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 »-r K I—1 Vicki -1 and 1 Mary and 1 the PANORAMA Staff proudly present PEPPY, the PANTHER TABLE OF CONTENTS 2. Dedication 3. In Memoriam 4. Mr. , Miss AHS 5. Mr. , Miss AHS 6. Homecoming 7. Homecoming 8. Beauty Revue 9. Beauty Revue 10-40 Senior Section 41-60 Junior Section 61-80 Sophomore Section 81 -95 Freshman Section 96-121 Collage of AHS 122-148 Advertisements STAFF Mary Rogers - co-editor Vicki Smith - co-editor Steve Stockton - business manager Miss Jeffie Robinson - sponsorIn Loving Memory We Dedicate This Page and This Annual to Our Dear Friend, Miss Virginia Meek. I 3 1. Mary and Vickie put the pendant, a gift from the Panorama Staff, on as Miss Meek . listens to Vickie's explanation. 2. All three proudly pose for Bonnie and the ADVERTISER. 3. Miss Meek as we saw her the most. 2 Miss Meek joined us in June of 1973 and soon charmed all of us with her wry wit and deep concern for each of us. In between seeing that we all had supplies that we needed, selling football tickets, typing bulletins, grade-slips, etc. , and writing excuses, she counselled, comforted, scolded and took up for us. We will deeply miss her, for such a friend comes only once in a lifetime.In Memoriam X. L. Gray Conwill Mr. Conwill joined AHS faculty in 1970, after having taught in Wren, Marigold, McGee, Gulfport. A veteran of twenty-eight years of teaching, he was bom near Nettleton in the Carolina Community. A graduate of Fulton High School and Mississippi State University, he majored in history and taught economics and government to the seniors. He enjoyed a good laugh and received a standing ovation for his participation in the Beauty Revue skit in 1974. Mr. Conwill suffered a fatal heart attack February, 1976. "I consider a human soul without education like marble in the quarry, which shows none of its inherent beauties till the skill of the polisher fetches out the colours, makes the surface shine, and discovers every ornamental cloud, spot and vein that runs through the body of it . . . "A Tour of AmoryWith Mr. and Miss AHS Mary Rogers and Mike Baughman, Mr. and Miss AHS for '75-'76, on a tour of of Amory . . . The Confederate Monument . . . Mary and tennis . . . The Tombigbee is fascinating . . . Mike and baseball . . . The train that brought Roosevelt here in the '30's . . . Cotton Gin Port was the Amory's predecessor . . . The Arnett Monument . . . Mike tells Mary he really can't remember being in the old hospital where both were bom . . . 51976 Homecoming Court (Left to Right) freshman maid, Gail Hitt and escort Tommy Watson; sophomore maid, Nancy Tros-tel and escort Billy Haskell; senior maid, Terry Wax and escort Steve Stockton; senior maid, Ruby Smith and escort James Dobbs; homecoming queen, Angie Carlisle and escort David Nicholson; senior maid, Vanessa Ghoston and escort Daryl Lloyd; senior maid, SuzyTubb and escort Scott Kent; junior maid, Teresa Wile-mon and escort Jim Parchman. 675-76Each Young and Beautiful Being Shapes Around it Events That Are Themselves Young, Beautiful and Happy . . . Beauty Revue . . .WKm ’75-’76 Beauty Revue Contestants 1st Row- Gail Hitt, Lona Lewellan, Lisa Sanderson, Cathy Lackey 2nd Row- Ruby Smith, Suzy Tubb, Teresa Palmer, Mary Conwill, Beth Francis, Sharon Guthrie 3rd 4th Row- Renea Johnson, Stephanie Sims, Mary Rogers, Angie Carlisle, Dianna Banks, Betsy Clements, Marilyn McCluskey, Mitzi Baker, Emily Gilleylen, Vanessa Ghoston, Stacye Nash, Beth Crook, Kathy VV amble, Pam Ford 9Seniors of 76 We're the Class That Knows the Tricks, Senior Class of '76! MEMORIES Chocolate milk every morning . . . Miss Thompson . . . Miss Crow . . . Sliding down the fire escape when nobody was looking . . . swinging in the teachers' swing . . . Miss Davis' farm . . . "One Big Happy Family" . . . Wading in the fountains . . . Miss Coltharp . . . The White Tables . . . First high school football game . . . Being a cheerleader . . . Having your first date . . . Getting your driver's license . . . Getting your class rings . . . Senior Banquet . . . Awards Day . . . Golden Panthers . . . The Last Day. . . Graduation practice . . . Graduationsm.1. Kent Davis 2. Ollie Dilworth 3. Billy Dobbs 4. TonyFooshee 5. Paul Fullerton 6. Donna Funder burg 7. Susan Finley 8. Marty Funderburky a 1. Ricky Keeton 2. Daryl Lloyd 3. Sherry Kyle 4. Howard Kimery 5. Tim Laney 6. Karen Ledbetter 7. Brenda Lindsey 8. Dale Langford1 7 3 V 5 (. 7 TT 1. Sheila Loden 2. Renford Marsh 3. John McCommon 4. Ricky McCollum 5. Adolphus McMillan 6. Mike McIntosh 7. Lee McFadden 8. Alfonzo McMillan1 f X T H 1 T y 1. Suzy Tubb 2. Cliff Tubb 3. Pam Tumer 4. Ruby Smith 5. Keith Shields 6. Suzanne Sanders 7. Anna Trostel 8. David Tidwell1. Beverly Sawyer 2. Stephanie Sims 3. Semmie Scott 4. Ricky Smith 5. Carol Sneed 6. Lisa Shepherd 7. Vickie Smith 8. Mary Smithson I V 5 7 81. Tony Swan 2. Steve Stockton 3. Vicki Williams 4. Wilburn Strong 5. George Vance 6. Alyce Walls 7. Lisa Wiygul 8. Barbara Wright 1. Senior class officers: Cindy Pruitt, secretary; David Rushing, president; Stacye Nash, treasurer; Karen Ledbetter, vice-president. 2. Ronald Jackson, Student Body President. 3. Vanessa Ghoston and Tommy Gann, Senior Class Representatives on the student council. 4. Mary Rogers and Vickie Smith, Panorama Editors. 5. Panther Band Drum Major, Marty Funderburk, waits for the parade to begin. 6. James Gilleylen, Vanessa Ghoston, Vickie Williams and D ary 11 Lloyd attended the Magnolia Platform Events. 7. Steve Stockton, beauty review chairman, watches through the curtains as the girls perform.Golden Panthers .. Initiative . . . Wisdom . . . Knowledge . . . The Golden Panther . . . the highest award a student at AHS can receive . . . scholarship . . . citizenship . . . integrity . . . service . . . recipients of 1975-76 were Susan Finley with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gili-eylen; Mary Rogers and Mr. and Mrs. Hal Rogers; James Gilley-len and his mother; Mary Clement with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clement; Karen Ledbetter, Mr. and Mrs Robert Ledbetter; Donna Funderburg and Mr. and Mrs. Perry Funderburg. Group 11: Daryl Lloyd with his mother; Ronald Jackson and Mrs. Jackson; Vanessa Ghoston and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ghoston; Vicki Williams and Mrs. Williams; David Rushing and Maj. and Mrs. Kermit Rushing; Beth Crook and Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Crook; Vicki Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Smith.1. Vickie Williams 2. David Rushing 3. Beth Crook 4. Susan Finley 5. Ronald Jackson 6. Donna Funderburg 7. Vickie Smith I 213 The National Honor Society members are tapped each year at the end of the semester and inducted in an impressive ceremony in assembly. Then at the end of the second semester, grades are checked again and any senior eligible is inducted in an informal ceremony at graduation practice. Senior members this year were as follows: 1. Donna Funderburg 2. Judy Danner 3. Karen Ledbetter 4. Anna Trostel 5. Mary Clement-inducted at graduation practice, 6.1. Jackie Lowe and James Giileylen, Senior Class Favorites. Suzy Tubb and John McCommon, Senior Class Favorites. 2. Karen Ledbetter and David Rushing, Most Intellectual. 3. Kent Davis and Alphonso McMillan, Panther Athletes. 4. Semmie Scott and Cayce Harrison, Wittiest. 5. Lisa Shepherd and Marty Funderburk, Best-All-Around. Honor . . . Integrity 1 4 3 5  L? Li L±1 i 1. Paul Fullerton, Mike Baughman, Kent Davis, and Sammy Crump are the senior members of the baseball team. 2. Track Coach- manager Darlene Childs chases Jean Lee Whitfield to get her in shape. 3. The bottom row pretending to be a chain, and the top row pretending to be fence posts, the senior track members are, Bottom: Kent Davis, Adolphus McMillan, George Vance, and Melvin Morgan, Top: Walter Thornton, Kenny Parchman, Dennis Johnson, and Alfonzo McMillan. 4. Basketball seniors include Norris Burns, Alfonzo McMillan, and Keith Tisdale. 5. Our cheerful cheerleaders include seniors Donna Moffet, Vanessa Pargo, Vanessa Ghoston, and Debbie Moffet. Strength . . .Endurance . . . Sportsmanship . . . Teamwork The Seniors on the football squad are; 1st Row; Tony Fooshee, 2nd Row; Walter Thornton, Kent Davis, Dennis Johnson, Ricky McCollum, Mike Baughman, Paul Fullerton (manager) 3rd Row; Ronald Jackson, Dale Langford, James Gilley-len, John McCommon, Alfonzo McMillan, Kenny Parchman, and Robert Spratt. Senior backs are; Dennis Johnson, Tony Fooshee, Alfonzo McMillan, Kent Davis, and Mike Baughman. Senior linemen include Dale Langford, Robert Spratt, Kenny Parchman, James Gilleylen, and John McCommon. Melvin Morgan, Kent Davis, Alfonzo McMillan participated in the Boys State Track Meet. 351. Kent is doing his stuff on the field. 2. Norris dribbles his way to success. 3. Senior tennis members: Tommy Gann, Mary Smithson, Mary Clements, and Mary Rogers. 4. Basketball managers: Curtis Washington and Paul Fullerton. 5. Walter Thorton, Alfonzo McMillian, and Robert Spratt made all Little Ten. 6. Kenny puts all he has got into it. 7. Tommy is ready to get that ball. 8. Alfonzo is up in the air. 9. A happy bunch. 0 2 0 5 9 36Awards . . . Honors Recognition . . . Scholarship . . . Citizenship . . . Integrity . . . 1. Academic awards: (Front Row) Beverly Sawyer, Sandra Patterson, Karen Ledbetter, Anna Trostel; (Second Row) Betty Dankins, Rudolph Burdine, David Haney, James Gilleylen, David Rushing. 2. Citizenship Awards: Mike Baughman, Terry Wax, Billy Dobbs, Mary Clement, Donna Funder-burg, Ronald Jackson, Vannes-sa Ghoston. 3. Rotary Boy and Girl, Beth Crook and David Rushing; Alton B. Arnett Award, Tommy Gann.1. Scholarships- 1st Row; Anna Trostel, Lisa Wiy-gul, Karen Ledbetter, Vickie Williams, Beth Crook. 2nd Row; David Rushing, Betty Dankins, Terry Tucker, Donna Funderburg. 3rd Row; Stephanie Sims, James Gilleylen, 4th Row; Kenny Parchman, Tim Laney, Tommy Gann 2. Glenn Scholarships- Terry Minich, Wendy Hath-cock 3. Star Student- Karen Ledbetter Star Teacher- Mr. Mike Justice Library Award- Stephanie Sims 38Humility . . . Pride . . . 1. Beth Crook, first alternate. 2. Dianna Banks, third alternate. 3. The homecoming court on the float hardworking seniors prepared. Angie Carlisle was Homecoming Queen. Her court consisted of SuzyTubb, Vanessa Ghoston, Ruby Smith, and Terry Wax. 4. Our Homecoming Queen Angie Carlisle. 5. Ruby Smith, fourth alternate. 6. Stacye Nash, second alternate. 7. Scott Kent is our DEC A president and State District II vice-president. 8. President of FBLA is David Rushing. -1Seniors Are Leaders . . . 1. Stephanie Sims represents the Library Club in the Homecoming Parade. 2. Hi-Y seniors Mike Baughman, David Rushing, Daryl Lloyd, Kenny Parchman, John McCommon, Ricky McCollum, Terry Minich. 3. DEC A officers Suzy Tubb, Patricia Tackett; Second Row, Ronald Jackson, Mike Baughman, Ray Brown. 4. Panorama heads of staff: First Row, editors-in-chief, Mary Rogers, Vickie Smith; Second Row, Angie Carlisle, James Gilleylen, Vanessa Ghoston, Beth Crook. 5. Outstanding DECA students Terry Wax, Scott Kent, Steve Stockton. 40Senior Class of 77 We're the BestTim Adams Tony Adams Tim Alexander Shirry Allen Melanie Ashley Dewayne Basham Janice Bateman Denise Baylark Alpha Beeks Joey Brasfield Mike Brasfield Melody Brewer Chipper Brown Armenia Blair Robert Blair Debbie Blaylock Charlyne Buchanan Roger Carroll Ricky Chaney Van Childers Betsy Clements Lois Cowan Jerry Cox Steve Cox Larry Cross Len Crump Marie Crump Erie Davis“We’re the Class That Leavens” Orine Davis Sheila Dawson Steve Dickerson Janice Dilworth Juria Dobbs Allen Epperson Allen Evans Pam Ford Ricky Ford Barrett Francis Joyce French Cindy Garner James Garner Billie Gray Tommy Greer Sharon Guthrie Clarence Hale Edsel Hampton Randy Harlow Donald Herron Ronald Herron Jay Hester Susan Hill Joey Holloway Darlene Hoots Glenda Jackson Douglas Jones Vincent Justice “We’re the Class That’s Going to Heaven,” Cathy Keeton Dale Kimbrough Jim Kirkpatrick Kathy Kyle Mike Lantrip Marsha Leech Robin Lee Jerry Lewis Elvin Lowe Robert Marsh Marilyn McCluskey Sara McFarling Carol McIntosh Ricky McNeese Bo Miller Darlene Minor Buddy Minga Jeff Moffett Clara Myatt Keith Myatt Rusty Murphree Ron Nevins Zoe Newman Tammy Oglesby Cindy Oliver Bonnie Parker Lynn Patterson Gary Pickle Ken Polizzi 44 Dorothy Pruitt Penny Raper Byron Riddle Hal Rieves Christone Robinson Mike Rogers Teresa Russell Julia Sanders Eddie Sanders Eddie Sanderson Lisa Sanderson Ricky Sanderson Jessica Sibley Kenny Simmons Mitzi Sizemore Danny Small Barbara Smith Cathy Smith Dee Dee Smith Dennis Smith Karen Smith Sammy Smith Susan Smith Suzanne Smith Randy Sneed Angela Strawbridge Catherine Spann Teresa Taylor 45CLASS OF 77 Mary Thompson Melissa Thompson Steve Thompson T eddy Thompson Stan Thorn Alice Vassar Kathy Wamble Carol Weatherall Marilyn Weatherall Jean Whitfield Teresa Wilemon Abagaii Williams Carol Williams Ruby Willingham Larry Word Julia Wright Mrs. Brook's homeroom enjoys activity period. Tim and Chipper look interested for a change.1. Junior class officers: Lynn Patterson, Bo Miller, Joey Brasfield, Robert Blair, Tim Alexander. Women's Lib hasn't hit this class yet-or the boys greatly outnumber the girls, one! 2. Student Council members from the junior class were (Seated) Lynn Patterson, Bo Miller; Standing, Mr. Wilson, sponsor; Joey Brasfield, Bob Baines, Terry Mc-I ntosh. 3. Ushers at graduation included Robin Lee, Bo Miller and Larry Word. 4. Junior class sponsors celebrate getting rid of this group: Bill Mi-ley, Roland Barnes, Ruth Griffith, John Wilson, Susan Wise, Helen Brook. 5. The rest of the graduation ushers-Robert Blair and Tim Alexander. J1. Junior girls participate in basketball: 1st Row, Teresa Wilemon, Sara McFarling; 2nd Row, Jean Whitfield, Alpha Beeks. 2. Junior boys make up majority of football team; 1st Row, Steve Dickerson, Bob Baines, Alan Epperson; 2nd Row, Ricky Ford, Joey Brasfield, Len Crump. 3. Jay Fooshee, Leroy McIntosh, Hal Rieves, Ron Nivens. 4. Junior basketball players for '75-•76. Robert Blair, Joey Brasfield. 5. Sitting: Authur Moore; Kneeling: Terry McIntosh, Teddie Thompson, Byron Riddle; Standing: Mike Brasfield, Van Childers, Dennis Smith.1. Juniors in baseball: Kneeling, Bob Baines, Terry McIntosh, Mike Brasfield, Leroy McIntosh; Standing, Ricky Sanderson, Teddy Thompson, Joey Brasfield, Steve Thompson, and Larry Cross. 2. Junior cheerleaders are Sharon Guthrie, and Lisa San derson. 3. Tennis, Kneeling, Norris Thomas, Ken Polizzi, Standing, Robert Blair, Tim Alexander, Eddie Sanderson. 4. Jean Whitfield, junior girls track star. 5. Ken is READY!! 6. Track, Ricky Ford, Edsel Hampton, Edgar Whitfield, Kevin Andrass, Teddy Thompson. 491. These are Junior beauties: Betsy Clements, Marilyn McCluskey, Lisa Sanderson, Pam Ford and Kathy Wamble. 2. Peptomist co-editors are Kathy Faulkner and Kathy Wamble. 3. Junior Class Favorites - Jean Whitfield, and Larry Word; Lisa Sanderson and Byron Riddle. 4. Student Body Vice-President Bob Baines pretends to be working. 5. CLASS RINGS!!!! 6. Best Supporting actress for her part in "The Storm" is Karen Smith.1. The serving girls at the Senior banquet. 2. Entertainment was SyZyGy. S. Banquet speakers. 4,6. Our Most Beautiful, Lisa Sanderson. 5. Our own Elvis Presley, Bob Baines. 7. Mitzi Sizemore and Jay Hester do the bump.1. Junior members of Panorama staff are (L to R) Betsy Clements, Mitzi Sizemore, Barbara Jane Smith, Bo Miller, Jessica Sibley, Marsha Leech. 2. Junior homecoming maid, Teresa Wilemon. 3. Junior Thespian members are Front Row (L to R) Penny Raper, Sharon Guthrie, Betsy Clements, Back Row (L to R) Marsha Leech, Kathy Faulkner, Kathy Wamble. 4. Junior hands model class rings. 5. Junior homecoming float.Junior class members inducted into the National Honor Society for '75-'76 were as follows: 1. Betsy Clement 2. Jessica Sibley 3. Marilyn McCluskey 4. Clara Myatt 5. Janice Bateman 6. Karen Smith 7. Darlene Hoots 53We Believe in Speaking Spanish and Reading 1. A gathering of the students in the Spanish lab for a planning meeting of the Spanish Club. Smith, Cowan; Lloyd, Lee, Thorne, Boatman, Francis; Parker, Smith, Rogers, Funderburk, Greer. 2. Dennis Johnson shows off as the bus gets ready to pull out for the Library Convention. Watching is Elinor Smith. 3. A Library Club meeting in progress. 4. The Spanish Club entry in the Homecoming Parade. 5. The Library Club members pose as they leave for the District Convention.Junior Fun and Games v ■vr 1. Finally the Sy Zy Gy's are where they belong. Greer, Baughman, Thom, Harlow, Funderburk, Kirkpatrick. 2. Mrs. MacMillan, our vocational guidance "boss-lady." 3. The "hams" have it, don't they, Kevin? 4. Jean Lee enjoys EVERYTHING! 5. This will be familiar to you juniors NEXT May! 6. Marilyn and Steve's replacement? 7. What lovely teeth you have, Phyllis! 8. Mitzi and Jessica disagree, to Marilyn's consternation. 9. What's YOUR problem, Greer? 7 8 71. Dewayne holds his handbook before he throws it in the trash can. 2. Betsy and Bo get the float ready to roll. 3. Ricky Ford looks tired after marching. 4. Bo and Bob work in Vo-Tec. 5. Robert and Steve are cool in the hall. 6. Jay and Lynn have a great day at the fair. 7. Melanie has her mouth shut for once. 8. Stan doesn't like to get his picture taken. 9. Someone lost his hat! 1 5 4 id Co 56Juniors ... at Work . . . at Play .. . 1. Ruby Willingham works in her spare time at the Amo-ry Public Library. 2. Ken Polizzi believes in playing tennis. 3. Robert Blair watches over first base for Coach Newman. 4. Jim Parchman shows off his muscles. Did wearing those overalls do that, Jim? 5. Norris Thomas looks thoughtful for once. 6. Jean Lee cheerfully waves good-by to all those unlucky enough to get left behind. 7. Remember the day Ricky fell asleep in English and slept through the bell? 8. -9. If these three-Cathy, Sharon, and Cathy-had been singing like they did in the homecoming program, Miss Brewerton wouldn't have had to wake Ricky up (picture 9).Activity . . 1. French Club officers and sponsor; Mrs. Brook, Penny Raper and Jim Kirkpatrick. 2. French Club members pretend they are in France enjoying the goodlooking men and women. • h ii 3. Spanish Club officers Barrett Francis, Lois Cowan and Betsy Clements (we thought sure you would head the Oriental Club, Betsy! .) 4. Mr. Ortiz diligently guards his Spanish Club members. 5. F.F. A. officers and sweetheart, Lisa Moffett. Roger Carroll, Ricky Ford, Kenny Simons; Back Row, Randy Wright, Wendell Griggs, Anthony Riggins. 6. The PEPTOMIST Sponsor, Mr. Golding, looks pleased with his staff. First Row, Mitzi Sizemore, Betsy Clements, Lois Cowan, Zoe Newman, Barbara Jones, Marsha Leech; Second, Sara McFarling, Melody Brewer, Cathy Smith, Kathy Wamble, Bo Miller; Third Row, Lisa Sanderson, Barrett Francis, Kathy Faulkner.Industrious . . . T nn 1. The juniors contributed a great deal to the F.F. A. this year and not just in numbers, either. Pictured are first row, Ed-sel Hampton, Roger Carrol, Vincent Justice, Jerry Cox; Second, Gary Picle, Tim Alexander, Ricky Ford, Sammy Smith, Clarence Hale, Ricky Chaney; Third Row, Allan Evanas, Kenny Simmons, Terry McIntosh. 2. Panorama members Mitzi Sizemore, Lois Cowan, Barbara Jane Smith, Marsha Leech; Second Row, Janice Bateman, Jessica Sibley, Marilyn McCluskey, Betsy Clements, Bo Miller. 3. DEC A members Ricky McNeese, Tim Alexander, Marsha Leech, Chipper Brown, Barbara Smith, Bo Miller, Marilyn McCluskey, Jay Hester. 59Road Blocks . . . Plays . . . Parades . . . 1. These Hi-Y and Y-Teens members helped with road blocks during the year: Kneeling, Funderburk, Tubb, Nicholson, Mc-Common, Moreland, Rushing, Gosa; Standing, Lloyd, Finley, Rogers, Banks, Crooks, Clements, Wiygul, Wax, Mi-nich, Parchman, Parish. 2. Magnolia Platform Events gave Har- low, Gilleylen, Williams, Lloyd, Ghoston, and Wax a chance to try their talents. 3. Betsy and Bo ride in style during the Homecoming Parade. 4 These students went to the State Drama Festival at State: Ross, Funderburg, Wax, Wamble, Smith, Allen, Stockton, Gilleylen, Fullerton, and Gann.We're the Class hat's Really Great — Senior Class of ’78!Class of 77-78 Wanda Aldridge Gale Anderson Jimmy Armstrong Teresa Armstrong Paul Baker Mitzi Baker Danny Baughn West Blair Iris Brown Mark Brasfield Rochell Brownlee Lawrence Buchanan Elizabeth Bullock Freddy Bunch Johnny Burrow Ruby Burroughs Cameron Caldwell Boyd Carlisle Cindy Carroll Belinda Carter Joan Childers Cathy Chism Joe Chism Carolyn Cole Brent Colburn Mary Collins Dorothy Conoway Mary Conwill Patty Creely Christina Cruber 62Class of 77-78 Jo Ann Dankins Mae Lois Dankins Juanita Davis Randy Dew Barbara Dobbs Pearlene Dobbs Mark Dyson Terry Edwards Jill Elliott Bruce Filgo Jay Fooshee Diane Foster Dale Fullerton Dale Funderburg Brenda Gilleylen Emily Gilleylen Mary Gilleylen Don Glenn Rhonda Golden Shair Griffin Wendell Griggs Jerry Hadaway Pam Harlow Vickie Harlow Billy Haskell Juanita Hausley Dennis Herndon Tammy Herring Anthony Hogan Danny Holloway 63Class of 77-78 Cindy Holley Julie Holman Jim Huffman Mike Huffman John Inmon Deborah Johnson Melissa Jones Mike Keller Billy Kendrick Phyllis Kilgore Sylvia Kyle Crafton Laney Sharon Langford Virginia Langford Tim Lawson Lona Lewellen Anthony Lloyd Bill Lyle Leona Marsh Heather McCluskey Amy McCullen Brian McCullen Brenda McIntosh Clementine McIntosh Nancy McIntosh Dwight Meaders Robbie Miller Nat Miller Lisa Moffett Peggy Moffett 64 Class of 77-78 Pam Moon Gail Moore Anne Moore Alida Moore Randy Moreland Randle Nix David Odom Becky Owen Mike Owen Sylvester Pack Sandra Palmer Teresa Palmer Jim Parchman Melissa Parker Barbara Pearson Tim Pearson Teresa Pierce Tony Pinkerton Tommy Poe Danny Pugh Kenny Ramage David Randle Pam Randle Mike Richardson Anthony Riggans Neil Roberts Vic Ross Lee Rushing Kraig Rye Keith Rye 65Class of 77- 78 John Scott Joey Sehone Judy Shelton Gary Smith Larry Smith Judy Sandefer Doug Stanford Mike Steele Rebecca Sullins Larry Tarver Rocky Tate Norris Thomas Rex Thompson Robert Thornton Rory Thornton Lisa Tidwell Glenn Tira Lydia Trostel Nancy Trostel Mark Tubb Warren Tubb Philip Tucker Tracy Tucker Ginger Vaughn Darlene Wade Cindy Walker Regina Walker Brenda Westbrook Teresa Whitfield Jolayne Wilkerson 66Class of 77- 78 Marsha Williams Joni Wttlson Jerry Word Teresa Wright Randy Wright Steve Young Pam Turner Sonny Mills Jimmy Wallace 10. Nancy entices Billy to hold her hand. 11. Jill, Tracy, and Pam clown before the parade. 12. Teresa is stuck on Bandaids cause Panthers clobbered her. 13. Mr. Marett, I mean Dale Funderburg hosted the Larry Marett Show. 14. "Jack-et in the Box'1 won first place. 15. Sophomores work hard on their winning float.Sophomore VIP's 1. Sophomores have been one of the most active groups in school ever since they moved over from the middle school. Leaders this year were Melissa Jones, secretary; Mark Brasfield, president; Jeanie Langford, vice-president. Not pictured was Emily Gilley-len, treasurer. 2. Sponsors Mario Ortiz, Tommy Parish, Jerry Irving, Beth Brewerton, Sha Burnett and Kay Moffett seem pleased with the general run of things. 3. Mark Brasfield, Belinda Carter, Carolyn Cole and Tony Lloyd seem amused about something. It's not the student council affairs, though. Mark taught us a little trick about the bright sun and his eyes and taking pictures. 4. Jeanie Langford and Dale Funderburg received Thespian Awards for being best actress and actor for the year.I Sophomores Are Athletic . . . 2 |3 4- 1 Football, Kneeling, John Burrow, Tommy Poe, John Inmon, Steve Young, David Randle; Standing, Mark Bras-field, Mark Dyson, Lawrence Buchanan, Lee Rushing, Wayne Tower, Mike Steel, Craig Rye, Rex Thompson, Dale Fullerton . backs and ends, Burrow, Randle, Dyson, Steel, and Thompson. Jimmy Huffman, tennis. Tennis-Kneeling; Amy McCullen, Heather Mc-Cluskey; Standing, Melissa Jones, Terry Edwards, Teresa Pierce. Pearlene Dobbs, basketball.1. Sophomore girls really believe in basketball. The second year proved experience helps. First Row, Joni Wilson, Barbara Dobbs, Brenda McIntosh, Teresa Palmer; Second Row, Alida Moore, Teresa Pierce, Mitzi Baker, Sandra Palmer, Cathy Chism, Pear-lene Dobbs. 2. Robert Thornton, John Burrow, David Randle, Rodney Evans, Keith Cook worked hard to make this year a success. 3. Brian McCullen found out that being a basketball manager is hard work. 4. Sophomore cheerleaders were Teresa Wright and Cathy Chism. 701. Spring brings out the baseball lovers and fans: David Randle, Keith Cook, John Burrow, Steve Young. 2. Sandra Foster was the only sophomore girl out for track. 3. Mike Steele and Lee Rushing pose before leaving fc the Columbus Relays. 4. Baseball managers Mark Brasfield and Brian Mc-Cullen kept up with the bats and balls. 5. Lee Rushing showed Kenny how to shot-put. 6. Basketball boys John, Keith, David, Adolphus and Walter clown for the photographer. 711. Class Favorites are Emily Gilleylen and Robert Thorton. 2. Class Favorites are Keith Rye and Regina Walker. 3. These six sophomores were in the beauty revue: Seated; Mitzi Baker, Emily Gilleylen, Joni Wilson Standing Lona Lewellen, Teresa Palmer, and Mary Conwill. 4. Sophomore thespian members are kneeling- Vicki Harlow, Virginia Langford, Lydia Trostel, Teresa Wright, Pam Harlow Standing- Teresa Pierce, Danny Pugh, Keith Rye, Vic Ross, and Julie Holman. 7211 3 6 1 Sophomores are active in club activities as these pictures indicate. Nearly every committee that is active has at least one sophomore on it. 1. Spanish Club-Lewellen, Lloyd, Ross; Moffett, Palmer, Tubb, Word; Pierce, Palmer, Harlow. 2. Rye, Haskell and Owen in the Homecoming Parade. 3. French Club-Burrow, Langford, Pearson, Wilson, Palmer; Anderson, Jones, Trostel; Moore, Harlow, McCluskey; Baker, Holman, Peugh, Moore, Tubb, Thornton. 4. The photographer forgot what these represent. 5. PANORAMA-Wright, Palmer, Con-will, Elliott; Harlow, Lewellen, Trostel; McCluskey, Palmer, Baker; Harlow, Cruber. 73It takes two pictures to get all the sophomores in the annual. In 1 are Meaders, Atkins, Due, Buchanan, Wright; Ramage, Pinkerton, Poe, Blair, Evans, Riggins. 2. Huffman, Carlisle, Griggs, Baughn; Randle, Thornton, Loden, Odom, Smith; Lyle, Armstrong, Richardson, Nixon. 3. PEPTOMIST supporters and workers: Trostel, Wilson, Gilleylen; Trostel, Jones, Lloyd, Conwill; Harlow, Lewellen, Palmer, Cruber. 74A Salute . .. To Ag There's so many fine boys Taking Ag---- That I hardly know where to start When I commence to brag-There's Dale, Tim, Jimmy and Carrol, Mike, Randy, Kent and Daryl. Donnie, Bobby, Howard and Randy, and every one came in handy. Ollie, Robert, George and Kenny; yet, we didn't have one too many. Walter, Keith, Steve and Lee, and without them all, I don't know where we'd be. But when we start callin' names, We often leave off a few -And in case this has happened, We'll miss you too. But today we are honoring one of these seniors (and that doesn't seem real) But you can tell by the way he looks, He's been out-standing in his field. He served as one of our chapter officers and attended every meeting, and always shouldered his responsibility, Where-ever the FFA was competing. He's not just a fair-weather firend, Because he works even when it's rainy. So will the winner please come forward, By the name of David Neil Haney. Mr. Herman Riley1. Willie Floyd Meaders and company enjoy Reese's Dairy Product. 2. It's lonesome all by yourself in the class room. Wonder where everyone has gone? 3. Julie watches the camera while Billy Haskell writes a letter to Nancy. 4. You can't sneak up on Laney and Huffman. Mary seems to be deep in thought about something. 761. Our Homecoming Royalty-Billy Haskell and Nanci Trostel. 2. Yes, John R-E-A-L-L-Y can type. 3. Mark gives Jacket-in-the-Box some last minute patching. 4. Playing tennis, win or lose, makes you thirsty, huh, Jim? 5. Dwight looks amused. 6. Julie uses ULTRA-BRIGHT! 7. Christine works on the PANORAMA. MAKE IT NEAT, CHRIS.L. J m te EE 5 Sophs Have No. 1 in Nation 1. Heather McCluskey is no. 1 in the National FBLA Typing contest. 2. All dressed up and no where to go. 3. Winning float during 1976 Homecoming. 4. Burrows in baseball. 5. Students putting bookcovers on books.A PotpourriSenior Class 1979 We're the Class That Really Shines — Senior Class of '79!Class of 78-79 Debbie Allen Patricia Anderson Robbie Ausbon Anthony Avery Charles Bailey Orlandress Bailey Donnie Baker Teresa Barrett Sharon Bateman Danny Bennett Micheal Blair Tammy Booth Donnie Bowen Peggy Bowen Ronnie Bowen Craig Brasfield Darcy Brown Doris Brown Rosiland Brownlee Art Buchanon Mike Burdette Phil Burks Vicki Burrough Beth Burton Micheal Buskirk Lola Bynum Melinda Cadden Brenda Carter David Carter David Childers 82 iClass of 78-79 Pam Childers Beth Clark Paul Clements Bobby Conoway Sherry Cross Mary Helen Crump Teresa Crump Doug Cuthbert Cheryl Dankins Lisa Davis Freddie Delaney Doris Egger Lytel Evens Melanie Ezell Carol Filgo Tommy Fisher Beth Francis Billy French Ricky Funderburk Darlene Garth Patricia Gates Carolyn Gilley Don Gosa Billy Griffin Lisa Griffin Margaret Griffin Pam Griffin Priscilla Griffin Sammy Griffin Toni Griffin 83Class of 78- 79 Susan Guthrie Steve Hadaway Sherry Haney Melinda Hammock Jeff Harmon Greg Harris Mark Harrison Kay Haughton Volasia Haynes Ray Herndon Shelia Hester Gayle Hitt Barbara Hogan Hal Holloway Randle Holloway Pat Honeycutt Andy Hood Ella Hudson Kim Huffman Donna Johnson Paula Johnson Renea Johnson Theresa Johnson Lynn Jones Nona Kelso Mary Kimball Charles King Darnell Knight Roger Kyle Cathy Lackey 84 Class of ’78- ’79 Lynn Lankford Lynda Lansing Lisa Lantrip Melinde Lantrip Terry Ledbetter Alisa Lloyd Janice Lloyd Rebecca Lockhart Mavis Love Sheree Love Darlene McAfee Ida McFadden Candy McIntosh Shere McNeese Harold Meaders Horace Meaders Missy Meredith David Millender Hugh Miller Pauline Miller A lie a Mitchell Cindy Moon Mark Moon Dennis Moore Brenda Morgan Lisa Myatt Johnny Nash Sammy Nerren Randy Nicholson 85Class of 78- 79 Carl Nunley Kathleen Oglesby Eddie Pace Arletha Pack Shirley Parish Diane Parker Becky Pearson Cathy Pearson Mike Pearson Robert Pierce Terry Pinkerton Ronnie Pounds Priscilla Pruitt Danny Raines Brent Rainey Willie Rainey Donna Reeves Kenneth Reeves Rory Reeves Ken Reich Suzanne Ross Barbara Roye Tim Rutledge Karen Salter Sonja Sanders Willie Sanders Debbie Sarter Willene Sehone Bennie Shaw Charles Sisson 86Class of 78- 79 Benny Smith Janet Smith Michele Smith Ronnie Smith Curtis Spann Cherlyn Standiford Todd Stanford Debbie Stacey Phyllis Street Anita Summerford Nina Taylor Bill Thomas Cecilia Thompson Tommy Thompson Chuck Tubb Judy Tubb Paula Turman Jackie Turnage Tracy Vassar Gail Walls Tommy Watson Doug Wax Stephanie Weaver Ronnie Welch Glenda West Gary White Charles Whitfield Johnny Whitfield Mitch Witcher Johnny Word 87 ill 5 h rri k Mike Pearson manages for Freshman football team. k Freshman cheerleaders in an informal moment before a game. ». Those who tried out for freshman cheerleader. '. Pandemonium reigns in the dressing room before freshman tryouts. I. Freshman cheerleaders; Standing (L to R) Renea Johnson, Tammy Booth, Beth Francis. Seated (L to R) Michelle Smith, Debbie Allen. Not pictured is Phyllis FRESHMAN AT PLAY 1. The freshman float "Blast the Jackets" with Todd Stanford driving the tractor. 2. Freshman homecoming maid, Gail Hitt, rides in style in the convertible driven by Tim Alexander. 3. Even a broken leg didn't keep Mike Pearson from enjoying the fair at Tupelo! Beth Francis liked it, too. 4. Some upper classmen (class persons?) -Beth Crook, Pat Tackett and Bob Baines -take Renea Johnson and Tommy Watson in hand to show them how the "Pride of AHS" acts away from home. 891. Freshmen Thespians are Kneeling, Suzanne Ross, Missy Meredith; Standing, Darcy Brown, Allisa Lloyd, and Beth Francis. 2. Freshmen class favorites are left to right: Brenda Carter, Anthony Avery, Debbie Allen, and Mike Pearson. 3. Freshmen class officers are left to right: Lisa Davis, Cathy Lackey, Brenda Carter, Allisa Lloyd, Mike Pearson, Doug Cuthbert. 4. Freshmen beauties are left to right: Beth Francis, Rena Johnson, Cathy Lackey, and Gayle Hitt. 901. Freshmen pantherettes; Kneeling (L. -R. ) Griffin, Booth, Lantrip, Dankins, Smith, Mitchell, Thompson, Carter; Standing Davis, Hester, Pearson, Kelso, Allen, Lowe, Brown, and Johnson. 2. Boys track; Kneeling (L to R), Avery, Gilleylen, O. Bailey, Sisson, Thomas, Conoway, Cuthbert, and Holloway. 3. Girls track: (L to R) Kneeling, Morgan, Turnage; Standing Smith, Carter, Lantrip, Lowe, Moon, and Wright. 4. Brenda Carter finishes fourth in girls' high jump. 5. The tennis team had two freshmen: Priscilla Pruitt, and Danny Raines. 6. Freshmen baseball: Tommy Thompson and Craig Brasfield. 91 1. Freshmen members of Spanish club. 2. Freshmen sponsores: Raspberry, Riley, L. Stevens, Golding, Little, Thomas and E. Stevens. 3. Freshmen on Panorama Staff. 4. Freshmen class officers Mike Pearson, Lisa Lloyd, Cathy Lackey, Brenda Carter. 5. Freshmen in the French Club. 6. Freshmen cheerleaders. 7. Freshmen on the Peptomist Staff. FRESHMAN ANTICS ... 1. It's tough to be the only one that shows up for registration- the wrong day! 2. Sisson looks happy. 3. "The Pink Panther, " Terry Pinkerton, gets caught! 4. Laurie Word and Lola Bynum wait for lunch and the "mystery meat." 5. Barbara Roye tells Lisa Myatt all about Sunkist oranges. 6. Robbie Ausbon studies while Tommy Fisher ducks and 10th grader Bill Pope wonders about it all! 7. Todd Stanford gets his ear pulled! 8. Phil Burk is entertaining Renea Johnson, and Priscilla, while Darcy forgets and turns her back on Phil. 9. Teresa Crump replants Phil Meaders "com row. " 94 1. Freshmen have homeroom in the gym. Seems like Barbara sees something below. 2,3. Brenda Morgan went to sleep one time too many. 4. Mrs. Hood gives extra help in that H-A-R-D algebra to Lisa Lantrip and David Millender. 5. Tommy Watson takes it easy! 6. The other part of the gym homeroom 7. Tim Rutledge watches the camera but David Millender and Ken Reich are too busy playing "dots.”1. Kenny, Tommy, Terry and Jessica skinned a cat. 2. Ollie dances as the wall comes down! 3. Mrs. Wise is quick with her camera, but we have the pictures. 4. Smile, you're on candid camera. 5. Suzanne and Lynn are very interested in something. 6. They had to park across the ditch on the day it rained. 1. Two elderly friends of Marsha and Mitzi are surrounded by hams. • 2. Miss Robinson gets acquainted with a future pupil. 3. Sharon and Melanie love to sing about "Big Macs". 4. Wouldn't Tommy be a cute girl? 5. Barrett is "Mr. Clean". 6. Cindy, Tammy, Julia, Ann, and Patty are the dancing girls of AHS. 7. I wonder what everyone is thinking about. 971. Look at the minds tick. 2. Vanessa, Darlene, Brenda, and Pazita rest. 3. Rony, Barbara and Daryl think it over. 4. Vic turns to check it out. 5. Sherri hits the ball. 6. Cheerleader practice. 7. It IS raining outside.1. State DECA winners: Stockton, Parker, Mrs. Wise, Lyle, and Bunch. 2. Mrs. Wise and Mrs. Allison wait for coffee. 3. DECA students visit Governor Finch: Stockton, McCluskey, Booth, Tackett, Kent, Kent, Greer, Smith, and Miller. 4. DECA had an entry in the Homecoming Parade. 100FBLA Again Wins State Honors . . . 1. The FBLA Band performs at Lake Monroe during the Bicentennial wagon train greeting. Harlow, Baughman, Funderburk, Kirkpatrick, Baines, Kent, Finley, Brown, and Greer. 2. The Christmas party was fun for all, but most of all for the children the FBLA played Santa Clause for. 3. This gentleman played checkers for the FBLA at the Celebration. 4. Representatives from Amory to the State FBLA Convention: Brown, McCluskey, Sibley, Sizemore, and Funderburg. 5. Mr. and Miss FBLA are Terry Wax and James Gilleylen; Marilyn McCluskey and Tommy Greer are State FBLA Officers. 101LIGHTS! GLAMOUR! ACTION! 1. The stage band provided entertainment and "walking" music for the girls the night of the Beauty Revue. Their help every year helps make the pageant a night to be remembered. The band members are (1st Row) Danny Pugh, Carolyn Cole, Chipper Brown, Susan Finley, Amy McCullen, and Anne Moore; (2nd Row) Keith Rye, Keith Fowlkes, Kenny Simmons, Marty Funderburk, Bob Baines, Jerry Lewis, and Crafton Laney; (3rd Row) Robbie Miller, Jessica Sibley, Stanley Thom, Tommy Greer, Jim Kirkpatrick, Randy Harlow, Mr. Taylor (director), Steve Patterson, Ronald Jackson, Jamie Finley, Lynn Patterson, Randy Wright, Mark Tubb, and Tim Adams. 2. Lisa Sanderson, Most Beautiful for 1976, has a quiet moment with parents after the pageant. 3. The girls perform a dance while Sam sings. The girls are pictured in their streetwear. 4. Renea Johnson, Beth Cook, Diana Banks, Gayle Hitt, Beth Francis, and Marilyn McCluskey take a break from practice to gossip. The practice sessions were work, work, work but also fun, too. m -1. Mr. Taylor shows how the music was played by his facial expression. The stage band under his leadership contributed much to the Beauty Revue. 2. Judges: (Pictured) Rev. Preston Bell, Aberdeen; Dr. Bill Foster, Miss State University; Not pictured, Mrs. Bill Foster, Mrs. Pam Hunt, Mr. Gaddis Hunt, all from Miss. State. These judges have been our faithful friends on more than one occasion. They think Amory girls are the prettiest in the state! 3. Samuel Bond Haskell III was the "emcee" for the pageant. His time spent on the Beauty Revue was greatly appreciated. 4. Laurie Randle, the guest singer, puts much feeling into "Ma Cherie A more. " 5. Laura Williams, 1975 Most Beautiful, awaits the envelope, while Stephanie Sims looks on. Amory's annual Beauty Revue, held the Friday school is dismissed for Christmsa holidays, is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Weeks before, a secret committee of boys and faculty members meets and selects 24 girls from a list of over 90. Then the set committee, headed this year by Steve Stockton, begins to work setting up the run-way and the boxes. Finally, the big night arrives! 104The queen bee surrounded by her drones. It takes many hands and many hours of work to produce the final program as these can testify: (Back Row) Keith Rye, Betsy Clements, Bo Miller, Paul Fullerton, Barbara Smith, Steve Stockton; (2nd Row) Heather McCluskey, Joni Wilson, Mitzi Sizemore, Tommy Gann; (Seated) Miss Robinson, Gary Outlaw, Jay Hester. Daryll and Tony Lloyd, Anna Trostel, Lydia Trostel, Lisa Lloyd also worked bard. The top Ten Beauties and Contestants' Favorite: Stacye Nash, Lisa Sanderson, Beth Crook; 2nd Row, Ruby Smith, Angie Carlisle, Marilyn McCluskey, Pam Ford, Diana Banks, (Last Row) Mary Rogers, Terri Wax, Suzy Tubb. Bo and Betsy clown during rehearsals. 105The Thespians spent an active year, giving "A Night of One Act Plays ("Wake up in Love", "The Storm", "Forgetfulness"), taking "The Storm" to Drama Festival at State and finally giving ROOM 222. 1. Vanessa Ghoston looks serious for ROOM 222. 2. Daryl is displeased about somebody's actions. 3. John Allen ponders a serious discipline problem. 4. Mary Clement refuses to acknowledge she is a witch. 5. Danny Peugh (Mr. Shaffer) is an agreeable man. 6. Dale Funderburg (Mr. Kaufman) has his tray of food spilled all over him by Jeanie Langford (Miss Johnson). 7. Marsha Leech is not a witch. 8. Julie Holman cleans up the office in "Wake Up in Love." 1061. "The Storm" - John Allan, Cathy Wamble, Karen Smith, Suzanne Ross. 2. ROOM 222 - Keith Rye, Alida Moore, Suzanne Ross, Lisha Lloyd, Lydia Trostel, Jeanie Langford, Lois Cowan, Vic Ross 3. Thespian officers - Betsy Clement, Daryl Lloyd, Terry Wax. 4. "Wate Up in Love" - Dale Funderburg, Daryl Lloyd, Kathy Faulkner, Mark Brasfield, Cathy Smith, Lois CowanSpirit of ’76 AHS PANTHER BAND Half-time guest at MSU Homecoming 1st place at Tupelo Fair Parade 1st place at Aberdeen Christmas parade 1st place Okolona Christmas parade 2nd place Tupelo Christmas festival All superior rating at State band contest All superior rating at stage band contest The stage band performed at Mississippi School Board1. Receiving the John Philip Sousa Award are Daryl Lloyd and Marty Funderburk. 2. Ronald Jackson received the Jazz Award. 3. Patricia Tackett is named outstanding senior. 4. Outstanding sophomore is Keith Rye. 5. Outstanding juniors are Jessica Sibley and Kenny Simmons. 6. Outstanding freshmen are Ken Reich and Missy Meredith. Receiving the Jazz Award is Mark Harrison. 7. Band Banquet before the guests arrive.Fall . . . and Football . . . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Panthers in action. Faithful managers are Paul Fullerton, Dale Fullerton, Mark Brasfield, and John Alexander. The ball is loose. The game is getting rough, but the Panthers are tough. Walter is gone for a touchdown. The Panther defense will stop him! 7 2 1 3 4 |5 u 1. The referee explains things to Walter and John. 2. The game must go on even in the rain. Tony goes back to let the ball go. 3. Another great moment in football. Agility . . . Mobility . . . Desire ... mSpring . . . Track . . . Baseball . . Tennis . . . 1. David gets out of the way of that fast ball. 2. Johnny is picking up and putting them down fast, while Coach Parish watches. 3. Baines and Brasfield before the game. 4. Teddy and Coach Newman plan their next move. 5. When you're hot you're hot and they are hot! 6. Terry, Leroy and Mike are ready for the game. 7. Coach Newman talks to the men. 113A Successful Track Season . . . 1. Whitfield and Hampton truck it on down to the field house. 2. Running the relays. 3. Everyone poses for the picture. 4. Dilworth and Whitfield stop for us. 5. Hampton and Johnson have the batteries for the action. 6. Edgar Whitfield is ready to go! 7. Moon, Wright, Morgan, Childs, and Parchman are ready to hit the road. 1141. Will Gann survive his giving blood? Several seniors donated- Donna, Kenny, Carl, Donna, Kent, Vicki, Bobby, but that's Tommy stretched out looking as if he is passing out. Mr. Morris looks on with approval. 2. Marty sang beautifully, didn't he? Was this one of your and Tommy's composition, Marty? 3. Seniors always enjoy giving out cards. This is a great event. 4. The only time homeroom was ever quiet-even Artis had his mouth shut for once. 5. A great Oreo, but who will fiddle with THAT middle? 6. Doris gets ready to exchange cards with several classmates. 7. Edwin Shaw diligently cleans up. 1157 2 3 4- 5 o 1 1. Several distinguished graduates pose. 2. Norris is still getting help from Mrs. Allison even the last night. 3. Howard, Donna and Jerry. 4. David Needs help, too. 5. Betty thinks seriously about the future. 6. Wayne and Carol have a moment together before they graduate. 7. A very special graduation gift. 116The End . . . or the Beginning 1. -2.-3.-4.-5. -6. -Remember how hot it was on that field as we practiced the graduation exercises? Then it rained and we had to use the gymn. 2. Susie and Patricia were Spanish Club officers- or was it French? 7. Someone's feet got tired of his shoes. Reckon they are still out there on the field?cztynio’ijj cJ-j-Lcjfi Jbc£ioo[ (lonzmzncsniznt SIXTY-SEVENTH c f nnua[ GRADUATION MONDAY, MAY 24, 1976 8:00 P.M. Processional- Amory Panther Band. Truest Cadden. Jr.. Dtrtctor “Pomp and Circumstance” Johnny Ray Allen Mitchell Leon Anderson Dianna Marie Banks Teresa Gail Ball Michael Smith Baughman Steve R. Baylark Jerry Donell Beeks Paul Richard Booth Ray H. Brown Teresa Gail Burdine Norris Allen Bums Daniel B. Burton Donald B. Burton James H. Cantrell Angelyn Gaye Carlisle Prentiss Michael Childers Sandra Kaye Childers Darlean Childs James Richard Chism ' Mary Margaret Clement Elizabeth Ann Crook Johny Crump Virginia Crump Betty Ann Donkins Judy Carol Danner Kenneth Dwight Davis OUie Dilworth Billy Wayne Dobbs James Oneal Dobbs Mary Susan Finley James Horace Finley, Jr. Paul David Fullerton Brenda Fulmer Donna Louise Funderburg James Martin Funderburk Thomas Roger Gann Donnie Gamer Vanessa Lynne Ghoston Artis Arzell Gilleylen James Edward Gilleylen Marilyn Marie Gilleylen Earnest Barry Gillylen Steven Earl Glasgow Bobby Joel Gosa Gladney Earl Griffin Donna Ree Guyton Charles Edwin Hadaway Lisa Jones Hadaway David Neil Haney Betty Mae Harris Cayce Neal Harrison Willaloise Hathcock David William Hill Mark Fredrick Hodges Wanda Susan Hood Jerry Dean Ivy Invocation ---------------James Edward Gilleylen Welcome----------------------------------------------------- Senior Class President Remarks of Inspiration-------------------------------------- St. Andrews Methodist Church “All that you do; do with your might...”-------------------- -David Lee Rushing Ruby Mae Smith Victoria Elaine Smith Mary Jo Smithson Carol Ann Sneed Robert B. Spratt, Jr. Robert Stephen Stockton Wilburn Strong, Jr. Tony Lynn Swan Patricia Lynn Tackett Martha Virginia Tate Walter Thornton David Wayne Tidwell Keith V. Tisdale Anna Theresa Trostel Clifton D. Tubb Martha Sue Tubb Terri Ann Tucker Pamela Alsup Turner George W. Vance Deborah Lea Vereline Curtis Lee Washington Terry Ruth Wax Vicky Leigh Williams Lisa Louise Wiygul Janice Elaine Worthey Barbara Sue Wright Barrie M. Young 118 “When a task is once begun...”-— Presentation of Class------------ Awarding of Diplomas — -------.Rexf. Charles Burton ---------------Karen Ann Ledbetter ------------Vanessa Lynne Ghoston -------A r. Larry Marett. Principal Mr. Holace Morris. Superintendent 'Alma Mater” -Senior Class God of Our Fathers' Recessional------------------------------------------------ — Amory Panther Band. Ernest Cadden, Jr., Director Ronald Grant Jackson Alfonzo McMillian David Lee Rushing Bobby Glenn Jemigan Dennis Johnson Doris Carolyn Johnson Virginia Rogers Jordan Ricky Keith Keeton Gregory Scott Kent Howard Earmond Kimery Sherri Lynn Kyle Timothy Lee Laney Horace Dale Langford ' Karen Ann Ledbetter Brenda Carol Lindsey Daryl Russell Lloyd Sheila Gail Loden Jacqueline Lowe Richard Gorman Lyle Ricky McCollum John Madison McCommon Lee Andrew McFadden Michael Wayne McIntosh Thomas Earl McIntosh Odolphus McMillian Terry Nash Minich Deborah Lee Moffett Donna Lynn Moffett Melvin Leon Morgan Willie Guy Myatt Stacye Deleena Nash Pamela Kay Neal Bobby David Nicholson Lisa Jean Owings Charles Kennedy Parch man Vanessa Pargo Cynthia Williams Parker Sandra Gaye Patterson Stephen Dean Patterson Wayne John Patterson Brad Stephen Powell Cindy Bolding Pruitt Martha Ann Reeves Kimberly Roberts Mary Kirkpatrick Rogers Suzanne Sanders Beverly Jo Sawyer Semmie Claire Scott Pazita Seals Wayne Shaw Lisa Ann Shepherd Herbert Keith Shields Stephanie Sims Richard Lee Smithr. U«TI 1. The great event of the month of May found Vanessa, Doris, James, Ruby, Walter, Darlean, Betty, Vanessa, and Daryl in a happy, loving mood. 2. John Allan sips "sider" at the FBLA tea. 3. Beth and Steve had quite a time riding free at the fair. That looks like a good hair-do to keep, Steve. 4. Donna, Sandra, Stacye feed their faces during" recess. "Watch those scales, girls. 5. Daryl and his main tree. 6. Tommy Gann was a great success on the TONIGHT SHOW, AHS style. 7. Mr. Owen's homeroom is up to its usual antics. Steve tries to tend to Patricia's business while Lisa acts as peace-maker and Vicki Williams makes a face at the photographer. 8. Another feeding time at the . . . zoo? 9. Mike McIntosh acts as if he really is excited to be getting his invitations. Did you think it wasn't coming, Mike? Twelve years IS a long time to wait.Our Leaders . . . 1. Our vo-tech teachers who don't sponsor classes; James Little, Bill Hilliard, Betsy McGlohn, Donald Fly, Greg Beason. 2. Mrs. Juanita Smith, our librarian. 3. Mrs. Eugenia Hood serves as head of the math department and guidance counsellor. 4. Mr. Mike Justice left us to go into business world. 5. Mr. McCall carefully counts his bricks. 6. Mr. Ortiz sells tickets to anything. 7. Mr. Irving checks papers. 8. Miss Brewerton sponsors the cheerleaders. 9. Mrs. Stevens helped with the parade. 10. Mr. Burrow and Mr. Thomas discuss the situation. 1. Mr. Morris demonstrates how to use chop-sticks the proper way. 2. Mr. Jim Burrow, assistant superintendent. 3. Mr. Herman Hester, board member. 4. Our principal; Larry Marett and his family; Judy, Mandy, Kevin, Kent. 5. Board Member John Allen. 6. Frank Durett, III. Board members not pictured are Otis Cowan, David Hodo, W.F. Pope, Carl Coggin. 7. The assistant principal Larry Newman writing out an excuse. 8. Secretaries Jean Jessie and Jean S chum pert.“SHIP ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE” ONE OF THE TOP 36 BICENTENNIAL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THE NATION . Stewart’s Photography 256-5298 Amory 122 Highway 25 SouthSecurity Bank helping Amory grow" 1. If we had had our money in the bank, this wouldn't have happened. 2. Alfonzo makes a f-a-s-t getaway 3. The posse makes plans to catch the culpritREEC PICKLE FUNERAL HOA 124 :e dairy Fountain Grill IE headquarters for good foodC D Lumber Co. C D LUMBER CO. Get your cutting tools from GILMORE’S SHOES Bryan’s Big Star Nettleton 125 Get your dancing shoes from us!Bank run Amory 1. Mitzi and Bo study the Bank of Amory Savings account plan. 2. Score with the Bank of Amory. 4. Stop at one of three Drive-In Branches. 6. Fun at the fair on "borrowed" money! 7. Stephanie and Paula are really happy about their money in the Bank of Amory.WHITE AUTO STORE Boyle’s Motor Company Big 4 Pontiac — Cadillac Co. Inc. John M. P. Mitchell Moore Owners Westbrooks Uptown Tupelo Since 1949 Pretty clothes for school girls and their mothers. Sunflower Food Store Amory's home-owned chain store HOB NOB SHOE STORE for style and quality Compliments of Scribner Equipment Company, Inc. Your heavy construction and roadbuilding equipment dealer Amory 129BLUE BELL INC.NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE 1. Lee and Keith can wire your NEW home financed by the bank. 2. Mr. McCall's students can lay the foundation of your new home. 3. Barrett, why don't you try borrowing some money from the National Bank of Commerce? Or is mopping your secret hang-up? 4. Take a nice trip on the money you save, eh, Mary, Tommy and Tim?Bob Forbus 213 South Main St. Amory Compliments Of Kentucky Fried Chicken Kirksey Brothers Furniture Company Better Furniture Better Values Easier terms Tupelo Ms 38801 Bargain Corner "Jeans Things" for entire family Nettleton Ms Jean’s Fabric Shop Amory Mississippi Amory Marble Works Quality Monuments 403 N. Main St. 2b6-5235 Amory Ms 256-5905 Hall’s Pharmacy Durell Hall owner 963-2856 Hi-way 45 South Nettleton Ms Jim Jean’s Drive In "Food for the Whole Family” “FAMILY SHOP Turner’s Barber Shop Gary B. Vaughan GREENHAW PHARMACY J.D. Moon Grocery Bill’s Hamburgers Drs. Hodges and Pierce CITY TIRE AND appliance CO. AMORY TIRE RUBBER Francis Insurance Agency Jack Mary Lib Francis realtorsMonroe County Equipment Co. Sales - Service STAR Printing Co. Business machines office equipment quality printing R E E D S Discount Fabrics Wholesale retail Robert’s Jewelry Compliments of A Friend Sunshine Stanford’s Mills X Drive In AiSb Hwy 278 Tupelo Amory 1352. Tommy, Tommy, and Tommy give a smile because they have heard about Home Mortgage and Realty Company. 3. We support Home Mortgage and Realty Company because they support the Pan -thers. THAMES 60 MINUTE CLEANERS Fastest service in town. Try Us and Compare 256-5943 Owned and Operated Readier "Smith" Thames THE AMORY ADVERTISER Monroe County's Largest Newspaper and Most Modern Printing Shop WILKERSON Appliances General Electric Amory, Ms. 38821 VILLAGE GREEN Hwy. 25 Amory, Ms 256-5707 Home Mortgage and Realty Company 1. Steve sleeps peacefully knowing Home Mortgage is in control.East Drugs TEeacolll Amory Barber Shop Sisk Feed A Friend McGaughy’s Cayson s Inc. Shopping FOWLKES FOWLKES 138 Daisy’s Fabric NettletonFREEMAN’S FOOTWEAR "Shoes for the Family" HELEN’S BECKER 256-5569 G and Y DRUGS THE FRONT PORCH Mr. Marett stops directing traffic long enough to take a second and third look at those new Fords he just saw go by. B.J. Ford SalesREED’S DISCOUNT FABRICS Wholesale-Retail North 103rd Street Amory, Ms. 256-7758 T U R N CARPETS R ’S PEOPLE’S DRUG COMPANY NORTHEAST METAL PROCESSORS INC. POPE’S ENTERPRISES motorcycle’s, parts accessories Priscilla’s Bridal Suite Formal Shop MURPHEYS RADIATOR SERVICE Amory, Ms. Hwy. 278 East Amory Palmer Carpets 206 6th Ave. N. Amory, Mississippi AC 601-256-5944 Tupelo, Ms. 140J.W. Christian Open 7 days a week. Automatic car Wash WAMY WAFM AM FM 1580 95. 3 megs Mostly Music 18 hours a day. Alexanders Pharmacy Whit's Music, Amory's Speed Customs Parts CITY AUTO PARTS S. Main St. 256-2691 Tupelo, Ms. 38801 United Dollar Store Riley and Finney Auctioneers P B Nettleton Discount Grocery ill iAmory Police Department THE LYRIC Tupelo John Langford’s AMORY BUTANE GAS LODEN’S BODY hr. Upholstery Wren 256-8086 Marlin Harris Lincoln Mercury Tupelo Wrecker Service SHOP 6-2539 6-2979 THE KUT RITE Conn Men’s stylist and CARROLL MOFFETT ENTERPRISES 142 Darber 115 N. Main St. AmoryMcCULLEN’S GROCERY We deliver I Our Apologies Boyle’s Used Cars LADY LEE Wholesale Company Sanderson Construction Company Amory we have everything Turn right by the hospital in Tupelo. for omission of ad 74-’75 143 AmoryH Am n N i °R D Et N E D A. M. Boock’s G Auto R Repair E Ft E S KAWASAKI "Let Tupelo, Ms The Good Times Roll"c a s u a I a 'For £ Fashion and T Quality" Carlisle Richardson Appliances Phone 256-2017 Caldwell Furniture Company Dewey Parham rsr 'fro, frt Kitchen Aide Ph. 256-8414 Bud and Stem Shoppe Phone 256 - 84 55 nite 256-7307 Amory Amory Body Shop Amory, MS. Hwy. 6 N. Compliments of Anthony’s Men Shop Compliments of B B Buddy’s Cleaners Department Store Amory gc Cole Insurance Agency Inc. your Independent Insurance § agent SERVES YOU FIRST Phone 6-7157 Security Bank Building Amory Travel safely on our tires Fire Stone 145PALMER MACHINE WORKS CARTER UPHOL- STERY Hatley Road PULLMAN COUCH COMPANY 2. Teddy could sleep better if he had a Pullman couch! Industrial Park 146 Amory, MississippiIow, „ A AMORY MARBLE WORKS quality monuments 310 N. 3rd St. Doyle Hadaway 256-5235 256-5905 HOOD’S CLEANERS 256-3892

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