Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA)

 - Class of 1975

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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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AMHERST REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY AmheisL MA 01002 We Dedicate SAMMIE POTTS To Sammie Potts, a great man, who came to Amherst Regional High School carrying within him a dream . . . a dream of what our school could and would become. Through sharing that dream, and perseverance, it is slowly solidifying into reality. To Sammie Potts, who touched a rainbow to the walls to enlighten our minds and spirits. To Sammie Potts, because he greets everyone with a smile and has a door which is always invitingly open. To Sammie Potts, because he speaks our language. But most of all, to Sammie Potts, because he really cares 2 This book to: KEITH LINDBLOM There is a person among us here at ARMS, not just a teacher or some distant figure in the shadow of a classroom, but a human being in the truest sense of the word. To many he represented a wisdom and knowledge that could not be surpassed. For this we thank him. To many he was one to turn to in times of pain or problems. For this we thank him. To many he represented what a true friend could and should be. For this we thank him. We tested his tolerence level all too often, and he held fast. For this we thank him. We could go on into infinity identyfing the virtues of this person, but what we should do is attempt to show our appreciation for giving his time and effort- to us, by dedicating this yearbook to him. Mr. Lindbloom, Gramps, Pop, Chief, or however we students addressed him, was a silver lining to an often dark cloud of existence. As many of us are heading our separate ways, as he is doing, the memory will always linger of the woodshop, and the beautiful person in it. It was a night of early spring The winter-sleep was scarcely broken: Around us shadows and the wind Listened for what was never spoken. Though half a score of years are gone. Spring comes as sharply now as then But if we had it all to do It would be done the same again. It was a spring that never came; But we have lived enough to know That what we never have, remains; It is the things we have that go. ONIY bridge HOMlStlf IS TH[ ip ST»»yAriOK 3 B. Ames, 1950 C. Abramson, H.S. Sr. B. Donley, 14 yr. j Craig, H.S. Sr V. Baslable, H.S. Sr. B. Main, H.S. Sr. V. Oldershaw, H.S. Sr. D. Glazier, 7yrs. Cb rtoC - cocJCA ..dCCJi. ,jCJt x vC Jt. jt cA o Acb t .xyf JUxjtyj OlX occx uu r LO- ' P ' Tr. jCJx .Atjou t cc oa tycot toC . • , CJL C. Camp, 1966 P. Fredrickson, H.S. Sr. CLOC u.CJt . C ’TTt bcLn ' XAjort , . L t.ce cCi Jt cc jt- ' yiX cctaCa cju j oot oC outc rcL OL out jt te. jumAOC t XAjL 5 Evelyn Barber Sec. to Instruc. Director William Ames Social Studies Virginia Bastable Math Sonya Berquist Biology Mary Bleckwell Guidance Aid Charles Abramson Physical Education John Adams Instructional Director George Banks Custodian We pay fond, final, farewell homage to our highly esteemed staff, who has struggled so heroically with us in the battle of the past four years, in remuneration for the sleepless nights they have spent in our behalf. Alan Bridges Guidance Lawrence Briggs Jr. Physical Education Beverly Brown Cafeteria Eli tabeth Carlisle English Sandra Brown Office Aid Erwin Cepek Advanced Biology Stanley Dobosz Reading Eleanor Fillmore Guidance Director Betty Jane Donely Classical Languages Mary Fitzpatrick Math Chris Emery Science Industrial Arts Janet Fleury Social Studies Aide Mark Gerstein Social Studies Lorraine Gouin Sci. Resource Clr. Aide Lorraine Giard Phys Ld Jeffrey Green English Donna Glazier Social Studies Charlotte Halpin English Helen Goddard Receptionist Anna Elays French John Helfley Coordinating Principal Helen Howard Cafeteria Paul Judson Math Gladys Jenks Registrar Merrita Hruska Home Economics William Kahnweiler I PC Kristin Johnson Home Economics Aide Helen Karch Cafeteria Betsy Lou Jones Library Aide Winthrop Kellog Custodian James Kelly Industrial Arts Patrick Leighton Science Robert Kelly Social Studies Suzanne LaVerdiare Mathematics Rufus Kneeland Physical Education Driver Education Elizabeth Lawson Physical Education Sandra Kochan School Nurse Helen Lee Language Lab Aide John Kolasienski Custodian Benton Minks English Ronald Lee Speech Irene Matlon English Erank Llamas Community Resource Dir. Paul Lengieza Social Studies Alice Madrzakowski Sec. to Principals John Maggs Music Elizabeth Moulder Social Studies Aide Beverly Main Health Aide Marilyn Lewis English Jenny Oberlander Science Aide Waller Ouimette French Robert Riemer Adm. Intern Virginia Oldershaw Instr. Media. Srv. Sec. Jane Price English Richard Reed Graphic Arts Bruce Oldershaw Instr. Media Srv. Dir. Hazel Perlman English Reading Lila Joy Preston Mathematics George Steinmeyer German Mary Ann Shea Business Education Isabel Ryavec Librarian Molly Robinson Guidance Secretary Alice Stanne Mathematics James Scott Chemistry Physics Randy Robinson Physical Education Thomas Styspeck Chemistry Edgardo Rothkegal Spanish Alexander Smith Custodian Venus was taken for a ride? 1957 the auditorium looked like this? 1 925 we had military drill? 1918 milk was in glass bottles? 1957 we had male cheerleaders? 1969 Do You Remember When... We had 3 superintendants? 1918 kids went to school here? I9t8. the baseball team looked like jailbirds? 1922 the Band had uniforms? 1939. we had a goldbug staff, this size? 1922 the basketball team looked like wrestlers? 1922 the football team had no helmets? 1924. SCHOOL LIFE— 1925 Marion Ranne Andrew Peters Dw ight Strong Miehael Skibick Audrey Bolles Elizabeth Atwood Elizabeth Allen Jean Searle W Hired Pariseau Elizabeth C ' hapni Sybil Jewett Parker Harris Jessie Moline Ma let) tin Brown Elizabeth Sears ■••Janet Jones David Shumwav Ethel Harlow Census Cleverest Quaintest Most Dramatic . . . Poet Best Looking Boy . Best Looking Girl . Dude Most Athletic Boy . Most Athletic Girl , Neatest Best Boy Dancer . Best Girl Dancer Flirt Shyest Sweetest Girl Manliest Boy Teacher’s Pet .... Teacher’s Trial . . . Most Popular Boy . Most Popular Girl Most Concieted Boy Most Concieted Girl Sunshine Dreamer Class Baby . . . . Andrew Peters June Atwood . . . Elizabeth Allen Jean Searle .... Dwight Strong . . . Marion Ranney Michael Skibinski Malcolm Brown ... Audrey Bolles June Atwood . . Wilfred Pariseau Elizabeth Chapman Sybil Jewett June Atwood . . . . Marion Raney . Parker Harris Jessie Moline . . Malcolm Brown ... Dwight Strong . . . Elizabeth Sears ... Dwight Strong Janet Jones . . Malcolm Brown . . David Shumway Ethel Harlow The golden halls of learning 1921 The wind passe th over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more. 19 J SCHOOL LIFE 1975 Some People Took It Seriously . . . And . . . . . . Some People Didn’t! went into a dream world and never returned some ju st left. Some People . . . gave an arm and a leg for a good education curled up in a dark hole 21 I ' These are the people that work hard, very hard, every day against the impossible odds of pleasing our tastes . . . i 22 bul the icecream lady is always there to make the lunch worthwhile. . . sometimes the food seems to overcome you although sometimes it’s a little bit easier Sometimes it’s difficult to know what we’re being served 23 At The Newstand We Find I SEPT. 74 INTELLECTUAL DIGEST What is the secret at ARMS that produces such extraordinary su- per-intellectual people and why is it hiding? Does education truly exist at ARMS? HI Robber’s Weekly EDUCATION TODAY Special Issue: Portable Classrooms 26 Fleas are sometimes a problem at ARFIS flies are also a problem. and so are students! There’s always a student in every class! Didn’t we see a movie about these girls? I 28 Sophomores Robert Ackermann, Greg Ad- ams. Doug Albertson, Timothy Aldrich. Scott Anderson. Adonis Alford. Timolh Andrews, Christina Annabelle, L nn Arch- er. Susan Aubry Ray Babb. Peter Bak. Thomas Bak, Kevin Banks. Nancy Ban- ner. Peggv Barber, Susan Bar- ker, Bonnie Barrows. Cindy Bar- rows. David Basset Tina Bell. Leslie Benson. Pamela Berwald. Liana Bias. Robert Birnney. Robert Blalner, Robert Bond. Michele Boulanger. Diane Brvan. Mike Buck Scott Budde, Jennifer Burgess, Florence Bulls. Glenn Call. I)e- broah Camerino. James Camp- bell. Nancy Capen. Kim Carl- son. Stephen Carpenter. Whendy Carter Charles Carver, Jack Chandler, bwen Chen, Oren Cheyelte. Kate Chickering. Raymond Ci- cia. James Clevenger. Thomas Corcoran, Hubert Cosligan. Jenny Cosligan land Cotanche. Timothy Cow- els, Jill Criles. Donna Cross. Bonnie Crum. Susan ( ulberlson, Am Curran. Pally Dalton, Mary Deangelis. Diana Denysc 29 Susan Knight, Marjorie Kohler, Eric Krolkov, Joanne Kuzmeski. Ryan Ladd, Heloise Lamon- lagne, Kathleen Lane, Patricia Lane, Jeff Laugher. Susan Laugher. Wayne Lavalle. Diane Levin, Mark Lewison, Susan Lillerer, Paul Liu. Tern Livens. Betty Ludtke. Jeremy Lyon, Samuel MacLeod. Craig Manning. Anne Marcotty. Siobhan Mar- ley. Thomas Martin. Emily Mar- tindaie, Sarah Matthews, Gilbert May, Carolyn McCormick. Hei- di McFlhiney, Stephen Merrill, Elizabeth Meyers. Peter Miles, Jane Mileszko, Karen Mills, Curtiss Moner, Lucia Moore, Mark Moore. Shannon Moore. Robert Mul- lins. Jeffrey Myers, Christine Newport. Jane Oberlander, Deborah Ocicki. Judy O’Connor, Cather- ine Olds, Bruce Patterson. David Pierce, Susan Pelkey. Donna Perry, Pamela Peters, Eric Peterson. Ansia Petropolus. Lynnette Prior. Brenda Quinlan. Nancy Reid. Donald Reynolds, Sue Reynolds. Janet Richardson. Randall Roberts. Heather Rob- inson. Jonathan Robinson. Meric Robinson. Leigh Rohde. Lli abeth Rolandcr. Adam Rolhberg. John Rowan. Rohcrl Rowell. Jose Ruhero. Therman -Sanders. fk sion SchelTc). Adam Shanor. Diane Shaw. Anne Silberger, .Susan Silva. Juliana Simon, Matlhew Simon. Robert Simon. Barbara Singer. Douglas Smith, Robin Smith. Allen Spear. Mane Spence. Deborah Stem. David .Stoneham. David .Strong, Todd Sunderland. Amelia Sui ton. Roberta S ala. (her l Tausk . I cslie Ta lor. Gregors Thelen. Howard Thornton. William T - ler. Karen IJIhnch. Yvonne Vogl. David Volpe. Valerie Weaver. Mar lou Webb. Rich- ard While. Thomas While. Ste- phen Wichman abelh W ilkinson. Marjorie Wilson. Timolhs Winslow. Jel- fres Winters. Nancs WDgrin. loseph VV oil. Neal W oodard. John W )socki. I homas ajicek, f TIC uhe Mi 4: - e . Juniors P6 Charles Allen. Gerard Alleri- sio. Scou Ambs, Don Gary Anderson. Karen Bak, Susan Barker. James Barr, Cather- ine Beil. Carl Berquisl, Craig Berquisl Christine Berry. Cathleen Bishop, Deborah Black. Mar- tha Boluch, Anthony Bond. Andrew Boothroyd. Judith Bragg. Aaron Britt, Cynthia Brown. Doug Buck Baxter M. Bullock. Jon A. Burak. Andrew Burke. Chris- topher Burke. Edgardo Can- delario. Nelida Candelario. Denise Carey, Timothy Carli- sle. Sara Carlozzi. Peter Chamet ky Charles Chandler. Nadine Chien. Geoffrey Cleare. Vin- cent Cleary. Paula Cobb. Re- ginald R. Coler, Christopher Collins, James F. Cook. Ruby Costigan. Karen Cromack Kathleen Curran. David Dal- ton, Karen L. Damerell. Allen Dean. Fli abelh Decourcey. Roger M. Delgado. Richard Denesha, Philip Denyse. Aleck Desmond. Wayne Dewyngaert Anne Dorman, Mark Dowell. Clark Drake. Nancy Drake, Karen D endolet. Judith Fa- gerson. Richard Fay. Anne Feaster, John Fenton. Teresa Filios V- 33 Daniel 1 isk. Scotl f il gcrald. 1 Men M I lighl, Mary l-olcy. Margaret I ord. Peter f owler. C hnslopher I ranklin, Julie I redenek. I.ewis f uller, Mike I usia JelTery (ierviekas. f li abet h (ietlier. Christopher (iray. Deborah (iriswald. Andrea Hill. Kay Malpern. l.orna llalsted. Joseph Harris. Christopher Hasbrouk. Kath- ryn 1 layes Peggy Hilsom. Janet Holesov- sky, Joseph Holmes. Kathleen Holmes. Cynthia Horne. I torenee Houn, Andrew Howard. Pamela Howes. Amy Hubert. Jonathon Kay 1 ori Kellogg, Clifford Kelly. Barbara Kennelly. Terese Keohane. Joy Keyes. Kathy Kimball. Kathleen Klein. Saragraee Knauf. Jamie Koehler Susan 1 aclaire. Verna l.a- claire. David I a I ranee. Heidi 1 aufman. Ronald l.averdiere. Cynthia I en . l ee Ann l.eon- .ird. Richard S. I.ewison. Robert I.ord. Kathy l.outtit Janet I.yman. Jane Mahar, Michael Marko. Collen Mar- tey. Michael Maseis. Kathleen Mathews. Michael Matusko. Kathryn M a x s o n . David Maynard. David Ma or HI Norval Mcclure, Debra Mccon- nell, Sandra McGill. Richard McGiln, Linda McKemmie, John Mclaughlin, Andrew Mcneal. Craig R, Merrill, Gayl Mileszko, Perry V. Moss Ann Murphy, Ellen Newcombe, Peter Nicolay, Anthony Nob- blen, Eileen O ' Brien, Ann O’- Connor, Theresa Olanyk. Kath- leen O’Neil, Michael Orr, Don- ald Orrell Jennifer Osborn, Anneliese M. Ostendarp. Robl in Paul, Carol Peene, Donna Pelkey, Peter Per- chak. E. Sterl Phinney, Katrina Picha, Stephen Pitkin, Mark L. Powers Norma Pratt, Alan Progulske, Thomas Quarles, Keith Quinton, Scott M, Reimer, Nancy Rogers. Kenneth Ross. Darlene Ryznic, Pamela Sabey, Michael Sacco Stephen Schwartz. Pamela Schwartzberg. Robert Seyfert, Karen Sheerman, Seth Sher- wood, Leon Shumway, Paul Shumway, Mark Siddall, Paula Sisto, Michael Skelly Andrew Smith. Martha South- worth. Abigail Sunderland, Pe- ter Teraspulsky. David Thayer. Douglas Thayer. Anita Thomp- son. Stephen Thompson. Kath- leen Thornton, Neil Towson 3S Diane Truehart. Glen Vanpeski. John Vassallo Sue Venman, Tom Vinskey, Michele Walas Jonathon Waldron, Jane Wasliewicz. Barbara Webb Jill Weinstein. Laura Wellman. James Wentworth Donna Whitcomb, David Whitney, James Wiley Becky Williams. Dan Win sloNv. Dana Zartnian, Peter Ziomek I TOAD ' EnNOT T p D D A T I ) »o»r “ r ' ,005 0 airM h .AME m 3-w jits: go PR00fl Can you spot the H.RH5. Senior? Almost everyone at ARHS today wants to look like a senior. 80 proof ' Wrong. He’s A.T. Proof. He’s pretty lightheaded. 69. Wrong. She’s Onda Corner. Her Gimmick: She’s for everybody. Wrong. He’s Prince Ipal, and he’s lost control of his faculties. 5 Wrong. Eddie Bullfly. He’s food for thought. 3.14 Nope. It’s a coffee cake. TWO No, No, No. He just snuck in from another ad. 1830 Wrong. We couldn’t think of anything for him, so go on. 9. Not quite. He’s Chip Monkhead. His gimmick: He eats bananas. 13 No way. That’’s Pila Dirt. Gimmick: He’s only Humus. 4. Wrong. That’s just the shuttle bus. ALKNot him. He’s Roman Newman-Earl. 8 Not precisely. He’s Rabbi T. Hare. He’s gotta point 10. Almost, but not really. He’s O. Versexed. He’s looking for Onda. 9 Wrong. He’s L.D. Aublo. His Gimmick — He’s hot stuff. 18 M.T. Head, Social Studies teacher 3 No, he’s Dy Section, biology intern. 6 Warts Welcome, former senior. 7 Can’t you tell an eagle when you see one? II Who Knows? Who Cares? 9 Nope, that’s the senior’s twin (and his shadow), C. (Junior) High. Feb 30, 1917 A good year for wine. 21 Outta Here. A typical returning graduate of ARHS. 20 Lil Til Kid, Miniature genius. 7777 Nope, It’s M. A. Scara, Next years typical senior. 75 Yes folks, that’s him, the typical Amherst idiot, er, I mean senior. B. Who Knows?’ sister. Why bother? URRY RDAMS Chorale 1; baseball 1.2. 3. 4: Footb.; Gymnastics 1.2.3. DEBRA ADAMS Art Cl 2.3.4; N.H.S. 3.4; Amh. Area Res. Ctr. 3; Y.E.S. 4.Tres.4. PAULA ALBERTSON Chorale 4; Goldbirg 4; N.H.S. 1.2. 3.4; Out Cl 3.4; Pep Cl 2; Field Hock 2; Ski team 1,2. SUSAN BAR Pep Cl 3,4; Ski team 1.2, 3,4; Swim team 3,4. LYNN BAKER Basketball manager 3. NANCY BERNOTAS ELIZABETH BLECKNEHL Out Cl 1.2,3,4; Tri S 2,3; Swim 1, 2;Trackl,2,3,4, ERICA BERQUIST N.H.S. 3,4. CHRIS BEAN NANCY BERGER AV Cl 1-sec, 2-sec, vi-pres, pres, 3-pres, 4; cheerleader 1; Graphic 3; New Sports Show tech dir —; Volleyball 2.3. LVNN BRYAN lANE BUKOSKI ANGIE BURGESS Chorus 1. 2.3.4, Get Cl 1,2: Gold bug4, NH S. 1.2,3.4.0ut Cl 1,2, 3.4, Basketball 4. Softball 3.4. Track 1.2 CHARLES BURKE WILLIAM BUTLER BETSY CANN Literary Mag 3,4, NHS 3,4 39 SHEILA COLLINS " Ongmality is the return to the origin, " Antoni Gaudi, Goldbug 4: Art Cl,, Play Crew 3.4, Play Cast 4: Goldbug Cover 4, DEBORAH JO CORKER Band 1,2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1; Ger Cl 3: School News 1; N.H.S. 3,4; Out Cl 4; Orch 2,3,4; Play Cast 1; Stu Council 1; Basketball 2.3,4; Field Hock 4; Softb 4; Track 2,3. EDWARD COSTA KATE E. COTY Bus. Car. Cl. 3,4; Graphic 3: Pep ANIDREW COWLES Cl. 4. ALAN CRABTREE " Gumby " Ger. Cl. 3,4; Skiing 4, 40 PEGGY CROSSMAN FHA 1 DOUG CUOMO Band 3: N H S 1.2, 3, 4: Stu Coun 1,2, Baseb 1; Basketb 1,2, X- country 2; ATA 3,4, Band called " Fusion " 3,4. MARK DAVIES Band 1. 2.3.4, Golf 2. Pep Band 1, 2,3.4 STEVEN CULBERTSON Soccer 2,3,4, Squash 4. Stu Coun 2.3, Pres. 4. Goldbug 3, 4 JAYNE CUNNINGHAM KAREN ELIZABETH DELGADO But the tender grace of a day that is dead will never come back to me, " Tennyson ANDREA LYNNE DIHLMAN Cborus 2,3: Ger. Cl. 3,4, Goldbug 3,4, CARLA DIHLMAN VENUS 01 MILO Art Cl, 1.2, 3, 4. Cheerleader 2.3,4; Basketb, 3,4: Hock, 3.4, Wrestling 3,4. DIANA DOUBLEDAY " Dee Dee " Cheerleader 2: Pep Cl, 2: Volleyb, CYNTHIA JAY DRAKE Band 2: Chorale 3.4. N H,S, 3,4; Out. Cl. 2,3,4. Basketb, 1,2; Field Hock. 1.3,4. Track 2, mn- ■ NANCY CRAMER MARY BETH EVANS Chorale 2.3.4, Graphic 3. Pep Cl I DAVID ERTEL Band 1.2,3, Tres 4. Chorale 2,3.4 Orch 4. Out. Cl 2.3. Tres 4 DAVID ECKESS Rod Gun Cl 3.4, Foolb 1 La crosse 2.3.4 SUSAN D. DREYER Bio. Cl 4. Chorale 4. Chorus 1.2 3.4 PTC 3. Orch 1.2 Volleyb 2 4 KEN DRAKE Rod Gun Cl 2,3 4 Baseb 1, Basketb 1, Footb 12 3 4 CYNTHIA M DRAKE JUDY FIELD AV Cl 2.3.4. Bus Car Cl 4 NANCY FIELD FHA3 KATHY FISCHER BRUCE FENG NHS 2.3 4 Baseb 12 3.4. Whalers Cl 2 JONATHAN FIELD CAROLYN FARQUHAR Out Cl 4. Baket Basketb 4 B CLIFFORD FITZGERALD AV Cl. 1,2,3,4,N,H.S, 1.2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH FOX MARGARET FRANCES Band 1,2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 1; Cho- rale 4. DUANE FREEMAN X-Country 4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. RONALD R. FRIEDMAN LISA GALLAGHER N H.S. 3.4; Bashetb. 1.2,3; SoHb. 1.2,3. JOHN FREDERICK GARBER " For its down this road I ' ll wan- der, To never more be seen Art Cl, 2,3.4, Goldbug 3,4; Noth- ing Much 2,3,4, Pygmies 2,3,4, Sibe ' ian Swim Cl. 2,l4 BARBARA GERE Squash 1; Swimming 1.2. 3. 4 EVAN GEniER Bio Cl. 3; Stu. Coun 3; Jr Class Core Comm. DAVE GILBERT Play Cast 3; Stu Coun 4. Hock. 2, 3. Co-Capt 4, Tennis 4 ALISON GOODZIET Debale 2.3; Morn Announce 2; NHS 2,3.4, Play Crew 1,2,3; Play Cast 1,2,3; Thesbians 1,2.3 4 JUDY GORDON 43 LINDA HAYS Band 1,2,3; Out Cl, 3,4. Pep Cl, 1, 2: Tri-S, 1,2, 3, 4; Swim 1,2: Tennis 2 . DONNA HILLENBRAND Pep Cl. 2, HU HOLCOMB POut Cl 1.2,3; Swim 1.2. MOLLY GRAY CYNTHIA HASTINGS Chorus 3,4. N H S, 2.3.4, Out, Cl 1.2. 3. 4. X Counlry 3,4. Track 1,2, 3.4. Lalm II Award lOAN MARIE HATT Chorus 1. FHA-Sec. 1, Ger Cl. 1. 2, Morn Announce. 2 MARY HAVYLEY AV Cl, 1,2,3,4. Bus. Car. Cl. 4, French Cl. 1; Track 1 NANCY GRALINSKI Chorus 3.4. Goldbug 4; Oul Cl 3. 4: Stu coun 1,4; vice pres 2, Field Hock l,2.3,4,Softb 1, DAVE GRISWOLD Auto Cl, 2: Rod S Gun Cl. 1, 2.3.4; Baseb 1; Whaler ' s Cl. 2. LINDA HARTMAN Band 1.2.3; N H.S, 3,4, Out. Cl, 3, 4; Basketb. 1; Field Hock 1,2, 3, 4; Tennis 2,3 LEE ANN HALL N.H.S, 4; Orch 4; Out. Cl. 2; All- Dis. Orch. M. G. HARVEY Art Cl, 1.2 KYP JOHNSON X-Counlry 1. Soccer 2.3.4: Squash 3.4. Track I.2.3.4. l‘ KEVIMONES SAMMUELN.JUDSON Chess Cl. 3.4. Out, Cl. Play Crew 3; Gymnastics 3: Soc- cer 1.2. 3. 4, Squash 3.4. Tennis 3. 4 SUSAN M. KASLUSLAS AV Club 3.4; Bus. Car Cl. 3, Vol leyb 3.4 WILLIAM KEEDV Rod S Gun Cl 1.2.3. Footb 1; Wreslling 1.2. DANNIEL KING ii 45 DIANE KLEIN " One rose can ' t live unless its understood ” Chor 1.2. 3, 4. Graphic 4; Goldbug 4: Morn Ann 4. Play Crew 1,2.3, 4; Play Cast 2,3: Thespians 4; Field Hock, 1.2; Softb, 3,4 MARV ELAINE KOENIG Chorale 2,3,4, Chor, 1; Goldbug 4; Morn Ann, 3,4; N H,S. 3,4; Stu- deni Council 1.2; Tri-S. 2: Class Pres. 1,4; Field Hock 1,4; Track 4. 4, CYNTHIA I. KOLDV Chor. (District All Slate) 1; Outing Cl, 1,2: Field Hock. 1, SUSANNA KUMMERLE Enter from Mohawk Regl H Graphic 4; Tri S 3,4. RAYMOND LACLAIRE BRYCE LANE ,S. 2 Graphic 4; Play Crew 1,4; Play Cast 1,4; Footb. 1,2, 3.4 (tri capt); Golf 2; Hockey 2; Wrestling 3. STEVEN KONICEK " This loo. will pass " Sufi Art Club 3,4; AV Club 1,2; N.H.S. 3,4, RON LARSON Squash 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4. CARL KOSARICK PETER C. LASHWAY SHARON KRAVETZ Chorale 4; Chor. (District All State) 2,3; Spanish Club 1; Tri-S 3: Volleyball 2. ALETHA LEADBETTER French Club (Chairperson) 1; Outing Club 4. 46 ALICE LEE Gand 3.4. Cheerleader (Hock ) 3. 4. Debale 2.3. French Club 2,3; German Club 2.3. N H S (Pres ) 3.4 MARY LEE Band 2,3.4. Cheerleader (Hock ) 3. Debate 2.3. French Club (Sec ) 2.3.NHS. 3,4 LISALEED Pep Club 2, Play Crew 2,3. Tri-S 2. Track 3.4 NICHOLAS LEININGER Symphony Band 1,2. 3. 4. N H S 2. 3.4. Outing Club 4 Stud Coun I, 2 . Thespians 2.3 4 GREGG " EGGS " LEONARD JAMES U.LEVINGER Goldbug 3,4. Outing Club 1.3.4. Lacrosse 3,4, Soccer 3. NANCY L. LIKENS HEIDIS. LINOBLOM Art Club 3.4. Chorale 3,4 JANET LENTILHON Spanish Club 2 KAREN M LITTLE Band 1,2, 3. 4 Debate 2. N H S 2. 3.4, Orchestra 1.3.4 DOUGLAS H. LENZ Band 1,2.3. 4 N HS 34 Outing Club 3 4 Play Crew 3. Play Cast 3. Stud Coun 1 Soccer 14 Wrestling 1.3,4 THERESA LIU " Tweely " Cheerleader 1,3.4. Literary Maga- zine 4 N H S 3.4, Tennis 3.4. Track I 47 JOAN LOCKHART Goldbug 1,2,4, NH.S. 2,3,4. Ou- tlmg Club 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3 • MARTHA LORD Enter from Watauga High School 2 Art Club 1: Cheerleader 1, Cho- rale 1, Goldbug 4: N H.S. 2,3,4. Spanish Club 2: Stud Coun 1: Tri-S3.4. W7 MICHELE MAGELSSEN Enter from PBHS 3. Chorale 4, Chorus (District All Stale) 3 DEBRA iAV MAIN Cheerleader 3,4. Pep Club 2,3: Tri-S 2,3: Skiing 1,2. OEBORAMAISNER DAVID MARCOTTE Chorale 2,3,4; French Club 2; Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4; Collequim Mu- sicium 4. DEBBIE MARKUSON Chorus (District All State) 1,2,3; Pep Club 4, Play Crew 2,1 Gym- nastics 1,2, 3, 4, Track 1,2; Volley- ball 1.2,3 ROBERT “BUBBA " MARTIN Spanish Club 1. Lacrosse 2,3,4 EMILY MAY N H S. 3,4; Outing Club 2,3,4, Pep Club 2. Tri Sl,2.3,4, Track 2,3,4 THOMAS COOPER MCCLUNG Art Club 4, Band 1,2; Chorale 3.4, STEVE MCCORMICK MARK ERICMCKIE " In a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse. " — T.S. Eliot Goldbug 4; Cross Country 3,4, (Co-Capt 4). Gymnastics 2,3,4; Track 2.3.4, ; (AY MILES III BRENDA MILLAR JERRY MILLAR Rod Gun Club 1.2, 3, 4; Based, 1, 2; Basketb. 1; Footb, 1, 2,3,4: La- crosse 3,4. PAUL MILLER Band 1.2, 3. 4, Chorale 3,4; Gold- bug 2,3: Orchestra 4: Outing Club 4: Play Crev 1.2,3; Play Cast 1: Thespians 2.3. DAVID MILLS NICK MITCHELL Band 1: Basketb. 1,2: Cross Coun- try 1,2,3: Track 1 HERYL MOKR2ECKY heerleader 1,4: Outing Club 4; ri-S 4: Field Hockey 4; Track 3,4; olleyball 3. HARRIET MONROE PETER MOSS Chess Club 2: N.H.S. 4: Basketball 3,4 (Co-Cap. Sr. Yr.). SELINA NATHAN FHA 4; Baseb. 2; Skiing 3; Softb. 3 ANTON MARK NEARY Enter from Valley Regional High (Deep River, Conn.) Goldbug 2 Key Club 3: Baseb. 1, Basketb. 1 Footb 1: Coll 2: Lacrosse 3,4 Soccer 2.3.4: Squash 4 GREGORY NELSON Debate 2,3: Goldbug 4: Club 4. Thespians 4 Outing 49 STEVE NEWCOMBE Graphic 3: Goldbug Co-EO. 4: Out’ ing Club 4; Play Crew 2; Gymnas- tics 1, 2.3,4. PETER NIEMCZUlU KENNHH NOEL SUSAN O ' DONNELL ALAN OLDERSHAW Na. H.S. 2: Skiing I.2.3.4. LINDA ANN ORR Goldbug 4: Tri-S 3.4; Field Hock- ey 3.4. WILLIAMS. PICKERING Baseb. Hockey 4; Skiing 1.2,3. REBEKAH LOUISE RINTALA AV Club 1.2; French Club 1; Play Crew 1 BRIAN PIEDMONT Hockey 2; Skiing 1,2, 3, 4; Swim- ming 1. AMY ROBINSON Cheerleader 4; French Club 2: Med. Careers Club 3; Pep Club 2, 4;Tri-S 2,3. MARSHA PRIOR Trans, from Agawam High School 2. Pep Club 3,4. lUNE ROBINSON Band 1,2,4; Na.H.S. 2; Orchestra 4. CANDACE L, PROUT Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus (District All Stale) 2; Med. Careers Club 3; Tri- S2,3. MELISSA ROHDE CHRISTINE ROLANDER Cheerleader (hockey) 4; Med. Careers Club 3; Na.H.S. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Tri-S2. VALERIE ROSS MARI RICHARDSON Cheerleader 1,2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Cross Country 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 4. SEAN RACE KAREN M. SAHEED Cheerleader 4 (hockey); French Club 2; Pep Club 2: TrI-S 2,3; Prom Committee 3. ERICA J. SAL2MAN LISA G. RUSSELL ANNE SCHUYLER Trans, from Darien H.S. Conn. 3. AFS 4; Orchestra (District All Slate) 3.4; Debate 3; Goldbug 4; Na.H.S. 3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1.2. MARTHA SCHWARTZ Cheerleader 1,3,4; French Club 3. Pep Club 2,3. Tri-S 3, FRANCES SCHWART2BERG Trans. Irom Woodlands H.S (N Y.) 3. Art Club 3; Outing Club X4; Play Crew 2; Play Cast 1 MICHAEL lOHNSEROUCK Trans, from Woodbury High ' 2. JANNA SEVOIAN RACHEL SHANOR RACHEL RUDMAN " I simply experiment, an endless seeker with no past at my back. " R.W Emerson Art Cl. 3,4; Chorale 1,2,3,4; Li- brarian 1; Goldbug 3.4 Co-Ed.; Literary Mag 2; Collegium Musi- cum 3.4; Na.H.S. 3,4; Outing Cl. 1,2,3,4, Play Crew 1, 2,3,4; Play Cast 2;Thesbians 2,3,4; Track 1, GAYLE SANDERS BETH SAWYER CYNTHIA SHAW DAVID K. SHEPARD Play Crew 3; Play Cast 3; Footb. 2,3; Skiing 3. DEBORAH SHERMAN MARCSHIFFLEn Basketb. 1; Cross Country 2,3; Track 2. MARK SIMPSON Basketb. 2; Footb. 1. KEVIN SKELLV WILLIAM D.SUTE Chess Club 3,4; Na.H.S. 4; Cross Country 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2, 3, 4; Track 2,3,4. TOM SLOCOMBE Baseb. 1,2,4; Footb. 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Track 3. JONATHAN SMVSER Outing Club 3; Hockey 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Track 3. DONALD SPEAR ED STANISIEWSKI Cross Country 2,3,4 (Capt. JV 4); Track 2,3,4. GARY STANITIS Na.H.S. 3,4; Basketb, 1,2,3,4. , .« .Si - ' PAny STONE JIM SUPRENANT TONY SZE Art Club 2: Auto Club I DONNA THAYER DIANE SUPRENANT CLAIRE THOMPSON Trench Club 1: German Club 3: Goldbug 3: Play Crew 2: Field Hockey 1. GEO. TOBIN, JR. " Doing what you can with what you ' ve got is what lifes all about. " — George F. Tobin, Jr, Trans, from Kimball Union Academy. Art Club 3,4; Goldbug 3; Literary Magazine l4; Na.H.S. 3,4; Basketb. 4 (Mgr.). SALLY STEWART MARK STONEHAM Band 1,2,3,4 (Mgr); Graphic 3 Play Cast 3; Stud. Council 3 Baseb. 1 (Mgr ); Footb. 1,2,3 Golf 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4. STANLEY STOSZ Rod Gun Club 2,3,4; Baseb. 1,2; Footb. 2,3,4. JOHNNY RAY STRICKLAND Trans, from Prospect High School. Spanish Club 1,2; Stud. Council 1, 2; Baseb. 1; Basketb, 1,2; Volleyb. 1 , 2 . JOHN CHARLES SULLIVAN Na.H.S. 3,4; Play Crew 3; Baseb. 1,2, 3,4; Basketb. 1; Footb, 3,4; Hockey 3,4 (Mgr). THOMAS VENMAN As Schols Match Wits 3.4: Band 1, 2,3,4: Debate 2,3: French Club 2: Na H.S 3.4: Basketb. 2: Cross Country 3.4. Tennis 2,3.4 JOHN VOLPE lAMES C. WARREN Hockey I.2.3.4. ROBERTA " BERT " WARRINER AV Club 1, 2,3,4: Outing Club 2.3: Radio Club 2: Spanish Club 1.2,3, 4. lANn WEAVER KENNETH WHEELER CAROL WHITE Bus. Careers Club 2,3,4; Basketb. l,2;Volleyb. 2,3; Softb. 1,2,3,4. ELLEN WHITE Na.H.S. 2,3, 4; Orchestra 1,2, 3,4; Outing Club 3,4. DENNIS WHinEMORE ROSALVN WIGGINS Chorale 3.4. French Club 1,4; Literary Magazine 4; Outing Club 3; Pep Club 2; Stud. Coun. 3. KAREN WILCOX Trans, form Naples High School. Biology Club 2; Orchestra 1.2. DEAN WHITNEY French Club 1; Cross Country 2,3; Lacrosse 1,3,4. JOHN WILKINSON 1ST WHISTON " Nerandil " " Talava Halava Lavata " Art Club 3; Chorale 3.4; Debate 4; French Club 1; Na.H.S. 2,4; Play Cast 4. lANr FAITH WHITE Band 1,2, 3, 4; Morn. Ann. 4; Na.H.S. 2,3,4; Outing Club 2,3,4; Play Cast 3; Ski Club 1,2; Field Hockey 3,4; Track 2,3. DONNA WHITCOMB MIssInt Seniors: WAYNE AVERY ANN BACHAND CHARLES BARNARD MIRIAM BARNES CAROL BERREY TIM BLACK DOUG BLAHNER TONY CHASTAIN ANNECUUNCH lILL FRANKS AMY GLUCKSTERN DACRE HANCOCK lODY HARRELSON SUSAN HARVEY DAVID HUNT BEN KLEMER MARSHA KOSASINSKI RAUL UMBERT TODD LEE SUSAN MEADE lOHN MITCHELL ERIC NIELSON LAURA O ' CONNELL MARK OSBORN MICHAEL OWEN MARK PARKER SUSAN PROCTOR DARLENE QUEVEOO PHILRAUSH RAOUL ROACH JACQUELINE ROCHFORD JUAN SHEEHAN BRUCE SMITH KEVYN SMITH TIM SMITH WILLIAM TARMEY DAVID THORNTON PAUL THORNTON MICHAEL WILKINS JANICE WILKINSON UURIEWOLF Trans, from Greece-American Academy. Chorus (District All State) 3,4; Na.H.S. 3,4, Outing Club 4; Pep Club 4; Basketb. 2,3, 4: Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3,4:Volleyb. 1. JESSICA WOLFF Na.H.S. 1,2, 3,4: Outing Club 4. DANIEL P. WOODARD BRENDA ANDERSON Auto Club 1,2; Skiing 1,2; Squash 1; Tennis 1. JOHN A, DARLING Trans, from Frontier. Band 1,2,3, 4: Chorale 2,3,4; Na.H.S, 3.4; Play Crew 1,2. E2ULDA DEES PAUL FILIOS RDBERT JAMES LYNN LnOURNEAU ELEANOR BOLUCH Cheerleader 2,3,4; Graphic 3: Na.H.S. 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Stud. Coun. 1.2,3; Tri-S 3,4; Basketb. 1, 2,3; Cross Country 3; Footb 1; Squash 3.4; Swimming 3,4, Track 2,3 DAVE LEVIN DAVID ROTMAN " A dime found is dime for Tango " Baseb, 1,2,3,4; Soccer 4. Na H.S 3,4. cleaning up the school grounds . enforcing school regulations . On a cold wintry day. This is the club’s faculty advi- sor, Mr. Crusher Bubbamartin the shadow of the Mob and Gun Club fell over A.R.H.S. Some of the clubs activities are: . . . . and collecting donations (ammunition is expensive these days!) (as you can see!) SPORTS«SPORT 3 • SPORTS SPO • ' V • ' ■-•? , fc Varsity Field Hockey: ROW I (L-RiJ. White. N. Gralinski, Capl., L. Wolf, Capl., L. Hartman, D. Corker, K. bak. ROW 2 (L-R) J. Keyes, S. Baker, H. LaMontange, N. Worgin, C. Drake. L. O’Connell, Capt., K. Fischer. K. Cromack, R. Schnor. S. O’Donnell, Coach, Mr. Titzel.. The Girls’ Field Hockey Team under coach Ruth “Marge” Titzel finished with a 4-6-2 overall record which left them in 4th place in the Franklin County Girls League. After getting off to a good start the ARHS stickers found themselves victims of five 0- 1 losses. Fine performances were turned in by tri-captains goalie Nancy Gralinski, center half Laura O’Connell, and center forward Laurie Wolf.. With 10 players graduating. Miss Titzel is facing a rebuilding job, having only 3 veteran players Karen Bak, Joy Keyes and Karen Cromack returning The Junior Varsity, under the direction of Coach Maryann Shea also finished 4th in the league standings.. “We’ve come a long way baby!” UK The place was Amherst Regional High School’s gymnasium. The season was fall 1974. The players? Well, they comprised the junior varsity and varsity teams and fell they ahd something to prone to themselves, their coach, and their opponents, The game: VOLLEYBALL. It was in that gym at that time and for their coach, Lorraine Girard, that the ARMS Girls Volleyball team did in ten games what no other volleyball team, and very few other school teams, ever did in the history of the school: they clenched the title in the Franklin County Volleyball League with a 9-1 record, and the ARMS Invitational Volleyball Tournament with a 208 pi., 5-1 record.. Varsity Volleyball 1st ROW: G. Milesko, N.Chien, K. Holmes, L. Lee. 2nd ROW M. Richardson, P. Barber. A. Osiendarp, J. Parker. N. Rogers, F. Houn. BACK ROW; Coach L. Giard. 1 Pile 1 1 ’V ' ' ' Elc A ti H- .r| « P . i i % f |L " J r Fi ' oL jn A The only real threat to the Amherst varsity, and the junior varsity who finished the season with a 8-2 record, was the Pioneer Valley Regional team, the previous league champions, who look second place in the league and tournament. They contributed two all-stars to the tourney whereas Amherst, who pooled their talents in setting, spiking and serving, contributed three, sophomore Peggy Barker, junior Gayl Mileszko, and senior Mari Richardson. Other “contributing all-stars " , at least in the coach ' s eyes, were teamates Nadine Chien, Florence Houn, Lisa Lee, Kathy Holmes, Jackie Parker, Anne Ostendarp, and Nancy Rogers, all of whom contributed to one of the schools finest winning records ever. Junior Varsity Volleyball: 1st Row(L-R}A. Dmoso. P. Sabey, J. Kuzmeski. J. Mileszko. 2nd ROW iL-R)i. Halt, S. Aubrey, S. Barker, K. Carlson, J. Richardson, B. Hart. 63 An excerpt from “A Runner’s Handbook”, by Jon Waldron and (maybe) Mark Mckie. Chapter 4 Why do you run? If ever you become a runner (God forbid) you will invariably be epproached by dozens of well-meaning souls asking the age old question, “Why do you run?” The inexperienced runner may be tempted to search for an honest answer. WARNING! Avoid this common pitfall! Make it a habit to lie. Here are some handy excuses you may use. cross-country runners everywhere A) The Amherst Farmers ' Supply pays me to run with a Blue Sea Feeds cap Jon Waldron B) I run for the glory Bill Tarmey C) Money Ed Stanisiewsky D) If Godzilla ever invades America, I ' ll be ready MarkMckh E) I run to keep my weight down Ric McGinn F) 1 don’t really care Jon Bonsignore G) 1 run to stay in shape for basketball Pete Chametzky FI) I run to stay in shape for weight lifting John Gibson l)TobugRic Jeremy Wolff J) It ' s an intellectual experience Tom Venman K) To get chicks Duane Freeman L) I ' m the best athlete in the school Dave Whitney M) Gary Anderson N) Shin Splints Paul Filios O) 1 run to be the best Joe Hart P) 1 believe that suffering is the fate of man Bruce Rice? Q) Dit dit dit dit Carl Ackerman Cross-Country (2nd ROW) B. Tarmey, M. Mckie, J. Waldron, J. Bonsignore, G. Anderson, E. Stanisiewski, J. Gibson, D. Whitney, | jr ROW) C. Ackerman, Tom Venman, J. Wolff, P. Chametzky, R McGinn, J Hart, B. Rice, P. Filios, I TOP) Coach Crowley. 64 VARSITY SOCCLR In his first year as varsity coach. Junior High shop teacher Tom Gralinski lifted the Hurricanes to a 6-3-3 record and a third-place tie with Hopkins Academy in the Hampshire League standings, from 73‘s 2- 10 last place record. Led by high-scorer John Vassallo. halfback, who was the only Hurricane to capture a spot on the All- Hampshire- League team, and Kip Johnson, who was awarded a place on the Hampshire League second team, the Varsity missed invitation to the Western Mass. Tourney by only a Whisker. Despite the loss of many ' j backs due to injuries, the midfield corps of Aaron Britt, Vassallo, Rob Ackerman and Marty While were considered one of the team ' s strongest assets. . Defense was. for the most part, impregnable. It was led in the nets by sophomore John Gallagher who made the second all-league squad and center fullback Craig Merrill, who didn ' t, but should have.. On the line, seniors Johnson, Dave Rotman, Mike Piccus and especially junior Dave Dalton intimidated opposing goalies and managed 1 6 of the team ' s 26 goals between them.. Halfback White and forward Dave Porter became the first freshmen ever to make Amherst High School ' s varsity soccer team, and both played exceptionally, considering their lack of experience.. Blaine Dunn, in his first year of coaching, look his J.V. ' s to first place with a 9-1-2 record in their division, which makes the future look bright for the Booters, who will lose very few players due to graduation. Next year promises to be Amherst’s best showing to date in the Hampshire League. . SOCCER TOP ROW (L-R) K Johnson (Capt.) B Birney. M Piccus, D Rotman, C. Collins, S. Culbertson. C. Merrill. M. Howards. S. Sherwood. M Chien, MIDDLE ROW (L-R B Ackerman. D. l.en , K. Skelly, J. Gallagher. T. Neary. D. Porter, M. White. D. Dalton. BOTTOM ROW i L-R }J. Vassallo, A Brin, T Porter. T Bak, S. Judson. . = iHIII||||i|uss jy Varstiy Football: 1ST ROW J. Sullivan, J. Vanderzwaag, L. Adams, R. James, B. Lane, co-capt, J. Millar, co-capl, H. Paul, Co-capt. S. Stosz, K- Drake, M. Matusko, A, Progulske. 2ND ROW B. Bullock. A. Smith, A. Desmond, M. Fu- sia, B. Lord, j, Fenton. J. Koehler. J. Barr. A. Glenn. B. Brandts, M. Powers. 3RD ROW P. Shumway. S. Moore, D. Al- bertson. P Holland. C. Drake. P. Bak. D. Zartman, A. Hebb, S. Hullin. 4TH ROW: Coach R. Kneeland, $. Fitzgerald (trainer). R, Hall. D. Cavanaugh. M Ryan. T. Gawienowski, T. Winslow. B. Gladchuk. M, Klemer. .1. Hastings (coach). P. Lengezia (coach). For the first time in 15 years ARMS had a championship football team as the Hurricanes finished in a 4-way tie for first place with a 6-2 record. After suffering early losses to co-champs Ware and Turners Falls, the ' Canes had to win their last 3 games to clinch the tie. There were many highpoints in the season. Among them were the Mohawk game, in which the defense allowed no first clowns and scored the first ten points; the 26-14 win over Lee, the league leaders at the time, and the toughest game of the season, the 6-3 victory against Mahar. As in 1973, the team had a good defensive squad which was supplemented this year by a high-scoring offense. Players selected for the Intercounty League All-Star Team this year included John Vander waag, defensive end; Anthony Glenn, offensive back; Bryce Lane, linebacker; and Randy Paul, offensive tackle. Those receiving honorable mention included Mike Matusko at defensive tackle, Jerry Millar at linebacker and offensive back; John Sullivan, safety, and Lane at offensive end. Awards given included Vanderzwaag, the Gladchuk trophy for the player contributing most to the team; Glenn, the Cramer award for offensive player of the year; Paul received defensive player of the year award; Lane, lineman of the year; and Millar the Y.F.L. award. The team will be losing all of these players except Glenn and Matusko to graduation and will miss them and the other graduating seniors next year. However, led by tri-captains Bob Brandts, Al Progulske Matusko, the 1975 Hurricanes can look forward to a season hopefully as good as this year’s. Varsity Basketball — 1ST ROW (L R I Manager. G. Thelan, J, Vasallo, P. Chemelzky, G. Stanitis, M. Piccus, P. Moss, J. Bonsignore. Manager, A. Desmond. 2ND ROW C. Collins, J. Chandler. L. Shumway, P. Moss, B Smith, A. ebb. J, Lyon. B. Brandts, Manager, G. Tobin. Basketball This year’s Varsity Team lead b Peter “C.B. " Muss. Art ie “Mugly” Hebb. Bruce “Juice” Smith, (iary “(Jarooski” Stanitis. and Mike “Pic” Piccus. along with Peter “Chet the Jet” Chamelzky and John “The Hobbit” Vassallo. under coach Tom Styspeck had a very successful 15-3 Hampshire League season, while going 19-3 over-all. The team coahed by Al Jacque also had a very good season, with strong support coming from Juniors John Bonsignore and Lee Shumway. The team finished 20-2 over- all. JV Basketball — 1ST ROW {L — R}: C. Drake, M. Klemer, B Lee. P. Evans, M, Honcnberg. 2ND ROW: E. Krolkof, B. Flood, J. Chandler. P. Ziomek, J. Waldron Hockey — 1st row (l r) C, Moner. P. Goodhind. D. Sloneham, T. Bak, S. Ambs, C. Bergquist. K, Johnson, B. Gladchuck, 2nd row — J. Sheehan. T. Slocombe, B. Birney. A. Cowles, J. Gallagher. G. Anderson. M. Stoneham. A. Progulske. R. Paul. D. Whitlemore. This past season, even with the loss of seven or eight starters from last years line-up, the Hockey Team still had plenty of skill, and the potential to be one of the best teams in the league. After the first few games of the season, things looked good. But then they started to lose, they couldn’t put it all together. Real good hockey was sparse, but there was some. When playing their best, it was clear that they had the ability to go far. But they just weren’t consistent enough. Wrestling — 1ST ROW (L-R ) — D. Zariman, J White. J. Whilne . M. LaClaire, T. Cromack. D. Ulin. D. Ford. 2ND ROW J, Elko. D. Whitney. R. Phillips, S. Macleod. B, Lord, J. Oslendarp, J. Gawienowski, 3RD ROW J. Keedy. A. Golphin, P, Filios, R. LaClaire, Coach Ireland..!. Barr. D. Cavanaugh, D. Len . B, klemer, J, Miliar. The Hurricane Malmen, under coach George Ireland, compiled a respectable 8 — 6 record this year. Many of the wrestlers were new on the scene this year, so Coach Ireland had a double task at hand: helping the kids develop their skills as wrestlers and sharing with them the confidance he had in the team. Girl ' s Varsity Basketball 1ST RQW {L R) — K. Cromack, J. Keyes, N. Chien, C. Cole. 2ND ROW — L. O’Connell, G. Mileszko, J, Franks, P. Barber, K. Fischer. 3RD ROW — C. Bishop (Mgr), J Bragg, D. Ocici, A. Ostendarp, C. Lenz, A. Hastings, L. Baker. Girl ' s J. V. Basketball — 1ST ROW (L-R) — L. McLellan. P. Dugan, T. Hullon, S. Collins, J. Hatl. 2ND ROW — P. Moss, R. Rudman, C. Farquhar, J. Gurski, M, Barker. 3RD ROW — A. Sunderland, R. Smith, G. VanStauts, K. Gallagher. H. Newcomb, C. Vanderswaag, L. Rohde, L. Giard (Coach). The Girls’ Basketball Teams’ season was not as good as hoped or expected. The Varsity ended up with 6-8 record and the J V team ended with a 8-6 record. For both teams, the game scores were close, but the teams lacked a strong enough shooter. If the offense had matched the teams’ defense, the standing would be higher but . Next years team appears to be a strong one. Although seniors Jill Franks, Laura O’Connell, Cindy Cole, Lisa Leed and Kathy Fischer will be graduating, the rest of the varsity team plus some promising J V players should be able to come up with a winning season. 72 Oymnasiics — BOTTOM ROW(L-R} — B Ludke, V. Wheeler TOP ROW — i. Booihroyd. B Ludke, M Rim, J. Ford. K. Bak. Girls Gymnastics — The girls gymnastic team had a fairly successful season this year ending with a 6-3 record. The team is gradually progressing in the Western Mass, league. This year they tied with Longmeadow for third place. Co-captains Janet Boothroyd and Karen Bak, along with Betty and Becky Ludtke, qualified for the State Individual Gymnastics Meet. Ruth Morse will be back again next year to coach. Ski Team — 1ST ROWfL-Rj D. Nordin, C. Manning, J. Fenton. 2. D ROW (L-R i — J. Cushingicoachl. T. Fisk. M. Mascis. S. Piikin. A- Kunderi. R Laverdiere. This year was an especially rough season for the Ski Team because it lost its strength through graduation. The team worked unusually hard this year to fill the gaps. Thanks to the snow, the team was a llowed intensive racing practice. The holes were quickly filled up by Juniors: John Fenton, Dan Fisk, Tony Kundert, Ron LaVerdiere, Mike Mascis, Steve Pitkin. Sophomores: Tim Fish, Ralph Gunner, Craig (B.T.) Manning, Dave Norton. Freshmen: Sue Donovan, Karen LaVerdiere. Finally the sole senior: Dave Shepard. Coaches John Cushng and Tad Walsh sacrificed long hours in instructing and practicing with the team. Without their help, the team would have had a tough time doing as well as they did this year. There is a strong possibility that next year the racers from Amherst will conquer another Western Mass, ski league division. As we reflect on the events of this season, we ' ll always remember: Kundert’s skin tight suit, LaVerdiere’s practice courses, Fisk’s betting on who would win the race, and Ralph Gunner’s mysterious knack for always knocking down the poles. Always Cheery, the Cheerleaders . . Par d JP ' Fooiball Cheerleaders - 1ST ROH ' I L-K 1 1 Par) M Boluch, S. McGill, A. Feaster. R. Paul. E. Boluch (co-capl), T. Lin, C, LouUil, K. Sheer man. 2. D t OH ' ( L-R I (JP ' l T. Livens. D Bryan, L. Prior, S. Culbertson, N, Capen. S. Knight, P ' arsiiy Baskeihall Cheerleaders ISl RO iL-R T Lin, M Boluch. 2S D ROW iL- Rl E Boluch. D. Whitcomb. R Paul. S. McGill, K. Klein, P, Hilson, J. Doert . Cheer , , . JP ' Basketball Cheerleaders — 1ST ROW (L-R) S. Culbertson. L. Hillenbrand, S. Rey- nolds. D. Bryan, T. Freeman, S. Knight. Hockey Cheerleaders — IS7 ROPi I L-R i P. Peters. N. Capen, L. Russell. K. Saheed, C. Brunelle, P Cobb. 2 D ROW i L-R) L. Bryan, M Prior, M. Bradford, C, Rolander, A. Robinson. C. Mokrzecky, M Schwartz. Cheer . , . and cheer! 75 Activities This year was marked by the forming of three new clubs. The Dust CC has many activities. The big event of the year though, was the trip to the Atomic Fallout Convention. You can often see the members collecting dust in the halls or in the library. Another favorite pastime is training spiders to do homework. Although the club has large enrollment, it has few active members. The club’s motto is “we believe in the manifest dustiny of damp mops.” Dust Collecting Club — (L-Rl D. Hydroit, I.M. Dussline, Clark Barr, Roger Mudd, Janet Orr, Liz Tereen, Sana Flush. The Hall Smoker’s Assn, is the largest of the school’s many clubs. It includes all types and brands such as Camelles, Winstones, Malburros, Old Gools, and the ever popular Looky Strikes. We are all familiar with the Smoker’s password; “Hack, Hack, Wheeze”. The club holds meetings after each period, at the various exits, where club president Nick O. Tene says: “anyone with matches is welcome!” Hall Smoker ' s Assn. — IL-Rt Rhoda Rootter, Chester Field, Paul Maul, Kuel, “Crusher” Butts, Virginia Slim, Walker Miles, not present: Everyone else. The CAAC is a small club but very active. This summer some of the members traveled to Mexico City, where they made excavations in the City Dump. They uncoverd a ’63 Dodge muffler and a complete collection of Eddy Arnold records. Activities during the year include sandbox training and building a full- scale model of the Mayan civilization. Central American Archaelogical Club — (L-Rl Miximexajuk, U. Sam, Peter (Gordo) Gordon, Art Roome, Dee Kaying, Bitia Neck, Sarana Rap, Water Logged, not shown: D. Composing, R.K. Ologee, X.K. Vashun, Guide to the art room Here stands a good portion of the so-called artroom “veg-outs”. The artist claims no responsibility for characters presented or not presented. The people above are merely those who inhabit the rear section of the artroom during A, C and sometimes D period, or all day, or never. An Club i L-R) D. Adams, G. Tobin, Jr . B. Derby (ad). S, Collins, J. Gibson. J. Garber. 1 ) This is “Gordo;” 2) This is a closet. 3) This is Blanche. 4) This is a picture of Gibson’s she’s throwing out. 5) This is a yearbook salesman from Longmeadow. 6) This is somebody who cut himself. 7) This is a “4” flying around. 8) He just heard one of Garbers’ jokes. 9) This is art. 10) This is what Mrs Derby wore to school this morning. 1 1 ) This is Kay. 12) This is the escape to reality. 13) This is George. 14) This is a typical art student. 77 As Schools Match H ' jts: 1ST ROH ' — IL Rl A. 1 rehub, T. Quarles, C, Chandler, D. Romer. 2ND ROW — IL-Rl J. Waldron, P, Chametzky, The School ' s Match Wits team knows alot about many trivial things, able to express themselves creatively in ways other than verbal ones. To be at a performance, to see how one’s mind can control his entire body, and to let feelings flow that would otherwise be withheld is truly a beautiful experience, not only for the viewer but for the performer too! Dance i ' orkshop: 1ST ROW — iL-R) M, Wilkins J. Darity 2ND ROW (L-R) E. Dees J Roachford S. Knarf J, Sheehan J, Parker. This is the first year that Amherst High has had a dance workshop which has met continuously. Students need to be Student Council: 1S7 ROW — (L-Rl K, Cromack, M. Koenig, Secretary, A. Cluckstern, Treasurer. S. Culbertson. President, P. Chametzky, Vice- president, L Wilkinson, J. Darity. 2. D ROW tL-R) P Ford, A. Claunch, C. Drake. K. Dzendolel, E. Mankin, T. Quarles. R. McGinn, Fischer. F. Butts, D. Gilbert, T. Flunler Morning Announcement Club: IL-R n . Chim. }. Parker,!. Picha, M. Koenig. The Student Council attempts to meet once a week to discuss matters concerning the school. Here are the people who can never get a word in edgewise! F 78 National Honor Society I SI i L-H J L. Wolff, T. Liu. H. Monroe. S. O ' Donnell. ( V-P). A Lee. (Pres), J. White. (Sec), M, Lee. M, Koenig, A. Clauch. 2ND KOli (L-R} F- Fitzgerald, D Lenz. t. May. A. Gluckstern, ,I Sevoian. R Friedman. N Brown. .) Darling. N. Leininger. G, Tobin. C, Drake. B. J. Donley. (Ad), The National Honor Society spends a lot of its time throwing around wise scholarly comments. Rod and dun Cluh 1ST ROH - (L-RlS 7 hompson. P Bak. C Drake. A Howard. T Mat ner. P Eddv.D. Thayer. S Woodard. 2 D ROW (L-R R Babb. D Thayer. K Drake. M Brozo. J Clev- enger. M Malusko. D Woodward. J Craig(Ad ). P Perchak (Treas.).K Wheeler (Pres ). The Rod and Gun Club elected Ken Wheeler President and Peter Perchak Treasurer for 1975. Highlights again were Field Trips to Quabbin, Leverett Pond, Deerfield River, and the annual picnic. Films, speakers, and cooking activities were fun under the cheery leadership of advisor John Craig. Debate: 1ST ROI ' — Some dog who got in the way. 2 VD ROW — K. Dzendolet, M. Lee, E. Mamk- in, O. Cheyette, H. Clonch, G. Motts, D. Stein. 3RD RO W j. Hart, A. Lee, K. Smith, D. Smith D Snoeyenbos, M. Levinger, D. Bailey, P. Gordon, J. Brehm, R. Lee (coach), I. Whiston. The Debate Club: also known as Future Politicians of America. K J 1 1 79 Goldbug Business Stafj M. Lord. M Shea (advisor), L. Baker. (2ND ROW) L, Bryan. J. Sevoien. N. Bernotas. (3RD ROW) B. Smith. D. Whitcomb. Goldbug Editorial Siajj (SEA TED) G. Tobin. C. Chandler, J. Garber. (2N D ROW)M. Magelson, M, Koenig, B. Derby (advisor), J, Gibson. (3RD ROW)S. Newcombe (co-editor). E. Newcombe, S. Collins, missing: R. Rudman (co-editor). The Goldbug staff is divided into two distinct groups; the business and the editorial staff. The editorial staff puts together the yearbookand the business staff pays for it. Paying for the yearbook entails more than just collecting your money. The price students pay accounts for roughly a third of the total cost and local businesses must be cajoled into buying space for advertisements in the back of the book. The editors and their assistants slave day and night for the first half of the year in order to satisfy your hunger for fine literature and photographs. They also pay special attention to the spine of your book because, no doubt, it is the only part of the Goldbug you will see for the next ten years as it grins dustily from your bookshelf or the box in the back of your closet. Thespians — 1ST ROW (L-Rl — S. Phinncy. S. Aubrey. L. Halsied. N. Leininger. P. Sabey. T. Porter. B. Minks (Ad). B. James. 2ND ROW (L-RI K. Picba. T. McCIung. S. Anderson. E. Mankin. R. Rudman. G. Nelson. B, Lane. S. Collins. D. Pierce. S. Judson. C. Fitzgerald. S. Konicek. Dramatic activity at the high school this year has consisted mainly of one-act plays directed and produced by students. Most of these students were not Thespians at the beginning of the year but in order to pick up membership the organization has opened to all students who indicate their interest by participating in productions. This new policy takes the place of tallying the number of hours that a student has worked on plays. Thespians act as a nucleus of energy for theater productions and feel that membership should swing on that . Third World 1ST ROWfL-Rl — G. Sanders. T A. Lee, P Hilson, J. Parity, M Wilkins, K.G. Noel, P Miles, J, Rochford. 2ND ROW(L-R} — F. Houn, N.J. McClure, N.J. Duncan, A. Bond (cull, co-chajr.) R. Wiggins, B.N. Butler (chair.) P. Moss, J.Z. Parker (chair.) R. Roach, E. Dees, N. Candelario. T. Sanders, M. Lewis (ad.), J.M. Strickland French Club —1ST ROW (L-R) — R. Wiggins, (Pres.) W, Ouimelie. ( Ad). M. Magelssen, (V.P.), M Hexter (Sec.). 2ND ROW — iL-R) — A. Petropulos, A. Dorman, H. Robinson, C. Tausky. Developing Political and Cultural Awareness unity strength creativity inspiration a “New Dawn” French Club — Parlez Vous Francais? We do. We also sell potato chips and try to go on trips. Maybe next year people will be more willing to give us strength. Pep Club 1ST ROW fi-R) — N. Bernotas. J. Sevoian. L. Gouin (Ad.), K. Sheerman (Tres.), S. Whit- ney (Co. Pres.) T. Vinskey (Co. Pres.), A. Modrzakowski (Ad.), P. Perchak. L. Bryan. 2S D RO W i l.-R i M. Coty, R. Costigan, D. Markuson, J. Cosligan, D. Cross. C. Annable, S. Eshbach, B. Quinlan. E. Newcombe. Businesa Careers Club 1ST ROW I L-R I M. Hawley. D. Harlow. (Ad.). R. Warriner. (V.P.). K. Fischer. (Treas.). J. Field. (Sec.). S. Kaslauskas. 2, D ROW (L-R) D. Hillenhrand. P. Cobb. R. Costigan. V. LaClaire. K Tbornton. C. Freeman. D. Carey. .1. Cunningham. Ik. Griswold. The Business Careers Club had many money making adventures to raise money for their spring trip. Not many aspects of business were learned, but everyone had a good time. Ouiing Club ISl ROH il.-Ri G. VanPeski. G. Holappa, S. Venman. E. Saizmann, D. Shaw. M. Howards. D. Ertd, F. Schwartzberg. A. Hubert. T. Sunderland. Missing: P. Lambert. 2SD ROW {L-R K Quinton. P Miller. P. Schwartzberg. L. Halst- cd. C. Drake. C. Horne. M Holmes. T. Picha. C. Lenz. L. Lee. C. Camp (Ad ). 3RD ROW iL-R ' M Magelssen. J. Scott (Ad.) E, Peterson. R, Friedmann. G Nelson. S. Carpenter. V. Cler . M. Rohde. D. Lenz. P. Albertson. A. Sunderland. N. Rogers. J. Mahar. M Koenig. E. May. M. Wilkins. 82 You know you’ve made it as an Outing Club member when . . . . . . you no longer mind sharing toothbrushes (or whatever) . you discover why you don’t bring peanut butter in glass jars on a back-packing trip. MIT is no longer Just a school for math geniuses. the planning room becomes your second home. . . you can only drink lukewarm Wyler’s. You can start a fire with only one match. . , . you finally remember to bring toilet paper. Literary Club (L-R) George Tobin. Jr.. Editor-Literary Mag.. Larry Crouse. (Ad.). ' Under the direction of Larry Crouse, English teacher, a literary club was started last year, and put out a once-only issue of “the Unicorn.” This year it was a combination of persistence on the part of George Tobin and patience on Mr. Crouse’s part keeping the club going. Mr. Crouse was “glad we have at least one steadfast member left”; and hopes more kids discover their creative skills next year. Graphic — 1ST RO ii ' ( L-R I J. Price (Ad ), A. MacNeil, K. Ross. J. Vanderzwaag, M. Sacco. 2ND RulV ( L-R IC. Cole, M. Coty, K, Maxson, S. O ' Donnel, M. Rohde, D Mills. Tri-S is a service club. The three S’s stand for Social-Service-Scholastic. Our activities raise money for the Jeffrey Towson scholarship which is awarded to a senior planning a career in the field of Special Education. Biology Club (1ST ROW i L-R) D. Basselt. L. Young. S. Dreyer. J. Wiley. 2ND ROW (L-R) Tri S — 1ST ROW ( L-R jS. Barker. A. Feesier, T. Freeman. 2ND J. Wentworth, C. Cole, S. Berquist. (Ad.). R. Phillips. ROW{L-R)M. Lord, P. Dalton. A V Club (L-RiC. Fitzgerald, E. Field. C. Pi-Sunyer. M. Flawley. H. Cullman. Did you ever wonder who the kids are that push all the equip- ment in the hals or who come running off the stage? Well, that’s the A.V. Club. Ham Radio —1ST ROW ( L-R i C. Emery. K. Johnson (V.P.). P. Lambert. (Pres ). J. Gervickas. (Sec.), G. Anderson, (Treas.). 2ND ROW iL-Ri S. Moore. P Moss. J. Gillispie, C. Fitzgerald. 83 Do you like music, parties and dancing? Would you like to go to football and basketball games free? Do you like to go on trips with a group of great people? So did lots of other people so they joined Band. Contrary to popular belief, band is not just sitting in a chair playing an instrument for a period a day. There are things that go on outside of class such as Saturday football games, Friday night basketball games and festivities following rewarding concerts. Special activities included a trip to Senecca Falls, New York participation in the annual music festival at the University. “You’re lale Mr. Phillips! I cut off 5 measures ago!” rn 1. wm [ 1 1 X i 9. The ARUS Chorale. Jazz Workshop 1ST ROW J, Griswald. 2. D ROW F. Houn, T. McClung, P Miller. P. Shepp. 84 A.R.H.S. CROSSWORD Test your knowledge of ARHS! Do this crossword! Answers are on P. 94. ACROSS 1. cat cutting 18. the school day’s biggest improvement this year 2 1 . the person who owns locker 160 24. administrative tool 25. either 26. $5.00 a nickel bag 28. paint, draw, cut paste 29. retriever 30. greeting 32. liquid that belongs in a pen 34. a typical school emotion 37. Bruce Oldershaw’s initials 38. 9th graders in the Senior High are 39. what people do in the library 40. Magg’s first love 43. something you cram for the night before 46. opposite of fail 47. something that should be installed in the cafeteria 48. something missing from the art room DOWN 1. audio-visual (abbrev.) 3. Virgil Dormonster’s initials 6. horses and musicians are found there 9. many high school student’s Friday night source of nutrition 12. a lumbering recorder player 14. school newspapers 16. the way 17. birth control device 18. Marc Shifflett’s initials backwards 19. , she, it 20. small child or past tense of teach (mis- spelled) 22. WHO without the W 23. horse’s control 31. and pans 33. synonym of an ARHS lunch 34. abbreviation of a common expletive 35. turn 36. what McKie, Stoneham, Chien, Osborn, Howard, Powers have in common 41. expression of disgust 42. what you can’t do to a cafeteria pizza but you can do to a class 44. be or not be 45. Harvey 85 A P 1-J Q 1 . • JL X. «JL ••••••• ••• Who threw that mudball? Who took my Right Guard? What do you mean my mother has Exchange student from Transyl- a moustache? vania. The Doctor says it’s poison ivy! It’s amazing what you’ll find inside these cats! 86 And your secretary told me you weren’t in! Amherst Regional Horror Society A new member of the ski team Grandma, what big eyes you have! and if they don’t have their homework in b tommorrow . . . !! I’m not late, am I? 19 REMEMBER WHEN... the coaches and teams went to the races? uso UE P10M T SUflVE THIS w wi i 4 r ? ? the boys gathered out in the hall for a morning conference? 4nts eye vtew iron Ue in Ue of 3 beer can o raffe in. an aq. anun s lexican on a bilfe H §Bear clinbing aW sflexicanin b t4) A pig. . I con ng out of af( bani; Kl.»ea school sUents . usedto doo4le and (nake mini pictures? Willy Oslow Goes To A.R.H.S. Willy takes Driver’s Ed. 91 Tine IP€KN€ei2AlPIHlCT VOL ■ . ' LJ 3 A.mherst Regional High School, Amherst, MA February, 1975 The School Semi-once in awhile Newspaper School Disappears: New Faces In School Police Have No Leads dateline: Amherst, MA. Yesterday the ARHS building was reported missing to the police. Investigation revealed the long one story brick building had been removed during the night. The police have some clues to the case, but as of presstime would not reveal any information. But it was obvious on inspection of the site that there were animal tracks resembling those of an enormus frog. An anonymous source says he heard a sound like a big croak during the night but he thought it was just a car backfiring. The police have found no witnesses but are holding two rive t salesmen for questioning. A door to door search is being conducted, but as yet the police have had little success: only 1 encyclopedia, 3 vacuum cleaners, 5 boxes of girl scout cookies and one dozen brushes have been sold so far. As for the high school building, there is no trace. Principal Sammie Potts announced today that temporarily classes will be held at the Hungry-U and Blackettle Deli. Until the building is found, the hole left in its absence (where’s your excuse?) will be put to good use. The Outing Club is having a trip to the bottom during April vacation. The Central American Archiological Club is excavating the sides of the hole and have unearthed 637 earthworms and 470 tons of moldy filter tips. And the staff of the Goldbug (is it contagious?) has made good use of the depth of the hole, by spitting over the edge . As a final thought, just remember, all is not lost ’til it’s found! Bryola Eagan (she’s a drag!) These are the Eagan twins, transfers from the Los Angeles School for the Nostalgi- cally 111. 92 Sid Eagan BEST WISHES FROM BOBBIN HOLLOW EQUESTRIAN CENTER! Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center. English riding in- struction beginner, intermediate, advanced. Jumping, show and pleasure. Licensed instructors, professionals, Massachusetts licensed stable. American Horse Show Association approved establishment A.C.A. accredited riding school. Large heated indoor Arena. Profession- ally trained mounts. Call 413-253-3578 93 1975 Goldbug: Staff: Editorial Advisor — Blanche Derby; Business Advisor — Mary Anne Shea Co-Editors — Steve Newcombe, Rachel Rudman; Business Editor — Marsha Lord Captions Editor — John Garber; Layouts — Mark Chien, Mary Koenig, Michele Magelson, Steve Newcombe. Elly Newcombe, Tom Porter, George Tobin, Jr. Photographers — Angie Burgess, Mark Chien, Debbie Corker, John Elko, Jill Franks, John Garber, John Gillespie, Nancy Gralinski, Bill Howell, Mitch Koldy, Jim Levinger, Matt Levinger, Mark McKie, Ray Miles, III, Paul Miller, Steve Newcombe, John Ro- wan, Rachel Rudman; Liz Scanlon, Dave Shepard, Fran Schwartzberg. Artists — Sheila Collins, John Garber, John Gibson, Amy Hubert, Mark McKie, Ann O’Connor, John Sullivan. Writers — Gary Anderson, Karen Bak, Janet Boothroyd, Charles Chandler, Carolyn Farquahar; Judy Field, John Garber, Mary Hawley, Michael Mascis, Mark McKie, Rachel Rudman, George Tobin, Jr., Jon Waldron, Steve Newcombe. Business Staff — Lynn Baker, Nancy Bernotas, Lynn Bryant, Duane Freeman, Kathy Kimball, Jean Moores, Janna Sevoian, Debbie Sherman, Bruce Smith. Special Thanks to Ms. Shea’s D period shorthand class. The Book: Cover — Sheila Collins, Endpiece — Amy Hubert, Title Page — Mark McKie, Underclass Divider — Fran Schwartzberg, Senior Divider — Sheila Collins, John Garber, John Gibson, Tom McClung, Activities Divider — Sheila Collins, John Garber, John Gibson, Remember When? — John Sullivan, Graphic Parody — John Garber, Mark McKie, Endpiece — Jill Franks. •« Credits Sponsors DISCOVER THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AMHERST your fas esf growing greenhouse MEMBER FDIC MAIN OFFICE: 1 1 Amity St Amherst TRIANGLE OFFICE: 243 Triangle St , Amherst Open Saturdays NO. AMHERST OFFICE: 25 Montague Rd SO AMHERST OFFICE: 450 West St. HADLEY OFFICE: 140 Russell St. Open Saturdays NORTHAMPTON OFFICE: Hamp Plaza Open Saturdays 584-7250 rrioo- Fri Sal-- 8 -M EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE A Uitoc xU Btifluti 17A MONTAGUE ROAD AMHERST. MASS SM«I- 42.55 56 MAIN ST. AMHERST, MASS. AMHERST 253-7002 (bonaid Qall REGISTERED OPTICIAM - HEARING AIDS Amherst ' s First Optician AMHERST-NORTHAMPTON-RIDGEFIELD-SIMSBURY lUCK? 201 n. pleasant st. amherst Con0rafulation3 4o fhe Graolua ' fes cinotJ€anfi HarlouJ CoropliWnfs +o fhe Cla« of ' 75 Kimball S Cary Fuel 30 Mcnri St, Pioneer Nsrfiooal Bank lO Hampshire- Trank ' lin) Counties BiIIIb Arco Service Center 200 College 9t. Amhcrsk TOass.oiooz 255-7R65 253-32.00 XjFionpsoit Insurance e 1 q ncj ' 79 So. Pleasant 253-59SI rizzA CALL 253-3808 FREE DELIVERY: 5PM - MIDNIGHT PIZZARAMA 55 Colicqc St,fimhe.rst Sor - Ttwrs liam - I pm Fn Ham- midni g ht MHERST LA L ' M)RI-MA T A MHERSrSA F7 O.V HA A AR!STOCRAI ART SHOP BAK ' -R-WINS JEntLERS BAh iELi.orrrs BROyi S BROH . ATTORyh) S A L A H ' ’ OAi-m Bi RRhS A I OR E) A I l.AW l) 0 ALl)S CALL c AL sscyoco CLIEEALLL COLLEGES7RLE7 E. 0. COLLEGE 70Wy BARBER SHOP DOi GLASS ECypRAL SER fCL ESGUSH PL B. I HE LRME ' S BARBER SHOP I LS TOS S EIRS7 SA riOSAL BAyS OF ■iM iERST Fi TCRE Fi ' RMSHlSGS GVl.F URL CEMLR HAMPSHIRL Bi SI LSS M U HISLS HOeSh OF » Al.SH JOSES ,VAIi rO F SL RA C L AG ESC KhS TEILU) HARD W ARL KIMBALL. MRS H JRRILI KlMBAl.L rf (,AR) UK El.) usns(,s ' .Oi ls I OOPS ISC M CIHLHSSHOL SIORL DR n I m C MOS IA(,L h f c y lOS 1 1 . HEA ns G CO .IM R DIOSHAC K OF AMHLRSI Ri SSEI.L S LIQi ORS. f C HTLLIAM S ROimsOS S 1 L 7 BO SHOE BIS SHLMn I) U LiP PER HP ISJ SIORL SPlRl f HM S P ICK iGLSrORL DR ;A .S II SIILLS Si SSHISL RLCORDS icrs It. ACOStR l( I I sn ' ERsin MoioRs. isc I Ml ' tRSI I 1 PH ]RM K ) 95 i nerst, 01002 AMHERST REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Amherst MA 01002 ( nooc m S7 V- 1 : 1 1 1 i k- % ;- J M M- t- •ft ' yi pq M P- V.i- u 41 . Vd t } J Ict-Ass K miiEnflrusAO KRESS llJG VP THE R(MP1 STDTOE... IR ' MshioWs BS a ISS is : ' Z l«d £ip A THRT You CAUUL TOR S COOD w ? (oe soHfsJ CCxtJHKT Po ho £X£cUrtYfS HAVE ,A a co nno ) ? ' At the Student-Faculty Basketball Game, it was a tense match between the gang that couldn’t shoot straight and the gang that could! See Benton run. Run Benton Run. Duck drives against Kung Fu Heffley. “I’ll get it! No, no, I’ll get it! No How come Mr. Briggs can’t jump during the big tip off? No, Sam, it’s not the proper place for a meeting! “Hit the road Jack, don’t you come bac “Nyah, Nyah, you can t no more, no more, no more, no more!” have it!” 100 It’s Bad Timing When irs BflDTlMlWG WHEN »)oi) TOW l« N- FWP T HE ORWKUte Ace niGHr BE aiim ml IT ' S BADTiniNS WHENooo YOM Mfl « A HtewneViiL set iHi ... A »D THE MOVIE theater SEUS OUT ALL OF ITS TICKETS. IT ' S BAD TIMING WHEN FOR A CHAH6E. 500 OEUOe TO ACT iKlTEU-IGEHr’ i irs BAD Timing WHEN ooo You MAKE THE BEST PAPER AIRPLANE ever l l)IHllllltri|ililitl ll) ; a iv IrTiw AND yoUR PHYSICS teacher asks too an iutelugewt ousnoN. ♦ y — (L-HA)- T V.M.. spring! IS people leaning against cars is people impersonating Commun- ist leaders. is climbing the walls. is when everyone likes grass. is going out to get a tan. IS when termites drive Mr. Potts out of his office. IS Mrs. Derby searching for edible weeds. is people expressing their true feelings. is running out of gargoles and needing substitutes. In May, Thespian Troop 1333, along wjth many dedicated and talented students, pul to- gether a production of the musical comedy “My Fair Lady.’ ' After six weeks under the direction of Benton Minks, the musical genius of John Maggs and the coreography of Anne- Mane Sarkis, the musical was presented, re- ceiving 3 standing ovations. After unsuccessfully trying to get Rex Harri- son for the role of Professor Henry Higgins, try outs were held. Nick Leininger. a senior, was chosen, and did decidely as good a job. Sophomore Kristin Kittle in her acting come- back (her last role having been that of a rein- deer in her 5th grade play), had the part of Fliza Doolittle. Other leads were played by Sam Judson. Peter Neimezvra. Kale Coly, Catherine Bell and Ralph Gunner. The production was dedicated to Sam Potts and Rudy Woloss. Mark Chien — technical supervisor — made sure the cast and crews remained sane and that the sets were completed an hour before performance. But there were so many people without whom the production would not have been successful, that it should also have been dedicated to all whom the pro- duction became a way of life! My Fair Lady Behind The Scenes 106 yarsily Baseball — 1st ROW (L-Rj J. Sullivan, D. Whittmore, T, Slocombe, D. Rotman, L. Adams, Coach Abramson, 2nd ROW — C, Merrill, B. Lord, B. Brandts, J. Vassallo, L. Fuller, C. Collins, 3rd ROW - Manager D. Ford, P. Bak, J. Gallager, L. Shumway, A. Smith, P. Ziomek. J. V. Baseball — 3rd ROW — B. Birney, T. Winslow, T. Bak, M. Honiberg, P. Goodhind, C. Drake, 2nd ROW — C. Berquist, B. Klemer, J. Wolfe, C. Fitzgerald, J, Myers, C. Berquits, 1st ROW — Coach Hastings, B. Lee, R. Fay, M. Fusia, J. Barr, D. Aubrey, A. Britt. 109 Boys’ Track 1st ROW (L TO Rl Coach R. Crowley, P. ChaCha, J. Waldo, D. LaFrench, R. McGinn, Dollar Bill, J. Harris, S. Sherwood, M. LaClaire; 2nd ROW (L TO R) R. LaClaire, J. Volpe, M. Monkie, J. Gibmo, J. Wolffe, J. Hart, S. Hulton, D. Smitty; 3rd ROW (L TO Rj E. Crotcofh, E. Stanazoosky, B. TarTar, K. Johnson (capt.), E. Murphy, D. Albertson, B. Rice; LAST ROW (L TO R) A. Desmond, L. Boucher, T. Glenn , C. Geer, A. Progulske, K. Ackerman, M. White, J. Ross 3rd, B. Dylan. (Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.) Boys Track by Mark McKie Hurry! Hurry! See the greatest show on earth! The Amherst Track team! Thrill to Tony Glenn’s exploits in the 100 yard dash! Be amazed at John Gibson’s fluid grace while dying in the 440! Watch the drama of Mark McKie getting kicked off the team! Cheer Peter Cha- metzky on to a win in the 880! Laugh at Smitty! See Big Ed Stanisiewski’s powerful finish! Our dynamic duo of Kyp Johnson and A1 Progulske will astound you whilst running the hurdles! Fall asleep when you watch the never ending boredom of the 2 mile, starring the one-two rabbit punch of Bill Tarmey and Ric McGinn! Scream for Jon Waldron as he tries to break the 4 minute mile (he’s 30 seconds too slow, but he tries). Dave LaFrance and Joe Harris will really throw you. To top it off, for the 12th smash year in a row, our own RING LEADER Randy Crowley! no Girls ' Tennis. J. Fischer, D. McConnell, Y. Vogel, (C) T. Liu, L. Wilkin- son, C. Kendall, H. LaMontange, Mr. Kelly (Coach), (missing K. Dzen- dolet (C). Inside Information on the Girls Tennis Team Karen resumes the number one spot in tennis in the Student Advisory Council. Tweetie loves oranges! Debbie is Court Fashion Queen 1975. Beth rides high into next season, still gossiping in the van. Yvonne is forever aching for cheers — RA! Sue leaves an empty bottle of vaseline intensive skin care. Judy limps into next season without telling anybody. Cynny is the team hair stylist. Flave you ever cut your hair, Fleloise? Lee is “chubby lad y”. Boys ' Tennis — 1st ROW (L-R): A. Macneal, M. Huetteman, T. Mottla, D. Silver, G. Kasparyan. 2nd ROW (L-R): Coach Paul Judson, S. Judson, P. Holland, R. Bond, S. Rauch. Boys ' Tennis Quips Will Captain Lyon’s scarlet adidas sweat suit psyche out Longmea- dow? Is Osborn coming to practice today? When will the girls paint the lines on the other three courts? Larson’s inelligible Is Kasparyan getting another raquet or just another shirt? Need one over here! Deuce game Dowell has mono Where’s Mini Mottla? Leg over the net! When are we having brunch at Silvers? The Osborn grunt Huetteman needs glasses Holland you’re reaching Bend your knees How many more MayoHes are there? Free apple pies at McDonalds Matt, where’s your Burgerking crown? 12-5 season Mottla gave the ball bag to Kasparyan George gave it to Matt When will we beat Longmeadow? The girls softball team ended its season this year with a 9-5 league record and 1 1- 5 overall to finish second in the Franklin County league standings. Although tied for first place with Greenfield throughout the first half of the season, the girls saw their hopes for a tournament berth disap- pear by losing 5 of their last six games. For seniors Kathy Fischer, Diane Klein, Laura O’Connell and Carol White, it was disappointing to come so close. The out- look for next year is bright. Girls Softball — 1st ROW (L-R) L. Lee, K. Cromack, 2nd ROW — D. Main, G. Milesko, P. Peters, 3rd ROW — A. Ostendarp (Mgr) K. Fischer, K. Dowd, M. Lord, J. Keyes, C. Lenz (Mgr), 4th ROW — Miss B. Lawson (Coach), L. O’Connell, D. Klein, C. White, P. Barber, S. Aubrey, M. Shea (Coach). 112 This year the Lacrosse team finished 2nd in Western Mass. In Coach O’Donnell’s last year the team had its best record yet, 7-3. Lacrosse — 1st ROW (L-R) — D. Whitney, S. Powers, B. James, J. Miller, D. Dalton, P. Skelly, D. Zartman, J. Scanlon, 2nd ROW — C. Gray, B. Martin, C. Manning, J. Koehler, C. Shumway, J. Levinger, T. Vinskey , J. Ostendarp, D. Cavanaugh, 3rd ROW — R. Lambert, S. Pitkin, J. Gervickas, R. Paul, P. Fowler, C. Burke, B. Smith, D. Pierce, S. Ambs, J. Sheehan, 4ih ROW — D. Dowell, G. Holappa, M. Levinger, G. VanPeski, J. Fowler, B. Skelly, 5th ROW — N. Jennings, T. Summer- lin; (STANDING) Coach L. Briggs, K. Skelly, M. Leonard, Coach J. O’Donnell. Although the Girls Track and Field record for the 1975 season was not parti- cularly spectacular (1-7) it was a spring filled with some fantastic individual times and distances, and a lot of fun for everyone involved. From an early spring of running (it’s never called merely jogging — no matter how you do it) in woolen mittens and long underwear, trying to avoid the puddles but slipping in the mud anyways, to taking everything possible off in those sweltering days at the end of May — it was an exciting season! Amherst had a number of disappointingly close losses by just a few points, but placed a surprising fifth in the Western Mass meet, competing against 23 other teams. Four Amherst school record breakers who went to the state meet in North Andover this year were Laurie Wolf (880), Judy O’Connor (440), Marion Larson (mile), and Patty Owen (high jump). We’ll all remember when one Amherst runner leaned so perfectly at the finish line, that she fell over; the great scenic bus rides — travelling to Northampton to get on Rt, 91; but most of all we’ll remember Miss Mathieson’s wonderful ice cream cones at the end of the meets! Girls Track — 1st ROW (L-R) D. Vlach, J. Chalsma, A. Fredrickson, C. Bonsignore, S. Jones, P. DeAngelis, D. Campanella, 2nd ROW — B. Riley, (Coach) S. Cournoyer, M. Kim, S. Gettier, A. Hastings, J. Wolff, E. May, A. Austin, A. Mathieson (Coach), 3rd ROW — J. Oberlander, L. Gettier, R. Lyman, M. Larson, M. Gowienouski, K. Carlson, L. McLellan, C. Hastings, 4th ROW — J. Cellura, J. O’Con- nor, P. Owen, J. Crites, F. Houn, L. Wolf, K. Holmes. Golf Team (1-r) M. Conlon, B. Gladchuck, J. McConnell, D. Shepard, S. Merrill, M. Powers, K. Ross, C. Cole, M. Ryan, R. LaVerdiere. The Golf Team had a spectacular season this year and went undefeated with two ties. The team was number one in Western Mass, with help mainly coming from Sophomores and Juniors. The number one player, Mark Powers, had a very good season and will probably play next year. Ron LaVerdiere played in the number three slot and has high hopes for his senior year. Andy Cole, who didn’t get a chance to play in matches during the previous season, came streaking into this year’s season playing mostly in the number two slot. Andy has greatly improved his golf game! Ken Ross had a very good year playing mostly in the number four position. Mark Conlon came back into this season playing in about the same position as he did the previous season. David Shepard, the only senior to play consistently on the team, had improved somewhat from his junior season. He played consistently in sixth position winning most of his matches and losing none of them. Fortunately David Shepard and John Vanderzwaag will be the only players lost through graduation. John went on sabba- tical during his junior year which made him lose much of his golf experience. He worked hard to improve his game and played in one match which he won. Jay McConnell played very well. Steve Merrill played in two matches which he won. The team will be losing Steve when he returns to Ohio this summer. Robert Gladchuck and Mike Ryan played in a few matches at the end of the season. They both did well and will probably be back. It appears that next year will be another outstanding season for our Golf team but we’ll have to see! .ONGTIME UkLIFOHin poucy LuMc-k ' L Ai£ ' (oO i " {OO erT? ■TTi: • « Llr t Ti i W6 0 « »- iME fOOR , IS IT 50U £T i There ' s that realw terrip c phrase- Jou’v e com A i-ong way when you mnKoFsonEOFT £ nnes THar we ve been THR006H IN oOfi BRIEF IB yEARJ 0 ? Jo,WE REAU-B DID Con£ THE loN6 WAH sore INTEREST Ns EVENP HAVE -mKEN PU|CE ALONG F R lNSTaNcE iN «57THE K»« ' AN3 U u VcH£D " SPOTNIK I. , thE s BUITTlPm AT THE CONTROL RM TIM T IN y mjommTo . AND 50 , THE SPfiCE RACE Wfl5 0 V. IT UlAS T LOtiG , NEIL AUlASrROUG ■nx)K “ONE irlftLL STEP ONTO THE SURFRCE OF THE t THE Ws THERE WAS THE " 8 OFPI65 ITCOU ) HAVf brought ow a HDClEAR WAR. WE SENIORS WERE ABOUT 4 yfURS S fH0JLK) OS " Bfla OF PIGS“ 50UNOEP JUST LIKE A soAHsf CRIB) PARENT ’ Fft ' RiJ TALf : 1 i ' , A VIe used To collect and trade 8A5E6BU. Alto FooreAU HD POOLED oUNl OV jjWg 6 Hf TE Bo ifpDs o o o 3 ?f f6 Snc ( T K£ -Sro«6£S 4 A D To rr jh d mrc j “ ' niE tM£ sToa B5“Wb " l£ il £ IT 70 8£fi " AS ijJBU. )S " sues 6uf N!i(7mr osc Uimik KAB8IT) (ARTitoAs " o J TSLeVisioti. But Ui£ fiLSO UlTfi £Ss£D EV0JTS J " rH£ r JSE. " Tmr 0J£££ A or £ fOUa { TO tJ b£R$r RD sotnE fT £ im. " ] f irlf cuSM ci f yoinf MNOftIr TBA BDH A ' TV£ muHT D£ Tf Or T W £ R£3y. THE AS5f SsmTlo ls tiF Bom KOf eay AAfp AtA lT y UiTHB k }6 tr. ruRry£R s }pp£A e3 AAO £ATR4I6£P £■ AiA£RKAR PE0pl£. -To ooJy fR£ coUA J £MDi R££) tUtTE R IOlEa t oFfJipE M DWE OU)£ £o£ ; £RodR€p T m JJA 40 Rpty AAT oLi.... weu,flT L£ £r u £ sr Lc WAit Hock. Abj) ) loT OF Ku s dE f B£p s- p( RRS DOmQ nlE ' fllPoSS BL£ PR£ )r{ ' OF tub ' (o 7 B ofi B tSiSML 36jteW. 4 tf ) V fe Hock£ 3 l5 AfElJ Ef GL IA)]) c £Sfi o TUB So TCM BtOJ iS S ViE ' i U oa tH£. Jr j LSy aiPi So VEH4 ' fe ' )fli)£ r THKO Ttl£ V fT M«) I m I TEBRTB DEB ICia imp COURT ' l€£s oTHEf ' 6B B)T 10 l£m pl Bn K! ‘ MD oj ss p sn s l ,ij 4 A. J. HASTINGS, INC. 5 So. Pleasant St. Pnrjberst open upeelcdQqs dixvr ppo. SondacjS 3 ’ sro- 1 p.n . Gulp lire CenW .F,A e cander Co, bandsircL ' iti uplicAtars Bohn TsnccL uphc jforj ' Rapid Reproductions Quality Xeroxing 2.33 N. PleasarviSt,Arnhcr5+ Cat- rt33e Shops Mon-Fri 8 " 9 ' Sa 9 3 SunJ 1 7 549 0566 KivsRSSoe SHeu Mlh 24 MONTAGUE ROAD NORTH AMHERST, MASS FULL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES STEVE RESS HELL TIRES TELEPHONE PROPRIETOR 413 - 549-6587 ( I credits Supplement 75: Cover: Dacre Hancock; Cartoons: John Sullivan, John Garber, John Gibson, Dan F ord, Photographers. Chuck Barnard, Angela Burgess, Sheila Collins, Karen Delgado, Ezulda Dees, John Ciarber, Bob Howell, Fred Houn, Mary Koenig, Mitch Koldy, Ray LaClaire, Mark McKie, Paul Miller, Steve Newcombe. Leslie Taylor; Editor: Steve Newcombe, Captions Editor: John Garber.

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