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and a time to every purpose under the heaven ECCLESIASTES, III A time to work and a time to play V 7, 4 TI-IE CLASS QF 1967 PRESENTS THE EMBERS AMITY REGIONAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Woodbridge, Connecticut DEDIC TIO Richard B. Ayers The word uteacherv signifies many things to many peopleg too often, it implies only uninspired instruction, too rarely warm, personal dedication. Every teacher be- comes known for his methods and attitudes, but few gain the respect and friendship so necessary for ideal teacher-student relationships. Mr. Ayers is of this select few. His inherent warmth and concern for the indi- vidual pervade his classroom. His humor and his interest in both the subject and the students create a relaxed atmosphere in which learning is individualized and enjoy- able. He commands respect. Few people are aware of the time, thought, and encouragement he contributes to the Embers Editorial Board, this hook is testimony to his interest and dedication. The qualities Mr. Ayers possesses as a person and an advisor make him more than a teacher. This book is dedicated to him as an educator. 4' " B.. 3 ui: ,Lg , QF? ,,,. ,g-Q. 4 -Q 1,4 4--cgi Q-em Q--:f-Y: :df Q nfl . -'."l,"- . -1'-.IYJA Af , 33-U . Jak! ?3jiE'l 1'ZT?f?fW. X"f'3:5. Q -. 7fiU'kk?5.'f egmiaj- ,' . Q .. vb, ,. Af, ri'-' r we-' 1. fs-, :- 4 413.5 qw . . . 'Mug' ., 1. V-wc, Why? im ff paw if Q. ,- A 'S' Q ,,- SW. ff' , rf SPECIAL RECOGNITION HOWARD D. BROOKS Superintendent This is not only my last 'cmessagen for the Embers but is, I believe, the most difficult one for me to write. It is difficult because of all that could he said and be- cause of a lack of certainty that, at this point, it needs to be said. It is difficult be- cause of the knowledge that, with age, we increasingly look at the past while you, in your youth, look toward the future. Perhaps maturity of thought involves, in part, a conscious effort to look at both and to relate the future to the past and the past to the future. If so, I hope that, in the future, you remember your years at Amity as being not only pleasant and stimulating hut as significant and productive. Because of you, and many other Amity graduates before you, these will be my memories. Howard D. Brooks Superintendent and happiness. If an entire school, its values, and its traditions can be said to be the products of one man's initiative and dedication then Amity as we know it is the result of the untiring efforts of Howard D Brooks. This final year of the old Amity is also the last year 1n which Mr. Brooks will he Superintendent of Schools but the Splflt ln wh1ch he has guided us will be an integral part of the Amity of the future. For his unselfish devotion to Amity whether It is the Amity that we all know or the new Amity that he helped to create the students of Amity wish to thank him and wish him continued success BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Mrs. Carl Hoff, Sec., Mr. Leonard Lohne, Dr. Robert Gordon, Mr. Arthur Zollin, Treas., Mr. David Chase, Chm., Mrs. Marjorie Shutkin, V. Chmn., Mrs. John Crocco, Mr. John Gardner, Mr. Frederick Steiger. The Class of 1967 of Amity Regional High School is about to be graduated. I congratulate you all on the advan- tages you have had and trust you have utilized all of the op- portunities that the school has had to offer. We feel that Amity is one of the best in the country. The Board of Education has provided, with the support of your parents and neighbors, the best in buildings, staff and administration. The Board extends its best wishes to each of you, and also to Howard D. Brooks, your superintendent, as each of you leaves to a future that we hope will be filled with success and happiness. David Chase Chairman I AMITY ROCCO ORLANDO, Principal The Hseason, time and purposei' at hand provide us, very happily, with the opportunity to commend the achievements of the Class of 1967, as Well as your individual and group contributions to our school. Graduation, a significant milestone in oneis educational life, marks not the end of learning, but rather the continuation of learning which will be applied to the goals and high ambitions of each of you. We can only hope that we have contributed in some small measure to those goals and ambitions. Your teachers through the years have striven to provide you with the tools of learning, a solid foundation with which you may continue to explore and comprehend the World about you. If your teachers have been successful, you are leaving Amity touched by the magic that makes you aware of the heritage of mankind - a heritage which has carried man out of the darkness of the cave and placed him on the dim edge of space looking outward, a heritage which says that only an enlightened life is Worth living. That heritage is yours. Rocco Orlando JAMES PETERS, Assistant Principal To all of manis endeavors there is a purpose and with- out it his efforts would be meaningless. He strives to gain, to improve and to accomplish that which will give him a satis- fying and rewarding life, and permit him to be a good contributing member of the society in which he lives. To do this he must set his goals, learn, develop skills and attitudes and live co-operatively with his fellow man. We are certain that you have taken advantage of the opportunities afforded in all the activities of the program at Amity to set your goals, to work to achieve them and to evaluate the results. You have learned muchg your contribu- tions have been many and we are certain that you will go forth into the world of work or further study with high ideals, fine preparation, and an assurance of a job well done. We appreciate the services you have rendered the school and wish each and every one of the class of 1967 our best wishes for the future in whatever field of endeavor you may choose. Joseph Feher The mission of education is to equip young Americans for life in our democracy and, where possible, to provide leadership capable of meeting the issues which must be faced and settled. Our academic obligation goes far beyond a preparation for a livelihood, whether in business or in any of the professions. It calls for the production of the citizens who have assimilated the best in our cultural inheritance and who with this background can broadly interpret the problems of the present, while assuming responsibility for the guidance of public opinion and public action. We at Amity feel confident that you, the Class of 1967, can look back upon your school years in the knowledge that you have been provided with abundant opportunities to prepare for such awesome responsibilities. Your contribu- tions at Amity in a short span of years give promise of future success in assuming these responsibilities. I wish to express my personal appreciation to you for the good years We have just concluded and to extend to you the chal- lenge of fulfilling the mission of a democratic education. James Peters JOSEPH FEHER, Assistant Principal GUIDANCE Left to right, standing: Lib. A. Richello, D. P. Delaney, Seated : Elizabeth Klatt, Marie G. Zilli, Director. Jean Dunn, Margaret Dilzer - Secretaries. To the Class of 1967: Change seems to have been your heritage. Others will prefer to say you have had to learn to adjust to new situ- ations, ideas, and times. Both may well be true in some sense. However, it has been your right to choose and to do or not to do. You chose the manner in which you would exploit your years at Amity, your chance to learn, to prepare and to change. That time is past and you will enter into new times and places which will never remain static. You will mold and build them through your actions and decisions or lack of them. Their styles and values will inevitably be yours. We believe you are prepared to continue to learn, to adapt and adopt ideas and values on a rational basis. If this process of learning and choosing continues, your individual times should be good. . ' Marie G. Zilli D. P. Delaney Elizabeth Klart Lib. A. Richello W I F2 SPECIAL SERVICE Betty Benner, Edna Anderson - Dieticians. Eleanor Morey, R.N OFFICE STAFF. Left to right: R. Reil, G. Claes, M. Maroney, I. Atkins, A. Kuzia, S. Sniezko. The Bench CUSTODIAL STAFF Left to right: G. Kelsey, J. Cherhoniak, J. Sirowich, H. Bell COLIN RATHGABER, Engineer CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right, standing: D. DiMeola, O. Slater, H. Kelsey, J. Lake, B. Hitch, M. F alci, M. Fortune, A. Leighton, P. Elkin, A. Bachelor, Seated : E. Lake, D. Terrel, C. Conaty, J. Zichichi, E. Richter, F. Stearns, M. Bonaldo, M. Tafuto. A QW, if M ' If' ' pwwfffe 5: if s Lv A K g 1 , ' n 'V,, 1. h m, . , f+,"'N', ,f ,x ' . ' ,. , V1 ,J 'kg ' -. LA' 4 ' y, Q : , ,, ,,, , A H IX4, SQ A ,,V M A 1 . , 'Q ' f w ' A +V ' A x ,mf I , 'f ,jg-Y ff" V V. ,J A f k , ,, , ,V , in gg, . .M . . V , ff T , V A 4' 2fcQ',g,?Q h 2,2 .fam Q, rx W i? 'L f 35? TQ . 1. ' 'JM A WM , , G uf, M . " ' - ' -L ' '- -as y 334 ,,',, M . 7 f Igiibr f . 4 X '.f9?Q'?5f 4' 'W ff A, 'f 2- ,K 5 . U 7 ' ny 'W M ' '7' M ,, 'K' W :rf .415 24 f NW 'wifffffv A c ' 1 , f v iv, , 4 f 'H ff, 4 ,fy . aw ? ek 1 , If 4, , , ., 1, 4 fy gs RICHARD AYERS DAVID BAUMGARTNER MARILYN ALKUS MILTON COHEN ENGLISH STEPHEN GRAMMATICO KATHARIN KELKER HERMAN PASTORE CHRISTINE POSPESIL BARBARA-JOAN SHEEDY VIRGINIA VOLO HIRAM TINDALL Chairman HISTORY MARY BLAKESLEE GEORGE CASS ANTHONY DECHELLO ERNEST HAAS JAMES KENNEDY PAULINE HARRELL ROBERT MCQUAID MARY BAKER Librarian On departure from the Amity system, the class of 1967 wishes to thank Miss Baker for the help she has given us, and the students of Amity wish her future happiness and MARGARET O'DONNELL Success. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Chairman CAROL BROWN JAMES KENN EY NANCY LYMAN PETER MADDEN JAMES KENNY MATHEMATICS KENNETH OLIVER ARLENE RUFF N SIDNEY TRACHTENBERG SANDRA URSINI Chairman ROBERT BYRNE FRANCES ACCURSO CURT GRAF SCIENCE BEVERLY HANNA EDWARD KAROLL JOHN .IANENDA JUDITH STERLING ROBERT HOLMBERG Chairman Vivisection ROCCO CIRAVOLO Spanish ROSEMARY OETIKER German EVELYN STRAUCH French, Spanish 20 ANGUAGE ROSEMARIE CUOMO Chairman, French JOAN EHRLICH French KAREN KLIMAS Spanish KATHERINE PASSIAS French MARY PIKE Latin MARCIA VAN DERBECK ALICE RESNIKOFF French Latin, French JOSEPHINE CRIBBINS Chairman BUSINESS EDUCATION DANIEL DUARTE EDWARD GIBNEY HELEN NELSON INDUSTRIAL ARTS GEORGE METZ Chairman MINERVA RITCH ROY RODRIQUES PHYSICAL EDUCATION WILLIAM JOHNSON HAROLD SMULLEN Chairman LINDA PETERSEN .IUDITH SHEEHAN HOME ECONOMICS A ELIZABETH COBB ART WILLIAM FREEMAN SEYMOUR SCHONBERGER JOHN ZITO Chairman 1 1 Q rn at xi The role of a chaperone A Prohibition debate The inimitable Mr. McQuaid performs THE FACULTY DAY "Step right up - see Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden!" The solace of the coffee break Detention x A AA -fu-fw A My- A if ' A V Q J' fi 'N J :Viv -' 'V-'M' W Q5 .AA Wag" MA ,,,, RRR" '7f4 CZ - All Af,.AAV:::f- N, Ma., 7 :Aix M55 aff "bw, wuig"'ff"f? gy A A , , . V .A S4f"'Eff"' Q AN- 4: V -' A 'img fl Wf 'ia L. g,f'A ,N w, - ' as 'awaits' ' A A. "mm Vx, vm 1, V - wav' Ai, Q. s- '- F Qic,.AV V, ,KM V , A Hg., ,,, ,, 35,3515 V ,rl ' gg 11, I y Qw3'3f:ff,f,'3g A ,ff " V 1.4 will-i?-' A f- 'M-4,1 ' A ' 'M wf75ZQA'ifr5 'VY A A V 'N V 1fj,2se3f:H"f2q f A V , Lf?" A1 ff J V," rf' A V , " "Wa-f"""' A- 1.3225 -mf ' Y ,A 1- Q -fit Aw, 1 .V ' .war "WY" ..Qf?f'k E' J " 2? 3? fr V-Af.g::V'f'Mff1' AA . :QQ . z.. . .MV ',,, A. , A 47' .QM 'V ,',,, f 'f' 5,51 LJ Q?-,x1'L7'a 'am V1 r ,. ' V 25, J' L iw' ff VA .1 V V--E2'.:s3':r-2' :Zin '-WAV, mike nffngm A VV A V '. V -A' V' QA AA4jVff,2' ,-,A -V ,AW :A,A,z.:': . "ww wfmy 2f1'15w5?':M A V IV a if ' ,A im. 11: fsiffwf am, -V V, .gg , ,,,A:W"'M fy, ,V , A 4 -5 4 H-7,1 ..,,3r,. V WLQQ 'A fx, 3 VA VV V' AAA A .1 A X A, M 'V Ig, ' 'VJ'f"'J .'VQg1:,'!'513'w1 . if Af' A ,fi Q, Mess-ff 7 -'visa . all ,AQ AA . 'D ' - ?"55i3Wi3E24f'tv'ri' -, ff" "" ' fs Y P. f 1, A, VVWU, ,W ' 'M-11' . V + jk gf"r,i ,Q ami' VV VM ,Vg'Q,f?3Z?5g.'Q-,A '10 A AA rf! 'A ffVfl'.w A .A '-- faQ3E?waif?52SarVV V X., f Eefffff i3!t,i,3'fi - V, ,sr ,ia ' 9 '5' ' if?" A , 425' 13 A 1 fel' " A ' .'::lGfQa:xf.A ' A, fngwg? WW V A ff "1 Hifi? 4 I ' v' 5 A f S Q. YA ,AAJ,f4ggV vga 'NVQ' - A ' ,ggi Az 'A .' A w ' kt., A 4,5 jg V 1, ff Va! ggi: f ng - , 'Q J., 5 1 V-W id' 'S-gg, .,i,u5g? .ma-e3.qxg,, ' A 'n 4:39111 ., A a ' 1 'Y ,. ' ,A .ff " I 3 Y A A- W A A. , A , ,gg V, 1 ffm-L A , - 1'-GA .3 11 A VJ. A V V up - ,A V i q vigg,N,'L M. A 2,5rA'ig,f,J1w5?e5zj,SqN?,wKi - cmvff ,, 2 'KKK' V , .ure few, -4- 4, ig: ,ffiafs ,+V V1 it h QV V: V QQ 5 .xy A f 3, WZ? ffif'-fi? 31 X -E v5f'iv'i:iv. .V " ' "'2i'Qw. A. b Y3??M.Q ' " hw 'ik V A.A 1 A', 4 v R v sf , -.-,.x K ,W '. 1 "gm- 'Q 2. X353 Sa Bmw - gi f-e i SG ' 2:1 Af 1 A QQ ifwviafiil- Q ' ' Hr Sw 61555112 1 ' K :ff-32195 -2: " r1ffx, 5 J: RQ? a 'QQZW 55?-Q fp -kay ' ' ,.l1:.-sq, I W931 . 1 B' " ' f-f' Qin' . -aw ff'J1M.'w:g.5 X -- irq M23 , 11.1 ,, 1594, ,gram I ri 251.1 L ,SSM gig. . V Q gm, r 5. fx gk-. , 5,57 -2. , A wwggf. sg-y'.:::.f1 . ml Al K .32 flak ..m.i3. 15,5 Piiifyfi ,, 4. H- .N ,, ' 5351.25 5 'E-rg" R124 F'f.51S,,:f. 1f32',E? .-Iiiife .4742 ' Fl, , 4+ 'vsffgfu -ffl Wiki' ay- '9'Q:", 5-agar" .-fgmfmg is ' h , Argus: 'Eyes' b ' 1 5 F 5 P' , '- W5"?f.! 4 Iii! , . I. :,i?:'?3?'5'E' 'sf' 3'3" , . ,, . 4 W, , , MQ, 1 V . ,vga W- '41 -,. 4 F2 +51 ' gwfggl, ,gh wx-f . - , A . 3 .' N," , 'W ', 'Q' k,-N' . A' fl , ' ' LW? ff " .A-41. " 3 53 W 11 N "gig-1, A 4-wig. 51' 'izgggfi fy-id-54' J r - 'fx ": ' L' 9.15223 ffm-ww' . - C391 '-wil lf'-19, 'a1""' - .. 4. --4.g,,Jn,3,'l,-. , V f Ai gqsbqf, My . 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A lv my "2 Wh x gil-4, ' .ca ,is 1 'A 7 "isa, " , fa.-, -ii, fi 1 -aa -A -' "Kgs, f ' , A Kafka, Y fn rg L ri- if 1 Q25 X 'ai V' - gs' 3- 1: fr. 3, 4152 g ' , .iv "fl, nj ' g- 4- 5, -We N., .3 . . my V. X1 ,I V ,.-It 1, ' f 5, - , . , 1 ? . 4 f -'W' y 7 Q 5, H' , 1, 1-4 . A fs -x-- ' 4 3 '51 M' 9. 'fl si , 54 P5 qs. K .xy ' lg -' 27 , , . eff 13-f E L., A fr, sf :fu ix. 5 , 4 V' w - 1 , 1. -5- -wx. fm gi flrh MY' My 'j S 1,31 fm: -2. P -sa . 3 J iff v 5:14 E-' -N 5 ,'v gr ,-2? . . :V ' ' 1' A - W, lg! e-ff" 1 3 mf ,gig- fs' 5 ' ii .5 - M ' ' AH L' .iw -' P ' N 5 It 1 ,' ,ng A-s , Qf 4 5-Q51 3+ ,.f, 1 ' gi V' -' 1,1 - t ,f A f .54 ,L I I fr, 7 gf If 1 ' 15 , Qi- Ifll K1 .fb ,fisf 5 ,,., . qw 1 A Jytligl .. 1' QL ."" - 11"-4 Ar, K ww ,if 55- gg, ,A 1 A ' ,f 5 g - .f:,.- Nygy ' "' 4,..Sf" L4- - M gf' 51145256 Q ' ' ' ig 5 if ', " nf f df "' ' V , 1' .M5"' 12 'f f 'E -g X ' ' in SAME ... :gf 1 ff .f"7gff I 4 ji. - .,....Q--.Nil fp I Q. .4 - , - 7- . ,,., n , r ' .Wd.iA.,- il:-5 .,v "mfg: .. K .-,Ju: .- JG.-Qqngf. v,gr,,,,,,,,!,. ,fe 1 ian., 5, "'- -if . id' , 'f-X......, yy ,,g,.,5,1. wk A fpumg- IHMYH " N vr ,,v.a4-'gm --- W -. Ai . ,wwf J 5,-x., TQ, '-wi ,f 'qx ' awry- .az..'.mW...v' ,,Q'N'i'- ff' 'wa' MM, .,ww-n ' -Ar .KM .J,Q,,::. JA A ng . , 'ghd-W' , .u -4 Nl: ' ..iMM,,,V . . -... ,R 4 QP IN MEMORIAM KATIE HEPLER August 16, 1949 - May 31, 1965 4'0n1y a moment of strength, of romance, of glamour -- of youth! . . . A Hick of sunshine upon a strange shore, the time to remember, the time for a sigh, and - goodbye." JOSEPH CONRAD 1501! df LK 36 3 ABERZK f 9 , e eff an OWS. V51 C 'lfitlimii et, i ,ebat ge' I eb ' fl1j1v?'Bi y lub . 3- ry2 2, RAYMOND C. AFASANO 351 Demarest Drive, Orange "Oh yeah?", likes cars and crowds, expert at smashing pickle jars, an unusual laugh and a like- able personality, always has a happy outlook on life. Football, .I.V. 2. DIANE FRANCES ALDERMAN Inwood Road, Woodbridge Amity's green-eyed artist, inde- pendent with a flair for individu- ality. Spanish Club 2, 4, Biology Club 1, Library Club 3, 4, Synchron- ized Swimming 3, Spanish Honor Society 2, Class I. Q-,E-'l'ff 87 all 3 K PAMELA R. ATWOOD Wooding Hill Road, Bethany Interested in sports, subtle sense of humor, solemn exterior con ceals a friendly nature. SUSAN ELIZABETH ASHELFORD 4-89 Oakview Drive, Orange "Have you studied?", Jean H. clothes, skiis and sailing, always ready to listen, never passes up an opportunity to have fun. Student Council I, French Club 3, Le Cercle Francais 4, Future Teachers' Club 4, Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3, Embers Ed. Bd. 4, Field Hockey 3, Basketball 1. PAUL V. ASPRELLI 382 Dogwood Road, Orange Always full of fun and tricks, senior year suddenly hriqging on the inspiration to work harder, tries to make school more enjoy- able. BARBARA LEWIS ADAMS 259 Derby Avenue, Orange "I wasn't doing anything . . .", an impulsive, nutty, hysterical kid, a wonderful disposition and even greater sense of humor, a valu- able friend with flashy fingernails. French Club 3, V.P. 3, Le Cercle Francais 4, Future Teach- ers' Club 2, 4, Girls' Leaders 1. CON SOLATA ANN ARMELLINO 130 Old Tavern Road, Orange "Connie", the girl with the big heart, talented cook of many deli- cacies, brings much to the Drama Club, always the thespian. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Red Cross Club 4, Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 4, Majorettes 2. ,M jr aw' on-l i ' , IV ss R . E 1 s ' , . e , 1 ' . at t- Ie pirit f luti n t d C il 2 ' ' e c ra cax 4 C1 9 9 IRQ, 4 ati 2, , m- bers E . Bd. 3, . 27 LINDA ANNE BARTHEL Litchfield Turnpike, Bethany Loves a good time, a real par 5 goer, always seen in a diffe - car, loves to ice skate an yu. - Red Cross Club 4, gf- 'Qi 0- Xl nomics Servicg 2, 3, , ' : ag Club . F up fl , I XB . 1 1 DAVID HOWARD BELL Sperry Road, Bethany Beware of the Merry Widow smile, ad libs in French plays, versatile actor and a skillful girl-tickler, too. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, One of the Best Actors at the Connecticut Regional Drama Festi- tval 1965, Director of Macbeth - third place at Connecticut Region- al Drama Festival. ROBERTA GAIL T BERNEIKE Hickory Road, Woodbridge "Gail", energetic and optimistic sympathetic and determined, ited cheerleader, poised with peccable appearance, intelligent, notorious key-loser, "That's in- credible!", one of the trio. Student Council 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 1, Girls' Leaders 1, Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 4, Cheerleaders .I.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Co. Capt. 4, Senior Class Sec., Class I, II. NIKI ALLYSON BATTER Ox Bow Lane, Woodbridge "Shorty", "Batter',, trouble finds Niki, endeavors equal much grief, "I gotta get outa here!", "Can we open the door - it's hot in here." Spanish Club 3, 4, Pres. 3, IRO 3, 4. JOHN HENRY BERGMANN Barnabas Road, Woodbridge "Boogie", the Carvel man, fine friend to all, always a smile on his face and a friendly pat on the back for all. L I X 3 LESLIE L. BEDRON 201 Margaret Lane, Orange "Sugar and spice and everything nice", knits like a fiend and loves to sew, a perpetual smiler, even when skies are gray. Future Teachers' Club 1, 2, Rus- sian Club 3, 4. ARTHUR LLOYD BERNARD 406 Hilltop Road, Orange "Curse you, Red Phantom", sole- ly responsible for a notorious col- lection of songs, also known for his superior driving skills and golfing ability. Chess Club 2, Intramurals 2, 3, Soccer 3, 4, Class I. U SANDRA JEAN BATHGATE Poplar Swamp Road, Bethany Quiet and sincere individual, soft voice and sweet smile, quick to volunteer, enjoys a challenge. Drama Club I, Red Cross Club 4, Majorettes 2, 3, 4. GAIL LOUISE BERGEN 402 Old Tavern Road, Orange Common sense to an uncommon degree, future member of the Peace Corps, remains soft-spoken and unruffled. Spanish Club 2, Library Club 3, 4, Spartan Bus. Bd. 1, Class I, II, III. ROBERT DENNIS BISAILLON 489 Grace Trail, Orange Always up to date, considerate and accommodating, never caught up in emotional aspects of an issue. Debating Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 1, Track 1, Baseball J.V. 2. Mischievous nature hidden by sweet Small and Spifiiedi CXUCUICIY 10' BONNIE LAURIE BLAKE 295 Pine Tree Drive, Orange Devilish red hair, notorious carg vivacious cheerleader all day long, with energy enough for twog "Toodles I " Student Council 4, Girls' Chorus Ig Embers Ed. Bd. 4g Junior Class Sec.g Cheerleaders .I.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4. PATRICIA LEONA BODAK Ford Road, Woodbridge and quiet appearanceg familiar face in the lihraryg future librari- ang 8:10 - Out! Library Club 2, 3. THOMAS EDWARD BOYLE III 805 Riverside Drive, Orange "T.E.B."g rich heritage of V.W.'sg conscientious Latin student, "I U7 could"g sophistication disproved by a boyish grin. Coin Club 35 Chess Club 2, 4. RUTH IRENE BLENNERHASSETT 493 Halliwell Road, Orange "George", scintillating, efferves- cent, impetuous, sporty, loves ba- ton twirling, fast Rock 'n' Roll, WDEE, and psychologyg a non- conformist. Girls' Chorus Ig Le Cercle Fran- cais 4, Library Club Ig Majorettes 2, 3, 4. SALLY LOUISE BOYD 303 Drummond Road, Orange Kindness and understanding under reservation, quiet but always ready to listen, incapable of mak- ing enemies. IRO 3, 43 Biology Club 1. U34 99 .QW ONA LEE BLOCH 337 Augusta Drive, Orange Future student of medicine, enjoys her weekly mixersg spirited sense of humor, thoughtful consideration for all of her classmates. 1 girls' Chorus 4g Red Cross Club , , 4. KATHERINE THOMPSON BLAKESLEE Deer Run Road, Woodbridge A well-dressed, petite, and sophisti- cated young ladyg Mt. Snow - her home away from home, may appear quiet but really isn'tg "Have I got a good joke for you!"g a happy outlook on life. Student Council 4g Foreign Re- view 4g Girls' Chorus Ig French Club 35 Le Cercle Francais 43 Girls' Leaders Ig Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 43 Cheerleaders .I.V. 33 Field Hockey .I.V. 3. MARIE JEAN BONADIES Litchfield Turnpike, Woodbridge quacious with a distinctive laughg excellent dancer, with ambitions of owning her own studio or of being a beautician. ' 6064 f Choreography Club VCC 3 IQ1-meqf' -Wwe., 22,5 , LEFCQ -I-iw' f- My Mfliefe, Me. ,S' -.6 dDn'7"' 7? oe,,,,,,,,5 ffiiuf Wfwe 17' .sg hey' 4fff'2',-W fzfm :nz 429 . Mfwu 702 1410.4 46173 ear 48,9 Zim V04 0170 '24 1017 C0 PATRICIA JANE BOYN E Amity Road, Woodbridge "Boing-Boing", finally admitted that Amity is better than West Haven, noted for her chocolate chip cookies in study, quick to smile - even at bad jokes! Home Economics Service 2, 3, 4. N Qyghtn ' WILLIAM BRUCE BROWN 574 Steve Hill Drive, Orange Number one water-walker, "I beg to dif'Ier with you", perseverence plus, chem. forever, English never! Biology Club 1, Chemistry Club 3, Physics Club 2, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Math Team Award, NMSQT Let- ter of Commend. GLENN CLIFFORD BRUSHETT 507 Summit Drive, Orange Avid football and basketball play- er, "Are you kiddin' me?", sensi- tive beneath a tough exterior, wild study hall experiences. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Amity Hall of Fame 3. 50 I .. 3, , 2 t nfl" . . , '1 SN 2 inte I ' ' , rx N . : ERIC LEWIS It BREDENBERG Hopbrook Road, Bethany "Ricky,' to his friends, quiet and moody, yet under a calm exterior lies an unmatched sense of humor, big blue eyes, loves sports cars. Chess Club I, 3, 4. ANGELIKA DOROTHEA ff of df J-7 w f JAMES QiiiL1AQLL JJ'-" BROATCH 4 M 393 Ridge Road, Orange 04-fl ' 5 "Jimmy", good at almost any sport, wonderful sense of humor and a unique laugh, school spirit plus. Chess Club 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Boys' Leaders 3, Cross Eountrym J.V. 2. if fx L w-af! BRUCKUF 814 Riverside Drive, Orange "Ange", sweet, sincere, generous, loves intrigue, Beethoven, people in general, Tom Dooley and medi- cme. Foreign Review 3, 4, Drama Club I, French Club 3, German Club 2, 3, Pres. 3, Biology Club 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, Class I. Yr be-,AWK CYNTHIA MARIE BRUNOW Hallsey Lane, Woodbridge Warm and easy smile, anxious and willin worker' Dim lesl g 1 P Orchestra I, Girls' Chorus I, Drama Club I, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Club 4, Library Club l, Field Hockey I, Girls' Basketball I, Softball I. we ELIZABETH ELEANOR BRANDT 447 Wildwood Drive, Orange Devotes time to church group and guitar playing, enthusiastic sup- porter of Amity's teams, serious, but has hidden merriment. Orchestra l, Bridge Club 2, French Club 1, Biology Club 4, Math Club 2. Van' 0447 DAWNE E. J .Jl93 Old Tavern Road, Orange '6Really?", inspiringly enthusias- tic, yet independent, silly or seri- ous, always honest in opinion, service with a smile at the school store, "Who, me punctual? Of course notll' Student Council 2, 3, 4, Trident 4, Girls' Leaders 1, Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 4, Cheerleaders .I.V. 2, Varsity 3, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class l'jfce-President. KATHRYN GAIL BUCKHOLZ 25 Wellington Drive, Orange A sweet congenial personality, a wild one at certain parties, always on the go, a loyal friend to every- one. Typing I Award, Typing II Award. WILLIAM H. BUELL, III 481 Grace Trail, Orange MBil1"g enjoys reading in science and writing poetry. Spotlight 3g Biology Club 4g Hart- ford Courant Regional Awardg Bond Award. .IULIAN L. BUSH Hemlock Hollow Road, Woodbridgc The quiet one in the backgroundg known for his timely wit and quick humor. IRENE M. CHADDERTON 517 Treat Lane, Orange A glass of effervescent soda that is always ready to bubble overg bubble gum and witty remarks that always snap. Home Economics Service I. Vw' .MJ Ma! wif yffjjxj LMC CLIFFORD MICHAEL CALDERWOOD 668 Derby-Milford Road, Orange One who puts a sincere effort in the things that he likes the mostg always has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. G! LUCILLE ANN CANEPARI 43 Lucy Street, Woodbridge "Seal"g always has an answer - even before there is a questiong livens up Home Ee. classg noted for her stories and jokes, told at any timeg "Hello . . ." Embers Bus. Bd. 3. r ALFRED GENE BUONI 254 Pine Tree Drive, Orange A flash of lightningg thunderbolt in the skyg Tommy Smother's pro- tegeg mind always on baseball and football, for which he has obtained many Purple Hearts. Student Council 13 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 4. if VALERIE ANN BUZZARD Schaffer Road, Bethany '6Val"g warm personality and a friend to allg dependable and ef- ficientg understanding listener and considerate of others' feelingsg tal- ented athlete. Girls' Leaders 1, 2g Girls' Bas- ketball lg Softball lg Volleyball I, 3g Typing Award I, IIg Steno Award II. JOAN METTA CHAMBERLIN Seymour Road, Woodbridge, Individual with a unique approach to lifeg impulsive and uninhibitedg contagious laughg humorous, but with a sensitive outlook. Art Club lg Intramurals 3. 31 -M04 X -4. , Q, Band 1g AVA Ig Electronics 25 A fresh grinder JEFFREY P. CHIPOKAS 40 Center Road Circle, Orange lei", great sense of humor, by 1-fsno means shy, a best friend to many, enjoys underclassmeng "Girls - how confusing!" llntramurals 1, 2. n it . V a ,fx HARRY GILBERT CLARK, III Litchfield Turnpike, Bethany Outgoing personalityg happy when busyg greatest mathematician in the history of the Student Coun- cil!?g born leaderg are his hands sewn in his hip pocket? Student Council 1, 2, 3, Pres. 1, Treas. 3, Biology Club 43 Soccer 3, 4g Cross Country 23 Hockey 2, , 4. 32 gl JOSEPH S. CHERNOCK, Ill 396 Ridge View Road, Orange "Hoppy"g always has an adventure to tell aboutg song fanaticg contin- ually active sense of humorg care- free practical jokerg friendly and loquacious. Trident 2g Spotlight 2, Boys' Leaders 1. HARRIETT C. CHARM Baldwin Road, Woodbridge Always busy with the happenings around herg ready for actiong act- ing and producing astonishing re- sults are her specialties. Girls' Chorus 4g Red Cross Club 3, 4. .IUDITH ANNE CHOFNAS 405 Ridgeview Road, Orange FRANK LOUIS CIRILLO 430 Old Country Road, Orange Collegiate dresserg inexhaustible supply of jokes, known to most as the Maroon Mustang. Boys' Leaders 2, 33 Embers Bus. Bd. 49 Rifle Club lg Intramurals 1, 2, 4. ' Transfer from North Carolinag im- aginativeg likes ballet and swim- ming. Spanish Club lg Biology Club 45 Cheerleaders 2. i I F . . ,, ,X , 1 : 1: r"f 'ffl -.f N, Y' ' Lt, xffl-MAl.,,.f CLK' ,it s r.,.f 2 i',fd, -, ,I3 Ji ,'. ETQOISE PHELPS CLARK 590 OI'3Hg23iC6lJlCf Road,,Orange - in Ni Y I ' ' , v sponemeeoas sense of huniolr iifith a touch' of- sarcasmg 'lovesn spdfts, especially swimmingg April Fool's Day birthday for, an April, Fool, right Weezie? 'r' 1 1 H Girls' Leaders 1, 2, 3, 45 Field Hockey .I.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4g Bas- ketball Manager 2g Synchronized iwimming 3g Softball 2, 3, 4g Vol- yball 3, 4. 5, was 4 ,. .DLL 5 1' ,y Q. wr , ,, H' M L p tr . sg, ., 4 L5 I ,I 2 'SUZANNE WCLEMENCE 'A -166 Orchard Road, Orange A vivacious cheerleaderg her spark- ling blonde hair is characteristic of er personalityg "geezy-peezy!"g a crazy giggle. Student Council 1, 4g Girls' Leaders 1, 2, 33 Cheerleaders .I.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4g Intramurals 1, 2, 3. ' 1 1' . .-2' 'S , 'V ,'Q,J,' ' J. ,.,,f, xl , ---1 ,, E GILBERT HOWARD CLOCK Hoadley Road, Bethany "Gil", quiet, but hard working, supports all school activities, ath- letic, enjoys track, "Come on, any time, let's put on the gloves!" Spanish Club 2, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Co. Capt. 4. ' " 'v ,Q ' 4 y f ,T z 4' Qjzllklg -9 WJ JANET LOUISE 361 Miles Road, Orange Distinctive - Amiable - Vivacious - , Industrious - Delightful, an abun- . I dance of "witz." Bridge Club 2' Spanish Clu xi-Iome 'Economics 3, 'ai aff' ww cf' L' Q32 it .ZF ' tcwfig' ai 'LW JOHN CHARLES COLLINS 406 Dogburn Lane, Orange Deeply concerned over his promis- ing future, consistent winner of the worrier-of-the-week award, seeks out academic competition, then virtually destroys it, scienti- fic philosopher. Spanish Club 2, Biology Club 4, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Football .I.V. 2, NMSQT Semi-final. 4, Class I, II, III, Yale Seminar Program 3, Heart Careers Day 3, Boys' State Alt. 3, Spani h Honor Society LESLIE CONNOR Rimmon Road, Woodbridge Imaginative student, loves to sing, hopes to continue writing, espe- cially poetry. . Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Club 1, 4. at-f TW. ,AJUKNIEL WILLIAM CROTTA ,git 351 Manley Heights, Orange Anxious to get the things that must be done, done, a word ce- ments loyalty, he still has strong ties with West Haven. Math Club I, Soccer 3, 4. ,, I, ,,.. W A WX' ' fy ,ffl JOHN NICHOLAS CUSANO 459 Clement Lane, Orange Intensely pragmatic, always eval- uates the things that others take for granted, doesn't submit to the majority. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 4, Quill 1, Cross Country .I.V. 2, Class I, Spanish Honor Society 2. I VIRGINIA HELEN CURD 418 Clark Lane, Orange 4'Ginny", that Brooklyn accent has got to gol, "They don't appreci- ate me!", sports, all the time, drum corps in between, Irish temper plus. Trident 4, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' Leaders I, 3, 4, Em- bers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, Synchron- ized Swimming 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Class I, II, NMSQT Let- ter of Commend. 4. JEROME M. COLEMAN 214 Hyland Terrace '6.Ierry", great things come in small packages, quiet, but always an abundance of fun and humor, a hamburger, french fries, and a vanilla milkshake. Latin Club 4, Biology Club 1, Soccer 3, Intramurals 1. .IOANN CRISCUOLO Overland Drive, Orange "Jo", short, petite, likes chic clothes, Sunbeam Alpines and CYO at St. Mary's, "You're kid- ding!", future elementary school teacher. Red Cross Club 4, Future Teachers' Club 2, Intramurals 3, Embers Bus. Bd. 4. ALBERT D'ACUNTO 289 Merry Circle, Orange Transfer from Hillhouse, always the perfect gentleman, with over- whelming sincerity and concern for others, happiness is crying for "Valerie." Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Shera Myre Winaford Award fCivicsJ. 35 PETER GEORGE DANIEL 191 Surrey Drive, Orange Never loses his cool, but thereis more to him than just Batman and the Hin crowd", a whiz kid in chemistry, zips along merrily with- out any anxiety, they call him 4'Boy Wonder" in math class. GREGG ELLIOTT DAVIS 1091 Orange Center Road, Orange "Ralston" of the Amity tennis players, reserved, except among his friends. Student Council I, Coin Club 3, Debating Club 4, Photography Club 1, Boys' Leaders 1, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Class I. 4-4 A M of ' 6+ T QQ I HQ ' . JUDY ANN DECOSTER M ailwel o rings! Hop Brook Road, Bethany oe ust ev, ar ent usi t, ,, ,,. . D strong-minded, famous story-teller, bpfanuffi h.11tf1'f,I-lint lijugqfmall has mischievous grin, hopes for ul-Ioinelicoilrofnics girvilgeei 2 3 an engineering future. l . ' ' ' Biolo Club 1 Intramurals I 4, Home Economlcs Award I' PAUL F. DELLA PIETRA 355 Fairlea Road, Orange '4Peachy", new addition from Hill- house, great personality, witty, favorite pastime: adventurous week- ends and girls. Spanish Club 3, Human Rela- tions 3, Track 1. THOMAS BENJAMIN DORMAN Chestnut Lane, Woodbridge Always a smile, but a serious side, too, whimsical, and a wonderful friend to have, where there's a red Mustang, he's probably there. Chemistry Club 1, 2, Cross Country 1, 2, Baseball. 34 gy 2 7 2, 3, Football J.V. 2, Soccer 4. JOHN WILLIAM DOCKENDORFF 144 Old Hickory Road, Orange '4Doc", a soccer player at heart, frequently seen kicking a ball around, always seen in Milford on summer nights. Drama Club 1, Intramurals 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Swimming J.V. 3. PATRICIA L. DONNARUMMO 711 Derby-Milford Road, Orange Possessed of great poise and charm, a serious composure often sparkled with gay laughter. Home Economics Service 3, 4, Basketball 1. JEFFREY ALAN DERING 414 Miles Road, Orange Person of many talents, excellent painter and sketcher, interested in the outdoors, he and Jud Petrie forget that the Wars of the Roses ended several hundred years ago. Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 1, Embers Art Board 4. STEPHEN RAYMOND DOWD Doolittle Drive, Bethany "Dowdy", Never without a smile, last out of the locker room, fun to be with, in on everything, sel- dom with the same girl twice. Student Council 1, Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Class Pres. I. BARRIE HOWARD DRAZEN Rimmon Road, Woodbridge Petunia's loverg savoir faireg suave and debonairg following P. Mason, esquire, who is so very renowned for his verbal presentation. Spanish Club 2, 33 Debating Club 2, 33 Biology Club lg Boys' Leaders I. "Who doesn't dig rock 'n' roII?" JANE ARLENE DUFF Newton Road, Woodbridge Wisp of red hair and freckles3 pe- tite, inquisitive, scintillating3 ac- complished pianist. Orchestra 1, 23 Senior Choir 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Select Cho- rus 3, 43 Le Cercle Francais 3, 43 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 43' Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 43 NMSQT Letter of Com- mend.3 Class I, II, III3 Choir Award 33 Choir understudy 2, ac- companist 4-3 Honorable Mention N.H. Symphony Contest. CARL RICHARD DWORKIN Northrop Road, Woodbridge Curly locksg always has an answer for any question3 a Chevy a day keeps the homework away. Debating Club 2, 3. J AY JACOB ELKIN Luciani Road, Woodbridge Active participant in all school af- fairsg avid sports fan, and a friend you can trust. Chess Club 13 Boys' Leaders 1, 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN BRIAN ECCLES 421 Ridge View Road, Orange '4Ecks"3 never seen without his smile3 spirited and full of lifeg likes fast cars, football, and Ar- menians. Drama Club 23 Chess Club 1g Football 3, 4g Hockey 43 Track 1, 2, 4. 731- 5, a-..24H'f....,,.,fA..... ' ' , ?...,.5,f..f2Zf7,a.c.f., A. DAVID DUBAIL '- 1026 Garden Road, Orange "Skip"3 he may seem quiet at first glance, but watch out! big spark- ling baby blues. Rifle Club 1: Soccer 4. ALICE-RAE KATIE DURLEY Cheshire Road, Bethany Petite and trimg adept with needle and threadg found either in the li- brary or at choirg demure outward appearanceg solicitous of her peers. Senior Choir 2, 3, 43 Girls' Cho- rus 43 Library Club 2, 3, 4g Girls' Leaders I. .IUDITH ANN ELKIN Luciani Road, Woodbridge All around good kidg nutty as a fruit cakeg full of smiles3 gales of gigglesg "I can't be bothered"3 "How's Sam?', Senior Choir 43 Girls' Chorus 4g French Club 13 Library Club 13 Future Teachers' Club 23 Typing Award. RICHARD CARL ERIKSSON Sanford Road, Woodbridge "Dick", loves cars, electronics, always thumbing a ride, going out for soccer. Orchestra l, Drama Club l, Art Club 4, AVA l, Soccer 3, 4. ANTHONY JOSEPH F ALCONE Miller Road, Bethany King of the surf, "Happiness is to miss a killer-wavel", pop-top chain, likes redheads, basketball is his game. Art Club 4, Spanish Clulf2, Baseball .l.V. 2, 3. J CHARLES DAVID ESSLINGER 300 Juniper Drive, Orange Transfer from Michigan, calm and complacent, small but mighty, looking toward the future. Photography Club l, 2, Bowling 3, 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. LYNN DOROTHY F ABER 58 Williamsburg Drive, Orange Really a lively one, she is seldom sad, her favorite place is on a sail boat, enjoys music. Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Typing Award I. UCILLE FRANCES F EILER X Ot-.EL E FELDMAN Ann Rose Drive, Orange , A ' ace Trail, Orange , a total extrovert, transfer L'v sense mor, active, par- from Hillhouse, who participates pate sports, kind and with spirit in every school activ- 1nce frien with a good word ity, a friend to the immediate or eve ne. world. ' Stud iouncil l, French Club Student Council 2, Girls' Cho- 3, i eaders l, 4, Embers rus 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 2, Ger- 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, man Club 2, Latin Club 4, Pres. Ba etball Mgr. 2, Synchro- 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Basket- l nize wjlx-rfning 2, 3, 4. . ban 3, Class 1, 11. I ERIC BRUCE F ELDMAN 632 Avon Drive, Orange Amity's answer to Earl Scruggs, plays banjo, guitar, and bass, put to good use in a band, intelligent and social, "Harry" is frank and down to earth. Debating Club l, Embers Art Bd. 4, Soccer 2. d fi GERARD A. ESPOSITO 435 David Court, Orange "Jerry", friendly and loquacious, clever and artistic, lover of the repartee, "Would you believe? talented impressionist. Chess Club 3, Photography Club 1, Electronics Club. JOSEPH JOHN FEHER, III Old Mill Road, Bethany "Bard-o", spontaneous humor, hide-out in the chem lab, interest- ed in drum corps, philosophy, and poetry with meaning, enjoys run- ning in the rain, "Joe-a-go-go!" Band l, 2, 4, Biology l, Chem. Club 2, 3, 4, V.P. 2, Math Team 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball Mgr. 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Class I, II, III, NMSQT Letter of Commend., Math Team Award. MARY VIRGINIA F IALA 374 Grassy Hill Road, Orange "Giny,', has musical and artistic inclinations, sense of humor hides eep thought, interest in skiing, eld hockey, and tennis, "Ah-so." Foreign Review 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Select Chorus 4, Le Cercle Francais 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4, Girls' Lead- ers 3, 4, Russian Club 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Class l, II. CYNTHIA S. FLAHERTY 376 Woodland Lane, Orange Bright red hair and pleasant smile, warm personalityg fun to be withg a true friend. Home Economics Service 4. LESLIE FORBES Bethmour Road, Bethany Sense of humor, enjoys hunting and outdoor sportsg "Don't worry about it." MATTHEW MARK F RAWLEY 65 Marsh Hill Road, Orange A smile and friendly word for allg frequently seen on skatesg "What time does this period end?" Boys' Leaders Ig Hockey 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JANIS A. F LICKINGER Edwards Road, Bethany You can always catch the devil in her twinkling eyesg witty and fun to be withg small but mighty. Student Council 1, 2, V.P. lg Trident 2. PATRICIA ANNE FOLEY 789 Riverside Drive, Orange One who is intelligently sincere and scholastically aware of all that is around herg beneath the serious layer lies a rich core of warmth and understanding. Girls' Chorus 13 German Club 3, 4g Library Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 33 Nat'l Honor Society 3, 43 Syn- chronized Swimming 23 Class I, II, Aux. Lat. Magna Cum Laude. 3, 4. .IAY ELLIOTT FLESHER 538 Carriage Drive, Orange Knows all the answers for "the reason why"g his drawing-pen forms a talented sixth fingerg humorous and alertg will always get in the last word, electronics and cars take second only to fe- male companionship. Dance Band 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, DENNIS A. FOWLER Price Drive, Bethany Oh, those wild week-ends and Monday morningslg mechanically inclined, hypothetical indifference conceals true friendlinessg New York anyone? Chess Club l. WV if THOMAS BERNARD FOYER 163 Indian Rlver Road, Orange . . . .. -N ,-A Quiet until you get to know hlmg lsjfe , as ,fxwfb gi, f-are EMM 12.94 ,W X always ready for ood time g . Rifle Club lg Hockey 2, 3, 4. Embers X NV .E M FRQIZA utlo ,' a ymijfffnbersxy Q' Bd. .bf J gf 1 P ,. .vis - J53' V Oiffm JANICE R. FROEBERG 295 Ridge Road, Orange Gentle, deceptively quiet, enthusi- astic originator of many pranks, remember CBA?,'Amity's contri- bution to candid camera. Trident 3, Le Cercle Francais 4, Library Club 1, Embers Ed. Bd. 4, Embers Bus. Bd. 3, Rus- sian Club 4, Field Hockey J.V. 3, Class 1. BETSY JANE GANDELMAN Tumblebrook' Road, Woodbridge Pert and peppyg "The mouse that roared", notorious yellow T-Bird, an instigator, "Let's go!" Biology Club 1, Girls' Leaders l, 2, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Cheer- leaders 3, 4, Capt. 4, Aux. Lat. Award 3, Class I, H. KAREN JANE GANS Ansonia Road, Woodbridge An intelligence matched only by her impeccable wit, a surprise package in the truest sense of the word, catch the quip from the backrow? You can be sure it was a K.G. original, "The Junior", wallpaper diary?! Student Council 1, Treas. 1, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Biology Club 1, Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Class I, II, III, Aux. Lat.-Maxima, Magna. STEVEN NEAL GANT Tumble Brook Road, Woodbridge Man without a homeroom, quie sophistication, Machiavellian, en- joys weightlifting. Art Club 2, Latin Club 2, Foot- ball 2, Cross Country 2, Swim- ming 2, Track 2. t BRUCE MALCOLM JOYCE GARAY Bethmour Road, Bethany A welcome addition to Amity, intelligence combined with an easy-going attitude, from a '60 Plymouth to a '66 green Mustang? IRO 4, Nat'l Honor Society 1, 3, Newspaper 1, Astronomy Club 3, Geometry Regents Award 3. GARBER Tumblebrook Road, Woodbridge A friendly hello for everyone, marked for success, a devoted swimmer and student council mem- ber, aggressive and enthusiastic, every girl's friend. Student Council 3, 4, Pres. 4, Trident 3, 4, Sports Ed. 4, Coin Club 3, Sec. 3, Debating Club 4, Biology Club 1, Boys' Leaders 1, Jr. Prom Bids Co-Chair., Swim- ming 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Boys' State Alt. 3. Smalltalk 9- PETER RONALD GAMBORDELLA Hillandale Road, Bethany "Chihuahua", witty, nimble, a cat. JOHN CARL GANTER Mountain View Road, Bethany "Boy, are you going to get it!", so silent that you don't even rea- lize he's around until someone brings up the topic of motorcycles or dragstrips, truly a mechanical mind, enjoys reading '6Super Stock." Metal Shop 1, Wood Shop 1. BETSY SUE GIMBEL JAMES BLACK GOETSCH GEOFF REY ARTHUR GEANE 444 Old Country Road, Orange A master of the Honda, Jaguar, and Ford, swimming enthusiast, finds two heads better than one in Spanish class. AVA 1, Boys' Leaders 2, Swim- ming 2, 3, 4, Intramurals. LINDA MARIE GIORDANO 475 Oak View Drive, Orange The 'ilittle Hitler" of the majorette squad, determination with a smile, keep an eye on her shoes, future ambition to be a dancing teacher. Modern Dance 1, Majorettes 2, 3, 4, Capt. 2, 3, 4. .IUDITH ELLEN GOLDSTONE Luciani Road, Woodbridge Calm exterior but surprisingly en- ergetic, a quick sense of humor, appreciates the finer things in life, Yale! Basketball, anyone? Quick to show a smile and thoughtful- ness. Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Lead- ers 1, 2, 3, Embers Art Bd. 4. ROBERT F. GILLOOLY Dogwood Circle, Woodbridge Beneath this moribund mask, could it be the eggplant that ate Chi- cago? . . . Wackadoo, Wackadoo. Drama Club 2, 3, Art Club 3, French Club 3, AVA 1, Biology Club 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 4, Foot- ball .l.V. 3, Golf ,l.V. 3, News- paper 3, Intramurals. MARY ELIZABETH GLENDON 514 Race Brook Road, Orange "Mac", did someone mention food, enjoys folk and blues, un- predictable, seems shy and quiet but . . . Eric Andersen is tops . . . . Girls' Leaders 1, 3, Field Hock- ey 3, Synchronized Swimming 2, Intramurals. Brookwood Drive, Woodbridge Talkative and excitable, energetic and outgoing, always willing to help or listen to one's problems, fun-loving and full of school spirit, athletic, and dances, like WOW! IRO 4, Biology Club 1, Future Teachers' Club 3, Girls' Leaders l, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 1, Aux. Lat. Award 2, 3. Cleft Rock Lane, Woodbridge Nicknamed "Limbo", those eyes!! Pensive expression deceives, trans- fer from Trinity-Pawling. Student Council 1, Drama Club 3, Debating Club 3, Lacrosse 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3. SHARON ELIZABETH GILBERT 252 Sylvan Valley Road, Orange Petite, pert, and cute, lively, ex- uberant and always active, eager to put forth her best effort at all times, "What's going on this weekend?" Home Economics Service 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorettes 2, Intramurals. , gs. KAREN ELIZABETH GIOVANELLY 315 Fairlea Road, Orange Sparkling eyes that match her per- sonality and a smile that makes you forget your troubles, a girl who enjoys life, which accounts for her popularity, trademark - distinctive clothes. Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais 4, Girls' Leaders 1. CAROL H. GOODRICH Miller Road, Bethany Conscientious, food? . . . where? Reserved, but with a spark of comedy, always a most loyal friend. Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Library Club 4, Intramurals, Typing Award. 39 , 1. . A. -EFL, W-I Wf- HARTFORD COURANT GOLD KEY, Bill Buell NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS, Left to right, John Collins Martha Meier, Richard Melny, Elaine Kuehn, Steve' Powell. SPECI L A ARDS HARVARD BOOK AWARD 5 CONNECTICUT ASSOCIA- TELLURIDE SUMMER PRO- TION OF DEANS AND WOM- GRAM SCHOLARSHIP, NA- EN COUNSELORS AWARD, TIONAL COUNCIL OF D.A.R. GOOD CITIZEN TEACHERS OF ENGLISH AWARD, Lucy Shaffer. AWARD, Steve Powell. NUTMEG BOY'S STATE, Front row, left to right, Philip LAUREL GIRL'S STATE, Elaine Kuehn, Martha Meier, Mar- Welch fAlt.J, Julian Schlesinger, Richard Melny. Back row, ilyn Slater CAlt.J. Absent, Darice Grippo CAlt.D. Jerry Keefe fAlt.D, Gordon Snyder, John Collins fAlt.J. Absent, 40 Bruce Garber fAlt.J . AMERICAN FIELD ERVICE Guillermo Oliveros - U.S.A., Philip Welch, Japan Ha sido para mi una experien- cia maravillosa haber sido un estu- diante en Amity. Siempre he en- contrado algo nuevo e interesante que conocer es esta comunidad estaudinense. Mediante la con- vivencia he llegado a adquirir gran conocimiento y entendi- miento de sus constumbres y de su vida en general. Estoy muy contento de contribuir a la amis- tad entre nuestras dos naciones que espero perdure para siempre. It has been a marvelous experi- ence for me to be a student at Amity. I have always found something new and interesting to learn about this American community. Through living here every day,I have been able to acquire a great knowledge and understanding of its customs and of its life in general. I am very happy to contribute to the friend- ship between our two nations, which I hope will continue for- ever. BOPPY rwkoe 1 if u,:'!,x.ap'i1-sv faire 's s:"'w'u: V2 1 .1 assvqt -ts as .4 '- " 'ii shing- This summer has been by far the most interesting of my life. I learned many things about Japan, particularly that America and ,Ia- pan can be alike and very different at the same time. Young people our age seem to have something in common all over the world. The unanimous decision of my forty- eight fellow Americans and me is that A.F.S. is just the greatest pro- gram ever invented. I know I will remember my family and home in Tokyo for the rest of my life. Phil Jeanne Moore - Germany It was not an easy decision to go to a foreign country and to a strange family. Jeanne has been received into Dr. Bernhardt Brinkmann's family as a daughter and as a sister to his own six children. ,Ieanne's father, Cdr. Patrick Moore, and her foster father, Dr. Brinkmann, served in their countries' Navies during World War II on opposite sides. Both men wish to show their children that this way is the best way - to make a connection be- tween them, to have peace in the world. Dr. Brink- mann wishes to show his children that an American girl thinks and lives in the same way as they - and he Wishes to give an American girl the experi- ence to see that they have the same concept of life as her parents in America. Mrs. Patrick Moore LINDA TAYLOR GRABBER 552 Meeting House Circle, Orange Friendly and outgoing5 athletic5 ut . . Eric Andersen is tops. enthusiastic cheerleader5 great Jokes! Exuberant personality. Girls' Chorus 15 Girls' Leaders I 2 35 Cheerleaders .I .V. 25 Varsi- ty4 Intramurals. DARICE PAULA GRIPPO 64 Indian River Road, Orange Contemplative and ladylikeg big cities and folksongs5 jelly beans5 traveler at heart5 statuesque intel- lectual. Trident 45 Foreign Review 3, 45 Le Cercle Francais 3, 45 Biology Club 45 Russian Club 3, 45 Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 45 Nat'l Honor So- ciety 3, 45 NMSQT Letter of Commend.5 Class I, II, III5 Girls' State Alt. 3. BARTON MACNEIL HALL 669 Orange Center Road, Orange Avid collector of everything5 out- doorsmang politics and puns5 an individualist who likes foreign languages and square dancing5 a history scholar with definite plans for the future. Coin Club 3, 45 Debating Club 45 AVA I5 Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 45 Quill I5 Football J.V. 25 Aux. Lat. Magna Cum Laude 2, 35 Spanish Honor Society 2, 3, 45 NMSQT hitter of Commend.5 Class I, ll, 42 JUDITH SABINA GREENE 775 Riverside Drive, Orange Someone you can always turn to5 quietly aware of everything around her5 always able to smile. Newspaper I, Feature Ed. 15 Drama Club I5 Debating Club 45 Embers Art Bd. 45 Volleyball l. 66 SUSAN DIANE HANSEN Northrup Road, Bethany Likes swimming and the beach5 likes dancing and being with peo- ple5 loves to travel - hopes to make a career of it5 her smile expresses her Danish charm. Girls' Chorus 35 Drama Club I5 Latin Club 25 Soccer 2. it f J if SARAH JANE GREGORY Wepawag Road, Woodbridge Petite, but spirited5 kind and sen- sitive5 numerous friends5 very lovableg loves to ski5 "Think snow!" Student Council 2, 45 Foreign Review 45 Biology Club I: Girls' Leaders 15 Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 45 Field Hockey 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Aux. Lat.-Cum Laude. What is this dream of time . . . DREW HOWARD HARRISON Rimmon Road, Woodbridge Collegiate clothes and swingin' times5 constant source of hysteria in homeroomg high interest in cars and girls. Drama Club 1, 2. PAMELA MAE GRIFFITHS Old Fairwood Road, Bethany Sweet, considerateg can be found reading the Bible5 interested in other people. Girls' Chorus 45 Spanish Club I5 Volleyball 35 Typing I, II, Award. CURTIS L. HA N , 674 Lambert Ro Y , n Transfer from Exete giv - gards to the r' ' Homer Fogl Dra a 10 Y X the zan se t u r. u . x. 'fir r 9 ,ff amp FREDERICK L. HAUSER Spring Valley Road, Woodbridge Open-minded, he'll try anything once5 his personality is his biggest asset5 heart of gold5 "get tuH!" Boys' Leaders 25 Football .I.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4. EUGENE HAYNES 312 Juniper Drive, Orange Enthusiastic, rabid sports fan, 'Tm out to enjoy life!,', always time to relax, carelessness, ladies' man. Math Club 4, Rifle Club 1, Baseball ,l.V. 2, 3, 4. MARK ELDON HOFFMAN 821 Derby-Milford Road, Orange Hockey player and all-around sports fan, hard working student and helpful friend. Chemistry Club 1, Soccer 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Track ,l.V. 2, 4. LINDA MARGARET HOPPE Amity Road, Bethany A sparkling personality underneath her reticent facade, loves rock 'n' roll concerts, "I just know I did it all wrong!" Home Economics Service 2, 3, 4. GERALDINE A. HEANEY 2 Robert Road, Woodbridge '6Geri", an abundance of pep, is it true blondes have more fun?, always seen with her white Fury, non-stop talking, unusual dining habits, a vast knowledge of tents. Drama Club 2, Girls' Leaders 1, Newspaper 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH RICHARD HORTON Ox Bow Lane, Woodbridge Gives the showcases something to show, creator of the ,lunior Prom's '4Alice", "But l'm sooooo tired." Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Em- bers Art Board 2, 3, 4, Co-Ed. 4. KAREN GRACE HEAVENS 179 Bayberry Lane, Orange A blonde, blue-eyed vision with an equally beautiful voice, "To live is to dance, to dance is to live!", her glowing smile shines through a thin shell of reserve. Senior Choir 4, Girls' Chorus 4, Modern Dance 3. CYNTHIA KRISTINE HOFFMAN 359 Knight Lane, Orange "Cyndi", backed by a happy per- sonality and a feminine appear- ance, she always has understand- ing sympathy for those who need II. Girls' Chorus 3, Bridge Club 2, French Club 3, IRO 4, Biology Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3. RANDY LOWE HOLGATE Hemlock Hollow, Woodbridge Expressiveness and sincerity, af- fectionately known to all as Ran- dy, "But that is my real name.", sensitive, yet vigorous and spir- ited, radiates with contagious con- geniality and unrestrained giggles, "Well, it was funny at the time!" Foreign Review 4, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Torch 1, Bus. Co-Ed. 1, Cheer- leaders .l.V. 3, Co-Capt. 3, Per- icirct Score Aux. Lat., Class I, II, I. this strange and bitter miracle of living?" - THOMAS WOLFE GAYLE CATHY HOWARD South Indian Hill Road, Orange Laughable, talkative, fun-loving, outgoing, friendly, 4'Yes, I know I'm gullibleln Girls' Chorus 2, Spanish Club 4, IRO 4, Library Club 3, Typing Award. KATHLEEN ANN HUBER 188 Hitchcock Court, Orange A quiet and pleasant personality, love, laughter, life and 160 Hon- das, dresses with taste, "Where's the orange juice?" Modern Dance 1, Synchronized Swimming 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. 43 MARTHA ANN HUBER 51 Old Tavern Road, Orange Frank and wittyg collegiate and carefree, capable procrastinatorg Irish eyes and notorious dimplesg loquacious and congenial among close friends. Art Club lg Girls' Leaders 1. CATHERINE ANN IACCARINO 276 Sarah Circle Willing to talk to anyone and everyone, avid Dylan and Baez fang loves New Haven, ecstatic personality. Senior Choir 2g Girls' Chorus 3: IRO 43 Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 4. JOAN ELIZABETH IAMELE 406 Taulman Road, Orange Vivacious redheadg avid cartoon- istg always on the gog whiz on isrutchesg "Hi ya!" little but live- y. Trident 3g Modern Dance lg IRO 4g Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 43 Synchronized Swimming 2g Typ- ing Award 3. 44 MICHAEL ANDREW HUMPHREY 544 Orange Center Road, Orange "Beak,'g "Follow the beakmo- bilel"g clown of the swimming team, devilish sparkle in his eyes. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. DIANE RUTH IPBACH 406 Wheelers Farms Road, Orange Her quiet but pleasant personality presents her with many friends. Typing Award g Shorthand Awardg Pep Club 1, 2. LEONORA ELIZABETH HUNTER Peck Hill Road, Woodbridge '4Lorie"g always enthusiastic and ready for fung Polynesian flower fioating on a thimbleg those devil- ish eyes, what's she planning now? Drama Club 1, 2, 3g IRO 3, 4g Volleyball 2. DREW MICHAEL HURLEY Peck Hill Road, Woodbridge Mr. Class Spirit, always in the bleachers cheering, deceptive ap- pearanceg 'Tm thirsty"g a letter- man. Biology Club 13 Boys' Leaders 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 25 Track 3, 4. ca - V a tlme of war, ji' . 2-.. ' .IJ-5 fl -VCP-V' V -FJ ..---. 'I L YR-.k,si-3 - 3473! Q 5.1 6' J " Q A ,ff Sri? - :fy , BETH EDITH JACOBS Rimmon Road, Woodbridge Friendly, extrovertedg always ready with a joke or witty saying, known for her exotic and exciting tasteg involved in many school activities. Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Red Cross Club lg Home Economics Service 1, 2, 3. Q 4 ,Z 1 A , f' J-"' . -...., -xii. XJ --'A 'P ' . f N ,J"' . F f gxj 'N 14" 5 - if " 7 pew - w rs ,fx ,,- :N-a. f . J, I: fl-" '55 -. .-J' -If-VJ fa' ' t - 2 Jo ANNE JACUBSEN Hamilton Drive, Bethany Carefree and always laughingg--f friendly and loquaciousg known for her distinctive laughg love for Barracudas and "The Chosen Few." Drama Club lg Girls' Leaders lg Embers Bus. Bd. 43 Intramurals. 2 LYNNE NANCY JACOBSON 394 Drummond Road, Orange Cay, fun-loving with a sensitive nature, always willing to lend a sympathetic ear, a conscientious student and a loyal friend. Student Council l, Spotlight 3, 4, Bridge Club 3, Le Cercle Fran- cais 4, Girls' Leaders I, Intra- murals, Class I. JENNIFER LOIS JAINER White Oak Lane, Woodbridge "Neffer", fair-skinned b lo n d e , easy-going and friendly, always willing to help. Modern Dance 3, Intramurals. and a time of peace." - ECCLESIASTES III MICHAEL JOHN JORDAN Wedgewood Drive, Woodbridge A fighting Irishman who plays guard during football season, Mike's amiable and always ready for a good time. Boys' Leaders 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, Track 4, Intramurals. CARL PAUL KAISER, JR. 539 Wheelers Farms Road, Orange "Topper", Amity's original paper- back book enthusiast, renowned for his Halloween pranks and practical jokes, the debtor. Drama Club I, Chess Club 2. MICHAEL J. JELASKO, II 756 Derby-Milford Road, Orange '4Mr. AVA", coin speculator, gen- erally keeps to himself, but is out- going with his friends. Trident 1, Art Club 1, Coin Club 3, AVA 1, 2, 3, 4. ..-Why In -..,,k I . ASHLEY KANTROWITZ 8 Pryde Drive, Orange Mobile earrings and a prolific pen, rides a Honda 90, a fre- quenter of the Exit. PAUL H. JENSETH Beechwood Road, Woodbridge His difference does not overpower, great consideration and sincerity, a good sense of humor makes one glad to be with him. LINDA BARBARA JOHNSON 168 New Haven Avenue, Orange A quiet, gentle girl, Linda loves horses and spends much of her time in that pursuit, for the spring you'll find her on her favorite team, girls' softball. Spanish Club 1, Library Club 3, Home Economics Service 4, Soft- ball 3, 4. CAROL ANN KARABINOS 49 Whitney Lane, Orange "Curly,', an angel with her harp, avid tennis player, usually quiet, but . . . Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Bridge Club 3, 4. 45 LINDA JEAN KARTHAUS 205 Hyland Terrace, Orange Though Linda appears quiet, she is jovial, and has a hearty giggle, main interest is Home Economics, loves sewing and cooking. Drama Club 1, German Club 2, Pres. 2, Library Club 2, 3, Home Economics Service 1, 2, 3. JOHN THOMAS KIRK J EREMIAH JOSEPH KEEFE, III Racebrook Road, Woodbridge "Jeremiah Beth", "We can play at Keefe's house", best-dressed rock in a noisy French class. Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 1, Track 2, 3, 4. RUTH ANN KENNEDY 448 Wildwood Drive, Orange Serious and quiet, but less re- served among her close friends, meticulous dresser, shiny black hair. Girls, Chorus 2, French Club 3, Le Cercle Francais 4, Perspectives 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Intramurals 4. 46 JOSEPH JAY KAUF MAN 662 Peck Lane, Orange Encourages independence, refresh- ingly altruistic, always flanked by several friends. Coin Club 3, Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3. MARY RITA KENNELLY 404 Longmeadow Road, Orange "Wild Irish Rose of Amity,', neat- ly dressed at all times, has the look of deep hidden thoughts be- hind her emerald eyes. Art Club 1, Modern Dance 3, Folksinging Club 2. CARLA ELISE KAZANJ IAN Pleasant Hill, Woodbridge Poised, refined, utterly dependa- ble, sophisticated, but fun-loving, famous Grand Prix and avid foot- ball fan! ! Student Council I, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 2, Embers Bus. Bd. 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD JOHN KING 737 Orange Center Road, Orange Usually on his own, interested in hunting, enjoys skiing and moun- tain climbing, loves doing nothing to pass the time. Soccer 2, 3, Hockey Manager 3, 4. DANIEL PAUL KEARNS 107 Buttonball Road, Orange "Would you believe . . .'?", broad grin, star athlete, starts our games off with a big kick, but somehow seems accident prone. Drama Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Boys, Leaders 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 1. MARK DOUGLAS KEENEY 816 Woodruff Road, Orange Transfer from Hopkins where his "educated toe" was an asset to the soccer team. Soccer J.V. 2, Track J.V. 2. 529 Overlook Drive, Orange Fine artistic talents, a good sense of humor combined with a quick mind give John a promising fu- ture with many friends. Coin Club 1, Chess Club 2. LINDA JEAN KLAPPERICH 820 College Road, Orange Sheis quiet in class, but are her musings about classwork or boys? MARK STUART KLIGER 303 Hemlock Drive, Orange Happy-go-lucky, friend of every- one, hard working and energetic, likes cars, sports, and girls. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN LUCINDA KRAUS 410 West River Road, Orange A vivacious red-head whose person- ality is equaled only by her con- geniality. Bridge Club 3, Typing Award I. HOWARD D. KLIGER 388 Fairlea Road, Orange Usually quite reserved, always en- thusiastic about sports, particularly baseball, looking forward to a possible major in physical educa- tion. "Who says Americans aren't physically fit? JOSEPH ROBERT KRIZ Bear Hill Road, Bethany "Little Joe", a true friend and gentleman to those who know him, loves surfing, horses, and blondes, "Pray for surf", outspoken, skate boarding on the turnpike, anyone? JAMES A. LAMONT Rimmon Road, Woodbridge An outdoor man who loves cars and hockey, dishes out a wicked cone at Carvel. Chess 1, 2, 3. Il ROBERT KRASOWSKI 528 Wheelers Farms Road, Orange On the quiet side, enjoys mascu- line pleasures like guns and cars, maybe that's why they call him "Killer?" Rifle Club 1. ELAINE DICKERSON KUEHN 436 Wildwood Drive, Orange "Jinx", open-minded, interesting conversationalist, does everything with enthusiasm and dedication, loves to have fun, Rhode Island and "sedate games." Foreign Rev. 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Select Chorus 4, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Math Club 3, Chair. 3, Nat'l Honor Societv 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Field Hockey 4, Yale Science Symposium 3, NMSQT Semi-final., Girls' State 3, Class I, II, III, Yale Seminar Program 3. 47 LUCILLE ANN LANDINO 365 Demarest Drive, Orange "Lucy", often reserved, but a men- ace on the volleyball courtg known as the little one, big interest in art as a future. Foreign Rev. 2, 3, 4, Drama Club lg Embers Art Bd. 3, 4. DAVID C. LEENEY Carrington Road, Bethany "Dave", water-sport addict and basketball fang loyal and jovial student. Bridge Club 23 Chess Club Ig Baseball .I.V. 2. 66 LEWIS W. LEMONTAGNE Hop Brook Road, Bethany Skipvg quiet personality sparked with naive humor, lover of Bach and animals. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. ALBERTA CAROL LAUDANO Oak Hill Lane, Woodbridge Seemingly quiet and conscientious, Albie has another side - driving her mag-wheeled auto, enjoys swimmingg an expert knitter, Fair- isle patterns and allg remember CBA! Girls' Chorus 43 Drama Club 2, 3g Red Cross Club 3g Library Club lg Embers Bus. Bd. 4g Em- bers Art Board 4. DEBORAH SUSAN LEDEWITZ Brookwood Drive, Woodbridge Cheerful, on and off the fieldg contagious spiritg those' mischie- vous green eyes, found where it's never dull. Student Council 3, 4, Rec. Sec. 4, Biology Club Ig Girls' Leaders 1, 2, 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 43 Cheerleaders 3, 43 Basketball 29 Volleyball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Aux. Lat., Magna Cum Laude. LINDA MARGARET LEE 940 Orange Center Road, Orange Always on the go in a new carg secret desire of being a Grand Prix Race driver, a lively Wildcat beneath a serene and sophisticated exteriorg a sincere friend. Math Club 4g Girls' Leaders 1, 49 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheer- leaders .I.V. 3. THOMAS LEONARD LEHTONEN Valley Road, Bethany Boy with silver skates, enjoys people and vice versag great com- petitive spirit. Photography Club Ig Soccer 23 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3. What might have been and what has been . . . MARCY EILEEN LENDER Pleasant Hill Road, Orange Hard-working happy-go-lucky Mar- cyg musically inclined and sings in the choir, plays in the orches- trag always wears a smile. Orchestra I, 2, 3, Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 45 Aux. Lat. 2, 3. .IOHANN LORRAINE LESNIAK 716 Wheelers Farms Road, Orange Johann enjoys helping people and giving friendly adviceg admires Hondas and enjoys listening to records. Quill Ig Majorettes 2g Typing Award 1, 2. X THOMAS ALAN LEVITSKY 26 Pryde Drive, Orange "Lipsky"g popular musician and singer, intramurals participantg no worries, except for girls. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. NOEL ERIC LEWIS 269 Sarah Circle, Orange 4'Paul"5 excels in French and Ger- man5 expert mermang "Le Prince de Galles." Bridge Club 25 Chess Club 25 Le Cercle Francais 3, 45 Soccer 35 Swimming 2, 3, 45 Class I, Il. HOWARD BRIAN LINETT 786 Dennis Drive, Orange Calm firmness with Victorian en- duranceg not many test his truly high boiling point5 has a certain inexplicable talent with a soccer ball5 life begins with the key in the ignition. Foreign Review 4, Co-Ed. 45 Bridge Club 25 Debating Club I5 Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 45 Natll Honor Society 3, 45 Soccer 3, 45 Class I, II5 Spanish Honor Society. WENDY ROBERTA LOBDELL 136 Grandview Boulevard, Derby "What's your problem?"5 blonde hair that swings5 a different per- sonality to match each friend5 nev- er still for very long. Drama Club 15 Biology Club 45 Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 45 Synchron- ized Swimming 3, 45 Softball 4. MARILYN KATHRYN LOCKWOOD 457 Sportsman Road, Orange Twinkling eyes and a ready smileg frank and sincere5 constant will- ingness to form friendships5 fa- mous for dancing in the car5 would you believe a Go-Go girl? Student Council 15 Home Eco- nomics Service 35 Girls' Leaders 1, 35 Embers Bus. Bd. 45 Asst. Ed. 45 Synchronized Swimming 2, 3. . . . point to one end, which is always present. MARION BROCKWAY LONGO Old Mill Road, Woodbridge "Puffy"5 kinda nutty5 avid sports fan5 loves to cheer at all the gamesg accomplished guitarist5 de- voted to Williams College. Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Lead- ers 1, 3, 45 Embers Bus. Bd. 45 Synchronized Swimming 2, 35 Soft- ball 3, 4. JACQUELINE LOOMIS Francis Drive, Bethany "Peanut"5 vivacious blonde5 be- comes involved with and carries out those things which she begins5 very amicable5 eccentric nut! '4Have you seen a Green Beret?" Biology Club 15 Embers Bus. Bd. 45 Intramurals. - T. S. ELIOT PATRICIA BOWMAN LOTT 84 Green Hill Road, Orange An unlimited interest in art5 re- served but pleasantly mischievous5 femininity personified. Art Club 35 Girls' Leaders 15 Embers Art Bd. 45 Intramurals. RICHARD CROCKER LUCE 351 Grassy Hill Road, Orange Avid car fan, who rarely gets to class on timeg often seen but sel- dom heard5 Milford is his second home. MARY H. LONGO 47 Amity Road, Bethany A person who makes an honest at- tempt to prove her capabilities5 her reserved manner makes her respected by all who know her. Drama Club 15 Library Club 2. ROBERT FRANK LUCIANI 40 Landin Street, Woodbridge "Norton"5 carefree5 perennial jok- er5 bowling star and Bridge Club standout5 doesn't believe in home- work. Bridge Club 25 MANNING CYNTHIA MARGARET LYON 220 Midland Drive, Orange Sometimes quiet, thinks seriously but perceives the lighter side, musical talents. Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramu- rals, Class I, Aux. Lat. 3. ROSEANN MANDELL 338 Valley Brook Road, Orange Pert and pretty, artistic, modern outlook, imaginative, independent, philatelist, career in biology? Art Club 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 4, Jr. Prom Decorations Commit- tee, Intramurals I, 2, Class I, II Award, Embers Art Bd. 4. PAUL FRANCIS MACIEJAK 812 Taft Road, Orange "Dodo", a Milford boy at heart, reserved and calm, subtle jokes and quiet quips constitute his friendly manner. Biology Club 1, Boys, Leaders 1, Basketball 1, Intramurals I, 2, 3. The D-day invasion, Omaha Beach, 1944. Sz 'L ' .553 J: isSY""1 ,RS af 4. ta. Q22 ' RICHARD ERNEST MAINDON Bear Hill Road, Bethany Serious, unless there's an opening for wit, likes cars, plays a wild guitar. ARNOLD ROBERT MANTILIA, J R. 274 Pleasant Hill Road, Orange "Arnie", outstanding member of the Spanish Circle, likes cars, boats, and water-skiing. CHESTER JOHN MALINOWSKI 432 Taulman Road, Orange "Chester", Spirited student, feet on the ground and looking toward the future, all-around football and baseball fan. Football 2, Football Mgr. 3, Soccer 4. CHRISTOPHER RYAN Maplevale Drive, Woodbridge As easy going and intelligent a kid as can be found in the school, a quick and friendly smile for ev- eryone, good sense of humor and an avid sports enthusiast. Student Council 1, 2, 3, Treas. 3, Amity Review l, Select Chorus 1, Drama Club 2, Bridge Club 4, De- bating Club 1, 4, Boys' Leaders 1, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Class Treas. 2. JEFFREY RICHARD MARKS 328 Knight Lane, Orange Happy-go-lucky, 4'Secret Sam", electronics bug, exciting musician and folk-singer, always ready with a joke. Chemistry Club 4, Folksinging 2, Electronics 2, Track 2, Intra- murals. RICHARD L. MARTIN Center Road, Woodbridge Favorable mixture of humor, spirit, initiative and common sense, a soccer and Model A man, easy- going attitude, never holds a grudge, does every job well. Boys' Leaders 1, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd., Asst. Ed. 4. NOREEN MARY MATURO 233 Harvester Road, Orange Grace, charm, love of intrigue, Rachmaninoff, poetry, The Proph- et and Kahlil Gibran, looking for a major in child psychology? Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Le Cercle Francais 4. JOSEPH VINCENT MAURO Litchfield Turnpike, Woodbridge Always has a smile, no matter what situation he encounters, can be found in the halls of the in- dustrial arts wing. DOMENIC LOUIS MASCOLO 804 Walnut Hill Road, Orange Hockey team member, interested in flying. Intramurals 1, 2, Hockey 3, 4. BRIAN WILLIAM MCCARTHY 974 Racebrook Road, Orange He's not quiet, he's sleeping, 'Vettes and Cadillacs, our Russian ambassador, Sundays are for rest- ing after a long week of play. DOUGLAS G. MATHEWSON Hopbrook Road, Bethany "Doug", enthusiastic drama club member, Amity's John Barrymore and a writer besides, avid chess and sports fan. Select Chorus 1, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 1, 2, All-State Acting Award 3. PETER MICHAEL MCHUGH 19 Muirfield Road, Orange Petemo! Amity's BMOC and part- time pier-twelve brawler, "Girls? . . . Where?", one of Amity's all- time athletic greats, perennial rap- port with a certain Miss Trident. Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Amity Hall of Fame 3, N. H. Register Player of the Week 3. 4 MARY BETH MATSON Bethmour Road, Bethany Always ready to learn, reserved, except when it's time to have fun, wants to be a missionary with the American Indians. Spanish Club 1, 2, Intramurals 3, Class I. CECILIA MARIE MAURO Bethridge Road, Bethany Self-reliant and independent, a warm smile for every acquaintance and a desire to be helpful. Embers Bus. Bd. 4. GREG L. MCKEEVER 438 Taulman Road, Orange Popular with everyone that he knows, always looking for fun, travels, collects coins, wears sun- glasses on St. Patrick's day so that he will see everything green, good jokes. Biology Club 4, Math Club 3, Electronics Club 2, Astronomy Club 1. 1 h RICHARD ALAN MELNY 397 Pine Tree Drive, Orange The pride but secret fear of every teacher fjust try to keep ahead of this boyl, the despair and yet secret love of each of his class- mates, strictly an egg matzah man. Foreign Rev. 3, Bridge Club 2, Le Cercle Francais 3, Debating Club 2, 3, Sec. 2, 3, Biology Club 1 4, Math Club 1, Natil Honor Society 3, 4, V.P. 4, Embers Ed. B 2, 3, 4, Asst. Ed. 4, Class I, II III, Boys' State 3, NMSQT Semi-final. 131, gage SeminarHPro- gram 3,4, at 9m,p. 3, eat Careers Day 3. 0 ggi! 4 , 4. .ff ggi., .' pl' jf' '91 . .W ' ', , ft- Mfg, 3 CUAIJIANE EIDRE MESSER Northrop Road, Woodbridge jqiongenialg oh-so-outgoing, truly fi knows everyone, fast maker of friends, willing and lasting friend, likes to be where the boys are. Newspaper 1, Debating Club 2, 3, Field Hockey 3. MARTHA LYNN MEIER 839 Orange Center Road, Orange A sharp Wit inseparably inter- twined with unbounded intelli- gence, "Mart" tinges everything she touches with her scintillating depth, notorious initials. Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Nat'l Honor Soci- ety 3, 4, Pres. 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 4, Asst. Ed. 4, Class I, II, III, Girls, State 3, Yale Seminar IQMSQT Semi-final. 4. ,ga MONICA JAYNE MENDEZ 345 Grassy Hill Road, Orange Monicaiand Milford, the perpetu- al shopper, a quiet friend, who said that? French Club 3, Future Teachers' Club 1, 2, 3, V.P. 3, Home Eco- nomics Service I. VM CQ Q, Qu N . CONSTANCE LOUISE 'O' N0 69 4 X Q 0. MINER -gf QfSQyOoDfQ-,QQSQR JN QA QLXQQQJ RQ 461 Orange Center Road, Orangele' Blix 0 , ' Q, MO GREG MILLER "Connie Colt", .notoriousnspottedXp'Ob- O Overhill Road, Woodbridge Fun-loving and outgoing, "crazy t1es',, willing to give anyone a ride 1n the shiniest Mustang in the lot, always moving, strong character. Photography Club 2, Math Club 4, Library Club 1, Embers Bus. Bd. 4. car, obvious animation, Oh no, you can't sit down,', cup-and-a-half of personality, hardly enough to contain her spirit, knows where the action is, and is usually found in the middle of it. Girls' Chorus 2, Drama Club 1, glrlnbers Ed. Bd. 4, Embers Bus. . 4. Ox NAMY MINTZ N 4 QpSUSA Milan Road, Woodbridge uPatti", sophisticated, with charm and good taste, the twinkle in her eye attracts anyone Spotlight 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Embers Bus. Bd. 3, Class I, II. U LINDA MARY MENEO 241 Karen Drive, Orange 4'Tiger',, an expert on advice to the lovelorn, boundless energy big brown eyes that sparkle with innocence, a valuable friend to have, always greets people with a smile. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Girls' Basket ball 1, Synchronized Swimming 1 KEVIN WILLIAM MILLEA 998 Grassy Hill Road, Orange A happy-go-lucky personality infiu- ences him to hack around and add some humor to a class, uCan I have the lav pass?" Chess Club 2, 3, AVA 1. DAVID ALLEN MOAKLEY 840 Brookside Drive, Orange Pontiacs don't go, WCTU, lunch room door, pennies and fifth perl od study hall, Hopkins Grammar School. Basketball 4, Track .I.V. 3. .IUDITH LYNN MOLLEUR 781 Quarter Mile Road, Orange i'.ludi", green eyes, quiet-spoken, quietly energetic, quietly impish. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Art Club 3, Embers Art Bd. 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3. STEVEN WILLIAM MORAN 572 Summit Drive, Orange Always finding excuses to get out of seventh period homeroom, an extroverted introvert. "I know it writes on everything, but . . ." BERT F. MOZEALOUS Carmel Road, Bethany "Big Job", football's the game, friendly and happy, enjoys a good time, a good guy to have on your side in Ches A , s xt,- as I wth, ,a w 1" ,ff-' :Q N534 'v I 5. il ef f gf-5 ul in Y 1 ,v il .V LANCE MURPHY Milan Road, Woodbridge Quiet individual with a subtle sense of humor, a great interest in cars. MV X . ,lf 3 fri W 1793--. MICHAEL J. MOROZ Miller Road, Bethany Always on hand for a good time, has his eye out for a girl or a fast car. JANET LINDA NACLERIO 63 Grannis Road, Orange "Jan", ready to go at a momentls notice, craves almost everything from red fuzzy animals to U- CONN!!, laughs and cries at the same time, drives a very well- equipped station wagon. Modern Dance Club lg Math Club 4, Library Club 1, 2, Folk- singing 2. MICHELE ANNE MONTAIGNE 379 Pine Tree Drive, Orange '6Mickey", school spirit personi- lied, about the only thing that ri- vals Amity in her affections is an undying devotion to her class, if it's '67, well, you can bet it's O.K., just leave it to Mic, the prom will materialize, "Oh poo!" Student Council 3, 4, Trident 3, 4, Cir. Man. 4, Drama Club 1, Majorettes 2, Basketball 2, Syn- chronized Swimming 3, Intramu- rals 2, 3, 4, Class I, Junior Class Treas., Senior Class Treasurer. JAMES FRANCIS MOULE Sheilield Road, Orange "Jimmy", the classic tall, dark, and handsome type with a heart equally proportioned, has a smile for everyone, have paintbrush - will travel, "Yeah . . . O.K." Dance Band 1, Band 1, 2, Art Club 3, Swimming 2, 3, 4. WENDY RUTH NATHAN Nan Drive, Orange Witty with a touch of sophistica- tion, a challenger of life and authority, congenial, hates "mad plaids." Drama Club 2, Chess Club 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Cor. Sec. 3, Synchronized Swimming 2, 3. 53 GARY ARTHUR NEWMAN 166 Martin Lane, Orange An eternal smile, a mind rich in insights, provocative ideas and conclusions. Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Em- bers Ed. Bd. 4, Embers Bus. Bd. 4, Quill 1, Football Mgr. 4, Class I, II, III. WJ W RITA ANNE NOWAKOWSKI Maple Vale Drive, Woodbridge Outwardly reserved, dangerously funny and crazy, passion for Coke and dark eyes, indulges in pessim- ism, ambition: to be happy! Foreign Review 4, Embers Bus. MICHAEL A. NOON 493 Ridge Road, Orange Known to some as "Stretch", he conceals a quick dry humor behind an impassive expression, sharp dresser, NA likely story!" Trident 4, Bridge Club 2, Chess Club 2, Le Cercle Francais 3, Biology Club 1, Math Club 1, 2, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4, Aux. Lat., Maxima Cum Laude, Class I, II, III. SUSAN JULIA NORTH 50 Russell Avenue, Orange "Susie", wildly imaginative artist, misleadingly quiet, genuinely thoughtful and a willing listener, makes Milford her second home. Foreign Review 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Embers Art Bd. 3, 4, Honor- able Mention American Cancer So- ciety Art Contest. C NANCY KATHARINE NOVAK 456 Grace Trail, Orange "Nan", tops for Embers sales, sensitive musician, headed for a career in music. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Bridge Club 2, French Club 3, Le Cercle Francais 4, Library 1, 2, Embers Bus. Bd. 4, Class I. BRIAN PATRICK O'CONNOR White Oak Lane, Bethany "Bri", curly blond hair and an interest in girls, always ready to debate any topic. Debating Club 1, 4, Pres. 1. Bd. 4, Aux. Lat., Cug bgnde. - I . ' J I 7 MW if fy ff WM he stream of tlme ghd smgothly on . . . qoubt onlxl sk as as W. GUILLI-:BMO LEoN L .Ulm Vilois gpm T ' GEORGE JOSEPH OLIVEROS W. lo it M20-'fo Lnow K-jbip, GILDA .l. PACELLI OHLWEILER 310 Lambert Road, Orange LORRAINE J NE ONOFRIO ' Rolling Ridge Road, Orange Amity Road, Woodbridge Unusual abilities in Algebra Il, the talk of his class, marksman with any kind of firearm, transfer from Housatonic Valley Regional High School. 54 'LBoppy" is AFS personified, he has a smiling "hi!" for all his Amity friends, sincere desire to participate, good-natured sense of humor. Student Council 4, French Club 4, IRO 4. Maple Terrace, Woodbridge L0 Always on the verge of laughter, sarcastic wit and a truly unique laugh, outgoing and mischievous, cute, fun to be with. Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 4. A perfect model of quiet, delicate femininity, always ready to help o t, unobtrusively friendly. oreign Review 4, French Club 3, e Cercle Francais 4, Future Teachers' Club 2, Girls' Leaders 1, Class I. ERNEST H. PAGLIARO, II 452 Oakview Drive, Orange The Spirit of '67, leader of the class cheer at every game, has a capacity for building your ego as eifectively as he builds the team's, Earnest, Honest, and Pure." Student Council 1, 2, 3, Pres. 1, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4, Track 2 3 4' Int murals2 3 ,t1.aL,,gf,,,,g THEODORE LOUIS FLORENCEJMIJASRIE PAPPAS PARDEE 500 Marble Road, Orange 748 Ridge Road, Orange 'fThe Greek", Sheridan J.H.g cor- "Flo", fickled, frivolous flirt, ner of Cleveland Road, not so "Yeah, Chevett, I can press a quiet as he appears to be, trans- hundred!", " I don't believe it.", fer from Hillhouse. can make herself at home almost MM Mijn . . . and is past before we know." ff , M M 11,91 SUSAN J. PATCHELL 391 Spring Street, Orange "Patch", always laughing, dances the night away, girl with a warm heart and a warmer temper, hates to get up in the morning, notori- ous charge account. JOSEPH RAYMOND PERROTTI 21 Mettler Street, Woodbridge "Joe", fun-loving, mischievous and humorous, jovial and carefree, un- forgettable escapades, industrially inclined. WILLIAM GORDON PETREMONT 119 Old Hickory Road, Orange "Pet", a gunner in basketball, long time worker in soccer, lover of football, plunger in life, a wonderful person to know. Coin Club 3, Chess Club 1, Math Club 1, Soccer J .V. 2, Varsi- ty 3, 4. 6, W BRENDA LEE PARKS 456 Sportsman Road, Orange Ardently athletic, everyhody's sis ter, always ready to help a friend a spirit of leadership. Girls' Leaders 1, 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, Basketball J.V 2 Co-Capt., Varsity 3, 4, Synchron ized Swimming 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JEFFREY L. PATTERSON 445 Old Country Road, Orange "Big Red", likes soccer all the way, can often be seen on his Honda. Orchestra 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Soccer 4, Spanish Honor Society 2 JOHN EDWARD PETRINI Old Amity Road, Bethany Gaunt and garrulous, called "the stick", will find him anytime talk- ing to "metal", inhabits the corri- dor outside the gym. 1 s 4 55 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right, standing: Alan Stahl, Pres.g Mr. Pastore, Advisorg Phil Welch, V.P.g Mickey Montaigne, Treas.g Gail Berneike, Sec. The class of 1967 can boast a Wide variety of members, from the intellectual to the individualist. Despite our differences in character, we have worked together as a matchless team. Con- sequently, we have been a unified and unifying segment of the Amity population. Now, as We reach the culmination of our high school experi- ence, we must inevitably separate. But the unity We have achieved will not be lost. It will serve to enrich each individual and make him a more worthwhile member of society. Our experience at Amity, however, is more than just a lab- oratory in which we are prepared for the worldg our six years together form a vital and integral portion of the experience and "And this side of our toothpaste group . . ." memory of every member of the Class of '67, Undoubtedly, our many experiences together will leave their mark on the person- ality of each of us. Thus, We may truly state that our experiences at Amity will affect our entire lives. I feel that our six years together will help to make each of us a more responsible citizen and a better member of society. As an ofiicer, I can say that it has meant a great deal to me to serve as your president. I would like to thank Phil, Mickey, and Gail for the co-operation and assistance that they have shown. I know that they will agree with my statement that you, the Class of '67, have done more than your share to make Amity what it is toda y' Alan Stahl President "I dare you!" CLASS INTELLECTUALS CLASS MUSICIANS Rick Melny, Elaine Kuehn Ray Spaziani, Diane Schwartz MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Ernie Pagliaro, Mickey Moniaigne Bari Hall, Ashley Kanfrowiiz CLASS ATHLETES Pete McHugh, Barb Wooster CLASS PHILOSOPHERS Bill Buell, Pai Smith pi '.uul 1 I . 'nil CLASS MODS Tom Leviisky, Jo Jacobsen Jud Petrie, Ashley Kcnirowiiz A MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Phil Welch, Lucy Shaffer CLASS COMEDIANS CLASS SOPHISTICATES Joey I'l0rI0n, Ginny Rubelman MOST CONGENIAL Sieve Dowd, .Ioan Chamberlain Jamie GOGISCI1, Karla Kclzaniian BY'-ICG Gdfbeff Duwne BI'OWI1ell HARRIET JANE PIKE Ansonia Road, Woodbridge "Hattie", amiable, extroverted, faithful team follower, loves math, destined for Vassar. Biology Club 1, Nat'l Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Girls, Leaders 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Synchronized Swimming 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Aux. Lat. Cum Laude. JEFFREY KENNETH PRAGER Luciani Road, Woodbridge Hard-working student, friendly, loves to hike, swim, camp, and en- joys all aspects of outdoor life, photography fan. Chess Club 1, 2, German Club 2, Photography 1, 4. JAMES ALBERT PICCOLO 656 Lakeview Road, Orange The Shooter? Amitys Gary Player and CIIICIIIIIHIII Kid fore most promoter of the homeroom Las Ve as owner and o erator of AE g P the Green Flash Golf 2 3 4 Capt. 4' Intramurals 2 . PEGGYANN LUCINDA POHLMAN 48 Mettler Street, Woodbridge "Peggy", sweet, neat, and happy, always a friendly word, enjoys Home Economics, lovely blonde hair. Chess Club 1, Home Economics Service 2, 3, 4. ::svfeszf'51gfVsw7swtgw ,5 ,W -v::.:,,f ..-,ig 9-5,5- :VE-5 -:sz f ygwzy-. f xg! ,.sw1ws.,,,Q.-ft . .a . 2 -.v::s..,W-..,...,..,,,,,,.,,n,,,,E.,,..., .Q Sr . -- waz, ,,vf,,sQg ,, . 7 : - ,,,, . ,,,, , . ,,, -.,,,,,,,, . .,,,,,-- V- ' , STEPHEN GEORGE POWELL Newton Road, Woodbridge Never bound by traditional modes of thought, a passion for knowl- edge, enthusiasm for all activities. Student Council 1, Chess Club 3, 4, Physics Club 3, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Russian Study 3, 4, Soccer 4, Tennis 3, 4, Class I, II, III, NMSQT Semi-finalist, Tellu- ride Assoc. Summer Program 3, Yale Science Symposium 3, Har- vard Book. In 21,155 .E ',1.z?2..,efg,, x-2, wr- :.- .: :--Qifs'--rzszf-as ,a 2424-1221. ..--as f ' , n - 25142-3231-s ,1 g Ya'E2aWh: .' - f -Y : ,, 1-191. PRINGLE Orchard Road, Woodbridge Carefree, unconcerned with the pressures of school, enjoys listen- ing to records and spending money. Chess Club 2, Photography Club 1. VIRGINIA JEANNE PULITO 502 Ferry Road, Orange Mood varies with those around her, but one thing remains constant - an interest in people and an honest elfort to help, future di- rections may lie in the field of special teaching, another Annie Sullivan. Bridge Club 2, French Club 3, Le Cercle Francais 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Natil Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 1, Class I, Typing Award. .PITC 332 Lindy Stree , ange Fervid chess player, "The Big Stifin, unmistakable laugh, anchor man on the hockey team, addicted to golf. Hockey 2, 3, Golf 4. PAMELA CARROLL PRAGST 281 Old Tavern Road, Orange Wild ideas, very daring, and ex- tremely talkative, ' easy to make laugh and has impeccable taste in clothes, "Hi ya!", a crazy blonde. Spotlight 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Le Cercle Francais 3, Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 4, Co-Editor 4. DENNIS JOSEPH RAPINI 523 Treat Lane, Orange Well liked by all who know him, HIS his all into ever task' p s I I y , a conscientious worker, likely to suc- ceed. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Bank Certificate 3. TIMOTHY JOHN RICHARDSON Falls Road, Bethany Maintains a calm, cool exterior, reveals a subtle sense of humor, always ready to do for others. Trident 2, 3, 4 News Ed. 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais 3, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 4, Class I, II, NMSQT Letter of Commendation 4, American Legion Oratorical Contest, Second Prize 3. ROSEANNE LUCILLE RACCIO 185 Martin Lane, Orange "Ro", "Hey! Huh!", a truly con- genial person with the knack of solving everyone's problems, al- ways willing to listen, a bug on shoes, terrific dancer! Girls' Chorus 1, Spanish Club 1, 4, Majorettes 2, 3, 4, Girls' Bas- ketball 1. GEORGE FRANCIS REYNOLDS 56 Russell Avenue, Orange To some he's a perpetual kidder, but always a great friend to those who really know him. Chess Club 4, Biology Club 1, Boys' Leaders 3. JANE B. ROLLINS 828 Oakwood Road, Orange Expert skier, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, "I Z'lon't believe it!" "Where's the party?" Girls' Leaders 1, 3. If MARGO ILONA RADWANY 344 West River Road, Orange Full time good humor, loves to hear a good joke, everyone's "sweet kid", "So tell me about it." Home Economics Service 4, Girls' Leaders 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES ALAN RAWSON Miller Road, Bethany "Splash", Jimmy found out fast that salt water and Volkswagons don't go, hard to get to know, but once you do, he's fun to be with, a good dancer and a marvelous driver, given to many moods. Club 1, Physics Club 3, Bd. 4. Embers K 460 affix K CARL ALLAN ROBBINS 246 Wilson Road, Orange Perceptive, well-timed remarks, friendly, never idle, mischief is his middle name. Chess Club 4, German Club 3, Rifle Club 1, Class I. PAMELA J. ROOT 853 Birchwood Drive, Orange Carefree, expert dancer, under- standing sincerity along with wild ideas and abundant candor, loves parties and good times. IRO 3, 4, Girls' Leaders 1, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1. JOHN EDWIN ROSA Sheffield Road, Orange Blunt and aggressive, caustic wit, versatile sportsman, frank and honest, baseball fanatic, fun- loving, enjoys parties, appreciates poised, attractive females. Boys' Leaders 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA L. RUBELMAN 218 Hemlock Hill Road, Orange A "regular" at all Amity sports events, Alice's creator, artistic in- clinations, numerous nicknames, bubbles! Policemen's Ball squel- ches wild pajama party! Trident 4, Art Ed. 4, Art Club 3, 4, Pres. 3, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Embers Art Bd. 3, 4, Co-Art Ed. 4, Co. Chairman Junior Prom Dec. 3, Class I, II, III. ROBERT C. ROOT Bear Hill Road, Bethany "Tootsie,', just one of the boys, always ready with a funny anec- dote, enjoys his seat on top of the world, never depressed, made for football. Football 2, 3, 4. EDWARD ALLEN ROSS 306 Drummond Road, Orange "Ignats", epitome of a happy man, always has a point of view, triple threat athlete, full of in- telligence and brawn, lousy jokes and old TV shows, smiling and amiable personality, "Let's ask for a fun day!" Student Council 1, Boys' Lead- ers 1, Class I, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. SALLY COOK RUSSELL 868 Orange Center Road, Orange A package of quiet charm with mischievous sparkling eyes, versa- tility verified. Le Cercle Francais 4. SHARLENE JANE ROOT Bear Hill Road, Bethany "But I tell you the name is Jane", Goldilocks' hair, generator of warmth with lasting amiability, Pzaz in that smile! Art Club 1, Home Economics Service 2, 3, 4, Girls' Leaders 1. JANE ROSENBERG Johnson Road, Woodbridge A cheerful cheerleader, always PETER ANDREW ROWE 921 Grassy Hill Road, Orange Amity's most conscientious driver, wants to go South for the next four years, very gregarious with sarcastic tendencies. German Club 2, 3, Debating Club 1, Swimming 2. looks neat and attractive, the epitome of coordination on the ten- nis court and the dance floor, great artistic ability. Foreign Review 4 Art Ed 4, Girls' Leaders 1, 2, 3, Embers Art Bd. 3, 4, Class I, Cheerleaders 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4. IUGFQ PATRICIA ANN SALEMME 69 Marsh Hill Road, Orange True and understanding friend with a lively and contagious laugh, "You nutl"g in constant search of a lab apron. Spanish Club 1, 4g IRO 44 Home Economics Service 3, Ma- jorettes 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 4. JUDY ANN SAUER 876 Greenway Road, Orange A personality lively and expres- siveg known for her contagious laughg "But why? ?', Library Club 3g Home Eco- nomics Service 2, 3, 4, Typing Awardg Steno II Award. x up V Q t- iw X 1: fm lfzfblfo 7,4 -vt gil.-4 iii! 3 kvff ' ,W rf yf U., STEPHEN SAKONCHICK, II ,Af 491 Ferry Road, Orange CAROLYN SUE SAHL 404 Fairlea Road, Orange Small bundle of energy? enthusi- asm unlimited, remember "Our Man Flint?"g talk, talk, talk. Foreign Review 4, French Club 3, Pres. 3g Le Cercle Francais 4, V.P. 45 Future Teachers' Club 2, V.P. 2g Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4g Girls' Leaders 13 Class I, II. Popular gumchewerg sure-handed in the chem labg Mrs. Pike's favorite Latin whiz. Cross Country J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track 3, 4. JOSEPHINE THERESA SANTABARBARA 422 West River Road, Orange Quiet to those around her, but with her friends, watch out, very sincere in her thinking, loves a good time. Library Club lg Home Eco- - 4 nomics Service 2 3. . , H K 1- .if , - f ' 1 MARC D. SARKADY Russell Road, Bethany JANE SANTANELLO 99 Neenan Road, Orange Don Juan summa cum laude g keen intelligence mingled with insati- able desire for mischiefg usually possesses devilish smileg total ex- trovertg intellect. Band 2g Bridge Club 19 Chess Club 3, Pres. 3g IRO 3, 43 De- bating Club 2g AVA 1, Biology 4g Soccer 4, Tennis 2, 3, 43 Span- ish Honor Socie ' Class I, II, III. "Bright-eyes", the gigglerg en- thusiastic Amity twirlerg "You Bananali' Majorettes J.V. 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. ,wi at C MARTIN SAVITSKA, III 155 Tyler City Road, Orange Known as the "Cousey"g he seeks the true message in lifeg active and on the go, proficient in base- ball, football, and basketballg "What's the good word!" Band lg Select Chorus 1, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4. W .IO-ANN SCHILPP Luke Hill Road, Bethany PATRICIA ANN SCHAF F NIT 815 Tall Timber Road, Orange Quiet exterior, effervescent in- teriorg happiness is the Exit and the beach, TNT forever. Home Economics Service 2, 3, 43 Girls' Leaders 1, Home Economics Award 3. A friendly girl who is congenial to everyone around her, anxious to be helpful, lots of Amity spirit. Home Economics Service 1. Q ,Lia 61 L ROBERT POLLINGTON SOKOL, JR. 31 Hard Street, New Haven Champion of the chem lab water- bottle fightsg famed for his car that has first and third sometimes, only second others. Chess Club 2, 45 Chess Team 2, 4. PATRICIA ANN SMITH 484 Alpom Drive, Orange Organization itself5 the more she takes on, the faster she f'inishes5 her endless energy has proved it- self time and again the saving grace of every project5 what's life without football? Student Council 15 Modern Dance 15 Le Cercle Francais 3, 45 Nat'l Honor Soc. 3, 45 Girls' Leaders 15 Embers Ed. Bd. 2, 3, 4, Co-Ed. 45 Embers Bus. Bd. 25 Class I, II, III5 Auxilium Latinum Magna Cum Laude. "MXL" X GORDON BARNEFIELPIRJX 3 SNYDERq,eA YN h G2 Meadow Brook Road, e g u Constantly absorbing French rrlxakm terial5 inspires loyalty in his friendsg anxious to achieve gov' fection. Student Council 15 Le Cercle Francaisg Nat'l Honor Society 3, 45 Football J.V. I, 2, Varsity 3, 45 Swimming J.V. I, 2, Varsity 35 Track J .V. 1, 2, 35 Class I, II, III5 Boys' State. Tiff lfff G BURTON SOMERS Pine Ridge Road, Woodbridge Quiet5 reservedg a distant glance in thoughtful blue eyesg an un- acclaimed poet with an independ- ent natureg iiies Jefferson Air- ,foes ,ff ftffof KATHLEEN FRANCES SPINELLI 344 Fairlea Road, Orange "Kathy"5 vital personality ranging from animated to explosiveg "Guess what !!"5 dedicated and .fulfil get-T QRAYMOND PAUL Oli 0 C 5 Q L SPAZIANI Qlixtie dll DOUGLAS O. SPENCER R297 Drummond Road, Orange Q C0 Carrington Road, Bethany EXlE"Ray"5 Fantastic musician espe- 60 4'Doug"5 an enthusiast when it cially in jazz5 always ready with a I comes to cars5 remember his '64 joke or helping hand5 hard work- Plymouth5 likes driving, hanging ing student and true friend. ' around gas stations, and girlfsi - Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band Janine. 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. romana z,3,ff M skillful majorette. Girls' Chorus 15 Chemistry Club 4' Librar Club 1' Ma'orettes 3,,4,Sec. ,X J p O0 NXQQW .-ro SSN wf'.m ,M is 2, 'ez . 1 NSCSW lines. Art Club 35 Boys' Leaders I5 Football 35 Hockey 35 Swimming I, 25 Baseball 35 Creative Writing Club 35 Onset literary magazine 3. ALAN THOMAS STAHL 321 Longmeadow Road, Orange A boy who's leaped into everything because everybody wants him, HAI" has an ever-growing throng of ad- mirers5 loyalty and integrity counterbalanced by a hearty laugh5 "To dance is to live, to live is to dance." Student Council I, 2, 3, 4-5 Chess Club 25 Latin Club 35 Biology Club I5 Football 45 Baseball 3, 45 Student Council Award 25 Junior Class Pres.5 Senior Class Pres. 1 64 QX S, Nvcigttf LXDGXJLJIX A x ' 'O STANTON 83 Qua Mile Road, Orange "Cindi"5 coy, elfish gring loves to climb telephone poles5 uninhibited and truly altruistic - always the unexpected. MARGARET MILLICENT STEVENS 1040 Willard Road, Orange "Marge"5 "Z.A.P.!"5 lively5 can be found following a blue T-Bird5 her days are built on dreams5 al- ways searching for happiness5 Oh! those big brown eyes! Home Economics Service 3, 45 Girls' Leaders 15 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Folksinging Club 25 Field Hockey J.V. 3, Varsity 45 Softball 3. .IEANINE MARIE STRANITI 40 Rolling Ridge Road, Orange A cheerful and effervescent per- sonalityg her haunt is the music room for instrumental and vocal rehearsal. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 33 Senior Choir 2, 3, 43 Select Chorus 3,133 Bridge Club 23 French Club 33 mbers d. Bd. 43 Nat'l Honor Society 3, 43 Aux. Lat. Magna Cum Laude 33 NMSQT3 Letterxqt Commendati . SUSAN MAE STILLINGS MELINDA ANN 412 Peck Lane, Orange STOCKINGER "Hey Norm!"3 flaming redheadg . sparkling and vivacious smile with Falrwood Road, Bethany a personality to match. Always a smile and a laugh3 loves Majorettes 1, 2, 3. to have a good timeg smart dresser. V . fl' . CA T RE My A ji! 3 owel on Roa range PATRICIA ANN SURPRISE Glenwood Court, Bethany Ouiet but friendlyg enjoys skating3 always striving to do her best. Drama Cluh 13 Red Cross Club 43 Majorettes 2, 3. MARILYNN RAE STUART 390 Rosebud Lane, Orange gl. .IANICE ANN STRILKA 724 Derby-Milford Road, Orange A loyal friend and cheerful com- panion3 hardworking but retains her Hjoie de vivre." Majorettes 2. A ys NDQQ fig a perpe e with efian stra' s' igh ffy, c plet ight ful' ty-in ink. 1 ' Ch s 1 n iology Club 4g jorettes2 9 Spa ' . , Q E d. 3, 4g Embers Bus. Ouiet and capable3 also enjoys parties and her guitarg interested in biologyg pre-med, here she comes. Spanish Club 23 Biology Club 43 Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4g Em- bers Ed. Bd. 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3g Class III3 NMSQT Letter of Commendation. ANN ELIZABETH TAFFEL Seymour Road, Woodbridge Interested listener with strong con- victionsg good word for everyone3 variety of interests, particularly swimming. Trident 2, 3, 4, Features Ed. 3, Managing Ed. 43 Senior Choir 2, 3, 4g Le Cercle Francais 3, 43 Biology Club lg Nat'l Honor So- ciety 3, 43 Girls' Leaders lg Em- bers Ed. Bd.3 Newspaper 13 Syn- chronized Swimming 2, 33 Class I, II, III3 Aux. Lat. Summa, Magna Cum Laude. BARRY E. TARLETON Bethmour Road, Bethany "That's close"3 interests in New Haven3 likes machines3 quietg goeZn't tlalk too much3 but when e oes isten. Woodshop 1, 2, 3, 4. JANET FRANCES SUTILA 838 Birchwood Drive, Orange Endless pranks and constant laughter3 abundance of friends3 never without a warm "hello"3 us- ually seen bounding through the halls. Girls' Leaders 13 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. , A 65 VIRGINIA ANNE TEGTMEIER 5 Crofut Road, Orange "Ginny", energetic, out-going per- sonality, likes horses, Peter, Paul and Mary, and history. Drama Club 3, 4' Library Club 1, 3, Synchronized Swimming 2. CLEO ANT OINETTE THOMPSON Fairwood Road, Bethany Transfer from Wilbur Cross, likes music and art, wants to be a poet. Embers Ed. Bd. 4. WWW? 66 DUNBAR CRAIG TEDESCHI Glenwood Court, Bethany Future career in service, interests include singing, track and surfing, can always be seen behind a surf- ing magazine. Senior Choir 4, Cross Country 3, Golf 4, Track 3, 4. KATHLEEN LEE THOENNES Rimmon Road, Woodbridge "Oh fat!!", crazy driver in her little car, femininity plus, never without a smile, a girl with her eyes on the stars, who sets high ideals for herself. Red Cross Club 1, 2, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 4, Volleyball 4. DEBORAH G. TOMLINSON Litchfield Turnpike, Woodbridge Just the girl for a sincere chat, as warm as she is genuine, always sunshine heading her way. Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. I, Intramurals 3. Ln... JOHN G. TARLETON i Bethmour Road, Bethany I An outgoing guy with a hello for ever one' a uick intelli ent wit' Y s q v v S s 3: always ready for anything, has a, if K chuckle like no one else. Photography Club l, Soccer 3, 4. it Extra-curricular activity .IUDITH ANN TOMLINSON 888 Grassy Hill Road, Orange Fanatic on hairdos, plans a career in beauty culture, great personali- tv and is heard everywhere, "Oh, those dirty gymsuits", big smile and an infectious laugh. Girls' Chorus 1, Drama Club 1, Red Cross Club 1, Home Eco- nomics Service 1, 2. SHARI L. THOMAS Miller Road, Bethany "Guess what?", the quiet imp who instigates many first period laughs, explosive laughter that seems to erupt suddenly, can always be found in the broadcasting room. Le Cercle Francais 4, Red Cross Club 2, Embers Bus. Bd. 3, 4, Co- Ed. 4, Synchronized Swimming 4, Volleyball 4. JOSEPH A. TOSOLINI Bethmour Road, Bethany Never fails to take a second look, bikes, inc., blondes especially, and barefooted water skiing, laugh a minute. Football .l.V. 1, 2, Basketball! J.V. 1, 2, Bowling 1. CATHERINE ANNE ULRICH 788 Orange Center Road, Orange "Cathie", a complex, contradictory character, questions the essence behind the existence, indulges in unique honest discussions, avid skier and sailor, dignified and gracious despite disappointments, wit and humor among friends, fas- tidious appearance striking with long silky hair. Girls' Chorus 1, Biology Club 4,VGirls' Leaders 1, Cheerleaders .l. . 3. ROGER DEAN TOMLINSON 351 Smith Farm Road, Orange Future career in Coast Guard, Southern gentleman keeps to him- self, witty, "Best things in life, NANCY N. TONE 364 Long Meadow Road, Orange Loves to gab, a real sports fiend, sailing and skiing enthusiast, folk guitar. are free", likes tennis. '11 Girls' Basketball 1, Softball 3, Biology Club 3, Tennis 3. Volleyball 2, 3. MARY ANN TUCCIARONE 477 Grace Trail, Orange "Mar", joined Amity from Nor- walk, big brown eyes always sparkling with laughter, has a comment for everyone and every- thing she sees, recent affinity for Mustang GT-350's. Cheerleaders J.V. 1, Majorettes 2, 3, 4. ROBERT E. VANCOUR Litchfield Turnpike, Bethany Enjoys life, fine trumpet player, jovial personality, looking forward to a career in the armoured branch of the United States Army, photog- raphy and railroad fan. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 1, Band Certificate 2, 3. MARJORIE LYNN TURKOF F 801 Donna Drive, Orange "Margie", exuberant personality, fun to be with, always ready to give a helping hand, "son of a gun." Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating Club 2, 3, Sec. 2, Future Teachers' Club 1, Embers Ed. Bd. 4. LESTER D. VAN EPPS, JR. Amity Road, Woodbridge Insane dancer, friends, inc., "Green grass and high tide", Joan. Chess Club 2, 3, Track ,I.V. 1, 2. KAREN L. TRANTALES 235 Old Tavern Road, Orange Likes music played on electric piano with "Yorkshires", don't for- get Milford, always likes a good time. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Typing Award 3. CHARLES J. VALENTE 346 Knight Lane, Orange "Charlie", pedagogue's perplexity, "Would ya?", enthusiastic motor- cyclist, driven by a special life force to seek action, study is not his cup of tea. PHYLLIS ANN VICCIONE 508 Hundred Acre Road, Orange A great addition to our class, star goalie of the field hockey team, adores chocolate chip cookies and cherry pie, a weak spot for white kittens. Senior Choir 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 3, Select Chorus 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Red Cross Club 1, 2, Girls' Leaders 3, Field Hockey 2, 3, J .V. 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3. SALLY ANN WAINMAN 342 Drummond Road, Orange Ardent artist and lover of life, "I haven't seen a horse in a dog's age!", jovial and witty, contagious laugh, imaginative and creative. Art Club 1, 2, 4, Latin Club 3, Intramurals 1. JEANNE VAN NAME 36 Wellington Drive, Orange Always in the swim, Jeanne couldn't survive without oranges, sports a constant blush. . Le Cercle Francais 4, Home Eco- nomics Service 3, Girls' Leaders 1, Embers Ed. Bd. 4, Co-Chair- man Junior Prom Clean-up Com- mittee, Class I, Typing Award 3. GLORIA ANNE VOETS 362 Augusta Drive, Orange "Jello", happy combination of scholar and playgirlg always on the go-go, slightly scatterbrained, G-L-O-R-I-A her song. Modern Dance 1, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Girls' Leaders 3, Em- bers Ed. Bd. 4, Synchronized Swimming 2, 3, Class I, II, III, Aux. Lat. - x. ., U , , ,K .. . . ,N ,., A M V A .4 . E, F i, M H , W. . 'sf-f ' Q- I , in ,. af ' 5-lf! r- 1 f t EDW.-iiiii 'Q Qiwttst i i ' will . ' ' 563D 'I'r?at,,,l,A1ne?,- Orange Hillhouse, West Haven, blondes, Yale, yellow Jaguars, animal laugh, left ankle, "get serious", believes in doing things big . . ,. having three cars at once! Senior Choir 3, Embers Ed. Bd. 4. ALFRED JOSEPH VERRILLI, JR. 421 Sycamore Lane, Orange "Fred", a gun and car enthusiast, known for his snapping fingers, very talented with the trumpet. Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. LINDA GAIL VOLOSHIN Fountain Street Woodbridge A kind and considerate person, creative in the fields of literature and music, "I never worry!" Student Council 1, Trident 4, Senior Choir 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Embers Ed. Bd. 4, Embers Bus. Bd. 2, 3, 4. 4 WILLIAM STUART WEBBER 340 Wildwood Drive, Orange A friendly fellow with a flair for philosophy and fun, Amity's sum- mertime Abe Lincoln, part time athlete, wants to major in English. Coin Club 4, French Club 1, 2, Debating Club l, 2, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Football 1, 2. DIANE MARIE VOELKLE Prospect Court, Woodbridge Interested in home ec or French, "C'est la vie", enjoys classical music, modern dance, movies, and swimming, chatters and smiles a lot, quite out-going and sincere. Drama Club 1, 2, Modern Dance 1, 2, Bridge Club 4, Home Eco- nomics Service 3. JAMES A. WARHOLIC 1016 Garden Road, Orange An all around good guy, friend to all in need, especially the girls, optimistic, lively, give him a bas- ketball or a golf club. Student Council 1, Boys' Lead- ers 2, 3, Golf 3, 4, Baseball 2, Intramurals. PHILIP DAVID WELCH 411 Lambert Road, Orange A paragon of individualism with a talent for literally everythingg rest assured that anything Phil under- takes will be flavored with his un- definable diilerenceg future citizen of the world. A.F.S. student to Japan, Student Council 1, 2g Amity Review 3, 4, Poetry Ed. 3, Editor 43 Le Cercle Francais 3, 4g German Club 43 AVA lg Nat'l Honor society 3, 43 NMSQT Letter of Commendation, Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4, Co-Ed. 43 Football 2, 3, 4g Class I, Il, III, Senior Class V.P.3 Boys' State Alt. PAUL MICHAEL WICKLUND Francis Drive, Bethany Engaging smile and deep blue eyes: quietly conscientiousg soccer is his sport, "Napoleon". Soccer 3, 4. CANDACE NORTH WEHE Hemlock Hollow, Woodbridge A girl of high principles with ad- mirable goalsg "Really?"g skiing's fun, a real blonde with a tan that lasts all winter. Drama Club lg Red Cross Club 2, 3, 4, Publicity Committee for Junior Promg Guidance Depart- ment certificate. MARC EDWARD WHEELER Bear Hill Road, Bethany A coin collectorg always fun in Mr. Ciravolo's Spanish Ilg occasionally very witty, fun to be withg worth knowing. Coin Club lg Chess Club 1. GREGORY J. WILLIAMS Cheshire Road, Bethany Quiet and reserved, special inter- est in hunting and sportsg a de- pendable friend. Chess Club 1. MARC ABBOTT WEISS Acorn Hill Road, Woodbridge Nonconformist!! A mind and style of his owng the Village is his adopted homeg soccer enthusiast. Drama Club 3, Biology Club 4, Soccer 3, Intramurals. " 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house . . . GREGORY S. WILLIAMS 252 Petrose Circle, Orange "Quaker!"g Pogo oriented chem genius, Stones, cycles, and soccer, a fan of the "loan arrangerng "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" Student Council 2, 3, 4g Ember Ed. Bd. 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Chair- man Junior Prom Decorations Committee: Auxilium Latinum. SUSAN M. WIEGAND Francis Drive, Bethany Excellent athlete, some are misled by her quietness, but get her going and you've got a barrel of fun. German Club 23 Biology Club lg Girls' Leaders 4g Synchronized Swimming 3, 4, Intramurals. II va' - 1 LARK APRIL WILLIAMS 220 Wilson Road, Orange Lark . . . the swimmer in parking lot mud puddlesg the artist on all her booksg the sport - weekends in Vermontg the two-try jack- knife?5 the girl with the secret code symbol. Spotlight 3, 45 Girls' Leaders 1, 45 Synchronized Swimming -3, 45 Volleyball 35 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. i fp C XjX.f,w0,f Ric ogd W 1d JA 62' Cs D q , b " 'm"5 ' . G1 y's rote , ca -L a c h. O 'a year ,supply oot hd driv' ' g ' ' back p c - se .sg S C Cl ,H ok BARBARA ANN WOODS Newton Road Woodbridge A new student at Amity field hockey enthusiastg always seen on the athletic field. Select Chorus 35 Biology Club 45 Chemistry Club 35 Home Econ- omics Service 1 2 3' Field Hocke 5 7 7 y 1, 2, 3, J.V. 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Softball I, 2, 3. l JAMES WU 215 Surrey Drive, Orange "What's camp?"5 an avid sports fan with a new intellectual twist5 don't be fooled by his suave, care- free coating - serious thoughts compose his interiorg history and fiddle are areas of his greatest achievement. Student Council 15 Chess Club 2, 3, 45 Nat'l Honor Society 3, 45 Debating Club 45 Foreign Ex- change Club l5 Embers Ed. Bd. 3, 4: All-state 45 Class I5 NMSQT Letter of Commendation. BARBARA JOYCE WOOSTER Gaylord Mountain Road, Bethany "Barb"5 hockey sticks, chipped bones, fantastic gymnastics, big smiles. Girls' Leaders I, 2, 35 Field Hockey 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Synchronized Swimming 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 35 Typing Award 2. BRIAN GEORGE WOUNDY Rice Road, Woodbridge "How's your Mustang, Barthow?"5 expert mechanic who loves to soup hot rods and boats5 his practical abilities outweigh his pedantic in- terestsg well-liked and always on the go. Chess Club 35 Track 2. A f X River fell 70 New York in su rise when she ca t find the right ord, she coins her owng with a big accent. Newspaper 25 Girls' Chorus 15 Embers Ed. Bd. 45 Intramurals 3. DONNA LEE YESNER Sunbrook Road Woodbridge The aesthetic and ephemeral in her personality are reflected in her artg miniskirts and eccentric earrings5 "You must be outa your mind!" Spotlight 3, 45 Amity Review 4, Assistant Editor 45 Nat'l Honor Society 3, 45 Girls' Leaders l5 Em- bers Ed. Bd. 45 Embers Art Bd. 3, 4. u ' , 2 45 9 im? L, Ju L b LINDA SUSAN WOODWARD Falls Road Bethany Conscientious and reliable5 always has a smile and a pleasant hello5 "Well . . ." is her answer to every- thing. Drama Club I5 Modern Dance 15 Red Cross 45 Majorettes 2. SHARON ANN YAROSH 456 Turkey Hill Road, Orange The girl with the beguiling green eyes5 always on the moveg carefree but cautiousg an avid hockey fan5 always dreaming. Library Club 15 Home Econom- ics Service 35 Girls' Leaders 15 Basketball 35 Synchronized Swim- ming 25 Softball 2. fix XJ X w STEPHANIE DANA ZUPA 24-8 Riverdale Road, Orange X "Zoop"g "Hi, pook!"g vivacious and fun-lovingg a red-nosed snow- bunny with a personality twice her size. Spanish Club li Red Cross Club 4-5 Library Club 15 Intramurals 3. f a Xl' A ff, E Sm mo SUD SO gg-:U 553 EUC' 3122 QQ S511 'Lad FU EE ECU Yfffl C,-QF' 30 ge Q53 316 g-P' Elf-. UQFU KD 1'--IB' 'H X. rw-3 fl Quiet - a man of few words, but friendly to all he knowsg "B0bo". 6'l61676'l676'7,, , 'I 7 7 7 1 A even,-ze? W WL : if. 19 Ja? LY iv 40 21 'I 0--AG' G -nl'-I "What do you mean my tie's crooked?" "Long distance calling . . ." Coolness 0 - ' .. .5 I . 1-4 5' Vs' 'iff '11 N . ' ' o o ' . X 0 'R F f If C vi fic-25 STUDE T COUNCIL Third Row: G. Williams, J. Shutkin, A. Stahl, R. Knight, S. Lewis, R. Stone, K. Russell, L. Gar- ber, B. Oliveros, M. Montaigne, E. Haas, Store Adv.g Second Row: B. Blake, S. Schaffer, T. Pollack, K. Irons, C. Holgate, P. Bronski, D. Anderson, S. Gregory, S. Clemence, K. Blakeslee, J. Gandel- man, T. Murphy, First Row: L. Blakeslee, G. Caspar, Corres. Sec., L: Shaffer, V.P., B. Garber, Pres., D. Ledewitz, Rec. Sec., H. Goldman, Treas., B. Sheedy, Fac. Adv. For the Student Council 1966-1967 has been a year characterized by tradition, innovation, success, and failure. Many activities and operations planned by the council were designed to generate congeniality, pleasure, and improvement of the lot of the student body. By virtue of the participation by so many students, we were able to accomplish a great deal despite the many obstacles caused by the growing pains of a new addition. Commencing with the overwhelming reception given "Kickoff" the Welcome Dance, which initiated Amity's social season, the Council provided. a full program for a memorable year. Record hops, the annual spring dance, and a casual and re- laxed Bermuda Day in May were the results of more obvious efforts of the repre- sentatives. Sponsorship of this year's American Field Service student, Guillermo "Boppy" Oliveros from Colombia, South America, and preparation for next year's received a large share of the organizationis attention. The legislative agenda was also highlighted by the consideration of a driver education course, after-school movies, and S.A.T. tutoring. With the generous and untiring help of Miss Barbara' ,loan Sheedy, our new faculty advisor, we solved numerous problems that might otherwise have proved diiiicult. Mr. Ernest Haas, our rookie school store advisor, initiated a completely new system of reorganizing his department with the cooperation and help of those who buy and sell its merchandise. We of the Student Council hope that our efforts, resulting in disappointments as well as achievements, will help future Councils at Amity to build an even greater school. BRUCE M. GARBER President STUDE T COUNCIL OFFICERS Seated left to right: D. Ledewitz, Rec. Sec L Shaffer VP G Caspar Corres. Sec. Standing: B. Garber, Pres., H Goldman Treas School Store '67 TIO AL HONOR SOCIETY Third Row: H. Linett, C. Newman, S. Powell, G. Snyder, M. Noon, J. Shutkin, J. Wu W. Brown J. Collins, P. Welch, R. Melny, V.P., T. Richardson, Second Row: M. Meier, Pres., Fiala, V, Rubelman, J. Sharp, M. Stuart, D. Grippo, L. Shaffer, Sec., A. Tailel, S. Ashelford, R. Holgate, J. Garay, V. Curd, C. Sahl, P. Foleyg First Row: D. Yesner, K. Gans, Treas., J. Straniti, V. Pulito, M Slater, P. Smith, J. Duff, G. Berneike, B. Gandelman. The National Honor Society is an honorary organization for high school seniors. Members are chosen by a faculty vote on the basis of leadership, scholarship, citizenship, service, and character. The Honor Society represents fifteen percent of the senior class with Herman Pastore as supervisor. itirihent ' SENIOR EDITORS J Shutkin Editor-in-chief, M. R. Cohen, Fac. Adv.g G. Rubelman, Art Ed B Garber, Sports Ed. Back Row: C. Curd, L. Voloshin, D. Brownell, M. Montaigne, Cir Mgr., A. Tafel, J. Shutkin, Editor-in-chief, J. Seligson, Mgr. Ed., S. Schaiier, Mgr. Ed., S. Philipson, Bus. Mgr., D. Harbison, M. Noon, Asst. Sports Ed., M. Cohen, Fac. Adv.g Front Row: M. Gredinger, D. Grippo, J. Gandleman, M. Shaffer, J. Clazer, C. Cant, S. gchyjvartz, D. Davisong Missing: B. Garber, Sports Ed., V. Rubelman, Art Ed., L. ar er. For the first time, the Trident began its year Hnancially solvent. Despite an in- creased treasury, the staii maintained the offset issue rather than linotype, because oifset affords an opportunity for more pictures and a more casual approach. John Shutkin's second year as Editor-in-Chief provided more experience and organization. Continued emphasis was placed on feature articles and photographs. Boys, and girls' fashion photos were continued. The ninth Miss Trident was crowned at the varsity- faculty basketball game, and Pandemonium II, the second Trident-sponsored rock and roll show was presented in February. As Milton R. Cohen, the faculty advisor says, "Happiness is reading the Trident." Everyone reads it, even non-subscribers. SPOTLIGHT The Spotlight, the literary magazine of Amity, contains various forms of writing from the poet, to the critic. Under the guidance of David Baum- gartner, the club reviews all forms of creative writing handed in by the student body. The Spotlight comes out once a a year in the spring. Third Row: M. Lee, J. Collins, T. Amatruda, J. Cooper-Smith, D. Dortenzio, P. Jacobsen, Bus. Ed.g Second Row: M. Rahing C. Quist, L. Jacobsen, P. Mintz, L. Williams, D. Yesner, Ed., S. Yesner, D. Smithg First Row: J. Milne, N. Tiglio, A. Krevitt, C. Banti. AMITY RE IEW Left to right: R. Ritvo, R. McQuaid, Fac. Adv., D. Yesner, P. Welch. The Amity Review is a journal of literary expression reflecting a wide range of interests. The student body contributes material to the Review, whose staff is headed by four editors and a faculty advisor, Robert McQuaid. The Review claims no opinion as its own, but instead is governed by the interests of the student body. ll M' FOREIGN REVIEW :......----- ,..----"""""' ,...--f--"""""'7",,,,.. ...---e-"""' . ,,,,,...,.-- ,-...v-Q--v--"""' The purpose of the Foreign Review is to pub- lish the students' non-assigned creative writing at all levels in the four languages taught at Amity: French, German, Spanish, and Latin. Under the supervision of Katherine Passias, the Review brought out two issues this year as op- ,gmmn pose to last year's one. Both issues contained pieces of poetry, cross word puzzles, and short stories. Third Row: S. Scantlebury, J. Murphy, W. Hunter, J. Sirowich, L. Donato: Second Row: P. Mitchell, K. Frankel, S. North, J. Novello, B. Novak, R. Nowakowskig Seated: S. Most, H. Pike, N. Waksman, Editor-in-chief, C. Kirschner, H. Linett. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle F rangais est un groupe dietudi- ants qui siinteressent beaucoup aux choses francaises. Guide par Mme. Strauch, ils 'discutent tout en francais, soit la politique, la litterature ou le theatre. Ils invitent les gens qui racontent leurs experiences en France ou qui parlent d'un aspect de la vie frangaise. Parfois ils apprennent des jeux frangaisg parfois ils ecoutent les disques frangaisg ou parfois ils chantent les chan- sons frangaises accompagnes par une gui- tare. C'est un cercle tres actif et tres inter- essant. Y ,J 1 U. l .if im ,. tt f 4 - Second Row.' K. Giovanelly, S. Thomas, J. Froeherg, N. Novak, G. Snyder, L. Shaffer, A. Taffel, D. Grippo, R. Blennerhassett, M. Meier, Pres., S. Ashelford, S. Russell, G. Pulito, R. Philips, N. Maturo, G. Pacelli, E. Strauch, Fac. Adv.g First Row.' B. Adams, C. Sahl, V.P., K. Blakeslee, J. Duff, K. Gans, Sec., P. Smith. gi RUSSIAN CLUB 3T0 cron, are non, Hiro 3-ret Last yearis secret society of Russian lan- guage learners became a full-fledged club under the leadership of Evelyn Strauch. Walking into the room at the beginning of this year, one might hear doleful Russian folksongs or be handed various dittoed materials, mostly dialogues, reminiscent of seventh grade ALM courses. As the "class" dutifully repeats all the sounds and sen- tences it hears, the question remains: "Who is the basso on the record who dictates to them all?" Third Row: R. Philips, H. Comen, P. Bronski, S. Powellg Second Row: S. Horak, A. Goren, L. Berman, L. Bedron, D. Grippo, R. Ritvo, E. Strauch, Fac. Adv.g First Row: C. Liehow, R. Zado- rojnyi, K. Gans, L. Goodmaster, K. Puglisi, T. Riskin, S. Raphael, J. Schonfeld, E. Kuehn. FRENCH CLUB From Camembert cheese to delicate French pastries, the French Club samples French food prepared by its members. French songs, including Dominique, Le Coq Est Mort, and Ou sont Devenus les Fleurs, as well as color slides and talks by students and invited guests provide an inter- esting and entertaining program. Speakers discuss such amusing and diverse topics as French Indians. With such a full and varied program, the French Club is very active and unique. U Fifth Row.' G. Oliveros, R. Flynn, M. Handler, R. Squeglia, D. Chiel, G. Gaynor, J. Cooper-Smith, C. Tasso, P. Hoytg Fourth Row.' D. Whitlock, B. Vespoli, S. Logan, A. Dickgeisser, S. Stoddard, L. Cohen, C. Cuyton, S. Scantlehury, V. Bainton, R. Vespoli, W. Hunter, J. Murphyg Third Row.' V. Mack, S. Lundquist, L. Berman, S. Kenny, K. Brandt, D. Fontaine, M. Cooper-Smith, J. Lettick, A. Liddell, P. Brest, J. Donahue, B. Novak, D. Sydorick, J. Erlich, Fac. Adv.g Second Row.' V. Tiflio, D. Bell, J. Pareser, B. Schpero, L. Palmer, V. Trambusti, L. Brandt, B. Batterg First Row: 11:44. Kennedy, M. Cohen, J. Schonfeld, T. Riskin, S. Schonberger, J. Lear, C. Belair, S. Horak, . Wilson. Back Row: J. Smith, P. Lenahan, J. Edelglass, R. Meier, M. Kippur, A. Jacobsen, R Oetiker, Fac. Adv.g Front Row: C. Kirschner, V.P., K. Singer, R. Lassen, C. Dowd, M. Rahingg Absent: P. Foley, Pres., P. Lohne, J. Goethe. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, under the direction of Karen Klimas, studies Spanish culture and practices con- versational Spanish. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the Spanish culture by allowing the student to participate in actual customs of specific holiday seasons. Fourth Row: W. Wiegand, C. Cobb, J. Snyder, J. Cusano, A. Chardietg Third Row: K. Klimas, Fac. Adv., S. Alder- man, G. Harbula, L. Abramowitz, S. Maish, P. Salemme, E. Krupian, P. Hicks, L. Flynn, D. Alderman, Second Row: A. Thomas, N. Abbott, S. Brochin, S. Himmel, S. Most, J. Yursyckg Front Row.' B. Szurbeck, N. Strong, G. Howard, M. Apuzzo, D. Quixote. GERMAN CLUB The principle objective of the German Club is the study of various aspects of the German language and culture. Some of the activities for the year included: attending a German opera in New York, reading Ger- man plays and poems, singing songs and visiting places of interest to students of German culture. The club is under the direction of Rosemary Oetiker. LATIN CLUB Amity's Latin Club, directed by Mary Pike, meets once a week to promote the interests and ,the study of Latin. Its members enjoy translating Various Latin stories, poems, and other literary works, and hope to sponsor a Latin banquet. Its members also contribute to the production of the Foreign Review. Third Row: H. Yudkin, J. Florio, J. Bamber, C. Winkle, D. Rubin, S. Alpert, H. Comeng Second Row: M. Pike, Fac. Adv., J. Pendeloe, T. Fondabella, L. Ecklund, R. True Love, S. Freda, J. Huber, B. Rombergg First Row: P. Mintz, D. Strona, Sec., M. Franford, V.P., L. Feiler, Pres., J. Coleman, Treas., B. Arnone, J. Caesar. ii CONCERT CHOIR Fourth Row: P. Matson, L. Ecklund, B. McCarthy, C. Guyton, C. Winkle, R. Pini, M. Dymkoski, S. Sherman, J. Longo, S. Baral, M. Patrick, S. Mohr, D. Rhoads, B. Lyon, C. Burmaster, K. Laudano L. Voloshing Third Row: L. Murphy, B. Diana, C. Kirschner, D Kirschner, C. Lyon, B. Nickolsherg, M. Vinglione, J. Holland, A. D,Acunto, J. Sherwood, K. Sandleman, S. DeNardis, K. Giovanelly, J. Straniti, M. Meier, Second Row: K. Rivera, K. Bisaillon, C s The Amity Concert Choir is a mixed ensemble of seven- ty voices under the direction of John Zito. It performs at the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts and also at various other outside programs. This year the Choir traveled to the New Haven Convalescent Home, to the Duff, L. Beers, S. McKeon, G. Harger, P. Fraser, F. Hutchinson, M. Handler, C. Liehow, M. Lender, G. Fiala, A. Taifelg First Row: J. Duii, Pres. S. Hon., D. Schwartz, A. Durley, S. Hyde, S. Schon- herger, N. Smith, A. Esposito, R. Hansen, J. Riskalla, L. Berman T. Riskin, D. DeNardis, M. Hall, Absent: J. Fightlin, C. Sher- wood, D. Bell, D. Siglind, S. Schluederberg, E. Kuehn, P. Babcock. 9 Amity Junior High Schools, and to North Haven High School for an exchange concert. A select choir of twelve from the Concert Choir performs with the Choir. The Concert Choir presents a variety of compositions from sacred to secular. SELECT CHOIR Fourth Raw: R. Pini, A. D'Acuntog Third Row: S. Sherman, J. Holland, R. Hansen Second Row: M. Handler, G. Fiala, K. Rivera, First Row: J. Straniti, J Dui? D. Schwartzg Absent: M. Dymkoski, S. McKeon. uGood grief! There is a frog in your throctl' GIRL ' CHORUS The Girls' Chorus composed of sixty-five members performs three-part composi- tions at the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. This year the Chorus is expanding allowing it to perform more serious compositions. Fourth Raw: J. Holland, E. Morissey, B. Mendez, S. Mohr, D. Rhoads, B. Lyon, C. Burmaster, S. DeNardis, P. Griiiith, L. Faber, B. Wright D. Bell, Third Row: B. Kirschberg, E. Cicerchia, S. Holmes, K. Heavl ens, L. Winn, N. Read, K. Larson, K. Froeherg, C. Capecelatro, M Hall, S. Tone, L. Beers, L. Fuller, Second Row: K. Rivera, B. Diana, E E AETNA CASUALTY AND LIFE INSURANCE CO. SCHOLARSHIP FINALIST, Diane Schwartz. L. Murphy, D. Kirschner, C. DUH, D. Fairclough, D. DeNardis, K. Laudano, E. Gooch, M. Lender, N. Maturo, S. Blum, J. Moore, First Row: S. Hon, D. Schwartz, J. Donohue, S. McKeon, J. Lear, J. Brodoff, D. Mattei, F. Stengard, A. Laudano, A. Durley, W. Ford, R. Maison- nauveg Absent: M. Patrick, L. Feiler, C. Diana, L. Connor, B. Jacobs. ALL-CONNECTICUT PARTICIPANTS M. Patrick, R. Hansen, D. Schwartz, M. Handler. BAND First Clarinet: R. Spaziani, Pres., J. Patterson, D. Jung, Second Clarinet: C. Straniti, K. Straniti, Third Clarinet: S. Abercrombie, D. Sampson, D. Whitlock, Flute: C. DuH, J. Snyder, J. Baker, C. Shutan, F. Steagalig Oboe: L. John- stoneg Bassoon.' D. Faircloughg Trumpet: D. Siglin, J. Mitchell, T. Spear, J. Flesher, T. Walsch, A. Krinsley, F. Verrilli, D. Clarkg Trombone: S. Gluckg Saxophone: L Bozworthg A. Marvin, E. Hendricks, J. Roche, Percussion J. Jacobs, G. Cable, M. Cerano, S. Taylor, French Horn: J. Straniti, Sec., B. Booth. DANCE BAND The Dance Band performs as a small jazz combo both at school and at outside functions. With Seymour Schonberger as faculty advisor, the group has performed impressively at Amity Spring Concerts. This year, the dance band has sought to expand the range and depth of its repertoire. A number of new orchestrations were ordered to further this goal. Third Row: M. Cerino, J. Mitchell, T. Spears, J. Flesher, T. Maybryg Second Row: G. Cable, S. Gluck, M. Krugeg First Row: J. Roche, L. Bosworth, E. Hendricks, A. Marvin, D. Jones, R. Spaziani. CONCERT ORCHESTRA The Concert Orchestra, conducted by Seymour Schonberger, has grown in size and quality during the last two years. En- couraged by last year's success with the Schubert Mass in G Major, the orchestra this year undertook Mozart's Missa Brevis in C Major K. 220. Eight orchestra mem- bers were chosen during the winter to per- form with the Southwest Division Festival Orchestra of the Connecticut Music Educa- tors' Association at Danbury High School on January 28. At their traditional Christ- Third Row: P. Matson, T. Wu, G. Cable, S. Schonberger, director, T. Speares, J. Mitchell, D. di S ' C t th h t Siglin, M. Kruge, J. Gandleman, C.,Karahinos, J. Straniti, Second Row: M. Karen, B. Goodstein, mas an pnllg tgnier J, 1 e OTC es rf! R. Spaziani, J. Patterson, K. Straniti, J. Sterritt, E. Hendricks, P. Fraser, N. Novakg First Row: Presented 3- Vanety 0 C 355103 e Senu' classl' C. DuH, J. Snyder, S. Schonberger, C. Shutan, L. Johnstone, D. Fairclough, M. Handler, S. Cluckg cal, and Broadwayushow music. Absent: L. Bernstein. BIULOGY CLUB The Biology Club is oriented around the com- plete mental, physical and social development of the advanced placement student. Lab sessions and other activities assist the student in main- taining his knowledge of applied biology on an inversely proportionate plane with his theoret- ical background. Mr. Karoll is available, on re- quest, to answer, within certain limits, any and all questions pertinent to a happy and complete biological existence. Third Row: M. Stuart, S. Glover, M. Sarkady, R. Melny, E. Karroll, Fac. Adv., J. Collins, M. Weis: Second Row: E. Brandt, A. Bruckuf, B. Buell, W. Lohdell, J. Luciani, A. Cawron, D. Grippog First Row: P. Maturo, E. Fuller, R. Mingrome, J. Chofnas. ,w 'MGP CHEMISTRY CLUB ln order to promote individual research in some field of chemistry, the Chemistry Club has a limited membership. Under the guidance oi Curt Graf, each member works on a project which interests him and which can benefit other club members. Some projects undertaken in- clude the making of chemical batteries, perfume, and aminoacids, among others. Left to right: J. Marks, C. Graf, Fac. Adv., S. Lewis, J. Feher, M. Banerji, T. Wu. MATH CLUB Fourth Row: R. Gambardella, P. Lena- han, W. Costello, D. Dortenzio, P. Barone, Third Row, R. Cramer, M. Dolyak, G. Haynes, J. Harrison, M. Leibowitz, W. Danton, R. Hellauer, J. Bondy, F. Brunetti, M. Reen, V. De- Laurentisg Second Row: P. Daniels, J. Diette, R. Dorman, R. Cook, D. Snyder, R. Sykes, G. Cooper, R. Atkins, C. Blumenthal, R. Bush, F. Daniels, First Row: J. Donovan, S, Nunes, S. Kelley, J. Fondabella, M. Cooper-Smith, M. Mallison, D. Rubin, .l. Duffield, A. Ein- stein. DRAMA CLUB This year's Drama Club, composed of juniors and seniors, has focused on developing acting skills, pantomime, oral interpretation, and im- provisation. The culmination of this training was the clubis major production, The Impor- tance of Being Earnest, in February. The pro- duction of the play included instruction in set design and other backstage techniques, so that all aspects of the drama were covered. Fourth Row: K. Rivera, C. Grey, P. Blum, M. Kleiger, E. Hildebrand, R. Pini, J. Dearing, R. Claireg Third Row: L. Waldeck, R. Ritvo, D. Anderson, C. Bruneu, M. Turkoff, P. Bronski, H. Wesselinkg Second Row: D. Mattei, K. Showe, N. Nicoles, J. Straniti, K. Frankel, M. Rabinowitz, G. Harper, D. Browerg First Row: M. Alkus, Fac. Adv., J. Reilly. D. Bell, Pres., M. Maschmeier, V.P., R. Esposito, K. Bisaillon, P. Newman. DEBATING CLUB The Debating Club, under the supervision of Margaret O'Donnell, has reorganized itself this year. Approx- imately thirty members comprise three varsity teams and four novice teams. The teams debated the national topic, '4Resolved: The foreign aid program of the United States should be limited to non-military assistancef, and com'- peted against such schools such as Hillhouse, North Haven, Hamden Hall, Notre Dame, Hopkins, Branford, and Stamford. The Club belongs to the Greater New Haven Area Debate League and participated this year in tournaments at Hillhouse, Stamford and Hamden. The Club also participated in Model Congresses at North Haven and the University of Connecticut. 84 SOPHOMORE DRAMA CLUB To give sophomores a special privilege this year, a Sophomore Drama Club was organized under the direction of Katharin Kelker. Each Tuesday, the club meets to begin to prepare each member for the- stage, and to bring out his individual talent. Activities center around act- ing exercises which are a preparation for a final production. Fourth Row: B. Nuzzo, D. McKenner, S. Sherman, A. Esposito, E. Rappaport, J. Quilligan, Third Row: N. Jordan, D. Shedd, M. Mallison, S. Blaat, D. Cunning- ham, D. Elston, K. Bradlee, D. Dortenzio, C. Sheltong Second Row: D. Davison, S. Howard, R. Marchitto, L. Shambrom, D. Savitska, S. Sauer, S. Whitfield, C. Ban- ti, E. Cicerchia, K. Kelker, F ac. Adv., First Row: N. Waksman, S. Schwartz, R. Connely, M. Gimble, D. Schwartz, F. Schaefer, R. Caepiga. 5 ll Third Row: P. Lewis, V.P., L, Garber, P. Blum, B. Lancet, C. Manning, B. Bisaillon, G. Ouellette, B. Nickelsberg, R. Friedlandg Second Row: D. Chiel, S. Alpert, B. Webber, M. Franford, Pres., B. 0'Connor, B. Garberg First Row: J. Greene, Sec., C. Messer, S. Brochin, L. Gabriele, A. Kaye, M. Cohen, P. Coheng Absent: J. Abercrombie, Treas., M. Brophy, B. Hall, N. Gimbel. I Q - INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ORGANIZATION The IRO, sponsored by Robert McQuaid, attempts to promote better understanding between nations by the use of discussions and debates concerning various aspects of international politics. It also provides a series of lectures by foreign students study- ing in the United States. It is hoped that through this club, students will discover new customs and ideas. Third Row: I. Florio, B. Batter, E. Hildebrand, C. Winkle, M. Sarkady, P. Schlegel, C. Tasso, R. Shaw, A. Miller, A. Dickgeisser, S. Rickerd, L. Margidisg Second Row: R. McQuaid, Fac. Adv., S. Kramer, R. Raccio, P. Salemme, S. McKeon, D. Strona, C. Pierce, C. Caspar, A. Spignesi, J. McFarland, B. Warner, B. Gimbel, J. Parizer, C. Petrieg First Raw: C. Hoifman G. Oliveros, N. Batter, L. Hunter, P. Root, V.P., R. Stone, Pres., C. Iaccarino, Treas., J. Caray, S. Boyd, G. Howardg Missing: J. Iamele, E. Wasserman S. Freda. ART CLUB The Art Club is a group of imaginative students investigating new horizons in artis- tic medians and modes. Under the direction of William Freeman, the students work on individual projects. The Art Club stimulates creative artistic expression. K' Third Row: T. Falcone, W. Grana, C. Cobbg Second Row: K. Galligan, S. Wainman, S. Lundquist, D. Pawchyk, P. Hicks, M. Fitzpatrick, L. Blakeslee, B. Gherloneg First Row: E. Armellino, G. Crotta, P. Connelly, A. Fasanella, J. Yurczyk, S. Carringtong Igissing: L. Cohen, B. Lyon, S. Mohr, J. Horton, Pres., A. Dietrich, R. Eriksson, P. icasso. COIN CLUB The Coin Club, under the new advisorship of Rocco Ciravolo, is in its second year of operation. Its twenty members range from hard-boiled, fanat- ical collectors to those hobbyists with only recent interest. The weekly activities of the club include an officers' report, reports by members, and trading among the collectors. Special activities are auctions, both within the school and with outsiders. The chief goal of the club is to widen appeal for coin-collect- ing, a worthwhile and profitable hobby that enjoys growing interest with each coming year. Back Row.' J. Rubano, B. Hall, V.P., P. Egan, P. Villani, M. Leibowitz, S. Hilcoff, P. Pierce, R. Ciravolo, Fac. Adv., J. Harrison, R. Cook, G. Morazzini, K. Millerg Front Row: M. Vinglione, W. Webber, Pres., S. Hibson, Sec.-Treas., C. Hafner, A. Tosolini. 85 CHESS CLUB Third Row: W. Costello, E. Bredenberg, C. Reynolds, G. Jones, P. Logiodice, C. Ciancola, W. Nathan, W. Petremont, D. Clinig Second Row: P. Schlegel, J. Wilson, W. Medelros, R. Correale, C. Cave, G. Orman, S. Montalto, R. Lachow- ski, L. Sekasg First Row: S. Powell, T. Wu, R. Berger, J. Wu, Pres., C. Roh- bins, S. Taylor, M. Dymkoski, R. McQuaid, Fac. Adv.g Absent: R. Sokol. The Chess Club, sponsored by Robert lVlcQuaid, meets on Tues- day and has some thirty members. Its purpose is to acquaint begin- ners with the intricate maneuvers of chess and to challenge more experienced players. This year is unique in that some of the more advanced players have formed a chess team representing Amity and have played other area high schools. Don't blow your cool BRIDGE CLUB The Bridge'Club, under the direction of Peter Mad- den, offers leisure time to its club members to pursue their interest in bridge. Throughout the year the members compete in games and tournaments. Third Row: F. Karabinos, J. Bondy, R. Hellauer, R. Friedland, C. Sheetan, P. Coheng Second Row: N. Tone, J. Karlak, C. Livers, B. Goodstein, S. Nunesg Seated: R. Lyons, Pres., D. Voelkle, Treas., C. Karabinos, V.P., R. Feiler, Sec.g Absent: H. Barnett, C. Gorman. "Sure I'm listening . . ." The EXISTENTIALISTS RED CROSS CLUB The Red Cross Club is well known in this area for the gifts and favors made to hospitals and for the success- ful fund raising drives, for the National Red Cross. This club, under the leader- ship of Mary Blakeslee, performs other services for the community and hos- pitals. The girls volunteer their services at blood banks and chest X-ray mobile units, in addition to the hospitals. The time and effort spent helping others has proven to be very rewarding for all club members. Third Row: D. Sydoriak, L. Murphy, S. Calderone, S. Sandora, L. Cavallaro, A. Fortune, M. Apuzzo, R. Davis, D. Johnson, Second Row: S. Gambordella, G. Harbula, K. O'Connor, D. Rom- herg, J. Circuolo, T. Greenblatt, S. Fellows, J. Reey, S. Maish, S. Dolang First Row: B. Jacobs, O. Bloch, C. Bruno, J.Huber, Sec., S. Zupa V.P., C. Wehe, Pres., B. Arnone, S. Bathgate, P. Sur- priseg Absent: K. Blakeslee, L. Woodward, Treas., H. Charm, L. Barthel. Out to lunch FUTURE TEACHERS This year the Future Teachers Club had many speakers from various schools and colleges. They discussed with the club the pros and cons of teach- ing as a post-college occupation. One of the club's main events of the year was their annual visit to Southern Connecticut State College, where they at- tended classes in student-teacher instruction. Under the supervision of Sandra Ursini, the Future Teach- ers have been able to gain an insight into their pro- posed vocation. "Can I have my shoelczce back now?" Third Row: S. Read, J. Wickrowski, B. Vespoli, D. Savitska, C. Cuyton, S. Stoddard, R. Blenner- hassett, S. DeMartino, S. Ashelford, B. Diana, Second Row: D. Kelly, A. Solomon, R. Connolly, M. Pierapoli, S. Hlywa, S. Sauer, K. Foster, L. Abraniowitz, L. Kane, First Row: J. Balayan, M. Corso, L. Yorke, J. Naclerio, C. Marshall, B. Adamsg Absent: R. Vespoli. 87 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Left to Right: T. Longo, G. Smith, L. DeGennaro. Bzzzz AVA Despite a loss of its old oflice to the-new German class- room, the Audio Visual Club continues. This hard-work- ing group of boys is responsible for all films, tapes, and records in school, as well as for the stage and the radio music in the' cafeteria. The club emphatically denies responsibility for the clock failures, or the rock and roll slipped into your history class. The club is advised by James S. Kenny. Left to Right: R. Lesniak, K. Garrety, P. LaVorgna, M. Jelasko, M. McKeever, R. Clair, J. Anthes, P. Sorrentino. LIBRARY CLUB The major purpose ofthe Library Club is to be a serv- ice club. Every girl who is a member, donates at least one period weekly of her free time to the library. This one hour, besides serving the school, helps to train the girls. The club meets on Thursdays. The Library Club is a member of a state library association, Nutmeg 020. All of the girls attend meetings of this association throughout the state. During the spring, a Saturday workshop is held where representatives attend all-day meetings. In December the club attended a theater party and saw "The Man Who Came to Dinner" at Long Wharf Theater. At the end of the year, pins will be awarded to those who have contributed the most to the club. Back Row: C. Goodrich, G. Tegtmeier, G. Bergen, Rec. Sec., K. Froeberg, G. Pulito, Treas., D. Alderman, V.P., D. Tomlinson, Corres. Sec., W. Nathan, Pres.g Front Row: P. Foley, M. Gimple, D. Schwartz, F. Schaeiler, R. Maisonneuve, S. Alderman, R. Czepigia, P. McKeon, A. Durley. Fifth Row: K. Rondina, A. Volonino, K. Baillie, A. Kaye, K. Hesselbach, P. Curd, Wright, Fourth Row: B. Mendez, A. Feher, S. Wiegand, D. Pawchyk, D. Blanchard Clemence, M. Fitzpatrick, P. McKeong Third Row.' H. Pike, G. Fiala, J. Loomisl Wright, L. Atkinson, S. Hlywa, B. Schumacher, Second Row: G. Curd, M. Longo, E-F15-QFJUU GIRLS' LEADERS The members of the Girls, Leaders Club, un- der the leadership of Linda Petersen, referee and direct all of the girls' intramural sports- volleyball, basketball, archery, and badminton. This year the girls' leaders have played an im- portant role in our highly populated school, by helping the gym teachers teach athletic skills in class. K .. . . Feldman, G. Loomis, A. Todd, L. Yorke, P. Root, T. Cole, First Row.' L. Williams, Lee, H. Holgate, Sec., B. Parks, Pres., B. Wooster, V.P., B. Cimhel, E. Clark. "GuiIIaume!" P" 'QJQDBQDQGI 5 .fhofvs "Scmt6!" HOME ECONOMICS SERVICE The Home Economics Service club has been active in school for a number of years. The purpose of the club is to assist in various school activities. The members, under the direction of Elizabeth Cobb, prepare refreshments for dances and banquets. Standing: L. Finsmith, P. Brest, C. Angeloni, F. Dupee, M. Rad- wany, M. Slater, L. Smith, Seated Left: L. Johnson, B. Smith, C. Flaherty, S. Root, M. Ciola, C. Jewell, R. Spargog Seated Right: J. Scilpp, P. Boyne, R. Kasoliticz, S. Gorman, C. Orckis, J. De- Coster, N. Simeoneg Missing: P. Pohlman, J. Tomlinson, S. Gil- bert, P. Buckholz, S. Frankenberry, J. Hunt, S. Ipbach, C. Hoppe, E. Ghent, L. Barthel, P. Donnarummo, L. Hoppe, M. Hubyk, B. rocker. E BERS Summit Conference EDITORS SENIOR EDITORIAL BOARD Fourth Row: D. Strona, M. Franford, A. Stahl, L. Shaffer, G. Williams, D. Bell, H Linett, M. Turkoif, M. Stuart, Third Row: C. Miner, E. Feldman, G. Voets, J. Col: lins, J. Van Name, J. Cusanog Second Row: J. Duff, J. Straniti, B. Blake, B. Gandel Left to Right: R. Martin, Asst. Ed., R. Melny, Asst. Ed., J. Sharp, Asst. Ed., M. Meier, Asst. Ed., P Smith, Co-Ed., P. Welch, Co-Ed. lnan, G. Berneike, D. Ledewitz, M. Montaigne, W. Lobdell, D. Grippo, E. Kuehn, K Thoennes, J. Froeherg, M. Clendong First Row: S. Gregory, D. Brownell, L. Hunter S. Freda, L. Feiler, H. Barnett, L. Voloshin. EDITORIAL BOARD Second Row: H. Clifford, R. Ritvo, L. Palmer, M. Maschmeier, J. Baker, L. Kelly, A. Spignesi, D. DeNardisg First Row: A. Lidell, G. Casper, S. Philipson, A. Kaye, C. Gant, N. Abbot, S. Himmel. Color by number B-fi 'T' 1 ART BOARD E ART EDITORS Third Row: T. Dorman, G. Miller, A. Lieberman, B. Disco, M. Ricci, K. Enders, J. Cochrane, J. Molleur, J. Goldstone, C. Quist, G. Williams, C. Grieb, S. Eccles, D. Brownell, L. Asimusg Second Row: B. Gimbel, A. Laudano, W. Syrkin, S. Hyde, G. Lloyd, K. Heavens, D. Lori, R. Fox, L. Gabriele, First Row: D. Searles, L. Landino, J. Horton, Co-Ed., G. Rubelman, Co-Ed., S. North, J. Rosenberg, T. Lott. .. G. Rubelman, J. Horton. "You wanna' see the Playmate of the month? !" ' Co-ordination-plus! llshafll BUSINESS BOARD E BEBS Fourth Row: C. Wehe, B. Mendez, D. Dortenzio, M. Maschmeier, L. Voloshin, R. Blennerhassett, J. Baker, S. Scantlebury, L. Cohen, Third Row: N. Jordan, A. Rubin, B. Schpero, K. Spinelli, D. Carangelo, L. Cavallaro, D. Fontaine, M. Glendon, K. Thoennes B. Smith, J. Sirowich, C. Miner, J. Johnson, N. Corbin, J. Rawsong Second Row: R. Hansen, P. Blum, C. Lloyd, J. Iamele, B. Heffernan, J. Hubyk, M. Apuzzo, C. Pierce, P. Cawley, C. Hoffman, A Spignesi, C. Cant, A. Volonino, L. Hesselbach, N. Novak, L. Donato, A. Krinsleyg First Row: C. Sahl, L. Onofrio, D. Strona, C. Iaccarino, S. Philipson, P. Pragst, Co-Ed., S. Thomas, Co-Ed., G. Casper, R. Nowakowski, L. Lee, J Morris, S. Freda, Absent: M. Lockwood, Asst. Ed., C. Armellino, F Cirillo, L. Flinn, M. Credinger, J. Jacobsen, E. Jenseth, C. Kazanjian A. Laudano, M. Longo, M. Longo, M. Longo, J. Loomis, S. McGrath, C Mauro, D. Micel, C. Miller, A. Schpero, L. Smith, W. Syrkin, A. Vol- enino, J. Rockefeller. BUSINESS EDITORS The Amity Special w,r,.pv Welch! M. Lockwood, Asst. Ed., S. Thomas, Co-Ed., P. Pragst, Co Ed s gk Go Ahead, Harry! Snoopy vs. the Red Baron Heels? The specter of gloom Why sit home? , N . N 1 3 5 V- ,,, 7-,,d,f0o4a1l7' -'J' " , , x ,x ,r ,.- ..- --,'.-.- :QL Q' ' '44 A .lf e'9- jxslf' h, ,. V, 4 LJ! , 7, I X ,L 541'-'fi' I ff ,,ffi fi" -2 .7 I 1 ,J , ,ff ,lfx5fQf', , A ""7f Y Jn. I. ,yr -il., .f ri 1 V .3 , . , 1 - 4 ,f 11' A " ,f 1 'K fy, f 4 ' 9 I x ,7'5"'f ' A -"' ,- , 'J' ' f I i ,fi 1 ff . 7 , f :g,f4+f1f , ff if '-f , . 14 1 , :fy , ' , .I A , sf' . -f fy I. I I 3, fy, If A? V, 3 ,t I ,V--In Q14 X i f , , , V4 f 1' L !4 4. ,f' ia, I 7 Tj, XL '5 M ,' flf! ' X A ' -44 f f JPY .I Y I N 'V D X Qi: , ff 1 .FK ff X ' ' ' , A , f 1 ,f f ' K 74 X A xx f 1 f 4 Q f f ' f P 1 f X, I. f 1' ' , 1 . 1,1 V 2 ' I ' ' V if X' 1 I . ' ' . I H ,Q A ,1 I' " , ' I ,. K . fd , I lx , I. , , 1 I X7 jf X 1, fl' , 'd ' ' If l X , '. 1 g'Y if-""", wiki I X 1 I , - - V I 'IV A in ,' J, M -F I 'I g if A 5 . A f A HC-- ' K f ' , 1 I 'K : 4 fig , I' ,',"' y , , 'X ' ' I ' f r U f ,' 4 f f ' .' f . if ff . 1 , ,V w ,f ' -if f -X nj. f fl-j5f.f f f ' .gv 1- ' . xt- f f A-'J ' 1 i F " 5 I' ' ' if I . 2 , f A ,fff 1ff"' 'Av M' ,A ' Q 'K' KF' l f ' 4 9f'f y' Us n , -f.i D ,J 7 K ' vw Y ' " Q Y In U4 V rf' , I QI, xl V5 I W , ffkiilfl X I , 1 JJ! H , flf ! if A ii! I' . ' 1 1 f n- 1 ' f X I , V . E' ? bj1 . ,, 4 ,!, It , f ,, td I p, tx .J J I Ili! . ' I' 1,-' 'fr ff j If A W mag! qi, r ,J ' :- I .' If I, ' VJ, ' I ' K fl! ! 111, , . I, 1 1 I I it X, V 1 . cyy All 5,1 ' ' 1 X If 1 ,llflf ix !'., I rl, - 'Y' r K if S A 1 111 - X I -,I ,r NX", l :', I N! 1" s , 1 I7 If f ' gf g'A ,N W. 4' A- I ff 3 1 P , ,f X ,, 1 xl I. fd r A If , ."' f I A' .5 ' ,.'f X X . f- 'X , I A 1' I If f, bf A!! ,Jig ,ffm I, 1 A 5 V nf K J' - ' I J ' ' 1 ' V 1 f- g 1? f :sf X ff , ,P 4 ff -. ,rf .' I Y.- Lhffff. I f ll' A 1' .VI 'L , 1: . '-1 X A -5--.X . X -it - it , - .,, ..-W .I - -- .J-....,- ,, " z'-lt:'Ti' " 1- 5 .-.77 - it 4 -1-Chun-3---4A -I--u-f ' -"9"' ' ff- ' 4WQ'.,.h' ,Qo- w . x ' '-1 . ,, , -. .Y x -. -'N '-""g'T'F'+ - ' ""'1' x x Rx 'X N 'N'Q1.,,A f """""" A ' ' Q 3 N1 61 Y --. ' --X sk x s-,ix ' -f g't4- , s 177' N g X XA 5 k .M 'I ' . S I , QI Nh- x1'k"'x,,,, , 'XA , X X' - xx ,X . 0-. Y ,V wc - xxx A A -Q "-x.f" xLA, x J I Nix 1 x "fi , X5 A-K ef. . '-wg--5 x cf, . , -. 'X ' :wb x 2 4 Y. 5 X X. x ,f in . , N X , . S- xx A , ,Q N - , ixxil B Mn ,.. . N , 1 - ' i ' 4 'Kun fx, 'fr - in 'FAN ,Y W sxxxx xiii X 'LQKQ at a-.' gr- Q " - 73- S- xi I 1. tx t - xi: K' x X-X .I K .E - x X X X X,X X 1 X K X W XX: it 1 W x Q Ez. X ,LmgA - X N X A X . ., ' .jx X 5 X X X X --, Xfx Lx Hx L, f ' -L" -x5 , x XXX , - ' - . AA- -, x X X , . - X N x 4 Q , .H . K '. ' X X , - .fx ., , V. M Q X . X- . KX w , . x X. X , fu . X? W-,Q X 1 3 "Tug, you're it!" FOOTBALL The Spartans posted a 3-5 record in the Housatonic League this season. The Housatonic teams are well known as rougher teams than those that play in the District League of which Amity had previously been a member. The Spartans were under the watchful eye of coaches John Janenda and Bill John- son. They, with the invaluable aid of Captain Pete McHugh, showed the drive and spirit needed to win. The Spartans were hampered throughout the season by injuries, but still managed to defeat some old rivals and provide tough com- petition for new ones. Outstanding playing by seniors Danny Kearnsg' Phil'Welch, Glenn Brushett, Rick Haus- er, and Mike Jordan, and steady con- tributions hy underclassmen Bob Brinley, Gary Rondina, and Rick Ros- towski, resulted in a solid team this year. Seventh row: J. DiCaprio, R. Puglisi, J. Tedeschi, R. Castells R. Voloshin, G. Salemme, J. Frank. Sixth row: R. Esposito P Dreissi acker F Pucillo L Nicoletti W Freeman C ' g 3 ' 7 ' 7 ' 3 .' Sawyer, G. Smith, T. Greco. Fifth row: R. Walker, D. Keefe, R. Knight, P. O'Sullivan, J. Cuccarillo, W. Sutherland J Propowski. Fourth row.' R. Rondino, W. Montgomery,,Wl Varsh, R. Brinley, A. Tedeschi, R. Ducibello, R. Waite, R. 1 5 Hill. Third raw: A. Sabellico, D. Clark, P. Mauro, J. Heav- ens, L. Bozworth, J. Pepe, S. Figlewski, R. Rostowski, R Pampell. Second row: S. Dowd, G. Brushett, S. Eccles, A Stahl, A. Buoni, G. Snyder, J. Kennedy R. Dest. First row R. Root, R. Spaziani, M. Jordan, P.,McHugh, Capt., D' Kearns, E. Ross, R. Hauser, B. Mozealous. Absent: P. Welch, J. Feher. Kearns looks to throw E Brushett makes if look easy 'Go ahead, coach isn'1 Iooking." Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity McHugh one on one FOOTBALL SCORES 27 Cheshire .t......, , , 16 Lyman Hall A... 12 North Haven ,...., 29 Seymour ,..t,... 0 East Haven , 12 Derby ,.....,,, 6 Shelton ..,... 6 Branford . The horns of o dilemma "Kick-ot?" "Any volunteers?" An interception over Brinley Follow-the-leader f Rondina in ci pile-up Coaches' vigil Great expectations "But they're big, Coach! use SOCCER - N ., . , 1 ' Second row: W. Petremont, J. Gould, S. Darby, R. Lyons, W. Sheridan, T. Wu, D. Creaser, R. Hladkyj, C. Sherwood, J. D. DuBail, C. Manning, P. Wicklund, J. Patterson, R. Hirsch, R. Friedland, R. Hansen, D. Snyder, C. Liebow, K. Wicklund, A. Krantz, D. Norton. First row: J. Schlesinger, J. Dockendoril, B. Tarleton, H. Linett, S. Powell, F. De- Buono, R. Martin, Co-Capt., M. Noon, Co-Capt., G. Williams, Eriksson. Absent: R. White, M. HoHman, H. Clark, P. Lohne, P. HoHman. This year's soccer team compiled a solid 3-3-3 record under the leader- ship of Coach Harold Smullen and co-captains Mike Noon and Rich Martin. Outstanding seniors Harry Clark, Mike Noon, Steve Powell, and Greg Wil- liams provided the nucleus for an energetic team. Rich Martin continued his fine play at the goal. The team put forth its finest eiiort in rising to tie the State Tournament-bound Lyman Hall team. Captains Noon and Martin SOCCER SCORES Amity ..... ..,.. 2 Hamden ..,.... Amity ...,. ..... 0 Lyman Hall , Amity ..... ,.... 4- Cheshire JV Amity ..... ,..,. 3 Southport Amity ..,.. ..... 1 Lyman Hall . Amity .,... ,.... 1 Southport Amity ..... .,... 1 Cheshire IV Amity .,...... ..... 1 Wilcox Tech Amity Hopkins ...,... My Eriksson moves foward the goal Pre-game ritual Qw- 1-K Q X 4 .ve A V s - -WS WNMWQWMMM-one-MN., lf-1. Goalie Sounds of silence ,.l hx. A J Soccer field CROSS COU TRY i Fatigue v Back row: F. Higgins, A. Budzinski, P. Mocha, Front, row: J. Hubbard, E. Pagliaro, Co-capt., R. Heavens, G. Clock, Co-capt. 102 Chow time! The cross country team, led by Co-Cap- tains Ernie Pagliaro and Gilbert Clock, finished their 1967 season with a record of 6-1. This record included the first victory over Notre Dame in the history of Amityas team. The best race of the season was won by Bob Heavens at the Housatonic League meet, which Amity won. The team qualified for the State finals at New Britain, where they did a fine job by defeating strong teams from Notre Dame and Staples. Spe- cial credit for the successes of this year go to Captain Ernie Pagliaro, Bob Heavens, and John Hubbard. Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Dismissal minus 5 CROSS COUNTRY SCORES 18 North Haven 24- Lyman Hall 31 Cheshire 22 V Branford 17 Shelton 23 Notre Dame 21 Derby .. .....,.. 15 Hopkins .....,.....,,. A, 44- Housatonic League Heavens makes his move "We don't want to trip now, do we?" '2- Left to right: J. Kenny, Coach, R. Rostowski, F. Pampell, L. Gold, D. Keefe, S. Berney, R. Walker, T. Fortune, G. White, G. Brushett, R. Martin, P. Dreissigacker, R. Seizmore, R. Pollack, J. Rhoads, T. Gibney, E. Day, F. Pucillo, L. Bozworth, Mgr. Absent: J. Feher, scorer, J. Rosa. BASKETBALL The basketball team, under Coach James "Bones" Kenney, completed their best season in three years with a 4-14 record. ln the face of injuries and other setbacks fmuddy courts, wind resistance, and dis- tracting cheerleadersl , team loyalty and Spartan dedication to captain Glenn Brushett made the sea- son unique. First string seniors Richard Martin and ,lack Rosa, aided by exceptional juniors Greg White and Tom Fortune, were high scorers for the season. Prospects for next year are bright because of strong underclass participation and cooperation. Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity SCORES Seymour ..... Shelton ....,.. Derby ..,...... Wilcox Tech Lyman Hall . Cheshire .,... Branford ..... North Haven East Haven . Lyman Hall Wilcox Tech Shelton ....,.. Branford ...,. Derby .,.,.... North Haven Hopkins .... ,wry , 31 q ge,j,'5 iR N 1 ,fx-f J S 2 'J Qfifih 5' I 17' xx' If if XF X X Q S W W .2 QQ X .gil 3 Lf if Y N? 9' 5 E ff A guy-y X wid 72, w'iZI,:.f,,X vx'x1Z,As! kX1Y,1:KIZ.j,f 45 f 11 X W 33 XQW' 'f if 'M 'vw' Q' F ' X 295, wYvWyvfgX 1j, 2 KmwQwm Qv , J43wW , fix Q Gihi ,gf if l I S ykl TY M1 YW! vig! N, v "Bones" Unopposed Rich on the rebound Captains confer fwfr? ,,4,,a'?, y .Q 1 wfiwf ff, -an N211 A T Q, Y A we ,gf 5 li W, Q 4? 5' 2 4? lf -wr - if 'mf -7 . 5 7. '5 ..,-A . X - 'Lf -L H -J, 1 xLi.,,3,,..g. 1g-7- Y. ,,,.-A t A K 5 k SLI, .rkfflgiarkyk K an K X 5 ' 4' T k 'i 4 . Y- f Adding insult to iniury HOCKEY The 1966-67 hockey season started off well for the team with the defeat of New Canaan, Hillhouse, and Wil- bur Cross, and then slowed down with losses to West Haven and Hamden. Amity staged a comeback by beat- ing Hopkins, Hillhouse, and Wilbur Cross, but lost ground again in defeats by West Haven and Hamden. At the Hockey Jamboree, the Spartans won one, lost one and tied two. Outstanding contributions by co-captains Stan Figlewski and Bill Cahoon plus loyal team support leave the team with a 6-4 record for the season. Yield right of way 1.08 Figlewski passes to Frcwley Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity HOCKEY SCORES New Canaan Hillhouse Wilbur Cross West Haven . , Hamden . . , Hopkins Hlllhouse .,......., Wilbur Cross West Haven . Hamden , . New Canaan Third row.' R. King, Mgr.g P. Johnson, P. Hoifman, J. Perrotti, P. O'Su111van J Frank H Smullen Coach. Second row.' M. Frawley, D. Berna, P. Lenahan, M. Luce, J. Goetsch P Lohne J Kennedy First row: H. Clark, R. Pitcher, W. Cahoon, C0-Capt., M. HoHman, S F1glBWSk1 Co Capt T Lehtonen, T. Foyer. Absent: C. Hahn. The opposition moves in A goal attempt TENN S Left to right: K. Oliver, Coachg G. Davis, Capt., S. Powell, M. Gredinger, J. Shutkin, R. Warren Absent: M. Sarkady, D. Ralston. The tennis team looks forward to surpassing last year's record of 7-5. Aided by strong sophomores and returning lettermen John Shutkin, Marc Sarkady, Rick War- ren, Mark Gredinger, Steve Powell, and Captain Greg Davis, the team should have the needed experience to top their opposition. Kenneth Oliver, the rookie coach, anticipates victories over competition from both the District and Housatonic Leagues, as well as from other independent schools. "Dear John" Left to right: J. Warholic, T. Gibney, M. Liehowitz, J. Harrison, P. Birkenmeyer, D. Pierce. Absent: J. Piccolo, Capt., A. Palmer. GOLF With three of last year's starters returning and a promising group of sophomore talent, Amity's golf team looks forward to at least equaling last year's second place finish in the Housatonic League. Pos- sessing two of New EI1gland's top junior golfers in senior Captain J im Piccolo and sophomore Ed Day, the Spartans are confident that last year's record of 12-2 should be attainable this year. Coach George Metz feels that the real success of the team hinges on how well returning letterman John Harrison and Pat Birkenmeyer play. If the players, games improve early, the team should be a real threat, not only for the Housatonic League crown, but also in the State Tournament. BOWLING After finishing the regular season in a three-way tie for second place with North Haven and Eli Whit- ney, the bowling team generated a tremendous ef- fort in the subsequent playoff by scoring 1704 pins to Eli Whitney's 1702 and North Havenas 1672. The team record for the season was 26-16. Paul Fraser rolled the highest individual game of the season, a 1418, while Bob Lyon took high three game series honors with a 389. High season averages were held by Bob Lyon, 107, and Captain Richard DeCrosta, 106. Coach George Metz was very proud of the fortitude, spirit, and sportsmanship exhibited by the team throughout the season. Second raw: R. DeCrosta, K. Dworkin, R. Lyons, D. Pitcher, G. Metz, Coach. First row.' R. Apuzzo, A. Krinsley, P. Fraser. BOWLING SCORES Amity Wilbur Cross ., ..... 2 Amity ,......... ., Amity Eli Whitney ....,...,, 2 Amity . .. . , Amity Lee ..,...,.......,. .. .. 0 Amity . Amity Hamden ,..,...., ,,,... 0 Amity ....,.,..,., Amity North Haven , . 2 Amity . Amity Hillhouse .. . 0 Amity , Amity West Haven , . . 2 Amity ,. Wilbur Cross Eli Whitney . Lee .,............. Hamden ....... North Haven Hillhouse ...,. West Haven . Third row: J . Janenda, Coachg B. Dest, G. Rondina, G. Nugent, M. Marchitto, R. Brinley, S. Figlewski, F. Puccillo. Second row: A. Buoni, E. Ross, P. McHugh, Capt., D. Kearns, J . Rosa. First row: B. Montgomery, A. Greco, B. Puglisi, J. Kennedy, R. Smith, B. Ruth. The baseball team anticipates another good seal son this spring. The boys, under the fine coaching of John Janenda and the outstanding leadership 0' Captain Peter McHugh, hope to place among tha winners of their eighteen game Housatonic League competition. The team will operate under the ex! ceptional throwing arms of senior Danny Kearns and junior Bob Brinley. The leading hitters of the team include senior Jack Rosa and junior Garry Ron- dina. The team looks forward to a fine season witlr the return of eleven lettermen and with the strong support of sophomores Bob Puglisi, Ron Rostowski. and Russ Smith. EB LL "Sock it home, Petemoe!" Rosa runs it in Junior Bob Brinley 114 TRACK Fourth row.' A. Tedeschi, R. Philips, G. Ormone, R. Waite, T. sky, G. Snyder, J. Edelglass, R. Stone, P. O'Sullivan, P. Mocha, Murphy, T. Allen, J. Duffield, G. Hansen, P. Dreissigacker, J. A. Budzinski, J. Coleman, B. Ducihella. First row: R. Heavens, F. Hladkey. Third row: J. Frank, R. Sutherland, R. Robinson, D. Higgins, J. Hubbard, G. Clock, A. Sahellico, Co-Capt., J. Keefe Stearman, J. Ulrich, R. Esposito, J. Tinker, R. Danton, J. Cucu- Co-Capt., E. Pagliaro, J. Feher, S. Aldrich, R. Correale. rello, K. Jones. Second row.' C. Sherwood, J. Robinson, J. Prapro- In spite of the lack of returning lettermen and a team composed mostly of under- classmen, Captains Alex Sabellico and Jerry Keefe hope for a good season. High scorers should be Alex Sabellico in the sprint and Ernie Pagliaro in the middle dis- tance. Gil Clock, Robert Heavens, and Johnathan Hubbard are also hopeful prospects. With last year's 8-7 record to uphold, the Track Team enters the 1967 season with high hopes. Debbue Drake +L- mi f ,, --..-. . Left to right: N. Smith. S. Clemence, R. Mastromarino, L. Grabber, N. Corbin, M. Newell, D. Anderson, J. Rosenberg, B. Blake, D. Ledewitz, B. Gandelman, Capt., G. Berneike, Co-Capt. O' . Je My -Zfi GQ VA .V. CHEERLE DERS A .J r ' W if , iv? L F' W f ,ldv X XVV X, Qjvl' V I ifjj wif ' Qjo .H J Q, WL. Left to right: D. Casagrande, K. Bailey, C. Clemence, A. Todd, K. Rondino, S. Welter, J. Huber, L. Blakeslee, C. Angeloni, D. Myers, Co-Capt., A. Volonino, Co-Capt. This year the junior varsity cheerlead- ing squad, led by Captain Anita Volonino and Co-Captain Dana Meyers, consisted of two juniors and nine sophomores. They cheered at hockey and junior varsity bas- ketball games, and attended as many other athletic events as possible to help boost school spirit. 117 MAJORETTES Left to right: S. Bathgate, K. Spinelli, L. Giordano, Capt., C. Marshall, R. Blennerhassett Left to right: R. Blennerhassett, S. Bathgate, K. Spinelli, L. Giordano. . . MAJORETTE 118 Turning a group of inexperienced girls into a successful twirling squad is difficult at best. However, Amityis major- ettes have shown that dedication and hard work can produce this success. During the three years since the group was or- ganized, its members have won various awards in competi- tions throughout the state. ln particular the dance twirl routine, "Little Devilf' performed by seniors Ruth Blenner- hassett, Sandra Bathgate, Linda Giordano, and Kathleen Spinelli, has been awarded many trophies. JUNIOR VARSITY MAJORETTES Back row: M. Williams, L. Hunter, C. Maiorano. Front row: D. Bowers, C. Bathgate. FIELD HOCKEY Third row.' P. Viccione, G. Curd, C. Loos, A. Todd, R. Flynn. Second row.' E. Feldman, G. Loomis, L. Yorke, B. Parks, G. Fiala. First row: J. Sherwood, Mgr., E. Kuehn, B. Wooster, Capt., B. Woods, The girls' field hockey team, coached by Linda Peter- sen, ended their season with a 2-2-3 record. The schedule consisted of seven games with victories over Branford and North Branfordg one tie with Hamden and two with Milfordg and losses to Day Prospect and Roger Ludlow. Scoring Amity's goals were forward line seniors Barb Woods, Ginny Curd, and Captain Barb Wooster. They were enthusiastically supported by Rodney Flynn and Gerry Loomis. Playing out- standing defense was halfback Ginny F iala with strong sup- port contributed by Elaine Kuehn, Brenda Parks, Marge Stevens, Phyllis Viccione, and Leslie Yorke. J.V. FIELD HOCKEY Second row: L. Atkinson, A. Feher, S. Manning. First row: J. Sherwood, Mgr., B. Campbell, P. Curd, J. McFarland. 'Y GIRLS' TENNI Under the direction of Mary Pike, the girls' tennis team Will play twelve area teams this spring. A good season is ex- pected, outstanding players appear to be Hattie Pike, Ginny F iala and Sandy Gre- gory. Home games will be played at the Woodbridge Club courts. GINTY Fivlv follows 7h"0U9h- Back row: J. Rosenberg, F. Karahinos, R. Ken nedy, H. Pike. Front row.' D. Ledewitz, G. Fiala B. Gimbel, S. Gregory. 119 Y CHRONIZED WIMMING Third row: B. Batter, E. Clark, C. Loos, S. Mohr, M. Cohen, T. Cole, R. Fox, L. Ecklund, B. Lyon, K. Gans. Second row: K. Frankel, M. Longo, Co-Capt., L. Atkinson, M. Wynne, P. Curd, D. Mi cheal, L. Johnstone, A. Dickgeisser, V. Curd, J. Pareiser, A. Taffel. First row: M. Cooper-Smith J. Loomis, F. Stengard, J. Schonfeld, V. DeMarsellis, J. Wilson, B. Warner, J. McFarland, L. Wil liams, B. Wooster, Capt., G. Luciani, H. Pike. 1 OLLEYB LL Under the direction of Joan Nagel, Pri- cilla O'Connell, and Linda Petersen, the synchronized swimming team presented their annual swim show on March 17th. The theme this year was "Dolls," There were several beautiful group arrangements and a comedy routine. Hattie Pike did a solo, Captain Barbara Wooster and Co- Capt. Marion Longo, did a duet, Eloise Clark, Ann Taffel, and Barbara Lyon swam triples in the ripples. The volleyball tournament team, coached by Linda w l .i I Backrow: K. Rondina, J. Wright, G. Loomis, L. Yorke, Schonfeld. Petersen, completed the season with a 6-1 record. They were undefeated at the University of Bridgeport Round Robin Tournament but were defeated by Hamden in the Regional Tournament. Outstanding players were captain Eloise Clark, Marion Longo, Gerry Loomis, Phyllis Viccione, Barbara Woods, and Barbara Wooster. TOURNAMENT TEAM Second row: D. Davidson, A. Feher, P. Viccione, B. Woods, L. Wil- B 16 I- ' - - , Earns. front row: P. Curd, M. Longo, E. Clark, Capt., B. Wooster, J. MT?-00,122 EF:C1E?l?,nE31,t1j'BYgZggtl2r.B' Woods' Front row' uclam. 120 VARSITY Back row.' C. Cuyton, S. Ashelford, M. Longo, G. Loomis. Front row: P Viccione, L. Williams, B. Wooster, Co-Capt., B. Woods, D. Rhoads. Absent: B. Parks, Capt. VARSITY SCORES Amity ....... ...,., 1 9 Branford.. , ., ., ,. 37 Amity ,...... . , ., 14 Shelton ....,.,..,...... ,, 69 Amity ....... , .... 24 North Branford .. , 25 Amity ., ,.,. .,,.,. l 2 Roger Ludlow ., 71 Amity .. .. . ..,. 36 Hamden Hall .,.,., ..., . .. 27 Amity .. ...... 23 Branford .,,. ,.,.., .... . , .. 34 Amity ..., . 14 Shelton ....,..,. ........ 6 7 Amity .... . . 25 Hamden . . .,..... . 33 CHBLS'SOFTBALL The girls, softball team anticipates another winning season. Returning experienced players will be Ginny Curd, Diane Parri, and Barbara Wooster, who will form the nucleus for this year's team. They are counting on Barbara Woods, Phyllis Viccione, Linda Johnson, Marion Longo, and Gerry Loomis for strong support. Coach Linda Petersen has the team scheduled to play Hamden High, St. Mary's, Roger Ludlow, Day Prospect, and Hamden Hall. BASKETBALL The girls' varsity basketball team looked very promis- ing at the start of the year but could not click as the season went along. Barbara Woods provided much of the action for the team. Captain Brenda Parks, Barbara Wooster, and Debbie Rhoads supplied a strong defense. Graduation will claim Brenda Parks, Barbara Wooster, Barbara Woods, Phyllis Viccione, Sue Ashelford, Marion Longo, and Lark Williams. The J.V. Basketball team, captained by Betsy Gim- ble, had a 1-5 record. J.V. BASKETBALL Back row:' D. Pawchyk, D. Blanchard, L. Welch, M. Stuart. Front row: J. Schonfeld, J. Luciani, B. Gimbel, Capt., L. Winn. Back row.' L. Petersen, Coach, G. Curd, G. Loomis, B. Woods, D. llgaulgchyk. Front row: M. Longo, L. Johnson, B. Wooster, P. Viccione, . arri. 122 f Q 1-11,f"'U, ,, '92 BOPPY Mary, Mary, quite contrary Touiours l'omour Editors' corner Happening If was a very good year Love that dirty water! The Prom i1's noi! 1 4 Prize shufterbug X x all Winter Spring Sayonara Cream or lemon? VL f ox fag wx 4 X Ai J. 4 X S w ,Am,. ,f?iL 4 4" ,MQA . 5'3 . f'fi5wmgv I '.s5 WW3y .Qin , 1 A 4524? . 1 WY f Q Q 7 5 5 H 'r , W W A l xg L 1" AA gd X' 5" A We W M N Vg , X 5 wr MQQ-,5s,"51p Wi z' 1 vmkv f iw qqir , Y 4 x M N W 'Fi ' R 'A k A mg. , .QWYQMQ 4 Q le. S P iT - Q ff? X 'ix fA WI L Z E41 Q6 "" ' QV X- ., , 1 1L,m X x,XL NNN N, M1533 11' +144 .,, , A . W 1 I L WW. Y . f hing there is a season . . . 1-xg Q ,da ' X 'ef 433' " ' ,, . Sf' ,Pi 3 fn g .rw fs:-'if-Kfff , ,. lm i ai X 3 , AA , P fg , .A , , X A gy- Q A ' f .. X 'f" . 3. ' 'WB X A , 1 , avg?-LQAMV , gf:1,w,.g:4W , gp V' ' V 1 5

Suggestions in the Amity Regional High School - Embers Yearbook (Woodbridge, CT) collection:

Amity Regional High School - Embers Yearbook (Woodbridge, CT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Amity Regional High School - Embers Yearbook (Woodbridge, CT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 104

1967, pg 104

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