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u 7' 5. if JJ W N5 - X ul jr " ' - ' ' " . Y . , Ill UL V 4, : Q Us A ' 1- ' ' J 1. 5 I +. 5 'mf-'w T - ,g3,'fQl1r,:,i 'I - Rf. juni? 1 I?--1 5 ' 'iqfw -.1 . M M -gave: ,av-:iv vg 73 ., 13vf?2.-Qi ,' X . QW? ff3?:1fW 1 41 I -- 1 .. x ' .If v ' f. " , I Q ' ' . 5 r .A Q 1 , Q A , , L, 5 r I N. I .V V X " .F-mil? I ,. - ,tg -3- w: - . N X19 , 4. fi Y T- 1-fx? 4 1 ' 1 .t lr W ' 1 ' If M ' ' V X, V . g Jw 1 1 ' . ' ' ' . . ' ' V fr ? , 1 . 3 I 4 ,, ' - ' 1 ' 'f , Y '- 4 4 . w ' -. 1' .- g X 1 - I, I I 3- '- . V W Y I W Y s I N i , 1 r U 1, ' 1 V w w i w w v ' . .. ,. H V .-.N I1 V I HQ.-IJ' vl. y ,. v' lx - -ft 1 ' 1 I -,1f. .' ,1,. ,. r A -w,,. 1 t ,, 4. I v4:. ,mc . ., , c Q , ' Q V ,J H. 4 I I f s ., W 4 . ., W ,1. . .. . F" f 'x I '-'x ."":"'V rt' ,.- ..,. 3.59 9 GJ: ,M , Y ,xj " L -r -1 I., 'Q A. :- ,v-v J, 'Q isa ng' 4 I 5 X 1 F l J ll 1 . f .P ,Y . 1- ., v Lf, .- 'I ,V 2 .vi I I I - 1 E' u 4 KI' f -4'fn ,Q I '-'::,n, . wr' "fe,y. 5 ,, -I 11 -,f-- , ,,-- . ,Q 'V Q a.f: ,H -t1, J4, V L.. gf' ' -1 -- - . X, I ' 3 lk I f w -'J ' 'ji l"x:9x',1p1f.',f-iv l l l I l 1' 1 l A . 1 Looking through past annuals and talking to a few old alumni of Amity High School, I have learned some inter- esting facts. The first yearbook from Amity High was for the fiscal year 1916-17. It was called the "YTIlVlA" lAmity spelled backwardsl. The second annual was published for the 1924-25 school year. It was called "Oak Hills". CThere was some discussion as to whether it should be called "YTIlVlA II" or not.1 The third annual, the first "Amitonian", was put out in 1937. It was mimeographed and published by the student body, funded by money- raising projects sponsored by the students. In 1938, the second "Amitonian" was published, but from 1939 to 1944, AHS went without a yearbook, due to war. The "Amitonian" was published again, in 1945, and has been published annually ever since, making this the 35TH yearbook to come from Amity High School, and the 33RD volume of Editor the "Amitonian". THE TANIITONIAN 1975 Contents Amity High scno-an Efilcflfow Z Amity, Oregon 97101 ACADEMICS 8 SENIORS 15 V0 I U mme CLASSES 35 O RGANIZA T10 NS 49 . FEATURES 67 Advisor-Nlrs. Carol Ottaway SPO RTS 93 Editor-Mary Ann Satalich ADVERTISING 113 V' f' I I if 'l +V 1 .:,. .f 1 'N ,ag fW'?mN1!' 3 V- l 'Z . " :VZ F, T 1' ' 'xi 4 Q. 1355 L -r-5. , , My --, ,, , uf "J ,V 1 f T0 rug 'N Dedication This 1975 annual is dedicated to the School Board, past and present, in appreciation for all the things they have done for our school. The following is a list of school board members who have served Amity High School in the past 22 years. Harry Wilcox Don Walker James McKenney Marvin DeRaeve Roy LaFollet John Bauer Merle Williams Phil Meeker John Heffley Milton Fanning James Riha Elton Ingram John Bowers Carl Dauenhauer Carl Wood Eugene Rohde Denzil Wilson Alen Halter Roy Wright Marlys Johnson Edwin Keltner John Walker Julius Marx 1975 School Board Members, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Eugene Rohde, Carl Dauenhauer, John Walker, Marlys Johnson, Alen Halter. Administration 81 Faculty L It is my belief that an educational program should provide young people with the traits of self- discipline and self-motivation. Plato once said: "A good educa- tion consists of giving to body and soul all the beauty and all the perfection of which they are capable." A high school education is not to amuse students or to make them experts. Education should assist in opening unsettled minds, widening one's horizons, and inflaming one's intellectual ability to think by using good reasoning and logic in challenging the problems that all of us are sure to face. Good luck in the future and may success be yours. Charles Wiltse nuengnzxur Superintendent 5 i X . Mr. Bill Buffum, Principal Nlr. Jack VonRuden, Vice Principal TOP LEFT. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Cooper-Chorus, Swing Choir. Mr. Snoen-Band. TOP RIGHT. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Armstrong- Drafting, Woodworking, Building Construction, Shop. Mr. Coleman-Counselor. Mr. Martin-Career Education Coordinator. Mr. Juenemann-Ag, Power Mechanics, Welding, Shop. MIDDLE RIGHT. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Hagglund- Biology, Science, Driver Training. Mrs. Rupers-Math, Chemistry. Mr. Cartmill-9th Math, P.E. Mr. Geraths- Social Studies, World Cultures. BOTTOM LEFT. Re- tiring janitor Mr. Willis. BOTTOM MIDDLE. Mrs. McKee-Laundry. BOTTOM RIGHT. Mr. Hutchings, Mr. Fuller-Janitors. '....-. .x, ,, sa- xli l l, 4 TOP LEFT. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Wood-Attendance Officers Mrs. Bonnett- Deputy Clerk. SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Lahley-Office Secretaries. TOP RIGHT. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Imlah-Library Aide. Mrs. Curyea- Librarian. MIDDLE LEFT. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Ottaway- Business. Mrs. Wyffels-Home WTNV Ill LI I Blll-U KE Ec. Mrs. Miles-Spanish. SITTING: Mrs. Loudenback-Typing and Art. BOTTOM LEFT. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Farris- Drama and English. Miss Wells-English. Miss Mills-P.E. and Journalism. BOTTOM RIGHT. Mr. Morton-Special Education, Mrs. Buczynski-Special Education Aide. 24" ' Zeiss" J, ., I V-, '.,'.ll L A. ei , Academics TOP LEFT: Nlr. Armstrong shows the Building Construction class the steps in putting down a new formica top on the office counter. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Armstrong helps Donovan during Drafting. BOTTOM RIGHT: Alan Patty is priming his boards for .E ff!! ' T. -v X- V i K 'V' 'nt ' nm J 1' I. , 5 I -21-rg 5 4 painting. BOTTONI LEFT: Gordon Compton is working at the lathe in the shop during his Advanced Ag class. TOP LEFT: Jenny Kansier, 2nd period office girl, goes from room to room taking attendance. TOP RIGHT: Rick Cronk, Jack Crabtree, and Rory Fuller learn to drive the Ag tractor. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cathy Ojua learns how to use the electronic printing machine as part of Office Procedures class. BOTTOM LEFT: Valerie Harmon and Rhonda Woodward practice their skills on the Dictaphone during Office Procedures. T-W rt- 1. "QQ . xi. " ,Z xl ,-r . 'sf TOP LEFT: Deanna Moore sews on a pair of pants during her Clothing II class. TOP RIGHT: Debby Lee and Ruth Hayes prepare a going away dinner for Mrs. Wood: in Foods II. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Cartmill's 9th Math class struggle with equations. BOTTOM RIGHT: Chemistry students working with acids. BOTTOM LEFT: Doug McKee works on his graphs in Analysis. wk. X. 1.' 1 ,W V . use -L,in , yr 3..- f Us 'Qiaiirq "EL I was yi?-S 4 "'6f5iWiTN 4:1 'Mi g J - 1 - F " H-fl fvfff' 4:1 Ts IJ " ' ' 1 "1fSxii-moxrsu I- Q 1 n f f?f5ff.:,? 1 , , 1 ,-' W I ' 1. H I' . nQ'f.5,,i:E1-Q- , fQ :':737?? F- 051- , YH' -J. r 'V ' 'I-' N ,'N- X '-'tg ik' gps, A A. J X L X 4 Q TOP RIGHT: The Band class practicing diligently during class. MIDDLE: Diane Beals letters a sign in Caligraphy. BOT- TOM: Chorus learning a new song. iLu:5,.14-"-'elif af:- vp v TNQ "V X xv 5 TOP LEFT: A sophomore Driver's Ed student driving with Nlr. Coleman. TOP RIGHT: Nlr. Cartmill instructing the freshman P.E. class during Health. BOTTOM RIGHT: Diana Vario works on the parallel bars during Advanced P.E. MIDDLE LEFT: Lynda Crabtree and Jim Anderson silk-screen posters during Art. ,:" Donald Hatchard Bruce Knapp Ralph MacFawn Berlena Noble Carol ine Rodgers Guy Schwarten Charles Risseuw C ora Steph enson NCT PICTURED Kenneth Sisspn Barbara O'Neill Anna Stephenson T r ' H F53 , , 'f-31 faq, -1 3' . ff I llga. xx 'x f ' 1 I SpedaIEducaHon -.u' .'y lf l. ' an 4- I C' f ' . -Ji' K- , , Y ,, 4 L V ,gl l 1? -V ' l or w, , ,. IT.,-,V ,A Wkffv , Y -:lf K, 'fn x' , 4gm792l N .2 gl . 'L of '1 Al - ' ' E fx fa ' 21:55 5X3'7v . 7, I , 5. -Jinf ' far-' rj, " y '91 6 tg- uihn W W, m.w.Q" . Q 8 Y ,, 1" ask f sr Seniors The class of '75 will have alot of happy memo- ries of AHS to think back upon in the years to come. They started out the year mostly making plans for graduation arid it continued until that final moment. We welcomed the underclassmen by sponsoring a "Be Mean to UnderClassmen Week" in which no underclassmen were allowed in the Student Center. In October we selected Rhonda Woodward as our Homecoming Princess and Callie Young was chosen as Homecoming Queen 1975. In December the senior girls worked hard on the Christmas window. Their hard work was well worth it as the seniors grabbed first place. We earned money throughout the year by holding a cake raffle and a car bash in the spring. In April we put on the senior class play entitled "The Curious Savage." Bonnie Wilson and Cathy Ojua received awards for best actresses whlie Doug McKee and Alan Patty were the best actors, scene stealers were Pam!,Hackworth and Tom Callander. On April 17 the Junior-Senior Banquet was held at the Elks Lksdge. The Prom was held on April 19 and it was one that will never be forgotton as the band was "Blackhawk County." We elected Mary Ann Satalich as our princess and Kathleen Reynolds was the Prom Queen for 1975. When May Day came around we elected Bonnie Wilson as senior class prin- - cess, Cathy Ojua as Crown Princess, and May Day Queen for 1975 was Debbie Hubbard. The Senior Class officers, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jac: Nielsen SGT. AT ARMS, Bonnie Wilson-PRESIDENT, Mary Ann Satalich-SECRETARY-TREASURER, Ronnie Lee VICE PRESIDENT. PRESI DEN T- Bonnie Wilson flunk trip to Sun River was the final event before our last uniting at graduation which was held on June 1. ADVISORS: Jack VonRuden, Marianne Mills, James Coleman. 7'-lieest' ,- X533 ' V DIANE IRENE ASCHIIVI FHA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 37 FTA 1,2,3,4, GRA 1,2,3,47 FB LA 3, Reporter 37 Inklings 3,47 Track 2. COREY DEAN BINGHAM Baseball 2,3,4j Basketball 3, Manager 1,27 Football 3,47 Track 47 Boy of'IVIonth April 4. ALAN J. BRANDON FFA 1,2,3,4, President 47 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4, Football 3,47 Track 27 Boy of the Month Dec. 4. DOUGLAS EARL BROWN FFA 1,2,3, Assist. Sec. 1, Secre- tary 2, President 37 Baseball 1,27 Football 1,21 Swing Choir 3,4. NORINA BROWN Annual 2,32 Band 1,2,3,4, Librarian 1,2, Pres. 47 FHA 2,3,4, President 47 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Varsity Rally 47 Student Council 2,42 Student Senate 37 Track 2,37 Basketball 2,37 Volleyball Nlang. 37 Junior Class Play, Nlay Day Princess 2. JANEAN LORAE BUCZYNSKI FTA 2,3,4, Vice President 47 Inklings 2,3,4, Assist. Ed. 37 Editor 47 Pep Club 2,3,47 Varsity Rally 37 Student Council 3,42 Soph. Class Secretary7 Homecoming Princess 1. 7,14 LM THOMAS CRAIG CALLANDER FFA 2,3,4j VICA 3,47 President 47 Wrestling 1,2,3, Outstanding Wrestler 37 Senior Class Play, Scene Stealer. BRUCE ALLEN COMPTON Chorus 1,2,37 FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 47 Student Council 17 Freshman Class President, Basketball 1,2,3,4Q May Day Escort 1. DARLENE KAY CORNUTT Chorus 17 GRA 1,27 Basketball 2. DEBORAH ANNE COOPER FHA 2,3,47 Pep Club 47 Football Varsity Rally 47 FNA 2,3,47 Track Manager 37 Junior Class Play 37 Junior May Day Princess. XPAMELA ANN HAcKvvoRTH Annual 1,2,3,4, Sports Ed. 3,47 Band 1,22 FHA 1,2,3,47 FTA 47 GRA 1,2,3,47 Inklings 37 Pep Club 1,2,3,41 Student Council, gt. at Arms 4, Manager 47 Basket- all Scorekeeper 1,2,3,47 Basket- all 1,3,4, Most Outstanding Player ,47 Track 1,3,4, Manager 27 Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Outstanding Senior 4, Honorary Captain 47 Senior Class Play, Scene Stealer7 lProm Princess 37 Girl of Month Feb. 4. l VALERIE JOY HARMON Transfer from Franklin High School, Portland, Oregon 4. PHILLIP RAY DAVIS Transfer from Dayton 27 Football 1,47 Track 17 Wrestling 1. JODY MAE DIETER Band 17 Chorus 37 Drill Team 2,3 FHA 1,22 FTA 17 GRA 1,2, Vice Pres. 27 Pep Club 1,2,3,4j Varsity Rally 4, Queen 47 Volleyball 17 Junior Class Playp Senior Class Play. JODEE LEE HATCH FFA 2,37 FHA 17 FNA 27 GRA 1,2,37 Pep Club 1,2,37 Baskteball 27 Track 17 Volleyball 1,2. DENNIS DEAN HERSHA Chorus 1,27 FFA 3,47 Baseball Nlan. 27 Basketball Man 37 Foot- ball Man 1,27 Wrestling lVlan 17 VICA 3,4, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4. JERE' LEA HOWITT Annual 2,3,4, Classes Ed. 4, Photographer 47 Chorus 27 FHA 2,3,47 FNA 27 Pep Club 2,3,4, Sec. 47 Volleyball 27 FBLA 3,4, Treas. 47 Junior Class Play7 Home coming Princess 2. DEBRA LAVELLE HUBBARD FHA 1,2,3,4j FNA 2,37 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Varsity Football Rally 47 IVlay Day Queen 4. EDNIUND RAY LEE Chorus 37 Student Senate 2,41 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,47 Track 2,3,47 Junior Class Pres.7 Junior Class Play, Best Actor7 May Day Escort 37 Boy of the Month Jan. 37 Boy of Month Feb. 4. RICHARD RUSSELL KURZ FFA 1,22 Sophomore Vice Presi- dent. 20 BEVERLY DIANNE LUX Annual 47 Chorus 2,3,47 FFA 27 FTA 4. RONALD PAUL LEE Student Senate 37 Senior Class Vice. President7 Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, May Day Escort 4. KEVIN MICHAEL McCALLIE Band 17 Chorus 27 FTA 27 Student Council 37 Student Body Manager Y 37 Football 1,2,3,4j Wrestling .1,2,3,4, Outstanding Wrestler 2,32 Baseball 1,2,3,4. DOUG LAS DEAN McKEE Annual 1,22 Chorus 37 FFA 1,2,3, Reporter 2,37 Stu- dent Council 2,3,4j Foot- ball 1,2,3,47 BaQball 1,37 Wrestling 17 Fresh- .man Class Pres.7 Junior Class Play7 Senior Class l Play, Best Actor 47 May Day Escort 2,4, Boy of A the Month Feb. 37 Boy of the Month Sept. 47 Graduation Marshall 37 Student Body Sgt. at Arms 37 Student Body President 47 Boy of Year 4. CHERY L ANNETTE MELHEIM Chorus 2,37 Inklings 4, Page Editor 47 Pep Club 1,2. JERRY 'LEON MOORE FFA 17 Baseball 2,42 Track 4. ARNOLD P. MORTZHEIM Student Council 47 Track 1,2,3,47 7 Wrestling 37 Junior Class Play. he an rum --am.-1 f ' A if-.'f5g?5j ll, ta V ii, RANDOLPH GEORGE MULLINS Chorus 47 Baseball 1,2,3,47 Basketball 17 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 4. REBECCA LEE MURRAY Annual 1,2,3,4, Organization Ed. 3,47 Chorus 1,3,47 Drill Team 1,47 FTA 1,2,3,47 GRA 1,2,3,47 Inklings 37 Swing Choir 3,47 Pep Club 1,2,37 Varsity Rally 3, J.V. Rally 27 Student Senate 47 Asst. Student Body Treas. 37 Student Body Treas. 47 Spanish Club 37 FB LA 37 Junior Class Playj Volley- ball 1,2,3,4. Most Insnira- tional Player 3,42 Girl of Month May 4. Cf' JACQUELYN SUE NIE LSEN Band 1,27 GRA 27 Inklings 37 Basketball 2,3,42 Track 1,47 CATHY JEAN OJUA FHA 2,3,47 FTA 2,3,4Q Pep Club 2,3,47 Varsity Rally 37 Student Council 47 Student Body Sec. 47 Track 2,42 Freshman Class Sec.- Treas.7 Junior Class Sec.-Treas.7 FBLA 3,4, Vice Pres. 3,4, State Reporter 47 Homecoming Princess 17 Junior Class Play7 Senior Class Play, Best Actress7 Nlay Day Crown Princess 47 Girl of the Month Oct. 47 Girl of Year 4. Sophomore Class Sgt. at Arms7 Senior Class Sgt. at Arms7 Senior Class Play7 Homecoming Princess 3. KATHLEEN LEOTA REYNOLDS Chorus 27 FHA 1,2,37 FTA 3,41 GRA 1,22 Pep Club 1,2,3,4j Volleyball 17 Prom Queen 4. RANDYL CLAY REYNOLDS FFA 1,2,3,47 Football 2,3. ALAN LYLE PATTY Transfer from Concordia High School, Concordia, Calif. 37 Fencing 1,22 Sadotar 17 Concord High Assoc. of Rocketry 1,2, Vice 'Pres. 1, Pres. 17 FFA 3,42 Track 47 Senior Class Play, Best Actor7 Boy of the Month Oct. 4. I 4 .ff:s+f,-P1 ' , 'Ti "'l14isi'v ' ' ' ,N 1 WL.-Y-,i y, 23 SUZANNE EILEEN ROSENBALM Annual 3,4, Faculty Ed. 4, Photographer 47 FFA 2,3,4, Reporter 47 GRA 47 Basketball 2,3,4, Honorary J.V. Captain 47 Track 1,2,3,47 Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Girl of the Month Jan. 37 Girl of the Month Dec. 4. BRUCE ALVIN RUTSCHMAN Band 1,27 FFA 1,2,3,47 Junior Class Play7 VICA 3, Par- liamentarian 3. MA RY ANN SATA LICH Annual 1,2,3,4, Editor 47 FTA 2,37 GRA 1,2,3, Sec. 37 Student Council 47 Junior Class Vice PYGSQ Senior Class Sec.-Treas.7 Junior Class Play, Spanish Club 37 FBLA 3,47 Girl of the Month Sept. 47 Prom Princess 4: Valedictorian 4. CHARLEESE JEAN SCHMOKER Band 17 Chorus 1,2,3,47 Swing Choir 47 FB LA 37 Salutatorian 4 DONNA MARIE SIMON Band 2,3, Librarian 37 Chorus 3,47 FHA 17 FTA 1,2,3,47 Student Senate 17 Pep Club 1,2,3,4Q Swing Choir 3,41 Student Council 1,2,47 Student Body Manager 47 Wrestling Rally 2,37 Queen 37 Basketball 37 Track 1,27 Volley- ball 17 Spanish Club 27 Junior Class Play, Best Actress7 Senior Class Play. JAMES MICHAEL TA LLMAN Wrestling 1. 1 4. i' -,zu, BONNIE KIM WILSON Annual 1,2,3,4, Senior Ed. 47 FTA 1,2,3,47 GRA 1,2,3,47 Inklings 4, Illustrator 47 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 President 47 Varsity Rally 3, Queen 27 Student Council 3,42 FBLA 3,42 Spanish Club 2,32 Volleyball2,3,4, Most Improved Player 37 Junior Class PIay7 Senior Class Play, Best Actress7 May Day Princess 47 Girl of the Month Mar. 37 Girl of the Month Nov. 4. RHONDA LAUREEN WOODWARD FHA 1,2, FTA 1,2,3,4Q GRA 1,21 Pep Club 1,2,3,4j Wrestling Rally 1,2, Queen 27 Student Council 27 FBLA 3,4, Sec. 3,47 Homecoming Princess 4. 'lg a DIANA LYNN VARIO Band 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 47 Chorus 2,3,47 FHA 27 Swing Choir 3,47 Track 3,4. SHERRY LEE WEL LIVER FHA 17 Pep Club 17 Track 1 NOT PICTURED: THOMAS MITCHE Ll. BA LDONI JAMES WILLIAM I FISCHER PRISCILLA LEE MORGAN , KIM J. vom RUDEN LINDA JEANNE vvoon EILEEN PATRICIA SPURGEON DONOVAN DUANE ZOOK FFA 27 Sophomore Class Treasurer. DENISE JEAN HERSHA FHA 1,2,37 FNA 27 GRA 1,2,37 Pep Club 1,2,3,3Q Wrestling Rally 47 Volleyball 1,2. PAMELA LEE YEADON FHA 1,2,3,4, Treas. 37 FTA 1,2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 27 Student Council 17 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 FB LA 3,4, President 4, Dist. Vice Pres. 47 Girl of the Month Jan, 4, CALLIE JEAN YOUNG Drill Team 27 FHA 1,2,3, Treas. 27 GRA 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 47 Inklings 3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,47 Track 17 Homecoming Princess 4. u I wwf lmlgffri Vocal Awards- Becky Murray Diane Vario Linda Wood Charleese Sch Outstanding Chorus Member- Diana Vario Building Construction Award- Outstanding Swing Choir Member- Becky Murray Outstanding Senior Instrumental Musician- Diana Vario Outstanding Service in Bldg. Construction- hd Lee Alan Patty Outstanding Member in Home Ec- Tony Neufeldt Endersby Spirit Award- Debbie Cooper Pam Hackworth Betty Crocker Award- Journalism Award- Annual Award- Mary Ann Satalich Janean Buczynski Mary Ann Satalich Senior Class Play Awards: Best Actresses-Bonnie Wilson and Cathy Ojua. Best Actors-Alan Patty and Doug McKee. Scene Stealers-Pam Hackworth and Tom Cal lander. Perfect Attendance- Girl of the Year- Boy of the Year- Charleese Schmoker Cathy Ojua Doug McKee Alan Brandon Bruce Rutschman - - - . . Outstanding Senior Girl- Outstanding Senior Boy- Donovan Zook Bonnie Wilson Doug McKee Bessie Sorensen Scholarship- Chemeketa Scholarship- Lions Club Scholarship- Bonnle Wilson Norina Brown Susie Rosenbalm Doug M c Kee Bruce Rutschman SENIOR Goor AWARDS Most Athletic Boy - Kevin McCallie Best Physique - Jerry Moore . Most Athletic Girl - Pam Hackworth 56512 Fi9UI'e ' Rhonda Woodward Debbie Hubbard Most Contagious Laugh Bonnie Wilson Best Looking Bruce Compton, Ron Lee, Bev Lux Most likely to remain an old maid-Pam Yeadon Best excuses for getting out of class-Janean Buczynski ,Sv-' Best sense of humor-Jaci Nielsen, Callie Young Most Outstanding-Mary Ann Satalich Most forgotten sensor- Dennis Hersha SS14- l 'I 1 M We S -V fe-T A Senior Flunk Trip On Nlay 23rd the Senior Class of '75 loaded themselves onto a bus to Sun River, Nlr. Coleman'svanwith10-speed bikes, and lVIrs. Hatch's pick up with more bikes and food galore! Under the watchful supervision of lVlr. VonRuden, lVlr. Coleman, Miss lVlills, lVlr. Jeff Howard, and lVlrs. Hatch we were headed for our destination. The main topi of conversation for the first two and ahalfhourswas, "How much longer until we stop and eat?" We finally arrived at "The Gallery" in Sisters where we ate breakfast. We arrived in Sun River at about 10:00. The day was spent playing keep away in the pool, bike riding, horseback riding, golfing, canoeing, just plain laying around in the sun, and most important of all EATING! About 8:00 p.m. we loaded everything back up and we were on our way back to Amity. But we couIdn't make it without at least one outhouse stop at Suttle Lake with a line of about 50 desperate seniors waiting patiently for their turn. As the long ride wore on all you could see in front of you were everyone's feet dangling over the seat in front of them. At least one person in every seat slept while the other one sat uncomfortably wide awake in one position and acted as a pillow. I'm sure every senior will never forget all the good times spent in that day with their fellow classmates. al H5 "as, ' 4 ' .. , - ' 7?-W A i "', "L" l Q- Lv., ' 'J ' g-1 ' A -.N Q A -, I . .. ."-.ii -'Q . ., ,N-N1 J 3 11 I 1 W64lf5 0l1f,H., 1 A. I 29 The 1975 Valedictorian for Amity was Mary Ann Satalich. She has been an active member on the Annual Staff all four years of high school and her senior year served as the Amitonian Editor. She has also been a member of the Future Teachers of America and the Girls Recreation Association. She received the Betty Crocker Homemaker award her senior year and also the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen- ship Award. She has an accumulative GPA of 3.89 and plans to attend Oregon State University in the fall to major in Office Administration. She plans on becoming a secretary upon completing her education. f , vi r' -,gp '. ,IQ .- I . AC' F ,- is -3, -.J ' F4 yi- ' ' I .- :Is H7 1 fkiyfgjll' - ' ff' ,Tw .lt F ew if fgifvi .QL fa.. li ' Charleese Schmoker was awarded Saluta- torian for Amity High. She was an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America in her junior and senior years. Charleese was also involved in the choral department by participating in Chorus and Swing Choir. Her senior year she received an Outstanding Vocal Award and also an award for perfect attendance. During her years at Amity she obtained an accumula- tive GPA of 3.79. Charleese plans on attending Chemeketa Community College in the fall to pursue a career as a profes- sional secretary. :4 A G r a d u a t i 0 n dffgowiawwbbmffrgwwwdfafeiew if Youve get 4-fienxi IWW wicEaHttfel?ffd fm On Sunday June lst in the high school gymnasium, the Senior Class of 1975 were united for the final time before receiving their diplomas. The Senior Swing Choir members joined for the final time with the resl: of the Swing Choir to sing'two songs for entertainment. It was a day that I'm sure will never be forgotton by any of those sitting upon the stage in royal blue caps and gowns. lVlany tears were shed, some of happiness to be moving on, and some of sadness to be leaving behind the friends we had made. But most of all we were faced with the reality of a new beginning and anotherchange. f'i""ffQ7"J'i'W'f1' fsb.4.ll.j1L . W. -740 new fdlmd f fvffffdw V 3 5 W ,Sire ,. 1 - w 11 " YL ' ll 'i ' v . '-.1 ' 'Q:. 4+ A FaHUTl fEE?? W HW we f eww. 33 I ,,,,,,,.,.---- Sf evzifw ifgmemfen ax ,ba J '. sg V AMITY HIGH SCHOOI comme EVENTS HU'HFf'C'UHT NC' . AMTTYNVS CDWRETT in f1,LL,, 7 w V6f Z ' Kwwffefwawyadtkugpmg, JVIIM CLASSES 5 QQ Q 3? hw ' uiaiilf' Juniors ' A 1 re A Wa. Spa rut of "76" M A , -J Q, , I '-.-.fx , , t r j , I I, f -'14, -x .,, 'N " A ' A.. 5 f '- 1. ' ,J . ,L 5' 1-if s iffghw :,.f'9f"' 4' ., , : 'my Hina ww" -1930! "J 'f W- .v fu. sir, M! n -a , - ,.,,f ,1g,,, ,,,,. .,.,, ,. , .J lf- ,l 'f,- '.' .. .f""i .1 ' , 'Y 1114 ,gli - I ' , 4'-2, - w -:Q-.-, -07 v - r f .N , ,vig uf' 1,1 W- Q I 81,1 r -',.u ,luv 1 "F, ji ' 'QE 4 Advisors-LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Farris, Miss Wells, Mrs. Curyea Officers-STANDING: Brad Johnson President, SEATED, LEFT, FRONT T0 BACK: Kathy Schulz-Treasurer Jenny Kansier-Secretary, Jim Anderson-Concessions. SEATED, RIGHT, FRONT T0 BACK: Delvin Zook-Representative, Teresa Tresham-Representative, Anne Fischer-Sargeant-at-Arms. I Juniors ,if s X Q W ' 'if' 1 1 I ,xo-f , i 'A ' lr , L' iv 3' " ' H M I ' li: W key P4 I , I F. Af :JV .N 1 i s J , I 't' X .A I i F, l 3 3. 'A h - A Q In A , " 'i ggi ,n 1- ,J If i ii, - A' , '-iff' , ll A I, bm 'ii b A 'YJ i f , . A ax" , ' ff? 'iff' 31 X .' '. ' -1' J 3117.431 .A 'fair 1. i , ra f'x.'JYk1i'fTf?'. 4 f . ,ji i.4,f5,gg3,k 1 . L- f'1:'liZL1 fr-'9"'zL4f N Ii D 5, 1 js- X xx-. , 4 ., 'I IJ Iv " 1' 5 1 is UAB f .ser ,A 5 " x ,f ,A .wi A . iw . A 'Uri 'Y , 'I i,. :Mi ,Aiwa fi .A if! i in 37 'ix 4 ii ax i .I V i X. xg 2? X if Qi' fr N ' It H--.SL :if-v i. rm Jackie Andersen James Anderson Dale Bacon Dave Baker Sue Baker Diane Beals Bruce Bewley Jonie Boggan Dorothy Brown DeeDee Callander Gordon Compton Jeff Davis Carolyn Dodge Linda Farrell Anne Fischer Ruth Hayes Diana Hersha Mary Ann Jackson Brad Johnson Jenny Kansier Mark Lawson Debby Lee Arlarn Lehman Linda May Mark Malshall Cindy Miller Dale Moore Debbie Mories Joni Olson David Rose Kelley Samel Kathy Schulz Tami Schwarten Kerry Smith Teresa Tresham Rick Vanderhoof y L xy X ,fifhs lk I E' 1 I l ffl ,rg 'fi ., x ii' W ,x W i V x L I xx A V Juniors .n, V L.- ' fra W lf' X r L' '.,, ' lj A' .CQ 7 F ?.f f f7".'1s.k 3' .. If ,, f , 4 I y " , ' i .L 1 N . "ir Q.. 1 65' X - ,. ,i A- '7-. Q! L- ' ' w --ie-, FT-:,..-1 V- ,. . , ' 1i1,4r ' ' . l N'-'nfl 'J - " , 1 f 2 , . . ld We 455-X fa' X .NQJ . 29458 A x A ,. Q 'fr L 'llgjlgj N , , K - 5 , ri. Y V W ' he Riva 1 hfak buggy! , U L law N N Juniors r , x wiv. 1 l Q i V vi ' fi -My-q.4 N, " r i W i ,fa , if 1 XX I l X 9 i 'L E... lf l n ' Hx. IX 'Cf ,ll x , Lx Q i ' " l Joseph Vario fbv lz f ' Dave Walker iv :ix-. i Dave Warrick Cindy we-Iriver i ' a 1 , , Q W. all yi . H. ' Y . Steve Well iver I N rm ! 431' A Greg Weisbrich rdf' . A QQ. ' 5, 'f ' afgx3,,jfQ27R 4 . ,,4 rr- '1f'iafif:.-.h NOT PICTURED Bill Westfall Denny Downing Virginia Wolner Delvin Zook Officers-SEATED: John McLaughlin-President. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Batz-Vice President, Nelda Ruiz- Secretary-Treasurer, Loren Stairs-Sargeant-at-Arms. Advisors-LEFI' TO RIGHT: Nlr. Armstrong, Nlrs., Wyffels, Mr. Juenemann. Sophqmores N f. PM I I7 fZ?f1y Vt QL- I, VY ,I Xi' , T N -rm N 'fe 4 :lr L- 1: ,aah X f ey ' E sf I ,L . y , we I -NNWXT , . Yi ' 4-E-5 Q . 'L I , I VI ' , QQ? "ifJ.I-:- :3,f,,gujg5'e' : Cf" .V M fr' V fn , m aiu ' T, fi Sf. 'W .af , :vii ' 1 Class of "77" K 1 I . u ,r f ., 1 A F. , U, 5- l ,Q 'I - . J :lv S 5 N 5 ' . n---kr , F . ,-ew,-..??.-- - li!-,L . , . , o 1, v Qi -Xi Sophomores ' , rl I' I 1 J , ' J C..-,Q I. f ' , 1 ' ' Y: ""' :PH -, A+- JTHRZ-L.A'j I 1 l tu x gf"l"X'i'1f 5l1 N. 'ki 151'- ' 5.1 , '? J--.,, .v gi. fg, n ,. 5 lei' in V :iq M 'Qu .3 X L 4- ,Q 1 1.. H, X rg- , ,Q- xg., i r uf' . " ' in 1 'lr V ff ' 4- fr 'f y 1 V E ,V 3 A , ' X Q 1 an , iz ar' F -, - - z. .. . V. we A-N Y ,I -V Y V YV---W e Y 1 V, e - ' ' .3.v.. J- , lf, . , n 4 . . .,. lu sl ,.., .1 ,. V '.'.,."4 'a 'Q ' . -" -"J -" Q X few. I 'fu . ' ' Q Q F inane 'if TX ,N ll ua. X V so , f 'elf' E er-5 as , sa .2 N ' +- 5 'K 3 'I :Emi i xx 5:35 A l .- , Ap 'C' wifi. 1 We f, 4.-5-fe, ,fwlllllw 'ii 1 rf- l L ,ix Y' ig . me - " l , .nr l I -,Iwi-4 A ' 1 E l 1 Ylisw , S l u NMR ,N ll f' al ,Rod-Andersen Lynn Baker Lane Baldoni John Barker Dan Batz Suzie Beals Rick Bewley Shannon Bingham Beth Branscome Chris Brown Carol Bryan Jerry Buczynski Beth Carrico Pam Chandler Kim Clark Kenny Cooper James Cram Jamie DeRaeve Doug Drader Jeanne Farrell Mike Farris Stacy Fuller Roxanne Gandesbery Sally Gonzales Chuck Gould Ronald Graham Mike Halter Mark Holt Bruce Hubbard Howard Kline Lettie Lopez Mike Lux Judy Mahlman John Mc Laughlin Douglas McMullen Michael Melheim Nadine Miller Mike Moon Deanna Moore Kristi Olson Randy Ojua Lesa Pendergraft Eric Rasaka John Rima Sophomores ' 1 5 an 0 .V T -1 J ' li J 'NVQ ' 'Q Wi lf fi V' K Xi 'W l ff or ' ,, J '59 1,7 "l X .J I I 5 l f gf ll, frfkf l - H' 5, , . w l llll il, in f a .a gr t I - xkmgy. s I1 , I . ,Z N X . rv 27 -llx 5 ' Sw f" r 1" 5' s QE x , : ' A' 'ji .,.., , .17 2 - --- Q5 - x 'T-19-ff ii fig, 1 5..- 'ij ,, , lx X v YY Xxx R I k . i L, , , . I ll l . , HX , in 42-5 g 1 IQ. l' ". - 1 l il?" ,A 1" , I" l . .. ,if J rx Mmfg, N l jk I .x.' - .- 1 - l I 4 J . f - , 4-1 is rj-Q? 13 , , I 5? -r'2 if " W . l S .1 , i J' 'LA , D, QR 'Q rf ' Q , W . .K -3 - fd? - . l I 1,-lb 5-Qlffae, , . . ,f A' 'rqapggvl A 3 1" fr ., v,1'A4y'f' Ll1"'9.ll,T'f I-4 l U fn :7T..,..- V, -, -.-- Y, , -Lf! .ffm-rf ,1- "aff-RT W? ff-If 44, "R-' ".',' V -. ' .xi- Q A I i 77 K' T J 5 l I ' 1 Sophomores , 4 ' A hes' gl K, l ls., .u lf V N N -- + 1 ,-r .. . K 1 iggii, dvi- "iq D ' 1 V 1 '. 1-. , 1.. " ' ' j-1 .wi - , 1 J I, M 5- 5 ix ll 'lbw x 1 l .gg L "Vq .1 M S 'll , T 1 li V , . l X x fl r .QKQQQ 3 m. it rw 2 R f wN1gl2, ni M. .l'llni7"l lllliilr--N 1 -" N TT- Tm" ' 'T "' V ,tx li, Q. V H ,- Li' if g ' ' X Fl':1I'5 X. "' " V , , , Af 'KWH' F Y "K-,L-Fl' ' i . 1' , I 1 fi? J v . gg, ' S ,,4r, l V. I L44 ' ,. i, , I lf-Q. ' Q, 0, ' " ' A J v-4 .1 .. 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' . ldieiitb , i., X 5, ' l' '9 , . , r A 2" Rza. -w -41- 1 ,V , . -l .1 ,- I Li ' W - Jw ,I H' 1 -T-Q-E1'Y-, ,z ' - as ' 512.1212 mvraisf' i F' 'Z -- " lr, e-v-,-......L w E5..uf4i A ,-,Az-mg-7+ 1 - -- '51 x :ai el ' .u Sandy Welliver Gordon Whitesel Nancy Wood Kevin Robertson Barbara Rodgers James Rosenbalm Nelda Ruiz Cheryl Rutschman Robin Schoon Debbie Shilhanek Sherrie Smith Loren Stairs Shane Starr Anita Stephenson Brian Stephens Gloria Tombleson Jim Vaughn Connie Volland Darryl Walker NOT PICTURED Larry Howitt Lynda Crabtree Nlarcy Dillon Freshmen Class of H7877 J . -A ' l J l I 1 L R.. f- ,. SL - 'E' H Ill 7 . . ww- 59 A . IIN A. N Q X N , 'Pl i hfffww 5-12 'I' F' ki C wil? X J il ' lR.'X3iWlrf1Ii'lr N A ijlit 1 11, s ' I I., ..- ' K Las N 1 . lv 5. F1 ,J ff -:' w V M K A V ,-. ' X .,- 'ixm' I " 1 r", ififx 'l fin K , 5. X 'lb '-, F. 3 mr. 1. Freshmen ff... F1 GN .-:.'..'ZiX 4, L 'N' u wx - h T f J-N fr f .X I . X K K xx 'X :V l at ,L N .',.-ff, ,. ff ' ig' 1 ui' w ah - U . 3 Nik? ' T, Q1 0 ,-' L- 7- D V . lg- W, EE Jimi? . , W -A Q E X I l . X Q l ' iz A , rw 1 . I v h if F F .f . 2 l Beverly Barber Mary Batz Clifford Black Sandy Brady Frank Branscome Deloris Brown Terri Carsten Laurie Cooper Diana Cornutt Julie Coulston Jack Crabtree Ricky Cronk Pam Dauenhauer David DeRaeve Cammie Downing Pam Foote Clinton French Rory Fuller Tammy Gould Nita Graham Randy Graham David Halter Randy Hayes Irvin Hersha Terri Hoard Lori Jones Carla Keeton Beth Ketchum Lisa Lofton Tim Lund Robin Nlarcum Shannon McCallie Bob McKee Becky Nlelheim Jeff Nloon Phillip Olson Teresa Pressnall Norma Ritacca Donny Rodgers Janice Rohde ,. , ' 9, is--'I 'f . L I 5 , , i - -M 13 , Ri 9 1 XZ Qt NE . ., , XX X5 1 if in-If K, e , . z.' 1 - 1 , , .r . ., . ' 5 , . ,WM r 4 ' i R iii ' X H Wx Q In Vi, l A ir ' I-S. -'5 '- f-..1.- :- 'Af, M F 5 L,-' ' ' "' - ai- ' .' ' I Q - g is Qi . ,. V 4- ' I 'M . , 'ssulym Q. hx, x. I if ,I 'F r . ,X xv 1 1 '. .. " .f Freshmen ' i ' ' W 1 ' " ii e 1' '. -N .f f ':- 4: ri- R 5' 5 5 ' 1 I ' U if ' , W -5 1 wz' -if 1 - . ., l' , r Q. 3. " .i I -. -. E 2 1 I ' f 'gd 2 ?:'tifif' R Q' df, , ' ' ' ' o- : . ' .f 1:--. -fp. g1'1g,, df.. 1 I -J,,,,f,. K -f 4 4 c 1 e in in ,,f15.m X INK. A qs y AEM i R f 'I , Ay . . E A I I ' 1:-1" if: 5, In A L N In - ,J ,r .tl FJ GL .V , A , 4 U A, 3-111 0 gigs ' 4 li 3' E ,gk c ,, . 1 , +15 -2,3 Q .-'F'-xg -1 -V A Q. , i t ..,::,. .,.- . Is U ,' .- -' ' .4 K-' . 4 r .- 1 1 3 i l"" f fb ' .R :sm li i ' E U- -N X ". N., Q i I . .Lf Q . J. '. iii , -ww.-'X wifi X iii ii J' , I A l " 'R W-. J gs. I Mm, ,vi 1 ,N x. , r - 11 if K ' Sn 4 :al x K-r 1 , Y :xy 'N , 'Q . ,ff ,gg-A K'9?i7"!l -4611.34 ,lj 4 my ai.-igrw y . g--3-Q0 2-ci "'i1t.:1.Ri? 'Q-gf I " ' 'LL pq : Q F' 7' R i -4 ,ua ' .E kiln Lim 'gfx-T l I - H will 7 ' 1 91 . 'W W. '. fs i X lsjak' I r . N ., if 'PH , ' 134 A mfg, R i Q: i R ' y 'M V. R+ y i rjeU" - yy. 'ljx i -gif? '12 M .M , t ciarg?-, 3' 'paw . A .f '. .T j.JAf'I"'Ew 7 ' ' rif 0 ' i EiIif1g:'i?iff5:fg ' , '.1G" ka 3 ' 1-affih' :ui fi? ' "JW , K J- Lv l l x 5 .e.'-U' L. 4- X .,-Q.. 1 1 1 4 4 1 ,- ...f as l if l ' + in 'Q 2' ig' x Q fa.-T gtg. 4 l xl '- 1 ' --.g ,, ' l55:'ff.5. -QIQIQ1-,FQ X, I ug I IZ.i':.:f5x Sify 5. l S ui- l . -fifw - li?'- f' lf , ll ,E Ui' p lf, , 5' 'ffif ,D 4 X I, lv X5 "2 kill .1 4' La- I , ll l E., ' ADX A . f l . l '- I I 3 Q i . l 4 .Anim g.,,..5 1- -1 ,' .9 9. 1' 1 Melvin Trammel Terrisa Voepel Cynthia Volland Jannell Warrick Terry Westfall Nathan Zook Sharol Rosenbalm Debbie Smith Maureen Spurgeon Becky Stacy Curtis Stairs Jerri Blackwell Randy Stol k Rex Swartzendruber NOT PICTU RED Becky Hayes Dean Howitt u?, g r 1 E r L DRGAN IZATION 3: iff, ' ' qi , iff 'fJi,,"f2- Z. igfif ,U ,L 251, un, xv'-hw. ei , . t R ", fr" Yu! , fp- .... -- ..,. M M-, A 5 . L, , , gg ,3 41.3. .C ' ' - 5-t , . ... A. g , sf, ,, N ,- Ut, , I' ,wi , " ' v ,A ino- U- ,I V, D , ,,,,, 4 5.,,,5-,,. 41 X K . ' U -Lg.,-:Tx4?,':lS:"Lf L-,,f?4 3Tqn-,if'.q40?f ' .42-1.1, - Nff: 5,-,ygiftx ,ft . 'Y.,,G2'.flm Y ,, 4 " X' ,xr ' ' 43' - p f. f ' " 1 3a51Q'1'C-Ti .A 31 ?1?f"2'.fi':-. . A " W , ,., ,. ---,xg , Jvey f, -,iyefa VI, -fe. - .WW -+ 1.3,-,V N 35194: " '- -f ' ff'-T, , Wg, -.f Up, - ,-,- -,,,f1N. an -W ' -it . If ig, jvgi. '.K1,,l5', , ,IA1 5 f jug..-, - iq.. 4- I ,V , 5-Lf., i," 'I-f l Ia n , I' P75 ifgzvqtfl ,fhgxgx , . . qlklyf'--,YE...i,yw . gf 1.x-Q 2, Mp,,,,.J5?xfRg,,k,3,jxi'gg,,,V ,N 1,1 -, -Le. - X "f:f+ fH 1'?:f"'1w. vi R725 '- 'aS'!"'- --Jlf'3p'!K3k"fw. "fi 57" ' ' f'Q'1"? .'. 61315 . E ,N 15.5 , Ji. rl U . run, V PA. 31' .595 .fng -, Q , ,,, ,.A,,Q,G Q . D, '-six .K muah? 1 3 , . ., ,-4 nf zf9gc' X '15 E ' 1gVg?dff:.xQ"?2, -' Vik r F ' q T' :af "-3 6. """ -" ' .F z' - -r," 3f1"'f..a1f 'fun--if A " -1'fE'Q-llw.-. ' av 'Wim 2 W' .sffwfh 1 1- . . w ifi . ,f.g1e.,gs?'fNf 1, Es., , Jw.. ,, wg -'Z In 'Tlx Q ' X' . if 1 Ps u " 1t3fjl.j9g'3gf ' if' 4? .-HSSP' we ' . T- r ad-. r1+Z'?Q5-ab 1 .un Ag. X 7 ,I kvxwh. ., ,, 111-' ' , It SJ' lJ'4"f':6gE T2 Vw TMJ? 4. f'L?::'-f:- ' ?T- ' .'ii'-'5'::'S1. ' Vf ,ring fri, ki '- IW K .ft "' , il- . ' 1 , L 1' M If V, . 4 ..:2 , Wife A R "'L9'Z'115' .1144"'-f-'1- 5 ,,' Yagi? F' vii ' ,T Ax' Saqff' s. f' . if ,.-:fav fe? -'ifh f i T , -azgyk-sw eff. " ...1 T L 'JP Tf-i?','H'2w 515.7 A 44, A-'M ' 'f , A if-FT , f,:1Fff- Eff' w e - i f 7' ' , I ,VA-wg.-' . ni ' L, fl-131 -.1f"1-" ' 4 T fm T f f T T ' 1 A , f A-'a. ... S A ,nd ,. Q-v T' "Y1IEII"T""i""l Q k- - J -.....I"'1' Members-IN TREE, LEFT 'ITO RIGHT: Bev Lux, DeeDee Callander. BACK ROW, LEFI' TO RIGHT: Sue Baker, Mark Marshall, Sue Rosenbalm, Mrs. Ottaway, Maureen Spurgeon, Lesa Pendergraft, Kristi Olson, Mary Batz, Nelda Ruiz, Debbie Shilhanek, Kathy Schulz, Lynn Baker, Mary Ann Satalich. BOTTGNI ROW: Jannell Warrick, Jere' Howitt, Cheryl Rutschman, Mary Ann Jackson, Shannon Bingham Robin Schoon, Jamie DeRaeve, Becky Nlurray, Bonnie Vifilson. SLTIIUUL AE,DiTiCN cr' rm "RN: Student Council Members-TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ann Satalich-Annual Editor, Becky Murray- Treasurer, Norina Brown-Rally Representative, Cathy Ojua-Secretary, Janean Buczynski-Inklings. BOT- TONI ROW: Donna Simon-Nlanager, Cindy Miller-Vice Pres., Doug McKee-President, Jenny Kansier- Assistant Treasurer, Pam Hackworth-Sargeant-At-Arms. Amity High Student Government The Student Council members have been active this year in many ways to benefit the school and the students. The Student Council, with the help of other students and administration, succeeded in changing the dress code to allow girls to wear jeans for the first time. They also worked on changing the Student Center to make it more comfortable for students. The constitution went through a revision by the Student Council which was badly needed. This year there was a big step for the female students in the school. Girls have always been active in government, but never before have so many girls ran for, and won, important offices in Student Council. The end of the year showed many people to be interested in our school govern- ment and this is very good because this is what leads to many important accomplishments. Student Body President-Doug lVlcKee, Advisor- Nlr. Buffum. Q V TXMTTNTX - xi," .hqfgis Student Senate Members-BACK ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: David Halter, Cammie Downing, Diane Beals, Cindy Nliller, Nancy Wood, Mike Farris, Jim Anderson. FRONT: Becky Murray. Student Council Representatives-BACK ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Jerry Buczynski, Rex Swalftzendruber, Janice Rohde, Delvin Zook, Jerri Blackwell, John Nlc Laughlin. SECOND ROW, LEF'I' TO RIGHT: Teresa Tresham, Bonnie Wilson, Debbie Shilhanek. FRONT: Brad Johnson. Members STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry Westfall, Randy Ojua, John Nlc Laughlln BACK ROW Nancy Wood, Pam Dauenhauer, Mark Holt, Diana Vario, Bill Westfall, Doug Nlclvlullen, Doug Drader, Chris Brown, Bruce Rutschman, Dan Batz, James Rosenbalm. FRONT ROW: Nlr. Snoen, Becky Nlelhelm, Cheryl Rutschman, Lynn Baker, Virginia Wolner, Sharol Rosenbalm. This year, as always, the Amity High Band did a very good job at all of their performances. Amity's Band has two jobs which they have to carry out. One is to be a band to perform at concerts and go to competitions, and the other is to be a pep band, During the Basketball season the pep band gets its biggest workout. They play at the games during theseason and also at most pep assemblies. The other side of the band is one that performs at the Winter and Spring con- certs. They also play for Nlay Day and at Graduation. .-f' 'NM .il Members-TOP: Loren Stairs. SECOND ROW: Donna Simon, Diane Hersha, Lesa Pendergraft, Norina Brown, John Barker, Jerry Buczynski, Bonnie Wilson, Rhonda Woodward. THIRD ROW: Advisor-Nlr. Coleman, Joni Boggan, Beth Carrico, Mary Ann Jackson, Shannon Bingham, Lynn Baker, Bev Lux, Mary Ann Satalich, Becky Murray. FRONT ROW: Anne Fischer, Teresa Tresham, Cathy Ojua, Virginia Wolner, Linda Farrell, Janean Buczynski, Pam Yeadon. In the past years, Future Teachers of America have placed members in the Grade School and various high school classes. But, this year, F.T.A. has been working towards the involvement of mem- bers in the class room as student teachers rather than teacher aids. It has been a long, difficult, and tedious process to change the conceptions of the faculty and . students, but we are confident that we have made progress and the coming year will be even better. FEEHQFSSIFWF Officers and Advisor-LEFT TO RIGHT: g wuwiwlwi-' ' Pam Yeadon-Sec.-Tres., Janean Buczynski- Faosfv me s Vice-Pres., Mr. Coleman-Advisor, Cathy Ojua-President. ' .af , "-Q,,f,,b . 5 - - ' .l This year the chorus and Swing Choir were very active with various events at school and in the community. The Kiwanis Club in McMinnville invited both groups to perform on KMCM along with other high school groups around the area. The annual Winter and Spring concerts were held and both choral groups did very well. The Swing Choir performed for various things such as FB LA District Competition and on a tour around to different schools. The chorus performed for the Lions Variety Show and at a community church. Nlr. Cooper 3 ',s. , 1 'Z' ' ' A PV- Y ' Y V D ' , 'Y'-gy V,-1'-, in ' . ,I X-xx, A W U. -.V , ,g , Swing Choir-TOP ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Charleese Schmoker, Kristi Olson, - A0 -' -f- V - - W . I ,fy--4-H Q. 4 Beth Carrico, Chris Brown, Bruce Hubbard, Doug Brown, Darryl Walker, Cindy 'Aff r' '5 I 2 ,,' Miller, Connie Volland. SECOND ROW: Suzie Beals, Joe Vario, Diane Beals. , egg ' ,Lw.f'- - ' BOTTOM ROW:' Debbie Mories, DeeDee Callander, Anne Fischer, Diana ff. ff -4 p Q, 3 ,A Vario, Becky Murray, Joni Boggan. AT PIANO: Mr. Cooper. AT DRUMS: , f ,!,:.S,N " Dale Moore. . ' iff 'ff 3 I f C 2111" if 'S ' ' ' Am ity H I gh Voca lusts Chorus-TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne Fischer, Kathy Schulz, Teresa Tresham, Mark Holt, Bruce Hubbard, James Cram, Chris Brown, Mike Melheim,DarryI Walker, Steve Welliver, Dale Moore, Howard Kline, Rex Swartzendruber. SECOND ROW: Bev Lux, Stacy Fuller, Debbie Lee, Sally Gonzales, Tami Schwarten, Maureen Spurgeon, Mary Batz, Laurie Cooper, Debbie Mories, Terri Voepel, Sandy Welliver, Becky Murray, Nathan Zook, THIRD ROW: Charleese Schmoker, Anita Stephenson, Lynn Baker, Shari Rima, Carla Keeton. BOTTOM ROW: Shannon McCallie, Jannell Warrick, Lisa Lofton, Jerri Blackwell, Cammie Downing, Teresa Presnall, Tammy Gould, Deloris Brown, Cindy Volland, Norma Ritacca, Connie Volland. I I Al wi.- Kwik-143' Members-TOP ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Pam Yeadon, Mary Ann Jackson, Debbie Cooper, Nelda Ruiz, Norina Brown, Cindy Miller, Debbie Shilhanek, Beth Branscome. SECOND ROW: Debbie Hubbard, Ruth Hayes, Kristi Olson, Virginia Wolner, Nancy Wood, Beth Carrico, Debbie Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Cathy Ojua, l Lynn Baker, Jere' Howitt, Kathy Schulz, Pam Hackworth, Sherrie Smith. ,:- e - H:-ai" ' ' ' i V This year the Future Homemakers of America have been very busy using their skills. During the year they made all the refreshments fortne school board meetings. In March they held a dance titled , "Spring Awakening". This was a formal, semi- g ' formal dance. In the spring they held their annual - "Daddy Date" at which the girls modeled clothes Q l' I they had made. In March the State FHA Competi- l i 1 tion was held and five Amity girls attended, with L all their many activities, these girls had a very active year. ' A . l l 1 i i "ii , i , Officers and Advisor-STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT " 1 1 A, , 15' , "lj Q ' Mrs. Wyffels-Advisor, Mary Ann Jackson-State """fff' . f f", X , .I Q j ' Vice-Pres., Nancy Wood-Point Chairman, Cindy f. x ll H , , i- , , '. -sf-Ti ,ji A Miller-Vice-Pres., Debbie Shilhanek-Secretary, A A w 1 -V ,'.i Nelda Ruiz-Treasurer, Pam Hackworth-Reporter. , r -- 'Q' 1" I'-4 Wifi , ' g SITTING: Norina Brown-President. i ' 'T' ii ff ,- , - gi ,Q ,if i. 1 ans- ll 4 H , , U , p y , , P 6 ,1 P b 'll ' E. 1 9, fu' ,,,fka,'91, 5 i K1 - g i. ' - 4341 J-'Na ' "T .' ,J 1' . .VY :,: Air, fri, -'Q . . ,. .LJ , i, ea Y 4.--l-A- 7 R4 '1 'i""ff1i"f ,7 17-,ffv N ,A V, ,.,-,-, , 4 W X 'V KM '- gm' H Q- g.1,T,' .jv?gA.N-gf. Q I Kim' dv , 4 .V ' ufF1 -uf 'IW 'vi-1 Mi V1.?1"7 Q21 1 ' M L4""" L .M ' 1 ff-'75 L1 - ' ' , ,f V, 1 iip '.'r:f1-H55 J 9+ 2:fgQ5'if" :Q!?fi'.A3-'JW 1 2 N " Af?T51'J'Ffg': -'f.BQ Q'jffi'2 52-! rQ ii-Qg- g3 ff' G45- -'5 , 751315 -Ty fl 1 'L , n E, 1-V Wai 3' A NB f'i ff A'-AV-'IQ - A Q . 'M Q lf m w ., jr ,-,LA q. 'xi 3 Q-U 1 2 fff 1--f i5,9..1.-359' -lv' 7'L-gfffigif ' fgifrbx, xi if - xklwgfbqs. - 53 . ' .1 ' .f ,W ' h ir 2 - sn, - , ling, ffl," .1 . J F ! , 1 I -4. I . , ' f ' 1: N P ." ,fa I , 'vf:- Sfagx J -,'." N x' ' .1 jf --.lm JJ? .7-IM. Y -if?-f ,. " 6 '-511.-11.15 -5 qw ff 'A -"?3f51,'i .4 g - ,-Ah. -,, yr -Y. " ' 'V M 'Ha-h'f'V".'Q'f-3 fe- f fx- N ww ' ' ' 51 1 ,.,,f!11, "'if,, ff '59 .., ' -1 . "r an ,gp-. . D Q51 xl I 1 1 ' L, f ' " ,-,. ., iff : ,, -If ff: :J --if, E . ,L H -' 5' F' 'H-'-.,..-..f,.. 1.n'.a'.,..,A,.,.,TI' f-31' ' ., - .--T-,....,,... in A Y, N' .l f "gif,-:f f1A kA-ma S 'Qi' A L: Q Af, 5, - x. JW. Ag Hwfm 3 ' 4 . , . ,, -.fffga-Q, 44- H 1 FW. ' ' vw .f5m5S2gp1l, 1:53-,, - P -g.MJ71a",'f5, .mf-5fo.,g , ' - 'wgikfif'- 1 ? V, gg as ' 4 X . , Q, .:ffr , "J , I a n i N 2 . ,I k W . wavy- . P ,..M, , 1 ., T A 3 J.V. Basketball Rally-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Nancy Wood, Suzie Beals, Debbie y Smith. Wrestling Rally-LEFT T0 RIGHT: VRuth Hayes, ' Virginia Wolner, Denise Hersha. Freshman Rally-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Pam Foote, Teresa Pressnall, Cammie Downing. if' rzf ffl ?s,?!g1i2aw Tak xv, I ix W X, if I 'ry , , if , , .4 - : f , .7 ..,, ,- -!-, . -A, 1 , I 4, ,, L 1 ,v,v,, 'TT gc no Amity High's Warrior Cadettes had an extremely successful year. These girls worked hard to attain their success. This was the second year the dance team had a class period for practice. During the year the girls attended 4 competitions. The girls won two second place trophies at the first 2 com petitions and a special award for best outfits. The 3rd competition proved to be more rewarding. The girls brought home the Grand Champion award and each girl was given a carnation for outstanding outfit and most poise on the floor. At the final state competition, the Warrior Cadettes won second place in the AA division. Kathy Schulz was also placed on the Alhsfafe DFW Team- AS in the Pad the QMS Officers and Advisor, LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Imlah had an 0UfSfal'lClil'19 advisor: MVS- Imlah Advisor, Kathy Schulz President, Debbie Shllhanek Vice President, Nelda Ruiz Sec 3 fl C T 9 9 i 3 m Members. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jamie DeRaeve, Kristi Olson, Jackie Andersen, Anne Fischer, Mary Batz, Beth Carrico, Nelda Ruiz, Sherrie Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Shilhanek, Diane Hersha, Jenny Kansier, Kathy Schulz, Becky Murray, Joni Olson, Teresa Tresham, Diane Beals. l l v si l l 5 3 N 1 ,-ll 'ull l Milli l llllfl- ll rwrwlbi 3 Ii lgll I T -'ESQ Members. TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pam Hackworth. SECOND ROW: Jamie DeRaeve, Cindy Miller, Jere' Howitt Lynn Baker. THIRD ROW: Pam Yeadon, Mary Ann Jackson, Bonnie Wilson, Debbie Smith. FOURTH ROW: Jodi Dieter, Sue Baker, Kristi Olson, Rhonda Woodward. FIFTH ROW: Debbie Hubbard, Cathy Ojua, Beth Carrico, Shannon Bingham, Lesa Pendergraft, Lynda Crabtree, Nancy Wood, Nelda Ruiz, Debbie Shilhanek. SIXTH ROW: Debbie Cooper, Virginia Wolner, Beth Branscome, Shannon McCallie. BOTTOM ROW: Norina Brown, Robin Schoon, Sherrie Smith, Suzie Beals. Pep Club , This year the Pep Club did a fine job in boosting the spirit at Amity High. Amity's athletic teams were very successful, and this helped to make the job easier. There were times when Amity did not come out first, but the Pep Club stayed right there supporting them to the end. Throughout the year the Pep Club made food to feed the players after the games. The Pep Club also made blouses alike to show their unity. Thanks to the support of the Pep Club the Warriors had a very successful year. 'lllllllllilllllwfv I fllljlf 5 lllllll . A Officers and Advisor, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bonnie Wilson-President, Mrs. Loudenback-Advisor, Jere' Howitt-Secretary-Treasurer. I Officer and Advisor-LEFT TO RIGHT: Janean Buczynski-Editor, Miss Nlills- n Advisor. The Inklings staff worked very hard this past year to supply Amity High's students with up to date news of what was happening in and around our S school. Due to the lack of funds, the Inklings staff could not put a paper out each month. In these months without regular papers Inklings put out a Blab-Slab telling a little about what was going on. The Inklings staff worked hard to find and print news that would be interesting and informative to the students. Thanks to the journalism class, the ' students at Amity High were kept very informed. Members- LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: Brad Johnson, Linda Farrell, Delvin Zook, Linda Nlay, Bruce Bewley, Jerry Buczynski, John NlcLaughlin, Bonnie Wilson, Callie Young, Janean Buczynski, Miss Nlills-Advisor. FRONT ROW: Teresa Tresham, Sherrie Smith Kathy Schulz, Jamie DeRaeve, Debbie Shilhanek, Cheryl Nlelheim, Nelda Ruiz. r A ', ' I ' 'V' l 11 - , ' , l 'H-15 llc Boss HF'RT-A finish FBLA This year Amity had an outstanding FBLA group. Though it was only their 2nd year they were one of the most active clubs in the state. The Dis- trict Skills Competition was held in Amity due to the fact that Pam Yeadon was the District Vice Pres. Several girls won at district and went M on to State Competition. Debbie Shilhanek was selected District Vice President, so district will be held in Amity again next year. FB LA State Competition Attenders. glMQll'1ii1t,,dit" Members- LEFT T0 RIGHT, TOP ROW: Mary Ann Jackson, Robin Schoon, Debbie Shilhanek, Beth Branscome, Nelda Ruiz, Kristi Olson, Lynda Crabtree, Jamie DeRaeve, Bonnie Wilson, Jere' Howitt, Mrs. Ottaway-Advisor. FRONT ROW: Cathy Ojua, Rhonda Woodward, Pam Yeadon, Mary Ann Satalich, Valerie Harmon. NOT PICTURED Gloria Tombleson, Kim Clark, Jenny Kansier, Beth Carrico. Officers and Advisor-LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Shilhanek-Reporter, Rhonda Woodward-Secretary, Pam Yead0'1'P'eSide'1ff Cathy Oi?-a'ViCe Pres-1 state officers-LEFT TO RIGHT: Pam Yeadon-District 'IVlrs. Ottaway-Advisor, Jere Howitt-Treasurer. Vice pres., Cathy 0jua-5tate Reporter, 1 i l Jllli 4 In , iff: 1 ik, sf if ' s During the year the Art Club did, different projects to earn money. , One of their biggest money makers was making signs for various events. They also printed T-Shirts in the spring, sold Christmas. cards, and sold pottery. This club was very beneficial to many of the members because it showed them how they could put their artistic talents to a useful and prosperous use. This year the' Future Nurses of America was somewhat small but they still did a fine job. This group is more of a preparation club. Girls in this club are preparing to become nurses when they finish school. ' During the year these girls go out on their own and work in hospitals and nursing homes in NlclVlinnville. They do not get paid for their services. Their work is more ofa learning ex- perience. Amity Highfshould be proud to have this club in our school. FNA Members and Advisor-LEFT TO RIGHT: Beth Branscome, Judy Nlalhman, Debbie Hubbard, Debbie Cooper, Mrs. Curyea- Advisor. ' Art A ' , N,,' ,,-- Art Club Nlembers- LEFT TO RIGHT, BACILROW: Nlrs. Loudenback-Ad- visor, Diane Beals, Gloria Tombleson, Tom Baldoni, Sandy Welliver, Bonnie Wilson, Lettie Lopez, Joni Olson, Lynda Crabtree, Sue Baker, Jamie DeRaeve. FRONT ROW: Pam Foote, Nancy Wood, Carol Bryan, Kim Clark, Jim Anderson. GRA 3 Officers and Advisor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Mills-Advisor, Jamie De Raeve-Secretary-Treasurer, Teresa Tresham-President. The Girls Recreation Association helped sponsor the Halloween party for the children of the area, along with several other groups. Since this is a recreation 5 club GRA urged girls to get involved in different " " iii. Q activities. It promoted girls sports as well as in- ' t dividual activities of the girls choosing. During the winter GRA and FHA took a trip to Mr. Hood for a , day. All of the girls had a good time. Members. BACK ROW, L'EFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Miller, Shannon McCallie, Joni Olson, Judy Malhman, Jeanne Farrell, Mary Batz, Becky Melheim, Cammie Downing, Carol Bryan, Jannell Warrick, Sharol Rosenbalm, Jerri Blackwell, Debbie Smith, Pam Hackworth, Beth Ketchum. SECOND ROW: STANDING, Lynn Baker, Diane Hersha, Maureen Spurgeon, Sherrie Smith, Beth Branscome, Teresa Tresham. SECOND ROW, KNEELING: BEHIND TABLE: Pam Dauenhauer, Beth Carrico, Becky Murray, Kristi Olson, Shannon Bingham, Robin Schoon, Sue Rosenbalm. SITTING FRONT: Bonnie Wilson, Debbie Shilhanek, Anne Fischer, Lynda Crabtree, Debby Lee, Tami Schwarten, Suzie Beals. Ag..--at ,A 'lg M .uuuzzznt t7"f"' at-Q'77lffZ' N' 'Sax 'f 111131 Members-TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Brown, Kenny Cooper, Doug McKee, Bruce Rutschman, Dennis Hersha, Curtis Stairs, Rex Swartzendruber. SECOND ROW: David Walker, Randy Stolk, Randy Hayes, David Halter, Frank Branscome, Cheryl Rosenbalm, Pam Foote, Mr. Juenemann-Advisor, Cheryl Rutschman. FRONT ROW: Bruce Hubbard, David Warrick, Alan Brandon, Gordon Compton, Sue Rosenbalm, Bruce Compton. This year the FFA took part in many district and chapter activities. The officers took part in the Rituals Contest in September. Later, at the PILE, three members served as tour guides and a judging team participated in one ofthe largest contests in the Western U.S. In January the Parly-Pro contest was held in Amity. In February 20 members went on a fun trip to Hoodoo. Six members went to the state convention in March. David Warrick was elected Dis- trict Sentinnal in April. The Annual F.F.A. Banquet was held Nlay 20 and several awards were given to Amity F.F.A. members. Officers and Advisor-TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Hubbard-Sentinnal, Mr. Juenemann-Advisor, Gordon Compton- Vice Pres., Sue Rosenbalm-Reporter. FRONT ROW: Bruce Compton-Secretary, . Alan Brandon-President, David Warrick- Treasurer. l . : , ,E I , Es 25 r" 5 H . .-gg, , .,4x..,. ,,,,, , I FEATURES 27' aw , . 14515 :': - ' '1 I, gf X 'QQ' ?'?f ff 'W'- 'wig' ff ' - '4g A4--A 'fx ' '4..a. 'va ,V Q, I V 4 4:1 ' , ITJ. ' .:1,e's'N '-. Q .1 I 1 A, -' , . ". 1- r:. -. Q 1 ' 1'. n.-. -N x - Fw can :HMV 5 . . ,ha . n ,Q ' 4 . ' 1 I . W , 5. 6 W., I W K a K-' M 1,1 :Ji Ny x -. 5, X . 0, I, X ' 'W nl A' " .", -.5 4 . A 2' J! .'1"f ! 'X ' 1 '1 ' V x vc A .11 th, on 1 '. L" f,,J','x "fl 1 L. I-1 A., f 0 I .JI v , r a,- L 'qw ', -1' My-'f ,na 1.3! P 0 I -g-,- .df f lr f ' u? L' H". . r-Q EJ1' X f . p. n ., r. R 'l at f r H ' -, V 0 I x N ng k,.clJ"'1 Q'. lpn . r -0 1 4" H I as ' 4 ' v 1 HR " 1. ' v ' . any fx- 4 ' I' -. bl I 4 ' .W ,V " I ', 5 Q' e 1, tux, 5 f. ,Asl- 1.' i Q, M ". ' I ., T e - v 1. I . , s ' ' .4 N1 . .,b , f- , 'zu l' Iris' .fri '11 n H ,ln 0' ':'.,A" Inv hm ,X x . ' s' A to 'I 'I'-1 ' W" LL. H - 4 " P.. -KQ44 qw Its- 5 "' 5 0 ll' " uraw' ' S :slr .nil 9, ..- S lu'n- I, A ,fs 1? K. .wr Hr' A J , ?b-+1 3 I 5. M1 5, A f' "u P XL X 4 . lx xx , 5 'EX' mf F' 1 ' A. ' Ik J .fe- ir r,"' ' L ' 'w 1? ,T 40--, ' C x .. . :ex .fn Ana !, Vai' SQ, -f rvpf 4,19 ,-at .vm . f it ill: .19 xt' L 1' ' u ' 1 1' Homecoming Court and Escorts-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Beverly Barber and escort, Nlr. Barber, Suzie Beals and escort, Mr. Beals, Kathy Schulz and escort, IVlr. Schulz, Rhonda Woodward and escort, IVIr. Woodward, Callie Young and escort, Mr. Kurz, Homecoming of 1974 began on Monday of Home- coming week. There was a new event this year. It was dress-up week, Each day everyone was to wear a specific thing or outfit. The week consisted of: Kiddie Day, Hat Day, Button Day, Warrior Day, and on Homecoming day, everyone was to wear blue and white. Along with this event there was a poster contest, penny drive, a yell down at the pep assembly, and of course, the spirit jug contest. It was a tough competion but the sophomores pulled through with the 1974 Spirit Jug and the penny drive. Through the penny contest the sophomores made S36 which will help the treasury out. After the pep assembly, the student body met in the parking lot for the serpentine. Everyone went marching through the streets yelling with the cheer- leaders supporting their football team and school. The Annual Spaghetti Feed was held on Homecoming Night, There was a great turnout and about S150 profit was made. Unfortunately, Amity was defeated in the football game against Corbett. Even though we were behind at halftime, the spirit kept up throughout the entire game. Following the game, the Homecoming Dance was held in the new gym, Many people attended, and all had a fantastic time. ' 69 0 m e c 0 m i n 70 "The Blue lean Bop" A different kind of dance was brought to Amity High School this year. The sophomore class sponsered it and the title of it was, "The Blue Jean Bop." It consisted of old time favorites and new ones. Everyone dressed in their favorite pair of blue jeans, and all had a great time. '7' DY Play Cast-TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Graham, Stacy Fuller, Kevin McCallie. SECOND ROW: Doug Brown, Diane Beals, Beth Carrico, Joe Vario, Jim Anderson, Chris Brown, Dee Dee Callander, Debby Lee, Bill Westfall, Diane Hersha, Debbie Shilhanek, Tami Schwarten, Miss Farris-Advisor. FRONT RD W: Jackie Andersen, Mary Ann Jackson, Cindy Miller, Sue Baker, Jim Fischer, Linda Wood, Doug Drader, Nelda Ruiz Suzie Beals. "IVlerchant of Venice" This year, Amity High had its first Play Production class. Miss Farris, our new Drama teacher, chose THE MERCHANT OF VENICE as our play. Because it is a Shakespearean play, THE MERCHANT pre- sented us with a number of special problems, not the least of which was a 400-year-old style of speaking. All the members of the partially double-cast production worked very hard, and perfected not only the roles, but a number of beautiful costumes, and a simple but effective set. It was Amity's first taste of Shakespeare, and was received with surprise and appreciation. Christmas Season Christmas took off to a rolling start this year with the event of decorating the Christmas windows. Seniors took first this year but all the window-s contributed to the Christmas spirit. Pep assemblies and basketball games also added to the spirit. The traditional Christmas dance was postponed to a later date in the year, but all in all, it was a pretty good season. 'S i-' I i E 1, i fe? ' r"l5!1a. ' i N" 9., 'X -s..,, Rigs? 'igxff H ef. 1 ml. On Nlarch 4, 1975, Amity High School held a Career Education Night. The main purpose of the night was to acquaint the parents and community members with the career program at the high school. The night started out with a performance by the drill team and swing choir at 7:00 p.m. The people then were allowed to walk around and look at the various exhibits. Students or teachers were available at each exhibit to explain what the career required in qualifi- cations and schooling. They also' answered any questions about career education at Amity High. Every class, 1-12, had some kind of exhibit set up of what they have been doing throughout the school year. For example, the deep-fried squid made by the 5th and 6th graders, the smoking dummy by the health class, and the drama class practicing their play. Child and Babysitting was provided in the Home Ec room by the Child Care Class for those parents who wished to use this service. - At 9:00 people started going home and everyone who participated felt very satisfied because the turnout was so great. Over 500 people came to make Career Educa- tion Night a big success. Career Education Night l . 'I 1 li5l71l8 T3 'img -las T TT tai' fi' 'SW w ,g.. Cf, , E In the month of Nlay three of the Amity High clubs had a banquet to bring together the employers and employees. The students that had been employed during the school year were the ones who invited the business owners they worked for. A lot of thanks goes to Mr. Larry llllartin the Career Education Coordinator for finding all the jobs for the students to make this employer-employee banquet possible. The clubs that were involved in this banquet were Future Business Leaders of America, Future Homemakers of America, and Future Farmers of America. The first event of the night was the installation of officers for FB LA. The FB LA president, Pam Yeadon, also gave the speech which she gave at the state FB LA convention in Portland. Norina Brown was the Mistress of Ceremonies. The new FHA president, lVlary Ann Jackson, gave a speech. The FHA girls served at the banquet and helped prepare it. The Amity High Swing Choir was the enter- tainment for the night, they performed twice. Gordon Compton, thelnew FFA president, gave an acknowledge- ment speech before the program ended. On May 20th the Annual FFA Awards Banquet was held at the Amity Grade School Cafeteria. The FFA boys put on the banquet. The FHA girls served at the banquet. The entertainment for the night was the Amity High Swing Choir. The boys had the State FFA Treasurer speak who was John Kirby. There were the annual awards given to the FFA boys. They were as follows: Star-Agribusinessman--Alan Brandon Star- Chapter farmer-- Doug McKee Star-Greenhand--Rex Swartenzdruber Scholarship--Charyl Rutschman Leadership--Alan Brandon DeKalb Agriculture Award--Doug McKee Livestock Proficiency--Doug McKee Sheep Production--Rex Swartzendruber Beef Production--Doug McKee Dairy Production--Cheryl Rutschman Poultry Production--Phil Olson Crop Production--Tom Callander Ag Mechanic--Tom Callander Placement Agriculture Sales and Processing--Allan Patty Placement Agriculture Production--Alan Brandon Honorary Chapter Farmer degrees were given to farmers in the vicinity. Honorary Chapter Farmer-- Mr. 84 Mrs. Ray Juenemann Mr. 84 Mrs. Roy Compton Mr. 84 Mrs. Earl Compton Mr. 84 Mrs. Ben Hubbard Mr. 84 Mrs. Jim Rosenbalm Mr. 84 Mrs. S.E. Brandon .1 ..,.A , 41.-.-.-an-u-lnnmv .,,, . ,, ,.,,,-qT,,f,-' 1 , . 2 A-, .-:: Jrliigff Q55 . E,-ff-12 sg' 'P' W '- -'V 1 . qvfx . Y I . '-I' 'I v- . :PY X .-Af , 3 -n wg: M- '1 1 I -fy 21 a 1 'S ff.. C-7 .,. r'..izTTL WWE . M, r, ' 1' , '3 w 1 A kk 1, -.,4. f .4 , - x 'J A "Vim TI Q. .1K,,.. . IN Y Q, 5 N ,, 'Y-18 ji Y Ga. ' , ,I fn- - -ai X . . E 5 ww w x Y. ,Y ,Jeb-'-vrs-.q if .1 ,.l Q 1? , 1 R -I 1 Y . J-as . .J 1--1. Q AQHA pc 43" This year nomination sheets were available to any student or faculty member who wished to nominate a girl or boy, They had to write the name of the person and why they felt the per- son should be girl or boy of the month. Each month a chosen committee consisting of one faculty mem- I ber and one person from each class, looked at the nomination sheets that were turned in. From these nominations the com- mittee picked out the ones they thought were most worthy, and added some if they thought a particular person was deserving that month. Then these nominations were put on a ballot, with a write up for each nominee. These ballots were given to the Student Council and faculty members who voted on one boy and one girl. The votes were counted and the chosen girl and boy were announced and given a small trophy, usually this was done at an assembly. TOP LEFT: April-Bill Westfall, Mary Ann Jackson. MIDDLE RIGHT: September-Doug McKee, Mary Ann Satalich. BOTTOM LEFT: November-Brad Johnson, Bonnie Wilson. BOTTOM RIGHT: February-Ed Lee, Pam Hackworth. The Chosen 18 aaaeeeaeeeffl Girl 81 Boy of the Month TOP LEFT: January-Rick Vanderhoff, Pam Yeadon. TOP RIGHT: October-Cathy Ojua, Alan Patty. MID- DLE LEFT: December-Alan Brandon, Susie Rosenbalm BOTTOM LEFT: Girl and Boy'of Year-Doug McKee, Cathy Ojua. BOTTOM MIDDLE: March-Cory Bingham, Kathy Schulz. BOTTOM RIGHT: May-Jim Anderson, Becky Murray. H, r : r i I .5 Junior-Senior Banquet This years banquet was held at the lVlclVlinnville Elks Lodge. The Elks prepared the dinner and everyone enjoyed it. The juniors elected the sophomores to help serve, and they did a fine job. Bonnie Wilson and Brad Johnson lead the program as they were the junior and senior class presidents. Entertainment for the night was' provided by lVlr. Ric Cooper while he sang and played the piano for the audience. The juniors did a fine job in organizing the banquet and everyone had a good time. lm' v' '- in n "Everything ls Beautiful" NJ COURT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Escort-Mark Marshall, Junior Princess- Linda May, Escort-Jerry Stover, Queen- Kathy Reynolds, Escort-Randy Mullins, Senior Princess-Mary Ann Satalich. "Everything is Beautiful" was the theme for the 1974-75 prom. It was held at the Mac Grange hall on April 19. The night finally come that everyone had been waiting for and it turned out to be great. The entertain- ment forthe night was "Blackhawk County". They were a big success and were liked by everyone. Kathy Reynolds reighed over the dance after being named Queen. Senior princess was Mary Ann Satalich and Junior princess was Linda May. ,hgj -if Festival of Arts This year at Amity High School a new type of show was held. It was a festival to show the parents just what the students have done if they were involved in Home Economics, Band, Swing Choir, Chorus, or Art. The night consisted of all these activities. First a Fashion Show was presented by the students, showing what they had made in Home Economics during the year. The Swing Choir Chorus and Band performed through- I I out the night also. A display of Art was set up about the gym of work that the students had done in the past. The parents and audience enjoyed it all very much and the Festival itself was very much appreciated. Ei! ii".- 2 i l l. i if .HT -. 3 I F' L a , 4 If . f.,,"'1,- ,KT . M? .Hi Escort: Doug McKee Queen Debbie Hubbard Escort: Ron Lee Crown Princess Cathy Ojua 'f f 5 "Big 50 Happy Anniversary" COURT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Freshman princess-Becky Stacy and escort Rex Swartzendruber-freshman class presi- dent, sophomore princess-Nancy Wood and escort John lVIcLaughlin-sophomore class president, junior princess- Teresa Tresham and escort Brad Johnson-junior class president, senior princess-Bonnie Wilson and escort Alan Brandon-FFA President. a il T ' .- 'f' X Y r" Q . Queen Debbie and her court reigned over the festivities of Nlay Day 1975 with a large crowd attending. The theme for this year was " Happy Golden Anniversary" since this year was Amity High's 50th IVlay Day Program. Quite a number of the past Nlay Day queens attended the festivities. Among the entertainment which was enjoyed by the audience was the traditional Nlaypole winding by the freshmen girls, a leg dance by the drill team in addition to th ' l r erformance and fantastic performances by the chorus, band, and swing choir. The lovliest of all was ' ll eir regu a p saved forthe last. This was the Queen's Waltz, and the court and senior couples danced to "Come Touch The Sun . The whole evening was enjoyed by all and was an all-around success. A casual dance was held after the program for the public in the gym. x u I -1. 9 I 1. 1 ' ' Q . "Stiff fb rf may PM X Q X v 1 -- --ag: ,.,. xv- Q . Q me e 151 l 13 11 -'K A '3 me, ' frsfwe-' ,gf-, .4 'S-,f A 1 WN- V1 'FE -E' EA- N-., ,i it f M f 1.1 b lv 1 x 1 Sq L-WL - Pep Assemblies Through the football and basketball season, many pep assemblies were held. The cheer leaders put forth their best effort to raise the crowd's spirit-sometimes they were suc- cessful and at other times not. Nevertheless, they kept trying. During the year's pep assemblies, skits were presented, dances performed by the drill team, talks by the coaches and players on the team, and usually enthusiasm filled the air. A . SPDRTS I , 3 , ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: SENIOR Ed Lee, SENIOR Randy Mullins- "1st Team Defense and 2nd Team Offense, SENIOR Kim VonRuden- 2nd Team Defense and 2nd Team Offense. .- .ff'fW:f-3. x 1 'Tsai Y 'fa .I -Q5 ,X .- gr WA F. X. X WA. " '. X 5,2 H 'XX 5 . r ' 'G Q " 33. " , 'lf V L' lx. Q ww, ' - ., "r.s,, - ,. v 4, .mx fxls A ' .,. .Ymfhk-iw. -f LEFT: SENIOR Doug McKee-lst Team Offense. BELOW,- LEFT: SENIOR Phil Davis. BELOW: SENIOR Corey Bingham. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry Westfall, Bill Westfall, Kerry Smith, Doug Drader, Rick Vanderhoof, Gordon Compton, Mike Halter, Loren Stairs, Chris Brown, John Barker, Jerry Buczynski, Phil Olson, Ron Graham, Donny Rodgers. MIDDLE ROW: John Rima, David Halter, James Cram, Dan Batz, Brad Johnson, Curtis Stairs, Rod Andersen, Randy Hayes, David DeRaeve Bob McKee, Brian Stephens, Manager- Rick Bewley. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Rosenbalm, Bruce Hubbard, Corey Bingham, Doug McKee, Ed Lee, Phil Davis, Randy Mullins, Kim VonRuden, COACH Jack VonRuden, COACH Dean Cartmill. Q-Hg, COACH J Amity Amity Amity A mity A mity Amity Amity Amity Jefferson Knappa, Vernonia Corbett Sherman Colton St. Paul Gaston Football '74 The Amity High football squad, under new head coach, Jack VonRuden, posted a 3-5 win-loss season record. Victories came over Jefferson, Sherman County, and Gaston. Losses came at the hands of Knappa, Vernonia, Corbett, Colton ta tough one: 19-181 and St. Paul. Amity also teamed with St. Paul to beat Colton and Gaston in the League Jamboree. The future of the Warriors grid program looks promising as the squad was relatively young, dominated by sophomores, Named to All North Valley League Teams were: lst Team Offense-Doug lVlcKee and Bruce Hubbard, 2nd Team Offense-Kim Von'Ruden and Randy Nlullins, lst Team Defense-Randy Mullins and Brad Johnson. 2nd Team Defense-Rick Vanderhoof, Kim VonRuden, and Doug Drader. 7 l l l ll l I l AWI7 puffy SENIOR Pam Hackworth COACH Marianne Mills Varsity- LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Shilhanek, Diana Hersha, Becky Murray, Anne Fischer, Bonnie Wilson, Teresa Tresham, Pam Hankworth, Cindy Miller. KNEELING: Coach Mi s. ' "Bump, Set, Spike," team play, and desire were the keys to success for Amity High's volleyball teams this year. The Varsity team posted a 27-1 record while the JV's were 10-4. Both teams were undefeated in league play. Amity met Colton, last year's runner-up in the state tournament in the district play-offs, to determine which North Valley League team would go to state. Amity beat Colton 15-9, 15-7. The state tournament was held at Lewis and Clark College in Portland. Amity met and defeated North Douglas and Griswold. The stage was set for a show down between Dayville and Amity, the two most impressive teams at the Class A tournament. Amity wound up on the short end of the scores in two games, 12- 15, 8-12. Fifteen minutes later the Warrior girls came back and defeated Warrenton to take the 3rd place trophy. Named to the All Tournament lst Team were Anne Fischer and Teresa Tresham. Cindy Miller was named to the 2nd team. All three girls and Pam Hackworth were named to the North Valley All League Team. ' SENIOR Bonnie Wilson SENIOR Becky Murray pdllfy 3 , l. r :l xy, A l : il.--! T El II RMIT! JV-TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Farrell, Sue Baker, Jamie DeRaeve, Sherrie Smith, Pam Chandler. SECOND ROW: Linda May, Mary Batz, Pam Dauenhauer, Carol Bryan, Beth Ketchum. THIRD ROW: DeeDee Callander, Debbie Smith, Beth Carrico, Sharol Rosenblam, Lynn Baker. FOURTH ROW: Jannell Warrick, Janice Rohde, Jerri Blackwell. FRONT: Coach Mills. ANNE FISCHER lst, TEAM ALL STATE, CINDY MILLER 2nd TEAM ALL STATE, TERESA TRESHAM lst TEAM A LL STATE. Warriors await decision 'r' 133 Volleyball 1974 Amity A mity Amity A mity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity A mity A mity A mity .15 W. Mennonite Colton Perrydale - 'Gaston B Col. Christian NCC Catlin Gable Colton ' North Douglas Griswold ' .V :Day.viI Ie - ' Wagrrenton ' x .. -F-3,3-1,,f,-f, N . U.. ,HY -' ,,5113' '-4"'5vf i' L:1LL',,IjL L, ,L .1 I I SENIOR Pam Hackworth SENIOR Susie Rosenbalm Varsity 1974-75 The Warrior girls basketball team finished a highly successful season with a 15-3 record, and a second place tie with St. Paul in the league. Although they did not make it into the two team district playoffs, they did manage two wins over league champion, Colton. St. Paul and Catlin Gabel proved to be their only stumbling blocks. The girl hoopers were placed by the scoring efforts of Anne Fischer, Pam Hackworth, Teresa Tresham, and Cindy Miller. Anne and Pam were chosen to share the outstanding honors. A good turnout for the 1974-75 season indicates a positive future for girls basketball in years to come. SENIOR Jaci Nielsen COACH Marianne Mills 1 i T FROM LEFT T0 RIGHT: Carol Bryan, Cindy Miller, Diana Hersha, Teresa Tresham, DeeDee Callander, Jaci Nielsen, Anne Fischer, Pam Hackworth, Mary Batz, Debbie Shilhanek. Milly C-lx, " t x l 1 . Fi l if li ii I FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Beth Carrico, Susie JV! 1 Rosenbalm, Lynn Baker. BACK ROW: Linda Nlay, Sandy S ' Brady, Coach Miss Randall, Pam Dauenhauer, Lynda Crabtree. S JV COACH Rebecca Randall This year Amity started a JV team. They were coached by a student teacher, Rebecca Randall. Their win-loss mark was 11-5. The team was primarily freshmen and sopho- mores learning about the fundamentals of basketball. 'rouci-iz' AWAY! l Very Interesting ii, V -1 ' 44 fn.-. , , .+ ':' , 'ua., .. 42. 4.-L4 -. ...4'5:32 551, , 51 L ,541eL:,e,LL,,--Adglfui Varsity Basketball Team, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Gordon Hagglund, Mike Halter, Doug Drader, Jerry Buczynski, Ed Lee, Alan Brandon, Bruce Compton, Jim Fischer, Rick Vanderhoof, Brad Johnson, Loren Stairs, Bruce Hubbard, JV Coach J. Sjothun. KNEELING: Manager Mark Holt. 1974-75 proved to be a successful year for the Amity Warrior Basketball Team as they posted their first winning season in some time, 16-7. They realized their goal of reaching the North Valley League Play-Offs was lost, a however, as they fought a hard game to Colton, 61 to 58. Coach Gordon Hagglund's hoop s uad boasted three r seniors, two juniors and five soiillmores. The team was one of the shortest in the league, but made up for that S with speed, fitness, and desire. . Highlights of the season included well played winning I efforts against preseason favorites, Colton and St. Paul, and a 3rd place finish in the Sheridan Invitational Tournament. Named to the North Valley League's All Star teams ,were Brad Johnson-lst Team and Jim Fischer and Alan Brandon-2nd Team. Jim Fischer was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the 1975 Amity team. COACH Gordon Hagglund f" i- .:"efLf W A A - ---A --- x '.- , X -, xg. I K t - f-. S... :: xx Z 5 'Q - .. x S .-- --if ,f ,,- -,x Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity X. 'M Hx ' NN Tix. Jefferson Jefferson Gaston Vernonia Willamina St. Paul Western Men. Catlin Gable' Knappa Oregon Epis. Colton N. Clackamas Mt. Angel Western Men. TOP RIGHT: Brad Johnson lst Team. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Alan Brandon-2nd Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity Amity St. Paul Gaston Catlin Gable Knappa Oregon Epis. Colton N. Clackamas Mt. Angel Colton til Team. BOTTOM RIGHT: Jim Fischer 2nd Team. LU l T51 ABOVE: JV basketball team, LEFT TO RIGHT. John Barker, Mike Halter, Bruce Hubbard, Doug Drader, Loren Stairs, Dan Batz, Chris Brown, John Rima, Jerry Buczynski, John IVlcLaughlin, Jim Vaughn, Doug McMullen, Rick Bewley. KNEELIIXIG: Manager lVlark Holt. JV's 1974-75 The Junior Varsity Basketball Team had a very successful year, they came out on top. They had a good season record of 18-2, losing to Gaston and Jefferson. The JV's had a new coach from Chemeketa. Coach Sjothun lead his Warrior team to a league championship. The freshman team did a fantastic job this year. They were coached by David Stairs. The freshmen held a Valentine Classic in which they ended up in the winning position. uf"- L ,f ,r,,,- , fly are - T., 1-'iM-li 'S' ' .MLA "1"lQl':f "- 7 af Q U-13'-55.15 ' 'M i ' gnu 'i' " . T i' , I -'V'-'V fs , , A ue' L.....eas.L lv.- inn, Freshmen 1974-75 RIGHT: Freshman Coach David Stairs BELOW: Freshman basketball team, LEFT TO RIGHT. Coach Dave Stairs, John Barker, Curtis Stairs, Randy Hayes, David Halter, Frank Branscome, Rick Bewley, Robin Marcum, Jim Vaughn. 11: z -ff at -Lian ' 1. "4 I i 1 fx 'J - A , ...Z 'i!g+f- - W ' f' v. 3 , ny hr, . .r . 'A - fn 5 .V ky' , 'i F . . , 4 Iieffegf, 'F ,. ' - z.,-3: 'l il Q ' A 1 Liv! NTL - if li fiat-4 . e We -1 1 llll ef' 4- , , K llll 'nf V ' .. llll If ' A 0 . sH4.!!!f' . F-J-4-,,...-H 1 ,--- 'H E' E' we L, ,. -i Q9 i U' Y kg! 17-' f hi P-'Ti' 253 -v"-5 IH i 1 1 ,r .-'A -- ,T-'1T?"?.":: L' .-.i.. ,Ng Wu.. ff' K: girl' wk Q "' ' ". w . y"s'.f' 'fl l , , l yx. , Al V l V . . ll v -'1 L--'A l 4 , Q. , 'f 'fl 4-- -. ' I ' -- 1 fl -x L " SELL'-' , li: A , . - ..l. .5- 3 , --3:-,Q x " N ,N 7--.::q'f''..wi4'. ,J ' 3544 .-.-,'- 4.1 - -I 'eff l' .,' , ,-- 1 I ,. n . T 1.3. ' 1 r ' .til-' ' F, A ,I 1. . vw , ft- 'Til T .. ,pig . L... ' ll V' -v ' :gi-Til 212' 7 - ,yr ' -!,i',:x HL-i-'i. it A. K i.L,eg53 i1.E:f.Vf f ww' A ' Vl- -fam wi.. A -X Y- ,f 1. iz. ' in-3 'aj H , 'lf :J ' , . ' wx- --'41-.751-1s1.'1Q.l,, ""1'g4'2-5.1 i -fi. -' 5 A "E:A:a5'f ",s1.g1wg'lff'-y ' .15 u . . ,swf ' .-1 .les w 1 Mfr 'r , vfy,,,', . , 1.l.glLQ:v:r43.Qf 4 Y,-ar-ei -1. ' r ,lp,p-a,,. :qw QQ"ffL41g'5qj?Q1ggx ,-'Ri' 1. ,X ' , g 'Y- , -:15,:,3-15: 3-gg.:' ...,fiJ' fill .'r TOP LEFT: Bill Westfall-4th in state. NIIDDLE LEFT: Coach Dean Cartmill. BOTTOIVI LEFT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Seniors Kevin IVIcCallie and Randy Nlullins. :ug l l n . ll - A . , "5 'Sn r' - r' 9 .T 4- -' -, ' -lg-1 -1-.4-1,--tif ' v Qftuwi A .a'4s1?2:5if'f ef lg -'-1"-Q gr. 14' -5,,f1::i":aif iT2L4' ' 1 f f- -' f-wr' - A wfwfefafir '-acid . ' - ,. , ,. .N M I ,,- , ing -,FM AJ -jj x,' --15" ' fx ,Tqn!l!"J'.,.. ll V V JA H f - V -.Z',' 1 " 1 " '- Y. :,'-"4--,.L.-,ga-Lt-11, J .-.N-'..... A .. 1,7 r ,, - 4: u-u lfisf-21.22353 , gre-141 Q-f lx" Nl' !vf11'1f-11551zifizlffi' ' v', - 5 e . ' - gpg-1. fmt, - 1- ':'...-.-.-, 'gj'- 'egg - w Qviifqgggvriljgg.. of gl ' M ,,1?5f:,5xs52ua!::i,3fl?5gfj2'3 lj "iw: 1 1r'l'1'i-M?" . - N--' 1 ' ffFs22f't'W5l2 we 1 11 A , .- , .Q ,,..',-M--' , V- - gg K, mf.-v f- -1' it . N gi . ,i5,,f,, :Q - gg. D, ,jg .ie-N, ' 4 1'-gig -5 N .uw ...,.'-'rw arf!-.QT ,.- , .wr- --H-ist ,' A t 2 -g'g11'...,. xf, 511.111 L' 5451- 5.39 1-' fit a,L'Mff1Q5y2fg:'ge we ,fQ.ff15E.L3t'5t..qcs :air gf- fl. ,- " -7 55.2, r - ,,,, ,.:i.gN . M . eq, if--'fq4.5,,-' .,.,,l,, . 3. .wr - ,,,:...-, ' ..s,.,3!fMtm- I A 'Nr . f . :van . . ,. ' "T ' 'l-' "r, ,f , . t- ,. Y. -. L- '-U al if-.5 A it 4'1':s3w ?ff '.w1faf5ff5m.. idle ' H ' HQ, wif: A -,,.,, .. :ww -, ,V , r 1"j'Y3,-l.. ,gf W-. E- HF- r ' L.---. 2 fr' ,' .. may jvflgf 1 Q-11.-fsF.r?ff tl. 451. iw 1 -f -1 " .55'!'4"-5 2 " is- B A 'f . it "T fa .f--1:1 lf' 104 wresUing1974-75 The 1974-75 wrestling season success could not be measured in terms of a team win-loss record. The Warrior grapplers had to give up too many points on forfeits because of the lack of numbers. There just weren't enough men to fill all of the weight classifi- cations. Individual success was evident as all of the wrestlers performed well throughout the season. Kevin McCallie and Bill Westfall did well throughout the year. Bill went on to claim 4th place in the Class A state tournament at Corvallis. Dean Cartmill was head coach of the wrestling team this year. M, V A -4 .Mia ' ll 'ffilllg .1 ,F -- 44 Q , . . . 1, A .. r , ,-,L3.,."-.--.fn-A' . ,n ,, eg 1 ,fi k ii.: f' N1 , ww-'.-.-Q 5Jff6!::, ' 'iffifff 'fn C"" r wir-.-W' X A .1::5-,, . .Ju ff ,34r..f,,' " ln., P-WTP Ill vnzssrunn 4 'E- 42- 15,1 A-f--" 1'.'.,rr' V - ' 5 M.:E1i.i-L-x,,:,...h .., . W. I - 1 . asa.: "J I X xv ky 'I V, fra! -Vgj:,,f,1f:n.l f D .- -,Q , f wif H , Q v . rm. A --53. wg, ,A HY.-Adi .2....-.....,-1. ,ian sign, , f, A Aw--. .4 , Q. 4511 .4. . ' ms:- ,- 5 B E 'P' 1 -qhk-i., ' fu' , X lt - 4 , . l-- Y1 f sg 2 32- 12-':life-'fEf?'iTfi?f ma-.L M as W1 ' 144:-a,1-'21-4,vs, ' ss,.J'ir:v1?fl'Lff rib ,sf U ,H fa-+1 AJ., , . ,M ,.g.,,x--,A if big Us 1 .,3.,,,'s--gr-1-sm.. 5.-. I-Ugg 9- ,vsfx ,,1 S ,,.,'5.,g, ,gy Jw. 'f ug - -1 .' '-- aw-it-:Qf.sf5.,': I , ,.a',w.l:',,.,-2:11, ,, Z., '-,ld-I , fa--'.,:.f, -e ,J +.'-1' '.J. '- '-. "' , -lv 1 d. -Off 34? rd 'N ' .-,113-'Y -E'.'-41 . 1-L . f Q NN I Al s x . I A , l N d 'Mig l 1 1, 1 lb ' Y, 1 4 " . A Ii I 1 X13 2. F03 ff' l jf-abr ggwgrivt ll l . . ,l ,l .-rfzq A rr i ,H "' .A+ if f in .Fifi l'tafi,y,'1 reg -I e 4 ig: will mf' ' BEL' Z?t:lUffs3' 'gpm f l BN, 1,5 - .1 'ri f A ?-v C :fi 7 , , ,lg , , .il 1' I l -3 'X 3 me I 40,151 '1 1, 4 lil " , U 14' 1, -4 I -f ' it 543 LEFT: SENIOR Corey Bingham ABOVE: SENIOR Randy lVluIIlns RIGHT: SENIOR Kim VonRuden Baseball 1975 1 H' ,I fs. .tgaifffs egg f W fi:-, 15 ' '.f'95tV:.j:: t ,N al P' Amity, under the direction of Jack VonRuden, walked all over the North Valley League opponents again this year, coming out undefeated. In the state quarter finals held at Amity, the Warriors lost a tough one to Warrenton bringing their season to an abrupt end. The year was not without its moments, tho, probably the best game of the season was a Warriors 2-1 victory over Jewell. ' The Warriors will be losing Kevin lVlcCalIie, Kim VonRuden, Jerry Moore and Corey Bingham but the nucleus of the team will still be back. 7. I JFK. w. f'e't-. - A SENIOR Kevin IVlcCaIIie ..,, , .., 1 ,. FRONT ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Brad Johnson, Kevin NIcCaIIie, Jim Cram, Mike Halter, Jerry IVIoore, Randy lVIuIIins, Kenny Cooper, Kim VonRuden, Rod Andersen. BACK ROW: Corey Bingham, John Barker, Randy Hayes, der "NTT Ln . ' -- - - - fd-ll: .. if 1335121452-A..,4 ' Q Jerry Buczynski, Jim Vaughn, Bruce Hubbard, Doug Dra COACH Jack VonRuden. ABOVE: Joni Olson-lst place 100, Long Jump, 2nd place 220, 440 Relay. SIDE: Anne Fischer-2nd place High Jump. BELOW: Carol Bryan-lst place Jave- lin, 2nd place 440 Re- lay. hd l... e -'- f The 1975 Girls Track season was a successful one. They placed 2nd in league and district losing only to eventual state champion, Catlin Gabel. Outstanding performances were recorded in many categories as seven new school records were set. Joni Olson set new marks in the Hurdles and Javelin, while Anne Fischer broke the barrier in the High Jump. The 440 Relay Team of Joni Olson, Sandy Welliver, Carol Bryan and Cindy IVliIIer also broke the record. All of the above girls went to state in their events. The 440 Relay Team placed 7th as did Joni Olson in the 100. Carol Bryan took home a 5th place medal in the Javelin. Track Team-KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Smith, Jerri Blackwell, Linda lVlay, Carol Bryan, Becky Melheim, Cindy Miller. BACK ROW: Sandy Welliver, Sharol Rosenbalm, Pam Dauenhauer, Sandy Brady, Teresa Tresham, Anne Fischer, Joni Olson, Pam Hackworth, Susie Rosenbalm, Jaci Nielsen, Tami Schwarten, Lynn Baker. . Ax se. X "W . . A , Y L 5 1 1975 was a year of 1002 effort and participation by the boys on the Amity track squad. With boys being able to go both ways this year, Coach Dean Cartmill found himself with a crew of sprinters, jumpers and hurdlers. School records were set in four different categories. Rick Vanderhoff set new standards in the long jump and triple jump. Kim VonRuden broke the pole vault standard and the 440 realy team ofl.Vanderhoff, Bruce Hubbard, Doug Drader and Mike Halter set a new record. All of the above qualified for state. In addition Mike Halter went in the 100, James Cram in the mile and Brad Johnson in the high jump. The prospects for 1976 look good with many returning lettermen. Track "1975" FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry Westfall, Donny Rodgers, Jim Vaughn, Mike Halter, Doug Drader, Bruce Hubbard. SECOND ROW: Coach-Dean Cartmill, Randy Hayes, John Rima, Kim VonRuden, Randy Mullins, Brad Johnson, Jim Cram. BACK ROW: David Halter, David DeRaeve, Randy Stolk, Bill Westfall, Corey Bingham. 0-I IR Q . x 1 Jr-fs I5 l A or E ,- 1-.7 X 1-. A L- l EAW ?T',g1! I ..':, l ABOVE: Senior Kim VonRuden lst place Pole Vault, Senior Corey Bingham, Senior Randy Nlullins. SIDE: Doug Drader- 2nd place 440 Relay. BELOW: Rick Vanderhoff-2nd place Long, Jump, 2nd place Triple Jump, 2nd place 440 Relay. -N -.- P ,T.l:W.1'1-5. sl: taqfu- 4,.:'lB'r:,l:1,,cl::3,glv,l:,'..' lst, 5.31: vu , . ,, Fun-f. ' '.1f .1,-gr.-J: 1, '."'-251,-. Q 453' -kg:'ilH:'51.w-1ll'51l 1-5?E'E.11," fl'i-- - 4- - wwf- X' -- ri .l ,,.L-x- , f-- .JI ., ,, u, 1,-,A -1-- l:.',:Lf.,-, H: riff,-ff -:,.f:-r ', Y 1: , menu l L if A T 1. F T Y Jr' 'N ,A t f.. Sports A I .. A d y .i5hli,viia'-mis-X3 r- r ' . T Q c' 5"'f,-s S NT'--4-L - - l Q5 the U , I VOLLEYBALL ?,"rtiand'n? Track Membe""R'ck Outstanding Player .Pam Hackworth an erhoo Nlost Inspirational .Becky Murray Nlost Improved . . .Diana Hersha BASKETBALL - GIRLS Oustsanding Player .Pam Hackworth Ann Fischer - IVlost Inspirational .Cindy Nliller Debbie Shilhanek lVlost Improved . . .Dee Dee Callander TRACK - GIRLS Outstanding .... Carol Bryan Girl Athlete of Year ....... Pam Hackworth FOOTBALL Offensive Lineman. . . Jim Rosenbalm IVlost Improved ..... Doug iVlcKee . - Nlosl: Valuable Player. . Bruce Hubbard gantftgcldgrg iagfget Nlost Inspirational . . . Bruce Hubbard Fischer y Warrior Leadership. . . Rick Vanderhoff Defensive Back ..... Brad Johnson Outstanding Baseball Player . Kevin McCallie 1 Kim Von Ruden Vw, , W ,f or f gy Ray Stephens Memorial . . . Brad Johnson or elif r - C will f i'. g ' . X if L fx-'pk " Jf 'Y .. ' r- ,V l il i-affix "' f g,-s,1'- , " .- ' 4 , ' . .V fy I .7 if in N V x Q "" . f, ., Pr V 4 A A LJ Zi?-3"' 'f 'T f- 5 I ,J Outstanding Wrestler-Bill '!. v Westfall US NATIONAL BANK Amity Branch Congratulations to the Class of 1975 BURLINGHAIVI IVIEEKER Amity Cnty Park Cl f ,,alW'F""'. 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' - - I I I I 1 . . Nlclvlinnville L I Sitting here in Room 75 on the 3rd floor of the Simon Mental Institute, named after our fellow classmate Donna Simon, who always had a knack for handling people lacking mental stability. I can see them dragging some poor woman down the walk. It seems to be our old buddy Becky Murray. Later we found out that she had stolen a fire- truck and driven it to her house, but that was nothing compared to finding the entire Mac Fire Department locked in her room. The familiar face of Doug Brown who is Head Fire Chief, came storming after her screaming that he was gonna flatten her. iSounds like our old 5th period Modern Problems Classl. Just then Doug McKee and Arnold Mortzheim came screeching around the corner in their hot get away car iyellow with a leopard topl and almost put Doug Brown out of his misery. Cathy Ojua just let out a high pitched scream signifying that it was time for Recreation Hour tat least she's good at something besides eating bananasi. All the inmates on the 4th floor are stampeding down our lhall. Cheryl Melheim knocked Tom Callander, who was just sjtQ1ding there minding his own business, into our room, as he looked up and said "Da, which way did theylgo???" Everything's gonna be all right Tom! As we get out onto the recreation field we can see fellow classmate Pam Hackworth who is now head coach here at the institute trying to get everyone organized. Out on the field we can see Jerry Moore jogging around the track in his squeaky tennis shoes trying to catch up with Diana Vario who has been insanely jogging around the track for fourdays straight now. Over by the dairy barn we can see Jo Dee Hatch milking her cow, she is head milker here at the Institute. Her new assistant is Kathleen Reynolds who hopes to follow in her footsteps. We have been trying to locate Kim VonRuden who holds the insti- tutes' record for pole vaulting but we heard that he vaulted too high and nevertcame backdownthistime. The head honcho here at the institute is our old friend Alan Brandon, he's pretty hung up on himself but everyone knows he 's just as crazy as any of the rest of us. His sexy secretary Mary Ann Satalich is following closely beside taking every word he mutters down in shorthand. Jim Fischer, who has been just committed due to being addicted to Victor's Cherry Flavored Cough Drops, is trying to convince Alan that he is just as normal as ANYBO DY else. We can see a big mob of people coming down the field. Well if it isn't our own playboy Mr. Ron Lee being fol- lowed by about 30 girls swooning over him. In the crowd we see Norina Brown, Diane Aschim, Callie Young, and Rhonda Woodward, who were just convicted for man handling. I don't see where they find the time while taking care of their kids and cooking for their husbands. A baseball just went flying towards them and the girls went scattering 'and Ron once again was free. We found it belonged to Kevin McCallie who was practicing his pitching in the McCallie Stadium. He was convicted years ago, he couldn't take being a Pro any longer. As we started back to our rooms we met Pam Yeadon who is nowiPresidentofthe Old Maid Society here at the institute. I don't see how she finds the time to remain such an active member while taking care of her 13 kids. Bombing down the halls behind us is Rick Kurz who owns a big farm here. He's being followed by his employees Alan Patty and Susie Rosenbalm who grow everything we eat here. Denise Hersha, Debbie Cooper, and Debbie Hubbard are head cooks here at the institute. They do a pretty good job but everybody's getting pretty tired of oatmeal and chicken pot pies since that's all they know how to make. As we pass by Linda Wood 's room we find she is still stringing love beads. That's all she 's been doing for 20 years and that 's enough to drive anybody crazy. We figure that's a good enough reason to convict anybody. Thanks to Bruce Compton we had to widen all the halls here. He refuses to sleep anywhere but his Chevy truck. He's got everything he needs in there including the kitchen sink. Jim Tallman just came screeching around the corner behind him in his Sunbeam Convertible. He makes budweiser sunvisors here at the Institute and sells them to earn money to build a garage for his car. Tom Baldoni, in Room 392, has never been the same since he held the senior graduation party at his house on June 1, 1975. tThat would be enough to put anybody away!! Jaci Nielsen, who always wanted to be a race car driver, is satisfied being the bartendress here at Parr's Bar and Grill. If you ever need to find Randy Mullins you won't need 3 guesses, you'll always find him close to a bottle of Thunderbird wine reminiscing with Jaci about the good old days at Amity. Well it is about that exciting time when we head back to our cells. As we walk to our room we pass by our senior buddy, Dennis Hersha, who for three years has been trying to dig his'way out of here. Some people never give up. Right next door to him is Charleese Schmoker who has just finished using her 723rd flair pen. She has been very busy writing everything she thinks of this place on the wall. Her cellmate Priscilla Morgan is right behind her trying to erase it. Across the hall from them is our bashful friend, Corey Bingham who is training homing pigeons to fly back to our old hometown. He keeps us informed on the happenings at Amity High School now. Coming down the hall, are two of our number one guards Phil Davis and Bruce Rutschman who have a lot of prac- tice since our population is gaining rapidly. Anyway, they are escorting Valerie Harmon to her new home. She was a teacher at Amity High School but the kids there drove her crazy and decided she should join the rest of her former AHS classmates. She seems to be putting up quite a struggle and Jody Dieter, head nurse here at Simon's Institute is being rushed to the scene to offer first aide treatment to the guards. Since our population is so rapidly growing, Ed Lee, with the assistance of good old Donovan Zook, is building a new complex wing. The kind when you open a door there's just a wall. A little strange but we all know how their minds work. Well here come the laundry ladies Jere' Howitt and Bev Lux. They do a pretty good job in this department even if our underwear does come back blue or pink. Well, if it isn't Randy Reynolds riding down the hall on his stick horse. They tell us he even has hay delivered to his cell...but no one knows for sure what he does with it. Every morning he brings in a new bale. Weird, isn't it??? A hushfallsovergthe 3rd floor of the'Simon Institute as Sherry Welliver, the head hall patroller, makes her way down the corridors. Well, it's about time for us to close now. It haslbeen fun showing you around the institute. I'm sure you find it as charming as we do. I can remember back upon graduation day and how we thought this would be the last time we were. gathered together. You never can tell what will happen to you. I guess we always knew we'd wind up some- where together, but who would of thought our class would end up in the Mental Institute. I mean really, don't we all look normal to you???? ""'Always sanely yours, Janean Buczynski and Bonnie Wilson, tWho were, by the way, the first committed! z f 1 4- -1. r 5 l ! , ' -"' i"'. , f Y L -:. " . - -,fax " ' 3 ' s , ,LY i - .xiw 4. 11 4 wk, W A 'f Ei 1 ' '45 r 'ZH 1 1 , -N 1 s 1 4 3 'r if f 3 Y 15 1 J 2 31 -E i, 4 .1 1 1 K 1 1? ,L 's I -5 W 1 5 5 ,Q i w 5 1. 4 -Ml H. EV V """"'3' .av-r-1"-1'5ECZ".," ': 110' ,441 ., 111 1' 'V11 41 1 1 x11 1, ,., J 1, . Q... 1 -H' 1., J, ,,111 11. ,.- 'l A 4 '11 if 1 1.-,V -5 .5 . ,1 ., xl . X 14.lt1j,::21, 1 ' "' ' 1 1 11 , 1. 11,4 Y. ,., 1f., W. 1 1 1.' 'jim 1 K 1 1 1 I ,Y 1 S ! 1 . W 1 Q 5. J 1 1 1' 'A 1 1 I I 1 11 1 1 Q- X 1 , L l Y ,N ' 1 L 1 ' L 1 A ' x, f -, K' 1 4- . 1 .- 1 1 1 1 , . " 1 -1' :W ', ' la' ' ' 1 I 1 I X-.1 1 l 1' .. 1 VL , M114 1 , 1 ,.. L 1 -1, ,, -.Ugg-1 L I 'V 1 4' .lk Y' .A '- ,,-', Y1 X L l ' 1 ' 9 f ' r:.- ,f V if,-x 1, 1 1. , 1 1' AEI. K' JY A ,Y 1 A LG . l ik Q , 1, , 1 ,QV 'P 1 ,. 1 ' L ' ' 1 , 41 5- '.. 3' 1 1 ' 1 ,f2,.iy"1. 1 . Q 1 1 1 - s P , ' 1'1 -, 4 .4 Ji.: 'ki-.-1 .Q 1 A - X 1 Lf 'f 1 , F 1, , , .121-'VJ 4. 1 ' 1" 'S XL 4 If 1- 4- vu! . , - , T-I jug.. -f-I rQ,lu+r V - .412 1-1511 LEY1,+-fav'-, mn, 111 1 .-'1 541: ,I1 YY w 1r fy . -- 1 1 -, . 1 ' -' -. " " 1' -1..' ' A r . Y-,,, 1.41 1 , , ff , K ,Qgn :cf , ,'L. rl' , 5 Q 11:1 4 lf. ..--' ': rf' ' 1 111' .111 A . , 1 f .1-1 -1 .1 1 . ". ' 1 V If '

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