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Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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CBMFJU -5 ty PM M, www W QV me TMW .M'?f5y Qigiiww M' ff MW? if cf M M J gy JM QW? 4: 0636006 My Www n?j7g fzf fa ,fl-'fwf W fwwifw ' flfwwf W' fb M QQY'!wiWMp5'f1J?J M Q! 4 Qi My Rgwwfffj M WM W www W WMMQMMJ SJW R72 WW yffjfff 262 56 WJWW 3 isgf Q J9f'5Q9WQm?E'i55'P Q' Q9plvjMifwy4Ai?ipLL7JW sf we w S W wi W M1 Q WQQEXK GV' Wmwdx MMQDW Sijwyifj ME WX if A24 W fmfiw My M We Q My jg kjiwyflyili Wifm my W MJWM WVU C OJVC' f'7fx0,lOynQffv' 7 nv www Jp1 'JWQ, tb Ml W M WW wMf'W0f V? x 0 wfwggixeil 'W' 1 v 2 QQ mi his A Sy? . wk K LPJMLJ! fy, V fm 'V wif' x, My wi WX5s l'X .Q YV X if ,ff . I Published by AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL AMHERST, OHIO Editor ...,,.... ......,,............,........,......,... J udy Schoemig Co-Business Managers ............ David Deeds, Robert Engle TI-IE AMHERSTON IAN STAFF presents lWamenlZl'af3 never-to-be-forgotten happy :hours caught by the camera's eye in the Amherst Public Schools during the year 1955-1956. XE FEI Q xx QS? UL, 3. Sf Q .i fx 'fiifw X H 'E as .E ww 1,-ff 1, sq mf Q 5 Q r 5 ,lx E v'N 7 n as . Q., Q ,Z Q':,,..-J, 3-......... pg wi.. xii. ' . QA- M X. ,,,, - ' I I if ' Q X 2 i..W1fQ we ' 5 19' Xiu .wi . V 1 . f. 4 5'9- I- T 3 R+ in Rb, I- . Q., .Af ! f I I FOREWCRD Wc'll always remember the year 1955-'56. Remember? That was the year that our parents voted for a new high school building . . . we began to use pink and green typewriters . . . we introduced the noon recreational programs . . . our band numbered 70 members . . . we learned to rock and roll . . . our football team took seco-nd place in the Lakeland Conference. We hope that this Amherstonian will recall to you these and many other memorable events in the year 1955-,56. lrlllll' fbecficwiian Silvery white hziir rind sparkling blue eyes, srngirt suits and perky hlouses, ll grueious srnile rind ar merry laugh, ai eheery Good Morn' ing and ai rousing Comets Rah , sincere loyalty to the school :ind the eoniinunity und genuine love lor hoys and girls 4- thgit's our Miss Steele, First Lady ol' Our School. Miss 'Steele's appreciation ul- our seholzistie aiehievements, her interest in alll our extrufeurrieulzir aietivities, und her enthusiasm for our githletie events are Ll eonstxint inspiration to gill of us. To Miss Steele, our kindly prineipzil and our very deair lriend. xve respeetlully rind Qllifeetionaltely dediezrte this 1956 Aniherstonixin, Nlarion I.. Steele livi- Rcpulvlicmma triumph over lJl'lI1U'Cl'2llS in mock cleftion. Eighth gl'QlCil'l'5 srlcct ri-aiding for Hook Vlfeek. Biology students dissect frog. lfditor paints Egyptian mural in nrt room. f' K frog nga 7 Effectiw Personal Growtl Sm, 4 as iIX fitizenship, md Manual Skills ,NJ 8 gg rYL'. 5 I' M555 auf Homcnmkcrs enjoy modvrn applianccs. Shop students take pride in work. Future draftalncn draw house plans. 0' o 55 -gn I is 5 . www, - z Ma' K , 5 3FQ 1. ski M QNX W , f Sa H. ,W Nm M X in H-f X f-f' . M sf X X. wx V- , .X 3. X Na - . . . Q . Vfff , h'l1-T V' if K xffw 'fb' . 1 1 , ,..,.A- .AXYEXQJ H 1. h ,gg ll- WKKW 4 I 'H K I, 3 5 'gi .W . , 1,55 A, 'fx . Q. ,lawn QVMW 1 W , 1 5. Q92 f 2 , ? ' N 5 .i 1 I . , ,. - X. .A Y if ff 1 ,fa vf, AQ , , Se , Q 9 5 was 5 4 1 . ' fi' 3. 1 Q Ni ELL... Q A H: 2 A af FU X , f ? al k fs? if if gk 3 -if 6 J ' A., xi V ,, my Q Q I F ,TI Sf ni' ,w HU ix Y 1 'fh- i 'X T N Vx W. Fifth graders rc-cnzlcl first l.l11II1kSgiX'il1g. with wif -1 ii- 4 Q33 M., my an ni Jw 1 we A -- 2:1535 4 as ,N , SS? Soft Light and Lead in 'I'inw Out for ciillg1'l'u stage crew disnmnlles stem-ry. . 4 J . I 5-: 2533523253 1 'V 1 ., .W W3 N 'Choral groul salute Amari. in song. 'VCU , cv Weet M usic, ,adies . . . 135' Harb and Frm-d bask in glory :lt Swv:-tl1cz1rt I,ill1k'1'. 'l'czlcl1ers await visit from Sililll Nick. Vlrxm -Iuniur high guys and dull - P' 4 1. wal ,A AQ, J' using and vnu FACULTY PARTIES. COMMITTEE MEETINGS, INFORMAL CHATS WI'I'H STUDENTS- LITTLE THINGS THAT ARE REMEMBERED LONG AFTER TI-IE BIG MOMENTS ARE FORGOTTEN. REX -4 ,. P Mg. X I Y 'F' Board of Education Richard F. Thutt, Fwd H. Hogrcfc, Gcorgv W. W:llkx'1 Mrs. jack Koontz fprcsidcntj, Umycc U. Purccll fclcrk lr'u:wm1r'c1'j. 'Frcd R. l'mwn'Q fsupcrintundcutQ, ffznrl CT, Dccds. Superintendent Fred R. Powers AB., Olwcrlin Cullcgcg Cullcgc mf XMlmmtcr: A,M,, Colmllmmlwizr l'r11x'cr'Q1lyg lfx11x'cl11Iy nf Smmthf urn ff.ml1t'm'111.1. I'v0lIIlK'UI1 Principal Marion L. Steele A.B., Oberlin Collegeg Univer' sity of Chicagog Stanford Uni' versityg Cambridge University. Assistant Principal Leonard E. Lyle B.A., Heidelberg Collegeg M.S. Wisconsin University. Social Studiesg Junior High His toryg Guidanceg Assistant Foot ball Coach. Fifteen JAMES BLASER Facult A.B., Heidelberg College: University of Wisctiiisiii Junior High English: Advisor for Newspaper. Joe HUDAK B.S.. Wittenberg College: M.A.. Western Reserve University: Ohio University. General Science: Social Studies: Football Coach. DOROTHEA Z. BROWN A.B., Oberlin College: University of Michigan. Mathematics. RUTH COOK B.S. in Education. Ohio State University: Bowling Green State University: Cleveland College. Junior High English. RICHARD S. COOLEY B.S. in Education, Kent State University. Mechanical Drawing: Assistant Track Coach. JOHN R. DILL B.A., BaldwinfWallace College: Kent State University. History: Social Studies: Assistant Basketball Coach. GLADYS E. DRAKE A.B.. Wooster College: Oberlin School of Commerce: Ohio University. Commercial. MARGARET RICE EGELAND Q ' A.B.. Oberlin College: A.M.. U ' .ity o igan. Speech: English. Sixteen RICHARD R. GRILLS ' B.F.A.. Miami University: Nebraska State College: Oberlin College. Art. HELEN M. WINGATE A.B.. BaldwinfWallace College: M.A.. Western Reserve University Graduate School. History: Business Advisor for Annual. MARIAN SCHACHT B.S.. Notre Dame College: Ohio State Uni' versity. Home Economics: Cafeteria. LYDIA SCHEIDE B.S. in Education: Ohio University: Baldwin- Wallace College: Kent State University. First Grade. IVA SIVIITH Wilmington College: Kent State University. Third Grade. PAULINE H. SCHERRER A.B.. Otterbein College: B.S. in Education. Ohio Northern University: Ohio State University. Second Grade. rntral School ALLEN MIZER B.S. in Education. Kent State University: Diploma in Elementary Education. Kent State University. Machine Shop: junior and Senior High Industrial Arts: Athletic Director. KATHRYN P. MURRAY A.B.. Flora Stone Mather College. Westei'n Reserve University: A.M.. Westerii Reserve University Graduate School: University of Michigan: University of Paris. French: Spanish: English: Advisor for Annual. EVELYN A. SMITH A.B.. Flora Stone Mather College: M.A.. Westei'i1 Reserve University Graduate School. Senior High English. HELEN SMITH B.A.. Alhion College: Michigan Stale Normal College. Lihrarian: Economic Geography. MARJORIE C. SMITH , B.S. in Education. Qhio University. L f - Physical Education: Health. ARTHUR R. THOMAS A.B.. Ohio Wesleyan University: M.S.. Indiana University. Head Basketball Coach: Assistant Foothall Coach: Physical Education: Health. MARGARET B. THUTT A.B.. Bluffton College. Latin: English. FRANCIS H. TOUSLEY A.B.. Ohio Wesleyan University: Ohio State Umversity: Ashland College: Case Institute of Technology. Science: Mathematics. BERNICE R. BODE A.B., Ashury College. Sixth Grade. JOHN N. BODE B.S. in Education. Ohio University. junior and Senior High Mathematics and Science. WILLIAM I. KROH.E A.B.. Heidelherg College. Wcmrld History: Biology: Track Coach. ELIZABETH G. BORTZ B.S.. University of Pennsylvania: Vassar College. Sixth Grade. JEANE K. MILLS B.S. in Education. Ohio State University. Sixth Grade. LAURENCE VAN DER OORD B.S. in Education. Bowling Green State Uni' versity. Junior High Mathematics: Freshman Basket- hall Coach. Seventeen MUSIC SUPERVISORS RUSSELL R. PETERSEN Western Reserve University. Director of lnst1'umental Music. ALMA M. WELLMAN B. Sch, M.. Oberlin Conservatory. Vocal Music. PSYCHOLOGIST DONALD McKAY WONDERLY serve University. School Psychologist. Powers Elementar School BERNITA ATKINSON B.S.. Bowling Green State University: Columbia University. Fifth Grade. MARION E. BAKER BaldwinfWallaee College: Cleveland School ol' Educationg University of Pittsburgh, Fourth Grade. ALMA BAUER Kent State University: Vv'estern Reserve University: Baldwin' Wallace College. Third Grade. HULDA BERGER Diploma, Ashland College: Kent State University: Baldwin' Wallace College. Third Grade. PEGGY CALEY Ashland College. First Grade FLORENCE EHRMAN Diploma. Kent State University. Fifth Grade. BERTINE E. FOSTER Diploma, Cleveland Normal School, Fifth Grade. MILDRED D. GUISELMAN A.B.. Ohio Wesleyan University: Chicago University: Lake Erie College: Baldwin-Wallace College, Second Grade. MARGARET PANDY KORKA Diploma. Oberlin Kindergarten Primary Training School: Kent State University: Bowling Green State University, Second Grade. DONOLA LEE Diploma, Kent State University: BaldwinfWallace Gollcgeg Fresno State University. First Grade. Eighteen B. Sch. M. BaldwinfWallace College: MA, A.B.. M.A.. Oberlin College: Western Re IONA MAXWELL B.S.. Baldwin'Wallace College: Diploma. Kent State University: Ohio State University. Fourth Grade. FREIDA B. REFENNING Bowling Green State University: BaldwinfWallz1ce College. Third Grade. AUDREY RICHARDS Wooster College: B.S.. Ohio State University: Western Reserve University. Third Grade. MAYME SAHL Kent State University: Cleveland Normal School: Ohio Uni' versity: Baldwiiifwallacc College. First Grade. MARGARETHA SCHNEIDER Diploma. Kent State University. First Grade. EFFIE H. SMITH BaldwinfWallace College: Vifoostei' College: Kent State Univerf sity: Ashland College. Second Grade. NORMA E. WASHKA AB.. Oherlin College: Baldwin-Wallace College. Fourth Grade. MILDRED WIKOFF Wilmington College: Ohio State University: Bowling Green State University: Baldwinfwallaee College. Kindergarten. HELEN B. CLARY Diploma. Kent State University: Ohio University: Baldwin' Wallace College. Fourth Grade. ESTHER M. WINTERLING B.S.. Ohio State University: M.A.. Columbia University: West' ern Reserve University: Ohio University. Second Grade. SECRETKARIES GRAYCE PURCELL Secretary: Attendance Officer: ClerlvTreasurer of the Board of Education. NORMA JEAN RICHMOND Secretary. Nineteen Cafeteria Cooks Mrs. Minnie Brucker Mrs. Agnes Heck Mrs. Mary Ric-mer C ustodians Arthur Martin Wfilliam Heck John Prics Two nty Amherst Central School r 1 .-'ww ' 4 Cafeteria Cooks Mrs. Esther Shank Mrs. Beulah Reinhardt Mrs. Louise Crum Mra. Dorothy Kolbe Powers o A Elementary School obcrt liaumlmardt Custodians Robert Schiblcy Paul Baum- Bus Drivers li C corp Clll1I1ll1Q,'h3l1i Karl Mllldcr Paul Beetler fed Wxmak Gcorvm Ullnnn Byrd Richmond had sd ,JL GETTING AN A IN AN EXAM, DEMONSTRATING AN EXPERIMENT IN THE LAB, GIVING A BOOK REPORT BEFORE THE CLASS- MOMENTS THAT WILL LINGER LONG IN YOUR MEMORY. i TRfMfIEI TBRB LBBIBTEITTEsi Tjj I Q -3 A , 64 , ,- . ?..- ,' 'w v , 4 r - . i . it .- Seniors Await That Unce-in-a Lifetm Officers President .,,. .. ,,.. .. ., ,, Vice-President , Secretary .. Treasurer A Albert Pecora .Bob Neff , ..... .Fred Wfenner .Nancy Barck Hrzrzor Students Bruce We-11111-r -Iucly Schoemig jane Sclmriner Donna Wfittenbrook Lenore Klepelc JoAnn Huber Bob Neff Fred Wfenner Valedietorian Twent yf lu Maureen McGuire David Deeds Mary Heinzerling Margie Krok Mike Szabo Keith Shay Albert Pecora Lynda Weigalmd Carolyn Nabors Q 1 , Vloment . . . Graduation From High School NANCY LEE BARCK B1enki11g her glasses :md missing xl lustovy test. A Cappella l'3: Girls' Chorus 1: Spanish Club 2. Office Aide 4: Class Treasurer 4: Library Aide '21 Commercial Club 4. GLENN ROGER BARDUS Pho!ogruplm1g u pamnieciiun in the lah. HifY 2f4g Latin Club I, 2: Science Club 2'4: Scholarship Team 2. PATRICIA JEANNE BARKACS Trying to pronounce 'lion il'oeu-iwcx' in French I. Elyria High I-3: Commercial Club 4: French Club 4: Speech Contest 4: Gym Aide 4. MARVYN 0'DELL BRAUN fretting through Mrichclll lu English class. Basketball 23 Speech Club 4. MARTHA ANN BRIGGS Ealing spngherri helm: the gmnesf' Spanish Club 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 1: Office Aide 3: Commercial Club 4: Secretary 4: Cheerleader 2'-1: Attendant to Sweetheart Queen 3. RONALD LEE CAMP Playing the accordion at lllc Senior 'Tvu, Football 2. 3: Track l. 3. 4: Commercial Club 4: Basketball 2: Hi-Y 3, 4. SHIRLEY BETH CAMP Being in senior boys' home room. Spanish 2. 34 Usher 3: Speech Contest 45 Speech Club 4. ALICE FAYZE CARWELL Shilling from second to Inst in Dri'uu1's T-raining. Spanish Club 2: Hall Guard 41 Commercial Club 4: Secretary 4. MARILYN MARGARET CLAPPER Visiting in Virginia during the New 'Years holidays. Girls' Chorus 1. 2: Spanish Club 1. 23 Usher 3: Office Aide 4g Secretary 43 Commercial Club 4. GERALD LEE COLEMAN Getting carried off the field twice in the Obevlivi game. Gymnastics l'4: F.F.A. 1, Basketball 2g Football 2, 43 Boys' Chorus 3g HifY 3. 'Twenty-five Zv T Stud ing Hard and Pla ing Hard, Seniors Achiever THOMAS GENE COLEMAN Beating Huron 27'7 in football, Spanish Club 3: Football l. 3. 4: Basketball l'4: Track 2. JOAN ANTOINETTE DE CHIARO Soda-jerking ut Mlxchka'.x. Lorain High l: Iunior Chorus l: Commercial Club 4: Office Aide 4: Record Stall 4. DAVID CARL DEEDS Placing third in the National Vegetable judging Contest at New O leans. Band 1f4: Latin Club 1. 2: French Club 3. 4: Science Club 2f4: Amherstonian Staff 214. and CofBusiness Mgr. 4: Scholarship Team 1f4: Foot' hall 2f4: Hi'Y 2-4. JOYCE ANNE DELLEFIELD Entertaining a football player until the wee lmurs of the manning. Band Majorette 4: Spanish Club l. 2: F.T,A. 4: Hall Guard 4: Commercial Club 45 Student Council 35 Cheerleader 2. 3: Speech Contests 3. 4. SHIRLEY ANNE DIEDRICK Talking in first period study hull. G.A.A. 23 Band 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Commercial Club 4: Gym Aide l, 2: Secretary 4: Safety Patrol l'3. DONALD ROBERT DIEDRICK Making new friends ut A.H S. St. Mary's. Lorain: Maryknoll Seminary. Scranton. Penna. 2. 3: Science Club 4: Amherstonian Stall' 4: Football l. JOHN STANLEY DIETRICH Ho1xing around in the locker 'room after the football gmnexf Football 3, 4: Track 3: Plays 3, 4. NANCY LOU ELLIOTT Dexrending the stairs headlong to the Senior 'Tern' Spanish Club l, 2: Attendant to Homecoming Queen lg Class Vice'Pres. 1: Attendant to Sweet- heart Queen Zg Class Pres. 2: French Club 3. 4: Scholarship Team 5: Girls' State 3: Hall Guard 4: F.T.A. 43 Amherstonian Staff 3. 4: Cheerleader 2f4: Secretary 4: Commercial Club 4: Homecoming Queen 4. ROBERT TYLER ENGLE Dropping 4 tombstone on lux foot and missing the Sweetheart Dance. Latin Club 1. 2g Class Treas. 2: French Club 3, 4: Amherstonian Staff 2f4 and Co'Business Mgr. 4: Student Council 2'4 and Pres. 4: Basketball 1-3: Band l'4. and Student Director 1: Hi'Y 4. NANCY JOANNE FRYBERGER Modeling peviod dresses at P.'T.A. Wakeman High School l: Plays 4: Thespian 4: Cafeteria Aide 3: Usher 3g Gym Aide 33 Speech Contests 4: G.A.A. 3. Twenty-six Honors in Scholarship and Sportsmanship ROBERT JAMES GILLILAND ' A F' lVi1ming thu speech contest, Conneaut 2: Red Bird 3: Bank 1-3: Choir lf4: l Spanish Club 1, 2: HifY 1. 4: Science Club 3. 4: . Drumatics Club 3. 4: Speech Club 2. 3: Track 1. 2. 4: Baseball 2: Basketball 1-3: Gymnastics l. 2. ANNETTE LOUISE GNIZAK Making ilimounccnwnts in izxxcmblyf' Spanish Club 3. 4: Record Staff 4: Amhcrstonizin 4 Staff 3. 4: Commercial Club 4: Office Aide 4: Library Aide 3. 4: Usher 3: Student Council 4: Attendant to Sweetheart Queen 3: Plays 4: Secretary 4. PAUL JAMES GOLDTHORPE Flashing around in his jrepfi Commercial Club 4: Football Mgr. 3, 4: Basket' ball 3: Speech Contest 4. BETTY ANN GREER 'Tlnvfhoppivig at the Fool-lung. French Club l. 2: Commercial Club 4: Usher 3: Gym Aide 4: Girls' Chorus l: Secretary 4. ROBERT WAYNE GREER Trying to my 'Physiogmnny' in psychology class. Plays 4: Science Club 1, 2: Record Staff 3: Foot' llgall 2: Basketball I, 2: Track 3. 4: Safety atro . ROBERT RAYMOND HASLEY Having ix fur haircut ut judy's. Latin Club 1, 2. and Pres. 2: French Club 3. 4: Science Club lf4. and Pres. 4: HifY 2f4: Scholar' ship Team 2. MARY LOUISE HEINZERLING Wi111zi11g a 50-wind pin in typing. G.A.A. 3, 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Commercial Club 4: Gym Aide 1, 4: Secretary 4: A Cappella 2. 3: Girls' Chorus I. 2: Amherstonian Staff 4. MARCIA ANN HELLINGER Assisting the stage nmriagcr during Ginger, French Club 1. 2: Hall Guard 1: Commercial Club 4: Office Aide 4: Student Council l: Attendant to Homecoming Queen 2: Secretary 4: Usher 3. RICHARD N. HERGINA Gaming vccogmtion for his gun collection. DONALD LOCKARD I-IICKS Sitting next to Judy in French class. Lorain High 1: Cranbrook School, Mich. l-3: Ergastarion 2. 3: Games Room Committee 3: Press Club 3: Cheerleader 2: A Cappella 4: Thes- pian 4: Speech Contests 4: French Club 4. Twenty-seven Seniors Excelled in Vocal and Instrumental Musi. FRANK IAMES HIGGINS Living it up in M1. W'nlhclin's gym class. Football 3, 4: Basketball 2: Spanish Club 3. MARTHA LORETA HINES Swimming dining Clirislmas vacation in Florida. GA.A. 3. 4: Girls' Chorus I. 2: Speech Contest 4: French Club Z: F.T.A. 4: Plays 4: Thespian 4. BARBARA JANE HOBBY Being paddled on liar l71h bl'I!lldtlV. Lorain High 1. 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. MARY ELLEN HOLLINGSWORTH Selling nmguzines lor llie 'Ainlierslnrimnf' Girls' Chorus 1: G.A.A. 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Gym Aide 4: Secretary 4. JO ANN HUBER j'llE67I'NLggI7lg with Keith to 'TuttifFrutti', Plays 3. 4: French Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 3: Amherstonian Staff 2f4: Thespian 4: Scholarship Team 4: Speech Contests 3, 4: Quiz Bee 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN HUME Enre1tuiw1i11g thu gang at xlunibuf pruticxf' French Club l. 2: Spanish Club 3. 4: Record Stall 2f4: Gym Aide 2'-1: Speech Contest 3. BARBARA ALICE HUTTON lVaari-rig n viiglitgown to n Halloween party, G.A.A. 3. 4: Girls' Chorus 1f3: French Club 1, 23 Record Staff 4: Commercial Club 4, and Pres. 4: Secretary 4: Gym Aide 4: Safety Patrol 2, 3: Sweetheart Queen 4. ANTHONY SINCLAIR JOHNSON Winning twu first places at a track meet. Basketball 3. 4: Track lf4: Latin Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 3. 4: HifY 4: Gymnastics 2. JOHN JACOB KILBRIDE Cutting cmssflocx on his motovcyclcf' Lorain St. Mary's 1, 2: Basketball 1. 2: Football 1, 2, 4: Baseball 2. LENORE LOUISE KLEPEK Telling tickets at football games. Gym Aide l: French Club 1, 2: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Scholarship Team 2, 4: Record Staff 4: F.T.A. 4: Commercial Club 4: Secretary 4. Twenty-eight ramatics, ournalism, and Service Clubs DELORES ANN KOLENDA lkisc-:nlckiug in psychology class. Band Majorette 2-4: Girls' Chorus l. GERALDINE RUTH KREGER Bi:rmiii-ng engaged. Cafeteria Aide 1. 2: Safety Patrol 1. 2: Girls' Chorus 1: F.T.A. 3: Speech Contest 4: Attendant to Homecoming Queen 3. , MARJORIE MARION KROK Pliiviug rlririvict at rhf huml festivals. Band I-4: French Club Z. 3: Commercial Club 4: Secretary 4: F.T.A. 4: Hall Girard 4: Scholarship Team 1. 4: Girls' Chorus 1. 2: Amherstonian Staff 3. 4. FRANCES JOSEPHINE LOPEZ Flashing liar diamcmdf' Girls' Chorus 1. Z: Spanish Club l: Thespian 4: Library Aide 3: Cafeteria Aide lf3: Gym Aide 2: Speech Contests 4: Plays 4. MAUREEN MARY MCGUIRE Li-ruling thi' Rcpublmms ru victory. Lorain High 1. 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Office Aide I: Spanish Club 4: F,T.A. 4: Speech Contest 4: Plays 4. MARILYN JEAN MILLER Bowling on Sinulriy riftc'ruoo11s. G.A.A. 4: Spanish Club I. 2: Commercial Club 4: Gym Aide 4: Usher 3: Secretary 4. JOYCE ANN MULDER Losing shoes on muddy famhrill fields. F.T.A. 3: Safety Patrol 1. 2: Color Guard 2'4: Cafeteria Aide 1. 2: Girls' Chorus 1. CAROLYN BRUCE NABORS Dyeing lin hair 'red for 'Givigcr'. Cafeteria Aide 1. 2: Latin Club 1. 2: Band .1 2: Girls' Chorus 1. 2: A Cappella l-4: French Club 3. 4: Commercial Club 4: Quiz Bee 3: G.A.A. 3: F.T.A, 3. 4: Science Club 3. 4: Speech Contests 3. 4: Record Staff l'4. and Editor 4: Scholarship Team 2'-4: Thespian 4. LONA CLAIRE NALLEY joking with Lynda iii hmm' mom, York Memorial. Toronto. Canada. l. Z: Plays 3. 4: Speech Contests 3: Thespian 4: Gym Aide 4: Sofnmercial Club 4: Secretary 4: Record Staff 4: sier I. ROBERT NELSON NEFF Kissing ilu- Homecoming Quin-vi, Lorain High School l. Z: Basketball l-4: Track 3. 4: Football 4: Student Council 4: Class Vice- Pres. 4: Spanish Club Pres. 3: Amherstonian Staff 3. 4: Scholarship Team 3. 4: Gymnastics 4. Twentyfnine Fun-filled Dances, Football Games, Gab Session xiw 1252 .Q T? ' , .I l 'I 3 if: CARROLL WILSON PEABODY, JR. Calling C32 from A.H,S. Radio Club. French Club l. 2: Science Club 3. 4: Radio Club 4. ALBERT MICHAEL PECORA, JR. Playing the 'Wii1sauf Concerto' nt the Senior Tea. Lorain High l: Class Pres. 4: Student Council 3' French Club 3. 4: A Cappella 2f4: Plays 3. 4: Football 3. 4: Hall Guard 3: Amherstonian 3. 4 Thespian 4. CAROL JANE REESE 'Tooling around in art class. Spanish Club 1. 2: Student Council 2: Plays 4: Speech Contests 4: Band Majorette 4. NEAL ALLEN REICHERT Sco'ri11g 29 points against Vermilion. Band 1-4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Basketball 1-41 Track Z-4: Class Pres. l. LOYANNE LEONA RIEMER lVriring letters to Hii11'. C.A.A. 2f4: A Cappella 1143 Girls' Chorus lg Plays 4: Spanish Club I-2: Record Staff 1f4: F.T.A. 3: Cafeteria Aide l'2: Speech Contests 43 Safety Patrol 1f4, and Captain 4. KAREN JEAN RITCHIE Lmiturmg Adam across the tunnis coiwtx. Elyria Catholic 1: Dramatic Club lg G.A.A. 3, 4, and Prcs. 4: A Cappella. 2. 3: Plays 3: Latin Club 2: Gym Aide 3: Science Club 2f4: Record Staff 2-4: Student Council 3: Speech Contest 3. ASA RONALD SABIERS Delivering mcul for Schocmigk Miivket. HifY l. 2: Football 3. 4: Basketball 1f4: Track 2-4: Attendant to Sweetheart King 4. EDWARD WARREN SANDERS Play-ing thc accordion at the Sweetheart Dance. Boys' Chorus l: A Cappella 2. 3: Safety Patrol 113: HlfY 2. 3. DOUGLAS HARRY SCHNEIDER Making jewelry in art class. Safety Patrol 1: A Cappella lf3: Band 1-4: Track l. Z: Basketball 1. 2:Spanisl'i Club l. 2: French Club 3. 4. and Pres. 4: Plays 4. JUDITH ANN SCHOEMIG Skating ilic 'Flivlation Wriltz' at llic RollfArcim. Amherstonian Staff 2f4. and Editor 4: Record Staff 4: French Club 3. 4: Latin Club l. 2: Band 13 Scholarship Team 1, 4: Art Contests 3, 4. Thirty a 7' ' ith the Gang . . . Seniors Enjo ed Them All JANE KATHRYN SCHRINER Lrniiing notebooks to joutlmll plnyi'rx. Girls' Chorus l: French Club 1.2: Spanish Club 3. 4: Amherstonian Staff 'lf4: F.T.A. 214. and Pres. 4: Office Aide 4: Usher 3: Scholarship Team l-4: Class Secretary 3: Quiz Bee l'4. KEITH GRAHAM SHAY VIDHYIRIYIJZ pepsi and jitwrhugging at the snniu lime. Plays 3. 4: French Club 4: Spanish Club 2. 31 Rec' ord Staff 4: Amherstonian Staff 3. 4: Thespian 4: Cafeteria Aide l. 3: Scholarship Team 3. 4: Speech Contests 3: Quiz Bee 2. 3. LOIS MARIE SMITH I'IRt'fC7FCIll2 volley hull games in gym clam. Record Staff 4: Commercial Club 4: Secretary 4: Usher 3: Library Aide 4: Gym Aide 4. YVONNE LUGENE SMITH Being ix sucrcrnvy for the psychologist Mr. IVumlc1ly. Bedford High School l. 2: Plays 3: Speech Conf tests 3: French Club 3. 4: F.T.A. 3. 4: Office Aide 4: Commercial Club. Secretary 4. MARILYN RAE SQUIRES Trying to kiss Al during play pmcticrf' Spanish Club 2: French Club 3. 4: Record Staff 3. 4: G.A.A. .3. 4: Plays 3. 4: Speech Contests 3. 4: Thespian 4: Gym Aide 3, 4. ANITA JEAN SPRAGUE Hsvlling cos1ui'lli'5 ll! LcsxiiCT'a, A Cappella l-4: Plays 3. 4: French Club lg Record Staff 4: Thespian 4: Commercial Club 4: Gym Aide 4: Speech Contests 3, 4: Secretary 4. DENNIS JOHN STACHELSKI . Annoying la profcsomn in Spanish ll. French Club 1. 2: Spanish Club 3. 4: Usher 3: Scholarship Team 2. 3: Football l. MICHAEL SZABO Singing in 202. Spanish Club l. 2: Hi'Y 1, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Football 2. 3. 4: Track lf4: Class VicefPres, 3: Projection Staff 4. CLAUDIA ELIZABETH TOWNE Going xteady with Jury. Spanish Club 2: Commercial Club 4: Gym Aide 2. 4: Library Aide 3. 4: Cafeteria Aide 1: Cheer' leader 214: Girls' Chorus l. RAYMOND LEE TROXTELL Playing pnvl with his lwotlicvf' Hi-Y l-4: Record Staff 3. 4: Basketball l. 3. 4: Spanish Club 2. 3: Safety Patrol 2: Scholarship Team 2: Projection Staff 4. Thirtyfone J' Class of 1956, Numbering 83, Is the Largest ROBERT JOSEPH UNDERWOOD 'ilVo-nking hard for ri good prom. Spanish Club 1, 2: Science Club 2-4: Hi-Y l-4, and Pres. 4: A Cappella 1-4. and Pres. 2: Salety Patrol lf4. and Capt. 3: Class Pres. 3: Speech Contest 4: Plays 4. ARIS GEORGE VAROUH Sliowing movies ra the high xrlionl classes. Spanish Club 3, 4: HifY 114: Projection Stall 3. 4: Science Club 214: Radio Club 4: Band l-3. MARY YVONNE VIRANT Playing 'roclq-amlemll 'records all nigh! long. Girls' Chorus l: Plays 4: Thespian 4: Library Aide 3, 4: Speech Contests 3. 4. JACQUELINE LEE VORHEES Gossiping in sewing class. A Cappella 113: French Club l, 2: Speech Conf tests 4. BRUCE RICHARD W.ENNER Becoming ri finalist for ri National Merit Sclmlavxliipf' Band 2f4. and Pres. 4: French Club 1. Z: Spanish Club 3, 4: Record Staff l-4. and CofEditor 4: Amherstonian Staff 2f4: Quiz Bee 1, 2. 4: Library Council 3: Student Council 2: Scholar- ship Team 1f4: HifY 3, 4. FREDERICK ARTHUR WENNER KVM-ring ti iughtsliin to a Hallnwr'cn partym' Latin Club 1, 2: Football 1: Hall Guard 2: Usher 3: HifY 3. 4: Spanish Club 3, 4, and Pres. 4: Scholarship Team 1'3: Class Secretary 4: King at Sweetheart Dance 4. RONALD STEVEN WESTCOTT Riding around in his convertible. Science Club 4: HifY 4: Latin Club 1: HifY Choir 4. LYNDA ANN WIEGAND Dancing dl the Palladium. Spanish Club 1. 2: Student Council 2: Cheer' leader 2f4: Class Treas. 3: Hall Guard 3: Com' mercial Club 4: Secretary 4. DONNA ELIZABETH WITTENBROOK Decorating for thc prom. G.A.A. 3, 4: A Cappella 1-4: Latin Club l. 2: Plays 3: French Club 3. 4: Science Club 2f4: Record Staff lf4: Amherstonian Staff 4: Hall Guard 4: Library Aide 4: Scholarship Team 2-4: Quiz Bee 'Z-4: Girls' State 3. DOLORES ARLENE WOODER 'Peckiiig away at thc typcuvvitcvf' 'Cappella l,. 4: Commercial Club 4: Secretary Th irtyftwo raduating Class in Histor of Amherst High JUNE EVALYN ZUSPAN I xr xg., l y, V1 L ' 1lllm1.w.lls. 3 x nn xv' K mm :X fuuppcllzl lf-1, lrcs 4' lwcnclm Clnlw l. -1 Lim-- Tlx'-IS, lg l'.T,:X, I. 3: Plays 3. 4: 5pQucl1 fmlllfxl 3: Ollsuc .Male 43 Cflmrwlrlmcwlzll Clulw 4: Secretary 4: Tlwspiann -4: Student Vonmil 4. BARBARA LOUISE BEKO 'A1rln.lxnQ ln-v luv! Smnm I'-fem St. TNl.ny's Hugh 1' lxcwrd Stull' l 3: flullll lflnl' 4 GIERALDINE ELLEN MELLARS ll.:',g .,..-lun va flu ...l.!mxl,4 1 . lrnntv Hugh. Vnlslwlxmgimw. Penn.. lfng NfTccns L31 c.illk'lt'l'lll :Mele w V lfl' lvllwd C.lmrns .und A Lap' fll -Q pk-ll.: l 4: lr, H-wnu F l 1lW lfn. if is 'CJ xxx , ,, tx Lest We Forget The '55 Prom Dining by Candlelight Dancing in the Garden L uniors Learn Histor Dates, Chemical Formula Ufficers President ,......,.. Dan Bodmann Vice-Pres. .,,Dolores Dembek Secretary ,, ,,,.,. ....,, P at Shay Treasurer ,.,,Roger Mulder Tliirty-four lvfary Ann Alwraliain, LEl'lll'Cl llacli, Elmer Badw, Shirley Bcrgcr, Peggy Billingsley. Lucy Billnian. Dan Bunlinann. Rulncrt Brcmkc. Ruth Brczinslci. David Bruce, Milton Bruce. Alan Buell. Carole Burrctl. DIZIHC Caprctla. Lcruy Cornelius. Beverly Corts. Loretta Dclf kus. Dulorcx Dcrnhck. john Drake, Ccnrgc Dunfcc, Glenn Dnskey. Tom Foster, Dan Frederick, Ed Gargaiz, Eleanor Gcurgv. -lcrry Hamel. Bcttlc Higgins. Muriel Hull, Dun Hylkcma, Elmer lrcland. Philip jcagcr. Neal -lcnnc, Alice jones. janicc jones. Kay Kay. Mike Kelleher. Diane Kilgurc. Diane King. Edwin Klcnz, Lcc Krccgcr, Carol Krmrcck. lvlarjoric Krusc. lanage Snack Stand to Earn Mane for Prom Bnnnlzl Kuhn, Km' l..1rl1. lfllzulwlh 3, l,m'xx'c1. l,lml.1 Lump Slmrmm FN1.lIll1. -7 P:cx'c1'lv Mklfunldy M wi .lnlm Mcl5m1.1ld. Vvllllhllll MlCl1lltxIi Vw, -Imam TV1lHl'I, Iillcn Mlluhvll. Kvnnrth Mxtrlwll. If.ul M-v1.11n Rwgvr TY1llIdt'l. Alcrrx' Ul.nl1. -Iwlm lwlIN'Cl'. Dunno Ulswn. Alvrry Umsz. Mlfllglvl l'ul1.-:wmv IDU:--llwy I'-vlnlmllck. l'.al l'x1u'. Rwx' itlilhl R.uf1uydvr. -I-Wu' RL'IL'lN'lI. Bull Rvyrzulds. l..m'y Sx'l1llIIIilCllL'l'. W weaif jx, ,gm Rn' Sugglxlxvx. lin Slmy. 17011-tlmy , W, . F Shnck, Dun Slmnnxwlx, H-:my SIILIINIL ' I J, KAY? Alcan Suutlxl 1 Q A .. .NVQ W 'W f, Lznwl St.11lwl1ck. R-,lwrt Stalk, l7.n1cIl gf Sttultlun. flu-xl Stull. Umllm Tl1tlI1lilN. b :Elvin Sumlm Tlx--n1.nx, :A X T gf W1' -. pu.. Alvnlx' VIQIHIIIAH. -Icvlfy vllvlllnwku, 'IVAN' K5 , it -I iw E, IIN' Tnustcr. Bull lmxlvll. Alvwcl Van 'Wi 'W' 1 g Hmm. In Xxtdlklffkl, 'S K .f . v' Ellxxnml ff.u'x'Q1. XX'.nym' XYIISUI1. julwn Vv'lntmam. Rock and Roll Isn't It Romantic? Topper -W-..........-M A Sophomores Read kfulius Caesarv, Make Biolog Project' Officers President . , Dick Pippert Vice-Pres. , Bill Schoemig Secretary Gary Stark Trc:1sll1'vr . Nlarilyn Herrington ,Y NM, , JM1 'W Y --W' --' . Q' ,, 1 ,V ' ef' SQ 1 . , Q 1 'Q ' ' ,, ' 1 if ga A fi, . Wi . ' ,lean Andcrsnn. jun n Andcrsmrn, ' ,Wg A 4 ' ' 5' 11 W2ly'I1C Paulus. Sherry Beam, Dnrlcmz x 585 X' if 391 Berk. Ml!l'lly'll BCl'I'lllglUI1. Ronald ii Y W X . Berry, 1 , 5,f:,a'JrE rf N3 K an - 1 A RUS1-111z11'x' Bcrtlmld, NI .1 1' y Pmcvi. 2 i 1-1 isa A 1' s If Qi? A' ' Sharon Bickcl. Mill'I1N'I1 Blflwup, Gary ,Q -1 1, v ,LL L L I Bla1ckfo1'd, Williillll BIUHI11. june Bran' , 1, W 1 I if don 1-.W 2 fvvf is - 1. b U ..,- 1 . 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Q v Runnic cilllllhwh. 1 1 1 1 Y. -+ Fu- ' b X ' . 'i n f' 1 V FX ' - 5? -V x , . fax X gm . 4 1. - Salem cjQUl'2,1l'. 5ta1nl1'y lw1'1'1111. .I.1nct 1 W es A 1 ii' M Gzaldtlmmpc. Alan Hams, Nancy Hams RMW ,r ,- Kiev wwe? :- -rf-:f 12-f Q: M- W? Y I 1 .3 ' ' ' 11 - ' A Rodger Hzmlrxn, Rnlwy H:11'tlv. 1 -- -A X k L - ' 1 - fi 4 , X f 1 - H1 I f Fw P ' V Rlclward Hrwllv. Slllllldlll Huber. hlznnex -2 5 l ., , , X .. 1 g L x blcnkinr. Ted Kcrca. Dune Kclilcr ' . L ' i M 51 ' Gwen Kilgore. juan Knllw. , ' K L M . Q Y ' 1 . A 1 2' Thirtyfsix ell Greeting ards and Sponsor Paper Drives , erer err e M re e Fifi H A 1 '-'Z Kaye Koontz. Kwon Kruk. Dmulhx' x A 'J' .. zsb -.-+- -. 7 1 M A 'K 1, klf X: 5 Kruerk. ifumlvn lhpez. Rulwrl Luk .Q Q f'? .Q-rg ' ., mls, Rulwll Mmuxxxqlx, D--lmhl Mr 5 --',:.- ni 7 ' . KIHIIFY, .V L 9 5 - sy 1 AW'-M. Xhjlllhllll Me:1:. llwl1.u'Ll Mlrlmrmk, Dum .5 , 4- D 'U' ... 2, W ' - Mmgann, vlulm Mmngu. M clmel Nxlhf fx ,M S 1..:'.f2 .lkUXV5hI, Marx' Nell. lfhze Ne-vim, - J ' w Ex.. - ' Ruhelt CYIMI. Alzuckw I,x'IIHH. lM.xm.u -1 1 - , 1- . Pintel, Ilurlmul PIPPCIY. Phlhp Plane. My , ,.., -f . ,-- Q Q x X ,K .. V .A X A K - M , 6 if lrls l'udl1ul1, I341rh.11'a1 l'uI:111wliy. we x , ,V qw ge. s ' X , ' gifs' WT f+ ' A , 1 led Rlilhllxl, HUIHIIU RIUIXIUI. Slnnrwm VJ 4 .e as .' lilgix .'Xllah.a R--hurt-. fixed Rwelx ' 'D - fa wnml. QHVIHI Ruhllgj, IIUHIIY lluxgux. t une, is Q X S + 7' ., u iv Sv, - V ., .,.',, , ig H ' A E533 g . 3 lialrlmm ingest, XY1ll..m1 Scimenllg. Q ,N X 1 1 , PM ,Iuycu belnlrnuclwel. hnlly hl1um.nkv1'. +5 'I r - , - Lv? A' Duck Sllllllll, Ruhcll SkIdIlIIll'k', lmly .. , ff, HIUINI Sluylx . ini A W H . ,H .1... M ef Y? , Sllxlll Slmvh, l3.uh.u1.1 S1.xcln'lsln. 3 Stark, Ru'h.u'xl Stalk. l,enm.xlL1 Slulwgll.. 'Q . A eq LQ . vs 5' .K -lush' 'l'.xlvlw1l. IXIYIKI VI1.lX'hrl K. Ylif . in XX 1 e--- X. 'E - 4 K Uaxvud I-vllulm. Rulweul T--Wm: ,Iml ' -. E V sun Vs'.uh.xh.ulgh. Kamen XYe.uxr1. 3 ,, J I 'M'-h 0 Carrol NX'ul1lex'e1'. lfhzahrllx XN'nlwlex'c1, T' .fxl'lk'I1l' Yulmf. rf' ' W rf A , V Y x fi V K , K u 1 I VE Mary .g,rIcI1. lulyv Longley. lwllwyn T g ,, - '. : 1 z twhCllUlll'. BCIIY R-:gk-IN , .,- gs - , . W , K fix is I Ak 'S' ' , k 5:iI5' f3?1. K ' 'Lv Q fs X H5 A . - -4 , e Q rw wif? 11 'Y , A V up Q , 45 - I VI H 1 Y 'I 1 1 l A 1 - X HQ , . A-5 , 'Rig' x x . r 3' ' - A A 'L V .. .1-, 4 Wg -jf W L A x fr- -Q - 1 ' - 1 , xt' 'Q sy V 'il XI : Q4 y fwfr 5 -' page ' 1 -. . gf .ern , if , if ' . , -J' s. cf, 3 9- - I , vi' x f r J ' I, ....- lm- 1.3, f X -mr ,gfwi H X , F . . '- S. - ' ' ,v 4 :. rf s 75 ' M I Reserve Cheerleaders in Action The Soph pause That Refreshu Waitilxg for Her Date ll . 4.., l ll ! ,Xl w .. x gn K-ze v Pl' 'hi Qi' wi' Freshmen Stud Al gebr Officers President . ...... ., ,Tony Trifiletti Vice-Pres ,.,... ,Clinton Plott Secretary .,,,..,,. ,,., ,,,.,.,., S u e Mortinmer Treasurer .....,..,......,.. Louise Werner Council Menibers, Karen Thutt, Dale Rosenkranz Bernard Amend. Fred llarck, Donna Bardus. Ruhert lieetler. Mary Ann Beku. David Bender. Nauey Benedict. Nlarianne Berger. .lane Cahl. Susan jerry Chunkn. Douglas hope. Cregar. Gloria Deflaire. 'T',,?2 Gary Dcidrlck. Martha Delkus. Frank Desantis. -Iudb' Dmsey. 'Iuanne Dun- ham. Terry Ear-telwvuml, Dehra Ed' wards Richard Franta. .larnea Uargasr.. jua- nita Gerher. Marguerlta Getty. Sandra Gnnlms. Sharon Gregg. Duane Crucutt. Judy Hall. james Hamel. jerry Hay' mond. Regina Hayrnund. Rudy Herz' ke. Ruth Huag. David Ice. Iames lngrassia, llailh .Iohnsom Judy johnson, jeffrey juyce. Barhara Kane, Kathleen Karncy. Margaret Klingen- mcicr. Geraldine Koesis. 'Tum Kreger. Jo Ann Krecger. Donald Kroll. Kay Kropf. Gene Krupp. Rnnald Kruse. is I I 15... Marshall Lamhxe, Ruhert Landv. .J , Thirtyfeighl V Richard Leuszler. Dunald Lockhart. J, . I , Nancy Luken. Ruhert Loughrie, , 'fy Richard Mack. vw e Y xef' nd Languagesg oin Clubs and Learn Traditions Linda McKay. Natalie Mackie. Judy Malloy. Dave Meyer. Richard Meyers. Robert McGee. Doreen McKinney. George McMullin. Alice Michael. Joe Miller. Sandra Miller. Vlfilliam Minn. Juanita Mitchell, Robert Moon. Sue Mortimer. Eugene Mu-lder. Jan' ice Mulder, Charles Musteen. Wayne Niclcolls. Shirley U'Dor. Richard Uliver. Larry Payne. Sylvia Pinter, Clinton Plott. Richard Pool. Frank Price. Donna Rainey. Ramona Reynolds. Glenn Riemer. Mollie Rippeth. Sue Ritzler, Kenneth Rosenbusch, Dale Rosenkranz. Georgia Rutledge. Wil' lard Salisbury. Roger Schatz. Bruce Schnaalc. Jayne Schleeter, Glenn Schneider. Barbara Sender. Amelia Sheppard. Kenneth Shimkey. Linda Sunakevich. Darlene Sines, Barbara Skidmore. Robert Solack, lgetty Sparks, Judy Staller, Dale Star' uck. Carol Stilgenbauer. Jackie Swartz. John Swartz. Judyth Tarry. Genola Tettaton, Karen Thutt. Tony Trifi' lctti. Jerry Underwood. William Van Horn, Marilyn Van Neil. Kriton Varouh. Jean Wagner, Mary Lou Walker. Ann Wallace. Fred Wilhelm. James Wilhelm, Louise Wenner. Ronald Werner. Jerry Willa' er, Shirley Wittenbrook. David XVohl- ever. X , 1 Thirty'nine K Grade Eight 8Z - Mr. Bode, Home Room Teacher Front Row: R. Eliinan. A. Horvzitli. B. Scgruves. K. Hcighlcy. VV. Nutt. M. Podlich. S. Knapp. T. Schrincr. L. Krcegcr. B. Newton. A, Alten. W. Bauer. . Middle Row: R. Gerrrmn. D, Schumzichcr. M. Brczinski. T. Van Horn. R. Bruce. P. Burcl. K. Kunzler. D. jackson. Phillips. j. Eshelinan. P. Brown. G. Stzirhuck. Buck Row: VV. Millei'. A. Dledrlck. M. Nash. S. Brooks. P. Durjzwzl. P. Van Keuron. Ax Lenox. D. Elliott. L. Kruk. P. Coleman, Goohs. D. Rickziiml. 4 . 8Y - Mr. Blaser, Home Room Teacher Ifirst Row: H. Swartz. V. Mulicu. H, Higgins. S. Lockhart. C. Enz. L. Dunne. C. Berger. Gnizuk. D. Smith. L, King, Second Row: G, Petlmsck. S. Fleming. A, McDcvriald. B. Reynolds. j. Potts. Riggf. D Sclnhlcy. B. Mullnrd. R. Towne. N. O'Dur. A. Suvinn. Third Row: S, Slzindcn. S. Villers. R. Ott. C. Plott. D. Rice. T. Moralin. Rugulai. D, Puuw. L. Thomson. M. Fzirraii lfuurlliRow:B. Berry. B. Henncn. D. McManus. S. McLodz1. D. Maiiws. C. Nestor, R. Slmzigic. L. hluslin. R. Berncr. C. Pluinh. S. Howard. M. Bcvi. 8X - Mr. Hudak, Home Room Teacher . y 1 - - l'runt Row: C. Snell. R, Huilnixin. D, Bruce. S. Stiwuld. R.'lvLu'll'ord. E. Nnhors. C. Richards. R. Ehcrlc, W. Kopas. L. Cuinhcrlcdgc. G. Bcllino. L Middle Row: R. Uildenmclster. S. Stevens. VJ. Huhhzird. C-. SCl1ilL'lil-Cf. D. Sposuto. D. Hutton. .I. Wzilkci'. D, Durhin. K. Lcinlios. H. Wcirucls, C. Farrell. L. Naihzikuwski. P. Penton. 1 G. Clzxppcx llgick Row: C. XXyCllI'5Cll. R. NVittenl'1ruuk. G. Kedinencc. S. Alhreclit. K. Holila. R, K1mnt:. ff. Kaine. H. Hcrzkc. B. Turnagc, B. Ohennur. C. Scliinnucli. E. Shreevcs. Forty 8 M. Z 8Y 8X Grade Seven 7Z - Mr. van der Oord, Home Room Teacher lflunt Row: C. Pulmurclwc. R. CZVCIIIURIITX M. R. XYluLc. D, Cluppcr. D. Bclllnu. M. DlCdl'lCli. Lynn BICI' man. R. Trlfilclu. S. Olzxlm. C. Hurvuth, Mlddlc Row: D. Buscr, Vv'ilsun. R. Mulctic. D. Ed' wards. H. Culwlw. R. Bulns. R. Uuudspccd. Lutz. D. Pcltun. Luis BlCl'IH1ll1. C Miller. -l. Snutlu. Buck Row: VJ, l.illlllWlC. F. Buruk. S. Rctay. B. Buren: P. Muldcr. L. Mcfklcy. D. juncs. T. Brxclicl. D Cups. VC. Hull. V. Mulctic. 7Y - Mr. Grills, Home Room Teacher Front Ruw: R. XXVRISCIN. P. Edwards. M. Tcttalton. M. Kruse. L. Ricmcr. -l, Purcicllu. P. Bruce. -I. juncs. Middlc Row: D. Orusz. P Caxprcttal. B. Elllllllll. P Sanders. B. Mucluc. D. Culc. R. Ruzsus. C. lim' lay. XY, Nxcscn. R. Stzxrlwrk. Buck Row: Magnuson. Vs'crncrt. B. Hcmlcrwn. A. Glmvcnslrl. C. Bcrrir. C. Bnrdoncr. C, CYh.xscx'. P. Pcrlmviclw. M. Pnurlmulu. D. Nnllcy. N. Gall' langlwr. Pm l'l'UI1l Ru Bdqk Ruw: ll. Cullen. R. l'n'1ug. lr. Rllry. M. llllll 7X - Mr. Dill, Home Room Teachu lfrunt Row: S. Linn. S. Mycrx. ff. Slmgmc. 5 51 .l. Zllflx. E. Uma. L. M2llIllx'l1. Vx . Mlcl Henderson. A, Dcitricli. Mirldlv: Row: B. Gregg. D. Vx'r1gl1t. hl. Kulwn McGee. K. Sclmvllcl. 5. Yuuung. M. D Stull. T. Sclmcl'1'ur. L. Hauetlc. .l. Ramesh-r N .I. BllUIlll1ilI'LlI. M. Muller. ff. Sclmcxdcr. G. Brooks. VI. Urccr. AI. Turner. 7W - Mrs. Cook, Home Room Tea S. Dunlap. K. Sfllllll. M, Vvnwlwkzu. Muller. P. Clarke. lx Clllkl ck Row: ff. Vv'c11x'cr. Malrluw. D. fnullm. A. N llxlu T S lm clnr W: D, Clary. D. Billnmn. D. lfrgxun. R L r S Dun M 2 Middle Row: R Cook. B, Dcrunuznlm. R. L.lLl11l1 lx Buell. S. lilucklurd. K. McGuire. tl. Billnm Lucwcr. C. Hmnmuml. Cf. Uraly. gg In ll D. Cook. M. Hulnll. K. Ullman. D. P1 Lange. K. Egeland. 7Z 7Y 7X 7W l:ul'ly'uI1C Elk Grade Six Grade Six - Mrs. Bortz, Teacher Mrs. Bortz Teacher Mrs. Mills Teacher Mrs. Brwde Teacher lirimt Row: Mrs. Burtz. C. Eben-lc. D. Shllrnakcr, C. Plumb. B. lnness. L. Kli-kma. Sinmn. l'. Penlun. L. King. E. l'feiler. K, Pimle. R. Varoulm. Saqert. ll. Raynes. W. Milner. Middle Rnw: D, Rurazci. A. Leslie. D. Dunlice. XV. Kunznian. Tlmnipsun. M. Miller. Cl. Retay. A. Hatten. FI'CIl3Cl'llCf. N. Rickard. L, Potts. M. Slack. T. Varouh. E. Bauinliardt. Rack Row: U. Zuni, ll TVlll5tflk'I1, F. Evans, Fleming. H. Smith. bl. Martin. C. Miirrisnn, N S S l 7 VI. Henes. bl. Rvymnlalx. VI. Hnhcr. D. fwarlz. P. Ryan. M. Tliiltt. Clainen n, R, Vserner. Grade Six - Mrs. Mills, Teacher lirunt Row: R, Buser, B. Camp. R. Mulder, U. Mengel, B. Kukinda. S. Miller. B. Meyers. LSilclrDWlx IKil-r .-lil . . CCN... Til Seciiml Row: Cf, Bmwii. T, Linh. Springer. M. K. Vfallccr. R. E.iszui-xwnrl. C. R1'Illlll.lI'Ll. L. l'lm'm'i'. S. llalwl. C. julley. C. Klepek. Third Ruw: Pinter, C. Sliinsky. A. Kruk. B. Wilke1'. ll. Nagy. G. Shielierstein. B. Wzlitc, G, Murray. lf. Cuinherlcdge. D. Clmnlw. N. Wzitscmii. Mrs, Mills. llack Riwwg Vw' Salishiiry. B, Slnblcy. C. Slnreves. D. Creineans. XV. Yan Nucl. D. Hiillc. Cl. Unizak. R. Lenniwx. R. D. Phillips. Grade Six - Mrs. Bode, Teacher , - ' V w liiunt Riiw: E, . Xi'liisti'ui1g. 5. Utl. S. Qiwle. R. Bishop. M. liettatiin, T. Ne-liir, D. lxiilli. lvl. Haulw. D. Clainera. hl. Heinzcrling. Secuml Row: U. Uutinan, V. Kolcnda. G. Ncwciminer, D. Stec. R. Howard. fl, Sexstella. K. Matlmes. B. Buclxs. A. lngrassia. E, Scliaeller. Tlnixl Rim: KV. Stixvalrl. S. Siinashkevicli. G. Baker. R. Sender. L. Hulihs. S. Delleliield. U. Alien. L. Hates, Mcflec. Slrliilila, Back Row: D. Miisteen. M. llmlgcs. ll. Bacon. N. l'Ik'I'gIl1Ll. S. Riley. D. l'lei'clilei', R. Mulder, R Bring. KI. Ainenil. D, Slanden. Mrs, Bode. lim' tyftwn Grades Three, Two, One Grade Three - Mrs. Smith, Teacher lfmnl Row: C. Sehibley. P. Hllhlwaxul, D. Innes. R. SCtiII'ilVL'S. C. Criss. K. Kung. M. Sanlislmry G. Hiltnlwidel. P. Hzxrlaln. Mlddle Row: T. UAllllSl1.l. L. Joyce. U. Kelley. R Hunuer. R. H-rlley. xl. SIHC5. D. sIllQ1A'IIl'.lllx'I L. fhllhlllhl. R, Vs'1tte11hr'4mk. R. Rlttner. Burk Row: M. Ullman. E. Shreves. S. fflxerxy. VU. Bmlen, G. Umh, Znlelm. ll. Super. ll Vsfzlite. R. Kelley. D. Kreeger. Grade Two - Mrs. Scherrer, Teacher lfrunl Row: B. Dalton. D. Gmwldllmrpe. R. Ott. A. Bzlhl. R. SClN'lll-l4ll'!'. S. Vxfiegunnl. L. Perma: N. Zurnt. Maddie Rnw: hl. Lam. ff. Suviula. E. Pclkwvsek. D. N4ll'Il1k'llIl. P. G.1rl.nnd. Cf. Sehlelerxleln K. Mezull. Buck Row: B. Bring, S. Milla. L. Schroeder. S. Vxfellmun, A. Henee. U. Teznnun. R. Elwerhznult B. Mulder. Grade One - Mrs. Scheide, Teacher llrunt Ruw: F. Hulley. L. XIAIYUIIIL Bnhl. C. clilflklllkl. L. Sslrver, l.. Haunnmnel. R, Hmnel M. Bxekel, H. Sinnmuns. XX . Heck. Mlddle Ruwz R. Glmlms. K. XX'IJlll'lCl1. M. XX'alker. K. Kreeger. Alnnex. ff. ElWt'll1LlIkll. ,I Bnuex A. H.nn1nmnLl. K. Crulnhle. K. Kals:n1etsli1. Rack Row: D, Sehwltzke, M. Brooks. D. Myers. T. lclces, Mullmel, bl. Mmurismm. VV. Eslep li. Meilzke. S. Turner. R. Slrehle. Mrs. Smith, Teacher Mrs. Scherrer, Teacher Mrs. Scheide, Teacher llm'lv'Il1ree -1--f M- -- 1 '-' -W- min. .ms mn.. Grade Five Grade Five - Mrs. Atkinson, Teacher Mrs. Atkinson, Teacher Mrs. Foster, Teacher Miss Ehrman, Teacher limnt Row: je-well. L. ffcndrusky. R. Leonard. B. Bralmwell. Vs . Burtner. Hullingswnrth. VJ. Skidinure. R. Oraisz. T, Reichert. L. Szwinza. R. Standen. R. Hume. K. Reynulds. Middle Row: E, Smith. G. Zileli. R. Garrett. R. Mullisun. Ciflllklli. F. Wlieaitley. B. Koontz. U. Tellutmmn. V. Kulhe. i lizick Ruw: G. Rutledge. F. Durjzn'u. E. Vv'ez1rsch. P. Currence. D. Amend. S. Vfxlliner, l.. Hutlun. S. Grout. R. DeVinil:. Qhenzlur. D. Harris. Newinzui. Grade Five - Mrs. Foster, Teacher lirmil Row: D. Bruce. L. Bush,-'. Kuhn, G. George. 5. Knap. B. Wa1ldi'cmii. lf. Taylor. R. Y . Nurtmi. R. Kuhuske. I. Fleming. A. Smith. A. Firzign. R. Kurish. G. May. Middle Ruw: B. Cliuser. M. Sluher. K. Richards. ll. Guodspeed. Appel. A. Nahurs. M. Wulluee. R. Bauer. R. Bugurdy, M. Stevens. B. Shay. K. Mulder. Mrs. E. Foster. llziek Row: G. Riggs. bl. Plum. E. Mackie. C. Corrs, j. Alexander. A. Yepku. L. Wimivds, liunitt D inill B Hue I Nix Huher. D. 2' ' . .. 1 er. . ass. .. Dum: Grade Five - Miss Ehrman, Teacher lirunt Ruw: M. Hutlun. L. Innes. P. Hunks. R. Budkin. R. Smith. Higgins. F, Lucklialrt. D. Leinhus. E. Buhl. P. Burer. T. Kirchgessner. C. Mclnlurfl, B. Dultun. M ddle Ruw: R. Selnwwcrler. N. Hill. C. Zuni. D. Rice. R. Stzinden. Burlczas. R. Kelleher. , ' ' U fx D C' nuri l le- r'l M Vx nhl C ' . S . . L C. . All 'i. y, ur., 4 XLl.l' CMLTLS D fp llairk Row: L. Streielier. D. Trzister. R. Glnwaeki. H. McCreadv. Miller. L. Riddle. D. Alensen. B. Buden. R. Hong, A. Stilgenhuuer. T. Dxiugherty. Miss Ehrmann. M. A. Michael. lfurty-liuur Grade Four Grade Four - Mrs. Clary, Teacher Grade Four - Mrs. WasI1ka, Ieachcr Ii-vm Rim, I'. Einar. S. Iimucz, 5. lfllrl-nur, il. Kmth. S I'wII.aIr. I',,.m Rum: IJ. lmrlllp, SA Pmlxlux, II, Ilryynph S fxxmerki I UI. R--1cInrt. ,I KU-INI-. ,I Mllrmv, IJ. K-vlhr. R. W.4IL.x ,Ia-Ig-'x. II II-rg-I. II, I..-In, R Sgwxlr-. II M1-.I.L4, I MIIIJII- Run: D. Znllmi. I5 Ifrlxumlr. II, Iirurkr-I'. L. lim-nk. fi. M,,m.l, I' Klmrl.-1m,.-lrll if Mmm Snulh, If. TIwn1wv1, if, Hrmlprmn. S, H.1nI1m1. IT. I3unh.nm. M1,I.II. Run-3 S. -Iullvv. L. I3.uI.umI, I.. XX'.u.I, S Mm!-v I Qi Cham-mir. H.-Illcx, I. Iirmlu-Ivlx. ll SrIm.urIIx. Il. II,1v:mII.urI1, Ix Ihck II. IW, flnlrmnn, II, fkwk, Ii. IImIem, If. I'I.nmx, II. IIIKLI, XY. II.Ir1'-. lfarnkr S. Hnmrr, K. Turpin, I'. IVVIIQHN, N III--un, L. I5.xrIw Ii:-xx' 'It IIHIW-'xlr. If, IIIIlm.m, I'. llIlIvl.I.IIl, 41 I'.utl lx N1rIu-I-. K, I5.m'son, A. Tuwln, ff. Rllvv. I.. XYlIIx.'xm, 'I'. Ihmi-I. 'I'. I',Ixx.mIX. W I-vw ff I'IuIIxpX. Grade Four - Mrs. Baker, Teacher I ,. III1-nl R4-xv Ii. KHIMQI1, QI. Ysmrrix. I. !fwnglI-um, W, Illlif. H. Grade Four 1' Mrs' Maxmtl ' Icachlr l'ulmmgh.xm, T. MIIILI. 'I'. N.cIwkuxuk1. if XX-I--rlf, M Ifrunl Ii--xx I. ffmu-r-'11, I. Knrgvl, 1- 51-ru.-1. I Ihnirv 1 M--mn, S MIIIIII-1, AI, XVIIIICIIN. T. KvrIl1wmr. M. III:-Ir, I. Rxppr-III. I. I'.n11ungl-ln. M. T1-un., 'I N--ll. II Ku MlrIrII1' Rmxz K. I'I.uhI, R. Krcmgrr, II. L.m.'r, I, I5.xxu.IfrIl1. M. 11, II.u1m-S, I7. Qlnlnxnm. XY. Sul'-Imxv. I. IIJHIIIV. S PIL x M.u:m-I, XY. K.ncIu'I. I. I--wvll. I5, H.-llfy. T. Srlwuulg. IVIMIJI- R--wg I. NYIlr. RlrI1:urI Iinggme. Il-'Iwi IInggu:w, I5 IV. M, IMIII. Iiwxrx-. 'I'. IIUIINLIKI. II, XYIIIVI, 'I' Irxlx, N II1..I.x IIML Rum: II Sargrll, M. SrhuIl:. I. I'lk4x, If, IM-er. I Sr.-.-lv Ii.I.L Ibm H XY.yn.x, I. lhkrv, II. IVIIIIIIA K. MIMIIIIIII, full, K. IY1II1.ums, R, MMIII., il Ki.-llun. II, Illmn. Cflfvtz. I.. N-Imvu. ,I'. II1IIum, 42, I'IHuIII. S N.IIu,IL.M L1 1 I. Imrk. I. R11:I1..g. Mrs. Clary, Teacher Mrs. Baker, Teacher Mrs. Washka, Teacher Mrs. Maxwell, Teacher I:ul'ly'I1x'c Mrs. Bauer, Teacher Mrs. Richards, Teacher Mrs. Refenning, Teacher . ,Q ' ...U - .Eh -in Miss Berger, Teacher Grade Three - Mrs. Bauer Grade Three - Mrs. Refenning, Teacher Ifmnl R1-xx: ,IA L-'VHM K- l'-HvSsf'H- H- Ml I'h-'K'- V- H-'H+12'H'M Ifxvln Rim: H, Thmnlwun. ff. Tnwur, S. Nlllclwl, S. Vfvlclu, Ii IT. HnHm.m, R., A. Rnhvfk. M. Smyth. P, Gund' Kruer, V, Txptun, fl, Hamill'-h, A. lyll. R, XYIIIQ, H xp..-LI. S Rm.-Imr, R. Hullunsxxmth, D. Thunms, H-'r1drl--mm. Suuml Run R, lil-rluan, 1. Ruhxrtwn, R. Ilvxlds-111. Il. ffnggqy-, Mxnlallc' Rcww: R. Phlllxps, P, lludsry. R, liuchs, L, Umm, l, U. Hurhs. il. XXX-rm'l'. I.. Lavish. U. Nn'wml11-'I. S. BFIICF, I.m'wv1, C. Yuhlls, QI, Salvo. M, Pznchmllk. 1. Ninhllch I. Rlhlv, ll, N1mu'r, R. Krull, IT, Mwwsk.ul, BML Ruw: KC, Rvutvr, CY, l'.upp. I,, Sl-' I, S:rkrlvv, R. Huck Ruw: R, Bwrnrl, K. Zvuxcc. R. llliakr, If. Niumn. A. Hunk Tlwlnpsmn, M. linusllxg, IV, Rrtlau, .I, limhxnmls, -I. Kapuclmkl, C, Iiuuk, M. Huhln, D, iirlxlmdn, N. Shnndrn, M. Llshlu -I. H.nlmn!, C d Th M R. h d T h Grade Three - Mlss Berger, Teacher ,ra c ret L tb' lc ar 5, eac er Vlnrlnl Run: IT, Nh!-Itch, M, Smsr.-II.a. K. Emnwllch, S, XY1.L1.unf Fl-nu Rwxx 5, Frvlwrg-1, ff. VFPHV, ff. I5.vl.1kls, A. filnwllqv, F. Ruscnkrzmz, NY. Sch.u'ffrl, R. Kuhn, T, Hull, il. Nan. lg, lilgnr. A. R.nts'l. N. Hmlm, I.. A. KI.-kwin, S, Hmv, C.Vlnnm1.,l.Psulitu,R.H:npcr. 17. Nlrlntulff, R. l7m'h1n. S. M.ll4'l1c, Mx's. Rxflxzllxls, Miefnilr' R--wg R, Hunt. CT. Dmlwlu, rl, Savlna, J. Whalkvr. XV 9-.1-nr! R--xx 1, Klr'chgrwl1s'I, IV. Kcmv. 15. B.nm'tL, K. Clnlldlvss, Pmlllrh. If. XYugg11x.i, T, QZFHUIII, D. Nlwchku, l.. llulwum Nlnhlu, M, Rach, I., flrllndv, ,l. Hrmrxilth, ll. Ixsllc. fi, Rurk Rf-w: I. Cl.lppn'r, R Szlnzmin, 5. Smyth, S, Mzulwgn-1', M Rack Ruw: ff lVl3v-r. N, Trzlvcv'-, lf, 1L.4lsrv. I. XVHQIII. S Kvwnkmvxwkl, R, Culhxlm. R, Hllssrl, D, Hull. T. M.xll11's, Rvynwldf, ll, l'uy.nL, Ii, Stllhrl. ,l. lrlvvnrlvlly. K. Lcumml N. H.url'ls, S. LIIIIF, Furtyfsix Grade Two Grade Two - Mrs. Korka, Teacher Il-im Ii-vxx: 5, H.iIw..m, UI, AmIvlsi-xi, Ii. L.umIwxl, II, Viph, I IT--Iwmv. -I,'s, I3. Mark, N I,.ugr, UI. llnvliixuf-in' S. Yuan. I'. III.n:m.i. K.-wod Pwu S. I,-n-N. I 12.-iIwr.m.I1l, N, II'-xxx-ll. I5 IIl.w.LI-ml. I' H,u'wo4-II. N. Nnxrun, II. IIvtIx.u. K. lFurIwI. K. Mnliun, M. Kink, Ii. NM-inrl. ,I. Malou'Ii. Huck Qlloxxz Kulwh.. I.. UsIxini.'il Pele. 'T I5imImw. M T.-waz. I. Iixuc-', It MJJI. R Im:-yr, I. Xxulhrlm. I. II.mIx, NI KIIXJIW-I. XV. I' Tip!-in Grade Two - Mrs. Guiselman, Teacher I'wm limi: I.. MuI.Ilx, If IM:-vii-'. H, Shay. T 5cImu.iucIl. U UI.. K Ifni-vim.. R Ili.uIi.m1. If Ii-11'-cz. IT. Srillxmg-wli. R Ixapuicullslxx. I'. N.ih:.kmx'sIxl. Suomi Row: M. Fin-Izumi, S. FII-iniug. U. St:u'Iil1ck. T. N:uImf Iwwski, N. Iii-mist, R. Rzinsoxnr. H, TIN-mpson. If. S.imI:il ,I Hulvhs, Is H--ll,l1 XXorIuu.ul1. l- Ii-we. Iheli R1-xx, R. II.-ru.-. I , 5.m.Iwr. M 'I'Imm.ns. I3 XY.-Iqh, RI Inlxghluv. I'. Iv11IIrr, R, rlollvv. I. K..1Ie, H, I.r.'.-U. bl Ihgql, I'. NY--nl:rI, M, Smphel, Grade Two - Mrs. Effie Smith, Teacher I'lunI Rim: C.. Iirtkn, I7. XM-'kr-I, M. IIs-xl.u, I,. II:rI..Imln1. IV Iiulnrll. 5. .Mmm I', Hlu:.uIx. M Ihxrwxm. 5, Iilml. 5 I'I1n.-r, Il. WWIX-. l S.wn.l RIM Ii. Ri.-. R Iiwiivrk. I. Ilrum. M. SImmi.Ii-I S. Rah. R. XVlIIx.un1s, M Iir.ilmwIl. IK. XYIHI-. I. Mullin .I. Allison, I. W.mI. Thur! Run' I.. Minh-'II. II Mitch-II. If, Iimhs. if, lining. IS Ifhgnr. K, Ihrlml, If Ifhmlmg. M Srmlh. II I'u-Ids. If K. I.4sIn Grade T wo - Mrs. Wiiitei-Iiimg, leacher Ilmlr Rum: K IIHIIII, I.. Uni'-ll, S Kaine, I1 II-:.Is-vu. I Kaplicill-KI. If Ilogu, If IKIu.ul.I-. IM H11-fl. If Iwlug. 5 IH.-km. lurk Row: MieIi.uIsIsi, IT. IIlrmI4'I. I.. IfsIuIm.m, R II.elpvl I.. IJI-Ilrl. T, Hilhviv. ,I IfrIxx.n,Is, K1 Sun-, S F1-llwvl XX. kr-VL. lv. IIIIIWI. Mrs. Korka. I Teacher Mrs. Guiselman, Teacher Mrs. Effie Smith, Teacher Mrs. Wiiiterliiig, Teacher I:1vI'ly wvvll i Mrs. Lee, Teacher Miss Caley, Teacher Miss Schneider, Teacher Mrs. Sahl, Teacher Grade One - Mrs. Sabi, TOHCl16l' Grade One -- Mrs. Lee, Teacher Ifgwnl Ruw: 1. Pxxllm, M. l'l:mv, XV. U'Nf'ili. fi- W'I'I:liIf. Rv Frnn! R1-xx: R, Hunt, S. Mnie-tic, K. fivrhnrr. ff. Nrxumm. I XYr1gh!, R, NY.4ru. R. Uixil, R. l'i.nnl1x-vrmd. H. Nxchuls. li. filzary. J. Starr. E. Kzarrndul, fi, Luxlsh, S, l1m'crd.ul:. V Ihnvl, ID. Dmhln, M. P-ntltu. Mourr, F. Bmw. Semin! Row: M. Kmmws, IJ. Kuruczi. R. Shilinnkcr. L. llluesm-Y, Swuml Rim-1 A, Smiqh, M, Duvjssim, K, VVIWV, il, Vllm-, I ii. Fl--ming, C. Uiwmnt, fi, H.-us-rr, NV, XX'iwgzxmi, fi. Reitvr, XVhrn'ivr, R. Amivrsmm, fi. MrlZlll'A'k, T. ifniwzwds. K. Shiny I Mlllxr, S. I.l4-yd. L. iw1.u!ti. I., fir.-rn, P. Hurd-111, L. Phillips. lhcl. R-.wg H, Bun--. H, Sirhnmn. il. Kunzlvr. II. f1.ur1u'r.m. ff. Huck Rim' V. iialugh, U. Pratt. R, Harris. IV. H1-llis, S. ilunuhvi 'I',.yl.u, -I, Sqlnwi1ng, S. Sup-r, L. Hugh.-s, Cf. HwHrr, ll. li-dgu, P, Chrislnzm. C. Crum, XV. YY-'rni-r, A. l7rr.:nn.uh Sun-zvk, K. B.nkrv', B. Rican. U. Smllvr, L. I'cZton, Mrs. Lrc. Grade One - Miss Schneider, Teacher Grade One - Miss Caley, Teacher lfnml Rim-: fl. -I. Hrrrlmunn. fl. M. flu-nk, H. Pullin, S. lirulidy, Frunl Row: K. Murray, U, Sn-wart, P. Snthvrland. C. H.umnmmi H. l.lnn. IT. lllzllilivv. AI, l.l1i'.us, i.. S. Stxlllvr, M. Szckvly, I7. Shvllvr, B. Pavlln, M, Umsz, D, Zgqhrvr-ky, K, Nlnfkm Hgqry H., S, Kink, A, lnnnc. I.. Hvndrrsmw. P. Dzillglivrty. N. Lncklmznrr. P. Lockhart. Sunni R-ru: IT. A lwlsnlii. F Hulw, R M-illms, M. I. I'-lxnrlln, Scmml Rl-xv: IW. Hiwcf, R. Smith, C. Fitch. T. Wdwh, T. N.ngv N. flulr. ,I. Hnmhlv, VI. Rr-wi, fi. KI.'knr.i, J, lhnivlxnu-ii. li. Pnznnc. fi. Wnnkvy, il. Fimwrs, 5. llunfrr, il, Kfmmrskl K, Fhnffvl, T. Clslrvimik, M. Schmniri. ,i. Lm'xxi'r, Mis- flxlcy liurli Row: l'. Vvgh, A.S1nnInr,IJ. Ulmpax, I7, linycv, M. WlII'al, Third Row: B, Bniugh, B. Zuinan, .l. Cil1lZilk. D. lhvllaufk, R fl, XN'hm-n. D. illlzixllvv. il. HLH'ih'l. l., jnhnsun, L, Dnhzus, Huwalh, N. Kntraudi. R. Rllticxlgr. R. Smith, ff. Stxamlull K' Nuff. M. Vullmvr. R. f.i.,.fdflI, M, L.ig.'v, Fortyfcight Kindgygayten Mrs. Wikoff, Teacher B Class l71u:1l Rum: R. Slulnlic. M. Scgmvcs. M. Stixxunld. D. l:rccmam. B. Slmllcr. N Mwucr. T. Bull R. Spam. li Hlll CI'. hl. Vdllwclm. K. Supra: Svcuml Ruw: D. Eddy. S. Kukmda. M. Nauru, VJ. Mustcrs. QI. Gmmdcll. M. cl1'll'3l'Wt'H Pclknvsck. Cf, Stilgcnlwuucr. C, Cuhlw. P, ljilccy. Mrs. Wik:mfl'. Tlwllll lluw: ll. Sfllllllllilllli D. Collins. C. Rlwdcs. D. Svflmlaglr. Oclianjili. Smith. Cmmry. ll. Lcwis. K. blncgcr. T. Pcntun. C Class Vmnt Run: D. Altus. l7. Szclicly. P. lVllllvSI'. B. Bodum. Bcuuml Row: N. Evamufl. A. Dunne. .l. Knrsclmcr, B. Human, N. Mcngcl. M. ISK-Iam l Elmlcrt. .l. Dulmcy. K. Durnkis. 'ldlmxl Ruw: C. Oskim. D. Slwumnkcr. B. Vilming. 'I. Corlwm. M. Oldfield. L. l5SI'II1jlHlilI1 lx Y lfnmngtmm. R. Suvink. l3.n'k Rum: C. Uqlluslwax. A. Olnlw. M. hlalwmwslil. L. llI'illlSCLllll. D. lcnnc. B. -Iunts. A Class l'x-mt Rum: -I. Hnllstcln. K. Lexus. B. Ramsumc. M. limpp. l'. l:1nm'gzm. .I. Lung. T. N L. .l'lllllil!'Ll. YI. Murphy, R. lVlilCli2lV. Svuuml Row: B. Willixirmxs. G. Kutlmc. T. Sclx:1cl'l'c1'. M. Clotz. N. l3cVinitr.. L. Calmlwzmnc U lllmrlli. 'lglmnl Row: vl. llrxglxtlwlll. T. sllwrgxlmln. -I. KlIl'lll5lix'. ll. l'lullmgsxx'm'tl1, M. Srlnlntliuns 5 . , . . , , . 5.lPlx'H1-l. B lllc. l Sllnpswm. L. C.l-mmcl. Essig. l'. llnllxps, l7. C,l1lIHl. B. Hcrtcr. B Class ' I C Class A Class l:Ul'ly'Hll1L u vm NN WRITING STORIES FOR THE NEWSPAPER, ACTING THE LEAD IN THE SCHOOL PLAY, WEARING YOUR FIRST FORMAL -GOLDEN COINS FOR YOUR TREASURE CHEST OF MEMORIES. 'll' I 1 but Lam' ' X, ' 4' 'fi-fbi 'wt' A S f Q 6 f Q' v ' M K ASNYT Uim g h W 1 - K A .X A , - M A V m 4 ' . X N' ,V R m Qiyaf' V - Q . ' A f fi M 'S .j H. kv .- 5 -. r'ff'7'b , L-. . Q ' 4 - J' , io xfigsv 'K 4 N Q NA 2 .Ar V v L K ' w Q ' . 'r , , in ff, .M f,,3,yg,.' or ,V Q J' . . f 5-5f.'5ii, 32.4. -fi 0' 4- ' 9-, gif 'FM 5? ' 71 - ' H A ff' ,. ' K ' ' Ac . N , , X H, 1 ' fi asf 8 Saw ,dx 1 J 5 Q., J' u -1 F' K sb f P Amherstonian Staff Seated: C. St-ull. D. VJittenhrook. Schriner, Schoemig. Huher, L. Billman, Tahhcrt. Standing: B. Weiiner. D. Diedrick. A. Pccora. R. Neff. N. Elliott. R. Engle. D. Deed K. Shay. D. Taylor, P. Iacgcr. Drake. A. Gnizak, M. Krok, Oliver. M l'IcinzCrling. P. Barkacs, C. Cullen. EDITORIAL and BUSINESS STAFF Editor ....... ,.,.......,......,.....,.. ,,,.,,.........,...........,,.... ....,...,.......,....,............ 1 u d y Schocinig Associate Editors , . ., JoAnn Huber, Iane Schriner, Bruce Weniier, Lucy Billman. Editorial Staff .,...... ..,..., A lbert Pecora, Donna Wittenhrcucnk, Bob Neff, Don Diedrick, Judy Tahhert, Carol Stull, John Drake, Photographer ..... .... . ,. ,.........,,.......,,......., .......,,........,.......... ,...,,,.,,,..,,. J c vhn Oliver Cofhusiness Managers .....,. ..........,.,...,.................,,..,.., B oh Engle, David Deeds Assistants .............,...... ...... . .,...,. N ancy Elliott, Annette Gnizalc, Keith Shay, Phil Jaeger, Craig Cullen, David Taylor. Typists ...,. .. ...,... Margie Krok, Pat Barkacs, Mary Heinzerling. Adviser . . .........,,. ,.,,,,, . .. .... .. ...., Miss Murray Business Adviser .,.,,.. .. .,.,,,, Mrs. Wiiigate PICTURE CREDITS At the Band Festival. page '58 g Elyria Cl1fLlIIlClC'TClCgYHlII. Dru-ni Major and Majorcttes. page 59: cheerleaders. page 9 - - Amherst Newsffinics. junior, sophomore. and freshman individual pictures W- Henry Barr Studio. Berea. Other pictures - Amherst Photo Shop. Fiftyftwo .X X The Record Staff lfulmtow , . 61.11.115-11 N.mlmls. BIHIL' Xx'x'l1llCl lfnlxlmwiul Stull' Sluirlcy Berger, Clmmlc l'au1'rctt, Dullglus flupf. Dlvlmcs Drmlwk. Blll'l5ilI'2l l'lutt4m. Alice juncs. Kanye Kmmlz. Karen Kruk. Nancy Lukfli, LlI1L.lil Lullg. Barb Ltlllgllllf. .luv Miller. .Iwlm Oliver. Rlcliy Oliver. l71.xm' Olwn, R:+x.u1n4x R.11lSx1yLlv1, Bull Slllilflllll. Krmllm Slum . Mamlvn Sunrcs, lhvc 'l,.m lux, Y , l Y ,lmlsun XxlIlSl1lllWillIj1lH. Lmnnsc Vwfcnlwr. Shu-Il-5 Vxlxllcnlwrmmk. lim Willkt'I'. llmmm'-N Mxmngvn' ,lm-lm l51.lkv ll!!-IIILNN Sunil M.mx1.u1r1c Berger. Rurmw i2.1xnlwxNlx, Bull Sulwcnng. S.llly Sl1llll1Qll'ik'I. Daw 'lflyl-ll. Pull Twxu-ll. lfnwlllaxlmlm Mamugcr , , . ,... llulw Bl'k'llIl4n' Iflwlllgnlumx Sault' Fwd Bm-uk, .Iznwt Gulnltlmrpv. Put Hume. Dluk Meyers, Karen Rnflm-. Luls Srmtlm. Dmmn XX'1llcl1lv1wmk. l vpxxh lmmn Dk-Cflugm-. .Mxruvttc Cimmk. lmxmmw- l'Qlv1wl'i. lmnzn Nlllvy. Q Nall All!-,I .. . . lmlx' Sclwclm' . . l- .'Xnlx'1sc1' . .... ., .. , ...,,. , 'Iaumw llluscu Covering the A. H. S. Beat T.1lw two lively celitcws add .1 crew ull eager ncxvslwumls tr'.lyl4ing klmvn '-lUI'lCS lI'UIU -HUP lil SCHIIWS SUI' Ill l-lI'!C JIIUUUIIIS of IYUXYS, YIUXYS, NINUTIF. QJQN. xml giggles Llmft llurgcl ll pitch ol' spice from Mr. Bluscr, llw :ulviscr nux well amd lmkc in linutypc tlwrc ymu have it THE RECORD. v Ny, . Speech and Dramatics SCENE FROM TIME OUT FOR GINGER Neil vNv1lStlIl. R. Underwood. Dietrich. M, Squires. A. Pecora. Zuspan C Nami M. Virant. A. Sprague. S how Business Quiet, everyone! The curtain is about to rise! So hegins a long list of memorahle moments for memhers of the Speech and Dramatics Department . . . drinking coke during evening practices of TIME OUT EGR GINGER . . . dyeing Carolyn's hair red for the leading role of the girl foothall star . . . feeling the nervous tension of opening night on November ll . . . working endless hours on the Prince of Peace and I Speak for Democracy contests and then anxiously awaiting the decisions of the judges. Those are just a few of the highlights of the A. H. S. theatrical season. In Decemher the playmakers donned sheets, togas, tahlecloths, hathrohes, and hlack, greasy makefup for the Christmas pageant ahout the hirth of the Christ Child. During the second semester the speech students campaigned for the new high school huilding hy giving speeches to local social and civic cluhs. Other class projects included story telling and dehatingg the juniors entertained the elementary pupils hy telling The Three Bearsl' and Little Red Riding Hood , and the seniors argued heatedly ahout such dehate topics as voting, segregation, and the driving age. At the Lakeland Conference Play Festival, held in Amherst, May first. Mrs. Eg-:land's group presented the onefact play TWO ON A BENCH . The speech classes enjoyed trips to the Hanna Theater to see THE BAD SEED and to the Karamu to see THE GREAT BIG DOGRSTEP. A momentous occasion for many of Mrs. Egeland's students was the Thespian initiation at the close of the year. Fiftyflour Null Ixxwclmgr Ii, XI I In t I CHRISTMAS PAGEANT HIIIIII. T. ff:wIu11.u1. KIIIHILIL2 N. -ICHIILH KI BIUIIIH. Ii SL'!r.1xw f '- lynx: ,I I51cllx.'I1. .N Spmgur. Ii. Slmy ' R III II1Ixl R fl 1 C' K1 I XI QIIIIM D 9Im 1LI1 X I' 1 Sccuml Ixmx: C1 N'. 1 Tx . 1. 'VCQC1 . . -I 'x . -Q s' -C . .' VU I IIIQQIIIN. -I Ulmer. IIx'IIx'I1x'ILI. IIlzIw1. I.. 'NAII-'x'. Ilmxl Iluw: M. Ivhllummr. P, I-ulnlllmrvc, M. Nmxnt, I pusmn, A. lfmzuk, XfurIwcs,. I I I Iuurth Ruw: I.. IKIFIIIUIA. U. Culcllmn. D. IIyIIiL'I1IlI. R. IImIurwumI, Il. I'Iicks, II. Ilvvw, I Muldvr. D. Ifruicricks. ff, Nnlwrs. I'1IlIx Ilmv: N. Ifrylwxgcr. II. Ilupuz. M. Bflgljli. S, IIJIIIP, I.. I'ImcN. M. Ostwwiw .' 1 R-mx: I' I'rlrv. IX -Imws. Il Kuhn. IW. llcrrmm. If, l'm1'1'ctl. II. KUII-114141. F.T.A Practice Teaclzing is Fun TXIc11xIw1's wi thc If T. A. lwk lmgk un the yum' VPN .as .L nwxl c11A1wy.mINIv mm Artur' Ihclr many UXPCI'lx'lICCS 415 SUINSUIUIC lc.1cIxc1's. they urs wr1x'1m'mI II11 tcncImi11g rcuding lu fifth Q.1l'2lLIC1'S amd kvvpillg m'cIcr in :lu :url class pruscm il rn nl CIMIIIUHQC. Fun :xctivilivs Im' the Fl1tlm'Tc:1cIxc1's im'IudvLI thu sccuml gmnuall Smwwlwxlll I7-lllkl Ll supper party llI Vxfcstgantc, :md thc IIIIIIZIIIOII 'uf now I11L'l1IIWL'l'S alt .1 4IWI'llIQ IL'.l. Ut'I'xucrs ut' IIN F. T. A. are .Ixus Sclnrincr. prrsidcnt: Mxuurcun IVICIIIIIIAU. xn prxwulvxmtg Yxwnm' Smith. wcr'Ut.11'yt1'c:nsL11'cr: INIVS, I'n'wxx'11. .lLIx'iNcr. . . . , . . , I I,L'IIxIIN I5 Ixm-' I I'xIrpvIx I SIIHIII I XAINHTN. I I,w: : N III1 I I IIN I N N1 Kxlvxxu-v. N1 NIIUi11r'L'. -QIIIIIIVCI, NIIA Ilxxwvrl 3 . , S Latin Club Latin II Frunt Row: S. Beam. S, Huher. N. Fuller. K. Vv'eaver. M. Bevi. S. Snell. Middle Row: B, Palansky. M. Durjava. K. Koontz. S. Schuinaker. D. Kruecli. Duhney. S Bickel. S. Riggs. Back Row: R, Hartle. R. Berthold. L. Delkus. Brandon. C. Cullen. D. Holle. A. Haas P. Place. Standing: WIlSl18l7HllfIl1. Latin I Front Row: S. Camp. M. Klingenmeier. K. Karncy, Mulder. K. Krupi, M. Delkus. G Tettatcan. j. Haymond. D. Grocotl. A. Michael. A. Wz1ll:ice. Second Row: S. Vfittenhruuk. K. Thutt. S. Mortimer, M. Berger. L. Vfenner. R. Vferner. B Sparks. M. Beku. C. Cuchis. K, Kruk. Third Ruw: S. Gimhs. P. Getty. D, Sines. Tarry. N. Benedict. Swartz. T, Triliiletli. R Kruse. R. Luughrie. Swartz. juhnson. Back Ruw: Schlecter. L. Simaskevitch. Vsfagner. R. Lannly. D, Cupe. lngrassia. F DeSantis. T. Gargasz. D. Rainey. N. Lokcn. N. Mackie. Who Said That Latin Is ia Dead Language? Whalt ai hewildering experience last fall to see supposedlyfnormal freshmen walking around wearing hurlap sacks with paper chains twisted around their necks! Such was the sight at the Latin Club initiation. What fun it was for the Latin Club to he excused from aftcrnoun classes In see the movies JULIUS CAESAR, HELEN of TROY, and ULYSSESI How hoth slaves and masters gloried in the Roman Banquet with food served a la Rome! Maxine Durjava is president of' the Latin Cluhg Sally Shuinaker, vicefpresitlentf Mary Bevi, seeretaryg .lane Drozdowski, treasurerg and Mrs. Thutt, adviser. liiftyfsix 1. Scltriner. D. Edwards. ll. Xxxienner, fl. Cullen. Student Council Sitting: nl. Zuspan. B. Nell. Sv. Snell, R. Engle. K. Lach. G. lllaclttord. M Kruse. Ntatiding: Xlcllonald, Nl. Xell. R. Breinlie. D Taylor. .Xhscntz A. Unizalt. Meteting Weekly to Consider Student Welfare Student Council memhers at the regttlar Thursday morning meetings with Miss Steele, were fired with enthusiasm for undertaking many projects for the good ol' the school. Vsfhether they were shining trophies or making announcements in the asscmhly. the Council representatives were equally dependahlc. Especially note worthy was the radio program which the Council presented to promote the school hond issue. Amherst High School activities sponsored hy the Council provided students with many happy memories . . . dancing with a steady on the crowded gym floor alter a hasltethall game '... throwing a piece of firewood on the hlazing hontire hetore a hig game . . . heeoming hoarse from cheering at pre victory rallies . . . honoring the Comets at the athletic hanquets. Boh Engle is president ot the Student Councilg ,lune Zuspan, vicefpresidentg and Kay Laeh, secretaryftreasurer. Current Events - Tl1at's Their Line High were the tension and excitement as the six Qui: Bee lvlemlaers waited lor the sealed envelope to he opened this envelope would contain the questions tor the anntial Lakeland Conference Qui: Bee. The panelists thought hopefully ot their weeks of work reading endless news' papers and magazines listening to radio and TV newscasts lunching in the lihrary during their weekly drill periods with Mrs. Helen Smith, their coach. Quiz Bee D. XYittt-nhiook. UI, Mul' det. Mrs H. Smith liiltx sewn A Cappella Choir lironl Row: D, Urocott, G. Glover, N. Hams, S. Vxfittcnldrook, S. Biclwl. Pvlton M, Nclf. L. XX'ciincr. johnson. ff. Nulwrs. S. Bcrgcr. Scroiid Row: -I. Malloy. M. Burger. D Sinus. D. ffaiprettu. R. Brcunslxi. JK. Sprzngm' B. Kulin. E. Mitclicll. L. Balch. E. Locwcr. Mrs. Vfcllrnnn. Tlninl Row: D. Vv'oodcr. Zlispan, P. Getty. Dolwncy. D. Vv'ittcnlwrook, K, Rilclilc M, Holt, C. Burrell. G. Mvllzxrs, N. Lokcn, K. Tliutt, L. Ricincr. Buck Row: nl. Clionko, A. Pccoru. -I. Oliver. A. Hams, AI. Orosz, ,liigraissiin ll. Toinucko D. Hicks, R. Unclcrwood, R. Gilliland. R. Olivcr. Music Hatlz Charms Daily fililli pcrionl practice missions . . . programs for thc Lions' Club Jlllkl ilu' Rotziry . . . ilu- carol scrvicc at U'Ncil's Shopping Ccntcr . . . cil1I'lSfIHZlS Vcspcrs . . . tlic tlill conucrt Salute to Aincricau . . . and finally special music for Bzicczilauircaitc and Cfoinincnccmcnl . . . all tlicsc ziclivitics gave thc A Calppcllal Ulioir ai lwnsy sclicdulc. Socially the choir was vcry activc zilsog si cil1I'iSfl111lS party, il spring suppcr honoring lluv scniors, and il trip to Clcvclzmd to hL'Ill' thc opera Aidan , were all mcinoralwlc moments for the singers. Mrs. Vkfcllinzin is thc choir director: Junc ZUSPRHI is prcsiul-Jntz Bzlrlmrzi Holiliy, sccrctxlryg and Sharron Bickcl, trcxisurcr. Cadet Band -,mu r Q. 11-1:1 lu l i-1.7111 QL.. I unior Chorus S N R QADQ i it l .L A 6 ' w if S t A R I A t Ss s at i may ,. .uc 'ont Row: B. Gillette. M. Dietrich. C. Pohorence. B. Scgraves, S. Ulali. l.. Biernian. P. Clarke. M. Vv'hite. R. Trifiletti. K. Schulz. Second Row: S. Davis. P. Bruce. N. Gallagher. D. Pelton. B. Loewer. L. Bierman. S. Spencer. M. XVashka. M. Miller. R. Scliihley. Mrs. VJellinan. Third Row: D. Clary. A. Hoi-vutli. C. W'eaxfcr. D. Pikey. B. Lange, B. Dereiniah, R. Ladrach. B. Mackie, B. Ehman, Billingsley. lourth Row: K. McGuire, S. Vinning. G. Sparks. M. Barnett. S. Retay. K. Ullman, S. Standen. M. Brezinski. P. Perkovicli. G. Petkosck. ick Row: Cullen. D. Cook. C. Bcrris. C. Schneider, S. Brooks. C. Brooks. D. Rickard. S. Howard. D. McManus. R. Ehman. The Melody Lingers On In the junior high operetta, Rumpelstiltskin, presented hy the junior chorus on April 19, Larry King played the title role. Glen Brooks sang the part of Old King Cole, and Sheila. Qlah was the Queen of Elves. The choruses included fiddlers, drummers, courtiers, fairies, and elves. Mrs. Welliimziii and the junior chorus will long rememlwer the colorful costumes, the lively dances, and the delightful music of Rumpelstiltskin . The cadet hand, directed by Mr. Petersen, rehearsed twice a week this year. The hand presented programs for l'.T.A. and for assemblies and played a group of numhers for the spring instrumental concert. Front Row: B. Lot-wer. M. Miller. K. McGuire A. Krok. D. Kurazci. M. Vvfaslika, R Ladracli. Second Row: L. joslyn. D. Pikey. K. Schulz R. Cook, B. Bacon. C. Plott. K. Ullman D. Billman. R. Bring, Springer, S. King C. Armstrong. C. Renouard, M. Tliutt. Third Row: M. Slack. Huber. B. Deremiah G. Mengcl. R. Waiite, K. Hogrefe. D Clary. C. Gray. D. Braun. D. Cook, C Hammond, D. Shuniaker. W. Kouzman J. Henes. D. Chonko. il. Krok. ,I Heinzerling. D. Rolley. B. Kokinda. l.. Gates. K. Buell. R. Ott. Fourth Row: A. Leslie. C. Jolley, M. Hodges S. Cole. S. Ott. C. Klepek. S. Blackford R. Bring, C. Riley. W. Mklllt'Y, C. New comer. Standing: C. Morrison. R. Landy. S. Dunlap, R Zilch. Mr. Petersen. Fifty-nine Concert and Marching Band Everyone Loves a Parade NLM! gix 1' .1 1l11'1'1' lm' 11111' 11111 high fchmwli lcfs gin' .1 chccr ful' A111l1c1's1 Highli' Tlw A, H, S. l5.1111l struts Along M1'11111ri.1l F11-I1l thcir grucn 411111 gold 1111il'111'111s 111'.1tly prcssul, lhuir cups 5111 '1.11111I1ly 1111 freshly 171111ih1'1l lXllll', .md Ihcir whilc lw111'l1h sporlussly cl1'.1ii1'1l. Evury INL'lUl7L'l' is in step .ls il big A is ioriiicd mi thc g,1I'L'L'll turf. The 1'1'11xx'1l .1lc111g thi: Nidcliucs 51.11111 .md uh.-cr wildly .15 mlm lW.lIlLl I'Cl'fUI'Il14. lll.1yi11g il x'i1'tm'y sung .11 .1ll hut twmv QRLINUS . . . staging Q1 Davy C1'11cl11'ltN Nlmw 1l111'i11g l12lll4'llINC i11tc1'1111ssi11i1 . . . Illlllfllillg through town .ll.lCf Ql h.1rLlff1111glil v11't1n'y . . . przwlisiiig 1'ii1ll1'ss h1111rsi11 the hand room umlcr th1' guiding lhlllnl of M11 l,1'1c1's1'11 , , 1'ii1'1111r.1gi11g thu players with the 'lpcpu 11.11111 d11i'i11g h.1sk1'th.1ll scamiri . . . prcsviiting the Mussi.1h .1t the Allllllllll Christmas vcsp1-rs . . . h.1x'ii1g Sl wmif Llcrliil timc .11 Uhim Stats 1111 mhu a11ii111.1l h.111d trip . . , proudly p.11'ti1'ip.1tii1g in thc L.1l41'l.1111l Cmifcrciicc Band Fcstiml thcsc .1r1' 11151 .. fuw of the INAIIY 111ci1i111'.1hlr 1111m1111'111s c11111yw.l hy thc 7Ufpi1'cc hand. l3r11c1' W1'11i1c1' is prcsinlunt ul thc h.1111l' U.1x'id Uccnls, x'iQc'prc4i1l1'i1t: .md Doug SClll1Ul dur, s1'c1'1'1:1ryftrc.1s11rc1'. Intermission .lt the Uand Festival 51x15 1 'Q' x fnw'qe:wp-ggi 'gurl- Sifgxj' Us I mn umusnnwms :annsnwwr 'EQ QSM!! . lv! --'fl '21 151.289 iii l'fYS.:1i?zA.iY'--' P5 f-way, ,. PHYS! 15, 1 SD A . K h 5 xlw by ffsif I S 1 Y vp A f 2 if Q , 4 fn f , r' J , ff W Q, X , Q ,, on f 'Y y W , gg J ' ,Ja ,wx A . . X ff x 'Q , ,X V B , in , , , Jr? 1' I ' J 5, Q 1 'life -?,Arx5 1, V V! I Q1 ' 4 I 'XX 5 f f lk! I . 'VU' xi , 1 I Q VP' 3 A V. . . x , . A .A f j NYQX I, X 1 iff '1' , f, v . ' 'x 1 . I f' 4. X A ' 'M y fr f' ef ' , -1 ', 1 , - , A ' 5 , ' -'2 1 Xmx x 51' E' K 1 I ' 5 , V ' J 3 g A' z KM W X xf XXXX , m' fgfv X - if ,QZ,ff ff f, ' if N .M 1 . 'f ' Aq.11 'WM f f if :Si X JB 1' 34 I K 7 I E If 'V l ' X 4 1 Q, , M , , X 1 , I ' X . . .4 ,, f sx! if J! i 5 I ll' 7 W I I .Wie . Q' ' ri, in 'A 3 1 f. ff , 4 , v, V X .D El Circulo Espanol -Q 1 Wwnmrs fi t SPANISH II Seated: -I. Schriner. M.' McManus. I. Pelton. Il. Goldthorpe. B. Vv'enner. R. Berry R. Stark, C. Cullen, N. Reichert. C. Lopez, D. Berk. N. Ehlert. tl. lieightner. Standing: D. Hylkvma. A. Varouli, IM. Holt. M. Nell. D. Stachelslti. F. Wt-iiiit'l'. Gainhisli, ,I. Tahhcrt. VV. Balas, P. Rozso-. D. Dietriclt, A. Yulias. B. Saetit 3 B. Riemer. I. Hume. D. Taylor. M. Finnegan. M. Berrington. E. Vx'ohlex'er. N SPANISH I Kneeling: Ii. llarclt. G. Krupp. L. Payne, .l. Miller. T. Eastcrwood, D. Bender. Standing: D. Starliuclt. li. Vfilhelm. R. Oliver. R. Reynolds, ffahl. K. Ulwnoui. I Stilgcnhaucr. Underxxood. D. Edwards. XY. Nickolls. S. O'Dor. hl. Mitcli I. Chonlto. Ole! Ole! Ole! C'est Si Bon A sidewalk calc in Paris, hooltstalls along the Seine, and the Eiffel Tower set the scene for Paris au Printempsn, the French skit presented hy the Cercle Francais at the Modern Language cluh assembly. The Spanish part of the program featured a Ivfexican market scene and a gay fiesta. VVho will forget Tony and Nancy in the Mexican Hat Dance or the Amherst tourists in their French toast to Madclon.'7 Long after the language students have forgotten idiomatic expressions and irregular verhs, they will rememher the color, music, and fun of the February Mardi Gras. Officers of the French Cluh are Doug Schneider, presidentq Dave Deeds, vice! president: AI Pccora. secretary: and Nancy Elliott, treasurer. Leaders of El Circulo Espanol are Fred Weii11e1', president, Barhara Hohlwy. vicefpresidcntg Mary Neff, secretary, and -Iudy Tahhert, treasurer, Miss Murray is adviser lor the Modern Language Uluh. 'Sixty two Le Cercle Francais FRENCH II Sitting: D, XX'iltci1lu'm'k. D. Dcccls. N. Elliult. M. Squires. Y. Suuth. QI. McDonald. D, Hicks. lj. Vfnldccki. Shmding: P, B5-.u'. C. Stull. R. Engle. C. Nnlmrs. D. Schneider. A Pccurn. -I. Scliucinig. R. Hitslcy. DI. Oliver. N. Munruc B, Stziclwlski, FRENCH l liiunt llnxv: M. :Xlu.il1auu. L. Billumn. ll. lliggius. R. Raul' snydcr. Middle Ruwg D. Dciuhclt. D. Cziprcltil. U. Kilgurc. D. Puli- fhuclt.. QI. Drgxlic. Buck Ruw: P. l3zii'k:u's. K. Shiny, P. hlaicgcr. D. Budnizinn. Commercial Club Remember the Speed Tests? Future sccrctairics of America! Greucfully they will rcincmhcr their cxpwiciicc and training in thc Amherst High Commercial Cluh. Claickcty. clack. clzick went the busy typcwriters :is thc student sccrctarics wrntc letters and typed tests and grade shccts fur tcaichcrs. Films nn business pruccdurcs and talks un ufficc ctiqucttc kept thc girls informed ahnut modern lwusiness mcthuds. Officers of the cluh are Bzu'bz1i'ai Hutton, prcsidcnlg Lenurc Klcpek, viccfprcsidcntz Marilyn Miller, sccrctziryftrcasurcrz Mrs. Drakc, adviser. Front Ruw: :N Unizanlc. -A L. Niillcv. Scuund Rim: B, Greer. C, Towne. M. Half lingswurlh. M. Miller. Third Row: L. Klcpcli. M. Hcinzcrling. L. Vfief g.tnd. M. Hcllingcr, Fourth Row: M. ffluppcr A. Sprague. P. Burk' ales. M. Briggs. Fifth Row: M. Kruk. B Huttun. N. Barclt. Standing: bl. Zuspan. Dcllcficld. N. Elliott. P, Guldthurpc. R. Cniup. S. Divdrick. Mrs. Drake. li. Car' well. D. Vvfnudcr. J. Dc flliiauu. C. Naihurs. Y, Smith. Sixlyllucr ...Wm , ,-,,,,,,,.,.,1.,,,, 'ont Row: AI. Under' Science Club Front Row: T. Triliiletti. tl. Joyce. D. Diedrieli. R. Haslcy. R. Gilliland. A. Tillman. A Varouh. C. Peabody. K. Ritchie. A. Buell, D. VVittenbrook. D. Deeds. R Underwood. Back Row: C. Cullen, W, Nickolls. Mr. Tousley. F. Rockwood. G. Bardus, -I. N. Benedict, Wl1df,S Cooking in the Lab? In addition to his harrowing leaching duties, M1'. Tousley has to keep his eye on a group of wouldfbe scientists. These future physicists and chemists are known as the Science Club, led by President Bob Hasley, Vicefllresident Ron Wcsccitt, and SecretaryfTreasurer Karen Ritchie. Every Friday noon, with an indescribable array of equipment, Mr. Tousley's proteges report to the lah, ready to pursue their work. Everyone in the club has a special project. One of the outstanding accomplish- ments of the club members was the setting up of a ham radio station by Carroll Peahody and Bill Michael, with help from other memhers. Working Together for Fun and Community Service About twenty Amherst boys belong to the HifY, an organization with high moral standards and a willingness to serve both school and community. It was memhers of this club who stood fwith their galsj at the side doors during home basketball games, who managed the check room and toiled dutifully with measuring tape at track meets. Presiding over this crew is Bob Underwood, assisted by Veep Bill Troxtellg Arie Varouh, scribe: Fred Weiiiier, treasurer: and Boh Hasley, chaplain, The club is advised by Mr, Tousley, to whom the HifY Chorus fbctter known as the Nscrewballairesiij owes its smashing success. H i-Y Wtiud. BHICC. R. I'n'emlie. D. Deeds. R. Engle. B. Vs'enner. F. Vw' e n n ei. Mr. Tnusley. ich Row: K. Va' rouh. U. Bardus. VJ. Troxtell. R. llnderwi-od. A. Varouh. R. Has' ley. R. Gilliland. -I, Drake. fi'xly'lour Mulder r -1-wxca f .iw -sum-'unify-.1 .i -i i Safety Patrol High School Izumi Row: R. l'4cl'r'y. D D1cd1'1ck.ll RICIII' cr. B. SkldIllUl'C. T. Enstwwmmd. B, Ricmcr. G. McMulf lm, INMLILHL' Row: li. Skldf inurv. E. XVuhlcvcr. N, Prcncdncl. A. -Imws. L. Rwlmlcr. I. Pmlllclm. U. Dc ffulrc, Buck Ruw: A. Rulwrts. P. Placc. P. Ellrn- fwlgcr. R, lhmnicrf vmml. S, Mlllcr. Mr. Dill. Powers School Front Row: K. Gcrhart. Dobncy. R. Smith. S. Hincr. D. Vfcikcl. -I. Barnes. K. Barker B. Bnlngh. C. I, Hofmann. B. Shu1n.1kc1'. M. Thmnas. S. Dagnl. S. Kane. VJ. Salllsbxlry. S, -Iulhlc 1, 5 Middlc Row: B. Mlsclwkzn. Davidson. R, Phillips. M. Schulz. L. Davis. C, Mzuzurck T. Edwards. B. Pullin. Al. Flslwr. D. Stullcr. D. c1Zl!'llCIAll. C. llwdmn. S. Rclclwrt. Back Row: bl. PCCUIII. -I. Rutlcdgc. Y. Kolhc. B. Kuuntl. L. Coburn. H. XXVCYIICIQ .l. Mnlcuc. Brown. S. Hurdmg. D. Culcnmn. bl. Edwards. T. Tuffy. U. Burtxsh, funior Council mt Row: Mr. Van dom' Gord. B. Shllwlcy G. Cniznk. D HCI chlcr. fl, Spnrki S. Ohh. M. TCI lawn. M. Thutl. Buck Row: VV. Moucr. S Dunlap. K. Mc Gulrr. S. Alhrccflmt S. Brmmks. bl. Wzllk cr. P. Brucc. L Krccgcr, Sxxtyfmvc Uffifv Aides I ZIISIWLIII. Sk'I1l!I1k'l. K. Kink. N, liqlirlx. M. fflgnppri. Y. I i Projection Staff Sitting: R. Dginiul. XX' Nirlgiill-. Slzmding: M. fizuiw I 'I' R. Uiidcrwfmn, Rickard. A Yi muh. R. IVIIIILICI. Library Aides Servic Asa Ummm Svatcdz M, Virnnt. L. Smith. H fwicffrcady. I. Podiich. Smiiding: j. Giwlnltlwrpc, D. Vs'ittcnbrrwk. L. MacKay, Mrs, H, Smith. D. Oivm Tqwvim. R. Haxrllr. A. YIIIIIIS, A. Cnizak, Iiciglwtncii n. C. Simth. KI, IX-Cfliiauiwi, A. Uiilizlk. M. Hvlf liiigcit Sixlyfsix i M.-:mm A...-aww Froups Hall Guards . . --X. . . Illll. AI. Dull.- w.' '. .1 a. M. ixl'W.l'Ml1N. D, Vv'ittcn-- lwmok. Cafeteria A ides -I. Hull. D. Tcttzmm. D. Tv1cKinm'y. G. Rutlcclgr. M. Rippcth. I. 101105. B. Kanc. M. L. Vfaxlkcr, B. Skldnwxv. Mrs, Ricmcr. Mrs Bruckcr. Mrs. Heck. ,R,'Bc1'thuld. K, Shay. B. Ushers Hlggmx. E. C1can'Lc ku-. R. Bnczlnxkl KZYCIILIY. D. King. Slxty-CYQI1 L. lhl B. N1 M emorab 1955 September 6nFirst Day of School Ii- Bonfire Rally Teachers' Picnic I6-I Initial Grid Game Oberlin 'l3f Assembly Program by Larry Tetzloff 27-fLatin Club Picnic October w of Skating Party I In-HifY Initiation IS- Latin Club Party 20m-Homecoming Game 21- --fr N.E.O.T.A. November IW Oklahoma Assembly 7-if National Education Week Radio Program I0f Time Out for Ginger I7-- Senior Tea I8-WSophom0re Party I9----G.A.A. Autumn Leaves Dance 2 I ---eChoral Concert 22nFootball Banquet Z4-ZifThanksgiving Vacation 26- First Basketball Game-Lorain December of Betty Crocker Test for Home Economics Students 9- French Club Christmas Meeting Ilf Band and Choir Vesper Service I4w Spanish Club Meetiiig I7fChoir Party I6sfChristmas Pageant by Speech Class I7f-fBeginning of Happy Holidays 27f- -F.T.A. Snowball Dance January 'v J- End of Vacation 9m Speech Class Trip to Hanna 12f-Latin Club Party at Rec 20-' End of Semester 21-fSenior Scholarship Test -u 2 .w-Skating Party After a Noon Ride . , . jerry at His Piano . . . Ping'Pong Tony . , . Senores y Senor' itas . . . In Roman Style . . . The Morning After the Play . . . Ginger , the Grid Star . . . just a French Tete a Tete. Sixtyfcight 01Yl6nt5 . . . 1956 February -Q .w P.T.A. Carnival ll G.A.A. Sweetheart Dance I4 Modern Language Cluh Mardi Gras 28 League Band Festival at Vsfellington March 9 Freshman Party lo Ivlodern Language Cluh Assemhly Zo Basketball Banquet 23 Senior Party at Powers School Sophomore Party at Central School '22f29f- Every Pupil Tests 311 Vacation April I Vacation 3 Speech Class Trip to Karamu Theater 7 Sports Night 6 Eighth Cratle Party 9 F.T.A. Dinner Ill A.l'l.S. Symphony Band Concert 24 Qui: Bee Latin Banquet May I 'Lakeland Play Festival 4' Instrumental Program 5'-V District State Scholarship Tests at Berea li -Meeting of New Freshmen and Parents I7 Choir Supper I9 juniorfSenior Prom '22 Amherstonian Dinner 24 Track Breakfast 27 Baccalaureate 28 Class Night 31 Commencement june 'Z Final Report Cards Alumni Banquet Queen Nancy and Her Court . . . Maestro Dill at the Bonfire Rally , . . Coach Hutlalfs Proteges . . . The Skaters' Wanltz . . . Rah! Rah! Comets! . . , Senior Dolls. Sixty-nine 'I S 'ith I I 1 'gb SHIVERING ON CRISP AUTUMN NIGHTS AT THE FOOTBALL GAMES, CHEERING HOARSELY AT THE TENSE, EXCITING BASKETBALL OVER-TIMES, CLOCKING THE CINIJERMEN AT TRACK MEETS- THRILLING MOMENTS TO BE RELIVED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. W' q,o ' An n ., 'n 101' I ga 1' 7 I N H9 - sf 1 zu . 'ss A 5: Football Squad Front Row: Walker. G. Mulder, R. Oliver. R. Wernel'. R. Solaclc. F. Wilheliii. R Kruse. VV. Bloom, M. Pohorenee. C. Schneider. Second Row: T, Trifiletti. T. Foster, .I. Dietrich. F. Higgins. Kilhridc. R. Neff A. Pecora. T. Coleman. A. Sahiers. D. Deeds. M. Szaho. R. Loughrie. Third Row: Coach Hudak. M. Nahakowski fhflanagerj. Vw . Reynolds. D. Stratton M. Kelleher. McDonald. E. lvlorain. D. Bodmann. R. Mulder. D. Clotz, NX Michael. N. wlenne. P. Coldthorpe fManagerj. Coach Lyle. Back Row: D. Pippert. D. Stark, C. Plott. D. Vxfohlever. D. Franta. B. Deptowicz, j lngrassia. C. Blackford. C, Musteen. M. Lamhie, F. DeSantis. D. Mack, W. Mcnz D. Roscnkranz. R. Towne. Following the Pigskin Wlixit Amherst fan will ever forget the stupendous touchdown pass that Asa Sahiers caught against Margaretta as the Comets rolled to their first victory? The Huron garne, in which the Comets displayed their most headsfup play of the whole season, with Darrel Stratton recovering six Huron fumhlesg and the final game in which the Amherst running attack clicked beautifully against the Medina Bees. were other highlights of the season. Those and many other fond memories will stay with the players who captured more victories in 1955 than ever hefiore in Amherst football history. The Comets finished second in the Lakeland Conference. The horseplay in locker rooms, the bus rides, the prefgame tension will long he rememhered hy all who participated in fielding one of the school's hest foothall squads. Carrying Coach Hudak off the field aftcr the final game was a grand finale for a wonderful season. Sevcntyftwo sw-L y f Bm 'xx -auf, .L Q A 5. , fb' 3 M d . ,Tl S KK . x Q' I ,F -f' 45 ' viife E- 5. 4 X r U News 225- ' ' b A-ww X.:- ?Ff X N 5' ' -' Ei -ae. 4 Q 4 11-K K IF' 4 .W A X , -:S fi 3 ' ' ' ef' ff , , all . .. - ' -Q-Lf: W Q ' wa ,A., X' .K Q 1- V Q , nf - .fz , , M ' ' , ,- M ' 3' Xlfw U. F? . 2' 1 5 ,324 H -.,,- Q A ,441 x ,K , W ' 1 X , 455' ' f I ' ylgx . n , N-mf K, . tm, 3? QQ , A . K ' t X xi? E ,AA L. H i gh School Basketball VARSITY Fmnl Rmv: Ii, Bucln, N, lh'iclwrl, D, Slflllltbli. R, Truxtvll, -I, Drukc, R, Nvfll. B.1pk Run: f.H.1glm :Xrt Ilu mn I' ' T f.-vl1m.u1. .X Sdlmx. T I-flmwn. l cidIXk'l'. R Brvxllln 1N1.un.x,g1b RESERVES lmnl Ruw: ff. Cullen. R. Stark, li, Stark, D. Taxylmp R. Uunmlsish. -I. hlvnkins. UML Rim: ffmnylw -Iulm Dull. R. Muhlvx. Ii Nilmnrk. R. Hwllv. D Bm N1.D:m.1Id. I1 l x'usl1'1ck. XY Sglmwrlllg SCX rlxlyfiulll' X 1 rn -Q1 ii ful -V. ,Ax fxfu N7 50 :fx xv H11 QU 47 fx H iv NU ii Baskelball Szmmmry Oppmwllh A-6 full N7 rv! SJ 7,1 il ii Th lvl 71 69 r-I MW SJ HH H4 4.1 ll: XJIXIIN' xxxlh 1 w111s.nml ll I-mx. lmul im llmd New uw ilu' Ilm ll--wlxww N.-mul IJ X'IClHllL'N .md 7 Svniur Lcttcrnzc' , , , I 5 I1-:xx Iwlmvvlw. PM-IN Xvli. km. T1 Ii ' X 1' fxcutvmt Imw livlwnxt rX1lNL'l Llllxlcllx xlxlrrlulb, Rnlhml XX' H1 nm Kruln' 4 p l.4YI.lll! Ulwxlm l'Tu.uxu tlllllll, N. xx 1. ,'XllI!HI1I Vxfvllirlglmu Suutlw . Yvxzxwxh fh...x.. Hmmm QU. l.j l'l!L'lil!Ill Nvxx lmmllm .Xxwxa l..1k Nmlgf, X:-1,-,v Vx vllmmglml Oppun 61 29 ww ,.. Er, 30 RH Ri jx 31, 4lI 3-A in 1-nts Rvsx-rum lm Xi 14 37 Zi il X41 XIX -3 l -17 X , .441 5 I 4 7 X,i'lIIHllIlI1, UUA! .U 90 lflvlm I QIM-flu' lTMv.wI1.nm mb l,lllU'llII'Ikl c:HIIfl'It'IHL' klvlmxlr 11 and Coaching Staff xxx-ll. :Xxx 5.111 1 f':v.nJz:1': NJ? I,m2-'1.- XX' Ju KY-uf ,Xxx Ulll. fX1'Il1m Ilmnuxlum, llwzul lwxxflwrlwgull rumlmi L,,L X Y W, , .iw Aw Rink dinks ix pf., , Y in if Q wh ,gf ga e LN Front Row: C. Snell, Smith, T. Schaeffer. H. Wrmeids. C. Plort, D. Wright. D. Buser T. Schriner. 1. Wz1lke1'. L. King. Sqgond Rowg Coach Art Thomas. R. Mullord, D. Mullord. VJ, Miller. D. Hutton, D. Poore. L. Meckley. K. Hohln, Kedmenee. R. Gerron. R, Berry. R. Towne. Third Row: K. Hogrefe, Nlagnuson, Werl1ei'. D. Elliott, A. Dieclriek, R. Koontz D. Sposzilo, D. jones. Marlowe. Tuirner. Back Row: C. Gray. D. Braun. A. Saivinzx. VU, Hull. l.. Kreeger. ff. Farrell. XV. Bauer Zileli. R Roszos, Raesler. Football Summary The junior high heaivyweiglits ehalked up five victories and no defeats, and the lightweights tallied three wins and two defeats. Freshman Basketball junior High Basketball Amherst Opponents Amherst Opponents 92 Oberlin W6 33 Oberlin 22 52 Lzlllraliige Vermilion 39 Huron Clearview 42 LaGrange Welliiigtriii 27 Vxfellington Oberlin 44 Oberlin Vermilion 35 Vermilion Huron fO.T.l Wqmii 7 Lost ll Wcnii 5 Lost 2 Seventy-six Freshman and junior High Cagers FRESHMAN TEAM Stamdmg: R, Vs'c1'ncr. VK'nlkcr. E, Mulder. C. Mustcen. D. XX'uhlcvcr. R. Fmma. I: K' ah Ym du O rd IUCSAIHUQ. Knvchng: C, Ivfldflfk. F XXYIHWCXITI. T Tufllcttl. R KIHNC, R 1.ul1ghm'. Al Mlllux. G. Krupp, EIGHTH GRADE TEAM Standing: l. Klum. R. Bury. fi. Sncll, T. Svlwrlurl. IJ linux--1. gl R,nrJvr, -I Sm ffwluh Kmhr Kncclmg: AI xxvdllxfl. D Huttwu. R Mccklcy. -I H-vhld. R, I5-'xumux Scvcntywcvm I1 1955 Track '.. ,, .:E .,::-: Neff, in thc pole vuult. McDonald. Moriztn. and Asa S21l'1lClQ rctdv o ion Ill tht Nhot p t Acc, in thc high jump. Topper. in the hurdles. McDonald and Kelleher in the mile' relay. 1956 Track Schedule April I3 - Class Meet. April 'JU fr New London at Amherst. April 24 -- Huron at Amherst. April ZS Comet Relays at Amherst. fClea1'view, Welf lington, Vermilion, Am' hcrstl. May l f Welliiigtcmit :tt Am' herst. May 3 -7 Vermilion at Am' herst. May 8 -f Amherst :tt Cleurf view. May Ill, ll - Lsllcelaml Conf ference Meet at Clearview. May I9 - District Meet. May 25, 26 State Meet at Columbus. Seventyfeight for thc h urdlcs 'L .wt Girls' Athletic Association The goal of all G. A. A. girls is to earn a big A for their sweaters. While working for this goal, the girls participated in many exciting activities. Playing haslcethall and volleyhall . . . hitting a home run while playing hasehall . . . getting a strike in howling . . . swimming at the Y' '... sponsoring the Autumn Leaves dance . . . decorating the gym with hearts for the Sweetheart Formal those were just a few of the memorahle moments for the G. A. A. Officers oi' the Girls' Athletic Association are Karen Ritchie, president: Mary N-slit, vicefpresidentg Susan Snell. sccretaryg Marilyn Berrington, treasurer: Mrs. Marjorie Smith, adviser. G.A. A. lfi-out Row: Dossey. Feighter. J Kreeger. M. Klnigenmeicr. A Vyiallacc, S. OiDor. C. Slllgen haucr. B. Riemer. Second Row: K. Ohenouer. J. Pclton N. Benedict. K. Ritchie, M Neff. S. Snell. M. Berrington D. Dicdriclc. J. Mulder. J. Stal ler. S. Mortimer. K. Thutt. Third Row: S. Miller. M. Heinzer ling. M. Hollingsworth. M. Mil lcr. L. Hines. J. Hall. S. Pinter M. Wz1lkel'. S. Vifittenhrook, D Grocott. D. Sines. L. Wennci' S. Huhcr. Mrs. Smith. Fourth Row: G. Dcffairc. M. Oster wise. N. Mackie. D. Rainey. .I Dunham. G. Rutledge. L. Riem er. -I. Kolhe. G. Kilgore. L Simaskcvich. Dohney. M Squires. Tahhert. Back Row: M. Finnegan. ll. Schlect ner. D. Xkfittenhrook. N. Logan J. Brandon. S. Bickel. B. Hutton S. Shumalicr. N. Ehlert, D Pinter. K. Koontz. il. Gold thorpc. B. Stachclski. Sex'enty'ninc Compliments of IRVING R. EMMERICH Funeral Director Phone 5112 37 5 Cleveland Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Dr. N. A. Rubel DENTlST Hart Jewelry Company Buy With Confidence From Lorain County's Largest Jewelers 575 Broadway 219 Sheffield Shopping 'Center Compliments of Elmer johnson Post No. 118 American Legion Compliments of Springer 86 Mueller GENERAL CONTRACTORS IN BOTTLES... YIADI Mill! RIG. U. S. PAT. OFF. Eighty Congratulations to the Class of 1956 D. R. Goldthorpe ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Amherst, Ohio The Lorain Hardware Co. ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Fifth and Broadway Phone 2281 Lorain, Ohio Kolenda Jewelry Compliments of Expert Watch and Clock Repairing Berringtolfs Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry joseph Kolenda, Prop. Elffffif Appliance Cl G'ft Sh Church Street Amherst an I op PLATO Coal 86 Supply Co. Drain and Sewer Tile Concrete Block Brick Cement Metal Building Specialties Masons and Garden Tools Phone 41-201 Amherst, Ohio John P. Ruth, Prop Drs. C. Compliments of H. and Elsie K. Amherst, Ohio Snell Compliments of BERK'S Flowers Hardware Quality Store General Hardware, Builders Supplies Good Things To Eat Electrical Supplies and Appliances Amherst, Ohio Phone 41-371 Phone 41-411 263 Main St Eighty-one Compliments of WAYNE A. GARLAND Funeral Director 340 PARK AVENUE PHONE 41241 Compliments of The Lorain County Savings and Trust Co. Lorain County's Largest Bank AMHERST, OHIO ELYRIA, OHIO 2921 Interest Paid on Savings Accounts Mackenzie's News 86 Delicatessen Wholesale 86 Retail 135 Park Ave. School 86 Office Supplies Cigars - Cigarettes - Tobacco Amherst, Ohio Phone 5522 Compliments of Dr. R. Mulford OSTEOPATH NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Watches - Diamonds - jewelry Moelk Sales Silverware 577 Broad St. Elyria 1057 Reid Ave. Lorain Milton's , Restaurant - Janitor Your Credit Jeweler Supplies and Equipment Paper Products 544 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio Eightyftwo R. A. Moulton 86 Co. Wholesale Candy Jobber 705 Lake Ave. Phone 2730 Elyria, Ohio Woodings Home Appliance FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES 276 S. Main St. Phone 5081 Owens Record Rack 617 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Call 61-933 Lorain lCounty's Largest Stock of Records I-II-FI RECORD PLAYERS PORTABLES AND ACCESSORIES Compliments of Sam Klein Co. 425 Broadway Lorain Smart Apparel for Men and Boys Compliments of CUNNINGHAM'S DELICATESSEN AMHERST, OHIO Wfestern Union Agency School Supplies Ice Cream Cold Cuts 294 Church St. Phone 8231 ' I Nl! IIIIISV lllllu ml iunul ' ' ,,- nam' -.1 ,M M is :I - ,h N- Y 9, You Are Invited to Visit Our New Office and Display Room THE AMI-IERST LUMBER CO. Lumber, Millwork, Hardware, Paints Doane Pole Farm Buildings Phone 44-311 86 44-321 Mill Ave. Amherst, Ohio Eightyfthree C. J. SPRINGER Insurance 86 Real Estate Phone 440 1 1 252 Spring St. AMI-IERST Chevrolet Oldsmobile M I L A D I N C . Chevrolet Oldsmobile Chevrolet Trucks AMHERST, OHIO Congratulations Compliments of To The Class of 1956 Leimbach Service 5494 Leavitt Road Amherst, Wilmot Printing Co. 229 Central Ct. Elyria, Ohio Zilch Florists Phone 44-831 WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS The O'N eil Sheffield Merchants' Association O'Neil Sheffield 'Center Lorain, Ohio THE MEN 'S SHOP On The Square - Elyria Home of the Cabin Sport Shop Class and Club jackets Compliments of S. G. WETTRICH ATTORNEY -at-LAW Eightyffour Compliments of THE AMHERST THEATER Compliments of EDWARDS BEAUTY SALON All Professional Services 223 Main St. M. Edwards Phone 5083 Bill Schoemig Compliments of Fresh, Salted, and Smoked Meats Pure Kiln Rendered Lard G. R. Wiseman, MD. We Deliver Amherst, Ohio 192 Park Ave. Amherst Best Wishes To The Charles Ebbs Graduates 0f 1956 Men's and Women's Mildredvs W ' A l , earmg mme Ladies' Shop A h h' m erst' O lo 132 Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio The Amherst News-Times Ehrman-Becker, Inc. REAL ESTATE SL INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC Phone 44-821 180 Park Ave Publishers Printers Lithographers 242 Church St. Phone 41-111 Amherst, Ohio Eightyfive Congratulations To The Class of 1956 THE AMHERST FIRE DEPARTMENT Compliments of Dr. R. E. Schaeffer and Dr. T. L. Snyder The Bell Co. MEN'S CLOTHES Elyria, Ohio Hageman Shoe Co. Quality Shoes For The Entire Family Charles A. Miller NOTARY PUBLIC and INSURANCE X-Ray Fitting - Chiropodist We Give and Redeem Gwl Stamps Phones: Office 2435 Res. 3744 139 Park Avenue 387 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Amherst, Ohig The Compliments of Amherst Hardware Co. The Frances Shop GENERAL HARDWARE Ladies, Apparel PLUMBING and HEATING A h Oh' 6-772 Phone 44-091 Amherst, Ohio m em' M' 4 In Elyria It's READ'S JEWELRY For Your Jewelry Needs Eightyfsix Congratulations To the Class of 1956 U. S. AUTCDMATIC CCRP. Amherst, Ohio and Best Wishes THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY CO. Amherst, Ohi Permanents That Satisfy Hair Coloring Consultation Phone 8625 BELLE DAME HAIR STYLING SALON Arthur G. Miller - Russell C. Meyer 164 Park Avenue Amherst, Ohio Specialists in Hair Cutting, Shaping, Styling and Waving A TELEPHONE SAVES TIME AND MONEY The Lorain Telephone Co. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! OBERLIN SCHOOL of COMMERCE If you are interested in preparing for a responsible, good-paying position in Business, Government or Industry we cordially invite you to send for our BULLETIN OF INFORMATION PHONE 4-6591 OBERLIN, OHIO Dodson's Appliance Service 'Congratulations Graduates From 9 Gas and Electrical Appliances Repaired S Bottled Gas Toyland Amherst Phone 2499 Sc - 51.00 Store Furniture Store Eightyfriglmt The Public, By patience in assuming the tilx burden, and judgment in the value of new levies. The Parents, By guidance in the home life and participation in the school life. The School Board, By efficiency of operation and foresight in selection. The School Administration, By maximum effort of wisdom and imagination and perseverance. The Buildings, Efficient, Healthful, Beautiful. 'These are the steps to the opportunity for a better life for the graduates. ELMER HUME, INC. Eightyfnine W. E. Moebius INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC 46-773 -- Phone - 46-191 Compliments of Wagner 86 Aebersold Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Western Auto Assoc. Store AMHERST, OHIO 680 Compliments of C. E. Baker Optometrist Park Ave. Amherst, Ohio Compliments of Dr. M. B. Brandon AMHERST, OHIO Compliments of Bert's Cookie Jar 215 Church Street Best Wishes To The Class of 1956 Lessiter Drug Store AMI-IERST, OHIO Compliments To The Class of '56 Amherst Furniture Company Church St. Phone 5662 AMHERST, omo Ninety AMHERST PHOT0 SHOP The convement place to drop off R ll fl for quality dev lop fUse slot in door at night, Candid, Commercial and Portrait Photography JIM EVANS P p PHOTOGRAPHER for The AMHERSTONIAN Ch h St r Ph n 7594 N Compliments of THE OBERLIN INN DINING RGOM to the Class of 1956 J. Smythe ATTORNEY-at-LAW Room 205 Lorain County Bank Bldg. Phone 41-341 Amherst, Ohio W. Bodmann 86 Co. Bill's Shop For Men Dry Goods Men's Wear Compliments of Bauer's Men's Bc Boys, Wear Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundry GERBICK PONTIAC 193 Park Ave. Phone 2234 Amherst, Ohio Amherst Memorial Studio EVERT NYLEN 184 Jackson St. Largest Pontiac Dealer in Amherst Used Cars 2 Locations New Cars Cleve. St. 86 Rt. 58 185 Forest St. Phone 42-591 Phone 44-961 Service and Body Repair on all Makes Ninetyftwo SLUTZKERS MARKET WE NEED YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUSINESS Smith's Barber Shop Union Barber Shop Amherst, Ohio Amherst's Complete Food Store PARK AVENUE PHONE 44-811 Wilford Motors GENERAL REPAIRS FLEETWING GAS ac OIL Phone 5062 Amherst, Ohlo Prittie's BEN FRANKLIN STORE Honest Values Year After Improved Self-Service For Your Convenient Shopping Meske Music Co. RECORDS 86 PLAYERS KIMBALL PIANOS The Best in Music 296 Church St. Phone 8232 Amherst, Ohio Year For 57 Years 5 10-520 BROADWAY LORAIN Ninetymhrcc A. N ABAKOWSKI CO. Across from the Old Spring Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Tile Roofing A Specialty Phone 44571 Amherst, Ohio Booty Young's Plumbing FRANCIS HOWARD YOUNG Shop - Corner of Middle Ridge ' F 8c Rt. 58 ' '1 Residence - 494 Tenney Ave. PLUMBINC - HEATING i WNEIL SHEFFIELD CENTER- LORAIN. OHIO MISCHKA'S RESTAURANT HOME MADE CANDIES Where the gang meets after the game AMI-IERST, OHIO W N E K ' S KAISER-WILLYS SALES sc SERVICE Open from 7:30 until 6:00 252 Park Ave. Phone 2250 Compliments of Compliments of The Foursquare Church Bert R. Witte, Inc. Rev. William R. Mouer CONTRACTOR BUILDERS AMHERST DRY CLEANERS 240 Tenney Ave. Amherst, Ohio Phone 44-911 4 Hour Service on Specials Ninety-four Compliments of MITISKA NURSERY Amherst, Ohio P50116 41-231 QUALITY NURSERY STOCK . Sheet Metal Work - Heating Repairs Milan Avenue Roofing Lumber Co. Richard A. Schneider Where The Best Homes Begin Heating 85 P Amherst, Ohio Phone 41-221 1025 Milan Ave. Amherst Ohio Shop: Comer Middle Ridge 86 Rt. S8 ' Phone 2870 BRANDAU JEWELRY Next Door to Sears DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVER 336 Broad St. Elyria, Ohio CALL WILMS WILMS THE FLORIST Store and Greenhouse Phone 56-401 980 N. Ridge Rd. W. Lorain, Ohio TI-IE A. H. BABCOCK CO. General Insurance -- Life Insurance Real Estate Sth 84 Reid Lorain Phone 42-246 Ninety-five it's lll0l'Ell0'S 1 Fon VACATION SEPARATES in Elyria as gay as a teen queen's smile SHOES - CLEANERS - TAILORS H ac J Personalized Cleaning -- Characterized Tailoring THE OHIO SERVICE PRINTING CO. Printers of This Fine Yearbook 552 FIFTH ST. LORAIN, OHIO Engravings for this book by Compliments of Yeagefs Acres GRACIOUS CCUNTRY DINING Zimmerman Dairy R. D. 2 Kolbe Road Ice Cream and Dairy Products AMHERST, OHIO AMHERST, OHIO Dinner to Go Ninety-six u H 1 I QM -Auugografhs Z Qgqywi C.,..,..,,. .,f Amherst p.,.....r..d.., A,,,d,.i.,, My QTTMVQ AM B WSL T M - Vjijv 1 Qfixe .xkffy-g xLFWff'i W 20531 ' Q 5 QA M cw Q16 yyfjfffj 4 i WL , WXM W ' www 1 i X jg! , ' 'if 1 K . ' X , V H wff5fL9yY32f9' ff yy Wf GfPMis'L 13535 l K y, EW ,fax ' ff' I if, hwy? 1 jj sxjywfmb X 51 Cifjjfj fp My my yr? ,150 S -f- QWSZ WW MW JMMWQQ MW N mm 'xmfg7 if dxf Xof7:,,7Q1o:k4,n,,ggW MQW JVWWM AWJZZWQLR my M 0, ea JM' if gf W 'ff DQ? f W M JWWQ QE 55 W3 My Mid Qf wwpgii afiff JV' 2 Q3 E 5 M WM Q Q wxwbbgjggbwxg 27. Q? M wwwaywemff 5 gil wffjggrjlwlk SQ? 33 QXLK V AS 66 'QWQQML C2QC5J6?fifjgf'W1f-E i 7 '0'- Q RQMW 257 2 W M W Wigk' bis? W yi

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