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Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Tr 2 f ,Q s , . I E+' A. 'hp af, Y ri' k Hi, , , . . if gs: 4 Q.- 0 1 Q K s. -xv I . I Q I fu .. all " .Y Qffz. , 1 5.4 .lx 1 1 A-' - ,rl J. ,rg 'I , if "L 4: gf 'fb il x 1 L 1 . -4 1 THE 19 CCRD PuhHshed By Am st High School Amherst 0hio Edt M y Lo B o c B e Manage N ncy Kose .n..,., . - - TABLE of CONTENTS 0urSchooI - Administration Classes - Activities - Athletics - P099 P099 P099 P099 page 1 1 3 5 3 0 8 6 0 ,I -N. - ' :,2fgi1.flgfs'M3frigzT4fLpliScs:f,ji3iiZ:,:fak3,2l ff! g,,. r I l f f 61,531 f i A of ' ' ' 1' s -N' wc1nwsu.1,..,'m, 'Wum,f,,,,,,,,,,, fIw' I CE AGAIN HERE AS SCHOOIMATES ASSEM WE FAIN WOULD LIFT OUR HEARTS IN For twenty-five years we have been singing our high school song. This song has been synonymous with the traditions, achievements, pleasures, and friendships which we enjoy at A. H. S. Once again as we sing "So here's a cheer for our old high school", let us recall all of the classes, the activities, and the athletic contests in which we have participated during 1947-1948. S0 BLE, NG, Page 3 4 R, . k ,Q 4 L ml. fl' ,A , , 3 Y Q 4 , 4 + ., iii -4: .. , M., ' MQ' I 'fi 5 x 7 -Ea VA' I EW . 'ia 5 A K 'Q my Q , , , ,b6N A S g 311i?wf , , N, A f 'W ,Ms A ' .ig . X A' if 3' E 5 cf 3 . fm: F - 1 . I X! K Q 'N vw.-1-. 7, , ,, in ' , ky' ff hm. J' K XL: I, v A 'P .,W buf. n "la K -Ax MM -W' Q X K A V f.! K we Y'-S' J. ,- Wi fm W..- Ls Q, xv X , X K S i 4- Li G " t r u 1183 's' AY' W Q asseszsaallligiwx, Ka i44sa:8"'E"' 2 3 2 i L Drummer Boys Alifilrrrr-H415 Gary Mead Eugene Heck Elmer Gall Dan Strauss Clmrles Berrington Play Fortissimo Clarinet Quarter l,x1v Tunes Up Leila Ott mme Mueller Elaine Rubel Eleanor Dute WE ARE PROUD OF OUR LADS AND OUR l'.1 ge 6 LASSES OF HONORS WON IN DAYS GONE BY, ., l E xxx..-. 4 - 4-'V-,,i,,:., ,,......:H-H .-,....- . '4"' rw ,,,g'l , :Y it-'film ,, S , 'il , iw, L- S. ff ,,,,., L Art Students Display Prize-Winning Posters For Hospital Drive -loan Cnmlvis Wlginalgi Hutton Cfarltcrinc W'l1irc Camille Henry :ES lt'llf'S rt-- ,- 'n S f as lwrmq, F mi lie is V Vllffllf' , 7' NKIKII-143 t,,,.. .1-' Oln , rtv! CT Three-Letter Athletes Exhibit Trophies Dale' Bruce jerry Urccn jerry Prime Page 7 SO HERE'S A CHEER FOR OUR OLD HIGH SCHOOL, - lf ' -ff . ,...n-'xv fvffnl it i' wiv-,fi 'KV 'fx-E-'ff .ff ' - f., L Q157f"f'7"'X gf ' W I, :dar 2, -.- -vjf-nad,-W ,rm -:EH-B-V4 A Y if ,S ,1y,f:f-fL.E., I I i f -N., w V-. . ,.."1f4a' E AY---vw' 'W' ' . . , ,ff '-A, J, , we-I -f 1.11-M , , .r LM, 1 ww- E .M-,ww xg,,,,r,,7. W V 1 U 1--C.-1---V N--f-L Y Q,-,.,g'f' -'-- ' r " 1, f I ' f , 1 V 527.511 1 Lv ,jj,,,,,-ve:--f""" HJ, 4,-ig-. PA A 4 N J, '?,, RQ J-if L, .,, if . ,,-ir, -, X11-as---f.61,' ""1t5ywL-1 1mLL.f.m1-1-10 xrhpgff-:HE V , , . My Fx Y 1 rf? ,, K. ,F r rl 1 U ' ' f E A' 'vw rf fa ,.-5? are- If E , 1, 4,-.wf1"dmf J. Prirtie R. Mulder E. Ice D. Wilforri Don Ludwig Arthur Thomfx Coaches Roh ! Yea Team ! CHEERLEADERS Kathryn Sabiers Pat Gehl Lois Scheide Isabel Auble Betty Grugel W, -F.. . -1, pr 'El Marching Down To Friday Morning Assembly H O i -X ,,.,p 1 "f-f'- -we-...V ,.-X, HL' f ,ff 9 . 1- 4 Swing and Sway the Amherst Way at Noon Dances may X,-, ,L:jywM'M,v,..6 tw p -H... QM-wh IVV- W Ms ,V M ' .i,. nrmq,l,, fr' if 1,1-yy? J' Www ., ,gr 'I-1-W-.n...i. , .,, ..,, MM ..... .W-... .., -ww V- -- -' 'ffs 'O R i"i rf' Gi wi"+?-My M y HW y V 51,1 .1 if . . , 'W' 'A - 'lf ,,.-'I " Fw :TF Ck MA, -1,,,,k i .i- J. ,ufhg-" fer, 'A' "'1-f- ---, A ,A ,,-- ,f-,Q-ff, f"'Q...-f K, - " "--- "Mr nu, 1 - e N, gi T-L, ,,,Ms.f+-i- , V-. - - , ' W --.. 1 J --'f R OlD HIGH SCHOOL, FOR AMHERST i.'La:..,,.., ."-'ii' n" "fl IKM P H I G H Page ,As-H' um' c 1 dal. .,,. 4 f-r ei-ETF ! 5. Qx -:SN its I Q ' ,"lU"il Li" . it -44, , ,nl'Ei3g 1 1 i ?' urn: A ron un omn nlcu scuool ron oun - cuoo , ron Amnsnsr anon ADMI N STRATION .. .- -,wrt ..-..,, fs 51 "" A 'Z ' - , , .Z E5 --' i N ew -4 ":""'g "'i 1 ii i l . . .-,7 ill? IB. this if Teachers meet frequently to discuss educational trends and school policies ixg lx K ' ' fi. ' x8 lll Superintendent F. R. Powers reports on Ohio Education Association holiday meeting .Qi held at Columbus. 9 Page ll K? Q 1 l!"::'Q . , it lu t tl it it tplt V , t l may - 0 Lf. Sl-Ili: .4 The Board of Education GEORGE WALKER FRED I-I. HOGREFE EDWARD R.MENz EARI E COTTON Page 12 One of Amherst's largest and most important industries is the Amherst Public Schools. Serving as directors of this business are the members of the Board of Education, who give im- measurable time and thought to such duties as approving the school budget, recommending building repairs, hiring teachers, studying curriculum trends, and sponsoring athletics. Although these men do not gain extensive recognition for their efforts, we hope that they will receive some satisfaction from the realization that by their work with the children of today, they are helping to develop good citizens of tomorrow. The Superintendent Fred R. Powers We all know our superintendent's merits. We know that he takes a personal interest in every pupil and that he works tirelessly to provide the hest educational opportunities for all. When we sing our high school song, we are really singing the praises of our superintendent, for Mr. Powers, by his many years of service as an efficient administrator, by his inspira- tion as a teacher, and by his sym- pathetic understanding as a counselor and friend, has built up a school of which we may well be proud. AB., Oberlin Collegcg Universiry of Chicagog Stanford Universiryg Cimbridge University. A.B., Oberlin Collegeg College of Woosrerg A.M., Columbia Univcr siryg University of Southern Cali fornia. The Principal Marion L. Steele If we were to give our principal a report card rating, assuredly Miss Steele would score a perfect grade in every field of endeavor. Superior teaching, friendly guidance, enthusi- astic support of all extra-curricular activities, sincere appreciation of good work, and honest love of wholesome fun -all these qualities would earn for Miss Steele a grade of "excellent" Here's a cheer for our principal, who tops the Honor Roll with all A's. Pigc lv The Faculty Page 14 Florence Ehrman Diploma, Kent State University. Fifzb Grade. Bertine E. Foster Diploma, Cleveland Normal School. Fifth Grade. Sarah A. Miner B. Sch. Mus., Oberlin Conservatory of Musicg M.S., University of Illinois. Dirofior of Imtrumental Maris. Loy R. Clark Ohio State University. I mtraclor of Vocational Agricultarey Ad- 1'i.rer, F,F.A. Hulda Berger Diploma, Ashland Collegeg Kent State University. Third Grade. Marion E. Baker Baldwin-Wallace Collegeg Cleveland School of Educationg University of Pitts- burgh, Fourth Grade. Margaret Schneider Diploma, Kent State University. Fir!! Grade. Effie H. Smith Baldwin-Wallace Collegeg Wooster Col- legeg Kent State Universityg Ashland College. Second Grade. Margaret Pandy Diploma, Oberlin Kindergarten Primary Training Schoolg Kent State University. Firft Grade. Iona Maxwell Baldwin-Wallace Collegeg Diploma, Kent State Normalg Ohio State University. Foarzlo and Third Grader. 1947-1948 Alice R. Schreiner A.B., Oberlin Collegeg Miami Universityg Kent State University. I3::gli.rb.- Ceognzpl2y,' Libmrian. Floyd C. Moore B.S.M., Oberlin College. Direclor of Vocal Muric. Dorothy Erhart Ashland Collegeg Ohio State University. Secoml Gmrle. Ethel R. Haines A.B., College of Wfoosterg Ohio Univer- sityg Iowa State Universityg Western Re- serve University, Home Ecovzomicf. Ralph Ewing Albright University of Iowag A.B., Cornell Col- legeg B.D., Oberlin Graduate School of Theologyg State University of Iowag Cen- tral State Teachers College. Social Sriefzce: Human Relafiomq Me- rlmfiiazl Drau'ifzg.' Geography. Arthur W. Engle BS, lowa State Collegeg Oberlin Collegeg Ashland Collegeg Baldwin-Wallace Col- legeg Ohio State University Graduate School. Science: Track Coach. Margaret Rice Egeland A.B., Oberlin College, A.M., University of Michigan. Speech. Englirln. Grayce Purcell Secretary to the Superi1zle11de1zt.' Afleml- ance Officer: Clerk of Board of Education. Ethel E. Eppley Diploma, Kent State Universityg Wcmster y Collegeg Cleveland School of Education. jmzior High Aritbm-eric. Kathryn P. Murray A.B., A.M,, Western Reserve Universityg University of Michigang University of Paris. F1'wzcla,' E1zgli.rl1,' Sp.1nifh.' Student Pub' licaliom. l Al CZVITTJ Page 15 Donald J. Ludwig The Faculty Helen M. Wingate AB., l511lLlWlU-W1lllllCC College. Hi.rI0ry.' B1l.lj7IU.l'.f Az1'z'i.rer for Annual. Lois E. Summer AB., Heidelberg Collegeg M.A., Univer- sity of Wisconsiti Graduate School. Latin: Efzglirb. Arthur R. Thomas AB., Ohio Wesleyziii Universityg Ohio State University Graduate School. High School Iiarkelball Coachg Health and Phyfical E!d7lCclli077,' General Scienceg History. Melba M. Schwed B.A., Baldwin-Wzlllnce College. C0 mmercial Department. Shirley Haines Howard Bob jones University. Art and Lil-emture. AB.. Oberlin Collegeg A.M., Columbia Universityg Wfooster Collegeg Ashland College. rllf1tl1cz11.ztit1u'.' flL'f07IdIlfiC.l.' Director of fi!f2lc'lic'.i. Jean H. Kubuske A.B., Heidelberg College. Phyrmzl Iiclumziom Iimoafy. Virgil D. Pincombe B.S., in Education, M.A., Kent State Uni- versityg Grnduzlte School, Western Re- serve Universityg Graduate School, Uni- versity of Michfgnng Cleveland Law School. Nlaclvimf Sbopf junior High Industrial flftf. Maintena I"lC9 Cafeteria Assistant Custodians Page 16 ASW ,Q Mus. MINNIE lilwcl-41211 FRANK CARL Scumruv SCHIEFERSTEIN A u t o g r a p h s Courtesy of Amherst Parent-Teacher Association Page 1 ... ff? QQ N 'Ls' ..::.'9' gEEEE!E::- DFW' 4' A' . f , ,AV i.. i S -fe. -...s I HE RE S T0 OUR lASSES E LADS THEY ADORE LASSES 8 1 1 N 'T , ,lk 'Fw Gi fax is -big f A -ff M- 4 Phi is 5 we M ? Q a 5 "li .ann rl 15" W r ,Q .us W S Q 'I -V4' if f '95 l w 'AK if -ef' N 5 'mx fi? f 'N "Here's 'ro the Seniors So Mighty" MAI2lli C. A'rTii2 "I'm lm! Wild About Harry" Modern Language Club 3, Vi3 G.A.A. l-43 Latin Club lg Stu dent Secretary 4. HENRY QI. BARCRERT "Home on the Range" F.F,A. l-4. BERNICIT G. BAUCOM "The Merry Secretary Song" G.A.A. l-43 Modern Language Club 2. 33 Student Secre- tary 43 Hall Guard 23 Librarian 33 Commercial Club 3. RICHARD E. BERRY "Open fha Door, Richard" Lorain li Football 2, 43 Track l-43 Science Club 1. Hist.isN G. BIERNITR 'Tlverc' Are Slllfllilu Latin Club 2, 33 Student Secretary 43 Substitute Hall Guard 4. LILA A. Biscii-ioifr "Full of F1171 and Fancy Free" G.A.A. 4g Hall Guard 23 Student Secretary 43 Plays 43 Cafeteria Assistant li Mixed Chorus 43 Glee Club 5. DALE J. BRUCE "My Hero" Record Staff 2-43 Modern Language Club 3. 43 Buckeye Boys' State 33 Student Council 23 Football Z-43 Basketball l-43 Track 1-4. MARY LOU BOROWICZ "lVith a Song in My Hear!" Band 1-33 Orchestra 1-33 G.A.A. l-43 Record Staff 2-43 Latin Club l, 23 Modern Language Club 3, 43 Office Aide 3, 43 Librarian 23 Plays 3, 4g Cafeteria Assistant li Class Vice-President li Student Council 3, 43 National Thespian Society 3, 43 Chorus 1-43 Scholarship Team 23 Varsity Singers 43 Star Thespian 43 Blue Ribbon Speller 1. EDGAR W. BRYNER "Betame Mucho" Modern Language Club 43 Football 2-43 Basketball 3,43 Track 1-43 Chorus l-4. MARY E. BUCHANAN "Lovely Night lo Go Dancing" Student Secretary 43 G.A.A. l-43 Gym Assistant 3. Page 20 'lass of '48 Excels in Arts, Sciences, Commerce DONNA M. CAHI. "ln Sfmt All flat llnlviftf' G.A.A. 2-4g Record Staff 4, Latin Club 1,21 Modern Laitigtittgc Club 3, 4g Hall Guard Zg Office Aide 3, 4g Stu- dent Secretary 4g Chorus l, 3. A. CAMPBELL "Alice Blue Crllllfllil Latin Club I, 23 Chorus 2-4g G.A.A. 4g Hall Guard 4. JAMi2s R. CARRK "A Cay R4IlIC'l'lL'Y'0" Latin Club l, 2: Modern Language Club 2, 45 F.F.A. 1, Z3 Student Council 2. MANKJNA Cook "Youre Ilw Cream in M 1' Coffee" G.A.A. 1, 43 Latin Club 1, 25 Student Secretary 45 Office Aide -1. MARGARET J. CHOATE "G'0n.ff Nt'u'.r" Osborn High I: G.A.A. 1, 43 Record Staff 5, 41 Latin Club l, 23 Modern Language Club 5, 41 Librarian 2. 41 Plays 5, 'il Scholarship Team 2-41 National Thespian So- ciety li. - I ROBERT F. CovtsRuAt.u "Ear-3' I0 Dance ll"iIlJ" Plays 4g Football 3, 4g Basketball 2, 45 Track 3, 1-45 Modern Language Club 3, 4g Band 1, 2. JOAN ELLEN FRiauER1c:K 4g Chorus "Believe Me If All Tlnore limlearing Young Cbarmrn G.A.A. l-3g Mixed Chorus l, 23 Latin Club 1, 2g Student Secretary 4. JOHN J. IDELZEITII "Farmer in the Dell" Science Club lg F.F.A. I-43 Football 3, 4. DOROTHY M. GAMRisi-t "I'm Sitting on Top of the ll"orla"' G.A.A. l-4 g Latin Club lg Office Aide 2, 3g Secretary 4 DONALD R. FLOCK "Make Nine Country Style" Football l-43 Boys' Chorus 2-4g F.F.A. l-41 Office Aide 45 Student Council 33 Class Vice-President 2, 4. H Page 21 Seniors Star in Sports, Vocal and Instrumental GERALD A. GREEN "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" Modern Language Club 2g Student Secretary 43 F.F.A. lg Plays 5, 4, Boys' State 33 Gymnastic Team 3, 43 Football l-43 Basketball 5, 4, Chorus 2-43 Track 5, 4. At,Yt:E J. KAPPLEY "I Love a Parade" Band, l, 43 Latin Club 1, 2, Modern Language Club 3, Student Secretary 43 G.A.A. 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Ot- chestra 1, 23 Plays 33 Blue Ribbon Spelling l, 2, DAvin R. HEARN r'D7l.l'f Off illlfldf 0111 Piano" Latin Club l, 2, Scholarship Team 1, 3g Blue Ribbon Speller, 1-Q53 Modern Language Club 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Record Staff 3, 41 Plays 3, 43 Science Club 13 Na- tional Thespian Society 4. NANCY L. KASER "Thu All-Anlerimfl Girl" G.A.A. 1-43 Record Staff I-41 Business Mgr. 3, 43 Latin Club l, 23 Modern Language Club 5. 43 Student Council 1. 33 Student Secretary 41 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Varsity Singers 4. .lol-iN R. JEWETT l'0llj0h71I11"' Band l, Z3 Record Staff 2'l, Modern Language Club 3, 43 WiLi.1AM B. KOEPP "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" Football 4g Band 1, 2, Track 2. NIYRTLE V. KISER "When johnny Comet Marching Home Again" G.A.A. 1-33 Latin Club 1, 23 Modern Language Club 3, 43 Student Secretary 4g Substitute Hall Guard 4. GERALD W. KING "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Modern Language Club 33 Scholarship Team 1-4, Science Club 1. LUITGARD MAUTNER "Five Font Two. Eyer of Blue" G.A.A. l-43 Latin Club l, 23 Office Aide 43 Student Sec- retary 41 Plays 43 Student Council 2g National Thespian Society 4. ROBERT I.. MARLOW Plays 3, 43 Scholarship Team 21 Buckeye Boys' State 31 ,, , , ,, Basketball 1--i3 Chorus 1--i3 Track Manager 33 Student l""1'f' C0110 be 4 F0"'b"U Hffff Council President 4. Band 1, 2g Track l-43 Football 2, 4g Chorus 4. rs---ff-N--:waz -..- , tw' ' -f'-Egg,-g i . . Page 22 Music . . . Journalism, Dramarics, Club Activities JEROME G. MIENZ "Sailing " Record Staff 3, -lg Latin Club lg Modern Language Club 3, 4, Plays -'lg Class President 2, Buckeye Boys' State 5, Student Council fig Basketball Manager 3, 4, Chorus I-Ai, Plays 5, -lg Varsity Singers 4. DOROTHY L. MOEBIIIS "Moor1ligb! Becrmlet You" Chorus I-ll, Band 33 Student Council ,lg G.A.A. l-4g Varsity Singers -lg Class Secretary-Treasurer lg Class Vice- President 35 Latin Club l, 2, Modern Language Club 3, -lg Varsity Singers fig Plays 3, 43 Blue Ribbon Speller 1, 3' Record Staff 3, fl, Scholarship Team, 2. v RIISSISLI. QI. METZGIQR "Yet, ll"e Hare No BHIIHIIHJH LAURA -I. Moons' "Cuml,If" G.A.A. l-'lg Latin Club I, 2, Modern Language Club 3 41 Librarian 31 Student Secretary 4, Plays 3, fl, Scholar- ship Team 23 National Thespian Society Ii. i NORMAN B. Mll.LER "In the Shade of the OM Apple Tree" Chorus l-3, Track lg Football l-sl, F,F.A. l, 2, Plays 5, vi RICHARD L. MIILIIER "I Ha1'eI1'I Go! a Worry in Ike ll5'0rl1l"' F.F.A, 1, 2, Football I-4, Basketball Z--lg Track 3. MARILYN A. OER'I'I3I.L "ln My Merry OlIl.U7lfIbiIL'n Orchestra l, 23 G.A.A. l-43 Record Staff 3. -'lg Latin Club l, 2g Modern Language Club 3, 4, Office Aide 3, Student Secretary 4g Plays 3g Scholarship Team 3, Chorus 1-41 Blue Ribbon Speller l, 3, -1. ALEX C. OROSZ "Heir ll Real Cone Cf11I"' l7.F.A. l-Al, Plays 'lg Football 2-'lg Basketball l-Al, Track l. Al, National Thespian Society fl. CAROL I.. PARKER nSIl'L'!'f arm' Lovely" Elyria 3, G.A.A. l, 3, Record Staff fl, Student Council Z, Latin Club l, 2, Modern Language Club 3, ll: Student Secretary 4. CHARI.I2s II. RICH "1 ll"'d11l lo be Hapfn " Lorain lg F.F.A. Z1 Football 3, sl. Page 23 Led by President Paul Scharff, '48ers Maintain EVIELYN J. S'rARBUt1K "1 'll Dance at Your llVen'di1zg" Brookside lg G.A.A. 2-43 Glee Club l. 3: Student Secre- tary -l. JOHN H. ROSENKRANZ "A Merry Life" Mixed Chorus l, 23 PFA. l. 2. AMlil.lA SLIMAN "Dark Ejflifu Modern Language Club 3, 45 G.A.A. l, 24 Plays 5, 4. JAMES P. RYAN "For Ilefr 4 jolly Good Fellow" F.l7.A. l, 2g Modern Language Club 23 Football 2-4g Plays 3, 4g National Thespian Society 4. SALLY J. STIEIELE "Girl of My D1'eam.r" Plymouth l, 2g Latin Club I, 2g Class Treasurer lg Stu- dent Secretary 4g Chorus I-4. PAUL W. SCHARFF "The Student Prime" Record Staff 2-4g Class President 3. 41 Mixed Chorus l-'ig Modern Language Club 2-fig Varsity Singers 4. MARTHA A. SYROWSKI "I Found cl Million Dollar Baby in a Five 41111 Ten Cent Store" Band 31 G.A.A. l-4g Latin Club lg Hall Guard lg Li- brarian 31 Student Secretary 4g Plays ,lg Chorus 1, 2, -'lg National Thespian Society 4. JOSEPH P. SELMANTS "Fm Painting Pirlwef' Record Staff 41 Modern Language Club 2-4g l, 23 Plays 3, 45 Class President 1: Scholarship Team l, 35 Safety Patrol 55 Football 41 Basketball I-4. DIANE L. TABBERT "Slay Ar Sweet Ax You Are" G.A.A. l-4g Latin Club l, 2g Office Aide 4g Student Sec- retary 45 Chorus I-43 Varsity Singers 4. FREDERICK E. SUTLIFF "Whistle While You Work" Modern Language Club 2, 5g Plays 4g Football 2-4g Track lg Chorus 1-5. Page Z4 Srandards. .of Service, Leadership, Scholarship CLELAURA J. TOWNE "The Strawberry Blonde" G.A.A. I-45 Latin Club 1, 25 Modern Language Club 3, 45 Gym Assistant 35 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2-45 Record Staff 45 Student Secretary 45 Blue Ribbon Speller 1, 3. EUGENE N. Davis "Every Day It Ladies' Day" Record Staff 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Modern Language Club 2-45 Student Council 1, 35 Football 45 Chorus 1, 25 Cheer- leader 25 Plays 3, 4. JAMES P. YUNKER "Ma'rgie"' Lorain 1, 25 F.F.A. 3, 45 Plays 3, 45 Football 1-45 Track l. CHARLES D. MOI.I.ISON "So .S'lJy" Band 1, 25 Gymnastic Team 2, 3. MAI.VINA B. KOMINIS "Dame, Ballerina, Danze" G.A.A. 1-45 Record Staff 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Modern Language Club 3, 45 Hall Guard 35 Librarian 3, 45 Plays 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1-45 Cheerleader I, 2. ALBERT E. WASEM "Got Any Gum, Cham?" Record Staff 3, 41 Scholarship Team 1-45 Modern Lan- guage Club 3, 45 Science Club 15 Safety Patrol l. CAROLYN M. VANDERSALL "A Prefly Girl It Like a Melodyn G.A.A. 1-45 Record Staff 3, 45 Latin Club l, 25 Modern Language Club 3, 45 Librarian 25 Student Secretary 45 Plays 35 Mixed Chorus l-45 Varsity Singers 4. RALPH A. ROLING "Ola Hou' I Hate to Get Up in lhe Morning" F.F.A. 1-45 Safety Patrol 45 Football 2. JULIANNE J. WOODINGS "l'nz in a Sentimental Mood" Latin Club l, 25 Modern Language Club 3, 45 Hall Guard 3g Plays 45 Cafeteria Assistant 15 Chorus 2-45 National Thespian Society 4, Page 25 Entertain Mothers GT Afternoon Tea D. Cahl Mrs. Vandersall D. Bruce P. Scharff Mrs. Kendeigh M. L. Borowicz Launch Program of Commencement Activities Page 26 One of the highlights of the class social calendar was the Senior Tea on November 15. Mothers of class members were honor guests. President Paul Scharff, as master of cere- monies, introduced the program, The girls' sextette sang "Tea for Two" and "My Hero." Nancy Kaser, Mary Lou Borowicz, Alex Orosz, and Bob Coverdale presented a skit, "ln the Doctors Office." Initial event on the Commencement week program will be the Baccalaureate service, to be held at St. Peter's Evangelical and Reformed Church on May 23. The Rev. Mr. Dale Riggs will address the graduates and their friends. The seniors' last opportunity to shine before the footlights will be at Class Night pro- gram at the school auditorium, May 24. A variety program including musical numbers by David Hearn, pianist, and by the girls' sextette, dramatic skits, the class history, will, proph- ecy, and valedictory will be presented. Last number on the evening's entertainment will be the traditional key service, at which President Scharff will present the senior class symbol to Claude Miller, president of the junior class. Dr, Cornelius D. Penner, professor of history at Baldwin-Wallace College, will be the speaker at the Commencement exercises on May 26. Pianist and Sexfeffe Take Final Bows lry Lou Horowicz unc Talbbcrr rolyn arorhy Mocluius ncy Kuscr ,rrha Syrowski gc Z7 C L A 5 5 Q F 1 9 4 8 HONOR STUDENTS 1 1 N V Q NANCY KASHIVW lVlARlI.YN OiaR'1'12i,I. OI4Iflf,lzRS H Q lNlARCiARET C.HOA'1'E VIONLSPH 5ifl.MANTs Prcsidcnr - a - PALL SCQHARI-'lf Dokoim' iNlOlZlill'S -ll'I.lANNIi XVOOIHINKQS Vice-prcsidcm DlJNAI.I7 FLOOR .IUHN ,lIfWl'7VT SCL-,Tm,-y,rrcu3m.U- , CLELAURA TOWNIE The above stiulcnts zurnincd Lin uvcmgc of 90 or above for the four years of high school, Faculty Adviser - MIKS. XVINGA'1'li fi Vkllcdic-ml.jun CLASS COLORS flznru .fmf GUM CLASS FLOWER llybflc' ffurrmliofl CLASS lNlOTI'O 111 51111111 Il'L flklfll 111 age In 1HllfL'!'.l'Iill1t!.H David Hearn V1ll1LlCl'Silll "Juniors So Fligh'ry" Stage Prom on Showboa The grand ballroom of the U. S. S. Showboat, alias the Amherst High School gym- nasium, was a thrilling background for the glittering formals, dancing feet, and happy faces at the junior-Senior Reception on May S. Smiling Claude Miller, junior class president, welcomed the classes to the prom. The juniors had been working for three years for this event. President Millet and his co-workers, Carol Gilliland, vice-president, Betty Grugel, secretary, and Kathryn Sabiers, treasurer, directed several money-making activities for the classg foremost among these projects were the snack bar at the football and basketball games, the sale of football programs and souvenirs, and a subscription drive for the Amherst News-Times. The Class of '49 includes many stellar students as well as several superior athletes and musicians. Juniors are especially proud of their three-letter man, jerry Prittie, who was voted the most valuable player on the football team. Other leaders in the class are the three varsity cheerleaders, Betty Grugel, Lois Scheide, and Kathryn Sabiers. From? Roux' D. Bramwell, R. Frederick, D. Poore, M. Darch, G. Niesen, R. Haas, K. Sabiers, B. Grugel. Middle Row: J. Kovach, C. Gilliland, B. Buchs, L. Scheide, l. Buchanan, L. Buser, S. Stapleton, L. Hein- zerling, N. Gawne. Bark Roux' M. Amenhauser, E. Rubel, B. Nickel, D. Youngless, M. Mollison, M. Cotton, B. Raesler, A. Virant. Page 28 GIRLS BOYS Lodge, R. Nagel, E. Ice, R. F1'edericlc. Connell, K. Bechtel. Bark Rrmi: R. Dudley, D. McLoda, XV. Hoy. C. Miller. W. Schnaak, Prittie, D. Richmond. D. Strauss, E. Gall. C. Traster. T. Simon, R. Hutlalt. From Roux' II. Simpson, G. Waseiiw, J. Schieferstein, M. Gergel, R. Swineford, J. Mlinarilt, R. Sharp, H. Middle Roux' R. Sterna, R. Hughes. R. Shaffer, G. Mellen, D. XVilford, H. Wlishka, R. Sthuller. E. Moebius. R. Sabiers, M. Gigliotti, li. Nalwors, -I. "Freshies" . . . Learn A. H. . Traditions Despite the setback of being "green," this year's freshmen are already well started on the road to recognition in A. H. S. The Class of '51 is very proud of its excellent reserve cheerleaders, Pat Gehl and Isabelle Auble, and also of its basketball stars, Willizim Wtililever, jim Henry, and Don Shagie. Not content to be outstanding in sports, the freshmen also J excel in scholarship. Camille Henry topped the Semester Honor Roll with five A's. Sev- J eral freshmen are in band and many are showing their music talent in the freshman chorus. Mgr! Freshman officers are Richard Berk, presidentg Don Shagie, vice-presidentg Pat Cvehl. secretary-treasurer. GIRLS Frmll Roux' l. Auble, P. Gehl, N. Choate, N, Heyer, C. Sharp, C. Kmieciak, M. Dunning, B. Berry, N Sabiers, E. Kominis. filirfrlfg' Roux' C. Wfernet, L. Witt, M. Taylor, D. Henry B. Vollmer, W. Darnell, P. Pritchett, D. Amenliauser, -I. Dietlrick, M. Menz, D. Miller. Back Roux' B. jordan, M. Evanosky, L. Borowicz, L. Huey B. Fuhrman, J. Battenhouse, R. Slack, C. White, L. Beesing, S, Nylen, S. Krause, M. Strauss, P. Hill. BOYS Front Roux' K. Essig, B. McCallister, AI. Bertholtl, li. Brainerd, B. Meyer, D. Shaggie, AI. lce, HI. Kiser, C. Werner. Mirfdfe Roux' N. Bruce, 1. Gormley. -I. Luccio, -I. Long- streth, A. Pozniak, D, Traster, H. Chambers, B. Molli- son, E. Dietlrick. Bark Roux' T. Finnegan, UI. Krause, B. Van Neil, W. Wohlever, D. George, L. Wohlever, R. Haas, L. Van Neil, J. Henry, P. Street, L. Buhser. Page 29 "And Sophomores" . . Shine in Salesmanship l GIRLS BOYS Front Row: R. Klingenmeier, P. Buser, E. Baucom, E. Bartish, R. McDonald, R. Birich, C. Berrington, C. , Swineford, D. Mulder, A. Des Champs, E. Kramer. W. Kappley. E. Baumhardt. Front Row: J. Miller, L. Mueller, P. Krok, L. Traster, M. Roberts, M. Dull, N. Neiding, J. Lach, J. Jones, B. Ritzler, L. Ott, W. Hutton, L. Stevens, D. Willard M. Wagner. Middle Roux' J. Pippert, C. Smith, V. Howard, W. Fred- Miflflle Ron .' M. Nabors, M. Martin, J. Busser, A. Guisel- erick, T. Short, J. Heyer, G. Katonak, J. Hill, G. man, A. Klingenmeier, I. Blythe, M. Bramwell, C. Siegfried, li. Dute, G. Smith, D. Mollison, N. Star buck. Back Roux' -I. McCauley, R. Wohlever, D. Jenkins, W. Fullmer, M. Slack, F. Berner, P. Blair, D. Buchs, C. Brown, E. Heck, W. Diedrick, K. Hyde. - Mead, K. Shand, R. Gergel, J. Eschtruth. Bari Roux' J. Martin, M. Bosse, S. Durling, D. Coleman, L. Frank, B. Schroeder, B. Werner, J. Gambis. R. Schwarz. B. Parker, C. Lodge, D. Cotton, R. Rosen- kranz, H. Benoit. K. Ryan. Being the largest class in high school, the sophomores have profited by their advan- tage in numbers by winning all sales campaigns this year. Although the sophomores have never topped the Honor Roll, they perhaps surpass all others in sociabiliry. Ardent patrons of the Rec, the tenth graders enjoyed many happy times at the youth center. Most memo- rable of these events was Clara Lodges birthday party. Officers of the group are Douglas Buchs, presidentg Charles Berrington, vice-presi- dent, and Marie Wagner, secretary-treasurer. Page 50 8X - Mrs. Eppley, Home Room Teacher lfrtmf Run: C. jackson, D, Hutton, L. DeCQuirc. M. Bremkc, M. Butler, ii. Cheney. li. Wlerncr, C. Cloulrrip. J. Gehl. Miififlu Roux E, Ellis. R. Gerber. L. Cicrlvcr, N, Hollingsworth, XV. Dietlritk N. McLotla. G. Comstock. XY. Kiscr, 5. Stcrna. V. Storm. limi Rim: C. Grcntlow. VU. Gottsth ling. XV. Starbuck, G. Potllicli. S Mollenkop, AI. Marlowe, XV. Greer. D. Luintluch, E. Barckcrt R. Kane. 7X - Mr. Moore, Home Room Teacher Frou! Rona' D. Anthony, ll. St'ln'octlcr, M. Rzrcslcr, D, Nylen, 'l'. Dum, II. liiirl. Alizfrflc Roux' B. Slack S. Ucrtcll, Sharon Brunner, G. Knispel, N. Mollison, B. Mischka, L. Burton, Sharyll Brunner li. Clary. 134412 Roux' il. ilatslison, B, Hull, F. Evanosky, G. Barrington, W. lelammontl, E. Brandon A. linglc, H. Baker, R. Stewart. 6X - Miss Summer, Home Room Teocher Ifrmll 'Roux' M. E. Grey, G. Brown, W. Bost, H. Darnell. H. lf1'ctlci'ic'k, D. Sclmtz, I. Amenhauscr lx'w11'.' C.. Brown, D. Multlcr, W. Marlow, J, Kmeciak, D. Aulwlc, P. liinlcy, li, Bartlomc, ,I Hcinzcrling, D. Schatz. 8X 7X 6X Page 3 l u .fllnlillv Roux' C. Martin, S. Burck, G. Street, E. Frye, R. Hutton, R. Berry, V. Btiumlmrtlt. Burg 8Y - Mrs. Eppley, Home Room Teacher Front Roux' B. Armstrong, j. Dudley, A. Mathes, L. Zuspan, A. Sagert, J, Waldron. Mirfdle Roux' R. Piwinski, A. Ruhel, W. Hall, G. Siegfried, S. Simpson, S. Guiselman, C. Firey, P. Neiding, QI. Thomas, Al. Buser, R. Phillips. Bark Roux' R. Pippert, F. Gigliotti, R. Vfilford, R. Slack, J. Koepp, D. Neeley, C. Hogrefe, L. Bartlome, D. Coleman, R. Schieferstein, D. Becker, R. Frederick. 7Y - Mrs. Howard, Home Room Teacher From Roux' D. Beam, P. Pritchett, D. Reinhardt, D. Starlwuck, R. Newton, -I. Henceroth, D. Cain, G. Poore, D. Vundersnll, R. Park, D. Wfoodings. Middle Roux' D. Zuspan, M. Gilliland, D. Brainerd, S. Menz, L. Chambers, L. Whitnian, D. Auble, N. Springer, D. Pippert, B. Werner, L. Smith. Bari Row: M. Dorling, V. Brucker, M. Kinlock, E. Vollmer, J. Krieg, -I. Meyers, R. Van Nuys, A. Barak, S. Degund, J. Tollc, C. Thomas. 6Y or Miss Summer, Home Room Teacher Front Rrmz' B. Kuhn, D. Stihicrs. D. Walker, C. Wrisltka, S. Busche, M. Metzger, M. Miller, J. Lirten, D. Mischktr, S. Xvalker. Mirltlle Iimrs G. Swartz, B. Heyer, R. Kiser, J. Thomas, C. Zimmerman, T, Kominis, D. Burris, J. Mnskttl, R. Klingenmeir. Bark Roux' R. Mellon, S. Pozniack, J. Quigley, B. Marlowe, B. Tahhert, M. SIlll'lWLlCk, B. McLoda, R. jenkins. f 8Y 7Y 6Y Page 32 Grade Five Grade Five Grade Four Mrs. Fosfer, Teacher From Roux' T. Gigliotti, K. Brown, R. Engle, D. Wfilford, J. Buchanan, D. Brown B. Reichert. Mid- dle Roux' S. Vargo, S. Slack, H. Early, G. Coleman, D. Drake, N. Knispel, R. Edwards. Bark Rau" S. lxane, E. Arndt, N. Sharp, J. Buell, B. Stevens, L. Sterpak, P. Bush, C. Berry. Miss Ehrman, Teacher Front Rauf: H. Reis, D. Neeley, W. Whezxtley, F. Mollenkop, R. Owen, M. Smith. Miflille Roux' li. Pozniak, A. Mollison, D. Lange, N. Nabakowski, B. Waltcvwer, L. Kmieciak, S. Greenslade, B. Kothe, M. Sterna, C. Mellen. Back Roux' J. Kane, G. Kingsbury, C. Neiding, B. Jenne, J. Mlinarilc, E. Sagert, B. Rutledge, M. Hollingsworth, B. Thomson, N. McLodt1. Mrs. Baker, Teacher Fran! Roux' R. Smith. D. Slack, A. Sprague D. Schneider, C. Towne, C. Terch, C. Nulmrs, R. Meck- ley, M. Braun, N. Reichert, A. Snhiers. fllifldle Roux' A. Varouh, R. Underwood, F. Saunders, J. Hamel, M. Heinzerling, P. Hume, E. Saunders, R. Knapp, F. Lopaz, D. Gerrow, R. Greer, W. Maguinis, L. Nalley, R. Bnyne, K. Giglmtti. Back Razr: R. Gilliland, P. Goldthorpe, Gottch- ling, B. Greer, J. Zuspun, B. Hutton, N. Barck, M. Briggs, R. Camp, D. Deeds, J. Dellefield, R. Engle, J. Schoemig. Grade Five Grade Five Grade Four Page 33 Grades Three and Four - Mrs. Maxwell, Teacher Frou! Roux' B. Hamhly, j. Reichert, C. Newton, R. Slack, J. Van Horn, R. Jennc, M. Kruse. A. Buell. Middle R011-.' D. Sagert, R. Hasley, C. Starhuck, J. Phillips, I. Deiclrick, J. Hulwer, S. Swineforrl, D. Vloorler, L. Brown. Back Roux' L. Riemer, B. Cheney, C. Balzer, T. Coleman, M. Miller, G. Barrlus, M. Hellingcr, HI. Schriner, K. Shay. Grade Three - Miss Berger, Ill Roux' R. Neely, -I. Olah, J. XVhitman. II. Drennen, P. Jaeger, J. Griswold, B. Cort, S. Berger, R. Stark, P. Shay. Miflzlle Roux' AI. Hamhley, W. Menz, G. Thomson, D. Bruce, J, Traster, D. Thomas, P. Phillips, A. Jones, M. Bruce, nl. Smith, L. Quigley, B. Kuhn, C. Mollison. Bari Roux' S. Mollenkop, C. Mathes, L. Long, D-. Wliirnlan, R. Bremke, K. Kay, C. Krueck, W, Kreger, li. Barlo, R. Big, K. Wfaltower, bl. Drake. F rn Grade Two - Mrs. Erharr, Frou! Roux' D. Krueck, G. Carrier, A. Haas, R. Stirpak, S. Gerron, R. Neirlirig, li. Rockwood, J. Buckley, D. McKinney. Miflflle Razr: C. Lopez, j. Dohney, D. Pippert, T. Kerecz, N. Pikey, B. Neirzke, R. Mlinarik, l. Porllich, T. Burton, M. Gigliotri, M, Berrington. Bunk Razr: D. Frye, B. Schoemig, G. Blackford, R. Towne, Dodson, B. Sagert, S. Snell, S. Griswold, B. Sipos, J. Hamel, C. Singer. Teacher Teacher Grades Three and Four Grade Three Grade Two Page 34 Grade Two - Mrs. Smith, Teacher Front Roux' B. Ricmer, R. Berry, N. Fullar, W. Bains, S. Riggs, J, Talvlvert, M. Nulmlwwski, 'l'. Kreger, D, lee. li. Wfillwur. fllifffffe Roux' D. Cltoz. L. Swinefurd, D, Berk. N. lfhlerr. R. Daniel, N. Haas, S, Shumaiker. ul. Goldrhorpe, VI. Dunham. Al. Phillips, I.. Barres. Hari Ron: K. Kuunry, I.. Nwatsun, R. Halle, ,l. Brandon. D. T.1ylur. R. Hanlon, R. Stark. G. Stark, B. SklTl'1.i.ll'i, H. Die- trirk, 5, Huber. Grade One - Miss Pandy, Teacher Frou! Ruin' P. Penton, R. lflwerle. D. Sines, S. Gmrlis, S. Miller, G. DeCaire, 1. Bgnunilmrrlr, XX". Phil- lips, T. Gnagy. C. Platt. .lliifrffe Run 5 I.. Marvgl-4.1y'. D. Smith. R. Werner. I.. 'I-l1UUT5UI1. N. M.ulx1e D. Cureli, G. Rutledge, H. XY'erner, I.. Meckley. A. Diedriak, B. Amend. D. Bardus. limi Rauf R. Leuszler. nl. Swartz. M. L. Xwalker, S. Ritzler. xl. Zsoldos, R. Conley. Cl. Newman, ,l. Swartz D. Poore, D. Snirlmck, G. Srarluuck, D. Hurlbur. Grade One - Miss Schneider, Teacher Fwmf Ron-.' -I. Gerber, D, McKinney. G. Riemer. E. Amenlmuscr. P. Roush, Cl. Srillueulmuer, R Meyers, R. Sdmrz. L. Brown, C. Brown. Mirhllc Run: R. W'hitman. P. Cloleman. D. XX"1ld1u'i.g lf. Willielnu, M. Berger, D. Rutledge, J. Cahl, J. Umlervmod, A. Sheppard, V. lNiulira. K, Vamugli R. Kruse. limi Km: 1 D, Rosenkranz. j. Wfillcer, B, Saunders, li. Deliman, R. Wfillnur. li. Wilsrmri J. Poorc, M, Liunbie, Ii. Hoffner, G. Schneider, lf. Bank. Grade Two Grade One Grade One Page 35 ... ff QQ 11111195 I ' 9 4 A - Yi l ,Q W Q i4 i RTH AND GLADNESS All SADNESS cnvmas 5 1 xi lim MAI? Bl1c1nANAN, ALYQQI1 KAPPIJQY, MARTIIA lDARcLH,UlfRMAIN1i Nll5Sl:N 3-. 1 lJ.N,L. 5 r-W., Record Staff Enjoys Latest Edition EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAFF Ifalifor of Awww! , Mary I.0ll Borowicz Ffllfflll' of Nczwjuzjiwf , Margaret Choate A.i1mc'fl11c' lfzfimr David Hearn flfimmi lfffilnr , , Dnroiliy Mocbius Sports liflilrnir 7 , john ilcwcrr, jerry Mcnz, Dale Brucc' FLUIIIIVC' II"rflw'.r- Carol Parker, .Iohn Simpson, Carol Gilliland. Dale Richmond, -Inscpli Sclmants RgfJHVft'l'i--f Carolyn Vanrlcrsall, lflainc Rulvcl, Susanne Durling, lflmcr Gall, Clarlicrinc XVI1irc Pl7OffIKL'M1f7l7L'I' ,, Howard XVasI1ka 13u,rim'.r.r Aflmmgwf , , A Nancy Kaser A .5'.l'j.l'f1ll1f.l'-' Paul Scharff, Albert Wrlscili, Martha Darch, Malvina Kominis., Icrry Prirric' f.'fl'L'll!zlff0ll flflfzmzger , W , Marilyn Ocrrcll A,li.lif.lfi1llf,lY I-larva-y Iaxlge, Lois Sclicirlc, Ioan Martin, Nancy Choate, XWalrcr Kapplcy, Darlcnu Cotton Typiifi , Donna Calll, Marilyn Ocrrcll. Carolyn Vannlcrsall, Cilclaura Tmvm' Mary Lou Horowitz, Margaret Climate, and David Hearn, wfi1ur,r, and Nancy Kascr, !2l1.lfl1C' zfzilzflzlgw. write Iicarllincs and cllcck arlvcrrising. Page 58 Council Leads Academic and Social Activities Sponsoring rallies, selling tickets to football games, supporting campaigns- this is the typical work of the Student Council. The student jurors opened the football season with a successful "Kick-Off" Dance and closed it with the Football Banquet. Later in the year the Council members' pockets jingled with contributions collected for the Father Flannigan Fund and the Hospital Drive. A major social event of the spring, the annual Basketball Banquet, was another of the accomplishments of this student organization. The Council was led this year by Jack jewett, president, Wttyne Schnaak, vice-presi- dent, and Mary Lou Borowicz, secretary-treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL Sfffi771Q.' M. I.. Borowicz j. -Iewett W. Schnaak Slzllltfillgf I.. Buser D. Moebius R. Sharp I.. Ott C. Lodge M. Slack M. Amenhauser Al. Menz G. Mead Page 39 Hall Guards and Cffice Aids Welcome Visitors A Thorn Among the Hall Guard Roses "Service with a Smile" in The Office I I HALL GUARDS Left In 1'i,ulf!.' I.. liixmli Ii. Durc D, Ilrzxmwcll S. Durling R. Slmrp C.. Camplwcll D. Ynunglcss YI, Martin If. Rulvcl M, AIJFIIII M. Iiussc OFFICE AIDS 1.4ff1 In ffyllff M. Bumwin li. Bnchs D. Irlmk D. T.lIwl1cI'r D. Cf.iIil M, Cook I.. M.1umcr Ilxgc- 'Ill Frau! Roux' M, Buchanan, H. Berner, L. Mautner, M. Syrowslii, l.. Moody. sfrllllfilllff Cl. Towne, M. Artie. Bark Ruin M. Oertell, C, Vandersall, N. Kaser. D. Cahl, C. Parker, D. Gamhish. ecretaries Type Letters and Mimeograph Tests Prohahlv some of the busiest students in the school are the secretaries. Girls who have had a full course in hook- keeping, shorthand and typing are qualified for secretarial work, training which is invaluahle in giving experience for future careers. The girls become adept in practically every line of office work. Duties include making out report cards and grade sheets, mimeographing lCStS, and preparing attendance sheets. ln addition to all this, the secretaries take dictation and type letters, two "musts" in becoming efficient' stenographers. Librarians Check Out Books and Periodicals Now we come to some of the many other duties in which A. H. S. students participate. Before school, during the noon period, and also during each period of the day, you will find a charming and helpful student librarian on duty in the lihrary. Of the many things that she does, here are just a few: sign out books and magazines, collect fines, mend vol- umes, catalogue new editions, post articles of current interest, and keep the shelves and the room tidy. Other students who give a lot of time and energy in serving not only the students hut also those who come as strang- ers to the school, are the hall guards and office aides. You will always find two students in the front hall ready to meet and direct visitors, Office aides take phone calls. run errands. check attendance, welcome visitors and do secretarial work for Miss Purcell. Librarians Ltfl In rffltlf M, Amenhau- ser M. Rolwerts M. Choate M. Kominis D. Coleman S. Stapleton I.. liuser B. Buclts 1 R. lirederiek D. Hramwell Page -1 l Sce Thespians Presenr "Life of The Party" nes from One of the most outstnndinltg organizations in school is the drtnnutics department. This department is responsible for many enjoyable extra-curriculzlr zlctivities, "Life of the P41i'iy," the very successful full play, kept the audience in stitches at Snuzzy Cliugene Duvisb and his first love CM2llVll121 Kominisl. This troupe of actors hats gleaned mitny helpful points in stage production from their trips to the Play House, the Hanna, and the Katrnmu theatres, its well its at Bowling Green State University, where they witnessed the world premiere of Lennox Robinsons Irish play 'iThel.i1cliy Finger." "Life of The Party" hx "Go Ye to Bethlehem" onclude Season With Series of One-Act Plays During National Education Week the junior division sponsored a very interesting Know-Your-School program, a project which was the result of many hours spent in inter- viewing teachers, visiting classes and preparing reports. The Christmas play, "Go Ye To Bethlehem." several one-acts. both humorous and serious. and another full-length play in the spring rounded out a profoundly successful season. At the beginning and at the end of the year, a number of students were inducted into Troup 750 of the National Thespian Society, Students who participated in the va1'ious activities of the Dramatics Department are as follows: Dolores Hramwell, Dale Bruce. Ifdgar llryner, Bob Coverdale, Rcger Dudley. Ruth Frederick, Alerry Green, Rosemary Haas. Shirley Henry, l.a Vonne Heinzerling, Whilter Hoy, Harvey l.odge, klohn Mlinarik, Dick Mulder, Barbara Nickel, Jerry Prittie. Dale Richmond. l.ois Scheide, W'ayne Schnaak, Ted Simon, john Simpson, Richard Sharp, Amelia Sliman, Danny Strauss, Fred Sutliff, Ann Virant, Howard Wzislikzi, Lila Bischoff, Mary l.ou Boro- wicz, 'lim Carek, Margaret Choate, Eugene Davis, David Hearn, .lack Alewett, Bill Koepp, luitgard Mautner, -lerry Menz, Norman Miller, Dorothy Moebuis, Laura Moody, Alex Orosz, xlohn Rosenkranz, ,lim Ryan, -loe Selmants. Martha Syrowski. .luliann Xwoodings. Page 1 Berets and Sombreros Ser Style MODERN LANGUAGE CLUB "Buenas noches! Bonsoir! Que tal? Comment ca va?" were the salutations heard at the meetings of the Modern Language Club. Program features included conversation, songs, speeches, and dramatizations in French and Spanish. Final event on the club calendar was the spring fiesta at which time coquettish mesdemoiselles waltzed with gay rancheros and smiling senoritas tangoed with Parisian playboys. Officers of the Cetcle Francais are David Hearn, president, Joe Selmants, vice-president, and Martha Darch, secretary-treas urer. Heading the Circulo Espanol are Robert Coverdale, president, Marilyn Oertell, vice- president, and Betty Grugel, secretary-treasurer. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club, which is really the combined Latin Classes, has worked this year under two advisers--Mrs. Shreiner, the first semester, and Miss Summer, the second. Chief event of the second semester was the annual Roman Banquet. Freshman slaves served dinner to the toga-clad sophomores in truly Roman style. Cercle Francais Front Roux' P. Scharff, B. Nickel, L. Moody, M. Choate, D. Moebius, M. L. Borowicz. M. Darch, S. Henry, H Washka. Middle Roux' S. Stapleton, C. Gilliland, A Wasem, 1. Selmanrs, N. Kaser, M. Kominis, j. Wood- ings, j. Davis. Back Roux' K. Bechtel, W. Hoy, I -Iewett, D. Richmond, J. Prittie, E. Gall, J. Menz, D. Hearn, H. Lodge. Page 44 Circulo Espanol Front Rott: E. Baucom, P. Buser, A. Sliman. M. Oertell. R. Frederick, C. Vandersall, C. Parker, D. Cahl, K. Hyde, K. Sahiers, R. Haas, R. Klingenmeir. Middle Roux' C. Towne. M. Artie, M. Kiser, A. Guiselman. N. Gawne, D. Bramwell, E. Rubel, B. Grugel, M. Amenhauser, L. Buser, L. Scheide, J. Kovach. Bark Row: M. Gergel, D. Wilford, J. Simpson, D. Strauss, D. Bruce, R. Coverdale, E. Bryner, J. Mlinarik, R. Dudley, M. Gigliotti, E. Nabors. Latin Club Members Don Togas for Banquet Fm LATIN CLUB IH-mi! Ron: J. Gamhis, W. Hutton. N. Choate, R. Slack. K. White, I.. XX'itt. C. Wfernert, C. Henry. M. Menz, N. Sahiers, W. Darnell, M. Dunning. illidrffe Roux' C. Lodge, xl. Busser, M. Martin. M. Bosse. M. Wagner, L. Mueller. U. Mollison, G. Smith, l. Blythe, L, Horowitz, tl. Battenhouse, D. Coleman. Bari R014 .' S. Durling, M. Dull, E, Dute, C. Siegfried, L. Frank, B. Parker. Vl. Mar- tin. B. Wferner. D. Cotton. L. Ott, R. Schwarz, M. Nahors, M. Roherts. Future Farmers Study Parliamentary Procedure The Amherst Chapter of Future Farmers of i-Xtneritpt has just finished a year full of curricular and extr.i-curricular activities. Last summer the group, along with the Brownhelm Ii. F. A., spon- sored the Farm and Home Safety Exhibit at the County and State Fairs. Premiums to date have been approximately one hundred dollars. The group placed first in both local and state contests. As school started, the grou p undertook the job of rehuildinla the farm shop, lt meant a lot of hard F. F. A. MEMBERS work and sweat, but the reward was high -an up' pnrfznzilt In ham: Farm Shop Practices. The group was represented at the District Par- liamentary Procedure Contests in the fall hy ten members who brought' hack another silver plate for their growing plaque. Last fall Ralph Roling and Bill Murdy, chapter president and reporter respectively, attended the National Convention in Kansas City. ffl Roux' R. Mt'CalIister, V. Howard, J. Yunker, 'l'. Finnegan, J. Berrhold, 12, Dietlritk. li. Baum- hartlt. .lliifilfu Rzmx' R. Sterna, R. Hutlak, D. Flock, R. Roling, E. Battish. C. Swinelortl, C. Smith, K, lissig. liar! Roux' W. Murdy. R. Swine-lord. D. McLoda, A, Orocz, M, Slatk, li, Heck, X XV. Dietlricli, VI. lischtruth, Delzeith. Pa ge I 0 XX s 0 ff Mixed Chorus Sings Like a Choir of Ange s GIRLS--Frm!! Roux' M. Roberts, P. Krok, A. Kappley, J. Woodings, C. Campbell, M. Kominis, M, Oertell, C, Lodge. Second Roux' S. Stapleton, Di. Mollison, L. Mueller, L. Ott, L. Frank, C. Siegfried, E. Rubel, R. Frederick, M. Syrowski, S. Steele, L. Ttaster, S. Durling. 'Hvirzz' Roux' M. Darch, B. Grugel, L. Heinzerling, M. Amenhauser. L. Schcide, I.. Buser, I. Blythe, M. Nahors, M. Cotton, M. Bramwell, C. Gilliland. M. Wagner, D. Brarnwell, B, Raesler. limb Rona' K. Sabiers, N. Kaser, C. Vandersall, D, Moebius. J. Martin, W. Hutton, D. Coleman, D. Tabbert, B. Parker. D. Cor- ton, R. Rosenkranz, B. Schroeder, B. Werner, M. Bosse, D. Poore, I.. Bischoff. BOYS-Front Roux' -I. Pippert, xl. Menz, E. Bryner, D. Hearn, P. Scharff, R. Wohlever, G. Green. Barb Razr: C. Brown, D. Flock, E, Moebius, R. Coverdale, R. Marlowe, J. Jewett, J. Connell. Mr. Moores typical greeting to the Mixed Chorus at the Tuesday morning rehearsals was "Sing 'Like a Choir of Angels." Those who heard the high school singers this year really agreed that they sang like a heavenly choir. The chorus made its first appearance at the Christmas Vesper Program. Also at this time the Varsity Singers made their debut by singing Fred XX'aring's arrangement of "'Twas the Night Before Christmasf' This group is composed of Martha Syrowski, Nancy Kaser, ff' Mary Lou Borowicz, Diane Tabbert, Carolyn Vander-sall, Dorothy Moebius, Don Flock, Jerry Menz, -lack Qlewett, and Paul Scharff. The Varsity Singers have entertained many ff groups. including the Eastern Stars and the P. T. A. High point of the year was the Spring Concert presented in May by the Mixed Chorus in collaboration with the freshman and junior high choral groups. A few numbers from this program were "Now Thank We All Our God," "Medley of Popular Songs," "God So Loved the WtJrld," Heavenly Light," and several solos. X 1 Page 46 tge 47 Cafeteria Aids Greet Noon Hour Crowd Serving in the cafeteria during the noon hour are eleven student aides: Beverly Berry, Diane Henry, Isabelle Auhle, Beatrice lfuhrman, jean Miller, Marla Bramwell, Frieda Werner, janet Battenhouse, Phoebe Hill, Carol Gilliland, and Mildred Martin. and Presents Spectacular Shows at Field, Gym Faced by four high-stepping majorettes and di- rected by Miss Miner, the A.H.S. Band staged many brilliant performances at the home football and basketball games during 1947-48. The group also journeyed to Medina, where along with the Medina band it presented a spectacular show in salute to the Medina Home-Coming Queen. Eleven members of the organization organized a German Band which entertained for chapel, for the Rotary Club, and for the Business and Profes- sional Women's Club. Several of the outstanding musicians competed in the County Musical Contest at Clearview, in the district contest at Elyria, and in the state contest at Columbus. The entire band participated in the Music Festi- val at Wellington, playing a 15-minute concert. Other bands that attended were Medina, Welling- ton and Rocky River. In the Christmas Vesper Service and the Spring Concert the band presented a varied program of concert music. The most faithful boosters of the band are the Band Mothers, who work untiringly to earn money for new instruments and uniforms. Oboe--L. Buserg t'ld'fi7I8lJ1L. Mueller, W. Hoy, Rubel, E. Dute, 1.. Ott, T. Dute, B. Nickel, S. Henry, G. Smith, L. Huey, M. Taylor, C. Washkag .raxophoner-J. Battenhouse, M. Gergel, N. Gawneg lrumpeti'-T. Short, D. Jenkins, W. Murdy, B. Ritzler, D. Cotton, M. Darch, J. Mlinarik, H. Washkag laorni'-L. Borowicz, M. Naborsg trombone-K. Bechtel, D. Vandersall, D. Woodingsg flute-N. Mollisong ban-A. DesChamps, H. Chambersg drum:-E. Gall, D. Strauss, C. Berrington, E. Heck, G. Meadg bell:-S. Nylen. FLAG BEARERS-M. Mollison, B. Fuhrman COLOR GUARDS-L. Witt, M. Cotton. MAJORETTES-M. Darch, G. Niesen, l. Buchanan, A. Kappley. Sweetheart Dance Highlights G.A.A. Calendai The G.A.A. began the 1947-48 season with one of the largest enrollments it has ever had. One hundred one girls signed up in September for a full program of hikes, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and several dances. Most outstanding event of the year for the Girls' Athletic Association was the formal Sweetheart Dance, held on Valentines Day. Other major activities of the season were the Sadie Hawkins Dance, the Record Dance, and the annual basketball tournament. Spring days were full of baseball games and hikes of all kinds. One of the G.A.A. girls' favorite haunts is the Outdoor Life. Officers of the club are Dorothy Moebius, presidentg Margaret Choate, vice-president, Malvina Kominis, secre- tary, Alice Kappley, treasuretg and Mrs. Kubuske, adviser. SENIORS AND UNIORS fTon Picturel J i from Rauf: V. Heinzerling, C. Towne, M. Buchanan, M Cook, I. M. Buchanan. Second Rom' B. Buchs, M. Amenhauser, D. Poore, R. Frederick, B. Raesler, D Cahl, B. Nickel, E. Rubel, R. Haas, M. Attie, D. Gam- bish. Third Roux' M. L. Borowicz, L. Buser, L Scheide, S. Stapleton, A. Virant, A. Kappley, C. Van dersall N. Kaser, L. Mautner, L, Moody, C. Gilliland D. Bramwell, C. Campbell, M. Kominis. Bark Rowi L. Bishoff. M. Oertell, M. Choate, D. Moebius, C. Parker, D. Tabbert, M. Cotton, M. Mollison, B. Gru gel, K. Sabiers, M. Darth, A. Sliman. Plge 48 SUPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN . From! Rrgufx M. Wagr1er', B. Ritzlet, C. Sharp, L. Beesingz, B. Fuhrman, D. Henry, M. Martin, M. Dunning, Al. Miller. Second Roux' S. Nylen, P. Gehl, D. Hutton J. Gambis, N. Choate, L. Huey, D. Amenhauser, -I Jones, J. Lach, M. Roberts, N. Salwiers, D. Miller M. L. livanoski, L. Borowicz. Third Roux' R. Schwartz L. Tmster, C. Lodge, B. Parker, L. Ott, W. Darnell B. Vollmer. R. Slack. M. Dull, D. Coleman, B. Schroe: der, S. Durlmg. M. Bosse, B. XVerner, D. Cotton. ,I Deidrich, M. L. Taylor. Bari Ruiz: C. Wc'rx1ert. .l Brown, M. Menz, L. Witt, A. Guiselman, -I. Busser J. Martin, E. Dute, C. Siegfried, L. Frank, G. Smith D. Mollison, I. Auble, P. Krok, M. Nahors, K. Ryan N. Hever. v ". . . And As The Days Go By" SEPTEMBER 2--The bell rings. 5-john jewett presides at first assembly. 8-Mrs. Egeland presents pins to Thespians. I2-Latin Club elects Carol Siegfried consul. Comets win first grid gameg defeat Norwalk. 16-Biology class visits Cleveland Zoo and Mu- seum of Natural History. 20-Sophomores enjoy half holiday, their award for selling "Record" subscriptions. Sewing classes attend Food Show at Cleve- land Public Auditorium. 23-Council sponsors Kick-Off dance. OCTOBER 7-Magazine sales contest begins. 10-Classes stage talent contest at assembly. 19, 20-Ralph Roling and William Murdy attend F.F.A. convention at Kansas City. 22, 23-Mary Lou Borowicz portrays title role in "Life of the Party." 8-Miss Steele talks to Circulo Espanol about her trip to Mexico. 31-School adjourns for N.E.O.T.A. NOVEMBER 10-Speech department presents "Know Your School Program" at P.T.A. 1 1-Steel Blenders sing at football banquet. 15-G.A.A. frolic at Sadie Hawkins dance. I9-Seniors entertain mothers and teachers at tea. 21-Hoy's band plays for junior party. 25--P.T.A. sponsors book review. 27-School closes for Thanksgiving vacation. 29, 30-Record Staff delegates attend N.S.P.A. Convention in Cleveland. DECEMBER 2-Speech students see "Dear Ruth" at Play House. 7-Seniors exchange gifts at Christmas party. 8-Grades sing carols for P.T.A. 18-Music department presents Christmas vesper service. 19-Dorothy Moebius portrays Mary in Christmas Cantata. 20-Christmas vacation begins. F.F.A. sponsors dance. JANUARY 5--Classes resume. 14-Senior girls take D.A.R. history test. 15-Sophomores honor Clara Lodge at birthday party. 22-Latin club visits Oberlin Art Museum. 28-Professor W. W. Egan of Kent State Univer- sity discusses recent plays with Thespians. 50-Miss Mary Roe, former London schoolmistress, speaks at assembly. FEBRUARY 5-Freshmen elect officers. 7-Albert Wasem and jerry King rate honorable mention in Senior Scholarship Tests. 9-Mrs. Helen Clay says au revoirg Miss Lois Summer returns. 14-Girls invite boy friends to G.A.A. formal Sweetheart Dance. 22, 26-Supt. Powers attends Administrators' Con- vention at Atlantic City. 23-A.H.S. defeats Medina to clinch Southwestern League championship. MARCH 6-Elaine Rubel and Maxine Garthe win superior rating at Clearview Music Contest. 12-Comets bow out of Kent tourneyg lose to Leav- ittsburg. 14-Band gives pre-Easter concert. 15, 18-Drama students stage one-act plays. 20-Elmer Gall and clarinet quartet receive su- perior ratings at District Music Contest. 20, 28-Spring vacation. 25-Miss Shirley Haines, art teacher, becomes Mrs. james Howard. 31--State tests begin. APRIL 1-Forum Club inaugurates series of noon dancesg plans to buy wire recorder with proceeds. Rotary Club fetes band at banquet. Miss Steele is named "First Lady of Amherst." 2-Claude Miller and Joyce Kovach dance "jarabe Tapatio" at modern language assembly. 7--Psychology class practices etiquette at dinner ar . 8-Sbixtslytudents participate in Southwestern Quiz Bee. 9-Sperandeos charm assembly audience with program of popular and classical music. 10-Sophomores dance at the "Rec". 12-Engle's proteges compete at Lorain track meet. 13-Cage teams are guests at Basketball Banquet. 15-A.H.S. is host to seniors of near-by schools for Career Day. 16-Band members take part in four-band concert at Wellington. 21-Latin Club freshmen serve Roman Banquet to sophomores. 50-Miss Miner directs Band in Spring Concert. MAY 1-Scholarship team competes at Berea. 3-Mr. Moore presents choral groups in May con- cert. 8-juniors are hosts to seniors on Showboat Am- herst. 23-Seniors don caps and gowns for baccalaureate service at Sr. Peter's Evangelical Church. 24--Graduates star in Class Night program. 26--Superintendent Powers presents diplomas to members of Class of '48. 28-Students receive final report cards. 29-Alumni entertain graduates at banquet and dance. Page 49 .. f-F . QE-EF.- :in ' x fl RA W :Qi 3 , Y He. '...':- -fi S READY AND STEADY AMHERST HIGH THLETICS 1 xi 'lf 1 D Q all L 5 . x ,NQEK we .V wk wiwkxwk :KV QV, .sw 5 X A frm' .., ' 8-n-gf" ' T N xx 1 31.4 .. ,U,t, V xl 4 YL . Y M51 "ups f .494 M.- AG""'t . -"J, ,f-"W 'Q Af' www ' +R af' 49' WW 3,gx x "J", .- Iv v, .i .n g J S. V Q I, ' W Q ? n if . . and Good Will of Entire Community by F. R. Powers If, when you pick up the family Bible this eve- ning, you'll just thumb through it until you come about to the second chapter of the Book of Acts, along about the seventeenth verse, you'll find the line, "And your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." A person could tote that text right down to the Amherst Memorial Field and really make it apply to what has happened there during the last couple of years. For when the harvest moon is shining over that field and the game is on and the band is parading between the halves and that crowd of hundreds of people is really entering into the spirit of one of those Amherst Comets' football games, it does seem to be a dream come true, a realization of a vision that is now reality. The AMHERST BOOSTER CLUB started the ball rolling. They raised the money to buy the fence and the lights down there. Of course that money came from hundreds of Amherst people, so we all feel more or less like prime movers in the enterprise. The U. S. Automatic Corporation gave us the money to buy that large additional plot of land that now forms the east half of our field. The local light plant men did a wonderful job of install- ing those lights. We can well feel proud of our field. Then the Athletic Association came through with the money to buy those two fine sets of ten- high bleachers. The township trustees gave us many a lift with their machinery. l The Board of Education starred out by undertak- ing to grade the field, seed it, and get the whole "ground works" in good order. That was a real job. We thought that first summer that the new grass would never start to grow. The water company gave us some special consideration and even the Fire Department gave us a lift. It was a pleasure to see members of the Board and even the local editor working away with picks and shovels. Of course there were some men and some boys from the school house, too, who lent a hand. Our two ianitors always manage to get in on such jobs. Even the United States Government abetted the cause, for they sold us at very small cost those five buildings from the old establishment up at Plum Brook. That was quite a venture, buying those buildings way up south of Sandusky and getting them down here for dressing rooms, refreshment stands and ticket booths. We find many people envying us our success in getting those. I'm afraid that if I start mentioning names of people who did outstanding work down there, I shall get into trouble, for it's easy to omit names when a fellow starts writing some down. But Carl Kolbe did contribute his machine for digging all those holes and Carl Mulder did lay a lot of those concrete blocks under the building that came down from Plum Brook. Whoever did it all does not matter so much. Seems as though I remember hobbling down there on crutches at the start of the game and possibly lending a hand myself at mud-mixing Knot sling- ingj along toward the end of the project. The main thing to record is that we have a beautiful athletic field down there at the foot of Harris Street. We are deeply indebted to all those folks who helped "see the visions and make them come true." Amherst is proud of its MEMORIAL FIELD. Page 53 WfII,l"ORID Lolxslf Amherst 19 - Medina 40 Somers Win Glory With Tackles and Touchdowns FOOTBALL SUMMARY Sl ORING FOR TI-IE GAMES XVAS DIVIDED uponents Amherst A5 FOLLOWS? 7 Norwalk 0 Wfellingron . , U 7 Brunswick -larry Prime 6 Lorain Reserves Dale BYUCC 30 North Olmsted Ed Bryner I5 NewI.ol1Llon . Dick Mulder 20 XMQJW Bob Coverclule - . . Wglyne Schnnuk 5- T Eugene Ice I27 TQTAI-S Don Wilfrarrl PA T 'I 'oral 7 49 2 54 0 30 0 18 I I3 1 15 0 6 0 6 X l W: DP l WL , xr, '- ,, ony, 5 From' Rau .' R. Sabiers, D. Wilfcmrrl, F. Sutliff, H. Whslmka, R. Van Niel, J. Green, R. Mulder, R. Sharp, H. Lorlge, A. Abel, E, Ice, M. Gigliotri. Alirlrflc' Roux' Coach Ludwig, K. Shand, D. Flock, R. I-Iurlak, D. McI.oLl.x, N. Miller, J. Ryan, J. Sfhieferstein. C. Brown, R. Dudley. C. Rich, J. Selmunrs, E. Davis, Coach Thomas. Burk Rmzz' T. Simon, J. Delzeith, R. Marlow, UI. Pritrie, R. Cloverdale, A. Orosz, W. Schnauk, W. Koepp, D. Bruce, ' Bryner. Page 55 VarsiTy,Reserve Cagers Score Triumphant Sease VARSITY RESERVES Ifmflf linux' D, lirucc, A, Orusf.. R, cil3vL'I.LE11lC, l71'f1111 Rffzzx' N. Cligliurli, H. Vifglsllkgl, M. ilcrgul, Prirric, li. liryncr, Cfmclm EIAIIUITILIS. D Xwilfwrd, ID. Huclms, Cfmclm 'l'lmm.m, lin! Rwzzy' bl. Mcnz, AIILIVQ -I.SCiIN.ll1fS,XY7.SCl1l1LlLlk. limi' lQffn'.' CQ SWiIli.'EUI'L'l, KI, BL'I'I'iIlIQIOI1, ll, I.mlgL'. AI. ulcwcrr, Ci. Clrccxm, Cl. XV INCII1, Nlgr, M. Slack, R, S.lbiC1'S, G. Mend. Page 56 ome'rs Win Southwestern League Championship VARSITY AND RESERVE BASKETBALL SUMMARY VAR. OPP. RES OPP. 37 40 l.orain , 17 27 31 51 Elyria , 29 25 70 28 H W Wfellington , 50 30 54 21 Medina 32 26 34 44 ,, O, 77,,. South Amherst 7 , 35 20 65 25 2- 2, Lorain St. Mary's , , ,,,, 35 24 57 39 H- Wesi'lake , 15 33 64 52 , Clearview ,E 25 16 43 39 H ,, Berea , 30 29 66 31 , f., New London , 40 14 60 32 2 Wellingtcmn ,, 37 33 45 31 , Vermilion , , 31 25 57 33 W Lorain St. Mary's 29 30 38 43 ,S ,en South Amherst ,,,, 7, 7 38 36 33 40 , 2 ,. Sandusky St. Mary's 21 32 52 32 W. Huron , , 32 39 66 38 , . Clearview , , 26 40 46 30 Oberlin , 25 27 30 31 Alumni E ll 27 39 32 2, Mediila W, 7. 36 25 45 34 2 Ed, Berea ,, .2,,, 2 E 23 34 TOURNAMENTS LORAIN SECTIONAL: Amherst 71 Valley City 29 Amherst 58 Eaton 38 KENT DISTRICT: Amherst 31 Leavittsburg 38 VARSl1h'-WLJII 17g Lost 7 RESERY'ES-XWOU 125 Lost 9 Green Bruce Schnaak Orosz Coverdale Pritrie Mulder Bryner Selmants Coach Thomas Page 57 Junior High and Freshmen Dribble, Pass, Shoot JUNIOR HIGH I:7'Uflf Roux' J. Buscr. R. Towne, If. Gigliotti, C. Grcnilow. L. Bnrrlomu, W. Srairlmck, C. Hogrcfc, R. Xxfilford. R. Kane. FRESHMEN vcr, R. Bork, R. Van NL-il, I. Riser. lfn,-111 Roux' D. Simgi, D. iicorgc, AI. Hcnrv. XY' Wfoig Brill' Ron: N. Ijruu-. K. Iissiqu. I'. Struct, Ii. INIQYQI' fluff Roux' N. Hollingsworth, Mgr.: W. Dicdrick, R. Irinncgzin, -I. Ixmusc. A. I'ozni.iI4. -I. I.LILkIIl, I I.o L, nk Gcrhcr, Ii. Br.1mIon. R. lircdcrick, D. Bcckcr, D. Nec- Icy, D. Coleman, T. Rogers, D. Starlwuck, G. Pooru, R. Pippcrr, H. Baker, C. Thomas. Srrcth, Ii. DIQLII' '. i FRESHMAN AND JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SUNIMARY FRIZSHMEN OPP. -IIINIUR HI OPI? 5-I I7 XXICIIIIIQIOII 29 IH I0 QI Huron Z I IZ Io lo Medina -Il JH Si I9 XX'cIIingl'on 33 28 52 SLI IVICLIIIL1 29 Il 27 QI Huron I5 I I South Amhcrsr Io 7 South Amherst I8 I I Amherst St. Ioscplrs 53 I 5 I9 27 IIIyri41 20 25 Saimiiisky St. Marys ll I6 Mcniinn I:RIiSHMIiN - Won 6g Losr 6 lvmoiz Hicaii - Won Og Lim O D3-:C I Gym Teams, Track Men Win Acclaim GYM TEAMS Friday, December fifth, the Amherst High School gymnastic and tumbling team, under the di- rection of Coach A. R. Thomas. had an exchange chapel program with Medina High School. Members of the gymnastic team are as follows: Richard Gerber, Gilbert Podlich, Dick Kane, jack Earl, lack lce, Toby Brainard, John Luccio, Ted Simon, -lerry Green, Edward Moebius, Gene Baum- hardt, Bill Starbucl-t, Gene Kramer, Paul Buser, Dick Sabiers, Bob XX!oh1ever, Wilfcmrci Frederick, Charles Smith, lim Kaiser, and Don Flock. Page 60 TRACK SCHEDULE Date Opponent Place Apr. -Lorain Lorain Apr. -Berea, Oberlin Oberlin Apr. -Oberlin College Freshmen Oberlin May -Clearview Relays Clearview May -Medina Medina May -League Berea May -District Clearview May 22-State Columbus xtxtixxxixttlitIltxixxxitttixxxtttlltxtxtitltiixtilt Visit the Newest and Largest Jewelry Store In This Part of the Country SEYMOUR'S - Reliable Jewelers - LORAIN, oH1o CLAYTON J. SPRINGER Insurance and Real Estate 102 PARK AVE. AMHICRST, OHIO PHONE 400 lilCS'l' WISIIICS TO WE NICICID YOUR HEAD , SMITH'S BARBER SHOP S Union Barber Shop 54' to 251.00 STORE AMIIICRST, OHIO Congratulations To The Class Of 1948 THE LORAIN HARDWARE CC. - Athletic Equipment - LORAIN, OHIO FIFTH AND BROADWAY PHONE 2281 tiillitt Page 61 xxx!!! lt!!!xxxxxixxxiixxxxxxxxxxxxi 111111131xxxxxitlxxxxxxxlxxxxxxxx Congratulations To the Class of 1948 US. AUTOMATIC CORP. Amherst, Ohio V J l'OMl'l.IMEXTS OF MlSCHKA'S COAL YARD -Ex:-lnsive Agents For- lYhite Oak - Sunbeam Pom-alnontans - Robin Hood Pavalier Stoker Foal AM H IC RST, OHIO FOMPLIM ENTS OF LYON TAILORS LORAIN, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Springer 6? Mueller xxxxlxxxxxxxx Page 62 GENERAL CONTRACTORS xsstxxxss gy, FOMPLIMEXTS OF Wesbecher Hardware ALFRED FLoWERs-Owner General llardwure, Builrlers Supplies Elevtria-al Supplies X Appliances PHONE 475 263 MAIN ST. and Besf Wishes THE AMERICAN SPECIALTY CC. Maker flllf IQUIPMIN1' for over 20 years . Amherst, Ohio BERK'S BEST WISHES TO THE Quality Store GRADUATES OF 1948 M I L D R E D ' S Good Thingx To Eat! LADIES' SHOP XMIIIGRST, OHIO PPIONE 459 PARK AVE. AIWIHERST, OHIO l'OMl'LIBIENTS OF UOIWPLIIIUENTS OF B A E T Z B A K E R D A I R Y FURNITURE STORE AMHICRST, OHIO PARK AVE. AINIHERST, OHIO ' MPLIIHENTD OF DR ISI B B A D D. R. GOLDTHORPE ' ' ' R N ATTORNEY-at-LAW AMHICRST A 4 W OHIO AMHERbT, OHIO 11111111111 1111111111111111111111111111 Page 65 '1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111lt111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 P111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111 x1 HART JEWELRY COMPANY Buy With Confidence From Lorain County's Largest Jewelry Store 575 BROADWAY LORAIN, OHIO A. NABAKOWSKI CO. Zilch Florists laoolflxu AND SHEET METAL FUNTRAUTORS , Fresh Cut Flowers Daily -1- TILE ROOFING A SPECIALTY -1- ixMHERs'r, OHIO--Shop Phone 474 182 Park Abve' ,u'1so.s.w lflsonf THE 01,0 .wl'l:m'G I NME 484 Success To The Class Of '48 THE RUDY MOC STUDIO Photographer for A.H.S. Record We wish to express our appreciation to the students and faculty of Amherst High School for their kind cooperation and courteous patronage BROADWAY AT 20th STREET LORAIN, OHIO 11111111 Page 64 1111111111111 11 1 1111111 1111t111111111111111tt11tl111111111111 COMPLI MENTS OF L SL L CHEVROLET AMI-IERST, OHIO f'OMl'LIMl'1NTS OF The W n e lc ' s AM1?iSE3Qlgg3R AUTO SERVICE 20-It 51111 STREET LORAIN, OHIO 259 "ARK AVE' PHONE 6422 1'OMl'Ll MICNTS C. 1. EHRMAN Realtor SL General Insurance Dr. N. A. Ruloel l'Hf7Nl'lS 482 -- 7282 DENTIST AMIIERST, oHIo 1'oM1'1,1M1cN'rs o1+' THE Farmers' Elevator AM HERST, OHIO P H ON E 49 l Amherst Dry Cleaners 240 TICNNEY AVE. AMHERST, OHIO CHARLES EBBS lVIen's and Women's WEARING APPAREL AMH1cRs'l', OHIO f'OMl'LIMENTS OF Mary Edwards Amherst Beauty Salon AMHERST, OHIO BILL SCHOEMIG Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Meats Pure Kiln Rendered Lard 1512 PARK AVE. AMHERST 1111111111111111111111111111111 11 1111111v 111111111111l11111111l1 I'OMI'LIMENTS OF G. R. WISEMAN, Jr., M.D. AMHERST OHIO Page 65 QQ11 41111111ii1i111t11111t11111itititil!!!It511111li!!KSSQSQSQISKSQIBISQSSKSQQ111531111ttiititittttitiiilitsttxf 1111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111 The Amherst News-Times PUBLISH:-ms -:- PRINTERS L1TuOGRA1'm:Rs 111111111111111111111111111111111 GuiId's WALLPAPER 51, PAINTS PICNIC X PARTY SUPPLIES Many Other Paper PPOIIIICIS LOOKER SUPPLIES OOMPLIMENTS OF BERRINGTON'S ELECTRIC APPLIANCE AND GIFT SHOP Weaf'-U-Well Shoes HUGO TRUSCELLO AMIIERST, OHIO f'OMI'LIMENTS OF DRS. C. H. and ELSIE K. SNELL AMI-IERST, OHIO BEST XVISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 KUSS DRUG STORE AMHERST, OHIO Compliments of IRVING R. EMMERICI-I FUNERAL DIRECTOR Phone 3 1 12 2373 CLEVELAND AVE. AMHERST, OHIO HARRY NIELSEN 347 BROADWAY LORAIN, OHIO YVATCHES -:- IHAMONDS -:- -II-JWELRY -:- Slnvr-:R Jewelry the Gift for the Graduate DR. RICHARD L. NIELSEN OPTOMETRIST LOCATED AT HARRY N1EI.slcN's JEWELRY STORE EYES EXAMINEII -:- GLASSES FITTED -:- LENSES REPLAPEID Page 66 1111111111 11111111111111111111111111 1 txssxusxx1111111151uxxxxxxsxmnuuxxxnxxsxxixxxxxntsnsuuxxux THE REIDYSCANLAN eo. -FURN1TuRE- s Broadway at 21st Lorain,' Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF I THE LGRAIN CGUNTY SAVINGS and TRUST GG. Lorain County's Largest Bank AMHERST, OHIO ELYRIA, OHIG VI IIIA ,BIXIJ LR IIOTUILLS kl Rxl I I RI SH AIHO SHOWN SAIULI D BITTK C01 DKEID DAILY THEATRE PRITTIE'S 'IVILL SHOIV THEM BEN FRANKLIN STORE SMITH and GERHART, INC. Lorain's Store of Quality Fashions Q Coats -:- Suits Q Accessories Q Dresses Q Yard Goods Q Shoes -:- Hats Q Domestics Q Boys, SL Girls' Wear Q Men's Wear Page 67 itxiii!Slit!!!515BiiiIiii!!titit1ititiii!t1111151318ittIS1IiiiiiiititiiiBtiliiiiititiiliitiiiitt1115151111 E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 11111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111 The knowledge and experience of 'The Open Door" Funeral Directors wiIl.prove comforting and 340 PARK AVENUE 1111111111111111111 11111 considerate whenever they are needed. ZILCI-I FU ERAL HOME PHONE425 SI'l'1'ICSS TO 'PHE CLASS OF 1948 We Spec-iulize in Wntclies and Fine Jewelry Gifts for the Gradllate PISTELL SL SCHNEIDER Succ-essors to Tum Ono. A. IVILARK Co. lirozulway at 7th St. Lorain, Ohio 1'OMI'LIMENTS OF The B-ig Store Wfitli the Small 11'ron,t WAGNER MUSIC and APPLIANCE STORE 309 ,BROAD ST. ELYRIA, OHIO HAGEMAN SHOE CO. O4 DOD SIN I ES,-l4':1i1'Iy I'i'ice1I X-HAY FITTING -:- CIIIROPOIJIST NVQ' Give and Redeem Owl SIZIIIIIDS 2187 BROADWAY LORAIN, OHIO m'oi1l'I.1MEN'1's ov R. J. EHRLICH Jeweler ROBINSON DRY CLEANING 221 fIIlIII'l'Il St. I'l1oue 5521 AMHEHST, OIIIO umm' ox noon NAMES R E G E R KL Fon QUALITY B I N N E G E R Jewelers Buy Your Favorite Nationally Amlvertised Merclianclise at . . . C. H. MERTHE CO. ELYRIA , OHIO Page 68 385 Bw 111111 I'EmmC'ir IIIAMONDS IIEPENDAISLIG IVATCIIIGS mel St. Century ELYRIA, OHIO Block 111111111111111111111111 ll!! liilwx Im lin 0 I Ixlixxxxixxxxxxxxxxitxxxtxuixiii Charles A. MiIIer NOTARY PUBLIC and INSURANCE VIIUXIGS: Uffim-0 T-IIII Res. 1174-I IZ!!! PARK AVICNIIIC AMIII'IIiS'I'. UIIIU S'I'I'IPI'IN'I'S' 4'I,0'I'IIINfI ,xxiw IIAIIICIIIMSIIICRY .I lflryf' .wr'1rw'li1n1 of ull flu' Xf':4'wxl ,llmlvls THE Sam KIein Co. 4125 IEIIUAIDXVAY IAIIIAIN, OHIO 1'UMI'I,IMI'INTS Ulf' LEHMA ELECTRIC SERVICE 4:0 sui"riei MAIN s'1'Rm:T THE Amherst Hardware co. IIICNICIIAL IIAIIIJIYAIIIG I'I.I'BIllIN4I ANI' IIICATINH I'Iimw Hifi Anilivrsl. Ohio I'IIONI'I 5051 AMI'II'IICST. OIIIU I':iii1t Up I QQ Iii-iggIi10n Up " ' with Ibi:Vui: I'.xiN'rs 'X . ICx.nii:I,s and XYARNISIIES ,Ilfuln Numa 1754 THE AMHERST LUMBER CO. IiI'MI4IGN -1- CHAI, -1- MILLWURK ROOFING -:- PAINTS I'Iimi0 4511 - Mill Ave. - Alnlu-rst, 0. M IS C H K A ' S RESTAURANT IIOMIC i1,xiv1+:mNimiics "II'llr'rr' flu- fjllllfj mw'fx rlffvl' flu' flllllllm ANIIICIiH'I', OIIIO xxsnxxxxxsiixiis Qxuuuni nuns Dr. R. E. Schaeffer IDICNTI ST IAIIIAIN 4'Ul'X'l'Y HANK I'II,INI. AMIII'lRS'I', OII I0 msn qut1ssxuxxnQxl!tt!t!i5s Page 69 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQHQQCQQQQQQ '555ii5ii'5iiiiii'-iiiiiiii!I!!!iISISii!!!Illt!Ilittthiiiittixitttitixiittiixtithttxstsslisixiiiiiiitiittt I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'U su Jr: fb XI CD A TELEPHONE SAVES TIME and MONEY THE LORAIN TELEPHONE CO. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQHQ COMPLIMENTS OF WAGNER Sz AEBERSOLD AMHERST, OHIO COMPLIMENTS TO . I 4 THE CLASS OF ,48 LOMPLIMENTS OF AMI-IERST HOLZHAUER FURNITURE COMPANY SHOES Ollurm-I1 SIAMHERST' 0HII5hOne 5662 AMHERST, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF DR. A. F. MOQUEEN COMPLIMENTS OF DR. A. H. SMITH AMHERST AMHERST, OHIO 01110 ' J. J. SMYTHE ATTORNEY-at-LAW W' E' MOEBIUS Room 205 I40I'ilIll County Bank Bldg. AMHERST, OHIO INSURANCE 6773 - PHONE - 6191 MacKENZIE'S NEWS and IIELICATESSEN 1145 Park Avenue Svhool and Office Supplies OOMPLIMENTS OF ZIMMERMAN DAIRY For Servficc fIIf.'f2.ll'S -:- Cigarettes -:- Tobacco 1 Q AMH1f:1:s'r, OHIO PHONE AMBER' T, OHIO OoM1'LlM1+1NTs OF UOMWIMENTS OF , C. E. BAKER REICHERT S OPTOMETRIST CONFECTIGNERY PARK AVE. AMHERST, OHIO W. J. BODMANN Sz CO. In-y Goods Wall Paper China and Glassware BILL'S SHOP FOR MEN Men's Wear' AMHERST. OHIO PHONE 492 PLATO COAL SL SUPPLY CO. CONCRETE BLOCK IIVILDING TILE BRICK CEMENT DRAIN and SEWER TILE METAL BUILDING SPECIALTIES PHONE 435 - AMHERST, OHIO I I I I I I ,gssmssnsnsnnssnistitssinusitissnissnguiiiististsuinnssnxunsssssminimums:tnsussssnxnusnnsuunsssssnsnsnnn I I I I I I I I 111511 iii!!!litSit1111115tl!titttittttiitltttitii!titttttiit Important Facts About The F. O. E. Organized February 6, 1898. Has more than 1,350 subordinate units or Aeries. Has instituted 113 new Aeries in last two years. Has instituted 69 new Auxiliaries in last two years. Had 152,849 Members in service in XVorld W'ar II. Has more than 1,151,000 members. Is confined to the Caucasian race. Covers U. S., Canada and Insular Possessions. Is non-sectarian and non-partisan. Ha.s assets of more than 3F77,000,000.00. Minimum membership age is 18. Average dues are 3512.00 a year, payable annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. ITS BENEFICIAL PROGRAM Sick benefits are paid to members in good standing. Since organization of Order. sick benefits paid total of 860,000,000.00. Funeral benefits are paid. Since organization of Order, funeral benefits paid total of 317,000,000.00. These benefits are paid by individual Aeries. SOCIAL PROGRAM Individual Aeries have social programs and entertainments for members and families regularly in the Aerie homes. CIVIC PROGRAM Aeries are leaders in civic and Welfare activities in hundreds of cities. They are also taking a leading part in all patriotic activities. WELFARE PROGRAM The Eagles led the fight for the passage of Workmen's Compensation, Mothers' Pension, Old Age Pension, and similar humanitarian measures in a majority of the States in the United States. They are also recognized as pri- marily responsible for passage of the United States Social Security law. They are working now to extend Social Security protection to millions of wage earners not now protected, to assist returned service men readjust themselves to civilian life, to stimulate employment so that every able bodied wage earner in America will have a job at guaranteed annual wage, and to urge adoption of the Canadian Plan to assist low income families. The Eagles built a mod- ern dormitory at Boys' Town, Nebraska, nationally well-known home for underprivileged children. AMI-IERST AERIE o. 1442 F. O. E. Page 71 tittlittlt551111811111it1tit!!!tit!itttittitittitltttitii SIBSIBSBCQDQQQQ six!! unix Business Training helps you to geta job with a future. NW- inviie the 11118 2171111121108 in wriiv for our Ilullvtin of InI'oi-mation. We Imvv sulnstzmiisn in-ss :xml Sl'l'1'l'13ll'1ll1 Fonrses. 1 one- :mel twovvzli' H1181- O1oer1in Sehooi Of Commerce OBERLIN, OHIO Own' Our' llfuizrlrrvl 1'r'r1rs of Hr'1'1'fif'r' in lif11.vinr'.w.w 7'1'ui11,ii11g WINGK.Vl'l'I'A'1'IONS 'FU 'l'H1C VIJASS OF 1948 1'HMl'LIMlCNTS LEIMBACH SERVICE Ol" 5320 Ulwrliii Aw. Anilwi-si. Ohio NO. 118 WOODINGS HOME APPLIANCE VVA Norge and Zenith Radios 'l'4'l'I FOI! 'l'll1+101'lGNlN11 ll 01901111ANN'I'A1A'AKNlVA1 2713 N. MAIN HT. PHONE 51131 COMPLIMENTS or LOIS FASHION SHOP 1F0l'IIl01'1j' I51:lckfora1's1 X , , Y , , i , , Ri-:.x1n'-'i'o.wi':.x1c I'HlXMl"l'l'x W'1"'rT"1"f li11':1nIs'. 1'1lililreii's, :Ind Lmlivs' X ll .X3l1ll'IHS'l'. H1110 l'I1HN1'1 405 32151 1'lII'Hf'll ST, 1'11HNl'1 hu' A LEO BAHL Sl'l4111lAli1ZlCID 1'1'iANN1N4l ANI? ICNHIQAYINH S1G1iY1f'1'I FUN YICARIZUUK S'1'.XFl"S . . . xiitlttiittihibtt Page 72 Groceries SL Meats PIIONIC- 431 i'mii'l.iiii-:Nw oi-' MICHAEIJS BOVVLING LANES c'm1i'l,mlcN'i's ov S. G. WETTRICH ATTORNEY-at-LAVV uisiiishtsuiituitusnhi -.r fm ' , V:-x u v I. il: . . rfff, ,- x 5,11 al " Me? v .5 W., Ti' M '. M" 1 J ' E, 5 .xl ,Q Q. sf 5.7- ,ku f-.' Siz- n Q . ,a f.. 1- 3, 4' Hr. n .V z 1 . W, .v -5 . 1 T 'P - I 'Cn x 1 X . t . 4 144 .45 Xi 4. 'Q 'iz N 1 .-I H fv- w:.v':I Wiz ., . ?ff1 W 5 Q: F. E F: R P5 F s 5 WF' 1: i. f , L . E. F'

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