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3-772T AMHERST REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Amherst, MA 01002 We Dedicate Our Book To John Maggs How fortunate we are to be able to express our musical ideas and establish our own musical identities at A.R.H.S. We have a very special music program here and we are blessed with a man who combines what seems un- limited musical knowledge with a very real expression of human- ness and care. He inspires. We can sometimes forget how im- portant this latter quality is, but it often means the difference be- tween a student’s lack of motiva- tion and direction and a positive growing spirit which wants and needs to learn. John Maggs has shown us a very honest picture of what mu- sic means to him and what it can mean to us. His energy seems endless and he often will work day, night and weekend as a concert ap- proaches or a theater produc- tion requires his musical touch. Does the man ever sleep? John Maggs is an essential part of this community and of the faculty, but above all else, his most important attribute is his ability to be one of us. Tom Styspeck For the 10 years Tom Styspeck has been at A.R.H.S. he has done far more than teach Chemistry. He has not only been a teacher but more importantly, a friend. He has shown a genuine concern and respect for the student body. His ability to work with students has been exemplified by his 8 successful years as a basketball coach, during which he has twice led the team to a league title. His ability to relate to all students and his willingness to give his valuable time whenever needed has been deeply appreciated by all. 4 Coordinating Principal: J. Heffley Principal: S. Potts Instructional Director J Adams Administrative Intern: D Fuentcs Art: B Derby A. V. A. Plotkin Business: 1st R (L-R) M A Shea, D Harlow, 2nd R (L-R) P Fredrickson, P Krzystofik Cafeteria: ls R (L-R) H Thompson, D Ewell, H Howard 2nd R (L-R) A Suprenant, C Howard, H Karch, M Coty, K. LaClair 5 English: 1st R (L-R) J. Baer, J Price, L Crouse, B. Minks, 2nd R (L-R) J Warthen, B. Carlisle, F James, J McKinney, M. Bardsley, J. Ellas, J. Jacobs, L. Froning Guidance: ( L to R): J. Hatch, S. Gigllo, P. Kravetz, E. Bray. 2nd R (L-R): M. Robinson, J. Craig, M. Bleckwehl, L. Vigneault, D. Aerenson, J. McNally Health: R. Linstra Home Economics: 1st R (L to R): M. Curtin, H. Lee, 2nd R: K. Keroack. Industrial Arts: (L to R) T. Gralinski, J. Kelly, B. Menko, C. Emery 6 Library: J. Maclosky, I. Ryavec, J. Cromack, P. Very Nurse: (Seated) M. Streciwilk, (Standing) B. Main (Aide) Music: (L to R) J Maggs, D. Purcell, R Nehus Office: (L to R) A. Modrzakowski, E. Barber, M. Abramson, H. Goddard, L. Gouin Phys. Ed.: (L to R) C. Abramson, B. Kneeland, L. Giard, B Lawson, L. Briggs Science: 1st R (L to R) T. Styspeck, D Wentworth, J. Scott 2ndR: (L to R) D. Caporello, S Bergquist P. Leighton, C. Emery Social Studies: st R (L to R) D. Mellen, B. Ames, M. Gage 2nd (L to R) M. Gersteln, B Kelly, B. Moulder, C. Fonsh 7 Booster Day ’78 Underclassmen S. Adrian, P. Agustin, B. Aldrich C. Allen, F. Alvarez, L. Anastasia S. Archer, J. Austin, G. Bailey T. Bak, N. Baker, K. Ball H. Banner, S. Barnard, A. Belt R. Benander, D. Berge, J. Berkman M. Best, B. Bigelow, R. Blanchard D. Berlin, K. Berry, N. Berry Sophomores Sophomore Core Comm: let (r to I): D. Gouin, N. Woodard, J. Clark, 2nd: S. Adrian, T. Bak, J. Cobb, S. Bunker, 3rd: E. Dean, W. Crouse We, the close that le always put down and criticized, would like to say a few words. All the teachers. Seniors, Juniors, and other school staff think that “we” are all alike. If you haven’t guessed who “we” are, we are the sophomore class. The class of ’81 has a lot to give to the school and, after graduation, to the world. Doesn’t everyone remember that Just like us, you were at one time Sophomores too? D. Bogartz, P. Bonsignore, T. Boucher, J. Boyle, D. Bray, A. Briggs, Y. Brooks, D. Brown, M. Brown S. Bunker, B. Burnett, P. Carpino, G. Cavanaugh. J. Cemada, J. Chapin, B. Chickering, J. Chrostowskl, J. Clark T. Clark, R. Cleary, J. Cobb, J. Cole, D. Coleman, P. Connelly, J. Cook, R. Corcoran, G. Corriveau 10 D Coulombe, W Crouse, L Cunningham M Cuomo, E. Curran, H. Damerell F Daniels, E Dean, J. Dizard K Doherty, F Doucette, S. Drake B Dunbar, H. Eidt, J. Elshtain L. Giglio, M Gilbert, L. Golowich, B Gouin, D. Gouin, J. Gould, D. Green, K. Greenebaum, A. Gurski P. Hall, R. Hall, T. Hall. M Halpin, E. Hammann, D. Harper, A. Harrison, B Hastings, D. Haughey 11 1 M. Heath, J. Hill, D. Hill R. Hillel, S. Hoadley, L. Hoffman R. Holmes, R. Hooke, S. Howard T. Hruska, D. Hunter, S. Ingram I T. Keyes, K. Klemer, P Knight, J. Knightly, S. Koh, K. Kraker, C. Lamb, J. Lambert, G. Larson R. Lashway, T. Lavalle. P La wall, D. Lawler, P. Lazarus, L. Leaman, K Lee, C. Lehrer, J. Lennox E. Lillya, D. Lingard, A. Llamas, K. Longto, J. Luddy, J. Lussier, N. Lynch, N. K. Lynch, D Machowski 12 J Maggs, M Maher, D Mainzer S Manning, R Marcillo, W May S. Mazor, M Mazzei, L McGrath R McIntosh, S. McKay, T Melley, T Mercer K Metevia, K Meyers, S Middleman L Miller, D Mitchell, M Monserrate M Moran, W. Morin, S. Morrell A Morse, T. Moulder, C. Mullin C. Murray, E. Nakkim, J. Neill, M. Nelson, P Nissenbaum, O Oni, K O Rouke, 1. Ostendarp, T. Page L. Paul, B Pierce, R Plaza, C. Poli, T Potswald, R Powers, C. Prince, S. Procopio, S. Pusey T Quinton, S. Rajter, S. Recos, C. Raskind, N Reyes Aponte, L. Reynolds, D Rhoades, A Rice, K. Richards 13 P. Rios, A. Ritter, G. Roberts D. Robinson, M. Robinson, S. Robinson D. Rogalski, L. Roncalli, J. Roof D. Rooney, D. Rosario, P. Rumble J. Ruth, N. Ryan, J. Sabey M. Sanchez, C. Sanford, K. Scarborough N. Schwartz, K. Scott, L. Scott J. Seaver, T. Shearer, A. Sheerman R. Shepard, N. Shlppey, A. Silva, S. Simpaon, K. Sinclair, N. Slocombe, E. Smith, M. Smith, K. Spence L. Stanley, R. Starkweather, G. Stedman, A. Stein, M. Stevens, C. Stowed, W. Stratford, S. Strong, S. Sullivan P. Sunderland, D, Swelgart, K. Tarmey, A. The il man, G. Thomann, P. Thomas, J. Thompson, M. Thompson, B. Thornton 14 lil G. Kaulenas, H. Karasz, P. Lig, J. Lopez, G. Skonyskl, R. Williams, R. Volpe, R. VonHummel, C. Voorhees M. Wall, G. Wang, D. Waskiewicz, W. Watkinson HI, K. Weissman, T. Westort, T. Wetherby, D. Whitfield, S. Whittemore A. Wilce, B Will, E. Wilson, L. Wilson, N. Woodard, L. Wright, T. Yakovlev, G. Zambello 15 Juniors C. Abramson, C. Ackermann, R Adams N. Adrian, J Aldrich, K Aldrich S. Allen, D. Alward, J. Banner C. Barber, C. Bell, E. Bennett J. Berins, P Berwald, K. Beuerman D. Blasko, J. Boisseau, J Boluch C Bonsignore, A Bornstein, C Bouchard S. Britt, M Brose, V Brown Jr. Core Comm. 1st r (l-r)- C Novak, R Madigan, A Chase. M Nields. 2nd R (l-r)- L Tauer, T Stiles. P Lamoreux, L Smith, L LaVerdiere, W Jones 3rd R (l-r)- A Waterman. D Chisholm, D Gordon, L McLellan, J Robinson, A Brosel L. Sanchez 4th R (l-r)- T Eddy, L Szlosek, A Wojtowicz, L Dean, A Grose 5th R (l-r) T Lund, D Ziomek “No one knows what he can’t do until he tries” (Anom. The Junior Core Committee is comprised of a larg group of dedicated juniors Together we have tried t prove to the school that the class of 1980 is the best, y have not always succeeded in our goal (Next year we’ have the best float, best hall, and best skit!) Noted for oi disorganized meetings (sorry. Lisa!), we’ve managed our short life to do some things with the help of oi patient and understanding advisors, Donna Mellen ar Mark Gerstein. By the time we leave this building ever will know that the class of 1980 is the best one V. Buell, A Bystrom, M Cajolet, N. Campbell, P Carlson, E. Carter, M Chajes, J. Chevan, J Chilton D. Chisholm, P Christiansen, C. Chrostowski, M Chumbley, C Clapp, M. Clark, C. Cobb, M Cody, D Cole M Como. L. Costa, J. Coty, D Cromack, C. Culpepper, T Damon, T Dapprich, L Deans, S. Deroode L R G A H R H J, Jai 16 A Deshcrbinin, P Dethier, K Donfried S Donohue, R Douglas, D Drake L Durnakowski, S Eagan, K Eastman T Eddy, M Edwards, A Eidt A Elder, D E well, T Fantini J Farrington, D Feder. L Field M Field, R Fiorelli, S Fishman K Fisk, D Fleming, D Fleming K Flood, J Fortescue, C Fornier, A Fredrickson, R French, M Fusia, A George, D Gettier, E Golann L Goldenberg, E Gordon, R Graves, J Gray, D Greenberg, S Greenebaum A. Grose, J. Halladay, D Hart R Hayes, J Holland, J Holt, D Hooke, H Hrasna, J Ingram. M Jackson, P Jackson, T Jager 17 B Lee, W. Lee, S. Lemeris, J. Leslie, J. Lewison, J. LLamas, R. Llamas, T Lund, S. Lynch D. MacDonald, L. MacDonnell, K Madson, C Maher, K. Malinowski, J Mange, G. Mann, B Manning, D. Marcotte B. Marley, W Matlack, R Matthews, P Maynard, F. Mazzei, P McBride, R McDougal, E. McGlone, L McLellan E. Jenness, R Jennings, D Jones G Jones, S. Jones, T Jones J. Joy, D. Kamansky, K Kennedy J. Kennelly, P Keyes, C. Kittle 18 A Meade, T Mercer, E Meyers J Meyers, J Milesxko, M Mileszko C Miller, I Miller, L Miner E. Moores, D Moyston. P Mullin G. Nelson, M Nields, C. Novak J Owen, S. Page, L. Peirce S. Perron, A Peterson, D Pion H. Plattner, M Plourde, R Prescott M Pritchard, C. Progulske, R Quarles, H. Randolph, R Read, D Reynolds, J Reynolds, D. Richards, C. Roberts J Robinson, M Robinson, K. Rohde, P. Ruoth, K. Ryavec, V. Sammartano, S. Sawicki, P, Schneider, B Schwartzberg D Schweiser, W Sepanek, J Smith. L. Smith, S. Smith, M Stanne, M Starkweather, P. Stedman, A. Stien 19 T Stiles, K Stockwell, P. Stoneham N Stuberovskis, K. Su, B Suzuki L Szlosek, L. Tauer, E Tausky L. Thayer, M. Thomann, C. Thorne W. Tibbets, G. Treyz, L. Turcotte M. Tuttle, P. Unger, P. Venman P Vogal, T. Walker. D Walker H. Warner, D. Warren, A. Waterman 21 Cake Sale 79 22 Year on year since a time older than living memory, late Autumn has been the season of one of ARHS’s most peculiar rituals. That so many people could so willingly subject themselves to such chaos, and to the ingestion of such quantities of starch and nauseous icings seems a bit hard to believe, until we recognize the business for what it is: A rite of passage. There is nothing that distinguishes the senior so much as the fact that he has endured three cake sales. 23 Senior Superlatives Most Likely to Make you Smile: Lynn Pelkey Class Redneck: Rick Sawicki Most Likely to Make You Look and Wonder: Ruth Bonsignore Best Smile: Sheila Gettier The class of ’79 was much like a town: It had its own little distinctions. In the class, as in a town, were many outstanding individuals. But instead of calling them “the town drunk’’ or “The town mortician”, we called them the class drunk” or “the class mortician” and placed them in a special section of the yearbook that we called the SENIOR SUPERLATIVES. This year we did not go out of our way to find people to go under certain headings (how would you like to find someone for “most likely to repel water” or “easiest to melt in cheese”?); instead, we recognized people who were unique in their own right. Here is what we came up with: Smuggest: Mark Oliphaunt Class Punk Rocker: Eve Fraser Most Dramatic Boy: Don Gray Class Gossip: Julie Elko Class Wit: Ron Lee Nicest Eyes (girl): Judy Stein Moodiest: Jean Fitzpatrick I I Class Photographer: Monty Mitchell Class Couple: Laurel Sherman and Charlie Thompson Cutest: Kiye Sakai Class Artist (boy): Carl Ostendarp 25 26 Class Groupie: Jane Worthing Most Likely to Wear a Leisure Suit: Greg Conklin Runningest Girl: Marion “Flash” Larson Class Artist (girl): Lori Rowell Best Eyes (boy): Jerry Jones Most Scheming: Bruce Aldrich Nicest Boy: Mark Higgins Class Poet: Karla Spivak Class Unsung Hero: Paul Bert 27 Best Body: Damon Martin Nicest Girl: Sue Hall Most Likely to be Carded: Jake Greenspon Most Dramatic Girl: Alison Aune Cutest Boy: Peter Hartman 28 Bubbliest: Wendy Robinson Class Computer Programmer: Peter Krotkov Class Sunshine: Kelly Forsythe Class Spazz: Melissa Kim Class Jock: Jim Lamoureux Most Likely to Succeed (boy): Jeff McLellan Most Easy Going: Brian Leed Goofiest: Bob Chisolm •• . . Most Likely to Succeed (girl): Cori Whitaker Class Cynic: Dave Sears Most Desirable: Karen Berube 30 Class Brain: John Lawall Class Juggler: Holly Greely I , 1 l Most Sincere: Alice Hunter Class General: Rick Buckley Most Gullible: Jeff Sillart Class Peanut Butter and Jelly (boys): Pepe Monserrate and Rick Babb Class Jet Setters: Shu Shin Sze, Karen Stiles Class Chauvinist: Rob Raskevitz 31 Best Car: Bob Carey Class Musician: Alex Wellman Class Class: Vicky Zamora Class Jockette: Ro Tudryn Class Animal Lover: Elen Hutchinson Most Threatening: Lee Ralph Most Argumentative: Alex Wilce and Bob Berra Class Ambassadors: Don and Theresa Pham Most School Spirit: Lisa Carey Class Flirt: Gustavo Guevera 32 GOLDBUG 1st r (1-r) A. Wilce, J. Dincauze, D. Chalsson, J. Procopio, S. Greenebaum, S. Stein, M Kim 2nd r (1-r): D Chisholm, J. Sellgh, B Quinlan, K Stiles, B Brehm, R Lee. S Gettier RUNES (1-r): L. Crouse, (ad ), C. Splvak, A Hasbrook, A Wilce, E. Morse A Note of Thanks To others, this yearbook may be a waste of time, filled with silly pictures and silly words. But what others think doesn’t matter. This yearbook Is for you. As you contemplate these pages, it Is with our hope that you relive some some part of your stay at the high school. Although we put together what we felt could best capture this last year, we did not make the Goldbug; you did. We wish to thank you for being a part of our school, and for thus making the yearbook that much more special. Corny as it may sound, our efforts would not have been possible without you. So if another person reads this yearbook with somewhat less emotion than you do, remember that you are the fortunate one, because you have lived these moments and only you will look back to these days and recognize their very special sig ' nifi- With best wishes The Goldbug Staff ARNAV 1st r (r-1): K. Meyers, J. Meyers, K. Scott, H. Karaz, K. Greenebaum, P. Whitaker, A. Brose, S. Greenebaum. 2nd r( r-I): A. Hasbroock, R. Hertzback, L. Giglio, J. Scott (ad.), C. Wilson. Some of you may remember us by our weekly lunch survey. A few may even have listened to our show. Regardless of our popularity, this group of dedicated students has put together a show every week with the hope that someone, somewhere is listening to It. We are Indebted to Bob Paquett for his unfailing ability to tolerate our weird sense of humor and to Mr. Scott for having the courage to want to be our advisor when no one else wanted us. The show goes on: Good morning, this is ARNAV, Amherst Regional News and Views ... Give us a try — Satur- day mornings at 10:05-14:30 AM W.T.T.T. — you might be sur- prised. It is our conceit that RUNES is one of Amherst Regional ' s major cultural ganglia. When looking at the numbers who purchase our occasional publication, we are aware that this is a very vain con- ceit, but we are happy with It. The idea that the students at A.R.H.S. have the taste to appreciate us is a comforting one. AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS: lsli (1-r): A Wilce 2nd r (1-r): B Schwartzberg, D. Brown, D Sears In its uselessness It surpasses even Chess and politics, and unlike these, is played with utter disinterest, almost with dis- dain. It is. In short, a game of supreme elegance. CIRCUS ARTS CLUB: 1st t (1-r): J. Chilton, J. Chevan, Smitty, S. DeRoode. 2nd r: Craig, D. Burgess, S. Keochaklan, H. Greely, J. Jacobs, (ad.). A clown is a poet, who is also an orangutan. |s Pi 34 RUSSIAN CLUB: 1st r (1-r): A. Hunter, M. Donahue. 2nd r: S. Simpson, D. Gordon, R. Matthews, J. Banks, (Ad), S. Donahue, C. Wilkinson, L. Kennedy, J. Alvarez. The Russian Club consists of students interested In exploring Russian culture outside of the classroom. Thus far we have trav- elled to Boston and Montreal together with the Russian club from Austin Prep in Reading. In addition to seeing several Soviet movies, we have attended Russian Orthodox church services, and have eaten in a number of Russian restaurants. These activities were supported through bake sales and through “serf days”. A trip to the Soviet Union is planned for next year. GERMAN AMERICAN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: 1st r (1-r): J Chilton, G. Steinmeyer, (Ad ). C Spivak. 2nd r: W. Janes, L. Goldenberg, R. Guemo, M. Starkweather, J. Ruth, L. Schnieder, M. Ziomek, S. Gettier, V. Buell. Since 1975, families and schools in Amherst and Bensberg, Ger- many exchange students. In ’78 ’79, twenty A.R.H.S. students were hosted in Germany for three weeks. THIRD WORLD: 1st r (1-r): C. Vorhees, G. Gueverra, F. Daniels, S Pusey. 2ndr. D. Rosario, D. Whitfield, V. Torres, Y. Brooks, B Gabriel, R. Coleman, J. Alvarez, R. James, M. Robinson, S. Smith, M. Shaw, P. Robinson. STUDENT COUNCIL: 1st r (1-r): D. Chisholm, D. Gouin, D. Banks, L. Ralph, M. Kim, A. Russell, C. Mullin, L. Yeston (Ad.). 2nd r: J. McLellan, D. Brown, M. Healy, L. Goldenberg, G. Guevarra, R. Corcoran, A. Brose PEER COUNSELING: 1st r (1-r): N. Berry. M. Larson, R. Fisher, A. Blkkal, C. Riccelli. D Moyston The Student Council is in full operation in its second year of existence. We organize such activities as Student Day and Anon- ymous Flower Day. We sell popcorn every Friday, and have a Taco stand at the fair. These money making schemes contribute to the two scholarhlps we give every year. We also work on improving the school, through the new Food Services Bureau and the Visiting Schools exchange. The Student Council has open meetings at which everyone is invited to attend to voice any suggestions they may have. The Peer Counseling group is open to all students who are inter- ested in improving their communication skills with friends, parents and teachers and who are also interested in studying various theo- retical approaches to counseling. Weekly meetings Include training in values clarification, racism and sexism awareness, and human relations skills. Perr counselors plan and implement new student orientation programs, parent-teacher nights and cultural programs. 35 THEATRE COMPANY: lstt (l-r): 8. Flllos, M Fillos, S Middleman, L. Plsloneri, C Whitaker. M Donahue, K. Forsyth, M. Kobln, E. Carter 2nd r; D. Kauianls, Ft. Kaminsky, M Kohler. S. Page, L Sanchez, S. Donahue. 3rd r: P. Ford, L Smith, A Bystrom, L. Lyster, R. Berra, B. Will, K Greenebaum, D. Gray, S. Kennedy. 4th r: A. Ford, D Weeks, A. Millar, M. Holland, C. Kiddle, D Gougarts, M Watt, D. Rudman, J. Feller 5th r: R. Corcoran. R. Raskevltz, S. Hall, M Ziomek, K. Shelby, N. Schwatrz, C Ostendarp, S. Koh. After a year’s absence, Mr. Warthen, along with Donny Gray, direct- ed Familiars, a production of dramatized short stories — “Burial by Larry Woiwode, “Barbara of the House of Grebe” by Thomas Hardy and “Bobok” by Fyodor Dostoevsky. All three one-acts were suitably Warthenish: dark, strangely funny and including at least one part set in the Depression era. The cast will be eternally gratful to the Common- wealth Stage garbage dumpsters. Familiars 36 iter Company A Winters Tale To undertake a production of a Shakespeare play Is to take on both a masterpiece and an apparent Impossibility. The Winter’s Tale production proved successful, both cast and crew coming through with the audience left in an ecstatic daze. It most certainly was a learning experience. 37 38 OUTING CLUB: 1st t (l-r): W May. C. Fiorelll, L Callahan, J. Smith. N Bikaal, A T Wilce, R Berander, L. Fiorelli, M. Kobin, M. Mitchell. 2nd r: N. Shippey. R Berra, R. Fiorelll, C. Callahan, L. Adams, D. Start, A. Wilce. M. Healy, J. Fabel, P. Healy, S. Westing, J. A llen. 3d r: G. Foster, G. Bishop, L. Eve, S. Harrison, D. Hooke. B. Douglas, S. Hall, Hand Over Face, J. McLlelan, J. Allen. The Outing Club’s importance to the psychological health of this school is vast. It is a safety valve: Any student willing to participate can periodically escape the crushing tedium of text-book and test into the restfulness of rain, snow, sleet, sub-zero temperatures, mud, voracious insects and sprained ankles. The attractiveness of this option is demonstrated by the numbers of students who join in the yearly Lake George trip (perhaps the school’s most sacred tradition), which offers in addition to much of the above the fear of death by drowning. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: lstr (l-r) B Luldke, S. Stein, A Miller, E. Loescher, M Koehler. M Holland, L Schneider, K Forsythe, A Ford. M Kim, D Cantor, L Fox, A Hasbrook 2nd r C Whittaker, J. Stein, K. Sakai, M Donahue, K Shelby, J. Procopio. D. Jenkins, D Sabey, M. Gawien- owski, M Healy, S. ‘‘Punk‘’Gordon. C Spivak, B J Doneley {Ad ), S Tibbets, M. Liu. 3d r: J. McClellan, H. Peirce, D Weidenfeld, J Lamoureux, J Kirk. K Deets. A Hunter. B Brehm, M. Ziomek, C. Brose, J Lawall, J. Waldron, S. Harrison, L Ralph, M Higgans, D. Weeks, S. Hall, T Chumbley 4th r: M Oliphaunt, J. Smith, S Walker, G. Guevara, R Lee, T Cromack. Missing: L Rowell These seniors in the National Honor Society were elected on the basis of their grade-point average. In addition, they were affirmed by staff members to have a positive attitude of service to school. Annually, two members are nominated for national scholarships; the induction of junior members Is planned and carried out; and funds may be raised for a scholarship given at graduation. DEBATE: 1st r (l-r): J. Holiday, D. Schweizer, J. Fabel, C. Spivak. 2nd r: P. Li, J. Lawall, A Wilce, D. Hooke, R. Holmes, J. Baer (Ad ). Debate, as someone once said about another game, is one long regret. The fortitude of character needed to endure the condescen- sion and sliding sarcasm of endless, over-prepared opponents, to put with countless oafish judges, to survive unending evenings filing and misfiling evidence, is staggering. Yet we persist. There is a certain satisfaction in winning an argument even when the judge is too stupid to understand that you have won; and, sometimes, there are nice trophies. GRAPHIC: 1st t (l-r): J. McClellan, G Bishop. P Healy, A Hasbrook r: R Leibling, R Berra. D Start. The Graphic staff has spent long hours typing to produce the type of newspaper that would delight everyone from teachers to greas- ers. Being the strong, powerful staff that we are, we considered the first edition a major success and later decided we had no one to impress except ourselves. The Graphic is produced by the Journalism II class and, in theory, it teaches us about journalism. Since no one would actually pay for a Graphic, and we have to cover production costs, we send a few staff members around to local businesses and sell them ads. The paper is printed in Graphic Arts. A.R.H.S. Music At s JAZZ WORKSHOP CONCERT CHOIR The Jazz Workshop this year has had a diffi- cult start. There were varying degrees of tal- ent and knowledge, and even this was scattered. The group is smaller this year too, so the di- versity of the members is more intense, since people can’t grow up with their friends. So, we had to learn to play, (some of us); others had to learn patience; but we’re all together for the same reason — Jazz it up! The Chorale is really a group effort. We all work together learning new music, experienc- ing the audience’s response and performing the music with pride. Mr. Maggs always has a good program, ranging from early sacred music to Stravin- sky. Music is a universal expres- sion: singing in other languages and feeling like it’s our own. Everyone sings from deep in- side them. Young faces, we all look like babies when we sing, our eyes looking for “father” Maggs’ approval. BAND CHORALE TRI-S.: 1st t (l-r): J. Fitzpatrick, B. Quinlan, L. Pelkey, K Stiles. 2nd r. T Sanford, N Lynch, L Miner, G. Jones, D Chaisson, K Deets 3rd r: L. Scott, T Stiles, P. Lamoureux, L Smith, L. Laverdiere, T Eddy, R. Hall HAM RADIO: 1st r (l-r): C. Emery, (Ad), N. Jennings, G. Keochakian, P Krotkov, T. McBride, P McBride, J. Holiday, C. Schaepher (hiding), D. MacDonald, R. deLesdernier, J. McNally, (Ad). The Amateur Radio Assoc, consists of students interested in operating and monitoring radio equipment. The group consists of students licensed by the F.C.C., as well as members who are study- ing for their licenses. Activities consist of operating the club’s transmitting and receiving equipment, building and or repairing electronic equipment, practicing Morse Code, and instruction in conducting communications during emergency situations. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: 1st r (l-r): K. Su, C.S. C. S. Wang, K Sakai, S.Sze, K Takamlzawa 2nd r: F Alvarez. B. Erzgraber, L Arkbarzadeh, C. Whitaker, J Alvarez, C. Vorhees, J. Faison. N Reyes-Agaponte, L Froning (Ad) The purpose of the International Students Club is to unite people of different cultures and to share the customs and traditions of their cultures. This year the ISC elected Therese Pham and Shu- Shin Sze to serve as co Presidents. Karen Su is the secretary and Chen-Shin Wang is the Treasurer. CHESS TEAM: (l-r): P. Judson, (Ad), J. Waldron, M. Mailey, A Wllcc, R. Buckley. It has been said that Just because one can knock one’s opponent down with th chessboard does not prove that one is the better player. Still, the appeal of the game is its violence: Egoes twist and snap as easily as sinew, and much more satisfyingly. BIOLOGY CLUB: (l-r): A. Hasbrook, S. Berquist, (Ad), J Holt, J Meyers, G Bishop The Biology Club has several projects under consideration this year. One of them involves analyzing the high school pond with an eye to improving its condition and restoring it to usefulness. Other less ambi- tious projects are also being discussed, as well as possible field trips to nearby points of interest. SMOKING TEAM: Wishes to remain unknown. 40 Tri-S Semi-Formal 41 WILLIAM ANNABLE JAIME ALVAREZ JONATHAN ALLEN BRUCE ALDRICH LIL1 AKBARZADEH A LOVE LETTER TO THE CLASS OF 1979 One has the tendency to reflect on the antics of the class of ’79 with a smile. When we entered Amherst Regional as sophomores, we were surprisingly unimpressionable youngsters. With bon- fires occuring left and right and the reinstitution of the pass system, a class just entering could easily have been corrupted. Despite the circumstances, however, the ' ll sophs kept cool and weathered the turbulence of their first high school year. In 1978, with the seniors making only occasional appearances and the sophomores not yet established, we more or less represented the school, taking firsts in floats and skits on booster day. By our senior year we had gained the reputation of a class of distinction. Although our methods were not always conventional (and occasionally provoked unjust criticism), our goals were achieved in the most enjoyable way — our way. The class of ’79 was composed of many extremes. To describe any specifically would be unfair, for all of the 350-odd individuals representing our class helped to make it what it was: Undefined. The class was composed of a diversity of people: brains, jocks, rowdies, artists, politicians, muicians, vandals, comedians, statesmen, free spirits, delinquints, gumbys one would think that conflicts would occur. To be honest, some did; but when called upon, the class gallantly conquered any task, from supporting the senior prom to selling watermelon at the fair. So as the class of ’79 leaves the comfortable halls of the high school, it is with our wish that they look fondly on this four year period. For we have experienced love, hate, happiness and despair together, and have learned from the pain of growing up rather than suffering from it. — Ronald Lee PAUL BAK REBECCA BALDWIN PAUL BANKS RICHARD F. BARNICLE MARY BELECZ SENIOR CORE COMMITTEE: Is r. (1-r): J. Sleigh, B. Ludke, M. Kim, M. Gawienowski, R. Tudryn. 2nd r: (1-r) R. Lee, B. Brehm, M. Ziomek, M. Healy, P. Heady, K. Nerbonne, B. Leed. 3rd r: (1-r): M. Oliphant, P. Hartman. PAUL BERT HELEN BIKKAL STEPHEN D. JOHN BRAGG EVE BOWLES RUTH BONSIGNORE GREGORY BISHOP BRAUNTHAL LAURA CALLAHAN DEBRA-LEE CAMPANELLA ROBERT BREHM SHARON BRITT CHRISTINA BROSE DAVID BROMERY I RAYMOND CAMPBELL DAVID CANTOR LISA CAREY LYNDA CAREY ROBERT CAREY G. TODD CELLURA 46 JOHN COSTIGAN ROBERT C. COOK CHRISTINE CONNELLY GREG CONKLIN GEORGE COMO 47 ALEX DEPILL1S JEHAN DETH1ER JACQUELINE SUSAN D1TTFACH MAURA C. DONOHUE DINCAUZE 48 MARITA FILIOS PATRICIA FOLEY TIMOTHY FLEURY JEAN FITZPATRICK RACHEL A. FISCHER CHRISTOPHER FIORELLI 49 EVE FRASER DANIEL FUSCO LOREN FOX GREGORY FOSTER KELLEY FORSYTH ANN FORD SHEILA GETTIER STEPHEN GORDON DAVID GRAVES DONALD GRAY ALICE GREELEY 50 KEVIN HERBERT PAUL HEALY MARK HEALY SUSAN HASTINGS PETER G. HARTMAN AMY HASBROUCK 51 MARGARET HOLLAND MATTHEW HOWARD STEVEN HUGHES KAREN HEXTER DONALD HODGKINS ALLAN HILLENBRAND MARK HIGGINS i I ALICE HUNTER 52 MICHAEL KLEKOTKA JANET KIRK MELISSA KIM ELLEN KILMER STEVEN KENNEDY 53 MITCHELL KOLDY, JR. VICTORIA KOHLER JENNIFER KOFLER MARY ANNE KOEHLER MATTHEW KOBIN SUSAN KRAWCZYK WILLIAM KRUEGER JOHN KUZMESKI 54 LAURAE LYSTER REBECCA LUDTKE ANITA LUCAS ESTHER LOESCHER MICHAEL LIU 55 ARISTOTLE MASSARAS THOMAS MCBRIDE I - j r KEVIN MCCORMICK 56 EL1SE MORSE DEBORAH MOODIE ELLEN MONTAGUE JOSE MONSERRATE CAROL MOKRZECKY 57 JOHN PALMER SUSAN PATTON ERIC L PAYNE LYNN PELKEY ANNA-BETH PETERSON 58 BARBARA ROBINSON JUDITH ROBERTS BRUCE RICE MARYANN RESKE 59 COURTNEY RUMBLE SUSAN RUPP AMY RUSSELL DAVID RYAN DEBORAH SABEY KIYE SAKAI 60 KAREN SCHUMER RICHARD SAWICKI CHRISTOPHER SCHAPER LAUREL SCHNEIDER MICHAEL SANCHEZ DAVID SEARS JEROME SEBASTYN JEFFREY SILLART KATHY SHELBY LAUREL SHEERMAN MICHAEL SHAW TOM SEPANEK 61 ANNE SOF1ELD CARLA SPIVACK JUDITH STEIN SUZANNE STEIN 62 BEATA TIKOS SUSAN TIBBETTS CHARLES THOMPSON LAURIE THIBAULT GEORGE THEILMAN 63 MARTHA WATT DANIEL WEEKS CARL WEINBERG FORREST A WELLMAN STEPHEN WESTING HEATHER WHALEY 64 CORINNE WHITAKER DONNA WHITE JOHN WHITNEY ALEXANDER WILCE RICHARD WOODBURY RHONDA COLEMAN DAVID WE1DENFELD MARK WOYNAR JANE WORTHING ROSS BOUGHTON GEORGE STELZNER MARK CRABTREE MARK ZIOMEK MARIA ZAMORA 65 They Never Change!?! Colette Dugas Eve Fraser Bonnie Quinlan Mary Ann Koehler Steve Gordon Alice Hunter Don Gray Bob Brehm w Suzy Stein Peter Hartman Laura Eve John Smith Alison Aune Hillary Norton Bob Chisholm Debbie Rudman Andrea Bergquist Joanne Sleigh f ♦P Lisa Carey Carl Ostendarp Markie Watt xy Dave Cantor Ron Lee George Como Scott Lindquist Rachel Liebling Becka Ludkte 66 Lynn Pelkey Dick Woodbury L deLesdernie: Senior Statistics LILI AKBARZADEH; Basketball 1,2; Swimming 1,2; Tennis 2,3,4, Volleyball 1,2, Outing Club 2,3; Internat’l Students 3,4 JONATHAN L. ALLEN; Skiing 1,2,3 Capt 4. Outing Cl 1.2, 3.4. Russian Cl 4 WILLIAM WILLIAM ANNABLE; Baseball 1,2; Squash Raquets 1.2 ALISON AUNE; Chorale 2,3,4; Outing Cl 2,4; Peer Counselor 3; Social Concerns 3,4; Theater Co 1, 2,3,4; Drama Cl. 1,2,3; Running; Yoga, haena Model; Save the Whales Comm RICHARD BABB; Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2, 3. 4, Lacrosse 4, Law Enforcement Explorer Post Pres. 3 4; Rod Gun Cl. 1,2,3 REBECCA BALDWIN; Cheerleader 2.3 PAUL ROBERT BANKS: Football 1,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Student Council (V P 4) St Brigid’s Catholic Christian Doctrine 10,11,12; Columbian Squires 2,3,4, Gaslite 1,4 ANDREA BERGQUIST Girls’ Basketball J V 2; Field Hockey 1,2; Softball 1.2; Volleyball 3,4 ROBERT BERRA; “Know ye the truth, And the truth shall make ye free Graphic 4. Outing Cl 3,4 Social Concerns 3,4; Theater Co. 2,3,4. Nat’l Merit Semifinalist; Survival Living 3,4, Telluridc Candidate THERESA BERRY; Work Study; Fast Food Cashier; Guidance Aide “ When a man bites a doc that’s news” (J Bogart) Outing Cl. 2,3; Student Council 3.4; Core Comm 2,3,4; Theater Co 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Cl. 1; SAC 4, SRSEC 4. Russian Cl.; T.R Y D W T H KAREN BERUBE; Child Study 3,4; Employed at the Gap WENDY BESTOR; Band 1,2, 3, 4; French Cl. 1; Literary Mag 1; National Honor Soc. 3,4, Orchestra 3; Outing Cl. 3 - Core Comm.; Peer Counselor; N Congregational Youth Crp 3,4 NITA BIKKAL; Volleyball 3,4; Chorale 4; Chorus 3; National Honor Soc 3; Outing Cl 4. Student Council 4; Peer counselor 4 GREG BISHOP; Biology Cl. 2,3,4; Graphic 4; Library Asst 1; Outing Cl. 3,4; Survival Living 3 Aide 4; Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4; 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 RUTH M. BONSIGNORE; Basketball 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1. softball 1. 2,3,4, Volleyball 2; Sr Class V. Pres. 4; Graphic 4; National Honor Soc. 3,4, Core Comm. 2,3,4; ROSS BOUGHTON; Jazz Workshop 4; A R C. Love’s Life JOHN BRAGG; Swimming 1,2,3,4-Capt ; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorale 3.4; Orch 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,4; District Chorus 4; All-State Chorus 4 STEPHEN BRAUNTHAL; Band 1,2,3, 4; Pep Band 2.4 ROBERT BREHM; I don ' t want to go among mad people,” remarked Alice. “Oh, you can ' t help that,” said the cat, we’re all mad here I’m mad You ' re mad ” How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. You must be.” said the cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here ” Soccer 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2,3; Goldburg 4- (Ed.); National Honor Soc. 3,4, Core Comm. 3.4; Soccer; P R Dept , G A Maestro 3,4 SHARON BRITT; Volleyball 1; Pep Cl. 2,3; Tri-S Cl. 2.3; Navigators DAVID BROMERY; Track 3; Core Comm. 3; Work at Stop Shop We are such stuff as dreams are made on. National Honor Soc. 3,4; Orch 1,2, 3, 4; German-Amer Part 2,3; YPS 1,2, 3, 4, District 2,3,4, All-State 3, All-Eastern 4, Trio ConBrio 4 CHRISTINE BROSE RICHARD BUCKLEY; Chess Cl. 4; Theater Co 2; Chess Team 3.4. Work Study 4 LAURA CALLAHAN; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Outing Cl 1,2, 3, 4, Student Coun • Sec. 1; Core Comm. 2 DEBRA-LEE CAMPANELLA; Work Study - So-Fro Fabrics (Ass’t Mgr ) - 4; Math Alps 1 RAYMOND CAMPBELL; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Ice Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Soccer 2,3,4; Peer Counselor 3 DAVID CANTOR; Football 1; Tennis 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; National Honor Soc. 3,4, Core Comm 2,3,4; Navigators 1,2,3, 4 LISA ANN CAREY; Baseball (Stats) 1,2, 3.4; Pep Cl. 2,3 (Pres. 4) F.H.A 1 (Sec.); Tri-S 4. Sec. for Guidance 2,3,4; Sec. for John Purcell Ins. 4, Program Seller Football, Hockey 3,4; W T T.T Sports Reporter 3,4; Graphic 3 LYNDA CAREY; Band 1; Cheerleader 2; Pep Cl. 2,3; Work Study 2,3,4; Adv Child Study ROBERT CAREY; Baseball 1,2,3 (Capt. 4); Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3, (Capt 4) DARCY CHAISSON; Track 1; Cheerleader (football soccer) 2,3,4; Cheerleader (Capt 2); Goldbug 4; Graphic 4; Pep Cl. 2,3,4; Tri-S Cl. 2,3,4 JENNIFER CHALSMA; Softball 2; Track 1,3; Volleyball 3; Cheerleader 2; German- Amer Part 3,4; Theater Co. 3,4 DINA CHEYETTE; Pee r Counselor 4; Social Concerns 3,4; Dance Cl. 4 ROBERT CHISHOLM; Football 1. 2.3.4; Chorale 4, Chorus 2,3; Theater Co. 2,3,4 GLENN R. CHUNGLO; Graphic 4; Library Asst. 1; Employed by Farmers Home Admin. (U S D A ) FRANCES CLEARY; Outing Cl. 2,3; Jones Lib. 1,2,3; Jones Lib 1,2,3; Re-evaluation Counseling 3.4 GEORGE COMO; Basketball 2; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Youth Grp. 3,4; Altar boy 1. 2,3,4; Summer Soccer 3,4 GREG CONKLIN; Baseball 2,3; Football 2,3,4; Soccer 2 ROBERT COOK; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 2; Swimming 2; National Honor Soc. 3,4 DARRIN COULOMBE; Basketball 1; Football 2; Lacrosse 2,3,4 Track 2; Wrestling 4, Graphic 3; Navteens (Coll. Church) TODD CROMACK; Cross Country 2; Golf 1,2, 3, 4, National Honor Soc. 3,4; Work Study - 1st National Bank of Amherst; Golf (Capt 4) KRISTIN DEETS; “The undulating visions of our past will one day disperse into vivid reality - reincarnation.” (E. H. Newbrich) Track 2.4; Chorus 3; Goldbug 4, National Honor Soc 3,4; Pep Cl. 3; Core Comm. 4; Tri-S Cl. 3,4 RICK DELESDERNIER; Band 1.2, 3.4. Orch. 1,2,3, 4; Ham Radio 3. (Pres. 4); Shutesbury Fire Dept. Auxiliary 4; Instructor Novice Class Radio - Theory 4; Pep Band 1,2 PAUL DENNO; Football 1; German-Amer Part 2,3 PAUL DENNO; Football 1; German-Amer Part 2,3 JEHAN DETHIER; Volleyball 4 JACQUELINE DINCAUZE; Track 1; Cheerleader 2.3; Goldbug 4. Pep Cl 2.3; Tri-S Cl. 3.4 MAURA DONOHUE; French Cl. 2; National Honor Soc. 3,4, Core Comm 3; Theater Co 2,3,4; Russian C l 4 Sec. -Treas. KEVIN DOWNIE; Soccer 3,4; Squash Raquets 4, Track 2,3,4, National Honor Soc 3,4; Summer Soccer; Coaching and Refereeing Youth Soccer TIMOTHY FLEURY; Rod Gun Cl 2,3; Squires 2,3,4 PATRICIA J. FOLEY; Cheerleader 1,3; Pep Cl 3; Rod Gun Cl 2, Student Dance Comm 2; Graphic Newspaper; Business 1,2, 3. 4 KELLEY FORSYTH; Chorale 3,4, Chorus 2; National Honor Soc 3,4, Social Concerns 3,4, Theater Co 1,2,3, 4; “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me ” (Philippians 4 13) Track 3: National Honor Soc 3,4, Theater Co 2,3,4, Navigators 3,4, Work Burger King 4 LOREN FOX EVE FRASER; Look at your children, see their faces in golden rays Don’t kid yourself they belong to you. They’re the start of a coming race ” (Bowie) STEPHEN FULLER; Work Study 1,2, 3,4 MARGARET GAWIENOWSKI; Track 1; Jazz Workshop 4. National Honor Soc 3.4. Orch 1,2, 3,4; Core Comm. 3,4; U Mass. Symphony 1,2, 3, 4, YPS 3; V L D 1,2, 3, 4, Amh MHC Orch 4, 5-College Orch. 4; District All State Orch. 1,2, 3. 4, 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 SHEILA GETTIER; Basktball 3; Field Hockey 1,2, 3. 4, Goldbug 4; German-Amer Part 4, Core Comm. 2,3; Tri-S Cl. 2 DAVID S. GRAVES; Football 1.4; Track 1, 2,3,4; Outing Cl 2; DONALD GRAY; Chorale 4; Theatre Co 1,2, 3, 4. A R J H S. Drama Cl (Dir 2,3,4) JACOB GREENSPON; Baseball 1; Cross Country 3,4; Track 2,3,4, Goldbug 4. Sugarloaf Mt Athletic Cl 3.4; A.C.F Fan Cl. 3.4; RIFKL Fan Cl 4 GUSTAVO GUEVARA; Baseball 1; Basketball 1. Soccer 1. Track 2,3,4, Volleyball 2,3,4; Cheer- leader 3; Peer Counselor 2,3; Soc. Concerns 2,3,4. Third World Cl 2,3,4; Internat’l Students 1,2, 3,4; Helped the Student Council Core Comms ; Office Aide 1,2, 3, 4; Summer Track; Soccer SUSAN HALL; “I never met a man I didn’t meet , Early morning Tea Party; Locker Parties PATRICIA HALPIN; Basketball 2; Swimming 1,2, 3, 4. Track 1,2,4; Band 1.2; Spanish Part 3; Core Comm. 2,3,4; Drama Cl. 4; D Y ; Sunapee Skiing 1,2, 3, 4, HRSC 3,4; Y O F P , Swimming P R 2,3,4; Lobster Trap-4 PETER HARTMAN; And Crawling on the planets face, some insects called the human race, lost ir time, lost in space and meaning , Golf 1,3; Soccer 2,3,4 (Capt 4); Squash Raquets 3,4, Bam 2,3; Chorale 4; Graphic 4, Core Comm 2,3,4 AMY HASBROUCK; Core Comm. 2; A R.N A V 3,4; Literary Mag 2,3,4; Biology 3,4; Graphic 4 Personal Music Apprec MARK EDWARD HEALY; Never is a long, long time, Celeste , (Gahan Wilson); Baseball 1,2; Ice Hockey 2, All League 3, Asst Capt 4; Soccer 2,3, Capt 4, Graphic 4, National Honor Soc. 3,4; Student Counselor 4; Core Comm. 2,3,4; Lonely Hearts Cl 1,2, 3, 4 - (Co-Chairman), Boys Ecumenical Soccer Choir 3; Soccer Public Relations Co-Dir 4 PAUL HEALY; “A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out ; Ice Hockey 2,3; Soccer 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Goldbug 4; Graphic 4; Core Comm 2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2, 3, 4; St. Brigid’s Youth Group 3,4 (Co. Pres 4); First Nat Bank 4; Boys’ Ecumenical Soccer Chair 3; Soccer Public Relations Dept 3.4 (Co-Dir 4) Lonely Hearts Cl 1,2, 3. 4 (Chairman); Dan Beaver Fan Cl. MARK HIGGINS; Soccer 3.4; Squash 2,3,4; Outing Cl. 2.3 MARGARET HOLLAND; By chivalries as tiny, a blossom or a book, the seeds of smiles are planted — which blossom in the dark ” (Emily Dickinson); Chorale 4; Concert Choir 3,4, Early Morning Tea Party 4 ALICE HUNTER; French C. - Sec. 2; National Honor Soc. 3,4, Russian Cl. 4 - Vice Pres ; EYC 1, 2,3,4; Earl Morning Tea Party ELLEN HUTCHINSON; A Horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse 1 (Richard III); Lib. Asst. 1; TalIy-Ho-4H, 1-4; Common Market; St. Brigid’s Youth Planning Board 2 DEBORAH JACKSON; Softball 3,4; Work Study; Teacher’s Aide DEBORAH JENKINS; Band 1,2,3; Chorale 4; Class officer - Treas 3; French Cl. (Vice Pres 2); National Honor Soc. 3,4; Core Comm. 3; 4-H Jr Leader 2,3,4; Early Morning Tea Party 4 NATHANIEL JENNINGS; Lacrosse 1,2, 3, 4; National Honor Soc 3; Ham Radio 4 Scribe; Briggs Pigs” Fan Cl. JEFF JOHNSON; Football 1,2,3; Lacrosse 1. 2,3,4, RACHEL KAMINSKY; Squash Raquets 4; Peer Counselor 3; Core Comm 4; Theater Co 2,3,4; Student School Comm 2,3 STEVE KENNEDY; Chorale 4; Theater Co 1,2,3, 4; Drama Cl. 1,2,3, 4 MELISSA KIM; If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why can’t I?”; Field Hockey 1,2,3 (Tri-Capt 4); Tennis 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3 - (Co-Capt 4); Goldbug 4, Graphic 3; Ntls. 3,4; Student Council 3, (Treas. 4); Core Comm. 2,3,4, Y O.F.P Rep 3,4; Mass Girl’s State; Jr Class Marshall MATT KOBIN; I have come out of the forest and will proceed to enter the jungle”; Outing Cl. 2,3,4; Tri-S Cl. 1,2,3, 4; Theater Co. 2,3,4, Drama Cl. 2,3,4; Woody Allen Fan Club MARY-ANNE KOEHLER; Chorale 4; Chorus 3; Class Officer • Sec 3; Literary Mag 3; National Honor Soc. 3,4; Core Comm. 4; Theater Co 3,4 VICTORIA R. KOHLER; Track 3.4; Band 1,3,4, Orch 4. District Band 1.4 MITCHELL KOLDY; Baseball 1; Basketball 1.2. (Co-Capt 2) JOHN KUZMESKI; Rod Gun Cl. 1; Amherst Police Explorers MATTHEW LACLAIRE; Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3, Rod Gun Cl 1. 2.3.4 WILLIAM LAPRADE; Biology Cl. 2; Outing Cl 3; Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4, Survival Living 3; St. Brigid’s Youth Planning Board 2 TRACEY LAUDER; Gymnastics 1, 2,3,4; Pep Cl 3 JOHN LAWALL; Debating 3.4; Nat’l Honor Soc 3,4; Orch. 1,2, 3. 4, Mathletes RONALD LEE; “Live for the moment, the past is but a dream, the future but a vision of hope ’’; Soccer 2,3,4; Squash Raquets 3.4; Class Pres 4, Goldbug 3,4; Graphic 4; Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3.4, Core Comm. 2,3,4; Chairman of the Lonely Hearts Cl. 1-4; Soccer Public Relations Dept 3,4 Director; WAMSL 3.4; Boy’s Ecumenical Soccer Choir 3; 67 BRIAN LEED; Ice Hockey 2,3,4; Lacrosse 3.4. Soccer 2,3,4; Core Comm 2,3,4 LISA LEGO; Band 1; Cheerleader 2; Pep Cl. 2,3 SCOTT LINDQUIST; Baseball 1; Football 1.2; Soccer 3,4, Track 2,3,4; Auto Shop III MICHAEL LIU; “Take the Midnight Express , Baskegball 1,2; Soccer 1,2,3, 4; Goldbug 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; German-Amer. Part. Prog. 4; ACF Fan Club 3,4; Herb Kent Award “Rifki” Fan Cl. 4; Kinnigitts ESTHER LOESCHER; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 4; Nat ' l Honor Soc 3,4; Ecumenical Youth Chorale BECKA LUDTKE; Gymnastics 1,2, 3, 4; Tennis 3.4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Core Comm. 4; I B T C. Treas.; A.M.C. Fan Club LAURAE LYSTER; Concert Choir 4; Chorus 2,3; Peer Counselor 3; Social Concerns 3,4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; I.B.T.C. Secretary; “A period family GAIL MAISNER; Basketball 1. 2,3,4; Softball 1. 2,3,4; Volleyball 1. 2,3,4 DEIRDRE MARLEY; “People who are afraid to make fools of themselves never make anything of themselves.” (Knowles); Cross Country 4; Field Hockey 1. Chorus 3; Outing Cl 3; Spanish Part 3; Tri-S Cl. 3; I.B.T.C. Cl 2,3,4 THOMAS MCBRIDE; Cross Country 3,4; Track 1, Band 1,2, 3, 4; Orch. ,2,3,4; Outing Cl. 3; Third World Cl. 4 KEVIN MCCORMICK; Ice Hockey (Score Keeper) 2,3,4 JEFFREY MCLELLAN; Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3, (Capt. 4); LaCrosse 1, 2,3,4; Graphic 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Core Committee 2,3,4; Class Marshall ' 78; All W Mass Lacrosse Team JEFFREY MCNEAL; Outing Cl 4; Student Council - Treas -3; Peer Counselor 3,4, Social Concerns 3.4 ERIC MESSIER; Work Study 3,4 ANITA MILLER; “Memory, Understanding and Will.” (St. Bernard); Band 1,2, 3, 4, Chorale 3,4; Chorus 2; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Orch. 3; Outing Cl 2,3; International Students 2.3,4, MONTY MITCHELL; Outing Cl. 3,4; Peer Counselor 3; Survival Living Goldbug (Photo Ed 4); Photography Aide; Hurricane Guard PEPE MONSERRATE; Baseball 1,, Football 1,2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 4; Track 2,3; Werestling 4; Cashier at the Dream Machine ELLEN MONTAGUE; Cheerleader; Pep Cl. 2; Child Study 3; Adv. Child Study 4 ELISE MORSE; Literary Mag 2,4; National Honor Soc 4; Concert Choir; National Merit Scholar- ship - Semifinalist; M.S.L.P.S.: KELLY NERBONNE; Basketball 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1,2,3; French Cl 2; Goldbug 4; Core Comm. 2,3,4; Tri-S Cl. 2; Frenching V au lobo” Cl. HILARY NORTON “When you wish upon a star, dreams will take you very far But when you wish upon a dream, life ain’t always what it seems ”; Basketball 1,2; Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Tennis 1,2,3; MASON OLDS; Basketball 1; Tennis 2,3,4; Band 1; Outing Cl. 1,2 MARK OLIPHANT; Wrestling 1,2,3, (Capt 4); Goldbug 4; National Honor Soc 3,4; Core Comm. 3,4; ARNV 3; Bilbo Baggins Fan Cl. 1,2, 3, 4, U Mass Strategy Games 3,4; Russian Cl. 4 CARL OSTENDARP; Football 1,2; Lacrosse 1; Chorale 3,4; V Pres. Junior class; Theater Co 2,3,4; Drama Cl. 3,4, “365 Days , “The Good Woman of Setzuan” - “Fantastiks” Director Razzle Dazzle”, “The Skin of Our Teeth” JOHN PALMER; Chorus 1; Photography 1; Electronics 2; And the ARC 1,2, 3, 4 SUSAN PATTON; Chorus 1; French Cl. 2; Circus Arts 2; A R C. LEE PISCIONERI; Baseball 1; Chorale 4; Chorus 3; Jazz Workshop 3,4; Social Concerns 3,4, Theater Co. 3,4; Student School Comm. (Chairperson), 4 STEVEN JASON POWERS; LaCrosse 1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Briggs Piggs Fan Cl. JANET R. PROCOPIO; Goldbug 4; National Honor Soc 3,4; Orch. 1,2, 3, 4; Theater Co. 4; W Mass. District Orch. 2,3,4; W Ma. District Jazz BAnd 1; North Church Youth Gr. 2,3,4; VLO ushers 2,3,4; “Fiddler on the Roof”, 2; “Music Man”; “Guys Dolls,” 4 BONNIE QUINLAN; Swimming 1,2; Cheerleader 1, 2,3,4 (Capt 3.4); Chorus 1; Goldbug 4; Pep Cl. 2,3,4; ARNV 2 (Treas. 4) LEE RALPH; Basketball 1,2,3 (Capt. 4); Tennis 1,2, 3, 4, Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3,4; Student Council (V. Pres 3, Pres. 4); Core Comm. 3,4; Student School Comm 4 ROBERT RASKEVITZ; Track 1,3; Chorale 2,3,4; Core Comm 3; Theatre Co 2,3,4; Job - Baskin Robbins 4 MARY ANNE RESKE; Volleyball 3; Cheerleader 3; Pep Cl 3,4; JUDY ROBERTS; Nat’l Hon. Soc 3,4; Orch 1,2, 3.4; District Orch. 2 PAMELA ROBINSON; Faces of old, faces of new, people we know and people we knew Growing together then drifting apart, always an ending and now a new start At graduation we all grow nearer and our friends seem so much dearer And as we say our final goodbye, one last embrace and one more cry, a ‘keep in touch’ and a ‘promise I will’ a ‘remember when’ but, better still-a place in my heart you’ll always stay-this is what’s said as we go our own way ”; Basketball 2; Pep Cl. 3,4 (V P 3); Student Coun. 1; Tri-S Cl., 3 WENDY ROBINSON; “It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend (S. Tyler); Gymnastics 2; Concert Choir 1,2, 3, 4; Goldbug 4; Student Council (Pres. 1 Sec. 4); Tri-S Cl. 2; Theater Co 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Cl. 1,2, 3,4; Sunapee Skiier 1,2, 3, 4, New London Barn Player - N.H. 1,2, 3, 4; Jr. Miss Finalist 4; Goldbug Photographer 4, Student School comm 1 JON ROSKILL; Skiing 3,4; Graphic 4 LORI ROWELL; Basketball - Stat. 2; Lacrosse - Stat 2,3; Soccer - Stat. 3; French Cl. 1; Goldbug 4, Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Ergasiophobia Cl. (V. Pres) T.S M 4 (Pres.) PAUL ROY; Skiing 4. Outing Cl. 3,4 COURTNEY RUMBLE; Basketball 2.3; Track 2.3 (Stat ); French Cl 3; Job Hamilton Newell Printing, 4 SU RUPP; The Mad Dipper has Struck!”; A V Job 1. A R C. 1.2. 3, 4 DAVID RYAN; Football 1; Golf 1.2, 3,4 (Capt 4); Wrestling 1.2; Columbian Squires DEBORAH SABEY; J.V. Volleyball 3,4; Graphic - Critic 4. Nat’l Honor Soc. 3.4; ARNV 4, Ergasiophobia Cl.; Nat ' l Merit Semi-finalist; “Proclaim effulgence wheresoever thou shalt find it Inc. (Pres.) KIYE SAKAI; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Outing Cl 3; Trio Con Brio 4 MICHAEL A. SANCHEZ; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4. Track 1; Briggs Piggs Fan Cl. 3.4, JoeZ ' s 2.3,4; Russian Cl. 2,3 RICHARD SAWICKI; Ice Hockey 2,3,4; Lacrosse 1. 2.3.4 CHRIS SCHAPER; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Ham Radio 4; Briggs Pigs Fan Cl. 4; DEBBIE SEARLE; Basketball 2; Volleyball 2,3; Pep Cl 4 LAUREL SHEERMAN; Softball 1. Swimming 1, Cheerleader 2; Pep Cl. 1,2,3 JEFFREY SILLART; Band; Orch ; Track; Swim Team; Chess Team 2,3; German Partnership Orog. 4; Eagle Scout, LODGE SEC ; Youth Grp ; Played in several Chess tournaments and won awards; WMASL CAROLINE SIMPSON; Drama Cl. 3; Theater Co. 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Chorale 4; Summer Players ' 78; Nat’l Merit Scholarship Commended Student LAURIE SIMPSON; Band 1. Peer Counselor 3,2; Crew Team 2,3; X-Country Ski Team 2,3; Lacorsse 2; Northfield Mount Hermon 2,3; Honors2 JOANNE SLEIGH; “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. (Lao Tze); Goldbug 3,4; Core Comm. 3,r; Figure Skating 1,2, 3, 4; IBTC Pres JOHN Q. SMITH; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4. Football 1; Soccer 2; Squash Raquets 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4, Chorale 4; National Honor Soc 3,4; Outing Cl. 4; Boy’s State 3, Pilgramage For Youth, 3 M. ANNE SOFIELD; “This old world keeps spinning round, it’s a wonder tall trees aren’t falling down.” (Neil Young); I.T.B.C.; “A Period Family” (Sis.) KARLA SPIVACK; “Ich bin meiner Himmel und eine Holle , As Schools Match Wits 3; Sebating 4; Literary Mag. 2,3,4; Nat’l Honor Soc 3,4; German-Amer. Pat 1,4; A.R.H.S. eating and arguing soc. JACK STANNE; Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 4; German-Amer. Part 1,2, 3, 4 WILLIAM DAVID START; Volleyball 4; French Cl. 2; Graphic 3,4; Outing Cl. 4; Computer Bum, 3; Survival Living 3,4 JUDITH ANN STEIN; “Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang, except the best ”, W Mass. District Orch. 1,2, 3, 4; Nat’l Honor Soc 3,4; Orch 1,2, 3, 4; Core Comm. 4; Mass. All-State Orch, 3; U.M Orch. 2,4; Y D S 1,2,3; MENC All-Eastern Orch 4. Figure Skating Cl. of Amherst 1; Chess, Cheerleading 2; Varsity Pillow Polo Team 2 SUZANNE BETH STEIN; The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved ”, Goldbug 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Orch. 1,2, 3, 4; Core Comm 3,4, W.M District Orch. 1,2,4, Y.P.S. 1,2,3; All-State Orch. 3; All-Eastern Orch 4; Chess Cheerleading 1,2, 3, 4; U. Mass Orch. 2.4; Varsity Q-Tip Hai-a-lai 2 KAREN STILES; Swimming; Track 1,2 Cheerleader 1,2; Goldbug 3 A. Pep Cl. 2; Tri-S Cl. 3,4 (Co- Pres 4) GARY STOSZ; Football - (Capt.) 1,2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 3,4, Track 2; Wrestling - Capt. 3,4, PETER SUNDERLAND; Nat’l Honor Soc. 1,2,3, 4; Outing Cl 1,2, 3, 4, Student Council 1; Chess Team 4; Core Comm. 2; Cross Country Skiing; Bicycling SCOTT SURNER; Baseball 2.4; Football 1; Class Birder GEORGE THEILMAN; Ice Hockey 2,3,4; Lacrosse 2.3 LAURIE THIBAULT; Pep Cl. 3; Child Study CHARLIE THOMPSON; Baseball 1.2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Football 2 SUSAN TIBBETTS; Band 1,2, 3, 4; 4 H 1,2, 3, 4; Sunday School Teacher 3; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4 BEATA TIKOS; Basketball 1; Graphic 4; Jazz Workshop 4, Soc Concerns 3,4; Theater Co. 3; Dance Co. RO TUDRYN; “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield. (Alfred Lord Tenneson); Basketball 2,3; Field Hockey 1,2,3, Capt 4; Softball 1.4; School in Germany - Jan. ’77 - July ’77 LAURI UMHOLTZ; Goldbug 4; Active member in 4-H (Pres ); 1 Raise and show Arabian horses; Tennis; Swimming and Art DEBORA VLACH; Basketball 1.2, Mgr. (Stats) - 4; Field Hockey 1,2, Softball 1,2,4; Track 1; Chorus 1,3,4; Student Counselor 1; Dance, music. Lived in Cal. JEFFREY S. WALDRON; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Chess Cl - (Capt. 4); Folk Dancing 1,2, 3. 4 DANIEL E. WEEKS; Squash Raquets 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Orch 4; Theater Co. 3,4; Navigators 1,2,3, 4; District Band 3; Class Birder CARL WEINBERG; Band 4; Jazz Workshop 4; Orch 4; Social Concerns 4, A-Period Family (“sibling”) 4; All-District Orch. 4; All-State Orch. 4 ALEX WELLMAN; Skiing 2,3; Band 1,2,3, 4; Jazz Workshop 3,4; Orch. 1, 2,3,4; District Band 3,4; All-State Band 3.4; P.V.S. 1,2, 3,4 STEPHEN WESTING; Skiing 1.4; Soccer 1,2,3; Volleybball 2.3; Outing Cl. 1,2,2, 4; Social Con- cerns 4; International Students 2,3; Drama Cl. 2,3; “A” Period Family (“PA”) HEATHER WHALEY; Chorus 1,2,3; Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4, Pioneer Valley Ballet Guild 1,2; Amherst Ballet Theatre Co. 3; E. Y. C. 1,3 VICTORIA WHEELER; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Band 1.2; Cheerleader 2,3; Pep Cl. 1.2,3; Tri-S Cl. 3; I.B.T.C. - V. Pres COR1NNE WHITAKER; Chorale 2. (Pres - 3, Pres 4); Nat’l Honor Soc 3.4; Theater Co. 2,3,4; International Students 4; The Amherst Walk for Mankind: 1 Operations of the day. b publicity Chrmn, c. Dir.; French Tutoring 4; English Tutoring 1; E.Y.C. 1,2, 3, 4; Voice Lessons 1,2, 3, 4, Eng. Writing Workshop Aide 2; Ass’t Wildwood French Classes 4 DONNA WHITE; Track 2; Pep Cl. 1. 2.3.4. ALEXANDER WILCE; “Scire tuum nihil est, nisi te scire hoc sciat alter. (Persius); As Schools Match Wits 3,4; Debating 3,4; Goldbug 4; Literary Mag 2,3,4, Outing Cl. 4, Chess Cl 4; Poetry 1,2, 3, 4; Eating Arguing Soc. 2,3,4 RICHARD WOODBURY; Athletics 4; Cross Country 4; Soccer 2,3; Swimming 3; Track 1.2, 3, 4; Chorale 4; Debating 4; French Cl. - (Treas. 4); Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4; Chess Cl. 4; Core Comm 2,3,4; ARNV 4 PETER YAUKEY; Nat’l Honor Soc 3.4; Class Birder I’m not laughing with you, I’m laughing at you. I know the answer Mr. Potts. Man, you work up a thirst hacking open I’ll sue!! cats all day! c’mon Mr. Potts. Just let me finish this last butt. 69 Can It Be That It Was All So Simple Then Or Has Time Rewritten Every Line? BRRRRRRRRRRNG. May I have your attention please No! The following people are to report to the Office after homeroom Where they will sit around for ten minutes Only to be told that they’re wanted In Guidance B Period Joe J This morning I shall attempt to plant in your stagnant minds Some scraps of potentially valuable knowledge While keeping the room at a bracing 58 degrees To stimulate thought About the kids on the roof outside Jobs available In the Guidance window Hedge trimmer fifty cents a hedge Dated last May Babysitter with lots of references and no horny boyfriends To care for 2-year-old quintuplets Between 5 p.m. and 3 a.m. Work study only BRRRRRRRRRRNG. MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE Hey did she call my name?? MUST HAVE THESE IN TO MRS. MODRZAKOWSKI BY FRIDAY FOR THE PEP BUS Did you hear her call me? ARE TO REPORT TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY Did she call my name? TO SEE MR. POTTS Never mind All right, count off by fours ONE TWO THREE ONE TWO HEY MORON YOU’RE A FOUR You’re the goalie kid No I’m a halfback Hey Mr. Briggs they got all the good guys Just shut up and get in the goal! We could drown in these puddles here PASS! DON’T HOG THE BALL! PASS! Move out! Get on him! Jeezus, right through his legs! Well you wanted me to be goalie New goalie! Get a girl in th ere I By David Sears Now I’m not telling you again folks Find some work, put the cards away and quiet down Okay, okay, don’t worry Bitch Whose deal? You see Jeff yesterday? Oh that was so PRIME! I know, breaking both his arms But that ramp at UMass is so prime, you know, like Right, yeah, like, his board just went right on the edge, you know, and Yeah, it was so hurtln ' , you know, with the blood and everythin And he was all pissed off ' cause the board broke That kid is one hurting unit Okay, this film should take just about the wole period DDKKKKKKKKKKZLT! CLACK CLACK CLACK Uh-oh Does anybody know what Just hit that yellow button there CLACK CLACK CLACK BRRRRRRRRT Oh, neat! Look, it’s burning a hole right through the film BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT Someone get the lights Why couldn’t we have a snow day today? And then we passed this bus, right, that was upside down How much did they say? Two feet by noon? They were crawling out the windows, they were all cut up MAY 1 HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE No! DUE TO THE WEATHER CONDITIONS, MANY BUSES ARE ARRIVING LATE No kidding, ours broke down and we had to walk two miles HOMEROOM WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL G PERIOD What are they going to do, read off a body count? So these kids kinda wandered out into the road, and we hit four of ’em ALL STUDENTS ARE TO REPORT TO REPORT TO THEIR A PERIOD CLASSES What a joke, I saw my A period teacher stalled out in the center of Town and they said they’d never seen a blizzard of this size since 1940 Their bus must’ve just been blown off the road by the wind And we still have to go outside for soccer today 71 Look at him up there. What’s he waiting for? Don’t ask me He’s waiting for morons like you to shut up GOOD MORNING. THIS ASSMEBLY BEGAN SIX AND ONE-HALF MINUTES AGO. Hey - he can tell time! AND I SEE THAT IT MAY TAKE US EVEN LONGER. I FEEL THAT THIS IS AN INSULT TO OUR GUESTS, WHO HAVE COME ALL THE WAY FROM FINLAND TO ENTERTAIN US. I told you it was some dumb dance thing. AT EACH ASSEMBLY I FIND THAT I AM SURPRISED A GREAT DEAL THAT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - Mr. Fonsh, you may tell that boy that I will speak to him after the assembly — THAT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHO FOR SOME REASON CONSIDER THEMSELVES SO MATURE What were the questions on the French test? COULD CARRY ON IN SUCH A RUDELY LOUD FASHION You didn’t!! Was he really drunk? AT AN ASSEMBLY. What else can you see in this picture? The tractor coming out of the snowbank What about those eighteen blind epileptics crossing the street Is the other driver looking? There’s a horse right in the corner, there How would you avoid this situation without holding up traffic? That Isn’t a horse, you idiot, it’s an oil truck You’d have to wipe out these pedestrians here, but the most important thing is NEVER BLOCK TRAFFIC, KEEP THE FLOW MOVING Next frame You got first lunch? What period Is this, E? What day is it? If this is E I’ve got third What day is it? Tuesday I mean what DAY? It must be E, the morning’s been so long What’s for lunch? Either grinders or gray things in sauce Wonderful Want your cornflake cookie? Course I want it, I paid for it Yeah, but they taste like crap Then why do you want it? I don’t know, everybody else begs for them People eating Add some carrots and the juice All right, put the milk in the potatoes Boy are they gonna puke when you hand this in I made a flag out of the straw wrapper More peaches! Hey! Did you do this? Who is that kid?? Oh, another ARNAV questionnaire I’d like to burn these things You ever listen? Who the hell is Hartmut Pilch? I think he runs the show or something Who wants Wagner and Bach? It was on CBS about five years ago, I think it fits our topic FFSSSSSSSSS Try channel 6, Mr. Gerstein FFSSSSSSSSS Call AV, Mr. Gerstein FFSSSSSSSSS Ca n we watch “Leave It To Beaver,” Mr. Gerstein? 73 Homework Pages 246 numbers A through K odd Page 247 numbers L through Z even (Numbers?) Do you have something you’d like to share with the class, John? Well, I was just wondering . . See me after class. Those of you who intend to do the homework Don’t forget to finish the worksheet I handed out I don’t get number C (Number?) John, if you want to talk you can go out and stand in the hall This should be easy for you people-we’ve been going over it all year And I expect EVERYONE, John, to have it done when the bell rings BY AGE FOURTEEN, HOWEVER, MOST BOYS How are we supposed to take a test with that going next door? OR EVEN THE ALBATROSS, AN UNUSUAL BIRD WHICH Can’t you tell them to turn it down? PROCESS CALLED MITOSIS, IN WHICH THE CHROMOSOMES Will you please ask them to turn it down? Oh no, more soccer posters I rip these damn things down as fast as they put ’em up Why do they always play at Fort River? What a waste of staples I went to the game last week and it started snowing They always win anyway, what’s the fun of watching if they always win? This town is so damn liberal FOCUS START RECORD WITH NEXT FRAME BEEEEEEP CLICK Nope, wrong frame CLICK Turn it back CLICK BEEEEEEP One more EVERYDAY LIFE IN ANCIENT GREECE WAS Wait, you skipped a frame WOMEN WERE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE, AND CLICK BEEEEEEP Hold it, hold it. Turn it back and we’ll start over CLICK All right, there BEEEEEEP No, no, one more — keep going Oh the hell with it, get someone else to turn it. n 74 I assume you have a valid pass? Well actually I . . . Where are you coming from? I was just going down to What do you have this period? Nothing. There was no teacher in the resource center and I think you’d best go back and get a pass, young man If I do I’ll wind up wetting my pants, Mr. Jacobs That’s a rather superflicial excuse. Get a pass. BAAAAAAAAA Telephone! Hello? No he isn’t in my class No I think he dropped out around 1971 No. No! 1 just saw some sophomore open his locker, and 20 KISS Albums fell out. KISS. What a sad commentary on American youth! Only twenty? He must not be a real fan Seems like every desk 1 sit at has KISS scribbled all over it Talk about skateboard mentality, I know a kid with a Frampton notebook. Please — I just ate! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE No! THERE’S A WHITE HOUSE IN THE BUS LANE WITH ITS WINDOWS OPEN ARE REMINDED THAT THIS SMALL STORE IS OUT OF BOUNDS Why do they announce these things after the bell rings? THOSE WHO DO RISK SUSPENSION AND RIDICULE IF THEY ARE CAUGHT I’ve been down there twice today, nothing happened BRRRRRRRRRNG! BRRRRRRRRRNG! Sit down, that’s just for the janitors BRRRRRRRRRNG! BRRRRRRRRRNG! Well they ring it enough BRRRRRRRRRNG! BRRRRRRRRRNG! Stop! BRRRRRRRRRNG! BRRRRRRRRRNG! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! BRRRRRRRRRNG! BRRRRRRRRRNG! KACHING! CLANG! Hey! Sorry, they put these miserable lockers so close together MAY 1 HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE No! tfUf - J. V. Soccer: let r. (sitting): G. Fata. C. Hayes. 2nd r. (kneeling): R. Fortes- Fortesque, D. Brown, D. Chumblev J. Dawney, N. Slocombe, E. Klein, A. Theilman. H. Chevan, J. Catlln. E. McIntosh. 3rd. a. (standing): T. Porter, M. Sutton, N. Agrios, J. Lambert, S. Koh, J. Austin, M. Forsythe, T. Clark, J. Ivey, K. Slovan. V. Soccer: let r: P. Hartman (capt.), S. Lindquist. M. Healy (capt), 2nd r.: B. Stanton. G. Como, P. Cohen, S. Gordon. W. Liu, S. Britt, B. McIntosh. J. Salkey. 3rd f r: P. Plourde. K. Downie, B. Brehm, B. Martey. B. Leed. C. Campbell, M. Higgins, C. Ackerman. R. Lee. B. Smith. T. Gralinsky (coach). ARHS SOCCER It meant a lot of things to different people this year. To Mr. Potts and the school it meant occasional embarassment and controversy, but also a break in the monotony of the autumn pressures of returning to school. For the Junior Class, it meant an idea for their Booster Day skit. For the football team, it meant still an- other year of senseless singing in the locker room and a revealing lesson on how to have fun without necessarily winning ball games to achieve it. For the student, it meant seeing young adults act like buffoons in the hallways, and collecting soccer posters that provided wit, humor and per- version for all. For the Field Hockey team, it meant some loyal fans and an illustration of friendliness surpassed only by themselves. For coach Tom Granlnski, it meant long bus rides, talks with Steve Hasbrouck, bitching from the players and enough fond memories to return the following year. To George Como, Brian Leed and Peter Hartman, it meant all league honors in PVL II. To the player, it meant double sessions, early cuts, ten hours of practice a week, home games, away games, big nose glasses. Clash Day, the “Sun- shine Express”, the Mark Healy Memorial game, the Hallow- een Dance. Field Hockey, parties, more parties, bad soccer, very bad soccer, good soccer and of course, soccer. Our final record was 6-9-3 for the year. Since we moved up two leagues this year, our goal was merely to establish a solid record in PVLII. As the season progressed, we found that we had the potential to do better than that. But our lack of depth, healthy bodies and occasional lack of motivation did us in, as we fell back on our original goal for the season. We should like to thank our manager Lori Rowell for her limitless dedication ( TEN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ”), and Tom “Gra” Gralinskl for making Amherst soccer what it is, and what it wi ll always be. Some people don ' t understand how we can get a kick out of all walks of life despite a losing record. Well, as we have said all along, 9occer Is not only the sport, but the people that play it. In our opinion, those of you that can’t understand this little philosophy are really the losers in the world. 77 Football 1st r B. Chisolm. J. Jones. P. Monserrate. B Casey (Cpt). J. McLellan (capt.). G. Stosz (capt.), S. Hughes. R. Babb. P. Banks. 2nd r D. Fleming. B. Winslow. D. Ewell. G. Flood. M. Klekotka. 3rd r L. Roncalli. D. Hart. J. Cushing. P. Keyes. R. Johnson, C. Allen. S. Allen. H. Eidt, J. Knightly 4th r Coach Kneeland. Coach Sabatalo. Coach Jacque. Managers: T. Hall, S. Sullivan and P. Hall. Over the past few seasons the Amherst Football team’s record was anything but successful. After winning the Inter County League Championship the hurricanes com- pleted two winless seasons. For the players and the coaches those were times when it would have been easy to quit. In fact some people did. But for those who stuck it out there was always the feeling that we could turn the trend around, and for Amherst Football the ’78 season was the realization of something we knew we could do — win. The season started out like the past few, with a loss. But still we did not quit. We knew we had the talent and the cohesiveness for success. Then came the mauling of Longmeadow and then we had a purpose: to once again bring Amherst Football back to A.R.H.S. There were games that we did not play all that well and then there were games when it seemed that we could do no thing wrong. However, throughout the. season, the effort and desire to win was always present. The season concluded with a great win over our rivals from across the river — Northampton. To climax a 4-4-1 record over in the league and a 4-5-1 record over all, Gary Stosz was named all-league center and Rick Babb, Daryl Fleming and Bill Kelly received honorable mention. Fleming, and Kelly will join Dave Cole as the tri-captains for the ’79 Caines which will prove that Amherst Football is back to stay. Field Hockey 1st r: C. Clapp, R. Tudryn. S. Gettler, M. Kim, H. Norton, L. LaVerdiere 2nd r: L. Peirce, C. Bonsignore, D. White, C. Progulske, P. O’Connor, D. Flemming, J. Gray. Jr. Varsity Field Hockey 1st r: L. Kelly, L. Reynolds, C. Johnson, M. Halladay, J. Jones. A. Turner 2nd r: E. Edwards. L. Jones, J. Archer, C. Torrey, L. Reynolds, L. Smith. P. Lamoureux, 3d r: D. Haughey, D. Cote, B. Thornton, D. Cousins. A. Smith, T. Mercer, S. Schlmmel, K. Norbonne, G. Zambello, T. Stiles. Coach D. Dennis. The 1978 Girls’ Field Hockey team had a season It’ll never forget. We knew we were off to a good start at the playday, where we went undefeated. Our statistics speak for themselves: 12-1-1 in season, 15-1-2 overall, Franklin County League Champions and Western Mass. Champs — The first time ever in school history. We lost in the semis of the State tourney to Auburn. So once again, we had a spectacular season, both on and off the field. Highlights of the year . . what is this I’m eating, anyway? . . . the loss to Athol . . . the infamous scrapbook . . . the on-going tra- dition of field-hockey soccer . . . beating Frontier three times . . . polyturf! . . greased lightning . . . munching out . . . sweatshirts, or what? . . the bus ride home after our last game . . . getting set to win States next year (minus Ro, Sheila, Melissa, Hilary and Deb- bie.) nei 79 On paper coach Randy Crowley had his strongest team ever in his sixteen years of cross country coach- ing. However, he still wasn’t sure they would do as well as his previous championship teams due to the in- creased quality of competition in Western Mass. Still, his harriers romped on to victory, winning all league meets, finishing with a healthy 10-1 record, the only loss to powerhouse Cathedral, and capturing the Valley Wheel League Title. In the Western Mas sachusetts Championships the harrier-canes came up two points short of up-ending Chicopee Comp, for second place, and finished a respectful third, just missing a chance to run in the state meet. Two top runners. Brad Gordon and Jake Greenspon. received all Western Mass, honors for their performances. This year’s recipient of the an- nual Ish award was last year’s run away winner. Brad Gordon. The team was also backed up by track sensa- tion Danny A. F. Richards along with newcomer Mike Noonan. Sophomore Steve Morrell, and honorable cap- tain Bruce the Moose Rice. Yet this supreme cross- country team is not totally insane like the soccer team nor such a surprise as the football team. We are. in simplest terms — Great. And next year should be even greater. The Girl ' s Cross Country Team was 2nd in Western Mass, this year again. The team was inspired by Flash “Mom” Larson who picked up some more medals for her already full shelf with a first place finish in W. Mass and a 14th place finish at states. We certainly will miss those legs next year. This was both an exciting and trying season. We started off by defeating our good friends from Mohawk by one point. We went on to many other victories, but the team began to dwindle because of injuries. We were especial- ly fond of Beth’s knees. Coach Julie ' s “Bis- cuits . Evan ' s team pictures, and that mile loop in the Bird Sanctuary. Licorice-out. Baggit and beware we’ll be back next season — may- be with a mini-Flash!?! BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY 1st r R. Crowly (coach). B. Knightly. M. Crowley, E. Lea. A. Person. S. Soltysik. 2nd r T. McBride. D. Woodbury. B. Rice (Capt.). S. Soltysik. J. Greenspon. C. Fiorelli. ird r D. Richards. B. Hastings. Mr. Someone. D. Ro- galski. S. Morrell. D. Waskeiwitz. T. Westort. L Paul. A T. Wilce. J. Dizzard. J. Thelen. B. Ish Gordon. M. Noonan. K. Sinclair. J. Fabel GIRL S CROSS COUNTRY 1st r: M. Larson. M. Nields. M. Chase. E. Carter. H. Platteer, R. Pilkin. A. Waterman. E. Jenness. B. Wilson. S. Jones. M San- chez, S. Lenz. 2nd r B. Jennings. J. Chevan. J. Lafrenneere (coach). iris Swimming 1st row (l r): S. Hastings, A. Meade, M. Halpin, S. Yan- ian, K. Poll. I. Ackerman, P. Halpin,2nd row (I r) T. Bak. K. Clark, A.B eterson. Deb. Chisholm. DAr. Chisholm, L B Frazier. F. Fredrickson. O , l D . 11 . U rfM.i I I rlr T K rnlLni ' ,1 Rolurh Boys Swimming 1st row ( I - r ) : R. Shaw. J. Gould. T. Matlock, G. Keochakian, Dave Ziomek, M. Cuomo 2nd row (1-r) J. Luddy. Dan Ziomek. W. Matlack, D. Feder. T Clarke, D. Mitchell. J. Hart. B Mitchell, Coach J. O’Donnell SWIM RECORDS IDQ FREESTYLE • J. •O’ m 500 FREEST YU ■IllHW 1 ’ 100 BACKSTROKE ■— m W »OLM IDO BREASTSTRUKE m hrcv Mfrrcai • IEESTYI.E HEI.AY The Girls’ Swim Team had a record of 10-5 and led their division with a 10-0 record. De- spite tiring 5:00 A.M. practices they still man- aged to stay afloat and capture the B Division title. Leading the team to a victorious season were Deb Chisholm, Anne Fredrickson, Shelly Mir- eault, Mary Halpin. Darlene Chisholm. Karen Clark, Les B. Frazier. A.B. Peterson, Terry Bak. Kim Poll, Sharon Yandian and divers Sonia Krotkov and Renee Bunker. The team is grateful that they are losing only 2 swimmers to graduation. So we will be look- ing forward to another successful season. It’s the beginning of the end. or is it the end of the beginning? The Amherst Boys’ Swim Team has had a most unusual season sloping from 8-7 to 1-15. Coach O’Donnell paid more attention to individual improve- ment this season rather than team improvement. There are some aspects of swimming one of which Mike Cuomo expressed. Everyone knows swimmers are quite dedicated to their teams and Mr Cuomo displayed this while swimming the 200 freestyle event at a home meet. He came out of the turn after 150 yards and because of a loose fitting bathing suit he startled each and every spectator in the bleachers by improving his time by two seconds. As you can see this season has been quite eventful and the team will be very much the same next year since there are no graduating seniors. J.V. Volleyball: l at tow: (l-r): P. Christ inson, K. Ryavec. S. Perron, V. Gouln. 2nd tow: (l-r): D. Start, W. Holcomb. D. Sabey, D. Perdomo 3rd row: (l-r): N. Bikkal Var. Volleyball: lat row: (l-r): Coach Giard, D. Kundert, A. Brose, N. Jackson 2nd row: (l-r): G. Malsner, A. Bergqulst, W. Wolf, L. Adams. J. Deither 3rd row (l-r): L. Wilson. J. Aldrich. H. Warner We the volleyball team “boys” and girls have had a tough struggle through the past 2 years. It all started when boys wanted to play volley- ball. Since there wasn’t a boys’ team, they decided to go out for the girls’ team. No rules stopped them from doing so. The year went smoothly, winning almost every game, until States, when every other team forfeited and we walked off the courts with the States trophy and with tears, but not tears of joy. We thought it was all over, but this year the M.I.A.A. struck us harder than before. (They ruled no boy may play on a girls’ team) We played with the boys when the other teams would play against us. Then in the middle of the season boys were ruled off the team, unable to play at all. Mixed feelings came to the minds of all involved. The rules are still not in order; hopefully in the years to come volleyball teams will never have to go through the mess we had to. 82 Hockey: let row P. Stedman, J. Klttrell, Asst. Capt. B. Leed. M. Plourde. R. Sawicki. Asst. Capt. G. Theilman. Asst. Capt. M. Healy, D. Cole, Coach B. Bray. 2nd row (l-r): Coach J. Ruder. Mgr. C. Ackerman, B. McIntosh. R. Quarles, P. Venman, B. Lane, S. Walker. B. Thorne. Capt. C. Campbell. M. Woynar, J. Cushing, P. Plourde, L. ROncalll, P. Stoneham, B. Smith The Ice Hockey Team had what could be called a rebuilding year, with a record of 6-10 3. Under new Coach Buzz Bray and Ass ' t. Jim “A-H” Ruder it was an enjoyable season. Through good times and bad we laughed at the sight of Paul “Drooper” Stedman. fall down comic Jacques Pelham, and Mark Plourde (“Short and Sassy”). The “BIG” plays of John “Logger” cushing were popular. Captain Chip Campbell and Assistant Captain Mark Healy led the team in scoring. Ass’t Capts. Brian Leed and George Theilman also provided offense. Junior Goalies Stedman and Cole were likened to “Horatio at the Bridge.” Defenseman Mark Woynar “nuckled” a few opposing players, but Jeff Klttrell led the team in penalties. We would not have survived the season, however, if not for our dedicated manager Carl “Hawai- ian Punch” Ackerman, who kept us all from dying of thirst. Wrestling: let row (l-r): P. Lazarus, C. Wilkinson, G. Stosz, T. Mercer, K. Sinclair. R. Powers, f. Fata. 2nd row (l r): Coach K. Griffin, D. Stowell, P. Boucher, D. Cantor. M. Sanchez, H. Banner, D. Reynolds, M. Ollphant, J. Thelen, G. Fata, Coach C. Scanlon Although the ’78-’79 A.R.H.S. wrestlers couldn’t match last year’s seconds, they had a fairly successful season. Their dual meet re- cord was 7-9, and they placed Sth out of 16 teams in Western Mass. It was a building year for the grapplers with only 4 seniors. Next year’s team promises to be very strong. First year coach Kevin Griffin is the best coach A.R.H.S. has seen in many years, and it will be hard to replace him next year, (he is dying of leukemia). Some of this season ' s highlights were co-capt. Mark Oliphant’s 4 th place finish In Western Mass, (even though he was wres- tling with crushed vertebrae); Howie Banner’s surprising 3rd place finish and of course Gary Stosz’s overwhelming victory over Granby ' s awesome behemoth In the finals. Some special memories from the season are Quido, STOSZ-Y!!!, Tom Mercer’s misadventures with the girl’s basketball team, coach ' s woman, Da- vey’s pro-Keds, Mad Dog’s growl. Fata’s sweats, the Race Riots, The Pit, The Kegger, Clifford’s Yogurt, Russel’s Diet, and there’s always Bake. 83 Varsity Basketball: 1st row (1-4): T. Styspeck, G. Mann, L. Ralph, D. Flemming, R. Jaque, 2nd row (I- r): D. Whitfield, B. Gabriel, M. Gilbert, M. Jones, B. Carey, C. Yotides, G. Thomann J. V. Basketball: 1st row (l-r): M. Forsyth, J. Austin. P. Berwald, D. Drake 2nd row (l-r): K. Flood, B. Volpe, J. Perdomo, P. Rios, T. Fish, T. Dapprlch, F. Daniels Once again the Boys’ Basketball Team finished with a winning record in its second year in the Valley Wheel League. The team, which consisted of only three seniors — Bob Carey, Mike Jones, and Lee Ralph — was a surprising success. The quick adjustment by the younger players — Gary Mann, Daryl Fleming, Chris Yotides, Byron Gabriel, Don- ald Whittfield, and Michael Gilbert — was the main reason for the teams’ success. There were many high and low points during the season. The winning of the third annual Christmas Basketball Tourna- ment in the beginning of the year, and the astonish- ing 95-61 thumping of Longmeadow, the Valley Wheel champions, were the main high points. The level of play that existed this year with the young team showed that Coach Styspeck’s squad will be ready and waiting for next year. i ' u ’V ' W 84 ThU year’s 1978-’79 Girls’ Basketball team astonished the Valley Wheel League by stealing the title with an unblemished 14-0 record, their first year in the league. Their overall non-tourna- ment record ended at 18-1. Coach Missy Shea success- fully pulled together the nine member squad, leading them to the Western Mass, tourna- ment where they were seed- ed first. Co-captains-token senior Gail Maisner along with ju- nior Nadine Jackson, -kept the team going through the long season. Returning from last year’s Varsity squad were juniors Cindy Clapp and Jenny Gray to whom Coach Shea looked to for ex- perience. The remaining members, Debbie White, Carol Progulske, Tracey Stiles, Wendy Wolf, and Denise Fleming rounded off the Hurricanes. Next year will also be a po- tential winner as eight of the nine members will be back on the hardwood. Girls ' J.V. Basketball: 1st row (l-r): A. Sheerman, L. Jones. F. O’Connor. A. White. K. Nerbonne. S. Archer. 2nd row (l-r): T. Mercer. L. Scott. R. Cleary. B. Thorton. K. Klemer. Coach Dowling Gymnastics Though we suffered a few losses this year (i.e., our mascot, Sonia and Laurie, Tracy and Alice), we had many more gains. We went 5-1 in divi- sion, 7-7 overall. Seniors Becka Ludtke and Me- lissa Kim both went to the State individuals meet, on beam and bar respectively. The move to counting four scores was complemented by depth-providing juniors Patty, Lisa and Lucy. Adding to the excitement were newcomers Sherri and Bonnie. Next year promises to be interesting, with Patty, Tina and Bonnie as po- tential all-arounders to compensate for gradu- ation losses. Up-and-coming tiny tots assure a good team for years to come. Girl ’ Gymnastics: 1st row (I to r): B. Ludtke. P. Lamoureux, C. O’Shea. L. McLellan. M. Kim. 2nd row (I to r): R. Culbertson. K. Lamoureux. L. Smith. T. Currin, B. Brooks. D. Chisholm, S. McConnell, M. Pion, M. Benander 86 Ski Team: let row (l-r): A. Stein, J. Bennett (Ass ' t Coach), J. Allen, R. Kirk 2nd row (1-r): J. Hill, J. Rosklll, J. Seaver, J. LaPrade, A. Stein, A. Klock The Hurricanes consistently im- proved to move upward form a 7 th place start to a 5 th place finish in the 14 team Western Mass. High School Ski League. But, more important, we captured the trophy for the top B divi- sion team, overtaking Agawam for the honor. All this puts Amherst back in A division for next season. Strong and steady racers, reliable times and few disqualifications helped secure our efforts. The Amherst team is young and shows great potential to score high next year, especially with the return of top skiers Andy Stein and Rob Kirk, who were in the top 3 team times all season and with the return of coaches John Cushing and Judi Bennett. Squash Team: row (l-r): J. Smith, P. Hartman. D. Weeks. 2nd row (l-r): L. Briggs. S. Sullivan, L. Demerath, M. Dwyer, K. Lee The best way to describe the Squash Team this year would be: outstanding individual perfor- mances. However team had a hard time putting all their wins together to obtain a better record. The over- all record was 2 wins, 7 losses. Steve Gordon and Matt Dwyer had the best win records. Steve won all his matches, except one. John Smith, Peter Hartman and Ken Lee showed good improvement as the season went along. Shawn Britt, Clark Callahan and Dan Weeks had good performances at times. Hey sweetie! Wanna come see my hay- loft?” “Does this thing go into reverse?” It ' s my ball and I say we play on don- “Oops! I hit the eject button!” “You’ve got a helluva kick! Have you ever considered playing soc- cer?” ‘Now you stop while I shoot.” “Okay, who’s going to tell them that they can’t huddle in the middle of the court?” “Okay, Eeyore, you cover Mr. Ed.” 88 “Just put your pants on backwards and you’ll leave a trail of “You see, by weighing down your feet, we can test your smiles.” endurance under water.” “I think the School Committee should exam- ine the pros and cons of these lemon tasting assemblies.” “No kidding, I’m a teacher! I don’t need a pass! 1 just look like Mark Ziomek 89 The Tri-S 90 Formal 1979 91 92 93 Who said there’s no such thing as a Frisbee Alps?? Dr. Banner Hulk! changing into the “Mr. Kelly, I kind of slipped on the hack saw.” Just a minute Mr. Jacobs, you’ll get my paper as soon as 1 cut off the 94 ‘nasty jagged edges’. te.p Hockey ' o ' s ll The V » . . To States I’ll give them that much, they have a helluva P.R. Department. Punk out!!! ! ' ■V Guys And Dolls This year’s musical endeavor is Guys Dolls. the sure fire Broadway fantasy about small time New York gamblers in the 50’s. The show is a combination of romantic interests, wonderful music and comic bits which sound awful but are sheer fun. The play is challenging to vocalists, dancers and actors, but most of all it’s a lot of fun. 95 AN AMHERST HIGH Come see the ways of Pat Leighton Who chuckles and trots Or the great deal of respect We give to Sam Potts The Healys are famous For their soccer mystique And also Amy Russell With her clothes quite unique Keep an eye on Brian Smith As he juggles with great care As well as Darryl Fleming The king of sports flair. Talk with John Lambert Who will speak of Keith Moon Or kid with Mike Gilbert ’bout how he’ll grow soon Get along with Joe Jacobs You’ll soon speak of him well Or enjoy a class with Kip Fonsh (Who’s objective as hell!) Relax with Bri Leed Who does it with class Or trade thoughts with Paul Bert With his satirical crass Chew the fat with the Steins Who you wish lived next door Or laugh with Bob Brehm Who you wish would say more Who could mention Jen Gray Without Clapp and Nade Jackson Or Pish P. and Mel Kim All of whom rule sports action Have a chat with Jeff McLellan Get to know all three Sigs Let Pete Hartman seduce you And play squash with Larry Briggs If you enjoy all these people Whom 1 truly adore Then you’ll enjoy Amherst High School For there are so many more As Mr. Potts always says With his articulate zest “The school is what you make it’’ That’s why it’s the best. — Ronald Lee Cover: Steve Kennedy Endsheets: Lori Rowell Title and end pages: Lori Rowell Underclass Divider: Don Gray Activities Divider: Lori Rowell Senior Divider: Lori Rowell Sports Divider: Ron Lee Staff: Bob Brehm (ed.), Karen Stiles (ed.), Monty Mitchell (photo ed.), Debbie Chisholm (ass’t. ed), Alex Wilce, Ron Lee, Sally Greenebaum, Mary Halpin, Jackie Dincauze, Debbie Rudman, Sasha Page, Steve Jones, Joanne Sleigh, Darcy Chaisson, Jeff McNeal, Dave Sears, Wendy Robinson, Mark Oliphant 98 Excellence can not be utterly at- tained, but with diligence and devo- tion it can be approached. To ac- quire excellence one must have will power to advance forward, to over- come defeats and to strive upward to the highest degree of ability. Excellence does not have to be approved by anyone or anything. Self devotion and self-esteem may have great influence on the course to excellence ... If one has a goal to meet and reaches it. — Bill Neary 9 11 78 William S.J. Neary Dec. 16, 1960- Jan 30, 1979 After a friend departs, the essence of his spirit stirs our hearts with faith and love Billy we love you. At this point in my life one of my personal philos- ophies is to live one day at a time. Even though the future is important, I firmly believe the present, meaning today, is very significant. 1 have had many experiences showing me that one must make the most of today. First of all there is school. Second, work has now taken time away from sports. At one point in my life sports were to be my future. Finally leisure time plays an important rule for today. As for school, I must get an education even though I’m still not certain as to my educational goals. I find school difficult so 1 must take it one day at a time. Now I find I need money and have to give up sports for today . . . Again unable to project Into the future. My greatest enjoyment is doing something I like. May- be sometime I can combine my education, sports, work and leisure activities into a more certain future, but for now there seems to be no way that I can do anything but to live each day the best I can. — Bill Neary 9 11 78 99 Jennifer Melnick September 15, 1962 February 23, 1979 To Jenny: Let me lose a locket. Money or my keys, And can always find a way To substitute for these; Let me lose a yard of time. And can race the sun. Or stay up till the last pale star And get things done; But let me lose a friend love. Heart has no door nor pane. And all the bitter winds rush in And all the lonely rain. Amherst, MA 01002

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