Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH)

 - Class of 1957

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Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1957 volume:

fi? X' ,u .1 6 111, N , Q -Q w w ,iz Wx , ,VW A S T. 9 . X . -Lg, if 'P 1 , 4- ,PV ff mfg ? ' .im X. W Q K: W, " :: ' pk .X I .fr H gkgxwuv vyzn M' BffQf i5Sf1Q?5" 4 ', a Q 'ft Q wiv w"'4V n Q 2. mi , t ,get 4 fag wg f K ,QJJWA3 X , ,A k . F- gm I I .2 ,s 'ffw' jaw' - -- .,. ..,,...N-.. f-,,w--w,--ff fvff if rr. 1 unm- ww: M MT "1 . f . -fa.. LVQVVVQVVVRV Vx W.. VIPVVVVQVVV VV M- 'V,. Y w f ff I - ., V, VV . --:- V by ..V :, V . V VVV VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VV V V .ff i 'E Q - X W, A' v .V ' , VW . . .41 VV .. Vw .. V V - IP W W 1 'Am LY f ' , Vi A . V 5' ', V V .V 5 A aww, rv?-, I ry ., ' - V ,MQ ww-V ' , V ' 5 1,5 . V . , f .wwf A Q, . V. V- fm, Wray V V! VV VV I , ,g V 'Q I 'fd g.9Lv"' Q ik, 1 .ix VJ bf -s. ' P a dw " I' 'VJ 1 ' . V. VW 4- ,M V V-'W . ' 1 V X H ' V SMA 5, 1 W .. V V . V -'w .. '- -'11x'h.sf W -.wav- I .Ln 1 -HM -M-if A ' .. 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P ,Q 6 Y fy 1 Q5 -Lilfifgy 4, Q 'J Q ...............,........ LIZ131iBillma JW t 8 p Jaege Af YJ f THE AMI-IERSTONIAN STAFF presents Um 7awn In the year 1318, Mr. Josiah Harris settled at what is now Amherst. Mr. Harris had a large tract of land around the "Old Spring," and this area became the center of Our Town. Incorporated in 1873, the village attracted many settlers who were interested in working at the nearby sandstone quarries. Toda f Amherst, with a population of about 5,000, is a prosperous X, community with neat, wellfkept homes and thriving businesses . . . a progresf sive town with plans for a new S600,000 high school . . . a quiet, friendly ' ' ' d from school. village with hundreds ot happy boys and girls hurrying to an There is a strong bond linking our school and our community -- a Splflf of cooperation and a sharing of honors. It is with great pride that we honor Our Town. Lucy Billman, Carol Stull and Philip Jaeger visit the "Old Spring." 4-...a.. i ! I School Life Seinurs of 'Wu .md fiuculty iw IX1111im'11t't'i11e11t Exercises TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Six win N g, ,.f Students . , Page Twenty-four Tcctmaigerw watch illllllgllfiliitlll. Sports Page Seventy-four Cmnrts get the hall. Advertisements Page Eighty-seven TilI't'z? Administration ,A Page Twelve Milb'fHl' Koontz .md Stlpcrintcmlcnt Clmisim study map of Our Town. L, I QW' jf A Activities . ., . . Page Fifty-four Choir and Band prcscnt vcspcr service. 'H l Congregational Church First Evangelical United Brethren Church Faith Baptist Church Methodist Church 3 1 'Y A '. 4 35 ,mfg --- . ., -1 av z am fs mf 1 O R TOWN South Main Street Idlewood Drive lrtmr is a community with strong churches, attractive homes, and progressive schools. Powers Elementary School Amherst Central School v t, c - 3 . W P 9. 4 ,.. sg. . L 1 Y .eff cg St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church Foursquare Gospel Church St. joseph's Catholic Church and School St. Peter's Evangelical and Reformed Church xx , 'sY4f ,Qi ft 44 My - xt Q i 17+ I V Qu 5 aww Qi Ansfgjgfgii x . .M ,x X QQ? A I W MT was SA W, .X X N. , MN NC Q us: mai A wa 9 -A. 4+ T' .4 x ti Mk., .Q V W Vi f F - 5' I 552, ff 15.52 - 1 V 1 Jfgiflkfb f . -. '- f- .:,-'sc ., . . . Y - - f H g,,1..,.. ...W -K 1 V ,, A .wg A 'M-wwf"-' W- ---W-W J W - W ' 1 H M S """"d""'k 4, , . 5 ,. Ms X. . , , . , 2 i O is W vmwwy -X N31 x , at , .N 2 qw ,z , 3 X JN fx ' , y W 7 H .L i j-gyfff ,M fm ,MLW W limb 9 5 5 F-31' MH, , 'Www' , ' -Q Q fslwwi .I wwf' ff? 5 'S' 1 x is-f','ff'. L.f,iM-M., Q52 2 ,ff ,K M3gi315'fQ Lw W It I . 4 . 1 ,Wi 2 . x ' A f M .1-wfWWw"f'f, A-xx .XA N, ff" sy? gg if pr 4 ffQk',,fi7QE.?5f V i. :EA?3QSg 9 Fi, xsxsxwiirk f ximi f Q W R A K M 1, W- .1 A QM arm 1 , U 'WJ Q v,.,3w..5 , w-wg wr V "W , , ffm L: ' fl' ,, .3 K' 'Sf V is A ' 'X X fm, P ,. Q - f X -, 5 7 nba ww W . Yffwn A 5 ,N - A x k kk ,4 X- . 1 -4, g f W, Q , RA, - ,X N -M1 - - " , ' X 4, , , eff g A L' . Q-W fwfr? ff -V .. W 5' 55955 - - H 5' ' , NMMA iw, f' 7. A kb N M, mww,w-ww ix hW?'f J 3' , ,ya , T :Egg 4 ff. gy ,Wk x , si Alix, T - V 1 M- - t 3 " ' 1 W s f 1 x f f v f Amin., A. .mg 4-5.5 R af ri' rx fx A ,- . 3' xv Q? 1 gf ,Y S4-niorx hollul' Nlotlwrs III zmnual tea. kwa 23 lloxic and llill cross bridge lv Fantasy .l2lCliil' and jvrry star in "Anniv Land at '56 Prom. Get Your Gun." mr extra-curricular activities. Nino: f . :. 3. 4 us V Q -SM' XS? 3 NW U Q4 C 1 fl 1 ' vf sf I u gig Sax L QS ,sg Y .af A Af - xx X A f' 1- ' A my Q, .5 , ' ,ci 'Q sa ? mf 1 451 5 - , . I9 'n if Q' , A S 9 ? ' 'Q Jw . s l J -Ag ? X 1 5 Wg, I E EN :Sgr Eg sh! ml as Si' m 3 K Y x , W x I fi Y ,H NM . E, gf , . f ,, , . W K , ,uf-wwf, . -x .X L. K V 'y." if , x .Qgf A fm X 5 . w X H ,,,, ' a ,A . ' 1 f -- " fx? 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Lyle B.A., Heidelberg Collegeg M.S., Wiscoiisiim University Social Studiesg Guidance junior High Principal William Jenkins A.B., BaldwinfWallace Collegeg A.M., Western Reserve University Sixteen Kindergarten and Grades One, Two, and Three GRACE MORAIN Ntnxtln'.1strt'l1 Shttr'l1t'l's tiullcgc, Olilatlmmlm limvlmng ilrvclw Shttt' llmx't'l'QiIy. Svt'tn1tl Lll'.lLlk'. RUTH E. HILTABIDEL BS. IH Edlmttlmm, Stun' Tc.tclwx'4 CI-tllvgv. l't'm1wlx"tmn . 4 . , Tl1u'tl CIr.ntlc. LYDIA SCHEIDE BS, m Edtlcntiun. Ohm lltnvcrfntyg BQllLlNVlll Vs'.tll.1U: fitmllugvg Kvnt Stqtlt' llnlvursltv. lu I C tdt 's lt. '. MAYME SAHL Kent State llI1lX'l'l'hIIyl Ciluwltmd Ntvrmztl Sclmtml Ulm: llttuvutiltyz B-llLlVVlI1'XX'V.lllilx't' flullvgu. lfuxt Umtlt' MARGARET PANDY KORKA Dlpltvltnt. Ulwtlm KII1LlCI'fJ,ill'lK'Il Pritllalry Trxuning St-lmtmlg Kcnt State LlIllYCI'Sll.yQ Bowling Groom State llnuvt-lstty, BnldwmfVdtllzm: College. Second Umdc. 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POWERS Kent State Universityg Ohio Uiiix'ei'fityg Vv'estt'rn Reserve University. Fourth Grade. AUDREY J. RICHARDS Wixsrstci' Cullege: BS., Ohin State llniverxity: Vxtxtviii Reserve University. FI-lllfd Grade. NORMA E. WASHKA AB., Oberlin Cullegeg BlIlt.lXVII1'VV'-lllQlCt' Chlllvgt-. Ifnurth Grade, IVA SMITH Vsfilnnngtnn Collcgcg Kent State University. Tl1lI'd Grade. t lliglxteen Q N' A pplzed A rts Wig I 4 FREDERICK GASSER BB., Ymlllgxtwxvlm lyI!lYx'l'NllV' M 'X 5K uf Imvxl. XXII, MARIAN SCHACHT .uv IIIIIYVI sl ABN Imrlrc Damn' Lullcgcg Ohm Sum lfnuwunty Hulllg' EL'Ul111IllIs'N. ALLEN MIZER BS. III Edllcaltiun. Kant Stats Urm'c1'x1lyg Dxplfnlnzl III EIk'IllClIIill'Y ELIIICEIUUII, K4-nt Stun' lIlIlYVl'9IIy. IVIQICIIIIIC Shupg ILIIIIUI' :md SI-nun' Hlglm Imlusruinl A1141 Atlwlvtlc Dircctmz RICHARD S. COOLEY Bb. III Edllfullmm. lxcnt Nato l!IIlX't'lNlIy IVIVCIIAIIICLII IJl'2lVk'lIIgI Asvxtanlmt Track V1 wh BI:RTINl: I:.w POSTLR' l ALMA M' WELLMAN Dlplullmzl, f.lcx'cl.1ml Ntlfllhll fflltllbl. , I ' lfmh GVMIU, 3.1l::il1MItf?gixyI5h1-Ilm f.ur1w1x.mlxv, ELIZABETH G. BORTZ , , , lIlllX'L'I'SIIY ul PIIISIWIIIQIIIQ Ymmx' ffullcgv, RUSSELL A' PETERSEN SIXIII QIIRAILIU, B. Sch, M.. Balldwir1'Vv'a1Ilucc Ciullcgvg IVIRX, Xxr'l'NIk'I'H Rvwrvc Unlvvrslly, -IEANE K, NIILLS l71r'cftm' ui' IIISIIWIIIIUIIIRII Mn BH. in Ednlultmlm. Ulm: Slim- Univvrsily, SIXIII Grqulc. DONALD McKAY WONDERLY AIS.. NIJX.. Ulwrlm Chllcgvg xx'l'NlCIAIl Rvscrvv Ul11x'v1'N1lx'. Sullmml I,rx'LlIluln:1Isl. Psychologist and Sixth Grade lwtew' n GLADYS E. DRAKE A.l3,. Wmiiisti'i' flnllcgvg Uhcrlin St-liuul ul' Cfninimi i Uhin lliiivciwity. fluiiiiiiwciail. jon HUDAK PLS., Willt-iilwi'i'ig flullcgcg lVl.A., Vv'c4tc'i'n Rvsvixt Uiiivsrsilyz Ohm Univcimity. Sucial Stunlicsg Head lfnnthall Coach: Assistant Baslxcthall Coach: Driver Education, MARJORIE C. SMITH Commercial Work and Physical Education BS. in Education. Ohin University. LORNA MIDDENDORF lillyslfill Ldllfiltllllli Hullllli HS.. Bowling Green State University. ARTHUR R' THOMAS junior High Literature and Social Studies. A.l3.,'Ohin Vslvslcyaii llnivcrsityg MS.. lnuliana LAURENCE VAN DER OORD U'l'W"'5'lY- l 4 , Y B,S. in Education, Bowling Green Slatc University Hmd Bilslwlllilll c"'il'll5 Asslstillll limltllllll c'l'i'fll3 -Iunini' High Social Stucliesg Freshman Baskcthall Cuacli Physical Etlucatinng Hcalth. Driver Educummr H I J HELEN SMITH X A ,J I 1' f, my X B.A., Alhinn Cnllcgcg Micliigkm Slate Nuinfil Chilli-gt Lil'vi'ariang English. HELEN M. WINGATE AB.. Baildwiiifwaillzicc Cullcgc: M.A.. Vs'cwtvi'ii lh-win University Graduate Sclwul. Histuryg Business Adviser fur Annual. JOHN R. DILL HA.. BaldwinfXVallacc Cullcgcg Kcnl Stats llnivcisity Histuryg Social Studies. Social Studies . in sakllmlggfll it Q , JL. ' ' ii ' A M athematics and Science KATHRYN P. MURRAY AB., Flora Stone Mather Klfillcgc. XVcstcrn Rcscrvc University. A.M.. Vvlcstcrn Rcscrvc University Grad' uatt- Schnulg Univcrsity nf Michigan. University ul Paris. lircnchg Spanish: Englishg Adviser for Annual. JAMES BLASER AB.. Hcidclhcrg Cnllcgm MS. in Education. Univci sity nl' Vsfiscnnsin. junior High Englishg Advisor for Newspaper. MARGARET RICE EGELAND AB.. Ohvsrlin Cullugcg A.M., University nl Michigan. Spccchg English. MARGARET B. THUTT AE.. Bluffton flullcgc. Latin: English. EVELYN A. SMITH AE.. Elura Stung Mather tinllt-gc: M.A.. Xycstcrn Rcscrvc Univcrsity Graduate Cullcgc. Scnitvr High English. RUTH COOK BS. in Etltlcatnm. Ohm Statc University: BUXX'llIIg Grcvn Statc Unix't'rsity1 Cleveland Cnllcgc. junior High English. DOROTHEA Z. BROWN AB.. Qhcrlin Cullcgcz University ni Michigan, Mathcniattcs. HOWARD GOULD BS.. Baldwinfvsfallacc C-rllcgs. junior High Mathematics. FRANCIS H. TOUSLEY AE.. Ohio Wcslcyzili University: Uhnr Statc llIllVt'I' sity: Ashland Cnllcgc: Case: Institute til' 'l't-ulimrlngy Scicncc: Mathematics. WILLIAM KROHE AE.. Heiclclhcrg College: Kvnt Statc University. Vvfnrld History: Science: Track Cuachg Assistant Fuotlwall and Baskctlnzlll Coat-h. H925 Language A rts 'Twciitywnit' Secretaries Norma Richmond Nancy Barck Connie Hylkema Cafeteria Cooks f:....? jf J Mrs. Agnes Heck, Mrs. Roberta Heck, Mrs. Esther Shook, Mrs. Beulah Reinhardt, Mrs. Louise Crum, Mrs. Dorothy IN MEMORIAM Mrs. Minnie Iirucker Mrs. lvlinnie l3rueker was ll memher nl the C.lliClL'I'lAl stall .xt Amherst Cen' tml Selmul frnm 1939 'until her Lleaxth in IOS6, Mrs. llrueker was elevuteel to her work :mel sincerely interested in the students .ind their activities, We shall allways rememher her kindness and lriemlliness tn ull, 'lixvelltyflwu Custodians at Powers Elementary School Robert Baumhardt Robert Schibley Paul Beetler Bus Drivers George Cunningham Byrd Richmond Karl Mlllder George Ullman Ted Wxmck Arthur Koppcnhafer Paul Bcctlcr N Twcnlyfllmrcc 1 V . :K . ' Custodians at Central School Arthur Martina Willianm Heck John Prles ..W,,,....,.W ..4 f J H if f 5 7 f i I N 5 K? S Y 3. 1 -K 2 5 K: + Qing ' A it nr X 2 Mg fm,m.2,w .. N .' gigs 3, 4 Vf"'? ' ww fu 1,3 'K Q gn AN, ' 3 R-xg g . wi M 13' !WS+x,ws' JWN Q :iz f X 515W L 5 H559 w A Q .W S Wi, W Q fx A if x 5' Nd y x wh W EM x 2 W? i 1 , x4 S? x 'Ax Ai, WAN 1 vw iif N 61 513' M. ml Elf M5 QW.. G X if ,QQ 'IYJJXMW as R. sw a iff? - 'vfgmsgfv .A.,, +w,' Q- 2 v V A ,, iff .Mfg Mf3,,x.,. Ed., :WR nswfv? Q rf ' igiljigm 5 X A 5' 2,w?gF5y,: ,Z ' vm? .1 N "'-v AQ 'vip fy av w w W HW Yggiimw ," M? xv Kava. we N , V ' , x .vw Maw. 1 ' Kwan: f f A 4 , , 3 , . ,fl , M 'n K 4, W M . U 'X , ' A 2 W Q,f'1NkA A W ,fp A Q B Kqgyw- QQ I V , M V, ,calm V '. f A H. r . " , M, f ' , My . R ,M Q 4 5 Q M , A., if , K f 'rr Elgin, RN, . 5 K +2 ii QMS e I W M A A 4 lx K ...W V , QW N wg , j wwim fx f ,1 X ' ?S5m?wf1?wix?w mg 'Q Y ,www A W fx X W ,Wig 6 VS' WU? 4. C 'A w LQ ix , 2 Z.j 122- w v w5?f 3wa'w, , 4555? 5 x X 9 ' ,gif , 1 Q5 pi . 4 H55 VM.. 5 w" SCHEDULE AHS.OPP. NJN C2 ' Tl unsron ss -oo an as - as Louoora so -su .nvszw ss -an .mos oo' as w une - SARETTA - nmzasr - MLION ' f. TU DENTS SEN IORS Class Officers President ,, ,,,,,,, .,.... ...,,,,, ,.,...,....,,.,..,................,,.A...,..,... . , M ike Kelleher Vice-President ,..... ,,,., ....... . .,,., .,,,..A.. ........,, R 0 g e r Mulder Secretary-Treasurer , ,,,...........,,,,.,A.,,........... .. .,., ..,,.. ,,,.. J o hn Drake Class Advisers-Mrs. Drake, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Tousley Honor Students Valeclictorian - Carol Stull Lucy Billman Shirley Berger Pat Solack Philip Jaeger Alan Buell Ellen Mitchell Twenlyfsix MARY ANN CLAUDETTE ABRAHAM 'Slwewd Businessw0man" Latin Club 1.25 French Club 3. 45 Scholarship Team 35 Hall Guard 35 Science Club 4. LAUREL ANN BACH "Enthusiastic Horsewomanu Commercial Club 45 A Cappella Choir 2f45 Speech Contests 45 Girls' Chorus 15 Record Staff 1. ELMER OHN BADO J "Proud Owner of a Red Convertible" Basketball 1-45 Track 45 Hi'Y 4: Play 4. DAVID RAY BARNES "Overnight Sensation at A H.S." A Cappella Choir5 Football 15 Basketball 1, 25 Plays 3. SHIRLEY ANN BERGER "Outdoor Girl" Record Staff 1'45 G.A.A. 15 Commercial Club 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Band l'45 A Cappella Choir 35 Office Aide 45 Scholarship Team 25 Plays 4. PEGGY ANN BILLINGSLEY "Pride of the Faye Co." F.T.A. 25 Spanish Club 1. 25 Band 25 Safety Patrol 1. 25 Attendant to Sweetheart Queen 15 Usher 45 Quiz Bee 15 Cheerleader 2, 35 Commercial Club 45 Speech Contests 3, 45 Office Aide 35 Scholarship Team l, 2. LUCY ANN BILLMAN "Snappy Come-backs" Amherstonian Staff 2f4, and Editor 45 Quiz Bee 15 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 3, 4, and Pres. 45 Band 45 Girls' Chorus 25 Scholarship Team 1f45 Girls' State 3. DANIEL WILLIAM BODMANN "Crew-cut Cuz'up" St. Mary's 15 Class Pres. 35 Class Sec.'Treas. 25 Student Council 4. and Pres. 45 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 3, 45 Football 1, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Track 245 Gymnastics 2f4. , ROBERT BRENTON BREMKE "Potential Architect" Student Council 35 Boys' Chorus 15 Record Staff 3. 45 Amherstonian Staff 45 Hi'Y l'45 Spanish Club 1.25 Band lf4, and Pres. 45 A Cappella 1,25 Boys' State 35 Plays 45 Basketball 15 Basketball Manager lf3. RUTH ANN BREZINSKI "Sophisticated Bobby Sour" Girls' Chorus 15 Operetta 25 Plays 35 Usher 35 Speech Contest 35 A Cappella 2'4. Twenty-seven 1957 SEN IORS DAVID STEWART BRUCE "Cool Amateur Photogvapl1e'r" Basketball 15 Boys' Chorus 15 Amherstonian Staff 45 HifY 1, 3, 45 Spanish Club 1, 25 Band lf45 A Cappella 1, 25 Boys' State 35 Scholarship Team 25 Plays 4. MILTON ARTHUR BRUCE "Playboy" Latin Club 1, 25 Hall Guard 45 Basketball 15 Thespian 4. ALAN DWIGHT BUELL "Radio Expert" Hi'Y 1, 2, 45 Science Club 1f45 Spanish Club 1, 25 Band lf45 A Cappella 1, 25 Scholarship Team 25 Projection Staff 1, 2, 45 Amateur Radio Club 3, 45 Operetta 25 All Ohio Boys' Band 1'4. CAROLE LEE BURRETT "Blond Bombshell" Cafeteria Aide 15 Speech Contest 35 Latin Club 1, 25 F.T.A. 25 Record Staff 214: A Cappella 2'45 Plays 45 Thespian 45 Library Aide 25 Operetta 25 Hall Guard 3. DIANNE CHRISTINE CAPRETTA "Cl-nina Doll" Student Council 25 Spanish Club 1, 25 French Club 3, 45 Band 15 A Cappella 1-4, and Pres. 4: Gym Aide 1, 25 Library Aide 25 Usher 45 Oper' etta 2. ELLWOOD CARVER "Smiling Sauthcm Gentleman" Vancebu-rg, Kentucky 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Basket' ball lf45 Track 4. LEROY CORN ELIUS ' 'Ladies' Man" BEVERLY ANN CORTS "Efficient Sccfcta-ry" Spanish Club 1, 25 Gym Aide 35 Commercial Club 4, and Pres. 45 Amherstonian Staff 4. LORETTA MARLE DELKUS "Shorty" Latin Club 2, 35 Usher 35 F.T.A. 2f4, and Pres. 45 Office Aide 4. DOLORES ROSE DEMBEK "Paz Boone's it! Fan" Scholarship Team 1, 25 Girls' Chorus 15 F.T.A. 25 Record Staff 2'4, and Editor 45 Amherstonian Staff 45 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club 3, 45 A Cap- pella 1, 25 Usher 3, Class Vice'Pres. 35 Operetta 2. Twentyfeight JOHN BERNARD DRAKE "Advocate of Student Rights" Class Pres. 1, 2: Class Sec.fTreas. 4: Scholarship Team 23 Track 2: Record Business Manager 3, 4: Amherstonian Staff 3. 4: HifY 2f4g Latin Club 1. Z: French Club 3, 43 Gym Aide 4: Basketball lf4. GEORGE H. DUNFEE "Amlierst's Elvis" Speed Reading 2: Projection Staff 3. GLENN EDWARD DUSKEY "Twinkle Toes" Football l, DANIEL HENRY FREDERICK "Deacon Dan" Football lg Basketball lf3: Projection Staff 4g Safety Patrol 1, 2: Hi'Y 3: Choir 1. EDWARD JOSEPH GARGASZ "Ambitious Cnrpentef' Student Council 25 Latin Club l, 2: Hall Guard 3: Plays 4: Track lg Football 1. BETTIE HIGGINS MSIIICCT1 of Hearts" Spanish Club 1, 23 French Club 3, 43 A Cappella 43 Gym Aide 21 Usher 3g Attendant to Homecom- ing Queen 3, 4: Plays 4: Student Council 4: Record Staff 3, 4: Sweetheart Qu-een 4. MURIEL ANNE KATHERINE HOLT "Fashion Plate" Choir 2-4: Band 2: Record 2: Amherstonian Staff 4: Girls' Chorus lg Spanish Club 2, 35 Prince of Peace Contest 4. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HUFFMAN "Chuclqles" Eaton 1, 25 Midview 3: Class Treas. 1, 2: Basket' ball I. 21 Band l, 2: Chorus 1f3g Class Play 3: Newspaper Staff 33 Projection Staff 1f3g Radio Club 3: Tbespian 3: Gym Aide 4: Spanish Club 4. DONAID RALPH HYLKEMA "Sports Fiend" Spanish Club 2. 3: French Club 4: Plays 4: Speech Contest 3: Thespian 4. ELMER LAWRENCE IRELAND "Happy Hu1ite1" Boys' Chorusflg Gymnastics 2: Plays 4: Hall Guard 4: Speed Reading 2: Football 25 Track 4. Twenty-nine 1957 l I SEN IDRS PHILIP DANA JAEGER, IR. "Philosophical Phil" Band 1f45 A Cappella Choir 1, 25 Spanish Club 1, 25 Basketball 1, and Mgr. 3, 45 Scholarship Team lf45 F.T.A. 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Plays 4g Amherstonian Staff 3, 4, and Bus. Mgr. 4. NEAL BURTON IENNE "Roving Romeo" Football l-35 Track 45 Play 45 Spanish Club l. ALICE FAYE JONES "Prize-Winning O1ator" Record Staff 3, 45 F.T.A. 45 G.A.A. l, 25 Band l- 45 A Cappella 2, 45 Usher 35 Safety Patrol 1-4, and Captain 45 Plays 3, 45 Speech Contests 3, 45 Thespian 45 Girls' Chorus 1. KAY RICHARD KAY "Eve'rybody's Buddy" Latin Club 15 Basketball 15 Track 2. MICHAEL ALAN KELLEHER "Big Wheel" Football lf45 Track 1, 25 Basketball 15 Student Council 1, 25 Class Pres. 4. DIANE RUTH KILGORE "Snappy Nurses' Aide" Oberlin lg Firelands 25 Class Sec. 15 G.A.A. 1, 25 Red Cross l5 A Cappella Choir l, 25 Class Vice' Pres. 25 Latin Club 25 Scholarship Team 2, 45 Gym Aideg Plays 4. DIANE ALICE KING "mf Lad," Library Aide 25 F.T.A. 3, 45 Amherstonian Staff 45 Stuglent Council 45 Gym Aide 45 Office Aide 45 Us er 3. EDWIN FRANCIS KLENZ "Confirmed Chowhoundn Plays 45 Gym Aide 45 Hall Guard 4. MARIORIE ANN KRUSE "Lass With the Long Lovely Locks" G.A.A. 25 F.T.A. 25 Band lf45 Student Council 35 Spanish Club 1, 25 Record Staff 4. BONITA MARIE KUHN "Looney Tunes" Spanish Club 1, 25 Gym Aide 7.5 Speech Contest 3 A Cappella 3, 45 Plays 35 Hall Guard 4. Thirty KAY SHARON LACH "Mrs. Wesley" Student Council 1'3g Record Staff 44 F.T.A. 2g G.A.A. 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2g Cheerleader 2f4: Girls' State 3: Cafeteria Aide lg Attendant to Homecoming Queen lg Attendant to Sweetheart Queen lg Scholarship team lg Homecoming Queen 4. ELIZABETH ESTHER LOEWER "Acco1dian A'rtistc" Commercial Club 4: French Club 1, 23 Band 1-43 A Cappella 35 Office Aide 4g Plays 45 F.T.A. 4. LINDA LEE LONG "Fabulous Five Foot Five" Record Staff 1-4: French Club 1, 23 Band 1f4g A Cappella 4: Gym Aide 25 Attendant to Home' coming Queen 2, 3g Plays 4g Attendant to Sweet' heart Queen 2. 3. SHARON LOUISE MANN "Personality Plus" South Amherst 1g Spanish Clu-b 2g French Club 4g Band 3, 41 Attendant to Homecoming Queen 2g Usher 35 Plays 4. BEVERLY JOAN MCCREADY "Roclqiugest Thing on Two Feet" Latin Club 1: Office Aide 4g Gym Aide 2'4g Cafeteria Aide 1: Plays 4g Usher 3, 45 Thespian 43 Library Aide 2f4. JOHN EDWARD MCDONALD "Cd1Dl.X Blushing Beau" Lorain lg Student Council 3. 49 French Club 2, 33 Gym Aide 4g Football 3, 4g Basketball 2f4g Track 114. WILLIAM ERNEST MICHAEL "Hum Operator" Football 1'4g Track 2, 3g Speech Club 45 Science Club 2: Radio Club 3. 4g Band 1-43 Student Council 1, 2: Boys' State 35 Spanish Club 1, 23 Plays 4. JOAN CAMILLE MILLER "Camedievme" F.T.A. 21 Spanish Club 1. 2g Band 3, 4g A Cap' pella l'3g Gym Aide 2g Library Aide 29 Usher 2g Plays 4: Operetta 2g Speech Contest 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2. ELLEN SUE MITCHELL "S2.uiet and Fun-loving Girl" Lorain lg Chorus 1: A Cappella 2, 3g Operetta 23 Commercial Club 45 Library Council 25 Amherst' onian Staff 4. KENNETH HERBERT MITCHELL "Hot Rudder" Thirty-one 1957 SEN IORS NEIL JOHN MONROE "Math Whizi' Greece 1, 2g Latin Club 1, 2: French Club 1. 33 Track lg Football 1. 2. .EARL LEROY MORAIN "M1. Touchdown" Class Vice'Pres. 1: Gym Aide 2, 3: Football 1f4 Basketball lf4g Track lf41 Gymnastics 114, ROGER FRANCIS MULDER ' 'Ivy " Class Treas. 3: Class VicefPres. 45 Football 3, 41 Track Guard Lorain 1, 3g Plays lf4g Basketball 3: Spanish Club I: Hall 4: Plays 43 Projection Staff 2f4. JERRY MICHAEL OLAH "Oleo" Track l'41 Latin Club 1. 24 Basketball l. JOHN DAVID OLIVER "Absent-minded Scientist" High 1, 2g Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 41 Choir Projection Staff 2f4: Student Council 1: 33 Amherstonian 3: Scholarship Team 2f4g French Club 2, 3. DIANNE LYNNE OLSON "Pizza Loue1" Record Staff 1-33 F,T.A. 1, 21 Latin Club 1, 2 Band 1-4: A Cappella Choir 4: Cheerleaders 2 Gym Aide 23 Library Aide 2. 3: Safety Patrol 1, 2 Plays 43 Majorette 3, 4. GERALD MICHAEL OROSZ Ufantalizing Tenor" A Cappella Choir lf4g Operetta 2g Thespian 41 Play 4. MICHAEL CIRIL POHORENCE "Dancing Gigolo" Latin Club lg A Cappella Choir 4: Cafeteria Aide 2g Plays 43 Thespian 4g Football 1. 3. 4g Basketball lg Track 1, 2, 4: Gymnastics 1. PATRICIA ANN PRICE "Horne Economist" Cafeteria Aide 4g Play 35 Speech Contest 3. 'Thirtyftwo ROXANNE RAIFSNYDER "Chuttc1box' ' Record Staff 2f4g Commercial Club 41 Latin Club 1, 21 French Club 3: Band 1-41 A Cappella Choir 45 Hall Guard 4g Gym Aide 2. a BILLLE CLAYTON REYNOLDS "The Silent Type" Football 2'41 Latin Club 1. 21 Gymnastics 2f4g Hall Guard 4: Class Vice-Pres. 2. LARRY LEE SCHUMACHER "Reformed Senior" Latin Club 1, 2g Cafeteria Aide. RICHARD ALLYN SEGRAVES "One Man Cllcering Section" Tucson. Arizona lg Elyria 1: Spanish Club 1: A Cappella Choir 1, 41 Plays 3. 41 Track 3. 4: Speed Contest 2g French Club 4. PATRICK FRANK SHAY "Lad With the Natural 'Tuni" Class Sec. 33 Latin Club lg Hall Guard 43 Plays 4g Football l. 4: Basketball lg Track 1. 2, 4g Gym' astics lg Science Club 4. NANCY WAUKENE SINGLEY "Brown':yed Flirt" South Amherst lg Firelands 2, 3g Yearbook Staff 2: G.A.A. 23 Band 1: Chorus 1-3: Library Aide 3: Cafeteria Aide 1: Play 4: Track 1, 3g Quartet 2, 4: Home Nursing 2g Science Club 4g A Cappella Choir 4. DOROTHY ANN SLACK "Sweet Oldflinshioried Girl" Plays 41 Cafeteria Aide 4. HENRY THOMAS SMARSH "Shy Guy" French Club lg Speech Contests 21 Thespian 4. JEAN MARIE SMITH "Mislil1n's Per! Soda jerk" Spanish Club 1: Hall Guard 1, 33 Cafeteria Aide l. 2: Gym Aide 23 Usher 3. PATRICIA ANN SOLACK "Talented journalist" St. Mary's L31 Record Staff 4: F.T.A. 4: Latin Club 1, 21 A Cappella Choir 1, 23 Plays 4g Speech Contests 4. CAROLE JUNE STARBUCK "The Girl Next Door" Hall Guard 1: Girls' Chorus 1. 21 French Club 1, 2: Library Aide 25 Cafeteria Aide 41 Safety Patrol 4. Thirty'three 1957 l E v SENIORS ROBERT LEROY STARK "Spunky" Plays 45 Football 45 Basketball 35 Track 1, 45 Sweetheart King. DARRELL LEO STRATTON "Spotlight Sportsman" Lorain 15 Football 1'45 Basketball lf45 Track lf45 Scholarship Team 35 Gym Aide 4. CAROL ANN STULL "Dimplcs" Lorain 15 Amherstonian Staff 3, 4: F.T.A. 4: French Club 2. 3: Band 3, 45 A Cappella 25 Office Aide 45 Scholarship Team 2f45 Speech Contest 45 Operetta 2. DONNA MAE THOMAS "Motorcycle Maniac" Commercial Club 45 Spanish Club 1. 25 Office Aide 45 Gym Aide 25 Usher 3. SONDRA PEARL THOMAS "Cute Carrot-top" Play 45 Library Aide 45 Gym Aide 35 Spanish Club 1, 2. NORBERT ANDREW TILLMAN "Working Private" French Club 1, 25 Band 2'-45 Scholarship Team 25 Play 45 Science Club 3. JEANNINE MARIE TRASTER "Num With the 'Rosy Cheeks" Commercial Club 45 Spanish Club 1, 2. WILLIAM GENE TROXTELL "Captain of the A.H.S. Mop and Bucket Team" Record Staff 35 HifY 1f45 Latin Club 1, 25 Plays 45 Basketball 1, 25 Scholarship Team 1. JEWEL ANN VAN HORN "Wiza1d at the Dvawing Boauln A Cappella 2. PATRICIA JEAN WALDECKI "D1ng Artist" French Club 2. 35 Office Aide 45 Gym Aide 25 Usher 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Operetta 1. WAYNE CHARLES WILSON "Star Milcr' Latin Club 15 A Cappella 45 Plays 45 Track lf4: Gymnastics 1, 2. 4. Thirtyffour ,N QQ WWWMQ my by af df W W M WM JY 32 'mf My ww ffyix Q flffffff Qy W 5 Mig' My ffwyj gfmwfiff Q MQPM Mix Simvmipiqw N 'ggyijjjjb GJ we ix my 5 QQLW Ywfsosfi AYAZZWJMQFQ Mggzoj JLMMW GMM, O Q Mya Lvaihtl K MQ if sf if? W Q ,, W Og byijifygmbe Qxgyfgiff fiwjlfw. ,bww 0T4J2fW"W bp VM fs? QM? x WLS? CQWWW ff GJGWMJMK 1 Q , 5 X W JU IORS... Officers President . .Gary Stark Vice-President Gary Blackford 1 , Secretary Dick Stark K 1 j 3 3 Treasurer Ronnie Gambish ' 7 3 if Y X 5 l f X Nu , Q. H X " 0 I . mari. ,-ffffisliift. if z as 4 K x Ri, W gi ... :': R SA bak 7 X " 9 , ' i iw- T' ' , S il r ,:-f , . 'ff ggi or fm' S ym 5' fi in ii H el i Fi :Emi Eamazgigr igyagggiiaaziy f . I' - Y is ' ' . W D . f . Aw V, A NM in J Wu' Q rj z ,Q A f .fzilii ' i - me -R . . ,, 7-A fi 5. 5 I ,ge A lx Q l 5 S S .. A. e A Q V J iw , Q i Q ..5i-:- . ..- ily.. .. i X 5 il fer Q11 M ii GF K it Q, I :A " A , I 3 . M I mm Hlllll A 'lllllllY'4lA Wayne Balas. Sherry Beam. Darlene Berk, Marilyn Berrington. Ronald Berry, Rosemary Berthold. Mary Bevi. Wil- Jane Sharon Bickel, Gary Blackford. liam Bloom, Robert Bodlcin, Brandon, Don Bruce. Par Byar. Craig Dennis Clotz, Corby Cregar. Cullen, Robert Daniel, Williarui Dep- towicz, Delores Diedrick. Helen Diet- rich. judy Dobney. Esther Dodson, jane Drozdowski. Maxine Durjava, Nancy Ehlers, Perry Ellenherger. Janice Feighmer. Mary Finnegan, Germaine Fuhrman. Nancy Fullar, Ron Gambish. Salem George, janet Goldthorpe, Alan Haas. Nancy Haas, Rodger Hanlon. Ruby Hartle, Richard Holle. Saundra Huh- er, James Jenkins. Diane Keiffer. Ted Keren. Gwen Kilgore. joan Kol- be, Kaye Koontz. Karen Kruk. Doro- thy Krueclf.. Faye Longley. Carolyn Lopez. Robert Lukesic, Don- ald McKi-nney, William Menz, Richard Mlinarik, Don Morgan, Michael Naba- kowski. Mary Neff. Kathryn Obenour, Jackie Pelton, Richard Pippert, Phillip Place, Iris Podlich, Barbara Polansky. Dale Potts. Barbara Reinhard, Tedd Rickard, Bonnie Riemer, Audra Rob- erts, Fred Rockwood, Betty Rogers. Penny Roszos, Barbara Sagert, William Schoemig, Joyce Schumacher, Sally Shumaker, Dick Simon, Raymond Slack. Susan Snell, Barbara Stachelski, Gary Stark. Richard Stark, Judy Tabbert, David Taylor, David Tettaton. Karen Weaver, Carol Wohlever, Eliza- beth Wohlever, Arlene Yuhasz, Mary Zilch, Tom Banjoff, Barbara Gallag- her. Robert Masowich. John Muniga, Rob- ert O'Dor. Sandra Staller, Leonard Stupak, Robert Towne. Stage Prom at Countr lu juniors go to the Post Office to mail Care package to Greece. lty wvcu was in -of 6 T :ge-z L George Bach, Fred Barck, Donna Bar- dus. Robert Beetler. Mary Anne Beko, David Bender. Nancy Benedict. Marianne Berger. Genevieve Black, Norma Buttermore, Jane Cahl, Susan Camp, Jerry Chonlco, Steve Christ. Douglas Cope. John Cregar, Gloria Decaire, Gary Deidrick, Martha Del- kus. Frank DeSantis, Judy Dossey. Joanne Dunham. Terry Easterwood. Deborah Edwards, Dick Franta, Tim Gargasz, Juanita Gerber. Dianne Gro- cott. Judy Hall. Jim Hamel, Rudy Herzlce, David Ice, Jim Ingrassia, Judy John- son. Jeff Joyce. Barbara Kane. Kathy Karney. Mar- garet Klingenmeier, Geraldine Kocsis, Tom Kreger. Kay Kropf. Gene Krupp. Ronald Kruse, Robert Landy. Richard Leuszler, Donald Lockhart, Nancy Loluen, Robert Loughrie. Li-nda Mac- Kay. Natalie Mackie, Judy Malloy, Jacque- lyn Mazurek, Cathy Martin, Doreen McKinney. George McMullin. Richard Meyers. SOPI-IC ORES D I . Officers President ,,...,.,, ,,,, , , ..,,. Glenn Schneider Vice-President ,, ,,r.,..., Tony Trifiletti Secretary ..,,....... , ...... Geraldine Kocsis Treasurer ,.,................ , ..... Marguerlta Getty Faculty Advisers ,.....,,...,,........,,...,,.. Mrs. Thutt, Mr. Cooley, Mrs. Schacht Q . - u sg M wr . A, 2 .ix , onfbf... 4 IWW --Q - Z lvl -' . . - W- fd .. N ,j-:Iii 7, - , ,.,.. ,I f W 1 '- mfg' 1 , -, ,, , ' ,E ,.f J . M .,,, I . . .-.. , Q3 i g g ? me ' . Q, fe " HL, M. 1 . ,W , - ' E EA 5 ' B A Tlwirtyfciglml .... ..- L, , P- MW- v, se f f 11, 2? ,f ,fx 5 ,, M ,.,. ,' x gl . . . Top Honor Roll Regularly . K., joe Miller. liill Minn.. juanita Mitch- ell. Bob Moon. Sue Mortimer. Gene Mulder. Janice Mulder. Charles Musteen. W4iyl1t- Niclcolls. Shirley O'Dur. Richard Cliver, Larry Payne. Clinton Plott, Richard Pool. Donna Rainey. Ramona Reynolds, Glenn Riemer. Mollie Rippeth. Sue Ritzler. Ken Rosenhusch, Dale Rosen- kranz. Georgia Rutledge. Willaird Salisbury, Roger Schaxv. Bruce Schnaak, Jayne Schlecter. Glenn Schneider, Amelia Sheppard. Linda Simashlu-vich. Darlene Sines. Barbara Skidmore, Robert Solack, Betty Sparks. Judy Staller. Dale Star- buck. Crrol Stilgenhauer. Jim Story, jackie Swartz. Judyth Tarry. Karen Thutt, Tony Trifiletti. jerry Underwood. Wlllitllll Van Horn. Kriton Varouh, Jean WRgI1i'f. Mary Lou Walker, Ann Wallace. Louise Wenner. Ronald Wt-rf ner. Fred Wilhellii. james Will11-llli, jerry Wilker, Shirley Wittenhrook, David Wtuhlevt-i'. Glenn Roling. Faith John- Slim. Marshall Lamhie. Doreen McMatnmis, Alice Michael, Keith Nelson. Dianne Reid. . 41,5 ' ww, X W-'ff-X rw 2 Q ii R 41. 1-E' F 'L'-f fl! t. ,- Q e hx g 5 L Q A , .6 I l 'x g K . mga b I I Y X35 Tk id A Q 5 K Y a 'sri 'W' 9 , . 133 X3 ig ,Sf 1 --.r if .X,.. lt fi . it I ii H F W a Q.. ..,QQ , . H , f i ' wt' X iw , ., l A .s it .X ii :X . N 3 X M I A' " 'Y . . Kr: X. S W ' Xia - Nt V vwxtbr I 'ik 3 vi 3, as R K - - Y Q , ia m, ., ,amy A ,LZ I . N if . Sri in , a A ,W A iii ii ,N w' an S iq- .6 ' ' X K W J if , 'M ax 3 Reserve Cheerleaders Nancy Loken Ann Wallace Carol Stilgenbauer il-llll'lX' mn FRESHME Ufficers President , .,,,,,,. ,.... , .... ,....,... . .Sharon Brooks Vice-President ...,, ......,,.,....,., R ichard Mulford Secretary-Treasurer .,.,.,,.......,,.. Elizabeth Neill l limlv Sue Albrecht, Gerald Bellino, Connie Berger. Ronald Berner, Bob Berry. Michelle Bevi, Eugene Bodkin. Joanne Bodmann, Brenda Bradford. Mary Brezinski, Sharon Brooks. Pat Brown, Dan Bruce, Ray Bruce. Pat Burcel, Harry Burrett, Gary Clap- per, Pat Coleman, John Conry, Larry Cumberledge. Iannice Daugherty. Alfred Diedrich, Leann Doane, Ioan Donges. Deana Durbin, Pat Durjava, Dennis Elliott. Carol Enz. Janet Eshelman, Carol Falasco, Charles Farrell, Kathy Gambish, Herb Gam- mons. Dick Gildenmeister, Judith Goohs. Carol Gries, Karen il-leighley, Helmut Herzke, Harriet Higgins, Bob Hoff- man, Ken Hohla, Alice Horvath. Sylvia Howard, Wade Hubbard, Den- nis Hutton, Dennis Jackson, Karcn Kallis, Cathy Kane, Gary Kedmenec. Larry King, Sandra Knapp, Bob Koontz, Pat Kopronica, Audrey Kre- ger, Jo Ann Kreger Leslie Kreeger. Leo Krok, Kathy Leinhos,Arlie Lenox, Sharon Lockhart, Douglas Maines, Audrey McDonald, Sherrill McLoda. Donna McManus, Joan Migra. Wayne Miller, Tom Morain, Dick Mulford, Bob Mulford, Lynn Nabakowski. Elliott Nabors, Elizabeth Neill, Clay Nestor, Waunnetta Nott,Betty Oben- our, Wayne Pakan, Phillip Penton. Clifton Plott, Claudia Plumb, Mary Podlich, Jerry Pohorence, Dan Poore, Barbara Reynolds, Richard Rice. David Rickard, Carmen Richards, Jim Rogala, Ralph Rowe, Allen Savina, Claire Schaeffer, Nancy Scharein. Dick Schibley, Tom Schriner, Barbara Segraves, Ronald Shagie, Kenny Shin- sky, Dennis Smith, Carlisle Snell. Donald Sposato. Sue Standen, Dale Stashick, Audrey Stec. Seth Stevens, Lynette Stiwald, Harry Swartz. Linda Thompson. Barbara Turnage. Tom Van Horn, Paul Van Keuren, Sharon Villers, Jim Walker, Charles Wearsch. Linda Weaver, Bob Whitman, Dennis Winland, Kenneth Winland, Ralph Wittenbrook, Victor Wnek, Harry Woods. John Zsoldos,Mary Barnett, Bill Bauer, Bob Eherle, Karen Nelsen, Judie Wat- son. Fortyfonc -f' Learn AJ-I. . Traditions GR DE EIGHT Forlyftwo 8W Mr. jenkins, Home Room Teacher Front Row: C. Horvath. R. Zilch. M. Cunn S. Davis. C. Hammond, P. Clarke. M White. Second Row: Porcicllo. R, Kallis. S. Black ford. B. Deremiah. Smith, C. Huff man. D. Braun. Third Row: L. Bierman. B. Gregg. B. Lange D. Buser, K. Ullman, B. Stull, S. Myers Back Row: A. Glowenski. C. Alexander. D Cook, V. Maletic. Cullen. A. Shep pard. R. Starbuck. S. Dunlap. 8Z Mrs. Thutt, Home Room Teacher Front Row: C. Miller. R. Trifiletti. M. Kruse R. Balzis, S. Olah. D. Edwards, R Wasem. Second Row: G. Sparks. W. Mic-hacl, P Bruce. M. Dietrich. C. Shagie. S. Mc Cartney. K. Egeland, P. Henderson. Third Row: S. Retay. B. Ehman. C. Weaver M. Deiner. E. Orosz. N. Gallagher. ,I Wilson. S. Spencer. Back Row: B. Niesen, D. Cope. G. Brooks C. Berris, G. Reinhard, M. Panchula C. Finlay. S. Vinning. 8Y Mr. Gould, Home Room Teacher Front Row: M. Tettaton. B. Goodspeed. R. Maletic. P. Edwards, C. Pohorence. R. Rozsos. Second Row: H. Cohh. Raesler. L. Bicr' man. D. Pelton, L.Riemer, R. Townc. Third Row: B, Kopas. Greer. L. Haskins, P. Redman. W. Baham. P. Sanders, G. Marlow. Back Row: G. Bardoner, D. jones. D. Schuf macher. B. Henderson. D. Wright. G. Starhuck. 8X Mr. Blaser, Home Room Teacher Front Row: C. Gray. D. Clary. C. Guffey, D. Billmari, T. Schaffer. B. Raich. B. Gillette. j. Pom. Second Row: A. Altcn. R. Ladrach. F. Borocz. R. Ehman. V. Mulica, K. Hog- refe. B. Loewer. M. Miller. Third Row: K. McGuire. K. Schulz, M. Washka, B. Mackie. 1. Kubuske, 1. Turner, B. Bring, D. Smith, T. Sofra. Back Row: D. Pikey, M. Miller, D. Nalley, P. Mulder. A. Nahm, L. Meckley, R. Benner, R. Cook. B. Hall. Q 7W Mr. Dill, Home Room Teacher Front Row: VJ. Kreger. R. Cremeans, B Camp. C. Clumh. S. Miller. C. Kolhe Second Row: E. Schaeffer. A. lngrassia. R Bishop, N. Rickard. R. Easterwood. T. Varouh. C. Shinsky. P. Penton. Third Row: D. Isabell. B. Buchs. D. Cole L. Mahlich. Amend. D. Swartz, B Borer, D. Musteen. Back Row: P. Bray. S. Kilgore. B. McGee. C. Chasar, R. Mulder. H. Smith. L Hartle. B. Lamhie. 7X Mr. Gasser, Home Room Teacher Front Row: Carver. A. Deidrick, B. Innes D. Clapper. M. Walker. R. Mulder, B Meyers. Second Row: T. Lieh. A. Hardwick. C Eherle. L. Solak. S. Bahl. D, Bellino. G. Alten. C. Braun. Third Row: R. Howard. Thompson. D Orosz. McGee. Fryherger. C. Nagy V. Kolenda. K. Schaeffer. P. Stec. Back Row: S. Riley. Reynolds, B. Butter more. C. Zunt. F. Evans. C. Schaeffer D. Musteen. R. Cremeans. 7Y Mrs. Cook, Home Room Teacher First Row: R. Buser. M. Hauhe. M. Tetta- ton. E. Pfeifer. K. Pool. D. Martin. vl Simon. L. Klekota. Second Row: A. Hatten. C. Retay. S. Hohla B. Wilkei'. C. Sexstella. P. Miller, C Murray. F. Cumherledge. Third Row: R. Varough, R. Schihley. Schieferstein. P. Ryan, D. Holle. Sender. XV. Stiwald. G. Baker. G K Back Row: S. Simaskevich. -I. Fleming Herchler. N. Hergina. P. Newell. Bacon. D. Standen. C. Cnizak. . D B 7Z Mr. Van der Oord, Home Room Teacher Front Row: L. King. D. Rolli. C. Klepek. S. Cole. S rin fer. G, Men 'el Hein' A P 1- 1- - Zerhng. Kruk. Second Row: C. Jolley. B. Mouer. B. Raynes. M. Slack. D. Kuraczi. A. Kruk. D. Chonko. D. Shumaker. R. Bentley. Third Row: E. Armstrong. A. Leslie. B. Kunzman. L. Cates. B. Kokinda. C. Ref nouard. G. Newcomer. R. Wzlite. M. Thutt. Back Row: S. Dellefield. K. Buell, Henes. C. Riley. M. Hodges. Huber. R. Bring. C. Morrison. J. Billingsley. GR DE SEVEN Forty-three Mrs. Mills, Teacher Mrs. Bortz, Teacher Mrs. Foster, Teacher GRADE SIX 6Z - Mrs. Mills, Home Room Teacher Front Row: R. Bodkin. E. Bahl. R. Orosz. M. Hutton. L. Savina, B. Dalton. K. Greer. W. Skidmore. L. lnnes. Second Row: D. Jensen. H. McCreaCly. Schaeffer, W. Bortner. R. Hume, R. Smith, T. Reichert. G. Zilch. T. Daugherty. Mrs. Mills. Third Row: Gnizak. M. A. Michael. L. Streicker, L. Riddle. C. Zunt. L. Cendroslcy. R. Leonard. D. Richer. R. Mollison, R. Standen. Back Row: D. Cope. R. Standen. Jewell. F. Whezitley, D. Amend, F. Godsey. D. Rice. R. Kelleher, V. Kolhe. C, Mutansky. R. De Vinetz. 6Y - Mrs. Boi-tz, Home Room Teacher Front Row: O. Tettaton. R, Shreves. P. Hanks. Higgins. P. Borer. K. Mulder. D. Harris, I. Hennig, l'lollingsworth, D. Phillips. Second Row: B. Boden. F. Lockhart. Neuman. B. Bramwell. Miller, Pccora, K. Reynolds. A. Stilgenhauer. R. Garrett. D. Meyers. R. Hoag. Third Row: P. Currence. R. Schroeder. N. Watson. S. Groot. R. Glowacl-ci. B. Koontz, D. Leinhos. D. Traster. W. Bartlome. Il. Obenour, R. Daugherty. Back Row: L. Horner. G, Rutledge. N. Hill. F. Durjava, j. Barkacs. S. Vollmcr. E. Wearsch. L. Hutton. M. Wohlever. R. Weriier. R, Dotson. B. Mooneyham. 6X - Mrs. Foster, Home Room Teacher Front Row: G. May. G. George. L. Davis. L. Knapp. D. Bruce. A. Smith. R. Kurish. Koha. R, Haas. M. Stevens. R. Bogardy. Second Row: R. Kuhuske. B. Waldron. D. Staller. F. Taylor, G. Temple. E. Mackie. Good' speed, K. Richards. Appel. B. Benner. A. Yeplco, Mrs. Foster. Third Row: D. Dunfee. W. Salisbury. J. Sagert. W. Penn, B. Shay. M. Wallace. A. Nabors. R. Bauer. T. Nestor. R. Lennox. Back Row: L. Woods. C. Reynolds. L. Potts. I. Fleming, Huhcr. M. Stubcr, C. Corts. Plott. bl. Alexander. R. Norton. Fortyffour Mrs. Kane, Teacher Mrs. Baker, Teacher Mrs. Clary, Teacher Forty-five GRADES FIVE AND FO R Front Row: B. Szigcrt. L. Stockstill, Pikcy, H. Cunningham. W. Scclilmr. M. Caivainaiilgli D. Lziucr. Yzmeris, D. Grccnsludc. T. Schuemig. C. Wiiimds. G. Kuhaicli. D. Holley. Middle Row: M. Mzizurek. R. Goohs. E. Nickolls. j. Huhlu, M. Schulz. K. Williaiiiis. T. Kcul nicnck. Davidson. M. Sharp. T. Jewell. Congdon. M. Moran. Buck Row: T. Miller. K. Bzilil. W. Kaichcl. T. Doainc, M. Buscr. S. Mulder. XV. Price. R. Krecgvi j. Willicliii. Gunn. Grade Four -- Mrs. Baker, Home Room Teacher Front Row: A. Rohyck. Layne. D. l'luffm:in. Hzihunt. WCTIICT. D. Bucks. B. Hollings worth, S. Reichert. D. Thomas. Middle Row: Edwards, -I. Rihic. G. Murplicy. B. Davidson. D. Newcomer. D. Cognr. R Bormun, Rohcrtson. D. Hoffmzm. S. Bruce. Buck Ruw: M. Baker. R. Dutro. J. Szckley. G. Gaitten. B. Evans. R. Jaeger. D. Butkzi. C. Rcilcr M. Becsing. T. Kilgore. Grade Four - Mrs. Clary, Home Room Teacher . , , . l'roi1t Row: R. Buchs, N, Lzint:. C.. Wxii'e. Mzilich. V. Tipton. R. Kroll, L. Locwcr. B. Kruse C. Hook. A. Hook. Middle Row: R. Scott. M. Liston. K. Bxirtisli. C. Yuhzis, D. Moskail. K. Bzirlluinc. P. Ciwnlsty H. Henderson. N. Stzindcn. L. Groot, B. Vvfurst. Buck Row: Simpson, K. McMullin. E. Drzikc. B. Bcrncr, K. Zvoscr. D. Bctkai. T. Bcllino S. Mitchell. S. Wclcli. M. Hnliln. l 4 Mrs. Bauer, Teacher Miss Ehrman, Teacher Mrs. Atkinson, Teacher GRADE FI E Grade Five - Mrs. Bauer, Home Room Teacher lzronl Row: N. Brown. P. Ernst. K. Trupio. S. Harding. D. Dunham. G. Kurth. A. Lantz, W. Kish. D. Edwards. -I. Cohh. S. Engelhardt. B. Reichert, Reichert. Middle Row: A. Towne. Murray. D. Kothe. L. Nichols. C. Henderson, B. Bradford. 3. Bororz.. L. Cnizalc. S. Currenee. S. Nagle, Redman. S. Pollak, B. Cvilhert. R. Durhin. Back Row: S. Hoover. B. Chasar. W. Fullar. L. Bosley. F. Delkus, R. Cook. Mrs. Bauer. C. Smith, D. Zolnar. R. W'ztlkei'. E. Carver, K. Dawson, D. Coleman. Grade Five - Miss Ehrman, Home Room Teacher Front Row: P. Neill. W. jones. B. Camp, C. Jaeger. Frazier. C. Klingenmeier. B. Leslie. R. Schatz. D. Phillips. H. Berger. S. Pilcey. C. Moon. S. Jolley. Middle Row: T. Dunfee. L. Garland. C. Riley. B. Mischka, P. Owens, B. Harris. T. Winland. R. Horner. R. Clotz. G. Pastrun. Henderson. F. Borman. Barck. Back Row: C. Phillips. T. Roherts. L. Ward. T. Hollstein. B. King. S. Csincsalc. P. Mengel, T. Darzikis. S. Pinkney. C. Schneider. L. Williams, T. Edwards, S. Masters. Grade Five - Mrs. Atkinson, Home Room Teacher Front Row: S. Buchs. R. Higgins. R. Higgins. L. Hartley. B. Kanary. M. Towne, D. Bowers. W. Salishury. R. Taylor. C. Barnes. Nott. S. Speckhart. Middle Row: T. Terry. E. Lutteral. C. Miller. G. Howell, Ruppetli. N. Hardwick. S. Naha' kowskl. E, Koinives. D. Scott. P. Frantz. Bcllan. Back Row: H. Vv'erner. Rutledge. D, Keener. M. Gammons. Bxirdoner. Hogue. L. Nelson. D. Wt-ikvl. ID, johnson. j. Ware. -I. Pikey. C. Spencer. Forty-six GR DE FO R Grade Four - Mrs. Powers, Home Room Teacher From. Row: K. Emmerich. C. Dodson. -I. Wailkei'. C. O'Dm'. N. Hiirris. T. Houx'ci'. T. Crncutl K. Leonard. M. Sextcllu. R. Harper. Middle Row: Num. Pnyzik. S. Wicgund. N. Trzixmw. '. Donnelly. E. Codec '. E. Wngaiml l 5 j. Pentito. D. Phillips. B. Schaicfler. j. Szivinzi. Leslie. B. Hunt. Back Row: Wright. L. Coburn. C. Vinning. S. Reynolds. F. Rusenkrzinz. Mrs. l'owel'x. F Stuber. C. Draga. D. Misclikzi. T. Hull. R. Kuhn. Grade Four - Mrs. Washka, Home Room Teacher Front Row: C. Webb. R. Szinunin. S. Smith. C. Nou. D. Moore. S. Manger. S. Mnlctic 1. Mziletic. T. Muines, M. Kosnkowslii. L. Klclmtzi. Kirchgcsmer. Middle Row: D. Kaine, Hnrvatli. D. Hill. L. Grundy. S. Fryberger. T. Elgar. R. liussci R. Durbin. R. Corbin, M. Czirpcnlcr. C. Arison. C. Damrakis. Buck Ruw: M. Bach, A. Coleman. Cluppcr. K. Childress, A. Chesney. A. lizixlcr. Mrs XX'.uliku Grade Four - Mrs. Maxwell, Home Room Teacher Front Row: K. Smith, M. Salisbury. R. Stilgcnhaiuer. K. King. R. Vs'itleiibiumk. D. lnncx R Segraves. P. Harlan. P. Hubbzird. C. Criss. Middle Row: L. Amends. S. Schihlry. S. O'Dnr. P. G1-odfpeed. Wh Bndcii. C. Hiltubidcl. ,I lvlooneyharn, R. Kelley. K. Holley. S. Thoinzu. Since. S. Vv'elln1xin. Buck Row: Cherry. B. Wxiite. M. Ullman. G. Kelley. E. Tlwinwn. D. Kiwcgr-i'. C. Cullu- T. Gzilushxi. C. Smaller. P. Hoinvi. L. jnycc. R. A. Riltnur. Mrs. Powers, Teacher Mrs. Washka, Teacher Mrs. Maxwell, Teacher lrurtyfsevcn Mrs. Richards, Teacher Mrs. Iva Smith, Teacher Miss Berger, Teacher GR DE THREE Grade Three - Mrs. Richards, Home Room Teacher Fnmt Row: S. Dagil. M. Freeland. L. Neely. W. Dutton. D. Wclelm. G. Reynolds. P. Miller. M. Thuinas. R. julley. M. Luughric. Middle Riiw: A. Henes. j. Huhhs. S. Thumpsnn. T. Nahakuwski, D. Wiirkmziii. R. Ransume. A. Wilsiin. T. Cnle. S. Fleming, P. Wcntzcl. N. Bender. Back Row: R. Kapiieinslci. E. Borocz. G. Shay. C. Towne. U. Ula. D. Stillwagon. D. Starhuck, E. Pugmie. T. Sehinaueh. A. Richards. Grade Three - Mrs. Iva Smith, Home Roo-m Teacher lirunt Row: R. Paton. M. Tevesz. B. Hanks. K. Kurish. L. Oskim. M. Kruk. W. Tipton. Willmelimi. F. Madi. G. Pete. Middle Row: P. Blazina. C. Haywood. Dohney. K. Guehel. Guudridge. A. Mizcr. N. Howell, S. jnncs. D. Blackford. G. Betka. R. Weri1er. Back Row: l. Smith. Anderson. Barnes. D. Mack. N. Page. R. Thomson. H. Bray. j. Gaminons. Grade Three - Miss Berger, Home Room Teacher Front Row: D. Fields. Wzird. M. Bramwell. W. Rice, R. Willianis. M. Smith. G. Bring. E. Buehs. rl. Allisun. L. Mitchell. Middle Row: D. Weikel. L. Hulzliuucr. Salvo, C. Fleming, S. Rich. L. Gilliland. B. Bradford, G. Balngli, B. Elgar. M. Bcrta. Back Row: N. Penn. M. Dawsnn. S. Minn, G. Thompson. I. Griffith, D. Bollinger. M. Sehumaelwr. L. Braun. C. Maiden. B. Mitchell Furtyfeight GR DES THREE AND TWO Grade Three - Mrs. Hiltabidel, Home Room Teacher l'runt Row: D. Culnlllmrpc. A. Bnlul. D. Nurthcim. .l. Lzlu. R. Ott. B. Dullun. VJ. Krcgcr. 1 Mlddlc Row: D. Gnttcn. E, lctkovsck. L. Schroeder. VU. Bring. R. Ehcrlmrdl. L. Pccurar. l' Curlzmd. D. Sharp. Buck Row: N. Zum. C. SCl1TCl,Cl'SfClH. B. Mulder. P. Ralyncs. K. Meznll. 5. Vwfiegxlnd. S. Mull, lfrunt lx Grade Three - Mrs. Refenning, Home Room Teacher Um. D. Brcndcl. h. Hmer. C Lugur. D, Dodson. E. Sundulp G. Edwards. L. ENl1ClIllill1 il, lxupucxnskm. Michnlskl. R. Halrpcr. L, Garrett. Mlddlc Row: l:ISl1CI'. S, Hlg1LliDl1, C. Bctku. E. Sandor. C. Huber. Vw". Kr-wk. T. Cllhcrt. K Lcslw. G, Taylor, S. Kane, Buck Row: Mrs. Rcfcnning. M. Lcc. NV. Pudllch. 5. Spcclclulrt. K. Bccllcr. P. Unlzuk. C Edwards. C. Stcrls, P. Ca1lla1g1l1cr. 5. Frrlhcrt. Grade Two - Mrs. Korka, Home Room Teacher l:lllI1l Row: VV. xx'lICHill1kl. H. Barnes. C. Taylor. -I. Mlllex', M. Pcntlto. D. Smcguk, Sclmcmlg D. KIIIAHCZI. M. Stuphcl. G. Vv'r1ght. L. Pullm. M. Kmmvcs. Mlddlc Row: M. Wlll'5l. M. Szckcly. C. Crucutl, L. Huglwa. K. B4n'kcr. R. SlXlIII1flli1'I'. S. Lloyd B. B1 n C RLICI I Ch 7 ' Back R1 zcu . 1. 'I '. -. , csncy. P. Vcgh. C. Borer. C. Vvhitmm, A ww: C. Holler. L. Stalllcr. P. Callzmic. B. Hammond. A. DCl'CIIlTAll1. C. Hcuwcr. R. Gull 1 C f B. Dryden. T, TQll'PCI1fL'l'. S. Pickett. C. Nichols. R. mf-ll'C. Mrs. Hiltabiclel, Teacher Mrs. Refenning, Teacher Mrs. Korka, Teacher l'Hl'Iy'IllHC 1 1 l l 1 4 Mrs. Wil1terlil1g, Teacher Mrs. Guiselman, Teacher Mrs. Mcnz, Teacher Grade Two - Mrs. Wirmterlirmg, Home Room Teacher lfrwmt Row: S. Coverdzlle. A. Smith. A. Sundor.B. Heck. Wlmcelr'r. D. S. Hoover. C. Rllvy. ll. Silhll. nl. Reese. K. Sl'1a1cffer, R. Harris. V. Buloglm. Mildlc Row: T. Temple, D. -Iannes. R. Dover. S. Sumhcrlcdgc. C. Newman. K. Vvhtte. T. Roth. M. Kirsclmcr. C, Conn, R. Krlslxer. T. Bruce. K. Shncllcr. P. Gurdon. T. Edwards. .- --v Buck Row: B. Anderson. B. Pullin. W. We1'11e1'. E. Kalrcndaxl. ll. Beyn. D. Hollms. K. flulnu.. L. Peltun. R. Parton. H. Sluss. K. Shay, G, Mzlzurek. Grade Two - Mrs. Guiselman, Home Room Teacher llrmmt Row: C, Haflinger. K. Murray. K. Muckin. D. Pratt, M. Porclcllo. L. Slwppnrd. L. Flowers. R. Slllllli. N. Lockhart. S. Dunfcc. M. Orusz. P. Lncklmrt. Mlddlc Row: S. Hahzmt. N. Kotrudl. R. Rutledge. P. D11LlgllCl'ly'. C. Stamdcn. D. Vsfmwrls. Pozrmc. M. Taylor. D. Smith, Clary. B. Bzllugh, D. Boyce. L. Higdun. Burk Row: R. Zulnui. T. Nagy. M. Lucey. Locwcr. R. Goodall. D. Shell-sr. D. Znhrucky. R. Horvullm. T. Wchh. G, Wluiyvkey, Gnizuk. E. Arhogaut. B. KllI1lllI'Skl. Grade Two - Mrs. Menz, Home Room Teacher lfmnt Row: R. Vvfcl-gh. T. Csmcsnk, S. Kruk. G. Gramer. S. Grundy. Uerhrund. D. Aclwr- wld. L. Henderson. Middle Row: Owen. L. Dohus. R. Cole. D. Moore. C. BlllL'l1l1UllSC. G. Klclwtu. K. Slmpson. Buck Row: Mrs. Mcnz. R. Henu. L. jolmsfm. C. Cook. D. Drzngu. C. Nell. C. Hcrrmamn. llllty GR DES ONE AND TWG Grade Two - Mrs, Morain, Home Room Teacher l'mm Rnw: A. Rcpmu. D. Schwltzkc. R. Homer. C. Gawlund. M. XIUHHIUI. K. Vfvnrlch, M Brmmks. K. Krccgcr. Underwood. L. Vuruuh. Mlddlc Row: Zupic. M, Vv'alke1'. T. Ickcs. Bauer. R. Chmlu, ff. Ehr1'lmrdl. AI. Mulh ld D. Pullzlk. Back Row: L. Mulder. R. Strehlc. R. Dutru. M. Moeller. D. Pzmluch. B. Mlctzkr. K. Ummm Grade One - Mrs. Scheider, Home Room Teacher Frunt Raw: P. Pnl-icy. Dcmpscy. C. Gallushal. F. Hullcy. Bznhl. B. Hullun. P. Lcww. Budkln. Mlddlc Row: G. Stullcr. D. Draws. B. Budcn. D. Gwttschllng. P. Stewart. VC. XIIIIIEIIHL. f Stllgenhaucr, D. Freeland. S. Turner. Back Ruw: Blcklcy. Pctknvsck. R. Guffcy. D. Scchkalr. R. Mackay. P. HlII.1T'NlLl1'l. R. I nu E. lxuhnl. MllI'FlSl!lT. Grade One - Mrs. Sahl, Home Room Teacher Fmnt Row: XX. Haumlltnn, Schnnlkmw. M. Nauru. S, Kaiser. T. Vv'1lhclm. B. Dutton. .-K. RIM, 1 M All -V . lllilky. Middle Row: M. Oldfield. R. Mounts. D. Uhrllc. P. Sxmpmn, -I. Kuhufke. XV. Master'-. li Hcrtcr. A. Armvn. Burk Row: M. Clutz. C. Conley. K. Huber. B. Estcp. R. Snider. E. Burucz. D. Eddy. Mrs. Morain, Teacher Mra. Scheide, Teacher Mrs. Sahl, Teacher Flliylmw GR DEO E Mrs. Lee, Teacher Mrs. Martin, Teacher Miss Schneider, Teacher Grade Cne - Mrs. Lee, Home Room Teacher Right to Left: liront Row: R. Daiiwikies. B. Buexe. Vw". lileming. M. Many. P. Lopez. E. Williziiiis, L. Bringinzin G Kuthe R. Lieger. L. Vwfeher. Mitltllei Row: QD. fiurinain. C. Rhodes. S. Slieppgirtl. C. Urhzinsulc, C. Wllitmsxvicz. T. Phillips. S . j. Graiclish. N. Mengel. T. ivfl1QlL'llt'I'. lint-k Row: D. Tairgett. -I. Hollstem. Dohney. R. Super. NV. Oihleail. ,l. Smith. E. Oclcaijik. -I. Betlui. Vv'h1tsel. ,I. Mmmeyliaim. R. Lewis. T. Pzissainisi. Grade One - Nlrs. Martin, Home Room Teacher lfrnnt Row: S. Miiletic. S. Kukinalai. NN. Rimsmne. B, Shzililer. M. Smith. T. Englehairdt. Lung. K. Kish. Y. Kulhe. Curhin. R. Rnlli. B. Ule, Middle Row: B, Hunt. R. Smith. N. Evziiwlili. M. Beliiscn, N, DeVinitz. Bailogh. D. Stevens. 'I Vv'ilhelm L Cziinhzil'u1'e. Burk -Row: S. hzailmdns. P. Grihhen. A. Miles. D. Cziley. R. Migrzi. P. Czimphell. Kruse. UI. Wilsiuii. L. Geinmel. K. Zemhuwer. G. Harris. A. Olzih. G. Dryden. Grade One - Miss Schneider, Home Room Teacher lfronl Row: G. Stone. L. Smith. lx Reismg. Brighthill. -I. Gmmdell. C. Cobb. T. Penton, C. Uslum. R. Pullm. L. Duhainm. Middle Row: M. Stiwzilnl. P. Hollingsworth. M. Kulhe. M. Mnrain. D. Schuller. T, Bzilas. L. Hilliard. T, Daley. L. l3i-iimriiiu. M. fichmziuch. D. -lenne. R. Schneider. lin ' ' w ,.. tk Row: li. Firaiigo. bl. Kirsclinei'. L. Flock. D. Durbin. Speckhairt. D. Attic. 5. Nelson. A. D4 im N Mimi B lhntti D. f.iii,.ii. liillyftwn KI DERGARTE Imm Rnwg II, Immiullx. I'. IXIIIINVI, II. I'furIm,g, N, II-mul. K K11xIucIu. lf. IIUUIIII- I-- 'II"'I- II' III-'KLIUII D. Ilswvr, if. IIIlI.lIIlx', II. Rvplm. MuLInIIq- Rum-: S. Snmtmk, II. Sqn-N, -I XYnIIl.em-. -I. Sm-:-II, II. IIUIIU. I7 Nmull. S, Alta., II IfnL:I+'ILHl. If IwI1n-In M. fly-mn. II. flank Row: Mrs. II'1Imff, K. I:uIIm-1, I Nrif. I,, IQHI. II SUIIN-1. C CLASS Irlzunt Ruw: ,I. SIl.nIIvl, II. IX'--rIxn1.m, I., M Mu-In II Truss I IIu1'Ixw Il Ii III KI Mull! Ii Ku.-I1 d I N Ihmn, I Il.mL,I1.1lx .I v': . sv, h. .'u1nu.urI1cl'. K. Mnlxws. N. Y-gh. I'. lhnutl, M Srlnuss. I'. Kfwl'-Inn, NI II..If V K I . dn- Ruw: M. Alma. 1. n..r1..-f. cz. o1.11..'m, M. kms.-. if Amrlwmf, H. MTW. Ia. Is...-IQ. ' .' I 'Z 'I 7 IIVIQ Riu II Fl I1 T I WI . IIPIICIIIS I. B CLASS Iirnnl Run: I'. Iillflll-III. IT. 'I':IusIvv. lf. KIIIMNII II Yragll II Ifmn lush II IR ' ' ' I , . . , . n I . . vvInIlI1-np., I.. fmlwlx, I. I.:mm.lI. B. Ashyk. MlnIdI1' Row: If, Ivilllrr, C, XYnrgu, II, R-.-J, K. I.x-nu. .I IMI-, .I. S!fvpIx.I. 5. NIIUIII. ff. Iiullm, I. II.ul1--I S. Gxllcs, I. NIcffz:rrhy. Hack Row: F. Plcltrtl, II. SrIxrm'h'I'. II, llulullmlm. UI. 4Ir.nv, 'I' Ii1g.m. I', RHIII, IT. IIIIIINIIAII, II Imgl.nss1.4, I Schultz. M. Wwgqnld. A CLASS Frum Row: T. V'vIx'r, II. Hrumlv, XY. Sr.umIrn, R. 'I'l.nulm,m, 'I'. NX1IIu.Im, I2 IRM:-11. S. ZIln.mvIx, K 'Il-un IT. Story. Mlddlq' Row: K., S, TImn1ps1m, II. IIIIIHTI, K. SIIIIIII I Ifssw K TI1 mx ' ' ., .. ,. . -I gs1l1.S.IN.eIIvl. I7.Rurn-1. I. IDM.: Back Row: R. XYiIIlams, T. YX'nIImn1s, R, Uxx'rl11yr1, II. Sm'I1.n, A. I':1rIx-'xy M. II.u'I1, M, NIrI3zmlvI. I.. I:-ills Mrs. Wikoff, Teacher D Class C Class B Class A Class I Fiftyfthrcc 1r"f'yi K, N wi ,Q Q. , if ig " ..... W, 4 k X If iv , Q if v df . ' R 5 'W - 4 f We 1 5 'I X. 5 -s. vim 2WNg,,fiw:4B mm. K X an Big .t . asm in wg.. M, , , W. in, ,tggfngitipjx Q.. . 5 g ho Y in f, sq, av WWF! WY.: X yxgl! ,J x Y K 3 Vi? VM fr.J "' wi YN Q55 qw, if ' Q ,, QM M A9 pu A , . u v XTX' .W I! , 'S 1+ Sv- K, 'S Q' a ,.. Q W- 4 r. ww rg A . ' f "1 X v Wiskx ' A . 7 N A if X 75' M g 'QV W is 'f 3 f x , A . ef' 'lp ,fx Y. . if lr, Tr 4 I ff ,ds X ,L . 1 J .ww L' aw! w . 5 1 ,ww f'-wg , , Q fs f Q I 3 in , , , 'lx X S Y , , . , ,, A fy V ' M ' vp 'W' SV , - ' , .Q - . 7 ,,.,, .,, 5 X W5 W ,. 1 ag: -1.5 by K .. , A V ii . A with I xy . 3 ga is 3,1 Y Q ' f ,Z 2 3 :RJ X ,mi ' pf- ,ii Q S Y 1 W E 'W - 'Q T. "z iff -f '95 - l A 'Q J , , Q l , 5.: X W S A , 5 V , S 4 Rf x ' 1 Q 5 ,V ,. L x ilfnwkv Z m ,. i! . - Q I Ifaeaapmale ACTIVITIES AMHERSTUNIAN STAFF . . . Book of the Ye ffdimr , . Lucy Billiimii Editor Carol Stull lfililwi'i.ll Stiiiiliz l5ulivi'w l7uiiilwk, Uiiiiic King, MLlI'lk'l Hull, finaly T.lNwi'l, Kayr Kiiimtl, Mill'5' Neff, Milxiiia' lDLll'YI.lX'il, Sli.1i'mi Biclxul, Sully Shu iii.lkri', ffixiig Cullum, Sliirluy U'l5ui1 l5llI'lL'l1C SIIIUN, Liwulw Vxfciiiicr. Ui-iwlgi Tutmlmi, blcvliii Dilikc, Uuligliis Ciipc, Clltiiy K.iiiu, Shaiiwm lznlhiilis. liiisiiicss M-lI1.lQx'l' Philip Alaiugcr Assiftaiiliz Bob liiuiikc. l5.iii limliimiiii, David l3i'L1u:, l5gix'id T.iylm', klaiiu Bitlmliui. Dciiiiif Hutlwii, .l.lI1L'I Gxwldlhmiip-5, Kiiruii Thutt, Timmy Triiiilctti, Cliiitmi lxlull, XVilli.iiii Bgiilcr, l'mcx'ci'ly Cons. Typigis l5cx'ri'ly Clin-ts, ljllvii Milclicll. Fifty'-ix Scoops of the Month . . . RECORD STAFF Editorial and Business Staff lldlt-wx Uulmcx I,l'IIllN'lx Ifd1tmx.1l BKMIYKII SHMH1 :Xll'u'ccl1t. Ahfc juncs. Kanye Kmmti. -lwlm KNIYCI. RI-'ky QHIYCI. Dau' Taylor, Alum VX'.1lkcr. Lmnsc Vw'crmrr. Spmlx Edltul . . 'lm' Mullvx flvpy Edltm . Ilmngglqs Cups lfdxtmml Stanfibz Slurlcy Burger. Slmrrm Brooks. Carole Buffett, PM Bynr. Put l,lII'l.lX'-l. H.ur1vr HIQQIIIS, Kvn Hulnla. Larry Kung, LCS Krccggcr. N.mcy Lwkcn. Lmd.u lmnu. Bob l.nughrw. Ruxunnc Rallfsnydcr. Put S1-lauk. Slnrlvy XX'1llcr1Tmmk. lilmlmcss M.m.1gcr , . -Iwlm Umkv lhmxwvw Stuff: Bull Bauer. Rmmld Bcrlmrr. Tum Murqun, jwlm Ullvvr. Blll Srlwvxnug. Sally SIIIIIIIRIIKCII Dave Tuylmx fjII'x'lIlAlIllll1 M4lI1kljlk'I' Huh BIUIIILU' fillfllldlhill Staff: Fwd Bm-ck. Bulw Budkln. Clem' Budkm. 'lam' Druzdq-wskn. Dusk Mcycrs. Elllilll Nahum. 'lnypms Mugc Kumi Alnmn MIlll'I'. R-m.mnv Knllslmulvl SMH fxrtmst Bctln' Hlggnns Plxutnglulplxy's Exnums Studm ,'XLiN'lNL'I' .'s BIQINVI' 0 6611115050 L 0 tl f' SPEECH AND DRAMATICS . . . n Stage The Speech and Dramatics Department started out with a "hang" this year when they pref sented jackie Mazurek as thc leminine sharpshooter in k'Annie Get Your Gun." Playing the male lead ol handsome Frank Butler, was jerry Urosz. Following this memorahle occasion the memhers of the speech department hurriedly prepared their Speeches for the "l'rince ol' Peace Declamation Contest." Students also appeared at various social and civic cluhs to give talks concerning the new high fchool huilding. The second semester hrought more new experiences. Une was the Lakeland Conference Dramatic Festival which was held February eighteenth at Amherst. During the year the group made trips to Cleveland to View professionals in action and also to talk with them personally. Mrs. Egeland, teacher, adviser, and director ol the speech students. accompanied them. "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN,' Front Row: S. Cainp. tl. Cloldthorpe. R. Koontz, XV. Wilstiii, Miller. R. Kilgore. S. Mann. B. Higgins. D. Kilgore. A. -lonex. A. Michael. L. McKay. Second Row: M. Nell. P. Solack. S. Shuinalcer. N. Singley. D. Bruee, D. Rickard. N. Fullar. ul. lieightner. B. Meffready. -I. Dohney. D. Slack. 'l'hn'd Row: R. Berry. N. jenne. S. Snell, K. Ohcnour, S. Thomas. P. -Iaeger. R. Segraytw, li. Breinlte. Orosz. AI. Mazurelt. C. Burrett. Mrs. Egeland, S. Biclcel. D. Olson. K. Koontz. XY. Troxtell. L. Roherts, D. Hylkeina. Back Row: M. Pohorenee. E. Uargasz. E. Klenz. avr- 3ehind the 32 s s s . s 3 1 . ei s Q X i . Q . E Scenes . . . A CHRISTMAS PAGEANT Decemher found the group presenting the Christmas pageant "Adoration of the Kings." Sondra Thomas and Ed Klen: took the roles ot Ivlary and Joseph while Roger lvlulder, Dave Bruce, and Hola F.T. . Brenike portrayed the three kings. Completing the scene were shepherds and haloed angels. 7 The Three R s Please read with more expression," was one of the many instructions that memhers of the Future Teachers ot America gave while suhstitute teaching this year. The FTA. is a service organif :ation composed ol juniors and seniors who are considering teaching as their profession. TI ie group held luncheon meetings onee every two weeks on Vsfednesday. F.T.A. memhers spent much of their time investigating college costs and scholarship possihilities. The future is very hi'ight for anyone who wishes to hecome a teacher, and there are many scholarships availahle for the edueation ot future teachers. harly in the year the F.T.A. kept husy selling green and gold hook covers, and at Thanks- giving time the group sponsored a Soc Hop. Loretta Delkus served as president, Other officers were Sharon Bickel, vicefpresident: lvlaxine lllll'-l.lY.l, secretary: Diane King, treasurer: and Mrs. Brown, faculty adviser. Sitting: lvl. Durjava. K. Vfeaver, L. Dellaus. M. Zileh. S. Shiiinalier. ll. -l2lk'1lCl'. ml. llrslmlon. P. Solaek. hl. Uoldthorpe. Standing: K Koontz. S. Snell. E. Loewei. ff. Stull. ll. Reinhaid. ll King. 5. Bielxel. A. .lone M. Bevi. lvl. Nell.. .I. lieightner. ANN! axwuswmww wmmls lw ' 14? Q2 21: S E Q, , W1 x X XA . , m. mf W R ,,, VK1 1- 2 -f ' af f 2 -- ,E 'H Q fy' W . Q LW ' i gk, 1 5 f jig E W2 eff: ey X , . A, 232 k H W N 'Hy x4 W. Q f , , ML wp, ,vm WS A sg as W 3 '.-J! ff 'vw "Rv ,W 35 Q wx , iz. M9 W:' . uf v, A K A ' A lf ' ' Q xxx. iz, W ,, Q: ' X i,-...M N Q Y1 M2- Yq , 2 XA It PF' 'wxzfwx ' j wb ' h nw ,Nm-X Q R is 4 K QQ ' 'Xp MY V- A ww Wx W 1 ' , S-, 4 f . M .f A A jx A ,N ix MQ, X3 R "F gi X We a , '-"G,1lvsL11w f av K is My if if RR M v S fly 1 ':AA: -iff W 1 Sq QQ' ., . L i N Q, 2 my 3 ' 3 X f ' Q . is AQ' A F I E v 'Q Vw it ...x ,nn 1, x i w 'A L an 4 ' ' 4 ,, -gg: Q f unsung ef Q- " N -he S ,QQ in if 3 . 'XX W is O x mar it W3 -was NS :Une -' :Lx Y Q . .Q f f 5? K Jie, Q 5.4: W' N f X M 10 Q 'N LM. gf Mg .ag s W., X, .5 w ga x I , X I ,i . , Q' 'igl' ' Kg'?.3H ix X ,FEC fx' .5 --+2 If? 'M s f 1' fi aff " f, ?+ f-i fq-,ff , , ,, X ,S ,L '53 , . I f, I . K- .- X rn Q . , . ' i . N r I K f f Nfl. Lf. z, .nm Q . ,Y Q f' 2 X ' HS N 3 W ' f fs- t X , as jf .D MMA ',,. , x 'K ' ,I -. "ji "' , 'S3.sQ:, k X f ' 24 1 if A fs 9' X 7 X x 4' f Q Y - -11- --.,..i ., :M X ik ' ,Q M -w .AA,, my i if Q f I gm 4 5 Y x f A' X , ' uv . V M K, Q - I ., u. , Af '- " W, ., M SNA, , lf-rv X w - 4 , .. ai ' . , an fb' 4 'I CAPPELLA CHOIR . . . High ot Illlnl ll-vw II S.g1.axw. IQ. Nglwlx, If Ialaxlw, I Krlglu, I. Ivlazln-Ix. I. Iingluln-1, 5 Knapp, I Mvgxl. I Mlulwu. Il. lxlluaullx 5-.Mull Ill-w II, Ulm-11, I. Ixlaxlx. I' Slllg :slum I, I' IIIHI-il. 5. II-fwax.I. I' Ihtlx. NI IIIIII, A Imax. I' IIIHVI. I IIafI1, Ii Kalllz I. 5I.1lI.1, Ivllx Ixlllunux, Illxxyl lbw-. I Nlullllx. If Kaul, If lllax, I Iaxlx, I. Kmg, I VIIHIIII--. Il S-gnu-N, II IIlll:lll. II Iilllxalll, XY, Wllx--ul Il Srlulxl-I, K. N-Inu, S, lil.Il.I. I I'lI!.Iu, lIa.Ix II-vw I Illngl S III.--'IIN I, II--Ixxnv, NI I'-llnmym, I llxwz. II Illxml. I, Iugxawua. I Iirll. R Wxlrl.IIwa+L, II 5IalIwI.Il. II R.l-.nLu.n', Il Klux.. II II Kulnll, N XX ml xllmwk A CAPPELLA CHOIR Hurmumg wltlm .lClIX'lly llns yuar was llmu A Cappclla Clwir, L.Ill'CL'lL'LI Ivy MIN. Vvlallman, Dmming tlwir grccn mlwus wxllm lwriglwt gold stulcs, choir mcmlvcrs sang Ihr X'.ll'lUllS clvif UTQRIIIIZLIIIIJIIS, prcscnlul IIN annual Christmas Vcspur Scryicu, and prupauxl spvuial music lm' Iiaccalaurcatu and CTUIHIIICIICCITICIII, I-liglxliglxts ul' th.- Nprmg ik'-ISHII was ilu' wpcl1'tta "Fmn'll1m"Trllcl'," Iwy Victm' Hcrlwri. fflum' mcmlwuxw alw had Iam wclally. In thc fall a party was giycn Lu initiatc Huw mvmlwrs. An ClI11'iQL1uas tlw clwir wcnt Qarlllmg and llwcn cmuycgl a gilt cxf 1 clxaugc. In April llmc Qingurs, drcssul in tlmcir Sunday lvcst, atlumlcg. tlw upcra 111 Illvvulaml, TIM- last suuial CYUHI ul ilu' yflll' was tlw annual lwanquct lwmwrmg SCIIIUI' IIIClIlIWk'l'4 I..C.lkIx'l'i mul' nhl- m'gam:at1lw11 wma' plxwinlclmt, IDILIIIIIC Cap1'ctla1 yiccfprcsiplclut. ilmllu I1llIl'I'k'llQ wcrctary. Slmarwn lin-Iwl, and lI'ClISlll'L'l', .Icrry Urusz. CADET BAND IwIL-rnlwcrs ul' nhl- Cady! Band llavc had LI busy ycar umlcr tlmc direction ul' M11 Ilwtcrsclm. Tlmcy had the tlxrill of pcrl'm'ming at a fwutlwall gamc during ilu' half time alcmg wltlx Ilan SCIIIUI' Pwaml. TIN cmlmsiasric musicians also playcnl at many of tlw VILIIIIUI' lnglx clmapcls. I11sLru1m'mal Night was anutlwcr importaxmt date on thc calcmlar lan' tlw Ilaglvl liaml. Ul'l1cc1'4 ul' Ilan lwaml wcrn pwsidclmt, Indy Pvillingsluyg y1ccp1'c4ulcnt, Stull IIIIIIIJIW, aml -u'1'cla1'y Iru.lsn11'u1', IIIII Ivlmlcr. SlNly'lVVu md Low otes . . . IU IOR CHOIR Iwnl Run I iuxfv. I II Ilmf-, 5. IMI, Il. M.4xrnu1, li KHIIM. Il SInimIw. I' I'.-ur-vu. 5 UIIII, ll Indnlmlm. I' l.u--If, IJ. i'I.Ipp.n. 1' IfImIl. M. XX'..IL.l, M 'I'-11.11-In . , , . . TN .-:lv.I Ix-Lu I X IwIlIn. IN IIIIKIIII. Ii It.:-I-lxx1.I.I. A IwIu, NI, IIHIII, I' Shu., IJ II.IIm.4. N 1l.III.ngIn1, II INIuI.I4x, I SUIJII. II, I1.1.nm..I1, Ii XXVIII-I. I' IIIII.-. I IInlIIxx1.Ix. M IH-Ivx.II, .'X II.m1n. Myx. XX.IIm.4lv IIm.I Il--xx li 52'.IxIv, If I'IIup.m. II :XII-lx. f. 5-x-l'II.4, S Il-Lux. I IIA. mul, 5 Sp-mul I IIHII- I. II I"IIm m. II Kun. zu. II. Srl .. I. ,I'I1.Imp- In, IS SIIIII, I III- mmm. II.n.Ix Iiwu II Iwlw II. 5 Xfrmvxllng. II IIMIIII. N S1lv1,wInI1xnIn, I 5.Im.1.I11. I7 SIJHII-vw. K' S.II,I1II.l, I2 IMI'-I-. I ,-XIKx.m-I-I. I- Inav. l II-law, II II.wII. IH I'..UIx, M III-.IILK-. S IMI,-Hy. 'IUNIOR CHORUS TIM' .Iunnwr Cflwrus. IUUIQIIIQ wry culmful III Iwriglmt CUSIIIIIICS, had IIIUII' Ing IIIQIII wlwn llwy prcscxmtml the 0lM'l'CllAl "CII11'istm:1s in Old EngIa1ml." TIN Qlury ICIIQ UI .I 1nmIc1'n day cul1pIc who I'ccI IIICII' IS no CIIu'istma1s epm! Icft III IULIIIYIS I1I'c. Tlwy .arc mkun luck to an KIIITISIITIRIQ party III UILI Iznglgmd and tlmcn II'-lIl.'1U tIm.1t tlmcy .uv wrmmg. TIM' slAll'S ut' thc HPUITIIAI wcrc Glenn Brooks, Stcphzmic Vinnmg znml IIIII H.1II. Tlmn uImrL1s IS cm11p4uscLI uf fux'c11lI1 amd I-ighzlm graders wlw lncrt umm' .1 xx'vcIi xx'1tI1 M1'e, NVcIImzm. LIi1'uctur. I'l-Im Ibm M Sl...-L, ,I IIuIul, II. Il.nrm.IIx, li. NI-ng1I. VI, I'-.1-r.w, Id Ilmll. II Iillllull :X KIUII. I, IIIIIIIIQ-Ifx. Y S1.Un.I Ii--xx, I' I-XII-v. K. Iii.'II.mIx. I. I'IHrl, 5. CLI,-. I' R.xuf1IIIX. I' VIAIIK-. Ii XI-llff. II HrI1II, if AI.x.4mI.1. K lIIIm.m. I7 'III-1.1, I II'r1w,II IMI. II. II:-Ixxxw, II. l'InmL1., II, F.Imru.IIwr. II Kxmzlmn, I'Im.I Ii-wx. I' KI-WI.. II. IIx.umx1II. Il I,.Uu.,u.I. I.. IIIIIIMII, I. f.mIlmIu. I lQ.Il.., 11 Il.nm1xII. II. KI-Lxn.I.n. K III:-II. II. Il.Ix1x,lx. If Ann-ll-mg. S III.u'IxIwIII. I Ii1.I.II-. X' K11IIw . I' APIHI- ,I. M1II-1. IS. Kmmrz, I', Ii-1II1.'l, I'. WI1..alIm. I I.4ImN:. I Splmglx. I. IIvm:IxIum1. I. KIUIM I., Kung HMI. Rum :X I"1l.u:+1. W. II.nlrIwm-. XY, Ilwxln I. K. Il-vin-I.I-. Ii IIIIMJIIII. II Rm, I IVI--llwrll. I s 1w..n1..,-. Il. f:.,.I.1.,N...i, ll l..f.1.,.. II M.ct,....1I. II Mm, R, :.1.r.. II 1...,u.. R. I'1!1r--III, 5. Ilzxx-, Il IIIHIIL. ff IMI-x, II N-xwwlxnl. NI Il'-IHIMI. 'I ."xI'x.Il1.I-I, XY. IVIUHII. Ii NI.1fIxu'. II Hum-, RX. N.IIu-IN. I. IMIIN. Ii KHIHIXIII. STUDE T COUNCIL . . . Service With cz Smile Seated: D. King. P. Kapronca, D. Boclmann. N. Fullar. P. Byar. Standing: L, King, K. Thutt. Wagner, D. Clotz, -I. McDonald. D. Rosenkrainz. B. Higgins, l. Miller. Thanks to the ice cream machine, the Student Council enjoyed a profitable year. The vending machine proved to be a popular and lucrative addition to our school. The Council was responsible for more things than most of us realize. The group took a very active part in athletics by selling programs at the football games, by scheduling afterfgame dances, and by sponsoring the football and the basketball banquets, Council members were in charge of the noon recreation program They also helped with the campaign to promote the school bond issue. The Student Council showed international good will by helping to sponsor an exchange student for next year. Officers of the Council were Dan Bodmann, presidentg j'ohn McDonald, vicef presidentg Bettie Higgins, secretaryftreasurer, and Miss Steele and Mr. Lyle, advisers. Sixtyffour LATI CLUB . . . Amo, Amas, Amat gr LATIN I Sl.4l1.Img II llwlmuux I'l-yur Iiuxx I Kwrvlx, I. Kr-wg-1, II Splxulul. I7 IIIIH--vm, I1 Smll, Ii IImf-, I, Kung, K' II1.In.4lIIN IXIIIIIII- Ii--xx I INIIU I. I. I7.mgIl-ltr, I.. N.uI1.nIwxuIxi, fi II-rg-'I. 'I I5-rlmw, II Sfglm--, A Ylllnu-:4 N4 Iilrzmxkl, 5 IIIINILN, I., I', IIN-ull, K. II1xgIlI-I. IMA Ii-In I II.r.Im mu. I IKII. Im.m, Ii I'nlxn.4Ig4. K I.-'mIvm, II Ifnz, 5 Smml-'11, II, Ulm rm-ful N .-XIIm.I1r. K KJII1-, S, IIUxx.u.I, I, II'..n.x, S Mcl,-NIJ K ll.m1Iu-Il, N,, Ix IIHIIII LATIN II I71-Im Ii-fu, K Kwpi, I, M111-Im, A IvInuIx.nI, A, WJIIJ., M Klnmgvnlvv-11, K Kun-I M. I3fIIsl1w, II, R.l1m'v. S.:-Imi R:-xx: I. IK',ugln-x, II Iiluwrl. N, IIImwI1.'1. ll. KU.-wx. N IVIMM-. S IJ-I--In-, I Ilflm-Huw, I Swgnrz, I. Tnrrv, IIIHII R-lu. II. Slllva. K. 'I'IxllII. I, II'-tm-I. IQ KIUII, 9 II1lr4lxI'l-I-II, I 9llv1.wInIx-xnlu, II, Iivrrv. ll ScI1I4 ilrl, N I.fIIw11 HAIR Ibm- I I-rnhlrm, Ii, lmIgInh, Ii, Km-. I Inu-In-Nu... 'I. II-Ill-IX? I II-Nnmg II Iwpf. R I,.m.Ix. I mmm: "I.4mn is an dcud Iarmgundgc. As d-:nd as 11 can lw. lr IuIIcaI thc Rumum and thc Urun'Iu. And now lt's Iullmg nw." IIHIII4 IN llw xnutm ul' lI1c IIICIIIIWCIY UI the Laltm Club. Oh, what ILIUIIUIIN p.u'tu-Q xwrc Iwld .nt ilu' "IIN" as thuy I.nIw1 nI.uIy .nt thcu' In-sszms. under thc SllPCl'X'lSlHIl ul' Mrs. Tlmlt, tlw 'kRmn.m NIM"- Huxvuxm-1. rw nm' can Irvrgct thc Iamuglmtcr during dr1vcr"g .md llwn. an .1 CIIIII-IX I-I thc CIIIIH' thx- Ilmc lmlmlwn. A men- swlelu of Iipstlck made tho: I'1'vsIuf RUINQH1 Banquet. num Im-yx lmwk Inks the wppnsitc sax. Slnvcf drugged .IIIII IIIIQIYISSIRI. pxcxixlvnti N.mry Imkvrm, -m'CI'n'!.lly. uruuml 'I-ICIQN HI Iw-mkx .md Imwcci CUHIIIIIILIIIY tw thru' .md Kaxthy K.1rm'y. II'U.lSllI1'l'. f1II:c1.m-LI .ll flu- uxc--tangy IIIIIQIIII' Ill-INIVIN S1wIy'I1vr IRCULO ESPANCL . . . Muchas Gracias ESPANOL II Sailing: l.. l'.iynr, ll lirmlvr, K. Nl-lawn. xl, Nlnzuiivk. ll. Huffman, G, Krupp. St.onlnng: R. Ulnvfr, ll. Stgnlmcli. Ql. Millt-x', F. XVilln-lin, R. Rvynoltls, ,I. Donn-v. J. lvluuluvll. fl, Slilginlxnivi, -I. KI.ilul, bl, Clhonko. IW, li.lxx'.nulf, 'lf li.:-mwnoll, lf., l. Uinl--lwootl, XX. Nickollr. nl, Wlllirlni, K. Ulu-noun. S. Uillol. ESPANOL I Siliung' W. Hulvlmul, ll. llinrv, l.. Cflilnlnilwlltgl. XV, l', fl. Kulilwxxir, li. ll.nn'l, ll, Sxxznlz. ll. Spoygnto, lf, liotllons, H, liurrvll. Smmling: ll. Higgins, ll Nlnlfortl, R, livin-r. I., Stnmlil, ll. XV1lrvnluook, CI, Plumlu, li livvnolllx. Cf. St'li.nflvr, M, li-xi, A Hoixnli, S. l.o.'kl1.m, ID. lilli--ir, N. l1'IJor, M. W.tlL.1. tl, XY.'.iucli, l., At mcctings of El Circulo Espanol, Spanish stutlcnts saw slidcs and movies of Mcxico, Spain, and South Amcricu. Tlic scnorcs and the scnoritzis sung songs and played gxlnics in Spanish. Elizulwcth Neill was prcsitlcnt of thc groupg Sliirlcy O'Dor, viccfprcsidcntg Carol Stilgcnlwnucr, sccrctury, and joe Millcr, trczisurcr. Thc Modern Lzniguugc Clulws COll2llWOI'2lfCLl with thc Laitin Club in the prcscntxr tion of an aisscmlwly in March. Sixlyfsix 91 Wt Merci Bien . . . CERCLE FRANCAIS Kline: R. S.-gl'.ixrs. I, I5i.uIt-', II. IIutIln.inn. II. Rt-inIi.utI, M. AIwi.uIi.ilu. II, lhfiiilw.-It. L, I.. R-thtits .nntIing. M. N.-II. K. Koontz, QI. Iihmtl-in. I'. Iluli.n,i, V. IYn-L. IT. HvIIu-iu.i. KI, Kihgtiit. 5 IvI.iiin, K KIHI., I' It-.it1'i, II, 5vIunitIt. S. Sm-ll. R. Ulu--r, II Higgins. "Chainte:, fiI12ll1fCZN was the keynote alt meetings of the Cerele Friuicgiis. The French Cluh Iezirned several populzir French songs, played records, sind drtunaitized scenes froni k'I.41 Vie Pzlrisiennef' For the initiation, heginning French students wore hi:.irre huts. Officers of the cluh were Luc ' Billmiin, wresident: Iohn Iiralke. Vive iresident. I . I s .uid Diiinne liglprettai, treatsurer. . I COMMERCIAL CLUB . . . Fl mg Fingers Typing report cards, mimeograiphing tests, :uid IQIIQIIIQ dictation these :ire just at few of the duties of the memhers of the Commerciad Cluh. Seniors who Imyc taken both shorthand and typing :ire eligihle for memhership in the cluh, Besides developing the skills used in office practice, the future secrctitries profit hy the mziny opportunities for cooperative service, At the Iuncheon meetings, seyerad former Amherst High students tidked aihout their experiences :is secretaries. Memhers of the Commercial Cluh visited the offices of the Ntitionid Tuhe Compziny to ohserye husiness methods. Smiitliiiggz I: l.t-.-xx. i. S, Iii-in-'i'. Mrs. I5i.iIte, St.ih'tI: R. Iktilsiix'-Iii, QI. 'Iimst-r, I.. II.tcIi. Ii. NIirrIit-II, II. fhrts, If Ihllingsley, II. 'I'Ii-trims. j I - . acl i 1. Sixtyfscyen SCIE CE CLUB . . . Amps, Volts, and Bugs Lellt lo right: Oliver., C. Cullen. K. Ohcnour. M. Zilch. Dohney. K. Vwleavei bl. Brandon. W. Nlckolls, li. Rockwood. K. Nelsen, Mr. Tousley. Story If Place. R. Oliver. lvl. Ahrahatn. "Vx7here is the hydrochloric acidf' "Do you have any low voltage rectifiers, Mr. Tousleyfu "How inany volts will this transformer put out?" These are only a few of the hundreds ol' questions asked hy inemhers of the Science Cluh. Each student selects a project which he may work on alone or in collahoration with Il fellow inemher. This year several of the cluh inemhers experimented with crystal making and chrome electroplatingg others were interested in huilding a testafcoil, an instrument for producing high voltage charges. At the meetings held every Thursday noon in the lahoratory, all the cluh meinhers had something in common they had fun working side hy side in the fascinating world of science. Officers of the group were Ricky Oliver, president: Philip Place, vicelpresidenig Karen Vxfeaver, secretaryttreasurerz and Mr, Tousley, adviser. l SAFETY P P TROL liront Row: D. Rickard. C. SlRlI'l'WllCli. D. Keillllef. B. Skid' more. P. Ellenher7.1er. Back Row: R. Skidmore. l. Pixel' lieh. B. Sagert, A. -Iones. Mr. Dill. Srwtyfeiglil JU 1012 HIGH cou CIL rl--nt R1-w: D, Smllrr. D. Bvllum, H. Stull, M. Mxll1'r, S, Kllgurv, 1. Huicr R L L Dun Hack Run' R. kw'Ilrhn'l, I. R.: v, . L-un.mi, ll. Martin, M. XYHIR-'r. ulvr, T. Sch.wH.-I, CI, l"ml.1v, W. Suxmld. XV, Hllttrrlm-In x, ,I Alnrmf, Ll. Smnll. M XY-vhhwvl, R. W'.u1!v. POWERS SCI-ICOL SAFETY P TROL l'l-'nt Run: V. H.ux'llN. R. SchmnJ.l. I". llvlkux, IJ KIHl.m.m. H. Wfllmrl, H lirlnvl. I Iiurvml-Ixx. If M ll, .Ln-g-1, I.. Phxlllpx Pwcmni Rww: S, iirumly, I7 Z.nlm'rlw, l'. 15l1Hn-I1. M. XYl1xN1. IT. Pllmkmv. K. Supa. 'I' Hull'-'11, I. Ihlwv-, ,I Klum fi. Hacull, ff.Uck:ul1klx, F 'I'hlui Run: U. Spxmxr, KI. XYAIR-'x. ,I Krlwnlmmw. lf. I'-vzwm, N. I'-nn. S. Yvium, I, l....,,i,,,lL3.. Ci, lwlu R. 5a'ul.nrr. I. Avnlvrwlv. T. IfJu.ulJ-. T If.1xx.mix link Run: S Rrxchvu, T. N.ulMu1wxvL1. -I Kllfhlnxkihl. 5. Smxrh. H, YYIHNI. R liwfllvmrx. K, Hwllu, M S1-YH! A I'IwL. CT. Sqlllfvlu. MIN. fvhxxnll. Sixtyfnirw Fnmt Pww: -I. Cnhl. D. Edwards. S, Caunp. S. Ritzlcr. link Rww: l, Pmllmch. xl. Gerber, B. Mcf11'ca1L1y. N. BCl1k'dlCl. L. Mclxdv. V XX'uhlcx'v1. MIN. Smnllm. R, Bcrtlwlcl. Library Aides HALL GUARDS AND OFFICE AIDES OFFICE AIDES S BCILICI B McU1r.ndy.f1, SIIIH, D.Kmg, Ill vwvr' I IVIIHIN U H11-1114. l P. XXi'RlILik'A'kl. HALL GUARDS lL lruhmd. IL. lklcnz, P. Fvhuy. B. Rcynuldx. M. B . f, kx . . I'llCt'. M. lDn1rj.w.n, B. Kuhn. ij Projection ff Sta K Nclscn. R. Czlnmhish. M1'. Touilcy. VV. Dcptnwicz. T. Rickard. ll. Olwv D. Frcdcrick. R. Daniel, XV. Nlckvlls. CAFETERIA AIDES lv. Ruling. ll. Iuwur. D rxll . - .alum I. Pwdllcll. H, 5.n'u1't. B Sl-illllllli ' ' "kv 1, . ln. I. Ill . D. Slack. C. Slilfhllfk. S. Stnllcr. D. 5m.nwh. gl. MllI1Ig.l. MIN, fxHI1x'N HQ-uk. Mrs. U "4 "k. R hun Hu l Pat Boone greets his prize-winning fan club. 4 II 27 ll I2 23 8 lo 20 Z2 29 4 l l i Elmer bursts through the hoop. Ricky and Lee dance the can can French Club initiation CALENDAR September First Day of School Teachers' Picnic Bonfire Rally October Junior and Senior Driving Demonstration f--Parents' Night at lvlemorial Field Speech Department Trip to Karamu Theater November Senior Tea P,T,A. Fun Fair Football Banquet 23 -Thanksgiving Vacation "Annie Cet Your Gunn December Betty Crocker Test for Home Economies Students Band and Choir Vesper Service Choir Party Christmas Pageant hy Speech Class fBeginning of Christmas Vacation F.T.A. Holiday Dance january End of Vacation fjunior Party 18-End of Semester 194-Senior Scholarship Tests fChemistry Class Trip to General Nlotors February Band Parents' Dinner Sweetheart Dance 'P.T.A. Dinner Lakeland Conference Speech Contest Our Town observes Youth Activities Week - Mayor Ed Gargasz and Council rule for a day. l i H ltr WN 20 I I S II lv IS ji ji fti It Coach Hudak and company hope for touchdown. Nlarch 1956 - 1957 L.tlwl.intl Cmifcrciicc litnd Fcstif W xutl .tt Huron lrrusliinan l':irty B.tsIwtImII Dinncr Scnior Party Suplwiiinrt' l'4trty April - F.T,A, Dinncr 3 lnstrumt'ntQll l'i'ugi'Qtin 4 Schnlqtrsliip Tests :tt lxL'I'k'.l 5 Hand Trip to Bztltlwiirfvxhtll.tct' 7 Rccortl Bniiqtiut ll Youth Day in Our Town I6 Choir Suppcr I7 -Itiiiini'fSciiior' llftllll flHIIlIIlL'I'Cl.Il Cluh Trip to Tliuw Slwwl Cltwinpatny 7 Iii't'fliin.ti1 lxircnts' Night l'.T.A. Skating lltrty Sports Night lhntl Ctmccrt 21 Spring Valuation Latin Banquet litutilty N.E.A. Party Bill and Diane dino in 2 Opcivttat, "Thi: Fortunc Tcllcrn I QI Aiiilicrxttuiiigtii liinnvr Z3 Truck l3i'cztlil'.ist '26 Bttcculgitircxttu 27 Class Night 29 Comriicncuinciit june I Finttl Ruptirt fltrtlf Alumni Dinncr style alt thc '56 prom. "lVlom, may I go to the game?" Council mvinlwcr-. patronin- tht- ict- tu nn mu 1 4 eil t X -it !MXP'SYiX Q U NT H 6515?-if 5 Q Q Mig L. was 40" is H ai fallam lfze ham SPO RTS "Old Glory" flies again. GALA NIGHTS A' VARSI1 Coach Hudak sparks our tcam at halfrimc. lluntRmx'1l5. Mu 5 - Varsity Squad . .5-m1l.uli, V. l'4ul1mLmn . Hind R ' I 1 1 1 on H. Vw vilx D. lllllull. lumix. ly. Hill . 14 , B. Barry. T. Sglirliwr. G. l'QvLlr1w1wu, R. lxmmtz. R. Hullmzm. H, Cf.1n111wxv. ll Mllll-tlI'd. Sccund Row: R. XXVYUVIICI flllilllflllfll. -I. lnguxw sm. R. liranla, D. Vw'ul1lcx'c1. AI. Vv'1llwr. G. SCl1llClLlCIA. R. Kruse, R. l,m1gl11'1c, T, TI'llil' lctli. D. Rnscnkrzmz. AI. Swartz. U. Dclnlricli. M. Lzimlaic. C. Mimccn. li, lDcSg1ntlQ. R. Towne. M. lNlill'NZlli0NNfwlil l111a11agur'J. Buck Raw: A, 'lilwnms falsslstant wmclwl. VU, Bloom. R. Pippcrt. VV. SClNDCII1lj,I, MC' Donald, D, Strnttmm. Pa. Reynolds, XV. Ml' chalul. M. Kcllclxcr. E. Mcwrzun. R. Mulilcr. D. Bwdmunn. P. Slm: R. Stark. M. Pnlwl' 5 cnct. R. Stark. U. Blalcklurnl. D. Klutz. Cuznclm Hudak. vcnly-xxx VIEMORIAL FIELD :QUAD High-stopping majorcttcs lead victory march 3.16 PW' Y Amh 7 7 31 15 I4 IU .XS H H crst Football Summary Ulwrhn Vc1'm1li1m M.u'ga111'tt.n Huron Ncxx' Lmmdmm Vfclllumgtmm Clc.1rx'icw lzlym Cqallmllu Mulmgl Scxvntx x n Opponents 14 IU ,. H . 21 U 7 . 6 H l F Comet fans line up for cokes and hot dogs. Bill Reynolds Dan Bu-Clmnnn SENIOR COMETS Bow to Oberlin, 7 - I4 Bob Stark Earl Morailm Pat Shay ficx :lx Ill Y ,lp John McDonald Darrcll Stratton Rogcr Nlulclcr Sux'cnty'r1fuf: Bill Michael Mike' Kelleher Nlikv Polmorcncv ,5sa.. -Pr W1 RL 'S Nw R km .4 13 we 5 ggi! ' A x 73 ' QW Y i' , f X E? , U ,Q M Z fi 'H MG 3 i,. 5. R 'ALA r 114 A'2' Y i vs Q 3 ga gg. g f" ,,, 1 Q ff w M qw . . . The First String 14 lh Nlutlmx N x lx l It 5,1 lNl1.1Il. ll. ll: lu, lf, lf.ux.l, ll, Ikmvlwxlu. ll, M--mm, li Mluvmxnk. lx Nt nl li Nt: tt lv R l'u--ml. lMgu,I firm-lx 'l'lt.-mv Varsity Upponents 42 7l '77 full 53 47 68 fxl 67 Sl hi 44 79 "Tl NI 65 97 'ii 90 full 52 -ll lull 69 56 52 S3 45 79 39 72 Suu 72 39 45 67 fx-4 gl in K2 Basketball Summary Tctun Opponents Reserves l3lN'l'lll1 38 18 XxWYt'lllllHl4bll I9 36 :Xlumm 48 3U fllk'lllYlL'XK' 31 29 l'l111-an 3ll 49 M.u'g.u'utt.x 33 93 Nvw l,.1ml..n I7 -ll Sulltlw .'XlllllL'lNl IS -il Vvlulllmtm 34 39 Vfvllllxgtulm Ill 33 lllv.1rxlcxx' 26 42 l:ll'L'l.lI1LlN 31 -H l'llu'un 'il -ll :XVUI1 Laku 34 39 lVl.11'g1.u'clt.u 3 I 38 New Lmul-111 III 59 Suutlw .'xIllllClNl 3l 42 XvCl'lllIllI1I1 36 37 TOURNAMENT c3lN'l'llH l'llYII.I l Tlw vznxvty l,lHlNl1t'k.l tht- l'l'1llll.lI stu watlm am llf7 lt'L'Ul'Ll .md tlmd plan' lllxtlllltl flmlt mt .lc llw rcwrvcx xx- Sc-nior Lvttvrtmrn: Elmer Bado Ellwoud Carver 'un I4 jlllllll'N .md lux tn lglxtyfu ASKET LL 1111 Ruvv: 11 11111 VARSITY 11111. lf. 1V1111'a1111, li, S1llI1x 111, L. f1.11x'1'1. R. Q-.1111111N11. ll M1111 1 111111 11 vw f'111'11 111111111 D 1i.1v1111, 17 1'1l111l R H.l1111111. 1. 1 . 1311-11 R11 Q .1. 15. . ' 111 1' I11 ll 11111111 R 1'111'111111- 1111-'11 51111111 . .5 'g' 1 1 RESERVES 1111111 R xx 1 1'Xl'1l1WP. 11, K111N1'. 15. 1.1y1111, 111, 1.1-1113 11L' 111 11111 li xx, 11. m,L'l'111'1' 1111111 1. 15 11111113 1X1 1111111111: ll 111111 I1 17 1111111 1 1 11" 11 XX111111'v1'1,1111.11'11 11111111.11 111111v'txx'11 TRACK 1956 Events Wilson, Towne and Schoemig lead in the Mile Run. --i 3- 3 .. .. April April April April April Coaches admire cup after the Comet Relays. Mr. Mizer, athletic director. Mr. Krohe, coach. Mr. Cooley, coach. Bob Neff pole vaults at the Brown jug Meet. 1957 Track Schedul Class Meet New London at Amherst -Amherst and Huron at Vermilion 'Comet Relays :it Amherst with Vermilion. Welliimgtrnii, Clearview Vfelliimgtruim ut Amherst 0 Mary Z May 4 May 7 May 9 May 16 Eighty-three ff-Oberlin and Midvicw ill Amherst -f Amherst :rt Rocky River Relays M urga1'cttz1 :md South Amherst nt Amherst lil- Lukclzriid Conlcrencc art Clearview District mect ut Clevclzmd RI KYDINKS lfrunl Row: B. Cgunp. Rucslcr, B. Ruyncs, A. Ingmssnu. B. Kunznmn. T Sulmcffcr. Rcymmlds, Turner, R, Realms, Scunnl Row: Thmnpson. B. Walitc. S. Hnhln, D. Clmnkn, R, Balm. lf, Nagy D. Edwards, Wilsnmrx, B. Muldcr, D, Braun. P. Ryan. QI. fwnntlw. Puck Rnw: D. Buscr, R. Towne, D. Vwfright, G. Zuni, D. Dlmnnw. L. M1-ckh B. Hull. G. SIllI'bllCk. B, BllUCl'IllUI'C, H, Stiwnld, D. Sclnlwlcy, K, Hngu 1n1g1'.l, Cnuulm Kruhc. junior High Heavyweights Amherst Opponents Zl Snuth Amherst .. 0 ZH , ,. Huron 6 2 I . Wcllilugtcmxm .. , U ZS Oberlin 6 35 Oberlin . , 21 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLE DERS C. Xvvavcr, S. Nlccartney, G. Retay, M. Slack, L. King, Elg'l1Iy'tUlll' FRI-FALSHMAN AND JUNIOR HIGH BASKETB FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM limnt Row: H. Gziminuns. D. Hutton, G, Kedmenee. C. Nestur, K. Hnhla, R. Bcrncr. Buck Ruw: Mr. Hudalc, L, King. D. Mulford. T. Schriner. Vv'alkei'. C. Snell. j. Puhorence. FRESHMAN Amherst 7 'V 33 , sn We JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Front Row: A, Alten. G. Starhuck. D. jones. L. Mccklcy. C. llinle 'Q VU. Ncisvn I D. Herckler. Back Row: Mr. Kmhc. R. Balus. ll. Ruesler. D. Buser. U. Henef. C. Hufliniam J. Smith, K. Hogrcfc. BASKETBALL SUMMARY SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE Opponents BASKETBALL SUMMARY Oberlin ....., .... . ..,,. . .... 2 4 Amherst Gppunents .. Oberlin . 20 22 .,,,.. ,... .....,,,....,.. O h erlin .. , 19 Wellington 27 17 .... . . .,,. . Oherlin . . '44 New London 46 27 South Amherst . Vermilion 38 Z7 ,. ..... Wcllingtrmn , 16 ......,. Huron ,, . . Eightylivc 24 New London 27 vn Vermilion . . r'1n.....,.-.,. LL GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO SOPHOMORES. IUNIORS AND SENIORS lion! Ron N, lvlarlti-. K Kiiiiil, Nl. Nlfillol. K Tliiiil, Il. Giocotl, B. Stnclielslci, L. ll I l Vi en r i . till! XY- nn. i. l. Sm i , ,. .1 i . S ronil Rim: 5 lliclti l, ,l. l'i'llon. ll Rn nit i. N lililifii. K. K bent ui, Nl. lui I iorpr, li-iiliimi, ll Sims. S Snell. I, liiaiitl-iii, .l llolimx. MIN Smith. l-. iiiil Rim, 12, lliifiiiiv. Ql. Stlilmlvi. ll. Mxllinn. v. ll. Sclinmll, L. Siiinisliltrvieli. lvl. Rippeth, ' ' Nl llvn- li At M Nill, lvl. klingininiiii. ll liainii, N, l..i.t.n. i . it t. Iii Rim- 9 Milli-I l. liilinx-iii. I. Ilia-iw. S. laiinp. l.. Martin, xl, Mlildtir. I. fnrlui, A. tlx . .. , , W.ill.iti, ll. Siilgiiilmiiei. S. With-iiliifiolx. Nl. lilnn gan. FRESHMEN liionl liow. A Ivl.iel3.-n,ilil. M. Brezinelti, K. Uanilaibh, S Bviwli-. -. two. Ylvillihvilli I N.ilmltim Nki. ,l. llivirizys. ' ' aeffer, CT. l'lnmlw, L. Sim-.iltl l' l lmin link Rim. I5 Durbin. li. Svi:,i'.ixrs. P. l7lirl.n.u, L. Sth l, Rn-gi r. 'lin win ii gicen and goltl letter if the aim of all G.A.A. members. In order to wear the lug the girls must earn l.Ullll points. Points are given for service as gym aides, for ollieiziting, and lor pairticipation in all sports. The girls have lun in their varied athletic aetivities. Some of the members choose as et' hall. soltball. tennif, and ping pongg others preler volleyball, kiekball, bowling, and horseback riding, The big social event that all of the members look forward to is the Sweetheart Dance, in February. The '56f'77 officers were president, Barbara. Staehelslcip vicefpresident, Dianne Grocottg secretary. Louike Vv'ennei'g treasurer, Karen Thuttg adviser, Mrs. Marjorie Smith. Eightyfsix Compliments of IRVING R. EMMERICH Funeral Director Phone YU 8-4451 373 Cleveland Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Springer 86 Mueller GENERAL CONTRACTORS Hart Jewelry Company Buy With Confidence From Lorain County's Largest Jewelers 575 Broadway, Lorain, Ohio 219 Sheffield Shopping Center Compliments of BEDE PRODUCTS CORPORATION Manufacturers of Paint Heaters and Airless Spray Equipment Amherst, Ohio Eightyfseven D. R. Goldthorpe ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Sheffield Restaurant Kolenda Jewelry Compliments of Expert Watch and Clock Repairing ' , Diamonds - Watches - jewelry Berrlngton S Joseph Kolenda, Prop. Electric Appliance and G'ft Sh Church Street Amherst I op Plato Coal 86 Building Supplies John P. Ruth Compliments of Drs. C. H. and Elsie K. Snell Amherst, Ohio Tenney Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of Flowers Hardware General Hardware, Builders Supplies Park Avenue Electrical Supplies and Appliances Phone YU 8-4141 263 Main St Eighty-eight Congratulations to the Class of 1957 LEIMBACH SERVICE 5494 Leavitt Road Amherst, Ohio NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Watches - Diamonds - jewelry Silverware C0mPlim9m' vf Dru Ru Jo Your Credit Jeweler OSTEOPATH 544 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio Mackenzie's Moelk Sales NEWS and DELICATESSEN , WHOLESALE and RETAIL 577 Bread Sf- EVM 135 park Ave' 1057 Reid Ave. Lorain School and Office Supplies Cigars - Cigarettes - Tobacco Amherst, Ohio Phone YU 8-5522 Restaurant - janitor Supplies and Equipment Paper Products Compliments of The Lorain County Savings and Trust Co. Lorain County's Largest Bank AMHERST, OHIO ELYRIA, OHIO WHEN YOU NEED FUNDS SEE US FOR: GJ. Loans - F.H.A. Loans - Mortgage Loans Collateral Loans - Business Loans - Car Loans - Personal Loans Eightyfnine R. A. Moulton 86 Co. Wholesale Candy Iobber 705 Lake Ave. Phone 2730 Elyria, Ohio Owens Record Rack 617 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Call CH 6-1933 "Lorain County's Largest Stock of Records" HI-FI RECORD PLAYERS PORTABLES AND ACCESSORIES Woodings Home Appliance FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES 276 S. Main St. Phone YU 8-5081 Compliments of Sam Klein Co. 425 Broadway Lorain "Smart Apparel for Men and Boys" Compliments of CUNNINGHAM'S DELICATESSEN AMHERST. OHIO School Supplies Ice Cream Cold Cuts 294 Church St. Phone YU 8-8231 I - .I nu umm mm gg, unml A M ,- e.etee F You Are Invited to Visit Our Office and Display Room Lumber, Millwork, Hardware, Paints Doane Pole Farm Buildings THE AMHERST LUMBER CO. Ph-one YU 8-4431 Mill Ave Amherst, Ohio Ninety C. J. SPRINGER Insurance 86 Real Estate Phone YU 8-4401 252 Spring St. AMHERST MILAD INC. Chevrolet Oldsmobile Chevrolet Trucks AMHERST. OHIO I Compliments of Compliments of Wilmot Printing Co. Wayne A. Garland Funeral Diffcwf 229 Temple cf. Elyria, ohio 340 Park Ave. Phone YU 8-4124 Plwne 3183 The O'Neil Sheffield Merchants' Association Zilch Florists Phone YU 8-4483 Lorain, Ohio THE MEN'S SHOP "On The Square - Elyria" Home of the Cabin Sport Shop 'Class and Club jackets Compliments of S. G. WETTRICH AITORNEY-AT-LAW Ninetyfone Bill Schoemig Comvlimfms of Fresh, sented, and Smoked Meats . Pure Kiln Rendered Lard G. R. Wiseman, M.D. Amherst, Ohio We Deliver 192 Park Ave. Amherst Compliments of THE AMHERST THEATER Phone YU 8-3772 Compliments of EDWARDS BEAUTY SALON All Professional Services 223 Main St. M. Edwards Phone YU 8-4163 Best Wishes Charles Ebbs To the Graduates of 1957 Men's and Women's Wearing Apparel MlldfCd,S Ladies' Shop Amherst, Ohio 132 Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio . Ehrman-Becker, Inc. 'The Amherst News-Times REAL ESTATE 8L INSURANCE Publishers Printers NOTARY PUBLIC Lithographers 242 Church st. Phone YU 8-4111 Phone YU 84482 180 Pafk Ave- Amherst, Ohio Ninetyftwo INELYRIAIT'S READ'S IEWELRY For Your jewelry Needs Charles A. Miller NOTARY PUBLIC AND Compliments of Dr. R. E. Schaeffer INSURANCE and Phones: Dr. T. L. Snyder Office YU 4-7435 Res. YU 8-3744 139 Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio PIIOUG YU 3-4464 The Hageman Shoe Co. Amherst Hardware Co. GENERAL HARDWARE PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone YU 8-4409 Amherst, Ohio For Anything in Athletic Equipment Wholesale Distributors of Rawlings BL Wilson Sporting Goods Special School Discounts 'The R. B. Co. 734 Broadway Phone CH 5-6977 Quality Shoes for the Entire Family X-Ray Fitting - Chiropodist We Give and Redeem Owl Stamps 387 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Ehrlich's Jewelry Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry 221 Church St. Phone YU 4-3053 Compliments of IVIITISKA NURSERY Amherst, Ohio Phone YU 8-4123 QUALITY NURSERY STOCK Ninety-th ree Congratulations To the Class of 1957 U. S. AUTOMATIC CORP Amherst, Ohio and Best Wishes THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY CC. Amherst, Ohio PERMANENTS THAT SATISFY Hair Coloring Consultation A TBI-'EP Phone YU 8-8625 SAVES BELLE DAME TIME AND MONEY HAIR STYLING SALON l Arthur G. Miller - Russell C. Meyer I 360 Cleveland Avenue The Lorain Amherst, Ohio Telephone Co. Specialists in Hair Cutting, Shaping, Styling and Waving Compliments of DR. M. B. BRANDON AMI-IERST, omo Brandau Jewelry Congratulations Graduates From Next Door to Sears GOODSPEED'S DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER Toyland 336 Broad Street Sc - 51.00 Store Furniture Store Elyria, Ohio Ninety-five The Public, By patience in assuming the tax burden, and judgment in the value of new levies. The Parents, By guidance in the home life and participation in The the school life. School Board, By efficiency of operation and foresight in selection. The School Administration, By maximum effort of wisdom and imagination and perseverance. The Buildings, Efficient, Healthful, Beautiful. for the graduates. These are the steps to the opportunity for a better EL BUILDERS ER 1-IUME, INC. life Ninetyfsix W. E. Moebius Compliments of INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC Wagner 8d Acbersold YU 4-6773 - Phones - YU 4-6191 Amhm" Ohio Compliments of Western Auto Assoc. Store Compliments of C. E. Baker Optometrist Amherst, Ohio 680 Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments to the Compliments of Class of '57 Lesslter Pharmacy Amherst Furniture Company Park Ave. Church St. Phone YU 8-5662 Amherst, Ohio Amherst, Ohio Milan Avenue Lumber Co. "Where the Best Homes Begin" Compliments of Bert's Cookie Jar Phone YU 8-4122 1025 Milan Ave. 215 Church Street Amherst, Ohio Ninetyfseven Congratulations and All Good Wishes to the Class of 1957 from JIM AND MARION EVANS PI-IOTOGRAPHER FOR THE AMHERSTONIAN AND THE RECORD N ygh p DODSON'S APPLIANCE W. J. Bodmann 86 Co. Bill's Shop for Men Dry Goods Men's Wear SERVICE Gas and Electrical Appliances Repaired Bottled Gas Amherst Phone YU 4-7499 Amherst Memorial Studio EVERT NYLEN 184 Jackson St. Compliments of Bauer's Men's 86 Boys' Wear Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundry 193 Park Ave. Phone YU 4-7234 Amherst, Ohio Sheet Metal Work - Heating Repairs Roofing Richard A. Schneider Heating 86 Plumbing Amherst, Ohio Shop: Corner Middle Ridge R Rt. S8 Phone YUlron 4-7870 THE LORAIN JOURNAL Lorain C ounty's Leading Newspaper ESTABLISHED 1879 Ninety-nine SLUTZKER'Si MARKET Amhersfs Complete Food Store Park Avenue Phone YU 8-4481 WE NEED YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUSINESS Smith's Barber Shop Union Barber Shop Amherst, Ohio Wilford Motors AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS SINCLAIR GAS BL OIL Phone YU 8-5062 Amherst, Ohio Prittiels BEN FRANKLIN STORE Headquarters for Brach's Candies and Kernel Fresh Nuts Honest Values Year After Meske Music Co. RECORDS 86 PLAYERS KIMBALL PIANOS The Best in Music 296 Church St. Phone YU 8-8232 Amherst, Ohio Year for 59 Years U .I 0 GERHART INF S10-520 BROADWAY LORAIN, OHIO One hundred A. NABAKOWSKI C0. Across from the Old Spring Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Tile Roofing a Specialty Phone YU 8-4457 Amherst, Ohio Booty Young's Plumbing FRANCIS HOWARD YOUNG ' ' Shop - Corner of Middle Ridge and Rt. 58 ' Residence - 494 Tenney Ave. PLUMBING - HEATING TNEIL SHEFHELD CENTER- LORAIN. OHIO MISCI-IKA'S RESTAURANT HOME MADE CANDIES "Where the gang meets after the game!" AMI-IERST, OHIO W N E K ' S WILLYS SALES St SERVICE 24 Hour Wrecker Service Day Phone YU 4-7250 AAA GARAGE Night Phone YU 4-5723 Bemis Florist 980 North Ridge Rd. Compliments of Corsages - - Cut Flowers W d' - The Foursquare Church ed mga Our Flowers Are Fresher Rev. William R. Mom We GW OU' Own Phones: Lorain CI-I 4-2184 Elyria 3-0486 AMHERST DRY CLEANERS 240 Tenney Ave. Amherst, Ohio Phone YU 8-4491 4 Hour Service on Specials One hundred one ii'S lll0l'tll0'S ron VACATION ssPAnA'rEs in Elyria as gay as a teen queen's smile SHOES - CLEANERS - TAILORS H861 "Personalized" Cleaning - Characterized Tailoring THE OHIO SERVICE PRINTING CO. Printers of This Fine Yearbook 552 FIFTH ST. LORAIN, OHIO Engravings for this book by Compliments of Zimmerman Dairy Bar Ice Cream and Dairy Products R' D' 400 Tenney Ave. Amherst, Ohio Phone YU 8-4487 Yeager's Acres Gracious 'Country Dining 2 Kolbe Road Amherst, Dinner to Go Phone YU 8-8585 Ohio One hundred t WU fa Q, ir -- --A 1" 'T ' GERBICK PONTIAC Largest Pontiac Dealer in -Amherst Compliments of Dr. N. A. Ruhel DENTIST 2 Locations Used Cars New Cars Cleve. St. 86 Rt. 58 185 Forest St. Phone YU 8-4259 Phone YU 8-4496 Service and Body Repair on All Makes Walker's Beauty Salon 567 Franklin Avenue Phone YU 8-4219 Congratulations to the Class of 1957 A The Amherst Fire Department THE . H. BABCOCK CO. General Insurance Life Insurance . . Sm the J J Y Real Estate ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Room 205 Lorain County Bank Bldg. I-Ofilin, 01110 phone YU 8.4134 5th 86 Reid Phone CH 4-2246 Amherst, Ohio One hundred three r I 9 A I it awe to r ' X' 've XS XJ iyx J I .X 7 7 N 5,5 'X -x R- ily - t. xx' XV? v5 lg - . K X A Q N. it I XS N CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! After High School, your next stop is important. The demand for office personnel is at an all-time high. Why not cash in on this demand by preparing for your CHOICE of these good positions? Recent graduates report salaries ranging up to S450 a month. TIME IS MONEY. Matriculate for the summer term. You can SAVE three months' time and EARN more than the entire cost of your training by being able to accept a position three months sooner. Write, phone or visit for details. OBERLIN SCHOOL of COMMERCE PHONE 4-6591 OBERLIN, OHIO IN BOTTLES.. E R N S 'T Shell Station The Chatterbox Restaurant Road Service Home Cooked Meals Phone YU 8-4177 Cleveland Ave. 86 Spring St. 249 Church St. Phone YU 4-3054 PICTURE CREDITS Soplwiiimc Officers. page 381 junior Officers, page 36: Majoietles, page 77 f Elyria Chronicle Telegram Track pictures. page 83 - Bill McLoda Making Christmas Cookies, page 7 - Amherst News Times CanfCan. page 72 -- The Record Oberlin game, page 76 1 Stofan Studio junior. sophomore and freshman individual pictures - Henry Barr Studio. Berea Other pictures f Amherst Photo Shop U' One hundred four yi!-'rfb vwffmg 'I cmamammlmu-ssmfm,un.rAmaJrwmmmmqr.rA - Ai ix in ye, W?-Z65fQf ' '.ijj I 654-QQ4 L.:'?'J"'-r ' 'MQ Q' 9,,,,,f5f'fflZ" 'af 4 K - a ,C 5' ,, , F-N-NCQ 2 ffbflijgffvv 0' ' aw! 3 XM 0f:fm'iW . i, A-QWELTYH 7 'SL' -- 9 a. 15 ,Q 'C' . Sfgfam . QXQXX X - vo f VWLHE mate ,p , U Jim, 15 Q0 Q 913095 '7""'Qf'-cm., WQLF V1.5 W Qkfgx my-ff' si 050 A ,298 P5 , 1 OQXA Q, 'Q ' dJw'x 59 --boo' W QMAKYJ S 'igigfsfzi' -4'fjg"jfw,LJx0SQ QWQ f' .V, 211164 s x92sW9 XY?-Zu MgL- .. 2 0 - . .r .. ' 0 Q " ' ,X ' M1 A Q Q . Q . A H n C M 2 I .1162 435' W 9 ,FV My my ,LKMM ' V , Y, , , x -.X ff - , W-, 3 ' X ' A xw ' ,, md ' , - 1- " - " .Q ' L' , ,, 1 1 ., .3-5: 'mj"', V ,. 'W f ' Q - . w q 'C' :QQ v ' fu K M W... . r 7 i 'Y 5554 E.. 4 QESM-4' "N 1 ' ' I . L 'M f n-.1 u M ' i 'Q- cr . 1 - " i'.. M' A 4 K ,U U WSW' . ,. A XWM A V L Q l V VUWWN V Q 4 . V in Khh' . K 'fi .. A k t W7 ,W , 5 M' . G 'H y LM I ,M fm - , U K fb. W M A . . . 'MM 1953 ,, .. -v""' Mr- I .,., Q N . af- LJWV M AERA l f X 1-1 0 fn, i s , Amy KA ,KW xml ..,... 4 2 wx? I ,HM ' W' ' . "fr mm ,C-'E' M' .W ' f V M mf.-W Q1 ,V YQ 'f WL MNA. - ' W 1 . p Q Q., K. ' T X . ' " V KS' Q 1 ' Nw ,..,,1,f5L8 3 " ,f " , h . Q N , VMBKN,-gaq., F W, -+- , 1 'UQ ' H 5 2: .M ' ' A ' ri' . A s 21 x H. 'W F, - , 'Q 41,6 .QE '. . I 'Q Kq'. fluff igsxgg V 3 Q34 . is ' ,NA I x . 5' 0" WM' . 4 0 ' K sa. ' f Q -'M-ff wmv , .4 x X 0- 1 , m,w.,..,, , . Y . ry Q: gn, ! , -xv 4 N ml . x Q if. . . will firgy 'X ,A Q 35932 If 7 'W 1' I 4 , , 1 n 1 ' X R 'N , I A ,fy 41 'fl 5' 5 Q lx I I I .. ,Mm W . YQ1ix'l 3 Lili 'W ,viii if-Qin! 1. U l -li .6 ' 'N-W-1. . M-I.-.....-. 3 fi Q -. Q V Q 5 In r . N Q . ' .x . . .lx 5 lt' Mila. Q , L S K N 1-4 1 , V x, J. nn 1 , -. lx . f- f M.. 1. r "J ' 'bf-gi? 1'-" 3. ' S 1. A' .. -' ff ' x I ' QA' ', at ..x .Y ' N" "NJ K N ,X Q 5 , .i X '- rl til' J .dxf-4? Km -Q , ' an gr 5 A ., ' ,Mx va Y K , , - M451 ,rf .- A, I-gk vii.. , .1 -1 sf LX .lh.4.'l.J ' im' A x ,, vmymluk ' .xv MQW' in 'Ax md , N " ' ' , M Q . . f W 'H f 1 ,M ' ' fl' -A- . .A with 'fluf- HRX -: IQ.- 1' 'X 'S 4. Q I . 4. , ...elk Y , A ywsai, yy , V , f f 1 Am Q A ,gf .. Q MQ- Q A R . N43 Yi, Q 4 if affix M K V ff'nw" ,....,. . ,,,-,.,,.,...-. A .....,.W.. . , .W I8

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