Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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C4126 J, ff M DJ iw if ,Mfg gig Qfmfymf wg Ng WX! W fx wflf ffm q3XK1fJ5fmp it Jyyiyfwg WWE , aw, M Nw iigw. 2 1 9 5 s AMI-IERSTQNIAN Published by AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL Amherst, Ohio Ed or ......A.....A................ ......................... M ARY NEFF Business Manager ............,.,.,,...... JANE BRANDON pwunlinq Une 1958 Editor, Mary Neff Business Manager, jane Brandon In this era of Sputniks and Explorers, the Comet, too, has gone soaring into space, Amherst reached stellar heights this year in fields of athletics, scholastics, dramatics, and music. The little fireball has become more brilliant with each added achievement, and now it shines brightly among the twinkling stars of the Lakeland Conference. In this Amherstonian, the Comet symf bolizes the highlights of the year 1958 in the Amherst Public Schools. TABLE OF CONTENTS School Life P2340 Fvlll' Administration Page Tcn F-lCLllly lms l11Sc1'x'1cc Tl'-lllllllg l,I'UQl'.lIN. Athletics Page' Seventy-cigllt Clulurtf Wm l...1l4ul.1ml cliblll-CIACIICC Cllgllwmpimwlxip. Aclvvrtisvmcnts Page Ninety-two 'llmxrr Students Page 'llwcnty-two lwlatlm flmluntx lc.u'11 Xlllllg' ul' Ql'1lI3llN. Activitics Pngc Fifty-two ljl'.lIN.lllCN Clkllw lvcclxww NllPUl'llll' mting lur m1c.1ct play "Thu lixclmxmguf' L4 Ss 'E W3 J U M TC'X?,5sFt A -...f WN , N , .553 N 'YS ,fu x. F K' -Xun :S 9 e' x - mana? Fw'?fx ix 5 ,-W gi .1 Q 1 Q fi Q X 'W 44 SSM' 1 ubuu , W5 - lm.. sfigki v W. 3, .YAY 'KAW sg? 2 g f'lQ?l E' X Aw--nun.-mm mm af . ,S J giw x J' hu ii V Y wg.. Young physicists watch sound Irzlfli. , l liivc Home EC. girls learn value of a "stitch in time." J'-K Penny Rozsos, Betty Crocker "Homemaker of Tomorrowf' whips up a cake. P.T.A. presents portrait of Miss Steele fOr new Nlarion L. Steele High School. Mothers join seniors fOr El CUP of Teil. 4 .vi Nlajorettes love a parade. Svc o 0 o fl King Richard. Queen Lucy. and court rule alt Sweetheart Dance. PM , Guys and dolls SM'il'lg illld SWVZIY at Soc Hop. Suxen Mrs. Jenkins checks make-up for play. ' diff A uw Queen Karen and attendants are honored at Homecoming Game. ui...-we M! Bill Bloom tackles a Wellilmgton Duke. Eight Coach Hudak and football heroes receive trophies. apmli Clmeerleaclers spark Cornet victories. Karen Krok Toni Fuhrman Barbara Schmidt Nlnrilyn Herrington Darlene .lurczynski Gwen Kilgore Gambish jumps for the ball. Nun' ADM EQ 13' ' 'A7'1f:ws5f:,.1 .ff sf! Q A ff" , .X 'Hr X 4 . K, 'sf , Q -I y y S 1 LA iff? V , Q 1 V 3 l M 5 fi! fg 4.9 -. 1 J RSX' F L, jigs?-X Vx f , 3?14 g X 1.-A ' A gig . 4 i .ii Q ,,.. 5.5 l f wg, X SQ 3 IE. . Y "f Q?i'54,,x Board of Education A .5152 ku 5- 7 -A N 9 M Af ' 1,3 A ggi'-' W ..,A,...-1 Rxclwxard If Tlwutt. Frank Nlckullf, Fred H, Hugrcfv Qprcsdcntb. Mrs. YIM-k Kwan f:.kI'l ff I7 Superintendent Richard P. Gousha An.. HL-nlfiln-1-g Cnllcgc: MAA.. NVcstc1'n Rcsurvc Univcrsity: Ulmiw Stats Uuix'c1'sity: lmlizmn w I-lllX'k'I'Sily. L'L'd4. Lildlyfk' C. Plll'CfIH 1x'lL'I'l'i'II'U.l5lIITI'X Rxrlxzud P c1UlI4h.l 1NllPk'l'lIlll'llLlL'I1l Twelve High School Principal Robert Sutton A.B., Marietta Collegeg M.E., Ohio University. Principal of Powers Elementary School Fred R. Powers AB., Oberlin Collegeg College of Woosterg A.M., Columbia Uni' versity: University of Southern California. junior High Principal William Jenkins A.B., Baldwin-Wallace College A.M., Western Reserve Univer sityg Kent State University. Thirteen unior and Senic HELEN M. WINGATE A.B., Baldwin'Wallace College: M.A.. Western Rescrve Uni' versity Graduate School. Historyg Dean of Girls LEONARD E. LYLE B.A., Heidelberg Collegeg M.S., Wisconsin Universityg Kent State University. Social Studiesq Guidanceg Dean of Boys. JAMES BLASER A.B.. Heidelberg College: M.S. in Education, University of Wisconsin. junior High Englishg Adviser for Newspaper. JOE HUDAK B.S., Wittenberg Collegeg M.A., Western Reserve Univcrsityg Ohio University. Social Studies: General Scienceg Head Football Coachg Driver Education. MARGARET B. TI-IUTT A.B., Bluffton College. Lating English. FRANCIS H. TOUSLEY A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University: Ohio State Universityg Ashland Collegeg Case Institute of Technology. Scienceg Mathematics. RICHARD S. COOLEY B.S. in Education, Kent State University. Mechanical Drawingg Track Coach. JOHN R. DILL B.A.. BaldwinfWallace Collegeg M.E.. Kent State University. Social Studiesg junior High Guidance Counselor. GLADYS E. DRAKE A.B., Wooster College: Oberlin School of Commerceg Ohio University. Commercial. RUSSELL A. PETERSEN B. Sch. M., Baldwin'Wallace Collegeg M.A., Western Reserve University. Director of Instrumental Music. Fourteen Iigh School Faculty ALLEN MIZER B.S. in Education. Kent State University: Diploma in Elementary Education, Kent State University. Senior High Industrial Arts: Mechanical Drawing: Athletic Director. MARGARET RICE EGELAND A.B., Oberlin College: A.M., University of Michigan. Speech: English. DOROTHEA Z. BROWN A.B., Oberlin College: University of Michigan. Mathematics. MARIAN SCHACHT A.B., Notre Dame College: Ohio State University. Home Economics. EVELYN A. SMITH A.B., Flora Stone Mather College: M.A., Western Reserve University Graduate College. Senior High English. E. VALERIE JENKINS A.B.. Baldwin-Wallace College: Hiram College: Western Reserve University: State University of Iowa: Kent State University. Librarian: Dramatics Coach. MARJORIE C. SMITH B.S. in Education, Ohio University. Physical Education: Health. ARTHUR R. THOMAS A.B.. Ohio Wesleyan University: M.S.. Indiana University. Head Basketball Coach: Assistant Football Coach: Health: Physical Education: World History. WILLIAM I. KROHE A.B.. Heidelberg College: Kent State University: Ohio State University. Biology: General Science. KATHRYN P. MURRAY A.B., Flora Stone Mather College, Western Reserve University: M.A., Western Reserve University Graduate School: Uni' versity of Michigan: University of Paris. French: Spanish: English: Adviser for Annual. Fifteen unior and Senior High Faculty JEANE K. MILLS B.S. in Education. Ohio State University. Junior and Senior High Art. LAURENCE VAN DER OORD B.S. in Education. Bowling Green State University. junior High Social Studies: Junior High Basketball Coach: Junior High Physical Education. HERBERT H. ERKKILA Ashland College. Seventh Grade: Reserve Baskethall Coach: Assistant Foothall Coach: Assistant Track Coach. LORNA MIDDENDORF BS.. Bowling Green State University. Junior High English and Social Studies, RUTH COOK B.S. in Education. Ohio State University: Bowling Green State University: Cleveland College. junior High English. CHARLOTTE HAMMILL BS. in Education, Ohio State University: Lake Erie College. Commercial. HOWARD O. WASHKA A.B.. Heidelberg College: Fenn College: Ashland College. matics. DONALD McKAY WONDERLY A.B.. M.A.. Oberlin College: Westei'n Reserve University. School Psychologist. GUY E. SURER B.S. in Music Education. West Chester Teachers College: Mastei of Music Education, Oherlin Conservatory. Vocal Music. HOWARD G. GOULD BS.. Baldwinfwallace College. junior High Mathematics. Sixteen Assistant Football and Basketball Coach: Social Studies: Mathef Elementary Faculty MAYME SAHL Kent State University: Cleveland Normal School: Ohio Uni versity: BaldwinfWallace College. First Grade. BERAL K. POWERS Kent State University: University. Fourth Grade. DOROTHY S. BAUERS Baldwin-Wallace College. Sixth Grade, RUTH E. HILTABIDEL Ohio University: Western Reserve B.S. in Education, State Teachers College. Pennsylvania Third Grade. GRACE MORAIN Northeastern State Teachers College, Oklahoma: Bowling Green State University. Second Grade. ESTHER M. WINTERLING BS.. Ohio State University: M.A., Columbia University: Western Reserve University: Ohio University. Second Grade. MARGARETHA SCHNEIDER Diploma. Kent State University. First Grade. MILDRED WIKOFF Wilmington College: Ohio State University: Bowling Green State Universityg B.S. in Education, Baldwin'Wallaee College Special Class. IVA SMITH Wilmin ton Colle ez Kent State Universit g g Y- Third Grade. NORMA E. WASHKA is A.B.. Oberlin College: Baldxviiifwallace College. Fourth Grade. Seventeen Elementary Faculty BERNITA ATKINSON Fifth Grade. MARION E. BAKER Fourth Grade, ALMA BAUER Third Grade. HULDA BERGER Third Grade. RUTH A. KANE College. Fifth Grade. FLORENCE EHRMAN Diploma. Kent State Fifth Grade. BERTINE E. FOSTER Sixth Grade. Second Grade. Wallace College Second Grade. DONOLA LEE Diploma, Kent State State University First Grade. DOROTHY S. MENZ Second Grade. DONNA H. MARTIN B.S., Bowling Green First Grade. B.S.. Bowling Green State University: Columbia University. BaldwinfWallace College: Cleveland School of Education: Uni' versity of Pittsburgh. Kent State University: Western Reserve University: Baldwin- Wallace College: Bowling Green State University. Diploma. Ashland College: Kent State University: Baldwin- Wallace College: Ohio University. Ohio Wesleyan University: Oberlin College: BaldwinfWallace University. Diploma. Cleveland Normal School. MILDRED D. GUISELMAN A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University: Chicago University: Lake Erie College: Baldwin-Wallace College. MARGARET PANDY KORKA Diploma. Oberlin Kindergarten Primary Training School: Kent State University: Bowling Green State University: Baldwin' Universityg Baldwin'Wallace College: Fresno Lorain County Normal: Kent State University. University. Eighteen Elementary Faculty HELEN B. CLARY B.S.. Baldwinfwallaee College: Kent State University: Ohio Fourth Grade. ALMA M. WELLMAN B. Sch. M.. Oberlin Conservatory: Western Reserve University. Vocal Music. University. l IONA MAXWELL .. . f B.S., Baldwin'Wallace College: Diploma. Kent State University: Ohio State University: Western Reserve University. .i Fourth Grade. FREIDA B. REFENNING Bowling Green State University: Baldxviii'Wallaee College. Third Grade, AUDREY RICHARDS Wooster College: BS., Ohio State University: Westerii Reserve University. Third Grade. ELIZABETH G. BORTZ University of Pittsburgh: Vassar College. Sixth Grade. LYDIA SCHEIDE B.S. in Education. Ohio University: Baldwin-Wallace College: Kent State University. First Grade, JACQUELINE BUELL MURRAY Bowling Green State University: Baldwinfwallace College. Kindergarten. MARJORIE COLEMAN Kent State University. Fifth Grade. MYRON L. MASON A.B., Glenville State College. Sixth Grade. SECRETARIES NANCY BARCK Secretary to the Superintendent. CONNIE HYLKEMA Secretary at Central School. NORMA WONDER Secretary at Powers Elementary School. Nineteen gf? Cafeteria Cooks Mrs. Esther Shook Mrs. Beulah Reinhardt Mrs. Louise Crum Mrs. Dorothy Kolbe Powers Elementary School Robert Baumharclt Robert Schibley Paul Beetler Twenty Custodians Custodians Cafeteria Cooks ohn Wforthington, Arthur Martin, Willialmm Heck Mrs. Agnes Heck, Mrs. Roberta Heck Amherst Central School "e-N.. wig 'IEE A... W hi f :Lain-Ililllli 5. - lf. "L Tr: 5 Q MT- TCMAY-N., , . is Bus Drivers Ted Wnek Byrd Richmond George Cunningham George Ullman Kenneth Lacey Ray Grocott Frank Bovrman Richard Willianis 1Not pictured, Twenty-one W ZNNWNYW-N X' , vw- k gy -Q CA-5 V- lawns A f - Q gTix'i'3Ne,?f ., A - A ,xg-13' if 1 -V vm ' 5 wc' - ,Rem , T.W,+:11 fp A - - -Q'1U'S-'imzwd-M Ll x ff :1wwfQ,,L Q - x,,, si' j,:,,1w4h x N5 ' ' 3452 2 .fig V "if, . N Q Q ww .QM xk . W WX. Wy, .rx Ti Q wg Q J 'K 'if x 13 'WW' , W' Q, N514 X .fQf'.k.: , .rf M. 2 QEMQ A --1 , ' L "WJ ,3 , I A A 3 4, ., X15 ' ' UW M, , ,yy .Mg H 'f V '-1. ' ?ufQ,1 - , V H .Y 1 QS ' 1 A ' V I v' 2 X . 'Zia J if f A K :ras . Y j x , I 79 if . fm, E 5 Q f S ?f?1? ?i? Q kx., ww xx, fgfi,44..q N X W x a 99 , is hw. Ns S' sg gg gf , a V ..,Q,, as Q N, .-Q' 'av .K . -I ,v ,vas 'J ' -Q' ' , Ax. x W n if V I ig, .M i 5 Eg V ,. ,wwf 1 ,A if-Qi 4: FEA ff -w e fm nf f 1 u 51 4 4, 1 , 41' Ss X . Q 1 F? 1 xi 3 K V sf' .I gf if 5 3? A Q . I. .A A A , 1' Nil. A -,w-" ' xi, Mg' fm, Q31 4 xwg,fgj'ffKfff 2.g,,v.fT' V-M-,1 5,,k,h,., W W, X., ,QI iw-w 'T M M . ' ww , ," ' f I , mf, of.. . W , film L, ,. v ' -X 6 mr A y f. 7 H+" ' L X4 It M Q ,A J.. . .5 X , , K X , , ., ya' ,P , U! , , 1 . Ai" 'xm.M'5."QA Vqiiu 4,Tp5X?!Lftf' 3 A ,Wig 3 ' x 9 ffm' Q.'M','kl,f ' AN Vx 1 ,' . fi M Q, A: V M.':"'Qf s Q . Sy 5 4' A , J, ' up Y W wR13f4ffT 5? wyf F' f f' f , '3"'Y","s ff: 92- ' ' U ' TI. : Xxx. Q fsigtvifixii 8 1 ,ai 4 I ",KiQvi?W qi 'mv' tn aw, Y N V awk, Q V Q .fi , , SV, if af ,., . X 3 ., J' X Q , ' M f ' f W., W ww x 4 v x A 1 L. . -,. , , M, fi 1 , W vi' ' Y-6 ky . 7 mt ,sf ,wk . 4 ' 535 I J SENICRS Officers Prcsiclcnt Craig Cullen Vicc-President Richard Hollv St-crctnry Janice Feightncr Class Advisers ,, Mrs. Evelyn Smith. Mrs. Charlotte Hammill, Mr. Willinimm Krohv Colors -- Crimson and Silver Flower - White- Rose Molto -W "Climb far - your goal the sky, your aim the star." Kayr Koontv Karrn Wt-zlx't'i' linrbara Rcinharcl june Brandon Sully Shumalu-r Honor Students Craig Cullen, Valcdictorian Nancy Fullar Maxine Dllrjzlva Saunclra Huber Rirlmrcl Hollc Mary Neff Judy Tahhcrt Sharon Biclccl blanc Drozflowalxi Shcrry Beam Txx'vn!v'ln111 . . . ,jmi ,an achaleaahp WAYNE KEITH BALAS "A Gay Toning Blade" Record Staff 4: Amherstonian Staff 4: F.T.A. 4: Spanish Club l, 2: Plays 4: Speech Contest 4: Off fice Aide 4. SHERRY MARIE BEAM "Picture of Perfection" Latin Club 1, Z: Cafeteria Aide 4: Girls' Chorus 1. DARLENE MAE BERK "The Sunshivie of Tour Smile" Hall Guard 4: Spanish Club 1. 2: Gym Aide 3: Girl's Chorus lg Cafeteria Aide 1. MARILIN MARIE BERRINGTON 4.All'A1YlETfEd71 Girl" Attendant to Homecoming Queen 1: Class Trcasf urer 1. Z: GA.A, lf3: Spanish Club l. 2: Cheer' leader 2-4: Hall Guard 4: Pep Club 4: Attendant to Sweetheart Queen 4. RONALD JAMES BERRY "A jolly Good Fellow" Safety Patrol l. 2: Hall Guard 4: Gym Aide 3: Plays 3, 4: Spanish Club 1. 2. ROSEMARY BERTHOLD "Alwayx Ready for a Gab Fest" Cafeteria Aide l: Latin Club l. 2: Library Aide 3: Hall Guard 4. MARY CAROL BEVI "Frontier Queen of 'i7" Student Council 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Latin Club 1. 23 Hall Guard 4: Office Aide 4. SHARON RAE BICKEL "Florence Nightingale the Second" Amherstonian Staff 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: G.A.A. lf4: Latin Club 1, 2: A Cappella Choir 1-4: Hall Guard 4: Plays 3, 4: Operetta 1, 3: Dramatics Club 4, GARY GLENN BLACKFORD "Our Motorcycle Mari" Class President 1: Football lf4: Basketball lg Track 1-43 Student Council 2: Class VicefPresident 3: Hall Guard 3. 4. WILLIAM ALFRED BLOOM "Hey, Good Lookin' " Clearview High 1: Spanish Club 1: Hall Guard 4: Football lf4: Track 3, 4: Projection Staff lg Pep Club 4: Attendant to the Sweetheart King 4. Twentyffive SEN IORS ROBERT LEE BODKIN "A Hot Rod Fun" Firelands High 1. JANE ELLEN BRANDON "lvl My Merry Oldsmobile" Amherstonian Staff 3, 4 and Business Manager 43 F.T.A. 3, 43 G.A.A. I'4Q Science Club 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 French Club 3, 43 Band lf43 Majorette 2'41 Pep Band lf43 Scholarship Team 2, 33 Plays 4. DONALD CLAIR BRUCE "Eve1ybady's Friend" DENNIS RAY CLOTZ "Man, What a Maul" Student Council 33 Spanish Club 1, 23 Hall Guard 43 Football l'4Q Basketball 43 Track 1'4. CORBETT WALTER CREGAR "Keeping Out of Mischief" Firelands High 13 Chess Club 13 Science Club 13 Projection Staff 13 Basketball l3 Cafeteria Aide 4. CRAIG EDWARD CULLEN "Tell Me Why" Class Vice'President l3 Class President 43 Am' herstonian Staff 2f43 Operetta 13 A Cappella Choir 13 Spanish Club l, 23 Latin Club 1, 23 Scholarship Team I'4: F.T.A, 43 Science Club 2-43 Projection Staff 13 Basketball 1, 23 Band I'4Q Quiz Bee 1, 2. WILLIAM CARI.. DEPOWICZ "Popular Party Guest" Football 23 Projection Staff 3. HELEN KATHERAN DIETRICH "Take a Letze1, Miss" Commercial Club 43 Spanish Club 13 Hall 43 Cafeteria Aide 3. JUDITI-I ELAINE DOBNEY 'iLife of the Pa1ty" Record Staff 43 Amherstonian Staff 43 F.T.A. 43 G.A.A. 1f43 Science Club 33 Latin Club 1, 2g Band l'42 A Cappella Choir l'4Q Hall Guard 43 Operetta 1, 33 Plays 3, 43 Thespian 3, 4 and President 3: Gym Aide 13 Dramatics Club 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Speech Contests 3, 43 Pep Band 2'4Q Mixed Ensemble 43 Girls' Double Trio 4. Guard Twenty six JANE ELLEN DROZDOWSKI "The Perfect Sec1cta1y" Record Staff 33 F.T.A. 3, 43 G.A.A, 1, 23 Com' mercial Club 4, and President 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Hall Guard 3: Office Aide 43 Scholarship Team l3 Girls' Chorus 1. MAXINE SARA DURJAVA "Honest, Officer, l'm Lost" Amherstonian Staff 3. 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Latin Club 1, 2. and President 2: Hall Guard 3, 4: Scholarship Team 3. NANCY KAREN EHLERT "A Wivixoine Blonde" G.A.A. 1-4: Commercial Club 4: Spanish 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 4: Plays 3. IANICE LOUISE FEIGHTNER "Sweet and Sassy" Class Secretary 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Majorette 4: Library Aide 2: Girls' Chorus 1: F.T.A. 3. 4: Band 1-4: Hall Guard 4: Plays 3: Pep Band 2-4: G.A.A. 1-4: A Cappella 2, 3: Gym Aide 1: Operetta 1. MARY CECELIA FINNEGAN "Brazing Along with the Breeze" Club G.A.A. 1-4: Commercial Club 4: Spanish Club 1. 2: Band 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1: Plays 3: Gym Aide 2. GERMAINE ANTOINETTE FUHRMAN "Sophisticated Lady" Record Staff Z: Commercial Club 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: A Cappella 1: Cheerleader 2-4: Hall Guard 4: Office Aide 4. NANCY JEAN EULLAR "Coyne.t.i in a Nutshell" G.A,A. 1: Latin Club 1. 2: Scholarship Team 1, 2: Cheerleader 2: Student Council 3: Plays 3: Speech Contests 3: Girls' State 3: Band 1-4: Majorette 3, 4: Pep Band 1-4. BARBARA JEAN GALLAGHER "Miscliieiious Coqucttcn G.A.A. 1, Spanish Club 1. 2: Dramatics 4. RONALD WALTER GAMBISH "Gods Gift to Wuvnei1" Record Staff 1. 2: Class Treasurer 3: Spanish Club 1. 2: Office Aide 4: Football 1. 2, 4: Basketball 1-4: Track 1-2: Projection Staff 2. 3: Gym Aide 3: Gymnastics 1-3: Booster Club 4. JANET DEE GOLDTHORPE "Sugar '11 Spice" Record Staff 2. 3: F.T.A. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1-3: Com- mercial Club 4: Hall Guard 3, 4: Library Aide 2: Gym Aide 1: Spanish Club 1, 2: Band 1-4: Plays 3: Amherstonian Staff 3, 4: Majorette 3, 4: Pep Band 1-4. ALAN DALE HAAS "Music Maestro" Student Council 4. and President 4: Amherstoniari Staff 4: Latin Club 1. 2: Band 1-4: Pep Band 1-4: A Cappella 1. 2: Boys' State 3: Scholarship Team 2: Operetta 1: Football 1, Twenty-seven ,infimwce SEN IORS NANCY KAY HAAS "When My Dreamboar Comes Home" Band 1'4: A Cappella lf4: Operettas 1, 3: G.A.A. 1, 2: Gym Aide 4: Mixed Ensemble 4: Pep Band 1f4: Girls' Quartet 2, 3. RODGER .EARL HANLON "Little Boy Grown Tall" Class Treasurer 4: HifY 3: Band 1-4: Football 1, 2: Basketball 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2. RICHARD ELMER HOLLE "A Regular Guy" Class VicefPresident 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Hall Guard 4: Gym Aide 3: Basketball lf4. SAUNDRA JEAN HUBER "Dresden Doll" G.A.A. 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Band lf4, and President 4: Majorette 3, 4: Cheerleader 2: Office Aide 4: Attendant to Homecoming Queen 3, 4: Pep Band 1f4. JAMES PAUL JENKINS "I Love Life" Band 1-4: Hall Guard 3-4: Football 1: Basketball 1, 2: Track 1. TED LEE KERECZ "I Got Rhythm" GWEN LYNN KILGORE "Dancing Doll" Oberlin 1: Cheerleader 1f4: Attendant to Sweet' heart Queen 2: Office Aide 4: G.A.A. 2: Com' mercial Club 4: French Club 2, 3. JOAN LUCILLE KOLBE "Here Comes the B1ide" G.A.A. l, 2: Spanish Club 1: Band 2, 3: Gym Aide 4. KAYE ANN KOONTZ "Neva a Dull Moment" Record Staff 1-4, and Editor 4: Amherstonian Staff 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1'3: Quiz Bee 1: Latin Club 1, 2: French Club 3, 4: Band 1f4: Pep Band 4: Girls' State 3: Scholarship Team lf-4: Plays 3, 4: Thespian 4: Speech Contests 4. KAREN LOUISE KROK "Language Whiz" Record Staff 2: Amherstonian Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 1: G.A.A. 1, 2: Science Club 4: Latin Club 2. 3: Spanish Club 4: Office Aide 2: Home' coming Queen 4: Attendant to Sweetheart Queen 3: Scholarship Team 1'4: French Club 3, 4: Cheer' leader 4. Twentyfeight DOROTHY JEAN KRUECK "Diamonds Arc a Girl's Best Friend" Commercial Club 43 Latin Club 1, 2. FAYE ELIZABETH LONGLEY "Happy-Go'Lucky" Band 4: G.A.A. 33 Lorain High School 1. CAROLYN ANN LOPEZ "La Estrellllan Commercial Club 4g Spanish Club 1, 23 Cafeteria Aide 1. VALERIE MINIFIE "Our Little Englixh Queen" A.F.S. Exchange Student from England 43 Record Staff 43 G.A.A. 4: A Cappella 4: Plays 43 Booster Club 43 Dramatics Club 4g Speech Contests 4. RICHARD DAVID MLINARIK "Mr. Busllctbullu Basketball lf4: Gym Aide 33 Hall Guard 43 Student Council 43 HifY 33 Sweetheart King 4. MICHAEL DAV.E NABAKOWSKI "Money Burris a Hale in My Packet" Hall Guard 4: Track l'4Q Football Manager l'4Q Basketball 1. MARY LUCINDA NEFF "With a. Smile and a Song" Student Council 1, 23 Amherstonian Staff 3, 4, and Editor 43 F.T.A. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1f43 Latin Club 43 French Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 1, 23 Dramatics Club 4: Plays 33 Thespian 43 Operetta 13 Girls' Chorus 13 Speech Contest 3, 43 Scholarship Team 33 A Cappella 1, 2, 4, and President 43 Band l'4Q Pep Band lf43 Attendant to Homecoming Queen 23 Mixed Ensemble 4g Girls' Double Trio 4. KATHRYN ANN OBENOUR "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" South Amherst High ln F.T.A. 4g G.A.A. 2, 3, 43 Science Club 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: Plays 3, 43 Pep Band 2, 43 Band 2-43 Comet Booster Club 4. JACQUELINE JAY PELTON "I Could Have Danccd All Night" F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 1f4: Commercial Club 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: A Cappella 2'4Q Hall Guard 43 Operetta 3. RICHARD ARTHUR PIPPERT "A Girl'.s Best Friend" Class President 2: Class Secretary 1: Student Council 3: Gymnastics 3. 4: Football 1-4: Basket' ball lg Track 1'4: Gym Aide 3. Twenty-nine Alt SEN ICRS PHILIP ANDREW PLACE "With a Wing and n Pmyef' Latin Club I, 2: Science Club 3, 4: Safety Patrol 1, 23 Scholarship Team 3g Boys' State 35 F.T.A. 4. FRANCIS IRIS PODLICH "Plensavitnesi in Pastel Pink" G.A.A. l: Office Aide 4: Library Aide 2, 3g Cafeteria Aide 1, 3: Safety Patrol 1-3g Girls' Chorus l. BARBARA ELLEN REINHARD "Little Bmy Pretty One" Oberlin 1. 2: Red Cross 1: G.A.A. 1. Z: Student Senate 2: Library Assistant 2: Scholarship Team 2, 3: French Club 3, 4. and President 4: Student Council 4: Dramatics Club 4: Plays 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: Record Staff 4: Amherstonian Staff 4g Hall Guard 4. BONNIE RAE RIEMER "Mite of rt Miss" G.A.A. 1f4, and President 45 Safety Patrol 1, 2: Gym Aide 2: Girls' Chorus 1: Office Aide 4: Commercial Club 4: Spanish Club 1, 2. MARY PATRICIA ZILCI-I "Happy ull the Time" Lorain High 1: Gym Aide 2: French Club 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: Science Club 3: Hall Guard 43 Office Aide 45 Amherstonian Staff 4. PATRICIA ANN ROZSOS "A.H.S. Homemaker of the 'Yea-r" Commercial Club 4: Spanish Club 1, 2. BARBARA ANN SAGERT "Genu.iv1ely Friendly" Commercial Club 43 Spanish Club 1. 29 Cafeteria Aide 1, 39 Safety Patrol 3: Gym Aide 3. SALLY DIAN SHUMAKER "Our Pal Sul" Latin Club 1. 2: G.A.A. 1, 25 Band lf3: Record Staff 1f4. and Business Manager 4: Amherstonian Staff 3, 4: Scholarship Team 3: F.T.A. 3, 4: Dra' matics Club 45 Pep Band 1, 2. ROBERT LEE SKIDMORE "A Dignificd Gentleman" Safety Patrol 3. SUSAN CELESTIE SNELL "If You Knew Susie" Student Council Z5 Record Staff 4: Amherstonian Staff 4: F.T.A. 3, 4, and President 4: G.A.A. 1'4: Latin Club 1, 23 French Club 3, 4g Band 1f4: A Cappella 2: Plays 3: Thespian 4: Operetta 1: Girls' Chorus lg Dramatics Club 4g Pep Band lf4. Thirty BARBARA JEAN STACHELSKI "A Real Basketball Fan" French Club l. 2: G.A.A. 2. 3. and President 3: Commercial Club 45 Booster Club 45 Gym Aide 15 Hall Guard 4. GARY DALE STARK "Casanova" Class President 35 Class Secretary 25 Hall Guard 4. RICHARD ALLEN STARK "All Avoimd Athlete" Spanish Club l, 2: Hall Guard 4: Gym Aide 35 Football 1145 Basketball l'45 Track I'4. JUDITH ANN TABBERT "Classic Beauty" Amherstonian Staff lf4: Band l: Spanish Club 1. 25 G.A.A, l, 2: Cheerleader 2, 3g Attendant to Sweetheart Queen l. DAVID ALAN TAYLOR "Sitting on Top of the World" Spanish Club 1, 25 Hall Guard 45 Gym Aide 3: Student Council Z5 Record Staff l-41 Amherstonian Staff 2-4: Basketball 1145 Band 3, 4. DAVID LEE TETTATON "The Man with thc Big Bass Voice" Cafeteria Aide 25 A Cappella 45 Mixed Ensemble 4. ROBERT ELMER TOWNE "Scnio1 Mila" Football 2'45 Basketball 15 Track 1'4g Gymnastics 1, 2. KAREN MARIE WEAVER "All's Fair in Love and War" Latin Club 1. 25 Gym Aide 2: Scholarship Team lf35 F.T.A. 3. 45 Plays 4: Office Aide 4: Science Club 3, 4: Record Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 1. CAROL MARIE WOHLEVER "Lass with tlie Delicate Ai-r" Commercial Club 45 Band 45 Library Aide 3. ARLENE MAY YUHASZ "'Tl'1c'n:'s Something About a Sailor Latin Club 35 Spanish Club 1, 2: Hall Guard 35 Library Aide 2, 45 Cafeteria Aide 1. Thirty-one SENIORS ROBERT GEORGE DANIEL HDYIAYTIYUC1 Boy" HifY 4, Band 1f4: Hall Guard 4: Gymnastics 2, 3g Projection Staff 1-4g Pep Band 1-4. DARLENE MAE JURCZYNSKI "Sunkist" Key West High, Florida 1, 2: Class Secretary 1: Student Council 1. 2g Cheerleader 1, 2, 43 Beta Club 1, 2, School Paper 1, 2g F.T.A. 49 Pep Club 4. SALEM GEORGE "Oh, How I Hate to Cut Up in thc MU1111Vlg Cafeteria Aide 4. ROBERT LUKESIC "Rock, Roll, and :Radu DONALD LOUIS McKINNEY "The I.G.A. Kid" Band 1'4g Hall Guard 4g Pep Band l'4. LUCY ANN MIHUTA "Getting to Know Tau" Lorain 1f3: Latin Club 21 A Cappella 3, 45 Mixed Ensemble 4g Sweetheart Queen 4. JOHN MUNIGA "Daddy Long Legs" Cafeteria Aide 3. FREDERICK DONALD ROCKWOOD "Sl:cpy'Timc Guy" Hi-Y 1: Science CI-ub 2, 3g Cafeteria Aide 35 Foot' ball lg Track 25 Band 1f4. WILLIAM HARVEY SCHOEMIG HA Way with Wome1i" Class VicefPresident 23 Student Council 11 Record Staff 1'4g Boys' State 3: Hall Guard 4: Gym Aide 3g Football 1,33 Basketball 1, 2, 4g Track 2f4. JOYCE ANN SCHUMACHER "I D416 Tau!" Latin Club 1. NORMA JAHNSZ QNot Pictured! Thirtyftwo R ' 'S ,-wwf if f Wi ,N V at I is M A: V YI V 41 w , v kg lf" Q, E 'rf at 9, lr . V 3 Q. A' if fg 'Z ik ' ' fl ' wa' Wa ' 1 I' ' - x ' f Q M i wwf 4 'f ' W I w W -K v f 'Z f v fd - I 5' 'K M gi ' ., 1, 5155 N S M WY ' " K 1' 'f v 1 ',:: 'Q SN S- A - -. 5 45 , fi W 'Hgh 'i h, A v Q' ve., L A 2.42 + Q gg. 3 :mai Q K 5- ag Q A ff? fl 5 V 1 f' N 5 A . gi' 1 K" X ff . R M .2 .. Q -, J? Q ku , c 1 Q1 3 .Sign ' I ,N iff' - 'V U 'N E f i N X . ' Q MN 1 uk x AA A 1 5' wwf es 4' my 1 G EE W' rg 19 W A ig K fi? mins r.Y i ff- iz, , T: , I S Q 5. i ? :gr M ., .Y A .5 J. ,mf Y K gn .. ,- i f . 24: .'1, if in B ' ' Q. fz. E,,., . ., 1 A,., ' f J f Q E ,, .,, gk r :rf W i 95 ' 'M E ' a Crier i 5' ' H. if .3516 f . . - - fi" A H 2 Q. 4' 1' ,-2' i . gf- K1 A ,A M f Eg gs if 1' , -.,. , Q A9 'ri J. an 1 4 ' ' S Q J W , V- i . - K ,Q '14, we J' .a fl Q -i ii J x ' f :wg -Q -. if - ' f ,M I E . 'wi"q-N..',fZ 1: r .ix fi 'J I. . ia. ae, in .it:mW' . J :gif 535' h e V WP. xiii f L , J .:... ic 7' i ,,., . 1 fg ii Q KX . X 1 . . 'f . 'g I if" J fm 3 in I Thirtyffour IORS Officers President ......,,,.,,.....,................. Bob Loughrie Vice-President ...... .......,,. J im Ingrassia Secretary .........,..,.... ........ N ancy Loken Treasurer .,,., . ...,,.... Ann Wallace George Bach. Tom Banjoff, Fred Barck. Donna Bardus. Mary Beko, Dave Bender. Nancy Benedict. Marianne Berger, Norma Buttermore. Jane Gahl. Jerry Chonko, Douglas Cope. Gloria DeCaire. Gary Diedrick. Martha Delkus. Frank DeSantis. Terry Easterwood. Deborah Edwards. Rich' ard Franta. Tim Gargasz. Juanita Gerber. Peg Getty, David Gilles, Sandra Goohs, Dianne Grocott, Judy Hall, Regina Haymond, Rudy Herzke. David Ice. Jim Ingrassia, Judy John' son. Jeff Joyce. Barbara Kane. Kathy Karney. Diane Keiffer. Margaret Klingenmeier, Gerry Kocsis. Tom Kreger. Don Kroll. Kay Kropf, Gene Krupp, Ron Kruse. Marshall Lambie, Bob Landy, Dick Leuszler, Don Lockhart. Nancy Loken, Bob Loughrie, Linda MacKay, Natalie Mackie. Judy Malloy, Cathy Martin, Jackie Mazurek. Doreen Mc- Kinney. George McMullin, Dick Meyers. Alice Michael. joe Miller. Sandy Miller. Bill Minn. juanita Mitchell. Bob Moon. Sue Mortimer. Janice Mulder. Lynne Naples. Keith Nclsen. Vvlayne Nickolls. Shirley 'O'Dor. Ricky Qlivei. Larry Payne. Clinton Plott. Dick Pool. Donna Rainey. Dianne Reid. Ramona Reyn' olds. Ted Rickard. Glenn Riemer. Mollie Rippeth. Sue Ritzler. Glen Rolf ing, Ken Rosenhnsch. Dale Rosen- kranz. VN'illard Salisl'1u'ry, Roger Schatz, Jayne Schlecter. Barbara Schmidt. Glenn Schneider. Amelia Sheppard. Linda Siniashkevich. Darlene Sines. Boh Solack, Dick Springer. Judy Staller. Dale Starhuclc. Carol Stilgenhauer. jim Story. Jackie Swartz. john Swartz, judy Tarry. Genola Tettaton. Karen Thntt. Tony Tritiletti. jerry Under' wood. Bill VanHorn, Kriton Varouh. jean Wzxgiier. Mary Lon W'alker. Ann Wallzice. Louise Weririer. Ron Werrif er, Fred Wilheliii. jim Wilheliii. jerry Vwlilker, Shirley Vsfittenhrook. Dave Vw'olilex'er. Bold Bectler. john Cregar. 1 3, 1' V337 .., :" I , W ,: 4' I Q 12.95 . A I lu i S Q l 4 K IAS .9 NS lr .l 45? ,A 8 Q .I lr -. Q , . , -S:-5 1 J S 'S' if XV' l""h" x - Q4 '..5 Q., , V , .A gnqubmf . 1" V 1 Q v y . S fa- In . . LEW 'fy Sig' V i t .JW V -at are Qwn' '-an Dx gg Rxi 4456 3 -ii 'hi . , ,, - A . " in V1 xt ' A if if 415 Q' - j A 1, , f R Q -' wr? V 1. 592, A ' C1 w, am if XA 4' 4 If . 1 is fi i ' 'S H .. 3 li' K' ze. 'TQ . X it . ei if 9 fill X",?:ii ,JW . i eva. R all .. . 1 i aSli'lliFfiitt.3f' . T X iff Specs Howard Entertains at junior Party. Tliirlyflive 1 ,... SOPHOMORES Officers President ....,..,........ ...,.........,....................,... R Onald Berner Vice-President .,..... ,...,.,....,. C athy Kane Secretary ..,............. ..,..... P at Kapronica Treasurer ..,,... ..rr . Dennis Hutton A if W' . br ls In A '... , . " ' A 'i 4 i "i .,,, A , -512 Z if L f L, ' B y J M . . vain X X S A J .K ., J M gm Y . , V ., ,Q ,, X -. T1 , V' I f N- ' f X Q AA 'XXL A K X ,. 5 I LA at we va- fr A 2 1 IAN' - 2 -:" f ' , Mtggd 1 . F' Q - , 51"' 2 7' 27.42 'G A K' ' . ifjlffiz. i M' A if- f llffll w . ,.,, I . 'N fi .N H , V -tl J .- r mx L ' at - ' 1? is . f:1- . :,s,' f se- ' .iailf-mmf' f A '. . .j g .- at J ,R ff- .. E K 2 otmr. J siisrsi, .. fi M- Thirtyfsix Sue Albrecht. Mary Barnett. Bill Bauer. Gerald Bellino, Connic Berger, Ronald Berner. Bob Berry. Michelle Bevi. Eugene Bodkin, Joanne Bodmann. Mary Brezinslri. Sharon Brooks. Pat Brown, Dan Bruce. Ray Bruce. Harry Burrett. Bob Cole. Pat Coleman. John Conry. Larry Cumberlcdge. Janice Daugherty. Alfred Dietrich. Joan Donges. Deana Durbin. Pat Durjava. Dennis Elliott, Carol Enz. Janet Eshelman. Carol Falasco, Alice Finnicum. Kathy Gambish, Herb Gammons, Dick Gildf enmeister, Richard Gilles. Judy Goohs. Alice Gould, Karen Heighlcy. Helmut Herzke. Harriett Higgins. Bob Hoff- man, Ken Hohla. Alice Horvath. Wade Hubbard. Dennis Hutton. Den' nis Jackson. Karen Kallis. Cathy Kane. Gary Kedmenec, Larry King. Sandy Knapp. Bob Koontz. Pat Kapronica. Audrey Kreger, Joanne Kreger, Leslie Kreeger. Bob Kropf. Kathy Lcinhos, Arlie Lenox. Sharon Lockhart. Doug Maines, Mary Mack' in. Audrey McDonald, Sherrill Mc- Loda. Mary Metzlcr. Dave Meyers. Joan Migra, Wayne Miller, Tom Morain, Dick Mulford. Bob Mulford. Lynne Nabakowski, Elliott Nabors, Elizabeth Neill, Karen Nelsen. Clay Nestor, Waunetta Nott, Betty Obe- nour. Nancy O'Dor. Wayne Pakan, Phillip Penton, Clifton Plott. Claudia Plumb. Mary Podlich. Jerry Pohorence. Dan Poore, Barbara Reynolds. Rich' ard Rice, Dave Rickard. Carmen Rich' ards, jim Rogala, Allen Savina. Claire Schaeffer. Nancy Scharein. Dick Schibley. Tom Schriner. Bar' hara Segraves, Ronald Shagie, Barbaf ra Skidmore. Dennis Smith. Carlisle Snell, Don Sposato. Sue Standen. Dale Stashick, Audrey Stec, Seth Stevens. Lynette Stiwald. Harry Swartz. Jim Tillman. Barbara Turnage, Tom Van Horn, Paul Van Keuren, Sharon Villers. jim Walker. Charles Wearsch, Linda Weaver, Dennis Winland, Ralph Wittenbrook. Victor Wnek, Harry Woods. ,Me,4wialw!u9J an v V U mis., ' f e i, H af S 5 fl' S wi wg ll. L Q l ' 'y - .5 ' .5 'S R. .. , 'Q " . ,,,, Y' S --gs' K4 . 'W ,. iff " N Y' , 'V-: ".a -'.- 1 4 2 :.. W - i i n A V - .. t' 'E' - as W. Z fl '32 Q af tu -P . " '.,i L j Q .Q t i f fe? :f?i.x 3r -e---f l S . 'I - Y fi I 2 F, W V Q M, :E A S S ii' is i LQ Xlxil i f- ISD' .,, H Q 3 fi if 1 -' if I I Thirtyfseven Y. ,,s f I Y , ,- W Q Q 3 A L .a x J 7 Y. Q. - 'l A. .. A, .G Sv I xl KI QF' Q, S7 4' f 19 s, f. -Y- QF' J. M .L . , I -.. 13' X'. 33 gd, 5. ff.. and .A -1 R J I. rib N V Q -3' A bw' i Ko,,f'. O Y, ':. X ' A . ' K 4, g . kd ,JF .-'Q Q J A 4. . . . . M .... pf' ,ful .QQ XRS "" 1 Q. I. ' kzififdr X -. .. if ,xi mb - FRESHME Officers President ..,. .,..,, .,.......,,...,.............,,........ M ike Kilbride Vice-President ,........ . ...... Charles Finlay Secretary .. ,,........, ............ ,,..,...,. M axine Miller Treasurer ..s..,.s....,,,,,,, . ..,..,.................., Clarice Weaver Council Members ., . . ..... Sandra Retay, Jim Smith g 6 S is s ' x 'aw 4 , 3. - A l .V Q K - .Q . ' if X A x-if-2 A S' 435- K 1 , - , 2 is -A A QMHQQ S N nlq. W My Q B, R I jf R 935' - k hk - . ' , X I . , . A y ' ,3 15 -if We 55 ' f ' W6 .,r' f . ff- lj H L Q ., 1- 7 Y .Q- " Q s :. q YG' , f- . f ' I 4 Kia ,g 03. b r he , fs 'Q 2 ii W if P ' Rv 1' ' in .B xg-7 r 3 . V. if all 2 k ,,': X J 5-V Alfa Charles Alexander, Alvin Alten, Ron' ald Balas. Gayle Bardoner, Roger Ben' ner. Carol Berris. Lois Bierman, Lynn Bierman. janet Birrell, David Billman. Sharon Blackford. Dennis Braun. Bob Bring. Glen Brooks. Pat Bruce. Dan Buser, Paula Clarke. David Clary, Howard Cohh, Diane Cook, Richard Cook. David Cope, Sharon Davis, Janet Diedrick, Marilyn Deiner, Betty Deref miah, Al DeSantis. jackie Dickason. Martha Diedrick. Kay Duhon, Scott Dunlap, Dave Edwards, Pat Edwards. Karen Egeland. Barbara Ehman. Ron Ehman, Ilona Ergh, Charles Farrell, Charles Finlay, james Finne' gan. Nancy Gallagher. Pat Gammons. Barhara Gillette, Bob Goodspeed. Def lores Goodwin. Clarence Gray, jerry Greer, Carl Guffey, Marilyn Gunn, Bill Hall. Curtis Hammond, Gary Heiman. Pam Henderson, Louise Hoag. Ken Hogrefe. Cal Huffman. Judy Jahnsz. Dale jones. Ray Kachel. Rita Kallis, Mike Kilhride. Frank Klingman. Bill Kopas. Thirty-eight Leo Kruk, Marilyn Kruse. joy Kubuske. Rachel Ladrach, Faye Lal' lathin, Bonita Lange, Brenda Loewer. Barbara Mackie, Ron Maletic. jerry Marlowe, Sandra McCartney, Karen McGuire. Larry Meckley, Dan Metz' ler. Wanda Michael, Ted Mihuta, Cheryl Miller, Marilyn Miller, Maxine Miller, Vic Mulica, Sharon Myers. Diane Nalley. Rosemary Neinetli, Bill Niesen, Sheila Olah. Etta Orosz, Mary Panchula. Donna Pelton. Arlene Peterinan, Diane Pilcey. Cheryl Pohorence, Stephanie Polanslcy, joel Polonlcay. Judy Porciello. Doris Potts. jim Raesler, Earl Rainey. Pam Red' man. Russell Reid, Gloria Reinhard, Sandra Retay. Roger Rozsos. Pauline Sanders, Tom Schaffer, Char- lene Schneider. Bob Schieferstein. Richard Schnitzlcr. Karen Schulz. Cheryl Shagie. Orland Sheppard, Derral Smith. ,lim Smith, Sharon Spencer. Glen Star- buck, Ed Stempowski, Barbara Stull. Martha Tcttaton. Linda Thomson. Ronald Towne, Rosemary Trifiletti, Karen Ullman, Richard Van Buren, Stephanie Vinning. Dick Wasem, Mary Washlta. Ann Watson, Clarice Weaver, Sandra Weaver, Dennis Whetstone, Carol Wilhelm. jim Wilson, Dale Wright, Jim Zilch, Ralph Zilch. . ,Maw 4. 6.4. s. Wa We wma ,V K f xx A , ,, fi N ii Verde ' Ai. Q P? an Q ' 'Q D .- gi ,Missa-, A X3 E' fjy ti 1 f K 'T' , 'Ct if ' if be-nf? , ij i ..,,,1 fl X f S- , . I I ,yew ,-.-,. M, yi 4 Q Q: . :A . 3 -":" . , , ' ' F , . :1 ff All i in if ' i If QA 4 1 bf m Q Q ' fi' a 2 1 v m . ti c t ' ' if . A :I -,Et 5 ' 1 A f x md? , f , .- , v- 5 ' , ' Q . f, 'wg , ff X, 'K lum ': t lid ,Nfi if + 5' B3 , ' K fam 1 in be R Q1 L", - .n 1 ' af SF' ,P x villml' kznlilfvf S K i Y f 1 S 4 N-. . -5 if ik ,Q R A ' r s Y Ji , - nf ' ' 1 ', ' .. I, W V N ,lf X- 1 Q h I I y 5 1 'c A - X Thirty-nine SY Mr. Blaser, Home R00-m Teacher Front Row: B. Bnrcr. Simon. Kruk. T Emcrick. A. Dicdrick. R. Vamnuli, C Plumb. G. Gutmun. M. Hzuilwc. H Higgins. G. Baker. Middlc Row: B. Buclis. P. Miller. G. Mui' my. K. Scliaicffcr. B. Wilke1'. Tlmnip sun. D. Cnlc. D. Orusz. P. Stiwzxld. S Kilgore. L. Huhbs. Back Ruw: Amend. K. Tcnncy. T. Trout F. Haitninkcr. L. Hurtlc. Reynolds, j Turner. D. Stundcn. C. Scluiclifcr. A Glnwcnslci. l.. Mzxlilicli. 8Z Mr. Dill, Home Room Teacher Front Row: M. Teltamm. E. Pl'cil'c1'. L Suluclc. P. Cuprcttu. C. Sliinsky. R Crcrnczuis. L. Klcknta. M. Wxllkci R. Bisliup. B. lnncs. S. Miller. Mr. Dill Middle Row: S, Riley. K. Erglw. A. Huttvn gy S G. Remy. K. Scndcr. C. Navy. -' Vdainzick. S. Hnlulai. j. Frybcrgcr. C Brown. S. Bzilil. Buck Row: M. Pulzuisky. B. BuL!ci'lnui'c. U Schielicrstcin. B. MQGCC. D. Hcrclilci F. Evans. P. Newell. B. Hendcrscm. j Fleming. D. Stcc. Mrnlxlle Row: ll. Koontz. R. Glownclci. 7 7X Mrs. Mills, Home Room Teacher lront Row: B. Vw'ulclron, M. HRILICIIIRKII, E Snntlx. T. Nestor, B. Bauer. rl. Kohn. R. Bmllun. M. Hnttnn. R. Kurislx. L Sllflllll, Mnlelle R-vw: Meflee. N. Hull. E. Selmel' ler. R. Rellnlmer. l. Flenxnnng. A. Sul genluner. R, Molllson. D. Rleher. L. l'lnx'ner, ll. l'l1lAls. G. Temple. NN Penn. llanek Row: L. Vfonds. B. Bentley. E XXlL'.lI'SL'l1. H. Smith. R. Dotson. R. Stamden. D. Amend. C. Zuni. B Dnuglmerty. D. Bruce. 7W Mrs. Middendorf, Home Room Teacher mn! Row: A, llnxlgo, B. Bmmwell. L. Rnd' elle. VV. Bnrtner. A. Kuhuske. T. Reich' erl. L. IDQIYIS. D. Truster. D, Leinlms, H. E. Muelue. lVllllx'I'. leenm. L. Cendrnsky. R Leongnnl. A. Nalmrs. V. Kolhe. Good' speed. R. Rlchxnd.-. Appel. R. l'lun1e. suck Row: K. Reynolds. Ohenour. D. Marty. lf. Vv'l1eatlcy. Alexander. Plott. C, Reynolds. M. Stulwer. E. Arm' strong. S. Dellelleld. L. Hutton. j. Grade Seven 7Y Mrs. Cook, Home Room Teacher llrunt Row: L. lnnes. E. l3.1lwl. T, linselnge-s ner. R. l'wg.n'Lly. U. ul-k'll.llHll, ll Slmv U. UeuI'ge. Selmellel. D Slilllel. VI SlilLlllllII'k'. M.du.lle Rnw: A. Yepkn, R, slllllll. R. Urea M D. en.en. M. lVllCllRlCl. ll. Benner. J. Wzlllalce. R. LDCXVIIIIVI. D Cope. Strcmelxer. U. May. Huck Row: R. l'l-mg. D Dnnlee. j S.lj,1t'll G. Glllllkl. N1ll'l1rll, Riff. Vvllmeelex. Sprnnger. I7 l'lnll1ps. R Vv'er'ner. -7 ,. Mr. Erkkila, Home Room Teacher ., ., l1n..t Rmx, fn lVlllllI2lIlNliV. l'. linger, A I hnntlw. CJ. Zllclm. M. Stevens. l. XX'lnl ten. HlllllIlgNNK'11l'lll. R. Urn-1. V Lune. 5. Knapp. Middle Row: 5. V-mllmer. L. ljwvlls. fl Elwerle N. Vxlznlsun. VC. S.ill5l"llll'y. jewel. R Schroeder. R. Sllll1LlL'll, lf. Tuylnr. li llnden. Hlllglllx. Mr. lfrkluln. Back Row: lf. Unclsey. li. l,llllllN'.l, R. Lenox j. Lnlms. M. xXlUlllCYL'I'. fi. Grunt, -I Bllflillfr, Hlllwer. V. Rulennlan. D Meyer. linrtyfnnl l, l. Grade Six Mrs. Foster, Teacher liun! Rnw: C, Munn. S. Pikey. B. Kzinary D. Zulner. S. Nzthuknwski. S. Pinkncy L. Garland. bl. Yuneris. S. Pullgik. N D. Ehcl'hau'dl. Culh. B. Kish Mrs. linster. .rldlr Ruw: B. Leflie. D. vlulinsun. T. Dxtrf ailiis. D. Scott. VV. Bzlrtlmnc. C. Wnuda D. Lanier, M. Mnraui. G. Schneider. G. Smith. T. Hullstcin. L. Ward. D Vv"c1kel. Buck Ruw: li. Luclahairt. M. Gauninnns. D. Harris. B. Cook, K. Dalwsun. U. Past' run. B. Mischlui. A. Tuwne. F. Delkus. K. Vvhllixniis. ul. Cungdnn. B. Fullur T, Miller. Mr. Mason, Teacher nnt Ruw: C. Phillips. Reichert. R. Kreeger. T. Kednienec. T. Ruherts. T. Scliucinig. S. Borncz. G. Yeager. B. Sangert. D. Dunham. M. Towne. S. jul ley. Mr. Mzisun. itldle Ruw: Bzirduner. 5. Masters. L Dickson. S. Hnnveig C. Burliey. Pikcy. K. Mulder. H. Werner, S. Speck hurt. D. Culeinzin. T. Winlzlnd. B. Price Back Rnw: T. Edwards. C, Muunts. B. Hair rib. bl. Gunn. T. Daugherty. E. Niekulls L. Stuckstill. C. Eniericlc. C. Miller. E Knniives. M. Dickzisnn. P. Neill. liurtyftwu Mrs. Bauers, Teacher Frunt Row: D. Phillips. Murray. S. Engle hardt. V. McCord. W. Salisbury. C Barnes. Nutt. ldiddle Row: Mrs. Bauers, K. Tropiu Currence, S. Harding. N. Odell T. Tarry. K. Buhl. D. Kuthe, XVII' helm, C. Klingenmeier. Third Ruw: M. Cavunnugh. Cinscnk. R Durhin. G. Kubzich. T. -Iewell. U Howell. M. Schulz. L. Nelson, R. Gzir' rett. G. Spencer. Buck Row: M. Mzizurek, R. Guuhs, Red main. G. Rutledge, Hnhla. N. Brown C. Riley, W. jones, C. Goodwin. Mrs. Bortz, Teacher Front Row: Rippeth, Pikey. C. Kurth P. Ernst, B. Reichert, D. Edwards, G Duns. R. Schulz. Middle Row: E. Bnrtz. B. King. W. Sechlmr L. Kreegar. N. Hardwick. L. Williams T. Dunfee, M. Buser, R. Higgins, B Gilbert. Third Row: G. Klingmzin. P, Currence, D Holley. C. Hendersnn. L. Nichols. B Dziltun, F, Burinan, S. Price, P. Ferrell. Back Row: Bellzin. Rutledge, H. Cun ninghzim, W. Kachel. P. Owens, j Barck. Ware, P. Mengel. Mrs. Kane, Teacher lfrimt Rmv: Dolyla. P, Huhhaird. N. Laintl. P. Hnrlzlii. M. Sailishury. D. Parker. D. 'I.iines. Second Ruw: Mi'f. Kane. C. Dzwnkis. Dun Vluiues. A. Hunk. S. O'Dnr. D. Lugur. lf. Yulms. M. Sneed, Third ROW: S. lvldlelli. T. GIMCUU.. RilWlC. D. Hnffinxin. C, Staller. T. T. Gzilushai. R. Bnrman. L. Mundell. Buck Row: T. Bellinii. Edwards. M. ik D C, 5 Kusaikmxski. Priya. . Mitchell. L. Cuhurn. Mrs. Atkinson, Frnnt Rnw: D. Tlminus. K lWI'Ulll'i. G. Sllttull, Reichert, -I. Pentium. RH Second Row: B.Dzrvidson. C. Nairn. D. Kreeger. Third Row: T. Elgar. M. Sexstellal. ish. E. Murun. C. Hunk. N, M. Hnhln. S. Bruce. D. Cngzir Brick Ruw: Donnelly. Snvinu. J G, Gaitten. S. Vifclcli. R. Riltner. D. Lngur. L. juyee. A M. Ullman. Teacher . King. R, Vvfitten' Qrrper. S. Vinning. B. Berner, S. Manger. S. Cherry. K. Zvosce. A Grade Five Miss Ehrman, Teacher lirnnt Riiw: D. lnne-. ff. U'Di.r. ii. Hill alhidel. S. lfryhergei. Cl ffriv. li, lluver C. llmlmn. Cf. Xh'7QlIL'.Al-, Luewei. li vvlkjlilllll. N Trux'ei'N. lx Rc--enlu'.in:. A. Rogers, :X Edwgud-. hgelrely. . . , Brink Rnw: 5. Smith. M DLTNIIIQL, R, lunge: 5. RL'X'lii1lLlx. ll. l'lnix'.ltl1. M.'h. ll K.-lleyl R. sem. R. K..h.,. C. XVelwh. Kilgore. Tray. . . l A . .,, C. Bart' Standen. , Layne. 4 . Mrs. Bauer, Teacher Diivissun. D Phillipx. T. l'lnnx'e1 Chesney. K. Emmerich. ff. Dragan. Odell. A. ffulenmn, l.. Grundy. Kirehgefxne '. ll, Vvlright. C. lvlzuly. B. Xxfule. Henderwn. YI Sinus. Fm't3.'-tliiee Second Row: Trmxl. ll. M-mnlx. ll. Krllxe Third Row: D. Miselikin. -I M.1lel1e. l' Homer. B. Burden. T. Hull. U Uriah lirnnt Rirw: Kzipiieinski, S, Xxwlllllilll. j Marhlieh. D. Mmire. D. Newcmnei, K Second Row. R Buehs. l'. Kerevi. j Ruhertwn. fl. Lewlie. fl. .'Xrim11. :X Third Rnw: D. 5tilgenh.iner. K. llnlley. li Krnll. E. Thunisun. K DilI'llUlIIi'. l' l I Buck Rnw: K. Uillei Ci. Reiter. D, lletlun H Grade Five Mrs. Coleman, Teacher lfiofl Row: U. Hunt. Vw'alkcr. Daniels. -I. Vv'crm'r. A. Baxter, B. Hollingv worth. G. Noll. Second Row: L. A. Klckaia. V. Tipton. B Shriver. R. Phillips. R. Szmania. D Bowcrw. S. Hillyard. K. Smith. Third Row: li. Dillion. Bahics. D. Hill. B. Vv'l1rsl. K. ChlldI'L'SS. R. Corhin. G Kr-Ily. ff. Schihlcy. Hahant. Rack Raw: R. Dlirhin. A. KI'll'5CI11lS. D l lictka. K. McMl1llm, T. Maincs. M. Listozi. ll. Evans. Smith. E. Stuhcr. .- - .. 2 - , l - A Grade Four Mrs. Baker, Teacher Front Row: E. Bllchs. B. Dalton, M. Schrivcr, D. Goldthorpc. Baird. D. Thomas. Willicliii, L. Mitchell. Sucozzd Row: M. Baker. Michalski, K. Price. R. Kaiser. R. Mackin. N. Penn. l.. Oskim. D. SlllI'l7llCli, T. Gilhert. G. llaywood. Third Row: S. Hincr. G. Kidd. Saho. G. Huhcr. B. Elgar. VV. Dutton. M. Krok. l BCllLlL'l'. Back Row: D. Vifclkcl. D. Bolurgcr. G. Flcm' ing. C. Towne. L. Schroeder. S. Martin. R. Ransomc. L. Braun, P. Gallagher. Forty-fo ur Grade Four Mrs. Waslika, Teacher Front Row: M. Tevcsz. L. Pccora. A. Bahl W. C. Tipton. VUard. K. Edwards. S jones. Botamer. Second Row: Mrs. Vxfashka. D. Northeim D. Garten. E. Pozonc. D. Blackford M. Freeland. S. Dagil. -I. Lou. D. Dod son. Higgins. Third Row: S. Rich. Huhhs. B. Bring S. Speclchart. K. Bcctlcr. S. Wicgarmd N. Zunt. B. Mitchell. M. Bramwcll. Back Row: G. Schiclcrstcin. G. Godfrey. E Godscy. P. Goodspccd. D. Mack. R Nicholas. R. Kapucinski. K. Mczoff. Mrs. Clary, Teacher Front Row: Allison. K. Leonard. P Barher. B. Kcylon, D. W'clch. P. Miller F. Madi. G. Pete. Sccund Row: L. Gilliland. A. Mixer. K. Holl G Standcn, R. Ott. G. Gogar. L Eshelman. R. Williaiiiis. Third Row: XV. McCord. M. Schumacher E. Sandor. G. Stcris. R. Tcnncy. G Balogh. D. Bonnctt. M. Bcrta. S. Flcm nzg. Back Row: U. Ulc. D. Kane. H. Bray. M Dawson. P. Rayncs. G. Thompson. j Gammons. R. Ehcrhardt. A. Hcncs Grade Four Mrs. Maxwell, Teacher I'r Iirxt Rmv: T. NnI1.rIurwski. If NX'cnt:cI. L. Hulzhziuvr. Cf. Edwards. L. LezrdingI1arin. G. Shay. R. Herrick. S. Iinlhcrt. cmml Rmxx A. Hciple. R. Burke. C. Bctkar. 7 7 S. Milla' Inge. E. Bmxrcz. I. Gwr' Ind I LYIIII-IIII C' ' ri.. . ,. X egh. Third Ruw: SQIULII-r. G. Rcyimlds. E Lirilg, Rndrrgucz. K. Barker. vans. R. -loIIcy. R. Ilickzxsrm. E K urish. 'mirth Row: A. XYiIsm1. 5. Kamc, 5. Thump' mn. E. Pctkrwsck. L. Maiden. L. IIIIr D. Brciadcl, T. Cole. AI. IRHLICINUII. Grade Three Miss Berger, Teacher Iirs! Ruw: L. XIUVUIIII. M. .I. B1cIwI. K. XXICIH' rich. C. Garland. R, Hmimcr. S. L D. I'uII.rrIx. L, I,llIIlI1. Invd Ccund Rum: I7. Mllfhlll. IVI. Brmmks, I. Bziuer. D. Sflmwltzkc. M. VVIQIIIUSF. Vullmcr. G. Borer. K. nluirrcs. B. Bur ll IIlL'l'. Third Rww: I5. Scliiclvcrstcin. R. Hcncs. R fini h K Cr mmhir C It C' Iuur iss, Yr '. Y, Ehcrlizrrn . Srimvnluir. -I. Mulfwrd. T. Iukcs. Vw Krvgcr. rh Ruxx Temple Mulder Mcitzkc. A. Deivirrmli. T. . IU. I7.lIlICIi. M, MocIIcr, . Ix. Rngcrs. R. StrchIc. Vdrtwir. QI. Ulrdcrwrmd. Grade Four Mrs. Powers, Teacher R. I'I.rrpcr. M. Ps, I,nlli1IXI'lr'. L. liqrrrctt M. Smith. Sccund Rmw: M. Iirevd. ff. I.. Bring. I Kzrpucinski. Bririrex D. XX'u1'Iain:iii. fa Higdun. R. Putman. Vs". Rmcu. Third Row: S, Virng. K. Dixon. If. Rnd rigucz. N. Hiwwcll, VI. IJ:-hm-y. I3. junk'- S. Mum. sick Row: R. Tlwmpwm. K. Um-lwl. R Vscrncr. T. 5cI1in.rlrrI1. Ii. I'n'lI-1.1. 4 , Grade Three Mrs. Richards, Teacher I'runt Rrmwz R. Zuliixri. R. Driver. A. Srimlfir L. fmuzi. A. Smith. C,. Starndvn, I, Riley. C. Tzryhmr. Mrs. Richnrdg. Middle Row: C. Barttvnlwiixc. L. ffI1umcy S. Grundy. T. EcIwaxrdQ. IT Dgrirglwrtv D. Vv'fvin:lIi. IK. Bxicun. MiIIvr. Vw' Heck. IT. VCINIC, Back Row: IS. IKllI1lill'9I'il. M. L.rr-uv. K. Shaw T. Vdchh. R. Nrchwhrx. -I. Imcwcr. I3 blrrmcs. -I. Puzrmc. D. XX'mrdx. S. Pickett G. NICIHKIIY. Ilr.-iv,i'..-D um Rnw: D. I:icIdN. -I. EcIwarrds. I.. Nm-I3 Forty-six Grade Three Mrs. Refenning, Teacher Front Row: P. Lockhart. S. Cumherlcge. M. Komives. S. Datzlaf. K. Shaffer. R. Patfield. R. Smith. R. Harris. M. Szekely. H. Barnes. Second Row: H. Sluss. D. Zabrecky. G. Reiter. R. Paton. L. Stnller. P. Galanic. S. Dunfee. F. Saho. C. Grocott, L. Phillips. Third Row: E. Byrd. G. Mazurelc. C. Heusf ser. R. Ware. C. Cook. M. Payne. R. Goodell. C. Neff. E. Karendzil, D. Hoover. Mrs. Smith, Teacher Front Row: C. Hammond. M. Orosz. R. Smith. j. Schoemig, S. Coverdale. G. Wright. G. Klckota. M. Davisson. M. Stophel, V. Mundell. L. Henderson. Second Row: D. Pinkney. K. Marines. B. Balogh. D. Boyce. Clary. L. Flowers. D. Bennett. M. Bonnett. C. Hoffer K. Murray. L. Pelton. Third Row: P. Gordon. P. Whyte. D. Drago. K. Gerhart. L. johnson. S. Habant. T. Roth. K, Leslie. N. Kotradi. W. Pullin. B. Watson. Mrs. Hiltabidel, Teacher Front Row: K. Barker. G. Stevens. D Sniezck. N. Lockhart. R. Krisher. T Csincsak. M. Pintito. D. Aehersold, G Greiner. M. Porciello. Second Row: R. Rutledge. W. Wiegand. J jones, M. Wurst. M. Scott. T. Bruce D. Hollis. Owens. D. Freed. Reese Third Row: P. Vegh. C. Herrmann. T Nagy. F. Bevi. W. Werner. R. Shu maker. B. Hammond. L. Dohos. R Cole. B. Dryden. Special Grade Mrs. Wikoff, Teacher Front Row: M. Vfikoff. H. Nutt. E. Arho gust. D. Buchs. D. Kishinfm. R. Hof vath. Middle Row: Horvaith, S. Long. J mln Hnmhly. C. Ci -. Back Row: P. Blaizina. R. l'loi'nci'. I Henderson. B. Chnszir. S. Buchs. P Godscy. Grade Three Mrs. Morain, Teacher Front Row: K. Hciniain. H. Leslie. Miller C, Gzilushn. L. Smith. Y. Kolhc. M Mundcll. T. Englchairdt. Middle Row: B. Bodcn. Hollstcin. lvl Stiwaild. Collins. F. Firzigo, B. Ran some. Dohncy. L. Hilliard. L. Brans cum. Vvhlhclin. Back Row: D. jcnnc. T. Sclizieflcr. N Moucr. VV. O'Nc:il. D. Calcy. D Scchlrar. K. Krccgcr. S. Szzihzidos. S Mailctic. G. Staillcr. Grade Two Mrs. Winrerliiig, Teacher Front Row: A. Haiinilton. V. Wliittcii, J Schmitkons. Grzidish. B. Hci'tci'. M Smith. Murphy. D. Porter. Second Row: A. Arison. S. Orndoff. M Nnro. S. Lehman, S. Kolrindzl. C Cooley, D. Kishman. R. Haiyhurst. T Barhcr. Third Row: K. Huhcr. R. Migrai. R. Mounts . t z ' y. . ts. .. ziscr. Kuhuslrc. M. Oldfield. A. Riggs. Fourth Row: M. Clotz. D. Eddy. G. Dryden. T. VVilhclm. P. Simpson. VJ. Masters VJ. Vinning. D. Uhrilr. E. Boro-JZ.. D scric T Philliws s Ki if Fortyfeight Grade Two Mrs. Guiselman, Teacher Front Row: M. May. Balil. R. Bodkin. B. Shaffer. C. Oskim. Corbin. Vw' Fleming. G. Stone. Second Row: K. Reising. M. Kolhe. Schmauch. P. Lewis. B. Hutton. Gemmel. lvl, Moran. D. Targetl. Dohanns. B. Becse. Third Row: D, Kuraczi. Kirschner. Hiltahiclcl. P, Grihhen. C. Eswine. Nelson. B. Lewis. N. DCX'lI1ItZ. Mackay. Mrs. Menz, Teacher M. L. L. ll S. R. Front Row: D. Davis. D. Maines. D. Scliulf ler. P. Hollingsworth. T. Penton, Evans. R. Rolli. D. Spillmnn. S, Second Row: Mason. R. Pullin, T. Halas. D K. McCfird. E. Whitscl. Condell. Cogar. G. Edwards. D. Moore. Freeland. Third Row: Kruse. E. Kohal. B. Ulc. Seco Thir Stilgenhauer. K. Super. ,l. Smith. D. f. Ai Miles. A. Dodne. A. Olah. llckley. Mrs. Korka, Teacher Front Row: L. Bringman. S. McDaniel. C Cohh, P. Lopez. K. Kish. G. Koethc F. Holley, P. White. nd Row: D. Durhin. C. Wliitewri. L Flock. E. Garra. S. Turner. L. Dillion D. Studer. T. Passanisi. E. Ockajik Lau. R. Davis. Cl Row: Mrs. Korka. M, Bclzisen. Schneider. C. Rhodes. nl. Long. Porter. N. Evanoff. N. Meiigcl, Darakis. D. Borman, G. Kercssi. . R R B K Th Grade One Miss Schneider, Teacher lfrnnt Row: C. Kuhuch. D. Tcnncy. R clUULlXX'lIl. -I. Nell. D. Chrlstixln. nl. Wil sun. C. Tr-mplc. Second Rnw: R. Balctz. D. Rr-th. D. Tnuslc E. Byrd. C. Hmwuxtlx. F. mlllllfllll, B G.llu-rt. D. Iwxd. D. Ellmzt. Tlwnml Rnw: S. Zxpp. Kingsley. K. Mc' Dullpal. R. Cnlnstuck. D. Stury. DLILICY. Al. Snxvzcli. D. Lucas. liar-lr Row: L. l..x'1ltlllU.fl1ilIN. D. Pnrcmcllu. G. Owens. T. Banlxcld. ll. Mulhunc. D Cfmlcltlmnvlpc. N. Dunn. M. Brandy. Mrs. Schcicle, Teacher l'rnnt Ruw: D. Rzntsmnc. 5. Kung. Slut? lsr. l'. Pnkcy. L. Muller. D. Rlttner. T. lVlx'l1I'llZg. Yccuzzd Rr-wg L. Dunlmnm. D. Vv'm'k1na1n. C. Vs'hyic. C. l3.n'ins. M. Kruse. M. Muskzl -I. Lnugln-xc. l-l1lI'Ll Ruw: K. lI1j1l'llS5lil. D. Coleman. L l'lUVk'ilI'Ll. E. Mzllcr. R. Uvcrlnyer. D C .l1cs:10y. Ihr-k Rnw: M. Buch. R. lVlilCliily. P. Garrett. C. l7gnL1gl1crly. T. Vv'1llmn1s. K. Towne. M llrll R Dll H1 . 1 . . l l . Mrs. Lee, Teacher lrnnl Rnw: C. Lcwls. K. Eclwmds. E. wlms.-1. C -luhnsun. B. Friend, M XVr1glxt. R. Ruth. ccunrl Rnw: S. Gxllcs. H. Klclmtn. Arnold. H. Miller. I. xhlllllilllw, C. Vv"alllicr. G. XYl1411'lm1. R lrd Row: C. Colton. C. Cohlw, K. Thmnpf sun. R, Tl'l1lllITlllI1, P. Powers. R. Em- merich. S. Herrick. Back Rnw: D. Ncwcll. 5. Bllllill. D. Lugur. G. Schroeder. A. Paxrkcr. M. Strauss. S. Alexander. .J L Furtyfninc Fifty Grade One Mrs. Martin, Teacher Front Ruw: C. Englchzirdt. A. Rctziy, C. Wargcm. W. Hnffcr. M. Phillips. H. Criss. M. L. Alford. Secund Row: D. Dolylc. E. Williziiiis. K. Fullmcr. Wtwtmds. L. Mounts, C. Old- field. W. Slundcn, N. Dzxun. Third Row: R. Kokindzi. D. Sipos. Csinc' sank. S. Attic. Schumacher, D. Bzirhcr. F. P'Simcr. H. Lung. D. Gnagy. Rodriguez. Buck Row: S. Whitrin, M. McDaniel. L. Earl. T. Wiirst. Bctkzi. K. Lynn. l'. Coburn. S. Tlminpsmi. R. Szckcly. Grade One Mrs. Sahl, Teacher Front Row: H. Byrd. K. Mnines. F. Pickett. F. Hunt, R. Yeager. C. Tipton, D. Attic. Second Row: C. Blackford. C. Scott. R. Cumhcrlcdgc. V. Kiipucinski. L. Tzirry. D. Grundy. D. flhaisair. L. Hulzhaiuer. Third Row: K. Smith. F. Wliitscl. D. Gudscy. V. Pullin. D. Evcrling. R. Dover. R. Grisham. H. Riley. 'I. Stophcl. Back Row: Bzirlcer. R. Kutmdi. Cole. B. Dutton. R. Williams. L. Wtitids. S. Mczufl, C. Gailzinic. D. Gndscy. Kindergarten Mrs. Murray, Teacher Class C Frunt Row: R. Dickisun, D. Mulicu. T. Sn- laiclc. S. Maitasic. Dotzlzif, C. Miller' M. Wagimer. L. VVaigner. Second Row: S. jcwcll. T. Young. M Dover, R. Sacha, D. Hall. D. Zillyctt P. Thompsnn, M. Dover. Third Row: E. Plato. Sluykzi, G. lvlzitthcw sun. -I. Herrick. D. Hcuisscr. j. Thum son. Al. Sutton. K. Pndlich. Back Ruw: Gcmmcl. Cook. Bzirtlnme A. Brzmdics. S. Schcifcrstcin. I. Kcr pnnis. D. Dcptuwicz. L. Kunizirski, R Kerclccs. Kindergarten Class B Class D Class A hm........4 - ..,.... .'w,. D CLASS B-Front Row: L. Peters. H. Harlan. L. Ellis, G. Dunfcc. D. Waltcmn. T. Lacy. Bechtel. P. Youngless. C. Kovneli. Middle Row: ul. Vwielvlw. R. King. P. Bruce. E. Podlicli. I. Vwlillielm. G. Sliiplette. D. Smith T. Garrett. T. Scliinldtkaluss. Plus. h l5.iek Row: D. Stnnden. rl. Cronsky. B. Alvott. T. Conry. ll. Kurisli. D. Szdlmdof. M. Hilt P. Meitzkc. M. Marty. R. Scvitts. D. Smith. CLASS D-Row I: A. Brandies. P. McCl'alckci1. D. Clmndlcr. G. Goodell. M. Goodfll. R Robinson, H. Gzillion. C. Lalntz. D. Bruce. L. Cendrosky. Row 2: Miss Buell. D. Belaisco. L. Polzinki. L. Polamki. D. Eddy. C. Stamdon. D. New. P. lnne N. Eifliellverger. T. Corlvin. M. Antolik. Row 3: L. Fields. E. Kotlie. L. Ti'zistei'. R. Szilzxdin. K. Cook. E. Kelley. B. Brueker. C. Sweene fi. f.uri'enee. D. lxonizlrski. S. Underwood. D. Henes. G. Vv'erner. CLASS Aflfiont Row: D. Cooley. E. Bloomfield. D. Delillllppo. D. Nodul. N. Vv'elsl1. lk DeCzli'lo, S. Borer. S. Urzidisli. S. Keller. Zolnzii. Middle Row: Mix Murrsiy. T. Cain. B. Sinipwn. D. Siinuwkevielw. 5. Rieli. A. Vs'oodf. B l3i'inp1inam. M. Holzliziucr. C. Oppernmn. R. Muniga. l'1.i-gk Row: -I. De Marco. lx. Byair. R. Cooper. M. Elilert. I. Touxley. B. Vfilliznixo. E. Clwriwlmn M. Sugert. B. Gordon. T. Temple. i 1 l:ll,I?"0l1C W HH .A 1' , gl r is vu' 4 v. 'A J ,I ' ff. 4 ,A I V W.. 'fain XA' L. A A . XJ wiW:1'Ix'Mi'.: Q JE A 1 sl wwwwx-mmm.. if 'L ff-,A - THE RECORD STAFF . . . Jw eyed M. Editorial and Business Staff Editor . . ..,. . ..., , , .,..., , ...,. , . ,,.. , . ,..,,. ...........,... , ,. , Kaye Koontz Editorial Board: Susan Alhreeht. Rick Qliver. Barbara Reinhard. lim Walker, Louise Weiiiiei' Copy Editor .. , ..,. ........ ., ,,.. ....,., , ,..,........,,.. , ..,... , ...,..... ,,.,.. . . ., .. Douglas Cope Sports Editor ,. . ..,. , ,.,. .. ..,... ,.., ..........,,,.,, .........,,.. ,,,.,. ,... , . . , . , ,, .. . 'loc Miller Editorial Stall: Sharon Brooks. -ludy Dohney. Pat Durjava, Harriet Higgins. Ken Hohla. Larry King. Les Kreeger, Gene Krupp. Nancy Loken. Boh Loughrie, Valerie Minifie, Mollie Rippeth, jean Wagiier. Shirley Witteiihriwiwk. Business Manager ,,,,,...,,...,. .,.. , ,....., ...,...........,,,.... .,..,....,,...........,,..,.. , , ., , . .,.,,. .....,,,. , , Sally Shumaker Business Staff ..., . Bill Bauer. Ron Berner. Tom Nlorain. Bill Schoemig, Dave Taylor Circulation lvlanagers .,., . .,..,,,..,,........,... ..,,.,....,......, ..,. . . .. ,, Fred Barck. Rich lvleyers Circulation Stall' .... . ,..,..... Gene Boclkin. Elliott Nahors, Dick Rice. Karen WCllX'Cl' Stall Artists , ., , . .........,, ........... , ..,..,... .,..,., . , Sandra Goohs. Amelia Sheppard Typists ...,.. , .,,.. . ..,.. . ..., ...,..,...,,... .. ...,, ,, ..,...,.... , Wzlyiie Balas. Gwen Kilgore. Susan Snell Apprentices: Pat Bruce. Al DeSantis. Dave Edwards, Chuck Finlay. Cal Hullman. Bonita Lange. Marilyn Miller. lvlaxine Miller, Bill Niesen. .lim Smith. Barhara Stull, Karen Ullman, Clariee Weax'er. Photographer ,. , , . . ,. , ,...,., .. . Keith Nelsen Faculty Adviser , . , . James Blaser Fiftyloiii' of 14. JI. S. MHERSTONIAN STAFF Editorial and Business Staff Editor . . . ,,.. ..,. Mary Nell :Xssuciutc Editnrs ., ., ., ,, Susan Sncll. BLlI'lWllI'Rl Rclnlizlrd. Kzlyc Kunnt:. Craig Cullen Editnrml Staff: judy Tublwcrl, Maxim Durjaivu. Sl14n'un Bxckcl. Sally Sliurnaikcr. Kurcn Kruk. Mary Zilch. Dzirlcnc Sincs. Slnrlcy O'Dnr. Luuisc Wciiricr. Kzircn Thutt. Snc Mnrtiincr, Sandra Gunlis. Douglas Cope. Ricky Olivcr. Slxzirun Brnulcs, Cathy Kane. Susan Allwrcclit. Runnld Bcrncr. Barburzi Stull. David Cnpc. Alito Michael. Busincss Maiimzlgci' . ..., .. ,,,. , , , .... ,. ..,,,., .. ., jzinc Brandon Business Stull.: .Indy Dnlwncy. janet Gnldtlwrpc, David Taylor, Alun Hans. Tony Trililctti, Dennis Hutton, Kcnncth Holilu, Clinton Platt. Sherrill Mclmdai, Curlislc Snell. -Inn W'zilkc'r. Vslillium Nicscn. Clifton Plott, Plwmgrnplwr . . , . , .. .. , .. Kcitli Nclscn Typist ,,.. . , Vvfiync Bzilals lilflllly .Axdviscr Kutlmryn Murray New 3? mW,,,,fZIlT3:- if-...M DRAMATICS CLUB IH mt Row: M. Neff, Mulder. B. Rcinlmrd, D. -Iurczynxkx, K, Kmpf, D. Edward, .A. Vw'.1ll.1rc D. Rnd, B. Sfh1111dt. Malzllrck. Cnlml. Hall. JK. Mmclwawl. K. Ulwmmr. Iuniors l v Q A dallc Rmv: M. Bcrgcr. Pcltmm. Stullcr. TN. Mackie. 5. Gmvlw. N. Lwkvn. D. Snxw and Tcrry. K. Vw'c.1x'c1'. S. M4Pl'lll11CI', N. Bcncdlct. P. Bruwn, 5. Slwl1111.nkrx'. St'l'li0r5 Pmck Rum: FX. Yulmf, A. Rulwcrls. XV. Balm. ,l. Dublwy. Brgmdun. V IV1ll1l1'Ik'. K. Ku-ml: l.. Vvvcnncx. Vv'zng1wI'. S Sncll. R. Pmcrry, Clnnwkmm. lmml Ruw: Qhmln. H. Hlggllls, Dumgcs. K. Nulwcn. C. P41luvrL'z1gc. .'X. Vvfnlmxxx, .X flillllll Lldlc Ruw: ff, Plllllmh. S. Alhrccht. S. Bruwl-ca, S. MuKlnd.1, C. KLIIIC. P. Pmruwn, B. Lwbflithlll Buck Ruvv: D. IllCk.lI'QI. A. McDonald. R. Vv'lLu-nbrmrk. Duughcrly. R. Kmmtz. Freshmen and Sophomorcs l'll'IY'NlX ...GIVL W Seated: Nlrs. Valerie Jenkins, director, Slanding. left to right: R, Vwiittenlirook. B. Koontz. S. Bickel, R, Ueri f. L. XVennei'. S, Brook 5 A. Gould. Chonko. K. Ohenour. V. Minifie, Vs". Balas, Dobney. B. Reinlia B. Olwenour, A. Roberts. K. Koontz. Uur newlyfformed Dramatics Cluh, under the direction of Mrs. Valerie jenkins, moved to stellar heights in its first year, The first offering hy the group was a rollicking comedy entitled "Our Hearts Wert' Young and Gay," hy Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough. Then came the contest work: humorous and dramatic declamations, radio announcing, and finally the contest play, Our teenfage Thespians worked hard and won many honors for their efforts. The Amherst group took first place in the Lakeland Conference Speech contest. The ayailahle talent was readily apparent hehind the scenes, as well as on the stage, All learned a great deal ahout costuming, scenery, and the art of applying stage makefup. Officers of the Dramatics Club were jerry Chonko, president: .Iudy Dohney, vicefpresident: Sharon Bickel, secretary: Cathy Kane, treasurer. Valerie Miimifie Kay Obenour Wayne Balas Jerry Chonko liifty-seven MARCI-II G D CO CERT B i.,....,,,--.- Personnel Flute and Piccolo Brximloxi. lvl. Nell.. Cornet .lvnlun-. B, Yun llnm. fx. Vial K. Kmmtz, l.. Nnlml-mwskl. R. lninlmcli. lace. Joyce. G. Ergh. K, Ohr'nm1l'. ll Kulmslw. M. XX'.iwlmku. K Mflllllrc. Birrcll. Ricliznrdf. .I. Swartz. R. Uilrlcnmvi-tor. B. B. l.ocwc1'. Ohcnour. K. l'logivlc. ll. l.m'lHllUN. I3 Vluy. Clarinet N. Full.n'. 5. Snell. lf. Ruckwnml, cl' Cllllly' S. Huhcr. N. Mackie. K. Thlltt. D. Mclimncv. Trumpet - D. Cook. DI. pllllllhl. R. TI'llllL'llI l.. Sllwgnld, B. Turnugc A. Slwppauld, B. Bacon. - . . V .x V i - H M. Minn' R. Cimkw K. Nclwn' lj. Plkcyq K fn Qullln. j Srlilrrhtii. Tx Lolrum. Schulz. B. ljt'I'Clllllll1. l' lfl.u'lu' ' i l' Oboe S4 Alhrwml grombonr- H. l'lvl':lw. fl. Sm-ll. D, Smith. . UULI. Allo Clalllllel N' lBl'l'l5 Sousaphofne R. Hrml-in. JX, l' M. lim Bass Clarinet lDolwm'y. R. Nvlwn. 'W?l11'1- A- N-lllme D- B"-1l"V H0119 Bassoon A, HM Tympani llciglmtnvi' Alto Saxophone - ll. Getty. D. l3I'llCL'. Cf, Bells ' B' Lllllllc' Horvgillx. S. Spencer. Bass Drum j. Clwnlw. Tenor Saxophone A lflm-xmlu. M. lvlillri. Cymbals UUILIRWVIW- L- v'lf"'W'- S Bl4Wkl""d- Snare Drum R. Daniel. R. Laimly. S. Dun' French Horn R. ng. D, Billmam. K. Ull' lllll' R' Zllfll' num. l.. Siiiizukcvitrli. B. Stull. lf. .'Xlexznmler. Baritone Saxophone D. Mclimnvy. l.. Chlw l"il'ty'c1glil I I O ,in Alefz. ana! ,in A x, . Stunning grccn and gnld tniilinrins, shining instrunicnts, highfstcpping iiiatjni' cttcs. and wundcrful music all cuntrihtitcd tn thc colorful p-:iinrniaiiccs prcscntcd hy twin' Wtfpicct' hand. Thc fXniht'rst High Stflwnl Band qtiitc xt sight tn ssc and hear. Wliatt fun thc Ainhcrst nitisicians had preparing thc halfftinic shows during thu lititithatll svasnii. and going tn l3ztldxx'itifWztllgtct' Collage tn participatc in the halftime show with ahntit thirty other high sclinnl hands! Alitcr tn-ttlwttll thc hand went indnnrs tn practicc fm' tht' cniicwts. llndct' tht' direction of Mr, l't'tct'scn, nut' hand playcd at tht- Christnias vcspcrs and prcsciitcd twn spring cuticcrts, Highlight tit the scztstin lnr many ol tht- hand inctnhcrs was tht- Lztkcland Band Fcstival, att Vcrtniliun, un March filth. All the nitisic was not classical, though. Rcnicmhcr the small pcp hand and tht- wct' sniallur "Ut'rniati" hand, whose mcmhcrs shnwcd up in Bcrnitida shorts tn 'Y play at haslacthall gamcs. Lcadcrs nt' the hand wcrc Sandy Htihcr. prcsidcnti Bnh lltniul, vict"prt'sidt'iit1 and Nancy Fullar, sccrctaryltrcastircr 'It A CAPPELLA CHOIR Front Row: B. Segraves. K. Nelsen. j. Gerher. D, Groeott. L. Mrhuta. D. Schnitzler. L. lxii M. Rippeth. AI. Mazurek. R, Kallis. C. Falasco. D Edwards. Second Row: L. Vw'eax'er. Mulder. Staller. hl. Pelton. C. Kane. L. Vcenner P Kelty S Bicltel. B. Uhenour. A. Gould. M. Nell. A. Michael. . . 1 Third Row: D. Reid, L. Ma1cKily'. S. Vvatteiihrook. D. Sines. vl. Tarry. L. Krok. R. Lina D. htarhuclx. K. Nelsen. 5. Goohs. V. Minliie. L. Naples. Mr. Surer. Back Row: M. L. Metzler. M. Berger, N. Haas, Bodmann. Dillayig-yrr. D. Rickar U. Ergh. D. X,VYIftClll7l'UUli, D. Tettaton. Chonko. R. Ehinan. Vxfhether singing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" or k'Once in Love 'i 1 in '," ie Tame a T oir, irec e ' r. curer, ina e eau i u music WiIAyilAClillCh d tdhyMQ clbtil this year. Daily seventh period music classes, programs for l'.T.A. and assemhlies, ' ' N and special rehearsals for Baccalaureate and Ciommencement gave the A Cappella Choir a very husy schedule. The choir presented a variety of musical selections at assemhlies, concerts, and guest appearances in neighhoring schools. The Christmas assemhly and the vesper service held in collahoration with the hand, and the spring concert were some of the highlights at home. The trip to Welliiigtciii to sing in the assemhly, the return visit of the Welliiigtinii choir, and the choir festival, in which Vxfellington, Clearview. and Amherst choruses participated, were all gala events for the A Cappella Choir. The mixed ensemhle of sixteen songsters, the girls' douhle trio, and the hoys' quartet helped to provide a wellfrounded program of vocal music, Witli a new constitution. a choir council, and Mziry' Neff fpresidentj, Pe-1 Getty Qsecretaryftreasurerj, Valerie Miiiitie flihrarianj as officers. the A Cappella Choir had a wonderful year. Sixty d. -I. lngr ,dzjanewdbzjempa Quartet - G. Ergh, D. Starbuck, Sextette - L. Weaver, P. Getty, M. Neff, Staller, J. Chonko. L. King. J. Dobney, J. Bodmann, R. Kallis. UNIGR HIGH GIRLS, CHORUS limit Rtiw. K. Scndcr. ff. Klc ck. M. Hud rcs. B. Brnmwcll. R. Lconzird. A. Smith. N. Rickard. P. Pcntun. T. ,U . ig. vl. cinzcrling. A. Firago. M. Hutton. A. Stilgcnlwziucr. P L f I llry L Kit H D. Riclwcr. D. Swartz. T. xlilfllllll. Mcuml Row: M. llulamsliy. B. limes. P. Caiprcttal. D. Stzmclcn. V. Risto. B. Bcnncr. HlllWCl'. L. Davis. L. ffcndmsky. M. j. Tcttiitwn. K. Richards. J. Gfmdspccd. B. Bfvdcn. D. Martin. D Btll ii . ' in . G. Kulbc. D. Hurncr. Third Row: G. Altcim. C. Scxtcllu. E. Smith. D. Brucc. M. xx'Rlll2lCC. U. Gwuld. Cl. Gcurgc. sl. Plutt. C. Reynolds. K. Rcynulds. VI. Pccnm. S. Vullmcr. A. Hatter. K. Ergli. Siinun. G. Rctny. M. XX'.ilkcr. L. Hardwick. T. Liclw. ck Riiw: D. laallvcll. L. Solack. S. Riley. S. Bailil. C. RCIWl'1LIIlI'Cl. B Vw ildrun L SWVIIVI 5 . .tt ..t. Dclluficld. Y. Kivllwc. C. Mutamsky. B. Borer. Billmgslcy. P. Burcr. Bnrkucs, S. Grunt. g 1 L. Potts. f. Millcr. l. Bray. C. Clmsair. Mr. Surcr. Sixtyfone 0 STUDE T COUNCIL Seated: B. Obenour, M. Getty, A. Haas, Mr. Sutton. Standing: B. Reinhard, C. Stilgenbauer, C. Plott, D. Rosenkranz, B. Mulford, J Walker M. Bevi. R. Mlinarik. E. Neill. Busy, busy, busy was the theme song of this year's Student Council! Even before school began, Council members were hard at work revising the Student Handbook, with the help of some faculty members. With the opening of school, they were even busier. By decorating the goal posts for the home games and making and selling the football programs, the group helped make the football season a success. The climax of the season was the football banquet, which the Student Council sponsored. The Council had charge of the ice cream machine, the Amherst Comets notebooks, tickets for the P.T.A. skating parties, the noon recreation program, pep rallies, and a few afterfgame dances. To mark the cheering section in the gym, the group bought a new green and gold Amherst banner. The Council also purchased the new cheerleader uniforms. In addition to all of their other responsibilities, the Student Council members discussed various school problems. They worked to better the understanding between the students and the faculty, and to improve the school. Revising the Constitution of the Student Council and drawing up criteria for the selection of cheerleaders were two other duties that the Council performed. Officers of the Student Council were Alan Haas, presidentg Barbara Reinhard, vicefpresident, Marguerite Getty, treasurerg Mary Bevi, secretary, and Mr. Sutton, adviser. Sixtyftwo G ' .ik N4-' ' . . . ATIO AL HO GR SOCIETY SENIORS - Jane Brandon. Craig Cullen, Nancy Fullar. Saundra Huber. Kaye Koontz. Mary Neff, Phillip Place. Barbara Reinhard. Sally Shurnalcer. JUNIORS 3 Douglas Cope. Peg Getty. Ricky Oliver. Karen Thutt. Tony Trifiletti. Louise Wcniier, At a special assembly on April '25, nine seniors and six juniors were inducted into membership in the National Honor Society. The seniors are jane Brandon, Craig Cullen, Nancy Fullar, Saundra Huber, Kaye Koontz, Mary Neff, Phillip Place, Barbara Reinhard and Sally Shumakerq the juniors are Doublas Cope, Peg Getty, Ricky Oliver, Karen Thutt, Tony Trifiletti and Louise Wenner. Mrs. Wingate is faculty adviser of the National Honor Society. Membership in the society is based upon character, scholarship, effective leader' ship and service within the school. To be eligible for membership in this society students must rank scholastically in the first fourth of their respective classes. Ten per cent of the Senior Class may be elected to membership, and five per cent of the junior Class. Amherst's honor students have not only excelled in scholarship, but they have also participated enthusiastically in extrafcurricular activities. Sixtyfthree L TI CLUB p p .ML-. 3 'pam LATIN I Front Row: Mrs, Thutt, R, Kallis, S. Olah, C. Shagie, M. Deincr, M. Yvashlca, S. IVcawr. R. Ladrach, ll. IM-wer, M. Podlich, B, Stull, P, Clarke, D. Clary. S.-mml Raw: fl. Miller. K. Egelaml. B. Mackie, A, Pet--rman, S. Spencer, M. Krusr, B. Langr, ,l. Dcitlriclt. S. Pnlanskv. C, Wilhelm, S. McCartney, C. Gray. 'Iihml Row: R. Schnitzlvr, H. Ehmzm, S. Vinning, K. Ullman, S. Retay, D, Nyln-tsmnc, L. Nabnrs, K. M-fluurv. M. Knllwiide. E. Rainey. ,l. Finnegm, D. liilwartls. Bark Row: P. Bruce, II. Hillman, M. Neff, D, Nalley, C. Sehneinlrr, A. DvSan!is, R. Kathcl, C. Alexander, . , . , LATIN II Front Row: Mrs. Thutt. ,l. Eshelmcn, J. Daugherty, I. Migra. B. Mlhnta, L. N.ilwalum-ski. K, Nvlsvn. B, Segraves, ,I. Dunges, K. Helghley, A. Steelc, B. Obermur. Second Ruw: K. Gambish, N. Seharein, S. Brooks, K. Leinhos, L. NVeavcr, S., M. lirwzinski, C. Kane, P. Brown. R. Brucr. Third Row: L. King, R. Kropf, K. Kallis, S. Standen, j. Bodmann, S. Albrecht, B. Turnage, D. Hutton. L. Kremer, C, Snell. liaek Row: R. flrltlennieisrer, G. Ergh, J Conry, K. Huhla, H, Gammons, C, Richards, J. Tillman, T. Schrmrr. R KM-k, l. fnurmnuwlis, D, Cavlwv. Drilling on Latin deelensions and conjugations was by no means the only activity of the Latin Club. The young Romans made merry with parties on Valentine's Day and Halloween and also sponsored an assembly program. The most fun, however, was the Roman Banquet, where the club dined in Roman style. Larry King was president of the Latin Club: Leslie Kreeger, vieefpresitlent: Betty Obenour, treasurerg and Mrs. Thutt, adviser. Sixty-four I I SCIENCE CLUB . . . zmlwa, , Q01 C. Weaver. C. Cullen. K. Krolc. D. Rickard, 1. Brandon, R. Werner, G. Ergh, P. Place K. XVcaver, Story. R. Oliver. R. Lundy, K. Nelsen. Thcy're at it again! Yes, Amherst sciencefminded students are diligently follow' ing the paths of science. "Pass the sulfuric acid, please." "Where is the potassium permanganatef' "How do I build a spectroheliographf' These are just a few of the countless expressions heard at the meetings of the Science Club every other Tuesday evening. Under the supervision of' Mr. Tousley, this group endeavors to explore the fascinating world of science. The only requirements for membership are the possession of an active interest in science and the completion of one scientific project monthly. Students may work alone or in collaboration with others. The energetic young scientists built radios, highfvoltage generators, oscilloscopes, geiger counters, andwfor the Space Age-fa few rockets. They also experimented with growing and identifying crystals and worked on biology projects. As a group, the club visited commercial laboratories and science fairs. Science Club not only teaches students the fundamental principles of science, but also stimulates an interest in the latest achievements in chemistry, science, and medicine. Officers of the group were Ricky Oliver, presidentg Philip Place, vicefpresidcntg and .lane Brandon, secretaryftreasurer. Szxtyffive LE CERCLE FRANCAIS . . . co ci, comme ca FRENCH u W ' H Q Front Rf-xx: A. lY.ill.icv, M. Rupp--th, A. S.ux'in.i, R. Berry, li, N.-ill, ,l, Slallcr, 5. lvfortinlri, ,l. Sxx,ir!:, A. Niirliarl, ff. Falaseo, A. Kri-leer, IU. lfdwards. Middle Rim: T. Trililvrti, K. Tliutt, j. Story, XY, Salislaury, KI, XVnllter, G. Schneider, P. Van Keuren, li. l'li'rZlse, fl. Stllevrilvaiirr. l.. Nlcliay. S, Goohs, N. Iviziclue. Hack R.-ix: N, lit-nedicl, il, Wapaiwr, L, Wi-nm-r, D. Srarlwuclt, W. Miller, J. XV1lker, D. Cop., R. Frama, R I' il I l S r P 1 in I tlil Ir FRENCH II Smmliiig: H, Reinhard, R. Oliver. K. Koontz. Sitting: S. Snell. M, Ni-ff, M. Zllcll, Nl. Brandon, A. Rolwils, lx kink, P. l7uli.ux.u. A. l-mild, . ii. , f, L-.'.inis. . li- j, ,. S' i-ce. "TV from Gay Paris" was the theme of the assembly program presented hy Le Cercle Francais on March 14. Headline acts included a French version of 'little Red Riding Hood," an octette of Midinettes singing x'Paris," a panel featuring as contestants Louis Pasteur, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Jeanne d 'Arc, and a Mardi Gras celehration. The singing commercials advertised French onion soup and Paris perfume. Other activities of the French Cluh included the initiation party at which Franta and Dc Santis danced the canfcan, a Christmas soiree, and a huffet supper. Officers of the group were Barbara Reinhard, president: Ricky Oliver, vice' president: Karen Krock, secretary: Kaye Koontz, treasurer: Miss hlurray, adviser. Sixtyfsix l l EL CIRCULO ESPANOL . . . , ale, "ill-3, ole, ole" slwuted the senores and the sennritals as they twink llie stage for "Fiesta en Mexico," the iissenilwly program presented by El Cireulo Espanol. Claire Selizielfer, Dick Miillimird, Lynette Stiwilld, and Dennis Elliutt d.ineed the Ivlexiezin Hair Dance, .ind the Horvzith sisters played "La l'ailoinzi" and ..GfllII2ld2l.'s At Cliristinais time the Spanish students enjoyed the trziditiimzil "piiiata." Claire Selizieffer was president of the elulv: Ronnie Berner, vieefpresidentz Lynette Stiwuld, secretary: Dick Mulford, treasurerg and Miss Murray, adviser. SPANISH I Fir-ut Rim: ff, Hiiimili. S linux. IY. Mieliznel. R. Bulge, A., I., Iiieriirin, T. Milxlit.i, R. Trililelli R. Reid. Mulilli- Rim: F, liiiriiez, ll. I?--ri-x1ii.il1. M. lvIiller, If. Hiil', CI. II'e.u'i-r, 'I', Sclmlfvr, I., Riemcr sl. Kiilwmke. ,l. Rnxslrr. K. Kruk. llzlcli Row: l. Iirgli, -l l3iek.m-ii, Cf. Finlay, S. II'lirt:hilie, IV. Nivseli, R. Sqliii-feisi.-in, XViI,im, .lv Bjnlgll SPANISH II In-ni li--xx, I, ll. Nmiiz. N. Ullvr, R. Miilfiurel, C. Selmrtfer, M. IN'.iIker, U. lliiiux ii-I. IK . ll.ii Mirlilli Rim: ,l. Hu-Ili., A ll.-ii.urli. S. I.1irlcli.1i'i, H. lluiirit, Ii, B--ellxiil. M. Ilevi, If. Plumlw. lb.-li Rim: IX, l'liilvl'.uiil, C.. IIi'.eisrli, li. IIittviilvl'iuili, R. lirrner. IT, Ifllnvlt, U. Keelmenee. ll. Spmiulii, n ll li. Rev ,,,I......., . F.T. . Selling colorful bookcovers for our textbooks this year was the first project of the Amherst F.T.A. The Future Teachers of America is an organization whose primary object is to interest high school students in the profession of teaching. F.T.A. is open to all juniors and seniors. During the Wednesday luncheon meetings the F.T.A. spent most of the time discussing college requirements and costs, and scholarship possibilities. Superinf tendent Gousha gave a talk on the salaries of teachers and the advantages of teaching. Mrs. Wingate, dean of girls, spoke to the F.T.A. about scholarships. Miss Steele showed pictures of her world tour. Social activities of the F.T.A. included the annual Thanksgiving Soc Hop and the spring banquet. The group spent one day on a field trip to Kent State University. The students toured the campus and college buildings and visited a few classes. Club officers were Mary Neff and Sue Snell, cofpresidentsg Sue Mortimer, secretary, and Mrs. Brown, sponsor. Front Row: S. Shumaker, Pelton. Feightner. K. Kropf. B. Schmidt. A. XVallace. M. Walker J. Cahl, Mazurek, D. Edwards, M. Zilch. S. Snell. Middle Row: Wilgl1CY. Coldthorpe, M. Neff. M. Bevi. M. Berger. K. Thutt, N. Mackie K. Weaver. S. Mortimer. N. Loken. B. Reinhard, S. Shepherd. P. Place. Back Row: C. Cullen, K. Koontz, L. Wenner. Terry, W. Balas, D. Cope, Brandon. M Durjava. Drozdowski, P. Getty. Schlcctcr, L. Simashkevich. Sixty'eight ,fm W .... COMMERCIAL CLUB is lies 5 4 Front Row: H. Dietrich, C. Lopez. Drozdowski, B. Sagert. Middle Row: P. Rosgos, C. Krueck. Felton. M. Finnegan. B, Riemer. Back Row: Goldthorpe, T. Fulirinan, B, Stachelski. N. Elilert. C. Vfohlever. Standing: Mrs. Drake. Clack, clack, clack, went the typewritcrs as members of the Commercial Club kept busy making out grade sheets, typing report cards, and mimeographing tests. At the noon meetings, former members of the club outlined their experiences in secretarial work. The commercial students kept informed about the latest business methods and office procedures by visiting various offices. Officers of the club were jane Drozdowski, president: Nancy Ehlert, vice' president: Carol Wtihlex'er, secretary: Carolyn Lopez, treasurer, and Mrs. Drake, faculty adviser. HI-Y After a year of absence the HifY was eagerly welcomed back to A.H.S. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and the community high standards of Christian character. After Glenn Schneider, Larry Payne, Don Bruce and Elliot Nahors attended an area rally at Findlay, the group went to work in earnest. Under the guidance of Mr. Tousley the boys' club engaged in several service projects, Q9 Officers of the HifY were je rry Underwood, presidentg jerry Chonko, vicefpresidentg and Glenn Schneider, secretary' 1. treasurer. Front Row: D. Bruce. B. Daniel, C. Varouli. E. Bodkin. Back Row Underwood. U. Brooks. F, Bark. G, Schneider. Sxtyfnine Cafeteria Aides Left tu right: Bellinu, Mrs. Heck. D. Goodwin. Mrs. Heck, B. Kaine. D, Bairdiis. M. Gunn, G. Kreger. W. Kupus. S, George. R. Huffman. D. Rickard. Hall Guards Front Row: L. King, C. Falasco. S. Beam, M. Berrington. L. Nabukowski, B. Reinhard J. Feightner. D. Berk. M, Zilcli. M. Klingenmeicr. D. Grocott. G. Kucsis, Stallcr D. Sines. N. Benedict. Second Row: G. Riemer. R. Oliver, M. Bevi. L. Payne. D. McKinney. J. Pclton. R Bcrthold. S. Villers, K. Gambish. M. Berger. P. Brown. 5, Gnnlus, H. Dcidriqk D. Rosenkranz. Third Row: D. Wcihlexier. D. Clotz, G. Buch, D, Krull, B. Mulford, D, Luclcliaiii. M Durjava. -I. Dabney. I. Guldthorpe, P. Getty. XV. Bloom. G. Stark. R. Berry. D Mlinzirik. Back Row: G. Blackford. G. MCMUlllIl, B. Minn. T, Mornin. R. Frzintzi. F. DcSantis D. Halle. W. Scliueinig. T, Eusterwuud. G. Kedinencc. D. Tiiylor. J. jenkins D. Stark, R. Daniel. Seventy Librar Aides Kneeling: 'I iXri.l:UI'Ck. 'I Clhl . .. . Billing: :X Xulms. 1. Uuulw, VI, Gcriwr gi'lI1k.iIl1" ' .V M .. L. TN, Bin Llxct. Cf, Kaine. Erglm. D. Nullcv. lx. 3 Lundy. S. MkiKiLlLill. M, K,-W. 1. Hd ll. Office Aides Fmnt A Row: S. Huiwr. L. Nalbukmxski. B. Rcimcr. D. Edwards. M. Zllch. K. Vv'c:1vc1'. . XX'41llucc 3 I.. cr, M. Bcvx. G. Kllgurc. I. ludllch. D, McKm1wy, M. Dmldmwkl, Back Riu. R. l.ux..l R. Galnlwrsh. .AX Projectionists ww: ff. Nah r. L. ill Slnrv R IDAHIC I ' 'C Rmckzird. R. Hcrzkc. Buck Ruw: XV. Nlcm s, Bring. XX'1lkc1. T. RIP: ' Scvcutyfmm UNIGR HIGH SAFETY P TROL . . . , Front Row: Mr. Dill. G. Murrziy. E. Pfeifer, C. Wirimds. S. Miller, P. Penton. C, lvlutanslcy. V. Kolbe. G. Schneider. C. Mengel. D. Weitzel. L. Savina, S. Pinckney . Middle Row: N. Richert. Fryberger, H. Werrier. G. Pastron. Appel. R. Standen. N. Hill. T. Varouh. S. Lieb. Springer. B. Innes. Back Row: P. Ryan. R. Bring. B. Buttermore. B. Kokinda. D. Stec. C. Nagy, B. Vv'a1te. j. Huber. D. Kuraczi. C. Renou-ard, G. Zunt. The j'unior High Council meets every Thursday to consider various service projects for the school. The Council is responsible for the noon recreation activities and for the safety program within the building. Chief duties of the Safety Patrol are directing pedestrian traffic at dismissal time. Cadet Band members are just marking time until they can play in the High School Band. At the May Music Festival the Cadet Band played an overture and several marches. uiz Bee Amherst's Quiz Bee team tied for second place in the Lakeland Conference contest on April 28. Members of the team were Craig Cullen, Lucy Mihuta, Nancy Fullar, Peg Getty, Louise Weiirier, and Douglas Cope. Howard Wzishkzi was coach of the group. Seventy two ,Zaalz la . . . UNIOR HIGH CGUNCIL Fmnt Row: Mr. Icnkins. E. PI'ciI'c1'. P. Burcr. SCIILICI-I,CI'. M. Tcttalun. Hlggins. S. hlLlIIL'y. Mlddlv Ruw: C. Kulbc. G. ffmmguimm. R, KL-IIcIw1'. A. StiIgn'nImuc1'. II. Kmmlg. D. f.uIcmnn. Buck Row: R. Sgluhlcy, B. XNIIIIQCT. C. Reynolds. G. Gwuld. VU. Iiullzug R. OQICII. Pnllmgslcy, C DET BAN I"Iuu A, Kruk, I. II1II1l1gsIvy, II, Kllmczn. M. Thur! QI. I'rmx.I, II. Cfulmgdnxx. S. IIrIIx'I'lx'IxI, A. Tmxnv, S IMIIAIX. CfI.nxm-I. ,I Hlnlwr. M. SI.ncI:, ll. M-lxgI'I, KI, AIUIII-v, K IllcI1.u1IIf, ,I. IIIUII, ff. Il-'v1mIIIw. R. XX'.4lIc, S. IIUII' V. I'lI.'p.Ix, R. Lrnxmld, II'.'II, M. H..II,g.+. IIl1Iwn, I.. lim-Irwkv. K. Rrynulds, I.. I'Iuttun, R lil-In-.uckx. A. I"11.1p4-, M. lhunnmm, W. II-vrmrr, II I..u1rl, C' XX'.-mlb. L. llgu'I:mII, K. XV1II1:uns, C. M4-.vim II M1NI'IxL.x. H. ScIxm'nIcr, S, I'mkm'y. A, L.nm:, I. XY.uII. K Alu' S.nwpIwur: II. IivnInx.mI, S. N:nImIc-vxwlxl, H. K,m.ny If. :Kun-fmnyg. F. IX-Ikus, II, I.-wlnr. Iln--. S.m,pIn-nf: IS. Ixukxmla. I"xruqIx Hum, Ii. K.eIIlf. Chrrnvt: I3, IIIIUIIIW, IH. Slmm.uIul', II. Kmxzm Tum--r, IJ. R-IIII, L. Kung, I. Hvmzrrlmn. I. SW F XX'h..nlcy-, T. Rr1cI1rrt. R Smvxulrn, II K nl I M1IIL'l', V. KQIIIW. UIwlnvl1l', I.. RIIIIIIV, M M lx T, H-vIatrm. I7. XY-lrI1rI, ll. Smxth, K, Ilm Y.mL-rua, S Plkn, I'I.nr1t-mr: Il, IIrxng, S. Ilnu, I'rumIwn.': M. StuIM'r, A, NLIIMWN. Il. KlxImsIu'. Ii Mn ' ,I. AI--mmimr, I. Us fnvs Isp s'1'. I. I.. II.n'1N, Il. Hum MnIIcr, II., H. Iiulrnlx. IIvIIs: I.. S1rn.nIwv1lrI1, IJ. Mnlm Smls.upI1-rlw: K. IIN-'II, II Ihyn --x. A Im4l.u-1.I,. I'vr.uN:nvn: IJ. Imlnlms, T. I3.4r.uIuN, H. Mclll IvI.ux'ty, Ii. Kubh. Science Club prepares exhibit for P.T.A. jackie Mazurek wins district honors for "Alice in Woi1derland." Bill Van Horn displays prize cabinet. F.T.A. sponsors Sock Dance. Calendai September First Day of School Football Preview Kickoff Dance Teachers' Picnic Bonfire Rally October First Edition of Record Junior Party Faculty Dinner Honoring Miss Steele P.T.A. Tribute to Miss Steele N.E.O.T.A, P.T.A. Fall Festival Senior Tea November Homecoming Dance French Club Initiation Faculty lnfService Training Program Football Dinner f--Sophomore Party A Cappella Choir Concert at Wellixigtciii '13--"Our Hearts Vsfere Young and Gay" fLatin Club Party -Thanksgiving fS0ck Dance Seventyffour 957- 1958 7 lil li 17 Zo ll I7 23 28 1 Ml R I4 Zl '77 December Senior Party French Club Soiree Christmas Vespcrs A Cappella Party Beginning of Christmas Vacat january General Scholarship Test for Seniors End of Semester Spanish Club Initiation Speech Class 'Trip to Hanna Theater Elizabeth Kardos Assembly for Girls February Sweetheart Dance OSU. Test for juniors Freshman Party Forensic District Contest Seventy-five ion Mike and Gary prepare props for Bonfire Rally. Trumpeters tune up for Lakeland Festival. Ensemble reports for rehearsal. Students enjoy basketball assembly r Meclmaiiical Drawing Class makes blueprints for tools. Comets triumph over Cavaliers. Calenclal March P.T.A. Skating Party Modern Language Club Assembly Sophomore Party Y-ffLakeland Conference Band Festival at Vermilion Basketball Dinner Seventh Grade Party Faculty InfService Program State Individual Forensic Contest Band Concert Senior Dinner Dance Spring Vacation April Spanish Club Fiesta F.T.A. Trip to Kent F.T.A. Dinner Sports Night --'Junior Class Dinner Art Class Visit to Cleveland Museum Roman Banquet State Finals Play Contest Senores and senoritas don native costumes for initiation. Seveiitysix 1958 Alnstrumental Music N ight -District State Scholarship Tests wVocal Music Concert Band Trip to "South SA Cappella Dinner ijuniorfSenior Prom -Amherstonian Dinner -Home Economics Styl Eighth Grade Party -Track Breakfast Awards Assembly G.A.A. Picnic Memorial Day June Baccalaureate Class Night Commencement Final Report Cards Alumni Dinner Sue Snell poses as joan of Arc. Scventyhseven Pacific" e Show German Band plays at half-time. Senior cindermen poise for the gun. Mardi Gras dancers present Nlodern Language assembly. i -,Q-... l.-.. wi! -LA RMB? bmsmmwwf 1 ,M . S Ei 3: E E? 1 KEN .A 3' J ur M Wm: 'L ARSITY SQUAD . . . ,tacklu in Fmnt Row: Mr. Erkknlu, Mr. Huduk, G. Blz1ckfrn'd. R. Plppurt. R. Stark. R. U.1mlw1wl1, XY. Blown. E. Towne, R. Sclmltzlcr. Mr. Vslxflxkgu, Scmml Rfww: I, Trllllcttu. D. Rusunkrxmz. It IDCSQIIIIIN R. I'1'.ml.n. T. C,.ug.1s-. I lngmx ll M. Luxnbw. R. Ll1llgl1l'lC. R. Kruse. G. MQMHXIH1. 'Ixlmd R-ww: M. N-lh2lROVN'Skl. R. Hurry. D, Mjlllrurd. R. ffulc. T. 5x'l1l'lI1t'I'. I. fmmvx R. H-fl1l.1. H, XX'm1dr. D. Hutton, B. Muliurd. P. Uaunnmm lurk Rf-wg H flvhlw. R. Tuwnc. M. Rlllwlulc. U. Stzuvbmlqk. L Mccklvy. A l3v541ut1x. J R Kqqlmcl. D. Vs'1'1ght. Iulzmky. E. Rnunuy. Is. ul 4 Blocking on the sled F519 Citi. 4... On the Way Fight, Comets, Fight! VARSITY SUMMARY Amherst Opponents 34 .,..,., ., .,..,,.., Avon ,,,.........,.........4 . 6 20 S ..,.....,....... Vermilion ,.............,... 0 19 ..,.........,..... Margaretta ................t. 0 0 .....,...,..,...,..,... Huron ......,,,, ,........ 1 4 14 ..,.. ..... N ew London . r...... ., 13 7 ......... r,r..... W ellington .,., ,...,.,.. 6 14 .,,,.....,,..,.,.. Clearview .....,.r...,...... 13 27 , .,.,.,,,,....... Avon Lake ....,.,...,....... 7 7 , .... A ,,...... Medina ,.... , t.... ., 6 RESERVE SUMMARY Amherst Opponents 6 ..,............,.. Vermilion ,,.......,..,,,... 34 46 ........... .....,.. H uron ,......,.. ......... l 3 6 .,.,..,....... Avon Lake ............... 7 26,.. .... .... C l earview ,.....,..r,....... I 3 I3 .. South Amherst . .,,.. 14 Eightyfonc season with a bang in the Io nd like vi-rfb rmiirh. hui EQ The 'JUL' lUU'fl1 Huw Uviyuvl' ' three straight viotories against hcrsi Cm K mmmga - , . A diffowy Our VQ'rm111on.and . b . The new coaches have brought V Gpening bhp W h ,K 'hem seveval new -exercises new Avon the L I! K , 'ost ask all the lineman Egglgg. The us, b " ged Ser-He: drill. lt's Eagles' , 0 Y Q . . . A 'f II C ' sure is tiring. and f ' somer- hersfs y D5 11 "-rds til almost . D, PE 6 0 XX lor 5,1 F' Ck Star NSE 0 0 Bloom i 70 D rank De if 0 V startec lL'.i Ol .l 5 ?7 ehhis Salytin X E b3.CkS K 'IQ Hur ' ni Affafshalncfhf ,A x C more t ii i ,pw . 011 im- . ' and f 1 5 'cock C X, nays, h -i il' vw 3. Q, ff XW , up-Je s , F B 4, . Ax fxffg 50 693 I. -nn semi-mf .,, . 51,20 gb i ,Mfg V so 0 qi ,ff A .Diff 0- OP 6 331 halfbf Q 9 ,,-f' 219 XG. v' 87 'Cir PEN 4 i. Tj I 4 'file 0 q all P Sf SE 0 0 Xilickklmil O D rank Dark mrs 6 X f SQA' " Q ehni 4 L - D I ig UW An S C, fig ioles in the , ' To age" CML wi' ' 6' lawval ot? ough - ridlhg ba, 0 vxfC .X X0 L To f itq LES xxnl-lgwxliixxcgaqxkiiif, F509 9 D hy 7'r'if.La"?bie 'h to PHY diff With -3 lam? XJUQQ X My llww,-L' 63500 sg R ale Ro lfetfj ford. Dick Franta, and vd,Qii'fiY qiw'-i' xW ii Tw, fffwggf S ax? 'Q Quan ,fr Sabha ,ert making TD's. Credit Ywwx xXi'lYm lkxxllwiixf y ' li gps 'go -xo 'll sfo use nz given the 'faugh linemen as l Wxiltygx. Krug iiiilkwigii " VYBG O0 0 -d in and fouli 0 Q0 V. TUX X .KX Lgugi f xox, l X Ughrie 70p Yctv Aj. K WC' 'Y' 92 Dipwmi lwi. ,313 Q00 fbbefgi M 0 Years weri Ron Ami lll'l5',mxixif-x - h K Q mherst th on fKv4xl,xx ,K ' Q ., .ix 0558. xi . clocl Qfwdg ml X A A Y N N 0 lim ' -xi. ' 1 w.ffl- W. Mi .X 1 z but -Ai" C .iixixu mi is Q X N, QD Hwxf Gio Surg fb Z' gp ck for avg iGl3'lL wJ?"-'ll Q ."x'4?Qi5' X 'Y' fx I 'lf Q3 OO' Cuix, Y Fx Fo Q " x 3 A yi Lay an ' gin Q, ,Eu 0 Whom 'ini L X ll Mlv'-lil QMS' A845 ,fiwiqilfw ftp-illjyfllv Q 66629 659423, dw Q Q . . 1 M AK, '39 QQ Vgi.vf,f1,, 6, y 1 QS ' 'W i,omlo.'LW1 hx in if WC 'ivlwg ,5S"X ,fn Q 0 6 .661 Q5 49 fy K-5, Ib ' ,lclciits tlicgx lXv.i'i'-la '-R V ' 3iffs1b64g:f'if3O CE 6QKf",3,v Eton l , f 'V .lol-iiof. .Emi www +1 if Xi X b QQ' Q23 .23 Qfyalfx 46:6 13 .ig vga ,nic iam, ziml U X nm- A kk -S if A1023 45 - Q64 C OJ' go e G zo, Hill, ll X xvxinif VN R 4 JL GC-,ltsgfgl 12? 6:53, GQ? Qjcsf Q X 4 A 1 , i -A s. Q MD' A O' ,. I A wk Umhsl ku zllffll Nllll-.i,':' lf ll iii9l'Ul M SKHYV' Q Qfl 0200? F' 6638! f Q5 JY D C tl o :-f'fii'i'f'- ffivf Xi, W lv i ll ' 'i .igka ' .W Xl 30 64- fi Q, Q51 , KW 50 .Q,'l2p, Q 60, 0 ' '. ry lf5l:ic'lLifvi'il fill 'll ,. 1 ll kvxfl Xl vfmkv, ,zz 1:2 'Ogg' Q X, 'ij H6 flag QQ Q incl' VU . L: H xix""A AV Q0 ' U gal- K' Ci-R." 2' 0 6 'LL C? ' fi' lfll. . Vx-i, vvxfp, ' A WNQXE1 f-,liqv:tX , AAQVQQNO 9 6,0,5,'c2o. UQQZQJ J Qocgi af ivli. ' 6 9 .1 'Q' '1- 2' Q qv ff" 0 J O YS gp 9 n Q' - . Q if -fi, Of, 1, 1 M .ion potlz htmfp, iw fi of insmew Um fs, 2. 09, 'fl . A63 0 . '9 S us '90 634, fog Za? O so .Hana by Joe rl.. Q 60,,ib0"1- '5' - Kemal Ty .99 3 G C X V635 XB X One of oddities which adds ii. 426 Vo E 6 ZZ, uw yililf alert Margaretta-Amherst g, 0,09 F02 -YV 3cw'5 gain, fumbled into eq, 60 Lough,-ie Q 39 ' promis' on the same play. 32 . Wm UG U Gil d me QQ5 in .K im Now staff is gifted with a me. Cgvfion was 5122590 bm V mcwdef e to kee at alll times. Thus far Dennis L Compeum a 'wp winiil 0195 I have ly good in the films. Csigiillsll QCCW gg Val ' The Show, ig U ., The a rocky opener with Vermilion me Wi whip Avon Lake 14-13 with Larry L recom' 5-ii. , if X306 i QOWH T . wi FG' ic, WO me fl A Wea G valiich xg, 'QWCQ' C. g haifback, Mike Harris, looks like a s Wegixxgw ' im? SQCQX 1 ned maxim Leadirx 1 scoring 'honors in Wellington as th im Amherslw iuexpeiiegxgawigx am my the kason crown last year. 'W , 0, a fall Mme Hang one Gi :.'C2XYmn5 -fauna . mn YCQNT A RI KYDINKS Front HEAVYWEIGHTS Row: D. Shumaker. Fryberger. D. Myers. A. Ingrassia. B. Haas. Second Row: B. Werner, Turner. B. Schihley. P. Ryan. P. Stiwald. H. Smith. Cullen, B. Lambie. Back Row: Coach Thomas. Sagert. R. Stzirhuck, Reynolds, G. Zunt. B. Buttermorc. S. Hohla. C. Nagy, G. Kedmencc. SENIOR Richard Stark Bill Bloom Dennis Clotz. :standing Lineman lonnie Gamhish LIGHTWEIGHTS Front Row: E. Nickolls. mgr. Second Row: E. Bahl. F. Durjava, D. Chonko. B. Koontz, B. Waite. D. Odell. B. Kubuske F. Wheatley. j. Schaeffer. Back Row: R. Bodkin. G. Mengel. E. Pfeifer. B. Raynes. R. Kelleher. E. Schaeffer j. Thompson. B. Kunzman, D. Rice, F. Taylor. R. Bogardy, G. Murray. B. Shay. RINKYDINK FOOTBALL SCORES Heavyweights Lightweights Amherst Opponents Amherst Opponents 0 ............ ..... V ermilion .................. 6 O ..................... Clearview ,,,.,.,.............. O 0 .... ....... H uron ....... .......... i 4 20 ............... New London ............... 13 I4 ........ ......... C learview ............,..... I3 14 ......,................. Huron ,..... ..... . .. 6 13 ........ New London ............... 7 13 ..... ........ V ermilion ...... ...... . . 14 COMETS Cary Blzvclcfoixl. Elmer Towne. Honorary Captain Outstanding Defensive Dick Pippcrt. Player Most Vulunhle Player Mike Nahakowski. Manager Eightyfthrce BASKETB LL . . . fee JAM VARSITY BASKETBALL Flwxmt Rww: D. Taylor. D. Hwllc. R. Gzunlwish. R. Ivfllnarik. R. Stark. R. Frzmtel. Buck Ibm-z llmch Tl1llI1lllS, R. Vv'c1'ncr. R. Kruw. D. Clotz. R. Hanlon. D. XX'uI1Icx'c1'. B. Sclmclnig. Ii DcS.1nt1f, L. Kwcgcr Qnmgrl RESERVES Fwmt Rmv: -I. Vfzllkcr. D. Hutton. C. Krupp. T. Tl'Ifl:Cfll. R, Luughrw. T. F-rlmrxncr. L. Kmg. Buck Ruwg ffuuclw Erkkilzl. bl. Camry, QI. Vfxlkcr. K. Huhlu. M. Lzllldwic. U. Kcdnlcnvk, D. Lcuszlcr ln1gr,T Elgllwtyffwuln' ,mama BASKETBALL SUMMARY Varsity Opponents Team Opponents Reserves 74 46 Vxfclliugtun . 21 28 411 38 .... Ohcrlm , , Z3 24 44 41 C1cz11'x'icw . 25 27 617 'il .. Huron . . 43 37 411 34 Mzugamrctlu 21 26 -HP 34 Suuth Amherst 32 58 73 37 Ncw London .. ., 211 33 48 37 ,. Alumm ., ..., 29 45 74 45 . Vcruulwn , , 34 36 97 611 . , vN'C11ll1fl1UI1 , .... 35 42 74 41 C1cau'vicw . . , ,. 26 35' 69 71 F1l'C1ZlI1C1S ,, . . 28 59 61 411 ,, Huron , . , 44 47 66 7 S Mlll'gZ1l'C1I1l . 35 73 78 36 Now Lundsm , 31 37 76 38 South .'xI111lCl'f-f . , . 21 37 71 'W , Vcrmiliuu .,... . .,,. , 31 38 if 74 M1L1X'1UXK' 1Scctumn1 Tmzrnzuucutl wins. I lusac 16 wins. 1 lww Fronto and Stark scrap with Margaretta. --umu- M U. Q3 E5 if .ml- , +V EE sg FRESHME Amherst 29 49 43 37 ZS 311 44 Fruiit Row: W. Nicscn C. Finlay. A. DcS:mlis R. Kzichcl. D, Buscr J. Smith. C. Hulliiizui Back Row: Cuach Waisli kai, B. Nciding. M Kilhridc. A. Altcn, L Mccklcy. G. Stairhuck E. Rainey. R. Balzis, D Braiuii fiiigixl FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SUMMARY Team Clearview Wcllingtmizi Firclamds Vcrmiliun Wcllirigtiizi Ohcrlin Clezirview Opponents Amherst Team Opponents 13 38 ,, .. South Amherst . 28 6 39 .., South Amherst Z8 21 33 Firclzmds . .. l7 . 33 46 . , Vermilion 33 I9 A A - A-A 28 426 Total 249 7 H A -3 ll Wiiis O Lust T UN IOR HIGH Front Ruw: D. Trzistcr, R. Slamdcii, II. Higgins. T. Reichert. R. Huiiiv. Sccmid Rmv: R. Kelleher, R. Hans. Ohcnuur. lvl. Vvhihlf cvcr. I.. Strciulikcr. Third Row: G. Mciigcl. ll. Raiyncs. T. Eswmc. D. Odell D. Clwnlm, F. Tzlylmt Fuurtli Ruw: R. Vvhidc. -I Rcynulds. B. Kunziiiziiiz U lvlurrziy. l. Tliiiiiipmii. U Zum. Fifth Rnw: S. Huhlii. Cfullczi G. Schicfcrstciii. l. Hcmw, D. Hcrulilcr. Cuzicli Vain Llt.'I' Ourtl. Eiglitywcvcii TRACK . . . ' ana! JIGJGQJ Front Row: D. Pippert. W. Bloom. R. Stark. D. Clotz. W, Schoeinig. Second Row: Willielm. T. Trifiletti. K. Rosenhusch, R, Loughrie, R. Kruse. G. Schneider, M. Lambie. F. DcSantis. T. Gargasz. D. Sposato, H. Gammons. Third Row: D. Hutton. R. Cole. L. King. B, Kropf. R. Mulford. R. Mulford. R. Benner. G. Kedmenec. C. Plott, R. Rice. R, Koontz. L. Kreeger. C. Wearsch. Back Row: E. Nahors. C. Huffman, C. Finlay, Wilscin. L. Meckley. R. Berner. R. Towne, A. De Santis. W. Nicsen, D. Whetstcniie. D. Buser. Standing: Mr. Erkkila. Mr. Mizer, Mr. Cooley. 26- April ll April li April 18 April 22 April April 29 May 2 May 8,9 May 10 May 13 May 17 TRACK SCHEDULE Class Meet New London, Avon, and Amherst, at Amherst South Amherst, Elyria Catholic, and Amherst, at Amherst Amherst, Midview, and Avon Lake, at Avon Lake Comet Relays at Amherst Amherst and Wellingtcin, at Wellingtcmil Firelands Invitational, at Firelands Lakeland Conference, at Amherst Rocky River Relays, at Rocky River Vermilion and Amherst, at Amherst District Meet, at Elyria May 23, 24 - State Meet, at Columbus At press time the Comets had won the first five meets Eightyfeight PEP CL B . . . ,wld adn! nah! Sitting: A. XX'allace, N. Benedict. B. Sehnndt. S. Olah. Il. Mulder. Slilllklllljll ,l. Donges, -I. Uoolis, S. Goolis, L. Stiwald. M. Vv'allcer, K. Kropli, M. Deidiielz. S. MeLoda, S. Mortimer, L, Nahakowski, P. Kaproniea. M. Berger. M. Rippezli. Cl. Seliaelfer. N. Mackie. D, Groerott. D. Sines. K, Tliutt. L. Bierman. L. Rienier. N. Loleen, .-X. Mieliamel. S. Relay. D. Nalley. B. .'Xniend. bl. Staller. "Sink the Sailors," "Down the Dukes," "Send the Cavaliers haek to Roger" were just at few of the clever posters made hy the Amherst Comets' Pep Cluh, Tlns eluh, whieh was organized to hoost the Comets, was open to all high sehool students. The Pep Cluh sold green and gold penants, and for the Huron game made red and white voodoo dolls, During haskethall season the group staged several elever pep rallies. Leaders of the eluh were Barhara Schmidt, president. Nancy lienediet, vice presidentg janiee Mulder, secretaryz Sheila Olah, treasurerg Ann Vxfallaee, sergeant atfarms, and Mr. Cooley, adviser. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Cl, Seliaelilier L. Stiwald K. Ganihisli Eiglityfnine .A.A. . . . am Une jeand. runt Row: Mrs. Smith, L. lliermgin. B. Stull, XV. Michael. B. Loewer. R. Ladrzicli. L. Bierman. R. Trifiletti. Back Row: R. Nemeth, M. Gunn. P. Bruce. S. Vinning, S. Remy. C. Schneider. V McGuire, M. Miller. E, Omsz. Front Row: Mrs. Smitli. L. Nabalwwslci, L. Stiwuld. A. Vs':1llnce, N. Luken. j. Feightner. B. Segruves. VJ, Nutt, j. Dunges. Second Row: -I. Pcltun. S. Mortimer. N. Benedict. j. Siuller, Mulder. K. Krnpi, M. Walker. K. Olwenuur. j. Selileetcr. Third Row: D. Grocutt. M. Berger, S. Snell, wyHgI1CT. N. Mac S. McLudz1. P. Coleman, M. Brezinski. N, Elilcrr. Rieiner. B. Schmidt Higgins, Gould. C. Kiiiue. j Siiimslilivsvicli, K. Tliutt. S. Villeix Back Row: M. Nell. D. Sines, I.. Weilner. Brandon. Dulwney. M. Finnegaln. Cl li Martin. C. Sclialeifer. C. Pluinb. K. Guinlwis . Ninety 10 Wfff 'Tfiiiiic im! L-:t's get on thc hall!" shoutcd Prcsidcnt Brmiiic Ricmcr tu thc G.A.A. girls playing hziskcthzill. Other officers of the Girls' Athletic Assuciiitioii wcrc BllI'lWilI'L1 Schmidt, viccfprcsidcntg Nancy Liikcii, sccrctztryz amd ,lzmicc Fcightncr, trcaisurcr. Thu girls also cnjoycd vollcyhzill, haschztll, pingfpung amd hiiwling. By pairticipiiting in sports amd hy scrving :is gym aides, many of thc G.A.A. mcmhcrs cgiriicd grccn Amd giild lcttcrs, xmd xi lcw of the girls won their gold kcys. In Fchruairy thc G.A.A, spmisorcd thc zmnuail Swccthcatrt Damcc. Mrs. Mairjoric Smith is faculty gidviscr for thc cliilw. GYM IDES lfmnl lliiw: Mrs. M. Smith. W. Michaucl. L. Bicimzm. B, Stull. Kuhiiskc. B. Lui gc. S. Davis. K. Nclscn. B. Scgiuivcs. lvladdlc Row: P. Cliirkc. P. BVIICC. S. Vmniiig. C. Vv'c:ix'cr. S. Rctziy, C. Schiicfdr.. li. Mcfiuirc. Ciihl. D. Edwards. lhck Ruw: M. Whislikzi. M. Krusc. Gcmlis. S, .'Xllwi'cclit, D. Crunk. P. Culciiixiri. Hull. N. Hams. Kiillw. - .g UlIEl cn. I "' In u nam h : f t -1- rw' P 5, be ,l You Are Invited to Visit Our Office and Display Room Lumber, Millwork, Hardware, Paints Pole Frame Buildings 1908 - 50 Years of Service - 1958 Our Golden Anniversary THE AMHERST LUMBER CO. Phone YU 8-4431 700 Mill Ave. Amherst, Ohio We NEED YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUSINESS Smith's Barber Shop Union Barber Shop Amherst, Ohio Wilford Motors AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS SINCLAIR GAS 85 OIL Phone YU 8-5062 Amherst, Ohio Prittie's BEN FRANKLIN STORE Headquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES and Kernel Fresh Nuts Compliments of Dr. N. A. Rubel DENTIST Honest Values Year After Year for 60 Years Z ' f, GERHART INC 510-520 BROADWAY Lorain, Ohio Ninetyftwo Mackenzie's NEWS and DELICATESSEN WHOLESALE and RETAIL 135 Park Ave. School and Office Supplies Cigars - Cigarettes - Tobacco Bill Schoemig Fresh, Salted, and Smoked Meats Pure Kiln Rendered Lard We Deliver Amherst, Ohio Phone YU 8-5522 192 Park Ave. Amherst Compliments of THE AMHERST THEATER Phone YU 8-3772 Compliments of EDWARDS BEAUTY SALON All Professional Services 223 Main St. M. Edwards Phone YU 8-4163 Charles Ebbs Men's and Women's Best Wishes To the Graduates of 1958 Mildi-ed's W ari A pa l 0 e ng P re Ladies' Shop Amherst' Ohio 132 Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio 'The Amherst News-Times Ehrman'BeCker' Inc' Publishers Printers REAL ESTATE 86 INSURANCE . NCTARY PUBLIC Llthographers Phone YU 8-4482 180 Park Ave. 242 Church St. Phone YU 8-4111 Amherst, Qhio Ninety-three Compliments of IRVING R. EMMERICH Funeral Director Phone YU 8-4451 373 Cleveland Ave. Amherst, Ohio Hart jewelry Company Compliments of Buy With Confidence From u Lorain County's Largest Jewelers Springer 86 Mueller 575 Broadway GENERAL CONTRACTORS 219 Sheffield Shopping 'Center Lorain, Ohio Compliments of N ORDSON CORPORATION Susidiary of U. S. Automatic Corporation Manufacturers of Paint Heaters and Airless Spray Equipment Amherst, Ohio Ninetyffour Compliments of Frank R. Neff, M. D. Amherst, Ohio IN BOTTLES . Best Wishes to Class of 1958 From Clarkson Brown AMHERST PHOTO STUDIO Amherst, Ohio YU 8-7594 BROWN STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP Wellington, Ohio Phone 466 Congratulations to the Class of 1958 LEIMBACH SERVICE 5494 L R d Amherst, Ohio f Congratulations To the Class of 1958 U. S. AUTOMATIC CORP. Amherst, Ohio and Best Wishes THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY CO. Amherst, Ohio The Very Best to the Class of 1958 MAR-JEAN SHOP Women's Apparel 239 Church St. Phone YU 4-3052 W 00 STUDIO ocmsmxswor 1939 Broadway CH 4-4225 Lorain, Ohio Nty Compliments of ELSIE K. SNELL Amherst, Ohio NATIONALLY ADVERTISED R. A. Moulton 86 Co. , Watches - Diamonds - jewelry Wholesale Candy jobber Silverware Distributor of Apollo Chocolates Milton's 705 Lake Ave. Phone 2730 Your Credit Jeweler Elyria, Ohio 544 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio Walker's Beauty Salon 567 Franklin Avenue Phone YU 8-4219 Zilch Florists Phone YU 8-4483 WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Compliments of ARS SEARS, ROEBUCK AND co. DOIMKI 01050 f 409 BROADWAY LORAIN, OHIO PHONE CH 4- 1901 SEARS Ninetyfeight Compliments of WAYNE A. GARLAND Funeral Director 851 Park Ave. Phone YU 8-4124 J' J' Smytlle Compliments of ATTORNEY-AT-LAW . . . Wilmot Printing Co. Room 205 Lorain County Bank Bldg. Phone YU 84134 229 Temple Ct. Elyria, Ohio Amherst, PhOhC Beauty Nook Best Wishes Owner - Operator for Success DOROTHY NELSEN Ted Jacobs 303 Church St. Phone YU 8-7202 4th St Lorain ohio ' v Amherst, Ohio THE A. H. BABCOCK CO. General Insurance Sth and Reid Life Insurance Real Estate Lorain, Ohio Phone CH 4-2246 Ninetymine D. R. Goldthorpe Attorney-at-Law Amherst, Ohio Woodings Home Appliance FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES 276 S. Main St. Phone YU 8-5081 Kolenda Jewelry Expert Watch and Clock Repairing Compliments of Diamonds -- Watches - Jewelry Berringtotfs Joseph Kolenda, Prop. Electric Appliance and Gift Shop Church St. Amherst Moelk Sales Plato Coal 85 577 Broad sf. Elyria Supplies 1057 Reid Ave. Lorain John p. Ruth Restaurant - Janitor Supplies and Equipment Tenney Ave. Amherst, Ohio Paper Products Compliments Compliments of of Flowers Hardware BERK,S General Hardware, Builders Supplies Park Avenue Electrical Supplies and Appliances Phone YU 8-4141 263 Main St. One hundred W. E. Moebius INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC YU 4-6773 - Phones - YU 4-6046 Compliments of Wagner 86 Aebersold Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Western Auto Assoc. Store Amherst, Ohio 680 Park Compliments of C. E. Baker Optometrist Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Lessiter Pharmacy Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Sam Klein Co. 425 Broadway Lorain "Smart Apparel for Men and Boys" Milan Avenue Lumber Co. "Where the Best Homes Begin" Phone YU 8-4122 1025 Milan Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Bert's Cookie Jar 215 Church Street One hundred one PERMANENTS THAT SATISFY Hair Coloring Consultation A TELEPHONE Phone YU 8-8625 SAVES D TIME AND MONEY HAIR STYLING SALON Arthur G. Miller . Russel C. Meyer 360 Cleveland Avenue The Lorain Amherst, Ohio Telephone Co. Specialists in Hair Cutting, Shaping, Styling and Waving Compliments of DR. M. B. BRANDON AMHERST, or-no Bralldall Jewelry Congratulations Graduates From Next Door to Sears GOODSPEED'S DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER Toyland 336 Broad Street Elyria Ohio Sc - 51.00 Store Furniture Store One hundred two W. J. Bodmann 86 Co. DODSON'S APPLIANCE Bill's Shop For Men Dry Goods Men's Wear SERVICE Gas and Electrical Appliances Repaired Bottled Gas Amherst Memorial Studio Amherst Phone YU 4-7499 EVERT NYLEN 184 Jackson St. Compliments of Bauer's Men's 86 Boys' Wear Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundry 193 Park Ave. Phone YU 4-7234 Amherst, Ohio Sheet Metal Work - Heating Repairs Air-Conditioning Richard A. Schneider Heating 86 Plumbing Amherst, Ohio Shop: Corner Middle Ridge 86 Rt. 58 Phone YUlcon 4-7870 T1-IE LORAIN JOURNAL Lorain C ounty's Leading Newspaper ESTABLISHED 1879 One hundred three The Public, By patience in assuming the tax burden, and judgment in the value of new levies. The Parents, By guidance in the home life and participation in the school life. The School Board, By efficiency of operation and foresight in selection. The School Administration, By maximum effort of wisdom and imagination and perseverance. O I The Building , Efficient, Healtliful, Beautiful. These are the steps to the opportunity for a better life for the graduates. ELMER 1-IUME, INC. One hundred four Congratulations and All Good Wishes to the Class of 1958 from M IL A D , I N C. Your Friendly Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Dealer "Milad is Always Ready to Help You with Your Transportation Problems" Amherst, Ohio One hundred five it's merthe's Fon vAcA'noN ssPAnAT:s in Elyria as gay as a teen queen's smile SHOES - CLEANERS - TAILORS H861 "Personalized" Cleaning - Characterized Tailoring THE OHIO SERVICE PRINTING CO. Printers of This Fine Yearbook S52 FIFTH ST. LORAIN, OHIO Engravings for this book by Compliments of Zimmerman Dairy Bar Ice Cream and Dairy Products R. D. 400 Tenney Ave. Amherst, Phone YU 8-4487 Ohio Yeager's Acres Gracious Country Dining 2 Kolbe Road Amherst, Dinner to Go Phone YU 8-8585 Ohio One hundred Compliments of DR. R. J. MULFORD OSTEOPATH Compliments of CRAWFORD'S BARBER SHOP O'Neil Shopping Center C. j. SPRINGER Insurance 86 Real Estate Phone YU 8-4401 252 Spring St. AMHERST Compliments of S. G. WET TRICH ATroRNEY-AT.LAW 'THE MEN 'S SHOP "On The Square - Elyria" Home of the Cabin Sport Shop Class and Club Jackets Compliments of The Lorain County Savings and Trust Co. Lorain County's Largest Bank AMHERST, OHIO ELYRIA, OHIO SW Paid on Savings Accounts WHEN YOU NEED FUNDS SEE US FOR: Mortgage Loans - Collateral Loans - Business Loans - Car Loans - Personal Loans One hundred seven Owens Record Rack The O'Neil Sheffield 617 Broadway Lorain, Ohio can CH 64933 Merchants' Association "Lorain County's Largest Smck of ReC"'dS" owen Sheffield center HI-FI RECORD PLAYERS Lorain, ohio PORTABLES AND ACCESSORIES For Anything in Athletic Equipment Wholesale Distributors of Rawlings 86 Wilson Sporting Goods ' ' Special School Accounts ' ti The R. - B. Co. 734 Broadway Phone CH 5-6977 ONS' Sheffield Gem' Lorain, Ohio Compliments of CUNNINGHAM'S DELICATESSEN Amherst, Ohio School Supplies - Cold Cuts - Ice Cream 294 Church St. Phone YU 8 8231 PICTURE CREDITS junior, sophomore, and freshman individual pictures - Henry Barr Studio, Berea. Editor and Business Manager, p. 2, InfService Program, Math. Class, One'act Play, p. 3: pp. 4 and 5'g Senior Tea. p. 6: Sock Hop. Mrs. jenkins Checks Make-up, p. 8, Custodians, p. 211 p. 114: Class Officers, Senior Tea, p, 33: p. 734 Shop, Dramatics, Spanish, Music, Mardi Gras Dance. pp. 74, 753 Administration p, 11, Track, p. 86: Pep Squad p. 87: Volley Ball p. 89 fi Mr. Cooley and Keith Nelsen with school camera. Basketball, p. 3: Miss Steele. p. 6: Coach Hudak and Boys, Bill Bloom, p. 8: Game p. 78, Basketball p. S3 1 Elyria Chronicle Telegram. Majorettes. p. 6: Homecoming Queen, p. 8: Science, p. 74, p. 81 - Amherst News Times. Deans. p. 10: Scholarship Team. p. 33 - The Record. Sweetheart Dance. p. 8 - Brown Studio. P. 23 - james Evans. Quartet and Sextette. P. 61 - Mr. Surer. Basketball, pp. 9 and 77 - Mike Szabo and Lorain journal. P. 106 - Bill McLoda. Other pictures - Rudy Moc Studio, One hundred eight A. NABAKOWSKI CO. Across from the Old Spring Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Tile Roofing a Specialty Phone YU 8-4457 Amherst, Ohio Booty Young's Plumbing Slutzker's Market FRANCIS HOWARD YOUNG A h ' C l F d S Shop - Corner of Middle Ridge m ersts om? ete oo tore and Rt. 58 Residence - 494 Tenney Ave. Park Avenue PLUMBING - HEATING Phone YU 84481 MISCHKA'S RESTAURANT HOME MADE CANDIES "Where the gang meets after the game!" AMHERST, omo WNEK'S AUTO SERVICE INC. 24 Hour Wrecker Service Day Phone YU 4-7250 AAA GARAGE Night Phone YU 4-3215 YU 8-3864 Bemis Florist Compliments of 980 North Ridge Rd. Corsages - Cut Flowers The F oursquare Church Weddings Rev Willian R Mouer Our Flowers Are Fresher We Grow Our Own Phone: Lorain CE 3-5961 AMHERST DRY CLEANERS 240 Tenney Ave. Amherst, Ohio Phone YU 8-4491 4 Hour Service on Specials One hundred nine IN ELYRIA IT'S READ'S JEWELRY For Your jewelry Needs Charles A. Miller NOTARY PUBLIC AND INSURANCE Compliments of Dr. R. E. Schaeffer and Phones: Dr. T. L. Snyder Office YU 4-7435 Res. YU 8-3744 139 Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio phone YU 8-4464 The Hageman Shoe Co. Amherst Hardware Co. GENERAL HARDWARE PLUMBING AND HEATING Quality Shoes for the Entire Family X-Ray Fitting - Chiropodist We Give and Redeem Owl Stamps Phone YU 8-4409 Amherst, Ohio 387 Broadway Lorain, Qhio ERNST MESKE'S Shell Station MUSIC JEWELRY Road Service O Pianos O Diamonds O R ecor d Players O Watches Phone YU 84177 221 Church Sf. Phone YU 4-3335 Cleveland Ave. 86 Spring St. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of MITISKA NURSERY Amherst, Ohio Phone YU 8-4123 QUALITY NURSERY STOCK One hundred ten A . -1 -,-,. . ww... v.- .. , , - - ' V Pl A Y' . ' Autographs ' Courtesy ofAmherst1uniorandSeniorHighP.T.A. V and Powers Elementary P.T.A. Q WNY? 'AL JU Ja kv V W0 K 1 ,W ,Lv UJMWJ Half 6 -R . X SXQ' R 5 G 1 A, ilfm e ,M ' Q Ak 6, M121 .YO 02' V' ' ' , M 3 e Q5 ey! J' vo, Six' f WM W if UMM , my fjjf M Wdgjffgfyjhfffff W' J? f MMMWU Y' , A. IJ Vjxw Sy fgvifv W 4 l ' ' ' iW',Z"'f 'K 9' WMUSJP MMV, ff Q56 is W v , ye' GAF, Wfikfffffiifwfafg f,.4w1m- jx., ow Wm ,f:J,Iff?JffffM Q gwMw3W ,ggi ww W . . - v.-.f . 1 , Wfjfqp Wwa ' M W! V QQ M X555 W Qf'1sQ'fygsr5f"f? 3f E! Eagfy Qqegffggggeq wg ' f M W Vik? D fjffwf Af ,Jw ffv ,fm Hwfxiyff-?gQk W W My xW7,5f'X w V3 "fpQff!f1fXyw,KiA efafiwggq MVQA2j'yuQi'y3 Vwjjfy M QWJW Wig!! GSK fa 45 E Wi! wt f, Q Sfzlfw? WQQM , My fix 'Rf dwg? M W Q C4 no LM M' -QXA6 YXJN-'Cuff -low, +5 'SMS NJ M-x 'M' awe 'Y fffff ' "'

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