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Whor could anybody wrire rhor would possibly convey rhe true feelings obour a man who has shaped rhe lives of rhe Senior Closs for nearly four years? He is o person famous for his guidance, wir and persisronce (olmosr ro rhe poinr of nagging,- olmosr) Everett " Duzz” Droy has molded our minds and our schedules ro serve our needs, while consronrly encouraging us ro srrive for berrer A Duzz-of-all-rrodes, he con be seen eirher on rhe ice os cooch, or rhe Common Marker peddling pumpkins or simply puffing away (on who knows whor) in his office. Vhen osked why he does whor he does, he emphoricolly replied, " Kids ore fun. " Men of profounder wisdom hove lived bur never one of greorer sinceriry. We ' ve been lucky ro hove been blessed wirh an individual who underrokes his occuporion wirh such dererminorion. Duzz is an exceprionol counselor, hockey player and orhieric coach, bur his mosr unrecog- nized ralenr is farming for which he won rhe Aword " Mon Our Sranding in His Field " . Thonlss Duzz! " Cover Q closs, rope on ankle, ser up rhe whirlpool, lend o bond — he is ovoiloble and olwoys does ir wirh a smile. " He ' s dedicored ro his work, sensirive ro rhe needs of orhers, ond is loyal and honesr in all his deolings wirh people. Larry Driggs is . . . ... Mr Versiriliry - " You name ir, he’ll reach ir " . ... rhe World ' s greoresr onimol rroiner - alios Loaosse coach, Squosh coach and 9rh grode Foorboll Coach. ... an individual who has a difficuir rime soying " no " ro anyone ' s requesr . . . o person who exhibirs by word and deed rireless efforrs for his srudenrs and colleagues. . . . willing ro occepr new chollenges. . . . " definirely rhe rype of reocher and coach rhor I would be mosr happy ro hove my son or doughrer associored wirh in rhe closs or reom experience. " DEDICATION " BUZZ " DRAY LARRY DRIGGS WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE FACULTY AVenger: D. Small Art Ambrushers: L Krovirz, J. Logon, D Derby English Eldorodos: 1st r (1r) D Pennimon, D Miniss, L Crouse; 2nd r (L-P): C Morrhews, L Froning, J El ios, M Dordsley, J McKinney, J Doer, D Morshdl Immigronts: 1st r (1-r); W Ouimerre, G Sreinmeyer, 2nd row (1-r) D Chopmon, A Hoys, D Donley, J Bonks Music of the O.K. Chorole: J Moggs, D Purcell, P, Nehus E Adorns., D Adrian, N Agrios, M Allen, C. Annoble, D Apodoco, B Archomboulr, J. Archer, P Aune, L, Barber B. Bour, E Beals, M Beoulieu, B. Beoulieu, C. Berry, S. Berro, E Berr, G. Berrrand, J. Berube, Y Broote T Bezucho, T. Bios, B. Bodin L Boisseau, B Bobrin, A Bonsignore D. Boorh, S. Bosch, L Bosrion SOPHOMORES The doss of ' 82 is composed of differenr kinds of people bur oil wirh rhe some greor enrhusiosm and spirir of pride for rheir school. We hove plunged headlong inro rhe rrodirions of Doosrer Day, rhe sporrs program and many orher annual evenrs. We learn quickly, we ore osserrive and exceprionol! Today rhe High School, romorrow rhe world . . . P Boucher, A Boughron, A Bowles C Bowles, J. Boyle, K Broce J. Brondrs, D. Broy, A. Breeyear B. Brehm, F. Brose, C. Brown J Brown, L. Brozo, B. Bunker D. Burgess, B. Burnerr, K. Burrell, C. Conole- Porolo, D. Connovo, D, Corey, C. Carlson, A. Corpino, D. Cashdon, J. Carlin J, Chaisson, J. Chong, J Chong, H. Chevon, D, Chisholm, D Chrisrionsen, M Chrosrowski, D. Chumbley, A. Clark, K. Clork Sophomore Core Comm: 1st r (l-r): A, Bonsignore, J. Greenspon, K. Clork, L. Boisseau, J. Workinson, D, McLellon, 5. Surner, A. Whire, T. Bezucho; 2nd r (l-r): T. Kbr, C. Wesrorr, B. Bunker, M. Holloday, C. Corlson, L. Prour, J. Boskevirz, K Muench, C. Brown, H, Chevon: 3rd r (l-r): S. Schimmel, C. Bowles, L. Frazier, M. Pierce, M Morley, A Ljung, A Bowles, K. Nerbonne, L. Komansky, D. Chisholm, E. Klein, J. Balph, D. Chrisrionsen. 12 K Mallory, S. Mange, M Marley, E Marhews, F. Moy, P Maynard, M McConchie, S McConnell, P McCullough, D. McDonald W Meode, I. Medino, G. Meldon, P. MlleszUo, T, Mireouir, P, Mirchell, T. Mocte, E Monroe, G. Monrogue, D. Morin K Muench, N, Mulcohy, C. NoKojimo K Nerbonne, J. Nissenboum, P. Nober W. Noland, S. Nordin, 5. Novak M O ' Connor, D. Omolley, S. Omolley W O ' Neil, A. O ' Rourke, J. Orr C. O ' Shea, 5. Porron, J Poyne M Pelkey, G. Penza, G. Perchemlides J. Perry, P. Pham, M Phillips M, Pierce, T, Pike, R, Pirkin, L. Plozo, T, Porrer, D. Porrer, 5. Prescorr, V. Prirchord, D Prour, J. Quinlon J Rolph, W, Romsoy, J. Roskevirz, J. Reid, T. Reynolds, G. Richards, T. Richardson, M Rilsisers, M. Rirrer, C. Rob inson 15 K. ( oblnson, L Piobinson, M Robinson, E Rogers, K. Roof, M Ross, D Rowell, K. Ryovec, S. Sosrry, C. Scorfo S. Schimmel, M Schmolz, N Show, R. Show, K. Sherwood, R. Silva, N Shippey, T Sienklewicz, C. Sillorr, A Silvo E Simpson, J Simpson, J. Slovin C. Smyser, L Srein, D Srowell L Srrombren, P. Sruberovskis, R Suprenonr S. Surner, M Surron, D Todemoru Y. Tokomizawo, M. Tolbor, E Tanner K Tauer, A Talor, D Thomann G Thomann, K. Thomas, W Thomas D Thompson, P Tillis, T Timmermonn C. Torrey, R Tower, J, Townsend, N Trempe, A Tulenko, A Turner, J. Turner, G Vonderzwoog, F Vonpeir, G. Venderre P Venmon, M WolUer, S. Vang, G. Vardlaw, C. Vashingron, D. Vaskiewicz, J Varkinson, R Veber K Veeiss, M Veidenfeld 16 L Adorns, S. Adrian, P Agusrin, D. Aldrich, F. Alvarez, S. Andrew, E Apodaco, S. Archer, G Dolley, T Dok, N Doker, K Doll, H Danner, S. Dornord, D Darnicle, D Dell, P, Denonder, J Derkmon, D. Derlin, H. Derner, K. Derry, N Derry, M Desr D Dogorrz, P. Donsignore, T Doors, A Dowers, D. Droy, D Drown M Drown, S. Dunker, D. Durnerr C. Collohon, E Conror, P Corpino J. Cernodo, C Cholsmo, J. Chrosrowski J. Clork, T Clark, R. Cleory J Cobb, J Cole, D. Coleman P Connelly, J. Cook, R Corcoron, D Coulombe, D Crone, T. Crorry, W Crouse, M Cuffee, L Cunningham, M Cuomo E. Curron, K Curris, H Domerell, F. Daniels, E Dean, J Dlzord, D Dodge, K, Dohery, C. Donovan, F Doucerre 18 JUNIORS Being o Junior is nor os si mple os ir is mode our ro be. Firsr of oil, os we ore rrodirionolly rhe most ocrive doss in the school, we hove ro pur o lor of efforr and energy inro such rhings os fund roising evenrs, donees, ere. We also need ro begin our long quesr of finding rhe righr college or employmenr. As we ore nor yer Seniors, we ore nor given rhe respecr and rop prioriry rhor rhey ore. Unlike rhe Sophomores, rhe juniors ore nor rreored wirh rhe undersronding ons symporhy rhor comes wirh odjusring ro o new environmenr. And yer we keep up our sense of humor. " Why?”, you may osk. Simple. We consider our life o challenge. Bur we could always use o lirrie exrro supporr. Hove you hugged o Junior rodoy? S. DroKe, M Dwyer, S. Eddy, H, Eidr, P Ennis, E Evans, E Ezerins, A Fobos, A Fenner D- Ferrirro, E. Filios, L. Fiorelli, A. Fish, L. Fleury, D, Flood, K, Flood, P, Ford, M Forsyrh, A Fox A Freibond, M Fuller, D. Gabriel A. Gallagher, J Gorslids, M Gowienowsisi A George, L. Gersren, L, Giglio M. Gilberr, L, Golowich, J. Gonrer R. Gordon, D Gouin, D, Gouin J. Gould, D, Green, J. Griffin A. Gurski, P Hall, R- Holl T. Holl, M. Holpin, E. Hommonn D, Harper, A Harrison, J. Horr, D Hosrings,D. Houghey, D, Herman, K, Hill, R, Hillel, S. Hoodley, L. Hoffman R. Holmes, R. Hooke, S. Howard, T. HruskoO. Hunrer, S. Ingram, J Ivey, K. Jormon, D, Jennings, J. Jerome A Johnson, (X. Johnson , C. Jones, O. Koser, G. Koulenos, L Kelley, G. Keochoklon, T Keyes, A Khoshorefeh, J Kimboll D. King, K. Klemer, J, Knighrly, S. Koh, K. Kroker, C. Lamb, J Lomberr, G. Larson, P,. Loshwoy, T. Lo voile P LoiAroll, D Lawler, P Lazarus L Leaman, K. Lee, C. Lehrer J Leisryna, J Lennox, P, Li E, Lillya, P. Lindgren, D. Lingord K. Lirrie, A Llamas, K. Longro D Lucas, J Luddy, J Lussier N Lynch, N Lynch, D. Mochawski D Mack, J Maggs, K Maglera D Mainzer, (X, Mardllo, V May, S Mazor, M Mazzei, S. McGinn, L. McGrarh, P Mclnrosh, T Melley, T Mercer M Merriam, K. Merevio, L Miller, K, Mlreaulr, D. Mirchell, M Monserrare, C. Moore, H Moroles, M Moron, S. Morrell 20 ll A Srein, S Srephenson, A Srevens, C. Srowell, W Strorford, S. Srrong, 5. Sullivan, P Sunderland, D Sweigarr, K Takomizawa A Theilman, P Thamos, J. Thompson, M Thompson, D Thornton, E Townsend, M Townsend, K Umholrz, A Veole, f . Voipe S Von Der Lippe, C. Voorhees, D. Walker M Woll, G Wang, D Wosklewicz K. Weissmon, T Wesrorr, S. Whitney S. Whittemore, A Wilce, D. Will R. Williams, V Willioms, L Wilson A Wolf, N Woodord, T Yakovlev C. Yondo, G. Zombello, J Faison G. Foto, L Anostosio, J Wrisley 22 Whor is rhe greoresr impression we srudenrs or Amhursr Regional High School moke on oursiders? Is ir our wocky 8 day schedule, where H comes before G: Is ir rhe way we wear our hair, from Dororhy Homill voriorions ro Harsh Cosmic rhe punk rock look? Is ir rhe way we probe for rrue meoning during doss discussions? Nope Ir ' s our Slanguage . . . Sbwing gi Nay Way Hurring 24 Bizarre SENIOR SUPERLATIVES And now Will Lorry srill be rhe Deon ond Amy Grose? Will Parry ' s body ever go or Lourio ' s mourh never srop? How con Eddie do " ir " consronrly? Did Rob rhe speech rheropisr rruly see Lisa ' s spirir? Will Vic and Druce kick rheir disco hobirs? Whor coused Joson ' s promising ocring career ro plummer? And whor does Yo hove in mind for oil rhose young girls? Will Evan ' s jer lond? Megon ' s bubbles bursr? Will Dove moke rhe cenrerfold? And whor really happened ro rhe Mann? These ond orher srories on rhe conrinuing sago of: THE SENIOR SUPERLATIVES. Most Aggressive: Julie Aldrich 26 Most Likely to Change Her Hoitstyle: Julie Robinson Class Jugglet: Sorah Deroode Class Frisbee: Bruce Manning Jack of All Ttodes: Ah Drose Most Thteotening: Ed Moores Closs Olympion: Nadine Joclsson Kloss Kris Krlngle: John Cushing Class Weeble: Lenny Cosro Loudest Doy: Perer Vogel Most Deceiving; DecKy Jennings Sweetest: Carol Progulske Class SpQzz: Debbie Chisholm Runningest: Drod Gordon Sophomore Turn-on: Chris Yorides Most Easy Going-. Denise Fleming Most Likely to Moke You Smile: Tom Lund Unsung Hero: Dove Ziomek Bubbliest: Megan Nields 30 Class Preppie: Orion Morley Most Charming: Brian Lone Most Athletic Girl: Jenny Gray Class Magic User: Dob Douglas Most Likely to Succeed: Dev SchvArorrzberg Class Artist: Cindy Clopp Class Disco: Vic Duell Smallest Doy: John Hollodoy Best Body; Parry Lomoureux Class Couple; Lorry Dean and Amy Grose Cutest Boy: Jim Wyker Most School Spirit: Lisa McLelion Smuggest: Tracey Sriles Most Original: Jomie Crorty Most Likely to Moke You Look ond Wonder: Lily Dennerr Best Dressed Boy: Gory Mann Most Scheming: Randy Prescorr Gloss Walking DIsoster Areo: Mark Chumbley Dest Eyes: Shown Drirr Loudest girl: Wendy Volf Best Body (Boy): Terry Dop- prich Class Flirt: Peggy Chrisronsen I Most Sophisticated: Madeline Cory Class Head: Phil Jackson Closs Chef: George Skorupski 36 SUSAN HOADLET 1979 DONKEY BASKETBALL No, Dommir, I ' m supposed ro pull you! Oh mighry Zeus! Hey, I know she ' s nor rhe besr looker, bur I love her anyway. CAKE A " TKe Hos There was hor comperirion between srudenrs and foculry or rhis year ' s Junior Class Coke Auction. For rhose smorr enough ro hove skipped breol-rfosr, rhe evenr was well worrh rhe woir. For rhe rest of us, who didn ' t ger our opperire bock until Turkey Time, rhe coke sole holds mixed memories. THE GOLDDUG STAFF Ve of rhe Goldbug hove orrempred ro sum up rhe entire year in o single volume. We ' ve tried to capture os many of rhe unique personalities, ex- pressions, ond happenings that hove been vd much Q port of our doily lives. We ' ve thought, edited, revised, ond rethought our ideas for rhe purpose of presenting you with o book of your own memories. Enjoy. Goldbug Stoff - 1st r (l-r): D. Alword, D. Derby (Ad.), D CJiisholm, M. Field, D. Chisholm 2nd r 0-r): L. Sanchez, L. Cunningham, A. Grose, S. Hoodley, E. Moores, M. Robinson. 42 THE THEATRE COMPANY Theotre Co., 1st r (l-r): D, Berlin, J. Cole, K, Kennedy, L. MocDonell, A. Llamas, L. Fobel, L. Fiorellil D. Rlios. 2nd r 0-r): G. Feller, R. Hooke, K. Ryovec, R. Denonder, M. Gowienowski, S. Donohue, S. , ' Wong, J. Oerins. 3rd r (l-r): T. Brehm, P. Sronne, B. Will, R. Bobrin, P. Rourh, T. Lund, R. Corcoran, 5, Page, L Demerorh, P. Whirroker, A. Wilce, C. Robinson, K. Kroner 4th r (l-r): C. Langley, L. Baker, , N. Schworrz, P. Aune, K. Jormon, S. Koh, C. Leher, P. Ford, J. Knighrly. 5th r (l-r): A. Eidr, L. Sanchez, ' D. Hooke. Ar any momenr in rhe yeor, rhe things rhor concern rhe Theatre Company sound like rhe endings of old radio serials: will rhe lighr- boord survive another week? has anyone seen rhe cosh-box? whor- ever happened ro our hammer? will rhe fociol hair arrive from Boston in rime? Running on empty is rhe Theatre Compony woy. Srill, huge numbers of students hove porricipored. Over 75 contrib- uted their talents to Shakespeare ' s Measure for Meosure, ond rhe cost for Oliver! wos almost that large. Other productions included Thornton Wilder ' s three one-octs, o program of Osip Mandelstam ' s poetry, ond Chekhov ' s Three Sisters. Almost 20% of ARHS students rook port in o Theotre Company octivity. Our leaders, Nora Schwartz, Ellen Cotter, ond Sosho Page, planned it oil. And with o rising group of accomplished techies in rhe sophomore doss, rhe Theotre Company is thinking big about rhe future. MUSI Symphony Bond: 1st r (l-r): B Krueger, S. Schimmel, L. Field, A DeBcxxJe, L. Ford, E. Fobel, J, Hoir, E Smith, S. Mozor 2nd r. D. Feder, D Schworrzberg, K Darling, K. Doherry, N. Show, A. Chose, K. Bichords, B. Jenkins, T Joger, L Leomon, S. O’Molley, D. Adorns, M. TollDor, M, Gillis, L. Plozo, P. Venmon. 3rd r: K. Touer, I. Sruberovskis, K. Weeks, C. Lomberr, M Sanchez, J. Errel, S, Vede, C. Hutchinson, D Morcotte, S. Archer, D. Bichords, E, Derr, D. Gordon, K. Sherwood, K. O’Bourke 4th r D. Purcell (Dir) M Boss, D DeLesdernier, B. Quorles, E. Lillyo, D. Weinberg, P. Schneider, A. Fobos, S. Archer, J Berkmon, A Bice, B. Show, D Mirchell, D. Mitchell, 5th r J. Luddy, E Drose, J (Sould, S. Page, A Drose, N. Campbell, L. Deon, P. Venmon, P. Mullin, M. Giromo, M. Bobinson, W. Tibbetts, J. Downie. The 75 member Symphony Bond under the direaion of Mr, Purcell has blossomed this year into one of the finest bonds in Western Moss The ensemble has performed or numerous civic functions os well os compering in the Mossochuserts Instrumental Conduaor Assodorion Festival or Firchberg Store College Chorale: 1st r (l-r): S. Mozor, J. Moggs, J Mange, A. Drose, M. Sronne, G. Zombello, D. Will, B. Hooke, P. Whitaker, L. Smith, S. Smith, M. Smith. 2nd row: W. Pritchard, J. Forrescue, J. Knightly, J. Derkcnon, P. Schneider, D Hooke, S. Page, J. Yorker, L Demerorh, S. Mange Concert Choir: 1st r (l-r): S Surner, G. Wong, E. Smith, C. Langley, J Holt, D. Murray, S. Moggs, T. Fonrini, J. Ivey, F Drose, L. Dean, A Grose, K. Burrell, P Heffernon 2nd row: M (Sowienowski, D. Adorns, B. Li, D. Fink, E. Carter, A. DePillis, T Schiff, J. Gorslick, D. Dogortz, P. Ford, S. Koh, D. Chisholm, C. Mullin, L. Miller, K. Gibbens, L. Goldenberg, A. Corpino. Chorus: 1st r (l-r): C. Derry, S. Wong, A. Pierce, A. Fobos, P. GoiwenowsW, C. Murray, E. Goldenberg, D, Filios, A. Griswold, A. Singer, J. Vang. 2nd r (l-r): D. Doorh, J. Doluch, R. Planr, P. jLourie, C. Pirih, M. Turrle, J. Errel, L. Sroffer, D. May, L. Kirley, J. Lesrer 3rd r (l-r): J. Smith, M. Marhews, J. Greeneboum, A. Derlin. 4th r-. J. Cole, L. Gibbens, L. Adorns, K. Knighr, A. Melnick, C. Horr, K. Weeks, L. Srrarron, R. Vorner, G. Koulenos, R. Gordon, A. Viice, M. Weidenfeld, A Kropf, V. Hubbs, A. Lucas, L. Giglio, K. Klemer. Jazz Workshop: 1st r (l-r): J. Hoollond, N. Show, R. Denonder, T. Joger, A Swifr 2nd r (l-r): D. Purcell, T. Fonrlni, D. Derge, P. Srevens, S. Hunt, C. Dowers, M, Hohlsrein, S. Service, P. Schneider, R. Quarles. Graphic - 1st r (l-r): L. Mdellon, A. Worermon, L Touer, K. Scorr, J. Price (Ad ) 2nd r (k): D Lee, P. Sronron. D. Morley, D. Drake, J. Kennelly, D. Feder, M. Chojes. Radio Club - 1st r (l-r): N. Mulcahey, L. Srrongrem. 2nd r (k): C. Emery (Ad ), D. Deledernier, P. McBride The ARMS Radio Club is involved with Training srudenrs ro obroin rheir Amoreur P adio License. Licensed operorors work on Technical projecTs, ossisT wiTh public service communicorions and porricipore in world-wide communicorions wirh orher omoreur srorions. Pep Club - 1st r (l-r): D. Lowlor, L. Slovin, T, Eddy 2nd r (k): L. Gouin, T. Yakovlev T. Bak. German-American Partners - 1st r (l-r): M. Robinson, K. Touer, M. Rikkers, A. Toylor. 2nd r (k): A. Klock, J. Simpson, M. Hollodoy, R. Corcoran, L. (Soldenberg, B. Will 3rd r (l-r): S. Timmerman, G. Sreinmeyer, (Ad.), J. Rurh. Since 1874 75 GAPP is providing o direcT exchange program wirh o secondory school in Germony. This year, 17 srudenrs from Germany ore being hosred by ARMS srudenrs and rheir fomilies. Headlines . . . deodlines . . . loyours . . . column inches ... cur lines. Besides wriring rhe orricles for rhe Graphic, srudenrs in rhe Journal- ism II doss ore responsible for rhe Technical ospecrs of rhe school newspaper unril ir ' s reody ro be Turned over ro Graphic Arrs for prinring. Carrying on rhe rrodirions of o paper rhor has exisred for 63 years is nor olwoys eosy. Chess Club - 1st r (k): P. Mullin, V. Treyz, D. Richords, R. Prescorr. 2nd r 0-r): M. Chonges, C. Ackermon. National Honor Society - 1st r (k): S. Krorkov, J. Mange, D. Brawn, D. Berlin, P. Li, E. Carter. 2nd r (k): N. Bolorin, P. Sranne, K. Donfried, S. Page, R. Marrhews, B. Donley (Ad). In occordonce wirh o direaive from rhe Norional Office of rhe Nationol Honor Society, rhe requirement rhor Sophomores be induced as requior members was mer by setting a differentiated scale for academic eligibility based on grade 9 through midyeor: Sophomores, 3.8; Juniors 3.6; Seniors, 3.4. Those inducted in 1979 were: 10th: D. Berlin, D. Brown, P. Carpino, K. Greeneboum, P U; 11th - N. Bolorin, M. Brose, E. Cotter, C. Clapp, K. Donfried, S. Greeneboum, C. Kittle, S. Krorkov, J. Monge, R. Marrhews, S. Page, M. Sronne. 12th - E. Morse, K. Tolebi, C. Weinberg. Sf| ARNAV: 1st r (l-r): A. Drose, D. Schworrzberg, A. DeRoode, C. Wilson. 2nd r (l-r): C Mullin, L Goldenberg, P. Whirroker, J. Forresque, M. Gowienoski, A. Srein. iQte: 1sf r; 0-r): R. Holmes, S. Mange, P, Nissenboum 2nd r: (l-r); R. Drehm, D. Lizorre, Schworrzberg, C. Cousins, R. Hooke, L. Sropher, R. Lee, M. Tolbor, P. Lozorus, J. Doer Tri-S: Isf r (l-r): W. Jones, L. Goldenberg, L. Loverdiere, L. Smirh, L. Sanchez. 2nd r (l-r): R. Cleory, S. Howard, S. Vonderlippd, J. Greenspon, S. Surner, L. Touer, M. Morley, L. Doisseou. Student School Comm.: D Drown, L. (Soldenberg, D. Schworrzberg, S. Poge. Student Council: 1st r (l-r): L. Plozo, K. Muench, C. Wesrorr, D. Sworrzberg, D. Chisholm, A. Eidr. 2nd r (l-r): D. Chisholm, S. Schimmel, A. Drose, P. Donsignore, T Quinron, 3rd r (l-r): D. Gouin, L. Presron (Ad.), C. Mullin, T. Lund, R. Corcoran, S. Sullivon, D. Ziomek. This year the Student Council has worked or gerring srudenrs involved and inreresred wirh rheir school. Fovorire ocriviries include rhe rrodirionol holiday donee, Anonymous Flower Day, and rhe roco booth or rhe Town Fair, os well os rwo scholarships awarded or rhe end of rhe year. 47 Oufing Club 1st r (1-r); P. Stevens, T Quinton, G. Wong, M Gavitienowski, E Deals, D. Filios, L. Fbrelli, H. Domerell, A T. Vilce, W May 2nd t (l-r): M Bernonder, ( , Hooke, N Compbell, A. Grose, L, Dean, L. Smith, C. Langley, A. Eidr, C. Comp, D. Fbrelli. So for this year the Outing Club has hod only a few day hikes ond overnight camping trips. However, this month there is a Leodership Training Workshop. Trips this winter will be mostly backpacking. This spring we ' ll be going to Lake George, in addition to numerous bike trips, day hikes, orb bockpocing excursions. Peer Counselors: 1st r (l-r): D. Simpson, P. Donsignore, S. Eddy, C. Sandler 2nd r 0-r): M Turtle, L. Gersren, S. Giglio, R. Dodine, L Giglio, S. Cbrke. Peer Counselors hove been receiving weekly training on counseling skills ond ore QvQibble to counsel fellow students or the Jr. ond Sr. High School. They will be working 2nd semester with groups ond individuals around transition issues, difficulties with relation- ships ond ony other issues where students would prefer rolking to o fellow student. They will generolly be ovoitable os service people in the school building and work under the leadership ond supervisbn of Solly Giglio, the school psychologist. Frisbee Group: 1st r (l-r): J. Solkey, M. Coffrey, D. Manning, D. Smith, J Holland. 2nd r (l-r): L. Sonchez, J Lussier, C. Bell, P Derwold World Peace Thru Frisbee Internotionol Student Club: 1st r (k): O. Koser, K. Tokomizowo (V.P.), S. Wong (Treos ), Y Tokomizowo, G. Wong (Pres ). 2nd r (l-r): A Khoshorefeh (Sec ), C. Voorhees, L Froning (AD ), F. Alvarez The International Students Club unites students from different cultures. We sponsored activities such os o film series, slide shows on various countries, ond on eiemenrory Chinese longuoge course. The Club also provides o sodol outlet for its members by holding mony pot luck suppers. Eoch year in the Spring, the group olso spends o weekend together. Biology Club: G. Wong, M (Sowienowski, J. Derkmon Russian Club: 1st r (l-r): R. Matthews, S. Donahue, K Kennedy. 2nd r (l-r): J Bonks (Ad ), P. Routh, S. Gobwich, P. Donsignore, D. Kreisler, A Morse, L. Goldenberg, A. Uomos 3rd row (l-r): C. Cousins, E. McGill, C. Shuldiner, C. Robinson. The Russlon Club hos cerroinly hod on oabn-pocked year. Lost foil they spent two week-ends with the Russion Club from Austin Prep School, rook o trip to Boston, and were found or nearly every pertinent movie shown or the five colleges. The group pur on numerous boke soles and odverrised " serfing " to earn money for-whor else?-o three week trip to Russio in Jonuory. But they oren ' r stopping there. Future oCTiviries include onorher trip to Boston, New York City, ond porticiporion in " High School Russian Day " or UConn. 48 ALEXANDER DESHERDININ . Squash ALEXANDER STEIN . SWIng 2,3,4, Roquets 2,3,4, Tennis 3, Outing 0 3, -rench Q 2, Core Comm 4, ARNV Frst Church Youth Grp 9,10,11,12, Ce- 2,3,4, Lome porty (founder), 6C5HC ALEXANDRA CHASE - Cross Country 3, Trods 2,3,4, Oond 1,2,3,4, Goldbug 4, (Vophic 4, Core Comm 3,4, Pep Bond 10,11,12, S.C 9,10,11,12, HT H 9,10,11,12 AMY DORNSTEIN . Oxxus 2, French Q. 2, Phorogrophy, Greets Trip, Spon Q,. trip to Mexico, Otem Axle, A Final Word(s) to the Graduating Gloss of 1980 I rrusr I voice on opinion of the concensus A(hen I write rhor: we ore Q greor bunch of ADULTS. I do nor use rhor word in voin, for I hove silenriy witnessed the growth of eoch doss member into on individual personality. Between us Frisbee Fonorics, All-Around Athletes, Musicol Maniocs or just " plain ' ol folk " , there is o common bond of respect that adheres. We hove even strived towards perfecting our assorted rdenrs. We ore able to be proud of the universal slope of diversity that has slowly developed into - us. When that " day of days” arrives on June 12, we shall experience o sense of overwhelming elation and accomplishment. I for one will also be distressed or the termination of o complete stoge of my life, one that we hove known solely since we were so very young-where did the rime go?!! We ore about to discover on absolute world of limitless opportunities. I sincerely hope that none of us plots o false course. So, let ' s expect to meet again in ten years, maybe twenty or even thirty! Perhaps eternolly! Whor con I soy except that you ' re my friends and I love you oil for being such. So long, it ' s been PEAL!! Sr. Core Committee: 1st row 0-r): V Jones, L. Loverdiere, L. Smith, C. Yoriris, C. Progulski, E. Eidr, C. Wilson, o. Chose, 2nd row (k): A. Grose, J. Groy, C. Donsignore, T. Lund, D. Chisholm, J. Forresque, M. Drose, M. Nields, N. Friedmon, 5. Lynch, B. Schworrzberg, J Holr, 3rd row (l-r): L. Dean, L. Sonchez, L. Touer, J. Berrin, J. Mileszko, L Thoyer, P Sronne, D. Ziomek, L.McLellon, B. Morley, A. Srein, P. Rourh. DIANA KUNDERT - Swing 1,2, 3, 4, Squash Roquets 4, Swimming 1, Volley- bol 2,3,4, Core Comm. 2,3,4, SW Q 1, Soil Door Rodng, Horsebods Riding DINA GORDON ■ Ooseboll AAgr 3,4, Squash Roquets 4, Gymnostics 2,3,4, GoWbug 4, Outing 0 1, Sr, Drigid ' s Youth 2,3,4 h m PETER STONEHAM . ke Hobi 3.4. PCTER VENMAN - Dsktbdi 1.2. Ice Hock- PETER OGEL - P M D 2nd 4rh Annu- PHILIP JACKSON PHILIP GEROMONT . Inrern ' l Snjdenii PHYLLIS MAYNARD P M D 0.4 ey 2.3.4. Bond I.2.3.4. Ordiesrro 1.2.3. ol Exdionge studenr from Fronce Core Comm. 2. Pep Bond I.2.3.4. Inrer- nol ' l Studenrs of Lopplond 4 70 NOTICE THE RESEMBLANCE? P. Rourh If " Foofboll: 1st r G-r): S Allen, D. Winslow, K Wanner, R. McDougd, D. Cole, D, Fleming, D. Kelly, G. Doisseou, D Drake, D. Cobb, J, Reynolds 2nd r (l-r): V. Williams, D Harr, D, Mack, J Cushing, D. Lee, T. Dapprich, R. Johnsron, P Keyes, C Allen, H Eidr, D. Flood, 3rd r (l-r): D. Johnson, R. Jocque, D Apodaco, D. Kneelond, G. VonderSwagg, J. Holden, J. Lomoureux, R. Williams, P. Kelly, T. Fish, R. VonHummel, L, Roncalli, D Carey, D. Ferrirra, D. Gouin, G. LaChance, 5. Wilson. We were a very rolenred Football Club, which feorured one of rhe besr boclifields W. Moss, has ever seen. We won our first gome hondily, bur losr our nexr rhree. People were frusrrored, yelling or each orher ond nor going ro procrice. Dur because of " pride " , fine coaching and insrollorion of rhe gounrler by Cop ' r. Cole, we mon- oged ro win five of our losr six gomes ond finish rhe season wirh o 6-4 record. In rhe process linebacker Dill " Mr. Quick " Kelley ond running bock Dorryl " Porky " Fleming received All-Leogue awards. We hod pride in ourselves ond whor we did. We starred rhe weight program. All who ployed will never forger oil of rhe fun we hod on ond off of rhe soccer field. V. Field Hockey: 1st r (l-r): M. Hollodoy, L. Rerce, C. Donsignore, C. Progulske, D. Whire, J. Gray, D. Fleming, L. Kelly. 2nd r (l-r): K Nerbonne, L. LoVerdiere, S.SchImmel, C. Qopp, P. O ' Connor, G. Zombelio, C. Torrey. The Girls ' Field Hockey Team hod o successful season of fun, laughter, hordwork ond " TUNAS " . Our first year in the Volley Wheel was o victorious one, os we captured the leogue title undefeored wirn o record of 9-0-3. Moving on to Western Moss . . . 11-1-3 . . . enough said. Highlights of the season include, " Lourio where were you Sunday. " . . . " Bummer Bets ' . . . Jen and Leah whole em! . . . U-G-L-Y . . . " Your turn Caroline ond Lisa " . . . " The roin in Spoin sroys mainly on the plain " . . . " Morge what googly eyes you hove” . . . " and those horns. Brook " . . . Peggies and Mary ' s poems . . . Time our for water Polio . . . " Who is rhor ourer-spoce morrion in our cage? " . . . Friro ' s Beauty Porlor ond Carol " Sig " os her only customer . . . Denise ' s homerun hand stops . . . Stor Spongleling . . . Those knees. Sue . . . Thonx S.G. from Pocky, " My, Lourio whot o nice Voice you hove " . . . Gwenne ' s Gloves ond Deb leaves saluting Corel from the left. We didn ' t kick oss in W-Moss, bur we hod o hell of o rime. JV.: 1st r (l-r): H Eysenbach, L. Razo, L. Tower, K Lirrle, J. Jones,- J. Evans, N. Groves, 2nd r (l-r): A Whire, C. Torrez, C. Johnson, K Lomouroux, S. Dosche, P . Dorr, D. Jennings. 3rd r (i-r): C. Silva, C. Jones, K. Richards, C. Reynolds, J. Archer, J. Thorren; D. Quinlan, M. Vhire, D. Owen, K. McDonald, C. Donovan, Coach R. Tirzel. Our Volleyball Team spiked through rhe season with rhe greoresr of ease, j We won oil our gomes excluding 2 losses becouse of off doys. (Nobody ' s perfecr). ' We ployed Turners Foils and Fronrier in rhe W. Moss. Tournomenr. This year we rook first and rhe trophy. We then worked rigorously for weeiss ro ger into shape for Stores. On Feb. 17, we foced up monstrous players who dampened our dreams of ever winning. Although we lost, we felt grateful for rhe experience and for rhe good rimes we could always look bock on. Thonk you, Miss Giord! Idoys Cross Counfry - 1st r (I r) L, Paul, K. Sinclair, C. Jones, W, Marlack, D. Richards, B, Gordon, M |-anon, C. Gould. 2nd r (l-r): D. Dodge, S. Soirisck, J Dizzord, J Knighrly, S. Morrell, C. Murroy, D. D. Woskiewirz, E Lee 3rd r(l-r): M. Mann, C. Sosrry, M Froning, A Runner, A. Sror, D. Lee, M Zrowley, D. Knighrly, 5, Prescorr, J Bonner, Gooch R. Crowley, Girls Cross Country - 1st r (I r) A 1 Jung, M Sonchez. 2nd r Bowles, S. Archer, R. Pirkin, B Wilson. The Doys Cross Country Team continued its dynasty by ending undefeated in the Volley Wheel League. The varsity ream wos led by senior standouts Gordon (W. Moss. Champi- on), Richards (All W. Moss.) and Morlock (W. Moss. Medalist. Highlights of the 79 season: Shomus ' confinement or Provi- dence, Ishe ' s tendon. Will ' s comeback, and the 24 hour moro- rhon run. Mother Fufu LoFreniere left her tiger loir to coach the Girls ' Cross Country ream ogoin. But this year she hod to get used to o smaller ream. She worked them harder, hoping to moke up for the loss, bur still they barely quolified for stores in W. Moss. They again hod 1st place finisher, Deffy, who along with Mordee, mode All-W. Moss. Other super efforts were mode by Shoron, once she recovered from the pulled mus- cle in her roe; Sue, who has yet to get rid of those blosred shin splints; Roxie (if she ' d only leorn to keep Fido Qwoy from her shoes, and remember to set the olorm); Jono, who ' d rather be on the boys ' reom; Anno (if she ' d only gotten those blessed orrhodics eorlier) and our ream spirit, Adrienne. With only one senior (we ' ll miss you. Sue!) and much rolenr left hidden, we ' ll leave Fufu to bring it our next year, so stay tuned! 33 Wresfling - 1st r (l-r): D. Rosen, T. Horri, P, Boucher, Copr. J. Thelen, Copr. R. Powers, J. Lewison, T. Lewison, D. Suzuki. 2nd r (l-r): G. Woldmon, S. Mercer, Assr. Coach R. Boucher, T. Foro, T. Mercer, G. Foro, P. Lazarus, J. Banner, Capr. H. Banner, Coach G. Scanlon, S. Pusey. This year ' s Wrestling Team showed a lor of fxirenriol in rhe preseason and during rhe regular season. Bur, becouse of becoming Lorge School Division I our opponenrs were a bir more rhon we expected. AIrhough we did pull our o 5-8 record which wos much better rhon anticipated, we did hove many disappointing os well os triumphant moments. We were coached by Greg Scanlon ond Roger Bouchord. The ream wos led by Cop ' r. Jeff Thelen, Russ Powers, and Howord Bonner. At rhis poinr In rime oil our prepararions ond hope is set for upcoming W. Moss., in which we should hove some good outcomes. A lor of hard work ond effort wos pur into rhis year ' s season. Ir rook a while to get moving ond in some weight dosses we really gor rolling. Other wrestlers ore working hord for W. Moss. Looking bock into rhe seoson we will never forger rhese momenrs: Kenr ' s flowing reors, moskor Tony Foro, Horn ' s hangover, Perche ' s firsr shove, Bushis K.O., Tech ' s Coach, rociol conflicrs, Lewison ' s big mouth, Blake ' s perfeCT world, Phil ' s ego, Mercer’s disciplinary probiems, Srowell ' s new shoes, Sruorr ' s lousy music, Gion ' s H O dent., Jim ' s wiry body, our female wrestlers. Coaches Quesrion " lodies ore you here ro wresrle or for pleosure? " Hord-on, Ho-weird, Jeff ' s bloody noses, Russe ' s affair wirh frichoffers and in reoliry whor kept half rhe reom running, I meon running .... was o burriro. Ski Team - 1st r (l-r): A. Klock, C. Roskind, B. Monning, E. Nordin, J. Holland, D. Kunderr, B. Novak, S. Nordin, A. Monning, Coach; J. Cushing. 2nd row -(l-r) - M. Prichord, P. Kirk, A. Stein, B. Harris, E. Ezerins, J. Lord, P. Sruberovski, J. Moscis, A. Lyon, K. Hobart. Missing: J. Wyker, M. Kelly. ( = TrI Captain) Doys Swimming - 1st r (l-r): Coach J Moron, D Mirchell, D Silver, S Feder 2nd r (l-r) D. Ziomek, F Tresz, K Clark, M Snow, D Feder, D Mirchell, D Ziomek, M Como, Coach O ' Donnell, T Morlock, J Gould The Gymnosfics Team led by Seniors Parry Lomoureux, Liso McLellon and Lucy Smirh, won rhe girls league division 7-0 and ploced 10-3 in rhe V. Moss Leogue. We hod on oursronding season which wos well deserved wirh srrong performances from Tina Currin, Sherri McConnell and Darlene Chisholm os well os Krisren Mallory, Donnie Brooks, Celio Jackson and Mary Denander. We will always remember rhe season os being one of rhe besr ond mosr exciring nor ro menrion rhe wild rimes or away meers! We succeeded in gerring new reom leo- rards and wormups rhar finally represenr- ed rhe school colors. Squosh Team - 1sf r (l-r): S. Drirr, C. Callahan, K Lee 2nd r (l-r): Coach L. Briggs, A. deSherbinin, S. Sullivon, T. Timmermon The Hockey Team srill feorured some old fovorires like: " Logger, " " Drooper " , " Shorr and Sassy” ond " Porenr Sock " , Our physical ploy was led by ream assassin " Yukon Jockson " and by rhe big sraps af " Caprain i Coleby " , " Drooper " and rheir apprenrice Rich Lashway. We had a balanced ream led by high scorers Sronehom, Plourde ond Lane and rhe fine work of our second and rhird lines. The right, hard birring defense i ' wos onchored by veteran Jeff Kirrrell and friends os well as by greor ji goolrending. All of rhe ployers would like ro rhonk our fons - who are definitely rhe i ' rowdiest ever seen. How much Q porr of our lives rhe Mother Goose Rhymes once were! Now They ' re bock again, ro give you o final glimpse of rhe good old days. They hove changed slighrly since you losr read rhem, bur rhey ore, and will remain, our hoppiesr memories of rhe posr . . . Hickory dickory dock The srudenr was watching rhe clock. The clock srruck 8, He was lore for rhor very imporronr homeroom dare. Humpry Dumpry sor in doss, Humpry Dumpry couldn’r burn gloss, All rhe school ' s chemisrs and oil rhe school ' s men, Couldn ' r moke Humpry use o Dunsen ogoin. Roses ore red Violers ore blue, I don ' r hove o pass Dur please ler me rhrough. Lirrie Jock Horner Srood in rhe Cafe line, Buying rhe lunchroom spreod, He pur in his rhumb And pulled our some gum And sold ' This sruff ' s mode of lead! " Georgie Porgie, cosign and pi Grophed rhe x- ' s and mode rhem y; When rhe reocher come ro grade, Georgie Porgie srorred ro fade. 92 WINTER PLAYS The Theorre Company spread irself over rwo winrer producrions, rhe mossive OLIVEIT!, wirh o cosr of 70 people and one dog, and on ombirious rendering of one ocr from Chekhov ' s THREE SISTERS, in which o cosr of 17 learned rwo roles apiece, and rhen shuffled irself rhrough o half-dozen performances. Mork Gersrein and John Moggs direcred rhe musical, Charles Lehrer and Korl Ryovec direcred ser consrrucrion, and everyone leorned ro speak Cockney. The mid-winrer musical is already fixed os rrodirion — onorher rrodirion may hove been srorred rhis year wirh o series of one-ocr- ploy exchange performances in which ARMS, Norrhompron, and Sourh Hadley all visired one onorher ' s school ro give rheir ploys. While my guiror gently weeps. This June, q special person is reriring ofrer reaching or A.R.H.5. for rhirry-nine yeors. Miss Betty Jane Donley hos consisrenriy inspired her srudenrs, demond- ed excellent work, provided inrellecruol srimulorion of rhe highesr order, and always shown caring which went beyond rhe demands of rhe clossroom Whether reoching First Declension Nouns or Aeneos ' travails. Miss Donley ' s enthusiasm brought rhe Clossics to life. She hos been on inspiration to genera- tions of students; we hove been privileged to hove her os " Mogisrro Nostro " CREDITS Cover: Dole Alword Endsheefs: Tom Dezucho Faculty Divider: Chris Cholsmo, Dole Alword Faculty Layouts: Dole Alword The Sommy Potts Show Cortoon: Dole Alword Underclossmen Divider: Sue Hoodley Undercloss Layouts: Lynn Cunningham, Darlene Chisholm Activity Divider: Sue Hoodley Senior Divider: Dorboro Gouir Sports Divider: David Cole Stoff: Debbie Chisholm, (ed). Dole Alword (ed.), Dlonche Derby (od ), Lynn Cunninghom (oss ' r ed ), Mary Holpin, Mark Robinson, Sue Hoodley, Louro Golowirz, Dlno Gordon, Dorlene Chisholm, Ed Moores, Jim Neil, Sean Eogen, Jason Solkey. k: . •

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