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SifJ mmtoL. fyimtu Mil net £Ch tudiu by p JtftACYd ' kwuty v r Property of LIBRARY Amhorst Regional High School DEDICATION CHARLES ABRAMSON Charles Abramson has had an intimate relationship with Amherst its schools. As a student at Amherst High School he was actively involved in 3 sports - football, baseball and basketball. After going to Springfield College, he returned to teach and coach at the High School. He’s been here for 28 years — and with his vitality and enthusiasm, he coul d be here for 28 more! Charlie has been teacher — coach — administrator — friend. So, in appreciation for his overseeing our athletics, for his loyalty to our school and its programs and his caring and concern for our students, we dedicate Goldbug 1986 to him. and Charlie now Charlie then . . . Our school must say a fond farewell to a long-time friend, Mr. Leo Vigneault, who is retiring after 18 years as a faculty member. As College Admissions Counselor, Leo has made a lasting impression through his kind, courteous and friendly dealings with students and parents. His tireless efforts to help students with their most difficult choices have been appreciated by thousand of graduates. In recent years, Mr. Vigneault has sponsored many parent workshops and has co-authored booklets on College Admissions and Financial Aid. We are fortunate to have had the benefit of his knowledge and advice. His students also appreciate the care, attention and follow-through that he brought into the writing of personalized letters of recommendation. We agree with the many colleges that have recognized his important and valuable contributions to the futures of the Amherst area students he served. We thank Mr. Vigneault for his many efforts on our behalf as well as the many other students he helped in his 35 year long career in Education. Best of luck in the future! HIS IS how OR WE WERE . . WILD 14 I . . . OR WERE WE? YES WE WERE THE BEST OF ALL THE REST! 16 FACULTY STAFF Nurses: H. Zatyrka, J. George. Music: J. Maggs, P. Smith, D Purcell. Business: 1st r : M Krzystofik, M Shea. 2nd r.: P Fredrickson, D Harlow. Cafe: A. Tudryn, D. Ewell, H. Thompson, N. Edwards, P Lego, M. Davis. Language: 1st r.: A. Chamorro, G. Stemmeyer, D. Mallory, D. Chapman. 2nd r.: H. Souza, J. Jaeger, W. Ouimette, D Brule, S. Smith. Math: 1st r.: M. Fitzpatrick, S. LaVerdiere, C. Silver. 2nd r.: H. David, V. Bastable, M. Fronmg, A. Stanne. Secretaries: M Bernascom, J. Fleury, H Goddard, A. Modrzakowski, M. Abramson, L. Gouin. Administrators: L. Kavanagh, G. Saulsberry, J Heffley. Maintenance: 1st r.: P. Coty, J Coty, G. May. 2nd r : T. Clark, J Orrell, M. Atwell, J. Kucinski. Home Ec.: M Curtin, M. Cooke, K. Hanmgan, H. Lee. Science: 1st: D Boucher, A. Loose-Brown, J, Scott. 2nd T. Styspeck, V. Veneman, C. Camp, S. Berquist, Gussie, T. McCurry. Art: J. Logan, J. Findlay, B. Derby, L. Kravitz. Guidance: 1st R. Moyer, L. Lamoureux, J. McNally, N. Markert. 2nd: S. Gigllo, E. Goldenberg, B. Bray, L. Vigneault, M Catlin, M. Bardsley, N. Muhammad. English: 1st: S Adams, E Dateo, J. Saulsberry, J. Baer Leighton, L. Froning. 2nd: J Warthen, J. Price, B. Minks, J. Jacobs, I. Ackermann. M Burns, B Penmman, L. Crouse. Phys. Ed.: R Kneeland, C. Collins, L. Briggs, L. Giard, C. Abramson, J. Keyes. IS JOB BOARO FfijHJONfS SOLDI 1 OURS Social Studies: B Ames, K. Fonsh, M Gerstein, D Mellen, A. Picard, R. Kelly, C. Schweid. Library: I. Ryavec, S. Alward, L. Kleindienst, S. Maisey. A. Adams. M. Aguilar, S. Aldrich, T Aldrich, L. Allen, P. An, J. Angus, D. Arnaboldi, C. Arnold, M. Asebrook J. Austin, K. Axelson, M. Baker, L. Ballman, P. Banner, J. Barker, B Barnhart, E. Barrette. K. Beatty, C. Bennett K. Berrio, J. Bias V. Bias, C. Bigos H. Bishop, T. Bleau M. Bogert, K. Bohn L Bou, J. Bowser A. Bramlage, E. Bramucci P Brigham, D. Brmkerhoff L. Britt, A. Brown L. Brown, S. Brown, E. Bush, A. Caban, F. Cabrera, 0. Campbell, K. Campbell, P. Canavan, P. Carlson, E. Carplno M. Carpino, S. Cayer, S. Chalmers, L. Chammoro, N. Champoux, E. Chandran, T. Chapin, M Chapline, A. Chappell, K. Chham The Sophomores are special because we ' re a very close class. We hope to improve the High School by boosting school spirit and attendance to school games. We also hope to raise money for a service project. Sophomore Core Committee: 1st r: M Ross, K Muench, J Palaia, B. Figovsky, S. Wohlleb, L. Allen, M. Rupucci, M. Slobin. 2nd r: T. Scott, M. Gordon, T Torla, L. Johnson, Y. Lin, J. Giglio, S. Scott, K. Eddy, S. Faulkmgham, D. Arnaboldi, E. Coppinger, A. Redder, C. Collins. 20 0. Chu, S. Coelen, M Coles, L. Collazo, C. Comings, P. Comtois, F Cooper, R. Cope, E. Coppinger, S. Craker J Cumps, D. Curran, G. Curtis, T. Cushing, T. Danielson, C, Dedner, A. Derrico, L Dicarlo, C. Dienes, L. Diffenderfer S. Dizard, M. Doyle T, Dzioba, K. Eddy M. Eisenberg, S. Ellison D. Evans, S. Fanslow M. Farmer, L. Faulkingham G. Fawcett, B, Feinberg J. Feldman, N. Fields B. Figovsky, J. Florian J. Foley, S. Foley, C. Fournier, J. Freedman, K. Frizzle, J. Giglio, S. Gleason, J. Golden, Z. Gooding, C. Gordon E. Goshko, L. Gosman, J. Gourley, K. Gray, K. Green, S. Greenebaum, A. Gritfin, M Guidera, M. Guilbault, J. Gunkle 21 A. Hafner, L. Haines, A. Hall, K. Hambleton, J. Hannus, K. Hanson, K Harris, B. Hatt, R Hawley, J Hendrick, G. Hertzbach G. Hess, J. Hodges, K. Hopkins, J, Hormk, M, Howard, J. Hugus, P, Hundley, G. Hurlbut, J Ingram A. James, A Jellerette J. Jemison, E. Jenkins M. Johns, B. Johnson K. Johnson, L. Johnson I Johnston, E Jones J. Jones, K. Jones E. Kauffman, S. Kazonls A. King, A. Kirley A. Klekowski, E, Koh, S. Koonce, J. Kriesman, K. Kroodsma, R. Kruoch, K. Kuon, S. Lake, A. Lamb, K. Lamb D LaPuc, A. Laus, F. LaValle, N. Lee, E. Lewison, C. Liebert. J. Lin, D. Lindgren, M. Lopez, H. Luddy 22 L. Lundgren, H. Ly, C. Lyon, K, MacDonald, M. MacDonald, P. MacDonald, S. Mao, L, Marcum, E. Markert, K. Martin D. Martinez, J, Martini, J. Mason, P. Mason, C. May, E. Mayer, M. Maziarz, W. McIntosh, I. McKenna-Thomas, J. Medina G. Melchionda, R, Merino J. Meyer, B. Miltz L. Minks, C, Mireault A. Mohamed, A. Morales D. Moran, D. Morris M. Morse, H. Muench K. Muench, A. Mullins J. Mully, M, Murphy E. Neill, M. Nemeth, A. Newell, V. Nguyen, P. Niedzielski, D. Nissenbaum, P. Nuebel, C. O ' Brien, K. O’Brien, D Olevsky. E. O ' Neil, J. Orlen, D. Ortiz, A. Osborne, R. Paige, J. Palaia, J. Partee, K. Patterson, G. Pearlstem, S. Pech 23 G. Perkins, V. Perry, A. Peterson, B. Phillips, N Pierce, W Pile, E. Pollatsek, M Porter, C.A Predmore, D. Prescott C. Ramford, K. Raj, B. Ready, A. Redder, J. Reiner, M. Repucci, A. Reynolds, L. Riddmgton, P. Robbins, P. Robinson A. Rogers, E. Rogers V. Rogerson, D. Rohde M, Ross, E. Roundtree J. Rowell, M. Rowell 0. Rushing, K. Salloux G. Salzman, M Sargent K. Schechterle, J. Schwartz S. Scott, C. Scriver K Searle, C. Shadoian, C. Shafer, C. Shafer, J. Shafer, D. Shepp, J. Sicks, M. Slobin, H. Smernoff, A, Smith B. Smith, K. Smith, M. Smith, R Smith, S. Smith, S. Som, K. Spergel, J. Spratlan, M. St. Mary, S. Stathls 24 A. Stewart, A. Stoffolano, T Story, K Sullivan, K Sullivan. H Sunderland, M Swift. K Taylor, S, Taylor, A, Terrizzi L, Thelen, W. Thomas, J. Timmins, A Ting, J. Todd, J Torla. L. Tran, A Turner, A Upton, S Vanblerkom K. Vanhoutte. K Vantreese L Vega, B. Vogt S. Wall. R, Warner, A. Wattenberg. B. Weaver, C, Weaver, M Weaver, K Weeber, M. Wells, E Westhead. A Williams F. Wilson. J. Wohl- Ludman, B Wohlleb. S, Wohlleb. E Woolf. N Wyse, N Yakovlev, S- Youngblood. R Yudin. C. Zerby 25 JUNIORS The Class of 1987 probably is one of the most unique groups of people around. We have style, drive, spirit, intelligence, common sense, creativity, and ingenuity. WE ARE AN AWESOME EORCE. We look forward with excitement to our remaining year at the High School and we wish the class of ' 86 the best of luck. Jr. Core Comm.: 1st r K Gauger, J. Schimmel, I. Cernada, 0. Yarde, K Melley, B. Alschuler. 2nd r.: G Miles, K. Carlson. K Dahowski, S. Davis, l Svenson, D. Dersham, C. Clifton, E. Davis, M Eagan, S. Murphy, J. Aldrich, A. Averill, L. Hoadley. 3rd r : N. James, D. Rivers, 0. Curtis, A Staub. M Stevens, J. Moran, M Westort, R. Winston, K. Field, P. Pandey, P. Cooke, 4th r.: J Wolf, A. Kurnsky, C. Maley, S. Moran, H Camp, J Basile, K McKinney, D James, J. Sternheim, T. Davis, J. Su. P. D ' Entremont, C Daehler, D. Dahlquist, K Dahowski, K. Dane, D. Davis, D. Davis, S, Davis, T, Davis, N, DelManzo J, Dernco, D, Dersham, S. DiCarlo, E, Dickinson. M. Dimock. P, Dinardi, M. Eagan, S. Eckhouse, T Edgmgton, J Ewald T, Fairchild, R Fay M. Feioman, K Field G. Finch, G. Fischt, S, Flanagan, A, Fortescue T Foster, M Franklin 0. Frye, D Gabriel K. Garvey, K Gauger A Gewertz, T. Gibson J Goldman, J. Goodrich, G Gordon. K, Graves. L, Grice. J. Griffith, J Grillo, K. Gunkle. T Gurski, C Hait C, Halpern, S, Hang, S Hang, S. Haughey, K Healy, S. Henderson, A Hepler, J. Herbert, M H|almarsson, L. Hoadley 27 ( J Hobbie. T. Holcomb, D. Howard. M Howell, M. Isabelle, L. Jackson. R Jackson. P. Jacobson, D Jacoby, D. James. J Jekanowski, S. Johnson. S Johnson, C. Jolly, R. Jones, A. Juels, J. Kaihlanen, D. Kellogg. S. Kitrell, D Knightly. E. Knightly, K. Kohler W. Kosloski, M Kotarba D. Kotfila, A. Kurinsky S. Kurtz, K. Kynard J LaBonte, A. Lashway J. Latour, W. Lattuca Q. Lauradunn, P Lehrer Z. Leven, T, Libucha R. Logan, C. Lorda, D. Loughran, C Loven, A. Loving. C. Lundberg, C. Mabius, A. MacDonald, C. Maley, D Malo. K. Manes, A. Martin, J. Martinez, J. Masalski, J. McConchie, P. McDonald, McGlone, J Mclntire, K McKinney, T. McKinney 28 N McNeill, 0, McPartlan. L. Meade, M. Medina, A. Melchionda, K. Melley, L Mercado, M, Merino, J. Merrick, G. Miles M. Miller, E, Monteverde, R. Morales, J. Moran, S. Moran, H Morand, R, Moriarty. S Morse, K, Morton, L Morton D Murphy, S. Murphy G- Neunder, C. Nguyen B Nolan, T. Nop M. O ' Connor, C. O ' Neal M Pacheco, P Pandey D Partee, K Pauneto R. Peacock, R Perchemlides N Perez, M Peterson M. Pfohl, M Phillips, D, Pierce, A Pion, D. Plaut, J. Plenaa, B. Pope, K. Pratt, D Proulix. B Quick H, Radosz, S. Ratati, S. Ramsay. A Raskmd, M. Ratzel, D Reed, R. Reimer, G. Rideout, G. Ridley, J Ring 29 D. Rivers. D. Robinson, D. Robinson, L, Robinson. R Robinson, D. Rolander. P Rothkegel. D Rothstem. K. Roum, M Russell K. Ryan. K. Sachett, H Santiago. C. Sarti, J. Schimmel, M Schweitzer, V Seang. S Secord. T Seitz. C. Selig P Shea. J. Sherman K. Shumway, R. Sidman L. Simanski. H. Sinauer A Singapun, T. Slosek C. Smith, D. Smith W. Smith, J. Smyth E. Sockabasin. S. Soltysik B. Som, R. Som P. Southwick, Y. St. John, G. St Mary. H Staelm. A Staub, J. Sternheim, M. Stevens, M. Stoffolano. C Stromgren, J. Sturm S. Sutliff, L. Svenson, H, Swaminathan, S. Swan, R Tademaru, B Tamms, J. Terry, R. Tripp, P. Tu, K. Ty 30 C. V yce, 0. Waldman, Y. Wang, I. Warner, S, Warner, M, Wattenberg, M, Weathington, J. Wermuth, 0 Westcott, M. Westort S. Whitehead. M. Wieland, K. Williams, K. Williams, R. Winston, D Wise, J, Wolf, R. Zakaitis, K. Zerby, K Zumbruski 31 SPIRITED BOOSTER DAY Pt: PffBANB I THE ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL The Alternative High School Program at the So. Amherst Campus is for students who need a more personalized academic learning environment. Classes are smaller in number so the student gets more attention. The sense of community at the program helps people gain a high level of responsibility, fellowship and belonging with others. The program gives individuals a better attitude about learning. It helps them develop their values and benefit as they pass through adolescence. THE A.B.C. HOUSE The A Better Chance Program is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase the number of well educated minority people who can assume responsibility and leadership in American Society. The goal is being realized. ABC has recruited more than 8,000 able minority students and placed them in excellent schools. By continuing to give bright youngsters a better chance, ABC helps the students, enriches the schools and colleges they attend, and benefit the society to which they will contribute their talents. Students must be in the top 10 percent of their class, have a grade-point average of at least 85, score well on the Secondary School Admission Test, have solid academic and personal recommendations, and demonstrate motivation for a challenging educational experience. After recruting students and placing them in quality secondary school situations, ABC provides counseling for the students and their parents and for the schools the students attend. This is done through a network of regional directors based at Barnard, Brown, Carlton, Dartmouth, Duke, Penn, Williams, Yale and Western Reserve Academy. ABC also provides partial scholarship aid to almost all the students. Of more than 3,000 students who have graduated from their ABC schools more than 94 percent have continued their education at colleges universities throughout the U.S. A DIVERSE ETHNIC FEAST The Annual Ethnic Feast celebrated the ethnic diversity in our school and community. Each family brought a dish of food that represented their ethnic heritage. It was an . opportunity for people to sit together and share food, a time honored way of getting to know someone. During the ’82- ' 83 school year the idea of a school store to train students in the daily operation of a business was conceived. Through the sponsorship! of the Paper Clip and Gaylord Saulsberry the Amherst School Store opened its doors in March of 1983. The ’83- 84 school year marked steady increases in sales volume and generated interest on the part of the student clerks. During the end of the 1983-84 school year enough money had been raised to expand our facility to a small corner of the cafeteria. Building supplies were purchased and James Kelly, woodworking teacher, assisted in the construction of our new facility.. We hope to expand the merchandise in our store to include such items as I jackets, sweaters, and specialty products. Proceeds from the operation of the school store provide scholarship , awards to senior applicants, and lead to the future possibility of a lounge for all students to enjoy. CLUBS School Store: 1st r.: S. Allen (Mgr ), Z. Echevaria. 2nd r.: J. Searle (Mgr ), P. Cooke. 3rd r.: D. Harlow (Ad.) The AFS Club has reorganized this year in order to promote interest in Exchange Programs for students from A.R.H.S. to live, study, and or work in other countries and cultures. The Club acts as the student host organization for students from around the world who come to Amherst on the A.F.S. Exchange Student Program. During the summer of ' 85, Sarah Froning participated in the A.F.S. Summer Program in Germany. During this school year, Guy St. Rose is an Exchange Student from the country of St. Lucia. Activities of the Club include speakers and panels on internation- al topics as well as fund raising activities to support Exchange Students here and abroad. A.F.S. 1st r.: S. Helper, G. St. Rose, J. Schimmel, A. Averill, K. Melley. 2nd r.: A. Hall, J. Scott (Ad.) H. Rogers, L Ballman, A. Caban, K. Garvey, K. Spergel, G. Salzman, K. Axelson. 3rd. r.: 0. Curtis. German American Partners: 1st r.: E. Dickinson, B. Schneider, A. Wattenberg, P. Lehrer, R. Int ' l. Students: 1st r.: S. Chu, K. An, Y. Wang, H. Cheng, N. Chu, R. Berms, K. Samath. 2nd r.: P. Tu, Y. di Blitzblau, R. Lessie. 2nd r.: A. King, R. Klemdienst, T. Walen, J. Partee, K. Bosima, G. Howard, A. Voghel, G. St. Rose, S. Gross, H. Ribera, C. Rothkegel, T Seng, P. Rothkegel, M. Cartagena, S. Mao, D. Chu, T Stewart, J. Smyth, P. Mason, A. Brush, G. Stemmeyer (Ad.), K. St. John. Oeur, I. Ackermann. Since its beginning in 1974, innumerable people have been touched by the The International Students ' Club is organized with the interest of promoting cultural German-American-Partnership-Program. Many life-time friendships have de- understanding and to have fun. veloped between families in Amherst and Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany. Most of the hosts in Amherst in 1986 are shown above, some already preparing for the 1987 four-week trip to Germany. Mathleles: M. Wattenberg, M. Callahan, M Franklin, G. Gordon. The Mathlete team was reactivated in the fall of 1984. It provides an opportunity for students who enjoy solving math problems to compete in the W. Mass. Math League. Our team finished second in the league in ’84-’85 and won an invitation to the state tournament. The ’85-’86 season began with an Amherst win, and the team looks forward to another good record. Hope Solidarity: 1st r.: K. Dahowski, K. Bohn, J. Schimmel, K. Melley. A. Caban, L. Ballman, A. Averill, L. Hoadley. 2nd r.: J. Jacobs (Ad.), R. Kobin, J. Palaia, K. Muench, M. Samabdeen, S. Craker, G. St. Rose, C. Rothkegel, J. Saulsberry (Ad.), A. Rekowski, I. Cernada, B. Alshuler. Hope and Solidarity is a group open to all students, faculty and administra- tors. Collectively, we strive to foster awareness of cultural symmetry and diversity, to develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences, to initiate acceptance of people of varying genders, races, ethnic ties, and sexual preferences, and to create an atmosphere in which open discussion of these issues is comfortable and welcome. We try to promote our goals through such events as the Ethnic Feast and encourage students to support and become involved in our organization. Published approximately 5 times a year, The Graphic includes news stories, features and comments on people, issues and events. Contributors and staff members learn the fundamentals of newspaper writing, editing and layout. lyntax: 1st r.: E. Woolf, J. Su, C. Gerzy, T Davis, T. Jones, M. Franklin, Mr. Minks (Ad.) Syntax is the High School’s literary magazine. We feature contributions by students in writing, art and photography. In our third year of publication, we print as many editions as we have contributions. T.O.P.: 1st r.: D. Venman, T. Benander, T. Davis, J. Su, H. Radosz. 2nd r.: M. Wieland, G. Ridley, T. Jones. Ballman, A. Caban, M. Burns (Ad.), K. Sackett. S.T.O.P.: is a student teacher organization for peace. Our main purpose is to iducate ourselves and the school on peace-related issues. We do this by working with he community, listening to guest speakers, and discussing current events. Graphic: 1st r.: N. Camp, N. Ring, L. Terrizzi, K. Melly. 2nd r.: B. Penmman (Ad.), K. Pratt, 0. Curtis, D. Brinkenhoff, J. Fink. 37 Peer Education: 1st r.: M. Boily, L Bohn. 2nd r.: E. Goldenberg (Ad.) K. Dauber, L Lucas, R. Elison, M. Bardsley (Ad ). Peer Education is a newly formed organization. It was started in January 1985. The original members were Marya Boily, Raphael Elison, Liz Bohn, Keith Dauber, Meg Bezucha, Missy Mclntire, Craig Cudnohufsky, Kathy McAndrews, Lance Lucas, and Helena Radosz. Our two Advisors are Evelyn Goldenberg and Michael Bardsley. We were given a 20 hour official traning from a state agency dealing with drug and alcohol use and abuse. The purpose of this group is to educate elementary school students about drugs and alcohol. We have gone to several classrooms of 5th and 6th grade students and given lessons on the facts concerning drugs and alcohol. Most importantly, we worked on communication and decision-making skills. We have facilitated evenings for parents and made our information available to them also. In the upcoming years we hope to become an expanded organization. We would like to do follow-up lessons for Junior High students and participate in community sponsored drug awareness events. NHS: 1st r.: M Lenburg, E. Seidman, K. Dahowski, J. Schimmel, R. Kobm, M. Callahan. 2nd r.: D. Gould, J. Fink, P. Rainford, D. Silver, T Benander, D. Knightly, D. Rothstein, J. Jacobs (Ad ). The National Honor Society serves two mam functions. First it recognizes academic and extra curricular achievement through selective membership. Sec- ond, it does service work for the school and outside community. This year it’s projects have included providing tutors for E.S.L. students, sponsoring a dance to raise food and funds for the Amherst Survival Center, doing yardwork for elderly citizens, and helping with the Amherst Senior Center ' s food delivery program. 38 Goldbug: 1st r : N. Chu, T. Davis, G. Ridley. 2nd r.: B. Derby (Ad ), A. Sternhelm, M. Stevens, B Alschuler, A. Dwyer, J. Su, Z. Leven. Pictures, pictures, pictures ... the Goldbug ' 86 staff sorts through an endless array of photographic moments to capture the essence of a whole year. It ' s a monumental task but one we hope was worth waiting for. Outing Club: 1st r.: H. Camp, T Demers, N. Camp, J. Su, R. Eckhouse, T. Davis, D. Rivers, N. James. 2nd r.: R. Tuthill, T Benander, I. Beatty, A. Schuldiner, P Rainford, S Moran, D Knightly, H. David (Ad.), R. Wilson. Outing Club members organize and lead many activities such as canoeing, backpacking, skiing, biking, caving, innertubing, acting silly, sleding, orienteering, and the annual Lake George trip. The leadership training workshop which teaches the shared leadership model is a source of many trip organizers. Any member can organize and lead a trip of his or her own choosing. Trips help members improve their wilderness survival skills, make good friends, and learn to cooperate on problems in a group. Tri-S: 1st r : I. Cernada, S. Davis, B Alschuler. N Camp, A Averill, J. Shimmel, K Melley. 2nd r K. Carlson, T Davis, G. Ridley, M Stevens, A Staub, A. Fortescue. Ham Radio: (Ad.) J. McNally, D. Proulx, C. Wheelock, (Ad.) C. Emery. Student School Committee: M Callahan, L Terrizzi, J. Wolf. For over a dozen years, student training for amateur radio F.C.C. Licenses has been available through the Ham Radio Club that meets weekly. Training in Morse Code, electronic theory and amateur radio rules and regulations have helped students achieve not only a unique hobby, but an opportunity to look at the field of electronics. All students are welcome to work out at Radio WA1UTT, and listen in on the world! Latin Club: 1st r.: C. Halpern, A. Shuldiner, Z. Peterson, B. Porter, M. Moebius. 2nd r.: S. Smith (Ad ), K. Edwards, M. Franklin, 0. Rivers, D. Nissenbaum, P. Pandey, P. Ramford, E. Seidman, T. Schimmel, K. Clemens, A. Klekowski. Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus: This declaration embodies the true spirit of the Latin Club. We are a subversive neo-Roman republican tyranny. Our goal is the subjugation of all other language oriented-orgamzations. We will pursue this cause unerringly. Videte lucem et vos circulo Latino iungate. Student School Committee is a group of elected students that acts as mediator between the student body and the Regional School Committee. We initiate and influence school policies such as attendance, open-campus, academic punish- ment, the final exam schedule, and the pass fail option grading system for elective courses. Students are encouraged to communicate their opinions and concerns to us and we will then voice these opinions to the Regional School Committee. FBLA: 1st r.: C. Bennett, P. Pandey, M. O’Connor, M. Azano, 0. Curtis, J. Wolf, T. Edgmgton. 2nd r.: 0. Yarde, P. Cooke, I. Warner, S. Henderson, T. Libucha, V. Umholtz, P. Fredrickson (Ad.). The Future Business Leaders of America started it’s second year here with a bang. The Club is national and was founded 50 years ago. One of our goals is to have meetings at state level. Our officers are President Annette Thomas; Vice President Val Umholtz; Treasurer Josh Wolf; Secretaries Tracy Edgington and Bob Moriarty. We’ve had bake sales, a car wash, sold food at football games, and a candy raffle. We are planning a fun filled and productive year. Chess Club: 1st r.: G. Gordon, J. Smyth. 2nd r.: J. Su, T. Davis, G. Gordon, M. Wattenberg, B Johnson, S. Smith (Ad.). 39 I As Schools Match Wits: J. Lin, A. Klekowski, M. Wattenberg, I. Miller. French Club: 1st r.: I. Cernada, K. Carlson, K. Dane. 2nd r.: G. Ridley, T. Davis, D. Rothstein, S. Salloux, J. Vassallo, D. Brule (Ad.). Debate: M. Stevens, N. Camp, A Staub, A. Fortescue. Student Council: 1st r.: J. Wolf, L. Terrizzi, J. Schimmel, K. Dahowski, S. Scott, 0. Curtis. 2nd r.: A. Syed, M. Callahan, M. Lenberg, K. Bohn, A Caban, L. Ballman, J. Waskiewicz, J. Wills, J. Sternhaim, J. Giglio, J. Moran. The Russian Club is a spirited group of students who learn and celebrate more than just Russian language. We hold a traditional ethnic feast, play Russian games, visit the Russian section of New York City, see Russian films, and participate in Olympiada, a competition for Russian students from all over Massachusetts. We continue to support our activities by selling T-shirts and baked goods. Russian Club: 1st r.: E. Woolf, Z. Berkman, J. Shafer. 2nd r.: C. Shafer, J. Catlin, D. Talan, S. Hepler, C. Harwood, J. Hormk. 3rd r.: J. Wobst (Ad.), S. Das, M. Swift, T. Davis, G. Howard, D. Ahearn, N. Lee, M. Wattenberg, L. Miller, B. Hawley. 40 A SWEET CAKE SALE This year’s Jazz Workshop was more active than even before. With strong leadership from Seniors we performed for many appreciative audiences. Jazz Workshop: T Terrizzi, T Eisman, E. Davis, D Purcell (Ad.) S. Keefe, F. Berkman, B. Chandran, D Gould, D. Ortiz, C. Geczy, D. Partee, A, Lowry. Orchestra: 1st R M Smith, J. Hobbie, P Smith (Ad.), J. Catlin, D Nissenbaum, B. Pope, M. Eisenberg, T. Lessie, M Chesnut, A Jennings. 2nd R.: E. Claunch, C. Levitt, J. Pelle, J Hannus, J. Lin, S. Greenebaum, A. Hepler, R. Lessie, W Pile, Y. Brown, L Carpino, G Miller. 3rd R : T Tremblay, R. Ring, P Stocz, K Bosma, K. Lundgren, J. Greenbaum, R. Bari, C Dedner, G Penchina, P. Neubel, A Rehm, A Jemmison. 4th R : A DeChecke, K. Williams, R. Blitzblau, D Robinson, S Gleason, K Dane, J Horowitz, C Bell, L. Plaza, R. Kobm, A. Moran. 5th R.: C. Halpern, J. Heppmstal, E Thompson, I McKenna-Thomas, E Dickinson, A. Lowry, S. Kierman, T Mully, S. Wattenberg, B Chandran, Z. Levin, E. Chandran, E. Seidman. Senior Orchestra is the largest it has ever been Todd, Royce, and Mary dominated by freshman and sophomores a musical tour to Portland, Me “Think with your brain Show some inert spirit Do it in your boudoir You’ve learned you have to talk when not playing ... My hope is that by your Senior year you will have learned how to sit ... NO FLUFF . . . . ” Tons of Fun! Thank-You, Mr. Smith! Pep Band: 1st R : C Bell, A Bramlage, E Dickinson, Z. Leven, S. Pollatsek, B Silver. 2nd R : D. Purcell (Ad ), C. Eccleston, J. Freedman, D. Brinkerhoff, K. Sackett, C. Rainford, A Newell, A. Johnson. 3rd R : M Wright, T. Chapin, T. Story, I, McKenna- Thomas, M Franklin, C. Halpern, C. Shadoian, K. Edwards, C. Geczy. Through cold wind and ram the Pep-Band came through another winning season. Chamber Players: 1st R R Arons. B Pope, M Eisenberg, J, Greenbaum, T Lessie, M Chestnut. 2nd R : P Smith (Ad ), K Dane, A Hepler, S. Greenebaum, R. Lessie, P Neubel, G Penchina, J Lin. The Symphony Band was bigger and better than ever. The year was highlighted by a concert trip to Boston which teatured a performance of the Holst Suite in E. Chorale: 1st R. D. Reed. D Talan. B Pope. K. Clifton. S. Greenebaum. R Arons, S. Kiernan, M Eisenberg, R Loescher. S. Sastry, 2nd R.: J. Hornik. D. Olevsky. C. Cudnohufsky. T Wells. ). Niedzielski. M Fairchild. S. Froning, E. Seidman. B. Porter. 3rd R.: D. Loughran. A. Moran. A Schuldiner. C. Maley. J. Fink. J Maggs, B. Chandran. M Eagan, N. Lee. R. Jellerette, M. Chesnut. M. Moebius. D. Knightly. Wind Ensemble: 1st R.: A. Moran, A Wattenberg, A Doherty, K Carlson, L Svenson, R Kobin, E Davis. 2nd R.: S. Kiernan, D. Reed, K Dahowski. 3rd R D Purcell, N Czap, S. Pollatsek, C. Halpern, A. Laus, J. Moran. D Reed, T Mully, K Blanchard, S. Soltysik, D Shepp, C. Eccleston, C. Bell 4th R R Chestnut, J. Griffith, M Eagan, E. Seidman, A Bramlage, K Kenerson 5th R T. Terrizzi, K Purcell, K Edwards. D Brmkerhoff, D. Gould, C. Geczy, D. Venman, E. Thompson, I McKenna-Thompson, M. Franklin, Z. Leven, E. Chandran. 6th R. T Chapin, J. Hepinstall, E. Dickinson. A Adams, A. Jemison. B. Chandran The Wind Ensemble has enjoyed one of it’s most successful years. Our fruit sale brought us enough money to visit Portland Maine for our Spring Trip. Outstanding Seniors performed solos at Buckley and Spring Concerts. Concert Choir: 1st R : J Kearns, W Morton, A Crankshaw, S Wohlleb, S Wall. J. Giglio, D Arnaboldi, L ; Schwartz, J Hugus, H, Kent, J. Greenbaum. 2nd R R Miltz, D. Lardner, A Smith, S. Morton, E Koh. E Thompson, D. Venman, M Porter, A Bramlage, L. Meade, FI Radosz, F Berkman, S. Soltysik 3rd R J |; Goldman. Z. Berkman, I McKenna-Thomas, E. Wells, S. Das, H. Kaplan, D. Cutchins, A. Alschuler, M. Kearns, A Brush, J Maggs, W Pile, J Wills, M. Babb, M Smith, 1 Mann, R Hawlye. The Concert Choir ... A fine group of young singers ... but where are the tenors? This group will go BACH to the basics, but eventually will all be saying “Gloria . . . Amen.” Even though you all wanted to be sopranos! . . . Even Trinity Church will hear the refgrains of our voices . . “Come to the Cabaret my friend” . . And multiple Bucklev The Chorale is a group of people who love to sing. We don ' t all know each other well, we don ' t all think or walk or talk alike, we don ' t even listen to the same kind of music. But because we all love to sing and we work together, some special things happen in the music we make, mee, me, mah, and la la la, Beedee, Beedee, Beedee, How preetty. Ee, e, ah, Oh Ochi Lasagna, We served meat less, And meaty. Singing Britten, We are smitten, A little sharp, - No matter. It’s best to be in tune, Blame the full moon, Still, better to be sharp, than flatter. As a great man once said, Who now is quite dead: If music be the food of love, sing on. Chorus: 1st R L Housner 2nd R E Bohn. M Cartagena, M Peterson. M Cotanche. H Newth, L. Gosman, J. Schriver, J. Layman, J Boulrice. K Lundgren, A Lorenzo, 3rd R B Anderson Vazquez, D. Shea, 1 Sullivan, J Maggs. L Wentworth, J Guyer, P Newth, K Eddy. K Highter. S Faulkmgham 43 THE TALENTED THEATRE COMPANY This school is replete with many kinds of clubs, committees and teams, but it only has one Company. While it is not on the stock exchange, the Theatre Company does operate with the self- sufficiency that its name suggests. Each individ- ual in the picture is a member of the Theatre Company because he she has fulfilled one of the technical jobs which make our production possi- ble. This year, the company is also encouraging students to write plays for our final production. That production will be the seventh of a lineup of plays that includes an annual musical, Shake- speare’s " Twelfth Night” and Arthur Miller’s " The Crucible.” The first production, a collection of Mamet plays, involved many newcomers and got the year off to an exciting start. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Senior Superlatives are not meant to be a list ot the best in the class but are just a sampling ot the various personalities that give our class it ' s character. Those not mentioned are special too! With that in mind, we present Senior Superlatives ' 86 Class Spazz: Mike Muller Most likely to succeed: Theresa Jones Smallest and biggest bodies: Dawn Reed and Andy Rice Smuggest: Tore Volpe Most likely to make you look 6 wonder: Nancy Maggs Class outdoorswoman: Rachel Eckhouse Most athletic boy: Vince Morris Class giggles: Lillian Gordon Class scientist: Ian Beatty Sexiest: Dan Knightly 47 t Class teddy bear: Ben Porter Most gullible: Alicia Doherty Class unsung hero: Cliff Wheelock Class twosome: Janet Searle Sonya Allen Most aggressive: Mark Berthelette Class chauvinist: Jimmy Camacho Most unconventional: Kirsten Aune 48 I Most Cynical: Alec Shuldiner Most Sincere: Lori Terrizzi Most Talkative: Kirsten Kenerson Sweetest: Jenny Mroz I ■■■■■ ■■ a ■m m wmmm nn — II— i iKi ar BBMii mmm m — b m »— — « m mm mmmmwm uasHU Class flirt: Greg Brown Class brain: Joanna Levin Class personality: Ethan Seidman 49 Class outdoorsman: Tom Benander Most dramatic girl: Rachel Kobm Most sophisticated: Stephanie Austin Rowdiest: Rick Labonte Moodiest: Mya Hayes Most school spirit: Cheryl Webster Most flexible: Sarah Morion Class un-twins: Eleanor Thompson and Diana Venman 51 Lc: i 1 13 Nicest smile: Betsy Clapp Class Musician: Mary Chesnut Class dress down and dress up: Sharon Uyemuki and Anne Stuart Prettiest: Zindy Echevarria Class yuppie: Dan Silver Class twins: Ted Burrell and Dan Burrell Best hair: Santa Sastry Most dramatic boy: Zach Peterson Best car: Shawn Allen Spielberg: Chris Lee Class deitv: Marc Lenbere Friendliest: Tim Demers l Most underestimated: Mike Willis Most scheming: Matt Richards Nicest: Josie Guyer Class wit: Chris Harwood Best laugh: Anna Stma Barrette TtfmA i Class walking disaster area: Sean Salloux Best body: Kirsten Connelly Best eyes: Anna Crankshaw Most likely to make you smile: Allan Nolan Jack-of-all-trades: John Wills Bubbliest: Ellen Bertrand 54 Most desirable: Erica Petrizzo Class clown: Dave Frazier Class model: Dan Schwarz Class Jetsetter: Kiml Takesue Cutest boy: Rich Mathews Most argumentative: Amer Syed Class dancer: Jenny Weaver Most talented: Ben Chandran Class rollerskater: Bard White TO THE Heaven help us, we’re the children we are the growing pains the ones that will shape the world, somehow, someway, it ' s strange Growing older, growing smarter guiding each other through the Hell, what will happen later on, it ' s something I can ' t tell. We are the ones that make it happen right here and right now we start the fads and shape the lives sometimes not knowing how On top of the world sometimes yet othertimes all alone sometimes not knowing what is what or if we have really grown What are these feelings, we are feeling some joy some regret some pain, some laughter, but mostly shock, of not knowing who we are yet We are one all together one school, one class, one friend though it ' s almost finished our friendships will never end As of now who we are is a frame of mind which sticks We ' re on top, we are the ones; The Class of ' 86 — Leanne LaChance CLASS OF ’86 Charles Abbott Kristine Aldrich: Things can only get better. Soccer 4: Chorale 1-2; Goldbug 4; P.V.E.A. 3-4; Cake Sale 3-4; Equestrian 1-4; Core Comm. 4. Yasmin Hussein Ali; Tennis 3- 4; Volleyball 3-4; Reading. Michael Allen: Hardcore will live forever Downhill Skiing and taking life lor what it is worth. Shawn W. Allen: What 7 It ' s time to go home already?” Working on my GTX; Skiing. Sonya E. Allen: Crossroads 2- 4; School Store 3-4; Dancing in the dark 2-4. Well here we are, the Class L’86. Some people think we are great and some people don’t. We know we ' re great and the rest of yotffre just jealous. But seriously folks, as you peruse the next few pages or intensely examine every gorgeous face and stimulating caption you will see a diverse group of students who have gone their separate ways yet remained side by side. As we look back on the past few years we can remember the good times. As we get ready to leave, we will always remember our lives here. The following pages are our attempt to leave a small reminder of the Class of ' 86. teremy Arkes: He who goes to the left gets knocked down, but shouldn ' t be driven to the right Basketball 2-4; Core Comm. 2-4. Anne Asebrook: And if you ask yourself why you black or a man or a woman or a bush it don ' t mean nothing if you don ' t ask why yo u ' re here, period " Swimming 1-4; Core Comm.: 1-4; Tri-S 3 Pres. 4; Hope and Solidarity 3; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp.. Kirsten Aune: " Honey Bunny. Booby Dooby, Lovey. Ooshy, Shmoogy. Shmengy. Lovey. Peace. " Stephanie Austin: " I used to be Snow White, but I drifted " Field Hockey 1-2; Skiing Capt. 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4; B-Crew 1-4; M M Gang; S.T.O.P. 3-4 Sec. Aaron Roy Bagg: " Life is like a credit card because you always end up paying for it in the end Flying; Skiing; Working on my " 57 car. Tod Balboni: " I ' ve been on vacation since ' 79 and I ' m still graduating " As Schools Match Wits 1; Graphic 3. 58 Demetri Barges: Latin 2-3; Core Comm. 2-4. Royce Bari: " Where all think alike no one thinks very much. " Anna-Stina Barrette: " Then I said to myself this time will be different and I began ... I did not begin again: I |ust began. " Ian D. Beatty: " It ' s often unnecessary to defrost your dishwasher.” Ice Hockey 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; Theater Co. 4; Absurd humor 1-5; Scottish Bagpiping 1-4; Hacker 1-4; Outing CL. Cara ). Becker: " Quand on veut on peut. A bientot. " Soccer 4; Graphic 4; Latin Cl. 3; Tap dance 1-4; S.P.O. 3-4; Riding horses 1-4; Cake Sale 3-4; P.V.E.A. 3-4. Thomas Michael Benander: " If you don ' t know what ' s happening, fake it! " Golf 2-4; Swimming 2-4; Volleyball 3-4; Student Coun. 3-4; Chess Cl. 3-4; Hackeysack Team; Students Against Censorship. Carie Lee Bernard: Cheerleader 1-2; Chorus 2; Core Comm. 2- 3; Damn Yankees 2; Cabaret 2; Guitar 1-4; P.A.I.N. 1; H.H.H. Ir. Apprentice 2; Yth. Leadership Workshops 1-4. Mar k Douglas Berthelette: " Nothing is saved but the integrity of your own mind " Football 1-4; Lacrosse 3-4; Band 1-2; Chorus 1-2; Skiing; Driving the Bertha mobile; Eating at the “Y”; Studying (haha). Ellen Teresa Bertrand: " Because you do not continue running with them in this course to the same low sink of debauchery, they are puzzled and go on speaking abusively of you.” Margaret Bezucha: " No time to marry, no time to settle down. I ' m a young woman, and I ain’t done runmn ' aroun ' " Art Rm. 1-4; Football 1; Skiing 2; Goldbug 4; Peer Education 3-4; The B ' Crew 1-4; The M S M Gang. Elizabeth Bohn: Soccer 2-4; Swimming 1-4; Student Coun. 1-3: Core Comm 14 V P 4. Tri-S 4; Peer Ed. 3-4 Marija L. Boily: " You can ' t always get what you want, but it you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need Peer Education 3-4; Wrestling Mgr. 4. 59 Cassandra Bowler: " Life is too short to worry about the future or to say " What if about the past. The present is only this moment so try to make it last. " Int ' l Students 4; Photography. Todd Boynton: Ice Hockey 3-4. William (Benny) Bramlage: " Death. Inevitable If death is inevitable, then what ' s left? Style. Only style " Wrestling 3- 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Bicycle Moto-cross racing 1-4 1985 12 Mass., 188 National; The Note 1-2; Lake jumping 2- 4. Gregory Brown: " Try and do as much as possible as soon as you can Parties only come on weekends. Track 3-4; B.S. Cl. 1-4. Kathleen Buckley: Nature ' s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold, her early leaf ' s a flower, but only so an hour, then leaf subsides to leaf, so Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. " Softball 2-4; fl.P.E. 1-4 (Cap ' t. 2-4). Deidre Burke Dan Burrell: Football 2 4; Lacrosse 3; Track 4; Wrestling 1-4; Cap ' t. 4; Band 1; Con. Choir 2; Student Coun. 1-3. Theodore I. Burrell: Football 3- Jacqueline Cabrera 4; Wrestling 1-2; Chorus 1-2; Student Coun. 1-3; Rooster ' s 3-4; Crossroads 1-4. David Cajolet: " Try to enioy Magdalen Calderon the here and now, the future will take care of itself somehow " Lacrosse 2-4; Soccer 2-4. Jimmy Camacho: " Dag Tabs, you’re so stupid! " Baseball 1- 4; Basketball 1-4; Puerto Rican Cl. Pres.. 60 Nancy Morgan Camp: " We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us with nothing to show for our progress exept a memory of the smell of smoke, and the presumption that once our eyes watered. Shawn Campbell Esme K. Caruso: " If love never lasts forever, then what Is forever for? Like a river to the sea, I will always be with thee and If you sail away I will follow you.” Jennifer Catlin: “For only nobody knows where truth grows, why birds fly and especially who the moon Is. " Skiing 2; Orch. Mgr. 4; Outing Cl. 3-4 Treas. 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Russian Cl. 4. Thomas P. Chalmers: " Take me on a trip through the smoke rings of your mind. " Lacrosse 2-3. Ben Chandran: " Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. ' Jazz Workshop 2-4; Frisbee Team 3; S.T.O.P. 2-4. Misa Chappell Roeun Chea Connie Chen: " 0 Friend ! In the garden of thy heart, plant naught but the rose of love Con. Choir 1-3; French Cl. 1-3; Graphic 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Student Coun. 1-4; Core Comm. 3-4; Theater Co. 2-3; Hope Solidarity 3-4; Baha ' i; Piano. K. Hong Cheng: “Life is tough, but you have to struggle.” Volleyball 4; Int’ Students 1-4; Pres. 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4. Mary Ainslie Chesnut: “If Lieu Chu music be food of love, play on. " Basketball 1-4; Chorale 3-4; Treas. 4; Orch 1-4; Core®’ Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 4; Y.P.S. 1-4; Dist. Orch. 2-4; All State Orch. 3-4; Grace Church Yth. Grp. 1-4 6 Choir 1-4; V.L.O. 4; Kinhaven 1-3. 61 Nong Chu: Int ' l. Students 1-4, Goldbug 4. Angela Chumbley: Cross Country 3; Tennis 4. Elizabeth P. Clapp: " There is someone that ' s been inside of me all through the years, someone who gets their looks from all the feelings inside ot me. Sometimes when I look into the mirror I get surprised because the reflection is different from what I feel; other times when I look I get angry because the reflection is different from what I want. " Rebecca M. Clark: " We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore. " V. Softball 2-4; V. Basketball 3; V. Field Hockey 3; French Cl. 2-3; Spanish Cl. 3; Ski Cl. 2; Lassie League 1; Yearbook 2-3. Susan Clark Kelli R. Clemens: " Trapped, the animal gnaws off its dying limb choosing pain over slow death severing self from self. You will be luckier — the mind, gnawed free, grows its own limbs ' Bead Work; Art; Reading; Jewelry Making. Christopher Coelen Kirsten K. Connelly: Miles Kara Cooper Rosalyn Cooper from nowhere, guess I’ll take my time oh yeah ... to reach there Art Rm. 1-4; Photo 3-4; Soapbox. Jonathan Cosans: " If you learn Angela Covey: " Alright!” to depend on yourself and you try hard you can make the road of life an enjoyable one. " Hockey 2-4; Lacrosse 1,2,4; Football 2,4. 62 I Anna Crankshaw: " All things I come alive with light.” Chorus 1; Con. Choir 3-4; Theater Co. ' 2-4; Amherst Ballet Co. 1-3; Art Dance-Infinity; Masspirg 4; Reaching for the moon 1-4. Cathleen Crowley: “I ' m thankful for the day we met, for the hours we ' ve chatted through; the sterling qualities of a friend I ' ve found them all, in you. " St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. Craig W. Cudnohufsky: " Cottleston, Cottleston, Cottleston Pie, A fly can ' t bird, but a bird can fly Ask me a riddle and I reply: Cottleston, Cottleston. Cottleston Pie. " Con. Choir 2-3; Chorale 4; Theater Co. 3-4; Archery 1-4. Niels Cudnohufsky: " Oh 1 Sorry, it ' s being hit on the head lessons in here. " Football 2; Volleyball 3-4; Amherst bowling team 4; Walleyball 2-4. Bill Danielson. " There will be no napalm in this administration. " Ice Hockey 1- 4; Lacrosse 1,2,4; K.A. Productions 4; Inconcievable 4; B.B Gun Conflicts 1-4. Keith Brian Dauber: Say Goodbye. It ' s the only thing to say. and I ' ll be on my way. " Football 1,2; Football Mgr. 3; Peer Ed. 3-4 Diane Delaney Timothy Demers: " As we get older, and the dust starts to collect, we reach out for reasons, justification for what most can ' t accept " Outing Cl 2-4; Wood Shop 1-4; Pep Squad 4; Survival Living. Marie de Voghel: Skiing 4; Chorus 4; French Cl. 4. Alicia Doherty: " One day Mama broom told Papa broom, we ' re going to have a little whisk broom. Papa replied, But how is that possible 7 We haven ' t even swept together! " Band 1- 4; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Hope Solidarity 3; F.B.L.A. 1; Latin Cl. 3; Amherst Bowling Team. Zindy Abigail Coss Echevarria: " Life is how you make it. " Art Rm. 3-4; Cheerleader 4; Chorus 1; Goldbug 4; P.O.C.U. 2-4; Hope Solidarity 4; F.B.L.A. 3-4; School Store 4; Dance; Acrobats 4. Rachael Eckhouse:“l had a dream last night. So did I. Well, what was yours? That dreamers often lie. " Skiing 1- 4; Soccer 2-4; Outing Cl. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; ARNAV 2; Tri-S 3 Pres. 4; Theater Co. 2 4; Hope Solidarity 3-4; Survival Living 3; Amherst Bowling Team 4; Official Guidance Office Vegetables 4. Jeff Edwards: " You don ' t always have to have the lead if you have the heart to come from behind . " Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Football 1; Core Comm. 1-2. Kimberly Edwards: Basketball 1-2 Mgr 3-4; Softball 1-4; Wind Ensemble 1-4; Pep Band 1-4; Ski Cl. 1; Latin Cl. 2-4; Core Comm. 1-4. Raphael Elison: " Stop I wanna go home, take off this uniform and leave the show and I ' m waiting in this cell because I have to know-have I been guilty all this time 7 " Peer Ed. 3-4. Steven L Elkins: " And after all the violence and double talk, there ' s |u$t a song in all the trouble and the strife. You do the walk, you do the walk of life Golf 1-4; F.B.L.A. 3- 4; Inner East Mongolian Jello Wrestling 1-4. Lisa Emond: " Thus it is, and so it goes; we shall have our day my dear. Where unwilling dies the rose, buds the new, another year " James J. Ennis: " This Bud s for you Lacrosse 2-4; Brew Crew ' 86. Mark Fairchild III: All the monsters and all the lizards and all the mushrooms and some, and none. You Pig 7 " Wrestling 1-4; Con. Choir 2-3; Chorale 4; French Cl. 3; The Funnel Dots 2-4; Chess Cl. 2- 3; Theater Co 2. Greg Eanslow: Although things Marc Fantini may look bleak at the moment of the occurence, at least we ain ' t locusts ' A.R.H.S. Bike Racing Team, Amherst Bowling Team Johanna H. Fink: Basketball 1- 4; Con. Choir 2; Chorale 3-4; Chorus 1; French Cl. 2-3; Graphic 3-4 (Ed.) ; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-3 V.P. 4; ARNAV 1-2; Figure Skating 1-3; Latin Cl. 2-3; Amherst Bowling Team 4 (Co. Cap ' t.) . Eric Moles Flaherty: " Marisa: the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. " Baseball 1-4; Skiing 3-4; Basketball 1-2. If Dave Frazier: " Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pocket full of hops. " Art Rm. 1-3; Lacrosse 2-4; S.T.O.P. 4; B.H. Cl.; Brew Crew 1-4; Inner East Mongolian Jello Wrestling 1-4. 64 Christopher Geczy: " To become wise, one must wish to have certain experiences and run, as it were into their gaping |aws. This, of course, is very dangerous; many a wise guy Deborah L. Gould: " Although has been swallowed " Jazz the monkey dresses in silk, Wkshp. 3-4; Wind Ensemble 3- he ' s still a monkey! " Volleyball 4; Orch. 3-4; Pep Band 3-4; 1-2; Band 1-4; Con. Choir 4; Ultimate Frisbee 3-4; Syntax Nat. Hon. Soc. 3 Sec. 4; Core 3-4 (Co.-Ed.) ; Chess Team 3- Aaron Christian Gluckler: Comm. 2-3 V.P. 4; Theater Co. 4 (Co-Cap’t.); N.H.S.; Outing " Tempus Fugit " Team Kodiak 2-4; Hope Solidarity 3-4; Sarah Froning Mary Fuller Cl.. 1-4; Football Pool 2-3. Lillian Gordon Amherst Bowling Team 4. Matthew R. Griffith: " Someone Jocelyn Guyer said fair warning - Lord will strike that poor boy down. " B.H. Cl.; Zorlac Boys; Surf Skate Team. Noah Harrison: " I got a friend who spends his life stabbing my picture with a bowie knife. He ' d like to strangle me with a scarf, when my name comes up he pretends to barf. I got a million friends. " Miniature Golf 1-3, Cap ' t. 4; Yacht Racing; D.P.L. Cl.; Mind Games 1-4. Stephanie Hart: " If you could dream it you could achieve it; if you could achieve it you can become it. " Con. Choir 1. Todd Hartzler: " Black Flag. Suicidal Tendencies, The Exploited, the Circle Jerks, The Sex Pistols, T.S.O.L., M.D.C., and Pink Floyd ... I shall make peace with my enemy. " Christopher Wallace Harwood: “You know it’s funny, when you think you know something, and you really don ' t.” Theater Co. 2-3, 4 Board Member; Russian Cl. 2, 3 (Sec.), 4 (Pres.); Funsters 1-4; Orch. Valley Crew 1-4; K.fl. Productions 2-4; Wiffleball 1-4; Not Thomas Dolby 2-4. 65 Mya Suzanne Hayes: " I did it my way Softball 1; Girls ' Ice Hockey 1-2; B Crew 1-4; M M Gang 1-4. Brian Healy Jeffrey Ahrens Hepinstall: " Love and friendship are those things which are essential. They comfort us when we hurt and they share with us in our |oy. To be without either is to be utterly lost. " Baseball 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Squash 3-4; Swimming 1-2; Band 1-4; Vegetable Manipulation 3-4; Sarah K. Hepler: " Viva Italia!” Abuse Cl. 3-4. Nat. Hon. Soc. Russian Cl. 2-4; A.F.S. for 4; Outing Cl. 2-4; Orch. 4. Internat’l Awareness, 4. Andrew Herman Juliet Herrmann Kristen Hilt 66 Christopher M. Holden: Cross Saadyah Hopkins Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Band 1-3; Boys’ State; Co-Cap ' t. Cross Country; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. other is to get it. " Track 1-3; Chorus 1; S T O P. 1; Russian Cl. 4; Ballet 1-4; Painting 1-4; Drawing 3-4; Shakespearean Theater Grp. 1-3; Wind Ensemble 1-2. Nicholas Hopley: " Office girls just pass me by. " Track 1-2; X-Country 1-4; Graphic 3-4; Tri-S 4; Core Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 3-4; Lacrosse 3-4; Squash 3-4. Marisa Leigh Housner: “Eric: When mountains crumble to the sea there would still be you and me. There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire and the Gregory Howard Glenn Jackson: " There is no room for second place, there is only one place in my game and that ' s first place.” Football 1-4 (Co. Cap’t.); Shot Put 1- 2, W. Mass. Champ 3-4; Barbarian’s 3-4. Tamara Jager Joshua Jakus Theresa A. Jasmin: " Every minute of the future is a memory of the past, ' cause we all felt the power, we all gave the best, and every song, everybody sang. Live is life. " Girls ' Basketball Mgr. 3-4; Softball Mgr. 3-4; Girls ' Volleyball Mgr. 4; Core Comm. 2-4; French Cl. 3-4; MSAC 4; Rm. 16 Escapee 4. Carol Jerome Matthew Jolly: Brew Crew ' 86; Lacrosse 2. Cinda H. Jones: “The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us. Only that day dawns to which we are awake, there is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star. " Art Rm. 1-4; Soccer 1,3,4; Skiing 2; Core Comm. 1-4; Comm, for Yth Service; Mural Project; Lake Woebegone Yachting CL. Teresa Jones: " Don ' t do David Karlson nothing |ust because you can only do a little.” Basketball 1- 4; Volleyball 1-4; Frisbee Cl. 3-4; Outing Cl. 4; S.T.O.P. 4; Piano 1-4. Michael Kazonis: “Come on baby take a chance with us . . running over the same old ground And how we found the same old things. Wish you were here.” Lacrosse 4; Goldbug 3. Julie Kearns: " A string of shiny days we had, a spotless sky, a yellow sun; and neither you nor I was sad when that was through and done.” Con. Choir 2-4; S.T.O.P. 2-4; Core Comm. 3. Heather C. Keefe: " The liberation force strikes again There’s an all night party in Room 7609. Oh No Not Again. " Art Rm. 1-4; Plant Control Tech. Summer ' 85; The Bank People. 67 Sean Keefe Kimberly G. Keegan: Soccer 1- 4; Skiing 2-4 (Cap ' t.) ; Tennis 1-4; Core Comm. 1-4; St. Brigid ' s Yth Grp. 2-4 ; Lake Woebegone Y.C.. Kirsten Anne Kenerson: " Jesus is the light which illuminates even the darkest paths. " Soccer 4; Band 1-4; Cheerleader 1-3; Crossroads 2- 4; Yearbook 1; Lake George 2- 3; Volunteer 1-2; Pep Band 4; Biology Aide 2. Suzanne Kiernan Diane Kimball Erika Lauren Kirejczyk: " The greatest feeling in one ' s society is being able to be one ' s self. " Track 1-3; Student School Comm. 1,3. Erin Kirejczyk: " Each person has their own destiny. In life, that person can reach their destiny if they try hard enough to attain it; any others that don ' t try are merely failures from the start. " Kelley K. R. Knight: " How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives " Soccer 1-2; Ice Hockey 1-3; Softball 1-2. Dan Knightly: " War determines not who is right but who is left. " Soccer 2-4; Track 1-4; Con. Choir 1-2; Chorale 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Amherst Bowling Team 4. Rachel Maria Kobin: " Either these drapes go, or I do.” W.E. 1- 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Cabaret 2- 4; W. District Orch. 4; Hope and Solidarity 2-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4. Chamnan Sopanny Koy: " I’d like to live in the United States forever. " Int ' l Students 2-4; Summer Camp. Rachael Kriesman: " Where ' s the orchestra 7 Wasn ' t this supposed to be a musical? " Core Comm. 2-4; Band 1-3; Cabaret 2-4; Musical 3-4; P.A.I.N. 1. 68 Richard Labonte: “The good times are forever, the bad ■ times fade away. " B.H. Cl.; Greased Armadillo Wrestling; Brew Crew ’86. Leanne A. Lachance: " And if the clouds explode thunder in your ear, you shout and no one seems to hear, and if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes, I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.” Volleyball 4; R.O.T. 4. Leandra Lashway: “Looking through a window everthing is a dream walking through a door everything is reality turn away from the window the dream is gone turn away from the door reality is still there.” J.V. Softball; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. Chris Lee: “I had to fight all my life to survive. They were all against me, every one. And they tried every dirty trick to cut me down. But I beat the B s, and left them in the ditch.” Baseball L-4; Basketball 1; K.A. Productions 2-4; Wiffle Ball 1-4; Wallowing In Self Pity 1-4; Trying To Look Like Sting 3-4; The Note 1-2; Wrong Attitude (Still III). Marc Lenberg: " Britannia est insula.” Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Outing CL 2; Student Coun. 3- 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Latin Cl. 1-4; Amherst Bowling Team 4; Loooking Down 1-4; P.S.I.E. Lori Lengieza: Basketball 1-4; Field Hockey 1,2 (Cap’t.) 3-4; Softball 2, (Cap’t.) 3,4. Todd Lessie: “How much better if Plymouth Rock had landed on the Pilgrims.” Joanna Levin: “The mountain pushed us off her knees And now her lap is full of trees.” French CL 2-3; Graphic 3; Student Coun. 1-3; Student School Comm. 1-4; Theater Co. 2-4. Jonathan Levine Karen A. Levitt; “Bobblogesture (bah bio jes’ cher): n The classroom activity of not knowing an answer but raising one’s hand anyway (after determining a sufficient number of other people have also raised their hands, thus reducing the likelihood of actually being called on).” Baseball Mgr. 3-4; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Photography. Michael D. Lindgren: " Excuse me while I lightage me spliffage; Oh God I need some quickage reliefage.” Skiing 1-4; Tennis 2-3; Baked Chicken CL 3-4; Jr. Police 4. Ruthie Loescher: Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1-4; Skiing 2-4; Softball 1; Squash 2-4; Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; Amherst Bowling Team 4 (Co. Cap’t.) ; Official Guidance Office Vegetables 4; Guitar 2-4. 69 Alex Lowry: " Elmira Hoot James Ma , oney . Go|| M |ce doesn t live in the snowbelt H „ rtou n,„c Jonathan Mann Sim Mao Sokhen Mao Eric Marcum: Band 1-2; No. Leverett Bap ' t. Church Choir 2-4; Hampshire Bird Cl. 2-4; American Birding Assoc. 3-4; Birdwatching 1-4. Andrea Mason: " When I meet you around the corner, you make me feel like a Sweepstakes Winner " Swimming 1-4; Soccer 3-4; Theater Co. 3-4; Art Rm. 1-4; Photography; In Search of Harry 4; German American Partnership Program 1-4. Richard H. Mathews: " Over? Did you say over 7 Nothing is over until we decide it is • was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor 7 Hell no! And it ain ' t over now Golf 1-4; Ice Hockey 4; Ballantine Bros. 2-4; Duck ' s Demolition Squad 3-4. 70 Caroline May Fawn E. Mazzei: “Let ' s blow this popsicle stand.” Field Hockey 1; Ice Hockey 4; Softball 1-4. Kathleen H. McAndrews: “We may lose or we may win, but we will never be here again. " Tennis 1-4; Volleyball 2; Core Comm. 1-3; F.B.L.A. 4; St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 1-3, 4 (Pres.); Peer Ed, 3-4; ROT 3- 4. Howie McEachern: “He who worries about looking before he leaps may always keep his shoes clean but will never realize the excitement of getting them dirty. " Basketball 1-4; L.T.A. 1-3; B.D.O.C. 4. Leslie Meade Samuel Medina: “Casi todos buscamos siempre la camodidad; esto ha sido asi toda la vida. El quen va adelante casi nunca mira astras para ayudar al que lo pida. Pero hoy dia llego la necesidad de seguir un rumbo diferente; en darnos la mano para cambiar la realidad depende el tuturo de la gente. " Basketball 1; Track 3-4. I Lisa Meldon: " If only clouds Nicholas Mildwoff went behind the sun ... " Soccer 1-2; Horseback riding. Renee Miltz: " I will say briefly Laurie Mireault only how I have come through Hell ' s pit without fear " Con. Choir 3-4; Chorus 1-2; French Cl. 2-4; Core Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4. Matt Moebius: " Only the educated are free. " Skiing 2; Chorale 2-4; Orch. 1-2; Theater Co. 1; Bowling Cl. 3. Amy Moran: “Better beans and bacon in peace than cake and ale in fear. " Wind Ensemble 2- 4; Orch. 2-4; Soccer 2-4; Chorale 3-4. Vincent Morris: “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit Football 2-4; Lacrosse 1-4; Swimming 2-3; Graphic 2- 4; Core Comm. 2-4; Wed. Nite Video. Sarah Morton: " Tis the voice of the lobster; I heard him declare, ' you have baked me too brown, I must sugar my hair. ' As a duck with its eyelids, so he with his nose trims his belt and his buttons, and turns out his toes. " Con. Choir 2-4; Cheerleader 3-4 (Cap ' t.) ; Chorus 2-3; Theater Co. 2-4; Gymnastics 1-2; Jazz and Modern Dance 3-4. Bradley A. Mount: " Honesty of thought and speech and written word is a jewel, and they who curb prejudice and seek honorably to know and speak the truth are the only builders of a better life. " Baseball 1-4; Football 2-3; Wrestling 3-4; Band 1-2; Core Comm. 3-4; Theater Co. 4 (Stage Crew) 1 YF 1-4; K.A. Movie Connoisseur 3-4. Jennifer Mroz: " The knack in the art of learning how to fly lies in throwing ones self at the ground and missing ' Band 1-2; French Cl. 2; Jazz Wrkshp. 3-4; Outing Cl. 4; S T O P. 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Horse back riding 1-4; Leadership Training 4. Michael Muller: " And no more picking on Dim, said Pete. " Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1; Student School Comm. 1. Thaddeus W. Mully: " We wear the mask that grins and lies. It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes Band 1-4; Orch. 2- 4; W. Mass. District Orch. 2-4; W. Mass. All State Orch. 2; W. Mass. All State Band 3; All Eastern Orch. 2; Jr. Bowling CL 3. Timothy Murphy: " The golden Peter Mushovic Sophal Nguon rule: Those who have the gold make the rules. " Baseball 1-2; Golf 3-4; Soccer 1-2; Student Coun. 2. Jonathan D. Niedzielski: " The only way to achieve fame is through Japanese fencing. " Baseball 1-4; Band 1-2; Con Choir 2; Chorale 3-4; Chorus 1; Core Comm. 3-4; Russian Cl. 1-4; K. A. Productions 2-4; Wiffle Ball 1-4; Musical 3-4. Allan Nolan: ' C.B.O. is fresh and we are the best. Playing Tricks in ' 86 " P.O.C.U. 1-4; C.B.O. 4. Thy Oeur 72 I Heidi H. Ostendarp: " To be good is noble; but to show others how to be good is nobler and less trouble.” Todd M. Palmisano: “Who ' s Squash 4; Volleyball 4; Graphic afraid to move on? As far as 2; German American I ' m concerned life is one big Colleen O ' Neil Partnership 2-3; Latin Cl. 2-3. party.” Lacrosse 2-4. Zach Peterson: " Reporter: " Mr Gandhi, What do you think of Western Civilization? ' Mr Gandhi: ' I think it would be a good idea ' Core Comm. 3-4; Theater Co. 2-4; Latin Cl. 1-4; K.A. Productions 2-4; Bowling Team 4; Algebra I 1-4; Official Andrea Paulding Randall Peacock Guidance Office Vegetables 4. Erica Petrizzo Erik Pietz: " The difference Lisa Plaza between men and boys is the price of their toys. " BMX Racing; Mgr. Wrestling Team, Theater Co.; Lake Jumping; Driving. Ben Porter: " Hawaii est insula " Con. Choir 2; Chorale 2-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Core Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 3-4; Latin Cl. 2-4; Amherst Bowling Team 4; Official Guidance Office Vegetable 4; Red Ned 4; Algebra I 1-4. Peter Rainford: " Free The Justine Raskevitz Indianapolis 500 " Soccer 3, Co. Cap’t. 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3- 4; Outing Cl. 4; Latin Cl. 4. 73 Dawn M. Reed: YWE 1-4; Yth Grp. 2-3; Crossroads; Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Wind Ensemble 2-4. Humberto Ribera: " Nunca Pienses que el futuro no llegara, m que el pasado no te troera recuerdos. Y ... no te olvides de vivir el presente, porque sera pasado y fue futuro Soccer 4; Int’l Students 4; Spanish Part. 4. Andrew C. Rice: I ' ll go to Rabbit ' s. He uses simple words like " How about lunch ' and " Help yourself. Pooh. ' " Wrestling 2-4; Lacrosse 2-4; Volleyball 3; Outing cl. 3-4; Bowling Cl. 3. Matthew Richards: " I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain Cross Country 1; Tennis 1-2; Bowling Cl. 3; Congress 3-4. Natalie J. Ring: Field Hockey 3; Squash 3-4; Graphic Ed. 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Core Comm. 3-4; Tri-S 3, Pres. 4; Wind Ensemble 2-3; Crossroads 1-4; Piano. Wendy Ritter: " Cause every little things ' gonna be all right Field Hockey 1-3; Skiing 1; French E»ch. Jeffrey Robinson: Brew Crew David Rodriguez: “How soon is ' 86; Hockey 3-4. noon 7 ! Baseball 1-2; Basketball 1-2; Soccer 1-2; Band 2-3; Rapture of the Deep; Woodstock. Nancy Rogers Cedric Rothkegel: " No Vayas Susan Rumble delante mio. no te siguire m me sigas, no te guiare. Solo camina ami lado Y seamos amigos.” Soccer 1-2; Int’l Students 1-4; Spanish Part. 1-3; Hope Solidarity 4. Caitlin Saalfield: " Mam Street bordered with autumn leaves, it was a pleasant thing. " Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 3-4; Art 1-4. 74 Sean Salloux: " There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt in your philosophies. " V. Tennis 1-4; Volleyball 4; Latin Cl. 3-4; French Cl. (Treas.) 1-4; The Mohammed Sahabdeen Note 1-2. Timothy Sanders Sarita Sastry Larissa Schwartz: " There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them Con. Choir 2-3. Dan Schwarz: To make a long story short. I want you to dye all my white collars blue Sarah Scott Janet L. Searle: Crossroads 2- 4; School Store 3-4 (Mgr ); Dancing In The Dark 2-4. Ethan Seidman: " Animate your backside, you ' ll be my inspiration, to the left one to the right, funk is our salvation Band 1-4; Con. Choir 1; Chorale 2-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Orch. 1-4; Theater Co. 3-4; Hope Solidarity 1-2; Bowling Team 4; Official Guidance Office Vegetables 4; Latin CL 1-4; Shutesbury for State Capital Comm Scott Shea: Basketball 2-4. Alec Shuldiner: " Is that all ? " Con. Choir 1; Chorale 2-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Outing CL 3-4; Chess Cl. 2-4; Lorraine Kavanagh Fan CL 2-4. Daniel Silver: Swimming 1, (Cap’t.) 2-4; French Cl. 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Theater Co. 3-4; Bowling CL 3. David Slovin: " People often forget where they came from Alison Smith: " 1 had a dream, 1 had an awesome dream, people in the park playing games in the dark. And what they played was a masquerade Basketball 1-2; 3; Field Hoc key 1-4; Track 1-4; Con. Alyson Souza: " Woke up on and before they know it they Choir 1-4; French Cl. 2-3; Int ' l. the road side day dreamin ' don ' t know where they are. So Students 3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3- bout the way things Erika Simon: " Are we having don ' t forget " Basketball 1-4; 4; Core Comm. 4; Tri-S 4; sometimes are. " Theater Co. fun yet? 7 " Ice Hockey 4; Baseball 1-4; L.T.A. 1-3; P.I.A. 3; B.C.-P.F. 1-4; M.S.A.C. 2-3; Core Comm. 2-4; Hope 6 Softball 1-3. B.D.O.C. 4. 4; Rm. 16 Escapee 4. Kimberly Southwick Solidarity 3; Yearbook 3. Alexander St. John Guy St. Rose: " This has been Amy Sternheim a year ot a lifetime to share my culture and seek world peace " Int’l. Students 4; P.O.C.U. 4; Theater Co. 4; Hope Solidarity 4.A.F.S. Exchange Student; Yth. Grp Kristin M. Stiles: " Except Michael Stiles thyself maybe thine enemy: captivity is consciousness, so ' s liberty Basketball 1-4; Soccer 3; Softball 1-4; Goldbug 3; Core Comm. 1-4; Hope 6 Solidarity 3; Latin Cl. 3-4; St. Brigid’s Church Yth. Grp. 2-3. Melinda Stratton Anne E.H. Stuart: " Smile . . and the world smiles with you. " Yearbook 1-2; Student Coun. 1-3; Core Comm. 1-4; Pilgrim Fellowship 1; 4-H 8 years; Hampshire County Teen Coun. 2-4; Art 1-4; C E; Amherst Skating Cl. 1; A.S.U. 76 Kimberly Stubbart Cynthia Ann Sullivan: " A color stands abroad on solitary fields that science cannot overtake but human nature feels. " Child Study 3-4; Battle Axe 3-4; Poetry; Drawing; Buffalo Spankis Fan Cl., Goldbug 4. John G. Sutton: “When all else fails we can whip the horses ' eyes and make them sleep and cry. " Lacrosse 4; Core Comm. 2-4 (Treas. 4); R O T. Cl. 2-4; Baked Chicken Cl. 3-4; Hitch Hiking 1-3 (Big Toe 4); Jr. Police 4. Amer Syed: " When in doubt, do it until unconscious. " Basketball 2-4; Lacrosse 3-4; Student Coun. 4; Core Comm. 3-4; L.T.A. 1-3; B.D.O.C. 4. Kimi Takesue Deb Talan: When I ' m wondering if my life has taken the right path I ' ll remember the words of Buckaroo Bonazi: ‘Wherever you go that’s where you are. " Soccer 2-4; Chorale 2-4; German Amer. Part. 1-3; Theater Co. 3-4. Annette Thomas: " Friends Amy Thompson laugh at your silliest |okes, put up with your worst moods, go along with your craziest ideas, and always see the best in you ' F.B.L.A. 3 (Pres.). Coun. 3-4; Core Comm. 1-4; Hope Solidarity 2-4; Latin Cl. 1-3; San Pier Niceto; A.G.A.U. Michael Tebaldi Lori Terrizzi: " Lingua mortal Elizabeth Theilman: " Live for non dice quel ch ' io sentiva in today, for tomorrow may never seno. " Basketball 1-4; Soccer come. " Gymnastics 1-3. 3; Track 3-4; Int’l. Students 3- 4; Orch. 1-2; Student School Comm. 3, (V.P.) 4; Student Eleanor Thompson: " Get thee to a nunnery or marry a fool for wise men know well what monsters you make of them. To a nunnery, go, and quickly too.” Ice Hockey 1; Track 1-2; Band 1-4; Con. Choir 2, Pres. 3-4; Orch. 1-4; Outing Cl. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Theater Co. 1-4; Russian CL 2-3. 7 7 Karen Thornton: May you always find new roads to travel, new horizons to explore new dreams to call your own Tally-Ho Horse Cl. 3-4; Riding Horses 1-4. Kelson Ting: " The fro has got to go. " Soccer Cap ' t. 4; Wrestling 2; Core Comm. 3-4; Class Sec. 4; Lacrosse 4; Kodiak Team 1-4 Regina Tudryn Richard Tuthill: " Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all it ' s pupils. Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Outing Cl. 2-4; Theater Co. 2 4; Lighting God 3-4. Valerie Umholtz: F.B.L.A. 3, V. Pres. 4; Horseback Riding 1-4; Horse 4-H. Sharon L. Uyemuki: Basketball 3; Goldbug 1; Student Coun 1- 2; Core Comm. 1-3; Skating CL of Amherst 1-4; A.S.U.; 4- H. loseph Vassallo III. When times get tough the tough get going " Wrestling 4; French CL 4. Diana Venman: " School is okay, as long as you don ' t allow it to interfere with your education Wind Ensemble 1- 4; Con. Choir 4; Outing Cl. 2- 4; S.T.O.P. 1-4; Core Comm. 2- 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Hope Solidarity 2-4. Salvatore Volpe: " You can if you think you can. " Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4. Zeb Volpe: " Winning isn ' t the only thing it ' s everything! " Football 1-4; P.O.C.U. 1-4; Spanish Part. 1-3. Rithy Vong Steven Wardlaw 78 Hilary Warren: Basketball 1-2; Field Hockey 1-4. Yael Washburn: " Music, when a soft voice dies, vibrates in the memory; odors, when sweet violets sicken, live within the sense they quicken. Rose leaves when the rose is dead, are heaps of the beloved’s bed; and so the thoughts when thou art gone, love itself shall slumber on.” Jeffrey R. Waskiewicz: " To do what others cannot do is talent. To do what talent cannot do is genius. To do what genius cannot do is me. Roses are red violets are blue I ' m out of here, how about you 7 " Basketball 1-4; Lacrosse 2,4; Soccer 1-2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Amherst Tidley-Winks Cl.; N.P.A. A.P.M.; Washy 1- 4. Jenny Weaver: " And now I know the things I know and do the things I do and if you do not like it so to Hell, my love with you Amherst Ballet Theater Co.; S.T.O.P. 4. Cheryl D. Webster: " And this is also a time to recollect, to reflect upon where we have been and where we are going and why. " Cheerleader 2,3, (Cap ' t.) 4; Crossroads 1-4; Graphic Arts 3-4. Tamara Wells: " Cookies and milk can be hazardous to your health, or at least your sex life. " Volleyball 2-4; Con. Choir 2-3; Chorale 4; German-Amer. Part. 2-3; Core Comm. 4. Howard Wiarda: Tennis 1-4; Kai Williams Ski Team 3-4; Student Gov. 1- 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Amherst Bowling Team 4; Julia Child ' s Fan Cl. Basketball 1-4; Band 1-3; Con. Choir 4; Student Coun. 4; Core Comm. 2,3, (Pres.) 4; Tri-S 4; Amherst Bowling Team 4; K.A. Productions 2-4; Official Guidance Office Vegetables 4; Algebra I 1-4. Michael Willis: " Hey Joe I ' m in John Wills: " I wish I was an Robert W. Wilson: “The college now. You can say it. " Baseball 1-2; Basketball 1-4; Core Comm. 4; Amherst Bowling Team 4; M.S.A.C. 4; Rm. 16 Escapee 4. Oscar Meyer wemer, for that is what I ' d truly like to be ' Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer weiner, everyone would be in love with me. " Jennifer Youngblood greatest achievement in life is to fulfill one’s own personal uniqueness.” Lacrosse 3-4; Outing Cl. 2-4; Sailing; Biking; Cross-Country Skiing. NOT SO LONG AGO K McAndrews D. Cajolet C. Chen A. Asebrook K. Kenerson T. Jasmin C. Bernard M. Housner E. Flaherty R. Loescher A. Barrette E. Bertrand N. Harrison L. Gordon C. Sullivan Z. Peterson B. Lorenzo L. Schwartz N. Ring S. Sastry R Cooper G. Brown C. Holden r die. M Bezucha D Burke L Bohn V SJ J. Mroz R. Labonte M Allen D. Rodriguez C. Becker r ■ Ml CASTLES Time passes like the grains of sand that wash upon the shore. Our High School education has filled but a pailfull, taken from that shore. The beaches are vast, the grains innumerable, our castles we’ve just begun. Life will be filled with it ' s ups and it’s downs, but this pail has truly been fun. And when one day I see you walking, upon that beach of time, I ' ll greet you with a friendly smile, to add but one more grain. — Tim Demers 5P0RT5 ? r 4PV j ' -rij ' . i .. Football: 1st R.: M. Berthelette, J. Cosans, Z. Volpe, G. Jackson, V. Morris, T. Burrell, M. Stiles, 0. Burrell. 2nd R.; D. Westcott, R. Tripp, M. DeJesus, D Cosans, J Moran, D Pierce, G. Finch, D Lard, M. Russell. 3rd R.: P Cooke, M Howell, R Morales, L Mercado, S. Kosloski, M Butterfield, P Torpey, D. Kotfila,. 4th R : J. Foley, B. Warner, S. Taylor, J. Mully, 0. Moran, S. Foley, P Niedzielski. 5th R.: E. Barrette, J Jones, S. Fanslow, V Bias, R. Merino, K Markert, P. Brigham, A Morales. It ' s not often that a team that finishes the season with a 4-5 record could consider themselves successful or even | fresh, but that ' s just how the Football Team feels now. We | had started the season with the intention of proving to everyone that when Amherst Football won a game, it was no ■ hoax. We started out fine, making a mockery of the first two f teams who dared to question the force of a Hurricane. Then we lost a close game in the rain, and from there we lost momentum. This season was at best expected to be a rebuilding year, with only six Seniors returning from last year’s squad. Zeb Volpe proved to be a very important part of the offensive line. John Cosans came back and contributed as a running back and superb linebacker. Mike Stiles was back as free safety and Mark Berthelette was an experienced back who ended up as tight end and nose guard. Danny and Ted Burrell were consistent as either defensive or offensive linemen. Vincent Morris was again defensive end and played well as a tight end. Glen Jackson finished a great career by again leading the team in touchdowns. Most importantly though, many Juniors, too many to mention, we re very instrumental in all of the victories we had this season. This experience, at key positions, such as quarterback, defensive back, running backs and especially in the line should be enough to insure a very successful season in ' 86. -Vinme Morris 84 In Cheerleading this year we learned how to multiply. We started with seven Football Cheerleaders and ended up with about twenty Basketball Cheerleaders. This year was the first time we have had such a large squad; it was the first time we have had a 7th grade varsity cheerleader; and finally, it was the first time we have had male cheerleaders. The support from the crowd has been great. Thanks for a wonderful year. P S. Go Banana Go!! IN Football Cheerleaders: on ground: C. Webster, l-r: K. Phillips, Z. Echevarria, K. Spergel, S. Morton, R Jackson, J. Aldrich, M. Zumbruski. ISt 1 J.V. Girls ' Soccer: 1st R J. Palaia, H. Kent, K. O ' Donnell, J. Player, I. Cernada. 2nd R : K Carlson, K, 1 1.| Williams, K. Raj, E. Johnson, M Aldrich, D Gettier, S. Dauber, S. Johnson. 3rd R.: H. Mroz, K Aldrich. C. ' | to Becker, A Connelly. Coach R. Fuhrman, A Averill, G. St. Mary, M. Baker, M McGuire V. Girls’ Soccer: 1st R : D. Talan, L Bohn, R. Staelin. 2nd R.: J. Guyer, K. Keegan, S. Davis, B. Alschuler, S. Murphy, S. Soltysik, T. Perez, K. Kenerson. 3rd R.: Coach J. Adams, F. Berkman, J. Schimmel, H. Smernotf, D. McPartland, A. Moran, A. Mason, R. Eckhouse, C. Jones. It was truly a historical moment on Oct. 24th. The Amherst Girls’ V. Soccer team tasted victory for the first time. But there were many other memorable moments besides that. Like freezing our buns off at the night game against ‘Hamp ... or watching Britt fall over her feet ... or seeing Deb McPartland strike fear into the hearts of the other teams ' offense ... Not only did we improve our soccer skills and develop a real team spirit, but we also learned to devise the most ridiculous excuses to get out of practice. “Well ... urn ... Mr. Adams ... gee ... I’m really sorry but ... urn ... my pet roach died and I have to go home this afternoon and ... urn ... comfort my mother ...” J.v. Soccer: 1st R M Lopez. J Todd. B Brooks 2nd R P Robinson, C. Cavalcanti. G Curtis, I. Johnston N DelManzo P Graves. F Agorson. F Wilson. S. Smith. S. Aldrich 3rd R Coach R McIntosh, K. Hambleton, T Cushing. A Adams. I Chamorro. L Redmgton. H Wilson. T Eiseman. B Salloux. A. Shumway, K Jones. Amherst Varsity J.V. Soccer: We had all the heart, but none of the luck. As we bade the Seniors adieu last Spring, 11 Soccer players left as a part of that group. Our Coach, however, was reassuringly confident that the team would still be strong in the Fall. Come Fall, however, the handful of returning players were shocked to discover Coach Fournier had left, making Jerry Rose Head Coach of the Varsity squad. Paul Serafino, of U. Mass. Soccer, along with others, helped out the team, and Amherst’s coaching staff was strong. With Coach Rose ' s contagious enthusiasm, we were sure we had a winning team. Between an exciting victory over E. Longmeadow early in the season, and a frustrating tie to Hamp at the end, however, our final record was 1-14-1. A new coach for J.V., Bob McIntosh, got the team well-conditioned, to say the least, and J.V.’s final record was 2-13-1. Despite the losing season, players are generally against the idea of moving down to Division II, anticipating a better season in Fall ’86. -Ben Quick V. Field Hockey: 1st R.: R Loescher, L. Lengieza, A. Barrette. 2nd R.: K Mannheim, J. Hodges, J. Brehm, J. Sicks, S. Brock, S. Haughy. 3rd R.: H. Warren, L. Simanski, K. Patterson, A. Smith, M. St. Mary, L. Johnson, Coach Keyes. Amherst pride is what the Amherst Field Hockey Team strives to represent throughout the season we ' d play to our utmost to win but secondly we’d play to represent our School. The season began with “Oh they’re a young team!” Well age didn ' t affect us. We were proud to be playing with the best goalie in W. Mass., perhaps the State. And we even got pleasant help from a LITTLE New Yorker. Our greatest feat this season was entering W. Mass, in 11th place. After demolishing the 6 place we went on to feel the thrill of victory over Smith Academy in overtime penalty shots. Our season closed on a foggy night in Northampton, our record 8-3-6. As we got on the bus to come home we took with us our pride. We had a defense anyone could count on and the offense we hoped for. J.V. Field Hockey: 1st R.: (sitting) Y. Vu, S. Miles, L. Lundgren, S. Bloodsworth, A. Markert. 2nd R.: H. Luddy, D. Lindgren, A Rehm, K. Hansen, R Slovin, C. Walen, H. Godsey, S. Wermuth, T. McKinney, E. Rogers. 3rd R.: Coach Riley, B. Pelky, C. Hunt, K. Barrette, K. Lee, A. Mullins, K. Graves, I. Sherman, M. Carpmo, L. Feldman, A. Lamb, M. Doran. Girls ' Cross Country: 1st R.: R. Reimer, A. Chumbley, Y. St. John 2nd R.: P Stosz, M. Orlen, M Osborne, S. Gulliver, L. Ballman. 3rd R.: D. Shepp, Coach J. Hastings, C. Bennett, Z. Carpmo, C. Kraft, L. Kroodsma. At the end of the 1985 season, we finally achieved the recognition of a powerhouse Boys ' Cross-Country Team. Not only did we win the W. Mass. Championship, but also finished the season undefeated. We finally listened to Coach Crowley and trained during the summer. We utilized our strength as a team, ignoring that we lost our best runner. Although we raced substandard in the state meet, we have nothing to be ashamed of. We set a goal and strived to be number one, and were the best we could be. Congratulations, Nick (Hopeless), Chris, Mike, Graham (not one hair out of place), Elliot, Jeff, Paul, Doug, various other J.V. ' s, myself (Gluck), and Randy Crowley, to whom we owe our success. Your Team Captain, Aaron Gluckler Boys ' Volleyball: 1st R J. Wermuth, M. Babb, 2nd R : S. Son, H. Cheng, E. O ' Neil, D. Rothsteln, J. Smythe, D. Nguyen, K Shumway. 3rd R M. Harmatz, D Ahearn, S. Salloux, D. Partee, N. Cudnohufsky, Coach S. Geryk. Girls’ J.V. Volleyball: 1st R : H. Ostendarp, K Ryan, K. Jones, A. Kelly, J. Peelle, L. Kirley. 2nd R.; Coach D Boucher, A. Rogers, A, Arcelli, K. Spergel, J. Wohl-Ludman, D. Howard. We finally got it — Boys’ Volleyball in W. Mass. Amherst continued its winning tradition as the team cruised to a 10-1 regular season record. Then came the tournament. Well, 2nd place isn’t bad . . in the 2nd division . . well . . . Some thoughts from our cheery season: " Hi. I’m Steve. Make my day.” " Pushups are good for you ... really.” " On the line . . . NOW!” “I like these uniforms.” " Sure, Coach, let’s all talk for a while . . . " Chelmsford? Where ' s that?” " It’s okay. It ' s only a cat ... " " Shutout gets you pizza . . . Okay, forget the pizza ...” " This is how you set up the net ... like this . . . ummm ...” “The ball’s supposed to go over the net, remember?” " Psycho Killer, qu’est-ce que c ' est . . . ? " " Okay, guys, listen up. This is the five-one. It’s real simple. The setter? Well, the setter goes . . . ummm . . . well . . . Okay, let’s go with the four-two ...” And last, but not least, we must pay tri- bute to our team leader — the al- mighty, everpowerful . . . QUAIL. -D.R. Girls ' Volleyball? Definitely a novel and slightly alarming term for the ’85 team. With 3 returning Varsity players, and a strong but small returning J.V. to fill the vacancies, we finished with a respectable 9-9 record. Lisa Plaza and Teresa Jones moved to the power hitting spots, while Christa Plaza, Juliet Peelle, Tammy Wells, and Kim Fields rotated to set. Leanne LaChance and Beth Paulding played all-around games, constantly adding their in- exhaustable enthusiasm. The season to attain a 5-11 record. During practices, Coach Boucher patiently balanced more advanced strategies with the development of basic skills to establish the foundation for a strong team in the future. It won’t be long before the Girls’ Volleyball team regains its W. Mass. Cham- pionship position! Girls’ V. Volleyball: 1st R T. Wells, K Field. J Peelle, A Paulding. 2nd R.: Coach D. Boucher, L. Plaza, L. LaChance, T. Jones, C. Plaza, L. Kirley. ■Ml T Boys’ Swimming: A. Laus, B Silver, D. Silver, T. Chapin, A Osborne, D. Laus. 2nd R.: A Stewart, K. Purcell, G. Salzman, J. Karelia, J. Pickering. 3rd R.: J. Whitney, A. Felgentreter, M. Hankowski, S Rothchild. 4th R.: Asst. Coach B. Tyler, B. Garvey, R. Chen, E. Freeman, M. O ' Neil, Coach O’Donnell. Girls’ Swimming: 1st R.: I. Sherman, S. Sutliff. 2nd R K. Sullivan, A May, E. Hennessey, S. Gulliver, K. Riley, K Garvey, Coach Linda. 3rd R. Coach O ' Donnell, L Willis, K. Nicholson, J Nober, A Koss, L. Kroodsma, L Devaney, J Spears, S. Bennett 4th R.: G. Wingblade, K Romboletti, C Bennett, Z Carpino, K. O ' Donnell, M Flaherty, R. Kilgallen, A. Butterfield. 5th R.: L Bohn, A Mason, A. Asebrook, D Monsein, J Wallace, ) Swenson, Asst Coach B Tyler. Gymnastics: 1st R.: L. Cronan, 0- May, A Palaia, M, Collura, B. Curran. 2nd R.: Coach J. t G. Tudryn, J. Gourley, K. Kroodsma. K Muench, L. Shumway, A. Orlen, N. Camp, Coach T. Alberti. 3rd R.: A. May, K. Muench. This year’s Gymnastics team consisted of a lot of strong performers. Our record was 8-4. Although we started off slow at the beginning, we managed to pull together. We proved to be a great team by defeating So. Hadley and W. Springfield in the W. Mass, comptition. We came in 2nd to Minnechaug losing by only 9 Tenths of a point! The team will be very strong for a number of years. This year the team had no home meets and we were always on the road. Next year we will have home meets, and hope to see you there! Girls ' Skiing: 1st R : S. Bloodsworth, T Hatch, C. Vogt 2nd R.: E. Connely, S, Cooper, J Platt, K. Keegan, S. Austin, W. Ritter, P. Weigel. Rf I jKlHAOJ rfrfrcmi - BERKSHII SKI Si Boys ' Skiing: 1st R B. Hunt, K. Williams, L. Cooper, N Weigel, J. Hess, T. D ' lntrono, 0. Chen, A. Sorenson. 2nd R D. Loughran, G. Hurlbut, S. Eckhouse, P. Niedzielski, J. Masalski, J. Aldrich, B Miltz, G. Rideout, P. Robinson, M. Howell, B Monarty. y Ld . JL bp wi i J CjI uj y - in v sitPi w k 4 SEFIv G Boys ' J.V. Basketball: 1st R D. Hafner, J. Griffith, G. Miles, M. O ' Connor. 2nd R.: K. Schecterle, A. Melchionda, M Bowler, P Southwick, B. Smith. 3rd R : Mgr. R. Zakaitis, P Mason, R. Smith, M. Stevens, S. Fanslow, Coach J Williams. Arkes, T. V. Boys ' Basketball: 1st R J Wills, J. Camacho, M Willis. 2nd R H. McEachern, A. Jackson, J. Volpe. 3rd R.: Coach R Flaherty, S. Shea, D. Slovin, J. Wermuth, J. Waskiewicz. I Girls’ V. Basketball: 1st R J Jones, J Fink, L Lengieza 2nd R N Perez K Sides, A Smith. L I errizzi, K Graves, A Mullins 3rd R S Chalmers, Coach R Moyer, C O ' Neal, S Camacho 95 Girls ' t.V. Basketball: 1st R S Miles, S Chalmers. A Martins, L Johnson 2nd R K Mannheim, K Barrette, C Kiatt. M Osborne, A Mullins, 3rd R : S, Murphy, S, Goss, T. Whalen. Coach ) Reyes, The Girls ' Basketball Team had another terrific year, posting a season record of 17-1 For the 3rd year in a row, the team won the league title and was seeded first in the W. Mass, tournament Particular mention should be made of the many Seniors who capped their High School years on yet another championship team. The team ' s success was due to the dedication ot the members and the excellent coaching of Ron Moyer. The team members 7 Well, everyone had their moments — some worth mentioning: The bird I ' ve got to go to Florida . . if we lose. I’ll . Get up!!! float Jump! I like that color! . . Hon . . Dear . Sir pop it and poke it still dippin on the bus . you mean I ' m in 7 the pre-game stretch What 7 I ' ve got to dribble 7 . . the trio on the bus . trying not to talk back to the rets I like those shorts . . . and. of course, Too Late! Now it ' s time for W Mass., which we know will bring us more memories, and we hope will bring us more success. Since the J.V team went UNDEFEAT ED (18-0) this year, we know next year ' s team will continue our great tradition. SSnB: Wrestling: 1st R : ). Perkins, T, O ' Brien, M. Guidera, M. Van Pelt, P, Cobbs. 2nd R.: M. Body (Mgr ), J. Moran, D Westcott, J. Sherman, D. Burrell, E Pietz (Mgr.). 3rd R.: Coach C. Collins, S. Walen, A Rice, B Mount, M. Stiles, Ass ' t. Coach D. Wmtsch. The ’85 ’86 season was an excellent show of improvement by the Wrestling Team. We ended up with a 5-7 record, which is the best in the past 5 years. Highlights include our 2nd at the W. Springfield tourney, a major upset against Mt. Everett, Van Pelt’s " Hail Mary” pin, and Burrell’s final 2nd reversal against Frontier. Only 4 Varsity wrestlers will be graduating this year: Co. Captain Dan Burrell, Captain Mike Stiles, Brad Mount, and Andy Rice. Promising returners are Tim O’Brien, Jerry Perkins, Matt Guidera, Martin Van Pelt, Pat Cobbs, Jim Moran, Dana Westcott, Joe Sherman and Scott Whalen. An excellent J.V. squad will provide more Varsity wrestlers for next year. Many more came to watch the much improved team but we want more fans next year. That’s about it except for a big thanks to Chris Collins and Dave Wintsch, our coaches and a regular thanks to our managers for the season, Marija Boilly and Erik Peitz. " Dammmn!” The J.V. Hockey Team had a great inaugural season going 9-2-1. Defensively the fine plays of Kevin, Billy, Tom and T.A. and the goal tending of Jason and Patrick held the opposition to 14 goals and registered 6 shut-outs. The team of the future has much of which to be proud. Best of luck next year! V. Ice Hockey: 1st R.: J. Angus, J Robinson, J Maloney, T Boynton, R. Mathews, W. Danielson, M. Russell. 2nd R„ Coach B. Bray, M. Kraker, J. Beatty, P. Torpey, D. Cosans, C. Lundberg, S. Flanagan (Mgr.), Ass ' t Coach, C. Campbell. 3rd R.: W. McIntosh, P. Bouchard, C. Bigos, S. Kittrell, G. Ramsay. Girls’ Squash: J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., Emma’s killer trombone, J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., singing in the scalding showers, J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., racing to school and always winning (even if we had to cheat with the red lights!), J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., Nat, Rue, Josie, Happy and Kathy not showing up for picture day • who’s photogenic at 6:00 a.m.? J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., the squeaky chipmunk girl at Williston, J.B., J.B., J.B., early morning get-ups - that is if we didn’t blow it off!, J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., and yes, all 3 matches that we had! J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., come on Rue, when are you gonna do it? J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., let’s go into the sauna (the bathroom), it’s too cold, J.B., J.B., J.B., J.B., and Amherst College here we come! Boys ' Girls ' Squash: 1st R B Porter, T. Benander, J. Heppinstahl, N. Hopley. 2nd R : J. Guyer, E. Chandran, H. Ostendarp, L. Hoadley, L. Grice. 3rd R.: Coach G. Keochakian, T. Fairchild, J. Smythe, B. Quick, D. Martinez, 0. Waldman, M. Smith. Once again, Amherst Boys’ Public School Squash is 1! Unfortunately, Amherst is still the only public school squash team. Although we didn’t have a winning season, under the coaching of Greg Keochakian we improved steadily. We will certainly threaten private school supremacy in the years to come. We cannot forget the high points in our year, however: Rainford ' s hair dryer, the Benandermobile, Jeff’s squashed squash racket, Josh’s spaceage racket, 5:45 a.m. practice, the Williston screw-up, the Pomfret destruction, Rainford’s “accident”, Rutherford Hayes, and our wonderful bus driver. Sadly we bid our Seniors farewell. “Big Bottom” Ben, Thomas, Nicholas, Rainford, and of course Hepper, probably still chasing Rainford around the showers. 98 I HIGH SCHOOL IS Hanging Around . . . in classrooms ... in the cafe. outside . . . inside . . . while the teacher is there . . . and when the students aren ' t! 99 ii Every year new things come in vogue and others become passe. At A.R.H.S. it’s no different. Here’s a look at What ' s Hot and What ' s Not WHAT’S HOT SANCTIONED Really amazing earrings Cafeteria snack bar Paisley clothing Hardcore music Cheerleaders Computers G H open Fast men in fast cars WHAT’S NOT Smoking THE CRUCIBLE Arthur Miller ' s The Crucible, produced in February by Mr. Minks and Mr. Penmman, retold the story ot that odd, horrifying instance in 17th Century Massachusetts in which 19 people, mostly women, were hanged as witches. Molly Eagan and Kim Dahowski costumed the cast of 20 in period-dress, and Vincent Morris and Sarah Whitehead played the embat- tled Proctors, their personal righteousness finally at odds with the hysterics of their community. TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA Two Gentlemen of Verona sounds like a Shakespeare play; it used to be one. But the Galt McDermot-John Guare musical version, performed in early March, featured an orchestra with three electric guitars and a rock-drummer, and the cast of 45 whooped it up in a rowdy manner one can only call neo-Elizabethan. Mr. Greenebaum conducted, Deb Lardner choreographed, and Mr. Warthen directed the shenanigans, while Erik Pietz ' s set took its licks sturdily. Was that the dessert that |ust lumped off the table? I wonder if she thinks I ' m sexy? GQ. here we come! E.T phone home | What ' s this ; I hope no one ' s looking Will someone please kiss me 7 ■BB39M Without that morning cup of cottee, we |ust aren ' t in focus See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil 107 School can be an uplifting experience Play it again Sam : No pain, no gam I SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE PUT OUR STRENGTH TO WORK FOR YOU BANKOF BOSTON WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS, N.A. 108 CAR TRUCK RENTALS BODY SHOP USED CARS 549-2880 RTE 63 NORTH AMHERST North Amherst Motors Incorporated Delano’s E. Pleasant St. Amherst 253-5141 LIQUORS - WINES - CORDIALS RUSSELL’S LIQUORS, INC. DELIVERY Tel. 253-5441 18 Main St. AMHERST, MASS. (413) 256-1385 Best Wishes to the Class of ’86 Marshall Steinbeck COMPLETE BODY MECHANICAL REPAIRS Karen Andy French 1 7 n. pleasant st amherst DON GUTHRIE 53 SO PROSPECT ST. Body Shop Manager AMHERST, MASS. 01002 109 COLLEGE D3UG FULL SERVICE PHARMACY POSTAL SUB STATION COMPLETE FAMILY PRESCRIPTION RECORDS COSMETICS 9:00 A M - 9 00 P M, WEEKDAYS 9 00 A M - 6 00 P M SATURDAY 9 00 A M • 3 00 P M SUNDAY See us for all your decorating needs ShuMUiiui ' ft Wallpaper paint store 4 MAIN STREET. AMHERST, Phone 253-2523 Trader Fred’s 48 N. Pleasant St. Amherst 253-7155 320 College St., Amherst 76 No. Pleasant St. Amherst 253-2551 To the class of 1986 congratulations and best wishes from your friends at Blair, Cutting Smith Insurance Agency Corp. 71 South Pleasant Street, Amherst 256-8541 2 Amherst Road, Sunderland FULL INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL PLANNING SERVICES SPRINGFIELD, BOSTON, MA • STAMFORD, CT ' • ENGINEERING FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION United Enq ineers inc. ENGINEERS AND - ' MANUFACTURERS Congratulations Class of ’86 Serving the Amherst Schools for more than 45 years Hamilton I. Newell, Inc. 65 University Dr. Amherst 549-5000 in EDUCATION is your best investment I The " D.H. JONES 1 Real Estate Agency Real Estate Is Your Second Best Investment Congratulations, Class Of ’86 Serving Hampshire Franklin Counties With Offices In Amherst And South Deerfield Congratulations To The Class Of 1986! Amherst Regional High School From Your Friends At . . . 125 Sunderland Road North Amherst, Massachusetts 01059 413-549-0001 Congratulations to the Class of 1986 Shawmut Bank of Hampshire County Member FD1C. Equal Housing Lender 114 Our Personal Best Wishes For Success Happiness In The Future i 284 Pine St. Holyoke, Ma. 01040 532-9406 127 Mill St. Springfield, Ma. 01108 734-7337 From Your Friends, The Official 1986 Yearbook Photographers, Marc - Larry - Lisa - Chris - Dan 115 Credits Goldbug 1986 Editorial Staff: Blanche Derby (Adv.) , Britt Alschuler, Nong Chu, Audrey Dwyer, Zindy Echevarria, Chris Lee, Zo£ Levin, Amy Sternheim (Photo Ed.), Marc Stevens, Cindy Sullivan, Pia Weigel. Business Staff: Missy Shea (Adv.), Royce Bari, Kara Cooper, Keith Dauber (Ads.), Missy Feldman, Kerry Gunkle, Rachelle Jackson (Selling), Carol Jerome, Kimberly Keegan, Erin Kirejczyk, Lance Lucas (Mgr.), Sim Mao, Fawn Mazzei, Kathleen McAn- drews (Ads.), Gary Miles, Laurie Mireault, Erik Pietz (Mgr.), Justine Raskevitz, Susan Rumble, Emily Sockabasin, Bunry Som, Melinda St ratton, Roberta Zakaitis, Pranjul Pandey (Mgr.). Cover: Charles Shafer End Sheets: Andrea Mason Title Page: Jocelyn Hobbie Kicks In ' 86: Peter DiNardi Underclasspeople Divider: Jesse Merrick Senior Divider: Alexis Gewertz Sports Divider: Charles Shafer Minutes To Midnight: Chris Lee KXTENS Property of LIBRARY Amherst Regional High School HciHiuj Unuiu-iCu ivmuf viatiML " WHOM i r ” i municc KbjM ' L J it WU ' luf ' Lj Mj aa k t V V v O GOLDBUG D A r EHERtENCY r -■ - J r - — — ' , s -

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