Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH)

 - Class of 1944

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Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1944 volume:

,JV . V - V -- 12- 5-3.. . V15 V1 - :,VgVV: 5, ,cf - ' VV V".n,V' -Mm -V VV- , , fx ' ' H75--if-, V , sf" " - P' ff- QLVVQV . ggi' gef1..1s5V.g- VV ..1-VW L. V F , ' "VV .V .. 311- V. .i-W... , 1 , V -V-:Qs . . -fe , - V 1. ZIV' WVQ L-rr 1 . 5V--V .1..qgT.' --VV V-:Viz-V. V :'... V-V EC- -i-.V 5 ml, f'.V..V31v+,VVs. rf Effif w fi lF' S"' V i't34i', V , if:Vf ' . "' k 3-lil-fl .f2'?'7 V' N ' V ' - ,151 -Vi "3" ' ff-3 . fit if-, ..f..5 " Vi-Y 1 ,Q "" . .., i V -f"-.V."., V - gQ .:- .V V' if-'V'V-Lf. VH'-HI 1'-fivfff?-Vgs zfix V" 'V .Lr'?fi. - r-. V A g""f'-VfV- L . . .I 54 V. Z V Vw f fl- Vf- .J-2.11. -QT: . QV' if -zvgbpz .--1 V ---5 5i2..'5f?: "'5VHV -if-- :'L - LJ.- Zi- -.. gs . .-' ,V a V, , V. TV,,,g' "Van -'--? 5.1:vl'f"'f VVVX - ,rw JMB.. F11 ji.,-' VVVVT1' sff' '--- "" ' -- -V ' " V -V 'V ' 1 f V .Vff fiifefi? ' '7 ' L -V, 5-3923 +?f5': V"i V V iff. ' F ' TTTV H5- iF - ff vii--.'V 'VVKTQETQQVV ' -5' . 'S f' 5-.1 4211- V'-f-14515-TS .. 5.. . V VV,,V 1- Vip -if ' 'iff " Q' 3vH,.T'15"'Vl7V . W .. xi -rw: -. .- .V ' V. 'V ,. . - . '- V- wp'-.V V V' V, V-'HV 'fu ' fl' V VV Q1 V, VV. . 2-' ..TV.-wV V,,:.Y V- ,- 55,2-Y V, . gy- , W V , ' .54 V '-V. 'jEjjf', ,-- , -., V, 5' V.. . '1.Vs f'- -V: -si. '- 1611. :V :aw J -,X-5, i'3ffl1i'E -:Vg--mga.,-fig V':e.VV-2V VV - - -, G' V- ' -Vi. 4 V. VQIV- . JV,-V-V 4 -: V, -. V- :VV .J-..V V V V-VV .-.Vf- V- VH- -V V --1 '- .ff -V 2 1-. V --VV- V' -se uw - - " - - - V VV - aw- ' V .1..5"f. L. 5 V SAV .l .V V. -Q ,, .ff."fQ12V2.VV-..V 5 .Q , . V V. " 'Vi-'F z.. , rVz. V 4 inf. -. - ,,,.,..V -.Vg ,. : - gg A - -Saw-Q-mV 14.-..fVVV' H22 if" ..-' vigil ' ...- fVVV',5,, V V, , ,. ,- -'-ri-vi 'V' V V- -- :ff 4516-it LL ' 'Y 1 4 s .V- --5' 3? ge: M ' -1 ':f i'. - ' .V ff' VV: " ' .. .-552 Vf -V A1 -' .' -g- V- V- " . VT'2Z 'Aw -'T.,.,+' 'G'-S' ' i SI 'V V--1.4.-'V'Q" -'WY . ff .4 V ' Es,:..,'3V-'Vg- ini VV' , 1, -VV'-1 Vi . ff-L. .,.-125-'L'-V. .iff--S 1736 ., . VV .,. f1VV -' VJ V 4-F - , V QV,-5 3' , . V- VV E' - 53-13-'1f1,.-e :" -' Va P 5 . i I 'V" '-if -2 VV' 'V , Vf.. V " If 5-.XT-'ff .1,.qV' .-1-7 'Vpgyf ' - , '. if ', . , ,VV - V V - -. -. . ' , " .V ' T - V VTL' 'Vs' - -' .zL5'fVfV' -'1. ' L VV.--2 1 -Eff ' -i:."4.V " "J1s'4Vaff'1V.,:"2'-" 'V "" -.1-4--Vzi..:..3. ifV" - f -- " ' -1 L, 315.1-:.Vff l .-i c, . Si1.-'V- V-?jf,- .- - I4.1Vi,'g,.nV:.,.:.V 2,151 5, ..,V Q, 3,8 .f 'r.-1 -, -V A 'g L. ' ,V - - V ' V V' ' : A-2 V 1 "-1. .-.V 'Vg'- . V-' "V-VP ' 'V V-VVV f-'-SV' -V . " Q.. V V.. H. ,, . VM. ... , V V , 3 ...V V ,, V V .. .. V V-4' .V f., .V , ,. - , ., .,,4 , ,, . .V V 1-P' '. .-4 . V 5 U Q-m:'L:,L 'T "1-. ' w . 1" ,- g.. , ':-4 .f ' .JT f-nf," 1.1, 1-QV -,.j "5 V 'Vk . 1 Y jg- ' VR. -f. Inj? V' ' -,vVV"'.V ,' ,' -if j":,, .VY 6:1 , VV. - V V' .V ' f-f J ' - v f - -. fi V- -' -Viz 1. V -V 1 if .VJ V, V' 1 1 V 5,-..,.1f:'f1-.- fr 'TTS -31:15-J... 2 - ,' ... 'V.1:1 V- - m x ...-ya.. 3,1-:W ., . V' 7. , .-V--ri-f Vai ' , '- -1 1- ff. . 35. ,. V: ,V , -VV -15.1 ' V VV V- V zjfgzg ,jg ,V -,ji 'aff . 1-L , 'fy ,VV af: ' V' jf ff . V ' .V .gVq5, g' Vg. ,. , 'VH ' 1-13 .Eg . ,- r 3" V .V "V Z biz, V- ,T , ' . V " ff V 3 7 ' " i' 722V fr'qf'?Vl, A ' - . '25 ' ' ?f.-'f ,:1QIi'z.?5i ':-"'f": 1Q.Q -I'.f" V ' . ' Pi' 'iffy-1-.'Su?Tiri'a2". 5- V-aj.. ' l TV, ., f'x 'gV"3 'Qgifc' ,TA ' V 'V f ,V " Lf ' -VVji.j e. V. 51"-'f f' 1 11V -i' .ff l 'fgfsi-'i 1'5" 3 ' ' 'f",,,, :,V"Nf V. ,.'--I ,, 1 'i A V ' L43 .'73f.-' ' 'ries g. L V' 'N 3-fvy asa " M ,,V,,j7!'-it - E23- gy, 'V .,, '-f5"q-3. 1.1,----.VV 1, fg -9 ga.. 5f V1g V-.,,I, 5- , yf-gkqgfa. .-ig -1 Sig . X" ,VV-V -1 "ff -VV'-V ,V . L .QV-V V+ HV. ,Q---,.:.V .V - L ,Vx Vp., V- -V 1 ,313 VV?,.?4VVV , V,.,,V V.-,-,,,V,Vf,, --,Vg 5 , I hi '. . sff.ff-Va.V.-'Vi V - -gi .. V V. , V 'f s . ' ,V , V,-.Q . . V74 VV -VT' V. VCV" . ?5f"'5'Vi'?fQ,,4V.:-V? 4259-'fafifs '-V EV'-f'riVl " ' if 5. '-i g .. 'f V " V- - -f?F'5+"-'V- -4 . 1 - -2? il ' . 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The Work of war industries is mapped out to meet the needs of the armed forcesg just so, our educa- tional policy is planned so that We may do our share in effecting an early victory. ln this Annual of I944 we have endeavored to point out the many ways in which our program of work and extra-curricular activities is similar to -the routine in a defense plant. just as war in- dustries are trying constantly to speed up produc- tion, we too are attempting' to accelerate educa- tion. Indicative of the cooperation and good will which exist between education and industry is the 35,000 gift which the U. S. Automatic Cor- poration made to the Amherst Public School shop department in November, I943. , Educatimga f r Vi tory P - ram Page Thrfe Dedication i l Walter G. Nord If we were to publish a "Who's Who in Lorain County," foremost among the names of leading industrialists would be the name of Mr. Walter G. Nord, a member of the Lor- ain County War Manpower Commission. Besides direct- ing very efficiently the affairs of a modern defense plant, lVlr. Nord has devoted much time and effort towards making Amherst a better place in which to live. He served as a member of the Amherst School Board for a period of twenty years, from l920 to l940. l-le has always been keenly interested in the educational progress of the Am- herst Schools as well as in the civic Welfare of the corn- munity. As president and general manager of the U. S. Automatic Corporation, which flies the Army-Navy "E" pennant, lVlr. Nord encourages us, both teachers and stu- dents, to strive for excellence in production. To lVlr. Nord, our friend and benefactor, we, the mem- bers of "The Record" staff, proudly and sincerely dedicate this Annual of l944. Page Four A.H. . 1912 Clarence Baker 1916 Howard Barnhardt 1918 Harold Dute Milo NVil1'ord 1921 Clit'ford Tolhurst 1922 Conrail Einwachter 1923 Kenneth Tolhurst 1924 Lofton Baumhardt Charles Barkley 1925 Germaine Lahiff 1926 Frederick Tabbert Charles Gormley Doris Schofield 1927 Robert Becker Frederick Deiner XYilliam Henson Joseph Lahiff 1928 Robel't Hubbard Arthur Leutz NYilliam Purcell 1929 XYilliam Huttonlocker Ennnett Marshall NVilliam Robertson 1930 Clarence Frederick Alfred Sharp 1931 Robert Fleckner .lohn Franklin Harry Hoffner Robert Krause Donald Ludwig Laurie Miller 1932 Richard Bartz Theresa Dybinski Nelson Raesler VVilliam Tisdale George Boyce Battelle Masters lflmer Reichert Richard Logan Parker Mil er Don Svf-:et Leo Kruse James Darakis Clyde Nugent Clifford Anthonr Theodore Moody Robert XVOmack lion Slack James Abraham Tom Abraham Russell Bartlome Clyde Bring Honor Roll Alumni and Former 1933 Herbert Fuhrman Karessa Meitzke XVillard Mengel Roy Schaeffer Frances Tisdale Oskim Arthur Thomas 1934 Edwin Berger Jack Blackford Gerald Bruce - Lt-Roy Hoffner Carl Lakofsky Hugh McGarvey Adelbert Young 1935 Frank Borocz .lolm Brown James Ehrman Joseph Finnegan Carl Grugel Geoffrey Mongcr James Nabakowski John Smythe, Jr. NYillis Stiwald Ray Zink 4936 Robert Hall' Herbert Van Keuren Russell Andrews Roy Beesingi Michael Mikitka Robert Stevens Arnold Koepp Harry Powers Frank Reichert Andrew Levay Elmer Smith Joseph Abraham Adam Drozdowski Robert Gerber Stanley Gambish 1937 Richard Aschenbaeh Norwood Becker Harold Bennett John Borman Roy Clifford Elmer Cook Robert Cromwell Ervin Ehlert NVilliam Ellerfngtfzn Frank Gambish Melvin Jackson Douglas Harris Frank Herrman Rose Mikitka Burton Jcnne Robert Krieg Rudolph Puskey NValter Michael Edward Lach 1938 Alfred Baxter Joseph Fuhrman Burton Hoffner Raymond Bortner Chester Kubuske Norman Kreeger VV11liam Kunzman .lames Larson Elmer Maloney Irvin Maxwell Joseph McCann Robert Laux Clifford Messal John Mikitka Donald Maze Ralph Thomas Earl Sabiers David Schmitkons James Short Gerald Van Keuren Howard Young Paul Wenzel ' 1939 Harold Niesen Claude Rahl Ralph Holzhauer Glen Slumska Harry Deitz Henry Edwards James Dellefield Robert Ernst Clarence Gerber Robert Grugcl George Gordon John Bierman Richard Griffin LeRoy Tyler Lewis Horvat VVilliam Raab Maurice Paton Carl Henes Clarence Blackford ' Charles Borocz Ray Bombach George Belden Walter Brucker Tony Belt Laurence Butler Donald Daley Jack Dean Charles Draga Edward Drozdowski Elmer Eggert Ray Essig Robert Ehrman Robert Finnegan Joseph Franklin Paul Green Ralph Haas Manfred Haas Philip Holliday LeRoy Holl Jolm Innes Edwin Hall James Jackson Leo Kapucinski VValter Kapucinski Carl Kolbe Fred Leuszler Clifford Messerole Howard Messerole tudents in the Service 1940 Noble Bierman xvlllltllll Dean James llrozdowski Roy Dute Roliert Edwards NVilliam Ehrman Ray Frederick Robert Fuhrman Robert Griffin George Jaeger Norman Kurth Paul Meitzke Richa1'd Ott John Ruth Harold Telzerow Sam Truscello Joseph NVhiton Jack XVilhelni Jerry Young Donald Franklin Jack Essig Robert McCann 1941 George Bierman Ralph Bortner VVilliam Bruce, Jr. Charles Hamann Donald Haas Richard Hasenflue Burnett Haynes Nile Hill Paul Hoffman Eddie Horvath John Kapucinski Russell Krieg Harold Krieg Dan Mihuta Herbert Morris Donald Schieferstein Paul Kiser ' Henry Sharp Christ Speroft' Ellsworth Towne XVi'lson , Van Haun Edwin Van Keuren James VVesbecher XVilford Bailey Benjamin Kolenda Edward Solack Albin NVagner 1942 James Xvlllltdlll Dean Maze Kenneth Mellen Jack McCann Richard Muniga Frank MacKenzie James McCann LeRoy Nichols Gene Nagy Ray Ott Gene Poor Leo Redman Nelson Riddle Robert Sanders Floyd Scliwitzke Robert Sagert James Bauer XValter Radosevich XValter Laeh Henry Ficht Earl Stiwald Robert XVenzel Vincent Strauss Ellsworth Maloney Dan Bombach Cletus Bruce Maynard Brucker Arthur llarakis Edwin Foster NYayne Fritz Harry Hall Herman Kirselmer Gaylord Kruse Harold Lavine Philip Lodge George NValker Regis Mannion Thomas Niesen James Redman Ramon Slumska Raymond NVrag:,' James Childress James Attie JZllllt'S Donnelly Elmas Towne 1943 Paul Belt Robert Brucker Donald Rrumbach Albert Conl'ad Walter Gamb'sh Paul Hoxzrefe Li-Roy Kubuskz- Lee Leuszler Robert Mihuta Chester Palen .lohn Penton Robert Pritiie Michael Radosev?c'i Eugene Ricket Donald Sahl Frank Linn Ludolf Kreeger, Jr. Glen Hedges Edward Bierman Richard Ehrman 19-H Charles Heck I William lark Edmund Solack Paul Swartz Carl Schieferstein Joseph Sroka James NYilker Norman NVoiczikowski Howard Van Nuys James Youngless Robert Zinnnerman Merlin Linn Norman XVliiton NVaIter Torno "' Died in the Service To you, the Amherst High School alumni in the SERVICE and all other former students of the Amherst Public Schools in the ARMED FORCES of the United States, we, the staff of "The Record," along with the student body and the faculty, give a salute. You, by serving in the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Corps, and the Merchant Marines, are defending the prin- ciples and ideals of our American life: you are fighting to keep our democracy safe for all future Amherst students and for all other true American citizens of our great nation. We are proud of you, our Amherst boys and girlsin the SERVICE! . The Honor Roll includes the names of those who entered the SERVICE prior to May i, I944. We realize that the above list is probably not complete: however, we have included in the Honor Roll only A. H. S. alumni and former students whose names have been submitted to us. We sincerely hope that we have not omitted the name of anyone. . Page Fifvz' Mr. Berger turns on the heat. Mr. Schieferstein rings the bell l Page Six Planck Clock 'F Roy Koch, Phyllis Beesing, Gloria Whitman, Ruth Leu- szler, Charlene Becker, and Victor Osyk report for the eightfhoai' shift. . in n S3-wi M ,f 'X 4 ,.-ya... ',l.4. ', . "Q , ,-.,.. A - H . 5, ' In r 1 wg- IC' , v'.' , 9 ...Ji 'V . . . ' w' C 4 'J 'L' 'V 7 Q 5 Nfl" 'im' Iv -"2 ' '. H. S. Defense Plant ,N ..,.w.w we-15 .W - R T? wswiwf- Mn..-www, W,- 1356 4 s i 1 47" 'X-I5 .. , si Mw- . VAi ,MQ V' 3. 50 Why Q 3 ' my ' ,W v 3 aff! 1 wuz 'x A. fy . X .i ,af 1 1 9 E 4 , 3 5 A mi-'wwe wx 4 S 2 5 Q. 5 xi ms, I 'ilif ?. V . 'H -at 'UJQWN H: nil . X . . .L'l5i5+9i'3S : -j. Q- .1 :A- ' A 5-1 -Q .5 . 1 A W Q ., 214' wg x. ,Q X QR X SQ Q N XXX N x s . :S F 1 X E XS Q1 K arg? W ww. Mx K 1 , M ,Mu ,W...,,,,,,.,x.,,X.. X R, by s X .1 'ff r li, lg, KQA Wk f',, x 9 QQ fgxxkx Qk 'svmb p w wf Lf 5 F, ., S I M 'N 5 5 K .-,, A E5 x 1 'fl Norma Wavrick and Wayne Heller make melody. Ye editor, Mary Powers, at- tacks a chemistry problem. if 1 Image Not Available 2 V- My . Q . 1 D j gb W ' f , ' R TSE -Si , Q b ik ,. . V + m ax Q if r. '13 I N 5 W WK-new im N..,,.,,, gg 4 3 3 , Q, is 5 X. if Q ...MW , , J.,-f-V N saga- .. . My YY - X 1 ., ,, as' CA 4' k 3 .ai by N Sim .5 . .... h , ,K . 0 Q Q W sf- I K -M L W Q ,Q .- K ww tl ,.h' F ff' ' MI as Q Q gwx""' J: sw? 3, S' ,J ' 3 WS bamfmmda V , U 'r ,-I Lma 11 Dny FEBRUARY 23 fy 21,,,9M'fB"j1l""""' MWWWW L Tun. ' nu. ,. 8Y 7Y l6Y SY-MRS. EPPLEY, HOME ROOM TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rightbz M. Gergel, R. Haas, D. Strauss, D. McLoda, R. Poidlilch. W. Murdy, G. Bickle, E. Gall, J. Prittieg MIDDLE ROW: B. Raesler, M. Sitarner, M. Mollison, L. Slcheide, B. Grugel, J. Simpson, M. Cain, R. Shaffer, N. Gawneg BACK ROW: L. iHelinZef1inrg, M. Giwgliotti, G. Mellen, J. Mlinarik, E. Moebius, R. Savgert, M. Cotton, I. Buchanan, R. Frederick. A 7Y-MRS. HARR, HOME ROOM TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl: R. Rosenkwranz, D. Cotton, S. Durling, L. Ott, B. Parker, M. 'Dull, P. Campbell, F. Bernerg MIDDLE ROW: W. Goodwin, M. Martin, R. Gergel, M. Slack, D. Budhs, C. Brown, C. Tomski, L. Stevens, P. Krokg BACK RJOW: P. Prit- chett, J. Jones, I. Blythe, L. Mueller, G. Mead, C. Swinlefolrd, J. Miller, W. Kappley, C. Berriwnigtoin, K. Hy-de. 6Y-MRS. FOSTER, HOME ROOM TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rightb: P. Hilil, A. Sagert, L. Witte, J. Brown, L. B-eesing, C. White, D. Amenvhauser, J. Goodiwing MIDDLE ROW: D. Watson, M. Menz, B. Vollmer, R. Sllalck, F. Preston, J. Diedrick, XB. Wargog BAJCK ROW: H. Chamlbers, R. Berk, W. Coen, P. Street, M. Hogrefe, T. Brainerd, N. Bruce, K. Essig. 8X--MR. PINCOMBE, HOME ROOM TEACHER FRONT ROW C-left to riwghtl: D. Howard, H. Wlashka, D. Younlgless, E. Rubie'l, B Nichell, D. Poiore, K. Saibiers, D. Brlamwellg MIDDLE ROW: J. Schiefersten, W. Tay- lor, B. Bulchs, W. Schnaak, E. Ice, R. Sabiers, D. Wilford, N. Copeland, J. Vargo BACK ROW: R. Sharp, IR. Dudley, J. Conn-ell, M. Amenhaiuser, C. Traster, E. Nabofrs R. Swineford, G. Wasem, B. Phillips, L. Buser, R. Stersna. 7X--MISS PORTMANN, HOME ROOM TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rightl: J. Hill, G. Smith, NA. Koepke, H. Phillips, E. Dute, B Werner, B. Schroeder, NL. Wohlever, 'E. Heck: MIDDLE ROW: J. Miaritin, L. Frank W. Frederick, R. wBi:rich, WD. Mullder, J. Kiser, M. Bauer, J. Hathaway, M. Roberts, N Neiidinig, K. Shand, BACK ROW: E. Baucom, M. Nalbors, N. Yionkings, D. Mollison M. Bramwell, J. Pippert, R. Kllingenmeier, G. Eschtruth, J. Koepp, P. Buser, T. Short 6X-MRS. FOSTER, HOME ROOM TEACHER FRONT ROW Qleft to rightb: W. Darnell, P. Lynn, M. Evanosky, M. Taylor, C. Wer- ner, L. Huey, D. 'Trasterg MIDDLE ROW: E. Coultrip, I. Aulole, F. Werner, M. Strauss P. Gefhl, L. Borowicz, D. Neeley, B. Mollisong BACK ROW: G. Whitney, C. Sharp E. Ko-m-inis, D. Llvliller, J. Ice, R. Haas, E. Shields. 8 X 7 X' 6 X' . I LEC 1.r"4"QK QWKIIU. l i l GRADE FIVE-MISS EHRMAN, TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rightbz J. Park, J. Buser, A. Miathes, L. Zuspan, C. Hovgrefe, J. Du-dley, R. Slack, F. Gigli-ottig MIDDLE ROW: B. Zunt, R. Sohieferstein, L. Bartlome, T. Sltarner, D. Coen, A. Rmbel, R. Wilford, B. Armstrong, P. Neidinlgg BACK ROW: A. Copelland, T. Young, R. Phillips, C. Tho-mas, S. Simpson, R. Pwinski, J. Waldron, ER. Pippert, R. Frederick, J. Thomas. GRADE FIVE--MISS BELLER, TEACHER ERONT ROW Qleft to rightbz V. Sterna, C. Jackson, C. Grendow, L. DeCaire, D. Leifm- bach, W. Vargo, J. Marlow, M. Bremkeg MIDDLE ROW: K. Kiser, L. Price, D. Cain, M. Butler, E. Barckert, N. McLoda, D. Barres, R. Gerberg BACK ROW: S Stenna, W. Dietrick, G. Podlich, R. Kane, N. Hollingsiworth, G. Comstock, J. Gehl, E Ellis, L. Gerber. GRADE FOUR--MRS. BAKER, TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rigihtb: L. Smith, W. Hammond, J. Krieg, J. Myers, F. Evanosfky H. Baker, S. Menz, WM. Kinloch, R. Barekeurt, T. Dute, A. Enigleg MIDDLE ROW: D Zu-span, R. Park, R. VianNuys, A. Barck, M. Braeudigaln, M. Durling, M. Raesler, R Brigigs, B. Mischka, E. Brandon, J. Schroeder, J. Jlaciksong BACK ROW: D. Anthony J. Whitney, L. Newton, F. Clary, S. Oertell, J. Thom-as, J. Yionkings, D. Brainnend, D Reinhardt, L. Chaimwbers, R. Mellen, B. Werner, D. Vanidersall. U ruflf 1 C rmlr G rurlf I l IIHIPS 1 null I 1 llf' If l llllll' If GRADES THREE AND FOUR-MRS. GALL, TEACHER F'RONT ROW Cleft to rightj: J. Mahar, E. Big, J. McCardel'l, P. Finlay, E. Bartliome, J. Heinzerling, J. Earl, J. Buchanan, S. Jones, T. Kominis, P. Piritchettg MIDDLE ROW: G. Street, N. Bueche, G. Knispell, D. Wioodings, D. Meredith, N. Sipriwnger, G. Poore, W. Marlow, R. Dietrich, H. Darnell, D. Mulder, B. Box: BACK ROW: B. Young, D. Beam, D. Piplpert, E. Fox, G. Berrington, N. Mdllison, J. L'awFrance, E. Vollmer, R. Bond, B. Slack, Gray, C. Martin. GRADE THREE-MISS BERGER, TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rigvhtjz J. Thomas, D. Schatz, R. Hutton, E. Bryner, D. Sabiers, R. Klingenmeier, V. Baumhardit, M. Miller, J. Amenhauser, S. Price, G. Swartz, J. Quigley, R. Kiser, D. Mischka: NDIJDDLE ROW: D. Schatz, D. Yonkings, D. Stenna, B. Tabbert, R. Owen, R. Eanly, W. Bost, W. McLoda, W. Marlow, R. Jenkins, J. Mos- kal: BACK ROW: J. Price, C. W-ashka, M. Metzger, S. Walker, H. Frederick, S. Barck. D. Walker, C. Zimmerman, M. Hiogrefe, R. Hutchinson, D. Barris, M. Gniagyg CNOT IN PICTUREJ: -D. Hammond, J. Hiser, J. Needles, R. Berry. GRADE TWO-MRS. SCHEIDE, TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to rig+h.tJ: G. Kingsbury, B. Stevens, K. Willhelm, B. Kothe, N. McLoda, D. Bruce, +A. Molllison, LS. Slack, C. Glassg MIDDLE ROW: D. Neely, H. Mathes, N. Bartter, N. Knispel, D. Braeudigan, J. Kane, T. Beuchie, N. Nalbaikowski, D. Langeg BACK ROW: LM. Hdllingsworth, P. Brovwn, D. Wilford, R. Edwards, B. Jenne, N. Sharp, M. Forrider, R. Reichert, J. Buell: CNOT IN PICTUREJ: Shirley Vargo. I x lam.- k .wuz-ei mlm! . - viz- l l I GRADE TWO-MRS. SMITH, TEACHER FRONT ROW -Cleft to ri-ghth: P. Greszler, R. Enrgle, R. Dull, D. Goodlwin, J. May- hew, R. Quashnefski, R. Swartz, B. Thomson, T. Gigliottig MIDDLE RJOW: E. Sawgertt, J. Mllinarik, G. Coleman, E. Arnvdt, H. Early, V. Forrider, C. Berry, D. Kleirg BACK ROW: C. Mellen, J. Phill-ips, G. 'Dhoma-s, C. Neiidinig, G. Sanderson, M. Riidenour, G. Kreeger, M. Sterna, J. McGee. GRADE ONE-MISS SCHNEIDER, TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft 'to rightb: A. Sprague, R. Camp, D. Slack, 'D. Kireis, J. Dietrich, R. Kntap-p, N. Reichert, C. Nalbors, R. Btayne, D. Schneider, MIDDLE ROW: 'W. Matginnis, J. Schoemig, A. Varouh, L. Nalley, R. Engle, J. Zuspaln, A. Sabiers, M. Briggs, C. Towne, BACK ROW: T. Jones, B. Hutton, F. Saunders, N. Barck, VP. Golldthorvpe, S. Benson, D. Deeds, C. Krueck, G. Hamel, TP. Hufmeg CNOT WIN FINCTUREJ: C. Hiser, G. Wanwgerein, B. Underwood. GRADE ONE-MISS PANDY, TEACHER FRONT ROW Cleft to ritghtjz R. Kunkle, R. Hasley, T. Coleman, iS. Swineford, K. Grlugel, D. Wooder, G. Thomson, D. Sagertg MwIiDfDI.JE ROW: S. Alex-ander, R. Neely, J. Huber, D. Reichert, S. Sfhields, R. Zurit, +L. Reimer, K. Gi'g11io'ttig BACK 1ROW: IM. Heinlzerling, S. Younig, J. Dellefield, R. Yonkinigs, M. Miller, XD. Gerron, P. Phillips, N. Peters, K. Shay. Grade 2 Grade 1 Grade 1 SIX., .cp- 4 V 2 Q ix ,Q Exim-Curriculal' Activities ,, I ' Ln.. -mf . i Nh I Hl'llL'1' . 'owvrs Sharp Durl i PM . f 4 """' I Ur, L, :NI I I w1 11s,RCH jg , . . bf Nw Lf' dl fylfi frgj c,Kf'vL 9 .H 'flfiy xl"WA,. UIGMUALU ,L Jn, gg iw' U "sh ,af JMD y ,sn I 4 ,muuf pa -x-fi.'..,,.,. .,, , Y---' Lff ff' I ! fy il ,, ALMJ- FRONT ROW 114-ft to rightyz L. Hamel, B. Tahbert, L. Rosenkranz, B. Borowicz, M. Webster, P. Ward, J. Sharp, D. Red- man, R. Koch, F. liUllIllJ2lCllQ MIDDLE ROVV: P. Becsing. C. Kcminis, VV. VVilhe1m, C. VVoIf, R. VVettrich, N. VVcttrich, NV Penton, J. Durling, K. Brown, P. Penton, L. Adlcrg BACK BONV: P. Connell, R. Fritz, J. Bollens-, D. Smythc, R. Washka B. Sclizueffcr, J. Zipp. Record taff ponsors Minstrel Show EDITOR .... . . .... Pat Penton ASSOCIATE EDITORS . . . Don Smytihe, Joann Sharp, Jane Dunling FEATURE 'WRITERS .... Kaye Brovwn, Barbara Talbbert, Robert Washka, Don Redman, Beatrice Borowicz, Fred Leimbach REPORTERJS ..... Charles WOM, Nancy Wettriich, Wi-Hiram Penton, Pat Connell, Nan-cy Kaser ALUMNI E'DI"IiOR . . . . . . Phyllis Beesirrg SPORTS EDIITORJS ..... Russellfl Fritz, Willi'am Wiilhelm C'IRwCULA'DION MIANAG-ER ...... Rosemary We-ttriich ASSISTANTS . . . Fred Leimbach, Lois Hamel, Peggy Ward, Jun-e Zipp fBUS'INESwS MANAGER ........ Connie Kominis ASQSISTANTS . . . Roy Koch, Bob Schaeffer, Louise Adler, Jack Bolflens, Marilyn Webster 'TYPJISTS . . Phyllis Beesinvg, Lois Rosenkranz OCT. 24--First Record carried' ia story about A.l-l.S.'S hard-hitting base- ball queens. NOV. 24-Read in the Record that there's going to be a party at the "Rea" l'd better start looking for a date. DEC. 20-Bob Washka had an amusing story about New Year's resolutions in today's paper. ' FEB. 7?-One of the editorials expresses our appreciation of the fine work being done by the Booster Club. MARCH llllliveryone was sorry to read about Dr. l-lenry Bruce's death. I'll never forget those luscious oranges. V M J ,M 1-. , 4 ' .l' 1' , I-' '4n:,:'L - -2. I .sk fi ' -' : X 3, A--J 3 151511 ,1- " ,: . A I 5'-354, ff 1 4- s ,Y . 7'TN 1, Q-.4, 1 N.:-. .,, I :ki ' a ,, .. , ,., K , ' iw . ' 1 .V , ' Q I , 7 , 5 ' - ns. nu . ul" A 3 t , - . " 'f-4 . -' .ww L. . I la-Bram .. r- mm' 1 ' . - :ff 44' r .. ' ' 1: ,-' . P KA. ,431 i -l ' ,W . .- .1'f.,n,..j ' ' ,Rabi It "- 1 . ' , ,Lf. Y f Q.. 1 ' 'J 1 .3 i ' tg . f .WJ A . V' z1a5"fe1 ,snf"f-sxi - f :f?ww1f -- 1 . , Aww X , ,,jnj"2.g.- , . NA 1-1 -3 Q ,fggl-' - , .-,sm SX-wa , gjiiignf-Y E 'gk Mm . A 5 I N- ' 5 7'-1 2 '1 ' 'H -xii' 'x.f'Qig"- T .-fl in K -'3F,'1r. , ., ' . 2 Nz' 'Q'-t' ' f ww, x ,' Q. Q 1' "lf if f. ,g'1,,- ' I i1.'L2f,L 1 ., 'er -1 465, ,: .4-953 A . ' ' 44 -' 'fvfw 1I'z4' fy ' -,1.i.'-v ' Yjt "' A , . ,fx XJ.. , -1 may-+x,:,,. , g,G.,,.- ,.,3.,Zg-4 X 14 ,.A k 7 1,1 N , My , -.5 4--m,-Y in ' I qw .r .Q 'Jig ,,,5,',Y'Q"fj1d'iggi3l'' ..e5u iw' ' Ah.q+asf-ffxgM wg ,'h a , .5 'R -, Sgr? iq ,,-,- f 'lu 75-2 ' - Tig- A+.: ,V 25 mm, ug. A-Ax 5 ju- if fQ.y,yk-' , :, Q ,un f ':,. ' .wp '- -.fn 1:1 .f vw-,V ' 1. -' 1 :f'f'11'.:4 Q1-S12 ,-, .D 'i1,:. .5 ' X13 -I ' 'Sf' ' ki 1,1 :'.fU"Q L' -LQ',,.""1'jf ,,,.'.'5.,,. W" , 5, " M V. -, . I, ,v- J il. N 93451, ,-555' .. ,A f .1,:f:s.r.g k ,Ai Y F gg.: 4.51 .,' Q, , :f", fNgfsm'5kf?m:qJ,fffwi- ,:1w . ' f lvfr' -X,.-g,1'.,,:-15 -1 23 s , ,Q 2,5 M, ,.f'is+,,?':?,'w?T'fQ. i W fl hi -2, f if: A ,g, -I if-,f L ,Ki , - Y, ,-.- .-5, ,VV xy , , .- fm, ,-. S, W. N ,, ,r , 4.32,-... iq., v., .- j'- ,-Af1k,qgQ?7Yn'14., . 2 Q V+., , v- 521- RW... 1,13 , ,f Y ', yawn- '. -'Mg 'iz' - - '-a'1Ii".'4v ,luv f-. - ' Af L w"1,'f-my .K g . .. L g ,. .ytl ,- I 5 2' xygvi' fe "G fx. Q r.- --rv ' K Nt-fl' 'af-4 . ' X .'.1,"Hv,-"viz ,W . ,A V , ., .. JY, A. 'I I. . 4, .G .E-rx, . v in ,fl :A t Qf1As'XIr', g 'Ziff ,' "iii 'ii F .jawf f1'jYm!.",2 ,V 'Vg ' .lf W t" jf- '. E f ' Jg 'Q-irlufu' I '. 'v Q. TFL- , W M, 5'1ffg..,1, X X ' - A , , js' AVL 3 MS SEPT. I3---Mr. Pincombe gave Gerry Smith her first lesson in workinggwith the lathe. DEC. 6--Jerry Prittie explained to an eighth grade arithmetic class the use of the micrometer. A o 9 e Ili-Y fcrvcg ll. lf. A. Learn SEPT. l 7-I-li-Y elected Roy Koch presidentg Pete Darakis, vice-president: Russ Fritz, secretaryg William Wilhelm, treasurer. ACT. 23-Hired Kingsley's horses and wagon and went for a hayridle. OCT. 29lThe Hi-Y is proving to be a true service club. After weeks of work, the boys finally completed the painting of the field house at the 'athletic field. MARCH I71-Everybody was out in his brightest green, listening to Roy Koch's ensemble at the l-li-Y St. Patrick's Day l-lop. OCT. 31-F. F. A. organized and elected officers: president, john Kingsley: vice-president, Enrico Gigliottig secretary, Joseph Gigliottig treasurer, Howard Hogrefe. OCT. l3-The agriculture boys entertained their lassies at a good old- fashioned weiner roast. DEC. 7-lOl-Bill Wilhelm and' John Kingsley represented Lorain County at the National junior Vegetable Growers' Association Convention in Buffalo. H1-Y FRONT ROW llr-ft to rigllij: C. VV0li', J. Giglioiti, J. Kingsley, NY. XXllllll'llll, D. Gorinlvy, R. Fritz, li. Gigliottig MIDDl.l ROVV: F. Lvilnlyacli, F. Lodge-, J. Bollvns, S. Mn-yer, P. Darakis, M. Mnnichl. N. Nv4'l'1ll'l', R. Koch, BACK ROYV: T. G4-urged K. Rogrl, D. Jenkins, H. Macglf-, R. Mvvsig, R. VVuSl1kzl, J. Luth, Mr. Pincnmbc. F. F A. FRONT ROXV ilvft to rightj: G. Young, H. Barckvrt, J. Rosenkrzniz. J. D4-lzm-itll, J. Giglioltii, G. Gros-n, D. Flock. J. Sl'lllHlllfS SECOND ROXV: C. Barckvrt, D. D4-itrick, H. HlDgl'L'l'l', C. Sauvr. R. Muldvr, D. Kaltollak, l.. Van Nuys, R. Dodson, P. Ke-lly N. Bartl E. 1' ' t' J. Lzch' " I OXV: D. LL-u:.l ' G. Flo k X. Orosz N. Millvr C. Trnstvr J. Rvnn D. Nvirl ome, Iigliot 1, 1 , IHIRI R 8701. c . 1 , , , , , ing, J. Kingsley, F. Klein, R. Nicliuls, N. Mchodu, M. liellvrg BACK RONV: P. Scl1uri'f, 0. Klvin, R. Fllllllll'I'. va po. QQ .. ,xxx " PN. fx C 4,1 A' ffN Maisie Qruups llresenl Upelellu. iidD!l1'i'I'i MIXED CHORUS FRONT BONV fleft to rightb: N. Mead, K. Niesen, J. Frederick, N. Bauer, S. Towne, B. 'I'ablxe1't, E. Duvisg SECOND ROVV: J. Durling, N. lirueudiganl, M. Kominisl, P. Penton, N. NYe1trich, C. Kominis, I.. Adler, B. Sprague, J. Mueller, J. Kleps. Il. Sick. N. Kaiser, IJ. Cuhl, J. ROS0llkl'illlZQ THIRD RONV: M. Ricket, V. Bruce, IE. Gigliotii, R. MkllIiClll, C. YVolf, H. Diedrick V. Holsted, M. Syrowski, A. Knppley, C. Vandersall, M. Oerlell, P. Sululrffg FOURTII ROXY: J. Zipp, F. Leimhach. J Sharp, li. liorowicz, P. Connell. M. N'Vebster, XY. vVilll0ll'll, D. Mm-lmius, M. I.. Borowicz. D. Talibert, J. Menz, J. Jeweltg BACK HOF? 11.1.11-11ki11s, R. Mem-sig, lt. NYushku, P. Dzirukis, Pt. Raesler, R. Walker, R. Herbst, N. Miller, M. Manichl, E. Bryner. . .overt an e. APRIL l9-20---Miss Portmann directed the Mixed Chorus in the presenta- tion of the operetta, "The Belle of Barcelona." Principal roles were sung by Jane Durling, Robert l-lerbst, Robert Washka, Vivian Bruce, William Wilhelm, Peter Daralkis, Beverly Sprague, Enrico Gigliotti, Marilyn Webster, and Robert Meesig. NOV. l6--Jean Mueller, student director, led the orchestra in playing din- ner rnusic at the football banquet. FEB. I2--The orchestra played "Waltz of the Flowers" by Tschaikovsky and several other numbers at the Founders' Day P. T. A. meeting. 0ltCHlCS'l'ltA PICHSONNICI.: violins, V. Holsted, J. Mueller, J. Kleps, Ii. Sick, B. Borowicz, J. Sli-arp, B. Carr: M. Oertellg cello, P. N'K'uvrick, J. Durlingg buss, NY. Phillipsg saxophone, J. Prittie, L. Muellerg horn, H. XVnshkag trumpet, J. Brown, A. Knppley, D. Kutonnkg trombone, C. Gullg buriione horn, M. Borowiczg clarinet, lt. Koch, lt. Meesig, L. Ott, N. Guwne, li. lluteg drums, li. Gull, G. NVuodi11gsg cymbals, N. Meadg pi uno, B. Tuhbert. W i LA g wik. Q Q, R 5-1 Vigil ,lf S gif? 5 W XS X 1 " -. .A Nix, S . 2 231 N. nh... Nw H' 4 G wi lf? E, M 4,- if '122""A if .E,fE,,va: 5 'fy . Q xx JJ? Zi 4 xx-xswrg M, Elsie Lodge. Mv L. Asch- enbach, and B Schaeffer chat between s'ts. X,--"xf""'1w"x NNQm.h 'l. Ffffd R-.APowers, A. B., Oberlin Collegeg Wooster College: A. M., Columbia University University of Southern Californiag Superintendent of Amherst Public Schools. Page Fourteen Plant Personnel leading plant personnel is the Board of Diectors, which, by providing adequate upto-date equipment, a well-balanced cvriculum, and capable instruction, keeps tl-: machinery running smoothly. Super- irtending production is lVlr. F. R. Powers, ai exponent of "better education for a letter world after the war." Next in direc- lon is the principal, Miss Marion Steele, a Iitalizing influence in the Heducation for victory program." The sense of humor, the good judgment, the fairness, and the efficiency of both Mr. Powers and Miss Steele are an inspiration to teachers and students. Twenty-eight efficiency ex- perts, members of the faculty, are the con- stant overseers of the seven hundred, thirty-five workmen - foremen, skilled workers, and apprentices. Ulflflflli .KIDS--Ii. Iirown, Ii, lnulga-, S. Nluginnis, Y. Bl'lll'l'. 1' NX ll l I lui chu I X lillll N1 I X th nlmlch li lu Directors Promote Victor Program 5' -: whiz , .N it The Amherst Public School system has a Board of Education of which it maybe rightly proud. The five men who constitute the board are not only backing the school to the fullest extent, but they are all employed in defense work, too. I ,Fred VV.r Hogrefe, the president of the board, is chief clerk in the production control department of the American 'Radiator Com- pany. Earl Cotton, vice-president, is the manager of the account- ing, department at the Thew Shovel Company. Thomas Bruce is employed as-'a foreman at the Couch-Uthe Company. Edward Menz is the Amherst manager of the Ohio Fuel Gas Company. Ray Jewett serves as manager of the pay roll and cost department atf the U. VS. Automatic Corporation. Mr. Menz' and Mr. Hogrefe work together on the athletic com- mittee offthe boardg Mr. Cotton and Mr. Jewett serve on the finance committee and also on the grievance committee: Mr. 'Bruce and Mr. Hogrefe constitute the purchase committee: Mr. lVlenz and Mr. Bruce, the repair committeeg and Mr. Cotton and Mr. Menz, the teacher committee. Miss Grayce Purcell serves as clerk of the Board of Education. The School Board meets regularly on the fourth Tuesday of every month. ' . Board of Education BR 'CIE FRED H. HOGRIEFIZ IQDXYARD R. MENZ EXRI I' 101 OX IHOV is ll L h LQIEIQSIDIENT R XX 'NI lI'NVE'l'T Pam? Sixfpfn QJSMF Frecl R. Powers at the U. S. Automatic Corporation Wfhree 0'cl0ck inthe timing" That might not seem quite the proper title for my story this year, but, on the other hand. if it did look just right, there would surely be something wrong with it, for, as the war goes on, the whole situation becomes more and more ALICE IN WONDERLAND. It was three o'clock in the morning when George Innes walked in over at the U. S. Shop and announced that he had come to take this picture. Of course you folks know that l never did finish out the rest of that title line and dance with anybody all night., But it is part of the general upset of the time to find myself working with those machine tools in the wee hours of the morning. I presume that it becomes increasingly dif- ficult for all of us to keep our moorings and try to fathom the tide of events which sweep on about us. One looks at times for the coming, out of that tide, of some wave so great that no mooring and no anchor can withstand it. But there is tremendous reason for encour- Puzn' .Nrfwrzlrrrz agement and there is always pride in the deeds of the Amherst boys and girls who have in such numbers taken' their places out there in the ARMED FORCES and there is reason for pride in the work of those men and women who are plugging away here at home. Then I like the spirit of the young folks in school. Without the element of long cxperience to balance their thinking they face cheerfully for the most part the uncer- tainties of the future and make the best of the present. For all of us I have been thinking of a word of advice from the old master of the Drama. "Be stirring as the time: be fire with fire: Threaten the threatener, and outface the brow Of bragging horror: so shall inferior eyes That borrow their behavior from the great Grow great by your example and put on The dauntless spirit of resolution." King John, Act Five, Scene One. - F. R. POWERS Image Not Available Experts DOROTHY NANTELL li. S. in limlucuiiun, Bowling lim-rll sityg XYl'SI4'l'lI Ilvss-1'vv L'niv4-rsiiy. Hisinryg Physical liclucuiion. HARRIET BUDZIAREK linng XYt'Stl'l'll Hvsvrvm- l'nivI-rsitg Art. EFFIE H. SMITH Iiznldwiii-NYnIlzlcm- Cullvgn-5 NY4msi Slzlh- l'11iv4-1'- Ii. S., Iilt'V1'l1llld School ul' Artg Sclmul ui' lirlllczlf vi' Cul Stan- L'niv4-rsityg Aslilund Cullr-gs-. 'I'hil'1I and Fourth Gl'uclc's. MARION E. BAKER tile-vvluml Sclmul ol' ICIIIIKWIHIIII. lfnurth Gmdl-. EDNA M. BELLER I4-gs-3 K1-ni Clvvm-Ialilcl Schuul ul' licllwzliimig NYUUSII-r Cnllc:gv: Kvllt Shih- Lliivvrsiiyg llliicugo I.y'cm-liin.Al'is Lun- svrvatm'y, Oh:-rlin CUIlSl'l'V1lf0l'y ol Music. Fifth Grudv. I. P11 nf Fill llfvfn MARION L. STEELE I'l'IIll'iD1lI nl' .Xlllhl'I'SI High School. .L Il., Ohvrlin Coll:-gvg Illlicngu l'11iv1-rsiiy: Sizin- X 1 I'ol'd lvllIYl'I'SiIA'1 II1lIllhI'IKI5,4' L'niv4'ra.iIy. ElH.L'IiSIl. ARTHUR W. EN GLE li. S., Iowan Shih- liullvgvg Ohm-rlin Cullrgvg Ash- luml Colle-gi-g Ohio Stuiv l'niv4-1'siIy Grzulluila- Suliuol. Sch-1104-5 Pliysicnl Iidllczliimig l,il'1'l'IUl' ul' Ailila-tics. MARGARET RICE EGELAND A. IS., Ohvrlin Coll:-gs-g A. M. l'nivvrsi1y ul' Michi- gan ii. Sp:-4-dig lflnglisll. FLORENCE EHRMAN Diploma, KPIII Shih' L'nivc'l'sity. Fiflh Gl'zuIv. GRAYCE PURCELL Sl'Cl'l'fZlI'y to tha' SllD0l'IllII'lltll'llIQ .xIIl'll1l1lllC'I' UI'l'i- ca-r. Ch-rk ul' Iiuurml of liclucaltinn. ETHEL E. EPPLEY Iliplomzl, Kvlit Shih- Yliivn-i'sityg XYuush'1' Coll:-gvg lllvvvlumi School of liduruiiun. Junior High .Xl'i1Illlll'IIC. HOMER HAINES li. S.. in l'1dlll'1lIi0Il, Kvnt Shih- L'niv4-raityg Miami lfllivn-rsiiy. lluiiiillwcml IM-pul'Iln4-lit. MARGARET SCHNEIDER lliplunlzl, K1-nt Slain- l'i1ix'n-wily. First Grauh-. KATHRYN P. MURRAY A. li., A. M., NXOsh-rli nl'Sl'l'Vl' L'l11vm'1'sity: L'nivvl'- siiy ul' Michigamg l'11iv4-rsiiy ul' Pzlris. lfwinclig linglishg Spanish: Siuclvut l'uhlim'utiuns. VX Image Not Available JEAN E. BAKER Iliplonza, Capital l'niv4-rsiiy. Svcoxid Gradv. MAIBELLE SUTLIFF HARR XV1mst4'r Collvgrg Diploma, Krnt Stull- L'11ivvrsily. .lunior High English and Gt'll2l'tlPlly. BERTINE E. FOSTER lliplonia, tile-vvland Normal School. Junior High English and Scivncv. HELEN M. WINGATE A. B., Baldwin-NX'allacr Collvgc. Historyg English. MARGARET PANDY Diploma, Olwrlin Kinilf-1'gartm'n l'1'inlnry Training Sclioolg K1-nt State Univ:-rsity. S1-cond Grads-. PHYLLIS L. PORTMANN ll. S., llowling Gl'l't'll Statv l'i1ivi-l'si!y. Music. HULDA BERGER Diploma, Ashland Coll:-gvg K4-nt State lfliivcwsity. Third Gradv. ETHEL ROTH A. B.. Coll:-gc ol' NYooste-rg Ohio Univ:-rsityg Iowa Statv Univursityg xh'l'Sit'l'll Reswvi- Univvrsity: L'niv1-rsity of Colorado. llr-mv Iicononiics. RALPH EWING ALBRIGHT l.llllVt'l'Slly ol' lowag A. B., Cornc-ll Collvgvg ll. ll., Obi-rlin Gl'tlClllilit' School ot' 'I'l14'ologyg Stall- Uni- vvrsity of Iowag Cvntrnl Statr- 'l'4-aclu-rs College-. Mi-chanical Drawingg Industrial Artsg Social Sviviicvg G1-ography. .1 , .,,,h K., if 'task 1 - f fjllf, l ' Q Facult 1944 . : , 1 srgwg S ii iiiii f ,, . D.: f T.. Page Nineteen ALICE R. SHREINER A. li., Oberlin Collvgef. Mathematics. RUTH BARKOW Capital UlllVl'l'SliyQ li. S. in Education, Bowling Gr:-un State Univcrsity. Lating Englishg lliologyg Science. FLOYD C. MOORE ll. S. in Music, Obi-rlin Collvgn IIlSl.l'Llll1t'lllZll Musicg Orchestra and Bands. GORDON W. BARTTER Baldwin-XVallacr College-g B. S. in Education, Ohio State ljnivursityg Wvstvrn Reserve University Graduate School. Junior High Industrial Arts and Physical Educa- tiong S1-nior High M4-tal Shopg Avronautics. CARL C. DEEDS B. S. in Agriculture, Ohio Sglto University. Vocational Agriculturvg Basketball and Football. eniors ROBERT A. AEBERSOLD Rlzylhmir, zlmiallle, fllhlftir Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, Il, tg Ili-Y l. MARY L. ASCHENBACH lllasterful, Laughing, .-l moron.: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Y 1, 25 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus Zi, -t5 - Gym Assistant 25 French Club 3, 4, and Sec,-'I'reus. -tg Span- ish Club 35 Record Staff 2, Il, 45 Student l4lhl'2ll'lilll 25 Pau- ent 35 Plays Il, 45 Hall Guard 35 Office Aid -t. ESTHER J. ATTIE Enfrgetif, Jolly, flrtislif Glr-0 Club 25 Tri-Y 25 Spanish Club 3, 45 Christmas Pageants Il, 45 Plays 3, 4. WALTER BAILEY lfallzing, Books Glee Club, 1, 2, 3. 45 Student Svc. 45 Spanish Club Zi. ALBERTA E. BARCKERT Jgile, Easy-Goiml, Boyish Student Sec. 3, 45 G. A. A. Il, 4. MAXINE M. BARTLOME lllisfliiefvolzs, Mirthful, Baffling G. A. A. 1, 2, Il, 4, Glei- Clubs Cl, 45 Christmas Pageant 4, Plays 4. ARLENE M. BRILL .l1trar1uve, Modern, lirofwnlwlnz Tri-Y 2, 35 Glee Club lg Student Council 15 G. A. A. 1, 2, 15. 4, and Vice-Pres. 45 Cheerleader 3. 45 Class Play 215 Latin Club 1, 25 French Club Sl, 45 Office Aid 45 Hall Guard 2. MARJORIE M. BRUCKER Merle, Mild, Busy Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Student Sec. 4. CLAIRE H. COVERDALE Curly, Hustling, Chifvalrous Christmas Pageant 35 Plays It, -I5 Spanish Club 35 Glec Club 2, Ci, 45 Hall Guard 3, 4, Football 1, 25 B-Squad 2, 35 Basket- ball 4g Hi-Y 4. BEVERLY J. CRUM Breezy, Judiciaus, Compflrni Elyria 15 Tri-Y 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Student Sec. 45 Record Staff 4. Page Twenty JOYCE E. DUTE .lnm.w, Erlglw, Dzztiful I Christmas Pagi-aut 4, Plays -lg G. A. A. 1, 2, J, 4. JERALD H. DUTE Just, Ilandy, Diligrnt Spanish Club 3. DOROTHY B. DEUSCHLE Ilnlzfilzrf, lllllslrrillrl, Difvrrlilzgf Latin Club l, 2: Mix:-ml Chorus ll. lg 'l'ri-Y 1. 2. 3. -lg Glct' Club t. 23 G. A. A. 1, 2, Il, tg Gym Assistant 3: Plays 4, Sludvnt Soc. Jig Color Guard 3, pl. RUTH E. FICHT Rf'.l'0ll!'f1'-fill, lixfwfrl, l"r1'm'l1i1' l.nrain lg Class Prvs. 1: Plays lg llouu- lic. Club I: Class Src.- Trvas. 2g Studi-nt f.Ulllll'll .lg Baud 2: ll'l-A .l, lg Cabins-t -lg Ring Group l: G. A. A. 2, Il. lg Latin Club 2. Il: Frvuch Club 'l it 'ind Prvs l' Gli-v Club I 'l' ltr-cord Stal'l' Sl, 45 Scholar- Silll:I1I1t':lllI 2. Es, lg uau AGllill'ti '32 offict- Aid 4. PHYLLIS B. FRANK Pf'I'5l.l'fI'llf, Blasr, Franle lflag.:lJral'1'1' Il, lg Glu- Club I, 2g Blixvd Chorus Zig ltvcord 1, 2, Zig Tri-Y 1, 2, Il: Plays -I: Studrnt Librarian 23 Gym Assistant 2. JEAN L. GORDON .li-vfy, Imaqzmfirzlzs, flizfgly Color Guard 2: Plays Il. tg G. A. A. 1, 2, Zig Gln-v Club 23 Hoc- nrd Staff Sig Clll'1'l'll'1ld1'l' Il, lg Tri-Y 1, 2: Cabinct lg Svc. 2: l:l'l'l'll'll Club Il, Gym Assistant 2. BEVERLY J. GORMLEY lirflzrothrd, .lofvial, fifllllillf Color Guard Il. tl: G. A. A. 1, 2, Il, 4g Gym Assistant 2: Tri-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Plays ll, ,lg East:-r Page-ant Zig Student Svc. 4. VERNA A. GRUNDA lfifjlllillllf, .Hfalalrx Conti-fYai1n'1'd Spanish Club Il, -lg 0l'l'icv Aid 35 Record Staff 4. LILA MAE HANSMAN I.illylli.Ylll', A'I1lJil'lll, Ilflfrful Akron Ci-ntral lg Art Club lg Tri-Y 2, Il, 4, Vici--Pres. 3, and Prvs. lg Student Council 3, fig French Club Sl, 43 Spanish Club fl: Mixml Chorus Il, 4g 0l'i'ic:- Aid Il, Ring Group 4: Plays -1: Scholarship T4-ani 2, Zig Ilvcord Staft' 2, Il, -lg Studi-nt Svc. 4, Sludvnt Tvaclu-r 4. RUTH E. HASENFLUE Rf inn! E5 zum! Ilfarl f , If . y Latin Club l. 2: Spanish Club Il, 45 Tri-Y Il, and Cabinvt 45 llc-coiwl Staff 'Ig Studi-nt Svc. 4, Ring Group 4. Page Tfwenty-One Fora-:men cv gs-f'i,N... eniors CHARLES A. HECK Coopfrafi-vv, flgilf, Handsome, lland 1, 2, 3, 4, and Pri-s. 2, Orclu-stra 1, 2, Plays 3, F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, and Prrs. 2. 3, Boys' Gln-v Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, and View--Pri-s.3, Football 4. RUTH E. HEDGES Rll5f?0l1Ji,lll', EllfllllJill5fl1i, Happy Glu- Club 1, 2, Mixc-d Chorus 3, 4, Christmas Page-ant 4: Eastrr Pagr-ant 3, G. A A. 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Plays 4. WAYNE C. HELLER Il"arldly, Capable, Harmonzozzs l.a'in Club l, 2, Fra-nch Club 3, 4, Rc-cord Staff 3, 4, and Bus. Mgr. 1, Studrnt Council 1, 1, and Pri-s. 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, and Iil'l'icif-nay Mgr. 3, and Prvs. 4, Orcln-stra 1, 2, 3, 4, and Stu- df-nt Conductor 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, and Tr:-as. 4, Plays 3, 4, Class Pre-s. 3, Pagr-ants 3, 4, Baslu-tball 3, 4, Track 3, Music Con- tests 1, 2, Scllolarship T1-am 2, Lorain County Music En- Sbllllllt' 2, 3, 4. MARY A. KARAFIL Mimzlv, .-ldnliralllf, Kind Christmas Pageant 4, Plays 4, G. A. A. 1. 2, 3, 4, Glcz- Club 3, Hall Guard 4. NELLIE J. KASZA Nimlflf, Judifinus, Kissablr' Margarr-tta 1, 2, Lake-wood 3, F. H. A. 1, 2, Trl-as. 2 and Vice-- Prc-s. 2, Studc-nt Council 2, Assistant Cllr:-rh-adcr 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glu- Club 1, 2, 3, A Cape-lla Choir 1, 2, Majors-ttc 2, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, and Stud:-nt Src. 4. MILDRED E. KASZA Iwellovw, Elzlfrtaining, Krfn Margarz-tta 1, 2, Assistant Clu-1-rlc-acl:-1' l, 2, Lakc-wood 3, Honu- Economics Club 1, 2, and Src. 2, Drum Major,-ttc 2, 4, Glcr- Club 1, 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, Band 4, A Cappc-lla Choir 3, Mix:-d Chorus 4. WILLIAM G. KIDDY llyllflll-fiI'Hf'f1'd, Good-Natural, Kiddislz liuckhannon Ijpshur High 1, 2, 3, Football Mrg. -1, B-Squad 4. GOLDIE M. KINGSLEY f:l'6ll'l0llJ, JWnd1'.rl, Kl104lUlll!l Scholarship Tram 2, Student Council 2, Glre- Club 2, Hall Guard 2, 3, Fl'i'llCll Club 3, 4, Rccord Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y Club 1, 2, 3, 4, and Cabinm-t 3, Ring Group 4, Studc-nt Svc. 4. EARL V. LEIMBACH Iilzfrgrlir, Iftllillllf, L!'i5llI'!'lj' If. lf. A. 1, 2, 1, Track 4, Judging Train 1, 2, Hi-Y 4, Span- ish Club 3. EVELYN Y. KIRSCHNER Efffrzzinalf, Youlhful, KlllLfI'l't1 Office Aid 3, 4, Plays 1, 4, Color Guard 2, Majors-tic 4, Studrnt Sec. 4. Page Twenty- Tfwo ELSIE H. LODGE Exffllfqflf, lfoprfzrl, l1lfl'f!ll'j' 1 I Class Svc.-lrvas. .lg Studq-ut Council 2: G. A. A. l. 2, Il, Tri-Y 2g Rr-L'ur1l Staff Il. I, and Assuciatv Editor, .lg Latm Club 1. 23 Spanish Club ZS. and Trvas. Zig Frvnch Club 3. -I. Vice-Prvs. 43 Mixrd Chorus 4, Plays Il. 4: Pass:-ants Il. l: Scholarship T1-am 1, 2, il, .lg Hall Guard 2, Il: Office- Aid rl. PHYLLIS M. MILLER Pfrxozmlily, Ilflimifry, Mm Class Vicv-l'l'0s. I: Christmas I'ag.tralit fl: Pla's I: Spanish und l t 'l'liY 2 'l l Club 3, 43 II4-cord Staff 3. 4: Hall G 1 ' i, SHIRLEY N. MILLER s'Vlllf1flf1ll'flt', Nffglzllwly, Mondv Frrnch Club 33 G. A. A. 1. 23 Christmas I,llg1'2lllI 4: Plays Al. NOVELDA E. NICHOLS Nifr, Enrrgfvlif, Naifvr MARJORIE I. NIESEN Mmiish, Il1dl'pl'71d1'Ilf, Nm! Flag B1-are-r 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, Il, lg Gln- Club 29 liall Guard Il, 'l'ri-Y 1, 2. Zi, tg Gym Assistant 2: Studs-nt Svc. lg Plays .11 Christmas Pagzrant -L PATRICIA J. PACKARD PHI, Jazzy, Playful Tri-Y l. 2, Il. lg Glrv Club 2, Blixrd Chorus .L 4, G. A, A. 1. 21 Pag:-ants Il, 43 Latin Club I. 2, Plays 4. JOSEPHINE PALEN Jusl, Plfasifzg Foremen lilyria 2: G. A. A. Prvs. 21: Studvnt l'rmm'il SVC.-'I'l'l'2IS. 4: lt:-cord Staff I: SIYRIIIINII Club Vic:--l'l'vs. lg Sclmlarsllip 'l'a-am Il. Ig Studvnt Sm-C. 4. WILLIAM L. PARK lfhixtling, Likmblf, Posififur F. F. A. I, 2, Zig Mixvd Chorus fl. MARY B. POWERS Md1lllI'flI', Iilondf, Prrlly G x x1'1-'1'riY1'1's- f-- . 1 . . . , .., - , -. . , llag limi:-1' l' xI'lJ0l'l'IIl' 2, Clivrr- lq-advr Il, lg Glu' Club 2, Il, 'lg Mixed Chorus -I: Gym Assis- tant 2: Spanish Club 3. and Pr:-s. Il, Scholarship Tvam lg Ilvv- ord Staff l. 2, 3, I. and Editor lg Pagvants Il, lg Plays Il, l. DONALD R. PRITTIE lJl'LllI1llfI1'.l', R0llIlHll'f', Pifflzingf Class View--Pl'c's. 2: Christmas Pagvaut lg Plays Il. lg Mixrd Chorus Il: Student Council 2. Il, 4, and Vicr-Pros. 4: Hvcord Staff il. tg Hall Gllill'lI 2, Il, lg Junior High Baskvtball 1. and li-Squad Il, lg Foutball 2, lg Track 2: Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. and Sgt. -at-arms 4: lhlckm-yo Boys' Statv Il: liasrball 1, 2, Il, -I1 Gym Instructor 4. Pays Tfwenty- Three eniors ROSE M. ROLING Red, Mathemafiml, Relianf Scholarship 'IR-am 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Studc-nt Soc. 4. NAOMI L. ROSENKRANZ Nefwsy, Liberal, Responsi-'ue ' Orchestra 1, 2, Band 1, 2.13, 4, G, A. A. 1, 2, Tri-Y 1, 2, Plays Il, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3. HARRY C. SABIERS, JR. Hzslory, Cheer, Sports Class Pre-s. 1, 4, Hi-Y 2, ZS, 4, Rf-cord Staff 3, 4, Basketball 2, JI, 4, Studi-nt Council ZH, Hall Guard 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Fl'0llCll Club 3 ,4, Mixed Chorus 4, Scholarship Tc-ann 2, 3, 4. THOMAS C. SIMPSON, JR. Teasing, Carefree, Shrefwd Columbia 1, 2, Bc-l'c-a 3, Ili-Y 4, Football 4. ELAINE E. SPRINGER Earnesi, Efficient, Spry Class Svc.-'1'rvas. 43 Spanish Club 3, 4, and Svc. 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, Glvu Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Bing Group 4, Hall Guard 3, Studunt Sec. 4. MURIEL R. SPRINGER Musie'aI, Romantic, Stylish Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orclu-stra 1, 2, 3, Plays 1, Ii, 4, Pagvants 3, 4, Glu- Club Ii, 4, Hall Guard 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y 1, 2, Ii, 4, Spanish Club IE, 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2. GRACE L. STIWALD Glamorous, Lady-Like, Sofiable Color Guard 1: Majorvttv 2, 3, 1, Tri-Y 1, 2, French Club 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, lg Glen- Club 1, 2, Plays 3, 4, GEORGE K. TAYLOR Gentlf, Kiirhen, Terjhsielzorfan Christmas Pageant 4, Plays 4, Football 1, 2, 3, and Co-Capt. 4, Track 1, 2, Gym Instructor 4. WILLIAM S. UNGER Il'itIy, S m ug, Undefinable Hi-Y Il, 4, R4-svrvc Basketball 2, B-Squad 3, Football Mgr. 4, Fr:-nch Club 3, 4. FAY L. VAN NUYS Friendly, Lilhe, Vampislz G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, and Svc. 4, Tri-Y 2, Il, Scholarship Tram 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Gym Assistant 2, Office Aid Il, Band 4. Page Tfwenty-Four Foremen WAYNE K. SPIDELL Winninfl, Kniyhlly, Spontanf'ou.r Football 1, 2, Il, 45 Glu' Club Il, -l5 Mixvd Chorus ZS, 4. LLOYD C. TRASTER, JR. liftlr, Cofnplarflzl, Taftful MORRINE L. BRAUN Magzmnimous, Laughing, Beguiling ' Pageant 45 Plays 45 Glen- Club 1, 2, 3. MORRIS J. BRAUN Musfular, Jesling, Boislerous Vice-President 15 Christmas Pzlgfznit 45 Plays 1, 4: Baskctlmll 1. 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, Il, 45 Co-Capt. -tg Truck 2, 35 Hi-Y 45 Gym Instructor 4. GLORIA A. YOUNG Glceful, sltfcnliw, Young French Club 35 Student Secretary 4. NORMA M. WAVRICK Na-vy, Melody, lVnrk Orchestra 1, 2, Il, 4. and Pres. 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. Il, and Vice-Pres. 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Mixcd Chorus 3, 45 Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Plays 3, 45 Ring Group 4. ROGER T. WHITE Roguish, Talkafifve, ,ViSf, Evanston 15 St. Genrge's' 2, Student Forum 15 Debating 'l'm-um 15 Tuberculosis Committee 13 Red Cross Chairman 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, and Pres. 45 Itccord Staff 45 French Club 3, 45 Plays 4. JERALD D. WILHELM Jaunty, Diplomatic, Ilfillful Euotball 3, 45 Basketball 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Gln-e Club 25 Gym Instructor 4. Members of National Honor Society Elsie Lodge Ruth Ficht Don Prittie Josephine Palen Mary Lou Aschenblach Elaine Springer Harry Sabiers phyuis Miner Mary Powers Muriel Springer Goldie Kingsley . Lila Mae Hansman Wayne Heller Ruth Hasenflue Norma Wavrlck Page Tfwrnty-Five GIRLS Front Row: II. Wvttricll. P. Iivvsilig. S. NI:1gin11is,C. Koniinis. I.. Huznvl, Y. BYLICU, NI. I'v:1Im4Iy. II. I.1-uszlr-rg Middle Row: Ii. IIul'l'm:m, I.. GRIIYIIO. II. Iivckvr, NY. Hans, II. Gnrnllmy, Ii. Ilvicllc-l'i. G. Nvlllllllllll, G. Smith. I.. Ilnsa-liklwlllzg Back Row: I'. IjI'lI' Ion, Ii. 'l':lyIu1', S. Iirm-ga-x', IL Ihfrr-s, Ii. lll'0WYll, I.. Ilvckc-V, .I. I'vli1I01's, .I. Szmrls. BOYS ront Row: Ii. Slumski, N. XYl'I'lli'l', I'. Mzuinimi, P. Millcr. 0. Iialilvy, IJ. Swv:-I, ID. Snlyllw, Ii. SClIiH'l'lIl'I'. G, Flockg Middle Row: XY. Ilvaskvr, II. Dull, D. NIQICKQ-liziv. Il. Bail:-y, A. Iiomhucli. S. M.-yvr, BI. I,ilI'Ill'll, XY. Phillips, M. NIHIIICIII, Y. Osykg Back Row: II, Smith, Il. Armlt. .I. Lnch, Il. lim-h. II. I-lution, .l. Kingsley, .l. l,l'illl. 11 XYnll', Giglintii, 'I'. Hl'IlIZl'I'lIllg. Juniors Members of the class of '45 have provecl themselves truly worthy of the name skilled workmen. They displayed their cleverness in the art of salesmanship by running the freshmen a very close second in the magazine sales contest. Their next un- dertaking, as salesmen was selling hot clogs at the football games. The highlight of the year was the junior play, uplane Crazyf starring Chuck Wolf ancl Kay Brown. The comecly, an over- whelming success, was 'given to raise funds for the Junior-Senior Reception. Honors in skillful leadership go to the officers, Bill Decker, presiclentg Phyllis Beesing, vice-presiclentg Rosemary Wettrick, secretary-treasurer. Puyr Tlwrnty-Six A I 0 phomores One more step nearer their goal, the sophomores have really made a place for themselves at A. H. S. They first commanded attention as technicians, by offering stiff competition to the other classes during the magazine sales contest. Cheered on by the lasses, the sophomore lads proudly represented the underclass- men on the basketball floor. The roster of the musical organiza- tions also contained many names of tenth graders. ln scholarship, the class was unrivaled, having a large percentage of its students' named regularly on the Honor Roll. Officers of the class are Floyd Lodge, president: Russell Fritz, vice-president, Joann Sharp, secretary-treasurer. GIRLS Front Row: NI. NN'4'l1st4'l', li. limwwicz, l'. Cl1lllll'll, IJ. SillHll'l'S. M. l'1l'll'lll1lll, I.. llc-idrivk, I.. Fairly, 'l'. liuxti-r, C. llnrck. l'. Siron Middle Row: .l. llurling, G. llucy, R. NYU-ch, li. Boom-, li. Kuvpp, li. Cin:-V. .l. Slmrp. l'. XYilYI'l1'li, l'. AYZll'll, IZ. Mmm, li. llun lllllgllilllli Back Row: I.. Adler, A. Stzlrm-x', Ii. Schwitzlu-, J. Buusuxn, WI. Iivrii, .l. Simpson, F. NI:'l't'di1li. NI. Xluoro, ll. 'l'honms, li Gumlwin, F. Hams, A. Jackson. BOYS Front Row: F. Kalszal, ll. Yuunglc-ss, A. Sick, C. Bill'Cl'il'l'l, li. Haynes, G. lmxigyl. K. ltupal. J. lirucv, It. Ihu-slt'l': Second Row A. Gund, lt. Schuh, li. liinting, NY. NvllllK'lIll, J. Brown, F. lmillnlmcll, li. Fritz, J. lin-iilllzlltclf, lt. Ilorlmst, F. l.udg1', 'l'. Gr-orgv Third Row: C. 5lL'flZlllll. J. Ehrlich, G. Xvlllflllllll, C. Mitchell, R. Dodson, XY. Penton, ll. Nlawglo. ID. Riillllllll, D. Gorlnlvy: Back Row: K. Smith, li. lic-um, P. Shand, IK. Xv2llkt'l'. XY. K1-Ilvy, .l. liomcx, J. ll.lI'li, lt. Krieg, I.. Hollingsworth. Pagv Tfwrfnfy-S 4'fw'11 GIRLS Front Row: A. lkurclu-rt, B. tloultrip. li. lit-urge. M. Henry, M. MacKenzie, H. Dix-drick, ll. Bailey, li. Kriwck, N. Me-nd, li. Tuli- hn-rt' Middle Row: S. Rr-lmlzui .l. Mucllvr, li. Sprague. G. NVuodings, C. Julia-s, l.. Hutton, C. Moore, G. Dodson, V. Novak, N. NX'L-i- lricli, ti. Butler, K. Nil-sc-11. .I. Zippg Back Row: li. Sick. J. Rutledge. li. Attic, ll. xvt'l'llL'I', S. Hanna-l, .l. Klvps. lt. NlllIlill'l'k, P.. XYillu-lm. I.. NYhih', tl. Stiwultl, ll. SCllI'lN'Kll'l', Il. Osyk, D. Fl'r-dvrick. ' BOYS 'Front Row: N. Mchurlzl, li. Mvvsig, ll. Jvllkins, F. Klein, A. Benoit, IJ. lA'llllllgl'1', IJ. lwiiiilizlcll, D. Leuszlcr, li. NYnshku, J. Vani- 1...v V. Becker Roman' Middle Row: N. Bartlonre, A. Niesf-11. J. Zillyvtt. D. Dir-drick, D. Fullmvr, F. Klingvnnu-icr, H. Ho- grcllz-, B. Kovpp, H. lim-slr-i', C. Selma-I'I's-1', S. Swartz, D. Gormh-yy Back Row: C. Gull, B. liUllllJ2lCk, A. Ms-yer, ll. Nichols, R. Mzmichl. P. K1-lly, .l. Iillis, l.. Auble, M. Morvrlith, ll. Miller. E. tlloiitim-r, P. Bs-clitvl, J. Gigliotti. Freshmen . When the school bell rang for the opening of the year l943-'44, the freshmen made their debut as apprentices in the school de- fense plant. Almost immediately the novices displayed their super-salesmanship by winning the annual "Record" sales contest. lVlany of the ugreeniesu enrolled in Latin l. If they learned noth- ing else in their year of apprenticeship with Miss Barkow, they certainly mastered one expression, "Amo Te". ln English class Barbara Tabbert was the natural Rowena in the dramatization of "lvanl'1oe.', Class officers for the ugreeniesu are Robert Washka, president: Rudolph Manichl, vice-presidentg Barbara Tabbert, secretary- treasurerg and Betty Lou Schroeder and Joe Gigliotti, Student Council members. Pagr Tfwfnly-Eight 8X-MISS BUDZIAREK, HOME ROOM TEACHER Front Row: N. Miller, L. Sescila, A. Leininger, O. Klein, A. Orosz, M. Borowicz, J. Raesler, F. Bachmang Middle Row: R. Reichert, C. Towne, G. Young, M. Kiseur, B. Baucom, M. Kominis, M. Timchuk, M. Cook, Miss Budziar-ek, Back Row: P. Scharff R. Saegert, R. Thomas, J. Carek, J. Rosenkranz, L. Miautner, M. Buchanan, E. Davis C. Mollison. 7X-MISS PORTMANN, HOME ROOM TEACHER Front Row: B. Nickel, J. Vargo, E. Keith, J. Vargo, D. Youngless, D. Poore, K. Sabiers D. Strauss, J. Sescilag Middle Row: V. Leininger, D. Bramwell, B. Buchs, N. Copeland R. Dudley, W. Schnaak, R. Sharp, C. Miller, W. Taylor, D. Howard, Miss Portrnann Back Row: J. Connell, J. Schieferstein, M. Amenhauser, L. Buser, R. Sterna, C. Tras- ter, D. Wilford, W. Phillips, G. Wasern, R. Swineford, E. Nabors, H. Washka. 6X-MR. BARTTER, HOME ROOM TEACHER Front Row: M. Nabors, B. Werner, B. Schroeder, B. Guiselman, E. Duty, A. Koepke L. Wohlever, E. Heck, K. Young, K. Shand, Middle Row: L. Frank, J. Frank, M. Rob- erts, J. Hathaway, S. Coon, M. Bauer, M. Brarnwell, H. Phillips, G. Smith, N. Yonk- ings, D. Mollisong Back Row: E. Baucom, R. Klingenmeier, J. Koepp, T. Short, R. Bir- ich, G. Katonak, J. Hill, J. Kiser, P. Buser, G. Eschtruth, W. Frederick, J. Pippert, G W. Bartter. I 1 -V ' ' 8Y-MRS. EPPLEY, HOME ROOM TEACHER Front Row: L. Moody, R. Coverdale, D. Moebius, D. Tabbert, E. Haas, C. Parker, D. Bruce, H. Berner, E. Bryner, L. Van Nuys, C. Pooreg Middle Row: J. Starner, R. Mar- low, S. Towne, W. Traster, C. Vandersall, J. Jewett, A. Kappley, M. Tom'ski, R. Arm- strong, J, King, E. Eppley, M. Oertellg Back Row: A. Wasem, J. Menz, R. Sabiers, M. Yonkings, N. Braeudigarn, N. Kaser, D. Cahl, G. Green, G. Mellen, M. Kiddy, F. Swt- liff, H. Barckert. 7Y-MRS. HARR, HOME ROOM TEACHER Front Row: D. McLoda, R. Ware, R. Haas, M. Gergel, G. Prittie, L. Maurice, B. Raes- ler, G. Raifsnyderg Middle Row: M. Gigliotti, W. Murdy, E. Gall, J. Simpson, L. Sheide, B. Grugel, N. Gawne, Mrs. Harrg Back Row: L. Heinzerling, I. Buchanan, B. Lutz, E. Moebius, M. Cotton, M. Mollison, J. Mlinarek, R. Frederick, M. Sterner, D, Katonak. 6Y-MRS. FOSTER, HOME ROOM TEACHER Front Row: D. Sands, L. Stevens, B. Parker, W. Goodwin, W. Hutton, W. Jesse, P. Campbell, F. Berner, M. Dull, M. Slack, Middle Row: P. Pritchett, C. Berrington, S. Durling, L. Mueller, P. Krok, M. Martin, I. Blythe, M. Bosse, J, Miller, J. Jones, Back Row: C. Tomski, G. Mead, R. Gergel, C. Brown, R. Rosencranz, D. Cotton, E. Latto, D, Buchs, C. Roman, K. Hyde, C. Swineford, W. Kappley, G. Willis. Prlgff Tlziriy GRADE F IVE-MISS EHRMAN, TEACHER Front Row: D. Arnenhauser, C. White, M. Menz, R. Slack, B. Vollmer, W. Vargo, F. Preston, M. Hogrefeg Middle Row: K. Essig, D. Neely, W. Coen, C. Bachman, F. Brain- erd, R. Berk, P. Hill, N. Bruce, Back Row: J. Beesing, J. Goodwin, A. Sagert, B. Molli- son, J. Brown, J. Diedrich, G. Wlhitney, H. Chambers. GRADE FIVE-MISS BELLER, TEACHER Front Row: J. Baldwin, F. Werner, L. Borowicz, W. Darnell, E. Coultrip, L. Huey, D. Maurice, M. Evanoskyg Middle Row: C. Thomas, E. Shields, D. Traster, R. Haas, R. Anderson, P. Gehl, E. Kominisg Back Row: C. Sharp, C. Werner, I. Auble, N. Sabiers. M. Strauss, D. Miller, D. Cain. GRADE FOUR-MRS. BAKER, TEACHER Front Row: N. Hollingsworth, T. Starner, W. Leininger, N. McLoda, L. Zuspan, R Slack, M. Butler, J. Marlow, R. Kane, E. Barckert, 'D. Barres, B. Zuntg Middle Row J. Waldron, R. Wilford, S. Simpson, M. Bremke, L. DeCaire, A. Mathes, D. Leimbach G. Comstock, L. Price, J. Krieg, V. Sternag Back Row: T. Young, L. Ger'ber, E. Ellis C. Lee, B. Bat-ton, W. Kiser, S. Sterna, R. Gerber, J. Thomas, J. Gehl, D. Hutton. TQi --ll3- GRADES THREE AND F OUR-MRS. SMITH, TEACHER Front Row: M. Braeudigam, J. Schroeder, S. Menz, W. Hammond, C. Hogrefe, L. Bart- lome, R. Frederick, R. Schieferstein, A. Rulbel, A. Engle, D. Barris, D. Brainerd, B Werner, Second Row: C. Sands, J. Dudley, J. Raifsnyder, J. Park, J. Buser, R. Barck- ert, A. Copeland, F. Gigliotti, D. Briggs, V. Brucker, R. Phillips, Third Row: E. Bran- don, R. Prvinski, R. Bash, R. Pippert, R. Park, B. Armstrong, T. Dute, N. Bueche, F Clary, L. Newton, D. Reinhardt. GRADE THREE-MISS BERGER, TEACHER Front Row: D. Pippert, B. Young, J. Yonkings, G. Poore, J. Mahar, J. Klrieg, J. My- ers, R. Early, R. Van Nuys, F. Evanosky, D. Bachman, J. Whitney, Second Row: D Meredith, W. Marlow, L. Chambers, R. Mellen, E. Vollmer, M. Raesler, L. Smith, N Mollison, D. Zuspan, M. Durling, D. Vandersall, M. Olds, Third Row: S. Oertell, D Woodings, G. Knispel, P. Pritchett, N. Springer, H. Baker, B. Fox, B. Mischka, J. Earl D. Anthony, J. Thomas, B. Slack, A. Barck. Not in picture: M. Kinloch, G. Berrington GRADE TWO-MISS PANDY, TEACHER Front Row: P. Finlay, D. Sterna, G. Swartz, J. McCardell, D. Sdhatz, C. Zimmermarn G. Kingsbury, S. Burgett, T. KominisgSecond Row: H. Darnell, D. Kovach, J. Hein- zerling, J. LaFrance, S. Walker, T. Bueche, W. Marlow, R. Dietrich, Third Row: C Martin, E. Bartlome, J. Lutz, D. Mischka, S. Price, E. Fox, J. Thomas, J. Buchanan E. M. Gray, G. Thomas. E - l 1 Q Grades 3 and 4 Grade 3 Grade 2 GRADE TWO-MISS BAKER, TEACHER Front Row: J. Moskal, M. Hogrefe, H. Frederick, J. Quigley, S. Barck, M. Smith, D. Yonkings, M. Miller, M. Metzger, R. Owen, Second Row: D. Walker, M. Gnagy, B. Tabbert E. Bryner, W. Bost, R. Hutton, R. Bond, W. McLoda, E. Benedict, Third Row: C. Washka, J. Price, R. Hutchinson, R. Klingenmeier, R. Kiser, J. Amenhauser, D. Schatz, D. Sabiers, R. Jenkins. GRADE ONE--MISS SCHNEIDER, TEACHER Front Row: J. Ludwick, W. Smith, N. Nabakowski, D. Lange, K. Wilhelm, R. Edwards, B. Kothe, D. Slack, A. Mollisong Second Row: M. Hollingsworth, N. Mchoda, B. Stev- ens, N. Knispel, S. Vargo, D. Neely, L. Kovach, J. Kane, N. Bartiterg Third Row: R. Reichert, S. Slack, P. Brown, N. Sharp, H. Mathes, D. Bruce, D. Braeudigam, B. Jen- n , J. B 11. e ue GRADE ONE-MRS. BARTTER, TEACHER Front Row: J. Mlinarek, H. Bado, B. Thomson, J. McGee, B. Sands, H. Early, E Arndt M. Ridenour, M. Lutz, W. Timchukg Second Row: D. Klier, J. Phillips, E. Sag- ert Dj Goodwin, R. Quashnefski, E. Carpenter, R. Swartz, S. Alexander, C. Berry, B Datzisg Third Row: R. Engle, R. Dull, P. Greszler, G. Sanderson, C. Mellen, T. Gigli- otti, G. Kreger, J. Mahew, M. Sterna. Payf' Thirty-Tl1rz'r At the LH S. Auimn Gvorgf' Vullmvr Holy:-l'i Schuh 1-5 The Production Line No better product can come off any pro- duction line than that turned out by the Amherst Public Schools - the educated man. Most vital in our world of the fu- ture will be learned men and Women. The classroom is the assembly line for the finished product. For meeting the needs of the present and the future, the schools offer a practical as Well as a cultural cur- riculum. ln November, l943, the U. S. Auto- matic Corporation gave 55,000 to the Amherst Public Schools for the purchase of shop equipment. As a result of this generous gift, the industrial arts classes are showing now and Will show in the future a marked progress in production. Q Y ik V2 A A V nyw' 'W fit if M- srritll W -5- Q? it .. "R .! , IN THIE ClIIiMlS'l'ItY l..XlS0li.X'l'0liY -Huy Smith. Put Pvnton Hawrx' Szllriws. Page Thirty-I"ifvf Art students, P. Miller, E. Haynes, E. Leimbach, R. Krieg, M. Kerti, and F. Haas, try their hand at ceramics. Mr. Moore gives Leila Ott a private lesson. Page' Thirfy-Six Elsie Lodge takes the stand in "The Night of January Sixteenth." Mr. Albright inspects plates of Bailey, Meyer, Darakis, Werner, McCann, Heinzerling and Penton. Mrs. Brucker, cafeteria assistant serves soup. Welding and Sanding lylltlf XX'illi:nnl Ki: Pafn' Tlfirly-liiglzi I url IIPIIIIIIZICII I Iuwl Trans lvl' lialilvv 'T - X. Vx I I I Comparing report cards . . . Taking a speed test . . Excelling in Metal Shop . my Ii Ill l2lL'l Producing Artistic Models ie- Kuszu ic- Kuszu l ulu-r Mill:-1 1 hlrlrs NYUII' Im l.u1'h Swing Shift Activities From time to time, the gears cease mesh- ing, the wheels stop turning, the cogs no longer groan, and the plant personnel is off on a "busman's holiday," for, although the swing shift activities are not a part of the daily academic schedule, they offer to pupils the opportunity to develop their in- dividual talents. The extra-curricular program includes the following activities: sports-football, basketball, and trackg clubs-Tri-Y, Hi-Y, F. F. A., G. A. A., Latin, French, and Spanishg musical or- ganizations-bands, orchestra, and chor- usg service groups-Student Council, l-lall Guards, Office Aidsg publications-news paper and yearloookg and dramatics. l.llI'.l'.Ill.I4,.Klll'.ll5 M. l'uw1'1's, L. IKUIIIIIIIS. J. 1-urmlun. I'. I' It I IH n X I5 Ill Pam' P :IJ llll' News With a Style RECORD STAFF Front Row:lD. llvdmzm, C. NYoll', P. Penton. D. L1-inlhucli. K. Brown. N. XYr'tlrich, C. Kominis, J. Durling. NV. Penton, F. Lvim- hach, h. 'Kmgsh-yg Middle Row: M. Asclu-nhacli. Il. Husm-nl'l uv, P. Miller, I., Hnnsman, R. XVl1ltc-, R. XVI-ttrich. P. BQ-esing, R. lwcht. J. Sharp, P. Warrlg Back Row: Ill. Powers, li. Lodge. ll. F ritz, H. Subivrs, D. Prittiv, D. Smyth:-. ll. Scliuvffc-1', VV. Heller, XI. W1-list:-r, B. 'l'ubbv1't. 5- fN 6561 xx , i i f' J- P if in .. Vx O 66The Record" Editorial and Business Staff EDITOR ........... Mary Powers ASSOCIATE EDITORS Lila Mae Hansman, Elsie Lodge. Pat Penton ALUMNI . . . ...... Jane Durling SPORTS . . . . . Harry Sabiers, Russell Fritz FEATURE WRITERS ..... Don Prittie, Don Smythe, Mary Lou Aschenbach, Joann Sharp REPORTERS . . . Goldie Kingsley, Kathryn 'BroWn, William Penton. Ruth Ficht, Nancy Wettrich, Donna Leimbach, Charles Wolf CIRCULATION .......... Phyllis Miller ASSISTANTS . . . Phyllis Beesing, Rose Mary Wettrich, Roger White, Fred Leinibach, Peggy Ward BUSINESS MANAGER ....... Wayne Heller ASSISTANTS .... Connie Kominis, Barbara Tab-bert, Don Redman, Robert Schaeffer, Marilyn Webster TYPISTS . . Vera Grunda, Josephine Palen, Ruth Hasenflue, Beverly Crum Pagf' Forty- Tfwo Hall Guards The hall guards performed their duties very efficiently this year. Their various obligations included welcoming visitors to A. H. S., directing corridor traffic, and doing errands for teachers. , H Student Council An innovation in the Work of the Student Council was the Minstrel Show which the group presented at a pay-chapel in March. The show provided sufficient money to defray the ex- penses of the football and basketball banquets which the Council sponsored. Council members continued the task of keeping the Service Plaque up-to-date with the latest enlistments of Amherst alumni. Officers of the group are Wayne Heller, president: Don Prittie, vice-president: and Josephine Palen, secretary-treasurer. HALL GUARDS Front Row: XV. xvllllvllll, B. Tzlylor, R. Gormley, C. Kuminis, I.. llc-ckw, R. NY4'ttriCl1, J. Hurling. I.. Adlvr. li. Schu kv, M. Kal'ai'ilg Back Row: D. Il1'lll'llilIl, G. Stiwzlld, P. Mills-V. R. SCll1H'l'lil'l', U. Prittie, P. Connell. C. li2ll'k'k. STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row: I.. llc-cktr. P. ll2ll'2lklS, XV. XViIlu-lm, KI. Komillis, I.. .Xdli-rg Back Row: B. Curr, I.. M. ll1lIlSl'IlZlll. l'. Millml IJ. I'l'ittiv, XY. H1-llvr. C. NV0ll'. 4 Page Forly- Tlzrn' Mixed Chorus This year the boys' and girls' glee clubs united to form the Mixed Chorus. Under the direction of Miss Portmann, the chorus met as a group, every week on Monday noon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the boys and girls practiced separately. The chorus sang for several assembly programs and for the Christmas chapel. The singers' group presented a Spring Concert, at which time the girls offered "Jesu, Word of God lncarnatef' "Summertime," and a novelty number, HThree Little Maids." The boys sang "Finlanclia," and "Old King Cole." The boys and girls together presented the "Echo Song," "Democracy Foreverf' and a Czech folk song, "lfca's Castle." li GIRLS ront Row: ll. Murcll. If, Spl'im?,vl', N. XV:lv1'ick, I.. .Xrll4'l', P. Penton. J. llllfllllg, C. liutlvr. Y, Novak. S. Hnmvl. J. Klvps, B Sprzlgiu-. .l. NlUl'lll'l', IC. Sickg Middle Row: M. Spriugvr, V. lirucv. ll. Iiziilcy, ll. llc-idrick, N. NY:-ih'icl1. li. Crum, R. livcigcs, C Ismcs, ll. l7l'l'lll'l'll'li, M. lizlrtlulilv, M. MzncKc'nzim-, J. Sharp. P. 1'zlcknl'dg Back Row: S. Nl2lgllllllS. ll. 'l'z1blw1't, J. Zipp, I.. M. Hams mam, M. XVc'hsh-1'. M. .XSl'llK'l1b2ICll, M. Pow:-rs, Ii. lmmlgv, M. liruckx-r, ll. SIllldl'l'S, P. Conn:-ll, li. llnrowicz, N. Me-adv. M. KXISZZI . Iiuszn. B0 YS Front Row: Ii. liigliutli, li. Huynvs, F. I.:-imlmch, M. Nicki-i, IJ. Jr-nkins, J. Iillis, Il. Mamivhl, I. .Xuhh-3 Middle Row: N. Bart lomv, li. Huthm, P. llnrnkis. Il. l.1'lIIlllH4'l', M. Mzmichl. H. M1-e-sig, Ii. H4-rhsig Back Row: A. lirnnlmcli, H. Szllmivrs. ll. Scl1uvfl'vl' ID, Swv:-t, KI. filDV1'I'Il2lll', R. li:u'sl1'l', R. xvillliK'l', F. Kln-in, C. Nug:-nt. Pagr' l'1f1l'fj"FlIIll' JUNIOR BAND PERSONNEL-Cornet: T. Short, T. Murdy, D. Katonuk. C. Mollison, C. xXvl'l'IIl'l', J. Mutzmink, II. Cm'1'l'cIznlv, IC. Iillis Il. Cam-3 Baritone: M. Iiorowicz, IH. Murlmvg Horns: J. Iillis, H. NYushkzi: Saxophone: Il. Kzilmuik, .L Mullws. .l. Priliim-1 Bass NY. Phillips, Il. Jenkins: Clnrinetsz S. Hurling, I.. Mm-Ili-r, .I. .I1-wctl, I.. Oil, IJ. Ilowzlrrl, G. Kntrnmk, G. Smith, II. Niulmls, li Ilutr. N. Guwiw, I.. Huey. IC. Iiulwl, N. Suliii-rs: Trombone: R. Birich, K. Ile-vlih-Ig Flute: K. Sulrim-rs: Percussion: ll. Strauss F. Hams, G. Mvntl, IC. Shivlrls. Ii. Gull. INCH SCHOOL BAND PERSONNEL-Color Guards: ll. Ilmlsclriv, Ii, Gorlnlvyg Majorettes: G. Sliwnlrl, Ii. Iiirsclnwr. N. Iinszn M. Kuszug Flag Bearers: l'. Frank. M. Nix-sen: Clarinet: W. Holler, II. Koch. M, Springvr, Il. Mn-csig. W. Phillips, I.. Oli: Saxo- phone: II. liocks-r, IJ. KRIIUIIIIIK, J. Prillivg Cornet: Ib. SWL-vt, Il. K,utmuuk, A. Sick, 'I'. Slumri, .l. Iiruwn, Ii. Km-pp, H. NY:lshk:ig Horn: G. Kovpp, Ii. CSIITQ Bass: II. XYushkzlg Trombone: ll. Gull, li. Mzulichlg Baritone: M. Kvrli, M. liorowicz: Percussion: Ii. SIIIIIISIQI fl. H1-ck, Ii. Hook, Ii. Gull, IJ. Strauss, N. NY:uvrick. Spring Concert Program MARCH-"Field Day" . . . . Vlfencllancl OWERTURE-"Challenger" . . De Lamater CORNET SOLO-"Ave Maria"-Ted Short . . Schubert SELECTION-nThe Merry Widow" . . I..ehar MARCH-"Blue Bells" .... Buchtel A JUNIOR BAND Treasure Isle ..,.... Hummel ,VVI..eibestraum . . CArrangeclJ Liszt MARCH-"Campus Glory" . . . . Chenette .WIARCH-"National Emblem" .... . Bagley SELECTION-"Seeds of Cadmus"-Narrator, Don Prittie . johnson CLARINET SOLO-"Concerto Op. l07"-Wayne Heller . . Mozart NOVELTY-"The Clock in The Toy Shop"-First Grade . . Olivacloti MARCI-I-"Under The Double Eagle"-Twirlers, Millie ancl Nellie Kasza HYMN--"Now The Day Is Over"-Miss Portmann . . . Barnby COMBINED BANDS-"You're A Grand Old Flag" Cohan Page Forty-Fi'w D. Priiiiv, I.. Holliiigswortli, IJ. Sweet, A. lionihucli, li. Gm' nilvy, N. liUFt'llki'2lIlZ, I.. H1lllSlIlllll, D. llt'llSCl'Ill', F. Loiin- bnch, R. Smith, M. B11 C. COVl'l'llillC' NY Heller 'W Po ' ' ' ' ' ' ' J ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' 1 u11, , . . . . vs us, J. B1mx11. 0. ltlyltll, NX. llnlhps, M. hpilngt-1, lu. Attic, Y. Wzivrick, E. Lodge, li. Purscli, M. I.. ASClH'l1lJ1lCll, NY. D1-cki-1'. li. NVl1itv. Grease Paint and Glamour Dramatics Department The first quarter of the year, the dramatics class spent in studying the his- tory of the theatre. ln November, the second year class presented the court- room drama, wlnhe Night of January Sixteenth." This play provided many thrills for the audience. The first division staged "The Lady of the Market Place" for the Christmas chapel. ln March the first division worked on the junior play while the second class prepared a number of one-act plays and readings. ln May, the dramatics department presented the comedy, "Out of the Fry- ing Panf' Several of the students witnessed productions at the Hanna. "Oklahoma," uBlossom Time," "Student Prince," Mlqhree ls a Family" were some of the plays seen. Clair Cove-rdzilo, ljibll Prittic. li0gl'I' NVhih- 'M' , sizaawaisi ' i ,gg Swing and . way HIGH SCHO0 L ORCHESTRA Front Row: .l. xlllt'llt'l', .l. lil:-ps. li. Sick. J. llurlingx. l'. NY2lVl'lt'li. I.. Nluvllvr, XY. Hvllor, ll. linclig Middle Row: .l. Sluirp, ll llnrowicz, B. li1ll'I', Il. Scliwn-de'r. Nl. livrli. tl. Gall, J. Brown, ll. Swv:-1. ll. sCllllll, V. livulu-r, .I. Priltic. li. Mvvsig: Back Row N. Wuvrick, Mr, Nlrmrv. ll. Wnshkn, G. Wumlings, N. Mr-ad, H. Wishkn. li. Gull. W. Wilhelm. Urchestra The orchestra this year has been working harder than ever, especially since the chief trumpeter, Don Sweet, joined the navy. Rehearsals were held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 9:45 a. m. Under the direction of lVlr. Floyd Moore, the orchestra played at several chapels axgd P.T.A. meetings. Favorite numbers of the group were 'Spirit of the West,' ' "Dance of the Teddy Bears," "Queen of Sheba." and the "Piano Concerto No. 2" by Rachmaninoff. One of the special groups associated with the orchestra is the string ensemble. Members of the string ensemble are violins-J. Mueller, Klepps, E. Sick, B. Carr, B. Borowicz, B. Schroeder, and Sharpg cellos-J. Durling and P. Wav- rick: bass viol-W. Wilhelmg and pianist, Norma Wavrick. - Officers of the orchestra are Roy Koch, president: Pamela Wavrick, secre- tary-treasurer: and Wayne Heller, student director. Pagr' I"ur'Iy-.S'1'1ZJr'11 harm and Chatter TRI-Y ront Row 1 it son D I0llllb2lCll, li. Springer, N. XYuvrick, I.. Adlvr. P. XYz1vl'ick, C, Konlinis, J. Durling. H nu X I fum ns: n, A. Slill'lH'l', ll. 'l'uylor, R. Mlinurik, L. X'Vliih', l'. NYillu-lm, R. 'llll0lll2lS, A. Jackson, IX I 1 e Row I 1 1 I cy, M. Nivsc-li. V. Bruce, D. Built-y, R. Divdrick. N. hVl'ul'lCll, R. George, C. Jones, n lfhtlllll imc cllc 1 Huey, G. Km-pp, A. B2lI'Ck0l't, G. NVuodings, IJ. Osyk, J. Sands, Back Row: P. NVa1'll. it I Shnp P Pucknd P liusing M. Springer, B. 'Fabbe-1't, J. Zipp, D. Santlvrs. M. XXX-liste-1', I.. Hansman, B. Boro- C7 N It 1 I xltlll R SLllNNlllliL li Cuultrip, B. Scl11'0s-tl:-l',C.Stiw:1ld,.I. Pend01's,B.Carl'. Tri-Y - The Tri-Y began the year with a kick-off dance in September, to celebrate the Comets' first football victory, and continued its social activities with a Masque Ball to which the members invited their boy friends. The group endeavored to promote good feelings on Valentine Day by presenting valentines to all high school and faculty mem- bers. The Tri-Y and Hi-Y co-sponsored a George Washington Birth- day Dance, which is memorable because the young gentlemen in- dulged much more freely than usual in the terpsichorean art. At the annual tureen dinner, despite rationing, eyeryone en- joyed second helpings. i Those girls having no less than a B average organized a Ring Group during the second semester. Officers of the club are president, Lila Mae Hansmang vice- president, Phyllis Beesingg secretary, Joann Sharp: treasurer, Phyl- lis Miller. Cabinet members are Ruth Ficht, Ruth Hasenflue, Bet- ty Taylor, Pat Penton, Marilyn Webster, and Beatrice Borowicz. Miss Ruth Barkow is the Tri-Y faculty adviser. Pagr Foriy-Eight F.F.A. The F. F. A. has proved itself a very useful ancl pleasure- giving organization. The highlights of the Future Farmers' activi- ties and the first outing of the year was the annual Weiner roast held in September. The boys were very helpful to the local farm- ers in the fall by helping them to harvest their crops. The officers, E.nrieo'Gigliotti, Gerry Flock, George Lengyl, Bill Wilhelm, and Russell lDoclson, attenclecl an officers' meeting at Wakeman in the fall. IH the spring the boys donned their overalls to trim trees. H 1,-Y N Officers of the Hi-Y are president, Roger Whitey vice-president, Bill Unger: secretary, Roy Koch: treasurer, Wayne Heller: ser- geant of arms, Don Prittie. Among the projects of the club were painting the locker room and cleaning Rec. Hall. ln conjunction with the Tri-Y, the Hi-Y sponsored the George Washington clance. Cit- F. F. A. Front Row: J. Gigliotii. I'. Kvllvy, H. IIrrgl'vI'4-. II. Huck. D. lbic-mlrivk. J. Zillyvi, ll. llllllllltll N Hutlunu K lsm.,x tier, R. llmlson, C. Bau'ck1'rt3 Back Row: li. Gigliotli. J. Lzich, IC. I.:-imbzlch, ll. Slums 1 nt ' 4 u L4-uszlor, J. XVilhe-lni, XV. xvlllllqlll, J. Kingsley. HI-Y Front Row: C. NYUIY, XY. Ungvr, li. Koch, P. llzlrzukis, XY. Nvillllqlll, li. Gigliulti, Ii. Whitt Necon nw Fritz. F. Lmlgv, V. Osyk. R. Avbz-l'sold, XY. Hvllr-rg Back Row: H. Snlmivrs. li. Le-imli ich I Sim so i I n Prittiv. G. 'I'zlylor, NY. Decks-r. Page Forty-Nine emper Paratus 1 l-s LATIN CLUB ont Row: li. Schwarz, lt. Gvorgc, G. Xvllfllllllf-SF, A. Sturm-l'. li. Spruguv, P. xvilhfllll, IL Svhwitzkv. R. Sickg Second Row: J. Klvps. IJ. Osyk, C. Butlvr, R, NYU-ch, P. Siron, .l. Simpson, J. Muvllc-r. K. Xivsvn, G. Huvy, I.. Adler, A. Moyer, P. Durakis, D. hnkinsg Third Row: li. Sick. B. Scliroc-dvr, I.. Hutton, N. Mvzul, S. Rc-lnnun. C, Mcnz, C. Barck, J. Zipp, D. Sanders, P. NVzu'd, R IJil'dl'TlIk, N. NY:-ltricli. P. NX'uv1'ickg Back Row: li. Borowicz. T, liuxtcr, B. Clllllllllgllillll, R. XYaShka. l'. Lvinlhalch, P. Con- nell F lmlgo R H1-rhsl B 'l"nhlwrt I 'h'u' " ' 'tu' , . . , . J' ! W :tl 3 x E " L fs 'CID' . . , . . S . p. J. lllllllllg, M. NX 1-bs - . 5 Latin Club The Latin Club, formerly known as the Junior Classical League. has been busy on several projects this year. One of them was the construction and sale of wall plaque novelties in the shape of Scotty dog heads. ' Two of the main events of the year were lnitiation Day for the freshmen and the great Roman Banquet. On Initiation Day, the poor freshmen were forced to go aroundyschool with clecorous paper bags on their heads and placards around their necks. They also had to bow to all upperclassmen. fi The Roman Banquet was a gala affair! All upperclassmen dressed as Roman patricians. They wore long flowing sheets and sandals. The "freshies," their slaves, wore the very humblest of clothingg they were barefoot. The slaves served their masters with great respect and homage. Page Fifty G.A.A. Basketball, volleyball, and tumbling were a few of the sports in which the girls of the G. A. A. took part this year. One of the highlights of the year's activity was the cage tilt on Wednesday afternoon, April I2, when the Brownhelm Girls' Athletic Association members won the annual Brownhelrn- Amherst C. A. A. basketball game by a score of 3l-I4. After the contest the members of the rival clubs enjoyed refreshments. Girls on the Amherst Senior G. A. A. team who played were Joyce Dute, Arlene Brill, Maxine Bartlome, Fay Van Nuys, Grace Sti- walcl, and Josephine Palen. Officers of the group are Josephine Palen, presiclentg Arlene Brill, vice-presiclentg Lois Rosenkranz, secretary-treasurer: lVliss Nantell, the club aclviser. aa? Qi: , G. A. A. i l Front Row: S. Kl'1'1'gvl'. li. IIl'll'Ill'l'I, li. Iurscll, .I. lulvn, N. Niclmls, A. Iirillg Second Row: D. NIllI'L'll, C. liurck. .I. Simpson, I. Adler, M, K4-rti, ll. Kuniinis. I'. I'A'nhm, J, llurling. V. Novak, I.. Hultoll. K. N4-isvn, ll. MIIIIZIVIIK. M. lizurtlmilv. M. K:nl'al'il, .I Duh-, G, Dodson., Ii. xvt'I'lll'l', .I. linucomg Third Row: I.. De-idricll, R. Iimwnlvy, II. XY4-itricli, Ii. Gormley, N. Xv3lVl'ICli. P. NVAIV rick. ll. I.:-iwilmcli, M. Nvisvn, R. Ilvdgvs, IJ. I"l'4'll4'I'lCk, G. Koi-pp, A. Stzirm-r, 11. Mvnx, ll. Carr, M. M:icKa-nzim-, Il. 'Fhomus Back Rov' K. Browlx. Il. Iii-ws, I.. IH-cIc01', P. NYIIVCI, ll. lfichl, J. Sharp, Ii. 'l'uIibvl'i. ll. Snurlx-l's, M. NY1'I1stm-r. M. :KSCIIUII Imcli, I3 SIINYZIIII, N, fvlvurl, Ii. liorowicz. S. liolmum. Ii, l.umlg.u-, ll. NX'iccl1, II. Sullwiixkv. II. I.:-uszlvr, I.. Ros:-nkraniz. l l Pays Fiffy-Um' Wilhelm Carries the Ball. l U Football ummary Amherst Opponents l 9 Lorain Reserves U 7 Elyria Reserves 0 6 New London I9 7 Wellington l 3 0 Clearview 2 I 0 Medina l 3 FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row: XV. Kicldy, J. liuch, A. Good. NY. Penton. li. Gigliutti, ll. llodson. 'l'. Gvurgv, ll. XICCIIIIII, li. Hiniingg Middle Row: NX Umm, J. Flock, S. Mvyvr, ll. Dull, NY. XVillu-lm, .l. Bruci-, J. llrown, T. XYe1l'11e-i', R. Avlu-rsold, VV. Unger: Back Row: 'l'. Simp sun, NV. Spidvll, P. Shand. li. l.1'in1l1:lL'l1, J, XNvlll'Il'llll, G. 'l'znylru'. RI. nl'llllll. P. Miller, 0. lizlilvy, D. l'l'ilti4-. H A lui' ILL4 A if lik?-Qiil 12.5 Lil I fl 1i"ai .. .Q Ml I Precision Personified min-rx Nlurris BI'illlll Ulm-1' liuilm G1-urgv 'Vuylm' .luv Lncll Page' Fifty- Tlxrff Pot Shots and Passes B-Squad Junior High . 1.1: ff' ' B-SQUAD Front Row: E. Binting, Gigliutti, NY. Pm-nton, IJ. Gormlvv R Smith: Back R II 'Nl g.,l l ll I NX ,, .. . .4d11,-. mt, livlizy. E. Haynes. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL :front Row: li. Swartz, R. Nichols, R. Subivrs, J, Gigliotti, J. Green, ll. Gorlnla-yg Middle Row: D. Diedrick Sl. M011-ditll, V. Bvcki-r, N. Burtlonle, R. Fullnu-r, .l. Ellis: Back Row: Mgr. ll. Leimbaeh, A. lim-noit, F. Klein J. Prittie. R. M94-sig, D. Jenkins, D. Bruce. Basketball Summaries VARSITY RESERVES Amherst Opp. Amherst Opp. 28 44 Lorain 24 3 l 56 l 5 Medina 28 l 5 42 l 7 Oberlin 33 l l 38 32 South Amherst 24 I3 5 7 2 5 Vermilion l 7 l 2 45 34 New London 26 I3 5 8 I8 Wellington Zi I0 31 2 2 Clearview 3 0 l l 4 8 2 3 Medina 2 4 l 7 52 I6 Lorain St. lVlary's 31 7 38 2 7 South Amherst 2 7 I9 42 Zi Vermilion 30 I6 Page Fifty-Four Teamwork and Technique K U Varsity Reserves VARSITY Front Row' ll. Suliivrs. 0. Iizlils-y. Nl. Iilulllli, 12. 'II2lyIllI', .l. I.uL'hL Back Row: C. D4-4-mls. 1'lIIlK'Il. II. .X1'ln'l'suImI. Nl. Nlaunchl, II. Cux'1'i'1lanli-. J. XYiIlu-lm, il. NYulI'. RESERVES Front Row: I.. Hullingsworill, II. Ifl"i I NIUIIRIIIII, II. Sclilwmlv' II. Ilmlsuug Back Row' I IM-mls, l'UZll'Il. Ii, Smith, .l. Ilrmmn, F. Lodge. BASKETBALL SUMMARIES fCONT'D.J VARSITY RESERVES Amherst Opp. Amherst Opp. 3 7 2 8 Oberlin 3 7 3 0 61 I6 New London 31 I4 53 39 Wellington I8 8 24 38 Clearview I9 I 7 61 2 I Alumni . . . . 38 26 Lorain St. lVlary's 22 I 7 63 29 Rocky Grove, Pa. . . . . 2 7 36 Sandusky St. IVlary's I3 20 49 25 Lorain St. IVIary's . . . . 29 31 Columbiana . . . . Page Fifly-Fiwz' 5112 . ar, . Q Autographs 'O N, M Courtesy of Amherst Parent-Teacher Association ibm ,, ll ! MA WW f VJ cf' 7 ,VK , x X . .f' JNAKQ 1 ,f 5 . .sg .,., 5 - ,Q - . .js 'K 51 F T2 s I HQ Q , A 'r .fl if bac-u. 4 O g 5 0 QM Y. Q 9 M E5 Egg? Q WX , Tm I, 1 X , A ' ' T V M -K., XXX-6 jfgx x N 6 AX fv K ' "3 fx 965 'kv my fi: 5 T9 A 1 QQ. . , 1 I 1. , I , .... mf. , - ' , V ' Y -' ,' ifsifrs . 3:7 A ' Y ' - l I :1,-.iaflymi 'k:Vx,a 15,51 'ni' I 1. X X . -A . ':, .. -1. f 1 L.l:i1I,:'iTgXL2fgel11i-xf '13 ' "z 2, aw-4 765 '05 KX f in H Qin -an S . is 4. S F' wr-, 3. a AT HOME WURK... WINS WARS THE U. S. AUTOMATIC CORPORATION Amherst, Ohio - ON THE BATTLEFRONT FIGHT... MW-ww M 7: rs o FARM EQUIPMENT HL 20 ye r i 13 Crhe iq, 4 ! I I AMERICAN SPECIALTY C0 LA 1, fl ri .ul L I a e f if. 'ml U1 for over a s tv url' lu. 0' ti nm 50.10 1 llllumlll-lm' I .Mlm ,ulmjm Page Fifty-Nine il? BUSINESS TRAINING ' N 09 I . . . . .-- Is KL Opportunities for service to the nation, and for .f 'A ' 1 success when peace comes are unlimited, for those 7 who prepare NOW. A ' ., f ' Secretaries, typists, comptometer operators and . bookkeepers are needed. Now is your golden op- T '-QL, , Q portunity for success and service through Busi- X f J I ness Training-Day, evening and part-time classes it Summer Term begins Monday after Graduation LORAIN BU INESS COLLEGE HART JEWELRY COMPANY Lorain County,s Largest Jewelry Store 575 Broadway Lorain, Ohio SEPTEMBER -The whistle blowsg wheels be- gin to turng a new school year begins. -Classes elect officers. -Comets overpower Lorain Re- serves 18-0 in initial game. Tri-Y sponsors kick-off dance. 27-Freshmen win magazine sales contest. OCTOBER 1-Green and Gold score victory against Elyria Reserves. 8-Sophomore Latin students ini- tiate freshmen. 'tGreer1ies" wear paper bags on their heads. Compliments J. J. Lersch ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Room 205 Grocery FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Lorain County Bank Bldg. Frank Mischka FRESH, SALT, and SMOKED MEATS CLAYTON SPRINCER PURE KILN RENDERED LARD PhO1'1e 5053 336 So. Main St. Amherst, O. I Phone 429 I92 Park Ave. 1 Pngf' Sixty SMITH and GERHART, I C. Lorainfs Store of uality Fashions 9 COATS, SUITS , DRESSES 9 SHOES, HATS . BOYS' at GIRLS' WEAR g ACCESSORIES , YARD GOODS 5 DOMESTICS g MEN'S WEAR ll B BB M M B BBA B BE UP TOBDATE DH. W. G. SCHAEFFER Repair 43If.1'E1i1:lE Rebulld Roofing and Paints DENTIST Alco Quality Coal 'lf ! THE AMHERST Lorain County Bank Bldg. 15 LUMBER COMPANY Mill Ave. Ph. 431 Amherst, O. Hi-Y boys take girls for hay- ride. -Dramatics class presents 'tDream on, Soldier" at chapel. C-Pat Penton, Phyllis Beesing, Betty Schroeder, and Floyd Lodge earn all t'A,s" for first 20-G. A. A. members hike to Out- door Life and play baseball. 23-Pirates, gypsies, and ghosts frol- ic at Tri-Y Masque Ball. NOVEMBER 4-Amherst F. F. A. plays host to district apple and potato judging Six Weeks period. ' contest, C In S LUaITer S.flleIsen O Pof em JE lu E Kroger Grocery OpTOmE-I-NST A and Baking Co. Z I Park Ave. Amherst, O. 19 Bdwy. 7 5 Lora iprR p Q. 'f p 4 p --Y p 1 W We Need Your Head Compliments ln Our Business of OPTOMETRIST BARBER SHOP Union Barber Shop i Park Ave. Amherst, O. Page Sixty-Um Hageman Shoe Co. Compliments of Good Shoes Fairly Priced X-Ray Fitting Chiropodist Wagner 8 We Give and Redeem OWL STAMPS Aebersold 387 Broadway Lorain, Ohio Z I L C H FUNERAL HOME Continuous Faithful Service Since l9I4 340 Park Ave. Phone 425 C. J. EHRMAN REAL ESTATE BROKER and GENERAL INSURANCE Phones: 5533 - 5703 x, 8-Dr. Li of Hawaiian Islands is guest speaker at P. T. A. 10-Drama students see 'tOklahoma" at Hanna. 12-French students elect Ruth Ficht president of Cercle Francais. 16-J'The Record" announces U. S. Automatic gift of 55,000 to Am- herst Public School for shop equipment. 17-Sophomores take part in round- t-able discussion of "Education for Victory" in assembly pro- gram. - 19-Seniors anxiously await prooff from Rudy Moc Studio. SHOE REPAIRS Compliments Best Materials Used gf Zimmerman DAIRY FOR SERVICE ' PLATO COAL 5 '- SI SUPPLY C0- Fred Holzhauer WEAR-U-WELL SHOES Hugo Truscello Compliments of Compliments BROWNBILT and of BUSTER BROWN SHOES AIR-STEP SHOES Dr. A. F. McQueen Park Ave. Amherst, O.1io Page Sixty- Tfwo When Better Pictures l "FOR THE BEST IN NEWS" Are Shown t'Cleveland Plain Dealer" "Cleveland Pressw 'Cleveland Newsl' "Elyria Chronicle-Telegram" "Lorain Journal 8z Times Heraldl' W af at Wu Sh Th MacKenzie's Newspaper Store ' OW em Phone 5522 Amherst, 0. COIVIPLIMENTS OF A WESBECHER HARDWARE PHONE 475 263 MAIN sr. A 21-Tri-Y girls hold induction ser- vice at Methodist Church. 24-Lila Mae Hansman sings J'Ai Deux Amours' at French Club in Cleveland. 30-Heller and White debate case of Karen Andre fMary Powers! in "The Night of January 163' meeting. DECEMBER 24-Comets lose cage opener to Lor- 2-Sgt. Don Ludwig visits Am- 6 ain. herst High. Kasza twins and 27-Hi-Y members see hockey game twelve proteges twirl at Medina - COMPLIMENTS OF THE LORAIN COUNTY SAVINGS and TRUST CO. AMHERST BRANCH AMHERST, OHIO BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '44 Webster Pharmacy i "The Corner. Drug Store" Page S ixty- Th THE AMHERST HARDWARE CO. General Hardware PLUMBING and TINNING PHONE 409 ' rn' Harry Nielsen 503 Broadway Lorain, Ohio WATCHES - DIAMONDS - JEWELRY - SILVER JEWELRY THE GIFT FOR THE GRADUATE Dr. Richard L. ielsen OPTOMETRIST Located at Harry Nielsen's Jewelry Store EYES EXAMINED - GLASSES FITTED - LENSES REPLACED A ATTEND Compliments ELYRIA BUSINESS COLLEGE f o Hundreds are needed - Positions t'. Ak b t ELYRIA EIESILEESSH COLLECQEOE-month, 6- 0. I-I. month, and 8-month school arrange- ments. F ot gt I SUMMER SCHOOL-Your chance. Urnl Ure K 0779 THE ELYRIA . A Park Ave. Amherst, 0. garnet in-Y -mzii football banquet. 3-Roger White, Bill Penton, and Don Smythe win Mrs. Shreiner's "Take It or Leave It" contest at chapel. -aDeeds's basketeers top South Amherst five. -Sgt. Ludwig gives speech at 10-Cercle Francais makes merry at Christmas soiree. Paul Shand arms himself with mistletoe. 17-Elsie Lodge portrays t'The Lady of the Market Place" in Christ- mas play. 18-Jan. 3-Plant personnel takes BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1944 K U S S DRUG STORE Amherst, Ohio Compliments of BAETZ D IRY Compliments of Dr. A. l'l. mith Compliments of F 0 Funeral Home Pagf' Sixty-Folur BERK'S uality Store FANCY MEATS 251 GROCERIES EDWARDS' FOOD STORE Phone 459 AMHERST B A K E R Y Like Mother usecl to bake is the claim of many bakers-but one bite of our luscious product will prove it. CHARLES EBBS MEN'S 8: WOMEN'S WEARING APPAREL AMHERST, OHIO Engravings ln This Book Q by INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY time-out for Santa Claus. JANUARY 7-Comets stop Clearview Clippers in double victory. 21-Freshmen lead in perfect at- tendance for first semester. 27-Seniors register for 8:15 refresh- er course. 28-Ninth graders choose Bob Wash- ka, president. 29-Sophomore girls scrub corridors. FEBRUARY 9-"Record', staff enjoys Valen- tine dinner party. Don Prittie gives first public wolf call. 11-Clippers break Comets' series of A Wx AIVIHERST OHIO , X X' I EWELE LINOLEUM RUGS and CARPETS VENETIAN BLINDS ' DON FREDERICK Phone 3353 154 EAST MARTIN ST. Best Wishes To The Class of '44 COODSPEED'S 5c to .581 Store A TELEPHONE SAVES TIME and MONEY The Lorain Telephone Co. Page Sixty-Fifvl REGER 81 BINNIGER JEWELERS PERFECT DIAMONDS DEPENDABLE WATCHES 385 Broad St. Century Blk. ELYRIA, OHIO Compliments of L L Chevrolet Sales Church St. Amherst, O. Amherst is going stronger and Stronger for Mischka's new, richly flavored ice cream. Its finer texture and richer butterfat are making it the favorite. The same high grade ice cream used in our Nut Sticks, packages and fountain service. Try it yourselfg you'll soon taste the higher quality. Nothing like it ever put over the counter in Amherst before. lVIISCHKA,S RESTAURANT 8x ICE CREAM BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '44 DR. II. N. UMBSTAETTER Veterinarian fourteen consecutive triumphs. 14-Jake, the Gremlin, kidnaps Loveg Don Smythe scoops the story for "The Record." 18-Don Prittie portrays role of Uncle Sam in "There's a Na- tion," dramatics class produc- 2l-Tri-Y and Hi-Y sponsor George Washington dance. 22-Foremen, apprentices, efficiency experts, and all sleep late to celebrate holiday. ' MARCH 3-Pedagogues sing, play, act, to tion. prove that they are human. KREGERzmdlHEDERHHl F L 0 W E R S 182 .Park Ave. Phone 5532 Amherst, Ohio DECCA RECORDS SHEET MUSIC Latest Radio Song Favorites at P R I T T I E ' S BEN FRANKLIN STORE Park Avenue Amherst, O. TM BELL O. GOOD CLOTHES ELYRIA, OHIO Page Sixty-Six W. J. BODMANN 81 CO. DRY GOODS - WALL PAPER CHINAWARE Amherst, Ohio Phone 6772 Success To The Class of 1944 . .We specialize in Watches and Fine Jewelry Gifts for the Graduate. THE GEO. A. CLARK CO. Jewelers - Complete Optical Dept. Dr. H. A. Pustell in Charge Broadway at 7th St. Lorain, O. BILL'S SHOP FOR MEN Featuring WILSON BROTHERS' HABERDASHERY Compliments to the Class of '44 AMHERST FURNITURE COMPANY Church St. Amherst Ph. 5662 6-Judge H. H. Nye talks to P.T.A. on causes of juvenile delin- quency. 7-Columbiana eliminates Amherst at Kent Tourney. Harry Sabiers receives honor- able mention in annual State Scholarship Test for seniors at 11- Elyria. Elsie Lodge and Mary Lou Aschenbach after taking compe- titive tests, receive scholarships to Ursuline College. 14-Elsie Lodge is named valedic- torian of class of '44. 17-"Want to buy an annual" be- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 THE LORAIN HARDWARE COMPANY Athletic Eq Fifth and Broadway S ly S uipment Phone 2281 Compliments of MARY EDWARDS AMHERST BEAUTY SALON STUDENTS' CLOTHING and HABERDASHERY A large selection of all the Newest Models. The Sam Klein Co. 425 Broadway Lorain, O. THE REIDY - SCANLAN CO. Furniture For The Home FUNERAL DIRECTORS Broadway at 21st Street comes slogan of "Record" staff members. Senior girls are hostesses at tea for senior mothers and members of the faculty. -Bands win acclaim in annual spring concert. 31-Teachers W o r k overtime 30- Lorain, Ohio grading State Tests. Coach Finnegan of Baldwin- Wallace talks at basketball banquet. 31-Henry Bruce, vice-president of University of Southern Cali- fornia, sends orange greetings to alma mater. S. E. STEVENS of ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 4 Dr. M. B. Brandon Park Bank Bldg. Amherst, Ohio Phone 7202 Compliments Compliments of of SN YDER'S 149 Park Ave. Amherst, O. Sixty-Eight Success To The Class Of '44 We wish to express our appreciation to the students and faculty of Am- herst High School for their kind co-operation and courteous patronage. THE RUDY MOC STUDIO Broadway at 20th Street Lorain, Ohio A. NABAKOWSKI CO. p Roofing Kc Sheet Metal Contractors Tile Roofing A Specialty Amherst, Ohio "Across From The Old Spring" Shop Phone 6193 Service Men 5364 Residence 5361 APRIL IT too," s a y s Martin Ricket 1-9-Production ceases f o r o n e CMusc1esJ. week. 20-Tri-Y Ring Group enjoys social 11-Mrs. Ege1and's students present one-act plays at P. T. A. V 13-14-Juniors make dramatic de- but in "Plane Crazy," "You can't eat your cake and have time. 21-Seniors read history, will, and prophecy at senior chapel. 24-Sophomores frolic at party. 25-Members of faculty and board HSANDSTONEH FOR LARGE AND SMALL HOMES, WALLS. TERRACES, FLOORS, SIDEWALKS, STEPPING STONES. CLEVELAND QUARRIES COMPANY Compliments of LYON TAILORS Sixly-Nin COMPLIMENTS OF The Farmers' Elevator Amherst, Ohio 1. RELY ON GOOD NAMES FOR QUALITY . . . Buy your favorite Nationally Ad- vertised Merchandise at . . . C. H. MERTHE 81 CO. ELYRIA, OHIO Compliments of Leimbach Service YOUR suNoco DEALER Compliments of M ISCH KA'S Coal Yard Exclusive Agents for White Oak - Champion - Red Parrot - Blue Grass - Sun Beam Pocahontas. We carry a complete line of Band and Orchestra Instruments, Music and Musicians' Supplies. Victor, Bluebird, Columbia, Okeh, Capitol, and Decca Records. WAGNER'S MUSIC STORE 309 Broad St. Elyria, O. of education enjoy social time at home of Mrs. Egeland. Miss Steele, the honor guest, is pre- sented with a gift from the group. 28-Honor students compete in schol- arship tests. MAY 3-Language classes sing and speak Latin, French, and Spanish, at assembly program. 5-Miss Steele announces National Honor students. 6-Junior girls pay offg junior boys Compliments of Drs. C. H. 81 Elsie K. Snell Compliments of H GE Hi- peed Gas Si Oil Compliments of L E H M A N ELECTRIC SERVICE 420 South Main St. Phone 5051 Amherst, O. I SCHROEDER SUPER SERVICE Gulf Gas and Oil Complete Auto Service Wrecker Service Park Ave. Phone 6862 Sewnfy AT RE You know what nature is? Nature has been very kind by providing the best material for monument or marker-and that is WEATHER-TEST Granite. AUTHORIZED DEALER M AMHER T MEMORIAL ST DIO Compliments of Compliments of A. Q P. TEA Company DR. F. E. MERRITT Corner Park and Church Streets AMHERST, OHIO are their guests for the evening. Green and Gold cindermen par- ticipate iin Oberlin track meet. 8-Chorus sings at P. T. A. A - 9-Eng1e's boys compete in Clear- view relays. 9-10-Lila Mae Hansman plays lead- ing role in "Out of the Frying Pan." 12-Magician amuses chapel audi- ence. l5-American History classes spend day at Lorain County Court. 16-Future Farmers entertain lady friends at final party. 17-Freshmen are slaves at Roman Banquet. 20-Comets qualify at Clearview for State Track Meet. Skilled workmen banquet fore- men at annual Junior-Senior Re- ception. 24-Tri-Y girls entertain at Mother- Daughter Banquet. 26-Recognition chapel. Seniors re- ceive awards for perfect attend- ance. 28-Seniors don caps and gowns for Compliments of SPANG,S BAKERY Lorain, Ohio OFFICE SERVICE CO. OFFICE MACHINES and EQUIPMENT SALES and SERVICE . D Telephone 3224 6I West Ave. Elyria, Ohio Seventy-One They eed You .... Employers are calling us for more stenographers, bookkeepers and secre- taries. They do need you and how fortunate you will be to have business training, both while the war continues and after it is over. Then only trained help win be employed in offices. ' Plan now to get the training that will start you on a successful career. WRITE FOR INFORMATION The OBERLI CHOOL of COMMERCE OBERLIN, OHIO Baccalaureate. JUNE 29"'In behalf Of the Seniors, Prexy 1-Teachers make out report cards. Haffy Sabiefs Presents key to 2--Pay day! Students receive final juniors at Class Night program. report Cards. 31-Superintendent of A s h 1 a n d schools, gives Commencement address. fouow mcse sn-me mums- ' AND GOOD SIGHT WILL uxsr Lomeesz AND Reddy Kilowatt says: 1:0011 5151-rr BE lmmzovso ! if "Avoid eyestrain when sew- I I rf' ing or knitting-Use prop- J Q er light day and night." covmem, nw, line v THE or-no Pusuc ssnvucs COMPANY Seventji-Two ff' sh I v 5, 5-2

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