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Amherst Regional H.S, Library 21 Mattoon Street Amherst, MA 01002 WHO ISTHE PUPIL? A child of God, not a tool of the state. WHO IS THE TEACHER? A guide not a guard. WHAT ISTHE EACULTY? A community of scholars, not a union of mechanics. WHO ISTHE PRINCIPAL? A master of teaching, not a master of teachers. WHAT IS LEARNING? A journey, not a destination. WHAT IS DISCOVERY? Questioning the answers, not answering the questions. WHATISTHEGOAL? Open minds, not closed issues. WHAT IS THE TEST? Being and becoming, not remembering and reviewing. WHAT IS SCHOOL? Whatever we chose to make it. By Allan A. Glatthorn The 1973 Goldbug is dedicated to our planning room neighbors Charlie Camp and Jim Scott who gave us sup- port and understood that our laughing was to hide the frustration. To Charlie Camp, who after returning from his sab- batical, took his place as a leader in Amherst Region- al High School. We honor his persistant interest in curriculum affairs and devotion to Outing Club. Most of all, we appreciated his shoulder to lean on. To Jim Scott, who we feel deserves recognition for his special interests in the school as soccer coach and as Ski Club advisor. Although he has always had a negative stance on yearbooks, we appreciated his advice as a friend. 2 1 8 t’i t , ' » j ' ' , i c (VI % DEDICATION . . ... ,2 FACULTY ... .4 INTERNS . . .22 FALL . . .24 UNDERCLASSMEN . . .52 WINTER . . .70 SENIORS 00 • • • SPRING . . .137 » • k . 9 V • w VEGTABLESTAN MR. STYSICK MR. CYSICK MR. DONTBE A. JENDASON I I I RIMlfHAElPLAW MR. LONGLOOSE MISS HURPIN MR. LIMBOOM MISS DOWNEY MS. MOOWAfiOWSKI Jim Kelly Industrial Arts Al Smith Custodian Naomi Langford Librarian Paul Larson Music Paul ludson Math Alice Modrzakowsk Principal ' s Secretary 6 I Maryanna Shay Business Pearl Very Assistant Librarian Blanche Derby Art Pat Fredrickson Business Paul Langlois Principal Lorrie Giard Physical Education 7 David Hammarstrom English Janet Fleury History Aide Bob Kelly History Marty O ' Neill Home Economics Jim Scott Science Charlotte Halpin English Art Leland Director, Title III Bob Dube Foreign Language Charlie Abramson Physical Education Jo Peppard Foreign Language Rudy Woloss Custodian John Craig Guidance Counselor 9 Betty Lawson Physical Education Eric Rannisto Administrative Intern ALP ' s Coordinator Marilyn Lewis English Peter Hart Music Doris Wentworth Teacher ' s Aide Alice Jensen Office Secretary Rodney Gray Industrial Arts Dorothy Hammarstrom Home Economics Aide 0 Laurel Crouse English Ellie Thronton Audio Visual Aide Anna Hays Foreign Language Marge Coffing English 13 Dorothy Ewell Cafeteria Director Evelyn Barber History Aide Dick Goodin English Norma Shoen Independent Programs Center Aide Paul Lengieza History Edgardo Rothkegel Foreign Language gg Virginia Oldershaw Audio Visual Aide Ginny Bastable Math Helen Karch Cafeteria Helen Howard Cafeteria Betty Jane Donley Foreign Language John Adams History Walter Ouimette Foreign Language 18 Bud Kneeland Driver Education Physical Education Mary Bleckwehl Guidance Aide George Banks Custodian lerry Britt Custodian Dick Read Industrial Arts Alice Stanne Math Randy Robinson Physical Education Irene Matlon English Rita Clevenger Cafeteria Merrita Hruska Child Study Suzanne LaVerdiere Math Gladys Beaulieu Stan Dobosz Cafeteria English 21 SPORTS FOOTBALL SOCCER The football team, under coaches Bud Kneeland, Jud Hastings, and Paul Lengieza had a successful 6-2 record. That put them in a tie for third place in the Inter-County League. The Hurricanes led the league by scoring 235 points and had the second best defense, allowing only 51 points in their eight game schedule. The defense posted a league high of five shutouts. The offense was led by Junior halfback Hubby Jackson, who set school records by scoring 94 points and 15 T.D. ' s in one season. He also rushed for 804 yards, the third best performance in Amherst High School history. He was selected All-League Halfback and honorable mention linebacker. The backfield was also helped by senior co-captain Barry Doubleday and by seniors Steve Klemer and Randy Gleen. The offense was probably best in the league as senior co-captain Tom Hankinson and se- niors John Scanlon and John Stosz made All-League and senior co-captain Tom Miller and senior Phil Keenan receiving honorable mention. On defense senior Bill Branfass made All-League and senior Miles Beck made a close second team. The play of the season was John Stosz ' s own end around option which was good for a 55 yard T.D. pass to quarter- back Tom Hanson. Other highlights include the J.V. ' s 4-2 record and Under the coaching of Jim Scott, the soccer team finished with a 4-10 overall record, 4-8 in the league. That placed them in a tie for fourth. Though their record was poor, the team certainly was In every game, losing seven games only by one goal. In the year they scored 14 goals and gave up 16. The team got fine performances from junior Win Lin, who was the leading scorer with six goals. Senior co-captain Tom White scored one goal and had six assists, making All-League honorable mention. There were also fine performances from senior co- captains Dave Fischer and Jim Brophy, who also got All-League honorable mentions. The team was plagued with injuries as senior half- back Jim Plagenhoef was lost for all but the first three games of season. Senior goalie Scott Hundahl and Jim Cole were also out for part of the season. Throughout the season it was common to hear Leon Massaras crying out in vain, " Crossa the ball, crossa the ball! " The J.V. ' s were in better standing with a 5-4-2 record. High scorer for the team was junior Steve Hasbrouck who scored 8 goals in 7 games. Varsity Record A.R.H.S. OPP. were undefeated in the league and of course. Moose ' s constant rendition of, " Duxth, go to da Mohawk 2 3 batchroom! " Mahar 4 0 S. Hadley 0 1 Team Record A.R.H.S. OPP. Hopkins 0 1 St. Mike 6 3 Lee 9 18 Smith 0 1 Frontier 44 0 Easthampton 0 3 Mohawk 30 0 Mohawk 2 1 Ware 38 8 Mahar 2 0 Mt. Creylock 0 25 Hopkins 0 2 Pioneer 56 0 St. Mike 0 1 Turners 6 0 Smith 1 3 Ma har 52 0 Easthampton 0 1 Northampton 0 1 26 Football Team. From left: J. Matusko, M. Beck, P. Keenan, T. Morrow, S. Leonard, T. Hankinson co-capt., B. Doubleday co-capt., T. Miller co-capt., B. Brandfass, P. Honingberg, T. Hanson, R. Glenn, S. Klemer, B. Gage. Second row: J. Vanderswag, J. Scanlon, M. Stoneham, H. Jackson, B. Graham, R. Boucher, B. Progulske, R. Paul, K. Skelly. Third row: M. Stosz, L. Adams, M. Hall, S. Stosz, P. Hall, K. Noel, G. Stowell, R. Kellogg, j. Mitchell, ]. Ostendarp, K. Drake, B. Lane. Fourth row: D. Clevenger mgr., K. Wheeler, J. Millar, Coach Lengieza, Coach Kneeland, Coach Hastings, B. James, T. Slocombe, D. Baker mgr. Soccer Team. From left: A. Dreyer, G. Giard, T. White co-capt., D. Fischer co-capt., P. Piepul. Second row: J. Brophy, D. Metrejon, B. Sherwood, L. Massaras, D. Gere, J. Cole, J. Massaras, T. Farquar, R. Dixon. Third row: Coach Scott, T. Russell mgr., D. Rutstein, W. Lin, M. Bak, B. Lambert, S. Allen, T. Neary mgr. CROSS-COUNTRY The cross country team under Coach Randy Crow- ley had the most successful season of any sports team in the history of Amherst High School. They finished with a 9-1 record, the only loss being to Cathedral at the beginning of the season. They finished first in Western Mass., the second time in three years. They finished third at the State ' s Meet, the highest ever. And having never done so in past years, they qualified for the New England Meet in Portland, Maine . Out of over 450 high schools throughout New England, the Amherst High Cross Country team finished in an astounding fifth place, truly an amazing feat. The outstanding runners were seniors: Captain Bill " Fleck " Bleckwehl, who has been on the running circuit since eighth grade and knows the ropes; " Shaggy-Haired " Ward Welcome, who has shown his talents over the past three years; Phil " Sachel " Page, who is another five year veteran and certainly one of the most improved runners in Western Mass.; and Scott " Dead Rabbit " Whitney, who has been a determining factor in the existence of this year ' s team. (Power to the Dead Rabbit, right on.) Juniors who helped out were the ' ole Sachmoe himself, Dave Stevenson, who ran on his own because of trumpet practice after school; Dennis " Turkey " Newell who, without his " great " sound effects, the team would not have been able to survive; and " our own " Mickey Waskiewicz. The bright moments of the season were getting psyched up by constantly yelling " Beat Mohawk, Uno Nuto, I Hate Rabbits, and Nassstrooovviaaa " at the beginning of each race. Even brighter mo- ments were when everyone beat on " Diamond " Dick Denesha, and wearing party hats in the showers while smoking cigars after winning Western Mass. Other members on the team are seniors Joe Niem- czura, Sandy Waskiewitz and Micheal Bland; juniors George Slate, Mike Shifflett; sophomores Mike Schifflet, Dean Whitney, Ed Stanizusky; and fresh- men John Bonsignore, Jon Waldron, Rick McGinn, and Rick Denesha. TEAM SCORES AMHERST (lowest score wins) HOLYOKE 26 CATHEDRAL 32 MOHAWK 15 PIONEER 15 GATEWAY 16 HAMPSHIRE 16 WILBRAHAM INVITATIONAL THIRD FRONTIER 15 TURNERS FALLS 21 NORTHAMPTON 15 EASTHAMPTON 15 WESTERN MASS. FIRST MT. HERMON INVITATIONAL SECOND STATES THIRD NEW ENGLAND FIFTH Varsity Record A.R.H.S. OPP. ).V Hamp 2 0 1 Pioneer 4 0 0 Frontier 1 0 1 Athol 0 3 0 Mahar 0 0 0 Greenfield 3 1 1 Mohawk 0 0 0 Pioneer 2 0 3 Frontier 2 2 0 Athol 0 3 1 Mahar 0 1 0 GreenfiekI 2 0 2 Northampton 2 0 0 OPP. 2 ‘) 2 ( 47 50 46 44 50 36 2‘J 50 OPP. 0 0 0 0 () 1 1 0 i 1 0 0 0 FIELD HOCKEY VOLLEYBALL It ' s the stotv of cl lOcK ' h named Marge, Who was bringing up a very skillful team. ■ ll of them wore uniforms of maroon, rheir shins were black and blue. • nd it ' s the story of a coach named Ahearn, ho was bringing up a better team of her own. They were eleven girls running laps together, et they were all alone. Till the one dav when Ahearn met Marge, And thev knew it was opportunity when it knocked. And it said these teams must somehow get together. That ' s the wav they all became the hockey jocks. And it ' s the story of all their ictories. And how they worked their way into the Hall of Fame. Bv beating the team from Frontier, W ho hadn ' t lost in six years. And it ' s the story of the Fearsome Foursome, V ho led the cheers from the back of the bus. Although thev were opposed by the Seniors, Thev veiled anil cheered anyway. And after each game, Thev ' d go to the Home Ec. room, V here there vv as alvv av s lots of v erv good food. Fverv thing from sandw iches to hard cider. And now their storv is told. The girls volleyball team got off to a very good start this season. fter playing six different schools the Amherst team remains undefeated. Volleyball being the shortest season of all made it quite hectic to play fortv-one games in the course of six weeks. V ' olleyball seems to be declining in popularity. It went from four teams in ' 71 to sometimes less than two teams in ' 72. The highlight of the season was the " Playday Tour- nament " . When one team decided not to come Amherst was allowed two teams. The first game of the tournament proved to be quite a fight for Am- herst ' s first team. After being down by six points in the first half they came back to win it by two points. Amherst was the winner of the Playday. They out- scored any team in the tournament by sixty points. Amherst had three girls nominated for All-stars — Cindy Lyman, Sue Wallace, and Donna Tudryn. Team Record A.R.H.S. OPP Turners Falls 35 4 30 16 41 9 Greenfield 31 8 Team Record A.R.H.S. OPP Turners Falls 35 4 30 16 41 9 Greenfield 31 8 20 11 21 14 10 21 29 13 19 16 Frontier 14 19 29 8 19 25 17 22 Pioneer 14 9 13 11 10 21 Flopkins 12 23 24 17 26 19 Northampton 10 12 13 2 15 3 Varsity Field Hockey. From left; D. Boucher, M. Hasbrouck, L. O ' Connell, N, Gralinski, L. Wolf, B. Thornton. Second row: M. Farrell, S. Howard, S. Darling, K. Stanne, C. Lyman, S. Walas, A. Snyder, J. Keyes, M. Connelly. 33 Volleyball Team. From left: P. Dowd, J. Keyes, D. Tudryn, D. Boucher, E. Meade, M. Con- nelly. Second row: B. Koldy, D. Harrington, A. Snyder, K. Stanne, D. Martin, S. Howard, G. Garrabrants. Third row: D. Miles, K. Halsey, C. White, S. Walas, C. Lyman, B. Hebb, G. Vassallo, Coach Giard. 35 The Chess Club is enjoying greater popularity this year thanks to Bobby Fischer ' s championship. The many participants (and kibitzers) can be found any period of the day in the student lounge practicing their craft on the board. The five best players of the club comprise Amherst ' s Chess Team which competes in the Wes- tern Mass. Chess League. Playing Board Onethisyear will be jon Samit, assisted by team members Warren Shepherd, Paul Rodman, Matt Maul- don, and Chris Lyon. Advisor Paul Judson anticipates Amherst cap- turing the league title in matches of December and January. The Art Club is a group of dedi- cated student artists who work with advisor Blanche Derby on projects of the individual ' s interest. The club holds a Christmas Bazaar at school and a larger enterprise on the Com- mon in the spring. They hope to use the profits from these sales to finance a trip to New York and to buy more supplies. Thespians ' Fall Production was the hilarious comedy, Come Rain Or Shine. Thespians, From left: |. Oberlander, |. Melrose, M. Coffing, advisor, P. Miller, S. Wilkinson, L. Savereid, v-pres. Second row: M, McNeal, P. Lambert, R. Cole, C. Mellen, treas. P. Rausch. Third row: P, Taylor, pres., R. Johnston, K. Paulin, S. Kendall, D. Carey, sec. j. Samit, E. O ' Con- nor, S. Harper. 38 Thespian Troup 1333 ini- tiated many new members this fall and elected officers Peter Taylor, Lisa Savereid, Debbie Carey, and Carol Mellen. The Thespians sponsored a dance, attended a Massachusetts High School Drama Guild workshop, celebrated a Christmas party, and most importantly, Thes- pians provided the backbone for the Fall Production, Come Rain Or Shine. Under the di- rection of Thespian advisor Marge Coffing, many new fa- ces were brought to the stage on December 1, 2, and 3, in the delightful and successful com- edy. College students who can ' t participate, lovers who can ' t communicate, parents who don ' t tolerate, and old ladies who aggravate, antici- pate, and dominate. In all, fifteen zany characters com- bined to provide a nostalgic and whimsical look at the 1950 ' s. The Television Show is an ambitious weekly project which is largely student-run. The half- hour show is the result of the efforts of journalism classes which prepare the features, and student moderators, cameramen and directors. With the help of jane Price, Bruce Penniman, and john Fuller, the show is taped at a Wednesday evening session and edited for televising Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on local channel 8. The audio-Visual Club under the advisorship of Richard Roy continues to be one of the more active student organizations. President Carey Parrish, Vice President Pete Schoenberger, secre- tary Nancy Berger and treasurer Ray Babb have helped organize fall activities which included a trip to Framingham to hear jerry Lewis speak on the finer aspects of television production. Mem- bers are among those responsible for extra- curricular A-V work, such as televising of town meetings, taping of school concerts, and the pro- duction of the television show. Audio-Visual. From left: C, Reid, M. Trompke, R. Warner, S. Fitzgerald, A. George, M. Dempsey, N. Berger, Sec., R. Babb, Treas. Second row: D. Darling, D. Peirce, D. Reed, A. Davis, M. FHawley. Third row: ]. Robison, M. Owen, G. Brand, D. Neilson, T. Smith, P. Shoenberger, vice president, C. Parrish, presi- dent, C. Fitzgerald, ). Field. 41 Pep Club. From left; President; ). Glazier, advisor; Mrs. Modrakowski, vice-president; L. Glazier. Sec- ond row: K. Hastings, P. Mascis, L. Meade, D. Miles, S. Cicia, S. White. Third row: R. Wiggins, P. Albert- son, M. Rohde, V. Barber, R. Shearer, M. Lessard. Fourth row: D. Martin, S. White, A. Bauchand, D. Goralski, E. Boluch. J.V. Cheerleaders. From left: R. Shearer, H. Dill, captain; E. Boluch. Second row: M. Gursk C. Ripa, V. Barber, D. Goralski. Top row: M. Richards, D. Doubledav- Pep Club. This year one of the most active groups in Amherst Regional has been the Pep Club. For the most part, they are a profit making organization. This years project consisted of raising money to be used for the purchase of an electric scoreboard to be placed on the football field. This project in- cluded the selling of candy bars, stationary, and organization of school dances. The fa- miliar faces of this group were often seen running the concession at football and bas- ketball games. Cheerleaders. This group of cheering voices never went unnoticed at all the sports events in Amherst High. One of their highlights this year included the participation in a cheering clinic at the University of Massachusetts. Both the j.V. and Varsity cheerleaders par- ticipated in the clinic along with many other squads from schools in Massachusetts. The cheerleaders were often found across from the boy ' s locker room selling candy after school. This year there were only five varsity members and the junior varsity membership totaled nine. For the second year the boys participated in the cheering, forming their own squad, and helping the girls as much as possible. Boy Cheerleaders. Fron left: R Boucher, R Kellogg. Second row: J. Scanlon, T. Hankinson, T. Miller, ]. Scanlon. Third row: D. Newell. Varsity Cheerleaders. From left: L. Penza, P. Carew, C. Boluch, P. Mascis. Top row: Captain; D. Shumway. ' V 3bh ri dc.cidc.S lo I h ' l- the. art room 4 scene Qod do some master pi ece.s dVie wqU . - flt first (lenod c-ontroo the coriversot ' on ,n -e octoo. ... Feforelcovin , -JoVn lends an ear to the morntnc announcement ' s got John is soooo Coo , n€ stmpt ' y t joores I the announce mO nt Ortci just docs n1 - • • ' iefnwG Rwf R OHM Meter ooi ' fifPor?r To THf After sho Merm uf John stops fo chat uuth the bovjs . . - nex.V class j John doe5 nt Qo • ' -V John decides fo hec d home for lost period , toot no one o ool seem to K«m n Reall ' j d ' Sheor tened J cxf ten Q ujeary dla j John heads ho no to hi6 room of course he doesn ' t help if much . . . 1 A A John then traueb 1 ' U U t° Q double ' ■ period thah turns out to be more bor lOg than him.-. And SO ends the cnuerage ’-Xoj o( the averayt st uden t . can jou imagine t EDITOR ' S MESSAGE What is the purpose of a yearbook? Offhand 1 would say a yearbook is something to remind you of high school after you ' ve left. Nothing is wrong with that, not a thing. In reality yearbooks give only a nostalgic idea of school life. In twenty years you might go through yours to help you remember old friends, or what-it-was-like-back-then. In this situation it is ob- vious that you don ' t remember high school because you need a year book to help you. Of course the year- book, being nostalgic, shows you only the nice side of school and so you end up thinking, " What a happy person I was and what a great place ole ARMS was when I was there. " For many people going to school is like banging your head against a wall every day. You keep on doing it, it hurts so much and you never learn not to in spite of all that pain. Where is this side of the yearbook? Where are the pictures of the girls getting kicked out of the bathroom for smoking, or the epithets praising the dropouts and sus- pendees? Where is there a picture of the boredom of many students who constantly skip their classes, and do it out of boredom? These are only examples of the seemier side of high school experience. What this essay boils down to is that yearbooks lie for a majority of students. Seth Rothberg The statement that " yearbooks lie for a majority of students " is one that has struck in our minds since Seth ' s essay was published in the spring of ' 72. For us, he said it all. Now the problem was what to do from there. As Editors, we felt it was our responsibil- ity to at least attempt to end this lie. All throughout the year we have tried to get members of the school community involved in the Goldbug. To open up the yearbook, instead of confining it to a small cubical in the planning room. In the three school life sec- tions lie the results. I I danced to school today, for it was raining. I learned from the Sky this fine morning . . .Rain is the messenger between the Sky and Earth. And the message it brings is . .Life . . .but . . .1 walked into that so protected building, dripping with joy, and was informed I was tardy. I wanted to write them an excuse to ex- plain and share my reason for forgetting Time. But it didn ' t have a parent ' s sig- nature. And another clock day had begun, but my day had ended. 49 " Sometimes everything is so clear in my mind and I feel beautiful. But lots of other times I feel so rushed with things I have to do, things I need to learn, relationships I want to improve or establish, and things I want to do, that I be- come overly frustrated. " Note: TO ALL STUDENTS . . .We as students have as much power as we give ourselves. We must believe that. Trying to change things is hard and it hurts, but unless we want our lives run by people we don ' t know or trust, we must get involved and make personal sacrifices for the good of our sanity. We all bitch about the WRONG, but it takes more than bitching. It takes unified student Action. Believe it. IT IS UP TO US. UNDERCLASSMEN 53 Michael Abramson Patrick Ahearn Bruce Aldrich Gerald Aldrich Dennis Allen May Allen Stanley Allen Martin Bak Douglas Baker Valerie Barber Debra Barker Robert Barker Lisa Barondes Chris Beckett Roger Boucher Gary Brand Angela Burch Jonathon Burgess Cynthia Burke Michael Burke Sandra Campbell Russell Campion Bonnie Capen Patti Carew Cheryl Carey Linda Caruso Cheryl Cavanaugh Richard Chamberlain JUNIORS The Junior Class Officers and Advisors are: Jim Laprade, treasurer; David Flight, president; Patty Mascis, secretary; Jim Scott, advisor. Missing: Carol Mellen, vice-president; Anna Hayes, advisor. 54 Donato Champagne Phyllis Chittum Suzanne Cicia Kathy Clark David Clevenger Ray Cole Gary Cook Pam Cook Nancy Cramer Bill Crooker David Culbertson John Dalton Sarah Darling Ann DeCourcey Georgette DeFriesse Vicky Dempesy Emily Dihimann Holly Dill Roger Dinsmore Karen Dodge Scott Doubleday Susan Durfee Marty Epstein Sam Epstein Pearl Ewell Tom Farb Marcy Farrell James Fawkner 55 Thomas Hancock Richard Hanks Valerie Hansen Sarah Harper Dawn Harris June Harrison Stephen Hasbrouck Betsy Hastings Kim Hastings Holly Havis Maureen Hayes Carol Heath Barbara Hebb Sabra Howard Sue Howard Scott Hundahl Chris Hunter Hubby Jackson Susan Fowler Daphne Fraser David Freiband Peter Freisem Scott French Elizabeth Friedman Jon Fuller Kathy Gardner David Gendelman Judy Gilbert Jerrilyn Glazier Linda Glazier Danny Golden Arthur Goodhind Timothy Grady Barry Graham Peggy Grose Mary Gurski Mark Hall Pat Hall Katharine Halsey Jonathan Field Walter Filios Mary Fitzpatrick David Flight Ed Ford Lorie Foster Michelle Fournier 56 Alan Jenks Anna Judson Marc Keenan Richard Kellog Christopher Keyes Jane Keyes Christ! King Richard Knapp Shannon Knight Jenny Koehler Laura Kolasinski Brenda Koldy Hank Kummerle Berta Kundert Robert LaClaire Bill Lambert Alexander Lankowski James Laprade Lou Ann Lashway Jean Lauder Linda Leberski Andrew Lee Brya Lee Candy Lee William Leland Molly Lemeris Mark Leonard Sharon Lesko 57 Mary Lessard Eileen Lewison Josh Lieberman Wen Lin Robert Louttit Thomas Lucas Mark Ludtke Noel MacDonald Jeff MacCray Robert MacLeod Ethan Mann Pat Mascis Carol Mathieson Daniel Matuszko Ken McCormick Kathy McGill David McKemmie Liz Meade Carol Mellen Katrina Melnick Julie Melrose Rob Meyer Joe Mitchell Chris Moner Stacy Moriarty Gilbert Mottia Paul Motts Laura Myers Greg Neptune Dennis Newell Annette Newport Jean Oberlander 58 Mary O Brien Stephen O ' Brien Eileen O ' Conner John Orrell James Pagliaro John Patriquin Jeryl Paul Lynn Penza Jeff Perchak Paula Perhonis Bryan Plumstead Donald Progulske Paula Rauch Kathy Rausch Wrenn Reed Cynthia Ripa Kevin Rivers Suzanne Robert Donald Robinson Ronald Robinson Evan Romer Gisela Ropke James Ruder Martha Russell Tim Russell David Rutstein Michelle Sagalyn Chris Sammartano John Sarna Joe Scanlon Karen Schaper Peter Schoenberger 59 Gree Schwartz Andrea Sepanek Robin Shearer Warren Shepard Jayne Shumway Mary Shumway Steven Shumway John Sigafoos George Slate Marian Smith Nancy Smith David Smyser John Smyth Stephen Southwick Victor Staley Ann Stein Kim Steinbeck David Stevenson Robert Stewart Michael Stosz Glenn Stowell James Stratford Robert Stratton Wayne Stuart Daniel Summerlin Laird Summerlin Vivian Sweigart Peter Taylor 60 Margaret Thayer Craig Trehub Donna T udryn Craig Tyler Margaret Tymkowiche Martine Vanpee Paul Vassallo Regina Vassallo Michael Vinskey Jeffrey Walas Michael Waskiewicz Marc Weiner Paula Weiner Colin Weston Valerie Weston Barbara Whaples Sue White Warren Wichman joe Wiley John Wilkinson Leslie Williams Rinzy Williams Sue Winder Dorothy Woitkiewicz Emily Zahradnik Saran Zartman Ellen Ziff NOT PICTURED Timothy Aldrich Lance Lundberg John Boothroyd Esther Manio Ernie Buch Debra Martin Gerald Carey Mary Martin Robert Chametzky Richard Maslanka John Chisholm Loren Oakes Earl Clevland Shawn Pyne Michael Corcoran Paul Robinson John Davis Edward Scott Ben Demott Deryl Scurrah James Eawkner Micnael Shifflett David Eord Craig Shrimpton Jami Gulko Steve Sleigh Bradley Howe John Woynar Mike Law Leslie Young Adam Liebling Paul Zahradnik Debra Adams Lawerence Adams Paula Albertson Brenda Anderson Laura Anderson Noreen Aprile Paul Archer Thomas Archer Wayne Avery Ann Bachand Karen Bak Susan Bak Lynn Baker Miriam Barnes Ellen Barnett Chris Bean Liz Benson Nancy Berger Erica Bergquist Nancy Bernotas Steven Bischoff Elizabeth Bleckwehl Ellie Boluch Marcia Bradford Margaret Brandfass Peter Braunthal Nancy Brown Martin Brozo SOPHOMORES The Sophomore Class Officers and Advisor are: Mary Koenig, president; Nancy Gralinski, vice-president; El- lie Boluch, secretary; Tim Hunter, treasurer; Randy Robinson, advisor. 62 Cynthia Brunelle Lynn Bryan Jane Bukoski Angela Burgess Charles Burke Betsy Cann Philip Cavanaugh Susan Chajes Mark Chien Jeffrey Chilton Timothy Clarke Anne Claunch Catherine Cleare Cynthia Cole Sheryl Cole Sheila Collins Candy Coombs Shelley Corbosiero Edward Costa Kate Coty Andrew Cowles Alan Crabtree Peggy Crossman Steven Culbertson Javne Cunningham John Curran John Darling Mark Davies Bridget Davis Karen Delgado Velma Deshields Carla Dihlmann Catherine Dods Diana Doubleday Cynthia Drake Cynthia Drake Kenneth Drake Susan Dreyer David Eckess David Ertel Mary Beth Evans Jonathan Fernald Gabriela Fernandez Judith Field Nancy Field Paul Filios Kathy Fischer Clifford Fitzgerald Joel Fortune Ed Fournier FJilaire Fournier Beth Fox Mardie Francis Jill Franks Duane Freeman Fisa Gallagher 63 Barbara Gere Evan Gettier Paula Gifford David Gilbert Alan G lazier Amy Gluckstern Michael Goodhind Alison Goodzeit Betsy Gordon Nancy Gralenski Molly Gray David Griswold Lee Ann Hall Dacre Hancock James Hansen jod Harrelson Linda Hartman Melvin Harvev Sue Harvev Cynthia Hastings Joan Hatt Marv Hawley Linda Hayes Donna Hillenbrand Jill Holcomb Mary Holmes Sally Holmes Lred Houn Mark Howards Tamara Howe Tim Hunter Marina Jaffe Robert James Sue Jerome Christopher Johnson Kevin Jones Samuel Judson Susan Kaslauskas William Keedy David Keenan Lauren Kielbasa Daniel King Diane Klein Karen Klekotka Marv Koenig Marsha Kolasinski 64 Cynthia Koldy Steven Konicek Carl Kosarick Sharon Kravetz Julie Kropf Susanna Kummerle Judith Kuzmeski Debbie LaClaire Sandra LaClaire Raymond LaClaire Paul Lambert George Lamson Bryce Lane Ronald Larson Peter Lashway Aletha Leadbetter Todd Lee Lisa Leed Nicholas Leininger Janet Lentilhon Gregg Leonard Lynn LeTourneau Nancy Likens Heidi Lindblom Karen Little Joan Lockhart Douglas Logan Martna Lord 65 Robert Martin Emmy May Tom McClung Steven McCormick Brenda McGrath Mark McKie Susan Meade Joyce Metrejon Raymond Miles Jerry Millar Paul Miller David Mills John Mitchell Cheryl Mokrzecky Harriet Monroe Peter Moss Irene Mullins Anton Neary Steve Newcombe Dale Nielsen Eric Nielsen Kenneth Noel Laura O ' Connell Susan O ' Donnell Alan Oldershaw Linda Orr Mark Osborn James Ostendarp Michael Owen Howard Paul Thomas Perron Michael Piccus William Pickering Brian Piedmont Janet Pratt Candy Prout Philip Raush Cheryl Reid Mary Richardson Rebecca Rintala Barry MacGrav Debra Main Debora Maisner David Marcotte Donna Marko Debra Markuson 66 Maria Roberts June Robinson Victor Robinson John Robison Andrew Rock Melissa Rhode Christine Rolander Valerie Ross Valerie Russ Lisa Russell Cindy Ryznic Marianne Ryznic Karen Saheed Erica Saizman Donald Sanger Beth Sawyer Mia Scheffey Martha Schwartz Michael Serduck Janna Sevoian Rachel Shanor Cindy Shaw David Shepard Deborah Sherman Mard Shifflett Amy Siegel Maryanne Sienkiewicz Mark Simpson 67 Kevin Skellv Clifford Skibinsky William Slate Thomas Slorombe Bruce Smith Kevvn Smith Tim Smith Jonathon Smyser Edward Stanisiewski Gary Stanitis Sally Stewart Patricia Stone Mark Stoneham Stanley Stosz Karen Stuart John Sullivan Diane Suprenant James Suprenant David Svoboda William Tarmey Donna Thayer Claire Thompson David Thortnon Paul Thortnon Mary T rompke Sean Troutner Ellen Tucker Patricia Tyler 68 NOT PICTURED Karen Bak Tim Black Martha Boluch William Butler Andrea Dihiman Cheri Elliott Bruce Eeng Sabine Eenner Ronald Eriedmann John Garber Katy Hafner Benjamin Klemer Steven LaPlante Alice Eee Eisa Eee Mary Lee Gregory Nelson Peter Niemczura Lynn Page David Rotman John Vander Zwaag Edward Vendette Thomas Venman James Warren Roberta Warriner Janet Weaver Kathy Weidman Kenneth Wheeler Isabel Whiston Carol White Ellen White Janet White Dean Whitney Suzanne Whitney Dennis Whittemore Randy Wichman Rosalyn Wiggins Richard Wiley Michael Wilkins Janice Wilkinson Laurie Wolf Jessica Wolff Daniel Woodard Paul Zuzgo 69 WINTER WINTER What can you say about the 1973 Amherst Hurri- cane Basketball team? Not enough! Under Coach Kneeland the team jelled and rolled to a 16-2 Hamp- shire league record and earned themselves the Hampshire league title, something everyone in Am- herst has been waiting 11 years for. For Coach Knee- land, he ends his basketball career here on a good note. John Stosz had a 12.8 average per game and pulled down 167 rebounds and also helped the team by playing fine defense throughout the whole year. Russ Campion earned a starting job and ended up leading the team with the highest scoring avg. 13.9 along with second in rebounding with a total of 141. Many seniors helped the team such as Forward Dave Fischer who was a steady influence on the team with a nine point average. Steve Klemer who transferred from India, had a few hot nights when the rest of the team seemed cold. The real story of this year ' s team was the depth of the bench. Many players could come into the game and blend right into the action. Jim Matusko (175 pts.) 106 re- bounds), Jim Rogers (97 pts.) Pete Godfrey (27 pts.) along with Juniors Mike Abramson, who had a 13.5 average from the outside, and John Smyth, and also sophomore guards Mike Piccus and Gary Stanitis all gained varsity experience. The varsity players will long remember Russ Cam- pion getting razz from Coach Kneeland about his bright blue sneakers as well as Campion and Matuszko busting a few bikes during practice. A surprise scrimmage with the giants from Tech will also be remembered. The J.V. team had a outstanding season under Coach Styspeck, compiling a 19-1 record. Out- standing players for the team were Rob Chametzky, Jeff Perchack, Lauren Oaks, Nir Giladi, Joe Wiley, John Smith, Ed Scott, and Paul Thorton. VARSITY RECORD A.R.H.S. OPP. South Hadley 64 “65 Northampton 53 81 Wahconah 56 52 Drury 40 72 Mahar 87 74 Frontier 78 55 Easthampton 66 47 Hopkins 72 51 Mohawk 90 59 Pioneer 72 30 Turners Falls 82 48 St. Michaels 87 43 Smith Academy 72 54 Mahar 99 67 Frontier 85 57 Easthampton 86 61 Hopkins 81 64 Mohawk 101 63 Pioneer 111 37 Turners Falls 34 46 St. Michaels 70 62 Smith Academy 74 81 The hockey team had another great season. In their first year of action in the Berry Division they showed all of Springfield just who was No. 1 with a 5-4 overtime victory against Cathedral for the Berry Division Crown. They finished with a 13-2-2 record in the League and added wins over St. Josephs and Greenfield and a tie against Falmouth for an overall record of 15-2-3. With a little from Steve Price ' s white turtleneck . . . Billy Whittemore ' s consistent lateness . . . and Coach Gallagher ' s pre-game pep talks, the Hurri- canes put together a combination that was hard to beat. Tri-captains Billy Whittemore, Steve Price, and Jon Archer led the team as seniors this year. Jon led the team in scoring with 19 goals and 29 assists for a total of 48 points and fourth top scorer in Western Mass. Division One play. Springfield soon learned that Amherst Hockey wasn ' t just a myth. VARSITY RECORD A.R.H.S. OPP. Westside 5 1 Westfield 6 0 Ludlow 6 1 Agawam 0 0 Cathedral 1 2 Falmouth 4 4 St. Josephs 4 2 Chicopee 5 0 Cathedral 2 1 Classical 3 0 Agawam 1 0 Ludlow 4 1 Chicopee 4 2 Tech 3 0 Tech 6 1 Classical 2 2 Westside 0 4 Westfield 6 0 Cathedral 5 4 (Overtime) WRESTLING GIRLS BASKETBALL The wrestling team under Coach Robinson re- corded its first winning season (8-5) in this its fifth year as a varsity sport. Four of the five losses were decided by close margins coming down to the last few matches. Rabbis raiders also fared well at the Western Mass. Tournament finishing seventh, their highest placement ever. Outstanding wrestlers were senior tri-captains John Scanlon (HWT.) 11-1 and a third place finish in Western Mass., Tom Hankinson (185) 11-2, fourth in Western Mass., Matt Corcoran (121) 8-0-1. Also senior Mike Keedy (140) finished 11-1, fourth in Western Mass. Returning next year are Glenn Sto- well (128) and Rob Macleod (107) who both had 10-3 records, Steve Hasbrouck (115) 5-2-1, Roger Boucher (147) 8-4, Ed Ford (100) was 7-6 in his first year of wrestling. Other promising newcomers were Bob Progulske (134) 6-6, Barry Graham and Hubby Jackson (167). The wrestling team enjoyed playing G Period basketball, eating pancakes with Granby, taking the shortcut through Deerfield and continuous light- weight, heavyweight wars. The highlight of the season occurred when Am- herst scored a stunning upset over highly ranked Pittsfield. The season was a good one except for the fact that no one would stop kicking Keedy ' s dumb old hound around. VARSITY RECORD A.R.H.S. OPP. Westside 28 29 Cathedral 6 51 Longmeadow 24 33 Commerce 59 17 St. Josephs 36 18 Granby 21 31 Northampton 51 12 Trade 51 21 Westfield 18 33 Ware-Quabbin 90 33 Pittsfield 24 16 Taconic 39 31 The Girls Varsity Basketball Team had a great sea- son this year. Under Coach Lawson, they finished second in the Franklin County Girls League with an over-all record of 13-2. This is only their second year in the league and the only losses came at the hands of Frontier. Revenge was in the offing at the Western Mass. Tournament, as both Amherst and Frontier reached the finals. Amherst trounced the defending champs by sixteen points to bring the championship home to Amherst. Sue Walas, Kate Stanne, and Donna Tudryn, leaders of the team all year, were named to the starting W. Mass. All-Star team. The JV ' s also had an excellent year under coach Giard, boasting an over-all record of 13-2 and finish- ing in a tie for the top spot in the league. VARSITY RECORD A.R.H.S. OPP. Hopkins 61 26 Pioneer 68 34 Mohawk 53 22 Athol 59 32 Mahar 56 37 Frontier 40 50 Greenfield 51 21 Turners Falls 59 15 Pioneer 48 36 Mohawk 47 35 Athol 51 29 Mahar 62 36 Frontier 42 51 Greenfield 88 25 Turners Falls 74 20 GIRLS J.V. TEAM RECORD TEAM RECORD A.R.H.S. OPP. Hopkins 31 4 Pioneer 25 5 Mohawk 18 13 Athol 19 24 Mahar 33 11 Frontier 29 9 Greenfield 30 26 Turners Falls 44 4 Pioneer 29 14 Mohawk 17 20 Athol 24 13 Mahar 41 16 Frontier 23 9 Greenfield 32 12 Turners Falls 24 12 74 Hockey. From left: T. Slocombe, R. Robinson, J. Smyser, E. Vendette, B, Anderson, G. Williams, B. Bar- ker. Second row: D. Gilbert, P. Piepul, B. Whittemore (co-captain), |. Archer (co-captain), S. Price (co-captain), ). Ruder, R. Paul, D. Whittemore. Third row: D. Carpenter (manager), E. Bray (assistant coach), P. EHall, T. Archer, C. Moner, B. Plumstead, A. Cowles, M. Stoneham, B. Lane, S. Southwick, D. Robinson, Coach Gallagher. Wrestling. From left: ]. Scanlon, ]. Boucher, ). Scanlon, M. Hall, J. Ostendarp, J. Vanderswaag, C. Trehub, C. Laclaire. Second row: R. Williams, M. Keedy, S. Hasbrouck, R. Macleod, E. Ford, G. Stowell, B. Progulske, R. Boucher, B. Lambert. Third row: S. Mclean, G. Neptune, B. Graham, H. Jackson, T. Hankinson (co-captain). Coach Robinson, j. Scanlon (co-captain), M. CorCoran (co-captain), P. Ahearn, R. Laclaire, B. Sherwood (manager). SKI TEAM SQUASH The Amherst Regional Ski Team had their most successful season ever posting a 6-0 record in Hamp- shire League Division B to edge out Holyoke for first place under the guidance of first year coach John Cushing. The most consistent skier for the Hurri- canes was Stan Allen who won all but one meet. Other important contributors were senior co- captains Dave Gere and Ed Mientka Marty Bak, Martha Epstein and Michelle Sagalyn, Bill Pickering and Ron LaVerdiere and Dan Fisk. Gil Mottia also occasionally occupied a seat on the bus. The season will be remembered to the team by optional practices, early dismissal from school, rolls and yogurt, snow shoveling and dentist appoint- ments, losing tickets, and beating on Fisk. The 1972-73 season marked the second year of the existence of squash as a varsity sport at the high school. This school can boast being the number one public school in New England since there is no other public school that lists squash as a varsity sport in New England. The team was coached this year by Paul Judson and Bill Serues and used the Amherst College courts as their practice facilities. Although the final record of the team was a medi- ocre 4-6, this season marked several notable achieve- ments on both the team and individual level. This season marked the first time that any high school team (going back to the years when squash was a club sport) beat Williston Academy varsity team. The high school did so in convincing fashion 6-1 at Williston this year. Two other victories came at the expense of Williston teams. Amherst defeated the Williston jV ' s twice decisively. This season also marked the end of a truly illus- trious squash career for Ken Quarles. He had the accomplishment of playing in the top position in every match he played in for two straight years. Other members of the team included Tom White, Bill Slocombe, Brian Vlach and Sue Schoenberger. White ended the year with the best winning per- centage. Returning next year are Lance Lundberg, Wen Lin, Dave Culbertson, Pete Schoenberger, Chris Beckett, George Slate and Evan Romer. TEAM RECORD Amherst College Freshman Deerfield Academy JV Williston Academy JV Williams College Freshman Deerfield Academy JV Amherst College Freshman Williston Academy JV Wesleyan Univ. Freshman Williston Academy Varsity Williams College Freshman A.R.H.S. 3 3 7 9 3 4 5 3 6 2 OPP. 6 4 0 0 6 5 2 6 1 7 76 ski team. From left: B. Pickering, E. Mientka (co-capt.), M. Bak, D. Cere (co-capt.), C. Mottia, S. Allen, D. Fisk, R. LaVerdiere. Girls Varsity Basketball. From left: M. Jaffe (manager), D. Miles, E. Anderson, S. Walas (co-captain), K. Stanne (co-captain), A. Snyder, D. Boucher, N. McLaughlin (manager). Buttons. Second row: E. Lessard (manager), A. Bachand (manager), M. Farrell, ). Keyes, S. Darling, C. Lyman, ). Franks, B. Hebb, B. Bragg, L. Markuson, S. Howard, D. Tudryn, M. Hasbrouck (manager). Coach Lawson. SWIM TEAM The Swim Team ended its season with a 4-10 mark. Amherst was hampered by having a lack of swimmers, having only 14, while competing against teams with 30 to 40 swimmers. For its size, the Swim Team was very strong, sending 9 of its 14 members to the state meet. The team was especially strong in free style where Doug Logan, Rob Monroe, and Ben Crooker usually took first or second. Other free stylers were Ethan Mann, Kevin Picha, John Dalton and Frank Holcomb. The breaststroke was handled by Marc Navon, Vic Staley and Bobby James. Also, Steve Bischoff and Duane Freeman provided strength in the backstroke. Duane also deserves credit for his diving, a position he was drafted into this year left vacant from the graduation of Jeff Crouse. Toward the end of the season, the work of Coach Jim O ' Donnell began to pay off as they lost several close meets and won the last one to remain in B division. The season ended on a good point as the team managed to score more points in the New England competition than they did in the State Meet the week before. Boys J.V. Basketball. From left: T. Lee, B. Klemer, F. Houn, R. Chemetsky. Second row: T. Venmen, Manager, P. Thorton, N. Giladi, J. Perchak, M. Chien, B. Smith, Coach Styspeck. Squash Team. From left: C. Parrish, S. Shoenberger, T. White, C. Beckett, L. Lunberg, B. Vlach, P. Schoenberger. Second row: Coach Serues, K. Quarles, W, Lin, D. Culbertson, P. Page, B. Slocumbe, G. Slate, E. Romer. 78 SWIMMING Swim Team. From left: F. FHolcombe, M. Navon, K. Picha, B. Monroe, B. Crooker, J. Fay. Second row: S. Knight, J. Dalton, E. Mann, T. FHun- ter, D. Freeman. Third row: S. Bis- choff, Coach O ' Donnell. Girls J.V. Basketball. From left: L. Wolf, C. Cole, L. Gallagher. Second row: C. Vassallo, C. Drake, L. O ' Connell, S. Howard, J. Keyes. Third row: Coach Giard, M. Thayer, ). Franks, J. Parker, B. Hehh, K. Fischer, S. Darling. 79 National Honor Society, seniors. From left: T. Waldron, S. Tunis, ]. Niemczura, T. White, H. Lussier, S. McCormick, K. Adams, M. Connelly, B. Thronton, L. Savereid, L. Saizmann, P. Rauch. Second row: Betty Jane Donley, advisor, P. Honigberg, D. Cotanche, K. Stanne, S. Walas, N. McLaughlin, M. Warriner, B. Garslick, T. Facquar, K. Picas. Third row: S. Hundahl, T. Barron, j. Plagenhoef, D. Little, |. Franks, ], Fay, D. Glendalman, B. Crooker, J. Archer, D. Fredrickson. National Honor Society, juniors. From left: D. Frasier, M. Fournier, M. Epstein, M. Bak, E. Ford, L. Foster, E. Friedman. Second row: E. Romer, j. Euller, j. Lieberman, W, Lin, P. Chittum, T. Russell, N. Smith, K. Rausch, S. FHoward, B. Crooker. Third row: L. Young, T. Earb, M. Wiener, C. Hunter, R. Cole, H. Havis, C. King, L. Meyers, j. Harrison. 82 Student School Committee. From left: S. Hundahl, E. Gibavic, L. Savereid, S. Elder, S. Davis. Missing: E. Tutman, D. Snoeyenbos, A. Rothberg. The Student Council ' s main interest this year was centered on curriculum matters. The Council initiated new programs including a receipt system for books and an independent study agreement contract. Much time and effort was spent on a proposal to make Physical Education pass fail and X-phased, and on planning a Career Day. This year ' s officers were Eva Gibavic, president, Doug McGarrah, vice-president, and Lisa Savereid, secretary-treasurer. Student Council. From left: S. Culbertson, S. Hundahl, M. Epstein, S. Allen, L. Savereid, P. Rauch, K. Rausch, E. Gibavic, K. Quarles, K. Clark, K. Barnes, R. Chamberlain, D. McGarrah, D. Main. Missing: K. Stanne, K. Clark, MaryAnne Holmes, Nick Leininger. The Student School Committee is a group of five high school students and four junior high members who meet with the Superintendent and the building Assistant Principals and also who are required by law to meet with the School Com- mittee every two months. Some of the Commit- tees main projects this year included a Grievance Procedure, OVAL, (Optional Viable Alternatives in Learning), specifically junior High Open Cam- pus and new scheduling possibilities. The National Honor Society is made up of 38 seniors and 45 juniors. This year ' s officers were Ben Crooker, president, Doren Fredrickson, vice president, Mary Connelly, secretary, and Tim Waldron, treasurer. NHS ' s main project was rais- ing money for a scholarship to be awarded to a ARHS senior. They also nominate two members for the NHS National Scholarship. i 83 As Schools Match Wits. This team competes an- nually with other teams from Western Massa- chusetts and Northern Connecticut on Chan- nel 22 in Springfield. Its members put in their hours, preparing for their matches, after school by quizzing each other on questions from cate- gories used on the actual quiz program. This year ' s team was defeated by Deerfield Academy in their competition with teams from the sur- rounding area. Debate. The Debate Team has doubled its mem- bership this year with 14 novices and 6 return- ing varsity debaters. The team enjoyed a very successful fall season. The entire squad won the sweepstakes trophy at the University of Massa- chusetts. Dan Golden and Tom Farb, as varsity switchside, placed in the octo-finals at U. Mass., first place at Cheverees High School in Main, and 9th, out of 87, at Hendrick Hudson High School in New York. Dave Ford and Dave Cul- bertson placed 1st affirmative team and Alison Goodzeit and Scott French placed 3rd negative team in the novice division at Barringtown High School in Rhode Island. The 4-man unit of Ron Friedman, D. D. DeShields, Alison Goodzeit, and David Ford placed 5th at the Cheverees High School. David, Alison, and Tom have re- ceived various speaker awards. As Schools Match Wits. From left: |. Fennessey, J. Samit, D. Gendelman, T. Waldro Second row: N. McLaughlin, advisor; Mr. Crouse. Morning Announcements. From left: Advisor; Miss Krafcheck, E. Dihimann, J. Fuller, C. Mellen, FH. Dill, J. Appell. Seated: T. Farb. Debate Team. From left: A. Lee, M. Lee, K. Little, T. Venman, L. Lundberg. Second row Advisor; Miss Krafcheck, C. Skibinski, vice-president; T. Farb, P. Filios, A. Goodzeit, D Ford, D. D. DeShields. Third row: J. Fuller, president; D. Golden, S. French, R. Friedman C. Southworth. Gymnastics. The varsity Gymnastics team had it ' s first competition this year. After getting off to a slow start, due to the inability of find- ing a coach, the team had three weeks to practice as a whole before it ' s first meet with Deerfield Academy, Although Amherst lost 35-58 it was an exceptional moral victory. All members of the team performed quite well amd the meet was good experience for the entire team. This year ' s team marks the path for all the other teams that will follow in varsity competition. Ski Club. No Comment. Gymnastics. From left: P. Miles, M. McKie, S. Newcombe, M. Vinskey, R. Chamberlain, Coach Levin. Second row: M. Bland, co-capt., D. Levin Ms 1 K The Amherst Regional High School Symphony Band. For many members, the band this year has been a totally new ex- perience. For those who have been in band in previous years the same held true. This was the first year the band has had so much to offer. First, there was the organization of the Pep Band which brought enthusiasm to everyone that was involved. Then, along with the Pep Band, a Stage Band and Small Ensembles were introduced. One of the biggest highlights this year was the success- ful exchange trip with Willow Grove, Penn- sylvania. The band financed the trip on their own through means of various fund raising activities and was also able to provide their guests with a dinner-dance with the gener- ous help of band and parent patrons and local merchants. The Band also traveled to Hartford to play an open-air spring concert on WTIC. This year the band a total of 11 concerts. Among them included the Am- herst Fair Concert, Fall and Winter Concerts, Memorial Day Concert, a school assembly, and of course a concert at Graduation Ex- ercises. The band was greatly aided by the help of various clinics, guest conductors, and the appreciated time from many mem- bers of the U. Mass. Music Department. Orchestra. During the 1972-1973 year, the orchestra, 55 students, 43 of them string players, was part of the Maximus Program, in which instrumental music students were able to enjoy a wide variety of musical ac- tivities including string orchestra, full or- chestra, sectional rehearsals, chamber music ensembles, chorus, conducting, compo- sition, and a contemporary music ensemble. Woodwind, brass, and percussion players from both Concert and Symphony Bands were periodically added to the string or- chestra to create a full orchestra comple- ment. The most exciting event for the orchestra was the Exchange Concert with Salem, Mass. A weekend bus trip to Salem with much music, sightseeing, and socializing started April in lively fashion, and May featured the Salem H.S. Orchestra in concert with the Amherst Orchestra. Members of the Or- chestra also participated in a community concert at the Amherst Nursing Home, and accompanied the Chorale and Chorus in performances of Faure, Mozart, and Beetho- ven twice this year. Honors received by orchestra members include admission to the Springfield Young Peoples ' Symphony, the U. Mass. Honors Chamber Orchestra, the MMEA Western District Symphony Orchestra and the Mass. All-State Orchestra. TRI-S FORMAL " A LOVELY WAY TO SPEND AN EVENING " Business Careers Club. From left: J. Vassallo, S. Carev, T. Janse, L. Drake. Second row: S. Mientka, A. Howard, ). Gilbert, V. Westort, S. Campbell, B. Capen. Third row: M. Connelly, S. Cicia, C. Glazier, S. White, D. Gilbert, E. Dihiman. Fourth row: M. Shea, advisor, C. White, C. Lyman, P. Fredrickson, D. Harlow, advisor. The Business Careers Club began its year with projects to earn money. Members made and sold candy apples after school and they sold Holiday gifts. In December, fourteen members traveled to Boston where they toured the Federal Reserve Bank of the First Federal Reserve District. In the afternoon they visited large department stores before returning to Amherst. A trip was also planned for the mini- courses. RECALLED LOR REVISION By William C. Miller EDSEL MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL ANYWHERE, U.S.A. Dear Parents of our Graduates: As you are aware, one of your offspring was graduated from our high school this June. Since that time it has been brought to our attention that certain insufficiencies are present in our graduates, so we are recalling all students for further education. We have learned that in the process of instruction we provided we forgot to in- stall one or more of the following: — at least one salable skill; — a comprehensive and utilitarian set of values; — a readiness for and understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship . . . . . . A recent consumer study consisting of a follow-up of our graduates has revealed that many of them have been released with defective parts. Racism and materialism are serious flaws and we have discovered they are part of the makeup of almost all our products. These defects have been determined to be of such magnitude that the model pro- duced in June is considered highly dangerous and should be removed from circulation as a hazard to the nation .... . . . Some of the equipment which was in the past classified as optional has been reclassified as standard and should be part of every product of our school. Therefore we plan to equip each graduate with: — a desire to continue to learn; — a dedication to solving problems of local, national and inter- national concern; — several productive ways to use leisure time; — a commitment to the democratic way of life; — extensive contact with the world outside the school; — experience in making decisions . . . I , •a In addition, we found we had inadvertently re- moved from your child his interests, enthusiasm, motivation, trust and joy. We are sorry to report that these items have been mislaid and have not been turned in at the school Lost and Found De- partment. If you will inform us as to the value you place on these qualities, we will reimburse you promptly by check or cash. As you can see, it is of your interest, and vitally necessary for your safety and the welfare of all, that graduates be returned so that these errors and oversights can be corrected. We admit that it would have been more effective and less costly in time and money to have produced the product correctly in the first place, but we hope you will forgive our error and continue to respect and support your public schools. Sincerely, s P. Dantic, Principal SENIORS 99 CLASS OF 1973 Throughout the last three years, these two people, Paul Lengieza and Marty O ' Neill have served as advisors to our class. They know, as do the officers, that its been a long three years. From elections, re-elections and re-re-elections, to planning the Senior Prom, to Graduation, they have stuck with us. On behalf of the Class of ' 73, we thank you. 100 ELLA MARIE ANDERSON: Eield EHockey 10, 11, 12; Basket- ball 10, 11, 12; Softball 10, 11, 12 . JAY B. APPELL: Band 10, 11, 12; A.V. Club 10, 11, 12; Marine Certificate of Appreciation. 101 PHETNEY ANNE BAKER: Trans- ferred from Indiana 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Erench Club 10, 11; Y-Teens 10, 11; Tri-S 12; G.A.A. 10, 11; Coldbug 12. JONATHAN R. ARCHER: Na- tional Honor Society; Band 10; Outing Club 12; Hockey 10, 11, All-League Eorward, All Wes- tern Mass. Eorward 12. TODD JUSTIN BARRON: Transferred from South Hadley 11; National Honor Society; Ski Club 11, 12; Stu- dent Council 11; Amhertst Human Relations Council 11, 12; National Merit Society 12; American Legion Boys ' State 12. HOLLY LEE ATKINS: Tri-S 10, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; J.V. Cheerleading 10, Varsity co- capt. 11. DONALD LEE BASINGER, JR.: Transferred 10; Bowling 10; Basketball 10, 11. LYNN BARKER: Transferred from Milham Eord School, Oxford, England 11; Outing Club 11, 12; Tri-S 11, 12; Ski Club 11, 12; Chorus 11, 12; Member of the Asso. for the Mentally Retarded 12. 102 LEAH BARBARA BATHURST: Tri-S 10, treas. 11, pres. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Cborus 10; Chorale 11, 12. WILLIAM BECK: Transferred from Belcourt, North Dakota 10; Student Council 11; Foot- ball 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12. WILLIAM GEORGE B1 ECK- WEHL: Class Treasurer 11, 12; Cross Country 10, 11, capt. 12; Winter Track; Track 10, 11, 12. HAROLD W. BLACK: Baseball 11 . DEBRA BILLINGS MICHEAL CARL BLAND: Transferred from Lincoln H.S., Jersey City; Gymnastics 10, 11, 12; Track 11, 12; Cross Country 12 . " I liked the color red, so 1 went out and bought myself some red sneakers. " CHRISTINE ANNA BOLUCH: Ski Club 10, 11, sec. 12; Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; j.V. Cheerleading, capt. 11, Varsity 12. 103 DIANE MARIE BOUCHER: Chorus 10, 11; Chorale 12; ELIZABETH BRAGG: Pep Club Eield Hockey 10, 11, 12; Volley- 10; Track 10, 12; Basketball 10, ball 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Volleyball 10. 12; Softball 10, 11, 12; Girl ' s State 12. DIANE L. BURKE MELANIE SUE BRANTS: Tri-S 11; Pep Club 10; Outing Club 11,12; Gymnastics 11, 12. JAMES G. BROPHY: Outing Club 11, 12; Soccer 11, 12. MARY-LYNN BUCK: Chorus 10, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Tri-S 11,12; Goldbug 12. RAYMOND BROWN: Morn- ing Announcements 11. 104 PETER BYRON PETER CAREW DEBBIE )EAN CAREY: Tri-S 10, 11; Chorus 11; Chorale 12; Thespians. SHELLEY F. CAREY: Business Careers Club 10, 11, sec. 12. DAVID ALLAN CARPENTER: Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Graphic 12; Cross Country mgr. 11; Hockey mgr. 11, 12; Track mgr. 11. LYNNE MALLORY CARVER: Stage Band 10, 12. ALAN FRANCIS CHILDS: Swimming 12; Auto Club 12. 105 KIMBERLEE ANN CLARK: Pep Club 10; Chorus 10; Goldbug 10, Eall editor 12; Student Council 12. PAUL FRANCIS CICIA PENELOPE ANNE CLEARE: Ski Club 12; Eri-S12; Pep Club. jAMES MICHAEL COLE: Base- ball 10, 11, 12; Hockey 10, 11; Soccer 11, 12; Rec. league Basketball 12. NEYLA JEANNE COLLINS: Business Careers Club 11; Pep Club 11; Tri-S 11. MARY CONNELLY: Irans- ferred from Yamato H.S., Japan 10; National Honor Society sec. 12; Business Ca- reers Club 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Basketball 11; Volleyball 11, 12; Field Hockey 11, 12. 106 ROBERT lAMES CORTRIGHT: Rod Cun Club 11. DOUGLAS ALLEN COTAN- CHE: Outing Club 11, 12; Loot- ball 10, 11; Elockey 10, 11; LaCrosse 12. DANIEL COWLES: Wrestling 10 , 11 . MATTHEW WAYNE COR- CORAN: Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Cross Country 10; Wrestling 10,11,capt.12. BENIAMIN COLBURN CROOKER: National Honor Society, pres. 12; Chess club 10, 11; Outing Club 11, 12; Swim Team 10, co-capt. 11 12; Harvard Book Award 11; National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist 12. 107 PETER M. CURRAN: Eootball 10; Hockey 10. SUZANNE E. DEEESDERNIER: Tri-S 12; Track. RANDAL JOHN DIXON; Out- ing Club 11, 12; Soccer 10, 11, 12 . PETER ROBERT DEMAREST: Outing Club 10, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11; Soccer 10 , 11 . ADAM ERANCIS DODS: Rod Gun10,11,12. MARYNANN DELANEY: Out- ing Club 10; Ski Club 11, 12; j.V. Cheerleading 10, Varsity 11; Coldbug 11; Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Student Council 10; Belchertown Vol. 10, 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12. 108 BARRY S. DOUBLEDAY: Ski Club 12; Football 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11,12. DENNIS PAUL DOUBLEDAY LAURIE ]. DRAKE; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Business Careers Club 11, pres. 12; Ski Club 12; Soft- ball 10. ALAN R. DREYER: Transferred from South H.S., N. Y. 10; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 11, 12; Soccer 10, 11, 12; LaCrosse 11, 12. MARK DOUBLEDAY; Trans- ferred from Manjasi H.S., Tor- oro Uganda 11; Rec. League Basketball 12; Golf 12; Ski Club 12. PATRICIA ANN DOWD: Medi- cal Careers Club 10; German Club 10; Ski Club 10; Pep Club 12; Basketball 10, 11; Softball 10, 12; Swimming 10, 12; Volleyball 11, 12. 109 KAREN LEE DUREEE: Ski Club 10 , 11 . DAVID E. EWELL JOANNE PATRICIA EENN- ESSEY: Outing Club 10, 11, 12; Band 10, 11, 12; E.H.A. 10; As School ' s Match Wits 11, 12; Ski Club 10; German Club 10, 12; Goldbug 12. IEEE LAY: National Elonor So- ciety; Outing Club 11, 12; Swim Team 10, 11, 12. ELIZABETE1 D. ERTEL: Trans- ferred from Moscow, Idaho 11; National Merit Letter of Commendation 12; Bicycle Club 11, 12; Outing Club 11, 12; Chorus 11; Chorale 12. MARK EARNAM 110 DAVID L. FISCHER: Chess Club 10; Graphic 11; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Soc- cer 11, co-capt. 12, Second Team All League Soccer 12. VALERIE FISCHER: National Honor Society; Outing Club 10, Exec. Committee 11 12; Tri-S 11; Chorus 10; Folk Dancing 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12 . NANCY E. EOX JANET KAREN FRANKS: Na- tional Honor Society; Basket- ball 10, 11, 12. 111 WILLIAM ALLEN CAGE: Ski Club 10, 11, 12; ADT 12. GAIL GARRABRANTS: Pep Club 10, treas. 11, 12; Goldbug 12; Volleyball 11, 12; Track 10, 11,12; Basketball 10, 11. BRADLEE ERWIN GAGE: Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Eootball 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; ADT 12, DOREN EREDRICKSON: Na- tional Honor Society v. pres. 12; Biology Club 11; Swim Team 10, 11; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Com- mendation 12. KAREN ANN GAELLJCIO: Pep Club 11, 12; Tri-S 11, 12; Gold- bug 12; French Award 11. BARBARA GATSLICK: National Honor Society; Outing Club 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Tri-S 10, 11, 12; A.F.S. 11; German Club 10, 11, 12; Ger- man III Prize 11; National Merit Letter of Commendation. 112 DAVID S. GENDELMAN: De- bate 10; Chess 10; Outing Club 10, 11; As Schools Match Wits 11; Soccer 10; Graphic 11. DANA GLAZIER DAVID LUDLOW GERE: Ski Club 10, 11, pres. 12; Soccer 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; ADT 12. GENE E. GIARD: Goldbug Photographer 12; Soccer 11,12. EVA BETH GIBAVIC: Class President 11; Student Coun- cil 10, 11, pres. 12; Goldbug 10, 11, Ed. 12; Chorus 10, 11; Chorale 12; J.V. Cheerleading capt, 10; Outing Club 11, 12; Student School Committee 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Youth Ad- visory Council 11; Morning Announcements 12; Softball 10; Tennis 12. May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surrounds you, and may the pure ’light within you, guide your wav on. RANY ARZAVIA GLENN: Loot- ball 10, 11, Most Improved Player 12; rec. league Basket- ball. 113 THOMAS EDWARD HANSON: Ski Club 10, 11; Coldbus 12; Graphic 12; Football 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11; Track 12. DEBBIE HARRELSON; Trans- ferred from Yorktown, Va. lAMESGNATEK THOMAS RAY HANKINSON; Class Vice-President 11, Class President 12; Student Council 10, 11; Svm. Band 10, mgr. 11, 12; Chorale 10, 11, pres. 12; Wrestling 10, 11, capt. 12; Foot- b all 10, All-League Hon. Men- tion 11, All-League center 12; LaCrosse 11, 12; Cheerleading 11 , 12 . JOHN EDWARD GOODHIND: Baseball 10. THERESA GOODHIND FRANCES ELLEN GREENFIELD: Goldbug 10; Pep Club 10; Tri-S 10, pub. mgr. 11 12; French Club 10, 12; Pep Band 10; West. Mass. Dist. Band 10, 11 , 12 . DINAH JEAN HARRINGTON: Orchestra 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 11, 12; Chorus 12. 114 JUDITH ANN HATT: Business Careers Club 10, 11, 12; Volley- ball 11. MARTHA ]. HASBROUCK: Field Hockey 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Basketball mgr. 12. DEBORAH ANN HEBB: FHA 10,11, 12. PATRICIA BALLARD HARRIS CHARON A. HILL JAY HARRIS: Transferred from Clarke School 10; |.V. Basketball 10; Swimming 10, 11; Football 11; LaCrosse 11; Outing Club 12. 115 PAUL MARK HONINBERG: National EHonor Society; T.V. Show 11, 12; Golf 11, 12; Foot- ball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10; Basketball 10, 11; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation; ADT 12. ADELE HOWARD SCOTT HUNDAHL: National Honor Society; Navy Book Award 11; State Champion in Original Oratory 11; Outing Club 10, 11; Ski Club 10, 11; Student Council 11; Student School Committee 11; Youth Advisory Council 11; Soccer 10, 11; Track 10, 11. EEEEN EOUISE JAMES: Bel- chertown Vol. 10, 11, 12; j.V. Cheerleading 10, Varsity 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Tri-S sec. 10, treas. 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 10. FRANKEIN THOMAS HOL- COMB: Rod Cun Club 12; Auto Club 12; Swim Team 10, 11 , 12 . DEBORAH DEE HODGKINS 116 TERRY LEE JANSE: Pep Club 11, 12; Business Careers 11, 12; Ski Club 12. KAREN E. KEYES: Pep Club 10, 11,12; Ski Club 10; Goldbug 12. PERLERTON JOHNSON: Trans- ferred from Ridge Tech. H.S. 11; Intramural Basketball 12. SUSAN LEIGH KENDALL: Class Secretary 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, treas. 12; Pep Club 10; Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Belchertown Vol. 10, 11, 12; Thespians 12. EMILY H. JOHNSON: Boston Globe Art Award; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Goldbug 11, 12; Tri-S 11, 12; Chorus 12. KARLA KEYES: Pep Club 10, 11,12; Goldbug 12. 117 CARL ALLEN LACLAIRE: Eoot- ball 11; Track 11, Wrestling 11, 12 . MARK ERIC LARSON: Trans- ferred 11; Cross Country 10, 11, 12; ).V. Basketball 10, 11. DAVID KLEIN: Key Club treas. 12; Chess Club 12; Swim Team 12 . DAVID EDWIN LaSALLE: French Club 10, 11, 12; Band 10, 11, mgr. 12; German Club 11, 12; Outing Club 12; Gold- bug 11, Ed. 12. KEITH DOUGLAS KOSARICK KAY K. LARSON: J.V. Cheer- leading 10, Varsity 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Goldbug 10, 11; Business Careers Club 11; Tri-S12. 118 DOUGLAS LAUGHER: Key Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 10; Lacrosse 10, 12. EILEEN JEAN LESSARD: Graphic 10, 11; Goldbug 12, Pep Club 12; Field Hockey 10, 11; Softball 11, 12; Basketball 12; Volleyball 12. TERRIE ANN LEE MICHELE NINON LAU- ROESCH: Sym. Band 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 10, 11, 12; T.V. Show 10; Tri-S 11. MAUREEN ANNE LEWISON: Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 10, 11, 12; Chorus 10, Chorale 11, 12; Goldbug 12; Track 10, 1 19 SCOTT " EGG " LENARD: Rod Cun Club 11; LaCrosse 10, 11; Football 11, 12. DANA VV. LITTLE: National Honor Society; Outing Club 10; Biology Club 11; Soccer 10. CYNTHIA LOUISE LYMAN: Business Careers Club 12; Eield Hockey 10, 11, 12; Softball 10; Basketball 11, 12; Volleyball 12; Track 10, 11, 12. LALIRA MARKUSON: Pep Club 10; Business Careers Club 12; Volleyball 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Track 10, Softball 10. RICHARD L. MARTIN HELEN CAROL LUSSIER; Transferred from Easthamp- ton 11; National Honor So- ciety; Bowling Club 10; Pep Club 10, 12; Ski Club 11, 12; Goldbug 12. RICHARD MacDONALD 120 PATRICK JAMES MASLOSKI: Chess Club 10. TIMOTHY STEVEN MASLOSKI: Chess Club 10; Latin II for Excellence 11, CHRISANTHI V. MASSARAS: Track 11. 121 JAMES V. MASSARAS: Soccer 10 , 11 , 12 . JAMES EDWARD MATUSZKO: Auto Club treas. 11 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Eootball 10 , 11 , 12 . lEAN L. McCARTNEY: Bi- cycling Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 10, 11, 12; Erench Club 10, 11; Drama Club 10; Eield Elockey 10. SHERYE ANNE McCORMICK: National Honor Society; Merit Scholarship Seni-finalist 12; Orchestra 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 11, 12; Chorus 12. RHODY A. McCOY III: Basket- ball 10, 11; Tennis 10, 11, 12. BRIAN DAVID OUCH: Chorale 12. McCULL- 122 DOUGLAS MOORE McGAR- RAH: Ski Club 10, 12; Student Council V. pres. 12; Soccer 10, 12; Baseball 10, 12. NANCY SUSAN McLAUGH- LIN: National Honor Society; As Schools Match Wits 11; AES 11; Chorale 12; Basketball 10, mgr. 11, 12; Softball mgr. 10, 11, 12; Volleyball mgr. 10, 11, 12 . SANDY S. McLEAN: Trans- ferred from Lincoln H.S., N. ). 11; Chorus 11; Chorale 12; Wrestling 11, 12; Track 11, 12. MARTHA McNEAL: AES Scholarship (Brazil) 11, 12; Thespians 12. DONALD S. METREJON: Transferred 11; Outing Club 11, 12; Wrestling 11; Soccer 12; LaCrosse 11,12. 123 DESIREE W. MILES: Pep Club 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Swim- ming 12; Volleyball 12; Track 12 , SHELLY MIENTKA: Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Business Careers 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 12. JEFFERY MILLAR: Auto Club 10, 11; Rod Gun. THOMAS EDWARD MILLER: Class President 10; Student Council 10; Belchertown Vol. 10, 11; Cheerleading 12; Foot- STANLEY L. MITHELL ball 10, 11, All League Guard, Chet Gladchuck MVP Award 12; Track 10, 11, 12. 124 DENNIS ORTEGA 125 ROBERT STRATTON MON- ROE: French Club 10; Tennis 10; Swimming 10, 11, 12. DONNIE E. MORALES; Trans- ferred from Phoenix, Arizona 10; Cross Country 10, 11; Track 10 , 11 . MARC A. NAVON: Swimming 10 , 11 , 12 . THOMAS ALLEN MORROW: Wrestling 10; Football 12. KIM PACE: Track 11. PHILIP WARD PAGE: Outing Club 10, 11, exec. com. 12; Cross Country 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12. SANDRA ANN ball mgr. 10. THOMAS CAREY PARRISH: Outing Club 10, 11, exec. com. 12; A.V. Club pres. 10, 11, pres. 12 . DONALD EDWARD PERRON: Auto Club treas. 10, pres. 12; Rod Cun 10. PRENDA JEAN PETERS KEVIN PICHA: Outing Club 10; Band 10, 11; Tennis 10; Swim Team 10, 11, 12. JAMES EDWARD PLAGEN- HOEE: National Honor So- ciety; Class Vice President 12; Student Council 10; Ski Club 10; Soccer 10, 11, 12 ; Basket- ball 10, 11; Tennis 10, 11, 12. PERRY: Volley- 126 PAULA KAREN RAUCH: National Honor Society; National Science Foundation Grant; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Outing Cub 10, exec. 11; Tri-S 10; Student Council 10, 11; Thes- pians 10, 11; Folk Dancing 10, 11 . JAMES S. ROGERS: Basketball 10,11,12; Baseball 10, 11,12. KENNETH F. F. QUARLES: Transferred from Needham H.S. 10; Band 11, 12; Student Council 12; Sc]uash 10, 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12. CHRISTOPHER H. RICE: Hockey 10. DIANE TURNER ROBINSON: Transferred from Eongmeadow 11; Class Vice President 10; Student Council 10; Jet Jotter 10, N.E.S. Tutor 10; Class Coun- cil 10; Outing Club 11; Swim Team 10. TERRI MARTHA SAHEED: Business Careers Club 10; Tri-S 11, vice pres. 12; Goldbug 11, 12; Chorus 11, 12; Belchertown Vol. 11, 12; Pep Club treas. 12. STEPHEN F. PRICE: Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Football 10; Hockey 10, capt. 11 12; A.D.T. 12. 127 LINDA JOY SALZMANN: National Honor Society; Out- ing Club 10, exec. com. 11, chairman 12; Folkdancing 11, 12 . JOHN SCANLON: T.V. Show 11; Goldbug 12; Cheerleader 12; LaCrosse 10, 11, capt. 12; Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Football 10, 11, All-League, Lineman of the Year 12. LISA SAVEREID: National Honor Society; Latin II Award 10; Latin IV Award 11; Greek I Award 11; Thespian Acting Award 11; National Merit Semi-Einalist 12; Thespians 10, 11, vice pres. 12; Play Cast 10, 11; Play Crew 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 11, 12; Student Council vice pres. 11; sec.- treas. 12; Student School Com- mittee 11, recorder 12. SUSAN ROSE SCHOEN- BERGER: National Honor Society; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 10, 11, 12; Chorus 10; Chorale 12; Thespians 12; J.V. Cheerleading 10; Volley- ball 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12; Basketball 11; Softball 10; Squash 12. BRADLEY CLINTON SHER- WOOD: Transferred from Madison, Conn. 11; Baseball 11, 12; Soccer 11, 12; Wrest- ling mgr. 11, 12. DEBORAH LEIGH SHUMWAY: Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 12; J.V. Cheer- leading 10, Varsity 11, capt. 12. ROBERT SIERUTA: Rod Gun Club 10, 11, 12. ALAN DALE SIGGIA: National Honor Society; James Hamil- ton Stewart Science Award 11. 128 MARILYN JEAN SLOCUM Outing Club 12; Track 10, mgr 11; Field Hockey 10, mgr. 11 Volleyball mgr. 10 11 Basketball mgr. 10 11; Soft- ball mgr. 10 11. CARl ETON B. SOUTHWORTH KATHRYN VICTORIA STANNE: National Honor So- ciety; A.V. Club 10; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11, 12; Band Uniform mgr. 10 11, 12; Field Hockey 10, 11, 12; Volleyball 10, 11, 12; Bas- ketball 10, 11, 12; Softball 10, 11 , 12 . AMY LOUISE SNYDER: Field Hockey 10, 11, 12; Volleyball 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Softball 10, 11, 12. JOHN JAMES STOSZ: Auto Club 11, 12; Football 10, Off. lineman of the Year, All- League 11, All-League 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12. WILLIAM ROBERT SLO- COMBE: LaCrosse 10; Squash 10 , 11 , 12 . 129 CHERYL A. THERRIEN: Busi- ness Careers Club sec. 10, 11, 12 . SUSAN D. STRANGE BETSY JEAN THORNTON: National Honor Society; Latin II Excellence Award; Basket- ball 10, 11; Track 11, 12; Field Hockey 11, 12. SCOTT WILLIAM TUNIS: Na- tional Elonor Society; Bay State Alternate 11; Graphic 12; Ski Club 12; Football 11; LaCrosse 10 , 11 , 12 . RISE HELENE THORNTON: j.V. Cheerleader 10, Varsity 11, 12; Tri-S 10, 12; Pep Club 10, 11 , 12 . GARY THORNTON 130 JOANNE T. VASSALLO: Pep Club 10, 11; Tri-S 11, 12; Gold- bug 11; Business Careers Club treas. 11 12; Basketball 10, 11; Softball 10, 11, 12. SANDRA MARY WASKIE- WICZ: Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Track 10, 11, 12; Swimming 10; Basketball 10; Cross Country 11, 12, MICHEAL WASKIEWICZ SUSAN MARIE WALAS: Vol- leyball 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Softball 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; Eield Hockey 11, 12; Pep Club 10. BRIAN KEITH VEACH: Outing Club 11, 12; Golf 10, 11, 12; Soccer 11; Squash 11, 12. JOANNE AECOTT WEBB; UEW Speech Award 10. 131 SALLY WILKINSON: Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Chorus 10, sec. 11; Chorale sec. 12; Thespians 12; Goldbug 12; ).V. Cheerleading 10. GREEN B. WILLIAMS: Outing Club 10, 11, exec. com. 12; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Llockey 11, 12. REBECCA L. ZAK: National RICHARD ZAK Honor Society; J.V. Cheer- leading 10, Varsity 11, 12; Tri-S 10; Pep Club 10. SHARON L. YOUNG 132 CRYSTAL ANDERSON DONALD ANDERSON PETER D. ANDERSON WALTER BANEIELD MARK E. BARRON; Transferred from South EHadley 11; Chess Club 12; Wrestling 11; Tennis 11, 12. KENNETE1 WILLIAM BIEREHORST; Gymnastics 10 , 11 . EWARD BOURGEOIS WILEIAM STEEEE BRANDEASS; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Eootball 10, All League 11 12, All Western Mass. 12; Skiing 11; Golf 11, 12. JOHN BRITT CHERYL CLEVELAND TIMOTHY PATRICK COLLINS: National Honor Society; Outing Club 11, 12; Eootball 10, 11; Hockey 10, 11,12; LaCrosse 12. WIELIAM CRAMER EOUIE DARLING: Transferred from Erontier 11; A.V. 12; Wrestling 10. STEPHANIE DAVIS: Transferred from Apto H.S., Calif.; Pep Club 12; Tri-S 12; Student School Committee 12; Volleyball 12. MARK S. DOUBEEDAY PATRICIA DOUBLEDAY JOHN EDWARDS ANTHONY EARQUHAR DENISEGILBERT MICHAELGIEON ROXANNA GLYNN SHARRENE PEATT GALLUP: Transferred 12; Drama 11, 12; Class Cabinet 11. PETER MICHAEL GODEREY: Basketball 10, 11,12; Baseball 10,11,12. GREGORY SCOTT GUYOTT; Transferred from Westport, Conn. 11; National Honor Society. SARAH ANNE HAENER: Goldbug 10; Art Club 12; Chess Club 12. WENDY HARRIS: Transferred from Rogers H.S., Newport, R.l. 12. PETER AEAN HOEMES JON E. HOEST STEPHAN JAEEE ERIC WINEIELD JAYNE: Transferred 10; Chess Club 12. RORY W. JOHNSTON: Thespians 10, 11, 12; ArtClub11,12; OutingClub12. GEORGE KAYNOR MICHAEE PETER KEEDY: Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10; Eootball 11. PHILIP CHARLES KEENAN: Chorale 10, All- State 11, All-Western Mass. 12; Drama 10, 11; Thespians 12; Eootball 10, 11, All-League 12; Track 11; LaCrosse 11. DEBORAH MARIE KLEKTKA: Transferred from Easthampton H.S. 11. STEVEN ALAN KLEMER: Transferred from New Delhi, India 12; Peace Corps 11; Eootball 10, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10; Softball 11; Golf 12. PAUE KOSEOSKI KEITH KURMAN JAMES P. LAURENSON: Key Club, treas., 10 11, pres. 12; LaCrosse 12. RICHARD LIBERMAN JUDDITH MADDEN JAMES MADIGAN NICHOEAS A. MARRA: Transferred 11; Base- ball 10; Gymnastics 10, 11, 12. LEON V. MASSARAS: Transferred from Greece 10; Student Council 12; Soccer 10, 11, 12 . MATTHEW MAUEDON WIELIAM McCLUNG ELORITA MORTLOCK JOSEPH ANTHONY NIEMCZURA: Trans- ferred 12; National Honor Society; Track 10, 11; Cross Country 10, 11, 12. JOHN NUTTING THERESA VAN OSTENDARP: Tri-S 10, 11, 12; Chorus 10;Goldbug11,12; PepClub11,12. ULRIKE OUERDICK CHARLES J. PELLETT: Transferred from Beirut, Lebanon 11. KEVIN C. PICHA PETER E. PIEPUL: Outing Club 10, 12; Cross Country 10; Soccer 10, 11, 12; Hockey 10, 11, 12; LaCrosse 10, 11,12. MARY KYLE QUIGLEY JUAN GILBERT ROBERTS: Chorus 10; Chorale 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, rec. league 12. PAUL KINGLEY RODMAN: Chess Club 12. SETH M. ROTHBERG JONATL1AN SAMIT: National Honor Society; German Conselate Prize 10; Certificate of Merit, Mathematics Association of America 11; NCTE (English) Nominee 11, National Merit Scholarship Einalist 12. GREGORY NORMAN SMITH: Skiing 10, 11. TERRY T. STEDMAN: Hockey 10, 11, 12. MARK L. STROTHER ROBERT P. SUPRENANT STEVEN C. SVOBODA: A.V. 10, 11; Outing Club 10, 11, exec. com. 12. DANIEE E. TROMPKE SHELDON TUTTLE TIMOTHY PAUE WALDRON: National Honor Society treas. 12; Math Olympiad Contest; National Merit Scholarship Einalist; Outing Club 11, 12; Chess Club 12. JAMAH WANG: Transferred from Lowell, Mass. 10; Basketball 10. MARY WARRINER: National Honor Society; Track 11. WARD WEEDEEL WEECOME: Outing Club 10, 11; Track 10, 11, 12; Gymnastics 10; Cross Country 10, 11, 12. THOMAS WINERIED WHITE: Outing Club 12; Soccer 10, 11, All-Eeague 2nd team, capt. 12; Squash 11, 12. JAYNE WHITNEY SCOTT WHITNEY WILLIAM T. WHITTEMORE: Hockey 10, capt. 11 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12. JOEE WIELIAMS REBECCA E. WILSON KIMBERLY ANN WOLE: National Honor Society; Ski Club 10, 11, 12; Outing Club 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11; Tennis 10; Volleyball 12. RICHARD WOO JENNIEER LIELIE WOODARD LUANN WZIONTKA: Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Tri-S 10, 11,12; Volleyball 11. BRENNA DUNCAN YOST 133 SPONSORS ALDRICH AUTO SUPPLY AMHERST BAKERY AMHERST CYCLE SHOP AMHERST LAUNDRI-MAT AMHERST OPTICAL SHOPPE AMHERST SUNSHINE CENTER JEAN ANDERSON, M.D. ASHLEY ' S GARAGE, INC. DANGLING CONVERSATION EM-SEC, EMPLOYMENT AND SECRETARIAL SERVICES EACESOF EARTH FLOOR TRENDS PETER E. FRENCH INSURANCE AGENCY THE FRENCH SHOPPE HENRY ADAMS DRUG STORE JONES-NEYLON INSURANCE AGENCY BELL ' S PIZZA BILL ' S SHOE REPAIR WILLIAM BLECKWEHL, D.D.S. BRUCE BROWN, ATTY. ROBERTS. BROWN INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE DONALD S. CALL, OPTICIAN CARLSON ' S NATIONAL HEATING CO., INC. PELHAM AUTO SERVICE PETER PAN TRAVEL AGENCY W. S. PICKERING AND SON, INC. PIZZARAMA RICHARD E. POST, O.D. R P PACKAGE STORE ROWE ' S GARAGE DR. AND MRS. F. G. RUDER, JR. SHUMWAY ' S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE SOUTH AMHERST AMOCO THE STABLES RESTAURANT SUPERFICIAL SMILE WILLIAM WAGENBACH, M.D. THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER WEARHOUSE WHITTEMORE ' S STORE WHOLE WHEAT TRADING CO. WRIGHT ' S WALLPAPER AND PAINT STORE YE CURLING IRON KENTFIELD HARDWARE, INC. KNIGHT ' S ROYAL GROCERY LIKELY LISTINGS LINCOLN REALTY LORD JEFFERY INN LOUIS FOODS, INC. LUSSIER AND MAGIERA BUILDERS JOSEPH D. MASCIS, D.D.S. MEADOWBROOK CLEANERS THE MERCANTILE Well, it ' s been interesting, frustrating, exciting — all in all we ' ve learned a lot and |)utting out this year ' s GOLDBUG has been a rewartling task. Ae hope that we have offered a chance for everyone who was in- terested to get involved. The most important thing is that we have certainly learned many things — about ourselves, about working with others. We would like to express our gratitude to those who did take some of the responsibility. We would like to express our deep appreciation to Blanche Derby as editorial advisor this year. She was a never-ending source of energy and enthusiasm. Carry on! W ' e would also like to recognize the Reach [jublication from which some of the articles in our school life sections were found. One unique aspect of this book is our divisions of Fall, Winter and Spring. Spring?? Yes there will be a S|)ting section — the supplement. Make sure you get one ! ! Editors: Eva Gibavic Dave LaSalle Editorial Advisor: Blanche Derby Business Manager: Mary Lessard Business Advisor: Dick Goodin Business Staff: Cindy Lyman Emily Dihiman Martha E asbrouck Michelle Eournier Robin Shearer Valerie Barber Judy Gilbert Sue White Gail Garrabrants Karen Keyes Karla Keyes Helen Fussier Eileen Lessard Jim Plagenhoef Tom Miller Bill Bleckwehl Joan Lockart Francey Greenfield David LaSalle Elizabeth Friedman Seniors Maureen Lewison Sally Wilkinson Tom Hanson Photography Gene Giard Paul Miller Dave LaSalle Tom Hancock Matt Lyon Editorial Staff : Fall Editor: Kim Clark Activities: Joanne Fennessey Carol Mellon School Life: Terri Saheed Sports: Joe Scanlon Phetney Baker Bill Bleckwehl Kathy Fischer Winter Editor: Jane Keyes Sports; Joe Scanlon Phetney Baker John Scanlon Kathy Fischer Faculty Emily Johnson Mary Lynn Buck Underclassman 136

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