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CMf5 pF fesnS nn ‘t: (li and 6Lr nei Dedication ALAN JACOUE Who was courageous enough to accept the responsibility of steering our motley Class of 1983? Who provided guidance without being overbearing? Who was the most flirtatious faculty member who won the hearts of everyone-almost? Who else would have sacrificed a Saturday night to disassemble that decrepit senior splash? Who else would open their home to provide for late night meetings? Who else would be willing enough to accept the wide variety of views and ideas we presented? Who? Al Jacque, that ' s who. Al Jacque exceeds his calling. His character and personality reflect his true willingness to partake in all our endeavors. Thanks Lisa Thanks Emily And most of all ... Thank you Mr. Jacque! 2 ' Vi; OUR DIVERSITIES . . . those differences that make everyone special . . . diverse in our attitudes the same in our spirit . . . the variety that makes us the best . . . all peoples unite for a better vj look for similarities not differences . to appreciate and accept everyone s uniqueness . .we come from many countries we can learn from each other OUR TALENTS . . . are a part of us all, and at Amherst we excell with so much variety and flair ... we are artists, musicians, mechanics, scientists, athletes, dancers, thespians, computer whizzes, mathematicians, seamstresses, chefs, typists, writers and more ... we have so much to offer 7 OUR EMOTIONS those times when we have to let how we feel be known, as long as we don’t get carried away . . . homework blues . . . classroom blahs . . . Monday morning c n ession . . . Friday afternoon elation . . . party hangovers . . . will the coke machine ever work? ... due date frenzy . . . striving to learn . . . sharing memories OUR VICTORIES . . when we rejoice in our triumphs, and forget about our defeats . . . striving to our limits . . . cheering our teams on to victory . . f not getting mad, getting even . . . ready for the future . . . finally getting to the last day of school . . . it’s over novi but it’s only just begun. . . awesome, simply awesomr . . . which have bloomed over the years, to be broken, sustained, and made anew ... the only reason we survived this long . . . they make the weekends worth lookin OUR FRIENDSHIPS jirward to . . . they make school bearable . . . they understand our moods ... I get by with a little help from my friends OUR GOOD TIMES hanging out and hanging down . . . gabbing on the phone . . . relaxing on the lawn . . . breaking out of the school daze • ■ ■ making faces . . . being yourself . . OUR CLASS OF ’83 . . happy times ... a caring class . .. the older, the wiser . . . times to remember ... our own special styles . . . shoot for the moon, reach for the stars ■ ■ FACULTY STAFF Administration; J. Heffley, L. Kavanagh, G. Sauls- berry. Art: L. Allen, B. Derby, J, Logan. Cafeteria: H. Thompson, A. Tudryn, H. Howard, P. Lego, N. Dihimann, IM. Edwards, D. Ewell. English; 1st r.: J. Baer, M. Burns, J. Warthen, K. Mackenzie. 2nd r.: B. Minks, I. Ackermann, L. Froning, B. Matthews, J. Elias, J. Price, J. Jacobs. Language: 1st r.: R. Dube, J. Jagger, A. Hays, D. Brule. 2nd r.: G. Steinmeyer, D. Chamorro, B. Math- ews, D. Mallory, J. Luippold, D. Chapman. Music: J. Maggs, P. Smith. Nurse: H. Zatyrka, J. George. Home Economics: 1st r.: K. Doody, M. Curtin, 2nd r.: M. Hruska, P. Anderson, H. Lee. Industrial Arts: 1st r.: C. Camp, R. Prescott. 2nd r.: C. Emery, A. Jacque, T. Gralinsky, J. Kelly. Krzystofik, M. Shea, P. Business: D. Harlow, M. Fredrickson. Muniyrah Abdul-Hakim - Katherine Adams - Linda Adams - Kristen Aldrich - Mark Aldrich - Victor Alexander - Wayne Allen - Paula Almassy - Suzanne Ambs - Jenniter Asebrook - Alan Au - Annalau ra Averill - Kimberly Bardwell ■ James Barilla - Matthew Barrette - Joshua Belknap - Mark Benton - Nicole Bernard - Michael Blanf - Stephanie Blow - Kyle Bostian - Mark Bouchard - Martha Bridegam - Alicia Briggs - Sandra Britt - Alison Brown - Dean Brown - Michael Brown - Cynthia Bryon - Kathie Burridge - Justin Burruto - Daniel Calderon - Brian Campbell - Ann Carpenter - Collin Casey - Brian Chalmers - Pablo Chamorro - Rabin Chandran - Vere Chappell - Walter Chestnut - Jonathan Clark - Michael Clyne - Paul Cobb - Amanda Cohen - Sarah Coles - Diane Comings - Katera Como • Cook ■ John Cook - Carrie Cooper - Meghan Cope - Warren Cox - Nancy Craker - Y. Jane Cramer - Alan Currin - Amy Cushing - John Damon - Louis Davis - Edil Deleon - Chester Dell - Benjarnin Demerath - Brigid Demers - David Dersham - Andrew Dimock - Ryan Donovan ■ Christine Dorman - Gleanna Doyle - Don-John Dugas - Lara Duston - Kerry Eckstrom - Jason Fairchild - Brian Fay - ■ This year’s Sophomore Core Committee has had an enthusastic turn out. Along with getting ready for this year’s Booster Day activities we are planning many fund raisers. These include a dance, bake sales and the selling of candy or bumper stickers. We are all grateful for the help given to us by our advisor, Ms. Seppala. Soph. Core Comm. 1st r.: E. Hendricks, R. Greenbaum, A. Cohen, D. McDonald, V. Alexander, K. Holt, D. Calderon, S. Perez, A. Cushing. 2nd r.: S. Lapuc, L. Hayward, M. Hafner, J. Asebrook, K. McDowell, K. Weeks, L. Isabell, K. Walters, M. Kreisler, C. MacDonald, M. Cope, G. Lightner. 3rd r.: M. Seppala (Adv.), M. Macintosh, K. Bostian, J. Belknap, K. Ross, J. Cook, J. Mullins, L. Sarat, M. Clyne, J. Rodriguez, A. Carpenter, B. Campbell, N. Bernard, G. Zumbruski, S. Britt, A. Kowar, L. Hamilton, I Amanda Ferro ■ Leeann Field - Seth Fischer - Tracey Flamer - Ronald Foley - Jonathan Fortescue - Tracy Fowler - Angela Glazier - Peter Gluckler • Christine Glushien - Louise Godchaui - Brian I Gordon - Alan Gosman - Eric Gralenski - Fliza Grannis - Jonathan Gray - Bryant Green - Corwin Green - Michael Green - Rachel Greenbaum - Aleiander Grist - Stephen Gundersheim - Malisa Hafner - I Laura Hamilton - Edwin Hartai ■ Melbourne Harwood - Richard Hatt - Elizabeth Hawley - Lisa Hayward - Michelle Henderson - Elizabeth Hendricks - Valerie Hendricks - David Heronemus - Gary I Hewitt - Andrew Hilt - Tina Hoffman • Jeffery Holt - Kristina Holt • Travis Howe - Ellen Howell - Christopher Hrasna - Mark Hruska - Geoffrey Hudson - Lavinia Huner - John Hutchinson - Laura I Isabelle - Celia Jackson - Rhonda Jackson • Timothy Jager - Tina Jaremczuk - Jessica Jarmon - Randall Johnson - Derek Jones - Christopher Kamansky - Carroll Kaneta • Elena Kaulenas - Robert Kent ! - Kimberly Kessler - Jeffrey Kidd - Cynthia Klein - Todd Knightly - Terence Knihnicki • Blake Koh - Apati Korwar - Kim Kotfila - Peter Krause - Michele Kreisler - David Kulp - Eleanor Lacey - Glenn 21 Laclaire - Larry Laclaire - Timothy Langdon - Ann Laprade - Sarah Lapuc - Sandra Larson - James Lashway - John Lashway - Jodie Lea - Wallier Lee - Malcolm Lester - Petra Anne Levin - Kevin Li - Gino Lightner - Sara Lindquist - Michael Little - Victor Liu - David Lizotte - Cara Lynch - Eric Lyster - Carol MacDonald - David MacDonald - Tomas Maclosky - Sonja Madson - David Maisey - Sokhen Mao - Sebastian Martens - Carl Martenson - Elizabeth Martin - Shannon Martin - Sandra Martinez - Kristin Mayer - Susan McBride - Kimberly McDowell - Melissa Mclntire - Micha el McIntosh • Peter McNeal - Tina Meldon - Judith Miller - Edward Minfar - Natania Mitchell-Smith • Corinna Moebius - Heidi Molts - Bruce Montague - Susan Moores - Richard Moran - Jon MorfI - Troy Morrill - trie Muench - James Mullins - Kathleen Murphy - Eric Myren - Eric Nakajima - Amy Neill - Phuong Nguyen - Quoc Nguyen - Tuan Nguyen - Lita Nisbet - Jeffrey Nissenbaum - ason Novak - Stephanie 22 Oates - Nick O’Brien - Thy Oeur - Margaret O’Neil - Patricia O’Neil ■ Andrea O’Neil - Frances O’Rourke - Stephen Orrell - Paul Osborn - Tracy Ostroff - Gina Pascoe ■ Randall Peacock - trie Penza - Stephanie Perez - John Pham • Joseph Pierce - Sean Pierce • Claire Pinliham - Harold Pile - Judy Pizam - Eric Plisko - Laurie Pyrzonawski - Marcos Quintero - Dina Ra skevitz - John Raskevitz - Wendy . Raskevitz - Joshua Reid - Dmitri Robbins - Gayle Robinson - Harold Robinson - William Robinson - Luz Ivette Rodriguez - Stephen Rogalski ■ Kristin Ross - Amy Rutherford - Valerie Rutstein - Daniel , St. John - Todd St. John - Paula St. Pierre - Erika Salloux - Timothy Sanders - Lauren Sarat - Victoria Scott - John Searle - Mara Sefman ■ Thomas Selig - Christina Shafer - Julie Sicks - Veronica Sienkiewicz - Brian Silverstein - David Simanski - James Sims - Wilhelmina Smith - Susan Stanley - Larisa Staruch - Amy Sternheim - Rainedae Stilphen - Mark Sturm - Heather Swenson - Janet Swift - Peter Swift - Samfer Syed - Valerie Tamm - Steven Tang - Deborah Taylor - Marcea Taylor - Emma Teng - Helen Thelen - Theresa Thompson - Daniel Thornton - Kristina Thurston - Lori ’ Timmermann - Joseph Tolson - Charles Turner - Steven Voipe ■ Cecil Voorhefs - Stephanie Waldeck - Elaine Walen - Kimberly Walter - Peter Waskiewicz - Kelley Weeks - Sarah Weir - Thomas 23 Wentworth - Jonathan Whaples - Paul White ■ Zumbruski Esther Wilder - Trent Williams - Micah Winston - Brian Wise - Jonathan Wolf - Karen Wyse - Kristin Zajicek - Andrew Ziomek - John Ziomek - Gail 24 Junior Core Comm. 1st r.: A. Burrell, J. Blake, S. Dihimann, M Bonwit, M. Medina, S. Yandian, A. Swaminathan, J. Burrows, B. Melley, C. Kilmer, M. Jacobson. 2nd r.: K. Mallory, K. Morbey, K. Chalmers, A. Warren, R. Culbertson, S. Mitchell, M. Guyer, J. Schmalz, D. Cowles, J. Ramsey, J. Schimmel, S. Neill. 3rd r.: S. LaVerdiere (adv.), C. Roach, J. Klar, E. Cosby, A. Harris, K. DeShields, M. Allen, Y. Faison, j. Frizzle, T. Chaisson, C. Patterson, T. Ford, E. Moran, C. Barges, J Woodfork, K. Cameron, K. Heffley, K. O’Connor, B. Bray (adv.). The Class of ' 84 probably is one of the most unique groups of people around. We have intellectuals, jocks, preppies, partyers and everything else under the sun! We accredit this to the Class of ' 83 which has shown us the way to survive and maintain our class well being. You have handed down your personality and uniqueness for us to thrive on and pass down to the future generations. We thank you, class of ' 83, and wish you the best of luck throughout your lives! Use Ackermann - Donna Adams - Eleanor Adoboe - Anthony Agrios - Karen Aho - Patricia Albertson - Hershel Alexander - David Allen - Jarnes Allen - ? Beaulieu Alschuler - Freddy Alvarez-Zapata - Russell Anderson - Judith Annable - Paul Austin - Sarah Babb - Mark Bailey - Armand Balboni - Christine Barges - Robyn Ban ' ® f - Ian Belknap - Rachael Bench - Mary Benander - Stephanie Bennett - Todd Bennett - Timothy Benton - Brenden Berge - Andrew Bishop - Jessica Blake - Robyne Bolozky - Margaret Bonwitt - Leslie Bosworth - Anita Bowles - Stephen Bradley - Donna Brooks - Alan Brown - Glenn Brunetti - Stephen Brush - Stephen Burgess - Patricia Burns - Amy Mane Burell 26 -James Burrows - John Calderon - Kate Carneron - Kimberly Campbell - Daniel Canale-Parola - Daniel Cantor - Christina Carpino - Kim Casey - Mary Casey - Tracy Chaisson - Karen Chalmers - Maria-Pilar Chamorro - Michelle Chandler - Hiep Chu - Tri Chu - Patrick Clark - Nat Clemons - Ramona Clifton - Aaron Cole - Chandra Cormier - Erinn Cosby - Deborah Cowles - Rebecca Culbertson - Karen Dane - Peter Davis - Taylor Davis - Sean Deegan - John Demers - Laura Derynck - Kim Deshields - Ronald Dewolfe - Sandra Dihimann - Lynn Dixon - Kimberly Dockery - Carole Dodge - Richard Downie - Noah Eckhouse - Sara Eddy - Timothy Eddy - Jon Eisenberg - Yvonne Faison - Colleen Farmer - Alvin Forader - Theresa Ford ' ' avid Foster - Laurie Francis - Jenny Frizzle - Michael Froning 27 - Carlos Gamez - Daniel Gardner - Cynthia George - Deborah George - lill Godaire - Michael Goldenberg - Ellen Goldman - Steven Golowich - Amie Gordon ■ Ernest Green - Deborah Greenebaum - Phillip Gudger - Margaret Guyer - James Hale - Adrienne Harris • Jane Harrison • George Hart - Scott Hatt - Sean Healy - Birgit Heermann - Kimberly Heffley - Maya Higuchi - Kristen Hohlstein - Kevin Howard • Nancy Beth Hubert - Timothy Hutchings - Morgen Jacobson - Melissa Jainchill • Steven Jenks - Elke Jensen - Robin Johnson - Nicholas Jones - Laura Kallio • Justin Karlson - Cham Kay - Sean Kemnitzer - Arthur Kendall - Wendy Kenerson - Geoffrey Keochakian - Sydney Keyes - Cynthia Kilmer - Jody Lynne Kirejczyk - James Klar - David Knightly - Deirdre Kornhiser - Charlene Korza 28 ■ Timothy Kosloroski - Stephen Kotfila - Kimberly Lambert - Mark Langley - Joseph Lashway - Yvette Laurent - Kimberly Lego - Angela Lehrer - Kenneth Lengieza - Adam Lerner - Erica Lessie • Terri L’Etoile - Rachel Lewis - Timo Lipping - Catherine MacDonald - Kristin Mallory - Paul Mange - Michael Mann - Andrew Manning • Sim Mao - Paul John Martin - Daniel Martinez - Ellen Matheson - Katherine May - Wallace McCloud - Laura McDowell - Sharon McKenzie - Carleigh McLeish - Magali Medina - Brian Melley - Ronald Meyer - Susan Mitchell - Catherine Moody - Ellen Moran - Seth Moran - Karen Morbey - Eric Morel - Sopbia Morse - Joseph Morton - Amy Mulcahy - Lori Murphy - Carlos Murray - Sarah Neill - Paul Newcombe - Sophal Nguon - Dung Nguyen - Lam Nguyen - Son 29 Nguyen - Paul Novak - Karen O ' Connor - Timothy O’Neil - Steve Ortiz - Deborah Owen - Max Page - Catherine Patterson - Adam Payne - Emily Payne - Laurie Pelis - Jose Penalvert - Tonya Perkins - Anthony Pham - Tam Pham - Lucas Platt - Kim Poli - Stephen Porter - Leonard Pratt - Jared Quinn - Andrzej Radosh - David Ralph - Jeffrey Ramsay - Christina Ribos - Lauren Rice - Mark Reckindolph ■ Heather Richards • Leslie Rigali ■ Scott Rikkers - Kristen Ritter - Curtis Roach - Brian Rosen - Monica Sanning - Alan Saulny - Jonathon Schimmel - Julia Schmalz - James Secord - Rachel Seidman - David Silver ■ Nancy Sinauer - Bruce Sinclair - Andrew Slocombe - Kenneth Slovin - Larry Smith - Lisa Southwick - Loren Spivack - Janet Stanne - Ethan Starr - April Start - 30 K " • ' ‘ ' • " ■ ' !°P ' ®[ Story - Gary Stromberg - Kelly Stubbart - Ericks Stuberovskis - Boreth Sun - Anitra Swaminathan - Kisa Takesue - Jonathan Tauer - Unn rh«11c I u “ Thompson - Carson Thornton - Scott Thornton - Tatyana Tikos - Pamela Tillis - Dana Townsend - Thomas Ulbrich - Ho 31 Teacher’s Pet. CAUGHT IN THE ACT! GQ here I come! Ride’em cowgirl. It’s rough when you lose your pet frog. So whaddya have to do to get into this place? need a dime, not an apple! Please! was only a minute late! Blondes have more fun. We don’t need no education . . . Wanna join me? I ' ll get that bluejay if it’s the last thing I do! ' Mr. and Mrs. Hoppley, will you trade your Teddy for what’s behind door 1? One more piece of tape and my Frankenstein will be complete Jeepers - Creepers! Ten bucks if I can keep it down, right? Therefore F (X) equals the nega- tive reciprocal of the exponential derivative, understand? THE CAKE SALE This year ' s Cake Auction was, as could have been suspected, a large success. Many new ideas were dreamed up and came alive in the form of a cake. A decapitated head, a legendary house and a pizza were just a few of the cakes there. Also many teams like soccer, volleyball, and croquet displayed their culinary gifts. And though only three won prizes, all were appreciated by all the classes. Let us not forget that it was the Junior Class that organized the wonderful moments that we all experienced on that beautiful day before Thanksgiving Vacation. Thank you Class of ' 84, thank you one and all! THE ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL The Alternative High School started in the 1977- 78 school year. Since then it has evolved and changed a little each year, and has taken on the flavor of the individuals attending at the time. Yet, the Alternative Program has held steadfast to a basic philosophy and set-up. The Alternative High School provides a theraputic setting for students with social and or emotional problems, (such as depression and student aliena- tion). This setting involves a structured program in a supportive atmosphere, with a small teacher pupil ratio. Course content and methods of teaching are based on a " humanistic” philosophy towards educa- tion. The philosophy and set-up of the Alternative High School creates an atmosphere that fosters a sense of community, encourages students to be learning a meaningful and positive experience that can be carried with the individual throughout his her life. Paula Elison THE A.B.C. HOUSE ABC House: 1 st r.: C. Roach, D. Martinez, J. Rodriguez, G. Lighter, W. McCloud. 2 nd r.: A. Villaman, J. Penalvert, S. Livingston, V. Alexander. The Amherst A.B.C. (A Better Chance) Program is a private, non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1968. The program offers urban minority youths a different educational experience than they would have in the city. The A.B.C. house provides a home away from home for students attending A.R.H.S. It currently consists of 10 students, 6 from New York and 4 from New Jersey. Applicants to A.B.C. take an admissions test and fill out applications. The application consists of teacher recommendations, the student’s academic record, and a personal essay. All the students feel that being in this program is a positive experience. Being away from home gives them an advantage over other students when they go away to college, for they know what it’s like to be on your own. Most of the students that graduate from the programs go to colleges like Cornell University, University of Michigan and the University of Virginia. Overall, the A.B.C. program does at least three things: 1) It recruits minority students 2) it gives the students a good high school education and 3) it sends the students to good colleges, enabling them to become useful citizens in society. -Curtis Roach 37 5 THE HALLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC The Jazz Workshop offers the opportunity for students to explore jazz performance practices, improvisa- tion and spontaneous arranging. The Workshop has performed in the cafete- ria during lunch and in several evening concerts. Jazz Workshop 1 st r.: J. Caban, D. MacDonald, J. Mascis. 2 nd r: J. Quinn, D. Canale, M. Fantini, A. Gosman, S. Porter, D. Greason, D. Purcell. Orchestra; 1 st r.: R. Bari, R. Johnson, J. Wang, C. Mullln, B. Fabos, D. Greenebaum, P. Mange, C. Gould, T. Agrios, R. Seidman, L. Terrizzi. 2 nd r: E. Kaulenas, L. Staruch, K. Li, M. Mushovic, M. Bridegam, S. Coles, L. AverrII, K. Adams, M. Smith, K. Fludson, J. Duguay, S. May, C. Moebius. 3 rd r: M. Blane, S. Maggs, D. Murray, N. Miller, M. Moebius, P. Fletfernan, B. Flealy, A. Fabos, M. Jackson, H. Pile, R. Lewis, M. Chesnut, W. Chesnut, P. Levin, L. Terrizzi, E. Seidman, B. Demerath. 4 th r; D. Jones, D. Silver, S. Moran, J. Nissenbaum, P. Smith, T. Lessie, J. Woodfork, E. Lessie Orchestra; Shh people, shh, shh, shh from Beethoven’s powerful four note motifs to the ringing bells of Schickele, we’ve done it all with superb musicality and cooperation: our Orchestra is unique. The A.R.H.S. Chamber Players played at All-East and Student Soloist Galore. All who auditioned received all-state recommendations, we had students in all-East Orchestra, and in April we packed up and went to Montreal. Remember Play at the Frog, not too much cello, no more Beethoven????? Symphony Band 1 st r.: L. Gordon, S. Sulzner, D. Reed, N. Ring, E. Matheson, S. McBride, M. Chappell, A. Doherty. K. Campbell. 2 nd r.: G. Donahoe, T. Kostowski, N. Hopley, J. Ziomek, J. Mroz, K. Kessler, T. Molly, M. Deering, S. Allen, A. Laprade, C. Carpino, A. Au, C. Barges, D. George. 3 rd r.: D. Gould, Z. Voipe, C. Holden, J. Jakus, S. Martens, J. Fairchild, B. Mount, J. Heplnstail, E. Grannis, T. Voipe, A. Ziomek. 4 th r.; R. Hatt, E. Lyster, T. O ' Neil, J. Miller, J. Foster, K. Edwards, J. Wills, M. Macintosh, C. Gamez, D. Hernemus, E. Marcum, P. Martinson, J. Belknap, D. Purcell, M. Braverman, D. Burrell, C. Negrette, K. Kenerson. Symphony Band is a wind and percussion ensemble band experience available to all. Activities this year included combined concerts and a performance at the Bangs Center. Chorale 1 st r.: C. Gould, D. Greenebaum, N. Miller, D. Murray, P. Mange. 2 nd r.: G. Hudson, M. Hall, B. Fabos, B. Demerath, M. Page, J. Adams, S. Maggs, K. Heffley, P. Gawienowski, R. Li. J. Maggs, J. Greenebaum, J. Stanne, A. Fabos, S. Eddy, S. Moran, S. Mitchell. M. Matthews, B. Healy. 3 rd r.: S. Gundersheim, B. Eink, J. Talbot, C. Mullin, B. Hewitt, A. Griswold, P. Heffernan. Cho rale; What a great time! - but not another staff meeting?! To discuss discount lasagna and rubber band route. Thank God for Mr. Maggs and not for Jurgin, Jurgins! Yeah Team! Wind Ensemble is a select group that places the emphasis on quality perfor- mances. This years ' activities included a concert at Buckley Recital Hall and an exchange trip concert with So. Burling- ton High in Vermont. Wind Ensemble: 1 st r.; C. Gould, D. Talan, B. Demerath. B. Boynton, K. Hudson, D. Weinstein, J. Duguay, L. Terrizzi, B. Healy. 2 nd r.: P. Swift, G. Thornton, A. Gosman, K. Cameron, S. Feder, M. Jackson, K. Craker, S. May, E. Teng, E. Moran, R. Kobin, L. Plaza. 3 rd r.: J. Winslow, L. Alschuler, J. Swift, P. Vonderlippe, L. Kallio, D. Brown, J. Asebrook, E. Thompson, R. Seidman, C. Moebius, D. Murray, R. Ban. 4 fh r.: D. Purcell, T. Moran, E. Muench, J. Kallio, S. Fournier, T. Agrios, R. Jenkins, M. Bernander, L. Silva, N. Miller, R. Bogants, B. Chandren, S. Maggs, E. Seidman, L. Rice, M. Blane. Concert Choir; 1 st r,: J. Jarmon, A. Shouldner, J. Duguay, J. Swift. C. Chen, Aa. Lehrer, J. Holt, M. Litle, R. Blocker, J. Rodriquez, M. Bridegam. 2 nd r.: G. Hewitt, J. Berlns, S. Morse, J. Nields, A. Burrell, R. Platt, R. Jenkins, C. Kent, M. Torla, L. Francis, R. Anderson, E. Jensen. 3 rd r.: B. Bigelow, S. Babb, B. Koh, L. Rice, C. Vanderzwaag, S. Archer, B. Hawley, M. Shelby, T. Ford, C. Kilmar, E. Seidman. " That ' s cause you ' re so veni, veni " .... Boston . . . " Not the Moe! " .... " More music?!” . . . caroling .... Buckley .... " I have to stand next to a bass? " . . . " What tenor?” . . . " Sopranos below the Altos?!” Concert Cho ir. Chorus 1 st r.: S. Hlllel, L. Isabelle, L. Godchaux, L. Smith, K. Dockery, R. Cooper, K. Weeks, S. Froning. 2 nd r.: C. Lynch, K. Kotfila, S. Hart, L. Flynn, E. Hewitt, R. Mlltz, L. Marganski, S. Sastry, T. Burrell, A. Bagg, D. Burrell, M. Stiles, L. Dixon. 3 rd r.; C. Scott, A. Laprade, K. Aldrich, A. Crankshaw, K. Bryant, S. Ambs, H. Wilson, C. Korza, J. Kidd, D. Maisey, M. Fairchild, J. Mann, A. Cohen, T. Letoile, G. Smith, S. Lindquist, P. McCullough, M. Moulder, P. Tillis. 4 th r.: J. Maggs, L. Duston, K. Murphy, K. Zajicek, L. Reynolds, K. Robbins, J. Link, B. Porter, C. Cudnohufsky, J. Niedzielski, D, Gardner, S, Tang. S Madsen, R. Greenbaum, A. Brown, M. Bonwit K. Hohlsteln. Chorus. BE-DE-BE-DE-BE; LOUDfK Al TOS; German and Latin at the same time? Orientis Partibus; Singing Haydn ' s Creation in Buckley. THE THEATRE COMPANY Theatre Co: 1 si r.: V. Hendricks, L. Duston, B. Hawley. A. Sternheim, N. Hubert, A. Swaminathan, L. Terizzi, M. Medina, V. Tamm, S. Yandian, R. Seidman. 2 nd r.: J. Miller, V. McClellan, K. Hudson, J. Grannis, M. Langley, R. Bogartz, C. Scott, C. McDonald, L. Sternheim, M. Monserrate, L. Moss, J. Nields, A. Lucas, E. Macintosh, J. Adams, R. Johnson. 3 rd r.: E. Moran, E. Starr, R. Ban, P. Tillis, S. Morse, T. Elder, L. Dixon, B. Bigelow. R. Plaut, T. Lipping, B. Fabos, S. Porter, S. Archer, J. Cashdan, E. Payne, B. Hewitt, B. Wilson, P. Gawienowski, S. Mitchell, C. Darland, A. Lehrer, J. Smith, S. Maggs. 4 th r.: W, Tuthill, N. Bernard, I. Belknap. The Theatre Co. is a diverse group of students who throw self-control away and create dramatic masterpieces. A fund drive in the fall financed the rehabilita- tion of our dying light-board, much to the relief of everybody who has tried to tame our recalcitrant board. With our new light board our productions will now be even more brilliantly illuminated. SCENES FROM AMERICAN LIFE, by A.R. Gurney, Jr., was a satirical collection of 40 short black-outs about the behavior of the rich during the last 50 years. Each of the 15 cast members played a variety of roles, young and old, while Stever Porter played a medley of period songs, opera, and boogie. Big houses, much laughter, several new faces — good show! (Ass’t. directors; Steve Maggs and Chris Darland. St. Mgr: Vikki McClellan. Sets: Mark Langley.) Evgeny Shvarts wrote THE DRAGON in 1943 while Germany was still trying to capture Soviet Russia, so the tyrannical Dragon of his play might seem to be Hitler. But Stalin’s authorities objected, the , play was closed, and one can tell why: the play hates dictators of every hue. The rarely-produced fable includes talking animals, explosions, a duel in the sky. It is also one of the warmest plays around, and the December T.C. production, with a cast of 32, a backstage orchestra playing Nick Miller’s score, got it right. (St. Mgr. Jessica Smith. Set design: Gary Hewitt. Costumes: Betsey Hawley. Lights: Ted Selig.) “There’s only one way to protect against dragons of your own!” — have one 41 student Council; 1 st r.: A. LaPrade, R. Blocker, R. Donovan, C. Donovan, S. Livingston. 2 nd r.: K. Goldenberg, A. Burell, J. Nields, L. Reynolds, S. Hayward, J. Schimmel, M. Hall. 3 rd r.: E. Heath, F. Houn, B. Hewitt, S. Burgess. M, Goldenberg, K. Heffley, M. Guyer, V. Tamm. In the past Student Council has had the reputation of being a group of people who wanted to improve the looks of their college applications by being part of student government. Today we’ve changed. We are an active and important part of the school community. Students are starting to realize that if they want something accomplished m the school, the Student Council is one of the best ways to get through to the administration. Last year, we had the Civil War mural removed from the cafeteria because quite a few students found it offensive. Then, over the summer, we compiled a Student Activities booklet so that incoming sophomores and new students would know what activities A.R.H.S. offers. People are what make up our Student Council. The students genuinely care about their group, and they care about their school. Student Council is finally getting the reputation It deserves. Tri-S: 1 st r.: J. Jones. M Holliday, J. Thornton (V.P.), A. Lucas (Sec.), L. Reynolds (Pres ), A. Crotty (Treas ), K. Chalmers, 2 nd r.: J. Heath, K. Waskiewicz, L. Silva, J. Blake, K. Morbey, A. Warren, R. (iulbertson, K. Mallory. After a year of hard work and dedication the Tri-S Club reorganized itself into a successful committee. We were responsible for making the Soc Hop an annual event to take the place of the traditional Tri-S Semi-Formal. Also, we took the initiative m transforming a once empty bulletin board into one focused primarily on school sports. With the help and leadership of our officers and advisor Alice Stanne, we achieved the goals we set. All in all, the success of Tri-S must be credited to those active members who spent a great deal of time and effort in making it such a dedicated and worthwhile organization. CLUBS As Schools Match Wits: 1 st r.: E. Starr, B. Wise, M. Goldenberg, F. Trez, L. Spivak. 2 nd r.: J. Scott (adv.), J. Smith, F. Houn, R. Jenkins, C. Mullin, M. Froning. As Schools Match Wits . . . Hamlet . . . John Jay . . . Mr. Scott . . . " Be quiet, Michael! " . . . Mr. Macawber . . . " Who cares? " . . . Good ol ' Phil ... six titles . . . This year seven? . . . Mary • blank - Eddy . . . " Oh, of course. I knew that! " . . . Wrigley Field . . . Hamlet. Outing Club: 1 st r.; C. Scott, E. Starr. 2 nd r.: S. Morse, M. Torla, R. Plaut, M. Langley, K. Wilder, T. Perkins. 3 rd r.: H. Robinson, W. Tuthill, L. Dixon, D. Ball, J. Grannis, C. Camp (Adv.), B. Wilson. Outing Club members organize and lead many activities such as canoeing, backpacking, skiing, biking, and the a nnual Lake George trip. All Outing Club members have a chance to sharpen their skills and deepen their appreciation for the woods and the waters. German Club 1 st r.: K. Aho, B. Holly, E. Lessey, C. Scott, E. Starr, M. Langley, K. Weeks. 2 nd r.: J. Sicks, H. Richards, J. Stanne, A. Mason, G. Steinmeyer (Adv.), T. Stevens, E. Lea, D. Smith. Since ' 74 ' 75 the German-American-Partnership Program is providing a direct exchange with a secondary school in Germany. This year, 17 students from A.R.H.S. are being hosted in Germany. student School Committee 1st r.: C. Donovan, E. Chandrin, 2nd r.: S. Livingston, J. Hornik, M. Page, L. Miller. The Student School Committee addresses various issues concerning the rights, opinions, and interests of students and the school community. Russian Club: 1 st r.: K. Za pcek, N. Hubert, G. Keochakian, C. Lynch, T. Benton. 2 nd r : M. Smith, C. Stromgren, K. Goldenberg, K. Carpino, K. Shaffer, K. Kessler. 3 rd r.: L, Moss, J. Grannis, S. Morse, J. Miller. The Russian Club was highly successful in organizing trips to New York City, Boston, and the Soviet Union as well as participating in Russian activities throughout the school year. They participated in an exchange with Austin Prep School in Reading Ma., visited the Russian section of N.Y.C., and ate in Russian restaurants. In the spring, they celebrated the annual Russian Mardi Gras. Hope and Solidarity: 1st r.: R. Seidman, B. Fabos, F. Calderon, G. Lewis, F. Alvarez, C. Mullin, L. Moss. 2nd r.: D. Mellen (Adv.), B. Fink, K. Goldenberg, C. St. Mary, F. Houn, J. Grannis, J. Price (Adv.) Hope and Solidarity involves students and staff in an effort to create an on going understan ding and appreciation of the differences within our community. People of Color United tries to alleviate racial and cultural alienation at A.R.H.S. P.O.C.U. unites students who are concerned with this situation and want to do something about it. The mam goals of the organization are to gam political and cultural awareness, to participate in social and recreational activities, to have fund raisers to support our activities, to incorporate multi-cultural awareness through a bulletin board and to address more issues m classes. People of Color United 1 st r.: J. Jones, E. Cosby, R. Blocker, J. Rodriguez, G. Lewis, D. Martinez, Y Faison. 2 nd r.: S. Livingston, W. McCloud, A. Villaman, C. Roach, F Alvarez, K. Deshields, A Harris, C. Wiggins. Latin Club: 1st r.: V. Tamm, L. Terrizi, J. Blake, P. Mange, E. Seidman, J. Adams, M Benander, T. Ford, C. Gould, M. Goldenberg. 2nd r .: C. Pmkham, M. Guyer, M. Sanning, J. Schimmel, B. Wise, C. Heffley, L. Moss, K. Goldenberg, B. Fink, A. Ryan. 3rd r.: 1 Mathews, J. Hoffner, K. Waskiewicz, R. Greenberg, J. Woodfork, M. Allen, S. Lapuc, S. Porter, C. Darland, D. Weinstein, R. Seidman, M. Philips, D. Owen, S. Burgess, A. Forredor. Debate; 1 st r.: J. Cashdan, B. Hewitt. 2 nd r.: J. Belknap, R. Li. Goldbug: 1 st r.: L. Bernard, A. Lucas, L, Silva, J. Jones, M. Holliday, N. Sinauer, J. Frizzle, E, Cosby, T. Chaisson. 2 nd r.; J. Hayes, J. Flores, J. Shimmel, K. DeShields, G. Lewis, A. Swaminathan, S. Dihiman, K. Morbey, K. Shanor. 3 rd r.: P. Gawienowski, P. vonderLippe, B. Derby (adv.), E. Payne, C. Mullin, A. Harris, G. Smith, A. Smith, J. Sims, A. Warren, K. Leistyna, S. Bradley, K. DiCarlo, M. Smith. " One picture is worth a thousand words. " We, the Goldbug staff, hope you agree with that old saying. We ' ve packed as many photos of as many people as we could into this small space. We hope they will help you remember the fun and people of A.R.H.S. The Debate Team has high expectations. With our new coach Mr. Kennedy we are planning this year ' s tournaments. Graphic: 1 st r.: V. Hendricks, K. Carpino, J. Ramsey, K. Aho, S. Yandian, Ms. Price (adv.). 2 nd r.: R. Greenbaum, E. Salloux, E. Hendricks, S. Babb, N. Barker, B. Hewitt, J. Cashdan, B. Fink. Under the guidance of Chris Carpino and Jane Price, the Graphic staff hopes to publish one issue per month. Many dedicated newcomers have helped to make the Graphic a success. Arnav; 1 st r.: B. Hewitt, L. Moss, C. Mullin, B. Fink, 2 nd r.: P. Gawienowski, B. Wise, M. Goldenberg, F. Treyz, S. Maggs. 3 rd r.: I. Belknap, J. Scott, C. Darland, J. Grannis. These are the ARNAVITES: the few, the bizarre, the not so ellte. Our very own radio show airs Saturday morning on WTTT, and is run solely by students. National Honor Society: 1 st r.; M. Hall, C. Kent, K. Goldenberg. 2 nd r.: C. Gould, R. Jenkins, C. St. Mary, P. Gawienowski, K. Hudson, M. Goldenberg, B. Fabos. 3 rd r.: R. Plaut, J. Talbot, F. Houn, L. Moss, B. Wise, M. Benander, L. Alschuler, Ms. Price (adv.) The National Honor Society is trying to develop greater community Involvement at A.R.H.S. This includes working at the Senior Center, developing a news bulletin board, organizing a school clean-up, and raising money to contribute to chanties and causes. Int ' l Students: 1st r.: H. Chu, Y. Wang, N. Chu. 2nd r,: T. Nguyen, P. Nguyen, T. Pham (Pres.), T. Chu, M. Sahabdeen, T. Pham, L. Nguyen, L. Froning (Adv.). The International Students Club represents students from 14 countries and tries to promote cultural understanding. 44 FOND MEMORIES OF EUGENE Eugene LaValle was and always will be an inspiration to me. His perseverance, good spirits, and comraderie served to brighten many a day. He was always ready to help anyone in need. -Peter Gawienowski Eugene LaValle was a very special person. He shared a part of his life with me. We possessed a mutual enjoyment and appreciation for the beautiful outdoors where the two of us and other friends went backpack- ing, camping, and cycling. Through our various excursions together. Gene and I came to know one another quite well. Gene rarely worried about how others regarded him. He stood up for what he believed in. While being strongly self-willed. Gene always felt concern for his fellow humans, regarding each individual with generousity, kindness, and respect. Gene smiled more than anyone 1 have ever known. He was perfectly happy with his life, a state of being each of us should strive for. When I learned of Gene’s death, 1 was terribly hurt and disconcerted. I experienced a period of depression and sadness. The death of a close friend made me think deeply. I realized Gene would not wish us to dwell on his tragedy, rather he would want us to spend our time and energy being joyous and friendly toward one another. He would want us to care for one another and make the world a more humane place to live in. For the sake of each other and in fond memory of Gene, be happy and face the world with a smile. Respectfully, Will Tuthill 46 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES We, The Seniors, in order to distinguish the Class of ’83 from all others, hereby establish these Superlatives, to provide distinction for these particular members of our class and in order to secure the memory of our special comrades forever. Class Bizarre - Jennifer Grannis Nicest Smile - Pete Gawienowski ' ■Peanut Butter and Jelly - Andy Sabey Tom McHugh Most Talkative - Rosemary Aubry Class Activist - Rebecca Plaut 47 Class 4-H-er - Laura Sternheim Most likelj to Make You Smile ■ Alexis Crotty Class Teddy Bear - Eric Lea Most Scheming - Dee Ahearn Most Athletic Girl - Julie Jones Class Runner - Nick Carpino Teacher’s Pet - Andrea Griswold Most Sincere - Marilu Monserrate 40 I I Moodiest - Cheryl Johnson Class Cynic - Peter Bornstein Class Flutist - Brian Healy Class Tank - Steve Feder Best Dressed Girl • Bonnie Brooks Class Interpreter - Jessica Berins Most Excitable - Bettina Fabos Class Flirt - Amy Lucas Goofiest - Bob Santner Most Original - Cheryl Donovan Most Underestimated - JoRean Sicks 50 Class Dyll Pickle - Dylan Murray Most Likely to Hold you up Kim DiCarlo Class Jack of All Trades - Ted Selig Class Model - Sarah May Class Preppy - Kathy Waskiewicz Class Ballerina - Cindy Kent 1 i:.-i Ilass Class - Stanford Livingston 51 Class Guitar - John Caban Most Optimistic Jay Mascis Most likely to make an unusual noise - Kate Shanor Class Personality - Edgar McIntosh Most Desirable - Miranda Smith Best Dressed Boy Class Jetsetter - Jim Nields and Leslie Reynolds 52 Most Easy Going - Collette St. Mary Class Figure Skater - Edie McGill Nicest - Martha Hall Most likely to have her name spelled wrong - Carole Mullin Most Gullible - Andrea Melnick ittiest - Gina Lewis Most decieving - Kara Leistyna Cutest Boy ■ Greg Oates Class Gossip • Dawn Paulding Bubbliest - Mary Moulder !!st Eyes - Sue Mireault 53 Class Birdwatcher - Robbie Damon Class Musician - Nick Miller Most Agressive - Gina Roncalli Rowdiest - Mike Barrette Most Stubborn - Karen Goldenberg Most Organized - Ruby Li Class Unsung Hero - Mark Shelby lass Brain - Jean Talbot ! Hass Stephanie Powers - Leslie Cannava Most Sarcastic - Beth Wilson Class Poker Player - Chris Drake Most Talented - Steve Maggs ass Richie Cunningham - Robert Jenkins Class Writer - Emily Heath 55 Most Athletic Boy - Steve Hartman Class Camelman - Scott Paul Class Couple - Chris Gould Julie Evans Class Baker - Greg Thornton Most All-American field Laurie Litch- Sweetest - Jenny Heath Best Laugh - Gretel Smith Class Photographer - Bruce Myren Class Investor - Chris Stephenson i Most Likely to Succeed - Scott Hayward Shyest - David Jones ! ■ Most Dramatic Boy - Chris Darland Class Communist - Andy Swift Class Barefoot - Kate Hudson Cutest - Bobbie Lee Most School Spirit - Lee Silva Class Pal - Beth Keedy Friendliest - Karen Stromberg ■ W » ■ Best Hair - Janet Dugay Best Body - Mark Green Most Likely To Set and Listen ■ Tracy L’Etoile Best Car - Scott Seaver Class Archer and Class Mage - Mike Mushovic and Dan Mudgett Class Football Pooler - Grant Donahoe Most Sophisticated - Leslie Nakajima Best Dressed Girl - Jennifer Thornton Deanna Lynn Ahearn " You don ' t know what’cha got till it ' s gone. " Var. Ski team mgr. 3; Goldbug Jennifer Adams staff 3,4. Brett Andrews: Basketball 4. David Aranjo Shanti Archer " I think that I should like to be. a baby lima or a pea living snuggly in my pod, with a green and tender bod. " Cheerleader 4. Rosemary Aubry " The sum of all human wisdom will be contained in these two words: wait and hope " Grace Yth. Fellowship 2- 4. Was high school really that bad? Well, hall passes, we’ve learned, are more trouble than they’re worth. And the Administration wasn’t always where we wanted them. Not to mention having to get used to the eccentricities of all of our teachers. The year we got here was the year our beloved principal came - how can we forget that? Going swimming in the Junior Hall was a unique experience. And there’s no way we’ll forget having to stay in school three extra days last summer. We’ve gone from Preppy to New Wave to Valley Girl - like, gag me with a spoon! But now we’re Seniors. The cliques disappeared and everyone got close. (Who says it’s lonely at the top?) And we’ve come to admit that we’re argumentative. (No, we’re not.) (Yes we are.) (No we’re not!) (Yes we are!) The Administration will probably be glad to see us and our petitions go. But we have things to be proud of and thankful for. With us we carry the feeling of Hope and Solidarity, as well as the knowledge we gained from the Week of Dialogue concerning nuclear activity. And please always remember that we were the last class to not have to take gym everyday. So, it’s goodbye. Not au revoir, not farewell, just goodbye. We may return sometime but this was the year the school belonged to us. Maybe Senior Year wasn’t everything we expected but we learned a lot about ourselves and about each other. That’s the most important thing Senior Year has to offer. - E. Heath Neal Bertrand Rebecca Bigelow " There are Peter Bornstein " See the glory of places I’ll remember all my life, the royal scam. " The B-Crew. though some have changed. Some forever, not for better; some have gone and some re- main. All these places had their moments with people and friends I still can recall ... In my life I ' ve loved them all.” Con. Choir 4; German-Amer. Part 3; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Caberet 2,l4; Ger- man ftward 3; Musicals 2,3,4; Robert ). Fan Cl. Rebecca i. Boynton: Wind En- Chris Bromery: Squash 2,3. Bonnie Brooks " When you re- semble 1,4; Jazz Workshop 4; member A.R.H.S. . . remember Orch. 2; Outing Cl. 2; Town ALL people Represent Hope and Comm, on Bicycling; Y.P.S. Solidarity " Gymnastics 1,4 (Capt.); Track 1,3,4; Cheer- leader 2; Spanish Part. 4; People of Color United 1,2,3. 60 Deborah Anne Ball " Make every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a dream of Douglas Baldwin hope. " Mike Barrette ' " Somebody ' s got Nanci Barker; Volleyball Graphic to do it, it might as well be me!” 4; Outing Cl. 4. Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4. Lisa Dawn Bernard " To be no- body but yourself, in a world that IS constantly trying to make you everybody else, Is to fight the Jessica Berins " T ' was Brillig and hardest battle any human being the Slithy Toves did Gyre and can fight and never stop fight- Gimble m the Wabe " Con. Choir mg.” Skiing 3; Swimming 1,2; 4; Peer interpreter tutor 2-4; Volleyball 3; Goldbug 4; Outing Dance 1-4; Cabaret 4; Procrasti- Cl. 4; S.T.O.P. Nuclear War (Co- nation 1-4. Pres.) 4. Torie Bryant MarklBurak; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Soc- Stefan Burak cer 2. Susan L. Burgess " Pursue your Dreams " Squash 4, Cheerleader 2,4; French CL 3; Core Comm. 3,4; Latin Cl. 4; Student Coun. 4. John Caban " Don ' t play it flat, don ' t play it sharp, |ust play it natural. " Art Rm. 3; Jazz Work- shop 1. Chris Cajolet: Lacrosse 3,4; Soc- cer 2,3,4; Squash 3,4; Core Comm. lA. 61 Felipe Calderfin " You Brazen Hussie! Anyone who ' s anyone will be there! " Tennis 1; Volley- ball 2,3; Con. Choir 3,4; Chorus 2; Goldbug 2; Russian Cl. 2; Peo- ple of Color United 2,3,4; Hope Solidarity (chairperson), 4; Grad, speaker search comm., 4. Leslie Cannava Linda Cannava Jessica Cashdan " ... and I ' m beginning to wonder why . . . " Art Room 2,3,4; Skiing 1-4; (Girls Cap ' t.); Debating 2,3,4; Graphic l4; Theater Co. 3,4; Nick Carpino Grp. Leadership Training 4. David Charron Charles Cortright Constantine Cosmos Lucinda Maria Costa " follow Karen Craker " I count myself in your dreams and a rainbow will nothing else so happy as in a come shining through " soul remembering my good friends " Band 1-4; Con. Choir 4; Chorus 3; Orch. 1; lYF 1,4, (Co- pres.); Wind Ensemble 2,3; Cabaret 3,4; Fiorello. Alexis Cortty: Swimming 1-4; Michael E. Crowley “It matters Band 1; Core Comm. 2,3,4; Tri-S not how long you live, but how. " 3,4 (Treas.) Cross Country 1,4, (Capt.); Track 2,3,4; Core Comm. 3,4; S.B.Y.G. 2,3,4 (Treas.) 62 Tamara Clark Brian Clarke ' Surf ' s Up! " Motor- headbangers; Stick in the mud; Weight Guessing 1-4; System Beating 4; Partime Hardcore Goupie. Orla Clyne David Comings Laura Cook Joanne Chunglo Roberta Damon; Skiing 4; Constantine Dandeles Christopher S. Darland " You see, John DeVito Squash 4; Swimming 2,3. I am alive. You see, I stand in good relation to the earth. You see, I stand in good relation to the Gods. You see, I stand in good relation to all that is beauti- ful. You see, I stand in good relation to you. You see, I am alive. " Arnav 3-4; Theatre Co. 1- 4; Latin Cl. 3-4. Kim DiCarlo " In a strange game it ' s now time to turn the corner, it’s been a long time coming - my dream is real • go on your way ■ I ' ll go mine and carry on. " Kibbi Klub; Catfish Fishing; Goldbug 3,4; Student Coun. 2; Core Comm. 1-4. Grant Donahoe: Football 4; Band 1- 4; 16-18 yr. old baseball league; Senior Basketball league 2- 4; Ye Olde Footballe Poole. 63 Christopher Drake: Baseball 1-4; Cheryl Donovan Basketball 1,2,4; Football 1,2. Steve Feder " The only thing Bart Feller " The problem Is worse than losing Is the sympa- you!” Procrastination 1-4; Al- thy that goes with it”. Football ways late cl. 2-4; getting away 1-4 (Cap ' t.) (All W. Mass.) (All with as much as possible 1-4. league); Baseball 1,2; Lacrosse 3,4; Squash 2-4; Swimming 1; Band 1-3; Wind Ensemble 4. lanet Duquay " The smiles of true friends light the way past the heartaches.” Softball 1,2,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Choir 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3; Chorus 3; Orch. 1,2,4; UMass. Yth. Wind Ens; Sr. Dist.; Cabaret ' 83; Fior- Ben Duggan ello ' 82; Pajama Game ' 83. Tanya Elder " The best things in life are free (with the exception of hot fudge sundaes) " ARNV; Theater Co.; S.T.O.P.; The Week Michelle Durnakowski of Dialogue; Hope and Solidarity. Jonathan Fetler " But It Is easy Bruce Field for little monkeys to forget” Ski- ing 1-4; Misunderstood 1,2; Wounded 3,4; Perplexed 1-4; Redeemed 4. Rebecca E. Fink: Con. Choir 1,2,3; Chorale 4; Graphic 1,2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Student Coun. 2; ARNV co-pres 3,4; Pro- ducer 3,4; Skating Cl. of Amh 1- 4; Ecumenical Yth. Chorale 1-3; Latin Cl 4; Hope and Solidarity 4. Josb Flores " Should I stay, or should I go?” Art Room 1,2; La- crosse 3; Soccer 2; Track 1,2,3; Volleyball 3; Goldbug 1,2; Inf Students 1,2,3; Photography 1- 3; Video 1-3. 64 Paula Elison " Oh people look around you; the signs are every- where. You ' ve left it for some- body other than you to be the one to care. You ' re lost Inside your houses; there ' s no time to find you now. Oh, your walls are burning and your towers are turning; I ' m gonna leave you here and try to get down to the sea Patrik Eriksson somehow. " 4. Julie A. Evans " The rain is rain- ing all arond, it rams on both the )ust and unjust fellow. But more, It seems on the just than on the un|ust. For the un|ust hath the lust’s umbrella.” Held Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Spanish Part. 4; Ham 4; Tennis Radio 1-4; Latin Cl. 4; Focus 2-4; Yth. Leader Core 4; C.B.G. 2-4. Adrian C. Fabos: Cross Country 4; Track 4; Con. Choir 2; Chorale 3,4; Chorus 1; Goldbug 1; Orch. 2,3,4 (Cello); Theater Co. 4; Theater Gr. 2,3,4; Young Peo- ples ' Symp; Mass. Dist. Orch. Bettina Fabos ‘Quotation. Some- thing that somebody said that seemed to make sense at the time. Armadillo. An ornamental shrub. " Cross Country 3,4; Con. Choir 2; Chorale 3,4; Graphic 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Orch. 1,2,3,4; ARNV 4; Theater Co. 3,4; Hope and Solidarity Comm; S.T.O.P.; District; All-State; Young Peoples’ Symph. Eric Fair: Football 1; Survival Living 2. Stephen Fournier " However Elaine Fuller mean your life is, meet it and live it, do not shun it or call it hard names. It is not as bad as you are. " Football 3,4; Swimming 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Biology CL 1,2; Outing CL 1 Lynne Fuller “We are the dream- Nishantha Gajanayake ers of dreams wandering by lone sea breakers sitting by desolate streams world leaders and world losers on whom the pale moon gleams, yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever it seems. ” Softball 2,3,4. Peter B. Gawienowski " Go home, Jeffery Giannetti E.T., go home, it’s a long way to Tippararie. " Track 1,2,3,4; Con. Choir 2; Chorale 3,4; Chorus 1; Nat. Hon. Soc. Treas. 3,4; ARNV 2,3,4; Theater Gr. 1,2, 3,4; S.T.O.P. 4; The Robert J. Lurt- zema Fan CL; St. Brigid ' s Yth. Grp. 65 Lisa Gibbens Karen R. Goldenberg " Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must ' that ' s a part of the plan. " Chorus 1.2; French Cl. 1-3; Goldbug 2; Nat. Hon Soc. 2,3,4; Student Coun. 1,2,3,4; Student Sch Comm. 4; Core Comm. 4; ARNV 2,3; Russian Cl. 3,4; Mathletes 2,4; Musical 2,4; Hope and Solidarity 4; Student Advisory Council 4; Latin Cl. 4. Christopher Gould " Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.” Baseball 1-4 (Capt.); Basketball 1-4; Cross Country 1-4; Band 1- 4; Chorale 4; Nat. Hon Soc. 2-4; Orch. 1,2,4; Student Coun. 3; Core Comm. 2,3; Theater Gr. “Fiorello " 3; Ecumenical Yth. Chorale 1-3; Boy Scouts 1-4; Latin Cl. Pres. 4; So. Cong. Church Yth. Grp. 1-4; Young People’s Symph. 3; J.A.E. 2-4. Jennifer Grannis Leslie Grant David Greason " ' School’s out for- ever!” Martha Lyman Hall " Do you know what this Is?” ‘ " No,” said Piglet. " " It ' s an ' A ' .” " Oh,” said Piglet. Golf 2; Ice Hockey 3; Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Cho- rus 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Stu- dent Coun. 2-4; Student School Comm. 2,3; Core Comm. 1-4; Basketball Scorekeep 2-4; The Four Ha ' s. Genevra Hanke " We are not here to see through one another, but to see one another through. " Grace Yth. Fellowship Pres. 3; Grace Memorial Handbell Choir 2,3,4. Steven Hartman " Be not simply good; be good for something” Ice Hockey 3,4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Soc- cer 1,4 (Cp ' t.); Core Comm. 2,3,4; Nat. Moon Harvest Soc. 3; All-League Soccer 3,4; Latin Cl. 4; The Four Ha’s. Eman Hashem: Mathlete. Polly Jo Haslip " If you can imag- Barbara Hatt ine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it " Cheerleader 1,2,3 4 (Cap’t.) Dance 1-4; Instructor 3-4. 66 Joel M. Greenbaum " Life is a cruise through a sewer In a glass bottom boat. " Football 3,4; Track 2,4; Con. Choir 2,3; Cho- Mark Green rale 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4. Andrea Rose Griswold " Seymour James S. Grice " Men without once said that all we do our weapons In modern war are help- whole lives Is go from one little less, but weapons without men piece of holy ground to the next, are nothing. " Football 2-4; Is he never wrong? " " .. . with Swimming 3,4. the gratitude, my tears fall. " James A. Hafner " Oh. " Anony- mous Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Capt. JV); Soccer 2,3,4 Marc Gundersheim " Let’s go (Capt.); Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; gentlemen, Humma, Humma, (lore Comm. 3,4; St. Brigid ' s Humma! " Lacrosse 1,2,3,4. Yth. Grp. 3,4; The Four Ha’s. Scott L. Hayward " Life is easier Joy E. Hayes; Volleyball 3,4; than you think. All you have to Goldbug 3,4. do is accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable. " Basketball 2 (Mgr.), Football 1; Soccer 2,3; Tennis 2 (Mgr.); Graphic 3, (Bus. Mgr.); Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4, (V. Pres.); Student Counc. 3,4, (Tres.); Core Comm. 3,4 (Pres.); Class Pres. 4; St. Bri- gid’s Yth. Grp. 2, Tres. 3,4, Pres; Columbian Squires, 1 , 1 , Dept Chief, 4 Chief; Law Enforcement Explorers 1-4; The Four Ha’s. Brian D. Healy " Igor, get the bags.” “You take the blonde. I’ll take the one m the Toiban. " Band 1,2,3,4; Chorale 3,4 (Cho- rale Staff); Orch. 1-4; Core Comm. 4; YPP and YPS, 2-4; Conducting 4; District 3,4; All- State 3,4; Pep-Band 1,2; Caba- ret 3; Musicals 2-4; Ceramics 1,2; Robert J. Fan Cl. Emily Heath “So on and on we go, the seconds tick the time out, there’s so much left to know and we’re on the way to find out.” Con. Choir 3; Chorale 4; Chorus 2; French Cl. 3; Goldbug 3; Stu- dent Coun. 3,4 Sec. Jennifer Heath Priscilla Heffernan " Do it with style or not at all.” Con. Choir 1; Chorale 2,3,4 (Pres.); Orch. 1,2,3 (Pres.), 4; YPS; District; All-State; Robert J. Fan Cl. 67 Elizabeth A. Hewitt ‘‘One should take time along the way to stop and eat the flowers " Golf 2; Band 1,2; Chorale 4; Chorus 3; Debating 2 (Fund Pres.); Graph- ic 3,4; Student Coun. 1,2,4; ARNV 2,3,4; Theater Co. 3,4; Robert J. Fan CL; Candystriping 1,2 Sari Hillel " May this day show me an ocean, I ought to be on my way " Chorus 3; Cabaret 3; Guitar 1-3. Brenda Hoffman Michelle Holliday: Field Hockey 3,4; Ice Hockey 3,4; Lacrosse Mgr. 3,4; Skiing 2; Softball 1,2; Volleyball 2; Cheerleader 1; Goldbug 3,4; Core Comm. 3,4; Tri-s 4; AHA Ice Hockey, Ass’t. Capt. 4; Ice Hockey 4. Flora Houn “You plan for the future, and suddenly the present hits you in the face. " As Schools Match Wits 4; Volleyball JV 1,2,4 Var.; Graphic 2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Student Coun. 3,4 Pres.; Theater Co. 2,4; Hope and Soli- darity 3,4; S.T.O.P. 4. Katherine Hudson " The wisdom of life IS the madness of the brave. " Cross Country 2; Track 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4; Con. Choir 4 V. Pres.; Chorus 1,2; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4 Pres.; Orch. 1, 2,3,4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Robert J. Fan CL 1-4. Robert Jenkins " Doing your own Thomas Jerome beautiful free creative thing . . . you bet your bippy that ' s impor- tant " As Schools Match Wits 4; Tennis 2,3,4; Band 1,2; Wind En- semble 3,4; Con. Choir 4; French CL 3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Fior- ello 3; Pajama Game 12; Cabaret 12; Pep Band 10-12. Cheryl Lee Johnson " I love my Mark Johnson “Break through David Jones self, only when I’m laughing the wall " Football. or when I look mean and impressive. " Field Hockey 1-4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Core Comm. 1,2,3,4; Tri-Capt. Field Hockey 4; Sec. Core Comm. 2,3; Wet T- shirt Contest. Julie Jones " How many psychia- trists does it take to change a light bulb? - None, the light bulb should want to change itself” Field Hockey 1-4; Girls ' Ice Hockey 2,3,4; Softball 2,3; Gold- bug 4; Core Comm. 1,2, 4; The- ater Co. 4; People of Color Unit- ed 4; Latin CL 4; All W. Mass. Field Hockey 3,4. 68 George Huner Karim Ibish Marc K. Jackson " Society is but one reality and I am a separate reality. " Basketball 1; Football 1,2; Track 4; Wrestling 3,4; Orch. 2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 1-4; Band; Pep Band 2-4. Deborah Jacque Thomas Jager Karen laremczuk " It’s been real, and it ' s been fun; but It hasn’t been real fun. " Ion W. Kallio ‘Such Is life” Golf 1 3,4; Swimming 4; Band 2,3; Wind Ensemble 4; Pep Band 2-4. Julia M. Kauff " Finally. Its been a long ride. I’ll get off here and catch the next plane. But where will it lead? " Gymnastics 1; Cho- rus 4; French Cl. 1; Latin Cl. 1; Core Comm. 3-4; Tri-S 4. Beth Keedy " To be what we are, and to become what we are ca- pable of becoming, is the only end of life. " Track 1; Cheer- leader 4; Horseback Riding 1-4; Figure Skating 1-4. Cynthia L. Kent " When love and Norman Kessler: Football 2,3; Leanne Kirley skill work together, one expects Swimming 1-4; Band 1,2. a miracle” Symphony Band 1,2; Wind Ensemble 3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Orch. 1; Spanish Part 4; Core Comm. 2,3; Amherst Ballet Theatre 1-4; Amherst Figure Skating Cl. 1,2; lYF (Co-Pres.) 1-4; Cabaret 3,4; Theatre Gr. 3,4; Latin Cl. 4. 69 Keith Kitlrell " Things turn out Karen S. Knight " There is noth- best for those who make the mg permanent except change. " best of the way things turn out. " ice Hockey 3,4; Spanish Part 2; Ice Hockey 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4. Hockey Mgr. 2-4. Laurie Lynn Litchfield " Too Sanford Livingston, Jr. " Out of much of life is run on the saying the huts of history ' s shame I rise that you do not need road man- up from a past that’s rooted in ners if you are a five ton truck! " pain; I rise I ' m a black ocean. Cheerleader 4; Core Comm, leaping and wide, welling and 2,3,4. swelling I bear in the tide.” Foot- ball 3,4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Peer Coun. 4; Student Coun. 4; Stu- dent School Comm. 4; People of Color United 2,3,4; A.B.C. 2,3,4; Mgr. of Basketball Team 2; House Rep. for A.B.C. Kathleen Kraker " So let me lie and go on sleeping and I will lose myself in palaces of sand, and all the fantasy that I’ve been keep- Sharon A. Labonte " There is only mg will make the empty hours one success ... to be able to easier to stand. " Girls Ice Hock- spend your life m your own ey 2,3; Core Comm. 2; Tri-S 1,4; way. " Greased Armadillo Wres- John Lachance: Football 2-4; La- Wet T Shirt Contest tiing. crosse 1-4. Eugene LaValle Amy Lucas: Baseball Mgr. 2; Golf 4; Skiing 2; Squash 3; Pep Band 2; Chorus 1,2; French Cl. 2,3,4; Core Comm. 1, Treas. 2,3,4; Tri- S 2,3,4 sec.; Theater Gr. 2,3,4; Russian Cl. 2-4. Lucy Luddy " I don ' t know where I’m going, I don’t know what I’ll need, but I’ll get to where I’ll end up and that’s all right by me. " Swimming 1; Peer Coun. 3,4. Stephen Lund " While I breathe, I hope. ” Swimming 2,3,4; Var. Croquet 4, Cap ' t.; Var. Swim. 2- 4; Outing Cl. 2-4; Jehovah Wit- nesses; Pukin ' Dupree Bros. Steven J. Maggs " The ambitious, who are not content with the gifts of life and the beauty of the world, are given the penitence of ruining their own lives, and never possessing the utility and beauty of the world. " Band 2,3,4; Con. Choir 1; Chorale 2,3,4; Orch. 1,2,3,4; ARNV 3,4; Theater Co. 3,4; Theater Co. (offr.) 4; Col- umbine 2-4; Max Stuart Fan Cl. 1-4. 70 Eric Lea: Ice Hockey 3,4; La- crosse 1,2,4; German-Amer. Part. 4. Bobbie Kyle Lee " Long live rock, be it dead or alive; " Core Comm. 1,2; Wet T Shirt Contest. Kara Leistyna " You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by: but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by. " Skiing 3; Gold- bug 4; Core Comm. 1,2; Kibbi Klub; NW Experience; Memories Tracey L ' Etoile “We need to learn to set our course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship. " Cheerleader 1,2 (Coach); Chorus 4; Robert Jay Fan Cl. Gena Lewis “The best use of life IS to spend it for something that outlasts life ” Core Comm. 3,4; Goldbug 2-4; Hope Solidarity 4; P.O.C.U. 2-4; Track 2-4. Ruby Li " To know is nothing, to imagine is everything ... " Con. Choir 1,2; Chorale 3,4; Debating 1,2,3,4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2,3,4; Debate sec. 1-3, Co-Pres. 4; Pi- ano; D D; Strategic Games; Tennis. Curt Marion: Baseball 1-3; Golf 4. Jay Mascis “Crawling in my gar- den you give me disease I want to smash you and be at ease.” Skiing 1-4; Band 1-4; Jazz Work- shop 1-4; Orch. 4; Lemmy Fan Cl. 3,4. Melinda Helen Matthews “Out of the night that covers one, black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul ... I am the master of my fate! I am the captain of my soul. " Volleyball 2,3,4; Band 1-4; Orch. 4; People of Color United 3; Latin Cl. 4; UMass. Yth. Wind Ensemble 4; District Band 4; Voices of New Africa House 1; ABC Walk 1-4; Musicals 2-4; Cabaret 1,2,4. Eileen (Beth) May “What some invent the rest niarge. " Gymnas- tics 1-4; Chorus 1; French Cl. 1; Outing Cl. 3; S.T.O.P. Nuclear War 4. Sarah E. May “In spite of our wisdom and sensible talking, we on our feet must go plodding and walking. " Golf 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Con. Choir 4 (treas.); Orch. 1,3,4; District all State Festi- vals; YPS; Robert Jay Fan Cl. Vickki McClellan " Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must • that’s a part of the plan. " Core Comm. 1,2; Tri-S 2,3; Hope Solidarity 3; S.T.O.P. 3. 71 Edith M. McGill ‘Believing is a fine thing, but placing those be- liefs into execution is a test of strength " Cheerleader 3; The- ater Co. 4; Competitive Figure Paula McCullough Debbie McDonald Skating 1-4. Andrea D. Melnick " There is no need for an outpouring of words to explain oneself to a friend; friends understand each other ' s thoughts even before they are Thomas McHugh " All things be- spoken. " Core Comm. 2,3,4; ing equal, June 11 is far better Hockey Mgr. 2-4; Greased Arma- than Sept. 9. " Baseball 1-4. Edgar McIntosh dillo Wrestling. Laura Moss " To live life is not like walking through a field. " ARNV 2,3,4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Russian Cl. 3,4; ESL Tutor 4; April In Paris 3; Party Throwing 1-4; Pasternak Fan Cl. 3,4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4. Mary J. Moulder " Life is not only merriment; life is desire and de- termination” Chorus 2. Daniel Mudgett “Out of doubt, out of dark, to the day ' s rising he rode singing in the sun, sword unsheathing. Hope he rekindled, and m hope ended; over death, over dread, over doom lifted out of loss, out of life, unto long glory. " Spanish Pari. 4; Strategy Games CL; Dungeons Dragons; No. Cong. Yth. Grp. 1-3; Latin Cl. 4. Paul Muench Carole E. Mullin " What ' s so fun- ny ' bout peace, love and under- standing?” ARNAV 2-4 Co. Pres., ed.; Orch. 1-4; Con. Choir 1,2; Chorale 4 ; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; S.T.O.P. 4; As Schools Match Wits 4; Party Throwing 1-4; Stud. Coun. 1,2; Stud. Sch Comm. 1. Patrick Murphy " I ' ll never hear surf music again " Art Room; Ski- ing. 72 Laura Metevia " Do yourself a favor, wake up to your mind.” Band 1,2,3; Spanish Part 3; The- ater Co. 2,3,4; Amherst Ballet Nicholas Andrew Miller “I don ' t Theater Co. 1-3; Alfred E. Neu- want a bunny wunny in my witto man Fan Cl. 1-4; Robert J. Fan wo boat, in my witto wo boat on Cl. 1-4. de pond.” Robert Minear Maria Luisa Monserrate “Quien mucho duerme, poco aprende.” Softball 1; Volleyball 1-4 All-star team; Student School Comm. 1,2; Core Comm. 4 Treas.; The- ater Co. 3,4; Theater Gr. 2,3,4; Sir Lawrence Olivier Fan Cl. 1-4; Employed at Amherst Sunshine Sharon Moore: Skiing 1,2; Gold- Suzanne Mireault Ctr. bug 3; Spanish Part. 3. Dylan Murray " What passion cannot music raise and quell?” Musician. A. Michael Mushovic " For every advantage this, there is a disad- vantage, to every disadvantage an advantage.” Golf 1; French CL 1; Orch. 1-4. Leslie Midori Nakajima " Those who can do, and those who can ' t ” ARNV 2; Core Comm. 1.2; Karate 4; Schneba 1-4. Van Nga Nguyen James F. Nields IV: Con. Choir Greg Oates " Sweet memories 3,4; Student Coun. 1-4; Core flashing very quickly by, remind- Comm. 1-4; Theater Gr. 1-4; ing me, giving me a reason why S.W.A.T. team ... I know that my goal is more than a thought. I ' ll be there when I teach what I ' ve been taught. " Skiing 4. 73 Sharon E. Oldershaw ‘Just be- cause it can ' t be reality, doesn ' t mean you have to give up the dream. " Tri-S 2; Ski Cl. 1. Robert Owen Scott A. Paul " Know the time Dawn M. Paulding " As we share Chris Perry " I think my grades has come to be gone. Although ourselves with persons other reflect the shocking inadequacy we have drank to our health a than ourselves, we share who we of the school system, " Baseball thousarid times, it’s time to ram- are, where we have been and 2-4; Swimming 4; Var. Croquet ble on. " Baseball 1; Football 1-4; where we hope to go.” Art Room 4; Jehovah Wiftnesses; The Pu- Lacrosse 2-4; Ice Hockey 4. 1,2,4; Track 1,2; Ski Cl. 1,2. kin’ Dupree Bros. Hong Pham 1 1 Leslie loan Reynolds " The past Kristina Robbins cannot be changed: the future is still in your power . . . Field Hockey (capt.) 1-4; Softball 1,2; Chorus 4; Goldbug 4; Stu- dent Coun. 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Latin CL 4; Musical; Cabaret; Tri-S 1-4; Pres. 4; S.W.A.T. Team Kelly Robinson " Women forget all those things they don ' t want to remember, and remember everything they don ' t want to forget. " Softball 2-4; Volleyball 2,3; Core Comm. 3,4; Girls Ice Hockey 2-4. Jimmy Rodriquez; Wrestling 4; Band 3; Con. Choir 4; PeopI of Color United 3,4; A.B.C. 3,4. Carol Ann Rogalski " Human life is everywhere in a state in which much IS to be endured, and little to be enjoyed. " Art Room 1-4; Track 1,2. Gina Roncalli: Softball 1-4; Vol- ' leyball 3; Girls Hockey 1-4 (capt.); Basketball 1,2. 74 Rebecca Plaut " If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I’ If not now, when?” S.T.O.P. 4 (Co- Coordinator) Outing Cl. 2-4 (Co- Chair 4); Theatre Co. 1-4; Cho- rus 1,2; Con. Choir 3,4 (Lib.); EYC 2,3; Modern Dance 3,4; So- cial Concerns Grp. 2; Work at Paul Pham Christopher Pirih AFSC 4; NatT Hon. Soc. 3,4. Christopher Potswald Kerri Root " Some people think Caroline Rothkegel «l|s holding on that makes one strong, sometimes it’s letting go.” Dance classes; Musical; Field Hockey 1; Cheerleader 2; Chorus 1,2; Student Coun. 1,2. Ivan Rothkegel: Soccer 3; Stu- Andrew Sabey; Soccer 4; Track dents 2,3. 3,4; Latin Cl. S.T.O.P. Nuclear War 4. Belinda Quinlan William Redder Colette St. Mary " Procrastina- Robert Santner “Oh my God! You tion IS the art of catching up with should have seen! Musky in the yesterday " French CL 1,2,3; latrine!” Dry T-Shirt Contest Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4 (sec.); The- (Kathy made me do it!) ater Co. 4; Hope and Solidarity Comm. Student co-chairperson 4; S.T.O.P. Nuclear War 4. 75 Nancy Schaefer Catherine J. Scott: Basketball 3,4 mgr.; Volleyball 2; Chorus 3,4; Outing Cl. 3,4; German- Amer. Part. 3,4; Spanish Part. 2; Theater Co. 2,3,4; Grace Church Sr. Choir 1-4; Grace Church Aco- lyte 1-4; Yth. Convention 3-4; Happening 3 4; Hitchcock Ctr. Counselor 3; Grace Church Yth. Grp. 1-4. Scott Paul Seaver “Never try to teach a pig to sing, it only vrastes your time and annoys the pig. " Track 1,3,4; AHA Hockey 1-3; Nauset Track 3,4; Len ' s Lounge softball; Louie D. Palma Fan Cl. S. Thomas Sebastyn " Let me live deep while I live, let me know the rich juices of red meat and sting- ing wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame and crimson, and I am content! " Baseball 1; Football 1,3,4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Slinky 3,4; Conan Fan Cl. Ted Selig Kathrine Ann Shanor " Red white eye naturists, It ' s alright ... The time lost in the thick woods; It ' s alright, walk out you are lost once again, it ' s alright. " Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Kibbi Klub; NW Experience. Andrea Smith " The secret of life IS to enjoy the passing time - any tool can do it! " Chorus 1,2; Gold- bug 3,4; Theater Co. 3. David Douglas Smith “It ' s the working, the working, just the working life " Golf 1-4; German- Amer. Part. 4; Pep Band 3,4. Jessica S. Smith " Time present and time past are both perhaps contained in time future and time future m time past. " As School Match Wits 2-4; Con. Choir 3 lib. Pres. 4; Chorus 1,2 (lib.); Social Concerns 2,3; Theater Co. 1-4; Robert J. Fan CL 1-4; Cabaret. Margarete (Gretel) Smith " I made it through the ram, I kept myself protected. I made it through the ram, I kept my point of view. I made it through the ram and found myself respected by the others who got rained on too and made it through. " Miranda Smith " Time to put my boot out on the street. " Skiing 3; Core Comm. 1,2; Wet T Shirt Contest. Tammy Stanley 76 Mark Shelby ‘Tm looking out, as you ' re looking in; and we can only begin to see . . " Art Room 2-4; Skiing 3,4; Con. Choir 3,4; Goldbug 4; Hug Cl. 2-4. Jo Rean Sicks " A woman who seeks to be equal with a man lacks ambition. " Hug Cl.; Art Room. Lee Ann Silva " What sort of creature are you? " They in- quired. " You are frightfully ugly but that doesn ' t matter to us, so long as you don ' t marry into our family. " Field Hockey 1-3; Girls ' Ice Hockey 2,3; Softball 1-4; Squash 2-4; Band 1-4; Cheer- leader 1; Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 2-4; Class Pres. 1, V. P. 2,4. Mark Silva Dwan-Aleise Sims ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste, use it to your advantage. Experience and exposure will take a long way. " Basketball Mgr. 3,4; Track 6 Field 2,3,4; Volleyball 1; People of Color United 2,3,4; Musical; Talitha Silvers Goldbug 4. Chris Stephenson Laura Sternheim " Remember: Everyone needs friends to talk with, share with and to care for. " Int’l Students 2-4; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co. 2-4; 4-H; Ski CL 3; Amherst Tritons Swim Team 1-2; Travel to Greece 2. Julie Ann Stockwell “Do what’s good for you or you’re not good for anybody. " Track 3,4; Gym- nastics 3,4 (Co-Capt.). Lisa C. Stoffer “To live life is not Melissa Stratton like walking through a field. " Con. Choir 2,3; Debating 1-4 Co- Pres. 4, Bd. of Dirs. 3; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2-4; Outing CL 2,4; Theater Co. 2-4; Russian Cl. 4; French Tutoring 3,4; S.T.O.P. 4; Bike Cl. 1-2; Pasternak Fan Cl. 3,4. Karen Stromberg; Theater Co. 1; Word Processing; Wet T Shirt Contest. 77 Peter Su Shari Burner " All things bright and beautiful. All creatures great and small. All creatures wise and wonderful. The Lord God made Andrew Swift: Jazz Workshop them all " U.S. Pony 1,2; Hamp- 1,2; Russian Cl. 3,4; Young shire County M ounted Drill team; Friends 1-4; S.T.O.P. 4; Comput- Tally-Ho 4-H CL; Skiing. er Bumming 2-4. Jean Talbot Tim Thomas " Our unity will strengthen our friends and win many more to our side; and our unity will weaken our foes who already can see the handwriting on the wall " Track 3,4; Peer Coun. 3,4; People of Color United 3,4; A.B.C. 3,4. Tina Thompson: Swimming 1; Hampshire County Mounted Drill Team; U.S. Pony CL; Tally-Ho 4- H Cl. Paul von der Lippe " Ld rather be Julia Su-Yi Wang. Volleyball 3,4; Karen Waskiewicz You’re never Kathy Waskiewicz " One of the Thomas Waterman sailing. " Volleyball 3,4 (cap’t.); Con. Choir 4; IntT Students 1-4, fully dressed without a smile.” best ways to measure people is Band 1-4; Goldbug 4. Sec. 2,4; Orch. 1-4. Basketball 2-4; Debating 2; Bas- to watch the way they behave ketball 4 (co. -cap’t.) Piano; when something free is offered. ” Church Yth. Grp. 1-4. Skiing 2; Squash 3,4; Core Comm. 2-4; Tri-S 2-4; Latin CL 4. William R. Tuthill " The griefs we cause ourselves cut deepest of all. " Track 4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4; Outing Cl. 3,4 (co-chair.); The- ater Co. 4; Photography 3,4; Scouting 1-3; lYF Youth Grp. 2- 4. 78 Jennifer Thornton " Be cheerful. Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most impor- tant ’ Field Hockey 1-4 Tri- Capt. 4); Softball 1-4 (Tri-Capt. Michael Torla " Misery Loves Fred Treyz; Swimming 1; Debat- Gregg Thornton: Wind Ensemble, 4); Core Comm. 1-4; Tri-S 2-4 Company " Outing Cl. 4; Core ing 2-4; ARNV 2-4; Theater Gr. Baking. (V.P. 4); S.W.A.T. Team. Laszio Tikos Comm. 4; S.T.O.P. 4. Julie Trempe 2-4. Daniel Ziomek ‘ " Don ' t criticize farmers with your mouth full. " Baseball 3; Swimming 1-4; Band 2-4; Can ' t Swim Team 3,4; Bird- ing; Conan Fan Cl; No Brains, No Pain 2,3,4. Debra Yingst ' " We do not remem- ber days - we remember mo- ments. " Band 2-4. Camera Shy: Daniel Banks • Robert Cabin • John Clydesdale • Steven Fuller • William Stanley • Michael Walker. i Mike Westort: Ice Hockey 2-4. Carol Melissa Wiggins " To Adri- enne, Kim and Anita, enjoy your senior year, but work hard like your sisters. Me Gena! " Track 4; Goldbug 4; People of Color United 1-4; Waterskiing; Sailing; Jazz; Ballet, and Michael. Kenneth Wilder Elizabeth B. Wilson " A hatrack is not an amusing companion. " Cross Country 1-4; Track 1,3; French Cl. 1-4; Nat. Hon. Soc. 2- 4; Outing Cl. 2-4; Theater Co. 2- 4. Joshua B. Winslow: Football 1-4; Daniel Wolf: Baseball 1-4; Lacrosse 1-4; Band 1-4. Squash 2-4; Core Comm. 2-4. I I 79 WE WERE SO ADORABLE L. Bernard K. Leistyna R. Damon M. Durnakowski S. Livingston J. Duguay V. McClellan A. Sabey M. Smith T. Clark K. Stromberg L. Reynolds K. Hudson S. Surner W. Tuthill J. Thornton B. Hoffman Kathy Waskiewicz B Healy D, Paulding K. Jaremczuk A. Smith J. Kallio S. Seaver Karen Waskiewicz C. Mullin E. McIntosh D. Ball M. Moulder Hayward S. LaBonte 1st r: C. Kent, J. Cashdan, L. Alschuler, J. Adams. 2nd r; K. Heffley, B. Bigelow, S. Archer, S. Burgess 81 L. Moss B. Brooks CAN YOU TELL WHO’S WHO? A. Lucas H. Hanke $. Lund L. Metevia D. Yingst m T. Silvers E. Heath K. Robinson S. Paul K. Kmght C. Caiolet Crowley ■ Hafner McGill A. Melnick L. Sternheim Smith B. Fink B. May M Casey L. Litchfield M Hall C. Johnson K. Goldenberg D. Ahern L. Luddy |eslie Linda Cannava J. Talbot T. Thompson P. Heffernan S. Fournier lu .J l i - f y ' yrnmidm k ' ' ' 75 • ' 48 The fall was a disappointing one for the Football Team. Ten times they took the field, and each time they wound up on the short end. The final game with the Blue Devils from Northampton was a close battle which the Devils w on by a slim margin of 15-14. The season was most disappointing of all for the Seniors. However, despite their frustration, they provided the leadership necessary on a team whose only incentive became pride. In the face of a losing season, the team did not lose support from its players. Though the numbers did dwindle, a small but determined group of players remained dedicated. Coach Alan Jacque ' s statement that the team was “not a bunch of losers” was proven to be true. Certainly it was a season where much was gained for those who endured. ■ Charles VanderZwaag JV. Football: 1st r.: S. Logan, A. Lerner, C. Kamanski, J. Secord, E. Nakajima, E. Muench, T. Moran, S. Pierce. 2nd r.: K. Howard, G. Hart, C. Vanderswaag, P. Wise, G. Jackson, T. Stevens, J. Grice, G. Donahoe, i. Greenbaum, L. Briggs (Coach). V. Football: 1st r.: M. Barrette, J. Wi nslow, S. Paul, M. Johnson, S. Feder, T. Sabastyn, G. Donahoe, J. Grice, J. Greenbaum. 2nd r.: Mr. Jacque (Coach), D. Thorton, D. Heronemus, J. Secord, T. Stevens, G. Jackson, A. Lerner, C. Vanderswaag, S. Logan, J. Phelen, (Ass’t. Coach). 3rd r.: A. Hebb (Ass ' t. Coach), G. Hart, E. Muench, C. Kamansky, T. Bennett, M. Allen, A, Villemano, E. Nakaiima, T. Moran, L. Isabelle (Mgr.), L. Briggs (Trainer). Fussball: Despite an inexperienced squad, our hopes were high. As the season progressed, the Soccer Team never quite realized its potential. At times it seemed we were destined to wreak havoc on the league, but our good nature and mellowness prevailed. At times we lacked the scoring punch and consistent animal tendencies needed to devastate our opponents. Who can forget " The Seniors”, Cootie, Spook, Bootsy, Animal, Snake etc. What about all those smooth legs! We still wonder, “why the hell all our games were away?” And finally, we tip our hats to Tom “Gra” Gralinski. He is taking a year off and we did appreciate him greatly. His guidance and tolerance made the season an enjoyable one for all. Next year’s outlook appears good - it can ' t be all bad, at least you guys have a home field to play on!! Good Luck! V. Soccer: 1st r: J. Hafner, S. Hartman, R. Minear. 2nd r: A. Manning, M. Brown, B. Koc, C. Caioulet, A. Sabey, D. Dersham, J. Ramsey, K. Lengeiza, A. Payne. 3rd r: Coach T. Gralinski, J. Fortescue, M. Clyne, S. Porter, P. Chamorro, J. Schimmel, S. Brush, M. McIntosh, T. Pham, B. Dugan, Coach M. Forsyth. JV. Soccer; 1st r: J. Heppenstahl, M. Fairchild, M. Aldrich, R. Downey, T. Pham. 2nd r.: T. Nguyen, K. Ting, J. Pham, T. Williams, A. Currin, R. Donovan, J. Belknap. 3rd r.; A. Grist, S. Kent, J. Mullins, D. Caiolet, B. Demerath, K. Bostian, M. Jacobson. V. Field Hockey; 1st r.: L. Reynolds, J. Jones, C. Johnson, 2nd r,: L. Lengeiza, J. Harrison, E. Matheson, M, Holliday, H. Richards, J. Stanne, T. Stiles. 3rd r,: R. Jackson, A. Barrette, R. Loescher, M. Benander, Coach R. Titzel, J. Evans, P. St. Pierre, C. McDonald. Some people were skeptical about how our Field Hockey season would turn out because of our crucial losses of defensive players and forward Jen Thornton. Surprise! Led by Captains Julie Jones, Leslie Reynolds and Cheryl Johnson, our record was 9 wins 3 losses, 1 tie and we made it to the W. Mass, quarter finals, ending our season with an outstanding 1-0 sudden death overtime penalty stroke, and then another sudden death stroke-off defeat against Southwick. Highlights of the season inc lude our awesome victory against Smith Academy under the lights ... our trip to Boston “to watch the Field Hockey games?” “She’s a fast mo-fo-sho-nuf!” “Pullover! Pullover!” “Where are we?” “No really sir, there’s only two of us” ... and of course our practices . . . “Due, you’ve gotta’ get some cleats!” “Cheryl can’t find her ball.” Leslie is at a meeting, Tracy had to work, Mary had a doctor’s appointment, and we were at a Core Committee meeting “Jane, 3rd party much?” “Ellen, let’s go running on the Boulevard, eh?” .... “Lori, can I borrow a cough drop?” .... “Julie E. and her dainty little scoops” .... “And Michelle, on call at all times.” Special thanks to our Coach Ms. Titzel JV. Field Hockey; 1st r.; M. Koffler, K. Melly, F. Mazzei, J. Sicks, T. Girl, C. Dorman, E. Teng, K. Takesue, 2nd r.; A. Neill, A. Asebrook, K. Como, R. Culbertson, L. Huner, S, Wier, S. Ambs, L. Johnson, A. Barrette, 3rd r.; J. Keyes, S. Froning, K. Takesue, E. Walen, M. Hafner, K. Thurston, S. Lapuc, P. St. Pierre, J. Asebrook, S. McBride, B. Herrman, M. Ferro, W. Ritter. Volleyball 1st r.: J. Wang, M. Matthews, J. Hayes, L. Pizam, L. Kallio, K. Campbell, 2nd r.: Coach Giard, M. Monserrate, T. Hutchings, P. Nguyen, P. von der Lippe, T. Benton, J. Stem, mgr. P. McCullough. JV. Volleyball 1st r.: L. Rice, K. Walters, K. Shafer, M. Stem, L. LaChance, K. McDowell. 2nd r.: S. Waldeck, J. [ Flores, K. Kessler, D. Gould, A. Paulding, K. Campbell. 3rd r.: Coach D. Boucher, T. Agrios, J. Gray, T. Jones, A. I Doherty, P. McCloud. ' ® a«- The Varsity Volleyball team ended the season as ru Mass. Championships after a record of 16-2. losing to Gre Laura and Marilu made 1st string W. Mass. All Stars string. Laura was also named Athlete of the Month — player to win such recognition. The J.V. team had a super record of 16-0. This year’s Gymnastics Team was led by coach Liz Marino and senior Co- Captains Julie Stockwell and Bonnie Brooks. We had a winning season with a record of 10-1, and a second place finish in W. Mass. Our team was small but tough. Con- sisting of only 10 members, we proved that quality not quanity is what counts. The team is young and talented and should be a strong competition for the W. Mass. Championships in years to come. We wish them lots of luck. Gymnastics 1st r.: J. Lashway, K. Muench, J. Sicks, M. Chandler, P. Almassy, C. Jackson, K. Muench, G. Tudryn, E. Theilman, L. Marino; 2nd r.: J. Stockwell, B. Brooks. Everyday (or almost everyday) after school, we worked by the sweat of our brows plugging up those grassy hills, sprinting through Amherst College and being dutiful members of the Girls’ X-Country Team. There was only one problem: no one ever noticed us. No more than five people (mostly supportive parents and Peter Gawienowski) appeared at our meets to see us .... lose. We should have been more successful but major catastrophes like the nasty jinx Belchertown put on us and the limited number of team members made it hard to cope. But, cope we did, with a fun season and many laughs! Go for it Zee! Boys’ Cross Country 1st r.: N. Hopley, C. Holden, M. Braverman, B. Harrison, J. Sturm, M. Muller. 2nd r.: S. Kemnitzer, M. Mann, M. Richards, B. Gordon, M. Froning, A. Dimock. 3rd r.: N. Carpino, M. Crowley, T. Jager, C.. Gould, A. Fabos, R. Anderson, B. Wise, R. Crowley. The next time you hear a pitter-patter, pitter-patter during the day, it won’t be ' rain drops falling on your head but more correctly the Boys’ Cross Country Team will be traipsing across your lawn. Their trademark is the Nike Waffle which they leave behind wherever they go, on tops of cars, on opponents’ faces, etc. This band of infamous criminals compiled an 8-3 record and tied for third place in the grueling Valley League. Highlights of the year include a narrow victory over the villainous Cathedral Harriers; Nick Carpino’s “Dream of a Cross Country Race " 1 and his dramatic one second victory at Holyoke Catholic; Mike Mann’s “uncharac- teristic” running style; Mike Froning and Russ Anderson’s private meetings behind closed doors; Papa Crowley’s babysitting job at Aqua Vitae; Chris Gould’s ■ incredible race as he demolished both Holyoke and Carpino; Malcolm Braverman’s vain attempt to be 1 and Mike Crowley’s “monster from the depths” as he ; wakes up on long bus trips; and a special thanks to Aaron Glucker who deserted i us in the middle of the season. Our ultimate accomplishment was watching “The ' Coach” run a grand total distance of 100 yards. All in all, it was quite an ' experience! Girl’s Cross Country 1st r.: G. Neunder, Z. Carpino, H. Clydesdale, 2nd r.: A. Cushing, C. Selig, B. Fabos, 3rd r.: Coach J. Hastings, S. Babb, L. Averlll, B. Wilson. Girls’ Squash 1st r.: L. Silva, K. Waskiewicz, R. Damon, D. Weinstein. 2nd r.: M. Benander, C. Moody, S. Burgess, J. Woodfork, Coach L. Briggs. Boys ' Squash 1st r.: C. Bromery, D. Wolf, S. Feder, T. Langdon. 2nd r.: Coach L. Briggs, M. Little, S. Degan, J. Schimmel, A. Forrider, M. Page, L. Platt. The Girls’ Squash Team had a disappointing season, but Coach Briggs is optimistic about next year. By the end of the season, only 3 members of last year ' s varsity team remained. We wHI remember ... the 6a.m. practices; the countless hours spent in Mr. Briggs station wagon traveling to and from meets; and Lee doing Charlie Brown dances in the car. The Boys’ Squash Team had its best season, winning 6 out of 13. Top seven players were, in order: Mike Little, Max Page, Dan " Big Discount” Wolf, Chris , " Chico” Cajolet, Lucas Platt, Steve " Caveman” Feder, Alvin Forader, John " Borg” Schimmel, and Sean " Crazy Legs” Deegan fiercely fighting for 7. Under the leadership of Lawrence E. Briggs (Briggsie), we traveled to various upperclass , institutions. Despite their L.L. Bean attire, our opponents were wiped off the court. ' Next year promises to be even better with most players returning. We hope that the number of fans we had this year will continue to grow. Memorable moments were; The win against Deerfield (the first ever) ... The Belmont Hill Incident . . . Dit j Dudley, Ham Southworth, Chat ... the team’s new towels ... The Kingswood- j Oxford superstar who killed Mike Little ... The 6a.m. practices ... and of course those beautiful prep-school girls. Boys Swimming: 1st r: J. Meyers, E. Osbourne, I. Lapuc, N. Dewhurst. 2nd r: Coach J. O ' Donnell, C. Perry, S. Lund, D. Dugas, S. Fournier, J. Kallio, Ass ' t. Coach S. Peene, J. Hepinstall. 3rd r: J. Lashway, D. Ziomek, D. Silver, D. Calderon, A. Hilt, D. Hansen. The Boys’ Swim Team had a fine season. They finished something like 14- 2. Joining W. Mass, mainstays Dan Ziomek and Norm Kessler was first year Senior Jon Kallio. Kallio had a dramatic finish, showing off everything in the end. The underclassmen placed three others: Dan Calderon, Andy Hilt and Dan Silver. Buddies Jim Grice and Steve Lund enjoyed fine times together, in the pool and in the locker room. Lund, the unexpected hero, showed the Girls’ Team a side of him they had never seen before. Amherst fans were spellbound as they saw Chris Perry make himself a household name. As we leave, we leave in many ways. Steve Lund leaves . . behind, and flaunting it; Dan Ziomek leaves the leader of the Maehiavellian Mob; Jon Kallio leaves just another pretty scalp; Norm and Steve Fournier leave for Boot Camp. Jim Grice leaves with the possibility he will return. Chris Perry leaves 17 of his girlfriends to Steve Peene; and D.J. Dugas leaves early. Just what does Bohemian mean? The Girls’ Swim Team finished A-division with a 11-4-1 record. Some of the season’s highlights were: record breaking swims by Jodie Lea in the 200 IM, Liz Bohn in the 100 yd. breast stroke, Kristin Mallory diving, and the 400 yd. freestyle relay consisting of Kathy Bohn, Alexis Crotty, Sharon Yandien and Jodie Lea. The prospects for W. Mass, looked good, as 2 3 of the team qualified. Outstanding performances were recorded by Triple Medalists A. Crotty, S. Yandian and, J. Lea, by double medalist L. Bohn, and by medalist K. Mallory. The rest of the team performed equally well, with outstanding performance by consolation finalists J. Asebrook, A. Asebrook, E. Crotty, K. Kohler, A. Mason, K. Bohn, and H. Moles. Amherst took 3rd place but surprisingly trailed 2nd by only two points. We’ll always remember . . E.T., L.B. Lea, Olga Nadia, Anne Andy’s Affair, Carol MacDonald’s school of starts (Lowly Plebe), Boo Boo, and Nubbinns Momouth Breastorial regions. We will always cherish our coaches’ support. Thanks O’D. and Steve. Girls Swimming 1st r: H. Moles, C. MacDonald, K. Kessler, C. Bennett. 2nd r: Coach J. O’Donnell, K Mallory, K. Kohler, E. Crotty, S. Sutlift, K. Connelly, J. Ramsay. 3rd r: E. Moran, J. Asebrook, S Yandian, K. Bohn, A. Asebrook, J. Lea, A. Mason, A. Crotty. JV Boys’ Basketball 1st r.: A. Ziomek, M. Thomas, S. Syed, R. DeLeon. 2nd r.: M. Green, C. Kamanski, D. Dersham, J. Ziomak. 3rd r.: J. Barrilla, M. Brown, K. Howard, J. Damon, Coach J. Gallagher. Boys ' Var. Basketball 1st r.: M. Thomas, B. Andrews, J. Hafner, C. Gould, R. Deleon 2nd r.: J. Damon, D. Ralph, K. Howard, B. Wise, M. Barrette, C. Vanderzwag, B. Duggan, M. Brown, Coach T. Styspeck. The up and coming stars of the J.V. Hurricanes did well this season. Many players are looking toward to playing varsity next year. This was a hard working and hustling team. The ’82-’83 Hurricane Varsity Basketball Team had another exciting year. Led by Tri-Captains Jim Hafner, Brett Andrews, and Chris Gould, we finished 5th in the " B " Division with an overall record of 8 and 11. The season featured evenly matched contests with most of the games being decided in the final minutes. Highlights were victories over Northhampton and Longmeadow. Girls ' J.V. Basketball 1st r: A. Barrette, F. O ' Rourke, K. Graves, S. Chalmers, R. Loescher, J. Guyer. 2nd r: Coach J. Keyes, K. Pratt, M. Chesnut, J. Fink, K. Stiles, E. Salloux. Girls V. Basketball 1st r; L. Lengeiza, K. Pratt, K. Waskiewicz, R. Jackson, A. Warren, H. Richards. 2nd r: M. Medina (mgr.), T. Benton, Coach R. Moyer, J. Stanne, E. Cosby, L. Southwick, K. DeShields, Coach J. Keyes, mgr. K. Scott. There’s lots to remember about this season’s Varsity Girls ' Basket- ball Team, like Lisa tripping over lines and Rhond’s " ping.” And let’s not forget those wild bus trips! Particularly Kim P. and Karen’s accompaniment to " Down Under” with some excellent air guitar and flute, not to mention how Janet knocked us out (literally) with her rendition of the Go-Go’s " We Got The Beat.” We all agree that Erinn should be awarded 1st prize for the most disgusting tape collection while Magali deserves a trophy for being escorted into school in a wheelchair. If not for her incredible courage Heather should at least be credited for having the most imitated and craziest laugh on the team. While pre-game nutrition was nothing to rave about, there’s little doubt that anyone can mtch Kim D’s appetite. And let’s not forget our two “funky chickens,” Lori and Amy! Special thanks goes to Coach Ron Moyer who sacrificed his time for the team this year. We all appreciated it. With all but one member returning next year, the team will be awesome!!! ANIMAL!!! Wrestling Team 1st r: D. Burrell, M. Muller, P. Brigham, B. Godaire. 2nd r: K. Bostain, M. Jackson, J. Peralvert. 3rd r: L. Rice, T. Burnell, A. Villaman, G. Lighter, J. Rodriguez, Coach C. Collins. The Wrestling Team was both successful and unsuccessful this year. Even though the team had a disappointing 0-14 record, we were successful in making the sport exciting and fun to watch. Tri-captains Jos P., Kyle B., and Marc J. were great inspirations to the team as were the two coaches, Chris Collins and Dave Winch. The majority of the wrestlers were inexperienced. The only seniors on the team were Marc Jackson, Sanford Livingston, and Jimmy Rodriquez. Wrestlers to watch next year will be; Alberto Villaman, Jos Penelvert, Kyle Bostian, Danny Burrell, and Gino Lightner. These wrestlers promise to make the team and year very exciting. Memories . . . Sanford’s day beating on the Northampton wrestler; the game killer; Chris Collins’ bad jokes; Dave Winch always having something wrong with his body; the Bubba School of Wrestling; the Gino School of Wrestling; and the Jose School of Wrestling. The wrestling team hopes to see everyone at a match next year. WOMEN! WOMEN! WOMEN! Lots of hot-blooded American wom- en came to cheer on the Amherst Hockey Team this year. " Let’s party!” was the cry often heard after an Amherst victory. The strong veteran defense and youthful but aggressive offense, com- bined with key goal-tending, helped Amherst to a winning season. Our success was brought about despite the absence of Principal Saulsberry who was unable to attend a single game this year. Obviously, he failed to recognize the intense and overwhelming intellectual capabilities of the team on the ice and in the classroom. The A.R.H.S. populace should not feel that hockey is a senseless and barbaric sport, despite those few isolated moments when certain teammates forget which net they’re shooting at or how to stop before hitting the boards. As the holy prophet. Buzz Bray often said, " Hockey is like sex, ya gotta want it.” This season has been wonderful for the Girls’ Ski Team. Last year there were only three girls who occasionally raced with the boys and a few more who enjoyed recreational skiing. This year a Girls’ team was formed and now our team is almost as large as the Boys’. At first, we had so many eager skiiers that not all of them could race; however by the end of the season almost everyone had a chance. Furthermore, we came in first place in our division, with many team mates placing in the top ten. We are all very excited about our success, and are looking forward to another exciting season next year. The Boys’ Ski Team had an impressive season. This is their first year in A divison, and they have been consistently improving. Their racing times have ' gotten better and they have become more and more competitive. A lot of new racers have joined the team so next year’s season looks promising. Girls ' Ski Team 1st r: E. Hastings, L. Huner, J. Cashdan, R. Culbertson, C. Kaneta. 2nd r: G. Sellg, R. Eckhouse, R. Damon, Y, Faison, M. Lowance, M. Stem, J. Swift, J. Blake. The Cheerleaders continue to show their great enthusiasm and devoted school spirit. Many hours are spent practicing and performing at all of the football and basketball games. The dance performed to Red Light choreographed by Polly, was a grand display of the Squads’ cheering abilities and a highlight of the girls’ season. Thanks to everyone for the support given to us in our fundraising activities. Football Cheerleaders: M. Chandler, Y. Laurent, S. Burgess, L. Litchfield, A. Burrell, L. Adams, R. Blocker, P. Haslip, M. Bonwitt, B. Keedy, K. Lego, C. Kilmer. iBasketball Cheerleaders 1st r: T. Green. 2nd r: M. Jainchill, H. Thelen, C. iSernard, L. Adams. 3rd r: K. Como, K. Holt, 4th r: R. Blocker, B. Keedy, C. iRibas, M. Bonwit. Top. K. Lego, K. Kennerson. FEASTS: FOR THE EYES (FASHION SHOW) " Fashion ’83 " , sponsored by Business Education and Home Econom- ics, turned the cafeteria into a cafe with lights, runway, and festivity. Students modeled over forty outfits. Some were made in Clothing classes and some came from Hit or Miss and Chess King. Commentators were Gena Lewis and Dean Brown. Music at the beginning and at intermission was played by Karen Craker and Janet Duguay. Professional make-up was provided by Mrs. Sweklo. Refreshments were prepared by Home Econom- ics and arrangements were made by Business Education. Comments overheard included, “It was fun picking out clothing without worrying about the price tags!”, and ‘Tm modeling my friend ' s project and she is modeling mine,” and " Is this your first fashion show?” Jon Gray (black tuxedo look), Linda Adams (red spring suit), Debbie Jacque (prairie look), Chris Ribas (summer sport), Felipe Calderon (parachute pants), Brian Campbell (three-season dress sport), Debbie Taylor (smart slacks) and Carole Wiggins (designer silk polyester) were just a few of the talented models. AND FOR THE PALATE (ETHNIC FEAST) Take foods from all over the world, add generous helpings of Hope Solidarity, spice it up with people of all ages, and you get the Ethnic Feast that was held in January. Even though over 300 people came to sample many diverse foods, there was plenty to go around. This feast, a celebration of ethnic an cultural diversity, was a very enjoyable evening and an overwhelming success. PAJAMA GAME For the 10th consecutive year the A.R.H.S. Theatre Company pre- sented the Musical. Under Director Mark Gerstein and Musical Director John Maggs, the cast and technical crew ot 140 members spent 2 months dilligently preparing this year’s extravaganza, The Pajama Game. Based on the book 1V2 Cents, by Richard Bissell, Pajama Game is a comedic love story about a group of garment workers in the Midwest trying every means possi- ble to obtain a raise. As always, the musical was a notable success. Bravo! FANSHEN In 1948, American journalist W. Hinton witnessed the turmoil of the Chinese Civil War from a backwater farming village. His description of that village in transition became Fanshen. In early February, the Theater Company produced David Hare’s dramatization of Fanshen; a cast of 14 portrayed over 30 roles, doing its own tech, work as well, before an audience sitting onstage. What they saw was a small-scale epic of social and political change — landless, illiterate peasants taking control of their own lives. A CARTOONIST’S VIEW OF A.R.H.S. 104 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF CHRIS AND STEVE Throughout h istory, tame has come in twos. Lennon and McCartney, Page and Plant, Jagger and Richard, Lund and Perry. People fail to realize that Chris and Steve not only excell in the pool but also on the airwaves. To give a better idea of what life is like at the top. Life’s own photographer Hans Lofgren captured A Day in the Life of Chris and Steve. We all know the Seven Days of Creation, but there is a Final Day of Creation, which was omitted from most Bibles. God peered from the Heavens and saw His project needed something more. It needed a twosome that would break the law, then one day enforce it. On the Eighth day God said Let There Be (You fill in the blank. Dear Reader). The cock crows, and the day begins. Chris and Steve start the day with morning announcements. The library has many good uses, such as a place to study, a reference section, a quiet place to relax. Unfortunately, Chris and Steve use it for none of these. Lund and Perry take a trip to their favorite Chris and Steve at the Mall Fountain. What restaurant for their vigorous exercise program. can we say? When you gotta go you gotta go. After school, Chris and Steve double as their other roles in society; the Defenders of Mankind, the Warriors of Humanity, the New Centurians, the Boss Weird. At the end of a long day, Chris and Steve visit yet another place, but not by their own free will. Since bail was set at $25,000, their last world tour should cover it. The sun rises over the mountains to start still another busy day. The young duo is once again united. It’s Just another day in the life of Chris and Steve. yes, this wonder chopper can easily slice a head in half with no mess words cannot describe it Who s taking all these pictures of Sop homores? Oh no. He did what? entering the bowels of Hell give me Tybaldi, now! the new Mod Squad mean Ian, the actin’ machine Be all that you can be Hey, I ve seen this episode of Romper Room! The hero of the volleyball team gets all the vKomen and all the fame. This is teamwork? Drugs? No, I never touch ’em This man can do everything! Mr. Styspek, you woln ' t believe what I just cre- ated! Future drivers of America Come up and see me sometime YOU NEVER REALLY GET USED TO: . . . school buses. separate bathrooms for teachers. school lunches. diwti . . . studying. . . . study hall. . . . being in the halls with a pass. . . . lockers that won ' t open. PEOPLE ARE WHAT MAKE SCHOOL SPECIAL READING ’RITING ' it AoUes ' Uoes 8 Main Street Amherst SPONSORS Good Luck Class of ' 83! The Archers. Paul Elaine Bertrand. Roberta Bryant. Mr. Mrs. G.J. Burak. Dr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Bromery. Eva Shelly Cashdan. Gretchen and Randy Crowley. Dallas Ursula Darland. Guy Donna DeVito. Norma David Evans. Julius Edith Fabos. John Barbara Fenton. Richard Alice Fink. Evelyn Goldenberg. Peter Joann Griswold. Philip Jane Hall. Sarah Jonathan Hanke. Salaheddin 0. Hashem. Mr. Mrs. A. Louis Hayward. Don Linda Johnson. William E. Jones. The Kittrell Family. Mr. Mrs. Richard Lea. Mr. Mrs. George E. McGill. Mr. Mrs. Thomas McHugh. Lucien Bonnie Miller. Mr. Mrs. Elmer F. Morgan. Richard Elizabeth Mudgett. Sandra William Mullin. Joanne D. Nields. Nancy Howard Paul. John Jane Pemberton. Annette Jack Perry. Linda Reynolds. Catherine Nina Scott. Mr. Mrs. Arthur Seaver. Mr. Mrs. Thomas Sebastyn. Ernest Rae Selig. David Schimmel. Charles, Jr. Anne Thompson. Ben Sandra Surner. Arthur Alice Swift. George Sidney Treyz. Mr. Mrs. Robert W. Tuthill. Robert Ann von der Lippe. Stan Bev Ziomek. SHOE STORE THIRTY-NINE SOUTH PLEASANT STREET 256-6374 Best wishes Class of ’83 -the SHOE BIN 187 n. pleasant st amherst of AMHERST DISTINCTIVE CLOTHING FOR MEN AND WOMEN SINCE 1902 T jfva,’6 fine Catering Party Planning elegant Food to Oo TINA BERINS 413-253-9510 96 N PLEASANT ST AMHERST. MA 01002 112 356 College St. Amherst, Ma. 01002 Free Delivery! Sun.-Thurs. 11 a.m. - 1 a.m. Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. 253-3808 256-0115 Jeffery AmKerst BooksKop 5 0 So. Pleasant St. 253-3381 data terminals - MICROCOMPUTERS SALES - SERVICE • LEASING Pioneer Ijalley P)ab £quipmeni, 3nc. 259 Triangle St. AMHERST. MA 01002 PAUL Mcelroy 413-549-1017 Shumway’s Wallpaper Paint Store . . . your complete home decorating center 256-6753 320 College St. Amherst 200 Triangle Street, Amherst 549-3700 Congratulations ' 83 from Minuteman Cleaners 5 Pray St. Amherst, Ma. 549-3612 Flowers and Plants Petal Pushers 233 N. Pleasant St. Amherst, Ma. 549-5841 Best prices in town! Recos Construction 80 Chapel Rd., Amherst Cabinetry and finish work fine homes 256-8413 FINE FOODS 76 N. PLEASANT ST. AMHERST. MASS. . . . for freshness ouicL value ( HERITAGE l BANK FOR SAVINGS SERVING THE NEEDS OF HAMPSHIRE and FRANKLIN COUNTIES 8 Offices and 9 Automatic Tellers 1 South Pleasant Street 390 College Street “University Drive, Price Chopper “Riverside Park, Route 63 “Newman Center, UMass FLOOR TRENDS 322 College Sr Amhersr 250-3946 “Hampshire Mall “ATM Loca t i on s On ly fillvfirscqpe 264 (PCeasant St. J4mfierst Ovta. 4 ■ loud j c eic Silver Pewter Diartionds Colored Gernstofies Watches Fine China and Crystal hy Lenox MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Congrorulorions Desr Wishes for rhe Exciting Years Ahead 26 Main St. Amherst, Mass A. J. HASTINGS Newsdeoler And Srorioner 45 S. Pleosonr Sr Amhersr 250-2840 School Supplies Sporring Goods Toys And Gomes Hollmork Cords Office Equipmenr Srorionory 233-7615 Jones-Neylon Insurance Agency Inc. “Service Beyond the Obligation” P.O. Box 1, 185 North Pleasant Street Good Food and Good Eating at SALADS SUBMARINES SYRIANS the sub Ms J Best Wishes ’83! PLANT BOUTIQUE - 79 S. Pleasant St. 256-0827 115 Our Personal Best Wishes For Success In The Future From your friends, The Official 1983 Yearbook Photographers: Larry, Dan, Marc, Chris, Bob 284 Pine St. Holyoke, MA 532-9406 127 Mill St. Springfield, MA 734-7337 CREDITS GOLDBUG ' 83: Front Cover: Jessica Cashdan, Back Cover: Michelle Holliday, Endsheets: Sarah Babb, Title Page: Julie Schmalz, Seni or Divider: Jessica Cashdan, Photographers: Bruce Myren (Ed), Lisa Bernard (Ed), Karen Aho, Steve Bradley, Scott Hayward, Karen Morbey, Jim Sims, Will Tuttle, Marcus Yarde. Editorial Staff: Lisa Bernard (Ed), Jose Flores (Ed), Joy Hayes (Ed), Michelle Holliday (Ed), Gena Lewis (Ed), Paul von der Lippe (Ed), Dee Ahern, Chris Carpino, Kim DiCarlo, Sandy Dihimann, Pete Gawienowski, Andrienne Harris, Emily Heath, Liz Hendricks, Julie Jones, Amy Lucas, Carole Mullm, Jon Schimmel (Bus. Ed.), Kate Shanor, Lee Silva, Dwan Sims, Andrea Smith, Carol Wiggins, Steve Lund, and Chris Perry. Cartoonist: Paul Newcombe. 0 6cv , lO KxX Q C jCrttLrv. 4tj " felii- ' cod |X cL0i . ' c jftxxA o CLlcx eA)4r looa HnnodiL. d-lc fiii- l oj cocL lOVXl OjUlAAJL ' ■4TA u0€ CouA oC LfcKj2 iQiJL 5crrrvridXon .sj a utyUV i crruAiL OL ' voo-r d. (Peo uJT !f 6c ie fi r PCC y oe v-rC o x Kf Vo i e US ?o r N r-V ( oor AJoV UC7 ooc)c.l- c )eM,-j ly. no, L cc-Vo ei-S lAsWiV- .u V.oW ;s fv ( ' C i,V 4-e ixV ,‘o i ' t ' Se f iV (jeeM jprof u ' ' o lAoTet ' csV-t.N esVe H W spc, IL ee, « ’- ' V . I4 uc, izo • Tv c,ec Jt A. cy C ,o j yyy e ' ' y y- yy yy ' yy) y i- nc, CP 7 C =t Oo, o. V C 1, -P, , 60 a 5=» r-ecvAVu ye yyyi y ' y " ■- q y. v " V, yr . y ey - f ' M « a I eWbv 7“; " ' ' V Oefer a wrcx V V x cO J i;e cc. ' T- ' y ncM c Cr Ir ' l ' ® fN»a.5U««n p VfCicit ■v 4 5, ' V-X W- yy jyy Wc ' ?7 n? ' ' ‘7 ' ;n ' cr {xth oij ‘yai5iciA non poccine nV-O-i- cvc ' boi ' -SVv ' - ' ciLT) . odcS- " ' d- n ‘ CL, ci OrukcV ' O-t SCi c ocxci fr ;-Vc N CcD ' TSxcl Of A2 ) u-A S€-- CUj-n -fl l O UL uJ lOof IjL ityjl, c-j yl LA . fl J2-AjL- oJc)-o+ ' Ci fz r cJ aJ.CA cuj“n cj - oiaIs oaoJ [t ' nfXL- (V JL6 . ,eJtr o-s CoPi ' I V ' oe.i ' r o- m c ncJ o0b o j2- oT ' oCD n. ho ' i -t- e 10Zor fC cz Z s cUsi fCno£ ; o i Q(yO: -p:‘ll H ' Z jnniPe. ir. ic (Z tc Vl i (J c4, t ohjL . Ho. a oc Su y . 5 Giu nuJ u ' re r;:s ClAiS pF S3 nSSSS Mf f l 1 c £.1 ! e (2J ' iccm AXs r ' l . ' itg,

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