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Amherst Regional High School - Goldbug Yearbook (Amherst, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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Miss Eleanor C. Fillmore 119 Mill Lane, R.D. 1 Amherst, Mass. 01002 We Dedicate Blanche Derby We would like to thank Mrs. Derby for her continuous aide and guidance in the creation of the yearbook. She has coordinated her pho- tography class lessons to enable us to provide more pictures of the student body. She has also provided us with irreplacable pieces of art, from which the yearbook enables everyone to benefit. We thank her especially for remind- ing us of our deadlines and offering invaluable suggestions which have made this yearbook the best. School is a part of life, not separate from it. Enjoy it ! ! ! It is through the efforts of Miss Lawson that the girls ' Phys Ed classes have become what they are to- day — varied, interesting and appealing to the majori- ty of participants. She has taken it upon herself to see that gym classes offer what is wanted by the stu- dents. She has been the coach on a number of teams and has led more than a few of them to victory. We dedicate the yearbook to her in grateful acknowledge- ment of her constant concern for her students. This Book To: Betty Lawson 3 u What must not change — is the will to change. Llamas Martha O ' Neill Home Economics Elinor Thornton A. V. Office Eleanor Fillmore Director of Guidance You are free the moment you do not look outside yourself for someone to solve your problems. Craig Mary Fitzpatrick. Math Edgardo Rothkegel Language John Warthen English Virginia Oldershaw Secretary Richard Read Industrial Arts Norma Shoen I.P.C. Alice Stanne Math Leo Vigneault Guidance Stanley Dobosz English Bruce Oldershaw A.V. Director Karin Cathy Language m 7 Anyone can accomplish anything they want — if they make the effort. Gray Betty Jane Donley Language Carol Schweid Social Studies Donna Glazier Social Studies Evelyn Barber Social Studies Aide Suzanne LaVerdiere Math Betsy Jones Library Aide Arthur Leland Guidance John Maggs Music John Goodin English 8 Festina lente! (motto of the Emperor Augustus) Make haste slowly! Donley Ann Staley Language Lab Helen Goddard Receptionist Lita Preston Math Mary Ann Shea Business Jane Price English Benton Minks English John Kolasienski Custodian Charles Stevens Title 111 Program Ana Hayes Language Frank Llamas Community Resource Specialist 9 Charles Abramson Phys Ed Keith Lindblom Industrial Arts John Heffley Coordinating Principal Marlene Pressman English Mary Bleckwehl Guidance Aide William Ames Social Studies Thomas Styspeck Science I guess school is O.K., but it so often interferes with one ' s education. Lindblom Larry Crouse English Rudy Woloss Custodian Pearl Very Library Secretary I There ' s no such thing as a free lunch. — LWEC Hammarstrom Helen Karch Cafeteria Jessie Halsey Science Rufus Kneeland Phys Ed Helen Howard Cafeteria Walter Ouimette Language Doris Wentworth Teachers ' Secretary Irene Matlon English John Adams Instructional Director Andrew Phillips Music 12 Fondness it were for any being free to covet fetters, though golden they may be. — Shakespeare Linguieza Kristin Johnson Home Ec William Kahnweiler I.P.C. Center Paul Langlois Principal Lorraine Gouin Science Aide James Kelly Industrial Arts Carol Klingelhofer Science James Scott Science Georgette Vlach Custodian Joseph Jacobs English David Hammarstrom English To thine own self be true and it must follow As the night the day thou canst not be fake to any man. — Shakespeare Halpin Nina Modrzakowski Registrar Beverly Main Health Office Erwin Cepek Science Isabel Ryavec Librarian Dorothy Hammarstrom Main Office Aide Sandra Skrowronek School Nurse Molly Robinson Guidance Secretary Alexander Smith Custodian Dorothy Ewell Cafeteria Manager Paul Judson Math 14 Bouches ouvertes attrapent les mouches. Ouimette Merrita Hruska Home Ec Jennie Oberlander Science Aide Robert Aldrich Custodian Lorrie Giard Phys Ed Rita Clevenger Cafeteria Robert Kelly Social Studies Virginia Siddall Title III Program Gerald Britt Custodian I I J re K ; Orchestra As Schools rSh Lilts Bbloga Oub Leu Club French Club nOornmfj Snnouncenicjits Debate Faarrv A.F5. „ I Chess Club Pffl Literaru Olaqa Z.ine Business Careers Club Jheupuna Staqe Crew Band - o pnomle. jTn-5 !av club Future Teachers Mail Honor Scaetq Pep Club C3 Graphic Student Count L Student School Comm Outinci Qub 4 FH J Auto C ub® Chorus Tk 1-5 Cheerleaders f Qd and qun club Stacmobi c Club Cross Country Ski Club PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE SCHOOL Student Council. Pictured, First Row: Sophomores; J. Waldrin, P. Gordon, K. Dzendolet, K. O ' Neil, R. McGinn, Second Row: Juniors; K. Barnes, M. Gray, E. Boluch, E. Gettier. Third Row; Seniors; R. Chametz- sky, K. Clark, R. Cole, C. Mellen, R. Cahmberlain, P. Mascis. Missing, S. Culbertson, A. Gluckstern. This year, due to early graduation, the Council was led by two presidents, Rob Meyer, until he graduated in Jan., and Kathy Clark for the rest of the year. Other officers included; Loren Oakes — vice-president, Kathy Barnes — secre- tary, and Steve Culbertson — treasurer. Three seniors were replaced when they graduated in January. They were; Mar- tha Epstein, Kathy Rausch, and Stan Allen. The Council met every week with advisor Mr. Kelly, who made the admin- istration ' s viewpoints known. Student School Committee; R. Chametzsky, T. Farb, F. Houn. The Student School Committee was set up two years ago by the Student Council. The major goal of this group is to establish lines of communication between the A.R.H.S. students and the School Committee. Tom Farb, Regional Advisory Coun- cil Representative. The Regional Advisory Council to the Massachu- setts State Board of Education has a representative from each school in the state. This year the Council in- troduced three pieces of legislation to the State Legislature, and has also held regular meetings with the Board of Education. The Council has also been a powerful source of change in our school educational system. 18 TICK . . . TICK The main event this year was the very successful Tri-S formal, with a record breaking crowd of 174 people. The Hotel Northampton swung to the music of Chet Dragon and his Band. Other events included volunteer work at Belchertown State School, a Baking Day with residents of nursing homes, a spring fashion show, bake sales, and sponsoring a scholarship in memory of the late Jeffery Towsen, who was a 1972 A.R.H.S. graduate. Tri-S has a membership of approximately seventy girls. Tri-S Club. Pictured, Seated: S. Campbell, L. Hayes, K. Clark, sec., R. Shearer, publicity chairman, J Lauder, publicity chairman, M. Gray, K. Barnes, V. Barber, L. Scanlon, M. Southworty, S. Kravetz, M. Bradford, A. Robinson, D. Main, E. May, M. Branfass. Missing, P. Mascis, pres., S. Zartman, vice-pres., Gina Vassallo, treas., and about 3 4 of the rest of the club. The Key Club was very active this year in their efforts to be of service to the school and community. In the fall they sponsored the Walk For Belchertown, which turned out very well. Other club activities were build- ing shelves for the biology room to house plants, and helping with a blood drive. Morning Announcements; Left to Right, T. Farb, E. Dilhman, C. Mellen, R. Cole. " Good Morning and here are the Morning Announcements They were the cheerful voices you heard when your eyes were half closed. News, daily activities, and special birthday greetings were among the informing items which were brought to you every morning after the 8:05 bell. Key Club. Pictured, Seated; M. Vinsky, sec, L. Lundberg, B. Lambert, J. Chi- solm, S. Epstein, S. French, C. Beckett. Missing, R. Chamberlain, pres., B. Crites, treas. The court of the Tri-S Formal. P. DeCou, M. Brandfass, C. Ripa, R. Barnes, P. Mascis, queen. Crowning her is Mr. Leland as Mr. Adams looks on. TICK TICK The Chorale gave several performances during the 1973-74 school year. These included a concert at the farewell reception for Ronald Fitzgerald, and a joint concert with Chorus at Grace Church. The major work performed was Vivaldi ' s Gloria in D with a duet by Jami Gulko and Cherie La- France, and solos by Lorie Foster, Rachel Rud- mann and Ellen Ziff. A major work performed later in the year by the Chorus was Pergolesi ' s " Stabat Mater . Kevin Rivers, Julie Melrose, and Lorie Foster par- ticipated in the Massachusettes Western District Chorus, and Lorie Foster participated in Allstate Chorus. Band and Orchestra each performed several times during the school year. The Band hosted another band from New Jersey, and many people from both groups participated in youth ensembles. Many people played with the Massachusettes Western District Band and Orchestra. Marina Jaffe, Karen Little, and Cindy Shaw partici- pated in Allstate Band, and Nancy Brown and Alex Will played with Allstate Orchestra. TICK TICK TIC The Editors-in-Chief. " Hard at work in the Goldbug office. " J The " As Schools Match Wits " team practiced weekly during the school year and it paid oil, since they reached the semi-finals. To accomplish this they had to win three games in a row, then they stay in retirement until spring when they played for the Championship. With Mrs. Price to advise them, the Graphic staff produced a higher quality publication than those of previous years. This was due, in part, to the many outside contributors who were not affliat- ed with a Journalism II class and who broadened the perspective of articles and lightened the bur- den of publication for the Journalism students . " As School ' s Match Wits " Team; C. Chandler, T. Venman. Missing: J. Fuller, R. Meyer, R. Chametzsky . • -.5 ' Sf Graphic. S. Stewart, S. Harper, J. Sullivan, M. Coty, Mrs. Jane Price, Advisor, D. Flight, L. Lundberg, R. Shanor. TICK TICK TICK TICK Art Club: 5. Pyne, L. Whiston, H. Lindbloom, P. Schwartzberg, J. Mahar, F. Schwartzberg, Mrs. Derby, Advisor, C. Adams. The art club annually sponsors two bazaars. One before Christmas and one at the Amherst Town Fair. Art students donate their work and proceeds go to buy equipment for the art room. Items in the past have included a stereo and a photograph enlar- ger. These bazaars are very popular with the stu- dents and the faculty . 22 TIC K TICK TICK TICK TICK Thespians; Seated, P. Taylor, S. Harper, R. Rudmann, L. Halsted. Second Row; K. Paulin, B. Lambert, R. Cole, P, Weiner, J. Oberlander, Benton Minks, Advisor, Third Row: T. Picha, C. Reimer, C. Mellen, E. Ziff, L. Bancroft, A. DeCourcey . The fall production was ' Many Moons ' directed by Katie Haf- ner. A Talent Show gave many students a chance to display hidden talents this winter. The Club eagerly awaited their spring trip to New York to at- tend theater on a more profes- sional basis . Amherst Regional H.S. Library 21 Mattoon Street Amherst, MA 01002 . ft riCK TICK TICKTICK TICK TICK The debate team has travelled to over fifteen tournaments in Massachu- setts, New York, Rhode Island and New Hampshire this year. They have won numerous team and speaker awards. As many as forty schools compete at each tournament. The debate team has great expectations for the future as the novice debaters have won 1st place at five tournaments. Debate, C. Fitzgerald, L. Lundberg, T. Farb, P. Collery, D. Smith, O. Cheyette, A. Lee, M. Lee, K. Smith Back Row: Mrs. Pressman advisor, P. Filios, T. Hunter, D. Romer, R. Fredman, V. Ross, A. Goodzeit, P. Gordon, K. Dzenal an, L. Ford, R. Williams. The topic this year was on the ques- tion of poverty in the United States. Each debater did extensive research on the welfare system in order to argue for or against the resolution. Practice debates, as well as coaching sessions are held after school in preparation for the tournaments. The Outing Club was very active this year with var- ious seasonal events. The spring bike trip wds ex- panded this year to include seven different trips, all located in the Cape Cod area for the most part. The Lake George trip was pop- ular again this year. All the activities were well attended . Outing Club: Bottom Row, A. Burgess, L. Hartman, C. Drake, J. Dalton, C. Lee. Middle Row; C. Reimer, R. Rudman, M. Keenan, C. Mellen, B. Lambert, K. Taulin, P. Schoenberger, J. Levinger Top Row; P. Swartzberger, 5. O ' Donnell, C. Camp advisor, J. Lockhart, L. Mann, A. George, M. Howards, N. Smith, S. Harper, E. Mann, R. Cole, J. Oberlander, E. Salzmann, S. French, C. Beckett. Cross-Country Ski Club: J. Levinger, B Lambert, B. Crites, M. Vinsky TICKTICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TIC] National Honor Society; Bottom Row, L. Gallager, J. Savoyen, C. Shaw, C. Drake, J. White, L. Hartman, J. Wolf, E. Freidman. Second Row, R Paul, W. Stewart, L. Lundberg, T. Farb, D. Culbertsdon, R. Friedman, J. Perchak, S. Robert, M. Piccus, Third Row, Miss Donley, advisor, L Meyers, E. May, A. Gluckstern, K, Hafner, B. Cann, R. Chamberlain, T. Venman, N. Leininger, G. Stowell, B. Progulski, B. Hastings, P. Schoenberger, Top Row, M. Visky, A. Oldeshaw, S. O ' Donnell, S. Chajes., R. Cole, A. Goodzeit, E. Ford, D. Ford, S. French, E. Salzmann, L. Foster, M. Fournier, S. Howard, A-V Club: Seated: D. Riemer, D. Sagalyn, C. Shapper, P. Donfried, N. Berger pres,, S. Skillings advisor, R Babb, G. Steve. Second Row: J. Mourr, M Trumpke, R. Warriner treas., J. Field, M. Hawley sec., C. Pi-Sunyer, S. Kaiser. Top Row: T. Kelly, D. Yando, S. Harrison, T. Johnson, T Barser, C. Fitz- gerald, S. Kaslavskas, J, Field, R. Babb, S. Sandler, P. Krutkoy, Mr. Oldershaw, advisor. Missing, J. Gillispie, vice-pres. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Kneeling, L. Davies, L. Kellogg, M. Southworth, Standing, C, Louttit, co-capt., K. Klein, R. Paul, D. Whitcomb, capt., Top, S. McGill. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICKTICK TICK TICK Pep Club; Seated, M. Gurski, G Vassallo, J. Gilbert, sec., L. Glazier and J. Glazier, co-pres., M. Vinsky, treas., J. Perchak, K Halsey,. Second Row; E. Boluch, H Dill, B. Lambert, S. White, R. Shearer, V. Barber, S. Cicia, M. Lessard, C. Burnell, J. Savoyen, L. Bryan, E. Dilhman. The Pep Club could be found actively cheering the various teams to victory. The club sold soda and candy at foot- ball games and popcorn at basketball games. Varsity Cheerleaders E. Boluch, R. Shearer, P. Mascis, co-capt, S. Zatman, capt., D Main, D. Goralski, C Ripa, V. Barber, S. Cicia, H. Dill, M. Gurski, M. Richardson, L. Penza. Giving enthusiastic support were five different cheering squads this year. Football, soccer, basketball and for the first time in A.R.H.5. history, a hockey squad. You may often find cheerleaders behind the concession stand tempt- ing you with all sorts of candy. They also have taken rides into the dead of night delivering boxes of goodies to the doorsteps of football players. Let us not forget the Pep Band.! Shouting as well as playing their support under the direction of Mr. Phillips. The Band added the right spirit to make this a winning sea- son for all the Hurricane teams. TICK TICK TICKTICK TICK TICKTICK TICK TIC This year there was a new branch of cheerleaders. It consisted of nine girls who supported the Hockey Team by chanting from the stands. Two girls had to leave the squad halfway through the season, but were quickly replaced by new enthu- siasts. The squad was greatly appreciated by the Hockey Team and fans at the games. Hockey Cheerleaders: Seated, S. Durfee, D. Main capt, J. Gilbert co-capt, A. Lee. Second Row, M. Gray, L. Russell, M. Lee, S. White, M. Schwartz. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: A. Feaster, K. Sheer- man, K. Curran co-capt, M. Southworth, R. Paul, S. McGill, capt . Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders: First Row, R. Shearer, E. Boluch. Second Row, D. Goralski co- capt., P. Mascis capt., C. Ripa. Third Row, T Liu, M Gurski, H Dill, V. Barber. Missing K. Knauf, M. Richardson. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK Biology Club: S. Fitzgerald, S. Finney, A. Burke. French Club: Alice Lee, Tom Farb, Mary Lee. Missing, Cindy Shaw and Laura Myers. Chess Club: R. Friedman, J. Waldron, M. Osborn, S. French. While interest in chess has died down since the Bobby Fischer excitement last year, dedicated members of the chess club still meet twice a week. Various indi- viduals compete in college-affil- iated tournaments. And the Chess Team competes with local high schools, sporting 4 wins, 2 loses, and 2 draws . F.H.A.: Seated, K. Freeman, C. Carey, C. Freeman. Top Row, R. Costigean, N. Field, V. LaClaire. 28 TICK TICK TICK TIC K TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TIC? Business Careers spon- sored many money making events for funds for their annual spring trip. This group consisted of girls interested in business ca- reers after graduation. Rod And Gun Club: First Row D. Culbertson, P. Schoenburger, T. Lucas, Hobo, J. Mitchell, Woody, A. Howard, Mr. Craig, ad ' visor. Second Row: J. Wal- las, D. McKemmie, D. Baker, P. Cavanaugh, Mort, Kelloge, P. Perchak, P. Ziomek, S. Stosz, T. Perron, D. Griswold. Business Careers Club: Seated, J. Gilbert, S. White, sales chairperson, B. Capen, V. Weston pres., C. Heath sec., G. Vassallo treas., E. Dilhman. Standing, Miss Shea, Advisor, S. Kaslouskis, V. Barber, S. Cicia, S. Campbell, M. Lessard, J. Glazier, L. Glazier, Mrs. Fredrickson advisor. The club goes on numerous fishing and hunting trips throughout the school year. Courses in gun safety are held and are required before any actu- al shooting is done. " Would you care to join us? These members demonstrate the technique used to eat the rabbit after it has been shot, cleaned, and cooked. Waiting for the auctioneers to begin. nc K TIC K TIC K TIC K TIC K TIC K TIC K TIC K TIC K TIC K TIC K TI The Football team and Turk, got together to boost their winning season by creating the cake that sold for the most money at the auction. The Junior Class this year decided to have a core committee instead of the traditional class officers. They sponsored the always success- ful Junior Class Cake Auction for funds to put on the Senior Prom in May . C8 as ,8 c 041 « J3 8» 7146 52. S73 r 13 0 -» r 2 ¥- 33 CK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK The Seniors this year are eagerly awaiting graduation. Looking back on past activities, the memories are happy ones. One of the big money makers was the community fair. We are looking forward to seeing Mr. Le- land make as big a splash as Mr. Langlois did. Senior Class Officers: Advisors Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Scott, Patty Mascis, sec, Carol Mellen, vice- president, Jim Laprade, treasurer. Missing: Rich Kellogg, president. JUNIORS Debra Adams, Lawrence Adams, Paula Albertson, Brenda Anderson, Noreen Aprile, Paul Archer, Thomas Archer, Wayne Avery, Ann Bachand, Susan Bak. Lynn Baker, Charles Barnard, Cathy Barnes, Miriam Barnes, Chris Bean, Elizabeth Benson, Nancy Berger, Erica Berquist, Nancy Bernotas, Timothy Black Elizabeth Bleckwehl, Eleanor Boluch, Marcia Bradford, Margaret Brandfass, Peter Braunthal, Nancy Brown, Martin Brozq, Cynthia Brunelle, Lynn Bryan, Jane Bukoski, Angela Burgess, Charles Burke, William Butler, Elizabeth Carlisle, Philip Cavanaugh, Susan Cajes, Betsy Cann, Anthony Chastain, MarkChien, Jeffrey Chilton Catherine Cleare, Cindy Cole, Sheryl Cole, Sheila Collins, Candace Coombs, Debra Corker, Edward Costa, KateCoty, Andrew Cowles, Alan Crabtree Peggy Crossman, Steven Culbertson, Jayne Cunningham, John Curran, Mark Davies, Bridget Davis, Karen Delgardo, Andrea Dihlmann, Carla Dihlmann, Catherine Dods. Diane Doubleday, Cindy Drake, Cindy Drake, Kennet h Drake, Susan Dreyer, David Eckess, David Ertel, Mary Evans Bruce Feng, Judy Field Nancy Field, Paul Filios, Kathy Fischer, Clifford Fitzgerald, Hilaire Fournier, Beth Fox, Margaret Francis, Jill Franks, Duane Freeman Ronald Friedman. Lisa Gallagher, John Garber, Sandra Gardner, Barbara Gere, Evan Gettier David Gilbert, Amy Gluckstem, Michael Goodhind, Alison Goodzeit, Nancy Gralenski. Molly Gray, David Griswold, Katherine Hafner, Dacre Hancock James Hansen, Jody Harrelson, Linda Hartman Susan Harvey, Cynthia Hastings. Joan Hatt, Mary Hawley, Linda Hayes, Donna Hillenbrand, Jill Holcomb Mary Holmes, Fred Houn Mark Edwards, Tamara Howe, Timothy Hunter Marina Jaffe, Robert James, SueAnn Jerome, Christopher Johnson, Samuel Judson, Susan Kaslauskas, William Keedy, David Keenan, Lauren Kielbasa, Diane Klein. JUNIORS Benjamin Klemer, Mary Koenig, Marsha Kolasinski, Cynthia Ko ldy, Steven Konicek, Carl Kosarick, Sharon Kravetz, Julie Kropf, Susanna Kummerle, Debbie-Sue LaClaire Raymond LaClaire, Paul Lambert. Bryce Lane, Peter Lashway, Aletha Leadbetter, Alice Lee, Mary Lee, Todd Lee, Lisa Leed, Nicholas Leininger. Janet Lentilhon, Douglas Lenz, Gregg Leonard, Lynn Letourneau, James Levinger, Nancy Likens, Heidi Lindblom, Karen Little, Theresa Liu, Joan Lockhart . Douglas Logan. Martha Lord, Michele Mageissen, Debra Main, Debora Maisner, David Marcotte, Donna Marko, Debra Markuson, Robert Martin, Emy May Tom McClung, Brenda McGrath, Mark McKie, Susan Meade, Raymond Miles, Jerry Millar, Paul Miller, David Mills, John Mitchell, Cheryl Mokrzecky . Harriet Monroe, Peter Moss, Irene Mullins, Anthony Neary, Greg Nelson, Steven Newcombe, Dale Nielsen, Eric Nielsen, Peter Niemczura, Kenneth Noel Susan O Donnell, Alan Oldershaw, Linda Orr, Mark Osborn, Michael Owen, Lynn Page, Jacquelyn Parker, Howard Paul, Thomas Perron, Ellen Perry. Mike Piccus, Bill Pickering, Brian Piedmont, Janet Pratt, Marsha Prior, Candy Prout, Ursala Rabe, Philip Raush, Mary Jane Richardson, Rebecca Rintala. Maria Roberts, Amy Robinson, Victor Robinson, John Robinson, Jacqueline Rochford, Melissa Rohde, Christine Rolander, Valerie Ross, David Rotman. Elizabeth Cindy Ryznic, Marianne Ryznic, Karen Saheed, Erica Salzmann, Gayle Sanders, Beth Sawyer, Anna Scheffey, Frances Schwartzberg, Michael Serouck. lannaSevoian Rachel Shanor, Cynthia Shaw, David Shepard, Deborah Sherman, Maryanne Sienkiewicz, Clifford Skibinsky, Bill Slate, Thomas Slocombe, Bruce Smith, Kevyn Smith Timothy Smith. Jonathan Smyser, Ed Stanisiewski, Gary Stanitis, Mark Steinbergs, Sally Stewart, Patty Stone, Mark Stoneham, Staley Stosz, Johnny Strickland. John Sullivan, Diane Supernaut, Tony Sze, Bill Tarmey , Donna Thayer, Claire T hompson, David Thorton, George Tobin, Mary T rompke, Sean Troutner Ellen Tucker, Patricia Tyler, John VanderZwagg, Edward Vendette, Tom Venman, Jim Warren, Roberta Warriner, Janet Weaver, Christine Webster, Kenneth Wheeler Isabel Whiston, Carla White, Caol White, Ellen White, Janet White, Suzanne Whitney, Dennis Whittemore, Rosalyn Wiggins, Karen Wilcox, Michael Wilkins Janice Wilkinson, Laurie Wolf, Jessica Wolff, Daniel Woodard JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Douglas Blattner, Barbara Brockway, Jennifer Chastian, Anne Claunch, Douglas Cuomo, John Darling, Gabriela Fernandez, Jonathan Field, Lee Ann Hall, Melvin Harvey, David Hunt, Kevin Jones, Ronald Larson, Steven McCormick, Laura O ' Connell, Jim Ostendarp, Mark Parker, Raoul Roach, Anne Schuler, Martha Schwartz, Mark Simpson, Kevin Skelly, Jim Supernaut, Paul Thorton. Richard Tornes, Dean Whitney IS • JUNIORS • Jl r TXT SOPHOMORES Charles Allen, Scott Ambs, Don Anderson, David Aubry, Karen Bak, Susan Barker, James Barr, Bonnie Barrows, Lesley Bartus, David Bernstein. Carl Berquist, Craig Berquist, Christine Berry, James Bias, Cathleen Bishop, Deborah Black, Suzanne Blanchard, Martha Boluch, Anthony Bond, John Bonsignore. Andrew Boothroyd, Janet Boothroyd, Stephen Bosley, Judith Bragg, Robert Brandts, Aaron Britt, Christopher Britt, Cynthia Brown, John Burak, Andrew Burke. Michael Burke, Denise Carey, Michael Carey, Tim Carlisle, Sara Carlozzi, Stuart Carpenter, Daniel Cetto, Peter Chametzky, Charles Chandler, Nadine Chien. Lisa Ciavatta. Vincent Cleary, Bruce Cleveland, Lynn Cleveland, Paul Clevenger, Paula Cobb, Christopher Collins, Mark Conlon, Michael Connelly James Cook. Ruby Costigan, Mary Coty, Annette Creekmore, Karen Cromack, David Dalton, Karen Damerell, Janki Darity, Linda Davies Matthew Davis, Allen Dean SOPHOMORES Beth Decourcey, Roger Delgardo, Richard Denesha, Philip Denyse, Aleck Desmond, Charles Dodge, Geraldine Dorman, Mark Dowell, Clark Drake, Nancy Drake. Karen Dzendolet, Thomas Eddy, Stephen Elder, Karen Elliott, Maria Espinel, Judith Fagerson, Charles Fairhurst, Barbara Fariss, Richard Fay, Anne Feaster Teresa Filios, Daniel Fisk, Scott Fitzgerald, Ellen Flight, Mary Foley, Daniel Ford, Margaret Ford, Peter Fowler, Christopher Franklin, Daniel Frazier. Cathy Freeman, Thomas Freisem, Elizabeth Freytag, Lewis Fuller, Victor Fusia, Laura Gardner, John Gawienowski, Alan George, Jeffrey Gervickas, Elizabeth Gettier. John Gibson, Anthony Glenn, Peter Goodhind, Peter Gordon, Francois Gowin, Christopher Gray, Deborah Griswold, Andrea Hall, Kay Halpern, Lorna Halstead Joseph Harris, Christopher Hasbrouck, Ann Hastings, Glen Hawthorne, Kathryn Hayes, Robert Heronemus, Janet Holesovsky, Joseph Holmes, Cynthia Horne, Florence Houn a Andrew Howard, Pam Howes, Amy Hubert, Gerald Janovitz, Genia Jessen, Lawrence Johnson Diane Keedy. Francis Keenan, Lori Kellogg, Clifford Kelly Barbara Kennedy, Robert Kenny, Terese Keohane, Joy Keyes, Lee Ann Kielbowicz, Kathy Kimball, Kathleen Klein, Saragrace Knauf, Jamie Koehler, Anthony Kundert Luann LaClaire, Susan LaClaire, Verna LaClaire, David LaFrance, Rick Lambert, Heidi Laufman, Elizabeth Laurenson, Ronald LaVerdiere, Lisa Lee, Cynthia Lenz Lee Ann Leonard, David Levin, Richard Lewison, Amy Longsworth, Robert Lord, Cathy Louttit, Janet Lyman, Barbara MacDonald, Jane Mahar, Thomas Maisner Lauren Mann, Deborah Marion, Michael Marko, Colleen Marley, Michael Mascis, Panaciotis Massaras, Kathleen Matthews, Michael Matusko, Michele Matusko. Maria Mauldon Kathryn Maxson, David Maynard, David Mazor, Morval McCl ure, Debra McConnell, Sandra McGill. Richard McGinn Linda McKemmie, John McLaughlin, Andrew McNeal —— SOPHOMORES Craig Merrill, Gayl Mileszko, Jean Moores, Terri Moriarty Brian Morton, Perry Moss, Ellen Newcomb, Peter Nicolay, Anthony Nobbier. Eileen O ' Brien Ann O ' Connor, Theresa Olanyk, Kathleen O ' Neil, Michael Orr, Donald Orrell, Jennifer Osborn, Anneliese Ostendarp, Robbin Paul, Carol Peene, Donna Pelkey Peter Perchak, Curtis Peterson. Randy Phillips, Sterl Phinney, Katrina Picha, Donald Pitkin, Thomas Portor, Mark Powers, Norma Pratt, Teresa Pratt Alan Progulske, Thomas Quarles, Keith Quinton, Gary Rehorka, Matt Ripa, John Robinson, Nancy Rogers, David Romer, Kenneth Ross, Rachel Beth Rudman Darlene Ryznic, Robbin Ryznic Pamela Sabey , Michael Sacco, Liz Scanlon, Stephen Schwartz. Pamela Schwartzberg, Karen Sheerman, Seth Sherwood, Leon Shumway Paul Shumway, Mark Siddall, David Simmons, Michael Skelly, Andrew Smith, David Smith, Todd Snyder, Conrad Soons, Martha Southworth, Stephen Stosz SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Gerard Alterisid, Timothee Bartlett. Doug Buck Baxter Bullock, Thomas Burke, Christine Cahill, Nelida Candelar- io, Elgardo Candelario, Thomas Clark, Reginald Color, Kathleen Curran. Patricia DeCoud, John Fenton. Donald Gardner Jim Glazier, John Harrelson, John Heath, James Jerome. John Jerrigan, Sharon Jones, Elizabeth Kroon, Katheryn Lukralle, Kevin Longto, Douglass MacLeod, Norman Phillips, Terri Pike. Scott Riemer, Priscilla Robinson, Parnell Rogers. Robert Seyfert Pamela Sisto. David Smith. Bill Sze. Peter Teraspulsky, David Whitney Naava Zohar Thomas Stratford, Abigail Sunderland, Lisa Tarmey, David Thayer. Douglas Thayer, Anita Thompson, Holly Thorton. Kathleen Thorton, Neil Towson Aaron Trehub. Diane Truehart, Glen VanPeski, John Vassallo, Richard Vassallo, Susan Venman, Thomas Vinskey, Erich Von Staats, Henry Walas, James W ' alas Michele Walas. Jonathan Waldron, Jane Waskiewicz, Barbara Webb, Jill Weinstein, Laura Wellman. James Wentworth, Elizabeth Weston. Donna Whitcomb, Donna Whittemore James Wiley, Alexander Will, Rebekah Williams, Kim Wilson, Daniel Winslow, Vivian Winters, Jeremy Wolff, Debra Young. Dana Zartman, Lisa Zern Paul Ziomek, Peter Ziomek it SB Maybe tomorrow it will be that way again. Or maybe if I want it that much, it will be that way again today . Right now it seems like the past, and that ' s where it ' s going to stay . When 1 stop and think about going to my own field and just running and jumping with the clouds, I ' m almost there again, i Away in my own little world with no cares or worries, and that ' s where I want to be. ’ • -v » ' , m: L ■ BMHR Maybe tomorrow. Sue Fowler forie.5 a cats rue ®IIOj bou5 | dcW)f ! ftuto mech rs j w or n 0 =D (H c== F =3 rraftna D JF® as CT 3 o a o V? uOIaI 01m (2 (§)F@Q3m ©writs l . J iv || IS for sometimes 5TD o — 3 C m u5,c bo OUTWoJ Line OPfcn. campus b a - OD r rom O C tV X to o ee contihued y 0 u are a senior aT A R H S i y ou have To drink, E fRer y° u drink and fell everyone , or you dr»nk and don’t tel] everyone, or yog don ' t dnnK, end tell everyone jjou dojor C.ISC. you don ' t touch adrop, A3 seniors hq e Car 5 . £ ither you have a jun k ty pe jalopy (a ' (do Valia at) or else you ha ve a neuu Slick car. (a Vo pj re- bird) ' Tree 5eniors Spend rnost of Most senior? still eat l ", Uh.icK.vs a. habit vUKicK uvcls developed earlier in. high. school, the difference betueea Seniors and other students j is thcLt ihe onderclcvss men tend to hang around the. pieeo. pea lour. don’t ted anyone anything ; | e dau s i tfi nq in their cars, out and everyone, thinks in The ft ark in y lot — you do because you are so wi er c( • j m.O k h.Q l 5 a ba b 1 1 one (0 1 ckS op i hi fke junior Hicjk. One iycCICPn [(y Smokes whm oae enters. But time orx£ ' 1 6 ( 6enior,oae doesn’t Smoke at all, or else one has taken op smoking other th i ncp. (Q)ne of flnC many benefits of betnq asenior is +Un+ schedule you have consists mainly of desigae4 f° r S ou uoor Time Unless 1 ery " q° n S " kn ° " 1 a aedr Participates difficult course. n rdq the: 20 85; Co UR5g courses 3 are nior. 1 8 feecf, P rs T. Sk, pk ’IP " £ y. n e , ° r Q f stereo f ape dec k Is a must for all senior cars. The object is to yet tapes ot groups that no one has eder heard oP %°fo° °o $t 0 °° 0 X.oco°S hALKJ | (Se.Lfc.Tl fowEP. TAPE LITE “CD 2.2 a na d$ Resides eating P many seniors, after finally yetting fed uputt+h School lunches, will make a Trip to cDoriadds for lunch. hJhi le there , they co ill most probably be Screed by jun iors, coho cure working to earn hbeir right to become seniors. ‘j Vouqh rdf neecssar. Uj classified as jocks • many seniors participate to at least one , probably too, Sporf s , and a 1 1 Seniors coin at least one letter , mainly because a letter is giuen To a|| Sen iors . X7-2. (Sine of the best pastimes of a Semor is " 5° ,n 3 ou " t r ooith some one- J-t S most common to find N Seniors going ujieh younger Students preferably sophomores , or even freshman • T-f is quite a rare occasion to find t roO seniors going together- unless they are members of the Very High class. Jl IW Another past time of many I Seniors is doing nothin Qi scientifically called ' t( Seniority LoitePous! 1 In this conditiop, the senior is found sitfiDQ around inside or out, mostly during, a class , not really accomplishing anyhbingp thus taking on one of the main characteristics of a Senior ; l a mess j! ( irls in the High school develop a bab t ; m Junior Kiyb of carrying a pockc ' tbook This habit continues right through) tbei r days, Cca .u‘»,i ij vy) 0 V, A nues right “ UOh I L e be 0 n re you Interested k Co 9 . S % V " 0 r - , ■ , v V Si T, ' V 0 9v V v s " S V “T S • .•% 4 rr u)r)Cn ULI J 0 pocket becoming a senior r ?h. ' S assorted Aef £ ssa te ,remenH ossifies cl net a junior or a smart 5cpko nembrances. It can be a more) this »S your chancel .ard as well as ci lethal weapon, if you Ve truly interested, 9cm A in unu r aPphcafu t v v 5- %3- ■£ V v jp bl t Joseph S coo lor ' 74- yi! MICHAEL E ABRAMSON Baseball 10 11,12. Basketball 10.11.12. Graphic 1 1 PAT AHEARN: Graphic 12 Football 10,11.12. Wrestling 10.1 1 .12. Friday Night Club 12 BRUCE ALDRICH GERALD ALDRICH DENNY ALLEN: Chess Club 10.11 Advanced Outward Bound 12 STANLEY ALLEN National Honor Society pres. 12 OutingClub 10. exec, com 11.12; Stage Crew 10 master carpenter spring 11.12. Thespians 11.12; Gymnastics 10. Ski Team 10.11. co-capt. 12. Soccer 10,11.12. Tennis 10, Amherst Bozo s Spring Soccer 1 1 META r BACH 60 MARI ' . B. K National Honor Society Ski Club 10.11.12 Baseball 10 11. 1 2 Ski Team 10.11 12 Soccer 10 11 . o-capt 1 2 Second Team All League 12 American Legion Boy State 1 1 DOUG BAKER Auto Club 10 Rod Gun Club 10.11. treas 12. Basketball 11 Football 10 11 VALERIE ANN BARBER Business Careers Club 12 Cheerleader 10 11.12. Go Id bug 1 1 . Pep Club 10 11.12. Ski Club 10. Tri-s 10 11.12. B F 10 N B F A LG 11.12 DEBRA BARKER Chorus 1 1 Ski C lub 10.11 T ri-S 10 11.12. Ski Team 1 1 Tennis 1112 CHRIS BECKETT Outing Club 10.11.12. Kev Club 11. Ski Club 10,11.12. Gymnastics 10 11 LaCrossc 10 1 1 12. Soccer 10.11.12. Squash 10.11.12. Amherst Bozo s Spring Soccer League 1 1 ROGER BOUCHER Student Council 10 Cheerleader 11; Football 10,11. Honorable Mention All League 12. Track Field 10 11.12 Wrestling 10,11. tri-capt 12. Friday GARY BRAND A-VClub 10,11 Rod Gun Club 10. 1 1 Hockey mgr 12; ANGI BURCH; Chorale 11.12; Goldbug 11 Morning Announcements 11 . Pep Club 10.11; Ski JON BURGESS: Outing Club 10 11.12 Soccer 10 Track Field 1 1.12. MICHAELS BURKE Night Club 11.12 Soccer 10.11.12 Club 10.11. Tri-S 10.11. WYestling 10 CYNTHIA BURKE Band 10 11 Soccer 10,11 SANDRA JUNE CAMPBELL Business Careers Club 11.12. Chorus 12; Ski Club 10.11 Tri-S 10 11.12 Belchertown V olunteer 10. 11,12. RUSSELL R. CAMPION Baseball 10 11 12 Basketball 10 All League All Western Mass 1 1 capt. 12. IOSE RAMON CANDELIARO Trans from Puerto Rico and Holvoke Biology Club 10 Math Club 10; Medical Careers Club 10 Basketball 10; Softball 10 11. Volleyball 10; Spanish Club 10 BONNIE CAPEN PATTI CAREVV CHERYL E. C AREV F H A. v -pres. 10. pres 11.12 Education niav polish the minds of men but only the blood of lesii ' Christ can cleanse them RICHARD H CHAMBERLAIN National Honor Society co-v -pres. 12. Student Council 11.12. Outing Club 10.11.12. SkiClub 10.11.12. Key Club pres. 12. Gymnastics 10,1 1, co- capt. 12. LaCrosse 10.11, 12; Soccer 10,1 1 , co-capt. 12 . MARK CARLISLE: Ski Club Soccer. Belchertown State School Volunteer CHERYL CAVANAUGH ROBERT CHAMETZKY Student Council 12. Student School Com 12. As Schools Match Wits 12; Graphic 12. Basketball 11.12. Not Pictured ALAN CHILDS Not Pictured JOHN CHISOLM PHYLLIS CHITTUM SUZANNE GAILCICIA KATHERINE ANN CLARK EARL CLEVELAND National Honor Society. Pep Club 10.11.12. Outing Club 10.11,12 Pep Not Pictured Chorus 12; Goldbug 1 1 . Business Careers Club 10, Club 10. sec 11. Student Coun- Graphic 11, Outing Club 1 1 . Pep Club 11; Tri-S 11. Basketball mgr 10. Field Hockey 10,11 . 11,12; Cheerleader 12 cil v-pres 11,12. Tri-S sec 12. Cheerleader 11 Chorus pres 12, F T A 12. Class Vice Presi- dent 10. Girls State 11. Girls Nation Semi-Finalist 11, Class Marshall 11 DAVID CLEVENGER RAY COLE National Honor Society. Thespians 11. v. -pres. 12. Morning Announcements 12. Outing Club 12, Stage Crew 10,11,12. Chorale 12. Swim Team 10 MIKE CORCORAN PAMELA A. COOK Hockey 10. WILLIAM C CRITE5: Radio Club 12. Key Club NANCRAMER Chorus Treas. 12 Cross Country 11,12. Ski Club 10.11,12 Ski Club 12. Soccer 12 DAVID CULBERTSON National Honor Society, Biology Club 10. Chorale 12. Debate Club 1 1 OutingClub 10.11,12. Ski Club 10,11; Soccer 11.12. Squash 11,12. Tennis 10 WILLIAM CROOKER 11,12. Wrestling 10 CELIA CUOMO JOHN DALTON: SARAH DARLING Band JOHN DAVIS Not Pictured 10. Basketball 10,11; Field Hockey 10,11, Softball 10. Track and Field 10,1 1 ANN DeCOURCEY Outing Club 10, exec, com 11,12; Chorus 11.12; Stage Crew 10,11.12 Thespians 12. Tri-S 11.12 ST GEORGE Goldbug 12 Morning Announcements Club 12. Nat l Honor Society 10-12 63 n 7 EMILY KATHERINE DIHLMANN Business HOLLY ANN DILL Careers Club 1 1,12; Cheerleader 11,12; F H A Morning Announcements sec. 10; Goldbug 10,11, 10,11,12. Pep Club 12; Morning Announcements VICKI DEMPESY: At Chorus treas. 11; Chorale 10,11,12; Ski Club 10,11, times of deep depression. treas. 12. Goldbug 10,11, 12; Tri-S 10,11.12. remember Vick ' s crazv Faculty and Business Ed Basketball 10; Volleyball DANA DELANEY; BENIAMIN DEMOTT: giggle and — crack up!!!” VINCENT DEPILLIS: 12. 10,11. AREN DODGE: Outing lub 11,12; M.Q.H.A. 10, 11,12; N.E.Q.H.A. 10,12, A Q H A. 10,11,12; Tally- Ho 4H Club 10.12 CHARLES DOHERTY Not Pictured SCOTT DOUBLEDAY SUSAN J, DURFEF Hockey Cheerleader 12. Tri-S 11,12 MARTHA EPSTEIN National Honor Society, sec 12; Student Council 10,11,12, Ski Club 10,11 Ski Team 11,12; Tennis 10. 11; Community Resource SAMUEL EPSTEIN Committee 1 1 64 THOMAS FOREST FARB National Honor Society. Spring! Reg. Advisory Coun cil. Chairman 11,12; Student School Com. Ch. 12; Debate PETER F FENG: Baseball 10,11,12; Friday Night JAMES FAWKNER Club 11,12. JONATHAN FIELD PEARL EWELL Club 10, v.-pres. 11. pres 12, French Club 10 Pre 11 12; Nat l Science Foundation Award 11; Morning Announce- ments 10,11,12, A-V Club 10 MARCY A. FARRELL Field Hockey 10,11,12; Volleyball 10, Basketball 10,11; Softball 10,11,12, Outing Club 10. MARY FRANCIS DAVID FLIGHT Class DAVID A. FORD EDMOND FORD LORENA FOSTER MICHELLE FOURIER FITZPATRICK Chorus President 10,11, French National Honor Society; National Honor Society; National Honor Society; National Honor Society; 10,11. Club 10,11; Goldbug 11, treas. 12, Band 10, pep Debate Club 10,11, sec. 12; A.F.S. 11; OutingClub 12; A F.S 11, Goldbug Ed - 12, Graphic 12; Morning band 11,12; Stage Band 11, LaCrosse 11, Wrestling 11, Chorale 10,11,12; Ski Club 12, Latin II Award 11 Announcements 10, 12; Debate Club 11, 12. 10,11.12. West. District Outing Club 11, Ski Club Orchestra 12; Outing Club Chorus 11,12, National 11 , Stage Crew 10,11 , 11,12; Student School Merit Scholarship Semi- 65 Soccer mgr 12; Squash 12. Com. 11 Finalist, French V Award 11 SUSAN FOWLER DAPHANE FRASER National Honor Society; Chorus 12; Outing Club 12, Folkdancing 10,11. DAVID FREIBAND National Honor Society; Chess Club 10, 11,12; Chess Team 12; Outing Club 10,11 .12 ski C lub 10. Gymnastics 11, Soccer 10,11, Squash 12 JONATHAN FULLER National Honor Society, As Schools Match Wits 12, A-V Club 1 1 ; Chess Club 10,11; DebateClub SCOTT FRENCH Debate Club 11, French Club 10, 1 1 ; Graphic 1 1 . Basketball 10, Soccer 10. Squash 12, Tennis 10,1 1,12 ELIZABETH FRIEDMAN National Honor Society; A.F.S. 11; Goldbug 10, Section Ed. 11. Stage Crew 10. House Props mgr 1 1 10,1 1 . Morning An- nouncements 10,11, Stage Crew 10,11,12 Nat 1 Merit Semi Finalist, Goldbug Photography KATHERINE S GARDNER Not Pictured JUDITH A GILBERT Business Careers Club 11, 12 Hockey Cheerleader 12 co-capt , Goldbug 10,11, PepClub 10,11, sec. 12, Tri-S 11,12. JERRILYN M GLAZIER Business Careers Club 10, 11,12, PepClub 10, co- pres. 11,12. LINDA L GLAZIER Business Careers Club 12. Pep Club 10, Co-pres 11, 12; Volleyball 10 DAN GOLDEN National Honor Society . As Schools Match Wits 10. Chess Club 10,12; Chess Team 12. Debate Club sec. 10, pres. 11, Morning Announcements 12, Tennis 10 ARTHUR GOODHIND Baseball 9-12. Football 12 66 DIANE CORALSKI TIMOTHY T GRADY Band 10, Equip, mgr 11, Publ. mgr. 12; Cross Country Ski Club 12; Outing Club 12, Football BARRY L GRAHAM Football 10,11, All League Business Careers Club 11, 10,11,12, co-capt , All Honorable Mention 12, 12. Cheerleader 11, co- League Guard 12; Track LaCrosse 11,12, Wrestling capt. 12. Pep Club 11,12 and Field 10,11,12. 10,11,12. MARGARET GROSE JAMI5. GULKO: MARY GURSKI: Cheerleader 11,12; Pep Club 11.12 KATHERINE HAFNER National Honor Society. Chorus 10. Morning Announcements 10 . 11 , Thespians 10,11, Tennis 10,11; Speech Team 10,11 MARK HALL Football 10, 11.12, LaCrosse 10,11,12, Wrestling 10,11 PATRICK HALL Football 10,11.12; Hockey 10,11, 12 . KATHARINE HALSEY Goldbug 12, PepClub 10. 11,12; Swim Team 10; Tennis 10,11,12, Volleyball 10,11,12. TOM HANCOCK: RICHARD HANKS 67 SARAH HARPER: Chorale 12; Chorus 1 1 : French Club 10: Goldbug 12; Graphic 12. Outing Club 10. Exec. Com 11,12. Stage Crew 10.11. 12. Thespians 10.11, pres. 12; Tri-S 10. Girl Spv 10,11, 12; Goldbug school life STEPHEN M HASBROUCK National Honor Society; Key Club v.-pres. 12. Outing Club 1 1 Pep Club 12; Soccer 10, 11,12; Wrestling 10,11, ELIZABETH HASTINGS: National Honor Society; Outing Club 10.11,12. MAUREEN HAYES Pep CAROL HEATH Business Careers Club 10.11.12. Tri-S 12 Volleyball 10.11. editor 12. capt. 12 Track. Field 11. KIMBALL HASTINGS Club 11. Tri-S 11 12. BARBARA HEBB: Chorus 10.11.12: Pep Club 12; Basketball 10.11.12; Softball 12; Tennis 10; Volleyball 10,11,12. TOM HOLESOUSKY Not Pictured 68 PETER HOLMES SUSAN ANNE CHRISTOPHER HUBBY JACKSON Not Pictured HOWARD National HUNTER National Honor Football 10.11 co-capt 12 Honor Society Basketball Society; Class Treasurer Wrestling 11.12 Track 10,11.12. Field Hockey 10. 11. co-capt. 12; Golf 11,12. Softball 10, Tennis 10; Volleyball 10.11.12. Badminto n 10.11,12 10. Outing Club 12 Field 10.12. Rod Gun Club 10.11,12. ALAN H. JENKS: ANNA JUDSON MARC KEENAN Outing Club 10, 11, 12; Stage Crew 10,11, Basketball 10. Track Field 10,11,12. RICH KELLOGG; Class President 12; Football 10, 11,12. Baseball 11,12; Rod Gun Club 10,11,12; Cheerleader 11 MARY E. KENNELLY JANE KEYES Goldbug 11. Ed-in-Chief 12. Pep Club 10,11,12; Basketball 10,11,12, Field Hockey 11 capt. 12; Softball 10,11,12, Volleyball 1 1 . 10-4 Club 10,11,12; N.H.S. 11,12. LAUREN KIELBASA KIM KNAUF German Club 10 Field Hockev 12, Cheerleader 12,10 RICHARD KNAPP SHANNON KNIGHT A D T . Swim Team JENNY KOEHLER National Honor Society. Chorale 12; Chorus 10, Collegium Musicum 12. Stagehand 12, Girls State Alt 11, French Aide 11,12 LAURA KOLASINSKI 69 Vi BRENDA KOLDY PAULKOSLOSKI HANK W KUMMERLE ROBERT LACLAIRE CHERIE LAFRANCE Chorus 10; Chorale 11,12; PepCIub 10,11.12; Tri-S 10,11,12; Cheerleader 11 WILLIAM CHARLES LAMBERT: Chorale 12. Cross Country Ski Club 12; Key Club. Outing Club 10,11,12. PepCIub 12, StageCrew 10,11,12 Thespians treas. 12. LaCrosse 10,11,12. Soccer 10,11,12; Squash 12. Wrestling 11 . ALEX LANKOWSKI Rod Gun Club 1 1,12. Not Pictured 70 ) AMES LAPRADE National Honor Society; Band treas. 10,11, mgr. 12; French Club 11,12; Stage crew House mgr. 11,12; Student Council 10; Pep Band 11,12; 10-4 Club LOU ANN LASHWAY JEAN LAUDER Chorus 12; Goldbug 11, Outing Club 10,11,12. PepCIub 10,11,12; Stage Crew 11, 12; Thespians 12, Tri-S 10, 11 , 12 . LINDA L LEBERSKI ANDY LEE Outing Club. Hockey CANDACE LEE; Chorus 11, Outing Club 10,11,12, Tri-S 12. Squash 12. Swim Team 11 Track . Field 11, 12; 5 College Folkdancing Performance Group; Amherst Jr. Figure Skating WILLIAM LELAND A-V Club 10,11; Ham Radio MOLLY LEMERIS; A-V Club 10.; MARK LEONARD; Rod MARY ELLEN LESSARD: Business Careers Club 12. F T. A. 12; Goldbug 10,11, BRYALEE Club Sec, Pres Club 11.12. Tennis 10,11,12. Gun Club 10,11,12. 12, Pep Club 10.11,12 EILEEN FAITH LEWISON Cheerleader 10.11, Chorus 11; Pep Club 10.11. SkiClub 10, 11.12. Tri-S 10.11.12; N M5QT Commended Student Award 1 1 Wrestling 11,12 JOSHUA LIEBERMAN: National Honor Society Debate Club 10. Outing Club 10, Exec Com 11,12; Soccer 10,11.12 ADAM LIEBLINC Not Pictured WEN LIN; National Honor Society; German Club 11 Graphic 12; Key Club 12, Outing Club 10,11,12. Ski Club 11 Golf 10; Soccer 10.11.12. Squash 11,12; Tennis 11,12. DOUGLAS LOGAN Key Club 11. Ski Club 10,11, Baseball. Football; Swim Team 10. ROBERTS. LOUTTIT Key Club 12; Soccer 10.1 1 71 LANCE LUNDBERG National Honor Society v.-pres. 12; ' As Schools Match Wits 1 1 ; Debate ROBERT B MACLEOD Club 11,12; Graphic 12; National Honor Society, THOMAS LUCAS: Rod Key Club 11, v.-pres. 12; French Club 10; Golf 11. Gun Club 11,12; Baseball Soccer 11,12; Squash 10, Soccer 10,11,12; Squash ESTHER MANIO; Chorus 10. MARK LUDTKE: 11, capt 12; Tennis 11. MATTHEW M LYON 12; Wrestling 10,11 12; Goldbug 1 1 , Tri-S 11 ETHAN MANN Outing PATRICIA MARY MASCIS CAROL MATHIESON DANIEL MATUSZKO KEN MCCORMICK KATHRYN MCGILL Club 10,11,12. Swim Team Class Secretary 10,11,12; A-V Club 10; Chorus 12; Orchestra 10,1 1,12; Goldbug 11, Outing Club 10.11,12. 72 Cheerleader co-capt. 10,11, capt 12, Goldbug Act Ed., Photography 12. Pep Club 10, 11,12, Ski Club 10,11. Tri-S 10. treas 11, pres 12, Belchertown Volunteer 10 Outing Club 11 ; Pep Club 10,11,12, Ski Club 10,11, 12; Tri-5 10,11 ; Track Field 10 Outing Club 11,12. 12; Stage Crew 11 li BRIAN D MCCULLOUGH: Chorale 10,11,12: ACTV Public DAVID M MCKEMMIE Relations!!. Rod Gun Club 10,11,12. CAROL J. MELLEN: Class Vice President 11,12; Chorus pres. 11, Chorale 12; Goldbug 10,11, 12, Morning Announcements 11,12; Outing Club 10,11,12; Ski Club 10,11; Stage Crew 10, 11; Student Council 10,12; Thespians treas 11,12; Tri-S 10,11; Thespian Acting Award ELIZABETH MEADE 11,12. Play Cast 10,11,12. JULIE ELLEN MELROSE: Band Cirr. Com. 10, publ. mgr. 11, uniform mgr. 12; Chorale 10, libr. 11, v.-pres. 12; Stage Crew 10,11,12; Thespians 10,11, sec. 12; Play Casts 10,11,12; Pep Bandll,StageBandll, Woodwind Ensembles 11,12; TRINA MELNICK West. Mass. District chorus 12. ROB MYER As Schools Match Wits " capt. 12; Chorale 12; Graphic 12, Stage Crew 10,11,12, Student Council pres. 12, Thespians 10,11,12 JOSEPH MITCHELL Rod Gun Club 10,11,12; Football 10,ll,12;Track Field 10,11,12. CHRISTOPHER MONER STACEY MORIARTY GILBERT L MOTTLA Key Club 12; Ski Club 10, 11,12; Ski Team 10.11.12 Soccer 10,11,12. PAUL MOTTS: Cross Country Ski Club 12. Bicycle Club 10 73 LAURA B MYERS National Honor Society; GREGORY J. NEPTUNE French Club v -pres. 11.12. Goldbug 12. Soccer 10.11 DENNIS NEWELL: Cross- Goldbug 11; Stage Crew Track Field 1 1. Country 10,11. co-capt. 10.11. Wrestling 10.1 1 12; Track Field 10.11.12, CATHERINE NOVAK: JOHN NUTTING LOREN OAKES DEBRA O BRIEN t Pictured IEAN OBERL.ANDER Graphic 11 Outing Club 1 1 Exec . Com 12. Stage Crew 10.11 12 Thespians 1 1 . 1 2 ; Ten n i 12 MARY K. O’BRIEN Chorale 11.12 STEPHE.NO BRIEN EILEEN O CONNOR Outing Club 10.11.12 Exec Com 1 1 12. Ski Club 10,11,12. Stage Crew 10. 11 12. Thespians 11 12. Tri-S 10 11.12; Goldbug School Life Ed 12. Girl Spv 10.11.12 JOHNORRELL 74 JIM PACLIARO JOHN A PATRIGUIN JERYL PAUL KENNETH PAULIN LYNN PENZA: Cheerleader 10.11,12: Pep Club 10.11. Ski Club 10. 11.12; Tri-S 11,12. JEFFREY STEPHEN PERCHAK National Honor Society. Graphic 12. Pep Club 11,12. Baseball 10. All League 11 12 Basketball 10,11,12. PAULA S PERHONIS I plan to contact all mv ol ' Amherst High buddies the day I reach five feet! BRYAN PLUMSTEAD National Honor Society. Hockey 10 1112. Not Pictured WENDELL M PRIOR DONALD PROGULSKE National Honor Society. Football 10.11.12. Baseball 11 Track Field 10 Band 10 Orchestra 10 SHAWN PYNE Art Club 11,12, Swim T earn 12. to be dead, to be real- ly dead, that must be glori- ous Bela Lagosi 1 34 KATHLEEN RAUSCH National Honor Society Outing Club 11.12: Student Count il 1112 75 CLAUDIA RIEMER Outing Club 12. Orchestra CYNTHIA A. RIPA KEVIN RIVERS Band 10, 10.11.12. Student Council. Cheerleader 1112; Pep 11.12; Chorale 11.12. DONALD ROBINSON PHILIP RAUSCH Thespians. Club 11.12; Tri-S 11.12. Chorus 10. SUZANNE E ROBERT Not Pictured RONALD ROBINSON Baseball 11. Hockev 10 11 12 E AN ROMER National Honor Societv; Squash 1 1 12- Ye Olde Football Pool. JIM RUDER Hockev 10 11.12 CHRISTOPHER SAMMARTANO IUANTIA SANDERS 3rd JOHNSARNA Rod World Student 76 PETER WILLIAM CHRYSOGON- US SCHOENBERGER National Honor Society. A-V Club 10, v.-pres. 11; Chorale 12: Graphic 11; Outing Club 10.11, Exec. Com. 12. Radio Club 10. sec.-treas. 11: Rod JOSEPH F. SCANLON: Gun Club 10,11,12; StageCrewll, Cheerleader 11; Goldbug LaCrosse 10,11.12; Soccer 10, co- Sports Ed. 11.12; Football capt. 11,12; Squash 10,11,1 2; Nat ' l 10.11.12: LaCrosse 10,11, Merit Letter of Com . News 12: Wrestling 10,11.12; Sports T V. Show 10. Search Res- GREGORY SCHWARTZ EDUARDO A. SCOTT Friday Nile Club 11,12. KAREN A. SCHAPER: cue Post 911 11 .12. OutmgClub 11.12. Not Pictured DERYLSCURRAH ANDREA SEPANEK Chorale 12. Ski Club 10. 11 ,12; Goldbug 12. ROBIN LEE SHEARER Cheerleader 10,11,12; Goldbug 11 . Pep Club 10 11.12; Tri-SPubl. Chairman 12: Softball 10: B F. 10; Y.B.F.A.L. 11,12. MICHAEL SHIFFLETT CRAIG SHRIMPTON JAYNE SHUMWA ' t; Ski Club 10 11 MARY SHUMWAY : Ski Club 10.11.12. 7 GEORGE SLATE National Honor Society. Cross-Country 10.11, co- capt. 12. Squash 11. Track STEVEN SHUMWAY Field 11.12. YeOlde Rod Gun Club 10.11 Football Pool 10.11,12. NANCY L. SMITH National Honor Society OutingClub 10.11, Exec. Com 12; Co-Chairperson STEPHEN R SLEIGH 12. JOHN SMYTH Basketball 10.ll.capt. 12. DAVID SMYSER Baseball 10.11,12. STEPHEN SOUTHWICK Graphic 11; Ski Club 10, 11,12. Baseball 10.11,12; Hockey 10,11, capt 12. VICTOR STALEY Outing Club, Ski Club 11 SwimTeam 10,11.12 ANN MARIE STEIN KIM STEINBECK Rod JIM STEINBERGS ROBERT STEWART Gun Club. National Honor Society Not Pictured 78 MICHAEL STOSZ Outing Club 11; Rod Gun Club 10.11.12; Baseball 10, Basketball 12. Football 10.11 12; Track Field 11 12 GLENN WHITTIER STOWELL: Baseball 10.11 12; Football 10.11,12. Wrestling 10.11. capt. 12 JAMES STRATFORD ROBERT STRATTON LYNN STROTHER W AYNE STUART National Honor Society, Chorale 12. MARY T1DLUND Not Pictured DAN SUMMERLIN Rod Gun Club 10.11,12 LAIRD SUMMERLIN VIVIAN R SWEIGART PETER TAYLOR MARGARET THAY ER A-V Club 10,11 Band 10 11,12 Chorus 12 79 CRAIG TREHUB B.ology Club. Chess Club, Cross- Country 12, Football 10. DONNA LORE TUDRYN Pep Club 10, 11. 12, Basketball 10,11,12. Softball 10,11,12; DANIEL TROMPKE SHELDON TUTTLE MARGARET 11. Wrestling 10,11,12. Volleyball 10,11,12 Not Pictured Not Pictured CRAIG TYLER TYMKOWICHE MARTINE VANPEE REGINA VASSALLO Pep MYRIAM VAZQUEZ MICHAEL A VINSKEY MARTIN VOGT JEFFERY WALAS Rod Outing Club Morning Announcements; Ski Club. Club 10,ll,12;Tri-S 10.11, treas. 12; Business Careers Club 10,11, treas. 12; Basketball 10,11,12; Softball 10,11,12; Volleyball 10,11.12 Not Pictured National Honor Society; PepClub 11, treas 12; Cross Country Ski Team 12; Gymnastics 10,11,12, Key Club sec 11,12. LaCrosse 10,11,12, Soccer Not Pictured Gun Club 10,11,12 MICHAEL WASKIEWICZ MARC WEINER National Honor Society Transferee! from Frontier Reg. 10; Chorale 11,12; Thespians 12 . PAULA WEINER Transferred from Frontier 10; OutingClub 11,12; StageCrew 10,11,12; Chorus; Thespians 11,12. COLIN WESTON VALERIE J. WESTON Business Careers Club 10, 11, pres. 12; Tri-S 10,11, publ. Chairman 12; Teachers Aide 12. SUSAN A WHITE Business Careers Club 11 12, Hockey Cheerleader 12. Goldbug 10,11 ; Pep Club 10,11,12 JOSEPH D WILEY JOHN WILKINSON RINZY T WILLIAMS SUSAN T WINDER Biology Club 10; Debate Club 11,12. French Club 10, Radio Club 12, Track Field 12. Wrestling 11, Afro-American Society 10, 11 , 12 . SUE-DABEH YAZDI Not Pictured LSELIES. YOUNG National Honor Society , Chorus; French Club. Graphic; Sunberry 12. Field Hockey 10, Golf Squash 12 SARAH GODDARD ZARTMAN: Cheerleader 10.11, capt. 12. Chorus 11 Goldbug 12; PepClub 10; Tri-S 10.11, v -pres. 12; Ski Team 10 ELLEN ZIFF 82 A Candy Lee Angi Burch Jane Keyes From Left to Right: Scott Doubleday, Sue Howard, Sandy Campbell, Katharine Halsey, Emily Zahradnik, Sue White, Paul Zahradnik. Sue Cicia Mr. or Ms. X Gina Vassallo Patty Mascis Mary Lessard 83 t UCIFTI Tickers Thtbpian.5 P Stud?7in6 a i iiiiii min iiiiii iiiiii iiiiii iiiiii mm srim 111 t ill MII ..Jill mill ihiii Hill Hill mu Mil SI III ■III Hill Hill XX mini ■iiiiii iiiiiii ■Mini IIIIIII IIIIIII mmi mini iiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii IIIIIII iiiiii jiiiiii iin !! iiiiih nun! i illlMl mm 1 !! •• ' Iff! •i !! ! •l i ) i i i i « e f cl do 5 1 87 LIFE A TARHS Y ° rviy LIFF ATARHS cxtXir.t ' ip aj r ( ■ , xrrxej [ ■ rcorbC Q xJL f?) 2 WAqnglotejI, - understood you re ' going to tell us hen you decide snow days. K Well actually the Super mtendq at decides, but the wag he does it though ... □ T V II he go up to fhe top of that hi 1 1 l there Qod. Jf gets mto that 1 7 tin K ... " ” r SurplwS Anna And if he can get to the bottom, its Safe to drive to School | V £ " ©2 LIFF ATARHS QtJurusry I a nc y fp iriacrn Ip cJt C ltJCjoJxcr ere now going listen in on it of Randy binScnS gym classes ••• Were y •C,-- - ' J VV w a going to do it, but first C must find tj,e Cf i ter i q beh in d the rq tionoie for § th, . s t W pbigS ' caf qff r ' butioo i n hopeS to . . . ■ Meg buddy... could goo ex p ki n whqf he is folk ina about ? r X Jumping Jacks! V a ...3 O ' To coin a phrase, Defense is the name of the game , or at least it was for football in 1973. A sparkling performance from Coach Jud Hasting s defensive gang, teamed with Coach Paul Lengieza ' s rebuilt line, combined with the rest of Head Coach Bud Kneeland ' s revamped Hurricanes resulted in Amherst ' s best representation ever in the Inter- county League. Lost and gone and hopefully not forgotten are many seniors. Among them is the boy wonder of Amherst Football, Co-Capt. Hubby Jackson, who once again walked off with many duly deserved Honors and awards. Gone also are a bunch of gruff linemen led by Co-Capt. Tim Grady, linemen of the year Mike Stosz, Defensive player of the year Joe Mitchell, all of whom were All-League selections. Lost also are tackles Joe Scanlon and Rich Kellogg and YFL award winner Glenn Stowell. Also gradu- ated is center Pat Ahearn, guard Bob Progulske and tackle Mark Hall who was out for most of the year with a broken face. This year also graduated a complete backfield consisting of Jackson, QB Pat Hall, Scat-back Roger Boucher and brusing fullback Barry Graham. The football season had many ex- citing moments, mainly because the offense didn ' t generate much scoring until halfway through the season. This resulted in many close games, like 7-0, 0-0, 7-6, and a 2-0 win over Mt. Greylock on Bryce Lane ' s " Big Play " . The only loss of the season came at the hands of Mohawk, 7-6, where the only touchdown came on a blocked punt in the endzone. In fact, the only points scored against the de- fense were from a touchdown in the final game of the season, an 18-8 win over Mahar. The seniors on the club will lose a lot when they graduate. There will be many things they will miss, such as the bus, Dolf telling that stupid joke, those last three towels, O. Jessie, and many other fond memories of football at ARHS in 1973 . From Left to Right: First Row: M. Stosz, P. Ahearn, J. Scanlon, J. Mitchell, T. Grady, Co-capt., H. Jackson, Co-capt., R. Boucher, B. Graham, G. Stowell, P. Hall, B. Progulske. Second Row: M. Hall, A. Desmond, J. Ostendarp, J. Vanderszwagg, B. James, M. Stoneham, R. Paul, J. Millar, B Lane, S. Stosz, P. Cavanaugh. Third Row: S. Stosz, A. Glenn, M. Mascis, V. Fusia, J. Barr, A. Progulske, L. Adams, B. Brandts, J. Sullivan, K. Drake, T. Vinskey. Fourth Row: J. Koehler, D. Zartman, P. Perchak . C. Berquist, T. Slocombe, B. Lord, M. Matusko, Coach Hastings, Coach Lengieza, Coach Kneeland. Have you ever thought about those runners whom you pass in your car every once in a while? It ' s very likely you ' ve dismissed them with an observ- ation about people who spend too much time in the sun. Little do you know that they re helping the sport of Cross Country preserve the status quo . Amherst High School has a very good cross-country team. In the 1973 season they won all ten of their dual meets and won the league championship for the fourth consecutive year. They also finished third in W. Mass, which qualified them for the State Meet in Boston. But how then can you explain why half the team was playing football the day before the last meet? How can you explain them listing their greatest accomplishment as showing up the J.V. soccer team? Then ask yourself how a team can remain fun loving despite running halfway to Hell and back everyday for three months? And . . How can George Slate turn practice into a facist takeover? How can Bill Tarmey have such a maniacal fear of dogs? How can Dennis Newell have a cold for three years? How can Tom Venman run without being able to breathe? How can Cindy Hastings run without moving her legs? How can John Bonsignore be so good ? If you ask any of these runners " how?”, they ' ll tell you — by having fun. They enjoy sweating blood each and every day. And just ask Frost and Flake and General and Dwarf and Cindy and Carla and Waldo and Foulmouth and Monkey and Turkey and Fussy and Crazy legs. So to all you people out there, stay away from cross-country while it ' s still fun! From Left to Right: First Row: M. Mekie, E. Stan- senouski, D. Whitney. Second Row: C. Trehub, B. Slate, D. Whitney, R. McGinn. T. Venman, C. White. From Left to Right: G. Slate co-capt., M. Shifflet, J. Bonsignore, J. Wald- ron, P. Chametsky, B. Tarmey. Missing: D. Newell, co-capt. After many years of playing many teams from all over the area, this was the first year that ARHS Volleyball played in a league, which con- sisted of four teams. Amherst finished with a record of 3 3, tieing them for second with Greenfield. With much time and effort. Coach Giard built up a good team with what few players she had. The highlight of the season was the " Playday Tournament”. All teams, including those which had not participated in the league, were allowed to enter. Amherst put up a tough fight to the last moment. During the finals they lost a close game to Pioneer, ending up second. Graduating seniors are Donna " Tudi” Tudryn, Barb " Herbie” Hebb, Katharine " Cartwheel " Halsey, Gina " Kid " Vassallo and Sue " Howie” Howard. Experienced players returning are Jackie " Parker Pen” Parker, Jill " HotDog " Franks, Lisa Lee, Sue Kaslawskis, Gail Malesko and Florence Houn. From Left to Right: First Row: S. McReski, B. Hebb, K. Halsey, D. Tudryn , G. Vassallo. Second Row: L. Lee, G. Malesko, F. Houn, J. Parker, J. Franks, S. Kaslaskus. 99 The Soccer team, under the coaching of Jim Scott, finished with a 2-10 overall record which left them trailing the rest of the league in last place. Though their record left much to be desired, the team had the kind of spirit and determination which is lacking in most high school teams. Perhaps part of this enthusiasm was due to the memorable words of Coach Scott, " Challenge, Be Ag- gressive, Anticipate! Fine performances were turned in by senior Wen Lin, who was the team ' s lead- ing scorer with 6 goals and 1 assist, senior co-capt. Marty Bak, Steve Hasbrouck, Stanley " Bozo " Allen and sophomores Seth Sherwood and John Vassallo. The season ' s big story was the success of rookie goalie Tony Neary. Even before the season started Rick Chamberlain was laid out with mono, leaving Tony hold- ing the bag, or the ball in this case. Tony displayed great concentration since he . , . was determined to make good his first year. Rick returned well into the year only to find his position sufficiently filled. Probably the best performance of the year was that of small Jeramie Wolff. Jeramy attended every home soccer game and deserves a special recognition for his work in running the lines. The JV ' s had a very fine season under Coach Tom Gralenski, who will head the Varsity squad next year due to the surpris- ing retirement of Coach Scott. M From Left to Right: First Row: B. Krites, J. Leverman, W. Lin, co-capt., M. Bak, co-capt., B. Lambert, M. Vinskey. Second Row: D. Culbertson, P. Schoenberger, C. Beckett, G. Brand, L. Lunberg, G. Mot- tla, S. Sherwood. Third Row: K. Johnson, J Smyser, S. Hasbrouck, M. Carlile, R. MacLoud, T. Neary, J. Vassallo. The Girl ' s Field Hockey had a very successful season this year. Although they were plagued by six frustrating ties which caused them to be seeded unjustly last in the Western Mass tournament, they went on to prove themselves anyway by upsetting 5th-seed- ed Longmeadow with a convincing 3-0 victory. Having decided that they weren ' t quite finished, they went on to pull another stunning upset as they beat no. 1-seeded Southwick 1-0. From Left to Right: First Row: J. Keyes, J. Keyes, N. Gralenski, S. Howard. Second Row: Miss Mathi- son, M. Farrow, D. McConnell, L. Hartman, K. Cromack, C. Drake, R. Schanor, L. O ' Connell, L. Get- tier, L. Wolff, K. Bak, Miss Titsel. This placed them into the semi-finals with Mohawk. Unfortunately this ended in a loss, thus finishing the ARHS 1973 Field Hockey Season. Amherst has a very promising team for next year since only three seniors are graduating: Jane Keyes, Sue Howard and Marcey Farrell. This leaves coach Mathi- son and Coach Titsel with many under- classwomen and a growing interest in the sport. 101 Another high team and division scorer was junior Tom Archer. Unfortunately he will be going to India for his senior year. Taking his place in the center slot will be Dave Gilbert. On the wings coach Gallagher will be depending on veteran Tom Slocome and other returning players, to give Amherst the scoring punch for another successful season. 102 This season wasn ' t quite as dramatic as the last one for the Amherst Regional Hockey Team. In fact, with their 9-5 record they were barely able to muster up a third place spot in the league. Orr Rink went into hybernation due to the " Energy Crisis " early in the season, so the Hurricane skaters were temporarily forced to call Williston Academy home base. This rink was more expensive than Orr, so Amherst had to schedule fewer practices. This meant that players weren ' t in as good shape as might have been hoped for. West Springfield was the only hockey team in Western Mas- sachusetts to have an undefeated record, that is until the Hur- ricanes got a hold of them at the end of January and busted their winning streak. Amherst did manage to break even this season by beating every team to which they had lost in the division. Amherst moved into the Berry Division last year and proud- ly took the crown for being the toughest league in Western Mass. Hopes for at least the Weste rn Mass, title were shat- tered this year when the pucksters lost to the worst offensive team in the league. Tech, by a 2-1 score in the quarter-finals of the W. Mass, tournament. Jim Ruder was the team ' s leading scorer this year and he held the Berry Division leading scorer position for quite awhile. The senior tri-captain was also named " Player of the Week " by the Springfield Republican. The team ' s other captains were Steve Southwick and Bryan Plumsted. This is the second year that ARHS has had a girl ' s gymnastic team. Last year, the team had a record of 4-4, placing fifth in Western Mass. This year the team has readily improved, achieving a 5-3-1 record and placing fourth in Western M ass, with Janet Boothroyd, sophomore, placing third in the balance beam, Karen Bak, sopho- more, placing sixth in the side horse vaulting, and Betty Ludtke, freshman, placing fifth in the balance beam. These three gymnasts also qualified for the State individual meet. As this years team consists of fairly young members, the oldest being sophomores, Amherst won ' t be losing any talent next year, and therefore can only improve. 2nd Row — B. Smith, R. Campion, J. Perchak, M. Stosz, S. Sleigh, P. Moss, M. Abramson, Coach Jacque. Extending their reign as Hampshire League champs to two years, ARHS Basketball fin- ished with an undefeated 18-0 league record for the first time. Under new coaches Tom Styspeck and A1 Jacque, the varsity squad suf- fered only two losses to the hated South Had- ley Tigers. Consistent performances by tri-captains Russ " Bogus " Campion, Mike " Abie " Abramson, and John " Smytie " Smyth, en- abled the Hurricanes to lead the league. Three new members to the squad, Steve " Squeegie " Sleigh, Peter " C.B. " Moss, and Bruce " Too- Tall, Juice, Dude " Smith, teamed with juniors Mike " Pinnochio " Piccus and Gary " Garo " Stanitis, to help Amherst on its 18-game win- ning streak. Other contributors to the squad were Robbie " Chet " Chametsky, Jeff " Chack- er " Perchak, Mike " Stoszie " Stosz, and Dave " Thunder " Thorton. Some exciting moments of the season were the touching presentation of the ' Rag of the Year " award to Abie, and the time coach Jacque bought the team two cases, (SODA?) in celebration of clinching the title. The J.V. team finished with a 16-4 overall record. Top players were Pete Chametsky, John Bonsignore and Mark Chien. 1st Row: J. Smythe, G. Stanitis, M. Piccus, R. Chamctzky, D. Thorton, Coach Styspeck. Although finishing the season with a 9-6 record, including an upset victory over defending W. Mass champion Technical, and a strong showing against this years champ Cathedral, it was again a disappoint- ing season for the Amherst Wrestling team. It was a season highlighted by individual records and performances, especially by graduating seniors. Tri-captains Steve Hasbrouck (128), 12-2, 3rd in W. Mass., Glenn Stowell, (134), 10-1-3, 5th, and Roger Boucher, (147), 7-3-1, 7th led the way all year. Hub Jackson (167), 10-2, 3rd, Bob Progulske, (140), 9-3, th, Ed Ford, (114), 8-3, Joe Scanlon (HWT), 6-8, 7th, Pat Ahearn (177), 5-7 (all close matches, though . ) and Barry Graham (157), 5-3, all seniors, had at least one major upset during the season otherwise turning in consistent performances. Members of the terrific 13 who will be back next year are Ray LaClaire (187), 8-6, Doug Lenz (121), John Gawenowski (157), and probably the two brightest rookies, Bobby Lord (105), 5-9, and David Whitney, who had a 9-5 record and finished 5th in his weight class, showing defi- nite State Champion potential. Yet once again Amherst showed that it just didn ' t have the necessary attitude it takes to win tournaments. It finished a horrendous 10th in W. Mass, with but a few wrestlers wres- tling anywhere near their ability. But hopefully this will not sour the many memories that the wrestlers have with Coach Robinson, Coach Carl " Big Fonz " Dambman, and Barry " Braintree " Katz. The wrestlers also remember " Big Fig " , win- ning one ofor " The Snake " , being aware of " The Barnacle " , and the outstanding JV team, which will become the varsity next year with the majority of the wrestlers still in Jr. High. Top Row L to R: ]. Scanlon, G. Stole, R. Boucher, B. Progulske, B. Lord. Bottom Row: J. Scanlon, S. Hasbrouck, D. Whiteny, H. Jackson, H. Nevalius. The Girl ' s Basketball Team jumped off to an excellent start, winning 7 of their first 9 games. The second round didn ' t go as smoothly. Inju- ries to several key players left the team with only one starter and a total of eight players. The injuries ranged from water on the knee to a pinched nerve. With two of the four injured starters out for the entire season, the Canettes couldn ' t get off the ground due to the constantly changing line up. Although the team turned in a fine defensive per- formance, they lacked a good shooter and at times it seemed that they could never buy a basket. The team finished with a 33.5 points-a-game average and an overall record of 8-8. With only six graduating seniors and good J.V. talent, Coach Betty Lawson feels that next years team will make a " run for the league title " , and possibly capture the Western Mass, title for the sec- ond time in three years. This year ' s J.V. team sported such promising players as Karen Cro- mack, Lisa Gettier, Joy Keyes, Nadine Chien, and Florence Houn. The team finished with a 13-3 overall record and a 12-2 league record. Los- ing only two games by a total of 3 points the team earned the Franklin County League title. J.V. — Bottom Row L to R — A. Sunderland, N. Chien, T. Eddy, K. Cro- mack, P. Sabey, J. Bragg (manager), C. Bishop (manager), Top Row L to R — Coach Giard, F. Houn, E Newcombe, S. Barker, L Gettier, G. Milesko, J Keyes. jsi Varsity — Bot- tom Row — L to R — L. Gallager, D. Corker, D. Tudryn, J. Keyes, L Wolff, C. Cole. Top Row L to R — J. Bragg (.Manager), Coach Lawson, C. Drake, G. Vassallo, J Franks, S. How- ard, T. Eddy, B Hebb, M. Thay- er, K. Fisher, C. Bishop (manag- er), L. Baker (manager). 1974 was the year Amherst Swim- ming started to build a future with practically all new swimmers. They formed a very unique crew. The only young co-ed team in the league. The girls, Ellie Boluch and Nancy Shifflet, decided they needed stiffer competi- tion than they found just competing against girls, so they joined the boy ' s team, and got it! The rest of the team consisted of freshman and sopho- mores, with only two seniors, John Dalton and Ethan Man and one junior, Duane Freeman. The climax of the year was their victory over South Hadley, an A Division team that they had never beaten before. All the swimmers did their very best times, enabling the freestyle relay in the very last event to clinch the victory. The Tigers had a good chance of stealing the victory in the breaststroke event, but Ellie Boluch touched out the experienced Tiger swimmer, much to his embarrassment. Not only was he not used to los- ing, but being beaten by a girl didn ' t help. He was too red to even come out of the pool. Three weeks later the same thing happened to Amherst ' s diver Tim Cowles. After his best per- formance of the year he found he had lost to a girl diver from Pittsfield, but he took it like a man. Freshman Billy Tyler turned in the most solid performances for the team. Blasting through the water he demolished school records in the 50 and 100 yed freestyles, and the 100 butterfly. Billy, a big perservering swimmer, will be an All American in a couple of years . There were many high points in their practice sessions which turned into hard landings and red backs when Dave Dalton, Sean Staley and John Robinson did back flips in hopes that Coach O ' Donnell wouldn ' t make them do all of the workout for their efforts. Then there were the low points such as backstroker Craig Manning insisting that he sit down on every start. Swimming as a team provides a common bond with which a close-knit group with similar golas and interests was formed. They practiced and suffered together, won and lost together and shared in each other ' s victories. 107 )) )l f, C, (( )i V (C The 1973-74 season marked the third year of varsity squash competition at ARHS, under coach Paul Judson. Having lost all its top players last year, the team had to make a new start. With a starting team composed primarily of seniors, they finished the season with a disappointing 1-7 record. What this fails to show is the fun the team members had competing against other teams, and the lessons they taught themselves in sportsmanship, self-discipline and teamwork. Even with a 1-7 record, the squash team had no trouble retaining their New England Championship, since they are the only public school in New England that has squash as a variety sport. The team will be losing 8 of its top 10 players. They are Lance Lunberg, Pete Schoenberger, Wen Lin, Dave Culbert- son, Chris Beckett, Evan Romer, Bill Lambert, and Dave Flight, who will all move up to tougher collegiate competi- tion. Returning to spark next years team will be Ron Larson Tony Neary, Sam Judson, Greg Leonard, Kip Johnson, Steve Culbertson and Bob Martin. Although the spectators have yet to jam the galleries at Amherst squash match, the school is slowly realizing that this action-packed sport is here to stay. The Amherst Ski Team, after going undefeated in the Hampshire League B Division last year, moved up to the A Division this year and had another great season. Under the guidance of second-year coach John Cushing, the Hurri- canes posted a 10-2 record, good enough for a third place finish in the tougher A Division. Outstanding skiers for Amherst were seniors Stan Allen, Marty Bak, and Martha Epstein. Martha Epstein, one of the few girl racers in the league, embarrassed many a boy with her fine results. Stan Allen, possibly the best skier in the league, won seven of the twelve races, with Marty Bak winning the other three. Other important contributors to this years team were Bill Picker- ing, Ron Laverdiere, Anthony Kundert, Kathy and Patty Lane, Dan Fisk, Alan Oldershaw and John Fenton. They will return next year to continue a tradition of good skiing for the ARHS team. From Left to Right: First Row: B. Doubleday, M. Delaney, P. James, R. Thorton. Second Row: T. Hankinson, T. Hanson, D. Cothanch. Third Row: M. Fournier, J. Keyes, P. Mascis, S. Zartman, B. Derby. From Left to Right — Front Row: J. Kilbosa, D. Smyth, G. Scanlon, B. Gra- ham. Second Row: M. Monahan, M. Olanyk, G. Russell, R. Koehler. Third Row: C. Abramson, R. Kneelad, R. Robinson, A. Leland. 108 4 " Help, Mr. Wizard! I don ' t wanna be a gymnast any- more! ' ' , came the universal cry from the boys ' gymnastic team. Perhaps their laughter was an attempt to escape From their problems. If so, it ' s a wonder they were ever quiet. The gymnastics team had its share of problems. Their membership, though stable, was limited, since the sport seemed to rouse little interest in the school. The equip- ment was old and difficult, if not impossible to learn on. Team leadership was poor because the co-captains did not properly accept their responsibilities. This seriously hampered the progress of the team, which made mistakes which went uncorrected too long. They lost every meet they entered, but gained something from the experience. They worked, they played, they worried, and they re- laxed. They were frustrated at times and overjoyed at others, but never apathetic. This was the 1973-74 gym- nastic season. From Left to Right— First Row: T. Peabody, J. Penny, T. Roosevelt, R. Nader. Second Row: H. Smidlapp, B. Bedloff, M. Lynch, N. Rockefeller. Third Row: J. Dean, D. Feild, I. Knightly, F. Berfull, G. Nasbartus. 109 SPORTS There are others not listed as ' official ' contributors who deserve recognition for their suggestions and moral support. We thank the following: Mr. Leland and Mr. Steinmeyer, who, among other things, let us take pictures during a school day; Mrs. Goddard and Carol Heath, who were inexhaustible sources of vital in- formation; Suzanne Roberts, who kept us in constant fits of laughter and did a lot of the legwork which helped make this yearbook the best ever. With the help of several hardworking people, the Goldbug has outdone itself this year, and we — the hardworking people — acknowledge your appreciation for our accomplishment. To those who contributed, we would like to say, " Thank- you.” To those who did not, " You ' re welcome.” Advisors: Blanche Derby — Editorial Section Maryanna Shay — Finance Coordinator Editors-in-chief: Michelle Fournier Jane Keyes Editors: Lorie Foster — Literary Paul Miller — Photography Emily Dihlman— Faculty Patty Mascis — Activities Sarah Zartman — Activities Eileen O ' Connor — School Life Sarah Harper — School Life Kathy Halsey — Senior Joe Scanlon — Sports Staff: Andrea Dihlman — Faculty Claire Thompson — Faculty Photographers Paul Miller Jon Fuller Dave Flight Joan Lockhart Carl Kosarick Matt Lyon Tom Hancock Patty Mascis Mike Orr Jerry Miller John Garber Dave Levin George deFriesse Ken Paulin Joe Scanlon Mitch Koldy Steve Ruggles — Amherst Record Mark Navon — Amherst Record Writers: John Dalton Dave Culbertson Pete Schoenberger Karen Bak Marty Bak Mike Vinskey Janet Boothroyd Sarah Zartman Patty Mascis Joe Scanlon Artwork and Poetry Contributors: Mike Law — Cover Mary Kennedy — Endsheets Daphne Fraser — Frontispiece Sarah Harper — Faculty Mike Law, Anne Stein, Sarah Harper — Activities Eileen O ' Connor, Sarah Harper — School Life Jerry Miller, Mark McKie, Marty Epstein, Joe Scanlon — Sports Sue Fowler — School Life 1 10 Agway, Inc. A.J. Hastings Aldrich Auto Supply Amherst Associates Amherst Bakery Amherst Farmers Supply Amherst Laundri-mat Amherst Modernizing Amherst Optical Shoppe Amherst Record Amherst Savings Bank Amity Beauty Shop Ann August Archer Kent Atkins Mr. Mrs. Seymour Berger Bill s Shoe Repair Brehmer Graphics Workshop Bruce Brown, Att. At Law Burnett Thompson Ins. Agency Chequers Restaurant Cliff Allen Collegetown Barber Shop Janet Rowe Dugan Fenton ' s Flavortown Floor Trends Paul T. Ford Fowler ' s Jewelers Gas Lite II Hampshire Business Machine Hastings Henry Adams Co. House of Walsh, Inc. Samuel J. Hunter, M.D. Julius TheTailor Kalihi Kai Kals Earth Shoes of Amherst Kentfield Hardware, Inc. Lafayette Radio-Electronics Louis Foods Mathews Shoes Quonset Katherine J. Reardon Paul R. Rogers, Att. At Law Shumway ' s Sprague Dennis H. Stiles, D.D.S. The Carpet Shoppe The Mercantile The Pub The Rusty Scupper Tripod Camera Shop, Inc. V.F.W. Post 754 Wildwood Woodenware Gifts kb‘ zzz: .. -Zi r rSSB WjfcK.. T 9 M jj5 ffl ' iiJI i ® 1 p 412 4TX ' " jg: $ ll fewi X. - 75 - J Sa VuST ' -- ' g7 y v 7 y n " Simulation Uithout Intoxication 99 ■f rt | » E t EH ) ' SSfa EH i 7 H X4 o Xiy7lQX c Jwv E -r— 7 Snake Bottle before using AN TUMKqnUM.KB CURE FQ .: LoSS of 1 Vigror, Nervous DeLility, Homeujork Fatigue 7 a nj lrritatle Teamers. PL.EASAMT TO TAXE. iMMICAL IN’ ITS EVTEGTS )D1RECT10NS: TAKEN INTEKNAUX DOSE O TO .30 DEOPS EVP ESI PEEDf t ' Especial F rec.omme.ndeX For ) rcE ? pears of aye. ILDRED1SL 1T5 : dafura leaf k essence of,suJee+, Fern, muiiem 1 1 1 uice . qoicT buq au s-h clubs soda, tigraduaFiotf leaves, Sporfs berne “,31 suba+i+utes I« fl AMHERST REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Amherst, MA 01002 ( o idolise st oi)ld be unM oub it. iReep it b readiness. I PREPARED I5Y J.P HBPPLRNG CO. Prescription. Dr ists, Triangle St., Amherst, HflS 5 , A PS HIGH SCHOOL IS... Watching chicks that watch back screwing around inside in the library with the boys having a few more and chicks that don t want to be watched. and screwing around while the teacher is there. and taking a bath after to regain your senses ! Hanging around the halls watching the chicks Screwing around with the guys outside Hanging around, wasting time outside with the boys Having a few beers with the boys or while making a call. 0 • •• •• 1 smm • 10 Varsity Baseball First Row: R. Campion, G. Stowell, M. Bak, J. Perchak, P. Feng, M Abramson, P. Ahearn. Second Row: J. Sullivan, B. Pickering, D. Rotman, L Adams, S. Southwick, J. Smyth. Third Row: B. Feng, D. White- more, Coach Abramson, D. Ford, (manager). Girls Softball Team First Row: L to R. L. O ' Connell, L. Gallager, M. Farrell, D Tudryn, J. Keyes, K. Fisher, D. Klein, C. White. Second Row: L. Scanlon, J. Keyes, K. Cromack, G. Milez- ko, E. Newcombe, P. Sabey, C. Lenz Third Row: J. Bragg, K. Freeman, E. Flight, (manager). J. V. Baseball First Row: C. Berquist, B. Lord, J. Vassallo, M Fusia, C. Mer- ril, A. Britt, M. Burke Second Row: C. Berquist, F. Keenan, B. Brandts, A. Smith, P. Ziomek, C. Ollins, R Fay. Third Row: Coach Hastings, B Kle- mer, L. Shumway, S. Sherwood, J. Barr, S. Fitzgerald, D Aubrey, K. Wheeler. Softball Team The girls softball team finished its season this year with an overall record of 9-5 excluding one game against Mahar that was finally can- celled because of rain. Graduating seniors include Marcie Farrell, Jane Keyes, and Donna Tudryn. They will be missed next year and spared the agony of hav- ing to play telephone on the bus. This years team contained many promising players and the Jr High has promised even more, so the outlook for the next years team is very good. „ c u P«0(. JL5KE n lt y ( 6l£ ' v tNl£S 4©CHI , j fe 5IW SEF F8KWI. ff f £ } Jr m “«J) ' i«» £? ' j " cwS yi r£ tytfc r ggP ic?) T =o rate ...SPORTS Boys Track Why did Joe Mitchell not break the school record in the discus? Why did mad dog Bur- gess not break the pole vault record? Why did Roger Boucher do his best time in the first meet? Why did Tim Grady run the hurdles in the last meet? What happened to George Slate ' s knees? What was Hubby Jackson really drinking in the back of the bus? Surely Coach Crowley must have been deeply puzzled. But he recognizes dynasties to come. Junior Bill Tarmey had a fine season in the 2 mile as did Kip Johnson in the high and low hurdles. The real future of the Track team lies in the sophomore class. General John Bonsignore led his army of Jon Waldron, Pete Chametzky, John Gibson, Anthony Glenn, Tony Bond, and Al Progulske to fame and fortune. Although the underclassmen will surely miss the guiding light of the seniors, they have the potential to carry the torch themselves . Lacrosse First Row: B. Plumstead, G. Brand, L. Lundberg — co-capt, R. Chamberlain — co-capt, J Scanlon — co-capt, S. Epstein, M. Lenard, M. Hall, J. Millar Second Row: B James, B. Martin, J. Ostandarp, T. Neary, J. Levinger, D Eckess, C. Burke, G. Lenard Third Row: R Lambert, K. Skelly, B Lambert, C. Gray, T. Vinsky, D. Rutstein, D. Zartman. Fourth Row: D. Whitney, S. Ambs, C. Manning, T. Sundeland, J. Scanlon. Fifth Row: Coach Briggs, P Shepp, B. Graham, Coach O’Donnell. Missing J Pagliaro. L 5 rl Ei t ' |jjl « S ' W 7 |l 1 t ■ill o 1 1 j M L % mm ...GRADUATION ! I i it s?wvo " V NoUA 3tf)3U v nv«xc i ONnoa cratr uno aau IQOH (o ' — f gno y 4 J A3 l NVisstva HON3-2W NVWH30 mu.! js ' Alt NS M ON OTONY PMOfOGQAPHY ACT m T2 VI3ITIN6 act i tr CHEERLEADER 6 ffUENC6 0o c, K) W if WANTED V RICHARD L. KELLOGG »€ - 17 H£ Q,hT : 6 V " 6 7 . ‘ qW!o ' ' RICH-, H£G , H CLOSE, CL css pres.,duecr b g soy.. Kellogg is Q dan ei”ot»s influence on the youth of ARMS- He has been pQrf of the creation of q corrupt grou p of Seniors and Alumni enfi ' fed the " Friday V IteClub " . He haS Si ny le handed ly ruined the eg O of many a bqsketbqll player ujlth h Is daz ing feats. 8ut more dangerous than his size and strength i is his devq stqti ng charmj persona I i tg } and ability to talk any one info anyth ny ! WANTED ROBERT “BURBA ttARTIN HEIGHT c ; we [Gi J DEAD Al IV t Martin is a u anted criminal ' for hiS responsibility of the deaths of h un dre c s . ? any c e y or a ire Suffered unimpareab e internal damages from acute cases of heart burn from eating pizzas mode by Martin a oturt at Papa binds. 8eu Qre of this menace .. . especially if he ha s rnqtza sause and cheese in hand ft REWARD WANTED % ( 0 }) ) v . wm - V. I - V K CRAZY LUKE The name of fh.-S masKed marucl »s sfilf unknoum Ljtrf many have 5pecuW ed ti;» }« his i nw His Onlij tnine, 1 1 ca be ccxllecft I hv t„ is JVwt o V unmashi r j His pri vale marveAb uihilc he raA jhrou h {he seivor corridor on a Ucdnesdaij mormiKj, during Vxomefooma. Alo one reallij U) ctrds Grccz j U)ke allhoixjh many baue expressed an inWebh in a 5 eemy " him aya»n Thefe is no reuKxrd beiny offered for Craz J l obe except ' Hiat oP she£.r deliyhf as you afe momentarily relieved op the passing bordom u»Vuch ha3 become so pre valent a+ this iAstitotion in the past Pcui morrfVxs. Yll ft 1 l“J L i vv II a i -i D AMHERST REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY Amherst, MA 01002 © Dundee 3 Auet (ATTEMPT TO LAND )TOH CHAtR FA LED) ® ReAOmc. material us» (g) HOST FREQUENTLY CHAIR m USED ' hiSHTS HOMEWORK " P " X ,f1 °° H DRAWER ov eRFtow.rtO ®T.V. (USED UHILE SITTING (USUALLY FbutID m TH15 way) g framed Report card OF »0 TH GRACE WH EM KID ACTUALLY PASSED ALL 3 COURSES ® O ' RTy HANKY AMO CRUSHED COKE CAM € 30CKY SHORTS WORN Tu 0 (a!) WEEKS AGO 0 records (ass NO ©MOST FREQueiiTLy USED APPLIANCE IN Room (harrautZ amp GARRARD TURNTA0U ® PHONE (nDa MOST FREr quENTLY USED appliance) © earphones That m R€ms(AnD heigh- 90Rs) INSISTED H€ GET DUE TO ROCK NUSIC AT Full. volume, © ketchup r Relish SILLED P(L©M LAST Nights v b g mac " ©PSVCHEOEUC P tu3u (OFTEN TRROD AT iruRUCERsY © spilled hot Fudge SUNDAE | u K. OLD. ® Porno rtAfeS. © ASSORTED COMICS ftor 0 u.n i nT eu-Ectu a l ReaDihg HATERiAl ® Fr °A .poker 6ftn LEFt 0ut (to 0t MTlttaEDToriteHT) ® useful Refloihfe HATE RIAL (T.V C UlQ 0 ® LtSCT fre uemt ly E0 c «air(fo«. studk) ©schoolbooks useo WP COX, OHC6 PER. WEEK (CR less) ® wAste6askGT Full op sum wRftpp ERS 1101 Es , Amo attempts AT HoheV ork. ©NEARLY UH us eo Article ‘N Room know as SCHOOL PENS. 09 BEDOhuti- pUjRpasg) OI5TILLEO [rJiSKty WANTED K Lu t zy V U " " , (-( £ V ov«Ano » " ock X Cor K f a, . G-v y Cboma ( k , T«Kr B L E TuD Ry N 50,00 0 REWARD f R INFtKmritH LEM Mb %F THE CrMIHAL) WH A If FAS AN (F SmrfN 6 ATTEMPT IRC ' • r r f Capture Rub Cwcti»h AK£ wan rp poR y ' ALEVLtHT in A j ilKAENt+JS c APSVS l WAT£ C RUJ ' CAT£ J NF- IUL TUMS WANTED WANTED Zb " t ir 6 t ' c ry, Cr£ 6tuL fU m tn. orrm, si£LkZ ■ ' tksL 4C vocr£, tr6-6y JEcAo m.j CL OHuj " ( sng dtiroC " tvru t (jt CAJUiXadt to td ut Aio o(oaul . Ac OQA icm. rrrvt t fa, a. (tOuoLa L u x , Oisto cJvanlorrncuj r ntroc j o cAa i ' i QA cf. 4)0 cm. . . . Tc tTUrCy t- • . . ' " s . ) O T fus-tuy (y , X yJVjoC ; e . f tWo Oo - ' ' v. . tHAdts l. VV»W ano oAaaA«o ; a« ... • ' ' . , Oo j S cL Jismf 3 xt j j AcAou Mta .! fjsr sr •, , IS ' r LEADING CANDIDATES So horviorc Al ProrjulsK(‘ ' V Cv v kv i-y.W VVC-vX cx ' ' ■ ' ■’j-i: s?: : WANTED alAt— L(J - (- S thxr f Lt y JinCjA ' i lh um aMcLAJhjL Tricon MOWING ( J(-OtP clu jU:, -knO-ZM OLM AAjL. Ahjur ti pal 4. Q TZlA, tsyyLs UlhCHulrup UsXZd- Jlall ’’jfo; y dpuWO-i Oyt dlLct. (h J £s?ULci CtU TU Stall L " A OPENCRIW 10 0 j A ,-T H.CtfY ' . Or nnr CTt Amherst Regional H.S. Libra- 21 Mattoon Street Amherst, MA 01002 At times we may be separated and forget who we are Our travels may be to nowhere or distant and far Some friendships may be lost and memories let slip by But our friendships have been special and will be remembered ' till we die Donna Tudryn Credits Supplement ' 74 Cover — Blanche Derby. High School Is — Joe Scanlon. ARHS Monotony — Rachel Shanor. Wanted Posters — Joe Scanlon (3), Sar- ah Harper, Carol Mellen, Dave Flight, Jane Keyes. Typical Teenag- er ' s Room — George Tobin, Jr. Cartoons — Joe Scanlon, John Gib- son, John Garber, Charlie Burke. Photographs — Jerry Miller, Tom Hancock, Jane Keyes, Mitch Koldy, Carol. Mellen, Greg Nelson, Ei- leen O Connor, John Patriquin, Sarah Harper, Jane Mahar, John Garber. Poem — Donna Tudryn. ...

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