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Pf !. ' 7- i Jm ji.. .. ' ‘-r f ' -- h [jfM Amherst Re . H.S. Library, Amherst, MA e c Z ' S.V” •:: r 0 0- V- f J I V . V ■N ' P 6 , u Vi ' o p o-x- T 7 J n p V v i r ' X " r, rx) - n • C " l7’ ' V • ' ' S ' ■ ' ' " n cT ' 9 X? 0- 4 : V V 7y c fj - 1 . y ' (£D Anatomy Of The Grade Book: Much of the material contained within is best Security Devices: Every good teacher has unseen, an eye out for clockwatchers. Coffee cup: because of a rash of thefts and midnight raids by cup burglars, teachers are resorting to locks and cables to safeguard their most important possession. t firsV auQ t o ’ lessovi - tjr- g00(i P6V S ”3kcoks SciJt iu Likt ' i One B-JI1 |V, txvv . .N Books: teacher’s desks become librar- ies of material dealing with their field of knowledge. 4 A Teacher mrx. First Aid Kit: because of the hazards involved, few teachers last a day with- out injury, whether from parents, bites from students or bruises from administrative kickbacks. ■ " ■ — I — !■ — I — 1 — a TealHERSMF YOUR o ?MAL LOOKS are WREAKiMG MA 0C LOS N J0BS( Y AX6E 0UfR oWA Oi STUbEHTS, Yo ) FROM Youi S Y)0SE yoU MEED- Asmhj aroJ " IKJ 10 MiWUT£S ClAWOGE APPRO £r FOR MEW;WOFlfA AN ' i) ARMIWISTRATDRS PRONA THIS-- TO THIS- PAINLESSLY, IN 16 Easy STEPS , WITH NEA. Approved C rcah I - BY jok S6hm Joa 4ohki Grooming Accessories: because few teachers are presentable in real life, J J puts out this kit to keep the scholastic machinery from throwing up. Grading Pen: watch out for the mark of zappo - it’s blood red. Ji® ftbovj S 0( €Xifc you’re Chalk Sticks: the teacher without chalk is like MacDonald’s without hamburgers. Keys: teachers have keys for thing. ft Timepiece: every teacher carries a dignified watch every- 5 The Goldbug Is Dedicated To: Paul Lengezia, Instructional Director Lita Preston, Mathematics Paul Lengieza serves our school in many capacities and in each field he does an excellent job. As a teacher, he’s stimulating, interesting and certainly challenging! As a football coach, Mr. Lengieza sticks with the team through the bad times as well as the good, offering en- couragement along the way. And finally, as a caring person, he’s always there to sit and talk, ana he listens too - a characteristic that is very hard to find these days! “Coach Lengieza he’s our man. If he can’t do it no one can! ” Due to the fact that the students at this school all use differing jargon, we decided to write this dedication to suit a number of people. ‘Sarge’ Preston is: beautiful people. She’s fun to be with and easy to rap to. She’s one lady who cares . . . enthusias- tic, concerned and involved . . . um, well, sort of, you know, like, really nice . . . life exuberantly flows from her ... a serene understanding pervades her work ... a benevolent and magnanimus character . . . All of us who know Sarge thank her for her gratuitous friendship. 6 And Special Thanks To: Ellie Fillmore, Director of Guidance Miss Fillmore’s efforts to know the whole child, to find all possible information before making judgments; her refusal to tell us what to do — prefering rather to explain possible routes; her incisive summations after listening to discussions; her exceedingly good nature and fairness; her sense of humor; her leadership as director of guidance and as guidance counselor — we appreciate. Our best wishes to you, Miss Fillmore, in your retirement. Administration: “You asked for it, you got it”. Audio-Visual: “It’s the reel thing”. YouVe heando " ernallman and . m, noi)l«;nnanjiO£l the Ad-nr) . " T igL SfuP-P I ' 3Sli r is purely non . educational ' so if belonqs uu th +f Pcaculty pictures! Sirce most of ’ .you q( 2 f ;your rearoinq PhorY) -Hie tubc uuc thouqht you could nclsi-e to your tzachens beHer iPthcywerz commorclalizcfcl. 30 ; ( • w (I ' M ANll [j Jack Heffley Rafael Lopez-Sanchez Sammie Potts ■ Art: “Come into the garden of earthly delights”. Blanche Derby Tom McGrath Business: “Buy it, you’ll like it ’. 8 Hettie Thompson Carol Howard Helen Howard Helen Karch Margaret Krzystofik Mary Ann Shea Margaret Coty Dorothy Ewell Dave Harlow q English - “When it’s write, you know it” Michael Bardsley Lynn Froning 10 Jane Price Richard Rege John Warthen Foreign Languages: “Volare " Everett Bray 11 Home Economics: “Come and get a square meal” Merrita Hruska Chris Emery Carlene Riccelli Mary Ellen Curtin Kathleen Keroack Industrial Arts - “You deserve a brake today John Craig Sally Giglio Kathy Salisbury Jim McNal ly Leo Vigneault 12 Leigh Hosley Gerald Britt John Kolasienski 13 Thomas Gralinski Library: “One of these days you know we re gonna getcha”. George Banks Robert Menko James Kelly Isabel Ryavec John Maggs Nurses: “You deserve a break today.” Sandra Kochin Rufus Kneeland 15 r Science: Plop, Plop, Fiz, Fiz ... Patrick Leighton Mary Abramson Muriel Atwell David Caporello 4 Sonia Bergquist Erwin Cepek Charles Camp Tom Styspeck Secretaries-Aides: Tf we can t do it, no one can.” Sharon Hosley Helen Goddard Mary Bleckwehl Sheila Crimmins Janice Cromack Janet Fleury Jen Oberlander Sima Kirstain Janet Palaia Helen Lee Molly Robinson Pearl Very Gladys Jenks Bonnie Johnson Alice Modrzakowski Betty Moulder Lorraine Gouin Doris Wentworth Social Studies: “Whose four year mis- sion is to explore new worlds”. William Ames Mark Gerstein Clifford Fonsh John Adams 18 UNDERCLASSMEN 2 i w : V. ;X ■ . •■■!. . c? W: r ' a ? ' .’.;;? ' : ;r’s ' C0 .N«- Vf Oo ' Oi ' ' r»rf ( c‘ • i jy ' Oo, ’(■S ' Sn • Adilia Aguirre jonathan Allen William Annable Kevin Aubrey Alison J. Aune Raymond Campbell David Cantor Lisa Carey Lynda Carey Robert Carey Richard Babb Elizabeth Bachand Paul Bak Rebecca Baldwin Paul Banks John Banner Rebecca Bartus James Benson, Jr. Andrea Bergquist Robert Berra Paul Bert Karen Berube Gregory Bishop Ray Boden Ruth Bonsignore Melanie Bouchard Ross Boughton Geroge E. Brace John Bragg Stephen D. Braunthal Robert Brehm Sharon Britt David Bromery Jeff Brooks Robert Brown Arianne Bryan Susan Buck Richard Buckley Laura Callahan Debra-Lee Campanella Darcy Chaisson Jennifer Chalsma Dina Cheyelte Robert Chisholm Paul Christiansen Tamson Chumbley Glenn Chunglo Frances Cleary Peter Cohen Rhonda Coleman Andrew Coler George Como Christine Connelly Robert Cook John Costigan Debra Cote Darrin Coulombe Mark Crabtree Todd Cromack Pamela Culpepper Soph Core Comm: 1ST ROW (L-R) D. Woodbury, P. Sunderland, M. Kim, I Nerbonne. 2ND ROW (L-RX3. Ledbetter, P. Bert, J. Fitzpatrick. 20 Rosalind Cuomo Patricia Dcangelis Kristin Dects Louis Delesdernier Paul Denno Jennifer E. Denton Alex Depillis Jehan Dethier Lance Dickson Jacqueline Dincause Maura C. Donohue Kevin Downie Kimberly Drake Colette Dugas Timothy P. Eagan Anester Ealy Julie A. Elko Laurie Evans Laura L. Eve Mary Fairhurst Patrick C. Farmer Mason Douglas Marita Filios Jean Fitzpatrick Timothy Fleury Patricia Foley Ann Ford Kelley Forsythe Mary Evelyn Fraser Matthew Fuller Stephen Fuller Todd Ganser Margaret Gawienowski Sheila Gettier Vincent Gillespie Stephen Gladchuk Consuelo Glenn Luke Godfrey Nancy Gonter Stephen Gordon Bettina Granfeldt Donald Gray Holly Greeley Jacob Greenspan Carol Grice Gustavo Guevara David Gulko Susan W. Hall Helen Hanks Stuart Harrison Peter G. Hartman Amy Hasbrouck Susan Hastings Mark Healy Paul Healy Karen Hcxtcr Mark Higgins Donald Hodgkins Margaret Holland Matthew Howard Qores 21 Gregory Hubbs Alice llunler Ellen Hutchinson Deborah Jenkins Nathaniel Jennings William Jerome Jeffrey Johnson Gerald Jones Michael Jones Steven Jones John Joy Rachel Kaminsky Sandford Keedy Steve Keochakian Steve Kennedy Eileen Kilmer Melissa Kim Janet Kirk Matthew Kobin Jennifer Kofler Victoria Kohler Susan Krawczyk Peter Krotkov William Krueger John Kuzmeski Matthew Laclaire James Lamoureux William Laprade Brendan Larson Marion Larson Christopher Lashway Tracy Lauder Corrine Lavalle John Lawall Garth Leadbetter Benjamin Lee Ronald Lee Brian Leed Lisa Lego Steven Levin Rachel Liebling Scott Lindquist Michael Liu Douglas Livens Esther Loescher Anita Lucas Rebecca Ludtke Stuart Maclosky Gail Maisner Deirdre Marley Aristot le Massaras Neill Matheson Lucy Mauldon David May Thomas McBride Kevin McCormick Mary McGrath Sharon McGrath Jeffrey McLellan Jeffrey McNeal Amherst Rc . H.S. Library, Amherst, MA James Meade Mary Mehr Christine Merriam Eric Messier Anita Miller Daniel Miller Monty Mitchell Paul Mitchell Carol Mokrzecky Ellen Montague Deborah Moodie Kenneth Mullins James Murphy Phillip Nash William Neary Kelly Nerbonne Jonathan Newcombe Hilary Norton Paul Novak Brenda Oldershaw Mason Olds Dennis Oneil William Orrell Carl Ostendarp Viima Padilla John Palmer Susan Payton Eric Payne Lynn Pelkey Don Pham Phuong Theresa Pham Phuong Barnett Plisko Peter Poll Steven Powers Robin Prince Janet Procopio Bonnie Quinlan Madhusudan Rao Robert Raskevitz Robert Recos Michelle Reed Maryann Reske Bruce Rice Judith Roberts Barbara Robinson Pamela Robinson Wendy Robinson Mark Roncalli Lori Rowell Paul Roy Deborah Rudman Susan Rupp Amy Russell David Ryan Deborah Sabey Daniel Sagalyn Michael Sanchez Richard Sawicki Kevin Scarborough Laurel Schneider 23 Karen Schumer Debra Searle David Sears Waller Sepanek Michael Shaw Laurel Sheerman Kathy Shelby Brenda Sherburne Jeffrey Sillart Desiree Simanski Caroline Simpson Suzanne Skelly Joanne Sleigh Alyson Smith M. Anne Sofield Enc Spear Carla Spivack John Stanne Jared Stapleton William Start Judith Stein Suzanne Stein George Steizner Gregory Steve Karen Stiles Carol Stockwell Gary Stosz Peter Sunderland Edward Swafford Gail Sweeney Shu ' Shin Sze George Theilman Richard Therrien Laurie Thibault Charles Thompson Susan Tibbetts Jasna Tomic Rosemarie Tudryn Eugene Tymkowiche Sonia Ulbrich Lauralyn Umholtz Robert Vassallo Debora Vlach Jeffrey Waldron Steven Walker Mitchell Warner Elizabeth Warren Martha Walt Daniel Weeks David Weidenfeld Forrest Wellman Heather Whaley Victoria Wheeler Corinne Whitaker Burton White Donna White John Whitney Alexander Wilce Eric Wilson Richard Woodbury Mark Woynar Peter Yaukey Mark Ziomek Mickey Koldy Jay Mann i O n If Mary Abercrombe Thomas Aczel Ellen Aitken Brian Aldrich Craig Allen Jeffrey Ambs Laurie Anastasia Sahira Ansari Duane Bailey Anthony Baker William Baker Andrew Ballard Sharon Banks Mar Barker Peter Barr John Bell Adam Berlin Mark Bizer James L. Boden Mike Bossley Jay Bouchard John Boucher Robert Boucher Patricia Brand John J. Brehm David Brunelle Bonnie Ann Burnett Liliana Cade Steven Campanella Vince Campanella Vickie Carey Kathryn Carlson Edward Chapin John Chen David Chevan Elizabeth A. Clapp Mary Clark Helen Claunch Sean Cleary Deborah Cohen Sherry Collins Nancy Cook Cynthia L. Coombs James Costa Amy Costigan Alice Coty Darlene M. Coulombe Nancy Cowles Talli Craig Michael Creedon Peter Crouse Timothy Curran Nathaniel Davis Timothy Delgado Kathy Dihimann Maureen Dodge John Doleva Lisa Donahue Lynn Douglas David Dowell 26 Debra Drake Tracy Drew Darlene Durnakowski David Tldrid e John T. Kiko Klien Krtel David A. Kve Donald Farquhar Donna Feng William Filios Jonathan Fitzgerald Charles Fleury Mark Flynn Ann D. Foster Gregory Foster Deborah Fournier Douglas W. Frederick Glen Freiband Laura Frost Doug Fuller Kelley Gallagher Kath Garber Richard Gere Skip Getlier Barbara Gilbert Endre Glenn Thomas Graves Susanne Gray Martha Griswold Marta Guevara Timothy Halpin Amy Harper Frank Hart John Hart James Hasbrouck Andrea Hastings William Hastings Alison M. Hicks Linda Hillenbrand Brsan Hilson Charlotte Houck Steven J. Howe John J. Hubert Catherine E. Hughes Patricia Hultin James R. Jackson Dian John Deborah Johnson Linda Johnson Jay Johnston Donna Jones Keith Jones Roland Kaser James Keedy Joe Keenan Diane Kelles Cindy Kelly Rachael Keyser Luann Kielbasa - ors 27 David Kim Henry Ki(chel) Jennifer A. Klein Paul Klemer Therese Klekota Michael Knightly Steven Kravetz Linda Laciaire C. Scott Lambert Donna Lamoureux Walter Lashway Mark Lauroesch Karen Laverdiere Jeffrey Lee Peter Lego Sally Lemeris Susan Lesko John L. Levin Matthew Levinger Elizabeth Lieberman Daniella Liebling James Lumley Jennifer Lund Ruth Lyman Maureen Macpherson Russ Mader Elizabeth Maner Edward Mainzer Stephen Maisner Julie Marion Tim Marko Tom Marko Lisa Mascis Sue Maxson Jay McConnell Heidi McElhiny Scott McGinn Catherine McCrath Peter McKemmie Leslie McLellan Melissa Middleman Kenneth Moore Francesca Morpurgo Anthony Mottia Greta Motts Anne Obyrne W ' illiam Oconnor Brian Omalley Gary Orrell Debra Page Thomas Paige Alane Paul Steven Peene Alison Penza Paul Perchak Thomas A. Peterson Suzanne Petrizzo Andrew Piccus Daniel Pion Scott Plourde David Porter Linda Poller Ann Pratt David Pritchard Josephine Race James Ralph Scolt Rauch David Reed Dave Rehorka Donna Reynolds David Riemer Amelia Robinson Diane Robinson Malinda Robinson Gilbert Ross Karen Roy Todd Russell Rosilian Sacco Michael Saheed Scott Sandler Elizabeth Santner Sujatha Sastry James Scanlon Karen Scott Linda Searle Michael Seaver Nancee M. Shifflet Jennifer Siddall Jane Sinkiewcz Daniel Silver Desba Silvers Lenora Simanski Brian Skelly Enid Skibinsky Deborah Smith Eric Smith Scan O F Smith Robert Smyser David Snoeyenbos Ellen Snyder Geoffrey Sprague Craig Stedman Mark Stedman Carol Stein Geoffrey E. Stein Paula Steizner Dennis Stiles Jane Stratford Michael Suzuki Eric A. Swanson Michael Sweeney Sarah Syed Mark Tanner Barbara Tarmey Robert Thompson Amy Thornton Pamala Thornton Robert Thrasher Lisa Towson Don Ulin 29 Carol Vander Zwaag David Vogel Michael Volpe Sheryl Reske Elizabeth Bernhard Caitlin Von Schmidt Gretchen Von Staals Kimberley Warren John W ' arriner Brendan Watt Michael Weaver William Weber. Jr. Andrew Wentworth Nancy J. Werner Martin J. W’hite Shannon W ' hiltemore Susan Wiggins Paul Wilkinson Brian Williams William F. Wilson, Jr. Pamela J. Wintle Judith Wolff John Wyker David Y ' ando Carry Young On The Radio We Hear Afternoon Delight Come on Baby, Light My Fire I ' m a Space C ' owboy Somethings Burning! Lyin’ Eyes Still Crazy after all These Years Devil Woman One toke ove Beautiful 32 But In School We See the line Dream On Sometimes I Feel Like a Sad Song I’m a Rhinestone Cowboy All by Myself 33 Back By Popular Den Lee Wilkinson: Class Artist (Girl) Adam Rothberg: Most Assertive Dave Bassett: Boy-Scientist Jenny Burgess: Friendliest Girl Gil May: Class “Rocker” Bob Ackermann and cek: Class Trouble Tom Zaji- Eric Mankin: Most Argumentative Tf tM T %r Rusty Rowell: Class Photographer Eric Krotkov: Most Temperamental Adonis Alford: Sexiest Boy 34 md: Senior Superlatives Donald Farquhar: Class Cynic Guy Holappa: Goofiest Boy Donald Ziff; Most Dramatic Boy Sam MacLeod: Most Easy Going i Nancy Field and George Kasparyan: Teacher’s Pets Ralph Gunner: Class Flirt (Boy) Leslie Taylor; Most Likely to Succeed Nina Rossi: Moodiest (a. k. a. “Dr. Downs " ) Tom Lentilhon: Class Auto Mechanic Heloise LaMontagne: Girl Scientist Dave Russell: Smuggest 4 Billy Tyler: Class Swimmer Anne Marcotte: Most Competitive Girl Beth Garber: Most Imaginative Girl Judy O’Connor: Runningest Girl Nan Goiiin: Frogiest Jocelyn Franklin: Most Romantic Girl 37 Andrew Golfin: Most Chivalrous Mark Hutteman: Class Ballerina John Robinson: Boy Skier Ursula Morpurgo: Class Ambassador Lori Hillenbrand: Most Devious Tony Cawienowski: Class Courmet Mark Sofield: Most Artistic Boy Lucy Flynn: Most Flamboyant 3 « Cindy Kendall: Class Clown (Girl) Brian Eagan: Most Experienced Artie Hebb: Class Stilt Liz Hollander: Sexiest Girl Greg Thelen: Runningest Boy Peter Evans: Most Sincere Boy Sue Culbertson: Goofiest Girl Oren Cheyette: Boy Genius Perri Livens: Most Talkative Girl 39 1 Rick White: Class Statistician Amy Lieberraan: Class Outdooors-woman Sharon Donahue: Girl Ballerina Peggy Barber: Class Jockette Scott Budde: Most Musical Boy Sue Reynolds: Class Girl Flirt Debbie Stein: Most Argumentive Bob Flood: Best Dressed Jim Campbell: Class Loudspeaker Patty Owen: Best Dressed Kay Young: Girl Genius Pam Peters: Most Sincere Girl Beth Hart: Most Musical Girl Steve Carpenter: Class Carpenter! Bob Bond: Class Hunter Randy Wickland: Class Boozer Ethan Foster: Most Outdoorsy Boy Carolyn Kindahl. Quietest Dave Pierce: Most Talkative Boy Kim Dempsey: Most Assertive Girl 41 yeS m chick-a-dees,..wproc.n and children I can) o wH-noch.. -Food and drink » NCVSC Tha+ ' s why I -FreqiJerrred +his Gourjmard Sab. this Fat FilFe ■ - n«s This Calorie Cotillion, this Junior Ci S CAke -SALe I AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS — 1ST ROW (L-R) T Ciawienowski, D Snoeynbos. D. Stein. 2ND ROW (L-R) M Honingl erg, A Rolhberg In the wake of several recent champtionship seasons, lliis year’s AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS team humbly accepted its duties as ARHS’ representatives on the popular Saturday night TV quiz show, the intellectual equivalent of junk food Hot in quest of trivia and useless information were acolytes Adam Rothberg, Debbie Stein, Marty Honiglierg, Tony Gawienowski, and David Snoyenbos, grcM)med by sponsor John Warthen CB’ERS CLUB - 1ST ROW - S Higgins. 2ND ROW (L-R) J Rowan. T Paige. C. Thrasher, 3RD ROW (L-R) S. C;ook. T. Cowles. D Ulin rhe CB Club Is new this year. We have formed to help give information to its members about FCC regulations, equipment an l career {jotential Biology Club - 1ST ROW (L-R) T Andrews, G Bishop, G Frieband 2ND ROW (L-R) S. Bergquist (ad) THE BIOLOGY CLUB is a motley crew of individuals who pursue independent projects of a biological nature. Some members assisted in the care and feeding of late-emerging Monarch butterflies. One of the original six butterflies is alive and well at a member’s home Plans to develop a tropical environment in the Science Department’s Climascope and to experiment w ith bacteria are presently underway In the spring the chib plans to visit several nearby science facilities and other IcK-ations of interest. GERMAN AMERICAN PARTNERSHIP - 1ST ROW (L-R) - C Brose. K Jones, J Stanne, G Steinmeyer, 2ND ROW (L-R) D Silvers, L. Eve. T. Halpin, H Kitchell. P. Denno, D Hooke. M. Lauroesch. The GERMAN AMERICAN-PARTNERSHIP-PROGRAM provides a cross-cultural experience for ARHS students through an exchange between families and schools in Germany and the U.S. ARHS students host a student from Germany for a period from 3-4 weeks. In turn, German participants host an ARHS student for a period of 4 weeks. The program is designed to give insigfit into the daily life of jx ' ople w ho live in another culture, speak another language By exchanging between two families and two schools long-term, expanded contact between the participants is achieved, resulting in better understanding of each other’s culture. The ARHS program in February March 1977 marks the second lime that a group from Amherst is going to Germany under this program Students from Germany were at ARHS in Apr ' l of 1976 and are again expected at ARHS during the 1977 7S school year. 44 The YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF serves nmlti-piirposes, its main goal is tt) keep tt»e searhook from financial {lestruclion. To reach this goal, students raise sponsors through local agencies, participate in fund raising events, and sell yearlxH)ks- Its final responsii)ility is to aid in the distribution of vearhooks Himw FRENCH CLUB - SEATED - W Oiiiniettc (ad). STANDING - L R i«ell. P Ulin, M Bizcr (Pri-s ), D. Woodberry (Treas.), A Hunter (Sec ), I) Jenkins. M. Donahue. The FRENCH CLUB has three main goals: To go to Montreal, to become more aware of th ‘ Fret)ch culture, and participate in social events that encourage proficicncs in the speaking of French COLDBUC EDITORIAL STAFF - FRONT (L-R) - B Rouell. K Kittle. L Taylor, M .Scofiehl, D Shaw. J Kuzmeski, R Derby (ad). E liernard. I Dalton 2ND ROW (L-R) F Rurr. D Stiles, R White. D Camerino, C Kelly. C St in. 3RD ROW (I -R) R Smyser. R Simon, J Rurges.s, D Kellev Solely responsible for this deathless volunu . The Goidbug Editorial Staff is iu) accepting new members at $500 a head This sum g H s to defras the c«)st of cleaning up lh ashes after ymi burn up your yearbook YEARBOOK BUSINESSSTAFF - I ST ROW (L-R) -S Cournover.N ( H,k R White 2ND ROW (L-R) - S. Barker, C:. Kendall, D Jones 3RD ROW (L-R) - M Laurm sch. M A Shea (ad), S. ( ' arpenter Graphic • FRONT (L-R) - L Hillenbrand. I Dalton, 2ND ROW ' (L-R) - S barker. C Shumway. T Rak. T Winslow, J Hasbrouck. R Lieberman 3RD ROW - S ( aillH-rtson, S Kultin, J Gallagher. M. Wiiite. L Simanski. -ITII RO ' - P Peters, D Kim. R Santner, BACK (L-r) - J Howe, M Huettenan, A Cole. T Delgado. R Warllelxire, T Martin The GRAPHIC, now in its sixty-first year of publication, is produced bythe Journalism II class Students assume all responsibility for coiit nl, for advertising, and for layout Their najor purpose is to reflect the concerns and inti rests of the school communitv. Students other than those in the class are also encourage l to submit artich ' s and letters to the e litor The photography too is often done l)v students not in the Journalism class. The GRAPHIC is printed by Graphic Arts students. LITERARY MAGAZINE -SEATED (L-R) D Stein. L ( rouM (adviser) .STANDING (L-R) A Wilce. T. Andrews, C Spivack The Staff of the Literary Magazine has high hop -s for publication this scIhkiI year Tentative plans call for publication of the first 7b-77 maga ine in Februar with, a more ambitious one for later in the year Staff memIxTS are visiting English classes. s iliciling w riting. and have rec -i -d a numl)er of poems already The Staff consists of K Spivak, 1) Stein. A Wilce. T Andrews. an l P Stelzner • all of whom will lx publish d in llu- magazine Both the title and the format of this year’s magazines will be different from those of former years. Advisor is L. E. Crous 45 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB • 1ST ROW (L-R) j ( Inlik. (). Gni. T Nguyen, T Pham. V, Padilla. 2ND ROW (L-R) L, Froning (advisor). A. Morpurgo, G (iuevera. E Morpurgo, L (-hen, R Torres. P Ghods, C. Morpurgo The International Students Club was formed tw i years ago lo provide a social program for the English-as-a-Second language students at the junior and senior high schools, American students are also welcome to join the club, and some have joined the members on several outings For example, at the end of last year, the members planned a weekend deep sea fishing trip to Cape Co l that invioved members and friends of the club During the school year the meml ers meet twice a month to play games and get to know each other Activities outside of school are often planned, also, such as international dinners and sledding parties. HAM RADIO CLUB - J Warner, C. Emery (ad ), P Krotkov. J Banner Students in the Ham Radio Club make use of their free peritxJs by operating the amateur radio equipment at the school station WAIUTT During the fall of ' 76. three people were licensed to operate the station: John Warriner WAIWUD. jon Gillispie WAIVLN and Mr Emery KIRIF Other amateur radio stations have been contacted throughout North America, Europe and Asia Activities are informal and consist of learning morse corle. basic radio theory, ham radio operating procedure, communicating with other ham stations and short-wave listening The PEP CLUB is a service organizalii»n to promol - sc1»k)1 Spirit to provide refreshments for spectators at games When we had profits we gave money for bus transj ortation, the football banquet, raised $1.000 00 for electric score board on the athletic field Pep Club- 1ST ROW (L-R)- T Banks, S. Maxson, L Sirnanski.T Brand,] Marion. D Lamoureux. 2ND ROW (L-R) L Sherman. B Oldershaw, B Baldwin. K Drake. J Fitzpatrick. J Dincuanze, L. (-arey. S. Cournoyer. L Anastasia, A. Penza, D Johnson (Pres.). L. Lego, L ( arey. E Montague 3RD ROW (L-R) - K Stiles, B. Warren, H Hanks, V Zamora, M. Mehr, M. Fairhurst, G, Connelly, D Clhaisson. J Elko, V Wheeler, D. White. T Drew. E Clapp, S Banks TRI-S - 1ST ROW (L-R) - B Santner. D Drake, L Potter, (Sec) T Freeman. (Pres ), P. Brand, (V P ), S. Banks, (Treas.), 2ND ROW (L-R) - S. Gettier. K. Verlwiiine, D. Jones. D Johnson, A Penza, j Marion, D Lamoureaux, T Banks. The Tri-S (Social, Scholastic. Services) Club is one s hose main objectives are lo raise money for the Jeffery Towson Scholarship, and the Tri-S formal. Another important function of the club is the involvement in community service activities, including work with Senior (atizens, the mentally retarded and the compan- ionship program for children. 46 Just a bunch of smart folks. Holding the record for l eing the largest such group in the history of ARHS. and one of the most enthusiastic, this year’s senior members of the Robert Frost Chapter of the National Honor Society nominated two of their memlx rs for the national scholarships, planned and assisted at the induction of junior members, and raised money for the scholarship given each year at graduation ROD AND CUN CLUB - 1ST ROW {L-R)T Akirith. M Howard. D Fredricks, D Page. V Carey. L Carey. S Meizner. D O’Neil. P Rak 2ND ROW (L-R) R Babb, P Perchak, J Joy. P McKimmie. W Lashway, Fleury, R Babb, L CiiKlrey. J Kuzmeski, M Marchanl (ad ' The Rod Cun Club continues t« be active this year We are going on various field trips; ice fishing to Cranberry P« nd. a fishing trip to Qual)biti and our annual picnic to Green River The Student Council, a previously sluggish, inactive and lx)nng gnmp, has this year sprung to vibrant life We did such things as draw dead cats, eat prunes, and incidently. put on a fabulous Holiday Dance teaturing Rook that everyone’s still talking alxmt We also wrote a letter to Senator Kennedy that was never answered, raised $5 at a Bake Sale, and sent round a patently offensive (piestionnaire regarding phasing. The Student (Council a group of involverl, matiire young adults. STUDENT COUNCIL - LYING DOWN - P Barr SEATED (L-R) M Hexter. H Robinson. B Szala, K Kittle, L. C allahan OUTINC CLUB - FRONT (L-R) C.. Stallings, S. PfKpie. M Scofiekl, F (bleary. S. Cleary 2ND ROW (L-R) E Foster, L Eve, A Lielx-rman, K Jones. D Riidmun . ' tRD ROW ' (l-R)P Sunderland. P Liu. J Hart.T, Konicek. D Eve 4TH ROW(I R)S Hart. H Kitchell. D Ulin, J Ford. E Ertel, D Silvers BACK (L-R) j Allen. S Keochakina. E. Peterson, j Robinsr n The Outing Club is open to anyone interesting in j)utd«mr activities. These include camping, liiking. canoitig, and backpacking, as well as a few other seasonal activities. All trips are organized and led by the students themselves. Everyone is welcome to participate 47 Collegium Musicum pre- sented two major concerts and other minor programs, including music for " A Cry of Players ’’ Chorus had a busy year singing concerts in Decem- ber and April as well as join- ing with the Chorale in per- formances of Britten’s “Re- joice in the Lamb” and Hon- egger ' s “King David ” Chorale • 1ST ROW (L-R) N Shifflett, K Denjpst y, H (ioldl erg, R Schneider, E Hart. K Carlson. G. Motts. K Kittle, R Gunner. J Murray. R Keyser. N. Wogrin. A Petropulos, A Aune, E Bernhard, C. Houcic 2ND ROW (L-R) D. Peirce, B. Skelly. B. Singer, R. Raskevilz. A. O’Byrne, S. Anderson, S. Budde, J. Levin, E. Murphy, K. Zambello, J. B. W ' yker, D. Dowell M. Hunter, J. Keenan, S. McGinn, J. Gillispie. Chorale’s activities included Its third annual Bach Festival, two concerts with the C horus and a concert tour to New York and Philadelphia COLLEGIUM - ON PIANO: J Ford. 2ND ROW (L-R) B Hart. M Kohler. E Skibinsky, D Smith. B Skelly 3RD ROW (L-R) C Kindahl, S Anderson, S Litterer. C: Houck, S Budde, D Ziff CHORUS - 1ST ROW (L-R) M Tuttle. T Bryant. A Miller. C. Glenn, L. Callahan. P Ghods 2ND ROW (L-R) W Robinson. P. Whitaker, L. MacDonnell. H Whaley. D C amerino, E Bowles. M Seaver, K Forsyth. B Leiberman, A, Grose 3RD ROW (L-R)S McGinn, R Menkin, J- Campbell. G Freiband, D Rudman, E. Erlel. R Cuomo. C. Simpson, N, Shippey, C Joy, Morpurgo, J Boulch. 4TH ROW (L-R) j Maggs (Dir ), S. Santner, L. Tauer, j. Meyers, K. Fish, L. Smith, D. Manjounes, S. Smith, D, Silvers, G. Steve. P Leighton, B. Chisholm. S. Matthews. S. Pelkey, T. Russell, B Ivey, T. Konick, M, Skelley. THEOPHILOS TRIO - TOP TO BOTTOM: (; Motts (Where are we?) H Claunch (Take it from the TOP!) A Hicks (Mean- while back at the Ranch) JAZZ WORKSHOP - 1ST ROW (L-R) J. Brehm, M Sweeny, D. Rirssell, D Pierce, D Wklefeld, B Plisko, D Chevan, B. Skelly (Piano), D May. 2ND ROW (L-R) B. Rice, S Pogue. G May. " A train ... all kinds of blue . . . playing fours . . . hey. Dave! . . . Mixolydian mode? . . . eight hands on piano! The ARMS Orchestra Long has the Symphony Band been in exile, forced to reign in obscurity and exile at the, dare I say it . Jr High. At last, our greatest hopes have lH en realized, much to the chagrin of j Maggs, J Warthen, atid various other people. At last we are moving back to the High School to take our rightful throne as the only Musical Organization worth joining. Other then this, our year has been normal, what with Exchange ( )ncert planning. Districts, various concerts, and jokes about Mr Phillips’ height, when he’s not around. A special " well done " goes to those har ly individuals who showed themselves as true human beings by braving the elements to support a lost cause, the Football Team. I speak of course about the Pep Band, (iood show, guvs and dolls! The ARMS THEATRE COMPANY has, llns year, made rnun chanj es. leasi of which is ils name For inslanct onr memhersliip iias iricTeasetl from 25 to 40 people. Similarly, our play hudget rose from $25 to $40 We poor, selfless s iuls. ever striving If) brighten the gray wfirld with our arts, exist solely on the sufferance of you. the Little (biy For were it not for the plav-going public, the Company would have little else to do but b(K ze. gamble, and make general whfK pee Our pHuluctions of Dylan Thomas I ' NDFR MILKWtJOD, Wdliam Gibson ' s Shakespearean drama. A (dO OF PlvAYKRS. June Havoc ' s marathon-dance epic MARATHON ' 53. and the spring musical are the most visible products of your support Alsf) memorable a louring |H rformance bv a troupe from Marllxiro College and a Friday afterniKin visit from Julie Harris. THEATRF.CO. -lSTROW(L-R)-K (iiinticr. K N Wcgrin. D D Camerino.J Ford. D L«in, A Aiine, I) Riidman. K Forsythe. K Dempsey 2ND ROW (L-R) - 1 liert. K Carlson, I) S ala, C. Honcke, J Race, K Kittle URD ROW (L-R) - R Schneider, S, McGinn, R Smyser, S Anderson, J Gillispie 4TH ROW (L-R) - R (ioldherg, K Mimre, J Levin. 50 DEBATE AND FORENSICS: 1ST ROW (L-R): E. Krotknv. E Mankin, D Hnssell 2ND ROW ' (L R-: O C’hevftte. D Bailev. I Brehm, M Levinger, J, Baer (coach) Tke e. oAe. ike. maiu ’’ expAjed diortd " of. debate and. foAenyU,ed! Oven, ike poAi y.ean ike (MiS debate, and fxynenAicA ienm. koA been, nefining. and polLdhlng. ikeAe expneAAtonA in. a muliLiijde. of wagA ( fnan audLenee debaieA io inina- Aquad Aq bbled) and in. menenouA piaceA ( f wm. [fkiAAacku- AeiiA io OJJJnoiA), Andf indeed. aULstke dedijcaiion. and pnaciice koA had Ha neuxuidA, Ike AnkenAi debaienA and Apeake iA have aiiained Aeeagniiian. oa ' exjcelieni ' ' compeiiioAA in. tiaiianai iouAncaneniA, TkiA y.ean. ike team oIao hoA ike pleoAune. of AepneAeniing. t( aAAachu. ‘ AetiA in. ike NaiionaJ. Bicentennial Debate. TouAnament of (hampianA and pnediciabllg ike National Debate Tounnament iiAelf, ' To ivhom ' rnay concern: I an qomo + jump off ' +hc Bf ' ooklyo Bridqe but neeol a riolc +o Brooklyn. All expenses paid-in rich. " 52 " TVic corridor moves and in stranc)e waijS " 5 un burstiagX Warm alUnq pa upoa us Thoogh, Its OL re da ol IdvJ do .. j X. Q-m. CO-pOLble oj Rejoiang... w Jer WakJi k!?. |ts ovei KW « 1 IP J QjbTtd. out$ic(e tuorf » ' iv This poor boy doesn’t have his head screwed on right! “Nyah, Nyah, you can’t catch me’ There must be something edible here some- where! Open wide and say Aaah. And the winner of the Dorothy Hamill look-a-like contest is .... 54 I recognise Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but who’s the Some people never grow up! guy with the beard? 55 Say you love me Byron Bar-Bell You are about to see a crime committed . . . One big happy family An apple a day . . . So this is how classes are conduc ted at ARHS The odd squad Let’s see ... D..O...U... The Christmas spirit(s)? You think I’m strange? You’re the one taking the picture! Then he turned off the lights, pulled back the sheets . • • If you touch me I’ll . . . I thought you had the saw . . . A visiting parent? Faces of A.R.H.S. Reactions Before And After 58 A Typical Day At ARHS grim . . . pleased calm . . . freaky normal abnormal dangerous . . . shy at ease . . . wrapped up busy . . . dizzy THE SENK3R AS SEEN C . V ' yj r r ' -. •A ' -C, " 5 y ' ' a YOUR WALLET, YOUWa ATCHLS, AND your, K£Y5! • • • The Principal .People on the Street Ao.« Wc- WiTlYY kCA. vD 0 c HT Tumor Hiqh Students •••• Ihe Coaches i . ft 1 CROCKER FARM SCHOOL AMHERST, MASS. GRADE 6 1970-71 C Tao h 3 0e ora iw p os R 1 Tm r( v9iW «ci5MY s f J QoffP f L J ft DOUGLAS ALBERTSON - Football 1,2, 3.4, Track 2,3, (Capt.) 4. Chorus 3, Outing Club 2, Sr. Core Comm. 4, Navigators 2,3,4. ROBERT ALDRICH CHRIS ANNABLE GREGORY ADAMS ADONIS ALFORD TIM ANDREWS - Swimming 3.4, Biology Club 2,3,4, Drama Club 3.4, Forensics Club 3. Liter- ary Magazine 4, Thespians 4, TIMOTHY ALDRICH SCOTT ANDERSON LYNN ARCHER - Volleyball 3 (Mgr), Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4. Church c hoir 1.2. 3. 4. Youth Croup 1. 2,3,4. Co-Pres 1 2 sr yr, Candystriping 1 yr. MICHELLE M. ARCHER Football 1,4, Golf 1.4. Monkey 1,2,3, 4, Ladies Tea Soc. Delight Sisters. BOB ACKERMANN CINDY BARROWS - Pep C:lub 3.4.5 4-H Sec. Treas. 1. 2.3.4. i V CP ,L V ' h. BYRON BELL - Bsktball 2. Football 1.3.4. Track 1,3,4, Track Team (C apl) 4 RAYMOND BABB •Baseball (Capl) 1, Football Gun Club 1, 2.3,4. League Football. Capt Player of Year ’76. TOM BAK -Baseball. 1.2.3. 4. Ice Hockey 1.2,3. 4. (Capt 4), Soccer 1 ,2.3,4 (Capt. 4), Nat’I Honor Soc. 3.4. Cor Comm. 3.4. Student Ad. Coun. 3,4, Soccer Awards - All Hampshire League All-Western Mass. PEGGY BARBER -Basketball 1.2.3. 4, Softball 1. 2,3,4, Volley- ball 2.3,4, Band (Symphony) 1.3.4, Pep Band 3,4, Volleyball Allstar 2,3,4. SUE BARKER -Bsktball 1. Field Hockey 1. 2,3,4. Soft- ball 1, Tennis 2,3,4, Business Staff (Yearbook) 4, Drama Club (stage crew) 4, Graphic 4. Nat ' l Honor Soc, 3,4. Tri S 2, Core Comm. 2. Skills 3.4. SUSAN AUBREY • Softball 2. Volleyball 2,3, Class Officer (Sec.) 1. Drama Club 1, Nat’l Honor Soc, 3,4, 4-H (;lub 2,3,4. Co-Leader of (lub 4 KEVIN BANKS DAVID BASSETT 67 PAM BERWALD LIANA BIAS GLENN CALL ROBERT BOND - Football 1.2, Squash Raquets 2,3,4. Swimming, Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 1. 2.3.4. JOAN BONSIGNORE JENNIFER BURGESS -Softball 1, Track 2,3, Outing Club 2,3,4, Goldbug 4. “High Temperature” (Mgr.) DEBORAH CAMERINO Bsktball 3. Football 4 (stats). Track 4. Volleyball 2 (mgr), 3 (Mgr). Chorus 4. Goldbug 3,4 (Ed.), Nat l Honor Sw. 3,4, Thespians 2.3 (V P ), 4 (Pres), Tri S 2,3, J H D C 1.2.3 (Adv ), V L.O, 3,4. DAVID BOOTH MICHELE BOULANGER JON BURAK MICHAEL BUCK mi JIM CAMPBELL uJ wZ .W tr iA ft 0 ■ , Oin ’- Mi ' vcr. t2xJ C- - — C?-r ,-dA3 iv-(X- c " V-i2 EWEN CHEN - Chess Club 3,4, French Club 1. LINDA CHITTUM KIM CARLSON STEVE CARPENTER Soccer 4. Squash Hacjuels 2, Goldbug 4. Ke (lliib 2 (Pres). Outing Club 2, KikI Gun ( lub 2. bug 4, Key ( ' lub 2 (Pres), Outing Cluli 2. Rml Gun Club 2. Ski Club 2.4 (Pres) CHARLES CARVER JAMES CLEVENGER RAYMOND CICIA DAVID CAVANAUGH JOHN R. CHANDLER - Basket ball 1. 2,3,4 (co-capt). Golf 1.2,3, Class Off, 2.3. Nat ' l Honor Soc, 3.4. Outing C ' lub 1. Sudenl Coun 1, Navigators 2,3,4 OREN CHEYETTE De baling 1,2, 3, 4, Nat ' l Honor Soc 3,4, Outing Club 1. 69 JENNY COSTIGAN KELLY DAPPRICH CHARLES COLE -Golf 1.2, 3.4, Ice Hockey 2. Band 1,2, Biology 4. Goldbug 4, Band 1.2. S.N.P.C. PATRICIA A. DALTON - Swim- ming 1.2. Goldbug 4. Graphic 4. Outing Club 1.2. Tri-S 2 (Pres). Navigators 2,3.4, Core Cvomm. 3.4. Grad Marshal 3. MARY DeANCELIS - Jr Police Off, Companion Prog. MrKleling, Dancing. Fashion, SUSAN CULBERTSON Bsktball 1. Cheerleader 2,3 (Capt) 4. Tri-S 3. AMY CURRAN TIMOTHY COWLES Swimming 1. 2.3.4, Rod Gun Club 3.4. C B’ers 4. DANNY CULPEPPER JANET COTANCHE - Tri S 2. Tally HO 4-H 1. 2.3.4. JIM DESMOND - Science Aide, 2. JOHN DELANEY DIANA DeNYSE KIMBERLY DEMPESY Chorale 4. (Chorus, 1,2.3, Drama C, 1,4, NafI Honor Soc. 3,4, Thespians 3,4, Core Comm , 3. UNH Summer Rep Thealre, 3. Summer Drama C. 1. MATTHEW DEMPESY Bsktball, 1,3, Fll all I, La- crosse 1, Audio Visual 1, Goldbug 1.3, Thespians 1.3. Amhersl Youth Ser 4, Am- herst Youth Serv (Staff) SHARON DONOHUE Rand 4, Fr. C. 3, Nat l Honor Soc. 4, Band 4. Ballet Classes (Amh. Ballet (Tr ). Member of Pioneer Vail Ballet Guild, Flute lessons. NORMAN J. DUNCAN - Wres- tling 2. Forensics Club 3, Jazz Workshop. 2, Third World Org. 2.3. 71 PETER EVANS - Soccer 1. 2,3,4, Chess Club 3,4, Nat l Honor Soc 3,4, SNPC Org. 4. -A PAT FAIRHURST PAUL EDDY - Ice Hockey 3. Lacrosse 3. Skiing 3, Soc- cer 3, Softball 4. MARY ELDER - Debating 2, Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4, Or- chestra 1. Outing Club 3. Core Comm. 2. NANCY FIELD TIMOTHY FISK ROBERT J. FLOOD LUCY FLYNN - Jr. Police Off. Modeling. Dancing, Painting, Designing Clothes. JOCELYN FORD - “People who art afraid to make fools of themselves never make anything of themselves.” (Knowles) 72 DAVID T. FULLER ELIZABETH GARBER ETHAN FOSTER - Outing Club 2.3 (Pres.), ( ' anoeing. Back Pack- ing, C ' omputers. DENISE A. FOURNIER " For what shall it profit a man. if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul? Only Jesus can satisfy your soul.” Goldbug 1. Key C. 2 (Sec). 3 (V Pres), Outing C l 2, N Leverett Church Youth Grp., Work at Adams Drug, Joel! JOHN FRANCIS -Goldbug 3. Amherst Chinese Food 4 JOCELYN FRANKLIN Bskiball. 1, Softball I, Tennis 3,4. Volleyball 1, 2,3.4, Pep Band, Hand JOHN FOWLER JOHN M. GALLAGHER Baseball 1,2,3, 4, Ice Hockey 1,2,3.4 (Capt 4). Soccer l,2,3,4{Capt 4), Gymnastics 4. Soccer All-Hampshire leag 2,3.4, Soccer All-West- ern Mass, 3,4, Baseball All- Hampshire Leag. 4 JON GILLISPIE - Lacrosse 4, Audio Visual Club (V.P 2), Chorale 4. Cho- rus 3, Key Club 2. Outing Club 2,3.4, Thespians 2,3,4, WALUTT-Amateiir Radio Assoc. 2,3,4, N, Amherst Youth Tr Staff 4, German-Amer. Partner- ship Prog 3.4. TAMMY FREEMAN Softball 2.4, Volleyball 2.4, Cheerleader 2. Class Off (Sec) 3. Tri S 2,3.4 (Pres), 4-H Dairy ( yrs) ANTHONY GAWIENOWSKI As Schools Match Wits 4. Football 1.2. Mgr (3). Wrestling 2,3,4, Goldbug 4, T O F P 1,2.3 73 ANDREW S. GOLFIN Wres- tling 2,3, Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4 Boy Scouts 1,2,3,4, RUSSELL GRANT EDWARD GORDON PAUL GOODHIND - All the way sir” Baseball 1,2, Bsktball, 3.4, Ice Hockey 2. RAPHAEL GUNNER (RALPH) - Skiing 1, 2,3,4, Soccer 1, (Capt J-V 2.3), 4. Chorale, Dra- ma C. 3,4, Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4, Student School Comm. 1.2 (Chariman 3,4). Hiking JULIA GURSKI -Bsktball 2.3,4 RUTH GOLDBERG Band 1,2,3, Chorale 4, Drama C, 4, Nal l Honor Soc. 3,4, Core Comm. 3, Chess Cheer- leaders 4, ARHS Jug Ka- zoo Corps 2,3,4, “Who ' s who among High School Loon- ies” 1,2, 3,4, Amanda Wigg- lebutt Fan C (Pres) 3,4, Afternoon Delight Tea Soc. (Pres) 1,2,3,4. NAN COUIN - “But the harder the battle you see, its the sweeter the victory”. Ad. Child Study 4. Afternoon Delight Tea Soc. t, 2,3,4. Broken Record Cl 1, 2,3,4, Frog appreciation club forever. Delight sister. SENIOR CORE COMM. 1st row (1-r) D. Shaw. A. Marcotte, N. Field. M Honigberg. 2nd Row (1-r) G. Daspar- yan, T. Winslow, T. Bak 74 RICHARD HALL - Foolball 1, 2,3,4. Pelham Fire Depl. JOSEPH HART Bsketball 2.3.4. Swimming 1,2, Track 2,3,4, (Capt) Outing Club 2,3,4 MARTHA HAMMANN Bsktball 1.3, 4 Mgr , Softball 1, 3 Mgr,, 4 Mgr., Volleyball 3,4, Nal l Honor Soc, 3,4. DONNA hi PETER HERONEMUS - Rand 1, Graphic 4. Rod Gun Cl 1. Rand 1, Shop asst 2. ELIZABETH A. HART Volleyball J V, 2, C ollegiiim Musicum 2,3,4, Chorale 2,3,4 Pres . Class Off 3 Vice Pres , Drama ( l 3,4. Gold- bug 3, Nat‘1 Honor Soc-. 3.4. Latin II Award 2. Nat Merit Letter SCOTT HIGGINS LORI HILLENBRAND - Cheer- leader Bsktball 2,3,4. Graphic 4. Pep Club 2,3.4, Office Asst. 2,3. ()A U ' = ' .4 J n PHIL HOLLAND - Football 1.2. ll. ! Swimming 1,2,3 (Capt ), 4, Band 1. .[ Iaa Nat l Honor Soc. 3.4 J ARTY HEBB • Baseball 1. Bsktball 1.2,3,4, Football 1.2. GUY HOLAPPA - Lacrosse 2 3,4, Soccer 3,4 Squash Raquels 3,4, Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3,4, Outing C’l 2 exec., 3 core comm. 1.2, 3, 4. 75 MARTIN HONIGBERC - As Schools Match Wits 4, Baseball 1,2.3, 4, Basketball 1,2,3, Soccer 2,3.4, Chess Club 4. Nat‘1 Honor Soc. 3,4, Student Council 1, ( ' ore Committee 4. BARBARA HRUSKA MARK HUETTEMAN - Tennis 1, 2,3,4, Band 1.2, 3,4, Nat’l Honor Soc. 3.4. Or- chestra 1, 2,3,4, Pep Band 1. 2,3,4. SNPC MATTHEW HUNTER WILLIAM A. HUTCHINSON Football 1.2, Golf 2, Soccer 3,4, Track 1, SNPC Organization 4. BILL IVEY PHILIP JENKS KIRIK JENNESS - Lacrosse 2.3. Soc- cer 1,2,3, Wrestling 1.2,3, Debating 1,2,3, Literary Magazine 1,2,3, Tae- Kwon-do 4. 76 GEORGE KASPARYAN Swimming 2.3,4. Chess ( ' lub 4. Class Officer 3 (Pres),, Nat l Honor Soc. 3.4. SNPC 4. Student Ad C ' oun. 3,4, State Ad- Conn. 4. C’lass C ' ore Comm. 3,4, Navigators 4, MICHAEL JEROME JOE JOHNSON KATHY JONES CYNDY KENDALL Out of the pomp, circumstance and un- restrained excitement of the event, there is one lasting result: The ikon ’ - T R. LuANN KIELBASA - Peer Counciling 3, Parish Council 3, Youth Planning lk ard 3. CCD Teacher 3, Cheerlead- er 1, Classical Ballet 1,2,3, Hatha Yoga 2 JEFFREY KELLOGG KENNY JOHNSON - Ice Hockey 2.3. (Mgr 4) CAROLYN KINDAHL Band 1,3,4, Collegium Musicum 4, Chorale 3, Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4, Orchestra 1,3,4, Outing Cl 3. Band 1,3.4, Western Mass, Dis- trict Band (1) Orch 3,4, Mass All State Band 3. All-Eastern Band 4. Pioneer Vail. Symph. 3, Volunteer- Belcher town Slate Schl. 4. Hamp. Chorale Soc Orch. 3. MARK KLEMER - Baseball 1. 2,3.4, Bsktball 1, 2,3,4, Football 1,2, So ccer 4, Big Broth Prog. KRIS KITTLE - Chorale 4. C ho- rus 3, Drama Cl 2,3,4. Coldbug 4. Nat ' l Honor Soc 3,4, Student Coun. 4. Nat’l Merit Semifinalist 4, Who’s Who Among Amer High School Students 4. Prom Comm. 3, Chess Cheerleader 4 DAVID LAUDER HEIDI LAUFMAN •.Ly ERIC KROTKOV - Bsktbali 1.2, Track 1,2,3, C ' hcss 4. Debating 3,4, Forensics Cl. 3,4, Nat ' l Honor Soc, 1,2,3.4, Outing Cl. 2.3. Zavre ' s job JOANNE KUZMESKI - Vollevball 2, Cheerleader 3, Goldbug4, Pep Cl. 3. C C D Teacher 4. RYAN E. LADD Soccer 3. Track 1. Outing Cl. 1. 2,3,4, Aide: Auto Mech. 4, Aide: English 4, Sierra Club 3,4, Green Mt. Club 3.4. KATHY LANE WAYNE LaVALLE (WAYNE La- VALLE) - I draw cartoons and send them to magazines and newspapers HELOISE LaMONTAGNE - Bsktbali 1,2,4, Field Hock- ey 2.3, Softball 1. Tennis 2,3,4 (Capt), Nat’l Honor Soc 4. Horseback Riding. MAJORIE KOHLER - Col legium Musicum 4, Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4, Orchestra 1.2,3, Pioneer Valley Symph Orch. 3,4, Western Mass. District Orch 1,3, Young People’s Symph. Orch of Springfield 2. RICHARD KONICEK - Chorus 4. Outing C. 2,3,4, Play Crew 2. MICHAEL LECARE AMY LIEBERMAN - Field Hockey 2. Band 1. 2,3.4. Orches- tra 1. 2.3,4, Band 1,2,3, 4, Stu- Hockey 2, Band 1, 2,3,4, Orches- tra 1, 2,3,4. Band 1,2, 3, 4, Student School Comm. 3.4. “Broken Re- cord” club MARK LEWISON SUSAN LITTERER - Band 1.2.3. 4. C ' ollegium Musicum 3.4. Orchestra 1,2,4. Outing Club 3. Band 1.2.4. ESL Tu- tor, Bsktball 1,2, Field Hock- ey 3. Graphic 3. Outing Club 2.3.4. TERRI LIVENS Cheerleaders 2. Coldbug {Bus Staff) 2,3,4, Pep Club 2, Tri-S 2,3.4. Teacher’s Aide Certificate (Adv. Child Study). i Htf SAMMacLEOD-Fotballl.Soc- i 2.3,4, Wrestling 2.3,4 (Capt) BETTY LUDTKE Gym- nasties 1. 2,3,4. TOM LENTILHON CB’ers 1. Moto Cross. Drink- ing, Burnout ' sin Parking Lot’s Cars. PAUL LIU CATHY MAHER - Bsktball 4. Tennis 4. Organist at St, Brigid’s MAHER - Bsktball 4, Tennis 4, Organist at St Rrigid’s Church. Member of the training squad for Canadian Nat. Tennis Team. CRAIC MANNING - Airborne! La- crosse 1, 2,3.4, Sking 2,3,4, Soccer 2.3.4, Swimming 1. Outing Cl. 2.3.1. 2.3.4, Sking 2,3,4, Soccer 2,3,4, Swimming 1, Outing Cl. 2.3,4. JON MARTIN SARAH MATTHEWS GILBERT MAY ’Well, do you ever gel the feeling. . . lhat ever- ybody’s on the stage, and it seems like your’re the only person sit- ting in the audience. " Jaz 2 Work- shop 4. Rock Bands ’’Fusion " 1. “Kiss of Fire” 3. ’’Rook " 4 ANN MARCOTTE - Class Off. {Core C ' omm.) 3,4, Sec. 4. French Cl 1, 2,3,4, Nat l Honor Soc. 3.4. Exper Ex- perience in Internatl. Liv., 4- H, Baptist Youth. CAROLYN McCORMlCK - National Honor Soc. 3,4, Or- chestra 1. Outing Cl, 2,3,4, Folkdancing 1, 2,3,4. ELIZABETH MEYERS Swim- ming 1 (Mgr) , Nat; Honor Soc. 3.4, Cor Comm 2,3, Library KAREN MILLS BOBBY G. MULLINS CHRISTINE NEWPORT JANE MILESZKO - Baskt- ball 1, Volleyball 2,3.4. French Cl. 1, Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4, Delegate Mass Girls Slate 3, Guidance aide 4. CURTISS MONER JANE OBERLANDER DEBBIE OCICKI CATHERINE OLDS - Dra- ma Club I, Nat I Honor Soc. 3,-4, Ballet 2,3,4. Church Youth Club 1. Nat’l Honor Soc, 3.4. Ballet 2,3,4, Church Youth C ' hoir 1,2, 3,4, Carou- sel 3. JUDITH OCONNOR " Who wants my jellyfish? I ' m not jellyfish.” (O. Nash) Cross Country 2.3,4, Foot- ball 4, Golf 4, Track 1. 2,3,4, Ladies Tea Soc. 2,3,4, De- light Sisters 3,4. PATTY OWEN Bsktball 1, Track 1, 2,3,4, Nall Honor Soc. 3 (Treas ), Core Comm, 4, WEslern Mass. High Jump Champ 2,3 ' ‘9 23” DAVID NORDIN BRUCE PATTERSON RUPERT PELLETT SUSAN PELKEY - Cheerleader Hockey (Capt.) 4, Chorus 1, 2,3,4, Peer Counselor 3,4, Skating Cl. of Amherst 1,2,3. DEBRA PACE - Business Club 2, Cheerleader Hockey 2. Rod., A Gun Club 3. Office Ass’t 2,3. DAVID C. PEIRCE 81 LYNETTE PRIOR RANDY ROBERTS ANSIA PETROPULOS BRENDA QUINLAN JOSEPHINE RACE - ARMS Theatre Co. 3. Peer Counseling. Walkathon, Art Poetry, Mural Painting, The ARHS Toys for Tots Program. SUE REYNOLDS Lacrosse (scorekeeper) 3.4. Skiing 1. Track 1. Cheerleader (Co- cap.) 2. (Capt ) 3.4. JV BAs- ketbail Cheerleader (Co- Capt) 2, Hockey Cheerlead- er (Capt) 3.4. Outing Cl, 1. Pep Cl. 3, Workstudy - 4. AGDT 4 DAVID RINTALA PAM PETERS ERIC PETERSON Cross Country 3,4, Outing Cl. 2,3,4, S.C.A.. 3, Survival Liv. 2. Practicum 2.3. HEATHER ROBINSON ■ Vol- leyball 3, Class Off. (Sec.) 4. French Cl. 2, Nat l Honor Soc 3.4. Outing Cl- 4. Student Cotin. 3.4 (Co-Chair. Treas ), Thespians 2, Hampshire ( ' horale Society 3.4, Senior Core C’omm. 3,4. JON ROBINSON - Football 1. La- crosse 3,4, Skiing 1, 2,3.4. Soccer 3, Band 1. French 1, Coldbug (Photogra- pher) 4, Outing Club 4, 82 NINA ROSSI ADAM ROTHBERG - As Schools Match Wits 4. La- crosse 3, Soccer 2.3, Drama Club 3,4, Nat’lHonor Soc. 3.4, Outing Cl. 3.4. U.L.C., Dish Technicians Cl. JOHN ROWAN MIKE RYAN JOHN ADAIR ROBINSON Transferred ’76 from St. Mark’s School. Soccer 2,3, Wrestling 2,3, Tennis from St. Mark’s School, Soccer 2,3, Wrestling 2,3, Tennis from St, Mark’s School, Soccer 2,3, Wrestling 2,3, Tennis from St. Mark’s School. Soccer 2,3, Wrestling 2.3. Tennis 2,3, Am- herst-swimming 1 LEIGH ROHDE Bsktball 2, Softball 2 (Mgr.). Outing Cl. 1.2,3,4, lYF 1.2,3, (Pres.) 4, Softball 2 (Mgr,), Outing Cl. 1.2,3.4, lYF 1,2,3, (Pres.) 4. Wed, Pig Cl. 1. 2,3,4. Folk Dancing 3.4. Afternoon De- light Tea Soc. 1, 2,3,4, DAVID RUSSELL LIZ ROLANDER DANIEL V. SAMMARTANO RUSTY ROWELL Bsktball 3.4. Lacrosse 3,4, Soccer 4. Goldbug, Photography Editor 4. Nat l Hon- or Soc. 4. Outing Cl. 3, Computer Bum 3,4, lYF 2,3,4, Yearbook Photographer (Ed) REVA RUDMAN - Bsktball 1. Jones Lib. 1,2,3, Rea- dingwriting tutor 3. DIANE MONICA MARIE SHAW - Swimming 1, Band 1,2, Cheerleader Bsktball 3, C’lass Off: Core Comm 2,3,4, Treas. 2,3, Goldbug 4, Graphic 3, Nat l Hon- or Soc 3,4. Orchestra 1. 2,3,4, Outing Cn. 2 (Sec.) 3, Student Coun. 4, Tri S 3, (Vice Pres) Stu- dent School Comm. Alt, Chrman 3. West Mass, District Band 2, prin. oboe 3.4. W,M D Orch, Prin. 3, All-State District Band 2, prin, oboe 3.4. W M D Orch. Prin 3. All-Stale Bee. 3.4. MATTHEW SIMON 84 JAMES G. SCHAEFER Librarian Asst. 1, Spanish Club 1. Civil Air Patrol (Aux, U S. Air Force) 2,3,4, Shop Aide at Jr. High 1. 2,3.4. Pilgrim Fell. (Pres.) 4 SUSAN SILVA FRAN SINGER - French Cl, 2. Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3,4, Tri S 4, Work at Bas- kin Robbins. 4-H Jr. Leader Leader BECKY SCHNEIDER JOHN T. SHEEHAN JOHN CURTIS SHUMWAY - Golf 1. Lacrosse 2,3,4, Audio Vi- sual Cl. 1 , Class OffiM W AY -Golf 1. Lacrosse 2,3,4, Audio Visual Cl. 1. Class Officer 1 (Treas), Graphic 4. BOB SIMON - Bsktball 1. Swim- ming 2,3,4, Goldbug 4, Pep Band 2,3.4, Band 1. 2,3,4, Core Comm 2,3. ADAM SHANOR - Orchestra 1.2.3, 4, BARBARA SINGER - Chorale 3.4, Chorus 2. Nat l Honor Soc 3.4, Thespians 3,4. ROBIN SMITH -Bsktball 1. 2.3.4. Tennis 3.4. Volleyball 3,4, Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4. MARK SOFIELD Squash Raquets, Drama Club 3,4, Fr Cl. 4. Nat l Honor Soc. 3,4, Outing (;l, 1,3,4. Student Coun. 4. TODD SUNDERLAND - Lacrosse, Outing Club MIKE SKELLY - Chorus 4. Peer C’ounseling MARIE SPENCE CELESTE STAPLETON - Art Cl. 2,3, Field Hockey 1, Debating 3. Drama Club 1.2. Student Coun. 1,2, Black Culture Show 1.2.3. DOUG SMITH - Football 1. Work Study 4 DEBORAH STEIN DAVID STONEHAM DAVE STRONG - Outing C:1 1 . 2 . PETER SKELLY BERT SZALA - Drama Cl. 3,4. Nat’l Honor Soc. 3,4, Pep Cl, 4. Student Coun, 4. Tri S 2, Ski Cl., 4-H. MARTINA TIKOS -Riding (horses), gardening, running, bal- let, x-country skiing, cooking, reading, biking, sewing, knitting, playing guitar 86 CHERYL TAUSKY Chess Cl. Cheerleader 4, Drama Cl. 4, French Club 2,3, Li- brarian Asst. 3. Lit. Mag. 4. German- American Part. Prog. 2,3.4, Immanuel Luth- eran Youth Gr., Dutch, “Burger King”, Piano, gui- tar. voice. WILLIAM TYLER - Football 1. Swimming 1, 2 (Capt), 3 (Capt), 4 (Capl), 1,2,3 All Western W.Mass All Star team, 3 Western Mass Champ Band 1,2,3.4 (Mgr). Class Off 3. Pep Cl 1. 2.3.4 DAVID VOLPE - Cross Country 4. Track 3,4. PHIL SUPRENAUT AMELIA SUTTON GREG THELEN - Bsktball Mrg. 2,4, Cross Country 3. 4 Capt., Track 2,3,4 (Capl). Class Officer Treas. 1. RUSTY THORNTON Work Pany- CLAY SWANSON ing. Traveling LESLIE TAYLOR - Bsktball 1. Band 2. Giology Cl 2. Forensics Club 3,4, French Cl. 3, Goldbug 2,4, Third World Org. 1,2,3, Peer Counseling 2,3,4, Jr. Class Core Comm. ki VALERIE WEAVER RANDY WICKLUND - Moto Cross 1, 2,3,4. LEE WILKINSON - Hand me down my golden crown and lei me ride ” -J T. NANCY WORCRIN • Field Hockey 1,2,3, Chorale 4, Drama Cl 3,4. Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3,4 JOE WOLF - Baseball 1,2,3 (Mgr), Soccer 1, Swimming 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM WORTELBOER - Swim- ming 2,3,4, Graphic 4. RICHARD P. WHITE Bsktball 3,4, Lacrosse 3.4. Soccer 4, Gold- bug 4, Goldbug Co-ed , Goldbug Bus. Staff. lYF 1,2, 3.4, C:ore Comm. 3,4, MRC Aide 1, 2,3,4. TOM WHITE Grapic 3 JEFFREY WINTERS TIM WINSLOW - Baseball 1, 2,3,4, Bsktball 1, Football (Tri- Capt ) 1.2,3,4. Cla Class Off 4. Graphic 4, Jr Class Marshal 3. NEAL WOODARD - Rod Gun Cl. 2,3,4 87 JOHN WYSOCKI TOM ZAJICEK - Ice Hockey 2. Soccer 2.3.4. KEN ZAMBELLO - Bsktball 3,4, Coif 4. Rand 3,4, Chorale 3,4, Friv. Music Teacher, ANDREA HASTINGS - Peer Counseling MARLA HEXTER - French Cl 1. Nal l Honor Soc. 4, Student Coun. 3,4. Pianist! 1,2,3, 4, I, Nat‘1 Honor Soc 4, Student Coun, 3,4. Pianist! 1,2,3,4, 1, Nat l Honor Soc. 4, Student Coun. 3,4. Pianist! 1, 2,3,4, Student Gov. Rep. 3. MICHAEL SEAVER Chorus 1,2,3, French Cl. 1,2, Early Grad.. Philluminist. TIM YAUKEY - Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3.4. MARIO DEPILLIS DON FARQUAHAR ERIC ZUBE - Soccer 3, Swim- ming 1,2.3,4 (Capt), Nat ' l Honor Soc. 3,4. KAY YOUNG - French Cl. 2. Nat’l Honor Soc. 2,3,4, Thespians 3.4. Student School Comm. 1.3,4 (Co-Chair, (, Eruditic Soc. 3, Amh Ladies Tea Soc, 3.4, The Delight Sisters 3,4, SPORTS The Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball teams had an excellent season. Led by Western Mass. All Stars, Sherry Collins and Peggy Barber the Varsity team became Franklin County League Champs with a record of 11-1. They placed first in the Western Mass. Tourney with a score of 5-1 and Sherry Collins was voted most valuable player. The Junior Varsity team became Franklin County League Champs with a record of 11-1. Girl’s Swim Team This year the girl’s varsity swim team didn’t do as well compared to last years undefeated season. The record this year was 7-6 and six school records were set by both old and new members. They finished second in their division and did very well in Western Mass, by coming in second in the medly relay. They’re going to miss one of the team’s best divers and nicest captain, Nancy Field, who gradu- ates this year. Girls Swim Team 1ST ROW (I -R) - D SimanskI, S Santner. L. McLellan, N. Field. A Hasbrouck, M. Mireault, D Kunderl. 2ND ROW - (L-R) - R Pitkin. L, Cunningham, A Oliyrne, A Fredrickson. P Aldrich, M Field, D C’hisholm 3RD ROW - (L-R) - K Metivia, A Meade. L. MaCnnnell, M Halpin. K Gallagher, P Halpin, H Oslendarp, S. Wortman 4TH ROW (L-R) - Riley (Coach). N. Jackson. T. Bak. j. Bf)hich. D. Jones, J Robinson. Jim O’Donnell (Coach). Girls Volleyball Team 1ST ROW (L-R) - G Maisner. S. Pelriz’zo, D Searle, A. Brose. S. Perron, A Grose 2ND ROW - R Bonsignore, J Franklin. S. Britt. B Hruska. S, Collins, J Milesko 3RD ROW - Coach - L Ciard, P Barber. E. Snyder, K Carlson. M Hammond. R Smith 90 Girls Field Hockey Team 1ST ROW (L-R) D While. R Tiidrvn.S Barker. J Fnrtl, Progulske. M Kim 2ND ROW - 1. Schneider. A Hergquist. M Norlon. D Vlach. K LaVerdiere. S (ieltier. ( ’a ulerz %aag, T Mriltin, (. ' Cla[)p. Coach - R Titzel Missing K NerlM mie The Girls Field Hockey Team had, as did some other teams, a rebuilding year. Marge Titzel coached the team to a 7-5-2 season. The squad was a young one, led by co-captains Sue Barker (Sr.) and Jocelyn Ford (Sr ). Highlights of the ’76 season: Fighting a tough battle and tying Mohawk, one of the league’s top contenders; beating Turners with everyone trying out new positions; swimming in our field after it had rained; having our banquet at Pizza Hut; and constantly thinking of next year’s season. 91 Soccer • SITTING: (L-R) J Gallagher, T Bak, C; Manning 2ND ROW • D Porter. D Silver. S Peene, P Klemer, M Lauroesch, R Gunner. M. Rauche, S, Plourcle, M. Honigl erg, P Evans. S CarjX ' tUer. 3RD ROW - R White, S. Laml ert. E Ciordon. J Lamoureux, J Lee, W. Hutchinson, T Zajicek, D. Peirce. R Ackermann, G Holapa, D Farquhar, M White, S- MacLeod. M Klemer, T Gralinski, R Rowell The 1977 Soccer teams ended their seasons with a fine 19-0-3 combined record. Both Varsity and Jr. Varsity ended their regular seasons undefeated and took their respective league titles. The Varsity was eliminated in the first round of the Western Mass. Playoffs by Holyoke 2-1 to finish their season at 10-1-2. The seasons high points were goalie John Gallaghers selection as High School All American, the 6-0 trouncing of perenial rival Smith Academy and the selec- tion of John Gallagher, Sam MacLeod, Tom Bak, Marty White and Craig Manning to the All Hampshire League team. The 1976 Football Team had a trying year in its subur- ban league debut with an 0-9 season. Another low spot was Richard “Mongo” hall’s injuries and sickness which kept him out of commission most of the season. There were, however, still many bright spots, including the spirit of the team which never went down in spite of losing. The superb, consistent play of tri-captains Peter Bak, Chuck Drake and Timmy Winslow definitely proved to be an asset throughout the season. Also, the fine play of Seniors Mike Ryan at guard and Stan Hultin at offensive and defensive halfback, junior end and linebacker Dennis Stiles, and the coming along of many sophomores into the starting lineup, including center Burt White, quarterback Jeff McLellan, and tackles Pepe Monserratte and Gary Stosz provided enlightment throughout the season. The future looks hopeful for the team as this year’s sophomores and juniors have gained much experience and will be greatly improved in the seasons to come. We will always miss, however, Doug Albertson and Burt White leading the team in Christmas carols after practice, watching the field hockey team and cross-country meets during practice and Chuck Drake blaming everything on Vince Campanella during the game films. Football - 1ST ROW (L-R)T Sanders, K (dadchuck, M Ryan. P Rak, Drake, T Winslow, D Albertson, D Latinville, little kid 2ND ROW (L-R) T Johnson. A Wentworth. V C ampanella, J McClellen, T Russel, ]. Scanlon. K FUhkI, A Glenn, J Harris, B Hillson, D V igel (Mgr ). 3RD ROW (L-R) J. Hastings (0 ach), R Babb, T (ianser, C. Tliompson. D (’ollumbe, ( Ostendarp, B C(X)k, W Hastings (mgr ) 4TH ROW (L- R) G C onklin, R ( ' hisholm, B White. IV (]are . S Stosz, P Monserrate, S Lindtpiist 93 Hockey Cheerleaders 1ST ROW (L-R):S. Pelkey (Iri-capl), j Fitzpatrick (tri-cap’t), D Johnson (tri-cap t). 2ND ROW (L-R): B, Warren. R Fischer. J. Chalsma. L, Pelkey. B. Qiiinlin, B Wittmer, arsity Basketball Cheerleaders 1ST ROW (L-R) S. Banks. D, Feng. T Brand 2ND ROW - A, Paul. S. olbertson, L. Hillenhrand. L, Simanski. A. Penza. Varsity Cheerleaders (L-R) T Brand. I) Larnonr ' ux. A Penz;i. D Feng. A Paul (Capt). J Marion ((’apt). T. Drew, S- Banks J.V. Basketball Cheerleaders (L-R) L Lego. B Oldershaw. M Fairhnrsl. K Drake. L C ' arey. B Baldwin. J Dincauze For the most part, it was a good year for the Cheerleaders. Remember . . . Where’s Jelly? , . . Don’t know ... Is there a game? . . . Why so down, Tra? . . . No kissing in uniform . . . Oh no, my comb, stop the bus . . . Dense ... Do we have to change for practice? . . . The Pep Rally . . . We’re glad we had this time together . . . 4 Cross Country Track 1ST ROW (L ' R) B OOoiinnr, M. Knightly, J Harl, G, Thelen. T Halpin, T Mottia,] Elko 2ND ROW (L-R) J (]ot . B. Suzuki. B. Adrian, D, (’hevan, T Oninac k, J. Falx-l. J Whitnoy, B Ciere, IV Bice. T, Paige, C, Thrasher, A DePiliis, G. Ross, A Person. J Thelen. This year’s Cross Country Team exceeded all expectations of almost everyone connected with ARMS cross country. The team finished at 5-2 in the league, third place behind Mohawk and Turners Fails. The team had 13 meets overall, including Knights of Columbus invit. and Western Mass, where the team fared well. Coach Crowley looks forward to next year when David Chevan, Carl Ackerman and Bruce Rice will be back to rejoin Tony Mottia, Tim Halpin, John Ecko, Mike Knightly and the whole crazy gang. Yup, next year look for Yogi, Sprightly, Shifty, Wild Willie, Squirrel, Aky, Bruce the Moose and Straw. Pillo Polo Team 1ST ROW (L-R): Parachule Woman. Amanda Wigglebutl, Anne T Pathie. BACK ROW (L-R): J.J. Flash. “Coach”. Foxie DeLyte, Spike K. Darer This was the charter year for the Varsity Pillo Polo Team. Also affectionately known as “Q-Tip Jai-Lai” this brutal, slashing sport requires great agility and strength, which may account for our 0- 10 record. Although we are losing our forward line to graduation, we remain optomistic, and expect a winning season next year. The Girls’ Gymnastics Team has a cer- tain reputation as being the cra; iest team in the League It s impossible to describe our season, but some things we rememl)er . . . ending up with a lO-h record . . . lor 4 seasons only losing beam once . . . riding the monster machine in on t he trike to Western Mass ... IWlty making a new floor routine up every minute . . Lucy, Lauria and Patty flirting w ith the guy.s at all our away meets . . . Sid and her suici lal moves ... D()lt ... (dod Morse sa ing " Goodbye Baskelballers " . . . Tracy, our bars expert . . Spim Kim " Tlnmderlh- ighs ' . The Retard, flaming at practice . . . and Becka, she’s so fat Girls Gymnastics (I -R) - fS Jackson. IV Ludlki-. R i.u ltke. J Siildall. Kim. P l amoureux, T Drew, S Krolkov, I) McLellan LaX’erdiere. (iots. Ostendarp, M The Varsity Swimming Team .swain its wax to a li ision " B ’ championship via a 13-2 record Highlighting the season were wins over Minnechaug and K l.ongineailow .VnolluT highi.ght was Amherst record setting piTfoniiaiice at the Xmas relays. A 200 yard medlex relax team ol Peem-, Poll. Tx ler and Wortman took the gold in that exent eslabli.shiiig a new recoril In the 300 yard backstroke relax Peene. Txler and Shill let teamed-up to break the ohlest meet record in w inning lashion Leading Amherst to its finnest sea.son exvr were W Mass, champtions ( ' apt Rillx Tyler an l Slevi- Peene Betxxei-n llu ' in they hold all the individual scIhkiI sxximming records, exci-pt one xvhich is held by Poli Backing-up these 3 in .Vmherst 4lh place finnish at the W Mass, championships (Anihersl highest finnishing Sjxit) xvere Tim Coxx les and Rich (iere in the dix in g. Bill Wortellxier in the ixreaststroke and ( apt Kric Znlx along with Tim Anclrews and (Jass Stallings in tin- lr -e relax Wort- man and Shifflet also atld to Amherst point total Jo - WoH had a tough brake because ol an injury xxhicli kiiockeil him out of any post season action Boys’ Swimming 1ST ROW (L-R) - laiach ( Donnell. Coach Moran 2ND ROW (L-R) - S. CiKik, j Holland, (V Stalling, R Gere. B. Tyler ((.‘apt ). T. (iowles, B Wortelbore. L ZuIh (( ' apt.V K Wortman, B ( ook. T- Andrexvs BACK ROW (L-R) - M Sorca, T. Clark, j Lew ison, W. Matlack, Ci Ross, j Bragg, I Hart Baskelball 1ST ROW (L-R) - H KrnvHl (Slat ). J. Ralph, B. Hillson, P. Goodhind, M Klemer, H. White (Stal.) 2ND ROW: T Stysi eck (Coach). J. Bodin. J- Harris. M. Voipe, A Hel)l), J. Chandler. J. l.yoii, IV Flood, K. Zambello. A. Jactpie (Coach). Varsity Girls Basketball 1ST ROW (L-R) - K Maliar, S IVtrizzo. 2ND ROW{L-R)- P Barber. K Smith. D Heath, H LaMonlagne, F Mor|)orgo. J Gerski 3RD ROW (L-R) - M Hammoml, K. LaVercliere, S Collins. C. VanderZ waag, E. Sneider J.V. Girls’ Basketball 1ST ROW (L-R) - A. Ford. P Robinson 2ND ROW - P Halpin, L. Shneider, D Vlach, S. Gettier, K. Nerbonne BACK ROW - Coach. Shea. R. Bonsignore. H. Norton, A. Bergquist. The Wrestling Team had a lot of work right from the start. With only four returners coming back, the team had 7 first year men Because of the lack ol experience the team hatl a losing record. But despite this, the team looked stronger as ihev went along. We finished sixth out of 13 teams. Four wrestlers went to the state meet; Captain John Elko. Vinny Ciillespie aiul Steve Powers look a 2nd in W Mass jimm Keedy went as an alternate. Next year, if the rest of the wrestlers return, the outlcxik seems very good The Girls’ V and JV Basketball teams ended a very successful season with identical 12-2 records and 2nd place in the Franklin Counts Curls ' League. The varsity qualified for the Western Mass Tournament for the 1st time in 4 years. Peggy Barber led the varsity in rebounding, blocking shots and scoring, with 225 points, a 42% shooting average, and a career total of 537 points. Sherry (Collins had 143 points and led the team in steals. The team ' s strong point was its defense. The highlight of the J ' season was their last game. They defeated Mohawk A real team effort produced a 43 |x int per game average, with 10 plavers scoring 10 or more points. Gail Maisuer letl w ith 1 15 points and Sheila Gettier was 2nd with 104 points Wrestling 1ST ROW (L-R) - P Nash, J Elko, S Powers. D Ryan. J Keedy. 2ND ROW (L-R)J Telen, Sances, P. Michal, S. McLoud, J Scanlin. ' (ullespie, D Ottier, R Powers. Bercovitch (Coach) The Hockey Team finished 4th in their league The season had many highlights. Co-Captains Gallagher and Bak le l the team in scoring with 23 jx)ints apiece. Wing John Sheehan, scored several key goals. Defenseman Rob Gladchuk contril uted solid play Most memorable plays Ciallagher’s hip pass to Bak; Bak skated in to score a short- handed goal with seconds to go to beat Tech; GallagheFs Stf i minute goal against Classical whicl as chsallowed Varsity Hockey 1ST ROW (L-R) - R Letxl. B 0 ' C:oniier. J Sheehan, J Bak. J Ciallagher. B Gladchuck, R. Sawicki. B Williams. 2ND ROW (L-R) - K Johnson. C:oach Buz Bray. S Walker. T Mcwre, T Plungis. M. Saheed, C. Stedman, M Healy, D. Pion, R. ( ' ampl)ell. E. Swason. J Amlxs. J Maloureux, G. Theilman, P. Healy. M Wovnar, K. McCxvrmick, (aiach J Gallagher. To Pass Or Not To Pass?!?! He strikes without mercy . . . His name? . Ordered by Mr. Potts to stop offend- The Hall Monitor ers ... He waits around the corner for you 1 HCAR yoa twtr tffir APSES ' x 0 14 - “A Specter is haunting the High School, the Specter of Passion. It lurks unbidden and unwanted and its shadow is all the more threatening for its size. Its oppression finds outlet in the bodies of our tormentors, our leaders, our sometime friends, those dauntless pedagogues, yes, friends, our teachers. Armed with whips, chains, and Administrative support, Amerika’s version of Mussolini’s Brown Shirts, the uniformed authoritarians have become blind to the pleas, cries, and forlorn laments of the cattle, the plebians, the lowly undergrads of the High School Era, us, friends. We are the subjected, the dominated, the refugees officially required to go to an open room, the Library or the now much larger Student Lounge though few, if any, of our numbers spend time there. The charges levied against us in support of this Passist policy are for the most part plausible. I admit it! I killed him! But our greatest threat comes from the Administration conveniently forgetting our ability to improve. Don’t be blinded by our sins! Let not our transgressions be visited upon the later generations! That’s all I’ve got to say; thank you.” an anonymous student 102 Credits Coldbug 77 Front Cover: Judy O’Connor; Back Cover: Mark Sofield Endsheets: Alison Aune Title Page: Rob Smyser Faculty Divider: Lori Rowell Anatomy of a Teacher: Rob Smyser Faculty Section: Layouts: Elizabeth Bernhard, Leslie Taylor, Rick White. Artwork: Alison Aune, Sam Hannigan, Rob Smyser. Underclass Divider: Jane Milesko Superlatives: Layout: Rick White, Debbie Camerino Photographers: Rusty Rowell, Judy O’Connor, Mark Sofield, Elizabeth Bernhard, Leslie Taylor Activity Divider: Rob Smyser; Layout: Peter Barr, Rick White, Joanne Kuzmeski Artroom Graffitti: Artists: Rob Smyser, Micha Archer, Carl Ostendarp, Nina Rossi Senior Divider: Rob Smyser Senior Layouts: Debbie Camerino, Robert Simon Sports Divider: Mike Elkins Sports Layouts: Rick White, Robert Simon To Pass or Not to Pass Cartoons: Steve Kennedy End Page: Photo: Karen Schumer; Poem: Sue Aubrey Editorial Staff: Blanche Derby (ad), Debbie Camerino and Rick White (co-ed), Rusty Rowell (photo ed), Robert Simon, Leslie Taylor, Peter Barr, Rob Smyser, Elizabeth Bernhard, Joanne Kuzmeski. Business Staff: Mary Ann Shea (ad), Sabina Cournoyer, Nancy Cook, Richard White, Susan Barker, Donna Jones, Susan Buck, Steve Carpenter, Mark Lauroesch, Cindi Kendall and Debbie Drake. ; i t- ' r ' O ,;A . ' Vy !) 0 ■ " I Sometimes I am carried away By the sea of life Rising with the waves Falling with the tide J And other times It flows right by my door And leaves me To swim on my own . V xy , o, Sue Aubrey 104 T” a r r y X -f Oc 0 ' v ' f-V o«v ' ' I o f ' . 1-? ' X 0 0 ' tf y-vs v ' it goT ' ' o- ' " ' 4xj U. V ' 1 ■ ■ ' ■ ' g- Viet- -V + 3, 1— " V " V- O L- V-) . C5 C-V-C V-Wj - ' G. o U:i ' ‘=»- . I rvn . lo A yV- ) X ' 6h X Cc?u.l :f U - ' -e Fi wi i: . • aX 2 (I lyooc u X’‘ 5(f X L ' e 0 )F f fk C.H cL cJc icn bo y. rkej ' ’ f yw lly y eJe k «e y cx-i , wcF ,v, U (!-av e 7 ' 1 ’ ' ' (j lELaCl ik Jt l ft Ir f ® . ' 1 1 K L 1 P B ce ■IKV ' hB% IkwJ r w Wi 1 |,S HB ' bHmm DATE DUE w 1 4«t - ' teiiiflll laata, MiMMi jg;i|j;:j;i|i!|y

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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