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 StudeNts o — RdoryU ishSchoo[ f) noay ,r)ississippj Tke5£NT f9 erSMl HI i HI III I; SSSg£$ (yxJUxr idL In 1849 the United States was a young country, past the birth pangs but not yet split by civil strife, and her people had the lust for life and adventure which kept pushing the frontier of the young country farther and farther west. The discovery of gold in the west hastened the development of the nation, and the famous goldrush of 1849 gave further evidence of the pioneer spirit of these people--these ’49’ers. In 1949 the boundaries of our country stretch from ocean to ocean; our world has been subjected to two global wars in this century. We today are pioneering in a new field--the field of peace--so we, too, are '49’ers. To the pioneer spirit of the’49'ers--of 1849and 1949— we dedicate the theme of the 1949 PANORAMA. 4DEDIUIIOI The boiler room is his office; the broom, his trade mark. He is the first one to. arrive at school in the morning, and the last to leave in the evening. He is indispensable in our pursuit of knowledge; no school could get along without someone like him. He is our janitor. Will Baker--to him we dedicate the 1949 PANORAMA. 5n ESP 0 ,0CO w •, y . . . How you hated to see September and schooldays come, but you were glad to be with all the old crowd again .... All the new teachers and Mr. Lewis, too; but Mrs. Beauchamp was here the same as ever .... That heartbreaking football season .... The fun of football trips .... The parties in the Armory after the home games .... How it rained for Homecoming game, but we won that one .... When Coach Baughn got his leg hurt showing the boys how it was done .... When Mr. Lewis started giving F’s in citizenship to gum chewers .... The Halloween tomfoolery .... Basketball season .... When the Shootin’ Stars (with Mrs. Beauchamp and Miss Haughton as waterboys) lost by one point to the Dribble Dreams; but the Panthers lost to the Profs .... And didn’t J.M., Ted, Jake, and “Chow make cute cheerleaders .... Armistice day with the parade and the Pee Wee vs. Baldwyn game the highlights of the day .... The Pee Wee Cheerleaders, too . . . The Thanksgiving holidays .... The Baby Sitter with Charles and Terry Tom as holy 6remeAber terrors .... The Boys’ A-Club initiation and the smell of those onions .... Christmas holidays .... After Christmas and the worry about exams; then they were over before you knew it . . . . How second semester flew by ... . The big snow .... The basketball tournaments .... The beautiful sunshiny February days .... The Girls’ A-Club initiation and those vegetable hats . . . . Spring! Ah! Do you remember lovely, wonderful spring, when young men’s thoughts turn to love . . ; . The so short spring holidays .... The rejuvenated tennis courts .... When the seniors (the big shots) went to New Orleans and left the rest of us behind wishing we were seniors .... When it was May and all the hustle and bustle of senior “activities .... The Junior - Senior Banquet .... The Parties .... Those exams again and then--that last day--graduation day . . . When we said “so long to all those happy seniors, and the juniors found they were the big dogs now. DO YOU REMEMBER HOW MUCH FUN WE ALL HAD THAT YEAR? 7Associate Editor Mary Jean Worthy Editor Lannie May Associate Editor Mattie Spight McKinney ANORRmp Ass’t. Bus. Mgr. Hoyt Curbow Bus. Mgr. Jimmie Kirkpatrick 8 Ass’t. Bus. Mgr. Martha GannMake up Editor Make up Staff Typists Addie Mae Howell Eleanor Beckham . . Elnor Puckett . Virginia Wiygul . Mary Jo Moore Billie Jean McFadden Martha Nell Pennell . Miriam Harmon . J oy Bell Coker . . Joan Pearce . Eva Nell Ritter .Geneva Hathcock Art Editor. . . . Jimmie Moreland ....................David Williams .................Irma Armstrong ...............Juanita Lowrimore Photography Staff . . J. C. Kennedy ...................Rosemary Knight .....................Lynn Glasgow .................Marianne Caldwell Sports Editors .Magdeline Broughman ...............Charles Longenecker Sponsor...........Miss Helen Magee Business Staff . . . James Weatherly ............................Sara J ones ..........................Philip James .........................Joyce Glass ......................Bettianne Brasfield ....................Eva Brook McCullen ........................Emily Bloodworth .........................Shirlee Holland Class Representatives . . Joan McCary Circulation . Mr. Charles L. Lewis Superintendent FACULTY Miss Helen Magee Commercial Subjects Miss Martha Woodson Senior High English Mr. James Baughn Miss Mary Ida Director of Physi- Hoffman cal Education- Home Economics Social Science Miss Margaret Miss Jane Lowry Miss Jean Moore, Junior High Junior High Social Lancaster Science-Director Science and Director of Band of Physical Ed. English Miss Jeane Martin Director of High School Music Miss Gertrude Haughton Mr. James W. Mrs. W. N. Norwood Mayfield History and Social Junior High Coach Senior High Math. Science and Science Mrs. Roberta Abney Librarian n Mrs. I. W. Beauchamp Principal Foreign Languages Mrs. K. I. Allen Junior High English Mr. Tommy Owen Junior High Math. Assistant Coach Miss Doris Ramage Secretary 10TERRY TOM CROW Of manners gentle, of affections mild; In wit a man, in simplicity a child. CLASS OFFICERS Charles Longenecker...........President Terry Tom Crow . . . .Vice-President Addie Mae Howell . Secretary-Treasurer Jimmy Moreland.................Reporter ADDIE MAE HOWELL Time for work, yet take much holiday for arts and friendship’s sake. Motto; In Ourselves Our Future Lies Flower: Crimson Carnation Color; Crimson and Silver JIMMY MORELAND A princelier-looking man never stepped thro’ a prince's hall.EVERETTE BARNES His time for study never comes EDDIE BOLDING He can work when occasion arises, but for laughter and talk he takes all prizes. CHARLES CREELY One likes a fellow who is full of fun, and Charles, indeed, is such a one. BETTIANNE BRASFIELD I know a maiden fair to see, Take care! MAGDELINE BROUGHMAN But as fair she takes the breath of men away, what gaze upon her unaware. JOY BELL COKER I agree with no one’s opinion; I have some of my own. LARRY BRASIL He has sufficient strength to support the misfortunes of others. ERNESTEEN DYER Timidly, yet unafraid, unfolds the sweetness of her soul. CHARLES EGGER Peppery, spicy wit personified--that is Charlie. EVELYN DIXON A violet by a mossy stone, half hidden from the eye. 13JOYCE GLASS And still they gazed and still the wonder grew. BETTYE HARDEN I shall laugh myself to death. JOHN ESTES Full of wit as a ginger bottle is of pop. MARTHA GANN A good natured girl you will agree, a success in life, Martha is sure to be. NELSON GLENN A determined face and a ready smile. MARY LOUISE GRAVLEE She is so gentle, calm, and kind; we know how gracious is her mind. NELL HATHCOCK The best of things come in small packages. HERMAN HESTER Herman was endowed with a temper hot, but boy he is a real “hot shot. EDWIN GLENN Ouiet and reserved Edwin seems to be, but he is a friend, believe you me! GENEVA HATHCOCK A merry heart goes all the way. 14SARA JONES In constant and successful revolt against mediocrity. LANNIE MAY She is so alive that it would be sheer foolishness for her to take out life insurance. SHIRLEY HOLLAND I have no men to govern in this wood—That is my only woe. ANNE HOLLIS Her very smiles are fairer far, than smiles of other maidens are. JIMMY KIRKPATRICK He’s armed without that’s innocent within. PATRICIA KNIGHT And still they gazed and still the wonder grew. JOAN MC NEIL Quiet, efficient, full of fun; Her smile refreshes like the sun. ROY MORGAN In arguing, too, the parson owned his skill for e’en though vanquished, he could argue still. ALICE KELLER Alice is helpful, Alice is kind, and Alice also knows her mind. JOAN MC CARY Temper, Temper, Temper! Raining fire and brimstone. 15EVA NELL RITTER Her eyes as stars of twilight fair; like twilight, too, her dusky hair. EDDIE WILKERSON Free from worry, free from care, where you find mischief, Eddie is there. MIGUEL ORIHUELA Gentle of speech, beneficient of mind. PATSY OWEN As a wit if not first, in the very first line. MARY VIRGINIA STEWART Adaughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair. PAULA TOWLE The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid. COOLEY TUBB Why let studies interfere with your education. DAVID WILLIAMS Is this that haughty gallant, gay Lothario? TROY WILLIAMS Let all the world know I am a lover. MARY JEAN WORTHY A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power. 16JUNO MARGARET ANN ALLEN ELEANOR BECKHAM CLASS OFFICERS JAMES HAROLD WEATHERLY . . . . President J. M. MINGLEDORFF . . Vice-President OTIS COWAN . . Secretary-Treasurer MIRIAM HARMON.................Reporter EMILY BLOODWORTH 17 JIMMY BOURLANDFRANCES CLEMENTS JEANETTE CRAWFORD NORMA JEAN FRANCIS LYNN GLASGOW MARIANNE CALDWELL HOYT CURBOW JERRY FINDLEY TED GRIZZLE DOUGLAS HATHCOCK 18 Not Pictured: Billy Ray BunchBOBBY JONES JACKIE JONES J. C. KENNEDY SAMMY LARKIN EVA BROOK MCCULLEN MATTIE SPIGHT MCKINNEY SHIRLEY JONES BETTY JUNE KENDALL JUANITA LOWRIMORE BEVERLY MARTIN 19DOROTHY PARKER MATTIE PARISH EVA REED JAMES RYE ELEANOR TUBB 20CLASS OFFICERS PHILIP JAMES SARA ALLEN. TED STUART. Burma Armstrong Jimmy Burdine Joan Harlow Irma Armstrong Mary Jo Cathcart Lou Ann Hutto William Armstrong Mary Nell Creely Charles Jones 21 James Barnette Doris Glenn Ralph Kuykendall Katherine Brown Dal Hansen Bobby LoweArvella Majors James Miller Maxine Minor I ' Jimmie Nell Naron Talmadge Patterson Joan Pearce Henry Vaughn Roy Westbrook Charles Whitaker Dewey Monaghan Joyce Plunkett Eleanor Smith Virginia Wiygul 22CLASS OFFICERS DICKIE PALMER..................................President BILLIE JEAN MCFADDEN......................Vice-President JUNE HOLLIS..........................Secretary-Treasurer MARY JO MOORE...................................Reporter Robert Adams Annie Broughman Ernest Cadden June Camp Jerry Connell Betty Crenshaw Joyce Crawford Cled Gregory Jack Harris Jimmy Haughton Douglas Hodo Louise Hood 23Joan Kendall Rosemary Knight Gerald Milburn Peggy Moore Beverly Morris Vivian Morris Dudley Nash Mary Ruth Noland Jane Owings Willis Owings Thomas Pierce Jake Powell Jimmy Prestridge Elnor Puckett David Roby Gerthel Seals Billie Stanley Bobby Stockton Bob Strickland Carolyn Tubb 24 Sue Delle Stuart Margaret Wiygul Frank A1 Woolf Charles Young Frances Monghanr i i h X n EIGHTH GRADE o Vf V 1 EUGENE MORELAND PHILIP LANTRIP HAROLD MILBURN LINDA DURRETT President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Willie Marnee Anderson Alexander Bobby Mary Bolding Bunch 1 ) • - £3 Hale Barnett John Bean n a in 3L Barbara Donald Burdine Coker Jane Martha Colvin Cox Susan Ann Tommy Cox Curry Jean Hubert Duncan Duvall Alton Shirley Francis Fowlkes 4 •-V', $»4 V Joe William Gann Greenhill Billy Fred Joyce Garrett Glenn J. V. Patsy Gregory Hawkins 25F ranees Herndon -fc. Earline Johnson Joe Me Cullen J. C. Pierce Charles Tubb Sue Hester Eleanor Howell E. C. Irving Don Weda James Jeffreys Jerry Lantrip Patsy Meredith Julia Pugh Jerry Betty Jean Lee Loden Howard Billy Milburn Miles Robert Thomas Ramage Ritter Elizabeth Doris Mann Me Cary Dorothy Margaret Ming Patterson Geraldine James Scott TaylorSEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS President .... Peggy Roberts Sec. Treas. Vice-President . Richard Roberts Reporter . . . Peggy Barnett . Bill Meredith Ernestine Adams, Frank Banks, Joy Bethay, Doris Bowen, Lee Brasfield. Julia Bronw, Mary Jean Brown, Billy Caldwell, Gerald Creely, Gordon Crenshaw, Billy Davis. Billy Curry, Phyllis East, Nancy Edwards, Jere Forbus, Corinne Francis, Barbara Garret, Margala Green. James Edward Harris, Dorothy Hester, Jean Marie Horner, Gail Hornsby, Dale Howell, Juanita Hugs, Cecil Isbell. 27Dickie Jones, Charles Kennedy, June Knight, Lucy Leech, Joan Lyle, Donald Meredith, Jimmy Meredity, Hoyt Mixon. Donald Mize, Joyce Monaghan, Ikey Moore, Mary Joe Nash, Leroy Parish, Billy Pope, Nola Pearl Price, Bobby Neal Reeves. Joe Rieves, Forrest Ritter, Kay Rogers, Virginia Rye, Patricia Sanford, James Satterwhite, James Leo Segars, Donald Steed. James Taylor, Sara Tubb, Marjean Toney, James Vaughan, Sylvia Vise, Ann Willians, Warren Wright, Johnny Wiygul. 281. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. SNAPSHOTS One, Two in Harmony No! Not Now! What’s Caesar Doing Today? Now It's My Turn Giving Her The Old Brush-Off The Put-Put and I When You Gotta’, You Gotta’; and We Gotta’ 29Ill III 1. That Hour Glass Figure 2. Lovebirds 3. Will We Do? 4. Makes Muscles 5. Self Explanatory 6. What’s Wrong? 7. Daring Young Man! 8. Don’t Shoot Me! 9. Stepping High 10. A Good Wife 11. Dinner Drag 12. Daily Meeting PlaceCaptain - Charles Longenecker FOOTBALL1ST ROW, Left to Right: J. M. Mingledorff, Fullback; Charles Young, Guard; Terry Tom Crow, End; David Williams, Quarterback; James Rye, Quarterback; John David Pearce, Fullback; Roy Morgan, Center; Jimmy Bourland, Halfback. 2ND ROW, Left to Right: William Armstrong, Guard; Ted Stuart, Halfback; Robert Adams, End; Sammy Larkin, End; Jerry Findley, Tackle; Oliver Prestridge, Halfback; John Estes, Guard. 3RD ROW, Left to Right: Jake Powell, Center; Joe Gann, Guard; Billy Ray Bunch, Center; Tommy Curry, End; Dewey Monaghan, Tackle; Ralph Kuykendal, Tackle. 4TH ROW, Left to Right: James Harold Weatherly, Halfback; Eddie Bolding, Guard; Charles Longenecker, End; Herman Hester, Tackle; Bobby Lowe, Center. 5TH ROW, Left to Right: Cled Gregory, Quarterback; Thomas Pierce, End. 1ST ROW, Left to Right: Henry Vaughn, End; Johnny Wiygul, Back; Frank Banks, Center; Leo Segars, Guard; Tommy Hester, Guard; James Vaughn, Back; Don Coker, Tackle; 2ND ROW, Left to Right: Billy Fred Garett, End; Buddy Pace, Tackle; Hal Reeves, End; Troy Young, Guard; Cliff Hodges, Back; John Varnon, Tackle; Jimmy Meredity, End. 3RD ROW, Left to Right: Don Meredith, End; Donald Mize, Tackle; Dickie Palmer, Captain and Quarter back; Harold Milburn, Back; Frank Albert Woolf, Guard; Howard Milburn, Back; Gerald Milburn, Back; Joe Reeves, Tackle. 4TH ROW, Left to Right: Bill Meredith, Manager; Bill May, Guard; Joey Young, Guard; Jackie Forbes, Back; Coach Norwood; James Taylor, End; Gordon Crenshaw, Guard; Hubert Duvall, Manager. 33Mary Jean Worthy Co-Captain - Guard Margaret Moore Coach Lannie May Captain-Guard vi GIRLS’ SQUAD, FIRST ROW: Annie Broughman, Maggie Broughman, Mary Jean Worthy, Coach Margaret Moore, Lannie May, Maxine Minor, Peggy Moore. SECOND ROW: Martha Gann, Manager, Mary Nell Creely, Jeanette Crawford, Joy Bell Coker, Eva Nell Ritter, Mary Virginia Stewart, Sara Allen, Gerthel Seals, Manager. Joy Bell Coker Forward Jeanette Crawford Guard r Mary Virginia Stewart F orward Magdeline Broughman F orwardCled Gregory Coach-Tommy Owen CS BASKETBALL 1940 BOYS’ SQUAD, FIRST ROW: David Williams, Charles Creely, J. M. Mingledorff, Manager, Eddie Bolding, Cled Gregory. SECOND ROW: Coach Tommy Owen, James Rye, Dewey Monaghan, Jimmy Bourland, Robert Adams, Dudley Nash, James Harold Weatherly, Thomas Pierce, Manager. Eddie Bolding-Captain Dewey Monaghan Jimmy Bourland Robert Adams 35AROUND THE CAMPUS 1. Ha! Ha! 2. That Hungry? 3. On Stage! 4. What’s the Rush? 5. Zowie! 6. Gather ’Round 7. Waiting for Someone? 8. I wanna go, too. 9. Hold it! 10. “The Wildflowers 11. Must be interesting. 36MEMBERS OF THE BHD FLUTES Dorothy Parker Eleanor Tubb Joan Harlow Gerthel Seals OBOE Joan Pearce CLARINETS Ernest Cadden Mattie McKinney Elnor Puckett June Camp Shelby Schumpert Margaret Allen Billie Jean McFadden Carolyn Tubb Beverly Morris Jean Bentley Don James Mary Jane Harris Mary Ruth Noland Joe Rieves ALTO CLARINET Sara Allen ALTO SAXOPHONE Terry Tom Crow Betty Harden James Weatherly TENOR SAXOPHONE Shirley Jones David Williams Hale Barnett BARITONE SAXOPHONE Jerry Lee FRENCH HORNS Eleanor Beckham Mary Jo Moore Beverly Martin Jane Owings CORNETS J. C. Kennedy Talmadge Patterson Doug Hodo Charles Tubb Sara Tubb A. H. Ritter TROMBONES Jimmy Moreland Lynn Glasgow Eugene Moreland Lou Ann Hutto Hoyt Cur bow BARITONES Troy Williams Eugene Westbrook BASSES Charles Longenecker Tommy Curry Burma Armstrong PERCUSSION Patsy Hawkins Everette Barnes Mary Jean Worthy Margaret Wiygul Lannie May MAJORETTES Betty Harden Lannie May Joan McCary Mary Jean Worthy FLAG BEARERS J. V. Gregory J. C. Pierce 38The band schedule for the year has included playing and marching at ten football games, one local concert, two out-of-town concerts, a trip to the Delta Band Festival, attendance at the Cotton Carnival, participation in the State Marching and Concert Contest, and attendance at several clinics. Soloists who entered the State Solo Contest were Jimmy Moreland, Ernest Cadden, Mattie McKinney, Eleanor Beckham, Dorothy Parker, Lynn Glasgow. 3940MR. A.H.S. CHARLES LONGENECKER 42mss u.s. LANNIE MAY 43AT AMORY HIGH MOST BEAUTIFUL Emily Bloodworth MOST POPULAR MOST FRIENDLY Joyce Glass 44 MOST DIGNIFIED SENIOR Shirlee Holland MOST ATHLETIC MOST POPULAR Jimmy Bourland ' BIGGEST FLIRT WITTIEST David Williams AO otJeyl C 45HALL OF FAME Membership in the Hall of Fame is based on character, leadership, scholarship, service and personality. These students were chosen by a faculty committee composed of Mrs. Beauchamp, Miss Magee, Mrs. Mayfield, Mr. Norwood, and Miss Woodson.Lannie May Maid Magdeline Broughman Maid Mary Jean Worthy Maid Emily Bloodworth Maid Martha Nell Pennell Queen t 47THE BABY-SITTER Cast of Characters Bob, who breaks a date............Jimmy Moreland Mother, who makes him break the date................ Eva Nell Ritter Father, who agrees with Mother...................... Charles Longenecker Junior, a holy terror................Charles Creely Jane, . .... Mary Louise Gravelee Helen, s s's ers.................Shirlee Holland Carrie, Bob’s one-and-only Eunice, who tries to take Carrie’s Carl, Helen’s boy friend Lefty, another holy terror . Midge, Dot, Mr. Gordon, ,, , Junior s parents Mrs. Gordon, who raid the icebox . . . Lannie May place . Sara Jones . . Troy Williams . Terry Tom Crow . . . Anne Hollis . Martha Gann . . .Larry Brizil . . Patricia Knight 48OUR TEACHERS 1. Country Gal. 2. Buckie Boy. 3. Hankerin’. 4. Dude! 5. Something New Has Been Added. 6. The Same Mrs. Nort. 7. How About A Date Tonight? 8. You Name It. 9. Tee Hee f 10. Bon-n-g !!! 11. Crip. 49THE PEPTOMIST Published every month by The Students of Amory High School AHS Downs Kossuth STAFF Joyce Glass, Shirlee Holland Co-Editors Emily Bloodworth, Shirley Jones ................... Assistant Editors Jimmy Moreland--------------------------------- Business Manager J. C. Kennedy ....................... Assistant Business Manager Sara Jones, Bettianne Brasfield, Eva Brook McCullen, Joyce Plunkett, Eva Grace Pullen, Mary Jo Moore, June Camp---------------------------------------- Advertising Staff Addemae Howell .................................. Literary Editor Juanita Lowrimore, Mattie Spight McKinney, Bettye Harden, Lannie May, Magdeline Broughman, Eva Nell Ritter -------------- ;---------------- — Feature Editors Phillip James, Mary Virginia Stewart Sports Editors Elnor Puckett, Joan Harlow Humor Alice Keller, Jeanette Crawford.............................. Exchange Beverly Martin ............................................. Library Anne Hollis, Sara Allen, Mary Nell Creely, Billy Jean McFadden ...........—...----------------------- Alumni Editoi Everette Barnes, Mary Jean Worthy, Voncil Taylor Rosemary Knight ------------------------------------ Circulation Martha Gann, Lynn Glasgow, Dorothy Parker, Jo Ann McNiel ------------------------------------------------ Typists Miss Martha Woodson Soonaor 52CURRENT EVENTS CLUB FIRST ROW: Eddie Wilkerson, Charles Creeley, Otis Cowan, Troy-Williams, Bobby Jones, Henry Vaughn, Charlie Egger, Sonny Jones, James Barnett. SECOND ROW: Miss Haughton, Sponsor, Edwin Glenn, Joe Jennings, Buddy Miller, Roy Westbrook, Cooley Tubb, Douglas Hathcock, Jack Jones, James Pruett, Nelson Glenn, Homer Ramage, Jimmy Burdine. GIFT OF GAB CLUB FIRST ROW: Gerthel Seals, Jane Owings, Sylvia Vice, Margaret Wiygul, Beverly Morris, Patricia Sanford, Geraldine Scott. SECOND ROW: Peggy Moore, Joan Kendall, Annie Broughman, Mary Jean Brown, Kay Rogers, Peggy Barnett, Carolyn Tubb, Billie Stanley. THIRD ROW: Mary Noland, Louise Hood, Frances Monoghan,Margaret Patterson, June Hollis, Vivian Morris, Mrs. Allen, Sponsor.FIRST ROW: Miss Martin, Sponsor, Marianne Caldwell, Mary Louise Gravlee, Betty Phillips, Katherine Brown, Juanita Lowrimore, EvaBrook McCullen, Shirlee Holland, Joyce Glass, Emily Bloodworth, Sue Dell Stuart, Barbara Keller, Eva Reed, Frances Clements. SECOND ROW: Bettianne Brasfield, Eleanor Smith, Frances Monoghan, Shirley Jones, Beverly June Hollis, Vivian Morris, Beverly Morris, Martha Nell Pennell, Mattie Parish, Joy Bell Coker, Miriam Harmon, Eva Nell Ritter, Louise Hood, Betty Crenshaw, Burma Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Paula Towle, Eleanor Tubb, Irma Armstrong, Joan Pearce, Billie Stanley. BRUADCASIlAC CLUB Sylvia Vice, Emily Bloodworth, Bettianne Brasfield, Joyce Glass, Joan Pearce, Eva Nell, Ritter, Elnor Puckett, Anne Hollis, Juanita Lowrimore, Lannie May, Douglas Hathcock, Shirlee Holland, Betty June Kendall, Dal Hansen, Patricia Knight, Mrs. Mayfield, Sponsor. Absent: Miss Lancaster.FIRST ROW: Frank Banks, Leo Segars, Jerry Forbus, James Edward Harris, James Vaughn, Miguel Orihuela, Lee Brasfield, Bobby Reeves, Billy Pope, Donald Steed, Thomas Satterwhite. SECOND ROW: Billy Fred Garrett, J. C. Pierce, Douglas Hodo, Jerry Connell, Dickie Palmer, Dickie Jones, Billy Caldwell, Don James, William Greenhill, Warren Wright. THIRD ROW: Hale Barnette, Thomas Ritter, Bob Strickland, Gerald Milburn, Bobby Stockton, James Taylor, Harold Milburn, Don Meridith, Howard Milburn, Gordon Crenshaw. FOURTH ROW: Ernest Cadden, Dickie Moore, David Roby, Dudley Nash, Donald Mize, Frank Wolfe, Billy Miles, Eugene Westbrook, Joe Young, Johnnie Wiygul, FIFTH ROW: Charles Tubbs, Eugene Moreland, Phillip Lantrip, Cecil Isabell, Joe Reeves, Billy Curey, Jerry Lee, James Taylor, Dale Howell, Donald Coker. SIXTH ROW: Forest Ritter, Hubert Duvall, Jerry Lantrip, Richard Roberts, Bill Meridith, Robert Ramage, Gerald Creely, Billy David, Elmer Owen, J. V. Gregory, John Bean. Mr. Norwood, Sponsor. HOMEMAKERS CLUB Arvella Majors, Joyce Crawford, Patsy Owen, Mary Jo Cathcart, Barbara Keller, Maxine Minor, Evelyn Dixon, Nell Hathcock, Betty Crenshaw, Mattie Parish, Doris Glenn, Miss Hoffman, Sponsor, Eleonor Smith, Sue Dell Stuart.56GIRLS “1” CLUB ROW 1: Martha Gann, Jeanette Crawford, Joy Bell Coker, Eva Nell Ritter, Mary Virginia Stewart, Sara Allen, Gerthel Seals, Miss Margaret Moore. ROW 2: Mary Nell Creely, Annie Broughman, Magdeline Broughman, Lannie May, Mary Jean Worthy, Maxine Minor, Peggy Moore. BOYS “r ClUB ROW 1: Coach Owens, Charles Longnecker, John Estes, Dewey Monaghan, Robert Adams, Jerry D. Findley, J. M. Mingledorff, Coach Baughn. ROW 2: Herman Hester, Ralph Kuykendall, Sammy Larkin, James Rye, James Harold Weatherly, Cooley Tubb, David Williams. ROW 3: Roy Morgan, Eddie Wilk-erson, Charles Whitaker, Eddie Bolding, Terry Tom Crow, Cled Gregory, Ted Stuart, Jimmy Bourland. 57RECORD CLUB ROW 1: Miss Jean Lancaster, Weda Jeffreys, Lou Ann Hutto, Burma Armstrong, Margaret Ann Allen, Jean Bentley, Jane Colvin, Sue Hester. ROW 2: Patsy Hawking, Shirley Howell, Earline Johnson, Sara Tubb, Virginia Rye, Frances Herndon. 58MRS. R. L. MCKINNEY English MISS JOYCE BOYETT Social Science MRS. O. D. STONE Secretary MISS BESSIE MISS FANNIE MAE MRS. KATHRYN MISS LOUISE DAVIS MONTOGOMERY CASON TRENOR Third Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade MISS LUM COOK MISS MADGE CLARKE MISS MAUDIE MISs MARGARET Second Grade Second Grade MESSER GWINN First Grade First Grade 60FIRST ROW: Jack Forbus, Frank Smith, Billy May, Troy Young, A. H. Ritter, Bert Thompson, Dorothy Flowers, Richard Beckham. SECOND ROW: Larry Fears, Ann Herndon, Keith Cathcart, Cecil McWhirter, Mr. Thompson, Eason Camp, Tommie Ritter, Joan Liddell, Melinda Coyle. THIRD ROW: Becky Hodges, Louise Reed, Lois Reed, Buddy Pace, W. C. Ausborne, Tony Parker, Barbara Pennington, Jimmy Lange. FOURTH ROW: Joe Tubb, James Hood, Cliff Hodges, Jane Smith, Jimmy Cowan, Mary Jane Fears, Jeanine Clingan, Jane Bentley, Barbara Hensley. FIRST ROW: Jean Bolding, Robert Riley, Nell Crank, Malcolm Roberts, Mrs. Camp, Lamar Hood, Tommie Jean Edwards, Norris Robinson, Hal Rieves. SECOND ROW: Faye Carpenter, Ann Roach, John Varnon, Bessie Satterwhite, Dorothy Rusoe, Martha Faulkner, Ann Ram-mage, George Nash. THIRD ROW: Peggy Morris, Shirley Patterson, Tommy Hester, Cecil Wilson, Max Knight, Eugene Wardlaw, George Mann, Gilbert Allen, Nina Wright. 62FIRST ROW: Benny Chism, Linea Bolding, Peggy Monaghan, Fay Harmon. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Dale Boozer, Ernest Gregory, Charles Knight, Sammy Moore, Miss Douglas Patterson, Harold Wardlaw, Jimmy Pope, Jimmy Maxine Tubb, Mary Hester. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Hughes, Jackie Burdine, Dorothy Duvall, Audine Markham, Sara Finney, Amelia Peeler, Janette Davis, Betty Jean Rieves. FOURTH ROW: Virgil Crank, Grady Swan, Betty Parrish, Bobby Wardlaw, James-Roberts, Margaret Moton, Ira Kennedy, Boadine Watson, John Durrett. . , FIRST ROW: Joel Camp, Wayne Conwill, John Murfee, Pet Bethay, Martha Connell, Dolores Pennington, Glenda Sue Roby. SECOND ROW: Anita Waldrop, Jeanette James, Dale Thompson, Billy Bonds, Mrs. McKinney, Joan Mize, John Wayne Cadden, Sidney James, Margaret Ming. THIRD ROW: Jane Horner, Beth Armor, Glenda Palmer, Juanita Knight, Jess Haley, Jack Hughes, Barbara Kendrick, Terry Perkins, Terry McCary. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Rorie, Billy Joe Fields, Billy Green Nesbit, Paul Kelly, Eugene Keller, John Love, Hal Haughton, Verna Mae Parish, Annette Bowen.TOP ROW: Floyd Reeves, David Hodo, Eleanor Crabtree, Emma Welch, Harold Naron, George Alexander, Julie Pickle, Johnny Mac Vise, Mary Etta Knight, Price Burdine. SECOND ROW: Minnie Hitt, Claude Boyd, Josephine Orehuela, Donald Banks, Miss Cason, Joan Wright, Lewis Hitt, Bobby Markham, Linda Tibbits. THIRD ROW: Charles Geyer, Subie Robuck, Frank Durrett, Anna Puckett, Carl Wayne Palmer, Monte Lee, Bobby Taylor, Martha Mize, Don Miller, Betty Wardlaw. FOURTH ROW: Hazel Wright, Bob Forbus, Susan Archer, Charlotte Owings, Marshall Boyd, Billy Rainey, Mickey Murfee, James Edward Taylor. FRONT ROW: Wayne Thompson, Clayton Merideth, Dicky Lyle, Bobby Harmon. SECOND ROW: Shirley Kendrick, Dale Hester, Nancy Rieves, Charlene Johnson, Miss Montgomery, Barbara Taylor, Peyton Merideth, Derral Jones, Tim Hughes. THIRD ROW: Earl Bunch, James Seymore, Gene Mixon, Jack Flowers, Harlan Bankester, Frank Patterson, William Seals, J. C. Riley, Bobby Joe Blake. BACK ROW: Doyle Fink, Edward Coker, Martha Hall, Louise Leach, Johnny Gann, Mary Sue Sanders, Johnny Smith, Byron Easter, Danny Young. 64FIRST ROW: Lynn Hornsby, Mary Coleman, Mary Jo Isbell, Mary Nell Isbell, Vernon Boyd, Dorothy Toney, Dorothy Knight. SECOND ROW: Frank Finney, Jimmy Broughman, Gwyn Wallace, Lonnie Edwards, Jimmy Chism, Lawrence Shackelford, Lester Kimbrough. THIRD ROW: Dan Stone, Murray Stucker, Hal Moore, Beverly Miller, Miss Davis, Lynda Davis, Wesley Reed, Lynn Duvall, Ramona Hood. FIRST ROW: Barey Hood, Billy Reeves, May Smith, Fay Smith, Wayne Markham, Helen Taylor, Wayne Roby. SECOND ROW: Linda Wright, Ronnie Wiechmon, James Jones, Billy Ford, Claudette Jennings, Shelby Stanford, Frank Norris Egger. THIRD ROW: Charles Dove, Roy Parham, Mrs. Trenor, Coburn Bowen, Emily Stevens, Mary Evelyn Bankster. 65FIRST ROW: June Smith, Annie Pearl Jones, Noel Harmon, Marky Ledbetter, Bennie Hutto, Marion Stover, Betty Pennington, Mary Beth Wilkinson, Peggy Jean Turner. SECOND ROW: Johnny Wilkerson, Nancy Glenn, Clyde Tubb, Carol Brooks, Miss Cook, Joanne Love, Julia Rainey, Rebecca Kendall, Jimmie Roberts, Linda Ellinwood. THIRD ROW: Peggy Ann Tibbetts, Buddie Peeler, Courtney Carson, Judy Thompson, Donna Putman, Ann Marie McKinney, Jerry Wayne Boozer, Donald Kent Gilliam, Melissa Ann Cutcliff. FOURTH ROW: Mary Faye Kennedy, Nelson Beckham, Mack Ray Howell, George Grady Clement, Lucrecia Kidd, Thelma Joyce Price, Ella Ruth Ritter, Jack Lee Jones, Mary Ann Wilbanks, Norma Robbins. TOP ROW: Peggy Williams, Kenneth Swann, Patsy Sellers, Enia Mae Brown, Miss Clarke, Joyce Hughes, Patricia Jones, Sue Swann, Wanda Taylor, Douglas Greenhill. SECOND ROW: Buddy Hester, Bobby Parham, Bobby Leach, Dalton Coker, Beverly Sullivan, Becky Kennedy, Mary Welch, Nell Stanford, Ronald Ramage, Mary Ann Lovern, Albert Crawford. THIRD ROW: Tanya Vaughn, Barbara Parham, Fletcher Burdine, Linda Palmer, Sylvia Sullivan, Bobby Wiygul, Colon Mixon, Larry Hughes, Fay Wardlaw, Carol Chandler, Mary Frances Coker, Howell Tubb. 66FIRST ROW: Barry Cunningham, Frank Edward, Martha Lyle, Harrel Fooshee, Jimmy Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Wanda Price, Linda Crawford, Linda Ritter, Wayne Fowlkes, Bennie Coggin, Miss Guinn, Bettie Jean Roberts, Billie Wayne Taylor, Patsy Ann Monaghan, Gloria Bolding, Martha Ann Johnson. THIRD ROW: Linda Lewis, Lana Thompson, Thomas Earl Ritter, Carolyn Rollins, Tommy Hill, Doug Segars, Jimmy Young, Richard Newton. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Brown, Patsy Ruth Moore, Gaye McLemore, Suzanne Murfee, George Moreland, Reveland Miller, Miss Patterson, Peggy Ledbetter, Martha Lou Cutcliff, Ann Hood, Mariann Hulsey. FIRST ROW: Phil Roberts, John William Seymore, Marilyn Tackett, Billy Chism. Susie Stockton, Larry Wayne Herndon, Bonnie Lee Kennum, Bill McKinney. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Camp, Hilda Ruth Forbus, Larry Prestridge, Delores Leech, Bubba Morris, Jimmie Smith, Edwin Reeves, Thomas Bowen, Buddy Stewart, Jimmy Dale Roby, Lee Polizzi. THIRD ROW: Yolanda Kidd, Jo Ann Smith, Billy Tibbett, Louise Haley, Bonnie Jo Swan. Sarah Alexander, Betty Berry, Connie James, Paul James, Mary Joyce Lyle. FOURTH ROW: Donna Crawford, Carolyn McCommon, Larry Tubb, Melvin Bankster, Miss Messer, Durren Westbrook, Charolotte Coker, Ralph Roby, Tommy Hawkins. 6769e WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH 1948 AND WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH 1949? You are on your way; But where are you going? All Have Sinned - Romans 3:23 The Wages of Sin is Death - Romans 6:23 Christ Died For Our Sins - 1st Corinthians 15:3 Believe On The Lord Jesus Christ And Thou Shalt Be Saved - Acts 16:31 71SECURITY BANK of AMORY BANK OF AMORY• © •I « »••• »'•««••• O •«! OC» (OK (0» «« “Coc.'i Cola Bottling Co. Mississippi Division L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Jackson. Mississippi The Students of Arnory High School Show Their Appreciation of Good Quality by Using Balfour Class Rings and Invitations TUBB PRINTING COMPANY Quality Printing Phone 279 73CUTCLIFF CHEVROLET' Amory, Mississippi GILMORE - PUCKETT LUMBER CO. AMORY ELECTRIC CO. Compliments General Electric Appliances of Wiring Material and Lighting Fixtures PARK BARBER SHOP Phone 63 AMORY GROCERY COMPANY C. D. LUMBER COMPANY Amory, Mississippi Building Materials 74AMORY STEAM LAUNDRY Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Fur Storage Hat Blocking - Rug Cleaning Phone 200 Compliments of AMORY MOTOR CO. Compliments LAWSON MOTOR CO. Dodge-Plymouth Dealer Since 1923 COWDEN’S DAIRY PRODUCTS ROWAN Hardware Furniture Co. 75Compliments of JONES RODGERS-DILL MOTOR CO. PONTIAC CO. Compliments of THE WEBB CO. MC CUTCHEON-BANKS The Shopping Center FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Amory, Miss. Compliments Compliments of of P. T. HUDSON AND COKER’S PACE’S GROCERY Phone 55 MC FADDEN’S RADIO SHOP VARSITY THEATRE STANDARD SERVICE STATION MRS. TALMADGE B. TUBB Florist MARION HATCHERY “Say it with Flowers Amory, Miss. Baby Chicks and Feed 76 O. E. CARLSON Compliments of Staple Fancy Groceries PETE HOLLIS F resh Meats Cotton Buyer Compliments of HUNK’S CAFE STAUB-STEWART Chicken in Basket Hardware Co., Inc. If its choice food you want Amory, Miss. go to Hunk’s AMORY M. C. WILLIAMS HOTEL CAFE Staple and Fancy Groceries Phone 568 Compliments of VOGUE CLEANERS TAYLOR GROCERY Phone 99 CITY GROCERY i ALEX LOEB, INC. MARKET Sporting Goods Phone 14 Meridian, MississippiCompliments of CALDWELL FURNITURE CO. Amory, Mississippi PRICE’S SERVICE STATION Compliments of LASKY’S BERNARD'S V. J. ELMORE’S Aberdeen, Mississippi 5£, 10£, $1.00 HARRY G. HOWELL SHOE STORE Shoes and Accessories Phone 650, Amory, Miss. Just-Rite Beauty and Barbershop VISE’S Compliments of Compliments of REECE'S DAIRY COWDENS’ CLEANERS Compliments of Compliments of SIEGEL’S FRANCIS SERVICE STATION Shop for the family at the FAMILY SHOP Compliments of WAX SEED STORE Compliments of PARK DRUG STORE HODGE’S Amory’s Friendly Store Compliments of RUBEL HOWELL Grocery and Cafe CUTCLIFF DRUG COMPANY 78Compliments of GREYSTONE GRILL WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE ’ CHANDLER’S STUDIO AMORY HOME LAUNDRY HUDSON AUTOMOBILES Compliments of O. K. JEWELRY STORE HOOD’S CLEANERS HOME MORTGAGE REALTY CO. “A good policy and good service” Compliments of G. H. KIRKPATRICK BARNETT'S HAROLD’S CAFE DOROTHY-MAE SHOP Ladies’ Ready-to-wear Gifts PEOPLES DRUG CO. Druggists and Pharmacists Phone 1 9 AMORY THEATRE AMORY BARBER BEAUTY SHOP ALEX SHOE SERVICE 79AMORY TRUCK Compliments of HOOD-MILEY CO. Compliments of TRACTOR COMPANY FRYE SHEET METAL WORKS Amory, Miss. Compliments of I. W. BEAUCHAMP Dentist I. B. MC CULLEN Everything Good to Eat Phones 29 and 15 Amory, Miss. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERSSl Jr's J5 CAMPUS 1. Blow The Man Down 2. Fraternal Affection 3. One Happy Family 4. Cooties? 5. Just Posin! 6. Three Mesquiteers 7. Aw! Now! 8. Wanna Ride? 9. Guess Who 10. Oh, Goody! The Bell Has Rung 11. The Scholarly Type 12. Teased or Sumpin' 8182CTORIAL EBOOKS ERS1

Suggestions in the Amory High School - Panorama Yearbook (Amory, MS) collection:

Amory High School - Panorama Yearbook (Amory, MS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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