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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1960 volume:

The Annual Staff of Amory Jr.-Sr. High School Proudly Presents the I960 P A N 0 R A M A In this 1960 PANORAMA we have tried to capture many of the traditions and surroundings and to record the activities which have graced this school year and set it apart from any previous ones. As an individual student you have naturally had your own experiences, trials, and tribulations; so you will also have your own special recollections. If in the years to come, you will turn through these pages, relive, and remember these activities of the "best years of your life, " the 1960 PANORAMA will have fulfilled its foremost function. If we can make you pause for a moment in life's freeway and feel that little hollowness in your stomach ... if we can make you linger to laugh or even moisten your eyes a bit . . . if we can bring to your heart "fond memories"...then there is a reason for the PANORAMA and all annuals everywhere .You Remember The ending of summer vacation .... the hustle and bustle of registration .... the football parades led by the Panther Band .... shouting hearty responses to the cheers led by our peppy cheerleaders at Friday afternoon pep rallies .... the football team practicing until dark every day .... jacking up locks to save time between classes .... the slanderous truths published in the "Hoot Owl" .... the Juniors proudly holding up their hands and saying, "Look at my class ring! "—like nobody ever got one before. . . . the two day holiday because of the big snow .... keeping up with A. H. S. students by looking at the bulletin board .... the stampede down the hall when the lunch bell rings .... the endless tape recordings in speech .... the love of the mechanical drawing students for the "shop" — seems like they were always wanting "to go out to the-shop and draw" (morning, noon, and night) .... "snack time" between classes — if the ants didn't get your goodies first .... finding excuses to go somewhere during your free period .... heart-failure as everyone runs down the hall before "tardy time" countdown — six, five, four, three, two, one-Whewl! .... senior girls walking all over the lunchroom looking for the butter and some napkins .... everyone going back for extra rolls .... "What's the good word?"— "GO PANTHERS! typing and shorthand students frantically trying to "get their speed" .... the agriculture class beautifying the school by planting shrubbery and grass .... getting permits — for everything .... sitting at football games in freezing or raining weather - always cheering our team on to victory .... the utter confusion of the seniors over term papers .... the excitement of the invitation to the Delta Bowl .... the enthusiasm of every class over the intramural tournament .... the Senior Trip to the Ice Follies - Wow! !. . .the Number One problem for some people—keeping their cars out of the ditch.... patiently?? waiting for that "Heavenly" 3:29 bell .... the loyal students who stoodout in the freezing cold at the T.A.P. roadblocks .... the tingling sentimental feeling in everyone when we gave our Panthers the surprise pep rally before they left for Greenwood .... the juniors and seniors frantically working on their plays .... following our basketball teams to the endless tournaments .... the continuing gossipy questions of "Guess who's going steady now?" .... the thrill of seeing your name on the election ballot (even if you didn't win) .... the bright new basketball trophies adding sparkle to the trophy cases and new prestige to school activities .... sitting in class on those drowsy warm spring days, wishing we were somewhere else .... those appetizing (?) odors that continuously flowed from the chemistry lab .... daydreaming .... the Jr. High "getting on the ball" with all those parties - they even outdid the Sr. High .... the invasion of the different (to say the least) types of dress in our student body, such as the "A" Club initiations and the Sr. High girls dressed as "beatniks" .... A. H. S. students representing us at various conferences and conventions .... A. H. S. gaily decorated for Christmas — we even had a Christmas tree .... the success of our Panther Band everywhere they represented us- "up North" in Minneapolis, at contests, in the endless Christmas parades, etc. . Those nights we'll remember always, such as the Banquet and the Prom ....D E D I C A T I 0 N To Miss Ruth Alice Boswell Who has given untiringly of her time and energy to the Y-Teen clubs of Amory Junior-Senior High School, has instilled in a countless number of students a better understanding of the basic principles of mathematics and has helped us in so many ways to mold our lives, and who has always given her loyalty and support to the school and its students, the staff respectfully dedicates the 1 960 Panorama.Miss Ruth Alice BoswellBOARD OF TRUSTEES AMORr CITr SCHOOLS SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Luke Inzer, W. H. Bryan, J. O. Prude m, C. E. Hayman, Superintendent; John B. Wright, W. A. Bonds, Frank Page. John B. Wright......................................President W. A. Bonds.........................................Secretary J. O. Prude...........................................Attorney 6MR. JAMES BURROWS B.A. Assistant Principal Social Science MR. JAMES ALINDER B.A. Mathematics Junior High Principal MR. C. E. HAYMAN MR. J. C. THOMPSON Superintendent Principal B.A. , M. A. MRS. ROBERTA ABNEY Librarian Certificate of Library MRS. KEITH ALLEN English B. A., M. A. F A C U L T r MRS. MABRY ALLISON Business Education B.S. MISS JoANN ASHLEY Physical Education B.S. MISS RUTH ALICE BOSWELL B.S. Mathematics MR. DOUG BROWN B.S. Physical Education MR. EDWIN CLARK B.S. Science MRS. EARL FRYE, JR. B.A. English 8 F A C U L T r MR. LARRY GODFREY Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing B.S. MISS GERTRUDE HAUGHTON B.A. History MRS. DOUG HODO Business Education B.S. MISS MARY IDA HOFFMAN B.S. Homemaking MR. WARREN JENKINS Physical Education B.S. MR. J. T. LAMB Guidance Counselor B.A. MR. JERRY LEWIS History B.S. MISS ROSEMARY LOVE B.A. English MISS PATSY MILSTEAD Homemaking B. S. MRS. CLARANELL MOORE B.A. English 9MR. ERIE PIERCE B.S. Science MISS ANNETTE REAGH B.S. Mathematics MR. HERMAN RILEY B.S. Agriculture MISS MARY BELL SPIVEY B.S. Mathematics MR. HARRY STUART B.S. English MR. B. G. TATUM B.S. Science MRS. DAVID KENNEDY Secretary MRS. JACK DUVALL Secretary 10Don Abies. Treasurer; Joby Smith. Secretary; Bill McKinney. Vice-President; Bubba Morris. President. SENIORS 12SARA ALEXANDER Homecoming Court 2; Glee Club 1,2; State Choral Festival 2; Track 1,2,3; State Track Meet 1; Sextet 1,2,3; Basketball 3,4; "A" Club 1,2, 3,4, Officer 2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Head Cheerleader 4; Cheerleader Clinic 2,4; Panorama Staff 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,4; Fall Conference 1. TRYCE BARBER Osceola, Arkansas 1,2, 3; Basketball 4; Hi-Y 4; Science Club 4. Officer 4; Baseball 4; Senior Play. SARA ANN BASHAM Basketball 1,2; Y-Teens 2; Junior Play; F. H. A. 1; T. I. Club 4, Officer 4. THOMAS BOWEN 4-H Club 2,3,4; F.F. A. 2,4. 13 HELEN BOX MARILYN BROWN Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1; Library Club 2,3; Library Assistant 2,3; Band 2,3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; State Basketball 2; "A" Club 2,3,4, Officer 4; Peptomist Staff 4. EARL BUNCH Football Manager 1; "A” Club 2,3,4; Class Officer 2; Football 2,3; T.I.D. E. Club 2,3, Officer 2,3. FLETCHER BURDINE Sports Club 1; Electronics Club 2,3; Junior Play; Science Club 4; "A” Club 4; Football 4.CHARLES CALDWELL Sports Club 1,2; Hi-Y 3,4. CAROL CHANDLER Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 4; Science Fair 2; Senior Play. JOYCE BURKS JUDY CARTER Glee Club 1; 4-H Club 1; F.H.A. 1; Music Club 1; Dramatic Club 4; Y-Teens 4. JIMMY CALDWELL 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; F.F. A. 1,2, 3,4, Officer 4; Hi-Y 1,2; Junior Play; Track 3,4; Dramatic Club 4; Debate Club 4; Electronic Club 2,3; Who's Who 1, 4; Glee Club 1; Senior Play. THOMAS COOLEY Hi-Y 1; F.F. A. 1,2,3, Officer 2; State Convention; Panorama Staff 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; 4-H Club 1; Basketball Manager 2; Basketball 4; Library Club 4; Library Assistant 4; Baseball 3,4; Science Fair 2,3,4; Senior Play. CAROLYN CAMP Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,4; Glee Club 2; Office Assistant 2,3,4. BENNIE COGGIN Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1, 2,3,4; Debate Club 1; Glee Club 1,3,4; State Choral Festival 3; Senior Play.DONNA CRAWFORD Band 1,2; Majorette 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; State Choral Festival 1,2; Sextet 1,2,3; Girls' Chorus 1, Officer 1; Dramatic Club 2, Officer 1,2; Photography Club 3; Basketball Manager 3,4; Homecoming Court 4; Panorama Staff 2,3,4; Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4, Officer 1; Fall Conference 1,2,3; Who's Who 1,4; Quiz ’Em On The Air 2; Homecoming Committee 4; Quill ana Scroll 3,4; Press Conference 3; Clarinet Quartet 1,2; Band Council 1. LINDA CRAWFORD Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Library Assistant 1,2,3; Library Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 4; 4-H Club 1; Science Club 4; American History Award 3; Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4; District Science Fair 3; National Honor Society 4. SUE CROUCH F. H. A. 1; Y-Teens 3,4. BILLY CRUMP 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. 15 MARTHA CUTCLIFF Band 1,2,3, Officer 3; Majorette 3; Y-Teens 1, 2,4, Officer 2; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1.2; Sextet 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 3. 4; Panorama Staff 3,4; TAP Chairman 4; Science Club 4; Homecoming Court 1,3,4; Hall of Fame Girls' State 3; State Choral Festival 2; Press Conference 3; National Honor Society 4; Who's Who 4. NADINE DABBS Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Library Club 3, Officer 3; Library Assistant 2,3; Dramatic Club 1,4, Officer 4; Science Club 4; Lab Assistant 4; Glee Club 1,2; Honorary Science Camp 3; District and State Science Fair 3; Home Economics Award 3; District Y-Teen Conference 4; National Honor Society 4. BETTY DIXON 4-H Club 1; F.H. A. 2; Class Officer 1. MARTHA ENGLISH 4-H Club 1; F.H. A. 2; Class Officer 1; Y-Teens 4; Dramatic Club 4.CAROLYN FLOWERS Varsity Cheerleader 3,4; Homecoming Queen 4; Homecoming Court 3; Who’s Who 1,3,4; "A" Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 2, 3,4, Officer 4; Class Officer 1,3; Basketball 1, 2,3; Library Club 1; F. H. A. Club 1, Officer 1; Library Assistant 4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play. WAYNE FOWLKES Sports Club 1,2; Electronics Club 3; Football 3; Track 3; Hi-Y 4; Science Club 4, Officer 4. JEAN GAINES F.H. A. 1; Y-Teens 2,3, 4; Class Officer 1; Library Assistant 1,4; Dramatic Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play. JOYCE GENTRY Library Club 1; F. H. A. 1; Basketball 1; 4-H Club 1; Y-Teens 4; Dramatic Club 4. GERALD GODFREY F.F. A. 1; Hi-Y 3,4, Officer 4; Glee Club 2,3, 4, Officer 4; State Choral Festival 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4, Officer 3; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Little Ten 4; "A" Club 2,3,4, Officer 4; Hall of Fame; Boys' State 3; Class Officer 1; Who’s Who 3,4; National Honor Society 4. IRENE GILMORE SONNY GOIN F.F. A. 1,2,3,4, Officer 2,3,4; 4-H Club 3,4, Officer 3,4; Basketball 3, 4; "A” Club 4; Track 3,4. BETTY GRISSON Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2; Sextet 1,2,3; Mixed Quartet 4; State Choral Festival 2,3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play. 16STAUB HALBERT Sports Club 1,2; Debate Club 1,4, Officer 1,4; Hi-Y 2; Car Club 2; State Choral Festival 2,4; D. E. Club 3, Officer 3; Dramatic Club 4; Glee Club 2,3,4; District Choral Festival 2,3,4; Senior Play. JUDI HARDEN Panorama Staff 2,3,4; Co-Editor 4; Press Conference 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Hall of Fame; Dramatic Club 1; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; State Y-Teen Conference 1; Fall Conference 1,2; Glee Club 1,2, Accompanist 1; Sextet Accompanist 1,2,3,4; State Choral Festival 2; District Choral Festival 1,2; Student Homecoming Committee 4; National Honor Society 4; Junior Play; Senior Play. HELEN HATLEY Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Library Club 4; Library Assistant 4; Dramatic Club 1; Senior Play. MARGARET HAWKINS Glee Club 1,2,3; Girls Sextet 1; F. H. A. 4; State Choral Festival 4; Music Club 1; Theory and Harmony 3. 17 TOMMY HAWKINS Auxiliary Student Council 2,3; State Convention 2; Junior Play; Band 1,2,3, 4, Officer 4; Hi-Y 2,3; Sports Club 1,2; Music Appreciation Club 1,2; Custom Car Club 1,2; Photography Club 2; Debate Club 2; Science Club 2; Senior Play. BUDDY HESTER Glee Club 1,2,3; Boy's Quartet 2; 4-H Club 4; State Choral Festival 1, 2,3; Senior Play. TOMMY HILL Student Council 1,2,3,4; Peptomist 1,2,3,4; Assistant Editor 3; Editor 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 2; Manager 1; Sports Club 3, Officer 3; "A" Club 2,3,4; Hi-Y Club 4, Officer 4; Hall of Fame; National Honor Society 4. WAYNE ISBELLCONNIE JAMES Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 1,4; Glee Club 2, Officer 2; Peptomist Staff 2; Office Assistant 1,2; Junior Play; State Choral Festival. PAUL JAMES Band Student Condt. 4; Library Assistant 1; Band 1,2, 3,4, Officer 4; Basketball Manager 2; Glee Club 2,4; State Choral Festival 2; Press Conference 3; Panorama Staff 2,3,4; Debate Club 4; Dramatic Club 4, Officer 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Hi-Y 2,3; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Band Librarian 2,3,4; Civitan Essay Contest Winner 4; Mixed Quartet Accompanist 4. BOBBIE JONES Hatley 1,2; T. I. Club 4, Officer 4. JAMES JONES Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; Photography Club 2; Boys' Quartet 2; State Choral Festival 1,2,3, 4, Dramatic Club 4; Senior Play. YOLANDA KIDD Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1,3,4; District Choral Festival 3; Band 1; National Honor Society 4. PEGGY LEDBETTER Library Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; State Y-Teens Conference 1; Dramatic Club 1,4; Senior Play. LEON MARTIN Sports Club 1; 4-H Club 1,2; Photography Club 3; T. I. Club 4. REVELAND MILLER Hall of Fame; Football Queen 4; Girls' State 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; All Little Ten 2,3,4; State Basketball Tournament 2; Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; "A Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 4; Dramatic Club 1. 18EDWARD MIZE F.F. A. 1,2,4; Class Officer 1; 4-H Club 4. CAROLYN McCOMMON Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Library Assistant 1,2, 3,4; Library Club 3,4, Officer 4; Dramatic Club 2; Class Officer 1; Peptomist Staff 4; Who's Who 2,4. BILL McKINNEY Hi-Y 3,4, Officer 3,4; "A" Club 3,4, Officer 4; Sports Club 1, 2; Class Officer 4; Hall of Fame; Who's Who 1,4; Boys' State 3; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Football 2,3,4; Best Tackier 4; Library Assistant 1. JOHNNIE McWHIRTER Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4, Officer 2,3,4; District Officer 3; State Conference 3; Panorama Staff 3,4; Class Officer 3; Junior Play; Quill and Scroll 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play. 19 PATSY MONAGHAN Basketball 1; Glee Club 1; Girls' Sextet 1; 4-H Club 1, 2,3,4, Officer 1, 3,4; F.H. A. 1; Class Officer 1. PATSY MOORE Y-Teens 2,3,4, Officer 4; "A" Club 3,4; Library Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 2; Library Assistant 1,3,4; Science Club 4; Glee Club 1,2; State Choral Festival 2; Sextet 1,2,3; Hall of Fame; Girls' State 3; Homecoming Court 4; Basketball 2,3,4; State Basketball 2; Tennis Team 2,3,4; North Tennis Meet 2; State Tennis Meet 3; National Honor Society 4. BUBBA MORRIS Panorama Staff 4; "A" Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 4; Football 1,2, 3,4; Electronics Club 2; Science Club 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4; Sports Club 1; Class Officer 1, 2,3,4; Who's Who 2; Hall of Fame. IRA G.. MOSS Hi-Y 4; F.F. A. 2,3; Radio Club 2; Sports Club 1; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Science Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play.SUZANNE MURFEE Y-Teens 1,2,4, Officer 1; Dramatic Club 1, Officer 1; Glee Club 1, Officer 1; Debate Club 4; Science Club 4; Tennis Team 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. WANDA NEWELL Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 2; Peptomist Staff 4; Library Club 4; Library Assistant 4; Homecoming Court 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; National Honor Society 4. RUBY NELL ODOM 4-HClub 1,2,3,4, Officer 4; Glee Club 1; Basketball 1; Girls' Sextet 1; F.H.A. 1. BILLIE JEAN OWINGS Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Track 3; Glee Club 1. - GUY PARKER Transferred from Zion, Illinois 3; Dramatic Club 4; Debate Club 4; Hi-Y 4; Science Club 4. DOUGLAS PATTERSON Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1, 2; "A" Club 2,3,4, Officer 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Who’s Who 4; F. F. A. 1,2,3,4. RICHARD PEARSON Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; "A" Club 3,4; F. F. A. 1,2,3,4; Who's Who 1; Photography Club 2. LEE POLIZZI Sports Club 1; Hi-Y 2,3, 4; Science Club 4. 20WANDA PRICE Science Club 4, Officer 4; Panorama 3,4, Co-Editor 4; Girls’ "A" Club 3,4, Officer 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Basketball Manager 2,3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; District Science Fair 3; Hall of Fame 4; D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl 4; State Choral Festival 2; Debate Club 1; Library Assistant 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1,2, Officer 2; Sextet 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2; National Honor Society 4; Who's Who 4; State Basketball Tournament 2; Senior Play; Press Conference 3. PHIL ROBERTS Junior Play; Band 1,2,3; Peptomist Staff 3,4; Hi-Y 2,3,4; TAP Committee 2,4; Photography Club 4. CHARLES SCRUGGS Hi-Y 4. DOUG SEGARS Peptomist Staff 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Hi-Y Club 4; Officer 4; Student Council 2,3,4; Hall of Fame 4; Boys' State 3; Hi-Y 3.4; Sports Club 1, 2; Junior Play 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Who's Who 4. 21 LILLIAN SHAW Peptomist 4; Hall of Fame 4; Y-Teens 2,3,4; Library Assistant 4; Basketball 1, 3; State Science Camp 3; Science Club 4, Officer; Dramatic Club 2; Library Club 1; 4-H Club 1; F.H.A. 1; National Honor Society 4; Who's Who 4. JOBY SMITH Senior Play; Y-Teens 1, 2,3,4; Mid South Y-Teen Conference 3, Officer 3, 4; Class Officer 2,4; Peptomist 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Junior Play; Who's Who 4; National Honor Society 4. BUDDY STEWART Sports Club 1; Radio Club 2, Officer; Football 3,4; Basketball 3,4; "A" Club 3,4; 4-H Club 3,4; Football All Little Ten 3; Senior Play. KAYE STOCKTON Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4, Band Officer 3; Superior Flute Trio 3; Cheerleader 4; Cheerleader Camp 3; Photography Club 3; "A" Club 4; Homecoming Court 4; Senior Play.SUSIE STOCKTON Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 2; Library Assistant 4; 4-H Club 1. JO SWAN Y-Teens 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3.4; All Little Ten 3,4; "A" Club 3,4, Officer 4; Dramatic Club 1; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play 4. MARILYN TACKETT Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4; Y-Teen Conference 1,3; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Library Club 3,4; Library Staff 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Hall of Fame; Panorama Staff 4; National Honor Society 4. DOUGLAS TATE T. I. Club 4; 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4; Photography Club 3; Football 1,2,3; Sports Club 1; Electronics. Club 3. BILLY TIBBETT Sports Club 1; Photography Club 2; Electronics Club 3; "A" Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 3; Band 1, 2,3; Senior Play. DOYLE TUBBS 4-H Club 1.2,3,4, Officer 3,4; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4; Basketball Manager 1; Class Officer 1; Bus Driver 2,3,4; Senior Play. DUREN WESTBROOK Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; "A" Club 1,2, 3,4; Student Body President 4; Class Officer 1, 2,3; Hi-Y 2,3.4; Boys' State 3; Photography Club 2,3, Officer 2,3; Track 3; Hall of Fame; Who's Who 1,4; 4-H Club 2; Band 1,2; Sports Club 1. MARY WORTHEY 4-H Club 1; T. I. Club 4; Peptomist 4. 22JUNIORS Gloria Bolding Judy Brooks Jerry Brown Edward Burks Barbara Cadden Don Carpenter Dora Carter Eddie Cooley Guy Cox Marilyn Darnall Ann Duncan Clyde Dyson Jimmy Elliott Sandra English Darla Fears Jason Gallop Jean Gilmore Sara Goodwin Linda Gregory Julia Grisham Don Harmon Mary Harris Ruben Harris Brenda Harrison Janie L. Hathcock Mary Ann Hathcock Donna Hathcote Jo Ann Haughton I Bobby Hill Kinny Hill Bobby Betts Rosanell Berry Katie BlakeJUNIORS Freddie Howell Sidney Howell Van Dale Hudson Norman James Carolyn Jenkins Martha Jo Johnson Ronnie Johnson Kathy Knight Betty Kynerd Mary Woodie Lann Shirley Lantrip Judy Larkin Mimi Lewis Johnny Lile Richard Lusby Elvis Manasco David Massengill Ray Miller Lloyd Minor Carroll Moffett Larry Morris Anita Moss Kaye McAfee Morris McCain Jane McCary Judy McCary Thelma McDonald Linda Noe Barbara Odom John OlsonPeggy Parham Alma Sue Parish Larry Pearson Warren Pickle Ronnie Pierce Bobby Joe Poss Martha Reece Edward Reeves Ronal Reich Eugene Ritter Linda Ritter Thomas Ritter Danny Sanders Joan Sanford Sandra Sellers Dottie Simmons George Shumpert Betty Jean Smith Jimmy Tibbetts Kenton Vaughn Charles Webster Mary Lou West Roger Wigginton Johnny Wilson Harriet Woolf Kaye Pace Gary Page Steve Palmer Ernest Worthy Diane Wright Donnie Young Linda Kay Young1 SOPHOMORES Karen Abies Danny Adams James Adams Wynelle Addington Doris Allred Phil Armor Mable Armstrong Lewis Armstrong Jimmy Baker Don Barnes Dorothy Barrett Faye Basham Marciadeen Batta. Jackie Boozer Claudia Boyd Betty Bryan Buday Bryant R. H. Burdine William Childers Betty Jo Christian Juanita Clark Dianne Conwill Phyllis Cox Frank Crawford Dewey Crump Tommy Curry Jean Lee Cutcliff James Dean Sue Dyson Charles Earwood Gene Earl Sidney Ann Faulk: Gary Fritch Linda Feurhelm Elizabeth Gardner Marvin Godfrey Patricia Grissom Johnny Haley Gloria Harlow Paulette Harrison Kay Hill Linda Isbell Brett Johnson Johnny Jones Kathy Jones Joe Kirk Andra Kiser Penny Knight Betty Ledbetter Tommy Ledbette: Turner Lusby Martha Lyle Sandra Malone Mike MatthewsSOPHOMORES George Moreland Sandra May Wayne Meridith Bobbye Carol Miller Lucy Miller Wayne Miller Peggy Minga Sandra Minor Bonnie Mitchell Carolyn Morgan Joyce Morgan Eleanor McCommon Mac McDivit Dean Pace Dorothy Palmer Betty Carol Parham Shirley Phillips Wayne Pickle Donna Sue Poe Jimmy Price Johnny Reece Kerry Roby Larry Roche Stanley Sanders Carolyn Shelton Linda Kaye Smith Nancy Stanford Johnny Stewart Jimmy Sullivan Deward Summerford Billy Wayne Taylor Mary Alice Thompson Chris Toney Shirley Tucker Nan Vann Phil Walden Bobby Walker Lester Wardlaw Mary Lee Wehrman Davis Wells Jimmy Wiggington Kathy Williams Kay Williams Margaret Word Gerald Worthy Carolyn Ann Wren Susan WrightPeggy Aired Alton Arnett Darwyn Ausborn Betty Ausborn Lloyd Barrett Jone Basham Bobby Barrington Lanita Battaile Glenda Beauchum Carolyn Bickerstaff Cheryl Bickerstaff Jimmy Bowen Ann Brown Austin Bunch Chuck Burhorn Sara Ann Cantrell Bruce Carter Dwight Carter Claudia Chandler Raymond Clark Linda Clark Joyce Cody Loyce Cody Tommy Cole Harold Conwill Jimmy Conwill Brenda Curry Mike Davis Jimmy Dodd Celeste Downs N I N T H Larry Due Shirley Earl Becky Egger Jerry Fears Raymond Gallop Jimmy Galloway Betty Jean Gilmore Ruby Gilmore Paulette Gosa Brenda Hall Mary Nell Haney Wayne Hathcote Edwin Hayman Connetta Helms David Hill Dickie Hill Ruth Holloway Carl Honeycutt Emily Hood Dennis Houston James Benton Howell Betty Hughestq b 3 O John Wayne Jackson Charles Jones Milton Jones Teddy Jones Tony Jones Annette Knight Don Knight Joe Kulovitz Mary Leach Jimmy Lee Lynn Lewis Janice Low rim ore Linda McDonald Lee Miller Annette Minor Mary Helen Monaghan George Moreland Betty Jo Naron Lenard Odom Gordon Ostrowski Carol Page Lee Parham Wayne Parrish Joann Pavlick Susan Peeler Dale Pennington Nellie Petree Larry Ray Danny Reeves George ReSves Mary Francis Ritter Harold Roberts Dale Sanders Jane Sanford Jean Sargent Lynn Scott Alline Sizemore Anna Stockton Lucille Stockton Martha Streety Brenda Sullivan Peggy Tarn Jimmy Taylor James Thompson Janell Thompson Betty Jo Walls Sue Wamble Eddie Wardlaw Paula Wilkinson James Williams Betty WiygulAlbert Andrews Sara Ann Andrews Ricky Angle James Archer Frank Berry Janie Blankenship Ann Bourland Dan Brook John Brown Tony Brown Judith Bryan Elizabeth Burdine Sherry Burdine Patricia Coleman Paul Coggin E I G H T H Sam Creekmore Jurney Davis Junior Dean Leon Dykes Linda Farley Wesley Fears Mike Flanagan Ernest Ford Bobby Joe Fowlkes Douglas Francis Frances Gill Judy Gilliland Eddie Gregory David Halbert Rebecca Haney Wanda Hardy Grady Harmon Peggy Harper Eddie Harrison Terry Harrison Elizabeth Hatley Carolyn Hester Donna Holland Wade Holmquist Kennon Hood Neal Jackson Shirley James Sue Jenkins Susan Jernigan Vernell Jones William Kidd Judy Kirkpatrick Thomas Ledbetter 30 G R A D E Johnny Leech Roy Lindsey Roy Love Clara Lingenfelder Billy Malone Betty Sue Minga James Mitchell Barbara Monaghan J. B. Monaghan Marsha Monaghan Nell Moss Lynn McCullough Meredith McFadden Larry O'Neal Susan Ostrowski Rita Palmer Clifford Parrish Pam Pierce Adell Prestridge Virdell Prestridge Patricia Reedy Clara Reeves Donnie Sanders Ronnie Sanders Elaine Sanford Frankie Sewall Brenda Shelton Sheryl Siegel Sheliah Smith Sara Ann Stockman David Stombough Buford Thompson Cheryl Thompson Bennie Thornburg Gene Tinsley Eddie Vaughn Linda Wallace Selwyn Wallace Jerry Walls Patsy Wardlaw Patricia Welford Jane Westbrook Richard Williams Shirley Williams Marshall Wiygul Mike Wiygul Peggy Worthy Patricia Yelverton 31Kay Alexander Lynda Barret Linda Basham Jim Bauer Jack Beach Ralph Bell Norman Bixler Eddie Blake Howard Boozer Larry Boozer Sherman Bray Linda Brown Lonny Cain Kathy Campbell Bobby Cantrell Jerry Cantrell Barbara Carr Lois Clark Douglas Colburn Lynda Colburn Ann Conwill Kitty Conwill Kaye Cowart Lynda Crenshaw S E V E N T H Hazel Curry Roger Dean Dianne Duncan Joel Duncan Dorothy Edwards Betty Egger Dale Faulkner Jimmy Forbus Glenda Frances William Frances Brenda Garner Kathy Garner Rita Gement Patsy Gill Marilyn Gilliland Jimmy Glenn Becky Greenhill Mary Jane Grisham Norbin Grissom Grettle Guyton Howard Hall Billy Wayne Harlov Jimmy Harlow Mary Jane Harlow Carolyn Harris Rosemary Harris Paul Hawkins Sammy Hester Susan Hill Gail Hodges Suzie Hogan Peggy Holley Dwight Hood Jerry Howell Jimmy Johnson Charles Jones Ann Jones Sissue Jones Jo Jones Sandra JonesG R A D E Mike Justice Mike Kendrick Mary Lantrip Celia Ledbetter Charlotte Ledbetter Cindy Lewis Judy Lindsey Buddy Locknart Jerry Loden Hal Lovern Jean Lowrimore Virginia Lusby Mary Beth Melanson Nan Miller Lamar Minor Carolyn Monoghan Beth Moore Joan Moore Kenny Morton Brenda Murphy Richard Neal Julie Oliver Donna Parham Mary Ruth Parish Frank Peeler Billy Pickle Anita Randle Don Reeves Gary Reeves Stanley Reeves Larry Reich Beverly Roberts Joan Roche Ann Sanders Gayle Senter Vicky Sewall Earl Smith Jan Smith Marvis Smith Jerry Stanford Martha Stanford Peggy Steed Kerry Stevens Bobby Stevenson Phillip Sullivan Billie Joe Tackett Johnny Taylor Richard Taylor Charlotte Thompson Gary Thompson Dickey Todd James Warren Mike Wax Jimmy Thornton Henry Weir Walter Welford Glenda Wells Linda Wells Danny Wigginton Eugene Williams Frances Williams A1 Wiygul Sara Wiygul Cathie Wren s ,v.SWA PS Traveling in style The big snowHONORS WANDA PRICE D.A.R. Good Citizenship Girl Balfour Award LINDA CRAWFORD Betty Crocker Homemaker Award JUDI HARDEN Pilot Club Girl of the Year MARTHA LOU CUTCLIFF Rotary Club Award TOMMY HILL Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship TOMMY COOLEY Civitan Club Citizenship Award EDWARD COOLEY Highest Score on National Math Examination DOYLE TUBBS DeKalb Agriculture Award ELVIS KENNEDY F.F.A. Sweetheart 36Homecoming Court of 1959 Elvis Kennedy Ann Brown Karen Abies Clara Jo Lingenfelder Diane DuncanTHE HOMECOMING COURT LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Roberts, Patsy Moore, Jimmy Caldwell, Wanda Newell, Tryce Barber, Kaye Stockton, Betty Forbus, Hower Girl; Larry Morris, Ann Brown, Charles Caldwell, Carolyn Flowers, Queen; Dan Rogers, Crown Bearer; Donna Crawford, Gerald Godfrey, Elvis Manasco, Larry Pearson, Martha Lou Cutcliff, Tommy Hawkins, Karen Abies, Chris Toney, Clara Jo Lingenfelder, Wesley Fears, Dianne Duncan, and Dickey Todd. Student Body President, Duren Westbrook, crowns Queen Carolyn.HOMECOMING In Story and Picture The fun and excitement of fall and the football season reached its peak when the week of homecoming finally arrived. After weeks of planning, rehearsing, and just plain working, the students played host to AHS alumni, elected 11 beautiful girls for Homecoming Court of 1959, presented with the help of an alumni committee a very interesting program in front of the entire student body and guests, and of course, won the football game to climax a week of glorious excitement shared by each and every student in Amory Junior Senior High School. A part of the crowd that danced to the music of Little Joe and his Off Beats. Alumni participates in Former AHS Cheerleaders assembly program. Student hostess serves guestTrophies were presented to Bubba Morris for Most Valuable Player, Bill McKinney for Best Tackier, Danny Sanders for Best Blocker, and Billy Tibbett for Best All-Round Lineman. Two Players of the Week, Buddy Stewart and Jimmy Price, congratulate each other. FOOTBALL BANQUET On November 19, 1959, the mothers of the Panthers entertained the team members and their dates; coaches; members of the Touchdown Club and their guests with a banquet in the beautifully decorated high school cafeteria. Following the delicious meal, the Football Quean was crowned by the Panther Co-Captains, and awards were given to outstanding team members for their accomplishments during the season. Speaker for the occasion was Rev. David McIntosh of Morton, Mississippi. One of the highlights of the evening came when Coaches Doug Brown and Warren Jenkins announced that the Panthers had received an invitation to play in the Delta Bowl. A dance ended the deligh; ful evening. Queen Reveland Miller is crowned by Co-Captains Bubba Morris and Billy Tibbett. Panthers and their dates enjoying the supper.RECOGNITION DA T On May 12, 1960, Recognition Day was held. This was the day on which outstanding members of our student body were recognized. Various awards, ranging from the reading certificates to the Balfour Award, were presented by Superintendent C. E. Hayman. JEAN GAINES and DOUG SEGARS Danforth Award DONNA HATHCOTE - Typing Medal ANITA MOSS - History Medal BUDDY STEWART Best All-Round Athlete PEGGY PARHAM Best All-Round Athlete GERALD GODFREY Citizenship Award 41 PATSY RUTH MOORE Citizenship AwardJUNIOR PLAT The Junior Class of the Amory Jr. - Sr. High School presents MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS Mr. Smith...........................................Ron Pierce Mrs. Smith..............................Donna Hathcote Rose..................................Mary A. Hathcock Esther................................Mary F. Harris Agnes...................................Harriett Woolf Tootie.................................Joanne Haughton Lon.....................................Clyde Dyson Grandpa...........................................Bobby Hill Katie...................................Mary W. Lam Mrs. Waughop...............................Diane Wrighi Ida Boothby..........................Wilmuth Creekmors John Shepard.............................Normon Jama Fred Gregory............................Don Carpenter Lucille Pentard.........................Jean Gilmore Mr. Dodge...............................Jimmy Elliotl Mr. Duffy........................................Johnny Lile Trolley Conductor...................................Ray Miller PLACE: The Living Room of the Smith family in St. Louis TIME: Late Spring 1904 SYNOPSIS ACT 1 Late Afternoon ACT 11 After dinner the same day ACT 111 Saturday evening, a week and a half later. SET DESIGN: Ray Miller STAGE MANAGER: Kaye Pace MAKE-UP: Jimmy Caldwell PRODUCER: Mr. Jerry Lewis DIRECTOR: Mr. Harry J. Stuart PUBLICITY: Mrs. Doug Hodo ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Our appreciation goes to the cast's parents and families who furnished the costumes and much of the set materials. Produced by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago.THE SENIOR CLASS of the AMORY JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL presents “THE THREAD THAT RUNS SO TRUE” Friday Evening, April 29, 1960 8 p. m. Jmk Stuart « teacher John Conway « school inutN Don Conway his aon Bart ha Conway his wife Vaida Conway their daughter Burt Eastham a coal wagon nu BiU Coffee a at eel worker BtU kaau Va .r j I'M • • Mr hoot Naomi Deane Norrta , Guy Hawklna Budge Water Billy Leonard | Snookte Baylor | Ova Salyera Peter Snagger Robin Baylor Sally Walden i Xenia Pottera I t eonora Maddoa Jenny Jarvta | Minnie Pro me f Eddh Hank Grandma Bln ion a achool truatee Aunt Effle tvtaon Uncle Amo HaUon Mr Wood of Landsburgh achool StudenU of Lnndaburgh Eva Celeste Tommy Cooley Douglaa PatUraon Jimmy Caldwell Reveland Miller Joby Smith Tryee Barber Tommy Hawklna Marilyn Tackett Buddy Stewart Doyle Tubba SUub Halbert Billy Tlhbett I G Moaa Jamea Jonea Jo 8wan Johnnie McWhirter Bennie Coggln Carolyn Flowers Carol Chandler Jean Gaines Kaye Stockton Wanda Price Peggy Ledbetter Buddy Hooter Jodi Harden Betty Grtaaom Helen Hatley Place: The Lonesome Valley Rural School house la the Kentucky Mountains Time: 1MB STNOPSXS Act I: July -Opening. Act II: September, harvest time. Findsy afternoon. Act III Scene I! January morning Scene J: Three days Later evening. PRODUCTION ST APT Publicity Tommy Hawklna. Richard Pearnon. Ulllaa »aw. Sam Ale(ander and Kaye Stockton Stage Manager Guy Parker and Wayne Adams Set Design Lillian Shaw Student Director -Julia Grisham Publicity Director Mrs. Mabry Allison. Jr Director -Mr. Harry Stuart Sponsor Mr Keith Allen. Mr Mabry Alltoon. Jr and Mr Harry J Stuart Usher - Sara Alexander. Marilyn Brown. Judy Chrter. Sue Crouch. Ull'.ls Jean Owing and Mary Evelyn Wort hey Program Courieey of AMORT ADVERTISER Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing Company of ChicagoKay dances the charleston. Junk Banqu PROGRAMME Invocation . Star Studded Salute Holiday in Stardom. Whirling In Orbits Comets Tale . Abstract Shadows Shooting Stars . Sign Off Master of Ceremonies Bobby Hill Van Dale Hudson Bobby Hill . Bubba Morris Marilyn Tackett Gerald Godfrey . Earth People . . Starlets Bobby Hill 44 The Crickets play a sentimental song. emor 'rom STAIRWAY TO THE STARS On the night of May 13, the Senior Class entertained the Junior Class with a prom in the Armory from eight to twelve. The theme of the prom, which was "Stairway to the Stars, " was carried out with decorations throughout the room. The senior mothers were in charge of the decorations. Star studded streamers were draped overhead to form a ceiling of heavenly blue. A stairway encircled with clouds led to the stars. The serving table was beautifully decorated with lighted candles set off with a large arrangement of white roses, the Senior Class flower. Music was furnished by Charlie Sins and the Velvetones. During the intermission the Crickets, our local A.H.S. band, furnished the entertainment. Midnight ended a lovely night, and as the couples departed, these words, which were spoken by H.W. Longfellow long ago, came to their minds: "Nothing now is left but a Majestic Memory. " The dancers dance under the star studded streamers. 45 The Crickets play during the intermission. The Juniors and Seniors enjoy the refreshments during intermission.On May 24, 1960, seventy-nine Seniors ended their high school careers at Amory High School. It was indeed "a time for joy and a time for tears” as they left I behind the things wnich were familiar to them and went! on to make their respective places in the world. They I had been inspired two nights before with the Baccalaurel ate sermon given by Reverend William G. McAtee of tw First Presbyterian Church. Speeches at the commence- I ment exercises were made by Bubba Morris, Patsy Moor! Lillian Shaw, and Gerald Godfrey. The presentation of I the diplomas was made by Superintendent C. E. Haymai Immediately following graduation a reception was held! in the cafeteria for the families and friends of the meirf bers of the class. After the official reception was over, 1 the Seniors fondly hugged each other, wished each othel the best of success, and began planning for their first j class reunion. The dance which followed ended the social activities as a class for the "Class of '60." The Seniors were swamn«j . , swamped with congratulations 46 The senior mothers served at the receptiCLASS OF ’60 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ruby Nell Odom, Martha English, Billie Owings, Sara Basham, Kaye Stockton, Patsy Ruth Moore , Tommy Cooley , Lillian Shaw , Helen Box, Carol Chandler, Margaret Hawkins, Patsy M. Camp, Bubba Morris, Phil Roberts, Gerald Godfrey , Carolyn Flowers , Marilyn Tackett , Wanda Price , Irene Gilmore, Johnnie McWhirter . SECOND ROW: Linda Crawford , Judy Carter, Betty Dixon, Edward Mize, Joyce Gentry, Wanda Newell , Doyle Tubbs, Jean Gaines , Betty Grissom, Doug Segars , Bennie Coggin, Staub Halbert, Bill McKinney, Tommy Hill , Lee Polizzi, Thomas Bowen, Joyce Burks, Susie Stockton, Wayne Fowlkes, Helen Hatley . THIRD ROW: Nadine Dabbs , Don Abies, Sue Crouch, Mary Worthey, Peggy Ledbetter, Carolyn Camp, Suzanne Murfee , Fletcher Burdine, I. G. Moss , Jo Swan , Yolanda Kidd , Martha Cutcliff , Duren Westbrook , Sara Alexander, Tommy Hawkins, Carolyn McCommon, Donna Crawford, Connie James, Reveland Miller , Billy Tibbett. FOURTH ROW: Tryce Barber, Wayne Isbell, Doug Patterson, James Jones, Charlie Caldwell, Richard Pearson, Wayne Adams, Buddy Hester, Buddy Stewart, Charles Scruggs, Paul James, Judi Harden , Jimmy Caldwell, Joby Smith , Marilyn Brown, Earl Bunch, Guy Parker. NOT PICTURED: Leon Martin, Doug Tate. Honors Special HonorsH 0 N 0 R c FOOTBALL PLAYERS OF THE WEEK, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Buddy Stewart, Doug Patterson, Billy Tibbett, Danny Sanders, Bubba Morris, Phil Armor. STANDING: Don Barnes, Jim Price, and Bill McKinney. ALL LITTLE TEN BASKETBALL, LEFT TO RIGH' Peggy Parham, Sonny Goin, Jo Swan, Gerald Godfrey, and Reveland Miller. GIRLS' AND BOYS’ STATE, FRONT, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Olson, Warren Pickle, Kinney Hill, David Massengill. STANDING: Wilmuth Creek-more, Diane Wright, Mary Woodie Lann, and Donna Hathcote. ROTARY BOYS OF THE MONTH, LEFT TO RIGH! Gerald Godfrey, Duren Westbrook, Doug Segars, Tommy Cooley, Tommy Hill, Bill McKinney, and Bubba Morris. GLENN MANUFACTURING CO. AWARDS: Marilyn Tackett, Commercial; Helen Hatley, Home Economics; Nadine Dabbs, Science; and Lillian Shaw, Mathematics. 48 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: Reveland Miller, PTA; and Peggy Ledbetter, Century Club.Coach Doug Brown FOOTBALL MANAGERS: David Halbert, Eddie Gregory, Clyde Dyson. Amory 0 Pontotoc Amory 27 New Albany Amory 13 Grenada Amory 32 Houston Amory 27 West Point Amory 13 Bruce Amory 0 Starkvi lie Amory 14 Oxford Amory 7 Aberdeen 25 0 6 6 0 0 18 13 6 FIRST ROW: G. Earl, J. Price, P. Armor, J. Wilson, D. Patterson, L. Rorie, D. Abies, J. Stewart. SECOND ROW: B. Hill, F. Burdine, D. Barnes, R. Poe, D. Harmon, D. Massengill, B. Johnson, T. Curry. THIRD ROW: R. Miller, J. Roach, G. Shumpert, R. Reich, J. Brown, B. Tibbett, B. McKinney, B. Stewart, L. Lewis, C. Burhorn, J. Sullivan, D. Westbrook, S. Palmer, D. Sanders, B. Morris, J. Elliott.DANNY SANDERS DUREN WESTBROOK PHIL ARMOR BUBBA MORRIS Fullback Halfback Halfback Quarterback PETE PATTERSON JIMMY ELLIOTT BILLY TIBBETT BUDDY STEWART Surf Tackle Guard ©AVU MASSENGIBJL JIMMY SDUIVAIM RICHARD POE PLETCHER BURD3KE © M d ©aard Guard 'CanterGEORGE SHUMPERT DON ABLES BOBBY HILL Quarterback Halfback Halfback STEVE PALMER Fullback JIMMY PRICE DON HARMON DON BARNES BILL McKINNEY Guard End Tackle End TOMMY CURRY JOHNNY WILSON RONNY REICH JOHN STEWART Halfback Guard Tackle EndJR. HIGH FOOTBALL BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Reich, Manager; A1 Wiygul, Eddie Harrison, Jimmy Bauer, Mike Kendrick, Ronnie Sanders, Norbin Grissom, Jimmy Glenn, Lonnie Cain, Larry Boozer, Roy Love, Donnie Sanders, Walter Welford, Frank Peeler. SECOND ROW: David Hill, Phillip Sullivan, Jimmy Johnson, Paul Hawkins, William Kidd, Teddy Jones, J. B. Monaghan, Lee Miller, Kennon Hood, Jerry Cantrell, Mike Davis, Jack Beach, Jimmy Taylor, Edwin Hayman, Billy Williams. THIRD ROW: Mr. Tatum, Coach; Tony Brown, Lynn Lewis, Douglas Francis, Chuck Burhorn, Lynn McCullough, Thomas Due, Wesley Fears, Johnny Leech, Benford Thomas, Sam Creekmore, Joe Kulovitz, Mike Flanagan, Gordon Ostrowski, Mr. Lewis, Coach. JR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Marsha Monaghan Betty Jo Naron Emily Hood Joyce Cody, Head Cheerleader Ann Brown Loyce Cody Susan Peeler 54KAYE STOCKTON SARA ALEXANDER CAROLYN FLOWERS Head Cheerleader CHEERLEADERS MARY ANN HATHCOCK REVELAND MILLER BOBBYE CAROL MILLER Bobbye Miller, Patsy Moore, Bettye Christian, Eleanor McCommon, Reveland Miller, Marilyn Brown, Jo Swan, Brenda Curry, Peggy Parham, Sara Alexander, Martha Cutcliff, Kay Williams. Managers: Wanda Price, Donna Crawford. Coach: James Burrow. BASKETBALL Warren Pickle, Duren Westbrook, Richard Pearson, Don Harmon, Don Abies, Pete Patterson, Buddy Stewart, Gerald Godfrey, Tryce Barber, Sonny Goin, Tommy Cooley. Manager: Eddie Harrison. Coach: James Burrow. Managers: Gene Tinsley, David Halbert. NOT PICTURED.BOYS' B-TEAM: Phil Armor, Marvin Godfrey, Danny Sanders. Johnny Stewart, Ronnie Reich. Jason Gallop, Tommy Curry, Steve Palmer, Manager Eddie Harrison, Coach Warren Jenkins. GOLF TEAM Little Ten Champions STANDING: Buddy Bryant, Teddy Jones. Dale Pennington, Mike Davis, Mac McDivitt, Joe Stone Kirk. BOTTOM ROW: Kerry Roby, Jimmy Baker, Don Carpenter, Mike Matthews, Mike Flanagan, Edwin Hayman.BASEBALL STANDING: D. Barnes, D. Harmon, T. Barber, Coach Jenkins, B. Morris, B. Stewart, W. Pickle, B. Johnson. KNEELING: B. Tibbett, D. Segars, B. McKinney, K. Hill, C. Webster, D. Hill, T. Cooley, T. Hill. TENNIS STANDING: J. Larkin, P. Moore, M. Cutcliff, S. Murfee, Miss Ashley. KNEELING: R. Johnson, D. Abies, D. Westbrook, P. Armor. TRACK TOP ROW: F. Howell. L. Lewis, J. Price, D. Sanders, W. Adams, D. Barnes, J. Sullivan, B. Hill. MIDDLE ROW; P. Ajmor, G. Earl, R. Pierce, S. Goin. BOTTOM ROW: S. Palmer, S. Halbert, N. Van, J. Cody, L. Cody, M. Lewis, C. Parham, L. Young, T. Curry.JR. HIGH BASKETBALL STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vernell Jones, Nan Miller, Peggy Harper, Clara Reeves, .Peggy Tam, Susie Hogan, Shirley James, Donna Parham, Annette Minor, Miss Ashley, Coach. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Wamble, Chyrell Bickerstaff, Loyce Cody, Joyce Cody, Brenda Curry, and Ann Bourland. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chuck Burhorn, Mike Flanagan. Jimmy Conwill, Mike Davis, James Williams, Lynn Lewis, Wade Holmquist, David Hill, Teddy Jones, Lee Miller. KNEELING: Bobby Joe Fowlkes, Manager.PANTHERS ENJOY MEAL WITH METHODIST MEN'S CLUB SCRAPPING RANTHERSDuren Westbrook PRESIDENT SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerald Godfrey, Kinney Hill, Eleanor McCommon, Duren Westbrook, Tommy Hill, Phil Armor. STANDING: Warren Pickle, Don Harmon, Mr. Thompson, Doug Segars. OFFICERS PRESIDENT.....................Duren Westbrook VICE-PRESIDENT.................Kinney Hill SECRETARY...................Eleanor McCommon ADVISOR...................Mr. J. C. Thompson 62AUXILIARY COUNCIL The Auxiliary Council is composed of the Class and Homeroom Presidents. JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Richard Williams, Sam Creekmore, Vice-President; Susan Peeler, President; Miss Love, Advisor; Teddy Jones, Secretary; A1 Wiygul. STANDING: Jurney Davis, Mike Davis, Joe Frank Peeler. 63CO-EDITORS SPONSOR . Wanda Price Judi Harden . Mrs. Hodo FEATURE EDITORS . . Donna Crawford Susan Wright SENIOR HIGH PANORAMA STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER .... Jimmy Elliott ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER. . Diane Wright BUSINESS MANAGER .... Paul James SPORTS EDITORS .... Danny Sanders Martha Cutcliff Bubba Morris ELEMENTARY EDITORS............... Wilmuth Creekmore Johnnie McWhirter Linda Kaye Smith Marciadean BattaileORGANIZATION EDITORS............ Tommy Cooley Marilyn Tackett CLASS EDITORS Sara Alexander Mary Woodie Lann JR. HIGH ANNUAL STAFF CO-EDITORS.................Ann Brown Ann Bourland SPONSOR.........................Miss Reagh LEFT TO RIGHT: Sherry Burdine, Lynn Scott, Celia Ledbetter, Wayne Jackson, Patsy Yelverton, Patricia Reedy, A1 Wiygul, Annette Knight, Annette Minor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nita Randle, Linda McDonald, Pam Pierce, Sam Creekmore, Terry Harrison, Dianne Duncan, Lonnie Cain. 65PEPTOMIST STAFF STANDING: Warren Pickle, Kathy Williams. SENIOR HIGH STAFF SEATED: Mrs. Frye, Iommy Hill. Editor-in-Chief............................Tommy Hill Assistant Editor...........................Warren Pickle Sports Editor.......................................Doug Segars Feature Editor..........................Kay Williams Club Editor...............................Lillian Shaw Society Editor.......................Bettye Christian Reporters......................Linda Noe, Anita Moss Julia Grisham. Don Carpenter, Norman James Judy Brooks. Eddie Cooley, Dottie Simmons Donna Hathcote, Carolyn Wren, Sandra May Mac McDivitt, Paulette Harrison BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager and Advertising . . . Phil Roberts Assistant Business Manager.............Kerry Roby Circulation Manager..................Jo Ann Smith Exchange Manager.....................Lillian Shaw PRODUCTION STAFF Production Manager................. Kathy Williams Typists.............Marilyn Brown, Wanda Newell Mary Evelyn Worthey, Judy Carter, Yolanda Kidd Mary Carolyn McCommon. Connie James Advisor......................................Mrs. Frye STANDING: Doug Segars, Lillian Shaw, Don Carpenter. SEATED: Betty Jo Christian, Kay Williams. FRONT ROW: Connie James, Mary Worthey, Wanda Newell. SECOND ROW: Carolyn McCommon, Marilyn Brown, Yolanda Kidd. STANDING: Kerry Roby. SEATED: Joby Smith, Phil Roberts. 66Members of both staffs work together to meet the next deadline. JUNIOR HIGH STAFF Editor-in-Chief...........................Carol Page Assistant Editor....................Meredith McFadden Co-Feature Editors. . Claudia Chandler, Joyce Cody Sports Editor..........................Edwin Hayman Club Editor............................Joeann Pavlick Society Editor.........................Mary Nell Haney Reporters..............Susan Peeler, Glenda Beachum Larry Boozer, Gayle Senter, Beth Moore, Jan Smith Kerry Stevens, Peggy Harper, Shirley James Anna Stockton, Mary Francis Ritter, Janice Lowrimore BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . . . • . . . . Austin Bunch Assistant Business Manager .... Susan Jernigan Advertising Manager..........................Tony Jones Circulation.................................Becky Egger STANDING: Tommy Hill. SEATED: Julia Grisham, Anita Moss, DotTie Simmons, Eddie Cooley, Linda Noe, Normon James, Mac McDivitt, Paulette Harrison, Carolyn Wren, Sandra May, Judy Brooks, Donna Hathcote. PRODUCTION STAFF Production Manager....................Liz Burdine Assistant Production Manager . . . Martha Streety Advisor.......................Miss Rosemary Love LEFT TO RIGHT. STANDING: Liz Burdine, Martha Streety, Carol Page, Meredith McFadden. SEATED: Miss Rosemary Love. STANDING: Larry Boozer, Kerry Stevens, Jan Smith, Shirley James, Beth Moore, Peggy Harper, Mary rancis Ritter. SEATED: Anna Stockton, Susan Peeler, Glenda Beachum, Gayle Senter, Janice U wrimore. STANDING: Tony Jones, Ed Hayman, Austin Bunch, Susan Jernigan, Becky Egger, Claudia Chandler. SEATED: Joyce Cody, Joeann Pavlick. Mary Nell Haney.LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Wright, Sidney Faulkner, Judy McCary, Jane McCary Jean Lee Cutcliff, Drum Major, Kenny Hill. MARCHING BAND MAJORETTESBAND OFFICERS President...........................Kenny Hill Vice-President....................Tommy Hawkins Secretary-Treasurer.................Paul James Director............................Mr. Bob Baker FLUTES Jean Lee Cutcliff Emily Hood Becky Egger Lynn Scott Sherry Seigel Kaye Stockton CLARINETS Kerry Roby Susan Wright Sidney Faulkner Tommy Hawkins Claudia Chandler Jane McCary Carolyn Morgan Glenda Beachum Lanita Battaile Danny Reeves Paulette Harrison Sandra May Tony Jones ALTO SAXES Kenny Hill Susan Peeler Clara Reeves TENOR SAX Bobby Barrington FRENCH HORNS Annette Knight Margaret Word TROMBONES Larry Morris Jimmy Tibbetts Donnie Young Terry Harris BARITONE Chris Toney CORNETS Jimmy Baker Lee Parham Johnny Haley Martha Streety Richard Lusby Paul Coggin Grady Harmon Jimmy Lee TUBA Harold Roberts DRUMS Paul James Larry Pearson Larry Ray CYMBALS Barbara Odom Ann Duncan BELL LYRA Karen Abies TENOR SAX Phil Armor 694-H CLUBS Boys’ Officers PRESIDENT Doyle Tubbs VICE-PRESIDENT Jimmy Caldwell SECRETARY Richard Pearson TREASURER Sonny Goin Girls’ Officers PRESIDENT Patsy Monoghan VICE-PRESIDENT Ruby Nell Odom SECRETARY Carolyn Shelton REPORTER Mary Woodie Lann SONG LEADER Mary Alice Thompson QUILL and SCROLL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Tommy Hill VICE-PRESIDENT Jo Ann Smith SECRETARY Wanda Price TREASURER Doug Segars SPONSORS Mrs. Hodo Mrs. FryePresident Vice-President Secretary Treasurer. Sponsor . . Douglas Patterson . Bill McKinny . Bubba Morris Gerald Godfrey . Coach BrownSENIOR President Gerald Godfery Vice-President Van Dale Hudson Secretary Bill McKinney Treasurer Doug Segars Co-Program Chairman Tommy Hill Phil Roberts Sponsor Mr. Tatum H I r T E N T H G R A D E EIGHTH and NINTH GRADE President Lynn Lewis Vice-President Chuck Burhorn Secretary Lee Miller Treasurer Gordon Ostrowski Sponsor Coach Jenkins President..................Jimmy Price Vice-President . Secretary..................Larry Rorie Treasurer Chaplain..................Marvin Godfery Sponsor........................Mr. Lamb . Phil Armc Brett Johnsor. i. CLUB President Wayne Isbell Vice-President Bobby Jones Secretary- T reasurer Sarah Basham Reporter Mary Evelyn Worthey Sergeant-at-Arms Thomas Ritter Sponsor Mr. Godfery D E B A T E President. Secretary. Staub Halbert Mary A. Hathcock Program Chairman Sponsors . . . Vice-President . . Treasurer. . . . . . Marilyn Darnell Mr. Stuart, Mr. Lewis . Ronnie Pierce Suzanne Murfee DRAMA TIC CLUB President Paul James Vice-President Nadine Dabbs Secretary Peggy Ledbetter Treasurer Jean Gilmore Reporter Mary A. Hathcock Sponsors Mr. Stuart Mr. Lewis 73OFFICERS: Gerald Godfery, President; Donna Crawford, Vice-President; Connie James, Secretary; Sponsor, Mr. Baker. OFFICERS: Carol Page, President; Elaine Sanford, Vice-President; Rebecca Haney, Secretary; Ann Brown, Reporter; Mary Nell Haney, Librarian; Sponsor, Mrs. Oliver. OFFICERS: Kaye Alexander, President; Becky Greenhill, Vice-President; Linda Wells, Secretary; Kitty Conwill, and Jean Lowrimore, Reporters. 74 C13 b S co O O b3 c; O tq OLIBRARY CLUB STANDING: Mary Carolyn McCommon, President. SEATED: Helen Hatley, Dottie Simmons, Vice-President; Mrs. Abney, Sponsor; Eugene Ritter, Wanda Newell, Doris Hood, Marilyn Tackett, Patsy Moore, Mary Woodie Lann, Tommy Cooley, Lloyd Barrett, Benton Howell, Wanda Price, Linda Crawford, Treasurer; Wilmuth Creekmore, Secretary. SENIOR STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsy Moore, Marilyn Darnell, Lillian Shaw, Dottie Simmons, Shirley Phillips, Jean Gaines, Marilyn Tackett, Helen Hatley, Linda Crawford, Doris Hood, Mary Woodie Lann, Tommy Cooley, Susie Stockton, Norman James. JUNIOR STAFF EFT TO RIGHT: Sandra May, Wilmuth Creekmore, anda Newell, Tony Jones, Mary Carolyn McCommon, idney Ann Faulkner, Karen Abies. 75T- TEEMS SENIOR President Johnnie Me Whiner Vice-President Carolyn Flowers Secretary Marilyn Tackett Treasurer Patsy Moore Program Chairman Reveland Miller Reporter Joby Smith Sponsor Mrs. Keith Allen ETTA DOZIEl BE A UCHAMP President Diane Wright Vice-President Doris Hood Secretary Wilmuth Creekmore Treasurer Jean Gilmore Program Chairman Donna Hathcote Sponsor Mrs. Frye TENTH President Eleanor McCommon Vice-President Mable Armstrong Secretary Penny Knight Treasurer Sidney Faulkner Reporter Kathy Williams Sponsor Miss SpiveyNINTH President Emily Hood Vice-President Joyce Coty Secretary Carol Page Treasurer Loyce Coty Reporter Susan Peeler Sponsor Miss Reagh EIGHTH President Judy Kirkpatrick Vice-President Pam Pierce Secretary Marsha Monaghan Treasurer Sherry Siegel Program Chairman Meredith McFadden Janie Blankenship Sponsor Miss Ashley SEVENTH President Susan Hill Vice-President Gayle Hodges Secretary Diane Duncan Treasurer Carolyn Harris Sponsor Miss Boswell T- TEENSPresident Sonny Goin Vice-President Doyle Tubbs Secretary Clayton Irvin Treasurer Carroll Moffett Reporter Gene Earl Sponsor Mr. H. M. Riley President Linda Kaye Young Vice-President Doris Hood Secretary Phyllis Cox Treasurer Rebecca Haney Reporter Sue Dyson Historian Loyce Cody Sponsor Miss Patsy Milstead SCIENCE CLUB President Fletcher Burdine Vice-President Tryce Barber Secretary Wayne Fowlkes Treasurer Wanda Price Program Chairman Lillian Shaw Sponsor Mr. TatumJR. HIGH BAND JR. HIGH LIBRARY CLUB President Claudia Chandler Vice-President Jane Basham Secretary and Treasurer Janice Lowrimore Program Chairman Carol Page Sponsor Miss Love SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE HI-Y President Mike Flanagan Vice-President Jack Beach Secretary David Halbert Treasurer Jimmy Johnson Sponsor Mr. ClarkPRESIDENT Anita Moss VICE-PRESIDENT Linda Noe SECRETARY Danny Sanders TREASURER Judy Brooks PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Jean Gilmore SPONSOR Mr. Lewis AMERICAN HISTORY CLUB NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Mr. J. A. Burrow, Sponsor; Gerald Godfrey, President; Warren Pickle, Vice-President; Wanda Price, Secretary; Diane Wright, Treasurer; Mr. J. C. Thompson, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Jo Swan, Reveland Miller, Martha Lou Cutcliff, Judi Harden. Jo Ann Smith, Donna Hathcote, Helen Hatley, Marilyn Tackett, Wanda Newell. Yolanda Kidd, Mimi Lewis. THIRD ROW: Sue Parish, Johnnie McWhirter, Anita Moss, Dottie Simmons, Doris Hood, Mary Woodie Lann, Tommy Cooley, Nadine Dabbs, Jean Gaines, Jo Ann Haughton. FOURTH ROW: Doug Segars, David Massengill, Eddie Cooley, John Olson, Tommy Hill, Carolyn Flowers, Lillian Shaw, I. G. Moss, Kinney Hill, Duren Westbrook.HALL oj, TOMMY HILL REVELAND MILLER bill McKinney JUDI HARDEN MARTHA CUTCLIFF GERALD GODFREY 82 PATSY RUTH MOORE-71 ME WANDA PRICE DOUG SEGARS LILLIAN SHAW BUBBA MORRIS Representing the class of I960 are these thirteen students, who, because of their service to the school, character, scholarship, citizenship, and personality were chosen by a faculty committee to take their places in the Amory Junior-Senior High School's Hall of Fame. DUREN WESTBROOK MARILYN TACKETT 83MISS A. H. S. Jo Ann SmithMartha Cutcliff Donna Crawford Beauties% Julia Grisham Jean Lee CutcliffFRIENDLIEST Eleanor McCommon and Steve Palmer 88MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Doug Segars and Wanda Price MOST VERSATILE Reveland Miller and Duren Westbrook MOST INTELLECTUAL Lillian Shawc L A S S Freshman Favorites Ann Brown and Chuck Burhorn Sophomore Favorites Senior Favorites Karen Abies and Phil Armor Wanda Price and Bill McKinney I960 SENIORS Jimmy C Richard PNadine D Bennife C Duren 'W Bubba MMR. HOLACE MORRIS Principal MISS VIRGINIA MEEK Secretary MRS. ERA CROWE Lunchroom Manager MRS. EVERETT PRICE Music MRS. JANE CAMP Sixth Grade B.S., University of Alabama MRS. E. E. HERRINGTON Sixth Grade B.S., Mississippi State 1 ELEMENTAR) MRS. FLOYD REEVES Sixth Grade M.A., Mississippi State MRS. W. P. McFADDEN Fifth Grade B.A., M.S.C.W. MRS. JOHN LAMB, JR. Fifth Grade B.S., Arkansas State University MISS MADGE CLARKE Fifth Grade B.S., University of Alabama MISS MILDRED SMITH Fourth Grade B.S., Mississippi State 94ACULTT MISS SUE HAYS Fourth Grade B.S., M.S.C.W. MISS PATRICIA LOWE Fourth Grade B.S., Mississippi State MISS MIT TIE LEE SMITH Third Grade B.S., Mississippi State MISS LOUISE DAVIS Third Grade B.S., M.S.C.W. MRS. J. D. HORNE Third Grade B.S., Mississippi State 95 MRS. J. E. DOWNS Second Grade B.S., Mississippi Southern MRS. M. E. GREEN Second Grade B.S., Delta State MRS. FRANK M. SEWALL Second Grade B.A., University of Mississippi MRS. HELEN GREGORY First Grade B.A., Blue Mountain College MRS. H. D. PAGE First Grade Blue Mountain College MISS CLAUDIA FOWLKES First Grade B.S., Mississippi SouthernMISS A. E. S. - Elizabeth Creekmore MOST COURTEOUS-Bruce Pierce Ann Williams CUTEST-Virginia Jo McDivitt Scotty Dyson WHO’S WHO AT A. E. S. BEST ALL AROUND-Doug Wright Harriet Jackson WITTIEST-Jimmy Downs Jeannie Kellett MOST STUDIOUS-Nina Bonds Ken Harden MR. A. E. S.-Dwight Home FRIENDLIEST-David Palmer Nancy Streety BEST CITIZEN-Charles Billings Martha LannGRADUATION fficers of this 1960 Sixth Grade Class ere Martha Lann, Secretary; Ken arden, President; and Mark Durrett, ice-President. lark Durrett and Ken Harden tied for rst honor student. Doug Wright was scond honor student. Elementary graduation exercises took place on the morning of May 24, 1960. Rev. Glyn Wiygul of the St. Andrews Methodist Church gave the invocation. The Diplomas were presented by Supt. C. E. Hay man. Speeches were made by the first and second honor students. Mrs. E. E, Herrington recognized the following students as the top honor students of this class; Ken Harden, Mark Durrett, Doug Wright, Ellyn Moon, Martha Lann, Mary Floyd Agnew, Dwight Home, Charles Billings, Nina Bonds, Susan Andrews, Carol Bourland, Ronnie Herndon, Betty Keller, and Ann Williams. Martha Lann and Charles Billings were presented the good citizenship awards, given by the American Legion. Mark, Ken, and Doug, top honor students. ■ 0 N( °.° n- ® f; r» n « ' o a O n ' « A ° - « m,r rvX0-"SIXTH Mary Floyd Agnew Carolyn Allen Susan Andrews Larry Armstrong Dottie Anthony Lucille Armstrong Patricia Atkinson Jo Ann Ausbon Martha Ausbon Phil Barber Warner Berry Beverly Bethay Joe Bickerstaff Charles Billings Nina Bonds Carol Bourland Lynn Brooks Dorinda Brown Doris Brown Louise Burks Neal Candle David Cantrell Rex Coker Dora Coplin Harvey Coplin John Ed Cother Brenda Cox Bobby Cox Gordon Cox Jimmy Dale Cox Sharon Cox Elizabeth Creekmore Tom Crook Jessie Davis Betty Sue Dean Jimmy Devers Jimmy Downs Mark Durrett Scotty Dyson Gertie Faye Edwards Sarah Edwards Shirley Farley Barbara Ferrell Judy Frederick Lee Ottis Galloway Joe Gardner Freddy Gilmore La Juan Gray Earl Green Linda Gregory Larry Halloway Ken Harden Brenda Harris Eddie Harris 983RADE Ray Harris Louis Hathcote Gary Hayes Ronnie Herndon Harold Hill Joe Hilliard Dwight Home Linda Ingram Harriet Jackson Betty Keller Jeannie Kellet Brenda Kimbrough Martha Lann Dennis Lingenfelder Jerri Lowrimore Tommy Love Mike Merideth Mike Moses Nancy Minga Virginia Myatt Lee McCown Virginia McDivitt Danny Nerren Eddie Odom David Palmer Jimmy Palmer Kathy Palmer Norman Parish Daphne Pearce Bruce Pierce Nan Polizzi Carol Pugh Gary Ray Judy Ritter Johnny Rollins Dale Row Boyce Sanders Jimmy Sanders Elizabeth Smith Brenda Stanford Jimmy Stanford Sammie Stevens Richard Stom bough Nancy Streety Jerry Thompson Barbara Thornburg Dianne Tinsley Dwane Turner 99FIFTH Julia Adams Kenneth Adams Marlin Allen Mike Ausbon Norma Baisden Carolyn Bauer John Bitner Judy Blake Dennis Brasfeld Kathy Bryan Dwight Bunch Ricky Cadden Linda Cantrell Janice Coggin Betty Cole Glenda Conwill Donald Crittenden L. A. Cutcliff Mary Dean Brian Dees Patsy Devers Mike Dodd Mike Dunaway James Earl Roy Edwards Peggy Egger Donna Elliott Billy Forbus Marilyn Fowler Peggy Fowlkes Butch Francis Judy Gann Odene Gilmore Linda Gilmore Larry Gray Ruby Gray Frances Gregory Dianne Grisham Steve Grissom Bobby Hall Mary Lois Hall Patsy Hankins Joann Harrison Mike Hathcock Connie Hawkins Phyllis Hawkins Teresa Hood Johnny Holt Larry Isbel J. D. Jones Charles Justice Dean Kendrick Bruce Knight Rodney Langford 1003RA DE Carole Lewis Jimmy Lindsey Dwayne Lockhart Linda Logan Elihu Lowery Dickie Miller Dwight Minor Lionel Minor Ralph Mitchell Linda Moore Sheryl Moore Dennis Nabors Wyvanda Nash Jack Oliver Bessie Palmer Carolyn Palmer Pamela Palmer James Patterson Linda Pearson Sandra Petty Larry Pickle Maxine Pickle Charlotte Poore Elaine Price Sarah Prude Cathy Reeves Shirley Renfro Mike Riley Donna Row Robert Sanders Peggy Sargent Wayne Shelton Glenn Shirling Nora Shumpert Wayne Smith Jimmy Snyder Johnny Stevenson Carlos Tartt Charles Tartt Gary Thornton Gary Vaughn Graydon Vickrey Dorthy Wardlaw Dale Watts Janice Weeks Donna West Marion West Randall Wigginton Douglas Williams j Robert Williams Larry Wiygul Charles Y el vert on Jimmy YoungFOURTH Brenda Adams Floyd J. Agnew Eddie Aired Denna Bickerstaff Linda Burdine Kay Bradley Mary Evelyn Brantley Kathy Brown Lynn Brown Kerry Campbell Jerry Cantrell Charlotte Carlson John Cauthen Mitchell Colburn Bob Conwill Dick Conwill Karen Cother Leander Cox Wanda Crawford Kathy Davis Dale Dean Danny Edwards Mary Ruth Edwards Butch Faulkner Janet Tinsley Jonnie Forbus Wanda Ford Betty Jo Gilmore Early Wayne Gilmore Bobby Gray Don Guyton Stuart Hallmark Donny Harrison Ken Harrison Terry Hayes Rosie Hill Martha Holley Thersa Horne Larry Hutchins Sherry Irvin 102RADE 103 Tommy Majors Julia Martin Lyndon Mayes Brenda Mays Pam McCullen Mark Melanson Jan Molloy Maddie Monoghan Gregg Moore Mary Jane Moore Cleve Morton Sara Page Letitia Parham Glenn Parish Tommy Parish Norma Poore Ruth Ann Porter Mack Price Nina Pugh Mike Randle Bobby Lee Rea Ray Reeves Russell Reeves Mickey Reich Portia Roberts Eddie Sanders Robert Shumpert Frances Smith Jerrry Smith Mary Streety Reggie Swan Jimmy Thompsor Johnny Tibbett Teena Torres Stevie Vann Brenda Walls Cynthia Wardlaw Yerby Weaver Dianne Weeks Kathy WiggintonJimmy Abney Sammy Allen Ronnie Allen Virginia Allen David Armstrong Lynn Armstrong Linda Ausborn Dennis Barnett David Bexler Cathy Jo Bitner A1 Blankenship Lee Boyles Linda Brown Julia Burks Nancy Cadden Cecil Cantrell Lynn Cantrell Jeannine Carlisle Cheryl Carter Betty Clanton Michael Clay borne Phyllis Clements Margaret Coker Annette Cole John Cox Mickey Dabbs Carl Dees Frankie Dodd Larry Duncan Joyce Edwards Lisa English Ronald Faulkner Doris Fooshee Elizabeth Foster Paul Foster Betty Sue Fowlkes Kathy Golden Lee Gray Gail Green Steve Gregory Linda Harmon Patty Harper Jeff Harris Alan Harrison Elizabeth Harrison Janice Hayes Dale Hester Peggy Hodges THIRDi 1045 RADE Richard Hodges Jeanie Inzer Sarah Irwin Herbert Kendrick Bill Knight Bill Knight Douglas Knight Mike Kuykendall Andy Love Tony Lovern Marcia Lyle Robert Marion Charlie Miller Christy Monaghan Ruth Ann Moore Ginger Morgan Jackie Moses Patty Nash Paula Nerren Deborah Palmer Jeannette Patterson Janice Pickle Marilyn Pickle Olene Pickle Jan Poe Johnny Pounds Winston Prude Herbert Ray Brenda Ray David Renfroe Jerry Robertson Jan Rubenstein Charles Sanders Nancy Schumpert Bob Scott Dale Scott Lula Stevens Donald Stombough Eddie Streety Dianne Thompson Shelia Vickery Billy Warren Debra Weeks Debbie Westbrook Gary Wiygul Kathy Wiygul Rosemary Wiygul Mike Wright 105Debra Addington Rebecca Addington Troy Allen Johnny Allred Bob Angle Darnell Auborn Janice Bauer Michael Beasley Judy Berry Jamie Blair Jimmy Blanton Mike Brown Hob Bryan Terry Burks Frank Carlisle Brenda Caugthen Sheila Colburn Belinda Conn Robbie Merle Cowart Stevie Crittendon Judy Danner Joan Due Beth Dyson Sandra Edgeworth Mary Edgil Debra Edwards Keith Faulkner Jimmy Ferrell Pamela Fikes Richard Flippo Steve Foster Jim Gardner Brenda Gray Peggy Gray Roger Gray Sue Gray Micheal Grissom Kathy Hankins Tommy Harmon Lillie Mae Harris Mary Harris Mike Harrison Ronnie Harrison Diane Hathcock Joan Hathcote Carlos Ann Hester Janice Hester Edwina Hitt SECOND;rade Barbara Holt Alan Howell Wanda Howell Donna Sue Isbell Patricia Johnson Bruce Jones Bryce Jones Craig Jones Margaret Jones Rebecca Jones Sandra Jones Karen Justice Tommy Lynn Justice Dennis King Gail Knight Nora Knight Billy Kulovitz Raymond Ligenfelder Gary Lockhart Jane McDonald Dianne Miles Linda Monoghan Gloria Myatt Greely Myatt Jan Nabors Jean Nash Wanda Sue Odom Rebecca Parchman Charlotte Parham Pat Parker Charollette Peugh Pattie Pierce Lonnie Ratliff Shirley Rea Carolyn Reeves Neil Roberts Tommy Roberts Susan Rollins Cathy Sanders Larry Shelton Geneva Smith Martha Smith Patricia Kay Snyder Charles Wallace G. W. Walls Debra Lynn Watts Adron Webb Tommy WigintonSusan Adams Dan Atkins Kenny Barrett Sharon Bennett Debra Benton Karen Bitner Martha Blanton Patty Bowen Jimmy Brantley Eddie Burks George Burnett Kathy Cadden Devors Campbell Suzanne Carlisle Patricia Conwill Ben Cother Robert Culpepper Emily Deghuee Dolly Jean Devers Junior Dewitt Susan Due Nancy Edwards Gail Fears Bettye Forbus Henry Foster Julie Kaye Fowlkes Patsy Fowlkes Robert Frederick Kenneth Gilmore Carla Glasgow Grant Gregory, Jr. Debbie Grisham Eddie Hallmark Neil Harmon Arthur Harris Debbie Harris Shirley Harris Mary Elinor Hester Nancy Hilliard Susan Lynn Hill Kenneth Horne Vicki Horne Wayne Hoots Bobby Jones Carolyn Jones Judy Jones Billy Kendrick Judy King FIRST 1087RADE Billy Kirkpatrick Mary Jo Kuykendall Gerry Langford Mickey Lee Patti Lee Becky Majors Rebecca Marion Linda Marshall Mary Ann McCullen Kathy Meadows Belinda Miles Deylois Miles Sarah Miller Martha Ann Molloy George Monaghan William Monaghan Donny Moore Jamie Moore Mary Alice Moore Janice Sue Palmer Rufus Palmer Donna Patterson Kenneth Patte.rson Bill Pennington Patricia Pennington Leslie Perry Dale Petty Jerry Pickle Christy Polizzi Mary Ethel Renfro Ray Renfro Debbie Riddle Betty Riley Roger Riley Herbert Ray Ritter Tanna Roby Dan Rogers Patti Lynn Sanders Ben Scott Don Senter Harry Sewall Carolyn Shierling 109SNAPS THE SAFETY PATROL LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: David Palmer, Doug Wright, Scotty Dyson, Charles Billings. SECOND ROW: Ken Harden, Freddy Gilmore, Jimmy Devers, Bruce Pierce, Earl Green, Mr. Morris. NOT PICTURED: Dwight Horne.Compliments of HOOD'S CLEANERS C and D LUMBER CO Builder of Quality Homes Phone CL 6-2982 JUANITA'S BEAUTY SHOP "We curl up and dye for you. " THOMPSON BARBER SHOP BROWN GROCERY H. C. PARKER Blacksmithing "You break it, we fix it. " WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE A. R. Maurlcourt, Owner Compliments of GLENN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. and TOM AND HUCK TOGS, INC.ABERDEEN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Aberdeen, Mississippi Compliments of CHISM'S PARKWAY SERVICE STATION DR. OWEN DUNCAN First at Main Amory, Mississippi FRANCIS INSURANCE AGENCY Automobile and Fire Save 20% THE WAX CO. "Seeds for Southern Soils Amory, Mississippi Compliments of Compliments of W. J. LITTLE A. M. GREEN'S GIN and FEED CO. Dry Goods CUTCLIFF DRUG CO. Compliments of Phone CL 6-5822 HALLMARK'S BODY SHOP "Over 30 years of Located on First Avenue correct service " Near MainCompliments of DR. T. M. PIERCE SANDERS' GROCERY Phone CL 6-2081 Amory, Mississippi R. V. WESTBROOK ELECTRIC SUPPLY F. S. REEVES LUMBER COMPANY CL 6-5671 Builder's Supplies COLE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone CL 6-2835 Security Bank Building Amory Compl iments of TONEY'S BAKERY CALDWELL'S FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Easy Terms CL 6-2017 and AMORY BARGAIN STORE New Used Furniture CL 6-5015 AMORY CAFE "Amory High Booster Since 1920" Compliments of PEOPLE'S DRUG COMPANY CENTRE SHOP 'For Style and Quality Amory JUST RITE BEAUTY SHOP CITY AUTO PARTS CL 6-2691 Amory, Mississippi IICARL MOORE P Compliments of PIANO COMPANY REECE DAIRY Tupelo Mississippi Amory E. C. HAWKINS BODY SHOP MYRTIS' BEAUTY SHOP Telephone CL 6-2761 Amory "Styles for You" Compliments of Compliments of BUDDY'S DEPARTMENT B B CLEANERS STORE Amory, Mississippi BRYANT'S SHOE SERVICE A. J. MATTOX IMPLEMENT COMPANY Amory Fulton, Mississippi Compliments of PULLMAN COUCH COMPANY of MISSISSIPPI, INC.FOWLKES FORD, INC. "Your Ford Dealer" Amoco Distributor RUTH'S BEAUTY SHOP Ruth Carter, Owner Hatley Road Amory, Mississippi TUBB PRINTING CO. Compliments of PARK HOTEL BARBER SHOP Compliments of LODEN-VINSON GARAGE Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of MORRIS READY-MIX CONCRETE COMPANY ALLEN'S BIG STAR Amory Compliments of HOOD-MILEY COMPANY Compliments of WILSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY When in Columbus or Aberdeen, visit RUTH'S "Lovely Styles for Lovely Ladies" TUBB FLORIST "Say it with Flowers AMORY UPHOLSTERY Auto Seat Covers Phone CL 6-3832BANK OF AMORY "62 years of Continuous Service" Member of F. D. I. C. Compliments of BARBER'S PURE MILK COMPANY Compliments of HARDIN'S BAKERIES 'A Mississippi Institution1 Tupelo, Columbus, Meridian, Jackson OAK PARK AMOCO SERVICE STATION Armstrong Tires Amoco Products Delco Batteries Wrecker Service Compliments of SEIGEL'S DEPARTMENT STORE .EXANDER'S PHARMACY Store of Personal Service AMORY STEAM-LAUNDRY CLEANERS Compliments of AMORY BUTANE GAS CO. Marcus Jones Phone CL 6-5654 COKER'S GROCERY John M. Polizzi Owner PARHAM'S BODY SHOP Body Work-Glass Installed Phone CL 6-3951LODEN BUTANE GAS COMPANY Nettleton Smithville AMORY GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale JOHNSON'S SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products CL 6-2061 Compliments of AMORY GARMENT COMPANY Compliments of THE MONROE COUNTY TRACTOR COMPANY Your Ford Tractor and Implement Dealer THE RUSSELL COMPANY Wholesale Grocer and Institutional Distributor Top Quality Merchandise Columbus, MississippiCompliments of SECURITY BANK G AND Y DRUG STORE Amory, Mississippi AMORY FABRIC CENTER Home of Fine Fabrics Compliments of HAROLD'S CAFE HODGES' COMPANY Amory's Friendly Store GILMORE SHOE STORE Family Shoes and Accessories CL 6-5802 ANTHONY'S MEN'S SHOP Compliments of GEM THEATRE Compliments of DR. M. R. EDGIL BRYAN-ROGERS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Phone CL 6-3781 Amory, Mississippi Compliments of A FRIEND THE AMORY ADVERTISER New and Used Typewriters Phone CL 6-2781 GRANT GREGORY INSURANCE AGENCYCompliments of HODO-STEVENS CHEVROLET COMPANY LIBERTY CASH And McCULLEN'S Grocery Stores Compliments of AMORY FLOWER SHOP Phone CL 6-2092 McCUTCHEON-BANKS FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of E. E. PICKLE Hardware Furniture Funeral Home O. K. JEWELRY STORE HOME MORTGAGE and REALTY COMPANY General Insurance E. C. Bourland, Owner Amory, Mississippi HERRING'S USED CARS Ivy Herring, Owner Phone CL 6-5373 Highway 278 West Amory, Mississippi Compliments of FRED'S PURE OIL STATION CROSSTOWN BODY-PAIN SHOP Tuelon Hawkins CL 6-3826 Compliments of DR. A. F. HODGESThe big event of the year sponsored by the PANORAMA staff was the Who's Who program, in which the members of the 1959-1960 Who's Who were presented to the student body in a formal fashion. During this program the dedication of the annual was announced. We are taking this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make our first summer edition a success. The cooperation of the faculty and students has enabled us to do a better job of giving the best kind of annual possible. We also thank those firms who supported our yearbook with their advertisements. We hope that you will enjoy reading this yearbook as much as we have enjoyed editing it for you. Judi and Wanda m m m YEARBOOKS Cx. VO rt • -v W- ' ■ : a© - ■ « -n1 ’V - ' WN .- yvs. sasKr: i gg® $ss ■; Si S .Vs- ,N V W v- ,‘w ( ■ •; - : .ww ■%$ • • jK- 5cl HO "i ► ' t - vv -• V V 5 MS ISf i —»-':,-D- i-3 ss tSS® £ Va sj aggsaty iv. s kVys -M ? ££3 - 4V - ; '• IxSf. m ■VcS fe£3 TY-.V1 sJ n r. •a';.-ac ’•fig T . • 1 Y. .■v - kC 5« 2 V •: 1 v M feVVO SfrSC |}3®$ i3i r. m . 2KUM • . TOE !Vj » v; Y • i As-3 ■-‘VYi-.V- ,"»S .. i-S L lV rvw.v V, - - • - • ■ . . i- • 'v. v-‘ - • • v . -7 - vr r w • • •• • vV -w v is?: is w, rV. V; V ri'V'S ttXS® ;.- vs feKW2v v'' • '■• 'V-;:. 4P.»W%4 H3 VS-;r c 3§S BBC as vv- Y ‘ IXv: tV Mate 8£» S1 wS4 - •. -• Z i ;.‘V. v( , .- w..:» ¥ , ,v- ME® • 3 ; £ -V V " . X f -• vi.', a v . • w:': v'. . :■ ;• :• :. • ■• . •' , • '■-. - ‘. • ' ■ . ivW . • .• .V - V- » V ' . . . • . • ' •. % • •' .« -V v • +f • i ’ ■• .■ ..• •• .- • ,. ✓ • •• • '.N . • • .• • t • •• • • ' . - •: • . . v . • • ,.• ; • -X ".v -—•: , ...-•. i . •- • '. ■ ■•. ; ; - . . ;, , • -. • . . • • •. • c- • . IJ s • 042t V » "♦ - ■ - •« • • • r- V, -S-i.

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