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If ff We, the Senior Class of Amity High School, dedicate this book, Echoes of '51, to our teacher and coach, Mr. Richard Shell who has resigned from the faculty to rejoin the Marines The Staff FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Lois Ann Talbott, Milford Ransom, Mary Daniels, Betty Cunningham, Pat Ransom, Dick Ransom, Joyce McKay. BACK ROW: Paul Daniels, Dick Herndon. Left to Right: ELIZABETH GENRE Georgia State College for Women Subjects taught: Mathematics Algebra Home Economics W. W. WELKER Rio Grande - A. B. O. S. U. - Masters D Subjects taught: Mathematics Science Physics Spelling MARY ULERY egree Ohio Wesleyan - A. B. Subjects taught: English Latin Literature Faculty 4 CHESTER Z IMMERMAN O. S. -U. - B. Science Subjects taught: Vocational Agriculture RICHARD L. SHELL Whittenburg College B. S. Education Attended Dennison Subjects taught: Science Geography History Coach Physical Education Staff Faculty 5 f f7f v LOIS ANN TALBOTT F. H. A. ........... Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Class Treasurer X PAT RANSOM F. H. A. ........... 1.2.3 .4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Cheerleader .... - . . .Z,3,4 RICHARD R.ANSOM F. F. A ........... Basketball ..... Football ....... Junior Class Play Senior Class Play RICHARD HERNDON JOYCE McKAY F.F.A...............3 F.H.A........... 2,34 Basketball. , . . , . . . . . . . 3,4 Junior Class Play Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Senior Class Play Glee Club, . , , , , Senior Choir. . . . . Z 7 Q' CHARLES DOUP F. F. A.'. . . . .... . . . .1,2.3,4 Basketball. . . . . . . .l,Z.3,4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play , 1 MILFORD RANSOM F.F.A............l.2.3,4 Footba11..............1.z Basbketball. . . . , . , Junior Class Play Senior Class Play -.if . ,' " ' fff , .f .11 1 .1 li . 1 J ., 1 4 MARY DANIELS F.H.A............l.Z.3.4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play . 4 , I W BETTY CUNNINGHAM PAUL DANIELS F. H. A ............ F. F. A ............ Junior Class Play Basketball .... . . Senior Class Play Football ...... . . 1.2.3 Class President Junior Class Play Cheerleader .n . . . . 2.3.4 Senior Class Play 8 Class History On September 8, 1939, our class attended our first day of school. Of course there was the usual crying, shouting and kicking, which is always cus- - tomary for that day. Miss DeLong was our first teacher throughout the first and second grades. It was under her direction that we learned our numbers and abc's. At least we were supposed to. In our third year Mrs. Hawkins was our instructor. She was the one who taught us how to multiply and divide. I still well remember how difficult it was for us to master those multiplication tables and long division. It was always customary for her to read us a fairy tale every evening, but she had a tendency to doze off to sleep. At times, we students considered this quite monotonous in- stead of exciting. In our fourth year, Mrs. Kulhman was our teacher. She also drilled and drilled us in multiplication and division. I guess we hadn't quite mastered either in the preceding year. It was under her that we studied a great deal about art. What we drew then we considered masterpieces, but now as we look at them we realize that they are only useful for a good laugh. In our fifth and sixth year, Mr. Strouse ruled as an absolute dictator over us and we soon learned that what he said, he meant. He had a well-organi- zed plan in keeping tab on us. There were two stairways to our room, and it was quite difficult for us to watch both at the same time. Never shall we forget those trying days. In our seventh year, we changed school buildings. We all felt so very foolish and out of place as we crept off the buses, up those stairs, and through those long halls. Everyone it seemed was staring at us, or perhaps it was only our imaginations. Mrs. Mackto became our teacher in that year. We all agree that that year would have been more enjoyable had it not been for geography. Our books were quite large, and we tried to hide behind them so as to evade the .teacher's questions. We soon learned that this was not the correct solution to our prob- lem. In our eighth year Mrs. Bennet joined us. She took a great deal of in- terest in us and helped to organize the "Fun Club". That was a success, but our English class definitely wasn't. In our Freshman year we began to have more fun. We became more in- terested in sports and joined the other high school students in skating parties and dances. In that year we had a different teacher for each subject. That seemed so confusing at first, but later we became accustomed to it. Our Sophomore year was somewhat similar to the ninth except that we were having still more fun. It was in that year that Dick Ransom from Gambier joined us. We still don't know whether Gambier gained or Amity lost. 9 In our Junior year, we were beginning to wonder how on earth we had climbed so far. We then began to realize that we we'ren't children any more-that is in age. Joyce McKay from Chesterville and Dick Herndon from Mt. Vernon, joined us in that year. We presented our first play, "Damse1s in Distress", that year under the direction of Mrs. Ulery, What a splendid time we had, but it took lots of work, too. None of us I don't believe, wishes to become a full- fledged actor or actress. At the end of the year, we accompanied the Seniors on an excursion trip to Niagra Falls, In our Senior year, we have had many headaches and worries, but the good times outweigh the bad ones by far. We all have lumps in our throats as we think of leaving this school, but we must focus our attentions and talents on the future and not try to live on memories of the past, Leaving soon, our class leaves its motto: "Tonight We Launchg Where Shall We Anchor" 10 Class Will We, on the Zlst day of May, 1951, leave this, our last will and testament in the following manner: Betty Cunningham wills her charm to "little" Pat Ransom. Charles Doup leaves his studious ambitions to Richard Daily. Joyce McKay wills her Latin book to Barbara Daniels. Mary leaves Dick to Elaine Lois Ann leaves her dancing ability to Mona Wells. We hope she finds success. Dick Herndon wills his pen knife to Larry Deakens in case he needs to open a door. Milford Ransom bequeaths his ability to get all the pretty girls to Junior Baker, Dick Ransom leaves without regret. Paul Daniels leaves his scholastic ability to the future basketball team, with hopes! I, Pat Ransom, leave my cheerleading ability to Phyllis O'Dell. I 1 Class Prophecy We have come to the time of graduation from high school at a time when the world is full of work to do. There are many interesting things before us. Some must enter military service immediately and have no choice in the matter Others face many and varied possibilities, but it is very important that every- one get to work at something useful right away. My assignment is to discuss the possible and probable future careers of the members of the Class of '51, No one can say exactly just which will have to go directly to military service so l shall discuss my fellowclassmen with re- gard to their interests and capabilities in enterprises connect up directly or in- directly with military service. Lois Ann Talbott is rising to stardom through her dancing. She is very busy with stage plays and television, Betty Cunningham is a very efficient secretary for a Mt. Vernon busi- ness firm. Most of the time though, she is dreaming of her approaching wed-- ding. Pat is busy operating her beauty shop in Florida. She and her husband are enjoying the Florida sunshine. Mary is happily married and has one .chi1d. She and her husband own a large farm near Fredrictown. Joyce is attending Ohio State University. She is taking a course in Busi- ness Administration and hopes to become a fashion buyer. Milford is now a captain in the Navy and is the idol of all girls who see him in his starchy uniform. He's really very handsome or was the last time I saw him. E Dick Herndon is busy with his Buick garage in Mt. Vernon. He has just completed a trip through the West with his new wife and Buick. Chick Doup is running his farm outside Amity, when he's not up in Canada hunting and fishing. Dick Ransom is the new owner of the Merchants Delivery and has two brand new trucks. I,Paul Daniels, am working on my farm near Amity, but I expect to be called into service soon. Leaving high school in such a time as today, it is important that every single person make the most out of life, Certainly the spiritual climate of the IZ nation has its beginning and basic development in the schools of the country. The exact kind of work which is to be done by the individuals of the Class of '51 is not as important as the attitudes we hold and continue to hold with regard to that which we so often refer to as "Our Way of Life". The most important things are the way people think, the characteristics they strive to develop, the ultimate goals they set for their lives and how much they are willing to put into our way of life rather than how much they can take out of it for themselves. We are sure that our years in school have done much to establish these most important things as a part of our lives. The formal closing of our years in high school would be incomplete without an expression of gratitude to you who have provided it for us. We are grateful for a birthright in a great nation, we thank you, our parents, teachers and friends, for you are the particular ones who did it for us. You can be as- sured that we who graduate today will ever strive to increase,our wisdom and usefulness. We want to be stronger and more able so we can give more to our country when it is needed. Beyond these things we want to have an opportunity for just plain living, 13 10th Grade 11th Grade 9th Grade 8th Grade 7th Grade F. H A. Seated: Left to Right: Donna Ashcraft, Marcia Staats, Bulah Butler, Mona Wells, Sarah Hartsook, Dorothy Loney. Second Row: Bob Miller, Ken Harmon, Barbara Daniels, Mrs. Ulrey, Betty Griffith, Janice Pealer, Harold Snively, Carroll Gleason." Seated: Left to Right: Dick Carpenter, Elaine Armstrong, Pauline Swendal, Edith Spellman, Arlene McDonald, Janet Griggs, Mr. Welker. Second Row: Tom Tanner, Carroll Spellman, Philip Grubaugh, Gene Yarman, Paul Brooks, Paul Ashcraft, Seated: Left to Right: Yvonne Carpenter, Dorothy Fletcher, Mrs. Ulrey, Elaine Swendal, Delores Fravel. Second Row: Charles Miller, Jack Wantland, Lawence Huffman, Jerry Welsh, Jimmy Doup. Seated: Left to Right: Dolores Horn, Rosalie Yarman, Shirley Brooks, Betty Doyle, Patty Ransom, Martha Scott, Phyllis O'Dell. Second Row: Bobby Huffman, Myron Harsock, Jim Moxley, Mr. Shell, Jim Pealer, Dick Tanner, Buddy Harwell. Third Row: John I-Iuffrnan, Dick Daily, Bob Barton, Bill Perry, Melvin Hoar, Seated: Left to Right: Betty Hass, Iiene Rogers, Donna Baker, Nancy Charlton, Joyce Ransom, Mary Doup, Lois Pealer, Second Row: Mrs. Genre, Sue Styers, Betty Barton, Audry Grubaugh, Joan Lockhart, Rosalie Griffith, Adrian Laurence, Barbara Harding. Third Row: Dick Doup, Gary Yoakum, Stanley Grubaugh, Arthur Bowling, Keith Armstrong, Tommy Burson, Junior Baker, Dick Pealer Seated: Left to Right: Yvonne Carpenter, Elaine Swendal, Delores Fravel, Elaine Armstrong, Mrs. Genre, Pat Ransom, Betty Cunningham, Barbara Daniels, Joyce McKay, Pauline Swendal. Standing: Betty Griffith, Janice Pealer, Betty Scott, Marcia Staats, Beulah Butler, Sarah Hartsook, Mona Wells, Dorothy Fletcher, Donna Ashcraft, Mary Daniels. 14 Sophomores Names on 14 Juniors 16 Freshmen Names on 14 8th Grade i 1 7 'L'-r .l-.-. 17 Y J YJ I gf'e'1lL 1 4 ...i..n-,.: ,, . . ,, 7th Grade Names on 14 R H A. 18 'w , EEA. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Jack Wantland, Jerry Welsh, Jimmy Doup, Harold Snively Buich Doup, Dick Ransom, Carroll Gleason. SECOND ROW: Bob Miller, Richard Carpenter, Gene Yarman, Paul Daniels, Milford Ransom, Charles Doup, Philip Grubaugh, Bill Miller. THIRD ROW: Carroll Spellman, Ronald Horn, Jerry Lawerence, Mr. Zimmerman, Tom Tanner, Paul Ashcraft, Larry Deakins, Dale Shoemaker. FOURTH ROW: Dick Herndon, Lawerence Huffman, Paul Brooks, Kenneth Harmon. 19 .if SEATED Left to Rxght Laurence Huffman, Gene Yarman Paul Brooks, D1ck Herndon Chxck Doup, Paul Damels STANDING .hm Doup Harold Snwely Ronald Horn Mr Shell, Kenny Harmon Dale Shoemaker, Charles M1l1er Z1 w 1 N . . . . . , , . . I I . ' 1 1 5 0 I Q ,5- Left to Right: Betty Cunningham, Pat Ransom, Pauline Swendal FRONT ROW: Delores Fravel, Dorothy Fletcher. STANDING: Yvonne Carpenter, Elaine Swendal. ZZ Che ste rville Bladensburg Gambier Danville Howard St. V incent Bladensburg Gambier Frede ricktown Centerburg Howard St. V ent Basketball News VARSITY RESERVES E ' HEY B 19 70 Chesterville 14 3 8 63 Bladensburg Z2 38 49 Gambier 38 18 50 Danville 29 23 72 Howard 30 23 95 St. Vincent Z3 33 61 Bladensburg 39 33 5 6 Gambier 24 15 70 Frederic ktown 14 25 53 Centerburg 28 39 65 Howard 33 36 80 St. Vincent 42 KNOX COUNTY TOURNAMENT Danville 22 64 POSITION OF PLAYERS Paul Daniels . .... Guard Charles Doup. . . . . Guard Dick Herndon. . , , ,Center Paul Brooks. . . Forward Gene Yarman ..... . .Forward Carroll Spellman Ronald Horn Kenneth Harmon Harold Snively Butch Doup Dale Shoemaker OUR COACH Richard Shell They 43 31 19 36 41 52 21 28 47 40 40 41 nm' -'eil V - umm. '-- -"' ' - ,V , ,lt , ', rljfng' lx Ullffix, "g,:I:g- ,- 5 s ' 'x-117' " '- f-'1 , :Ju '11-"'.'L""-' -'1' A V ' -. , ' ,-1' Efff,:1'?:9l,'Eif?5i?554,5'2 ' -' -f ,. .1 -N -2, H-:fr ., f :afffvf1?3-.,-'pe-f " ' ' ' 1 -.. 'I' 'Wi-aifdux 911.-ip 1 '-AAL! "-"M 1-L' ' ' '- ' ' ,r.,:lg"Q wi I 4 Tiff. 'ffzfmxax .A - . ami''-2x.1 1:2-g1e:1Hq,Q,., 4: ,J :.3x,,.., Wg - ,tj fg lf. l1.1,.1:gQ x,.1-ffpiirgg-X I H, 3, rf' 1,-if " f' ,Q '11 ' a wi- Hximhil ' gag f- -I-Q-n' P 1' Qf:5'f :BENQ 5.1: e ':' ' ".g..'v- 2 H gf-W 1 3 .-'gq.,,4. .,,. N'-1"f,:1b?4KE' ..L.Y",aBH.Q!Q'?"' . 'af' - - :ic 1. Z. 3. 4. 5. Mrs. U1ery's scholars Two-way stretch Show-off Joyce tried Mary taking off. Griffith's Playground Darwin on the climb Slap-happy Seniors Three Stooges -4 is 5-53? 7-'IT ' EL . Daniels ' Taxi Se rvice Peek-a-boo The line -up Lovers You name it Camera shy ?????? V T ,J ' .1- - .J.'. r' rv, i Little Betty "Nutties" Sleeping Beauty What's funny ? Senior's stairway to the stars -bm A n , 1909 George Cain Ethel Deakins Irvine Brook Reed Gladys Motz Pealer Cloyce Cunningham Mary Loney Virgil Dowds 1910 Zora Montgomery Lawrence Fletcher Harry Wright Williams Loney Owen Popham Elma Deakins Hall Clint Reed Dwight Magers Roy Loney Burnley Simmons Jennie Loney Tobin Charles Hartz Jean Lea Qdec.J T. R. Simmons 191 1 Cora Loney Clio Kunkel Bailey Lawrence Staats Lennon Burson fdecJ Martha Motz Cooper Orpha Reed Koppe rt 1912 Smith Pealer Helen Dowds Carson Florence Vincent Baker Marquerite Dowds Hartz 19 14 Florence McClellan Dalton Dowds 1915 Selma Reed Frasher fdecJ Virgil Pealer Warren Leonard Qdec.l 1916 Caleb Motz 1917 Marie Cunningham Hoovler fdec.l Abanna Cunningham Pealer Alumni 28 Pauline Leonard West Murl Nixon Macy Hoovler Burson Clarence Reed 1918 Eva Burson Yarman fdec.J .Paul Yarman fdec.J Ruth Lafever Young Julia Doup Helen Koppert Dowds Dwight Kunkel Selby Reed 1919 Clarence Huddle Qdec.J Nellie Magers fdecJ Robert McClellan Qdec.J 1920 Frances Hoovler Laymon Irene Reed Cutvan Orna Frasher Ray Yarman Cecil Vian Donald Magers l 92 1 Lewis Pealer Sc huyle r Coope r 1922 9 Hazel Kunkel Pealer 1923 Mary Yarman Harris Elizabeth Doup Armstrong Ramona Koppert fdecj Lucille Reed Doup Paul Griffith Lewis Crise Herbert Cain Ross Magers 9 1924 Fern Doup Pealer Dale Fowler 1925 Leota Deakins Shipley Dorothy Doup Pealer Rush Frances Spellman Kunkel Russel Porter Bertha Cain Kepner Maude Yarman Fawcett Qdec.l Pearl Myers May Carroll Criffin g 1926 Clayton Howard George Kirkpatrick fdec.D George Lifer William Shira Arthur Maxwell Elmer Cooper Hazel Minard Mumper 1927 Thelma Doup Foster Gladys Colgin Fravel Elizabeth Hauger Thorp Charlene Rinehart Potes Denzal Harding Garnet Doup Paul Davis 1928 Pauline Pealer Kuivinen Mary Minard Turney Lawrence Yarman 1929 Ora Edgar Casper lla Fowler Ransom Velma Kunkel Mclntire Lucile Minard Sidle Qdec.l Dwight Ruby Mary Shira Frye 1930 Eileen Davis Ruby Ruth Shira Hawkins Alice Kirkpatrick Weekly Rowena Earnest Doup Homer Doup 1931 Donald Doup Clifford Katz Helen Shafer Wagner Alice Rinehart Gleason Lowell Yarman 1932 Guy Maxwell I Charity Fletcher Stricker Mabel Reams Lamb Martha Fowler Yoakam 1933 Betty Maxwell White Betty Staats Finke Norine Woodland Qdec.l Ruth Daniels Roby Marthela Richert Opal Bross Huffman Dortha Wright Minard John Minard Lawrence Loney 1934-'35 Elizabeth Rearns Frasher Alberta Reams Westler Geraldine Fowler Margaret Kunkel Batten Marjorie Spellman Shoemaker Marcella Proper Styers Priscilla Proper DeBolt Ina Hampton Brown Evelyn Parsons Huffman Fern Frasher Beck Pauline Hively Wilma Rinehart Woodland Harold Scott Gail Myers Harold Pealer Ralph Baker 1936 Nellie Bross Colgin Blanche Hampton Wheeler Virginia Burson Powell Qdec.J Louise Hauger H Janet Staats Coons Donna Haire Harris Lavonne Burson fdec.J James Watson QdecJ Elmer Esterbrook Kenneth Marshall 1937 V Maxine Proper Choate Donna Armstrong Porter Vivian Hauger Stringfellow Edna Haire Paige Elsie Stull Robert Yarman Tom Carpenter Qdec.J Marvin Cunningham Donald Haire Rodney Bell Howard Yarman Arlene Scholes Houck Rae Spyde Gatton 1938 Claire Burson Ruth Bross Pigrnan Charles Carson Darwin Daniels Mildred Derr Robinson Dorothy Pealer Farmer Ilene Proper Cunningham Edward Stout Velma Talbott Matthews 1939 Eva Woodland Grace Faulk McCord Helen Nlosher Stull Marie Carter Maxwell Loa Atherton ' Elizabeth Warner Fletcher Burson Raymond Burson fdec.J Eugene Carson Clayton F-rasher William Horng Jr. Robert Daniels Gordon Scholes Lloyd Umphery Leroy Scott Darwin Bross Harold Deakins Wendall Doup 1940 Rowena Purdy Henthorn Ruth Breckler Yarman Eileen Armstrong Dial Helen Bross Frost Alice Stull White Isabell Brooks Blanton Mary Rinehart Leply Conard Heighton Lewis Marshall Bernard Lucas 1941 Clifford Bross James G. Fowler Genia Hampton Welsh Evelyn Pealer Charles Rinehart Bill Staats ' Dwight Yarman Leland Atherton Richard Daniels Bette Frye Louise McNutt Virginia Potes Payne fdec.j Ruth Scoles Burson fdecj Iona Welsh Hampton Carl Burson Regina Frye Snyder Jack I-laire Grace Porter Wise Jean Sellers Bevington Vivian Talbott Gaumer Wayne Yarman 1942 Charles Burson Lawrence Arnold Lois Reed Veith Juanita I-lauger Layrnon Curtiss Bross Kenneth Simmons 1943 Eileen Pealer ' Margaret Conkle Marjorie Talbott Swendal Howard Stout John Scott Ralph Edgar George Scoles Stanton Staats Kenneth Swendal Carroll Derr Dwight Haire 1944 Dora Lee Charlton Rinehart Opal Baker Carter John Pealer Floyd Wise Helen James Weber Earl Rinehart 1945 Helen Derr Seavolt Ruth Lucas Morrison Marvalene Talbott Staats Gloria Griggs Kathryn Conkle Grace Bross Isabelle Swendal Conkle Jack Lawrence Paul Pealer 1946 Ruby Grubb Barbara Wise Smith Isabelle. Pealer Jeannine Deakins Ruth Faulk Derwin Genre Virgil Horn Robert Staats Teddy Marshall James Reed Hobart Bowman Daniels Pealer 1947 Jean Popham Joan Pealer Jeanie Talbott Boone Virginia Wise Walton Barbara Ashc raft Ronhausen Norma Dailey Hardesty Ralph Bross Charles Doup, Jr. Arthur Harnlin Robert Lucas William Fletcher Maye Smallwood Janet Baker Rosalie Swendal Doup Robert Boone 1948 Dorothy Armstrong Kathleen Baker Laymon Ila Bross Qdec.J Johnny Daniels Bob Doup John Hauger Anita Moore Burns Reda Smithhisler Robinson Kathleen Wright Ralston 1949 Doris Dailey Lifer Loreene Lanning Williams Joyce Pealer Jean Grubaugh Jacquet Gene Harmon Danny Blair Janet Deakins Phyllis Fletcher Georgene Doup Dwight Horn uu..,..,n..a 1. mu.swom-n Baum! by BROTH ERB ,n..v.xa.--. m., u, s. A, 4 1950 Frances Wise Doris Frasher Jones Erma Jean Davis Jones Joan O'Dell Carol Kierce Darwin Horn QUALITY PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL REORDERS MAY BE HAD AT ANYTIME FROM THE PICTURES TAKEN IN THIS BOOK BY G. E. LIPPS 102 W. GAMBIER ST. PHONE 31828 MT. VERNON, OHIO I'VE NATIONALLY BRANDED MERCHANDISE AT MODERATE PRICES SHOP AT RUDINS 104 YEARS OF BANKING SERVICE THE FIRST KNOX NATIONAL BANK CORNER SOUTH MAIN 8a PUBLIC SQUARE ESTABLISHED 1847 KNOX COUNTY S ONLY NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I 7 l 1 i i D. GARVERICK Ariel Walker Studios 31 E. GAMBIER STREET MT. VERNON, OHIO "THE BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHS" K. D. Bebout, Inc. SALES FORD SERVICE CONTINUOUS SERVICE SINCE 1936 14-16 EAST OHIO AVENUE MT. VERNON, OHIO Millstone Lumber Co. Newark Road Mt. Vernon, Ohio Dial 71741 8z 21541 Millwork Sz Special Hardware Cabinet Making - Kitchens 85 Stove Fronts Point Drive-In Sandwiches - Beckis Coney Island - French Fries Homemade Ice Cream - Beck's Old Fashioned Freeze Root Beer - Milk Shakes Route 13 South - Mt. Vernon, Ohio Cain's Service Station Used Cars - Gas 8: Oil - Tires - Batteries - General Repair - Parts Groceries 8 Miles North of Mt. Vernon on State Road 3 - - Phone 61111 1 i- il 1- 1 Compliments of EARL'S BEAUTY SHOP Mt. Vernon, Ohio GOODWIN SAND 8: GRAVEL CO. Washed 8x Graded Aggregate Newark Road Mt. Vernon, Ohio ACKERMAN 85 BYALL Wholesale 8a Retail Meats - Custom Slaughtering 85 Curing Fairmont Ave. Dial 22446 Locker Storage Lockers Available FAWCETT RADIO SALES 8z SERVICE Philco - Sylvania - Motorola - - Radios 81: Television 405 Newark Rd. Phone 51341 HARPSTER 85 POULSON ' Hardware Sz Implements 411 W Hlgh St D1a1 22346 Mt Vernon Oh1o WAYNE CASH FEED STORE Asa Woorkman Prop D1a1 42571 Coal Feeds Seeds Fert111z r :So G1 ndmff 512 W I-hgh St Mt Vernon Ohlo Refresh yourself " 9 1' 2 9 .2544 X COCA COLA BOTTLING CO INC of Mt Vernon Ohlo STUMP COAL COMPANY Dealers In I-hgh Grade Domestlc 8: Steam Coal 7 N Norton St Phone 71411 or 22157 Mt Vernon Ohlo X O I ' 1 , . - - - ' ' 0 1' "5 ' x., .L O . . . , yi- V 4 1 t -.A'.,- , , .ef-r ' 1 -mg", E tt f',f2f',4'!QE". '? ' -, 35-gr-Ig : : 1 ::g3.,, : . -4 f -:nas W ":4:A:-155:11 244411: -- ' 5.-zz-. ,, ' '2:Ei11r11:1: -. . . ' 1:1 52129225222s22:s:a2zEE2??f1 I - 533 2 7 -Ef i z. . ,- .-,g , :2:225t' I, 4- 21212212:3:5:Q:Q:22E241:i'5 ' -1, 1515-' -. 17 'rigzgzgzy '- Q.. g ,. 'fs 2:1:11E1E112:52:EF21 -1 , .:r . . " --211:- ':1z1:1:- .Pm ' iglzizlz- : " ' 1514 . 6115122-. -' ' 4111522 , ,Y cg 2115:-v, ,I:T:5:35+1?:114. . 'TE5.3:i1?:?:f:3'A :1"' VN' " , 3:1 5 62,51-. 535533151- A, , YQ" ' " ' ,f ':I" 1 1' .5135-' 1:15:23-Qi ,zlzi-255:f2:v.-I icqgzge' 1. h ' 732-42 " ' 3 ' 1 ' . ' .7 0 Q 7 ' 1 l iii ir- 4 f- V 7 -ff -1-4.-,:+.22:..:.::.f -'1fi:..? ily. 1. 1 l 1 DOWD'S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 61421 Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of THE KINCAID BUICK COMPANY Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of THE MILK HOUSE STORES 525 S. Main 700 N. Sandusky Mt. Vernon, Ohio G. R. SMITH 8: CO. Hardware - Plumbing Sz Electrical Supplies "Good Service To You - A Pleasure To Us" Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of JEWELL ICE CREAM 8z MILK COMPANY Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of SPEERS MERCHANTS DELIVERY 659 N. Sandusky Dial 52975 Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of COCHRAN MOTOR SALES, INC. 14 W. Ohio Ave. Telephone 41476 Dodge 8a Plymouth Cars - Dodge Job-Rated Trucks LAWRENCE A. MILL FUNERAL HOME Licensed Funeral Director Cadillac Ambulance Service 619 E. High Phone 52696 Mt. Vernon, Ohio BARTLETT APPLIANCE STORE Kelvinator Ranges - Refrigerators - Home Freezers Easy Washers Sz lroners - Bendix Television 11 W. High St. Phone 21366 VICTORY FOOD MARKETS, INC. 117 - 119 West High Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of MT. VERNON FARMERS EXCHANGE CO. RICE IMPLEMENT CO. Packard Cars - International Harvester Farm Equipment Phone 31026 Mt- Vernon Compliments of Dwight J Magers Class of 1910 MAGERS SHOE STORE Quality Footwear R V HEADINGTON SUPER SERVICE STATION Corner of Vine 85 Mulberry Phone 907 M Mt Vernon Ohio Prescr1pt1on Speclalists The Rexall Store HECKLER PHARMACY BROWNE OIL CO D1str1but1ng C1t1es Service Petroleum Products Tank Wagon Service 110W High St Mt Vernon Ohio 26 Public Square Mt. Vernon, Ohio v-0 HANK'S GROCERY Sohio Service Station - Hardware - Ice Cream - Pop - Candy Phone 61131 Amity, Ohjg Compliments of ISLAYS E. H. Miller, Prop. Mt. Vernon, Ohio PITKINS PROVISION STORE Knox County's Friendliest Place To Shop Phones: 62211 - 62221 Mt. Vernon, Ohio MODERN BEAUTY SHOP 15 N. Main St. Phone 32011 Mt. Vernon, Ohio 1 1 WEIR MOTOR SALES Studebaker - Most Economy - Quality Unexcelled 221 W. High St. Phone 61776 Mt. Vernon, Ohio OHIO BOOK 8z BIBLE HOUSE Bibles - Childrenls Books - Religious Health Literature Bible Concordances - Dictionaries - Commentaries 101 W. Gambier Phone 42760 BOOSTERS Pond Motor Sales Harry's Allen's W. Thurman Todd Stanley E. Johnson, Jr. Dr. W. E. Steffan, Optometrist Ba1'nard's Service Mt. Mt. Mt Mt Mt Mt Mt Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon

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