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IN MEMORIAM Edwin Hayman John Sidney Johnson Ronald Glenn Nicholson "... all mankind is of one author, and is of one volume. When one man dies, one chapter is not tom out of the book, but is translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated ... No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main . . . Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee ..." Meditation John DonneTO HONOR A LIFE OF V " I am a part of all I have met . . . How dull it is to pause, to make an end, To rest unburnished, not to shine in use As though to breathe were life! Life piled on life Were all too little . . . A bringer of new things; and vile it were For some three suns to store and hoard myself, And this gray spirit yearning in desire To follow knowledge like a shining star Beyond the utmost bound of human thought ... . . . but something ere the end, Some work of noble note, may yet be done . . . . . • that which we are, we are -One equal temper of heroic heart . . . But strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. T ennyson t Ba- SER VICE The death of our superintendent of eighteen years, Mr. Ed Hayman, occurred the night of March 14 as we were preparing for spring holidays and MEA. That day at noon he had been in the cafeteria talking and joking with various students and in the lounge after school chatting with the faculty, seemingly in good spirits and good health. His death left many blank spots that will be hard to fill. A recognized leader in education in Mississippi as well as in the nation, he was serving on the board of directors of the Mississippi Education Association. He was known as the classroom teachers' friend, but above all, the friend of the "youngsters", as he called the students of Mississippi. For them he dreamed the "Impossible Dream": the Middle School - the first in the state and one of the first in the United States - a model for educators all over the nation; the vocational annex at the high school - one of the first and best in this area; the new English phase program - the first in this area; the new open-concept elementary school still in the planning stage at his death. Yes, the "Impossible Dream" was to make Amory Schools the best in the state - and Mr. Hayman made it the "Possible Dream". Lieutenant-Governor William Winter, Mayor Billy Glasgow, and MEA Executive Secretary Charlie Johnson presented resolutions to the family from the state, the city, and MEA commemorating Mr. Hayman for his years of service in a Memorial Cermony at the high school auditorium. 1. One of the latest pictures Mr. Hayman had made. 2. As we best remember him. 3. The Resolution presentation - Standing, Left to Right: Lt.-Gov. William Winter, who presented the resolution from the state legislature; Joe Maxcy, state senator; Mayor Billy Glasgow, resolution from the city of Amory; Mike Cook, state representative; Charlie Johnson, executive secretary of the MEA, who presented a testimonial from the Mississippi Educational Association, and Arch Dalyrmple. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Hyacinth Hayman, son Edwin Hayman, his wife, MaryEileene, and Mrs. Randall, Mr. Hayman's sister. 4. Mrs. Hayman accepts the resolution from Mayor Glasgow. 5. His friends . . . COUR FRIENDS . John S. Johnson 3. Ronnie - his sweet smile, obliging manner ... a " favorite ... his favorite things, his Honda ... his car ... hunting with his companions . . . Ronnie Nicholson 1. Johnny - full of mischief, fun . . . his loves, no. 48 jersey . . . his friends . . . football . . . 2. A more formal pose . . . his last school picture . . . Many times our natural senses tell us that the deaths of two young people so bright and fine are senseless and tragic. But belief in God presents another way of thinking. Although we may not understand, we are assured that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord ... "For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face; now I know in part; but then 1 shall know even as I am known."AMORY HIGH SCHOOL REACHING OUT Through students . . . events . . . action . . . service ... to make homes . . . school . . . community . . . state . . . nation . . . world . . . better places in which to live . . .AHS Reaching Out to Students and to the Community“REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE’S HAND; LET’S MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE IF WE CAN ” Clay inspects the bonfire while the cheerleaders prepare the crowd. Julia Wright isn't quite sure about that, but Robert Riddle agrees. Vincent Justice studies while Dan Burton catches up on his sleep. Mr. Santa Claus visited us. Terry Myatt concentrates. James Dobbs gives Annie a "Free" hug. 5DURING 1973-1974 AT A.H.S 1,2,3. We worked together. 4,5. We studied together. 6. We played together 7. We helped others less fortunate. 8. We entertained each other. 9. We made friends. 10. We developed PRIDE. 11. We honored certain ones of us. 7 v ...OUR FACULTY ... REACHES OUT .. HELPING HANDS ... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. X.L. Gray Con-will, economics-sand government, read his NATIONAL OBSERVER. Coach John Thomas, science, spots a mistake in the backfield during scrimmage. Mario Ortez, Spanish - English, and John Wilson, Social Studies team up to get exams run-off and stapled. Coach Herry Lyons, driver training, demonstrates he can do 3 things at once - talk, carry a football and MARCH. Richard B. LINES, Choral Music, practices with his ensemble. Mike Justice caught grading his Chemistry (or Physics?) exams. Coach Earl Stevens, boys P. E. teacher looks mighty pleased about something! Coach Tommy Parish, social studies, shows off his "Spartan" physique. Sarah Gaddis, English, introduces the homecoming program. "Dee" Allison caught with her mouth open at the FBLA Christmas party. Chester McCall, building trades, plans his weeks lessons! James Little, automotive mechanics, inspects Greg Maples point job.1. Mrs. Susan Wise, commercial teacher, was caught by surprise. 2. Mrs. Ruth Griffith teaches math. 3. Mrs. Cynthia Hall, science, wonders who knocked. 4. Mr. James Pettigrew always has good bulletin boards. 5. Did we get any mail, Mr. Hilliard? 6. Mrs. Faith McCullen teaches biology. 7. Mr. Herman Riley, agriculture, proves why he is outstanding in his field. S. Mr. B.B. Jones takes time out of B-Metal shop. 9. Mrs. Eugenia Hood is versatile. She teaches math and is a guidance counsellor. 16REA CH OUT ... We, the annual staff, do hereby dedicate the 1973-74 PANORAMA to Mrs. Juanita Smith and Mr. Ernest Cadden. REACH OUT Reach out and touch the hand of someone, Someone who's lost his way; Helping him find a new direction, Showing him how to pray. Reach out and touch your neighbor, Even in little things; Showing him interest in his successes, Helping him with his needs. Reach out your hand to those who hate you, Letting them see you love; Walking that extra mile with someone. Reach Out - Reach Out - Reach Out -Reach Out Your Hand of Love. These verses do symbolize the attitudes and actions of these two teachers. The writer, Ralph Carmichael, expresses our sentiments perfectly. 17Each year each class elects its class favorites. Elected as favorites for 73-'74 were (1) sophomores Lisa Shepherd and Ronnie Jackson; (2) juniors Beth Langford and Terry Rutledge; (3) seniors Martha Bourland and Greg Jones; and (4) freshmen Brenda Sanders and Tim Alexander. Senior and junior class officers. Senior officers: Vicki Hollingsworth, secretary; Ronnie Hall, vice-president; Robin Humphries, treasurer; Ronald Sims, senior representative; John Creekmore, president. Junior class officers: Charles Moreland, representative; Bernard Lloyd, president; Edward Thorton, vice-president. Sophomore and freshman class officers: Daryl Lloyd, treasurer; Lisa Shephard, secretary; Beverly Sawyer, vice-president; Steve Thompson, freshman president; Steve Thompson, freshman president; Cayce Harrison, sophomore president; Melanie Ashley, secretary; Kathy Smith, treasurer.SENIOR CLASS nmm an®OF 1974 1. Kathy Aldridge 2. Mike Adams 3. Cheryl Allen 4. Walter Archer 5. Hal Baker 6. Kathy Benton 7. Debbie Bailey 8. Fletcher Bailey 9. Tommy Basham 10. Janet Best 11. Thomas Blair 12. Lancaster Blair 13. Martha Bourland 14. Ricky Brown 15. Suzanne Boozer 21SENIOR CLASSOF 1974 9. Lillie Chiles 10. David Clements 11. Loretta Clark. 12. Jerri Cross white 13. Harold Cox 14. Beverly Cox 15. John Creekmore ) i 3 t I a T 2 7 Tv 10 11 fjL 1. Neil Crook 2. Bobi Duncan 3. Melody Dryden 4. Curtis Ezell 5. Robert Dobbs 6. Pat Evans 7. Vicki Fikes SENIOR CLASS mm OF 1974 8. Terry Gamer 9. Carl Gilleylen 10. Joan Colden 11. Ricky Goodwin 12. Debbie Griffen 13. Bobby Griggs 14. Lynn Hadaway 15. Ronnie Hall O in 4, w ro r Clay Harrington Charlotte Herring 'Fred Hester Debbie Hester Larry Herndon Linda Hampton Shirley HughesLUCKY ONESTHE LEADERS 28 2 7 3 ? 77 5 b u tJL 3 (5 1. Dwight Keeton 2. Glynn Kelso 3. Sandra Kyle 4. Theresa Laney 5. Hubert Langford 6. Vicki Lockhart 7. Keith LangfordOF TOMORROW .. . 8. Lynn Loden 9. Danny Majors 10. Greg Maples 11. Joe McCommon 12. Theressia Meredith 13. Henry Mixon 14. Brenda Minch 15. Tommy Minich 29THE BEST AND 1. Mary Morton 2. Denise Morrow 3. Becky Myatt 4. Phillip Parham 5. Paul Parish 6. Pat Patterson 7. Dow Pickle 8. Charlotte PierceTHE BRIGHTEST 9. Marty Polk 10. Carole Pounds 11. Dilliard Pruitt 12. Joe Raper 13. Jim Roye 14. Diane Richardson 15. Ronnie ShacklefordISgggi 1. Diane SheiIds 2. Frankie Shcilds 3 Kennv Shelton 4. Joim Dale Sibley 5. Dwight Smith 6. Cindi Stanford 7. Tucker Smith 8. Ronald Sims9. Cary Ion Steele 10. Clay Simmons 11. Freddie Thompson 12. Sheila Thome 13. Richard Thornton 14. Ronnie Thornton 15. Dennis Thompson 16. Debbie Turner... THE END OFTHE BEGINNL GRADUATION . . . Yes, the end of the beginning . . .We will remember . . . spitting out our gum . . . John's cough syrup . . . Carl's hat nearly falling off during his speech . . . the first time in 18 years without Mr. Hayman . . . finally getting our hands on that diploma . . . changing our tassels . . . singing the Alma Mater . . . RUNNING off the field . . . Johnnie Jenkins going crazy trying to get in every picture made . . . Robin's dad telling us about his four graduations . . . 371. Roger Cadden, Ronnie Thornton, Greg Jones caught at the fair in Tupelo. 2. The home ec. girls entertained the teachers. 3. Another classroom scene.—Math this time. 4. Roger Parker—caught at the FBLA party - with his mouth open! 5. The Library Club poses for a picture. O■ JUNIORS ... 40 Kenny Bailey Christy Baker Ricky Brasfield Lady Bryan Dixie Buchanan Willie Burley Sandra Bynum Lee Cadden Cheryl Carter Brenda Chism Marilyn Conoway Georgia Cowan Julia Cowden Bertha Dobbs Tim Edwards David Evans Michael Freeman Deborah Fulmer Ricky Gardner James Grant Bruce Haney Kathy Harrison Harmon Jamie Haskell Sandy Hath coteDebbie Hicks James Hogan Roger Hoots Kirk Howell Sheila Howell Marilyn James Barry Jones ALGEBRA 1 Causes Brain Damage Diane Jones Gary Jones Kathy Jones Beth Langford Guy Lathan Mark Lantrip Roy Dale Lindsey Wanda Lesley Doug Maples Pam Marion Dexter McKinney Tony McLarty James McMilliam Vincent Miles Joe Moore Charles Moreland 41RINGS AT LAST! Tracy Moreland Ray Murphree Joyce Murphy Terry Myatt Steve Nash Tony Nash Mike Nerron Debi Nicholson Tommy Parchman Iva Nell Parker Sharon Pearson Van Pearson Kathy Pickle Mike Ramsey Laurie Randle Dana Riddle Jo Ann Rieves Richard Riffe A1 Riggins Tim Roye Terry Rutledge Faye Carole Sibley Beverly Sims Susan Sparks aJIi raEAfr JSfiGREATEST CLASS ALIVE Sheila Stevens Audrey Street Amy Sullins Nedra Tabbert Joey Taylor Lisa Taylor Brenda Thompson Jerry Thompson Edward Thornton Carolyn Turner Mike Ward Mark Wilkerson Richard Wilkinson Laura Williams David WordSOPHOMORES . . Pam Alsup Mitchell Anderson Teresa Ball Diana Banks Mike Baughman Jerry Beeks Wanda Beeks Ricky Booth Ray Brown Randy Brown Cindy Bolding Tim Bunch Teresa Burdine Jimmy Cantrell Angie Carlisle Mike Childers Darlean Childs Ricky Chism Mary Clement Eddie Copeland Carolyn Craig Beth Crook Betty Dankins Judy Danner Kenneth Davis Tammy DeLaney James Dobbs David Dunlap Victor Elliot Jamie Finley Susan Finlay Sandra Foster Joe Frankie Paul Fullerton Brenda Fulmer 44CLASS OF 76 Donna Funderburg Marty Funderburk Tommy Gann Vanessa Gholston Barry Gilleylen James Gilleylen Tlieodis Gillon Steve Glasgow Bobby Gosa Donna Guyton Eddie Hadavvay Tyrone Hale David Haney Steve Harrington Betty Harris Cayce Harrison Wendy Hath cock Diane Haynes Susan Hood Jerry Ivy Ronald Jackson Bobby Jernigan Dennis Johnson lisa Jones Patricia Jones Vincent Justice Ricky Keeton Mike Kent Scott Kent John Kilgoar Howard Kimery Sherri Kyle Tim Laney Dale Langford Karen Ledbetter 45HOMECOMING Shelia Loden Jackie Lowe Randy Lyle Ricky Lyle Renford Marsh Robert Marsh Ricky McCollum John McCommon Michael McIntosh Thomas McIntosh Adolphus McMillian Alfonzo McMillian Terry Minich Melvin Morgan Willie Myatt Stayce Nash David Nicholson Vanessa Pargo Sandra Patterson Steve Patterson Wayne Patterson Kelvin Patterson Steve Ponder Martha Reeves Mary Rogers Charles Riley David Rushing Suzanne Sanders Wanda Sanders Semmie Scott Pazita Seals Wayne Shaw lisa Shepherd Keith Shields Tina Shields FLOAT WINNERS Ann Shierling Stephanie Sims Eleanor Smith Ricky Smith Ruby Smith Mary Smithson Carol Sneed Robert Spratt Steve Stockton Patricia Tackett Walter Thornton David Tidwell Paulette Tisdale Teresa Tomlin Anna Trostle Sophomores study geometry. Susie Tubb Terri Tucker George Vance Debbie Vereline Alyce Walls Curtis Washington Terry Wax Crittie Westbrook Gussie White Shirley White Cindy Williams Vicki Williams Lisa Wiygul Janice Worthey Barbara WrightFRESHMEN .. . 48 Nancy Adams Tim Adams Tony Adams Tim Alexander Greg Allen Shiny Allen Kevin Andress Melanie Ashley Dewayne Basham Janice Bateman Denise Baylark Elizabeth Baylark Alpha Beeks Daisy Mae Black Armenie Blair Robert Blair Debbie Blaylock Joey Brasfield Mike Brasfield Melody Brewer Chipper Brown Pete Brown Rochelle Brownlee Charlyne Buchanan Rudolph Burdine Paul Burrough Vicki Burrough Dan Burton Don Burton Ricky ChaneyBrenda Chilcote Van Childers Betsy Clements Lois Cowan Jerry Cox Steve Cox Larry Cross Johnny Crump Len Crump Marie Crump Earie Mae Davis Juanita Davis Orine Davis Phyllis Davis Randy Delaney Steve Dickinson Janice Dilworth Edna Dixon Juria Dobbs Joy Edwards Allan Epperson Allen Evans Kathy Faulkner Diane Flippo Jay Fooshee Pam Ford Ricky Ford Keith Fowlkes Barrett Francis Annie Freeman 49“BABY” PANTHERS Ricky Freeman George French Joyce French Donnie Garner James Gamer Brinda Gilleylen Mary Gilleylen Jean Gray Tommy Greer Florence Griffin Vickie Griffin Webster Griffin Sharon Guthrie Clarence Hale Edsel Hampton Randy Harlow Billy Haskell Ricky Haughton Jay Hester Susan Hitt Mark Hodges Lynn Hogan Dorothy Holloway Joey Holloway Darlene Hoots Randy Howell Jimmy Huffman Brenda Isbell Dianne Jones Mike Keller 50OF A.H.S. Dale Kimbrough Jim Kirkpatrick Kathi Kyle Kevin Langford Mike Lantrip Tim Lawson Kim Leech Marsha Leech Robin Lee Jerry Lewis Leona Marsh Marilyn McCluskey Sara McFarling Carol McIntosh Leroy McIntosh Maurice McIntosh Terry McIntosh Ricky McNeese Dwight Meaders Bo Miller Buddy Ming a Darlene Minor Jeff Moffett Ricky Moreland Melissa Morgan Rusty Murphree Shirley Murphy Clara Myatt Keith Myatt Zoe Newman 51LARGEST David O'Connor Cindy Oliver Mike Owens Jim Parchman Bonnie Parker Pam Parks Gerald Pargo Lynn Patterson Angie Pearson Gary Pickle Donald Plunkett Ken Polizzi Diana Potts Dorothea Pruitt Penny Raper Bryon Riddle Robert Riddle Hal Rieves Christone Robertson Brenda Sanders Eddie Sanders Julia Sanders Eddie Sanderson Lisa Sanderson Ricky Sanderson Danny Shields Jessica Sibley Kenny Simmons Mitzi Sizemore Randy Sneed 52CLASS EVER! Dann Small Barbara Smith Cathy Smith Doris Smith Karen Smith Karen Smith Tony Smith Sammy Smith Helen Smithson Katherine Spann Kenny Stratton Ronnie Swan Norris Thomas Mary Thompson MilHsa Thompson Steve Thompson Teddie Thompson Stanley Thom Thedrick Tisdale Pat Turner Alice Vasser Tammy Wallace Kathy Wamble Brenda Westbrook Edgar Whitfield Teressa Wilemon Carol Williams Ruby Willingham Larry Word Mary Jean Word Julia Wright 53. .. THESE ALSO RAN . . . AND' IN THIS 5HE GALL0P5 N - Mr. and Miss AHS are elected each year by the student body. Candidates must be seniors and must be nominated by ten of their fellow students. This year's election was held Monday, December 10, 1973. Candidates were Janie Conwill, Linda Hampton, Sheila Thorne, Thomas Blair, John Creekmore, Neil Crook, Brent Jones, Top McCullen, and Barry Wax. Janie was elected on first ballot and Brent was elected in a runoff against Thomas Blair. Thus, Janie and Brent continue the tradition begun in the early 1930's at AHS. 1. Linda, Barry, Top, and Sheila consider the situation serious. 2. Thomas and Neil pose by Mrs. Burnett's bulletin board. 3. John thinks it over. 55VN... WHO'S WHO .. The Who's Who elections, sponsored by the PEPTOMIST and PANORAMA staffs, were completed May 10, 1S 74. Any student may nominate a candidate for one of the positions, providing he can get ten people to sign the form with him. A student may sign only one form for each position. The student body, at the close of the nomination period, vote under the supervision of the student council. Elected this year were the following: 1. Neil Crook and Janie Conwill, friendliest; 2. Vicki Hollingsworth, Barry Wax, best-dressed; 3. Dow Pickle, Linda Hampton, Panther athletes; 4. Ricky Goodwin, loan Golden, wittiest; 5. Barry Wax, Vicki Fikes, most likely to succeed; 6. Jan West, Carl Gilleylen, most intellectual; 7. Martha Bourland, John Creekmore, best all-around. 581. Suzanne Boozer, Kappa Kappa Iota, $100 Scholarship. 2. Lynn Loden, Amory Garment, $100 scholarship. 3. Ricky Williams, Amory Garment, $100 scholarship. 4. Pat Patterson, Glenn Manufacturing, $300 scholarship. 5. Kathy Aldridge, Amory Garment, $300 scholarship.1. Christy Baker receives the DAR History Award. 2. Sheila Thom, $100 Vivian Green Music Scholarship. 3. Ricky Goodwin, a $100 scholarship from Beta Sigma Phi. 4. Dillard Pruitt was most improved student, sponsored by the Junior Auxiliary. 5. Jim Roye received the Lee McCown Technical Vocation award, sponsored by the Century Club.1. Carl Gilleylen, Loretta Clark, Ricky Goodwin, Martha Bourland, and Jan West, Citizenship Awards. 2. Greg Jones, Charlotte Pierce, Rotary Girl and Boy Awards. 3. Curtis Ezell, Sunrise Club Award. 4. Carl Gilleylen, Pat Patterson, John Philip Sousa Award.1. Milton Jones, Math Award; Vicki Fikes, Business A-ward; Sheila Thorn, Betty Crocker Award; Neil Crook, English Award; Carl Gilley -len, Science Award; Lynn Loden, Business Award. 2. Barry Wax, Star Student; Miss Jeffie Robinson, Star Teacher. 3. Jan West, Pilot Club A-ward, $100 scholarship.GOLDEN GOLDEN PANTHERS The Golden Panther Award is the highest honor bestowed upon any graduate of Amory High School. Recipients of the award are identified on the basis of outstanding achievement. The superior qualities necessary to entitle a student to consideration for this recognition are leadership, character, and service. Final selection involves the impersonal comparison of actual academic grade average and the evaluation of activities based on a uniform set of values arrived at by the joint determination of the faculty and school administration. Recipients are recognized at a special assembly of the student body at which the parents are guests. Each recipient receives a plaque, and his name is inscribed on a plaque as a memorial to his accomplishments.1. Martha Bourland 2. Christy Candle 3. Delores Cantrell 4. Carl Cilleylen 5. Vicki Fikes 6. Melody Dryden 7. Robin Humphries 1. Brent Jones 2. Vicki Lockhart 3. Lynn Loden 4. Barry Wax 5. Jan West REACH OUT A HAND X 1. Mrs. Helen Brook, our French teacher. 2. Mrs. Juanita Smith keeps our books together. 3. Mrs. Little and Mrs. Eldora Raspberry, English, relax over a cup of punch. 4. Mr. Bob Taylor, assistant band director, conducts our stage bands. 5. Mrs. Jean Pierce is our favorite substitute. 6. Mrs. Jean Jesse in the "Big Man's Office. " 7. Mrs. Jean Shumpert in Mr. Burrow's office. 8. Mr. David Nicholson, our band practice teacher. 9. Mrs. Jessie Wilson in the Vo-Tech building.dll m 4 LETS MAKE THE WORLD ABETTER PLACE IF WE CAN” .. . 1. Mr. Golding demonstrates what you do in your spare time to Martha and Daryll. 2. Coach Newman waits on third . . . 3. While Miss Roth demonstrates a swing on the tennis court ... to Coach Parish? . . . 4. ... and Mr. Owen feeds his face at the Y-Teen Tea -hoping for to grow more hair? . . . 5. Mrs. Meek keeps our books balanced and our office quiet. 5a A familiar sight on Monday morning. 6. Mrs. "Mac" enjoys a cup of coffee with the representatives from the "W" at College Night. 7. Miss Beth Brewerton, English, and Laura Williams at the Y-Teen tea. 8. Miss Jeffie Robinson and Kenny Parchman look over the 73 annual. 9. Mr. Mario Ortiz and Mr. John Wilson are good buddies. 10. Coach Bill Miley checks his basketball list. 11. Principal Larry Marett in a familiar position. 12. Mrs. George Burnett was a valuable aid to Miss Gaddis and Miss Robinson. 13. Mrs. Ethel Little gives directions to Paulette Tisdale and Karen Smith. 14. "Take it out and do it over, " says Miss Betsy McGlohn.The Pepto The Voice Of The Panther Amory High School, Amory. Mississippi, Monday, December 10, 1973 CONWILL REIGNS Students Celebrate Homecoming Amory High School Homecoming activities for 1973-74 began with a reception for the alumni which was held in the home economics dining room from one o’clock until the homecoming program began. Mrs. Ruth Griffith received the visiting alumni while senior Melody Dryden and sophomore Beth Crook served them. A group of AHS students presented a homecoming program, beginning at 2:00 Oct. 19. This program consisted of life at AHS from ‘twenties through the ‘seventies. The ‘twenties started everything off. Five of AHS’s girls were standing on the stage with . their backs to the audience, but when the music started, they turned around and did a lively step called the “Charleston,” These girls were Bobi Duncan, better known as “Bean”, Joan Golden, Christy Candle, Mary Beth Langford, and Lisa Wygul. The ‘thirties were up next. As the scene opens, a classroom of students are waiting for the announcement to report to the auditorium for the proclaiming of the Homecoming Queen. The next scene is the “lovely” court awaiting the announcement. The reigning queen, Debbie Hicks, made her farewell speech as Homecoming Queen of 1932. Then came the announcement of queen, Mabel Reinzburger. Bonnie Parker (Amy Sullins) yelled for Clyde (Tony Mc-Clarty). Clyde, running on stage, pulled out his machine gun ready to shoot the maids, but it was jammed. As Bonnie grabbed the gun, ready to shoot the queen, the maids pulled out their guns and shot Bonnie. Clyde walked off with the new queen of 1933 as the curtain closed. The forties was a pep rally in the auditorium. The cheerleaders did a few cheers then Al Riggins, the big football hero, broken leg and all, stood up and gave a speech to the other players. After the speech, the red carpet was rolled out for the Homecoming Queen of 1942, Miss Jeffie Lou Robinson. The skit ended with “Two Bits . Everyone stood up and yelled even the ones back stage. On came the ‘fifties. Elvis, as played by Tony McClarty, and the dance known as the “Bop”. Some of the couples there to enjoy the dance and the music were Dixie Jones, (boy), and Christy Candle; Laurie Randle and Bo Miller; Bobi Duncan and Edward Thornton; Bernard Lloyd and Kathy Jones. The “Swinging Sixties” consisted of a “Sonny and Cher in Town” skit. Sonny (Bernard Lloyd) and Cher (Brenda Chism) walked on stage with •The Beat Goes On” while the teenagers sat behind them clapping and yelling. As the curtains closed, a riot began Jamie Haskell, one of the cops, was trying to talk to the teenagers while Clay Simmons, the other cop, was trying to pick a fight. Finally, Jamie said something wrong, and he and Clay went to the floor with the teenagers on top. The conclusion of the Sixties had all the teenage girls sitting in front of the stage on the floor. The spotlight was put on Brent Jones, the announcer, as he introduced the fantastic group called “The Beatles.” All the girls went wild, and the cops were having a hard time keeping the girls off stage. When they got to the end of the song and went “(XXX)...”, they just gave up and let the girls get on stage. They grabbed the Beatles and began picking them up, carrying them off. The Beatles were played by Charles Moreland, Barry Jones, Greg Maples, and Lynn Loden. Finally came the Seventies, the climax of the show. As Brent Jones introduced the eight lovely girls, the tension grew. The Queen of 1972-73, Miss Bobbette Hollingsworth, made the announcement of the queen. The 1973-74 Homecoming Queen was Miss Janie Conwill. After this, the cheerleaders held a short pep rally. The Amory High School Band headed the line up in what has been said to be the biggest and best homecoming parade ever. Besides the usual class floats and maids, nine decorated cars and trucks were entered by various school clubs and organizations, including FFA, Thespians, French Club, Panorama, Jun ior Y-Teens, FBLA, Spanish Club, Deca, and National Honor Society. Following immediately behind the band were the freshmen float and the freshman maid. “Bury the Jackets” was the theme for this float, which came in 4th place in the class competition. Guy Lathan drove the car for freshman maid Jean Lee Whitfield and escort Roosevelt Louis. First place went to the sophomore class for its float with the theme, “Panther’s No-Pest Strip.” Sophomore maid Terri Wax followed the prize-winning Hoat attended by her driver, Ronnie Hall, and escort Cayce Harrison. The Amory Middle School Band, making its first public appearance in parade, led exceptionally well the junior class float and maid. The class of “75” chose as its float theme “Zip the Jackets” which received second place. Sandy Hathcote, chosen by her class to serve junior maid, and her escort, Mike Ward, were driven by Ray Murphry. Senior maid Martha Bour-land driven by Paul Parish and escort Greg Jones, led the senior line up. Following were maid Pat Evans and escort Dwight Smith, driven by Fletcher Bailey; maid Linda Hampton and escort Marty Polk driven by Mike Young; and maid Vicki Hollingsworth, attended by her escort Greg Maples and driven by Milton Jones. The senior class chose to decorate the famous “green bomb” as its float, using the title, “Bomb Starkville,” and was awarded third place. Oh well, who else But?! Last, but certainly not least, newly elected 1973-74 Homecoming Queen, Janie Conwill made her first public appearance, attended by her driver Joe Raper and escort Barry Wax. Serving as crown bearer was Andy Stevens, while Tracy Lyons attended the queen as flower girl. Preceeding the game Friday night between the Amory Panthers and the Starkville Yellow jackets, the AHS homecoming court for 1973-74 was presented on the field as the Panthers band played. Following her court, Miss Janie Conwill, homecoming queen, escorted by Barry Wax, was attended by her crown bearer and flower girl, Andy Stevens and Tracy Lyons. John Creek-more, president of the senior class, presented Janie with a dozen yellow roses, and Brent Jones, president of the student council, crowned her queen and presented her with the traditional kiss. After the Alma Mater, the court preceded to the sidelines to watch the football game.AHS reaches out through . .. HOMECOMING 1. Sophomores diligently worked to build their prize-winning float. 2. The juniors spent many long hours creating their "Zip the Jackets. " 3. Miss Homecoming of 1942 coyly parades across the stage while Cayce and Ronald have mixed reactions. 4. Cop Jamie Haskell vainly tries to reason with the Beatle fans.7 vT 1. Mike Ward won the "best-dressed" award. 2. Jerri and Marilyn seem to be happy. 3. The crowd eagerly waits for the parade to come. 4. The wounded heroes of AHS in the forties. 1. The maids who attended the queen were Terry Wax, sophomore; Martha Bourland, senior; Linda Hampton, senior; Pat Evans, senior; Jean Lee Whitfield, freshman; Sandi Hathcote, junior; Vicki Hollingsv%orth, senior. 2. Janie gets a big hug from her mother. 3. 4. Janie registers shocked surprise when Bobette announced the results of the election. 5. Brent carefully places Janie's crown to climax the cere-THE WORLD IA CIRCLE 1. Top Ten Beauties - Laurie Randle, Antoinette Smith, Laura Williams, Audrey Street, Sheila Stevens, Georgia Cowan, Bobi Duncan, Charlotte Pierce, Melody Dryden, Janie Conwill. 2. Sheila Stevens, Most Beautiful, is overcome. 3. Barry Wax, speaking for the contestants, presented the sponsor, Miss Jeffie Robinson, a dozen red roses. 4. Sam Haskel, MC, started the pageant with the theme "The World Is A Circle" accompanied by the Panther Stage Band. 5. Sheila's proud parents greet her, and Dad gets an extra big hug. 6. Top Five pose for picture: left to right, front: Laura Williams, third runner-up; Audrey Street, first; Sheila Stevens, Most Beautiful; Georgia Cowan, third; and Bobi Duncan, fourth. Back - Sam, MC, and Karen Mitchell, entertainer. Not pictured was Angie Carlisle, contestants' favorite. 7. Bobette Hollingsworth, Most Beautiful, 1973, takes her walk. 8. The 28 beauties on parade. Audrey Street struts her way across the stage. Glad the zipper held, Audrey! 9. We practiced - and practiced - so we could be letter-perfect April 19.First group of 28 beauties - If .', Left to Right: Christye Candle, Sheila Stevens, H f Beth Crook, Brenda Sanders, tY Marilyn Janies, Georgia V f Cowan, Martha Bourland, I Audrey Street, Beth Lang- 1 ford, Terry Wax, Pat VjJ Evans, Lisa Sanderson, ■ - 1HHH i Vicki Hollingsworth. Second group: Janie Con-will, Bobi Duncan, Vanessa Ghoston, Robin Humphries, Antoinette Smith, Angie Carlisle, Denise Morrow, Melody Dryden, Diana Banks, Sandi Hath-cote, Laurie Randle, Charlotte Pierce, Laura Williams, Brenda Chism. 17 Miss AHS's from 1950-1973 came back to be an honored part of the eleventh annual Beauty Revue. Don Weatherall, one of the faithful workers, staples South America to the flat. 1. Chairman Barry Wax caught using the broom. 2. Susan Sparks and Mrs. Burnett get Africa ready to hang. 3. We worked right through dinner, didn't we, Steve and Christy? 4. Christy Baker and Sheila Howell "ribbon-off" the parents' seats. 5. Mr. Riley's class fixed our run-way for us. 6. Susan Sparks also knows how to sweep. 7. Terry Rutledge was our "sound man".... SENIOR BANQUET ... 1. Everyone stands by while Laurie and Mike do all the dirty work. 2. What's so funny? 3. May I have this dance? Background for senior banquet drawn by Pam Marion. 4. Is it good, Laurie? 5. Always knew that old saying "Smoke follows beauty" was true! Mr. Riley, Mr. Justice and the other men on the faculty cook the steaks for the seniors. 6. "I'll put a stop to THAT, Laura!" says Brenda as she and Laura clown while decorating for the banquet. 7. Jamie the juggler! The Best! 8. Ruthledge and his rare bird in a predicament. 82The Senior Banquet - an event eagerly waited for. This year the juniors chose May 10 and a circus theme; the menu -steaks, baked potatoes, salad, and strawberry shortcake. Clowns served the food and balloon men wandered around hawking their wares, while Tern Rutledge and his rare bird competed for attention with Jamie Haskell and his juggling. Carolyn Turner urged everyone to come look at the w?ild tiger (which actually got out of its cage!), to buy some popcorn from "tuffie” Tony McLarty or have his fortune' told by Madame X (Antoinette Smith). 1. Pickin’ and a Grinin’. Our live entertainment. 2. Sandra Kyle and Kathy wait patiently for their food. 3. Nedra, Susan, and Joyce wrap the posts the afternoon before. 4. Tommy, Dow, Ronnie and Terry look serious about the whole thing - or maybe hungry? 5. Joyce Murphry, the tightrope performer, watches Mrs. Wise truck it on down. 6. Becky and Frankie listen to the band. 7. Christy tells it like it’s gonna be . . . 8. Terry takes his turn at the mike. 83 A TRIBUTE TO MR. BURROW 1. Mr. Jim Burrow, assistant superintendent, became acting superintendent March 15 and guided us through a rough time. A long-time associate of Mr. Hayman's, he was a close personal friend and carried on in the "Hayman way. " 2. Mr. B. addresses the initiates of the National Honor Society. 3- He prepares to award the diplomas. 84ODDS AND ENDS .. .z "3 1. Coach Thomas and Curtis Washington talk over procedure during practice session. 2. Tim Roye demonstrates how to life weights under that hot August sun. 3. Alfonso McMillian catches a pass during pre-season work.1. 1st Row: Paul Fullerton, (MGR.), Dennis Johnson, Adolphus McMillian, Dwight Keeton, James Grant, John Creekmore, Roy Freeman, Kent Davis, Barry Gilleylen, Mark Lantrip, (MGR. ); 2nd Row: Johnny Whitfield, Alfonso McMillian, Tony Smith, Mike Baughman, Barry Jones, Walter Archer, Roy Dale Lindsey, Lancaster Blair, Ricky Brasfield, (MGR.); 3rd Row; Robert Spratt, Tim Roye, Curtis Washington, Kenny Parchman, Billy Dobbs, Artis Gilleylen, A1 Riggins, James Gilleylen, Dow Pickle, "Homer" Cadden, Joey Taylor; 4th Row; Coach John Thomas, Coach Tommy Parish, John McCommon, Walter Thornton, Ronald Sims, Donnell Adams, Thomas Blair, Coach Earl Stevens, Coach Jerry Lyons. 2. Edward Thornton stopped by an Aberdeen tackier. 891. Amory (dark jerseys) vs. Aberdeen. A1 Riggins drops Aberdeen ball player. Jim Grant (22), Robert Spratt (60), Thomas Blair (88), Dow Pickle (74), Mitchell Davis (44), Billy Dobbs (65), and Dwight Keeton (20) move in. f.704 2. QB Brent Jones (10) fires a pass during Aberdeen game. 3. Edward Thornton catches a pass as Ronald Sims blocks. 4. Johnny Whitfield sweeps around end as Jim Grant and Billy Dobbs rush in.1. Amory (dk. jerseys) vs. Columbus Caldwell. Thomas Blair (88) and Alfonzo McMillian (37) bang into a Columbus ball carrier. 2. Coaches Lyons and Stevens talk it over. 3. Mitchell Davis (44) carries the ball as Dow Pickle (74) and Joey Taylor come to help. 4. Amory's no. 38, Theodus Gillon, gets going against Starkville. 911. QB Jones anxiously watches. 2. Kent Davis (30) is stopped cold. 3. Amory tacklers stop a Starkville ball carrier. 4. Robert Spratt, Joey Taylor, and Thomas Blair put the hurt on a Stark ville runner. 5. Roy Dale Lindsey (59), Joey Taylor (76), and Billy Dobbs (65) make a ■■■■■■ V V ‘4BEHIND THE SCENES . . zvmdJUBILA TION ... JUBILATION describes the spirit of the basketball team during the last part ol the season. After a slow start, the team picked up speed and after Christmas played many exciting games, going into overtime in 3 games. The total lost was 12; total won, 16. They advanced to the finals or semi-finals in the Aberdeen Invitational Tournament, the District Tournament and the Monroe County, which they won. Scores OPPONENT US Nov. 19 Nov. 20 Nov. 30 ‘ Dec. 5, 6, 7 Dec. 1 Dec. 13, 14, 15 Dec.'18 Dec. 20 Jan. 3,4,5 Jan. 8 Jan. 11 Jan. 12 Jan. 15 Jan. 17, 18, 19 Jan. 22 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 Feb. 5 Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 12 Feb. 14, 15, 16 Aberdeen 52 59 Columbus Lee 63 50 New Albany 42 50 Aberdeen Invitational Tournament West Point 58 70 Aberdeen 54 52 Starkville 83 46 Columbus Invitational Tournament Aberdeen 56 71 Columbus Lee 82 72 Nettle ton 67 53 Aberdeen 60 71 Tupelo Invitational Tournament Shannon 67 52 Tupelo 43 38 Fulton 50 74 Corinth 67 62 Oxford 65 70 Monroe County Tournament Hamilton 43 66 Hatley 39 45 West Point 51 62 Columbus Cald. 52 56 Little Ten Tournament New Albany 58 60 Fulton 60 66 Columbus Lee 73 54 West Point 35 56 Houston 48 51 District Tournament Booneville 60 46 Varsity Squad: Kneeling, Norris Burns, Mike Young, Carl Gilleylen, Dwight Smith, Standing: Mike Ramsey, Ren-ford Marsh, Willie Burley, Charles Dixon, Alfonso Mc-Millian, Billy Dobbs, Lynn Loden. 951. B-team - Kneeling: Tucker Smith, Adolphus McMillian, Sammie Crump; Standing: Ronnie Freeman, Dexter McKinney, Mike Ward, Walter Thornton, George Vance. 2. Mike Young outruns his opponent. 3. Byron Rule and Kevin Andress make a valiant try. 4. Good jump, Charles! 5. Freshman Lynn Crump competes with an opponent in a jr. high game. 6. Alfonzo McMillian dares someone to take the ball away.ON THE LINKS AND CINDERS . . . The links . . . The golf team made up of Scott Kent, Mike Ward, Jamie Haskell, Steve Herrington, and Barry Jones, improved as the season advanced. They are looking forward to the 74-75 season, for all of them will be experienced. The cinders . . . Track had the most successful season in the history of Amory High School, winning five of six meets. Little Ten was ours for the fourth year in a row and the District and Journal Relays, ours for the first time. Five journeyed to North Mississippi at Greenwood and brought back the following scores: Linda Hampton - baseball throw, 1st; Charles Dixon - discus, 3rd; Kent Davis - high hurdles, 2nd; low hurdles, 3rd; Roy Freeman - low hurdles, 2nd; pole vault, 6th; Sammie Crump - long jump, 5th.. .. THE CHAMPIONS 1. Track team members Kneeling Left to Right; Melvin Morgan, George Vance, Robert Marsh, Alvin Small, Edward Thornton, Arthur Elmore, Ronnie Freeman, Standing: David Rushing, Billy Dobbs, Walter Thornton, Charles Dixon, Alfonzo McMillian, Johnny Whitfield, Sammie Crump, Coach Stevens, 2. A .good hand-off! 'Fonzo to Walter. 3. Linda proudly shows her two ribbons. 4. Junior high girls, Betsy Clements, Melanie Ashley, Brenda Isbell. ... IN ACTION . . . 5. We're Number One! jubilant team at track meet. 6. George Vance pushes it! 7. Junior high team added some points. Kneeling Randy Moreland, Teddy Thompson, Robert Blair, Van Childers; Standing: Jay Fooshee, Billy Haskell, Kevin Andress, Coach Stevens. 8. We watched Linda defeat Ruby! 9. Varsity girls' team - Margaret McFadden, Paulette Tisdale, Alice Walls, Stacye Nash, Virginia Crump, Thelma Lucas, Darlene Childs, Linda Hampton. 99STATE TRASK WINNERS 1. Kent Davis scored second at the State Track Meet in the hurdles. 2. Linda Hampton scored first in the baseball throw at the State Track Meet. Here she is shown beating Aberdeen's Ruby Rowe in the fifty yard dash - the only time Ruby c had been defeated this season. 3. A jubilant fan grabbed Linda after the Row defeat. 4 A space filler . . . Guess who? This year's track season ended on a triumphant note, because for the first time in the history of Amory High School, we had two state winners. Also for the first time we tent six to the North Mississippi Track Meet and won six meets during the season.1. We all went out - and won the Little Ten! First Row, Left to Right: Keith Shields, Ricky Brasfield, Jay Horne, Steve Thompson, Terry McIntosh, Bob Baines, Larry Cross; Second Row: Teddy Thompson, Mike Brasfield, Mike Young, Ricky Harmon, Kent Davis, Curtis Washington, Leroy McIntosh; Third Row: Coach Newman, Daryl Lloyd, Ronald Sims, Joey Brasfield, Ronald Jackson, Lynn Loden, Brent Jones, Coach Miley, Dennis Smith. 2. Hold It! 3. Does it really take TWO, Jay? 4. Oh-h-h-h! That jarred my teeth! ...ON THE DIAMOND ......ON THE COURTS ... 1. Tennis team members left to right are as follows: Front Row: Debbie Baines, Christy Candle, Dixie Jones, Martha Bourland, Mary Rogers, Mary Smith, Helen Smith, Laurie Randle (manager), and Miss Theresa Roth, coach. Back Row: David Word, Ronnie Hall, John Creekmore, James Grant, Greg Jones, Mike Nerren, Greg Maples, Jimmy Huffman. 2. Dixie Jones, girls' singles. Up on your toes, Dixie! 3. James Grant, boys' doubles. "Earl" really believes in putting his whole body into a swing. 4. Christy Candle, girls’ doubles. You'd think we had turned the radio on for Christy, the way she dances around. 103 5. Martha Bourland, girls' doubles. What kind of swing is THAT, Martha? 6. Ronnie Hall, boys' doubles. Ronnie swings better when he sticks his tongue out. 7. Greg Jones, boys' doubles. Tennis is Greg's "racquet"! Ace 'em again, Greg! 8. John Creekmore, mixed doubles. John gets in an easy strokei he knows he's got this one made!OUR SPIRIT-LIFTERS Cheering at games makes up only half of the cheerleaders' responsibilities . . . practicing, thinking up new routines, making signs, drawing symbols to put oji lockers, take up hours of "free" time. Spectators see the result and seldom consider how much each girl sacrificed to pro- duce this result. 1. Laurie Randle, Sandy Hathcote, Nedra Tabbert at a bonfire. 2. Head-cheerleader Martha Bourland conducts a pep rally in the gym. 3. Sandy Hathcote, Laurie Randle, Vicki Hollingsworth, Linda Hampton, Beth Langford, Audrey Street, Nedra Tabbart leaps for the sky. 4. It's your turn, Laurie! 105 Young 2. Track Awards - Kent Davis, Johnny Whitfield, Linda Hampton (not pictured; see page 100). 3. Baseball Awards - Brent Jones, Jay Home, Ronald Sims. 4. Football Awards - Kneeling, Mitchell Davis; Standing, Left to Right - Brent Jones, John Creekmore, Ronald Sims. 5. Tennis Awards - Christy Candle, Jim Grant, Martha Bourland.1. We study our history lesson. 2. Daylight savings time is painful for all of us, huh, Mr. Owen? 3. Mrs. Griffith gives extra advice free. 4. Some of us listen, and some of us watch the hall. 5. Yes, we did take our showers, Mrs. Stevens! 6. The Boogie King is listening! 7. Lunch-time at A. H.S. - 8. Uh, oli! We knew we ought to have studied last night. 9. Nedra performs. 10. My .crayfish just crawled off, Mrs. McCullen! 11. Another lunchtime, AHS style.PANORAMA Record of Our School ActivitiesPUBLIC A TIONS 1. Ad staff finances the PANORAMA: Beth Crook, Susan Sparks, Faye Carole Sibley, Mariana Williams, Beverly Sims. 2. Beverly Cox draws off a page. 3. Peptomist staff - 1st Row; Kathy Pickle, Debi Nicholson, Susan Sparks, Joan Golden, Beverly Cox; 3rd Row: Beverly Sims, Faye Carole Sibley, Beth Langford, Audrey Street, Nedra Tabbert; Standing: Tony McLarty, Bobi Duncan, Marty Polk, Christy Baker, Daryll Lloyd, Mary Smithson, Teresa Tomlin, James Gilleylen, Vanessa Ghoston. 4. Editor Mariana in an unguarded moment. 113THE PEPTOMIST ... REACH OUT FOR KNOWLEDGE .. 1. Last year's National Honor Society members: Carl Gilleylen, Vicki Lockhart, Clay Harrington and Shirley Hughes. 2. Christy Baker lights her candle. How come her hands weren't shaking like the rest of us? I 3. President Carl is in t I charge. I 4. How does it feel to be I the only boy, "Earl"? I 5. Honor Society on ex-Jjj hibit. Someone's candle PCBt I was put. I 6. After the program, all the members the 8 National Honor I Society enjoyed the reception in the lobby. I 7. Anyone for punch? ,,ilUrl 1. Sure enough, Don collapsed after it was all over. 2. Bernard and Joyce seem to think rehearsals are fun while Marianna- is serious about them. 3. The Thespians met several times to talk over the different playjs they were reading before settling "on "Time Out for Ginger." 4. Miss Gaddis seems piqued about something. Were you the reason, Vicki?“TIME OUT . 5. | How did Mark spread the paint? V-E-R-R-Y-Y carefully! 6. .-Are the others really holding you up on the canvas, Bobi? 7. ' Girls CAN TOO drive nails - clear through to the floor! Right, Mrs. Burnett? 8. Jan is telling you all about it, gang, so listen carefully. 9. - Mom and the two older sisters look over the speech that 1 started all the trouble. 10. Daryl and Bernard, the high school principal and the boss at Pop's bank, seem to enjoy the family's predicament. 11. -The maid, Audrey Street, did not miss a single practice session or a single game after little sister joined the football team. 12. Banker Bernard forgets his dignity. 13. ‘r Ginger's boyfriend, Bo Miller, pulls a disappearing act when he hears her coming.THROUGH CHRISTIAN SERVICE . 1. T enth grade officers: Beverly Sawyer, vice-president; Sheila Loden, secretary; SuzyTubb, president; T erry Wax, treasurer. 2. Tracy and Laura help out at the Teachers' Tea. 3. Eleventh, twelfth grade officers: Sheila Stevens, president, 11th grade; Audrey Street, secretary-treasurer, 11th grade; Linda Hampton, president, 12th grade. Not pictured, Laurie Handle, vice-president, 11th; Betty Williams, sec ret ary-treasurer, 12th. 4. Ninth grade officers: Kim Leech, president; Zoe Newman, vice-president Betsy Clements, secretary; Carol Williams, treasurer. 5. Nedra, Audrey and Sheila preside at the recption honoring the former Miss AHS. 6. Stacye and Lisa look over the presents for the Christmas box. 7. JoAnn gives the devotional. 119to Understand Different NationalitiesSpanish Club 1. Romeo, Ken Polizzi, pleads with Juliet, Martha Reeves. 2. Tony McLarty and Mike Brasfield pick up the remaining pieces of Romeo. 3. Spanish Club watches as fellow club members perform. 4. The Homecoming Parade. Teresa Tumlin and Ken Polizzi get a free ride. '('lUstitX 5. A great impersonation by Edward Thornton and Mike Ward. 6. Friar Susan Sparks doesn't take the plot too seriously since she wrote it. 7. We wrote the Spanish Club Constitution - in Spanish yet! i 8. Oscar winning performance of a dog by Mark Wilkerson. You look natural, Mark! 121 The following group represented the local FBLA at State Convention in Oxford and came back with the plaque for the number one club again. First Row, Left to Right: Amy Sullins, Sheila Howell, Shirley Hughes, Jan West, Marilyn James, Sandi Doss, JoAnn Reeves, Beth Crook; Second: Tracy Moreland, Carol Lankford, Lady Bryan, Brenda Chism, Debbie Bailey, Laurie Randle, Janice Worthey, Christy Baker; Third: Beverly Cox, Charlotte Pierce, Cindy Stanford, Beverly Sims, Antoinette Smith, Mariana Williams, Faye Carole Sibley, Steve Stockton; Fourth: Ronald Sims, Neil Crook, Greg Maples, Greg Jones, Lee Cadden, Joe McCommon, Jamie Haskell; Last: Tony McLarty, Ricky Goodwin, Lynn Loden, Joe Moore, Ronnie Thornton, Terry Rutledge. Ol 3 1. FBLA group numbers 127. 2. Mariana and J my work on "Crook Bandito". |3. "The Scarlet Reign" plans its program: Joe Moore, Rick1 Goodwin, Lynn Loden, Lee Cadden; Back Row: Cindy Stanford, Greg Jones, Terry Rutledge, and lames Pettigrew. 124 LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING” . . .. . Training Business Leaders . . . Homemakers . . ... DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP . . STUDENT COUNCIL 1. Seated Left to Right: Kathy Wamble; Beth Crook; Beverly Sawyer; Melody Dryden; Bernard Lloyd; Brent Jones, president; Charles Moreland, vice-president; Ronnie Hall; Vanessa Ghoston, secretary; Standing: Ronald Sims; Christy Baker; Walter Thornton; A1 Riggans; Mr. Wilson, sponsor of the Student Council; and Casey Harrison. 2. We CARE . . . Ronald Sims solicits some change from Ricky Goodwin. 3. We VOTE . . . student council sponsors all elections. Activities during the year - 1. Handled publicity for the Beauty Revue. 2. March of Dimes 3. Sponsored Billy Graham Film, SAFETY TALK BY A RACE CAR DRIVER.HI-Y CLUB Though small in number the Hi-Y is an extremely active club. For the last ten years it has won the highest honor the state gives. Activities this year have included church devotions each month and several roadblocks for drives. Members are Mark Lantrip, Daryll Lloyd, Jamie Haskell, Chipper Brown, Kenny Parchmen, Lynn Loden; sponsor, Mr. B.B. Jones. I...IN REBUTTAL . .. 1. This year's debate team consists of Bernard Lloyd, Daryl Lloyd, Carolyn Turner, and Faye Carole Sibley. Mr. Mike Justice is the sponsor. They participated in the District Tournament, and Daryll and Bernard advanced to North Mississippi. 2. "Parting is such sweet sorrow. " Isn't it, Mike and Melody? 3. Whom did you vote for, Lee? 4. Sheila and Bernard entertain at the Junior-Senior banquet. 5. What did you decide, Jim? 6. Antoinette ties Mitchell's tie.For first time in 18 years Panther Band acclaimed superior BY BONNIE PARIIAM "It s what's up front that counts ’, a phrase popularized several years ago by the Madison Avenue advertising geniuses, was borrowed recently by a judge at the State Band Festival in Jackson to comment on the Amory High School Panther Band "I congratulate all of you on a job well done.” wrote Dean Dowdy of Madisonville. Ky. “Especially do I recognize the director; for really, ‘It’s whatz up front that counts’. You students, the school and community, I am sure, are aware of the leadership you have here. Congrats! A fine one to go home on!’’ The 88-member Amory High School Panther Band, under the direction of Ernest Cadden Jr., received superior ratings in all categories of competition at the festival-concert, sight reading, marching, and inspection. In addition. Pat Patterson received superior in drum major and student conductor “Obviously a creative tea cher at work.” wrote |)r David McCormick of Soutliens tern 1 Louisiana College. Ham mond. I i . who was also a judge. "I Iio|k the community is aware of the high level ot teaching real find teaching An interesting hand ” Dr. James Wilcox, also from Southeastern Louisiana College, wrote of the local band and director, “Splendid in all respects Good showmanship. good arrangements, excellent capabilities humor and competence combined. A superb show Congrat ulations to a great group of young people and director ” “The band plays carefully and musically,” wrote Wilbur Hinton of Auburn University, judge for the sight reading competition. “Director Knows a good job of briefing the band The band is neat and attentive.” Walter Brazeniok of Southeastern Louisiana College, commented on the appearance of the group: “A fine, well groomed group. Discipline and orderliness is outstanding ” “Needless to say. I’m plenty proud of my kids,” said Mr. Cadden. “They deserve all the applause they received and more They’re a fine group of youngsters." This was the first time in 18 years that the Amory Panther Band has received superior ratings in all categories of the state competition and it's pretty apparent that Mr. Dowdy’s comment on “what’s up front” is ap - opriate. In 1970, when Mr. Cadden returned to his home town to take over as director of the Panther Band, he had 29 members in the group the first year Undaunted because oi the size of his little band. Mr. Cadden took the group to Jackson where they received one rating of excellent, one of good, and two fair. The next year he had 68 members and entered the group in the Tupelo Fair Parade and the Tupelo Marching Contest where they rated superior. They’ve come home with the same rating since. “Three things have contributed to the tremendous improvement in the band during recent years,” said Mr. Cadden “We’ve had wonderful supjMiit from the administration and the school hoard and a great deal of cooperation and interest from band pa rents and the general community One of the major reasons tor the solid progress we’ve bail, however, is due to Bob Taylor, who has been responsible lor the rejuvenation in the Middle School hand ” Mr Taylor is Middle School band director and also director ot the High School stage bands Mr. Cadden refuses to accept the credit due him for the exceptional progress of the Panther Band However, lie is one of the most outstanding school band directors in the state and is rccogliizcd state wide and nationally Son of Mr. anil Mrs Ernest Cadden Sr . Mr. Cadden liooame interested in miisie while a small child, according lo his mother. “lie was about II years old when he received Ins first musical instrument.” Mrs Cadden related “Someone gave the pi« ce to him anil he look il to Richard Hollis for help putting it together. He Ihoughl it was a clarinet, hut when they got it assembled it was a flute. He returned the flute and Inter we brought him the clarinet he wanted ” In Ihe sixth grade, he began studying music and entered bis first band contest that year Throughout high school lie continued to excel in his music Following his graduation in I9f»2. hi entered Ihe University ol Mississippi and played first chair clarinet for throe years. Ihs senior year he was assistant band director. In |9f»6 lie received tbe B A Degree in Music Education and lx came director of the ;l .eland High School Band that tail. He remained there 14 years. Mr. Cadden returned to the University of Mississippi and received the Master’s Degree hi Music Education in 1964 He has been co-direclor of the Mississippi Lions All State Band three times Nice, France, where the band won first place in international competition in 1962, the international convent! »n in New York where flic omul presented a concert hi Rockefeller Plaza in 1%6; and Pensacola, Fla. in 1969. Mr Cadden is a member oi the American School Band Directors Assoc iation and has served two terms as president of the Hand Division of Mississippi Music Educators Association He has also been treasurer two terms in the Mississippi Music Education Association and has served as conductor of the Greenville symphony orchestra four years. He is a member of the National Band Association, past president of Northwestern Mississippi Band Association and the Northeast Mississippi Band Association, and has served as clinician and adjud uator in Mississippi. Tennessee. and Arkansas. Mr. ('ad-den is a member of Phi Beta Mu. national music educators fraternity, serving as state president m 1906. and is a member ol First ('hair of America. The Amorian received the recognition he deserved when he was awarded the Order of the Silver Horn in 1968. The presentation is in “recognition of the accomplishments of the things for which the award stands: The highest Standards of musicianship, high moral character; ability to work.with his colleagues in the development of Ins profession; self-discipline and this taught to Ins students; outstanding trails ot character, integrity, mdiistrioUMiess, humility, jus lice, kindness, loyalty, efficiency. olK-dicnce to authority, |M rsevcrance. pride, dignity. and a sense of humor; inspiration to his students; his first interest, outside of his family is i.» lx a good teacher.” The Silver Horn is awarded only to those whose accoin plishineiits m the field of school music are of the highest national standards. The following year, in 1969, In was presented in Sc hove Musician as one of the ten most outstanding hand directors in the United States and CanadaPANTHER BAND RATES 1. Fat leads the band down the field. 2. Nlr. Cadden leads the band in a stirring pep sour during a football game. 3. The Band Council - Carolyn Turner, Christy Baker, I.ynn Patterson. Sheila Stevens, Beth Crook. Faye Carol Sibley. Clay Simmons. Ricky Goodwin. Pal Patterson.TOPS AT AHS . . .FRENCH CLUBSENIORS HA VE THEIRMOMENTS ... а. Top: Robin, and Melody listen attentively to the representative from Millsaps during Senior Night. 2. 8:00 just came too early for Curtis. 3. L nn Hadaway and Ricky Goodwin make sure their invitations are all there. 4. Charlotte and Janie help distribute the invitations. David Clements finally gets his. 5. Paying for those invitations really relieves you of a lot of money, right, Hal, Tommy, and Kathy? б. No wonder Carl Gilleylen was voted Most Intellectual Boy. He's always deep in thought. 7. Curtis, Carl, and Loretta look serious about it all. 8. Michael helps hold the building up. 9. Harold grins sheepishly as Mrs McCullen measures him for a cap. 10. Do you have any cards left, Ricky? Sure Vicki. 11 Frankie is already filling out applications for college. Smart girl, Frankie 12. Several of the seniors listened as the representative from Ole Miss told of opportunities available. 13. "Bean" gets a warm hand clasp from Mrs. McMillan. 14. Harold Cox and Terry Gamer check and rccheck their 137 invitations1. Mr. Hatfield delivers the rings. 2. Mr. Cadden confesses to Santa. 3. Pam tells a secret. 4. Barry and Clay actually study. 5. Baby, it's lonesome out here. 6. Miss McGlohn means it! 7. The FBLA members watch for Santa. 8. Mark flaunts his candy. 9. Audrey writes a letter to Santa. 10. Mrs. McCullen enjoys her test. 11. Litter-bug! 12. 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Hi-Way 278 East Amory LEECH GROCERY EPPERSON-TUBB CHEVROLET Hi-Way 2-78 East Amory Compliments of Moon’s Grocery BECKER, MISS. 256-3474 AMORY GARMENT CO. 147148 BANK OF AMORYBILL’S HAMBURGERS 'Millions Sold' Compliments of: AN- THONY’S MEN’S STORE Two Sisters CUTCLIFF R7 Jimmy Pope’s Used Cars BLACK’S OF AMORY Clothes Shoes for the Whole Family Main St. Amory Sam Stevens ’ Motors A. M. GREEN Clothing Shoes Amory, Ms. . C D LUMBER CO. Hwy. 278 E. 256-3553 A-l Roofing Service Built-Up Shingles Tree Cutting Joe Fowlkes 256-2141 Amory HALL’S Phar- macy 149tqoqool NATIONAL MENS WEAR Factory Outlet E C u R I T Y 256-5943 u Cleaners w a Nicola and Bill Duncan y SEW ’N SO Center Rowan’s Hardware Sporting Goods True Temper Products MOBILE HOMES Shield’s Grocery Hi-way 25 South PEOPLES DRUG CO. 150Monroe County Equipment Co. P. O. Box 342 Amory, Ms. 38821 256-2072 BRYAN’S BIG STAR Hwy. 25 NETTLETON 963-2281 MISS. 963-2223 Compliments of Amory Sheet Metal and Roofing, Heating and Air Conditioning Hwy. 278 East P. O. Box 386 Willhite Roofing Service Verlon Willhite, Owner Phone 256-8903 Chamblee Pest c Control o m P and 1 Fence Co. i m Highway 25 North P. 0. Box 81 e n Joe Chamblee - Owner t s „f A Friend Amory, Mississippi Moore’s Service Station 151WILSON THE TOWEL PAULA'S Beauty ShopFIRST NATIONAL BANK GREENHAW PHARMACY Hi-way 78 East 256-8483 E A D S R T Stanford’s Drive-In "for good eating" 1 1 U Compliments of G Edge’s FINES’S CLEANERS S Grocery Amory □ G YDRUGS TURNERS Compliments of BARBER Prescriptions SHOP Dr. Hodges Cosmetics McDaniel’s and Crystal Hardware Dr. Pierce China OLEN 154 „ , Gifts LANTRIP OptometristsWHITE’S AUTO STORE State Farm Insurance Car - Home - Health - Life KERR-McGEE CHEMICAL CORPORATION The Village Green yard, garden, patio care center Sunflower Food Store 155£chOO QCompliments of AMORY POLICE DEPARTMENT FRANCIS INSURANCE Agency SAV-A- MINIT 128 Bankhead Amory, Ms. ALLEN’S ★ BIG STAR Compliments JOE D. SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Coach Lyons ALEXANDER’S PHARMACY Our company covers the whole familyTUBB PRINTING Murphy’s Radiator Service Liberty Savings n §3 and U Loan Gilmore ShoesAMORY FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS OF , B C MOTORS ! BILLY WALLS £ Highway 25 South S Amory, Miss. FIRESTONE TIRE SERVICE CENTER "Amory's Full Service Tire Center" 217 3rd AVE. N. P. O. BOX 432 Amory, Mississippi 38821 FOUNTAIN GRILL Highway 278 East 256-2658 COMPLIMENTS Me CUTCHEON-BANKS E OF L FURNITURE CO. M 902 N. MAIN 256-5802 0 ROYAL FACTORY R OUTLET E Highway 25 South 256-5882 Amory, MississippiGENERAL SHELTER CORP. MASTERS OF HOUSING P. O. BOX 538 Holleys Cafe Dixie's Variety Texaco T. C. Mize McNeese s TRUE TEMPER CORPOR- ATION A MEMBER COMPANY OF ALLEGHENY LUDLUM INDUSTRIES AMORY PLANT DRAWER E AMORY Compliments of: STERLING STORE Glendale Shopping Center Bobby Lantrip Barbers Pure Milk Co. Black ’s of Tupelo Amory Barber Shop 256-3767 Jo-Mil Pastry Hodges ‘A Friend” Mr. Mrs. Don Wood 161Compliments of: Tommie Hawkins Used Cars CLEAN USED CARS Wholesale Retail AMORY 256-2083 Hwy. 278 W. Geo-Ruff Buick- Olds- Opel Drawer 50 842-2541 Tupelo, Ms. "WHERE NOBODY WALKS AWAY" Amory, Ms. Buy a '75 PANORAMA Compliments of: THE FAMILY SHOP AMORY FLOWER Compliments of: SHOP .J H Appliance w Sk Service "II owers by Mary Nell" A mi Center MllUL y 256-2092 214 S. 6th Street Amory Amory High School History Department John Wilson, X. L. Gray Conwill, Danny Golding, Sank Owen, Tommy ParishDowntown Columbus Compliments E. E. Pickle Funeral Home, Inc Reed s Leigh Mall Tupelo Mall 164 Trace Drive Inn 'Movies are better under the stars! Amory HAVE A GREAT YEAR AT AHS! R. M. HENDRICK GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE Jackson, Mississippi Class rings - invitations - diplomas caps 'n gowns Brasfield Horne Furniture Company Marlin — Harris Lincoln - Mercury 307 N. Main Street Amory, Ms. 38821 575 Daybrite Dr, Tupelo, Ms. 38801 Phone: 256-2815 WAMY WCLJ AM 'ip FM 1580 Q 95.3 megs. Mostly music 18 hours a dav Donnie Conn Men's stvlist barber THEKUT RITE 115 N. Main Amory Compliments of A. G. HICKS, JR. R B Auto Parts Amory, Ms. SAVE with us! PURNELL’S PRIDE PRIDE makes the difference Doubly your insurance agent delicious because Phone 256-2645 P. O. Box 218 it's fresh! Wright-Buxton Jewelry Box 1527 Tupelo Class rings in the modern manner 30 types of stone - initials - mascots - diamondsL. G. BALFOUR COMPANY BIG FOUR PONTIAC CADILLAC COMPANY Class rings - pins - medals -Trophies - Plaques - Diplomas -Invitations - Club Insignia Box 83, JACKSON Nicky Drake Larry Hatfield Henry Flowers Ed Copeland Virgil Melohn "More people ride on Goodyear" COOD YEAR THE CLOTH BASKET BUD and STEMMAT $ Me Cullen's Grocery METRO PANTS Industrial Park 256-7147 We manufacture men's and "We deliver" TUPELO boy’s dress pants i • •’•'•if; i«i • •• • ... .( ♦»• • » ■• ••• •••!• •Nrw •«• • • • • • - •, •• :t%: 4t • % • - • • • • • I I •H » «.« 0 9 • 4 » • V • « • • 4 . 4 » • I • ••• 4 • t' • I « 4i li%tl »• • • • • • • • - • . » • • ► • jjr • •• - Mr •! M r »• » I I ♦ 4 . •!« . .( i » -H -M -. ;i • N 0 4 0 0 9 0 • . • •- ♦ • I • •» 4wrnr % ill • '|4 TIOTlifr • • 1111!! ?ll}f ?!if Hliniff ; ; .. ;:?t Jj ' • • f • HBl Uiiu: ■Ilf jiiih imf: . 5 • • n:ss: i •■ I'-HiHili •»•« iii snntit • »nn» 11 i i:;;::; in?:; liilil ?; fi i 7MJ : J •« ;jmn] ! 1'3 . 117 inti; it.

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