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For Reference Not to be taken I I from this library THS JONES 43 AMiTY ST. AMHERST, MASS. 01002 3 fl 06 191 ;) DEDICATION TOM GRALINSKI Tom Gralinski. By no means is it the most well known name on campus. In case you ' re wondering, he hangs out in the GRAPHICS room, right next to AUTO. And it’s no wonder only a select group of us gets to know him. He wears ink-smeared ‘trench coats’, keeps a low profile, and has been known to grow a beard almost overnight to further disguise his identity. But everyone that does know “the Gra’’ or has taken one of his classes truly appreciates him. Most of us are victims of typical sophomore thinking. We say “Yeah, I’m taking Graphics. Hey, it’s an easy A, right?’’ Wrong! Mr. Gralinski’s classes are fun and different, but they’re also challenging. Over the course of a semester or year one becomes sincerely grateful of his patience and willingness to help out. Our memories of Graphics are terrific, and they all involve Mr. Gralinski in one way or another. He’s funny, encouraging, but most of all, caring. What other teacher so often expresses his concern towards students’ well-being? “Don’t look at the light!’’, he constantly warns, “It’ll blind you!!!’’ So here’s to Tom Gralinski. He’s a great teacher and a cool guy. But most importantly, he’s appreciated, since he’s one of those all too rare people who make our time here enjoyable and rewarding. -John Masalski Mike O ' Connor Tyl ' C - EXAM TIME! Circle The Correct Answer 1. My fashion idol is A. Pierre Cardin B. Calvin Klein C. Ralph Lauren D. Mr. Crouse 2. I believe the root of all evil lies A. In Hell B. In the bowels of our soul C. In nuclear weapons D. Somewhere in the Sophomore hall 3. When I need money, I . A. Steal it from a Sophomore B. Get a paper route C. Mow lawns D. return the empties 4. Our favorite activities are: A. being a member of Core Committee B. going to those swell social events C. being with our friends D. drinking 5. I ' m scared when . . . A. I bump into Ho-Ho B. I don’t bring my gym clothes to Keyes ' class C. Ms. Mathews warms us of the mess in the cafe D. I’m rejected from UMASS. being caught without a pass being late to homeroom cleaning up after lunch being a Cheerleader 7. The biggest fear of my High School years was not graduating Mr. Saulsberry S.A.T.s getting Jacobs 2nd semester, Sr. year crack the police tIMASS, football players Chris Collins 9. The most fatiguing activity in existence is the Boston marathon the A.B.C. walk Gym class Physics 10. To increase my success I read Do It Yourselt talk with Buzz Bray meditate get a funny looking haircut 11. Seniors are: A. Smart B. mature C. omnipotent D. leaving 12. Juniors are: A. plain B. average C. boring D. all of the above 13. Sophomores are: A. jealous of Juniors and Seniors B. wastes of space C. non-thinking D. all of the above 14. My girlfirend’s name is A. darling B. sweetheart C. honey D. jailbait 15. When 1 graduate, I ' ll . . A. go to college B. buy stock C. get a decent job D. but a van and hang out at the High School 16. The best football coach of all time is Knute Kockne Vince Lombardi Bear Bryant iacque 17. Homeroom teachers are irresponsible {rouchy immatitfe the only ones who stand for the Pled{e of ANe{iance 18. f worry most about: my grades Coffege my ego my mental state 19. My favorite stooge is Schemp 20. I wonder about the origin of the cosmos Infinity the frst 100 digits of Pi who owns the hands that grab the dirty trays at lunch 21. In the Guidance Office I A. bother the Secretaries B. bother the Secretaries C. bother the Secretaries D. bother the Secretaries 22. During my open period, I A. get kicked out of the library B. get kicked out of the Cafe C. get kicked out of the Guidance D. all of the above 23. During detention I A. sleep B. catch up on homework C. count the wads of gum under the desks D. am not present 24. I feel noble when I A. get an A” from Jacobs B. do well on S.A.T.s C. get a girlfriend D. when Bob Kelly says hi to me 25. Friday nite I A. watched t.v. B. went to the library C. went to the Mall D. lied about what I did 26. How do we gel to school? a. school bus b. Odeyo ' s firebird c. police escort d. walk 10 miles through the snow 27. How do Seniors get out of school? a. graduate b. quit c. pay off teachers d. sneak out 28. What ' s the difference between ' 87 and ' 57 grads? a. 30 years b. style c. attitudes d. all of the above 29. What is Senior Skip Day? a. the day we all skip school b. the day Seniors go to school and skip all classes c. the day all Senior citizens skip rope d. the only day all year that all Seniors attend school 30. What is Booster Day? a. a day to give your morale a boost b. a day to look dumb c. a day to dress like Mr. Ames and look normal d. most educational day of the year 14 Finished Already? THEN YOU ARE NOW FREE TO GO I m free! No more strings tying me down Free, to do what I want with myself No one, No one, to tell me what to do I’m free. ■April Brown Nurses: 1. George, H. Zatyrka Administration. 1st r.: J. Heffley. 2nd r.: C. Matthews, L. Kavanagh FACULTY STAFF Guidance; 1st r.: R. Moyer, S. Giglio, M. Phillips-Patrick, S. Howard. 2nd r.: A. Kasai, N. Muhammed, M. Bardsley. 3rd r.: P. Kravitz, V. Viele, F. Scihoun, J. McNally, J. Hatch Maintenance: 1st r.: D. Kolasienski, L. Wilson, P. Coty. 2nd r.: M. Weaver, D. May, I. Orrell, G. May Art: 1st r.: J. Findlay, L. Kravitz. 2nd r.: J. Logan, B. Derby Math: 1st r: H. David, M. Fitzpatrick. 2nd r.: J. Minigan, N. Koch, M. Purdy, J. Shimaburkuro. 3rd r.; M. Konovich, D. Caporello, V. Bastable Library: L. Kleindienst, S. Maisey, I. Ryavec, S. Alward Music: D. Purcell, P. Smith, D. Ranen, I. Maggs Home Ec.: 1st r.: L. Bean, K. McKnight. 2nd r.: M. Curtin, H. Lee, K. Hannigan, M. Brehm English: 1st r.: J. Baer-Leighton, J. Warthen, J. Saulsberry, C. Matthews, J. Jacobs, J. Price. 2nd r.: I. Ackerman, J. Atkins, B. Howes, B. Penniman, S. Adams, B. Minks, M. Burns, L. Crouse, B. Connelly Science: 1st r.: P. Covelli, P. Crafts, G. Stilphen, T. Styspeck, P. Eisenburg. 2nd r.: M. Romano, S. Bergquist, V. Veneman, J. Scott, C. Camp, J. Bozzo, E. Cepek, T. McCurry Physical Education: J. Mathieson, J. Keyes, L. Giard, J. O ' Donnell, J. Rielly, R. Kneeland, C. Abramson FINK.. F.xrr Social Studies: 1st r.: R. Kelly, A. Picard, B. Ames. 2nd r.; C. Schweid, G. Saulsberry, J. Adams, M. Gerstein, C. Fonsh. Language: 1st r.: C. Stankiewicz, A. Hays, B. Borel-Donohue, S. Smith, G. Steinmeyer, J. Wobst. 2nd r.: A. Chamorro, F. Anello, R. Dube, J. lager, J. Luippold, D. Chapman, D. Mallory, D. Brule Cafe: 1st r.: P. Lego, A. Tudryn. 2nd r.: H. Thompson, N. Dihimann, C. Gent, N. Edwards, P. Clark F. Allen, K. Berry, D. Ewell Ind. Arts: 1st r.: R. Prescott, K. Brown, T. Gralinski. 2nd r.: F. Chapman, P. Healy, J. Kelly, B. Secretaries: L. Gouin, J. Fleury, M. Bernasconi, M. Abramson, H. Goddard, A. Modrzakowski Menko H. Abdoulkhani, C. Abel, M. Aldrich, C. S. Alpert, A Alschuler, B. Anderson-vazquez, T. Arcelli, C. Askew, R. Barker, K. Barrette S. C. Barry, S. Bastia, J. Bennett, Z. Berkman, S.E. Berman, P. F. Betsch, M. Blake, M. 0. Blanchard, A. Bliss, R. Blitzbiau D H. Bloodsworth, M Bogert L. Bov, J. Boulrice C. Bower, K N. Bracey T.E. Brazeau, W. Brewer S.D. Brock, B.B. Brooks N, Brooks, C. Brown S. Brown, Tl. Brown Y. Y. Brown, W. Bryon J. Buckley, J.A. Buczala, M.C. Burke, W. Bush, Jr.. E. Cattail, P. Cheng, L. Chu, C. Clapp, D.M. Clark D. Clark, M E. Cleveland, P C Cobbs, C. Colby, M. Collura, E. Conklin, S. Conklin, E. Connelly, M E. Cotanche SOPHOMORES I’m living in a fantasy, My life is far away, I’m living in a dreamworld In the night as well as day I’m holding back my inner thoughts But the tears are sure to come. For sadness is my lifetime fear Yet it brings joy to some. So I’ll see you in my dreamworld whoever you may be And, I’ll show you things you ' ve never seen And then. I’ll show you me. -April Brown 20 L. Cronen, D N. Cutchins R Dahowski, S. Dauber, T, Davidson, L A. Davis, N.P. Day, An Decheke, I. Delemar, S.Y, Derm L Deveney, C.S. Diaz, C. Diffenderfer, K. Dimock, C Dinardi, J Doran, M. Doran, E. Dormeier, C. Doyle, E. Dupre S.L. Dwyer, M Echevarria M Eichenlaub, T E Eiseman D Eldridge, N Epstein ) R. Eanning, L, Feldman C. Fernandez, A. Field L M. Foley, B Eoulds L. Frankel, B. D. Fuller D Gamble, E. J, Gauger R ) Geman, E. Gentl, D Gettier, El Godsey, P F Graves, J L Greenbaum, T. Griffin, T. Griswold, M. Gunzenhauser, K B Hann H. Efarbison, T. Efarden, A.K. Hardy, M Hart, G.F Haft, E C Hayden, J E, Heffley, M. C. Hendrick, J Hess, K Highter I S. Hilborn, 0. Hillel, J, Hines, N W. Hobbie, P.E. Holden, S. Hopper, J.B, Horowitz, L. Housner, K. Howard L Howell, R. Hunt, J. Ilnicky, K. Isaza Tuzman, M. Jackson, D.S. Janse, C. Jasmin, N Jellerette, A M, Johnson, J.P. Johnson E Jordan, S. Kaplan J. Karelia, C. Kelly H. Kent, P. Kirchhoff L. Kirley, R. Kleindienst P Knightly, W,A. Kohler A. Korwar, A. Kost J. Kotfila, C. Kraft P. A. Krause, K. Kruoch G.M. Latour, P.E. Lattuca, J.L. Layman, J. P. Lehrer, A. Lenburg, A Leslie, C.R. Levitt, D. Linares, M. Liptak, A. Lorenzo K. Lundgren, E. Mabius, M. MacDonald, D N. Manes, K Mannheim, J.S. MartelL J.J. Martell, A. N. May, L. May, J.Y. McKinney 22 S. Merzbach, S.L. Miles, G. Miller, S. Miner, M. Moebius, S. Mooney, L. Morrison, H. Mroz, A. Mullin, M. Murphy. S. Naimabadi, J.F. Nober, M. Nolan. K. Nomura, N. Nwokoye, J. O’Connell, T. Obrien, K. ODonnell, C. Oliver, T.P. ONeil. 0. Ortiz, M.A. Osborne S. Pascoe, J. Patterson W. Patterson, B.A. Paulding J.P. Perry, B. Peterson M. Peterson, S.N. Peterson, T. Petrizzo, J. Pfohl, K. Phillips, M. Pietz, G.R. Platt, C. Plaza, E. Powell, B. Preston. W.R. Proulx, Kevin D. Purcell, E. Rabin, J. Ramirez, R. Raskevitz, R Raskevitz, J. Redstone, W.P. Reed, P. Regish, J. Reilly 23 C. Rhodes, F, Richards, R Ring, M. Rivera- Ramos, S. Robitaille, M Rosenkrantz, R. Ruon, G. Salvini, D. Sarti, C. Schewe k B. S. Schneider, J. Schriver, 0. Scott, B. Searcy, H.A. Seymour, D. Shea, E. Shepherd, I. Sherman, A.E. Shumway, L A. Shumway. P. Smith, H.S. Smith S. Som, E.R. Spokas K. St. John, M. Stebbins D. Stokes, M. C. Stosz . Suarez, P.R. Sulirvah K. Suizner, J.H. Sutlift M. Svenson, J. Swanger H.B. Swenson, E. Sylvia H. Takahashi, P. Tang, C. Theriault, J.A. Thompson, M T. Thornton, C. L. Timmins, T. Tremblay, i. Trotman, E.M. Vanbuskirk, D. Vennell. G. Viczian, J. M. Wade, A.J. Wagner, M L. Wagner, S. Walas, C. Walen, S, Walen, C. Walker, H.H. Wang, S.W. Washburn. I A Adams, S. Aldrich, T. Aldrich, L Aldridge, L. Allen, K An, P. An, J. Angus, D Arnaboldi, C, Arnold M Asebrook, K. Axelson, M Baker, P. Banner, J. Barker, B Barnhart, E. Barrette, K I Beatty, C. Bennett, K. Berrio A Beshears, J C. Bias V E. Bias, C. Bigos H. Bishop, T Bleau A Boettcher, M E. Bogert K Bohn, L. Bou J Bowser, An. Bramlage E Bramucci, P. Brigham D Brmkerhoff, L. Britt L Brogren, L. Brown, E. Bush, F. Cabrera, D A. Campbell, K Campbell, P.J Canavan, P.A. Carlson, M. Carneiro, E.A. Carpino M A. Carpino, H. Castleden, S.A Cayer, S. Chalmers, L. Chamorro, N Champoux, E. Chandran, T. Chapin, A. Chappell, N Chhoun JUNIORS The moment has arrived Somehow, It’s a miracle we survived. So now we’re leaving home And finding out what life is all alone. Will we stand the test of time Reaching for the missing lines? Will we ever be who we can be? Here we stand Holding hands Will we ever make those dreams Of ours come true? Or is it Only in our dreams we can see the light shine down so bright We will almost touch that rising star. Only in our dreams So close and yet so far. Because it’s only in our dreams. ■April Brown ’87 26 traveT I Junior Core Comm.: 1st r.: C. Shadoian, J. Barker, A. Jamison, A. Morales. 2nd r.: L Minks, K. Salloux, N. Pierce, K. Muench, K. Muench, J. I Giglio, S. Smith. 3rd r.: E. Roundtree, E. Jenkins, S. Wohlleb, J Hannus, K. Eddy, S. Ellison, A. Osborne, R. Smith 4th r.: E. Goshko, S. j Wall, i. Torla, J. Feldman, E. Rothkegal, L. Allen, K. Sullivan, I. Johnston. S B. Clark, S. Coelen, M.C. Coles, C.A. Comings, P. Comtois, F.C. Cooper, R.T Cope, E. Coppinger, S.E. Craker, J.E, Cumps D A. Curran, G.D. Curtis, T. Cushing, T. Danielson, D P. Demers, A. Derrico, L. Dicarlo, C. Dienes, L. Diffenderfer, S.E. Dizard M. Doyle, T.M. Dzioba K Eddy, M E Eisenberg S. Ellison, D. Evans S. Fanslow, M.A. Farmer S. Faulkingham, G. Fawcett B. E. Feinberg, J. Feldman N. S. Fields, B. E. Figovsky J.M. Florian, J. Foley S.M Foley, C. Fournier, M Fox, J. Freedman, K. Frizzle, S. Frye, J. Giglio, E. Gillette, S. Gleason, T. Golden. C. Gordon, E M Goshko, L. Gosman, J. Gourley, K.E. Gray, K. Green, S. Greenebaum, A. Griffin, M Guidera, J. Gunkle. 27 A. Hatner, L Haines, A. Hall. K Hambleton. S. Hang, S. Hang, J. Hannus, K Hanson. K. Hams. B Halt R Hawley, J R Hendrick, G Hess, K Hoang, J Hodges. K Hopkins, ) Hornik, M Howard, J Hugos, E Humphrey P Hundley, G. Hurlbut Ingram. A.T James A Jellerette, Jemison, J E B Jenkins, M B. Johns B Johnson. K. Johnson L. Johnson. I. Johnston E.D. Jones, K.E. Jones E Kauffman, S. Kazonis A King, R Klein, A. Klekowski, E. Koh, S. Koonce, K. Kroodsma, R. Kruoch, S. Kruoch, P.J. Kunkel, S R. Lake A Lamb, K Lamb. A. Laos, F. R Lavalle, R. Lessie, E.D. Lewison, C. Liebert, R. Liimatainen, J. Lin i I ■S W. Pile, E S Pollatsek, M Porter, C. Andrew Predmore, D. Prescott, C. Rainlord, K Ra|, B Ready, I. Reiner M Repucci, L Riddington, P Robbins, P. Robinson, A. Rogers, [ Rogers, V Rogerson, D Rohde, J Rosa Serrano, E Rothkegel, K. Room K Roum, R Room E. Roundtree, J. Rowell M J, Rowell, 0. Rushing C. Russell, A. Ryan K Salloux, G. Saizman E. Sarat, M. Sargent S. Scott, C. Scriver Y. Seang, K.A. Searle C. Shadoian, D. Shepp, J. Sicks, M. Slobin, H. Smernoff, B. Smith, K. Smith, M. Smith, R. Smith, S. Smith S. Snyder, S. Som, K. Spergel, J. Spratlan, M. St. Mary, S. C. Stathis, J. Stebbins, A. Stewart, A. Stoffolano, T. W. Story 30 THE A.B.C. HOUSE ABC House: 1st r: A. Morales, J. Suarez, I. Deleman, D Linares. 2nd r: P. Cooke, R. Smith, R. Tripp, M. Weathington, E, Monteverde, E. Roundtree A.B.C. is a non-profit organization that takes academically gifted teenagers from urban areas and places them in the nation’s top secondary schools. Students must have an 85 average and be in the top 10% of their class. A.B.C. students are placed in some of the nations’ top Universities after their experience. The standards and work are demanding but the memories enrich and influence the student’s later life. — E. Monteverde THE ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL The South Amherst High School is an alternative program in a personalized setting that provides emotional and academic support. Normal high school courses are offered in small specialized groups with opportunities for one-to-one help. Group activities and a relaxed atmosphere result in warm, close relationships. BOOSTER DAY Booster Day is the day when all students give off steam with 3 activities to show their true colors; skits, float and hall decorations are all challenges to the imaginations of Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores. This year. Seniors walked away with first place in Float and Hall while the Sophomores received first for skit. THE CAKE SALE This years’ Cake Sale was a big success! There were many beautiful . , well , interesting cakes, the undeniable highlight of which was a lifesize portrait of Fred Flintstone, done by the Student Council. If the lively, competitive bidding wasn’t fun enough for you, you must have enjoyed the eating! It consisted of demolishing cakes and eating with your fingers. Mostly everyone walked away with a stomach-ache and a face full of cake. The cake fights were so violent that people even thought to bring umbrellas! The Junior class challenges next year’s class to make their sale as successful as ours was! THE THEATER COMPANY PRESENTS The Theatre Company had a cast of hundreds. The season ' s curtain-opener was Under Milkwood. All set to follow it was Golden Girls. March produced Romeo and Juliet, the English Venetian tragedy of love. Our musical created many ticket lines as our writer’s group created lines of another sort. Thanks to everyone who built our productions, who propped them up, who lit up the stage, who was directly responsible, who threaded them together, and those yet unmentioned who made up our Company. Kudos to the Board and a standing ovation for our Executive Producer, Mr. Warthen. Under Milkwood Under Milkwood, by Dylan Thomas, is a radio play that, with a little imagination, fits neatly on-stage, where the Theater Co. put it in their first production of the year. 16 performers played the 40 -I- charac- ters of Thomas ' half-cracked fishing-village in Wales, playing their different roles and narrator parts without changing costume or moving offstage. Darcie Dersham played and sang the traditional Celtic music; sets were by Andrew Predmore and Alan Fortescue, costumes by Kim Dahowski and Jenny Brehm. Theatre Co. 1st R: B. Schneider, M. Wright, A. Staub, A. Adams, L. Mizell, E. Jenkins. 2nd R: H. Radosh, D Lardner, K. Dahowski, J. Brehm, J. Su, H. Clysdale, L. Hugos, E. Woolf. 3rd R: M. Stoffolano, M. Eagan, E. Caffal, J. Lin, J. Hanus, S. Pollatsek, C. Rainford, D. Arnaboldi, J. Giglio, M. Porter, L. Miller. 4th R: J. Hornik, L. Feldman, A. Predmore, M. Franklin, A. Klekowski, K. Beatty, I. McKenna, C. Eccleston, Z. Leven Golden Girls Golden Girls, by Louise Page, was an unusual script to begin with — a British women ' s relay team, illegal drugs, racial conflict — and it became rarer still — our first original rock score by Dan Van Blerkom and Dave Partee, a strobe light, onstage relay trials. Jeremy Hornik designed sets. Matt Stoffolani the lights, Chris Bell and Bethany Schneider the cos- tumes. Chamber Players: 1st R: K. Dane, S. Greenebaum, R. Arons, B. Pope, S. Gleason, J. Peelle, J. Lin 2nd R: R. Lessey M. Eisenberg, J. Mizell, P. Tang, G. Penchina, D. Nissenbaum, W. Pyle, P. Smith (Ad.) Pep Band: 1st R: C. Shadoian, A. Boettcher, A. Bramlage, D. Brinkerhoff 2nd R: M Nemeth, S. Clark, C. Bell. C. Eccleston, I. McKenna Thomas, S. Pollatseck, J. Hines, C. Fernandez, A. Johnson, C. Halpern, E. Dickinson 3rd R: Mr Purcell (Ad.) S. Vivian, M. Franklin, B. Schneider, M. Wright, C. Rainford, K. Sackett, A, Newell, Z. Berkman 4th R: J. Young, S. Scott. T. Chapin, J. Barker, A. Kallas MUSIC C. Lundberg, C. Fournier, J. Jazz Workshop: T Chapin, D Laus, K Louis, H Mroz, A. Kallas, Z. Berkman, D. Ortiz, E. Chandron, Terry, Mr. Purcell (Ad.) f icerl Choir: 1st R: K. Lundgren, S Wohlleb, L. Woolf, J.Hugus, G. LaMountam, J. Sackett, E Goshko, S Wall, i aulkingham, L Ramsey 2nd R: M Taafaki, H Kent, J, Trotman, M. Slobin, J. Giglio, C. Bell, E Dickinson, P. » thews, D, Arnaboldi, L. Gosman 3rd R: E. Shepherd, B Weil, A Knightly, A. Bramlage, A Mullin, L, Housner, i:utchins, A. Alschuler, E, Wells, J Goldman, S Warner, J. Maggs (Ad.) E Chorus: seated: L. Housner 1st R: K Highter, K Bohn, J. Sullivan, M. deEriesse, J. Mooeny, K. Nomura, A Lorenzo, R. Raskevitz, J Maggs, (Ad ), S. Spalding, 2nd R: C. Pacheco, H. Vaughn, S. Thoss, M Cotanche 3id Ensemble: 1st R: C. Halpern, S. Pollatsek, A Wattenberg, A. Johnson, A Bliss, C. Rainford, J, Wade, L. tmson 2nd r: B. Preston, K. Dahowski, D. Ortiz, A Kalass, J. Moran, K.Sackett, S. Soltysik, C. Eccleston, C. |i|, K. Williams, D. Shepp, C. Fernandez, L Marcum 3rd R: J. Hefley, D, Purcell (ad.), H. Harbison, M Eagan, (, es.) J. 0 Connor, D. Plaut, L. Mizell, S. Craker, I. McKena-Thomas, S. Vivian, M. Franklin, A Bramlage, P. I ives, S. Clark, J. Redstone 4th R: S. Scott, K. Muench, E. Jones, R. Chesnut, T. Story, E. Dickinson, T. Chapin, Purcell, D. Brikerhott, A. Jemison, E. Chandran, Z. Leven, M, Nemeth, K. SuIzner The Wind Ensemble is composed of serious musicians who strive to perform the most challenging repertoire. Under the direction of Douglas Purcell, we tackle anything from Sousa to Shostakovich. This year, we were lucky enough to travel to Montreal with the orchestra and to enjoy a year with our UMass. interns, Lynn Kirouac and Andrea Kallas. 0 Magnum Lasagnum 0 Omni garlic bread Cantamus Bach-ae J.S., J.C.. C.P.E., and Lipps Allelujamyntas with his Phyllis fair and up and down, dilly down 0 beata Chorale! Symphony Band: 1st R: D. Gur, L, Faulkingham, S. Goldman, M Upton, J. Spears, M. St. Mary, A. Newell, K. Patterson 2nd R: A. Sherman, D. Waterman, C. Bramlage, C. Shadoian, L. Gallant, A. Koss, L Murch, J. Basara, C. McQuillen, H. Muskus, C. Hunt, S. Volkman, G. Ritchie, L. Thomas 3rd R: D. Purcell (Ad ), A. Boettcher, S. Hilborn, P. KirchofI, C. Vogt, C. Abel, R. Mclntire, B. Schneider, S. Searcy, S. Brown, T. DTntrono, G. Curtis, J. Hasson 4th R: T. Ban, K. Perez, M Liptak, S. Mooney, S, Gordon, P.J. Lehrer, B Dahowski, J. Barker, G. Chilik, B Patterson, G.J. Guidera, T. Leslie, M Wright, M Maziarz, J. Freedman, J. Young, W. Dickinson, T Davidson Chorale: 1st R: J Mizell, F Berkman, A Hepler, C Weaver, J. Greenbaum, C. Clitton, D. Dersham, D. Olevsky, J. Hornik, B. Pope, D. Loughran, S. Greenebaum, R. Arons, D, Lardner, I. McKenna-Thomas, M Babb 2nd R; J Maggs (Ad),, H. Radosz, S. Soltysik, B. Hawley, A. Redder, M, Porter, J. Horowitz, M. Eisenburg, M, Smith, M. Eagan, C. Maley, E. Koh, H. Luddy, R. Jellerette, S. Scott, Z. Leven, N. Lee The Symphony Band is a musical group made up of 9th, 10th, and 11th grades who i,iay brass, wind, or percussion instruments. We give several concerts a year, alone and combination with the Wind Ensemble, under the direction of our beloved Uncle .)ugie 39 CLUBS The People of Color United is an organization that provides ethnic, racial and cultural support for the diverse student population. Although it is open to all students, the most active participants have been the African-American and Hispanic American students. Activities have included a mural painted across from the gym, guest lecturers during Black History Month, support of the A.B.C. program, participation in Martin Luther King Week activities at U.Mass., and providing an informative bulletin board in the Junior corridor. P.O.C.U. 1st R: D. Campbell, R. Tripp, A. Williams, P Matthews, M. Bogart, E. Monteverde 2nd R: P. Cooke, H. Sunderland, 0. Rushing, L. Brown, E. Roundtree, A. Morales 1986-’87 was a successful and productive year for the Student Council. For the first time, we opened meetings to the entire student body. This attracted a diverse group of students who had a real interest in student government. Mrs. Schweid was a key factor in our accomplish- ments as she was interested in meeting student needs and was helpful in communicating student views to the Administration and Staff. One of the more memorable, if less momentous activities of the Student Council this year was the creation of five-foot Fred, the best cake in the Auction. I i student Council 1st R: K. Zumbruski, K Melley 2nd R.: H. Camp, T. Abbott, T. Seitz, J. McIntyre 3rd R.: J. Ewald, 0. [ Curtis, R. Smith, K. Bohn, P. Cooke, C. Schweid (Ad.), D. Bloodsworth I Graphic 1st row: D. Brmkerhoff, A. Bliss, K. Melley, 1. Schimmel, B. Johnson 2nd row; B. Penniman (Ad.) D. Rothstein, K. Salloux, J. Ewald, 0. Curtis, C. Shumway Well, it ' s no New York Times (we’re still trying to set up a Washington, D.C. bureau), and it ' s no USA Today (right now we’re strictly a two-color job - black and white), but it is the A.R.H.S. Graphic. It doesn’t come out too often, so be sure to check it out when it does. Goldbug Editorial 1st R: H. Camp, K. Carlson, J. Basile, I. Cernada 2nd R: A. Arcelli, A. Brown, K. Mealy, T. Seitz, E. Monteverde 3rd R; B. Derby (Ad ), T. Abbott, J. Sullivan, L. Minks, K. Salloux, 0. Curtis, J. Masalski, S. Smith, M. O ' Connor, P. Weigel The yearbook staff wants this yearbook to be the best one ever. The class of ' 87 is one that won’t be soon forgotten! iternational Students 1st R: S. Nguon, T Sot. P Tu, L Tran, M Hoang, L, Chu 2nd r: I AcKermann (Ad), Koun, K Krouch, H Wang, N Chhoun, R Moeun, L. Bou, S. Ok, P An, K Room, R Som. 3rd R: C, Iguyen, K Kuon, Y Wang, W Conley, P Goetz. A Ah, E Monteverde Russian Club 1st R: J. Hornik, S. Koonce, K Rag E Woolf, M Wattenberg, L Miller, A Jemison 2nd R- J Wobst (Ad ), D Dersbam, M Eagan, D Ahearn, M, Swift, B Quick, N Delmanzo, A, Osborne The Russian Club has been very active this year, getting involved in cultural experiences not possible in the classroom, and helping to enhance community awareness of the Russian language, culture and people. Among our many activities this year have been playing exciting games of GORODKI, viewing contemporary and historical Soviet films, organizing the annual MASLENIZA banquet, creating another popular Russian Club T-shirt and raising money to help subsidize a very important Russian Club activity; the 1987 trip to the Soviet Union. Eleven students and two chaperones experienced an exciting tour of the Soviet Union for three weeks in February. Tremendously successful this year and with smaller group in the past, this trip is a unique Russian experience for each participant, and the Russian Club is confident that it will be repeated for future students of the Russian language at A.R.H.S. As Schools Match Wits 1st Row J Hornik 2nd Row ] Lin, L Miller, M Wattenberg, A Jamieson They gave us three choices: prison, exile, or the As Schools Match Wits team. It wasn ' t a hard decision. So, we joined the team and we’ve done our job well. Heading into winter ' 86, we’ve gone 2 ' a years without defeat. A band of fearless academic gladiators, we strike terror in the hearts of all who dare to oppose us. If you have a question that no one else can answer, don’t find us. We’ll find you. Hess club 1st row: R Kleindienst, A. Jeuls, A Ryan, B Johnson 2nd row: G. Gordon, M Wattenberg, J lorman, S. Smith (Ad.) :hess club: We play chess uling Club 1st R: S. Abbott, H. Camp, M Wieland, J. Su, H. Clydesdale, S Moran 2nd R: H David (Ad), J asile, T. Abbott, J, Torla, K. Beatty, Z. Levin The Outing Club is a group of interesting, vibrant, young people. We enjoy the utdoors, sharing nature and good times with each other. Don’t forget Lake George! Hope Solidarity 1st R M Cooke (Ad.) 0 Rushing, L. Hanes, ). Schimmel 2nd R: J. Saulsberry (Ad ), P Matthews, 0 Campbell, L Brown 3rd R: R. Jackson, A Klekowski, K Dahowski, J. Price (Ad ), S Johnson, K Healy, J Jacobs (Ad ), G. Saulsberry (Ad.) Goldburg Business 1st R: S. Warner, S. Jackson, S. Johnson, K. Healy, T. Labucha 2nd R: A Newell, J. Feldman, E. Sacabasin, A Steffalano, M Shea (Ad.) Hope and Solidarity is a group open to all students, faculty and administra- tors. Collectively, we strive to foster awareness of cultural symmetry and diversity, to develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences, to initiate acceptance of people of varying genders, races, ethnic ties, sexual preferences, and to create an atmosphere in which open discussion of these issues is comfortable and welcome. We try to promote our goals through such events as the Ethnic Feast and encourage students to support and become involved in our organization. Latin Club 1st R; G. Gordon, 0 Hillel, A. Jules 2nd R: A. Bramlage, 0 BnnkerhoJi, C. Halpern, A. Klekowski, M. Franklin, S. Smith (Ad.) 3rd R: S. Lake, M Wright, L Rainford, S. Wall, E Goshco, C. Bennett Who are all these imperialists wearing sheets and what are they doing in our yearbook? Well, these vicious Romans (and you thought they were only students) are getting psyched to rid the world of evil by creaming Slimus Agerpittsorum at Classics Day. Led by Virilis Matthevs and Carla Divtissime, Club Latinum genus fortissimum ab urbe condita est. Malhletes 1st R: K. Yu, R Chen 2nd R M Franklin, G Fawcett, F. Cruz 3rd R; M Wattenberg, G. Pearlstein, M Callahan, J. Redstone The Mathletes are students who enjoy competing in math contests. The team is a member of the W. Mass. Math League. About 18 teams in this region participate in the League. Our Amherst team finished first last year and will try to do the same this year! 42 School Store S. Cooper, 0 Hillel, P Cooke, R. Tripp, D Harlow (Ad.) F.S. 1st R: K. Jones, J. Shriver, H. Tamalliot, N. Wyse, A Korwar 2nd R: N, Epstein, A. Hepler, S. Cooper, Scott (Ad ) French Club 1st R: T. Seitz, S. Koonce 2nd R: I Cernada, K. Carlson, L. Gosman 3rd R: D Brule (Ad.) K Dane, D, Lardner, K. Jones, S. VanBlerkom Le Cercle Francais; Nous aimons manger. We started off the year with an enormous six-course French meal that we all contributed to. Some of us went to hear a French singer at the Iron Horse Coffeehouse in Northampton. Our most ambitious activity was a spring trip to Quebec City. (Martinique seemed out of the question). All in all, we’ve been very active in finding ways to learn about and enjoy the French culture. Vive la France! I ' Udent School Comm. R Smith, K Melley, K. Bohn, 1. Schimmel, 0 Curtis FBLA 1st R P Fredrickson (Ad ), H. Sunderland, M Echevarria, I. Edgington, L Williams, K Muench, N Pierce 2nd R: E Roundtree, S. Smith, J. Heffley, C. Bennett, 0. Curtis. I. Warner (Pres.), J Ewald, S. Flenderson, J. Libucha, A Morales 3rd R. K. Shumway, M Weathington, P. Cooke, R. Tripp, 0 Yarde, J Woll Future Business Leaders of America (Chapter 10222) initiated 29 members in October. Officers this year are: President-Ingrid Warner; Vice-President- Otis Curtis; Secretary- Tracy Edgington; Treasurer- Anton Melchionda; Reporter-Tracy Libucha; Parliamentarian- Ade Williams; Historian-Nicole Pierce; Public Relations- Mark Weathington. Some of the activities we had were ExecSim, Stock Market, Spring Banquet, Concessions at football games, and observance of National Education for Business Week. The highlight of the year is the trip to the Mass. State Leadership Conference in the spring. rman American Partnership 1st R: S Braggard, E Dickinson, A Wattenberg, B Schneider, A nson 2nd R: C. Timmens, T. Eisman, A. Hepler, A. Mullin, P. Lehrer, M. Eisenberg, R. Kleidienst, A. I g 3rd R: D. Lutchens, M Kraker, A. Stewart, R Blitzhiau, K Bosma I I student Teacher Organization for Peace: People, students whatever have always asked us why have a peace organization in High School? You can ' t vote, you don’t have contact with large masses. So why? But the question is . . Why not? If history has taught us anything, peace is not something that can be achieved by 12 people in a social studies room after school. However, if 12 people in every school across the world put their time and effort into educating their peers, a major step would be achieved. To do our part, so far this year we have started early planning on our famous week of dialouge and thanks to the efforts of many new members set up foundations for future years. Peace is not Republican or Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative, but a human necessity. S.T.O.P. 1st R: M Wieland, S. Moran, J, Su 2nd R: M Burns (Ad), E. Jenkins, J Torla, H. Camp, J. Black, J, Hornick The National Honor Society is composed of students who have maintained high academic standing and exceptional leadership in extra-curricular activi- ties. With the help of our mentors, Jane Price and Joseph Jacobs, N.H.S. devotes itself to community service. The year, we participated in Mass Transformation, the finishing of the West Street Youth Center, and the Brown Bag program which delivers food to the elderly. Many of our members are tutors to foreign students and tape literature for students with reading disabilities. Ham Radio 1st R R Winternitz, G Curtis, W Birriel 2nd R: f. Chapman (Ad), J Mizell, J. LaBonte, A Gillart, J McNally, (Ad) N.H.S. 1st R: i Schimmel, K. Zumbruski. M Eagan, L. Svenson, K. Dahowski, Z. Leven 2nd R: M Franklin, A. Klakowski, J. Giglio, M Porter, C. Ramford, J. Jacobs (Ad), J. Price (Ad) 3rd R: M. Swift, C. Eccelston, M. Callahan, L. Mizell, L. Marcum Tri S 1st R: K Zumbrowski, S. Davis, T Seitz, I. Cernada, J Brehm 2nd R: K. Malley, K. Carlson, K. Healy, S. Jackson, S. Johnson, K Bohn The Amateur Radio Club’s purpose is to learn the procedures and technical aspects leading to individual club members gaining FCC Licenses, to communicate live for enjoyment all over the world and to assist during the community during natural emergencies. Hams Are Not CB’RS!’’ 44 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES The Senior Superlatives are quite original. People ' s uniqueness is here for you to see. Best laugh: Renee Jellerette Most Athletic Girl: Kim Pratt Class Preppy: Wendy Lattuca ■ f . Best Sandwiches: Jeff Bergman Class Gossip: Missy Feldman Most desirable: Franya Berkman Class Jetsetter: Pia Weigel Nicest: Darcie Dersham ( Most Aggressive: Greg Finch Class Clown: Otis Curtis Class comedian: Josh Wolf Most Athletic Boy: Paul Torpey Walking disaster area: Chris Jolly Class Hippie: Atticus Robbins Sexiest: Arieh Kurinsky Class enigma: Marc Stevens Class Artist: Matt Dimock Most Unconventional: Phil Lehrer Most sincere: Debbie Murphy Class Punk: Jamie Coccoluto W Shyest; Kathy Zumbruski Most deceiving: Martin Van Pelt Most argumentative: Seth Eckhouse Class unsung hero; Mike O’Connor Best body: Darren Pierce Most talkative: Kathy Melley Most charming: Carlo Maley Moodiest: Greta Neunder Most likely to win Tour de France: Chel Strom- gren 49 Cutest: Sarah Davis Class Outdoors girl: Marcie Wieland Most sophisticated: Mike Callahan Class class: Dave Plaut Jack of all trades: Joe Sherman Class Wit: Nick Czap Smallest: Tracy Edgington Class Drummer: Dorian James 50 Most musical; Rebecca Arons Class Outdoorsman: Sean Moran Class vocalist: Ade Williams Class Photographer: Matt Berman Class Briton: Anthony Martin Class Horsewoman: Kelly Bosma Class Redhead: Carla Halpern Class Deadhead: Mike Bowler Best dressed girl: Kerstin Carlson Best car: John Aldrich Class personality: Eric Davis Bubbliest: Josie Schimmel Best body: Germaine St. Mary Nicest smile: Lise Svenson Class Nihilist: Adrian Staub Class Frisbee player: Jeff Su Most School spirit: Amy Lashway Class couple: Sheila Camacho and Al Jackson Class Scientist: Geoff Gordon Most easygoing: Dave Rolander Most talented: Anna Hepler Most dramatic: Alan Fortescue and Jocelyn Hobbie Class Philosopher: Allison Raskind Class Disco: Gary Miles Class Runner: Graham Ridley lass Dancer: Deb Lardner Most likely to succeed: David Roth stein Teacher ' s Pet: Lee Meade jAost gullible: Emma Dickinson Most underestimated: Dan VanBlerkom Class dimples: Tasha Perez Shari E. Abbott: M ontage of a dream deferred — And we all shine on. Track 1-4; Goldbug 4; Orch. 1-2; Outing Cl. 3-4; Core Comm. 3-4; Winter Track 2.4; the Peach Cl. 3,4 Traci Abbott: And in the end - the love you take ■ is equal to the love you make Goldbug 2,4; Orch. 1,2; Student Coun. 1,2,4 (V.P.); Core Comm. 3,4; The Peach Cl. 3,4 Ian Abercrombie Dondi Ahearn: All I want is to be |ust like I am. but everyone else wants me to be |ust like them, They say sing while you slave and I |ust get bored, Volleyball 3; S.T.O.P. 1,2,4; Russian Cl. 1-4; Tea Time Boyz John Aldrich: The baby was so ugly they had to hang a pork chop around its neck to get the dog to play with it. Lacrosse 1-4; Skiing 3; Soccer 2,3; Core Comm. 1,2,3; Theater Co. 2,3 TB CM MM Fan Cl 1-4; Excursions in Reggae; 3; Afro-Judean-Kraut Foundation 1-4 Abdikarin Hussein Ali Never look back on your dreams Your dreams are all that you have If you look back on your dreams You risk losing them. Look forward, try to fulfill them If you can make them come true. Dreams should never be broken For if your dreams are broken So then are you. Live for your dreams die for them if necessary No one can take your dreams away. Dreams are forever Some dreams may not come true But they will always be yours and always Belong to you. -April Brown Brigette A. Alschuler: Theirs is a mighty task, at once holy, stupendous and enthralling. This generation of youth must provide the saints, heros, martyrs and administrators of future years. With dedication and will power they can rise to great heights. Bahai Yr. of service, 4; Girls ' Soccer 1,3; Bahai CL. 3; Hope 6 Solidarity 2-3; Core Comm. 1-3 Audrey Lynn Arcelli: I want to wish everyone the best of luck and say thanks. Volleyball 3,4 Capt.; Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 4; F.F.A. 16 2; Majorettes 2; Sr. Prom Comm. Rebecca Daniele Arons: Wisdom IS the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding. Chorale 2,3,4; Nat. Hon. Society 4; Orch. 1- 4; Andrea K. Averill: There is a land of pure delight, where friends once part will unite Lacrosse (Mgr.) 2,3.4; Skiing 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Spanish Part. 2,4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 2,3,4; Theater Co. 2,3; Hope 6 Solidarity 3 John Ayres: If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I don ' t want to go Ice Hockey 3,4; Lacrosse 1-4; Team Beam 4; D.A.M.M. 1-4; Amherst Scrampa Cl. 1-4 Matthew W. Azano: Desperate Living-trying to see. breaking all the rules, only the strong are gonna be free from a world of fools Michael Babb: I can ' t think of a quote Wrestling 1-4; Con. Choir 1-3; Chorale 4; Volleyball 1-3 lyamoro Balin Baker: “Shil shul in the afternoon Baseball 1-4; Wrestling 3,4; Goldbug; Project renewal; C.F.F.L. Amy Kimo Barg: Ready am I to go. and my eagerness with sails full set awaits the wind Rob Barnes: Twist and shout I am on my way out! Jessica Marie Basile: Don ' t be dismayed at goodbyes A tarewell is necessary before you can meet again And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends, Chorus 1,2; Goldbug 1,4; Outing Cl. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 4; Theate r Co. 2; F.B.l.A. 2; Peach Bl. 3,4 Ian Zoc C. Bearce: ' Help help, someone get me out of this pot ' Art 4; Track 2,3; C. F.F.L. 1-4; Orch Valley Crew 1-4; Bob ' s 3,4; EMO 1,2 Senior Core Comm.; 1st R: A Brush, I. Cernada, L. Svenson, E Davis, D Dersham, P Lehrer, K Dahowski, M. Eagan. 2nd R: K Field, K. Carlson, K Melley, J Brehm, J Basile, T Abbott, A Averill, L. Hoadley. 3rd R: B Bray (Ad.), A. Arcelli, N, Perez, P. Cooke, M Stevens, 0. Curtis, D Yarde, D, Pierce, A. Lashway 4th R: S Davis, M Ratzel, S Abbott, T, Seitz, K Zumbruski, J Schimmel, 0. Williams, I Moran Christine Tsehai Bell: I had something to say, but then somebody said it for me, Soccer 4; Band Wind Ensem; Symph. Band 1; W.E, 2,3,4; Con. Choir 4; French Cl. 4; Orch. 3,4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; P ep Band 1-4; Pilgrim 4; MYF 1-4 (Pres. 4); MLK Breakfast 204 Jeffrey Marfin Bergman: In Franya Berkman order to en|oy further transcendental bliss, they all assembled and went to mother Yasoda to lodge complaints against the restless boys. Cross Country 1,2; French Cl, 3 (Pres), 4; Graphic 3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; S.T.O.P. 4; Social Concerns 3,4; Living Matthew Berman Kimberly Billings: the good times are the good times, the best times. The bad times lade away The good times are forever, but the last time is today ' Art 1,3,4; Volleyball 4 (Mgr.) Core Comm. 4; The Neighborhood!! Jonathan Black: YouTI never know the hurt I ' ve suffered nor the pain I rise above Outing CL; S T O P.; C.F.F.L. 57 Kerry Lynn Blanchard: Live today, dream tomorrow, cherish yesterday Band 1; Peter Bouchard: Golf 3; Ice Kamala Bouche La Paix, Paz. Hockey 2,3,4; Goldbug Frieden, PEACE Art 1-4 Michael Bowler Core Comm. 1; Wind Ensemb. Charles E. Booke: Skiing 1-4; 2-4 Band 1,2 Outing Cl. 4 Kelly Bosma Jennifer Brehm: Field Hockey Katherine Brentlinger 1,2,3; Squash 2,4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3,4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; St. Brigid’s Yth.-Grp. 2,3,4; F-Perquisiters 2,3,4; 3 min. Count-Down 4 Andrew Brush: It Mickey ' s a mouse, Donald ' s a duck, and Pluto ' s a dog then what ' s Goofy’ Squash 2,4; Choir Comm. 4; Con Choir 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. 2-4 Matt Butterfield: I leave this place not wanting to be remembered by them, because they and it will be forgotten by me Baseball 1; Football 3,4; Student School Comm. 3,4; Beam Team Ana Isabel Caban: Science is now advanced enough to solve our practical problems but people still have to overcome their false ideas, preiudice and superstitions about each other Student Coun. 2; Theater Co. 2; Hope Solidarity 2; Dance 1-3; A.F.S. 2 Michael J. Callahan: The good life IS one inspired by love and guided by knowledge Nat. Hon. Soc. 2.3,4; Student School Comm. 3; French E ch. 3; Math Team 2-4; Computer Vision 1,2; Differential Geometry 3-4 58 Sheila Camacho Heather Camp: God is dead, of His pity for man hath God died- Every person beareth the whole stamp of the human condition Nat. Hon Soc. 4; Outing Cl 3 (co-Pres); Core Comm 3,4; Leadership Training; Survival Living; The Peach Cl. Kerstin Alice Carlson; Lite is not a vicarious experience Soccer 2-4; Band (Wind Ensemble) 1-4; Orch. 4; French Cl 3-4 (Pres.); French Exchange 2-3; Core Comm. 2- 4; Tri-S 3-4; Goldbug 1,4; Piano; Cow Tipping 3,4; Festering Perquisitors 4. April Brown Carpenter: Live tor the moment, and happiness in the end is what you’ll tmd Look out tor yourself and let no one abuse your mind” Art Rm. 1; Basketball 2; Volleyball 1; Gymnastics 1; Cheerleader 1; French Cl, 2; Goldbug 4; IntT, students 4 (Sec.) Student Sch. Comm. 4; Core Comm. 1; Poetry Writing 1-4 Jennifer Castleden Isabel Ching Cernada; soccer 3,4; French Cl. 3.4 (V.P.); Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 2,3 (sec), 4; Tri-S 3,4; Festering Perquisitors 4; Cow Tipping 3,4; A-Per. Boredom cl. 3; French E 3 Emilie Claunch Melissa A. Clifford: ieso man ” Graphic 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 2,3,4; Photography 1-4; Prom Comm. 4; TKC ' 86 Catherine Egolf Clifton: What ' s blac k is white, what ' s red is blue, what ' s dark is light, what ' s true is true Con Choir 1; Chorale 2,3,4; Core Comm. 1,2; Theater Co. 3,4; Horse Riding 1-4; Flute 1 3; Chocolate Sisters 2-3 M.t. Helen Clydesdale: Think for a James Coccoluto moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but tor the formation ot the first link on one memorable day Cross Count. 4; Golf 4; Skiing 1.4; Squash 4; Track 1; French Cl. 4; Outing Cl. 3,4; S.T.O.P. 4; Core Comm. 2.3; Theater Co. 2,3,4; A.L.-B.F.F.; Meiico France Deborah Connolly: Fighting lor peace IS like Making love lor virginity ' 59 Philip D. Cooke: Yo Woman! you without me is like the cornflake without the milk! So let ' s get soggy. Is that you Yakim? Bye Yakimlocks and the 3 panda oops. Later comrade Skeezer (Boagie) Later Lynn.” Football 2; Band 1; Goldbug 1: P.O.C.U. 3; Student Counc. 1; Core Comm. 3; A.B.C. 4 (Treas); F.B.L.A. 3; School Store (Mgr): Yearbook 1 Sara B. Cooper; What a pisser Skiing 1-4; Cheerleader 4 (mgr); School Store 3,4; Crossroads 2,4; A.F.S. Toni-lo Coppa: Warriors, warriors. We call ourselves. We fight for spendid virtue, tor high endeavor, for sublime wisdom, therefore we call ourselves warriors Art Rm 3,4; Internal Awareness 4; Workstudy Brendan Coppinger David J. Cosans: There are two paths to go by but in the long run there ' s still time to change the road you ' re on Football 1,2,3; Ice Hockey 1-4; Lacrosse 2,3,4 Erin Crotty Elizabeth Crowley Otis Curtis; I ' m leaving this Nick Czap: It ' s like a fire game one step ahead of you burning inside me, a and you will not hear me cry question without an answer, ' cause I do not sing the blues Am I the son of fire, or an Baseball 2,3,4; Lacrosse 1; orphan, with no mother or Soccer 1-4; Goldbug 3,4; father’” CFFL 1-4 Graphic 3,4; Student Coun, 3 (Treas.); core comm. 1-4; FBLA 3 (VP); soapboi Paul J. D ' Entremont: Don ' t judge a book by it ' s cover Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Golf 4; Soccer 1-4; Wrestling 3,4; Chorus 1; Orch. 1; Student Coun. 1,2 (Pres.); F.B.L.A. 4; Class V.P.-2; Pub cook 86-87 Curtis Daehler: Body of a crab, head of a social worker Wrestling 2,3,4; Goldbug 2; CFFL 1-4; Orch. Valley Crew 1-4 Kimberly Dahowski: To them the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3 (Treas); Student Coun. 3,4; Core Comm 1,2 (Treas), 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Hope 4 Solidarity 3,4; Wind Ensemble 2-4; K.D. Soc. 3, Pres. 4 60 Kathryn F. Dane: If I were a bear, and a big bear too, I wouldn’t care much if it froze or snowed. I wouldn’t care much if it snowed or friz: I’d be all dressed up in a fur coat like this ” Soccer 4; French Cl 3,4; Orch. 1-4; Outing Cl. 3,4; K.D. Soc. 3 Pres. 4; ROO; F- Perquisitors 4; Cow Tipping 3,4 Daniel A. Davis: Out m the desert, there is a rock 1 mi. high and 1 mi. wide. Once every million years, a little bird comes to sharpen it’s beak. When that rock is worn away, 1 day of eternity has passed Outing Cl. 4; Chess Cl. 1,2; Scube Diving, Scouting, Fishing, Comics C.V.D., YRUU Eric Davis: If you have to ask, you ' ll never know” Tea and Reggae 2-4; Orch. 3,4; Band 1-4; Jazz Workshop 3; Core Comm. 2-4 (Pres. 2); Livingroom Navigation Docking 3-4 Sarah Davis: The pain of leaving those you grow to love IS only the prelude to understanding yourself and others ” Soccer 1,2,3 Co-Capt; Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3,4; Theater Co. 2,3; V.P. A Per. Boredom Cl. 3; Cowtipping 3-4; F. Perquisters 4 Timothy Davis: ‘The sun ' s not yellow, it’s chicken” S.T.O.P. 2,3; Nacho Cloning 1-4; Monoliths 1,2,3; Cry Onion 4; In Watermelon 1-4; 4 17 of A Haiku, Mental 2,3,4 Nathanael DelManzo: “Be headed down that highway, got my suitcase by my side, blue skies hangin’ over my head I got so many miles to ride Soccer 1-4; Track 1-4; Russian Cl. 2,3,4; Yth. Grp. 2,3,4; The Amherst Scrampa Cl.; D.A.M.M.; Altar Server 1-4 Julian d ' Errico D ' Arcy Dersham: What has she got in that little brown head’ Wonderful thoughts which can never be said” CVDYRUU 1-4; Theatre Co. 2- 4; Chorale 4; Con. Choir 2,3; Core Comm. 1-4; Warm Fuzzies 1-4 Stacey L. DiCarlo: To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything ” Basketball 1; Softball 1; F.B.L.A. 3; Follow you. Follow me Emma Dickinson: Now it’s apparent, now it’s a fact, so marshall your forces tor another attack ” Band; Wind Ensem. 1-4; Con. Choir 4; Orch. 1-4; German-Amer. 3,4; Theater Co. 3,4; Pep Band 1- 4; Pony Cl. 4; Fry 1-4; District 2-4 Matthew Scott Dimock; It’s not easy being green” Art Rm. 1-4; Cross Country 2; Track 1- 4; Goldbug 2,4; Outing Cl. 4; Theatre Co. 2,3,4 CFFL 1-4; Winter Track 4; Founding Member of CFFL; Ultimate 1-4; Orch. Valley Crew 1-4 Peter Dinardi: “Words are lust dust and desert the sound the things you have lost can never be found S.T.O.P. 1; Tea Time Boyz 61 Karynya Dupre Jennifer Durnakowski Molly E. Eagan: Who tore up all my wallpaper samples’ Who ate all the grapes, the ones I ' d been saving Band 1- 3,4 (Pres.); Chorale 3,4 (Pres.); Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4 (pres); Core Comm. 1-4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; (Officer 3,4) Russian Cl. 4 (Treas.); Chocolate Sisters 2-4; Playwright ' s Workshop 4; Amherst Comm. Band 2-4; Zelda Cricket Eccleslon: Everything else you grow out of, but you never recover from childhood Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3 (Sec.); Theater Co. 2,3,4; Choir Miriam Echevarria (Mimi): A good love takes a while to grow, friends like season seem to come and go. There ' s too little time to be unkind so just keep it in the back of your mind F.B.L.A. 4 Seth Eckhouse: And now , cried Max. Let the wild rumpus begin Lacrosse 1,3,4; Skiing 1,2, Capt. 3,4; Student School Comm. 4 (chairman) German-Amer. Part. 3,4; Theater Co, 2,3,4; CFFL 4; Guidance Office Vegtibles 3,4; Mrs. Markert Fan Cl. 3.4; Gladiator Training 1-4; KCRP 2-4; Afro-Kraut foundation (Judean) 1-4 Tracy Leigh Edgington: You get out of life what you put into it. so strive to be the best you can be and your pot of gold will shine at the end of the rainbow Goldbug 3,4; Core Comm. 2; FBLA 3,4; Accounting Helper 4; Town Hall Employee 3,4; So. Church Yth Grp. 3,4; Member of I.O.R.G. 1-4 John Ewald; Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards Soccer 1-4; Graphic 3,4; Student Comm. 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Boy ' s State Todd Fairchild: So you want to be king of the hill; so you want to be top of the heap: iust remember, a good |ob doesn ' t love you back Squash 2,3; Swimming 1; French C. 1- 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Fudge Covered Elbows 4 Robert D. Fay; Why fail, when you can lie, cheat, and get ahead G.O. 3,4; O.A.M.M. 3.4; Team Beam 1-4 Melissa H. Feldman: Always leave them laughing when you say goodbye Tennis 1-4; Core comm. 1-4; Tri-S 2,3,4; F.B.L.A. 2,3,4; Prom Comm. 4; Mad Dog Fan Club 1-4; Kimberly Field: The road out of high school IS long, but it ' s one we all must follow Softball 2; Track 1; Volleyball 2,3,4 (cap ' t.) Band 2,3,4; Core Comm. 3,4; Lassie League Softball; Church Choir; Crossroads; Yth. Grp.; Amherst Comm. Band I Greg Finch: The ultimate solution: destroy what you don ' t understand Football 1-4; Team Beam 1-4; D.A.M.M. 3,4 Gideon (Trevor Wow) Fischer: I woke up this morning feeling kind ol wow. So I grooved once again Nancho Cloning 1-4 Alan William Fortescue Maria Fo«: I ' m from Canada! What’s your excuse? Figure Skating: Dance; Whispering Sweet Nothings; discussing OTHER People ' s sex lives, questioning the temperature “Why is it so cold in here? I ' m so cold smiling and nodding, smiling and nodding arguing the fact that I ' m NOT Canadian, eh? Matthew Franklin: The man that hath no music in himself . Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils; The motions of his spirit are dull as night . . . Let no such man be trusted Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Orch. 4; Outing Cl. 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Math Team 2-4 (Pres. 3-4); Ed-in-Chief Syntax 2-3; Pep Band 1-4; Fry 1-4; Latin Club 3-4 (Consul 4) Odeyo Frye f Kerry-Beth Garvey: Leave me alone with my ocean, I was born for a handful of fishes Core Comm. 1,2,4; Theater Co. I 2,3,4; A.F.S. 3,4: Y.R.U.U.- !■ C.V.D. 2,3,4; Fudge Covered ; Elbow Cl. 3; Meh-nehmeh-neh Kelly Gauger: Core Comm. (Tres) 2; Mad Dog Fan Cl. 1- 4; skiing 1-4; Core Comm 1-4; ARNAV 3; F.B.L.A. 2,3 Alexis Gewertz: Freedom ' s |ust another word for nothing left to lose; nothing, I mean nothing honey, it ain ' t free. Yeah, feeling good was easy lord when he sang the blues. You know feeling good was good enough for me Todd Gibson leremy Goldman: Con. Choir 2- Jennifer Goodrich 4; Chorus 1; Nat. Hon. Sec. 3,4; Musical 2-4; Math Team 3,4; Fry 1-4 63 Lea Ann Grice: Some people think it’s holding on that make Jonathan Griffith: Baseball 1-4; makes one strong, sometimes Basketball 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Kelly L. Graves: Basketball 1- it ' s letting go” Squash 2-4; Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Geoffrey Gordon 4; Softball 1-4 Track 3 orch. 2,3,4 lamieson Grillo Mark Guilbault Kerry Gunkle: ' Tm so happy I Tracy Marie Gurski: PS: Next could |ust S -- ! David, I Love weekend Track 3 You! Goldbug 3,4 Chris Hail: And if you feel that you can ' t go on, and your wheel’s sinking low, |ust believe and you can’t go wrong, in the light you will find the road , ” Athletics 1-4; Football 1; Lacrosse 1,3,4; Core Comm. 4; F.B.L.A. 3; G.O., “The Play,” S.F.O.D., S.A.B.C., “The Bomb ha ha Carla Halpern: That’s odd- I don’t remember shoving that skewer through my head” Wind Ensemble 1-4; Orch. 2-4; Latin Cl. 2-4,3(Treas.) 4 (V.P.); Fry 1-4; District Band 1-4; Pep Band 1-4 Mark Harmatz Sheryl Haughey: Believe in your instincts and accept them as they are! Goodbye F.H. Pride ” Field Hockey 1-4; Ice Hockey 1,2; Track 3 64 Kevin fl. Healy: “A wise person will make more opportunities than he finds We never lose those we give to God Football 1,4; Ice Hockey 2,3,4; Lacrosse 4; Goldbug 4; Tri-S 4; Pallantine Bros. 3; D.A.M.M. Suzanne Henderson; What can you do when your dreams come true and its not quite like you planned’ F.B.L.A. 3,4 Anna Hepler; Sometimes when the Cookoo ' s cryin’, when the moon IS half way down, sometimes when the night is dyin ' I take me out and I wander round Art Rm 1,2,4; Chorale 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Orch 1-4; German- Amer. Part. 1-4; Chamber Players 1,3; A.F.S. 4 Jonathan Herbert Lindsay Hoadley Joceyin Hobbie: There ' s a telltale spinal tingle when you know there’s a goldfish in the blue — and there ' s a fish-eyed goddess in India. Art Rm 1-4; Theatre Company 2-4; Orch 1- 3 Toby A. Holcomb: I ' m gonna Deborah Howard Michael Howell Malynda Isabelle Lewis Jackson Rachelle Jackson; Our back on out now. keep the memories of yesterday will las t bears off your tail, and the a lifetime, we ' ll take the best. bugs off your windshield forget the rest and someday Work; Anything that has we’ll find these are the best of anything to do with trucks times ” Cheerleader 3,4; (Tri- Capt); Goldbug Business staff 3,4; Prom Comm. 4 65 Patricia Jacobson: Now it ' s over, and I still haven ' t found my ! I ' ll find it one of these days Inner East Mongolian Mud Wrestling 1-4 David Jacoby Andrea T. James: Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today Basketball 1 (mgr.); Track 1; Cheerleader 2,3; P.O.C.U. 1,2 (Sec.), 3 (Sec.); Core Comm. 1; New World Dorian S. James: Art Rm. Theater Ensem. Percussion; Nacho Cloning Noelle Renee James: Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see. It ' s getting hard to be someone but it all works out, 1-4; it doesn ' t matter much to me” Basketball 2; Volleyball 1 Jennifer Jekanowski Renee Jellerette: Like you said when we crawled from the trees, we ' re in transition, don ' t want to remain on the edge. We must embrace the new conditions -I ' m alright, I ' m alright- It ' s enough, |ust not what I imagined. Put a little weekend in your week. Swimming 1; Tennis 3,4; Chorale 1-4; Core Comm. 4; Tri-S Stephen Johnson: Always keep Christopher Jotiv reaching for your dreams. At times when you think nothing IS right, remember your dreams. It all you have is your dreams, then keep them m sight. Someday all dreams come true. Baseball 1,4; Football 2,4; D.A.M.M. Robert Jones Ari Juels Jesse Kaihlanen Darcy Kellogg: Life is too short to worry about what others think of you” Goldbug Business Staff, 4 Scott A. Kittrell: “Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out Ice Hockey 2,3,4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; F.B.L.A. 3 Dean Knightly: Snowboarding; Golf; Karate Elizabeth Knightly: Skiing 1-4; Inner E. Mongolian Mud Wrestling 1-4 Kristin M. Kohler: And a common woman is as common as a common loaf of bread — and will rise Swimmming 1,2; Tennis 2,3,4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Student School Comm. 1; Hope Solidarity 1,2,3; Skiing 4; Cherries ’86 W. Scott Koslosk i: Keep smiling; it makes everyone wonder what you have been up to Baseball 1-4; Football 1-4 Michael Kotarba III; If it is a game or program you want, come and see Mike for the best price and support from Mike Computer Entrepeneur; Electronics; Photography; Karate Dave Kotfila: Football 1-4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Matthew T. Kraker: Deaf people can do anything but hear!” Ice Hockey 2,3; German-Amer. Part. 2,3; Downhill Skiing; Swimming; Touch Football; Basketball Arieh David Kurinsky: There ' s a fat man in the bathtub — with the blues Soccer 1-4; Fizzix”; Nacho Cloning; S.T.O.P. 4 Sheri Kurtz: “It looks good. It tastes like nothing at all. It tells me how it feels to have been you. Basketball 1,2; Soccer 1,2; Tennis 1; Social Concerns 3,4 Kari C. Kynard: If you are not you, the world Is less than it could have been Art Rm. 1; Chorus 1,2; Core Comm. 2,4; The Neighborhood! 67 lames LaBonte: Skiing 1; Tennis 2; Electronics Deborah Anne Lardner: I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Chorus 1; French Cl. 1-4; Theater Co. 1- 4; Amherst Ballet 1-4. Amy Lashway: Accept me for what I am, do not change me. I am I and I like being what I am me ■ ' Football Mgr. 4; Golf 3,4; Ice Hockey Mgr. 3,4 Lacrosse Mgr.; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 4; Prom Comm. 4; St. Brigids’ Yth. Grp. 1-4; Meatloaf 1-4P Jules Latour Wendy Lattuca Derek Lauder Quentin Lauradunn: ”1 have seen the future, and he’s a bald guy from New York Outing Cl. 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Aikido 3,4 68 Phillip Lancelot Lehrer: If you can ' t stand the heat, get out of the chicken Orch. Valley Crew 1-4; G.A.P.P.; Mutant Slime; Sultans of Suess; Nexus; Extortion; S.T.A.R.T.; J.V. Checkers; Dr. Death; The Who: Sable; C.F.F.L.; Air Guitar; Bedrock Vice; K.A. Destructions; Guidance Off. Vegetable; Frisbee Zde Leven The past four years of academic performance have been brought to you by the letters ' J ' and ' Q ' , the number 7 ' , and a grant from the Children ' s Television VYorkshop ' Band 1-4, Chorale 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Orch. 2,3,4; Outing cl. 4; S.T.O.P. 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; CVD - YRUU 1-4 Tracy A. C. Libucha: No matter how deep the water is; it’ll never drown the duck Goldbug 4; F.B.L.A. 3,4 (reporter); St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 4 Richard Logan David Sheldon Loughran: Not all tuna can be this good Skiing 1,2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Chorale 3,4; Orch. Valley Crew; J.V. checkers; The Questionable Tubers; Sultans of Seuss; C.F.F.L. I Christine Loven Anthony Loving Christopher Lucas: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less travelled by - and that made all the difference. cheerleader 4 Chris Lundberg: Blue Skies forever. No more wasting the dawn Ice Hockey 2.3,4; Jazz Workshop 4; Guitar, Banging at JAV’s. Craig Michael Mabius: Living in the limelight Cross Country 1,2; Track 1,2; Wrestling 1,4; Surfing Carlo C. Maley: Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest” Soccer 2,3,4; Chorale 3,4; Exiled Guid. off. Vegitable 2-4 j Dave Malo: Skiing, Waferskiing Keira Manes: Society is all but rude, to this delicious solitude P Nicole Mantovani: Let the walls burn down, set your secrets free. You ' ll find no danger, not here, you can talk to me Cheerleader 4 Andmorgen J. Martens: I sure hope the road don’t come to own me There’s so many dreams I’ve yet to find . . . What thou lovest well remains, the rest is dross” Basketball 1-4; F.B.L.A.; Peer Ed. 4; G.H. 1-4 Anthony Martin: Es ist lehr ohne Julie hier ” Class Briton; Photography; Art; Hastings Employee lavier Martinez 69 John W. Masalski Can ' t tie me down, baby Don ' t bring me down . . A hundred men can ' t stop me I ' ve got to go, Wanna hit that road! Baseball 1-4; Skiing 1-4; S. Cl. V.P. Gregory McGlone: Is everything for the best? As Schools Match Wits? 1-4; Field Hockey 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 1-4; Chess Cl. 1-4; F.B.L.A. 1-4; Baked Chicken cl. 1-4; Surfing 1-4 Jennifer Mclntire: We walk and talk in time. I ' ll walk and talk with you: where does the end of me become the start of you? Cross Country 3; Ice Hockey, Mgr. 3,4; Student Counc. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Cooler Cl. ' 87 Prom Comm. 4 Kirsten McKinney: The woodcutter ' s axe begged for its handle from the tree, the tree gave it ' Goldbug 3,4; Outing Cl. 4; Core Comm. 3,4; Tri-S 4; The Peach Cl. Tammy K. McKinney: The most lost of all days is that in which you have not once laughed Neil McNeill: Be seeing you Volunteer Firefighter 4; Apathy Cl. 1-4; Survival Living 4 Debi McPartlan; T G.l. ' 87 — Leslie Meade Thank God its ' 87 Soccer 1; Softball 1 Michelle Medina Anton Melchionda: I don ' t worry bout tomorrow, I ' m just sick of these four walls, and what you think is nothing might be something after all D.A.M.M.; Basketball 1-4; Lacrosse 3,4; Team Beam Kathleen M. Melley You ' re a dreamer Boog Well you know what they say, if you don ' t got good dreams you got nightmares Filed Hockey 1,2; Squash 3,4; Graphic 3,4; Student Coun. 4; Student School Comm. 4 (V.P.); Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3,4; Hope Solidarity 3,4; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. 2,3,4 (VP) J Michelle J. Merino: I will remember all the times we lost ourselves in the sunset, when we woke in the evening and turned our boats towards the opposite shore-it ' s over so forget it Field Hockey; Track 1,2 70 Jesse Merrick: These! Words? Must! Represent’ Everything! Worth? Knowing! About’ Me! Gary Miles: “Live your life for yourself, nobody else, and never give up on your dreams” Basketball 2,3,4; Core Comm, 3,4 Laura Allison Miller: You must be constantly on your guard, Justin, against congealing” As Schools Match Wits Capt, 3,4; Russian Cl. 1-4; Theatre Co., 3,4; Pep Band 1-3; Writing 1-4 Mark A. Miller: Someone leans in my direction, quizzing on my station selection: What do you call that noise that you put on’ This IS pop! yeah yeah, this is! Art Rm 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Satoria 3,4; HS Communications Grp. 4; Tag Team Wrestling 1,2 Lee Ann Mizell: Track 1-4; Band 1-4; SHS Jazz Band 1-3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; SHS Drama Cl. 1 3; Theatre Co. 4; Open Door Int ' l Exch. Student 1 Ct. State Student Advisory Coun. on Ed. 3,4; Ct. Valley Yth. Wind En. 2-4; Ct. All-State Band 3; All New England Band 3; E. Ct. Band 2,3 Eliot Monteverde ’ilennifer Mooney Raymond Morales James Moran: Easter Pokey, ; the Blockheads are coming ' I Baseball 1-4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 2-4; Band 1-4; Student Coun, 3,4; Core j Comm. 2,3,4; S. Cl. Pres. 4; Prom Comm. 4; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. 2-4; Class Pres. 4 Sean Spence-Patrick Moran: Holly Morand Robert D. Moriarty Pax Amor et trumentum” Band 1,2; Hope Solidarity 2; Fly Fishing 1-4; Hacking 1-4; HangGliding 1-4; CFFL 1-4; Survival Living 3; Leadership Training 3-4; 71 Steve Morse: Dear S.F.: these last two years of happiness, I owe to you Baseball 2,3; Volleyball 2; Wrestling 2,3,4; Landscaping Kirstin Willow Morton: Ride on! Rough Shod if need be. smooth-shod il that will do, but ride on! Ride on over all obstacles, and win the race! Con. Choir 2,3; Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4 (Cap ' t); Chorus 1; Core Comm. 2.3; F.B.L.A. 3 Lucas Morton Deborah L. Murphy: Tm sitting here at Arts and Crafts, singing The Love Boat theme and wearing this basket I made as a hat These kids are driving me crazy ... Art Rm 3; Outing cl. 3,4; S.T.O.P. 3; Theatre Co. 3,4; Annandale, Virginia 1,2; Wanting to Marry Morrissey 1-4; Fudge Covered Elbow Cl. 4 Susan Murphy: You should rather be grateful for the weeds you have m your mind, because eventually they will enrich your practice ' Basketball 2-4; Soccer 3,4 (co-Cap’t); Softball 2,3,4; Outing Cl. 4; A Per. Boredom Cl. 3 (Treas.); Cowtipping 3,4; Cooler Crew 3,4; Festering Perquisitors 4; Wed. Lunch Cl 4 Sophal Nguon Chinh Nguyen: Soccer 1,2 Bethany Nolan: Int ' l ' I. Thorn Nop: Soccer 1; Baseball; Michael O ' Connor: Baseball 1- Cheray O ' Neal Colleen O ' Neil Students 2,3,4 Basketball; Soccer; Tennis; 4; Basketball 1-3; Core Comm. Volleyball 3,4; S. Cl. 72 David M. Partee: If you have Cynthia Parks If everyone music you ' ll never be alone thinks alike, no one is Squash 4; Tennis 2-4; thinking Track 1-3; Black Volleyball 3,4; Jazz Workshop Robert Peacock: The most Caucus 1-2; French Cl. 1; 3,4; Orch. 4; Theatre Co. important party of my life, and Debate Cl. 2; Theatre Co. 4; Music 3,4; U. of Utah 3,4; the house is crushed by a Marelyn Pacheco Pranjul Pandey P.O.C.U. 4 Rock and Roll Kelly Pauneto gaint sandwich Just typical Gil Penchina: ' Tm playing games with the administration and I ' m winning! Orch. 1, 2- 4; Student Coun. 4; Chess Cl. 2-4 Treas.; Entrepreneurial Cl. 4 (Pres); Pioneer Valley Symph; F.R.Y.; Fundraising Richard K. Perchemlides: “Pam IS the feeling of weakness leaving the body The absence of weakness is the presence ot strength track 1; wrestling 3; V. Wrestling and Track Natasha Nicole Perez: 0. what land is the land ol dreams Basketball 1-3; Cross Country 2; Soccer 1,3,4; Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Outing Cl. 4; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 1- 4 Matthew S. Peterson: ' When all IS said and done, more will be said than done Cheerleader 3,4 (Tri-cap’t) Mark Pfohl: Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon Mara Phillips: Art Rm 4; Nacho Cloning 1-4 73 Darren Pierce; We re not learning to be architects, or painters, or writers. We ' re learning to be That ' s all Basketball 1; Football 1-4; Lacrosse 2-4; Core Comm. 3,4; Football Cap ' t; Sr. Class Treas.; D.A.M.M. Aimee Jo Pion: We re |ust two lost souls swimming in a lish bowl year after year Art Rm Ceramics 1-4; Bio. Cl. 1; Core Comm. 1 David Plaut: Steal a little and they throw you in |ail; steal a lot and they make you King Tennis 2-4; Wrestling 2; Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Theater Co. 3 Min. Countdown • 4; Atro-ludean-Kraut Foundation 1-4 Benjamin Laurence Pope: Roast beast is a feast I can ' t stand in the least Chorale 3,4; Orch. 1-4; J.V. Checkers; The Questionable TubersTP Sultans of Seuss Kim Pratt; My mind is in Jamaica ' Basketball 1,2; Tennis 1-4; Graphic 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Student Coun. 1; Theater Co. 4; Work Study Donald Prouli Benjamin Quick: I ' ve had Halina Radosz: 1 wrote this Shahrzad Rafati Gregg Ramsay; Ice Hockey 2- Lisa Raskevitz Allison Raskind; Wild, go wild. enough. I ' m getting out, to the letter to tell you the way 1 4; Basket Weaving; Team go wild in the country, where city, the big big city Soccer feel, and 1 wish you were here Beam; B-C ' 86; D.A.M.M. snakes in the grass are 2 3-4 Cap ' t.; Squash 3,4; to see what 1 could see and to absolutely free Band 1; Theater 4; Russian Cl. hear. Wish you were here 3,4 Pres.; Computer Works Con. Choir 2,3; Chorale 4; 2,3; Exiled Guidance off. S.T.O.P. 2; Theater Co. 1-4; Vegetables 2-4 Bike Cl; Dance; M.H.C. Summer Theatre (2 yrs.) 74 Marni Ratzel: The ob|ect in life IS not increasing its speed: procrastination is the name of the game” Track 3,4; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 3; i Leadership Training 4; The ! Peach Cl. 4 David Reed: Its all the same only the names will change. Every day it seems we’re wasting away. Another place, where the faces are so cold. I drive all night |ust to get back here Lacrosse 1-4; Band 1-3; Paula Ribera: que cosa’ ” Glenn Rideout: Lacrosse 1,2; Skiing 2.3 Graham Scott Ridley: The bus came by, and I got on and that ' s when it all began ’ Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Nacho Cloning; Passive Pursuit Jeffrey A. Ring: “The only way to learn the rules of this game ot games is to take the usual prescribed courses, which require many years; and none of the initiates could every possibly have any interest m making these rules easier to learn Sky Diving; Hang Gliding: Surfing Donna M. Rivers: Can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench quietly’ How terribly strange to be seventy. Old friends, memory brushes the same years. Silently sharing the same fear Tennis 2,4; Outing CL 3; S T O P, 3 Atticus Robbins: Oh, no something went wrong, you ' re much too fat and a little too long: hey, hey you ' ve got too much to lose, better head on back to the animal zoo.” Guitar 2-4; Nacho Cloning 4; Trevor Wow Cl. 4; Tea and Reggae 1-4 Donald Robinson Douglas Robinson Leanne V. Robinson: ' There are three things in life that should never be broken, toys, hearts, and promises (MJH I never thought it would happen” No one’s to blame”) Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1 (co-Cap ' t); Ice Hockey 4; Softball 1; Cheerleader 3,4; Chorus 1; Core Comm. 2; Theater Co. 1; Prom Comm. 4 Robert Robinson 75 David H. Rothstein: Outside, a man iwalking along the edge of the highway crossed over and approached the truck Basketball 1-4 mgr.: Track 1- 4; Volleyball 2,3,4 Co-Cap ' t.; French Cl. 1-3; Graphic 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Theater Co. 1- 4; Asst. Instructional Dir. 1-4; U.MASS. Napper 2-4; 2nd R. Jason F. Rupp: Art Rm 4; Eiistentialists (Co-Pres.) 3,4 ‘Zipper Head ' ' 86; ‘O ' Ring David Rolander: Lacrosse 1-4; Patrick Rothkegel The Piano Inspector Kristin Elizabeth Sackett: All Harry Santiago we are saying is give peace a chance Flute 1-4; Pep Band 3,4; S.T.O.P. 2-4; Syntax 3,4 76 Claudia ). Sarti; When I can ' t ride anymore, I shall still keep horses as long as I can hobble along with a bucket and a wheelbarrow When I can ' t hobble, I shall roll my wheelchair out to the fence of the field where my horses graze and watch them Goldbug 2,3; Graphic 4; Cushman Preservation; Horseback Riding; Stable Management; Future Teacher Joanna R. Schimmel: Soccer 1 4; Squash 2-4; Graphic 2-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Student Coun. 1 Pres. 2,3,4 Pres.; Hope Solidarity 2-4 Kristen Ryan: If you ' re Mark A. Russell: Baseball 1-4; standing on thin ice, you might Football 3; Ice Hockey 3,4; as well dance . . Soccer D.A.M.M. 1-4 Joanna Schwartz: “I am he as Marina Schweitzer you are he as you are me and we are all together Theater Co. 2; Ski Cl. Saundra L. Secord: Sam, Cuddlebear, drink up now for there ' s a long road ahead of happiness and misery . . . Cheer’ Goldbug 4; Horseback I Riding; Pontiac G.T.O. ' s; Driving To Endanger!; Bud. Cl. Tasha Seitz: The current of life IS ever onward .... Tennis 2-4; French Cl. 2 Pres.; 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Core Comm. 4; Yearbook Ed.2; The Wed. Lunch Cl. 4; Cowtipping 3,4; Cooler Crew ' 87; Chris Selig: Dance with a stranger Patrick Shea Joseph Sherman: Got what I got, the hard way .... and I ' ll make better, each and every day. So honey, don ' t you tret, cause you ain ' t seen nothing yet! Wrestling 4, Capt. Kary Shumway: Happiness is watching television with a Big Mac m one hand and a babe m the other” Baseball 1; Volleyball 1-4; Graphic 3,4; F.B.L.A. 4; Students Against Drunk Driving; Boy ' s State ' 86 f Laurette Simanski: Sometimes f a person needs a second 1 chance to finish first Field ' Hockey 1-4; Track 1-4; I Horseback Riding Hilary Sinauer: Comes a time Anil Singapuri when you’re drifting, comes a time when you ' re settled down — Oh this whole world keeps spinning round its no wonder and all trees ain ' t laying down. Once you’re gone you cant come back when you ' re out of the blue and into the black. There comes a time. skiing 1- 4; soccer 3; softball 1; F.B.L.A. 3,4; G-H 1-4 Curtis Smith Deidra (George) Smith: The William Smith cafe IS old But the candlelight ' s new She orders beau|olais wine and says ' I’ve thought of you too’ Sr.Yr. A per. Gym; Keeping ' Burbet ' Out of Trouble 77 Joshua Smyth Roeun Som Tha Sot Bunry Som Emily Rose Sockabasin: These are the days to hold on to. Have Ion Stacy! M is going to miss you ' Field Hockey 2; F B.L.A. 3; Tri S 3,4; Prom 4; Goldbug 3.4 Patrick Southwick Yana St. John Germaine St. Mary Rosa Staelin; Life ain ' t nothing without a bowl of cherries and a dozen roses Track 1-3 Adrian Staub: It you look good and dress well you don’t need a purpose in life” Track 3; Wrestling 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Guidance Off. Veggies 3,4; Excursions in Reggae 3; Emotional Hypochondria 3,4; Afro-Judean- Kraut Foundation 1-4 Marc F. Stevens: It s better to be wanted for murder than not to be wanted at all” Basketball 1-4; Excursions in Reggae 3; Cycling Team 3-4; Mrs. Marker! Fan Cl. 3-4; Afro-Judean-Kraut Foundation 1-4; Goldbug 3-4 I 78 Matthew Stoftolano: Theatre Co. 2-4; Officer Serena Stone: Whether the weather be cold or Whether the weather be hot We ' H weather the weather Whatever the weather Whether we like it ar not Art Rm 1-4; African Drumming; African Dance; Wendle Roots; Wanderer Chet Stromgren: I didn’t know he was dead, I thought that he was British Mrs. Markert Fan Cl. 3,4; Cycling Team 2-4- Cap ' t.; Latin Cl. 2-4 Jeff Sturm: What is comedy’ Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke! Cross Country 2- 4; Track 2-4; Theater Co. 3,4; Archaeology 2-4; Detention Cl. 2-4 Jeff Su: Ho ha ha guard turn dodge perry spin ha thrust . Kathwak S.T.O.P.; Orch. 1; STOP 2-4; Outing Cl. 3,4; Theater Co.; Leadership; Training; Lake George; C.F.F.L.; Ultimate; Save the Whales; Spelunking Todd R. Sullivan: 50 billion years ago they walked upon the planet so thought of all you could not see |ust a little bit like me. Walking in your footsteps V. Golf; Skiing; Windsurfing; 2-4 Shannon Swan Ric Tademaru: ' I don ' t think I ' m God, |ust the all powerful OZ! Lacrosse 1-4; Skiing 4; Mrs. Markert Fan CL 2-4; Sr. Countdown Sighs 3,4; TM CM MM Fan CL 2-4; Taii Driver 4 Solidarity 1,2; Flute forever; Chocolate Sisters 2-4; School Improvement Comm 4; Teen Ctr. Board 4 Susan Sutlitt: Live like there Lise Svenson: Everyone says Hamenth Swaminathan It ' s Jonathan Swan IS no tomorrow — only live for today Swimming 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Ham Radio 1-4; Tri-S 3,4; F.B.L.A. 3; Prom Comm. 4; Mad Dog Fan Cl. we exist but I don ' t believe it Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4 VP; Orch. 4; Outing CL 3,4; S.T.O.P. 3,4; Core Comm 1-4; Theater Co. 2,3,4 Off.; Hope getting hard to be someone but it all works out; it doesn ' t matter much to me. 79 Russell C. Tripp: Someone once said, il at first you don’t succeed try try again I say if at first you don ' t succeed, to hell with if Good bye Yakimlocks and the three Panda Poohs Later Stick Basketball 1; Football 3; Brian E. Tamms: California Dreaming on such a winter ' s day Football 2,3; Volleyball 4 Jules Michael Terry: and the Mona Lisa is a man Track 4; Jazz Workshop 4; Wu-Shu Paul M. Torpey, Jr.: Baseball 3,4; Football 2-4; Ice Hockey 1-4 Debating 1; Goldbug 1; P.O.C.U. 3; Student Counc. 1; A.B.C. 4 Pres.; School Store; Amherst Yth Basketball 3 Pauline Pein-Ning Tu: I would rather be trying to do my best than thinking to give up! IntT. Students 3, Treas. Seng Ty Daniel VanBlerkom: So little time, and so little to do Nat. Hon. soc. 4; Ham Radio 3; Theater Co. 2-4; Jazz Workshop 4; System Mgr. 2-4; Excursions in Reggae - 3; ‘The Management ' - 3,4; Nancy Markert Fan Cl. - 4 Patrick R. Vanhoutte; The hardest victory is the one you win over yourself Martin Van Pelt: I like young girls, their stories are shorter Lacrosse 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Afro-Jedean-Kraut Foundation 1-4 Jennifer Veshia: It is not the brains that matter most but that which guides them-the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas. Soccer 1,2; French Cl. 1,2; Goldbug 1,2; Stu. Coun. 4; Core Comm. 1-5; Tri-S 2 Christopher Vyce Oliver Waldman: In my Senior quote I would like to bring across the infinity of life and what it does to me. But maybe I won ' t. Not that I ' m giving up. but why should I know where to go from here? Here I officially give up. Save the whales. 80 Mark neathington: Take what you can, go forth and multiply Goldbug 3,4; P.O.C.U. 2-4; Student Coun. 2-4; Core Comm. 3,4; A.B.C. 2,3, Treas., 4 Pres.; F.B.L.A. 2-4 (public relations) ; Photography; Martin M. nattenberg: from there to here, from here to there, lunny things are everywhere. Chess Cl. Ingrid Warner: After the thrill IS gone . . . time passes and you must move on” Swimming 1,2; Goldbug 4; F.B.L.A. 3,4 Sheri L. Warner: Look towards the sunshine and you won’t see the shadows” Con. Choir 4; Chorus 1-3; Goldbug Pres.; F.B.L.A.-PBL — State Business 4; St. Brigids ' Yth. (Pres) 3,4; As Schools Match Burger-Slmger; Word Wits 3,4; Russian Cl. Sec. 3,4 Processing Bum Pia Weigel Tin-Huei Wang Secretary Grp. 3-4 1 , left Wermuth: There are only 2 things that smell like fish and 1 of them is fish” Basketball 1-4; Volleyball 2-4; TB CM MM Fan cl. 1-4; Mrs. Marker! Fan Cl. 2-4 Dana William Westcott: “Dana Westcott flying high over the bar set at 13” pole vaulting his way out Art Rm 4; Football 3; Swimming 4; Track Polevaulter 1 Wrestling 2; Cheerleader 4; Decathalon; Nature Lover Matthew Westort; Lacrosse 1- 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Amherst Scrampa CL 104; D.A.M.M. Sarah Whitehead: Theater Co. 2-4; Hope Solidarity 2; Peer Ed. 4; Fudge-Covered Elbows Marcelle Wieland; Lead a life as free of anxiety and as full of |oy as possible” Outing CL 1-4 co-leader; S.T.O.P. 1-4-Co- Leader; C.F.F.L.; Survival Living 3,4; leadership training 3,4; Ultimate Frisbee Karla Williams; Two kinds of people who believe, embrace the truths that we perceive. Wasting time casting antagonistic stones, we must find the way to unite the hearts and minds.” Soccer 2-4 81 Camera Shy: Aaron Addison Ron Aizen Cassandra Bannister David Barnes Steven Flanagan Diane Kimball Greta Neunder Eduardo Melendez Kathleen A. Zumbruski: Life is made up of small comings and goings, and for what we take with us there is something we leave behind Soccer 1,2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Student Coun. 4 Sec.; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3,4; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. 2,3,4 - Sec Treas; F- Perquisitors2-4 Resha Beth Winston; I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving Skiing 1-3; Core Comm. 1-3 Dancing 1-4; Piano 1-4; Grad. Jan. ' 87 Karen Zerby: Whatever gets you through your life, ' salright, ’salnght Peer Ed 4; Coin-Op Groupie 3,4; Bit. On The Bus 1-4; G.H. 1-4 Lateef Ade Williams; You only Jeffrey Wingblade live once .... but if you do it right, once is enough! If you ' re gonna do it, do it right. Track 4; P.O.C.U. 4; Core Comm 1,4; F.B.L.A. Parlim. 4 Roberta J. Zakaitis; “Do not pray for an easy life. Pray to be a strong person Softball 1-4; Goldbug 3; St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 3,4 Joshua Wolf; Hearken Friend. Owen Yarde be wary of cupid And listen to the words of this verse To let a fool kiss you is stupid But to let a kiss fool you is worse Danielle Wise Football: 1st R: K Healy, R Tripp, P. Torpey, P. Cooke, D. Kotfila, D. Pierce, S. Johnson, J. Wolf, G. Finch, S. Flanagan 2nd R: C. Terrio, P. Canavan, S. Kosloski, R. Morales, M. Butterfield, D, Westcott, D. Morris, V. Bias, K. Harris, B. Hardin, S. Fanslow. 3rd R: G. Curtis, D. Rhode, J. Mully, P. Niedzielski, B, Hardin, C. Doyle, B. Miltz, G. Perez, J. Jones, 4th R: B. Reed, T. O ' Neill, P Brigham, R Merino, D. Vennell, B. Fuller, T. Griswald 5th R: R. Zuzzo, A. Yandian, T. Sutliff, K. Purcell, M. Burke, D. Eldridge This has been a banner year for the Cheerleaders. In October we won the W. Mass. Division III Championship. We competed in Regionals at Boston College and clinched the New England Regional High School Cheerleading Championship, which qualified us for the National Cham- pionships to be held in Orlando, Florida at the end of February. Through hard work and determination we have learned to function as a team. What has been most rewarding is the upgrading of our status from a club that cheered for only a couple of sports to a squad that boosts the spirits of the entire school body. We would like to give special thanks to the students and faculty who have supported us through all our endeavors. Cheerleaders: 1st R: B. Barnhart, S. Youngblood, C. Lucas, K. Morton, L, Allen, N. Mantovani. 2nd R: R. Jackson, D. Westcott, K. Phillips, G. Latour. 3rd R: K. Hann, M. Zumbruski, J. Aldrich. Girl ' s J.V. Soccer: 1st R: K. Howard; A. Girl, A. Goal, B. Sepanek, M. McGuire, L. Feldman 2nd R: E. Johnson, K. O ' Donnell, K. Ra|, D. Clark, M. Aldrich, G. Biaga 3rd r: Coach G. Saulsberry, J. Chournard, S. Johnson, T. Clark, F. Bonsignore, M. Peserson, A. Kellogg For the first time in history, the Girls ' Soccer Team has won more than one game. In fact, our record improved to 9-10-1 this season. Now if that isn ' t memorable enough, then maybe some of these highlights are: things like Haley ' s chest traps, Stacy ' s flighting, Mr. Adam ' s famous “the same team that started the game, “pulling trou and, of course, there was a whole lot of mooning going on. Thanks to Mr. Adams and Mr. Saulsberry and good luck to the Underclasswomen. — Sue, Sarah, Kris Girl ' s V. Soccer: 1st R: K. Dane, C. Bell, J. Schimmel, D. McPartlan, S. Davis, C. Eccleston, K. Williams 2nd R: S. Dauber, J. Palaia, D. Gettier, H, Kent, H. Smernoff, N. Perez, Coach J. Adams 3rd R: G. St. Mary, A. Avenll, I. Cernada, S. Murphy, K. Carlson, C. Ryan, P. Weigel Boy’s V. Soccer: 1st R: N Epstein. D Hafner, B Brooks. S. Smith. C Maley, L Riddington. 2nd R: Mgr Laos, M Lopez. S. Aldrich. J. Griffith. M Manning, P Robinson, M Ewald. 3rd R: Coach Rose, P Kunkel, C. Nguyen, V Nguyen, E. Mayer. B. McIntosh, A. Kurinsky, A. Laus. ! Boy ' s J.V. Soccer: 1st R. A. Bay, A Player, A. Goal, D Katch, T. Loescher, N Some, I Bray, J Delmanzo, A. I Hersh. 2nd R: Coach Richmond, T. Cushing, J. Stebbms, B. Salloux, I. Todd, P. Graves, H , K. Salloux. J. V. Field Hockey: 1st R: M. Carpino, K. Barrette, I. Sherman. T. Callahan, M. Fox, K. Smith, K. Hansen, S. Bloodsworth. 2nd R: K. Lee, D. Lindgren, M. Doran, A. Rehm, R. Slovin, H. Muskus, K. McGlone, M. Collura, L. Thomas. 3rd R: K. Neihoff (Coach), T. Walen, S. Owen, R. Kilgallon, J. Spears, S. Wermuth, C. Draft, C. Hunt. The Field Hockey Team was unique. It was a team that played with desire, loyalty, skill, and above all - PRIDE. Our defense, the most reliable around, once again was the Team’s backbone. Our offense, while not flashy or dominating, proved to be effective, and got the job done. Our successful 6-3-5 season came to a close with the best effort of the season; leaving our Seniors with proud memories and the rest of us with a knowledge of what ' s to come. Change fields .1 think you could do that a little better . . . cheap, cheap . . . I’m glad you asked that . . . Knees . . . Katie’s orange sneakers . . . Lollipop . . the little boys at Holyoke . . . Slidin’ Amy . . . Inhaler Addicts . . . Barney ... our faithful wings . . . scoring goals for Smith . . . homemade lunches . . . mental imagery . . . “Wait, could you explain that again?’’, our SlOO cake . . . Southwick’s scared faces . . . p. ants .... can we scrimmage, please . . . Whoa, it’s like deja vu . . . that mysterious green mark . . . Burning Flame ... and of course . . . tic . . . tic ... tic . . . SHHHHHHH V. Field Hockey: 1st R: L. Johnson, J. Hodges, G. Sicks, K. Mannheim, M. St. Mary. 2nd R: E. Rogers, H. Godsey, S. Brock, C. Haughy, S. Miles. 3rd R: L. Simanski, A. Markert, K. Patterson, A. Mullins, Coach J. keyes. Boys’ Cross Country: 1st R: A. Johnston, S. Searcy. 2nd R: K Braverman, B Searcy, L Cooper, P Holden, A. Stewart, M. Coles. 3rd R: E Powell, D Cutchins, K. Green, I Johnston, E. Monteverde, G. Ridley, J. Sturm, A Osborne, Coach R Crowley. During the 1986-’87 season, Boys’ Cross Country proved to be a challenging Team. Even though we lost our top four runners last year, we finished with a very respectable 9-1 record. Unfortunately injuries and lack of experience deprived us of achieving the expected recogni- tion of a powerhouse. However we did not only finish 3rd in the W. Mass. Championship but we also achieved individual recognitions. Congratulations, Graham (defected Murphy!), Jeff, Ian (good luck next year), Paul, Alex, Doug, various other J.V.’s, myself (Elliot), and our Coach, Randy Crowley, whose dedication and experience guided us through a successful season. Girls ' Cross Country: 1st R. L Kroodsman, L Shuway, Z. Carpino, M Orlen, P. Stosz. 2nd R: C. Vogt, E Syl via, A Girl, S. Volkman, R Geman, M Osborne, S Gulliver, Coach J. Hastings. This fall the Boys ' Volleyball Team spoke of winning a state championship — a very realistic goal, it seemed. Unfortunately, there was no tournament, supposedly because there were not enough boys’ teams in the state. Scheduling conflicts made it impossi- ble for us to participate in 4 private tourna- ments, so we had to settle for an 8-3 record. “Settle” may be a strange word to use, until you understand that the Boys’ Team always wins. Well, most of the time. This year’s highlight had to be our beating Choate in two games at home. Believe me, those boys had a long ride back to Connecticut that evening. We sincerely thank the hundreds of fans Boy ' s Volleyball: 1st R: D Rothstein, I Wermuth. 2nd R: E. Gauger, K. Shumway, R Logan, D. Partee, B (?ive Or take a few) who Came to cheer US Tamms. 3rd R: Coach R. Chapman, E O ' Neil, J. Doran, L. Housner, K, Kuon, N. Choun, D. Nguyen, Coach G. on. The season was a fun one, especially be- cause of our UMie Coaches, Roger and Gary. It was fun despite the rigid (ahem) discipline in practice. We ended the season appropriately enough by, urn, pounding, shall we say, Athol (15-5, 15-0). Somebody had to pay for a lot of pizzas . . . — D.R. 90 The Girls’ Volleyball Team had it’s ups and downs, but on the most part had a good season. Varsity record was 8 wins, 10 losses. Overall, compared to last year’s record of 9-9, with experienced players, the ’86 team, Co- Captained by Senior Kim Field and Sophomore Christa Plaza, had a respectful season. Audrey Arcelli, the second of 2 Seniors, saw plenty of court time and was instrumental in the team spirit department. Other team members who provided consistent play were Juliet Peelle, Tina Russell, Stephanie Gleason, Amanda Rogers and Beth Paulding. We were fortunate to pull from the J.V. team 3 talented 8th graders, Alison Kelly, iessi Peelle and Karen Jones to assist the Varsity. Debbie Howard and Jessica Wohl-Ludman captained the J.V. team to a very successful season with 12 wins and 4 losses. We look forward to a favorable season in ’87. V. Girls ' Volleyball: 1st R K, Field, J Peelle, J Peelle, A Kelly, K. Jones, A Rogers. 2nd R D Boucher (Coach): C. Plaza, A Arcelli, T. Russell, S. Gleason, T Arcelli (Mgr.) K Billings (Asst Mgr ) I.V. Girl ' s Volleyball: 1st R: J. Peelle, M Stevens, E Rothkegal, A Kelly, K Ryan, C Weaver 2nd R D Boucher (Coach), A Field, ) Nober, J. Wohl-Ludman, K Sullivan, D Howard, K Jones, T Arcelli (Mgr ), K Billings (Mgr.) 91 Gymnastics; seated D May, J. Hsu 2nd R: A Palaia, A May, M Spokas. 3rd R: T. Hanlon, A Orlen, K. Kroodsma, K Muench, J, Gourley, M. Cotanche. The Girls’ Gymnastics Team finished one of our most suc- cessful seasons ever with a 11-1-0 record. We then went on to take 1st place in the W. Mass. Championship meet, defeating our rivals Minnechaug for the first time in many years. Because the team had no graduating Seniors we are looking forward to another great season next year. Hope to see you at our meets! Take those broken wings .... A.R.H.S., are we gonna win? yes — Gina’s teddy bear mascot ... gum pile ... OK Nugren .... fortune gum . . . new equipment! .... Thanks Andrea and Andrea ( . . . . West Side Grandpa) Girls ' Ski Team: 1st R: A. Palaia, H Mroz, S. Bloodsworth, D, Monsein, Y. Tiersky, T, Hatch. 2nd R: C. Vogt, K. Muench, k. Frizzle, K Muench, P. Weigel, G. Platt, S. Cooper, Coach P. Kravitz. This year’s Ski season seemed to go by faster than any before, but the Ski Team made good use of the time with the Girls coming in first and the Boys a close second. This success could be because of our “Lazy but cool” attitude, our chant of K.C.R.P.”, or the (cough, cough!) great leadership of our coach, Peter. More importantly, the success of the teams were based on the excellence of it’s members. We cheered the girls when they won, dropped our jaws at the performance of Pia, Nick, and Fritz, and grieved at our first and only M.I.A., Seth. Whatever happens in seasons to come, this year will be remembered. — Seth Eckhouse Boys’ Ski Team: 1st R: K. Williams, L. Cooper, F Muench, J. Craze, P. Kelly, P. Hurlbut. 2nd R: J, Hess, N. Day, R. Tademaru. 3rd R: B. Hunt, P. Robinson, S. Vivian, 1. Masalski, C. Booke, N. Weigel, 1. Hess, H. Takahashi, C. May, P. Sullivan, Coach P. Kravitz. J.V. Girls ' Basketball: 1st R: K Barrette, L. Shumway. 2nd R: E. Johnson, R. Matsui, S. Miles, S. Wermuth, M Wallace. 3rd R: Coach R. Wallace, T. Walen, J. Hines, S. Owen, S. Johnson, J. Buzala. Girls ' V. Basketball: 1st R: C. O ' Neal, K. Graves. 2nd R: S. Murphy, S. Camacho, K Mannheim 3rd R: J. Keyes (Coach), C. Kraft, A. Mullins, A. Martins, S. Chalmers. 95 Varsity Hockey: 1st R: S. Kittrell, D. Cosans, M Russell, P. Torpey, G. Ramsay. 2nd R: Coach B. Bray, B McIntosh, C. Bigos, J. Ayres, K Healy, T, Petrizzo, Coach C. Campbell. 3rd R: K. Campbell, C. Fournier, C. Lundberg, P Kunkel, P. Bouchard. This season, the J.V. Hockey Team continued the tradition of excel- lence. Last year ' s inaugural season record of 9-2-1 left little room for improvement. However, this year we managed to stay undefeated and improve our record to an almost perfect 11-0-1. This outstanding performance is much to be proud of and makes the future Varsity Team look promising. Hey gimme a dip! Yo where’s the party? Man she’s sweet. This was the typical conversation heard in the Canes locker room. But whe n this same team hit the ice there was no more dip, girls or parties, only pure intensity. This intensity propelled Amherst to a 14-5-1 record. Led by Senior Captains, Paul Torpey and Dave Cosans, the Team showed a real will to win and a closeness unparalleled by any other Amherst Team. It was a memorable season and we thank Coaches Bray and Campbell. But thank you most of all Seniors: Orbit, Tarp, Ayres, Pussier, Ramer, Kitt, Heals, Nipple and Coszzy. Way to douche’m guys. The Amherst Boys Squash Team once again brought color and flavor to the Squash scene. Along with last year ' s returning talent of Ben Quick, Max Smith, Danny Martinez, and Doran Prescott, we were joined by new talents Rob Cope, David Partee and Carlo Maley. Inspired by our win over Amherst College women, we boldly set forth to a season full of “learning experience s’ and few wins. As the season closes we salute our leaving Seniors, look forward to returning Underclassmen, and bid a fond farewell to Ben Jori. Many special thanks to our Coach and great guy, Karl Ackerman, who helped us have an interesting and enjoyable season. Squash Team: 1st R: K. Melley, H. Clysdale, B. Quick, J. Schimmel, D. Partee 2nd R: L. Grice, J. Brehm, C. Maley, M. Smith. 3rd R: C. Ackerman, T. Eiseman, E. Hayden, K. Ra|, S. Faulkingham, R. Cope, D. Martinez, D. Prescott. Boy ' s swimming: 1st R: A. Stewart, A. Osborne, A. Laos, 0 Nicholson, D Ortiz, T. Chapin. 2nd R: E. Wells, G. Saizman, C. Shadoian, C, Reddam, M. O ' Neil, K. Purcell. 3rd R: Coach J. O ' Donnell, D. Laus, E. Freeman, C. Stewart, R. Chen. Girl ' s swimming: 1st R: S. Gulliver, K. Reilly, J. Lake, C. Hazard, W. Saladin, K. Hoews, K. Thompson. 2nd R: J. Nober, C. Weaver, L. Willis, S. Bennett, K. O ' Donnell, M. Osborne, M. Peterson, L. Kroodsma. 3rd R: Coach o ' Donnell, K. Romboletti, M. McGuire, R. Geman, L. Devery, M. Flaherty, K. Hodges. 4th R; J. Spears, C. Bennett, R. Kilgallen, I Sherman, B. Jones, A. Koss, G. McCallister, Coach A. Reilly. strike three, Diz? Take a seat. Lunch time! So this is what Students do during opens Row, row, row your boat The Surgeon General has determined that Dead or Alive? TOO Please don ' t feed the animals King of the western sands Open up! Miami Vice! Vogue comes to Amherst SRH Get a license for that rifle, Oke! Michelob Light for the winners Holmes 101 102 4. One day, after a hot jam session, they got into an argument. 1. Dave, Ben. and Phil were friends 3. They were devoted to one thing - their band: Pious Pope and the Cardinals. 2. They studied art and dealt Pez for a little cash. AND 5. Dave, being pragmatic, accused Ben of slacking off in his Fez sales, pushing the “Cardinals” ever closer to the yawning pit of bankruptcy. Ben mumbled something about being content with the mere fact of Fez , which only enraged Dave more. “Fez isn ' t even the issue,” Dave screamed. “It ' s this whole idealistic attitude, you can ' t spend your whole life ina pseudo-eiistential utopia of Fez and checkers. “Don ' t you see?” Ben yelled. “It doesn ' t matter how we live in this world of absurdity, so just lay back and BE”. Luckily, Fhil was there to take control, saying: “If you can ' t stand the heat, get out of the chicken.” This left Ben and Dave too confused to continue arguing. 7. After careful deliberation, Dave and Fhil decided that only execution could restore Ben to his former self. This would be a delicate operation, for unless he were killed just right, his chances of ever leading a normal, active life would be dim at best. i 8. “Hallelujah!” they cried, for the execution was successful, and the three friends were happily reunited. 6. It was evident that Ben had become dangerously obsessed with a fatally futilitarian philosophy, forcing Dave and Fhil to action. “He ' ll have to be shocked back to reality,” Fhil realized, “but how?” HOW TO BEAT Before you leave for School, make sure you have all the necessary Make sure you ' re on good terms with the Guidance Secretaries equipment. Because of recent rule changes in the Student Handbook, students now have to worry about such trivial things as passes, attendance, rules, and assigned study hall. Some of us long for the good ole days when these rules were unheard of. However, with our guide to self academic improvement, you will be able to break the bonds of oppression at the High School. Look here and learn! -Matt Berman Marc Stevens , . If you don ' t have a pass, carry $10. % • % •‘• ' a For a list of acceptable excuses for absence, consult your Student Handbook; (Abduction by aliens is not one of these). With the help of your Attorney, you may be able to find a loop-hole allowing you to get open campus. THE SYSTEM Remember, no matter which rules you break, you can ' t get in trouble IF YOU DON ' T GET CAUGHT! If you have an important test you haven ' t studied for, you can cancel it at short notice. To avoid being removed from the library, go to the magazine section. (Nothing bothers Mrs. Maisey) With a proper balance of chemical exciting. assistants, any class can be Sometimes school can get a little too exciting. After graduation, use your High School education to find a good career and a bright future. T05 Congratulations ’87! 549-1181 106 Housie of falsfjjnc. AMHERST DISTINCTIVE CLOTHING FOR MEN AND WOMEN SINCE 1902 Best wishes Seniors! MIKE’S WESTVIEW Good luck Seniors Old Sunderland Rd., No. Amherst JB’S Roastbeef Main St. Amherst VIDEO TO GO CULTIVATES CULTURED COUCH POTATOS” f o o O £ 7°aoc VIDEO To CD ' 85lcbeJ 3Ur‘8 5 44 MiiD $t, Amkerst 2SS-1509 Rtt. 11$, SoBderiaod 66S-7959 [Throughout your High School Years moke A.J. Hastings your headquarters for School Su p plies! Count on us for everything from your first freshman notebook to your final thesis paper. all those years of pens, pencils, paper clips, typewriter ribbons, etc., in-between! A ' I ' Hastings, Inc. Newsdealer aod Stalloner- y — 7 —. Convonionfly locafod In tho contor of Amhont’ ' A5 Sooth Ploosont Strmof OPEN: W««kdoYS S o.m. to 9 p.m., Sundoys. S o.m. to I p.m. 107 Fast Friendly Service Campus -QJ Auto Parts complete auto parts and accessories 549-3945 107 Sunderland Rd. No. Amherst, Ma. Kamel Hassan ' s FURNITURE BARN TB IQuorter } non ffiHi I ■ or monm 660 West St. (Rt. 116 South) Amherst, MA 01002 413-256-6184 Congratulations Gymnastics Team! W. Mass. State Champs 461 West St. 256-6990 463 West Street Amherst, MA 01002 256-0415 Besl of fuck - Class of ' 87 i85 ty4o. 0 .€.0 ccc i. SimAe .JL Cl 00 ?56-6Mi o. 07373 e e iAtme 665-76M6 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’87 108 B 413-586-9400 theYIIDlEO E ' OiLS IEinc. SALES RENTALS TV-VCR 374 RUSSELL STREET MOVIES ROUTE 9 HADLEY, MA 01035 The Good Egg Restaurant 485 West St. Amherst, Ma. Homestyle breakfasts Homemade soups Open daily 6 am - 2 pm 253-2294 SkuHmioy ' A Wallp9per R paint store . ..Your complete home decorating center. 256-6753 320 Coll«g6 St. Amh r«l FLOORS BY SUMMERLIN, INC. CARPET • LINOLEUM • CERAMIC TILE 322 COLLEGE STREET AMHERST. MA 01002 (413) 263-3946 LAIRD SUMMERLIN Owner Serving the Amherst Schools for more than 45 years Hamilton I. Newell, Inc. 65 University Dr. Amherst 549-5000 Congratulations ' 87! From Your Floor covering Specialist 109 Good Food and Good Eating at SALADS SUBMARINES SYRIANS the sub NS Sunday-Thursday 6 A.M. - 3 A.M. Friday Saturday Open 24 Hours Breakfast served any time Beer Wine Served till midnight Plenty of Parking Best Wishes Campus Plaza (Next to Super Stop Shop) Rt. 9 Hadley Amherst 256-6889 This Year We e Got It ll Blouses Skirts Dresses uiiinnu India Print Bedspreads $8.95 l iiii nn itTl Area Rugs Chinese Shoes Hawaii SUPERi SIOP6 SHOP V Posters Bamboo Blinds Paper Lampshades aO to 50» Off Selected Earrings Blouses Skirls Dresses IT’S TIME TO STOP SHOP M Siin 12-5 Daily 10-6 ERCPNTILE .Nights Th.-Fri.9 P.M. Horthaxapton-18 Center St. Amherst-Carriage Shops Congratulations CLASS OF ' 87 no Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 Amherst Regional High School From Your Friends At . . . 125 Sunderland Road North Amherst, Massachusetts 01059 413-549-0001 Congratulations to the Class of 1987 Shawmut Bank of Hampshire County Member FDIC. Equal Housinj Lender. 112 (3lvavs 5T®ni 220 North Pleasant Street 1 Amherst, MA 01002 (413)253-5545 B st uJishes to the f sf SHOE BIN 187 n. pleasant st amherst Congratulations to the Amherst High School Class of ' 87 from the Daily Hampshire Gazette [ 172 NORTH PLEASANT STREET AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS 01002 PHONE 413-253-3805 Knowles lme Smfi FINE YARNS NEEDLEWORK SUPPLIES The Carriage Shops 233 N, Pleasant St. Amherst, MA. 01002 413-549-6106 LOTS LITTLES TOYS • RECORDS • BOOKS Plus new and recycled CHILDREN’S CLOTHING 1 78 N. Pleasant Amherst, Mass. 01002 Consignments 256-6823 Mon.-Sat. 10-5:30 SHOES On the Village Green 39 SO. PLEASANT ST, AMHERST, MA 01002 256-6374 113 EL GRECO PIZZA 460 West St. 256-1342 253-9239 fast free delivery (limited to So. Amherst) 5 pm - 2am Rte. 116 3i Bay Rd., South AnjJierst, MA Open Every Day 8-6 Donuts Deli - Produce Regular and Whole Wheat Pizza R P Leonard Pratt open 10-11 Mon-Sat 2 miles South of Amherst So. Amherst, Plaza, Rte. 116 253-9742 Wine 253-9258 Home Grown Fruits Best Wishes to the CLASS of ’87 To the class of 1987 Congratulations and best wishes from your friends at Blair, Cutting Smith Insurance Agency Corp. FULL INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL PLANNING SERVICES 71 South Pleasant St., Amherst • 2 Amherst Road., Sunderland 256-8541 665-2191 • 253-7222 114 Best Wishes Class of ' 87 • Featuring: Steak, Seafood and Prime Rib. • Dinner seven nights 5-10 p.m. • Sunday Buffet Brunch 11 ti) 3 RESTAURANT 529 Belchertown Road IV 2 Miles East of Amherst Center on Route 9 253-9909 est. 1897 8 Main St. 253-5598 Banquet Menu Available — Reservations Accepted American Express — VISA — MasterCard For Great Food and Drinh Serving Amherst in a Continuing Tradition since 1968 Homemade Soups Fresh Salads Hearty Sandwiches Charcoal Burgers Steaks Fresh Seafood Salad Bar at Dinr CT Mastercard, VISA, Amer. Exp. Sunday Brunch 11:00-3:00 Informal Dress Lunch 11:30-5:00 Dinner 5:00-9:30 Open 7 Days a Week A.R.H.S.: come and eat at our place! BELL’S PIZZA University Dr. 549-1311 Best Wishes 115 WELL DONE ’87! Best Wishes from your friends at ENCON 45-95 N. Chicopee St. rigging, Hauling, machinery installation, foundations 538-7775 Chicopee 116 200 Triangle Street Amherst 549-3700 28 Elm Street South Deerfield 665-7621 152 N. Main Street Belch ertown 323-5805 117 From your friends at The Amherst Ballet Theatre Company For All Your Effort, Con gra tula ti ons Class of ’87! The Amherst Jaycees 118 119 FENTON’S Athletic Supplies Serving W. Mass. Schools with the best Athletic Equipment and Clothing 377 Main St. Amherst 253-3973 826 Main St. Springfield 732-6700 CHINESE KITCHEN FAST FOOD RESTAURANT 430 Russell St., Rte. 9 150 King St. Hadley, Mass. Northampton, Mass. (413) 253-2571 Congratulations (413) 586-8220 (413) 253-2572 Class of ’87! (413) 586-8221 120 amherst northampton AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR SMITH-CORONA OLIVETTI. ADLER a mket6t Service SALES • SERVICE • RENTALS CALCULATORS OFFICE PRODUCTS 65 NORTH PLEASANT STREET AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS 01002 ROBERT W GREEN (413) 253-5087 AMONG PEOPLE IN THE VALLEY WE ' RE KNOWN FOR BEING BOTH CULTURED AND COMMUNITY-WISE Confluence of Conneclicul and Deerfield Rivers En;(ravin hy Orra W Hitchcock. 1833 It ' s a result of 150 years spent in knowing and contributing to the culture of the communities we serve. HERITAGE •IMIS BANK FOB SAVINGS MtRITACE • NIS Bank lor Savings: Northampton • Amherst • East- hampton •Greentield • Hadlev • Hatheld • South Hadlev • Sunderland Member FDIC SH4-IW97 • 256-81 16 • 773-5477 Wkides Rnefrint Xt’s been more than a century since Paige’s Livery first began serving Amherst’s transportation needs. But it still comes down to the same thing — Local Ownership. Knowledgeable, helpful salespeople. And service you can rely on after the sale. See Chevy’s great line-up of cars and trucKs at Amherst’s Chevrolet dealer. PAIGES Chevrolet Dickinson St., Amherst 253-3444 Between Rte. 9 and Main St. Good luck Class of ' 87 (413) 256 0148 (413) 256-0149 1 BOLTWOOD WALK AMHERST, MA 01002 CONGRATULATIONS 198 Best wishes Class of ' 87 65 S. PLEASANT ST. AMHERST 121 THERE’S A LOT GOING ON HERE ONCE UPON A MATTRESS F NE FOODS DEDICATION TO COMMUNITY SERVICE CREDITS GOLDBUG ’87 Cover: Dana Westcoll; Endsheets; Kurt Salloux; Title Page: Stephan Snyder; Surpirse: Matt Dimock; Underclassmen: lerome Golden; Seniors: Matt Dimock; Sports: Anthony Loving. Editorial Staff: Blanche Derby (Adv) Phil Lehrer (Photo Ed), April Carpenter, Nicole Champoux, John Masalski, Traci and Shari Abbott, Marc Stevens, Elliot Monteverde, Matt Dimock, Matt Berman. Business Staff: Peter Bouchard, Sheila Camacho, Toni-Jo Coppa, Tracy Edgington, Jessie Feldman, Missy Feldman, Joanne Gunkle, Allen Jackson, Shelly Jackson, Steve Johnson, Liz Knightly, Dave Kotfila, Craig Mabius, Andi Martens, Tammy McKinney, Aimee Newell, Kelly Pauneto, Jeff Ring, Mark Russell, Emily Sockabasin, Bunry Som, Adam Sfoffolano, Susan Sufliff, Ingrid Warner, Sheri Warner. Thanks to Bud Kneeland! Best Wishes Class of ’87 For Success Happiness In The Future Official 1987 Marc, Larry, Chris, Dan, Vicki, Lisa | ' t I i ' 284 Pine Street, Holyoke, Mass, 01040 (413) 532-9406 127 Mill Street, Springfield, Mass. 01108 (413) 734-7337 rjLy ; v;-v- ■ ' v ' .V i ' ' | i ■} l:l

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