Amory High School - Panorama Yearbook (Amory, MS)

 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1957 volume:

P HCWZhtfZ 1 Edited By Students of AMORY HIGH SCHOOL Amory, Mississippi2We wish to dedicate our Panorama to the one we love for her fairness, patience, and impartiality, and for her sincere interest and enthusiasm in our progress. Her warm smile is her trademark, always inspiring us to do our best. So to the one whose kindness, friendliness and above all her willingness to help others has enriched the lives of every person with whom she comes in contact; We lovingly dedicate thisour 1957 Panorama to you, our dear MRS. KEITH ALLEN. St) JUsJ° »SlV j tCi Aouj -Xjla iAt H4jA . cv-r uBiQkjJ .- -WsSAoat,, ‘Y UJJ ' -'v' - ' 'S' Xry%0 vi a . ft ■ 'VA-MJC-Vlo JV f3LkA ja 1 Xz VjsJJ Ulm A»o3k sJVAJUJ «vA» vwXtt) JCVlo '- $ - • tOi «j A. -vOoJiJt. 'VX JuAj «a j v ' Ct jA. tv . C »(pSlj(j. AuXirr 32vxx -V |lL Slo .o . -V. A. J vxdc C 5u-n 'jt ilVviAO VM- VX V « , O rru 'WftSww j- -JSU© COnlr o -Xfc JjrVl A»Q ■ JVia VaJ ' 5Fctcwfitu outtX Vxajo 'voaxxj v3 kx- OrvijO - x AAr i oJA j v oJl jC JlxV- v Cte vbCjLOuc o «- juO CWxi-rfyj o ul 0 aVjW6 - tS SU S l (X yul.M.S.C.W., Peabody Mississippi Southern Mathematics American Government Physical Education Coach MR. JAMES BURROWS Mississippi State Social Science World History MRS. EARL FRYE, JR. Blue Mountain, Memphis State English MRS. DICK LANEY Mississippi State Mississippi Southern Commercial Subjects MRS. KEITH ALLEN Blue Mountain University of Alabama English MR. BOB WOODWARD South Western Mississippi Junior College Trinity University History, Science, Physical Education Assistant Coach MRS. JACK FRANCIS M.S.C. W. MathMISS GERTRUDE HAUGHTON M.S.C. W. History MISS RUTH WARREN Mississippi Southern Livingston State Teachers College Physiology, Physical Education, Coach MISS MARY JANE LEWIS Mississippi State Tulane University Social Studies MRS. NELL MOORE M.S.C.W., Florida State University English MISS MARY IDA HOFFMAN MRS. HAL MOORE Mississippi Southern, Tennessee William Home Economics Carey English MISS RUTH ALICE BOSWELL Mississippi State Mathematics MRS. ROBERTA ABNEY M.S.C. W., Alabama Librarian MRS. JACK OLIVER Belhaven College Director of Music MRS. DORIS KENNEDY Secretary MR. BOB BAKER Director of Band GEORGE ALEXANDER The world knows nothing of its greatest men. Broadcasting Club 1,2, 3, 4, Officer 3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Music Appreciation 1,3, Officer 3; Pee Wee Football, Manager 1; Junior Play; Senior Play. DONALD BANKS A very perfect, true and gentle knight. Class Officer 1,2; Pee Wee Football 1; Quarterback Club 3, Officer 3; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Broadcasting Club 4; Junior Play; Senior Play. ANITA BAKER As merry as the day is long. Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2, 3, 4. BOBBY JOE BLAKE I'm sure care’s an enemy to life. Pee Wee Football 1, Captain 1; Quarterback Club 1; Panther Sports Club 2, Officer 2,3; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; A Club 3,4, Officer 4; Mr. A.H.S. JAMES BOWEN Still water runs deep. Quarterback Club 1; Panther Sports Club 2, 3. PRICE BURDINE I can resist anything but temptation. Quarterback Club 1; Annual 3,4, Assistant Business Manager 3; Junior Play 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Head Cheerleader 4; A Club 3,4; Who’s Who’s 3, 4. DAVID BURLISON The lady doth protest too much, me thinks. Transferred from Ruleville, Mississippi 3; Track 3,4; Football 4; Basketball 4; Boys A Club 4; Baseball 4. EDWARD COKER My appetite comes to me while eating. Quarterback Club 1; Panther Club 2,3,4; Football 2,4; T.I.D.E. Club 3. BARBARA BARHAM Higher still and higher like the bird thou wingest. Class Officer 1; Glee Club 1,3,4; Sextet 3,4; Broadcasting Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Little Ten 1,2,3, ; North Mississippi 1,2, 3, ; State Track Meet 1,2.3. j A Club 1,2, 3,4, Officer 2,3; Annual 4, Assistant Editor 4.Se u w£ LAWRENCE COWART A quiet exterior conceals a very active brain and a great depth of knowledge. Transferred from Smithville 1; Football 2,3; Panther Sports Club 3; T.I.D.E. Club 3. LINDA DAVIS Her ways are ways of pleasantness. Glee Club 1,2,4; Band 1; Library Club 1,2,4, Library Convention 1, Library Assistant 2,4; Summer School 3; Debate Club 4; Senior Play 4. FRANK DURRETT No limits but the sky. Glee Club 1,2, 3,4, Glee Club Officer 3,4; Quarterback Club 1; Pee Wee Cheerleader 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Major 4; Boy’s Quartet 2,3,4; Music Appreciation Club 3, Officer 3; Junior Play 3; Broadcasting Club 3,4; Hi-Y Club 4. BOB FORBUS Trust thyself; every heart vibrates to that iron string. Library Assistant 1; Student Council 1,2,4, President 4, Student Council Convention 4; Quarterback Club 1, Officer 1. JERRY FORD I have laid aside business and gone fishing. Transferred from Vernon, Alabama 2; Panther Sports Club 3; Football 2,3; A Club 4. SUE FOWLKES Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 3; Library Club 1, Library Assistant 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Junior Play 3. JOHNNY GANN As reliably enthusiastic as Old Faithful. Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Quarterback Club 1, Officer 1; Panther Sports Club 2,3; Boys Quartet 3; T.I.D.E. Club 3; Broadcasting Club 3,4; Annual 4. CHARLES GEYER By doubting we come at the truth. Pee Wee Football 1; Quarterback Club 1; Football 2,3,4; A Club 2, 3,4, Officer 3; Boys State 3; Junior Play 3; Baseball 4.Q idO ERNIE GREGORY Thou hast seen nothing yet. Quarterback Club 1; Football 1,2, 3, 4, All Star 2; Basketball 1,2,3, All Star 3; Baseball 1,2,3; A Club 1.2, 3, 4, Officer 4; Library Assistant 2; T. I. D. E. 3; Who’s Who 3,4; BOB HARMON ”1 am a part of all I have met. Transferred fromZion, Illinois 2; Panther Sports Club 3, 4; Football 4. JUANITA HATHCOCK A precious stone set in a silver sea. Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Little Ten 1, 1,2,3; North Mississippi 1,2, 3; State 1,2,3; A Club 2,3.4, Officer 3,4; Broadcasting Club 4; Girls' Sextet 3,4; Senior Play 4. LILLIARD HATHCOCK 'Tve fought a good fight. Football 2,4; Quarterback Club 1; Panther Sports Club 2,3; Hi-Y Club 4; A Club4, LEWIS HITT And gladly would he learn and gladly teach. Quarterback Club; Panther Sports Club 2; Junior Play 3; Glee Club 3,4; Broadcasting Club 4. MINNIE HITT A violet by a mossy stone half hidden from the eye. Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic 1.2,3. DAVID HODO For man is man and master of fate. Football 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Annual 2, 3,4; Business Manager; A Club 3,4; Boradcasting Club 4; Senior Play 4. CAROLYN HUGHES A smile is worth a million dollars and it doesn't cost a cent. Glee Club 1; Dramatic Club 1; Homemakers Club 2,3; Basketball 3,4. Compliments of HODO BROTHERSQpJuMS DERREL JONES The greater the man, the greatest courtesy. Quarterback Club 1; Pee Wee Football 1; Baseball Manager 1; A Club 2, 3, 4. IRA KENNEDY No legacy is so rich as honesty. Baseball 1,2,3,4; A Club 1,2,3, 4, Officer 3; Forum Club 2; Who's Who 4. BILL KNIGHT Laughter is my object; tis a property in man essential to his reason. ” Band 1,2, 3, 4; Music Appreciation Club 1,3; Panther Sports Club 2; Junior Play 3; Hi-Y Club 4. MARY ETTA KNIGHT Life is a series of surprises. Glee Club 1,4; Basketball 2, 3; Broadcasting Club; Music Appreciation Club; Junior Play; Girls’ State; Class Officer 4; Peptomist; Senior Play 4. CAROL LARKIN I know what's what. Glee Club 1,4; Basketball 1, 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; A Club 2, 3; Band; Majorette; Music Appreciation Club; Girls State; Broadcasting Club; Senior Play. CAMELLIANN MAJORS I have a heart with room for every joy. Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Senior Y-Teens. DON MILLER And still they gazed, and still their wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew. Pee Wee Football; Quarterback Club; Panther Sports Club; Broadcasting Club; Peptomist; Class Officer. MARTHA MIZE A thing of beauty is a joy forever. ” Pee Wee Cheerleader 1, Cheerleader 3,4; Dramatics Club 1; Glee Club 1,4; Peptomist, Editor Press Conference; Girls’ State; Junior Play; Basketball; Who’s Who; Homecoming Court; Class Officer; A Club, Officer; Broadcasting Club; Senior Play; D. A.R. Good Citizenship Girl 4. Q kJUVtS k 1 MICKEY MURFEE Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. Quarterback Club 1; 4-H Club 1; Tennis 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play 3; President of Senior Class 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Who’s Who 4. HAROLD NARON Brevity is the soul of wit. Quarterback Club 1; Panther Sports Club 2, Officer 2; 4-H Club 1.2. 3,4, Officer 3,4; Football 1.2, 3. 4; All Little Ten 3; Baseball 3; A Club 2,3,4. BONNIE NASH Slow and steady wins the race. Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4; Girl’s Sextet 3,4; Homecoming Court 1, 4; Music Appreciation Club; Basketball Manager 3; A Club 3,4, Officer 4; Broadcasting Club 4; Senior Play 4. CHARLOTTE OWINGS Love’s a thing that is never our of season. Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 1,4; Basketball 2,3; Music Appreciation 3; Typing Honor 3; Peptomist 4; Homecoming Court 4. CARL PALMER All things are difficult before they are easy. Quarterback Club 1; Panther Sports Club 2; Baseball 4. JULIE PICKLE There are some things that time cannot benumb. Class Officer 1, 3; Glee Club 1,4; Library Assistant 2, 4; Cheelreader 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Little Ten 2,3; North Mississippi 1,2,3; State Track Meet 2,3; A Club 1,2, 3,4. Officer; Broadcasting Club 3,4, Officer 4; Peptomist Business Manager; Press Conference 3; Convention 4; Student Council 3, 4, Officer 3; Junior Play 3; Who’s Who 3,4; Senior Play 4. MARTHA PICKLE O! thou art fairer than the evening air. Transferred from Wren 2; Homemakers’ Club 3, Officer 3; Basketball 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Broadcasting Club 4; A Club 4. ANNA PUCKETT Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with it light. Pee Wee Cheerleader 1; Glee Club 1,4; Dramatics Club 1; Panorama 2, 3,4, Editor 4; Junior Play 3; Girls State 3; Who's Who 4.Q wbt$ BULLY RAINEY I cannot die until I have achieved my destiny. Band 1,2,3, 4, Officer 4; Pee Wee Football 1, Co-Captain 1; Quarterback Club 1; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Panther Sports Club 3; A Club 4; Broadcasting Club 4; Hi-Y Club 4, Officer 4; Senior Play 4. RUBEL REA A man of few words. ” Transferred from Zion, Illinois 3. FLOYD REEVES Whoso would be a man must be a non-comformist. Band 1,2,3, 4, Officer 4; Music Appreciation Club 1, 3; 4-HClub 1.2.3, Officer3; Broadcasting Club 4; Hi-Y Club 4, Officer 4. NANCY RIEVES She looks just like a queen. ” Band 1,2,3,4, Officer 3,4; Majorette 3,4; Drum Major 3; Glee Club 1,2,4, Officer 4; Music Appreciation Club 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Girls Sextet 4; A Club 2, 3,4; Student Council 3,4, Officer 4; Press Conference 3; Annual 3,4; Junior Play 3; Who's Who s 3, 4; Miss A. H. S.; Homecoming Court 3, 4, Homecoming Queen 4; Broadcasting Club 4; Senior Play 4. BRENDA RUFF I have no other but a woman’s reason. Band 1,2,4; Glee Club 1,2; Music Appreciation Club 2; Summer School 3; Band Council 4; Broadcasting Club 4. BOBBY TAYLOR I think it a very happy accident. Quarterback Club 1, Officer 1; Panther Sports Club 2, 3,4; Hi-Y Club 4, Officer 4; 4-H Club 1,2; Football 2,3; Baseball 1,2,4. JIMMY TAYLOR The best things come in small packages. Pee Wee Football 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Library Club 1; Broadcasting Club 1,2, 3,4; Music Appreciation Club 3; Junior Club 3; Hi-Y Club 4. DANNY YOUNG Ever upward. Football 2,4, Football Manager 3; A Club 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Panther Sports Club 2; Glee Club 3,4; Track 3,4; Music Appreciation Club 3.WESTERN AUTO Charlie Mae Crawford, Bonita Dabbs, Lynn Duvall. Frank Norris Egger, Frank Finney, Anne Haney. Norma Jean Hogan, Ramona Hood, Lynn Hornsby. 18 Jutu(yts Jimmy Chism, President; Wesley Reed, Vice-President; Nell Tucker, Secretary-Treasurer. Patsy Markham, Reporter; Nettie Armstrong, Kenneth Battaile. Claude Billings, Judy Brook, Betty Brown.Junior Mary Jo Isbell, Mary Nell Isbell, Dot Knight. Jackie McWhirter, Beverly Miller, Jeanette Moffett. Faye Moreland, Hal Moore, Kay Moss. Billy Reeves, Cecil Roberts, Doris Rooks. Bobbie Jean Stanford, Dot Toney, Charles Turner. Judy Westbrook, Linda Wright, Bill Yerby. 19Coplm om FIRST ROW: Bill Bauer, President; Melissa Cutcliff, Vice-President; Bonnie West, Secretary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Judy Thompson, Reporter; Faye Adams, Nelson Beckham, Linda Blake. THIRD ROW: Jerry Boozer, Rufus Bowen, Wanda Bratton, Carol Brooks. FOURTH ROW; Eria Mae Brown, Earl Bunch, James Burlison, Courtney Carson. FIFTH ROW; Grady Clements, Mary Frances Coker, Eudene Cowart, Tom Davidson. SIXTH ROW: Ray DeVall, John Edgil, Linda Ellinwood, Betty Jean Fowlkes. SEVENTH ROW: Donald Gilliam, Nancy Glenn, Douglas Greenhill, Edwin Hathcock. EIGHTH ROW; Mac Ray Howell, Bennie Hutto, Joyce Jenkins, Sue Jessee. NINTH ROW: Jackie Jones, Patricia Jones, Becky Kendall, Becky Kennedy. TENTH ROW: Buck Kennedy, Mary Faye Kennedy, Lucretia Kidd, Marky Ledbetter.Qopltf tnO £6 FIRST ROW: David Logan, Gay Logan, Joanne Love. SECOND ROW: Ann Lovern, Ann McKinney, Doris Nichols. THIRD ROW: Linda Palmer, Alice Parham, Barbara Parham, Buddy Peeler. FOURTH ROW; Joyce Price, Donna Putman, Julia Rainey, Ella Ruth Ritter. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Roberts, Mary Roberts, June Smith, Shelby Jean Stanford. SIXTH ROW: Emily Stevens, Beverly Sullivan, Sylvia Sullivan, Douglas Ta te. SEVENTH ROW; Wanda Taylor, Wayne Thompson, Peggy Tibbetts, Clyde Tubb. EIGHTH ROW: Ellihue Tubb, Howell Tubb, Barbara Turner, Faye Wardlaw. NINTH ROW: Mary Welch, Prentiss Wigginton, Mary Ann Wilbanks, Johnny Wilkerson. TENTH ROW: Beth Wilkinson, Steve Wilson, Billy Wiygul, Bobby Wiygul. McCUTCHEON-BANKS FURNITURE CO. FIRST ROW: President, Duren Westbrook; Vice-President, Bubba Morris; Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Carolyn McCommon; Representative, Tommy Hill; Sara Alexander, Minnie Berry, Thomas Bowen, Peggy Box. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Brown, O.W. Brown, Fletcher Burdine, Charles Caldwell, Carolyn Camp, Mary Jo Causey, Carol Chandler, Bennie Coggin. THIRD ROW: Donna Crawford, Linda Crawford, Martha Lou Cutcliff, Nadine Dabbs, Hilda Forbus, Wayne Fowlkes, Rachel Galloway, Irene Gilmore. FOURTH ROW: Betty Grissom, Staub Halbert, Judith Harden, Helen Hatley, Tommy Hawkins, Buddy Hester, Joyce Hughes, Connie James. FIFTH ROW: Paul James, Martha Jo Johnson. PEOPLES DRUG CO. 22 FIRST ROW: James Jones, Yolanda Kidd, Barbara Knight, Peggy Ledbetter, Leon Martin, Nannie Master, Bessie McAfee, Bill McKinney. SECOND ROW: Johnnie McWhirter, Reveland Miller, Patsy Ruth Moore, I.G. Moss, Suzanne Murfee, Saundra Nash, Wanda Newell, Janice Overton. THIRD ROW: Lester Pickle, Lee Polizzi, Wanda Price, Linda Ritter, Phil Roberts, Jimmy Dale Roby, Doug Segars, Jo Ann Smith. FOURTH ROW: Buddy Stewart, Susie Stockton, Fred Strawbridge, Jo Swan, Marilyn Tackett, Billy Tibbett, Gwynn Wallace, Linda Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Danny Wiygul. ROWAN'S HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS 23EicjJtift FIRST ROW; President Warren Pickle, Vice-President Julie Grisham, Secretary-Treasurer Don Harmon, Reporter Claire Oaks, Linda Barnett. SECOND ROW: Betty Berry, Thomas Berry, Katie Blake, Gloria Bolding, Judy Brooks. THIRD ROW: Edward Burke, Johnny Conwill, Wilmuth Creekmore, Ann Duncan, Clyde Dyson. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Elliott, Darla Fears, Jean Gilmore, Laverne Haley, Anthony Harris. FIFTH ROW; Mary Frances Harris, Ruben Harris, Brenda Harrison, Janie Lou Hathcock, Mary Ann Hathcock. SIXTH ROW; Donna Hathcote, Jo Ann Haughton, Larry Herndon, Bobby Hill, Kenny Hill. SEVENTH ROW: Ruth Holloway, Ralph Holmquist, Doris Hood, Bobby Howell, Sidney Howell. EIGHTH ROW: Van Dale Hudson, Linda Faye Isbell, Norman James, Carolyn Jenkins, Ronnie Johnson. NINTH ROW: Jimmy Keller, Myrtle Kennedy, Betty Kynerd, Mary Woodie Lann, Shirley Lantrip. TENTH ROW: Judy Larkin, Nancy Lee, Johnny Lile, Fay Lindsey, Shelby Jean Lindsey. lCb(fi FIRST ROW: Kaye McAfee, Judy McCary, Jane McCary, Annette McCullough, David Massengill. SECOND ROW; Lloyd Miller, Lloyd Minor, Ray Miller, Douglas Mixon, Lydia Moon. THIRD ROW: George Moreland, Larry Morris, Boyd Moses, Anita Moss, Linda Noe. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Odom, Kaye Pace, Gary Page, Steve Palmer, Bobby Parham. FIFTH ROW: Peggy Parham, Alma Sue Parish, Larry Pearson, Larry Pennington. Martha Joy Pickle. SIXTH ROW: Richard Poe, Lynn Pope, Barbara Rea, Martha Reece, Edwin Reeves. SEVENTH ROW: Eugene Ritter, Thomas Ritter, Danny Sanders, Glenda Scates, Joan Sanford. EIGHTH ROW: George Schumpert, Dottie Simmons, Jackie Stevens, Jimmy Sullivan, Billy Taylor. NINTH ROW: Jimmy Tibbett, Kenton Vaughn, Roger Wigginton, Patsy Williams, Johnny Wilson. TENTH ROW: Harriett Woolf, Dianne Wright, Donnie Young, Linda Kay Young.26 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: SIXTH ROW: Wynell Addington, Phil Armour, Mable Armstrong, Jimmy Baker, Don Barnes, Jessie Barnett, Marciadeen Battaile, Jackie Boozer. Jimmy Bowen, Jerry Brown, Betty Alice Bryan, Buddy Bryant, R. H. Burdine, Sara Ann Cantrell, Betty Christian, Tommy Cole. Dianne Conwill, Jimmy Conwill, Phyllis Cox, Frank Crawford, Jean Lee Cutcliff, James Dean, Patricia Duffell, Gene Earl. Hunter Epperson, Sidney Ann Faulkner, Roger Fowler, Elizabeth Gardner, Patricia Grissom, Edith Guyton, Johnny Haley, Gloria Jean Harlow. Paulette Harrison, Bret Johnson, Johnny Jones, Kathy Jones, Joe Stone Kirk, Andra Fay Kiser, Joe Kulovitz, Nancy Langford. David Lann, Betty Ledbetter, Thomas Ledbetter, Tommy Ledbetter, Franklin Lockhart, Turner Lusby.FIRST ROW: Martha Lyle, Mike Matthews, Sandra May, Eleanor McCommon, Lealand McDivitt, Bobbie Carol Miller, Lucy Miller, Peggy Ann Minga. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Sue Mitchel, J. B. Monogham, Carolyn Morgan, Joyce Morgan, Dorothy Nichols, Dorothy Palmer, Betty Carol Parham, Carolyn Parker. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Parker, Benny Pennington, Donna Sue Poe, Jimmy Price, George Reeves, Harold Roberts, Kerry Roby, Jerry Roche. FOURTH ROW: W.T. Ruff. Jane Sanford, Jean Sargent, Carolyn Shelton, Linda Kay Smith, Nancy Stanford, Patricia Stephens, Fred Stewart. FIFTH ROW: Herman Tomlin, Chris Toney, Kenneth Tucker, Nan Vann, Bobby Walker, Carole White, Jimmy Wigginton, Kathy Williams. SIXTH ROW: Kay Williams, Carolyn Wren, Larry Wright, Susan Wright, Jerry York. 27Go man Young Love Buddies Mama, I've come home to die! Eeeekk!! Oh, no, you can’t catch me.... ????? ULOlX- oucx3oj % YVju» A- Ao -toj' t . t 0 cvvcx u ! AKvXjj Oyvi CvSLr vvJCv«fc. J v3 K- «dfej - .'OQkXjjut J a-tt) oAoj v DukdlwdU) «JdrU fyv JuL JUCL) ,P MMCtHiO CUTCLIFF DRUG STORE FOWLKES FORD Anna Puckett - Editor-in-chief Barbara Barham - Assistant Editor David Hodo - Business Manager Assistant Manager - Price Burdine Layout Editor - Jackie McWhirter Sponsor - Mrs. Keith Allen Photographer - Johnny Gann Art Editor - Don Knight Feature Editor - Nancy Rieves Club Editor - Becky Kennedy Class Editors - Claude Billings Bill Bauer Typists - Patsy Markham Ramona HoodPept nuSfc Bonnie West Warren Pickle Judy Larkin, Lucretia Kidd, June Smith, Judy Thompson, Nancy Glenn, Tommy Hill, Don Miller, Donna Putman, Bob Forbus, Judy Brook, Jackie Jones. Editor-in-chief - Martha Mize Assistant Editor - Lynn Duvall Sponsor - Mrs. Earl Frye Norma Hogan Charlotte Owings Beverley Miller Julie Pickle Becky Kendall Mary Beth Wilkinson BAKER TILE AND LINOLEUM CO. AMORY UPHOLSTERY 31Qtud iob Council MEMBERS: Melissa Cutcliff, Warren Pickle, David Lann, Jimmy Chism, Judy Brook, David Hodo, Tommy Hill, Bill Bauer, Julie Pickle. OFFICERS: President - Bob Forbus Vice-President - Dot Knight Secretary and Treasurer - Nancy Rieves Sponsor - Mrs. Jack Francis WILSON MANUFACTURING COMPANYPAGE MISSINGPAGE MISSINGflniou.J Wtgw Bom L OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . . . . .Floyd Reeves Secretary-Treasurer . . Nancy Rieves Reporter .... CLARINETS CORNETS Grady Clements FRENCH HORN Judy Brook Frank Durrett Phil Armour Jimmy Taylor Donna Crawford Nancy Rieves Billy Rainey Linda Blake Jimmy Baker Duren Westbrook PERCUSSION Tommy Hawkins Harold Roberts Floyd Reeves Yolanda Kidd Johnny Haley FLUTES Paul James Nell Tucker Hunter Epperson Ella Ruth Ritter Brenda Ruff Jane McCary Jackie Jones Sue Jessee Chris Toney Joyce Price Markie Ledbetter Jean Lee Cutcliff Norman James Kerry Roby Emily Stevens Melissa Cutcliff Larry Pearson Patricia Duffel Martha Lou Cutcliff Judy Larkin Susan Wright Phil Roberts TROMBONE Lucy Wright Nelson Beckham George Alexander BARITONES Patricia Grissom Billy Tibbett Jimmy Roberts Donnie Gilliam Sidney Faulkner Jimmy Tibbett Clyde Tubb Carol White SAXOPHONE Donny Young Howell Tubb Paulette Harrison Carol Larkin Van Dale Hudson Sandra May Bill Knight BASSES Charles Turner Gary Page OBOE Roy Parham Kenny Hill Judy McCary Janice Overton Jimmy Dale Roby Sonny Kennedy Ken Tucker 35 G. Y. DRUG COMPANYBx0 cfCA$tiKC| Club President - Julie Pickle Vice-President - Carol Larkin Secretary-Treasurer - Mary Etta Knight Pianist - Nell Tucker Sponsor - Mrs. Mayfield GREGORY INSURANCE AGENCY President - Frank Durrett Vice-President - Nancy Rieves Secretary-Treasurer -Betty Jean Fowlkes Reporter - Jackie McWhirter Accompianist - Nell Tucker Director - Mrs. James Oliver 36 S nM Cftui)OFFICERS President................ Donna Crawford Vice-President .... Carolyn McCommon Secretary-Treasurer . . Suzanne Murfee Reporter................. Patsy Moore NutiJv Out lb CAmus JOHNSON'S SERVICE STATION Junior Chorus OFFICERS President............... Mary Hathcock Vice-President .... Bobbie Miller Secretary-Treasurer . . Eleanor McCommon Reporter................ Betty ChristianOFFICERS President................. Nell Tucker Vice-President .... Melissa Cutcliff Secretary............... Donna Crawford Treasurer............... Suzanne Murffee Reporter Sponsor Dot Toney Mrs. Francis Qfijdcyi Y-76£tiS FLOY VAUGHAN GROCERY STORE Uuv cu OFFICERS President................ Floyd Reeves Vice-President .... George Alexander Secretary-Treasurer . . Billy Rainey Reporter................. Bill Knight Sponsor.................. Mr. WatersStlv 10A President . . . Linda Barnett Vice-President . . Dottie Simmons Secretary Treasurer. Nancy Lee Reporter .... Judy McCary Sponsor .... Miss Haughton fCaig'S DajuuC}lde i President.... Joyce Morgan Vice-President . . . Sandra May Secretary-Treasurer .Susan Wright Reporter . . Eleanor McCommon Sponsor...............Miss Boswell TCWY Teem President...............Linda Smith Vice-President . . Kay Williams Secretary-Treasurer . .Nan Vann Reporter . . . .Kathy Williams Sponsor................Miss Boswell«L At OFFICERS President - Melissa Cutcliff Vice-President -Lynda Ellinwood Secretary-Treasurer Dot Toney Reporter - Suzanne Murfee QpmLoji DidiuttixCS JomXm OuJtiw jfctCS OFFICERS President • Julia Grisham Vice-President -Mary Lann Secretary-Treasurer Diane Wright Reporter - Betty Kynerd 40Defcafo Club OFFICERS President................ Vice-President .... Secretary-Treasurer . . Reporter................. Sponsor.................. Nell Tucker . Kay Moss . Dot Toney Staub Halbert Mrs. Francis Boy$’ Qpcwis Club OFFICERS President...........................Roy Parham Vice-President.............Frank Finney Secretary-Treasurer . . . Billy Reeves Reporter...................Bobby Taylor Sponsor.........................Burrows GILMORE PUCKETT LUMBER CO. QjDfyds Club OFFICERS President. ..............Steve Palmer Vice-President .... Larry Pennington Secretary-Treasurer . . .Kenton Vaughn Reporter....................Richard Poe Sponsor..................Mr. Woodward MRS. T.B. TUBB FLORIST 42Boys’ 4-f-f Club OFFICERS President Harold Naron Vice-President .... Floyd Reeves Secretary................ Billy Reeves Reporter................ Bobby Taylor Sponsors . . Mr. Waters Mr. McMorrough AN-RU'S Home of Fine Foods k' 4-W OFFICERS President................ Mary Woodie Lann Vice-President .... Wilmuth Creekmore Secretary-Treasurer . . Mary Hathcock Sponsors . . Miss Boswell Mrs. Varnell3U c 3cV xJlJL IJJKxa) a .CycO N JUOiJLi X J % xxuMjLfrvAJO V OajiA % OLavxJl JLj(3ji£U 3L C V Jufe) X VJ -OAxV- iib VA kJo 44Assistant Coach: Woodward Head Coach: Waters Manager - Jimmy Bo Price, Bobby Joe Blake Co-Captain Center Honorable Mention Benny Chism Co-Captain Quarterback All Little Ten Jimmy Chism Bill Bauer Halfback Halfback AMORY GARMENT COMPANYErnie Gregory End Fullback Earl Bunch Guard Wesley Reed Tackle Danny Young Tackle Charles Geyer Guard Harold Naron Tackle Fullback AMORY GARMENT COMPANYmn FootbcM FRONT ROW: Edward Coker, Billy Reeves, Lilliard Hatlicock, Jimmy Elliot, Howell Tubb, Kenneth Battaile, David Burlison. MIDDLE ROW: Earl Bunch, Frank Norris Egger, Duren Westbrook, Frank Finney, Bob Harmon, Bubba Morris, Bill Bauer, BACK ROW: Jimmy Chism, Benny Chism, Bobby Joe Blake, Billy Rainey, Harold Naron, Danny Young, Wesley Reed, Ernie Gregory. Our boys struggled hard this year. The spirit of these football boys of '56— 57 was outstanding, although the score didn't always indicate it. The odds were against them, but still they made quite a creditable record. AMORY GARMENT COMPANYW{MwG£0 u tCj - 1 956 MAIDS: Becky Kennedy, Bonnie Nash, Martha Mize, Dot Knight, Charlotte Owens, Kay Moss, Sara Alexander, Martha Lou Cutcliff, Bonnie West. FLOWER GIRL: Lisa Freeman. CROWN BEARER: Bill Knight. Nancy Rieves - HOMECOMING ★ Co-Captains Benny Chism and Bobby Joe Blake with Queen Nancy AMORY COTTON OIL COMPANYy Ch Julie Pickle Head Cheerleader Price Burdine Lynda Ellinwood B-Twum Coach - Don Meredith O-TfiOiM Coach - Hugh Miller A-Tficuw Champions Coaches - Bob Forbus and David Hodo V.J. ELMORE, 5, 10, and $1 STOREp to to w to to FIRST ROW: Nancy Lee, Jean Lee Cutcliff, Miss Warren, Gloria Bolding, Bobby Carol Miller. SECOND ROW: Manager, Linda Wright, Judy Larkin, Janie Hathcock, Mary Ann Hathcock. Eleanor McCommon, Peggy Tibbetts. THIRD ROW: Mary Frances Harris, Patsy Williams, Peggy Parham, Betty Jo Christian. FIRST ROW: Larry Herndon, George Moreland, Jimmy Elliott, Ronnie Johnson, Danny Sanders, Phil Armour. SECOND ROW: Coach Woodward, Warren Pickle, Larry Pennington, Don Harmon, D Steve Palmer, Bobby Hill, Ray Miller, Tommy Hill. Ou $ k to t b Ou I IFRONT: Juanita Hathcock, Julie Pickle, Carol Larkin. MIDDLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Westbrook, Ann McKinney, Carolyn Hughes, Martha Pickle, Martha Lou Cutcliff, Patsy Markham, Barbara Barham, Reveland Miller, Jo Swan, Nancy Rieves, Norma Jean Hogan, Marilyn Brown, Mary Nell Isbell, Beverly Miller, Patsy Moore, Alice Parham, Minnie Berry, Sylvia Sullivan. STANDING: Becky Kennedy, Manager; Peggy Parham, Manager; Miss Ruth Warren, Coach; Judy Brook, Manager. AMORY GROCERY COMPANY FIRST ROW; Kenneth Battaile, Bob Forbus, Benny Chism, Billy Rainey, Danny Young, Ernie Gregory, Jimmy Chism. SECOND ROW: Coach Woodward, Donald Banks, Lester Pickle, Wesley Reed, Roy Parham, Fred Strawbridge, Billy Tibbett, Manager, George Alexander. B Ou $ k 6 t b Ou I IDanny Young Center Jimmy Chism Bob Forbus Guard Guard Ernie Gregory Forward Lester Pickle Forward Wesley Reed Kenneth Battaile Center Guard Billy Rainey ForwardJulie Pickle Forward Co-Captain Carol Larkin Forward Patsy Markam Forward Co-Captain Martha Pickle Forward Nancy Rieves Guard Captain W vuj Norma Jean Hogan Forward Alice Parham Guard Juanita Hathcock Forward Barbara Barham Guard Beverly Miller Guard |REECE DAIRYDo you remember the basketball games, the Friday afternoon parades down Main and the Pep rallies with the band, cheerleaders, and spectators?Pe iu tes Ol, -5 -0 O JO , 3A±Ka x3 » - v r vc xvACirYVj MVvlXAJ . OOO- , ' r J A 4- 0» JlMSduMx A.W.£.Most Atittec Julie Pickle Most VPMotihj Wtfittest Jerry Ford Julie Pickle Bob Forbus HOLSUM BAKERY AMORY NEWS ADVERTISER Uost LiWy-tO' QujcmjmI Mickey Murfee MostQtylish Anna Puckett Martha Mize Price Burdine COKER'S SELF-SERVICE Most iMbjctuM Anna Puckett Mickey Murfee E.C. HAWKINS BODY SHOP 61fJA t Beautify Nancy Rieves flAosb UcutikoM Benny Chism Cjjdufit vJl Martha Mize Cuiest Boy Benny ChismV Qfmxyv RhkviXtes Martha Mize and Price Burdine Junior Rukvuies Dot Knight and Wesley ReedDt QqmIvv Ira Kennedy — Joiliest Junior MODERN BEAUTY SHOP MOSES AUTO PARTS Bill McKinney CiMie t Bennie HuttoNancy Rieves Mickey Murfee f-lcM Of FttwA Julie Pickle Membership in the Hall of Fame is based on character, leadership, scholarship, service and personality. These student were chosen by a faculty committee. David Hodo HUNK'S PLACE MOORE-WILLIAMS PONTIAC Bob Forbus Anna Puckett' Take Yowis l tecuui ’e- ou m v ie lO Lb FIRST ROW: Peggy Aired, Alton Arnett, Darwyn Ausbon, Lanita Jo Battaile. SECOND ROW: Glenda Sue Beauchum, Ann Brown, Austin Bunch, Chuck Burhorn. THIRD ROW; Claudia Chandler, Glen Chism, Harold Conwell, Joyce Cody. FOURTH ROW; Loyce Cody, Mike Davis, Jimmy Dodd, Reldon Dean. FIFTH ROW: Celeste Downs, Larry Due, Lynda Duffel, Shirley Earl. SIXTH ROW; Becky Egger, Jerry Fears, Doug Francis, Larry Gaines. SEVENTH ROW: Betty Jean Gilmore, Jo Ann Glasgow, Maxie Gordon, Paulette Gosa. EIGHTH ROW; Christiane Graham, Brenda Joyce Hall, Grady Harmon, Edwin Hayman. NINTH ROW: Wayne Hathcote, Connetta Helms, David Hill, Dickie Hill. TENTH ROW: Emily Hood, Sylvia Jessee, Charles Jones, Teddy Jones. SIEGELS' DEPT. STORE BEN FRANKLINQtytlv FIRST ROW: Tony Ernest Jones, Leroy Kennedy, Mary Kidd, Annette Knight. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Lee, Mary Leech, Roy Lee Lindsey, Janice Lowrimore. THIRD ROW: Lynn McCullough, Lee Miller, Annette Minor, Betty Jo Naron. FOURTH ROW: Gordon Ostrowski, Carol Page, Lee Russell Parham, Clifford Parrish. FIFTH ROW: Susan Peeler, Dale Pennington, Larry Poe, Tommy Ray. SIXTH ROW: Danny Reeves, Mary Frances Ritter, Buford Rooks, Martha Lynn Scott. SEVENTH ROW: Anna Stockton, Lucille Stockton, Martha Streety, Brenda Sullivan. EIGHTH ROW: Fred Tartt, Mary Ann Tartt, Peggy Ann Tartt, Jimmy Dale Taylor. NINTH ROW: James Thompson, Vander Tidwell, Bessie Vaughn, Selwyn Wallace. TENTH ROW: Betty Jo Walls, Paula Wilkinson, Eddie Wardlow, Bettie Wiygul. AMORY BUTANE GAS COMPANYRffk FIRST ROW: Eddie Blake, Janie Beth Blankenship, Ann Bourland, Dan Brook. SECOND ROW: Beth Brown, Bobby Brown, Jimmy Brown, Elizabeth Burdine. THIRD ROW: Sherry Burdine, Judith Bryan, Paul Coggin, Douglas Colburn. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Coleman, Sam Creekmore, Jurney Davis, Joel Duncan. FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Edwards, Linda Farley, Wesley Fears, Mike Flanagan. SIXTH ROW: Bobby Joe Fowlkes, Richard Gaines, Thomas Earl Glasgow, Eddie Gregory. -4 SEVENTH ROW: David Halbert, Peggy Harper, Billy W. Harpole, Eddie Harrison. EIGHTH ROW: Elizabeth Hatley, Carolyn Hester, Judy Gilliland, Wade Holmquist. NINTH ROW: Kennon Hood, Shirley James, Sue Jenkins, Susan Jernigan, Frances Kennedy. TENTH ROW: William Kidd, Judy Kirkpatrick, Buford Lee, Johnny Leech, Albert Lockhart, Jerry Loden. A O.ft vOuA FIRST ROW: Roy Love, Hal Lovern, Meredith McFadden, Linda Matkins. SECOND ROW: Betty Sue Minga, James Mitchel, Barbara Monaghan, Marsha Monaghan. THIRD ROW: Kay Morgan, Butch Nash, Susan Ostrowski, Rita Palmer. FOURTH ROW: Billy Pickle, Pamela Pierce, Wanda Pennington, Patricia Reedy. FIFTH ROW: Clara Reeves, Don Reeves, Larry Reich, Linda Rye SIXTH ROW: Donnie Sanders, Ronnie Sanders, Elaine Sanford, Billy Sargent. SEVENTH ROW: Brenda Shelton, Sheryl Siegel, Shelia Smith, Jerry Stanford. EIGHTH ROW: Gloria Strack, Doyle Tubb, Cheryl Thompson, Darrell Tigrett. NINTH ROW: Gene Tinsley, Linda Tucker, Eddy Vanghn, Alex Valentine, Linda Wallace. TENTH ROW: Patsy Wardlaw, Patricia Welford, Jane Westbrook, Bobby White, Richard Williams, Patsy Ann Yelverton.Fou t£fi FIRST ROW: Kay Alexander, James Barnett, Linda Barnett, Jimmy Bauer, Warner Berry. SECOND ROW: Norman Bixler, Howard Boozer, Larry Boozer, Sherman Bray, Johnny Brown. THIRD ROW; Linda Brown, Eddie Bunch, Lonny Cain, Bobby Cantrell, Stephen Causey. FOURTH ROW: Becky Cochran, Linda Colburn, Joe Collins, Zera Pearl Conwill, Ann Conwill. FIFTH ROW: Dora Coplin, Nora Kay Cowart, Linda Crenshaw, Dorothy Duke, Dianne Duncan SIXTH ROW: Betty Egger, Nancy Epperson, Jimmy Forbus, Glenda Francis, William Francis. SEVENTH ROW: Peggy Frederick, Barbara Galloway, Marilyn Gilliland, Jimmy Glenn, Jeanine Graham. EIGHTH ROW: Zetty Vee Gray, Becky Green-hill, Mary Jane Grisham, Norbin Grissom, Greely Guyton, Howard Hall. NINTH ROW: Mary Jane Harlow, Carolyn Harris, Rosemary Harris, Paul Hawkins, Sammy Hester, Susan Hill, Gail Hodge. TENTH ROW: Suzanne Hogan, Peggy Holley, Dwight Hood, Jerry Howell, Jimmy Johnson, Betty Jo Jones, Charles Jones. iI QubAb FIRST ROW: Sandra Jones, Sissue Jones, Mike Justice, Danny Lann, Mary Elizabeth Lantrip. SECOND ROW: Celia Ledbetter, Charlotte Ledbetter, Judy Lane Lindsey, Jean Lowrimore, Ronnie Martin. THIRD ROW: Nan Miller, Lamar Minor, Clara Beth Moore, Joan Moore, Mike Moses. FOURTH ROW: Brenda Murphy, Richard Neal, Julia Oliver, Mary Oliver, Jim Overton. FIFTH ROW: Donna Parham, Joe Frank Peeler, Jr., Anita Randle, Gary Reeves, James Warren. SIXTH ROW: Lynn Reeves, Stanley Reeves, Dorothy Lee Renfro, Beverly Roberts, Joan Roche. SEVENTH ROW: Kenny Rye, Ann Sanders, Gayle Senter, Glenn Shierling, Janice Smith. EIGHTH ROW: Martha Stanford, Peggy Steed, Kerry Stevens, Philip Sullivan, James Tartt, Johnny Taylor. NINTH ROW: Richard Taylor, Charlotte Thompson, Billy Thomborough, Jimmy Thornton, Carolyn Tigrett, Dickey Todd, Mike Wax. TENTH ROW: Henry Wier, Walter Welford, Joan White, Danny Wigginton, Al Wiygul, Sara Wiygul, Mary Catherine Wren. OLIVER-HARRIS MOTOR CO. |5‘ V s v % A xm Yi iTi o a o t Lj vVA •fit v kFIRST ROW: Dorothy Anthony, Larry Armstrong, Mary Floyd Agnew, Lucille Armstrong, Jo Ann Ausbon, Martha Ausbon, Charles Billings, Nina Bonds. SECOND ROW: Carol Bourland, Lynn Brooks, Dorinda Brown, Dwight Bunch, Neil Candle, Lee Chaney, Rex Coker, Jerry Conwill. THIRD ROW: Harvey Coplin, John Ed Cother, Brenda Joyce Cox, Gordon Cox, Jimmy Cox, Sharon Cox, Elizabeth Creekmore, Donnie Crittenden. FOURTH ROW: Tom Crook, Brenda Sue Culver, Jessie Davis, Betty Sue Dean, Michael Dodds, Jimmy Downs, Mark Durrett, Scotty Dyson. FIFTH ROW: Gertie Fay Edwards, Roy Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Shirley Farley, Barbara Ferrell, Judy Frederick, Lois Gaines, Jimmy Galloway. SIXTH ROW: Joe Gardner, Freddie Gilmore, Odene Gilmore, Jimmy Gordon, Patsy Gordon, Dollie Gray, Ruby Gray, Earl Green. SEVENTH ROW: Linda Gregory, Larry Holloway, Ken Harden, Brenda Harris, Eddie Harris, Louis Hathcote, Gary Hayes. FRANCIS INSURANCE AGENCYFIRST ROW: Ronnie Herndon, Harold Hill, Joe Hilliard, Dwight Home, Linda Irgram, Lamar Jones, Jeannie Kellett, Betty Lou Keller, SECOND ROW: Brenda Kimbrough, Rodney Langford, Martha Lann, Tommy Love, Jerri Lowrimore, Lee McCown, Virginia McDivitt, Michael Meredith. THIRD ROW: Nancy Carol Minga, Ralph Mitchell, Ellyn Moon, Virginia Myatt, David Palmer, Kathy Sue Palmer, Norman Parrish, Daphne Pearce. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Pierce, Nan Polizzi, Elaine Price, Thomas Reece, Willie Reese, Judy Ann Ritter, Frank Roberts, Johnnie Rollins. FIFTH ROW: Dale Row, Boyce Sanders, Jimmy Sanders, Donnyce Sargent, Elizabeth Smith, Brenda Lou Stanford, Johnny Stanford, Sammie Stevens. SIXTH ROW: Nancy Streety, Jerry Thompson, Dianne Tinsley, Betty Jean Tucker, Devan Turner, Dwayne Tyce, Nell Valentine, Larry Vinson. SEVENTH ROW; Peggy Warren, Lee West, Ann Williams, Douglas Wright, Dianne Young, James Young. SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Charles ClementsFIRST ROW: Julia Carole Adams, Kenneth Adams, Mike Ausbon, Carolyn Bauer, Patrick Beasley, Judy Blake, Dennis Brasfield, Curtis Brock. SECOND ROW; Kathy Bryant, Ricky Cadden, Janice Coggin, Betty Cole, Glenda Conwill, Leander Cox, Ramon Cox, Sherry Cox. THIRD ROW: L. A. Cutcliff, Mike Dunaway, Jimmy Earl, Peggy Egger, Donna Elliott, Rebecca Epperson, Johnny Evans, Will Fears. FOURTH ROW: Billy Forbus, Marilyn Fowler, Peggy Fowlkes, Doyle Ray Francis, Judy Lane Gann, Linda Gilmore, Bobby Gray, Dianne Grisham. FIFTH ROW: Steve Grissom, Donald Guyton, Mary Loyce Hall, Joann Harrison, Mike Hathcock, Connie Jo Hawkins, Phyllis Hawkins, Teresa Hood. SIXTH ROW: Tommy Howell, Larry Isbell, J. D. Jones, Charles Justice, Dean Kendrick, Linda Kenny. 76 HADAWAY'S GROCERY MARKETOict lo FIRST ROW: Michael Langford, Dawane Lockhart, Jimmy Lindsey, Linda Kay Logan, Robert Martin, Dick Miller, Lional Minor, Jimmy Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Linda Moore, Sheryl Moore, Claudia Murphy, Dennis Guy Nabors, Wyvonda Nash, Jack Oliver, Bessie Palmer, Carolyn Palmer. THIRD ROW: Pam Palmer, Linda Marie Pearson, Rebecca Pennington, Sandra Petty, Larry Pickle, Maxine Pickle, Charlotte Poore, Sarah Prude. FOURTH ROW: Cathy Reeves, Donna Row, Robert Sanders, Peggy Sargent, Wayne Shelton, Nora Shumpert, Jerry Rye Smith, Gene Stephens. FIFTH ROW: Carlos Tartt, Charles Tartt, Terry Tartt, Gary Thornton, Gary Vaughan, Brenda Walls, Dorothy Wardlow, Donna West. SIXTH ROW: Marion West, Randall Wigginton, Robert Williams, Connie Wisecup, Charlie Yelverton, Jimmy Young. VARSITY THEATER 77$ 1-4 A »I ' -y ; - FIRST ROW: Brenda Adams, Floyd J. » I ( £ } ! Agnew Jr., Eddie Aired, David Armstrong, Jerry Wayne Armstrong. ft » — SECOND ROW: Joe Barnett, Sherrie F f r ■ v '. r.rr j Beasley, David Bixler, Mary Evelyn s - Brantley, Travis Brock. m “.a Q !v’ ' - J 4 . |mr)■ ... ? k Uti A ' - . Jj .(. J - J : SSHi .O , tv ' jUfA THIRD ROW: Linda Burdine, Donnie Caldwell, Jerry Cantrell, Charlotte Carlson, John Cauthen. FOURTH ROW: Donna Chaney, Bobby Conwill, Dick Conwill, Karen Cother Wanda Crawford. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Davis, Dale Dean, Danny Edwards, Mary Edwards, John Falk. SIXTH ROW: Butch Faulkner, Jonie Forbus, Wanda Ford, Betty Joe Gilmore, Early Wayne Gilmore. SEVENTH ROW: Lee Gray, Ruth Harris, Donnie Harrison, Terry Don Hayes, Martha Holley, Valeria Holley. 78 EIGHTH ROW; Thresha Horne, Gary Howell, Brenda Johnson, Bobbie Jones, Bill Knight, Bill D. Knight, Cynthia Little. AMORY STEAM LAUNDRYFIRST ROW: Tommy Lee Majors, Bob Martin, Julie Martin, Peggie Matkins, Pam McCullen. SECOND ROW: Mattie Monaghan, Gregg Moore, Mary Moore, Pat Nash, Sara Page. THIRD ROW: Letitia Parham, Glen Parish, Tommy Parish, Norma Poore, Ruth Ann Porter. FOURTH ROW: Mack Price, Mike Randle, Ray Reeves, Russell Reeves, Mickey Reich. FIFTH ROW: Portia Roberts, Eddie Sanders, Dale Scott, Robert Shumpert, Bobby Stanford. SIXTH ROW: Rickey Lynn Stephens, Mary Elizabeth Streety, Reggie Lynn Swan, Toney Tate, Doris Thompson. SEVENTH ROW: Jimmy Thompson, Johnny Tibbett, Janet Tinsley, Stevie Vann, Cynthia Wardlaw, Billy Ray Warren. E.C. GIBBS GROCERY STORE EIGHTH ROW: Dianne Weeks, Marlene Whitlocke, Kathy Wiggington, Barbara Wileman, Micheal Wayne Works, Brenda Wright, Dennis Young.MR PETER B. GREEN Principal MRS. BOB WOODWARD Sixth Grade MRS. JANE CAMP Sixth Grade MRS. FLOYD REEVES Sixth Grade MISS MADGE CLARKE Fifth Grade MRS. J.E. DOWNS Second Grade MRS. H.D. PAGE First Grade MISS CLAUDIA FOWLKES First Grade MRS. JACK DUVALL Secretary MISS MARY JO GODFREY First Grade MRS. EVERETT PRICE Music Hi K t Oj a MRS. JOHN HORNE Fifth Grade MRS. O.C. OAKS Fifth Grade MISS MILDRED SMITH Fourth Grade MISS FANNIE MAE CASON Fourth Grade MISS PATRICIA LOWE Fourth Grade MISS LOUISE DAVIS Third Grade MISS MITTIE LEE SMITH Third Grade MRS. H.B. NAIL Third Grade SIEGEL'S DEPT STORE MRS. M.E. GREEN Second Grade MISS BEULAH WITT Second GradeMOST HANDSOME BOY Lee Miller MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Susan Peeler SECOND ROW: FRIENDLIEST BOY Edwin Hayman FRIENDLIEST GIRL Susan Peeler FIRST ROW: WITTIEST BOY Danny Reeves WILLIEST GIRL Glenda Beachum £ietnentcwj U fio-’s U U MR. and MISS A.E.S, Ted Jones Susan Peeler MOST COURTEOUS BOY Ted Jones MOST COURTEOUS GIRL Susan Peeler MOST ATHLETIC BOY David Hill MOST ATHLETIC GIRL Betty Jo Narron Mrs. Evan Hale - Teacher 82 

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