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 - Class of 1956

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-3.1 - -54 - if q V ei, y f fb F' gi-lv-F kd -',,f 'M -fi:-1 .Ngix Xxx Q L 5qvg.x-' J.. 'WZ wx, . -5, - . Q' DRI S5 xm Yllh W1 CATIPT . , -a F - -1 ? -ig Z -il!--..L ,nl -. A 43 Q ia -Ll-. , ,,- i f ':---- lg ! -M--.-Q-KT ffi kr Nl sg W ,.-f--Vw -, " -... -JS'-jlrfj :gi " "NK x fig-' , , K case. .1-J , H--ir.: -- -Y ...LI,,i-.,.- -- 5-ll ,J ff 1 fig .. x Sk-2+ lk 3 -lvuunezswn., Nui i T iv N v 7 ,.,- ,IX-s.-Q..-QQ S "- .ir- Q... ,Nw S Q, 'MQW A 'V1-S755 D '45 X N076 ii 1-bg---X ef HE- ' X . ' - W hm Tl-IF CI CI- 1956 fnfroduces HW HHHHQS ANIITY REGIONAL HIGH SCHOCDI. Woodbridge, Connecticut fl A VN-N' P L xqgbg 'N ,pffff K V , N Z A X 7 fcii f fgbf X K C gf HV 1 J 1 J ' f K- if f , A 'f X Q fly! fjkx Lji f ff' A' fr 'J fn 4, Q KJ i F0 FQEVVO RD I K Realizing that our actions will set precedents, let us keep in JE mind Emerson's words, "It is the part of wisdom . . . to choose l ,f f ,ff that safe middle path which shall avail itself of the good and X l ff escape as much of the evil as possible." May God bless us all in Q 5 fgv our endeavors. 3 A lm Q ff!!! lf. X ff ' ,X ' f ' ff -Silk if-Rfb 1 M f Www 6 X .N p K ,' X7 li X X K l .Dfw pl Jf"fii2,E i i it l 4ifR2 W4 'B Xl XJ f l l. l ' l f ll c, S- 1 4 N l f li' ' ,Jn sf! ,xxx '65 h A N - . L. fa , , x t N VC!! ff chu -Z . ,H , 'M as sk Y TABLE OF CONTENTS SE 1 H Xi E V K School History ............. iv Dedicatio , .. fXJ 7 Faculty... Seniors .......' T... . . . f!Xx,v fo X Activities 4,A.............,........... 45 7 Advertisements ................... 69 K Jes, ' L,-f -X x NE o,f ' Tiff-Z xr?-Z.,.,,f X XT ii? NX X if Xx gk . somooi. i-nsroifav Nothing can discourage the pioneers of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge! 'In the spring of 1952, when the city of New Haven informed them that it would not accept any more freshman-senior students to attend New Haven schools after 1955, plans were started and within six months Amity was built. This great undertaking was begun when the people of Beth- any, Orange, and Woodbridge held town meetings and elected three people from each town to serve on a Temporary Regional School Planning Committee. Due to the untiring efforts of these pioneers, within two months a referendum recommending the ioining of the Regional High School District was held and won by the affirmative vote. The site of Amity, approved by the state, was decided to be the former Charles Peck farm on Newton Road, Woodbridge, com- posed of fifty-four acres. After public hearings a bond issue of 51,800,000 was approved by the referendum. In March, 1954, the plans of the people of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge were put into action. Amity was created from pre-cast re-enforced concrete slabs, poured on the ground and lifted into place. Amity has the distinction of being the largest structure in the world that has ever been built by this process and the first east of the Mississippi. The usual building dilemmas were encountered and mastered. By the fall of 1954, Junior High stu- dents entered the newly built Amity with its modern facilities and conveniences. The main building, complete with every up-to-date appliance and advantage, was completed by the fall of 1955. Amity Regional High School, a credit to the townspeople of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge, accommodates over 1,000 students, giving them a wide selection of subjects in the academic and commercial courses as well as the advantage of many extra- curricular activities. Having as its principal, Howard D. Brooks, Amity is now making its mark as one of the finest schools in the state of Connecticut. Diane Alpert Mariorie Cohen DEDICATICDIXI We, the Class of 1956, dedicate our Embers to the people of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge through whose perseverance the dream of Amity has materialized. May we be duly grateful for this opportunity to be Pioneers. FACE-JL!-LVY IHWI H 2 PRINCIPAL as :sig Hia' i'ii"':'iT5!Lfl?55ii5Q ' 2 .I Nlu. -fl' ' V . ..f5'i57-f"'iLf?'i-flf 'I I . .. .sm s3.5.,,fE1 -1- . lf-:af . ii , L - W g :ii I Q its it A 'iflff '29 This edition of Embers is the first of many to follow. lt is, therefore, the tirst important record of the achievements of our school and will consequently be kept and cherished by us. We are most indebted to members of the Senior and Junior classes who, though new to us this year, have made Amity their school and who have initiated, conceived, and constructed this yearbook. it consequently will remain as a permanent chronicle of their achievements and many contributions to the growth of Amity Regional High School. HOWARD D. BROOKS Supervising Principal OFFICE STAFF Robert Sperry Mrs. Inger Atkins Yolanda DiLeone Mrs. Mary Maroney Colin Rathgaber ENGLISH-SOCIAL STUDIES James Dunleavy James Kennedy Herman Pastore i Hiram Tindall Mrs. Florine Bendall Matthew Coyle ENGLISH-SOCIAL STUDIES Edward Cull Rita Ivarson Mrs. Sally Jean Schwartz Carleton Seybolt Mrs. Louise Shanley Mrs. Muriel Sullivan L? W' MATHEMATICQZS-SCIP NCI- Lois Black Robert Holmberg Richard Johnson James Kenny Franklin Benoit Eloi Daigle MATHEMATICS-SCIIP NCBI- Milford Deprey Frank Dunning Thomas Hughes Rocco Orlando William Wright FOREIGN LANG LJAG ES Madeline Anagnos Hildegarde Hufschmidt Mary Faith Dargan Mrs. Elda Phillips Oma Ross PRACTICAL ARTS Josephine Cribbins Mrs. Marie Zim D , . Mrs. Nancy Baskin Joseph Feher George Metz ART Frederick Fay Eugene Waleski PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Elizabeth Evans John Halpin John Podorski MUSIC Phillip D'Agostino Harold Peferson Mary Baker Mrs. Eleanor Morey Mrs. Harriet Wilcox Librarian Nurse Dietitian . ' ' ? 1 ' ' A "HH, xy , .U ,vw v ul Q 1 ww ,WS , U , , 7.5. w 1 W t. 11: w :H N. , -, . . 1 m -, ',., '-5. .. ,., K M ,N 1,-,,,.5: , S.. .fm ,gn . ,. 1. .A ., I , . J, ,. '- mi Lum , ,wb 11!!J'1wLTfiUf"1km'z ' , , N w. ,fl ww. 4' ,, f. M L M Y X ., ww 53, H. ,l ,4 ,Y V . ' 'i'. xg . A V 5 2 , 1 .r ,,, .T J ', F4 .1,e, . ...N . , , 4 M v ' u J. . . x ', '. TL fn , . 4 - , r .-li.,:.ixLL:-,15116h:.1s455.5,,.,.f.gQ,- z' f ,. .,1:L,,, aa.. . SEIXIICDIQS 516 ...-:Y aff' iw... iw Q' Qu... 1, is - Y,-g,K - , 1.0 1x!Wgs:f.5 If ..- H f -A " f I 'QT Sitting, left to right: Barbara Angier, Secretary, James Dinniman, President. Standing: Terrill Vidal, Treasurer, Berle Huftord, Vice President. PRESIDENTS MESSAGE To the Class of 1956: Our senior year will be remembered as the most pleasant of our school lives. During the past year we have worked together as a class, setting precedents for future classes, and we can be proud of our accomplishments. But now as we part and go our separate ways, may we, Amity's first alumni, in our ventures in the adult world, set records worthy of our Alma Mater. I should like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you, my classmates, for the confidence you have placed in me and to thank you for your con- tinuous co-operation. Sincerely, Jimmy JUDITH ANDREW uuludyn Ohman Avenue Orange C Bright and blonde . . . Cuts a slender figure in her cheerleader's uniform. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "lsn't that cute." C 'S Favorite Subiect: English. Hillhouse: Rangerettes. ll ll Amity: Vice-President of Safety Education Club, Cheer- leader, Embers Future Plans: Business college. .. 5... ng: wg, any ffl. qi - . ' F DIANE ALPERT W Alling Road Orange A demon at shorthand . . . Her "word wit" won her a shiny red car. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "That's the breaks." Favorite Subiect: English. Hillhouse: Honors 2, 3. A A Amity: Secretary of Safety Education Club, Embers, Snow Ball Committee. : t l s F :':: Future Plans: Business or teaching. BARBARA ANGIER "Ange" Baldwin Road Woodbridge Full of chuckles . . . Suicide blonde - dyed by her own hand! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Hiya. How are ya?" Favorite Subiect: English. Hillhouse: Sentinel Editorial Board, Decorations Chair- ll man of Sophomore Dance, Junior Prom Committee, Cancer Drive, Heart Fund Drive, Laurel Girls' State Representative, Honors 2, 3. Amity: Secretary ot Senior Class, Embers, Trident, Chairman of Snow Ball, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Honors 4. Future Plans: College - teaching. -sg . ROBERT BEARDMORE "Bemo" Bradley Highlands Woodbridge He'll always be remembered for that first TD . . . Aspir- ing athletes, take note! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Well, l'll be hog tied." Favorite Subiect: Science. Hillhouse: Baseball, Hockey. Amity: Boys' Council Representative, Football, Hockey. Future Plans: College. MARY ELIZABETH BISHOP "Liz" Litchfield Turnpike Woodbridge Here are smiles that make you happy . . . as Steve well knows! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Uh huh." Favorite Subiect: Spanish. A Hillhouse: Sentinel Editorial Board, Assembly Decora- tion Committee, Sophomore Dance Committee, Amity: Student Council Representative, Refreshments Chairman ot Student Council Dance, Snow Ball Com- mittee, Senior Class Play Committee, Glee Club, Spanish Club. Future Plans: College. L JON BLOOM - "Preacher" S F A Amity Road Bethany Oooh! . . . Those Eyes! . . . So tall his head is in the clouds. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Jewel," Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. Future Plans: Service - machinist. Junior Prom Committee, Rifle Club, Cancer Drive. 1 CHRISTINE BOYCE "Penny" Long Hill Road A bright and shining "Penny" . . . Her tiashing eyes give her away. Entered from West Haven. Favorite Expression: "Something's rotten." Favorite Subiect: English. West Haven: Freshman Dance Committee, AA Repre- sentative, Newspaper Representative, Pathfinders Club, Pep Club. Amity: Trident. Future Plans: Undecided. JOHN BROBElL Litchfield Turnpike Mr. Ripley, himself . . . Who says he's quiet? Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Ace iob." Favorite Subiect: Woodworking. Future Plans: Navy. Woodbridge GRANT BRIDGES Dogburn Road Orange Always has his professor's pipe . . . Stentorian voiced . . . Amity's first sportscaster. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh, hello." Favorite Subject: Biology. Hillhouse: Sentinel Business Board, Glee Club, Nut- meg Boys' State Representative, Honors 2. Amity: A Cappella Choir. Future Plans: College - teaching. Bethany ANNE CASEY "Anney" Center Road Woodbridge A second Sarah Bernhardt . . . Typical lrish lass . . . A brilliant and a happy scholar. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "All righty." Favorite Subiect: French. Gateway: Vice-President of Sophomore Class. Amity: Drama Club, Glee Club. E: R S Vy yi. r g Future Plans: College. SHIRLEY CAULKINS "Shirl" Boston Post Road Orange Homeroom 58's right hand gal . . . What would Mr. T. do without her? Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Did you get the Chemistry?" Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Hillhouse: Gleam Business Board, Human Relations Club, Tennis, Volleyball. Amity: Embers, Snow Ball Committee, Class Play Com- mittee, Spanish Club. Future Plans: College - teaching. y JEANNETTE COLLETTI ,,Jay,, ,ss yyy, W oodrutt Road Orange A star baton twirler . . . Whiz at ottice machines . . . Often tickling the typewriter. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh, never mind." Favorite Subiect: Business Practices. Hillhouse: Head Drum Maior, Band, Baton Instructor, Red Cross Representative, Homeroom Secretary. Amity: Head Drum Maior, Band, Embers, Safety Educa- tion Club. Future Plans: Business. ERIC DEMANDER Seymour Road Woodbridge Real "cool" on ice . . . Beware of his rugged good looks. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh well, I got one right." Favorite Subject: History. Hillhouse: Hockey, Nutmeg Boys' State Representative. Amity: Student Council Representative, A Cappella Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Chairman of Student Council Dance, Hockey. Future Plans: College. 'i JAMES DINNIMAN "Dinny" Ansonia Road Woodbridge For "Rovers" and wisecracks see J. D .... Big man W around school . . . Crackerbox Philosopher. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "When's lunch?" f' Favorite Subject: History. Hillhouse: Student Council Representative, Football, , Nutmeg Boys' State Representative. Amity: President of Senior Class, Chairman of Boys Council, Basketball, Football. Future Plans: College. DONALD DIXON i "Pasty-face" Race Brook Road Woodbridge The South will rise again . . . Typical South'n gentle- man . . . Riot in the Spanish class. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "How could two morons win a war?" Favorite Subiect: Problems of American Democracy. Amity: Editor-in-Chief of Trident, Senior Council Repre- sentative, Senior Play Committee, Chairman of Book Drive, Spanish Club. Future Plans: College. 1 JACK EDMONDSON "Baron Von Jock" Peck Road Bethany "Worldly Wise" . . . Amity's sophisticate . . . ls he serious or just kidding? Entered from Tilton. Favorite Expression: "Meanwhile, back at the drag- strip . . ." Favorite Subject: Music. Tilton: Football. Amity: Orchestra. Future Plans: College. MARIANNE ENDRISS i. yyy Schoolhouse Lane Orange What keeps her hair so blonde? . . . First with a fad. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "G-ots to go." Favorite Subject: English. Hillhouse: Gleam Art Board, York Square Players, Sophomore Dance Committee, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Basketball, Cancer Drive, Gleam Art Prize, Laurel Girls' State Alternate. Amity: Art Co-editor of Embers, Snow Ball Committee, Class Motto Committee, Water Color Club, Basket- ball, 2nd prize - Amity Emblem Contest. Future Plans: Art school. NANCY ELLEN FARRELL "Nan" Wepawaug Road Woodbridge A mischievous spirit . . . Oh, such long lashes . . . Watch out Hollywood! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Did anyone call?" Favorite Subjects: English and Problems of American Democracy. Hillhouse: Bowling. Amity: Embers, Safety Education Club, Snow Ball Com- mittee. Future Plans: College. SIMONE FREEMAN IISYII Rimmon Road A happy-go-lucky disposition . . . "l wasn't talking, ' Mr. T." Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Close the window." Favorite Subiect: Spanish. Hillhouse: Inter-High Choir, Senior Chorus. Amity: Embers, A Cappella Choir, Vocal Ensemble, U ,., Class Play Committee, Spanish Club. Future Plans: Nursing. DAVID HALL A "Dave" Indian Hill Road Never takes anything seriously him. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Easy come, Favorite Subiect: Chemistry. Hillhouse: Hockey, Rifle Team. Amity: Hockey. Future Plans: College. Woodbridge HANS GRASSMAN uJaCkn Beechlawn Terrace Orange "The devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape" . . . Haunting eyebrows . . . What girl doesn't have his picture? Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Well, l'll be a dirty bird!" Favorite Subject: German. Hillhouse: German Club. Future Plans: Air Force or College. Orange Worries never faze easy go." GEORGIA HATCH South Pease Road The newspaper world's future Louella Parsons. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Ya know." Favorite Subiect: English. Amity: Trident. Future Plans: College. FELICIA HARRIS "FeIish" Boston Post 'Road Orange Her laughter is the infectious kind . . . Often plays Cupid . . . Her rnajor is males. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Anyone call, Dad?" Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. Hillhouse: Tennis. Amity: Embers, Snow Ball Committee, Glee Club. Future Plans: Business school. Woodbridge T HAROLD HOLYCROSS llHarryll Amity Road Bethany A car's best friend . . . Shy until he gets to know you . . . A winning way with the girls. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Where there's a will there's a way." Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. Future Plans: Undecided. NANCY HOPPE ,,HOp,, Amity Road ' Bethany f Her rosy cheeks reflect her rosy personality f . . Seen- but-not-heard - or is she? f Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Look what I found." Favorite Subiects: Bookkeeping, Business Practices, and 'E Business Law. Amity: Safety Education Club. Future Plans: Business. J.. ,... ts., -Nw. ...W SARAH HOWELL IISII Tyler City Road Orange Never stops, always busy . . . Anchored to Notre Dame . . . Always knows what's going on. , Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Richie said . . ." Favorite Subiect: Chemistry. Hillhouse: Sentinel Editorial Board, Social Planning Co- chairrnan of Student Council, Co-chairman of Sopho- more Dance, Arrangements Chairman of Junior Prom, Basketball, Volleyball, Rifle Club, Mary Gavin Biology Prize, 2nd prize - United Nations Contest, Laurel Girls' State Representative, Honors l, 2, 3. Amity: Co-editor of Embers, President of Glee Club, mittee, Spanish Club. Future Plans: College - medical technology. MARTHA HOYT T "Marty" Johnson Road Woodbridge s' ln doubt? Ask Martha . . . Like sodium in water . . . Gesturing hands. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Yahoo! What a panic!" Favorite Subiects: English and History. Hillhouse: Elm Tree Photogra h Board, York S uare . P Y Players, Human Relations Club, Sophomore Dqance Committee, Secretary of Junior Prom, Basketball, Table Tennis Tournament, 2nd prize - Jewish Ter- centenary Contest, finalist - Voice of Democracy Contest, Honors l, 2. Amity: Activities Editor of Embers, Decorations Chair- man of Snow Ball, French Club. Future Plans: College. A Cappella Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Snow Ball Com- ROBERT HUBBELL Amity Road Woodbridge y Country squire . . . Girls! he loves 'em all . . . Ladies beware. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "l'm pretty good for a young fellow." Favorite Subiect: Problems of American Democracy. Hillhouse: Hockey. Amity: Boys' Council Representative, Hockey. Future Plans: College or Navy, BERLE HUFFORD, JR. "Buddy" Grassy Hill Road Orange Thinks he can outdo Rip Van Winkle and sleep thirty years. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Bunny hop, please." Favorite Subiect: Girls? Hillhouse: Swimming, Nutmeg Boys' State Represent- ative. Amity: Vice-President of Senior Class, Co-captain of Swimming Team, Bids Chairman of Snow Ball, French Club. Future Plans: College. RICHARD HURLBURT "Hurly" Crotut Road Orange Oooh, those dimples . . . The look of innocence per- sonified . . . Quiet, but. . . Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Not me!" Favorite Subiect: Problems of American Democracy. Hillhouse: Safety Patrol. Amity: Safety Education Club. Future Plans: Navy - College. JACQUELINE LUCIANI llJayll ,itchtield Turnpike Woodbridge . .-lere's Grace KeIley's competition . . . All interests cen- ter at Amity except one - not academic - that re- mains at Hillhouse. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh, please!" Favorite Subject: Latin. Hillhouse: Sentinel Editorial Board, Student Council Rep- resentative, Rangerettes, Sophomore Dance Com- mittee, Junior Prom Committee, Heart Fund Drive, History Prize - New York Times, Laurel Girls' State Representative. Amity: President of Student Council, Glee Club, Em- bers, Chairman of Curtis Magazine Drive. Future Plans: College - teaching. ALAN MAGEL Drummond Road Orange T Never has anything to do, but always busy doing nothing . . . Dennis the Menace has nothing on him. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Have a ball." Favorite Subiect: Mechanical Drawing. Hillhousez Hockey. Amity: Boys' Council Representative, Hockey. Future Plans: College. PATRICIA MEARS "Pat" 13 Eldert Street New Haven Wonder what Amity's attraction is? Could it be Dave? F . . . Never seen without her other half. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh Fiddaly sticks!" Favorite Subject: English. 7 Hillhouse: Maiorettes, Bowling. Future Plans: College - animal husbandry. Amity: Snow Ball Committee, Safety Education Club. il if BETTY LOUISE MORGAN IlBe1ll Derby Avenue Serious? Don't believe it! Her specialties - sheep and Chicago . . . Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Guess what happened!" rj Favorite Subject: English. Hillhousen Red Cross Representative. Amity: Embers. Future Plans: College. STEPHEN MERSELIS , "Steve" Ansonia Road Woodbridge People look "up" to him . . . French "scholar" . . . Loves to do the bunny hop. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Mmmmmmmm-boy!" Favorite Subject: French? Hillhouse: Hockey. Amity: Boys' Council Representative, Football, French Club. Future Plans: College. Orange GAY NORTON "Ben-Gay" Litchfield Turnpike Bethany Has a "gay" philosophy of life . . . Try her on the sub- ject of women's natural superiority. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "It's loquacious!" Favorite Subjects: Biology and Art. Hillhouse: Gleam Art Board. Amity: Embers Art Board, President of Water Color Club, Honorable Mention in Amity Emblem Contest. Future Plans: College or art school. WILLIAM OAKLEY "Oaky" Riverdale Road Still water runs deep . . . Who knows what's behind those dark eyes! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Definitely!" Favorite Subject: Art. Future Plans: Forestry. CAROL PERROTTI 27 Litchfield Turnpike You can tell her smile a mile away . . . Wouldn't it be nice to know what she's thinking. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh no!" Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Hillhouse: Human Relations Club, Sophomore Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee. Amity: President of Spanish Club, Safety Education Club, Glee Club. Future Plans: College. Orange JOSEPH PALMIERI "Joe" Dogwood Road Orange Always has a problem . . . Love those pastel sweaters! . . . He's never as mad as he looks. Entered from Notre Dame. Favorite Expression: "lt's collegiate!" Favorite Subject: Science. Notre Dame: Football. Amity: President of Safety Education Club, Swimming. Future Plans: Navy - Business. Woodbridge FRANCES PERROTTI "Fran" 26A Litchfield Turnpike Woodbridge That angelic look is betrayed by the devil in her eyes . . . Smart as a whip and quick to smile. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh really?" Favorite Subiect: Latin. Hillhouse: Sentinel Editorial Board, Debating Club, 3rd prize - French Contest, Hartford Courant Gold Key for Journalism, Laurel Girls' State Alternate, Honors 2, 3. Amity: Co-editor of Embers, Consul of Latin Club, Pub- licity Co-chairman of Snow Ball, Glee Club. Future Plans: College. L. ARNOLD PETERSON "Pete" Ridge Road Orange Mr. Holmberg's helping hand . . . Always thinking of a way out. ' Entered from Milford. Favorite Expression: "What's cookin'?" Favorite Subject: Problems of American Democracy. Amity: Embers. Future Plans: College - agriculture. C. HONOR PETERSON Summit Drive Orange A "model" student . . . Maybe you'll see her on the cover of Life . . . What makes her blush so? Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "That's neatl" Favorite Subject: Spanish. Hillhouse: Human Relations Club, Junior Prom Com- mittee. Amity: Co-captain of Cheerleaders, Student Council Alternate, Embers, Class Play Committee, Glee Club, Student Council Dance Committee, Snow Ball Com- mittee. Future Plans: College. KARLA RUECKERT Cedar Acres Road Woodbridge 1,d5id An avid hockey fan. Wonder why? . . . With her art talent, she'll be teaching Renoir! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Have you seen 'T'?" Favorite Subject: Art. Hillhouse: Art Co-editor of Gleam, Sentinel Business Board. Amity: Co-editor ot Embers, Safety Education Club, fi lst prize - Amity Emblem Contest. Future Plans: College - teaching. Q ELSIE SCARPA Derby Avenue Orange A little girl with a big heart and a winning smile . . . Oh, to have those natural curls! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Put a spoon in her pocket." Favorite Subjects: Business Law and Mathematics. Amity: Safety Education Club. Future Plans: Hairdressers' school. :Q W, BARBARA SEELEY uBarbu ' Old Tavern Road Orange Full of "bright" ideas. Too bad they don't work . . . Her 'l favorite sport is tick-tack-toe. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Pretty good, huh?" Favorite Subiect: Algebra. Hillhouse: Junior Prom Committee, Basketball, Table A Tennis. Amity: Student Council Alternate, Embers, Snow Ball Committee, Class Play Committee, Glee Club, Spanish Club. Future Plans: College. JUDITH SERFILIPPI "Judy" Race Brook Road Orange Where does the energy come from? . . . She even cheers in her sleep! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "The Lord willing . . Favorite Subiect: English. Hillhouse: Basketball. Amity: Cheerleader, Embers, Glee Club. Future Plans: College. PATRICIA SERFILIPPI S "Pat" Race Brook Road Orange Clear the decks when she gets an idea. lt's apt to be T " dangerous . . . Always up to something. T Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Something's rotten in the state of Denmark." Favorite Subiect: Chemistry. Hillhouse: Cheerleader, Gleam Editorial Board, Debat- ing Club, Honors 2, 3. Amity: Business Manager of Embers, Co-captain of Cheerleaders, Student Council Representative, Senior Council Representative, Student Council Dance Com- mittee, Snow Ball Committee, Glee Club. Future Plans: College - fashion merchandising. ROBERT SIMPSON "Bob" Northrup Road Bethany A Never in a hurry, but always on time . . . "Mr. Big" from Bethany. Entered from Hillhouse. 1 C ,,., yit, F avorite Expression: "Nothing much." ii l'g Favorite Subiect: Gym. Amity: Basketball, Football. Future Plans: Undecided. ELSIE SMITH u EIs" Falls Road Bethany The late arrival . . . Seymour's loss is our gain. Entered from Seymour. Favorite Expression: "You best!" Favorite Subiect: Ottice Practices. Seymour: Glee Club. Future Plans: Business. WILLIAM SMITH "Will" PETER SMITH "Pete" Race Brook Road Woodbridge Possesses a dry sarcasm . . . Has a slow, easy drawl . . . Girls think he is a doll. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Ecrivez." Favorite Subiect: English. Hillhouse: Hockey. Amity: Senior Council Representative, A Cappella Choir, French Club, Football, Hockey. Future Plans: College. North Pease Road Woodbridge Not as saintly as he appears . . . Quiet but always alert. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Flipl" Favorite Subiect: History. Hillhouse: Student Council Representative, Red Cross Captain, Hockey. Amity: Hockey. Future Plans: College. 'Q ALVIN STETTBACH ER IIAIII Newton Road He keeps his secrets well . . . Often seen but seldom I heard. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Gads!" Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Future Plans: Air Force or Paratroopers. MARY SNELL "Snelly" I43 Indian Hill Road Orange Flashing eyes and personality plus . . . "Little Miss Innocence". Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Let's face it." Favorite Subiect: Chemistry. Hillhouse: Sentinel Editorial Board, Future Nurses Club, Basketball, Laurel Girls' State Representative. Amity: Embers, Senior Council Representative, A Cap- pella Choir, Spanish Club. Future Plans: College - nursing. Woodbridge y WILLIAM STODDARD "Bill" Hickory Road Woodbridge Quiet until he gets started . . . A "whiz" of a driver. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Well, you're intelligent." Favorite Subject: History. Hillhouse: Rifle Team. Amity: Hockey. Future Plans: College. SUSAN TR EAT "Sue" Old Tavern Road Orange Quiet in appearance, but a demon inside . . . lt's quite a "treat" to know her. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "How about that!" Favorite Subject: English. Hillhouse: Sophomore Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Basketball, Laurel Girls' State Alternate. Amity: A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, Spanish Club. Future Plans: College - 4-H Extension Agent. . ., 71752 it A N551'kfQf3fil1mEli:f5Tf 53352, it-1-if se. wi -nw, JUDITH URBAN "Terry" Summit Drive Orange Always has a fish on her line . . . A good organizer. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "May I have a pass?" Favorite Subject: Biology. Hillhouse: Glee Club, Badminton, Bowling, Tennis. Amity: Embers, French Club, Glee Club. Future Plans: Business college. KATHRYN VAUGHN "Smiley" Marsh Hill Road Orange What's this about the dark room? . . . When those dimples start to flash something's up! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Too numerous to mention." Favorite Subject: English. Hillhouse: Sentinel Business Board, Sophomore Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Sports Council - Table Tennis Representative, Basketball, Volleyball. Amity: Secretary of Glee Club, Treasurer of Spanish Club. Future Plans: College - medical secretary. DAVIS WARNER "Dave" Ansonia Road Always fast with the wise-cracks . . . The Punster of R R 3 y y 1956! Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "That's cute!" Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Amity: Basketball. Future Plans: College. TERRILL VIDAL "Terry" Rimmon Road Woodbridge A typical Ivy Leaguer . . . He's wearing out the street to the barbershop. Entered from Hillhouse. Favorite Expression: "Oh be-ons!" Favorite Subiect: Spanish. Hillhouse: Co-captain of Hockey Team, Baseball. Amity: Treasurer of Senior Class, Hockey. Future Plans: College. Woodbridge C CLASS HISTORY We all looked forward to the day school at Amity would begin, at last it arrived, and feeling like aliens, we walked down the corridors of what was to truly becomeeour school. In those first days, missing our city friends, we kept dream- ing of the last three years. We remembered the year at Troup where many close bonds of friendship began among The students of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge. Here we learned what it was to be a high school student-the work and the fun. The next fall, the halls of Hillhouse were opened to us and we became a part of the large Hillhouse family. After those first few baffling days, when upper classmen gave us wrong directions to classes, we found our way around school. With great enthusiasm we ioined clubs and sports activities. Every three weeks we would read about the girl athletes from the country, playing ping-pong, tennis, and basketball. As for the boys, Terry Vidal and Bob Beardmore were cited for their outstanding hockey and baseball. The names of many B.O.W. students including Barbara Angier, Sarah Howell, Martha Hoyt, Jacqueline Luciani, Frances Perrotti, Patricia Serfilippi, John Brobeil, James Dinniman, and Karla Rueckert kept appearing on the honors list. At the end of March, the Sentinel Banquet was held and Barbara Angier, Mary Bishop, Sarah Howell, Jacqueline Luciani, Frances Perrotti, and Mary Snell were ac- cepted as editorial board members, while Grant Bridges, Karla Rueckert, and Kathie Vaughn were appointed to the business board. Pat Serfilippi was a member of the Gleam, while Marianne Endriss and Martha Hoyt were on the Elm Tree staff. As the end of our sophomore year came, we watched with curiosity, the antics of the graduating seniors, and after our first experience with final exams, we left for a much-needed summer vacation. At Hillhouse that fall, we welcomed into our class two new students, Berle Hufford from Colorado, and Honor Peterson from Virginia. Now our boys really went in for sports, engaging notably in hockey, base- ball, soccer, and swimming. The same names appeared on the honor roll, and quite often we saw those students who had made the Sentinel rushing to meet a deadline, while Marianne Endriss and Karla Rueckert were seen carrying posters around the halls, and Martha Hoyt scurried around snapping pictures. The Junior Prom was a wonderful climax to our years at Hillhouse. At the prize assembly we learned that work has its reward, for many students won prizes for both academic and non-academic achievements. Thus, as we recalled in our first days at Amity, the trust we had gained, the friends we had made and the knowledge we had obtained at Hillhouse, we also remembered our solemn determination in the spring of 1955, to enter Amity that fall and make history as we had at Hillhouse. Realizing the job that was before us, we quickly organized ourselves, and within a short time, the Senior class officers were elected. The yearbook staFf was chosen, the Student Council officers elected, and many responsibilities bestowed upon us. The football, hockey, basketball, and baseball teams were started and there was plenty of school spirit to cheer them on. Senior rings were ordered. The school seal, a new name for the newspaper, a name for the yearbook, and a school motto were chosen. Students from Amity participated in the Merit Scholarship Program, and review classes were started for Seniors. Senior rings arrived, and the Snow Ball, the school's first formal dance, was given by the Senior class. College applica- tions were seen everywhere, and, after our college boards, came the Senior Prom and graduation plans. Now at graduation time itself, we know that though we have accomplished much, much remains to be done. Still we may justly feel that, as our forefathers in covered wagons made a path through the wilderness for others to follow, we too have made a beginning, from which it is the privilege and duty of others to proceed. Martha Hoyt Frances Perrotti CLASS WILL We, the first graduating class of Amity Regional High School, class of 1956, town of Woodbridge, county of New Haven, state of Connecticut, being of some- what sound mind and iudgement, contrary to the feelings of our pedagogues, do hereby declare and publish this to be our last will and testament. Judy Andrew wills her vivaciousness to Elise Nordin. Diane Alpert leaves her giggles to Dottie Schmidt. Barbara Angier wishes to will her wit and congeniality to Judy Browne. Bob Beardmore leaves his touchdown to Walter York. Liz Bishop bequeaths her freckles to Marilyn Simpson. Jon Bloom wills his Preacher's hat to Dick Keller. Penny Boyce leaves her sparkling personality to Liz Mannel. Grant Bridges wills his professor's pipe to Larry Kuhn. John Brobeil leaves his skill in science to Carol Hughes. Anne Casey leaves her many pleasing traits to Ann Eckhardt. Shirley Caulkins bequeaths her helping hand to Kenny Cunningham. Jay Colletti wills her baton co-ordination to John Brown. Eric Demander wills his ice skates to Dave Dedman. Jimmy Dinniman bequeaths his shoes which he never uses for dancing anyway to Dick Clarey. Don Dixon leaves his Spanish humor to John Dedman. Jack Edmondson wills his towering height to John Bell. Marianne Endriss bequeaths her poise to Sue Perham. Nancy Farrell leaves her locker combination to anyone who has the patience to work at it. Simone Freeman leaves her lavender Cadillac to Jimmy Giebler. Hans Grassman wills his deviltry to Carolyn Miner. Dave Hall wills his carefree ways to Skippy Clark. Felicia Harris bequeaths her good-naturedness to Rudy Herbst. Georgia Hatch leaves her horses to Wendy Whitten. Harold Holycross leaves his enthusiasm for cars to Mary Jane Goodbye. Nancy Hoppe wills her rosy countenance to Rusty Williams. Sarah Howell bequeaths her brains and petiteness to Charlie Tomlinson. Martha Hoyt wills her gossiping to Duanne Daigle. Robert Hubbell leaves his hockey uniform to Joan Robinson. Bud Hufford wills his girl trouble to Pat Sisk. Richard Hurlburt leaves his wavy hair to Jerry Couden. Jay Luciani bequeaths her expressive eyes to Marilyn Mildeberger. Alan Magel wills his irresistible l'?J personality to Brian Kuehn. Pat Mears leaves her flaming locks to Marion Hill. Steve Merselis wills his gorgeous array of shirts to Eddie Rappa. Betty Morgan leaves her sheep raising to Pat Carlson. Gay Norton bequeaths her art ability to Reid Kaplan. Bill Oakley leaves his evasiveness to Frank Annicelli. Joe Palmieri wills his pastel sweaters to Alan Todd. Carol Perrotti leaves her sweet charm to Patty Maxwell. Fran Perrotti bequeaths her scholastic ability to all those struggling for D's. Arnold Peterson wills his lab experiments to Roger Koob. Honor Peterson leaves her blushes to Bud Battista. Karla Rueckert wills her bid designing to Mary Ellen Harrison. Elsie Scarpa leaves her natural curls to Barbara Cartmell. Barbara Seeley leaves her chuckles to Judy Wainman. Judy Serfilippi wills her pep and energy to Judy Smith. Patty Serfilippi bequeaths her musical genius and spriteliness to Al Schlltter. Bob Simpson wills his co-operation to the Junior Class. Elsie Smith wills her spirit for quickly becoming a part of Amity to all newcomers. Pete Smith leaves his "technique" to Mike Sirowich. Billy Smith leaves all with a mystery. Mary Snell bequeaths her innocence to Joella Downs. Alvin Stettbacher leaves his feeling for Shakespeare to John Meade. Billy Stoddard wills his driving ability to Charlie Harger. Sue Treat bequeaths her love of rustic life to Donna DeVeglia. Judy Urban leaves her gems to Judy Lord. Kathie Vaughn wills her lpana smile to Ann Heavens. Terry Vidal bequeaths his "flat-top" to Paul LeGoullon. Dave Warner wills his sense of humor to Kenny Kehrer. Herbert Abercrombie Vanfafoofnic LEAVES!! Signed and delivered C.O.D. by Barby and Jay X' V' 01 ff' 1 I, , f V X , wx ," f 1? Iigi V, N P , ,VAX WI! I ! ,nf l, N A 'lg X 1 ' - ,f ' f, ' Y v 1 jf xi' ' - n lf' hyqwr v 1 X ,wffh VAX. v if rf f x . f X 'ffff XNJ7 ! N' 5" A I Q XX' X I , fyfyxfjjlffyff kxxxfwi g , XV T' A N' 4 Alf + ' ' X ' Jr 1 N A X X 9'- X K N GA X 1 f-XP X WNV ' , XX 'wXi,t K , ll' 1 'X WXNH N xv Q J NN? , Qi ffl ff MN ! ww f? ffx f I ,X XR X ACTWITI ES XF' x v XX Xxx X V! Y D , XSXXKRXX iintfif ll Qlf 1' ff' N X XXX XX x If I iWI7v',f4qfl-A'affix.. I V, lx N X, I 1 Xl' 'X' , 1 nit? fx L' 'fl i'li"52'?qZ,'g Y f i - 1 XXX V X , .Vx , X ',lI k 'i,:.3 m ix N ,ff ,.f:!4ef'ifZ,,.gg k gg Wa , V Jjzgvggjx sQ',MgM'Qb22j1yg-1MHQZW f Q, 1 ? ,ff 'wi 13 f44i1i4'f'+"' 1 'V' "" "MW ,f f W' ' 'xg 5 N my ax Q41 ,f , if f m 3gm .gQgM4E Q A ,gh ,lk ff , s 1 V v - 1' " ' ' N - '- 4 , I, X If Q fl .V-,916 Q V if if A lr h A QI V J ,f fl , ff' ip , if fc? QQM i ff? f- ,T .Q-.jf 4 , f', ,ff ' ' -X Y" ,' A 1. M - - f's" ' ,fffL?. rfs , X ---'iff' ' 5 - 5:3 i is ff' 51. - 4' TL ,, Qigiil x if ' -f --V 4i.' 1 'Hai 'ixf' f ,. g .. f X 'Lg 1 f' 15 -- 4 - K X bfi' " .X fir 5 Y "j.f" i'!"' ' - A V ' -jf'-J ' Eff' lfifix' N ,,..-.- xgxsxq- M d"Xf' - -' f ' -f R xailim km 'x JATPX14 ' , N? -X If , , 5' - T Li A 1 - ' , ' alia! A place To relax, at last. Art explained. ,, .,,. l x.: was 1. N ew -41it,'.j4 Jr hair,-,ew ly. 1 ' vid ,, Q' ,ffm fur, - T - mf, .am I L ' - I I M41 ' g 'ef iw L al 4 1 w fiwq, fn 5.-, .lf L, My ll jllllf M wk 1 x ""' ' " f 1 ,fe ff 1"- e ,,..,.f- I- Basketballz faculty style. Paradise. Closed To students. Rmb Rewards for The worthy. Oh, we sing the Song ofthe Sewer. Missingf one treasurer. I 1 Easy? Who are you Trying To kid? JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS 46 FRESHMAN CLASS , 9 H. HARMONETTES So that members of the Junior High may have ized under the supervision of Mr. Harold Peter- an opportunity to do choral work and gain ex- son in 1955. Janice Loman and Louthea Lazay perience which will prepare them for the Senior are President and Secretary respectively for this High choirs, the Amity Harmonettes was organ- year. 47 STUDENT COUNCIL Even before Amity opened its doors to her tirst classes a Student Council was organized, composed of in-coming seventh, eighth, and ninth graders from the three towns. The first otticers were: President, Keith Thompson, Vice-Presi- dent, Richard Atkins, Secretary, Margaret Langeler, and Treasurer, Anna May Clark. These oFlicers served for i954-55. In September 1955 Amity opened with six classes for the first time. Elections were held and Jacqueline Luciani became President. Elected with her were: Vice-President, Richard Clarey, Corresponding Secretary, Marion Hill, Recording Secretary, Patricia Richter, and Treasurer, Law- rence Cutler. lt has been a busy year for the officers, the more than fifty representatives and the two very capable advisers, Mr. Richard Johnson and Mr. James Dunleavy. First of all, there was the problem of organization. Then, one by one, the many problems bound to present themselves to such a new school were tackled. The purpose of the Student Council is to assist in providing cooperation and unity between the faculty and students in school life and the many extra-curricular activities, to see that there are equal opportunities for all, and to encourage stu- dent responsibility. lt would be impossible to list in detail all of the Council's accomplishments. There have been dances, drives, contests, opening a store, and equipping the hockey team. 48 EMBERS ln the fall of 1956, a yearbook staff was chosen by nomination of the Senior Council and selection by a group of Senior teachers. With Mr. Robert Holm- berg as the Editorial Board, Mr. Fred- erick Fay as Art Board Adviser, and Mrs. Marie Zilli as Business Board Adviser, the beginning of what was to be a first edi- tion of the Embers was started. Before the name Embers had been chosen through competition the staff was at work, receiving estimates of photog- raphers and printers. With selection of both of these, work really began. The rnain difficulty was in being the first staff, with no tradition or former ideas to follow. lt was the staff's responsibility to decide the theme and character of the book and to organize the members of the sophomore, iunior and senior classes who had ioined the yearbook staff. Next came the iob of correcting copy, doing layout and organizing individually writ- ten ideas into a book. Finally in the spring of 1956 this first edition was put on sale. TRIDENT During the school year 1954-55 the AMITY CHATTER was organized under the supervision of Miss Rita lvarson. ln Sep- tember of l955, when the Senior wing was first occupied and Amity became a Junior- Senior high school, the AMITY CHATTER became the TRIDENT. The TRIDENT is pub- lished every three weeks and attempts to keep the students informed on school and town affairs. This has been a very success- ful year under Editor-in-Chief Donald Dixon and his staff which is composed of Assist- ant Editor, Jacqueline Champagne, News Editor, Paul Kosha, Make-up Editor, Stephen Knup, and Business Manager, Elizabeth Eaton. , ,Ki fi? me AMITY SPOTLIGHT For Amity's aspiring writers the AMITY SPOTLIGHT was organized in 1954. ln its first year there was lust one edition. This year, with a twenty member staff under the supervision of Mr. Edward Culi, there were two editions, one in mid-winter and one in May. Margaret Langeler has been the Editor- in-Chief. Her assistants have been Barbara M. Smith, John Bell, and Doris Benner. BAND From the combined orchestra-band originally started in February 1955 the Amity High School Concert and Marching Band was formed. It con- sists of forty-tive members who play for school assemblies and other functions. The band at- tempts to promote a higher degree of apprecia- tion of band music both on the part of the player and the listener. During 1955-56 the Band played at Christmas and Spring concerts, at the State Festival and at an outdoor concert in the park. In May of 1955 the Band played for the Parent- Teacher Association in Bethany. Mr. Phillip D'Agostino is director of the Band and Jeannette Colletti is the Drum Major. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Amity Symphony Orchestra is composed of thirty-five musicians from the six classes at Amity. They strive to foster an appreciation and understanding of orchestral music here at Amity. The Orchestra has participated in school assem- blies, in a concert for the Bethany Parent-Teacher Association, in Christmas and Spring concerts, and in the State Festival. Mr. Phillip D'Agostino is its director. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The Amity singing group of I954-55 was the foundation for the A Cappella Choir which was organized in September I955. This group aims to promote an understanding and appreciation of choral music, to provide enjoyment for its mem- bers and all those interested in music, and to build a good, complete musical background for Amity. There are forty-five members, chosen for their vocal ability and adeptness at reading mu- sic. The ofticers are: President, Marilyn Milde- berger, Librarian, Barbara Ostrander, and Pub- Iicity Chairman, Kathryn Giebler. Its presenta- tion at the Christmas Concert was very success- ful. The Choir has performed at many school functions under the direction of Mr. Harold Peter- SOF1. ft at GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club was organized in Septem- Kathryn Vaughn as Secretary. During I955-56 the ber 1955 with approximately sixty members. Club has provided music for many school occa- They elected Sarah Howell as their President and sions. Mr. Harold Peterson is the director. 066' l 0 L, LATIN CLUB SPQR, Miss Mary Faith Dargan's Latin Club, furnishes an opportunity for learning about the Romans and their civilization and also stimulates an interest in the classics. A club motto, song, and cheer have been adopted this year by the thirty- five members. The club has made a Roman cal- endar and members presented reports on gods and godesses and plays in both Latin and English on Roman topics. SPQR will become amliated with the Junior Classical League, a national or- ganization. Otticers of the club are: Frances Per- rotti and Patricia Richter, Consuls, Doris Benner, Scriba, and Margaret Langeler, Quaestor. n 0 rt SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was organized, in 1955, by Miss Madelaine Anagnos and Mrs. Elda Phillips, to stimulate greater interest in Spanish culture and to bring about better speaking practices. Members gain knowledge of Spain and its people by using available facilities. ln the spring of 1956 the club took a trip to the United Nations. Otticers are: President, Carol Perrotti, Vice-President, Ann Eckhart, Secretary, Mary Ellen Harrison, and Treasurer, Kathryn Vaughn. , FRENCH CLUB The French Club, consisting of twenty mem- bers, was organized in 1955 to foster an interest in the French language and people. Under the sponsorship of Miss Madeleine Anagnos and Miss Oma Ross, the members attended French movies and invited speakers to lecture on France and her people. The oFficers of the club are: President, William Gwatkin, and Secretary, Barbara Jean Smith. COVER TO COVER CLUB The Cover to Cover Club, the school's library organization, was started in the fall of 1955 so that students might learn about the arrangement and usefulness of libraries, serve in the library, and promote and share the pleasures of reading. The library club, for the junior high boys and girls, is arranged so that each member is sched- uled for regular periods at the circulation desk and other assigned duties. This enables the mem- bers to become better acquainted with the ar- rangement and dilterent functions of the library. Miss Mary Baker, the club adviser, contributes much to the smooth functioning of the library with the help of the club members. 6 C, Q AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB The Audio-Visual Club consists of fifty mem- success in proiecting movies and recording pro- bers whose purpose is to learn the proper use grams of the various vocal and instrumental and care of all projection equipment and audio- groups. Ofticers are: President, Grant Bridges, visual materials in order to make the program Vice-President, Lawrence Kuhn, Recording Secre- efticient and useful to all students and teachers. tary, Robert Howard, Corresponding Secretary, Started in October, 1955, by Mr. James Kenney Clark King, and Treasurer, John Cook. and Mr. Carlton Seybolt, the club has achieved X. 2 al, ,. SERVICE CLUB The Service Club, under the capable direction partments of the school by making useful ob of Mr. George Metz, has a total membership of iects. Officers include: President, Richard Crissey twenty-four. Besides engaging in various school Vice-President, Harold Bruneau, and Recorder improvement proiects, the club serves other de- Roger Smith. 56 . .X , - -gg, g gf? O QOSTO' 00 id DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Sally Jane Schwartz, has a membership of seventy. Members have been organized to fur- ther the art ot the theatre, to gain experience in all facets of the stage, and to foster cooperation and friendship. The club also hopes to achieve a fine reputation in the theatrical field. In T954 the club produced a series of three one-act plays and a Christmas play. This year they presented a Christmas pantomime, entitled "The Night Before Christmas" and a three-act play, "Letters to Lu- cerne." Ofticers include: President, Katherine Schlitter, Vice-President, Eunice Gustafson, Secre- tary, Judith Alpert, and Treasurer, Ruth Homeyer. JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross Volunteers, the first club to be formed at Amity, was organized in October, 1954, and is sponsored by Mrs. Louise Shanley. Eighteen girls of the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades provided community service to hospitals, veterans, and crippled children. Activities during the year included sponsoring the Junior Red Cross Membership Drive, attending the state con- ference and institute, and participating in various other projects. Ofticers include: President, Helene Redenbach, and Secretary-Treasurer, Emily Cza- pek. SAFETY EDUCATION CLUB Under the capable direction of Mr. Franklin Benoit, the Safety Education Club was started in the tall of i955 to form better driving habits and to help students understand the Motor Vehicle Laws. Officers of the club which includes twenty members are: President, Joseph Palmieri, Vice- President, Judith Andrew, and Secretary-Treas- urer, Diane Alpert. ,EL ESPANOI. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Under the supervision of Mr. Charles Dunning and Mr. Robert Holmberg, the Photography Club was reorganized in the tall of 1955. To develop interested students into capable photographers, who will be able to take pictures of school events for the year book, to promote interest in photog- raphy as a hobby, and to introduce the interested but inexperienced pupils to the rudiments- of photography such as printing, developing, and enlarging are the purposes of this club. The twenty-two members plan to take field trips to experiment with the different cameras available to them. SQUARE DANCING CLUB Under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Evans and Mr. Rocco Orlando, the Square Dancing Club meets regularly in the school gymnasium to pro- vide a chance to learn the techniques of square dancing for exercise and enjoyment. This club, SCIENCE CLUB Consisting of ten members, the Science Club has been organized to increase the knowledge of science, understanding of the importance of science in life, and to help perfect scientific skills, and to give service to the community. The officers include: President, William Seymour, Vice-President, Nicholas Montano, Secretary, Barry Ulman, Treasurer, Lynne Bradley, Reporter, Emily Czapek, Mr. Milford Deprey, adviser. consisting of approximately sixty students, enables its members to learn the elementary steps of square dancing and gives the more advanced members an opportunity to learn more complex steps. 2 ' l CHESS CLUB Organized by Mr. Rocco Orlando, the Chess Club has a membership of nine. Its purpose is to teach beginners how to play chess and to help others improve their game. WATER COLORS CLUB The twenty-five members of the Water Colors Club under the direction of Mr. Fred Fay have enumerated the following purposes, to encourage painting with water colors, and to enjoy art. They have attended the Yale Art Gallery, and have exhibited paintings in the Woodbridge Town Library. President of the club is Gay Norton. ..... 'S ,gg Am? PAINT AND PALETTE The Paint and Palette Club was formed in 1955 to promote student interest in oil painting. With Mr. Eugene Waleski as the adviser, the group has attended lectures, and has taken trips to the Yale Art Gallery and Atheneum in Hartford. They have submitted art work to two exhibits. The twenty members of this club elected officers who include: President, Margaret Parker, Vice-Presi- dent, Claire Sheahan, Secretary, Susan Schneider, and Treasurer, Susan Grabber. DEBATING CLUB To improve speech habits, to gain better under- standing ot proof and definition, and to present ideas in as effective a way as possible are the aims of the Debating Club which was organized by Mrs. Florine Bendall. Once a week the mem- bers engage in debates on such pertinent sub- jects as: Resolved: Segregation should be abol- ished, and Resolved: The United States should give aid to the East. From recordings of their de- bates and constructive criticism of their team- mates and Mrs. Bendall, the members seek to im- prove their presentations. 473 L. STAMP CLUB The Amity Stamp Club, under the supervision of Mr. William Wright, has twenty-two members in its second year of existence. A May exhibit was planned, and the club took a booth at the Parent-Teacher Association Fair. Oficers of the club include: President, Walter Brigadier, Vice- President, Charles Stormes, Secretary, Nancy Tolman, and Treasurer, William Badgeley. CHEERLEADERS 62 This year, under the supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Evans and Patricia Sertilippi, the Varsity Cheerleaders were chosen. Led by co-captains Honor Peterson and Patricia Serhlip- pi, these twelve vivacious girls from grades ten through twelve have led cheers at all athletic events sponsored by the school. The cheer- leaders were organized to create enthusiasm and school spirit among the student body. PEP CLUB One hundred and ten enthusiastic Amity girls opportunities for the girls to cheer sing march from grades seven, eight and nine have been and dance. Their precision has helped promote organized into a Pep Club under Mr. Eloi Daigle. school spirit at all school events Teams, with captains and co-captains, provide Organized in September of 1955, the Athletic Association purchased black and gold equipment bags, warm-up iackets, AAA Identification cards, and a full assortment of gym suits. .These were offered to the student body at a slight profit to the Association in order to obtain new athletic equipment for the school. Under the supervision of Mr. James Kennedy and Mr. John Podorski the officers include: Presi- dent, Paul Lazay, Vice-President, John Gervasonig- Secretary, Fred Collenburg. AMITY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 63 Alba .dl Q., ' ' ' ' FOOTBALL l955, the first year of interscholastic football competition at Amity, will go down in history as the year in which the first touchdown was scored. Hampered by lack of experience, Amity was blanked 0-O in its first game against St. Mary's. However, in the second and final contest, against Cheshire, Robert Beardmore scored a touchdown, tying the score at 6-6. ln the fall of l956, with a short but commendable season behind them, all but three of Coaches John Halpin and Thomas Hughes' Varsity Football Team will return to play a longer season. 64 BASKETBALL ln spite of the fact that the Hrst year of basketball was not a winning season, the team showed a fighting spirit which indicates that in the future, varsity basket- ball will be highly successful. Captained by Roger Koob and Davis Warner, the inexperienced team, consisting mostly of sophomores, made excellent showings at North Haven, Cheshire, and St. Mary's games. The margin of defeat was small, but with added experience, victory over these three rivals is not impossible in the 1956-57 season. An exciting faculty-varsity game was held with the stronger varsity barely edging out the fighting faculty team. 65 HOCKEY 66 After having been encouraged by those who were greatly interested in hockey, the student body, along with followers of the District Hockey League, received Mr. Brooks' positive announcement concerning a varsity team with exuberant approval. The team enthusiastically followed the instruction and experienced training of coach James Dun- leavy. In a round robin type of preview to the regular season, the spirit and enthusiasm of the student body was observed by the New Haven fans, while the team succeeded in winning one match, tying another, and losing closely in two other hard fought bat- tles. After a number of contests, the "never say die" attitude of the team and the en- tire school body was praised by a news- paper which called Amity's arrival on the hockey scene a "shot in the arm" for the league, and cited Amity's zealous and ear- nest spirit as one to be strived for by other area schools. The team proved worthy of the efforts made by coach and principal alike as they upset Cross and iust barely missed a berth on the New England Tournament bound train. BOWLING Although the Bowling Team finished the season in the cellar of the District League they will go down in history as having won the first game in inter- scholastic sports for Amity. Their 3-3 record against Hillhouse kept the Academics from taking the loop crown. Boardman Trade and West Haven were forced to tight hard against the determined Spartans-. Coached by Mr. Charles Dunning and captained by Kenneth Kehrer the team has completed a successful season. SWIMMING Led by Coach John Podorski and co-captains Berle Hufford and William Bilinski, the Spartan swimming team made its initial appearance in league com- petition, and manifested a spirit that should spark the squads of future seasons to victory. Through the efforts of returning backstrokers Edward Rappa, Bradley Marvin, and Richard Atkins, and divers Richard Christenson and Jay Alpert, Amity is hopeful, if not sure, of a winning season next year. 67 FIELD HOCKEY GIRLS' SPORTS Under the supervision ot Mrs. Elizabeth Evans, the Girls' Sports teams meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. The seventy girls are divided into several teams in the two sports. The Field Hockey teams played several intramural games in field hockey and soccer. Consisting of approximately one-half of the members, this group played for six weeks during the early tall. As the Field Hockey season closed thirty-five girls tried out for basketball. ln a round robin of play, Joanne Angier's team won. During the Play Day, the Spartan All-Star team, captainecl by Annamay Clark, lost to a slightly stronger West Haven club by only one point. A representative team of the basketball groups were beaten by the women's faculty, starring Mrs. Sally-Jane Schwartz, Miss Lois Black and Mrs. Evans. GIRLS BASKETBALL 7 , x ' I , X NKXx ' Q x A - - X-, xy X XX . -.g, - HN ' C DIJJVEIQ. ij- . if it -V Xxx. '- I K I Q f ' ' 1 MQ- MV Mu ,ir if xl 6 1 'L I ' F 9 5 , Y . I 5, AK f 6 L3 17 MQ-A X fz. fvx.1,N 5 ,WEN -7 ,Q 1 7. , ' H K f f4f1z.,75 J' ' I A41 "3 5 fl f ' I ,Al K X P X yr , f ,ff 7 ':A,1' ff I X4 Wg- as ,X ' AJS ll ' N r U' ' NA ' , c QQ? 7 X WV" f kk N P43 'rv-l - 421' h Zhi aj . id x- Tl ,fv K 1 -G. X f - NU V , rf' 9,4 'Wi' " ' '-ff"4?f , QJ Q 4 1' N .Nz 352 W fM,'4,,,p " ga, W' ' Q 1 'I W "3 4 "wif , , .4i1ff5-?1'b f' "ff ' Y . - x A ffipi, fi '- 2 , ' -f 4 Mi f! J N- k. , N - f 1 JW, V .:.4 ,ff1 , -f 1 I 5 , . 4,1 .. - ,145 525 A ,lf fps j,ff1f?j:fl,?f ,GLW-,J 75' '- f- :WW R51!! X 1' n'M?:'yf7EZ-Q' ' X y' , XA - 13 wg . Hirvjfmg, - 1.7 Q ' -,px-4 VZ ' :fm ' fb -ymzsff 2 22 . in 2' 5 3139513 02 , 1 n ..,.A Q 'btais 1, X if , xl 'xii k , u .xx rbiffzf .I-. '- ' 1 V N 1' 1' x w P5 - ' ' ' 9.1 ' N - ,Y,, f- . W. ,. 's A gg 'I . 5 V 1 - A i 4-i'H'-Ai h w 'F 'P If - g if im f -f - - 5' .F S' - Mx 3. Ak L .J Ee Ki? w X 1 A V, Q ZLL-L ff - 'hull U A S , , F P ' " 11 3 kfclai' ,-fer 44Q'iA.,. . ' .if - ' 1 Jiufiik' H -' fx : f H Q is 1 5 332, .V 'QV :cas ' L- Y-. -6 '-Y Q I- -- ' J - ,,I:5iff: ,fi-:sf HEI ' " " K N ' A' 'W n ' 'f '-..' 7""l Q ak? A ,MW fl' - Q- q?7f1f1ffwfrffffffZfg 1 ,,,, -L' f 1, ,V nfryjl, H O 7,,,,i-,1?' if 2 fg-'Q 15,21 vm . E , J f - f 5 E3 5 ff-4 ite-- ,far 2 Q 45' J kgh , lg S ADVERTISEM 4-,IA,?' 2 'fm' -:aug Q - fix., I 2314? gi . 1 S : 'W 5 , 3 Sfub- N3 Y I U' L 1 1 fi 'wfW:.zJ..,v-? w-vM :- ..- .. ,,,,, -I I K A gg g JDW' H --- ,. , -1- 'I ' lff""' ' - 1 ,ff nf" ff' 1 X 'I 6 ,,l, , K ,l f ' if r .-4 , ,Q .,l 4 g nfziurgzpapv " , .' , g ,,y'5'9k I' 9 5 , g1F" 35 425'f'F:?3f'i'2've-5:f'W!"ff'vfy lffi ,-mm f- 415' 1ginen46fi555?? 1 fl ., ' - ' ' l ' ' " f ' 2 7" G 'lv f " vvfl- ' 'A' 4- ' . 1, 'Rm'-r1f'f,v'i fi? NK, rg 5 X I 4 I Q up .I l L K ' N I Ki h x ! . 22- V? M - -'AmWg'4f'9'7"'f1Vm"!'f'2'f 1. X I! it x' , 'I' J A V nz: -fully. ,hs ' f 'lu ' ' ' - 1 Hlmnll. , rm'-:LI IJ U' 1' x l kA,llfMa,Q , x ' V 2 V - -.. . L.. 1. Q 4 2 I, ' . "I Z ,Y , 3 3 L,,,jf,?Lskf3,fff 'j X, yRlwCuue.Wf.!u1,,-.5 ,EW ' 'ff x g Un. 'U ,5 'Wx N N .1 , ,.f--N :ji ,fx R Q X I Q X N.e:1f,l"V r I-M 55-En 1 as x . .xg-X XQ xXx X 'Sqn xQ .fp -5 - X, X HX f 64 N X A v 1 Q xx I xg A 60 ' L x ' 1- ' Al' ' N X K X : X L I X x 1 ll K X. . fa my W .x 1. Mu. k - I . ll X gt K 0 N x . -, v ' ' ' .. " ' x s "'L.. I X X X X W x K -. -.8 ' . , ... .. X,-4 x I A ... E T - - 'Q i 44 X -I ,,. k--- fi-J--' gg? , 2 I, 2, M -I - gen Izzy. X! 'WI' XP "n g, M Us-Q. K .fi I j - ' f R I T 5 -- T Q25 R 15 Q :T Q -,?3' fi ' E E ' Q '4' - ., ,- ,x,, , RM ... , J H ,iQ f- N ,T 4,-' -gg -- J U lg, ' , if N -: E' T T W? Tx dy'-if fy L T, 1 ,y - ' ' - . , 'I Av . V f' -. .,"' -,.,,,, ff f R T - - .' Nail 5 R X f ENE-XUTTTT' xr in V Ny! - X' Nxxx L . .Jn ' A T' E! X A 5' QW" il!m T cf' Aw TX N5 ps x X R 'T f X T'T S ' T E. T T Q1 Cs -lv ' R x V ,il ToMoRRow's ' N , , I R , Hflmooms f 'y X fi .. I , Come from V T -EE ' 9 New HAVEN THE NATION'S OLDEST FURNITURE STORE Rocco Mondo EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR Grading - Trenching - Drilling and Blasting Cellar Work - Roadways - Driveways - Land Clearing Bulldozing - Crane Service - Shovel Operators Garage Home Boston Post Road Rolling Ridge Road Orange, Connecticut Orange, Connecticut SYcamore 9-2647 SYcamore 5-9380 010007 71 The Clothesline COUNTRY CLOTHES Hatfield 8: Sperry Road FU 7-1171 Bethany Marjorie Shotkin The Woodbridge Lions' Club EXTENDS ITS BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 0l0l0Y0'?'0'010l-2'0'?10'04?62'0'0H?'0f0l0V0N0R0f061'0'0'?l0Y l ay Storm Studio Official Class Photographer 1956 Telephone MA 4-6282 SM Church Street N0F Earl Peck's WESTVILLE PAINT SHOP AND Home iMPRovEMENT coMPANY 1069 WHALLEY AVENUE New Haven, Connecticut Points with pride to their recent installation of window shades and venetian blinds at the Amity Regional High School. It was a pleasure in helping to equip this beautiful building. We wish to extend heartiest best wishes to the 1956 Graduating Class-and to all the students at Amity High. We are always ready to serve you, mem- bers of your faculty, your families and friends, with any of our many products and services. -Aerial Photo By Earl Peck Pittsburgh Paints Thibaut Wallpaper Alum Comb Windows Adelphi Paints Asam Wallpaper Alum Comb Doors Super Kem-Tone Guild, Wallpaper Alum Canopies Trimz Wallpaper Lloyd Wallpaper Alum Awnings Walltex Wallpaper Vogue Wallpaper Venetian Blinds Sanitas Wallpaper Katzenbach 81 Warren Window Shades Glass - Rental Equipment - Paint Sundries - Varnishes - Brushes - Many Other Items - DELIVERY TO BETHANY, ORANGE, WOODBRIDGE - PHONE FU 7-4452 75 ORANGE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. BOSTON POST ROAD Orange Connectxcut Phone SYcamore 9 2990 THE WOODBRIDGE LUMBER COMPANY Amnty Road Woodbridge, Connecticut Servmg Bethany Orange 8: Woodbridge Compliments of 76 5 Compliments of THE W. E. BASSETT COMPANY Compliments of Best of Good Wishes F. HALLOCK COMPANY FOX STEEL COMPANY 1 16 Main Street Derby, Conn. 77 Student Choice of Books and Supplies WHITLOCICS, INC. Compliments of Compliments of DEMANDER BROTHERS THE SEABOARD CUAL Bookbinders COMPANY 0v0N0f0f'040" 78 The Gellatly Construction Company General Contractors BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Commercial Industrial Institutional Builders BOHAN-LANDORF COMPANY 964 CHAPEL STREET Furs, Cloth Coats 8: Suits Dresses, Sportswear, Luggage Phone SY 7-2 548 Drlve Out Milford Turnpike And S A V E Russ and CARPETS lg-1 Dress Up Your Home f Fall anal' Winter 0l llu-llulllll MILFII IIIHKLU. I Mll.Fllllll.CUll. 1-,t fulff'2.ff11'n'f.'l'S .l'.I'I...-. llllfurl TR 4-2259 om Daily no AM. n 9 r.M. su. n a r.M. P- X THE FIRELITE SHOP ORANGE, CONNECTICUT Telephone SYcamore 9-2758 Fireplace Fixtures Brass Candlesticks Brass Candelabras Brass Planters Brass Plaques Brass Mirrors Brass Wall Clocks Wrought Iron Furniture Wrought Iron Plaques Wrought Iron Clocks Wrought Iron Novelties Exquisite Gifts For All Occasions O Hours Monday Thru Saturday 10 A.M. to 8:45 P.M. "Largest Selection of Fireplace Fixtures in New England." STERLING sl SUSMAN Connecticut Stone Supplies DEPARTMENT STORE New England? Finest Stone Supplier 5506 Cam' Through This Yard Shall Pass The World's Finest Stone 871-873 Whalley Avenue Westville Center POST ROAD, ORANGE 80 102656 D'ANDREA'S PHARMACY Famous F or Prescriptions M. S. D'Andrea, Reg. Pharm. 911 WHALLEY AVENUE NEW HAVEN, CONN. We Deliver - Phone FU1ton 7-6646 J. 81 Compliments of Contracting -- Building Roofing - Siding Tel. UN 5-1098 265 CHURCH STREET New Haven, Conn. CLEFT ROCK FARM, INC. Real Estate and Homes Woodbridge, Connecticut 0l0K0l040N0'0l-010'-010'-0' 8 I Compliments of EDGCOMB STEEL OF NEW ENGLAND, INC. Milford, Connecticut A. IRVING MANSFIELD Building and jobbing Phone FU 7-1857 Real Estate Sales lst Mortgage Loans Insurance Property Management The Lomas 8: Nettleton Company 175 ORANGE STREET Tel. UN 5-4171 Lawn Maintenance Rolling - Fertilizing Connecticut Lawn Mowing Company C. A. Crosby 8: Son Est. 1957 Plantsville, Connecticut Phone Market 8-7290 0r0w0'0'0N0' AN DY'S ELECTRIC 1624 WHALLEY AVENUE Woodbridge, Conn. Contracting-Jobbing Lighting and Power Oil Burner Wiring Tel. FU 7-6336 Compliments of Fletcher Thompson, Inc Better Living Everywhere . . . with PYROFAX GAS SERVICE New Haven County Bottled Gas Co. Racebrook Road Orange, Conn. Phone SY 9-2288 A. DAIGLE 8: SONS "The Potato Men" West Cheshire, Conn. 0 Phone Market 8-6076 For the Tough, the Unusual or just the Best! Compliments I f s REINZO Trucking-Rigging of Licensed and Insured Local-Long Distance A FRIEND Boston Post Road Orange, Conn. Tel. SY 9-2882 "A Fortune Is N ot An Income Compliments of the But An Income ls A Fortune" Amlty Vetermary HOSPIIHI Start Your Savings Plan Now with the Amxty Road Woodbndge Conn SUN LIFE OF CANADA 36 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, Conn Phone FU 7 1403 Fred W. Merselis, Branch Manager Ross M. Grey, D.V.M. 84 Jerry Pignataro 8: Son 1332 WHALLEY AVENUE New Haven, Connecticut Choice Meats Fresh Fruits 84 Vegetables Phone FU 7-1473 THE KNOWN NAME THE KNOWN QUALITY SINCE 1900 O IEWELERS-SILVERSMITHS Our Best Wishes In The Future The Furniture Shop, Inc. 352 Orange Street and 315 Whitney Avenue jackson-Marvin Hardware Co. Paints-Seeds-House Furnishings 843-849 WHALLEY AVENUE Weswille, Conn. Compliments of KRAMER'S FURS 191 ORANGE STREET New Haven, Connecticut Ipqnlzecfi for fine food 5 "From a Sandwich 5 "N to a Meal" X - QX 1 'VH - lswbysvlnlshllwlthll K A P ' .Wade Louru onion'Q1iU t .Daiwa nu cum BFI' 'T' M -Gnyfnmuhms FOUR LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Breakfast -- Luncheon - Dinner D'Andrea's 3 'Acres D'Andrea's Drive In I'gg"ifi23frE5'f5ln 1586 Dixweu Ave. Litchfield Turnpike HAMDENv CONN- at West Rock Tunnel Phone AT 8-4565 WOODBRIDGE, CONN. Phone FU 7-1410 . O D'AUd1'9"5 Dine' D'Andrea's Ringside Saltgnstalggriway 21 Broadway 0 I . . EAST HAVEN, coNN. NEW HAVEN, CONN- Phone HO 7-7408 Phone UN 5-9946 Ample Parking, Courleous Service, Air Conditioned jERALD'S JEWELERS 899 WHALLEY AVENUE New Haven, Connecticut FLINT LADDERS Since 1880 Ladders FOR EVERY PURPOSE Made in New Haven by A. W. FLINT CO. 196 CHAPEL STREET Phone LO 2-6167 86 JOSEPH J. soKoL, INC. 21 HARD STREET NEW HAVEN, CONN. Greenhouse Fresh Flowers For All Occasions Corsages, Cut Flowers, Plants Distant or Local For Flowers Call Sokol FU 7-1250 Otto H. Schulz 8: Company Electrical Contractors Electric Motor Repairs New Haven, Connecticut 87 The Faculty of Amity Regional High School QKQNQY Patrons Alma Dance Studio, 90 College Street, New Haven The Alperts, Country Court, Woodbridge Angie's Package Store, 813 Orange Avenue, West Haven Arakelian Rug Company, 1315 Whalley Avenue, New Haven Dr. and Mrs. Elisha Atkins, Westward Road, Woodbridge The Baers, Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge The Blue Check, Amity Road, Woodbridge Buccieri's Grocer, Woodbridge Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Caccavale, Woodbridge Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cannon, Westward Road, Woodbridge Carvel Dari-Freeze, Whalley Avenue, New Haven The Cohens, Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge Mr. and Mrs. William Croft, Racebrook Road, Orange Dr. and Mrs. Czapek, Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge D'Antone's Beauty Salon, 1325 Whalley Avenue, New Haven Elm City Photo Company, 256 Hamilton Street, New Haven Esther's, Inc., 164 Temple Street, New Haven Frederic Fulton Mr. and Mrs. Garceau, North Racebrook Road, Woodbridge Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grandyear, Deer Run Road, Woodbridge George M. Hatch, Pease Road, Woodbridge Mrs. Hogan, North Racebrook Road, Woodbridge J. Johnson 8 Sons, Inc., 855 Church Street, New Haven William J. Kenney Sharon and Lorie Lach, Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liebman, Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge Dr. and Mrs. Liebou, North Racebrook Road, Woodbridge Mr. and Mrs. B. Lohne, Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge Luciani's Farm Market, Whalley Avenue, New Haven Mr. Lumley, 1211 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport Massaro Farms, Ford Road, Woodbridge Mr. Carroll Means, Clark Road, Woodbridge Menasian Rug Company, 50 Amity Road, Woodbridge Midway Garage, Boston Post Road, Orange Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Westward Road, Woodbridge Morse Shoe Store, 827 Chapel Street, New Haven Nationwide Insurance Company, Mr. William A. Knight New Haven Carpenter 81 Cabinet Shop, lnc 190 Goffe Street, New Haven New Haven Tile 84 Floor Covering Company, 219 Congress Avenue, New Haven One Hour Dry Cleaners, Whalley Avenue, New Haven Peckingham's Rest, Boston Post Road, Orange Anthony Perrotti, 27 Litchfield Turnpike, Woodbridge Racebrook Gulf Station, Boston Post Road, Orange Racebrook Pharmacy, Racebrook Road, Orange Racebrook Quality Foods, Racebrook Road, Orange Ren-e Divco Sales, 501 Orange Avenue, West Haven Mr. and Mrs. John C. Robinson, Deer Run Road, Woodbridge Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Serfilippi, Racebrook Road, Orange Mr. and Mrs. Reno Serfilippi, Racebrook Road, Orange Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sheahan, Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge A. G. Siegel, Inc., 954 Chapel Street, New Haven Sophie's Rest, 130 Oak Street, New Haven Mr. and Mrs. John Sudol, Rimmon Road, Woodbridge William J. Thompson Agency Mr. and Mrs. J. Ulman, Jr., Wepawaug Road, Woodbridge The Watch Case, 186 Orange Street, New Haven Wayside Florist, 725 Orange Avenue, West Haven Whalley Pharmacy, Whalley Avenue, New Haven Williams 8 Company, 525 Orange Avenue, West Haven Compliments of a Friend Im A If--. 1 .f- "L.?rf:'i '57-559' x ge f ,. - 1 .V lui 1 .44 ' - 'v., 4 is ,.. -,ay , . 'ft r gr" 1 ' .Mg 41, 1. ,va , Q , . ' , fffiig'-?Yi5?2:,., F ,, 11Q,T'."' "QrIff"J-L 53' .L - 5 - . . . ' Q E 1 , -ku, I . F., 1" .-ei 'rl ... 3 1. , . A' -, auf' "',4- v, 'f-11. , .. v -4 ':r',. .. km' '. '-" 22. J., .1 , , 5,5 ,4 fa '51 --if m .1 " --15. ' F,-17.57-Y' ' ' ,.q:1f'1 ' , 'g ak Y. . -in ,pw .rm-. -iff f 5- A 1-.Q '- -gN'. ,L-fgvffr ruff- 1 f gil- -+-ML ,- ....-- .Life ll, it-tix? 5. X i fSl ,.,-. Mevonf S, 'N' 4. K.71"vtcA'g-pr "" +.4'f'l f Q ,.l1.LY.L f ,JU r, 2 C Z'fY-, 'U' -f 27,34 T'-K A-,,,.,-7 Y Q. AJ ' '- ,111 'Y -:.,--- f- flf'-,,-lffE1t:"'m' ? -g.:-1-JG1, ' ""fj1Tf.l' Y 'gave-"Z-i:":"'4 '3l' , E+-i-Ti' 'Q 4 Q ...- -3T?,ww5 , Q"- , , , g li- ' 'f 1-Q.- ig- ix-... 473 .. -.- -Trp.. "'N?':"""X?E i , 5-1 A' Agni- lh,Y'l- - , -iT-is .- my.. , -af 'xv ,.i 1 .gamma .fi 'Rx S07 'v45g-rs-3 .D .xg 55 HXu.-- .gpg 1.-

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