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Property of UBRARY A. A. H. S. GOLD BUG ' 84 AMHERST REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL AMHERST MASS. VOL. 67 Dedication JOE JACOBS - Ode To Joe - Let it not be said that Joseph C. Jacobs was ever soft on his students, for it is purely against his style. How many detentions did you receive last semester? What percentage of those were dished out by Mr. Jacobs? Did you ever forget to do your homework for Exposition or Brit. Lit? The answer is most probably never; especially if you weren’t into many zeros beside your name in his grade book. Giving zeros, scary as it sounds, was just one of the many techniques which Mr. Jacobs used in the process of helping us to “See the Light”. Yes, all of those small rules, all two pages of Course Expectations (which becomes one ' s second Bible when taking his courses) were designed to make each individual learn, and they worked. Just like Mrs. Clardy and “Dearest” Jane Baer, Mr. Jacobs compells his students to do all of those small “unimportant” assignments, makes everyone come to class on time and consequently gams the respect of all who take his classes. So here’s to Joe Jacobs, the man behind the hated loved myth who is one of the most interesting and knowledgeable people on campus. Taking his classes has been an experience which one looks back on with either laughter or tears (this much influenced by how well one did). Yet remembering those times when he was caught out of a classroom context, nine times out of ten you’d walk away with a smile on your face. Through the years an image will form of what was learned m Mr. Jacobs’ class. Then one will finally realize that he had something really worth listening to. Because although it may not have seemed relevant at the time, it certainly helped you out later. It could be said that this is the whole idea behind learning, behind teaching, and it could also be said that Mr. Jacobs does a great job at helping us to learn, for he is a truly great teacher. - Steve Bradley 1984 AND A WHOLE LOT MORE Odicu □ □o i ' A Z y yz A A ■ . , i j ,y , i j ii z Jj ! , f. WHAT WAS IT ALL FOR? WASN’T IT A CHORE? ’V ' ARIAN orfR DO YOU KNOW THE SCORE? FACULTY STAFF Cafe: 1st r; H. Havard, N. Dihiman, 2nd r: N. Edwards, P. Lego, A. Tudryn, H. Thompson. Art; J. Logan, L. Kravitz, B. Derby. Administration: L. Kavanaugh, J. Heffley, G. Sauls- berry. Health: J. George, H. Zatyrka. English; (not necessarily in this order!) L. Crouse, J. Jacobs, B. Minks, K. Jenks, J. Saulsberry, K MacKenzie, C. Matthews, L. Froning, J. Warthen, J, Price, D. DeGraaf. (Muppet characters ® Henson Associates, Inc., 1979) Home Ec.; M Hruska, M. Curtin, A. Mack. Language: 1st r: D. Chapman, M. Smith, T. Jaeger, B. Mathews, D. Mallory, C. Phillips. 2nd r: A. Chamorro, A. Hays, J. Luippold, M Brule, D. Brule, G. Steinmeyer, W Ouimette, R Dube. Business 1st r: M. Krzystofik, D. Harlow 2nd r: P. Fredrickson, M. Shea. Industrial Arts: C. Emery, T Gralinski, P. Healy, R. Kelly, A. Jacque, R Prescott, Music: P. Smith, D. Purcell, J Maggs B. Menko. 17 Guidance: 1st r: R Moyer, S. Wilson, L. Vigneault, S. Gigho, C. Kohner, P Kravitz 2nd r: J Hatch, D. Rainville, M Bleckwehl, M Cowley, K. Tewhey, M Robinson, A, Salituri, E. Goldenberg, M, Seppala, M Bardsley, B Bray. Library: M Jones, L. MacDonald, I. Ryavec, P. Very Phys, Ed.: R Kneeland, J Keyes, L. Giard, C. Abramson. Math: 1st r: M Fitzpatrick, C. Silver, V. Bastable 2nd r: A Stanne, J Moran, F Capporello, M Fromng, S. LaVerdiere. Secretaries: 1st r: N Marker!, A Modrzakowski, M Abramson 2nd r: L. Gouin, H. Goddard, M Social Studies: B Ames, J. Adams, R Kelly, M. Gerstein, C. Fonsh, C. Schweid. Bernasconi. J Fleury. C Abbott, C Akiyama. K Aldrich. S Allen, S. Allen, J. Arkes. A Asebrook. K, Aune, S. Austin, A Bagg C. Balboni. D. Barges, R Ban, A Barrette, I. Beatty, C. Becker, T, Benander, C. Benton. C. Bernard. E, Bertrand. M Bezucha, E. Bohn T Bosworth, C Bowler B Bramlage, E Braverman G Brown, K. Buckley D Burrell, T Burrell J. Cabrera. D, Caiolet R Camacho. N Camp S. Campbell, J. Catim T. Chalmers. B, Chandran, M Chappell, R Chea, C Chen, K. Cheng, M. Chesnut, E, Chu, N. Chu, A. Chumbly E Clapp, S. Clark. K, Connelly. K. Cooper, R Cooper, J. Cosans, A. Crankshaw, C. Crowley, C. Cudnohufsky, N Cudnohufsky A Note of Thanks This year the Sophomore Core Committee was very successful because of the special effort of advisors Evelyn Goldenberg and Tom Styspeck. They helped to organize our committee and provided guidance during various activities and events. From the beginning, they have encouraged us to do the best we could. Soph. Core Comm: 1st r: D Gould, J. Wills, L. Terrizzi, R Eckhouse, R, Loescher, A, Asebrook 2nd r: J. Edwards, A. Doherty. K. Edwards, K. McAndrews, N. Camp. C. May, B, Lorenzo. 3rd r: K. Stiles. K, Lewitt, K. Keegan, L. LaChance, E. Goldenberg, (adv.), L. Bohn, J. Guyer, A. Souza. R. Kreisman, T. Demers. 20 W Danielson, K, Dauber, D Delaney, T, Demers, A, Doherty, St, Dolfe, Z, Echevarria, R. Eckhouse, J, Edwards, K. Edwards R- Elison, S. Elkins, L. Emond, J. Ennis, M Fairchild, M Fantini, J Fariss, J. Fink, L, Flynn, D. Frazier S. Froning, M Fuller D. Gabriel, A. Glucker L. Gordon, D. Gould M Griffith, J. Guyer W Harrison, S. Hart T Hartzler. C Harwood M Hayes, R. Hazlett B Healy, J, Hepinstall, S. Hepler, J. Herrmann, B, Hewitt, M, Hill, K. Hilt, C. Holden, S. Hopkins, N. Hopley, G. Howard, G. Jackson T. Jager, J, Jakus, T, Jasmin, A. Jernigan, C. Jerome, L. Johns, M, Jolly, C, Jones, T Jones, D. Karlson 21 M Kazonis. J Kearns, H. Keefe. S Keefe, K. Keegan, K, Kenerson, E Kireiczyk, E Kirejczyk, D, Knightly. R Kobin C. Koy, R Knesman, R. Labonte, L. Lachance, L. Lashway, M Laurent. C. Lee, M. Lenburg, L. Lengieza, T. Lessie J. Levin, J. Levine K. Levitt. M Londgren R Loescher, B, Lorenzo L. Lucas. J Macdonald N Maggs, J Maloney J Mann. E Marcum L Marganski, A Mason R Mathews, M Matuskiewicz C May, F. Mazzei, K, McAndrews, H. McEachern, S. Medina. N Mildwoof, R. Miltz. L. Mireault, E Mitchell, M. Moebius E. Moles, A. Moran, V. Morris, S. Morton. B. Mount. I, Morz. M, Muller, T Mully, P Mushovic, C Negrette 22 [ S. Nguon, ) Niedzielski. C O ' Neil. H Ostendarp. T. Palmisano, A Paulding, E. Payne, E. Pietz, L Plaza B Porter, P Rainford, J. Raskevitz, D. Reed, A Rice, M. Richards. N. Ring, W. Ritter, J. Robinson, N Rogers C. Rothkegel, J, Rupp C. Saaltield, M. Sahabdeen S. Salloux, A. Samiotis S, Sastry, L. Schwartz 0. Schwarz, S. Scott J Searle, E. Seidman S. Shea, A. Shuldiner D. Silver, E. Simon D. Slovin, L. Smith, D Snedecor, T. Sot. A. Souza. K, Stiles, M Stiles, M, Stratton, A, Stuart, K Stubbart C, Sullivan, J. Sutton, A, Syed, K Takesue, D Talan, M. Tebaldi, L. Terrizzi, E, Theilman, A, Thomas, A. Thompson 23 E. Thompson, K. Thornton. K, Ting, S. Tower, M. Troy, R. Tudryn, R. Rurhill, V. Umholtz. S. Uyemuki, J. Vassallo, D. Venman, S, Volpe, S. Volpe, R. Vong, S. Wardlaw, Y, Washburn, 1. Waskieicz, J, Weaver. C. Webster. T. Wells, C. Wheelock, B. White, S. Williams, M, Willis, J. Wills, R Wilson, K. Wise 24 JUNIORS Through trials and tribulations the Junior Core Committee survived Booster Week. The event was definitely a memorable occasion, highlighted by Mike McIntosh’s distinguished soprano solo and a hall that was out of this world. There is an overwhelming number of juniors on the committee this year, and we hope to accomplish a lot. Future plans include: organizing a tasteful cake auction and airing another episode of Star Trek. Special thanks to Mary Seppala and Jan Saulsberry for advising us. Junior Core Committee: 1st r; M. McIntosh, J. Wills. 2ntJ r: A. O ' Neil, E. Whalen, M. Hafner, A. Brown, K. Weeks, K. McDowell, L. Hayward, K. Thurston, E. Salloux, i. Burruto. 3rd r: K. Walter, C. Kaneta, K. Ehinger, A. Korwar, C. Klein, K. Ross, L. Sarat, T. Flamer, Y. Rodriguez, K. Zaiicek, S. Martinez, M. McIntyre. 4th r: G. Lightner, S. LaPuc, S. Gundersheim, S. Britt, J. Asebrook, M. Clyne, R. Greenabaum, S. Oates, S. Madson, G. Zumbruski, S. Waldeck, i. Mullins, J. Belknap, S, Ambs, J. Morel, P. Cobb, K. Bardwell, K. Adams, J. Swift, S. McBride, A. Carpenter. K. Adams, L. Adams, M Aldrich, V. Alexander, W. Allen, P. Almassy, S. Ambs, S. Aoki. T. Aramaki, J. Asebrook A Avenll, T. Babu, K. Bardwell, J. Barilla, M. Barrette, i. Belknap, M. Blane, S. Blow, K. Bostian, M. Bouchard M. Bndegam, S. Britt A. Brown, 0. Brown M. Brown, C. Bryon, K. Burridge, J. Burruto D. Calderon, C. Carlen A. Carpenter, C. Casey B. Chalmers, D. Chamorro R. Chandran, V. Chappell W. Chesnut, J. Clark, S. Cleary, D. Cobb, A. Cohen, S. Coles, D. Comings, K. Como, A. Cook, I. Cook C. Cooper, M. Cope, W. Cox, N. Craker, J. Cramer, A. Currin, A. Cushing, J. Damon, L, Davis, E. Deleon 25 C Dell. B Demerath, B Demers, D Dersham, A Dimock, R Donovan. C. Dorman. D Dugas. L. Duston, K Eckstrom. E Ehinger. K Ewer, J Fairchild. B Fay. A Ferro. S Fischer. T Flamer, R Foley, J. Fortescue. T Fowler C Garcia. A. Glazier. P Glucker. L. Godchaux V Gonis. B Gordon A Gosman. E Granms. C Green. M Green R Greenbaum. A Grist. S. Gundersheim. M Hatner L Flamilton, E Flartai. M Harwood. R Hatt, E Hawley. L Hayward. M Henderson, E, Hendricks. V Hendricks. D. Heronemus. G Hewitt. A, Hilt, T Hoffman. J. Holt. K Holt, E Howell. C, Harasna, M Hruska, G Hudson. L Huner 26 L Isabelle. C. Jackson, R Jackson. T. Jager, T. Jaremczuk, J. Jarmon, R Johnson, K Jones, C. Kamansky, C. Kaneta, t Kaulenas, R Kent, K Kessler. J Kidd. C Klein T Knightly, T Knihnicki. B Koh. A Korwar. E Lacey L. Laclaire, T Langdon. A Laprade, S. Lapuc S Larson. R Lasanta Lashway. J Lashway M Lester. P Levin S Lindquist. M Little V Liu. C Lynch. E Lyster. C MacDonald, D MacDonald. T Maclosky. S Madson, D Maisey, S Mao. S Mao. S Martens. C Martenson. E Martin, S Martin, S Martinez. J. Matthews, K Mayer. S. McBride, K McDowell. M Mclntire M McIntosh, P. McNeal, M Melanson T Meldon. J. Miller, E Minear, N Mitchell-Smith, C. Moebius, H Moles. B Montague. S. Moores, R Moran. J. Morel, T Morrill, E. Muench, J, Mullins, E. Myren, E Nakapma, A, Neill. P Nguyen. Q Nguyen, T Nguyen I Nissenbaum, J Novak, S, Oates. N O ' Brien, F O ' Rourke. S. Orrell T Ostrott, M Partee G Pascoe, E Penza S Perez, i Pham. S Pierce. H Pile, E Plisko. ) Raskevitz. Jr . 0 Raskevitz, W Raskevitz. J Reid. D Robbins. H Robinson, R Robinson, W Robinson, L Rodriguez. S Rogalski. K Ross, W Russell, A Rutherford, V Rutstein. E Salloux, 28 L Sarat, D. Sargent. R, Schick, T. Selig, C. Shaier, ) Sicks, D. Sidman, D. Simanski. D Smith, W, Smith R. Sobhian, S. Stanley, L. Staruch, A, Sternheim M Sturm. A, Sullivan, B Sun, H. Swenson. J, Swift, P. Swift, S. Syed, V, Tamm S. Tang. D- Taylor ) Teng, H Thelen T Thompson, D Thornton K Thurston, L Timmermann S. Voipe, C. Voorhees S Waldeck, E. Walen K, Walter, P. Waskiewicz K, Weeks, S, Weir, T. Wentworth, J. Whaples, P White, A. Whitehead, E. Wilder, E. Winnie, E. Winslow M. Winston, B. Wise, A. Wobst, J. Wolf, K. Wyse M, Yarde, A. Ziomek, J, Ziomek. G. Zumbruski These are P T.H, (Peak Tanning Hours) I ' ve finally seen the light Give me your hand, child Like ' wow ' man She said no ' So, what should we do with them now ' Why IS everything upside down’ See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil ■ ■ 30 Jacobs didn ' t fail me! Hey guys, what ' s up It ' s story time Look out, Rufus! Get down! Get down! Pavarotti rules What’! It ' s Saturday’ Danny, that ' s no way to pick your friends See, it ' s really not that heavy 31 BOOSTER DAY 1 Booster Day is the one time all students at A.R.H.S. come together with various displays of school spirit. It is a time to forget about academics for a day, and to do our part in promoting spirit where it ' s needed most . . . our high school. The “Amherst Hurricanes” are more than a football team, and by recognizing everyone who participates in Fall Sports, Booster Day helps us to realize that. The Pep Rally offers us a chance to laugh at our classmates, and to enjoy their skits. The parade of class floats and the decorated halls provide an opportunity to “show off” products of hard, but rewarding work. Booster Day comes but once a year, so it is important that we realize that school spirit is needed not only for Booster Day, but for every other day too. - Amy Burrell THE CAKE SALE This years’ Junior Cake Sale was as colorful and entertaining as ever. It was even more exciting with the quiz show hosted by Josh Belknap. Better luck next time Mr. Adams! Some notable cakes were the fish by the sophomores and the much demanded Latin Club Amphitheatre, and let’s not forget the one with the playing tape recorder inside! Thanks to all who contributed cakes and to those who bought them. We were able to collect $571.00 to I; help finance the Senior Prom. Orchestra: 1st r: P. Smith, L. Ternzzi, E, Lessie, G Hudson, R Arons, B. Pope, G. Neunder, H, Pile, L, Ternzzi. 2nd r: R Ban, M. Bridegam, S. Coles, E, Winslow, F. Berkman, D, Greenebaum, D, Weinstein, W. Smith, B. Demerath, S. Kiernan, D, Talon, R. Blocker, E. Seidman, T. Lessie, W, Chesnut. 3rd r: K. Dane, J. Su, A. Hepler, L, Averill, K. Bosma, D. Silver, S. Moran, M. Moebius, P, Mange, R. Seidman, C, Moebius, T. Agrios, M. Benander, A. Moran, L. Rice, M. Blane, K. Li, R. Bogart, B. Chandran, D. Silver, G. Penchina, D. Vanblerkom. The Jazz Workshop offers an oppor- tunity for students to explore jazz preformance practices, improvisations and spontaneous arranging. The work- shop has preformed in several evening concerts and in the cafeteria during lunch time. Jazz Workshop: 1st r: N. Ring, A. Gossman, M Froning, R Bogartz, 2nd r: J Nissenbaum, C. Negrett, D, Purcell, B. Chandran, R. Gudger, K. Barges, S. Deegan, J. Quinn, M. Fantmi. Orchestra: We live for: There is no excuse to play this correkly .... jackets and shoes with ties .... bring your umbrellas ... your G strings aren’t tight enough .... don ' t be clasual people .... champlays . The conductor is the violas .... Seth’s 16-in-hand tie ... don’t pizz. on the fingerboard ... don’t practice this, folks. Chamber Players: 1st r: D. Greenebaum, P Mange, W. Smith, D. Silver. 2nd r: M. Bridegam, S. Coles, A. Hepler, E. Lessie, G. Hudson, R. Arons, W. Chesnut. 3rd r: P. Smith, S. Moran, K. Li, K. Adams, T. Lessie, G. Penchina. Symphony Band; 1st r; C. Halpern, K. Dahowski, B Quick, M, Azano, L. Matlack, K. Blanchard. K. Williams, C. Eccleston, K. Carlson. 2nd r: J. Moran, K. Field, D. Loughran, K. Kessler, K. Zerby, J Mroz, M. Westort, D. Malo, T, Fairchild, W. Lattuca, S. Camacho, A. Averill, A. LaPrade, C. Bell, R. Kriesman. 3rd r: D. Purcell, M. Eagan. Z. Voipe, J. Jakus, T Rielly, C. Holden. S. Moran, B. Mount. J. Hepinstal, K. Rosenau, A. Melchianda, M Braverman, S. Rice, K. Kenerson. 4th r: R Halt, E. Lyster, M. Franklin, K. Edwards, J. Wills, S. Tower, T. Voipe, B. Coppinger, Z. Leven, E, Marcum. Symphony Band is a wind and percussion ensemble band experience avail- able to all. Activities this year included combined concerts and a performance at the Bangs Center. Chorale; 1st r; A Brown, D Greenebaum, M Smith, E Seidman, L. Pelis, S. Weir, M. Bridegam, D Talan 2nd r; P. Mange, S. Larson, S. Moran, L Rice, M. Froning, G. Hudson, S. Morse, V. Rutstein. 3rd r; M. Page, A. Burrell, G. Hewitt, M. Moebius, S. Mitchell, S. Gundersheim, S. Eddy, B. Koh, S. Babb, B. Holly, B. Demerath, J. Stanne, D. Gardner, K. Heftley. “The Chorale is off to another harmonious start, " said Max. “Oh come on Max, that kind of falls FLAT on its face!”, “Oh you ' re so SHARP, Sophie! ANYWAY, here are fond and not so fond memories: Maggsies Marvel- ous Method or Fun with Phonetics . . . Text, people! . . Lasagna dinner a la Amherst High Cafe . . . Louder Altos! . . . We have no time for this . . . Sects, kinky sects, and inter- chorus Wind Ensemble is a select group that places emphasis on quality perfomances. This year ' s activities included a concert at Buckley Recital Hall and an exchange trip concert with S. Burlington High in Ver- mont. Wind Ensemble; 1st r; S. Kiernan, D. Talan, D. Reed, A. Moran, K. Ross, E. Berkman, L Terizzi, D. Weinstein 2nd r; P. Swift, N. Ring, L. Gordon, A. Gosman, K. Cameron, T. Kostoroski, N. Hopley, T. Mully, A. Doherty, E. Teng, R. Kobin, E. Seidman, J. Griffith, M. Blane. 3rd r; L. Alschuler, J. Swift, D. Gould, L. Kallio, D Plaut, D Brown, J. Asebrook, R. Seidman, C. Moebius. R. Ban, R. Blocker. 4fh r; D. Purcell, K. Edwards, T. Moran, E. Dickinson, J. Niedzielski, T. Agrios, M. Benander, L. Rice, R. Bogartz, B. Chandran, P. Martenson, T. Brown, D. Reed. Concert Choir; 1st r; A. Lehrer, T. Wells, J. Jarmon, R. Kobin, L. Smith, C. Cudnohufsky, B. Porter, E. Nakajima, C. Maley, S. Sastry. 2nd r; A. LaPrade, L. Duston, C. Kilmer, J. McClellan, D. Burrell, J. Niedzielski, S. Porter, s! Brush, A. Manning, R. Greenbaum, C. Chen, V. Scott, J. Kearns, 3rd r; K. Ensiger, K. Zapcek, E. Thompson, M. Chandler, C. Korea, J. Fink, D. Knightly, M. Babb, R. Anderson, W. Chesnut, T. Lipping, T. Ford, K. McDowell, S. Madson, A. Cohen, I. Ackerman, L. Dixon, R. Blocker. The Concert Choir ... urn ... great songs, yeah, neat people ... a highly iirogressive group, bright youngsters willing to strive for UNEQUALLED excellence . . . hose kids sure can carry a tune . . . good clean American fun! Chorus; 1st r; L. Staruch, E. Kaulenas, E Winslow. 2nd r; L. Chu, K. Kynard, P McDonald, L. Schwartz, S. Hart, W. Morton, A. Wilson, Y. Laurent, K. Bernard. 3rd r; P. Tillis, C. Murray, K. Aldrich, L. Crawford, K. Holstein, A. Pion, S. Ambs, J. Maggs, T. Jaremzuck, S. Morton, S. Warner, H. Radosh, B. Harrison, S. Tang, J. Goldman, D. Kornhiser, M. Guyer, J. Mann, R. Miltz, T. Burrell, E. Lacey, A. Bagg. What ' s the Mary May Pole? . . . Louder altos ... Do you like cats? . . . Where is everyone? . . . STOP TALKING!!! ... You really sound good . . . We ' re improving every day and getting our act together. By the end of the year we would be awesome . . . HALLELEJAHHHH!!! . . . Thanks Steve. THE A.B.C. HOUSE ABC is a national, nonprofit organization whose goal is to increase substantially the number of well educated minority people who can assume responsibility and leadership in American society. That goal is being realized. ABC has recruited more than 8,000 able minority students and placed them in excellent schools. By continuing to give bright youngsters a better chance, ABC helps the students, enriches the schools and colleges they attend, and benefits the society to which they will contribute their talents. Students must be in the top 10 percent of their class, have a grade-point average of at least 85, score well on the Secondary School Admission Test, have solid academic and personal recommendations, and demonstrate motivation for a challenging educational experience. After recruiting students and placing them in quality secondary school situations, ABC provides counseling for the students and their parents and for the schools the students attend. This is done through a network of regional directors based at Barnard, Brown, Carlton, Dartmouth, Duke, Penn, Williams, Yale and Western Reserve Academy. ABC also provides partial scholarship aid to almost all the students. Of more than 3,000 students who have graduated from their ABC schools more than 90 percent have continued their education at colleges universities throughout the United States. - Curtis Roach A.B.C. House: 1st r: C. Roach, J. Penalvert. D Martinez. A Villaman, W. McCloud 2nd r; E Mitchell, S. Campbell, G. Lightner, V. Alexander, D. Smith THE ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL The Alternative High School started in the 1977-78 school year. Since then it has evolved and changed a little each year, and has taken on the flavor of the individuals attending at the time. Yet the Alternative Program has held steadfast to a basic philosophy and set-up. The Alternative High School provides a theraputic setting for students with social and or emotional problems, (such as depression and student alienation). This setting provides a structured program in a supportive atmosphere with a small teacher pupil ratio. Course content and methods of teaching are based on a " humanistic " philosophy of education. The philosophy and set-up of the Alternative High School creates an atmosphere that fosters a sense of community and encourages students to have a meaningful, positive experience that will last throughout his her life. THE THEATER COMPANY I Theater Co: 1st r: E. Goldman, K. Ehinger, S. Weir, T. Perkins, A. Lehrer, D. Cantor, S. Babb, M. Medina, K. Zajicek. 2nd r: C. Almia, S. Morse, J. Schimmel, K, Bostian, L. Hamilton, G. Hewitt, J, Eortesque, K. Wise, P. Levin, M. Blain, G. Hudson. 3rd r: L. Godchaux, S. Scott, L. Hendricks, S. Mitchell, S. Gundershein, L. Duston, R. Bogartz, J. Woodford, M. Langley, L. Platt, T. Langdon, C. Jackson, T. Lipping. 4th r: J. Schmalz, B. Wise, E. Payne, D. Silver, P. Mange, A. Cohen, B. Holly, E. Thompson, M. Clyne, L. Terrizzi, R. Seidman, V. Tamm, B. Koh. The Theater Co. started out with a first, choosing four plays from the Young Playwright’s Festival of 1981 and 1982. The Young Playwright ' s Festival, held annually in New York, serves to recognize the writing talent present in students up to age 18. We were the first high school to choose a repertoire from the Festival, one that included a play written by a current Amherst College student. Even as the first production wrapped up, however, the storm clouds of Work to Rule were gathering. The December production was put in limbo, postponing Shakespeare until the spring, and question marks were put beside all other productions. The bright spots included the beginning of “Thursday Afternoon Matinees " and the completion of the lighting system overhaul. After three years of total renovation, the lighting system is currently state of the art. CLUBS I Debate: G. Hewitt. M. Masalski. POCU: 1st r: C. Roach, A. Villaman, D. Martinez. Y. Faison, K. Desheilds. 2nd r: A. Hams. G. Lightner, W McClud, A. Bowles. :|Proni Comm.; 1st r: N. Eckhouse, M. Masalski 2nd r: D Cowles, K Oeshields, A iHarris, A. Bowles, A Burrell, R. Blocker, Y. Laurent. 3rd r: C. Kilmer, M. Bonwil, K. ( ' Mallory, K, Poll, C. Patterson, G. Zumbruski, C. Holt. Latin Club; 1st r: E. Seidman, S. Martinez, C. Chen, K. Edwards, L, Terizzi, V. Tamm, W Allen, S. Yandian, C. Moebius, 2nd r: J Fink, R Greenabaum, S. LaPuc, B. Wise, L. Terizzi, R. Seidman, D. Weinstein, J. Woodfork, J. Burutto. 3rd r: M. Lenberg, P. Gudger, E. Morel, M Twitchell, M Page, H. Robinson, C. MacDonald, K. Wyse, C. Phillips (adv.). S.T.O.P.; 1st r: B Harrison, E. Starr, J Kearns, S. Morse, 2nd r: P. Swift, E. Goldman, P. Levin, V. Rutstein, B. Chandran. 3rd r: E. Morell, P. Dinard, V. Morris, H. Robinson, W Allen, R. Chandran, D. Ahern Hope and Solidarity: 1st r: M Clyne, E. Seidman 2nd r: L Dixon, L. Terizzi, D. Cantor. L. Terizzi, R. Seidman, S. Tang. 3rd r: L. Alschuler, Y. Faisson, A. LaPrade, A. Harris. S. Yandian, M. Eronmg, M. Medina. ARNAV: Amherst Regional News and Views, of course. That just about says it all. To expand, anyway; Every Saturday at 10 AM, everyone in the area who’s listening to WTTT turns to another station. The people in the picture, known to some as ARNAVites, then proceed to enjoy themselves on the open airwaves; they broadcast music, comedy, school news, and com- plaints about each other’s clothing to three-quarters of a million unplugged radios in the Pioneer Valley. Actually, this is a very pessimistic point of view, and ARNAV does have listeners: whenever we pre-record a show, we can listen to ourselves at home and claim an audience. Of course, we have our share of memories: no one could forget The Hot Spot Cousin Brucie and FM99 ... Big Jim and Danny . . DG, Dave, and the Sophomore Girl Discussion ... The call-ins (please?!) ... The Local Eggs . . . Mel, the balloon man . . . initiation with the scissors . . everyone’s first time on mike . . Hot Swaps . . . Bob’s car . . Bob, the man . . . Bob, the myth . . Bob for apples . . The brilliant comedy team of B.H. and L.D. . . The Triumvirate ... and of course Born Again Beatles! ARNAV: B. Holly, L. Dustin, P. Cobb, D. Cantor, K. Heffley, D. Gardner, D. Silver, J. Fink. This year the Tri-S Club was made up of an exceptionally attractive group of women. We provided many social events and services for the school, one of which was the Tri-S semi-formal. Because of our especially successful fundraising, we were proud to revive the tradition of present- ing a scholarship. This year the group was more than just a committee, we became close friends who worked together with the common interest of doing things to benefit our school. We’ve shared some really fun times; we’ll never forget the wild meetings at Kristin’s house with our loyal male followers (Mike, Bri, and Ken), bowling at Boyden, and our quiet strolls through town. The seniors in the club wish next year’s group the best of luck in carrying out the Tri-S traditions and we hope that they have many more memorable experiences together. Tri-S; 1st r: A Brown, L. Timmerman, K. McDowell, T. Ford, K O ' Connor, J Blake, J. Swift. 2nd r: G. Zumbruski, S. Britt. A, O ' Niel, S. Lapuc, K. Thurston, L. Hayward, M. Hafner, C. Kaneta, K. Mallory. 3rd r; R. Culbertson, A. Warren, R. Greenbaum, A. Whitehead, E. Salloux, J. Asebrook, E. Whalen. S, Waldeck, K, Chalmers, K. Morbey. Student Council 1st r: J. Levin, M. Guyer, Y. Laurent, C. Holt, S. Martin. 2nd r: D. Burrell, J. Schimmel, A. Burrell, R. Blocker. M. Goldenberg, T, Burrell. 3rd r: L. Bone, R. Chandran, L. Platt, K. Como, P. Gudget, M. Bonwit, 4th r: T. Bennett, B. Wise, S. Uyemuki. It is pleasing to see that this year’s Student Council is made up of a true variety of students. It is the largest Student Council we have had, but more important than the quantity is the quality. Each member seems very concerned about the student body, and has demonstrated effort in our school. The student council will continue growing and experiencing the importance of student involvement in the day-to-day issues at A.R.H.S. Goldbug 1st r: N Smauer, J, Frizzle. D. Cantor. K. Heffley, J. Schmaltz. K Ehinger, A. Korwar. 2nd r: A. Bowles, K. Deshields, D. Townsend, S. Dihiman, S. Bradley, K. Za|icek. 3rd r: G. Lightner, A. Harris, B. Derby (adv.), L. Gordon, K. Garcia, V. Scott. Goldbug Gumbo Try this recipe - it will add spark to your life: take - 1 exciting school year then add - 2000 photographs then add - lots of humor then add • 1000 memories Combine all of the above ingredients and blend well. Serves an unlimited number of people over and over, year after year! Int’l Students: 1st r: P. Nguyen, M. Matusiewicz. C. Rothkegal, R, Chia, S. Mao. 2nd r: B. Sun, P. Swift, R. Vong, C. Rothkegal, T. Nguyen. The International Students Club represents students from 14 countries and tries to promote cultural understanding. student School Committee: 1st r: M McIntosh, J. Guyer, J. Levin, J. Belknap, 2nd r: L. Ternzzi, M. Page The Student School Committee serves as the liaison between the Regional School Committee and the students. We present the opinions of students to the School Committee on a variety of issues such as budget cuts, final exams, and contract negotiations. We now have a student representative sitting on the Regional School Committee as a speaking member. It is extremely important that students use this representative to voice their opinions. Let ' s stop complaining and get things done. Outing Club: 1st r: P. Cobb, E. Starr, L. Smith, S. Morse. 2nd r: A Hilt, R. Tufhill, H. Robinson, C. McDonald. Outing Club continues to provide us with a variety of outdoor excursions. While crawling in caves, conquering great peaks such as Mt. Tom or canoeing Lake George off-season, we enjoy the out-of-doors. It is a lifestyle some call madness, but one that we call fun. i Ham Radio: J. Eisenberg, E. Starr, J. Siccard, C. Emery (adv.). The Amateur Radio Club is organized to provide interested students the opportunity to learn and practice communications skills with other licensed operators. Activities include training in Morse Code, electronic radio and anten- na theory and operating the radio equipment located in the school. The As Schools Match Wits team this year showed marked improvement over last years’ group. Although Mrs. Mathew ' s maternity leave made organization more difficult, we were able to achieve chesion both in practice and in play. Our one match against an equally competent Northhampton squad was incredibly tight and, although the final score was not in Amherst’s favor, it is safe to say that right until the end of the match it was anyone ' s game. As Schools Match Wits: D.J. Dugas, L. McDowell, E, Starr, R Ban, L. Spivack. Naf ' l Hon. Soc. 1st r: M Benander, J. Stem, L Alschuler, T. Agnos, R. Seidman. 2nd r: M. Blane, D Silver, M. Page, M. Masalaski, P. Swift, S. Tang. Graphic; A. Cohen. 2nd r: E. Sallou , S. Yandian. 3rd r; S. Babb. L Hendricks, K. Carpino. The Graphic staff continues to provide the school community with news and information of interest to students at least five times a year. This year, once again under the direction of Mrs. Jane Price, the staff had an exciting and memory-filled year. Russian Club 1st r: J Miller, A Lehrer, S Hepler, P Levin, C. Carpino, K. Zapcek 2nd r: A. Radosh, C. Harwood, K. Kessler. M. Chandler, J Niedzielski. M Smith, J. Wobst (adv). 3rd r: K. Shafer. S. Morse, E. Thompson, V Rutstein. ' 83- ' 84 was an exciting and activity-filled year for the Russian Club. Under the direction of Jude Wobst and President Chris Carpino, the members attended numerous Russian movies and lectures in the Five-College area, and also participated in the annual New York trip with the Austin Prep. School Russian Club, from Reading, Ma. National Honor Society tries to develop greater community involvement at A.R.H.S. This includes working at the Senior Center, developing a news bulletin board, organizing a school clean up, and raising money for charities. French Club. Isl r: J. Kearns, S. Sastry, V. Tamm, K. Ehmger, C. Kaneta, K. Wise. 2nr r: C. Jackson, E. Payne, A. Hayes (adv.), S. Salloux, D. Silver, D. Brule (adv.). Cercle Francais is a group interested in France, the French language, and French culture in its many forms. Our activities include field trips, a film series and the annual exchange with L’Ermitage, a private school on the outskirts of Paris. German-American Partners: 1st r: K. Weeks, R. Eckhouse, A. Mason, J. Fortesque, D. Talen, E. Howell. 2nd r: B. Hawley, J. Eisenberg, T. Sicks, T. Stevens, J. Stanne, H. Richards, G. Stemmeyer (adv ). Since ’74-75 the German-American-Partnership-Program has provided us the opportunity to host a student from Germany and, in turn, to live with a family in Germany for four weeks. In April of 1984, 20 students from the partnership school came to Amherst. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES In twenty-five years from now our memories of high school will be hazy and broken. We’ll probably remember lots of faces but very few names. To lose memories of various characters and their personalities is to essentially lose our high school years all together: THUS - some bright person invented Superla- tives, a method of remembering. It’s difficult to designate a ‘type’ to people, but everybody wants to be remembered somehow. With superlatives you can be remembered the way you want to be - or at least the way other people want you to be remembered (even if it isn’t terribly flattering.) Fortunately our school has about 10,000 superlatives to hand out, so when you look back at this after you’re gone grey you can do your remembering for a few hours. " Oh yeah, I suppose he was class leaf-raker, yeah,” you’ll remember, and so forth and so on. Despite the omission of " person to most likely to ax murder his family”, these superlatives are still a good time in themselves. So sit back and enjoy as you reminisce over the next few pages. - Dan Cantor Most original - Rachel Bench Class mod Pam Tillis Spunkiest - Sharon Yandian Class Mist Mark Masalski Most charming Charlie VanderZwaag Class Terry Garr ■ Catherine Patterson 44 Most sophisticated Kim Poll Most school spirit Amy Burrell Best body - Laura McDowell Class Musician Jared Quinn Most talented Mary Benander Class barbarian Noah Eckhouse Class peanutbutter t jelly - Robyne Blocker Yvette Laurent The woman behind the myth Aang Lehrer Class Diety - Carlos Murray Class paradox • Steve Bradley Class “Big Dads” - Kevin Howard Most aloof Tonya Perkins Class partier Alan Brown Most deceiving TImo Lipping Most unconventional Amie Gordon Most athletic boy Kenny Lengieza Class deadhead Matt Sunderland Class gossip Melissa Jainchill Class runner Russ Anderson Class spazz ■ Jackie Woodfork Heather Richards Prettiest ■ Anita Bowles Most likely to make you smile ■ Dee Kornhiser Class unsung hero • Joe Lashway Class jetsetter - Yvonne Faison Class chic - Wallace McCloud Class chauvinis - Malik Allen Smallest Class cool • Ray Wilson Class mechanic - Paul Newcombe Jack of all trades - Andy Manning Most scheming - Use Ackermann Class teddy bear • Al Saulny Loudest - Karen Morbey Class echo - Ramona Clifton Most likely to buy a Porsche - Sandy Dihlmann Most likely to be reading GQ - Todd Bennett Class class - Adrienne Hams Class guitarist - Phil Gudger Class pummel - Paul Theilman Class dimples ■ Sarah Neill Sweetest - Jessica Blake Class broadway star - Sue Mitchell Most stubborn - Mike Mann Cutest boy • Marc Tebaldi Friendliest - Ellen Moran Most likely to succeed - Jon Schimmel Most underestimated - Meg Bonwitt Most gullible - Cindy Kilmer Most talkative ■ Brian Melley 51 Class continental - Alvin Forader Class outdoorsperson(girl) - Sophie Morse Best dressed girl - Anitra Swaminathan Class couple - Ellen Goldman and Mark Veklerov Class walking diaster area - George Hart Best dressed boy ■ Morgen Jacobson Most excitable - Theresa Ford Class scientist ■ Jon Eisenberg Class Friendly waitress - Charlene Korza Most dramatic - Rachel Seidman Sexiest - Carson Thorton Class dancer Kim Hettley Most histrionic Dan Gardner Class clown - John Tauer Class prep - Micheal Goldenberg Class Mr. T - Trent Williams Class go getter - Janet Stanne Three Musketeers - Tracy Stiles, Jill Godaire, and Jane Harrison Cutest Girl - Kim Deshields Silliest - Erica Lessie The best looking guy you’ll ever hear - David Silver Class Ed McMahan and Johnny Carson - Brenden Berge and Geoff Keochakian Most Likely to buy IBM - Ethan Starr Shyest - Amy Mulcahy Most Likely to be Tony Coler - Tony Coler Donna Adams: Time is . . . Too slow for those who wait Too swift for those who fear ... Too long for those who grieve ... Too short for those who reioice Use Ackermann: Art Room . but for those who love, 3,4; Squash 4; Con. Choir 4. time is not! Anthony B. Agrios: " They do in Greece " Symphony 1,2; Wind Ensemble 3,4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Orch. 3,4; Pep Band 2,4; N.H.S. Bulletin Board subcomm.; Eleanor Adoboe co-pres. Karen Aho: Oh Brave New World! Soccer 3,4; Softball 1,2; Swimming 1,2,4; Graphic 3,4; German-Amer. Pari. 3,4. Patricia J. Albertson The Senior Class If you pick up a 9th grade yearbook from 1981 - when our class graduated Jr. High - you might see a lot of people you don’t recognize - it seems puberty hadn’t been too kind to us and we were looking a little awkward - but with the removal of our braces and a tew acne medicine applications later, we’ve come of age with a little grace. Secondly, it seems a lot of people from our 9th grade class have moved or gone to private school. I will never understand this. To turn down such a wonderful education! Such a king - of - the - hill, top - o - the ■ heap, A 1 education! But it was their choice and they’ve missed out on many things. Our class has developed despite its diversities (which we all know from looking at write-ups in past yearbooks is tilled with preppies! and jocks! and artsy - crattsies! etc.! etc.!) There is an honest, quiet sense of togetherness in this class that can’t be denied - like when most of the class broke out into a spontaneous cheer of " Eight - ee- tour! Eight - ee - four!” on Booster Day when it was announced we didn’t win first place for our - souee! ■ beautiful hall which deserved to win. Regardless it now seems our mission is accomplished - we’ve done it, finished high school, and now it’s time for (you’ve heard it before), " bigger and better things!” A bittersweet felling, huh? But that’s not all they’ve missed. They also missed Buzz Bray reminding everyone not to flunk gym " Ya’ know a lot of people - and I can’t express this enough - have stayed back because of gym. They think " Hey I’m a big Senior, I can blah, blah, blah.’” And they missed having a Principal who drives a TR7 and missed being the first class to have to take gym both days. Mostly they missed something no student should be without - they missed the priviledge of going to a high school with red and white candy striped halls. Any high school that doesn’t remotely resemble a museum or a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is not complete. They also missed a lot of hard times but mostly a lot of fun. - Dan Cantor Judith Annable: Field Hockey Paul Austin Julie Ayres Sarah Babb: Veni Vidi Vici Mark Bailey Armand Balboni 2; Soccer 3; Softball 1-4. Art Room 2-4; Track 2,3; Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Graphic 2,3,4; Theater Co. 2-4. 56 James Allen: PFL 1-4. Malik Allen Russell H. Allen: Let your dreams of today be the realities of tomorrow Core Comm. 1,2; Volleyball 1-4; CROSSroads 4. Chahrazed Almia: Volleyball 4; French C. 4; Hope and Solidarity. lisa Alschuler: Here ' s looking at you kid Soccer 3,4; Tennis 1-4; Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Hope and Solidarity 4; Karate. Russell Anderson: What ' s the difference between capitalism and communism’ Capitalism IS the exploitation of one group by another, communism is just the opposite Cross Country 2-4; Skiing 1; Track 1-4; Con. Choir 3,4; Hope and Solidarity 3,4; Scouting 1-4; Musical 3-4; " Pork Roasting” 1-4; Whaling 1-4. lenior Core Committee: 1st r: K. Cameron. D. Weinstein, T. Ford, J. Blake. K Mallory, K, O ' Connor, J. Woodfork, L. latt, J. Penalvert. 2nd r: M. Bonwitt, K. Deshields, A. Harris, A. Bowles, A. Warren. R. Culbertson, S. Yandian. K. Poll, N. iCkhouse. 3rd r: C. Roach K. Ritter. L. Terrizzi, Y. Laurent, J. Frizzle. C. Barges, H. Wilson, C. Patterson, S. Mitchell, A. iurrell. R. Blocker, K. Heffley, E. Faison. M Masalski, D. Cowles, B. Bray(adv.) Christine Barges: The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up. l ' Band 1-4; Goldbug 4; Jazz Workshop 4; Core Comm. 1 4; H.H.H. 4. Robyn Bari: Quod Erat Oem onstratum As Schools Match Wits 4; Band 1-4; Graphic 2; Theater Co. 1-3; Library 2,3,4. Mark W. Bastable: The thing which you seek isn ' t always what it seems. Ian Belknap: Blow it off ARNV 2,3; Theater 2-4; P.F.L. 2-4; Joe ' s Pizza 3,4; Pufton S — Heads 2-4; B.B.’s Place 2-4. Mary Benander: 0. What FUN It Is! Field Hockey 1-4; Softball 3,4; Squash 2-4; Tennis 2; Track 1; Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4, co- treas.; Orch. 2-4; Hope Solidarity 3; Cabaret Musical; Drive to school 4; BB ' s Place, Pufton S -- Heads. Rachel Elizabeth Bench: Make megabucks, spend megabucks. Anything else just isn ' t cricket Cross Country 1; Field Hockey 1,2; Mud Wrestling 1-4; Gymnastics 1,2; Theater Co. 1-4; Sex Pistols 1-4; Anti- Cheerleading Klan Pres. 1-4. Maria Benitez Todd M. Bennett: Your days on earth are precious and few so make the best of today there may be no tomorrow. Good luck in ' 84 Gus. Crunch and Wink. Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1; Football 1-3, co-capt.; Student Coun. 4: Core Comm. 1,2. Tim Benton: Sportsaholic Basketball 1,2; Lacrosse 3,4; Soccer 1; Track 1; Volleyball 2-4; Russian Cl. 3; Tennis, Badmitton, Bowling, Racquetball, Poker, Model Building, Science Fiction Writing. Brenden H. Berge: If I had everything, where would I put it’ Baseball 1-4; P.F.L. 1-4 (Commissioner); Joe ' s Pizza 3,4; B.B.’s Place 2-4; Pufton S — Heads 1-4. Andrew Bishop Jessica A. Blake: Glad to have a Iriend like you, lair and lun and skippin ' free, glad to have a Iriend like you and glad to |ust be me. Skiing 3; Tennis 2-4; Core Comm. 3,4; Tri-S 4; Cap’t. Tennis Team 3,4; Sec. Tri-s 4; L.C.P. 4; B.W. 4; Soloflex worshipper. Steve Bradley: Wish you Alan Brown Philip Brown Stephen Brush: Baseball 1; Stephen Burgess Patricia Burns were here Squash 3,4; Art . Soccer 1-4; Con. Choir 4; 2-4; Anchow 3,4. Theater Co. 4; Mountain Goat Melley ' s Expeditions. 58 Robyne A. Blocker: Track 1,2,4; Band 1-4; Con. Choir 3, Ireas.; Cheerleader 1,3, capt.; Orch. 4; Peer Coun. 3; Student Coun. 3, sec.; Student School Comm. 3; sec. Core Comm. 4; People of Color United 1, v. pres. 3; Dance 2-4; Cabaret 3,4; “Damn Yankees” 4; Prom Comm. 4. Russell Bogartz Margaret Bonwitt; This must my comfort be, that sun that warms you here shall shine on me. V. Soccer, 4; Track 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Chorus 1,3,4; Student Coun. 4; Core Comm. 2-4; B.T. 1- Michal Bolozky: Radio Show 4; MYF 1-4; Crossroads 3,4; Producer - WMUA, CCATV. H.H.H. Anita Bowles: Soccer 3; Track 2; French Cl. 4; Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 1-4; People of Color United 2-4; Leslie Bosworth Hope Solidarity 2,3. Amy Marie Burrell: Track 1- 4; Con. Choir 2,3; Cheerleader 1,2, capt. 3,4; Chorale 4; Chorus 1; Graphic 2; Student Coun. Treas. 1,2,3,4, pres.; Core Comm. 1-4; Theater Co. 2,3; Girl ' s State, 3; Jr. Miss 4; Crossroad Yth. Gr.; Student Advisory Coun. 3; State Std. Adv. Coun. 3; Reg. Ed. Coun. 3; Poetry, 1-4. James R. Burrows: Chorus 1,2; Core Comm. 3,4; Ham Radio 4; Yth. grp. Kate Cameron: Pity that fools may not speak wisely what wise men do foolishly. Squash 4; Band 1-4; Core Comm. 2-4. Kimberly Campbell: " For I know the plans. I have for you. " declares the Lord, " plans to prosper you and not to harm you, but to give you hope and a future. " Basketball 1,2; Softball 1-4; Volleyball 3,4; Band 1-4; Core Comm. 2,3. Dan Cantor: " Gosh, it ' s hot. " -the Abominable Snowman Baseball 1,2; Squash 3,4; Goldbug 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Core Comm. 1; ARNV 3,4 pres prod.; Theater Co. 3,4 officer; Hope Solidarity 4; Cabaret 3,4; Vote Paul 4; Friend of Latin Cl. 3,4; Skit writer 2- 4; Eat Toast 1-4. Christina Carpino: Track 2-4; Band 2,3; Graphic 2,3, (ed.) 4,(ed); Russian Cl. 2 (sec.) 3 (sec.), 4, (pres.) 59 Michelle L. Chandler; Some obiects, such as balls and gymnasts, are free to rotate about any axis ■ K S Gymnastics 1-4; Con. Choir 4; Cheerleader 1,3; Russian Cl. 4; N. Church Choic 3,4; Damn Yankees 4; Cabaret 4; woe 2; CA 3; NCYG 4; Hiep Chu: Int ' l Students Cl. Tracy Chaisson Karen Chalmers Maria Chamorro Florida 3. 3,4. Tri Chu Rebecca Culbertson Karen M. Dane: Anyone who Taylor Davis remains calm in the midst of all this confusion just doesn’t understand the situation Goldbug 4; Theater Co. 2; Art 1-4; Hamp. Comm. 4-H 1-3; Horseback riding 3,4. Sean Deegan John R. Demers: One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward m all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine Art Rm. 1-4; Timetraveling: Telepathy. Laura DeRynck: Life is easier than you think, all you have to do IS accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable Chorus 1; Guys 2-4; overworked 1-4; Confused 2-3; Redeemed 4; the only football fan that ne ver gave up 4; Pro moped racer 4. 60 Patrick Clark Nat Clemons Ramona K. Clifton: My life ' s the disease that can always change with comparitive ease |ust given the chance Arf Rm. 1,3-4; Chorus 1; Core Comm. 11; Horse Riding; Music; Searching for my happy half. Michael Clyne: Veni. Vidi. Vici, Thainig me, chonaic me. bhuail me. Soccer 1,2; Core Comm. Treas. 1-4; Tri-S 4; Theater Co. 1,2,4; Hope Solidarity 4; Jr. Disaster Team; Ireland; Rugby; Latin CL; Joe ' s Pizza. Anthony Coler Deborah Cowles; Sometimes I do things right; sometimes I do things wrong; but most of the time I really don ' t care Girls V. Soccer 3,4; Core Comm. 1-4; Prom Comm. 4; Hurricane Guard 2,3; H.H.H. 4. Kim DeShields; Women who I want to be equal to men lack ambition. Basketball 3,4; Track 1-4; Skiing 1; 1 People of Color United 2-4; { Core Comm. 1-4; Goldbug ; 3,4. i Sandie Dihimann; What was Lynn Dixon once a designer ' s dream is now a reality. Volleyball 2; Goldbug 3,4; Core Comm. 3; K.B. Patrol (mongo our leader); Bobchie Shleipa Club. Kimberly Dockery Carole Dodge Richard Downie 61 D. Noah Eckhouse: The mighty Barbarian laughed gustily. Crom! A man can die but once. Enough to combat the terror when one melts it, with steel in the hand, and battle madness in the heart. Defeat is only for those who accept it! Football 1; Lacrosse 1-3,4, capt.; Skiing 1,2,3, co-capt. Core Comm.; ARNV 3; PEL 4; B.B.’s place 2-4; Gladiator Training 2-4; Brigg ' s P.I.G.S. 1-4. Sara A. Eddy: By this time, however, the flight of crows had ceased I withdrew my hands from the tennis racket. All was over. ' One brief convulsive octopus, and then our hero folded his umbrella Con. Choir 2; Chorale 3,4; Student Coun. 2; Piano 1-4; Aquasafari 2-4; V. Pres. Chorale 4; Self Aware 3-4; At loose ends 2- 4. Timothy Eddy Jon Eisenberg: German-Amer. Part. 1; Ham Radio 2; Computer Bum; Lustful Yfh. 1-3. Evie Faison: If’s been real Skiing 3,4, capt.; Track 3,4; French Cl. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; People of Color United 1-3; Hope Solidarity 3,4, (chairperson). Alvin T. Forader, Jr.: It is not with the outer eyes that one looks at life, but with the inner eyes. Squash 2-4; French Cl. 4; Latin Cl. 3,4. Daniel J. Gardner: The end justifies the means, or it doesn ' t. Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Peer Coun. 3; German-Amer. Part. 4; ARNV 3,4, CO. pres.; Theater Co. 3,4; STOP 3; Fun with Math Cl. 2-4; Future Engineers of Amer. 3-4; Vote Paul 4. Jill C. Godaire: And it ' s whispered that soon if we all call the tune then the piper will lead us to reason-and a new day will dawn for those who stand long and the forests will echo with laughter Field Hockey 1,2,4; Softball 1.2. Michael Goldenberg: As Schools Match Wits 3; Debating 2; French Cl. 2,3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Student Coun. 2-4; ARNV 2,3; Russian Cl. 4; School Musical 4; Photography 1-4; French Exch. 2,3; Gophers Anon. 1- 4. Ellen Goldman: Theater Co. Props 3,4; STOP 4; Horse back riding 1-4. Steven Golowich Amie Gordon: Art Rm. 1-4; Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1,2; Outing Cl. 2,3; Dance; Acting. 62 Theresa Ford: I skipped over water, I danced over sea and all the birds in the air couldn ' t catch me. Soccer 3,4; Track 1; Con. Choir 2-4; Core Comm. 3,4; Tri-S 3,4; Theater Co. 1-3; Theater Grp. 4; Cabaret 1-4; Harp 2- 4 . David Foster Laurie Francis: Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe, and he ' ll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it, and he ' ll have to touch to be sure Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Chorus 1,2; Russian Cl. 4; Camp Anderson 82 ' 83 ' ; N. Church Choir 81-83; Piano; Day Care Staff 82 - 83; Florida 3. Jenny Frizzle: Uscir di pena E diletto fra noi. Art Rm. 3,4; Goldbug 3,4; Core Comm. 1-4; Photography; Habib Schlepba Fan Cl. Michael Froning: The difference between talking at and talking with is the difference between touching and being touched As Schools Match Wits 3; Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Chorale 4; Int ' l Students 1,2; Jazz Workshop 4; Hope Solidarity 4; sec.; Piano 1-4; Musical 2-4; French Exch. 2; Whaling 1-4. Carlos Gamez I Ernest Green Deborah Greenebaum: Con. Choir 1; Chorale 2-4; Orch. 1-4; YPs 1-4; Cabaret 1-4; Musical 2,4. Phillip Gudger: Human status Audrey Guidera ought not to depend upon the changing demands of the economic process. Tennis 1,4; Jazz Wrkshp 4; Chess Cl. 1,2; Core Comm. 2-4; Latin Cl. 3,4; Local Eggs 3,4; Iguana Fan Cl. 2-4. Margaret E. Guyer: Understanding the rational pattern depends as much on moral qualities as on intellectual ability. Chorus 4; Debating 2; Student Coun. 1-3; German-Amer. Part. 2; ARNV 3; Hope Solidarity 4 . James Hale 63 Adrienne Harris: Track 1-4; Band 1; Goldbug 3,4; Core Comm. 2-4; People of Color United 1-4; Hope Solidarity 4; Prom Comm. 4. Jane Harrison: You can ' t always get what you want but if you try sometime, you ' ll get what you need Basketball 1-2; Field Hockey 1-4; Softball 1-2; Outing Cl. 2; Work at Garden Ctr. George Hart Scott Hatt Kimberly Heffley: Con. Choir 3; Chorale 3,4, treas.; Goldbug 4, editor; Student Coun, 2,3; Student School Comm. 1,2; Core Comm. 4; ARNV 4; ABTCO 1-4; St. Brigid ' s Yth Grp. 2-4; Vote Sean Healy Paul. Robin L. Johnson: Going on to new horizons m the army. Orch. 1; Theater Co. 2. Nic Jones: 1 Aman Rations Art Rm. 2-4; Peer Coun. 3; AM Chow 4. Laura M. Kallio: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Softball 1-4; Volleyball 1-4; Band 1-4; Volleyball Cpt. Wendy Kenerson: A good book IS the best of friends, the same today and forever. Piano. Geoffrey D. Keochakian: Lacrosse 1,3-4; Squash 2,3,4; Russian CL 2-4; P.F.L. 1-4; Joe ' s Pizza 3,4; B.B.’s Place 2-4; Pufton S — Heads 1-4. Sydney Keyes: There are times that I remember, all my life though some have changed: some forever not for better, some have gone and some remain Softball 1 4. 64 Terri A. L ' Etoile: Aim at the sky. you may not reach it, but you will fly higher than if you never aimed at all. Cheerleader 1-2; Little Sisters of Zeta Psi; Mac. Kimberly J. Lambert: If you love something, set it tree; if it comes back to you it ' s yours, if it doesn ' t, it never was. Mark Langley: Close Enough Band 1; Outing Cl. 3-4; German-Amer. Part. 2-3; Theater Co. 1-4; S.T.O.P. 4; Frisbee. Joseph Lashway: Who says roses die’ It you )ust take the time and press them they ' ll last forever Baseball 1-4; Ice Hockey 1-4; Soccer 3. E. Yvette Laurent Kimberley F.E. Lego: The answer will be found my friend, when the golden trumpet blows: for a rose can be a flower, but a flower never a rose. Cheerleader 1,3-4; Chorus 1; St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. Catherine L. MacDonald: Forget about the times you ' ve been defeated, but don ' t forget the victories you ' ve won: forget about mistakes that you can ' t change now but don ' t forget the lessons that you ' ve learned: Field Hockey, Capt. 1-4; Softball 1-4; Wesley Yth. Grp. 1-4. Kristin D. Mallory: Believe that life IS worth living and your belief will help create the fact Basketball 1; Softball 1; Swimming 1-4; Tennis 2-4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 3-4; Swimming Capt. 4; Tennis Capt. 3,4; Tri-S Pres. 4; Core Com. V.P. 3; L.C.P.B.W, 4; H.P.P. 3,4 Paul Mange: Where is the ambiguity’ Squash 3-4; Con. Choir 1; Chorale 1,2, treas. pres.; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3 co- Treas.; Orch. 1-4; Theater Co. 4; Fearsome Foursome. Michael E. Mann I am great Cross Country 1-3, V. Capt. Track 1-3; Social Concerns 1-4; Real Computer Programming; Nat ' l Soc. for the Promotion of Social Awareness. Andy Manning: Why for do Paul Martin you burry me m da col ' col ' groun ' ’ Skiing 1-2 3-4, Capt.; ' Soccer 1-4; Con. Choir 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; ARNV 3,4; Theater Co. 2-4; Soleflex Extermination Squad; V. Scuba Aang H. Lehrer: Roughage and Men in Tights! Get a lifestyle Art Rm. 1-4; Theatre Co. 1-4; C. Choir 2- 4; Dead-Freak-Hip-Cliqe 1-4; Kate T. Bush Band Appreciation 1-4; Mt. Holyoke CIge Sum. Theatre; Rowe place to be in, 2; VLO Costumer 3-4. Kenneth Lengieza; Would someone please help me out of the mud’ Baseball 1-4; Ice Hockey 2,3,4, capt.; Soccer 1-3,4, capt.; Tri-s 4; Mtn. Goat Melley ' s; Expedition Team; Justice Crusader. Adam Lerner: Jump to fly; fly to see. Erica Lessie: But this cat is an original. Orch. 1-4; German-Amer. Part. 2,3. R. Lewis A. Timo Lipping: Theatre takes place all the time, wherever one is. Art simply facilitates persuading one this IS the case. Cheerleader 3,4; Theater Co. 2-4. Daniel Martinez i I Mark W. Masalski: So you ' re scared and you’re thinking that maybe we ain’t that young anymore. Show a little faith . Art Rm. 2,4; Skiing 2,4; Debate 2,4; Goldbug 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 4; Core Comm. 1,2,4 Pres.; ARNV 2; Japan 3; Class Pres. 4; Starving Artist, 1-4 Katherine May: If sometime I can’t seem to talk, you’ll know this blackboard lacks a piece of chalk. Wallace McCloud Laura McDowell Sharon S. McKenzie: Aim high, reach the sky. If you stumble on the way, |ust keep on going. First Church Yth Grp. 1,2,3,; First Church Choir 3; 4-H Cl 3 yrs.; Singing, dancing to Reggie music, knitting and reading interesting books. 67 Carleigh McLeish: Life is far too important a thing to ever talk seriously about. Little Sisters of Zeta Psi; K C Laugh CL; “Super Spaz”. Magali Medina: Why as we are so miserable, have we imagined that not to be is a great ill. when it is clear that it was not an ill not to be before we were born? Basketball 3; Field Hockey 1; Soccer 2; Student Coun. 1; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 2; Hope Solidarity 2. Philip Melanson Brian P. Melley: Flying a plane is |ust like riding a bike, it ' s |ust a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes! Golf 2; Lacrosse 1; Skiing 2; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 4; Mtn. Goat Melley ' s Expedition Team, pres. 4; Justice Crusader 4; Joes Pizza 3,4; Dirty Harry Fan Cl. 4. Ronald G. Meyer; Sometimes you have to say, what the " And now is the time! Lacrosse 3,4. j Susan Munro Mitchell; Every once in a while you |ust gotta say. what the ! Tennis 4; Con. Choir 1,2; Chorale 4; Core Comm. 1- 4; Theater Co. 2-4; Cabaret 1-4; Musical 2-4; ' H.H.H. ' ; Jr. Class Pres. Amy Mulcahy Carlos T. Murray: Dirt under the fingernails should be cleansed with hope. Art Rm. 1; Band 1; Chorus 1,4; AYP 1,2, yth. employment dir.; Pyschadelic Thoughts 1-2; Mind over Matter 1-3; Deep wounded 1-4. Sarah Neill: The heart is Paul Newcombe wiser than the intellect. Field Hockey 1; Softball 1,2; Goldbug 4; Int ' l Students 5; Core Comm. 1-4; Habib Schlepba Fan Cl; K.B. Patrol. Lam Nguyen Paul F. Novak; Love is like oxygen: too much you get too high, not enough, you ' re gonna die. bS Ellen Moran: It ' s what we learn after we think we know it all that matters. Swimming 1-3,4, capt.; Band 1-4; Core Comm. 1,2,3, treas. 3,4; ARNV 4; Theater Co. 3,4; St. Brigid’s Yth Grp. 2, sec. 3, pres. 4; 4-H 1-4; Prom Comm. 4; Latin Cl. 3,4; AEA 1-4. Seth Moran: A cauliflower is a cabbage witb a college education Chorale 3,4; Orch. 1-4; Mass. All-State 2,3; W. tion. Chorale 3,4; Orch. 1-4; Mass. All-State 2,3; W. tion. Chorale 3,4; Orch. 1-4; Mass. All-State 2,3; W. Mass. District 2-4; Y.P.S. 1- 4; S.T.O.P. 4; A.R.H.S. Chamber Players 2-4. Karen J. Morbey: The trouble with fun IS that it always ends up as trouble. Soccer 4; Goldbug 2,3; Core Comm. 1-3; Tri-S 3,4; Habib Shieipa Fan CL; K.B. Patrol (Pres.). Eric Morel Sophie Morse: We were asked: How do you cope with the apathy in this countryi’ We, stunned, replied: You must be hanging out with the wrong people. Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Chorus 1,2; Outing Cl. 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4; Russian Cl. 3,4; S.T.O.P. 3,4; Anti-Nat ' l Hon. Soc. 3,4; Guitar. Joseph Morton Karen O’Connor: Oh, to be a Timothy O ' Neil Steve Ortiz frog, my lads, and live aloof from care Skiing, Soccer 3,4; Student Coun. 1; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 4; Theater I Co. 2,3; Solo-flex I worshipper; French 3. Deborah L. Owen: You don ' t get to choose how you ' re going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you ' re going to live. Now Softball 1- 4; French Cl. 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Core Comm. 2- 4; Figure Skating 1-4. Max Page: " Shutup! " , he explained. Squash 1-4; Tennis 2-4; Chorale 3,4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4, V.P.; Student School Comm. 1,4, V.P. 3, Pres. 4; Fearsome Foursome; Latin Cl. 3,4. Catherine Anne Rose Patterson: God give me the courage to change the things I can, serenity to accept the things I can ' t and wisdom to know the difference. Core Comm. 1-4; St. Brigids Yth Grp. 2-4; Parish Coun. 3,4; C.C.D. Teacher, Hamp drill team; Pony CL; 4-H 1-4; Horseback Riding 1-4; Child Study 3; Musical 4; Prom 69 Comm. 4. Adam Payne: Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street. Soccer 1-3; Tennis 2-4; Track 1; Photography. Emily Payne; On with the dance, let |oy be unconfined! French Cl. 2,3; Goldbug 2; Theater Co. 1-4; Hope and Solidarity 3,4; American- French Exch. 3. Laurie Pelis: Everybody has a place and time, a chance to live, a need to find. We all got somethin ' that we care about, I propose you find it out Horseback Riding; Photography; Stop Shop. Jose R, Penalvert: Track 100 yd. 440 relay; Wrestling 1, capt.; Core Comm. 1; People of Color United 3; A.6.C. 3; Jamherst Breakers 4. Tony Perkins Anthony Pham Jared Quinn: Be there then. Andrzej Radosh Lacrosse 1-3; Jazz Workshop 1-4. 70 David G. Ralph; Basketball 1-4; Football 1-3,4, tri-capt.; Track 3,4. Jeffrey S. Ramsay: None can deny its power, its hold on the imaginations of whole generations, nor the power that seems to grow rather than lessen with the passage of time ... 1984 may not arrive on time, but there ' s always 1985 Ice Hockey 2- 4; Skiing 3,4; Graphic 3,4; Core Comm. 3,4; Tri-S 4; Mtn. Goat Melley ' s Expedition Team 4. Lauren C. Rice: The fog is lifting Softball 2, mgr., 3; Volleyball 1-4; Wrestling 3, mgr., 4; Band 1-4; Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Orch. 1 4; Theater Co. 2-4. Heather Richards: Love, the magician, has this little trick whereby two people can be walking in opposite directions yet remain side by side. Basketball 1-4; Field Hockey 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; German-Amer. Part. 2-4. Tam Pham: Soccer 3; Lucas Platt: 1 think. Kim Poli: A muted shriek soon rages within me, why do I tempt this ruthless rugged sea’ It ' s the fight, the challenge, one ' s spirit m life to endure some pain to belittle all strife Swimming 1.2; Track 1; Core Comm. 3,4, sec.; Hope Solidarity 3,4; A.E.A. 1-4; St. Bridget’s Steve Porter: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain Soccer 2-4; Con. Volleyball 1; Student School therefore 1 am - 1 think’ Yth. Grp. 3,4, sec.; Prom Choir 4; Aqua safari 2-4; Comm. 2. Benjamin Philips Squash 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4. Comm. 4. The Piano; Blue Peninsula 4. Leonard H. Pratt i Leslie Kigali: Friends! We Scott Rikkers Kristen Ritter: What we call Curtis Roach: Health and Brian J. Rosen Caroline Rothkegal must not stop here, however the beginning is often the Happiness are most sweet these laid-up stores. end: and to make an end is immportant in life; without however convenient this to make a beginning; the end them life would be a waste dwelling-we cannot remain IS where we start from. Football 2,4; Track 2-4; Core here; however shelter ' d this Soccer 3,4; Softball 1,2; Comm. 3,4; People of Color port and however calm these waters we must not anchor here, however welcome the hospitality that surrounds us we are permitted to receive it but a little while. Soccer 3,4; Softball 1-4. Squash 1-4; Core Comm. 4. United 2-4.; A.B.C. 2-4; Jamherst Breaker. 71 Monica Bland Sanning: Over the hills and far away she danced with Pigling Bland! Skiing 1-4; Soccer 3,4; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. 2-4; Aquasafari 3,4. Alan P. Saulny: Get out of town. You can ' t stop rock and roll Lacrosse 2,4; P.F.L. 1-4; Joe ' s Pizza 3,4; B.B.’s Place 2-4; Pufton S — Heads 1-4. Jonathon Schimmel Julie Irene Schmalz: He is rich who owns the day. and no one owns the day who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety Art Rm. 1- 3; Soccer 3,4; Goldbug 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4; St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 2-4; French Exch. 2 . Victoria Scott: Today ' s future lies in the way in which we teach what we have been taught Con. Choir 3,4, lib; Chorus 1,2; Goldbug 4; Jazzercise 3,4. James R. Secord Larry D. Smith Lisa Southwick Loren A. Spivack Janet Stanne: So goodbye dear Auntie Em, here’s hoping we ' ll meet now and then. It was great fun but it was |ust one of those things. Basketball 1-4; Field Hockey 1-4; Softball 1-2; Chorale 3,4; German-Amer. Part. 2,3. Andrew Starkweather Ethan Starr: As Schools Match VYits 3,4; Outing Cl. 3,4; German-Jtmer. Part. 2,3; Ham Radio 4; Skating CL of Amherst 1,2. 72 Rachel F. Seidman: Rosebud Band 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4, pres.; Orch. 2-4; Theater Co. 1-4; Hope Solidarity 3,4; Jitterbuggers Anon. David A. Silver; It’s over there, in a box Squash 3,4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Orch. 1,3-4; ARNAV 3,4,co-pres.; Theater Co. 3,4; Fearsome Foursome; Cheerleader Squad. Nan Sinauer; Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe; all mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe. Bruce Sinclair; Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge Cross Country 1,2; Track 3,4; I.P.C. tutor 3,4; Nat. Hog Farmers Assoc. 4. Andrew Slocombe Kenneth Slovin: What are words for, when no one listens anymore’ Baseball 1,3; Soccer 1-4; Core Comm. 2,4; Homerm. 10 co- pres.; Mtn. Goat Melley ' s Expedition Team. April A. Start Jonathan H.R. Stein: They do in Greece. Volleyball 3,4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4; Fearsome Foursome; Homerm. 10 co-pres. 4; N.H.S. Bulletin Board Sub- comm. co-pres. Thomas Stevens: Many dreams come true and some have silver linings, I live tor my dream and a pocket full of gold. Football 3; Skiing 2,3; German-Amer. Part. 3,4; Bicycling. Tracey Stiles: . we re |ust two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year running over the same old ground what have we found same old fear wish you were here. Field Hockey 1-4; Softball 1,2. Gary Stromberg: Don ' t knock Kelly Stubbart it until you’ve tried it. Take it any way you want , , . ! Baseball 1-4; Football 2. 73 Eriks Stuberovskis Matt Sunderland: Sunshine Daydreams Amherst Smoking 1-4. Anitra Swaminathan : But to risk we must because the greatest danger in life IS to risk nothing. The Jonathan S. Tauer: Anything I ' d put here wouldn ' t change your opinion of me. so what ' s the use ' Lacrosse 1-4; Squash 1,2; All-Around Nice Guy Cl. (Pres.). Marc-Richard Tebaldi people who risk nothing, have nothing, and are nothing Soccer 3, 4; Squash 3,4; Goldbug 3,4; Core Comm 2-4; Hope Solidarity 3,4; Dancing 1-3; Piano 1-4; Photography. Kisa Takesue: Art Rm. 3,4; Field Hockey 1,3-4; Squash 3,4; Student Coun. 3,4; Hope Solidarity 4; Student Advisory Council 3,4; Investigating Institutional Change 4. Tatyana B. Tikos Pamela C. Tillis: I was hoping we ' d make real progress but it seems we have lost the power Any tiny step of advancement IS like a raindrop tailing onto the ocean We ' re running on the spot-always have, always will We re |ust the next generation of emotionally crippled Chorus 3,4; Social Concerns 1- 4; Core Comm. 1; Theater Co. 2-4; The Cappuccino Cats 3,4; Dana Townsend: One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 1,2,4; Photography; NHRA Pro-Stock racing. Charles Vanderzwagg Mark Veklerov: Tous les chats sont mortals. Socrate et mortel Done Socrate et un chat Chess Cl. 4; Theater Co. 4; Computer Bum 3,4. Alberto Villaman; Go For It Football 2-4; Lacrosse 2-4; Wrestling 3,4, capt.; Spanish Part, 1-3; People of Color United 2,3,4; A B C. 2,3,4, pres. 74 Lisa Terrizzi: Sara sara quel che sara Squash 3,4; Track 1,2,4; Band 1-4; Con, Choir 2; Chorus 1; Orch. 3,4; Student Coun. 1,2; Student School Comm. 4, sec.; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 1-4; Hope 6 Solidarity 3,4; STOP 3,4; YPP YPS 1-4; San Pere Sicilia. Paul Theilman; Ice Hockey 2,3,4, capt; Lacrosse 1,2; Soccer 1. Mike Thomas: Basketball 1 3; School Store 4. Dennis Thompson Carson Thornton Scott Thornton Gunnar Waldman: Some say we ' re dreamers, some say we ' re schemers, some say we ' re fools, cause we won ' t be their tools. Art Rm. 2-4; Skiing 3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Rockclimbing; Squash; V.B. H. Sarah A. Wardlaw; I don ' t know, I |ust don ' t know! Everyone leaves. Field Hockey 1: Core. Comm. 3. Amy J. Warren Lisa Weaver Davina Weinstein Mamie Westcott; For I know the plans I have lor you. declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future Crossroads 1- 4. 75 Holly Wilson: Should I stay or should I go’ If I stay there will be trouble Soccer 2-4; Swimming 4; Tennis 1; Chorus 3; French Cl. 1; Core Commm. 4; H. H.H. Allen Wilkins: There are no fnords in the yearbook. Chorus 1,2; Computer Aide; Spelunking; Universes Created While U Wait; Discordian Soc. Trent Williams Sharon E. Yandian: Yes. it ' s the glow from within that creates beauty People are like stained glass windows, they sparkle like crystal in the sun. But when darkness falls, they continue to shine only if there ' s a light from within Soccer 3,4; Swimming 1-4; Track 1; Graphic 3,4; Hope Solidarity 3,4; Latin Cl. 3,4; AEA 1-4; St. Brigid’s Yth. Grp. Camera Shy; David Allen, Peter Davis, Lydia Ellison, Sean Kemnitzer, Arthur Kendall, Deidre Kornhiser, Dung Nguyen. Raymond Wilson Bart Wise; Socrates was a man: I am a man; therefore. I am Socrates Cross Country 1-3; Cheerleader 1; ARNV 2,3; Theater Co. 2,3,4, officer; Latin Cl. 2,3,4, consul.; The Local Eggs 3,4. lacqueline Woodfork: Je pense que ;e goute les etoiles Art Rm. 3,4; Squash 3,4; Tennis 2-4; Orch, 1-3; Core Comm. 2-4; Theater Co. 2-4; W. Mass. District Orch. 2; Latin Cl. 3; Scriba 4. A STEP BACK IN TIME R. Johnson C. Kilmer P. Novak R. Meyer I D. Adams • V M. Thomas . J R. Blocker ;; T. Coler K. Chalmers J. Ramsey 6. Rosen S. Brush K. Dane R. Anderson K. Cameron R. Culbertson S. Eddy ' ' 1 D. Gardner C. Korza E. Lessie J. Lashway M. Page M. Bonwitt J. Woodfork S. Morse C. Patterson A. Poll K. Campbell L. Rigali W. Kenerson C. Barges M. lainchill C. Dodge t K. Morbey C. Carpino J. Harrison I. Schimmel M. Sanning S. Babb M. Westcotl N. Eckhouse A. Mulcahy M. Chamorro E. Goldman P. Mange Frizzle D. Townsend M. Benander L. Derynck M. Medina T. L ' Etoile 81 so YA’ WANNA Being a Senior is no easy task • it is a privilege which blesses only a select tew. To become a Senior one must meet a rigid set of qualifications. The road to Seniorship is a difficult one. To start you off, the following questionaire should be filled out. It will indicate whether or not you should even consider becoming a Senior. Please answer the following 20 questions as thoughtfully and honest as possible . . . 1 My definition of a Sophomore is a ... a. highly intelligent person, b a niaf with excellent potential for growth, c a regular guy. d utter insignifigance, an acned waste of time. 2 1 like to go to gym . . . a everyday no matter how I feel, b most days, except when I ' m sick, c When Mr. Briggs sees me m the hall the period before, d on the 12th day of never. 3 During my open period I . a do all my homework b bathe myself c read T.S. Eliot or some other fine literature, d fall into a slight coma. 4 When I hear ' look into the crystal ball ' . I think of a gypsies b witches c regular guys d Mr Vigneault 5 When I drive I . a follow all rules and regulations, b put on my seat belt, c feel nauseous. d live out my fantasy of being A.J. Foyt. 6 The number of times a year I ' m absent is a never, b two or three c tw elve but with excuses. BE A SENIOR? By Dan Cantor 7 I consider homeroom to be a a necessary part of school experience, b time to hear announcements, c chance to do my lumping lacks, d forgotten non entity: existing only m my imagination. 8 On Sunday mornings I a pray, b study c watch sports, d recover. 9 My favorite Barbarian is a Conan, b Thor, c John Riggins, d MOE 10 My definition of a Senior is a , a regular guy b slightly intelligent person c arrogant lerkoff. d the supreme being: infinite in mind, spirit, soul, life, truth, love. 11 My underclassmen friends insist on calling me a Manfred, b Tyrone, c Jake, d Messiah. 12 My favorite book is a Catcher in the Rye. b The Little Engine That Could, c The Poems of Erik Estrada. d Couldn ' t possibly say considering I’ve read so many thousands of books. 13 My schedule is . . a without any open periods, b that of a regular guy. c kind of boring. d filled with eight ALPS such as ' Advanced Break Dancing’ 83 consider passes to be useful, indispensable, not -so -bad an obiect to fuel a fire. 20 The date June 14th a means very little to me b IS my Aunt Edna ' s birthday c IS the day I get my braces off, d represents re birth, freedom, a semi-miracle 14 In the spring 1 do my homework , , a with vigor b all the time, c when I feel inspired d after I swim the English Channel, 17 I think Mr Kneeland is a a regular guy b a regular guy c a regular guy d a regular guy 16 I consider study hall to be , , , a necessary, b for everyone but me, c useful d for those who should be filtered from regular life. ‘ .• . A ' 18 My definition of a Junior is a a state of mind between the nadir and the zenith, b a good Joe or Jane c a nice person d not interesting, stimulating; basically bland 15 My teachers are , a sages, b ordinary, c people I try to respect, d plebians. Football: 1st r ; S Healy, 0 Foster. G Hart, J. Secord, D Ralph, C Vanderswag, T Bennett, D Knightly, D Martinez, A Villaman, C. Roach, 2nd r.: S Kosloski, C, Martinsen, S. Pierce, S. Williams, J Damon, C Kamanski, E, Muench, M, Allen, B. Rosen, T. O ' Neill, A, Lehrner. 1 Bricken, T Sullivan, 3rd r,: J Moran, B Mount. D Westcott, T Knightly, K. Dauber, S, Martins, J. Cosans, G. Jackson, E, Nakapma, B Russell, B. Wise, M Benton. 4th r.: S. Eckhouse, A Jackson, R Morales, D Pierce, D, Cosans. V, Morris, N, Cudnohufsky, D. Burrell, M Azano, D Knightly, T Moran. S Flanagan, Coach A Jacque, 5th r.: C Hait, S. Gabriel, D. James, G Finch, 0 Frye, D Kotfila, E. Grader, Q Askew, N Clemons, Coach J Billard, Coach J Phelan. Coach L Briggs. According to the record our Football team did not have a successful season. However, success can not be measured by a record, for a record does not reflect the spirit and dedication dis- played by the players, nor the support and under- standing shown by faithful fans. A prime example of the spirit displayed all season was the final game against Northampton. This game was a reflection of the determination of fans, players, and the coaching staff. Coach Jacque and his staff didn’t give up on the team and the team didn’t give up on them. The X - Country Team was full of surprises. First and foremost, we astounded the critics (mainly Mike Mann, our team cynic) by finishing an unprecedented 3rd place in W. Mass. Coach " Papa” Crowley led our fearless motley crew on many a gruelling workout so as to better instill us with the confidence we would later utilize to its fullest potential. (b.s.,b.s.,etc.) But all seriousne ss aside, he gave our team the edge we needed to pull off a 6-3- record. We also had many outstanding individual performances in individual meets, including Malcolm Braverman’s 12th place finish in Warwick and his 1st place finish in a sophomore race. Aaron Glucker, (better known as " Gluck”) also did well in The Sophomore Race, (3rd) as did Mike Mueller (5th), Nick Hopley (8th), Chris Holden (12th), and Russ Anderson in the Senior Race, finishing 15th place. In The Franklin Park Invitational Meet, which was open to all of New England, Anderson finished 25th and Gluck 34th. On a sadder note, Malcolm Braverman fell ill and was unable to participate in the state championship and Russ Anderson missed qualifying by four seconds. A highlight of the year was the addition of Junior Taku Aramaki, a 1500 m. Runner from Japan. Yes, another X- Country season has passed us by, and we thank all 10 of you who regularly come out to cheer us on. Many fine memories linger, (The Dino Run, Coach Crowley’s 25th coaching aniversary, and Tornado Alley revisited) not all of which I can or will mention here. - R.M.A. Boy ' s Cross Country 1st r D Cutchins. A Osborne. J Warmen. P Holden, 2nd r.; C, Booke. A Glucker, M Braverman, G, Ridley, B Holden, V. Alexander. 3rd r.: Coach Crowley, M. Muller. A Dimock. R Anderson. C, Holden, T Aramaki, S. Campbell, B. Gordon. V is- ' Girls ' J.V. Soccer; 1st r, F Berkman, J Schimmel, S Kurtz, K Keegan 2nd r : B Alschuler, G St Mary, K Zumbfuski. J Veschia. D Talan, S Davis 3rd r.: J Guyer, K. Spurgel, P Weigil, D McPartlan, R Eckhouse, Coach M Lowance The Girls’ Soccer Team participated in its first year of Varsity play this year, ending the season undefeated. Contrary to popular belief we did play REAL teams, most of them first year teams like us. Vi ith all of our natural athletes and raw talent our opponents were unable to stop us. Highlights of the year: Theresa Ford heading the ball; Lisa Alschler FINALLY scoring; Janet’s millionth point; screaming " SWEEPUH” at Lauren; Lisa Southwick only letting one by - and that ' s with a concussion; Karen making it through an entire game only glancing at the guys’ practice ten times; cheating on the " scenic route”; ending the season on the new field liberally sprinkled with We’d like to thank the boys for their selfless generosity m loaning us the field (cough) . And we never could have made it without our Coaches, who whipped us into shape — sort of. Good luck next year - it promises to be a challenging season. Girls V. Soccer: 1st r M Jamchill, T Flamer, L. Sarat, A Cushing. 2nd r : R, Stalin, K O’Connor, S. Yandian, L Alshuler, M Sanning, J, Scnmalz, K. Morbey, K. Chalmers, A, O ' Neill. 3rd r.: K. Ritter, M. Medina. J. Swift, T Ford. H, Wilson, F, Southwick, L Rigali, 0 Cowles, K. Aho, M Bonwitt, Coach Adams. V Soccer: 1st r: M. Brown. K. Lenguiza, S. Brush. 2nd r: R. Downie, J. Fortesque. S. Kent, J. Schimmel, P. Chamorra, D. Dersham, T. Chu, K. Slovin, J. Barilla 3rd r: Andy Brush, J, Belknap. M. McIntosh, B. Koh, A. Manning, A. Grist, M. Jacobson, S. Porter, J. Ramsay, Coach M. Fournier. i I )V Soccer; 1st r: J. Gritfith, B. Quick, A. Boy, D. Hafner, P, Mason. 2nd r: M. Aldrich, A. Fortesque, S. Samnang, ■ S. Flores. M. Fairchild, H, Pile. 3rd r: D. Ca|olet, J. Mullins, B. Demerath, R. Schick, J. Heppenstal, A. Wobst, B. ( Chandran, 0. Curtis. A, Kurinsky, Coach Rose. As we Sit, teary-eyed, and ponder the past memories that constituted the Soccer year, we realize that life is not |ust a spherical globe, dancing aimlessly through the soccer field of life. No! Life is much more. From the endless aggravation of double sessions to the moral triumph over Chicopee, we urged every ounce of our anatomy onward. We strove to achieve athletic excellence every time that magical black and white ball ascended onto the plush green grass. Even when the likes of Tech brought us to ultimate lows, the fiery battle continued. When it was all over we proudly walked westwards towards the setting sun with the flag of justice tucked neatly under our coach’s arm. We had won. We had discovered life. There were the difficult times though when evil flourished and terminated the life of Shecky Green. One man broke the bonds of evil, to fight for justice, equality and Morgan. He was Ramsar the Barbarian and along with Kenny the Mock and Princess Schimmel returned the good that was lost. Now we say toot-a-loo to the almighty Seniors and carry on the battles riding our favorite " chooch. " Winning seemed to come easy for the Varsity Volleyball Team this year. (Communicating, however, did not, as only three of the starting players spoke English fluently.) Thanks to a combination of consistent defense and unparalleled spiking power, we finished the season with a 17-1 record, losing only one game to arch-rivals Turners Falls. We fared well in post-season play, winning the W. Mass. Championships and the State Championships in straight games, giving us a post- season record of 4-0. All members of the starting team were honored with W. Mass. All-Star Team commendations; Laura Kallio, Boreth Sun, and Thy Deur were selected for the first team, Monica Matusiewicz was selected for the second team, and honorable mentions were given to Lisa Plaza and Jon Stem. The Junior Varsity Team was also unparalleled in excellence. They finished their season with a record of 18-0, maintaining a perfect record for the second straight season. J.V. Volleyball 1st r.: T Wells. J Peelle, A. Paulding. 2nd r : K Walter. C. Plaza. K. Kessler. K Li. P Swift. D, Gould. 3rd r.: L LaChance, K McDowell, T. Jones, M. Babb. J. Gray. D, Maisey. Coach D. Boucher. V. Volleyball 1st r K Campbell. P Nguyen. L Kallio 2nd r B Sun. M Matusiewicz. K Shafer, L Plaza. 3rd r.: Coach L. Giard. T. Deur. T. Pham, T, Benton. J. Stem Cheerleaders 1st r.: L. Scalton, M. Bonwitt, C. Webster. E. Howell, C. Bernard, K. Holt, P. Lego. 2nd r.: L. Adams, D. Reed. A. Burrell, R. Blocker. C. Kilmer, K. Kenerson, H. Thelen. 3rd r.: S. Morton. 4th r.: Y. Laurent. W. Morton. K. Lego. Basketball Cheerleaders 1st r: C. Lonsh. 2nd r: D. Reed. H. Thelen, K, Kenerson. K. Lego, K. Holt. P, Robinson. |K. Corno. 3rd r: W, Morton. M Bonwitt, C. Webster, S. Morton. G, Zumbruski, Y. Laurent. The Cheerleader Squad was picked from a group of 30 women who each brought to it their own special talents and high spirits. We have endeavored to raise cheerleading from the ranks of " Rah Rah girls” to a viable and well- recognized sport that any young woman would be proud to be part of. Thanks to all the cheerleaders tor the hard work and tor the vast improve- ments which they have made this year. You’ve made it another great season! And to Mrs. Pauline Lego, you ' ve done a great job keeping us on our toes!! Special thanks goes to Liz Skelton, Barbara Laurent and Gerri Blocker - you were always there for us. Last of all, we want to thank Charlie V., Todd B., and Malik A. tor their support and understanding through a long, trying, and cold season, " Go Amherst, Go!” — Y. Laurent and R. Blocker V. FieldHockey: 1st r.: C. MacDonald, J, Stanne, H Richards. 2nd r.: M Bernander, R. Leoscher, J, Harrison, A, Barrette, S. Ambs. 3rd r : K Thurston. K. Takesue, L. Lengieza, T. Stiles, L. Johnson, E Walen, S. McBride. R. Jackson. At the onset of the Field Hockey season, many were skeptical of our success. There was immense team diversity and often a clashing of characters. However, through a lot of support and intense meetings m the locker room, we pulled it all together and ended with 10-2-2 overall, which entitled us to a berth in the W. Mass. Tournament. Led by Captains Stanne, MacDonald and Richards, our season was productive and enjoyable. Highlights were. . , .“Kristi, go run another lap’’ , . . “Look out! Janet’s hitting the ball! " . , . after-practice mud-sliding . . . “Booted, Biffed, Pouched, and Fried " . . . Lon’s awesome game against Holyoke . . . “Little nippy out, isn’t it?” ... the ’barn’ in Palmer , . . listening to J.V. squeal and our enthusiastic practices (cough, cough). J. V. FieldHockey: 1st r.: W. Ritter, M Ferro, K. Como, M, Hafner. 2nd r.: L. Lundgren, J. Nober, J Sicks, L. Hayward, S. Austin, K. Takesue, S. Weir, K. Connelly, J. Hodges, A. Laprade, G. Melchionda, E. Teng, 3rd r.: Coach J, Keyes, J, Asebrook, K. Manheim, M. St. Mary, K. Melley, L. Simanski, K. Graves, K. Bohn, A Mason, C. Haughey, J. Bre hm, K. Battette, K. Patterson, H. Warren. 92 The Girls’ Swim Team started oft the season with a more casual attitude than they had experienced in previous years. They were an interesting group of individuals that blended together to form a team with a successfully laid back record of 7-7. The swim team sent twelve girls to W. Mass., including three divers, where they all performed exceptionally well. Notable performances were by Kristen Kohler, Jenny Asebrook, Sharon Yandian, Andrea Mason, Heide Moles and Abby May. Medal winners included Liz Bohn, Kathy Bohn, Susan Suttiff, Jodie Lea, Anne Asebrook, and Kristin Mallory. W. Mass was the proof that the Swim Team really does have it together. Boys ' Swim Team 1st r.: C. Westcott, C. Abel, J Gray, D Westcott, B. Silver. 2nd r.: T Fairchild. A Osborne, D Lapuc, T. Zaman, D. Calderon, A. Hilt. 3rd r.; Coach O ' Donnell, J, Hepinstall, R. Schick, N. Dewhurst, R. Morales, V, Morris, D. Silver. Girls’ Swim Team 1st r.: K. Pyle, K Nicholson, K, Mannheim, H. buddy, C. Bennett. 2nd r.: A May, E. Moran, S. Yandian, A. Whitehead, 1. Lea, A. Asebrook. 3rd r.: Coach B. A. Mason, S. Sutliff, K. Kohler, H. Flaherty, J. Asebrook, K. Mallory, 4th r.: C. MacDonald, K. Ewer, A. Laprade, H, Wilson. Hockey Team Coach B Bray, Cap ' t P Thielman, E Green, B Demerath, Cap ' t J Lashway, Cap ' t K Lengieza, D Foster, Asss ' t. Coach C. Campbell. 2nd r : P, Torpey, S, Kent. P, White, M Lester, J. Klar, J. Cosans, S. Pierce, J. Ramsay. 3rd r. M Tebaldi, D. Cosans, M McIntosh, D, Robinson, B Danielson, S. Cleary, N. Clemons. We had a dream From the " Smurfberry crunch bunch” to “Motley crue” We had an elusive dream of a political coup Where every American politician, Anti-Communist and old Would come watch the tew, the strong and the bold Play a physical sport at a place called Orr Rink. They would sit in the bleachers, hot chocolate to drink. With their three piece suits produced m elegant style. They would witness how our goals and their bodies would pile Our dream reached turther, though (deeper than thought) Of a tropical ice rink with weather quite hot We would play on this rink, nude to the knee And beat Chicopee Comp and Easthampton with glee With the trophy held high over Joe Lashway’s head We remember the words bearded “Buzz” Bray had said: “Forget about studies, books, pencils and college And remember that hockey supplies all great knowledge” Now, come to think of it As we remember the dre ams that Hockey had supplied A quick glance at our grades proves his philosophy lied. ■S.P.K P.S. Amherst ' s record of 12-2-1 in the league brought us a league title- the first since ' 73. Thanks Ken, “Fozz”, Ernie, Paul, Jim, Jeffy, Joe. V. Basketball: 1st r : R Jackson. J. Stanne, L. Lengieza, K Pratt, K. DeShields. 2nd r H Richards, K Graves, T. Jones. J. Fink, L. Southwick, Coach Shea. After a stunning upset over Chicopee 56-54, the Girls’ Basketball Team came out the winner in a battle of the unbeatens. We finished with a record of 18-0 under the guidance of Missy Shea. Before each game, we sang a rendition of our anthem led by Kim P., " 0 Jeus a matsa baul”. Who can forget Janet and Lon singing “Islands in the Stream”? Another pastime was to see if Rhonda had received yet another flower from one of her many admirers. Then just as the game began a word would come from a higher being in the stands, " Jody jump!”. As the game proceeded, cheers for Crash, Ger, TJ, Due, Rich, Biana, Mishy and another Mishy, and Burger were heard. After the game on the way home we ' d eat Missy Shea’s brownies and one night we had the added excitement of bringing Kim D. to Cooley Dickinson Hospital. To end a perfect day, we’d drive with Lisa (Crash?!?) to Friendly’s to visit our best buddy, Maria! We have high expectations for our W. Mass performance and pray that " The Sun is with us”. J.V. Basketball: 1st r.: K. Stiles, S. Chalmers. L. Terrizzi, H Warren, A. Barrette, S. Camacho. 2nd r Rogers, A. Mullins, M, Chestnut. T, Jones, L. Johnson, mgr. K Edwards. Coach Keyes. Mgr. N. V. Basketball 1st r,; R. Deleon. J. Ziomek, J. Damon, C. VanderZwaag, R Wilson, A, Ziomek, C. Roach. 2nd r.: Ass ' t. Coach Murphy, Alex Grist, T. Voipe, B. Wise, K Howard, D. Ralph, C. Kamansky, Coach T. Styspeck. JV Basketball 1st r.: M. Benton, M. Green. A. Grist, J. Edwards, J. Arkus, J, Ziomek, H. McEachern. 2nd r.: Ass ' t. Coach, S. Tengrese, A. Syed, J, Wills, J. Waskiewicz, S. Shea, T. Voipe, D. Slovin, C. Kamansky. M Willis, Coach Gallegher. The Boys’ Squash Team had its best season in history with a final 7-6 record. Yes folks, we broke .500! The season, as usual, had its ups and downs, but mostly we had a good time. Despite a minor crisis getting our physical forms in, there was: the open-air courts at Westminster . . . music debates with Briggsie ... the switch is on for the King Combo . . . learning lines in the S.S. Briggs . . . trolling for tuna with fisherman Mike . . . two, count them two, wins over Deerfield (sorry about the tooth Al) ... Max “Golden Member” Page’s countless women . . . Lucas, Mike and Clockwork Orange ... our first win over Belmont Hill ... and the long-awaited post- season uniforms. We say a sentimental farewell to “Stud” Page, “Bag-Lady” Forader, “Animal” Platt, “Borg” Schimmel, “Dutch Boy” Mange, “Muppett” Bradley, “Tank II” Keochakian, and “Would Should I Challenge” Silver. The Girls’ Squash Team had a typical season . . spending countless hours in the Briggsmobile, getting up at 5:50 for practice, racing back to school only to find the lockeroom unopened, and creating excuses for irate homeroom wardens. We will all remember: Sarah trying to pick up preppie boys, the black-out at McDonald’s resulting in free food, Kisa keeping everyone under control, Emma and Celias’ pizza eating technique, Jackie and Use leaving practice to buy Pop-Tarts, Kristin getting numb toes on the glaciers of the Westminister courts, Mary’s lack of exertion on picture day, and the boys’ deserting us at Williston. We would like to extend our thanks to Mr. Briggs. He put up with our injuries, complaints and music for three months- a lesser person would have folded under the pressure. Yet, Briggsy withstood it all, even the crumbs in his car. We have only one question: WHERE ARE THE FANS? Girls’ Squash; 1st r,: M. Benander. S. Lapuc, K. Takesue. 2nd r.: K. Cameron D. Weinstein, L. Terrizzi, E. Teng. 3rd r.: Coach Briggs, S. Oates, K. Ritter, I. Ackermann, J. Woodfork. Boys ' Squash 1st r.: D. Brown, P Mange, A Forader. D. Dugas. 2nd r.: M Little, M Page, D. Silver, L. Platt, R. Johnson, Coach L. Briggs. 97 Boys ' Ski Team: 1st r.; L. Davis, E, Hartai, B Moriarty, A, Fuidera. M. Griffith, B, Hunt, P, Austin, G. Waldman. 2nd r.; Coach S. Nordin, M Moebius, A. Curnn, J Masalski, J. Kaihlanen, D. toughen, S. Eckhouse, M. Masalski, J. Holt, T. Selig, N, Eckhouse, A Manning, Coach P Kravitz. This year, the Ski Team accomplished something more than winning ■ they achieved true unity and respect for one another while having a great time. Throughout the year, the sweet smell of victory could be sensed, especially on the bus. The Girls with their usual dominance over the division through fantastic performances were a source of inspiration to the Boy ' s Team who fought tooth, nail and heart all the way to the end. (Well, either the Girl’s performance, or this year’s new line of stretch ski pants . . . ) Peter Kravitz’s coaching method of " ski as fast as you can, and either finish fast, or crash,’’ seemed to work wonders. Seriously, his overseeing presence brought the team to true perfection in the spirit of athletic competition. Coke machines are people too! Looking back, none of us can forget the excitement and anticipation of the races, the elation of the cloud. Karma of the lodge, the bus ride home, or most importantly, each other. Girls ' Ski Team: 1st r.: C. Cooper, M. Sannmg, R Loescher, D Talen, J. Catlm, A Raskind, E Connelly, J. Hoyl ‘ 2nd r.: Coach P, Kravitz, P. Weigel, C, Selig, K. Walter. 1. Swift, E. Faison, R. Eckhouse, S. Froning, K. Keegaij C, tones, M Lowance, S. Austin, Coach S. Nordin This year’s Wrestling Team had a season of vast improvement. We put three marks m the win column to break a long losing streak. Looking ahead to next year, it’s safe to say we’ll only get better. We are losing only two Seniors, Sean Healy and Alberto Villaman, but they will both be sorely missed. Rookie sensa- tions Ramin Sobhian and Terry Khinhicki will both be back as Seniors, as will Tom Moran, Co-Captain Kyle Bostian and Chet Delf. Underclassmen to watch are Martin Van Pelt, Tim Reilly, Joe Sherman, Rich Perchemlides, Dan Burrell, Mike Stiles, and Andy Rice. Make sure to catch a match. Memories! . . . Longmeadow, ’Hamp, and Southwick . . . Ramin’s grunts . . . spinning . . . Coach kicking people out of the gym . . . spinning . . . Dave’s gas . . . spinning . . . playing Killer . . . spinning ... and the way the Westfield heavyweight could move. •Kyle Bostian [.Wrestling 1st r.: P. Cobbs, M. VanPelt, R. Sobhian, T. Reilly. 2nd r.: D. Burrell, J. Shermann, S. Healy, M. Stiles, tr. Moran, R. Perchimelides. 3rd r.: Mgr. L, Johns, Mgr. L. Rice, A, Villaman, A. Rice, T. Knihnicki, K. Bostian, M. Babb, Coach Collins. This year’s Gymnastics season was great. We had more members than we have had in the past 3 years, 9 new and 7 returning from last year. There was a | lot of talent in the new kids. We also had 3 coaches, more than ever before, to i help us. On the straight win - loss scale, we were in a 3-way 9-2 tie with Cathedral and Longmeadow. But on the season’s meet score average we were seeded 3rd for the W. Mass, meet which was held in our own gym. In the meet, we pulled out and took 2nd by a comfortable margin. We are looking forward to doing even better - next year, and hopefully taking 1st away from Minnechaug. Gymnastics 1st r.: G. Tudryn, L. Shumway, M. Collura, A. May, J. Gourley. K. Grey. 2nd r : N. Reardon. K Sullivan, L, Theilman, Cap ' t. C. Jackson, K. Muench, Cap ' t. J. Sicks, N Camp, K. Muench, Coaches M. Santaguti, A. Burke. HANGOUTS Where do you dwell during your open period? Everyone seems to have their own habitual spot in the school. The yearbook will now take a look at some of the in-school hangouts students have formed. The “type” of students who " hang” in these various hangouts vary immensely. However, in places like the Guidance office, Art Room, and even the Library, regulars develop and generalizations made. Let’s take a peek at these places and hang on to the memories that they bring. “After 17 long years,” Library Secretary Pearl Very has decided to call it quits. On June 23, 1984 Pearl will put her last library book on the shelf. Seventeen years is a long time, but according to Pearl, “a paycheck makes a lot of things worthwhile.” If you have spent any time in the library, you have undoubtedly heard her barking at some poor cherub for talking when he she should not have been. It IS apparent however, that most of this toughness is merely a front which hides a kind interior. There are the little things Pearl does for her students. For example, handing out writing utensils and often not getting them back, or typing the last paragraph of a student’s research paper which for some off reason did not get completed. All of these functions she performs willingly. There are many more which she performs as a Secretary. " I type all magazine orders, book orders, non-print review orders, and handle all student passes.” She is also responsible for assisting students in the location and use of library materials and equipment, organizing the Instructional Media Center (card catalog etc.) and helping to maintain an orderly learning environment. Pearl’s birthday was on December 21, but she would not tell how old she is, just that it was time to go. • Jeff Ramsay We, the students of the High School, hang out at the Library. A lot. Why? I’ll tell ya why: PEARL. But aside from old Per, we hang out because it is a place laden with tradition. The biggies from times gone by came here to relax, reflect, socialize and, of course, to filch the annual Sports Illustrated swim suit issue. From Perry and Lund to the Pufton S — heads, students have found a place they can ca ll home m the Ol’Readin’ Room. Some come to study, others to blow it off. For whatever the reason, we come here again and again and again and during an open or two. Yeah, ya gotta love it, it’s my kinda Libe. 101 102 Diversity Exaggerated color with realistic design, Exaggerated features made with one line, Three dimensional mobiles, tissue, seashells, string. Ceramic tiles, plates, cups, and metal work rings. Wire based dolls covered and painted and sewn. Layer upon layer metal buildings have grown. In the back they play their guitars and drums. The bongos are beaten, the guitars are strummed. The music picks up the spirits but it repeats itself. The playing stops-the albums are out, the Who, who else? Photographs hanging on the wall. Unreal paintings in the hall. Stained glass circles catch the beams, Silkscreened pillowcases with invisible seams. Animals built from paper mache. Older paintings fade when hit by the rays. Tedious pictures created with dots. Mask covered people breathing through slots. Moral discussions on killing and cheating, A quiet conversation on our own solar heating. Laughter or anger, losses or finds. The Amherst High Artroom attracts all kinds. ■H.S. I Graciously the Guidance Office has set up a place where students can do quiet study. Whether the students are quiet, or do any studying is a grave question. - So who peters into this joint during their open periods? Well, ' certainly a diverse group of students; but for the most part - the well I intended, the well read, the over sociable, the over zealous, and the under- i sexed. The " A” student who is coming realize that backrubs are more essential to him her than American History. Confused? Maybe the following typical student-filled Guidance Office dialogue will clear things up. (However, it ' ll probably confuse you even more) “Oh, my back hurts. " “No way. I ' m not gonna be pulled into that again. " “Hey, who saw Saturday Night Live last week? " j “I ' ve really got to do this math homework. " j, “I ' m Gumby dammit ... I am show business..! am awesome. " “Oh, please, just a two minute one. " “Oh I don ' t believe this ... all right, but just two minutes. " I “I am supreme ... lam everything. " i “Allright everybody, this room is for quiet study. If you ' re gonna talk go to the cafeteria " (with English accent) “Look, look, look! Here comes Mrs. Seppala ... oh she ' s beautiful for a guidance counselor. " “Aw, what the heck, there ' s only ten minutes left, forget the math. " I I “A little to the right, and harder. " “Well, I like someone who can talk openly about sex. " “That is so, so, so teerical. " “I ' m not gonna say it again, this room is for " I “Right! Right " So where are you applying? " I " Two minutes can ' t be up already you haven ' t even done the lower back! " 1 “Oh, I should ' ve done that math homework. " j “I am Gumby, Ruler of the Universe! " I “Allright, the whole lot of you, last warning: into the Cafeteria now! I mean j It! " ' ■ Dan Cantor Mary Bleckwell, a Guidance Office Aide for the past 14 years, has decided to make this year her last. When asked why she is resigning, he explained that “I have reached the retirement age (which she would not give) and have 6 children and 5 grandchildren all over the U.S. who my husband and I would like to visit more often. " She and her husband are also bird watchers, and while visiting with their family, plan on stopping at major bird migration areas and enjoying their hobby more fully. Mrs. Bleckwell has been a very valuable help m the guidance office and her caring for the students rubs off on all whom she helps. She has developed a very detailed and thorough resource system for options after graduation. Mrs. Bleckwell said that her greatest joys were helping the students. She has always loved children and now is going to enjoy her own. She also plans on spending more time gardening, biking, swimming and enjoying her new house. We are going to miss Mrs. Bleckwell whose constant caring and helpful ways were appreciated by all who came in contact with her. We will never forget her! - Michael Brown CELEBK TRI-S SEMI-FORMAL The Tri-S Semi-Formal was once again the highlight of this year s social calendar. On January 28th almost 200 people packed into the Campus Center Auditorium to enjoy a night of prancing, dancing, and romancing. The music ranged from the Beach Boys to the Ramones and included our theme song, “You’ve Got a Friend.” There was more than enough food, dancing, and excitement for even the most seasoned A.R.H.S. socialites. It will long be remembered as the beginning of the end for the Class of ’84. ■ ' Vit ;■ ATIONS ETHNIC FEAST The annual Hope Solidarity Ethnic Feast is a )oytul celebration of various ethnicities and cultures. Students, teachers, and families come together to enjoy foods from around the world. This year we were fortunate enough to have a Cambodian dance presentation and the moving rhythms of the Horace Mann Gospel Singers. This feast is symbolic of Hope and Solidarity’s goal for achieving ethic and cultural awareness and acceptance within the high school community. SPRING AWAKENING From it ' s first production in 1906, Frank Wedekind ' s German play A Spring Awakening received resistance from the public, due to its provocative theme: adolescents discovering their sexuality. Wedekind accurately protrayed this discovery as a struggle, empha- sizing the rigidity and narrowmindness of the adult population toward teenage sexuality. Under the direction of John Warthen and Emily Payne, the Theatre Company courageously presented this controversial play before an enthused audience. The talented cast of 26 elected to do most of the technical work involved in the production. John Warthen combined several translations of the script: thus, we presented an original interpretation of this little known drama. DAMN YANKEES This year ' s annual Musical was the last in an Adler Ross musical-comedy Trilogy. Damn Yankees, the story ot a man who sells his soul to play baseball, fittingly followed Pajama Game and Fiorello, the past two year’s productions. Like those shows, Damn Yankees was a smash hit ■ a combination ot rip- roaring comedy and sweet-sounding romanticism. Once again director Mark Gerstem, musical director John Maggs, and Choreographer Laura Metevia should be commended for their excellent guidance, leadership and creativity. Also thanks to Stage Managers John Stem and Sarah Weir. Who will ever forget . . . signing in . . . being possessed . . . You’ve gotta have (you fill in the blank) . . . “That’s the longest ball I’ve ever seen.” ... The Senators winning the Pennant .... “Goodbye old sheep!” Congratulations once again to the whole cast and crew of 75 + : Damn Good Show! You would think by the end of the Senior year, a student would finally find the answers to all the secrets of A.R.H.S. This IS not so: in fact it is far from true. Almost at the end of semester two of year 12, I am more confused than ever. Confused about a lot of things, not only major issues, like " Was God really playing golf before he created the earth’” - but smaller, more obnoxious things one finds around our school. For instance I am confused as to who those portraits hanging m the office walls are of? You know, those paintings of balding men with conservative expressions on their faces and double-knit jackets. Who are they? Who cares about them? Speaking of faces, why don’t we ever get to see the faces of the lunch ladies collecting our silverware? For some reason they drop that bullet proof stainless steel barrier down so we cannot peek in. Who knows what atrocities are lurking back there? And why the heck don’t we have any knives m the lunch room? It is no fun spreading butter with a napkin. And why was there ever a Disney mural put m the cafeteria? That’s easy-we all know how popular Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are with the students. Off the subject. Why does Pearl work m the library of all places? She is far too nice a person to work m there. Also, where in God’s name, does Mr. Kelly get his beautiful three-feet wide psychedelic polka dotted-ties? As much as I hate to go to the bathroom m school you would think after three years they would finally put doors on the stalls of the boys bathroom. Some moments are private. Talking about the bathroom, I still do not understand why there are no mirrors in the boys’ bathroom. Are we that ugly? At least I’m thankful that I have a 4 inch wide locker that opens out into my neightbor’s locker. Who made these things? A mechanical genius no doubt. What IS Mr. Gerstein’s fixation with leather clothing? Scratch that, I don’t think I want to know. Why does Mr. Saulsberry insist on blowing into the microphone before he speaks over the loudspeaker? Yes, Gaylord, it is still working. Flow do you spell Saulsberry? Does It go B-A or A-B today? Did it go H-G yesterday? Does a + b really equal c ? Hey, does Mr. Crouse have any consideration for the visual sensitivity of others? “Great eye ball burners. Batman, here comes Mr. Crouse and his new flourescent-checked slacks!” Why does it alwa ys snow heavily on Friday nights and Sunday mornings m Amherst? Radio Report: “No school m the entire state of Massachusetts, except . . . Amherst!” Who would allow themselves to be nicknamed “Buzz”? Why not “Honk”, “Toot”, or “zzzz” instead? I always wondered why buses are yellow. No, seriously, if you really think about it, why yellow? Personally, I prefer salmon pink or maybe even periwinkle. But nothing beats the red and white stripped hallways of our school. No sir, nothing like a school that reminds you of a Kentucky Fried Chicken store, now is there? Why hasn’t someone blown up the language lab yet? And finally I am quite confused as to why the days and weeks and months of life at A.R.H.S. have gone by so quickly. So very, very quickly. I WONDER; I WHY By Dan Cantor frXP. ?V bandan Enter Here it ' s Howdy Doody time Iguanaman goes for a fly . . he’s got it! mini watch out Travolta! talk about a swelled head no pain, no gam i the thinker’ no, this IS MY ball here I come to save the day! Simon says leap and contort your face Well frankly, Gay, I think your proposal fails in that The Class of 84’ thanks these Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Allen, Andy and Carolyn Anderson, Alfred Alschuler, Duane Bailey, Constance Berge, Robert and Eleanor Brush, Richard and Judith Burrows, Angel Chamorro, Evelyn Goldenberg, Edmund and Zella Keyes, William and Virginia Kilmer, Sandy Knightly, Edward and Nine Korza, Janice Lengieza, Kendon Mallory, Peter and Winnitred Manning, Daniel and Ellen Melley, Graham and Gillian Morbey, Stearns and Dorothy Morse, Robert and Judith Neill, Alex and Anita Page, Nina Payne, Brian and Linda O ' Connor, David and Rosalie Porter, Renate Rikkers, Frank and Claire Sanning, David and Barbara Schimmel, Carol and Marc Silver, Donald Southwick, Bernard and Charlotte Spivack, The Starr Family, Richard and Joanne Tebaldi, John and Marguerite Townsend, Harold and Jane Vanderzwaag, Jacqueline Waldman, Donald and Nancy Wise, Nelson and Suewilla Woodfork. " Human nature has only to discover itself. If we enlarge our awareness, admit new information and take advantage of the brain ' s brilliant capacity to integrate and reconcile, we can leap forward. " MARILYN FERGUSON 112 I The n D.H. JONES Real Estate Agency 200 Triangle Street, Amherst 549-3700 187 n. pleasant st., amherst 56 MAIN ST AMHERST, MASS AMHERST 253-7002 LA MIA PIZZA Oonjodd S REGISTERED OPTICIAN - HEARING AIDS -FINE EYEWEAR DOESN ' T COST - IT PAYS Amherst ' s First Optician Where every delivery is guaranteed in 30 mm. 549-7890 5 p.m. - 2 a.m. weekends 5 p.m. - 3 a.m. 24 years same location Congratulations ' 84! celebrate with a scoop of ice cream OVERSIZED ORIGINALS? AMHERST COPY CORNER Now Featuring The Xerox 2080 Printer CARDS -jewelry Over 1,000 Designs CLOTHLYG DaUyiSat. 10-6 Sunday 12-5 Kl ' GS MUGS -POSTERS Huge Assortment •MCI2CANTILE AMHERST CARRIAGE SHOPS The Printer will accept documents up to 36 " wide by any length and output prints up to 24 " wide by any length on cither Xerox Bond or Engineering Vellum. In addition, the machine has variable reduction and enlargement capabilities ranging from 45% to 141% of any size and any increment in between. We know our 2080 will increase your productivity by providing you with fast turnaround, high quality copies. Stop in today and let us fill all your copy needs. c FINE FOODS 76 N. PLEASANT ST AMHERST. MASS. 60 years of freshness and value ilousie of als!j,3nc. Main St., Amherst 413 - 253-3361 Distinctive clothing for men and women since 1902 data terminals - MICROCOMPUTERS SALES - SERVICE - LEASING T ioneer IjaJley Sa a Squipmeni, 3nc. 259 TRIANGLE ST. AMHERST. MA 01003 413 - 549-1017 Downtown Amherst For FLOWERS Knowles Flower Shop Pil72 No Pleasant St ' rcJinoui: er Silver Pewter Diamonds Colored Gemstones A. J. HASTINGS Newsdealer And Srorioner Watches Fine China arid Crystal by Lenox 45 S. Pleosonr Sr Amhersr 253-2840 MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 26 Mam St. Amhersc, Mass School Supplies Sporring Goods Toys And Gonnes Hollmork Cords Office Equipmenr Srorionory 233 - 761 ) Congratulations and best wishes for the exciting years ahead. Jones-Neylon Insurance Agency Inc. ' ' Service Beyond the Obligation” P.O. Box 1, 185 North Pleasant Street 256-6441 Good Food and Good Eating at SALADS SUBMARINES SYRIANS the sub NsX Best Wishes ' 84 Our Personal Best Wishes For Success In The Future From your friends, The Official 1984 Yearbook Photographers: Larry, Dan, Marc, Chris, 284 Pine St. Holyoke, MA 532-9406 Bob 127 Mill St. Springfield, MA 734-7337 Credits Goldbug ' 84: Cover: Nan Sinauer; Back Cover: John Demers; Endsheets: Andrea Mason; Title Page: Julie Schmalz; Introduction Divider: Jesse Jarmon Paul Newcombe; Underclassmen Divider: Judy Miller; Senior Divider: Louise Godchaux; Sports Divider: Kevin Howard; Goldbug ' 84: Editors: Jenny Frizzle, Kim Heffley, Julie Schmalz, Nan Sinauer; Advisor: Blanche Derby; Staff: Steve Bradley, Mike Brown, Dan Cantor, Karen Dane, Kim DeShields, Sandie Dihimann, Karin Ehringer, Markie Guyer, Arati Korwar, Gino Lightner, Sarah Neill, Jeff Ramsay, Vickie Scott, Heather Swenson, Dana Townsend, Kris Zajicek. 116 DATE DUE

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