's looks reflect how we all felt. 3. Teresa Pierce also was there. 4. Buddies-Mike and Steve. 5. Pam and Pam look apprehensive. This was at the game at Olive Branch. 6. Billy Haskell and gang at Six Flags: Nancy Trostel, Amy McCullen, unknown, and Lydia Trostel. 6. Jay lets the umpire know what he thought about that call.SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS — They Support Us! $ntor Better idea for safety: Buckle up. 11111I I I S I IIU111 BLACKS AMORY NATIONAL GUARDMcCoy Manufacturing Company, Inc. EmployeesThe SCIENCE CLUB of Armory High School The Balfour Company class rings -diplomas -caps -gowns We appreciate the FRENCH CLUB at AHS 115Stewart’s Photography PROVIDING QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED US Kindergarten ’65 Fine portraiture Aerial Decorator prints Commercial Photo copy and restoration custom framing Seniors of 'll Hwy 25 S s p 256-5298MAC’S Standard 1 c; TOMMY CROOK S CARROL MOFFETT Enterprises Used Cars FINN and HORN STEAK HOUSE SANDERSON Redi Mix Inc. 256-9301GILMORE SHOE STORE PULLMAN Couch Company For insurance of all kinds see NATHAN DEVERS WHITE’S AUTO STORE See Papa Joe for all your car and home needs-batteries, tires, appliances, even baseball gloves and tennis racquets. The THE VILLAGE GREEN Compliments of the Kut RitePURNELL’S in good taste’ R. M. HENDRICK HERFF-JONES COMPANY Graduate supPly house class rings - diplomas -yearbooks - caps - gowns P.0. Box 1034 Jackson RODEWAY TRUCK LINE CHAMBLEE Pest Control Shop at Texaco J.W. Christian EPPERSON Chevrolet-Olds, Inc.In loving memory of Johnny Johnson HOOD’S CLEANERS Compliments of Tommy’s Men’s Wear HARRISON’S AUTO BOOCK’S SALES Auto Repair HiW 6 Amory 256-3285 Turner’S Carpets Carlson’s Market FRISCO We deliver! inn C D LUMBER Company AHS is Number 1!THE SCIENCE CLUB OF Amory High School Western Auto - home owned -A.R. Mauriocourt - Manager -Ira Kennedy Buddy’s Department Store Flowers Fram Factory Showroom STEVE’S BARBER and STYLE SHOP Thanks for your business J E ENTERPRISES No job too small GREENHAW’S Pharmacy — Amory — FOODWAY Amory Plaza Shopping Center 256-9303 Amory Mississippi 123THE PANORAMA SALUTES THE SPANISH CLUB. We deeply appreciate your HSg|i§j coming to our aid BSSIr when it looked dim for our yearbook. You BlJ demonstrated the warmth B and generosity of the Spanish speaking people the world over. So, a triple salute to the ONLY CLUB IN SCHOOL THAT BOUGHT A WHOLE PAGE!THE SECURITY BANK 125AMORY GARMENT COMPANY Students at AHS appreciate the interest the Amory Garment Company takes in them. Each year the company gives two scholarships to a senior boy and a senior girl.Shield’s Grocery NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE TRUE TEMPER HOME CHARM DRAPERIESBANK OF AMORYMISS “R’S 2ND PERIOD ENGLISH CLASS OF 1977 DRS. HODGES PIERCE AMORY POLICE DEPARTMENT PEOPLE’S DRUG COMPANY COMPLIMENTS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR FINE SCHOOL ED COPELAND • NICKY DRAKE VIRGIL MELOHN • JIMMY UNDERWOOD HENRY FLOWERS • GEORGE COPELAND BEN ALLEN Box 83 1900 North West Street Jackson, Mississippi 354-0200HANEY’S BIG STAR LAUDRAMAT AND CARWASH WREN, MS. Julia and Cathy shop at Haney's in Wren. Cathy must have gotten a bargain, but Julia looks puzzled. SAVE-A-MINIT Open 7 days a week 6 to 10 -Stereo Tapes--U.S. Choice Beef--Groceries- WAMY — WAFM CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '77 Jim, Stan, Tim, and Vince contribute to the sweet Music heard on WAMY-FM. James L. Carter Director of Personnel Relations Conoco Chemicals Continental Oil Company P O Box 91 Aberdeen. Mississippi 39730 (601) 369-8111COLE INSURANCE OF AMORY AMORY MARBEL WORKS 310 N. MAIN Zoe looks like she needs some insurance from Cole Insurance. Teresa, Lona, Mitzi, and friends are happy because they have seen Amory Marbel Work's show room. JIMMY POPE’S USED CARS If your car doesn't run like a rabbit, come and see us at Poe's Used Cars. AMORY REALTY POLLY BROWN’ CATERING NORTH MAIN STREET AMORY, MS. PASQUALE’SCO m O O 33 O JIM JEANS DRIVE INN KNIGHT’S ELECTRIC CO. } SONIC Hatley Road Amory, Ms. 38821 THE FASHION SHOPPE 113 N. Main St. Amory, Ms. 38821 i PARK I HOTEL 1 Amory, Ms. Insurance and Real Estate LANN STOCKTON Amory's Largest and most complete hardware store Barbara and Jay clown for the camera while preparing for the homecoming , program. Lt Mr. Wilson's homeroom appears to be studying! Mike Keller, Doug Stanford, Clara Myatt, John Inmon, Mary Gilleylen, and Shair Griffin hope Mr. Pickle won't come for them any time soon. HOME MORTGAGE AND REALTY COMPANY Zoe needs insurance against monsters! Kathy, Helen, Joan, Lisa, Clara, and Wanda seem to envy Zoe.PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. When the cheer leaders are through, they will need a Pepsi. Of Tupelo Have A Pepsi Day . . . E.C. MOFFETT SON CONSTRUCTION CO. BUILDERS OF COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL BUILDING Elmo C. Moffett Donnie R. Moffett Phone 256-3319 Phone 369-6998 REECE’S DAIRY AMORY PRIVATE BUS $3.00 a week Trip 35C a mile 256-8122 Jerry Loden C C GI3SS Co 256- 7509 Anything in the Glass Line. Ausbon S Armory Tire Rubber Co., Inc. B C 256-5314 Electrical Supplies THE AMORY ADVERTISER Monroe County's Twice a Week Newspaper and Most Modern Printing Shop Motors Used Cars Is Our Business. Hwy. 25 SouthBIG JOHN’S AUTO DIESEL OWNER! FIRESTONE Tire SERVICE CENTER 217 N. 3rd STREET MAI CTEmNGCUTCLIFF DRUG CO. OVER 48 YRS. SERVING AMORY BILL MAY - OWNER AND PHARMACIST CITY TIRE APPLIANCE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '77 THE CLOTH BASKET 101 N. MAIN AMORY, MS. CASUALAIRE FOR FASHION AND f QUALITY Compliments Of ROYAL FACTORY OUTLET BANKS FURNITURE GILMORE PUCKETTCommunications P.O. BOX 209 Amory, Ms. (601) 256-3523TUBB Printing Company Fountain Grill STANFORD’S GROCERY A The Hodges Company s sit ks Sss y. y. ., .' ajwv. •■• ?rs- ■'w mnw j --- 2?' yf.jgHiiJs wrV A w .. • • . 'V '. J v. o' .y-o fL •' . A -.-4a: X V . BBs.j9r K«fi v 2 'V. A • s .-V v ' X ’TV' • Ci% ''Vta wt v iv V‘ ‘V Nw . Vvs ' : VA r» S?v S2Z21 S; . j y f » vs- v v ' • ■? ,. ' ' -• . X'' V ' X v. X ---- R VI • - 7J v$4. J I k» . i, U ■ ''.A 'i .1'T;i A y. ■ s ' ' N -: , w ' ■:. ■•, ; :; -- . ■ • v vV' A a w-'' —' % ysfi - Sjfc -v m V' v ------- ..-■ . Vv A ,., - -,-; s - - -v S Aij - N V - v- AAv ' w c •• V A a -

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