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IMA GES OF AMOR Y HIGH PANORAMA 1973 FRANK PAGE NAN ELLIOTT, CO-EDITORS LA MONT CO WDEN, BUSINESS MA NA GER MISS JEFFIE ROBINSON, SPONSORTRADITION — treasures of past efforts and accomplishments. 1. Students . . . shut up! 2. Mrs. Beachamp - the past. 3. The never ending lunch line. 4. 3:10 bell. 5. The hard working student. 6. Basketball ... a lot of hustle. 7. Repondez-vous, s'il vous plait. 8. "Teachers, we have entirely too many people in the halls. " 31. Students enjoy breakfast. 2. Mrs. Hood and Mrs. Griffith. 3. Students studying diligently? 4. ... give me the book! 5. ... pals, Duke and David. 6. Debbie lends a helping hand.— FRIENDSHIP — “a gift you give yourself. 1. Students support Panthers at Aberdome. 2. They've got that ball, so take it away! 3. Spirited faculty at pep rally. 4. Michael takes it away. 5. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! 6. Panthers discuss last minute details.SPIRIT — an undaunted attitude; a winning spirit.PARTICIPA TION — recognition in a world of activity.INDIVIDUALITY — doing your own thing;being yourself.1. Mike and Pat ... do you do the break- down? 2. Audrey ... a happy moment. 3. Contestants await the judges final decision. 4. Laurie and Antoinette. 5. Congratulations, Bobbette! i 12EMOTION --- sensitive to fellow students PURPOSE — a to reach . . . high achievements.1. Planning for the Beauty Revue. 2. Guidance counselor gives aid. 3. Now let's take that from the top! 4. Enid, or bust! 5. Panorama editors plan yearbook. 6. Student council holds election. 15D ) CA TION . . . MR. B. B. JONES "As a teacher I have tried to go beyond the textbooks into the character - stressing honesty, goodness, and making each life count for something. ..Surely I owe more than mere gratitude for God-given talents and energy and for the privileges, opportunities and freedom this country has given to me to develop them. And the only way I can repay them is to work with children. No joy runs deeper than the feeling that I have helped a youth to stand on his own two feet." 1819FEATVRESThe Peptomist The Voice of the Panther AMORY HIGH SCHOOL. AMORY. MISSISSIPPI. MONDAY. DECEMBER It. 1 72 Nostalgia Evident in Election There are often memories of high school days that dominate the rest. “I’ll always remember the good athletic teams we had when I was in high school. My sophomore year our basketball team went to the state tournament, and my junior year our football team went to a bowl game,” remi-nised Debbie. “But most important, I’ll remember the friends that I made throughout my high school years. Larry will always remember the experiences he had as a member of the Panther Football team. After graduation Larry plans to attend college and major in physical education. He hasn’t decided the particular college. Before going to the University of Mississippi and majoring in math, Debbie plans to attend IJC for two years. The student body selected these two from a ballot of students who acquired a petition with fifteen signatures. Nan Elliott, Sheila Smith, Lori English, Merilee McKinney, and Debbie competed for the title of Miss AHS. David Darden, Sammy Haskell, and Larry ran for the position of Mr. AHS. After the first ballot was cast, neither of the candidates received a majority of the student vote. A run-off was held between David and Larry; Debbie and Sheila. Larry and Debbie came out on top. Debbie, Larry selected as Who’s Who Elite “It is something that rarely occurs in a school’s history, and I am grateful that the student body selected Debbie Clement and me to make this coincidence happen in Amory High School’s history,” remarked Larry Palmer, Amory High’s new Mr. AHS. Larry is referring to the year 1952, when his father, Mr. Dickie Palmer, and Debbie’s mother, Mrs. Rosemary Wiygul Clement, were chosen Mr. and Miss AHS. The student body chose Larry and Debbie, like their parents 21 years ago, as its ideal students in an election with all grades voting. Throughout her four years of high school, Debbie has participated in Y-Teens, Mississippi Junior Historical Society, Spanish Club Peptomist staff, and A-Club. She served as sophomore class favorite, a cheerleader for three years, vice president of FBLA this year, and senior homecoming maid. Larry is a member of FBLA, French Club, Mississippi Junior Historical Society, and A-Club. He was selected vice president of Hi-Y, sports editor of the Panorama; he has lettered two years as wingback and defensive back on the Panther Football team..» V MR. AND MISSAHS 1. Mark Jones 2. Eddie Brantley 3. Jimmy Moore 4. Cindy Oakes TV 5. Frank Page 6. Randy Hollis 7. David Darden 8. Sheila Smith9. Sam Haskell 11. Randy Maples 10. Debbie Clement 12. Lee WilliamsA WARDS — HONORS 1. A line-up of trophies added to the trophy case this year. 2. ALL THE WINNERS— FIRST ROW, Judy Wall, Debbie Clement, Bobette Hollingsworth, Jan West, Priscilla Conway; SECOND ROW, Larry Palmer, Randy Maples, Lee Barnett, Frank Page, David Darden, Danny Hath-cock; THIRD ROW, Tommy Stevens, Pat McKinney, Burley Finnie, Mike Bailey. 3. Cleve Weaver and Stan Herring won these at the Plymouth Troubleshooters Contest in Jackson.1. Eddie Brantley, STAR student, recognizes his STAR teacher, Mr. Miley. 2. Danny Hathcock, DeKalb Agricultural Award, examines our magnolia tree. 3. Good citizens all- Frank Page, Debbie Clement, Glenn Citizenship Award; David Darden, Priscilla Conoway, American Legion Post No. 239 Good Citizens Award. 4. Randy Maples smiles as Mr. Coy Glenn presents him with a $300 scholarship to State. 5. Judy Wall, DAR Citizenship Award and Jan West, DAR American History Award. 6. Lee Barnett accepts a $100 scholarship from the I.R. Longnecker Foundation. 7. Tommy Stephens won the Vocational Scholarship. 8. Mr. Hayman congratulates the GOLDEN PANTHERS. 9. The parents of the Golden Panthers get recognition. P9WHO’S WHO1. Luke Harris, Priscilla Conoway, Best All-Around. 2. Eddie Brantley, Sharon Walls, Most Intellectual, hope to absorb more knowledge the easy way. 3. Dennis Bolden, Susan Bryan, Panther Athletes look over the new trophies. 4. Frank Page, Karen Harris, Best Dressed. 5. Sharon Walls, Debra Lankford, Judy Wall, Merit Scholars. 6. Randy Maples, Judy Wall, Most Likely to Succeed. 7. Ricky Stevenson, (not pictured) Sandra Bag-well, Wittiest. 8. Sam Haskell, Janice Edwards, Friendliest.1. Cindy Oakes, Golden Panther recipient, is congratulated by mom and Mrs. Edward Bourland. 2. Senior maid, Debbie Clement, is escorted by Bob Haney. 3. One of A. H. S. 's couples talks it over before class. 4. Miss West Amory hopefuls. 5. A top view of A.H.S. 321. Debbie Clement, Senior. 2. Helen Thornton, Senior. 3. Sheila Smith, Senior. 4. Nan Elliott, Senior. 5. Martha Bourland, Junior. 6. Laurie Randle, Sophomore. 7. Diana Banks, Freshman. 35HOMECOMING1972-73 AMOtr ftWTHf 1. George and Sheila. 2. Debe, Debbie, and Jere, hostesses. 3. Jan sings her song. 4. Eddie escorts the queen. 5. Sophomores win float competition. 6. Tommy tells of summer experiences. 7. Homecoming court looks on. 8. Bob and Debbie. 37ROTARY HONOREES •| 1 T A « 1. Sam Haskell, Sheila Smith received $100 bonds as top Rotary Boy and Girl. 2. SITTING- Debbie Clement, Larry Palmer; STANDING, L. TOR.: Luke Harris, Lee Barnett, David Darden, Sheila Smith, Cindy Oakes, Sam Haskell, Sharon Walls, Randy Hollis, Nan Elliott, Eddie Brantley, Janice Edwards, Frank Page. u r i 3840ii: Most Beautiful -Bobette Hollingsworth Elliott4. TOP TEN - Antoinette Smith, Sheila Smith, Cindy Oakes, Nan Elliott, Bobette Hollingsworth, Audrey Street, Sheila Stevens, Bobi Duncan, Karen Harris, and Sandy Hathcoat. 5. Our audience is enthusiastic. 6. Back Stage confusion. 7. Our photographer Buddy Stewart. He donated the publicity that helped make the Beauty Revue so successful.SPOR TS1972-73 A.H.S. FIRST ROW: Brasfield, Bolden, Maples, Jones, Darden, Page, Keeton, Parham, Creekmore, Wright, Freeman, Mooreland. SECOND ROW: Lantrip, Smith,Bailey,Hester, Swan, Harris, Bryan, Thornton, Davis, Palmer, Johnson, Jones, Maples. THIRD ROW: Coach Thomas, Coach Par- FIRST ROW: L. TO R. Darden, Hathcock, Wright, Johnson, Sims, Riggins, Page, Harlow, SECOND ROW: Hood, Moore, McKinney, Jones. 46PANTHERS ish, Archer, Hood, Gamer, Lindsey, Williams, Wright, Moore, Ezell, Coach Stevens,Coach Lyons. FOURTH ROW: Moon, Spratt, Harlow, Riggins, Hathcock, Pickle, Cad-den, Taylor, Me Kinney. FIFTH ROW: S. Haskell. J. Haskell, Sims Washington, Adams, Blair, Finnie. THIRD ROW: L. TO R.: Parham, Finnie, Bryan, Haskell. FOURTH ROW: Palmer, Harris, Haskell, Williams. FIFTH ROW: Creekmore, Wright, Moon, Hester. 47IN DEDICA TION TO: DOUG MAPLES Doug suffered a serious injury while playing for the Panthers. Since then he has displayed courage, faith, and determination and has won the admiration of the student body. 481- Coach Earl Stevens. 2- Head Coach Jerry Lyons. 3- Coach John Thomas. 4- Coach Tommy Parish. 5- Panthers surround Bulldog ball 6- Time out 7- " The Duke" on his way to a 1, 8- The break through. carrier. 025 yards.ABERDEEN INVITATIONAL CHAMPS L. TOR., 1st ROW: G. Maples, Freeman, Moreland, R. Maples, Ramsey, Marsh, Smith, Young, Gilley-len, Brasfield. 2nd ROW: Coach Bill Miley, Ezell, Cmmp, Harris, Dobbs, Nabors, Brantley, K. Ramsey, Jones, Loden, Hood. Micheal Young Eddie Brantley 50 Keith RamseyBrent Jones Mike Ramsey Lynn LodenA.H.S. CELEBRITIES 1. Debbie seems a little distressed. 2. Mrs. Allison gives seniors final instructions before graduation. 3. Mr. Cadden presents band awards to outstanding band member Randy Hollis. 4. The Marett family and Mr. Larry Newman support the baseball team. 53FRESHMAN A THLETICS 1. Track team pauses to pose. 2. Heave ho, my hearty! 3. Cheerleaders work hard and look pretty. 54LITTLE PANTHERSLITTLE TEN AND MONROE COUNTY FRONT ROW, L. TO R.: HOUK, CARTER, PALMER, MORGAN, GLENN; BACK ROW, COACH STEVENS, BLAIR, ROYE, DIXON, WHITFIELD, FREEMAN.CHAMPIONS FOR THE THIRD YEAR FRONT ROW, L. TOR.: BRYAN, CONWILL, CHILDS, HAMPTON (STATE TRACK MEET, 2nd PLACE, BASE BALL THROW); BACK ROW, CRUMP, TISDALE, MACFADDEN. ABOVE- Mike looks unhappy at Aberdeen. LEFT- Jump, Janie!TENNIS 1. TENNIS SQUAD - FRONT ROW, Greg Jones, Jimmie Moore, Pat Bryan; SECOND, Charlotte Pierce, Lisa Wiy-gul, Martha Bourland, Christy Candle, Viki Fikes, Jim Grant; Coach Donnie Pearce, Nan Elliott, Philip Pierce, Cheryl Allan, Eddie Brantley, Sam Haskell. 2. Christie gets off a good one. 3. Eddie patiently waits for his opponent to turn to stone. 4. Greg----(censored). 58LITTLE TEN FRONT ROW: Brasfield, Darden, Harmon, Moreland, Wright, Meadows, Bolden, Robertson, Bailey, Maples, Lantrip. BACK ROW, Coach Larry Newman, Blaylock, Young, Sims, Hood, Jones, Nabors, Home, Loden, Davis, Hester, Fullerton.CHAMPIONSVARSITY L. TO R. - Antionette Smith, Deloris Williams, Nan Elliot, Laurie Randle, Debbie Clement, Bobette Hollingsworth, Martha Bourland, Cindy Oakes, Kathy Jones, Vicki Hollingsworth.CHEERLEADERSall-sports 64BANQUET 1973 1. FOOTBALL AWARDS- David Darden, best offensive back and co-captain; Danny Hathcock, best offensive lineman; Jerrold Hood, best defensive back; Luke Harris, best offensive lineman and co-captain; John Johnson, best offensive back; Dennis Bolden, most valuable player. 2. BASKETBALL - Michael Young, most valuable player; not shown, Sylvester Nabors, most improved and Keith Ramsey, best defense. 3. COACHES'S AWARD- Frank Page and Charles Hester with Coach Lyons. 4. TRACK - Susan Bryan, girls' captain; Linda Hampton, most valuable; Mike Freeman, most valuable; Larry Palmer, boys' captain. 5. BASEBALL - Bert Wright, most improved; David Darden, most valuable player. 6. TENNIS- Martha Bourland, Christy Candle, most valuable players. 65CLUBSSTUDENT COUNCIL Student council at ease. President-Cindy O kes Vice-president-Brent Jones Secretary-Sheila Smith Sponsor-John Wilson MEMBERS-Philip Pierce, Brent Jones, Sam Haskell, Charles Moreland, Greg Jones, Curtis Ezell, Bernard Lloyd, Edward Thornton, Eddie Brantley, Cindi Oakes, Mr. Wilson, Vanessa Gholston, Sheila Smith. 68NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OLD MEMBERS: STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT - JIMMY MOORE, FRANK PAGE, RANDY HOLLIS, EDDIE BRANTLEY, LEE WILLIAMS, SAMMY HASKELL, RANDY MAPLES, MARK JONES, AND MRS. JAMES HOOD, SPONSOR. SEATED - CINDY OAKES AND DEBBIE LANKFORD, FAR RIGHT. INITIATES: SEATED, SECOND FROM LEFT - DEBBIE CLEMENTS, MURIEL WELCH, SHIRLEY HUGHES, CARL GILLEYEN, CLAY HARRINGTON, AND JULIA WALLS. Membership in the National Honor Society is based on character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Inductees must maintain a 3.5 out of a possible 4.0 average for membership. 69PANORAMA 1. PANORAMA STAFF-Beth Crook, Randy Hollis, Frank Page, Larry Palmer, Lisa Wiygul, Mary Rogers, June Johnson, Lamont Cowden, Debbie Hicks, Jeanie Kuykendahl, Mike Burgess, David Darden, Ricky Williams, Nan Elliott, Debbie Bailey, Susan Sparks, Lori Randall, Cathy Pickle, Miss Robinson ON FLOOR. 2. Nan Elliott-do-editor-ponders a question about margins. 3. Frank Page -co-editor-wanders if Buddy Mac took a picture of that crucial play for the Panorama. 704. ADS STAFF - (LEFT TO RIGHT) STANDING; Mary Rogers, Teresa Burdine, Lamant Cowden, Laurie Randle, David Darden, SEATED; Cathy Pickle, Susan Sparks, Debbie Hicks, Beth Crook, Lisa Wiygul. 5. Yearbook staff members and Mr. J.C. Anthony plan special effects. 6. Randy Hollis and Lynn Loden, photographers, practice on John Sparks. 7. HEADS OF STAFF - (LEFT TO RIGHT) Lamont Cowden, ads; Debbie Bailey, Features; Jeanie Kuy-kendahl, ads; Mike Burgess, classes; Larry Palmer, sports; not pictured, Beverly Cox, student life.PEPTOMIST1. News staff looks over results of hard work- Janice Edwards, Nan Elliott, Bobette Hollingsworth, Debbie Bailey, Lamont Cowden. 2. "We're proud of our paper" - entire Feature staff-George Boggan, Myra Woods, Susan Hood, Pam Marion, Sharon Walls, Debbie Lankford, Carole Lankford, Judy Wall. 3. Ad Staff creates original ads- Mark Jones, Bob Haney, Melody Dryden, Cathy Pickle, June Johnson. 4. Ricky Williams sells ice cream for Peptomist and Panorama. 5. Co-editors Sam (Dimple) Haskell and Cindi Oakes make-up a paper. 6. Typists Muriel Welch and Sheila Smith work on the Selectotype. 7. Circulators Cathy Pickle, Viki Fikes and June Johnson deliver new issues to homerooms.FRENCH CLUB To supplement classroom work through programs about French culture. President - Johnny Johnson Secretary - Shelia Smith Vice-President - Janie Conwill Treasurer - Burley Finnie Sponsor - Mrs. L. U. Brooks SPA NISH CL UB To stimulate interest in Spanish among members of the Spanish classes. President - Charles Moreland Secretary - David Fines Vice-President - John Creekmore Treasurer - Roy Dabe Lindsey Sponsor - Mario Ortiz 74FFA Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve. President - David Word Treasurer - Ricky Harmon Vice-President - Jim Roye Sentinel - Roy Murphree Secretary - Ricky Riffe Reporter - Danny Hathcock Sponsor - Mr. Herman Riley FHA To meet today's essential needs, to learn to face responsibility, to learn to know yourself. President - Diane Colburn Treasurer - Hellen Thornton Vice-President - Lori Polk Historian - Betty Williams Secretary - Bobette Hollingsworth Sponsor - Mrs. E. Little, Miss Beth McGloth 75A-CLUB To encourage participation in all sports; to honor those who letter in a particular sport; to contribute to school spirit To create, maintain, and extend throughout home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. President-Frank Page Vice President- Larry Palmer Secretary-treasurer-Lynn Loden Program chairman-Sam Haskell Sponsor-Mr. B.B. Jones 76FBLA President - Eddie Brantley Vice - president - Debbie Clements Secretary - Debbie Randle Treasurer - Shelia Smith Reporter - Janice Edwards Historian - Vicki Fikes, Jere Chism Parlimentarian - Tony Poss Sponsors - Mrs. Susan Wise Mrs. Dee Allison To provide an opportunity for future business leaders of America to acquire additional knowledge of the business world through projects, lectures, district and state meetings and contests, and meetings with businessmen. 77CHORUS To sing, to learn music, to enjoy music. Presidents - Terri Wax, Pat Patterson Publicity Chairmen - Debbie Bailey, Tony Poss Vice-presidents - Nedra Tabbert Sponsor - Mr. Leroy Stuart Secretaries - Beverly Cox, Teresa Laney President - Helen Thornton V. president - Burley Finnie Secretary-treasurer - Linda Hampton Sponsor - Mrs. Juanita Smith LIBRARY CLUB To encourage care of the Library and a desire to read.JR. HISTORICAL SOCIETY To extend knowledge of government and country. President - Eddie Brantley Vice-president - Sharon Walls Sponsor - Mrs. Jane Lancaster Secretary - Myra Woods To study a specific career, to provide opportunities to meet other DECA members and compete against them President - Brent Allen Treasurer - Ricky Stevenson Vice-president - Girthee Evans Reporter - Jimmy Strawbridge Secretary - Myra Woods Parliamentarian - Tommy Basham Sponsor - Mr. James Pettigrew 79DEB A TE To develop ability to present logical clear argument. Sponsor-Mike Justice; Darrel Lloyd, Carolyn Turner, Pam Marion, Bernard Lloyd. THESPIA NS To advance and improve the program of dramatics. BACK ROW-Mr. John Wilson, sponsor; Philip Pierce, Cindi Oakes, Lamont Cowden, Myra Woods, Mike Burgess, Jeanie Kuykendahl; FRONT ROW-Melody Dryden, Sam Haskell, Nan Elliott, Debbie Lankford. 80AMORY HIGH FBLA - OUTSTANDING IN MISSISSIPPI FOR 1973. 1. ALL of us won! 2. Sheila, Vicki, and Janice won top honors in State Contest. Shelia and Janice represented Mississippi in Washington in June. 3. Mr. Jones presents plaque for being outstanding chapter in Mississippi. 4. Janice and Randy were Mr. and Miss FBLA for the district. 81 w m A ■ 3 PRIDE of a hs 821. Mr. Bob Taylor, assistant band director, smiles as bus pulls out for Enid. 2. Clay Simmons, Charles Buchannon, load instruments and uniforms in happy anticipation. 3. We're ready to pull out! 4. Mr. Taylor gives Pat Patterson, Steve Glasgow, Wendy Hothcote, Mary Clements, advice. 5. Lamont Cowden and his English lit. book prepare for a long trip.1. RIFLE GIRLS- Sheila Smith, Julia Cowden, Georgia Cowan, Sheila Howell, Sheila Stevens, Susan Sparks. 2. FLAG GIRLS- Carol Lankford, Pat Hall, Debbie Morris, Teressa Laney, Wendy Hathcock, Dixie Buchanon. 3. Randy Hollis, student conductor, and cowinner of the John Philip Sousa Award with Sheila Smith. 4. Pat Patterson, drum major, won superior at State Band Contest. 5. Color guards Ricky Goodwin, Bo Miller,Jay Hester, Tim Adams, Joey Holloway. 6. Ricky Goodwin, color guard captain. The band attended the TRi-State Band Festival in Enid, Oklahoma, in May, 1973, and brought back three superiors-in concert, marching and parade. It was the only band out of 150 to be rated THE OUTSTANDING BAND IN ALL THREE CATEGORIES. During the marching performance the audience stopped the show 7 times- 4 times for standing ovations. m 3. "I thought my name was funny, but yours?" 6. "x ty t. . .what? 7. What do you mean giving me a U? 9. "I have two of yours already!"CLASSES1. SCIENCE - Faith McCullen and Mike Justice work with titrations. 2. MATH - Eugenia Hood, also a guidance counselor, and Ruth Griffith practice what they teach. 3. VO-TECH SKILL BUILDERS - BB. Jones, B-metal shop; James Little, auto mechanics; Herman Riley, agriculture; Chester McCall, building trades; James Fly, industrial electricity. 4. BUSINESS EDUCATION - James Pettigrew, Susan Wise, Delorise Allison plan week's work. 5. HOME ECONOMICS - Ethel Little and Beth McGlothn inspect the Singer. 6. MUSIC - Earnest Cadden explains how hard the concert music is to Larry Stuart.FACULTY7. COACHING -P.E. department: Donny Pearce, special education and tennis; Lizette Stevens, girls' P.E.; John Thomas, science and football, junior high basketball Earl Stevens, boys' P.E. and football, track; Bill Mi-ley, math, basketball, baseball; Jerry Lyons, driver's ed., athletic rector, football, track; Larry Neuman, assistant principal, math, baseball. 8. ADMINISTRATION - James Burrows, Jean Shumpert, Jean Jessie, Ed Hayman discuss financial situation. 9. SOCIAL STUDIES - Danny Golding, X.L. Gray Con-will, John Wilson, Jane Lancaster prepare for visual ed aid. 10. ENGLISH - Jeffie Robinson, Joanne Walton, Sarah Gaddis, Eldora Raspberry, Beth Brewerton, and librarian, Quanita Smith, look over Phase II material. 11. VO-TECH EMPLOYEES - Bill Hilliard, Jessie Wilson, Sank Owen discuss Mary Jean McMillan, who was unavailable for photo. 12. PRINCIPAL AND ASSISTANTS - Ellen Moon, Eileene Sutton and Larry Marett try to keep up with library role. Not pictured - Mario Ortiz, Helen Brook Spanish and French. Cathy Henry, Speech and English.President: Susie Tubb Vice-president: Cindi Williams Secretary: Teresa Burdine Treasurer: Debbie Moffett FRESHMEN FA VORITES Susie Tubb Cayce HarrisonFRESHMEN Ray Crump Sammie Crump Virginia Crump Annie Adams Nancy Adams Cheryl Allbritton Pam Alsup Teresa Ball Diana Banks Delores Barrett Mike Baughman Jerry Beeks Wanda Beeks Daisy Black Elizabeth Blaylock Cindy Bolden Ricky Booth Randy Brown Bill Buescher Tim Bunch Teresa Burdine Dorothy Burley Youlanda Burns Paul Burroughs Jimmy Cantrell Nick Cantrell Mike Childers Sandra Childers Ricky Chism Mary Clement Carolyn Craig Jeff Creekmore Beth Crook 96FRESHMEN Betty Dankins Judy Danner Kenneth Davis Lynn Davis Tommy Davis James Dobbs Victor Elliott Jamie Finley Susan Finley Tony Fooshee Sandra Foster Donna Funderburg Marty Funderburk Paul Fullerton Janet Gains Tommy Gann Donnie Garner Jimmy Gamer Vanessa Ghoston Artis Gilleyen Tommy Gilleyen Barry Gilleylen James Gilleylen Steve Glasgow Willie Glenn Bobby Gosa Gladney Griffin Lee T. Griffin Leroy Griffin Willie Griffith 97FRESHMEN David Haney Steve Harrington Betty Harris Casey Harrison Wendy Hathcock Kathy Hawkins Pam Herring Jackie Herron David Hill Mark Hodges Susan Hood Kenny Houk Elizabeth Hunsucker Jerry Ivey Ronald Jackson Bobby Jernigan Armelia Johnson Dennis Johnson Doris Johnson Betty Jones Lisa Jones Patti Jones Vincent Justice Teresa Kelly Ricky Kennedy Mike Kent Scott Kent Howard Kimmery Bill Kyle Dale Langford 98FRESHMEN Karen Ledbetter Brenda Lindsay Randy Uye Sheila Loden Jackie Lowe Daryll Lloyd Ricky Lyle Renfro Marsh Robert Marsh Shirley Murphy Ricky McCollum John McCommon Lee McFadden Curtis McKinney Adolphus McMillian Alfonzo McMillian Terry Minich Debbie Moffett Donna Moffett Melvin Morgan Willie Myatt Stacy Nash Steve Nash David Nicholson David O'Connor Kenny Parchman Roger Parker Walter Parks Vanessa Pargo Pat Parish 99FRESHMEN Angie Pearson Billy Pierce John Platz Steve Ponder Annie Rainey Armon Rea Jerry Reese Martha Reeves Wayne Reeves Mary Rodgers David Rushing Suzanne Sanders Wanda Sanders Bish Saunders Beverly Sawyer Semmie Scott Patty Seals Ledonna Shackleford Wayne Shaw Lisa Shepherd Keith Shields Tina Shields Ann Shirling Stephanie Sims Alvin Small Danny Smith Eleanor Smith Ricky Smith Ruby Smith Tony Smith 100FRESHMEN Chris Stark Bobby Stevens Steve Stockton Ronny Swan Patricia Tackett Joyce Tate Martha Tate Walter Thornton David Tidwell Paulette Tisdale Anna Trussel Susie Tubb Terri Tucker Teressa Tumblin Debbie Verline Brenda Walker Alyce Walls Timmy Walls Mary Ward Terri Wax Curtis Washington Carol Ann Weatherall Myland Weatherall Gussie White Shirley White Edgar Whitfield Johnny Whitfield Cindy Williams Vicki Williams Lisa Wiygul 101President: Charles Moreland Vice-president: Bernard Lloyd Secretary: Brenda Chism Treasurer: Kathy Harrison OFFICERS SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES Cindy Anderson Mitchell Anderson Ray Asher Kenny Bailey Debbie Baines Christy Baker Bessie Bethay Ricky Brasfield Willie Braylock Lady Bryan Sherry Buie Frank Burdine Willie Burley Angela Burroughs Jan Burroughs Sandra Bynum Lee Cadden Gary Carrol Cheryl Carter Vicki Catchings Pam Chaney Brenda Chism Marilyn Conoway Georgia Cowan Julia Cowden Harriet Crump Bertha Dobbs Larry Dobbs Sandra Doss Michael Earnest 103SOPHOMORES Ronald Ezell Rosemary Freeman Michael Freeman Joe Frankie Ricky Gardener Janet Golden Jim Grant Don Gray Pat Hall Bruce Haney Ricky Harmon Kathy Harrison Jamie Haskell Sandy Hathcote Debbie Hicks Mary Hogan Paul Hollis Roger Hoots Kirk Howell Shelia Howell Marilyn James Barry Jones Diane Jones Dixie Jones Garry Jones Gossie Jones Glenn Kelso Beth Langford Carol Langford Guyvesten Lathan 104SOPHOMORES Mike Loden Pam Marion Troy McCullen Margaret McFadden Mary McFadden Floyd McIntosh Dexter McKinney Tony McLarty James McMillian James McMillian Vincent Miles Janice Moore Joe Moore Charles Moreland Tracy Moreland Joyce Murphree Ray Murphy Terry Myatt Mike Nerron Debbie Nicholson Gail Palmer Lisa Parish Paul Parish Brenda Parks Sharon Pearson Kathy Pickle Michael Ramsey Laurie Randle Danna Riddle Mary Ann Riddle Jo Ann Rieves Richard Rife 105SOPHOMORES A1 Riggins Charles Riley Timmy Roye Terry Rutledge Beverly Sims Antoinette Smith Dewayne Sneed Susan Sparks Robert Spratt James Stanford Joe Stark Shelia Stevens Audrey Street Amy Sullins Kathy Swan Nedra Tabbert Joey Taylor Lisa Taylor Brenda Thompson Doug Thompson Jerry Thompson Edward Thornton Richard Thornton Sandra Tubb Carolyn Turner Pat Walls Mike Ward Crittie Westbrook Mark Wilkerson Richard Wilkerson 106President: Delores Williams Vice-president: Greg Jones Secretary: Jan West Treasurer: Bobi Duncan OFFICERS JUNIORSJUNIORS Mike Adams Kathy Aldridge Cheryl Allen Walter Archer Lornne Ashley Debbie Bailey Fletcher Bailey Hal Baker Tommy Basham Kathy Benton Janet Best Lancaster Blair Thomas Blair Suzanne Boozer Martha Bourland Ricky Brown Don Browning Charles Buchanan Roger Cadden Bill Caldwell Christy Candle Chuck Chism David Chism Mamie Clark David Clements 109JUNIORS Jerre Crosswhite Mary Dalrymple Mitchell Davis Melanie Dryden Pat Evans Victoria Fikes Terry Garner Jim Garvin Carl Gilleylen Joan Golden Ricky Goodwin Darlene Gosa Debbie Griffin Bobby Griggs Lynn Hadaway Victor Hale Linda Hampton Larry Herndon Clayton Harrington Debbie Hester Fred Hester Vicki Hollingsworth Jay Horne Danny Houk Shirley Hughes 110JUNIORS Milton Jones Dwight Keeton Sandra Kyle Herbert Lankford Keith Langford Mark Lantrip Lynn Loden Danny Majors Greg Maples Joe McCommon Top McCullen Brenda Minch Tommy Minich Henry Mixon Denise Morrow Mary Morton Rebecca Myatt Joe Raper Phillip Parham Pat Patterson Van Pearson Dow Pickle Charlotte Pierce Marty Polk Carol Pounds 111JUNIORS Charles Young Michael Young Ricky Williams Mamie Word Charlotte Wright James Roye Ronnie Shackleford Carolyn Sheirling Diane Shields Frankie Shields Clay Simmons Ronald Sims Donna Smith Dwight Smith Sammy Smith Tucker Smith Dorothy Spratt Sandy Stanford x Carolyn Steele Dennis Thompson Freddie Thompson Sheila Thorn Ronnie Thornton Debbie Turner Barry Wax Don Weatherall Jan West Betty Williams Deloris Williams Mariana Williams 1121. Mae Ida Davis gets caught by Buddy Mac. 2. Pow-wow time for Mr. Miley, Mr. Newman, Mr. Marett. 3. Debbie Clement appears in streetwear in Beauty Review. 4. All smiles- Milton Jones, John Creekmore, David Fines. 1 2 4 3 113President: Sam Haskell Vice-president: Eddie Brantley Secretary: Nan Elliott Treasurer: Mike Burgess OFFICERS SENIORS FA VO RITESSENIORS 1 - GARRY BRENT ALLEN 2 - WILLIAM RONALD ALDRIDGE 3 - SANDRA ALICE BAGWELL 4 - GLORIA K. BASHAM 5 - HOLMAN LEE BARNETT 6 - DEBORAH LYNN ADAMS 7 - MICHAEL GEORGE BAILEY 115SENIORS 1 - SUSAN ELIA BRYAN 2 - EDWARD GILMORE BRANTLEY 3 - DEBE KAY BETTS 4 - MARY JANICE BLAYLOCK 5 - DENNIS JAMES BOLDEN 6 - GEORGE THOMAS BOGGAN 7 - PATRICK LYLE BRYANSENIORS 1 - CAROLYN BURNETT CANTRELL 2 - JERE MARIE CHISM 3 - MICHAEL KEITH BURGESS 4 - DEBRA CAROL CLEMENT 5 - REBECCA FAY CARLISLE 6 - WANDA GAIL COLLUMS 7 - MARGARET DIANE COUBURN 117SENIORS RAYMOND CRUMP PRISCILLA FRANCINE CONOWAY KATHY JUNE DeWITT LENORA DAVIS FRED LAMONT COWDEN LULA WILLINGHAM DAVIS DAVID WARREN DARDENSENIORS 1 - THOMAS DAVID FINES 2 - JANICE MARIE EDWARDS 3 - LORI ANNE ENGLISH 4 - ELIZABETH ASHLEY DYKES 5 - TERRY LEE DUKE 6 - GIRTHREE LAURA EVANS 7 - NAN ALICIA ELLIOTT 119SENIORS 1 - MURCERDES ANN HARRIS 2 - RICHARD EARL GILLEYLEN 3 - ROBERT COLEMAN HANEY 4 - LINDA EAGAN GARRETT 5 - MICHAEL WAYNE FREEMAN 6 - BARBARA JEAN FINLEY 7 - FREDDIE JAMES GRIFFINSENIORS 1 - LUTHER CHEVREUL HARRIS 2 - KAREN ANN HARRIS 3 - MARTY ALLEN HARRISON 4 - DANNY KEITH HATHCOCK 5 - STANLEY LeROY HERRING 6 - SAMUEL BOND HASKELL III 7 - JUDY ANN HERRING 121SENIORS — 4} 1 - JERROLD WAYNE HOOD 2 - CHARLES HERMAN HESTER 3 - ROY G. JACKSON 4 - RACHEL HOOTS 5 - JULIA BOBETTE HOLLINGSWORTH 6 - TERYL M. HERNDON 7 - JOHN HUDSON ;u. SENIORS 1 - KENNETH LENDON JONES 2 - MARCUS DAVID JONES 3 - DEBRA CLAIRE LANKFORD 4 - JEANNIE MARIE KUYKENDALL 5 - JOHN SIDNEY JOHNSON 6 - JOHN RANDALL MAPLES 7 - MERILEE McKINNEY 123SENIORS 1 - MERION EUGENE MEADERS 2 - DEBORAH LYNN McNEESE 3 - RICHARD MORELAND 4 - JAMES RUSSELL McINTOSH 5 - GEORGE GILBERT MOON 6 - FAYE ANGELIQUE NASH 7 - CHARLES ALLEN McCOLLUMSENIORS 1 - RICKY LEE MYATT 2 - JAMES PATRICK McKINNEY 3 - JAMES CRADEN MOORE 4 - DEBRA NANETTE MORRIS 5 - FRANK ORVILLE PACE, JR. 6 - CYNTHIA JANE OAKES 125SENIORS 1 - LETHA MAE PACK 2 - PHILIP STRATTON PIERCE 3 - WILLIAM DEWEY PARHAM 4 - GENA MAE PEARSON 5 - LAWRENCE RICHARD PALMER 6 - JOYCE DALE PALMERSENIORS 1 - LORI DENISE POLK 2 - DEBORAH CAROL RANDLE 3 - JURIS ODELL PARGO 4 - RICHARD STEVEN PHILLIPS 5 - KEITH ALLEN RAMSEY 6 - THOMAS EARL POSS 127SENIORS v£ 4% 1 - SHEILA KAYE SMITH 2 - DENNIS F. THOMPSON 3 - LARRY J. ROBINSON 4 - FREDRICK D. TABBERT 5 - JAMES EARNEST STRAWBRIDGE 6 - HELLEN JEAN THORNTON SENIORS 1 - MYRA LORRAINE WOODS 2 - CLINTON EUGENE TUCKER 3 - DAVID LEE WILLIAMS 4 - BERT FRANKLIN WRIGHT 5 - MURIEL RUTH WELCH 6 - CLEVELAND WAYNE WEAVERSENIORS 1 - JULIA ANNETTE WALL 2 - GARY DOYLE YOUNG 3 - SHARON WALLS 4 - WILLIE THOMAS STEPHENS 5 - CAROLYN COLLIN WEATHER ALL 6 -.DAVID T. WRIGHT 7 - BONNIE SUE WHITLOCKREFLECTIONS 1. Juniors make plans for the Junior-Senior Banquet. 2. Laura gets ready for the Beauty Revue. 3. Tuning up the car-Ricky, Don, Keith, Cleve, Slyvester, Stan. 4. Students hard at work with Mrs. Allison in co-op. 5. Visitors at Beauty Review practice plus Mike Burgess, assistant supervisor.GRADUATION We practice! 1 6 7 2 13 8 9 1 4 11 |5 10 12 Mr. Riley s boys deliver the chairs in the faithful school truck. We practice marching in. We also practice shaking hands with Mr. "Do It My Way." Mr. Marett gives us a last minute of advice. Finally-Our Caps and Gowns! Mr. Conwill relaxes in Pat's derby. 7, 9,11. We wait patiently for the big moment. Yes, Debbie, they are L'Eggs! Cindy pensively studies her prayer. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10. 1321. We line up for Mr. Burrows' inspection. 2. Thanks, Coach Lyons, for the bridge. 3. £ 4, Sheila and Frank speak for us. 5. Priscilla gets the first diploma. 6. Debbie Adams goes after hers. 7. We change our tassels. 8. We START a dignified exit. 9. Our first time as graduates to sing the Alma Mater! 134JUBILA TION!LAST GLIMPSES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Mrs. Helen Brook smiles at Buddy Mac. Sam seems a little discontented while Jess plays "peep-eye" with somebody. Amory Panther Band leaves for State Band Contest. Our official locker inspector. Wonder whose he finds the most interesting? First in line for chow—as usual.1. Members of the FBLA pose for a picture. 2. What do you find so interesting, Frank and Larry? 3. Janet Golden and Nan Elliott place in the Penny Art Contest. 4. Band members study their Enid music.TASKMASTERS 1. Mrs. Allison and Mr. Marett discuss graduation. 2. Mr. Herman Riley gives his roses TLC. 3. Mr. Mario Ortiz smiles as Jamie Haskell reads in Spanish. 4. Coach John Thomas looks the situation over. 5. Mrs. Mary McMillan listens sympathetically to all our problems. 139REVIEWING THE SITU A TION . . .GRADUATION Monday May 28, 8:00 P.M. Processional.....................“Pomp and Circumstance” Amory Panther Band, Ernest Cadden, Jr., Director Invocation ............................. Cynthia Jane Oakes Student Council President Welcome.......................... Samuel Bond Haskell, III Senior Class President o Remarks of Inspiration.................. Reverend Earl Ezell Meadowood Baptist Church “Today’s Youth Accepting the Challenge of a Better World” Sheila Kaye Smith “When man begins to understand . . . Frank O. Page, Jr. Presentation of Class...............Mr. Larry Marett, Principal Awarding of Diplomas . . . Mr. C. E. Hay man, Superintendent “Alma Mater”..................................... Senior Class Recessional..............................“God of Our Fathers” USHERS Harold Wilburn Baker, Jr. John Marion Creekmore Carl Edward Gilleylen Henry Clayton Harrington. Ill Farris Brent Jones Ira B. McCullen, III "It's a time for joy, a time for tears, a time we'll treasure through the years. We'll remember always, graduati i day. Though we leave in sorrow all the joys we've known, we can face tomorrow, knowing we'll never walk alone. When the ivy walls are far behind, no matter where our paths may wind, we'll remember always, graduation day." 1972-73 is now only a memory, an image to be reflected upon and remembered for years to come. The yearbook staff sincerely hopes the 1972-73 PANORAMA brought to life many unforgettable moments of this past year at A.H.S. Nan Elliott Frank Page co-editorsSENIOR DEDICA TION As the sun dies on the horizon, a feeling of pride and achievement swells in our hearts. We bequeath hope to our successor, for hope is the virtue.that comforts worries, anxieties, and fears of approaching trials. Hope is the savior of a wilting thought. The sun fades off the landscape and an outstanding era comes to a close. Unlike the sun, the unconquerable spirit of Amory High School will never fade, for a new day will dawn... "This is our challenge - not to make the world a fitter place in which to live, but to make man a creatine fit to live upon it." 142SHU M PERT’S PICKLE’S TRUCK LINE»■ I f wTHE WAXK COMPANY “Seeds for Southern Soils” AMORY B B CLEANERS “For all your cleaning needs” 256-2041 AMORY, MISSISSIPPI TOP QUALITY STAMP CO. 105 5th Ave. N. “Merchants who sell top quality merchandise, give Top Quality Stamps” Amory STOCKTON OIL CO. INC. PHONE: EM9-4633 P.O. Box 68 A B E R D E E S. BRASFIELD HORNE Amory 6-2815 AMORY BODY SHOP BILLS H A M B U R G E R Millions Sold S' Amory MS. AMROY MS. AMORY BUTANE GAS CO.COMPLIMENTS OF: GILMORE PUCKETT LUMBER COMPANY A Complete Building Service P.O. BOX 30 AMORY, MISS. FOUNTAIN GRILL Mr. Mrs. Jesse Dunlap WRIGHT BUXTON JEWELERS x K R. B. AUTO PARTS X EAST REXALL DRUGS Glenndale Shopping Center Insurance — Real Estate 256-3831 or 256-8451 FRANK GILES USED CARS Hwy 278 East Amory, Mississippi Russell Wiygul Bryce Jones FRA NCIS IN SURA NCE AGENCYJEWEL BOX WILKERSON Appliances and T-V Service FIRST STATE SA VINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Amory Burial And Life Insurance 256-8311 256-3801 BLACK’S OF AMORY Clothing and Shoes for the FamilyDR. DELBERT M. FIRST Chiropractic Life Center 404 N. Main Amory, Mississippi 256-2783 THE AMORY ADVERTISER Printers McCUTCHEON-BA NKS FURNITURE CO. Across From Glendale Shopping Center ROYAL FACTORY OUTLET Highway 25 South Amory, Miss. and Publishers P.O. Box 519 Amory, Miss. 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Mississip LUCIAN HARRISON USED CARS TOHTWHnmnmnm IfUUIITullHltiilninilllllUlIHUIIIilllllliltllllitJillllillllllllllkMMlilllHiMIOMMMMMMf HiliiiniUitiiiiiiitiiiHitiiiitiiiiiiijiHiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiuiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiimiiimiiiiiiiiu linilllllllHlIIIIIIUIMMIIIIIIIIIllllltllllllltlllltlllllllilllliltllllllHHIillllllllllllllMlIlllllllHllltllH llilliliiUilllliiliiiliuiMiiiliiHiHiHiiiiiujiiiitimfmuiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiitiiifMtmiiiM IlilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlHIUlHlIIIIHIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIHHIHIIIIMIlllllHIHIII IlilitllllUlilllMlIlUIIUlitUHlIllllllllllllltliMIHiilHIlHllilllillllltttllllHIIIllllHilHIIllllltllllllllliaM |llltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!Ullllllllli!UI(IUU MillllllllMllllliltl(lllllllil!IMIIMi4l lHliHlltNMIIIMi lllltlllllttllllllllMHIItiHItiiMlIHlIlllltlllMIIMlillllllHIlilllillllHIIIIIIIIIIIHIilihllhlllllKIIIIINItlMi iiiiiiniiuiHmiiiiiiimtmmiMmmiMimimHmotmimimiimiimiiiHUtunitimiiiiMi ItliillllllllllllllllllllllllllllMlllllinMMMMMniinMMnnMMIMMMMMMMMMli iiiiiitfriiiiiittiiiiMiiiiiriiiiiiffffiimiiffiimmiiiiitiiiiiffiiHiriimmitmMiiMiimmiiHMmmi uitiiiuiiiiHiiiimiHimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimHmiaiJMiMiiiitHiiiiitiiimiiiimtiiiiiMiiHiiimmmoiMittf IIMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIMliMMMHWMMMMMMMMMMMMHniMnBMMBaMMMMaSi I IMlHUhHUlHMUitMiMIIIUlUimiUHiiiliMliNtltNIMMiMIttMIUIlHillHIiiltllUlMIIHailMMtUtMMIIIg lilllHimiUlJfllUiiliiHIUtttMMtlMMMMMMMMIIIMMMMMNMIMMMMMMINtMtlttMMNIMMMMMMS tilllimmtIIIHilllHHNIlUKiHiiaNaiirilHNIIIHtIttilllHflllllllllKMtMiHliimMfMHIMfliMKIlM ||llliittim«4t4444 M 44444444 MM4MMMMMMMNNNMMIM4l ............ 53530053534853534848234853482348232353484823485348534848535353235323 010153020153234848484853485348484853534848234853535348230001010223532323 00024853482353482323485353534853235323535353235301000053485323530200 TODAY’S ARMY WANTS TO JOIN YOU! 159Best Wishes From THE PIRA TE’S INN HOB NOB SHOE STORE Amory, Mississippi Compliments of GREENE ENTERPRISES, INC. 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