Amityville Memorial High School - Warrior Yearbook (Amityville, NY)

 - Class of 1976

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4, -'.!- . ,Z he J 45' -1 is fig , 0 x 1 'Ll I 'O , -14 'fi r x" , , 4 - .9 , I . , ' Q '- 'w 4 .. fb ,,2"r,f1 . I4 f ' 1 5' 1 , ' . ' '- FALL - , gilt! fat A I J ,V I .- ,. fa ' f ' 'XL 6,5 527: CL fl . d 1.1 ' --1 L..- , 4,3 . ' ,H s , , .sf .fm ili'd f- b X' -QL? 4? x ' M N ' A 1 x Ailzilnl Q f-Q ,Y f.,4I'i .? ,JK 7 I , lin' V I L J190' YET 5 R Y, fpfr I, N A.Af'!. Q . '-ef . xy, 523 3 f. , V h vi -4- J"2g,.3"-,ggb A 1 we 1' i . in - 1'1" ' :lg X '- ge ' 7 S M X A J cr ,D vfA"- , 'QHWAQ , elsif? Q. - ' ,d Q ig' ir 5 rg, V FL I Nm' ., - H 1 ,. V -' 1 Q: H ' 51 ,msg . .. .. ' , 'X l J: Haggis? 1 . 1-:fig 4,!, pig-,,12",.. V . ' .L AHA . wg: W. in A f ,, ,- . A 'Cv' ' - f- u.. 2 '- ww! .-,ff gm 'A ' H' , V . L" ,v '. " 'L .. "sf, f my . . H, ' -, 1. 3 f , :. - A . V ., Q ' We 2+ --.31 - ' fx ' ' - M f, -Q' "Hifi , '+L -'.'h'f: 'C . f V ' F' ', 'I " '?qH'q1. sit . .' 'J 557' f " . My ,.2,vT'?if92--'WF' V W ., ,V Y . 1 1 V' -5. 91 ?-T ' ' r Ii1,.'N 3- " " 'fm , 11. .Y . 'wi-wv t "-'l1,W!'L: 5 ' ' X x-Ev-2' -fin A4 WV ' FW' ' 'lv J P -W ' ' 1 ,nf .g,i55,g:f.'f'f,: W ' A -'11 'Pg . . UA ,ll A I .W .QI H 65? , Ii: , -:Twin V! b 'hm , ,. ga! M5 Y gg: wr- Q7 M H :YHFEJ-,MP I ?kot-gm V 1 1.1: ,j,,,,,fgg' ,, V , y :.,uQg3v3fig.N M in hw! N.1gj,??1vv - QE l rl! in wg, in J ISV. Eggxiwq ' 1, U .Jie-AL 3,59 .L 'ima Silk -fl." X , '. fn ' f" W - if, I 4f3'5?i1W" W A ' wif ,"iQf' f k,,,.ulffa,:Mf?sfQ- ' I'-'fgffi , ,. ' , X . -'J' A " ' ' , ', V . A .- ,. LL- k'7""' ,. 'ff ,. Bc? Ls' fit ' ik ' :Ay ff' wa ,z , ,Q . -V wav f - H , X. f f M M L 5' N ,"' ' - if r 1 A1 " , ' W, ' ' ffwfgigr' 4' A - . ""l ' V WW v 1 "ww em. 1 ., ' x We ' W ' My H 'NIM MQW , 1 M' -" "' r , Q! JIM 4 "-Jr' ' gf 49, . L51 '. ,L x , - ' 1 .Vg M A, n W n , 4 We. st., H 1, L 5 9 y. I-lf wfqyfg ... J -41" ,"' , .a .dbh 'A' mlfvv' ' M if ?ix'-X?'1:'V , - ' 'MQ' fr' ' 1: wi' - Jim, A Fa ' 1- ,QL " b ,r , -4 f - -if ,,-F A -M , ,l J ,A, 9 i V 1 I w 3 1 v I 'L '1 U f 4 mir' x v R 1 r I I ? r I 1 v Q 1 1 A 1 3... Q, 1,1 X, , ' 2 H" if Q -Q, -gli' 4. it i .-ha an if an, . - i , f-gi s 'Hhs M. V ur jf, Q' EAM ff- 5 3539 E H ,gm f 14, , 'Q' f' Q- 541, I x 'Ohio Nl ffm f 'IV hdhgap. EW 3Ts":72T"J.? 'Sql X P af' in as gg' 'Q aggr,,i?:,,, Q4 if ,M -. 'M NS ' l ' A ' x Q. -,Lrg W5 A' I , K3 Q w 5 n -v f Pfam A ,. xr gui-1 W S56 it D wk' Rf .P Ci M65 QQQAZ JL yiiyowqm, f . I QW Qwgapfffxczfn 2 4 I it A bfi f 1 f 1, ' 'I . ,PG C f-64,713 flllffflam than nm A4fC?Q3 . JL ww Jw W WL' M1 . X X N. in mm N W f OJIV , Qf ff M JC M . V MM Ao gb Lp 15 - ML' JW UWM I UAUU ILO, of UOQ I OWL 6670? bf' , W fi? J- 9 A V i' x...-f"f,C' 40' iv eff" 2: '5 X,-.f WARRIOR 1976 Amityville lwenwricil High School Amityville New York - ff? Q,-XZ, i Siu wffwfx fw fi' K " "TLB fi? ffm 1' ,- 1 ' f 'ff is TW :ix X' KX X A 7 Q, .. x A if -l,i1l.'4l:' Nl fl 1 ' I A, f-1.-. 1 da "-,HVXQ fr v ' v 5 ssl' 3 . Sa L' I ,fy 2 . -12? in f7r5.,Z3f1aQffeq ZA: vlfze C4255 of'!97Q M156 fo fgafess OUPHJINCEFG Vzanffs 74911061 fffyffywjh ai 7696 79'O0.45lc?5 we yavc you' a'fz:'n'! amoumf 150 9014 your wee-.Mr as our CA953 aafwksof was such Mba! We cwfc! afamg, 64.107 a beef! 14f!'ef,fa!f'7z6 fave, a 7lfZ355Uf'C U17 v!ol'of you -r!f'a4V warg 5 9119 ,Z yfgp as mane f0f'6' f-'ww' fb an Aanffz 62 606612 we kok back 0,0012 our years al A. wc'!ffemc:mA5cn Mg ,gofwows dna! 7776 joys 715515 We aM6f7afc:af Zell: open our fieamlsg fevlour soufs 'fake wing! Zfevu: Jo yfao' youfaad -ffve A3776 vlo givg WCW: so gfaaf you f9acf6'0 mach owl-WHL vzo olvafc. 726 C1965 olAf97G 'flllvue Www Cab Qt, CVWCI CK kde lkow-e, Xlcflw- LOGJI-!VvCl'lik. was Qtaivcfaioafiag dw SQ XWMQMGQ all MMM? o.QlJwlJLoolLUm. '15-we The 1976 WARRIOR is finished and in your hands. The staff hopes that you will enjoy the finished product. Throughout this year of working we have laughed, fought and struggled to pull this book together. There has always been one staff member around to cheer up another when worrying about layouts, photographs, and deadlines. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Some of those people were Lorraine Callaghan, Joan Dunn, Alison Brooks, Peter Brockhoff, Tomas Calma, ,lane Ann Bean, Linda Durbin, Michelle Caridi, Kathy Dann, Susan Ewers, Barbara Parsons, Roni Pepkin, Sue Swartwout, Warren Schob, Cathy Smith, Bebe Scordamaglia, ,lane Zimmermann, George Wright, Maureen Doerner, John Ianno, Frank Chiufetelli, April Holzmacher, Billy Rossiter, Sally Pemberton, Ricky Lloyd, Larry Bellinger, Wayne Walsh, and Bob Cusick. I am sure there were others also and to them I also say thanks. The staff of this year's WARRIOR would like to express a special thank you to our advisor, Miss Elizabeth Berning, who throughout the year put up with every means of torture we could devise - extended deadlines, incapable photographers, and boredom, but she has always kept smiling lmost of the timelj. She was the type of person who put all she had into making this book a success. Thank You very much. Sincerely, Richard Wright Editor-in-Chief 3 I I. II I II I II II I, II I. ,I . I ,I II I I I I LW Ig Friendslup I ,, , 1- v. ,nqpuunc ,, 111. .un-:Il -1-If 'A-1 p N - i .J-I i- cv h,-,-,,.g- --- - - "nl " fr ,manur- ,-......V WW ---T WY- -- I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I ,gt ' ,H 1, ,rip J311' W f -A- I I ' I I I II ,I I 'I I I. :I ' 'I ,. M I II I I, I I I II Q ' I I I I QI I I I i II II I :I 'I 'I I: I 'I I I I ,I I I' I, I' I II FI I - Ywgif 1- ,1 Ccmdids WM We may mefver pass this way again nf' Q LW, they may say, s 5 .ff 1 , Mui is but a game and it sometimes SZQUS away, Love - like the autumn sun, Should be ending but itfs only just begun, Like the twilight in the mad up alwacL M I Q . V 1 4 M, 4 A '4 . nf aifw We cl0n't know just what we're doin AV5 ,f.1'wfiwwH2WfM' " Q ' And all of the f 5 0 our days. 41' 11 X ,,' if If ,,,,4f' ,W ., I Ar Whisper as we gaze, and all the days Q' 5 , ,rf Will come and go, anal take us up, always up. .. i,,,3,.. , , ,2 A 14- 4 ' 'wk .. . Q A . 'E ,erm f-f if . 1 iw M 5 ,Q 4 Q lf -Q 1 +1 l ,V We will never pass this 'way again. my wr pdl: lf' 15" WW? On a chilly, sunny November 15th, our annual Home- coming was held. The theme for Homecoming this year! was our American Bicentennial and each float and costume captured the real spirit of 1776. The Seniors, Hoat entitled "Time Marches On" won the award for best Hoat, but the others were close behind. Homecoming Queen, Carolyn Turner, and her attend- ants Beatrice Scordamaglia, Nina Howell, Ellen Urevich, and Deborah Levy, were thrilled and as beautiful as ever. x M w5l'E2l V l 4 ,' gtg Qu Q YG 995295 .Ii I eng! L, 2,f' 18 ,P 44-ir 1 i P BL? 4-.. 6 m 'S 20 i A :Mix ,um ..l.n.., '-'40 '1-he I .HU-A .f smai ng. pf, vm..u4.xi1.-va- kw,..f , ' .Nh num- ng. ',.-, , 5,-., U- , H. , ,uuvu 1 ' 1 '.','sli, fx-5 . ,1 .. My vi. my i. 55.5 sq". ,- iA,ll5v ...N uf. ..f. '.'.l.'.i U I "' .-sp, Qvfgt H ," Aa. H. 'Q u A :A . i"'m . 'Hn 'UH Hx. ' U V' 4 E 2 Q ,gig "ww .v .H N U' 4 p,w,v'a. 'A HM.: - - , . 0 aan 'Q ,I ,', gartnzf, ,,,, , ' Q... Q . . .. , - 'l . . Y' ',' '.. .2 3 ,- ., 'ntl ' A Aix, . ' '.'... i.. I. 4 . .4 a.. v..-.... x. ..- -. f.. MJ QQ gum Q. , QQ z . ,W 'V , . F49 ,jim ,Ziff STP Fair .1 ,-"""P 5 S... '-,MN HQ.. R 71 ,N u Y x . , t I , ff' wc: ' sffig 1 ,ff'1szar'?z f ' L -' W gall -Yf if W .fs N3 tm FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS In January of 1975, Amityville became the home of the Rotary exchange student Ronaldo Andrade. Originally from Diuinoplis, Brazil, Ronaldo had a great problem to overcome - the language barrier. No one in AMHS knew Portuguese, but luckily Ronaldo understood Spanish. With the aid of Mrs. Davis and many students of AMHS, Ronaldo was soon on his way to understanding the English language. July of the same year brought another exchange student - Wayne Walsh. Wayne is from New Zealand and is part of the American Field Service QAFSJ. His host family is the O'Neill Family. At this year's pep rally, AMHS students were greatly surprised to find that we had an international soccer team! Both Ronaldo and Wayne were members of the team. Time Hew quickly and December was soon upon us. Ronaldo's visit to America was coming to an end. The Rotary Club gave a luncheon in honor of Ronaldo and on December 27th, Ronaldo was bound for Brazil. Wayne Walsh is Amityvi.lle's first AFS student in quite a few years. Wayne is a tall, slender young man from Timaru, New Zealand, with a sparkling personality, who has managed to find time to meet and do something with almost everyone. Wayne is not only interested in social activities, but also sports and extra curricular programs. Early in the year, Wayne, a rugby player in New Zealand, was a member of Amityville's winning soccer team, and then in the spring he joined Amityville's tennis team. Besides sports, Wayne has taken a real interest in our school. He is sports Editor of the Warrior, a member of Human Relations - AFS Club, K.E.Y. Club, ski club, and played a leading role in the drama club's production of the Pigman. Wayne will be leaving Amityville in early July but during his stay he has given many of us fond memories, that will stay with us always. LW is Knowledge F tim, ' 1, . ,A N- A, at '-1 ,off t - gag, r v' - 1. ' nf " f , fr , ,r ' 5-32569 ., . 5. sm 'pg Q' ' "" ' 1. Nw! '-"'-'LC' : A mm: rang- rx 40' X l ':' X7 ,3- ,,,. . Nl Q, , ' . ge tqffc- ' .. a I N,': fl' . . may xt -. jig an 3'-If: It 4 2 .:' -1' ' 'I '-'TL A.: ,il 1 M N. .51 A: Deputy Superintendent of Schools - Mr. R. Mitchell Assistant Superintendent for Instruction - Mr. M. Bordon Director of Athletics - Mr. W. Dil-ecggr of Music - Ml-A AA Superintendent of Schools S Mr. N. Ober Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent - Mr. D. Whalen I .. - .Y Director of Pupil Personnel - Mr. Coordinator of School King La-ngstaff W4G1iCk Community Relations - Mr. R. 28 ' Smoot Board of ducation Mrs. O. Bean - Trustee Mr. Budd - Trustee MTS, Falkenbagh - Clerk Mr, First .. Trustee ML Green - Trustee MI- 0'NffU1 - Treasurer MT- 5ChW'Hf'l - First Vice Mr. Stiansen - President Mr. Stratton - Second Vice Mr. VanN0ma-nd , Attorney President President A iris ,Li Principal naw' ,. '- ' 'm,,,.,,w,,,5,q4f,mx4a. F' " 3 gmff4 5: , -, I" wg,w,,MW,,Z 5 5,5 -, ,I A: A- I Ev . ,, ,, my 49 125 .r. .2 ' :5 ' 2 1 , V r'-:wma Mr. M. Feinberg Assistant Principals 'uhh' Mr. A. Caiigiuri Mr. J, Cuiffre Mr. F. Amore, Chairman, Industrial Arts Mr. J. Bass, Business Miss E. Berning, Mathematics Mrs. S. Bradlee, Foreign Language Miss S. Brubaker, Physical Education Mr. W. Caffrey, English X K. K I 1 Kina' Miss P. Burns, Physical Education ' " in Mr, H. Carpenter, Health and Drivers Education Mrs. N. Colon, Nurse Mr. E. Decker, English 1... 1 .ff A Mrs. M. Dember, Health Mrs. J. Deevy, Home Economics, Chairman I E I I ' if A Ziff' il l' i , l 2 ' 5 H . 3.2. . ,Wy Qgxm 1 qu 1 g 23, 5 -:i ii Mi- MQ MW . ' 'fail . . , . TWV ,, s " 1' S M Mr. S. Dolce, Science Mr. F. DiNardo, Chairman, Science Mr. K. Doran, Chairman, Social Studies Mr. J. Dowd, Social Studies x 1 I x Mr. R. English, Mathematics Mr. R. Forman, Social Studies .5 x Mrs. B. Friedman, Librarian Miss E. Fay, Music fn Q, 1. W Mrs. E. Foster, Business Mrs. L. Freidman, Foreign Language, Chairman K .k,,1 Mr. T. Galli, Social Studies '-'- M for ..,.. V- . .E i if ,gif 5 'E i v i f 5 3.3 I ...,b 5 fi mL'h 1211- E S- 'ff ifg Nm ' A 'K., is c iii r ..d 'f'e'z7f'f' vp Q w , rg i ' 3 ,ff im ,W.. -,Ax- Mr. V. Franco, DO E Mr. F. Iaccio. Social Studies P Mr. M. Giordano, Science . ??'lfi Mrs. L. Jerome, Home Economics Mr. F. Keker, English Mr. J. Kastendieck, Guidance Mr. L. Kelson, Guidance 3 I 'WEB IIKSE I llx, Mrs. It Kenny, Business Mr. B. Kurland, Social Studies Mrs. S. Amato, Art Mr. J. LaBarr, English Mr. N. Maisel, Social Studies Mr, J. LaManna, Music Mr. W. Marino, Science Mrs. T. Marty, English 555. if' f' 5 Mr. E. McDaniels, Science Mr. A. Meola, Mathematics ' fc? ' -, 1 - - K tljg A,'L . V ,. 'L,- ., t ,. -ar - t ,Q V 1 I A egtelifgg 'L"' Mr. T. Mullin, Physical Education 3 Mr. E. Miles, Chairman - Mathematics Mr. V. Niemi, Drivers Education Mrs. A. Norris, Science Q A 7 5 Mr. H. Paul, Industrial Arts V s i . ,. ,,.,g .. ifg 4 W , W ,. i Y 1 'Ls . Mrs. M. O'Neill, Chairman - English Mr. M. Pegler, Mathematics Mr. G. Peddle, Foreign Language and English Mr. S. Piller, English Mrs. T. Ramseur, Guidance Mr. R. Robb, Chairman Guidance Mr. M. Region, Science Mrs. C. Rosenberg, Business Mr. W. Ryan, English Mrs. C. Sachs, Art Mr. K. Schwartzman, Music Mr. J. Schmitt, Physical Education Mrs. D. Simons Home Economics Mrs. K. Simon, Foreign Language fv- Mr. G. Skillcn, Special Education Mr. W. Sommerville, Industrial Arts Mr. M. Taffet, Mathematics gr X A 1 , f 1' E Mr. R. Teeter, Chairman, Business Mr. R. Tezak, English Mrs. D. Waclawski, English Mr. G. Tredwell, DOE 9 . :Vs-...M Mrs. S. Williams, Foreign Language Mrs. J. Alloso Mrs. Amore Secretaries Mrs. E. DeMarco ' 'tx Mrs. J. Siliato Mrs. J. Steinmuller Mrs. C. DeBono : Xi! in Mrs. V. Petri Mrs. C. Wanser C US TODIAL STAFF Mrs. Love - Aide 3' Mrs. Craig - Cafeteria 44 From Left: Mr. Chiusa, Mr. Starke, Mr. Womack, Mrs Huber, Mr. Cochran, Mr. Howard, Mr. David, Mr Siska 35 Mrs. McLain - Aide Mrs. Oliveri - Cafeteria Mrs. Terrell - Cafeteria Mrs. Ludemaun - Cafewria L4foUQf f1i WMU 3043 QQ VX O , 0 haf QQQQC Clubs and Activmes N41 The Student Government From left: Mr. T. Calli, C. McKinney, A. Brooks, C. Smith, G. 0'Reilly, S. Swartwout, J. Caples, L. Ziegenfelder, N. Kretz, J. Zimmerman, P. Vanek, A. Holzmacher, M. Caridi, and B. Parsons. Honor Society The members of the Edward Recd Gage Cha The National Honor Society A. Brooks V. Thomas A. Blackwell R. Wright J. Bean R. Zahnleuter J. Bonaventura J. Zimmerman L. Callaghan M. Barba T. Calma C. Bean D. Carpenter T. Bean R. Conwell R. Blaustein K. Daley M. Doerner A. Delgado L. Durbin J. Dunn R. Ebner S. Ewers S, Hertz J. Grant L jones M. Gregory T. Kelly W. Hardie N. Kretz A. Holzmacher C. McAllan M. Jaffe G. O'Reilly V. Kass M. Richman D. Kleeger B. Robinson C. Lack P. Schmitt C. McKinney M. Tannenbaum B. Parsons E. Urevich R. Pepkin R. Vitarelle R. Romeo S. Vitolano S. Swartwout K. Yukulski W K, at ., .-. pter of Student Government The Student Government, under the direction of Mr. Thomas Galli, president Jane Zimmermann, Vice president - Lisa Ziegenfelder, Secretary Michele Caridi, and Treasurer - Cathy Smith, started the year off with the annual spirit week. This marked the beginning of the fall sports program. A prize of 3525 was given to the Senior Class for showing the most spirit. Spectator buses to away football games, and the sale of GO cards were organized by the Student Government. Another project of the Govern- ment was the annual homecoming parade and the Homecoming Queen. The Seniors again ralleyed and won the best float while Carolyn Turner was crowned Queen. On Teachers Recognization Day we gave the deserving teachers carnations to show our appreciation. Some of the goals of the government include the existance of an activities calendar and the clean-up of the school area. This year, the Edward Reed Gage chapter of the National Honor Society, advised by Mr. J. LaBarr, has continued raising funds which it plans to donate to a worthy charity. It sponsored a successful cake sale in the fall, and a car wash in the spring. A scholarship fund was established for one Honor Society member. During the holi- day season, we entered the school's window deco- rating competition and won the 3525 first prize for their artistic display at Korey Pontiac. Tom Calma and April Holzmacher were nomi- nated for scholarship competition among the hon- or societies throughout the country. The '75-'76 officers were Richard Wright - Presidentg Jane Zimmermann - Vice President, Jane Ann Bean - Treasurer and April Holzma- cher - Secretary. Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editors Associate Editor Section Editors Art Seniors Underclassmen Faculty Clubs Sports Hall of Fame Candids Business Manager Advertisements Sales WARRIOR Richard Wright ,Ioan Dun n Lorraine Callaghan Jane Anne Bean George Wright Susan Ewers Joan Dunn Linda Durbin Allison Brooks and Maureen Doerner Wayne Walsh Roni Pepkin Susanne Swartwout Peter Brockoff Barbara Parsons ff sg Ffwd-MM, wo! s "'V"'l' mfrip VOL! -Klmjg pfaff ,yflffo y?f'VJ fflvnuxj jf4',f2fn97 wi- '?fC"'ffl'1J ffm.-,N 'pug lx 804744, F SH"-oc-f .1 lu QQ yco 'Vrff 7' KT l' , tam Row 1: Left to Right: H. Thomas, M. Tannenbaum, D. McGarven, M. Coleman, C. Doherty, F. Chiuffetelli, J. Lockwood, P. Montelione Row 2: R. Gregory, M. Riscoe, F. Seaman, B. Robinson, K. Norris, P. Spitzform, R. Blaustein, W. Walsh, J. Draghi, .l. Bloom, L. Decker, R. Montelione, A. Jackson, C. Rios, Mrs. Dember, Mr. Ryan, S. Vitilano ECHO Under the double guidance of Mr. toh, he's so nicej Ryan and Mrs. lshe's married tool Dember, the ECHO set off for a year of double effort, double production and double fun. September, and all hands were on deck as we went to work. Knyvette worked the fastest of course, but then again she had an electric linger-pecker so she should've worked the fastest. Howard, the man in charge of everything, kept popping in and out and out and out - keeping his eye on things so that they went right, leaving his other eye free for things that were going wrong. And under him, naturally enough, were his three assistants Chure-ting Pete was always around as a second overseer, writing a little bit here and there, talking a lot here and there, writing here, talking there, talking here, writing there - man he was everywhere.. And Mona, good old Mona, always living up to her name when we were headed a little off courseg while our 3rd 2nd tin-charge-manl Mike kept the funnies rolling in - eat your heart out Schulz! ' But then there were more. Fast talkin' fast wal.kin', fast movin' Steve, our production man, just kept on layin' them out. And not far from him was that weird kid from New Zealand with his even weirder ideas. And if you happened by chance to look up towards the heavens in despair and saw the lens of a camera staring back down at you, no need to worry that was just our photoman Phrank who had a habit of Hashing in the strangest places. Meanwhile Arnold sat loyally at the desk, dictionary in hand, and ruler in the other, to rap us across the knuckles if we erred in our English. And of course we had our fair share of beauties too. Lynn, Knyvette and Pauline to mention a few . . . Mitch and Rich to mention a few more. The latter two had no definitely particular part in particular, but nevertheless they managed to put their particularly definite talents to work all over the place, being definitely particular not to cause too much damage with their particularly infinite remarks and writings. But don't forget our page-four men, Paulo, Johnny, and Joshy. If they weren't in the ofhce they were out making the sports scene. But as you might have guessed, they had an ulterior motive: for not a penny did they pay, when it came for Amity to play. So that was us for '76. And even if a paper wasn't in production at the time, you'd still find some of us in the office. For we were a dedicated bunch of workers we were. To us our newspaper was not merely a piece of paper with print on it, but it was a reflection of ourselves and our school. 76 was a vintage year for us, a year of joy, desperation, hope, and despair: a year that will ECHO in our minds forever . . . AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE - HUMAN RELATIONS CLUB The Human Relations - American Field Service Club began with what seemed to be a slow year, but ended up moving faster than ever expected. Much of the new interest was credited to the addition of American Field Service. In November, much time was spent on preparations for our American Field Service Weekend here at Amityville. The weekend took place in March with students from many different lands spending the weekend here and exchanging ideas with our students on Friday. In the spring the club members presented a play which was written, planned and produced by the members of the club. It was based on Peanuts. The members of the club wish to express deep gratitude to their advisors Mrs. T. Ramseur and Mr. E. McDaniels for their unending days of service. Row 1: Left to Right: Mr. McDaniels, J. Zimmerman, C. Smith, I. Bayon, D. Budd, B. Scordamaglia, L. Ziegenfelder, R. Gregory, Mrs. Ramseur. Row 2: C. McKinney, T. Bean, C. Bean, M. Riscoe, R. Pepkin, K. Norris, R. Sullivan, L. Alcala, M. Stewart Row 3: H. Thomas, I. Jamison, J. Bean, A. Brooks, F. Seaman, S. Vitilano, R. Blaustein. The members J. Aiken C. Anglim C. Austin A. Bailey T. Bean L. Bellinger P. Blanche!! M. Blond T. Brazinski A. Brooks O. Brooks l. Brous M. Caballero K. Cargill A. Collins H. Cowherd R. Cusick W. Cusick M. D'Auilar J. Deming M. Florio L. Goodlin R. Gregory J. Hopper F. Horan R. Ippolito D. Ketcham C. Klein M. Korsch J. Kregel T. Kregel C. Lukken 50 STAGE BAND R X i X l The members ofthe Stage Band are S. Robinson M. O'Neill R. Raff J. Ruiz K. Reed .l. Brous W. Cusick F. Horan J. Kegel R. Ippoloto P. Spitzform B. Miller L. Bellinger J. Mallard M. Richman R. Riscoe P. Willenbrock J. Murphy P. Schmitt C.. osienag M. Caballero R. Sullivan C. Austin R. Gregory O. Brooks W. Scholl of the Band are C. McAllan S. Maker G. Mason B. Miller .l. Miller K. Neal B. Nelson J. Nolan M. Nowell B. O'Donovan M. O'Nei1l G. Ostenag R. Rafi' S. Robinson V. Richards M. Richman R. Riscoe J. Ruiz P. Schmitt W. Schob K. Shannon P. Spitzform .l. Sterling R. Sullivan D. Sulion T. Tai D. Taylor S. Thomas .l. Walton G. Wheeler P. Willenbrock S. Vitalano . ,. 2 if ' A, . K, X . A fs. H AV? ,,... ' i uf .7 "- ., ' r' 1 ' 'T " ' ' . i 5 S 'T ' " 1 , ' Qi" ' .P - fl- ' 'iff 'Q' "Ns '-me--. E M s . . 'HI N2 . V i s M 115 'i .-24, "9 i ilkVlQ"iih".f '31 - if 1 '- .IAE ,JE " ' 12. .mm X if A' f A - . . :vii - 121:-1 A me .4 H - M s '--' i V li ff-Q... 953' .f ww if 13 if- F LrLe.i7:'A?3if? 9 W' I W5 1.3:-'g,i.gP.?,'-,g.2'y..-M. .-M, ,. 2122 ,.,1.,f.x3,u.y,.-eric: f vggfB!..,+p.eX -,-1 1, al:-izzcgsiacfilggl if .y,i3ff'.,, M .sais 9' - r.Q.,,. as we t ,. I ,.55,,1,,q..x,,,.5, p w.. ...N - . , , ,..,m,...,.,5...... ,. ., 1- . ja A M34 x is .A Q N0 A " .W WY- in sw ,K 4 . J 'P " 'ra 4:2 wx! 4f:.,, ss. I. -C-' ' f1 'if..f?' , V " " z. 'Eiga gilfiprscg' V 47' A ,. ,, v,a.s,4. , -U-.,.,. A , .. .h at M in ..-1.a,5:M......., M of M . 1 Q . -:Se . .6 'Huff as ' ..1.,gf.f .. L 5E?"ef .. . . ' f- f -' fn .' .-A -mi.-v 1: 4 . -1 f . - f A as-.1 X, ww.. A393 -x:.rwf--'1 2. ' - . Uv.. 1 ate... - . of M fr' .M-'-as ' f mn, H '. . J .'-lu. . 1 .-,. - . - H.. . .. .gf-.5A,33Yrvp1'1 - L- .3laf11'w.,a,.f 5-.mi Q. ,A 3' s, - -0, mi. -v-1 ., ,,'. , K. - fw,,f,:s3 " ' '5 . my ov m ix.. "his: , 15 ,E . if . "'-as 1 71: A '-ffs.,,.NM ' I x.. , ',.-L.,- . . , ., " 41 .1zG'-' A ' ""': ILMKQATE? ii' 533' I , . 2 3" .V f- ' Nine"-". s x-"1-1' , f ' vf-'fig'-1-fog xizi as ,, ex v-'ua fi -K f' if: " 5 'wi ',-.'wz52,s'3v'f 3-: 'A 1-. W' -fr ...Q 1 if , ' Q 7. ,-..i-,Wi .J ' '-Qui +51 2' 4, . ' .,f' .1 SJ, A Sw' .iff "Y"'.1" "- 3' e - ' 4 ' .2-Vi! " : ' "'312.,el5'i Lk..-.VM .. 4, . eff ,'.,,.' F- -yi! I '-' T' l". . A. ' , -.R-5pg.,L,., ..-:- . J. -. ,,'.r.f. N Y K T, LU:,, i ' If .ms .1 if gf: - 5 "' if ,'-. ' M . .- .. . -,-1, - .,, 31 .- A , ,f .- UF, N , l i zshlf: ' ff'.,,.l..' If 'K - " lf - . f m y L os "' ! fs. 1' X.: , si ' . 2 gc . Q' ' Wi ..., al .N M. ,'ifi'i!1.'Qqf- xl' 1r19"'f .....f:?rz,:g.P'w.. , ' . .A 1 ' 'L "'.H,Lrf .Leif ' " ,f - 'Z pgs? 155.73v3e,j-hyqiQg,L, I 1. . tg K ,, A2455 li 4 ' L f .Q ' 1'.fnwf:,J if-.:'f,'f.-....f.... ,.. sf . - wc. . 4... , L if . Q.. Em. Hx x . . X . , , R ' 1 ef nj, is ll wi ORCHESTRA tt? t .1 , -2 'lhe members D. Sutton D. Ketcham L. Goodlin A. Brooks P. Blanchetl C. Mc.-Xllan T. Brazinski Caballero C. Austin l. Broos M. Richman P. Spitzform P. Schmidt B, Miller W. Scholl R. Gregory .l. Bean B. Mclnnis ofthe urchwfstra are U ,.., 'xi WW Yx D. Hackett A. Monfett A. Holzmacher H, Cowhcrd N. Elman H. Lewis P. Mutz A. Rockwell S. Wilczfek M. Riscoe T. Bean A. Palumbo S. Ballan R. Adams l. Houston V. Richards C. Hunter M. D'Aguilar S. Ewers gn., " v. as , Chorus 'lhe members of the Chorus are: Brenda Aiken Ruth Albright Lois Alcala Gloria Anderson .lody Baldwin Donald Beasley Pam Bedford Dorothea Brandon Carrie Burch Gtrolyn Burnett Leathia Cheek PaLricia Clark Maria D'Aguilar .lanet Drayton Maureen Duffy Ann Early .lane Evans P. Fields R. Gee A. Gibson T. Delgado M. DeMarco G. Giordano B. Gordon B. Cordon S. Gordon R. Coward D. Hargrove S. Harris .l. Highsmith N. Howell K. Hughes C. Hunter S. Hyman V. Jackson l. Jamison J. Johnson W. Jones L. Lawrence A. Mack C. Mallard K. McKinney Kevin W in n D. Meadows Mixed Ensemble Oliver Miller J. Nelson S. Nemley A. Payton G. Payton A, Pernicone L. Rambarose B. Robinson W. Schuh A. Slater K. Smith L. Smith C. Steward K. Stewart M. Stewart R. Sullivan H, Thomas F. Torian D. Washington Emily Williams T. Wright 1 2 The members ofthe Mixed Ensemble J. Baldwin 1. Bean M. D'Aguilar W. Daniels T. Delgado A. Early D. Hackett K. Hughfs I. Jamison J. Johnson T. Kelly D. Meadows L. Meadows W. Schob R. Sullivan H. 'Ihomas K. Winn Ami e Singers- t The members P. Albright R. Albright C. Anderson P. Bedford D. Brandon C. Burch C. Burnett L Check C. Claytor M. Coleman M, D'Agui1.,r W. Daniels B. Eaddy A. Early P. Faison R. Garrison K. Hughes l. .lamison J. Johnson N. Johnson A. Mack iris' of the Amity Singers are Ensemble The members of the Girl's Ensemble are L. Alcala .l. Baldwin J. Bean P. Bedford A. Brooks l. Bryant D. Budd C. Bumett L. Cheek C Mallard J. Mallard C. McKinney K. McKinney D. Meadows L. Meadows C. Moore L. Owens M. Riscoe V. Robinson l... Smith G. Steward S. Smith R. Sullivan H. 'Ihomas F. Torian D. Trollinger D. Washington D. White K. Wenn T. Nicholson L 1 P. Clark I. Jamison Smith M. Coleman J. .iohnson Steward M. Gichlon T. Kelly Stewart D'Aguilar A. Mack R. Sullivan T. Delgado C. McKinney Torian A. Early L. Meadows Washington J. Grant L. Rambarose D. Hackett M. Riscoe C. Hunter A. Slater me -x,'-f . .ml-v-QM' ,R MPR' I fb -. E .1 R K 21111.37 Nefff XJR Q L ,L . . ,pw CY.. ty., ,L f .. ' fx ,,f N.. QKQ, LN Vx, ,- he is we fxxxj X. U 'V '31 ,V tx .X p f 'X gf, . X,- l Qt ig" t V' fx 2 if li v. "xl , X . Q FX .XX- .i ...K 1 K JL" .fifkx , :ky 3 f. "2 lwgfix fx Q- xxj EL' xx ,fX ll X' Fw. -,- 495 V8.1 f it ff ' ,VX X f'-. J mf Ltjr-f" . . . L, x.' XJ . ' t f',L,L,,'---' - N X ,f L' . my , xx I j' fi Q- ,Xp ,,4..,f t 5 X .N Xl, .. , 5 xv! wf 'N f ff" 1 . L, 'K .um L, ...ut tu Ury... J. umm, 1. Auger. new L. n. txuwaim, L. Lareuiuina, r. rr:-mer,yU. lVl0l'lCy, 3. Wlschnle 5' f ' "' PEP QU D ,X ! eq'-'XX , t .f -1 ff ,Ng ' w ff ,Q x it f 4 H ,NN ,Ak lx A 1 A I-. 5 The Amityville Twirlers, under the leadership of Captain Jane Ann Bean and co-captain Terry Kregel completed a fulfilling year of much excitement and accomplishment. 54 Fl Row l, Left to Right: V. Richards, D. Washington, L. Owens, M. Duffy Row 2: S. Thomas, P. Faison, L. Alves. R. Albright, M. Brookins Row 3: J. Norris, N. McFarland, C. Bean, A. Gardner-Bey, P. Bush Row 4: B. Eddy. V. Woodbury, J. Johnson, D. Trollinger, C, Gardner, L. Allen When the year began we had much work to be attained but to our amazement we showed a great deal of improvement both individually and as a team. At this time we wish to thank our advisors Miss F. DeKranes and Mrs. Nemzack for a year of unceasing dedication. DRAMA CLUB Pl Row 1, Left to Right: Mr. Caffery, R. Raff Row 2: W. Walsh, P. Montelione, C. Giordano ROW 32 L- D9Ck9l', .l- Bayou, D- Budd, .l- HOUSTON- V- Thomas L. Callaghan, P. Vanek The A,M.H.S. Drama Club showed us their finest this year with their production of Paul Zindel's "The Pigmanf' adapted to the stage by F. Andrew Leslie-and Wayne Walsh. After two months of rehearsal we saw many great performances and many great moments of a totally absorbing show. The three title roles were played marvelously by Wayne Walsh, Maureen Doerner, and Paul Monteliaone supported by Lynn Decker, Jackie Bayon, Herb Nelson, Mike O'Neill, Don Denzler, Chres Brenner, Carol Crosby, Virginia Thomas, Pauline Catsaros, Barbra End, Patty Vaneck, Ginky O'Reilly and Glenn Bozza. Behind the scene production was marvelous also with the aid of Production Manager Bob Raff, Lighting by Allen Budde and Bob Raff, Makeup by Mrs. Marty, Tickets by John Mask, Set Decoration by Cinky O'Reilly and Set Design by Mr. Caffrey. A very specil hand must go to Mr. William Caffrey for his Fine direction of this play. LIBRARY CLUB 4 "I"49P W! Row 1, Left to Right: D. McElroy, D. Ortiz, A. Pierce, C. Rosenberg, D. Sawyer, S. Miller, W. Etheride. Row 2: M. Brookins, D, Jaworski, I. Bryant, Mrs. Friedman, C. Lathan, L. Callaghan, Mrs. DeMaro, L. Durbin, C. Falkowski, A. Carswell, S. ASTBO OMY CL B From Left: I. Jamison, D. Gerdjikian, F. Seaman, P. Spitzform, C. Canarossi, J. Draghi, Mr. Meola The Astronomy Club was formed with a two-fold purpose. First to become familiar with the basic theories and concepts of the subject through discussions, lec- tures, and readings. Secondly, to develop an understanding of the use and operation of the different types of telescopes. Viewing sessions are held eve- nings on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Gener- al meetings are held on the sec- ond and fourth Wednesdays each month under the able guidance of Mr. A. Meola. SKI CLUB Row 1, Left to Right: P. Schmitt, I. Kregel, Row 2: T. Kregel, Swartwout, C. McAllen, S. Pemberton, J. Zimmermann, C. Angljm, E. Urevich, A. Garrett, Row 3: R. Ober, R. Zahnleuter, J. Hopper, G. Schorr, W. Walsh, B. Ford, B. End, M. O'Neill, T. Calma, Row 4-1 I. Chadwick, G. Wheeler, D. Budd, J. Caples, C. Smith, N. David, B. End, J. Durbin, D. Hammell KEY CL B fi Q' Row 1, Left to Right: B. Parsons, N. Kretz, A. Brooks, S. Swartwout, J. Bean, J. Bayou, J. Zimmermann, C. Smith Row 2: P. Daley, J. Bean, R. Ebner, R. Williams, A. Powell, P. Willenbrook, B. O'Donovan, W. Walsh Row 3: W Hardie, K. Daley, R. Conwell, A. Holzmacher v Row 1, Left to Right: l. Jamison, A. Brooks, A. Holzmacher, S. Swartwout, Mr. Meola Row 2: A, Jackson, L. Holzmacher, G. Holzmacher The Seekers Club was formed to study the Bible and apply its teachings to the ethical and moral situations encountered in everyday liv- ing. Specific books of the Bible have been studied. In addition, the Biblical viewpoint toward abortion was investigated and Creation as an alternative to the theory of Evolution has been studied. This group is under the able leadership of Mr. A. Meola. SEEKERS CLUB This year the Art Club under the guidance of Mrs. Amato, participated in many exciting activities. Among the things were leatherwork and candle- making. The club painted a store front window in town during the holiday sea- son. ART CLUB Row l, Left to Right: A. Jones, A. Dastis, J. Dunn, M. Doerner RADKJ CLUB 5 i Row 1, Left to Right: B. Rossiter, D. Gerdjikian, D. Cerdjikian, B. Liers, K. Holloman. P. Blanchett, Mr. Taffet Row 1, Left lo Right: Mr. Kurland, R. Bray, C. Claytor, R. Williams, K. Wood, L, Nixon ECRETARIAL SQUAD PHUTOCRAPHY CL B Y rx ' nnnu From Left: Mrs. Rosenberg, M. D'Aquila.r, D. White, C. Corgoni, C, Hunter, A. Blackwell, A. Early, J. Bryant, Mrs. Kenney 59 QM, L. EXPRESSIONS 4-aurora "" f The Art and Literary magazine, "Ex- pressionsv is edited by Jane Bean, James Decker, Joan Dunn, Iris Jamison, Fran Ward under the supervision of Mrs. Sachs and Mrs. Waclawski. The magazine contains creative and imagina- tive works of our students. last year "Expressions" won a Columbia Scholas- tic Press Association Award and we hope to maintain the same high stand- ards this year. From Left: F. Ward, Waclawski, J. Dunn, J. Bean, I. Jamison, Mrs. Sachs Missing from the picture James Decker ff.. From! Left: J. Bean, L. Bellinger, J. Dunn, F. Ward, A. Early, B. Brosseau, W. Rossiter, R. Ragusa, I. Jamison, P. Davidson, R. Wright, M. Doerner LO E PO DS FAST The Lose Pounds Fast Club was organized this year by Mrs. Simons of the Home Ec Department. The goals of this club were to act as a self-help group for any student who wishes to lose weight. Students were encouraged to set their own weight loss goal, and through diet and enthusiastic support of other club members, to reach the goal they set. 60 From Left: T. Nicholson, K. McKinney, B. Mclnnis, M. Yancey me ., ge., T M1212 .ll Liels " f wp L V N Cbmpetiti. L J,-'fl !""! igf ffaggffffaff IUOTZS -0 .,,...n.-,fmwww-wb-w',-rm,-Mqvn-ww Carolyn Turner - Captain eawxw ...MV 32,- as x B ff in ,u- 1 e"w-'w:'f:r'r+vfM:W'fv rr A Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1, Left to Right: V. Robinson, B. Scordamaglia, Row 2: C. Crosby, K. Doherty, L. Holdoff, Row 3: M. Dastis, Row 4: C. Brenner, C. Keelan, L. Goodlin Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: P. Davidson, Row 2: P. Vanek, C. Turner, D. Goodlin, K. Dann, N. Schmid, Row 3: B. Scordamaglia, B. End, C. Burnett, Row 41: K. Yaskulski CI-IEERLEADER On the left page you see the cheerleaders as we were during the Fall season. The Varsity was captined by Carolyn Turner and the JV by Linda Holdoff. Below you see us as we were during the Winter season. The JV was captained in turn by Chris Brenner, Carol Crosby, and Clare Keelan. The change of captain indicated the movement of the girls from JV to the Varsity. All in all it was an interesting season, which was filled with mixed emotions for many but excitement for all. This year's squad would like to thank their coach Miss E. Berning. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1, left to Right: C. Keelan, B. Scordamaglia, Row 2: C. Doherty, S. Crocker, Row 3: N. Schmid, V. Fields, Row 4-: K. Doherty, Row 5: L. Goodlin TY' Q., W-an m,........,.- A 79 .warg - . 1 '- it Y," , if . t ,- - X. ,,,., pf a i i EH W' ' .1,- - . .-ie'-Ji fiiwnw ,f ,JE : . ..., Q. -, 21,7-M., lg Ruwng, A I.. . Sr, b 7 K , , ,.,, fn. mg 5. A, 4.4 M .gr 253111 .- he .,, , in I . "ru, .fam -gif Q ' ' :gi fax.- 9 ' .,,, Lyn Av ,L ...V . 1 Wig! ' ...W f ' f J . . ' . - if ag, . . ' 2 Q6 -,t e my Q Patty Vanek Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1, Left to Right: L. Holdoff, K. Yaskulski Row 2: C. Brenner, C, Crosby, Row 3: V Robinson, K. Dann, Row 4-: D. Goodlin, N. Schmid, Row 5 C. Turner .--.a.,.h .l 'Nu Vs: xo.. 'IL-. B. in O..." ,. FYR 'Os 1 'Q - 'f ' . f K ., K, AQ.. , , , 5+ . -'-Q 1- H M - , - ,, .5 . . M - W' , 'L 4ff:?i55 1 ,:4w:' , ,ig in '.b7 '99, 2 . 41 1, , N, .Mama Q ,.: . . - 1,,,, ff W '2+'i51.ff',,f-f-V .:1.f,ggwmKf'5-Qagfm wr! a'ffwf,,',fra:w . U V ' 1 '. 'f ,, -v f W H L V ,f W K .R st r v . - 3:3 f ., 9 , ' .9 fix- .,--+A. " k:eg5g-- . ,ff ' I f T. zf... ,L tv!" fxjr :-'- A 1 -it '1 -- T"'f:?- . QVV- '..."zmW-b-i'H .'iiH:f- " -. A TQ' V . A ' K .. .f .. - i L ' 'L ' ' 5512 4 ' .. P1 r 'ii 'Q ,W ggi" W fffj W' t . K ,W "' . -fa K ' j 'it' i' - . - pw ' v h 'F' ' 5- ' ': ,M pf . . ' 5 xx in . fu , - 4 ' - -A . . ' 4-.:,a:,.. " . , .. ,. - . ' .: 1 M . '. . r t 'I f - .1.,f.-135 '-sf.f" ?iC f:.' f. 1 Sf: ..,. ' - 1-51 ' . ' 5 , L,.,,,, ., .,..f,i, , .,,. ,U , ,,.. - .,. Lif, , ,, ,,N, , , . T tr v QQ . A-. f A V. H-5, ,gf ,, "f .-., ,,., .,ige:.. t T Q, .A wk 1. i 5 iif fi::f E-5, 21 X Maggie- JA.. M H" 5 : t iw ' + 2 f ' 44:5 ef " . 4' ., ' Fzgmf-65131 M .L . z' ,Q HTH: a . . -' 'f a " ' K, i, Q ,, . ,gi ?55, ,,, fi.. 1' ' "fl .Ps . i 1 . -J' A ' ' .. , + A Q- , A ,.. ,x. . J'Y?i' " R I ,.. up Q dz A Kykr . W9 ,wr Y LN N. I --4... M.. -o-M... .. . , 4, ,, . 1' . f .. ' .. . - .ffJ"f. ' 1 , A- :,g' .- 5 ii 5 Q MQ Xi 3, ' . W..- 4 ,gtk Q Y fi, A. gg, 4, , 5 A H if ' X fb .2 I 4 i' 1 I v 1' -- .. . . J. f- naw AEM W M . i ...fs iw-m . w . , .,. Row l, Left to Right: R. Schlinger, F. Blakely, C. Fox, R. Thomas, Coach King. Row 2: J. Bochicchio, P. Montelione, M. Miller, D. Berger, J. Cheviot, T. Cheviot, Row 3: K. Young, A. Pemberton, R. Kane, D. Pescitelli, T. Malabo, W. Hooper The 1975 Amityville Baseball team was acclaimed by many to be the greatest team in Amityville history. They complied a record of 24 wins and 5 losses - the best win-loss record for baseball in Amityville history. The team featured several exciting players. Kenny Young, who was League V's most valuable player, all-league, all-county, and drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies would lead off the game with a single. Rich Kane, who was all-league material, would then knock Kenny to third with a single lthat is if Kenny didnit already steal 2nd and 3rd with his great speedj And then to put the icing on the cake, Dale Pescitelli, another all-league al.l-county player, would clear the bases. However it is the coaches who really made the team materialize and our thanks to Mr. Eastman, Mr. Carpenter, and Mr. King. Varsity coach King was very pleased with the performance of each and ev ry member of his team, and proud to see them in the playoffs. BASEBALL Row 1, Left to Right: R. Monahan, M. Freitas. R. Montelione, M. Richman, L. Scalise, J. Martens, G. Mason, Row 2: R. Volitnn, M. Baskind, D. Denzler, R. Pedretti, K. Daley, L. Tommenelli, J. Wilson 66 ft . WWW ww ii dy MJVAWWUJ x I film! I Wil tiwfftiaw' D ' in 'il yf 1' dvi, i if , cyl!! ', 744116 JNOV V' , 7 'IW' f ff aff arf Q 5, , .. .., ' ".- - " " - -if '. .',: U t f . V ,.- , . .A t i 'ff' -111914 ', ' a Wi " ,N S .- fri 1' :sf kb S I 1 ii jig' iifgyf-A 1 ei ' is . - f. ' 2 KX fl' . ' . a . . 3,1-f Q '1 V 'hyd m. X ,f i X tiee A' if :xi r - ":'- ff. -Q-+ q . " .,'- .r "e' tt. ,, if--.,2L."-'it ff a f LW T, ,...,. we-:--cf K he 'Y t " 1 - f .V 4 K ' ' 'itt V "" A. .rif rf? -',. f "'5"' 1 QW. Eg? V 4: K ' fi .asa-ahfbdaitlgfve yQgfgo:5 .. X .... .- L: .J i iv? A K. rt yfk'-,kllit 1. in in 'f'. 7 k ,V -Q.. 1 , a t 9, ff? if R ,ig,,,Q..- snr' aff' ' t ' .. , 1 .'i., ' - Q. l .fi jiiiswigii - , .... .. .,.. ... . , . swag, . Walton, S. Butts, D. Jackson, Row Row 1, Left Wt. R. Conwell, C. Dutiohns , D. R. er H. Benson Row mor., R. Krew, Be ,B. st gf Q Row 1, Left to Right: K. Burgess, D. Meadows, N. McFarland, S. Fields, S. McFarland, C. Mierez, L. Campbell. Row 2: K. Sharrot, R. Bartow, S. Pemberton, N. Halliday, T. Bean, R. Beverly Row 3: R. Chichester, R. DeFreese, J. Beaulieu, K. Cannon, J. Mallard, W. Daniels, P. Smith, J. Hunt 68 TRACK The Track Team had one of its most successful seasons in several years. The team was undefeated in its league meets, and also won the league V championship meet. During the season six school records were broken. They were as follows: 100 yard dash - Mark Holmes Inter- mediate hurdles - Greg Todd 1 mile and 2 mile run - Reynolds Hawkins 880 yd relay and 4-40 yd relay - Mark Holmes, Greg Todd, Voliton, Paul Smith Throughout the season the team had fine inces from many individuals, 120 hurdles - Pete R. Schmitt, Ken Bur- 5th in League V: 100 yd dash - Holmes - League V Champ, Paul Smith - 2nd in league, Ron Beverly - 4th in league, Jim Hunt, 1 mile run - Rey- nolds Hawkins - 2nd in league, Frank Walton: 400 yd run - Donald Bartow - League champ, Ken Sharrott - 4-th in league, Robert Jones, Dennis Lambgmiitj-0 yd run - Jim Porr, Ray DeFreese - 4th in league, Kevin Cannon, George Wright, Robert Chichester, 330 Intermediate Hur- dles - Greg Todd - Sth in league, Joe Beaulieu, 220 yd Dash - Mark Holmes League Champ, Paul Smith - 2nd in league, Michael Voliton, Mark Crews: 2 mile run - Reynolds Hawkins - league champ, Shot Put - Steve Robinson, Bob Kretz, Dwayne Meadows - 5th in league: Discus - Ed Thomas, Jim Beam, James Mallard: Long Jump - Mark Jenkins, Herb Benson, Triple Jump - Mike Sulli- van, Rich Bartow, Pole Vault - Brian O'Donovan - 3rd in league, Peter Gerdji- kian - 4th in league, High Jump - Robert Ebner, Robert Conwell. The 880 yd relay team, Mark Holmes, Gregg Todd, Mike Voliton, and Paul Smith took first place in the Section XI County meet and placed 2nd in the New York State Meet. Paul Smith was 3rd in t.he 220 yd and Reynolds Hawkins 2nd in the 2 mile run in the county. 14 TENNIS The tennis season began with high hopes of a winning record, but the out come was a frustrating two w'ins - eight losses. This was because of tough competition in our league. The bright points of the season were the victories over Bayport High. Star players on the team were singles starters Wayne Slack, Ivan Ussach, Michael Tiller, and Andy Klein. Doubles players were Tom Calma, Mitch Tannenbaum, Josh Bloom, Donna Lotts, Ralph lppo- lito, John Draghi, Peter Spitzform, Glenn Slack and Ellen First. Thanks to Coach Decker for his great coaching and guidance in helping to develop our skills during the season. OW f J Edzflwym A I all feng it ,aerial I LJ Row l, Left to Right: L. Hetterich, B. Parsons Row 2: R. Blaustein, R. lppolito, T A GO Calma, Mr. Decker Row 3: .l. Bloom, J. Draghi, M. Tannenbaum 5 f RQ X l-l i . lxl G xfL,G'l'L-'P L This-we . OFTBALL J The Softball team had plenty of determination but not enough experience. Every girl put her full effort into her playing practicing two hours daily to increase her abilities. Although it wasn't a winning season our spirits were always high and we are looking forward to next season. Row 1, Left to Right: M. Barbato, C. Dunleavy, D. Contreas, C. Viterelle, C. Calma, T. Nicholson, E. Smith Row 2: S. Harper, G. MCC-ehee, W. Etheridge, N. Schmid, A. Burgess, R. Cotten, R. Sullivan, C. Payton, Miss Wheeler Row l, Left to Right: T. Etheridge, C. Williams, D. Costa, B. Scordamaglia, C. Anglim. C. Turner, C. Saladino, A. Blanchette, W. Etheridge Row 2: T. Nemley, L. Daniels, A. Howard, P. Catsoras, D. Devine, J. Zimmermann, J. Rabinowitz, C. Brenner, Mrs. Williams ,ffl Y 1 N, N 3 h.,A, .,,, A -- My N Vi X V, mix A X 1 '- X 5 'V . nw W 'X . it 3-gl W lj .KM X .V M, X K, ,X K . . U. 513431 I9 Kkrv V. 'fi , 4 , A 'P if Q' A X 4 5 fm -ig. 'w1..V':.'P ' ' " .xf'f'f ff-F:-2, ., X . Y. .Y-,bmi Jw2g,.y,Ja,,, ig -A Q .. 1 ' A ,.,.. ff 2.. ,.mf-ffzw - . 5 , w,ffff,, gl 5 Ig I, b - 1 . ' 1 " f ' 4 WL ' 1 L 4 K ' '-X1 .-wk I . PLL,-. :wg-5 , -' 'A ' f' "" - '1"2"'.,f" ' f5ZQ?::4E Q 'Y QQPIQQ-','? I 1 "vi A if, , 1 Q, 1,tad11gi1' '57 4 .JN '- C151 -'f, . 'E ff' -' , MM.-. J w . -Ti: yy- K , N I .- QfLgg, .,k.-,gxyngk ,g3prp.aw1WAf1 f:s -f ,A , 'v gi, . . f-A, I 5 A , ' FT ' giipicgggg V fl gzaiigmf l Q. Q 1 L A Ai, , AQ ' ' - ' 'fb' 4,1g,2fgef:fk .:115+'H'L if ' " " ' . ' wtf: f ' Wh: gif" 4'1fT1i, x , ' X V fffwf k 1 '11, 1Q1f2'fQ5:fif5"f -' k , -, ' yi, 1. Q b I V R 70 w K ' fi' ' f - L ,. 3, 4 b ' - f w 52 I 4 fl' 1 I 2 'N '..zf-:iii ltirfrgjwt ' 6- ---' JM. .+f,. V, . P fi? A N E 71 Varsity Soccer Row 1: Left to Right: R. Andrade, K. Hodges, R. Blaustein, E. R. Schlinger, S. Robinson Row 2 Coach Forman, W. Walsh, M. Gomez, D. Hunter, 1. Beam, J. Kregel, A. Torres It was a year for the Varsity Soccer team, this season as Amityville made it to the playoffs for the first time in six years. The team was ably coached by Mr. Ralph Forman. The team was strong in both ability and spirit and the season was off the a great start. However, fate soon took over, and the team began losing players to injuries. At one time the team was without five of its eleven starters. But luckily, the team had considerable depth in its ranks and was able to carry on. By the end of league season the team was back to full strength, and rallied to finish strongly. The squad, with a 9-5-2 record for the season, finished third in their league - a notable achievement since they had moved up from League V to League IV. On top of this, and apart from making the playoffs, in the second round the team drew l-l with the eventual league winners, Kings Par, and beat second place Smithtown West 1-0. The team was fortunate in having fine defensive men like Steve Robinson, Peter Schmitt, and Jim Kregel, and an outstanding goalie, Keith Little. Steve Rem.bert worked extremely well for the team mid-Held, as did Rob Conwell and Tony Torres up-front. The team directed its attack through its two wings Richie Williams and Wayne Walsh, however the squad lacked the high scoring center. In the first round of the County Playoffs, Amity defeated Hauppauge in a very close struggle - the game was into its second period of sudden death overtime and still tied a l-1, when Renaldo Andradel slammed the winner home in the nets. The second game in the playoffs vs. Bellport proved to be just as intense. The score was 0-0 when the teams again went into sudden death overtime. However this time the break went the other way. Bellport scored off a direct penalty kick and the game was over. By vote of the team members, Peter Schmitt, Brian O'Donovan and Steve Robinson were elected the team captains. It was a season of ups and downs but to place third in League lV, put five men on the All Star team, and to play in the county playoffs was a great accomplishment. Row 1: Left to Right: R. Conwell, J. Hauswirth, P. Maragh, R. Williams, B. Pescitelli Row 2: S. Rembert, P. Willenbrock, P. Schmitt, B. O'Donovan, L. Mays From Left: Team Captains - B. 0'Donovan, P. Schmitt AMHS 2 0 1 6 0 1 2 2 1 1 0 1 3 2 4 Scoreboard Bayport Kings Park Smithtown West QOTJ John Glenn Harborfields Sayville QOTJ Islip Copiague Kings Park QOTJ Smithtown West John Glenn QOTH Harborfields QOTJ Sayville Islip Copiague Opponent 0 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 2 O 0 0 73 J. Aiken C. Gaines B. Latimore M. 0'Neil P. Reyman O. Brooks F. Gomez J. Mazes R. Rafi' J. Ruiz Th .l.V. SOCCER e members of this Junior Varisty Soccer team were I. Mierez J. Miller T. O'Donnell S. Remben W. Spence The JV Soccer team, coached by Mr. Eastman, did not have a winning season as it had hoped for, however many of the games were lost by very narrow margins. The team lacked much experience, however the skills of the players improved throughout the season, and several of the players will add good strength to the varsity next year. 74 F. Stewart C Tyman J. Verner E. Willenbro R Williams A. Zack JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I, Left to Right: A. Cosentino, D. Benyman, K. Neal, M. Rameriz, M. Ingenito, B, Cusick, B. Pescitelli, G. Catsaros, A. Ortiz, P. Fahey, D. Munch, R. D'Alessio, M. Watkins, B, Cumberbatch Row 2: C. Marks, E. McGuinnws, S. Shields, W. Lamm, W. Maynard, M. Smith, J. DePass, P. Daley, B. Fullan, J. Mixon, R. Jones, M. Boyle, J. Rhyner, P. Buchmann, K. Egan, W. Struble, K. Cannon, E. DiStasio AMHS OPPONENT I Bayport 3 O Smithtown West 3, 0 John Glenn I O Harhorfiyelds 2 O Sayville I I Islip 2 0 Copiague 0 2 Kings Park I I Kings Park 3 0 Smithtown West 5 2 John Glenn 2 0 Harborfields I 0 Sayville I I Islip 2 2 Copiague 0 Amity JV Football after getting off to a very slow start came back to win the last three games of the season. The highlight of the season was beating Elwood Uohn Glennj the second time the teams met. In that game Amity played up to potential and came from behind to win 8-7. 75 Varsity football Row 1, Left to Right: D. Gallo, J. Martens, C. Fox, R. Porr, M. Ingenito, L. Scalise Row 2 D St Thomas K Sharrott T Mathis, D. Taylor, A. Corapi, K. Shannon, W. Crocitto, C. Allen, Row 3: Coach Neimi R Ebner T Cheviot R Seamon G. Bona, J. Bochicchio, J. Cheviot This year's football started with the traditional Red and Gray game. The teams were captained by Jim Kretz and Jim Cheviot. Following that game the varsity team was selected and set for their season goal the Rutgers Trophy, which goes to the best team in Suffolk County. The Tide had very high hopes of becoming the first team to win two conference championships in a row. Time would tell. The season opener was a non-league game against a very tough Lindenhurst team. On the bus before the game the traditional number 31 was given to Jim Kretz and the game captain honors were given to John Bochicchio and Bill Chadwick. The Tide fell behind early and a last quarter shot at victory fell short and the game was lost 22-8. Charles Taylor was chosen outstanding player for his defensive efforts at tackle. The league season opened against a big Port Jefferson team. The game captains were Bobby Cusick and Tom Cheviot. The Tide played a tough game but three fumbles led to the three Port Jeff touchdowns and time ran out on the Tide as they lost 22-16. The outstanding player for the game was Kevin Shannon for his fine defensive work. The following week John Glenn came to Amityville and played the most controversial game of the year, which it turned out decided the league championship. The game captains were Jim Cheviot and Charles Taylor. John Glenn leading 8-0 in the third quarter had the ball first and goal on the Tide's four. The defense pulled together and held Glenn for the first three dovms. On fourth and inches John Glenn's fullback drove into the left side. The defense stacked them up and the fullback went down under a pile of defenders. Amity was sure they held, the referee made no signal and waited for everyone to unpile instead of signalling touchdown or Amityville ball right away. By the time the runner nudged up a little and Glenn was awarded the score. For the first time all year we started playing football the way Amityville football should be. The Tide scored and got the ball back with time running out. The game ended with Amityville on Glenn's twelve yard line. The final score was 14-8 and thi.s game gave Amity its worst start in years. Now every teani in the league thought we were pushovers and Comsewogue decided to play us in a torrential downpour. It turned out to be a mistake as the Tide led by Jim Kretz's three touchdowns and the defensive play led by Bob Seaman, Charles Taylor and Boby Cusick Row l, Left to Right: K. Daley, R. Camacho, R. Anderson, D. Meadows, J. Council, R. Monahan Row 2 R Be erly R Agostino, C. Taylor, P. Cverdjikian, D. Everett, E. Cella, M. Miller, Row 3: R. Voliton, W Chadw ck J Little R Cusick J. Kretz, R. Lloyd. Coach Maisel shutout the team 38-0. The game was captained by ,lim Kretz and Eric Cella. The outstanding player of the game was Drew Everett for his tough offensive line play. The Tide now knew what it was like to win and went on a long trip to play their arch rival Riverhead. Amityville was really psyched for this game and took a 16-0 lead. But Riverhead fought back and the game turned out to be the most exciting of the year as Amityville won 22-20 and gave Coach Neimi his first victory on the Riverhead field. The game captains were Rich Lloyd and Drew Everett. Jim Kretz was the outstanding player for his fine running throughout the entire game. Next came a very physical Bayport team. The Captains for this were Ronny Beverly and Chuck Fox. The first time Bayport had the ball they scored, but the Tide would not give in and fought back hard to win the game 14-8. Bob Monahan won outstanding player honors for his accurate passing. Going for their fourth straight victory the Tide took on William Floyd. After quickly falling behind, Amityville came back and won easily 34-6. The captains were Bob Ebner and Clem Allin. ,lim Cheviot won the outstanding player honor for his fine blocking and pass receiving. The last league game was to be the homecoming game. We all knew our comeback would mean nothing unless we won this game and the next. The captains for this big game were the three year men, Jim Kretz, Mark Homes, Drew Everett, Rick Lloyd and Jim Cheviot. Babylon was out for revenge from last years defeat. but they wouldn't get it this year. Behind the blocking of Eric Cella, Bob Ebner, Glenn Bozza and Bobby Cusick the Amityville running backs scored at will and the Tide trampled Babylon 34-6. Ted Mathis was the outstanding player. Greenport was selected as the opponent for the crossover game. The Amityville Crimson Tide finally showed what they were capable of doing by putting everything togetherg good offense, defense and special- ty teams. Everyone knew this was the seniors last game and the Tide came out to beat a good Greenport team 26-8. The outstanding player was Tom Cheviot who got the extra yards in clutch situations. The season was over. The Tide finished in second place with a 6-3 record and accomplished the greatest comeback in the history of Amityville football. Rick Lloyd and Jim Kretz were selected by their teammates as co-captains of the year. TENN S 'VH 3 5 2 -'Ml f life X Row 1, Left to Right: C. Dunleavy, C. Miera, S. Corey, D, Sutton, J. Caplns, G. Viteralle, M. Norvell. Row 2: E. Hetterich, J. Kirlon, K. Carroll, S. Weber, C. Cornell, R. Sullivan, W. Etherdige, C. Bean, M. Blond, B. Parsons, J. Durbin The Tennis team coached by Miss Sally Brubaker, had another enjoyable season. Our team was competitive in all their matches, but finished the season with a record of only two wins and seven losses. Unfortunately, we lost several matches by a margin of only one point. The season ended with nine players receiving varsity letters, and Barbara Arsons chosen as the most valuable player. Whether winning or losing, practicing or playing in a match, the team always had a lot of spirit and a lot of fun. Thanks, Miss Brubaker. VHQKWS . o r Q., may -v.. 1 ,'-. ... - .. -ae. .- H . "' ff'iPii . f ' 'ttt lt .1 .MHZ 4' 4. Q' ,n .- A -wana-nnvrwfpm " . l. .yer --.ff .j,,.q1 is 515139 X - .. a , . - 5. Q i . . ,. . 'NON ,ua qfggy V M: a 412' . 5 2...o-- f - 1 : W . sais -- ,M wiv-vi' an Jwfaul-Q. 3' s 2, as WGA! 'Wad A . S. as 'W 53, s , rata? 1 Q w..g'g'fi 3, 'fn 1' . . f u r: 22. -in ,... .fum ...-W my fW-, :-' 1 ,.., i , . ' , 1 g ' 1 .5-.111 54:1-A 1. , . . ., , .1 Q- ,.:-jggtr1?.:55a.... , K V, 4 , fi 1 fiif.pz',i'g,f,...4,2 N y M v , ' :fiwf5.4f2 A 'fo" V' K 1' 2. f 1 ff' ' 7 fl ,A-''i"g'lv1.iSQfl-Taft-E1 fliifsidii Q V . -V Q45-E it - ,-.-., .EW 78 VARSITY HGCKEY Row l, Left to Right: N. David, C. Smith, L. DellaPenna, P. Santoro, N. Kretz, I. Zimmermann, M. Caridi. Row 2: P. Clark, M. D'Aguilar, A. Burgess, S. Hertz, C. Anglim, A. Holzmacher, E. ljrevich, A. Brooks, M. Doerner, Miss Burns. Although the girls field hockey team did not have a winning season, we put in many hours of practice and tried our best. Our coach, Ms. Pat Bums, added inspiration to the team which kept our spirits high. We may not have made any goals, but we made plenty of friends and enjoyed being part of a team. Through competition with other schools we realized that there is more to learn from a game than winning. Win or lose competing is an important part of life and it taught our team to never give up and to always display good sportsmanship. The sadness of our last defeat against Copaigue was subdued by a small party and thank you gift to our great coach Ms. Burns for sticking with us through our defeats. Row l, Left to Right: L. Zeigenfelder, F. Torian, E. Williams, D. Budd, N. McFarland, Row 2: S. Wischnie, C. Roohan, W. Burgess, F. McCullough, D. Brown, J. Johnson, C. Burnette, Row 3: S. Shepherd, N. Kretz, G. Gayer, L. Owens, A. Payton, E. Hetterich, A. Rockwell, S. Monfett, Miss Burns Sir IOR VARSITY HOCKEY 79 gigs Row 1: Left to Right: S. Henry, V. Thomas, R. Bartow Row 2: Left to Right: G. Rebhlz, G, Wright, S. McFarland. D. Bartow Row 3: Left to Right: J. Chadwick, R. Hawkins J a , sit ' Cross Country. The harriers of 1975 were by far the best cross-country team in Amityville history. Our leadue duel meet record of 2-3 was good enough for third place in the standings. After this finish which we considered sub par, we were eager to prove ourselves in the Conference Meet. But once again injuries and sickness of top runners set us back. We finished fourteenth out of sixteen teams. Our final meet left us with a glimpse at our future. We finished seventh in the County meet with a team made up of mostly underclassmen. Reynold Hawkins received All Star Honors. Co-Captains George Wright and Donald Bartow helped keep team spirits high for the duration of the season. ,. ,A,,... f Q51-rg'-15, 5 A f' Q!-r 49- is' if mif 53.2 iii! 'ffffa' 412 'A .SQ K 'A' V If A if ,.- 5 . - . f .- Ki v-ff .SK , Vg. HX 'AV' 1 . ii i f x 43. V -'-ki fx xg W t oh 4 .1 I' by ," K K ,, A In ls' WU x A I I Rf' . . 4 .-' v 'Af I If ' J S XQ' Y-.iff N g fl :S f 1 ff Qfwf, -ffossxfgfx 3 :I " f ' ' 15,1 if A gfiixm ff ef 9 'G 5'51-,-Q.. NWN dx v, .six I' A .wif at ff fd, , V ' ' :ite f :QM A " ,Z-:..5X In ' Q ag ! F fa Wf 'X kim - P' 0' up 6 5. H , - 2' 'V ' I . f ,. ., .5 t --1. mi MMI. all-il .Q ! df,-NNW ..... ,gf W ,A, Iv 'Q . N. V1N,,f,, W , 82 F J.V. BASKETBALL Row 1, Left to Right: D. Fields, J. Mazes, R. Blaustein, B. Pescitelli Row 2, Left to Right: B. Cumherbatch, J. Aiken, H. Kronemherg Row 3, Left to Right: S. Rembert, R. Hawkins, L. Mays, R. Roberts, R, Voliton J . J L, I 5 J 1- J 'elif A The Amityville JV Basketball team finished one of its finest seasons in recent years, posting an overall record of 15 wins against 3 losses. In League V if' ' competition the team finished in lst place with an 11-1 record. Although small 0A,.,g,," y 1 A Q in size the team made up for this with overall effort and the ability to play as a 7 , " " .". . , - - " ' H., unit. Coach Mullin was named JV Coach of the Year in our league. Con- v i ,vhh . ,QW 'JI 'W 21 gratulations, coach. pf ,at J A " x , L - 1 " Q Q- ..,- -an , V 4.9 it tr E .gif t . H-. in ik' I WO 4,4 3 la Y - rt M W 1 N. 7 2 'J AMHS OPPONENT f J 51 Betlport 35 58 Copiague 35 1.9 55 Bellport 45 56 North Babylon 74 43 Copiague 51 61 Babylon 50 46 Comsewogue 41 60 Sayville 41 54 Babylon 53 57 Wyandanch 4-8 61 John Glenn 37 66 Islip 47 56 Comsewogue 48 63 Sayville 61 51 Islip 42 56 Wyandanch 63 58 John Glenn 41 '--- A 56 Babylon 48 ,,-1 . Er..- 83 Row 1, Left to Right: S. Rembert, K. Little, K. Nicholson, K. Smith, R. Washington, M. Holmes Row 2, Left to Right: Coach Mr, Schmitt, T. Cheviot, J. Wilson, R. Howell, A. Boyce, J. Cheviot, C. Thurmond, J. Bochicchio The Varsity Basketball team coached by Mr. J. Schmitt finished the season with an 11-7 overall record. With several men back from last year and the addition of new men, the squad worked to find a winning combination. Once established they felt they would not be beat. During the non-league games and the Christmas tournament the guys worked to find the combination. When the league season opened Amity was ready as shown by victories over Comsewogue and Sayville. Next came Babylon and Amityville travelled there knowing the game would tell the future. Amity started with quick determination and held the Babylon team from the start. It was with about two minutes to go that Babylon gained the lead which they held to the end. Since we were missing Tom Cheviot from the starting line everyone said wait until they come to us. Following this were many victories. Injury to Steve Rembert in the John Glenn game proved to be very costly to the team. Steve was out for the rest of season and when Babylon came to Amityville we were again missing a starter. The Babylon game at Babylon and the Wyandanch game away were two of the most exciting of the season. There were many other interesting games. Anthony Boyce and Craig Thurmond led the team and also the league in scoring. They were each named to the All League team. 84 AMHS 63 78 44 63 57 64 61 53 78 68 68 83 47 92 78 59 73 40 Varsity Basketball Bellport Bellport North Babylon Copiague Deer Park Comsewogue Sayville Babylon Wyandanch Copiague John Glenn Islip Comsewogue Sayville Islip Wyandanch John Glenn Babylon OPPONENT 71 75 82 54 78 52 53 58 76 60 57 81 50 80 69 65 60 62 1 X, nlnnlwm F , - v4.,:fff-4 H iv- ' ,-,., 1 2 '.:'.., ' ' H ' V? if r , K ,1'., at 5, ,, ,. I 5 ff- 1 --fag..." 'f W.-'. 7 J ?S'fQ1kw'5' l3'49Qlfgf5'1' f' 'PA K rj ., TIL 'V A jf? gg, gl .f I 1 lu. 5' ,5"A??AAVf1!""ef59,ffx- "' Zu, " f 1 1 ,W ',4'el'k 'fi A A I N ,. , , ., . I3 z if 3 v -1 5 wks 85 l. Row 1, Left to Right: R. D'Alessio, M. Ramirez, R. Schlinger, R. Williams, B. Nelson, C. Curcio, Row 2: J. Hauswirth, C. Taylor, M. Boyle E. Grayson R Seaman, R. Ebner, M. Miller, R. Lloyd Varsity Wrestling The Amityville Wrestling team coming off a 4-10 record and predicted to be last in the league, surprised many people with their strong outcome. They finished with an 8-6 record and are on the way to regaining championship form. Amityville held its first tournament in over ten years, and though they did not win, had many place holders. They were Rich Williams, first, ,lim Porr, secondg Rodney Craddock, Everett Grayson, Nat Gray, and Charlie Taylor third, Mike Miller fourth. Next Amity travelled to Massapequa for the Christmas tournament. Amity had seven place holders there. They were Bob Seaman - third while Rich Williams, Dennis Burns, Everett Grayson, Nat Gray and Charles Taylor all placed fourth. Amityville opened the regular season with a victory over Woodlands on Bob Seaman's decision. Next came Islip, an important match if we were to win the league crown. Amity matmen took Islip 32-20. Babylon was the next on the list of Amity victories to keep the hopes of league victory. Time out to travel for the Shoreline Tournament where Amity placed seventh out of twenty-six teams. Bob Seaman was a first place winner. Next a trip to New Jersey where the matmen faced Maddison Township and Edison. The wrestlers beat Edison but lost to Maddison. Back home we lost to Half Hollow Hills and Sayville. But finished the dual match season with three impressive victories over Comsewogue, Riverhead, and Central Islip. The CL victory was 60-6. Amity entered the Conference Tournament and placed Rich Wil- liams first, Bill Nelson and Nat Gray second, Charles Taylor, Everett Grayson, Rich D'Alessio, Chris Curcio third. 86 Woodlands Islip Lindenhurst John Glen n Babylon Maddison Edison Half Hollow Hills Sayville Ross Comsewogue Riverhead Central Islip ..LJs..5-if 87 V. Wresthng 7 ' xii- - z-fizf. ll Y .1 Row 1, Left to Right: L. Scalese, B, Maynard, T. O'Connell, T. Tai Row 2, Left to Right: M. Smith, T. Flaherty, M. ONeill, J. Pitt, T. Andrews The JV Wrestling team finished with a 5-6 record. They showed the fans some impressive victories over Half' Hollow Hills, Riv- erhead, Glenn and Central Islip. They gained valuable experience and skills to help them in future years. UQ The team played each of the other seven schools once at home and once away this season. They finished in fourth place with and overall record of 8-6. The highlight of the season was when we played Commack North who Finished second. ln that game we defeated them by a single basket. We spent a very enjoyable season learning from our coach and also a lot from each other. Girls Basketball The members of the Girlls Basketball team were T. Bean, A. Burgess, S. Cornell, R. Cotton, D. Devine, W. Etheridge, A. Holzmacher, B. Leflentant, C. Mierez, E. Smith, R. Sullivan, and C. Williams. 89 VOLLEYBALL Row 1, Left to Right: A. Burgess, R. Cotten, C Brubaker, T. Bean, D. Devine, S. Shepherd, M D'Aguilar, C. Cornell f x f U il 5 : . A ,QV N .L- es Q Q ff, if 4 V we U- . A Qwayf his 3 QWJQ-3 - .Q 1, X ,Le . ,V nk . fibkiii vr,:l'i"'9lt- MX, X4 'MC' V11 .,W,,i P Q Ly, WNW- X 1 web R Q cfai if The Volleyball team, Coached by Miss Brubaker, had a good season this year. We did well in winning every away game, but there was something about the home games. Our last game of the season was the most important one for us as it was a critical match for our opponents, Smithtown West. Amityville lost the first game 12-15, but came back to win the next two games 15-10, and 15-12. Smithtown West's loss prevented them from automatically being in the playoffs. We finished the season with a 4-3 record. The JV, like the Varsity lacked experience but the team played well and should provide some good players to strengthen the Varisty next year. W 'l'ipL,y25'33'ii9yXai5,. Mrfiiiiifq GIQQZ h irc Kijiji-9'Qgjb,sv - jf, 15 will iffftwiwgffifr Q Row 1, Left to Right: ,l. Caples, N. David, J. Kinon, A. Early, L. DellaPenna, D. Contreras, Row 2: Miss Burbaker, L. Owens, A. Payton, A. Rockwell, E. Urevich, W. Etheridge. 90 Williams, C. Dunleavy, V. Viteralle, Row 2: Miss c X s be X .i,i.f W XY ig' X. Wea! XM me L is 11- V Rfb 'X 6 VV Six VX 3 if-V f-'ML X495 fi QW' ' 3- X 5 ' ' We 1 eu' - A N U G X435 Qi,sYXjx lx Ns I XX. . 1 Qi . .4 tr wg Nw ,ffm K wx, if f ff QX 1 fx?-Q 54745,-Qvjy-N, K Unclerclassrnen Row 1, Left to Right: K. Yaskulski, J. Wagner, S. Ziegenfelder. Row 2: J. Wilson, W. Winn, Row 3: E. Willenbrock, R, Williams, W. Watkins, D. Wesiman. Row 1. Left to Right: G, Payton, K. Norris, T. Nicholson, W. Nettles. Row 2: K. Nicholson, P. Nelson. Row 1, Left to Right: A. Daslis, L. DellaPenna, C. Curcio, D. Denzler. Row 2: R. Curcio, P. Davenport, G. Delaney, J. Draghi. Row 3: R. Dooley, J. Chadwick. Row 1. Left to Right: H. Kronembcrg, D. Jaworowski, N, Kretz, K. Latza, T. LaFemmina. Row 2: J. Lisi, H. Lloyd. C. Lukken, B. Lawlor, J. Jenkins, C. Jones. 92 T l ,nmm:e..:.,. .L 's'.:4,:f.s5wsziJdm"' 3ZJ11fii'lf'1:3Jm Ll-?1i1l:Yxrli.21f-fgu AINlllYX'li. ME Mlyaifi HIGH sciwgif Row 1, Left to Right: M. McGroggan, C. Mills, A. McDermott, L. Mays, J. Mazes, Row 2: R. Monahan, C. McAllen, T. Mathis, R. Mitchell. From Left: W. Sims, K. Cargill, J. Bright, C. Burnette, A. Burgess, C. Burnett, R. Brandon, A. Carswell. WM li W Row 1, Left to Right: D. Lumpkin, B. Jones, D. Levy, L. Logan, B. Lewis. Row 2: K. Little, H. Jenney, S. Laurino. Row 3: C. Klein, B. LaRoda, C. Lang, R. Cray. 93 N1 1: .gvww-nzwfs.--1' -an 'f, if' Row 1, Left to Right: T. Bean, P, Albright, G. Allen, M. Bennett. P. Bedford. Row 2: L. Bellamy, R. Bartow, From Left: J. Council, B. Devine, W. Chadwick, T Cavangh, W. Daniels, T. Cheviot, R. Dixon. .Wi wiXf'Y?.6f3xt,a?e:s Row 1, Left to Right: W. End, D. Fields, S. Fields, J. Fratti, C. Drutjons, K. Egan. Row 2: D. Gorgoni, D. Gerdjikian, D. Gerdjikian, W. Fowler, S. Erath. ,,,...-....,. Q.,--an OZMZL MMM 'M-vafrwoi From Left: M. Doerner, J. Cascio, M. Crichton, J. D0 las, A. Crews, D. Cunlreas, R. Cotlcn, R. Coard, Y. Cayemilte, V. Metoyer. XM 6 i: gud' f-W"- 674- Spf' 'Q JL' ,bw ,A ,.,1,TZszvLLoJl,' Ffri :M- Luf'X W2 -few. ot' Row 1, Left to Right: S. Pemberton, M. Pizarro, A. Z E if Ortiz, P. Parent. Row 2: C. Permiceo, V. Puccia, l. Oskowsky, R. Pedretti, J. Nemeth, W. Nelson. ll yr. yi 1 Amt gf-cf..-cf A fktaall. L Mya' ,K v-1 yv -fue.,-.C Row 1, Left to Right: J. Baldwin, J. Azukus, B. Aiken, P. Benymon, C, Bean, P. Clarke, C. Allen, M. Barba, D. Aseltine. Row 2: A. Bailey, J. Bergen, R. Albers, J. Baker, R. Blauslein, V. Aguanno. 95 Row 1, Left to Right: S. Vignati, X. Ugrinski, V. Stern, N. Van Ghent. Row 2: C. Smith, J. Vanek, G. Slack, A. Sosa Q K Q - v Sty .K M.. f ,. 4' fry- ,.., - ' l Ei V ., -1 f. .lr 5 5 12 ,1 Ez! z.: . ' ' .1-1 ,.,.. 5. Row 1, left to Right: R. Brown, D. Blond, R. Camacho, B. Butts, J. Burgess, D. Callender, S. Bush Row 2: D. Blond, D. Brown, C. Cannon, J. Caples. Row 1, Left to Right: E. Fink, C. Falkowski, G. Giordano, L. Flynn, B. Gordon. Row 2: S. Franklin, B. Franklin, D. Drescher, A. Gardner, M. Freitas. 96 X Row 1, Left to Right: K. Hodges, D. Hill, J. Hughes, Qiflriiflarli, E. Hetterich, F. Hetterich. Row 2: H. Harris, J. Hauswirth, J. lanno. . Row 1, Left to Right: B. Fullan, L. Enright. Row 2: M. Erlwein, R. Elmer, A. Early, W. Etheridge, G. Gayer, P. Garrett, C. Dunleavy, D. Glover, A. Gardner-Bey. 'E ,, ..,.., ,,. , Row 1, Left to Right: B. Robinson, K, Roohan, N Schmid, S. Shepherd, B. Singleton, B. Scordamaglia D. Reid. Row 2: J. Robinson, D. StThomas, L Scalise. - x 'x msg' . lik-.n.i, '-M--f-8-wr '- --f- ..,.. . ,.,, 4,A..... ML Row 1, Left to Right: A. Miller, V. McAvoy, R. Miller, A. McLaughlin, C. Moore. Row 2: D. Malabo, C. Marques, R. Montelione, B. Miller, D. McDonald. Row 3: D. Morley, J. Mallard, J. McCehee, N. McFarland. 'Q fu .M1m !i:x'vf,L"nE'fk1B5.'.bLQQ:15 Row 1, Left to Right: D. Werbeck, C. Ramirez, B. Wommack, F. Ward, K. Young. Row 2: S. Wischnie, K. Vollmer, K. White, D. Walters, R. Williams, V. Woodbury. Row 1, Left to Right: S. Thoams, M. Turley, S. Thomas, M. Stewart, F. Sullivan. Row 2: R. Voliton, D. Siry, S. Vitolano. Row 3: L. Tomanelli, M. Tannenhaum, D. White, W. Thomas. Left to Right: W. Rossiter, F. Seaman, M. Roberts, J. Richards, M. Richman. Row 2: H. Sass, A. Silber, W. Rossiter, J. Stevens, S. Shields. Row 3: R. Seaman. X Row 1, Left to Right: C. Austin, C. Anderson, I. Bolton, L. Alves, L. Allen. Row 2: D. Beasley, D. Bam, l. Atkinson. Row l, Left to Right: L. Decker, I. DeQuillfeld1, M. Dastis, D. Domin, S. Davenport. Row 2: P. Dailey, J. DePass, A. Tolliver. Row 1, Left to Right: K. Doherty, N. David, C. Doherty, C. Devine, M, Duffy, J. Deming. Row 2 R. DeLeRee, F. Payton, E. DiStasin. 99 Row 1, Left to Right: 0. Miller, F. McCullough, M. Morant, P. Mutz, W. Middleman. Row 2: C McAvoy, E. Mierez, J. Miller, A. Monfett, K. Neal. L2:1f'g'1iQ1.zQfEZ12151Q if H . . Row 1, Left to Right: J. Nicholson, R. Marcley, D. McElroy. Row 2: M. Moore, M. Milillo, C. Mueller, J. 1 Norris. Row 1, Left to Right: M. Brookins, M. Blond, N. Bonaventura, J. Bernstein, T. Brazinski, D. Andrews, D. Boone. Row 2: R. Anderson, R. Baloga, R. Brooks, D. Bennett, W. Barha. Row 1, Left to Right: S. Klemens, T. Keene, S. Maker, J. Kirton, L. Kirton, C. Keelan, H. MacKay, D. Ketcham. Row 2: T. Kregel, E. Lloyd, J. Johnson, A. Mack, P. Laurino, J. Kamuda. 100 , . W, , W wr ,. .Y -A l Row 1, Left to Right: C. Gardner, B. Gordon, J. Fox, P. Sentner, S, Fulfurd, C. End. Row 2: C. Frost, P. Fahey, C. Duncan, C. Goddard, B. Eaddy, P. Fraker, K. Fraker. N x .3 ...,., ,, t, H ,V k::.,w 5' , Row 1, Left to Right: J. Council, B. Chebuske, S. Crocker, J. Council, G. Catsaros, J. Curcio, T. Costlow, F. Ciuffetelli. Row 2: A. Cosentino, W. Cusick, A. Corapi, S. Cavanagh, S, Corey, H. Cowherd, B. Cumberhatch, M. Cohen, A. Collins, P. Crocitto. Row 1, Left to Right: S. Sampson, P. Silber, K. Shannon, L. Smith, R. Smith. Row 2: D. Rowan, D. Sorkin, W, Spence, K. Roseboro. Row 1, Left to Right: S. Grandson, P. Hargrow, S. Harris, M. Hasper, J. Hammes, D. Hackett, J. Granville. Row 2: C. Jacobson, S. Harper, O. Harrison, W. Hunter, T. Colson, C. Holley, E. Hajek. Row 1, Left lo Right: A. McCain, E. McGuinness, J. Nolan, S. Marron, W. Maynard. Row 2: L. McDade, M. Milne, A. McFarland, J. Murphy, R. Ober. 102 From Left: S. Brown, P. Bush. R. Brown, H. Campbell, D. Budd, W. Burgess, K. Burns, M Cavaliero, K. Canarossi. 1 it 1 Row 1. Left to Right: K. Klassert, W. Lamm, M. Mahina, B. Latimore. Row 2: H. Johnson, R. Jones, G. Lamb, B. Keller, E. Liers, E. Lang, K. Kronemberg, H, Kramer. mms: Row 1. Left to Right: L. Coodlin, D. Ho, S, Hyman, V. Jackson, D. Golding, K. Harris, D. Hargrove. K. Holmes, R. Humphrey. Row 2: F. Gomez, J. Highsmith, Row 3: K. Holloman, R. Gross. F. Horan. R. Hawkins. D. Heller. Row 1, Left to Right: I. Caples, P. Clark. D. Carter, D. Carroll, K. Brosseau. F. Byrne, L. Brown. Row 2: O. Brooks. A. Budde, P. Buchmann, J. Brous. 103 ,. Row 1, Left to Right: C. Schwartz, S. Rosario, B. Sims, V. Robinson, K. Smith, A. Schwartz, J. Scheffcr, S. Smith. Row 21 I. Sterling, A. Slater, D. Russo, J. Ruiz, A. Rockwell, K. Rodwcll. ' hm QM JYNAS idwfff l- Ti D393 bin?-J.El0iLcV'N I PM ffl :WM Xflwff Nf.s3i....zi51v kt , XV-gi , 5 ff 1 Al m- A... Row 1, Left to Right: L. Provenzano, H. Podol, K. Pesa, B. Pratcher, L. Quintyne. Row 2: B. Pescitelli, J. 0'Donovan, A. Rich. Row 3: R. Raff, M, O'Neill, D. Powell, B. Pcscitnlli, G. Ostertag. 104 ,. W I rm! Row 1, Left to Right: T. Tai, K. Wood, F. Stewart, A. Zack, I. Truckenbrodl, A. Tobin, R Vazquez. Row 2: A. Tiller, G. Wheeler, R. Vosper. Row 3: B. Street, K. Klassert. C. Stevenson, R Neason. H LW Is Achievement ,A i 1- L- Y - W 4 , HALL OF FAME A ee B,Q,3yB1QHI Basketball Anthony Boyce Craig Thurmond Wrestling Rich Williams Robert Seaman Chuck Taylor Everett Grayson Nat Gray Baseball Ken Young Dale Pescitelli Rich Kane Track Mark Holmes Donald Bartow Reynolds Hawkins 880 relay team in league me All League All League Conference Winner Christmas Tourn. Winner lst in 3rd in 3rd in 2nd in 3rd in 3rd in 3rd in 2nd in 3rd in 3rd in 4-th in Shoreline Christmas Tourn. Massapequa Tourn Shoreline Conference Christmas Tourn. Massapequa Tourn Shoreline Conference Christmas Tourn. Massapequa Tourn. 2nd in Conference All League, All County All League, A11 County All League 100 yd dash League record Tles County record 200 yd dash in league 440 yd dash in league 2 mile run in league James Hunt, Ron Beverly, Mike Voliton, Greg Todd 1 mile relay team in league meet Robert Jones, Ken Sharrott, Jim Porr, Don Bartow Soccer Rich Williams Steve Robinson Keith Little Steve Rembert Jim Kregel Football Jim Cheviot Tom Cheviot Jim Kretz Drew Everett All Star lst team All Star lst team All Star 2nd team All Star 2nd team Honorable Mention All League All League All League All League et and county meet and second in state meet 'wig , 1-Y """"N'w'-4-A..-M. ,, ,um K WW '?ff""""""""' 1' :H is f 1. F. 'X 'Y xx f 45 Dwbwyfwia Wm ,Q Q 108 Done Most For The School Richard Wright Jane Bean Most Likely to Succeed Miisffu i Jim Cheviot Iris Jamison Class Clown Howard Thomas l v O'Reillv Howard Thomas ,lane Zimmerman ' M if - -bf . ei Qf0Swf0.0,4 We xlbwfi be U oo ov of I 419. 5 X 53" 0' jO',gfod,0"' Nbr 6"i. 'Pa ' ' 'va ,o Wi' Qfq Cllr is iff v Cornell Paulette Mixon Best Dressed WQ .ygyf5v,'4pqgof I X Class Chatterbox Jim Cheviot Carol Crosbv '94 John Toscano R Chard Wright Ginky 0'ReillV George Wright Most Popular John Bochicchio Carolyn Turner Most Spirited Most Artistic Daphine Deuhe Carolyn Turner Best Smile Patty Davidson Most Musical EMD- .W -T34 ,C2A.JA.DJkS-on-JYN VUNN V 'ww-0 t 1 M ' , P Sch Jane Bean Toni Delgado 1 S im Yukvwx CR'-cwix W S h h Jane Zimmerman Most Uptomistie Best Personality John Bochicchio Cathy Smith AVAILABLE Al I Lamh Ellen Urevich Nina Howell Best Looking LW Is Beautyful People 6 LQ Q, LQ "' 7 4 Q U V 5 IL A 7 A I ,fm e A sqm ' fxmv r 'qi gi ff' 'Q fx 7 QQ ' MQ X H I, fg 5 - 1 fff as az " e?eQf,fh'ffYf2 f' 'QQ v .-. 5 , 0 , X ,iff ' Q I' flax-' ' 5 , Q ., -9 NA : LAY x . ,- cg-nf fx I r - K X 1 s QQQX YI U 5423139 L ' X J e' ". 'Q 919. fr' :ini "ff W Q Seniors JAMES AGOSTINO CLEMOND ALLEN CELESTE ANGLIM DAVID AXT TARA BACOTE RACHAEL BAILEY K, ,.L?-.LL DONALD BARTOW JOHN BAXTER JANE ANN BEAN JAMES BEDELL 1 12 JAMES BEAM kv LEANORA BELL ALISON BLANCHETTE JOHN BOCHICCHIO JOANNE BONAVENTURA LAWRENCE BELLINGER JOHN BEREZUK RONALD BEVERLY AMY BLACKWELL PIERRE BLANCHETI' 3, FL f 5 Xiiiym ANTHONY BOYCE WILLIAM BOZZA LQ 1 Q'?"'N9 w L. RONALD BRAY CHRISTINE BRENNER 113 in ri' 9 ,X W W. xr' L4 PETER BROCKHOFF GERI BRODSKY ALISON BROOKS DAWN BROWN TYRONE BROWN JUANITA BRYANT CARRIE BURCH DENNIS BURNS CARL BURRIS SAMUEL BUTTS LORRAINE CALLAGHAN 114 KENNETH BURGESS mn: nw TOMAS CALMA DONNA CARPENTER TIMOTHY CAVANAGH JAMES CH EVIOT KEVIN CANNON MICHELE CARIDI DEBRA CARROLL PAULINE CATSA ROS WILLIAM CHADWICK LEATHIA CHEEK CHARLES CLAYTOR JERRY COCKRELL 6 1 f J X,-, f. "1 , 1 " . , . , I 'C , f' Y If I A F A I ' ' if. f.L'LffQL A- 4 H' ' al ' J ' LJ- X E V r W ,ij 17' A - ,,,k wwf M I L "-y" x , VHA ff 1 , X A M' - L 'LQ U x-. ff-- - , I I f f A I , 1 "1 .7 f 1 I, I f C, L , Q . U J f 4 a C ' W A S, . af' , j A fQ,g"'r A I y X' . I ,a . V .,f Q 5 , ' , y ,-6 , A , ,, C : L-. ,K f K ' , Im, , 115, 1 fbi? K' 1 ,f' ' , ' C an Q ,V q 5" 1 X-L 4 -V K . , . J , -1.f,fL f f I , , ,,.. .K L Y. Vg --1 J -' f - . ,. ,,,,1, 1 U ,Lx-. ...LM ' a,.m . ' A if fu J ff 'A ' 'I - ' ,f ' fl ,, fm -: fgarfk jg xii 'H' VI' 'X ' J ' ,"fi.'4LaL'w Q ,LL uf fifrff' f , WILLEEN COHEN MICHELLE COLEMAN ROBERT CONWELL CYNTHIA CORNELL DIANE COSTA RODNEY CRADDOCK WILLIAM CROCI'I'l'O CAROL CROSBY ROBERT CUSICK MARIA D'AGUILAR KEVIN DALEY KATHLEEN DANN 1 1 ! 116 W , I' '+A . I Q-,ff 1 fx 4 1 F s g i! fb. 1 'sf F' . I 4 2 If x ,gi x A Q: J jk , I ix x MICHELLE DAVID PATRICIA DAVIDSON A 3:2 I ' 9 . :I . ,234 if 3 . AX .sv ANNE'I'I'E DEMICHELE STEVEN DENZLER wr FZ - A 5' tif' N . "fy .. -x?m35":iSi ,, ,I,I, , -ag Q, g ..1.. .. . is DAPHINE DEVINE ARLENE DUMPER DONNA DAVIS JAMES DECKER ANTOINETTE DELCADO DANA DE PASS 1 JUDITH DICI-IIARA L ... 'fr MICHAEL DUNCAN 117 , f 'iff-'-LJ L5,42':,4w fl'-rg',i,y 4f4,,,,. ,L , , , .. k . f':'ff4 fzffilg we 'mf' M' ' JOAN DUNN LINDA DURBIN JANET EMGE BARBARA END DREW EVERETT , ,KY I f, 1 ' 'f ,"'fflf,a.L,!1fz,1'f1-. 63411. ,K-P5217 d SZ 5 fdfi f ,f A ,- iffck- ff-an .ffffgl If K f' , ,.!,,.-!?f,4,f,y A,Q,V,k, J6,gv,Z, gl- ,,,. , -' , v J! ' ' SUSAN EWERS JAMES FABRI DOUGLAS FIELDS ' C-'ff-'L g,?1:LQA.Q44ig, , , E," , l ,V ,f - ,.-.,-yi 4 1, SUSAN FIELDS MARTIN FLAHERTY WIP ROBERT FORD CHARLES FOX 118 M--wsu.. Af-aw.-u.,,,w. BARRY FRANKLIN ROBERT GARDNER AUDREY GARDNER-BEY ANNE GARRETT KEVIN FROST EDWARD FULFORD WILLIAM GARDNER ANNABELLE GARDNER-BEY 139' SCOTT GARING STEVEN GARRAN YVGNNE CEE PETER GERDJIKIAN 1 19 VIRGINIA GILMORE DAISY GODDARD MARIO GOMEZ 'N--...Mm f" W K, .' :,.fvf, DONNA GOODLIN SHARON GORDON CHERYL GORGONI 1 JANET GRANT RONALD GRAY EVERETT GRAYSON MICHAEL GREGORY PATRICIA GUZMAN NANCY HAJEK 120 DEBORAH HAMMELL WILLIAM I-IARDIE PATRICIA HARGROW SCOTI' HAUGE HAZEL HENRY mf ' ELIZABETH HETTERICH KERRY HODGES LINDA HOLDORFF THOMAS HOLDORFF MARK HOLMES za- mj xe. It zz:-xii, 'f X , ffjffgiggi ' A ' 1 L11-L' ' - APRIL HOLZMACHER JAMES HOPPER IZI w ix JAMES HOUSTON NINA HOWELL 122 as hxgf JOHN HUGHES JAMES HUNT DEVON HUNTER KARL HURLEY ARNOLD JACKSON MITCHELL JAFFE IRIS JAMISON JACQUELINE JENKINS CHARISSE HUNTER RALPH IPPOLITO WM 4'-'MM' ful? ...A.,. ,ml 'mf ELAINE JOHNATHAN JANICE JOHNSON ALLFNE JONES .iff xx Lk ,LX CAROLYN JONES LESLIE JONES MICHAEL KAFALAS . MJMQI' ,f A ,K wg-W... 9 VICOTRIA KASS PAULA KAUFMAN MAUREEN KEELAN CHERYL KEENE TERRI KELLY RALPH KETCHAM 123 ka KEVIN KIECHLIN CAROL KINNE DEBRA KLEEGER SUSAN KOOS MICHAEL KORSCH JAMES KREGEL ..W, kk I X NX- JAMES KRETZ DONALD KUNKEL DEAN LA BARBERA CHARLES LACK AUDREY LA MARCA ALONZO LAMB 4 I . DEBRA LAMB GAIL LATHAN LORRAINE LAWRENCE DEBORAH LEVY KAREN LEVY JOSEPH LICATA ' I fag x -g I , -L . is ,. ,,.-N 1, R M, . W 9 x ,,.., f' 1' :Q I If 7351-'23 IIB " I .n ,-' VZ S' ' . L' .. . -K :Q 63,1 H W I A.g.gx,-1 ' ' v NNN ' 'v.z,'9v 1 -QNN' 'lu 4,291 ,NNN n. ,Xw'.'n.,,:,o, ,:::::,. . o na gn I' 'T '.'.'. :':fu 1 WILLIAM LIERS RICHARD LLOYD JOHN LUDEMANN DANIEL LUNA BARBARA LEFTENANT CATHERINE LENNON 125 DEBRA LYONS ARTHUR MACK CYNTHIA MALLARD JAMES MALLARD MICHAEL 126 JOHN MASK GLENN MASON CANDACE MC CLELLAN STEVEN MC DONALD TH OMAS MC ANI FF Wi .V , 4. I emlf. A 'ATT 1,51 . .,,. . . .ag 1 . .--. I kV" I, , -3 155. .z 1. nj . ' vi 1 v vii T! .A V . Q. if fi it DENNIS MC DONOUGH BELINDA MC INNIS ,... .. N if , W WW. , AVIAW A gs' 1 K -13. 9' f .-...NN CYNTHIA MC KINNEY MILDRED MC KNIGHT ANGELA MC LAUGHLIN LAURIE MEADOWS ARLENE MILLER MICHAEL MILLER GREGORY MILLS FRANK MIRAGLIA PAULETFE MIXON uk, Q X GX'K xy -s 52 WM v W TAB BEST TEHMEDQ In IOIACDIQ SCL1cDof, 5,6044 amfzf-wnffgm,.!f7. fwgwg Qffmlzdwl 127 JANET NELSON TERESE NEML EY STEVEN O'CONNELL BARBARA PARSONS 128 1 K RICHARD NELSON STEPHEN NEMLEY jeff xi KAREN NONNEWITZ MOYA NORVELL BRIAN O'DONOVAN GERALYN O,REILLY RONI PEPKIN ANNE PERNICONE ARNA PESA ANDREW POWELL ADLYN PIERCE LINWOOD PITI' LOUIS PIZARRO r ' 1 If. 1, I .F , W ,Q Z Ad ADELE RAMIREZ DENICE REID L' " M M ELIZABETH REILLY STEVE REMBERT CATHY RICH LAURA RICHARDS 5 . 6 , , ROBIN POTH 11 1 IJ I f V' , lr. ,V 5 I , 1 .W , ,f fm kj? f , E- H ' f'.,fvf' " 4' L ,u 129 STEVEN ROBINSON ROBERT ROMEO 130 42 sw, I GARY ROSEBORO KEVIN ROSEBORO CELESTE SALADINO IRA ROSENZWEIG I DONNA SANZERI THERESA SASS DONNA SAWYER PETER SCHMYIT CHERYL ROSENBERG PHYLLIS SANTARO WARREN SCHOB GEORGE SCHORR KV' TIMOTHY SCHULTZ BEATRICE SCORDAMAGLIA KENNETH SHARROTT ANTHONY SILBER JAMIE SILVER DEBORAH SIMPSON CATHERINE SMITH KEVIN SMITH WILLIAM SIMS MICHAEL SMITH I31 PETER SPITZFORM VERONICA STERN MELANIE STRICKLAND GRETA STUDY BRIAN SUTTON SUSANNE SWARTWOUT . A ,ar ,Q 1-jf A A iw' . h 3 4' x ' ,, 9 . X Us Sim' 4 K 2.1if!!3'f:I, ' ' 332. -wfwl' ' , -- xv K 1 c fi 'h fQff'.".. K ' V K fQ:f". f . I f:: lii' dr. R 3 bv HJ ses: Q. A w WESLEY SYMINGTON KURT TAI CHARLES TAYLOR DE FORREST TAYLOR HOWARD THOMAS ROSMAN THOMAS 132 A sl' v 2 ,5 V1 f TTEf: -'1'2E1E ici: ' "'1Ei Lg 1-omnnwnJ. any if 'U 1 VIRGINIA THOMAS CRAIG THURMOND CAROLYN TURNER ELLEN UREVICH I II DEON WALKER WAYNE WALSH FANNY TORIAN ANTONIO TORRES JOHN TOSCANO PATRICIA VANEK NORANNE WALKER FRANK WALTON 133 HERBERT WASHINGTON ROGER WASHINGTON HOWARD WATLINGTON CAROL WATSON MARGUERITA WI-IEATLEY PAUL WILLENBROCK CAROL WILLIAMS EMILY WILLIAMS PATRICIA WILLIAMS ROTHER WILLIAMS GREGG WINFIELD 134 ' C, - . I 5 if g 29 . ff! ic f , mf, - ' 31235 21f'XV',,5,L X 55' 1' fd .51::E.f 1 fwjsiff , K 'Q , . WILLIAM WINN RANDALL WIRTENSON CHRISTOPHER WOSKA BALVIN WRIGHT RICHARD WRIGHT ROY ZAHNLEUTER YIANE ZIMMERMANN - X VICTORIA WOODBURY GEORGE WRIGHT LISA ZIEGENFELDER 135 Senior Directory JAMES ACOSTINO MAGGIE" Football 2. 3, 4 VINCENT ACUANNO CLEMOND ALLEN Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3. 4 CELESTE ANCLIM "CESSY" Hockvy 2, 3. 4, Volli-y ball 3. 4, Baskt-tball 3, Softball 2, 3. 4, Hitman Rvlations 2, Ski Club 2. 3. 4, Bantl 2, 3' DAVID AXT USIIPER FLY" TARA BACUTI-1 -RACHAEL BAILEY DONALD BARTOW Trark 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4 .IOHN BAXTER Wrestling 2 JAMES BEAM "BlfTCH" Soc:-cr 2, 3, 4: Bowling 3, 4, Trark 2. 3. 4 IANE BEAN ".IELLYBEAN" Human Relations 2, 3. 4, Warrior 4, Twirling 2. 3, Capt. 4, Ort-hvstra 2. 3, 4, Kay Club 3, 4, Honor Soviety 2, 3 Treasurer 4, Chorus 2, Mixul Ensotnblt' 2, 3, 4, Class Coi't 2, 3. 4 .IAMES BEDELL Graduate-Cl 3, Sot-vt-r 2, Math Club 2 LEONORA BELL "HALF PINT" LAWRENCE BELLINCER "LARRY" Band 2, 3, 4, Stage Band 3, 4 .IOHN BEREZIJK "lVIOLE" Drama Club 3, 4 GARY BEST RONALD BEVERLY "RONNIE" Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4 AMY BLACKWELL Honor Society 3, 4, Setzretarial Squad 4 PIERRE BLANCHETI' "PETE" Photo Club 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4 ALISON BLANCHETTE .IOHN BOCHICCHIO "BOCCA" Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2. 3. 4 ,IOANNE BONAVENTURA "JO" Honor Society 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Vollyball 3, 4, Softball 4, Ski Club 4 ANTHONY BOYCE "SPOON" Basketball 2, 3, 4: Sovcer 2, 3 WI LLIAM BOZZA "BOZ" Football 2, 3. 4 CHRISTINE-BRENNER "CHRIS" Softball 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Chet-rleadr-r 4 PETER BROCKHOFF Tennis 4 GERI BRODSKY ALISON BROOKS Band 2, 3. 4, Orvbt-stra 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Fit-ld Ilot-key 3. 4, Math Club 2. 3, 4, Cvirls Ensomblt' 3, 4, Warrior 4: Student Cox"t 4 DAWN BROWN "DONNIE" Chorus 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4, Fir-lrl Horkz-y 4, Danvi- Squad 3, Drama Club 4 TYRONE BROWN "BIG T" Handball 2, 3 JUANITA BRYANT "NITA" Band 2. 3, Drama Club 3. 4, Girls Ensetnblr 4, Library Club 4, Scrrvtarial Squad 4 CARRIE BURCH Chorus 2, 3, 4 KENNETH BURGESS "LUKE" Trark 2, 3, 4 DENNIS BURNS Football 2, Wrestling 2, 3. 4 SAMUEL BUTTS IR. Trark 3 LORRAINE CALLACH EN "RAINIE" Basketball 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Drama Club 3. 4, Warrior 4, Library Club 4: Vollvyball 4, Baskt-tball 2. 4, Tennis 4 TOMAS CALMA IR. "CHI'I'O'A Wrtstling 2, Math Club 3, 4, Tennis 3. 4, Honor Society 3, 4 KEVIN CANNON "CAM" Trark 3, Library Club 3, Human Rvlations 2 MICHELE CARIDI "WORTH" Fir-ld Horkvy 3. 4, Class Count-il 2, 3, 4, Human Relations 2 DONNA CARPENTER Honor Sovirty 3, 4, Class Counvil 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Baski-tball 3. 4 DEBRA-CARROLL Chorus 2 PAULINE CATSAROS Hovlwy 2, Volltfyball 2, Softball 2. 3 'I'IMO'I'IIY CAVANAGH WILLIAM CH ADWICK Football 3. 4 LEATHIA CHEEK "Dl'CHESS" Vollry ball 2, Dratna Club 3: Chorus 2. 3. 4, Cirls Ensvinblt- 3, Class Cox 't 2 JAMES CHEYIOT "KONG" Football 2. 3, 4, Baslwtliall 2, 3. 4, Bao-lizill 2, 3, 4 CHARLES CLAYTOR "ClIl'tIKY" Slivrvr 2 .IERRY COCKRELL WILLEEN COH EN MICHELLE COLEMAN "SHEI.LEY" Chorus 2, 3, Drama Club 2, Bantl 2. 3, Cirls Env svinblo 2. 3, 4 ROBERT CONWELI. Soc'i'r'r 3. 4, Bowling 3, 4, Trtu-k 3. 4, Ilonor Sovwtx 3. 4 CYNTHIA CORNELL HSYNDIEN Ente-rml 3, Tvnttis 3. 4, Vollifvball 3. 41 Baski-tball 3. 4 DIANE COSTA Ski Club 2, 3. 4, Chor'rlr'arlt'r 3, Softball 2, 3. 4 RODNEY IIRADDOCK Wrestling 3: Handball 2. 3, Soi-rt-r 2 WILLIAM CROCITTO UCRONKITEU Football 2, 3. 4 CAROL CROSBY Astronomy Club 2, Chet-rlt-acl:-r 3, 4: Volliw halt 3 ROBERT CIISICK Football 2. 3. 4, Basvball 2, Baskotball 2: Bantl 2, 3, 4 MARIA D'ACI'II.AR "RIA" Band 2. 3, 4, Orvhvstra 2. 3, 4, Clionis 2. Cirls Enst-mblt' 3, 4 KEVIN IJALEY Football 3. 4, Basvball 3. 4, Bottling 4, Ilonor Souivty 3, 4 KATHLEEN DANN "KATHY" Chwrlt'atlt'r 3, 4, Softball 2. 3. 4, Vollvyball 3, 4, Kvy Club 3, Warrior 3. 4 MICHELLI-1 DAVID Softball 2: Ski Club 2, 3. 4 PATRICIA DAVIDSON "PA'ITl" Chn'erlt'aul0r 3, Baskvtball 2, 3, Softball 2. 3. 4: Ftvltl Hot-koy 3, Volloy ball 2, Et-ho 4: Ski Club 4 DONNA DAVIS "D0Nll'I"A Library Club 3 IRIS DAVIS .IAMES DECKEH TONI DELGADO Girls Ensemble 2. 3. 4, Miuwl Enst-niblv 2, 3. 4, NYSSMA 2, 4: Drama Club 3, Honor Som-it-ty 3. 4 ANNE'I'I'E DEMICHELE STEVEN DENZLER "MAD DOC" DANA DEPASS Entvrvtl 3 DAPHINE DEVINE Baskvtball 2. 3, 4: Softball 2. 3. 4, Volli-yball 4 ,ILDY DICHIARA EI.IZABFTl'I-I DORNHOFER ARLENE DLMPER "R" Vollvy ball 2 MICHAEL DLNCAN "THE COOL SCORPIOU IOAN DUNN Entert-tl 3, Honor Soc-it-ty 3. 4, Warrior 4, Art Club 4, STP Count-il 4, Exprvssione 4 LINDA DLRBIN Tvnnis 3. 4, Warrior 4, Honor Soi-it-ty 4, Libran Club Trvas. 4, Class Coft 3, Cuitar Club 2, Chorus 2 lI'DY EMGE Bantl 2, 3 BARBARA END Chttorlwtlvr 2. 3, Ski Club 2. 3. 4: Vollt-y ball 2, 3, Baskvtball 2. 3: Softball 2, 3, Hot-Io-y 3 DREW EVERETI' Football 2. 3. 4, Baci-ball 2, Wrestling 2 SUSAN EWERS "SUE" on-hair, 2, 3, 4, Bantl 3, w'mi.,r 4, v.,i1.1,tm11 4, Baskt-tbzill 4 JAMES FABRI DOIICLAS FIELDS Hantlball 3. 4 SUSAN FIELDS "BOWLECS" Basketball 2. 3. 4: Softball 2. 3, Vollox ball 4, Trark 4 MARTIN FLAH I-IRTY ROBERT FORD "BOB" Ski Club 3. 4 CRAIG FOVv'LER "FOI7I.BAI.I." KEITH FONVLER CHARLES FOX "YVlAl.MO" Football 2. 3. 4, Wri-stling 2, 3. 4, Rastfball 2. 3. 4-1 Skt Club 2. 3. 4 BARRY FRANKLIN Wrtstling 2 KEVIN FROST "KENT EDWARD I-'t LI-'ORD "HEADI.Y" ROBI-IRT GARDNER WILLIAM CARDNER "Bll.I.'f AYNABELLE GARDNER-BEY "COOL BELLE" Chorus 2, 3, Back:-tball 3, Softball 2. 3 Al'UltI-QY GARDNER-HEY Chorus 2, 3, Cr.itlttati'tI 3, Drtuuu Club 3, Mixoil Enst-mble 2: SCOTT CARINC STEVEN CARRAN Trark 2, 3. 4 ANNE t2ARREl'I' Ski Club 2. 3, 4 YVONNE CEE "DYKEA" PETER CERDIIKIAN "MONK" Travk 2, 3. 4, Footbatll 3, 4 JIIAN Cl!ttjCO't'TO VIRGINIAtIII.MORE"t1INNY" Evho 3. 4, Softball Il DAISY CODDARD 'VIARIO COMPY Sorrtfr 2, 3. 4 DONNA GOOIJLINI Chrorlmtlt-r 2, 3, 4 SIIARON GORDON "5Mll.l'lY" Chorus CIIERYL CORCONI .IANET GRANT Chorus 2. 3, Ilonor Sovivty 3, 4 NATHANIEL GRAY Wrestling 2, 3, 4 EVI-lRI-ITT GRAYSON Wrtstling 2. 3, 4 MIKE GREGORY "tlOOCH" Honor Sot-it-ty 2, 3. 4, Ki-y Club 2. 3 PATRICIA CLZMAN 'APATN NANCY HAJEK "NANtjI-I" DEBORAH HAYVIMELL "DEB" Chorus 2: Warrior 3, Ski Club 3, 4 WILLIAM IIARDIE UIIRABOSKIU Sovvvr 2, Km-5 Club 3. 4: Et-ho 3. 4: Honor Sowivty 3. 4 PA'I'l'Y HARCROW SCOTT IIAIICE Sot't't'r 2 HAZEL HENRY ELIZABETH HI-I'I'I'I-TRICH "LIZ" Tennis 3. 4, Ski Club 3. 4, Softball 4 KERRY HODCES "LOI'IE4' Sot-4-er 2. 3 LINDA IIOLDORFF Chi-f-rl:-atlilr 3. 4 THOMAS HOLDORFF "TOM" MARK HOLMES Football 2. 3. 4, Trai-k 2. 3. 4 APRIL HOLZMACIIER Honor Soi-it-ty 3. sw. 4, Firlfl Hovkvy 2. 3. 4, Basketball 2. 3. 4: Ori-In-stra 2. 3. 4: Swkvr- Club 3. 4, Stutlvnt Cov't 3. 4: Math Club 2, 3. 4 .IAMES IIOI'I'ER UJAYU Sowor 3. 4: Trawk 2 JAMES HOUSTON "JIM" Tvnnis 4 NINA IIOWIELI.. Chorus 2, 3, 4 JOHN HIICHES MJAYA' Chorus 2. 3, 4, S41-Io-rs Club, Mixvrl Erie:-tnblv 4' Gospel Choir 3. 4 IAMES HUNT Basketball 2, Football 2, Trai-k 2. 3 CHARISSE Ill NTER Band 3, 4, Orrlwstra 3, 4 DEVON HUNTER Socver 3, 4 LEE HIVNTER KARL HIIRLEY RALPH IPPOLITO Football 2. 3: Ti-nnis 3, 4 ARNOLD JACKSON "AItNlI-2" So4't't'r 2: Svokt-rx Club 3 IVIICHELL .IAFFI'i Math Club 2. 3. 'I-I Honor Sovivlt 3, 4, STI' 3, Soivvr 2 IRIS IAMISON JACQIIELINE JEINKIINS ELAINE IOHNATIIAN Chorus 2, 3. 4 .IANICE IOHNSON "DUCK" Chorus 2. 3. 4, Cirls Enwtiiblr 3, 4 ALLENE .IONES "ALI" Vollvy ball 4-L STI' 3, Art Club 4 CAROLYN IONES LESLIE IOINES Chorne 2 Bowling 3. 4, Orch:-stra 2, 3. 4, NYSSMA 3, 4, WILLIE JONES MICHAEL KAFALAS Football 3, 4 VICTORIA KASS "POPCORN" PAITLA KAUFMAN Photography' Club 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3: Echo 3 MAUREEN KEELAN "REEN" CHERYL KEENE "KIKI" Drama Club 2, 3: Basketball 2. 3: Softball 2. 3 TERRI KELLY Chorus 2: Mixed Ensemble 2. 3: Girls Ensemble 2, 3: Honor Soeiety 3: Grarluatr-rl 3 RONALD KETCHAM Traek 2 KEVIN KIECHLIN CAROL KINNE "SPACE" Volleyball 2. 3: Girls Ensemble 2, 3: Photography' 2 DEBBIE KLEEGER Erho 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Library' Club 3. 4 SUSAN KOOS Library Club 3. 4 MICHAEL KORSCH "MIKE" Football 3. 4: Band 2, 3, 4 JAMES KREGEL "BIG JIM" Soccer 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3: Baseball 2: Ski Club 2, 3. 4: Stage Band 2, 4 JAMES KRETZ "BUSTER CRAB" Football 2. 3, 4 DONALD KUNKEL DEAN LABARBERA CHARLES LACK AUDREY LAMARCA ALONZO LAMB DEBRA LAMB "DEBBIE" GAIL LATHAN Volleyball: Tennis LORRAINE LAWRENCE "RENEE" BARBARA LEFTENANT "DOC" Human Relations 3, 4: Basketball 3. 4: Baseball 4: Chorus 2: Band 2: Drama Club 3 DAVID LEGETTE CATHY LENNON DEBORAH LEVY "DEBBIE" Basketball 3: Trark 3 KAREN LEVY JOSEPH LICATA WILLIAM LIERS RICHARD LLOYD Football 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4 JOHN LUDEMANN "JOHNNY" DANIEL LUNP "DANNY" DEBRA LYOIUS ARTHUR M tCK CYNTHIA I IALLARD Chorus 3, 4 JAMES MALLARD "CAPTAIN" Football 3: Track 3 MICHAEL MARTUSCIELLO JOHN MASK Handball 3, 4 GLENN MASON Baseball 3, 4: Band 2, 3. 4: NYSSMA 2 THOMAS McANIFF Wrestling 2. 3, 4 CANDACE McCLELLAN "CANDY" STEVEN McDONALD Drama Club 3, 4 DENNIS McDONOUGH "DEN" Football 2, 3 BELINDA McINNIS CYNTHIA MCKINNEY Honor Society 3, 4: Volleyball 3. 4: Human Relations 3, 4: STP 4: Chorus 2. 3: Girls Ensemble 3, 4: Amityville Singers 4 DORIS MCKNIGHT MILDRED MCKNIGHT "UNCLE MILBIE" ANGELA IVICLAUGHLIN "ANGIE" LORI MEADOWS Human Relations 3: Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, 4 ARLENE MILLER MICHAEL MILLER "MIKE" Football 2. 3, 4: Wrestling 2. 3, 4: Baseball 2. 3, 4 GREGORY MILLS "CORKY" Football 2. 3 FRANK MIRAGLIA PAULETTE MIXON PAUL MONTELIONE Baseball 2, 3, 4 EION MOORE HERBERT NELSON Drama Club 3. 4: Photography Club 3, 4 JANET NELSON RICHARD NELSON Football 3 STEPHEN NEMLEY "CRICKET" Chorus 2, 3, 4 TERESE NEMLEY "BOOM, BOOM" Chorus 2. 3. 4: Softball 3. 4 KAREN NONNEWITZ Softball 2. 3: Echo 4: Volleyball 2, 3 MOYA NORVELL "SHINE" Tennis 2. 3. 4: Volleyball 2. 3, 4: Human Relations 2, 3. 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Ski Club 3: Key' Club 3: Class Council 3 STEVE O'CONNELL Soccer 2, 3. 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4 BRIAN O'DONOVAN "O'D" Soreer 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3. 4: Math Club 3. 4: Band 2, 3. 4 CERALYN O'REILLY "GINKY" Human Relations 2: Class Got"t Trf-as, 2, Pres. 3: Student Goi't 2, 3. 4: Basketball 2, 3: Ski Club 3 BARBARA PARSONS Tennis 3, 4: Volleyball 3. 4: Basketball 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Ski Club 3: Math Club 4: Human Relations 3. 4: Warrior 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Student Govlt 4 RONI PEPKIN Tennis 2, 4: Volleyball 2, 43 Warrior 4: STP 3. 4: Honor Soeiety'3,4:Human Relationsfl-: Student Gov't 4 ANNE PERNICONE Field Hockey' 2: Chorus 2, 3. 4 ARNA PESA ADLYN PIERCE "ADDlE" Library Club 2, 3. 4 LOUIS PIZARRO "LOI"' Wrestling 2,3. 4: Cross Country 3: Track 2: Human Relations 2 ROBIN POTH ANDREW POWELL "ANDY" Soccer 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4 DELIA RAMIREZ "ADEI.E" DENICE REID ELIZABETH REILLY "BETSY" STEVE REMBERT "YOGI" Handball 2, 3. 4: Soccer 3. 4: Basketball 4 KATHY RICH LAURA RICHARDS "LAI3RlE" STEVE ROBINSON "STEV E-O" Soccer 2, 3. 4: Track 2, 3. 4: Human Relations 2. 3, 4: Banrl 2, 3, 4: Warrior 3 CATHY RODWELL ROBERT ROMEO Wrastling: Honor Soriety 3, 4 GARY ROSEBORO CHERYL ROSENBERC Library Club 3 IRA ROSENZWEIG Wrestling 2, 3 CELESTE SALADINO Volleyball 2, 3: Softball 2. 3, 4 PHYLLIS SANTORO DONNA SANZERI THERESA SASS HUGH SAUNDERS DONNA SAWYER Library Club 3, 4 ROBERT SCHLINGER PETER SCHMITT "PETE" Soccer 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 3. 4: Ski Club 2, 3. 4: Math Club 3. 4: Stage Band 2, 3. 4 WARREN SCHOB "WAR" Chorus 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, 4: NYSSMA 2, 3, 4 GEORGE SCHORR "BERNARD" Football 2: Ski Club 2, 3, 4 TIMOTHY SCHULTZ "TIM" Cross Country 3, 4: Baseball 2 BEATRICE SCORDAMAGLIA HSCOOTIEP Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4 ROBERT SEAMAN LAWRENCE SELLITTO KENNETH SHARROTI' "KENNY" Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Ski Club 3. 4 CURTIS SHERRER ANTHONY SILBER Echo 2: Baseball 2 JAMIE SILVER DEBORAH SIMPSON "BE'I'I'E" Drama Club 3. 4: Chorus 3 EDWARD SIMS WILLIAM SIMS CATHERINE SMITH "CATHY" Field Hockey 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: Ski Club 3, 4: Band 2: Class Treas. 3: Student Gov't 3. Treas. 4 HAROLD SMITH KEVIN SMITH "SMI'l'l'Y" Basketball 2. 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4 MICHAEL SMITII "MICKEY" Track 2. 3 WAYNE SMITH PETER SPITZFORM "PE'l'E" Band 2. 3, 4: Stage Band 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 41 Track 2: Tennis 3: Echo 3, 4 VERONICA STERN "RONNlE" KEVIN STEWART "BABE" Chorus 4: Basketball 2, 3. 4 MELANIE STRICKLAND GRETA STLDY "GIGI" BRIAN SUTTON "PlNHEAD" Baseball 2: Wrestling 2, 3 SIISANNE SWARTWOITI' "SUSIE" Basketball 2, 3. 4: Class Council Sec: 2: Math Club 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Student Gov't 4: Human Relations 3: Field Hockey' 3. 4: Warrior 4: Tennis 3. 4: Volleyball 3: Key' Club 3. 4 WESLEY SYMINGTON "W ES" KURT TAI Wrestling 2, 3: Ski Club 3 CHARLES TAYLOR "CHARLIE" Football 2, 3. 4: Wrestling 2, 3. 4: Baseball 2.3. 4 DEFORREST TAYLOR "DONNY" Football 3. 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Human Relations 2, 3: Band 2, 3. 4 HOWARD THOMAS Drama Club 2: Chorus 2. 4: Claw Gov't 3, Pres. 2. 4: Human Relations 2, 3, 4: Amityville Singers 3, 43 Echo Editor 4 ROSMAN THOMAS Baseball 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3 VINGINIA THOMAS "GINNY" Cross Country' 4: Drama Club 4: Basketball 4: Softball 4: Band 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Library' Club 3: JULIA THOMPSON "PEACHES" CRAIG THURMOND Basketball 2, 3, 4 FANNY TORIAN "SHORTY" Field Hockey 4: Pep Squad 4 ANTONIO TORRES "TONY" Soccer 2. 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4 JOHN TOSCANO HTEENANGEII' vvftsiiing 3 CAROLYN TURNER "OWEN" Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 captain: Softball 2, 3. 4: Human Relations 3 ELLEN UREVICH "l,IZZY" Tennis 2, 3. 4: Field Hockey 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3: Softball 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 3. 4 PATRICIA VANEK "PA'ITY" Entered 3: Cheerleader 3. 4: Class Council 4 KURT WAGNER DEON WALKER NORANNE WALKER "NORA" WAYNE WALSH Sorcer 4: Drama Club 4: Warrior sports editor 4: Echo 4: Key Club 4: Tennis 4: Ski Club 4: Human Relations - AFS Club 4 FRANK WALTON "FRANKlE" Cross Country 2, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4 HERBERT WASHINGTON "Bl'BBA" ROGER WASHINGTON Basketball 4 HOWARD WATLINGTON "HOLLOYWOOD" Drama Club 3 CAROL WATSON RONALD WEXLER "RONNlE" MARGUERITA WHEATLEY "MAGGIE" "PAUL WILLENBROCK "EXXON" Band 2,3.4:Soccer 2.3,4:Tennis 3.4:Stage Band 3, 4 CAROL WILLIAMS Volleyball 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4 EMILY WILLIAMS Chorus 3, 4 PATRICIA WILLIAMS "PA'I'I'Y" ROTHER WILLIAMS Entered 3 GREGG WINFIELD WILLIAM WINN RANDY WIRTENSON Football 2 VICTORIA WOODBURY "VICKEY" Pep Squad 4 CHRISTOPHER WOSKA BALVIN WRIGHT GEORGE WRIGHT "SMILEY" Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Warrior 3, 4 RICHARD WRIGHT Human Relations 2: Chorus 2: STP 2, 3, 4:Warrior Editor 4:Honor Society 3, President 4 ROY ZAHNLEUTER LISA ZIFBENFELDER Student Gov't 3, Vice-pres. 4: Human Relations 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Echo 4: Warrior 4 JANE ZIMMERMAN Honor Society 3. Vice-Pres. 4: Student Gov'l 3, Pres, 4: Echo 4: Field Hockey' 3. 4: Volleyball 2, 41 Softball 2, 3. 4: Warrior 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Human Relations 4: 1 4 138 IT A dvemszng Mr PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. James Henderson s. Myra Jones Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mason Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Blackwell Mrs. Catherine Blanchett Dr. Carl Blanchett Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bochicchio To Jo, Mom and Dad Keep moving upward, Mrs. F. Kirkland Mr. and Mrs. William Bartow Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bean Mr. and Mrs. George Brenner Mrs. Hilda Bryant Mrs. Marian Kafalas Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kass Sylvia Henry and Mr. 81 Mrs. Em Mr. and Mrs. Donald Koos Mr. and Mrs. Frank LaBarbera Mrs. Hattie Latham Mr. and Mrs. William Liers Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ludemann Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lyons Mr. and Mrs. J. Caridi Mr. and Mrs. William E. Callaghan Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Catsoros Mrs. Andree Cheek Lorenzo Cheek Jesse Cheek Avery Cheek Alonzo Cheek Andree Cheek Mr. and Mrs. William Crocitto Mr. and Mrs. A. Compitiello Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr s. Florence McDonald . and Mrs. John McDonough . and Mrs. Kenneth McKinney . and Mrs. F.. Meadows . and Mrs. James Nemley . and Mrs. Roger Nonnewitz Joseph and Merian Norvell Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pepkin Mr. and Mrs. P. Richards Jose and Maria Ramirez Ms. Elsa Grochowski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sosa Keith Owen D'Aguilar John C. Daley A. Delgado Donald DePass Colleen and Bill Dumper Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . M. Duncan . John A. Dunn . John Durbin . James S. Emge Robert End Debbie Bolton Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mr. and Mrs. . Charles E. Frost James Gilmore Hans Hajek and family Gerald Hammell William G. Houston Mrs. A. Holdorff Mr. and Mrs. W. Howell Mrs. Hertha Hurley Mrs. Lorraine Jaffe and family Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jamison Mr. and Mrs. James J0IlHll1HH Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Jones Mr. Joe Grochowski Santoro Family Sawyer Family John and Claire Schultz Mr. and Mrs. William Scordamagl Carrie Sz Ed Smith Malcolm 81 Rosie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spitzform Mr. and Mrs. J. Stern Mrs. Greta Study and family Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Symington Mr. and Mrs. Deforest Taylor Mrs. Ruby Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Ramos Mr. and Mrs. Edward Urevich Mr. and Mrs. G. Greene Mrs. Muriel Woska Mrs. M. Williams Gary Lamb Stella Williams Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zimmermann Suffolk Home Appliance Kalmo Epidermis il Henry ia My M 0 if X. f QW JW p XE me M LE'AviHj W! w"Lu':""' 5'7M.L..rb W WWW R Q. 'L' ff K M5q,:f7'5 . iTggaiw.i Q 'E -'P C022 rdf I ix: 5 11 am 4, 1 .wikcgfjezgigyzzizginf K ,ff Q! 5 EM V X ff was is dmv Q55 WZTVWWE QW WW 4, jp 75 1, Q2 Mf"f524?fj?g1ffr ,.., S WMM ,Qt Q54 M. Mffif , 7 S 1,59-'2'gTLQg5iw1f6X av W , Min 71 56120 max . 15161427-6881 - Qizaula Ogngfsz - SPECIALIZING IN Fl.Y.'rYlNG EQUIPMENT Best Wishes P. o. Box E23 HENRY IHANKQ NELLEN MEL.vll.l.E, N. Y. II746 A Friend qi Q H I516I TUrner 8-8360 S- H A f ' f0 SMITH AUTO SALES, INC. "QUALITY CARS AND TF! UCKS" 221 E. SUNRISE HWY. AL SMITH LINDENHURST, N.Y. George ,GG House OF LEE Climbs ii:iz:fzs'.25.f:g"z,f 6 S N. We Carry the Largest BAIT 8: TACKLE 5,,,,g1, gbafe BAIT IS oUR BUSINESS' fu SHAKFSPFARI1 RODSBI REELS 105 MERHICK ROAD ! 25 Fl:lNWlClx RODS LUPO LURES V STAN GIBBS 01hefQw1,1, Tackle AMITYVILLE, L. I. 11701 We ram the Iargext Selection -Xxx b 5 ofhzpf. job11SekofaR1gJ TBI: 19 ' Open 5:50AM Sal. 8: Sun. 6AM W'kday ,,-.M 74 Merrick Rd., Amityville IW. of Rt. ll0Q ' NV, ISIGIAM-4-5525 Am4-0169 MO-5- I 405 AM4-0734 Amityville Feed Supply, Inc. Vlclorls Uliholslery Shop TIC. Sales - Service Garden Tractors - Lawn Mowers Fertilizers - Grass Seed Furnilure Made +o Order Reuplwolsfering and Slip Covers I08-I I0 Merrick Rd. Amilfyville 272 Broadway Amityville 255 W. Main S+., Bayshore I l706 President - Michele Caridi Vice President - Pauline Catsor-as Secretary - Anne Garrett Treasurer f Cathy Smith Camera Girl f Bebe Scordamaglia Roni Pepkin Nancy Schmid Anne Pernicone Joanne Bonaventura Nancy Kretz - sunshine girl Diane Costa Maria Barba - Hower girl Susan Vignetti Ama Pesa Diane Ketcham Colleen Kelly Lori DellaPenna Bev Soordamaglia Sharon Hertz Maureen Doerner Debbie Lyons Barbara End Kathy Roohan - Hower girl Patty Garrett Celeste Angliin - President Carol Crosby A Vice President Jamie Caples - Secretary Sally Pemberton - Treasurer Fran Hetterich 4 flower girl Sweethearts john Bochicchio ,lim Cheviot Chuck Fox Eddie Fulford Ricky Lloyd Bob Schlinger John Tuscano Patty Vanek Nancy David Ginky O'Reilly Carolyn End Nancy Bonaventura Stacie Cavanagh Betsy Reilly Patti Davidson Phyllis Santaro Nancy Hajek Kathy Dann Ellen Urevidi Joanne Oascin Michelle David CariAn ne Frost Susie Ziegenfelder Pat Guzman Bt-th uuya Maureen Barbato DELTA PHI SIG SDRORITY Debbie Budd Jennifer Caples Beverly Chesbuske Susan Corey Sharon Crocker Donna Drescher Colleen Doherty Kathy Doherty Giris Dunleavy Josephine Durbin Linda Durbin Linda Coodlin Cay Gayer Liz Hetterich Linda Holdoff Terry Kregel Karen Latza Cindy McAlla.n Debbie McElroy Anne Monfett Diane Ortiz Maria Pizzarro Diane Schaffer Bridget Svheffer Cathy Smith Ronnie Stem Sarah Stiansen Debbie Sutton Anna Schwartz Kathy Trainor Judi Tyler Zina Ugrinsky Jeanne Wagner Susan Webber Kim Yaskulski TAU PHI EPSILO ORORITY SweetHea,rls Peter Schmitt Charley Taylor Jim Kregel Drew Everett Wayne Walsh 516 MYrtIe 1-3202 FREE DELIVERY V ff..,..4 I TN ' Ex I I I -if Amity Florists WHERE SOPHISTICATION ISN'T ALWAYS FORMAL 222 BROADWAY CHRIS FREVELE AMITYVILLE, N Y 11701 Amity TRAVEL SERVICE INC. RESERVATIONS Sl TICKETS FOR AIRLINE ' STEAMSHIP BUS ' HOTELS ' CRUISES Licensed and Bonded MYRTLE 1-8440 116 BROADWAY AMITYVILLE Equipment Sales Sz Service Co. 516 5620 OLD SUNRISE HIGHWAY 799-7619 MASSAPEQUA, NEW YORK 11758 FOR THE BEST BUY IN CHAIN SAWS 15161 691-4444-46 K 81. T AUTO SUPPLIES INC. 162 BROADWAY AMITYVILLE, NY 11701 Congratulations Graduates! Sanders Drive In Cleaners Qover 50 yearsj Biway 81 Sterling Pl 86 Merrick Rd. 691-9565 AM4--0878 Sunrise Market Johnson Bros. John Lomot Fancy Meats 81 Poultry Groceries-Dairy Prod. Fruit 81 Vegetables Phone AM4-1367 Phone in your order 81 it will be ready to pick-up 224-226 Broadway Amityville Sava's 81 Miller Shoe Repairing 196 Broadway Amityville 1 1 70 1 Congratulations to the Class of 1976 Official N.Y. State Inspection Station Kings Service Station Automotive Ignition Sz Carburetors Clocks Blvd 81 Old Sunrise Highway Amityville, NY. ll70l Rehabrlrlatron Ili cme 5B1f1'11sWic Hosp1ta1 Ceqter in beautrful new bUI7d1f1gS wzlh expert Iesrdent stabs Physrcal Drsabrlrtres An indivirltral treatmtrrit program is carefully establrsherl by our Physiatrist lphysician specialist in physical medicrnel. lt is implemented by a team of rehabilitation professionals including nurses, physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapists, psychologists and social service counselors. The Hydrotherapy Department includes a therapeutic swimming pool, Hubbard tanks, and vvhrrlpoolsg the Physioatherapy Department administers electro-thermo treatments and massage in private treatment areas and therapeutic exercise in a professionally-equipped gymnasium. The patient who is chronically ill can also receive special care in this facility. Mental Health Most ellective is the teamwork approach ol psychiatrists nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational and recreational therapists. All modalities of psychiatric treatment are available- individual and group psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, electroshock, new multi- vitamin and supplemental drug therapy. Bright cheerlul colors and spacious socialization areas immediately key this modern therapeutic approach to the care of the , mentally and emotionally ill, the drug and alcohol addicted and those in need ol custodial care. Center Entrance to Brunswick Psychiatric Hospital is at Other divisions: General Hospital - Nursing Home 87 LOUUEH AVENUE' ldlfefifly 077 Broadway ' ROWS 7701 366 Broadway Amiryvrrre-.L l.N6w vm rrmrosrs-264-5000 Cgrlt t Susie Swartwout COCKTAILS ENTERTAINMENT AT Class of 776 May this be the start of many beautiful things JELLYBEA 149 BROADWAY AMII Y VILLE, NEW YORK 15161691-9533 Good Luck to the Class of 1976 AMITY AMERICAN, INC. Ms Ice Cream 5840 Merrick Road Phone 795-4050 795-4040 AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK 11701 tis fe 1 H Great Neck Rd 431171 Amityville NY Ice Cream Candy Chips Soda MY 1-84-54 Broadway Fish 81 Chips Mickey,s 572 Broadway - Rt. 110 358 MERRICK ROAD Amilyville NY- AMITYVILLE, N.Y. Take-out orders BOAT cUsH1oNs AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERY 691-9439 MARINE CANVAS SEAT COVERS - AUTO TOPS VILLAGE MUSIC 165 BROADWAY IRT. 110j AMITYVILLE fat the trianglej 691-1127 'MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 'ACCESSORIES 'REPAIRS 'SHEET MUSIC PONTIAC 15163264--6800 691 603 MORTIMER'S SERVICE CENTER GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS ACCESSORIES O TIRES O BATTERIES KOREY PONTIAC HOWARD B. KORENMAN VICE PRESIDENT MERRICK ROAD AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK 11701 516 AM 4 - 3750 ff p , 1 ff QJXAWIQJ flf'f'A?lfJ, Jar. CUSTOM DESIGNED JEWELRY I SPEC ORDER WORK I GUARAN C1 RE TING INISHING FEAR RINGIN G I WATCH A I E W WORK DONE ON PRE WAY E A , .I., . . "Good Luck to the Senior Class of 19767, SEVEN-ELEVEN FOOD STORE Oh Thank Heaven If ,A --NNX X JAMISON GLASS 81 WINDOWS TEL, I5l5I 691 94II ll HOME IM ROVEMENTS 691 9175 I tk I ull I i 'JI l I, I ' 1-,N-QM . 5111 JAMISON GLASS 81 WINDOWS ALL TYPES OF GLAZING 5 SCREENING ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS B: DOORS INSTALL WOOD DOORS A LOCKS 579 BROADWAY AMITYVILLE. N. Y. ROBINSON AND D,fXNDRl'IA BROS. FUNERAL IIOME, INC. Broadway AIVI fl--04-S0 D I R E C T O R S DAVID A. D'ANDREA HAROLD E. ROBINSON RICHARD 1. D'ANDREA 15161 691-6600 12123 895-2804 RICHARD C. IMBERT FISHER-BIEDLER, INC. 95 BROADWAY INSURANCE AMITYVILLE, N.Y. RICHARD LATINSKI PRESIDENT Lalinslfi lQcfcon1lil.ionQ1l Qeiwiqemlor Corp. ussn REFR1GEnAToFees AND Fmsszgns IB7-IBS BROADWAY 149 os .1AMA1cA AVENUE AM1-rvv11.1.E, N. v. 11701 .1 MA1eA, N. Y, II-135 15151 691-6006 I2 21' 526-OS 9 CHRISTOFFEITS COMMERCIAL STATIONS OFFICE SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS Phone Amityville 4-2324- 202 Broadway Amityville, N.Y. 11701 Best Wishes from Your Travel Professional Ron Valente, Pres. Valente Sz Walters TV1, 9 Ireland Pl Amityville NY 1 I 70 1 691-3320 150 FIRE DEPARTMENT Stems AND EMELEME Best Wishes to the Cl f776 . 3550 5115114 fine. , Gem: LEAF Owen and MHTITYH Brooks APPARATLJS LETTERING 61 STRIPING - 516 264-I5OB and family WILLIAM HILLS 576 NORTH EROADWAU' PRESIDENT ANIITYVILLE. N-Y. 11701 Congratulations from BOB RA1s I Congratulations AMITY CHEVROLET Merrick 81 Counlyline Rd. Am-4-0909 Amityville. NY Class of 1976 Nancy and Stuart Wright 516 795-4237 Gems I Q .Uniform Rental , SALES-SERVICE-WIPERS l ' Complete Industrial Service ACID RESISTANT UNIFORMS S680 NIERRICK ROAD FRED PIZZO MASSAPEQUA. N.Y. 11755 Congratulations to The Class of '76 Blue T Pizza 81 Restaurant BECOMING TO YOU - YOU SHOULD BE COMING TO US! li x A I ,f IF YOUR HAIRSTYLE IS NOT Y 'VJ Lillian,s Hairdressers 691-6205 Il OAK STREET AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK Tues-Sat. Senior Citizens Discounts Best of Luck to Class of '76 O'Henry's Pub 264-2683 Free Pickup and Delivery NORZW and RAYS SER VICE CENTER Tune-ups Batteries Tires Generators Norm and Ray Zlll-lin Broadway and Albany Ave, Amityville Congratulations Q 's ' from VARSITY STUDIOS PERFECT SUBSCRIPTION A P Y wishes Good Luck to the Class of '76 341 Chestnut Street 100 South Highland Ave Ossing, New York 10562 Phi1adelphia,Pa. 19107 49141 941-7126 your salesman Terry McCabe COMPLIMEN TS OF A FRIEND 152 e Cjgiwqk A740 W 00,1 wing Q5 501:45 wi' MMM f 0654 Muff G! uf cafywwffdvyfvww ffm fwQv!l6W Xf5i7M ww dc? ibm CWM, jM,N LM fwwfw Xgjllpdmib, UL SMA jwjwf' W-M3,gM,m,'52,a0MM!0wQf!gMf,!GA . l dfw WV Q MWA? W 123, J g4d!O C A gf? f' V' .W f - if I F J 1 i g 1 3 5 I .1 5 1 1 9 M1 "I 5 V' ji I ,bfi Q , Y ,gfb N 3 I I s 55 1 f ' V it an " 9 4 I Eg 5 Sign? ,, in ug Ig ' ii Q ' .Q ' ' if 1 , I V , , L J V 5 gf: I Q A , 1 ': ,4 5 j , 1' .fi fi 4, 1' ' 4 wtf V- we , L In , x, Q fl ,. 'g 1 1 E FVM , ef 5 ' 41 ' HX , yi , il fi I 1. W- X , ' M' 1 ' f f' ' 2 . ' ', ' W "A Q 3 f ,V -4 V -Q1 1, 1 :Q i , -f ', Q .nr - , I ,V g A - fx .Q .ff ,. :Q Q? 4 5 f - i K 3 'f V 2 1' f "Q IL J K P1- f l ,.+ 1 5 I J , .M A ' wi 'NNI 'Q'- if Awww i. ,V f 1 N-Q rm is' if 1 4 f P, ,X M I 1 1 wif wif I mi 'ai Q ...iff M-r..L S 1 lr " H 'J EK ,i,- . --ri , x . X "' V , if -if .IQ Q N E X gs ,.. . , 'fx-'24 Y my ,H if on Y A-'V O' 43' we' 4: . I I I ,ff nf.. ,,,,, I il. Wi, 4 zdym' Y s.s-- 1 'Q ' . 'f 'r7'e2'k' 'T :pax ff'-1 "3" ' sf 'QM Aiifxiz 'K 4 ,mv - If-Aly "fJf:9.' 'Bit 'fbi 1 95' x ,mv 4 'xy- J S 3 .Nik . Dt, k his W ,JI ,gui , 55' ' , 'o. 6 xl' W . fxw ' x n ' . ' .' .sux 1,4 5 Q ' 1 'lf 5 149+ .,. .-.1 . :Pg s i ' ..xl M' , i. ,Q A ki, N' . Q 1.55, D . P ,, at Ad . 5 ' I ' 1- , I , V ' N " Q :ln 1 - I D , . 'xl ,I IA y . S ' 5 .Qs s . . - ,, N if . - I . ll I f D 0 F' N IL-'I 2 ...Shu -.f.-,.

Suggestions in the Amityville Memorial High School - Warrior Yearbook (Amityville, NY) collection:

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