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IMRAXY Amh« f Regional High School B3S LCAOiUfi ' ZCtiE BT Wgy ■‘rr BBm DEDICATION BUD KNEELAND Every school day a wide-eyed, rosy-cheeked fellow wearing the latest G.Q. fashion and shiny brown leather shoes brings into the often humdrum atmosphere a delicate twist of humanity and good will. His name is Rufus (Bud) Kneeland. Anyone who has ventured through the Junior Hall can easily testify to his cheerful and pleasant disposition. " It’s incredible how he manages to smile and whistle so much”, comments Jeff Nissenbaum. " He is sort of like the Pillsbury Dough-Boy minus the Chef ' s hat”. Mr. Kneeland doesn’t spend all of his time cracking jokes and whistling patriotic melodies. He teaches Driver’s Education and Physical Education. " It’s the best of two worlds”, he relates. " I can enjoy both the in-classroom experience of Driver’s Education and the out-of-class freedom of Gym. In this way, I can see how the kids handle themselves in separate environments.” It is more than the school system that has treated Mr. Kneeland well. The students have also made his stay more pleasant. He says, " The students are a diverse group of people. They are above average intellectually and have sound minds. These characteris- tics make it more interesting for me to teach.” It’s obvious that Mr. Kneeland likes kids. If he were teleported to Kansas or Oklahoma, for example. I’ll bet he would still teach, even if it meant teaching kids to drive tractors, pick corn, or shoot coyotes. It’s probably this keen interest in teenagers that has also led Mr. Kneeland to coach Varsity athletics. Although now he only coaches the Golf Team, Mr. Kneeland previously coached both Varsity Football and Varsity Basketball. From these experiences as Coach, Mr. Kneeland believes that every school should be equipped with a strong sports program. " Schools help an individual to think clearly and to understand the methods of our society and others; however, the education found in a school system does not teach the student to think actively. In sports, an individual doesn’t have time to write a ten- page paper on his activities. He or she must reason clearly under pressure and still manage to choose the best option.” Besides his pro-athletic attit ude, Mr. Kneeland possesses a fierce patriotism. To him, the American Flag represents 207 years of the " right” way. Some students call him a conservative. Others call him a creation of his own generation. These names don’t bother him. He believes in what he says about America and he’s willing to share these views with anyone who cares to listen. So if you feel like discussing the U.S. involvement in Lebanon or whether or not the Patriots will make the playoffs. I’ve got just the man for you. You can find him either rewinding an outdated Driver’s Ed. film or teaching a gym full of teen-agers to stretch in unison to Jane Fonda’s workout record, but when you find him, you’ll know you’ve found a friend. - M.M. For the last 17 years the High School Science Department has been privileged to have Jennie Oberlander as an instructional aide. Mrs. 0. has offered precise and consistent support to our science staff. She has provided help in situations which required effort and understanding far beyond what could reasonably be expected of an aide. Mrs. O’s quiet efficiency, dependability, and knowledge have been major factors in the development of excellent laboratory experiences for our students. No task has been too demanding or too mundane for her to assume and accomplish. She is generous with her time and energy whether working with teachers or students. Mrs. O’s kindness, caring and competence continue to serve as examples for alt of us. I- r - STRUT OUR STUFF ' udItoriL 6 1 i‘ U WORK HARD m SAY GOODBYE !» ' ' ■■ ■ 7. •;•«: ' FACULTY STAFF I Administration: J. Heffley, L. Kavanaugh, j G. Saulsberry. Health: J. George, M. Zatyrka. Library: L. Kleindienst, S. Maisey, I. Ryavec, M. Jones. Art: J. Logan, B. Derby, J. Findlay, L. Kravitz. English: 1st r.: J. Saulsberry, J. Price, B. Hill, L. Froning. 2nd r.: B. Penniman, J. Warthen, M. Burns, J. Jacobs, B. Minks, S. Adams, L. Crouse. Industrial Arts: T. Gralinski, J. Kelly, C. Emery, A. Jacque, P. Healy, B. Menko, R. Prescott. Music: J. Maggs, D. Purcell, P. Smith Home Economics: M. Curtin, H. Lee, M Hruska. Business: M. Krzystofik, M. Shea, P. Fredrickson, D. Harlow. Language: 1st r.: M. Brule, D. Chapman, D. Mallory, B. Mathews, T. Jaeger, 2nd r.: R. Dube, W. Ouimette, D. Brule, J. Smith, A. Chamorro. Guidance: 1st r,: M, Robinson. M. Seppala, E. Goldenberg, S. Giglio. 2nd r.: B, Bray, L. Vigneault, C Kohner, M. Bardsley, L. Lameroux, J, Hatch, M. Crowley, P Kravitz, L. Gieber, N Martin. Cafeteria: P Lego. N Dihlmann, N Edwards, H Thomas, D. Ewell. A. Tudryn. Phys. Ed.: B, Kneeland, J. Keyes, L, Briggs, L, Giard, C. Abramson. Math: 1st r.: S. LaVerdiere, V. Bastable, E. Caporello. 2nd r : H. David, C. Silver, M Eitzpatrick, A. Stanne. ' Science: J. Oberlander, S. Bergquist, M Duseau, T McCurry. 2nd r.: T. Styspeck, 1. Scott, D Boucher, S. J. Hastil. Maintenance: 1st r : 1. Coty, P Coty, R. Kucinski. 2nd r.: D. Kolasienski, J. Orrell, C. Secretaries: L. Gouin, M Bernasconi, H Goddard, A Modrzakowski, M Abramson, 1. Fleury. Social Studies: B, Ames, A Picard. C. Fonsh, C. Schweid, D Mellen, R. Kelly, M Gerstein. W Kohler. I. Abercrombie, D. Ahearn, R. Aizen, J. Aldrich, B Alschuler, P. Annino, R Arons, A Averill, J. Ayres, M. Azano M. Babb, A. Barbosa, A. Barg, R. Barnes, J. Basile, I. Bearce, C. Bell, J. Bergman, F. Berkman, M Berman J. Bigos, K, Billings J. Black, K. Blanchard N. Boily, C. Booke J. Bosma, P, Bouchard K. Bouche, M. Bowler J. Brehm, K. Brentlinger A. Brown, A. Brush M. Butterfield, M, Callahan S. Camacho, J. Carr, K. Carlson, J. Carroll, I. Cernada, D. Clemons, M. Clifford, C. Clifton, M. Clydesdale J. Coccoluto, R. Conelly, P. Cooke, S. Cooper, B. Coppinger, D. Cosans, E. Crotty, E. Crowley, 0. Curtis, N, Czap SOPHOMORES The Sophomore Core Committee under the leadership of President Eric Davis, Vice President Darcie Dersham, Secretary Kerry Garvey and Treasurer Kelly Gaugher, had its first rude entry into the High School during Booster Days. After being clobbered in both the hall decorations and the skit, the float saved the day and our honor by taking first place. With our Advisors Buzz Bray and Dave Harlow, the class of ’87 looks forward to becoming the best. Look out upperclassmen - here we come! Sophomore Core Comm. Isf r: W. Morfon, C. Zumbruski, T. Schimmel, M. Wesforf, K. Melley, J. Brehm, B. Alschuler. 2nd r: I. Cernada, C. Gafvey, C. McGlone, M. Miller, E. Davis, D. Dersham, J. Basile, L. Robinson, M, Franklin. 3rd r: M. Schweifzer, M. Clifford, T. Rielly, S. Eckhouse, A. Forfescue, Z. Levin, E. Dickinson, P. Cooke, G. Penchina. 20 C. Daehler, D, Dahlquist, K Dahowski, K. Dane, D. Davis, D. Davis, S. Davis, T, Davis, N Delmanzo, J Dernco D. Dersham, S. DiCarlo, E Dickinson, M. Dimock, P. Dinard, K. Dupre, J Durnakowski, M. Eagan, H. Eccleston, M Echevarria S. Eckhouse, T Edgington J. Ewald, T. Farichild R. Fay, M, Feldman G. Fischer, S. Flanagan A. Fortescue, T. Foster M. Franklin, 0. Frye T. Gibson, J. Goldman, G. Gordon, K. Graves, L. Grice, J. Griffith, J. Grillo, M. Gulbault, T. Gurski, C. Flait C. Halpern, M. Harmatz, S. Haughey, K. tfealy, M. Ffeintzelman, S. Henderson, A. Hepler, J. Herbert, L. Hoadley, J. Hobble T Holcomb, D Howard. M Howell. M Isabelle. L Jackson. R, Jackson. P Jacobson, D, Jacoby. D, James. S Johnson S. Johnson, C. Jolly. R Jones, III, A, Joels. J. Kaihlanen, D, Kellogg. S Kittrell. D Knightly, E. Knightly. K Kohler, W Kosloski. M Kotarba D Kottila, M, Kraker A Kurinsky, S. Kurtz K, Kynard, J LaBonte D. Lardner, A Lashway J. Latour. W Lattuca D Lauder, Q. Lauradunn P Lehrer, Z, Leven T Libucha, R Logan, C Lorda, D Loughran, C. Loven, A Loving. C Lundberg, C. Maley, D. Malm. R. Mallela D Malo. K Manes. A, Martens. J Martinez. J. Masalski. J McConchie, P. McDonald, G. McGlone, J Mclntire, K McKinney V T McKinney. M McNeill, D McPartlan, L. Meade, A Melchionda, E, Melendez, K Melley, L Mercado, M Merino, J Merrick A Meyers, A Miller, M Miller. E Monteverde, R Morales, J Moran, S Moran, H Morand, R, Moriarty, S. Morse K Morton, S Murphy G. Neunder, C. Nguyen T Nop, M, O ' Connor, C. O ' Neal, M Page D Partee, K. Pauneto R. Peacock, G, Penchma R Perchemlides, M Peterson M Pfohl, A, Phillips 0, Pierce, A, Pion, D. Plaut, B, Pope. K. Pratt, D, Proulx, B. Quick, H. Radosh, S, Ratati, C. Ramsay S- Ramsay, L, Raskevitz, A. Raskind, L. Redman. D. Reed, T. Reilly, R. Reimer, D. Riddle, G. Rideout. G. Ridley 23 Ring, A. Robbins, D. Robinson, L. Robinson, R. Robinson, D Rolander, P. Rothkegel, D. Rothstein, K. Sackett, H. Santiago, C. Sarti, J. Schimmel, M Schweitzer, S. Secord, C. Selig, P. Shea, J. Sherman, K. Shumway, R. Sidman, L. Simanski H. Sinauer, T. Slosek D. Smith, W. Smith J. Smyth, E. Sockabasin S. Soltyzik, B. Som R. Som, P. Southwick, G. St. Mary, A. Staelin A. Staub, J. Sternheim M. Stevens, M. Stoffolano, C. Stromgren, J. Sturm, J. Su, T. Sullivan, S. Sutliff, L. Svenson, H Swaminathan, S. Swan R. Tademaru, B. Tamms, J. Terry, M. Terry, P. Tropey, R. Tripp, P. Tu, K, Ty, S. Utley, D. Van Blerkom 24 M Van Pelt. J Veshia C. Vyce. 0 Waldman Y Vvang. I Warner S. Warner, M Wattenberg M. Weathington, P Weige l M. Wells. J. Wermuth D, Westcott. M. Westort S. Whitehead. M. Wieland K. Williams. K. Williams A, Wilson. R Winston D, Wise. J. Wolf R. Zakaitis. K. Zerby, K. Zumbruski C Abbott. K Aldrich, S. Allen. S.E Allen. C. Andersen. J Arkes. A Asebrook. K Aune. S. Austin, A, Bagg C Balboni. 0 Barges. R Ban, A. Barrette. I Beatty, C Becker. S. Bell. T. Benander. C, Benton, C. Bernard M Berthelette. E. Bertrand M Bezucha. E Bohn M Boily. C Bowler I Boynton, B Bramlage E Braverman. A, Brown G Brown, K Buckley D Burrell. T Burrell J Cabrera. D Ca|olet R Camacho. S Campbell, i Catlin. T Chalmers. B. Chandran. M Chappell. R Chea. C Chen. K Cheng. M Chesnut L Chu, N Chu, A Chumbley. E Clapp. S Clark, K Clemens. C Coelen. K Cooper. R Cooper. J Cosans JUNIORS Well, the Junior Core Committee survived its second Booster Week — if not with dignity, then with a little pride and uniqueness (uniqueness?). Where else did you get the flash, peanut brittle, and a toilet seat in one week’ With the help of Evelyn Goldenberg, Tom Styspeck, John Adams, and George Washington, we are looking forward to having a sucessful year. Junior Core Comm 1st r D Gould. B Porter. A Doherty. E Thompson. J Mroz. J. Sutton. J. Wills. 2nd r, K, Wise, A. Impostor, J. Catim. C. Jones. C. Chen. J. Fink, A Stuart. S Uyemucki, C Bernard 3rd r: E Goldenburg, S Kiernan, C. Saalfield. K. Keegan, M. Chesnut. K. Levitt, K Stiles. R Kriesman. K Edwards. J Kearns, D Venman, T. Jasmin 4th r: N. Ring. R, Loesher. A Asebrook, N. Rogers. L. Bohn, D, Barges, C Holden. H Wiarda. B Mount 26 A Crankshaw, C, Crowley, C. Cudnohufsky, N Cudnohufsky, W Danielson, K Dauber, D Delaney, T Demers, A Doherty, Z Echevarria R Eckhouse, 1, Edwards, K Edwards, R Elison, S, Elkins, L Emond, J Enms, M Fairchild, G. Fanslow, M Fantini M Fuller, D Gabriel C, Geczy, A Gluckler L Gordon, D Gould M Griffith, S- Gustafson I Guyer. N Harrison W Harrison, T Hartzler C Harwood, M Hayes, R Hazlett, B Healy, I Hepinstall, S, Hepler, A Hermann, B Hewitt, K Hilt, C, Holden S Hopkins, N Hopley, G Howard, G Jackson, T Jager, J Jakus, T Jasmin, C Jerome, L Johns, M Jolly C. Jones. T Jones, D. Karlson. M Kazonis. J. Kearns. H, Keete. K, Keegan. K Kenerson, S. Kiernan, E, Kire|czyk. E Kireiczyk. K Knight. D, Knightly, R Kobin. C. Koy. R Knesman, R, LaBonte. L, LaChance. M Laprade. L Lashway. M Laurent. C. Lee M Lenburg, L, Lengieza J. Levin, J. Levine K, Levitt. M Lindgren R- Loescher. B Lorenzo A Lowry. L Lucas J Mac Donald. N Maggs J Maloney. J Mann E Marcum, A Mason, R Mathews, C May, E Mazzei. K McAndrews. H McEachern. S Medina. L Meldon. N Mildwoof R Miltz, L Mireault, E Mitchell, M Moebius, E, Moles. M Moller, A Moran. V Morris, S, Morton, B Mount 28 J Mroz. M Muller, T Mully, T Murphy. P. Mushovic. C Negrette, S. Nguon, J Niedzielski, A Nolan. T, Oeur C. O ' Neil, H. Ostendarp, T Palmisano. A Paulding, S. Peck. I Peters. Z Peterson. E. Petrizzo, M Picotte. E. Pietz L Plaza. B. Porter E Putignano, P Rainford J Raskevitz. J Raskevitz D, Reed. A. Rice M Richards, N Ring W, Ritter. J. Robinson N, Rogers, C. Rothkegel S. Rumble. J. Rupp C. Saalfield, M, Sahabdeen. S. Salloux, A. Samiotis, S. Sastry, L. Schwartz, D. Schwarz. S. Scott, J. Searle, E. Seidman S. Shea, A, Shuldiner. D. Silver, E. Simon, D. Slovin. L. Smith, D Snedecor. T. Sot, A Souza, A, St. John 29 K Stiles. M Stiles. M Stratton. A Stuart. K, Stubbart. C Sullivan. J. Sutton. A Syed. K Takesue. D Talan M Tebaldi. L Terrizzi E Theilman. A Thomas A Thompson. K Thornton V Umholtz. S Uyemuki J Vassallo. D Venman Z Volpe. S. Wardlaw H Warren. Y Washburn J Waskiewicz. J Weaver C Webster. T Wells. C, Wheelock. B White. Z White. H Wiarda. M Willis. J. Wills. R Wilson, K Wise What Will You Remember Most About When we asked the above question to students, we got varying responses. Of course we all remember our teachers and our friends, but many things that hap- pened here were outstanding and memorable, too. Here are some of those things ... - Corwin Green ... Mr. Briggs’ “O.K. people, that’s all the time we have” . . . Wanting to sleep late in the morning ... The stupid pass system ... The victorious Football Team . . . Those yummy school lunches ... The candy-cane striped hallways . . . Hanging out in front of the school . . . Those funky haircuts ... The Seniors’ Purple Rain ... The scheduling screw up ... The permanently reclining chairs in Rm. 5 . . . Spacious lockers . . . Mrs. Gouin’s announcements over the all call . . . Pulling tables together at lunch . . . Those quiet homerooms ... Mr. Jacobs, the teaching machine ... Mr. Minks’ " Uh . . Uh . . I need a coffee” . . . Clove cigarettes V A.B.C. House; 1st r: S. Campbell, E Mitchell, G. Lightner, V. Alexander. 2nd r: M. Weathington, R. Tripp, L. Mercado, P Cooke, D. Calderon. The A Better Chance Program is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase substantially the number of well educated minority people who can assume responsibility and leadership in American society. That goal is being realized. A.B.C. has recruited more than 8,000 able minority students and placed them in excellent schools. By continuing to give bright youngsters a better chance, A.B.C. helps the students, enriches the schools and colleges they attend, and benefits the society to which they will contribute their talents. Students must be in the top 10 percent of their class, have a grade-point average of at least 85, score well on the Secondary School Admission Test, have solid academic and personal recommendations, and demonstrate motivation for a challenging educational experience. After recruiting students and placing them in quality secondary school situations, A.B.C. provides counseling for the students and their parents and for the schools the students attend This is done through a network of regional directors based at Barnard, Brown, Carlton, Dartmouth, Duke, Penn, Williams, Yale and Western Reserve Academy. A.B.C. also provides partial scholarship aid to almost all the students. Of more than 3,000 students who have graduated from their A.B.C. schools, more than 94 percent have continued their education at colleges universities throughout the U.S. - Gino Lightner THE A.B.C. HOUSE THE ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL The Alternative High School Program at the So. Amherst Campus is for students who need a more personalized academic learning environment. Classes are smaller in number so the student gets more attention. The sense of community at the program helps people gain a high level of responsibility, fellowship and belonging with others. The program gives individuals a better attitude about learning. It helps them develop their values and beliefs as they pass through adolescence. MUSIC: A SOUND REPUTATION The Jazz Workshop offers an oppor- tunity for students to explore jazz per- formance practices, improvisations and spontaneous arranging. The Work- shop has performed in several evening concerts and in the cafeteria during lunch time. Jazz Workshop; 1st r: J. Nissenbaum, K. Harwood, J. Lawlor, J. Mroz. 2nd r: S. Fearnley, C. Geczy, D. Purcell, G. Coccoluto, D. Kwartler, B. Chandran, A. Gosman. 3rd r. L. Davis. Senior Orchestra: 1st r: E. Winslow. A Averill. I. Peters, A. Heoler, S. Greenebaum, M. Chesnut, G. Neunder. P. Smith, D. Nissenbaum. D. Talon, R. Arrons, H. Pile, G. Hudson, B. Pope. 2nd r: R. Ban, J. Hannus, J. Hobbie, M. Eisenberg, T. Haydar. M Bridegam, S, Coles, T. Langdon, R. Lessie, E. Carpino, S. Kiernan. 3rd r: K. Dane, J. Lin, A. Lowry, K. Adams, F, Berkman, G. Penchina, W. Chesnut, P. Levin, C. Geczy, B. Chandran. K. Ewer, T. Mully. 4th r: M. Smith, S. Gleason, K. Bosma, K. Li, A. Moran, B. Demerath, E. Grannis, J. Asebrook, Z. Leven, L. Dickenson, M. Blane, J. Nissenbaum. Chamber Players: 1st r: I, Peters, A. Averill, S. Greenebaum, G. Hudson, R. Arons, B. Pope, R. Lessie, G. Penchina. 2nd r: M Eisenberg, J. Lin, M Bridegam, K, Li, K. Adams, S. Coles, W. Chesnut, P. Smith. Another year over already ■ well, maybe we ' ll be on time next year . . . We ' ll remember EGBDF (especially D) . . . Stands, people I! . . . Philadelphia ... Oh no, not Day 2 again! ... I want to hear God in the second violin section • or was it only Saint Paul ? . . . Love for 3000 oranges . . All those wonderful concerts . . . Thanks, Mr. S . . it ' s the Senior Orchestra The few . . . the proud . . . the frantic ... Did you practice that? . . . Taming the Wolf . . . Invasion of the rock-stop snatchers . . . only three rehearsals left, people , Where ' s the bass section’ -He has a lab . . . U.Mass. and Philadelphia by storm . . . first violins m the stratosphere again . . . What ' ll we do next year? Ask the Chamber Players. Symphony Band: 1st r: K Taylor, K. Sackett, M. Sargent. M Porter, K. Hanson, J. Hodges, L. Marcum, C. Rainford, S. Soltysik, D. Shepp. 2nd r: A. Laus, J. Moran. C. Shadoian, T. Fairchild, A. Brown, V. Perry, W. Lattuca, S. Dicarlo, L Ballman, K, Patterson, J. WohTLudman, M, St. Mary, S. Vanblerkom, A. Averill. 3rd r: D. Purcell, B. Quick, D. Ortiz, C. Bennett, R. Kriesman, A. Newell. 4th 4: S. Scott, K. Muench. L. Dicarlo, M. Westort, G. Salzman, M, Murphy, M. Asebrook, C. Holden, S. Moran, C. Booke, J. Coccoluto, J. Mully, G. Pearlstein, R Hawley, I McKenna Thomas, J. Hepinstall, E. O ' Neil, G. Coccoluto. 5th r: K. Beaty, C. Comings. M. Farmer, J. Todd, C. Fournier, J. Ingram, J. Barker, J. Wills, T. Story. E. Jones, T. Chapin, B. Coppinger, M, Berthelette, A. Melchionda, J. Freedman, M. Maziarz, D. Moran. M. Nemeth, E. Marcum, E. Chandran, K. Kenerson, A. Bramlage, M. MacDonald. Symphony Band is the largest wind and percussion ensemble in town. Activities included a trip to Boston and a concert at Bangs. Let’s not torget about the oranges! Chorale: 1st r: R Arons, D. Talan, J. Jarmon, R Eink, M. Chesnut, E Seidman, G. Hudson, G Hewitt. D Knightly, M Bridegam, M Smith, A Brown, B Demerath, B. Koh, D. Dersham, V Rutstem, S. Gundersheim. 2nd r: B Hawley, S. Coles, M Moebius, A. Moran, S. Larson, W. Chesnut, K, Za|icek, A. Shuldiner, J, Niedzielski, B. Porter, S. Tang, S. Madson. Chorale Kyrie e lasagna Christe e lizabethan Kyrie e lasagna Gai lai in excelsis deo Et on toura pax Western Mass Bus Bon et beau Montreal is Wind Ensemble: 1st r: S. Kiernan, D Talen, A Moran, A Wattenberg, B Demerath, L. Plaza, A. Doherty, K. Ross. F. Berkman. 2nd r: D. Venman, D Reed, C. Halpern, P. Swift, N, Ring, L. Gordon, K. Dahowski, A. Gosman, T. Mully, K, Ewer, K, Williams, C. Bell, K Blanchard, C. Eccleston, E. Seidman, E. Teng, K. Carlson, R. Kobin. 3rd r: D. Gould, J. Swift, M Egan, D. PLaut, D. Brown, E. Thompson, E. Grannis, C. Moebius. M. Franklin, L Miller, D, Reed, E. Davis, J. Griffith, D. Purcell. K. Edwards. D. Bnnkerhoff, C. Geczy, E. Dickenson, A. Lowry, A. Jemison, B. Chandran, P. Martenson, Z. Leven, M. Blane, J. Nissenbaum. Agnus del Qui told us " beware the full moon " mi-soLre re nobis. Do you know what happens in the music room during C period’ Well, if you said that one of the best band in W. Mass, rehearses, you ' re wrong. A.R.H.S. Wind Ensemble is THE BEST band, and we are hot! W E IS composed of selected musicians who take music seriously. The result is a group that ' s together on every beat, and our performances are always top notch. Whether it’s Sousa, Williams or Del Borgo, it ' s no problem for us. This year, in addition to conducting our regular concerts. Maestro Purcell took us on tour to Philadelphia. The Wind Ensemble? Yes, we’re pretty sharp! Concert Choir: 1st r: C. Lynch, E. Kaulenas, L. Schwartz, S. Ambs, E. Winslow, L. Smith, C. Maley, C. Cudnohufsky, E. Nakapma, C. Chen, M. Moller, A. Redder. 2nd r: L. Duston, A. Laprade, M. Porter, D. Dersham. W Morton, W. Harrison. J. Mann, M. Babb, D. Maisey, M. Earichild, S. Greenebaum, S. Wall, R. Greenbaum, C. Page. 3rd r: T Wells, R. Loescher, E. Thompson, S. Eroning, A. Crankshaw, E. Koh, H. buddy, C. Weaver, D. Loughran, B. Pope, J. Hornik, N. Lee, J. Goldman, H. Radosh, A. Cohen, K. McDowell, K. Weeks, R. Miltz, J. Kearns, D. Reed. The Concert Choir . . . starting a brunch tradition . . . come on altos ... and those mega sopranos . . . I ' ve heard wrong numbers sound more musical than that! ... on do-be . . “cantabo in eternum " ... the Britten is actually going to be a good piece ... and you want to have a staff meeting when?!!? That was horribly, terribly, unbearably FLAT! Chorus: 1st r: J. Hugus, S. Hart. K. Dupre, M. Sims, S. Morton, K. Eddy, C. Andersen, S Faulkingham. 2nd r: A. Brush, S. Wohlleb, C. Gordon, D, Malm, H. Sunderland, K Como, K Murphy, K. Vantreese. 3rd R: K. Kynard, S. Warner, S. Soltysik, S. Waldeck, D. Arnaboldi, D Lardner, J. Kriesman, J. Maggs. The Chorus, without a baritone section, has had a great year. of good singing and fun THE THEATER COMPANY: IN THE SPOTLIGHT With the discovery of the Theater Company by the powerful, influential, (and rich) Rockefellers, Amherst Theater has ascended into the National vocabulary. Research indicates these tidbits: - Techies of the world, unite! - What a piece of work is the A.R.H.S. Theater Company! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties! In tech and acting how admirable. - The New Deal means a chicken in every pot and seven amazing Theater Company productions a year. - Ask not what your Theater Company can do for you, ask what you can do for your Theater Company! What more can we ask than fame? Theatre Co; 1st r: L. Ternzi, K. Levitt, J. Levin, A. Paulding, T. Jager, E. Teng, R. Kobin, D. Dersham, E. Thompson, D. Venman, R. Miltz, S. Oates. H. Radosh, A. Cohen. 2nd r: Z. Peterson, J. Yakus, K. Wise, N. Hopley, 0. Waldman, M. Eagan;, J. Catlin, M. Little, A. Fortescue, B. Koh, K. Bostian, T. Langdon, J. Fortescue, G. Hewitt, M. Blane, D. Rothstein, P. Levin, J. Mroz. 3rd r: A. Gosman, E. Naka|ima, D. Plaut, K. Oahowski, 1. Peters, R. Aarons, M. Hope, J. Hobble, D. Gould, D. Maisey, J. Lea, E. Lyster, V. Rutstein, B. Hawley, E. Wilder. 4th r: D. Dersham, L. Smith, K. Harwood, G. Hudson, C. Harwood, M. Lenberg, T. Davis, T. Reilly, M. Stevens, G. Fanslow, K Adams, A. Brown, J. Jarmon, S. Gundersheim, E. Grannis. The Linney Three That ' s Tennessee, Why The Lord Came to Sand Mountain and The Death of King Philip, by Romulus Linney. He was supposed to come see our production, but even if he didn ' t, we still put on one incredible show. Linney ' s three plays each are plays ■ within - plays. These productions were notable because of the new people involved; 86% of these were novices. An impressive beginning to the year. THE ETHNIC FEAST: VARIED MENUS The Annual Ethnic Feast celebrated the ethnic diversity in our school and community. Each family brought a dish of food that represented their ethnic heritage. It was an opportunity for people to sit together and share food, a time honored way of getting to know someone. THE CAKE SALE: SWEET DELIGHTS This year’s Junior Cake Auction was superlative. Some of the more notable cakes were the Latin Cake, Russian Cake and the Junior ' s Batmobile. The money we earned this year will help pay for the Senior Prom and help the people of Ethopia. We would like to thank the people who bought and made this year’s cakes and made it possible for us to earn $709.00. CLUBS During the 1982 - ' 83 school year the idea of a School Store to tram students in the daily operation of a business was conceived. In March of that year, through the sponsorship of the Paper Clip and Gaylord Saulsberry, the Amherst School Store opened its doors. The 1983 - ' 84 school year marked steady increases m sales volume and generated interest on the part of the student clerks. During the end of that year enough money has been raised to expand our facility to a small corner of the cafeteria. Building supplies were purchased and woodworking teacher Jim Kelly assisted m the construction of our new facility. We hope to expand the merchandise m our store to include such items as jackets, sweaters, and speciality products. Proceeds from the operation of the store will provide scholarship awards to Senior applicants and funding the future possibility of a student lounge for all to enjoy. School Store: D Harlow, J Wolf, C Cooper, S. Britt, T. Ostroff, G Lightner. Hope and Solidarity is a group of A.R.H S. composed of students and teachers who actively support non-racist, non-sexist ideals m our school. Our goals are to create an atmosphere of understanding and appreciation of the differences m people within our community; to provide an atmosphere m which people feel at ease discussing each other ' s differences: and to provide a variety of experiences and activities to reach these goals m which staff and students will feel comfortable participating. .SIA Hope and Solidarity: 1st r: A Paulding, T lager, J. Schimmel, S. Coles, A. Doherty. L. Terrizzi, D. Gould. 2nd r: B. Pope, M, Sahabdeen, M Lenberg, G. Lightner, K, Adams, K, Wise, C. Chen. 3rd r: E. Grannis, E, Seidman, K. Kohler, K, Stiles, H. Rogers, A, Brown, N. Venman, Goldbug Editorial Staff: 1st r A Paulding, T. lager, C Klein, A Korwar, M Cope, N Craker, A Mason 2nd r N Ring, K McDowell, K Weeks, T. Eddington, N Mitchell-Smith, E, Kaulenas, E. Winslow, 3rd R: P Robinson, M Smith 4th r; B Derby (Adv.), C, Sarti, S Madson, S Ambs, G. Lightner, E. Grannis, C. Green. T. Fowler, V. Liu, J, Gray. H, Thelen, K Ewer, Goldbug ' 85 IS designed to be a treasury of memories. It commemorates how our community has shaped the year into a special experience that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. Int ' l Students: 1st r: I Peters, C, Anderson, L Chu (Treas.), P Nguyen (Sec.), S. Mao. 2nd r: N. Chu, A. Barbosa. C. Ramos, C Rothkegal, E Melendez. L. Froning (Adv.) 3rd r: T. Aoki, T. Oeur, B. Som, H. Cheng, S. Mao. P. Swift. The International Students Club represents students from 14 countries and the United States. This club promotes cultural understanding through presentations to the student body and pot luck suppers. 42 P.O.C.U.: 1st r: I. Hams, T. James, 2nd r: A. Jackson, T. Crawford, P Robinson, G Lightner, R. Cooper, B Wise, C. Benton. 3rd r: M Phillips, V Alexander, R. Tripp, 0, Fryer, V, Perry, A, Hall, i O ' Neil, A Wilson. U. Rushing, D. Wise, M Benton, E Mitchell 4th r: P. Cooke, S. Campbell, Z. Voipe, D, Calderon, L, Mercado, R, Jackson. A. Nolan. W Cox. C, Green, R, DeLeon, M Green People of Color United tries to alleviate racial and cultural alientation at A R.H.S. The mam goals of our group are to gam political cultural awareness, to participate in social and recreational activities, to have fund raisers, and to address more issues in classes. Student Council: 1st r: J. Levin, E. Teng. 2nd r: A. Korwar, C. Klein, J. Schimmel, V. Tamm, M. Lenberg, 3rd r: A. Brown, K. Zumbruski, A. Stuart, L. Bohn. This year ' s Student Council is made up of a true variety of students. Each member seems very concerned about the student body. We will continue growing and realizing the importance of student involvement in the day-to-day issues at A. R.H.S. LeCercle Francais; 1st r: D. Rothstein, E. Davis, M, Eairchild. 2nd r: J. Mroz, R. Miltz, J. Eink, T. Jasmin. M. Cope, A. Korwar, C. Kaneta, K. Wyse. 3rd r: C. Chen, V. Tamm, S. Hopkins, D. Silver, E. Teng, G. Penchina, D. Brule (Adv.). LeCercle Francais is a diverse group who like to create opportunities to speak French m an informal setting. We base our meetings on a central theme and have been on excursions to Boston, New York City and Quebec. Russian Club: 1st r: E Wilder, C, Lynch. P. Levin, V Rutstein, S. Hepler, M Bridegam. 2nd r: G. Howard, D, Ahearn, L, Miller, C. Shafer, Z, Berkman, C. Shafer, C. Harwood, J. Niedzielski J Wobst (Adv.). S.T.O.P.: 1st r: J. Hugos, V, Rutstein, R. Chandran, W Wieland, 2nd r P, Swift. J, Mroz, D. Venman, E, Hawley, T. Aoki, B. Chandran. 3rd r: J. Su, D Ahearn, H. Radosh, H. Robinson, P. Levin, C. Saalfield, T, Fairchild, M, Burns. This year students had a high interest level m the Student Teacher Organization to Prevent Nuclear War. S T O P, takes no political stance and encourages students and teachers of all view points to work with us. There was a lot of enthusiasm for the various projects S.T.O.P. sponsored. The annual Week of Dialogue was the best ever, and S T O P, members also went to the local elementary schools and talked to students about peace and peace related issues. Members also helped design and paint a mural in the High School These projects are aimed helping people make educated decisions about these vitally important issues. Russian Club members participated in various activities that enhanced our appreciation of Russian culture. These ranged from playing Russian games and visiting the Russian section of New York City to attending Russian activities m our area. We are a self-supportive organization, and this year we bolstered our funds by selling T-shirts and baked goods. Chess Club: 1st r: A. Juels, D Davis, 2nd r: B Chandran, M Winston, C. Geczy, As members of the Chess Club, we participate in a league with members of other schools. Tri • S: 1st r A Asebrook, A Paulding, T. lager, H Rogers, K McDowell, K. Weeks. 2nd r: S. Lapuc, S. Britt, C Chen. E Salloux, C Kanneta. R. Louscher. K Thurston, J. Jarmon, N Ring, A, Barrette. 3rd r: L Hayward. T Asebrook, E Walen, T, Swift. E Winslow. K, Stiles. 4th r: E Nakapma, P. Cobb, K. Como. G, Zumbruski. L Timmerman, S. Waldeck, S Ambs. T Mullins, K. Bostian, This year the Tri-S Club provided many social events and services for the school, one of which was the Tri S Semi-Eormal Because of our especially successful fund raising, we were proud to revive the tradition of presenting a scholarship. This year the group was more than |ust a committee, we became close friends who worked fogether with the common interest of doing things to benefit our school. Student School Comm. 1st r L Terrizzi, J. Guyer, J Levin. J Wade 2nd r: E Chandran, T. Terrizzi, 1. Mullins. K Kohler, J Asebrook The Student School Committee is an elected body of students selected to represent the views and opinions of sfudents in regular discussions with the Regional School Committee, Superintendent of Schools, and the Administration of the Junior and Senior High Schools. Representatives are elected from grades 712 as well as from the High School Student Council A member of the Student School Committee sits as a non-voting member of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee. As Schools Match Wits: D Dugas. G Hudson. A. Gosman, B Mathews (Adv.), M Bridegam, A. Dimock. ' The As Schools Match Wits team had a successful ' 84 season. It retired undefeated after gaming victories over St. Joseph ' s of Pittsfield, reigning champion Simsbury and Cathedral of Springfield. Graphic: 1st r: K. Li. E. Wilder, P. Levin, A. Cohen, M. Bridegam. 2nd J. Levin, B. Penniman (Adv.), E. | Salloux. A Sternheim, L. Terrizzi, V. Morris, M. McIntosh, D. Maisey, E. Nakapma. Published approximately 5 times per year. The Graphic includes news stories, features, and comments on people, issues, and events. Contributors and staff members learn the fundamentals of newspaper writing, editing, and layout 44 Goldbug Business Staff: 1st r: Lapuc, Cook, C, Klein, G, Zumbruski. C, Cooper, 2nd r: M Shea (Adv,), S, Stanley, S, Voipe, L Adams, M Kazonis, D. Commings, J Kidd, T. Hoffman, S, Britt, A Glazier The Goldbug Business Staff was established this year in hopes of increasing advertising. We set a goal of raising $2,000 worth of ads and came close to that figure With the guidance of Miss Shea we organized the accounts and set up an accounting cycle. We would like to thank all those who helped and sold advertising space. Special thanks go to Carrie Cooper and Danny Schwartz for their time, effort and enthusiasm. (Amateur Radio Club: 1st r: J McNally, C Emery. 2nd r: C. Strongrem, M Berman, D. Van Blerkom, G. jWayne, D, Prouix. ' i The Amateur Radio Club is organized to provide interested students the opportunity to learn and ■ ' practice communications skills with other licensed operators. Activities include training in Morse Code, electronic radio and antenna theory and operating the radio equipment located in the school. F.B.L.A. 1st r: C. Bryon, J. Gray, C. May. 2nd r: B, Wise, J, Cook, T. Selig, C. Klein, D, Calderon. 3rd r: P, Fredrickson, B. Moriarty, P, Robinson, G. Lightner, J. Wolf, S. Cleary, W. Cox, K. Eckstrom, A. Thomas. S. Pierce, V. Umholtz, 1 Wolf, E Mitchell. FBI A. stands for Fufure Business Leaders of America. F B L A is a national association of Intermediate, High School, Vocational, and College students interested in business, F.B.L.A, can awaken students to a whole new world. It can help them realize their potential and inspire them to investigate business careers. There are over 200,000 members in more than 6,000 chapters throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Europe, The goals of F.B.L A. are to develop competent, aggressive business leaders and to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and in their work. It is also a group to facilitate the transition from school to work. We meet once every two weeks. This year is our first year. We encourage members to participate in activities designed to facilitate intelligent career choices and develop business skills. We are sponsoring the Fashion Show, Executive Simulation, and other activities. Outing Club: 1st r: A. Paulding, T, Jager, N. Rogers, K. McDowell, K Weeks 2nd r: K Wise, A. Asebrook, C. iChen, S. Waldeck, P. Cobb, J. Morel, M, Fairchild, J. Lea. 3rd r: K. Walters, H, Pile, D.J. Dugas, R. Chandran, L. Smith, T, Benander, R. Tuthill, H. Robinson, 4th r: D. Oliver, C, Geczy, W. Allen, G, McGlone. Outing Club continues to provide us with a variety of outdoor excursions. While crawling in caves, conquering great peaks such as Mt. Tom or canoeing Lake George off-season, we en|oy the out-of-doors. It IS a lifestyle some call madness, but one that we call fun. Math Club: M. Franklin, M. Wattenberg, J. Miller, G. Gordon, M. Eisenberg. The Math Club competes against teams from all over W. Mass, and explores any kind of math that isn ' t covered in school. Next year we hope to have some cheerleaders. il A.R.N.A.V.: B Hawley, M Blane, P Cobb, Blasting over the airwaves at 1430 revo- lutions per MegaHertz comes A,R,N,A,V.! De- spite minor set backs, we feel that this is possibly the best year we ' ve ever had. Our completely new and improved material is far superior to any produced m previous years. For example. Bob ' s car, part II, Jenifer ' s House, The Mystery of The Brown Dog and the strikingly popular Case of The Missing Radio Station As Seniors, we look forward to an even better year next year. And remember, you heard it first on A R N.A.V. Latin Club; 1st r: C Becker, A Doherty, C. Chen, P Cobb, C. Maley, B Porter. M Fairchild, J. Lea. K Wise. 2nd r: A. Ryan, F. Pandi, L. Terrizzi, V. Tamm, J. Kearns, L, LaClaire, S. Kiernan, D. Gould. K Wise, M Lenburg, B Danielson, A. Shuldiner. 3rd r: E. Dickinson, C. Halpern, K. Edwards, C. Geczy, D Barges, W Allen, E. Seidman, Z. Peterson, H. Robinson, B. Mathews (Adv,), R, Smith. Nat ' l Hon. Soc,: 1st r: S Madson, S Larson, P Levin, M Bridegam. 2nd r: S. Britt, J. Guyer, V Tamm, S Tang K Wyse, G, Hudson 3rd r: J Price (Adv.), J Fink, J. Asebrook, D. Silver, M Blane. R, Chandran, B Koh, K Adams. A Brown. J, Jacobs (Adv ) Under the tutelage of our divine guides, Jane and Joe, the National Honor Society strives to be of service to the Community Some of our projects include fund drives for the American Heart Association, working at The Amherst Senior Center, and hosting a College Fair. Syntax: 1st r M Franklin. A LaPrade, C, Ewer. 2nd r: B Minks (Adv.), C. Geczy. Syntax is A R H.S. ' newest showcase for displaying imaginative and innovative student work. Not limited to writing, the magazine publishes all kinds of original work including photography, drawings, sketches, and designs. German-American-Partnership-Program: 1st r: H Keefe. D. Venman, T. Wells, P. Lehrer, D. Talan, C. Selig. 2nd r: R Lessie, A Hepler, D. Comings, K. Jones, E. Walen, E. Howell, B. Hawley, H. Ostendarp. 3rd r: C Delf, G. Steinmeyer (Adv ). 1984 ' 85 marks the 10th anniversary of the German-American-Partnership-Program between A R.H S and the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium in Bergisch-Gladbach: this makes our program one of the longest continuing in the nation. The exchange is between families, the two schools, and the two communities providing participants with a first-hand experience in another culture. Pep-Band: 1st r: J Freedman, Z. Leven, K. Ewer, C Halpern. M Franklin, I. McKenna-Thomas, E. Chandran. C. Shadoian. 2nd r: H Wiarda, C Holden, E. Dickinson, B. Coppinger, C. Eccleston, L Miller, C Bell, M Nemeth, L. Marcum. 3rd r: E. O ' Neil, C. Geczy, B. Chandran, D. Gould, D. Purcell, K. Edwards. A Gosman, A Jemison, D Brinkerhoff, C. Andersen. 46 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES OK So here are the people voted " special " in some way. To tell the truth, there are many other people excelling in their own ways who are not pictured here. And simply because Mese superlatives are appearing does not mean that they are necessarily considered the most important ones. Use your own judgement Most likely to be compared with Mike: Corwin Green Class cheerleader: Gail Zumbruski Class drummer: Jeft Nissenbaum 48 Class photographer: Arati Korwar Most likely to make you smile: Tracy Flamer Most likely to be Betsy Hawley: Betsy Hawley Class exotic earrings: Tracy Ostroff Class strawberry shortcake: Kerry Eckstrom Peanut butter and jelly: Cindy Klein Kris Ross I Class couple: Tina Jaremczuk Mark Bouchard Shyest: Jim Barilla Most likely to become a chef: Gina Pascoe Class computer artist: Mornss Partee 49 Most talented: Mike Little If adventure had a name it would be; Paul Cobb Most easygoing: Kim Harwood Most school spirit: Malisa Hafner Class flirt: Emma Teng Most likely to make you look and won- der: Dave MacDonald Most original: Meghan Cope Class conservative; D.J. Dugas Most athletic girl: Rhonda Jackson Class risky business: Louis Davis Loudest: Mandy Ferro Class punk: Greg Coccoluto Class spazz: Dan Calderon Class crimestopper: Heather Swenson Most athletic boy: Malcolm Lester Class outdoorsman: Rabin Chandran Class cowboy: Mark Hruska Class horsewoman: Sandy Larson O’ Most likely to succeed: Mike Blane 52 Class artist: Louise Godchaux Best dressed boy: Jon Gray Class dancer: Allison Brown Class personality: Blake Koh Class outdoorswoman: Lavmia Huner Class redhead: Dave Oliver Class clown: Ben Demerath Nicest smile: Elaine Walen Class Simone: Simone Laganelli Cutest: Mina Smith Most unconventional: Josh Belknap Most argumentative: Lauren Sarat Most huggable: Lara Duston Class friend: Jim Lashway Best body: Brigid Demers Class chauvinist: Jud Damon p@i Best body; Mike Brown Smallest: Carroll Kaneta Class dimples: Kathy Adams Nicest hair: Sonia Madson Teacher’s pet: Tim Langdon Class runner: Andy Dimock Class musician: Walter Chesnut Jack of all trades: Mike McIntosh Smuggest: Kris Mayer Class Class: Brian Wise Class preppie: Jamie Mullins Most eccentric: Elena Kaulenas Most sincere: Alan Gosman I Class unsung hero: Chris Kamansky Class Elliot Gould: Steve Gundersheim Class jetsetter: Gino Lightner Most deceiving: Michelle Henderson 5S " 1, F Class cynic: Josh Reid Most underestimated: Tracy Fowler Most dramatic girl: Sarah Weir Class Con Edison: Conrad Carlen Nicest: Sarah Coles Class teddybear: Ann Carpenter Best car: Steve Rogalski Class Whovians: Chris Hrasna. Amanda Cohen, and Harold Robinson Best dressed girl: Eliza Grannis Class D. J.: Warren Cox Class rollerskater: Eric Penza Class volleyball: Carlos Ramos Most rowdy: Ed Hartai Most Gullible: Amy Rutherford Most likely to have her feet off the floor: Karen Wyse Bubbliest: Jessica Jarmon 57 Best pants: Jenny Asebrook Class Steve Tang Class not-twins: Gary Hewitt Geoff Hudson Class Social Worker: Val Rutstein Best legs: Pablo Chamorro Handsomest: Paul White Most desirable: Heidi Flaherty Most dramatic boy: Kyle Bostian Sexiest: Dave Dersham Class Brain: Kevin Li Sweetest: Kristi Thurston Most Likely to Owe You Money: Carol MacDonald Class Scientist: Peter Switt Class Working Woman: Linda Adams ' Class walking disaster area: Sean Pierce Most Charming: John Cook Class Skateboarder: Steve Cleary Friendliest: Al Currin Most Likely to Say Hi: Kns Holt 60 Class Disco: Jon Wolf Moodiest: Kim Bardwell I Katherine R. Adams: Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Orch. 1-4; Core Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4; Hope Soli- darity 4; Y.P.S. 1-3; Redheads United; M.L.; Jack; I.B.T.C. 1-4. Lynda M. Adams: Take time to tell me you really care ■ and we ' ll spend tomorrow together Cheer- leader 2-3; Chorus 1; Yrbk. Busi- ness 4; New England Business Sem. 3; Bentley Coll. Business week 4; Computerized Accounting 4; Howard t Sheppard, Att ' ys 3-4. Mark A. Aldrich: Who loves ya baby’ Lacrosse 3-4; Soccer 1-3. Victor Aleiander: Lite is the dis- tance between two points on a line: whatever you pick up between these two points will be to your advantage Cross Country 3-4; A.B.C. 2-4; P.O.C.U. 2-4; Karate; Research Jtss ' t Amherst Coll. Wayne T. Allen: Outing Cl. 4; Ham Radio 4; Latin Cl. 3-4: Bowling 2-4; Leverett Concert Cl.; The Pubes- cents - Mgr.; Hacky Sack. Suzanne M. Ambs: Who knows , Who cares . Why bother’ Field Hockey 1-4; Con. Choir 4; Chorus 2-3; Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; Girls ' Ice Hockey - 1-4; Prom Comm. 4; M.E.N. 3-4; Jello Wrestling 4; Let me go wild 4. IHliifiiii We did it! Some of us struggled to get to this point and surely for some it was an easy trip. But now that we have reached this seeming “end”, it no longer matters how we got here. Because now that we have finally arrived, we are each handed a brand-new beginning, a fresh slate to do with as we please, the old one discarded. Who knows what will be written? Only time will tell. Senior Core Comm. 1st r: A. Sternheim, S. Ambs, A. O ' Neil, L. Sarat, M. Lester, T, Flamer, Y Rodriguez. 2nd r: E. Salloux. A. Carpenter, K. Weeks, K. McDowell, E. Nakapma, K. Thurston, C. Kaneta. L. Hayward, M. Cope, A. Korwar, K. Ross. C. Klein, K, Bostian, M. Brown, G. Lightner, J. Wolt, A. Currin, E. Walen, P Cobb. 3rd r: G. Zumbruski, A. Gosman, E. Grannis, K. Bardwell, A, Rutherford, S. Britt, S. Lapuc, J. Cook, J. Jarmon, J. Swift, J. Mullins, J. Asebrook, S, McBride. 4th r: S. Cleary, T. Howe, C, Ramos, C. McDonald, S. Gundershiem, S. Madson, K, Murphy, K. Adams, B, Koh, A. Brown, B. Demerath, K. Zapcek. S Sumio Thomas Aoki; It is a patient pursuit to bring water from the j depth of the ground; one has to deal with much mud in digging be- i tore one reaches the water of life. ■ Infl Students 3-4; S.T.O.P. 4. Jennifer M. Asebrook: And you may ask yourself - Well . . how did I get here? Field Hockey 2-4; Swim- ming 1-4 (cap ' t. 4); Band 1-4; French CL 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4 (Sec. 4); Orch. 3-4; Student School Comm. 3-4; Core Comm. 1- 4; Tri-S 3-4 (Pres.); St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 2-4 (Sec.); L.C.P. 3; B.W. 3-4. Annalaura Averill: Cross Country 2; Tarik Babu Track 1-4; Orch. 1-4; Core Comm. 4; Chamber players 4; Chamber mus. wrkshp. 3-4; Dancing 1-4; Prom Comm. 4; Sr. District Orch. 4; All-State Orch. 4. Kimberly A. Bardwell: Don ' t talk about how things should be, take them as they are. Remember some- one loves you when it seems so far. Student Coun. 1; Core Comm. 1,3- 4; Basketball 1-4 (mgr.); Baseball 2-4 (mgr.); Football 3-4 (mgr.); Prom Comm. 4; Delta Chi 2; The C.A.’s Jim Barilla: Basketball 1-4; Soccer 2-4; Graphic 4; Social Concerns 1- 4. 6T Matt Barrette: If ya love some thing, set it free It it comes back ifs yours and if it doesn ' t, hunt it down and kill it Theater Co. 2: Customer Serv. Specialist. foshua Belknap: Heavily drugged, they ploughed through the mine- fields listening to their walkmen. killing each other by accident and not caring War is coming back in style Art Rm. 2-4; Lacrosse 1,3; Soccer 2-4; Band 1-2; Debating 2; Student School Comm. 3; Social Concerns 1; Chess Cl. 2-3; Ham Radio 1-4; Core Comm. 1-4; The- ater Co. 1-2; BB’s Place 2-3; DPL 1-4; Funnel Dots 4; Mind Games 3- 4; Putton S— Heads 2-4. Maria Benitez: Play it cool! Sticker collector: disco rock roll danc- ing: working with children. Marquis Benton; The only real pow er IS Knowledge Soccer 1; Basket- ball 1-3: Track 1-3,4; P.O.C.U. 4: F.B.L.A. 4. Michael Blane: The human brain is like an enormous fish. It ' s fat and slimy and has gills through which it can see It ' s as simple as that. Track 1-4; Wind Ensemble 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4 (Pres. 4); Orch. 1-4; A.R.N.A.V. 3-4; Theater Co. 2- 4; Quantum Studios 1-4; Orch. Val- ley Crew 1-4; The Note 1-2. Stephanie Blow Kyle A. Bostian: So we are told this IS the golden age. and gold IS the reason for the wars we wage and the battle ' s |ust begun, there ' s many lost, but tell me • who has won’ Wrestling 1-4 (Cap ' t. 2- 4); Spanish Part. 1-4; Social Con- cerns 1-4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Dump Rats 1-4; Checkers 4. Mark Bouchard: Free as a bird Theater 2; Leverett Hii 2-4; A.H.S.A. 2-4. Martha Bridegam: Know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag. As Schools Match Wits 4; Con. Choir 1-2; Chorale 3-4 (Treas. 4); Graphic 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Orch. 1-4; Russian Cl. 3-4 (Treas. 4); Fresh Aire 4; Syntax 3-4. Sandra B. Britt: Goldbug Bus. 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4: Core Comm. 1- 4; Tri-S 3,4 (Treas. 4); Prom Comm. 3-4; School Store -4 (mgr. 4). Alison S. Brown: Chorale 3-4; Cho- rus 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Student Coun. 4; Theater Co. 3-4; Hope Solidarity 3-4; A.B.T. Co. 1-4; Ani- mal Game 3-4; M.L. ' s. Dean R. Brown: Golf 2; Squash 3-4; Band 1-4; Core Comm. 2-4; Musi- cals. Justin Burruto: It anyone in the family shall die whiles! in the shel- ter from contamination, put them outside but remember to tag them first for identification purposes. Mine IS the last voice which you Michael Brown: Love me. hold me tight . . . tighter . . . understand and still love me and hold me as tight. My soft soul. Soccer 1-4 (3- 4 cap’t.); Track 1,3-4; Spanish Part. 1-4. Cynthia D. Bryon: Life ' s a beach and then you die. F.B.L.A. (Sec.) 4; Horses; Guys. Kathie Burridge will ever hear, do not be alarmed. Art Rm. 3-4: Band 1; Outing Cl. 4; Core Comm. 2-4; Latin Cl. 3-4; Art Rm. Underground Movement 4: Clovian Warrior 3-4; Con Edison Team 4. Daniel Calderon: Have you hugged someone today’ Like your teachers and your fellow friends’ I did . and I am sure going to miss them. Ann C. Carpenter: and when you really love something, then it loves you back in whatever way it has to love. Core Comm. 1-4 (Sec’t. 4); Theater Co. 3; H.V.H.; Prom Comm.; freeway cruising - CA.; b.f. ' s. Collin Casey: So don ' t sleep until you ' re guilty, cause sinners all are we. There are others doin ' far worse than us, so be glad that you are free. Photography; Dance; Pi- ano; Guitar. Juan Pablo Chamorro: Te quiero, te amo, sin tu no puedo vivir. Soccer 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Spanish Part. 1-4; Social Concerns 1-4; Dump rats 1- 4; vegatation 1-4; brain cell disin- tegration 3-4; Checkers 4. Rabin Chandran: To thine own cause be true JV Soccer 3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4 (V.P. 4); Outing Cl. 2-4; Chess Cl. 1-3; Hope Solidar- ity 4; S.T.O.P. 2,3-4 (co-chair Nat’l Board of Directors); Boy Scouts 1- 4 (Senior Patrol Leader); Boys ' State. Vere (Bogie) Chappell: From the wreckage I will arise, to cast the ashes back in their eyes. System Secret Police 3-4; Elite Program- ming Corps. 2-4; Computer Teach- ing 1-3; Travel (Europe) 3. Conrad Carlen: The earth can be any shape you want it, any shape at all. Dark and cold or bright and warm, full and large or sparse and small. But it ' s home. And in time, you’ll come to understand, this flat old earth is in your gentle hands Art Rm. 3; Skiing 3-4; Outing CL 3- 4; Core Comm. 4; Art Rm. Under- ground Movement 4; Cap ' t - Con Edison Team 4. Walter Monroe Chesnut III; Hb ' ch sten Heiles Wunder! ErlBsung dem Erloser! Golf 2-4; Con. Choir 3-4 (Accomp. 4); Chorale 4; Orch. 2- 4; Composer, Conductor. )on Clark: No Comment Baseball 1- 2; Skiin{ 1-2; Homework 3-4. Patrick Clark Stephen P. Cleary: Facing the Re ality. many B ' s. Ice Hockey 3-4; Lacrosse 3-4; Core Comm. 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Senior Skit; Youth {roup 1-4. Paul M. Cobb: Besides, you know what a cautious fellow I am Outing Cl. 2-4; Core Comm. 3-4; ARNV 3; Tri-S 4; Theater Co. 2; SI. Brigid ' s Youth Grp. 2-4; Latin Cl. 4; Quan- tum Studios 1-4; The Note 1-3; Dartagnon 1-4; Vote Paul 3-4; Pul- ton S— Heads 3-4; B.B. ' s Place 3; P.C. ' s Place 4; loe ' s Pizza 3-4; Gladiator Training 3-4; Fortune Glory 1-4; Blizniak 1-4. Greg Coccoluto: I would die lor a cause that I believe in. but I would not kill lor any cause Skiing 4; Track 2; Band 1-4; lazz Workshop 1-4: Peer Coun. 2-3; The family; Nantucket; Parties; Drums: Music: Hardcore: Slamdancing-Thrashing- Skateboarding rude boy - anarchy - enjoy Amanda Cohen: Don ' t take on vast projects with half-vast people Con. Choir 2; Chorus 1; Graphic 2; The- ater Co. 3; The Other Unit Improv Grp. Sarah Coles: Chorale 4; Orch. 1-4; Hope Solidarity 4; Cross roads Christian Yth. Grp. 1-4; Redheads United 1-4. Diane E. Comings: Some people think It ' s holding on that makes one strong, sometimes it ' s letting go. You don’t know what you ' ve got, until it’s gone. I would die 4 U, And by the way. it was nice to meet you! Band 1; Goldbug 4; Ger- man-Amer. Part. 3-4: A.C. Hockey Team Cheering 1-4; Universal Male Watching Team 1-4; ADP-BKP 4; Prince - 4-U; Graduation Party 4; Figure Skating - USFSA 1-4. Katera Como: People do not lack in strength, they lack m will. Field Hockey 1-4; Track 1-2; Cheer- leader 2-4; Chorus 1 4; Student Coun. 3; Tri-S 4. Andrew Cook John Cook: Core Comm. 1-4; Gold- bug 4; F.B.L.A. 4, V. Pres.; S.B.Y.G. Carrie Cooper: Now I know that a man is free because of something in him, not because he has no boss or IS footloose to roam the planet. Skiing 2-4; Softball 3-4; Swimming 1; Goldbug 4; Spanish Part. 3; School Store 4. 64 Mefhan S. Cope: For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds. Field Hockey 1; French Cl. 3-4 (Pres. 4); Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 3- 4; Anti-Cheerleading Klan, V.P.; Mud-wrestling 1-4; Child study 3- 4. Warren Cox Nanci Lynn Craker: For all the good times, sad times, laugh times, and silly sentimental times, I celebrate you ' my friends. Chorus 1-2; Gold- bug 4; ESL Tutoring 4, Typing Aide 3; Photography 3-4. Jane Cramer; Playing the game well to win IS far less a victory than having been a part of the team with a chance to error Soccer 4; Soft- ball 1-4; French Cl. 1; German- Amer. Part. 3; Key Club (V.P.); Church Yth. Grp. 1-2; Hand Bell Choir; organ piano; drama; A.L. 4. Alan Currin; Baseball 1-4; Skiing 2- 4; Soccer 1-2; Core Comm. 4 (Treas.). Amy Cushing: I ' m convinced that the vast maiority of wrong-thinking people are right Cross Country 1- 2; Soccer 3-4; Track 1-2; Core Comm. 2-4. Skating Club of Am- herst 1-4; Amherst Coll. Hockey Fan Cl. 1-4. ' John U. Damon: Call me the breeze - I keep Wowin ' down the road. I Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Foot- ball 1,3-4; Swimming 1; Core I Comm. 1; D.A. 1-4. Louis R. Davis: Some rise through sin, and others by virtue fall. Art Rm. 1-4; Golf 1; Lacrosse 2; Skiing 3-4; Wrestling 1-2; Jazz Wrkshp. 3- 4; B.E.B.C.; Var. B.H. Randy DeLedn; Basketball 1-4. Chet Delf: If you can ' t dazzle ' em Benjamin Demerath with your brill iance, baffle ' em with your bull. Lacrosse 3; Wrestling 2; German-Amer. Part. 1. Brigid Demers: There is an empti ness about parting because good- byes are such lonely things. Thank you for fhe yesterdays my heart still holds in its pockets. We have more fun than people Cl. 1-4; Bull- moosers 3-4. 65 lUVIl David Dersham: Funny, the world |ust can ' t touch you Soccer 1-4; Chorale 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Rose on Line. Andrew Dimock: We need more grownups. Zonker As Schools Match Wits 4; Cross-Country 2-4 (Cap ' t 4): Track 1-4 (Cap ' t 4); Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Theater Co 4; Aramis 1-4; M. Rogers ' Neighbors 1: So. Amh. Crew 1-4. Ryan Donovan: If thou dost love, then pronounce it faithlully or if thou thinkst I am too quickly won, I frown and be perverse, and say thee nay - so thou willt woo ■ but else not for the world. Soccer 1-4; Skiing 2-4. Donald John Dugas: You shall lind me at the Carmelite Convent at midday As Schools Match Wits 2-4 (Cap ' t 4); Squash 3-4; Swimming 1-2; Outing Cl. 1-4; Survival Living: American Legion Boys ' State; Athos 1-4; Political Forum IV; Mr. Rogers ' Neighbors 1. Lara Duston: Indy, cover your heart. Chorus 1-2; Con. Choir 3-4; Theatre Co. 2-3; Musical 2-4; Cabaret 3-4; Tap 3-4. Kerry Eckstrom: Am I ready for the real world, will I pass the test? F.B.L.A. 4; Business Dep ' t. Aide. 4. Ellen Edwards Kathryn (Kari) Ewer: Oh I love the life around me. I ' m a part of ever- ything I see and oh I love the life within me, a part of everything is here in me Swimming 1-4; Band 1- 4; Goldbug 4; Orch. 3-4; Theater Co 1 3; Literary Mag. Ed. 3-4. Jason M. Fairchild: Goodbye Soc- cer 3; Band 1-3; French Cl. 3; Leverett Hii 4; Hacky-Sack Fakker Cl; Leverett Concert CL; The Pubescents; W.M.H.C.; Leverett vi- sion; U.B.K.A. Brian Fay Amanda P. Ferro: My brain I ' ll prove the female to my soul, My soul the father, and these two be- get a generation of still-breeding thoughts. Swimming 1-2; Track 1- 2li4: Field Hockey 2-4; Cross- Country 1. Seth Fischer: I believe in this and it ' s been tested by research — he who s Nuns will later |Oin the church. Outing Cl. 2- 4; Ceramics: Ragging on Joe Ja- cobs. 66 .- ' V Heidi Moles Flaherty: I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Ram. Diving 1-4; we have more fun than people Cl. 1-4; Bullmooser ' s 3-4. Tracey L. Flamer: and good- byes make the journey harder, still. Soccer 2-4; Basketball 2-4 (mgr.): Baseball 2 (mgr.); Core (iomm. 1-4; Prom Comm. 4; Bull- moosers 3-4; The C.A. ' s 1-4. Laureen Flynn Ronald Foley Tracy Poole Fowler: No mind is thoroughly well organized that is deficient in a sense of humor Art Rm. 3-4; Field Hockey 1; Goldbug 4 (Ed.): Photography 2-4; Karate 4; Bungle Cord jumping 4; M.G.S. Jonathan Fortescue 3-4; water skiing; downhil skiing. Louise Godchaui: I ' m a citizen of Vicky Gonis the universe Art Rm. 2-4; Theater Co. 3-4. Brian Gordon: Cross Cty. 1-3; La- crosse 3-4; Track 1-2. Angie Glazier: Those of you who think you know everything are real- ly annoying to those of us who do. Art Rm. 2; Goldhug 4. Peter Gluckler Frederik N .R. Geromont: Art Rm 4; ) Skiing 4. I 67 Alan Gosman: As Schools Match Wits 4; Band 1-4; Jazz Wrkshp 2-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Core Comm. 3-4; Theater Co. 3-4; Piano. Eliza Grannis: The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind ordeis itself and meets resistance. Band 1-4; Goldbu| 4; Orch. 3-4; Core Comm. 1,4; Theater Co. 4; Hope Solidarity 4; Amherst Bal- let Theatre Co. 1-4. Jonathan A Gray: We read the world wrong and say it deceives us. Swimming 3; Volleyball 2-4; Gold- bug 4; Peer Int. 2-3: Hope Soli- darity 2-3; Syntax 3; F.B.L.A. 4 Hist.; Grad. Jan. ' 85; Howard John- sons January ' 85 Bryant Green Corwin Green: You know who your Iriends are. Goldbug 4; Core Comm 4; People of Color United 4. Michael Green Rachel E. Greenbaum: Those who live on hope die fasting. Con. Choir 3-4; French-Amer. Part. 1; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 3-4; Theater Co. 2-4; Latin Cl. 1-4; Exeter 3. John Alexander Grist: A High School Senior is born in the U.S.A Yeah, born in the U S A I Baseball 3-4; Basketball 1-4; Soccer 1-4 (Co-Cap ' t. 1). work at Friendly ' s ice cream; models. Stephen Gundersheim: I sat by the river and looked at the sky, and as I watched a fly went by Con. Choir 1; Chorale 2-4; Core Comm. 1-4; Theater Co. 2-4; A.B.T. Co. 1-4; Musical 2-4; Cabaret 2-4; ICA Youth Grp. 3-4 Pres. Malisa A. Hafner; It ' s " a”, not " e " and one " s " ! Field Hockey 2-4; Ice Hockey 1-3; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; Prom Comm. 4; St. Brigid ' s Yfh. Grp. - Treas; L.C.P.-3 B.W. 3-4 Itchy Bricks. Irving Harris: Capitol kids are al ways fresh. Basketball 1-2,4; Fool ball 1-2: Track 2-4; Band 1-2 P.O.C.U. 1-4; Community Yth, Org Wash D.C. 1 Boxers Cl.; Motive tion Band; Church Yth. Grp. Asst Leader. Edwin Z. Hartai: We don ' t need no education, we don ' t need no thought control. Looks like the par- ty’s over another time-another place-O.K class of ' 85? Lacrosse 2-4; Tennis 1-4; Wrestling 1; Leg- endary Parties 3-4. 68 Melbourne Kimbel Harwood III: You know. It ' s funny ■ 1 Just been grub- bin ' around. Baseball 1-2: Jazz Wrkshp. 4; Theater Co. 1-4; Aqua Safari 3-4; Local Eggs 3; Hastings 4; Circus 4; Orchard Valley Crew 1-4; The Note 1-2 Quantum Stu- dios 1-4; Chamber Theater 4; Fris- Richard Halt: Don ' t take life too seriously, you ' ll never get out of it alive Hacky Sack 2-4; Leverett Betsey L. Hawley: If you spend all your time looking for pennies on the sidewalk you may miss the cab- bages in the pianos. Con. Choir 2; Chorale 3-4; Chorus 1; Debating 2; Student School Com. 1; German- Amer. Part. 2-4; A.R.N.V. 3; The- ater Co. 2-4; S.T.O.P. Nuclear War 4; Valley Light Opera 4; Grace Church Choir 1-4: Guidance Off. 2- 4; Morning Announcements 4; Cabaret 1-4; Pelham and Prout 1- Lisa F. Hayward: Field Hockey 1,3; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4 (V. Pres 4); St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp.- Pres. 1-4; L.C.P. 3; B.W. 3-4; Itchy Michelle Henderson: No 1 don ' t un bee 1-4; The Funsters 1-4. Hick 1-4; Hunting. Scott Hatt 4. Bricks 4. derstand! Lacrosse Mgr. 3-4. i I David Heronemus Gary L. Hewitt: Lot of them dopes in high places maybe ai n ' t disloyal, but, like I say, they ' re dopes an ' swallow all that hogwash about brotherly love an ' forgiveness. God in my bible is a God of wrath, an ' that ' s whose side I ' m on. As School Match Wits 2; Con. Choir 2; Cheer- leader 1-4; Chorale 3-4; Debating 1-3 (Pres. 3); Social Concerns 1,3-4; Theater Co. 2-4 (Officer 4); Quantum Studios 1-4; The Note 1- 2; Orchard Valley Crew 1-4; Pro- Bowling 2-4; H Period Frisbee Soc. 3; (GH) 2-4. Andy Hilt: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade Swimming 2-4; Outing Cl. 3; Hacky Sack 2-4; Le- verett Hii 2-4. Tina L. Hoffman: Horses are lovers too! Goldbug 1; Horse Back Riding. Kristina A. Holt: I ' ve taken my tun where I ' ve found it. Track 1-4; Cheerleader 2-4 (Cap’t. 4); Stu- dent Coun. 1; Core Comm. 1-3; P.O.C.U.; Prom Comm. 3-4; M.E.N. 3-4; lello Wrestling 4. Ellen J. Howell: Cheerleader 3-4; German-Amer. Part. 3-4; Grace Church Choir 2-4; Gymnastics; Ski- ing. Chris Hrasna: I ' m a Time Lord I walk in Eternity Art Rm. 1-4; Baseball 1-2; Field Hockey 2; Foot- ball 3-4; System Secret Police 2-4; Doctor Who l-4;Time Travel 1-4; Veen-Yo 3-4; The Zero Room 3. Mark Hruska: This is the best hotel I ' ve ever visited Witfle Ball 1-4; Hacky Sack 2-4; Sleeping 1-3; Le- verett Hiis 3-4; James H. RfcManus 3-4; Twilifht Zone 3-4. Geoffrey Hudson: Thinking is a lit- tle like making love through a tele- scope and a lot like swimming in a straight lacket Cheerleader 1-4; Chorale 2-4 (Pres. 4); Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Orch. 1-4; Theater Co. 2- 4; The Note 2-3; Alice Stanne Fan Cl. 3-4; H-Per. Frisbee Soc. 3; Pu- berty 1-4. Lavinia P. R. Huner: It must be experienced to be fully understood Art Rm. 2-4; Field Hockey 2; Skiing 2-4 (Co. Cap ' t. 4); Diving 1; Gym- nastics 1; Outing Cl. 3-4 (Co. Chr. 4); Core Comm. 1 (Co. Chr); Sur. Liv. 3; Art Rm. Underground Move- ment 4. John Hutchinson Laura Rebecca Isabelle: To be the best person you can be, |ust be yourself Chorus 1-2; Core Comm. 1-2; Football Mgr. 2-4. Rhonda Jackson Timothy Jager Tina Jaremczuk Jessica Jarmon: They say that these are not the best of times, but they ' re the only times I ' ve ever known, although we choose be- tween reality and madness, it ' s ei- ther sadness or euphoria Con. Choir 2-3 (V. P. 3); Chorale 4; Social Concerns 1-4; Core Comm. 1-4; Theater Co. 2-4; Musical 2-4: Prom Comm. 4; Dancing 1-4; Pro- crastination 1-4; Anais-Anais 3-4. Allison Jernigan: Obviously the truth IS what is so: not so obvious- ly it ' s also so what. Randall Johnson: You can ' t discov- er who you are without facing the competition Lacrosse 1-4; Squash 2-3. I 70 Keyes Theresa Jones: You know me but only by my name! Words don ' t come easy Soccer 4; Ger- man-Amer. Par. 2-4; Amherst Col- leje Hockey Cheering 4; Univ. Male Watching Team 4; Prince 4; ADP-BKP 4; Roemlein 4; Little 2-4; Graduation Party 4. Christopher F. Kamanshy: Baseball 1-4; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; F.B.L.A. 4; D.A. 1-4. Carroll H. Kaneta: As someone once said, good things come in small packages Skiing 2-4 (Capt. 4); Soccer 4; French Cl. 3-4; Core Comm 2-4; Tri-S 3-4; B.C. Cl. Elena D. Kaulenas: You love it Art Rm. 1-4; Con. Choir 4; Goldbug 4; Orange Juice Runs; Crime Stop- ping; Doritos. R. Scott Kent: La estrella de la esperanza contmuara siendo nues- tra Soccer 3-4; Ice Hockey 3-4; Social Concerns 1-4; Spanish Part. 1-4; Dump Rats 1-4. Kim Kessler: If at first you don’t succeed blame it on someone else Swimming 1-2; Volleyball 2-4; Band 1-3; Russian Cl. 1-4; Shop- ping; 1 Animal Lover. Jeffrey Kidd I Cynthia L. Klein: Don ' t take life too seriously Lacrosse 3; Goldbug Ed.. 4; Student Coun. 4; Core Comm. 1- 4; Prom Comm. 4; F.B.L.A. Report- er 4; Goldbug Business 4; Squash Harvesting CL 1-4. Todd Knightly: Baseball 1-4; Foot- ball 3-4. Terry Knihnicki; Wrestling 1-4. Blake Koh: An’ stop callin ' me Arati Korwar George! My name’s Sylvester. But I can ' t say Sylvester George. Soccer 1-4; Con. Choir 1-2; Chorale 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Orchard Valley Crew 1-4; Kiddy Pool 3-4; Aqua Safari 1-4; Quantum Studies 1-4. 71 Kim M. Kotfila: So you think that the hard part ' s over I got news for ya. Art Rm. 1; Chorus 2; St. Bridig ' s Yth. Grp. 2-4; Soap Box Channel 57; Latin 4; Stop Slop Supermarket 3-4; Child Study pro- gram 3. Peter Krause: P.O.C.U. 1-4. Douglas Kwartler: Trifles make per lection, and perfection is no trifle. Jazz 4; Theater Co. 4; Guitar. Glenn LaClaire Larry LaClaire: Latin CL 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Leverett Concert CL 1-4; Stock Market CL 4. Simone T. Laganelli: If you can imagine it. you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. Art Rm. 3-4; Jazzercise 3-4. Timothy D. Langdon: Gotta get me back to the Womb Squash 2-4; Orch. 4; Theater Co. 2-4. Ann Elizabeth Laprade: It ' s not what ' s behind us or ahead of us - It ' s what ' s within us that ' s impor- tant. Field Hockey 1-3; Skiing 1; Swimming 1-3; Band 1-3; Con. Choir 2-4; Chorus 1; Student Coun. 1-2; Core Comm. 1; Theater Co. 1; Hope Solidarity 3; St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp, 1-4; Per. Band 1-2. Sarah Beth Lapuc; My candle burns at both ends it will not last the night but oh my friends and oh my foes it cast a pretty light. Field Hockey 1-2,4; Squash 2-4; Gold- bug 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; Figure Skating 1-4; The Sub crew member 3-4. Sandra Larson: God forbid that I James Lashway should go to any Heaven in which there are no horses. Con. Choir 1- 2; Chorale 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Photography 3-4; Horseback Rid- ing; Member U.S.P.C. 1-4; Cabaret 1-4. John Lashway 72 loseph Lawlor Jodie L. Lea: If I was making a casserole, you ' d be on the butcher block Art Rm. 2-4; Swimming 1-4; Outing Cl. 3-4; Theater Co. 3-4; Photography. Walker Lee: Mind my have still I, Chess Cl 2-3; Time Travel; System Secret Police 1-4; Zero Rm 3-4; High Speed Pursuit 3-4; Covert Operations; Hacky Sack. Malcolm Lester: Smart lad. to slip quickly away from fields where glo- ry does not stay. And though the laurel grows, it withers quicker than the rose Football 4; Ice Hock- ey 3-4; Lacrosse 1-4; ' Merr. Comm. 1-4; M.L.R. Cl. 4. Petra Levin: (Poem!) When I ' m mad I shout and shout, and stomp my feet till my breath runs out Graphic 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Orch. 1-4; Theater Co. 2-4; S.T.O.P. 3-4. Kevin Li: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinquishable Irom magic Volleyball 2: Graphic 4; Orch. 1-4. Gino Lightner: I may never be wrong but I ' m always right Track 1-4; Wrestling 2,3; Band 1; Gold- bug 3-4; Graphic 4; IntT Students 4; Orch. 1; Core Comm. 2-4; P.O.C.U. 3-4 (Pres. 4); A.B.C. 2-4 (Pres. 4); Hope Solidarity 3-4; ESL Tutor 3-4; ALPS notetaker 2; School Store 4. Sara Lindquist: Don ' t let yesterday use up too much of today. Michael David Little: and I think my spaceship knows which way to go Squash 1-4; Con. Choir 2; Theater Co. 3-4; Looking Down 1-4; Rose on Line 3; Circus 4. Victor Liu: it doesn ' t take much to see that the problems of three little people don ' t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world Art Rm. 1-4; Track 2; Goldbug 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Theater Co. 4; Batman 3; Basketball Tryouts 1-4; Delbert 4; Mr. Roger’s Neighbors 1; Ticket Stub Collection 4; Period- ic pictorial Literature 1-4. Cara A. Lynch: I ' d rather be danc ing! Con. Choir 4; Chorus 2-3; Rus- sian Cl. 2-4; Pioneer Valley Ballet 1-4. Erik Lyster 73 Carol MacDonald: Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we ' ll take the best, forget the rest and someday we ' ll find these are the best of times Swimming 2-4; Track 3-4 (Mgr. 3,4); Outing Cl. 2- 4 (Treas. 2-4); Core Comm. 1-2,4; Theater C. 2; Latin Cl. 1-2 Girls ' lacrosse 2; Prom Comm. 4; Athle- tic Supporter 1-3; Hacky Sack As- soc. 2-4; Leverett Hii 3. David MacDonald: Identity the characteristics of Puritan Society Art Rm. 2-3; Football 4; lazz Wrkshp. 2; Core Comm. 3; Guitar; Having friends; Destroying peoples lives 1-4; Wrestling 4; Designing Tupperware 1-4; Family 4. Sonja Madson: Forever will you hold the secret to a soon forgotten part of me. And I will never forget you I ' ll miss you too much for that Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Cho- rus 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Core. Comm. 3-4; Syntai 3-4; Cabaret 3-4; Musical 3; Horses 1-4; lazz 4. David Maisey; Squash 2; Volleyball 3-4; Con. Choir 4; Graphic 4; Core Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 4. Sebastian Martens Peter Martenson: Band 1-4; Orch. 1-4; Student Coun. 4. Elizabeth Martin; With all the prob Shannon Martin lems the world has, only we the future generation are the only hope We can either save it or de- stroy it - the choice is ours. Sandra Martinez; It ' s not that to- Win Matthews day IS the first day of the rest of my life, but that now is all there is of my life French Cl. 3; Int ' l Stu- dents 1; Core Comm. 3; Swimming Aide 1; Guidance Aide 1. Kristin Leigh Mayer: The best way out IS always through Ice Hockey 1-4; Band 1-2; French Cl. 1; Orth. 1; Core Comm 1-2; Squash Har- vesters Cl. 4; Cow Tipping 4. Susan 1. McBride: Field Hockey 1- 4; Band 1-2; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri- S 3-4 (Sec. 4); Student Advisory Council 4; Gladiator Training 3-4; Itchy Bricks sneeze effect 3-4. Kimberly McDowell: I hope that the trip will be the best of all lourneys: a lourney into myself Squash 4; Volleyball 2-4; Con. Choir 3-4; Chorus 2; Core Comm, 1-4; Tri-S 2-4; Theater Co. 2,4; Cabaret 2-4; Moon drops 1-4; cing heure du mat j ' ai 1-4; Prom Comm. 2-4; Men! 3-4. Melissa Mclntire Mike McIntosh: Everytime I look at you I don ' t understand, why you let the things you did get so out of hand Baseball 1-4; Ice Hockey 1- 4; Soccer 1-4; Band 1-2; Graphic 3-4; Student Coun. 4; Student School Comm. 3; Core Comm. 3-4; Respect for Kneeland Soc.; Mr. A Fan Cl.; No sleep 1-3; (Capt. 4); Sal. Snooze 1-3 (Pres. 4), McNeal Mike Melanson: There ' s only two things you can be sure of in life Taxes and Death. Tina M. Meldon: Remember you are in relationship with the creator of such incredible achievements as the Grand Canyon, the Milky Way and (he Rocky Mountains. Be open and allow Him to point you towards glories that may seem beyond your reach Horseback Riding; N.L.B. Yth. Grp. I Judith Miller: Band 1-2; Russian Cl. Edward Minear 1-4 (Pres. 4); HCSSIM ' 83; Math Team 4; ICA. Yth. Grp. Co-Pres. 3- ' 4; Chorus Acc. 4. Natania Mitchell-Smith: This is the worst restaurant I ' ve ever been to. Art Rm. 1-4; Goldbug 4. Corinna J. Moebius: So when you or I are made a fable, song, or fleeting shade; All love, all liking, all delight lies drown ' d with us m end- less night. Bruce Montague Susan L. Moores: Sometimes you gotta draw the line and say no way, I can ' t go tor that, no can do Art Rm. 2; Soccer 4; 4-H 1-4; Hamp- shire County Teen Coun. 4. 75 Richard Thomas Moran: A measure of accomplishment is the amount ot pain suffered In other words, no pain, no gam. Baseball 2-4; Foot- ball 1-4 (TrI-Cap’t. 4); Wrestling 3-4; Band 1-4 (Wind Ensemble): Saint Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 2-4; Sub Crew Member 3-4; Hulkster and Hebb Fan Cl . 4. Jon P. Morel: Oiy! OiY! For all I know it could be a sausage factory Baseball 2-4; Squash 4; Outing Cl. 4; Core Comm. Wild Kingdom. Jim Fan Cl. 1-4; Blizniak 1-4; Barney Rubble Fan 3-4; Porthos 1-4. Troy Morrill: Seldom has so great a learning been so lightly borne Hacky Sack 2-4; Leverett Hik 1-4; Red Soi Cl. 3-4. Eric Thomas Muench: Mess with the best, die like the rest! Football 2-4 (Tri-Cap ' t. 4); Lacrosse 3-4; Hulkster and Hebb Fan Cl. 4. lames M. Mullins; The difference between the possible and the im- possible IS a man ' s will Football 4; Ice Hockey 1-4; Soccer 2-3; Stu- dent School Comm. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; The Last Justice Crusader 3; Russki Duck 3-4. Kathy Murphy: Even these I love the best are strange: nay, they are stranger than the rest Chorus 1- 2,4; Core Comm. 4; Jazz 4; Colom- bia 3. Eric T. Nakajima: Dig the Maroon Reality Football 1-4; Track 1-4; Con. Choir 3-4; Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 4; Tri-S 4; Theater Co, 4; Poet 1-4: Deer Hunting 1-4; Stu- dent ' s Political Forum 4; Barney Rubble Fan 3-4. Amy Neill: Lite is what happens to you when you ' re busy making other plans Art Rm. 2-3; Field Hockey 2; Lacrosse 4; N. Yth. Grp. 2-3 A.B.T. Co. 1; Amherst Lassie League 1-2; Photography 3-4; Phuong Nguyen Quoc Nguyen Tuan Nguyen Tanya Nilson: The time has come to be gone Art Rm. 1; Modern Jazz Ballet. 76 leff Nissenbaum: Jazz Wrkshp. 3- 4; Orch. 1-4; Wind Ensemble 4; Cabaret 3-4; Musical 1-4; Circus 3-4. Jason Novak Stephanie Carol Oates: All the dreams that you ' ve held inside, they ' re waiting to break out, you |ust have to try. it ' s the beginning make it shine! Skiing 1-3; Squash 2-4; Tennis J.V. V. 3-4; Volleyball J.V. 1; Core Comm. 3-4; Theater Co. 3-4; V.L.O.; Gumbie i Pokey Fan C. Nick O’Brien David Gavin Oliver: What is life’ Skiing 4; Track 4; Russian Cl. 4; thinking; founder ASDDS; Co- Founder RNFC. Margaret O ' Neil Patricia O ' Neil Andrea O ' Neill: Teddy told me it was a hat. so I put it on. Now. Daddy ' s saying where ' s the toilet plunger gone’ Chorus 1-3; Soccer 2; Vars. Soccer 3; Debate 1-2; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; Prom Comm. 4; Cabaret 1,2,4. Tracy E. Ostrotf: Great achieve ment is usually form of great sacri- fice. and IS never the result of selfishness. Word Processing; A.R.H.S. Substance Abuse Educ. Prgm; School Store. Morriss M. Partee: If music be the food of love, let ' s eat. Commended by National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test; Guitar, Piano; Ten- nis. Gina Pascoe: I ' ll teach U 2 Swim, I ' ll teach U 2 try. I ' ll teach U 2 laugh, but not to cry I ' ll teach U 2 trust me when U think I lie. I ' ll teach U 2 love me until we die Art Rm. 1-4; Goldbug 4; Photography 3-4; O.J. Runs 3-4; Procrastination 1-4; ClassE Cafe. Eric Penza: I ' d rather be fishing Outing Cl. 2-4; Hacky Sack Assoc. 3-4; Tournament Bass Fishing. 77 Stephanie L. Perez: Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what one thinks into it Core Comm. 1-2; A.L. 3-4. John Pham Sean P. Pierce; Sure am I today that we are masters of our fate As long as we have faith m our own cause and our unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us Footbalt 2-4; Ice Hockey 3-4; Lacrosse 3-4; Mer. Comm.; St. Bri- gid ' s Yth. Grp.; F.B.L.A. Charter Member. Harold T. Pile: All that is, may not be as it seems Orch. 2-4; School Comm. 4; Outing Cl. 3-4; Soccer 3. Eric Plisko Laurie Pyrzanowski Carlos M. Ramos Jr.: We Puerto Dina J. Raskevitz Wendy Ricans are not the best in the world, but after God we are 1. Volleyball 4; Int ' l Students 3-4; Spanish Part. 4; Core Comm. 4; Var. Volleyball; Surf ' 83 Puerto Rico; V. P. ot the Puerto Rican CL; Boiing 3. Raskevitz loshua S. Reid: Competitors rise Dmitri Robbins and fall - the ultimate remains. La- crosse 1-4; Skiing 4; Squash 2-3; Merr. Comm. 2-4 (Tres.); Slides, grinds, and airs; Abrasive Oint- ment; Jammin ' in the Gym. Harold Robinson: He who attains his ideal by that very fact tran- scends it. Art Rm. 3-4; Outing CL 1-4; Latin CL 2-4; S.T.O.P. 3-4; Vortei Comics 1-4; Boy Scouts 1- 4; Leveretl Vision 4; Leverett Con- cert CL 2-4. 78 Valerie J. Rutstein: Chorale 3-4; Outmg Cl. 3-4; Spanish Part. 3-4; S.T.O.P.; Theater Co. 4; Russian Cl. 2-4; Caberet 1-4. Erika Salloui: There are more things m heaven and earth, Hora- tio, than are dreamt of m your philosophy Basketball 2; Tennis 1- 4; Graphic 2-4; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 3-4; St. Brigid ' s Yth Grp.; Tennis Team Cap ' t. 4; Graphic Lay- out Ed. 3-4; Prom Comm. Stephen Rogalski: You never real ize how much you love something until that something is gone. Kristin M. Ross: Why don ' t they make soap on a rope for women’ Band 1-4; Orch. 4; Core Comm. 1- 4; Tri-S 4; Squash Harvesters Cl. 1-4 (Pres); Cow Tipping 4. Bill Russell: Football 3-4; Lacrosse 3-4; Track 2. Rhodonna Robinson Amy E. Rutherford: You can ' t al- ways get what you want, but you can try sometimes and find you get what you need. Ice Hockey 2-4; Softball 1; Swimming 1; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 3-4; Ice Hockey Mgr. 4; Cow Tipping 4. William D. Robinson: Football 4; Ice Hockey 2-4. L. Ivette Rodriguez: It ' s your day shining day all your dreams come true. As you glide, in your stride with the wind, as you fly away; give a smile, from your lips and say - I am free yes, I ' m free, now I ' m on my way Basketball 1; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 4; Lacrosse 3-4 (Mgr.); Boys Basketball Mgr. 3-4; Delta Chi 2; Prom Comm. 4; Squash Har- vesters Cl. 4; UMass. Hogs Mgr. 4; HOBY Leadership Seminar 2. Timothy Sanders Lauren Sarat: Experience nine times out of ten is merely stupidity hardened into habit Ice Hockey 2- 4; Soccer 2-4; Core Comm. 1-4; Boys ' Varisty Basketball Mgr. 3-4; Bullmoosers 3-4. David “Byrd " Sargent: I am here, but when I ' m not . . . The question IS . . . will the world pause if only for a brief moment to say good- bye’ Skiing 1-4; Hacky Sack 3-4; Leverett Concert Cl. 2-4. 79 Thomas N. Selig: No mater how people clown you, no matter what they say. you will show them they will see one day Skiing 1-4; Core Comm. 3-4; F.B.L.A. Pres. 4; Merr. Comm. 1-4; Baseball 2; Lacrosse 3-4. Christina Shafer; Lite was meant to be lived, and curiousity must be kept alive One must never for whatever reason, turn his back on life Swimming 1-2; Volleyball 2-4; Russian Cl. 1-4; RZW Piano 1-4. Julie Sicks: You say the hill is too steep to climb, you say you ' d like to see me try You pick the place and I’ll choose the time, and I ' ll climb that hill in my own way Art Rm. 2-3; Gymnastics 1-4; Outing Cl. 3-4; German-Amer. Part. 2-3; Graphic Arts 1-4; General nuisance and passive resistance Cl. 1-4. Daniel Sidman Wilhelmina W. Smith: His face ac complished in a crowd what one good piece of furniture does in a room Con. Choir 1-2; Chorale 3-4; Core Comm. 3-4; Russian Cl. 2-4; S.T.O.P. 4; Amherst Ballet Th. Co. 1-4; Y.P.S. 1-3; five College Orch. 3-4; I.B.T.C.; Animal Game, Ele- David Simanski phant 3-4. Ramin Sobhian: It you should go skating on the thin ice of mud hte, dragging behind you the silent re- proach ot a million tear stained eyes; don’t be surprised when a crack in the ice appears under your feet Wrestling 2; Ping-Pong. Susan Stanley: The past cannot be changed, the future is still in your power Goldbug 4. Amy C. Sternheim: And miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep Skiing 2-3; Graphic 4; IntT Students 1-2; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 2.4; A.Y.H. 1-2. Raine Stilphen: The mam thing in life IS not to be afraid to be human, in this life you ' re on your own, " We Have More Fun Than People CL; Bullmoosers, 3-4; Horses 1-4. Christopher Martin Story: Child Eriks Stuberovskis Care Lab; Word Processing: Jones Library Page. 80 Mark Sturm B oreth Sun Heather Swenson: You told me not to drive, but I made it home alive, so you said that only proves that I ' m insane. Art Rm. 1-4; Crime Stoppini: Time Travel; Improv, Janet L. Swift: Yeah, but what ' s that got to do with the bones in ice cream’ Skiing 2-4; Soccer Tri- Cap’t. 2-4; Track 1-2; Band 1-4; Core Comm, 3-4; Tri-S 3-4; Gladia- tor Training 3-4; Itchy Bricks, The Sneeze Effect 3-4. Peter Switt Sameer Syed Vali Tamm; And old man on the isle of Irishmoon gave me his view on the use of fear. " A man who is not afraid of the sea will soon be drownded tor he will be going out on a day he shouldn ' t. But we do be afraid ol the sea, and we do only be drownded now and again. " French Cl. 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 1-4; Student Coun. 1-4 (Pres. 3-4); Theater Co. 2-4; Latin Cl. 1-4; Ka- rate; Equitation. Steve Tang: You know you ' re a Senior when you start forgetting your locker combination every oth- er day Chorale 4; Chorus 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4 (Tres. 4); Hope Solidarity 3-4 (Eiec. Comm. 4); Piano; Bicycling; Golf-leisure; Com- puters. Deborah A. Taylor; They said it couldn ' t be done ... so I didn ' t do it! Instructional Support Serv. 3-4. Emma Teng: There ' s a place In the orchard where no one dare go, the last one who went there turned into a crow. Turned into a crow, crow, turned into a crow, the last one who went there turned into a crow. Field Hockey 2-3; Squash 2- 4; Wind Ensemble 2-4; Debating 2; Le Cercle Francais 3-4; Student Council 4; French Eichange 2; Theatre Company 2-4. Helen M. Thelen: There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. Cheerleader 2-4; Chorus 1; Gold- bug 4; (Ed.); Photography 2-4; Radio Music 1-4; 4-H 1-3; Temple and Umass. Crew; S.I.C.B.P. 34th, 61st, 65th; Mike!; Racquetball; Swimming. Theresa Ann Thompson: It ' s finally over so let ' s party Swimming 1; Spanish Part. 1-3; Pony Cl. (V. P.); Tally-Ho 4-H Cl. (V. P. t Pres.). 81 Elaine Kinten Walen: Smile and the Kimberly A. Walter: Skiint 1-4; Peter Naskiewicz world smiles with you! Field Hock- Volleyball 2-4; Outin{ Cl. 4; Core ey 1-4; Track 1-2; German-Amer. Comm. 1-4; Cofounder RNFC; Par. 3-4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3- Pres., Amherst Chapter, SDDS. 4; I.Y.F. 1-4; P.C. 3-4; Constance; 1-4. KeHey Weeks: I am not afraid to lace tomorrow, for I have seen yes- terday, and I love today. Con. Choir 4; Chorus 1-3; Goldbu| 4; Outinj Cl. 4; German-Amer. Part. 2-3; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 4; Prom Comm. 4; M.E.N. 3-4; lello Wres- tlin{ 4; Let me |o wild 4. Sarah Burjess Weir; Simple . . yet oh so complex. Field Hockey 1- 3; Chorale 3-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Core Comm. 1,3-4; Theater Co. 1- 4; I.B.T.C. 1-4; M.L. 4; Animal Game Panda 3-4; Milady 1-4. Thomas Wentworth Steven Voipe: Goldhu{ 4; Collect Beatle Memorabilia. Cecil Voorhees: I Love being 1 Pres, of The Puerto Rican CL; Int. Student Cl. 1-3; Boxing 1-4; Always fishing; Annette R. you ' re the greatest!!! Stephanie Waldeck: Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the taking of action in spite of your fears. Moving out into the unknown and into the future. Skiing 1-4; Volley- ball 3-4; Chorus 4; Goldbug 4; Out- ing Cl. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 2- 4; Theater Co. 3-4. Kristina Thurston: Our greatest glo- ry IS not in never failing, but in rising everytime we fall. Field Hockey 2-4 (Cap ' t. 4); Tennis 2-4; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 3-4; B.D. Cl. Lori Timmermann: If endings sym- bolize beginnings, shouldn ' t the good-byes be easier to say? Life is not always logical. Soccer 4; Ger- man-Amer. Part. 2; Core Comm. 2- 4; Tri-S 3-4. Charles Turner 82 Paul White: Baseball 2-4; Football 4; Ice Hockey 3-4; Merr. Comm. Ann Whitehead Esther Wilder: The idea is not to get it all together, but to learn to live with it while it ' s all apart. De- bating 2; Graphic 4; Theater Co. 2- 4; Russian Cl. 4; piano, biking, ski- ing. Ericka L. Winslow: The doors are open and I ' m ready to step through with my courage in one hand, my dreams in the other. Thank you I.M.T., I D, and D.G.W. Wherever you are. Track 3-4 (Mgr. 3-4); Con. Choir 4; Chorus 3; Goldbug 4; Orch. 3-4; Core Comm. 3-4; P.O.C.U.; 4; Cabaret 3-4; Prom Comm. 4. Micah Winston: Micah the Morasth- ite: They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lilt up sword against nation, nei- ther shall they learn war anymore. Chess Cl. 1-4 (Cap ' t. 2-4); lello Wrestling 2-4. Brian Wise Jonathan Wolf: The race is not al- ways to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that ' s the way to bet. Golf 2-4; Band 1; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 4; Prom Comm. 4; School Store 4; F.B.L.A.-4 (charter member) Kiddy Pool 3-4; Basket- ball Mgr. 2; Charter member of Steve Greaney ' s H per. physics class. Larisa (Lara) Staruch: Orch.; S.T.O.P. (Sec); Soccer; Chorus; American Field Service (A.F.S.) to lapan. Camera Shy: Nho Chu, Travis Howe, John Kamensky, Stephen Orrell, Steve Ortiz, Claire Pinkham, John Searle, Larry Smith, Daniel Thornton and Jonathan Waples. Frances O ' Rouriie Karen Wyse: One gray night it hap- Marcus Yarde pened, Jackie Paper came no more. And puff, that mighty dragon, sadly ceased his fearless roar . . . French Cl. 2-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3-4; Theater Co. 2,4; Hope Solidarity 4; A.B.T. Co. 1-4; Latin Cl. 2-4. Kristin Zajicek: " Define the uni- verse. " he said, “and give three examples. " Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Chorus 2; Goldbug 3-4 (Ed. 4) ; Core Comm. 1-4; Theater Co. 2-4; Russian CL 1-3 (Treas. 2-3); ABT Co. 1 1-4; Capt. Crunch Cereal 1-4. Andrew Ziomek; As I move on, I John Ziomek leave all my hard work, all my sweat, to the new kid, next in line. Baseball 3-4; Basketball 1-4; Band 1 - 2 . Gail Zumbruski: Smile. Of all the things that are yours, your expres- sion IS the most important. Cheer- leader 3-4 (Cap’t. 4); Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 2-4; Prom Comm. 3-4. 83 K Zajicek P M O ' Neil J. Lea C, Green L Hayward mn 0ft.m «i 4IIIISII A Laprade C. Lynch A. Brown P. Levin A Grist T Moran B Montague S. Lindquist G. Coccoluto D Maisey K Holt N. Mitchell-Smith H. Flaherty C. Casey J. Burruto I Huner A Neill T. Meldon V Hilt L. Isabelle A. Glazier M Green ' Wk f T. Selig T Knightly S Martinez W Allen S- Aoki G. Pascoe r D. Robinson S. Lapuc R. Chandran B. Demers Bryon D, Oliver K, Mayer S. Rogalski E. Muench J. Asebrook M Mclntire E. Elowell A. Cushing S. Stanley S. Madson Perez M. Smith S- Gundersheim A. Jernigan Our record of 4-6 was one of neither luck nor magic. It was a combination of hard work by the players and coaches as the following passage indicates . . . We came in August, the proud, the strong, and the few to achieve what no recent Amherst team had been able to do. " We must win”, said Coach Jacque in his eloquent style Still, the pain of double sessions made us think that it might take awhile But we had to forget the past and worry about the present year And make the Hurricanes a force for others to fear. Guided by our Coaches Hebb, Wiley, and Jacque We seemed to form a bond amongst ourselves and lock. Football; 1st r T Knightly, M Lester, B Russell, G Jackson, T Moran, E. Muench, 0, Robinson, J. Damon, C. Kamansky. 2nd r.: E Nakapma, i Mullins, V Morris, B Mount, M Stiles, D. Cosans, D. Pierce, S. Kosloski, R. Tripp, P. White. 3rd 4.: D. Wescott, D, Burrell, B Tamms. L Mercado, P Torpey. J Moran 4th r : J Carroll, A Meyers, S. Johnson, M Berthelette, S. Flanagan. M Bowler. D Kotfia, G Finch “We are a family interwoven in a web.” Stressed ever-so-often by the Commandant Hebb. Yet many obstacles did stand in our way As injuries, mental lapses and girls hampered our play. Hungrier still, we seemed to be Destined to win so others would see That the group assembled was a special one. Gathered to win and to have fun. As the going got tough and we began to frown We recalled how the Coaches said: " Never give up and never back down.” And win we managed to do Unlike seasons such as the previous two. And the following words should be remembered throughout As the Commandant himself did shout, " Never shall you walk with your heads down the halls” He uttered after our triumph over Turners Falls. And the others in the school, town, and League have awoken For the mighty Commandant Hebb has just spoken. ■M.L. Thanks Coaches, Kim, Laura, Keith; So long Gus, Crunch, Breeze, K. Russler, Daisy, Shmalk, Monk, Whitey, Soccer, Runt and Jeep. The 1984 Boys’ Cross Country season was tremendously successful, consider- ing that we didn’t tram over the summer. (Coach Crowley had to make a few " minor” adjustments on his workout schedule.) The Hurricanes trampled their opponents enroute to an 8-2 record and a second place finish in the U. Mass. Division 1 Championship Meet. And next season . . . Cathedral, this year ' s champion, will take one look at our list of returning seniors and run m the opposite direction. Highlights of this season . . . parading around with the Wickham Park Trophy, the Coach’s sprint through the finish at Northfield, philosophizing on long bus trips. -Andy Dimock Boys X-Counlry: 1st r.: M. Braverman. A Dimock, V. Alexander, M Mueller. 2nd r.: J Werman, P Holden. S Campbell, A. Gluckler, N Hopley. C Holden. R Aizen. 3rd r.: R. Crowley (Coach), M. Coles, A. Osborne, M. Dimock, G Ridley, J. Bergman, E Monteverde, J Sturm, M Craib, D Cutchins. Girls X-Country 1st r.: A. Chumbly, Z. Carpino. 2nd r.: E. Sylvia. M Orlen, K. Pyle, R. Reimer. 3rd r.: J, Farris, M. Osborn, B Pelkey, J Mclntire, D Arnaboldi, Coach Hastings. Girls’ V, Soccer: 1st r : D Tallen, L Sarat, Flamer, C Kaneta, S. Davis. 2nd r.: K. Keegan, C. Selig, L. Timmerman, C Jones, J. Guyer. 3rd r.: D, McPartland, R. Stalin, F. Berkman, J. Swift, L. Bonn. So our record isn’t really worth mentioning ... BIG DEAL. What matters is that this was the first season Amherst Girls played as on official Soccer Team. With the help of the " veterans” as well as many new faces, we had a good group out on the field. Who can forget the first (and only) feeling of victory at the Ware scrimmage ... EAT THEM UP . . . dinner at Pizza Hut, Kaneta’s ridiculous shorts or that terrific ride out to the Westfield game? Thanks a lot to our captains Janet, Liz and Rosa for always being there when we needed you. And to Deb our goalie for saving us from despair. We’ve started something to be proud of . . . Good luck next year. Girls ' J.V. Soccer: S. Soltyzik, J. Veshia, J. Schimmel, A. Avenll, K. Zumbruski, G. St. Mary, R. Eckhouse, A. Mason. A Cushing, K Jones, S. Kurtz, D. Gettier, B, Alschuler, J. Cramer, K. Carlson, H. Smernoff, S. Moores, K Stiles, A. Coach. 4 . V. Boys’ Soccer: 1st r.: M. Brown, J. Fortescue, M. McIntosh. 2nd r,: K. Teng, J. Hepinstall, P. Chamorro, P Rainford, B. Quick. 3rd r.: D. Sidman, T. Babu, S. Kent, R. Donovan, D Dersham, B Koh, D. Knightly, D, Cajolet. ' J.V. Boys’ Soccer: 1st r : P. Marriam, J. Aldrich, L. Lucas. J. Karelia, P. Kunkel, J. Griffith, K. Hambleton. 2nd r.: B McIntosh, C. Curtis, C. Nguyen, T. Abduraham, A. Kurinsky, E. Mayer, 0. Curtis, D. Hofner. 3rd r.: P Mason, A. Samoistis, T Nguyen, M. Ewald, M. Lopez, j. Ewald, B. Brooks, N. Delmanzo, C. Miller, T. Benander. SOCCER! It is a game. We are a team. We play in the game And have good fun. -Pablo Chamorro Us Seniors are really good people who play good Soccer. We are Snake, Brownie, Cootie, Spooker, Jimi, Rye Guy, Bootsie 1, Dersham the Hunk, Scotty, and Igloo Face Shecky. When we play Soccer, we have much fun. We are very glad we played Soccer. Now we are done! Bye to everyone else. Bye- bye! -Dave Dersham “Hey, Yogi, what about the Ranger?” -Boo-Boo (Edited by Michael McIntosh) After a shaky start, the Varsity Volleyball Team began it’s uncertain trek to the W. Mass. Tournament. Sadly, our dream of repeating last year ' s performance was shattered due to unseen difficultes during the Tournament. Considering we had only 3 returning Varsity players, we faired well with a 16-2 season record and a A . Mass 2nd place finish. We give our thanks to Jeff W. the lollypop kid, the bench bums for scorching the wood, Mike B. the rich (now poor) musicman, and finally to our Coach and Jeff for their overwhelming tolerance and moral support. From us Seniors to returning Varsity players we say with love . . . kick butt, win W. Mass., trash Turners, and keep dancin’ in the aisles! The J.V. Volleyball Team had a great season and remained undefeated as usual. Good luck next year! V. Volleyball: 1st r.: K Schaffer, L. Plaza. 2nd r.: Y. St. John, J. Gray, K. Walters, K. McDowell. 3rd r: P. Swift, T Oevr, D Maisey, C. Ramos, S. Som, Coach L. Farrick. JV Volleyball: 1st r.: K. Shumway, T. Jones, T. Wells, E. O ' Neil, B. Paulding. 2nd r.: A. Rice, N. Cudnohufsky. 3rd r.: K. Field, M. Babb, J. Wermuth, S. Morse, C. Plaza. This year the Cheerleading squad has made an effort to reach its potential. Many hours are spent perfecting and performing cheers at the football and basketball games. Thanks to the enthusiasm and school spirit of the cheer- leaders, we never gave up, even when it appeared hopeless. Thanks to Pauline Lego, who put up with our complaints and controversies, we made it through another season; and special thanks go to parents of the football players who showed a great deal of spirit and enthusiasm. Football Cheerleaders; 1st r.: G. Zumbruski, A. Beshears. 2nd r.: H. Sunderland, P. Robbins, S. Morton, C. Webster, B. Paige. 3rd r.: K. Johnson, K. Kennerson, D. Reed, E. Howell, C. Spergel. Vars. Field Hockey: 1st r R Loescher, H Warren, L Johnson, L. Lengieza, K Thurston, A Barette, E Walen 2nd r Coach J Keyes, A Ferro, S Ambs, J Asebrook, M Hafner, S, McBride, R Jackson, S. Lapuc, K Como, K Ritter The success of the Field Hockey Team came as a surprise to many. With the dedication of all we ended the season with an 11-2-1 record and the 4th seed m W. Mass. Our biggest asset and motivation was the commitment of Coach Jane Keyes. We will all fondly remember . . . Smurf ... I gotta . . . dodging the Ref’s at Gateway ... All the way to Tide Country . . . " Right, Old Man” ... All our green cards ... the support of the fans . . . Campus Pizza . . . rock-a-chicka- rock ... Our half-time cheers and pyramids ... Our timed two miles- " big Harry deal” ... who was that Soccer Coach at Greenfield? ... our 2 second goal ... The National Anthem ... The animal cookies . . . getting lost in Palmer ... A bus without brakes ... and the scoop in the middle of nowhere ... but most of all we ' ll remember how we pulled together and made it a great season. J.V. Field Hockey: 1st r.; K Barrette, K Hansen, L Lundgren, K Melley, J. Hodges, E. Rogers, J. Cumps, S Miles. 2nd r : Coach E Sockabasm, K. Patterson, N, Ring, J. Brehm, K. Mannheim, A. Markert, M Doran, S Brock. J Fields. 0 . • V Girls Swimming: 1st row: S. Gulliver, J. Spears, L. Willis, H. Swenson, C. Bennett, K. Nicholson, R. Sullivan, J. O ' Donnell(coach); 2nd row: S. Sutliff, R. Garvey, A.A. Asebrooky, J. Lea, K. Pyle, K. Phillips, C. Weaver, Linda; 3rd row: A. Mosan, H. Flaherty, J. Asebrook, L. Bohn, K. Kohler, E. Hennessey, K. Bohn, I. Sherman, M. Orlen, A. May. Despite the fact that we lost a few more meets than we won this year, all in all we had a successful season, we won every meet we had against the strong teams of Southern California. Many of our younger swimmers have bright prospects for the future, such as freshman Aaron Osborne and distance freestyler Ben Silver, so we expect to be the state champions in a few years. We are only losing two seniors, Danny Calderon and Andy Hilt, and expect to have many new members next year. We may also lose Vince if he whimps out. We also enjoyed looking at the female swimmers who had such measurements as 36-25-34 and 32-23-33. My eyes are still sore. -Dan Silver Boys Swimming: 1st row: J. Whitney, A. Laus, E. Lewison, E. Osborne, K. Purcell, J. O’Donnell (coach); 2nd row; N. Dewhurst, D. Lepuc, D. Silver, V. Morris, D. Calderon, C. Abel. This was another terrific season for the Girls’ Gymnastics Team. Our record was 7-2. Coaches this year were Michelle Santigate and Sar Gagan, who helped us accomplish a lot by working us hard. This year the team really worked together more than we have in the past. All of our work and effort paid off in W. Mass, when we went into the competition in third place and came out second losing by a mere tenth of a point. Our team looks very strong and we will only be losing one senior. Next year we are looking forward to another winning season. Girls’ Gymnastics: Istr.: M. Collura, L. Shumway, A. May. 2ndr.: J. Gourely, K. Kroodsma, K. Muench, K. Muench, J. Sicks, L. Theilman, G. Tudryn. V X Girls J.w. Basketball: 1st row: A. Brown, K. Mannheim, M. Osborne, S. Miles, L. Terrizzi, L. Johnson; 2nd row: C Kraft, K. Barratte, B. Pelkey, A. Marten, C. Page, K. Stiles, S. Chalmers, S. Murphy, J. Rose (coach), Girls V. Basketball: 1st row: A. Barrette, R. Jackson, C. O’Neil, S. Camacho; 2nd row: K. Graves, L. Lengieza, J. Fink, T. Jones, M. Chestnut, K. Pratt, M. Shea (coach). This year’s Girls’ Basketball team continued its winning ways, posting a season record of 17-1 and winning the league title. For the second year in a row, the team was seeded first in the Western Mass, tourney. The “Grushin’ Crew’’ destroyed their opposition, scoring an average of 47 points per game more than they did. The success of the team was due to excellent coaching and the support and perserverance of the members. After a disappointing one point, tour overtime loss to Northampton, the team rebounded and came together to hand Flamp their only defeat — by a margin of 16 points. This year will never be forgotten, not only tor our on-court achievements and the cohesiveness of the team, but also tor the varying personalities on the club. We’ll all remember Pee-Wee’s breakdancing, Nori’s jokes, songs and giggles, the strut, Nel’s thundering jumpstops, dippin’ on the bus, TJ’s apologies in the middle of a game, “wouldn’t you like to be a pecker too?” The lucky feathers, Bina’s flexibility, and Dodi’s expressions and hot scoring streak. Not to mention Due’s smashing the all-time school scoring record, dishing out over 100 assists this season, and P.S. We love you. Now we’re on to Western Mass., which we hope will bring us more memories and more success ... we did it tor Sheila Wrestling: 1st row: M. Barrette, T. Moran, T. Knihnicki; 2nd row: T.O’Brien, D. Burrell, J. Sherman, J. Moran, M. VanPelt, T. Haydar. 3rd row: D. Wintsch (asst, coach), M. Stiles, A. Rice, P. Cobbs, C. Collins (coach). Wrestling? What’s that? You mean that thing they do on Saturday mornings with Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan? NO! Wrestling is that thing that those guys trom ARHS do that nobody ever comes to watch! That was one of our big problems this year, lack of fan support. There were other problems, as well as bright spots, as we finished 3-9, but the outlook for next season is excellent, as we are losing only our captains, Tom Moran (157 lb weight class), and Terry Knihnicki (187). Promising returners include: Tim O’Brien (100), Martin VenPelt (107), Pat Cobbs (114), Jim Moran (121), Joe Sherman (128), Tarik Haydar (134), Don Burrell (140), Mike Stiles (147), Scott Walen (169, injured this season), and Andy Rice (Heavyweight), as well as our coaches Chris Collins and Dave Wintsch. Highlights of the season: our crushing victory over archrival Hopkins, Matt Barrette ' s accident in Ludlow, and Andy Rice’s Giantslaying. So next year, come out and watch us roll around with the competition. A.S. The Amherst Regional Ski Team got serious this year. Beginning in November with dry land training, coach P.K. whipped us into shape. When the snow finally arrived, we headed to Berkshire East (ice?) to conquer all the many challenges of the mountain. We’ll never forget the team shared victories of Alan, Nicky, and Pia, or the tricky pranks some of the younger members of our team pulled. Saved by the strong leadership of our senior members (cough) our team pulled through to have a good time all season long. We say a sad goodbye to Alan, Tom, Edwin, Conrad, Carroll, Randy, Peter, Lavmia, Carrie, Sue (kind of) and Janet (not at all). And, of course, we’ll wait expectantly ’til next year to inhale hairspray fumes while standing in puddles in the bathroom. P.S. Don’t get in the way of P.K.’s belowing voice in the front of the bus. Girls ' Ski: 1st row: J. Platt, C. Kaneta, R. Loescher, M. Gibson, R. Winston, S. McBride: 2nd row: P.K. (coach), S. Cooper, E. Connelly, K. Gauger, C. Votght, L. Huner, C. Cooper, S. Austin, K. Keegan, Laurel (asst, coach), F. Berkman, P. Weigel, C. Selig. Boys’ Ski: 1st row: G. Rideout, M. Howell, D. Loughren, J. Hess, J. Hess, M. Brook, 1. Hayward: 2nd row: P.K. (coach), H. Wiarda, R. Johnson, G. Moles, N. Weigel, J. Kaislanen, J. Masalski, A. Currin, T. Guy, M. Machine, P. McNeil, C. Carlen, R. Connelly, B. Moriarty, Laurel (asst, coach), T. Sehg. wtr Boys Varsity Basketball: 1st row: A. Zlomek, H. McErchern, J. Wills. J. Ziomek, J. Camacho: 2nd row; M. Willis, T.VoIpe, D. Slovin, S. Shea, B. Wise, J. Woskievicz, T. Styspeck (coach). Boys J.V. Basketball: 1st row; J. Grittin, M. O ' Connor, J. Arkes, A. Jackson, J. Wills, G. Miles; 2nd row: P. Swthwick, J. Waskiewicz, M. Stevens, J. Wermuth, M. Bowber, A. Melchionda, M. Willis, J. Gallagher (coach). " Let’s go out there and play ‘hawkey’’’ -Buzz Bray " After every goal, lets break dance.’’ -Malcolm (“Toomanynomen’’) Lester " Ohhhhh what a beautiful morning. Ohh. . . .’’ -Ben ( " Huggy Bean’’) Demerath " Kangaroo. Dranguton. . Gorilla .... Hi, Mike!” -Dave (“Grawhouski Killer”) Robinson “This sucks .... Man, this really sucks” -Scott (“Smile”) Kent " I remember when this whole thing began. Your talk of God ... ” -Jesus Christ ( 1 Musical) Super Stan “Amherst owns the bragging rights to the Fay-Wright division title with a 13-3 record.” -Daily Hampshire Gazette " Women . . . Women . . . Women ...” -Paul ( " Whitey”) White Steve (“Cool Breeze”) Leary “My parents aren’t home an’ we’re gonna have a small party. Small!” -Sean (“Scene”) Pierce before Armageddon Reflections of a Hockey season are many. The moments are too short. The experiences will help us and teach us as we grow. There were no losers on the team. Everyone contributed to our success and everyone will benefit from it. Thanks to everyone who made our growth more fun (including the fans). -S.P.K. Hockey; 1st row: C. Ramsey, S. Cleary, S. Pierce, M. Lester, P. White, S. Kent, B. Fay, T. Boyton; 2nd row: B. Bray (coach), C. Lendberg, L. Cosams, B. Donielsan, D. Robinson, D. Cosams, M. Kraker, C. Camhell (asst, coach): 3rd row; J. Book, G. Ramsey, P. Torpey, J. Robinson, S. Kittrell, J. Maloney. Once again, the Amherst Regional Gentlemen ' s Squash Team retained its title as National Public School Champions, going undefeated against all opposition. In the private school division Amherst did not fare as well, but played with the gusto which has characterized the team for so many years. Noteworthy incidents from this year’s team included: the " optional” practices, Tim’s sack injuries, noteable absences at many matches, Joyce essays, and the propensity for flatulation of certain underclassmen. We bid a fond farewell to Mike Little, Tim Langdon, Jon Morel, Dean Brown, and D.J. Dugas and wish those remaining good luck in their matches and nothing but clean air on the way home. Boys ' Squash: 1st row: D. Brown; 2nd row: J. Morel, T. Langdon, M. Little, D.J. Dugas; 3rd row: L. Briggs (coach), J. Hepinstall, N. Hopley, T. Benander. Before we highlight the ’84-’85 Girls Squash season we would especially like to thank the Boys’ Squash team for their “undivided support” during the match at Eaglebrook. (Yes Jon, Nick, and Jeff we mean you!) This was a season full of fond memories; Kim and Ruthie singing under the x-mas tree in Boston, Natalie and Jenny locking themselves in the squash courts, the match that no one showed up at, the pizza parlor that reeked of polo, Sarah’s unforgetable shorts, Kim’s quick curtain call, getting lost in Boston, Emma knitting another sweater, borrowing Josie’s goggles, " No broken ankles,” the Briggs mobile, and our “Favorite” songs on the radio. Maybe next year we’ll win a match. P.S. Jon, Jeff, and Nick you look cute in the buff. S.L, K.M. 104 Girls Squash: 1st row: S. Oates, S. Lapuc, K. McDowell; 2nd row: N. Ring, R. Loescher, L. Briggs (coach). CYMBELINE Cymbeline is a late-Shakespearean ro- mance which nobody does, so in De- cember, the Theater Company did it. The script itself IS a fantastical hotch-potch: Roman legions and poisonous stepmoth- ers, kidnapped princes living in caves, rap- ists hiding m chests, headless corpses, ghosts and sleeping potions. This sixth annual Shakespeare performance featured stand-out contributions from Seniors Geoff Hudson (original score). Mike Blane (lights), Gary Hewitt (set), Sarah Weir (ass’t. direction), and Alan Gosman (stage-managing). Would you buy a used computer from this man Monday 8:05 a m Friday 2:14 p m Twist the neck thusly, so the spine snaps cleanly After millions of years. You mean it ' s not B period’ 1i Which way did they go’ man finally learned to walk erect. Simon says put your hands in your pockets. Whaddya mean you didn’t throw the ball yet? Gosh darn these flies! Jus ' sweet I ' ll ole me! Watch carefully as I cause this ball to levitate I You put one more dab of makeup on my lip and I’ll bite your fingers off! Silence in the Peanut Gallery! Please Mommy ■ he followed me home . . can I keep him’ Nobody told me it was Halloween or I would have dressed up Eat your heart out, Brooke Shields! 107 ABRAXAS ♦GALLEI 199 N. Pleasant Street Amherst, Mass. 01002 2 -T401 Mon. -Sat. 10-5:30 Thurs. -8:00 Sun. 12:30-4:30 At What Age Do You Need Insurance? Insurance is simply a financial way of coping with risks — risks to your life, your health, your property, and the risks for which you may become liable for damage or injury to someone else. It’s never too early to find out about insurance. If you ' re interested, stop in at our office and ask us. We’ll be glad to help you understand what insurance is all about. You have our promise that we won ' t try to sell you anything! Blair, Cutting Smith Insurance Agency, Inc. 71 South Pleasant Street. Amherst 256-8541 Skibiski Insurance Service 2 Amherst Road. Sunderland 665-2191, 253-7222, ruu INSUBANCE AND FINANCIAL PLANNING SEBVICES (ATKINS ‘FiailT 30WL Rte. 116 8l Bay Rd., South Anjiierst, MA Open Every Day 8-6 253-9258 H5 UIVIV£RS TY 3 RWe m -the Vr ce cHov eR puftip a 5 b- 8 iMi a 5 b- 8 l H 8 4 U e lOow ' Lii e +o conaratu la-te JALL IGH SCHOOL STUpfWTS on Ol |Q35 schcol ear ! AMHERST CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTHinc. 51 East Pleasant St. AMHERST. MASS. 01002 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS Tel. 549-3875 109 200 Triangle Street, Amherst 549-3700 Qaet uJLshes to the f S5 SHOE BIN 187 n. pleasant St,, amherst Good Food and Good Eating at Jones-Neylon Insurance Agency Inc. “Service Beyond the Obligation” P.O. Box 1, 185 North Pleasant Street 256-6441 Best Wishes Yes, you CAN do it yourself with building materials from Cowls! Just ask us how. Yes. you CAN do it yourself! Just about all the clerks at Cowls have had experience in building, house repairs, masonry and electrical work. 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SO VILLAGE SQUARE PHONE 256-6911 Rte. 116 and Pomeroy La. in the SPOT For Your SPORTING Needs including: ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR SOCCER HOCKEY EQUIPMENT ACTIVE V EAR persona! checks accepted IVANKO WEIGHTS LIFTING EQUIPMENT PLUS MUCH MORE Visit us IN THE CAMPUS PLAZA Next to Super Stop Shop, Rte 9, Hadley Amnerst Line OPEN SUNDAYS 12-5. Mon -Wed. 10-7. Thurs Fn 10 9 S Sat 10-6 BEST WISHES FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE Main St., Amherst 413 - 253-3361 TAILORS ■ — p .out J cwele Silver Pewter Diamonds Colored Gemstones Watclws Fine China and Crystal by Lenox IMPORTI.HS imp MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 26 Mam St. Amherst, Mass. 233-7615 Congratulations and best wishes for the exciting years ahead. 112 356 College St. Amherst, Ma. 01002 Free Delivery! Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m. - 1 a.m. Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. PHONE: 253-3808 256 115 xoes est. 1897 8 Main St. 253-5598 56 MAIN ST. AMHERST, MASS. AMHERST 253-7002 (Donrdd Qall REGISTERED OPTICIAN - HEARING AIDS ' FINE EYEWEAR DOESN ' T COST - IT PAYS ' Amherst ' s First Optician See us for all your decorating needs SHUMWAY’S Wallpaper and Paint 320 College St. 256-6753 EL GRECO PIZZA 460 West St. 256-1342 fast free delivery (limited to So. Amherst) 5 pm - 2am THE GAS LITE Mon.-Sat. 6am-7pm Sun. 7am-3pm Breakfasts and Sandwiches 36 Main St. 253-3343 CARDS “IEWELRY Over 1,000 Designs ' 6LOTHL G IVl ' GS MUGS Dally h Sat. 10 Sunday 12-5 FOSTERS Huge Assortment :MECCANTILE AMHERST CARRIAGE SHOPS dinner daily 5 a.m.-9p.m. at the lights in N. Amherst SOUTH AMHERST LIQUOR MART 483 W. St. So. Amherst 256-6996 113 COLLEGE D?UG FULL SERVICE PHARMACY ROOSTERS COMPLETE FAMILY PRESCRIPTION REOORDS COSMETICS RUSSELL STOVER SURGICAL SUPPLIES D 9;00 A M. ■ 9.00 P.M. WEEKDAYS 9:00 A M. ■ 6:00 P.M. SATURDAY 9.00 A M ■ 3:00 P M. SUNDAY 138 Sunderland Rd. Open 6a.m.-3p.m. 6a.m.-5p.m. Sat. Sun. 256-6888 BANKING YOUR WAY 7 Convenient Offices In Hampshire Franklin Counties Automatic Teller IN achines- 9 Convenient Locations NOW Accoimts Earn 5 1 4% On Your Checking Statement Savings - a Regular Sav- ings Account Without The Restraints Of A Passbook Congratulations ' 85! HERITAGE BANK CAR TRUCK RENTALS 549-2880 RTE 63 NORTH AMHERST 00 ? ' BODY SHOP USED CARS Member FDIC North Amherst Motors Incorporated l 0iloton AMHERST • NORTHAMPTON • GRCENFIELO 114 Iv Congratulations to the Class of ’85 Shawmut Bank of Hampshire County Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender AUGIE’S TOBACCO SHOP Inc. R. P. Package Store Pleasant St. Rte. 116 and Pomeroy La. Our Personal Best Wishes For Success In The Future From your friends, The Official 1985 Yearbook Photographers: Larry, Dan, Marc, Chris, 284 Pine St. Holyoke, MA 532-9406 Bob 127 Mill St. Springfield, MA 734-7337 Credits Goldbui ' 85 Front Cover: Natania Mitchell Smith: Endsheets: Matt Dimock: Title Page: Victor Liu: Underclass Divider: Victor Liu; Senior Divider: Elena Kaulenas; Sports Divider: tRM Dimock: Back Cow; Victor Liu. Editorial Staff: Blanche Derby, Advisor; Editors: Cindy Klein, Arati Korwar, Kan Ewer, Tracy Eowler, Elena Kaulenas, Victor Liu, Natania Mitchell Smith, Helen Thelen, Kris Zaiiceck; Staff ' Sue Ambs, Nan Craker, Corwin Green, Andrea Mason, Andrea Paulding, Gina Pascoe, Claudia Sarti, Allyson Souza Business Staff; Missy Shea, Advisor; Lynda Adams, Sandy Britt, Diane Comings, John Cook, Carrie Cooper, Angie Glazier, Tina Hoffman, Mike Kazonis, Jeff Kidd, Cindy Klein, Sarah LaPuc (Mgr.), Dan Schwartz, Sue Stanley, Steve Voipe, Gail Zumbruski. 116 Proporty of UBRARY Anfiertl H og tow of Kfgk School

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