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Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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1 I 5, 4,9 QX P 'X I I xx hh, XX is N Q f 5 45? ,, ' ,1,' ,p-.-,, ii . V I '-rr,-,. A QF KC ag. I "---- -uf K ,. A -'Q.-.M ,LY .-- . km 1- K. l L. jxfs. 4 '!'7'f1M, ,. ...-14Ql.,,.k'-5:-ffff',i, s . ' 'L 'M " '- A?-f ':t.-rPf?f1+'-2'ifl-f?'- -Cf -- "-"-- - . W..- 's:--- Q-p'v-Lv'-"" ' t -'V' t inf. P . ' V ' -.,...,., 1 -I-. M .A,.,, I ' 1 - 'H ' 'T"" " 2' TL 1 .- , 5-L . .,. Wg ...gSL,':"'yf' f',.fg" ,,. ,Q 31- - . . . '. vn-- , - ' ' 1. X 44 5 - ' '- ' JA wa 4 ff'-g F- , ."5-V-'lv-'W' -1, - ' ' Q ' . '.' ' 0 V , 41 ' - " . . x, 4 'df-"?""""'v- wir.-. x . .. -o- ,..'N .'A'ff-::"u: 1',vs.r'-"E, -If X 4 ,, , 'Y J hi' 1 , K -mi v L, - ,..-. , --. I . - ' vfxrlg .,,'f. ,vu .-:' ' -4 '-" 'L----Rf Az- - ff.'."1..:'A"'. "ZY5'."'l"v"'3f',7jQ-b -' f'--- -."h.,:' -- -as , .. . -ru f .za .-...- ,- fi-ff -fp '-- 4, f .wf.a."'f ' ' ' 1- A - 4.,.4 ' 1: QQ.-1-3.ji'9K?:-'1"f 31,1 'f4f""f'f'-I 2 5 I' ,,--' -M Q,--I, +3 .. gn--rf. 2 ff,-YE H-...f."i'?'-1"-?,:b"f ' ' . -'l4.n,l " - v. 15" . " D " .- f .'-d- ' Ig ""' ' ' N135 , Y, - l if - .JP 'NO ,TQ-5 ST ., ,,,,i.., 1 sffi? ? Q ,ff ig? . ' Qgflf f ' ' X -Q, WL! 1 1 5-C 4.2: ,Mrk QQTJ1! Q? mu, an A NME 524,33 , Vw 1 .. -,f M. in , , 35-ga Mfiffviir Jhusmwh V . f f, .7 A. M , 2551512 1 ' 'X' -25257 MW 24 'V .+, J ., . 2 ,f , . 0 . ,. W - X, vggg 1.s:,,- 'W sf? 45 QFLEPW -fn-" rngfx x A ix 3. fi ,JW-vii 1s W 'fa x I , 42:21- dg W5 , M ' w I Q 1 QW iv J www - :pf iii ' xg W2 3 ' 'T 4 3, x I 1 s ' ,H w 'E 1 1 I 5 I' f 'L A 1 i g' 4 U A -sf , W 1. 5 L AMHERS TONIAN MARION L. STEELE HIGH SCHOOL Amherst, Ohio C Editors Barb Wurst Sid Welch Business Manager Judy Rnrninsky Mr. Donald H k 'ev . .Lf Hands In our school there isn,t a day, That our hands arenjt used some way. The seniors use their hands to pass, Hoping to reach the top of their class. The faculty use their hands to teach, The students' minds they hope to reach. Underclassmen use their hands to learng High honors, they try hard to earn. Activities are important in our school, Onee again hands are the most useful tool In sports our hands help again, To make it possible for us to win. Faculty Seniors Table of Contents Underclassmen .... Activities .... Sports .... 2:4 n 2 ' 'Qf isa Qlffif """ t XQ ' ' ' 'ef' A' f " ' af f- r a 52 E e ' 3 , 1 h - I-ga-L, , 'X Our nends, the teachers, agqilgtftitout, f- 2 t e 5 W M When our heads are 1 925 I ' .1Q" 1 4. , 1 2 zz They slww us that theyvgtltderstand, Alzhzays there with a hand. if t a ,X h Qfnn ' ,K vimqg X Mggxnuex 'x PX x x X ggi Lt 43' X Wifi 3 Q X , f ff V weffeag M Aw yu aw ACULTY My 'kt6K'4"9' f .' Mg,-. K They Guide the School: I Amherst Bourc Russell Dodson, Dr. Roy Scheaffer CPresidentl Hubert Marty, Howard Shumaker, Ralph Zilch Superintendent of the Amherst Public Schools W. A. SMITH A.B., M.Eol., Ohio Universityg Western Reserve Universityg Ohio State University With the Golden Rule of Education N. A. Smith CSupe-rinfendentl G y P :ell Clerk-Treasurer of the Board of Education GRAYCE G. PURCELL ,t,Q:fe,-:f,g.f,,y,:,, ,, kit.. - -,.. .J f - Those . Principal JUDI RESCH, secretary Let's see nowg clad he say two dollars ROBERT INGRAHAM TWGUTY dollars?" "I see we have another distraught mother." ELS., MA., Bowling Green State Universityg Toledo University Dean of Girls HELEN VVINGATE "Can I help you with something, girls?" AB., Baldwin-Wallace, M.A., Western Reserve University EVELYN I-IANLON, recorder "Now it I had an electric typewriter like Mrs. Resch . . Who Lead MLS. Dean of Boys LEONARD LYLE "Now how can I connect this lesson with the Marines?" BA., Heidelberg College, NLS., Wisconsin University, Kent State University JEAN KUBUSKE "It takes courage to be a teacher," A.B., Heidelberg College RUTH SCHULZ "WeII, I clon't think it was a bit funny!" B.S., Bowling Green State University, Capital University EVELYN SMITH "Well, I see those kids in the bar ot the room are at it again." A.B., Flora Stone Mather Colleg M.A., Western Reserve University DIANE ABDULLA "Who sneakecl that article in?" B.S., Western Virginia University In the beginning God created . . .' A.B. Oberlin College JEREMY ROBINSON "I may as well read the Encyclopedii Britannica." A.B., M.A., Oberlin College, Wester! Reserve University 'SUSAN ROBINSON 'X , ' SAYE KOONTZ 'Will you look at that clod vhite socks!" LS., Otterbein College IM WALKER A tourteensy-fifteensy?" MS., Kent State University in the YLVIA BOECKER Yes, as a matter of tact, I dicl have pet snake over there." .A., University of Denver, M.A., Dberlin College AARJORIE BINGHAM Our tortillas are really quite goool, ou know." .A., Cornell University, M.A., Oberlin Eollege KATHRYN MURRAY "Oh, vous savez." A.B., Flora Stone Mather College, Western Reserve University, M.A., Western Reserve University, University ot Michigan, University of Paris MARGARET THUTT "Don't worry, Caesar gets better as we go along." A.B., Bluffton College X DONALD HICKS "So you didn't learn your alphabet, huh?" B.S., Kent State University, MA., University ot Delaware JOE HUDAK "Mr. Tousley, are you eating again?" B.S., Wittenberg University, NI.A., Western Reserve, Ohio University JOHN BAUIVIANN GEORGE SINIONOVICH "Should I lump?" "Now, boys, Iet's start with th B.S., Ohio State University IU"IOI5menIaIS-H B.A., Balolwin-Wallace Ii W Social Studies DENNIS NIICHALSKI "And one boy oIidn't even know who was buried in Grant's tomb!" B.S., Bowling Green State University WILLIAM I-IAVENS e "Are we really scheduled to play Powers?" B.A., Baldwin-Wallace E I at 2 ' ' :S 55 . I 2? Z -E 2 E Et 5 E I I Math and Science PAUL WILSON "No, this isn't a secret code." B.S., Defiance College, v Flaw 'Q F DOROTHEA BROWN 'I think some ot you may be disappointed with your grades." XB., Oberlin College, University of Jlichigan FRANCES TOUSLEY "Do you really think I resemble Einstein?" A.B., Ohio Wesleyan, Ashland, M.A., Western Reserve University, Ohio State University, Case Institute ot Technology, University of Rochester University ot Cincinnati, Kent State University, Bowling Green State University WILLIAM KROHE "Study halls wouIdn't be so bad if it vveren't for taking attendance." A.B., Heidelberg College, Kent State University, Toledo University, Ohio State University MARILYN GROVES "Do I look like I'rn afraid ot frogs?" B.S., West Virginia University RICHARD COOLEY "And what is that supposed to be?' B.S., Kent State Universityg Nl.A. Kent State University EDITH FORD "Where did you learn to draw?" B.A., Wooster College, Clevelanc School of Art, Baldwin-Wallace Col lege, Western Reserve University ALLEN AMZER A115 "Now count your fingers." B.S., Kent State Universityg Diploma in Elementary Education, Kent State University l i l RUSSELL PETERSEN JAMES WILSON RUTH MORGAN l "We-'ll begin as soon as the bass "l think my choir is good, too." ','Yes, I taught them how to boil IOIGYGVS are "eaClY-H B.S., Bowling Green State University Walef-H B.Sch.lVl., Baldwin-Wallace Collegep B.S., Cornell Universityg Baldwin- M.A., Western Reserve University Wallace Cgllege 55 ,, ,iissi 5 CHARLOTTE HAMMILL "Not all bosses act like that." B.S., Ohio State Universityg Lake Erie College RUTH WALLACE "That was a funny ioke!" B.S., Ohio Universityg lVl.S., Kent State University Business Education NORMA MO RTE R "Where did you find that Word in the book?" B.S., University ot Akrong University of Tulsag Ohio State University Librarian E. VALERlE JENKINS "Oh, so they're repossessing our books." AB., Baldwin-Wallace Collegeg Western Reserve Universityg State University ot lovvag Ohio'State Universityg M.A., Kent State University ,,,,4" JOSEPH BATCHA "Well, I loroke another tingernailf' B.S., Bowling Green State University Physical Education ARTHUR THOMAS "Five cans of deodorant, twelve bars of soap ,... " A.B., Ohio Wesleyan Universityg MS., Indiana Universityg Ohio State University T MARIANNE REICHERT ' "No, you aren't disturbing classy it's a timeout." BA., Baldwin-Wallace College, Kent State University Cooks "How would you like to cook for five hundred people?" Beulah Reinhart, Myrtle Battenhouse, and Betty Botomer Janitors The Broom Brigade at Rest Al Schuller, Eleanor Tumage, Frank Shiltz, and Howard Messerole H IJ And ajier this we 're on our way. Our memories and friends are all so dearg That day so far away is here. -ll 1965 m I7 I8 fr' a 'En Oar hands have prepared as for Graduation day, CATHLEEN RUTH BARTISH Well, you see, I iust love to knit, and . . ." JUDITH ANN BARTLOME 'Next time I'll read my literature assignment." KAREN SUE BARTLOME 'O.K. Mrs. Jenkins, vvl'1at's wrong with that bulletin board?" ALFRED E. BAXTER, JR. 'What piercing noise, Mr. Mizer?' 1 1 STEVEN PAUL ARNOCZKY "Maybe smoking will stunt my groyvthf' ROGER JAMES ASCHENBACH 'I'm fleet on my feet, but faster on my nose." MARTHA EMILIE EACH 'O.K., I'll write it up next period PATRICIA ANN BAIR "I may be tall, but.. JAMES ALAN BAXTER "BuT Mrs. Jenkins, how could you Take my card away for Talking?" VALLOYD BRUCE BECKER I do noT shooT every Time I get The ball." MARY KATHERINE BEESING "Are you regisTered?" BARBARA ANN BERNER "Why Thank youg I made iT be- Tvveen chapTers." 11 1 WILLIAM TERRY BODEN "Gosh, hunTing season opens only once a year." NICOLA M. BOGOJEVICH, JR. IT's pronounced Bo-go-Way-vichl TIMOTHY D. BOI-IANON 'Thank Heaven for IiTTIe girIs." RONALD IRA BORMAN "I'm Tired of being a good IisTener." 'Hey coach,-can I riole wiTh you CAROLYN BRANDIES Tonight?" CORINNE V. BRANDT Only my hairdresser knows for sure." DONNIS ELAINE COGAR .IUDITH ANN COLLINS aIIIIUCle?" SHARON L. BRUCE "You know, you oughTa' go camp- "I plan To be The worlcl's greaTesT equestrian Chorserider, sTupicIJ." SUSAN LEE CHERRY "A funny Thing happened To me on my way To The orchard!" "WelI, whaT's wrong vviTh my ing someTime." PATRICIA ANN CONRY "Can you Take my place aT The hospiTal TonighT'?" ROBERT LEWIS COOK "My John Deere has a four on The floor." JAMES DAVIDSON "No JOSEPH C. DANICKI "One more straight nail and I'II quit Nailbenoler's!" MARY KAREN DAVISSON "Have you seen rny blue Ford?" BEVERLY ANN DAVIDSON "I will now play the first five chords of Intermezzo." JOYCE ANN DEIDRICK Sorry, lout I prefer horses to boys." JOANNE ELLEN DEINER "Knit one, purl one, . . ." CLIFFORD CORDY "Someday I'll get all the true-anol- false right." CARMELIA CONNIE CRISS "When is the next train to West Virginia?" t more busy-work!" JEAN ANN DOLYK "Well, they're my notes and I can read them." TIMOTHY SCOTT DONNELI. "Casanova has nothing on me." JANE LOUISE DONNELLY "Drop in any time Cmy pool, that ish." 11 CAROL ANN DeMARCO But vvhy do I have to be first-period government?" JOYCE ANN DERRICK "I can always beg for a living." CHERYL ANN DODSON Well l'll tell you why I ha Honclas." 3 DENNIS ALLEN DRAPER "The girls are better lookin in Amherst than in Welling ton." MARY LINDA DUDUSH "I'm an admirer of Rem- brancltf' JAMES JOSEPH EDWARD, "Next year I'm giving outl donkeys." l BARBARA JEAN EHMAN "Come over The fence and gem' your own Tennis ball." KAY ARLENE EMMERICH I'll call you." ROBERT MYERS EVANS Don"r bleed, Misrer, I have To clean This ambulance!" H I I I I I I I CATHERINE ELIZABETH FRIEND "I lust didn'T feel like doing any notecards." MICHAEL JOHN FUHRMAN "Well, Mrs. Brown, iT's not that I can'f do my home- work . . TERRENCE LEE GALUSHA "I agree with everything Richard says." Don'T call me, Mr. Garland, ALBA MARITZA FIGUEROA "What do you mean 'a Brook Iyn accenI"?" JIMMY L. FORD "Yes, rny,faIher's narne is Henry." BRENDA KAYE FRANKLIN "Who speaks French with a southern accenT?" DIANE RAE GAMBISH "Meet me at Doc's" MARIE ANN GARGASZ "Who, me? Senior attendant?" TIMOTHY PARK GARN What do you mean, I'm corrupt- ing this class?" GERALD C. GATTEN "No, I dicIn't break it playing football." DIANE MARIE GELSANLITER "Has the fleet come in yet?" THOMAS RUSSELL GIASOMO What do you mean, I'm wrong? That hasn't happened for two years and twenty-seven days." PATRICIA ANN GILLENWATER "If she makes us do one more push-up, I'II collapse." LAMAR GILLESPIE "Just because l'm here doesn't mean I enjoy it." TIMOTHY ALLEN GROCOTT Honest, tI'1at's all muscle Cexcept for my stomachjf' LINDA ANN GROOT "Wedding bells will soon ring for me." REBECCA ANN GROTH "But Mrs. Brown, l'm not that smart!" LINDA RAE GRUNDY 'I'm not always out of step, Mr. Jaiack." RITA LOUISE GOODWIN 'Another trick like that and it's O-Soto-Ga ri Ilf' PATRICK J. GRASSO "But Napoleon was a little man, too." LINDA KAY GRESSLER "WeII, it's not the age that counts." GEOFFREY LLOYD GROB 'The next person who calls me Goob Gob' is going to get it!I" TERRY DALE HALL "You guys better vote for you- know-who!" PAMELA JEAN HARLAN Hey, it all depends on what your conception of short is!" HEATHER LEE HENDERSON "Not all redheads are wild." ALLEN LEE HERSHBERGER interrupt my sleep." RICHARD JOHN HARMYCH A test! What class? What VIRGINIA MARIE HARVEY But Mr. Tousley, Im not I dont mind school, but the bells period?" Veronica Lake." DENNIS LEE HILL "Let's not make a mountain out of this." SHARON KAY HILLYARD That's the last time I study for a health test." ball?" RICHARD PAUL HORN "Show me where Barry said ThaTl!" DOUGLAS LEE HUFFMAN Well, The backboards don'T look that dirTy To me." "Hey Charlie, IeT's wear our KENNETH GREGORY HOLLEY "Who said I couldn'T play fool- JUDITH DIANNE HOFFMAN "BUT Mr. Hudak, l'm iusl sifting here!" MICHAEL PATRICK HOHLA "Gosh, Dad, whaT's wrong with the Saxons?" ALBERT VIRGIL HOOK matching shirls Today." CHARLES JOSEPH HOOK "Hey AI, forgel itll" PAMELA HELAINE HOMER "I'm not out of line, Mr. Jaiack, iT's The resT of The band." LYNDA MARLEEN JOYCE Sorry, I'm going To NorThvvesTern This weekend." JOSEPH JOHN KAPUCINSKI "Some call IT mischief, I caII iT fun." KATALIN AN N KASSU "I skeTch vviTh ease whaTever you please." I GERALD RENE KELLEY BUT maybe They don'T wanT me for president of French club." 11 PATRICE ANN HUSON "Don'T look so happyp I iusT moved across Town." DONALD WILLIAM JAMES "I'd raTher be righT Than Presi- denT." ANYCE LAVERNE JOHNSON "Oh no, Mrs. ReicherT, noT modern dance!" JOHN DANIEL JOHNSON "Oh, hovv I haTe To geT up in The morning." KELLY GENE KING "Well, the Browns and the Forty- niners are my biggest offers." JOHN JOSEPH KIRCHGESSNER "But I wasn't in this English class last year." LEE ANN LORAINE KLEKOTA "I accept the nomination." ROBERT J. KOBA "Don't you dare take the bottom box." KEITH JOSEPH KOCSIS "For queen, I nominate . . IVIARJORIE S. KOSAKOWSKI "After teaching at Powers, I've decided it's safer to be a sky- diver." SHARYN N LEE KOSSOW "If the announcements weren't so loud I could finish my home- work." MICHAEL E. KOVACH 'You meet the nicest people on a Honda." ROBERTA E. KRAUSE No, Mom, you can't have the car tonight." ROBERT R. KREEGER "The pin boy cloesn't like me." LESLEY .IO LAVISH a second look." "Who sleeps in government "I olon't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in taking RAYMOND J. KROLL class?" JAMES F. LAYNE like this . . ." "How many more days are there NADA ROSE LANTZ until graduation?" Mr. Lyle, say you had a situation WENDELL R. LAYNE "Step on my cast ancl I'll belt you with it." BARBARA JEANNE LESLIE "Hey! You don't have a complete lunch." LINDA MARIE LOEWER "I'm really just resting my eyes LAWRENCE JOHN LONG "WeII, that's a demerit for you. SAN SUSAN JEAN LOUTZENHISER Mrs. Smith, there s more than "Not everything's big in Texas." one rotten apple in this barreI." DRA ANN MARR THOMAS LEE MAINES "What! Me worry?" CHRISTOPHER H. MARTY "But why am I lucky to have Mr. Robinson?" BONNIE LEE MCCARTNEY "I go for Ivy Leagersf' HARRIET ANN MCKOWN If it weren't for me, TED'S would go out of business." 1 CHARLYNE ELIZABETH MILLER Well, we can see daylight between us." SHEILA DIANE MILLER "What do you mean, you didn't know I was gone?" THOMAS W. MILLER "I'm a sidewalk surfin' expert." 11 DENNIS B. MOSKAL "I worship my great big Chevy." DAVID S. MOYER Sports and girls don't mix." DAVID EDWARD MULICA "I'm a little man with big ideas." 30 I I 5 I I DIANE LYNN MISCHKA "Mrs. Mortor, my name is Diane." SANDRA MITCHELL It's a riot to play London on Leavitt Road." VIRGINIA TIPTON MORRIS "I traded my class ring for a wedding band." CHARLES EDWARD NOTT 'So what if my only interest is cars." CHARLOTTE KAY ODOR "My friends call me the 'Gypsy Woman' " CHERYL FRANCINE PAPP "Guess Why my favorite colors are blue and gold." JAMES PAUL NARO "When I hit someone, he stays clown." LINDA LEE NICHOLS "Why can't my horse have a parking space?" SUEZANN JEAN NISKEY "There is nothing l hate more than psychology reports!" SETH HOWARD PATTON "Does anyone know of a sit- down sport?" CAROLE JEAN PERRITT "Going steady is my main occupation." JUDITH LYNN PIKEY "l spend my time writing letters to South Carolina." 3l JOYCE ANN PLATO "I left my what in The locker room?" KAREN LOU POLICZ I do noi drive a palrol car!" u JAMES MOORE POYAK No, I don'T need help carrying my lunch." SHARON M. PRICE "I have stock in Max FacTor." SUSAN MARIE PRICE "WhaT do you mean, you didn'T get your water?" CATI-IY ANNE PULLIN "lf anyone is inferesled, my Telephone number is . . JAMES E. PULLIN, JR. 'You should Try living your life like mine." GREGORY JOHN RADOVICH "All great men are dead. I feel sick." RUTH ANN RITTNER "That's the last time I drive in my pajamas." JEANNE M. ROBERTSON 'Which way to the Eiffel Tower?" ALANA J. ROGERS "Yes, Miss Koontz, I'Il have my money in Tomorrow." JUDITH ANN RUMINSKY Why did they buy only an eighth of a page?" 11 RICHARD FRANK RAVNIKAR "I get around." SANDRA KAY REICHERT I thought you said you lost the other elephant!" SHIRLEY LEE REYNOLDS "Three years of typing and I still can't find 'a' " JOHN ROBERT RIBIC "With a picture like this, who needs words?" DIANE ROSE RUTH A hair ouf of place? Where-?I" JOHN STEPHEN SAKALOS "WanT to go To The drags this vveekencI'?" GARY LYMAN SAN DERS "I know where you can get a good loand for The dance." "Well, if my books are in your MARY ADELINE SALISBURY vvay, move Them yourself." WILLIAM G SCHAEFFER II I looked, she sfumbled. WAITMAN GLEN SALISBURY Bu? I do raise my hand, you gust never call on me." THOMAS MARK SCHOEMIG "Oh my gosh, Mr. Cooley, I'm eligible This week." CAROLYN ANN SCHOENBERGER "I'm glad I'm back, Too." them up." JUDITH KAY SINES "Just call me neon." GILBERT L. SLAVIK, JR. What are you all lit up about?" "The best part of this class is the ROSELLA MAE SECKEL "Oui. I mean si!" WILLIAM TOM SIMMONS, JR MARLENE JOAN SEXTELLA "I iust type his testsg I olon't make CHERYL DIANE SCHIBLEY "But I'rn just going out with the girls." JUDITH ANN SCHUBERT "Oh nog I lost my Contact again' DENNIS NOEL SHUMAKER war stories." "l know a good place to buy meat." STEPHEN PAUL SPECKHART Rembrandt has hothing on me." DANIEL LYNN SPRENGER "All I Want out of school is myselfff TILLIE LOUISE SROKA Isn't There any way I can get out of reading King Lear?" cf-xNDAcE RENEE STALLER 'But I can't Iet studying interfere with my education." nl JOYCE ELLEN SMITH "Thank youf I picked Them myseIt." KARLA MAE SMITH "Just think, I've dropped it only once in four years." MARY ANN SNEED may be a library aid, but I don't read all the time." LINDA JEAN SOCOTCH "You mean you actuaily paid for a decoration?" BRIAN JOSEPH STASHICK "Marlon is dropping over tonight tor a few hints." KENNETH MARTIN STEMPOWSKI "Oh goody, government book reports." RICHARD E. STILGENBAUER It's about time somebody noticed me." ELEANOR MARIE STUBER "Boy, am I glad I didn't take physics!" GARY RAYMOND SUPER "Give rne a minute and l'II think of an answer." ROBERT WALTER SZILVASY Can't we leave it up all night, just once?" H RICHARD LEE SZAMANIA Can I help it it the cops don't like me?" ESTH ER PATRICIA TAGLIAVONI 11 "I'd be glad to argue it with you.' 1 TIMOTHY ALLEN TARRY What's this I hear about you not liking Fords?" DANA JOEL THOMAS "I'm iust not a math student." RICHARD CRAIG TUFTS "But Mr. Hudak, I always sleep this period." NANCY LEE TRAVERS "I think pipes look distinguished." MICHAEL CHRIS ULLMAN I ook I m really more aggressive than GARY ALAN TRELKA "How do you epcpect me to pass French if you haven't done your assignment?" STANLEY DARRYL VAUGHN "Why does everyone like me except my teachers?" THOMAS PAUL VAUGHN "Things are better at Admiral King." GERALD DENNIS WALKER "I'm Jerry Walker, need I say MARIA REGINA BELISARIO VIANNA "I don't have to, I'm from Brazil." HILMA CHARLENE VINSON Maybe I would rather write this assignment than type it." ll more?" JOHN ANTHONY VOLAK so loud." BARBARA ANN WAITE I can t win this game by myself, I you know." GAYE SUSANNE WATTS "But why do vve have to give equal time to the Republicans?" BRENDA JOYCE VVAYCASTER "My sister and I never fight." "Please, Mr. Havens, don't yell With those candidates, who GREG E. WASILOFF wants to vote?" JACK EDWARD WERNER "Why don't you want to ride to the dance in the sidecar?" SANDRA JANE WIEGAND "Sorry, tl1at's not my table." JEAN MARIE WILHELM "You mean a hall guard has responsibilities?" SIDNEY LINDEN WELCH "We've already extended the deadline tive times!" SHIRLEY ANNE WELLMAN "It's called 'Swan Lake', not 'Duck Pond'." JACQUELINE MARIE WENZEL "l took my government notes in shorthand and now l c:an't read them." ROGER WAYNE WITTENBROOK "You can't win 'em all." FRANK E. WNEK "Cooperate and graduate." LAURETTA JOY WOODINGS "Mr Lyle, I had an experience like that." I H BARBARA ANN WURST "But drawing a layout is so simple." RICKI JEAN YEAGER "lt's my very own blue Thunderbird." PHILLIP R. YORK "lt's not my fault the lunches are terrible." JANE ELLEN ZILCH I wonder if he'lI go with me." KAREN MARIE ZVOSEC By hook or by crook, l'll be he last one to graduate from the class of '65." LARRY ROBERTS 'lf you're planning to march through Georgia, stop in." JOHN R. YOUNG "I didn't say anything." JoANN MARY YOWORSKY "Orange iuice and coffee?" CHARLES JOSEPH YUHASZ "Yeah, l'll be glad to fight ,H ya. June 9, 1965 N5 17 sv i x , f e in to Be Now Wha SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President, Kit Martyg Treasurer, Sandy Reichertg Vice-Presidem, Karla Smiihf Secretary, Pam Harlan I , ,,, s Nena says farewell to M.L.S. Jim receives The John Philip Sousa award. ou Will Be Hereafter -lik at-Q gi STUDENTS OF THE YEAR: Kit Marty and Lynda Joyce. Joyce Smith receives the Direc1or's Cup and Dave Mulica receives the Choral Activities Service Award. CLASS COLORS Mint Green Forest Green CLASS FLOWER Daisy Larry receives the Bauschiomb award for ouistancling work in science. H.. In IIYXULZLZZLOIZ 9'4'5v, it ahff V,,,,,,,,,w AM , ,, ,,,,,,,,A.,,,,W, To cz S0u,thern, Dream, A 3 6 . 4 N .QQ l 'I ' z wb sa"2,jz2-11 s v mf- Mc, M .W - ,az-ww my 3 ci" ..- uf , ..f22?"fzf'e : -- T w 564 'Ji :2fz. :5" me -1 L L if f? W WE Y WTWY 'VZ L VW SSM ffm' ,L LL L, S:,, L. , . L, . f i ' nnn nn n i nnnn n V . Lg nnn n n L n 5 n'ffS+Qs'nn -A vw : ' ' .."- 'mi , --"' 'W' ":, Z L" "k" , --., ' ' LL n L L . V D 91 fh n ' 1, ' ni n L L, x L: R?f?if54f52 KL f K G. 1 5' WE ffl L nn A Y , H5f?2'f3?Lf 3 I 1 A . H E R 5 .7 C "f X K U1 5 L f 5 7 .4 HK' Q - X7 I L n 1 " .L..a-fjcfgmz- I ' - L ,g'fms,'e A - - H , . , Lb- 5 1 ' ' ' L V . ,, Q ?E,,w,f-:na-f,ly,., , L -, Z 5 aww, V , , L - L ' I ' K ' few 'el ' K ' 551: . 'N Y' f If 'WW' 75' W i "mv -'ami Q V- f H '?,k f wi " ' Q' 18 ' W WATER ' n 'v-' . L L - , A,.,,, ' ' L ,. f1+E,rri1,:zw: W' L,fz2:Qi.:, -ff5Qz5iwe?.fg,gs?'-, , ,,,, 5: S?ma LLQm5iaP,,ffm, ,. M . V,,' X . Q L 5 --V-f ,L LL L ? ,,,'. V- i?: nf L 1 D 1, ,..., L ,.., ,L W. ., 53,5 21, 'L7' Z, , 4.5! V ,Q ,M X.. ,E 2 V, :f , w,. I 1- ' 42-.L ff.: . ,,.. -.ik A n f Ebb ,759VE5wQY'F.Q:f'fA,f:faf. V,,' if LL-, K f'M',,I ,k',.L' :w-' 5 P15511 "liwZ'f'Iqf'? 7,'- ' -LZ'Q'ffffh. 1,5Q,'f.:'ii:f-5-5Q' f- :dgiglfffl 35 L ,F z:"V.2 ,X , :Q : . ,..L, y 'L'kV V' -Q' - L 'A WL ' L,L, QL Democrats at work, Republicans at work. Why? ML Holds Mock Election W5 only Gerry- Republicans rally against Johnson. V W Vwfxx W"""' M-. W. L 2 if n f L '5' n 'E A L n f flw fnni' - 3 Fr' 5 3, 4 LT 2 "'f ',L :ig .V L.. iv A, fL A t . J '.L.L,. . VE i i K L 1 f 22' - 1 giilf' A nn -'A . :.. w.. 4 . Us Q ,P +--..... -g..,,,-...... OUR. CQ.0ii"x?Y" IFN I853 I -fwfr' sv ' Q' '-rf., ,A ' K 9444-V Ill-'Mm QM, , ,af--f m,.G,,5,, M, ,, , ff -,Z - Q Wa- 5 ' f H X' 5 1 uf' 'A 1" 'gif' amen , f 'ia , , 246 5' 5 ' QL me.. . Q--...i -:fy qv, YS," fiww ,ig an XE 4 J K 1 1 1 5 KP J MLM-. li Q S fs: I e 6' L by fn' B if 3 z ., JM ik I I raw-.U '-. f V: vvv'V"i4 Y, , ,,.wf,,:ws ,HU 2- 5 if pf fi 'Y ,,,- Lf Sa.: " ' .. BV K 5 wlvfxfu , num! .M-ff-5-4...-.q.,,,. ,Q vi 2 , Y,,, .Q , ,, , -' Q. L Zvswi ' v',,..M , is-4, " 4 Qfh' 'A an 1 'F H y, ,I ' if ... ,li 4 'EM ., . 4 "TzffWA g?,f'Z?,'2 fsrsi 'W'iff". y ' TS! ' ' 6 ng- . ' N 5' X' 1 ' f . jf! .1 Q Q1 . V: " "f,..f an-- wv-mw. ' Q, ,fy 'V if ' ' E ' elm. -w "i1a,f.:iE T 5 N A ng -JL .fa ga-vw wfxzm f A., 'ft A' M1 , , 1 ,Q M ' 2" 9935" Q " x V Q ' Al J 5 V V AA.p,gAA,,ON H? Q Vi Y 2 S A.-. :V 11 A ... C f N242 L 4 Q WV- 'K 5+-H' N ,Hx f V, , v'f""j 4845 F ""'wv'w ' Lx, 3 'ff wg 4, ' FW 'ff if " -V Q5 y und: 1 , ,:w...,L,Q. A 3 W k ME 'N 7 , 4 , ,1,..ff-VY., -.., . mm. N.- X M WWW' 'Wh' - -Wmmwmmmwwmww-g,QmQw,..,,nw-f,,..w-MM,w ,,W,k,,W,, ., '15 1 H 114 ' J -I , I V -, ,r ., fe , 'QM 4 C451 eww 1 aTH.'x I ll I ,V x 2 -LLC! ' K A lx! ""--S --......, RX? Roaring Cla Jim Allison Marty Aschenbach George Balogh Kay Barker Bob Bartlome Nancy Bender T Marilyn Berla Carole Beika Dale Befka John Black Nancy Black Dale Blackford Donna Bolinger Jim Botamer A David Boyce Tom Bradley Mark Bramwell Bill Bring Joyce Brown Mike Brunette Eva Buchs Richard Buchs Craig Bulea Beverly Bunn Nila Buroline Bill Carter John Chapman Linda Cirell Claude Cogar Tom Cole Gordon Collyer David Cotton Albert Crausaz E 2 4 ixty- ix E Becky Elliott Ken Ferris Mary Fisher Chester Fleming Stella Fleming Sharon Folbert Larry Ford Bob Franta Marcia Freeland Jim Gammons Pat Garland Dennis Gatfen om Giblin om Gilbert at Gnizak reg Godfrey ue Godwin iane Goldthorpe JUNIOR OFFICERS Dennis Dodson, president Bill Rice, vice president Myrna Lewis, treasurer Carol Magel, secretary Brenda DaLton Lois Dalzell Tom Danicki Tom DeCarlo Bill Derrick Craig DeSantis Bob Dickason Jeanne Dobney Dennis Dodson Kathy Druga Linda Duncan Kathy Dunnigan Richard Eberhardt Carol Edwards Larry Ehrhardt tary BiIl,Goodwin Gary Goss Ruth Gould Jim Griffey Garry Grisel Cynthia Gurl EY John Habant Bob Herrick Sharon Hiner Karen Holl Lynda Holzhauer Larry Hooker Nina Horsley Dennis Hovvdyshell Nancy Howell Brenda Hudnall Jane Ingram Jeff Howells Penny Hubbard Greg Huber Don Innes Verna Johnson Ray Joles Rick Kaiser Larry Kamocly Suzanne Kane Jim Kapucinski Gary Koepp Jenny Kopp Karen Kossow Mike Koviak Peggy Nabakowski Tenant Nabakowski Linda Neely Karen Nelligan Ron Nicholson Dennis Northeim Linda Oskim Rick Ott Karen Leonard Myrna Lewis Don Lewyckyi Ed Long Del Mack Bill McCourt Keith McDaniel Kay McMwllin Carol Magel Mary Malloy Bob Marr John Marsh Walter Krok Keith Kurish Nancy Laing John Lau Virginia Lay Linda Leaclin gham Sandra Minn Lynn Mitchell Bill Mitchell Alice Mizer Larry Morgan Paul Morrow Nw Fearless Gary Reynolds Bill Rice Sherry Rich Dave Riddle Susan Rigo Shanna Roseloeck Junior Nancy Page Brenda Parker Bill Parker Bob Paton Angie Pecora Gary Pele Elaine Petkovsek John Polansky Joyce Pope Elaine Pozone Jane Ravnikar Pat Raynes Fawn Rosenkranz Gary Rothman Jim Ryan Don Sanborn Jim Savina Larry Schroeder Larry Schullz Nancy Schulz Dave Sender Paula Simashkevia Kathy Slumska Dave Sofora Stage Rebellion Sandy Speckharr Bolo Sroka Toni Stachelski Nancy Sfanden Bob Sfanes Charles Steris Dennis Sripe Jill Sfudcl Phil Sukell Lora Susaniar Jesse Swartz Prissy Swigart Janet Ward Charles Warhola Doug Welch Penny Wenfzel Rick Werner Earl Wiegand Barbara Wilhelm Janis Wilhelm Ron Williams Ray Wozniak Cheryl Young Nancy Zunf Sallie Swilley Mary Szivan Mike Tevesz Glen Thompson Pat Thompson Sharon Thompson Bill Tipton Charlie Towne Mack Vance Charles Vegh Sandy Virag Glenn Voss Dan Abrahamowicz Dennis Ackley Ken Ahr Chris Allen Diane Andrews Charles Arison Bruce Bacon Becky Balog Clement Banioff Tom Banning Karen Barker Harold Barnes Marilyn Bartlome Carol Battenhouse Jim Bauer SOPHOMORE orricrares Carol Snowdon, treasurer Jim McCourt, vice-president Ron Goohs, president Kathy Huson, secretary Class 0 Mike Beko Bill Belcher Vic Bellon Mary Benedict Mary Bickle Carol Bolinger Bonnie Botamer Lyn Brandt Denny Bray Doug Brenclel Sue Broderick Terry Bruce Linda Bulca Carroll Cather Margie Christian Album Church Jon Clary Bob Cole 67 Erupts Sandy Dunfee Chuck Eberhard? Terry Edwards Jim Ehman Bert Elgar Ken Elkin Larry Eskelman Mike Finley Jennifer Fog Jim Frisina Pat Gallagher Chris Garland Mike Gargasz Tom George Karen Gerhart Bill Gillespie Diane Gillespie George Glass i?l . i N 4 Marty Conry Carol Cook Scott Coverdale Tom Croyle Ted Csincsak Roy Cuenin Suefra Curnloerledge Mildred Davisson Jim Deidrick Regina Deiiz Art Deremiah Evelyn Diedrick Sue Doizlof Bob Dover Debbie Duncan Joe Gnizak Bob Goll Roy Goodell Donna Goodwin Ron Goohs Peggy Gordon Gary Greiner Cary Grocott Larry Groot Jill Groves Bill Grue Sharon Grundy Marilyn Guild Sherry Habanl Carl Hall Bruce Hambly Tom Hamel Brenda Hammond Bob Harvey Dave Hathaway Richard Head Lester Henderson Arlene Henes Joyce Hensley Angie Henson Carol Herrmann Chris Huesser Marty Higgins Gail Hillabidel Valinola Hines Suzanne Hoffman Chuck Hoffer Barbara Hollingsworth Rochelle Homer Jerry Hooker Darla Hoover Wanda Kreger Stephanie Krok Jesse Kulaga John Kurtz Phyllis Landis Joan Lange Bruce Keniarski Connie Kossow Nora Kotradi Ken Krause Dale Kreeger Neil Kneirieman Mike Koch Bill Koleno Joan Kapronica Randy Jolley Linda Jones Pam Kantelas Ray Kapucinski Tom lckes David llcisko Elizabeth Jackson Dan Johnson Richard Johnson Ted Horsley Wayne Horvath Helen Houk Linda Hughes Ron Hunger Kathy Huson Pam Kelly Norton Kennedy Charles Keyes Jim Kirkpatrick Mark Kirshner Greg Klekota Doug Megyesi Bev Meitzke Linda Milks Julie Miller Justine Miller Pam Mitchell Daffie Moore Ken Morrow Ron Morrow Janice Mulford Keith Mulica Tim Nagy ophomores Tal-c. Clfris Lavish Sonya Lloyd Nick Lockhart Pam Lockhart Terry Luman Dan Mackin Bob Mackin Bob Mason Dennis Matotek James Matotek Gregg Mazurek Jim McCourt Diane Nichols Gary Nichols Valerie Novotny Gerry Nowak Kathy Nyarges Pat Park Rick Patfielcl Paul Patterson Walter Pocllich Richard Policz Rhonda Paton I Laurene Pelton , 'reshman Hazing Mary Porciello Bob Porostovsky James Pozone Karen Price Pat Price Larry Pullin Larry Radefeld Bob Ransome Judy Reese John Reid Gary Reiter James Rice V W Janet Sender Kathy Shay Greg Shay Dennis Sheller Bob Shumaker Jim Simashkevich Pat Simmons Daryl Smith Dennis Sniezik -Carol Snovvden Linda Staller Cindy Sfanden O' S L X W 9' ' fa, tr 'fha 1 wwf -45 Kathy Rogers Tom Roth Joe Sabo Mary Sauer Sherry Scarafia CarIa'Schieterstein Dale Schieferstein Tim Schmauch Les Schneider Jane Schoemig Jett Schultz Diane Schwitzli Josephine Starr Greg Srernpowski Greg Stevens Mark Stophel Dick Strehle Wayne Sirickler Alan Sfudd Frank Stuller Chris Sutherland Mike Szekely Terry Temple Jim Underwood Larry van der Oofd l'll have you know my grandmother was Lilioukalani. Pearl Vegh Marilyn Vollmer .lim Weaver Jeff Weimer Kathy Wenrich Wade Werner Pam Whyte Sherry Wiegand Wade Wiegand Diane Womack Martha Woodings Donna Woods Marcia Wurst Dennis Yacobozzi David Zabrecky Theresa Zimmerman Bob Zolnai Diane Zsoldos Q 3 X Q ' X ., ef-fvfh tawswwwesf W V , 3,.-my-E Y fa? h e , '92 W 2 1 . ,, , M Power, happinesls, q hard work brings. i- ff' A , W XA M X Q' X 325:54 ii 7x , . .. v Y zfifiwkkif' V ' ' , 5 - is-zxzmiw' SA? 5 V ,iff L, X -,2W3Qu,aA', ' W, 4' g 1 Mp 'Twig - v Mx m,,i?Li5r2lNhv4ww. A CT ITI if 'V' www-xmfita v X Eleanor Stuber, Clas: Marlene Sexstella, A vitiesg Kay Emmer Sportsp Sid Welch, Editor-in-Chief: Tom C somo, Photograpl Barb Wursl, Co-Edi in-Chief, and Ca Friend, Captions. From Three to ix .. Seated frorf row Phil Sukel Knt Marry Duck Horn Judle Barflome Jum Poyak Dave Moyer and Rlck Ravnikar. Second row Jane Donnelly Elalne Pozone Pam Whyte Pam Kelley .Ianrce Mulford and Barb Wane Standing Doug Welch, Sandy Wlegand Carol Snowden Elaune Petkovsek Rnck Werner Tum Garn Les Lavish Barb Berner Joyce Smnh Cathie Bartish, f T 54 .-Q 13 Business S taff iy Ruminsky, Busi- ss managerg Charles ok, Magazine salesg ve Arnoczky, Adver- ng managerg and Larry ig, Subscription mana er. . . With Mr. Hicks Seated, from row: Pam Kantelas, Jean Dolyk, Mary Bickel, Tillie Sroka, Second row: Jane Ravnikar, Linda Leadingham, Marie Gargasz. Standing: Mike Tevesz, Dave Boyce, Bob Herrick, Mary Sneed, Barb Waite, Gerry Gaiten. 65 Th ecord 'I W5 ' '5 E99 x VOLUME xxix NUMBER 4 FRIDAY, DEFCEMBELR is, 1964 AMHERST, oi Mieiitflf it 'E V ' ze nugget If?ET1FDaze of 90223 affix 20:65 'lun or arsltyl S221 e Mock Electio - P . 9 eo359q f1,.", Tana il g o when L. O. W1 1 a EDITORIAL STAFF: Front row: Martha Bach, Pam Whyte, Lynda Joyce, Judi Collins, Bonnie McCartney, Barb Wurst. Second row: Jenny Kopp, Elail t Petkovsek, Sharon Price, Alba Figueroa, Hilma Vinson, Jane Donnelly. Third row: Rick Kaiser, Bob Sroka, Tom Gibiin, Keith Kocsis, Greg Reite .Jim Layne, Larry Schultz, Jim Ryan, John Johnson, Tom Giasomo. Fourth rovv: Charles Notf, Geoff Grob, Larry Kamocly, Bob Cook, Jerry Walkc Dick Stilgenbauer, Tom Miller. D GHC N L ' ' flf enior Girl ew unch Periods Discussed Q 637, S Reef Je.. ' X ' ,Y closed shortened lunch you have to gulp your food dovm. We ofa lgh P eI'f01'l1 172 6 'fral and Steele have Lan'y Schroeder -- It gives .049 7556 cz I6 ff Gig' an Ladditional yOu sufficieht time to eat your o'90,7J'-S' I ,lg 606, 'rley Weum,--1 , Ju Z' time. lunch but It doesn'L. gwe you 1555 06,60 2350 01. sp,- - tim to - L Q Oo . D 1 4 KX Q49 Nagel Le fully enJoy lt.. . QQJQ' I s ,,,"'9J 1,0 Y - Q X.,-, eonard ueecora - 1 think ws ,Q 0 OQG 62, 0' S65 i SX 161' Nuthe birds. There's nofjypy " fy ,3J'O,. 012 riifh 51:15 New vw is 66 Q7 lp g e SS Q 0 6 N efen 'bed Ronald W loom ' ,ew We we wwe OW v Sie 10 llleilh fnse 3, or xiaeriods a e . - makin Amema we ex- 56.62, 'Oni Y .1 0. S l i inninvcz Vv1n Hnnnvc. In lent I org Gerry Gatten, business manager, Jim David- dt h f Senior M Will Com For Dj' ly Kit Marty' 'N chosen rto rr ticiptani' ge Pee' ,gr gy J P Y 6 Q51 Qoogsceo " A QS Q9Qo0o?' is A -Z' Q , Sosa? Q . Xeilplfser Q p J A Q , 'to' S Q N 2 'IS 3 1n, 6 N X I b dzcl-LS Q Xe 5 legish 3 ess in U01Dif201 Vstrate I , , , . - tance on v9 eler "' P' Ecoko EDITORS: Front row: Barb vvursf, S Lomblned Lholrs. lure in tl if ati' ews editor, Jane Donnelly, copy editor, Martha It 6 . . ' . fective del. C2 'WS rr, dw .s a :B'll s h effef, h S Q e , 1- iiiulaizliy rianaoggrergejejgy llllilglkerl spcoris edi- oh. t A mi gn L. l C9 OD, 9 I OF-II"I-C I6 . , g , t 95 I o - , AM, H'-Ihmzlty A 1 . e1'St C he 1 E u s Wbn V L t Vlet Score N rs, al C On O I ,fn Clfm. fhe ' 00 - umins x classes '1.Sllnet.81'id, gazini 'XL aww rev e5 r C me fest 10' Mik fd f aditor 'S when me POW' spark e' in the .bit go? mi axeo V511 Rogsflonovi' nd b. x?,,-e MLS W AQ vaf 5 3111-lfled 3 Elea ' wff w Band Appears fg cture kes First Showin entSv al A B f YI E ine BUSINESS STAFF: Front row: Jean Dolyk, Pat ,vm y Bair, Martha Bach. Second row: Marge Kosaa l kowski, Pam Harlan, Barb Waite, Joyce Plato. for Third row: Karen Crombie, Sharon Bruce, Sue Staff, Price, Linda Leadingham, Mary Beesing. Fourth Ur, vt row: Bill Schaeffer, Gerry Gatten, Geoff Grob, rew,rie,. ggi easy Be 'S 'ha arcia N 5 at 1 es. ar em, hP W H T S on tudents bkiilg 1 UP? an Y mtxwater ife at Ste Spnirwi Vvin Hnrmrs tuclent Council Rules With an Iron Hand Student Council serves many purposes in the school. Two of these are improving administration-student body relations and participating in student government. In the past, the Student Council has relieved the faculty of some responsibilities and has established the student court, which is still in operation. This year, the Council also edited the Comet Handbook. Nancy Laing, treasurer, and Sue Loutzenhiser, secretary. Dave Moyer, president, and Del Mack, vice president. The responsibility of planning and sponsoring the following activi- ties also kept the Student Council busy: football homecoming, football and basketball banquets, the Sweetheart Dance, Bermuda Day, and the spring elections. The Council purchased a headboard for the school's activity calendar and established a scholarship fund. The group's advisers were Mr. lngraham, Mr. Baumann, and Mr. Simonovich. Seated: Nena Vianna, Del Mack, Dave Moyer, Sue Loutzenhiser, Nancy Laing, Greg Huber. Second row: Shirley Reynolds, Marie Gargasz, Pat Bair, Pat Garland, Nancy Schulz, Marilyn Guild, Pam Whyte, Jane Ingram, Jane Ravnikar, Chris Garland, Becky Groth, Pam Kelly. Third row: Tom Giblin, Jim Edwards, Bruce Bacon, Dave Hathaway, Jim Davidson, Mike Tevesz, Dennis Howdyshell, Mike Szekely, Tim Garn, Richard Ravnikar. 68 Front row: Jim Davidson, Dave Moyer, 'Judi Collins, Sue Loutzenhiser, Lynda Joyce, Carol DeMarco, Barb Waite, Cathy Friend, Sid Welch. Second row: Judie Bartlome, Heather Henderson, Jean Dolyk, Shirley Wellman, Sue Cherry, Judy Ruminsky, Barb Berner, Joyce Smith, Elaine Pozone, Jean Dobney. Third row: Eleanor Stuber, Jim Poyak, Barb Wurst, Terry Galuslwa, Marlene Sexstella, John Kirchgessner, Kay Emmerich, Rick Ott, Rosie Seckel, Mike Tevesz. Fourth row: Tom Giasomo, Pat Garland, Carol Magel, Delbert Mack, Jane Ingram, Larry Long, Margie Kosakowski, Rick Kaiser, Marie Gargasz, Jim Edwards, Fifth row: Richard Horn, Myrna Lewis, Bob Herrick, Nancy Schulz, Bill Bring, Becky Groth, Gerald Kelley, Karla Smith, Kit Marty. lnducts 34 Members The National Honor Society of Marion L. Steele High School is a group of juniors and seniors selected for their achievements in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Under the direc- tion of Mrs. Wingate, NHS carried out several activities, including the annual fall fruitcake sale, operating the book- room, a Christmas party for needy chil- dren, and the banquet in the spring. The officers of NHS this year were Sue Loutzenhiser, secretary, Jim Edwards, vice-president, Jim Davidson, president, and Kit Marty, treasurer. Martyr's Row 69 Library Aides Front row: Kathy Druga, Carol DeMarco, Barb Waite, Jean Dolyk, Karen Bartlome Back row: Joyce Derrick, Julie Miller, Margie Kosakowski, Brian Stashick, George Balogh, Larry Hooker We Aim to Serve With Merit-Without It We Get Demerits , 1 K Front row: Judy Schubert, Myrna Lewis, Brenda Parker. Second row: Sue Kane, Sharon Grundy, Mary Sneed, Sue Broderick, Nancy Black Back row: Sid Welch, Charles Hook, Ken Ferris, Dick Horn, Gerald Gatten, Dennis Garten Future Tycoonettes , , The purpose of the Business Education Club is to help its members become acquainted and in- terested in the business world. Guest speakers and movies related to the field of business were part ot the club's regular monthly meetings. Money has been made available tor the purchase of some business equipment through the selling of typing and shorthand notebooks and collecting yearly dues. A yearly event that the club members look for- ward to is going on a field trip. The seniors visited the Federal Reserve Bank in-Cleveland. Here they spent the whole day observing banking procedures, and were later served lunch. The other members in the club visited the IBM School. Bottom row: Nina Horsley, Sharon Thompson, Becky El- liott, Carol Magel. Second row: Jackie Wentzel, Pam Homer, Sue Rigo, Myrna Lewis. Third row: Nancy Travers, Lynda Holz- hauer, Pat Gnizak, Pat Raynes. Fourth row: Brenda Parker, Sherry Rich, Barb Leslie. Fifth row: Anyce Johnson, Sandy Virag, Cheryl Young, Judy Sines. Sixth row: Martha Bach, Karen Policz, Marlene Sextella, Joyce Brown. Seventh row: Linda Grundy, Phyllis Landis, Sharon Hillyard, Karen Bartlome. Eighth row: Jane Schoemig, Shirley Reynolds, Marie Gar- gasz. Ninth row: Mrs. Hammill, Cheryl Schibley, Cheryl Dod- son, Mrs. Wallace. OFFICERS: Treasurer, Karen Bartlome, President, Marlene Sexstellag Secretary, Sharon Hillyard. F TA Learns Throu, h Experience Q First row: Gerry Kelley, Jim Poyak, Tom Giasomo, Gerry Gatten, Larry Hooker, Kit Marty, Del Mack, Larry Schroeder, Larry Kamody, Charles Hookl Second row: Judi Collins, Elaine Pozone, Janet Ward, Carol Magel, Nina Horsley, Anyce Johnson, Pam Harlan, Carol DeMarco, Karla Smith, Verna Johnson, Margie Kosakowski. Third row: Lynn Mitchell, Jeanne Dobney, Joyce Derrick, Jean Dolyk, Barb Wurst, Eleanor Stuber, Sandy Wiegand Martha Bach, Pat Bair, Elaine Petkovsek, Bev Davidson, Sharon Bruce, Marilyn Berta. Fourth row: Cathy Friend, Lynda Joyce, Sue Loutzenhiser, Joyce Smith, Barb Berner, Sue Godwin, Peg Nabakowski, Jenny Kopp, Pat Garland, Nancy Schulz, Nancy Laing, Nancy Zunt, Jane Ravnikar. i i 72 High school FTA chapters are primarily guidance and orientation organizations f pre-professional services and developments. They may be considered, also, as servi organizations for the high school, its staff, its students and the community. After having applied for membership and after having met the required qualif cations, twenty-nine new members were formally initiated on October 23, l96L The club then had a total of fifty-five members. FTA members help teach the elementary children at Powers and help supervis their games at lunch time. Regular meetings were held each month. At this tim various speakers gave interesting talks on various fields of education. The annui Christmas luncheon at the Aquamarine highlighted the social aspect of the club. y FTA members know that "Tomorrow's future goes to school today" and the one "Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." O F A Looks to the Future nr row: Leslie Lavish, Carol Edwards, Brenda Dalton, Carhie Bartish, Linda Gressler Mary Fisher Sueffa Cumlaerledge Mildred Davusson Carol linger. Second row: Sue Rigo, Pat Raynes, Peg Gordon, Joyce Smi1h, Sandy Marr, Sandie Wiegand Joyce Pope Daffie Moore Third row thy Rogers, Diane Andrews, Kathy Druga, Mary Porciello, Mary Beesing, Diane Mischka Jane Znlch Fourth row Mrs Kubuske Pat Conry e Price. Clinic Aids vnr row: Judy Schubert, Pat ynes, Sue Dotzlaf. Second - Sue Price Bev Bunn ll:,clie.Wiegancl, Jane Zilch, Pat nry, Joyce Pope. ree ssrr riff if K. -f aww! The Band - I n Concer First row: Karen Gerhart, Pearl Vegh, Shirley Wellman, Sharon Hiner, Janet Ware Carol Edwards. Second row: Dennis Northeim, Cheryl Schibley, Pam Homer, Karl Smith, Dennis Sniezak, Karen Barker, Eleanor Stuber, Janet Sender, Fawn Rosenkran: Nancy Travers, Carol Battenhouse, Chris Sutherland, Songa Lloyd, Rochelle Home Jeanne Dobney. Third row: Sue Cherry, Elaine Pozone, Ricki Yeager, Judy Sines, Dian Gilsanliter, Martha Bach, Anyce Johnson, Mike Tevesz, Bev Meitzke, Diane Goldthorpr Janis Wilhelm, Kay Barker, Lynn Mitchell, Cary Groco-tt, John Kurtz, Scott Coverdal- Bill Carter, Phil Suckel, Linda Grundy, Margie Kosakowski, Daryl Smith. Fourth rovw MAJORETTES: Cheryl Schibley, Shirley Reynolds, Karla Smith, head majorette. nd on the Field aron Folbert, Phyllis Landis, Linda Loewer, Diana Womack, Marilyn Vollrner, Martha oodings, Jim Simaskevich, Sharon Grundy, Jane Schoemig, Kathy Rogers, Bob Her- ck, John Lau, Dennis Yacobozzi, Alice Mizer, Neil Knierieman, Del Mack, Dave oyer, Jim Poyak, Mark Kirshner, Tim Grocott, Bill Bring, Steve Arnoczky, Roy oodell, Greg Huber, Terry Galusha. Fifth row: Elaine Petkovsek, Dave Sender, m Pozone, Rick Ott, Bob Goll, Tenant Nabakowski, Shirley Reynolds, Tim Schmauch, d Welch, Al Crausaz, Charlie Hook, Bruce Bacon, Mr. Petersen. MAJORETTES: Sharon Folbert, Karen Barker, Rochelle Homer. Give me my marbles back! Cinderella Complex won third in Lakeland Conference. Julie Miller was nominated for best actress and Brian Stashick was nominated for best actor. "Dig the kooksf' Rebel Without ci Cause Leading Characters Jim-Jim Davidson Judy-Lynda Joyce Mr. Stark--Dave Hathaway Mrs. Stark-Alba Figueroa Our Hiawatha Cinderella Complex Leading Characters CincIerellafeJoyce Plato Dame Lilith-Julie Miller Dame Eva vJenny Kopp Sir James-Jess Swartz The Elves' Holiday ol Shall we dance? Taming of the Shrew Leading Characters 'm --1-w"""""' Wm ,il She did nOTl Lucenrio-Jim Davidson Katherine-Judi Collins PefruchiofBud Becker Grumio-Lynda Joyce Bianca-Carolyn Brandies ,,,,,-,,,,,-, A .NSA .,- Pass The poison. GAL ile Up the Points First row: Leslie Schneider, Becky Groth, Jane Ravnikar, Becky Elliot, Chris Garland. Second row: Karen Crombie, Prissy Swigart, Carol Snowdo Cathy Friend, Janet Sender, Linda Gressler, Chris Sutherland. Third row: Virginia Harvey, Janice Mulford, Linda Dudish, Phyllis Landis, S Loutzenhiser, Nancy Zunt, Pearl Vegh. Fourth row: Linda Cirell, Barb Waite, Pam Whyte, Pat Bair, Marilyn Guild, Bev Meitzke, Karen Gerha The "Girls' Athletic Leaders" was organized in 1963 by Mrs. Reichert to assist the girls' physical education classes, organize extra-curricular girls' activities, and to provide fellowship among girls interested in athletics. Interscholastic activities were held with near-by schools. The girls enjoyed basketball, volleyball, and track. Activities ot the GALS in 1964-65 included a swimming party at Crane pool in Oberlin, caroling at Amherst Manor, ice skating, a Patch Hop and several money- making proiects. Money obtained by dances and other activities is used to purchase added equipment for gym classes. This year's otticers included president, Becky Groth, vice-president, Becky Elliot, secretary, Linda Dudish, treasurer, Prissy Swigart, and intramural director, Bev Meitzke. 78 Cheers for the Pep Club Bottom row: Jess Swartz, Diane Ruth, Jerry Walker, Bonnie McCartney, Nancy Black, Del Mack, Bob Cook, Tom Schoemig, Tom Maines, Judi Collins, Sandy Reichert, Carolyn Brandies, Lynda Joyce, Sue Loutzenhiser, Nancy Schulz. Second row: Mary Malloy, Becky Elliott, Sandy Virag, Donna Bolinger, Lynda Holzhauer, Nancy Bender, Brenda Parker, Sue Broderick, Beverly Meitzke, Anyce Johnson, Sue Cherry, Judy Schubert, Mary Beesing, Joan Lange, Kathy Slumska. Third row: Myrna Lewis, Carol Magel, Ruth Gould, Pam Kelley, Linda Staller, Kathy Huson, Pam Kantelas, Jackie Wenzel, Mary Jo Porciello, Diane Andrews, Nancy Travers, Pam Homer, Linda Loewer, Chris Lavish, Sherrie Scaratia. Fourth row: Lynn Mitchell, Nancy Zunt, Brenda Dalton, Cheryl Young, Elaine Petovsek, Shanna Rosebeck, Kathy Druga, Mary Bickel, Sandy Wiegand, Joyce Smith, Barbara Berner, Kathy Wenrich, Sue Dotzlaf, Carol Snowden, Leslie Schneider, Peggy Gordon. Fifth row: Pat Raynes, Sue Rigo, Pat Conry, Joyce Brown, Jane Ravnikar, Janice Mulford, Chris Garland, Marilyn Guild, Pam Whyte, Karen Gerhart, Karen Barker, Sue Kane, Linda Leadingham, Jane Schoernig. Sixth row: Eleanor Stuber, Margie Kosakowski, Rosella Seckel, Linda Gressler, Roberta Krause, Sandy arr, Jane Donnelly, Carol DeMarco, Leslie Lavish, Judy Sines, Ruth Rittner, Sharon Hillyard, Barb Ehman, Kay Emmerich, Sharon Bruce, Sue Price. Seventh row: Cathie Bartish, Lana Rogers, Virginia Harvey, Cheryl Schibley, Cheryl Dodson, Shirley Reynolds, Karla Smith, Cheryl Papp, arie Gargasz, Jane Zilch, Brenda Franklin, Sherry Rich, Pat Garland, Peggy Nabakowski, Sue Godwin, Gary Reynolds, Tom Giblin. ff,- ! 9 Announcers Front row: Lynda Joyce, Sue Dotzlaf. Second row: Nina Horsley, Sue Godwin. Third row: Brian Stashick, Terry Galusha Fourth row: Jim Davidson, Gerry Garten.. Hall uards On stairs: First row: Craig DeSa Bolo Cook, Charlie Towne, Sanders. Second row: Jim Naro, Kocsis, Mike Brunetto, Tom Dan Third row: Bill Schaeffer, Tim hanon, Chester Fleming, Bill Fourth row: Gary Koepp, Roger enbach, Charles Hook, Gary nolds. Fifth row: Geoff Grob, Edwards, Dennis Moskal, Gerry Ten. Sixth row: Gerry Kelley, AI ter, Rick Werner, Doug Welch. enth row: Ron Borman, Mike man, John Kirchgessner. Stan below: First row: Dale Betka, C Schibley, Bill Goodwin. Second Nancy Bender, Jerry Walker, Figueroa, Dianne Hoffman, M Kosakowski, Linda Nichols. row: Tillie Sroka,-Judy Sines, Je Dobney, Mary Jo Szivan, Barb ner. Fourth row: Jean Wilhelm, S Mitchell, Nancy Travers, Karen sec, Pat Garland, Barb Wurst. AF at Home and Across the Sea T" pg JA: 9 t"t M ' Qwest r ,Q M.. First row: Nancy Black, Judi Collins, Sue Loutzenhiser, Carolyn Brandies, Cathie Pullin, Julie Miller, Barb Ehman, Jackie Wentzel, Nina Horsley, Joyce Smith. Second row: Brenda Parker, Sandy Virag, Nancy Bender, Donna Bolinger, Shanna Rosebeck, Janice Mulforcl, Marilyn Guild, Sue Broderick, Pam Kantelas. Third row: Jean Dolyk, Linda Leadingham, Brenda Dalton, Elaine Petkovsek, Elaine Pozone, Jeanne Dobney, Joyce Pope, Bev Meitzke, Kathy Huson, Karen Gerhart, Barb Berner. Fourth row: Mary Jane Bickel, Mary Jo Porciello, Tillie Sroka, Sandy Wiegand, Margie Kosakowski, Marlene Sexstella, Barb Wurst, Carol Snowdon, Les Schneider, Marcia Wurst. Fifth row: Karen Witte, Donna Woods, Linda Staller, Pam Kelly, Peg Gordon, Carol Magel, Nancy Zunt, Theresa Zimmerman, Stephanie Krok, Carol Herrman. Sixth row: Jane Zilch, Nena Vienna, Dick Horn, Bill Bring. Seventh row: Gary Reynolds, Bob Shumaker, Dave Hathaway, Jim Davidson, Richard Ravnikar, Steve Arnoczky, Kit Marty, Delbert Mack, Mike Koch. The purpose of the American Field Service is to stimulate interest among students of different countries. Because the AFS program is community sponsored, it is in no way connected with the government. AFS is a non-profit making organization with all of the money being used to further the exchange program. The exchange students receive an allowance of 3514.00 per month from AFS, but such items as class rings, school lunches, pictures, and school supplies are covered by this fund. It is the iob of the local AFS club to supply these funds. In order to raise these funds our high school AFS Club has operated a coat check during basketball season, has sold candy, and has collected pledges from various local and high school or- ganizations. The president of this year's AFS Club is Judi Collins, with Carol Nlagel as vice- president. f fice Runners Guidance Aids Cafhie Pullin, Shirley Wellman, Sandy Wiegand, Marie Gargasz, Karla Smith, Lynda Joyce, Kathy Slumska, Jane Ingram, Rosella Seckel M orning Office Aids Front row: Sherry Rich, Mary Salisbury, Karen Leonard, Nancy Zunt, Carol DeMarco Back row: Shirley Reynolds, Pat Conry, Linda Gressler, Judy Ruminsky, Jane Donnelly, Cathy Friend 82 Afternoon Office Aids Front row: Carolyn Branclies, Barb Ehman, Sue Cherry, Mar- cia Freeland, Sandy Wiegand, Sandy Virag. Back row: Sharon Hillyard, Kay Emmerich, Linda Dudush, Rick Kaiser, Sharon Bruce, Marfha Bach, Heaiher Henderson rjfk gli. J ii ,ji ffl X Alf ' M, 6 fc i' ,ga ' QCX X egg- ,, W fxyi f .,, , J L iffy 6f', ,J JH, V , Jvc . Haloate on Perspiratum Second-year Latin students met once a month during the school year under the direction of Mrs. Thutt with the aid of the club's of- ficers: Bruce Bacon, president, Pam Whyte, vice-president, Carol Snowdon, secretary, Karen Gerhart, treasurer, and Marcia Wurst, AFS representative. Programs included slides of Rome and other places of interest, plays, a talk on the Peace Corps by Miss Boecker, and fun-filled games and contests. The group was even honored with a visit from Jessicus, the famous oracle at Delphi. At the annual Roman banquet, Latin l students, dressed in tunics, were auctioned off as slaves to the toga-clad second-year masters who delighted in giving their slaves a hard time. The dinner, "ab ovo usque ad mala," Cfrom eggs to applesj was served by the slaves to their masters who ate in Roman style, with their fingers and using finger bowls. l..4ll , ,.,,. First row Jill Groves, Sharon Grundy, Karen Barker, Stephanie Krok, Sue Dotzlaf, Carol Snowdon, Karen Crombie. Second row Chris Garland, Karen Gerhart, Pam Whyte, Peggy Gordon, Karen Witte, Kathy Rogers, Jennifer Fog. Third row: Carol Cook Julie Miller Marcia Wurst, Theresa Zimmerman, Carol Herrmann, Janet Sender, Linda Cirell. Fourth row: Greg Stevens, Dennis Yacobozzi Bruce Bacon, Mike Szekely, Jon Clary, Bill Grue, David Ilcisko. Fifth row: Wade Werner, Greg Mazurek, Larry Radefeld, Jim McCourt Jesse Swartz, Chuck Hoffer, Frank Stuller, Marty Conry. Modern Language Clubs 12322 Front row: Rlcki Yeager, Tim Grocott, Brenda Franklin, Rosella Seckel, Second row: Linda Socotch, Cathie Pullin, Joyce Plato, Linda Duncan, Kay Barker, Third row: Shirley Reynolds, Karla Smith, Jane Zilch, Cathie Bartish, Mike Kovach, Diane Gelsanliter, Diane Ruth, Donna Bolinger, Sandy Wiegand, Becky Elliot, Back row: Nina Horsley, Diane Mischka, John Ribic, Sandy Mitchell, Craig De- jantis,DJohnk Kirchgessner, Kit Marty, Steve Arnoczky, Bill Schaeffer, Paul Morrow, Lee Ann Klekota, Joyce Brown, Marilyn Betta, Oyce errlc . Front row: Scott Coverdale, Pam Mitchell, Pam Harlan, Lynda Joyce, Sue Loutzenhiser, Nena Vianna, Janice Mulford, Les Schneider, Ron Goohs, Second row: Miss Boecker, Chris Sutherland, Kathy Huson, Joyce Derrick, Rosella Seckel, Pam Kelly, Linda Staller, Dan Alorahamovvicz, Third row: Roy Goodell, Lester Henderson, Caroll Cather, Dennis Sniezak, Bev Meitzke, Sherry Scarafia, Martha Woodings, Pearl Vegh, Marilyn Guild, Jane Ravnikar, Jane Ingram, Donna Goodwin, Jim Bauer, Back row: Bob Mason, Tom Giasomo, Chuck Eberhardt, Jeff Schultz, Tim Nagy, Jesse Kulaga, Tom Croyle, Dennis Sheller, Larry Hooker, Pat Thompson. 84 tud F oreign ultures French Club, under the direction of Miss Kathryn Murray, was for all French II and French lll students. Meetings were held once a month, either after school or in the evening. Programs usually included such recreation as singing French songs, playing games in French, and practicing dialogue. Sometimes French students listened to travel talks or reports on famous French people. The Christmas The Dansant, or Tea Dance, and the Mardi Gras were both spon- sored by the French Club. Officers for the school year were: president, Gerald Kelley, vice-president, James Davidson, secretary, Eleanor Stuber, and treasurer, Kit Marty. First row: Carol De Marco, Sue Cherry, Diane Hoffman, Kay Emmerich, Jean Dolyk, Jane Donnelly. Second row: Jim Davidson Cynthia Gurley, Jenny Kopp, Gordon Collyer, Judi Collins, Gerry Kelley, Nancy Laing, Cathy Friend, Gerry Garten, Nick Bogoievich Sue Loutzenhiser. Third row: Barb Waite, Tim Garn, Heather Henderson, Nena Vianna, Dick Horn, Lynda Joyce, Carolyn Brandies Tom Giasomo, Dennis Hovvdyshell, Judi Bartlome, Eleanor Stuber, Barb Wurst, Margie Kosakovvski, Shirley Wellman. The Spanish Club of Marion L. Steele High School was formed to promote a better understanding of the Spanish speaking countries, their customs, language, and ideas, by active participation. This year the members sold Comet stationery. They had a fiesta and they also spent a Sunday afternoon in South Lorain conversing with the Spanish-speaking people. They attended a Spanish movie and cooked their own Spanish dinner. They also met with students from Latin America. The president of the Spanish Club was Lynda Joyce, vice-president, Pam Harlan, secretary, Nena Vianna, and treasurer, Janice Mulford. The club was advised by Miss Boecker and Miss Bingham. Chou' 'Q 545 'Q' ifgfffhf 1' A , . ww 4-as--.N wwf? Students Today, Rembrandts Tomorrow Front row-Linda Dudush, Janet Ward, Kay Barker, Prissy Swigart, Donna Bollinger. Seated-Kathy Kassu, Steve Speckhart, Cheryl Papp. Back row-Sue Dotzlaf, Hilma Vinson, Donna Woods, Nancy Bender, Sandy Virag, Nancy Black, Lynda Holzhauer. D Q Q ii , gm 'f W- ,QD QQ - ----' X N ax fp ' Nia. This year the Art Club, a new organization at Steele, was quite active. The members went on many field trips to sketch and paint. They arranged an art exhibit at a Rotary Club luncheon and they sent art work to the l965 Scholastic Art Exhibit. ln March, the group participated in a caravan to visit the Akron Institute, Spring Art Shovv. They also attended the Cleveland May Show. The Art Club organized an art exhibit for the evening of May 3, T965 to coincide with the Library Club book sale open to the public. The officers of the club vvere Steve Speckhart, president, Cheryl Papp, vice-president, Kathy Kassu, secretary. Mrs. Ford was the group's advisor. The Pen Is Mightier . . . The chapter is named in honor of Miss Katherine Murray, who retired after 42 years of teaching and 37 years as advisor for the yearbook. Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for juniors and seniors vvho have done outstanding vvork in journalism, was a new organization at Steele this year. The fourteen mernloers, vvho vvere chosen from the Arnherstonian and Record staffs were initiated at a dinner in April. Officers for the MLS chapter vvere: Barb Wurst, president, Marlene Sexstella, vice-pres- 1 ide-nt, Jim Davidson, secretary-treasurer. The advisors were Mr. Donald Hicks of the Am- herstonian and Mrs. Diane Abdulla of the Record. 5 k as Front row: Tom Giasomo, Sid Welch, Jim Davidson, Mike Tevesz, Gerry Gatten. Bac Jane Donnelly, Judy Ruminsky, Kay Emmerich, Marlene Sextella. Absent is Lynda if-4. - z k row: Martha Bach, Eleanor Stuber, Barb Wurst, Jenny Kopp Joyce. 89 Full of Pep - Nancy Laing, Judi Collins, Sue Louizenhiser, Nancy Schulz, Carolyn Branclies, Sandy Reichert, and Lynda Joyce. is fa of Egg "Alley-oop!" "What do you mean, you think we're going to lose? 90 Jus? because you are from the oiher side . . ." Science Club Explores New Realms iss, A..., ' B 22 it at at ww-wbsw W ,MMR Sitting: Doug Welch, Gary Reynolds, Dave Sender, Bill McCourt. Kneeling: Bob Dickason, Dave Boyce, Dennis Dodson, Rick Ott, Greg Huber. Standing: Dick Horn, Dennis Hovvdyshell, Charles Vegh, Bill Bring, Kit Marty. Improvement Marks 965 uiz Bee Team Kneeling: Dave Boyce, Rick Kaiser, Mike Tevesz, Glenn Voss. Standing: Gary Reynolds, Terry Galusha, Tom Giblin, Sid Welch, Jim Davidson, Bi Herrick, Pat Thompson. 92 wg? ,Q if X ' Y , X Q V ,E , ,xc WP? ' QQ 95 1, .mm ' Vw T la W hex P y we boqst 1 . M 5 f if Win or' lvsei they ,re still the most!! LR Q2 52 W wr 3 Comets F i hr Throu h Hard Season First row-Bill Boden, Ken Holley, Greg Radovi Mike Hohla, Gerry Garten, Dennis Hill Third row-Jim Sfudd, Bob Shumaker, Tom Bradley, van der Oord, John Polansky, Jesse Swariz, Wade Werner, Bob Cole, Glen Voss Seventh Dan Abrahamowicz, Dave Solora Eighth row Wesilake Huron Clearview Oberlin Nlidview 94 ch, Jim Edwards, Roger Aschenbach, Kelley King Second row-Gil Slavic, Dick Harmych, John Ralf row-Marty Aschenbach, Jim Gammons, Charlie Towne, Terry Hall, Jim Naro, Terry Temple Fou Greg Godfrey, Craig DeSantis, Dennis Howdyshell, Bill Rice Fifth row-Terry Edwards La Bill Goodwin, Rick Kaiser Sixth row-Jim McCourT, Tom Croyle, Gregg Mazurek, Jim Ry row-Nick Bogoievich Cmgr.l, Keith McDaniels lmgr.J, Gene Harmych Cmgr.J, Gary Griener Cmgi -Coach Curnrningham, Coach Hershey, Head Coach Havens, Coach Sheffield, Gary Trelka absenl 6-26 6-36 6-14 O-14 l 5-l O Brunswick Ridgeville Vermilion New London Wellinglon 6-20 O-l 4 O-l 8 l4-32 14-20 Action 964 Ouch! Let's see you catch THAT one! Completion or Interception? I bet l'II beat you tothe goal line! KELLY KING enic c GIL SLAVIC Outstanding Llneman Outstanding Offensive Back TERRY HALL GREG RADOVI GARY TRELKA MIKE HOHLA Ftars 55 I-captains RICHARD HARMYCH JOHN RIBIC 1 u BILL BODEN I EDWARDS, ROGER ASCHENBACH .,, DENNIS HILL KEN HOLLEY 3 QH,' -:Mg M .1 , ?uPQk 1 ,MI f'W1"i ,As 3 5 ful V... f WM' fir awww 15" 'iv . 1 ,Y . 1, .... 5 M ' , jr ,AL ... ..1...-- L, , W ' I, W E W. Sa 1' W W U wh M X W 'A 'ali CE: V1 .ff r A. -1' QM A I ' 1 1 M t x N 4, z. ' -4 + ., , an a ,, M. . 15852 .W , we V W ..., fi? I xfgg ,.,--,,.f 'sr 'lv pw l H A A TW, 7 2 S I 5 I W i 1 1 ,v Q ! 5 wr. f , 1 .,f ,fr ' A , w"r1", N J , flag, i as 42 . 11-S. f .f .f 1 - H, , Q 1 fun, - 1 ' 21. e . 1 K -1 'ii' s . , 117' 'N - A if... ,"'l5f.Qf!.".- - ', s. 11 ' ffxij 'E -if . 'ni Q., ,, ,. Tff!QF"'T"f-54 ' "Q ggi Af .nm...,1. , X X 14 mi'i - ERB was fi K a.. First row-Angie Pecora, Gary Pete, Jess Kulaga, Tom Schoemig, George Glass, Dick Strehle Second row-Tim Garn, Bill Kolino, Larry Morgan, Tom Giblin, Dennis Draper, Seth Patton Third row-Mark Kirshner, Dan Mackin, Bob Herrick, Ken Ferris, Tom Cole, Keith Kurish Top row-John Johnson,'Bob Paton, Bill Parker, Rick Ott Comet Harriers Streak to Victory Euclid Relays Fremont Berea Rocky River, Miclvievv St. Joseph Invitations Elyria Bowling Green East Teck Cleveland Heights Relays District 14th 19-40 29-26 25-30-85 9th 21-34 l lth 28-27 3rd 3rd 4-year Letterman TOM SCHOEMIG Varsity Fights for Victory Standing: Jerry Walker, Ken Holley, .Jim Ryan, Dave Moyer, Kit Marty, Coach Simonovich, Del Mack, Tom Schoemig, Buol Becker, Kelly King. Kneeling: Bob Cook fmgr.J, Greg Godfrey, Charlie Towne, Doug Huffman Cmgnj. VARSITY RECORD Varsity Opponents Reserve Opponents 53 54 Clearview 41 40 53 45 Firelancls 33 34 41 63 i'lVlidview 32 27 53 84 Admiral King 41 75 59 52 fNew London 31 26 77 63 Avon Lake 40 49 52 56 Brunswick 64 38 66 80 Wellington 52 28 64 66 TOberlin 25 47 51 49 1'Huron 47 49 45 38 South Amherst 39 32 69 53 Clearview 55 45 67 74 kWellington 50 49 46 57 Brunswick 48 55 53 69 "RiolgeVille 56 57 54 51 Miolview 47 40 57 60 'Wermilion ' 35 49 66 62 South Amherst 54 53 59 39 Tournament Brookside 61 76 Tournament Admiral King fdenotes Lakeland Conference game 100 Our Comets Are Ready Men Q' , ,V 9' M M 53315 , Gosh, I don't want it! You're load, 31, you're bad! Well iT's my ball and l'm going home, The Jolly Green Giant got it again. It's a great spectator sport. l IOI BUD BECKER ,Lf K' KIT MARTY Most Valuable Player A DAVE MOYER Honorary Co-Captain Om Qt et t S GT 8 men nil? T 96 JERRY WALKER KEN HOLLEY Honorary Co-Captain KELLY KING Free-Shof Award 533 2 3 .X I .Jl The JVDS Come Through X49 ik Center: Richard Head fmgr.B, Coach Havens, Mike Szekely Cmgr.J Left to right: Keith Kurish, Denny Bray, Bolo Paton, Tom Croyle, Jim McCourt, Neil Knierieman, Tim Nagy, Larry Radefelcl, Pat Manning, Larry van der Oord, Dennis Sheller, Chuck Eberhardt. Where in the heck is the rest of the team? Five to one the Comets get it! I04 Baseballers Post 6-3 Record SCORES Amherst Opponent 2 Midview 8 7 Ridgeville T2 5 Oberlin 8 T New London 3 l Huron O 5 Wellington 8 7 Nlidview 5 6 Ridgeville 3 2 Oberlin 8 9 New Lonclon 5 6 Huron 3 2 Wellington 3 Tournament 7 Ridgeville O 4 Elyria 8 OUT! ring: Torn Snyder Cbaiboyj. First row: Doug Huffman Cmgnl, Jerry Walker Cstaristicianb, Ray Joles, Ron Borman, Chris Huesser, Nick Bogoievich r Thompson, Bill Derrick. Second row: Kelly King, Ken Holley, Terry Hall, John Polansky, John Ribic, Marty Aschenbach, Bud Becker. Third row rarlie Towne, Greg Wasiloff, John Chapman, Dave Sotora, Greg Godfrey, Dick Stilgenbauer, Greg Radovich, Coach Thomas. I05 Run, Run, Run! Sitting: Denny Bray, Jeff Howells, Gary Pete, Angelo Pecora, Rick Ott, Glenn Voss, Larry Van der Ord. Kneeling: Dave Sender, Bill Rice Jess Swarl Tom Schoemig, Jim Edwards, Roger Aschenbach, Mike Hohla, Bill Boden, Terry Temple. 3rd row: Al Hook, Dick Strehle, Tom Cole, Craig DeSant Rick Kaiser, Tom Giblin, Del Mack, Jim Bauer, Bob Paton, Roy Goodall, Bruce Bacon, 4th Row: Mr. Cooley, Bob Dover, Ted Horsley Bob Herric Jesse Kulaga, Gregg Mazurek, Jim Kirkpatrick, Dick Johnson, Mary Kirschner, Mr. Sheffield. Huron Relays Mansfield Relays Comet Relays Firelands Invitational Lakeland Conference District State Track Meet Meet Tom Schoemig with the Frank Riley Castleman Trophy presented to the outstanding AA athlete at the State Meet in Columbus. Tom won the mile run at state in a record time of 4:l8.'l. OUTSTANDING TRACK SCORES 2nd place 4 points 5th place 2nd place 2nd place 5th place 6th place Ctiel Sprint to the finish Here! lt's yours! mee! I hw. 0 on 4 KD if x ,. is ,rp 1 ,L-,.f. 1 ' V A ',,. --x- N f,', - I A 'Zigi 5 X Clil 2 K K kk .,Ak ,A V V 1 Av' , ,i:,, S'.,w X ff A'ii 1 515 f ,. it A A + ey ., 4, Y 'Y ,, - 1. .vi H M.. .K -,-- "' ' ' 14,-vzimw' 3,5 ,1.:g.ff i 5 1,1 ' 'W' f -n,f,1.Qgz4. ,, xr nw mm nifiwsf 5 Y W ,H 4 f i ,pf , - .f w 1 Comets Burn Up Fairways ii ffk Standing: Coach Havens, Vic Bellan, Tim Nagy, Jim McCourt, Bill McCourt, Larry Schultz, Kneeling: Dana Thomas, Gary Reynolds, Jeff Schultz. MNWAWWMMAMIWM RECORD Amherst Opponent Huron 4 4 Midvievv 6 2 Vermilion 3 5 Oberlin 5V2 6V2 Clearview 6 2 Elyria 4V2 HV2 Nliolvievv 7V2 8V2 Oberlin QVQ 5V2 Elyria Catholic TVQ T4V2 Lakeland Conference 2nol Place Tim Nagy medalist Vermilion 2V2 5V2 Clearview 6 2 Huron 2V2 5lf2 District Golf 6th place TIM NAGY I08 4 W, if ,t .ag . V! fi -ft l 1. Q 3 gg L3 N sf M, 3 t ' A- .. -vw" COW :ts 5 tl Standing: Keith Kurish, Dave Moyer, Kit Marty, Gerald Kelley, Mike Tevesz. Kneeling: Greg Huber, Capt, Seth Patton, Richard Ravnikar, .lim Poyak. Sitting: Bill Parker, Mike Kcch, Jon Clary CMgr.l, Jim Ehman, Scott Coverdale. QW OW3 'N Oberlin Huron Lorain St. Nlary's Vermilion Wellington Lorain Coach Hicks awaits results of match 'LO SQOSOW RECORD Amherst Amherst l Vermilion 6 l 7 Oberlin 5V2 lV2 4 Lorain St. IVlary's 4 3 O Wellington 2 5 5 Huron O 7 3 Lorain 3 4 of enior Director ARNOCZKY, STEVE Amherstonian 4, Latin Club T, 2, French Club 4, Dramatics 4, Band T-4, Basketball Manager 2, AFS 4. ASCHENBACH, ROGER French Club 2, 3, Pep Club 2-4, Hall Guards 3, 4, Track T-4: Football l-4, Basketball T, 2. BACH, MARTHA Record Staff 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Business Education Club 3, 4, Office Aide 4, Band l-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, AFS 3, Quill 81 Scroll 4, Gym Aide l. BAIR, PAT Amherstonian 3, Record Staff 4, F.N.A. 3, F.T.A. 4, Student Council 3, 4, Spanish Club l, 2, Pep Club Tv4, Office Aide 2, 3, GALS 3, 4, Secretary 3. BARTISH, CATHY Amerstonian 4, F.N.A. 2-4, President 4, Latin Club l, French Club 4, Pep Club I-4, Dramatics 3, Clinic Aide 2, Hall Guard 3. BARTLOME, JUDIE Amherstonian 3, 4, Record Staff 2, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2, F.N.A. 1, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Hall Guard 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2. BARTLOME, KAREN Business Education Club 2-4, Treasurer 4, Library Aide l-4, BAXTER, AL Hall Guard 4. BECKER, BUD Latin Club l, 2, Dramatics 4, Band l-3, Basketball T-4, Baseball 2-4, American Legion Essay Contest 2. BEESING, MARY Record Staff 2-4, F.N.A. 3, 4, Pep Club 2-4, Choir 3, 4, BERNER, BARB Amherstonian 4, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club T, 2, Pep Club 4, Choir 2-4, Hall Guard 4, Science Club 3, AFS 4. BODEN, BILL Cross-Country I-4, Football T, 3, 4. 'E' BOGOJEVICH, NICK French Club 3, 4, Football Manager 4, Baseball 4. BOHANON, TIM Dramatics 4, Hall Guards 4, Football T, 3. BORMAN, RONALD Hall Guard 4, Baseball 3, 4. BRANDlES, CAROLYN Latin Club T, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club l-4, Dramatics 2, 4, Office Aide 4, Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, AFS 4. BRANT, CORINNE French Club 2. BRUCE, SHARON Record Staff 4, F.N,A. 3, F.T.A. 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, Pep Club 3, 4, Choir l, Office Aide 4, G.A,A. l. CHERRY, SUE Naticnal Honor Society 4, Latin Club l, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 2-4, Office Aide 4, Band l-4, Scholarship Team T. COGAR, DONNIS Amherstonian 2, 3, Business Education Club 2, 3. COLLINS, JUDI Amherstonian 3, 4, Record Staff 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2-4, Thespians 2, Dramatics 4, Clinic Aide 3, Cheerleader 4, American Legion Essay Contest 2, Scholarship Team 2, 3, AFS 3, 4, President 4, Vice-President 3, GALS 3. CONRY, PAT F,N.A. 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Office Aide 4, Clinic Aide 4. COOK, BOB Record Staff 3, 4, Pep Club I-4, Speech Club 3, Dramatics 3, Nail Benders 3, Hall Guard 4, Basketball Mgr. 3, 4. CORDY, CLIFFORD Grand Rapids, Michigan T, 2, Class Treasurer 2, Football 2, Basket- ball l, 2, Baseball T. CRISS, CONNIE Pep Club I, 2, Thespians 3, 4, Speech Club 3, President 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Nail Benders 3. DANICKI, JOE Latin Club T, Thespians 2-4, Nail Benders 2, 3. DAVIDSON, BEVERLY F.T.A. 4, Office Aide 3, Scholarship Team 4. DAVIDSON, JIM Record Staff l-4, Editor 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Student Council I-4, Treasurer 3, Latin Club T, 2, Secretary 2, French Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Thespians 4, Library Aide 2, Announcer 3, 4, Quiz Bee 3, 4, Football I, 2, Cross-Country 3, Track 3, Boys State 3, Quill and Scroll 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Scholarship Team l-4, AFS 4, Exchange Student 10 Belgium 3, Co-Valedictorian 4, DAVISSON, KAREN Spanish Club T, 2, Business Education Club 2, 3. DEIDRICK, JOYCE Spanish Club T, Business Education Club 2-4, Pep Club 3, 4. Who is that sprawled all over the floor? Optimistic, aren't we? DeNlARCO, CAROL Naticnal Honor Society 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 'I-4, Choir I-3, Thespians 3, 4, Speech Club I-3, Dramatics I, 2, Library Aide 2-4, Vice-President 4, Office Aide 4 DERRICK, JOYCE F.T.A. 3, 4, French Club 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 4, Choir 4, Thespians 3, 4, Speech Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Nail Benders 3, 4, Library Aide 2, 3, Clinic Aide 3, Scholarship Team 2-4. DODSON, CHERYL Business Education Club 4, Pep Club 2-4, Speech Club 3, Dramatics 2, Band I, 2. DOLYK, JEAN Amherstonian 4, Record Staff 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Speech Club 3, Library Aide 2-4, Secretary 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, AFS 3, 4. DONNELLY, JANE Amherstonian 2-4, Record Staff 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club I-4, Office Aide 3, 4, AFS 3, Quill and Scroll 4. DRAPER, DENNIS Pep Club 4, Choir I, Dramatics 3, Cross-Country 4, Football 2, DUDUSH, LINDA Pep Club 2, Office Aide 4, Band I, GALS 3, 4, Secretary 4, Art Club 4. EDWARDS, JIM Class President I, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Student Council 4, Latin Club I, 2, Hall Guard 4, Track I-4, Football I-4, Scholarship Team 2. EHNIAN, BARBARA Spanish Club I, 2, Pep Club I-4, Office Aide 4, AFS 4. ENIMERICH, KAY Amherstonian 2-4, National Honor Society 4, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club I-4, Office Aide 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. EVANS, BOB Latin Club I, 2, Track I, Football I-3, Basketball I, 2. FIGUEROA, ALBA Record Staff 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Secretary 2, Pep Club I-3, Thespians 3, 4, Secretary 4, Nail Benders 3, 4, Hall Guard 4. FORD, JIM Football I. FRANKLIN, BRENDA French Club 4, Pep Club I, 3, 4, Football Attendant I CNorth Car- olinab. FRIEND, CATHY Amherstonian 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, Vice-President 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Office Aide 4, Clinic Aide 3, Scholarship Team I, 3, GALS 3, 4. FUHRMAN, MIKE Latin Club I, 2. GALUSHA, TERRY Student Council 3, National Honor Society 4, French Club 2, 3, Dramatics 4, Announcers 4, Quiz Bee 3, 4, Band 'I-4, Science Club 2, 3, Scholarship Team 2, 4. GAMBISH, DIANE Pep Club I, GARGASZ, MARIE National Honor Society 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Amherstonian 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Business Education Club 2, 4, Guidance Aide 4, Hall Guard 2, Football Attendant 4, Scholarship Team 2. GARN, TIM Student Council 4, French Club 4, Track 2, 3, Spanish Club I, 2, Cross-Country 3, 4. GATTEN, GERRY Amherstonian 4, Record Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Library Aide 2, 4, Announcer 3, 4, Quiz Bee 2, 3, Hall Guard 3, 4, Tennis 2-4, Football 4, Basketball I, Quill 81 Scroll 4, Scholarship Team 2. GIASOMO, THOMAS Amherstonian 2-4, Record I, 2, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, French Club 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 4, Hall Guard 2, Golf I, Tennis 2-4, Boys State 3, Berg Science Seminar 2, Scholarship Team I, 2, Quill 84 Scroll 4. GILLENWATER, PAT Choir 2, 3. GELSANLITER, DIANE Latin Club I, 2, A.F.S, 3, French Club 4, Pep Club I-3, Band I-4. GOODWIN, RITA Record 3, French Club 3, Pep Club I-4, Thespians 3, 4, Speech Club 3, 4, Nail Benders 2-4, Proiection Staff 4, A.F.S. 4. GRASSO, PAT Latin Club I, 2. GRESSLER, LINDA F.T.A. 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Latin Club I, 2, Pep Club I-4, Guidance Aide I, Office Aide 4, Clinic Aide 3, GALS 3, 4. GROB, GEOFFREY Record Staff 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Speech Club 3, Dramatics 3, Library Aide I, Hall Guard 4. GROCOTT, TIM Latin-Club T, 2, French Club 4, Dramatics 4, Tennis I, 2, Band I-4, Secretary-Treasurer 3. GROTH, BECKY National Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, 4, Choir T-3, Band l, Science Club 2, GALS 3, 4, Vice President 4, Treasurer 3. GRUNDY, LINDA Pep Club I, Band T-4. HALL, TERRY Football T-4, Baseball 4. HARLAN, PAM Record Staff 4, Class Secretary I-4, F.T.A. 4, Band 1, Spanish Club 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 4, Pep Club 2-4, Dramatics 3, Clinic Aide 4. HARMYCH, RICHARD Spanish Club I, 2, Dramatics 4, Football I-4. HARVEY, GINNY Spanish Club l, 2, Pep Club 3, 4, GALS 3, 4. HENDERSON, HEATHER Amherstonian 2, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. I, 2, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club I-3, Ofifce Aide 3, 4, Hall Guard 2. HERSHBERGER, ALLEN Football l. HILL, DENNIS Football 3, 4. HILLYARD, SHARON Business Education Club 2-4, Secretary 4, Pep Club l-4, Office Aide 3, 4. HOFFMAN, DIANE Latin Club l, 2, French Club 4, Speech Club 2, Drarnatics 3, Hall Guard 3, 4, Band 'I-3, American Legion Essay Contest 2. HOHLA, MIKE Latin Club T, 2, Track 4, Football 3, 4. HOLLEY, KEN Pep Club 3, 4, Golf I-3, Cross Country 3, Football 2, 4, Basketball I-4, Baseball 4. HOMER, PAM Business Education Club 2-4, Pep Club T-4, Band 'I-4. HOOK, ALBERT Track 3, 4. HOOK, CHARLES Amherstonian 3, 4, Class Vice'President 3, F.T.A. 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Thespians 4, Dramatics 3, Nail Benders 3, Library Aide 3, 4, Hall Guard 4, Cross-Country 3, Track 2, Tennis 3, 4, Band I-4, Vice-President 4. HORN, RICHARD Amherstonian T-3, Class Treasurer I, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2, French Club 4, Library Aide 3, 4, Announcer I, Tennis 'I-3, Science Club 3, 4, Berg Science Seminar 2, 3, World Affairs Institute 3, American Legion Essay Contest 2, Scholarship Team I-4, AFS 3, Treasurer 4, Chorus 2, Radio Club 'l. HUFFMAN, DOUGLAS Spanish Club 'l, 2, Track l, 2, Basketball Manager I-4, Baseball Manager 4. HUSON, PAT F.T.A. 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Choir l, 2, AFS 4. ll2 "Oh, vous savez!" JAMES, DONALD Spanish Club 2, Band I, Football 3. JOHNSON, ANYCE F.T.A. 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Business Education Club 4, Pet Club 3, 4, Band T-4, AFS 3. JOHNSON, JOHN Swim Team 3, Chess 8. Checker Club l. JOYCE, LYNDA Record Staff 1-4, National Honor Society 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Frencl Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 4, President 4, Pep Club I-4, Dramatic 4, Guidance Aide 4, Announcer 4, Cheerleader 2-4, Basketbal Attendant 2, Girls State 3, Scholarship Team l, GALS 3, Quill anc Scroll 4. . KAPUCINSKI, JOE Cross'Country 2, 3, Track I, 2. KASSU, KATHY Business Education Club 4, Art Club 4, Secretary 4. KELLEY, GERALD National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club T, 2, Frencl Club 3, 4, President 4, Hall Guard 4, Tennis I-4, Science Club 3 Scholarship Team 2-4. KING, KELLY Pep Club 3, 4, Cafeteria Aide 4, Track l, 2, Football I-4, Basket ball l-4, Baseball 3, 4. KIRCHGESSNER, JOHN National Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, French Club 4 Spanish Club 'I, 2, Office Aide I, Hall Guard 2-4, Boys State 3 American Legion Essay Contest 2. KLEKOTA, LEE ANN Latin Club I, French Club 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, Basketball At tendant I. KOBA, ROBERT Scholarship Team 2. KOCSIS, KEITH Record Staff 4, Class Treasurer 2, Hall Guard 4, Football l. KOSAKOWSKI, MARJORIE Record Staff 4, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Historiar 4, Latin Club l, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Library Aide 3, 4, Hall Guard 4, Band I-4, AFS 4. COVACH, MIKE French Club 4, Choir i, Dramatics 4, Hall Guard 3, Football I, Baseball 2, 4. CRAUSE, ROBERTA Business Education Club 3, Pep Club 4, Cafeteria Aide 4, GALS 3, 4. .AVISH, LESLEY Amherstonian 4, F.N.A. 4, Latin Club l, 2, Pep Club I-4, Thespians 2-4, Speech I-3. .AYNE, JIM Record Staff 4, Speech Club 3, Track I, 2, Football I. .ESLIE, BARBARA Business Education Club 2-4. .OEWER, LINDA Pep Club 2-4, Band I-4. .ONG, LARRY Amherstonian 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 3, Science Club 3, 4, Berg Science Seminar 2-4, Scholarship Team I, 2, 4. .OUTZENHlSER, SUSAN Arnherstonian 3, 4, Record Staff I, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Student Council I-4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, French Club 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 4, Secretary 2, Pep Club 'I-4, Cheerleader 2, 4, AFS 3, 4, Secretary 3, GALS 3, 4. VlCCARTNEY, BONNIE Record Staff 4, F.N.A. I, French Club I, 2, Pep Club 4, Choir 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Clinic Aide I, AFS 3, GALS 3. VlcKOWN, HARRIET Business Education Club 3, Pep Club 4. MAINES, TOM Pep Club I-4, Track I, Football I. MARR, SANDIE Texas I, F.T.A. I, Pep Club 4, Spanish Club I, Business Education Club I, F.N.A. 4. MARTY, KIT Amherstonian 4, Class President 2, 4, Class Vice-President I, National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, French Club Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 2, Library Aide 3, Tennis I-4, Band i-4, Science Club I, Vice-President 4, Basketball I-4, Boys State 3, Berg Science Seminar 2-4, Scholarship Team I-3, AFS 3, 4, Treasurer 3. MILLER, CHARLYNE Pep Club, Chorus. MILLER, SHEILA Cheerleader I, 2, Nature Club I, F.H.A. I, 2. MILLER, TOM Record Staff 3, Latin Club i, Pep Club 2, 3, Thespians 2-4, Nail .Benders 2-4, Cross-Country 2, Art Club 4. MISCHKA, DIANE F.N.A. 4, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club I-3, Cheer- leader I, Band I. MITCHELL, SANDIE Latin Club 'I, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club I-3, Hall Guard 4, Band I. MORRIS, VIRGINIA Choir 'I-3, Football Attendant I. MOSKAL, DENNIS Spanish Club I, 2, Hall Guard 3, 4, Track I, Football I. MOYER,' DAVID Amherstonian 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council I-4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Latin Club I, 2, President 2, Tennis 2-4, Band I-4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Basketball I-4, World Affairs Institute 3. MULICA, DAVE Choir 2-4, Thespians 2-4, Treasurer 4, Speech Club 2, 3, Nail Benders 2, 3, Quiz Bee 3, Football I, AFS 3. NARO, JIM Hall Guard 4, Track I, 3, Football I, 2, 4. NICHOLS, LINDA Choir 2, 3, Hall Guard 4. NOTT, CHARLES Record Staff 4. PAPP, CHERYL Pep Club I-4, Choir 2, Speech Club 2, 3, Art Club 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4. PATTON, SETH Latin Club I, 2, Choir I, Hall Guard 2, Cross-Country 3, 4, Tennis 2-4, Captain 4. PLATO, JOYCE Amherstonian 4, Record Staff 4, French Club 4, Pep Club I, 2, Thespians 2-4, Vice-President 4, Secretary 3, Speech Club' 2, 3, President 3, Nail Benders I-4, Projection Staff 4, Cheerleader I, AFS 4, Secretary 4. POLICZ, KAREN Business Education Club 4, Pep Club 3. POYAK, JIM Amherstonian 2-4, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Quiz Bee 3, Golf I, Tennis 2-4, Band I-4, Science Club 3. PRICE, SHARON Record Staff 4, Pep Club 2, Choir 2, 3, Clinic Aide 2, 3. PRICE, SUSAN Record Staff 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Spanish Club l, 2, Pep Club 4, Clinic Aide 3, 4. PULLIN, CATHY F.T.A. 3, 4, Latin Club 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Thespians 3, 4, Guidance Aide 4, Football Attendant 2, AFS 4. RADOVICH, GREG French Club 2, 3, Track I, 2, Football 'I-4, Basketball I, Baseball 3, 4. RAVNIKAR, RICHARD Amherstonian 4, Student Council 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Hall Guard 3, Tennis 3, 4, Science Club 4, AFS 4. REICHERT, SANDY Class Treasurer 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Pep Club I-4, President 4, Cheerleader I-4, Football Queen 4, Football Attendant 3. REYNOLDS, SHIRLEY Student Council 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 4, Business Education Club 3, 4, Pep Club I-4, Office Aide 4, Maiorette 3, 4, Cheerleader I, 2, Band 'I-4, Sweetheart Attendant 2. RIBIC, JOHN Track I, Football I-4, Basketball I, Baseball 2-4. II3 RITTNER, RUTH French Club 2, 3, Pep Club 1-4. ROBERTSON, JEANNE Record Staff 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1-3. ROGERS, LANA F.T.A. 1-3, Latin Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1-4, Choir 1-4, Thespians 3, 4, Nail Benders 3, 4. RUNIINSKY, JUDY Amherstonian 2-4, Business Manager 4, National Honor Society 4, Office Aide 3, 4, Cafeteria Aide 3, Science Club 3, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Girls State 3, Quill 81 Scroll 4. RUTH, DIANE French Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Basketball Queen 4. SAKALOS, JOHN Latin Club 1, 2. SALISBURY, MARY Latin Club 1, 2, Office Aide 4, Band 1, 2. SALISBURY, WAITMAN Dramatics 2, Nail Benders 2, Cafeteria Aide 3. SANDERS, GARY Record Staff 4, Choir 4, Library Aide 1, Hall Guard 4. SCHAEFFER, WILLIAM Record Staff 3, 4, French Club 4, Dramatics 1-3, Hall Guard 4, Football 2, Baseball 1-4. SCHIBLEY, CHERYL Business Education Club 2-4, Pep Club 1-4, Library Aide 2, Hall Guard 4, Maiorettes 2-4, Band 1-4. SCHOEMIG, TOM Record Staff 2, 3, Pep Club 2-4, Cross-Country 1-4, Track 1-4, Basketball 4. SCHOENBERGER, CAROLE Spanish Club 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Choir 1-4, Thespians 2. SCHUBERT, JUDY F.T.A. 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Pep Club 2-4, Choir 1-5, Speech Club 3, Library Aide 3, 4, Clinic Aide 2, 4, Band 1-3. SECKEL, ROSELLA National Honor Society 4, French Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Pep Club 2-4, Guidance Aide 4, Admiral King 1, Band 1, Orches- tra 1. SEXSTELLA, MARLENE Amherstonian 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, 3, Business Education Club 2-4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Office Aide 3, Girls State iAlternate1 3, AFS 4, Secretary 4, Quill 81 Scroll 4, Vice-President 4. SHUMAKER, DENNIS Latin Club 1. SIMMONS, BILL Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 1, 2. SINES, JUDY Business Education Club 2-4, Pep Club 1-4, Speech Club 3, Library Aide 2, Hall Guard 4, Band 1-4. SLAVIK, GILBERT Latin Club 1, 2, Track 1-3, Football 1-4, Basketball, Manager 1. SMITH, JOYCE Amherstonian 4, Record Staff 4, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Secretary 4, F.N.A. 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Treasurer 2, Pep Club 4, Choir 1-4, Clinic Aide 4, Science Club 3, Scholarship Team 1, AFS 4, GALS 4. SMITH, KARLA Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, President 4, Student Council 2, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 4, Pep Club 1-4, Vice-President 4, Secretary 3, Guidance Aide 4, Office Aide 2, Maiorette 1-4, Band 1-4. SNEED, MARY ANN Amherstonian 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Business Education Club 2, Dramatics 2, Library Aide 3, 4. SOCOTCH, LINDA Record Staff 2, Vice-President 2, F.N.A. 2, 3, Latin Club 1, French Club 4, Pep Club 1-3, AFS 4. SPECKHART, STEVE Art Club 4, President 4. SPRENGER, DAN Pep Club 1-3, Thespians 1-4, President 3, Speech Club President 2, Treasurer 3, Nail Benders 1-3, Track 1, Football 1, 2. SROKA, TILLIE Amherstonian 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Hall Guard 4, AFS 4. STALLER, CANDY GAA 1. STASHICK, BRIAN Choir 3, 4, Thespians 1-4, President 4, Vice-President 3, Speech Club 1-3, Nail Benders 1-4, Library Aide 2-4, Announcers 3, 4, Best Thespian 3. STEMPOWSKI, KEN Nail Benders 2, 3. STILGENBAUER, DICK Record Staff 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Dramatics 2, 4, Hall Guards 3, 4, Cross-Country 3, Basketball 2, 4, Baseball 3, 4. STUBER, ELEANOR Amherstonian 3, 4, Record Staff 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Latin Club 1, 2, French Club 4, Secretary 4, Pep Club 1-4, Thespians 2, Band 1-4, Scholarship Team 1-4, Quill and Scroll 4, Co-Valedictorian 4. SUPER, GARY Art Club 4. Anything you can do, I can do better IZILVASY, BOB Student Council 35 Spanish Club I, 25 Library Aide I, 25 Hall Guard 35 Golf 45 Science Club I-35 Basketball T. ZNIANIA, DICK Spanish Club I, 25 Band I. ARRY, TIM Cross Country I5 Track 25 Football 2, 4. HOIVIAS, DANA Latin Club I, 25 Pep Club 2, 35 Choir 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Dramatics 25 Nail Benders 2, 3, 45 Golf 2, 3, 45 Football Manager 2, 3. RAVERS, NANCY F.N.A. 25 Business Education Club 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Clinic Aide 25 Hall Guard 45 Band I-4. RELKA, GARY Student Council 4, Latin Club I, 25 French Club 45 Cafeteria Aide 3, 45 Football 3, 4. UFTS, RICHARD Thespians I-45 Nail Benders I-4. ILLMAN, MICHAEL Latin Club I, 25 Hall Guard 2-45 Football I5 Baseball I. 'IANNA, NENA Student Council 45 French Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Secretary 45 Dramatics 45 AFS 45 Exchange Student from Brazil. IINSON, HILNIA Record Staff 3, 45 A'CappeIIa I-45 Secretary-Treasurer 45 Chorale 25 Dramatics 3, 4. 'OLAK, JOHN Spanish Club I, 2. VAITE, BARB Amherstonian 2-45 Record Staff 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Latin Club I, 25 Secretary 25 French Club 45 Pep Club 35 Thespians 2-45 Speech Club 35 Nail Benders 2, 35 Library Aide I-45 President 45 Vice-President 35 Treasurer 25 GALS 3, 45 Scholarship Team 2. VALKER, JERRY Record Staff I-45 Student Council 35 Pep Club I-45 Hall Guard 3, 45 Cross-Country 35 Football I5 Basketball I-4. VERNER, JACK Science Club 3. WASILOFF, GREG Spanish Club I, 25 Golf 25 Baseball I, 3, 4. WATTS, GAYE Choir 3, 45 Thespians 2-45 Nail Benders 2, 3. WENZEL, JACQUELINE Spanish Club I, 25 Business Education Club 2-45 Pep Club 3, 45 AFS 4. WIEGAND, SANDRA Amherstonian Staff 3, 45 Record Staff I, 25 F.N.A. 2, 45 F.T.A. 45 Latin Club I, 25 French Club 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Guidance Aide 45 Clinic Aide 45 AFS 3, 4. WILHELM, JEAN Spanish Club I, 25 Hall Guard 3, 4. WITTENBROOK, ROGER Track 35 Band I-3. WNEK, FRANK Basketball I. WURST, BARB Amherstonian Staff 3, 45 Co-editor 45 Record Staff 45 National Honor Society 45 F.N.A. 25 F.T.A. 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Latin Club 'I, 25 French Club 45 Pep Club 35 Hall Guard 3, 45 AFS 45 Scholarship Team I, 25 Quill and Scroll 4, President 45 Salutatorian 4. YEAGER, RICKI Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 45 Pep Club 25 Speech Club 35 Band I-4. YORK, PHIL Cafeteria Aide I, 2. YOUNG, JOHN Latin Club I. YOWORSKY, JOANN Spanish Club I, 25 Pep Club I-35 Choir I-35 Thespians 3, 45 Nail Benclers 3. YUHASZ, CHARLES Football I. ZILCH, .IANE F.N.A. 45 French Club 45 Pep Club 'I-35 Clinic Aide 45 AFS 4. ZVOSEC, KAREN Spanish Club I, 25 Hall Guard 4. School does get hot! The physics class toasts Archimedes I I5 Reach for De La Vars and Be a Winner DE LA VARS-PHOTOGRAPHY I34 Middle Ave. ELYRIA, OHIO PHONE-FA 2-2528 KOLENDA JEWELRY Experl' WaI'cI1 and Clock Repairing Diamonds-Wa+cI1es-Jewelry JOSEPH KOLENDA, Prop. Church SI. AMHERST Y.U 4-6772 CompIimen'I's of CHATTERBOX 249 Church S+. AMHERST, OHIO ZILCH FLORISTS 27 W. College OBERLIN, OHIO I36 Park Ave.. AMHERST, OHIO I 1 -q DAVE'S ATLANTIC 225 Cleveland Ave. Service Is Befler Here DAVE LEIMBACH Owner Congratulations to the Class of I965 THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY COMPANY AMHERST, on-no Congratulations to the Big Four in 1 KH Marty RAY HAF F, INC. REALTOR 446I Oberlin Avenue, Lorain, Ohio SERVING THE AMHERST AND LORAIN AREA Academic and Athletic Achievements Terry Hall Congratulations, Class of 1965 We're Proud of You and Wish You Success Complele Banking Service Drive ln Banking ELYRIA - AMHERST - OBERLIN The Bank Large Enough +o Serve You - Progressive Enough 'ro Wanl' To. We Welcome Your Business THE LORAIN COUNTY SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY Resfauranf and Dairy Land Inc. 2200 Leaviii Rd. Bes+ Wishes BTRADY'S WILFORD MOTORS Au+omobile Repairs Sinclair Gas and Oil 25" W- 2'Sf S+' ESTABLISHED 1933 LORMN' 0H'O PH. YU 8-774I AMHERST, on-no MISCHKNS WALTER DOYLK REALTY RESTAURANT Residenfial and Commercial Home Made Candies 862 Milan Ave. AMHERST, OHIO Where The Gang Meeis Afier The Game" YU 4-3385 AMHERST, OHIO Office Broker I99 Park Ave. WALTER DOYLK NORDSON CORPORATION AMHERST, OHIO The Finesi' in S ra C 'F p y oa mg Equipmeni' In , For News of Amhersf ReacI THE CHRONICLE TELEGRAM 225 Easf Avenue ELYRIA, OHIO CHerry 4-6295 CHARLES A. MILLER Office Norary Public and Insurance PHONES YU 4-7435 Res. YU 8-3744 I39 Park Ave. AMHERST, OHIO DODSON'S Appliances and Service Hallmark Cards and Gi'F+ Shop I62 Park Ave. YU 8-5622 YUIcon 4- CLEM RICE, INC. General Coniracfing ancI Excavaiing 2II5 II60 S. Main S+ AMHERST, OHIO I2I AMHERST COLD STORAGE Jackson S+. and Franklin Ave. AMHERST, OHIO Meais and Frozen Foods AMCOSTA, INCORPORATED 'I+'s a Pleasure 'Io Eai' af 'I'I1e HOLIDAY INN STEAK HOUSE E. Liberfy Avenue VERMILION, OHIO Phone WO 7-5397 KAMO DY PHARMACY IOI S. Main S+. AMHERST, OHIO Phone YU 8-4IOI THE AMHERST HARDWARE COMPANY General Hardware Plumbing and Hea+ing PHONE YU 8-4490 AMHERST, OHIO CompIimen+s of DICK'S BARBER SHOP IZ3 Cleveland Ave. AMHERST, OHIO Air Condifioned and Free Parking Complimenfs of Spring Lake Park "DESIGNED FOR FAMILY RECREATION" Swimming Ice SIca'I'ing Picniclcing Fishing "YEAR ROUND FUN" Jus'I Soufh of Turnpilre on Rou+e 58 WNEK'S AUTO SERVICE, INC. Wheel Aligning and Balancing 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Day Phone YU 4-7250 Night Service YU 4-5864 AAA Garage YU 8-3864 Complimenfs of DR. J. ROYAL KELLER OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON EH RMAN-BECKER INC. Real Eslafe and Insurance No+ary Public Phone YU 8-4482 I80 Park Ave. AMHERST, OHIO Bes+ Wishes for Success TED JACOBS 4+h S+. LORAIN, OHIO I23 Ambulance Service Day or Nighi' TELEPHONE-YU 8-4124 El f in ng? 3 ni l ' ' GARLAND FUNERAL HOME WAYNE GARLAND, Dlrecfor 85l Park Avenue AMHERST, OHIO Congratulations to the Class of 1965 U.S. AUTOMATIC CORP. AMHERST, ol-no HALL'S MOTCR SALES "QUALITY USED CARS" I255 Nor'I'h Main S+. Amhers'r, Ohio Where Bowling Is Fun Best Wishes to Class of '65 249 Park Ave. JERRY AND ROSE MARIE SUPER YU a-4001 CITIZENS HOME AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION CO. 360 Cleveland Ave. Lorain Coun+y's OIdes+ Assoc. - Since I889 Sale Deposir Boxes Available Member oi Federal Savings and Insurance Corporalion Member of Federal I-Iome Loan Bank BILL si-1oEM1e THE AMHERST Fresh, Salfed, and Smoked Mears NEWS-TIMES Pure Kiln Rendered Lard "The Newspaper TI1a+ Puls Amhersf Firsl WE DELIVER I95 Cleveland Ave. I92 Park Avenue AMHERST YU 3-4111 THE LORAIN A Telephone Saves Time and Money RUTH BUILDING SUPPLIES Jon-IN P. RUTH Tenney Avenue AMHERST. OHIO Complimen+s of SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO 409 Broadway LORAIN, OHIO Phone CH 4-I90I "We Service Whal We Sell" Phone CH 5-2855 SMYTHE AND MUZILLA Afforneys-aI'-Law Room 205 Lorain Coun+y Bank Building PHONE YU 8-4I34 AMHERST, OHIO 65I Wesflake Drive AMHERST, OHIO Phones YU 8-44I5 YU 8-44l6 AMHERST MANOR NURSING HOME I27 AMHERST FOOD FAIR I "A BIG FRIENDLY STORE" Complimenis of ELSIE K. SNELL, M.D. AMHERST, on-no I I ' I IOOI I I IIIF OIOOI IIFIFOOO Lfiff . mEfsif8ui'f :F I IIIF . I F " IIOIFI IOIOII If Ieeeeee I in Iuq, Il .I "N,' I " 1.9 "V' Z A".. 1 Q , I '7'f:kIIIY xii 'I' 3-1.1'5x.. .V 4 .M 1 7 1 , ,AL .W 2 I IOFF ,.Q,.,, :.x.x...:,,, I krr ' 7 .. V K .wv g . I ,,,v - i:'if E L-1 : A M' MW'-I W ...TQ N -ff-. ,Q I, ll - , sfqf .-gg ' 5 Lg I - ,--: : w I M- - :nm I "', f x-f,- We Eu ', ,,,.. ' Z , I f Ie f , ' f f wi+h .YM l L E I JIM WAGNER, AGENT and REALTOR I IFFIO I I ,I OOOI IFIF Selhng AII Types of Insurance W lsff K I ' "" ' IQI I1wQIIf V + ' A Fire, Casualfy, Life, Sureiy, Sickness. Accideni' W. E. MOBIUS I R+. 58 and MidcIIe Ridge YU 4-6773 I JIM WAGNER AMHERST CE 3-6776 I SHORE LUMBER CO. INC. "Ge+ More aI Shore" Lumber-MiIIwork-Doors-Sash Aluminum-Doors-Paini'-Roofing R+. 60 N.K.P.-R.R. WO 7-4447 VERMILION, OHIO JOSEPH E. SROKA-Mgr. l28 PRODUCTS RESEARCH 870 Infirmary Road ELYRIA, OHIO Phone FA 2-808I AMHERST DRY CLEANERS Draperies Our Specialfy We Own and Opera+e Our Own PIan'I Shiri' Service 240 Tenney Avenue YU 8-449I Complimenfs of BEN FRANKLIN'S STORE Park Avenue AMHERST, OHIO .I I BEMIS FLORIST 980 Noah Ridge Road Corsages - Cu'r Fowers I84 Jackson Sfreei AMHERST, OHIO 4400I Congra+uIa+ions ancI Thanks E EMEIUM mmm GIIUUIFUIEJEILUW EEINFEIE' Corner of Park Ave. and Church Sf. AMHERST, OHIO Weddings A' Specialfy CompIimen'I's of C. J. SPRINGER ReaI EsIa'I'e Phone YU 8-440I FOR TI-IOSE I-IEAVENLY PIZZAS ANGELINA'S PIZZA 294 Church S'I'ree'I' YU 8-4247 252 Spring S+. AMHERST A w iifiiiis IF I 3 g,...4'f ' -- .... A , I 4 4 4 4 I 424i I ,,,T.,., ,f,f T I 1 5 442 4 1 53 ,. ., I-fZ3""'?TiQ, V Q .. - I Y '4 I . F- ....Vw . - , fQ7::, - ,f.: :,"'2f:: '?: ?:'3'f:'55..'fye' . 31:1 fly M- ,AQ' 'Y W ge, ' 4y244 PM Ifw THE LORAIN NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF TI-IE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Bes+ Wishes +0 Ihe Class of '65 SLUTZKER'S MARKET AMI-IERST'S COMPLETE FOOD STORE I33 Park Ave. YU 8-448I LESSITER PHARMACY SLlMAN'S SALES AND s.ERvlcE Complime-n+S of Luxurious Cuslom 880 Dodge Compaci' Darf You Can Deal Willa Confidence. CORNER RT. 58 AND M. RIDGE RD. JOHN WM- MATIEY. Prop. You Are lnvired Io Visil Our Office and Display Room. Lumber, Millwork, Hardware, Painls, Pole Frame Buildings I908-I965 57 Years ol Service THE AMHERST LUMBER CO. Phone YU 8-443I 700 Mill S+ree+ AMHERST, OHIO YEAGER'S ACRES Gracious Counhy Dining BERT R. WITTE, INC. no: Noah Main s+. AMHERST, ol-no Geneml Conhaclo' I29 Ridgeland Drive DINNERS TO GO AMHERST, OHIO Phone YU 8-8585 HOHLA'S GULF SERVICE CENTER I94 Tenney Avenue AMHERST. OHIO Phone YU 8-7593 Q Q 'Q i""a+A--. .f L, D 5 I ll' A L ii?-Z-'Y . Q I 7 E R .,., , ,. ,, W K . ' ' Y'r'r"'W -'S A .,,L rzgj,':!!,f1f'5' 1271-u vm, ,:,.s.,.,, , I r . V- 4-,,Mm I .,,..,,..,M...5 .,. -..... ,,, :'l3mkJl!k 5 3 M Q E ..,., .,-..LL wx , 2, ,E 1 ,, Q41-asf if zlfwbg A 2---HIE." --Q2-4 A ,,,, 7-,A A f - f A- , 'fi ,. 1 I -- - ' 1 gf? I A I I ,I give, ..,. ,I-,, K' H , . "IW5Uf3.:s. 7 3 ,7 -is J ....,-...1-f--, ff - ,,: ,,'f .1,.s..,:'c-- Q ,ff ' m A f - Rx, ' .. ,, , A V ' . 'VM' N I' - L wg , N,f'f:'L k.,' ::'5g,gf,w " V' Navi-fri., ' 2 sw . 'H,'f.-,.-A ' . f VH- ,4.'J-f'3QI'1-CN'"ff-J, ".' W-7' Afi?'J5!,v"5 'wi .r-.ALL I y, A 3 A , I . , , eg T V M,-M, V, v ,JMSIV ,, M , ,,, W .... 55 .... ,iffy jLT3M , g,f5 k .1 ,Yj,?5,, i.,,,,,g, YALA'S PIZZARIA 'The Finesf Pizza Served Anywhere LORAIN, OHIO PHONES AV 2-5 I 69 AV 2-99 I 2 3352 Oberlin Ave. CongraI'uIa'l'ions and AII Good Wishes +o Ihe CIass of I965 MILAD "Your FriencIIy ChevroIe+ and OIcIsmobiIe Dealer" CLEVELAND AVE. AND RT. 58 YU 4-3I95 SMITH'S News and Delicafessen Wholesale and Re+aiI School and Office Supplies Cigars-Cigare+'I'es-Tobacco AMHERST, OHIO YU 8-5522 I32 SAN SPRING PROFESSIONAL BUILDING Dr. Roberi' MuI'ForcI Dr. Roy Shaeffer Dr. WiIIiam Harlan Dr. G. R. Wiseman Dr. Tom Snyder Dr. James Dunlap Dr. Nicholas P. Resiifo "Best Wishes to the Class of 1965" From STEVE POLANSKY MARKET 6730 Dewey Road AMHERST, OHIO The Home of "Top Quality Meats" of "Down to Earth Prices!" THE PUBLIC By pafience in assuming fhe fax burden, and iudgmenf in fhe value of new levies. THE PARENTS By guidance in fhe home life and parficipafion in fhe school life. THE SCHOOL BOARD By efficiency of operafion and foresighf in selecfion. THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION By maximum efforf of wisdom and imaginafion and perseverance. THE BUILDINGS Efficienf, Healfhful, Beaufiful. These are fhe Sfeps fo fhe Opporfunify for a Beffer Life for fhe Graduafes ELMER HUME, INC. Builders of Powers Elementary School and Marion L. Steele High School Congra+ula+ions Class of I965 From EDWARDS BEAUTY SALON 223 Main S+. AMHERST, OHIO "Phone YU 8-4lc':-3 for a Wave of Beau+y" Lo+s of Success +o +he Class of I965" THE AMHERST JAYCEES we V, Steven Paul Arnoczky, bequeath my spotless reputation and good name to Cary Grocott. Roger Aschenbach, bequeath my 800 miles of hard running, l brand new pair of Adidas track shoes, and i pulled tendon to Angelo Pecora. Martha Bach, bequeath my grapes to Mrs, Wallace. Patricia Bair, bequeath my Algebra ll grade to Jim Gammons. Cathleen Bartish, bequeath my place in Mrs. Reichert's gym line to Greg Godfrey. Karen Bartlome, bequeath my small little corner in the library, and all the work left there to Myrna Lewis. Judie Bartlome, bequeath my ability with "crazy foam" to Glen Thompson. Al Baxter, bequeath my beat-up shop locker to any shop II student. Bud Becker, bequeath my ability to be so gentle on the basketball floor to Tim Nagy. Mary Beesing, bequeath my love for gym class to Nancy Black. Barbara Berner, bequeath my seats in math and science classes to Julie Miller. Y Bill Boden, bequeath my ability to throw the discus to Gary Pete. Nick Bogoievich, bequeath my seven French Ill books to Greg Mazurek. Tim Bohanon, bequeath my ability to get suspended to anybody who wants it. Ron Borman, bequeath my striped baseball uniform to Pat Thomp- son. Carolyn Brandies, bequeath my position in the cheering line to Peggy Nabakowski. Corinne Brandt, bequeath my ability to fall off the horse in gym to Jill Studd. Sharon Bruce, bequeath my partly used bottles of "Miss Clairol" to Pat Gallagher. Susan Cherry, bequeath my continuous, outstanding, unaward- winning typing ability to Sandi Virag. Donnis Cogar, bequeath my ability to stay out of detention hall to Claude Cogar. Judi Collins, bequeath my ability to ruin pompom routines to Jenny Kopp. Pat Conry, bequeath my amazing co-ordination on the gym ap- paratus to Eva Buchs. Bob Cook, bequeath my old, worn-out clothes to Janice Mulford. Clifford Cordy, bequeath my ability to fill out activity sheets to next year's seniors. Connie Criss, bequeath my gigantic height to Dennis Dodson. Joseph Danicki, bequeath my hot-running Buick to my brother Tom. Beverly Davidson, bequeath my ability to remember F.T.A. meetings to Marilyn Berta. I36 Jim Davidson, bequeath my purple, green, and maroon stripeu golf cap to Mike Szekely. Karen Davisson, bequeath my ability to get the best parking place: to my sister Mildred. Joyce Deidrick, bequeath my horseback-riding ability to Becky Elliot. Joanne Deiner, bequeath my desk to Harriett McKown. Carol DeMarco, bequeath my superior ability to be noisy and win arguments with Mr. Hudak to Judi Reese. Joyce Derrick, bequeath my outstanding musical ability to Rutll Gould because she needs it. Cheryl Dodson, bequeath my pair of stilts to any girl who has a tall guy. Jean Dolyk, bequeath my position as secretary of the Library Club along with its many duties to Kathy Druga. Tim Donnell, bequeath my superior driving skill and my Mustang G. T. to Tenant Nabakowski. Jane Donnelly, bequeath my two speeds, slow and stop, to Jeff Howells. Dennis Draper, bequeath my ability to do iust enough to get by to Claude Cogar. Linda Dudush, bequeath my ability to skip all GALS practices to Pam Whyte. Jim Edwards, bequeath my big heart, wonderful self, and strong ankles, to Charles "Salt" Towne. l l Barbara Ehman, bequeath my unused temporaries and great skill for driving to Nancy Laing. Kay Emmerick, bequeath my love for sports to next year'sl Amherstonian sports editor. Robert Evans, bequeath my motorcycle to anyone else who wants to beat Mr. Robinson's Dodge. Alba Figueroa, bequeath my ability to get along with Miss Koontz to my brother, Johnny. Jim Ford, bequeath my ability to get along with the teachers to my brother, Larry Ford. Brenda Kaye Franklin, bequeath my Southern accent to Jenny Kopp. Cathy Friend, bequeath my ability to get yelled at in English class to Nancy Laing. Michael Fuhrman, bequeath my faithful basset, Cleo, to Ken Stempowski. Terrance L. Galusha, great outstanding dramatic, stage production ability to Miss Koontz. Diane Gambish, bequeath my holey, smelly gym sneakers to Karen Kossow. Marie Gargasz, bequeath my huge, spacious locker 15425 to anyone who is going steady. Timothy Garn, bequeath my attitude toward senior teachers to any upcoming junior boy. Gerry Gatten, bequeath my doubles partner and my undying loyalty to Mr. Hicks to Scott Coverdale. 1 l 1 1 1 1 r r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Thomas Russell Giasomo, bequeath my incomparable ability to be scored upon to any poor soul who would possibly wish to assume that burden. Patricia Ann Gillenwater, bequeath my grades in government to Chester Fleming. Lamar Gillespie, bequeath my parking spot on Washington Street to anyone who wants wet feet. Diane Gelsanliter, bequeath my three years of having my locker next to Gizmo to Diana Womack. Rita Goodwin, bequeath my pipe and tobacco to Jenny Kopp. Patrick Grasso, bequeath my terrific Polak jokes to John Polansky. Linda Gressler, bequeath my ability to type and run around the halls to Cary Grocott. Geoffrey L. Grob, bequeath my school, Marion L. Steele, to Acme Demolition Co. Tim Grocott, bequeath my ability to tame animals to Jim Ryan. Rebecca Groth, bequeath my GAL's presidency to any junior boy who thinks he can keep the meetings quieter than l can. Linda Grundy, bequeath my ability to take people by surprise when they're least expecting it to Jane Schoemig. Terry Hall, bequeath my new can of Brylcreem to John Polansky. Pamela Jean Harlan, bequeath my towering height to little Tim Nagy. Richard Harmych, bequeath my ranky football locker and clothes to Delbert Mack. Virginia Harvey, bequeath my wrinkled gym suit, dirty gym shoes, and baggy socks to Diane Andrews. Heather Henderson, bequeath my Apollo gym suit and "Right Guard" to my brother, Lester Henderson. Allen Hershberger, bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Mizer to Bob Bartlome. Dennis Hill, bequeath my football abilities, especially warming the bench, to Jim Ryan. Sharon Hillyard, bequeath my busy senior year to any lucky, upcoming Senior. Diane Hoffman, bequeath my English composition grades and love for conformity to Julie Miller. Michael Hohla, bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Tousley to Jess Swartz. Ken Holley, bequeath my fine ability to drop soap in the shower room to John Polansky. Pamela Homer, bequeath the fun I had being the only girl in a speech class full of boys to some lucky girl next year. Charles Hook, bequeath nothing to anyone Cl'm taking it all with meli. Albert Hook, bequeath nothing to anyone. CWhat's good enough for Charles is good enough for me.D Richard Horn, bequeath my half of a slightly-used laser to Bill Bring. Doug Huffman, bequeath the basketball team to Mike Szekely. Pat Huson, bequeath my chemistry notebook, chemistry intelligence, test tubes, and ability to pass to Peggy Nabakowski. Donald James, bequeath my skateboard to Mr. Krohe. Anyce Johnson, bequeath my alto clarinet to anyone who enioys sitting alone. John Johnson, bequeath my school and heated locker to my brother, Richard. Lynda Joyce, bequeath my superfast starting signal to Jenny Kopp. Joe Kapucinski, bequeath my '58 Chevy wagon with all its smashed fenders to Bill Mitchell. Kathy Kassu, bequeath my Hunky accent to anyone who is Hun- garian. Gerald Kelley, bequeath my stolen tennis balls to Dennis Northeim. Kelly King, bequeath my bruising football tactics to the bruiser, Terry Edwards. John Kirchgessner, bequeath my' golden shamrock of knowledge and gift for gab to Mary Malloy. Lee Ann Klekota, bequeath my seat in French ll and my ability to graduate to my little brother Greg. Bob Koba, bequeath all of my understanding teachers, little used text books, and old tests to Sherry Habant. Keith Kocsis, bequeath my ability to write good headlines to Larry Kamody. Mariorie Kosakowski, bequeath my four wonderful years in the Amherst High School Band to Martha Woodings, Sharynn Lee Kossow, bequeath my "Marvelous" years at M. L. S. to Tom DeCarlo and W. C. Mike Kovach, bequeath my tremendous basketball ability to Dave Sotora. Roberta Krause, bequeath my great times and many problems to Millie Davisson. Bob Kreeger, bequeath my nickname "Kraut" to Bill Derrick. Ray Kroll, bequeath my ability to study for tests at the last minute to Bill Boden. Nada Lantz, bequeath my love for M. L. S. to Kay McMullin. Lesley Lavish, bequeath my good reputation to my sister Kris. Jim Layne, bequeath my four unfortunate years at M. L. S. ffive coming upi to underclassmen. Wendell Layne, bequeath my parking spot to my brother, Gary. Barbara Leslie, bequeath my knitting ability to Kathleen Leslie. Linda Lower, bequeath my funafilled senior year to Carroll Cather. Larry Long, bequeath my good times at M. L. S. to my sister Sallyf she'll need them to combat the bad ones. Sue Loutzenhiser, bequeath my uncanny ability to do superb term papers the night before they are due to Delbert Mack. Bonnie McCartney, bequeath my sophomore year grades, my par- ents, and my kazoo to Kenn McCartney. ' l37 I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I, I I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, 1 1 1 1 Harriett McKown, bequeath my ability to pass economics and soci- ology to Eva Buchs. Tom Maines, bequeath my "409" Corvair to Kathy Rogers. Sandra Marr, bequeath my problems to Eva Buchs. Christopher H. Marty, bequeath my ability to dunk the ball before the game to Keith Kurish. Sheila Miller, bequeath my ability to meet nice looking band leaders to any unfortunate female. Thomas Miller, bequeath my fine imported red blue sneakers to Richard Head. Diane Mischka, bequeath my ability to lose people's clothes to Larry "Hook." Sandie Mitchell, bequeath my ability to flunk Mr. l.yle's psychology quizzes to my poor, unfortunate brother. Virginia Morris, bequeath my determination to finish high school to my brother, Bill Tipton. Dennis Moskal, bequeath my set of bald snovv tires for running to Meat Man. David Moyer, bequeath my ability to make the best moves at the wrong times to Tim Nagy. Dave Mulica, bequeath my ability to get along with certain iunior girls lespecially at Prom timel to Richard Head. Jim Naro, bequeath my Mickey Mouse ears to John Polansky. Linola Nichols, bequeath my ability to drive fast and not get a ticket to Stella Fleming, Suezann Niskey, bequeath my speeding ability to Eva Buchs. Charles Nott, bequeath my 1957 Pontiac and my luck for getting in good with lavv enforcers to Tom DeCarlo. Charlotte O'Dor, bequeath my love of soldiers and wild yen for riding motorcycles to Darlene Canada. Cheryl Papp, bequeath my creative ability to my sister, Lynn. Seth Patton, bequeath my position on the tennis team and my fine record to Cuddles Parker. Carole Perritt, bequeath my place in the lunch line to Joyce Hensley. Judith Lynn Pikey, bequeath my ability to fail Mr. Lyle's psy- chology quizzes to Larry Kamody. Joyce Plato, bequeath my beloved Thespian director to Julie Miller. Karen Policz, bequeath my ability in shorthand to Joyce Brown. Jim Poyak, bequeath my trumpet and tennis racket to Scott Cover- dale. Sharon Price, bequeath my number and position in gym class to Mr. Tousley. Susan Price, bequeath my beautiful natural blonde hair and gracious nursing ability to my sister Pat. Cathy Pullin, bequeath my scholastic ability to Tim Nagy, so he can get on the honor roll. Jim Pullin, bequeath my dirty white socks to Mr. Thomas. I38 Greg Radovich, bequeath my good looks, pleasing personality,l and ability to get along with Amherst girls, to Marty Aschenbach. Richard F. Ravnikar, bequeath my terrific tennis skills, determina- tion, and ability to choke in the clutch to little Jimmy Whizzer. Sandra Kay Reichert, bequeath my beautiful, stunning, "natural" blonde hair and charming ability to get along with people to Mr. Tousley lso he too can see if blends have more funl. Shirley Reynolds, bequeath my ability to hit telephone poles to Mert. John Robert Ribic, bequeath my position as self-elected President Cum Laude of the "Left-Wing Extremist" to James Frisina. Ruthie Rittner, bequeath my ability to drive while l'm asleep to Dennis Sheller. Jeanne Robertson, bequeath my place in Mr. Michalski's government class to Jimmy Matotek. Lana Rogers, bequeath my Biology ll notebook to Mr. Krohe. Judith Ann Ruminsky, bequeath my never-endless, pains-taking, difficult job as Business Manager and errand "boy" back to Mr. Hicks. Diane Ruth, bequeath my ability in gym class, especially in the broad lump, to Jenny Kopp. John Sakalos, bequeath my government quiz grades to Charlie Towne, Mary Salisbury, bequeath my shorthand textbooks and all my notebooks and pens to Sherry Rich. Waitman Salisbury, bequeath my shop ability to Jim Stucld. Gary Lyman Sanders, bequeath my gym locker and gym clothes to Gail Hiltabidel and Ron Nicholson. William G. Schaeffer Il, bequeath my ability not to receive my great physical education card for three nine weeks to Bob Dick- ason. Cheryl Schibley, bequeath my twirling ability and "stick" to Marilyn Vollmer. Tom Schoemig, bequeath my ability in track and cross country, as well as my good weekends, to any hard working unclerclassman. Carole Schoenberger, bequeath my tremendous bookkeeping ability to Kathy Wenrich. Judy Schubert, bequeath my mixed-up love affairs to Marilyn Berta. Rosella Seckel, bequeath my ability to vvrite notes to other girls' boyfriends to future guidance aides. Marlene Sexstella, bequeath my ioys, many ideas, and frustrations for working on the Amherstonian staff to Elaine Pozone. Bill Simmons, bequeath my large number of high school activities to my brother Pat. Judy Sines, bequeath my ability to stay awake during government class to Gary Pete. Gilbert Slavik Jr., bequeath my book covers, football shoes, chewed pencil, and trophies to Sam Etchaberry. ' Joyce Ellen Smith, bequeath my love of flowers to all iunior girls. Karla Smith, bequeath my baton and maiorette boots to Sharon Folbert. r I , l t t l I, I, I, Mary Ann Sneed, bequeath my dirty Tennis shoes to Sam and my dismantled carburetor to Larry Hooker. Linda Socotch, bequeath my used, rusty insulin needles to Greg Godfrey. Steve Speckhart, bequeath my lumpy, used art eraser to my sister Sandy. Dan Sprenger, bequeath my black, ranky, high-top tennis shoes and red knee socks to Dennis Sheller. Tillie Sroka, bequeath my ability to stay out of detention hall to Nancy Stanclen. Candy Staller, bequeath my ability to attend every day of school to my brother George. Brian Stashick, bequeath my ability to sneak into the lunch line to Keith McDaniel. Ken Stempowski, bequeath my six-inch scale to Mr. Cooley. Dick Stilgenbauer, bequeath my art of being ineligible to Dennis Shelter. Eleanor Stuber, bequeath two black eyes each to Jan Sender and Karen Gerhart. Gary Super, bequeath my tight pants and my ability to use a skateboard to Torn Daniki. Bob Szilvasy, bequeath my physics book and sausage to Emil Cabasi. Dick Szmania, bequeath my skateboards and baggies to Jim Frisina. Ester Patricia Tagliavoni, bequeath my English knowledge to Connie Kossow. Tim Tarry, bequeath my magnetic attraction to second graders to Delbert Mack. Dana Thomas, bequeath nothing to nobody because I want every- thing for myself. Nancy Travers, bequeath my bassoon to Sonia Lloyd and my dirty gym shoes and sox to Marilyn Vollmer. Gary Trelka, bequeath my immaculate football locker and love ot' summer practice to Terry Temple. Dick fTinyJ Tufts, bequeath my headaches from my senior year to Tom Danicki. Mike Ullman, bequeath my ability to get along well with girls to Larry Eshelman. Stan Vaughn, bequeath my great scholastic ability and favor with Mr. Thomas to Hank Ketterer. Tom Vaughn, bequeath my quill pen to Geoff Grob. Nena Vianna, bequeath my perfect English accent to Jenny Kopp. Hilma C. Vinson, bequeath the secret of my eloquent and unique handwriting to Mrs. Ford's art class. John Volak, bequeath my great attitude toward high school to Larry Ford. Barbara Waite, bequeath my seat in trigonometry class to Julie Miller. Jerry Walker, bequeath my slightly-used very, very slightly-used basketball shoes to Jim Ryan, wastebasket and my Jack Werner, bequeath my will power to drive my motorcycle safely at all times to Albert Crausaz. Greg Wasiloff, bequeath my baseball spikes and Goldwater badge to Chris Heusser. Gaye Susanne Watts, bequeath my ability to knock odwn telephone poles to anyone taking driver's training. Joyce Waycaster, bequeath my respect and gratitude to the students and faculty of M.L.S. Sid Welch, bequeath my half of the Amherstonian co-editorship along with half of Mr. Hicks to Mike Tevesz. Shirley Wellman, bequeath my ability to be late to anyone who can stand all those detentions. Jacqueline Wenzel, bequeath my good grades in high school to my brother, Bill. Sandra Wiegand, bequeath my great government class along with all those Mickey Mouse tests to Pat Raynes. Jean Wilhelm, bequeath my ability to sneak into the house in the wee hours of the morning to Barb Wilhelm. Roger Wayne Wittenbrook, bequeath my little black book of past loves to William Mitchell. Frank E. Wnek, bequeath my cue stick with my extraordinary talent in shooting pool to Tom Abraham. Lauretta Joy Woodings, bequeath my ability to get passing grades without studying to anyone without time to study. Barbara Wurst, bequeath the other halt of the Amherstonian co- eolitorship along with the other half of Mr. Hicks to Elaine Petrousek. Ricki Yeager, bequeath my seat in French class and my lovely French grades to George Balogh. Phil York, bequeath my 3-year-old, air-conditioned gym shorts to Angie Pecora. John Young, bequeath the speed of my '57 Chevy to Dale Kreeger's Ford. Jo Ann Yoworsky, bequeath my typing ability to Bob Shumaker. Charles Yuhasz, bequeath my knowledge of Chevys to Dale Kreeger. Jane Zilch, bequeath my ability in French l to Judy Reese. Karen Zvosec, bequeath my rusty old horse shoes to Pat Gnizak. I39 I n 542 Ewa. glial-1.13 5 f E15 ' 3 5 QW F5953 I I K A- SLE Y V N Autographs lGL1lgdZ0J?5Liy M5 My Oi, WU ez, CXWQUL ,Vf xr vv Q !l b lf L K :Q , IJ W MSW ffffdfggmww M WM my UL My Q4 L L,f'yLfJwWL WLMwmW Wi s of by MW SOM WQfW? ' WWW M NX W WWW W WW W iff H J 351 i19w?WwF! 0 5 OFF gsgiizi iiiiggfgfviliifk 525235221 Eywgi? E 2 2251i3il2 Egg? af QQ A W? XQ? if Vf52fi2Y3fZfz if Wiigwiggifm x R tw"3'fQq 3 X J q mm W, M vW.Eu 1bgxyUgM tQ,Q-MLQQXQ 9 M kauwva Tw,,.QQLi 'ACE-A-Q-CE5'ULCLL9l ' DMWJML awk 351651. Us QM CM. 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