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 - Class of 1948

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Amory High School - Panorama Yearbook (Amory, MS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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-ani, zw b, Q':'e---.v,-,f- ...., , , YV., ' , ,., ..... ..-.11 5 , K ,,.-1-...4.-. , I ,Avggfrp-C:-:3,,..5f- , A, , fs-:f1 :,? f'il?1. " - f 351, 2825 V -' amargggmmg . f ' 5' , A fb- ' .f X- V - x :fum tide: iw 4 L, ' -LEW , , 'E v l n is '- .-4. .SPA ,M 21. ve . YA. Li' S , Lv -. 5 . . Y gv,::i'??E'Q""'11-rs--'1:-::q'L"'t. V , .-,. ,..--::fL-- J- -f -Q. -- .. ' .-we-,-,ff.,.f. - ' ,in a -a 5 'J A7 "Ir . v 9 -'Q' V Q Q . 4' V, f- J 1?- il 1 0 Q 5- JL. A fx.. 1 -af.,?,1 ji 'Y "x 'Q +4 if Y aaa is ai J! 1 I A r f n I 'x D f Q L -u I 4 A XL Q' '.,, Q, gh-4- mn' if V , , 'A 1-Ei-'F 1 ., 4 'I A I f. ' 45 7 i ,qi - " f f - -- - F41--52 4-' if H -4 . X 4, ' ,..L,,.L5Q 1 ,'v. X- 49 + :hgzxmxigm Uwe SJEL1cientS of MJ' HUYURV I-IIE!-I SU-IUUL if f:-I 3 .9 nmoav, miss. 1 CHHR ER x CITIZENS IP -: F PORTS HSHIP WM 5,2 Z1 if UZ? PUHQRUWJU 194 8 if . ' . If as -5 ' Ffa .w " xv wiv' lvl' .JV 'fm . f I 3 uf' J F an ff Fc 7' ",r, MQW, ff' ,r , W1 m Sb 3 'A Q . 'Hu vw ,T 15 ' Y, S- v 'I V' nj ,Z 5' FP ' K v 3 v ,QM x 4' ft 4 xx 9, Xi , I -ff' 'T' 4 M MM.. AJ- Q , wf' ,jr Nw 1 r M4 ,mf AZ f 'STAFF' EDITOR Jo ANU SCOTT AR I EDITOR SARA ARWISTRON BUS M GR TOMMY CROOK SPONSOR MERYLE J' ONES . - :I :fi -Jr :- 3' :. 'F , it .I ,.:'- gr, 'fn 2 aux J. -i fr -.-1' - ' WM .V ' X' 'NN' X Q Fifty years from now our life at Amory High Schoolx X X x will be just a memory. Many happy dreams will become ix X X a reality while others will fade with the passing ' yearsg but memories of Amory High School will be as J ,xg x X dear to us as the days we are now spending. It is our V l N i I hope that in years to come when you take out your 1948 f XX PANORAMA, dust it off, and thumb through its pages, it will recall to your minds memories of frieniships and M good times. Al X fi jf X ff' 1 p W, ff xx NNN fl, i X V 1 XXX XXX X ff ' if ,X X X K fl ,X X g,!.f"' fl x X! U I X2 fi If 42 ,rv 'v I 4 M029-i Because of your beneficial years of service to Amory High School, your enthusiastic teaching through depression, war time, and readjustment, you inspirational store of knowledge, you will- ingness at all times to held students or others through their difficulties, you loyalty to and interest in sports and extra-curricular activities - for these and countless other assets, and because of our affection for you we dedicate this yearbook, the 19h8 PANOHAMA, to our own and inimitable NESS MARY GERTRUDE HAUGHTON 5 wif? MB. JOHN MNERS CAUGHMAN Superintendent u se In wo BEAUCHAMP MISS DORIS RAMAGE MISS MARY JEANNE WOOLEY Principal Secretary High School Music Foreign Languages MISS JEAN LANCASTER MR. MELVIN S. HEMPHILL I . WILLIAM F. MCDONALD Director of Band Head Coach Assistant Coach Director of Physical Education Junior High Social Science lathematica 6 MISS LOURIE STRICKLAND M S. W. N. MAYFIELD Senior Class Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Senior High English Senior High Mathematics nil QF? MISS MARY IDA HOFFMAN Home Economics HR. JAMES W. NORWOOD Junior High Coach Science r-14' MISS GERTRUDE HAUGHTON MISS MERLE JONES MISS MARTHA WOODSON History and Social Science Commercial Subjects Junipr High English S a MISS GEORGENE CROW MISS ELLIOTT THOMPSON MISS BETTY RAY LOWREY Director of Physical Librarian Junior High Social Edllcatibn Sciencg Junior High Science Junior High English 7 ASSOCIATE EDITOR: PEGGY NOBLIN EDITOR: JO ANN SCOTT ASSOCIATE EDITOR: LANNIE MAY Make-Up Staff: Sponsor: Merle Jones Photography Editor: Jimmy Bowman Art Editor: Sara Ruth Armstrong Sports Editor: Mary Jean Worthy Make-Up Editor: Maridell Moon Ruby Hester Dorothy Parker Juanita lowrimore Joan Pearce Bettianne Braefield Marianne Caldwell Jean Allen Brook Winniver Nash Shelby Shumpert Jimmy Moreland Shirlee Holland David Williams B ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER: JIMMY KIRKPATRICK BUSINESS MANAGER: TOMMY CROOK ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER: PATSY KENDALL We Business Staff: Emily Bloodworth Carl Edward West Mary English Eva Brook McCu11en Philip James 9 Class Respresentatives Dorothy Wright June Camp Joyce Glass Joan McCary Eva Nell Ritter Harold Francis Herman Hester n fl' n W W ,W mmzggwld nv E :5'F'1lf'wV Yizvil I Q' 'ly 1 A :I 9 .al- awww ,Q ,'fry iq, A it 3 V Neff I L , git X15 .,::., -D ha' gi ' 1' i of Q ua n. pmt swam 1 Q itil Q S 5. Q3 X TAKING OUT THE lNTERFERl-:race Ladies' man Super-Bub More Power to you Profile of a Bum Grin and Bear it Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Noon Time Session I'll get you for this Homeward Bound Smile, Bobby Ain't she pretty? Always fair weather Animal Friends - Leopard and Charlie Worthy Don't be bashful, Boys Man's best friend - Sarge Strong Guys Beaky f,p A X . T k sl , ' fl JN K I K -X l jnxr, Z Tx 'N M : 'Ni 1, -, . A: AM, -W' N' ' .N v .XA V -1.2" f x - 1 3 !' K ,,.... X X 1 x Q x f, f X K X X "ir If I X s XXQN 1 'f A X X f ff I X 'Tx Q X x XX ff 1 fl I ii xex Y Xxx fmdy r 41 ' ff , N xx 5 'M A t XX X Vi X KSN MXN I f 'xi fl X XS-X N: X W X 1 f -kr M M 41,7 fl '31, Ny I 'gif I HI , ,J -w XX X " f,,f W ff X 1 1.5.x -Q, , .A X, if 1' 1 7 ff . ' , X I 6:51 I A N Xxx' vi f ff 1 xg' .IM ly 'gx Ll' .ff 7!,N K-5 2 y Q Y X ,J X 1' JL C ll www QS 'itacrff YOOKQQKXX 'boee'o0XN, Y- 0360 2,565 X09 Q? Mu Gaswxiv 5-some ww? Sooox, 9aeYve'b'o0XX Ewa L 0360 Nikos Cxaee Yxeq Oxxeetteebet Yegfvowkeb aoofwb 9 'ib9X-XX og? 1? oo 9096008- '50eYsek30aX'X Q-fGN,xx'o YOYW3 xxx?-wk QSGLX 5000309 9a9Y-e'0o9XX- P- Uwo Yeqwowfvaw Yaoofadb 599301 Qixaefa 9351 1 SARA RUTH ARMSTRONG SUE BEAN Scouts Girl Reaar ves Peptomist Music Glee Club Scout Panorama Glee Club Peptomist G I gfbxpvx SWT Bo 1652 B 00115 MN 1 3 Q39 95 589 goo 5093 ,O Band 1361 1 YOQGG Peach QQ- J U in 101,833 G C' as Play -2 MMM JACK CHRISTIAN TOMMY CROOK Football Band A Club Boy Scout Red Cross Panorama Basketball Peptomist Baseball I3 DAVID DEES EM Y LOU DENT Football Band A Club Peptomist 159 H4 Qlg RQLD 3'9- Sala 'Q PSGOWSFYQANCIS 6000 SD t O gafxa 991.0 fa sffe fist Gxogdrawv 1Q?nO,aaZHl1 YB- A O If ball Club KEITH GLASGOW EDWARD GREGORY Peptomist Band Baseball Football Basketball A,Club !4 SARAH HERNDON Scouts Red Cross ERNEST HESTER Football Basketball A Club Track W3 Us X135 -Y PM P01 Sfbgsyzyi Hnoramiub BEN JONES HILDA JONES Football Scouts Baseball Music A Club Defense Defense Football JACK KENDALL JIMMY MCKINNEY Scout Football Baseball Track A Club Junior Class Officer JW Q5 GJ L QSO me P es c MOON 5 5000 -Q, J 813011 lub -EQOXIOQ. H1110 Q05 Emma Iicuess F la Band RONALD MORGAN SUE MORRIS Basketball Peptomist Music J? CUDELL NASH PEGGY NOBLIN Red Cross Football Scout Band Basketball A Club Peptomist Panorama Glee Club Junior Claes Officer Junior Class Play NIT P 00,605 lee U1 Ub BOB ROAGH JO ANN SCOTT Basketball B nd Girl Scouts Basketball Glee Club Peptomist Panorama Cheerleader Junior Clue Broadoaetin s Play g Club FRANK SWAN Sports Club HUBERT TUBB Basketball ROBERT DALE WILKERSON JQR H552 Scout P Y Q 1331589 FootbaHf Paebtomi-543ETH 093: 0360 503,23 Baseball 501101-sqft WHICH ine 9 A Club ,,-an Qdcas 2' Yrgookroa job Oltjng Qracv asf' P1 QP SPECIAL STUDENTS A FRANCES ADAMS BOBBY JONES Girl Reserves Scouts Glee Club Football Peptomist 'QQR K,sv4 1 1 A . X 1 -I 6 314 "" -av I Everette Barnes Jean Bean Larry Brazil Magdeline Broughman fowh CLASS OFFICERS Charles Parchman James Adams Addemae Howell Tommy Mize Eddie Bolding Charles Creely 'ex WN '40 'lib' ' President Vice President Secretary Reporter if . a Bettianne Brasfield Mary Crenshaw Terry Tom Crow Evelyn Dixon Louise Dye Earnesteen Dyer Charles Egger John Estes Martha Gann Joyce Glass Edwin Glenn Nelson Glenn lary Louise Gravlee Betjy Harden M LKKL H . ,-r. in-nf , Nr 'Q'--fyw mg Q7 or ,H 54 k --sv , , New 5nQgr H' new , N815 Q . K E K i5?L , :rf ie,-"LX f A F' r"3+ff e fL1Q ,igl - 1 qi Qfzgggfk, -1 . xy lm ww' X ' M 4 W- ff' we-1 .: If' ix' '4""" ...v : F . f. in " E 5' 1 A rsf.,1,e 1, L N- A - f ' WEE' -QISLQ fikgf ' K ? H. Q'wfovV : f .EF1 eg f?-'Aff :fax ,' eng Rwwwvg QHwxO,m fkwgqif N- 2: ffv f f 1, '.iiwe'e,. 5 r f T ' W .M . 55 20 Geneva Hnthcook Herman Hester Shirlee Holland Anne Hollis Sara Jones Alice Keller W. T. Keller Jimmy Kirkpatrick Patricia Knight Charles Longenocker Lennie lay Joan McCary Jo Ann McNeil Jimmy Moreland Roy Morgan Hazel Oliver Patsy Owen Eva Nell Ritter Nina Robuck Mary Virginia Stewart Cooley Tubb Rf p.M. Nuff' ""-X g ef L-' 5 'v 4 s 1 ' M 5 Eddie Wilkerson David Williams Troy Williams Mary J. Worthy Otis Cowan President .gi 'i 501 E B k u cm n act 13, va roo c en 1,y9g,'X3e,,5o9x' 3901.31 oo dw Reporter 3015353391 etaqyxgfnb X1 -Pgasur 9-I' 0'T7'L I, largaret Ann Allen ' J, Billy hy Bunch wavy QQ 41 of Jeb 6 lhrianne Caldwell Y SQ Gxededb QQS 1- ts ee cbs ta-00 D100 'Pd Hoyt Curbow Lynn Glasgow '91 2 3 '59 -Z1 -A511 .7 3059 Quia Ted Grizzle Douglas Hathcock J. C. Kennedy Dorothy Parker Jams Ivo wa le 109 P V31 ' Vid vfw ' 'I ff fSf'5?L1, .. ' -Q: -f' 'fi :El iflggif 2 i3:llEff5iM' V g"wQQgU V.k :3::, f f A . f y ' 15 4.4-fml---" . Bobbie J ones J Gocm ack-19 ,pw .ro se-318. aes Shirley J ones Bttie Bpight lbKinney 1' 've wnw sae '11 Helen Murphy Billy Pennington 909969 Joba Us P1.,oe Bvalhod lloanor Tllbb J- , eff "" v., sud' t50zg1, 24 Dorotlq lright ,. ..y,, ,, , , ,,r- 2 mf he 1 New ff an W , , James President Irma va 1 If 1 ,Q -2 , . ,V,,A, - 4. ., . 3t'P,-, i .wifi x Q ' 'P 'JJ 4?.f, f We , aux. ' V 3-5:4 ' wr . :yank , tg. fi' linniver Sara Charles . Nash Allen Jones' 'N Vice President Secretary Reporter Z A William Armstrong Katherine Brown Armstrong! Patsy I Argo Burma Armstrong James -4 1 Jimmy Burdine Barnett Mary Jo Cathcart Robert Mary Nell Jimmy Nell Colvin Creely Gibbs 25 y""" . 4 491 X ,. QA, gk ,K 1 I mn k A , w Q Doris Glenn fi? if fd Lia 272 H5 A- z' V, ,m,- m.L-LL ,l ,,, A V 53,5 '1 gi " ' A ..-Hg::E- ' Xe W -wa Lil. nf f-" T -M547 . 1-iff! .5 iff kk"' ? ?52k'R rf71f,S' 'T 'f 1 H Eva 'i :ww ' 'f Q -2 . H Greenhill .. 31-E ' ' ' ,: f1.Qk4iQv A 15:2 hy Lf' ,QS : f W 'sg i ' ' ' V ' - fa: , fr ' ep H 5 lg if ,... 5 ' 1 A ' 1- ... 'N , ,- ' ,, ' ll,. S+' fu '- 12256 - 11, , I Y' ' . ff. Lou Ann Hutto Dal Hansen z.'Ql:u:efi+i.4f.., ,, , '.5"!fisQ???f3fi-A QA. ,. x,! 4 M. . ,,M.,fsf' , jimi, ,L V ,L f n..i V , A 4+ SME ' ' V 4 'N' ' i ,,,..,.w 1 fffiifix- 1 an me fm, L- is rgze K Ralph Kuykendal X Ralph Huggins Barbara Ann m Keller Q if A P f -sw miie in w Arvella L Maj ors .,,,. jf? W" ,LL A " L,T?'fhf' K 53? fu , X 4 I 'WS' we uw 5 s 1 P gk N' g, "si wir- mm m: . H M , ,5 :n z ee ggeglgze-fm , ?i"'1fts!'E4isfIfE? Q-si , max-ze lv, ., Jn. 3-f 5212 if-ff , 1 is gs. me 'U Betty June Kendall 5 wi il , lg MQW fs .. NJ? by 4 gg lx- Ll 2k ' K 'S-51? H km ' 1 B' i J Y 9 , .M llaxine Minor ,-' y W., m 5 A K 5 P- o V -A F' U 1 L: fe -- : I -ak -E, my WfA'w,s-Hg 'V , 'f Q 'i 'w7wi9f ,...: 5 ld :S P' D' N if: 0 few , w n e 1 fig -N , ,, , N.nA4 ,f 0 : ,547 QAQQZJ, wgqzw Q41 Q W' E W' keei, ,K ,lx V if Jn M -44 Jimmy Nell Naron 28 0 ' Neil Parham :?f"'k'hz.'AE 'I I Egwky Ml .J .' gf. Joan Talmadge Pearce Patterson 4 Q n Q of -4. L' 'Z' .N wQhen0',! , nw, ,vibe e 1-Fx W., lk' J. . ,, t ' -2 f r ' ' N 'Q Wie-x N Joyce Fay James E N l Plunkett u Pruitt jft,f:W is 1' ,J r-S. ' -4 3' H iwfk 1.1-fly . K , K Xuwl , mg. Q 'K Li! Pi ? , 3. QQ. . 'Q 3'u 5-fM'1F5 git H ' if T Jake JA Eva Grace Clinton Powell t Pullen Ridings x 1 ,K mix! f Atl? 3 I Carol Robinson f as an' -L Henry Vaughn I" . ,S ,J N E n i . I I 1 , V x 4 Shelby Joe Shumpert a Stanford K 5 Roy Westbrook 1 S 7 ' " 'Jefuaf Charles Virginia lhitaker liygul 27 Dudley Nash President Annie Broughman Cled Gregory .. use .. Hmswsssaxemst vssamsiwwgwwa Robert - X Willie MMM? wwmu HH? Adams ggws Emggg Egg Anderson 'E fi1f-ilfifff ERE? HHUE'WQ3? gsGs'5ffgiQxwQi eawemgwfmsfrff l'T:1fG'iS', S- A . : w gfisgqstf 5 Jerry Ernest Cadden Betty Carolyn Elnor Tubb Puckett Secretary Heoorter I June Camp Eloise Connell Crenshaw Golden Jack Jimmy Douglas Harris Haughton Hodo Beverly June Louise Joan Hollis Hood Kendall 28 Hubert Knight Bevbrly Morris J. C. Pierce Gerald Milburn Jane Owings Herbert Knight Vivian Morris Harold Milburn Willis Owings Rosemary Knight Mary Ruth Noland Mary Jo Moore Dickie Palmer Thomas Pierce Gerthel Seals Bobby Frank Albert Charles StOCktOI1 Wool-fe Young 29 Billie Jean McFadden Elmer Owen Billie Stanley f fy: 195 141 M Jil :Q w -2 ff :.1,.g'f:fQ?a:,i5-3: ' .- r f. - my - . , ss, '81 f if " s fl if K XL f 2 K Nw... . gi la. ga s'?3ffwwa .WtNH5.-.-a .- .A ees . 3: vin ff R. 2 1m,g5'f' lf" f Q :....... - :-5"I.Qs:.f . 'Wx ig:-me-12. , , if 1- M Q W K A1 X , e il ir: X if 15 w inn, M' mf a 'MA' nh . , ,. . T .f WSSESWZA . . wg nf- .- 5- -i' - .",E,iB -1.5 .. . -f. ,J mfs newer-1 " 9 'I 1 7 Q. nie s. ., Q, 'F in , -'Q' V1..,, I . w,e UR .ak- ref 5' E CLASS OFFICERS J. T. Birmingham Linda Durrett Patsy Hawkins Marnee Alexander President Vice President Secretary Reporter - Cv l.'W1QzE"7:? ,I?LP ..:.: .1 fa: ri-1,7 zxif f G :H -i ir:-l:f42,1:, :fm J... era. ... ..., me Q,.. . ...enWM,. .nniwfmw nw, -RwQnMmMmwQT JAEFV 'Bae vein' means ' 7 Q 'f-H. ' Y 1 iii , if .E I 5 ll, K -N. Q .K Wifi? jgfi IETHEJ .., 5 Serv: ' 2 my Y... Ls, G' K k-., ff' 3 fiifz . N 4.,AA .ss '- ff. - 1 if 8,51 J J J , 'iles lk' ' -' " ' .F . 37m 5 W 'H Miina Tw an. s Q as B nf N Q ,p . in - , ,fx an G' W Y 'W .. -'fl W sz! anansflaeapi i' Jmwwii 4 1 A f e 6 :1 -we New " .L ...Q ..,- 1...--f 1 1, 4 f F . 1 ' - . ,.., , Xi , my rw, Qwmkg N5 3' M. ., My I :gf X .e x " 5f'5..1:..,. . D -v--.,, R K 30 -ns'A aan Q T Eff X M H1 JHEQ f 4 Q ,gf j , a W 'M 4 S ,taxes Ms:-I-'Q f G 31- 'Q V 'V ati. ,mwllr .:.. ,,,. - 75116 .J fQJ"w. W Hale Barnett Jo Nell Bass John Bean Jean Bentley Bobby Bolding Mary Bunch Barbara Burdine Jane Colvin Martha Cox Susan Ann Cox Tommy Gurrey Jean Duncan Herbert Duvall Shirley Fowlkes Afton Francis Joe Gann Billy Garrett Joyce Glenn William Greenhill J. V. Gregory Mary Jane Harris Frances Herndon Mary Sue Hester Eleanor Howell Don James Earline Johnson Jerry Lantrip Philip Lantrip 4 y Jerry Lee fs J r Juanita Little ' "' "' V Wayne Little fx Elizabeth Mann Q Doris McCary I A M Joe McCullen Patsy Meredith Howard Milburn Eugene Moreland Dorothy Ming 'V ,, '.,v I Li xl N,.... ,....-.---.., -'Ya M...l,,..----. ff.. ., ' Q. ..........,-..,. D W... ,, ,.,e.0-.f-M... Jean Nash largaret Patterson Julia Pugh Thomas Ritter Johnnie Robinson Geraldine Scott Charles Tubb Peggy Welle Eugene Westbrook Joey Young V' 3 Af 3Q.,kl.,T Jw 'C gg '.,. V . is . s , . ,. ,.., . 'I Wffifi . fgMg!'ir lg?', iq mf .- K 1 g ,..... i . XF? .S Q Fx 'Q' rv it Sf, '45 .,,- no Q ,- Kg - 3, ,,g ' X .I kgisgiz? 1 .x - XFN 3 iggfr A ii! k'?J QE 2-5 z ' i" ffl 3,21 2 J 1 pl if W BC S 2 4 Q4 M 2, , ai . I N qw: We 0 fl vga. 5 L V3-if , 6 l 7 hk"m if 1 W .,,.---""L Q I S... ' 5 K 4 .., l w A 5 f 1 . F.. A. 3 , W WX . . x, Sk 3 Q 'fu .1 5 4 wg ,, 41 AR 4? Q ga -A F ,. , V? 4' N we-usda! - - . ...ziggy-Q." I 32 :UF igf' I - 'W 'Q ' V! ,vs FQ - .1QA' I4 ...I -,- . ...Q---.- 1. Darlings of A. H. S. 2. Junior Darlings of A. H. S 3. HSnowbirdN A. Cooties ?? 5. Hercules! 6. Bird's eye View of Birdie 7. Libby's special 8. Big Mama . Debutantes 9 10. Pardon me, but your shoes shoes are showing 11. Addie Hesier 12. Do, ra, me, fa -- 13. Oh, you kid you! 14. An excitin' game of Roly Poly 15. No. X9053L72l 16 . 12:45 rush 17. HMO Mon Banks 19. Off to Cleveland 19. Morning afEer -- 20. O. K. Let's get busy f,'5' .xN , I' - ,f " 'fb X51-ff ,A ig , ,yi Q . L., -+ X XX-. 74 UI Ve, l 7, K -f 5 , 'W xx I4 I. Dv' A ' , K, -'X1Qf6'7 r ! ', I' ' I W 'A K xx x xx ' t x N XM Vx aff .wif ' ,gf f z '45 1. wx' u l 1 X . ,,' ' X ' 'X A W ff, 1 1 ,ff ff ' ' w b 7 4 1 ' A , I ' 1f,! I ' ' if ,L s. , NN lyk k Qu' ' X . X 'I N uf , ' 5 7 , , Yr . LLTS U ' ' M 3 xx 4 f , WW fi Xs1 1x f114i6M L7 if , X Q: r 5 Nxkgfg ., R 1:5 3 -Q F ' "i1 . NY , his - X , V X If f x 5iYKYfxl'E ' f 'l gy ""A A ' " kJf'x,-N. '- - ' Q N1 N v ff fw- :: Tbk 'f X I V 'xv N X V f- Vx' Ukg! Xxx Ag? 'la yd? O 33 R H j H 3. fjfn r 9 'E QMWZQQZZA f Carl Edward West Co Captain 0 Full Back J MR. W. F. McDONALD has served as assis- tant Football coach and coach of Boys' Basketball and Base- ball for the past two years. His keen mind, firm but courteous manner in handling his players, general knowl- edge of NThe Game,N individual interest in each player, and high type moral character will have a lasting influence on the students of A. H. S. 34 W. T. Keller Co-Captain left Half Back MR. M. s. HEMPHILL, affectionately known around A. H. S. as nCoach,N has completed his second year as Athletic Director and has produced two cham- pionship football teams His wonderful spirit, hard work, clean tactics, friendly disposition, and upright character has been an inspira- tion to all of us. Robert Dale Wilkerson Charles Parchman Jimmy McKinney Right End Left Guard Right Half Back Amory Panthers, crowned Little Ten Champions for the second consecutive year, held the spotlight in school activities for the major portion of the school year. They remained undefeated and untied in the conference during the entire season. They also defeated Corint a strong Big Eight team, bowing to Big Eight Tupelo in the biggest upset of the season. The te'm was invited to the Meridian Magnolia Bowl for the second year and were defeated by the strong Ackerman team, Champions of the Choctaw Conference. 3 l Ernest Hester James Adams Charles Longenecker Left Tackle Right Tackle Center 35 h v du if 1 David Dees Gerald Banks Ben David Jones Right Tackle Left End Left Tackle Carl Edward West, full back and Co-captain, was chosen Por the Little Ten team and also claims the honor of being on the All American team and will participate in the East- West game in Chicago. Others chosen on the Little Ten team Were: W. T. Keller, Go-captain and left halfebac Gerald Banks, left endg Charles Parchman, left guardg Ernest Hester, right tackleg Charles Longenecker, center. Jack Christian Harold Ritter John Estes Full Back Right Half Back Right Guard 36 Row l: Joe Jennings, William Armstrong, Eddie Folding, Jack Christian, Terry Tom Crow, Roy Morgan, Ralph Kuykendall, Eddie Wilkerson, John David Pierce. How 2: Coach Melvin Hemphill, Charles Whitaker, Edward Grefory, Robert Adams, James Ad1ms, Harold Ritter, Robert Dale Wilkerson, John Estes, W. T. Keller, Jimmy McKinney, Ira Patterson, Coach W. F. McDonald. Row 3: Charles Parchman, Harold Francis,'Hen David Jones, Cooley Tubb, David Dees, Charles Lonfenecker, Ernest Hester, Carl Edward West, Gerald Banks, Tommy Mize. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. SCHEDULE 1948 Pending Kossuth New Albany Starkville Grenada Tupelo Corinth Okolona West Point Pontotoc Aberdeen Here Here Here Starkville Grenada Here Corinth Okolona West Point Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory Amory SCHEDULE 1947 Oxford O New Albany 7 Starkville O Fulton 7 Tupelo 33 Corinth IL Okolona 12 West Point O Aberdeen 7 Houston 7 Ackerman 1? dk i CD3 . 'H EDWARD GREGORY Guard Q1 ,. idx BOB ROACH - CO-CAPTAIN CHARLES LONGENEGKER ERNEST HESTER Forward Co-Captain Center Forward W. T. KELLER Guard Standing: Harold Francis, W. T. Keller, Bob Roach, Coach W. F. McDonald, Charles Longenecker, Ernest Hester, Tommy Mize. Kneeling: Jack Christian, Eddie Boldinp, James Rye, Doug Hodo, Guard Eddie Wilkerson, Edward Gregory, Billy Pennington, Jimmy Moreland. EDDIE BOLDING 38 y MAGDELINE BROUGHMAN Forward PATSY KENDALL MARY VIRGINIA STEWART Forward FOI'W8I'd wwf' MARY ENGLISH Mary Virginia Stewart, Magdeline Broughman, PEGGY NOBLIN Captain Patsy Kendall, Maxine Minor, Lannie May. Guard Guard Mary Jean Worthy, Peggy Noblin, Mary English, Sara Allen. Eva Nell Rigger, Rosemary Knight, Gerthel Seals, Jeannette Crawford. " L NK LANNIE MAY MARY JEAN WORTHY Mass GEORGENE CROW Guard Guard Coach 39 if gigs' J Z ,5 Flutes Dorothy Parker Eleanor Tubb Keith Glasgow Oboe Martha Gann Clarinets Mattie McKinney Lannie May Shirley Holland Elnor Puckett Ernest Cadden June Camp Billie J. McFadden Bettianne Brasfield Hazel Oliver Margaret Allen Shelby Shumpert Don James Mary Jane Harris Beverley Morris Jean Bentley Alto Clarinet Sara Allen Alto Terry Tom Crow Betty Harden Tenor Saxophones Shirley Jones David Williams Hale Barnett Baritone Saxophone Helen Murphy Cornets Jimmy Bowman Talmadge Patterson J. C. Kennedy Doug Hodo James Weatherly Charles Tubb French Horns Troy Williams Mary Jo Moore Eleanor Beckham Eva Brook McCullen 40 SZ? 1 sms! K ?i, ig rf weigh 1,5 rio? ng Q ,, ,ew aaim ,.,V, Trombones Jimmy Moreland Lynn Glasgow Hoyt Curbow Lou Ann Hutto Eugene Moreland Baritones Tommy Crook Jake Powell Basses Charles Longenecker Tommy Curry Percussion Philip James Dorothy Wright Joyce Glass Mary Jean Worthy Betty Jean Dyson Jo Ann Scott Troy Williams Betty Jean Dyson Joan McCary Lennie May Mary Jean Worthy FLAG BEAFERS - Frances Clement Joan McNeil 4l nGallopingu Robuck Pretty Boy Put it on straight! Band of Books? Faithful forever We hail thee, President! 1 Mary Gertrude Swan Camera shy Horrors!!! All dressed up and no place to go Waitin' for the bell Does it hurt? Bull Session Mida Keith's girl Our Junior he-man Posedl Let's'face it Third Period Drag Headin' for the drug -store? :E X f g sk XX 3 F E 5- 2 TA 5 T ... rs j .1- 1 1 we I ,N any 'J'?T'-:W W' K "iii1L W 'FFT QQ: 1, v " V x AES RR is fx? V J :ff QNX , 4 XQEQ! Q it ,f , ,fu f . , ffigc A H ,qZ4'5'W1f,,., Q'??z?Z' " 51" 2 , wry, 'I , I 2 . , -' .fwf f ,., 1, , H Z- f" f 1 ff!! ff W, 425' al If JV 1, fpwff. fin! wf,f if , r Q7 43 X Q A V MARY ENGLISH - QUEEN Junior Maid, Lannie Mayg Senior Maid, Mary Elizabeth Wrightg Queen, Mary Englishg Sophomore Maid, Martha Nell Pennellg Freshmen Maid, Sara Allen. Co-Captains W. T. Keller and Carl Edward West crown Queen. Hgzes 'fespon gi of 'L5 Yeah' Team: 5 Glass welcome' FI. 8-V, Te Roger 9 Se to GHT! am! 46 EMILY BLOODWORTH Sophisticated Sophomore SUE BEAN Most Intellectual SHIRLEE HOLLAND Jolliest Junior W. T. KELLER Best Athle PHILIP JAMES Typical Freshman AB Sp. . WAY BACK WHEN -- 1. David Dees 2 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13 14. 15 16. 17. 18. Keith Glasgow Harold Francis Tommy Crook Mary English Maridell Moon Sara Herndon Jo Ann Scott Betty Jean Dyson Ernest Hester Gerald Banks Patsy Kendall Harold Ritter Sue Bean Robert Dale Wilkerson Ronald Morgan Peggy Noblin Sara Ruth Armstrong Jw by SVMB1 fi . A b 6 if cf HALL ff FAME fs F-x AF M, flaw: fff 'NX ff! ff X ff! EEA! XX'-.44-ffJ pk ffk .N .., IA L QM., ffffw ff! XR x j Q U i ff ff SUE BEAN TOMMY CROOK MARY ENGLISH Membership in the Hall of Fame is based on character, leadership, cholarship, ser ersonality. These s re chosen by H5 R AUNT 2 4 for soxneth GRETA ,P ' . I gives her I Cyl Q rolls to the I f4- 1100 AUNT '44, "'1,f 'Vi C , yi. look what A ro! 0 V X GRI-ITA .7 'QPF JO, swept thef Jb "Af, XO! AUNT. , ap, '53-1, 5 . 0, fro, '14 bring me a V 'fo rr? 417 do you war ,Q "L, ofaq GRETA- yy '4L,!o'715O ' pill and wa 50194, ft, 4 AUNT I ,l,j47sX WXA f 57 . fy, cane when fl, fgf O S Gzita 1 30,06 aman za 3 AUNT 5 death of in AUNT fL00ks Le! Patsy 4 'Mira PATSY- sg QF 1ndAu , 'C' 0' Q, 'he si' R, W Q' ffqfxee 4 - ,N . M 3 vm oo 'N S A S' QP .5 3 ,jx 'Q if Q0 og' S 47' I I 'Q O 4 XXV-X .yo Qc fCopynght-All Rzghls Reserztedj xx f 56' gba H-Sic X3 W9 QQ 5 eq' S' SN 56 6 A w C f .0 r Q Q Q 0 Q., XX hh we 9 XV msr oi CHARACTERS A ef: 'Q Q Q5 Sy? 44, -ix ,SOX YS-Q' ve' S SXQ 67 YQ! o' 3 FX r N x- do ? Q A S 6 0 064 A4sic0T.xQQ'5Ax9 AUNT HARRIl'.'l'. , ...Peggy ,.,. ......., ......... T he dominating auut , ow wwf, XQX og be if X0 Fw' Q. Q - ,ey . O Q, S ix N 0 4,XXN-X0 qfx 423 xxl'NT fLI"RALDlNl'... .PBLSY ,.,. ..... ..,, ..,....,. ' I 'he man hating aunt TSSQQ' 6546? KXON df' .Rn Sb' QS, A4 ' 0 x t R 1 0 x lm xg 04,30 59' ,,pxxC,v9'?i. AUNT SAMANTHA.. ,...,............,. ...,.................. T he "sickly" aunt fqqs ,Q55,bf5'w, by QSC A 1 x Q cp Ax Qi, S Q, X Q Q' 5 N 1"'f1'f Hex QT. NO PATSY... . . ..., .....,,............ Their hrowbeaten niece ,. sei' N00 bl at .30 ph' "' Q ga' . i M Yi A .OR 3 5 050- 6 fx luavc to ch X00 A LARRY... 9.3 .... QTEK ........... ...........,......, P alsy'Q SIIIKOI' NY" Lo df Q9 X so sd. ..,.1 . V :1 G' ff ' we Y' 5 0 R?l:lM'dmlld XX' TJ, UNCH' lin. . ............. .......... . Big game hunter NS wg is fjgosqfv Cl . xc .xi k , .- ' 3 .4 'Pu .- MR. ARNOLD EdFY?.Ifd .,., QFQEQXY ........... ........, I .egal adviser 529515 :S 5' -QW S' uifflllst the su. 'e9hc's ' . , X T -rx -Q T gb X' Q iARR"' It 1' uycwc gum I km CRFTA .. . MBT?-dell ..., ........., .,... The maui Q QQS 3 X3 S' 6-1 L. l1Cl' mint, , Q 1 Q .H Q 4 DIANV ., . . Jo .,..,...... .,...................,.... P atsv's friend Q QQ Sgxbw Qbx Lf .So 'Q . A I -1 If r. . , . U A we 1+ S 9 5 Q Uf'-Xi' 'S ,mm UH C4 PROP. f.ARl.Ul"F.... .Ha1'Ql.C3 ...........,...,...., From the institution 9 -SX N1 X' Q9 ' Hywrilx - Uurupmgj 1 R 3 S -N Q: , . 1 . f . . N x U Im 'l'l,f-1-g goes my palpuatwt Mm DAVIS . Sara. .....,.. ..... ............... ' ' Reporter' X' Q 'Q :males one lm! lrr' .Hu Vrvuf' I nf7lfrlI7r 'Il H1111 fr. nuff 7 52 f X KN. 72 A N fp S Gp Q K li' ,Jf i 'x fo J f' f wk Q v Z fmfyw Sf X. la 9, SHI! Q0 lf 5 THE PEPTUMIST k 1'-72 03 i i ?f,t XoS Volume XVI Amory High School, Amory,MIQISQIJE4usfanuar37H237f1 9Z8.f Number 3. 1-4- H- CD E C' Q, , MARY ELIZABETH WRIGHT S, , , . ..o, L o...o Editor awk Ph SHIRLEY HOLLAND, JOYCE GLASS A A Assistant Editors 01 07 s HAROLD FRANCIS , I ,.E, .,.. ,E,, I Y , Business Manager Ng - 6, PHILIP JAMES ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, , , ,,,, Assistant Business Manager 315 .. .-,. PATSY KENDALL, BETTIANNE BRASFIELD7 ,pl , EMILY BLOODWORTH, SARA JONES I A Advertising Staff N 5 Q KEITH GLASGOW , , ,,,, , ,, Literary Editor 'H ' A FU' 'Q' ' X QL Z Q 0 Q PEGGY NOBLIN, SHIRLEY JONES, 2 Q 5' Q Q DOROTHY WRIGHT , A Feature' Ediiors 40 W Q, Q, S Q SARA RUTH ARMSTRONG Iss, ..s, I S, Us .I,, s .s,,., EYESS A It Editoi ,Sw ,X -FU' S, 'Q TOMMY CROOK, MARY ENGLISH ..., , ,...s,ssSS, Si,SS I L i,ss.s,. Sports of 0 X -C' S 0- 'I 0 4-0. 59 Q is MARIANNE CALDWELL, ELEANOR BECKHAM I Us A .,.. Humor 'ff P S' A Q ,QQ RONALD MORGAN ,,,. I , s.., ,,ss,,S , ,S ,.Y,S,,S .,Ss,sS, E xchange 006, 'by ,. Q7 QQ Q SUE BEAN ,E Ss,s ,,,s I,.s I I isssL,,SS,ss,,ss,. S,.,.LLLLS,LS......,.S,..LL SSs,L L i b tary "IB be LANNIE MAY, SARA ALLEN, JOYCE PLUNKETT I News Staff '1 Q .Ps JEAN ALLEN BROOK, MARY JEAN WORTHY, "Ge, ' EVA BROOK MCGULLEN, EVERETTE BARNES, In TALMADGE PATTERSON, BOBBY YOUNG, ' O HUGH MIZE , , ,,,, , ,,,. ,,,,,, ,,,, , .,L,, , ........,,, ..,. C i r culation f 01, 9 EMMY LOU DENT MERYLE BOLDING SUE MORRIS Typists A -'K 0 Q' MISS MARTHA WOOIISON , ,,,SS L ....,S ....., A ssssss s Sp0ns0- x'3'?.R4xQ' as sm I Mi 7 Bottom to Top: Row 1: Eleanor Tubb, Sara Ruth Armstrong, Joan Pearce, Bettianne Brasfield, Patsy Owen, Ruby Hester, Nita Pierce, Eleanor Beckham. Row 2: Marldell Moon, Mary Louise Gravlee, Evelyn Dixon, Anne Hollis, Earnesteen Dyer, Joan McCary, Sue Bean, Jo Ann Scott. Row 3: Shirlee Holland, Burma Armstrong, Jean Allen Brook, Betty Harden, Joyce Glass, Mary Crenshaw, Patricia Knight, Shirley Jones. Row A: Marianne Caldwell, Irma Armstrong, Juanita Lowrimore, Alice Keller, Sara Jones, Eva Brook McCullen, Mattie Spight McKinney, Winniver Nash. Director: Miss Mary Jeanne Wooley. CJCCZAZZZ CM Left to right: Emmy Lou Dent, Betty Jean Dyson, Anne Hollis, Shirlee Holland, Jo Ann Scott, Patsy Argo, Juanita Lowrimore, Joanne McNeil, Louise Dye, Jim y Bowman, Dal Hansen, Mary Elizabeth Wright, President. Seated: Eva Nell Ritter, Pianist, Miss Mary Jeanne Wooley, Music Director, Mrs. I. N. Mayfield, Sponsor. 55 :gs-Q llilix The Panthers were presented with tickets to the Delta Bowl game in Memphis by the Amory Rotary Club at a luncheon The Pantherettes won the Amory Invitational and Sub- Regional tournaments, played in the finals in the Little Ten and Northeast Mississippi tournaments, went to the semi-finals in the North Mississippi and State Tournaments and won third place honors in State Championship. Lannie May, guard, was placed on the first All State team, Patsy Kendall, forward, and Mary English, guard, on the second. 56 Standing: Knoflinp: Seated: OLN91l Parham, Roy Westbrook, J. C. Pierce, Dudley Nash, Charles Young, Willis Owings, Junior Robinson, Herbert Knight, Homer Ramage, Hubert Knight, Miss Jean Lancaster. James Pruitt, Joe Stanford, Ralph Huggins, Elmer Owen, Jack Harris, Thomas Pierce, Jerry Connell, Clinton Ridinvs, James Miller. Henry Vaughan, Jimmy Burd ne, Ernest Cadden, Gerald Milburn, Bobby Stockton, Harold Milburn, Dickie Palmer, Doug Hodo. Standing: Thomas Ritter, J. T. Birmingham, Joe McCullen, Jimmy Haughton, Wayne Little, Miss Haughton, Sponsor, Tommy Currey, J. V. Gregory, Jerry Lantrip, Joe Gann. Seated: Billy Garrett, John Bean, Don James, Charles Tubb, Hale Barnett, Eugene Moreland, Philip Lantrip. Kneeling: Bobby Bolding, Frank Woolf, Jerry Lee, Eugene lestbro Howard Milburn, William Greenhill. sv ok ,aft Standing: Larry Brazil, Arvella Majors, Addemae Howell, Miss Elliott Thompson, Sponsor. Seated: Alice Keller, Martha Gann, Betty Harden, Eugene Miller, Mary Jo Cathcart, Eleanor Tubb, Ted Grizzle, Frances Clement, Eva Reed, Catherine Brown, Martha Nell Pennell. 63044, A 0-0Qzc-,Zffb'7z,.. Louise Dye, Nita Pierce, Hazel Oliver, Jean Bean, Sarah Herndon, Sue Bean, Patsy Owen, Earnesteen Dyer, Irma Armstrong, Lou Ann Hutto, Miss Mary Ida Hoffman, Sponsor. 58 Left to right: Jackie Jones, Douglas Hathcock, Hubert Tubb, Frank Swan, Cudell Nash, Jack Kendall, Charles Creely, Jerome Milburn, Charles Egper, Nelson Glenn, Edwin Glenn, Rev. Wilson, Sponsor. awww? fe Standing: J. C. Kennedy, James Barnett, Hoyt Curbow, James Weatherly, Otis Cowan. Seated: Lynn Glasgow, Evelyn Dixon, Mr. James Norwood, Snonsor, Billy Ray Bunch, Bobby Jones. 59 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row l: 2 3 L 5 6 7 At! I' Jane Colvin, Geraldine Scott, Johnnie Robinson, Jo Nell Bass, Dorothy Ming, Afton Francis. Frances Herndon, Barbara Burdine, Jean Duncan, Shirley Fowlkes, Doris McCary. Julia Pugh, Peggy Wells, Sue Hester, Jean Bentley, Louise Hood. Margaret Patterson, Mary Bunch, Jean Nash, Eleanor Howell. Patsy Meredith, Patsy Hawkins, Mary Jane Harris, Joyce Glenn, Susan Cox, Earline Johnson, Marnee Alexander, Juanita Little, Gerthel Seals, Mary Ruth Noland, Jane Owings, Miss Lowrey. Joan Kendall, Carolyn Tubb, Martha Cox, Beverly Morris, Billy Jean McFadden, Mary Jo Moore, Annie Fay Broughman, Margaret Wiygul, Billy Stanley, Rosemary Knight, Beverly Hollis, Vivian Morris, Willie Anderson, Billy Jean Barrett. Linda Durrett, Reporter, Elizabeth Mann, Secretary, Elnor Puckett, Vice-President, June Camo, President. 1012 2Q,5c' Standing: Burma Armstrong, Margaret Allen, Mary Nell Creely, Mattie Spight McKinney, Eva Greenhill, Jimmy Nell Naron, Eva Grace Pullen, Jake Powell, Charles Jones, J. M. Mingledorff, Robert Colvin, Nell Hathcock, Geneva Hathcock, Miss Strickland, Sponsor. Seated: Patsy Argo, Tommie Summers, Jimmy Nell Gibbs, Joyce Glenn Barbara Keller, Mary Louise Gravlee, Virginia Wiygul, Betty Crenshaw. 60 vw! 5 N- Q R. '3' -ii" 5 f ,anal IB f A. li -inf i"'E5i?"?' Eskimos no doubt Walking encyclopedia He's our wonder-man State tournament bound Help for the lame Let it snow - we have our literature to read Junior High glamor girls Happy ?? There's a band member in the crowd Senior privileges!! Gonna win! We hope. Jolly Juniors Topsy Turvey Caught off guard. Ha! Ha! Our downfall - report Rabbit Snow fight in the deep Sunny C71 South cards i, 1 1 X ' 1 I 1 , , ,,Eg':'gi' 1' ' 'Lf-A1f,....A,, 7 ,Hin-.7 17 A 7'l0ALrf l ff'-ff, LW, JL awr M W 'iw' J- 'M A N fuk fm' fuk, miriam, X-fxwu. Xucv-1 CX'x,l-it VN Uh. T',t-,ph WW Qi Wfx Cl-fr" My A fx, 1 " . ' ray Zfyw, LQM 434 2 M' n f.,,.fa' E' 'K fffwivf qv lim QM Q41-fwilkl HL 6515.11-v, ' .. '7 '7 LL' I - + 62 W WWW K ELEMUVTARPU 63 Mr. James A. Bennett Principal Mathematics Miss Douglas Patterson Social Science Miss Bessie Montgomery Lth Grade Mrs. O. D. Stone Secretary Mrs. R. L. McKinney English Miss Madge Clarke 2nd Grade fax? s Mrs, Jane Camp Miss Fannie Mae Cason Reading Lib Grade Mrs. J. S. Abney Miss Louise Davis 3rd Grade 3rd Grade 64 Miss Lum C0011 Miss Maudie Messer Znd Grade 1513 Grade 3 X' A Q I Miss Ann Rue Gorton Miss Miriam Smith Mrs. Bill Fowlkes lst Grade Music Music 92' 0 -gwlf . .- -wr' . . ,Gum A. . 65 Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Wayne Guthrie, Frank Banks, James Leo Segars, Charles Lee. Jr., Charles Kennedy, Billy Pope, Jere Forbus, Johnny Wiygul, Lee Bras- field, James Vaughn, Dickie Jones. Gail Hornsby, Peggy Barnett, Mary Jean Brown, Joy Bethay, Margalo Greene, Nola Pearl Price, Patsy Nash, June Knight, Sylvia Vise, Phyllis East, Mary Jo Nash, Virginia Rye, Doris Bowen. James Edward Harris, Billy Currey, Donald Steed, Jean Marie Horner, Peggy Roberts, Sara Tubb, Kay Rogers, Mrs. Jane Camp, Ann Williams Patricia Sanford, Jaunita Hughes, Forrest Ritter, Billy Caldwell. Row l: James Thomas Satterwhite, Hoyt Mixon, Cecil Ishell, Henry Sanders, Jimmy Meredith, James Taylor, Gerald Creely, Gordon Crenshaw, Eugene Seal. Row 2: Leroy Parish, Nancy Edwards, Joan Lyle, Corinne Francis, Ernestine Adams, Dorothy Jean Hester, Lucy Ann Leech, Marjean Toney, Barbara Garrett, Warren Wright. Row 3: Bobby Neal Reeves, Ira Moore, Joe Rieves, Bill Meredity, Mrs. R. L McKinney, Richard Roberts, Dale Howell, Don Howell, Donald Mize. ee Row l: Dickie Beckham, Tony Parker, William Pennington, Larry Fears, Eason Camp, George Gregory, Troy Young, Cecil McWhirter, Bert Thompson, Keith Cathcart, Billy May. Row 2: Shirley Trull, Jane Bently, Jeanene Clingan, Ann Knight, Melinda Coyle, Dot Flowers, Mary Jane Fears, Ann Herndon, Becky Hodges, Barbara Pennington. Row 3: A. H. Ritter, Jimmie Lange, W. C. Ausborn, Jimmy Cowan, Lois Reed Joe Ann Liddell, Miss Doug Patterson, Jane Smith, James Hood, Joe Tubb, Cliff Hodges, Jack Forbus, Buddy Pace. How 1: Jimmy Young, Malcolm Roberts, David Satterwhite, John Varnon, Tommy Ritter, Frank Smith, George Nash, Norris Robinson, Buddy Allen, Hal Reeves. Row 2: Nina Wright, Martha Faulkner, Tommy Jean Edwards, Bessie Satterwhite, Uba Dale Bourland, Louise Reed, Peggy Ann Morris, Ann Ramage, Margaret Huggins, Nell Crank. Row 3: George Mann, Cecil Wilson, Eugene Wardlaw, Barbara Hensley, Margaret Morton, Mr. James Bennett, Shirley Patterson, Ann Roach, Max Knight, Tommy Hester. 67 Row 1: Billy Bonds, Dale Thompson, Joel Camp, John Wayne Cadden, Charles Knight, Pet Bethay, Sidney James, Jimmy Rorie, Wayne Conwill, Terry McCary, Jess Haley. Row 2: Glenda Sue Roby, Delores Pennington, Anita Waldrop, Mary Carol Caughman, Glenda Palmer, Jeanette James, Joan Mize, Jane Horner, Margaret Ming, Juanita Knight, Beth Armour, Martha Connell. Row 3: Jack Hughes, Johnnie Love, Paul Kelley, Billy Joe Fields, Margaret Anne Cox, Verna Mae Parish, Miss Bessie Montgomery, Annette Bowen, Barbara Kendrick, Billy Green Nesbit, Hal Haughton, Eugene Keller, John Murfee. Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Sammie Moore, Jimmy Pope, Harold Wardlaw, Jimmy Dale Bourland, James Edward Trull, Henry Larke. Ernest Gregory, Ira Kennedy, Terry Perkins, Boadine Watson. Mary Hester, Emma Welch, Amelia Peeler, Betty Parish, Linda Bolding, Gwendolyn Golden, Carolyn Hughes, Mary Ann Guthrie. Virgil Crank, James Roberts, Betty Sue Harris, Dorothy Duvall, Miss Fannie Mae Cason, Betty Jean Rieves, Audine Markham, Bobby Wardlaw, John Durrett. 6 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Billy Rainey, James Edward Taylor, Marshall Boyd, Mickey Murfee, Carl Wayne Palmer, Monte Lee, Donald Banks, Bob Forbus, Frank Durrett, Price Burdine, James Bowen, George Alexander. Bobby Markham, Carol Jane Larkin, Julia Pickle, Anna Puckett, Charlotte Owens, Martha Mize, Minnie Hitt, Mary Etta Knight, Eleanor Crabtree, Susan Archer. Johnny Mac Vise, Don Miller, Charles Geyer, Bobby Taylor, Glenda Chism, Subie Robuck, Mrs. J. S. Abney, Linda Tebbits, Harold Naron, Claude Boyd, Floyd Reeves, David Hodo, Louis Hitt. Row l: James Seymore, Frank Patterson, Bobby Joe Blake, Jack Flowers, Wayne Thompson, Tim Hughes, Richard Lyle, Peyton Meridith, Clayton Meridith. Row 2: Shirley Kendrick, Hazel Wright, Joan Wright, Nancy Rieves, Mary Sue Sanders, Bonnie Gean Nash, Josephine Orihuela, Dale Hester, Martha Ann Hall, Patty Joyce Courtney, Charlene Johnson, Louise Leach. Row 3: Ronald Gibbs, Edward Coker, Danny Young, Bank Yerby, Miss Louise Davis, James Leach, Earl Bunch, Gene Mixon, Byron Easter, Johnnie Gann, Bobby Brown. 69 Row 1: Wayne Brown, Vernon Boyd, Jimmy Broughman, Lester Kimbrough, Lonnie Edwards, Murry Stucker, Dan Stone. Row 2: Jeanette Moffett, Mary Coleman, Lynn Hornsby, Dorothy Toney, Gwyn Wallace, Charlie Mae Crawford, Dorothy Knight, Judy Brook, Beverley Miller. Row 3: Mary Nell Isbell, Mary Jo Isbell, Lynda Davis, Romona Hood, Miss Madge Clarke, Lynn Duvall, Wesley Reed, Hal Moore, Lawrence, Frank Finney. Row l: Colon Mixon, Bobby Parham, Billy Reeves, Jerry Harrison, Johnny Dyer, Wyue Markham, Row 2: Billy Trull, Albert Crawford, Cladutte Jennings, Linda Wright, Nell Stanford, Shelby Stanford, Emily Stevens, William Dyer. Row 3: Bobby Guthrie, James Jones, Donald Gibbs, Miss Lum Cook, Raymond Rogers, Charles Dove, Cobern Bowen, Ronald Wiechman, Billy Ford. 7O Huw 1: Jack Lee Jones, Herbert Funderburk, Courtney Carson, lll, Rufus Bowen, Mack Ray Howell, Donald Gilliam, Johnny Wilkerson, Nelson Beckham, John William Seymore, Douglas Tate. How P: Perry Jean Turner, Rebecca Kendall, Virginia Brown, Mary Frances Coker, Julia Rainey, Betty Berry, Joyce Price, Marion Stover, Fay Wardlow, Joanne Love. how 3: Linda Ann Palmer, Linda Ellinwood, Beverly Sullivan, Ella Ruth Rit'er, Becky Kennedy, Saundra Nash, Carol Chandler, Buddie Peeler, Mary Faye Kennedy, Fletcher Burdine, Betty Chism, Rosemary Whi'e, Miss Maudie Messer, Teacher. Row lx Jimmy Roberts, Grady Clements, Larry Hughes, Carl Dove, Clyde Tubb, Bobby Wiyvul, Jerry Boozer, Ronald Ramage, Dennis Bourland. Row 2: Mary Ann Wilbanks, Ann McKinney, Melissa Cutcliff, Norma Robbins, Donna Putman, Mary Ann Lovern, Mary Joyce Lyle, Nancy Glenn, Mary Welch, Lucrecia Kidd. Row 3: June Smith, Annie Pearl Jones, Patricia Sellers, Betty Sue Pennington, Eria Mae Brown, Peggy Tibbitts, Bennie Hutto, Wanda Fay Taylor, Ann Rue Gorton, Mary Beth Wilkinson, Joyce Hughes, Douglas Greenhill, Noel Harmon, Bobby Leach, Marky Ledbetter. 71 N wi Ute,- wf,,M,,7,5f QQQ, 4 fd W QP EWZL 323 g.Q.w,.w.Q W , fwwgf' imp QQ G7vW0Wf sf M WW i , Xi 5 I 72 Q wi 3 ,E , I W , I ' 40 ' f I 5911? I wi W I, Vlf M 1 OUR QQST EWS X I ff fa 59 N 3 4 I 1, W ,va "' 'if' ,' , ' lk 3, gil' .Q 1 ,Ziff 1 f X xg! hx fy f 7' f 7527 i 'i u f- mg, in " 4 X .' 1 , P K y! 1 ,Q ,lla ig, W fx , if I XE! P353 ,JP VY V ,Y N711 WHOLE SAL! G RDCIRI YOU ARE ON YOUR WAYQ BUT WHERE ARE YOU GOING? ALL HAVE SINNED - ROMANS 3:23 THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH - ROMANS 6:23 CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS - lst CORINTHIANS 15:3 BELIEVE ON TH LORD JESUS CH IST AND THOU SHALT BE SAVED - ACTS 16:31 AMORY ISS. 75 mamma? 33353 6D.Q.m.. SQ. ,, J. ...Q -QQ rf Q777. dwvnmffa. Z3-we MM 77 COl'IPfIl1Elv TS Of OTA' f A 'X EH7 Cal MISSISSIPPI 'I EA 5 If U . 1' Annnv, ms. 78 AMO KY awww xxx. N Q 1: :RAM X --'Q LAUNDM 'wg mms Co, Vw A Emi?" cg W --E. E. PICKLE-' "4'U"MRl OFvQvm'unt COMPANY 25 fmyw PEUPLEE DRYGOODS DE LN EY 'VJ' QUH!l.17erc E111 isa li Un Svc: I7 A d . HUB? 8 'AMQRY '- voqev che 'Q I- '-'N '- COHPIIHENTS I 1 , I Of DAIRY Cf2-9f"'4'K Hmong, J Miss gkaners 93" l. B. McCullen Lumber Co. in , mem asus Amar n ss. O 9 Uma NTS BNSF uality Gnoctraics Im.BeNTLQy Ei MEMS PLUNQING + HEATING oo. ' IGI tMi0fv'Z7v5A77fTL 5 70x25 44f2jg4 64 ce4c4fg g4.Qr Co S Zliha-12 fa, 5fmf3fWfnfff c.61D.LuMmil2 co. 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