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fiat: W2 j,,3f"ww, W-Wad' v P? 2 Qbsgs . , W ew X x Xa 3,43 x X .5 W . 1" K M, 4 fr X . 'N .. .11 Q v i 2 m Q X X w -:fx "e km '- ' N.-Qwiv. N Q . . f X W Ek yzfffg QQ? X-N 'QQ-is 'fi Y A .W 4 A X X X N X-fx, X X Ngicgx- ,ig + A: I 5 i if f H l E X 11' i ! we. x N i TABLE OF CCNTENTS Spring '86 Orgonizotions 2 63 Students ........... 18 Sports ......... A Personnel ......... 75 Ads ............ I I Stoffflndex . 1986 . . . SPRING MEMORIES MEATS LAB DEDICATION The Amity FFA dedicated the meats lab March 18. The FFA State President, Arthur Hill, came and gave a speech. The Beef Princess, Rhonda Spigner, was also here. ln April, the Ouchita-Henderson Art Composium came to our I school. lt presented us with displays of paintings, sculpture work, and pottery. D ' h ' d d , l h'ld - BALLOON LUNCH jJL2L'59Q'bZrfJl'I. rlnciyliii.2'2T.'lLoSZhZ.'p,Z1Z'.f."d by the cafeteria workers. 3 gi-0 ,, , i W Q N .M iewwxm-.Ni ' "' It ' . fm. f 'Z 4' S N f . .f A n, n . " "" ' ' -- 1 .3".f' , . ' -i. nf Q 'Q A .. ' jf -..ij EASTER EGG HUNT SESQUICENTENNIAL Mrs. Strelsa Morris Macher visited our El- ementary students and presented them with the "Farmers Series. The sports scene for the mighty Rams ended on May 7. They com- peted in the District track meet at Lake Hamilton. Back Row: CL to RJ Lee Ann House, Jimmy Hemund, Shauna Wilson, Brian Rice, Paul Loyd, Woodrow Coombs, Kenny Francis, Brandon Staggs, Kneeling: Jimmy sniiiey, Mnicy Dnsfei, rnin o'Neii, Kevin Knignien, Jason Stendingi CL te RJ Scotty Herdegef Berry Lyons, Laura Palmer, Tisha isnidweii, Sitting: Gina Buck, rinn wir. Dwiggins, Grndy Fngnni Wesley Stone. liams, Sytana Staggs, and Reshea Boyd. Kneeling: Tonya Karber, Linda Dove, and Latricia Ward. x x r r I The Senior Class of 86 was hard at work for their play. 4 It was titled "Her Kissin' Cousin." 'MJ SPCRTS BANQUET 1 W' lf .ff ,ww 1 5 The two coaches, their wives, athletes, and our guest speaker, Grady Bean, enjoyed this event given May 9, 1986. PRE-SCHOOL The pre-school was given by the Child Develop- ment class, which was taught by Mrs. Funderburk, our FHA sponsor. W3 The Prom was a very eventful time of the Year. Everyone scrambled to get things done. We elected our King and Queen to be Karen Alston and James Coleman. AWARDS DAY Seventh Grade CL to RJ Pam H., Dee Dee J., Lisa D., Tasha G. ' K' X . l, s , QW A it 3 22 Q rf , . ' .4 ff, Freshman Class - First Row CL to RJ: Marcy D., Jeff M., Ricky W., Angie F., Tara O., Chris P., Robert H.: Second Row: Sandra S., Heather W., Gina B., De- wayne H., Marty B., Dalana C., Jeff K. Junior Class - First Row CL to RJ: Eric H., Tammy S., Lynn B., Barry D.: Second Row: Shelly D., Linda D., Wes J., Monica W., James O.: Third Row: Twyla H., Patrick P., Tonya K., Johnna B., Tammie R., Jim F. Eighth Grade Row One CL to RD: Miko M., Moshelle R., Bonnie P.: Row Two: Kevin B., Sandra D., Risa P., Mike S., Chris D., Chris F.: Third Row: Adam L., Shelly C., Tara H., Beverly C., Susann H. Sophomore Class - First Row CL to RJ: Brady A., Bran- don S., Jimmy S., Lee Ann H., Margaret H.: Second Row: Paul L., Brian R., Woodrow C., Tommy L., John E.: Third Row: Tisha B., Reshea B., Jason L., Shelly P., Jimmv H., Kevin K. Senior Class - First Row CL to RJ: Deborah D., Martha D., Teri S., Gerald W.: Second Row: Grady F., Laurie P., Devin O., Beth B., Devon P.: Third Row: Chawna B., Holly R., Kevin O., Jerita R., Teressa R. 6 Ready For A New Year!! What Went Wrong? Amity FHA to hold Rock-a-thon Jan.1O Members of the Amity chapter of Future Homemakers of America- Home Economics Related Occupations KFHA-HEROJ will be going a "miracle mile" this year to help the children at Arkansas Children's Hospital become healthy again and return home. Last year, the FHA-HERO chapters raised over 528,000. By Mike Wallace Saturday Morning, Feb. 21 The Amity Lady Rams clawed and scratched their way into the senior girls finals saturday night against Bismarck with a 50-46 win over 7A North Conference runner-up, Kirby. Klrby's Missy Calloway put ln 14 first half points to stake the Lady Trojans to a 26-21 edge at halftime, but Laura Palmer of Amity stole the ball and hit a field goal as the third period ended to tie the game at 34. Klrby's starting five began fouling out of the game as the final period progressed, and though two jump shots by Lori Grant brought the Lady Trojans back to a 40-48 deficit with less than a minute to go, Palmer sunk two from the line to set the final margin at 50-46. A Amity faced Bismarck in the senior girls finals Saturday evening. The game started after the junior high finals between Caddo Hills and Mountain Pine. TUESDAY Feb. 24. Tuesday night saw the continuence of preliminary round games as Amity's senior boys eliminated Mountain Pine 78-62, Kirby sent home Amity's junior boys 37-23 and Caddo Hills swamped Mountain Pine's junior boys 58-13. Amity's senior boys ran their record to 17-10 after the preliminary round win and boast six wins out their last seven games. Devin Owens led Amity with 20 points, Scotty Hardage added 18, Woodrow Combs and Bobby Richardson scored 10 apiece in strong support. Amity and Mountain Pine were tied at 15 after one period, and Amity led just 35-34 at halftime and by six points entering the final period. Tony Hunt scored 23 for Mountain Pine and Greg Pierce 17. "T JUST FOR THE RECORD he sacrifice ofyour loved ones has stirred the soul of our nation and, through the pain, our hearts have been opened to a profound truth: the future is not free, the story of all human progress is one ofa struggle against all odds. We learned again that this America, which Abraham Lincoln called the last best hope of man on earth, was built on heroism and noble sacrifice. It was built by men and women like our seven star voyagers, who answered a call beyond duty, who gave more than was expected or required, and who gave it with little thought to worldlyreward . . . . Dick, Mike, Judy, El, Ron, Greg and Christa, your families and your country mourn your passing. We bid you goodbye. We will never forget you. For those who knew you well and loved you, the pain will be deep and enduring. The nation, too, will long feel the loss of her seven sons and daughters, her seven good friends. We can find consolation only in faith, for we know in our hearts that you who flew so high and so proud now make your home beyond the stars, safe in God's promise of eternal life." President R 0 N A L D R E A G A N, in his eulogy for the Challenger astronauts at the Johnson Space Center in Houston My name is - I em in height and weigh pounds. The color of my hair is GHG the color of my eyes is --??l--, MY birthday is . I am -Lii, years old and in the Qfade- I will graduate in lyeafl - My address is and mY 9110119 number is - Some of my favorites: color 1 fggd , pastime 1 hangout , sinQl9f ' song f QIFUUP ' sport , tv show l-1--b---I radio station - My best friend is My boyfriendfgirlfriend is My mgst memorable 433119 WHS with -,-L,...1l.' The most important events of the year were -- WHO'S AMCJNG WHO AHS STUDENTS "'-1.2 2.15, V' 'S-is-1, if 'X Eoch yeor slx people ore chosen by the student body for their sportsmanship, ocodemic obility, at ond personohty ff? f x K 1' , 0 -' 'fi Y iv 1 2 S M Km if vs C -15, , hw X, any, x aff' X Rf . 499 6 m fm s , 4..- , Q , :ff if if Wy? ff' al'- 2542: fmi. 3 , vm Hdndsome Most Beautiful Holly Rice i Senior 1' First Runner-Up Devln Owens Kevrn Owens Barry Dwiggms Senlo r 5ef1i0f Junior Woodrow Coombs i First Runner-Up Sytono Stoggs Sop Beth Beon Senior Tonyo Korber Monico Webb Junior Junior ALL HIT Don't Mr. and Mrs. Uglee look cute in their Zoo shades! ,,,, M, N N muy 19:11 r I , sn-ny noun: any rum: semen Pm: alum mx 67 muy, An 71921 1- J. v our shquyr Q U ' nano: .nn-y ma r anjayea un-nn-rg un nn.: uucuux md run umm- .wane nz Amity :ugh sewer. an nu r-on-:na ur.: you -mm wen uk in to nap me. x nqnt to Anfon you ur.: an aw-z nm . pre:-In or mann. zm- you. 1 an .nero-lm nc- -my sua-u' Ln un -an or an :tudnnu wma un. rn. ZO0 98 ..- k A....,.x - lsn't this everyone's dream carl The Sr. Beta members saw Mr. and Mrs. Uglee, along with the Zoorilla, at the McMoin Mall January 31st, 'hnnlu ag-Ln for unnq Jury me n n or urn prxvuuqe. nv.cms.n1...y.-rvmlnunfu:-rx. nu 1 -gm.. R ! ' Q ! 651 xy, ' W' Kill un mn. ugxu- A11 Hi! ZOO 98 lil V srrrifw CL to RJ: Chawna Buck, editor: Shelly Doster, co-edi- tor: Gerald Ward, photographer. So that's how it's donel This is how your supposed to spell it! The Journalism class has spent many long hours learning to write. After observing at the Glenwood Herald, the Journalism class have become more ex- perienced writers. We attended Journalism Day sponsored by Arkansas Power Cr Light Company. The meeting was held March 6 fr 7th in Russelville. We published our last Ram paper through the Glenwood Herald office. Cheryl and Mr. Mayo participated in the Hands The Monday nightJr. High Band: Front Row CL to RJ: Quin- Across America. ton Spence, Chris Fagan, Johnny: Hemund, Richard Holt: Second Row: Marty Buck, Chris Dwiggins, Michael Rich- ardson The Quiz Bowl Kids CL to RJ: Chris Fagan, Dewayne The Elementary Band CL to RJ: Sheila Barkman, Henthorn, Dalana Carroll, Mika Massey, Pam Hill. Penny Eckles, Tiffany Wright, Gary Bean, Carl Main. Elementary Fire Marshals CL to RJ: Will Hudgins, Christine Sullivan helping Marty and Quinton. Katie Hemund, Carma Hendrix. J Jim Lloyd directing Chris. Parent and child day at the cafeteria. John Fletcher, Sopho- more. Halloween Royalty WM! f ZZ Jason Cantrell and Lisa Doster, 7th grade: King Dwayne Henthorne and Queen Laura Doster, 9th grade: Kevin Main Cnot picturedj and Lee Ann House, 10th grade: Sandra Davidson and Greg Baldwin, 8th grade. X gf X ff K y,,- :.LX. r 2 ,w i L fir- L. 2? i Q ' ff 3 r.EE?? .555 Q , Q ww.: . I. . K is XXX X 1 v is N l XX fl ' 595 33 ri xii 2 .1 Kg, gk if NS N -R X if sm? S X 1 is 3 L , 5 or E sei Q L figs si ,r,. Zzii K. - i f .. 1 I - f-+P' 9.4 J z ff ffiiiii- EXW ' L K l Mike Subbert performs a Sytana Staggs and Michelle Lyons dancing Brenda Doster havinga little Christian rock solo in the tal- to "You Dropped a Bomb on Me" fun before the working be- ent show. gins. L HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES The Little Spooks had fun dressing up for the contest. They enjoyed the treats that were given to each of them for partici- pating, even though some were a little scared of going on the stage by themselves. if I I I I . gf Chawna Buck takes a picture of the contestants in the Little Mr. and Miss Halloween. Congratu- lations to Bucky Martin and San- dra Davis. 17 -ee-eeffeerefr 4-ef-Q-"""' -..t.-.mmm-nnq M-nnnnnxni -gaussian! ...maui BETH Beth Bean Parent: Mrs. Joe Bean: Birthday: De- cember 18. 1968: Activities: Basketball 4 yrs.: FCA 2 yrs.: FHA 2 yrs.: Beta Club 4 yrs.: Jr. Class Favorite: Sr. Class Trea- surer: Society of Distinguished Ameri- can High School Students: and Library Club. Chawnerhea Buck Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Troy W. Buck: Birthday: September 11, 1969: Activi- ties: FFA 4 yrs. CReporter, Vice-Presi- dent, Presidenti: FHA 4 yrs.: FBLA 2 yrs. CTreosurerJ: Jr. Class Treasurer: Sr. Class Vice-President: Ram Staff, Editor: Re- flector Staff. Business Manager: DAR Good Citizen Award: National Honor Society: and Class Favorite. Seth Davidson Parents! Glen and Betty Davidson: Birthday: August 12, 1968: Activities: Baseball, Most Home Runs, Most Stolen Bases, Highest Batting Average, Short- stop and Pitcher: and FFA 4 yrs. Deborah Lorraine Dove Parents: Kenneth Sr. and Ruby Dove: Birthday: April 11, 1967: Activities: FFA 4 yrs.: FHA 1 yr.: Class Secretary 1 yr.: Fire Marshal 1 yr.: Pony League Softball 2 yrs. 18 . F Nr ' -F - '-sflml' -1-ws :-were : 0, X. 'Q Qu? ff is if ff:-is-v 'TJAQTPQJI-4 . N ,Z lf: -Ls' :WJ gy: if-gg 0' mfr'-' -'Milf 5 ,X ...ff tk .s "W egisgygq.-see' .g tt, .cs 3 " ' ' ' Q s " ' M -'N' I X .. A. .v gt tt., , - W 1: : - Wm". ,MZ H r I f X CHAWNA DEBORAH Martha Ann Dove Parents: Kenneth Sr. and Ruby Dove: Birthday: October 9, 1968: Activities: FHA 1 yr.: FFA 4 yrs.: and Junior Play. Grady Wayne Fagan Parents: Sonny and Cleda Fagan: Birth- day: September 11, 1969: Activities: Sr. Beta, Vice-President: FBLA Treasurer and President: FHA Parliamentarian 3 yrs.: Basketball 3 yrs.: Student Council 2 yrs.: Stat Keeper 1 yr.: and FFA. -n-nu-M-Q-......-.--.Tw uni:-ff ww... SETH W :.:,::s::mm MARTHA GRADY "'Ww+....,,,, .M by 4 ,Q-v-. ---W 1 fwnnulne: WW L -1--. 1 unav- .-n-V V "' TESSA ETB 1 PAUL DEVIN KEVIN l ?x.f" K FL. DEVON LAURIE Tessa lean Hill Parents: Johnny and Betty Hill: Birth- day: March 14. 1969: Activities: FFA 3 yrs. and FHA 2 yrs. Paul Douglas Killian Parents: Douglas and Mary Lou Killian: Birthday: September 6, 1969: Activities: Basketball 4 yrs.: Baseball 3 yrs.: Track 4 yrs.: FBLA 2 yrs.: Reporter: FFA 4 yrs.: FHA 1 yr.: Student Council 1 yr.: Fire Mar- shall 2 yrs.: and Class Favorite, Sr. Yr. Devin Loyd Owens Parents: Harold and Paulette Owens: Birthday: December 13, 1968: Activi- ties: Basketball 4 yrs.: FFA 4 yrs.: Jr. Beta: Sr. Beta: All Conference: Most Handsome, and Who's Who. Kevin Doyle Owens Parents: Harold and Paulette Owens: Birthday: December 13, 1968: Activi- ties: Basketball 4 yrs. CGuardD: FFA 3 yrs.: Beta 4 yrs.: Student Council 1 yr.: FCA 2 yrs.: and Who's Who Among American High School Students. Laurie Ann R. Pittman Parents: Larry Joe Robertson and San- dra Wernikowski: Birthday: October 14, 1968: Activities: FFA 2 yrs.: FHA 1 yr.: FBLA 2 yrs.: Basketball 2 yrs.: Annual Staff 2 yrs. CEditorJ: Ram Staff 1 yr.: Jr. Play: Horticulture Team, and Sr. Beta 2 yrs. Douglas Devon Porter Parents: Doug and Alpha Porter: Birth- day: December 21, 1968: Activities: Basketball 2 yrs.: FFA 4 yrs.: Prom Ush- er, and Class Favorite 1 yr. 19 SR CLASS G f x x 'Bggh 3 R is W www I Q U ,Ewa mint' Gerold "Elf XX Grady I . S X xhfm, S S S S, V. 2 :,,S S Do S S W S' I I , S My K - ffl' KPN s .,v ,Q S -bl ' ,I I,, I IVI S1 . . M ,,,, i,, VV, is SK SS, ,1,:1 - K! V 1 2, :VI ,S Lkkn V PQ ' I A 2 S S gl I ,SJ V7 S WW" NM grkyrz , 0 ES I ' S S SS 1 1 S S Q 'f A S S S PS A IN YOUNGER YEARS 5 'hw Devon Jerlto as 'W' 'VX xg, ix Loune 3 ill 05539 1 HOLLY Holly Melinda Rice Parents: William and June Rice: Birth- day: September 10, 1969: Activities: FFA 4 yrs.: FHA 4' yrs.: FBLA 1 yr.: Beta 4 yrs.: Student Council 3 yrs.: Fire Mar- shall 2 yrs.: Flag Bearer 2 yrs.: FFA 4 yrs.: Jr. Play: Society of Distinguished High School Students, and Washington Conference Program. Jerita Nell Richardson Parents: Ralph and Eva Nell Richard- son: Birthday: September 22, 1969: Ac- tivities: FFA 4 yrs.: CTreasurer5: FHA 2 yrs: Beta Club 1 yr.: Class Favorite: Who's Who Among American High School Students 1 yr.: FFA Parliamenta- ry 2 yrs.: Livestock 1 yr., and Horticul- ture 2 yrs. Michael Darrel Rinkle Parents: Wayne and Lana Rinkle: Birth- day: July 7. 1969: Activities: FFA 4 yrs.: Basketball 3 yrs.: Track 2 yrs., and Jr. Advisor 1 yr. Douglas Raymond Rowton Parents: Wayne and Linda Rowton: Birthday: May 1, 1969: Activities: FFA 4 yrs., and Baseball 2 yrs. Teressa Lynn Ruth Parents: Mrs. Vonna Welch and George Ruth: Birthday: January 11. 1968: Activi- ties: FFA 3 yrs.: Meritorious Conduct 4 yrs. and Achievement Award. 22 JERITA DARREL Him-ww-qw-s io- titty . ,I "1 S 1' sr- .aww-"2 ' Q ' L' 1 'L :l i I ' gay im g. 1:-...L b :Zim -. if' .-- 'N-., iv - 1. t s ' 3 E 1 r DOUG TERESSA Theresa Lynn Spence Parents: Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Davidson Birthday: January 9. 1969: Activities: FHA 3 yrs., CSecretary 1 yr.J: Beta 4 yrs.. CSecretary 2 yrs.J: FBLA 1 yr. CVice Presi- dentJ: Jr. Play: Annual Staff: Class Sec- retary 3 yrs.: Who's Who Among Amer- ican High School Students: and Society ot Distinguished American High School Students. J., , -qw W . W. D' is 1 . a',,,Lv' TER: ...-...N-.-...qi DELORA to TERRY Delora Gaye Taylor Terry R. Taylor Parents: l-l.M. and Barbara Taylor: Birth- Parents: Gerald and Doris Taylor: Birth- day: March 28, 19b9:Activities: Basket- day: June 20, 1967: Activities: FFA 4 ball 4 yrs.: FHA 3 yrs. COfficer 1 yr.J: Beta yrs., Basketball 3 yrs., Track 2 yrs., and 3 yrs. CReporter 1 yr.7: and Jr. Play. FFA Jr. Advisor 1 yr. QW GERALD Gerald Edward Ward Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ward: Birthday: February 20, 1969: Activities: FFA 4 yrs.: Basketball Manager 4 yrs.: Junior Class Reporter: Ram Staff 1 yr.: FFA. CTreasurer 1 yr., Parlimentary Team 2 yrs., State Leadership Conf.1 yr.J: and Library Club. Seniors in Action Devon's and Devin's future looks bright. "Smile for the camera Marthal" Jeri- ta and Terry sure do look suspicious. "Laurie, take those notes!" PRESIDENT: Terry Taylor VICE-PRESIDENT Chawno Buck SECRETARY: Teri' Spence TREASURER: Li Beth Bean REPORTER: Gerald Ward CLASS F LOWER: White Rose OFFICERS FAVORITES CLASS COLORS: if eee S Midnight Blue Cv Silver CLASS SONGS: "Take if Easy" CLASS MOTTO: LIVE AND LET uve 24 if? LA... Jerifo K T Pou MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: MOST TALENTED: Terry, Chowno, ond Gerald Holly, Devin, and Beth fl MOST COURTEOUS: MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Chowno E: Gerald Kevin, Teri, ond Beth Jr. Play "MEET ME AT THE PROM" -Sis E' 'X rw Jim CCaI Henryb and Tonya CLucy Trainorj. "Do you see what I see?" James CEIwood Simpsonj and Johnna CSheila Rollinsl. "What's that Called?" Eric CMonk Stacyj, Lynn CGert Andersonj, Renee CWinnie Clarkj, Johnna CSheila Rollinsj, Wes CBing Wilsonj, Darren CPudge Bur- nettl, and Shelly CAda Shortj. "Would you look at her!" -4--'+'I"' gl x Eff' 'V T ill., Fl: "' 1 fiwl Q40 MSB x U' 5 f X ACT .- r""""l' ,gl Tx 'X 1 P' as ,, 1 , .. ,r,. --L tm W RJ An A T rrll il . 'lip ,l In 1' ':a Ji Dennis Cprompterb. "It'll take your breath away!" Tammie CMom Madiganj and Lisa CMrs. Trainorb. "What could be that inter- esting?" Monica CJulie Cartwrightb and Twyla CEIsie Hackerj. "What looks so good?" lm... Maur- ik M in ,,., M if ,ff it fx .fl J is n l 1 Tv? ax 'l 1 J J' J in , 1 i M . E A 1 T e 'tt ' 2 1 4 T J' y J ., ,r we r TMJ Bobby CLt. Campbellb. "Make my dayl" 27 . ,4-T. M, MR. and MISS AHS Each year the teachers at AHS select two students from the senior class for the honor of Mr. and Miss AHS. This selection is based on academics, leader- ship, and personality. Kevin Owens and Chawna Buck were chosen to receive this honor. 5.5. ryan Beau On September 12 the members of the FFA chap- ter elected Jerita Richard- son as their Sweetheart. Jerita is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richardson. Kevin Owens, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ow- ens, was elected by the members of the FHA chap- ter on November 7, as their Beau. Johnna Baggett Lynn Belt Jimmy Chancellor Lisa Coleman Rickey Crews Shelly Doster Linda Dove Barry Dwiggins Cheryl Fagan Jim Francis David Godsey Scotty Hardage Eric Hendrix Renee Hill Tammy Hill GD ann-.....-f-"' .mmf-" G, 0 if tr- -1-rizf' X , !""f Tiff". ii 5' Milf' '--K XM " rl in -Q"""1N- Q Twyla Hopper Sandy Howard Wes Johns .ae- Wir Tonya Karber James Owens Patrick Palmer r 'lm' 41-03171-v David Pounds Tammie Raines Bobby Richardson as KRS' Tammy Smith Dennis Sorrells Scott Tilley C' as Q ,4-u......... 'W' fl Latricia Ward Monica Webb lh."'A 'L":'If" .- 4 ONE STEP FURTHER JUNIGRS OFFICERS President: Barry Dwiggins Secretary: Tammie Raines Treasurer: Tonya Karber .Q Reporter: Wes Johns jr rrr, sf rrrrrrrrrrrrrr . r.rr, . rrrrr , r rrrr ri rrr, rrrrrr.rrrrrrrrrrr , , rrrrr I .r cc rrrr cc rc rr A if X X r xc ix xc X X fs I xr gr ,X X N X. 4 E S X X X 'K F xx Vice-President Scotty Hardage Looks like Tonya is all wet!! "wwm..,4,m,, lt was the year of the junior play, junior - senior banquet, sales project, and class rings. lt was having more freedom, more vari- ety in classes, getting involved in activities. lt was being a junior!! Juniors were aware that freedom meant picking up the pace. We had the task of taking the PSAT test the SAT test and we knew that college was in the not so distant future. Above all, one thought dom- inates the junior year. The fact that next year will be the best . . . and the last. Sandy Howard 32 FAVORITES Rickey and Monica if V 111--f5'1g e 1 1, .:1A 1 M fx Qf, 0 ? 49 1 X11 9 BAIN DE SG 1.1.1 D Q Z I LJ LEIL Q 0 The 999 X, 05? ,JV cumun if Brady Adams Tisha Bardwell Reshea Boyd Larry Carroll Todd Coleman Woodrow Coombs Cynthia Davidson Leah Davidson John Evans Kenny Francis Jimmy Hemund Margaret Henthorn Gary Holt Lee Ann House Kevin Knighten Tommy Lambert Paul Loyd Dean Lynch Jason Lyons Michelle Lyons Jon Nutt Kevin Main Laura Palmer Shelly Parker Bryan Rice Jimmy Shirley Brandon Staggs Sytana Staggs Richie Troxel Tina Williams Shauna Wilson 2. Q wiilii NVYH Legg X 2 EE sf E f gg XX QS i i me sg 5 L 2 X X N, 5 2 l ,,,- as ,ff we-, s . Q1 ii w SY W ,M me X1 Leah Reshea, Sytana, Michelle, Shauna, and Friends. 5' N 3 SHN Xa I ,ss osm- T ssXS,.g....m...Q. itifxi Q -an 9' C' Sig CLASS OFFICERS Lee Ann House CReporterD, Leah Davidson CSec. Treasurerb, Tina Williams CPresident5, Kevin Knighfen CVice-Presidenfb . I X' -. J eg X- ---e.,e. -. ggxw-cave. Q.. NJ, CLASS FAVORITES Brian and Shauna GOING THROUGH PHASES September: Time to get on track and start a brand new school year. It brought new subjects: typing, art. band, and foreign language. October: Ar the Halloween Carnival, we had the I3.I3. Shoot. Miniature Golf. Sytana and Michelle placed 2nd in the talent contest. November: We have been talking about college: the students interested signed up to take the NEDT test. Also. it was time to get the 10 pt. that you've waited for all year. December: With Coach Layrocls ptting us in harmo- ny. we sang Christmas Carols for the students and fac- ulty. We enjoyed the 16 day holiday break. January: Upon opening a new semester, our Beta members attended the State Beta Convention in Little Rock. March: Reshea, Woodrow, Leah. Jimmy, Margaret, Kevin, Paul, and Jason completed for "Quiz Bowl" po- sitions. The selected students will goto regional com- petition, and if successful will go to the state finals held in Little Rock. Winners of the state finals will each win 51000.00 Scholarships. May: We served at the prom "Back in Block". Reporter: Lee Ann House Gina Buck Marty Buck Dalana Carroll Angie Crews Laura Doster Marcy Doster Pam Doster Angie Francis Robert Hendrix Dewayne Henthorn Anthony Holcombe Jeff Kitchens Barry Lambert Lenon Main Jeff Mayberry Tara O'Neal Chris Poland Sandra Smith Amanda Thompson Janice Veorster Ricky Watson Cliff White Jerry Wilson Heather Wiyott 6-Iv, JJ Everyone looks busy. Busy at play. COMPLIMENTS CF WHITE 0lL CCMPANY CLASS CJFFICERS Barry Lambert CSecretaryJ: Anthony Holcombe CTreasurerJ: Marty Buck CPresidentJ: Chris Poland CVice- Presidentbp Gina Buck CCo-Reporterjp Robert Hendrix Ckeporterl. CLASS FAVCDRITES Jerry and Gina The guest speaker spoke on "Drugs". REACHING NEW GOALS Sit back and reminisce a freshman schedule. In first period the extremely complicated Algebra I problems that left our minds bog- gling became easier with the aid of Mr. Smith. Second period, Mr. Buck taught the ways of progressive Agriculture, while Coach Hard- en was trying to perfect the Jr. Girls basketball skills. The third period Home Economics students spent time on careers and home planning: in the mean time, Mr. Mayo's study hall students were using their time preparing assignments. Fourth period Physical Science has been a real trip. Mr. Mayo made a tedious subject easier to relate to and more exciting. After lunch, they spent fifth period learning sports with Coach Layrock. He would explain the game, read the rules, and let them choose teams to play the. Reporting to Mrs. Wil- liams English room, the students all needed her guidance in learning the riddling ways of grammar. Finally, the fullfillment of the day was learning to be a safe Driver's Education Class. By Robert Hendrix Greg Baldwin Kevin Belt Beverly Copeland Shelly Crews Sandra Davidson 1 we Valarie Doster QQ Chris Dwiggins Billy Enfinger Chris Fagan John Hemund Mack Hill Q sf Tara Hollingshead Richard Holt Susann Hopper Q sew i 1 J 4 Adam Lyons Mika Massey Michelle Maxwell Bonnie Palmer Risa Parker Mike Reschke Mike Richardson Machelle Ruth Obie Staggs Mike Subbert Jeff Troxel is Chris Dwiggins is enjoying the Halloween Carnival. Eighth graders are hard at work in Mrs. Williams' study hall. Exploring New Boundaries X ay.. Robert Welch cmorriceas ND in .fif-f President, Risa Parker, Vice president, Tara Hollingshead: Secretary, Chris Dwiggins: Treasurer, Obie Staggs: Reporter, Sandra Davidson and Mike Subbert CLASS FAVORITES 4 5, ., Y- Valarie and Jeff Time out for a picture The eighth grade has been busy this year with many activities: classes, basketball games, pep rallies, the Halloween Carnival, Homecom- ing and yes . . . even some studying! We began the year by electing all our class officers. We also chose Mrs. Funderburk as our sponsor. We had fun running the coke walk in the Halloween Carnival. We were also proud of Greg Baldwin and Sandra Davidson, our candidates for Halloween King and Queen. We also enjoyed the activities during Homecoming. Our maid, Valarie Doster was escorted by Kevin Belt. We have really enjoyed this year, and we're looking forward to four more great yearsl Reported by, Mika Massey Lee Baker Marty Bardwell Jerry Barkman Jason Cantrell Lisa Doster Robert Doster Janese Dove Tasha Gann Donna Harris Charles Henthorn Pamela Hill Dee Dee Jackson Heather Kitchens Brandy Lindsey David Porter Tim Robertson LaDonna Shirley Quentin Spence Jessie Stone Jacob Strother Scooter Wheeler 525: f--f ink S Q L 3 a Rita Taylor Stormy Wiyott Jeannie York ibm .. ,I See Mine! l don't know!!! 40 BREAKING IN THE NEW CLASS OFFICERS President, Lisa Doster: Vice President, Tasha Gann: Secretary, DeeDee Jackson: Treasurer, Marty Bardwell: Reporter, Pam Hill. We finally made it! The first few days were scary: getting used to changing clas- ses every fifty minutes, trying to keep up with the bells, remembering what classes were next, getting Call the wayb to the gym on time, catching the lunch bus. No fifteen minute recessses, but we have eight min- utes for cokes andjunk food. All of this, sud- denly shocked us to the realization that we are in junior high. Xxx "Help me finish before the bell ringsll" CLASS FAVORITES S Mi M Deep in thought!! Hard at workll if Tasha and Robert M Wesley Stone as a carpenter. Stephanie Jackson takes time out for a picture. 0 Amity News W X' x 6 39 0 Q N66 QW 'Ea Deficit tops 3 1 4. 9 0 Arkansas Traveler aides' list of concerns . W M S? 6 ii i ' FE V.,, M- wwf . 1, s he be 'Q ,, W W' M- SIXTH Sheila Barkman Gary Bean Jimmy Dove Neil Dove Penny Eckles Amber Fendley Darrel Fite Crystal Franklin Allen Garner Jeremy Gould Katie Hemund Carma Hendrix Lori Henthorn Nora Henthorn Will Hudgins lou Shane Kuykendall Michelle Lambert lvan Maxwell Jena Mitchell Becky Palmer Kara Ramsey Gale Reschke Tina Rowton Devin Smith Darren Sorrells Lea Ann Webb Stacy Wilson Shelia Wilson Johnny Woodall ... Tiffany Wright Good-bye, Grade School Hello, 44 Junior High if J--.. A 1 ',f, W --iw , f .... if ay i ,, , 2 9 , ,QM l f , A 7 r- -5 W Kiki , ..,, , ' Q 1 K if V Z iff? , gl 1 bi 7.x ff f W , , y f 3 Em K fl 1 1, my f X rig? guy f rw-M 1 , V .,,, ,K 1 'Z' , ' 1 - Rebekah Aaron Misty Angel Kalena Gay Buck Tralena Kay Buck Stephanie Coleman Patricia Copeland Angela Deaton Christie Dove Bryan Fletcher Julianna Halcombe Joe Hardage Raymond Harris Chris Hill Jerry Loyd Betsy Lyons Kelly Lindsey Melissa Lyons Carl Main Keli Nutt Dean Porter st.. MAKING oun WAY UP THE HILL 45 I-l7UCO'rr Thomas Bean Christy Garner Wade Garner Tena Harris Jody Howell lv Chance Massey Jason Mitchell Dwight Palmer Tonya Rinkle John Robinson ,-IQ Kevin Sorrells Scott Thomason Amy Wheeler Margaret Wilson Wonda Wilson 'N Jennifer Wilson Fourth grade interested in learning new concepts. The fourth grade has had lots of fun. We went to Mid Amer- ica Museum fora field trip and had a great time. We have en- joyed having Mrs. Woodson for a teacher. Every 9 weeks we received certificates for Spelling, Social Studies, and Health. Ev- ery month we received a gift certificate for pizza if we read a certain amount of books. And finally, we went to Riverwood Nursing Home to visit our Pen Pals. by Jason Mitchell Recess is over and fourth grade returns to their OUR TIME TO SHINE mdies' ZW M ian, ,I JE All work no play. it year IS: Tana Leigh Dawn Anderson Mark A. Barkman Corey Cherie Bean Justin Charles Cantrell Misty Lynn Cogburn Casey Daniel Cook Tina Michelle Farris Pam A. Gilcrest Benjamin Alan Gould Crystal Leanne Hemund Quinten S. Hill Malissa Maria Jackson Melinda Owens Asley Rebecca Steed Daniel Matthew Watson The special thing about third grade this I , gs. as fl Third grade work is never done. Malrssa and Justin dress for Thanks- giving. UZOOITIM Joshua Angel Bonnita Elder Johnny Fagan Lanesha Funderburk Tara Graham Melissa Harvey Michelle Hemund Seth Howell Brooks Killian James Massey Sidney Mitchell Kristen Partridge Crissy Pittman Kenny Rrinkle Carrie Sandifer Corrie Sandifer Danna Smith Jeffery Sorrells Jason Vick Corey White if -,Q .. in M4 NEW HORIZONS This had been an exciting year for second grade boys and girls. We used the movie camera a lot in our rooms this year. We filmed several plays. We even used it to film the reading groups. This encouraged all of the children to read more so they could read better when they were in front of the camera. ,Q Damon Woodall Brendon Carroll Amanda Elam Stephen Fagan Courtney Farris Nicholas Gaither Kevin Garner John Halcombe Holly Johnson Michael Jackson, Jr Bucky Martin Kimberly Payne Harris Porter Sheri Pounds Corey Robinson Jarryd Staggs Chris Thomason Steven Woodall 2 ! Q- James Yarbrough This is bad for my complextion. WZQQA I ir I L. , Q-:,,, ,, -, 3 . QV' .,,'f ff r f ' .A , 'tr 24 F I. ' Could we have a little service please? We take no hostagesl What are you looking at?? TIME FOR A NEW BEGINNING The First Grade celebrat- ed an Indian Thanksgiving. Pa- per sacks and paints transform- ed them into Indian braves and squaws. Every day is a new fun learning adventure by learning such things as math, reading, writing, and co- operation with others. ' . Joshua Cantrell Justin Davidson Katrina Davis Nicholas Evans Tye Gould Ason Paul Misty Pittman Kristie Porter Christopher Rice Jason Stout llrr M 4 . ,,,r, I Jacob Vaught Corey Vick Ronnie Wilson Fwana Winters Mrs. Kirksey and her learning group WELCOME TO OUR WORLD The basic skills taught in Kindergarten are recognizing shapes, colors, working puzzles, printing full name, identifying and printing the alphabet. By learning the pre-primer before en- tering the first grade. ln arithmetic, we study counting 6 writing to 100: adding and subtrac- ting up to 10: and counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. Social Studies are studied. Along with all the work, we find time to learn to jump, skip, catch and throw a ball, listen, line up, and be respon- sible. Most Of All - Be a friendly kind person, en- joy school, and not drive Mrs. Cantrel crazy next year. X 3 'WSW - . 9 5. . - wx LW .-ws , ,,.,. K .V AQ . is 2 ess Mt S -.. One of those days. Happy Holidays SPORTS Hogs bolt to No. 9 in UPI poll WALKER-DUBSET 4-45? 9 gy Q9 if 163' Q3 59 SCCMECIAXIIEID Hagler vs. Leonard N, . .Q P, ., -v X K s:f.z9QQ.' .2 'S N ..X. ,Q , YW' is 1986 SUMMER SPORTS 'rf Ny? vi' fl Y..- FRONT ROW: CL to RD: Rebekah Aaron, Christie Dove, Jennifer Woodall, Kay Buck, Misty Angel. BACK ROW: Doris Mitchell, Coach: Tina Rowton, Lea Ann Webb, Chrystal Franklin, Stacey Wilson, Gay Buck. FRONT ROW: CL to RJ: Pam Doster, Valerie Doster, Donna Harris, Melissa Fenton, Sandra Davidson. BACK ROW: Betty Buck, Coach: Angie Crews, Heather Kitchens, Laura Doster, Heather Wiyott, Gina Buck, Stormy Wiyott, Nora Henthorn, Joe Buck, score keeper: David Montoya, Coach. FRONT ROW: CL to RJ: Jamie Floyd, Chance Massey, Scott Thomason, Dean Porter, Chris Wagner, Tommy Bean. BACK ROW: Tink Thomason, Coach: Johnny' Woodall, Gary Bean, Anthony Harris, Jerry Loyd, Mike Sermon. s. fi.-.-...s:i FRONT ROW: CL to RJ: Cliff White, Adam Lyons, Scooter Wheeler, Jeff Troxel, Jeff Kitchens. BACK ROW: Tink Thomason, Coach: Barry Lambert, Jerry Wilson, De- wayne Henthorn, Obie Staggs. Zntiby '5 Q HIT, ' 28 TY FRONT ROW: CL to RJ: Seth Davidson, James Ow- Davidson, Coach: Dee Dee Hill. BACK ROW: Leah Da- cms. BACK RQW: Glen Davidson' Coach: Paul vidson, Tina Williams, Cindy Davidson, Shauna Wilson, Loyd, Scgffy Hqrdgge, Paul Killign, Kevin Owens, TOFIYQ KCtl'bel', Tisha Bardwell, Shelly DOSlel'. jimmy Chqncellor, Devin Owens, Nw. 4. -r -what 41' ffl-'A . , M, ,, mi, ,, 4 , M, v , FRONT ROW: CL to RD: Nicolas Fagan, Ronnie Wilson, Chris Rice, Chris Thoma- T r ' QM ' Q, ' in son, Adam Porter, Bucky Martin, Cory White, Brooks Killian, Damon Woodall, Johnny FOgQn. Paul Killian played 3rd base on the Arkadelphio American tfa7m:.::::L,. I H H I-69100 Teom- -aanty me hut ru muh noun nu was MM, .,sr..n,.rMn, we rn. me any an-rn-at nn .y -.. ...ri 4,11-mu nl:::'::h1:r :LO :tts-. -nn In-ra may rx. turn- 4 , ?....... ' ..., """" " :'.:!:Lff."..1.. Joe Buck Cnot ptcturedh also .'1.:..u' ':':.'1 .x:"::1":'- M-r'----'-' - - 5 Ill ." . ..........,...,..,. ...r..., " m::g.x.L..... played QS 0 port-flme Plfcher nu nv-.iz ...J umm.,-nr-s-n.: NM, rr.t-sw' h A k d I A . IIC! hlhtlll I I' bl ll, T.. .:...... '.:' . mama" 00 f G f 0 e P I0 mef'C0f1 U ll llll IAQ! B ll!! ll! abd Q TS. ....-.. 1. ... ..... rr .-...r. rC ',.".1IIZ?1f'.'I....r..'., Legion Team, cr.--.4 ,rum rm an-.-in-ur...-u-. A-.ry r. rumen nn,-man-u ,my uyrutrn any l.r,y is Amy 1. Ll-A .gmnuwnmm ,rn ma 5.---an tn , .r r nu -.4 r mn- nn- fl Tlmczzf The pitcher wands up, pitches the ball, "Strike one, strike two, strike three, you're outl' T' 2,Q'Q1,:',21:,f",: hollers the Umprre soutto FAMIUARP? It does tl you were Orme Q player or Q tart Through V W :::'."""""""' 3 time the reams have made many memories 1980 Summer Sports Wrns and Losses Peo Wee Q """"'9"'5"""i Q , . with Gtrls - 8 wins and 4 losses The came rrr 2nd lace tn the Preseason tournament at Oderr lldx s 4.4 r-.4 r.-.I wr, , e lgguim Y F' ,,.,,L-ga! 5 -mzunrumqnrn f 432 22 ' and 3rd place rn the Postseason tournament at Mt Ida Homeruns V26 and 1 grandslam ZTREE 'l-- ll h Bly, ' , ' zmmrhu-onhlu-.8 A .?r?" - 1 I 4-X Pee Wee Boys-Qwtns and11losses,Ltf!le League GtrlsA7 wtnsandfllosses Theyltntshed M n 2 Q VI B second place in the Trr-County Tournament at Norman and 3rd place rn league play Ltrlle K l runnin- :Ars :LL ' 'X League Boys V 1 wrrt and 12 losses Pony League Gtrls A 11 wins and 6 Iossc-s 2nd place ln J' ,' tmpr. tm..-on.. 1. Mt Ido Tournament They had 5 homeruns Pony League Days - 6 wrns and 6 losses They ' r . :!R0""!"""' had 5 homeruns. Diaper League Days - 2 wins and 11 losses. J . I': , Back Row: CL to RJ Coach Eddie Layrock, Paul Killian, Dennis Sorrells, Kevin Owens, Paul Loyd, Bobby Richardson, Bryan Rice, Woodrow Coombs, Devin Owens, Bookkeeper Grady Fagan, Jimmy Shirley, Front Row: Jason Lyons, Terry Taylor, Scotty Hardage, Jimmy Chancellor, James Owens, Kevin Knighten, Jimmy Hemund, Scott Tilley. J ,, Jtti iJ,, 1' 2' . H J -V -i"::k,m .e ww f f M, - ' ' "if: ,fn 'win' . ' , f f fvff ' I ,,,,, , , if 3 , -A ' 4: 2 gf'? f'fW y'5 'W , V 4 f , 4 ,.., X. , ,, , ! X i i "" 5' m""A f V' V ' J in 7 W 4Qg'E?? af , ,L 5 ' J ,Q :I -1-:I 'sw 4 My - .1-P' ' -1-fu.-1 .w,z:gg::f222'1zf f, - :f' ...,::, Y ,fri as Z ,J ' ,If "',,,s Q T J ' V N H " 5 W , ,,,, , af FH WW WW V f . iW'Q1.T'V , ' -:wif-Cfs ,Q W E , ' V V x ,A " ' "" W A 3 1 , W HS' ,Z ,, .. M , ,,... , , '11 " f , 1 ,, 4 V , , ,,,,, ' , ,,,,,,, , , J if J ,MY , A ZH, ,,,,, Y I J. : '- 2 It f-f,,if What a Game! 7-A N. Dist. Runner-Up Q? i I, Homecoming Queens All Conference: Devin fr Kevin 54 X THANKS, EVERYONE, Back Row, CL to RJ Coach .lim Harden, Sytana Staggs, Tonya Karber, Laura Palmer, Cheryl Fagan, Tina Williams, Shauna Wilson, Monica Webb, Beth Bean, Tammie Raines, Reshea Boyd, Latricia Ward, Bookkeeper Gerald Ward, Shelly Doster: Front Row: Leah Davidson, Sandie Howard, Tisha Bardwell, Manager Johnna Baggett. N, A VV , h 7 , A ,Wi u f ' 4 H 'X L S i L I' L ,,' if' - HZ V r 5 ' N ",,: ' f 'Z zz, fs' 'v '1-., 2, ' ",, H - ,, f --1 4, ,,: rrrf www. l l + rrn R ,L f,,, it I ' 1' I 2 f Va' I l -. ' 'LLL . ll , I f ' . f y Y K 1 ,,., A , LL' ' ,li ,. Y, ' ,-,,,, 1: -L X ,i f ' 1, , 21-2 R rs 1 ,, ,,, P a What A Gamel 7-A N. Dist. Runner-Up s .k.k, AHS Opponent 29 M" lii 2 39 I Q 52 P 50 42 so ,,,,1 E 39 43 Bismarck 39 Kirby M? L 55 Caddo Hills , ' 37 Mr. P-ne Mt. Ida H Sparkman W Q 73 52 Glenwood Q.. F 5 32 Bismarck ft 5 39 , ...... PY - of 36 ll Q ,sl 347 iii W P 44 ef-f ,,sQ S Elfffc' eg one 5 i" ' y rove QZ':o'2'j Confereri . l l g ws, za Q ., 'Y Y I f ,. 4 Jvxlx - 1 lr Q '. -'P 7 Jr 3 I . fzfpngg,-.,.-, , , fl All-Conference: Laura fr On our way to the top! 3, K, 'B' , X Shauna 1 P- ' 55 FOR YOUR SUPPORT! S VH AGV1 'cl INEIS Kneeling: CL to RJ LaDonna S., Laura D., Donna H., Tasha G., Jeanne Y., Brandy L., Mika M., Tara O., Standing: Coach Jim Harden, Shelly C., Sandra D., Gina B., Tara H., Marcy D., Heather W., Sandra S., Cmgr.J, Gerald W., CBookkeeperJ : fax 11.2 Q REBOUND!! I 'W' WWVQZS Little Pep-Talk. I m .... M... ,..., ..,, , AHS Opponent 18 Mt. Pine 38 12 Mt. lda 39 13 Glenwood 21 23 Caddo Hills 86 26 Kirby 29 19 Sparkman 18 21 Bismarck 22 F Seasonal: 4 wins, 10 losses. Conference: 1 win, 6 losses. District Tournament - Mt. Pine Thls ls G sure shot' 'LIL Kneeling: CL to RJ Richard H., Jason C., Robert D., Adam L., Cliff W., Chris P., David P., Quinton S., Jessie S., Jeff T. Standing: Coach Eddie Layrock, Jeff K., Marty B., Dwayne H., Jerry W., Greg B., Barry L., Obie S., Kevin B., Billy E., Scooter W. CMgr.J ls Barry going to get the ball? Jerry on the Reboundll AHS Opponents 34 Mt. Pine 14 11 Caddo Hills 35 21 Kirby 32 28 Bismarck 32 28 Sparkman 40 10 Glenwood 30 23 Mt. Ida 27 Conference: 1 win, 6 losses. Season: 3 wins, 11 losses. 57 Wonder What Coach is saying??? Dm' Tournament Klrby ...sis Front Row CL to RJ: Terry T., Paul K., Joe B., Kevin K., Richie T., Jason L., Karl H., Donald H., Steven M Kevin O., Joey P., Scotty H., Seth D., Brady A., Coaches: Eddie Layrock, Troy Buck Front Row CL to RJ: Tina W., Tisha B., Laura P., middle: Jimmy S., Tonya K., Kevin K., Sytana S., Latricia W., back: Jimmy H., Shauna W., Reshea B., Bryan R., Paul L., Woodrow C., Scotty H. Front Row CL to RJ: Kevin B., Richard H., Adam L., Robert D., Jason C., David P., Scooter W., Jessie S., top row: Jeff K., Marty B., Cliff W., Obie S., Dwayne H., Jerry W., Barry L., Chris D., Billy E 1987 TRACK , .,,,, , Q. Front Row CL to RJ Donna H., Brandy L., middle: Jeanne Y., Tasha G., top: Mika M., Gina B., Marcy D., Ladonna S. Baseball season closed with 7 wins, and 5 losses. Track students brought home more than 30 ribbons. Sytana won a trophy for 43 112 total points. Four relay trophies were won by students. . :rw- . fm. X -Af., X I lm ':-'x' , f X , , Y X! F ffgig, ' Z, .QQ 1 :V-31, jr' If: Q3 'KIM ,gs 4 f V Q.-K .fk ,K 'L X5 'dl . My i .sg jj' 55 X 57 SQN Xa The Basketball Homecoming was held on December 9. We hosted Sparkman. The Jr. boys lost 28-40, the Sr. girls won 42-39, the Sr. boys won 64- 50. The Homecoming Court is as follows: Queen Sytana Staggs and her escort Brandon Staggs. The Senior representatives were Jerita Richardson and Terry Taylor. The Junior representatives were Shelly Doster and Bob- by Richardson. The flower girl and crownbearer were Dusty Ashley and Chris Hartsfield. Monica Webb, last year's Homecoming Queen and Barry Dwiggins, her es- cort, crown Sytana. The homecoming Princess was Gina Buck and her escort was Chris Poland. The 8th grade re- presentatives were Valarie Doster and Kevin Belt. The 7th grade representatives were Tasha Gann and Robert Doster. The flower girl and crown bearer were Kristy Por- ter and Cody Kuykendall. Standing: CL to PQ .loson C., Lennon M., Scooter W., Adom L., Deborah D., Sitting: Brody A., Quinten S., Seth D., Eric H., Rickey C., ond Cindy D. Borry D. ond Dennis S. Jerry W. ond Borry L. l irP 1M OF ti ,, iii 4 4 f' ,D , ,if , , MJ Front row CL to RJ: Jerita R., - Sweetheart, Chawna B. - President, Terry T. - Vice-President, Paul K. - Secretary, Gerald W. - Treasurer, Wes J. - Reporter, Eric H. - Sentinel, Wesley S. - Jr. Advisor. Second Row: Scotty H., Larry C., Kevin K., Woodrow C., Martha D., Shelly P., Holly R., Paul L., Jimmy H., Third Row: David P., Darrel R., Devin O., Darrin W., Ricky C., James O., Tammie R., David G., Brandon S., Kenny F., Bryan R., Gary H., Fourth Row: Brady A., Jimmy S., Laura P., Tina W., Cindy D., Margaret H., Amanda T., Pam D., Dewayne H., Jon N., Marty B., Jerry W., Jeff K., Fifth Row: Teressa R., Deborah D., Tommy L., Jeff M., Todd C., Janice V., Ricky W., Robert H., Anthony H., Cliff W., Chris P., Barry L., and Lenon M. V -"M V . , gg V 62... 14 al ' W 'H l This is the way it has to be done. A Dream come True! Our Future plans are several things. We are going to renovate the old Alpine School building, get a water system put in Alpine, and keep run- ning the slaughter house as usual. lt has been a prosperous year, and we expect many more to come. .Y i Qi bs Getting set for the parade. H -Q eywesf - 3 . J if ki Front: Elaine Funderburk CSponsorJ, Tonya K., Eric H., Shelly D., Latricia W., Renee H., Twyla H., Grady F., Second Row: Lisa C., Tammy H., Linda D., James O., Leah D., Robert H., Holly R., Chawna B., Third Row: Sandra D., Tara O., Heather W., Gina B., Michelle L., Lee Ann H., Sandie H., Delora T., Teri S., Fourth Row: Tara H., Shelly C., Angie F., Fifth Row: Richard H., Jeff T., Tommy L., John E., Chris D., Chris F., John H. if r D T X . X l, 555 QS? 3 D ff Y A? Family Living Wedding Ceremony Bride's Maids C f Q Oklahoma Group Entertaining: We had child care in the Home Ec. Building. Children were enrolled during the week. A guest speaker came and spoke to us about what entertains children. MEMORABLE: Like Weddings??? The Family Living Class had a mock wedding. EDUCATIONAL: This year we took an educational trip to Oklahoma City, OK. The theme for the meeting was "You Can Do Magic". Blake E: Nickolas - Nursery School FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA CL to RJ Bottom Row: Grady Fagan CPresidentJ, Latricia Ward CVice-Presidentj, Eric Hendrix CSecretaryD, Chawna Buck CTreasurerJ, Twyla Hopper CHistorianJ, Paul Killian CReporterJ, Barry Dwiggins CParlia- mentarianJ. Second Row: Tammy Hill, Shelly Parker, LeeAnn House, Tisha Bardwell, Leah Davidson, Cindy Davidson, Shelly Doster, Tonya Karber. Third Row: Margaret Henthorn, Reshea Boyd, Shauna Wilson, Kevin Knighten, Jimmy Hemund, Paul Loyd, Tommy Lambert. Fourth Row: Jim Francis, Lisa Coleman, and Laurie Pittman. How would you feel to be the center of atten- tion??? A ,, .1 r, , E, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ' A 'Trim Typing our way to the top with our Sponsor Mrs. Gaither Am, ,sw Washing our way to the FBLA convention! PLEDGE l solemnly promise to uphold the aims and responsibilities of Future Business Leaders of America, and as an active member, I shall strive to develop the qualities neces- sary on becoming a responsible business leader. COLORS: BLUE AND GOLD The car wash money paid our expenses to the FBLA convention at Little Rock, in April. X JUNIOR BETA CL to RD: Mr. Smith CSponsorJ, Chris Fagan, Barry Lambert, Adam Lyons, Risa Parker, Mike Massey, Jeff Kitchens, Jeff Mayberry, Cliff White, Csittingb Gina Buck, Marty Buck, Marcy Doster, Dewayne Henthorn, Tara O'Neal STUDENT COUNCIL CL to RJ, CBACK ROWJ, Risa Parker, Gina Buck, Bobby Richardson, Terry Taylor, Paul Killian, Grady Fagan, Kevin Belt, Marty Buck CReporterJ, Cmiddle rowj, Obie Staggs, Quinten Spence, LaDonna Shirley, Lisa Doster, Csittingj Tammie Raines, CVice-Presidentbp Tisha Bardwell, CSecretary-Treasurerby Tina Williams, Tara O'Neal, Gary Holt: Cnot picturedl Pres. Barry Dwiggins: Eric Hendrix. 'Tam - 5 all 4 What's the big hurry? All right you guys! Did you bribe the cameraman?? What was thatl GOTCHAII liz! if f z fi ""3"F,aff,.,. i Smile, you're on candid camera! Strolling the campus. Go ahead, make our dayll What a Partyl HIGH SCHOCL LIBRARY CLUB CL to RJ Mrs. Taylor, CSponsorJ: Johnna B., Tommie R., Tasha G., Tora H., Shelly C., Rita T., Mrs. Buck Aide, and Tessa H., . .- Mews.. N.. A. Elementary Library Helpers: Katie H., Julie H., Keli N., and Amber F. Mrs. Taylor and her helpers have done more for the library this year. They have re-cataloged the books, re- organized the shelves, and are putting the card catalog on computer. They still have a long way to go. Just trying to find a good book. The week the Book Fair came to town SENIOR BETA Sitting CL to RD: Devin O., President: Grady F., Vice-President: Teri S., Secretary - Treasurer: Lee Ann H., Reporter, Margaret H., Middle Row: Holly R., Shelly D., Reshea B., Beth B., Lynn B., Laurie P., Tammie R., Jerita R., Johnna B., Tisha B., Tonya K., Back Row: Jim H., Jim F., Kevin K., Chawna B., James O., Paul . . P L., Bryan R., Kevin O., Monica W., Patrick . Shlll Ll r Mrs. Taylor - Spon- Tonya and Grady waiting on a meeting Don't do itlll Waiting Patiently. A night on the Town Last stop, Brown's Country Kitch- enl Lisa D., Brandy L., Rita T., Jerry B., Marty B., Donna H., Jesse S., Jason C., Jeannie Y., Stormy W., Heather K.. Dee-Dee J., Lee B., Tim R., Tasha G., Robert D., Scooter W., Jacob S., David P., Quentin S. I , ,Q ik . " , 'J is 'Yy v ug 2,7 2. I . ,M A ., 5 y Q .y "i'ffQ.11,lQ"f. .1 .,...,. ,,,, , ,, ,,,, W W., ,,,, . fr .H . 2' f?f?fWS.,g3J,,.4 H-'x'nx1.x.xxxx.1 sxxicxxxx VKFKSA. g y , x Jii1?fi.E,g,Q7,.l94'W',""' "1'1txxxs Lxxxxxxx ,K , ' wr . 'I z.f,.,c...., '5'Q..'D.i1.'t.K'a,X1KK .xu,wvxw.x's1. Wk 'if' 'I , V ','5,Qjf1A' '. "?f.,Aw?'S1-S1-'m1- xv-rx'-xxx . . 'f c ,- , J 2 254, 5 ,,,f3gi"'i?' .,Q, 5f"3,f2g rw -Q. xx xxx x xxypxxiiil i C it K ' ,Y va .!' ' ' K 2' Q, W, . ' 'f Q A A 'I W - '?"' , ' " .wa If J A 'id r'. . moi. . Q - . - ff V . -2 fi-2 ' , A L U -, fx. ' A M 23155 -f Q . -. ,rw r. .'..: 1" , 54 t o .J .- J, . QM 7 3 fmt! .'kw.'3'1 W2 is f21.,f3Qf,4A'.?f' I -- " its ' 5 James O., Barry D., Patrick P., Bobby R., Tonya K., Sandy H., Eric H., Delora T., Tessa H., Scotty H., Brandon S., Scott T., Cheryl F., Jim F., Anthony H., Lenon M. Speech class getting ready for the play Art and speech ,E instructure. K C V - 2,4 fx Y MIS. Guise. Speech: What's wrong Johnna??? Chris Jackson preparing a report. SOCIETY OF DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS First Row CL to RJ: Grady F., Devin O., Beth B., Teri S., Chawna B., Holly R., Shelly D., Second Row: Jeff K., Gina B., Marty B., Lee Ann H., Tisha B., Monica W., Patrick P., Linda D.: Third Row: Tonya K., Kevin O., Barry D., Kevin K., Reshea B., James O., Tammie R., Jim F.: Fourth Row: Sandra S., Paul L., Jimmy H WHO'S WHO AMONG AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS X' Q First Row CL to RJ: Beth B., Teri S., Chawna B., Holly R., Second row: Jeff K., Gina B., Marty B., Lee Ann H., Tisha B., Monica W., Patrick P.: Third Row: Tonya K., Kevin O., Barry D., Kevin K., Reshea B., James O Tammie R -1 . COMMUTING STUDENTS SPANISH AM S, Front row CL to RJ: Grady Fagan, Leah Davidson, Shelly Doster, Lynn Belt, Tonya Karber, Monica Webb, Renee Hill: Back Row: Eric Hendrix, David Pounds, Wesley Stone, Barry Dwiggins, Patrick Palmer CL to RD: Patrick Palmer, Saxaphone: Richard Holt, ' Saxophone: Barry Dwiggins, Saxaphone Holly mee ,,,.-.-1 rf Aw Us f e ww Y S 5 4 f . . x "fi uf' ., . - X Q.. . . mi-1 , Q My 4 b,,w'.Q,k ' f 4' .-"JL, '-Y -M 'x dv fr ,ov ,U- .gi W ,,, f A 'X 32" , Mgr i , Fun Ambassadors CL. to RJ Holly J., Chris T., Kristen P., Josh a- "vLa.f' .i: Ni '-tif"-'ljf ff Lal- .fffiifs F5 3 ' srs , ' A ...KJ rflw X' U K .. 4,,..,.w. v' rs ' , 3.43 . . in 'X f-i"KTQ.-.Kl - , Q ,s,, K s4,, K --', J ff A., Corey B., Justin C., Tommy B., Amy W., Joe H., A., G. Misty K K KK . . .. ,.,,. . K .ww E : -. . . gi. Q." .1 1 ' ' ' ff V J --J. ..,, ' t si' , .. .r 4 . . y ' . f. . . . , .. ,.- ...- ..,. . .M..,....,. A ,Mk .U f .- ..,, K. ,K -1 .-Km Q Q gnu K K . MKSVL. ,:. . K K K-Q r r - M.. . I i f . K 4 KK, Y K K f - KK f A A . .i..: . MLW . ' -, .. , " 1? s A- HE . . Sv K " 9 fl. .1-ii.. "- 3' A ' . 1 K... K.. js- f lj 5 . 'K .. .XYSKKI K K A, K -3 ,K I A ss X-A "f ' J -F' A A - X ex. 'M 'ff Y 3 Q, N N wi K3 v K . ,,. , Ki. ,' X ff 'ls -K Ra? Qi A-" 35,21 K fglwqxpf 4- "N 6 P: 5 K ' of ix Q Z. V1 U' . --'K--.4 - 1 .. . 1. f .. K I-,Q ,...,,5i3KK.,,,igKK.sKKg , fr gh w Bas , S . K, x , A 1, w ' 4: f' 'ii . vi Q j,k gk K ,g 5 ,-tr' K-KK K . l Q -.ix i L' S 15, I .4 -A -f k bw R- J f ,- .5 4 " u F ig A QQ? 4 r I X 3 .IM Kf"""'. - 'Wiz gr. A , fs 1 7 JA B N. . .v ii-"' ki .- J .fl ,- 3 'K ' K KK 'X ' 4 ,. C -AE K 1, ' , . sn. , i Q "4 ?r fi 1 L - ' ' i fi .. .4 ' sf' ggi., ' ' s ., . X 'rf -- ,fgwsrc . , "Qi K ' , '- M 4 N .. -K N.. k , b I, ,. . ,. 4"'J qi x-f-mv My f '.,f 4 Til -VF 1 , A . W ,,.,Mm. pdl i W, "" ' ' , ,K . :1 X K --. 'K Q ,. 'i ' in H12,,ig.iQg':zg 9 ,K ,,:w K:h 3si K:K,g1m,qgg' ' ' ' ' ' . 2.3 . ff 4"lZ'.' , W 'L ' gif ' ' ' 'ir I in W N- -Q "M" ' 1 , ' ' K .3 Q LL Q Kru g :K K 1? i ,iii , .. 1 11 Q, 'L-fir' V ,L wx My g' " Q , 'wtfgf-f 'Hz A 44: W - , J f f ' ws, I .f .V A, A , ' V' , ' Lf' .if ir r ' Y ' J 1 "' . - ' , W ' UQ H- A - I 'II' 'M . ,Af , -"' ?"ff,,,,,',. ,M ...,fl?'w ' ii of , ' 14 K Q ' ' k Q -wr "ff .,1,1Tf. 'f ir ' I ' if f 'Q:Q..Kr ' K ,5:,i3Q,j15?m, L .K A KK K v ,gZ7f.5.3KKK K K 't if'-f iig ' .J ,Q f -gjg -- " ff QM , ..,, ' ,, V xwlfs: at f'.f f SCHOCL BCJARD AND ADMINISTRATICN Mr. Jackie Robertson has been the elementary principal for five years. Mr. Robertson teaches two special education classes at the elementary school. He graduated from Amity High School and then attended Henderson State University, East Texas State University, and the University of Alabama at Bir- mingham. Mr. Robertson Mr. Vaughn Wright has been the superintendent at Ami- ty for five years. He performs ad- ministrative and executive func- tions. His position is one of public trust with great responsibility. He graduated from Mineral Springs High School and then attended Henderson, UCA, U of A in Au- burn, and East Texas State Uni- versity. Mr. Wright The School Board acts as the general agents of the people within its jurisdiction in all matters pertinent to public education of students enrolled in the schools of the School District. lt is responsible for carry- ing out all mandatory laws pertaining to education and shall consider, accept or re- ject provisions of permissive legistations where descre- tion is authorized. lt considers its major re- sponsibility policy develop- ment, adoption, and apprais- al. Mr. George Franks has been teaching at Amity for twenty-eight years. He has been the high school principal for six years. Mr. Franks graduat- ed from Glenwood and then at- tended Henderson, the Univer- sity of Ark., the University of Bay- lor, the University of Vermont, and Butler University. Mr. Franks Mr. Troy Buck has been at Amity forfive years in the agriculture department. He attended the University of Arkansas and received a BSA and a MSA in Animal Science. He is married and has six children and four grandchildren. Some of his hobbies include sponsoring FFA and raising cattle. Mrs. Patricia Bunn is in her first year at Amity. She received a BSE and MSE in Elementary Education with specialization in early childhood. She received the Phillip G. Horton Scholarship. She is married to Bobby Bunn and they have one child, Rusty. She teaches the second grade and enjoys crafts. Mrs. Linda Cantrell has been teaching at Amity for fourteen years. She teaches the first grade. She graduated from Amity High and attended Henderson State University and received a BSE. She is married to Johnny Cantrell and they have three sons, Jason, Justin, and Josh. Mrs. Barbra Cowart has been teaching special education at Amity for two years. She graduated from Central High in Little Rock. She attended Henderson State University and received a BSE in Elementary EducationlSpecial Education. She is married and has two sons John and Michael. Some of her hobbies include cross-stitching and reading. Mrs. Rebecca R. Dwiggins is in her ninth year at Amity. She attended Hen- derson State University and received a BSE in English and a MSE in Counseling and Guidance. She is married to Alvin Dwiggins and they have two sons. Her hobbies include piano, tennis, and reading. She is the counselor for the Elementa- ry and High School. Mrs. Margaret Forte is in her third year at Amity as a Speech therapist. She graduated from Hot Springs High and attended the University of Arkansas at Fay- etteville. She received a BSE in Speech Pathology. She is married and has two children. 76 Faculty Mrs. Elaine Funderburk is in her second year at Amity in the Home Economics department. She gradu- ated from Amity and attended Ouachita Baptist University. She re- ceived a BSE in Home Ec. She is mar- ried to Raymond Funderburk. They have two children, Lanesha and Nickolas. She sponsors FHA and the eighth grade. Mrs. .Glailfher Mr. Derwood Mayo is in his sec- ond year at Amity. He attended Henderson State University and re- ceived a BSE and MS in Biology. He is married to Shirley Mayo and they have two children. His hobbies in- clude hunting, fishing, and travel- ing. He sponsors the Jr. Class, teaches Science and Social Studies. i A .. 2 I 'si g g A X ayroclg Mrs. Patti B. Gaither ls in her second year at Amity in the Business depart- ment. She graduated from Gurdon High. She then attended Henderson State Uni- versity and received a BSE in Business Education. She is married to Gary Gaither. They have two children, Nicholas and Zachary. Mrs. Carolyn B. Guise is in her fourth year at Amity. She attended Henderson State University and received a BSE in Art and English. She is married to Rick Guise, and she has one daughter. Her hobbies include going to ballgames, playing with her dogs, and playing volleyball. She sponsors the Freshman class. Coach Jimmy Harden is in his fourth year at Amity. He attended college at Harding University and received a BA in Secondary Education. He ls certified in Social Studies and Physical Ed. He is married to Melanie Harden and they have one daughter, Lacey. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, golf, and being with his family. He sponsors the Sr. Class, teaches History, coaches girls' basketball, and drives a bus. Miss Julia Huddleston is in her seventh year at Amity. She attended Hender- son State University and received a BSE and MSE in Elementary Education, Early Childhood, and Special Education. Her hobbies include cross-stitching, woodwork, and other crafts. She coordinates the special education program. Mrs. Joann Kirksey has been teaching Kindergarten at Amity for twenty- six years. She graduated from Bismarck High and attended Henderson State Uni- versity. She received a BSE in Elementary Education. Coach Eddie Layrock is in his fourth year at Amity. He attended Arkansas Tech. University and received a BS in Physical Education and Social Studies. He is married to Gerry Layrock and they have one daughter Kendall Alexsandra. His hobbies include hunting, lifting weights, basketball, and spending time with his family. He sponsors the Sophomore Class, teaches History, P.E., Coaches boys' basketball, and drives a bus. Facuhy W f'Mr - 1 1 t - . . ' Q o ' . , .7 , - . ,H , --- V f .. Q.---....l. ix N I . . 5 i 3 Mr. Bllly Smith is in hls first year at Amity in the mathmatics department. He graduat- ed from Glenwood High and attended Southern State College and Henderson State Unl- versity to get a BSE ln General Science. He is marrled and has two children. His hobbles include hunting, flshlng, camping, and traveling. He sponsors the Jr. Beta Club. Mrs. Bea Sutton has been teaching third grade at Amity for ten years. She attended Henderson State University and received a BSE in Elementary Education. She ls marrled to Phillip Sutton and they have four children. Her hobbies Include traveling, family activi- ties, and yard work. She Is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa and the Methodist Church. Mrs. Billie Taylor ls in her first year at Amity. She graduated from Arkadelphla High and attended Henderson State University to get a BSE in English and a Library Science degree. She ls marrled and has two sons and seven grandchildren. Her hobbies Include wrltlng, reading, and swlmmlng. She Is also a member of the National Honor Society. Mrs. Angela Watson is In her third year at Amity teachlng the sixth grade. She attend- ed college at Ouachita Baptist University and A.S.U. She received a BSE in Home Econom- ics. She is marrled to Jim Watson and they have three children. She enjoys needlework. Mrs. Felda Williams has been teaching at Amity for 23 112 years. She graduated from Amity and attended Henderson State Unlversity and Majored in Secondary, Elemen- tary, and Engllsh. She directs the Ram and yearbook publications. She is married to Jerry and they have two children. She ls Sargeant-at-Arms for Alpha Delta Kappa and enjoys playing the organ and plano, and spending time with her family. Mrs. Shella Willlams is In herfirst year at Amity. She attended Henderson State Univer- sity and received a BSE in Elementary Education. She is married to Boyce Williams and they have flve children. Her hobbies Include crocheting and cross-stitching. She teaches the fifth grade. 78 Faculty .l3f4ss Q Mrs. Virginia Woodson is in her sixth year at Amity. She attended Olympic Community College in Bremerton, Washington, and Hen- derson State University. She re- ceived a BSE in Elementary Educa- tion. She is married to Bobby Wood- son and they have three children. Her hobbies include cross-stitching and reading. WORKERS WHO HELP MAKE OUR DAY r , r Q N ridge Cooks- Trina Angel, Darlene Part ' Alpha Porter Molly Rhodes: HSU Observer Z , .VV, - ' A iw , ,1w i,zi1, K ,L Cheryl Dorsey, HSU Observer Cstandingj Mrs. Gould, Elem. secretary Shane Wright, HSU Observer t - 1 T' Mr. Lambert, H.S. Custodian Ricky Steed, Practice teacher Mr. 6 Mrs. Kirksey, Elem. custodians W, .1 n .. j'.1'yn k 7 f"51'?"52E'f: fflllgv' ' '-ng.,-A-' I Mrs. Wright, High School Sec- rgary Mmm Doug Killian, Bus Driver Burt Davidson, Bus Driver fr Mechanic Mrs. Loyd, Bookkeeper Mrs. Robinson, Chapter I Aide Paula Owens, Bus Driver fu Wh Mrs. Buck, Foster Grandparent 'ii g Q ,, ..- 5 .. Q , ff, Y if ' xx, gl, Q QP NA T Q r - ,..-ld I 'lf' ""' x ' 4 f - fi s A., D r H- ' iff' A M if .--- H- M-- Mrs. Runyan, Foster Grandparent , J 1 Mrs. Massey, Bus Driver 6 Chapter I Aide Freemon s Hrlltop Cofe Home Cooked Meols Gome Room o Th E: t Am ty AR 71921 Pho e 342 9311 e e Mc The Frrst Boptrst Church of Amrty Postor Dovrd Montoyo Phone 342 5808 Ronold D Sponn D D S P A Joel P Jones D D S P A 3004 West P ne Road A kodelph o AR 71923 246 2242 1 'fd wwe num-en Q. my -j JE Era E JDJ, S T John Dovrs Loggrng Controctor Phone: 342-5660 Amity, AR 71921 I Q o 0 of 0 0 M n.- urs. 4-8 fr Fri. So . 4-10 - - -1 - - i , n : ' i Own r: Fre mon Kinnon I i Phone: - ,---- if-ff? 0 o ' N- gg -If tgt 5 . ' V4-L fix -r. ' Q ww - rr nt -'Hd-7: Come grow wrth us ,, 44 :qgf . l'.' -- -5- 5? ' : H -. .A PT t o .Q ' D A- ,rx J ,J-1 -, A +I ' " "J 'A . - Anderson Ford ractor Company ' 67 North, . . x 398, Arkadelphia. QSOU 246-2515 o o BEAN LUMBER C0 Inc GLENWCCJD AR 71923 PHONE 356 4165 MM M9952 313, S?iW?'1'mf 'rffff ff: H ' 0 y 0 ' ' u . WORMEY'S GARAGE DIESEL REPAIR AND WELDING AmIty AR Phone 342 5866 JAMES WRECKER SERVICE Center Don 1 coll F omrly Sports you WATSON FURNITURE nc 116 Broodwoy Glenwood AR 71923 I I Phone 356 2422 5: 5? 1 - 'L N ' In D' I I Rf f" 3 N . . , is . :ci 9 E' R I O . - I O 0 1 1 I ,W ,,oo M ,o.ooeeo. Eooo IIE, I EEEE I I A E me, co I I I "Where your home is, is our first concern." HOUSEHOLD G : Q :.-. Wi f" + ' r Dial 'S-. 1 .-f---.L I-!.fI. Hwy. 675 : I ' A ' , AR 71928 - Compliments of BEAN LUMBER CG., INC Treating Plant Manufacturer of Krln Drred Yellow Prne 6: CCA Treatrng Phone 342 5257 Amrty Arkansas I I O O O . I O r sie, . 'f'r"'X'x""'r H . ,.-, . ---- ---- CNQ1 Is f..- ogg O Q . a . nga' s . ' 0 ARKADELPHIA BEAUTY COLLEGE AND HAIR CLINIC 2708 Pune Street o Vlsrt Phone C5013 246 6726 246 5705 Owner Chorles Klrkpotrlck SHEPHERD AUTO SALES n gown o E 8080 West Prne Street Arkodelphio AR 71928 HARDMAN LUMBER COMPANY 3028 Prne Street Arkodelphlo AR 71928 Phone 246 5824 Best rn Moterrol ond Service' Owners Bully Bob Hordmon ond Wendell Ketchum 85 ,, , Y O , . . I C If I I .4 . A r"s I - - 1.-Ng. -:wrfmeew - O I O . f I C . Jeep. ' ' I Y ' AMEQ CAN vorons BUICK U36 CHDVSLEQ wnoizoxfs 3 . Pnooocts p'9"""'m - I 1 0 0 TRUCKS O O O W 0 I I ' . l l . MURRY RUGGLES FUNERAL HOME IOd CI kdlph AR7923 26 5 .,, .vwW' Glover s ORIGIN L P A UT BRITTLE 1224 Wolnut Arkodelphro AR Busrness 6 Home 501 246 8921 ALLEN S Soles ond Servrce T V E: Applronces llllll Zfllfll 3? 624 Morn Street Arkodelphro AR 71923 Phone 246 9801 1 Member of lnternotiono r er of the Golden Rule 517 cry Street Ar o e io, Phone: 4 -45 1 : ag ' 'LQ .A KM. 'ew Mbvx 2 2 QKJEA JJ A 'fifty .e.oo.,o.. W A r r . as 11, 0 :Big 4. . Q f o Q . I O O I A E N J I r O . - I . 1 O Brolny Browny Bellevlng Beoutlful OUACHITA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY X 'WPKADQY FOUNDED 1886 ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS 246 4581 A k delph A ko sos 71923 LEAMON DCRSEY Logglng Controctor Phone: 342-5691 Amity, Arkonsos 71921 . I I . . I . 5 19 ' O et Q z ,r 2 4 D1 W O 5 1 . I 639 Y' 2 ' ' . r o ' I HW - 1 I -.HQAL Y V W A 'sf 1 J - -f Tggu :"f ' I A My I, 3 ,I ,, 1 BCBBY WOGDSCJN TRUCKINC-3 A Sand Blasting If you have rt we haul lt anywhere P O Box 156 Phone Old Pallot Mull 842 5414 Amlty Ark 342 9292 Congratulations Seniors Farm Bureau M S IG Auto Frre Lrablllty Health 6 Retirement Plans Don Coolins Steve Woods Arkadelphia, AR Agent Agent Phone: 246-7301 I A 9,1 We A DO .S 2' ' A . I 'Q . 1 I O I O , . Or I Arkansas , Clark County Office I 601 South 71h I Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923 I I L f . . I O I LIVESTCCK MARKET CATTLEMEN S LIVESTOCK MARKET R M GREW SALE muses IPM E II 69627 Glenwood AR Thursdoys 356 8182 Member FDIC Phone 356 3196 WW "" M Hwy. 8 fr 27 North Glenwood, Arkonsos 0 I V -A 'I E , U ll ' , C . . . COKD NWINNS ' we,LI.-ff BWISMWWE I E g IIII I ,TrId ,rrr rrrr I I A rr rrrrrr I rrrs wr , rr,,s rrrr . I I I f Q r fr" ' "h, , ,,,,h, , , J V I ' I rrrr, , TTIT d I I . ' - . fx si . I , I I I , WILSON S DAIRY Fresh from the form 'Sr M Ll- Produced Processed Vlsn. the Rt 1 Box 78B Bottled Q1 'Ce Cfeom POIIOI Amity AR R Duke Plozo 71921 Rosoboro At on ARKADELPHIA JACK DANIELS FABRICS MOBILE HOME Arkodelphro I fr AR 71923 Highwoy 67 Arkodelphio, AR 71923 Owners: Joan 6. Elton Buck Business: C500 246- 61 12 Phone: 246-2243 Home: C5013 246-7266 90 I Y Y I I I , D I I A A fr . 515 Mom sneer SA'-E5 ' WEST CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH, DODGE Bill West Ron Gollowoy Greg Gollowoy New 6 Used Autos W App o d AR 71943 356 4126 2465815 ADAMS BOOK STORE Simplified items such os J mm DRUGS Cliff Notes Monorch Notes PHILLIPS DRUG STORE 201 South 6th Prompt Free Delivery Condres ond Cosmetics Hours 8 30 5 30 Mon Sot Study Guides ond Schoums 2 M S 246 4033 Ak d Iph AR7923 W DeG LAKE lfh b S ppl 25 IP C e reciote Your Business Hwy. 7 Eost PhOf19: Glenwoo , - O 1 M'll' P 'p' F'll d 23 oin treet - o e io, 1 Hours Bt 7 Arkadelphto, AR 71923 Oc Mow, S 5 V . . - Q RAY- . 43' . . KO 1: ' Q XIAPXI Sk' Cr Moto R ntol 0 Compe I 2 - I .- . ' S b focilities 0 Wet Bikes ' I Ph : A k d Iph AR 71923 246 4310 WILLIAMS HARDWARE INC Building Electrical Plumbing fr All Home Maintenance 105 Public Square Phone: 342-5561 Jimmy 6: Rena Williams This page is courtesy of Q -8 -N A-:mam B-Z: Zh-Sm Ea: E35 Iog-MIOOZ S333 E Z:-552 on 62600-Am Ho'-SF. RSOCZ4 UC-M U Bag 0953 ZSOCZH -up-U U O22 zmam magna my-520m UCm F X X QQ ImOm-EU 3 Ohm 1 I gi E Qmmmm -i RCNNIE LYCJNS LCGGING Amity AR 71921 Phone 342 5757 Sutton Lumber Ph Il p U1'fOn 342-536 1 Rt. 3 Box 74 Amity, Ark 71921 5 - 1 E ef mi I : ' ' cr-QgLf....La" 444 - O vgnier Phon S We Are Committed . . . Dr Chester V Clork Jr E: Stoff Amrty Dentol Offrce To Your Good Heolth CJWENS CCJNSTRUCTION Rt 1 Box 38 Amrty AR 71921 Phone 342 9219 Congrotulotlons Kevin E1 Devrn 94 I O I If "K 5. 9 ,gi X: Elf' 1" 0 y : ' O O I , . LECDN VINES PULPWOOD CCD., INC. gf k,Q,,, ' an Z 111. "" W 1 A ty AR 71921 342 5355 B 342 5895 TRCY S BODY SHCP Rt 1 A ty AR 71921 Cwnerz Troy uck Phone: - . Box 193 mi , JAMAR'S Amity, AR 71921 Phone: 342-5415 SAS, Avenues, Morshmollows, fr Crowdods for Women Red Wing, Winthrop, E: Hushpuppies for Men Converse for the Entire Fomily Levis Lee s Shirts E: Shorts Boseboll Bosketboll Cr Footboll Accessories Gifts for Boby Wedding E: other Occosions Video To Go Movie Club AMITY AUTO PARTS Owners Jockle E: Mortho Robertson P O Box 195 Mike Johnson Amity AR 71921 Monoger i Phone 342 5285 I , i A . i i : ' i A Davis Funeral Home x And E SI Westbrook Burial .C X R Association 0 ARKADELPTMF S Phone: F Y: zua-2451 TH E TIM 321-1568 nnunrumu an-7355 nor srnmes 356-21 14 LITTLE ROCK L Glenwood AR Owner Louis Davis VCR MAX ADAMS GARAGE KC Audio 6 Video General Repair Amity AR phone 342 5793 Video lt s our Business Arkadelphra s Complete Audio fr Video Store Center Inc Creech 81 Nesbett Tire Service Arkodelphlc 71923 501 246 5578 97 Television Satellite systems 0 C 6 h O O o C ' o I U . 1 a I O I . ie Faoodflch MICHELIN W pq . ine . . , "COMPLETE TIRE SERVICE" I 6th8rWaInul adelphla, Ark. 71923 . . 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LRE' "I xt- Nay Amrty Cofe Caddo Rwer Good Servrce Motel 6 Restouront Longley Route 6005 FOOC' Glenwood 356 aces Phone 342 9279 G Kung M York Leom N ploy D M Sorrells Preschool Boltshop Amlty AR Ph 342 5754 Amity AR Ph 342 5210 Sarah Guthrie Heodquorters for Zddoe 66416 776 Stofce 617 Mom Arkodelphlo AR THRESA S 71923 F Levls Wrangler ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS 2901 West Prne Phone 246 5095 Gwner Threso Porker 100 Von Heusen CITIZENS l:ll:lST STATE BANK of Arkaclelprw a I FRIENDLY FORD SALES if -time-LS! W, an est a I , , we ugh ff' E44 ? Q D NO 1 FRIENDLY PLACE WATSON FURNITURE PO B 9 356 3141 GLENWOOD ARKANSAS 71943 R gg Sp ht Sh W SOUTHWEST SPORTING GOODS COMPANY INC fl Sp Where your home rs our frrst concern WHOLESALE 5 RETAIL Hwy 67 S Phone 246 6161 Arkodelphro AR 71923 Ford Gildnel' II2fc0JFy Where Good Deals Happen Every Dav Highwoy 67 North Arkodelphio, AR 71923 Phone: C5015 246-4508 Er CI t 246 2311 Ak d Iph AR 71 23 2468982 101 North 2nd St. Glenwood, AR 71943 Phone: 356-3146 101 LY ' E-37"irS 1, ff rf' I. -ff' " ,I I I f I , tr Ag" -1 72" ANL ' 'I :.""l'lS -1 -I B 'grit ' I . 4,41 -f. Mgr' I Lx dll!" ! cr , if ' , ' "WUI l ' :V IJ. "'.- I IM I, II N B ' , 'Sr' r ,. -it . ' 39 --rulf'-I' I ' 11111 .-5' :I II Yah, ' MM.. '- x x4 . 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GI woo , - Ph : ft : GLENWCDCDD A I fra 4 ENN K' ., r '9' ' on FLORIST 6 GIFTS Ron Duke Plozo P O Box 198 Glenwood Arkonsos 71943 Bus 501 356 3712 PIZZA Servrng you rn Glenwood Ron Duke Plozo 356 3222 Noshvrlle Wol Mort Shopprng Center 845 2629 gc Adv GILBERT S CLOTHING Levrs For Guys Er Gols Men s Women s Er Junror s 112 Broodwoy Glenwood Arkonsos asa sooo O3 gh 'F J f I 'I I g 'f I rigw Sarrrng You .Smcc 67 I 0 r . I cgfzmin 'Las uuszy Growers of holly 8. azalea liners Wholesale B I N N N I , ne . n - i I I I o I 0 I I - I - Phone: - Woodword Drug Store We Live to Help Others Q ilu Pune Dnuos Dp0NpX SERWCY- v Loyd Woodword P D Phones Bus 356 2193 Home 356 3533 Jeon s Ploce Hwy 70 Glenwood AR 71943 Phone 356 3310 Owner leon Word gf Jlllpffllmf Foa LATE APPT 3563873 0 OWNER My B 207 208 Broodwoy Glenwood AR 71943 Mrtchell Auto Supply 2nd G Frrsco Glenwood AR 71943 356 2113 or 356 3414 Owner Lorry Mitchell Boker s IGA Hwy 70 Glenwood AR 71943 Phone 356 3424 Owner Don Boker 7 0 0 . I O . I 1 . , ' I O I , . I 2 - . . . O l ARMSTRONG ALEM A Q ' wok oRrzoN Q, , ' SEA L . 1 sxvfkr lNsTALLATroN if srzwoo 1 z I RoAowA sus, PHONE: 354 . G o . - 1 4 , " ' bank of 806000 Two locoflons for your convenlence downtown ond the Y bronch Glenwood AR 71943 Phone 356 2121 Qommg Q ofluto Cpants Ron Duke Moms FOR ALL YOUR AUTO PARTS NEEDS E HWY 70 Glenwood AR 71943 GMC trucks gonnnefco 501 356 31 17 Bus 356 3110 Res asc 2719 Glenwood AF! 71943 C5013 356 3920 COf'f D WEST S Plne Plozo Shopping Center Arkodelphlo AR Phone 246 4591 RODERICK J PARKER D D S P A o H 602 BROADWAY PO Box 361 By App GLENwooD ARKANSAS 71943 1 x r r I 9 X - . W J ' 1 " Telephone C5013 342-9248 CHomeJ - ice I I ff' Q , . . 105 f f , CADDO HCJMES INC Hwy 70 6182 Glenwood AR 71943 IJ Tig fy! P gs s-Liga V Ag X Ill H MIM EEE! ss-12" .El ,,.,! Phone 356 4334 Congrotulotlons 356 4333 Senlors CASH SAVER DISCOUNT 401 Broodwoy Glenwood AR 71943 PROPANE THRASH ight We speclohze In bottled qos' Thermogos Phone C356 C3512 mcmmsawwofesswma 230333 P O BOX 15 GARDENING Pws Appllonces Deorborn heorers 71921 Gemwood 330 No lst Street 'WOOSOS Glenwood, AR 71943 Joe 5' Jean Hemund Phone 15072 356 2233 Owners 106 I I ' I -sg,-1 r- ' x :sq A- 1 I I 1 - KS. 1 " 9" "--.., L' 'iff' IV' J . ' L "xl 5 :i " If ,L 1 . ,AVLSTU F: '5":fQ1A:,5' A "nf: T, 1 FzV.l,,5.' in -4 1 , I - a-Qf,-gi'-55 5. 1 I . If 4 ""' , -.LT A " Ea, fir 'S 9 '.,g:v,. I ' ' fi' 1 5.5 ' XX n-- , -.V W 4- , ' Ti'i?"'Q 3' "W -- " , -lf , ' ' .. ,MIM ' .5 if . - -.-M:--S'-5 1 Ml :I A 2 -L1 , 1 ...., , I' ' '5 ,?f5,.'. Y '. 1 ' ' L N- , , 'ft .Q ,,1--- , ,'2- .W ' ,I 1 5" -. - , I '14.:'.,lr'n- e : , FY' -.."1' ss- V H --4 - ' -ly " ' 4245, li'w---- ,R ,' g'ggf-5' TT-1 i V i v ' .1 . . LA.,-..:t:, 5 73, . Ma, X341 i, L.,-.-W 5 - -54, 'Www . - vs" - - s.. 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Glenwood AR 71943 Phone 356 3823 IZ Owner Jean Harding 600 East Broadway Glenwood AR 71943 Phone 356 2941 Car fr Truck Repair Tires Batteries Saw Parts P O Box 215 On the Square Amity AR 71921 Ph 342 9331 or 342 9333 0 o y I o I - I 0 0 I I . gag fi Qmgiom Jonsered Chain Saws O I I ioa g PITTMAN 'S GROCERY Fresh Crisp Meots Produce Phone Amrty 342 5263 AR 71921 TANZA S HAIR FASHIONS Professronol Cuts Perms Monlcures ond New Chrc Styles ond Colors what Residence Phone Business Phone 342 5711 342 5771 109 ' . o I 1 . . r r r . 29 A VY, J h,,,, My fyyyf N ef-fffnfih V ' sw ng... :tg H H , .' W 4.,.Zfs,.-7 fl? 'wfllfff A , Q1 f 41 ff: ' M ' :Zin a,,'f"'WsW fe' ' wi :,,.f ,ef Prem in W6 N 2 few . O ' 0 ' 0 ' u ALTON'S AUTC SUPPLY GLENWOCD AUTO 208 South Woshrngfon PARTS Murfreesboro P O Box 25 Phone 285 2470 Jomes Moroble Phone 356 3415 Glenwood, Arkonsos 71943 ACME AUTO PAINT DEATON CIL C0 On Box D BODY SUPPUES Murfreesboro AR 71958 Phone 285 2771 Amrty Locquer Pornf 8 Chemrcol Mfg MANUFACTURERS OF PAINTS LACQUERS SEALERS STAINS THINNERS ENAMELS VINYLS ACRYLICS EPOXYS AMITY ARKANSAS ERMA BORDEWIECK 342 5480 110 INDUSTRIAL FINISHING MATERIALS Co. ALTCDN BEAN TRUCKIN6 P O Box 10 Business Phone Amity AR 71921 C5015 342 5756 Glenwood office C5015 356 2800 , f ' I vs- f ,, ,E tiff: A ,fr :km Q Z . C C C I . C I ' C . l I 'X 1 fx 2l 3 E Q qw. 1AY7IiT3'5gwK SERVING SINCE 1905 BANK AMITY The Bank That Takes Care of its Customers" Congratulations to the Graduating Class of Amity High School Our Best Wishes in Whatever You Have Chosen for the Future. Each deposlbor Insured to '20 000 ww, 4 uf HDEIAL DEPOSIY INSURANCE CORPORATION V' WONT" YVBUUWNG 90' ll ICU-Ill WILLIAMS SAW CC. Owner R W Dovrdson South of the Squore phone 342 5581 Amlty AR 71921 REFLECTOR POINT CEDAR GRC Rt 1 Box 420 Blsmorck AR 71929 Glenwood Botes Furniture Nrcholo s Movre Tame Q, 'TH Trevo s Amity G'O"0 S Cltlzen s Deon Sutton Loggrng Arkodelphm FIFST STCITG Hughes Photogrophy Bank Arkodelphlo AR Phone 71921 246 241 1 . . . ' C . 0 O - , Q Q . I 0 .. I K MMI - , , f ,, - 1 - - 'J A 'I', ' ,, 3523-I-6 ' I . 0 f . . ' Q I . U I LAMBERT S EXXCN STATICN 74... Prompt Courteous Servrce Gwner Jerry Lambert Phone 342 5590 Amity AR 71921 CADDC FIRST NATIONAL BANK IP ghb W A FULL SERVICE BANK Open 912 Mon Thurs Phone 3563196 9 12 Sofurdoy Glenwood AR 71943 Buck s Polled We WISIW YOU Shorthorns the Vefv Best rn Lrfe For Sole Gnd WONT You Alpine AR 71920 fQ Kngw Phone 342 9350 How Proud We ore CODQFOTUIQTIODS of YOU! Chowno We Love ond Cindy You! Purebred Breeding Stock Love Mom, Brod, 5 fx ei ors Drive Y A He ing h Up N i ors 3 indow Servic eee rrerero eeere 9 B rrro orr- .rrr 1 reed . A ororr rrrr o rr or , A A A f eree gi rrrx " I , O O I O Q I . l I I JERRY WILLIAMS LOGGING CGNTRACTCJR Congratulations Grady 1 Congratulations, Michelle 1 B 'MEZZ' BRUCE DAVIS HIGHLINE PoLEs AND Loss Rt. ox 98B Amity, Phone: - Ci .Main-.....M f. ox iiihgngz mit , - R 1B 87AA A y AR 71921 3425374 BARKSDALE LUMBER COMPANY BARKSIIALE LUMBER CII NHULESHLE HNLY LDHDINE HUUR5 530 HM TU 300 PM Phone 342 5200 P O Box 66 Amity AR 71921 hu 'K L, kr P fi 5 A A M ,522 , i t 'V W fn ' W fu , A ' L f' I K f f 'aff' ' ' , ,vi ,oil ! ' , K , 3, 9, . :gg ' I-Q.'::'S-Sf:--N si -Q .Q ew A , 0 ' 4- 1 ' , 1 is- 1 ,... A Y A - 'kk' 1 P ' ' I O o o I ANNUAL STAFF From L to R Top Row Nelda Wlllrams Sponsor Chawna Buck Margaret Henthorne LeeAnn House Monrca Webb Trna Wlllrams and Crndy Davrdson Middle Row Patrrck Palmer Gerald Wasd Lynn Belt Tonya Karber Johnna Baggett Trsha Bardwell Sandy Howard and Leah Davldson Bottom row Twyla Hopper Tammy Hrll Shelly Doster Lrnda Dove and Tammre Tarnes The people behind the scenesll l opened the year wrth students who knew nothrng about the yearbook We all prtched rn and worked hard puttrng thrs book of memorres together for you l would like to express a specral thanks to all the members of the annual staff student body faculty and admrnrstratron for all therr cooperation The annual staff and l would also lrke to express a very specral thanks to Mrs Nelda Wlllrams for all of her time support and dedlcatron Thrs year as In the past has been fllled wrth excrtrng events and memories which you wrll always cherlsh We hope we have captured many of these memories rn prctures for you to look back on through the years EDITOR -D CO EDITORS 118 Tonya 6 Shelly Laurie YY . . , : , V , ' I f 9 l I Y I , , . , - . , f . , . C oo , , f I . I I . I , , I T W Vg W 7 Q 3 K O Sorrells Aaron, Rebekah C53 45 Adams, Brody C103 34 Administration 75 American Whos Who 71 Anderson. Tana C33 47 Angel, Crissy, C23 48 Angel. Joshua C23 48 Angel. Misty C53 44 Art Program 70 Awards Day 6 Baby Pictures 20, 21 Baggert. Johnna C113 30 Baker, Lee C7340 Baldwin, Greg C83 38 Baseball 59 Fagan. Stephen C13 Fortis, Courtney C13 Farris, Tina C33 47 FBLA 65 Fendly C63 44 FFA 63 FFA Sweetheart 6 FHA Beau FHA 64 Fire Marshalls 62 Fire, Darrell C63 44 Flag Bearers 62 Fletcher, Bryan C53 45 Fletcher. John Francis, Angelia C93 36 Francis, Jim C113 30 Francis, Kenny C103 34 Franklin, Crystal C6344 Funderburk, Lanesha C23 48 Bardwell, Marty C73 40 Bardwell. Tisho C103 34 Barkman, Jerry C73 40 Barkman, Mark C33 47 Borkman, Shelia C63 44 Bean. Bean C123 18 Gaither, Nicholas C13 Gann. Tasha C73 40 Garner. Allen C63 44 Garner, Christy C43 46 Garner, Kevin C13 Garner, Wade C43 46 Bean, Corey C33 47 Bean, Gary C63 44 Bean, Thomas C43 46 Belt, Kevin C83 38 Belt, Lynn C113 30 Gilchris Gilchris t, Gary C73 t, Pam C33 47 Boyd, Resha C103 34 Buck. Chawna C123 18 Buck. Gay C53 45 Buck, Gin aC9336 Buck. Kay C53 45 Buck. Marry C93 36 Glenwood Students 72 Godsey, David C113 30 Gould, Benjamin C33 47 Gould, Jeremy C63 44 Gould, Tye CK3 50 Graduating Rams C563 Graham. Taro C23 48 Holcombe, John C13 Holcombe, Julianna C53 45 Wheeler, Amy C4346 Cantrell, Jason C73 40 Cantrell. Joshua CK3 50 Cantrell. Justin C33 47 Carroll, Brenda C1349 Carroll, Dalana C93 36 Carroll. Larry C103 34 Chancellor, James C113 30 Cogburn. Misty C33 47 Coleman. Lisa C113 30 Coleman. Stephanie C53 45 Coleman, Todd C103 34 Copeland, Beverly C83 38 Copeland, Patricia C53 45 Cook. Casey C33 47 Coombs, Woodrow C103 34 Crews, Angela C93 35 Crews, Michelle C83 38 Crews, Ricky C113 30 Davidson, Cynthia C103 34 Davidson, Justin CK3 50 Davidson, Leah C103 34 Davidson, Sandra C83 38 Davidson. Seth C123 18 Davis. Katrina CK3 50 Deaton. Angela C53 45 Hollow een 16, 17 Hardage, Joe C53 45 Hardage, Scotty C113 30 Harris, Anthony C53 45 Harris, Donna C73 40 Harris, Raymond C53 45 Harris, Tina C43 46 Harvey. Melissa C23 48 Hemund, Crystal C33 47 Hemund, John C83 38 Hemund, James C103 34 Hemund, Katie C63 44 Hemund, Michelle C23 48 Hendrix, Carmo C63 44 Hendrix, Eric C113 30 Hendrix, Robert C93 36 Henthorn, Charles C83 40 Henthorn, DeWayne C93 36 Henthorn, Lori C63 44 Henthorn, Margaret C103 34 Henthorn, Nora C63 44 Hill, Chris C53 45 Hill. Macky C63 38 Hill. Pamela C73 40 Hill, Quinren C33 47 Hill, Renee C113 30 Hill, Ta Hill, Te mmy C113 30 sso C123 19 Holcombe. Anthony C93 36 Dosrer, Laura C93 36 Dasrer, Lisa C73 40 Doster. M arcy C93 36 Doster, Pam C93 36 Doster, Robert C73 40 Doster, Shelly C113 30 Doster, Valarre C83 38 Dove, Christie C53 45 Dove. De borah C123 18 Dove. Janese C73 40 Dove, Jimmy C63 44 Dove, Linda C113 30 Dove, Martha C123 18 Dove, Neil C63 44 Hollingshead. Tara C83 38 Holt, Gary C103 34 Holt, Richard C83 38 Homecoming 60, 61 Hopper, Susann C83 38 Hopper. Twyla C113 31 House, Lee Ann C103 34 Howard, Sandie C113 31 Howell. Jody C43 46 Howell, Seth C23 48 Hudgins, William C63 44 Wilson, Dwrggins, Barry C113 30 Raines. Tommie C113 31 Faculty 76, 77, 78, 79 lSllll0fl1 Dwiggins, Chris C83 38 Eckles. Penny C63 44 Elam. Amanda C13 Elder, Bonitto C23 48 Enlinger, Billy C83 38 Evans. John C103 34 Evans, Nicholas CK3 50 Jackson, Dee Dee C73 40 Jackson, Malissa C33 47 Jackson, Michael C13 49 Johns, Wes C113 31 Johnso Junior Junior Junior Junior n, Holly C13 49 Beta 66 Lady Rams 58 Play 27 Rams 57 Karber, Tonya C113 31 Killian, Brooks C23 48 Paul C123 19 Fagan Fagan Fagan Fagan . Cheryl C113 30 , Chris C83 38 , GradY C123 18 , Johnny C23 48 Kitchens, Heather C73 40 Kitchens, Jeffery C93 36 Knrghren, Kevin C103 34 Kuykendall, Shane C63 44 Senior Lady Ram Team 55 Lambert, Barry C93 36 Lambert, Michelle C63 44 Lambert. Tommy C103 34 Librarians 68 Lindsey, Brandy C73 40 Lindsey. Kelly C53 45 Loyd, Jerry C53 45 Loyd, Paul C103 34 Lyons. Adam C83 38 Lyons. Betsy C53 45 Lyons, Jason C103 34 Lyons, Melissa C53 Main, Carl C5345 Main, Lenon C93 36 Martin. Danral C13 49 Massey. Chance C43 46 Massey, James C23 48 Massey, Mika C8338 Maxwell, Irvan C63 44 Maxwell, Michelle C83 38 Mayberry. Jeff C93 36 Mitchell Auto Supply 104 Mitchell, Jason C43 46 Mitchell. Jena C63 44 Mitchell, Sidney C23 48 Most Beautiful 11 Most Handsome 10 Mr. B Miss AHS 28 Nutt. Jon C103 34 Nutt, Keli C5345 O'NeaI. Tora C93 36 Owens, Devin C123 19 Owens. James C113 31 Owens, Kevin C123 19 Owens, Melinda C33 47 Palmer, Becky C63 44 Palmer, Bonnie C83 38 Palmer. Dwight C43 46 Palmer, Laura C103 34 Palmer, Patrick C113 31 Parker. Rrsa C83 38 Parker, Shelly C103 34 Partridge, Drrsten C23 48 Paul. Ason CK3 50 Payne. Kimberly C13 Pittman. April C23 48 Pittman. Laurie C123 19 Pittman. Misty CK3 50 Pittman, Taro C23 48 Poland, Chris C93 36 Porter, Adam C13 Porter, Albert C53 44 Porter, David C73 40 Porter. Dean C53 45 Porter, Devon C123 19 Porter, Kristie CK3 50 Pounds. David C113 31 Pounds, Sheri C13 Ram Staff C143 Romsey. Kara C63 44 Reflector 12. 13 Resche, Mike C83 38 Reschke, Cristal C63 44 Rice, Bryan C103 34 Rice, Christopher CK3 50 Rice. Holly C123 22 Richardson. Bobby C113 31 Richardson. Jeriro C123 22 Richardson, Michael C83 38 Rinkel, Darrell C123 22 Rinkel, Kenny C23 48 Rinkel. Denny-Wayne C23 48 Rinkle, Tonya C43 46 Roberson, Tim C73 40 Robinson, John C43 46 Robinson, Corey C13 Rowton, Christina C63 44 Rowton, Doug C123 22 ' Ruth, Moshelle C83 38 Ruth, Teressa C123 22 Sondifer. Carrie C23 48 Sandiler, Corrie C23 48 School Workers 80 Senior Beta 69 Senior Prom Banquet 26 Senior Ram Team 54 Shirley, Jimmy C103 34 Shirley, LaDonna C73 40 Sirmon, Michael C53 45 Smith, Donna C23 48 Smith, Devin C63 44 Smith, Sandro C93 36 Smith, C113 31 Society ol American Students Sorrells, Darren C63 44 Sorrells. Dennis C113 31 , Jeffery C23 48 Sorrells, Kevin C43 46 Spence. Quinton C73 40 Spence. Teri C123 22 Spring 3, 4. 5 Stoggs, Brandon C103 34 Stoggs, Jarrod C13 Stoggs, Sraggs. Obie C83 38 Sytana C103 34 Steed. Amy C53 45 Steed. Ashley C33 47 Stone, Jesse C73 40 Stout. Jason CK3 50 Strorher, Jacob C73 40 Student Council 66 Subert, Mike C83 38 Taylor. Delora C123 22 Taylor, Rita C73 40 Taylor, Terry C123 22 Thomason, Amanda C93 36 Thomason. Chris C13 Thomason. Scott C43 46 Tilley, Scott C113 31 Track 59 Troxel, Jeff C83 38 Troxel. Richie C103 34 Vought. Jacob CK3 50 Veorster, Janice C93 36 Vick. Corey CK3 50 Vick, Jason C23 48 Ward, Gerald C123 22 Ward, Larrrcia C113 31 Watson, Daniel C33 47 Watson. Rickey C93 36 Webb, Leo Ann C63 44 Webb, Monica C113 31 Welch, Robert C93 30 Wheeler, Scooter C83 40 White, Cliff C93 36 White, Corey C23 48 Williams, Tina C103 34 Wilson. Clara C53 45 Wilson. Darren Wilson, Darren C113 31 Wilson, Jenniler C43 46 Wilson, Jerry C9336 Wilson. Margaret C43 46 Wilson, Ronnie CK3 50 Wilson, Shauna C103 34 Wilson, Shelia C63 44 Wilson, Stacy C63 44 Wanda C43 46 Winters, Fawna CK3 50 Wiyott, Heather C93 36 Wiyott, Stormy C7340 Woodall, Daman C23 48 Woodall, Jennifer C43 46 Woodall, Johnny C63 44 Woodall, Steven C13 Write. Tiffany C63 44 Yarbrough, James C13 York, Jeannie C73 40 71 119 WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE MISSOURI, U S A

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