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for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven ...A TIME TO DREAM PANORAMA Amory High School Amory, Ms. Susan Sparks, Editor Debi Nicholson, Co ■Editorjames and nedra Every year at AHS the student body elects a senior boy and a senior girl for Mr. and Miss AHS. The candidates are nominated by their fellow students and should portray leadership, friendship, loyalty, and service. Other qualifications are that they must have had a 2. 5 grade average and must have been active in 10 organizations since they have been at AHS. The candidates need 3 teachers to sign their nomination forms. On the 10th of December the election was held. The candidates were Shelia Howell, Nedra Tabbert, James Grant, Edward Thornton, and Charles Moreland. Nedra Tabbort was elected in the first election, but there was a run-off between James Grant and Edward Thornton. James Grant and Nedra became Mr. and Miss AHS. James (Earl) is an active member on the football and tennis team, National Honor Society, French Club and Science Club. Nedra is a cheerleader and is active inFBLA, Panorama, Peptomist, and Spanish Club... . of becoming a class officer 1. Senior class officers prepare to exit AHS and go into the outside world. On the Ladder: Edward Thornton, vice-president; Barry Jones, president; Carolyn Turner, secretary; and on the floor, Tony Me 1.arty, treasurer. 2. Junior class officers yeild to the seniors. Daryl Lloyd, president; Tommy Gann, vice-president; Donna Moffett, secretary; not pictured, Paul Fullerton, treasurer. 3. It's rough in that slow speed zone, sophomores, but cheer up - the next sign you'll see is End of Speed Zone. Bob Baines, president; Zoe Newman, vice-president; Pam Ford, secretary; Melody Brewer, treasurer. 4. There's only one way to go- UP! David Randle, president; Heather McCluskey, vice-president; Vicki Harlow, secretary; Teresa Palmer, treasurer. 4.. . of becoming a class favorite 1. Roy Dale Lindsey and Sandy Hathcote, senior favorites, pose for a quick picture. Can you believe those smiles? 2. Receiving the scholarship trophy first were the freshmen. David Randle and Lona Lewellen take a look. With their brains, they need it! 3. Unfortunately our sophomores, Bob Baines and Pam Ford don't know which end of the bat is up! What about it, Baines and Ford ? 4. Believe it or not, Kenny Parchman and Martha Reeves, junior favorites, are actually reading something! You might ask what!! Class favorites are nominated by each class and voted on by each class. Others nominated for senior favorites were James Grant, Charles Moreland, Christy Baker, and Debbie Hicks. For junior favorites: Paul Fullerton, Daryl Lloyd, and Stephanie Sims. For sophomore favorites: Tommy Greer and Sharon Guthrie. For freshmen favorites: Mark Brasfield, Sonny Mills, Tony Pinkerton, Chritine Cruber, and A lid a Moore. 5.. . of having the winning float 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. So it's not the best float in the parade?! We're seniors -we're excused. The Baby Panthers did their best to beat the other classes. Don't worry, you've got 3 long years ahead! Our junior class worked long and hard getting ready to Flush the Wave. We're always happy to have our alumni back for the reception at Homecoming. Panther Purex really did the job! The sophomores winning float makes the parade scene. 6... of being in the beauty revue j a 3 A T 1. Peanut smiles at the results. 2. Sammy comforts the girls back stage. 3. Sharon Guthrie as seen by Buddy Mac. 4. Stage Band sings their song! 5. The mirror ball adds sparkle to our set.CT m 3 fa 1 TT th 4 1. Mirror, Mirror, on the BALL, who's the fairest one of all? 2. Beauty Revue contestants— 2a. Antionette Smith, third runner-up; 2b. Audrey Street, first runner-up; 2c. Laura Williams, contestants favorite, Most Beautiful; 2d. Laurie Randle, second runner-up; 2e. Georgia Cowan, fourth runner-up;3. Homecoming court watches the band perform. 4. Homecoming Court poses for pictures after ceremony. 5. Drum Major, rifle and flag corps do their thing. 6. Hey gang, we're the Panther team! Cheerleaders at homecoming. 7. Edward Thornton gains Homecoming yardage! 8. Kent coming home!Working on homecoming. 1. Seniors Al Riggins, Tracy Moreland, Tony Mel.arty play vh! Working on homecoming 1. Seniors A1 Riggins, Tracy Moreland, Tony Mel arty play while others work! 2. Juniors Debbie Verline, Tammy Delaney, and Mary Clement Strawboss Paul Fullerton. 3. We watch the results of all that work. 4. Sophomores Pam Ford and Melanie Ashley explai'n to Roger Parker and Dixie Jones about their float. 5. Charles Moreland and Barry Jones watch as the court practices for the real tiling Friday night. 6. AM the freshmen turned out! 1. Seniors A1 Riggins, Tracy Moreland, Tony m1. Homecoming Court relaxes after the ceremony. 2. Marilyn and Bernard practice for homecoming. 3. Marilyn, Janice, Stacey and Marsha watching homecoming parade. 4. Sandra, Teresa, Ann, and Jill wait for the parade with excitement 5. Sandy, last but not least! - : ■ rti - -of being in the homecoming court 1. Marilyn James - senior maid, 2. Sheila Stevens - senior maid 3. Audrey Street - senior maid. 4. Laura Williams - senior maid. 5. Queen Sandy Hathcote -senior. 6. Angie Carlisle - junior maid 7. Lona Lewellen - freshman maid. 8. Sharon Guthrie - sophomore maid. 9. Janie Conwill - Queen 1973-qR EAa j A thing of beauty is a joy forever; it's lovliness increases; it will never pass into nothingnessbut still will keep a bower quiet for us and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing. n1. Sam: When you Smile. 2. Contestants were revealed a pep rally. 3. Pam Ford, one of the top ten, turns on the charm. 4. Smile, Debbie! 14A ! 2 — L L 7 3 Working hard on the Beauty Revue this year were a few people that need lots of praise and thanks. Without them our Beauty Revue would have been a total flop. 1. Chairman this year was James Grant and his co-workers, Susan Sparks and Debi Hall. James stopped long enough for a quick snap. 2. It will work out, Susan. 3. Terry Rutledge was a member of a most important part of the show, the stage band. 4. Jamie and Charles talk it over. 5. Get it right, Steve. 6. Bo, Debi, and Mrs. Burnett take a quick look at the girls. 7. Miss Robinson gives Charles and Barry a few last minute details. 15... of being a golden panther ... Long, long ago, when this Tombigbee region still belonged to Mother Nature and her wild creatures that roamed the sloughs and ridges, maintaining their existence by their cunning and prowess in stalking and hunting, on the one hand, and their ability to escape becoming prey of a more formidable hunter on the other, there lived in this immediate area a den or pace of vicious and cunning panthers whose ambition it was to dominate and control all of the game areas, water holes, and salt licks within their range and put under their complete rule all of the other creatures of the forest. They organized themselves and set about to accomplish this purpose, and since they were a strand of creatures that included many individual cats of unusual strength and ability, they were not long in achieving their purpose. However, as is often the case when there are many powerful and talented individuals in such a conspiracy, the prolonged existence of their domination was at times in jeopardy because of the need for one leader for the pack who might be able in some manner to reconcile the driving ambitions of the big cats and unify their powers and talents for the common good. It was in fulfilling this need that the fates seemed to smile on the ambitious project of these creatures, for as their dominion began to spread and the plans and purposes of powerful leaders began on occasion to conflict, there came to the fore one of their number who, though not possessed necessarily with all of the outstanding qualities and strengths of all of the cats, (and indeed no two of die remarkable animals possessed identical abilities or talents in kind) nevertheless, he did seem to be able to come through with the peculiar and particular contribution necessary to reconcile these differences and unify the strengths of the pack into a force that established their domain and placed the entire area securely under their ways. This remarkable panther, though not as large and powerful as some, not as cunning or resourceful as others, did, however, bear a mark that seemed somehow to distinguish and identify him. He possessed a coat of distinctive golden sheen, and his dealings with other was as distinctive as his coloring. Sometimes a smart spat of needle sharp claws across a snarling nose brought harmonious cooperation out of a mighty hunter that held others at bay while he gorged himself on the kill. Again a session of docile playfulness and soft purring would dispel the mounting tensions that would have led to domestic discord and strife, particularly among the mother cats or kittens. For all that might be said of him, he was a leader. Maybe not in all, nor necessarily in any one area was he outstanding, but when the occasion arose he was available with the contribution, unique and distinctive, that met the need at hand.The era and reign of this remarkable pantherdom has long since receded before the forces of man and his civilization which had cleared the forests, drained the swamps, driven out the game, and tapped and put into use other resources of nature so abundant in this region and more adpatable to man's particular needs. However, the spirit and purpose of this remarkable panther pack still survives in the life and purpose of some of those who now occupy this land whose plans and purposes, potentialities and abilities, are similar in spirit if not in fact. The gold in their school colors is symbolic of the loyalty to what is right and best for all their number, plus the courage and resourcefulness to be effective in helping accomplish that right. It is altogether fitting and proper that the recognitions that we give to respective leaders and outstanding students of our student body today, be such that recognize also these qualities of leadership as exemplified by that golden panther of long ago. We would be in keeping with the spirit of tradition to call this award for meritorious achievement the Golden Panther Award, to be presented at this time each year to the Amory High School Panthers whose contributions and achievements have, through the high school years just passed, been distinctively significant in advancing the ideals and purposes for which Amory High School stands and the program that is designed to achieve those ideals. 17... of being elected to who's who ... Being elected to Who's Who is every student's dream-a dream that come true for a few lucky seniors. This year the student council and the PANORAMA and PEPTIMIST, working through a joint committee, wrote out policies governing the elections and presented them to the student body to be voted on and included in the constitution. All were voted in except the most intellectual. r I I 1. Wittiest: Jamie Haskell, Debbie Baines. 2. Best All-Around: Charles Moreland, Brenda Chism. 3. Most Intellectual; Jerry Thompson. 4. Panther Athletes: Billy Dobbs, Paulette Tisdale. 20... of being alone on that big stage 1. Sheila Stevens, most beautiful for '74-'75 takes her walk. 2. Suzy Tubb, one of the top ten, smiles as she starts down the boxes. 3. Terry Wax, another top ten, pauses before she starts that 1-o-n-g-g-g walk. 4. Sam Haskell, graduate of '73, emceed the Revue and was chief entertainer. Here he swings into Up a Lazy River as Bob Taylor, (shadow) directs our fabulous Amory Panther Stage Band. 21... of winning an award ... 1. Track team trophies 2. James Grant and Marilyn James were rotary boy and girl of the year. 3. Scholarship Winners: Bernard Lloyd, Sunrise Savings; Shelia Howell, Kappa Kappa Iota; Julia Cow-den, Glenn MSU; Richard Wilkinson, Beta Sigma Phi. 4. Star Teacher and Student: Mrs. Faith McCullen and Christy Baker. Christy also won the Betty Crocker Award. 221. Scholastic Award Winners: David Word, agriculture; Faye Sibley, science; Susan Finley, history; Carolyn Turner, English; James Grant, math. 2. Citizenship Awards: A1 Riggins, Carolyn Turner, American Legion; Julia Cowden, DAR; Brenda Chism, Mike Nerren, Glenn. 3. Trouble Shooter Award: Joey Taylor, Charles Riley. 231. 2. 3. 4. Van Pearson, Kathy Jones, and Roy Dale Lindsey -Vocational Scholarships. Sandy Doss and Antionette Smith - Outstanding Business Awards, Robin Lee - Driver Education, Sandra Bynum - Library Award, Melvin Morgan -Most Improved Vocational Student (Not Pictured) Lynn Patterson, Driver Education. Tracy Moreland - Pilot Club girl of the year. Steve Patterson and Marty Funderburk - Lions' All State Band. Lee Cadden -McDonald's All American Band.1. Football Awards: (Left to Right) Edward Thornton, Most Valuable Player; James Grant, Doug Maples Coaches' Award; Coach Earl Stevens; Coach Tommy Parish; Tony Fooshee, Most Improved Player; Kent Davis, Best Offensive Back. 2. Football Awards: (Left to Right) Joey Taylor, Best Offensive Lineman, Captain; A1 Riggins, Best Defensive Back, Captain; Coach Jerry Lyons; Joey Brasfield, Best Offensive Lineman; Billy Dobbs, Best Defensive Lineman. 3. John Phillips Sousa Award: (Left to Right) Julia Cowden, Earnest Cadden, Christy Baker. 4. Laurie Randle, Vivian Green Thomas Music Award, Alton B. Arnett Award, Best Actress. 5. Lee Cadden, Most Improved from junior to senior year. 251 2 HQ! I i 1. Bernard and Amy were the best Thespian recipients. 2. Marty was acclaimed best actor. 3. Bernard presents the debate trophy to Mr. Marett. 4. Daryl was voted best supporting actor for his portrayal of Prof. Kokintz in The Mouse That Roared. 5. Lois Cowan was voted best crewmen. 6. Band awards. 7. Seniors letter all four years in band. 8. Track team brings home the gold. 9. Steve Stockton was voted best crewmen. 10. Beth Langford was voted best supporting actress.1. James Grant - president of The National Honor Society makes a speech at the initiation ceremony. 2. Judy Danner is inducted into the Society. 3. NHS members of 1974, 1975, listen as Mr. Morris makes a speech. 4. Judy Danner, Karen Ledbetter, and Doug Maples were the three new initiates. ... of being in the national honor society . ..of being in the national honor society “I 1 n z |3 4 5 16 7 ro be a member of the National rlonor Society, a junior or senior must achieve and maintain an iverage of 3. 5 and must be out-»tanding in leadership ability and n character. This year the NHS sponsored a trophy to be given to he Most Improved Homeroom ;ach six weeks and also re cog -lized the Most Improved Student n each grade. 1. Jim Grant, president. 2. Beth Langford 3. Carolyn Turner 4. Faye Carol Sibley 5. Julia Cowden 6. Christy receives her gold tassel from Mrs. Hood while Earl11 watches. 7. Sandy Doss 281. Susan Sparks was voted NHS's most outstanding member. 2. Sheilia Howell 3-5. Seniors Carol and Georgia make it in NHS at the last minute. 4. Christy baker was vice-president. 29- - A § Vi' :r , t Mt a 9-m +m W T ' ■ 1 2 3 4 1. Heads of Staffs try to look dignified. 2. Mr. Anthony on one of his visits. 3. Editor Susan and Laurie, The Impossible Dream editor, check the first nineteen pages. 4. Mary Rogers, Kathy Pickle, Angie Carlisle and Sheila Loden work hard on the ad section. 5. Co-editor Debi Hall sells annuals. 30 ... a time to reflect a year ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 LzJ 1. Our ad sellers after a job well done. 2. -3. Assistant editors Mary Rogers and Vicki Smith make some last minute adjustments. 4. Editor Susan draws off a page. 5. Mike Ward, photographer, on the other side of the camera for a change. 6. Vanessa Ghoston sold the most ads. 7. Miss Robinson looks over the new arrival. 311. His talk was like a stream which runs Jfrith rapid change from roses; It slipped from politics to puns It passed from Mahomet to Moses; Beginning with the laws that keep The planets in their radiant courses, And ending with some precept deep For dressing eels or shoeing horses. This year the Panorama staff dedicates the '75 annual to the teacher who has helped us, as students, not only as we study to learn facts and information but also as we learn to face the world and take on responsibility. We take this opportunity to say thank you-for the smile you gave us when we were all a lone-the smile that said, I understand ; for all the times your smile and zeal for life made everything worthwhile.... a time to salute ... Perhaps no faculty member is less appreciated or has more varied responsibilities than a school principal. He is a collector of books, fines, complaints, excuses, blame and what-have-yous. He must keep accurate records of attendance in registers, track down hookey-players, preside at assemblies, oversee such school functions as float-building, ball games, practices, etc. He helps maintain the building, even to the extent of sweeping and mopping, and often has the unhappy and unpleasant task of disciplining students. Sometimes he is at the building from seven a. m. until eleven p. m. Three-ten every day finds him at the corner, directing traffic. WE SALUTE OUR PRINCIPAL, MR. LARRY MARETT, FOR A JOB WELL DONE! OR IN MIDDLE SCHOOL VERNACULAR, YOU DONE GOOD! 33... a time to mourn . He Is Not Dead Peace, peace! lie is not dead, he doth not sleep-He hath awakened from the dream of life— •Tis vve whOr lost ih stormy visions, keep With phantoms an unprofitable Strife . . . He has our soared the shadow of our night; Envy and calumny, and hate and pain, And that unrest which men miscall delight, Can touch him not, and torture not again .... The One remains, the many change and pass; Heaven's light forever dunes, Earth's shadows fiv; Life, 1 ike a dome of may-colored glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity. Percy Bysshe ShelleyTO RUN WHERE THE BRAVE DARE NOT GO 1-3. The band proudly displays two of the trophies received in 1974. 2. Georgia Cowan, drum majorette, needs a ladder. 4. For the first time Little Ten schools held a band festival— at Amory! Our PRIDE lines up to perform. 5. The band gets ready for a pep rally in the gym. Georgia directs the band during a half-time show. Put your earplugs in! The band is coming down the hall! Robin Lee, Ronald Jackson, Joni Wilson, and Amy McCul-len, along with the rest of the band, load up for an out-of-town football game.We love it when our stage bands perform, either A Band or the B band.' Here we see the A band, which rated superior at the Stage Band Festival at Mississippi State. 1. The W-H-O-L-E thing ! 2. Jim really gives those drums a good work-out. 3. The trombones sound off: Kenny Simmons, Keith Fowlkes, Eddie Finley, Marty Funderburk, Bob Baines and Jerry Lewis. 4. Guitarists: Stan Thorne and Steve Patterson. 5. The Saxes: Amy McCullen, Susan Finley, Christy Baker, Carolyn Cole, and Chipper Brown. 6. Trumpets: Terry Myatt (hidden, thank goodness) Lee Cadden, Joe Moore, Ronald Jackson, Terry Rutledge, Jamie Finley.1. Head Cheerleader, Laurie Randle-- Being a cheerleader has become a part of my life and a very special part. It is very hard to realize that I'll never have it again. I can remember how proud I was the minute I found out two years ago. That has to have been one of the happiest days of my life! 2. Beth Langford— The day I found out I got cheerleader, I could have turned ten million cartwheels! It was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! 3. Audrey Street— When I was small I always dreamed of being a cheerleader. When I went out I didn't even think I would get it. After I did get cheerleader, it was a dream come true. Despite our arguments and unfortunate defeats, it has been a great experience! 4. SusyTubb— When Mr. Marett announced my name as cheerleader, I can remember the tears in my eyes. I was so happy. I've always wanted to be a cheerleader, and that moment my wish came true. This year cheerleading has been a learning experience for me. 5. Debi Nicholson-- When I got cheerleader I was so surprised and happy, I nearly cried. It has been a great experience and has made this year the greatest! A year I'll never forget! 6. Sandy Hath-cote— When I was a little girl I liked to do cheers all the time. I would go to all the football games and look at the cheerleaders, just wishing I could be in their shoes. It is something I've always wanted to be, and I hate to have to give it up this year. 7. NedraTabbert— Being elected cheerleader for the mighty Am ary Panthers is an experience I have enjoyed and will never forget! I was very proud to have been a cheerleader for this school, as I will always cherish this honor as long as I live! 8. Kathy Jones— Being a Varsity Cheerleader for the Amory Panthers has been a wonderful, exciting, and fun-filled experience which I shall never forget as long as I live! A w:.} W 0 42... a time to keep silent... 1. Emily concentrates on her work. 2. Tony Nash tries to hide from the camera. 3. Terry tells the senior math class like it is! 4. Dr. Crocker gave us a poetry assembly. 5. Miss Brewerton's class gets an assignment off the board. 6. Mr. Justice tries to quieten his physics class. 7. Robert and Dexter study hard. 43a time to speak ... and think ... and clown m 3 1. Amory's Debate Team-composed of (Sitting) Karen Ledbetter, Dar-yll Lloyd, Bernard Lloyd; (Standing) sponsor: Mike Justice; Joyce Murphy. The team participated in four tournaments and placed third in District Tournament and fourth in State Tournament. 2. Versatile debater, Bernard, studies for his part in THE MOUSE THAT ROARED. 4. Marilyn McCluskey, Anna Trostel, Vicki Smith, Sandra Patterson, Lois Cowan busily sell tickets to the Talent Night. 3. Audrey Street clowns it up behind the scenes at the Beauty Revue skit while Susan Sparks, Debbie Hicks, practice looking glamorous. 44a proud moment... Officers for Thespians President: Brenard Lloyd Vice Pres. Tony McLarty Secretary: Audrey Street Treasurer: Amy Sullins 1. Thespians work hard to become members: fifty-nine new initiates earned the right to be initiated in 1974-1975. 2. Melody Brewer signs the register. 3. Bo Miller puts the emblem on Jeanie Langford. 4. The signing of the membership report makes it official. 5. An informal get-together after the program. 6. Beth Langford, Susan Sparks and Betsy Clements show various emotions. 451. Marsha and Mrs. Burnett have mixed reactions to what is going on on the stage. 2. Bo ana Beth practice their parts in The Crushed Petunias, the play for the Drama Festival. 3. Several members of the speech class worked hard getting the set ready for the fall production, The Mouse That Roared. 4. Rehearsal time for Betsy Clements, Vickie Harlow and Ricky Ford. 5. Mike Nerren saws a board for the set. 6. Tommy Gann, Vickie Williams, and Melanie Ashley are really serious about their lines. 2 3 1 5 1. Brenda, Terry and Lisa hold the hedge to be painted. 2. Billy Haskell gets made up for the play; that was fun, wasn't it, Betsy? 3. Tony McLarty hams it up when there's a camera around. 4. We really worked hard on the set. 5. Bo looks cute with half a mustache; Penny seems to be in shock over seeing him, or over hers, one. 47 the case of the crushed petunias i 4 6 1. Miss Simple (Beth Langford) and a lively young man (Tommy Gann) argue over the petunias. 2. The policeman (Bo Miller) seems unconcerned about the crushed petunias. 3. Mrs. Dull (Amy Sullins) doesn't approve of Miss Simples' newly found way of life. 4. Mrs. Burnett explains to the students about the play. 5. Flowers given to Mrs. Burnett express the appreciation of her students. 6. The cast of The Case of the Crushed Petunias. 48TO FIGHT THE UNBEATABLE FOE ...1 121314 1516 13 7 8 9 10 11 12 1. Edward Thornton - TB. 2. Billy Dobbs - G. 3. Joey Taylor - T. 4. Donnell Adams - E. 5. A1 Riggins - G. 6. Walter Thornton - E. 7. Tony Fooshe - QB. 8. Kenny Parchman - C. 9. Robert Spratt - T. 10. James Gilleylen - T 11. Kent Davis - WB. 12. James Earl Grant - TB. 13. THE 1975 PANTHERS!1. Ricky McCollum - SE. 2. Leeroy McIntosh - T. 3. John McCommon - T. 4. Dale Langford - G. 5. Joey Brasfield - SE. 6. Terry McIntosh - DHB. 7. Get'em, Panthers! 8. Hold that boy, Leeroy. Here comes Kent. 511. Teddy Thompson-DB 2. Mike Baughman-FB 3. Mike Brasfield-LB 4. Cayce Harrison-LB 5. Billy Dobbs and Robert Spratt demonstrate one of the tough practice drills. 6. What's wrong, Coach? 7. Stop that man! Lettermen not pictured are Tim Roye, Byron Riddle, Jim Parch-man, Steve Dickinson, Randy Moreland, Tim Walls. 521. That's what I call team participation. 2. Our managers hard at work. 3. Kent Davis puts headgear all over Columbus Caldwell. 4. Edward Thornton, led by Panther linemen, drives for extra yards. 53... in basketball 1. Kneeling (L to R): George Vance, Adolphus McMillian, Maurice McIntosh, Robert Blair, Mike McIntosh, Bob Baines. Standing (L to R): Jimmy Huffman, Joey Brasfield, Roy Freeman, Walter Thornton, Mike Ramsey, Alfonzo McMillian, Keith Tisdale, Renford Marsh, Billy Dobbs, Skate Anderson, James Hogan, Coach Miley. 2. That's the way to jump, Ramsey. 3. Shoot it! 4. Mike Ramsey with an easy lay - up. 5. Tell 'em about it, Coach. 551. Mike Ramsey 2. Bob Baines 3. Renford Marsh 4. Adolphus McMillian 5. Roy Freeman 6. Joey Brasfield 7. Maurice McIntosh 8. Ramsey goes for the ball as Billy Dobbs comes over to help. 9. BOOM! ! !1. George Vance 2. Did he miss it, or make it? 3. Walter Thornton 4. Alfonzo McMillian 5. Kelvin Andress 6. Billy Dobbs 7. James Hogan - Mgr. 8. Guess who? 9. All right, let's go get ’em'. EE HIGH GENE!1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ■11213, 6 4 15 Phylis Davis -31; Alpha Beeks -52; Paulette Tisdale - 22; Margaret McFadden - 14; Juria Dobbs - 15; Helen Smithson - 5; Sarah McFarling - 13; Teresa Wilemon - 12; Laurie Randle - 24; Beth Langford - 10; Mary Clement - 23; Brenda Isbell - 21; Ruby Willingham - U; Antionette Smith - 53; Jean Whitfield - 25; Virginia Crump - 20; The 1975 Pantherettes! 581. Beautiful jump! 2. That's the way to fight for the ball. 3. Great form, Paulette. 4. Do you have any comments about tonight's game, Coach? 5. What or whom are you girls talking about?60 1. Sitting (L. to R. ): Rudolph Burdine, Ricky Sanderson, John Burrow, Steve Thompson, David Randle, Mike Baughman, Paul Fullerton, Kneeling: Larry Cross, Steve Young, Ricky Brasfield, Mike Brasfield, Terry McIntosh, Charles Moreland, Curtis Washington, Steve Dickinson; Standing: Coach Newman, David Rushing, Ronald Jackson, Bob Baines, Kent Davis, Joey Brasfield, Dennis Smith, Coach Miley. 2. We almost gotcha. 3. Put some wood on it, Mike. V 1. Joey Brasfield puts everything he's got into a pitch. 2. Curtis Washington is ready behind the plate. 3. Bob Baines, Mr. Short Stop. 4. Kent Davis delivers a terrifying throw.1 12 3| 4 iT“ 1. The look of a happy dug-out. 2. Mike Brasfield. An outfielder's idol. 3. Ricky Brasfield warms up before the game, but why? He's always hot . 4. SAFE!! 5. I thought Charles Moreland played in the outfield. 62... in tennis JTTT 1. James Grant. He tried but just couldn't do it. 2. Mike Nerren, boy's doubles. His middle name is READY . 3. Kneeling (L. to R. ): Dixie Jones, Laurie Randle, Mary Rogers, Teresa Peirce, Joni Wilson, Amy McCullen, Helen Smithson, Mary Smithson. Standing (L. to R.): Vic Ross, Ken Polizzi, Eddie Sanderson, James Mc-Millian, Tommy Gann, Mike Nerren, James Grant, Tim Alexander, David Word, Mike Ramsey, Coach Brewerton. 4. Mary Rogers really concentrates. 5. Is that Dixie Jones or Chris Evert? 631. Watch the ball, Michael, not the camera. 2. Helen Smithson hit well, moved well, played well, and tried hard, but so did her opponents. 3. Some loyal fans try to look happy as they watch the unhappy events of the afternoon; maybe next year will be better. 4. Don't you DARE drop that baton! 5. Edgar does look determined, doesn't he? 6. Run, Margaret, run! Aberdeen is just behind you! The Track team did exceptionally well this year. They were undefeated in the regular season. Victories included the Bulldog Relays, Journal Relays (2nd year in a row), the Little Ten Tournament (5th year in a row), Thunder-bird Relays, and the District Tournament (2nd year in a row). Congratulations! 1. The 1975 Boy's Track Team. 2. 440 Relay - Kneeling: Edgar Whitfield, Edward Thornton. Standing: Kent Davis, Alfonzo, McMillian, Roy Freeman. Set a school record of 44. 6 in North Miss. Meet. 3. Hurry up, Walter! 4. 880 Relay- Kneeling: Edsel Hampton, Terry McIntosh, Standing: Kent Davis, Alfonzo McMillan, Roy Freeman. Set a school record and a Little Ten record in the Little Ten meet with a time of 1:33.4. 5. Bum it up, Kent! 651. Mile Relay: (Kneeling, Left to Right) Edsel Hampton, George Vance; (Standing) Mike Steele, Alfonzo Mc-Millian, Melvin Morgan. Set a school record of 3:34. 6 minutes in the District Meet. 2. Field Events: (Kneeling, Left to Right) Renford Marsh, Dennis Johnson, Roy Freeman; (standing) Billy Dobbs, Alfonzo McMillian, A1 Riggins. 3. GO! ! 4. George Vance has an easy win. 5. The price you sometimes have to pay. 6. Melvin Morgan, always a step ahead. 7. Go get 'em, Eddie! 8. Freshman Track Team: (Kneeling) John Burrow, Keith Rye Lee Rushing; (Standing) Curtis Ward, David Randle, Mike Steele, Robert Thornton (not pictured), Coach Stevens. 9. Kent Davis just can't be beat. 66The girl's track team did very well this year also. They won the Bulldog Relays, the Journal Relays, the Ole Miss Relays, 2nd place in the Little Ten Meet, 2nd place in Thunderbird Relays, 1st in the District Meet and 6th place in North Miss. Meet. Way to go! 1. Field Events: Kneeling: Margaret Mc-Fadden, Stacye Nash, Standing: Phyllis Davis, Paulette Tisdale, Darlene Childs. 2. Paulette and Darlene look over their competition. 3. The 1975 Girls Track Team. 4. The Freshman Track Team: Kneeling: Vicki Harlow, Melissa Jones, Sandra Palmer, Mary Conwill, Standing (L to R): Diane Foster, Cathy Chism, Pam Randle, Lona Lewellen, Teresa Palmer. 5. They're off and running! 67a time to be state winners ... 1. Billy Dobbs threw the shot put as if it were a baseball. He placed fifth in the State Track Meet. 2. The Girls' 200 Yard Relay Team-(Left to Right) Jean Whitfield, Phylis Davis, Paulette Tisdale, Darlene Childs-placed first in the Bulldog Relays, the Journal Relays, and in the District Meet; third in the State Meet. 3. Paulette takes off. 4. Melvin Morgan set a record in the mile run in the North Mississippi Meet- 4:45.2. 5. How does it feel to be a winner, Phylis? 6. Kent Davis, Mr. Track, set the following records: Little Ten Meet, 100 yard dash, 10.1; North Miss. Meet, 120 high hurdles, 14.9; low hurdles, North Miss. , 20.1; State Track Meet, high hurdles, 14. 7; low hurdles, 19. 5. 68... a time to strive for success ... i ri 3 4 1. We rolled into first place with our Christmas float. 2. JoAnn and Virginia have a good laugh while working on the scrapbook. 3. Terry Rutledge enjoys being host for the Meh Ladies. 4. FBLA's outstanding club member, Steve Stockton, worked very hard all year to help make this club place second in the state. 691. Our Parliamentary Procedure team won a trip to Miami. 2. Jessica, Christy, Lady, and Sandra were business Olympic winners. 3. Winners at State FBLA convention. 4. Hostesses for annual businessmen's coffee hour. 5. Shelia, Susy, Georgia, and Beth show off award that FBLA has won. 6. FBLA members work hard on campaign materials for David Rushing. 7. We had a banner across Main Street recognizing national FBLA week. 701 2 3 I 4 1. Senior Y-Teens Officers: (L to R) Beverly Sims, Laurie Randle, Sheilia Howell, Carolyn Turner. 2. Junior Y-Teens Officers: (L to R) Terry Wax, Lisa Shepherd, Debbie Moffet. 3. Outstanding Senior Club Member- Laurie Randle. 4. Freshman Y- Teens Officers: (Top Left to Right) Teresa Palmer, Lona Lewellen (Bottom) Pam Harlowe, Virginia Langford.72.1. French Club Officers: (Left to Right) Debbie Baines, Bob Baines, Zoe Newman, Laurie Randle. 2. Madame Brook shows a filmstrip to the French Club, but it looks like only a few were watching. 3. FHA Officers: (Left to Right) Armenie Blair, Kathy Pickle, Lisa Wiy-gul, Nedra Tabbert. 4. Delegates to FHA Convention in Jackson: (Left to Right) Nedra Tabbert, Terry Wax, Mary Rogers, Lisa Wiygul, Armenie Blair, Carol Ann Weather-all, Mary Gilleylen, Barbara Dobbs. 74 m tmt % ... a time to read ... 1. Plans for the convention brought varied reactions from the members.. 2. Officers served well during the year: Cl vend Carter, Carolyn Turner. Ruby Willingham, James Dobbs. Stephanie Sims, and Belinda Carter. 3. Sandra Bynum and Antoinette Smith answer questions about how to use reference books. 4. Stephanie Sims tells how to use the card catalogue. 5. Emily Gilleylen played the piano for the program. Information. Please. The Library Club was one of the most active at AHS this year, attending SLAM Convention, presenting an assembly program and also giving the morning devotional several weeks during the year. In addition, members also assisted Mrs. Smith with the work in the library. 75We remember sweet Betsy, (not from Pike), But each day she did take a long hike, And Mr. J, who had a party and a cake, Which Susan in a slide rule shaped did bake. Coach Parish they do claim is a cook dude, And gave him a party to put him in a good mood. We remember Miss R in Beth’s jersdy did dress, Did she bring the team luck in anyone's guess! Mr. Owen often during fourth period did nap, For growing hair all his energy did sap! O sing of the sweet days of the past, O sing of the joys that went so fast, Now they are but memories so dear That these pictures recall so clear. The gruesome threesome-Griffith, Allison, Wise- Many Troubles for poor students did devise. The last days of school were a picnic, we hear, When all the busy teachers, so kind and so dear, Had parties with ice cream and cake, Which Lyons and Cadden volunteered .to make, Then Marett joined in with tea and steaks. O sing of the sweet days of the past-O sing of the good food that went too fast When Mile, Stevens, Lyons, and Parish Ate more than their sharish!... to try when your arms are too weary ... 3 5 6 7 8 1. Holace Morris- superintendent 2. James Burrow - assistant superintendent Board Members: 3. Arch Darymple 4. W.F. Pope 5. Carl Coggin 6. John Allen 7. Herman Hester - president 8. Frank Durrett III - secretary1. Larry Marett, principal. 2. Virginia Meek, secretary' to Mr. Marett. 3. Jean Shumpert, secretary to Mr. Burrow. 4. What happened, Mr. Morris? 5. An informal scene in the lounge - Mrs. Raspberry, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Owen. 6. Mr. Cadden gives a private lesson. 7. Something wrong, Mrs. G.? 8. Mr. Morris showed Mary Rogers how to make pancakes. A teacher's job seems as endless as that proverbial housewife's. There are always papers to grade, tests to make out, lessons to study. But most teachers say, I wouldn't do anything else! For there are rewards for those long hours of work; the sudden gleam of understanding that appears in a students eyes, the satisfaction of watching young people grow into leaders in the community, the hand-drawn get-well card signed by the whole class with personal messages, the surprise Valentine Day gifts, the simple thank you for extra help.when your arms are too weary . ..1. Shiny Allen takes a make-up test in Mrs. Hood's office. 2. Jerry Ivy and Patty Creely work hard on their English exam. 3. Tony Pinkerton and John Scott keep on a-tryin'. 4. Students who went to the DECA Convention spent many hours preparing their scrapbook and manuals. 5. Scot Kent was voted outstanding member of the DECA Club. 6. What in the world did you drop, Barbara? 7. The result of six weeks' hard studying: most improved homeroom, Mr. Irving's; most improved students: Robert Riddle, Carol Sneed, Howard Strong, Richard Wilkinson, Tommy Greer, Delores Inmon, and Ann Shirling. 8. Mike Brasfield takes a short nap before he starts moving furniture during FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON.... a time to govern ... Being a member of the student council has responsibilities as well as honor. This year the council worked hard on several projects: changing the Who's Who elections and including them in lthe constitution; handling the publicity for the Beauty Revue and the Talent Night; sponsored several fund drives in the school; supervised ail elections; and arranged several assembly programs. 1. President Moreland and Vice-President Jackson receive their certificates for the Student Council. 2. Student Council Officers: Ronald Jackson, vice-president; Charles Moreland, president; Christy Baker, secretary. 3. Mr. Wilson, sponsor, listens to suggestions about handling the publicity for the Beauty Revue. 4. The members agree about plans to send President Moreland and Tracy Moreland to the March of Dimes Convention. 5. Activities Day saw these members awarded certificates. 6. Vanessa Ghoston hands out ballots. 7. President Morel and pre sides.... a time to help others, a time to sow ... 1. Hi-Y members plan a road block to solicit donations for the Cancer Fund. 2. Hi-Y Officers: Richard Rife, Kenny Parchman, Ricky Brasfield, Jamie Haskell, David Rushing, Mr. B.B. Jones; Standing, Dary 11 Lloyd. 3. Roger Hoots watches as the other members seem oblivious to the camera. 4. FFA winners in the District : Mike Childers, Jimmy Cantrell, Bobby Gosa. 5. FFA Officers: (Front Row) Crump, Chism, Pollizzi, Adams; (Back Row) Smith, Word. 6. Mr. Riley and the officers lead a discussion on crop rotation.Mitchell Anderson Teresa Ball Diana Banks Mike Baughman Wanda Beeks Cindy Bolding Ricky Booth Randy Brown Ray Brown Teresa Burdine Tim Bunch Dan Burton Don Burton Jimmy Cantrell Angie Carlisle Mike Childers Darlene Childs Ricky Chism Mary Clement Tommy Creely Beth Crook Virginia Crump Judy Danner Kenneth Davis Tammy Delaney Ollie Dilworth Jamie Finley Susan Finley Tony Fooshee Joe Franke Paul Fullerton Donna Funderburg Marty Funderburk Tommy Cann Donnie Garner James Gilleylen 86Vanessa Ghoston Steve Glasgow Bobby Gosa Donna Guyton Eddie Hadaway Lisa Hadaway Tyrone Hale David Haney Steve Harrington Betty Harris Wendy Hathcock Ricky Haughton Daryl Hontz Susan Hood Jerry Ivy Ronald Jackson Bobby Jemigan Ricky Keeton Wanda Keeton Scott Kent John Kilgore Howard Kimmery Sherri Kyle Tim Laney Dale Langford Karen Ledbetter Brenda Lindsey Daryl Lloyd Shelia Loden Renford Marsh Robert Marsh Ricky McCollum Lee McFadden Mike McIntosh Thomas McIntosh Adolphus McMillan 87Terry Minich Debbie Moffett Donna Moffett Melvin Morgan Willy Myatt Stacye Nash Tony Nash Pam Neal David Nicholson Jeanette Oglesby Lisa Owings Kenny Parchman Vanessa Pargo Roger Parker Sandra Patterson Steve Patterson Wayne Patterson Gail Rogers Mary Rogers David Rushing Suzanne Sanders Beverly Sawyer Semmie Scott Pazita Seals Keith Shields Lisa Shepherd Stephanie Sims Eleanor Smith Ricky Smith Ruby Smith Vicki Smith Steve Stockton Tony Swan Patricia Tackett Martha Tate David Tidwell 88Anna Trostel Suxy Tubb Terri Tucker George Vance Debbie Vereline Alyce Walls Curtis Washington Terry Wax Gussie White Cindy Williams Vicki Williams Lisa Wiygul Janice Worthey Barbara Wright Betty Dankins 89Tim Adams Tony Adams Tim Alexander Shirley Allen Kelvin Andress Melanie Ashley Bob Baines Janice Bateman Elizabeth Baylark Alpha Beeks Larry Bennett Armenie Blair Robert Blair Debbie Blaylock Joey Brasfield Mike Brasfield Melody Brewer Chipper Brown Charlyne Buchanan Roger Carroll Ricky Chaney Sandra Childers Van Childers Betsy Clements Dorothy Conow ay Lois Cowan Jerry Cox Steve Cox Larry Cross Fannie Marie Crump Len Crump Jo Ann Dankins Earie Mae Davis Jimmy Davis Juanita Davis Martha Davis 90Orine Davis Phyllis Davis Sheila Dawson Randy DeLaney Steve Dickinson Janice Dilworth Edna Dixon Randy Due Allen Epperson Alan Evans Kathy Faulkner Dianne Flippo Jay Fooshee Pam Ford Ricky Ford Sandra Foster Keith Fowlkes Barrett Francis Brenda Fulmer Jimmy Garner i Brenda Gilleylen William Glenn Billie Gray Tommy Greer Sharon Guthrie Randy Harlow Billie Haskell Teresa Hayden Jay Hester David Hill Susan Hitt Mark Hodges Joey Holloway Debra Hontz Harold Hontz Darlene Hoots 91Jimmy Huffman Brenda Isbell Glenda Jackson Dennis Johnson Cathy Keeton Mike Kent Dale Kimbrough Jim Kirkpatrick Kathy Kyle Mike Lantrip Tim Lawson Robin Lee Kim Leech Marsha Leech Jerry Lewis Marilyn McClusky Sara McFarling Carol McIntosh Ricky McNeece Bo Miller Buddy Ming a Darlene Minor Jeff Moffett Melissa Morgan Randy Moreland Rusty Murphry Shirley Murphy Clara Myatt Keith Myatt Zoe Newman Ron Nivens Cindy Oliver Jim Parchman Gerald Pargo Bonnie Parker Lynn Patterson 92 ••• , ♦• ••• • • •Gary Pickle Ken Polizzi Dorothy Pruitt Penny Raper Byron Riddle Hal Rieves Mike Rogers Brenda Sanders Eddie Harold Sanders Julia Sanders Eddie Sanderson Lisa Sanderson Ricky Sanderson Jessica Sibley Kenny Simmons Mitzi Sizemore Danny Small Barbara Jane Smith Cathy Smith Dennis Smith Doris Smith Karen E. Smith Karen Sue Smith Sammy Smith Suzanne Smith Tony Smith Helen Smithson Carol Sneed Catherine Spann Angela Strawbridge Larry Tarver Norris Thomas Mary Thompson Steve Thompson Teddie Thompson Stanley Thorn 93Thedrick Tisdale Vivian Tisdale Lydia Trostel Alice Vasser Kathy Wamble Carol Weatherall Marilyn Weatherall Jean Lee Whitfield Teresa Wilemon Abigail Williams Carol Williams Ruby Willingham Larry Word Julia Wright 1. Stan Thorn and Billy Haskell slave over 10th grade achievement test. 2. No, coach, we weren't cheating!Wanda Aldridge Greg Allen Judy Aired Gail Anderson Willie Floyd Anderson Jimmy Armstrong Teresa Armstrong Kelvin Atkins Mickey Ausbome Mitzi Baker Paul Baker Danny Baughn Denise Baylock Mark Brasfield Iris Brown Debbie Boyd Lawrence Buchanan Freddy Bunch Patricia Burleson Tammy Burleson Ruby Burrough John Burrow Cameron Caldwell Boyd Carlisle Cindy Carroll Brenda Carter Joan Childers Cathy Chism Joe Chism Brent Colburn Carolyn Cole Mary Collins Mary Conwill Patty Creely Christina Cruber Mae Lois Dankins 95Freddie Mae Delaney Barbara Dobbs Pearlene Dobbs Mark Dyson Jill Elliott Chip English Bruce Filgo Eddie Finley David Flippo Dianne Foster Joyce French Dale Fullerton Dale Funderburg Emily Gilleylen Rhonda Golden Shair Griffin Tony Griffin Wendell Griggs Jerry Hadaway Pam Harlow Vickie Harlow Juanita Hausely Tammy Herring Dennis Herndon Rita Hester Cindy Holley Danny Holloway Dorothy Holloway Paul Horne Mike Huffman John Inmon Debra Johnson Donna Johnson Dianne Jones Melissa Jones Debbie Keeton 96Billy Kendrick Phyllis Kilgore Sylvia Kyle Crafton Laney Sharon Langford Virginia Langford Lona Lewellen Anthony Lloyd Kevin Loden Bill Lyle Leona Marsh Heather McClusky Amy McCullen Brian McCullen Brenda McIntosh Clementine McIntosh Margie McIntosh Nancy McIntosh Cindy Miller Nat Miller Robbie Miller Sonny Mills Lisa Moffett Peggy Moffett Pam Moon A lid a Moore Anne Moore Gail Moore Mike Moreland Doris Murphy George Nabors Randle Nix David Odom Mike Owen Becky Owens Arletha Pack 97Sylvester Pack Butch Palmer Sandra Palmer Teresa Palmer Melissa Parker Barbara Pearson Tim Pearson Robert Pierce Theresa Pierce Tony Pinkerton Tommy Poe Greta Polk James B. Pope Danny Pugh Kenny Ramage David Randle Pam Randle Michael Richardson Robert Riddle Anthony Riggins Vic Ross Lee Rushing Keith Rye Kraig Rye Judy Sandifer John Scott Lola Seymore Gary Smith Janet Smith Jeffrey Smith Randy Sneed Doug Stanford Larry Stanford Mike Steele Charles Strawbridge Rebecca Sullins 98Phyllis Tartt Nina Taylor Rex Thompson Rory Thornton Lisa Tidwell Nancy Trostel Mark Tubb Warren Tubb Phillip Tucker Pam Turner Ginger Vaughn Darlene Wade Regina Walker Timmy Wallace Curtis Ward Angela Westbrook Brenda Westbrook Teresa Whitfield Jolayne Wilkerson Marsha Williams Joni Wilson Jerry Word Randy Wright Teresa Wright Steven Young Freshman cheerleader tryouts brought out a large group of enthusiastic candidates. Those elected were Gale Anderson, Mary Conwill, Cathy Chism, Regina Walker, Leisha Lowe, Lisa Moffett. 99Ricky Brasfield Lady Bryan Dixie Buchanan Mrs. Allison measures Sherry Buie for her cap and gown Sherry Buie Jan Burroughs Sandra Bynum 1011. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Jimmy Gray DebiN. Hall Trisha Hall Bruce Haney Does sticking your tongue out help you hold all those invitations, Nedra? Kathy H. Harmon Jamie Haskell 1041071. JoAnn R. Long 2. Angela Lowe 3. Thelma Lucas 4. Doug Maples 5. What say, Roger? Did you finally escape from homeroom ? 6. Pam Marion 7. Margaret McFadden 1083Z 1. Tracy Moreland 2. Ray Murphree 3. Joyce Murphy 4. Terry Myatt 5. Bruce and Jan talk things over. 6. Mike Nerron 7. Iva Nell Parker 110Ill1. A1 Riggins 2. Charles Riley 3. Tim Roye 4. Terry Rutledge 5. Senior maid, Sheila Stevens, gives her fans a big smile. 6. Faye Carol Sibley 7. Beverly Sims. 112- 5 v1. Lisa Taylor 2. Brenda Thompson 3. Edward Thornton 4. Paulette Tisdale 5. Georgia and Carolyn pipe a merry time for the Knights of the Round Table. 6. Carolyn Turner 7. Pat Walls 1141. Mike Ward 2. Mark Wilkerson 3. Laura Williams 4. Laura, Most Beautiful, almost lost her crown when her mother hugged her. 5. David Word 6. Debbie Fulmer patiently waits for the period to end. 7. Have fun, honey ! 115This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far; to fight for the right without question or pause; to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause! And I know, if I'll only be true to this glorious quest, that my hear will lie peaceful and calm, when I'm laid to my rest, and the world will be better for this: that one man, scorned and covered with scars, still strove with his last ounce of courage TO REACH THE UNREACHABLE STARS.1. Beverly Sims had a good laugh behind that corner 2. Are you going to build something, Al? 3. Christy and Ray talk over something before class. 4. Jerry, Tommy, Terry and Charles perform major surgery. 5. The dynamic duo. 6. Scrub those tables, Laura! 7. Shelia and Cookie have a little chat before class! 1171 l 2j [3 4 5 ) 7| I 8 1. Senior Kathy Pickle listens to advice about cooking. June 28th is the day, isn't it, Kathy? 2. Only your hairdresser knows for sure, eh, Pat? 3. Antoinette shows off her new hat. 4. Beth tells Randy farewell- parting is such sweet sorrow! 5. Seniors in Honors English need a stay-a-wake charge, don't they, Jamie? 6. Seniors waited patiently in the boiling hot sun for Edward to remember to practice for graduation. 7. Mike Freeman takes a nap while James Hogan studies. 8. Faye Carol and Julia talk the situation over. 1181. Are ya'll really studying. 2. Richard concentrates on the problems at hand. 3. You look cute, Edward! 4. Ya'll sure are a rough looking group! 5. Surprise, Mark! 6. Seniors relax in Vo -Tech Building. 7. Laura sure was proud of those Dawgs wasn't she, Mr. Cad-den? 8. Tammy gives moral support as Jamet studies her government.c moxif cJiiyfi Sckoot Donnell Gregory Adams Kenneth Gregory Bailey Raymond Lee Bailey Debra Phyllis Baines Christy Leigh Baker Jennifer Boggan Ricky Lee Brasfield Tanya Kaye Bryan Dixie Leetta Buchanan Sherry Lynn Buie Willis Earl Burley Janet Leigh Burroughs Sandra Bynum Wayne Lee Cadden William Garry Carroll Cheryl Lynn Carter Brenda Gail Chism 9Georgia Lynn Cowan Julia Anne Cowden Bertha Dobbs 9Sandra Kay Doss Deborah Kay Fulmer rJames Floyd Grant, Jr Jimmy Gray | ngela Lynette Lowe Thelma Jean Lucas falter Douglas Maples famela Jeane Manon fargaret Ann McFadden nary Ann McFadden bexter Lee McKinney [ony Lee McLarty ames Robert McMillen Yincent Dtevan Miles fhomas Joseph Moore iharles Howell Moreland fracy Ann Moreland f yce Ann Murphy iobert Terry Myatt Michael Lloyd Nerren va Nell Parker haron Denice Pearson ran Wesley Pearson Catherine D. Pickle ee Floyd Pierce Echael Eugene Ramsey ura Elise Randle eila Mae Rea z$nnua[ Commencement cHiafi ekx i tSkxUUm Debra Kay Nicholson Hall Coy Brw e Haney Kathy Harnson Harmon James Counihan Haskell Sandra Jean Hathcote Deborah J. Hicks James L. Hogan Roger Y. Hoots Sheila Lynn Howell Marilyn Devonne James Charles Barry Jones Dixie Lee Jones Garry Frank Jones Kathy Denise Jones Mary Beth Langford Carol Ann Lankford Gerald Mark Lon trip Cynthia Denise Lassiter Guy Vester Latham Wanda Kay Lesley Roy Dale Lindsey Bernard Jerome Lloyd Michael Dewayne Loden Jo Ann Rieves Long Richard Wayne Riffe Altenetta Riggins Timothy Louis Roye Terry Lynn Rutledge Faye Carole Sibley Beverly Jane Sims Antionette Smith 0Susan Riley Sparks Sheila Carol Stevens Audrey B. Street Amy Elizabeth Sullins Nedra Ebbie Tabbert Joey Aaron Taylor Lisa Maria Taylor Jerry Lynn Thompson Edward E Thronton Carolyn Jemtlle Turner William Patrick Walls John Michael Ward Mark Ross Wtlkerson Richard Burton Wilkinson USHERS David Lee Rushing, Head Usher Daryl Russell Lloyd, Head Usher Paul David Fullerton james Edward Cilleylen Thomas Roger Conn David Ned Haney SPONSORS Mrs. Mabry Allison, Jr. Mrs. Ira McCullen, Jr. Mr. X. L. Grey Con will Miss Jeffie Lou Robinson Mr. Jerry Lyons Processional--------------------------------------------------- Pomp und Circumstance Amory Panther band, times l Cadden, Jr., Dvr cl or Invocation--------------------------------------------------------- James Floyd Grant, Jr. Welcome-------------------------------------------------------------- Charles Barry Jones Senior Oast President Remarks of Inspiration------------------------------------------------Rev. James F. Grant First A Usance Church l,Look not mournfully into the past;,,------------------------- Christy Leigh Baker “Wisely improve the present; it is thine.”-----------—------------Faye Carole Sibley “Go forth to meet the shadowy future . ... without fear and with a manly heart 1---------------------Carolyn Jemtlle Turner Presentation of Class---------------------------------- Mr. Larry Marett, Principal Awarding of Diplomas--------------------------- Mr. Holace Morris, Superintendent “Alma Mater”--------------------------------------------------------- Senior Class Laura Kathleen Williams David Shell Word 0 Recessional............— ALMA MATER —“God of Our Fathers” Alma Mater, Amory High School Loyal sons are we. We sing thy praise in every phrase and spread abroad thy fame, We sing thy praise in every phrase and spread abroad thy fame, In years to come we're still thy sons and cherish thy fair name. CLASS MOTTO: “Look not mournfully into the past; it comes not back again. Wisely improve the present; it is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly heart. CLASS COLORS: Yellow and white CLASS FLOWER: Daisy... a time to practice ... 1. Do your feet hurt, Ricky? 2. Bernard leads the way for some anxious seniors. 3. Nedra gives instructions on how to make that final walk. 4. AHS's JJ and his cohort show off their chapeaux . 5. Seniors say; You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. 6. Van leads the way at the end of practice. 7. They cast a vote, and the eyes have it. 8. The wild seniors seem to be penned up.... a time for the real thing ...T 1. Knights, Sir Haireth', (Barry Jones); Sir Kaye, (Kenny Parchman); Sir Getadeer, (Jamie Haskell); Sir Hadacall, (Edward Thornton); and Sir Moredead, (A1 Riggins); object to eggs being thrown back at them during the Homecoming Program. 2. Here I am, Juliet - under you . . . now get up before I REALLY die! 3. How King Arthur (Tommy Gann) ever rated THAT Queen Gwenevere (Debbie Hicks) we'll never know ! He seems rather pleased with the situation, though . . . 4. We couldn't have picked a better hag than you, Vicki ... I must say you fit the part well!! ! 5. Bernard Lloyd, Bark Bobber, is a far cry from Bob Barker- the real host of The Price Is Right . 124jjm 4 r mr Joni Burrows thrilled all the males in the audience. Earline Stevens shocked 'em with her plunging neckline and her shapely legs. Holly Morris- she looks like my Grandmother, the old schoolteacher . . . Our line-up of beauties: Xenia Grace, Maria, Johanna, Michelle, Loretta, Joni, Donna, Holly, and Earline. Burn 'em, Maria ! Michelle Justice gets the judges approval---thanks to the strip act she put on (look ashamed, Michelle). 125. Virginia Crump - Respect Yourself. Virginia came out on the top as winner of the first Talent Show sponsored by the PANORAMA. Roy Dale Lindsey and Pat Walls look serious about the subject, whatever it is. Kenny Parchman made a fantastic Elton Parsley in the Beauty Revue Skit. Here we have the cream of die stage band, led by Joe Moore, to provide the music during our Beauty Revue Skit. . Terry and his rare bird host die Talent Show. Give us a smile, Bird!... a time to eat, drink and be merry ... A These gala scenes from the banquet prove that both juniors and seniors enjoyed the night: from the before-dinner cock-tails from the bar tended by Parker, Fullerton, and Gann to the strawberry shortcake served by the flappers. THE BEST EVER! 127... a time for the roaring twenties ... TTT I 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1. Teresa places the candles on the tables. 2. Gary Outlaw was the entertainment for the banquet. 3. Anna Trostel set places for the dinner. 4. Juniors decorated the caf-erteria on Friday afternoon. 5. David Rushing read the senior prophecy. 6. Sherry, Donna and Stephanie made final preparations. 7. Toughie Mike Baughman. 8. Flappers Ghoston, Smith and Sims put on a big smile. 9. Iva Nell Parker enjoys her steak. 10. Lexie Kimble gets caught by the camera. 128... a time for Charlie ...This year for the first time the PANORAMA sponsored a Talent Night. There were thirteen entries: solos, duets, dance groups, and bands. Cash prizes were given to the top three winners. 1. Virginia Crump, first place. 2. Debbie Sanders, second. 3. Gary Outlaw 4. Dale and Donna Funderburg. 5. Jim and Steve, directors 6. Terry Rutledge and his talented friend Byrd MC'eed. 7. One of the dance groups. 1 2 E 6 7 ... to every thing there is a season ... Each season at Amory High has its particular events. In the FALL there are football games, homecoming and (1) pep rallies, which find all the students in the gymn with the football boys dressed in their jerseys on the first row. In the WINTER basketball, (2) sophomore testing days and (3) Santa Claus plus the Beauty Revue rate high. Then SPRING comes flooding in (literally, sometimes) with (4) parent's night at the high school, (5) track, and baseball. At least summer arrives, and graduation at last as Tony McLarty (6) seems to be saying, (7) Of course, it takes all female hands on deck to help Jim put his hat on correctly.... a time for every purpose ... A TIME TO SPEAK ...» 1. Vicki Williams practices for a speech contest, and 2. Joyce French snatches a minute to tell some important news to someone at home. »A TIME TO KEEP SILENCE ... 3. Freshmen soon learn that writing 399 times I must be quiet until I am called on is not any fun and can lead to writer's cramp. A TIME TO WEEP ... 4. Sandy is overcome with emotion as Janie announces die homecoming queen. Jamie, her escort, looks pie ased. » TIME TO DANCE ...» 5. Arletha Pack and Billie French liven up a pep rally by doing the bump. 6. Phyllis Davis and Joyce French relieve some of the tension caused by exams. A TIME TO PIANT AND A TIME TO PLUCK UP tt 7. Mr. Riley and his ag class decide what to do about the shrub situation. A TIME TO BUILD ...» 8. Mr. Fly's industrial electricity class inspects the cooling system for the vocational building. 9. Victor Shaw reads the newspaper to build up his knowledge of current events. 10. Mr. McCall's classes built the bridges in front of die school. A TIME TO EMBRACE ...» 1. Mark Brasfield learned never to dare Mitzi Baker to do anything-especially if Miss R. is there with a loaded camera. 2. Melissa Morgan grabbed Alfonzo before he could run. 3. Who grabbed who? You can't tell in this picture of Thomas McIntosh and Juria Dobbs. 4. Joey Taylor and his apponent believe, as do Angie and Charles (5) and Mark and Melody (6) that there is a time »TO REFRAIN FROM EMBRACING. » 7. A happy duo embrace- Queen Sandy and her mother. 133Doris Johnson Dianne Jones Debbie Keeton Phyllis Kilgore Kathy Kyle Sharon Langford Virginia Langford Guy Latham Kim Leech Shelia Loden Leisha Lowe Marilyn McClusky Margie McIntosh Cindy Miller Darlene Minor Clara Myatt Zoe Newman Cindy Oliver Becky Owen Melissa Parker Gary Pickle Bill Pope Penny Raper Brenda Sanders Julia Sanders Lisa Sanderson John Scott Mitzi Sizemore Barbara Smith Cathy Smith Dee Dee Smith Janet Smith' Karen Smith Karen Smith Sinanne Smith Susan Sparks Shelia Stevens Angela Strawbridge Melissa Thompson Lisa Tidwell Ginger V aughn Judy Aired Pam Alsup Teresa Armstrong Drussell Bailey Debbie Baines Dianna Banks Janice Bateman Dewayne Basham Iris Brown Melody Brewer Norris Bums Ruby Burro ugh Cindy Carroll Joan Childers Brent Colburn Mary Collins Dorothy Conoway Chip English Cindy Eubanks Dianne Flippo Pam Ford Billie French Dale Funderburg Billy Gray Wendell Griggs Florence Griffin Shair Griffin Sharon Guthrie David Haney Pam Harlow Billy Haskell Ricky Haughton Juanita Hausley Dennis Herndon Tammy Herring Susan Hitt Cindy Holley Darlene Hoots Glenda Jackson Johnny Jenkins Donna Johnson Debbie Vereline Kathy Wamble Terry Wax Brenda Westbrook Carol Williams Marsha Williams RHYTHM SECTION Piano Laurie Randle Randy Harlow Drums Jim Kirkpatrick a time to singOur chorus had a good year under the direction of Mr. Taylor. It presented two concerts to the student body and two for the public. Several members attended the District and State Choral Festivals. The ensemble- Pam Alsup, Debbie Baines, Vicki Williams, Donna Funderburg, Susan Sparks, Sheila Stevens, Karen Ledbetter, Barbara Smith, presented programs to several civic clubs. 1. Mr. Taylor thinks it over. Was it a sour note? 2. Stan Thorne played the guitar at one of the concerts. 3. We look as pretty as we sing, don’t we?To be ourselves is the quest, the star we follow. We find peace and calm in our hearts when we realize who and what we are. 1. Music and the band help many students find themselves. Steve Patterson shown here with his guitar, is a versatile musician. 2. Ruby and Stephanie look as if they are happy with themselves. 3. Mary Thompson tries to hind from the camera. 4. On Fridays football players BETTER know who they are and who they art after, huh, Coach? 5. Backstage critics, who will soon assume characters in FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON, relax and be themselves. 6. Will studying history help us find ourselves and who we are? Some say yes, some say no. 7. Because they are themselves, these girls were elected '75-'76 cheerleaders: Donna Moffett, Lisa Sanderson. Debbie Moffett; (Standing) Teresa Wright, Cathy Chism, Sharon Guthrie, Vanessa Pargo and Vanessa Ghosten. PANORAMA photographers discovered it is fun to go around with camera in hand. It brings out the ham in people, and occasionally you get a good sneak picture as in 4, 5, and 7... a time to be together ...A TIME TO REMEMBER . . . The good times: the Talent Night, Homecoming, the Beauty Revue, band concerts, The Mouse That Roared, Flowers for Algernon, FBLA Convention, DECA Convention, Choral Festival . . . ST f The good friends . . . The hard work . . . the glow of achievement . . . the DREAMSbut more we dream ...A TIME TO SAY THANK YOU ... These people have been our advertisers since 1945 People's Drug Store Tubb Printing Anthony's Western Auto Pickle's Big Star G Y Drugs Robert's Jewelry B B Cleaners McCutcheon - Banks Furniture Wilson Manufacturing Co. Fowlkes Fowlkes, Inc. AMOCO OIL Company Amory Gilmore Shoes Amory Advertiser AM Green Reese Dairy Hood's Cleaners Drs. Hodges Pierce C D L nber Co. Monroe County Tractor’ Jones Motor Company Francis Insurance The Wax Company ity Tire and Appliance Cole Insurance Agency AMORY GARMENT Chevrolet dealers... a time to appreciate ... Our friends, the merchants who support usl THANK YOU! Give them YOUR business The PANORAMA staff A special salute to HOME MORTGAGE AND REALTY COMPANY our advertiser since 1928When you are in this shape you need US! AUTOMOTIVE PARTS, SERVICE SUZUKI of AMORY also M W Butane Gas CHAMBLEE PEST CONTROL FENCE CO. Highway 25 N. 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Diane, Angela, Alfonzo and Edgar study hard so they can get out of school and start that savings account at the Bank of Amory. 2. -3. Two of the three locations that serve you better. 4. Whoever he is, he must have his money in a safe place-such as the Bank of Amory- to be able to sleep so peacefully. 5. James, Edward, and A1 seem confident about their future, don't they? 6. Steve, Mike and Semmie study for exams.AMORY GARMENT CO. Compliments of THE ARMORY ADVERTISER C M GARAGE Amory Buy your groceries BIG STAR Bud Stem Shoppe BLACK'S at Tupel TUB PRINTING TRUE TEMPER Company Joe needs a new bed Royal Factory Outlet La FIRST NATIONAL BANK OTASCO Associate Store (home owned) Jones Motor Co. Plymouth Chrysler Dodge Clyde Hunt, Owner CHRYSLER CORPORATION Plymouth • Dodge • Chrysler • Imperial (rW North Main Amory 233 North Main Amory V SAV-A-MINIT SrereorTapes U.S. Choice-$eief Groceries PICKLE FUNERAL HOME Amory Police Department Amory Sheet Metal Roofing Marlin — Harris Lincoln — Mercury LINCOLN Carlisle — Richardson Appliances 'H l ttAy In the Lincoln Continental tradition 57$J-Paybnto Drive Tupelo, 38801 METRO PANTSOur advertisers since the 1928 GASSER McCullen's Grocery r Darden OWEN'S Funeral GROCERY Home AND Burial and life insurance MARKET 256-3801 Amory groceries - gas - ice PULLMAN COUCH COMPANY COLE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance for every need. .. TIME TO MAKE A DREAM A REALITY . . . Steve Sanderson, '72 graduate of AHS, attended the Trade Institute at Hamilton, Alabama, then joined his father in the Sanderson Construction Company. Steve Turner, also a graduate of '72 and of the Hamillton Trade Institute, joined his father in Turner's Barber Shop, then opened his own shop on Main Street. The PANORAMA staff wishes to express appreciation to the faculty, students, and merchants for their cooperation in helping to produce the yearbook for 1975. We hope we have created one you can be proud of and one you will treasure years from now. We wish for you many happy dreams that will come true and not burst in your face as this boy's bubble did! 168

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